Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 5, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00123
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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,- oars, no al plankl, 4en plt"c f alo clth, hope; i rc.,,t S in St. Omero the C,- rton Eilber thoer renlatioas
Ieldcld thi perfelstn to the Ucy ant his illilters for the r, time I ~ orf f0,therlng any treaties fublting betwe l. I
the Cifv rOran is to be as Ilfor." Engtlh o :it coinmenced for Eang1ili lebt. a l or they are not. If they
The B eet at Spithead is derfitel only foe a Pomrt ''h, iatcr oriig reprefeiiled by the %orvln'- with our mutual engaglements and
cruise; perhaps only to nmacc.uvre the Ilip at people to 'he 'alitne(lt of Prad an cdit.owrant ies he ad a ribl ht (a to m juj
pe hape to obrnfr thrVtons of race ; bt at innaly ilh:ed enjoininl the dl"ftraes of t. 1 owo bmnfelf and wc b nrear
any rate notofnoieo, w poft berig in the. a ner',, if e hey po l'elfnlrd the right, never hi to count frr ithe datrwie t lhu
ionit h of wi rnet nation. thatole who know our moreth i eeriteit. Thus tradquilityr an rlIte d enquih r lfter his motives rfee ch e .
condition, are fenfible at Whe capwe tt covet war :o eulch diirconcerted refugee, and th towln td uhs really uae o t thtl time, e fia
and ichellignnt men arenctibale that there is re- that fourihil wag ahote fro which t on the brink efral npece having oldad f din be
ry good rlaforn why France will not puh h is to of ng r f t Wr fll he choure to be expliat mand, f
one The Prince will continue afloat during the Several placesin rkW notheatn pittoofvranre caufe miy pIlblfhqbb aln movid, er. I1
cruie, and will b. Made a Ple Captain on his have boaftd the above right, nrlh Ihour, ho g- put onpne factte well the ratert;
arrival. ner, now been fithverefilly ft' treded, ococ rin e nation is vouchlf cqfed thenD li
ot is raid among the nal people, that the- n R. month oor w ckd by will t to me itich internal r i
roinotent of the naval commander in Chief fr red on ull. Ate rvral Paer.- A few years ago our coritlcrce ard f nulhsadu noer b a k
tloe taflorf-In will pofitivel be made in the a man whd o lived, al trl nil lihocv at Alircrtn, in ell to countervail the damage incurred
cuurfe of n est week; and that Captain John Gill, this a i i hbouolhood, by trade a tarlor, linht who edith. r
who m litein uifhed hitoelf at thbe capture ao the could cc aionally had he rid, figtle as well as his If, n the other hand. this edi l'
oh.chrand Mfcechntof Tincomale, wil bcthe Com- neIl le: t which 'i enrad anIhoe l i whenrce hethad wil h ifrn of any y fubnlllntelr ,
mrid'.... wVhtvor is the perfon, he will go out in Ih.. eerciiig lihis inutlcl t'letsm, for the cter- foll ows of courfe, that treaty me il ll
a tne of t battle onip. The Pegafe of fenvlty.four tiinment of lomr of his c rty, a n eIlrghbours lin ground pon hibe well as the tFracelu.

Magillrais a number of Nobility >nd Gentry, t 1(1,camine hr'at attontioil. The afflghd roceding tIa war if adding blood a .a
and te Mow in the fleet at Spithead, has been rno p.ll il thinitg h fi eld abnd three m 'click iii the oihe Iea pletterty the twom ooa

Iodles of Frcc Mafonsinthscity and ntilihoiur* (miii appealeo, bngn to think or attakeng hd wy r wrofprohibitions on, proidtdo --
hot ( ;od bill what other force accompanies him is morning, in the month ofingan was mntckd off, wit h phibition co lSd relative rctd
not known it prel'eit, though it is conjedurcd on* Bull. After fevral efirtsl to c'capehr attempt- pther, r Ifthatl y had never b ft
ly one or t, r? f gates with the man or war. ed to arcentl a tree; not however iticecding in will then belong to do to begin fomuewhest I
TheGiandh Aur,4 This day the foundation teth e att tt a moentary imnpulrew diraed him throw equal obiftclei in the way of t
fone of tire South itddge was laid with great fuo- ti, pull out his fiddle, and, forttlf ifg hiofe lf btO- srlde with' ni, either snnihilttltIn. L
elo, ity bI the Right Iloourable Lord i added, hi d the tire as well as he crtel. lb;in to play tno it a otr all eo ereia torea tiFane, s d
(]ranid Mauler Mlaft of Scotland, iii the pte'nce uprn whiich the enrauet anu mal hrecarric totally will he n0ll 4IlW n 0ry as hrot --kreuIe,
of the light Ilonbthabl the lford P tvolt iid farmer fo hi fonerfct. h ailo appeitred to lift'i dutie n and prohib ioC with FralctulI,
Mf Balcrates, aT number of bilet and Gentry, fa'ithin femiin. g that atte iol'o. Th.e arfghred o fti l rocedin, toa war ng d bloodven
andthe Maoters, Officers, and rethren of all theu Snri. find g lihi fierce and formidable tcmyrert the humand freci h matitertno, a
lodges of Free Mafrons ino this city annd' ighorti. ( id, whi apealed began to think of mi aing h, war of prohibiltin on, provided a rico
hcd tefinie af n innumerable owld of liVpnitr wou ic charm ulf t hff p laying, and waho moing off, with- prohibition col t he prohiand beeitoy
d he imagind Mater, at laying the fonn,'ation ,a t even the tpigh tt defirstl in f ai.dpn; f exporting t erw te
tione, was fipaported on the right hand b tile fr n onr did is, hop hir fer than the Ulil' A1 to th minirIr'l to France, and heo
alwke of Bleolgh, and on the ckft by al wilEh anger orer, nio fthun hea our Orpllcnsce. n ed i.s pgrtOia French ii valyets, tutor, eta
of lalcarras. Thep number of Brethren who at- fminatinh g rain, that the faml'a rice fap tlrael tho itinen, arid awning fadi pjentulerl
te Drinl n tPrie occasion, eiceteldeighnct hundred. return with as n whch i hlnce as htore Hie their te blood and d of the r tieryn, aIl alt
Loentdo, Ahe 6. A gallant oi flrt, whi is on e frlle was glra to ave recofrrfelbr a cond ti ic to hi \ brains or our gr rmen, lateafen, nolq i '
of the enfpetoiralofthed a IDu of Itchilind's Iort- die, which as hIflantly operated ataril as 1a ima- l, toer T his w 4i he to ins a rich dati
ficutiyns, asked the DuLe how fintny mca. it would gie charm upon the Bull, who became as compnPp l pe'nftion for all the f rohibitgory Ir Cli
require to mait them whel completed. His Grace eld alI attentive as before. lie afterwards made Ai XVlth could make, if he was to livdtet
laid he imagined abhut b rocto. 'l'hn fal o Cap- federal more attempts to ertra i, buit all in vain; age of lewis the XlVth.
taGn Ml-- I an con inceu titht 3 tosu mcn will for nit illonr trid Ire fup his fridcle, than the bill'rs As tot the miniler' ianorne of th
always he able to p pefre ci the ndock yard with- anger rcturnedp; that, ahe he w frnpllet to con- thumt pr cc ing, it is rcafily tncounotd E fot AM
mit forMtifictior;, ant I wit n other inforia- iupotne fidden t n tteal i, tne ue t h 'lock, (ahb t "I hIlt ;eirc eyes wilftjl'and obiinrltellDy"
rIo to mkh e up mo y mein d ti- the fcbeMr. t he lhdtors) uob til the family calie toa ftthen the clearell truth api d pindnefn farls pArMlfl t
r D ricn Prho.c Soii!il an'% ivererice Iy n the Con. home the cowst ho which he a reaiicrl n tlnd other reye, and d held uip to their very q o am
lfe-tt he irung uon toht I ef he lnti er g M near Othe reLepLfrn ao trreme b ir ant e w i l ri ii b toehr ill e gnr t pullf s oil ae hfo, ltab
Pit nova1 t into oi: c. Oncanr) onhi fill that ofer- a lil.e -.e ind, tle pili, te sir p rhi i ,an I laa rec l r nje fc two qf)re nmotives inducing
few he tem ithtirte a tcriert cate ut ttted all a- p d tinay realty be f ii to haveXfr..'edfr ilm, nfo ut if ihe Fen hathtfw iflka
rolity he was b) way otf lviftin wito, but arg n th ttio while o iry flfel h 's idea. that ly all ithirnavy dol nto acutrgs or i a, l
RngiA Prince," and his btrdther tih York, u thae t him with th ide. of hl in' rltntb to li. inrualin peremptori y to refut, ildt
Geur rShenltop, who allay up riches forpi i It p. r r, dlin fmurer clriof n tt an fer; an tainC thi more fper i r,
Captraipo Arill' 0 t Ili@ m.Ao. cger o #ia e firm hou where tr A~oIn r te I l, i of Ifat treaty h OtMhle,
wituhtiC for the ,pprie aftr hvi the rmen 11 ISTat r la he f*eiPontly c wilola l thewr r d rifl and itenaion urlis
moft uei f tmuain in America, calli to nu nd that, S aurea A'nOCir. from nrm a Fret h Inger to an ld unmagt fd.e,
tle .l'ifclr. and tice of haing friends, alre wa ble b inTWO ie iddle i n en rt fi amui'e the mFr;ne, t na proceed o e ftrped, gnoraec, l
to the ufc oftpitn'ri'--tr. itt, lre. Itolle, Itep- ihe had otifebyve that thee RBil (vhf alwbe ays atictlh Icntiun or paid d infolelce oa oe IrMeol
re Fren, ch. &ch. Some very prIlty chal're the cows bore to be milkr. d c,4ltantly en idel othet ranid rMally y pugger or two clhiemf
hy, ien obeeu carcon thfe nam, s the r fippied lr. v,.lwhd to get as near the p lart it Ie nlite lwert ii tokinlr wif ft p calling o fthe hat, iea

their rcar:rry ol bayrwe thut our ports.-We fent Thic iii of Prance's Ednf, laying a duty upon rut to upne a'fold nI manly co!, Itrpo
Prtt cattle into o ciate, and. on thi firal tcaty nn a lie ipplned to be plRy, i as pid, has lwcc anud a and wlling fu to meet nations In qu and fAtL
few ward, tnhe a glltinra ferib hae eltced all appeared tiln, wift h the mol mreg ial ant fixr e HBit if it ap ear r the French Curt klr
their prn tnce, nnt only to wit. but argunfown i, ltntei tion wh ee opplaed, winnehic irtunat coy a their y o n to a cutter oringthili
rrni is a kind of nihbard wit, which would have Iincit hIim with the ie r a of hat a retSatr, ho tol hi inru licli peremnptorily torefue it, teo tvsl
hurt Shentfone, who tell i that in his prayers fiddle n the a prol (ng mc e nt pof ls ldvore ; anti tahton, this will he more ferions alfflir, m
he thanked God hi nir.e twa not liaMe to pult ifN which ha certainly anette" it, and, itall ptohabi- probably h ing to lighae tte ferrt r nrtiel s"
Captain AfCill's builcplirfg a chariot decorated la.p, w d be r al fe bre Nlipulations of gote treaty: O
wit the Congu reotr rie, after having been i -a nAItIDGIMENT of tll STAI'E o/ PO I been will t hew d and inteitie dlk
mo peringo fitulatn to in America, calls to iid tiheirt, Sla r.r we ay4, i6. Frcnreme Court, We an fee l mbadlked.
Sciladtnv pra&ce ol having aJiron.t always borne 'wo iicidents efpiiigF France, one by laiul, .4A: we ht net o be farprifed, Ifo wel
before hn e c' m n lw co othofr bf, hiufe agitlted the minds Of tat to be and probaby ill r e itpe
wI lke French charge us ith illiaerli tr. Thee t;e pen le t thins Aec. We flall arteld ini that thie (rand u on wharch a t on ; uochl
fay, in olr fcarcity of corn, they "' ppred pti--In wnyhich nk ror aten tic and explicit wn r, vini vfiell tokens 6w f r, b panic, or aingeusa.;
their rcar-ry ol bay, we iut our porut.- t te fent gThe Cing a f Francc's EdiC, lraiog a dcrnty Iptn Ito to ltew a hold manly o:!ntearme,'y
Me. Crawfrd toe otirociat a commercial t it, a ny :nlilatii g ao,r brnlch, o ih rai,' It cairne allthe Meit dol willing to eethe Frch,rd fcoate
witl tirem, and furnilhed him with no adt(rtate vry reelral alarm i oi thii cutc l, atatig tlOi danger the can in'herpon eas. Tins hlW
powers for iht in irfco. We fritt to them hard- mif- dent n tera in general, the Spialliecios we ill Kinr'r e el inrefrt to keep otw'natloadd
ware d Mncheter garoje, &c. & o and took no- darto us rel mifchif whom, l t h fcm more o hi:t French war, or a other of their alf ring
thinfr in return. The Mar ioef) Lau n owit tionl inft reid I Mai were popped ill ne tayd; il cul ld the very mt t oflarting this iotelT .
we wouli laugh to corn the menaces atdt the freComne ri twenty r the m. rufaOurers al d a cntifr- the tm oifed s f Parliament hae aJiW
arrett of our neighboura.--'rhey have na ara I reclie wA!,i the Ser rotary li'Statc, who told litin, thenifelves frot? ad ofAtginlt, to the Itd
anoerimeintf. it was a policy itich wt e had'inot provoked andfwer Ater, of ear three ins1t td
ixeraeft f gmat rtie letter frer v Bser, fd hor which he coitill not acconit ; bilt thai every eoitngh to have a double prrandrilf
? ul a6. v. ep wsirctlovernment could take, wculd be ptir- had been! Now to what good purpofk 1111
is A fingdar revolution in theaflairs oFa neigh'- j 'it oa tie iccafinn. nmode has been RItnsk ot by the MiniAUc'r,
boinring town lately took place. A procel iffnled Noow. n thie 'irt plae.. we fay, it is extremely mot divine! re can fee feveraitl bad eoafelk
in oare of the cimmnn liw courts of Inglandl a- imprudcnt oflthe mansufaihtirer, or the clitors if that may, and probably will refult fee f1 IS
ginb an Engiilca Gentleman frank o rS. matter's, w oun papers fiir them, to ncpref ai y with cl alam- not one good thing that can nfrue frms isl
was lacked or connt tfigned by the Magintrate c' i marcment atn and thn witthe arid Monarch a In faiorr Fuppo-tiot whatever to jiftbhTs
of that place, and a warrant iffued for the caption mAyth;nk roper t ih within his own donninion vclty. However, by thus faring his Il4tJ
of the debtor. The officer intritfed with the exe- generally, or refpei4itg trade ail, comtr.erce, or trouble of reading a fpreel t Ovn MinikirW
ctition of the warrant, Iitialing the objecut of it, any iarti fular branches of tihe fame. It carre s allthe Membeat down into the CoIttti .
(a few Captain B- af with ibt an idea abroad in tout the worhi o thia frti treated of the nation inthrir he ad, Iittl dd
w of theCapt d iptin h any lonere ofmindnota nation atd its valuable Fitere Oaenti epen- pockets; and each ml y supply the pl
be over-urgent in dtfcoveiing to the man his mif- dent on the precarious breath, and capricious will King'sfpeech in his own waly.
take, patiently went to prifron, and having private- and pleafirt of the French King An idea which We thought to Ave taken aIt little cN
I' informed lte real objet of thie fulail, (which mat) dto us more mifehief than all the arrets of hil view of tirhe late eejaoreinar halff oa"a
wag For a large t(m of money) of his fituxtion, Mnr Chriflin Mlajelty refpeetng trade, could i.) our way; by t the ve fubje1t interfll"
complained in very Arong terms to-the Comman- i in twenty years tocome! Our alarms, our fur- prevented us for i. prefect '
dant, of the insult he had lfuffered, and was foon prife and Affrcationa occafloned thereby, anfmver After much manly, sparring .and .
after fil at ftberty. the icry ends for which they were emitted 5-We threatening, a. d 'ing, dlay and t
4- It is scarcely neeeffary to fay that the towi ought 10 have rcceired the intrlligence witk calm- the Diidh Ip es .I
was cleared of molt of the Englifh gentry within nes. inlifferenee. and even with a f1dieal apathv-- In order to-to what? To hinw'rui
a few hours after this affair got wind; and lo thebeff mieli il ol taking oit the fling of this frr- tlieratyof ionfc with the I htirl "F lI
few of that defription any longer ctettining pentine tr1 at t:7. 1o, the gran tluclint If they are a V

.. i

t HA






NASSA4: Printed by JonN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAr.

:101 I --

su' or" f. J
law. PlOIDO NCf. DB N '.
j Ii, lon.ur JAMES ED ARD PO RLI.,
JEfp; Liurtenant-Gosi'rnc and Commander ils
Ctuf in and 1rer the IJ Ilands, Cboanelli,
rice Adniral, and Ordi, r f lafe, niet c.
S HEREA lh Expoitation of any
S Spciaec ilions. may il ti
prclct c iniftatice of things
Lffbe aml-ittend wilh confllquenenM
S highly prej l to the Inhabi-
m over tants of t ldandi; I hllam
and with the advice and co f HIs Majelty's
lonounable Council, to iflu my Proclama i
ion, lkreby fIrily prohibitil the Exportatian
of any Species of Provifione rom thi or ay
othrr land within this Gover ment, to any p'a
oi n ac without the limits thereof. This fa
pi o tili'un to commence from and after the date
ere' r, an I to continue until further orders.
L iN mnnder my Hand and the Great SisIla
the faid I/Lda, at Niain .this eth da*af
i\ Aerber, in the Year af ur Lord On e Ith
fn Ifejrtn hundred anldigbhJtyfi, uii in the
.went, f xtb ear of lHi MIe/v's Rriyn.
j;ls Hnor, can ymannd i
Jonn O'lla, A oiJi o Sec-k.
hn it: Slhoontr Ssve nnan, c ,f re w uTern,
By SETu H OUi ),
At hie Itioufe on t ie t,' raT GousD.
SUPlI IFINI" Flour in Il' r Fill,
Iarr'si &l hallbarrila Iii t otntoce
Oylterr ini k it t Oni t
neFwton Pipin i n & coin- rhict
nrii API,.C! And a frw round of
)ider in t ur)el Corned etrf,
Irdian Mral in ditto &c. .&c Ac.

1 (RBES & tNS,
dirt'i; STORI en the B p It Cot. Gionuo
i Larce aiitl general Af rtmint of EURO-
A i. Sp
LONXoN parlK'iar FI. cc nfpruce
LMad, il i' ine, by 1' DcBe a*nd Pork in
the quarter talk or do- [ tie
en FII. in ditto
litt Market ditto Trh n IKe X C .
Uflrry dito ain 'i nd Oil, F oi
Hggh prof Jamlaica and Anc l n dl table*
Well .ndliaRu l inl n- RKio licrcc.
ehenne nd hoplhrllhlad Ac Ar.
Wkich they will difpolit of, on the monf reafon-
able Terms, for CGafl, C Bills of Exchange,>,
or Predure.
A PLANTATION at the Wacfward, lately
occupied by JoHn MATrnfq. For terlns
Wan has for Sale, a few dozl of excellent
Itd Port. I

lh EOH KEMP is played to attend
Wuch American I.oylifts in tia town and neiFh-
,hrihood, as may have afion for medical
lnianer, and are unable to rnvtle thminelvef
itd everything elfe that may p ectrary ward;
their rcmvery, will he provili on ngiplication
AMa mide to the Doctor foe at purpose.
B. All Strangers in diflrcfs, of an other
frnption, will alfo be attended to.
rfci Oywtr hi, p8j,.

European Intelligence.
L 0 N D 0 N, AbvUc T a.
T IIE French fquadren now at fea, under the
command of M. d'Albert de Riomie, coulifa
of the following Ihipal
l.e Seduif.nt, |Le Rtofinaol,
Ia ltailtie, I .0 CLirvoyiat,
ia L Cle.atlie, L I.e Pandour, a.nd
We Croilliant, IA Lerelt.
Betides thele, federal other Ihips have failed
from Tou!on, with orders to join him of Cape
The eldle daughter oflhe late Genera' Scott is
on hjr way to London, to take poffelion of his
brother's eflate, which amounts to about 6n,cool.
This Gentleman died lately in Percy-freet, and,
what is remarkable, expired with so,ool. in his
'tnds, which he firmly grafptd till the laft mo-
tent af his existence.
Mife Scott polreffes an Immenfe fortune. Her
father accumulated aIo,oool. by play, at which
he was fortunate to a degree ofafltinilhmnit. At
his death he lelt iso,oool. to bii elded daulthir,
-antd o,oc:I. to each ol his other two female ch I-
The eklifl of the three ladies alrve allu:led to,
is about fItuiteen years of age ; aid by ltr fa-
shrr's will the is obliged to reilet every piopofal fiorm a 'er,, as lhe General was re-
f,'ved tIh:t the hulk of his fortanc Ihould sut fall
into the 'lilds onfa iyhbrerr Nobleman.
Ayip i. rTie tul!iswin A"r.,, uwc.h *
'icrtn P.* tine tillh orlfft month, havilr can-
fIl i) ( 1iill alarm in the political wwld, we la
iI htfore our read'r.s or tUe, without
omin1ct, aid lac;In to the public in general to
nmake theri- orri r.m kik, at a time fu very criti
al, and on a flr t tri irteiefting and important.
The preamblte fi't folth, That, in confequrncie
if the complaints of the tradefinen aid manufac-
inrcis (if hils kilflgiom. relative to the open fa!e
io foreign particularlyy Englifl,) manuiifa2Lre, toI
the irat detriment ofthe national induinry, and
lihe more fo as all Fecnch goods are prohibited in
En-laind under a high penalty, his Mairfty ha.
tlhoughr proper to make fome regulations, orf
which the following are the principal.
Firlt. That all fortein otil8,t the entry of whicli
iltlo thing loin is prohibited liv the ordinances
andl rgulaioiiis fiom 1687 to ilthis day, halll till
Remain pn hibited, on pain of the pcnaltics con-
tained in the Faid ordilances.
Second. 1That all l'igrlilI mannfatlic, except
tllol prc mitted by the Arret of the 6th rf reptre-.
her, 170o, or other l'Lblfriqu t our:, fi.ll conti-
nue to be prohibited on paia. of confiscation of
line effInd, and a for.cit of 1o,c0a lies; the
g,.ode piohliitrd are all faidlry wvai. haIt, hone-
ry, woollen cli ths and hardwair. Thofe permit-
ted to be imported by the Artet of the 6th o
Septemlber, I;or, ant others, air, horfcs. wooi
raw Mivic, tanned ox and calf ikins. cnws har,
tallow, yellow and white wax, coals, failed meid,
beer (in bottle only) glue, calledd Englinll glue)
horn, round or flat, copperas, dying drugs, in.
firuments ufed in any art, Sc. nnwrought tin.
Ihiphuilding timber and tvave, &c. from England
or Enmglifh Colonies.
Third. All foreign polifhed ficel works, except
tools, are prohibited on the fame penalty ra above,
together ith all chryflal and tlafs.
Fourth. His Majefty permits any individual,
out of trade, to import any Englilh or other fo-
Weign prohibited manufadure for his own ufe on-
ly, firfl obtaining permiflion from the Comptrol-
ler-General of the Financer, and paying ji per
cent. additional duties. .
Fifth. No rank or quality is to be exempt from
any.of the atove
Smith. Any perfon conrited of felling any of the
above prohibited..;ofld, to forfeit the fame, and
pay 300 livren, wimut a poflibility of the flae
beiag mitigated.
Iceatla, Iiis Majefty particularly forbid any

perr'n to write o-erthei or door ho op, Ware-
holltf for Englilh ManlIfalures," on pain of pay.
ing 30oo lives 1 and thofe who have that ahealdy
written over Ilh i; flops, are ordered to drface it
within eight days, from the publication of this
Arret; and proper officers are to fee thin properly
executed throughout the kingdom. The Arret
nclOeiCea wi h two other articles, tending to cn-
for"e the toregcing ones.
The principal reafon with the Court of France
for laing on th- duties in qutftion, has been the
f~pprnefltn of finuggling on this fi 'e of the water.
While that trade continued, France derived a
million a year in fpecic from this country ; but
now Mr. Pitt's bill has operated fi efferuaity as
to 'deprive them, of almost every killing of it g
this led the Fiench Miniftry to feck an cxpedient,
which might perhaps oblige our government to
give a more general reception to the manufadlures
and proillce of that kingdom.
. The Klng of Ftance'a Fdit laying a duty up-
on Englifl goods, amounting in fme infances to
.t per cent. ai :alorem, hat naturally occanined
a yely general I'arm in this country. The firl
knowlecige of it which our manufacturers recei.
ved, wan by .1 notice from the French houses
cnuntcimanding a1' their orders; and more tham
a hundred looms, in the gaule branch only, we%
on Tiureday lopped in Spitalfieldi. The manilt
fadturern bad a conference with the Marquis of
Carmarthna. when the nnble lord told thnm, thit
rvcry tep which Government could take would
It purfued on the occafion. It wa* a policy, he
n1i,. "1 LI1li II1 I)n* Trn roulel, and for
which he cotdd not account.
This Arret has put the great and Nlomri;hinl
mantfafmory of Pail y and (.latgow Into dreadful
confialon. In thofe places 4000 looms were cm-
played in thefe branches, and which, as Lord
Stormont fated, contributed to the folendour and
elegance of the Court of France. Several of the
principal manufalurers are come express to Lon*
Mr. Crawford went to France to negotiate a
commercial treaty. It was one of the Marquis of
I.anflnwn's equivocal fiheme., when he framed
his peace. He went with no ad quate powers.
lie had oiil to offer on the part of Britain to ad-
mit fume of their wines in return for their accept.
lance of hardware, glanzee, and cottons. The
French declared there was no reciprocity in this
the Englill wowhl waot very little wine, and they
would take immenfe quantities of hardware.
The Englill cl mate rqiiired, and the tafie rc-
lilhed frong wines, and port was and would be
thiir wine. T.ey rreqiired, therefore, that we
fliould aidml;t :eir brandy, t eir cambric, their
gloves, their fafion', and te forth; but this was
prefemptorily refuted.
,:,gS The pref-nt time feets to be the
general eptc'a of fettlng all arrears and demands
with the Dutch; for we understand, that belides
the claims cfthe Emperor, the Prince of Prufmia
on behalf at the Prince of Hohenlobe, &c. the
King of Great Britlan, in quality of Fleror ot
Hauoeer, ns alfo tolng to make and realize a large
demand, which the Chancery of War, and several
Hanoverian Generall and Staff Oficers, have om
the State GOeneral from the war aeout the Spanill
Succefino In the beginning of this century ; the
particular accounts of which are now actually ma-
king out at Hanover, and will, as.foon already.
be transmitted to Mr. Butermificr at the Hague,
to mike the claim in proper form.
Letter from Algiers, dated June sy, fay, U O
the thi of this month, a French vel t from Cadil
brought over the Comipte d'Elpilly, charged with
the full powers of the King of Spal to treat of
peace, which after fome forallties, was concluded
and lined upon the following conditions, u.
The King of Spain h to give the Regency ofAl-
iers a million of pieces of eight, ai pieces o
bras cannon, Ia of iron, four mortars, 00o
bombs, so,ooo halls. sooc quintala of gunpowder.
tsoo quintals of muftet ball, too quintals of cor
dal, ij of ftong rope, to cable, oa o maft0

VoL. IL.

- No. 67.

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