Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 18, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Vol. III.




No; i 2;



From SATURDAY, NOVEMB1t 18, to SATURDAY, NOVaMBE. a2, 1786.

1 NAlssl: Printed by JouW WILLs, at the Printing-Office on the BAr.

ST. A 4DRE! s DAY.
O N NTlurfky nset, tI 3 infant, eing the
F t/lival othe tutlar Saint of Caledonia, a
DInner will e pfrteikd at SuITHn' TAv aN, to
wdbub tle Cw'.pany of the Soot of St. Andreew,
indl of f ur other Grntlemen as may chaf~ to join
tem, it requifedle.
f.r, Name of .hor Otntle lno /, to rrle-
Irate Ihe Day, may e I kje at tlBr of Smith's
T'Jlvin, or r l a'ny of lhe Sir ovld, on or Ifo"r
urf/l1uy revoin.

European Intelligence.

W:i rraIALL, Augul 8.
T HE Kitlg has been pleaded to rant tihe
dignity s of a Baron and Earl ofthe king-
don of Great-Britain to his Grace John Murray,
Duke of Atholl, and the heirs male of his body
l.,wfully begotten, by the name, flile, and title of
Blron Murray, of Stanley, in the county ofGlou-
rvfter, and Earl Strange.-The dignity of a
Vilfiount of the kingdom of Great-Britain to
thIt Right Honourable James lhrl of Abercorn,
and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten,
hy the name, ftile, and title of Vicount Hamil-
ton, of Hamilton in tle county of Leiccter ;
with remainder to John James Hamilton, Efq;
fun of the Honourable Jolhn Hamilton, decesfed,
late brother to the faid James Earl of Abercorn,
ard tile licirs male of his body lawfully begotten.
-The dignity of a Baron of the kingdom of
GC-at-Britain to his Grace Gorge Montag,
Duke of Montagu, Knight of the moll noble
order of the Garter, for and during his natural
hfc, bv the name, Rile, and title of Baron
Mointa i, of Bouglhton in the county of
Northan pton with remainder to the Right
Hlnonurablc Henry James Montagu (commonly
c.dlhd Lord Henry James Montagu,) second fon
of hi', Grace Henry Duke of Buccleugh,
knight ,,f the noft ancient order of the Thiltle,
lnd ;'f Eli,;ailth puhefa of Buccleugh his
ift, dauiht;r sof tlhe aid George Duke of Mon-
tagi, and the heirs male of his body lawfully
begotten ; and with remainder to the third and
other afterhrrn fons oftlie (aid Dulchefi fuccef-
fivldv in tail male.-The dignity of a Baron of
the kingdom Vf Great-Britain to his Grace
William Douglas, )luke of Qucenfberry, knight
of the molt ancient order of the Thifle, and the
leirs male of his body lawfully begotten, by the
rame, Itile, and title of Lord Douglas, Baron
Douglas, of Amdebury in the county of Wilts.
-The dignity of a Baron of the kingdom of
Great-Britain lo the Right Honourable George
de la Poer, Earl of I'yrone, in the kingdom of
Ireland, Knight of the illuftrious order of St.
Patrick, and the heirs male of his body lawfully
begotten, by the name, ftle, and title of
Baron Tyrone, of Haverfordwet, inthecounty
of Pemiroke.-.The dignity of a Baron of the
ingdog of Great-Britain to the Right Honou-
nable cehard Boyle, Earl of Shannon, of te
kingdom of Ireland, Knight ofthe iaufrioua
'rder of St. Ptrick, n th hcir le of hi

body lawfully begotten, by the tame, file, and
title of Baron Carleton, of Carlon in the coun-
ty of York.-The dignity of a Baron of the
kingdom of Great-Britain to tbhtRight Honou-
rabik John Huffey, Baron Delaal, of the king
dom of Ireland, and the heirs male of,his body
lawfully begotten, by the name, file, and title
of Lord Delaval, Baron of Delaval, in the
county of Northumberland.-The like dignity
of a Baron of thq kingdom of Great-Britain to
the fevCral Gentl;men fI..awing and the heirs
maldeof their rpe t rive bodies lawfully begotten
by the names, liiles, and titles under-mentioned,
viz. The Right Honourable Charles Jtnkin-
fon, Lord HawkefPurv, Baron of Hawkef-
bury, in county of Gloucefler:i Sir Nfhbord
Harbord, Bart. Iord Suffield, Baron of Suf-
field, in the county of Norfolk: and Sir
Guy Carleton, Knilght of the moft Honourabkl
order of the Bath, Lord Dorchefter, Baron of
Dorchelter, in the county ofOxford.
LoNnon, Augujf o.
The following is f;id to be a copy of a ktter
from the celebrated Mrs. Robinfon :
tAux Bain de la Rof',
A;v-la-Chapl,', Germany, July 20, 1786.
S I R,
With altoniliment I read in a Morning
Paper of the 14th, a long account of my daih,
and a variety ofcircumflances refpcAing my lyir,
equally void of the fmallck foundation.
I have the fatisfa&ion of informing you,
that fo far from being deal, I am in the moft
ptrifc(t fate of health, c:.ccpt a trifling lamencfT
of which, by the ufe of thle baths at this place,
I have every reason to hope I hall r-cover in a
month or fix weeks. I propofe palling my win-
ter in London, having been near two years upon
the Continent, though not at Paris half the
Left it liould be received and understood.
in the world that the account of my life is ge-
nuine, I beg leave to contradi;t two very mate-
rial circumflanccs refpecing my family connec-
tions. In the firit place, my father, Captain
Darby, w"hofe legitimate daughter I had thb'hap-
pinefs of being, died fi months fince on board
his own hip, of 74 guns, in the Ruffian fervice,
beloved and regretted by all his conne&ions and
acquaintance. My mother is of Welch extrac-
tion, ani defended from the Seys's of Boverton
Caftle, in Glamorganfhire, a family truly rc-
fpe&alble, and well known in that part of the
world. I was born at Briftol, and received my
education under the care of Mifs Hanna More
Illminietr is'a place to which I am a total llran
As a man of feeling, I request you to con-
tradiA the report with candour, 'and all pollible
expedition. I have brothers in Italy, who will
experience the greatest anxiety, should fitch a
detail reach their ears; and I am fully convinced,
that your knowledge of the world, and liberal
fentiments, will induce you to render justice to a
person, whofe abfence requires an advocate,
and who has the honour to fubfcribe herfclf,
Sir, with eieem,
Your obliged and obedient fervant,
Lamdd eftatte now fll upon an asvsde
thrughalou Elland at from twenty to twenty .

five years purchase, with fome exceptions as td
fome particular places or conditions of foil.
The fale of the crown lands is proposed, in their
rude uncultivated fate, at fifteen Ihillings per
acre, and a fmall fettled fine to the crown; to
be accounted, though copyhold in fa&, in fome
mnafurc as defeendiile freeholds. If cultivat-d
land lets at twenty lhillings an acre, upon an,
average comparifon of one county with another,
and it is considered that tlhef lands are )yt to
be cleared, and that at leaf three or four yearn
mult ecapfe before the beft of it can be paffed
through the federal flags, prior to being ready
to receive grain, and this at a very confidcrable
expence, it feems that the price is upon the
whole too high ; nor can it be worth while to
any to become purchafers but thofe who with to
increaf' their parks by taking in the neighbou-
ring walls, or very cpulent farmers and land-
holdeis, who defire to monopolize both land
and interest.
Though every thing feems peaceable and quiet
in Italy, hill fumne fleps are taking there, that
might indicate an apprehenfion, though perhaps
a remote one, of a war. The fortifications of
Crotona, Valencia, and the citadel of Alexan-
drctta, in the Italian dominions of the King of
Sardinia, are till carrying on; and from the
number of hands employed, and t$e acivity
with which the planners of the works prefs the
finishing of them, one might be inclined to fuf.
peat, that the wife and provident Court of Tu-
rin forefles a form, and is preparing, like a
prudent pilot at fea, for weathering it out.
Among the important articles of hufinefa con-
cluded at the Board of Treafury held laR Satur-
day, a warrant was signed by the Lords Com-
mitlioners, authorizing and empowering the
Potlmafter General to appoint Mr. Palmer, of
Bath, Surveyor and Comptroller General of the
Pull-Office, with a faiary of fifteen hundred
pounds a year, and a per ccntage on the future
increase of the Pot-Office revenue.
The Dnchefs of Kingfton is at this time at
Calais, waiting tor the neeeffary equipment of
a packet to convey her Grace and fuite to
Peterfburgh, on a vilit to the Emprefa of Rffia.
That our readers may form a clear idea of the
late dispute in the Province of Holland, we hall
lay before them a traiflation of the famous re-
folution of March 1672, which was conliiined
at the laft meeting of the States:
Entrai tfron the Rgjfr ofthe Refolutios oftlheir
Lordipir the States, f Holland and Wrji-
Friuland, in the Afamlly of tieir Noble and
Gr at Mightinefes, on Friday and Saturday,
h 4th ad 5th of Marrc, 1672.
On the proposal of fome Members of this
Affembly, after mature deliberation, by the
unanimous resolution of the Equcltrian order of
Nobles, the Deputies of the towns, it has been
ordained and determined, that the companyof
the body guards of their Noble and Great
Mightineffes, and the four ordinary troops of
horie, all m garrifun here, in tlh-" fme manner
as all the other troops which may be brought to
the place of residence ofthtir Noble and Great
Mightineffes, asin extraordinary cafes, (hall not
be fubjea to the orders of any perfin but to
thofe of their Noble and Great Mightineffwn
and (hall owe obedience, 'to none but. .hcig
Counfellor-Deputies; that during their itay is
the abovdaid rcfdcnen they hall a o9bey dij

rectly or ndireas n my maner whatever, tend the delay i manueript, with all the &p air, they haJe thaugt ptp" to ,tl a
any thetr a r aile Ld grMeat l htinef- purtenmm. ithe exaininatoi of the Deputy-CouU tB;lla nfoa Vt4hDe
rfe, and lha owe o~de*te to the iorvefld whofe de t in. adinulration fthe ( rf re, refpc g thi nd
Counfellor.Deputies that likewife the right of charts wW ot particularlyinteret. oThe f,4he Ha.u t ho t atso
givitg the watch-word, aind the other marks motives for this arret am to.prevent the abutes of thc Noble aid'
of authority ovrthe faid fotes, shall remain e. rI efuting fromtthe unconfined liberty which the 4th rid !th o# a h
ulfively to timfe Counfellorieputies, nor shall graphers enjoyed. By copying foreign maps ey poiut I P* o t
thlefe marks of refpe begiven to say other per. rendered the errors committed by foreign w that the. y l l
ton, whoever he may be, whatever may be his tions ht adjading the limits of refpectir piof- and Great M IVn t
rchraaer, his dight' iso naLions, whether in frons, or at lat confirmed them I mainers were ase of #yvr eqo og the
tie political or military Cme nor ha llitbe exposed to the greater danger by implicitly iage, at.alfo the other troops tait
lAwful for any person other than the Counfellor adopting the errors and mistakes contained in e-itled on exttraordnary cafes into theed(
Deputies to perform any a& of command. An imperfect maps, &c. refidene oft heir noble and Ml lh
articleshall be made ofthis, whichshallbe in- Yfterday morning died, at his hooufe in Iball nt be-fub e to the
lerted in the inRfrution given to the faid Coun- Lower Grofvenor-Arcet, Sir Robert Hamilton, but tllfe of thdlrobl abnd
felor-Deputi.e" | Colonel of the 4th Regiment, ad ihall owe obance to thir P ity. a
lhe itate of the United Provinces may be igaf 4 His Royal Highnefs Prince Ed. f(orst ; and that ltght ofging s e watch.
truly faid to be very alarming. A civil war ward, his Mat's fourth on, is shortly to be ap word, and all other ofautority over the
there is looked upon to be inevitable. The poi: tdA one of the Lords of the Recgncy for m. faid militia, Ihallf cfcluylyu and without
Ariftocratic party have been supported by the n aging the afairn of the Eleaorate of Hanover. any referv wb er to t thcDeputy-Cola.
Court of France againR the Prince of Orange. Extr w oa ldter from Utrtver. ci or. *
On tie contrary, the Prince has received marks It is publicly known, that for the three The eight awns and the' Equedtian Or.
of friendship from his relations, the Kings of lat year the Eaf-india Company has not been der, that fon the minority, have refervd their
England and Proia. But there has very late. able to pay the proprietors the dividends of protclis againRt this coclufion and t te t
ly a tired party farted up in Holland. This is twelve and a half per cent. This delay has in. towns of the majority have alfo rcl rved a coon.
the Demoratic. This party feims to declare volved a multitude of people in ditiref, partic- ter protect."
strongly against the Arillocratic ; but however, larly the Jew, whofl entire fortunes were pla- A work, reeflypubliftied at Berin by Pro.
it is not in favour of the Prince. The cormmo. ced in their funds. The Stadtholder, affected fefior Herman which contains many curious
tions and fears occasioned by there divisions, are by the diftrc of fo many unfortunate people, particular relle to the empire of China, its
the true cutfes ofthelate rife four funds; for has shewn the i oodnefa and geacrofity of his produ ions, manufacture, Sc. &c. fettlksthe
the m9nid people in the Provinces, dreading the heart on the occasion. He has written to the extent of that vaft country at rto,qoo German
colfequences of thefc divisions, have fent their Direflors at Amlnerdam, that he renounces the squaree miles, and its population at io4,0o6,254
property here to be veiled in our Rocks. fum of 7,993 florins, which were his dividends foul, allowing 946 inhabitants to every fqua
The Dutch are about to refume the long agi. for that year to be divided amongiR the unfor- mile. Of this amaing number, one fourth
tated question concerning the liberty ofthe prkfs, tunate people whom the delays of the Company part contributes to tie public taxes, and the ar.
particularly fo far as rfpcets newfpapere. One have ruined. He adds, that he means to renew, my is computed at j/7oth.
of their periodical writers of the Democratic on the next division, the fame benefit, in favour The fame writer lierts, that in the year 177yP
paity has drawn upon himfelf the refentincnt of of tliole who may be in the fame situation." the ,niNes of Rufia produced a revenue tp te
the Magiftratce of his city. He has been twice They write from the Hague, that Mr. Har- Crowno of 3,4oo,095 roubhle, and 1,346,90o to
summoned to appear and anfwcr for fome bold is, Envoy-Extraordinary from the Court of private individuals,
exprefions, but has kept clofe: 'tis not known England, has had a conference with the Prefi- ufi', T8. Thereis no doubt.of the Dukl
Sihat itlps he will take on the third and lalt. dent of the States General, in which lie strongly of York's having purchafcd Lord Gallway's
To the breaff of true and affeitionate loyalty, infilled on an answer to thil two memorials pre. estate in Yorklhire; for Tucdday, and yeler.
the general arPn-c nce of joy on the fibje&: of rented by him, one of which relates to the do- day, ISo,oool, three per cents, were fold at
his Majcity's late happy providential delivence, neftic affairs of the Republic. the Bank; andthe greatest part of the ium was
cannot but convey t e moit comfoirtahle fatsfac- The Augufta yacht is rleafed; the Lords of t-.ansferrd from his Royal Highners's name, by
tion. As an additional proof of this prevailing the Admiralty having undertaken to fettle mat- power of Ittorey, whichh occaftoned a fall in the
spirit, the clergy and gentlemen of the Chapel ters with the Commlfioners of the Cultoms. ocks of ibo n harper cent. fo srg afal
Royal met yesterday at the Star and Garter, The following amazing produce may be de. coining unexpeefdly.
Pall Mail, in order to commemorate tie aufpi. ended upon: that there ua now growing in te The State f Zaand objected to the late
cuous event; an elegant dinner was prepared at garden of Mr. William Randall, of Luton, in refolution oftl r High Mightineifes relitiveto
their own expence, and conducted with general Bedfordshire, one hundred and eleven very fine the mode of trying the Officen for the failureof
feftivity ; afterwards, federal loyal toafts were wheat ears, all produced from one single grain the expedition to Breft which resolution, it
drank relative to the fuhjea of the meeting, and iown at Michaehnas laf. feems, was fitroofed by the Deputies from
the following glee, written on the occasion, was AuguJt lr. The officers employed by the EaR- the Province o Holland. This coitradidtion,
performed by the Gentlemen of the Choir: India Company in their Tea service, ar. no longer considering the complexion of the two Provia-
G L E E. upon the fame establishment as formerly. Ii order ccs, clearly evinces, that the principal aim is to
.. "t" Fto put an effetual ltop to the frauds committed wound the Stadtholder through the fides of the
Ao AIN th plory lda hei are; on tihe Company, as well a on the government, it officers, who, there feems to be a little doubt.
still do their lav 'd Illcfings how'rr, became neccaary to put their own servants under will be m a facfice bthe Arifocratic party,
When virtue samps the Monarch's pow'r; fome new regulations all perquilites are there- in order to find a pretence from thence to de.
'Tis there the bid intetine ire, ftre abolished, of every species whatever; and as prive him of his office of High Admiral. The
id ev'r.nL tmeattipt vain. a ra re. they are no longer to be permitted to traffic in next tepr, and it is but a ohort one, will be
To blallthe lory ofhlrr, i-- any degree, the following alteration has taken the depriving him of the command of the land
Unhurt by dagers, Bruniiick land* reveal'd, place : forces, and the nomination of officers, to which W Ps hr I ad di IPri l's id Table of Pay in the Eaft-India Company's Ser- way has already been paved by appointing a
heon hail the saee wo botal a latoa heart, vice, to take place from the time of appoint- Frenclhman, the Comte de Maillebois, to be
Who 1n your Monarch. faf.ty bear a part,
And while with five mirth tie gobkt glows, mert, and the ship being a-float, and under the effe'ive General, and by the Province of
rEalt thef/wrc from whence thei blefing flows fate of equipment, to the time of her out- Holland depriving the PriVe even ofthe iflfrir
Thle mufitf was compofed by Thomas Saun- clearance in the river, after arrival from her of the command of the garrifon of the Hague.
de mpuis, E ; ampofffed t ad voyage. Tn Attempts have even been made on his Highnefsa'
der P ad pe a it ad rMonth, Per M.f.rTaLle prerogative in civil matters, particularly his
energy well adapted to the fubjc& and the le- Captains, 30 and C. 2to power of choofing ot of a lit prefnted to him
vated hearts of the convivial guefts: the evening Chi Mate, o 0 and to o fuch perfono ao he mof approve oftlltoth
was fpent and concluded with universal harmony Second Mate, 6 o and o a place of Burgomafters. Yet thi party has the
and good humour; nor was its feiivity a little Third and fourth Mates, 12 o and 6 6 effrontery to fay, that it is not inthe kaft their
lightened by the recollaon of it being a du Fifth and Sixth Mates lo o and o intention to sdanJh the prerogativeand pivi-
ty to the beft of Sovereigns, and the commemo. Pmsrr a o and 8 leges of the Stadtholder. However, in whisper
ration of an event which every friend to this 0 a 0 g t ee, th
country muof remember with gratitude to an hs Surgeon, I O and 6 o hape they may be right; it feems to be thda
country m member h g e to an Boatfwain and Carpenter, 8 o and 4 o intention not to dismqWb but to .ssibiate them.
wife and indulgent Provienee. Midhipmen, 4 and 4 o Cop*a pon rae r fs a letter f lakm i
Letters o Pari arn, hat anarret Subordnate Officers proportion. Difeove. Netw- ori tisheai d is Ls aIW J7
has uf been published prohibiting al geo ra. rie of attempts to trffc to forfeit a certain 786.
phers,engrvers, or otheaperTons whatever, rom penalty, and be difharged. The only political intelligence tat a fa
engraving, publishing, vending, or distributing eta of a lettr from th Hag, Aug a. a lon time attracted any intention hallKr t,
any map, c t, r eographiclplan, without h Th Refoluton of their Noble and Great poditiad refit of the Court ofBrials i o
permi oa of the Chnellor, or keepr of the Mightineffes, by which the affair of the com. the Wlearn forts to the i
S, under penalty of a ine of6oo ivres, and mand of the Garrifon of the Hague has been What ae the frd.lations of t f.
the cnfiaton of the chart,- plan prooand by a majority of ten vtes again nine, remain Aill unknown but we tb
plate. In order to obtain the roipem if- na in fubftance, That after having maturely have no power to take them, nd
am.eO t n, c. ~l sh b igced to j.n.te .l the pice rlativ to that ciatio am already d l .

appear. etal to at'y the ttipat of t
leai. thi. country but the con=uce of New.
pain and to men who have be i their eyes
princely furtuas, which may be inmtaMeoufly
and (a4 they fuipofe) carly acquired, no patri.
otic inducements can be presented fuficicntly
frng to laakc them undertake campaigns in the
we. ofCanad, for the commercial benefits of
a naton that hau o 11 repal thl for the efta-
blilnaent of their idol, j.dee e ,
-A- W'D-
NOVEMBER 1. y786.
THEREAS by an a& paffed in the ladt Lf.
S iesn of ParliamoiP i tltm l, an ad for ap.
pointing Co wuilioqun to ewqure into the loll, of
all fuch ptrfnoi who have fullered in their propernse,
i n conlIquencc of the ceion O the province of EAsT-
F* P.amA to the KINo of Sdr ,' it is ena&cd, that,
Whrtas federal proprietor of lP.I.hed., and tih
agents of fevtrl other p i na. olthe Iaid province,
rlpedlively Intitled t tthe ct of thisia, we re-
Sliient in the B.aOama loaadad other of his Majefy's
Scolunicin A,.,;i..: And hereastmay be atwedcd
With great inconvenk.c to fuch perfons to conic to
'rc. t-I, to leubfan are their -recfpeive claims,
or to give their vil a in fuppiot of the claims
f other proprict.rrn who they have a~.t4 as
agi;lt, lih it thcrelore aled, that the (;tvcrouur,
.lurenanit Givcrnour, r Commander in 'hicf and
Louut,.l for the time tiog, of any filch iUandi and
colony, fhall, and the re hereby dircedd and re
quired, to enq lre into e lolclof all and Every fuah
perlon or periion, and examine all and cvety fuch
Saett or Agcnt, ni y r rto tl em for thMt purpofc,
upon outh, whi(h ottli t laid tovrcnoor, Lieute.
Snio.t-(.ovrMour, o'aa r in C'hic, or any Mela-
Sher of the c.iuicii fr th ino being, is hereby au-
t ,rarzcd an i imipuwered to miifler; and flch Oo.
vcrttlltr, tieuttsianrt-Orevr. r, or Clloltnd r in
L hicl a.Il (.'oilil for the ti hbeiig, are lierby in-
S'ilcd with thbe ifaie plow r. a aLliwritie ior c;iqui.
ring illo fnch climian, the C millioncri appuintedd
by this ,,t are initetd with, d they are hereby
dirc&ed to proceed inrncdiatelC all and every fuch or c ainnr, clanmiuion or l innations, when
tendered to themi, and to report from time to itine,
by the firfilpportuniry in their p wr. their op:niou
or opinions on all nd every fuch c imr claims, with
Sthe evidence on hic Otch opinion, or opinions wa or
Were fJsrmed, s d lWo'to report, oni iine to time,
the cvidenci of all and very ftn h et or enm%, to
Sthe CL'oimifimoers appointed by "a, in order that
Sill antd every luch claims may be timately judged
o f and decided upon by fuch Co riflimern and-be by their amuonglf the dcla to be laid before
Stie I .ord Contmmifiioner of the'Tr fury, or the Lord
I tihh 'L'r.afurcr, for thi time blin and his Majefty'
Srccctarie. of State.
And be it further enacted by ao:hority afore-
Sfid, that in caf any person or fon, upon examni.
'ni,ii upon ot.,h hbfrre the fa Oovernour, Li.utc-
Iant-OUnrnour, or Cnmmand! in Chief and Council
hii t ; tine being, a,.ufure. entioead, hall wilfully
j at. corruptly give falfl cvid l e every fuch perlbn
Sor Ip irisLa fIn offending, and beltg thereof duly con.
Svlcd, nfloall be, and is and arc hrcby declared to b
liulj, t and liable to fuch f ain and penalties as, by
an I law now in bcing, persons convided of wilful
a'I c arrinpt lerjury, 'are ubjed and liable te
Anid be itenilcd, that no cJlin. or rcquert of any
Si, ri on or pe:rln forld or relief, on account of the
i of any propertyO in cofcequcnce of fuch cefiuon,
I lh ,li e iccclvcd in Gml-Briltai after the firf dv )*
S". .,n a, 8 or ia the B.ah a-jlands or any oiher
1 ih, lajt iay's colonies in Aestric after thcfir d .
A] "i/,, 1787.
Aini wihiias lie Right lIononraLlc Lord Sydey., one
of I,.' Priimipaisecrutarics of State, by his
ls( r t th. I l.,niuurahlc "Jh Brown, lJ.fquirc, P a&-
sdlnt ,il hi. Majclly' Council, and Commander in Chibf
of Il,c i.i/,a...-/,, datedl W li.all, ib ef Ar0i.
17X6, lhah been pleadedd to fignify, that it is his M-
jr:ty's picaf'ic the aid commanderr in Chief and
Co ,. l dil. f,rthwilth take fLch Itcps, as are required
by h e fail al : Ntpice i> therefore hereby given to the
fI' p:opnriiton t.f .iAl-Flrisda, and the agents of
thr r oipriItor of the province, refpetively
itileid to the befit of the before recited adt. rdident
in tile ,i tIamn-!and,. that they doe fpeedily as may
be, dclivr iiito'the handle of .Henry Tii, EfiuRe,
('lLik if the Council, a schedule and valuation, ealed
p, of the property, by them refpecively lof, with
the nict, de eription, and plants of ah*de ot fuch
witncffts ae may be intended to be made ufe of re-
fpecively, in order to fubtartite the Leveral claims.
And notice is alfo given, that tihe PatIDLnrN and
CotneC will meet on 'Treday the 286t inae, in order
to take into confderation fuch claims as may at that
time be delivered toghb Clerk of the Council.
By Order .of tkl COUNCIL,
A. B. Sba ,, I% CiUn o* h .
New i u thad4 e C., t aiwa b &I ae A
caitag asi iheir su, afr at t Pu kW, lyi t- I
QCAd f mhe a

RAS AV$1, *5.
|H i by His
T -in!a I waLe4 HIM
typ acftm Ro Hervey,
arrived at peain N the i6th
of jlyaft. His Royal a we ep ed
at Tifax in the coife of iontlh From
Haliax,,it wa fad t wo go to Jamaica
early in Decemb anod w proceed from
thence in the 8prig to 'N Bn unawrick and
Quebec. .
Several letters from Ameri officers on the
wefern frontier of Pennfyvia and Virginia,
are published in the New.Yortpapers by onrer
of Congrcsf. The general teaor of them is,
that the Waihafl, Slh.wavec Cherokee, and
tome other Indiana have miled hostile in.
tentions agaift the Americant and that they
appear to be encouraged in thfn by the Britifh.
EtraB of a letter from a 14iusm h Newport,
(Rbp& Vianl) to Sit fo in Bfos, dLted
,Oder 7, 1786, and peru it e iNew-
ra* Miornly PSfof Otoh 26.
At thi criticaljun&ure, when the people
of two fates are in open rebellion again law,
and the legiature of another i9 pursuing a fyf-
tem of villiny, I know you muft feel anxious
to hear of every public tranfaaion in detail.-
For this reason I beg leave to fate to you the pro-
ceedings of theGentralAffemblyof Rhode Iland.
Yesterday a bill was brought into the houfe,
which had been ,concerted in convention the
evening before, a.d may be jufly termed the
bloody at, if it should ever pal into a law. It
contains a tell or oath, by which every perfon
mull fwear to ufe his influence to fuppoft the
paper on a par with cath, and to take it at par
in all commercial tranfattions. Al officers who
do not take it in o2 days from its pafling, are
fufpended-matters of vefels cannot enter or
unload till they have taken it--cvcry male of
21 years mull take it, or he disfranchifld-c-law.
years are prohibited front acting as attornies, un.
lefs they take it, and to crown the whole, the
members of the next legiflature mull take it be-
fore they can fit in cetlier laout.
Such an open a& of tyranny-fuch a bare-
faced ad of villainy-fuch a flagrant attack upon
the conftitution-you mull think alarmed even
the paper menmbrs themfclves. After tonic de-
bate upon the matter, in which Mr. Marchand
reprobated the measure, in language that did
honour to a freeman, as did Mr. Brown and
several other gentlemen, the question was put,
whether the houfe would ad upon the bill, or
refer it to the next feflion (which will be in about
three weeks) and in the mean time order it to be
published for the consideration of the people;"
it panfed for referring by a great majority. You
will probably fee the a& in the papers, and judge
how little the members underftahd finance, or
how daringly they port with the rights of men.
In thefe tranfaLions all muft be fools or bInver
who attempt to force paper currency upon Reo-
ple. They either do not know that penal laws
never yet gave credit or circulation to any me-
dium, not eren to fiver and gold; or they bold-
ly infult the common fenfe of their confiituentn.
I have attended the houfe of affembly con-
flantly. I endeavoured to discover the springs
Of their conduac. I never faw fo great a pro-
portion of ignorant men in a public body.-
There are but four or five that appear to under-
land the nature of money and the operation of
law; and but a part of there who can exprefi
their sentiments with propriety. You never
heard language and common fenfe fo tortured
and murthcred s' in ihis hour. You would
have been sometimess diverted to a high pitch,
even amidft the ravages that were made upon
ljutice and freedom, to hear an ignorant ptti
fogger larranguing upon the evil of iln
ars aw as aof im* sre a AV wyitfi aJlc.
SBut the majority cannot have been knaves.
Had four or five of the houe btn honoured
with a Gaalva, infleadt of an eleton to a feat
in the legislature, the fate would probably have
been, at this time, in harmony. The& have
mifed the other members, aid olp pption
made them obAt
I .. .

I1 forgot to mention, that a motion ifo
amending the revenue laws, and enabling the
Sloa oflcer to iffle certificates, was rejected. It
femas Congre muft take paper of this fate, or
nothing. The spirited and fenlIble renmontlance
of thedelegatcs of Rhode-Ifland to the General
Aflembly, read at the opening of lthe fefion,
has wrought no effect. The members fem cal-
lous to every idea of public utility, they hear
nothing but what tends to level all orders of the
Rate in promiscuous poverty. Nor is there any
hope of better time; an the members cliolcin tor
the next fix months are the fame men, or worfe.
P. S. The )iapr of this Rate is refuted in
ahnoft all tranfactions-.when it is taken, it is
from 4 to 7 for one. A member of the Afem-
bly yesterday told the Houfe, that the paper
is yet too fcarce-his confituents, one half of
them, have none of it yet." Poor fhort fighter
mortal! He ought to reflc&, that his conltitu.
cents, who have property to fpare, can procure
calh-thofe who have no property, cannot get
even paper, that is hawked about the frects."
We arc informed from Turks Iflands, that a
veffel which arrived there a few days fine from
Jamaica, brought accounts of a dreadful hurri-
cane having happened at that island on the 23d
of laot month.
The Porcupine floop of war was daily ex-
peded at Turks Iflands frum Jamaica.
AiKrIVD ner, tzm
Nov. 24. Sloop Endeavour, Biffon, New.York.
Sloop Antelope, Defmont, Anguilla.
*'-? The Brigantine ELIZABETH, Jonsi
IncLIS Mailer, w;lflailfor London on Saturday
next, the Id of December, wind and weather
pern~itmin.-Her LE7TER G is up at the

TNDIAN Corn, Ship Bread, P fe, Potatoel, Onions,
Albany Baords, Trwo.-ihj P k, Turpentine, Bar
Iron, Swc.
A few Field N E ROE S,
Property warranted.
Najhr, N'oavemnir 24. 1t6t.
A HOUSE to be Rented-and I ORSI
L& CHAIR with HARNESS complete for Sale.
S Apply to the Printer.
THE Subfcriber's Bay Stal was, on the
Snightof the lyth infant, lab d in the thigh by
Tome ill difpofed perLon, and has of the wound.
The above reward w will to n who
give fuch information of the perpetr this crime
as will bring the offender to convi&ioi unihment.
Nafau, Nov. 24. JAM OWE.
fAt CAlE il, /
L WINE, of Vintage 1783, jut'rcecived in the
Ship Liournsio, direly from ManasA.
For Sale by Private Gintrad,
TrHE HOUSE and LOT athe Wetward,
I formerly occupied by the la k HALtaY
Efq;-For Terms and further Pan ulare apply t
Na/au, Non. 4,1786. JAMES HOWE.

TOTICE is hereby ento all prfo ha
vl ing demand again the EftUe of J MIsallan
Nw roM, defeated, by bod, note, or booe acceats
that they render in accou of the fame properly at
teied; and all thole indek to the faid Eflts, are
rcqucntd to make uleedy pcyqeat, et
MARY NEWTON, Eaecutrl, or
Nafau, November 9, -86.
D UN AWAY from the Subfcrlber, ad Meaday ikt
. 3ft of July, a Ncgro Fellawlnamed Joe. Who
over will apprehend the laid runswly, and deliver hin
to the keeper of the public Jail In aau, lUal rectiv
Or GaiCo. Reward. |
IViO,&SNl 8 r 1, l716.

Parliamentary Debates.
[Coe rl iiiv rou sba L&AST.)

Ilous of Loans, Mond y unes6, 1786
SARI. Camden, in a very long speech
Highly commended the zeal of the noble
and kiarned Lord, in defence of the laws an
c,.llitution ; but the necefity ofrailing a reve
n ir overcame every other consideration. Th
i.erch.arnts had invented every poffible device t
sillrauil the revenue; and therefore they nmigh
* thank themi'lves. In (hort, every feflin pro
duced a kind of warfare between the public an
the trader, to prevent the latter from dcfraudin|
til revenue. He did not involve every indivi
dual in this charge; but it was impofhile t
make the discrimination. He was for altering
the obi riious claufe pointed out, but then thi
till would be loft, being a money bill; am
tlernt, inrft lie submitted to.
The. qlrftion was put, and the bill paflli
without a division.
TusnAV,- Jine 27.
Thi Royal affent (by commiffion) was given
to the till for the pay nnd clothing the militia
lthi win:e duty ; the cuolecrationof hihops, fub
jets ocother countries; the charitable donations
thi Ihlipphng and navigation ; the Briful bridge
the Crickhla l, i clofiire ; the Newcalle church
for crc'ting light-houfes on the Northern call
of C, cat-lritain ; tl~?l)ffidld enclofire ; thI
'Ealt -ndia judicature ; tlhe Nth Shields wat ig ; tie occallonal voters ; the Clink paint
tie London coalmters; the WI llminillcr coal
nmts; and toivc private bills.
o 7v 3.
The h,,ife havi; refolved itfclf into a Coln
mittec on the hill fo granting reliefto the Eilt
Indi. Company, lby permitting them to nakc
fale of certain annuities, and to increafc tlhei
The Duke of Portland rofe to move that the
chairman fthuldleave the chair. His Grace en-
tercd very largely into the general policy of our
administration in India, and de-anted with much
ltrength and force on the principles of the bill
before the IIoufe; but as the arguments were
the lame as have been already givrn to the pub-
lic, when the bill was in its progrefs through the
Common., we flfall forbear to trouble them with
a fiperfluous repetition.
Lord Walfingiam, in a very elaborate reply,
took a general survey ofthe Britifh adtnin;ilia-
tion in India. His Lordfhip poke very forcibly
in favour of the bill, and of the principles which
it tended to enforce.
Lord Vifcount Stormont poke against the
principle of the bill. The bringing of it into
parliament at o late a period of the fIlion was,
ie faid, an unworthy device to gain time, and
to avert for a feafon that disturbance which muft
unavoidably follow, when the situation of the
Company's affairs in India came to be fully
known. It was alfo, his Lordfhip contended,
an injury to the prefent ftockholders, as every
increase of the capital of the Company tended in
a ratio advancing with its amount, to diminish
the credit of their refpe&ive securities.
Lord Loughborough arraigned, in very frong
terms, the fallacy of the accounts laid before the
Hoofe by the Company, and inferred therefore,
tlia there appeared to much of premeditated
imposition in their statements, that they were
totally undeferving of the countenance or pro.
teaion of parliament.
Lord Bathurif fpoke a few words in favour of
the bill.
A division then took place on the Duke of
Portland's motion, That the chairman should
lave the chair ;"-the numbers were, Contents
6, Non-contents 14.-Majority 8.
Lord Scarfdale, the chairman, then read the
different claufes of the bill, which were greed
to without any debate, and the iHou ad-

w n aisaEts aiur S... by which they came, 4s4lth rfere Tlndividula
e i .. ... concerned in the delivery of them tht the
The tou bS refohlve d itfet iais Coa i clerks. the taice were ready to give a fmiLn
htec on the h' wnes ball, account of the buuefrs, ando j icularf that
Lord L otgh lbje.ted ver fironglyd1 Mr. Pollock had been desired tot Ae Oith m up,
to the p p th bit Its tendency, his by an order froni Lord Shelb rne, tole Savage,
SLordfhip ofot wa- to place the Ship. h ou gave .a r.cipt, bearing date te 3sit of
Owners en the a o Joint Stock Compa- January, 183, for two trunks W boxqof pa..
,, ny, by exeri te whole of their fortune pers, which to be deliveicd to Rlc6.d
, their mare n the el excepted, from any claims owning Efq. He believed tb
d in consequence of lofes fuftained of the goods documents woMbvu been of great tife in deciL
. committed to thiir truth. It took all adequate ding the poh"t now in litigation concening.
e security from the merchant, thought thiit security that affair. An affidavit, dated April 8, 1785,
o being held forth by the Englilhs Ship Owners in wa th.e read by the cdc k, which gcuuqted the
t fuerourdegree, was the very crcumtanc fat Rated. after this, lliam no, Efq.
which enfured them a preference, where thert was xainined at the br'ofthe Houfe, who con..
Swas any com petition, and a conlant employ firmed the fpecic relation of is tordfimp.
g ment rom for merchants. The (hips of Counfel were thin called to the bar, and
Other nations, bean enabled by the frugality of Mcfrs. Erikine and Dal!as being heard in fip.
a their feamen, and other clrcumltanccs, to accept port of the bill, o Melrs. Iigut >nd Bure
g of a lower freighta e, would, in confequence of againit itt
Sthis Af, be ecu cd a preference, which they Earl Bathurft rofe, and in a few words fat,:d
d had long envied the Britilh Ship Owners. his objedtins to the bill. He- declared himfcf
Earl StanHllopt the Marquis of Crnmnrthen, to be an enemy to every fIecies of itiov:tton,
d and Lord Hawke fpoke in support of the bill. lut on the , filid grou'ils. It didl iot a3.
The principal argument which was urged in fa. ear to him that there wre fch gro inds in the
vour of the Ship Owners was, that t.he liun pail prefcnt inflance. No complaint had l,,en made
for the freigltage was fo exceedingly difpropor. agaitfl the conduct of the agots;r airady a.n.
n tioned to the %lue of the goods, that it would ploved, and lie Tvlw o i.alo for tino the
; he unjAi to compel the Slhiphoildcr to make a bulilnS ,ut of their lhans, and tran fcrriin it
- retribution forloffes, %shich, it often happened, to trultee~. He would tlirelfre move, that the
;could not be forefctn or prevented. bill be committed to thi*day tw:o months.
S The Houfe then went through the claules of On the qua lion beinlf put, Earl Bathurt'P
Sthe bill, which were ordered to be reported next motion was carried without a di flon. Thebill
Sda y. is therLfore lot.
S The Houfe 'went into a Committee on Mr. Lord Rodney then of,', and called tie attend.
W. ilberforce'. bill, by which it isenalted, that tion of their Lordfhfps it the evidence which
Sthe bodies ofpcrfons on vitcd of murder, rape, thIe hIad heard relate to the St. E]il!atius pa.
Burglary, &c. fllould bc delivered to a fut geon pers. He Rated, :iat lie had other incontro-
for diffe hion t b a tib proofs to lhng forward, tut the floamn,
Lord I.oughborough opposed thebill as dif- was too far advanced for him to trouble their
gecrafiul to the code of crinlit: law, and unjul I.ordfhips in a bhtfnefs, wlich it was lis inten.
* in its regulations, lwich loil light of all ditihc.- ton to renew at another time. lie woid con-
Stion blitwi cn crimcns ofvery lifferent magnitude. tent himself for the prefeut with folcmnly pled.
Burglary, and Muler, for iniRance, Ihould nc- ging himself o the Ilotufl, to imeilligate this
ser he full ejected proulifuc.llyl to the fame pu- ulinefs to the bottom, by a parliamentary cn-
isiiThmcnit. On a builjefs off,, much importmce, quarry early in tTle next felon.
the tswlvc Judgs lthuld certainly have been col- Earl Bathurl expreffeld his fatisftl;on tt tlhe
t fi ed. This, however, had not been done. noble I.ord's intentions. He thought th- mat-
SThe bill had paffed through the Houfe with a ter ought not torcft here. The annalsofparlia-
dcgre of h)lke which cold be equalled by no- meant, he avowed, did not record : n ore grofs
thing but its imperfedion. His Lordfhip there- violation of trlut than that which thevidence at
fore moved, thit the bill Ihould be read a third dte har hand prove; and lie had no hfiratin in
time on this day three months. having, that the person guilty of it, wss guilty
Lord Sydney coincided with thlcf fentin s of a high crime and mifdemcnour. Adjourned.
Though he profffced, at the fame time, to ap- [To ia corNTsUFD.]
prove very highly of the motives which had ac-
tuated the Hion. Gentleman by whom the bill TE N D OLLAR RE L W AKRD.
had been framed. TUN AWAY from the Subl her, on i "i'csy
Lords Carlifle and Bathurft poke each a few Ri- night l.a, a Negro Man ameI JACKSON,
words to the fame purpofe; after which Lord about s feet 8 inches hitg. ,re ralde.. aid ha1
the looks of a cnimpleat villa ; hai on ihen he
Loughborough's motion paffed Am. d w,,,t off, a large chain and ron coalr fastened
The orderofthedaybeingreadforgoinginto with a double bolted padl round his ances.
the second reading of the St. Eultatins bill, it Whoever delivers the raid fe w to lire Subferr
was -ead accordingly, and the question being ber, or fecures him in Naff r il, thall receive
put for committing it, counfl was called to the Toea Dol.arj, and the likt fn ill be pid to thole
bar. who will dilicover the pefaon persons alltd
"bar. in knocking off his irons ; he as feen going with
Lord Rodney then rfe, and liated the his irons cm towards that rhon for villains,
grounds on which he captured the goods found the Negro Town behind lw Il.l'jital.
on the island of St. Euftatius. freafonable Malltrs of VcnIls are cautioned agaiinit carry-
pilaices were carrying on against this country ing him off the Ifland.
by the inhabitants o that land, to a very ex- NoembIer, 176. JO!IN MORRIS.
traordinary degree. Thef pra&ices were not For L O N D 1 N,
confined to St. Euftatits aod its dependencies, To Sail Tt firl of DICEa a next;
but the adjacent iflands contained as many trai- The H
tors as traders. The documents relating to his Te
fuccefs in the redu&ion of a place where fo much LIG H T I N O,
mischief had been done by individuals to the CHARLLS BarTON, commander.
community at Ie t e fiat home as aft oA Ilia a
community at rge home t o For Freight or Pafage, having elegant acconluntd
official difpatcheT. They were received by the tions, apply to Capt. h.-rino on boa nd or to
then Secretary of Stati forthe American depart- PETER DEAN, & Co.
ment, and deposited in his office with other LL Perfons having any demandP aaint the
public documents, that they might be forth. A Pftate of Mr. Jon-i AaRMSTiRo W. t 4ON
coming whenever it might be the duty of parlia- late of Long-Ifland, dcreafed, ar reqielft tode
ment to produce them. On repeated application liver fRates f the fame properly ttelted to teIh
however, to this office, even while under the uf theSuheribers, on or before t i.ft atant
management of different individuals, they could 7) ar al petl fomns ned at
not be found. He had evidence to produce at requ idSARA .SON,
their Lord(hip bar who would futtantiate thefe Admlniftratril, at .aIand, or
fads. He mentioned the nature of the federal PAIR R
packU of papers that wcrc ddivart the bhips ter Attorney, at l preMeM .

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