Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 15, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00133
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 64:




NASSAU: Printce JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Of(ice on the BAY.

For the BAHAMA GAZETTE. aex'ci"';:'.a hilbl,-di iat;il, utohaveno rcm.
'1l t11h.' tln with :ach nthI(, it :(lipt Wletn1 Ivr
fTo la AMERICAN LOYALISTS fetlld i, il ls .t "tacd hoRllitie ,it h tl li ivarn
NovA-SCOTIA and Naw-UluuNSWICK. j- Iaeiralrly adi.i(niing to then: anml it appears
C rnTI.LnMi t they live entirely on the li.i eaflt ii the can
TllE extraordinary circumflancas which l'cl I lls oi ultinf, it i very imiprothlle that the
I dlied you to fettle in your newly adroptt la Plant Ithluhl have ibcn c-,;til I*:h ie fie t h
countnics, have univetrifally attra.ledl the puh il altn citi of th:I.- ifiandl, i-c it i fi.I I: to
atell tinlr The grratelt expe tatilns lhav been sl w naturally; hhich lii is hniv ec(r ., I' rl ion
oimncid from your indufiry, activity and fotrla ert of proud, 'as thifr parts Iar hardly I. b ex-
habit ; and your friends make no dount that t11 plri d in i' ani, iiir. The f. 'i f the l: t1 are
fame firmmefa and vigour of mind, which prompted ii"'nti tcIdly to bc ia-1 fr,.:. ler King'I j Ti.t, it,
you to appeal to the (word in l ll e iee f if t, a i .l iahow fir they wotil. :C d 't.ithi )i ,
p-rilous war, vill be as confn)pi4uo', inyiour thex tu'iixll neiltit be diflicilt minor t i, :;i Sl.(i ;dl
lions in the peaceahle, but important walks o; it ::i'wer, it iubld Itc a fourer. vailt ll'lrcnce to
apt: ulturc and cirmenerce. }oir prolinces.
The contrachdltry account l hih li:L ve l.e-n Ilouin the dlli'r.ptiin of thi' ." . i abl er
gitei ol yi.r provinrc- 1'rve old7 to lli, l thlt it ., tv <'ttitl} one i the titniit '-ful p ..s 0i ihi
they pollt f, in c ninunt with oheil r cointri lt yet khni e ; and if int rI 'iCt .. *1;
c(.r;i ,trable extent, a variety rf lfi:], good a !t Iil of the Itrintdi d miniiti i, ?i]1il I.; i i, it
bal. It in not dliulitedl, that tlli fevcrr ::IllD it l- Cliiti l ial cfltr ,.i .it, py repI i' the exp i' ca i fI
t(To I, c imate and, Inlfint tiicU;tiviated It ItI, IT a tie TdiffLrnt vi i rL i to lte i iScns. I I'f .
l:C pliiiittl\e lit wa, y incoitn i, riict ; but it i ", l h of that nt.ure aS t iNo il' Ito ii :,'' l
):.-,Lr llv ei ',d th.t no fet ur' ,; l ,il( c ,'.el s Ia v:*'t ety clin :,, an. I w 1) pr(h.,. r, u >ri
I t i ,, : II *t 1: 1] .. ;[ l'. '. ., Ir11 I '0r Soulli ;i- fi ni'la , i S' 't
to I .:t fw". l, '" tce,. n the ahamIann'. ; i s r ,i- r. IFor wl:. c : I' ; lb. 1
I nm r ;li: t in: .r 't p '.: ."r< t'i n i TLC T-l.O er 17 74, T il -" ii',j" i, to -.;. ; ;, ,,-
ic'" ,I;. l, Io.k a:d the f i t ice f l y o liic :lie ll'l .1- ti'. C t. C difn a I. :,Il ,. n
Vill eh ,.t. H is fii l Ih ilie fu r (xp nta i i 2 -, d. 1'..I i6S, i'. I7. .;' fo 1 h e l
it thel WI .' ( Ir.ii. 'loI the grain anld oi .er ar. o*,'., '. I'- p .r iu.i.'i of N w /..i : K, %v.
Ii i cl.. i.att I li Milr Ie hliboiir, ihi h till '" itr t t tlholei New (' l! ,!.i i "' -7
rcomn ulLe the ;:tl .1 titi iio or your agr'cn'tuic, I illir for the r,.p-tf r fi 'je t .:,:' t;,
fl: nii m i n, n y pIw t piu t ot abb;Ig p.,. \!;: !I ; !' fi ;!I 0. hl -
tu ( t I e\* ol;c at present in, il v,.!L l ''t i, tI lt h here in til .' .i i |I ft ti':,.
orv ;'i"ty, thich v'i:l pr' ,i'yl-ilt Ttourt litn.a'e, '' rtt e It C nl of Fi,(. lw wI it we- ;,e i
itld i l h, .-I rl oi r h rt ve i .l. i.'- !.v t :re i. ni I r..a *t i :'t :T *, :: 'it-ii- it
lta 'p pi npk', tll ',"It l" i i L,;: I .'.Inil n r..l I
t1r *J f [ nr *n 'a-,.rr(l In p rl "u!.ir iy iir. l- up 11'*. a tl ; i Ivant i.Tri w h. I ,a i-;l,'cr > ,. .'-,.

Sii'- ai. i, k ll tl;h I'l, T i a r r,1 (ai, f ir i t vo i'n,;, Zct l.a d la .'! Ih t 'i ,;I ci|:;.t c-i iTn- fet
n':11.t1', v lite huln t ', li'. ritii i..Ilel i in i. 01 -c.,i hi;th, havni II )w it. rtiti t i laih tr an-l !ir hinlrt
x,.-cl i *t'- 1 flu 1( t. Ti: 'ti l.i ll.JI ti, t" Il't w ha1l f,"-'nit Qiu n 0i c.'t torte'A S-iil.''
lti I PlntIi New Zealaid, i, t !. l 1 1 w;lm! m,iltc i ,.pnolugyfr cr .i .iinr i. P 1l li.
ctf .i i ." e In lj,,, iv. ,., ;' to 1:_i l- c i I, yor' coinlltu .lri lli i, w hich no-i 1. ,I I'llo. n N. II
a ,, l k a p t ,% I, i,. 1. 11, 'o ) .l c ,.f - il h io y o u r Y r "o ln c t ity o t* ll I 'iv e ., 0. l 4' "
dIc rv. t thi; e ki:1 il,c d bIv M.. I -' ` 1 .. A JA .; 1':i PI.A.'T 'L .
VW nt .t. ii l r' l t. ii ti, lrt"n hi l.. ii 7' *2 7O'u a, hhi.,
ti *' T)'h 1i, -torti t. 'al I-"i
I 1t he N v /7. .,.',,, .t, kr ill lit,': ,..l. . s I1 ( ) i T/ E 1),
It 'i I e l a I t, li, 1 a i ll i C 1' i IH t\ I B il FI n I F. I f l ul
i lnrI Il In 4 i. .', t. n e.r'i-u an, -a t oI, t rt .a U nali, 1- F ,
4 ich V 111`1 ra-i.,1 re n a r (N 1'eF enali )( ,
hi- ,I,. M p-l. tI ieir ... lnie ira,e ti r Iy) JO H N C It I I S T I F,
tfaul t I'e .liole, v lh t lf( .r.l.,:io]] is t',e lg At lhi STi ? e n tho li It', .
The lianp Jir tlix c."r titc ) tike flit. n iWt I'r C,',', lb, zi/ it (. :',-.
their I rkn m;tciata , e('li y 1 : f -i, A OQ .tt.ty oIf 1tINE 1 OAit S aInt CEDtt.
luiy a.hi wlhit', a tl ',,' h hIt : b ,i :,t SIIINGI S-
r pa.t i. Inland, i a i;. m r l,'i 'lid i 1I A1 L ,
tli.ll. It oar onit all lt"it,flup., Janl IKing A v-- Ifau'n Siperlriie ClOUR, Ilft rt :
41 uare ill tilr nit irnIt t i r /' i"0 i ',
f it be ,olctel ltha thc vlt I n ..,, t 1' A N TO N, L I'. 1' IE., '.
hein foint in tie futthern pi t .' New ,' A- At t/tei'r A'l-:.' S'tr. i t the Fe .I i,`? e ,. Bv Bal,
lani, wlii. i are in a latitulce -n:. t- lit wth ld A V E FO I S A It,
tha't ti N the cold in the futiheren hrnmili|ncr is ma t r 'L FAST'.INDIA GOODS al C \, Ship hlian.
greater tlant in our ; aid that a v-get .ie v, ih l lery, lI.idare, Grocery, Cr2ckl Wati, &c
growIsin the inidllc parts of Niw-1, it a tilt- which they will fIl on (lamor m .ffe unaIlt Ittl
cut care, nou'dl probably adnhIp r i Nil -Scolti for (*a*, or Ar l *' of i / h'i .'*
ad New-Brunfiwick, with the cillt I ,i L l. l Pe n hving il a t ll tic H ilatt
receive there. Indeed, it is iml li'tl to ,t wth of FrEnric' t F d(ceafed, are re
certa tii Ic tore a tri,l liha l cei, mniadc, 41 cli- I nt ed t render thic Opr Till .-'Icld, hIndl
mate aty vegetable will not grow. rheintri,. thole indeItal to make immnlatc payment, to
tion of the Itifh potatoes, as they are nor cai WILLIAM )SS, Ad) r.
from S'uth America into Europe v'y Si, W.r JOI N DE IST'ON, ( 0 ra.
Ra'ei ih, hia furnilhed fiod for mil ions i ti ~ -a _---
r'ro;i well in cuintrii,. where I-:itnpeft-ii, To be Sold by Private Coentract,
will ntm ripen. Yet unicfl experience had niwn it o- f 1 ND to the W ciftlwr., ttwtlin
to hepr' cable, au rtiiisi equiretw ii, 'tv,. b r3. HAIY fand STfR.LIm n Casi .riLevtiy
have looked. in the n.tttin-i i of Pe ti for an ten ileafantly f(ilated, ,ronta on the water fle, anti
lent trot to feed the halt familhed inlabitaut. f on it two .h.,tcbed Caminh, a oo0!l Garden
the W-elcin ellh (f Scotland.-It is eitherr tn .. iced .n, anti a Skittle Allyv in complete orl. e
tentrked that the balhatroi inhabitati of N'- tlithcr Mt.uar, a.ppyt to MAl v BROCKE,
Zealand are excccdirgly few in numneir, fIdoI o0 .J T'rIOMAS NORTH.

Amcrican JntcllihC .I -.

1 o S rT (1 A -" i-
L AST l ii avy ernti, the !' i
J mcit ant i nn' tl t)rfi, i t r I -
tle (rittc Dra,-ta A Giii..a .,', A
I '"i. re th n I : it cr i ,in 'r -
cA.5d to LItl'er I l thrre it. ilt '
t.latr and n.anlu .ildurcs ti,'. : I
S l s; i i T ling lth m v. I "
:dot, d'-i by the lifl .u : t
wi ,.uT b ; y: h te.l, flatc ci, ,- ;conf
t tli ; i:i tI ii lI. ir t I. . I t T
'i"n rii '. 'i 11 itt t .ti C lt '. t '
i- a / r I it r ig ii n i '

vt ', at; I v" ted I- be irr.; "
,, ./ rt -- . '--
'. . Tr i .
/J, ;' '' ,, '- 'h- 'r

v ,liR a:

-C ol ,, 11e (X ,1), ` l .
..- I Il I I -.- P

v iln l:t it i l '! l"
Io i'<11 %ill [ai cc n I"
!, Is .i--y I I' r i' -
flro I t:l 1n, t lio a c th I '
mn til ic I l ilcr n it i '
!if f ut ar t l f e, c 011, r i ..
htie' fit t, L i- r ici :! I ,-
I)Ci l/ t : hrie v' 1n i : : I -
A itit 11 .i [1c i i r' .
.' t r t ' i t r, '
,i i, ,' 1" v, it t b i ,v ti '
uic .1 r i ; b h ,I t- I t

I a ,: h f tt 1 1i, ii. 2 ..
,l 'T"r n it Ie atle -
hen til, : en n i e 1,. i -
the o1,1 r In a I.i- I

S, : t S-. !.1 f a:ch -
7n .'p pir u I i i' !' i't r < t -
'l.e l n f tl.e - -
the l t t I l. r :7 '
tie r'i;tr which the C,''
C t:t:t iv Cc e rirrtfe p- c' '- -c .i' -
and rnht with his ir': .. P
nott t In 1 l in the farrrt '* ,1
Fngli i',i, aiA -, '
ard though he isto .re; '' ; -
M,1-feflty i tliaught t. 1 ; -, *.
mahe ,lifcliverice in the irn.-rr c I a
v hih have hitherto elt.iti t t ;h
r:t'erTrilirg and p.atienr na a at"-'* n
by Englit d. By thc KXrr' ', I-
C' unmt is rm lt to Itfe at n tr., .
Tcr the t o han ,w.fl f, : P d .I
Captain C -uk has (tr;T '--
a'l, it is iiti '.r;t t *, ,
Ire of 1t I ne to f ir.ra<(' a. -
Tatraf? i ef ,'t:'r f *
S"he ,tti ; I' ug i 7 77 ,
coMpetlert pilot, A: *I .
of mueh fc:v Uce t ;: "l i- .




No. 64

GA iK I'tE.

i IN *EBAMA. t lTRI. Hoe.

From SATURDA Y OCTODEK I5, to SAT UR.1 D Y,,i'c. ct .R 2,, 1785.

NAssAU: PrinteW JotIN WELLS, at the Printing Ofiice on the BAY.


For the BAHAMA GAZETTE. exc"i"iag a hundred in i tribe, who havenoco m
I i.kati with each other, tecept wkttIn"onc
F tsi AMERICAN LOYALISTS fetedd in gets ng in hoRilitle with thote ahang
Nova-Scortn and Nlw-.Baurswic. e lediately adjoining to them ; and as it appears
GaTLEMiNs they live entirely on the .fii oalt for the con
rHE extraordinary crcumftances whlI ece of failing, it is very improbable that the
Seduced you to fettle In your newly adop Iax Plant Ithuld have- been cnrtied to the routh
countries, have universally attra ted the public emitie of thofe iOands, where it is fail not to
stention. The greateRf expettatiuo s have he naturally; which laft is hnsever an lli ,lion
ibrmed from your Induftry, attivity and fo me of proof, as thofe parts ianr hardly been ei-
abits ; and yourfriends make no doubt that th oraed n any manner. The fetal of the plant are
imt firmnefs and vigour of mind, which DromD 0 undoubtedly to be had from tir King's gardens;
you to appeal to the word in the late eree if fi, a trial how far they would lit'ic d with you,
perilous war, will be as conllcuoqn In your xter- won:d neither l difficult nor experlivc. Should
lions in the peaceable, but Important walks of it afwarer it would be a force or Vat opulence to
agriculture and commerce. your province.
The contradictory accounts which have been Foom tle drfcriptiron of this fPlx l;veri above.
givcn otyoir provinces, ferve only to Ihew, that it i cv:denlly one of the nmollfulp.its tha
they pof fi, in common with other conutriesa ~ s yet knowe i and If ini ted ilto aay
confidirahle extent, a variety of bila, good and part of the Rtitllh dominions, Id aliic, in it.
bad. It is not doubted, that their fevrre and boil- beneficial efieds, amply repay a;i the ealprncea of
troaisc imate and prefcat inicultivated llatc, may the different voyages; to the bou, h Seas., It fems
be protdutve of many inconveniencer but it is to he of that nature as to 'p:omife to ficctel
gencr.lly Ielikved that no fet of cilonifi corl,, ina variety ofclimalte, and wonh:dplrohblyanr.l H
have lb'cn fLunt- r, v.II adapted as oiurfclvic, aIfo : far South as T nr-mndil, and irvii perrihsi
to fiurio, 't fuch difficulties.. in the lahama's; for tMr. Forlir f'itlh'r ,lt uin
I Lumhbr in the frft place, omd in the nret, pro- ''it in Oitber 1774, ntfwering to .A'ii in nr
sinnils, nlo k, a id the produce of your liiteric-, liermllher(c, Capt. Cook ilifcnv-red a l..,'il 1i ild
will doubtltrfi furnilh large fndisa for export atiuo l sy9, 1, .o, l. ind 16, ii, E. in wlich lie
to the Wift Ivils. 'lu the grainand oi her a-.!- 'ay, th productions of Nre Zta. nd. were
tijrs cu:tivatc I bv your eighlboura, whi h will uitl.l to thnfafc 'lew Caledooia aiill le N' v
rnmpote the lcief articles ot your agriculture, I llebrides, forth cyprefi of tie oi;, ,.and the
flattc mnillf .! may be in my poier to point out cabbage pmin whi(li we I, fren inl thic nt-
to yot a new ol.iedt, at present iiunul:ilatcd in ter, flourished here in th- gicateft perftlioin.
any cf'u:;ttry,hich will probably liit ymorcl;nale, 'rhe trc.itcRt naLmibr of Ipecues whit I we met
ard which, lvhenrtr y or wlkervr it is railel I'y a 'L -ili. vcre r'erll known to ns -is bcloncinl: to
trading pcop will molt alTtiell y f. i,,lh a cal f Nr.'/,i'.l. i v
talauticle o comincret, and in parti.-llarlmy open nith a2tl t advantages whknt a Amller.icr'IT
a new acil aln amp fie~d Iio Ihe ecercifc of the iigc- and an exuberant foil could give them. The
nuity and Ikirof thornanufaR urcs of our mothii I'new Zealand Flag niat nlalks eight or nine feet
counrr, are hitllrtn unrivalleil in thr gecia high, having flowers mich larger and brighter
xts'llnrctf theit fiablics. The anric l Illnthle to, Ihan we had fecn in Quecn Cl-arlolte's So:ind."
i Itl. 1 F a Plant of New Zealald, the knowlLl):c 1 wrll make no apology for fnnling tlhia Plaint It
of hs hoi, owe to the ingeniopns I:tanilt t lho your coaid ration, which noll i;g bit trry ereiicil
accur C.apt. Co( k in his filit voyage of with for your p.ufperity cou'.l Iave '.rgfl' *l.
difcorvry. It a thus dcfcrihed by Mi. lor!lei, who -,A JAMAh.lC PLANITER.
went v inh tha celeblaied sntioloron hi' I;cond far7aica, 7ur lo0, p178..
voyage: Tli' Flag, (phdorivitr tIma r.) oI hicll -
" the New Ztlanii,.s make all their cloths, J L ST I1 P () E D,
a, moas, ropes an nets, aflords fich an (xc",llCut In the Brig FrnnsHiP CFlt. rHEoDDON, from
' kiind of lax, whh sb at once lnofy, elarlic ,nd NEWsYOR I ,
Sltroug, that it nl,.ht become an article of com- A N D T O B' E S I. n,
erce in Irdia, w',rc cordage alnl ct.iraa art On Reafnabk Ter
i mluch wanted.--T leaver are fplitldried and I j O 1N a tC i T ,
been, No plant lp ifea to become o nfe- y N C S TI
ful nta urope, try trfplantation as t'e Fl-g. At his StoRa on thli *Y.
The himp or tiax wh'l, tle make of it, will For Ca/h, Brailetto, Cotton.
f their coarfe materials, e..invtely nr ng, fo'r, A QOantity ef PINE BOAR S and CEDAR
gloTfy a.ld white, and th~twn,chl has bee. pei- SHINGI.ES.
49 par(d in Fngland, has "rIt equalled ilk in A L S I
lullrc. It giws on all kiali.f fals, ant being A few Darrcls Superfine FLOUR, jult ah ced
6' perennial, requires frvrce a attendance Or from Baltimore.
t' care in the cultivatlin.' \ .t .teda..c A r --
If it be obicdedt that the Iliant haq not PAN TO N, L ES1I I E, 4l 0.
hetn found in the fguthern l few Zla- At their NPw STOI Of he Ea/I E of rl BAY,
land, which are in a latitude ewir fimiar vith H A V F O R S A E,
that of Nova-Scotia, it is to Ib 0 rved, that A GENERAL Afrortment of Eo OPEAN &
the cold in the fuuthern hemilthcr is much I. EAST-INDIA GOODS; al, Ship Chan-
greater than in our ; and that a Wget e which dlery, Hardware. Grocery, Crek Ware, &c.
grows in the middle parts of New-caxt I with- which they will fell on ti molrre enable terms
out care, wou'd probably answer irNo Scotia for Cnbh, or igooll i efll a a
and New-Brunfwick, with the cullte i would A LL I'erfons havni a l t'aiill the hltt
receive there, Indeed, it isimpotlfb!tot with A ofFatl tca I d t ( cafed, are re-
celtainty before a trial has been made, a w cli- eruefted to reader th P enly -attefled, and
imate any vegetable will not grow. CTheintr ofe indebted to make inm late payment, to
tion of the Irifh potatoes, as they are now ra, W ILLI&M S8, .
from South America into Europe by SiW'r JOHN DR STON, m
Raleigh, has furnished food for million as t
grow well in countries, where Estropeaira\ To be Sold by Private Contrat,
will nut ripen. Yet unless experience had wn LOT of LAND t the Wewaird, between
to he pracicable, a curious enquirer would teve Mrs.HaL V'andSTE ri.n CATLrL, is ery
have looked in the mout-ins of Peru for an r leafantly fltuated, fronts on the water fide, and
lent root to feed the half famlhed inhabitalt\oft a on it two thatched Cabins, a good Garden
the Weflern Illes of Scotland.-It is further t~e in, and a Skittle Alley In compleatt order.
remarked that the barbarous inhabitants of lNea fu ithcra a itla, apl to MnYt Bocrd,.
.. fudther er Iacsw, apyt I nt t .MARY aOcT s,
Zetland are exceedingly few in numlkr, ltld ) 'THOMAS NORTH.
V (y

Atnriecap Intelligence.

1. 0 OpTO N, Atavusr r7.
L ASi lF,riday vcening, the alfociatiqn oftradef.
a men and manut; rera of this town met at
the Grecn pragon., A circular .letter was laid
before them by their committee,,to be cotfmunl-
cattd to their brethren in the Iveral'branches of
tiade aad manufadursn throughout the United
States; inforinjng them what meafuret hit bect
adopted by the aflociation ofthis tp and the
law ,pared by this late ip Sopofqutnre of their petl-
tion ; urging them to enter into d fitular affod-a
'ion, and requelling then to forward a petition to
'heir fveral Icgilatures, for the pirpolf of laying
olil s on fuch fpeciec of articles as can be mannu
fadtlurd in this country ; alfo a correfpondecnc
is rccommcnrldd from the fveral affociatidns wheat
eflabiheil. lThe letter was unaniruonfly appro-
ved, and voted to be immediately forwarded.
Prefrot Situation ef Aret ifan Afairs.
Public Spirit-gonetrl Nova-Scoiia in the Mercury.
PUt.- 'it ei-for fale at It. Whackum'a, cheaper
thl i, chl ap.
(Conrcrre--f ck of the cramp,
.tr-- loldl at sendue,
,'.m;--playirr hide and go-feek at Weft-Point.
uts/'r: -di:clroyed by an armed gun-boat.
'.ii--isbfent on furlough.
3ferc'a.ini-fcraping their nails, and inning 4 0
lie rafy.'
Trad. fne,:-trned shopkeepers.
r"ni.r-l-hulding the plough, but lookingback-
G i.,-i<'ciilorirg her fate, but endeavouring to
u iU;o#e.. U-11-o ,A Is 5r-e t-
er innfince of the extreme drought of the present
feafon in Europe, than the following, which is
feclcdcd out of a letter from a houfe of eminence
in the commercial line at Dorlft, in H Iland.
-" You will farce believe, that in a country
like tl is, (watery by nature) that we complain of
drought ; but fuch is absolutely the cafe at prfent.
no am having fallen in this country for upwards
of four months, and the continued caflerly winds
have fo emptied the Rhine, Locke, Marfe, and
Dertcz, that there are not in many places fufficient
r'atcr to carry vtffels over the fands. Our wells
are ulcommonlv low; and, an a greater phano-
meron, at the Kiender Dycke (which is famed in
hifllr y from the circumtlancC'cf 73 villages being
overflowed by its breaking in the year a69s), the
wateis are fo low, that the very foundation of
that Itiperdons fabric is now to be fecn, and
workmen are repairing it in many places. Such a
circumflance has not occurred in the memory of
the ollcit man now living in Holland."
Seplmbsr I. The Count tie la Peyioufe, who
is appointed to command an expedition in the
South Sea in fearch of difcoverien, is the officer
who during the course of the late war, was lent
again the Ergliflt fettlemtnts in Hudfon's Bay.
he lan of the new expedition Is drawn up by
the King of France himself, who has traced out
the route which the Count is to purfue. The
Count is to cartefoind direcly with his Majefty,
and not th Jl irminllers. By his orders he ia
not to fall in me latitudes thinugh which the
Inglift l' lilgator have already aflled;
a d though o keep within the troplce, his
Majefy Is taiLh to hope, that the Count may
make difcovles In the Immene Pacific Ocean,
which have hitherto 'efaped the pnrfuts ofthe
enlerprifle and patient naigators employed there
by Englin. By the Kris special diredcions, the
Count ii not to Ibfe any time in striving to difco-
'er the fo I6hn wished for north- well page, as
Captain cook bandemonfrated that if it ifts at
all, it in lot 'laigerous, and consequently ean
be of no life to trade and navigation.
F atraf if a tter fram Brijel, in England.
The following is lately received from a very
competent pilot, and the knowledge of it may be
of much frvioe to the (caf ring part of tf comn.

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