Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 1, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Mr. Hunter, F. R. S. ha, at the requeft of a mem- JU ST IM POR TE D,
her of the Humane Society, publilhid propolal. for J U
Recovery of Drowned Perfons. iovorning perlous apparentir' al.,,- In the ,aie of in the Brigantiine ELrzasr.TH, Cpt. Pacoca,
e *e ise Cha .eP Di na ,y Art, apparent dcathby JdAify, ccmnidcr. that a luf|Pcn- A.ON NOW o.nIisO n gain
ra Ir er l dAII. i* Cli,,n lofi'.r .f Art, rio of the atloei of life hl. toakrn place, owing to tHie .
Hd fo .iSnii II.) Ins of relltiriation, and the inlitediate efic which At the Sub bcribers Store.
'HE following is tho method of treatment reuon-i this has on the vital motions ol the animal; at lea., he
I mended bythe HaunN SOCIT ofLouDo. lays, this privation of brtatllhg appears to bethe fiti Bn F t SL T,
I. In removing the body to a convenient place, great caufo of the heart's motion coafing ; therefore, motll For Ca./, .w'd Bil/, or Produce.
care mud be take that it be not bruised, nor Ihaken probably, the refloration of breathing is all that is me-. LLUE, grern, lbrowr, Men, coate nad o.e Sho a
violently, nor roughly handled, nor carried over the ciliary to rellore the heart's action lie lolsoflife in drab and n:;it Brnl and Pumps
shoulder with the ad hanglg downwards, nor rolled drsvel people I,as been accounted for, by luppofing C cloth Womnca black & roloured
upon the ground, or ov r batreL For experience that the blood, damaged by >ant of lih adion ol the Blue and brown 'ahini:ca Callimnco dateo
proest, that all teaf method ae injurious, and often air in relpiration, is feur, i: thra vitiated fate, to the Black and blue Shiallons Do. do. do. Morocco do.
defroy the fsnll rrmainl of life. l'he unfortunate brain, and other vital la3i!; by which means the Geen Baize Dito Leather ditto
obje, Ihould be cautiously conveyed by two or more nervei IrlCe their efled upon the heart, and the heat in White flannel & Swniblln Boys and Girls Moroeo
person%, or in a carriage upon fraw, lying ua on a bed, confequence its inotio. Bit Mr. Hunter concludes Black, blu, and green Leather ditto
with the head a little raildd, and kept in as natural aid from caperinnent on a dog, in which a large column Durants A large alleimnn t o' fal
eafy a position as poflibl. of bad blood, vi. all that was contained in the heart Ilack & blue Callimancocs ionable Ribbons
5. The body being well dried with a cloth, should be and pumonary vcin., was pulled forward, without and Tlnammnis .lutcliing Umbrellas
plated in a onoderant degree of heat, but not too near producing aty ill effect, and .ilo front the recovery of S iperfi.e Rul let Womnrn. Stays and Plerfls
a large .-. The windowsor door of the room should i .o-,,ed perfuns, and liill-lorn childr:n. that th heart' Ditto Ruflel Peticoats
be let open, and no more perlfon be admitted i.lo it motion numt depend immnieliately oi the .apliation uf U sto Sattlnct Dutch Lace and Thread
thin those who arc abllutvly necefary; a. the life of air to the lung., and ,.ot on the circR'. whiLi air has I Bollbazeen and Princes Edging.
the patient greatly depcnda upon having the benefit if on their blood, and vl.ich that hloid ias oni tie vial Stuff, P!ain and Diaper tape
a pure air. The warmth molt promising of uccef is part.. Therefre blowiiig a;r itito the lungs, ,,on aftlr Norwich & rtalian or.,e. U olbbing
that of a bed cr blanket, properly warmed. Bottle the inmnerlion, may be tIiluirnt tl cfliCl a recovery; Cambietl. Oznaburg, an;d Nuns coloured & lithitng
of hot water should be laid at the bottom of the feet, and the Jphlofgfi,t ar .er of Dr. PI'rllliy may prove I Utorn Bagging I'hread.
in the joints of the knews, and under the arm pit; and more efficacious than commioi air. Hut it a contiderahle Sail Cloth Irun No. to Sewing Silk
a warming pan wmduratly heated, or hot bricks wrap- time, as an hour, had Ibeen llt, ir nay he necrffary to I No. 8. Shirt Moulds, Cap Wire
ped in cloths, fiould be rubbed over the body, and par- apply flimulating ned it. i t, thil vapour ol vlarlie 1 7-8 & 4.4 Irifl Linens Check and white Shim
siculatly along the back. the natural and kindly ,aali, mixed with the a.r; aid lthi, r.r Ibell thrown -4 ditto Shletl.g Duck, Oznabarg, & Stripe
warmth of a healthy verfon lying by the lde of the in by the nol'ril,, as .l tios to tl is kind to the 'lain, firiled and [potted Troamfer.
body has been found ti many cafes, very eHficatiou. "lfadory ner is route the liv.,n iuciple. and pti the Lawn Brown Holland & Fatuian
The Ihirt or eloaths of an attendant, or the kin ol mnufclei of refpiration into aliton, s l.tle iome a1.1.;i I lowtrd &needlc worked Settiel
a fhecp frelh killed, tmay alfo be ufed with advantage. rion to the mouth rather Jde riilt, r. rul. liy pro-. ditto Li..ley & Turky fnriped.
Should theft accident, happen in the neighbourhood of l tcing liknefa. ITh I.rtns fnlloid he at the fani time Bordcred and I awn Hand- Surtout and Watch Ceat
a war. bath, brew.hotfc, baker, glaf-hlioufe, faltern, prcffd ag.tinft the rrfop"haguc andl Ioile, w.u i h ill kerchief. Playing Cards
foap-boiler, or any fabric where warm Ice., alhes, prevent the frtinmah .i.l nre:line it c bii too Ncedle worked ditto ditto Moiocco and Hair TranuL
embers, grani, hfal water, &e. are easily prnxurd, ,nuc i hillel, the air; I.uocv i. te traLh.i. ah d F!owcred I f n Abrots& Camhric & miaed Flowes
it would be of the utmolt fervie ti Il.e body in the aperture ill tile larins, fholu' lie both left per-. Needle worked ditto ditto White, black and brow
ay of thefe, moderated to a degree of heat, but very ty free. H is alli congcuild wI ,h the Ihig' 5.4 to 10-4 Diaper Table Fox Tail.
little eecdling that of a healthy person. piinriple, wh.h liy Iircali l I, nlly al adli,.n, Lloths Bluec white,pink white
j. The fabled being placed in one or other of theft inicrc.fes adion ; and to a lii pr po:oin f hl e ir.t, lhe 10-4 lDanialk ditto ditto ditto
advantagous circmnflances as fpeedly as poiible, vari- ivitg principle owei i.: vilrour. U1 I,-culoth properly .-4 .nd 6-4 w.le Diaper Black, white, and brwa
ousflimulating Inthedelhould itrat be employed. The heated should therefore, l, gnir:y I l- ovcr the a.- anid HuikaLbuck Flrt.
moft efficacious are, to blow with force into the lungs, ient, and the fecranm f vl-ile c:., i.r If ari bal- Fine liripe bordered Mullin Hand and Crofs Cut Sawn
by applying the mouth to that of the patient, closing rams, and ellential oil nnay be thrba I in, f as to colne I Striped and Chtked ditto Cofs, Cut and Whip Saw
hi no~rils with ote hand, and gently epclling the air in contact with many parts of hi lo ly. I'he tlner Eli wide Book & Jackonet Files
again by prcoig th he ft with the other, intiatling team may allo be convc) d into the I,,mach by nmans ditto Broad Ales. Hauches, and
the lron breathing of a healthy person. The medium of a hilow bougie, auld a fringe; together with tie 6-.4 wide Dook Mullii narrow Hoes
of a han kerhief, or cloth, may be ufcl, to rcnl.!cr fpirit of hartlhorn, p- I -r-nintt warir, juice ulli hr:e- LTailmbur and opcin work- Cutlaf. & Grubbing Hoe
the operation kfs indelicate. If the lui:gs cannot be raddili, and alo bIa! .. and tclur ialti]eI, il Ii it, ed ditto Door, Trunk, and Pad
uflated in this manner, it may he artempted by blow. Imall ,iantitics. a. ii. pri ,r J li.kncf.. I hicl Do. Mallin liacdkerciliefs ochs
irg through one of the notrils, and, at the fame time, may .lio be thrown up Iby *he ar:u. When the hIeart Ditto ditto Apions Cort Ctofee Miis
keping the other clofe. Dr. Monro, for this purpofe. bruins to move, Mer. I ih.ic radvin to hlin ii the iapli- scuperfinc Talllbour .l il Scales ath 'Weights
recommend wooden pipe, fired at ine nrol for filing l ation (f air to the lag ;,,htcly furbid, blcd.- Shawls with opcnt Vurk Steelyarda\
the nolfril, and at the other ir being blown into by a ing, because it weakens rie an.ii-l principler. or ilth and Fringe Sail Maker's Pial sad
perfon'. mouth, or for receiving tie pipe of a pair of lprnciple which prefervC ti!;h bldy fr.m lMllroltirn, Superfine Chintn sawls Needles
bellows, tobe employed fr hec fame purpyfe, if neref- and is the carle of all int aion., niid which Mr. IIin white and brow Rutfia 1u and HL Hinges
lary. Whili one alfilanti i., tatlantly employedin thi ter fupipofe to be inherent in ril blood, and c il Sheeting Craping Irons
operation, another should throw the fmcak of tobacco iuently lefin. hboth the power anii ilir~oUfitin ti) a'in. Coton & Mar&ll 'eon. 4.6. 8. to. .o. 24. 2 & iSt
up by the fundament into the bowels, by means of a Ntuhing Ihoull be adinitifrcd that orli..rily prod.:.-, terpanes Nails
pipe, or f.6igater, fuch as are fued in administering a naufeu or vmliting, or by thli auu, thalr Ii.. a ten- rilh Ticking and lue Cutteau and Pan Knives
elyters; or by a pair of bellows till the other inllru- deny to produce an eva., i way; bicafc Linen Table Knives and f'orkL
ent can be procured. A third attendant should, in every fuLh evacuation tunds to lelfn the antllcii po-Iri. Printed Linens, & Cot Razors in cafes
the mean time, rub the bcl.y, chelt, back, and arms, On this account he does not p. ticulrly rt onlnlteid the Clintz Patterns Women* Scflare
with a coarfs cloth, or flannel, dipped ill brandy, rum, fume ohf tubatc, hbcuulc they always Irdluce fi. cf. Ditto Bordoringl Tia, Copper aud ron Te
or gin, or with dry falt, fo as not to rub off the Ikin; or purging, arcorditg to the mode of tllr apphtbjiin Muflin Dimtiy Shapes Kettka
(pirin of harthorn, volatile falte, or any other flimu- IIe recommends the following .ipp.ratu, with a view India Pcrfans falhionable ump Tacke, Cork Brem
Eating fubtance, mull allo be applied to the noltrils, and to the purpose of thiifociely. I tit, a pair of bellocs; uclours oothing Irion
rubbed upon the temples very frequently. Electrical to contrived with two feparaiL caviti., that by oprn- Ditto Dimities and Dutch ens plated Shoe A Knee
bocks, made to pati in different diredlions through the ing them, when alip.lied to the inftril or mou.i of I Cort Bucklce
'body, and particularly through the heart and lung, patient, one cavity may be Illed with the common air, Canmbric and long Iawn ire Chappel & common
have been recommended as very powerful l/uri; and and the other nth air uickhl Io0t Irom the lungs; and Lines and Cotton Checks Indles
from the trials that have already been made, promise by Ihuttiag then agan, the :oirr n aiprnay be throwing and Stripes per and pound Pine
considerable fuccefs. The body hluld, at intervals, be into the lurg., .atl lucked out of Ce lung. dl- Check and Printed Hand- l king Glales
fkaken asie, and varied in its position. charocd into the room. The p ip of afec Ihould be kerchiefs efnalraffortmes of Per-
4. If there he any figne of returning life, futh a, flesxhle ; in Ireh a loot or a oot anld half, and at Dyed Jeans d tJneltt I Fm .y
i thing, gaping, twitchingor any convllfive motin',., leal three ,igl.,thi of an inch in w.d I v this the Bed Bunt and lickiing into of Medicines
beating o t the heart, the return of the natural colour artificial breathing may be continued, l tthe other Mock QOiltingand Maulio A large aflo tmict of
and warmth, opening a vein in the arm or neck may operaiionn, the application of th, litii to tile ftomach Cord Q, ?o' Ware
ove beneficial but the quantity of blood taken away r:cept-d, ae going on, Shith cc not be cnnve- Deiifnm andPrinted Jea Ditto ditto of Glat. Ware
baid not be large; nor Ihould any artery ever be niently be t.e care, t1 the nita;:z hcllows were ettn Lintfeed Oil in bures aad
opened, as profufe bleeding has appeared prejudicial, 'introduced ilito the ,ftc. Th.I ti nxt the none fliould Black Statin, and black & jugs,
and even deflruaive to the fall remains of life. Th be double, and appllied to b riiotrin. Secondly, a white Model WhitLead, low Or
throat theuld be tickled with a feather, in order to fyringe with hollow bou or -ible catheter, l Black, white, blue, pink in hge
eacite a propenlty to vomit 1 and the nooelil aolf with fufilcient length to go Into ftomach, and to convey and other falhionable Black Paint, & LamblaHk
a feather, fnuf, or any other flimulant, to as to pro- any ftiminlatrg matter i i:. without alleding the Luceflrings A large aertment of Fan
woke neesinga. A ta-fpoon full of warm water mny luIeC. Thirdly. a air fi.l11 bellows, hIch as are Englih Pcrfian and Surf- A mall do. of Statiolas
be occalioally adminilnicrd, in order learn whether conimoonly ulcr in thro i l g .tics of tobacco up the nets Porter in barrels
the power of wallowig be returned; and if it be, a anus. White Tabbinett Tongues nd Tripe In ege
tablo.fpon full of warm winc. or brandy and water, The Humane Society, ce its f.ric eftablihment, to Black and white Silk and Iris Rofe Bntter
may be given with advantage ; but not before, a' the the beginning of the year 17:9, ha- been inftrnmental Thread Gaitees Double Oleuc aefe Che
liquor might get into the lun r before the power of in recovering two hundred ghty-fcvtn perfuis out of Crape, Sugle, and Cyprefe Hams, Mu erd &l k
fwallowiug returns. The other methods mold he the number ot cafes, to which their attempts have been ditto Commn and Pearl Ba
conrioued with vgtgr, until the patient be gradually applied. Black and white rernch IMaf Sg ar
refined. Nets Ortn ad HiyIo Tea
When the patient hau been but a b short time fenadel, 7 O B 1 L T. Meae & Womncs flin- Black Pe
blowing into te. ungp or bowels has en. In (.o, inAnd o4s, wee otn = i ebl H autcsm ofC-
afes ound fniefintos I, Iet a (seedy recovery it Dot to SlIdble dittoPe r earh
bfe e fsid ia ne L Go die bontra ry, the SIIOP onthe South Bide o he Parade, d Girlditto with A ff at
methods t tind with ri for two our, ply to WITHRSPO N. Wom Thr Sop tandl
or upwards, alth there iould not be the leaf UN AWAY from the Subfcribr. at Spencer's CoMton, and Sil Hofs Poland & common
fymptom. ofreturn life. The fame means of refo- Bite, on the lnd of A Mulatto Fel. Boy and Oil ditto dinto i
ration are appliac the varioos other catfe of fud ow known by the me of a d formerly be. Men and Women .e- Hir Poa o. n I
den dent. Ic pee cc&
Wen det h. i o longed to Major Belton. Who r will apprehend her, Thad, and silk Pig tacl a Cl'.
Whon there are Pe e utcef.fl, the f.- f and deliver him to me, or my absence, to Glove .
geon.b lae; for it ariren t.og pe thel irt Donald Fer uton, hall reel Twelve Dollar The hevr aye fi r .ale,
fer r. for the n ur entri frela, the reward; an I do forewarn all eribon from hLr- A ew punchcons of Old ABADO RIt .
l;cht they reeid it i their astur a fl e,wl h during, employing or taking hi iothe afore id DBNNISTON TAYLOR
refoe the play of the lang, lnd all he motion of I sand. JOHN, 7EGUII a e 8
the brtLL Najair, years, 1 1786. V419, ii Sf0 .786


VOL. Il.





No. ioi:



AY, JULY 8, 1786.

I' '9

i 'i
i' 1 '


S1r y ,


r: r

METIROROLOGICAL DIAsi Naja.u, 7une, 17I6.

of- "- 9 1 Winds & Weather.

A 78 So 77. s. F J Jign Sbweri.
1 77 da So 5. W', Rain at lidnigh".
3 76 So 70 E. Rain in tis Mrarning.
4 76 78 S6 N. 6 N. N. S Hea-Rain all
S6 7 B5. N. B.Rai [LDay.T'naer.
6 76 81 76 E. FliS Showealr .
7 76 $4 78 Light variable Hindu. Fair.
V 77 8 6 78 1 S S. Hlea7 Rain at Ni'qt.
o 8 71 78" 1 FiSe

S I . i '
S" ,

n d! erms
Si /

if r AM i r.

S I I'' hl 'AR ', in ~.

t '"1 ,1. H ie ilo '1 , 1-

s cU.',.-'. ,if.

N F. 1 i. S, ,
the 5!; 11 cali: aC t )n

r 7

Vie Ptrwr, Oflicr d lat,!y oun
I ;p. L .Enql R, in f i

i, h rn 'a, Sr l :,
th",.' Ca ,p ,i..

l:Y,. anal F.'. LAI I the I iy, a. .
a lie Pr'.'; r J Office, dsi latel oair.
', H C l.. Enqulr ur f
.'. I'tiOMAb TOViON.
^'i -" .1, Ii <

To the Printer of the BAHAMA GAZETTE.
Mr. WILat,
rt'HE plan I propnfcl in your paper lately, for pro-
. ioling natural knowledge, I find it approved of
by Icace; and one of your correfpondeut has already
contributed to ts prorrefo. This cmboldcen me to
ubtr:,dc more of my refletions on your rcadcrs.
If mwe eamine the properties of Rice as a grain, it
will appear to lie a very singular production, sad at tile
fame limre, wifely adapted to occupy an important pace
in that wide field for agriculture, which is al'loted to
give bread to nlln. In every kind of dry foil, Irom
a barren foud to the richelc earth, fome kind of crn-
pultr, or a fculent root,, may be cultivated to advantlgc ;
but without rice, all wet evnt frwn land mutll have been
,i, , e cludel from r-nrriutning, in any
II a .l'iflnence, ulilatl by iurrilh-gii paliulrr
i hii lilt purpofe, it is li ei ii r alin-
grazicr in a imopuloiou tuntry, nlhere
al demand for caiI, to fu apply the
.i i win a id villages; but in icw lIctt!
: where Illd a e plenty and mel are
n: : are confeiucItsly few atn Imall,
: c i I..'ural unlpirupii.tcdpaflure arc every
wilt, that r cattle are r on raifc.l in
*_a' '.' d become fio cheap that thl finally
i' 1 1' linot indemnify the Planteri fur il.o
i i d.ry to drain wet laods, and intik
*I I -'<: !. III fuch countries therclut il
ri rnilhycd us with Ric, fwanmps a:ld
*' bci confidarrd as ufclefs a:l un-
icapable of Iiig put to oany ulr, ii
of things, for eonic centuries; but
-aine I and made to produce large
I grain, which, from its valuable
lwayl in damnand, and thereby
.t fapie article for exportation.
various, nlartnts that the I'ianter
*Is to ldifpufe of it; but if by aaci
ligd to keep i on hand, the thick
is covered, defends it againll the
Sr a r fcvcial years, which ir nut ihe
grain in a warm climate. '( lis
FIti' i,.. ,i on a favourable a footinga.thof
t .' r ,' ear, fince, if hl mall incur greater
I ... nd keep his field in proper murder
f rtage, hc bat it neverthci cf in hli
Ir l )p muohr longer after it is nmlde.
. bear out uf its hulk, by whlih
r.., e;reparld. not only for market, but
!, word, it ha the Irrilic gravity
Sc table qualities of a grain, and
...:, rthe ab!e as a ruot or a vge-
S cr the prodlion if warn cli-
I aquatic grain has, as yet, been
or ers notice to supply this chafm
i. a -, Nalut ire p prs, in histinillvec.
Sh- ., l a ari 'o the inhlabirlat of marr cnun
i; r 't tr i' .! aps niote proballl, fuch oa grai
.' : e nirlplalred rccirf of the higher
rit. .lu vants the attention of the bstanift
i i :. r' o point itout to the notice us
I, ralci ; L-lhdoIn Magazine for Decenlbhr,
1761., .1 I I, ,\i 'cryii following, there arc coral
tI 'i %; -i rI' 'y."'i Menoira of North America,
,, h -rslri," i auction of the upper poartl f
i n.; .hi. 'h .. r a r'J ufwcr, in fone degree, the
aii ] r'| I i,; s.Iradg tn account of the Nipiffbng
Inrli ,', ai,i ib.haLir round the lake of that name,
'. f., TI ui'a ljaa- mp "is called the Lake of the
.., 1 '.;a fod is fuchl as the lake and
v 'dJ !; i Ir cm. fuch as deer, moofe, bear,
er "er, *.-' I: one places is found a kind of
1' \a I ni.;r ir I: whichh theyI ake ufc of." iSp:zak-
7II,4 l.ol Nl.I ,, he lays, "' Tis country alfo
r" ai -. ,r'k, 0 ild oats, or rice, which harh
a'rt. ly :'a ..i i. edapgrowing spon Lake.Nipil-
*I n-o nr! Su: ':lr lout here it gr,,wa in the greascf
p" n.ty rI, r.- (hat water, where a canoe may be
a' hIde'll ii v' ; ilr' lime. It grows two or three
e f-a .s *n w- a' Its toffel refemblcs oats, hut
' ;he ,brri I i,;r .i trice." Here then ao an aquatic
. irll, .W Ich fir-e a 'odiaus forfood. ''heNipiifongs
'i..wevrr ar- I.i' to "'r barbrou.,and not to planm
.1a. thlri. ,.r El :' ltuatlion find It fo difficult to
al ,ltt h i. ;iilaes a..r. i g faili, that they will cat food
. T-l ....! n'r,:.n- will turn from with horror i
i cir n .I ng .r .-'ih I grain il no proof therefore,
a.'t it n ti, bie r o ted by an irduftriool people
s.-. .., .. i..i a' hough It i, ail t fame ine,

no proof of the contrary; but whatever it merits may
bce n this refped, there leems to be little doubt that it
might at least safwer well as winter food for cattle,
whih ii a mof material objed to the farmers in all cold
countieri. With this view I beg leave, through the
channel of the Bahama Guazette, to point it out to the
notice of the inhabitants of Nova Scoti and New Brunt-
wick, if it is at prefent unknown in thofe provinces.
If it lhnuld be found to answer the prplofe of farag
only, it will be a capital acquifitio to them, becau rc
from the manner in which It grows, it mull be very
hardy, otherwise it would be killed by fedges and other
aquatic weeds, which spring up luxuriantly in fill, flal.
low w.tct ; and as it grow* naturally in fuch plates.-
thre lentrs to he no necellity to drain their overfown
laidil brflre it is planted, as mul be done where uice is
cultivated, or pallures banked in, which occafions a
hcvy cipence to be lOncrred before any returns an be
made from thofc articles, and puts it out of the power
oi a Isan with a fniall capital to attempt either.
A R A T U R.
EBiaaa ji.],d,. Junoe 26, 1786.

On reasonable Terms, for CASH nly,
At bit SToats tbh BAT.
P RINTED Linens and Thread & Leather Glove
Cuitons. Men a falhionable plated
Check, Linen, Lawn and Buckle
Mullin Hankerchicfs Clteal and Pen Knives
Check. and Stripes Chdt and Bo Locks
Yard wide I-ilh Linen Woomen Sciffar
Brown IHolland & Dowlas Starchand Fig Blue
Brown and white Ruffia Hair Powder
Phrcting Hard and foft Potmatua
BDitannia's, Nan M Efsence of Bergamot
Mlarfeilles n ing, yard Lavendar Water
wide, crrdel Hor and Ivory Combs
Dinity, whi and dyed Ladies Tortoifelhell ditto
Jcanott Blacking Balls and Cakes
Book Mullin, rded do. Mes fine and coarfe Shoes
Coarfi and lue as Boyu and Girls Shoes and
Cuabii s i, Pumps
Black & coloured Ri mns Womens Morocco & Lath.
I'in., Wlnire Chappel d ing Shoes
common Needles Ditto Leather Pumps
Lack and blue Duran Maids and Childrene Mn-
and Callimanco rote. Shoes
Black Rufrcl Check Shirts, friped Jack.
Broad and narrow there eta and Trowlera
Irizrge Crockery and Glaf Ware
Black, hire and coloured Glnocefler and Chehire
Olrirh Fcathers Cheefe
L.adiel f.lhionable Chip Fine Role Butter
Hats Jar Rainfi
M irs and Childrens Ieg- Candied Almonds
horn Hats, lined and Loaf Surar
bound Hyfon, Green and Balen
Meni, Womens and Boys Tea
I hread and Cotton Hole Folio ad quarto PoftRa-
Mcm, Boy. and Children per
black and Beaver co- Qull and Wafers.
loured Ilat &cc. &c. &c.
F'[nHE Subfcriber doe. herqy forewarn all per-
I font whatever, particularly Mater of Vcffel
and DroCers, from taklH or carrying off this
ifland, a Negro fellow am4 7mem who paflc
foi a free man by a faife tg f, which has beec
proved, under the name of ba Gollina flruck
out, and Gecoige Oreenhill erlined, inficed of
George Greenland, as he they may depend
unoni heinr nr'elited to fe IltmoRf rinaur af

Atlfau, 7aor 2o, 1786. *
ALL Perlonls indebted to Mr. Jot BaUT a
now brent from thial Ilad, it r ,
tn make immediate payment to tb hcr,
otherwise they will be immediately f, wthout
diAinitinn I and Ihofe who have u- dmad
again t Mr. Brtt, wUl be llkaed to a th I
known,l, JOtQ Q 'I

-a --- '- ---

NASSAU: Printed by Jonj WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.


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