Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: June 17, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00166
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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NASSAU: Printed by


No. 99



JUNE. 17, to SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 1786.

JonN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

Mr. t'Lk ,
.,-ar, a good one ; .nd, in order to forward
am wilinig l .te.trilitc mny mite of information.
Sam inlfrmed, frott Jamaica, that a very taHoe
liilcv .'I n natural luinory ha lately been mad
there ,> a ,yoinig geIItlcnman of the name of Mfrd.o:
whoi,r a i v y.r. lie was runningthe line of a tra
el lar.-.l i the wolod fCoe time a d finding h
way oablrinhl'd by A black wilhc, which is very common
ill over the woods in that country, he cut it, an
blciretvig u f-. drops of the juice, which was mil
white, fCI, oii hlJ hand, he ribbld them off. a he fu
pJ ed, and continued hie cure : in h few manutamee
e found the fkiu of his hand Ofiened, nd npoi
aloi-:natioua petctivcal the 'juiceo in t swithe hat
t hr.cnd., and wai ftll flicking alf 9 bhi Iin. H
ihreatfre pulled it off, but vu i i to find i
uncomtmonlt y tenacious. and elafic, leiF Induced hin
ta exaailne it mnrcn minutely, when he dlkovered it te
be he l amous gum or refin, o which the Ilman Run
Sats are made. My corrcfpendcnt informs me, rth
itgrl itU greet abundance all ove. the woodland 11
JieaIna, in every kind of foil. lie hla- fnt nme fpeci
men n f Cic I ithe, l leaves, feed,, and poum tier aft
I'elt lie tvc, i harder than that commonly fuld in th,
LIao', e hlch he fuprpaiea may ble owing tle the fitulatiol
irn hhll the with grcew, w.ii was a bed of honey
krne i,. k. I fcnd Ilein tea .i hererwi:li, and hbe ayo
e:I L t ilitn lie in your nho !r ter infp i-in ot f bil r, as I hope it wl.l be Ire-eeld gitw ing nl neut
ifla Inle a.i l h.t iet nmay licoi al article of comnerc
in ita IM v I cg lelvs to a.! inch oilier particular
rel-alvr ao II a% I have been aMeh to colle&.
-'hi, fir- alA: anon-.,duo f tihllaner: rems ahfnlIterlI
ra;iii 11t Itl n.iture front gums ard refins, as it wil
tierh, r dfIl eC in water nar. -flrits It has not beer
LnIeeriil Fe I'npln.n for above twenty yeris; hlt they
l ane betan ntgeie acqalited wl' it in Franter, where
SI I, knlai hl y tlicntne of Ca-a -'.', or th,'' Ltjlii
R'7, / "e (JIend, antd is im r rted frt.m dillcrent parts
oi A :a .ter i *-,ithl Anmerica. MIr. Condtnn. in the
r lionn of hi voyage down tl.e Amarne,e wa the firll
who gave any information of its origin, which he
fcribeinhel to e a milky juice. gt from incirrin made
it a ccl ain Inre by the Inldian, who received it into
ertlecn nrouldsl antI thereby gave it various fhapes,
Mly carrefponde'nt fays, itis the barb only of the werhe
which prodiure the milky juice. It had lne haflBed
all thi chymiflt to find out an innnlionu mennruuni for
ii, woulJ diffolve it without deft itselaficity,
u til 0.1.,ur 1763 the fanmoun F ymillt, Mri
Macqcr, after a number of f found that
Sdiitled, |iichly iind cafil7y hl E their, fnrnI-
iaif with at a tr.nfparent tin&uik w on iet evape-
ranion, leaves tr relin behind, poffal of its former
irnfilnce, clalticity, and othir propentiesl andof fuch
for.- at the operator has chofen to give it while In it-
Il,.od flare. The folldity, flciibility, and elflicity of
thl .produeion. and it properties of not being affcelcd
by aquLloul, Iiri:tou., lalsne, oily, or other conm lior
fuiv.etii. rci ..Ci it a propcrynn valuable mattr forhe e
eDftllit;!in of trbue, cametet'. and Nvaru- ether
iflrunncl q, in which thoee united propcrtic aere
A Fu Prt idere. 7e to, 17U6. I U

To be 8 O L D,
Of Mo nsaT the ryth of Ju L next,
in the public VENDUB HOUSE.
(If nt difpfd f eferr ac tim an t Private ale,)
N E G R 0 E S,
Prom Fourteen to weuty-three Years of Age,
well cleaned to thi mate, accuaomcd to hard
Work, and property am ted.--Among them
Ire neat, clean 'ting weaches.
The Conditions of le -, one hali of the
Purchafe-.onoey to be d iifour months, the
rmainade in tn month, aippr fecurily being
iven before the property is altered;
Thofe willing to purchase by private bargain
lfore the time of public file, may know the
t:me by applying to.
JOiNA MORRIS, Vcnjue Maftcr, or to
^"^'n ^ I7~

European Intelligence.
I t
', COoTa MTOrOTur I.o., MYJ l8.
i "TE.hav ae coate that the I Mdashmud hb.
It VV offered the inhabints o E lea to join them
e wth men, to oppnfe the heecoon of the plan,
faid to be formed by the orte, to seae the finef part
in of that rolac to the Emperor.
a cnfaary 9. The metchants o thblity, who have
d hlitlereto made a very profitable trade with the Geanr-
k giants and Circaflian, purchasing from them beautiful
woanin, with whom they furnished all ahe harame on
Sthe rich, roctn .lai h snlk that this trade has been
injured fine the Empa catended lher dl,-minions into
Sthe Crinmea aind Cuban, end fine the l'rella Heracliui
% bad Salcihen fiGlunittecd to her government. It is itI
Sthe grct dugr that the lTaTars ran now make ally
eurfimn with a view to carry off the beauties, and
Make a traffic of them.
The I'h lad ofScut I cont in ert hi dcvieflanions far
Sas Romania ; li;t plrroachl h. given great unelaincfa
Sbeth tn gvcernient and popr:r.
F. fIer'rut Matters rcmaini here mucll in the fame
train. lie he.dill of the Grandl bSigor is every day
naore rrecario-, ane ir muft re conflfecd that mesfor-
te rfin llnerg n the leali et k-lr ilt elb lvon rn nfere naty of
bhi,. (hlhl cn Iuried at alt easily period ol lfe ; he ijt,
his empire I criiced to intcllimnr dlivlione ; thie pe'lce
prriutli, t.l; him, and alhesting the affin-ion, ot
hib heir apparent; a powerful fuba.rn up in armt again f
Shim; the ieciChleouring powers fat tly plotting against
i ritdonaine ; fanatic preying on tie icdulity of li.
fubjctl ien toert to overthrow tie govIrnm;nt : he
feer ev'-riy icslrttrr threatening ia ianfa t his
i nie of all is diftrclffT him, bit he has neher cou-
drage nor the means neceffary to avert them, afd he
finks under the weaknefa. Death alone can rcieve him
from his nnlrafincf; yet he has ,it the confulatiun of
Iie pioplc'l regret, nor the profpec ol leaving a fa)vor-
able report behind him.-We hive often Iad occfion
to regret arlia the progreaf of fAtence is prevnead here
hy the prriodics rf chafe whofe wh rank enables them to
put a f p to it. I he Mufti liate pniTed the greater
difpleafurs at the Grand Vifir, becscle he had permit-
ted the litrary aend typograplhic futciety to prin the
Enrycloledia with engravings. contrary to the tenets
of the Alc.ran. 'The Crand Viler. in order to tfllify
hi. regard for iic Alceran. has given orders to this
Icaiery int to proceed wile, it engravings only to
print the letter-preji part. 'I he prefdent ol tile fuciety
hat renonfllratcd againlr ths, and has produced hil
perritioa to purchase all the engravigs of the Paris
edition at ten litres each, hut in in, a% the prehii -
lion i I, rfiirmee. which obliges tbie flucety to depart
from heir cutntra .
I'".F-, 6. 1 .ee credit nf the Capitan PIcha in-
creales daily; F, en author of the late great revolution
in the nicniltry ; almost all the important tnpleys ;.iJ
in the hands o li.e creaturcs:e hofe hito thwart his
views Nil foon have reafn to repent it, -n canr.eple of
whi, h has reccrtly occurred. T''h Mufli, as ohief of
religlehi, affairs, thinking himcll rut l o hil rcath,
caballed faithh his Hi hhref phyfici.e agaial the new
Crand ViGr. who Iaes not yet hem infiallcd. The
Capital Pacha lhrs blown up the mie ; he immediate-
tly complacd to the Grand Signor, and the two ferc-
mer have been !acrificld. There it bit ione thing m
which he has no t e succeeded, thut s aroufing de
Sultan from his pacific lethargy : but as tleat depot is
on the point o defeendiag to the grate, it inot doubt-
ed, and the people Ratter themfelvst, that as foon as
his eyes are closed, his Young and inpetuous fucceffor
will adoul the warlike matins of the Admntiral. If there
conjed au are founded, the tranuclUit of Europe
depend oldy on the precarious hbaih of the Graud
Signor. W arAalrcd that frequent comnIr.encea are
held between the pruflian and Engilh Minifiera and
the Reia-Effendi, whirlb tend, it is faid, to form an
-alliance between the three powers to prevent the cec-
cution of certain projedi o fuome odher neighboring
potentates. it is cctain that fince the foundation of
the Turkilh Empire, there never was a more dangerous
Pefrer)rjSb F*Fmaty I7- The treaty of commuree
in agitation between our Court and france, and that
with Lgland, occupy our ministry very much. It is
no frect that thofe two nations are adeavouring each
to gin advantages our part, at the epen r of the
other. Our Court maun c e to fCome determinatloo.
On the one fide we Ire much inclined imsavour f Eng-

land, on account of old connedlions; and on the other,
ome management is neccffary with France, left that
Court (louMd, by her influence with the Porte, fruflnrte
any views which the Emplcft may wilh to further at
the Ottoman Court.
SOur polirane fay, that Rulia is decided to take off
feme of the leavy taxes on the French wines; hut wa
apprrher.d that France does not care much about that.
as hie find- na difficulty in getting rid of h.r wines
and *ic cannot be supplied cheaper. Formerly we did
not kl w the tale of French winery, but o'lr mnatncrr
are altered within there 30 year. There is another
branch of cainnecrce that France may have a wilh to
partake of, which would be of real utility to her, and
can only be obtained by a treaty with us; this is the
trae to the Black Sea, of which the merchants of
Marfcilne have already taf ed the profits.
YVie,.,, Aa,.Lt l It public report i to be credited.
the Emprotf of Ruflia direa her attention towards
Derbenr, a purr and fortrefi ftuated upon the Cafpian
Sea, whieh ie, and with great reason, confidcred as the
key to the i'erfian Empire. That this acquilition will
lie atrctepted it the more probable, fiance Ruflia hill
caerc. ti-, ,iiii i(n over the city of Derbent, which wan
anncxred l the ouffian Empire in the reign of Peter I.
Para, alfr-e 16. The lath of this month in the
morning, the Abbe Georgel received a letter of exile
'o Mortagne in Normandy, where he is to remain till
lurthtr odcrl. He tampered too much with ecclefiaf.
tical, and caused to be printed and published for
the li-.l day of Lent an episcopal order for its obfervea
tion -lThe Cardinal being fufpended in all his fundione
In confcquenece of the pre de crpi now ia force against
him, was nt authorized to empower any person for
rhat purepfo, nor did he tciify a with to employ M.
cle.rrel pen e rh;* neerfitan. The Abbe's officiour-
nefs has bought on him the royal andination. The
following palfage in the counter cit mandate aggravated
the offence of the author:-" Sent unto you, beloved
brethren, as Timothy was to the people whom Paul.
being in chains, could not teach ; it has been faid until
u, I truth ro your hands the bread of the divine word
to hreali it in the affemblier of the faithful confided to
our care, and you will fay unto them, &c." See Ti.
mothy, second epiftle, and the epiftles of Paul.
The Carldinal i very ill, the confreiting of his wit
neffs is in itself more than sufficient to caufe an alarm.
ing revolution throughout his whole fryme. Notwith.
landing his very imperfect ate of hlith, he cannot
forbear filing when any one of thlew who have
liberty to vifit him mention his journey to Rome,
there te answer to the Holy Foikrs fuppofed accufa.
riona. He fays. Le fain Pe fnJvir fue irte
fnt,'e ejI ,ft ne/nice Jen ethi ,e sleai, rait .'ee-roe
fate rerere avtia, ni pfar ieu sieFr Lt Asm.. a
fl.,' l :a .iit ri ltoo fit Sainter, at e'rritro-il fas
'in fi rrn. re lt e nomrde a our dile."
M -, id, Feb. TI. The lf accounts from tHavan-
nah mention, that about fifty miles from rifpa, a
northern city of Mexico, they have difcoveried a vein
of vir in gold, of which fome haa been brought to thin
(apital; 'hiq gold is found in as pure a late a that
exra. d from the mines by means of mercury, and
opon the a.iay it proves to be zij carats fine.
Atu. b t5. The Marquis de Fuentes, who, it is
fiid, it appointed Ambaffldor to England, arri
here o the 6th of February, and hath inee that time
lilad dIvers audiences of his Majefty, the Prince of
Afluriat, and thr miniflry. This young nobleman.
who fot.r ycars ago furceeded to the titles and efatece
of his anclort, is endowed with uncommon knowledge
and integrity; the display of which has recommended
I im to the heir of the crown of Spain, who is at pre-
fent Prime Minillcr of his augift father, and charged
with tlie weight of public, interior, and foreign affra
The Prince, convinced of the enta of heMarqui
immediately appointed him to fill the poft of reprefen-
tative of his Catholic Maiefly at the Court of St.
James's; and it is faid that he will fesn enter on hi
We crped alfo the immediate arrival of the new
Englii' Ambaffador, for whom a Houfe has been long
rIllar(d, which was for the Earl of Chellcfield, whm
had been appointed to that poll; but feveral retcum.
ftancer have delayed, and fice totally prevented hin
departure. .
Don Jofeph Tarcino Gob ls foon to fet out for Ma-
nilla with two hip ofwar, equipping at perrol. Tho
objedk of his voyage is laid to be to form a more enmf
chart of the Philippine Unds than any hitherto drawn
and thereby to 1cC R aore moasfy nigJ"r am s

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