Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 19, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00137
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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oo46.te ar trri'blr patriot. I im dc-IBS- d if to flrggle to t your important cttlewet m 4 .
Manly ir cafes (ald he) will occur to .entle...- n the r de of England from -nihilaton give te brcimng of a tfree
men, i rhey will take the trouble ofrctecilig 1 'ar .th '"lo tra e o latid frm P annihilat lrit, futurity, inconnlitutlnlitfr gne
upon the pofible operations of the fourth 'ro t- ain i to the elt t ip.Eli prir, is mon cnitrt i
!on. 'This liftetna onqc dopte Ireland wit ,unt tolthat appellatiron I po0t'aehhtcfrnl. "cc in snILey
breach of faith,9 r tk En' inc the terchaats nd mhu fnrl rers r '
ifih law Into'ber fi ote-booI and iiiubteric opplclilon to this fehcmt% If I see cpha o' .ro
iniditces might occur. ncreaftcr, where the P -r)ia-. ini them ifil ts omini this bu infir tnit- r CHALe
ment of that kingdom muft red upon this defp- re re .^napabl of h'womin, my f llowlld hern. ARLE D*
eat alteriiazive-cithcr to violate the filth ofilie Theyr did not follow nr. but I followed them. Slnire fly IeuOd6j~
rn ation, or iv -chr to Ibetray anil fric its dearel it i- To the Hon. Centleman's government they were ir.llntr, rccdive i onda
rclin. Thin o ijr action, Mr. FI'o fid, evie exceedlingly para r l anid not 4it e bl ae recovereil ( om il flrme illir tiaaljo P"' ? *n
ililrpenr ent of its rofliouny 'ecluminn: a powcr, the infansty of the times.l ty wll re ai T ey lar hi, rM jefly had been lri(l
=o6a folenoly rciiounced, would perfuadc him to priideed aaif t Me and .my Irict. l "cy o l M oun y or Prbe jion tI o b ri ,l
tie rejr tmr o of the fourth Prupofilon ; an ll a .rriing n, 4nd re .edable I o Ir r fer trtl Princli Bounty ofPy i "lr io) t
the^ li ttwu of the i thheisa ; anti111 to the
hia, as well as is a thmil'rnd other points ofr iew, &aly in Eurore. ain meritrd, I thinks, tllter lthte r PrOhilref, for do yefl. i
befaw the whole of the ropf, d plan asthe infal- treatment than tery npesrienced fromt the tight Sptnell -r r4. On 'e -l nnur rn
Itule force of atenldcu iont ent. ani ty, Arid Iin. Oe;m.y t ch t hie r t on i hred he re n c'Ao J

t e tr ncp iv a ted c o r i ..i. tn mn c e m i t e l .t t clro T h -y ly dl t r t c r l,' y t to th lo n"li .
reill blood blwe cf the 3 1 flitwl t in r, , I _I,'iC tt 0r k l ethi h e I t i 'ta p t cu n ) l
traed Wcty a r t l of h 4 t ill ic t t w rpep n nita th i Kl h [,r p. r h e th a a ro a
tuses r larm ily and cocor him that aic tv e li I r er I heicv. tiCr Ir l cl e. awn y it Tierpan'e Cort, rnd n tid wte
l)e filer n;tiin,. accoriling to the Iiglht Hn. repent tch.i prd iielio r. Err y f ii) go which this road hii ,emrn cansi 2 !..

up In nfclting ronf I hergu n ur Jame, Iinlw, pilot oflhc th aidb I A"
Gp in t rlemand' w.d o i, to ir s- t law. Tt Ii lr enitl I op14 t th o lowing They lydr upn e r rrt te h ,e l., wn oto tfhetoo
rhe Righ Hon nc i ai a mole of are. lIh e crca l t cr 0ure ilfrom tin te i l- p oti rlY fI,. Hpnp rciien P l lcd ldd i,
rconimreiii g the fI) ItI Prroi r tnn, p fcly Ia ini C cton tt fear tSh l urc. i lioi, c, ni a ii y w se thrri pio n I ra h wa
filed til, he cAp ciy lAn t u lhl h i re l i hi pro l tlieto Ia.te. ) r rtake it. rha*pi l ct ca n, WI W.

c'aj m th ir c i i delc in tiot, Ie p i. cl tIt f t f I rl l of w O r ntinq thi ; s' 1 'fliat fri lnplt tr oit a l(i r C trvcny S il
p erodt Ihei t Ir r i, 1rt a t. t aii f w, iion-f Whi, tr t,(h rrpin a ci o "f hic i, ter m thal filtcrr feet wide *l

lProp on .iio n the m i'm ,.'l h c .ftr^llla, t W e Rlhh n a nr' om.w, hchcr du r your r ir Mrn la last of Ir a d enthet n .
ami e no Ifrrpic to avow i hen lv lraei r li y II. ifo liro rim liiur' af rirn mond k I it mo" pitnh .lm

l et1 Iet r n ,,j lit .or t ici ... rclti' ii A l a Mll Cr dt l fnir -.'..i.- R.T'v ld it, tni er ah m i, c proper iridg tid (I' ,l14

wit alfloif f rii ty on ri b l k n o r 'i i, een ,iIthw *n a le r C, y r I ,ei un in gc ;r- t I t re wanPrtty -'dl with toll
Sill t e Inrtr of ut t A Cnii e tle irtlirl yC c to .f Stkhl e co, oauia -l u t .in ne e r wanting in the bipce ofll jI wric kd
filne fthn 1 r1 wasi l .ira re ) llt i he i.s wele Pi ivo't Ie s t lydd ti id ra i, ; uI ti e ir IF. '* J. .S "i Ief r7. yafi ily ait ,
ririugh I io perItmtile Itni i :io tint I lieh i wri Uhoi r br y1 riaed heir a few lar ago, from M til t.y ,
nt led rwith t t lia t 'lbiott cl eidti il 'ifli.i arit lt- yila l -. _, e aire ri nrr ,r thr-eat a bglO lrn h wi

I lm p i ,t o r t inf in no I i rf Ilie ru riti, a nitf I a r ica. ll e to whlar', at me a rn r ri, Can, ovre ntirh e otn ty .e .
At well mitt Ngas in no i aolp i ni ililtr- h rnf at ilrrn dl ', pilot of l Irle JAId hei, i t r

la l'd --' is to m n' the laht might a. i alt i t ihn +onigla n, and at r1 e r aslefn rot t1lIre ai r n ia ryth e i i ed i i 15. .It ~
plain ber reland, who is Ig -rtiline law. 'fit in l(l tlt him M lth te fo'lin gt Andddcl f, u hre n tr'l" ed o sWnre I an r hh r!r~orleofti ir l
ti hi il i, I eCarmne t in il ar iiltl hI ; i, g w R "i d' o re d frm is X r.It'1g. i nr f t rnt fe the i rlct'C ite rt h h ~b tb l
iton p mlr N h eI rh i ll fIe i ai ith ran't fo l i l, itt, to l r r od itn of m t he r r v f thal no eit lnl a r
fri ( t.r)i t o' f i e Ic hi 1 t I I r n fwGt it, ric ino mac a r ta or i h at
-' r, m nuoa n o r r uc at fa lh,,rYi Ir(
ltran 's b a riift, ih c ry c flndaini th e IoEi f il ahli ana ifi u ti e A ii M i the is or inr ri ny (a r a, elftntK
a I-la ni.d .i hctcr efrc'l te l .igt lie anr i or on Iii idi lpr i4 toiln h, r l m..L, ar w nt' i 'rnr l ihe i ri'd Is a ra tolDi h
'it huti, Cfrt nn t h hmcl of o'r Iiifle Ire at, fil rrirt ofv gf 4in ni citirs ofn g it the crew e ann t pii on f iren a- e rtains s

a ri n ii t i ghe n r thate iCnr Iriri].er C ilh e l i lt tof ih i ar'ieor if w chr ,i, ,i Id y rnc prtilu gai, -il.n ra f rch ro t, ne t rr t a' qefl s. .t
walndhd ve be nt ke o .i t l t nb.: a I h' on r It a (w k r'h. p iar o it r ir. ijfrbtti at rfla t frf
,o'fimi i aal .Iili t i fni, ar eor fI.l ic rar aAnt ifn v Il a'th i lO. i t"r mit er riaThl Pine: jn o r e t ha e
Mwith all rnhe pr ernatity i] h i rnm, even s s' th _'i p'r' Itcie.d yniirflrn -rclgrsv cl c it :f omna r Prr)y fro Tlal rtIxn1'with pf nm

Pawthi fIndamental agid io itt crcd princ ipltacP or dsno- in t oI u rr e a r, Ii t 'ip to svtio r tr Ii lh Sre ;t one qlrtr t ai. d for th
tl Coniititi o n dthe are ialls. Vlrti n ni doc lnrs cthei i i, and, ll t huie I hl ie ir ri'r, and Ihe tto r three l nai: rrrs Ah l
are mi, r nr'.rlihe to 'hr hliMig, ufrhitr Con- firef. often r:l srt hof 'pri, afft ela .-I. err- ei oI h i 7J4ft +h ,

1trince i advance and meafikres a'idt. d, in my nirt clvon:: ijfl. We 1 ih r or hv r.-l: p' unrof e' y if the gcr al, tret u'ir to aonil for lth Il.
lincrtyu and alth thi so Ine fqi oft tIeo wrriurad Sign o r ,7,,e. of th ie q rtird e i. thanr C i rthr a mld ft Thetl .far
Gentleman (or o hih a alone I look i h rfr u lrci, Q .. : m v .n, *C: ... ,,,r -,,' of iren and an hg m i er c$#ntui 6 mfl .
Prpowht in ljufi had the i on h t et'o, tihh iat ark Nile canr o/. nl v i lrir d o' n al' ga on ~ wars f i and m it. tll, l
a nihih Lnt, near bra FL., Mah h t i :cmpling J i itdp a soir ml l r O d 'niulh e la f pinion, pr0ihi hitinY'he AetS 0l
tcmpdin n) to fipprtiei the r', foin rf riam nllr a ttlachm nt te inte-r, i ha f ht impolCd tin any Britifm nthi nit

Wrriland. Cbmtmodorf Sir Charis Iouglal, % addition to fhe impoit of twio td pn lker r
beUonre wit r throp enin roft i i r ig o n s a i rgill i f the proving c. t car e. fq u trhi t etri ofo there d to pa

iin erriilar, I repenail the rune arg r nte, and T, C bic Si r Cr l portd into e a i e Sat afo, aby tin t y C et
c tin aied tat I irand na r cald thi s ica tehm nunt iwhat OO 5 'e ryra thl t p* to" n 1 r t l lr' tha r rrhei eb h tl r
bnor bei thrug it aof i, ti wa it .eriorjl- occ-a tlh ,h rr an I r hn I aii m her t,, o tr bove w -rm the h 'i']
drld the whi ll, i an aL f a lur tpld ilrt ti. I rih To w te Woreirf lla r ii r iRth t, i lor, T And ith f urtm anher narted, Th at

ifrom con ith ti onal ont, by throwing the trhde of ShtJ"bor t l "' to hof to f. Sf pp . .ll
"t Enppg'-anr at t lrir lyc lit'; o l a I ih ancl m flal el arv hnrlt' t s urncit. f d in io' nher t, th ere hraIl ot bn'l o rorti ol r
to lthe t'oriattonl of l ith 1 r of th landt and of WANTl l re h I .lrer any grlnsl area or mrCilt*er h Ml
riot h o nw I' tu t eign. ecy ot the me :mnt. Lt L fe t i t te cor imercial imfed Iri l f wt d r one quatr e r re lh uc former, tl'l
et b colmm ter d tlA i h fetid ing r( by ith e l Mieys 'emnta i s n t lg rd ic, r" cn-" thre rited trato in any ip or wlfel afaa l

I, thir npnlpr, u difo rri,ae),,hafrd ma h rrydy tdrlar of th hir 'o Atocl fB trh Analbc itf hlrhr naleid, T t oatifs
it beill Al~cmlp ing to lrmri i wthI e l'Iwo
and thIre all r plir a't ei ,r ir r pr pror.rf of t el fouos iif f l nri jrl escrl; or ie g, er C i-oa mi -of rmp t, part t solp
li I drfre the rirne if a, hilh patiot aitl )I dier of tl r rechning ann t terpetltig i fhe Kin c t ra."ln ,
bethf I tihir In. bna m nli v, M iti tir dae tr, al F ell lafyoii Ca ler f I tle rl w1eae prC 'l le s e i t l ltentrr ande nL ehisirlf
think Snm, )rs of Pnl rri.m'el, r n I ci ,rh n tn r c t 'yotr I ari" j ate t eo, t hat vp ilt I:l he rfondifd avincpbic of ket't i
,rrefe ntoe cyritt~ of tire preCcntl da, arril he at rlliewer ce tta the ancient anl i .tii fnefen a ors'tn, wre or t irershtnt4 by fl4 3 l
fohe I had coh rd. that any w conrere ial t init) witl ot' ~oiil e tar, as eattl'i~ wh el 'A il h oric I falefr turp n thid iher o tate. n f p.
Ireland horth eer heen tkeo tof. ced I r nt, h k t o pe rthitfat:rd and he a is na tr
1l nelsortl ity ofthe mI cln e g of t lii l ,l l i I oI vi n r I" "' re'" if 'eol antd iii 0 211e tnt l ireh h the
pI lfi) nyc ccrationo tthle oenn u l.tho K.r ha;,- Il flich mtf nu on hl Ill' +) f ted f,,r and profeciuted in or hes1'shf a
.M ni~h p in heir proccdings i Ir atal shere I I te It)he A IMt'1 arr ate. WAe have ti, re ,n c Onil f (omnloh Pleal, orCoe -,f a -ddJlt h
trw the ftindamental a:d mvil flcred prinlcpsl o( leenct i InOir un.ore rertoit 0i prr1 ree to Inh State ; one quarter In and for the ul rk
thre Conflitution darllg h e lt f rntel, ati doc- eiUsi ir tis Yfeat and t 2 ee hlii'ml iiac i n, finro r, an Idthe liter three iirtnetlhloll
atrin sa ncll ~,n an(l m elafiret an' nute.6l, i. m y n',tlon ;l iije/." ni vi t r l:I, ,d e into e get craltreaft tof l
lldgmeot, ouethtfr eivf l Iver r c ,ra fe. y trece fcvil rity, anti lt iih nttiich rtia," eC e r this tate.
h riltrt and all this in the i ztl of tAe t rn i le ta l C t Sign'd) J'',, "fI t'/.So, Arid he it ll' nth cr Ceia'e1 That Sil rthsri
Oentleman (rtoe In hi alone I look a fs tlre, ja CRsls'n, h 'i/A Bp ,'.u of rleno astinl ant hllf I -r centume adlohin
orwhat is jinit as hart the p It(r.n of thole pri-" Co al rgx Aer ,,,/. .'-L. rvieri on nl' grlnit. wares and mrens .tIrd lo c
ceedinef ) to i nypprtfa the reo o m of Patliamciri n ln Nb-hala Ogdes,, 'aehri ,,ir r c, tn, ll Ic impotcdrin any hritilrt hi? assent
fr Iand. .Cbmmodore hia 'taharledditnygl c, r. ddion'to the Impol of two a.d an half aI l
Upen the orenin of the proposed arrangements I i tc. t.,e tum, heretofore ordrr d to he paIdon Oi t
in riIrtn flume, I rprpatcl tine funi argrl cnt.s d n o c. P/e''- in c issported into t is State ailfo, adt.dl Y '
t Ad hall ever been takr f .1 end-:0 d v t l ia tio n, a, raeur evcry Nbh fh I
Sneinser tiat Illtand never called firthi rylem, tillesims afnfth lingo ppr toon, on even) Inn thle fral tnr .m
nir ever uh,,uei t of it, him at a ergorri l occ-i- e I I. fhall mr frre over and V abon e ill frrrtsttl
pie, ,ith et'er ohi as,l dderd that I confi- 41m 'f'r/, sI t Anrd ixe pit ftrirr evae dr, That airylt
dered c mfundrlarmItal as's lure l ii rer tdle its To the 1'orlhipnb the 'nitlate W of the Town C lral appear to lave tw I fets of papm W a.s+
from crnnitutional nints, by throwing' thetrhdeie I of Shelburne. vision thereof before C oas
to 't;henloation of thie Ja s, of tre land, podo f WANTI No wre tlpseft uhat I feel r aforesaid, the vrelel anal cargo Ithallbe wmdfW
u ivi.h pnt'-'b i, tca n felted; one quarter to the infoert th
the on Litini y the e cih.. Pt Ih !r, Isrh le frnljwents volr are pleated to en- three parrters to andf r this State
th commrmrcbl a Cntclsnn'h ei iilr br y ait lgncrm. terrain of niy unvaili. but ardn zeal for the mAnebr, sfrither tenadef lf, Ttatifal
In thi'o~t~l ,.0'i I :, m ftren haedi tvry itay., + welfare of hir VaJfty,'s remaining co;onies In oftrad, or Coled-rot il, flablpnvns"'-
and the eager pati atehd by ,hat Gihut fgrt; r i general, ahdofgk l spn oe Sbelh-are in partien- trary ao the trite intent and meatinty oafl,,
tie bight iti fienuiverman Ch t Vlitdp 4 r as well-a fp alE of it' titilh eipni the y Pall e rned i o
jeiTnrloil ) wdsniAd cthnfirrg no t e that my fe'es foe I a.lare, Ieanuq jy~slltee yotr thai the unlnaken I r aitce rein. isS ate.
the Int ( ciorft tntivn were not i.ookA tlerlll, 7had 'tr wihoyAis Americ o c In fiure in thi s 1 ae. t rt
tSir, fourth prpol ton hieenct thil rourf wtlh- anlrere tohec r ar of theirp- cior 1 velCl built Iotn whas r S e, and oai l ld
htld frnm Ema,,arna it .had bn fh llnlumicl ,~bMou dh the molt trying fIees, has bIsre con- je ofoa the King of ireans tlin, ,
cpncca'd toIrnorclna Mtkit odduuqoofiitutcl t. jad raio That jdeto the lmnnof ortwo.arnan trtm
to'te ioatono fjo )wlofiieladl~d f Ge esea V~fi~'thref efreay out f 00I

ibis State, upon ftate terms la thoutipthe D NtuA I t.ta rl .
v(tl was owned a citizen or citizens of thi NSwPaoriaa "
ae jV Hit IIo ier ES EDWARl WELL,
In the Upper HLr,, voted and palred. JfvL; Liatnrs ennesar amd samirr in
SOrder, Chief in and S t foed Ijfand Ce lr,
OOODWIN, Secep t. p ier Admiral. Owrd irf i *,c.,. ,
I the Lo s ea, .gyl i, 153-. A PROCLAMATION.
Concurred. with.thi amendmcllt, T hat Ferte.
aid an half per cent d valoret I the time HERo AS W il Ia i Hearjeylgn
In d. v I am enm, eT -,t WHERFASI It sis Hs l jety's A
aid p:ce ipor in addition to the two Royal ill and Plture, flni
and an half per century ready Irapenfed, belevicd 5 j ted by his lCiftry shearingi
and olelfled tpan a'I ah shares and merchan- te a hi t' James's

owned itr whole or in part by any citizen or iti r Bhama Iandaliallbelurweycd
dint imported in this Plate from hre Britith pr h teonh d Septemer 1,

ensi th or arty orf the Unilted Stater, Inead ufr and granted the foil cg ondiltlont tha is
the hird nnaqilig lanuie, refpedling fven and .rs to fay,Tlat acres landbe granted toesey
half per i entriai, rpon loods imported in Britilh person, brin5 tlee miflrefa ofa faml!ly far
ehi ; ,anll that this al take pace in ten days himfelf or he fl ant twenty acres for every
etla toil that thin b white and black man, oman or child, of which
alter lhc rifilg of the Ambly. fitch family fhall conlit the afual lrme ofgrant-'
Voted, al;d palcd. y r Clerk ino fitch watrafll Tha I gsraies he fuhierd to k
,,,,h.IRNL; Clc~ Up., Ho., ^^ a ^ i
Ii the Upyper Ilonlr, the forregoing amrrdment ry r t trae strp:ra-
Wa rl, and neannnly non-concurthrewith lion of two years from the Ire of their refpedlive R
aml adhere it slh tr vote. grants, to be paid at the of every vyer there P
ly ,,i.. r, afler. in default of whiic Chr jant, to he void: B
II. OODW-IN, Sec. p t. But his Majeftv has been g tiouny p'racd, as an
In toe" I ee'r -fo.r A lgau/Il s7. 3. encouragement his I.oai Saure a llo have
his not.e u.imolj arlhere to their amend- teen relidint in a of iht olonies or Provinces
etit. By order, ninow the iUnited Stc of meriol., and whooft
hove and "mOURNir, Clerk. ticouine oV their Ita't ty hi Isitlaefly. (hall nr T
T he :bhne and forerol.r is a true crpy ut i may ing or. cit>mp ion, remove into his
ortic ii in the Secreary .n e faid llandl, to c th he quit rent ton be re-
'tnes, .lI vu n, Secretary. fcrvcd inthe few Iran, to be thereafter made
N':t HerIn'iy fefIr-er te. On Fnila the to fIi a id Suijel,0eI hal not commence and be S
16lh, Hloly lrde' were nldfthnifcred, in Triity payab'e onti afterth( eiration of ten yearlfrnm 1
Chtlih,in thief city, by the Rtht Reverend Pilhop: the date of their rtefp'live grantt which fail
SlabhIy, when Ihreer entllien were adlmittedl ,grn it is his M.irlet'c Roya Will and PleaCfve
Braron,. and thtre ordaline Prienfs : Anmi fm 1iall bie deliverdto rt e ferral ltantees free of all
Oni;y lhe s mh, fonr 'h npromotcd to the famni excnre whatever : I DO THI. REFORIE. by and
Hole Onirtt tn an thd' CInlrch. The o'rmnily ,wit he advice annd client of his MNje(ly'a Ho.
afthe fcerrs, and the devout hhaviorof lhe Ca- ,nourable Council, ]iirle tl:is my Proclamation,
didaIes, impreffed the minds of thole who wern hclehy making known to all perfons concerned.,
prrernt, with fenfalion nfr reveence andl drlightr that upe app,,icaioto me in Council, they will e
mone eaily to be ima:inrd than defrihcd. receive 'WaTrannlt ofurve for running out their
CIar! Y ORne r I T, lnef Iay lft the Ir' anda, alr'eth!e .o' Majrly's faid Initruidions,
,.- ii r ndiii.h ty rrn,, i-c, ,.. til te s ,cth cif lanti- atid tle; fanriy rifl as
a-veter'-I)nrin thc littl rgrirlft bills anil andior- l IYN t rr y II/r nial tr Grt, S-a.'t r,
dini. wre rn..fel., among' which (e-i A n affor e, fa i I .land. at I.iiu, t ,is fl tia icf
ru *It *'Ilr l:-'r* ci Ir pr'lv taken r led r sr. n, i te r ri rf/'ur n loru l On,' Ihu-
catn n, an .r a, r .,,,.,rf thrlh ft mt nionedn fa,;J.-.,:IrTv e nlrnnrI~alri-b , nldinlthe
it n" f r ellabl n'ine a mrdirrd of ircl'zit;on f"ili'-n arenot ei'h ;flcri. '
tyortj-ffilf rr of ;i, M,,,;nI,' Xi,,.g.
hv > .' i :,..r anrltr f, Lii il.crredit 4l tiliy A AM.. lnWARD POWELL.
IIn ;i'. (r ; i m ; l" i :. Wr I iii the following Bj Hll Honour's CQ nrdm 1
furin.: a~o i 1;:, o, ro,.o jl. dit. to,oCo al. r:t. STRI 'a IlIuvl., pro fl ir. "
.4-s rl.,qt r-cra.,lit. oos6f., ir.To''he G OD A V P. TH Ii 1 N c.
,i. 1 i ".. 't. artl tirlr otl,'r Ix cte r 'r"ft retiaryai ffn, N'.ce rsle 17ta3(. l
it ,', r'- L. Nnt tio te loond -fore lthe firfle i-n prtfe e Pl l prfrdr' Ilpa 'di nce of
of t'. 0f in fIrn ii,.t txceeilnig lsnl. norn nler thel iirl.hirll the Si Ielo
.. '' ti,, for. 'clt., lmitoties, n taxcrt due bhv t.taiing SpiriS I iquori without Licence
hifi, nhi fn of M.!y rt 6 --nr ordtinanre for pro- lir ', dt', andc tlling them hI Slaves not
.i rpti-rc. nrfilifl lthe coin palrientw;th.- halii ticktcl. the llowingEirraftof anAt of
in f' A(t lv.,nhe. ty .he GeeralAlfenhly. Alkn;bly, now in forre, is nnbliflty.,
F __ ..-.. ..._ pro Secrtrlry.
c A Txtra of an A to present D!/ordetr being cor'.
NA SSA U, NOVEMBER 26. ,,itteda P/ lic ors,, and or/, plans. clrer,
7r-'0 firnilh out a toleralile weekly etertalin. Sira'c Lilran ao ref nd. pafeda aof april, 1761
I mrnt of news. cirremnflancrd as we now are, I I'' is hereby Etalcd that no Pcr)as hall
withllut an arrival from FIngland for more than retail any Punch or firo Liquors, as aforefaid,
two m,ontll palt, will not hed, nieil bcin a t.ilk iof but fuch as have olaf'nea I.icencee for that pur-
finme dlifficlt;. If our fire thcrcf,,re Iholrl not I polte from the Onvrno or Commandrr in Chief
be thirtcht ufficiinllv pi'etillln, or highly enough uf thl feaforred, we trnlt the kindilrf tof inir c;fl meert c"nfomary fees, I all nter into aReR:og;ii-
will fClyft ai apology limimae to what m;ihl dance e i" the .Pertary Ofree, according to l'v an hofl for giving his p:rrflt a fcanly the ciilom hrreto hr pra ifcd. iider the ;'enal-
or iadflcrent dinner. when there is little or no. tv of forreiting ientJ m current mon'y of
thinrto be hadl al mlatec. And we afuare them, there Ilanndi; and that a crfon, fo licensed as hern we re better fnpo-lied, their entertain, aforefaid, (hall vend or felony Ruim, Punch, or a
mnt l Ihll h proptrtionably nmore abundant, a"y 'thcr irong I iquors tIny Nerro or Slave,
arintid Irh vif'nie. without p ticket, from his her Manter or 'if f-I
ISverrl ve'[rel are it ill rrxpetted here from Eng- Iref', certifying that the famlI for the ufe i his
hnd, Amcrica and the WVeft-lndice. nor her Family, under 4he pen lty of forfeit;' or I
Ann mvp Hte.n F P er veCry filch olffence Sioi;/IIina^. 4
N'v. s. Sulop Brown. f Fial florida All penatticn and fofeitiure incurred y this '
S Ihoo. Fricndnlip, Allen, Nova Scolta Ar, not exceeding Sir Shill/iy, Ihall be to his
S;[nitn, 7,,r Mairftiy, his lheirs, and frucceelffor, for the ufe of
A'N:. ai. Sloopr Paliy, T.e Croix, Jamaica the Poor of the Parilh.
In.MArI wtsNnnonM. Apcnalti ennli an orifture that exceedPFo;r
Ship Wial:am & Mary, Swinburne, London Pounds, hall be on nmotlte to hit Maielty, hil
Ship t,,"'t King, ditto heirs and fucceffor toward the support of this
.Gorernment, and c other moiety to fuch per-
SO,., ei of the aa Rooms in 'r foes an (hall in n, profCeotet, ot rue for the
L iiii's Cofle'l-iiiu, alt twelve days ago,
'*'t in PARIS, with a Silk tring fi ed with fmall On MO AY the of Decembler,
ftt .nk r.. a ..ilt Snuf DlI, whole ani one half At TIFEL o'Clock,
Pince Ir ncc .inern. the prope of a flfrrion tie-t l. WIi. BE SO L Without cfe-ve, R
mmn Whr.evcr will delicvre the on to the Sihfriher f T fHOOHE e"
olive ilf.rmation where they a) be fun I, hall S W
"erv, l hierry Piecs of Eighn ltarnt, and in pro- ppofed the tel failing venel '
pranfo r any aut ,.nd no quci. salk' d.R fc th il l
SJHN MORRIS. aong thele Ill d' burthen ahbut I
N. Defecripion of the above Ar-icle are for- barrels, ia the molt c onrpleat
wardd to many pl.res, both in the Wcf-ldies and order, and tcc tingly well ftinod.
Amneric. Inventory with JOHN MORRIS, & Co.
'svrnmber a4, i;85. AMumkr ab t I?,S.

At his SHOP on the BAY,
r IT of the A.-ny, e. Pige and Tabore
_, rreed to Mrtch %l, A collea.n or Mue,,
t17i inple Sons. B&e.
etins ar Flfphant Draw- .Pafte Sho and Knee Boat
iny Piper kiss
"'eriAl, .Surer PotsT, .Plated, sad mourning
P v.'. Metrl im. R hoc and Knt But-
Rev lr. rick and thin k ic
Vli^ PiI, Gilt, plait Breeft Pine
' hIlrk cAlrd ato r'_ Silver Warchen
FomlreKp. Port W lJ Silver and Steel Penal
IT Paper CIoe.I
'arT.f, BottlnM, ibd Plated Slmur
Weupnn. isostl G ilt ard hrfar Watch Keys
Ullinier' Palehaa Gilt Watch Chain'
'iladlp;alnMerflgeand Silk and Hair vatch
Name Curds Strings
n"ul, IITrre VIII. and Fstfr Lockets
Merry Andrew Playing ronnd Watch Chryflald
Card. Realsbtarrelled Pinfols
led & black Ink Powder Fencinog Poils
tent Ink Cakes Iadeir Steel Collars
sal Dutch Q.ills & Office 'ypher and Fancy Setalt
Pens Book Backgammon Tables
evr 'y'q Peuknives and Billiard Balls, Maces, and
.rrarsr Olies
Iahnrv ortabl rit. Ciibhrge Boards
iop rt prI It Spo1rt firiens Prcker Knife
I''; li re gr T ling r ehof MaLing TypeI
C:ifr's Wan Tihpcre and erash
n'rown. Fl fn and Stnm!s
remmn fired '.afcra Somnaking Pane
Irl & I clrr Sealinr Waxn Hair Powder
Critin.g Vellum &l Parch- H"rd and rnfl Plrntum
sent Effencr of e-gfameo. La
i'-e. and Slare Pencils noen and Lavenlar
Ar Sklin Memorandum Mahtiany and Jpa.i.ned
Books IDrf ing Calieof variaou
Eiwmes and Pocket Bnoks frtI
pewter anld Japanned Ia Irvor an 1 I orn Combs
Stanl. Shnvirg Boesl.
pare Glaffct for ditto Powder NMalt
Rl Tapre Sci,"ry' bcll Calt Steel
Ba.t'!e.rn'a Black ld R-' en
Pe-r', ,s lIlrect's Den'.rice and
'li itil lirto To~oth Powder
Irerl IT .ir Ponril Pille "
nr., ef Water Colocas Wa(h Ialli
hrll 'Pine Clith Powder
('hint Ink Stmelling Bottles
C',oy 1,nikr Teoth Inflruments
vory 'arperKnicet Toupee Irnnt
R'leer. Powder Machines& PlT
Qi;re Boksa, ruled and Bor*. of Madiiass F..
tlain Plartnrions
rriedeo Fplorn Salt*
Fill of Iading Boaks Andcrfon's Pills
Receipr Books Godfrey's Cnrdial 4
Packet lI.e.ger Tames's Powder
Blank Beoks of variot ltaffy's Elirir
fir-, ruled and plain K-yrer's Pills
oEnghli, Prencli and .Latin Tagrncfia
Schotl oonks Tartar Emetie a
Rlr.Aa FRMs, vTt. Hannay's Spr-iel
Roi.s, Bill of Sale. Bills rvor Syringes
of. Ladig, Bills of Gentlemen's fathionabla
F(niange, Seemen's cnkedHata
Articles, Pawers of Ditta brown faflhinahlI
Attorney. Indentures,. pruning beavers
.'rlts, Policies. &c. DilM brown broad Riding
'Ircat variety of Charts ditto
iCafnf MathematiaMl In- Ditto black ditto, with
. Irument banda and bckles
P.ckft Compan Ditto brown and reen do.
hip ditto .adies Drees and Riding
C:rciimferentors H.: iof the newell faRh-
& 4 pole Chains ion, with elegant trim-
lMainets minag
Dividers Whire and black Chip
feet Gauging Rods I Hats
'unate'c Scslsa Paper and Pound Pins
'cket and Long Tlaf-, Sewing Thread
con* frilh Linens
Hilley's Q drants Cambricks
rTmple Speddclcs Ornaburis
rhermometers in fih in I-adiea M rocc SlippM
and niahonny caf"- Ladies Ilk and atlth
lua Dials r.o ti latitude DrefaShnol
nort Polio's Gentlemen's Drerl Sbls
views, SSe Pib,, &c. Cordovan Boos
painted on glaf framed Gentleme'a China Bilk
Iiumoroun PrinA Thread Gloves
long. flop P o FoUt Saddles -with furniture
uitarei conmpleat
-gitar tr in l fe's Bridles
tiolisir o dif ent prices Silsvee yr Twi;gf
inlin Bow., I Hair for Green Silk Umbrella't
ilitto Red Le.aher Trsilo
iol;n Cafer, Bridges ald Hyfon Tia
Pers Loft uprg
aIt Roman Violin Strings Ox Tongues
l.nn Pickled Walnuts, Onlotl;
;errnan common Flutes Gerkinsand India MaU
and C Fifes g I'.
tram Heads andlar Ornok & Rosers'i blh'
n tr aion for Violin, frnoking Tobuaes
HarpfIhnrd Gisa, Pigtail Tobacco
intc and Fio Sntao Sauff As. A&. A

yoL. 1




XE #1 r

TH N.o. 69,

j ., ) .


From SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, to SATURDAY. NovzMBIa 26, 178;.

NAssAU: Printed by JoHN Wa LLS, at the Printing Office qn the BAr.

a- m


llstSII of COM'MONs, Mal 30o, 17l.
(f. Foi' SpitE.-, tU.L.unnDE ron eOiU LAST.]
rIIE lion. Gentleman hat Ilruggltd much to fix
SIctargeofi.ronfillcncy upon my noble fi end,
lad upon imy hoaourabcl friend near me (Mr.
pIeidaoll and ftuc is the fatality of an inmrdi-
atl appetite for accusation, that the only point
by which he has chlfeI to illunfrate th'i illcolf-
tney, is a point that proves, as clear as the fun at
onn.Jay, that both the one and the other is per-
1yand tllhrouhly conflilent. The noble Lord
m;,r the foutil Propoltiion, because he thinks
t sukti laws no more for Ireland than is in thia
itlbce juRt. The lion. Gentleman reprobates
it, bcauic he thinks it an inridrolu, a ldceLifnil,
t hiea:herous matiiedVre to cheat the Ilifll out
dlkir iidepndlenice, and gu.lthem into Icrvilily,
bTprUf;r.i of advantages oul alutiatr kind. The
nobc Lord ald the Ilinuirable Getllcman have
lbtne thh flne fidc, argued! upon the lirp ptin-
ciple, ail.l sled under the fane IOprr!iioln, upou
Ithe e Lans fiyert, ftnu the fitR snorlent tile Right
lCr.Glentionan introduceilled thioalt:lr ; i litir
ansi;le his been yrvaIlinti, and their coindiil
a It ul liiifon sitht (heir rclpedive declaretions.
Tte nAbr Lord hre tlien the dangerJo the trade
ofEsr'andl, r,iOn the adoption of thlc proporlit-
. :n'l I has, in my judigmecnt, kinanf.vcr.tbly.
tsn:irmej that the Ipipifr d compeniatioun is alclii
It.: ad fall ci )I in the extTranuin s botlh t'lrl
plilion, my llaii. lFicn d icuil.u --nay, he" goe
itb, ar., demonnrat. .ialiogb .b jtuulit
url'w .a .1. .- .sj.-' .. Witl A -'tiffi"-
hi to ,ec ts r iad f lIn, ad in thc;r utaiinal l.ilte,
: i lu.r nllic'p altcratiui Abve .
tnu,!i .l, ng-d their nature, that Ireland wi;l
htsle isi.ive lifer in tlict, thr.yc trat branc.ius,
ii.the Anmtric.n. the Wtc-IlndlAp, an I th Fafil-
lulian tlade-ro rthtI tle onlly c~l c icthe has ol
k.rit, or of iildeinm'fyiln I f-lt rfur the injury
it r tctiie by the hc itnl o li -, pri Utit lyP~cIn
tflrde inI tbf grrat I.cs of nilt ce, couifills
hldT:n the iopes of unr' lc.lig I irg'aldnt in the
iillh market; he tl;.rcfoic cou ft.tir tl.c Ar-
rqfr ent, ias, upaa the whlt;le, plcjudicial to
htli., (indetpnotnit of lic atternmt t rcfi,..'iig
epwcer of lreillltion under the f,(rt pih'populi-
1lb),cha"ifc it is not by lit downiral of EnSla.tu!,
It h wiflies Ircltnd to .pul'pct. Ti.u, all my
loble fri.sml'a .tig;uanitt tndled to flitw the daiu-
ptrto the niaiif.aur..s anid trade of Ea;glid froin
thepropofcd I)Reni. My IHonoulanblc Friclli .d-
tili, that Ireiand's only force of betnfit i con-
nlod to England, bhcaife in the arrange(meCt of
tk fortein tiadle every tiing is againl helr ; and
lthis pOllit Iriuirphast dwelt cliIun by the iLig ht
Honourablc O(i n'cmai (Mlr. 1ilt) as lte crit.iron
of the contradlhl n of illy. loul. .r.rsd honlur.hable
hdiId noill'ig appill n, built tile lilof prccife
tilliftentry, on the .iitt of each of them. 'Thiu
ktl dion ol Lia iroy p:oiapn (ibut I believe
pOthing can) rc:ch the Hon. Gentlciiin pr;ei:iTly
to confider a charge b, io he ahe ll s Iit, and not
In waPte fo mIlh phlegrn, ior excpe d fo imaiy
Its periods ip n li.bjcdi, which will only IrCvv
U own rallinei,s wea.kiinfI, and I had almost lAid,
Atuirdity !
Bit the Iln. Gentlema. ferms dettrm ncil, at
i1 lilfs, to fill up the catloiguec of .ucuations ;
Iad in tle he) day of his ftplen, in the plenitude
hills ndignatlon, nI the madnel ofl is anger, to
estonrm every coilCrquenct to himnlcll, p ovided
he fhcceedi in giving us a lidcbliOw. wkhaLi the
huld to think of the iipht lion. Centinlman'i
fretion andt jildgernent, from thlii night forward
*t,a upon the fihbjedt of the Irilh Propflitintlo,
ilcatures neither nmore nor lIfI than tochai ge tie
tlt fr, o gRiusiv and with playing

I tihert Gentleman here, who, out of thi.
i.'ale .1 tihr moment, would have believed that
lt (oll. Gcn'ltman could have been to qngsar.
Slv fcltufelcir fo road, acto Rumble upot ([uch

a charge., to'ttlk af our hifting our
ground I! li-, who his flithed his ground, n-
til, il truth, he haa no rnouvn to land up:,n l-
lHe, who hIs alliumed fq Wly Ihapes, colors,
and characrc,, in the proislri of this etrajordi-
nary unlertaking! He, whotih+ proclaimed deter-
minatlian, only to recede frnm them--wjo ltas
af.'rted principles, only, to' ctounce.them i lie,
whole whole condiuct, from Ihe 6fir moment the
fyftcm has been ptopofed, has bhen onei contiliied
chain oftricks, quibbles' fubterfures, nd trecl-
vecrationns unlfoim r 0ick T"htnl (tha!T" ann?
incontfifncices. Con)pari tht twenty propofitions
now upon your table, with the eleven otigilal
ones, s ihe introduced them to tlite Houre. Com
pal the te language of thit day will .t'Slangluaie f
tv'rnight. Compare the haihrt ol'the two ftrineg
of propoliions, ubRitntlally tld funlviiteintly
fubverted in many parts in alf.ttcrtiilly allerid,
with thofe reiterated d(tTraitrror tihat n i onr
principle col;;d on any tcrm L nrcddle'l wit0.1
Let the Houife reflie't upOn there circiumnaucesi
aId thoi let thetnjiudge whether ajjoltir piece of
infauity was eer heard of, than tblt the auti'or
of all tlis miserable foorletry fiouli charg; others
it.,p .'in, -eir gr:md.
And then she Hon. Oentimith is pr'-iel lofry.
that we are plajis a Tdblq e a.... Thie p went of
double games, anol the vcr tlf-nc: ol do ,'ice r.a-
lilg Ihrnough every part of thil hIuit ef', i. lc very
man who Hts the front to raker l~t char, e. But
does Ihe think this oati"n is asr blid and f'-rfclif
as thofe who ti ripporti.- thil fh int within t;ieft
still,. Arow their utter ignora-;e ,c it, as the
.*OlieAl n i'*p- lli th, n;lc.!. men,
thrt he flniuld il f the L.uldirt l to tk of other
People's ptayihg'a double it;e i? h ih lla play-
et! a double game with Englandl, a dqublg pame
,vth Ireland, anul jilglid both nations by a train
ofui-eara'leled rf.i'.' f; r.
Who prupo L:h.h frchemei to Irelind a as dllget-
ed fylnr, final and compnle ; p'cdglnr the ;,ith
of GoCvenmer.t that the El(san Pi'-pofltionrl con-
ta ned t'e whole, ant t 'ao t one of them f'oltill
lie altered ? The IIilman.l an, Who fwlle.!
thife eleven, to ght:l palition in a variety
of fundamental points rMIalIly altered a:ll omr
tlrnedi The. Hod. od. ntlcnelt. I ho afiured
the bado f Bllritill tralidts anSi anuf.uda r-rs,
that their reftc;nirt btan'ch-l Ith sld b)e faithfully
Iecnured from (v,-ry evil'? .ho denied this al'it.
rance afterward.-' Wh ifo'em t declareil in thc
face of the Iluouf of Commoni, hat all the o tin-
ciplle of the origiidal eleven Il ikld be vil:iol ae ?
WVho was it afteirwards tiat opuly vio'alrd this
Ifolemn declaration ? Le the IlOlt c l rientlean ann-
Iver thelirfit qieni'on to hit own f4sifadian if he
can, anl let the world"dccid e which lide of tec
[II.nfe h.a been plqyin a'dmable gamei !
l).ce the imir.fiion whie:' alrnrofl every mann-
f.icrrrer, who ia s fren tlhe Hon, Gentlcmit. ii"in
this IhlinefC, coi.inr!in f; arire only from ;
mi/lnAder fanJig ? That rerfonls landing in thll
Iloufe in the light bf rivalhipp, and political emu-
lation, prone to mirconeeive and to mifinterpret,
(foull ofien mirlinderfland each other, is no great
cafe of wonder. lBut what InleRiet mllid tl
imnufalturers -F England have to niirfnilerfand
the Right Hlon. Gentleman ? 'id it arife from his
want of powers to eAprcfa himfelfo Was it owing
to his habitual brevity; 'to hil; known dillike td
circumlocution, and l tLt eircbmit nce of nerer
tifing more wolis thao barely fuifciclnt t'oive
I.ia meanont ? The wrd *ill jtddge whit kr t9
impute it mol to thefrec'lut(l, Of indeed (6 tWI
playing a Jdlikfrare double Ias ,
But, Sir, it is not in retortfng fce fl?)- cha 'fi
that we rert ourtsefnwe ipoBl lI phtlnh. lrrrn-
the beginning we hive ber nttt nfotAlhahriti0ff(cnt,
and if an y new obijcdioaa hiaft n'lr'ttkdb i n,
they are attributable to theI(nlelty ofhe Pro o B'
tinns, which the HolW. Gel:e1in hks ptrod c d,
without ay prmvldes notice te this Houir, (
third counter, anoitelrnld. Itc wte Indcted
hardfliip ard injuftice, that bccaufe we combated

the dlcflir of a new fcheme, we Ihould be liable
to the charge of shifting our around against an
old f.hime, no longer the objetA of dtfcullion ;
and here I cannot help obferving, tha if it be
i ie. thnt ingratitude is the worft offins, I can
fee no light in which the Right Hon. Gentleman
appears, but that of the wort of inner. What
a pernicious (licnme would this have been. nn-
lurged by our amendments; and now what d
rrturia does he make us? But there are proud
and fallen fatisl; in h:s world, enveloped in a fafi-
dious admiration of hemffelves, lind an auftere
vndl hanghty contempt of the reft of mankind,
up')n whom obligation bar only t tec effect of n-
mity, andia bhfelhtred is belt fecur ed by redeem*
ing them from diangr and dilionou r.
There lrmlfrl ore mprw change to be noticed.
which !j motre figrun'ar, if poflrbte,. than the for-
mer, b:cauni it is inmre grounileftl and palpable.
~lHut. O .*itleman fayr, that now, far lthelr
f it ofiidtli in is made to the fourth Propoe-
t'ln; asi;l i.e iafers from my filence this niht,
'ha( I hadl no aryirments Io oppole to it. How
r.y m'an willi tle G allcll facuity of recolledion.
,iH!l tl, ilithtt filing of flame, can hazard
1'ich tI;ir,-..ihe:, ii I confefa to ne perfelfy unac-
'n-int.a'.c !I ., not believe there is one man, not
inmrely in |ii-. !oncf, but in this nation, who
irids a nLwryp.ipei, who can be ignorant, that I
have uniformly i ecpiohatcd this fourth Propofition,
frpm the moment of its introdluip1l ; that we
titiled the. CrsmnWlttec upon this vrry claufe of
the'ffteri, alndi thit our minority war a very fmall
nne. Th'e yt: i ;arignn I ll:al now urge .ainlt
tor eicy will"noly .be I petlloft dr wnar di'a r;t
faid before, and when the IIoufc fer that I arn
ha;tlue wiit never before having oyjetcd to this
Propoition. they will, I truft, excufe me for
lhut,'lo}y and repetition. .
Iere Mr. I'o went over the ground of his
knh on, olij. aieor to this part of the fyltem. le
frid l he hi, no donbt the fair coathrntion of the 0
fouith, rtf ,)ition would appear to any man living
of conminon fenfr. to be virtually to make laws for
Ireland, and would bh to renovalr really and wan-
tonly the irtl'ra lies of the whole Ihilh nation upon
a point of the molt peculiar tenderngfs and delica-
cy. In vain were attempts made to affinilte this
firret-ter lf ItchfI egilalive independence of Ireland
with the cafes of treaties between two Sovereign
States. In thI.tlaltercafe, one State bound itself
t o do fonieTrig" defltnd and fpecilice when the
other adopt ted fome defined and pacific meafures.
liete vwas no condition of fervitude or obedience.
itit' amnutual agreement to accomplish something
nderrrrood and particularifed by common content5
for their common advantage, upon a certain con-
tincency. To make the cafes similar, an inflance
flhould be prqmncd (which ininanc., Mr. Fox
'firmed, could not he found in the history of
nsntild)j there one independent State bounditfelf
olcemnly" tO do any thing und.fsed, unffeifnr, and
iunrtertn, at the arbitrary demand of another
*rite.. Preeifely fuch a demand would be made
upon Ireland, and If this propoltios were adopted
no r0an would be simple enough to. deny that
Enrgland would make law, for Irland ; for what
would be \he paling of a Bill under the operation
of this member of the prpofed fyftem, through
th1 Parlrimest of Irelan but a legiative mocke-
ry ? fo- not a change could be made in it after.
warden, and fair difuefon and free agency would,
forth 4'oM that moment, be utterly eatinglflhed.
Thus .ine. teftlIbly Iftod the matter, in point of
refoninigad o point of fa&. He couldconceise
many i0ob e caeIs where the concurrqtce of the
Iritf Parliameint Might be required to arrange-
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of (hipe alone, Ireland now carries on he trade.



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