Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 6, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00122
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. j4



Fro SATURDA Y, AucvuT 6, to SATURDAY, AuguTr 13, 1785.

NASSAU: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at tlie Printing

Office on the BAIh -

f I&, a-.

hmw.I aoaaDLCi. S I
SLisrUtelnant-rro rrnour and Conmanrder in
if in and ever Ibe faid I/flandi, (Chancellor,
icr AlJiral aud Ol,-Juar f thefe fue, c. We
S IIEIIEAS Ilia Eaxclkncy JowN
MAXWELL, Efil; Captain-Genre-
ral and Governour of the full
I'll.ndi, did on the irh day of
Dtcecnim r lan pall, 'Te his Pro-
S cl anlalion, slequiring all Perfonse
Shaving (Grants uf f.andefrom the
hulrielors of the fio l lah.lnia-lilati lq, sr fionsi
itlinati it GCneral SMIC LEY, itoi libit the fime
i copy lt:,ccil, oi or I;cloie tl.e i th day of
tbeh, :i the Clerk of the Cnuncil, in order that
Iktia I irilht laid iclbore th- Cuiicil : AND
IHlkREAS thi faid Procl.amitioun wvs, on the
It day of March, continued iyv me, grantingan
ntblln o f the tinte nl dcliveliu, ina Claims f.'r
Iad, a; afitefLid, urtillhe ift day of June lal .
AND WHIERl AS lthe lid t wJa o Ih olle 3l 1
so Maby laf further eatdt I by me until the
lday of Aultfl iext einf og AND WHERE-
( i.ltwi iln. inlig fch ,neatCede Proclamations,
Iy PtrnillS yet no el I to give in their
it a, .ilortefid, I DO lrefine, by and with
adIwlcr and confcnt of hi, ajcty's Honoura-
IC ,tucil. iifue thi. my Ilrmationv Itailly
p;-itn all Petifois having laims, or Oranst
jsalttno ri, astl rcliding will thle faid Ilands,
Iive in ihe 1,rni. or a cop thereof. "It or I>.i
ther iday of Nouinber at, toth; Clrik of
Ctoutcil. And all Perllo i nt within the faid
Id, i -, having Claims a ircfaid, at chre-.
ralrnc.ld ITwclve Mlor.thl fiom the sIt day of
& llt t eil, to mtke a retuli of fuch
tr C'ai;nsl or Grants.
BIP'71.V utnJrr my Haond a"' tIe Great Sea'
af t-ir/ id )It/.tl, at NbiIu,u"Ilia talent,.
l. Sd .r' f 7 ,ly in th rar of Our Lord
S n, thi; ,fnid f.rer hunarJ and eightitlre,
at.d i the thb flr 0r Hii, SUair/'s Reign.
li l!o,"ur,'s Comnnta. d,
P. LiP, D. SCcrCtary.
N)TICIl 1 IS ERIRI Y OIVEN to futh Lov-
alifl a' have not received 'I'wy Months
hrlli)nls, Ith.t by application to lonour the
Li Ltcnalst- o; eornmr, on oItnd rnxt, at Nitne
Grlsik, Il ry will i cr? ti o the Coin-
*ilary, Ulo ill i' Tu y; t1and that
te i:ay. o, a ppG l t or t r to ot
M.niday and lFri.dals o c; and for
litr, Tufddays and trit at ht ilcliok.
-Wif Mh I.E,
Comna ifcl,. C or: niols.
Neiu-Providr.e, Aug'i/ 13, 17Ss.
N O'ICli IS lI:R HtlY G\'I N, T'hat His
I Honlurr the I.iletienant-Govtno I anai the
Cnuneil will inert at thie (Coverrlnmelt loufe on
Thtifllay Ile :< h iniint Au gilJn twree the
H olv Tns in l I 7q ,'C iti' a iii tl he i,'ll
a llillaft l:rl.iy in rvcv Moi lrIt' wards, foy
lt iurnole If ctivirg' Pestisi, granting
WVantants of Suvey fr I.and wthi fe Ilands.
JOHN bKO N, m.nn.
Clter of tt iu.cil.1
_Kilu, ^(,(?74, it(g. I
.V,,fiu. "Y,,lJI 1785.,
Sii S5it1,eL GNFKIAL" Or al is now
,itke1t, it the Sectettr,'a Office., w
4fsjnilhted with .iurrvevinrii Aini hy
ISir-..r-- ...,lf,,,,,, f.rth. fla *n -,'ai"A.
i- K Liondt Hill. ot salCe, 'i)wcr of At-
S"rity, Bills of Exchange, Senmen's Arti-
h1 ctc. &c. to be Sold at the Plinting Ocet.

American Intelligence.

II A I. I A X, Jua. to.
W EDNESDAY laf arrived here in 8a days
V from England, the brig Shelburne, Capt.
Penny. By Icr we learn, that the peace of Eu-
rcpc rcnmai s ye't uniilterruptrd. notwithllanding
gicat pi'paratiotis Itill continue to be made, both
by the Emperor and Statiq. The f)fytem i'ative
to Ireland, fiten to cngrol' entirely the attention
not onIl of the Minifter but of the public; but the
Imitincf, liem as: much utnfettlcd as uhen it was
fifl agitated,al ew diflcultire every (day ariling
Irorn the multitude of Pctltuins, which the vatiouss
intcre!sof ith: different lManufadiurr.o have occa-
y'uw r-. On Fr l141, arrived here in the
Th;lbe Frigate, Coummodoue Sawyer, with his
Lady and Faneily.
7u!y I. Yefltrday anired the Schooner Dol-
phin fr.m Shelhiine. Bly her we have received
a number of Uofto papres, from which it appears
that finding lthlir coirnmcrce cramped in every
quarter, by the Blitilh Court adhering to the Na-
vigation Ad, and ronfidering them as other Fo-
reigners, they are entering ilto refo'utions in the
diftrent States, either to lay fo heavy an import
on Il iifil bottoms as to unosnt to the prohibition
of the trade, or tit prohibit It altogether. Rhode.
Ifland has laid a duty of ten per centln firHar to tihe
duly laid before at New-York and(e following
txtra4t of a letter will ltew halut r.ifilies ale
adopted in Maffachulets :
Extra. ofa lettlrfrona dem.n, finre 17, 787.
Aft r Auguif, a Hriiilt vletil ariviiig here
ill be obliged to p.y P 1. per ton, and 52 per crnt.
oi1 all goodl an board, fo that yon %illgovern
youi fclf accordingly.1
Albany. fvae 16. On Sunday lat arrived in this
c ly, his Excellency Govt rnor Clinton, his Screlta
ry, and Colonel Floyd ; and let ofvefncrday after-
' vn, accomp mnied by the Comrnifioners of Intdian
affairs, and iea ral gcutlemen of tis t ity, in order
to hild treaty, at the German Fl,:tts, with the
. and 'ulcarors Indians.
B.iltimiorr, fune s7. The following is an ex-
traict o a letter from Bet fon-Town, d-red May 3jr:
LaP week at Fort Pitt, fime white m;n and
Indimn3 .iot in a fiolick, when one of the latter
killed one of the former, and wonlltihtd three
othcrsv ycldaigeroufly. T'le ladian is nowv lying
in i.ons. Svet al Hbite men have bIen tmenahawk
ed, and othewif mnluch ablkdl, oter the river
Chio. From hlat infurnat.on I ca colled, it
appears that the Indiana will not quietly give tip
the country over the river, igrtcably to te treaty
hl Id lalt leifon ; the confequoce s dill be compul.
Icry meafures.
A young man,i of the name ofCravwfom,
killed a few days ago, and tjo others woundefl,
int the waters of Hockhockin. I should hrethave
crincludtt my ktler, but hfie juft receivecT ad-
vice, that one of the ptifins wounded by the In-
dian; at Pittfburg is dead, and that the militia had
role, anti ndcavniured to obtain the murderer, in
order to put him todeath ; but tgarrifon inter.
pnfed, and ipreven cli the extcutioy of their de-
li:n ; lie ii to be tried liy tlie laws of this ate.
'" A gentleman is Inow landing by whofe Ton
retOrned yenerday from the tIdlan country where
himfelf and his companions wtL htcktd by the
Indians, and all wounded; h'Al tarm is broke,
and sni of the company mifing."
Extran of a Letter from Cnpt. Ja i rvine, nowu
a 2rs'lrer at Mogader, SouMb Bnrh y, oI a Cn-
tl'.tan in Ale.vadria, dated Aprilr, Is78.
S.-oi after our arrival at Tangiers we were
ordered to Morocco, and carried before the Em-
pIor, who informed us he was at peace with our
r.aion, bqs foon after ordered us to this olace
where we are to remain prlfoner till Congiefemay
think propel to fend an Ambaffador to our relief.
This I1 the ultimate determination of the Impc-
Wto. We hope, which is all the comrrt we have
under our dicadful situation, they wil be petedy

and favourale to our 'wiees, and retore u ai
to nnr families, and friends."
P/il.irlpbla, 7ume sl. Among tOe ia ob.
jeas which folicit he early and Irift atl on of
our Irgiflal ure, none can claim precedence ffrau.
dulent bankruptcies. Their ldecrudtive ndency
mull le obvious to even the molt fupcrficla obfer-
vcr. In a former number of our paper, we Aub-
intled tothe public a few remark relative thereto,
which the flagrant eunimity of tht pratl Io-
duces usto cnlargeon. That the fearity a(ioney
and Itagnatlon of trade have reduced to bikrupt.
cy many honest well intenitiorsed Wpop Iis but
too true and every pcron ofthis mdfri e
nti nof only the leilty i.ud commHeration,t the
effelu:l fuccour of the trading world. But thofe
ncfatinus villains, wlo have rerlutcei bankruptcy
to a fyfcm, and who, without (Ihme orcompunc*
tion, f.aind/ the Il unwarv out of their properly, in
ordtr to be able to a ve a loofe rein to their inn-
liounded palltio for high living, drefs, pomp, &e.
fhonld hb marked wai,: fime brand fltinfamy, to
point thensoilt an mrnfra f brrrnda, the vultures
and lharpici of focity ; thus hanging Qeem in ter-
rorem, aI a mcnienito to othTr harper to Ihun
their prallicc and their fate.-Until thIl, or fome-
thing of the fort i dune, we may exped that the
trade ofbaukruptcy, whereof fo many hive talked
tlie fweets, will be carried on in as audmdous and
abandoned a manner as it hasbeen ibr, fme time
pall, todhe annihilation of couidrnd and credit.
As the villainy cr'ld scarcely he aitifced with*
out accomplices, to aid and affi'n concealing
thef.vindlerd property, it may be Aiaater ofdoubt,
whitherproof ofthlis illicit praltlhould not fub-
;e'l the part iA concerned to puls ment equal to
that incurred by the pdincipalt the villainy. It
is a maxim of law, that the hciver [of fltlen
good] in as bad a' the ihisf; and this or a very
obviola reiftn, that without recertere,there voul
be hardly any thivsr. 'lThis rd ,im holds with
eqnal force in th ofe e oflte ags sndeiromple/es
of our infamous f:'iailivg ba- rup tl against whom
the law Ihoistlt aTlume its terry gorm.
CharlodIn. 7 'dy Prom Bofln learn, that
a report was currentithere, oflthe frigate
having flred on our filltermen emplo fishing
on the Grind Bank of Newfoundlan
We are trlhl, that a gentleman who ely went
to England frtm tL Continental fccuritip N a 'cry larg mount,
which lie purchard Lotat hrree -hlli in the
pound, had the too '*r odirpokf 6 hem on
the other fide of the vw only rt per Lent. dif-
count on the fitmi fpcc. itthe face ofthebills.
Accounts from Philad. a mention, thatbce
the Bank has been .:... I of its chartce,%nd
paper money emitt d;I mi ce is molt ito-
nilhingly facilitated Lf'.. Iizensat larzgeepe-
ricnce every conveic from it, being n equal
credit with gold and "
ExtraS of a kleti "rrcejfr, (Majchalfetf
We lea mn ..tton, that the general
court laft k, made fome alterations and
amendments in aor. paffd at the laft fifian,
commonly knnowr he name of the Stamp- AB.
That part of tie Ct o particular, which laid a
dity by a fl on ~trs-Papcre, Almanoackand
Notes of Ilan le.
Among tn alnt ary itical viciliudec
brought ar tde sno who would
believe tlht lpU ta liti~'h t would be
one? Aidyet, Birsradl It Is l-AA what
adds to the marvel I it tisf refof a
Fr e and lidepehldent church dlftot, a one of
te New.Ehnglalnd latest.
Manners are atmwakahl cit tned in the New
England hiatyi eys a corter ~ ltknt, when they
who were foArmly attached to their ec-
clefia Itical eatttioe, Ihould be the firf. to re-
ceive' Bilhpi among them, and let up organs Iil
their chrlcuhe. Sqma will call this liberallty.
others will dettihiule It degeneracy
yfly 6. The refuitee In Nava-Scmin, it Ispot-
tively faid, have made cncroachacamc ia the pro


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