Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 24, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00167
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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..rr attention, as I intend it i.i !', I truft it ma
iiduct her to correct her injuflice, and to double
the legacy, whi h Ihe Co halily ancelled."
The firft volume contains the moral part if the
effay, and feems intended to form a clde cl laws
for the lftcrhood
In the f into the darkness of antedeluvian antiquity, and,
as nature ablots a vacuum, conjectures, that
there was a single Old Maid before the deluge.
Continuing to revel in the faeets of ancient lore,
he attempts to give an account of the fate ot Old
Maids in Egypt, Judea, Greece, and Rome, he-
Tore the Clhrilian arra. After that memorable
period, the chafle community incrafed, anil the
ionours of virginity were reckoned neut to thore
of martyrdom. He affigns a reason for this ]apid
ircreae, which appears to have wright.
But,there was afecond ircnum dance, pecu-
liar to this early period, which had. perhaps, an
effect aqually powerful and extensive in auIgment-
ing this maiden community ; I mean a cry tex
traordinary cftlom, which crept into the prinii.
tive church, to the fcandal of the gwiod, and the
entertainment of the licentioOs, the custom, (con-
dhinned indeed by faints and councils, yet frue-
times avowed and vindicated by its adherents)
which permitted the canonical virgins to att.ihl
rhemfclies to a favourite preceptor, and even to
fhare his bed, without ce.fiig to make a public
proftflian of their virpinity.
This fad is To fingslar, that the modern
feptical reader may incline, peithaps, to qucfiion
the truth of it. Many witnelrff concur in its
support; and, as the confideration of tu Itrange
a cuftom may inllrut its in tle lirt of aiicient
manners, I doubt not but the more difcirct vir-
gins ofrhe prefent age will thank me fio clhiilit. p
tng to Iheir view the very dangerous temeritv of
their primitive fillers.
Among the tpiltlei of St. Cyprian, there I
one addrelfcd to Poinponias, which Ihew uits, in
very expilic t language, the good bishop', opinion
of there refilute, or rather rafll virgins, liho,
ebnfeflng that they tfcpt with men, ltill alertcd
their int'grit '. The faint very forcibly con-
demns their condlut; aind juftly oblercie, that,
however innocent they Inma e, no one can long
be fafe, wvlo approaches fo near to danger. St.
Cyprian proceeds to cenfiure the boldnfJ cfthote
more determined virginof who attempted to jul.
tffy their perfevtrance in fo perilous a prattic :-
Let not any one," ays the wary laiilt, con-
Fder herself as fullyntly excuft or defended,
by offering her rer to the ttt of iinfpelion,
fence the profelrioAljudge of virginityy are fre-
quently deceived t :' From there fingular expref-
.onm, we may c ctrve how firenuoufly the ea-
uonical virgins cdhtended for the maintenance of
this tempting, tliigh (langeroos cuftom, which,
to ufe rie metaphor of Dodwtll, had taken
deep root in the church."
This fiery trial R immaculate amt incrirrn:pible
chaflity, was not itgommon in the primilive pc-
riods of the church. We are informed, hb Wil-
liam ofMalmfbury,t At St. Adhelm, accltlina!ed
bishop in England diari'g the Saxon heptarchy,
did not, like other priests, avoid the company i.f
women, but oftcu detained Come virgin by his
fide, both fitting and lying ; and, while he hhld
her in his embraces, repeated the Ir9lth pfalm, 1
looking to heaven all the while, and defyilg the
devil, the world, and the fitli. In the third
volume he carries down the hiftory of ancient
maidenhood to (he reformation, and concludes J
with a fermon to his hoary difciples, from the
riory ofJephtha's daughter bewailing virgin.
nlty upon the mountains.
QCua fe cum virs dernuitc contcfrl f:o.t, allvc-
rare fe integras efe.--Sant Cyp. Epill. iv."
*' t Ntc aliqua pue:t fe hac cEcufatione dfenidi,
quod infpici ct probari pollit, an virgo fit; cuim t
jnanus obfcricurin ct oculue ftip fallatur.- Sant.
Cyp. EpiA. iv."

To be 8 O L D,
On Mon ar the l7t tl J uLy next,
( tnor diff,/ed (.f tfre cl-. time at Private Sale,)
From fourteen to twenty three years of age,
well feafencd to this climate accultomed to hard
work, and property warrant .--Among them
are fome neat, clean waiting chess.
The Conditions of Sale are one hali of the
purchafel.oney tobe paid in f r months, the
remainder in ten months, approve d fccurity being
given before the property is alerl .
Thofe willing to parchafe by private bargain
before the time of public ale, may knbw the
terms by applying to
JOHN MORRIS, VenduelMalter,or to
'afel, sJd7yne, 786.

T To 1 SQ LD,
C v /,c" .caMe'ertermn,
A hia STORE o Ith BAtr.
A fnman Quantitv of Higl uf JAMAICA
1RUM. MbUSCUVADO S At, in Barrels
anid Titrees;
117tb a few llealf
imported in the Slb p Judirt, Capt. iao-.un,
flmrn Ja.aii,u.
q;'nL ., :rte 2, ;s(..

Wanted to PurLchllaf.
N' the course Iof ls, a few T,;m I Cf CAN
COTTON, f.r whichh rw, _1'.,rr ofa J.lh,.
Ca.l will It given pr, pomd. Apply to Mrl.
GloacG IOLLDA. .I un hoil od thc Ligantitih
Rulbelt and Mil) to
RrJBERT llt!TCfll.qI N.
Who will take a few trin, of Cotton oi fcipight
for London. Three or fiir Palli ,err nIl have
good accommodations. Apply as aibv. t.
Al ., 7uin 24, I .l.r
---a /
A LL Perf.un iai i, an,.)d mnils against tr
IlO. ate of WI;ll.s H M I AL. dticcalikl,
are dcfired to gric jrc in t tvillth .liiticateil
voiuc i amd all pI ri.:s a yw ife indlrhted to
faid Elfate, aIe re(fil to min inildllate p1y-
ment to the full'cilefl, ai th are tlcliousii t
clfing the laffa.s l fi te ellate o ars paothle,i
il (,rlrr that the r. ,!itois imay ire the dni
d indsiul their icl'p.r:t .c bst.
Att oriics for Ji, ni tLARt, tie t diiniiil.c aJor.
.'al lai,, j, i:- .

In thec Brigantine ELIZ.ABlETH'I, C pt. Da1i,va
Piacock, from LotIuoh ;
And to be 3, J, I aiu!'/' t d RitaI.,
By Falconer, Shirrcef, ati'l Co.
At tlhc:r STORE on the BA Y.
L O.1 Sugal2 Cap Wil
Ilyfon, reen, ou11. V.'allr,,.t i; rin:lge
thung, and BoheA l'.s Dutch, frun No. i,
Bloon. and Calk KRiliii to No. to.
White -..l Braon sbugar. I (oll.nd an Diipi r I'al-r'
candy I,(li Oulh abilityy ll.dmig
M ace, C( nn', il 'i., ( 'i!,.ru i' i :t.o)
and N irlnrt'g I ..1 i I i-ld n tori,
ago. l'ig i luc,Star, ,adJ Ld igi, liiii N,,. I, i,
UBlack 'tpprer I N,1 i.
Mftar.d, Siillad O I aJ,l, ink, m.ia.rine, and
S y, Kciyup la) oh iick t:ncoiatl
Barley, Spliti caf Hops and I'.
C:(k an Lnot:lcdl ie'I, n W.'l h.i it l NI.l.s aind
P'urrtr p t
MIrtf if anid Pork ril I lre, II ,, fruin
Yorkfnirc IH.nm No. to No.. 1 .
irprSnl. oll op Blue, .ancr. whilc, aid
Linen r:inl Crtonl Cl.:ks bi:a, I6 ca lir.
and Str -tes ir ai i f fafti-n.
Cotton lHoll.nd bh iid .uZC Rib- i
I ickiugs .iidl Itnd g nt.
reans aid I nlli riii St Silik. ad luill
I)ycd and I'PlinJ Jeaoat 7-8" c Cyl-1Is
Doutll Cord a 1'rnc Nkt,
l.f.- ,i i iii g. i Crale i itlllt (J au/c
Cotton .,uItcpaneiior 7-. an j-16 I ov, I i.and-
A gr t1.. \'ictyof printied ker Is4, Chnt.', land Cal.- Silk 1. and il Cord
likGuw: Pl'atcinr Blalk abluL aIlntic.
'iurig Diapers Ma/.ari blue l'crlins c
checked, ri ggd, flripe,, Black whilI dl,, f
and p .iln Muflini CreLn ntua.n dJ fat,
A Varirt)l o worked and tcr brctlas
tlairl Mullin Iau:dkcr-
chirlle V'hLa .uillrillg
A Varicly of Chinak Dor- BIlcc tn
denrt Bi. lode
'_'aiticiky,il-ar l nawna. rl'ffaties, C'slodury,
-4 worked Mullin 4leuj inlfey, and i ifu.., fur
-4 Dreflnc ditto Waiicoats P
oarfeandfinel Irilh e.incanr Tmnii s, SDuranct
Rula and Irilk Shectings Callinantoes, shalluons
Brown Holland and 3-4 aup.rune blue (taffimcre
Iucks Siatctirctnd Itlii Crapts r
EtIr;taniii, IlatillocIs ren and Tow lfinhalurg,
lrliz, Huckab ck Sail-cloth, No. i, o No.4. a
rioted Hadlik1hirf Menfine and coarfeShiwt il
.ed and blue Mullindicto McI fine and roarfe Boots fc
heck and Pull.iaditto Childrcns, Io) and pi
order-d l.awn ditto Youths Shoes o
potted and firiped Cap WomensandGiIltfinc.ea.-
.awns their Pnmpls anl Shoes u
lunce Thread of the beft Woilmen Staff Shos, with th
quIlity, (lom No. 7, to French Itnl,tl common
No. 62. I adles Mrocco Shoes
ifribrgk r Faylersido. L' 'tns and irbl ditto





Cl frin. and.l lr G.a Powdar Sr. 4 Sot
oloured lupic,,tc Te t7 l'is,, ounfig of
nmade Cost, nod It.i Sugar Boncx, 0i' a
Cosis, wilh laicvesll p aintd
Dunln. Gardes Waterin Po,
RadJy made W.ilicoats Candleflicks man rdr.
Ditto black ilk and Drab Loane
Breechts Candit BIoe. .
Sailorl Jckts, lined and thorns
in tliled Sauce Ims. and Pud, .
Uoy, ditto ditto Pan, Ac. & c.
Duiok ael ua'llta Frock s l. i 1 anod. 214d. 4A
lBo1 Cloaks Nai,
Ts' king ad Striped Linen Ghin ling and Spike Nzla
Ir *Ar. Crlunl.l.r
Cut.n and Duck ditro IHLoksand Hinges
3-4 and ; S lainn Check IL. ditto
t1 Is Round Plate Bolt.
7-8 Loulon dills Ship Scrap ra
7-8 Coartl lod fine WVlatl Hclvcd thichets
'iit:l Irons
Qiyilid Durant I'lltroai, Wrugkr Iron FTe a-,
:-8 F'lk M.11ir.llus aind tle,. Ar.
lll.ow lufg of I.infecd Oil
four-frt Ilair dito auid Ihire I ead, ground inOsi
BIultIr. Spanilh Brown, in dtto
MI nr fine hire T'hread, Yellow( OW er, in ditto
Lt.ton, and Silk I ule Red, in ditte
\t ,inc i le hc Cuoon an. d L.anipblack, in Poand P-
Silk ditt pers
lMtniartfe nd finmr lit, Blue *0 C snt, CGli
lth Bu.klknd Band. ".o d -i.- la,
Ititr atlto in rd aasbhci
Dilto fine ucked dalt Tirer *, l ito
C'tilren, anl, Boys diiro Yellow, blue, and while
Youths and Sailors dnrtl Iinted Crokcry Ware
Mr.lrnet, confiling u Ol Glf Slhades and Cand:c.
G.luhber Salt flltkl
Jeluile Dark Pi,,t and Half.pint 'T.m-
Cieans of 4'Taclar blers
'Tacar leiu.c let3aatirr Qnart and Pint
.vtoughtil' klihlar ( r.a. of 'Tabc Knive and
?Itanna F'orks
I i.r:gti.ii', Droie tict ts f Def Furniture
Jallap, tlaiilhorn M .rlsand W'Denls pllted
l.avcIdilr, lagMnefa h' Ni Bickles
(;ani Aalbilc S, irr aod Pcnkuives
B'..irphkt Sdlv r 'I h.mlei
.srtch Pills lr-f, nilano:d CGi Triuks
,.llrry'.C 'iTcdil, &c ('abltl, from j to 8 iaths
l'laill and I noted Hair clai.r e allonrid
l'wdrer tlu:i Y.rn,. RHllitnuff'
Plrilan d fcerted Iad anJ I)l ,p.t arnd Log Lincs
f.ft P'oimrsi.m c. &c Ac.
Which, with their former Arl.itment, will be
fold on icafoiablle Terms.

On TU ESDAY next July 4, r176,
W I L I. D ES Lu .
At David Macph fon's CLore,
'IIR GOODS then reI ainig, counting of
SIrifh Linens and S:le gs, Table Cloths,
Mullins, MuAito Net Gauz Callicoes, Cbecks
't ripcts,Cambkrs,Durants,C almcots,Thretdjas
Iibbands, Handkerchiefs, BI Ik Laces, Gold
and Silver Laces, Ilatl, Japar Ware, a fall
Qaiitity of Glali and Mart Ware, Knives,
Scillas, warnantd caft Steel azor, Buckles,
Ci.nbs, Watch Chains and grins, Scals and
Chryflals. Gold S!idlc with E 1, Pearl, a&c.
lilto Lockets, Brcalt Buckler, Locks, Ham-
nlers, Adzes, Nalls, Sugar, Te Id Rum, Vinc-
gar, &c.
A L S O,
Sonme Saili, Cordage, SpaG Oakum, a cpi-
al Water Glafs, and the wv', Countcs and
niply Trunks, &c.
Terms of Sale, Three MonthsCredit to pur-
hafers of On Ilundred Ace 'of BiE*, and Call
or smaller fumrs. -
une .;o, 1786.

And may bhr Elred on imtnediately,
THE STORE and CELLAR on the Bay, ad-
L joining the Printing Olfice, and lately occu-
ied by bMr. orhn Chri/ia. to uire of
Na'fis, 7vu 3, 1716.
pHE Subfcriber doe hereby forewarn all per-
Sfons whatever, particularly Mafer of Vetfe
nd Drugers, from taking or iryng off ths
land, a Negro fellow named 7e wh, i pai
t a free man by a falfe r te has bee
roved, under the name of Joh l nt Suc
ut, and Georje Oreenhill interl Inateld of
leorge Grecrl and, an he or they T 7deptd
pon being prosecuted to the ut rigour *
ie law.
YKAfj.., '.t 7o1, 7g?(.

N A SSA U, JULY i. ther' 'lg.. nd it at ll i'it r JoU ST IM PO R T E D;
that thehilir pa ondeUin T IM PO RTE D;
1-IF r. uvertlationol tlir publi. hIving been umch of Augun. a, at fral (gcrgi. RefugecI are with I the Brigantine ELIIZAITH Capt. PIACOCx,
y g, ',d ,n ithe luljrct of the marrigr of thetin, who know the ountury well." D OW O "ii O Ct PS ACOCL,
iuiiipgtr hranchli. if iht Kvyal Family, the following k.l',tf a Iett, cwI.'ar dIJ'., AND NSW Oala wo AAL,
lament cf the law ,n the matter, may on be unac. lcldlcod ,yo hre )cl.erda'.sp r, u.inig a At tle Subfcribers Store,
,iabcl to or rtotlir.-lly flatute is Gee. III. t i very melancholy oivount o dra dfu fire that ha-In Foc
* c. .,l. that no dcendlnit if (Geo. II. theree than rnd here on 'Tllrflday, and at one timn appred to I Flabaeo STtITr ,
r"^ un ,f iq ,ntte into foreigo families) is Ihrta the Il city with detrudiaon. 1he wrier For Ca/b, good Bsil, or Preduw,.
j .,.h ui.iat raelinog .rim.ny, without Ite p .- of the accou in my opinion, ha. exaggerated the )LIlE, green, brown, Men coarfeud ine.Sh
i,. o.., lr i ,l1 t King;, Gigni.ed under the ;reat c Infl.liained on the occalon. It canoet tced thirty U drab aild n.ot Broad and Pomp
2, ; ., .iinir inti.iiLc or mnatrimoni alconmra, made thoulfand guinea. He is otherwise accurate." Cloths Women, black & coloured
l,;Lu. f,. i c r.t, ntull aid void to all mintt. "lhe following is the account alluded to by our cor- Blue and iotwn Canimirce Callimance ditto
p -,,,,l I'I., l; 1'ruvidel, huwt ver, that luch of the refpou:l.: t Black and blue shalloons Do. do. do. Morocco do
ail ,',, I lndait. as are ic,.,v e age ii 2j, may, alter Cd.,'lo.. 7a.r. 16 Thurfday forrnoon a fire Green Baize Ditto Lcather ditto
w,,Ilv, I.,th. .tice given to tile King's Privy wa dilcovcred in a fmall builli.ig in fladflcd.'s-AlIy. White Flannel & Swanilin Boy sad Girls Morocco &
c'n ool, eo.nlra anod. foeTeunoni marriage without the Broad.firect, occaliuond by the boiling over if a pot of Black, blue, and green Lether ditto
concnl, f ilt Crowl; unlelt both Houres of Parlia- tallow in. lte ccl'ar of the houfl. Smoke only ifl'inr Ii rant, A large alurnmcat of falh-
,ient liill, before the expiratioil if the laii year, at firfi, ouiild tie neceffiry mcan, htne beci renldered Black & blue C'allimancoes ionable Ribbons
e\prel-ly declare their difapprobationi ul uch intended inimedit-ly, tlie Ilreadlul confiqucncrc whkih follow- and Tamnmiel I.uteltring Umbrellas
marriage. A.,i all persons fo)lmniirig, .afilin;;, or ed, nr gh prIl, y have ben Iprtvnrrd; biut rd.e lamn Superfine Kul let Womiiene Stay and Pcrfi.
bcing lilcnl, at any fuch prohibited ntariage, Ihall burllig I .rilh, and an callerly lirczc getig utp, cont. Ditto Ruiri Pe'tticoat
incur the .,nalithi of ithe lr rnte f pul rmeir, i. be mnui, lacd to the late Mi. Wilihan Smith''. f DBttt Seittiti Darh Lace ad T/ead.
out 1I II.: Kin' l'P.ot.lisio, iilmriloned duriuLg pica. which as i .,n .elIcroyed, (preading gentracl deal Bnomiazrcn and Princes Flgin;n
lui.' fi.rl 't cuate, &c. talronl a l I w. oi ni, and ihrCeani.ig deflru tion to StuIff Plain and Diaper Tape
Un l.,r a6th of Mlay, I. Molt Chrinlian Majefy'l T the whl n.lglih..rhidi on dithe utoh fide ,f Broad- Norwich & Italian -'rape Bobbing
fh:p la .avcttc arrived ut L'uit Royal, in Jaminca, with Ilreet. I hi wird fud.lnlry fuift(inKg the fruth-eaf., Cambblts. Oznaburg, and Nuns coloured & pitching
lih ciuaonta.y norfilation. and ncoinlinments front vi elndid thi flanicts ithc o'|lldite lideol te Illtcet, and Cotton Bagging Threads
.M,,lnlic..r ltAptede .iS. I.l nlell, th nnew Goerntour thoI s he confiltlrd their proilrey hut a few minutes Sail Clolh trunm No. I. to Sewin Silk
,1 t ) l > l. ieuti.n Gouvcrnour Clark. bel'. c in a i .. lirafy, anl were rccciving the good. No. 8. Shirt Moulds, Cap Wire
l aidvieer .Getorgia a;d South Carlina, a war iI hC; itr,:llr-fled iiighbtLriintothfirhoulci,were. tw j-4 --8 & 41-4 linl t CLin heck and white Shirt,
hbete-' T hc i.s and C'rerk a i Viar inevitable. II the fair Jillul lilualini, hIving tiliiu to Lave uily a -4 ditto S.hcttu.g ItuLk, Ozoaburg & Stripe
i r r.:. itlt, crHll dn .La:idi, anl Indians blc.: lin, ll Ip.i rf thlir gol. I lh whole city was now Piin, llrlped and potted Trowlers
*murih rdi by I Btic* ntr A lire, a i ioiinis.i y lereti.- lii.ght l i the nmoflt irilnent datgcr, IIt oinly Lawn Brdown Holland & FuLian
S t inei.l (alt of rupture. The trct fi o ie ilni a in lrad-fi-er, bat fromn the Ilkcs of Floo\tLrod & nMcdle worked Setties
wi,:. l [i;u~ ,, 1so u~ptd troui the Cihrliciln .vcti.g I tie w.h i nd l dn:Alnd lodged iipno a nuI herfhoufle, dalto Linlty & Turky flripedo.
,.' :a. ti) any,)l \ I hn. 1 riok lirr, and hut Ieolr ytrearcatll er- BordLerd and l.awn Hand- Sunout and Watch Coals
a ./ ,1 er, eld nair A.1.ul.iJ, Mlay li, 178", rii.n"t lie i ai.elnlt. tiuhld hate t.utlrd a gieral kerlhi.l- Playing Cards
t,- 1'..' ter t. io :n. CJa. lJe'. Lonflagr..:.on. m timcesn w-rer a lei.,tl (. tind oil Nec .e wI' ..ld dte dlto Morocco and Hair Trunks
A. 'ci '. c Iv t omc ,erra-n liicllit.nce revive both luikli 1 W'i-lrriet, within Ih.tils bniit .1 lhrivk Flowered I n. Apront Cambric & mixed Flowera
[ ., I l iiall rs bhAl Aciis or .e,: llibour-, thI I and ilS, .i. bI t h, tracft iterntiion, of all ratk, ol Ntedle w erked dtto ditto White, black and brown
;ii :1,.-,.;: d i. i rlrcil Uill Iw agru :bIt e to 1e '1 I lcohl ti.- li li ly got ulndr. J- ,ulttcl I1 rh, 5.4 to rI-i4 Dipcr 'J able Fox Tails
S.: : ..'l iiu.iacril aturin. I Lt rult a I ll lres aIr l ilO I lir.'.-lritle were culir-ly le- Cllth Blue & rhite,pink & white
', :. lhlved, .,*d iL cTs i atly damaged, i. tnimaller 10o-4 Damalhk ditto ditto ditto
iy arrival the da.y 'bfor yvflcr.' .1- tuav l.. h wevre pulled lt.n to 0 r vent a cnn'runii- j.4 annd 6-4 wide Dia Black, white, end brown
.it, i11:11t in f1 |Irolouil; flater a ih Ih uu liiif, h'lt I wa in hi .r n''liiig vious noi r l. th.P th i .,,ool. Itrhniig. 'IThe ollo ing l'cr- Striped and 'Chiked itto Crofs Cut uad Whip Saw
S.i. ii.- eiirrcn d. I hadagre.. L .el r f cion ;latulrl losi 0 r3 1,'i.i ,'3 f, vil. on the folith fide, thie ifre El wirle Book & Jac net Files
ohii l (Gouvcrinour, eho wwias Oi':irJ fl o troct iIL late Mr. i I ;3 11ii .iil., Nitilrs. \Clls & itthune, ditto Broad Axe, Hatchets, and
a'I i v: y lighily, and', like mlt otil,.i' there-, tu hld I r. It i3 ie. Mtr. C. nen, Mcers. M'Caulay ft Da 6.4 wide lUik ufllinc narrow Hoce
I1- Ii.1i very clie I. I tI Ii i rrt v l tav t twov, r' ili s. l ilhi R- !c-rt & Hall stewaiat: On thl iniol. Ih'asImbur and uoen wo Cutlafi & Grubbing Hoe
l,'.i, r- ii th Urcolne, one ill \Wil':In*i(i(, avnol i1o1 in ie, .r .\lktn. l fitrs. Ahern-thie, Muirliead a td ed dtd i Door, Trunk, and Pad
i;. .. i l ii.. I, ad b:cn kileIl aidJ unv of the bl,.. Munriiie, M r. 1 milthi, AlIr. Sai el l Uaklh'Iv. Mr. Do. MIullin Handkerchiefl Locks
I.. < '., I1 f1.Id 3.oilloa anidi with cVcil iy mak *if coll ,roumar, .Mrl i (;uaiILr, Mr. L1)gaaii, Dr. Wlfln." L)ittn illrho Apiuluns orn & Colfce Mills
f. I:.u : llll.y, coni .ntmable rI tIc lavagc cullm l .v I iv, I nar, F,,m. Superllur 'I a.bour Muin and Weighut
:he l. I. la : Iliat Irveral ol the .1 Irad .'rs hadl '.ine i r i. Si|... W killing N ai., J,,hnili tlharlclnti Sha with opei n W ork 'o yards
i', an t ll aI' l lConle Clarkre h l n. .hced (ihougl' 0 Wallace i ll and l, r ge Sa Makes' Palms and
,t.llion I rdi'Ti. t t ver thy frl nitiU with about ItO brig I 'la, 'Tihoma. ,' Ja.iilsca SUl..rfilic Chini t Shawls :dies
i t*.., .': ll rh, I .,.lilll.n l t h, ithe ]i edU i iould lint pr.O- .,, i. Sl.s,,. Clihaloite, JaclIlnn, C'harlti oii 'hiie an. bowivn nnI ia H HL Hinges
n, Aly .i y .larrrtg oatr.ig., r cre.i the tOco 5...3 I'vr Slhelrli C.r frons
1n 1. t .,:) gai it iorc. j,,', 7 S.loop Sally, Cole, Turk Ifland Cotton & Marfill Coun- 4. 6. lon 1o. 54. & Jod.
'* Uni. 'u,,], an o.ld trader, who hI id come tI., C.. iz. Sil,.I, Slelburnt, Attwatr.e, II.difax tcrp.,ies Na
cl with a frirnilly C'ireek am 3 lh IIo. it 2o9 nh, I'olly, Kelly, D rtanuda Irilh pickingg and blue Cutte and Pen Knive
4' .': i'ici, ,ick' ago), old mii' vl:.t he inev.r hinv Linen 'l'Abl ine And Forks
r .:, .c. werre lwhien lie If l thim;, bua A hAG feer L.ETTERS t o o by It'r Priintd l.inens & Cottons Raz in cafes
n r, .tii vo]v]ed t;.c b]auiardt were urging tl.m to' Briganline I IVb OaK, C(Att. N Rt 't.l-, for fton- Chintz Pattirun W ea Sibrar
lk u, ...',i. dart-h 'tcd a Nlted M'iGillvray a LnLtcnanr o0l e /rlt nil 1i' Printig Officf anJd naill he toake Ditto Dorderig T Copper and Iron Tea
C(':.,., I >.i r n lbrvo-rfent iheon a supply ol a .;jay l MfIntJa Afternaoon at Fsar o'clock. Mullin Dimnity Shapes rtlas
a1l.m i.i .in .nti .on, and gIven them the ILtlrongll o A RA'TORl Favour rrevc., and ill India Ptriias fflalionable mp Tale, Cork Screw
alr r ic.rl,,r li| orind. "sp iv neo. colours Smoothing Irone
r yecrdayon his nwi a rind Di:to Dlimities I Dutch Mens iated Shoe & Ksneo
n.k. lit Irni wivbha I heard lull eceintit It wil I-c i ii Cord Bockle.
.'n-all :.'Te ol recotcilinairiere a; an enl. l Tl i bD l PV f P 1 Cambric and long I.snl White Chappel & common
I iu.' art I'ecund a doubi that tllh Inianlo s haJi 1e L.ine and Cotton Chitks Needles
h':n Il;,,i:.,rrated by the encre.acl:iits of the t;ror- In tlie Scllorner CallAR oT Capt. JACKSON, and Stripes Paper and poehd Pine
.:-,., a l.ctre long waited for a p'ceer to r ikt il( trum CnhaLtsfn Check and lPrinted Hand- Looking Glales
isr i:..iElc Aillin.g cvent about three week, ag r kerthlf A fmalarortmeat of Per-
grat.i edteir wi sincee the etillentcits liar born Andl to fuld, f Asii, Dyed Jeans and Jcanttes fumery
etrnic o, anl even over Ihe ()eotni river, n:.iv 't I Y l d -. Ucd Bu't and icingig Ditto of Medicilea
thlle h1i s rcmaid amoni ithe Whites. and ii.ed PA T OA V, LES L E, Co. Muk lullitingand MulBi A large afortment of
with tl cn till latc ulol vcry) I3acrable term. t our T Cord Qecn's Ware
hof n anblcy to a yu;nig ovm. Ian,Ll. Suplareh OUR Id BISKET. Denfi .andPrinted Jean- Dinetdiua of GIaf eWar
trrul Iher a t hol ihulc he llaitl, and Ifkedlr ,u, 'y y 16. eI t Linoteed Oil ia barrel an
Sr i wf; ntl man coininced on his agrcvm-nit t Blaclk Sattin, and black & juga
live one handed ieer kin<, part uf which the .'ree i. I-I*. 0.1e whiLe Modes Whitl Lad, Yclow Oker
piid hol. re thiulti.jilar bargain w ls conmpl 11 Baha a e vemi C 1u LlCl o Bwck hie Mo c, pink iLa k O
rd, a brothof the young came home, nod r'-ilE Sublfcr having at a conililerablt ex- aId other falhionable Black Paint, Lmblak
not being c lame way ulf thinking with the father, t j pepce fitlt lt the I ge Dwelling HIoun, I ulcfiings A large s tlrtet o FPas
r. tho Il an a very fcverr flogging; on which ilthey ltly occupied Mr. Do, on the ay, the Englitl PerSn and Sarif A ~D do. of StatioDidr
r.. dire.lly leit the Itnrltnient, and Ihortly after a erty of Mr. l BA In, for tie above not. Pornerinlutrrc
ar:y ol them r turned and burnt the man', hue, h o hinulf with White Tabh'nett Tongues adTripe inke
Sw on hr ln No blood w, pro ed Bck and white Silk and Iri Roe Batter
Ihnit tnd p rg, when the murders, I before men- Stock of the bleS nors, b. humbly requests Thrcad (Go;one Double Gloseaer Chbeef
ainei wer co.m. wtedn this fide murdheo ri e. I have the lavnir anld ind ence of e Public, which S ndC e Mb.rd Pick.le
ine lear the fele riafn,n why tkey did not crof. bt will Iludy to intrt, by th oft inremittel ditt Cammo ud Pearlu er
f.,ocr, w the height of the ricer, which owing to atteunion to thofe who may ch to nhoour him Black anil white French Loeaf Sega
the, preet drought has enbhld then to do it. with their commands. H1e alfo onltnure to keep Nets res Hd HIyo Tca
I di wih t;overnour 'Tlfai yelltrday, and in open hil WHslern Tea ,d Pab Heore, whew Mcn. & Womeni faIhi e- Black
the evening an ca reis arrived front Clarke with very every f|cies of entertainoment will be provi dd able Hats An id nm C nratls
d new.. IThat he had narched towardah cOcconie, at the Otortel notiec. / Boys and GirL dito wisL A feu alIrtmrlt o Cu m-
fell in with the Indian,. (who were accompanied by OHN CAIDE. Ie.atlhets feaioamr
many white mcn) in fuoh force, (about loo) that lie Nafa i, 7ly t, nz86. Men. & Womennd. read. Soc p ad Cumdlmin tae
was compelled taetreet, and fene to Walhington fr Cotton, and Silk0afe Pol~d & cqum 1arch
rinf.,r.eme which marched two days ago to ALL Pertons indebted e ftate of the Biy. and O irla ditto I dito
him. Ilefur faid theyhadcrlfdi three bodies, A ee...aed ArmttLMoeLeV, lateofExuma, M-,. and omreno I.e.- eHaur Powderd ad i e
o oin g Broad kiter, another wIas gone Planter, are titueced to make payment, on or ther, Thread, and silk Pigail and leaI ,
Sardsir fhtowgche and the third wo going to -t Jul 6 i o d til G10' e c. f cr kc.
Ia/F,; .le t's, whomhy had kilr te7by the 6id dy, to. A f w Pu.chco. of Old BARBA DO S R.,l
6nln pab 6J miles eom Augulla, tith B ARD MORLEY, Adminitrator. DENNISTON & TAYLOR.
iOull th I the ycr prt of Indians was feen Nafars, 56, 1t16. Nafa, fuwt, u;6. t

aI'' '.'-C

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'i I




No. Ioo.





NAssAU: Printed by JolN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

Account of' New Books.

A4, hiliorital, and moral FffiJy on
Ot.a Maina. By a Frirnd to tIh Siferbmed.
I I"'1.
'I fair fez are, in all, obhijc s of urinfitl
I and importance to nicrt. Their natural at-
Irifltir captivate the fancy and the heart ; and
pie rlC to a variety of emotions, that are caler
let tha, defc iibr,. Itl.irlious nations, as well
As toi: i, pay image to thti charm; philofts-
]:hrr, who dlezribe the proyrcfs of Ifciety, maik
i6e gia.lual nimprovemenlt of women ; and few
'otti have failed to Delphi, without touching at
II .t of late years women have acquired a new
coifcriqence, by becominm. merrnbers of the litera-
n i-'rlid. They prcfir thcir invllible or unlc(n
,latralionns to thole which ale vifible, and ncgled
il. material part of there frame to cultivate tlei
Ituit ofr the mind. While the Amazons of
anthlllty itnheathed the f( rd, and gontendlcl
t pIi-eminence with their malfcalinertits in the
hic!l (d I1ittic, the gentler hlirioinii of nmo,!rn
I 'ni w clt aI !ca formidable waplniti, tlle pe; Indl
a'c fti, fil to vie with thlie other itx, it literature
I tlici line r rti lentce in poetry. pa:iing,
hi r, phitofiti hy, criticilin, ailn even diii:ty,
l ci li. I ro.e uc fch Olridcs to lival the men, that
i! 'r I 't l ilcs are nill woiin bly the icne IrK, we
IIA IV I I0 A t I. l t dd, that tl:h y are uocc.tliunally
iutil 0', th uther.
'I' I 1tcr.try Ihinours acliucied by a ew, ,:. ve,
n, idlltlt, t Illeted a linir e iH the whole eIr .
I h- pi, i'iit; C tifthcir character, and thlie p ,nt-
1l.:c of their fame, interrft tle world at la ge.
Ulrl re- l in have been framed, and volllllce
ri'ln,7T ill lr rat r their (|an!ii ticf, and trace
tlu ii, cf, tllror thi s I't crl live flagcs of civil
litil). Sill, how cr, there was a dtlider.ttui
in trlcir liltory, the snais of wntlqiulted "urnitt,
uhicli is l howha y Inpplied by the attihor iof
lic pi dl/opiial b1 risal, endJ npal EfRiy #n Old
mi.rlt. Ih liallj this deliale fubjicc, which
ha l Ic left Tn' uthed by others, he diticofcrs
nincrl inlentiity e flts it in different position',
a.l vre it in v. oese lights ; and from tihe pene-
li.tln al l drp of his researches, appears to
hali catlfullly Aowed the rule Horace
Kotel" ii, rt- man, di' lr.l
Whetn I'ibjet c f literature u ln tio muchli
hiiuatdl, and mmon topic flpply Ihe place
of iincntioin, t Il pesning of a new a E in litera-
tIne proe fsn t l fame p!rarinur to the public,
Swlnclh doilullllr t felt by the author.
Jmult sn r9s ar'eder fontes.
Thlifii t oln mne, whicl t cats of thevirtiucs and
v:.ct i, ()ol Maids, contain many charaler. hap-
pl IVra vn,, once otf whii maycrveC as an Cr(mplic,
>t eri as a pattern, to the fiftcrhtod. The 1'iliiw-
I17 olllCrvatiotncol-e ru-ing cenforioufnefi, lliew
tht:' n .u tllr o as a e hn acute eye on female
nlatrc. -' \
The c'nforial fpiritl that I now fpealk of, is
entirely diltinlt fi,.im cnWI and ill-naturq, which
a: to form the fulrjcs of my following chapter.
I c:annlt more clat ly explain the peculiaritlts of
thii aflTf5etii, than by a little dlcfription of Al-
'an"ira, as hie: is the molt firiking example of the
fiible that evt came within the (cope of iy oblecr
rAlon. Altamira i:o a tall virpin of forty-two, of
a lanlk and pale vifige, antd with a neck as ling
and meagrc as that of Cicero, whom lhe alfo
refemblec not indeed in the force and elegance,
bur in the length and volubiiliy, ofher orations;
for unluckily having a barrifter for her conRfn,
Ihe has learnc o harangue oni the Ieal and Imagina-
ry failings aher acquaintance, with all the for-
ality anwith all the alitrance, ofa lawyer.
SItc Is tre1 utly observed, in a largecircle, ftrctch-
in" forth althr length of neck, to qiellion Tome
diltant -ady concerning the minute circ'mitances
ou a liltriteed intrigue, or to inveigh agaitit the
itrlgularitica of fome person, who is accidentally
"Ienioned, and of whole clh.ractcr nlte has no

real kruowledge. It is hardly poflible to behold
other in this pulition, without comparing her to a
poor pool upon a common, whci hiffls at every
paffenger without any provocation, without any
dcligi to wound, andt apparently without any
Furrei but that of hewinig tie aukwardntli of
its fifqr, and the dillbnanc'6ft its voice.
Eivy and rallevolence are 5& active priinci-
pki, tuat we are never fiipri cl', when periinsn
under thir inflniie Indulge tliemfelv in d'efcan-
ting on the frailtic of Ithei acquiintiane : but
Altlmira Is nIl her vioua or malignant : llr is
iuncoimminoil.y t.d ilnd, aste luckily think that
a tall t.Inan i Ce ine i emnalc production of
nature, 1lhe fc r thing to rnvy in the perlons of
the little wom rn round her, atnd lo k. down u-i.
on tl.e cumn;p tise pigmira with a kind of tm-ii-
placciit ;conc s)t. The pti uliar citation ott her
own liiure mir ads her into a millaken climnatc
of her own fc bit the luhperioi elevation of her
m;i ul ri miclrs tr pLifetlh j.ll towardds ours. Sihe
Ilic ii t appear to think, that the graLce, and
Ialtit.i iol itan, are at ai it ipelpcidet on his te/c or
llatinc ; aid, fo far from dtfpiting any tf her
m.C.c i lhirlelf, it.r ii ; tile good nature and con fI eilionii
to fltuop, I'-i i fla!tc, to the mout diminuiivui of
8 I w vas once inclined tc imuplute lier ohtniiive
alttatlon of ccnfloial dignity to the mere .ilritt
,t Iliallntiiig, v hichllie accidentallycaught fi m-ii
Icr -'':ul;i at tihe bar ; or tq a nobler motive,
nanitl, thiit dentt admiration of virtue, which
f'ci qLt' !itly kids its puireflor into ipiritcd, though
I'iju li lioi,, Invcdive agiinfll th fuppofed adhe-
telts of ice: but my find i tli hroIInII, who
loves to i;vr(lhgate cciy l icCe tii'L-ria inaltion o(
clhari-l r, iand is very Ihrewd in Ihs renilik s u poll
tl.c Iex, corrected my millake. In our difcourfe
rconTrlingiii the foible of alta ira, You have
Ititly .tin utld little to Immaninaturc," faid my
friend, I" if you can ferionfly bE te that Altami-
ra's incehllht invectives agait ddlipation and
incontinence, nrocrecedfrom th pt ity and recti-
tude of mind, which feel and lights in contenm-
p'atiing both the beauty an e benticence of
all the Iciperate virtues. ou Itniqy Ihe charac-
ter nore attentively, ye ill dlKcver, that the
retcif e of your idea is ucb neanr the truth.
She perpetually dcla s against tik intrigucs of
incorlitience, bccau linger the malk of fitch
icclrmation, hlc a irte tlie prlglcge ol treating
ler own fancy w thufol. lictnlilius images, on
vlwhi it luvres I ol well ; and, believe me, there
are iiny preac s of he' otr in ti la te prc-
di.c....t." T
The charafte Ornlplhila merits the attention
of cvty fcmal reader, and Iltuws the unhappy
t/.'lt with wl h the af ltlation of fliplerlative
knllihility, an t irous wiaknoli, is 'frequently
attended. l
Orniihila a lady vwto enlertains her ac-
q'ainlace wvi he mullt lnimituottc display of
Ihis fiible ; fo te is utluckily poffelTcd of auchl
opulencet, as cn le h r, to indulge her -moll
totravagant cap rniphila was extremely
handsome in her th, tnd as hlie i.lirited both
fortune and beaut the jould probably have fet-
tled happily n mart e,lad not the affedlation
of fluperlative ftniblllt rendered her more an olt-
jel of ridicule than of Jdere. She had the mis-
fortune to fsncy, that true delicacy confifts in an
apparent deblitty of nerves, ajd ie therefore,
with the figure of in amazon, affr led the timi-
dity ofa fairy. No ghou could fart with greater
trepidation at the crowing ufa ccek. On tne fud-
dein eat of a drum, Ihe would throw berfelf Into
a kind of centvllion; and le ihas frequently
wifhed, that Htraverhad made her the inhabitant
of fume more tranquil globe, on which the air is
never wounded by anT foind more powerful than
the notes of a .ighMagale. This gentleness of
dilponltion did not, as the lady might pollilble wilh,
induce any fymnathetic fwain to amnfe her with
the soothing whifpers ur love. Site became an
Old Maid and, as lI'e approached the age o: for-

ly, pcrceivin: that The wanted something toearefrl
Ihe began to provide berfelf with a train of anml
males, which hle has enlarged to fuch a degree,
that her lhounf is a kind of little ark t though I
believe it tends rather to defIroy, than to pro-
ferte the lives of the various creatures it admits.
Whether lle is offended by that negled which
The has e npliienced from mankind, or whether a
paflnin for animals annihilatesourregard towards
our own I'pecies, may admit ofdifputc ; but it is
certain, that her attachment to birds, dogs, and
monlkit, which has grown, perhaps, from an
.Aflited Icudernefa into real pafion, appears to
have rLu:dtrtd Orniphila utterly infenfible to the
merit of human nature. She profeifes to have In
averlion to children, because the is diflra/ded by
their noife; yet, fu inconiftent is affetation, fle
hat thufen for her constant companion, and even
forL her ltd-fellow, a great furly Pomeranian
dog, w hole incelTint barking is more offensively
loud, than the molt noify infant that ever [qualled
in a cradle She has many nephews and nieces,
to whicm little prctenls of money would be very
acceptable ; but Orniphila will not bellow even a
crown to treat one of there children with a play;
yet the will frequently throw away a guinea to
purchalc r little fruit from a hot-houfe, as a de-
liciius indulgence to herold talking parrot.-Our
foibles, like our vices, are very fruitful fourcel
of vexation and ditrcfa ;'and I happened tobe
an ocular witinef of a very heavy punishment,
whivi h accident inflicted on We unamiable weak-
nefl, f Ornilphila. As the db me the honour to
rank ine anong her distant rlations, and as be
thinks I have fomn knowledge of natural history.
[he lately Lent nme a very prering invitation to
tea, that ille might confult me n a new foreign
birdjiull prrefntel to her by oneoher dependents.
I was pleaded to find two of her leccrs, and their
brother, admitted to her tea table. The girls.
who arc almou women, were piing from school
to their parents in the country The boy, a lively
lad of thirteen, was juf arned from Eton, to
cfcort his fifters, and appeared to divert himfelf
not a little with the oddities of his aunt. She is
always lien. like Circe, surrounded with animals.
A few tamnc little birds, who fly unconfined about
her chamber, are generally perched on her houl-
der or her cap ; the fat Pomeranian, when be il
not g-owling, repofce at her feet; and a large
fquirrcl occasionally peeps from her pocket, as
he ij indu'ged with a kind of banquetting-houre
under her hoop i but of all the creatures who
iflually relide in her room, the moft Rriking is a
very large and magnificent, but ill-tempered.
m:ickaw. The two girls had contemplated the
fine pinnage of this bird with great admiration,
which he appeared to return; for, allured per-
haps by an ornament of flowers which she wore
in hlarcap, hehopped,ona sudden, from his fland
upon the head of the elder. The poor girl was
c-xcedingly alarmed, and her brother haftened,
u ith infinite good-bumour, to herrelief. He, at
firl, endcavourtd to remove the bid ery gently;
but the mackaw did not chute to rc!inquilh his
prize, and, itn a fcuffle which enfued, tore off
the thumb nail of his opponent. In the keen
ref.ntment, which this violent anguilh produced,
tht young Etonlan exerted all his strength, and
wrnurg of the neck n his antagoaift, without a
tingl rtflI~cion on J feelings of his aunt.
Orniphila, who w utterly uunaeded by the
wound of her -nrpw, fell lto eatreme agonies
on leholding thrt ngled body of her favourite
bird ; and, leavinall her guels to take fuch care
as they could themselves, the summoned her
lervants to con y her inftantly to bed, for the
calamity rende d her unable to support her owu
frame. I Ihae hot fern her finct, and nothing, I
believe, will ever empt me to vifit her a;in I as
I hear that, inflead of aleting for her ill-behL-
viour. the lint for her lawyrr the neat moralnlf
:;nd made him erafe from her will the ame of
the Ip rited youth, who had excited her impl-a
cajliI relntnmctl by ridding the world ofher mif.
c.hicous ma, Iow. iut ifthis little boo e(gaged

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