Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 3, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00139
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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.. ..g t ,A ies, Immdiately aonverttd I ir.:ng commercial intercoule cl ot!i fr e6 mad c. gve, ls i foi L
fhim buaib ^. oug time elapted, id the Itwen thle two counties, ii which alfi Spain wiil conllerable claim. 'I'be
telim to reeir sment, apled to e be init'crl, whole co.mterce was formrl fio flea! is now divided betw t
S Jewe.Mic who ceaa d to plut tim oif with bener.ial to England, till oultd of it, by French and Lord Sackil eI ad
.volti. accufet4 at r'ngth tiren with repeated intef.le. l ain hra ighcrentl,,t;ir, l'
applications, ie dctemined to parent a nmt r;oril i lie French Court ferms to have a plot break- of a cler 7oool. a V, aft e
to the Qqeen herfelt, Iating his situation, and the ing out .t home, thtl may employ their attention their lowers and iht-feverall -
iniure this demand, in hopes of redrefs from for foime time; fuch dealers out of plot to others, Tile reason for which theI
that quarter. Her Majefty received the nemort- ought to lhare the fame fare at home. This, how. going to fend a fcelh fqll r a e,
al, and ordered the jeweller payment for the dia- ever, may engage the attention of the lHoly See nean, Is very apparentt' p .e
mondsi but the conferfor was, in a I w hours and zealous Catholics. whom ip Tuk, ill attlt o "
afterards, rent totheB ileI thire torenta nmot The Attorney (encral or Irelad was pertftly tray goeveramen t oer, h -late
probably the remainder I.f his life. right in his aIlrt;on, that there would comn a insulting mndat from the Ornld
A Ru ian agent fet off on Mondaylaft by ordee time when his countrymen would cill for a bill of manlinti thetaistld ke'a r 1aW-%lS .'
ofthe Ambaflldor oftha: nation, aid will leave that nature, which, in the paroxylm of fatlion, the Bleyrf Tuits. he R"o bAi' w
of Government, for Hi.ll, in order to provide they snow rejer'tel In proof of the afertion, the the late war between Ru d
fretf provilions, and other neccifarie for a Reet evi aence oflic EnghiN m.rnifa.urrrr may le ad, ported the Empre.r' case, andl t
of men of war, conflling of fi or. eight tail, du~ed, therery point to whichh that evidencee was uititnll ofithlir powI thoughtheatei
monly of the line, which are now on their voy.tge diredled bring the foperior adt.vanage w:ch Ire- Porte. Sine ,-od a ry fleIsa
frun the North, and daily eipeed to atri'c it n land would obtain by the adopt. i uofthe Propo- has been rnterlr.f between Atec i
the Humber. The above Ahips have alf, per- fitions. Either the mni.tiifadtrcl were not judges guarantees to the puli a r
million, according to agreement between Govein- of the cafe, and confrquernly th-ir evidence was territories) and the tiang |adltiB
meat and the Court of Pterlburgh, to vintui l at incompetent ; or, Irelad would have been great- with this vi.w that Adnir al, Knhi
any of the port of the Uritif donminios. It is I" bnefited by the Prllpofitinns, :nd the Patriots, hie voyage from Cronfladt,wilh.belene
fulpofed thi fleet is going to the Mediterranean, liynppoling the bill injured their county. the line and ftour fliiates, of which
where the Rufians have at prefeit only two ltips When, therefore, the trueinterefts of Ireland th ll t re defined for the Mediterranm n
of the line and a frgatet, on a cruize, or more bedifpallinatlrly conflidered hv the people, they dlouit, the Empref's agetltt beiag
property fpakhing, to be ready in cafe of any will perceive the alibitiii necrfflty for that fpec'e cefafric fir Ueir acconmmodation at
emergency for if a rupntre happens between of coTailinel in tle Pnipnolition,, arnd and .LeClorn. An tether raeIsnmay I.
Rulia and the Porte, which is rexp:ted ti he at they will be ainxrius to acrluire what they have plate betwre:a the fwo Republics f I
an very great distance, the firf fcene of naval been tf turli.hlc to Iejctt. Venice, not yet brought toan Usan cl
a&.ioa will be the Archipelago. We dtll have a livery time of it for the next m:ialati.
We are extremely happy to afure nuir readers, even years, b-th in h: hIrints and print fhops ; rPari, /a f The Court a'll
and the pthlic, that there is every probability of for as all thie wits arr engaged on the ide of the accoullts of the ath of the Ilfann'D~n
the difcoveries of that renowned circimnavigatlr, Coalition, we flthll h iv,- e i'epriu r wvitlout inom- brother toi fi gi of Sp in, and til pei
the inmnorlal Captain Cook, opening an entire I r. The roigncs m;m cit, ard they car't lAg mo'iltintig fit ci nIronthaon the osaeli.
new force of commercial wealth to :li' ntron. btllad ; fo lthcy may fit :and fi,;i paragiaphs for Not en!y L damie sd lI M. is cl.auiai
A company of niechants, under the patronage of i tle good of thri: 1oli try. the llfair w bh is riCaed the i mpdfoat
the piclant minifry, have fl tcd out two llii.i, I On FPiday nihlil lield, i' an inflammation in his Ifc Cr,; a R. lbt her hufbah n aihat al
called the Kiig Gearge, and Ule Queen Charlotte, I bowclo, at hliis fht, Slonaldn.! Lord:, Suli, t, thveln Ihh e I r t t ke p ;nild feit g'ot |
crmminrdcd by'two favourlte officcr of the ia- Rig(ht Hen. (iGorer Gnnrinone, Vifcount Sack- 'a havei ai if' igenticiian callcdrlit
mentcil Ci ok, on a commercial expdilition to the sille, Lord B ,Irhrotok. P. and the qlack dl-tler CnomtelC
North Wef Coaft of America, the lands Japa, I A capital mrrihant in the City has lately been 1 1\. lMd l: di l]a M. nwai prefrntled l
Kurile, the coat of Corea and China, down to felt by Govermncnt to the Court of PFr'lce, to IKi g lwne tine ago nnider the name oti
Canton, from whence they ate to be freighted endeavour again to negiciate tne heads of a com- and as a diefrrndant of lhenr, de St. Reanr,
home by tl.e Raft-India Company. The North mrrcial treaty between the trv kiingioins, which rural fun of lenry the Sconid. Theabove
Weft Continent difcovcred by Captain Cook, is failed of fuccfl before from national jealnufy and having acq',ired the g)ol gacet oft hebl
upwards of eoo miles extent of coar, the ayo, prjfpuict.t hut, after much invTcliga'ion, ap- was pui.ittcil, hi the lit tiieal, tohWt sr
founds, harbour, and rivers, as nohle asany ii peasa at picfent likely to be ltteuded with ft.c- mii:y n 'ir in;iled rilIi t of f, M. TkhhWllk
the world, and abound with that moll valuable of ccer. hren (li.':y intelrrcesti ai.d it is fosmdlihi
all land or marine animals, the fca otter; the T'he Ki.ig of Spain hvling arlirmed the title of C' iames arc Marie Anit' inett; i lp
flins of which the natives wear for clothing, lthe Ki:;g of Ir. rilaemn iin he rtein of Qeatl Eliza- lnluls llat iIhc bul:.i: t!lr d;amnod colrinaq
fur of which is the molt beautiful and rich of any beth, upoii CoInmijni "'' being app ,irted to r.i:n on Ilr ownl accot.nt, and that fhe a
ever met with, and it held in the highcft eflima' tia.t oi price, they met ii Fitn.:e, and it was m-ntiotledt the (te n to lthe iewerller; te
tion by the Japanere, the Clhinfc, and by all the fir(l debated in what ,'onFgur e 1he nreociatiil tlndl 1v) I, e much Ifrpi ized to hnd herfelfcdI
Courts of Afa.-This valuable branch or coni. flould be handled. A Spaniar i, thinking to gire fr a c ., r riircly of'I r ,rvn: In slelk
mere hath hitherto been totally engroled by !he the Englilh Crmmin li nert a l,rcwdl Illke, pro.- ilt itis ip:lfade p-ple tlh'.j it ifhoylysbih
Ruffitn, who collcit them on the lands near the pofed the French, as the n;i(fl propelr. ** Arm a to ii, mr. Thli is the .,'c ai t hat fmlos.
aaimfchatkan lores, and aftercarryingthlenf rom for there gentclemen of :rngl;nd, I lipfofr, i;e gi hi. pIcteir Li) I.i'tI; but masm
J to 4oo miles by their caravans, difpofe of them he that they cannot b- i,'noitiat fiThe I.lpguag: all It ain tho. i' is the rf.l. In the multi
to the Chinle, at the immense profit of sooo of their fellow fu!.a;f;; their Qer:n itQinv it ,f tlhs .I ; 11- iit ..chirg to tiie bottogo, aid
per cent. Capt. Cook peaks or the natives as France as well as of Ii]i;:land.i" Nay, in f1i-l, dinlit v.- l(al le-p koiiiw l e whole truth. bi
a people of tihe utmnft lhofoitality, who par'.ed n.ynmafte," replied!')r. Oae, (i Civil fLawyer,A Puinie dc Conl asi virlther i Cardinali
with him with the grcatelt regret, and preffed oncof the lal'trofthleR rieq';c ) ', th FreI tl: Iih his ronfi.,. meant, has Alf.) o 'ilce Ferdir
him to return ag in to their coal. Exchliive of tongue is too vulgar for : bLJuint of this fcrecy buItlIer t:i his El"isa(nce.
t(ie fca otter, the north welt coatf abounds wth and importance, efpeciaily in a French :o n; .rjla (t,:. :pp.'!, Aug. 16. Among the pt
all kinds of furs that are rret with by the Ca- we will therefore treat in Henrew, the langulgec a-rrefic: hre as ieinig oo:cirrned in the plotSlH
dadian and Iludfon Day traders with copper, of Jeruf.lem, vherrrof your iiaftir im King,, a-n1 i;ie Duhke iIf Benufwrick, crly twoaretO
iron, whalebone, and it is very probable from I fuppole you are therein at well fkil!cd, as we *e the rnew crrpi oufSahn, one of the other p-I
the mountainous and %olcanicapprar.nce offome in the French." wellt by ihe name ct Dlrhal, unter widtchl
past of the country, gold and liver. There is Tie fhaeton frigale is appointed to carry I.ord Ilion he was a c,) refpoldrnt if the pl
enery probability that the prelfnt cuterprize will Keppel to Gibraltar, about the middle of next Antone, whlo called Iimtilf a mrrcliaul, -
mwof amply reward the adventurers, and open a month, and from tlhence his Lordllup is to to whin bi:: ferrtei a: L.irge, dl --c.',1 andle
new force of commercial wealth of tie firit Naples for the benefit of his health. iflr'irvd the cxel i:,.n of (lte v;ot. It ap
corfcquenlcc to this nation. Ireland has been Iunder the lritiili Cov:er;gntiy -etain t' rt the ac..)impT : ,]ter -,.wefte
The alarm about the Irilh PropoRllicns, which for upwards of ix liundred years, leaving fil it 1.,me others w.o,) wele to i:;i' liiem here, Mar
has kept the Rocks from riling--is no more-Mi- Iinbmittcd in the year ir :, atid wn.,. created inll) 1-e vitl.n reach, no Ilouibt, il order to foh
niftry have got ridof all ltr-uble and refponlibility a kinigdjm, by the Englilh Parli.'mient, in the ti.cir efcapr after feivimig the I)ikkc'papeMr
concerning therm-therefore the Oppfoition in year isa:. Janies Ithew lhe fitf ab. Londo., .SPte.i'er I.. On the slth df t
England and Iseland mut look for a uew ground fIlute king of Ireland, caufed the a n1:1 of freland mo!tlh fior aromnalio, ine of whom was thelll-
to reSt their attacks upon.-The rejecian of to be mailhalled will the royal arms of Great. q1uis ile Cuboinci, At out fom the n ilhbouhd
the propositions, at least the abandonment of Blitain. of Pali, nitci a reiol:;tini to maketheircale
them, on the part of government, was a wife mta- L'Orirei, Ainjra so. Pa ll Jones is aiirved here lion as as. polibtl; lint on leouit edtli
furc-now both countries are without caufe of ',om Pania, to 'it out three flips, on his own a- vioknlce of Ise weathtrthey were oblitgdtose
oesuplaipt, and both will l quiet. Thhere ia an aint ,i is faid, of which he will take the com. Icfnd at the fnet on lie mnenain Fille VIeC
endto all apprehensions, and opening lor peace ipd, on al expedition to Kamtfchatla to pur- blt, iwelve miles dliance. By their ad
ad harmony, while Mr. Piti will hare Icifulre to c lre ftue, and cftablilh a fadlry. This he is Imananging the lsallo-they kept it ithip
bring forward his regulations of fiance- and to enabled to dir, by having lately received four ldgrees nearlyi s I-inth pointsi) t
waie the credit of the country, by giving fuch a hundred thoiurid livres for the prizes he took in whi;hl is near as rio a Dlich ye
fuppoxt to the funded interft a Ihall ceince the the war. lie to it. This, la o he ad mirea
amazing extent of its refources. Whitehall, AsguRf I. The King has been plea- i a convincing pro that lie inv
e Ncver were men fo ditippointed as Mr. Flood fed to approve and allow to Parl Cowper, and mere matter f idcri ny, but t
ad Mr. Girattanwre-on the peacefulturn given h'i ilTui, the title and arms of a Plince of the experience ard gcnus be rendesrd oflhe
to the debate by the Secetary of Ireland-Evil, Holy Fom. i Empire, conferred on him by lis until. y.'
be thou my good; they. fay, dicord be thou my Imperial Majefly the prcfent Emperor of Germany Extral .f a lessr from Pirnu,A
rmnony. hy a diploma or patent, dated at Vienna, the His iVjflyL ha given arden to fl^'i
ju ia J3.. Sir John Jonhqone is fet out for 3it of January, 1t7l clurches.hat are aot parochial. ir'fL.t
Portmouth, to embark for Canada, with a com- Landin. S:ptemhr a. Lord Vifeount Sackville For.ome days pa(l the Dutch s .en
rilfion from government on a. nalociaion with has left his cia!cs Its perfect condition. Seeing have been very hufy; iey have had "
Certain Indisa nations. his -pprahiig end with finrmne and resignation, lerenc with our Mifr and the 'i
The Qebec fleet, now going out, are to carry he eiberately arranged all hiaffaira, called his b.ltrdar. The fiulo g air tn *' -it
Iaoo soldiers, for the better protedion of our houfeho!d to lidr bedfide, and hopk the moff lfec Whes they had thcl rit uas'uc t. uech '
fooltier place tthe fettlcments. tionate farewe' of his furi and relations. By.his jefty the Dutci A Ahaffado' '
IfEngland and race f(noitget there here- death is life eftate fStoneland, worth oool. t-their High Mi-i ine nferrefltto .
dltaryanimrofitiewhiOh tawsilwahithertomade year, goef to his nepiew, the Duke; bub the im- fun for keeping Maeftrieht la th .q
them enemies to each ota (perity, and the p ipts that he has made, the houRe that lie diet the money with Ihe n r"r, C rt, .t
prefJut acocitions tiu u.pp agracmcnt, U bU it aud faruilkcd, the iwlolurct that t has borrowed of Holland, sad plesr e -

eofilefiu. atThe Cout de Mercyge NASSAU, DECEMBEr TO. A UPUmIa t to er .for etia
tilipora .T to our Court. This i an aP'aielr,! D& EI I TO. IA MIOAI totheCol mimOfnenfoeru
dtclr reamt of, nor had the leaft itimatii O h N the 8alt of laft month, the Amrran Loyal~s, el int at the Printngl Ofi toee
dit been fugi.eld before, and his Majefty I v 'r ..f thoner Frlendlhip, Juhn Allen late maritr, the lrattire of prfomn of tat det.r'plo,, who
garh difplelafed ,l the account. Ihe Dntch De- "as condrcned here in the Court of Vice-Admil- hbae it ant In their power to go to Ioe Scotia
atir,i acdifLd ofthis, requited a second r:,di- ralty, for breach of the Laws of Trade. I or to England, inorder to fnihlntiaeihrCI
s*ae, whbch was reefifed orders were given Lan t T' rfday was detcrtmiodl In the Court of on fOvernmenw, for lolrf fuilnd lL
to the C(ancellor of Stla nfcrm them tiat uia VCe Admiraltr, the Caufe of the Kin and others of their Soverign and Country.
sjeily b Iinally ginv crto hi. Ml.f COl ,(. a tlinl the Schooner Sufnnahl and Cargo. l'he A m
tian M a ay, and t would in future treat .bel flatd, that the Culom Houfe Offer on the i'r Dm *r o r
with tie Republic through tile rn li.ti.i. of '* of November lan, h.iad frd s filfeitd to J H I W E L L S
that m,,narch ; they were further acq .'.retd that I hi, Majrfy, Ac. the faid Schooner, tham lying at -
his N:'?afty lad never been mater n.I :,';li, and I anchr in this harbour, together with her 'Caigo, H A N1 PO R S A L 3.
hai nothing todowith the biro.Itd f.:'nl, the:e. Cnlinv of Brailletto dye woodI for, that the At his SHOP On the BAY.
fore there could be no idcdudiErn n IIha acou t, .id Sclio. ner hall laden goods on board. without T.A and Etephat Flte a
sid his Majefty gave them o30 l.n to pay the Iurn h~v:.ip rlit tb:tafed warrant or fufferance A A Prawvi.rP e Fe and F*.
in ?quel on, fir Maeltriclit, wh ch if not complied tlle Oflkcrs with, he llhld be forced to take other memn,. a"n without havig previo nly given in the bond Rn yal.M mdime l- single S.rl. ce.
Upon this they have applied to the Marquis de to the Naval Oficrr, neceffary to he entered into Poyl, i aick ad thin Pafr Sho and Koee Bu
d Noailles, the bench Ambafiaor,to intercede before any ,lye wuous san be taken oa board liot, Pf il, cia, phltn, k
with hii Imperial and his Moft C!i ifti in .:ajctiel nd allo for (f'verl other brevacer of the Afls of & hlmc efdrd A4" Prt, Plared, and nouri;ng
on their Iblalf. They have alfo diipaltchlt two rade, particularly in violation of an AA paired Fimlfrap, & Peit rit- Shoe and Knee Bo-.
epreflee on the fame (lay; :he one to1. c State i"n the Ith year of Chailes II. an Att of the i4th ig Paper Ilie
Oneral, andthe other tli their iniftereatParia." of the Itme rign, an At of the 7th and lth of, Bltt1ng, ad Silv r Welr'e
The Ordinary of theNy, a n, d' up to the Xilliam Ill. aindan Aftofthe 4'h ofhi. precfct W'rspp'nr Pae Silver and Stell Pan
,f inflA it anl trAnfriited to the Allmiralty Mif, n d cntrludc h praian, tlt-e Millinerr', Panerd ta C
Niod by the Comm flioners of the fecictl ilonk, Iaid Schooner might br adjudged foileiteld. Gihsietpain Mdjyag@and polite' rrp .
eide, is is foll-ws, viz. in the River at Dept. lie a!',satioll. in the I.t cl vfpt6ing the not tName a VIII Gs ilt atd fch W'en.
l, flips of the line, 2a fIrialte, and 3o havitps filclance, and noot hgiilg land,wread. l Mu, Henry Vill. pi ile and Ha Watd'
loops. At W'onlwhich, a nhip 61 the line, ,6 unitedd by the Preitor tor the C'limanlt, but he I Cards OlPa Loha.
frig;:rt, and 6 oopss. At Cltllham, 24 flips of denied that the Vtfel and Cargo, hal thereby he. led & hblck tIk Powde Coaund Warh ChlIlA '
ct lite, J oflify guns. I fligiatr, a*n 6 1fi.pi. 'onie forf ifed: For, that in virtue of a Dritrin. P,,ent Inlt Ctl re Brfibarvelled PiT7.
At Shrelltfs 4 llps, ofthe lIti, a of fifty pl P* al, granted, under a law of thia Col.iy, by Befl Dutch Quills u Ofce Pecing Foil.
ia frigates, and 7 floops. At Po tfmou'h, 4O il trovernor Matwell on the yilh o Janta. y 1.ft, Prno Cypher ad Fancy Seta
of the line, i ol'th rty guns, y( figatesa, ian 9 for twicve months frmn that day. there b2hl Ie n skv:ry' Peaknive and Ba.k BackhrenmonTables
otopr. At Pl)r;onlh, 3 Illipp of th line, a o( put on hoard of the Schooner Sifannah. at Wat- ersprn rportnnen' Poket gairve
fifty gIes, i frigate, and 4.i ope. In all o ling'" Inand. one of the Hahami's, Is tl.n of Maholrnl Prtable Writ. BoluxofMarking Tfrre
Itps ol Ihe line, o lo fifty guit, io6 Iigastc, aild Krr-i!letto, which was brought ilown in her to ein Der Wan T.apers atd ra
I4 n r el. lti. port, qn Wrcdnefday tie orl ant Inmnth, Bltar I either Traellbng 8nd
- in orlter be nliporid on hoard the Ship Poltv, (''Cc' Imoaking Pins
S -i, ,.', ,. -----N '- l.' tlIn lyine in this hirhour bound fr London,; ht Crown. Half Crown and Hair Powaer
",-T "I. 'a 1 7,F', 85on 'i h ic. h, fr want of room. could not he taken on common find Wafers Hrd and rto' Pomatem
WTHEEki. ASac Genireal l million oft lePerte board the f/id Ship. It wan trie tlie Schooner hbd Ped & hl.k Sealing We Effmce of Berlamot, Leo
am n all. t.he ha( been alred, cei. Majcfl's Ba- on Friday the a1th he reported at th Ceullno m l ing Vllum & Pach- men and Lvetndar
IPln- d t o ri bee nlrd Jcetittincc toD HItiufe, for Clarlerton, in halla;ft hut hr matter maccl MalihoRany and Jep.,,nsd
app1oti;ling the follwing Sta i,1"er -and SI-te Pencils Drefing Cfe Of varies
trip tli. Peace for the vcnl Iflanda therein- a' Ifr fc'"m diriiiting or crnrrilnne hit h vitp Ar. Shin Memomndum fona
c hi -n ain- rilettri in itia',t. hail mentirocd it at e DnBots Ivory and Hoea Comks
T1.,i,J ',, rrum v.muet. The IIonouraMle Naval (fice, and that it wa. to he lande. within F,wer. .and Pret Pkmo. shaving
IJln lin' ii, Rubcrt toI, An.drew Smmer Ihi' Coverirrert. A! the fame time, hoevt -. Pewter and TJpasned Ink Powvier Mak
olin trn itbct l l Andrrv SymStiny'.f Can ....
Robel't terrling, G eort r Mackenale, Ge J li 'li ....John 'ailto, J A1'1rice on ilher of the twln f1i, eeT inLe iriy, A. Snarr nlafee for diet Ra nr
hl' ir Milli I n M alflt. rl lfqe. ln i r, luay and SliniliT at the Co'i.l rn Mollre, a period RdT-re Hmet.r' Dentifrise and
bert o li Mljel"r y'C, Cula il I hTie IT e'. i f li re tl ey tn filing the Ftar.zitt, Shell Paint I oth Powder
Tlin r,, Al w it ld ",ui, l dmi R, N' 'i .' h, nS,: al king it la'l'tll and m 'lkintg evry other nccerf Chin. I-k Pillet
Rilr. Fl S), A a, a ngenit fie r iere liie on a v ov:lge tI r? ry f r ls Wath Helsi
,/*,,, ,;hre,. J.>hn Pt..,.iy, Crl.P,, erd yl;re. 'h p tir. flt even all o rne thwre had r"rBook. P f rP oe s Clron Powdle
H,1 ',, rr I .ul Wiiliam Mt il' A- IrI lle n ino i ntin o f an Atcrry the Breillcttn to it- Pier' Dd Fr me'lin Poatt
G raid. I ', l' i ,ha )v, r hret, f nig artl e, itsl he ticonRht ,e QUaie BPook*, d and Tth lTtfy' enmrt
ir, I' Nichola M tat rtin Almtr ii an IT ir ier tl e rl hcrl hllodn have brok ar roind, lain T. Ir llr'.Pae
i I ovr miPowdeht Matlifelay h P
'. t d iael bm I ",id.1 ha. mirrd to pi(t o tea. thereby of ;e; dsr Books of Hinnas of cils
S lr ,~rio A~r~hnor rI salmell WlitI dl a ulh hnae liiwmcth low, ne thao fjrt i.-0,. IN 'rr.r0, IIory Pring

7.7. i fio e r altiw, hich ve o fbe enn d to ;ernt nk, '^ P ntl. ci "ra m *
S' it S o A. s. 'law, h I er tee e nd' tltcr.' m meece, entf'cr. o s Epicmt i lt.
S. 0 be Th a corso n o n t ,, esn l t P ch Cre De Silotdn wi
f. pI. / .,-,fr ,a. J)llti Pc y .I Ci t.le] ..lyarr. 'he afttial Coxiiii;t n o i iio:eoe was Bwas k ot auo rf 1v'rloe Atmiirfron'sPilla
Cnu!- i k. t I rt i ilry to fitia"i to ptiit lrninit. lnwever fi e,. ,rerd el i.s Godfrey's Cnrdi

Ip-nil' .. h $ ,T II in Conrt, the Advocate Gci"ral Bvt nods -aren re Disto kowadft' rKnde.
S r, L'nomn ofi. ili. Wiln, hthf ,t ntetlonl of an AIfin m:ght he, nl;lh. FreLh and L tps iamesDrsl nd ld
S 'ira 'aR hNr pr~r r r. hve or< etening hit C'llol he r nieth t niece Frhl Pn-If i fla'f'l Eirl

ba in 'lat"*, Mr. wterlingt. Advocate Gtr a1, snd Mr. Dividend Ion nth elt trim
i -l ,- o. Nic ol f itin Almtr;cc, iwai be ri f in, whatever e'tpr( for tn he m;aiht in. or frSAut onei 1d l in '. i el'
L 1 ri .ii on I I', n So Ma h vu M vr ie miht lillay his iaer. lfll he n. Pit!. e fRle. B Whitagre e c C
7i r th 0i .rl Sl '!:cr Pr. m. l p'Llnge it into the body o tire w kmck and ,nrr P adck B L t of Hane'. Sp el

l ". of whichwrrCpt. Kidd,Dr.far, Mr. Jol esn. Paper aldlPos Pie ,
", i l "" , ,ti 'd e "Ie drah nrio, a flomnw the blow, t ftol.rd f I:Mac lf to, n mer'. Ivnry yring.
i'rh. ; T e. e it i l l, f e pialti, w hi ch the Iaws hde anntlecd to Artieler Pswer of Gi emn ina fll'l il ;
h1i lm;,: 1, I ii yed Pea. oi, Ff. rs. r oti r ry Arear toefar hweIn vioIn, cocked GHalo
Till IS i'I. fLm.FOn t of h iC) :I' NborCE, T 'ahe S'f wloner and Corto were acqlft ted, pnd intrr olicie. f Dilso brown falilumabln
Thai bi. lion r tciu ioi lthetn (;ern will the retlC f fuit oerEerd t hle paid cit of te' Re- ratea varier oft( hrtu Sportin ltetver

ENRy GI.ENTtpN, D: 6. ?.hoo. AntCloae, Potly, Charl f aion A l eaittS1opPieaF 1 Dtr Briddie.i
atlrnct ill C 11 Ii" on Mittiav the acth iDllift, rem:eo f Ilil MlityFol nm, ifthe flvll CSo(. Mathimfiflq Ditt brown eidR din
i" tle piti.l) iC 'f i',.r,'Tti it at2l! (]'.al,,yithi Cich be cIIIitfetecd to hby any four of the "mmilnrs P ,er Cmpallee ito' ekdis, with
aOf ie II, t ..r:, a; Iay b t peft n the day fllon, nwhei the Decree wan- Shri ditto .o rsaland tia. lela
spun thui III t a t r in Court, the Advocate Geteral gate notice CirenVitrentsr Ditto brown d at Tree do.
albVemen,^^n q Fr Pthat he W D apSE. peal.
I: i. umnn.l oj %R or, a i. The Pr. At 4 pele ChlL Ldadltl Dl'e and IhlIdng'
S I ,, pr erar 'he Pru q t G in this Crufb wrer fOr the i l'o- Irmnrts Hat. of tj*elet farf. h
Sa.irp .i I, Mr. Bteriling. Advocate CGerlaeal and Mr. vi detl ion with elpeg t tim-o
li .y atw j l b e, Attorney Central I for the Clamaa',. a 'fe1h Icn dig Rodal ma.
W i he..k... l't uior tigt of Mt'ntay the Mr. JibnfA. o r "Ie' Wite and blck Chit'-
-5h d I ri ii ,'ro r n! rol'ln i hn't N ir %weeksr, Abt -fiNroeadeked boat, nnar Pek oe cm Long 'tl. il
is, h i r l Any pril hbuingr of which wereEO CaptO W Kdd Dr. Itar, Mr. o Init a Papernod VPoimedi, s .n
imltil iI y., t. Fr o, undi r fenlcite itf Camerin. and tome otbefsl failred f-nm tMaill alenO.,drlts Isewing Threa 'Or
.'ti t Ang Mr. t in Ano for thi prlc: Fr oTfome ohehich eml p ete ll. n Le. q A'
Idolhce' e a T.a Ri ale of Islte Guineas,,.'' were krown to lie Mr Cameron'@. (carnal maho. Therstotcratn 1%, iWs Cambrieb. if 4'
tAch of IIt; I.; I Nezr 'c., 'burn wi I appr- gray a.'v. and the keel of a (masl viel. having .an.orosv Ca4 Olblmshprp.' .
headacrl ii 'iI nimtoel ac n ll alo ti ely Ifllfted annuore at the sIlff on Eleuthers, Si Dial. for this latitud .Cordokaat Less
the Tci no aa in att lt ; in or Pitllfa who thLreevryreafe tofear lhe was lo inn violent. Pon Pahoa Getilen'sf China li, '
0ii e1i t mal.o, n fi their ing ha bored, to tale of wind. a day or two after the left Ahabt. Vi.r. R, Pl ces. a. & 'h bread Glunc
Iplid os cunaiti:ur ofthe t 4gn offellnd* A ns Pent. Fr- ses. pisantdorls lrs& f ad Sddle i fodatitame.
1EN ,Y G L. N1 ,wN, i ,6. Schoo-e. Antelop PettJ, y Charletan A imn3Stop Piaaoe- le rsidtsaf
D. P. AL SatI oD. Far itam SGltirsap 'lF 'wip
I a.._ ia.. ..L Violin ef differ, n lprkea Iled Leather T 7o "
IHE above menti,.tl Stave rla dr c ,rPa Is Rout 1irele DTOWn, and blai r MDitffli T*
w MA. Mulatto ., .6 feet n;gh, WANTED TO URCHASE. ditto fLof apr
vfa dlak y liiiwsi nonplsilo iracerlh ANR Viola Bridges and Popa Paicled Saloas Oalnea
d dl, k y I ,,w con tf r gl', art- a SMAL GANNO o OROESt of un- =_.. "k dir HD
til sttd pl he Ir, 1. l i lhi if as a Freeman doubted'. _i th~ ft Rf ao Violi .ung. niams dlal
tin, the ,'in e ii, 7, ', I G ir e ir. by trade T JOHNSTO 'prmO n & omanS goes eer.' ,
a lit, aid that IisnildlBui', r has lately car- WAN E T o UtIOn ITO. German & rOMMO a-l-M OFs iase. Asv Mne&E 'a biba
tlcd aR'&Ytii Tkll9,D f; ATED Ta URCHAS 13 cas C FitrI, ,' faia&king To aoa
S. two new Ciq.ort a necey for OtDrum H.ade-S soA Pigtai l.]o7 cc
lirc btih.ll'.hi Any perl'i halaouring or em. A NEORO WENCH who S-.8 alli, jea Infirvasnis r tiVl Scotc Snuo
PiOv"ithim uilbIe pr'ltUculd a tihe law direde. ia Cook. A Ipply tOLhprp -rIin 'r Gnae c. A,.
',9 1783. 54AU1L PARLEY.' Nifty, Daeesfrg, omal 3 Amaiuflcoe1a

yOL. UI.


9- 71



From gATURDAY, DECsMn l 3, to SATURDAY, DaczaEMBu 10, 785.

NAss 3j4rinted by Joln WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAT.

Iss*M.:ISLANDS, liT.
l w.Psi'i Dci. MC
/f; Licirtean- G. wernor aid C,rmmander in
Ctwf ir ald oVer the f.d I10tds, GhmneCtilor,
ru A amiral, and OrdiJ.aryA e f ce*r fc. &cr.
S HEREAS Ih Exportation of any
SpE cis o vilions. inay in the
F relet ercu' flanrci of things,
r r attended confIquuccce
highly iprt'ludi to the Inhabi-
Stnts ot thllre I.I ; I Hlvk
THERP ,IRh TniI Hr n r, by
idi wih the advice anrd colreat U I Majefly's
ionourabce Council, to ill'e this Alic,a:nni -
line, hen by Itrittly pinhibitini t .xpur:ation
d any Speciie of Provifiuns, trqlp is or any
helr Inlal r within this Govern o any po'
o p'icc without the limits the .l Tll faird
Varlition to commence from an after the date
eieno, Sni to enni.iue until further orders.
li':.\ uitder iny Hard and the Great 5. al /
tIhe ,'rJ flnds, at a .V.ia,, htbs xith dty I,/
i-e, i , s te 'ear or Or l.ord Une tbou-
fj;ai i r, bdr Ard en y er d oi I'rt
1 erl:r t r ar ff is ,10 /ir'j R rqn.
S J. Eil I imV..R1 POWiVLL.
S) bi H n ,-ar'r (in',.rl ./t
I 4us O'tlat I o- A prn Sec, tary*.
G 0 0 S V E It E K I N O.
8I ST 1 VI PO) RT D,
Intbe SL. ,inr IAIlAt T Capt. GRNr., fiom
Nk'tW Y ,RK.
A N 0 I )11 1'. Si 0 L D
Sn Rjefoi,allr Terms,
At I i, Tr R' on Hv.
I r r ,, cr, .,/ ol, (ortn.
t)IN l n ,' C '.ir Pickcl Mlr-
.- ii , i. Shi Hric.l, Vhitc li Bfcun in
ktg:, N vew I 1 t r i' lii ki' .
4L I fO R SA I. E,
Ma 'r;" I 'r r, 'ri. I andil T neri!e W ine,
ft!Jan iic iliR n im r by 'e i'? lhO n, C fle, Ilo1l-
b Ilfc Gen ', RV l li in calks, lu lt 11)fun anl
Lia T Cnl I"ll, R:. Fc'. Si.

I' L ( N L)D N,
The iqq Est

h r, A E wG Y,
"'"' A .flu, ,,aunrcirT ni. Fooul ac
' i' I,.n t,1.11. a- ion' i l'tfal gr i w.ll
kb real. r, -.i in abinlt r4 ays. For PalTage
al, I .l.c I M.jftr o. ho 'ild, to
-I IN ....... Gl that Doior
KN ;' KEMP is tjplr) ed to attend
SA I. ty.alfl in i. ltown anil ntipgh
I h ,' miy have 1 if ii t',i r m.'dical
fil r a i' in- unab t proidc themilelve
cret I'th n '" a i a .I i Mc licicrn, W ine,
I emerfn c c that .Iay n-, f(rry toward,
r r.c'iovly, vill lihe prti i on apilicat.o
m Ic io the,,r fi atr A rpl fc'
dIH. AI Suni ecI in di if'. A tall other
rlttin. wtil .ill i D attended to
ai, f,) r 8, 1785.
A I. ~ fann having any eands 'ainft the
Sof the tdec aft r. Jot WA*LR,
fIe hof it "n" Mrchan, are once more. and
fi e, defied totine in States of the
itd Fl'r"perrYtrd ;1 anIt ofe iinlebted \o the
tl '"nte. ar"t decrr'e to ke payment before
ntxt Retur. nar, as accounts not 'hen
L'Ei, wt'" he ed in the ns of an Atbr.
r at' La, in he u.'l for.
jOHN HtOYD, i 'eca
Catur, Oariiro, t1;. 1

-' I m

European Intelligence.

D U B L I N, Aucuar zy.
Y ESTERDAY morning Mr. Fitzgibbon, At-
Storney- general, anil Mr. Curtail, a young
narriter of high reputation, and a Member of
Parliament, met, and fought a dude with pistols,
but happily neither were hurt. The clillenae was
lent by Ihe Attornry-General, in coiolequence of
the Lcrvre ridhires of Mr. Cuiran in the Itoufe
of Commons, upon the Attorney General's par-
lia.;tcnitry conduit.
London, Augual 3. It is mitch to be hoped
tiat the compaliifin made by the Attornsy-Ginc-
ral oflr lauti (in the laft debate on the liilh Pro
ip llitionb) of England to a Lion, and Ireland to a
Whelp. may hold good, and that as lihegrows in
years Ihe may grow in ftrcngth; and, in unity
willi Fnglaid, thiake their tremendous manes to
h ter or of surrounding nations.
The litfh in fome fort make a better eftimate of
prilic meni than we do and hence, however cap.
ivaltl their car may be with thofe men, whu,
is Mijor Scrtt laid to Mr Burke, areirfch r.
', tr ade," they irgard them will flinilar cmnltilit
:(i vor' a perforinir, on every ether fiage, pl.tyers
in lii ,.' rs.
The flame wh'ch war kindled in North-Ame-
rica, as was fortitln has made its may iilio the
\meraian duomilioiis of Spain. That jralouf*
w eirhli ctnfi..d the appuinntmenli of gonernmcnt
in 'i:,anifh Americ I to na" re p.aniards, and ela-
lifhli.d other dilinr8ions hrtween th.m ann their
'rfcendant% on the other file the Atlantick, has
tecn a tw,,-edp i fvoet, anll cut two way It
:t l hittherti p., ftivil :he f vcrrignty ofSpaill
n th ife parts. it ha Im, wn the fcts nf a deep
r rentmenT among the propp. Conrereneei ate
ir'd colahinations are fi)rme.l in ficrer among
li race of men, whom we fall diftinguilb by'the
appe latinn of Spanifh provincial. The example
.'i North merica i ti e great ftbjcl of d cotnife,
and the grind onicA of itni'ation. In London,
we ar well aiffredl, there is at thi momemcnt a
p),ilh American of greatconfequrnce, and pof
lledl of the confidence of hi. fel!ou citizens,
who afpires to the glory of being the deliverer ol
hi crou.try. He is a min of fullime views and
penetrating nnderflanding, (killed in) the antient
and modern languages, crnverfant in hook1, and
i'qtniin'ied with the worll. He has devoted ma
ny Tears to the fu.y of general politics ; the
''ricin, the progrcfe, and the terminaiain of the
ihit'ernit species of goerrnmcnl ; the circum
;!ancestliat comb:re znd retain multitudes of man-
hind ii. political focirelien and the anftcs by which
ithef fucieties ate ililffved, and f'allowed up by
others. This gentlcmin. avirrp vilitcd every
Iprovince of North-Anmerica. came to England,
which he regards as the m either country oflibhe
iv, an I tle school fir political kviowledge. As
friends to freedom, we forbear to he more part
c Ir connrering this dit;niguifhed chatadcer. F'
is a confiicnrrus proof and example of the P.F9
which it is our object to illutrate. We admirr
his talents, efeem his virtues and heartily wilh
prrfperily to the nobleft purfuit that can occupy
the power of any mortal, that of beftowing the
blefllngs of freedom on millions of bie feltew-men.
The rale of American Oils in France can never
be confilerable, as the country has not an et
tenriveconrumptionifor that article; bcfiles, the
great and gnod ally of America has no intention
to ferve America; I ie wilhet to fee the New
States humbled completely, and fo fully deftrnyed
in all points, as to ditblic hem. from ever lnter-
ftring with the illandst.
A merchant in the dit haa reaelved a letter
from Amterdam, which ftys, that their trade to
Spain it for the pefernt alloft at a land on Ac.
count of the number of Bairbar armed yTelsr
cruising n the Meditrrnean. The have 'iitel
red advice that the tat two Whips whlch fair Win
thence are both taken and arrived into AlFra
The crew were at (cat up the country, but

employed Immedlately to work up lmfomse i
fortifictions eroding a the month of the hars
The Slllo n her has had Its day i- the WIr
Ltarna-, and oGpfq are now on tlh decline, while
the UVathella bomst i making rapid advance, tq
become the general otnamemt of the bead o
The Srt pettler is mch colmned, and thoia
who are rather slumnf about the Inftcp ue loadl
repr,.bating it declarlog that the dlfptay of a
fn mntele, covered with a delicate whhk flocking
is nothing more than an incitement to Ih@
tbouslta I
The p d I el-h 1 r ip fpotted, and decorate
the female leg in the falhionabhe circles and what
is till better, it may now flre without tki
fair wearers being at any tr to d~lray it.
Thofe who augur the downfall ofthe adminftnra
rion from the allure of the Irlh Propofitions,
will ind their prophecies, like the Sybilline Ora.
cles, mere delusions. The PropolAtio were in.
produced by the motion for Bill, in a manner
Ihe molt fair and liberal. The fenfe of the IrlI
lnufe of Commont was taken on the mealure
without recourfe to a Angle miniierlal art togive
an undue bias to the votes of the members and
lien the disapproval of the people was confiro-
tiora'ly discovered through the medium of their
repcfrentatives, the meafure was molt honnura
lly abandoned. What Is there in all this which
can Ibake the Adminilrttlon ? The pertincity of
Lord North, in carrying on a war nctorioufl
arinlt the defires of the people, was]utly alleld
ged as a public offLrens and fhallthte Minifler
r Iho puifue an oplpnite line ofeonduft, by facrid
icring, as they ought, to national temper and
prejudices, hall they be crnfured only fo waist
Sf sbJfinaey The Idea I ridiculous; and equally
ril;' ulous is it to infer the ruin of an Adminltrarw
lion from the failure of a measure, rifpeiing thg
object of which fuch a dicrfity of opinion prC-
AriufJIg. Al~n, pear Flodl Mr. Attorney ha
bedeviled you, Mr. Flood, with a vengesncee
Never, fure, flnce B ggilng came firf in fafhlon.
wa. any poor dinner fo cut and hacked, and iraie4
and fearredl, and lacrra ed, as Flood has been i
limes pari : but the laft trimming to exceeded all
*he former, that he muft carry the marks of it to
his grave ; and this line'only need to be engraved
upon his tomb ftone:
SlItfgbtsr'd by the elou nfe ofhe tll rARneym rret,
S Here ars Flsedl
And hang a calf skin on his recreant limbs."
The Attorney-general of Ireland appears to have
had this line of Shakefpeare uppermoft in hlsmin4
when he repeated, in a firm and manly manner
the offensive frntence In the Houfe of Commons g
lie felt the jnftice of his cafe, and fupportedit
I he a man of firit, undaunted by private threats,
rnappal'd by public fadlon. Never man fpoke
with more credit to h:'aelf, nor perhaps 4ldyap?
lrpeech ever operate f forcibly.
Among other wife comparifbnmt It hath beeI
afferted, that the cafe Of Ireland and ofAmerics M
the fame. Wonderful fagacity. The cafe of th'
Britilh colonies the fame with that oftthe kingdn
of Ireland I There is but one Inflance in whiel
they refeable each other. There are turbulent
fpirhi ofboth, hofeprecillr delight hlt n co f< t-
fion, and to promote whIrh, they wold go ani.
lengths, There is, however, ine ifands It
which they differ.-There is more wifdom Ie
in Ireland, than to create or ptoihote any feret
difference with Brdtal.
An extraordinary ciretmftance las lately la-
pened in Paris, which has tuirniedl ure Toa
lunately to the piclpall ti fimef In the bSuefso
The tyBn', Cn Fr, U'from MStnn ih4s
Iruch credit wit th t ef e l boll d
belng In want of l orders. a ler '
in Pats an immnail tltofdorfaiouoa s r
thetSe. which 'ife'hefet-I afw& I (i
llter fto t them dim, iain trle
wnr ddivrm to Ut to Bfth r, who, oa aaoMIt

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