Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 22, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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( *

London, July so. From an account lately Propofals for fuppltg ll"umber aed pro'l n.O .
taken at the Admiralty and Navy-Olices, it ap- from the Staten of Norh. Ancrica to the for .
pears that the naval half-pa, lilt is supported at ter ofthe Ifland of amaica, to contra or
the annu it charge ot ay,oolo. Ilerling to the na- S, or 7 years. it.
tion. This is occafroned by the very unusual man- itf. They will agree to deliver at the rt of
tier in which the lilts of Admirals, Captains, Mal XKingfon to the ur.ler irf fuch leotlrncen as chfoo
tears, Surgteons, Licutenants, and Marine Oflftrs to contraL, ever% article that may be wanted from
were tralled Iuri,,g the late war, from the reart the States of America. from time tf, timIt At the
number rf ihips i cin i cmnelliai 'e Admirals, I currut call price of Laid article, at the city of
Poft Captains, Mafirrs atd Commandtrds, and Philadelphia; adding thereto only the ruftoriary
I.iet tnanti, have all half-pay the Sur;eons and charges of corminilion, infllrance, anti fitgint, all
blaflers only according Lit feniority atd felivice. I at the fame rate is paid before tihe war ; ii P.y.
In the alore account, however, the penfions to i trtt for which they will receive (on delivery of
the tick and wounded, yellow Admirasl, fupcran- the goods at Kii ,gion) rum at the current al
nratcd, and Officers widows and children, who price letf I1. per crnt. to be allowed fur tr ulbl,
died i1 adrhal service, are included ; tir Clhelt f &c &c. or in IKciling bills ofcchange at par, ill
ihatham I'c lionecs. andthofecof Oretinich IlIf- the planters option. i
pital, %hichl are dliftinrily regulated and charged, a d. ThIy wil agree to flip from Phi irclldia,
being only accepted. at all c.- of the year (in their owv ili1)- ,-eois
A letter from tile llagne dated June r,, faye, e r'n crn itori, at tie rate ot fitight l, !or- icna
< The Dr pulies Barons de Waillnraar aind LCy- "tiriie, anl il p) nier't for aimonrt iivoice thley
den, arp ntd to goto Virnna, took leave of tlre vi l v.ilue erl ttre planter in Lo[adi at c. r-
States yellerday. Tils day they were e.tetainled rent rate or lnre; ,1nt the frright to i.
by the Prince, at hi, h.uft in the wood, and after piid in rum, &c. on dcliacly of the goods in
the entertainirent broke up, ett out towrds Kingfton.
Utrecht on their defliiedjourney. They are eA- Id. They \vill agree to ftipply regr.lly, agirc-
ple'teld to reach the IrperiialCapital by the a-th of hle to any iIdlet, for iuinrtinll, or time, i. e.
naxlt month, foon after .-rlicl the Emperor's re- fr any -l.nlitity to be dclivrtcd at dlthrCInt time
t arn is expededfrom Italy." ,t tihe p .r, at tie preftnt P'rluliphna prices
1 lih following writing was placed Ltlor. the add:g carlres afore aid) fti t itt th pi.antLr at
liad of the late Grand Vizir, v.h:ch wai filed up o'rnc ncay le urn (letainty, and not little to the
Tl thie gites of the Seraglio: variainn of inmkets. In orI.r to eilxplhi In
This is the head of lalil Hlamcd Pa i.i, late prret.porirn nr. e clearly, they have a Ic.x
lfanl Vizir, who deflrvedly ircuirrtd hr puniil- Ihi la.llph.4 price current ot 8hll MaIch lill ,
nront for betrayingL tle ilterefl ut th all te and lty n.y of example will fele& the rt' '!e white oak
rel:gion, by managing affairs conti ary to thie lfur- e:.. ., ou. \. li:;' the fnllowtoig cai!Luation is made,
nicgn will o the Great hMallerofthe Unittrfe, h ie vz.
afled like a tyrant, having, fiom hi. lordrll iva- Jamaica Currency.
rice, been guilty of frequetnt and public oppi e- Whlite rak hoginead avre', at
fions of the people of God." S1. tlo. p'hlanelphia currre:cy
Of all commodities now on file in the two king- per m. Il., I ol. per cent. Is I. p. d.
doms there are none fo clheip as or' or; anid t iferliil 35. 7 o o
we mIy judge from the prelintr condition of the Wliharlace, &c. (frppfrl) u 8 a
Oppolition, there is none that bring- iln nmoe in- (ommin lron, ( per cent. 7
colllidtrable retlrno. I: ikhtl -- 4 to o
Thi e certainly wai ingenuiity in the mode of Irliranlce to cover ;I. IT. 3. t
allack ng the ,linilter oa tlle inch I l prrpolmroin. i per crn. -- 1 l ,
Thrv at fIt, la.d lhe cI cuil nn in Oppulitirio., Wh\' ,if c on larding o o 1
hcl.l out too prc.rat advantages ti e Irelaud over this -
colntr v next that they ,t-c to iartal to Blila;'n, NIt Nct cft of WV 0. flIa. v at
anl ilepiive Ircland Iof her rcoi.rni/e rights. i 'amaica -r- 11 i t
'hcliatever thrfe orators think of hei Ir lh propori.- -'or which rum will be rccciv,.l in payliei
tion;, it is ccrtaii that they ewill approve oe no- &re. &c.
thing coirnlin from the PMlniftcrr, Ilat dues not By thlie i a'ciltLion appears, I'.;t lveq I
hoil out Ivlnta gc to Ihhemfelve. come ronnleora' I hlitlir than tlity ufed to he in
Aleala, Ji:ne n. The Marqrui' and Mareh;oners Jamaica hrbore the war
nf Montalgrk .r com par.itid by several of hce no- It i.a true tLiy r,,.fqpllt,.it is ring to Iltir
S i . ..i.' .. ,ifocrr.-e, ,, Of courfe tile Jamaica price nritn lie in 'pi opo -
nfina Mra l Idre Qintiu' The p rp f If tion, for it woru!d e or, ireno.alle to pel goods
their visit was ilr admit tht vr lady, t a J a at the nt pre r Ihe pi:
years, to the degrees .of Maller ard IDoCtl r n J merca athve a d iran h, cllri, pra l I
Phllofe ph and the Belles ,ittrc. The Univerfi- ver, the planter having it il his atior to arh
ty was uithirized It, cotfer Illhe digariti-s on her, the tit or oi prepnntion, wnll hv e dhc c'
by an order of Ibe King's, beat ig late the aIth a fall of inarlsrnirt yu in i p avr. the E e eat
of April. The 4th and th iIwe, pal ill pI ilio- calrlalion (hews the ternl in wh avrh an Ai, :ianet
phical exercil ts. The learmrnl namlrera iof the honfe could do the fame buullirif, I,
l'.irirlity preleit were a.olli rd at thile x veextenive Amerc.,d Ci ren.y
knowledge and cloqoicnce of the iflluftrinien candi- White oak P.ves at Philadse chia Ci ony
late, in the Greek, Latin, French, Italian and Muit allow all the former clhares $ a t
Spanlia l-angu: e. (On ie m.rir g of the 6th. At fame time if the confignmi nt 9
the day appri,'tod for her ladmi o thefe de- was mTne f"-r tale, the : ltors
grec, the Dr ce. a anti Profetffoe n Univrrfiry I charges fair las and rulnittarce
to the amo;nit rof f8, alhlnbl nul the palace, & is r t per cent.
and ra 'eld trlmelves in order to accompany iter
to the tireatic. The proctfiron wva opened ly a - --
party otf lnufe and Ioot. rwitl, the band hbeloin Tt ie therefore plain that the 7.n 'e j irjl ,'ann rt
to the M1 4qirts's houhrold. They were follie-, d a ffrdtie carpy on that ra .c (evnlr irini c it
by a fuperb Itandard, on ashich were Iichly emn- rtnmair! i tltir option to t make iun or inig In
lroidered thle arms of tie family, with a I)oieor's terms f" .rlvantageous tn the platecr as toenrt )-nil
bonnet, azure and argent, in tie place of the cr c r' in lit foreg ln g plropo lion. t'o uawhich tl-e po-
fupported hy two getfii, avirh the hiierocilyp i fic oi pt.e f e ;l add anther, virr.
Minerva. on the other fude tihe cypher of Olznan 41i l'hI t aiy lnter lo ma it to I
and ]a Cerda. Net came the IJriivclfut, piece- hi' fun, in' lanlivertl at hil own hlegh (infead of
ded bytheir Chancellor; tile tllleerftly L iamllltr Killern lhlall have it done \wcileut alliltioal
and the Candidate walked between the ranks. The x w penct ronra ed they will deli er the ir indent
procefion was eloted by the tanily carrie early 1ri irh in the learn. to that the Ihipe may
The company having taken their places, the arrive leeqere Chleifmas, and will ti ree to ritpatteh
eere.ony commenced with a dicoofedivered by aiJ hips \it fir of the crop to Englal, i pr
a Dntor, Colnfelor of the Univerfity, after ference to all other tfips, and at currein rate of
which the Candilate took the oaths kneeling, and freight for time being. w
made her confeffion of faith with exemplary piety. And in order to Ihew that they are ferioo, and
When the Chancellor placed the Dod'or's bonnet equal to any ealtagement theymay euler into,
on her head a general Ihout rnfued, and the mul- they wil find unexceptionable ecnurity fcsr the ir-
titude expreffed their fatisfadion by repeated ac formance of covenants on their pact, and at fame
clamations. The Chancellor then proposed tothe time rerouvring it from others.
young graduate the queflion of the 4th Council of igure, June in The Sateas-General, by a
Carthagf-Uru'nnfwi nta, a $ademl, .fefoliution dated the a2d infant, have given us
p paxdoaerd luetrrarra, et o marn eaprfanal, in 'the following explication, requefed by the India
puA/its Aaldemhia? 8he monntedl the roftnlram and Company, relative to the faith article ofthe pre-
main' ined the affirmative fide of t e quellion with liminaries conel.lded at Paris on thead, of Septem-
r.,ch ino nity and address, and fininled by rc- ber 278J, between Great.Britain and the Repub-
turning thanks to the Univerrity. At night there lice: P
were lluminations, concert and upper, at which This article contains an engagement on the
7o0 perfons were prefen, t.part ,f the States. and which confequently bind
London, July 3S. The following proposals have the Eafl-India Company alo, not to double ornd
been handed about to the plantcrs bTy refpeable molde the navigation of the Britiflt fubjedls in the
khofes in Leodon. Indian ecas; in order to full this engagement, it

I_- --

fuffceedto leave to the fubjefA of Otalrut.diU
the liberty of that navigation In Its utmd
without any obstacle or impediment. 'ThbIml
has no relation to commerce In general, nor t ts
fpkiceies in particular, and leaves the Dateh ll.
India Company in the free polrflIlon fdalllghta
in this rtfpeft, nothing of which haa been ceded
to his Britannick Majeily, nor rendered comamoi
to his flbjecta. This article Il o clear and fo lt.
tie liable to any interpretation or ratenfo, en.
cept a"dl eiyondt a free navigation, that ti i
Ilirh Mightlnefres cannot believe, thathe obJlet
of Great-Britain will, at least with his Majefty'
authority, attempt any thing which maylege
the bonnd: of the simple liberty of navlgatln Ih
the Indian Seas: That certainly their High Mgh.
ineflrs conl,d not but look on fuch an attempt A,
formal abtefr of he liberty to navigate, which they
have granted lI this article that the Company
remain in poll.1on of the right to percent any
other trade hIt lhat exclufively helongll to theml
and that alfo t r Hlgh Mightinel'es lelve tote
Diturto a the I ty of giving fuch order a uther
mav iudge con ient for the prefrraiion oftheft
privilrge', .gai any attempts which may be
mae'c on them."
I.ondon, July 30. Yelerday was held at the
London Tavern, a meeting of the merchants,
owner', and inalers of (hips, pil Iuant to an d.
vehifremnt, on a dccifion in the Cnurt of King's
nenchl, Samn el Thornton, Etfq in the Chair.
The meetin came to fcvenIl refolitions, thepr
*ort ofwhich was, that lil:ee by fire and robbery
fra are not to he accornted as tie default c
the init r or owners. A committee was appoint.
edr ti bIring the matter into parliament on a proper
S'Ihirteen Creenland ni;ps are arrive at the
rclrrilanrd )nrk w:th full cargorn of :eariblr fil,
wh;ch are likLly to produce ; large quantity of
-a ,ah hope.
xtr;a of a letter frrm P,. Mary'", Silly, dated
July it
"* rverv thing i; at anrei nt very rcsrce here, O
ai'lllnt of tir long llltrrlght, ni we have not iad
ai v rain nnce tie i ginniin g If Mav. What pro.
trilin- e e re f rc are c b rom the T.and-end,
an!d .-'en it arrives here ir lmni fininng. There
i, a nlop in the har liirr s;th Ihe ingenious Mr.
Rraithwait anilr is two tnonon board. who ome
,tine ago took up the anchor and fome of the
in l elonirngie n to the lIr l George. Wewent
iirh thern .Iollt four l, agues to tile wetward d
t;it i' icr, to a fmall uninhabited ifland called La
Roclh Verdie, or the ficen Rock, where the
INanc, P:ticLt was loft on her ret.irn from the
.... I. nnlkea~ i:ancefrnm Ite fhoretheyoue.
ger Mr. Brilliwaite went down in his machine,
and rilmailcd near two hours under water, bat
col'd init meet with any thing, although the ia.
.iattants of the itind have at different time
oulnd many valuable articles driven on Ihert.
'While on tie island, we taw great quantitiesoflte
hones of the Nancy's crew, covered with final
trunfle of crafR. This was a Ielancholy Ipedde
to it, on recollecting the fudden fate of our m*
happy countrymen, who, in th, moment they
were comforting themselves with the profpel d4
etitrning to their friends, were, alasl fuddral
fert t) that rindifetvered country, from whole
bourn no traveller returns."
A vreetable wlich grows plenti!nlly on the
Grampian Ihills, and in other parts of Scotlamd,
called Cudhear, has lately been discovered to addl
a ptrrmanent frefhnef4 and vigonr to colours reUc
in dyinp; anil according to fevcral authentic& .
counts from the merchants and dyer3 In North-
iritain, is likely to produce considerable adral,
lanes to the cotton, linen, and woollen susel

In the SchI ner SUs nNAH, from N'EW-YoICr
At hisi Hein the WHIT S Oou*D.
SUPE IINE Flour in Pickled Fslh
Sarrrls &half barrels Iril Potatoe)j
Oyfler4n keg I Oniois
Newton Pippina & com- Bricks
mon A pple And a-ew roundsf
Cyder in barrels Corned Beef, .
Indian Meal in ditto &Sc. kc. c. (
T 0O BE E T,
A PLANT tJION at ee Werkrd, I
I. occupirdy Jom rtim, Ef. For t*"
Who has Sale, dozens of ctel il
Red Port.
SML- Perfo having a ad vlr thed i
flofFailiDEsnc HuM Ideafed, afren
eIted to render them p lopiy attrefed,
ofer in bted to make imm edP e payment, to

Ag i a report in circulation here, that
s Catholic Majellny Charles Ill. died in
"H', loand that his Sccel'bor had marked
0e1 anciemnrcnt rf hIb reign, by dilinillinA
his Couacils, every perfon in the Intercl
inbrij. Carolina, Grant, is dally capeled
cfrom London.
t,,sHE* Hl"' '""
h. Shoo. Lion, Smith, Havana
Schoo. Nancy, White, Georgia
1i Big 'Fany, Brown, ditto
9 School. Sufannah, Devereau, New York
SuI' For
Sj. choo. Amelia, Mortofn, St. Thoma'a
Schwor. Sally, Berry, Jamaica
Brig Fanny, Brown, Jamaica
Sloop Sally, Cole, N. Carolina
Sloop Beafon, Antigua
School. Antelope, Randall, Charlcdon

ing#on, (Jamaica) Septemler 28. We have
re advlce- by tle packet, that a royll arrest
aipubiilled at Paris on the i7th of July laft,
bh has caufcd no mall alarm in the political
ild.--'llo arret prrhihits the file on foreign
sc parti. !ar.' hegni.S', except hotfis, wool,
Iaei'dc', tinedciao anid calves kings cows hair,
dlow, yellow and white way,, faulted meat,
hir is boIttle only, glue, horn round or flat,
dtrlants trcih, capperas, dying drugt,i inrumentst
t 1'i-i1 aio art, unwrought till, fliiphuilding lim-
hr, andl liavs -Thle glodsl prohibited, on pain
cor.filatiuon of tlir le lce, aned Io,ooo lives,
m ll fadlery ware, hats, hoficry, woollen cloths,
lldware, pulifhed Reel works, except tools, toge-
ltr lwth all choir al and glal..-No rank or quali
til to cxcnpt nny pelo.i fiom the punishment
yrribdl for dlifubedience of this maeita'ec. Tlhe
etoch Ki-g efpccially forbids any perion in his
blodonm to write over their dour, or thop,
SVarcrhoufe for Englilh Mauufactures." on pain
fpaping ao',o livres; and th-fe \ho have fuch
Botificttions already written ov, r their fhops, are
ordred to deface the fame within eight days of
ntr publication of the ordilance in q',illion.
A mnrc jeeloils rivalry Ictms tobe breeding be-
rwr-n Fiance anil Greit Britain, than hba been
known los ardc paft. The recent a't of parliament
for prev.rtinoT the cportation of hay to all forriegn
Frns. paTticulally toilhofe of France, and the
baiigi off the commercial treaty, hich was
poading hrt-a. tn i:e tvwocoIuntrieb by the Britilh
tt at l'ari:, are meafurre whiich have given
pot offnce to the Court of Vcirfllcs : On the
other ilc, rranc has not becn backward in Ihew-
hghtr rtiTenlitnnt at there proceedings, of which
thearret lorbli ling the fale and confrumption of
Erililh good.; the fer mptory refural of a French
Ofic.r, a' the cxprrfs cummnand of his Court, to
pay Ihe nulal liuhmge to the Britili flag in the
clhanel; and the mnlghy preparations for war
arrlng un In all the ports of raeacce ; are rikiDng
illuftratin s.
N cwilthfianding thefc broad indlicalions ofho-
liity. hlttrecn the two greatefi maritime powers
lti world ever lfw, we are inclined to bcleve, if
we dare h..zard the conjecture, fiit adverting to
Ite rul;rou. flt.e nf the finances :f hoth countries,
that there will not be a war for several ye tra to
cr me; except uponi grounds ten times more rela-
The laft letter which w:re received from France
ibeforc !the packit left F.lnouthl, contained poe
'liue a;.coiunt, that tile graziers, in every part of
that ki plrn. werC under tlhe ncc:clity of knock-
'g tliri cattle on the head, for want ofpreven-
drr to ice.l iltm, and that fredf beef was then
frllgp. irl mrft of the capital cities of France, at
5at Iclcjpecr f4r p-unil,.
SBy a gcntllcll-.n cif veracity, la'ely from Cape
Francoei, we are aflrired it was confidently tepor-
ted in every po ite circle thrcl, that io,oe o regu-
lar troops wree under orders, in Old France, to
embark for Ilifpaniola, whofe arrival was daily
ape dled.
iTe rfame has alfo informed Ud,
hat the late hurricane hat been general, and very
tal, 'in Ilirparniola.-Cspe Francois, Port at
Price, Jeromie, Jacomel, and Aux Cayea. in
particular have fuffered immenfe mifchief.-Great
'umbers ofhuildings both in town and country,
hae been blown to the earth-many veflele wree
ltd in the different harboure,-every plantain
ree in the island cut down by the fury of the
Itmpet, and many na ble lives were loft.
Ordinance have lat been publllhed th- ugh-
t! the French Wef-iia Iflands, to fupprcrf and
Prohibit all for ign t under pain of confilca-
I of good f and i rifonment of perfon*.-
t Aienricafi are particularly pointed at In thefe
tSijcdie fdilts, which ham given rife to various

II the Brig FlarioDiHI, C t. SHIDDOD, from
On Ren/o/al'lTr-r4
At his S Ton he BAI,
For CAb Brazils4 or CoaeT.
A Quantity of PINE B DS and CEDAR
A L 5 Q,
A few Barrels Superlin L LOUR, juft arrived
from fore.

At their SToi on thI Bon Oe yfl'CaPt. GIOnaI
JOWN ron .
A Large and General a rtmnnt of EURO-
SONDON particular of Spruce
SMadeira Wine. by Beef and Pork ai
the quarter calk or do- C I
arn in ditto
Ditto Market ditto Tpe in Kegs
Sherry ditto Pait and Oil, Soap
High proof Jamaica and Anthors andCables
WeRt-ndiaRum inpun- Rice in tierces.
cheone and hogfheadul &c. &c Ac.
Wlich they will difpofe of, on the molt reason.
able Terms, for Ca.f, efd Bills oj E.change,
or Prodaue.

In the Ship Mlacutv, Capt.JoHN GILLSPItE,
from Loroson,
O,, t/e mo/l Rr unable Terms,

Al his SronR FatDRlci SIRnPT,
For a, Bills of vthantee, Conlle, Bratilctte
n her Dyevwoods.
SUPERFTNE aP d Wrilinr Paper, Wag and
L Cloth. & Trirmmi, W'alen
Coana, s, Dafilh. & F' ncs,, Silk rSrokiigo,
.Roe at connion blan to C rve -anl Maets
Whirc, blue, green, Vel D ert white and co!oiured
red Flanrels l-ather ditto
Green and blue Ba;zes Indlia Pcrfar Green, blue
Surtout .an Watch Coan white & lack S.tfrneir
Sa-lnrs Jacker. Trowfrer Mock O.iil:ing, Cuiton
rocks and Shlr: ('.unterpanes
Irinh Iincn 4-4 7-8 & 31 erlin Quilts, Sarlet
wide (';r cid "
Dowl..,. I Ang' I ,wna, & inklec.s
lrown I lioal',i ckh aud cuolo:red Sewing
Rufia and Irith i;hectisgs ilks
Camlriri clLar Lawns B .hazen, c'rapes and
Nedle wro)uhlt ditto t inces Sitff
Aprons and Handekr- A riery of fafilionable
chefs lbone
Printed Caliren & Cotton MaI fes and Pillows
White and thrown Jeans Silk Lawn and Mullia
and Jeanctts dkerchiefs
Linen and Cotton Checks HI. .& Andrew Play-
and Stripes i Cards
Silk, Thread and Cotton 4, o, and c.d, Nails
Stockings Cr i Cut and Hand Saws
Durants Calimancoes and B dAaeslandHatchers
Tlamaies F uionable Shoe. Knee,
Printed Handkerchiefs & and Stock Buckle
Shawls nuffers
Ornaburga and Cocto )Cutte.a, & Pen-Knives
Bagging Shot from No. 4 to 6
Tapes, Hanover Lrae Loaf Sugar, Black Pepper
Nun* Thread from No. I Poland Starch, Scented
to 63 Hair Powder
Coloured and Oznabrig Mould and dipt Candles,
Thread Turpenrine Soap
Mens, Youths, and Chil- Sallad Oil, Muflard
drern coloured & black Nutmegs, Cinnamon
Hlts Clovea and Mace
Mens Boys, Giri and Hyfon. Green and BollA
Children Shoes and 'eam a
Pumps RaiGns, and Currant
Womens Silk sod Cali- New Role Butter oa
manco ditto Caf Porter J
Bibles, Tenmnents and Double Gloucefier C l
Spelling Books Ac. Ac. &c.
A L S O,
A few PuncheonJanmaica and Windward Ifland Rum
Mere Beef and Perk, Ship and Pilot Bilket
Mulirmand Sherry Wine, &c. Ac. Ac.
GEORGE KEMP employed to attend
fuch American Loyalits n this town and neiph.
bourhood, as may ha occasion for medical
affiftance, and are unable to provide themselves
therewith; and thatto all ch, Medicines, Wine,
and every thing elfe that tm be necccfary towards
their recovery, will be p ided, on application
being made to the Dolto for that purpose.
N. B. All Strangers in dillref, of any other
description, will alol be attended to.
Nafrw, O oerr 178.-

In the Ship Mascunv PACeIT, Capt. Jois
GILLElPII, from Lomnor,
By Falconer, Shirreff, & Co.
At their STroa on the BAY.
DTo0Bl.E *nd single Ladles Hope
Refined Loaf Sugar Silk Pettlcoat
Hyfon, 1 Scxrl Cardinae, ermined
Green, P A Fine Walicoat Fringe
Souchong St& A greet variety oftibboes
Robes n Sewing Silk and Twi
Currmnts end Raifins Mode, Parfet
Brown and White Segar Blk, blue, reo & Me
Candy rareen Tal' ties, Fig Blue, Starch Mulia Cypref, Drefe
Cinnann, Nutmegi, and reach et, Cottone
Mace Spt, fine Club and Silk
Mulnard, Salld Oil Striped Gauzes
Picole., Ketchup Womena Stay
Barley, Snlit Peafe Ladies Morroco Shoo
BIlk and London bottled French HNtl
CPorter Ditto Callienatao, black
Madeira, Port and Sherry & co ured
Winet Wnms line Leather
Mefi Beef and Pork P p.
Turpentine Sope ir and Cihldrenl Mo
Linen Check ar.d Stripes o heoes
aflnrted en fine and enarfe Sho
Furniture Check ouths and Boys ditto
Bed Bantr. Tickirlg en fine Boots
irancet 'omens fine Cotlon ad
Plain atnd fiouredl Dimities Thread Hore
Royal ard Impeirial Rib en ditto ditto
Quiltinsi real and mock ens & Womeas Silk do.
Cotton Counterpan. omenr coloured Gloves
A treat variety ofPrinted and Mirtt
Linen, Chintz, & Calli- amit and Jean ditto
co G(own Paterng We'nen black and white
Ditto of Printel and Cot- SiI, di;tt
ten Handkerchiefs Dirto Wfh and Iralian
j.', -1 nsd yard wide Brown Camblet Boat
Irifh I inns Cloaj)s
Set- of Chi;ts Borderin Cotton Settee Jacketr
Serired Check and plain rrmine Swanokin ditto
Mll!nP leaver Great Coat.
Spr:r'd & Needle wrought Check and L;nen Shirts
dirno Yard wide Raled Shirts
Bonk Munin inen. Tickingr, Duck &
Mnllin N-t. & Tancnte Canva. Trowarsr
Bonk Mfllin and Nerdle rana. Rocks
wrourht Itandlkrrhlief Fearnought Great Coats
Iong iaid Ilear Lawn Ready made Breehcs
Fine Cambrick. Jeas and Canihlet nort
Britannilt Coats
Nlnkeern Purple, blte, pink, and
Brtn'n and white Rutli blark Durant quilted
sheeriven Petticoat,
Brewn Sieltia s Men black Hart
Hurkahiack Plain and feented Hale
Sported I.awns & Canes Powder
Small Shawls Hard and foft Pomatnu
'Pble Cloths, (-4 and 8-4 Powder Boses and Puff
Coardc and fine Ounce Iavrndar Water Ct
Threads Glauber Sals, Ilpeeacaust
nzonahir & Taylor' do. Camomile Flowera
Orrainuirs Rhubarb, Cream of Tar.
Sail Cloth. No. I to 4 tar
Silperfine Black Cloth Lintreed Oil and Paulr
Blue and other falhionable Pirtail Tobacro
colour* ditto China Ware, conlifin ll t
Blue Cafimere Porter Mus, Tea Pote
White Flannet enamell'd Pint Bafons,
Black, white and blue o pintrenamel'd Cip&e
Tamlnies Saucer, and Breakfal
Iitro, ditto nuranta Sett.
Sattinette, Denifms Glaf, Ware, Yellow Ware
Mourning Cr tes Tin Ware
Bomhbaeens, Camblaet Hard and Cutlery ditto
Three ,int Blanket An Aomrtment of troon
stripedninfevr. Mantrafea mnngery
Hat feathers different Gfi 6 t, so. o 4. od, 0d,
and nclur. Sp'ike Naile
Coarr and fine thread can Powder
E.lring Shot No. r to *
Ditto 'Thred Lace Prmn Leather, OGak
Black Lace. Tape Roll SheeMILad
Lawn and Love Handker- Deep Sea Lines, Lo de.
chief. Hambro' do. FPing ditte
Blck Thread Gaune Sewing ad Seine Twirs
Shirt Butions and Moalds Cordage.
White Chappel Needle Se. he. &o.
Pound and Paper Pinl
Which with their former Affertmet, will be h l
on reasonable Terms.
T HE Sublcriber miffes a larg quan y of Ma-
I hogany,fonme of which lay river,
which he Intends to eodeavour to and pat
on the Bay to the Ea&wad of la BlowN,
Efqr's, and will be landed on the sacr Mr.
Rvman's and if anyper Iro h t oas rt
of the fame kind they wll peafe to lpei It
they may take any that they can e to be their
property, on paying charges and aw i

Onober is, ?78|.

VOL. 1. T H
VoL. l. THE No. 63,



NAssAU- Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the Bay.

NAw-PaAovIDNCE. )aED European Intelligence. literature, and wi notprolong the irterrmption by I
By H, Hno.ur JAMES ED i POWELL, og, whih your charahl.,, tak needef..
M; r. Hoole, a entlemanr Jog known and lon
./qr; Li-utenant-Governour and Con'an/,n r a o_ I1 A G U F, Jro an,. elleemed in 1the Ins fiale oiler having tranflat
C,/, in .nd 0.r the, .id,, and, Chell .,. advaurag e d..l ,h. i:.d y llt,,-i ndia Company omhas rto, h....d n Aro;o. Ha l 'refl an e
rPr .,fdmial, and Ordinary ol t/airr fr.-f. U. i ) in the pon inlfia .of m.lacca are o too red for hi. undertaking, he has already hewn. i li
A R OCL A T IO N. _' lailmprn to obe IId he I ol.own i aI defircul, Sir, of your favour in promoting hit pro.po
A AN. PutCaMi oi a ue .... fr ., alac.,-, dotei July 6, tI174 fil, an I flatter.. m by fuppefing thlat my teftmoany
-t WHA 'kIEREAS it is li Mi,ijellyl We hIi. no opportunity ol landing our tr till may avie er l nterefl.
S oyal Will ai nI 'l Pari-, li.' i e It h of June, at three in the m ,rning, hen e Ii. A new ting for a clerk ofthe Indi Houfe to
fed I y Ils I'i l'uionl bear i it f,d *,n aore a biody of 7J4 men, of whom plct--lt is newfor a Goernour of Bengal
dae at Ils Court at St anics l P re Il.peal andl there Indian. Su. filcnce to ptr,,n ze learning. That lie may fnd his ingaty
i the t ath day of pt r ,toi vas l, eTii n a l, that Ire elre had not tle leaft notice r car .lc.1 and that learning imay oluridh under your
J l th t the I.t la s i.rhit n l ii, lii, i i app I~ f Bae t vicr and the Pario culttr prote i n, i, the with of, Sir,
Ba hliat i.illltid. ull be i rvc r am r, te rer the sliding, while he :call g.our mor I.umlle frvnt
Iandg.lon the f llowin conilini;i to tO .l ,aur ia o'c lock. The enemy wire Iy this . y 9, 778e SAMUElL J)HNSON."
ant graiJ cii on the ,llub ring ciinditroii l to Ihar errt r,, i hTo o i. vhrcen wI talog., Ipq;
lay, Thit forty acrec of land he grante.l o c,,-y itI t e l"t, ad prevei ied o th i r1 in alf Tiing. i ,l, -. 1, rrean Hlling..
pefi,, hcing matter o intrll ofafLin fi it al iler or were foin in I L o', which i b Pitt l Aish ro.u upnf l, and hlg.J.
imflf or herfelf; and twenty acrei t tci order of ha.l:e nowr vi'h andig a i fire troc the it i, ni.-i probable will be arr iropieo, tondt oth
white and black m.n, wvonllar. orchild, (f Il -n d :p the ,pot where R ih on Ba ch bler and l'aiden. may lrjar l he cvrode by
fuch family hall conlift at the aflinl time iof ii a ., >l,';(n1 lard dill laird A nr- ce t l nl., t both l;rt*l fori rg a y Coalition.
ig fuch warrant; That al' G tr he iir t tk place, I th ory wIt n .i f .1 I r l is g Pic and dity and
the p.~ ytent of o urhollini fierling ilit Itr f-t f tevnr, a. !l lare ,I I thil l d,, i l'e o tie Sf. ro. Al y and 61 iitym locand
every *hutidilrd acrLT, to C,olinit(nce at the expi t, rd i tier ii reillIh allinil alolll en, y cut (fh a ouni, oihpht to be taxed; fir no pletl. ad a
tion of tw y, rs frto tnthe date of thir tefit 4 a t p dI', elhe ( r ll,, ?e. i. more !, he ife. Antd ao Photic,t iI 1l cl'lltc a ore
g-ailts, to be p i, at tIhe coi ofevery yeartliti rib t( 0 .ifiL, t .-her wl the f-itr oF h mi. I, li i :', .r1h0 iore ofit were e he fwallrwed than
ri 14 N. r W -h Cle -,,n 4 theJ--, id foq- thir c-l eh
ter, inl defa it of w ich the grants Io hb vi t i. It h nr l if 'he 1- I- i i0 0 t) tti iiFt I i if it i l eamic require, i.: laculty weald not
But his Alajcfly has I'eri 5racioully p!i.fl, a a, fi le 'rable. Ma-. It \1 ', apaln ,,f t.le Juano, ar:i keep rhcir carr age
enconlagl mr:ent to Ii] L.oyal Suljectl wkh,, .tWe L u aber, ..e I." g-rt l..' I olllded" Mr. A:detrm: n Walfn's prno pofal to tta atl rnie.
been reliidleni in any Oif tl Colo ica or I'. v ini i ,n J, v c. A pIer rnptory Irder has be(n ar;f fr.lm a r'lural nmotrre of rflntmeAt-he liavJi
now the lllledll Stales of Amcrii, ,ai .l i v I t Ow, p ehe A ir,' tv, that ihern hips of early ir life, leen bit 1,, nhark.
acco nt otf tihrc loyalty tlo 'i Mai ,"ly, It ill lC re Ic l o i l .. %fi orrg l 0 th 'Jie late Lord Godol phii is faid to hive di.d worth
.aac In all'll nh-, ifSreha t -0 il, o n1tly flcrcp on a million ii, rtady fpecie. About fie yrat, ago hie
may wrll ily, r;- by coniipulll n, remo ve, llo bI l ,d, under .pan of bur u furJd in c of ne L rdlhi hp ing recrond c", ol. dividend in y llar nk h
f.l ini .-t,-, thaT thel Inilt irln c o ther Lordlip havin recaind 5r i tol. dviden i hin aln,..
Sf,,l. 1.1it, i ver n. ty a-H tiili "tu p ti ,er, r I ^1i
to hI n fIlid etIri :igi-, II ll ot 11, t by hi w ao going to lis chell the neat morning found Ies
topa f the cipiri of teii year; fro d ce rnool each to n ne hawa andum. Proper ere
'tine.- hed of tha whole flm. Praer hers wer
th ille U ift e o ino i ilh 'i'fl to t Ie ,ilden q1eelw boo1, a y, ar, together i for arl,-orpr wieth were
th p a il f th ei r tel l>e ,I 1 s"; %ohi ch ;i; c ""I ....'. I' ."H.' 1e
grh- at I- IMttt o R tal WII t il Phie uftu hr relil, If h l estate and cl-t, which are fuppofed carefully concealed till within theCe few'6lfyr,-'-rfl ,,uC
(hall te de it ilr' thh IC iirael e at e I mmln fe. I.ordlllhip's eeccutors, in looking over fome papers.
hall be aic.v.erod tot' ID" l. ll. in h t l'I,.I rthe hamete s i reformed and dee ended, the difcovercd a letter4which ferved to elucidate the whole
CeWitnc whathlecr I DO tII.(c lEFl. I.. n I '-e :r at theSavoy an l Londou.ohreid rehuilt. tralllai,,n; but o*Iethcr it will be made public rc.
w ith the a.lCi e anl C o lcnt f I. ivMnI ll ,," ; h % n, , wfiurpfIs in agnificcnc allthe ci el m ainl a atter it funcertailty.
Honwoulr the C.ncil, litit thi wy ;i nct"" ao ith c,,re e Uy hitters from Saiinn 'w are afurnd, that the Mcini
irr eby making known to al' poult on conc:lrnet e hfr Gwynn, in him plan for the im- trrs .lI the Cort of ilte Madrid, breaking through the
that llpnl applicuini ta inc in Coiunl, they ur*Y rovrnolent if I ondon and Wclminfler. hat given a nItlw p,,li, an u rrjudice, which upon miltakei
rcceite Warrantu ot Sin Cev for runnnmg out thiei ,:,cusal on,, le around the palace he recommends to principle, of nlunao oy and coercion, have made the
land, agrealbir to his M tjflly'a faid Infi dtionrkil. ,ake pace in it,,de.Prk for his M.l;efl, but does nor !,ini and their family right'-. t rlng"re,.rn Ihe necccfoit of a gr.rer circus rou.d Londn ie0l:0., are .61ually employed in digenlg a plan for
GCI'EN w9 dermiv aho d ad CtGreal Seal/ J ,ld Ie, inller, tinating the Thamel the center a.i t rip:r"ii, a br br-swrenl the Wcllern coalltof Suith
tIh / l7int:, atl A' au, ti'is fi i diy ris, Da)ublin, and other rreat cities and towns in li: .\n;r, a a crtigic nation., by cenlriuting therein
S.,te~'~b. i t' r oar fOe r L.ord ),e tbo sce. Such a boundary, elerpntly plarted!, is worthy three Itee : We hear the plan ha already gone ft
,r. /.'eq oi ./rl. iaif ay le, /in d t Maljeiy'a atentios, a l Irom ther.c the roads to far, th ttheloi- are aduallIy named, being Baldvia.
"'.f" ie a of 'it ly 'J R a Ie i- h- wl ano.l ra'tenel for the fir re ln ile iI Chili--Iunarcture Bay, in New Granada-and
1 u M,:tfth re*l ,' rs 'O e t l n e I ulla e on. who farrivedat 'WI .mouth a fei Cini:,l, in New Mcaico. All this, it is faid, hath
S JAMI. DWARD da am hoin i .a anith EDaWilEr-ldima n and, elen effefed by an application lately made by the Bri-
S: ILw a t C pry,,nig other articleso'f inIteligence, acinl' tili Minillrr, at the inlanee of ntme merchants of
3 T IlUN I1 .A V pro Srcretary. if tIt ecleath nfM. Buffy, whi departed lthl life at IPn- I.ondon, forapartial renewal of the Afiento Treaty.
S1) S A V R H E K 1 N G iherry whcrehe wa Govrnour)a ortime before by which a Britih hip wa annually rmittrd to trade
-O N M N-,I( R R I S 8 Co. trhe Cotonrl left the Coall of Cdromtandl-. with the Sptanlol domitioni in the South Seas: How
TJ H N Mo he Spi ch of Mr. Fo to Mr. Pitt, in the dehare hat trade w dropped by the South Sea Company, is
A E F O R S A E, on the fourth propolinton, was one of the mnrfevere (flry well kcown.
Am AIstIoTMaNT O r nnnlings the Miclitler hat ecer recicd. ,ne fatir A letter fruu BeIlgade, dated May fay, It ai
G () DI S, th. tlr A'e i .tt. we .vere rrniemher: every r .. ar lfred ai a fo4, that Abdi Baffa, O.vernour of Ro-
Sthe Ship C,. andrie an cpilrammate ling, and it .a di.ult to de- mania, has lately raised the flandard of rebellion; and
In the Ship C:n r Gr n ;ermine where is chief ecellence lay, while every at the head of a numerous army, lviied by his own
IT -- i- t iin iel of I the l rnrtc, eerling sentence celipfed the former the whole private authority, is mrching toward the capital of
Swill I.e rafae b b r at the formin what may be called a bur- of eloquence and Bulgarla. It is faid that he had caused to be hanged
will e tof eranfaflg e btnch, e t anmation cqtal to any thing ever delivered in that (fteen Capigi Bafchi, whom the Sublime Port. had
JHou of e i Bunc, RA N. Hofre; and perhaps as far as we can judge of ancient fent to him with the ufult compliment of walking hii
JOH OHAL RA elouene, fnrpafgny thing from the lip. of De. leave to cut offhishead, Abdi protefl, that hi. rebct-
Vnuffua, Onob-r 19, r1783 molhentba. Th$b ich may be fid as to the me-it of lion is not aimed at the Grand Signior, to whom h
L. L 1'rfon havig any Ae do aginfl he the Speech. Bflhow little effeLfnu fuch a Speech will ever remain faithful, bat for the urpofe f oppo-
LL tcrfon havin any de l ndr J gainft L e have with any one who remembers the many fuch cag the execution of orders, given hy the Mliniar
Elate of the deeefied Mr Johin m ALKo R, levelled againfit Lord North. in which that Nobleman without the participation of thi Sa erign; be this an
ate of 1I, roMewn ch, Mefrht e once more, and was vilified with the mof aftoniiilhing eloquence ? Yet it may, the TurkisL Goverour pillge. every place
for the time, efrired to giv ill State of the what does al this amount to ?-Mere found and fury, he corme to. On his arrival at Phllippali, O town io
fame properly altlcnd ; and t indebted to the fgnifymin nothing, as the Coa!ition hIs fully proved; Romania, he ordered the head of eight of the rinci-
faid Eflc, are de d to mal payment before and therefore noewond.r fueh oratory finds fewer ad- pal inhabitants to be iruck off Sonme of the :Mar-
the next Return D as all county not then mirer, and (tillwer believers than it once did. ilrate, whom he leads in triumph after him, were
paid, will he p]ac in the hals of an Altor. As the malletl remains of the late Dr. Johnfon are loaded with irean, and obligd to pay 7o purfet to de-
ey at Law, to be dfor. oight after with avidity by the literary world, we fray hit enpence."
JO D Eoeta arc ..... )" ....p r. n lag before the public an origoal letter Cadir, June zo. Ordera arc jnft received here, fcr.
W ESSOL Exc" frotm that great man to Gorrnour Haftings, and we bidding tih eponrttion of Vigonia wool to foreign
u-RareSatpy arreo to Snd that the letter had the cfl'd countries. Thil prohibition is attributed to the wace
Jn, PEROU.SSoN, 1, h aof that commodity for the manufadurel of thit king-
NofaN, tl'Tiobr io, 1785- di .s I R, dow. In eicft, it i complained that no wool ha been
COTTON. Salt, Braziletto, Mahofy, Hard ** AMIDST the importance and multiplicity of received from Lima, or from Baenos Ares, inee the
fUWood, LA. for Sale by the Pr t itors at alfair. in which your great olaee engages yT, I take late infurred.on in inta of the l tallnti t F9 tr by
m the blerty of recalling your atttction for a moment to Tupi Aimrou,

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