Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 26, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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roz. IL


No. 70o



From SATURDAY, NOTVMBEx 26, to SATURDAY, DciManBs 3, 1785.

NAsSAU: Printed by Joun WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAT,

European Intelligence.

M ESSAB-BEY, who, on the late revolution,
d was advanced to the dignity of nufri, is
depofed, after enjoying that office only lix we, ks;
and he is ficceeded by Arabrade Effcndi. The
Tefterdar is af'o difgraeed. The rerget of the
people for the death of the late Grand Vi ;ir, who
waI inhumanly beheaded, evtry day hecomoi
more poignant.
Jytne 1. Our new Orand Vizir has gained the
tlefen of the people in general by the rontintal
proofs which he gives ot hia gnierofity ancd diili-
tenretednefs. It is certain that he hail no macticr
of concern in tie fnguilnary execultions, which
have taken place lince the deposition of hli prtdc-
Cff .r.
Nad/rid, 7uly The lalt accour.tas fom Amc-
rica are not of tl.e mft agreeable nature; they
luntli', 1lat the Indiana of urnoe Ayres having
Ippr'an, I-.' tilr .ipanilh Sttllcmtnts, ill nutlber
Ib..: i,oo00 the i;ovcrtnor rent 2ann folot atld to
hil, n. i~n, ,il them ; till corps ras fIu:i cot :o
Ltli .inl- a very fma.l number only cfrcjpid.
Mr. ic II :etr.r, taic Intendant of that eflabhillh-
mlet, w.I fit luick wit ll this cataflroiphe, that lie
as fIc zed with a fit ot apoplexy, and dicd upon
the fp ...
Several couriers are arrived from Barcelona
villi Iifppa'ch., from the Comte d'Affilto, Ci.m-
Inaaila 'nt tH It'at plct- bringing an ac.tount that
Ihe t iOnbrr o' French troops In R .;llii on anil
Navarre inrncaf ra daily y, o dou wty allfi
traordlln;ll n, v mellt;.
I.,lnr, to. 0,] Wednefdav li t John
Gill. Eit; late y Capi' r t her llarca man oif
war, of 70 gnli (which cititrnc I f(om the IEalt
Indire iti the figniiip I tile pac) twa appointed bh
the Admiralty Iberd to lie Ctommnander in Chict
ofthe Britilk filuailion in :he Ea-linlics, willth a
broad pin.l nt, as Co inml.dre. Cominiidore Giil
i not to, lil till t!:e beginning of Otol-te I[ext ;
and the rice he wil take out ia iI.t )ct l nel hutlt
viv he deterniiled by Ilhe lirenith tf the French
Ivct, which is jut rcady ito fail from Blier har-
Governor Campilell gf e ;out to M.hdial in the
Eal-I.d;a Company's i'a.ket, which it now fit-
lng in the River, and ordered to be at Pcrtfinouth
the Stlt ,iltant.
h f-ra't iff letter flm Kirwa'll, July 21.
Ih ili.i frigate Commodote G'ower, and
the Muaiine Iter, Cap'. WaViftn, arrived here an
Ihnitlay l.In. His Royal Highlnef Prince William
Hrenr hloni.oued us with hit presence, and gave
an instance if friendlllip and benevolence, w ich
ders honor to lis feelings. He met with an old
fhipinae (a Mr. Moodie), to whom he gave ani
ordtron his hbankcr for forly pounds annually, to
becontlilltd tilt lie got a few commiluoil. The
abIove fiip f.ii'rd ycltlrrdlay."
1'einn, Yrui '4. This day being appointed 1by
the Ellipiror for the audience of the Comte de
Waflienaer and Baron Van Leiden, the two Dutch
Depuits, thore Gentlemen were accrorinly ia-
Iroduceid to itl iairfliy with the uftial foirmali-
ties, ohen Comte ale Waflfnaer addrefled the
Iimperoi in the foilowng word%, viz.
Sire, twe have the h inourto represent to your
Majtll) the h:gh repga d, esteem and refitelt, which
their Hl;h Mightincltes have always entertained
for the iwh le Royal Hctift- of Auifria, and parti-
eularly for th- person of your Imperial Majefty,
andof whirh we are charged to offer to your Mas-
Jenythefe freflh alfirancea, and in acquitting our-
felvc of thia dity, at the fame time to aflure your
Imperial Maiefly. that the:r High Mightineffen
,u'd not hut witk the greatest iegict perceive any
c"'tntli intervene to deaden that fliendlhip which
fuhfifted between your Majefty and the Republic :
That their High Mightineffes never hadl the Imallef
tenniionn either to injure Tour Imperial MajeftR,
or to infult your flag, as daring the whole train

of cl rcumftancea whkIr have occurred, their High
Mightineffes have made it their rule fi to regulate
their conduct as unmlubtedly to thew their retard
andi refpeet to moir Imperlal Mielv, as far nat
we conliftent with their own Inderpendrnc, their
honour, and undoubted rights : That their High
lMihtinclie fincerely with to fee that ronrold
which war fTo ialuckily troubled, again renewed,
anti placed upon an immocvable hbafl : That thar
Iltih Mightinlefscl ecer purpofcil to treat the
f.iilitel of your Majety on any other footing than
the fuhbics of the republic: That with lthefc
frimrent,; their High MightineTre flttter them-
fi Ioes ill ideal injtrions to the refprfl they entertain
of your Imperial Majelty,wichwiay have been i n.
itlly laid to their charge, will br entirely dohne
away: And it is in conformity ti thefle Ilntiment, .
Sire, thit their High MilihtinefTri emrir.lRly dleire
to fee a full return and re-efablihlmert of good
nltel fandiling with your Imperial anI tRoyl l a.
iefty, ihirh they hope foon tohave atcomplifi ecl
thriolllih th, Iood offices of a ninaarc! cnnncldil
with rnmar lMjefly by the t ironecft lics of fiiren.1
hi[) al I rclaiti, nnip. Th will be a siat hap py
Incmellt, uth'ch can never arrive too in.t for the
itlihes of Iheir Hligh Miighti.eifes, who never
have not ever can alter in the high vatne they
place uponi the frir-dlhi N and gool.will of your
Imperial and Royal Majcfly towards the Rtepub.
To this fpeech the Ennmeor returned the fol
lowing aamrwer, iir. It iq highly plafIrlg to me,
Gentlemen, that their wlith Miglhtinerlf' b,
your deputatiton complied will. .ahat I ideired, a2
(ibf:'lrll'if'orfer my A'mblallkr lor at rans t., c-
fi1ime the negociation uinlder the m-dilainn of ther
King of France my 'irothr ; anlt I do not dolnht
brit a fpecly conclhtfini will prevent the unhappy
rccl.i;tncee hrlch wornlt be the imfallible cofec-
itl ;iee of a furtlier i'ef ay.'
I'P ':, ng, /l I. The difrace of the Co'-,t de
f;raTce ii at an en.I. 'The Minifler of he Manin,
I it wrote to him, that he mav comet rourt. Itt
I. % not )-:! appeared there: biti it i th ii'll b'I hI
Sill hr pretft t at the proccifion ofthe RIed Rib
honi on St. .olui*'s day.
AMad,iJ, 1uit, it. Although the Kintc has em-
ployed every mear., conpalibhl with tile lilnity
of lis crown, anil the honour of the Spani(h na
tion, towards the conctInfon of a peace wlth the
Ai~rinre, the corftirn ,iflhat retce'cy haIve alre.
.ly violated the treaty for a f'iipenfion ofhollilitiea,
and an appearance no longer exifts of peace bing
Sftab'itlecl between the two power ; in confe-
quence of which hit MajeRy has rented the or-
ders for convoy to fail, at appointed ptrioth, for
the protedion of the trade of this king Iln, andi
particularly in the Mediterranean and the Indii-.
L.- a'n. duta(r art. The Americans are c' -
tainly the moft extraordinary polilicians in, ne
world. For inlanct, What a tcep fchemec t the
inhitbitant of Nantiacket, by a failed frepailtion
from the Unittd Statls, to recover their oil ltade
vilth this country ; anl, tinder the cloak of Nan-
tucket property. employ in the wha'e-fihecry one
ihnnired fquare-ripged veflrel belonging tothe faid
Slates, to the ruin of our lovyal colony of Nova-
Scotia ? Btl the plot is liy much too thin ; the
inlhab;ants of Nantucket and of Bofon mufr make
the heft of their independence, now they have got
it. They, and the reft ofthir eonntrinaCa, are
foonl of quoting the folly of Great-Blitlin I hut
her folly is not grown to fuch a pitch, as again to
take to her boron the viper, by which lhe has
been already ro dangeroully Rung. In the mean
time, it is cutious cnough to observe the ef'hes of
American wifilom. That they might have no
tales to pay, they eetea themselves into an indec
pendent fate, and thereby fihieftil themfltrel to
innumerable taxtl which they now final they are
utterly enable to pty -That they might give unity
to their coisncils, they eftalilfted a Congrefa,
which has no authority either to enforce its deter-
minationa in Internal afimirs, nor to enfure thbe
performance of itst liulationt with foreign

Powers.-That they might fecrme an extensive and
permanent trade, they agreed to pay inodebre they
might contract for gnods taken upon credit.-
That every man might enjoy perfect liberty, the
Courts of Jiftice are under the cantroul of the
nobh; fo that every man may do what mischief he
pleares, and no man fliall have rereef.-This fay
the An'rricans, is real liberty-there are the arts
biy whlch a Slate is tobe happy at home- feared
and rcf|'peted abrmd.-- May our enemies ever
be pif'eiledl by the like Iptrit of wjdam ; and may
Grrea Britain fill purfue a dirt contrary conduft,
antd thn fiornifh thefe profound ages with fret
caniem to ridicule lhrf/llv.
B arsr? if a letter firm iHarerfatwrdwe, Aurg' Ir.
WVe were agreeably furpri./c on Stiotray aft
to ez--n, that his Royal flighr.rf Prii ct Williana
liens y, in Iin voyage roiind th' ii'manl in the tiebe
frigate, ha.d put into Milford Havtl. Our Royal
visitor' arrival was prefently made known to the
oeinntry, when a generous emnlation to welcome
a Irarch of the Roaal Family to their coal, diffufed
I:f'lf through the inhabitalita."
TIe Drc de Chartrie, a Peer o the Blood Royal
in 'it.rre, has ar ulght over liv fon, a youth ol It
vears f ate, to comnpleat his aludicsat the Univer-
fity of Oxfo-d
'1rli,. Aunu it4. The Prince Bilhop of Ofna-
brull" is expected here fion, as is alft Lord Corn.
rallii thcy will attend the King to Sili iz, where
the Marqui ti e la Fayette, and a valt nulnber of
other foreign r.ficers, will alfo arrive, to be pice
ftIt at the -nfniiig brilliant review.
The Ilanverrian Minifter : -, -. ''--'
t.IItIIIIti- tOui rnt i .tlllni rollh In ng at olf-
dam, from whence he returned from Hanover,
but it faid to be etpedted here again foon.
Arrhalladtor from several German Princes ae
expe!tei to arrive In this capital fiton.
rni~'ia/l Ain,,1 j. The confederation urnlcr
the aurl;icre of the Court at Berlin, gain Irenglh
evern ti.a. antd putson a ferious appearance. The
lighi itn h;ch the Emperor fees this leatlie, rea
,Irr' it a tiobi1rA more worthy of attention. His
rfcitinents on hit ftltijedt are'leatly crparfleil in
a Iet'er wrilttern by Lount Kanitz June iit, to
llt Emlperor's filisifers at the dit crest Cturtlin
tile empire. The following ii a tranfltion of
that interefling letter.
j lnna, ltme ri, 1",J.
My letter ol the 13th of April informcu tIsc
of the ftep taken by tlie Court of rrifila, which
under the molt odious pretences is ifinag evci
cendeavo.ur to form a league with the greater part
of the States of the Empire, in which though hie
Imperial Majefty be not diredly mentioned, it il
evidently aimed at him.
The fame letter contains our reatfn which
at firfn int'ced ur to coaitder it as inapt flhle that
thofe meafilres could be countelanrei any where.
h To nil great furprize, however, the contrary
h7n happen and repeated accounts have poBli
tistly confirmed to us, that feveral-of the prindci
pal Stalc of the Empire have Toluntarily declared
their determination to accede to the coifcdcra.
rton proposed at Berlin.
But to convince thofe states byfisb, anl
not merely by words, sot only how foreign to his
Imperial lMajty's intentions the deigns (fo Un
jufly affigned to him are, but alfo how mich
he inlterela himself in the fuppcrt of the confriu-
lion of the Impire, as by law eftablehcd, in verpr
light; his Majety himself Invites ihoe '81elt
which may apprehend the execution of the pe.
leaded prnoiets or any other inimical drlilnii what-
ever, which they may think It nmctffat to gutau
against ; his Malofy, I fay invites Ithemo form
immediately in the rideR manner, with bimrclf.
as head of the empire, a folemn confrdcratioui, ia
which he hereby declarca himfclf ready to eogage
with them.
l Hl Majefty cannot give a nmoe ueaqnlteocal
and striking proof of his real fentimenrt, and
hia defire to maintain the legal confli'lMtin o(
Ocrmany: It therefore cainot be doebtndl tbl*

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