Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 11, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00065
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VON .11L


S No. iid.



From 8ATtURDAY, NOVitIMuals ii, ia V KDAY NovsanII 18, 1786

NASSAU: Print 4 eby JOHN W-9;;,thG Prinding-Office tn the BlAt.
T t -~ .4

ar. OaU yf,
By PETER D AN, & Co.
lH'It. of Vilteg.'l.llj's ifctJ in the
Ship LioNTNasn, directly fr AiIrsA.
In the Ship LIGHT INOG,/C aln BURTON,
from LONDON,
AN o TO 9n OLD T
At their STORE o tIe BAY.
SCOTi H and erman so~n A& Mcnl Felt and
(t)zn.bai[g Ca 0t Hlat
Brown Ra Sheetmg Mcil fae black lad'
Ravens Duck etire roundnd colour
Coiton Baggingt dit.)t
3-4 7-8 Ac yard wade Iri S d Odil
Linens a SmIuce
j-4 ltri a& d KTctup
Shcertgls r L vice
Frown Hollands Walnuts & Ocr-
White, laylock, fraw,
black and pink Lui- Canv No I. to 3.
frlngs and Perfians S1. y. and 8. iakl Ca.
ILylock, blue, a d pink blt e
Ilk quilted Pericatq 1 ns. and 4 inch Cor-
Ditto te.ltii. dilttO d.-
latck Modea Hnd
Bomnbasine L
Italia Hat Cip SallT & three Itrand
Prince' Stuf Plorcotli Marl
l' Edgin,' Anth Orapnalll from
Diltch I.tee PFig c 3icwlt
Blark nd while Pi-tail Paints Oil
PFithras Gunpo
Green and yellow Cans Drop INo. 3 to 1
fTr window hlindl Bck d
Scarer Cardinals with r- Sheet d
mine .. Poland ch
Supecrfne, blue, black and Fig and egn's Blue
r,.ou e4 Broad Clotha s go.
Die. K.rfeymene H.r P der
hlatk and blue ShaIl*oma Hlrd Soft Pomatum
I',tto Cllimanicor Laenir Water
l)r Dut Pnuts PI Lnce of Bergainot
W i;c &ad Ariped Fia- Potter no ho td
ne:l Ditto bttlod
Du,'] nBlankes I.oaf Sugar
B:ue and fpolted Saikn Pepger
Jck9l -er.
S..e & Du.k ditto TroW- Ri autIr i
Sr. Barley
C,. os Frocks hplit Peai in kbg
D.itch Cap. Pipe.
Men fine A eonrl Shoes Ironnanngery
Youru And Childicnditto Hardware and Culker
Car or .i Boots Turnery
Lailie blaIc, red and co- Ano rsortmet d
Inutel Morocco Sbh to nd tmuaineladl ChinI
Ladie, black and nolourcd Ware
Clliimanco dilto Ditto Quctl'a Wea
Mena & luacnl Thread Dieo d0afs Ware
and Cotton Sinck;llo Nails and Simlm
Youths and Childrenl Pump Tc e
Thread Stocking. H ratcet
Meon white and black Silk c. t. atc.

a he SAip LIGHTNING, aptaln BURTON,
AMD * 13 I9lD 3t
t OA Su CI o CC-mmur
SHrfen, Slarog, goo. huftfc b liMokeess
chong, and Boa T ans D und endia&lse
Rad. Sagd, emat nd PRor n Rib
Cinnamo., Mace tltHaoerchaie
Cloves and Nutmegs Rd and bloe Pocket ditto
Mllard and Black Peppe Plalh&ftted Muilin do.
Starch and Blu M "nd Womm black
Yellow Solp GiLda
W and Tallow Candles Mae block fik Hof
taoft Butter and Checlo Low Ribbondsl
Yorklhire Hama Los Handkerchiefs
Capk and London bottled BlokCraie and Mode
Porter r Sutilt Cardinals, rmia'd
5: lit Pcf and Barley 3)-4., stand yard wide
Hair Powder & Pomatum IrB L ne
.iotfeed Oil and Paints Whick and brown Ruffl
L~mp Oil fllxtinf
ShathU PFapr 1-4 O liu ad Ofnat r.
Pump Later and Oakum Hckabock and Shirtings
Ship ('oa pff A irdety ofprinted I.noens
RoiBrimone Ditt o Chint Pattern
Gun Powder ad Shot Yard wide Mallin-netts
Cordagc from Ia-4 to S 5-4 md 10-4 Table Clot
inches Clar Lawna Cambricks
SpunYun & Ratlingtur Hambro' oilnd Long
tbles from 5 to 8 inches. Lawn
Small Anchor from loolb. India M ulin
to 4ooib. Metw/n o, & Ckhidena,
Tar and Paint Brolbe
dair Brooms & scabbing ead Catla
BruAfles I
Hanibro' Line 6d. u d
LogLine ad Sail Twine N
Duel Blankets and inch Spike
8-4.9-4, & 10-4 Roab ditto Lock J Hinge
Striped Linfey Helv'd tchets
Blue and whit Plai Toea ett
Fluael Swlanin Saw Fie
Sailorn ready-made jacket Caulking l & Sraperl
DirtoPearoughtad Rug An ffor e of Chilela
Trafern Woodd Bd Screws
Duck Frockb and Trowfer Turkey an Oil Stones
l.inn and Check Shirts Bureau aDrawtr ornl.
Durante and Calimanceo ture
Shdaloos and Sattinett An 'rorltment ol Plane
L.I ioivwad BomhBaeem Copper SoleIs ? WeiIht,
Linen *d Cotgon Cbck Tin Seel and Weights
Sand 9tripm. Dal, and Chin Wat
Cotton Hialleond Tin Wre
Firg d Dimitie Dote of Short Pipes
4gck iltingl Medicine *
A few P.Mdou of ih poof JaMrIeC SeraMt,
Lpndoa M et r MADnIr A Wint.
Fure Ftiu S ass and Ps.or BinAD, julliported
from Baltimore.
for Sale by Private Conra&,
'T IB HOUIrand LOT at theWeftward,
I brmetl 'accnpicd by the lte J A Ai rs,
Eq;-Ftor T4rms a d fo1thr rici apply to
For 0L o O /,
.T 4 tW -fA 0km DUMg P ert;

Which with their former AfTorlmat. tnry wiut lipote i
of on the go*t reaflolb e Tea"s.
rHmfr HArR ALSO FOSd AL. tR I.'G H T S .
London particular MADEIRA WINS, -Uphe NY kt4 BoariTOn,
quarter calk or doemr. )r
Snperfine PHIL DIRT.PHIta P.OU ll.-, se. e I igh.s t a gd. -
iOTIQE is heroby give to bal*er. PETER Co.

nuslrd to me rpee to^ ^^,
Eltzw ron LOid, amrM. -
JXax, NwM,,r 91 i7. V. WI.*cju5r< %i..

European Intelligence.
UIIUT 41 2.
l HE iVtine hating bee called together
yefterdnj I different pla, u wel in
hurche u dclfcwkre, and beiag pertly affem-
bled, the following intimation, but without
any signature, was eat to the efpeirve houfen
of the different members of the council the fame
4 On the art of 0t citizen of the eight
companies of this city, nd in the present cafe
-the principle. The Burgomaer, and Coun.
ftoon of (Vreedlchap) the Council of the city
jointly, with their ecretariec, are informed to
appear to-morrow, Auguft 1786, at ten ia
the morning, on the fquare called Neude, there
in presence of the citizens, and at their request.
to receive the oath of the college of the tribune
of the committee of the citieni, conformable to
the contents of the regulation fwbrn to, a far au
it egards the nomination of the regency of the
city, according to the tenor of the aid regula-
tion; and if the fame refufali are perfided ina
and non-appearance of thehid Burgomaten and
Counfelltwa and' Cititemn In virtue of their
right, will proceed to receive the (fid oath of the
laid committee, and totheihintallation in form."
Thbe eight companies were at the fUA tin
called together, and went there under amu, from
thence they marched to the Nende, where a
table and chain were prepare forthe Counfeha r
in hope they would attend. Two Iate chair
were deigned for the two Burgaften, but
there only came ive member of e Council.
Mr. ordon, General in Chief of the Society
Pro Patri ra Li&ert, hiewed thefe five aem-
ben to their places, putting MEfs. Eyck and
Vas Senden, m the two tate chain and intal-
ling them Burgomafters-The above gentlemen
being feated, declared theunfelve incompetent to
receive the oaths of the colleKe dTribunes, and
consequently of infalling them at the lame
time they declared that they ef it to the citi.
ens. to follow their own wi o that head.
They then retired. Then Mr. Good who
was itely made a cities, desired the committee
to lift up their hands and tah their oath. After
this a resolution wa formed and signed, dedia.
ring the ablent Cpomflors degraded them from
plac. The drum beat in eokqueme and
re Committee, them ftsin, *ere conded
folemnly, by the eight coq Mas, to tbrch"a-
ber called Mtr', ater they hadp d thm.
flve of the key bythreat.
Infondtdo was lent ia the afeeoo to tach
of the Counfelort, of the refohltion psid i
the ioning-by a nommiio, wth i rioiiin
prohibition to them not to inter fire the
tur wi, thi dBbi o the Counmil, Iut
allowing fuch u are employed in coammiods C
'xercife them sml the rth of OAadmr aet
.but adding, that they mu iilantly tergn if
Ith o~oe the mprcl t refutit.'
At legrh M. CorAon is .aftaed tly fie
chitens, and his oeth received a Govermne of
the city, and the keys are atd ly is hbapbi
,fio,'and' ot in tht o the gretdent ro
tmuftmre f
.1.b I On 'O4 0k, Jtfy2&S-
:.Thefawio Poatch me war arr mied is
I, Roods ki ,ht Oi-D4 +h f 66

gun, Capt. P. Mevin j Zeepe d 4, Capt. fucicnt to iommalize the Miniter, had pe? An8 can they poaI onedu t r.
Van Wcnel Dolphin 24 Capt. J. Ofrhyen- he nothing dfe to-oaft of. ,Whe pofttrit tain, the only power toif the'id
roode; Maafnymph 24, Capt. J. Rynbende lhull experience th glorious advantage of h States Ihow a never-ca ng rilj, wi.jeto
Lecum 8, Lieut. J. Hocfd PoAillon 4, Lieut. fchen, they wil coateraplate with admirtion 'difrefs them in favour of Amerl...- Aci
R. liapken. the judgment and aigenuty of the mah who which, wretched and difunlted at (e is, feam
The above (hips, they report, failed fnan planed, and the Miniter who carried the plan only Ready in refuing to pay her jl t 'berf
Holland on a cruizc about two month fince. into execution. insulting iar mother country in every Newfp
They left Efineur about fourteen days ago, at From the public prints in Ireland it appears which her various ate rpetua
which time their squadron confided of one (hip there is much converfition about a Legiflative y
of the line, four frigates, two hookers, and Union with Great-Britain in that country-A -
three brigautines. Two of the frigates, a hoe. very able pamphlet made its appearance in Dub- BA A I.-SLAN S, .
ker, and a brig parted company, fome of them tin about two mont agoon that fubjeft, which Naw-Paovtslac.
leering north, and the ref fouthward. The has given rife to much fpeculation.-Whether C UNCIL C HAM BER9
Ihips that are arrived here are in want of water, Adminitration have it in their contemplation-
and fTme other neceffaries, and only m;an to Whether they have leifure to plan, or firmnefs NO SV IfMBERR 7 1786.
remain a few days. sufficient to carry through fuch a measure, cer.- ~THEREAS by an aft palled in the lat fef.
&/u u/l S. Yesterday failed from Leith Roads tain it is, that upon' fair and equitable terms it V f lion of Parliaments intitaud, an as for ap
Commodore Mclvill, in the Dordrecht (hip of would be mutually benefici l; and it is the more pointing Cc nmnifiainertoenq uire into tue loiee t
war of 66 guns, with the squadron under his desirable, as wife imii. pretend to fee at al (h crcor S who haew vs ared li thr propertia
Io confequullce of the ccifon of the Frovir..e of IEAsI
command, having taken on board water and pro- left, that matters will nd oaway or the other, FaORs.A 0 the KIneo of SPe* ia,'ti is e6naed, that
vifins neceffary for proceeding on his cruise, and that either a union or separation are events herc (neerid pro ri tor of Af-ri, and, thai
Th;n gentleman, whole predeceffor left Scotland in the womb of time. a gent of ivel otheI apretoredo the lad province,
in the reign of CIharles and wa descended f Etra8 of taleter frs Peter/A.rg, 7u I. 1 th ind. h find ol thrOf ia eM.jt
the family of M Iv.ll, in Fifihire, greatly diltin- It gives me no little pleasure to fee the 'coloib in A..iraJad r where it may he iasaI ed
guilhed liimfelf in the laft war, and was honour- numbers of Britilh thips in this harbour fupcrior ith great itoean eBaw to lfuh ferrofs to iome to
'd with p'rticiilar marks of approbation-on his ~o thofe of any other country, and that confe. G.-a-B. ii to I'uiatiaS their rcfIydive claims.
return to Holl tnd. quently the quality of Englilh commodities is 'al P rv their vdence in faip'os of the china
t f other proprietows r w h w( thy have accd Ua
We underlt.nd the Dutch fleet are failed preferred to any imported from other parts of agets, Ic it therefore castd, that the uoversour.
for Brci, where they propofe to fay fome time, the world. This is a truth I and amoft pleading Li ueteant Governoor, or comnmasadr in thief and
and return to Holtand in winter. The officers truth it is to an Englifhman. Couticil for ihe tnie being, t ay lunh ,Aaud and
expreired the warmed acknowledgments for the lugul S. A German Magazine gives the any, hall, and they a hetby. dald ,ad se.
quited, to aquie ia thei 9 lots. C all slid eOr) Wlh
attention paid them at Edinburgh during their following account of the Pope's revenue: prfon ir plirlat, an to etxmine all and every Itih
Ray here. Roman Croswns. agent cr agentcm iepir to I or .hat purfole,
1.o N On Aouuj i. St.'Peter's Pence, valued at 1oo,ooo *spoath, lh"h o 1I the lad Ut ve:nouoe, L-ute.
i.iawn,-,oe-i nonr, co ....adlder in (4h I,, .r any lmo.-
We are extremely happy to find that the Duty on Salt a5o,ooo r o't Ct,,i i r it ta ims .g. r herney an.
opinion of the nation at large on the late affair From the Taxes 300,000 ttrized and impw el to adminmlle ; and fich GCo
f f the second perfonage in the kingdom, is From various imports, under the- ernur, LicL tiiuml versoour, tr Cunmmaidr in
decidedly in favour of both parties concerned, Name of Quadrins de Came to,ooo hied and fo the iine bciig, arc herby in.
ve ied wih the Gomre o rs And aurhori;cs for cniqui.
and that there is only danger that the Prince Ship-money, at Civita Vecchia 36,ooo rit g in o fuch claims the Commlt.ers spploied
may fit.r by the injudicious publications of Extra duty on Salt, at Rome, 30,000 by this aot are invtel with, and they are hertclh
thofe who pretend to be his friends, and who Corn bought up, and fold after. darieI tol proceed mi disiel) ohcali aid evty fchb
not only fcrape togetliere very trifling circum- wards by the ApoRolic Chamber 64,000 c1aii"' or la,'., es-tieot or csanrri.ton, whot
fianiir which can have a ridiculous tendency, but Poll Revenues 6,000o y the, ifto. poTuny i~ thre ir pot r, eir pini
are difcharging all tlhe venom of malignity Tolfa's Lights, communibu annas 190,000 oropini onunill and er lunch clam or iw aai:ilt thoie whom the Prince holds in high Tax on Candles 9,000 thfceidenc on which fuci oionor upinionswaIor
ejeern and affection. A condu& like this, his Paid by the Clergy in general o04,989 were for n lJ, aa to rtfi, to tne.
the evidenceo.l or, s E, i ch gto o la anto, to
H;liighuefs unqutionably difalows and deteds. Sublidies from different parts 50o,oo0 the Co,.in.ift ]happoiste bythisad,i n ider that
Hli. parting with what may be fipppofed to have Tax on Horfes 318,200 all and every luod claims y be ultiimatesy judicd
been his a oo favourite aniufements, and at a Exehlquer z I32,oo of and decided ulon by fuc C omnielilers, as a be
tim. like the prcfiiet, has gained him the hearty Duchy of Spoleto 10,000o ,inted hy theraimongr il t Iclitra. be iLd b at
rth f.ord. chholllllon r. l( o he Trtlirrvr t ,i lod
affecion of all men and the perfverance in his Cu fom-houre at Ancona 15,000 hi th Tlrrrurcr; fo the inse ei, g, and hir telt'
plan of economy mull cnfire him a degree of Ditto Civita Nueva 4o,000o Secretaries o Sate. st
copulrity which many Princes have viflied for, Leida 3,000 And b it fuoher enadtd Iy the auhority afore-
flid, that in c r ary perfect or perltits, l pon exani-
but few have obtained. From Bologna 719.639 nation pn tpn ol bfr the fa rrenia, nI icuate
Story of DAviD H M E, the Philofopher.- The Lombard, or public Pledge- nt-iOnvernilou o Conimaidetr iin r hit i.d Counc .
David going home late one evening, and it being Office 0,000 for the time bellc, a bleore-n cnti. d, tIl.aH
very dark, niffed his way, and fell into bog, a Tax on Corn 9,000 and corrupty Ift alfl claf idenc, every fauh pithl
little on one fide of the road, where he would Chancery, and other offices 600,000 ofi p red o al be, a d tdare hcrcbyr dalrd to
have been inevitably smothered, if the nofle Various namelefs objeas S00,0o0 lubje and liabie to fah pains and penalties as, by
which he made had not alarmed the neighbour- Contributions from Roman Catholic any law nw in being, persons convicrld of wiifel
ing people, who ran to his affiTance. Finding, Countries, known under the and cr"T t" perury, are lubjl and hable tor
however, who it was, they determined to leave name of Annats 4Anoo0 he ad that r. lai ,m o" rrese' f any
4 ____ ..e.. rltfrt for aid or relief, on -c,.un.t... -fh
him there; and when they were reproached for 4 I-. of any property, in cnf.aquitte of foch tcfi a.
their inhumanity by fome who came after, and Total in Roman Scudi, or Crowns 4,729,618 hall be received in Grer.-iriis s.lur the/ih, do of
met them returning, answered, it was only a r .., y y8?, or inthce e.'-itd ..or ai) oth r
David Hur,,,lthe Ateif, and it was tr matter That it 24 millions French currency, fome. i., M, .y celeaini s e, elte e d
w.tether he h dli or dira David iill continued thing above one million fterling. It murf he And whebraus he Right HencurableLord SydJl, ren
his cries for God's fakre to e heim.-For God's observed, however, that the revenue here dated, of his Malefly's fSccritari of State, by his
fake I repeated the aflembly, troth it is a uid is greatly incumbered by the numerous and hea-. b .to the nourba l cl r7. Efqire, prf.
thing to hear an Atheit call upon God.- A t vy debts incurred by the Apoftolic Chamber. of the BanajcnY' a, Codatcil anid L i oIn ACLf
you an Atheit, David? A uuj 7. By his late decision on the Be. ust8, uth been ptpled to fitnify, that it khi Ma.
David.-Do-good people Whp me out, and nares affair, the Minifter gave offence to twe jely's pklafure the faid Commnlder in Chief and
I'll be any thing. patios, without gaining either oa friend, or C nciTl do forhwihth take flth Iltp ase re required
the hid cl Notic i. thereforefh rehrebygivenathor
Peopli.--Dinna ye ken the Lord's Prayer, oe atom of praife.-Thofe who with well to th i fee d poraieto if theridrs, a irnt iaens ote
David ? c aufe of Mr. Hafings accufe him of grof incon- I ether propleres of the fi, province, lefpaively
David.-Our Father which art in Heaven, fiftency; thofe on the opposite fide charge him I intitleid to he benefit of the before recited ,t, r< ident
lays David. with affef&ation and hypocrify, The truth is I, the *e-a,.s.". tha" tthey a Ipftily as may
Weil, David, and dinna ye ken the Ten Corn- that in this, as well as in more than one 'Wonr o. Clirk of the cuncl, a schedule fand action, eale
mandmants ? lance, he has .hewn to the world thatfosaarhat up, of the property, by them relpeAively Iso, with
Thou (halt haveno other Gods but me, quoth moar than mre integrity of heart anod in- the names, defcription and ac of abof e o facnh
David. tention is neefary to form a compleat Minifler.' witffes r m'y be intended to be made ve f. r. .
.,e ivelyt, in oanr to fullfantiote the fevers claims.
Well David, vary wel, fay year Creed, man. In Ihort, a fleadinels which i the result of Ald no ine lo given, tha t sthe P lsnI ad
I believe in God, &c. fays bavid. experience, muft be added to the virtues of the Co Incl.i will meet on TgieYat kthi2t ipas, in order
And ye fra yeer foul belief aw this? (on of Chatham, before he can expect to rival his to take it confideration fach timsi u may at th
Ido, from my foul, fay David. great father in the opinion of the political tim. b delivered to h Crk of the Coucil.
Troth, fays the Catechift, it is no wel to fay world. y Orer of the Conneis.
David Hume is an Atheilf a-he is a Chriftian What can e more laughable tha the scheme 1 HENRY YONGE,. lerk.
worth faring I gang thy gait hame, David, j. proposed by the Americans for a combined Eu. N. C i & t. MS It
nar naiar, lii owar come. ropean fleet to a- Bin Algiers-Do they uavels p mcI.E,,. , .,ye E C -K .
Ai.pi/ 2. Yefterdayv the important work find that eten the Spaniard though bitterly /ag, Do jr fIrsa j Ws Jde. ,Wr *t
of redemption of the funds begalp ea work alone infulted, piuc thm on fabduing that pco. a C t f k Cea e.

between the Crac-k.. .. ..d. --. ,hWI Ud Ldelatte fny a e may bhi
NASSAU, Nova. M' IS., enslroeveLe ae se r Sei' onti $ hdan f >th( 6rMr. udIs

a 1gous inelin afrom dAritcan w rs. b aas de by s mii e n T lrdoe h ins tMoaBth r I me o h ow tht ere w ill
.,ex. is .6.r Crush. aL5 O 5--: a, wsel ^ mesnd

1 I Haid K~re J Ibe dmrLetter ad y- neM to 1 -- . .... .(t iikpolot u view,-_We no lun l aIN hm o
C i d/ a dtat e Al a "e*ayr hnun IN bile- s tf yAtieco d rulit. hote wa sry i

taUu where t direl k o me de writret. hd been 1~m f th aeain~ rg g Yteroraft noe bhhle he iuIt. Mlnerk, Rtanhmn
Son fcr bI c-sU% adualldmeaw-r Wetyoaff tlratllksfbot tlct fromCnaLerttAroinwSdrioWenatboItsnr IaKey Pdm
Ho d received he w ony let rs ho bor t eo leiguet te o window d of thil piee -Pruat

Mery unwell, and I write ong |Ni Mnrilmeey ad the0 -o fcpo* e r U Poo HCrf L*to butt at Abpaco and sice it wait no th ve Otery oeod.

e knwledg. outee wh ere to wer toh ne-ni -- nna w&eag a nbo ha h ae mdeo er byua n It 8 W D Ahlat. te M, Mng
swronahe matr was decided upo l drelve The abov wear ud by Jim thiesem sa der e.
,a es (ci d notr al o e .e h or wr h g a n that d e at eth. Meeting Y fterdfay. 6. ilCg t.he rliton, rayt. M ar, Redia
l t hi(. tol hi.irdctneyote ComifiLa entWe rW raveoenon erlahI fink.btt oprar pettii r omC p h ef.on y, i serun, a nsordo udcR et

as l to n ter to tre at oef olre. sc. eke meou lnd oT t. eo ro aQ, desn Iyftdne le t o n t indward of thi p ce-Pa, f.
aocry e.ll nd rth e mn lione thu te pluce u dina E whe yo it njo n .nct. c. A. D E. 81oWp Ae gyve, Ch S rwe
Sanow llyC us e itdger fea gtda W o not r av qoiou the years e let fmo et the yrWard isO.d, butit it e ytoe lfdwib fal.
ae yesb yo asf fully as CA oprceO wil g rhwe Iibd eite by ttheaEglahpnaydhN, N ia s d loseate, o iIdll

tIr in yu Mrmed o.n wrioog e some, bri s m or f r. r We snow i.n thi meeting, n l a CoInd for DPdICAT ud xliN.
oasd rthesa r Ih dclni o pan. A mn el fer to bnl dAe Jo .ntin cae t ain,.. Rns Crythr.. Nrt-ork

.e r7. cln.. so ,udaus s n, wro rs al f7W
I received the letter o invtAtloyond mention, f Iatn f sy aboul our I ads, der thr he i noted i I B p lly, Cole Cha .
i C n hiefs ol this nation to ma id you th e Como aine il nters or l u t. I wer o( a Dgai Le dyo m ad ine woIi o p Lihee y, Mio ey, u M oA .CA eoP ioIn
o1 o grrefc to treat of pou r c l. C. You and your proper bouandh of Ogehrne, so It ar e de. sBArr ls&, Foe

Sr .e:dy.o.urrp eopl ba" "oheme .e.e. ond t0 l a ChC ereee tan cwr.e q oietfnom, wen OdAA

e.l Picna then mentioned t the pla Wa t atine tomi o a to : you to enjoy t t VIhO X Lm MONDAY Il. t< r w o'Choc.
Wass yet fid on whel we wroe to tmeet,wl bese u e hae fo o b e ts o DInds, Pda.A .

.d.d Lr*enfd by jit Chmif y*-.n-- Cc.Al for ,W r IAlm n ve of r n Ch r01([8,tilled a d ,SrAI 70
fes ac the mtter wcea. eided o poul we feould retive uThd rlove anl r de ud et h ied an. e d hoo Return P angdinc o
,kond n wtll ion re peingl at. I a glad tha il e, toforr u led. Sel. SheL watr, MacKI y. "Halfs
Cwarefsl ad ittemold it ay etl ori, ad t un at Town A~ 1786.

fc,,l.nIu.,i c~., adon thttth. n:on dlo r., | h dt er' is 9% V
Veince we [hold o t.e all our d nmik r aIn, An nr u tIn peted oy he iel e b O M Now LoANtol.
able sooner, the guprieatin of wisIer determined Cat; ifShup-Ladiier foot, then we sme hip .ih si, Ltuoes Leadens

c c t nayou a iat no t to fats d're d the Oeth do r it-ler In-
t to liet you with a lfll repenao ton a k L r ro of y h rnd we sthall sodn ourt Brig ollnahtth, lrn lin ditto

a, for in o d rabl .bMeantime, lers .tsce btrd slh. C r e hip MemrUll. Or ahi ChSrlcloa
8 Zatrr may chfkite to do. dintdo eo rd. nth uPk rosed d u lldby ioCa Aho l.cIaj ,Saoh t.5br pibr Pierre, teorgia,

snyh, I was waiting. fir the tnd i l h.l vi rcs, I rtti c od he pu e nodeea d n slo Puncheon s High PrO tAMAICA o ,a
un.l ,oieii, t, e sit uc i le the nIndion. will be OquIet, Mi ot, w Ien S
ocd *.,rrbl tex o al t thce il h h. nlca. tt e is, | chrnk td o hich ., ihe I n A i reprd, art S als s

Cl,..ll, l whre m.eeib..o I a c pI wy seoue problete Ohldso P "oAF LSU AR
s o r g iu h we d y ahot hel, I e fteopei ndc b "o e w h, e all prumifed to join to e Croel s, ( lo
r, ciatbe tr : n ing we i od d Nhwsher iai, a io ad. t .f arrived ai n d etted along t idhe the IH il
I : h caprcbl of re lo rinr e ad v o d dip coh dea, who fay they r will be our coene when
aI 01 stlltj l ltlen o the ronsewklfitoir, I hal deter. CI l-t beufI kN t

,1n; ill miu mlli nto to g uo, so ot brig to b eat be.nthe .. Mr. M'Oillivrey is deermrained PUoB L Il I
u t o COcl in. hvOc-e lands Ith a ll not be frottl ."
iluli riIl cuily Ic pc Ar ih s liel b ot Ushes R u Ad Afr. a t r one the, d l on i, Aeadfl a t. On MONDAY di oth iinloant
'l woJelblc boid lr l ms. er'I fRoit n d Ae eknclofed sa letter I wrote a fewer day agot W ILL BE o L DI

I liti to anmd ient ontertll e; bat the wAater were To hion th e te maon By the S B 0E
h. all Ino te trouble y with Ion e tl of the t rclu have therefore int thm R RI B E Re,

l. il ti Ie.ulh I:, we efo l d Fromui h t, e c d bfcy to D eo t JO A" & a
t 'hoh .ant on our m ben (et o adrwndt ,a, aidthcr harld: I atnehf in ea ew dPerr ad a e to AUN 'rCA StIRI,

i. our icr.chd w.-cd, tn L ad oLI hra IS ILL A d, t h b e out of the nainder before any mielhief is ldoe. I l Barrelt aMUS O r UG
uil o e, ar twreli, Iaollusit d touh we onhll ts lul A Chderoke ha.l bred, a few ays ago i nfor o ed me, SOAP and CANDLE,

,, ti~, cwl o .,,c l' o i the l ,tehou e vOs te that n S.... i o tn e of the 8Cei d a r i te upper pa.rt of LOAFS. tLO R.

a Fit,.ei, a, B.So.roherdr trsy fO id a h rm, ol|a ton ead fire ajlo edi wo e vi tHer FLOUIv R.s CORNh r
Eallori ils we had taniilg to u ruo n to thr oom two liiote on c hr t werenC
,iy pretolfcn to ji'lic. humr nty, aentpe. We l aoiil the rouie he, fras. ionic of the white A Variety of DRY G r S, if. B e.
Rto!d I. delribser e oil coaur eri .tel t mn ll. (n n Aeredthe. b,,n on the wheni c nhos o re thhd A L l e

itn. cuNv C'rio r of the Wshoi, we ca me to reluw ded other,. trheu Icld thecI b but te A likely Negro citing BOY, about stet ye
tu..s, t y tr,;y lirce, all that tisoald Il found on bhe woadnili recovered and got haose again. t he Indians of age, the property of a Lady-going to EnU"

Ii& iqu n l, whlih bing chsiefl a smp;lhad., we r fot lo, wed by a party if wh ite people I they cameUI
feLl~l l ~l~oil . attn., not tsmaifihemwrishout we to colmp of .reeks, and Lklled olne disiv And wounded BALS O
i. ll- Wle rc no .uld 0 c bone eal ged tr l, twhe cd an mr ho gves cou o f fe tile white pteo. HUGH D: EA
ac as lo r i hii pro d o ns t s e ntao r I c o ref, th be p i e being lately kifll by th s.Ch seehee" S iver elg arg s N ir sas, N e in t, 178 6.
Is n tar a, it i wel not I diana ar e g ene d aw n to P af acola eq bring op -
I again i epcat thar we do not iilt 1file wa; n olAlmluition ; none are to get any bat tho e who are .ORKS4I R r Hais-Ltadenoh all pickled 11`4
I li in r e tori widod un ertai e one ne reconuinded by Mr. M'llivrry. I believe if pto. a and Piok- White nd yellow,
i i y pe Ie t t u ote ll u ndrte o rn I me lfe were taken, fatii f might be obtied Catile op- d tuff Sboes-Gentle
a we cannot u f t Co e r what miihif hs been done. But Mr. M'Gillvrr, Drefe Shoe-Pefumtry of all forts-an elegant
ate, II norap tcnteauc that irate sno sy fCe sin efI fhrs fe as is determined the Oconee la4nd tall o ot e afnrtient of Jewcllery--Ladies Stayo and Hoopes
myay iud optrelio wl. '*n rth faslt that at othis ittle he ca hr
yanie Hr lrtii onseltcld in ielof f rile hipt 'tintheir ,i cm i he dJi lp t. Oen)men' Hatint, &e. &c. juft Imported, an
it c c.llLr I g., c elu drv taeO t. s torle t n | ew for Sle at the binta- .l OH11
lull ihat arly fer the ac, drov noe k Lettes from Chkrleftn of the Both illnt fay,. Sle at te rnng
lenIs and flrm or, rln &lliliet, whom we hove the deferser between the Creeks andGo i O t
.kii IM I Y dultf ard t dti dw ,v s, o Genorw ai tey are LI Perfone having any den i gntO the
Will pl rfril aSl that we .1i u c for out trealtie h" h ngi e. Elate of Mr. JOnN unais? no Wiseo ,
al I it h ve reeireed to o oure tWie h ea, S that a. uH-oueim Houle which rnom ied In late of Longlflaudde cad, are uedtode
h"I ve relieved to ourfelv the hie o rt Bli-y F led da under the yii Guecrno u. rd
-t ... ...every l I, fe
ctour d, t n ert. oh t to he ;ern i ion,. tn the Ind trde. h their ftlliai lirert ates ofa the p roperll t o te
01 ay hll,,' fto do. 'm not e ttoo~ Jte fo the -ro\ d co, rl -,,d b-b i.Cs lictMajefkl-,ontemnn of the Subtihebr, on orb re et ofauury
ra an u to 5. on a friendly farming, and on which ltod ll-edeor sdb y to the m ai ocarind ysantraand all Ph, erbilotul fondebtedo t 4 Rft te o su re
e rre ra, to treat, in our own country, Piaer n toto:. tahe lieral at ds We re ttle immedlatclyt w t toi
Wto in rany iyhnc, Tme Murpihy, fon f~u sh of the bLy Luwslra Cast d f Gal e, and required Ito Etle media tel, wi
rbl u who ho tr behaving. lit hi. uncle the Srquil. of Senrm, Miniera of mor ARARi LO
sl4ut fool, i'' t uas I arrived and called for neral enagd and f ior abiities tha waL PARR R e 0,
ifon the ntiou, went o from thetlow er oft v--"--
rentio .b a< The ha ad6 ea tefrom England cmntain info rntion Her Attorney, at Ntew Pr ldenc r
Lrtch, tion charade is ent a1. isiL appaslom that mnul be flgly etrap ableo the Cotton Planters,
tillrra nlikery Ihar any thil1 lrisos I wilbtstet bat the reosefieto the leatilctto Citets In Ataft FOi L 0 N N,
l I we r nu t to o, and to have ja,, My >a" Cattn, of an infaerlc qOult. d In "
wm li of. r nlcctin slid c sing daem ars. af airls fo, r -id. sll-a0C the so Inde r e l rot e EIn
t :,td b, th..e ,( of s ra oe, d wh li L- i, r',, foWr p -d i. ,a ~,"d,--ToOP t a Z 7' T' H ;
almptd to do. ibtd. -- lase. __ w t imUt, c l dn nce was. an , .
tttaipu tiontitmiariaslo.rum F Pgathe sts
abruprI tlmer itu crolcludiog. IhR"Uomil to o kpwmbe kit 475,slSfl. Of catt two thilto at
Ire yes, that ii yto w,:l pay s vIlli,yoa 4 the th of Iqstpb I 4n aslh. o ett Has now nacre t tw trJa o
e you, that if" you w, pay Us vl, you N ~entered *t the oe of London nesta doable that her lading on h o IPr Freiht
aetiy d.e, and prfro t1 a-f T -m~ror annor .wI yt w llo d (nal tho' I st e Znanrders or for Pdiel afppy to the
Opectthe rtmaliitrr Chiiwilq ,Jl hbAl r"tefse ba dJlwe etd frot n Freate Tbhc laPC or to
the clll I ve them'. on to bhlines. to I, k wan dratgt would eimsw bat the ib t lscano JOHN WltLt
I am. with lch relope, denatfra whtlu-forn our Ale atmmedity, wasu ev.
"isl, . . ddu ,Wbarrte relty of sott produed by TJN DOLLAR$ E J-_D.
i'Your mtt obedient lervant.- o itif Olula wll be li'any degre sieles to UN AWAY from the isbrm o Dem
... ALEX. MaGILnIVsAY. the demands I the mdaumlarr, her nvlu s 46' e M n gt Ia fsro Magvsan nI AC SO
Benamin Hrwkln F./, fut tn . xbO'hat. L9LWheat dwotlft t, about S feet I in et hih, (quae side. NW bhad
i. .0, fl t4.4ir the intere tf hUw Wh i Mt Is) ad the look Of A COOleat villain d when be
H- ... .... rstros a, u tath .,_._t __ .,lf cotto i tusAwJm p clonlieA decided wont-oa- e 0 1 go bLcaclued
Frierdi r/ Greiajr advantage in t giN l Mashete-ledeldn r Wage is wiat a1 a lasiech ud is lale
s .iends and Broht esI,tm ay ede. aonI from what h -i L. dw te. ph dl dbl inoled t b inh le.
t amhmth nit very remsove, Whm *l e red ho d t heh gl
SEarly in the fummcr a man nasmed tYlowhdr ,, .,t an a haotne at hitOr or eulb m I n Naf nl, ball receive
Mk,~ MMurpit y)m amon-l| u acdddhew tlndrpedta ..,-.a mi a.Yndrthelike fifrl n 1ile paid to tbof
eirt'Murph y )n,, cameof p neadd e rhetlbfasn of AM heet mah bs ou oCtll diNoaeln the person 61 prcfna that affifted
of tile Lhbif% t, communicate the ame; we shu m"un _".eece of P lsa ofbiron hew ll SOMEwith
dh.m.and the Tame King nd FPat in, tke A Or 'aottetmn t n scLI tof tfhotto linm togwrb s thoat W5rftor5 lf l,
Pirns whom we had plced at bthe hoeon aot rit ea 'vlende be-rdIy o es lbm. tn 'hesrr Tn aon toude the anh otel,
betng brent from the nation, we could not "m waw m 6ay feltl =0I %g&.d t o ', er Ton Cuehind the Houil r:
to dhb rate on I public matees a but if he would h ot"v oa f tdm ilt ea J M petm of1 t e ff e .
till we colld eonve, be would obtain an twer. I ian t wtmay gdetuld wMit n hi 8of 8 Iii "n OuRIn
he prnmld todo. And harrive .lo theFepe-- t%. for *kt dwt 110 ----. t 's I Nvi,No. % r 7 l':
Anag wall by nmtoAN Oe lamtiemy on b" umd t- -m Nowa,. ... .

A favemri New Sfar .Ag axvhaSl, by Mr.Indledom,
A /i is arN s A MJ Hook.
FD E10ICE Britmnia's font. rejoee,
Sound the trumpet riLe tie lyre,
To feng oftriumph rae your voke,
With heart and hand let all coilfpire.
SLong lve the King, long live the King,
I .ng lle the King this [Ie to hibs
May v'ry ytar new blefing bring,
May ev'ty hour his joys increafe
Long live the King.
II vain afeafian rife their hand,
Again the Royal, Sacredrretal,
Britanmd, guardian of our lau,
The pointed agel will ill arre..
J.Q{g live tshe King.
writaedi hear a people' voice,
Proted great Groaoa, prolong his reign,
So Hall thy Ilnal fons rejoie,
And T'reafu hurt h ft n vain.
Long lie the King.
Suw Soaof/ug dt th Rou* Citcus. ly Miri Cofts.
G D fa re great Osonaz our King,
Let every Briton fing
God fare our King.
Let every fubjea raife
To Ood his great, ful praise,
That he preferves the days
Four good King.
blunt be the >alAln'L knife,
That at hip precious life
Ribi. the dire aim;
And blotted out the crime
Prom the annals of our clime,
Nor known in future time,
Even by name.
Whili we with loyal voices
Whiul we in fon rejoice,
enrt, foul and word;
Let us with one accord,
Pray for our KinA and Lord,
Long live great Gorge the Third,
Long live our King.
S&o in tte w Comic Opera of th Siege ofCuarzoA.
N May, fifteen hundred anid igrhtand eight,
Crks Philip, the F.glilh I'll humle
I've taken it into nm Majefly's pate,
And thdr limn.--0 down he t(hll tumble.
They Lords of h- Sea! fhen his fceptre he Ihook,
I'll prove it an arrant bravado ;
By Neptune, I'11 fweep them all into a nook,
With invincible Spanil Armado,
His flect then fail'd out, andthe wind they didblow,
Their guns made a terrible clatter;
Oar noble Qteen B fa, 'eauf hte wanted to know
Quill'd her ru, and cryd, pray what'she matter'
They fay, my good ueen, replies Howard fo fItoui,
The Spanitd has drawn histoledo;
Cock fure that he'll thump us, and kick us about,
With invincible Spanilh Armado.
The Lord Mayor of London, a very wife man,
What to do In this cafe villy wondered;
Baly the Qoee, fend in fifty good Ihip., ifyou can :
ayr my Lord, Ma'am, I'll fend in a hundred.
Our Ie tips they foon firuck our cannon all dumb;
For the Dons run to Ave and Credo
Great Medina roar out, fre the Devil is come,
For th' invicible Spanith Armado.
On Elngham's squadron, though all in a breath,
Like open-tr.'th cure they come bowling ;
His nfger plumber finding, they cou'd not digetd,
Away home they ranyelping and howling.
Wkeine'er Britain's fot ueal. with envy agog,
In out Channel make fuch a bravado
SHusal my brave boy., we're fill able to log,
An Iaincible Spa ib Armado.
ne, SY Mifi RO7A NZIM, fe' Savoyard Girl) me
S ALKL'S WLt$, ti vi -aANTa i Wonrt, or Harlrqumn's Vagaries.
Te ie TIe f.-.Thro' the Wood Laddie.
A e'st the gay town with my cymbal I ray,
No care ventures nigh me,
No joy paffes by me,
Mv tonr nd mT foig (till beguile the long day,
por merrily angin -time danel away ;
Merrily finingng,
Meqily singing,
CheriRy, merrily, merrily ingln.
My tune and my i6g ilin heguile the lon day,
For merrily finging-tihic dances away.
The fav'ritesf Fortune let fplendoor adorn,
Content filrpocfeling,
I thare every leafing,
When blithe a the lark I fet out in the mor,
Or merrily luging-meet evening's return,
foad loretsmay tell of the pangs they endures
But Cupid-believe me,
hall never deceive me,
Tus armu'd with my cymbal I laugh at U pow're
Widle am yfriy f iglW-yhemIs h 16n0.

Parliametary Debates. and *. s hl; h tb aae,
([Ovna., e an s .o.] l.iew in the cou trt L, Re
fqt .%b4 the ryhalp iteb setdri
House ytVLoa, IednefdajrYJW s786. Uitm Arml,
T HE Houle having resolved itflf into ca s t dtAM wch had curre S.othn
Committee (Lord Sarfdale in the chair) the Jm.IeL A erfoa w thin cu.
forthe autrfe of confidering the India Judica- fed dfruc five f t r.adett It was
ture Bill, pleaded bar; that to i the abat was
Lord Carlile, after urging a fewobjectiops cntraryltehetlawt sfnl l s. It wasure
faift it, to fhew that it tnded to encroach on however, on the other fid tht during the reig
the privt gof the Britifh fubje&, with rgard of the Emperor lonorius this principle ha
to the trial by juywied to mov a general Ieen admitted: but, notwithl ding theright
resolution, fitting afde the whole bi, the natu- of ti precedent, the court was fo much trick
ral donfeq ce of which wouldbe the rejection with the dange t of admitting it, that they or.
of the bill His Lordhip then read the refolu- dred the grave, in which the culpit had bean
tion, and offered it as a motion to the Houne. five years interred, to be opened, and his bones
Lord Bathurft, however, informed him, that to be produced at the bhr. Such was the reve-
this mode o procedure was informal; that their rence for that faced principle ofjuftice, even in
Lordfhips having already considered the principle thofe days, which had never been once violated,
of the bill, were now in a Committee for the but by the Empaorrs or tyrants.
purpose of examining it claufe by claufe; and The Marquis of Carmarthen reprobated, in
that if any part ofit fiould appear exceptionable very strong terms, the ipfinuat ion which had beec
to the noble Lord, it was open to him to objea thrown out aainft Adminiltration, of its being
to it, and to move an amendment upon it. a part.of their fvlt to enc-oach on the rights
Their Lordihips then proceeded to confidci and privileges of Britifh fubjjeas; they pocflelf
the firt claufe; on which an amendment was no fich intention.
proposed by Lord Carlifle, that the following The Committee then divided o0 the amend.
words in the bill, for repealing a former ad," mentg contents 9-non-cootnts e o.-Majority
shouldd be left out. against the amendment a21.
On this a long conversation took place, in The other claufes were then read and agreed
which various objecions were urged against all to.
the exceptionable claufes in the bill, and thofe On the motion. for giving a second reading to
objed ions were answered. the bill for preventing frivolous and vexattou
Lord Stormont went into a minute detail on fuits in the Ecclcfialical Court, and for the
this fubjed He objeard to the hardships it more cafy recovery of fmall tithes,
would impose on thofe who came from India ; The Bibhop of Bangor opposed the motion,
he chewed the danger that might aife from the and observed, that the ojecas ofthe Bill were
appointment of thofe who were to try their de- principally two. Firll, to correct the pratice
linquency being perfons of a particular political of thle Ecclefiaftical Court in certain cafes; and.
defcriiftion; and illultratcd the injury that might fccondly, to render the recovery of inall tithes
arife from their being condemned in their ab- more eafy; but both thefe points were fo man.
fence, without the benefit ofa personal hearing, ed in the bill, that the practice of the Eccledfi
All thefe dangers and evils, he allcdged, would lical Court was altered, where it wanted.
accrue from the regulations contained in the bill. amendment; and the mode prescribed for the
He expatiated on the laft of thefe grievances, recovery Uf fmall tithes was rendered morediffi
and afterted, that it was contrary to every rule cult than it was before.
ofjuftice, and to a direa maxim in the Roman The Archbilhop of Canterbury faid, that by
code oflegiflation, which was, afestm in crimini- that part of the bil which related to tithes, the
bu condmnare sn dehre. poor vicar, who always found much difficulty in
Lord Wallingham vindicated the bill, and the recovery of his tithes, would be more e-.
refcued Adminitration from an intentional guilt barred than he was before. His Grace obfer
of invading the rights of Britilh fubjeas, by de- ved, that he had no doubt, but that irre lar.
proving them of the trial by jury. He at the ties were committed in the Ecclefiallical Court
fame time animadverted on this modeof execu- by needy proors i and what Court was free
tingjutfice, and observed, that-the veneration from furh irregularities? But he did not tfink
entertained of it was, perhaps, more founded in that a fuffcient reafon to pahi fuch a laws thi
ancient prejudice, than juftified by fa. In which acknowledged the jurifdidion of the
many cafes, twelve jurors were affembled for the Ecdcefiaical Court, and yet put it under fuck
purpose of trying a caufe of which they knew trains, that it could fiercely exereif itsjutf.
little, and were obliged, by the necfity of n* diction for the correcion even of fuch crimes as
tore, to come to an unanimous opinion in a very were allowed to belong to its cognizance. His
Ihort time upon it. With regard to thofe who Grace hewed this in federal caes, and partic-
were to be pointed by the bill under coinider- lary in thtfe of defamation and adultery ad
tion, be did not fee a better mode of elefing heie he made o fe obfervationson thediffdute-
them for that ptrpofe, nor could he concave nefa of the manners of the age, andremarked
that any inducement could reveal upon them to that instead of milkng our laws more lhx an
pervert the power with which they were to be loofe, the vices of the times called for more re-
invefted Af nts. His Grace then excufed hi"felf froa
Lord Camden defended the bill on federal giving theHoufe any further trouble, and ca*
grounds, and fliewed that the circumlanes-re. lude with feconding the motion, which wa
ativ e to India were fo remote, fo new, and fo agreed to, and the biB iijec&ed.
complex to mod people in this country, as to
put it beyond the power'of ordinary juries to J*'s a
decide on them. The petition agint the Wine Duty Bill ha-
Lord Loughborough went yith much minute- ving been rejeed,
nefs into a confderatiop of the various dcamfe in Lord Loughborough went into the origin of
the bill. He (hewed thlt the mode proposed, the excife lws and hewed, that fice thetite
for the appointment of thofe who where to try, of Sir Robert Walpole to the present monmeat
cafes of India delinquency, being by the nonm- the fevetaties of the exclfe have been conti ,n
nation of members of parliament, would afford Iharpening. His Lordihip then entered iat
no security for their integrity in the discharge the comparison of the importation forlJnh-
of their office and exprefled a fufpicioh, that fifty years; and proved, that there w fWiC
unlfs its rfaniiy and infllibility could be fecu-. means fuah a deficiency o wa~ preteP a. l.A
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