Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 3, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00121
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vo0. t.'



.,.From SATURDAY, AnrW 3, to 8ATUR b AY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1785.

NASSAU.: Printed by Joun WELLa, at the Printing Office on the Bri.

HMasA-IsLaDI, t
,law-PaovlDanwC. r
P; Lieutenan i-a o ernor and Commander in
f in and ier e d r I f Iax Cba.le!er,
ui Ad.,mi. al, and Ordinarj oj th efam, &. &'.
S WHEREAS it Is His Majefty's
SRdyal Will and Pleafure, figni.
ied by his InRruCtions bearhng-
date at his Court at St James'a
the tenth day of September n7Y4,
that the Lands within his faid
rt Bahanma-Ilands, ihallbe surveyed
and t granted on the following conduit ns that is to
ay, 'That forry acres of land be ranted to cver
| Arfon, beihg maler .or miflrcfrof a family, fou
i r ncif or herfclfi and twenty acres for corer
bite aid black man, woman or chinl, of which
iv I r lnily fliall.confif atthe atuaal tice of grant'
let f, ch ~arrar*s That grantees lie fubjea t
tie nmcnt rl to Ihill go flinn quit rentfor-
tvery I.. ndred acre, to )a ence at thl expira.
Sion ,l tIv o year- f' on th date of their reficlrtirc
Inr. to bc ,id it the l of every yearthereat
tsr, d(lan't r* which f grants to be voiNl
B1i y ha en g1doulgy plcaf.d, s ail
er,,,l ,i. iei" to hbe T-lla Sulijctd who have
Sbt ri r !enta in any of the loies or Provinces
I nuw c Uiled States of Aeric, and wh., ont
accO.:, uf their loyalty to alefly, hiallor
Sa I'lil, or by compulfi re move into his
(maid All Ite, to rdcr, that t!l uit rent to b,
rcferv in the f-eraLgrangtsrto lereafter nmail
4o lie is id Suhiets, ihall not c Wence and be
plyabie uni'l after the expiration a n years frn
te date if ticir r-fpetive gran which faid
Irants it i his Majc!y's Royal W aind tearnre
riall te dlcverd to he several gra it free of all
'ten, : wnatiever: I DO THEREF RE, by and'
with thrc .dvice ant i confnt of t1 is Maje ty'
HIonarah c Council,.if;ue this my roclaliationn
thereby making known to il1 lirfuo concerned;
.that upoa application to me In Cooncil, they will
recrst Warrants of Survey for r nning out their
Lnds, agccable to his Majefly's fai InfLruCtiuon
and their family rights. .
Cir!: .V amder my Haind .d tt Great S a/ of
lhe 'oiA I t landSa, torat o, hifth Jay of
S .S-*,-r. in tfhr Seibwemr Lord One tios
Jafm, fetin hund, and nishtvr and In rhe
.e,,ty fifth Y'ar ji Maj' t' t ig.
JAMES E li P ,
SrTimn Hva I Seer
A their 'w S ro E at $ liA End of the BAY,
HA E P 0 lS A L E,
EAST-INDIA GOOD alfo, Shbip Chan-
dlery. Hardware, Grocery, Ck bery Ware, &c.
VWlch they will fill on the & o aroinable toms
"fr C r god i,, ll of ba "
A'(fKfN up adrift, about tIei wecks,fince
SDear l:e White Gromd Ship' Sut
ia~it kee., mahogainy-btom. c he
'ing his property, and piyjig rgl have
Ku f.Presidem, tebrelr 7, l73*.
'lE Coparlncrisp of it .&l D ISTOll
I being dilflUd, they nit aU. onb ha.
'"?I dIcnands againR t he to mear heir ac-
tnueMs, and thofe inde to thonwt be im-
t-nediae payment, as t are de lcll give
-0.lonfgriudulgeccc. .
s .l S.tetm r I, lTgl. I', ,
POTTUN, Salt, orailetto, M41ojIsHard
W. ad, Il. for Sal by the tt


SAmeiicaa Intelligence.
NE W Y OR K, J n 0o.
A Caution to the Good People of the Province of
A'w-Allbion; alias corruptedly called; at pre-
Sfnt, Thlie jerfi.
IXTtiHERAl this province ofNew-Albinm was,
V at great trouble and expense, fettled and
peopled iitth too ment from England by Sir Ed-
ward Plowdcn, Earl Palatine, and Oovcrnor of
Ncw-Albion, in consideration for which King
Charles the fir R granted to thea Ld E al of Albion
his letter patent, for forty leagues failure on the
main land. beginning at Cape-May, and including
Snndy-klook, with all royalties, mi-s, mineral,
and iflands within ten leagues in c fea. All
lhiclh are folly explained in the flid chatter.
And whereas the laid province was privately
.And wrongfully again chartered, by Kung Charls.
the a,', to his brother the Duke of York, contrary
bthi to law andequtity ; therefore his, the fccond
ufurped charge, having no foundation in light,
-very act On fale, by dcred and wring arifing
therefrom, muft he null and void, and dead in law, that cannot be denied by any person offenfc.
And whereas preparations arc making not only
to maintain the chartered right fur the future,
but to caule a refund for fuch property as has been
received by the fale of lands, &c. in laid province,
under tallt title,.
SThis i therefore Jo caution the public in gene-
ral, not to buy or cotrait with any man or body
of mnn whatever, fur any land in New-Albion,
except undtr fuch local grants as were givenby the
Earl uf Albion in viutue of the firf charter, of
ihluch there are man) now fublifting; but as all
iyalLies were rcftivdi to the Clid Earl in thofe
grants, thi is therefore to caution all perfons
lha:cevecr, not to open or work any mine. or mi.
ncral; within the bplundaries of faid province, till
the law direds which charter can cuoivey real
,tties. -
Thofc that doubt the reality of this claim, are
referred to the register of Burlington for deeds
originating from the 6fi- charter.
SAlfo a full llght may be thrown on the matter
ay reading pamphlets long fince depofited in the
public librarinc of Burlington and Philadelphia, or
it Mr. Smith's hifloly of New.Jerfey.
Truc copies in Latin and Enilifh of the origi-
nal chapter regiller.d in Dublin, authenticated
undtr the hand and i(cal of tle lord mayor of
Dublin, May 1784, may be fecn by applying to
captain Cape, at th; ltatc-arma tavern, New-
CHARLES VARLO, part owner, and
agent for the above Earl of Albion.
July 19, r785.
uidl i j, It is thought that several months will
clapfe htfinc a treaty between the mnperor d
hie Dutch will be brought to any thing like a A(-
clulion, as fame new dificulties had oce'fedr
which threatened that the treaty would be ban.
done ; to support which opinion letters produ-
ced on the Royal Exchange from the Hague, on
the 4th of June, niention, that the ideas of peace
teem almost entirely given up, and noting ia ,l
talked of but war. All the fears that itrcysed
fix months ago are again revived, and fre, prem4
parations making to repel the blow that is now
looked for an inevitable.
Coloel Jefcrfon at present refidel at Pauils,
n mnialnie nlpoltentary from the court of Aracn
igat tfVcrlfillt .
Sfa rf A" a p oe smtlentillfili
.n, fte.. jaAfeib, 0, r yl. 7
SO ao t wirt eqd IDr.
Ctilc Collcr,.>i w,
4orL r .itet ltivlo you, is o* O
more, 'I i d hintohihoufeadutoa
o'clock laft iday nd pr efently afterwarrd
met hbiii goi to dIeli he ased veryTaly
about all bie"iEud at New-York, we then prt-
ed, and iQ' aboii at hour a terwesake cJplrd.
This cecr. he hadlong expcced, and molt patient-

j 'I

ly waited for it.-The following Asort epitaph was
his own compotilion:
Here lies Prieft of Engriih blood,
Who. living, liked whale er wasgood
Good company, good wine, good name,
Yet never hunted aftertameI
But as the firAt be fill prfcrr'd,
So here he chore to be irterr'd.
SAnd, unobferv'd, from crowds withdrew,
To reft among a chosen few,
'' In humble h4pc that fir'reign love
Will raife hinlo the bicf'd aboy."
Phdiadelpia, Yulj s8. Captain Read from
Liverpool has brought back with him the logwood
and mahogany he carried from hence, being pre-
vented landing it at that port, as they had orders
not to permit any thing from the United States
that was not the growth or produce ot one of
them. This fhcws the difpoition of Britain, de-
t'rmined to harral tile trade of America by eve-
ry ltraragem in their power, and depending on
our divi led late, and the inability ofCongreft to
rHtaliate, make their boalft that they can insult us
with impunity.
haitrra ofa letter from NeqV-London, dated Yu&, ls.
Advice f rom Hfpanloa late, that in confe-
quence of repeated orders from Old PFance, the
ftrifeft and moft vigorous meaurres an now em-
ployed there to prevent all intercourfe with
foreigners, but though the free port lately efta.
blifled, and that only ror certain article, the ports
of Cape-Francois, Cape Nicola Mole, Port-au-
Prince, an& Aus Cayes being (hut agaltpt the
colou a of eergy other nation, without exception.
but their n, on pain of conlfcation of yeael
and cargo.,
Extrar J, letter fros Paris daed Map. '.
You w have heard before this reached you,
that the greatDuke de Choifeul is no more. Hie
death is an ln i loa to Prance, and a benefit to
England. Pgy Otliaed that the former might
gire the lawi urope, ifie should be alr to
acquire the of the ka. he thought that
every thing he rikted to defroy the ma-
rine power of i d, which wag alone able to
withiltand the afpf ambitio f Bourbon: He
accordingly diretd al it thoughts to that object.
Though not filling any otennble ofce, he was
notwitbhfanilag the foul of the Prnch cabinet
during the whole of the American war; and it
was he who not only prevented the powers molt
attached to England from declaring in her favour
lut afo fet on foot the armed neutrality and
through the medium of hit friend,the Duke dcJa
Vaugniyon, induced Holland to renounce her
treaties of frlersiMsp with the heft and oldelf of
her allies, anddeclare alalnt her. -Since be quit
ted his oAenfbie ituaton of minister, be took
only e public Rep, and thatwa in concert with
his jdatloethe _Prani, tocotradid, ai
Lte ews-art, :. report which fmesd to be
credited, tbat Frane had bound erfelf to Eng.
land, dutilg m adioi tratlo, an to keeup
ortid &hare than & cert fixed number esmea
of war. Ehijs the dO est declared under their
hbsftto be a roa report. Two day b(pr
the Duke dr h iedied the redoof rih
attended iso pepanp st for eternity; After
havip m:n t e l o fono s to him. hi Orace
declared, n thefrefeae of CeTera noblemen, who
attended hipm oj meanc holy occallon, that
though he badndet a point.of duty to colit
the perlonal SI. 4on of his fovrepg (Luii
V) while he was ai oflc e was saot m cio
oflaln, hing, In o iinsca,. alcoked toe th
pice the.intere o the ite a or bi 4r hoar
. gen He cotnaflyoappefd the ua.
agance of U oade 'rh I ed to his
.eourt to th g b erU l l andM
"thcrefire re d 6 cth order that he iol
hae the 6blrd taded b ra guard, when-
tcer the went L Caouftse however, bad
InBuiaenc en~! h i la too o btalnt i rd
in fpite of the Duke aid e did not f to let
J hm fetl a Iatcular ocafidB, that herin Ceu
tras greitrc his, At a party ofwhii oupccr


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