Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 16, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00118
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Juyr 6i, to 8 At RDAY, JULYt j, 1785.

fNASSAU: rrmnced oy JOiul WELLS, at the Printing OUttce on the BAY.
A-- -

European Intelligence.
LONDON, Arals. r4.
T lIf wsa declarailoo made that was more
N Welcome to the public than Mr. Pitt's Infur-
n.auo rtlpcai sg the lurplulage of tales; It does
Puua k ubour to'arn Ptt, and tends to contro-
vert Uass larcos thblat have beco oIatd against
aij. is adAicicut-saiancicr.
(us mtIeu of favig a yewr) would In twenty
y ars the tdbt more than ana bat; his i
be opipliao o the btft lsthermical heads in the
(cullry. atna tolaIlacdtn compOuund lculatllons.
JN. A at's sit arsfaluon in the Houft ofCommonsa,
nrlSetllr the Ivlltg u one million annually, has
earsli.ild a Tely rapil rile in the Aockle and Itli
*Il gi.eriAl ink at.I hiSut will ~o be bettered
ku cr us.t. a* the cpubiLc are sIw well convinced
that they have a Minite wholk integrity and abi.
lirs the) eta eoauhbe is, tild who will not make
l5ai.,stiun that bIt. inol Iully liiblLantiate.
Ule reaival of the b ard uf I rade is in contem-
$lthe, a the Oilllity that lhs brtn found in
talacuin at tliitcletary of State's office the
hisd a.i murcat y tubnitUstl to i, proves that it
as ut to suftloc an inlltution as Edmund the
nitor cuoeavuurtd to repiclint it.
A corrnlrundent infui m us, that the following
cbhanes lare taken place in concvrfation at the
pultc trln of the tovn I-llltead of saying fuch a
sa.i is ab rn, l ua foi, the phrnfe pow is, he is
as war.ised a peij. Auti when a literary charader
i., lie is as hvnti'e as a hrfe 'Or a
],.nli, mantof latllogii Oi 'fn' f s itr he datrea iie
a tA /
Itriftrgh, Marrb rg. This Court has difpat-
thra, within thtfl few days, a courier for Con-
ailnoparpe i the nature of his comminion II not
phiivey known ; but from federal circumnflancs,
.iJl |taltti early the orders given alter his depar
lutt, there Is reafon to be.,e;e it is of a very ecri-
aI, kind. The mnovmtnts made by the Turis in
the provinics adjoiining to Crimea begin to be
f(ulirped i and it is fuppofed that havirn yielded
apthtl prn Ifulaionly for a time, until they should
hver time to recruit their fircngth, they rman now
torregJi a puoffrion which they 'rrv much value.
Nap l., farrb 8. All our irighbouilui moun-
ta ns ie deeply covered with fnow, and that ot
lesina Affords aver) (ingtla.r fpeacle, contfing
dthe Isurnsiig avai tuing from the mountain, and
lting the fitou i ncoulnlcre in many parts
Irernts of fire Rnd water are ecen itrnlre tlg each
other in variety of drhettioile, armidst the white
ad slittrrinp :ongelat;ons with which the face of
th enuntry is nvc fprcad.
L.,nit, April r6. William Delvynes, Efq; is
aplfointed of the Eafn-ndia Diredors,
Siid Francis Baring, Eflq Is appointed Deputy
Extra. of a letter frmn Dullin, April 9.
The wilhed for Mtoment is arrived-the la-
dil irngiry gratiled--and hoonurs ripen fader
than the budogj roft -Prages' bloom forth in
Se'afier, anil the burthenc Ilalk hangs pendant
lih the loar. I five arc arrived already
Mr. Malole, L'arlrn Sdlndertand.
r. O'Clshli Llrfen.
Mr.' Madtl, A Mount Alt.
'r. Oardline -- Mouontjoy.
'tod tnliogh ltar, not lean deferlnig, that meri-
ut fam Iihfad fervat of the public. eight
.lB. Jadhn Foft r. not to be fp-red from the im-
stailur Hnetreof CommoMr wilhuout a national
i; n'i t m'rclfrll,: d, bin his lady created
LPttefet in her o n right, under the name, Bile,
bdtikti of Itaronerf Orlel."
.J'te cur fe'of 'he raft wck a your n gentle.
OPtff lrcta jais k, andi hh oaf his spv oimpa-
V fiaetlltHtie K feefro wq*jtnupte d by
SirHid altr ausffle
trwered ai >alt. be watt h houln
IS? i mu t' te o li lif g TV i Ort sF tfe ertnlatl ,as without care-
IY n tCeomittcd to the black holt. 'The party

were obllgid to, ind for one of their trandefae, all the European powen fro parting i this
who oh entering farted at (ceina the young ge tr. I e.
Ilenan. Ihe c q bl and watcnme i, now fid Iis a I prCHee Juat tsihgr Into fhlion, for the
inS whom they IlnculIody. pelfced round him, gar repfr~ijs to take their maaing.rldo In ar
and hoped his It. I. would not be offended at Marae/jflifr*,. faercrd with riS e r*s, Inftead
their having detained hism Upon which the P. of hoots I
who was ounl in high fpilits by the wine he had &Balwr, april it. The pnt, the impor-
drunk, cxclamed-" Offendtd my good follows I tant mor,blg with thefate a BladderofAirl
by no meana'rThank God I the laws of thil eoun- This morning the motley grempe of expatriated
try are superior t rank-end when men of high euffarient and volunteers, which fbrm the cha'
nation forget the decorumns of the commitaity, it ratters at this rnveareet tfylnm, together with
is At that no dlftintion Ihoiald be made with ref- the Ap gs of the town md its environs, were
ped to thept. It flru d make an Englii;man proud entertained with an opticalte, or, orIn John Bull's
to fee the P- of W- forced to fend for a nile, had plenty of sW/d. Monicur Pilatre
taylr to bail him."-We do not fcurple to fay, de Reitr, yho has ren here theft three months
that the people of England will Ind more fatis- with his g d lleon, and which was to have
Failon in this fctiiment of his R- H.-- preceded Monf. Blanchard In the tranft ever the
than they could poflibly cjoy from the report of Channel, filed on this day rtr blh afceanon. Be-
his having a heart to cold and cautionary as never fore Phebu lmad well left the lap of Thetis,"
to have commuted a debauch. or the ufual period by fobte hbt for the con.
Paris, Apri. Ms de Beaumarchais hath eiu. neilon with Morpheus to be difllvcd, the cannon
red federal of hi, friends, that his late detention was difcharrted as note ofprepsration," when,
has been a lou to him of 6oo,coo livrts, broaufe by a little after five, the ramparts, the rest place
his foreign cbrrefpoedents have Itept dealing with before the mai ket hofe, sad every adjacent poft
him, for fear that fame new difgrace liould alain of eminence, were toosed With beholders, full
deprive him oflis liberty. This Banker, in addi- freighted with capedatlons of enftlng wonders.
lion to hitrt 6tIof onlb.of waxcandleI, uhiclh In firveying the balloon, the Crirx was forgot;
he fent t e superior of tlle I.salrils, hath alto and the hnneft Catholics, in this Inftanee, were
present, hemiwith 40o bottles of different forts gullty of tergirrrfation on the objeft of their wor-
of wine. (hip. About eight o'clock all was thought ready
Lterbr e bha fuflainedl great luts by hel eatlh for the afcent, when Mon. Pilafire sad another
of the celchrated Abbe Mtllor, one of the forty got into the boat afixed to the balloon. Vakdic-
members of the French Acadtnmy, and Prectptt)r tions were interchanged, hate wcrt of, hulzas
to tlihe.ued'Enrcuien. It ilifa hisplace in thl were giLhn, and An M.ria's uttered. The
AcademyWrlll be fuppljed by the Abb6 de Mably. aeronants role but, alae I rof to fatl qain.
Irllint Aprilt. lii Serene Highnefs the Duke and that immediately; the perverfe balloon had
of Bnrunwic has accepted the offie o? Ilfpr cor- a' a prompt alacrity In Anking," and moved in
General of Magdeburgh. ever direcion b t the rigr ow; to the prpen
Lo.ndo Aprl so. Captain Phillips Colhy is dicular inclination had it none. Monf. P. and his
appointed by the Lords of the Admiralty to fuc companion continued in the boat near an hour
cited Sir John Lindfay as Commodore of th' Bri whirling round in a kind of circuitous route, jufl
tilli Piladron in the Mediterranean, to which place cap sTe t ead of the people, not unlike the boys
lie goes out in a frigate next month. in Bartholomew Fair on the woodem read aouts.
lie Amazons, when they went to battle, Every eC ort was tried to efldtthe desired climax
decorated ahmrfelves InI the fhackles with which rore inflammable air was inJecded i again rieSl;
they meanob bind their captives. Our mo- articles ofpmrviion as beingof elghtrejet ed;-
dern belles, Ipon the principle, wear gol yet all woald not do! on earth the hlloon had Its
cen chains, ari fondly imagine, that ornamental birth, was nattried to Ita wataltkam, and earth
ldtice may applied to mansacle the hearts they it ,outils not l/a. After Sorr Dires, with the
fubdue I verbal atriliaries of Diabie and Pft. were orally
The naval commands at Portfmorrth, Plymouth iifed, but tied in vain I our fouled balleenlrs were
and Chatham, c Ihoitly to he exchanged, and olilged to abandon the attempt, and give their
the Admirals b tagne, Milhank, naml Conmmo- leg, to strra frm. The mortiAation of Monf.
dore Bowyer, wll be fupcrfeded by other officers P. and his friend may be conceived painful and
of limilir rank. humiliating in the extreme. The cleft of the dif-
Gibraltar may now he truly faid to be impreg. apiolntment of tie fpeitators was thewn by the
nablc, for wherever the Spanilh batteries roin'* unwelcome audit offerpeotrsfmetd. : nae regret-
ed out a vulncable part, General Eliott has ted their lofs of time; more, their left of sleep F
firengthened it with new works, which makes the all, the rain the optic nere had received; and
rock more fawmidiabe than ever. thus ended in abortion the pagnant hopes of the
According to letter of the very firf credit from morning!-To make Ibiae ameds for fich failure
Spain, the Catholic King has at length contoted in the receipt ofplefkla It liould be added, that
and given leave forth revival of the Manilla Corn- after the aeronants hld kt the bbat, two ladles
par, which was plt down on account of fome telles Anglesf, gotinte. when the balloon, s if
pgrularitle committed by the artagelts; one If confciods of the charl'rfeolveyin beauty to it
f the Marquis Real Puertlo, ifcaped into naive tier, inlantli mouted, and the female
'olland,aid there died after a residence twenty aerial seemed to fay, W ier ad eris; but it
four yeari The nt w Manlll Copasny is to be defcended, unwilling to deplle earth of two of
under the immediate patrOMsge of the Prince of the fele its ornament and Itslot.
Allurlas, the prrfumpive heir to the Crown of LI.ovDos, Aprila.
Spain, who taken upon himself the office of o0. A ftll AIreomat olif b w of f a/e e Cat
verr our and the Treafmierilp I to be invested of VXhing's isu josjrR M-H Friday in
in the Crpa to pmeert, as nsah as may he, te FPeao m:- A mn r d W Sw
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