Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 29, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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No. 6.




NASSAU: Printed by Jotu WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.

American Intelligence.

BOSTON, OCTrosa j.
1llHR following extra& of a letter from Capt.
Taylor, who failed from Portfmouth fome
time in IJrIe laft, to his correspondent here, dated
at S'. Thomas'n the 19th ofAuguft, will give our
realers fome idea of the hurricane experienced
thtre: Wednefday night the s4th of Auguit,
ah. nt twelve o'clock, a hurricane came on, and
a'olnt owe o'clock in abc morning I parted with my
frimll anchor i the wind was then about N. E.
an.I at three, began to drift away with my belt
lover; the gale Increaflng. at nine was obliged
t,, cut away my belt bower cable, the wind Ihif-
tin; roinid to E. S. E. and S. E. and at half parf
rnie cut away my mainmaft, and at the fame time
.my fore-mat blew aw;y by the main force of the
wind about four feet below the hounds, and then
there was faven feet water in the hold; the gale
fill i'creafing, I fiaed nothing but the wreck, as
the feia u1: fo high. I am not alone, as there are
tre hbig- and one flip in this harhour in diflrres,
fome without marns, and others without anchor"
or ca.h;a, and three drove alliore. Yeferday I
haid accounts from St. Croix, that there was not
a t icl left there, but what went ashore or drove
to lea-1 here in not a day but wee e wrecks going
to leeward. The generility of people here think
it the revereft hurricane thev can remember."
Hurford, O,7l4r 3. Arrived the Sloop Nabby,
l.nri :, from St. Martin's, in a days. On the
ftl oif inguoft Captain Loring failed from St.
.-4- r.lipv;n- ipn cnmoany with the Sloop
I rcnt, Will im ,Ca Awellmanrt i *,.I ...1 O-1 r
; iz Stephen Trowbridge, belonging to New.
l:.vtLn, iil hound to St. Martin's :-The 14th at
A r I. wind from S S. S. W. blowed a
lI!. at-, which continued until 4 o'clock F. M.
the 'aia fr I!1l in: the ajSh arrived at St. Martin'*s.
T fCo i -w fn, elils were drove on fhore there Ih
the ,: lc ,i thile th.--STlop Lydia, Zach, Bill.
nm;er vcelr' and cargo nciiiely loft, and one man
d i-nMd. Brig -, White, matter, be.
I'i;ng to Poitfmonth, IIfw-llapplhire ; and a
Sh i.; 'iloanging tn Cafcu-.Bly, cargoes flved.
A rlumhber of veficll drove to hca in the gale
anl,. git which were. Sloop St. Mark, Roffltrr :
a .t Si"p -- John White, both Ielonging
to Noruich. The rIt of September, returned a
S, hioner to St. Martin'., which was drove mit
fi ( I thence the asth. having received much da-
na111 ; the Captain faid he law one ellel bottom
up, .irls, sati two difmiafed d.
.~1 u: 41 fail of veclRdi were drove out of St.
1l .-'ia two only remained, both of which werr
d.c ,- nn thcre.
t I I r s4th ult alight hurricanedfore 3 tvfflls
aillh .t lialhadio' a.
\'.- YTrr, ORober 7- By the laft letter from
Nl. h;I In..kiil.ic w learn that the part of Illinois
ni to', antin nt r.oAmerica, has fuffered confi
'rmai). by as in n, nation. The village of Caho.
SI.. r rectivedthe grrateftdamage, ftveral hourfce
. v 'g be'r carried away ; and had it not been
forethl perc, oon aftrance of the inhabitants of
the ,oft at St. Louis, oil the Spaniffl ide, the
co.iltqiencec would hrve been of mhch more fcri-
omr natuir. There is no m, nation made of the
number of lives loR; but all the gain' was de-
Il ioye,1. and tie greater part of their cattle drown-
rl1 Thi. event ha. occafioned of great a terror
ii tile iihahiiant., that many of them are deter-
i-ii-d to abandon that place, and cfab!ih them-
f C' t ri e leagues helow.
,t,8 ef lf Letter fronp St. Croix, Auguf 3j1,
A yB. .
On lArr'tay lait we Ihad a mot Ihocking
I.i-r'ica,,c. It tegan at nine o'clock, and continued
tll '.l.t in th- evening That of r77s did not
*et al thi ; the difference wa. that we had day-
1 'lit. By two o'clock the scfTiflat Raifend were
i, it hore, except two mall craft which funk in the
lth rbeuir.
*" Such deftrudion of the country was never

known, Scarce a building landing from Eaf to
Weft End. Baffendtown did not faler to much
in the baildiags as the country and Weft End of
the town.-We had only two thips at the Weft-
End; they pitt out. I am greatly afraid both are
loft, one belonging to Philadelphia. Capt. Nuttle,
the other a uanilh lalip, Wl are all in the utmoft
liftrefs. Our government have ilaed a procla-
mation, giving liberty for all vtelTcls to bring in
lumber and bhulding materials, with flour, bread,
pefre, beans, corn meil, &c. at 3 per cent. duty.
until the Ijth of November next, and to take off
country produce in paymnt.-This will be a good
market fur all thofe articles far fome time to
My dwell-g hocfe is entirely destroyed, and
all my works in a wretlced counlition."
Extra/I of a Letter jroe Vir f'ia, dated W'at/ng.
ten, t a 7r r, ry78.
The new fctiety ou fate called Franklin, has
already put off It infant habit, and recms to Itep
forward with a flnrid, healthy cnnltitution ; it
wants only the paternal puardiarfhip of Congrg~
for a Ihort period, to entitle it to be admitted with
eclat, as a member of the fderral government.
Here the genuine republican, here the real
whig will fnd a fafe afylum, a comfprtabhe re-
treat amnnothofe modern Frank, the hardy moun-
tain men 1-One late inlance of national spirit, of
whiraibh principles, deerrres to be recorded r:-
Laft winter a French gentleman of th; name of Le
Brun, on his way from Kentuckey, unfortunately
met with two tories, of the names of Baker and
Talfe, travellers, from the head of Pntowmack,
who Inhumanly murdered him, and caft him into
.... ..- P h. nd immediately Red out of the
par's, giving out he was dtro;vnTu. e-. ,;rpm.
farces attending the deed, gave strong fufplicions
of Baker and Tane's guilt. Several oflicrs, with
many private perlann. et on foot an enquiry and
fcarch, and recmed eager to outvie one another in
fetking to bring to lunice the mrdlerers of an
amiable man, and a fibje& of that illuttrious he-
ietaIAorniat we love-their efforts were not in
-ain. The culprit Tare was fumctlme ago farely
lodged ib the public goal in Richmond, and a few
days ago the other villain, Baker. was fecured in
the jaifof this cointyT, from whence, no dooht,
he will fion follow his accomplice, and receive the
punishment duc to fo back a crime.
The money helonnlng to the Phi'adelphia
merchants, loR with Manr I.e Brun, is not yet
discovered. Every enquiry will he continued to
endeavour to repair the loFt of the gentlemen in
that refpet: but perhaps yv may not hear the
truth until the unhappy wretches are going to
make their eait, and thereby make atonement for
the nnprivoked injuries they have done to fociety
and indlvidials.".- ,
ReLuf/tions upon the United States fore he year 7rlj,
ebing a rrtrq,7 from a report ef the Gr nd Com-
mitten of Congrrfre fpplies, a
*' THE Committee have not been a to obtain
information how many states have cj plied with
the refolutlon ofFebruary iyth, or irat of April
i8th, 1yg.t, relative to a rnle, for qnotating fcde-
ral requiiiionsThey are therefore of opinion,
that the federal states which have not decided on
that fubjevt be pgain folicited to come to a deci-
ion thereon, and to fend forward the fame, .a a
mea.are neceffary to enable Coperfs to effret a
settlement of acconnts with the feverali ates, and
to apportion to each a jult quota of the public
expenses; but In the mean time, as the public
faith rendeis it the duty of Congrefa to continue
their annual demand for money, the Coanittee
are of opinion, that in the apportionment thereof,
the tr"e'i Inaes mould be quoted agreeably to
jiutlee, on the heft Infortion Congret may from
time to time have .upo the fuhjeft. And npor.
this principle recommend to CongrFes, that the
faid Am of three millions of dollars, be quoted
upon the federal states, as follows, r's.
S. Dollars.
Sew.Hampflire, 1o,4t6.
MaOaschufetts, A48,354

Rhode-Ilfad and Provi-
Sdence Plantations, 1 446.j
Connetticut, s64. it
New-York, sj6 416
Wew. Jerfey,. 66 7s6
P nnfylvania, 41.1,1
Delaware. 44 186
Maryland, 83.34
Virgmni., s ,p974
North Carolia., nal,ols
osith-Carolina, 19sg.66
Ctorgia, 3a.06

.s ooowo
Which fnmr, when paid, hall be paled to
the crleits of the states relptrlisely, on the terms
precfcribed by the refiolution of Congref; of the 6th
dayof Ofb ber, lp79 and together with the mo.
niae relied on to discharge the afore'aid dedu&iolt
of 708 4J dollars, he applied in conformity with
the federal appropriations in the preceding part
of this report, giving preference according to the
order in which they nae fiRed in the ultimate.
As more than two hirls of the fum called
for is t hbe applied to the payment of Intreft on
the domefic idbt, the committee are ofopinion,
that the federal legillatites may Co model the col-
let9in of the fumr called for. that one third of
any fium being paid in actual money, the other
two thirds may be ldichargcd by the interest due
upon loan office certificates and upon other certl.
fcate of the liquidated dbls of the United Slates.
And to ifcertain the evidence of intevft due upon
loan-office certificates. the holde'stheieofrerpec-
tively, hall be at liberty to carry them to the
office f om which they ill'ed. and the holder. of
other certificatesof liquidated debts of the United
States., ..,, r he fame to the loan-nfice of that
State whereon they i..- ,tabttants, or ifr foreign.
er, to any lora-rifire vithln tlhe United Statesa
and in have the in'eref due thereon, fettled and
cer ified to the laf day of the ear y714."
Nir-e- York, Ooflar g. Reafons upon which the
inhabitants of Kentucky ground their intended
separation from Vilginii. Dawn by a Committee
appointed for the purpose by the laft convention ot
that country.
Yonr Committee, having maturelyconfidered
the important fiihj, tothrm referred, are ofopi-
nion, that.the ftuatlon of this diltria. upward@
of Joo miles from the feat of the prefent govern*
merit, with the intervention of a mountainnou
defert of soo miles affable only at particular
feafones and never without danger from hoflile ni.
tions of favages, precludes every idea of a con-
neltion on Republican principles, and orig:natle
many grievances; among which we rcckon the
following, ,
ft. It deAroys every poflbillty of application
to thmefurme excutlve power, for fu pport or pro-
tertin, in cafe of gnergency, and thereby fubjefe
the diftrit to continued hoftUitlte addepredationa
offanges; relaelt the esecutioa ofthe laws. de-
taIn joftice, and tends to loofes and diffever the
bonds of government. ..
:. t, d. It fufpends the operioo of the beaiga
influence of mercy, by fubelting condemned per-
fons who may he deemed worthy of pardon, to
tedious,; angnifting and dcftru&ae imprifon.
d.' Itrenders difficult and precarious thees I
ercife of the fLrt and dearef right of freemen-
adequate reprefentatlon-a no perfo property
qualified, can be espeded at the oard of life to
undergo the fatigue of lon joanies, and to incur
burthenfome eipente, by deltlg hamfelf tothe
public service. -
. 4tb. It fubjel us to penal le d uinflitions,
which rife from nolrance of the laws; many of
which have thehr opierntl lnd uspre before tbe
reach the diftria.
jthL It rendes a complalce with miny of
the duties required of Iheri and clerks Impra0l.
cable, and espokr thofe oMiers, under the preftt
revenue law, to lIevitable deftrudion.
Is 6th, It fubjela the inhabitants to cicult

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