Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 4, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00064
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VnOL itt.







From SATURDAY, NOVEM1sR 4, to SATURDAY, NovaMnsi it, 1786.

NASsAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BAY.
-,, --

261rSoaIo&lOrWL DIALY, N.J.., OWaer, s786.

17 ioa1 of Winds and Wastbor.

1 78 so
a 73 79
S76 8z
4 78 2:
5 77 83
6 -6 So
7 70 76
b 74 So
9 76 8o
V; 71 so
I1 76 7)
Ii 76 79
2.< .75 7
14 71 I 7
1 76 '
16 77 i 8
1: 76 84
is 77 85
I) 76 PS
20 77 82
as 76 So
731 78
>3 74 77
24 75 80
s : 7" o-
17 7. so

3' 3

74 tZN.. M; ..
75 E~ ..5NZ a~

?7 7 .S.W. to N.W. Rin..
74 W'. N. W FailP hith Inx1
7 A', to N. St. 6 r,"".
7 6 Rt. N Z. td r. J.. '-
76 S. N. ff. Ra.... in16 Isr.4g.i.j
76 MV ft N. N. W'. Rain.
'I N. S. C/o, .diaffrio..
73 Et N. Et. Radi. in the ig
,3 ft N. ff. Fair and clear.
77 If. Id....
76 N. A S. PAyii.?j m
"7 r. 1.S. W. H1sp,97 saldeA,-.
77 S. to N. IV. Hih ,i..d ISr -i..i
.4 E .V. Et. Rai, t rtI.S'
76 P. e .. fhy.,Jfr. NA.B
7q lbi vh i d and Jw.,f,.. E. .,,d
74 5' .1'k.~
'? WV. S. IV. 1, Nt. N t (:. l e,Jh.
77 E. F. S. St. 11ru, ff 'I,,.
;f 6 ,L S. Bt. F.'A S,~, "o j#W
71 N. N. W. 0. A. .. A Fai...
76 E. N. 1. Fair ,dikt
16 S. 8 f. Id..

On MONDAY the 1 3t infant,
.At IHW EL'S E 'Cltoci t a, ..
W.iIe be cpofid to Punt c SAeL, before the
Anid hcr.CAltRO, con ing of Georg
Sj4 PINE BOARDS, ondtmned in th
V Cort.of Vi,.Admil ly, held tW A.f-
-. fau, t9th inflan:. .
C n.liti,,na I. Sile, C ^.,; on delivery.
ROPERT HUNT, Collekor.
c .s. iohr!. fvw-Prowinci, *
.,,.mer I0, 1786.
"TOTICE is hereby given to all pe ha-
Sv I delo3anl,.I ag.inft the Efate o 0 lREMIA
w. n m., decearfil, by bond, note, or baei account,
tti,.t ]hy r-ndrr in arcounts of inhc ra" f.p rly At-
X ea ; nod all thiec indebted to the laid At, we
MAR' WI,"'O, Execu ia or
EBENEZfcK LOVE, Eicc:tor.
M,i' r,, Y.roewnbr 9, 1786.
ASTOUT Negro Fellow about a3 years of
-rkA ge, a good Carpenter, Sawyer and Squarer,
Very l' ol propc '' JAMES BRAYNEN.

RU N AWAY from the Subfcriber, on Tuefday
night last, a Negro Man named X CKSON,
about s feet 8 inches high, fuiare qide, and has
the look, of a complete villain; ha .on when be
We't off, a large chain anil Ironcollar fastened
with a double bolted padlock rond his ancle.
Whoever delivers the laid fellow o the Subfcri.
ber, or fecures him in NaflIau J, fihall receive
Tom Dollari, and thle like will paid to thofe
Who will idifcover the perfon or,peffa that affifted
i knocking off his irons; he was fe going with
lis irons on towards that harbor for viUaina,
the Negro Town behind the Hofpi 1.
Maftirs of Vefels are cautioned agalft carry-
hg him off the land.
RAI-*,Now. a 1 s <7S. 6

European Inteligence.

CoNsTANTIwroP.s, 7sI 28.
S EVERAL changes have take place in our
MiniAfry; the Stamhboul-Endi, or prin-
cipal officer of the police of this capital, was
depofed the i5th of this month, and ordered
into exile; the following day Suleiman-Kiaji-
Bey, or lieutenant to the Grand Vifir, was alfo
depofed, and he is fucceeded by Alta-Beg Reis
Effendi, or Minifter for foreign affairs, which
office was heretofore held by his uncle Abdu-
The fleet under the command of the Captain
Pacha continues cruising in the neighbourhood of
Ifles of Scio and Mytileane, where they continue
to take in fupplies of provisions and warlike
aores. The Captain Pacha has dispatched fome
veffels to Alexandria, under the command of his
M A LTA, July i.
The Grand Mailer lately fent a pair of rich
bracelets, fet with rubies, to Madamc Dufrenoi,
in cunfidcration of the brave, hepie --.d L ,..
extraordinary coni oft that'lady againik an
Algerine corfair which attacked the lhip on
board of which (he was a paflenger.-This ihip
was failing to Genoa, and having been overtaken
by the Barbarians, was fo roughly handled by
the firft broadfide, that fhe was in danger of
finking. The crew of the corfair taking advan.
tage of the confufion, attempted to board the
fhip, word in hand, which was on the point of
surrendering, when Madame Dufrenoi fCeizing
the fabre of one of the wounded failors, fought
with fuch courage as aftonifhed even the enemies
themselves. All thofe within her reach were
overthrown. The crew of the Genoefe fhip,
re-animated by this example, performed prodi-
gies of valour, and after an obftinate engage-
ment, board and board, obliged the corfair to
fheer off. Madame Dufrenoi, on her arrival at
this port, was received by the Marquis de t.
Crifteaux, who complimented her, crowned her
with laurels, and Cent her portrait to the Queen
of France.
Ha eu, Augiuf 3.
The States of Holland and Wet-Friefland
have in a late debate upon the affair of the com.-
mand of the Hague, taken a resolution confor.
mable to the report of the fth of November,
t78;, by a majority of o cities against 9, and
consequently against the advice of the majority
of the Regency of Amiterdam: The following
is an account of the cities that voted for and
against on the above occasion, viz.
Cities of the majority 1 Dordrecht, Haerkm,
Leyden, Gouda, Goreum, Schiedam, Schoon-
hoven, Alkmacr, Monniekendam, and Purme.
Cities of the minority: Delft, Amfterdam,
Rotterdam, Briele, Hoorn, Ea itmlien, E 1nam,
Medemblick, and the Equeftian Order.
~mgf9. Onthe sdofthicsmththeStates
General debated upon two propofals which camei
before them relative to the ail.wene to be pven
to the memories prefinted by the PruSs and
Bridil Ambailadiso, bat previous to a final
cmanufion n tM l fubjct, the refolutims wa
kia ad r rfa by all the rm ,

LoNDa O, J7dy 2a.
The Ecclefiaftics in the Emperor's dominions
feem willing to come to a composition, and to
give up one half to fare the re, or at leaf to
put off the evil day, and prevent for a time the
total ruin of that fupendous fabric which the
Court of Rome had creded. The Archbifhlop
of Milan has, in the name of the Church, pub.
lithed his Imperial Majefly's Ordonnance for the
redudion of the number of holidays from hence.
forth to be obler'ed in Auftrian Lombardy.
The only once now to be kept are Eafter and the
Monday following, Pentecoft and the day fol-
lowing, every Sunday throughout the year,, Circumciion, Epiphany, Afcen.
Eon, Corpus Chrifti, the Puri Annun.
ciation, Affumption, Nativity and Conceptiom
of the Virgin, St. Peter's, St.Paul's, All Saints,
St. Stephen the Martyr, and St, Ambrofe, who
is by the Imperial Mandate conftituted patron of
the whole diocefe. The vigils preceding the
above days are to be observed, as alfo Lent.
Ember week, the fourth and sixth days of Ad.
vent, and the three Rogation days. The Comn
meinoration of all the Apoftle ia to be celebrated
on the day after St. Peter and St. Paul. and that
ot all the Martyra on St. Stephen's day.
Whoever is dte&ted in ceebratin i h aody t
fuppreledferltival, hs w pay atne often crow
for each offence.
The Italian method of reckoning time is abeo.
lifted in Aultrian Lombardy, and by the Impe.
rial orders all clock are to be co fttred and
regulated as thole of the Nordather nations at
Europe. -
From a eonverfation that paled I the Houfe
of Peers on Saturday, between Earl Bathurf and
Lord Sydney, refpecing the Euftatius papenrs, it
is not dunkely that this affair will be firiftly fcrt.
tinized in the courfe of next fiflions. Earl Ba.-
thurftfaid, it was a mol flumeful piece ofbufinadfs
that the nation and the captors would he many
hundred thousand pounds the worfe of it. Lora
Sydney endeavoured to often the matter I wheis
the venerable nobleman replied, My Lord, I
fay, and I defire it to be known to the world,
that the suffering thofe papers to be put into the
hands of our enemies, is a MIfprifione of Trealon,
and it is my with, that the matter fiould be
fearchcd to the bottom, let who will be concero-
ed in it."
The St. Eultatius bufinef is likely to prove
before it is finished, a bohoef of the fu im-
The 5o,oooL a year enjoyed by the Princeo
Wales, does not arife from a Parliamentary
grant, but is an allowance out of the Civil Lift
paid his Matley.
We now reckon no fewer than five Proter
tant churches or chapji in the Aftfrian Low-
countrics and they arelikelyto increase, on ac-
count of the Emprour having tolerated the fU
enjoyment of religious fenti m U, providal they
are not mixed with polital quefions. Thb
dchurh at Bmg.was lately the chapel e f the
Convent of St. Atoiae, btdowed by t UP-
mor as a free-g.," .
According tUf letter frm Brutlb of the It
inane, Lord lTor asntO slfuitcdedin his eo-
deavour with the Anirian Govetament and it
has been aged a re ejfat
of awN

ries< iAd aAt.r tqin ad to adoptfuch f u. But fAoe tw4, frf bbkfowera, friends He then wrote to the Erl of hive b in.
ture reSlilsti *aimy be necefiary. The nego- ad neighbour of t ubl, have declared quaintiag him of the prigpionmhea
elation for this purpose will commence imme- to your Mig tineffest"ainfime/an on the Miar webb, ad hoped, a. nteua oe
diately. a"te a rs, the King, my winter, hearing the true situation of atd he wg lj
By accounts from Paerlbtm rgh, the hnpra' woutldok apoahusfelfm wasting isotf with deft from a safuit which pouA lst aoflJd
has pubflihed an ordonnance for-inproinu trc which he has been always animated, if he de- attended with any v wry happy 'o que l
ol6 oad making new toads thrblgh the whole. Asyed to express the finere withes he feels for the This alfo haing fect per mp wro
tent of her empire, which immenfe undertaking internal and external tranquillity of the Repub- a letter to the Lady, in which he took'hi fare-
is to be carrion entirely st the expense of the lic. as well as fcr the maintenance of its confti. wel of her, but.declat d that apksgufeaf
Crown, without laying any additional burthen tution. no name, or himfelf, or both,
on the fubjes. Commiffaries are appointed to ". The King thinks it his duty at the fame Mafir. !-"
ersmine the different countries through which time to declare that nothing can be more oppo- On this letter the Earl of Shaft uefrym iA .
the roads are to pafs, and estimate the expense. fite to his featiments, than to give an example ao ed artie ofte shpaee against Mr. Spearman, in
T'he irft undertaking will be the road between dangerous to the tranquility and independence which 'he declared that it was not dqane ot of
cMtbow and Petertburgh, the expense of which of the United Provinces as the interference of any masieo or iU.will, but for the peas opfti
is reckoned at 4 millions of roubles, which i to any foreign power in the internal affairs of the /erfen. Mr. Spearin alfo font a letter to lif
be paid by inftalments in five years, by which Republic, the management and direction of Lrdhip, requeting a private interview, which
time it is thought the work will be ainthed, The which his Majety withes to preferve uncontrouled request was construed into a ch range and the
firit payment has been already made in fpecie. in the hands of tiofe to whom it has been com- answer given was a warrant ititi M itKl
The length of this road will be 700 werftes, and mitted by the conflitution, and found by thofe Spearman, to make him give fccunty to keyp is
confiderng the expense, its folidity and gran. principles eflabilhed by the unanimous content fe e. This want waasxecuted attend o'clock
deur, theRuulans exped will equal thofe ofthe he nation, at night on Mr. Spearman, who, by a conftabl
fo much admired highways of the Romanr. His Majefty will never have any other obh. was taisn to t w vatch-oufe and 1 tiV ekwm
Extra of a ktter frm Gwrnfry, Ju/lf jec than to obltrve the snmot impartial condu&, o'doa te jsext morning., durtl wikh intirv his
We have two cutters cuntlantly on this its. fith as may be naturally expected from a goot Lordjlph and the Lady wa married. Lorl
tron, one of which cruizes towards the main; neighbour and friend, to whom the interelfs of Wentworth became bail fdr7fr. Spearman be.
hdfides thefe e have frequent visits from other the Proteftant religion, of the commerce and fore Mr. Addington at t-w. reeti andthits
of his Majefly's hips, fo that fmuggling from local situation of the two countries, as well as we hope, has ended an a?nr,I which has produ.
France is wholly impracticable. The trade of the ties of kindred with the Prince to whom ced many observations.
this island was never brilker than at percent. your High Mightincfles have entrusted the im- July 24. By intelligence from Peterflbrgih,
The exports of the late spring were more that portant charge of the State to effentially, engage we are informed, that an exprefs had arrived
ulual." to prevent any injury being offered to the indc- with an account of a Ruffian fup having been
July 17. The building -of two naval hofpi- 'pendence of the Republic. taken by the Algerines. A Cabinet Council
tlh for the lfe of the fleets in time of war, is (Signed) JAMES HARRIS." was immediately held, at which we've present,
refolvcd on; the one is to be at Deal, and the ~uly 18. The Kingof Spain has lately made Count Ofterman, Vice-Cbancellpr, Count
other at Sheernefs, at both which places great fome local regulations which tend to unburthen Ivan Chernicheff, Firft Lord of the Admiralty.
inconveniences have been complained of, for the people, and confcquently to render him po- Prince Potemkin, Vice.Prefident of the College
want of fuch accommodation, particularly during pular. The attention of monarchs to the private of War, Count Befborodkoff, and fcveral other
the hte war with the Dutch, and especially wants of their people constitutes the trueft policy. Ministers of State. We learn that the result
after the engagement between Admiral Parker's An article in the AmfnArdam Gazette fays, was, that an ordAr*was immediately fent to
and Zoutman's fleet, off the Dogger Bank, when that they have jull heard by cxprefs, that the Cronfladt for eqi png thirty fail of the line,
the fick and wounded were pouieJ in in fuch num. treaty between Frande and England was conclud- and a number of frgates and bomb veffeli, with
eres, that private lodgings were obliged to be ed oirrthe soth of June at Paris, and that it is to all polfible difpatch. Orders. were' alfo fent to
hired for the men, which were complained of as remain in full force during the pace of 14 years, the difirids of. Narva, Revel, Wiftha.-Voto.
both inconvenient and expensive. A letter from Algiers, May 30, lays, Al- chok. Lododogo, &c. for fifty thoufs"4 u-o"
,We are glad to fee the alarm kept up about though it is wU. k.L....hat thet inhabitants of to ,MiA *he tA Eultatius paper", and other r .irnifances gicra, Tudis, and Tripoli are in foins inea- days, with a train of heavy artillery, in order
accompanyingg that whole'bufintfs. We intend fure under the dominion of the Porte, yet it is to punish thofe infulting pirates, who have long
occasionally to ring the changes on the fame rub. as well known how uneafily they bear the yoke. disturbed the peace of mankind.
je& during the rccefs, to prevent it from dying The Algerines in particular, proud ofthe extent July 26. The wealth of this country ex,
away in people's minds, and until national juffice and firength of their Republic, have always ea- ceeds every calculation which has yet been made;
take place, or is defeated in the purfuit of the gerly feized every opportunity of eflablithing and money isconftantly flowing in from mof
guilty, great and fmal, concerned in it; mol their independence. The prefent Dey, a haugh. countries in Ehrope, as well as from the Eaft
cordially joining the noble, venerable, and learned ty Prince, feems determined not to submit to and Wef-Ind es.
Peer in his truly Roman declaration, My a degrading homage, and has, in confequence, re- Eitr a ,Oletterfrom Paris, 7uly zo.
Lord, I fay, and I desire it to be 1enown to ceived the Seralkier, fent by the Grand Signior You hal] no doubt feen and read Baron de
the world, that the suffering thofe papers to be to claim the annual tribute from this Rate, very Tott's Memo' of the Turkith nation, and al.
put into the hands of our enemies is a mifprifion coolly. I am furprized," faid the African lowed this auor much credit for his literary
of treafon, and it is my with that the matter Prince with the haughtieft air polfible, that vigils; well! I is fame man who ha. given you
should he searched to the bottom, le who wil/ they can importune me about that bagatelle. Do fo much fatisfadiion %na, the day'bcfjre yefter-
le towauned is it." We fay, and may all the not they know at'onfitantinople that I am a So- day, take p and immured in the Bailie: The
people tay Almen -Thofe who will not join this vereign, and depea ent on no body ? It is there- Ottoman Pirte folicited his imprilfoument, and
general cat of jnftic, are themfelves guilty as fore beneath my dignity to pay tribute to the this fingula' demand of the enemy-to the Chrif-
principals, aiders, and abettonr, or approvers of grand Signior. Let that Prince take this ftep as than name was acceded to by his Moft Chriftian
the atrocious deed! Shame to our country that he pleafes, I care but little for his friendship, and Manje'y ad the ddyjfja of the Church!
fuch men should have protection in it !" am very well able to defend myself against his All the members of the- Parliament of
The following is a translation of the Memo. anger." Bo udux are at Verfailles i they are (cen walk.
rial-prefented to the States-General on the 5th We are very curious to know whalanfwer ing abjt the Park, indulging the melancholy
inflant by Sir JAN s HSt- ss : the Grand Signior will fend to this haughty that originated in the taufe which hurried them
o HiA' and sight Lord&, fpcech, and whatcondua the Divan will pursue. from their peaceful manfions. In the venemble
.All the fiep which his Britannic Majefty to bring that African defpot to reafon." group are diftinguithed two veterans above
has taken reffcc"ing your -High Mightineffes, s z21. Mr. Spearman, a -gentleman of fourfcore. M. le Berthon lodges at Marihal de
fince the happy opoch of the peace, have had no family and fortune in the county of Durham, Monchefs. M. Dudon, Attorney-General, the
other objet than to give the moRl undoubted had, with the approbation of his friends, the firft Juris conful in France, has with fuccefa
proofs of the sincere friendship which he enter. content of the young Lady's parents, and with employed many days in the tempfition of a re-.
Pains toward yos. her own approbation, paid his addrefles to monitrance to be presented to the Sovereign ;
He has suffered no occasion to efcape that Sir John Webb's daughter for near two years but after all the trouble taken by the Parliament
could' renew the harmony which, for the (pace and an alf.y-The marriage wa agreed on, of Bourdeaux, it is feared, nay, it is morallycr-
of a century, contribute Cfo much to the prof- and nothing remained to complete a prolped tain, that their ftruggles for liberty will be o-r.
peir of each; and it has been his particular. fo apparently happy on all fides, but the fit- ruled by 'ltper'or force.'
udy to efface all traces of the unhappy diffen. ing on the ana .yn.-A h ft A weds ago, July g." The patriotic party in Hoilad
tons which for a little time interrupted that the Earl of Shaftelbury having feen Mifs Webb, highly d e of the condu of the tconlitu-
good underitandirg. thought proper to pay hid arees to her, and ents of the rher of Utrecht, in tranfmkting
His Maleflas carefully refrained from was o f ortuae a. to fucceed, not only with the their manife o to the Court of Vrailles, a
doing anything tdt coudm in he fmallefldegree, Lady, but to gain over the parents coneit to they think i y pe s induce his MaAChf
Influence t teltor anbetiaa of the Stateos his maying her. Mr. Spearmaan having obtain. n tisan Mj break I omf of not
and although not infeble of troubles which ed Iatelgsi., of this de serination, a. fdden ring In thdomefic i of the
have sgetated the country, the ihutldtought it wa !tpmi*g, took the cefarn&l.Ps tous a natrily to est tla sts to the
it right to confine aBhit, to expreffin his belonfored of the E and found what measure akenb o ,w o t W u"f s
Wli for its paity, ad for the reeftliih. station he "m flood with the Lady. Hei es. their Regency. add
pu"of WWl k her audharpNWt, b!t4 is. Oht ARe prtant 6e tASat

,6e is at ftake than liberty, the perfo a con-
cerned ar of fmall confideration in the eyes of a
Monar:'s, who, though jealous fwr the interest of
the Republic, can oaly be unproftably embarm&.
fed by the diffentions prevailing in a single town.
The question concerning the command of the
garrison of the Hague, is at prefent the fubje&
of the deliberations of the States of Holland;
and letters from the Hague of July 21 adrife,
that the Wednefday following as the day fixed
for coming to a determination on that important
question. Hitherto ten towns against eight
have voted for the States retaining the coin mand.
At prcfent it is faid, that the towns of Hoorn
and Sliheidam have separated from the majority,
and joined the Prince. Should this turn out to
be the fact, his Highnefs may foon be expected
with his faily at the Hague.
The Ale of Parliament for the reduaion of
the national debt diretsi, that the firft quarter
of the million (which is now ready) Ihall be ap-
plied by the Commillioners to the purchase of
fiuchl annuities as are under par, in equal proper.
tion as near as may be, on every day (Saturdays
and Mondays exeepted) on which the fame hall
b," trunsferrable, between the firfi of Augutt and
the firfl of November; and constantly and regu-
lar!y in the fiame manner thereafter; confequtcnt.
I/ the firft day of purchafe will be on Wcduefday
tnext, the 2d of Auguft. When there (hall be
n,, annuities under par, Parliament is then to
direa, by future ads, what flock (hallabe paid off.
The firlt quarter of the furplus million is or-
d-red from the Exchequer to the Batnk, to be
,1 iced to the Account of the Commnilioncis
ai'uintcd by A& of Parliament for applying cer-
t-ia fums of money annually, for the reduction
of the national debt ;" and all flock bought by
thlrn, which '.ill be about 7000ooo every day, is
t. bI put into their nam'

In tuo Ship LI 0 H TN tING, Captain BURTON,

t) \F S glar cotronCounterpanes
l t)foi, 82n1Vo, -3 t- lndia l Enalf, N.i.Lccn
anng, an Iuhbca Tcai Dy'd ad India je.iti
Rrn., Sjgo, Jeanicad Royal Rib
C.nia,.oin, Mace ChcltiHankerchicfa
5.!'j*i-- i Nimr'um Rcdnljd blue PocletC ditto
lliniiird a-d B: ..Nk Prpper AI b & tipoiitd Mullin d..
D- r eh art ihun Merle and Womeos black
ax and Ta llow Candles ainl. black filk Holc Butter an I Chcclc l Lve Riabonlds
N .rriiae llam i vHeandkerchierf
t .: L.ondon bottled BI Cr"te and Made
1'rter S ret Cadinals. crmin'd
S i P, and Barley 3- 78, and yard wide
II. rI 'oa-dr & Ponatum I Linan
Ln n. d Oil and Paints Whl and brown Ruflia
1n 1il S0! tiang
S. g Paper 3.4 0 li and Ofnaburgs
Pn p L.i-thrr and Oakum Huchkk and Shirtings
Sh.p CornpiffT A va of printed Lian.
Rl L;rinmfltor DirBut' oChints Patterns
I;,r P ,\vdr and Shot Yardw c Mudin-natts
5C'r-itgs from I 1.4 to a 8-4and C-4 Table Clothe
its Clear LI. ws & Caatubicks
.SpinYVarn & Rattl;ngStuff Hambr & HollandLoug
(alles from 5 to 8 inches Lawns
Si:.ilt A!:thor, from soulb. India Muflins
mt, I.n >b. Mens, Boys, & Childrens,
Tar aid P'aint Brulfhcl Hats
11Mir 1. rooms & Scrubbing Hardware and Cutlery
l la nhe Iron.airgejr, yjiw uf
ll,, br ,' Lines 6d. zod. 2od. s4d. and od.
1. Line, and Sail Twine Naila
lDutfil Bliiarct j and 6 inch Spikes
8-4 94., & to-4 Role ditto Lock. and Hinges
siicdl Lurfeys Hclv'id Hatehets
Blue i"d whire Plains Tea Kettles
F,,niel Swanlkin Saw Files
Sailor, tredly-mnade jackets Caulking Irons & Scrapers
Ditto Fearnought and Rag An affirtment of Chiffels
T owners Wood and Bed Screws
Duck Frocks and Trowfers Taurkiy and Oil Storeis
.inen and Check Shirts Bureau and Drawer Furni-
Durants and Calimancos ture
Shalloonra Id Sattietrts An afforttnmet oi Plante
.ffings and Bombazeens Copper Scale* & Weights
Linen and Cotton Checks Tin Scles and Weights
and Stripes Olafa and Chinas Ware
Cotton Hollands Tin Ware
Figured Dimitie Booe. of Short Pipe"
Mo Quilthing Medicines
A few Punci of high proof Jau*ICa stsas
London Market MassIA W IRse,
Fri s& rFO, Sale and PILOT Biasa, jftlm*pomtd
from Balmoitc.,

NASSAU, NovnManfK 1:t
HE Sloops Sandy Point and Induflry,
J. libelled in the Court of Vice-Admislty
for breach of the laws of trade, a mentioned
in our Gazette of the 2sit ult. wre both con.
demned.-No claim was interpofed in either cafe.
Extra$ of a klettrfroa Exmoma, dltd ai t dih 4 i.
Our early Guinea Corn is now gathering Im,
and turns out wel. We have fek none of the
gales laft month, which, we are told, have done
considerable injury to the plantaties in the iflanda
to leeward. Our Cotton Fields base a moft lux.
uriant appearance; and there is every reason to
expect abundant crops of the late Guinea Corn,
as well as of Ground Provifions.
The Brig Adventurer, Boyd, for London,
and the Brig True Briton, Colins, for New.
Brunfwick, failed from hence on the a9th ult.
The Adventurer drew rather more than 15 feet
water, and turned out at the cakern entrance of
this Harbour, with the wind blowing frelh
from E.
On the 28th ult. diud here, much regretted
by her relations and acquaintance, MilfsAeCLta
KELSALL., fifter to Roger Kelfall, Efq; of this
On the t5th of September, ai 3 A. M. the
Ship Swallow, Blight, nine days out from Phi-
ladelphia, for Jamaica, ran on a reef 3 leagues
N. of St. George's, Bermuda. By the timely
alliftance of boats from fhore, and the tide rising,
fhe was got off the fame day, after receiving da-
mage that would occasion her being unloaded in
order to be refitted.
I the morning of the 22d of September,
came on at Bermuda, a violent hurricane. The
wind blew all that day and night from E. S. E.
Next morning it shifted to S. W. when the gale
abated..-The Cotton Plantations suffered great-
ly, trees were torn up by the roots, and great
injury was fuftained in the whlarfs and buildings.
None of the veffels in harbour were hurt.-
The Brig Bermuda, Tatem, from New-York,
arrived at Bermuda the 26th, having loft her
fore-mait, and all her lumber on deck.-The
Schooner Felicia, Spencer, in company with
Lieic BcrmAiAt, whia %L. pala was on, had not fine
been heard of.-The Brig Bctfey and Nancy,
Poulton, from Virginia o the Weft-Indies,
put into Bermuda the 29th of the fame month,
with the lofs of her fore-maft.
ARRIVtoD nEsR Ferai
Nov. 6. Sloop Judith, UeacFie, Jamaica
No. 7. Sloop Shelhurne Packet, Attwater, New-York
Sloop Providence, Arthur, Halifax
8. School. General Shirley, Mayne. Char!efton
9. School. Scorpion, Darvell, Ditto

YORIKSHIRE HamI-I.eadenhall pickled Beef
and Park- White fcented, yellow, and
Caftlile Soap-Ladiea Stuff Shoes-Gentlemens
Drefs Shoes-Perfrmery of all fourt-an elegant
affortment of Jewellery-Ladles Stays and Hoops,
Gentlemen's Hats, &c. &r. juft imported and
for Sale at the Printing Office.

For Sale by Private Contrad,
-rHE HOUSE a&d LOT at th eftward,
formerly occupied by the late a.t.H Hat ay.
Efq;j-For Terms and further Partie lar apply to
Nafaa, NeV. 4,1786. JAMI HOWE.

To fail pofltlvely the sit of D CEMTaa next,
or perhaps foone f
The S3 P
L I G H T I N G,
In gallaft, if no eight offers in
the mean time, for which and Paffage apply to
Capt. Burton on board, or to
R UN AWAY from the Sobferiber, Monday the
S311 of Jally, Negro Fellow naAd dots. Who-
over will aptehend the aid ruasmway, jd allver hm
o the kieepe of the public Jail in N A lu receive
0s, Gei 6 Re ward. HKY O.
la lS qSW5kr4, 1786. f

BAuAM.iSLA4)S, 1"
Naw-Paoviloaz tC j
NOVEMBER 7, 1786.
WTHEREAS by an a& palled in the laft fec
Sio'i ot artiment, iatititlied, an ad for ap_
pointing Cemmainfloers to enquirer into the loffes
all Inch tcrfons who have foffred in their properties.
in to. fequruec of the cc ion of the province of EA s
FLORIOA to the KINO of SPAIN,' it Is Cna&ced, tbA
*Whereas ifveval proprietors of Zjf-iurida, and fl
agentof f. veral other propritornot the aid province,
Srpeaievhely inti.led to the benefit of this a, -are re-
Sfidlt in the B.abaa I/tadA, and other of his MajeflyAo
toiontio in Ameritca And whereas it may be attended
with great inconvtnicnce to fuch persons to come to
Fet-Britain to fubltantiate their refpetlive claims
or to give their evidence in support of the claim
of other proprietors ior whom they have adcd
agents, he it therefore enased, that the Governoo
Lieutenant Governoor, or Ccsmmandtr in Chief ai
Council for the tiie being, of any fach iflaod and
colony. ball, and they are hereby directed anti rIa
quired, to enquire into the loffea .f all and every fuck
person -pr pcrono, and to zearimne all and every fulck
agent or agents smay repair to them for that purpoll,
apon aoth. which oath the faid Governour, Licutj.
nmnt-Covcrnour, Commander in C-ilef, rr any Meq-i
her of the Council for the time beiog. is hereby au
tnorized and impowered to adrainitller and fuch Go.,
vernour, Lieutenant-Governour, or Comntandcr in
Chief and Council for the time being, are hereby ine
veiled with the fame pow rs and authorities for enqot-
rirg Into ruch elaimti as the Comnmilioner, appointed
by i ta aft are Invoited with, and they are heteby
dirceed to proceed immediately on all and every Cfuo
claim or claims, exaninasi en e hainations, when
tendered to them, and to re rt. from time to time,
aby the firft opportunity in tpir power, their opinj
Sor opinion, on all and everyuch claim or claai., wit
the evidence on which fue opnionoropinions was r
were formed, and af to report, from time to time>
the evidence, of all and rvy fuch !gent or agent,
the Conimiffioners appointed by thil ael, ii order that
all and every fuch claim ay be ultimately judged
of and decided upon by ch Commilliineris and l
infected by them amongll e claims to he laid befogi
the lords Commiioncrs of e Treafraryi or the Loud
SHilh Trcafurer, ftr the tim ing, and his Majev
Sectetaries of S.ate. al%
And be it further ended the authority afore-
a laid, that in afei any perfon or erfons, upon exami-
n nation upon oath bcefre the fai Governour, leute-
nant-Oovernour, or Commande n Chief and Council
for the time being, as before e-m tioned, hall wilfully
and corruptly give fall covidnct every fuch pertib
Sor perflonifo wording, and be thereof daly con-
vid ed, tiall be. and I and ao ereby declatredto b
fubjcld and liable to fuch pa1 and pesaltis as, he
any law n.w in being. prt; e oevid1d of ;W
a' nd corrupt perjury, are Lubjed and liable to.
And be it enaded, that no claim or requft of any.
'erfon or perfons for aid or relief, on aeeoant of th.
if of any property, in confequence of fnch cellion,
Shall be received in Grai-Brae after thefjrj dJr.
yiaery, i78y, or in the Sb.asm.oIjrdt or any oth
of his Majcly's colouilas in Amoies, after thcjil day
of l.r., 1787.
And whereas ihe Right Honourable Lord Sydwe, op.
af his Majefly's Pri scpal Secretaries of State, by -i
letter to the Honourable 6, lesnar, Efquire, Preaf
dent of his Majelly'sCouncil, and Commander In Chief
of the Bim.a-L / d, dated WihuhU,. sth Se Atfi ,
1786, bath bcta pleaded to tifnify, that it i hial Ma.
jefly's pleafurc the faid Commasnder in Chief an4
Council do forthwith take fach s ps, as are required
by the faid ad : Notice i. therefore beby given io the
federal propri tore of 1f.F4Hrida, and tha agents of
other proprietor of the faid proviate, rcfpeivalr .
entitled to the benefit of the before recited at, refid"t
in the Bbdam-lfadt. that they do as fedily at may
be. deliver into the hands of H8 ey E afqre.
Clerk of the Council, a fihedule sbd valuation, calIe
up, of the property, by them refpsaively loft, with
the names, detcriptiont, and places of rabde t fech
wirneffes as may be intended to be made afe of re.
fpedively, in order to fubflantiate the feveral claim.
And notice Is alIo given,. that the PasIIast? anad
CoUNCIL will meet on T Ii1a0l ea, in orod
to take into confidcration touch claims u asy at SUC
time be delivered to the Clerk of the Council.
By Ordr, /. sh CooitCeL,
HENRY Clerk.
u. a. d eShel )t .Ilri I*o
iwao, g ar r Cis, w ltt stalk to.
th< Cied Aof thCseRM. 4

Fox L O N D O

Dav PEAcocn Mafter;
Has na more thia two thirds of
her ladi on board. For Frcigft
o t remaindr, for Pafase, sppIT to the
Materb, r to101 WELL

-Parliamentary Debates.

Hou3ss ofCostMolr, Twfday, Yuae 13.
[CoU TINVnD raoM eaU LAST.]
4 HE Chancellor of the Exchequer declared
A T that he should take it general view of the
quellion, that he Ihould draw his arguments from
the general result, as it impartially weighed in
his mind, neither leaning toward the profecu.
rion on one hand, or endeavouring to extenuate
the fuppofed criminal, on the other. Here the
honourable Gentleman took an opportunity to
,infure the vindi~five spirit with which the pro-
cutiun had been itftituted. The politics of
India were involved in obscurity, even upon the
very fpot; how then was it poffible for gentle-
tliemen to form a clear and difiinca idea upon eve-
ry tranfaaion, which was fo diffufe and compli-
cated ? He had, with as much attention as he
-ould poffibly appropriate from the othercon-
cerns of Government, endeavoured to inveflli-
gate the grounds of the charge now under confi-
dleration, and he had made up an opinion upon
. it, which was entirely fatisfaeory to his con-
fcience. He acknowledged the talk was arduous,
he would not (hrink from it, but boldly avow
is opinion, as an honeft man, whatever might
- the confequence.
After this exordiun, the honourable Gentle-
man proceeded to flate, that, upon the present
enquiry, there arofe two quellions.
fll. The right which Mr. Halling3 poffcffed
of calling on the Rajah for his contribution ; and,
2dly, the propriety of making it.
The fitr head of thbs qudlion naturally divided
s"eAlf into three branrhes:--
ift. The p-nalty in refuiing the flipulated
quota ;
2dly. The nature of the confllit,tion of the
Afiatic governments, by the tenure of which
Cheyt Sing held and; And,
3dly. The agreement between him and the
Company, which had been fo warmly infilled
.jaon by the right honourable mover of the
On the firit of thefe branches, it would be
prcpofterous to affect that there could exit a
government without a power to command re-
f1ources in the time of exigency. All govern-
mnents in the world, whether defpotic or limited,
muft of necclity poffefs fuch power. The hillory
*f our ow't country, under the feudal fyllem,
was a ftriking inflance of it. Without fiuch
a power indeed, no regular go ernment could
As to the second head, the conflitation of
Afiatic principalities; it appeared to him that
the land of the country, by a fort of feudal fhac-
Ule, was bound to anfwer every call which the
- klabob, Rajah, or Prince (by whatever title he
was di|linguilhed) fliould make upon the owners;
nay, it was even a qucftion in-India, whether
the Zemindar had any natural right to the foil,
or whether lie and all his under tenants were not
considered merely in the light of itewards to the
Nabob under whom they held.
He did not mention thefe circumflances, by
"*way of giving the leaft approbation of them; but
he muft reafon upon the late of India in the
situation in which it really was, and not what it
ought to be. In this view of the coanfitution,
and the tenmueon which the Rajah held, it was
evident th4t Mr. Haftings, on behalf of the In.
dia ClAmpahby might lawfully call upon him for
aflifian#, whenever yetllity required it. He
Ahen Idierted to thy third head, namely, The
Tgretiaet between Sujah Dowlali and Mr.
Haftings, on the one part, and Cheyt Sing on
the other.
Here lie entered into a variety of forcible and
ingenious arguments to Aew, that altho' by the
agreement in question, a certain annual furn was
stipulated, after payment of which the Rajah
was not to be called upon; yet this was to be
considered as a fort of peace cftablithment, and
by no means precluded Mr. Hafinagi from cal.
ling for austiary id, whn the jVclity of the

empire demanded a general exertion. In order Mr. Powys thanko God that the Mu.iAr
fully to clear up this point, he entered at large had declared himfelf infoi howsuraek and a*J
into the manner in which the territory of Benares a manner; but at the fame tie he fawhimlni
became in the poleffcion of Cheyt Sing, by means alone; his friends avowed the arbitrary aDk
of Bulwant Sing, his father.-Here the Hon. which was to july and hoa reprot b
Gentleman evinced a thorough and complete the Minifter. He then acceded lo Mr. Pitt' o
knowledge ofhis fubjeds anH very clearly pro- nioa, that Mr. Hallings was impeachable
ved, that the tenure by which he held, was en- having wantonly and unneceflarily execifed as
tirely fubordinaite, and therefore liable to all arbitrary and cruel authority over the Rajah.
thofe relraints incident to fuch situation in India. Lord Mulgrave, Mr. Grentilht Mr. Powy
As an auxiliary argument to support this opi- and Mr. Pitt replied to each other, but adduced
union, he thewed, that at a period when Warren nothing new; when at half after twelve the Gal.
Haftinga had proposed to make the Rajah Dow- lery was cleared, and the Committee divided,
lah entirely independent, under a consideration Ayes for the motion a18
that it would Arengthen his hands, he was oppo- Noes 79
fed by a majority of the Council, and in particu-
lar by Mr. Francis. Majority 3A
Having thus cleared his ground, he next ad- for impeaching Mr. Haftings of being guilty of
verted to the federal fleps that Mr. Haftings had high" Crimes and Mifdemeanors, in hi5 conduiA
taken to draw from the Rajah the extra fupplies to the Rajah of Benarea.
of money and troops; and read extras from the [To ia CONTINUZD.]
several minutes of the Council Board at Calcutta,
in which the Member had acceded to the de-
mand of the five lacks for three years; and even J U S T I M PORTED
Mr. Francis himfelf had gone fo far as to give In the Ship LIGHTNING, Captain BURTON,
his content to fine the Rajah in one lack, as a from LONDON,
punishment for having negleaed to comply with a N r T a Es $sLD r
fuch demand. Nay, further, that Mr. Francis FO R B E S and S T E V E N ,
had actually, in the firlt inflance, given his con. At their STORE on the B A Y.
fent to threaten the Rajah with military execnt- QCOTCH and German Youths & Me ai elt an
tion, if he made any further excufe or delay, k0 Ozuabrigs Cautlr Hat,
with this provifo, that he hoped the threat Brown R tihUI Sheeting Mens fine black an
would be fulficient." This Mr. Pitt urged was Cotton Baggin round and d ditto
fairly recognizing the power, although the blame 3-4 7.8 & yard wide rilih Sallad Oil
was now entirely thrown upon Mr. Hlaftings.- Linens Quin's Sauce
Having thus made out the two pofirions, viz. 5-4 ditto Soy and Ketchup
the right of calling for the aids in qucflion, and Cibriags Olive
the propriety in doing it; lie then traced Mr. Brown Holland, Capers, Walnuts & Ger.
Hlaftings hfip by flep, until lie arrived at the White, laylock, Or kings
city of Benares, with the avowed intention of black and pink Canvas No. 1. to 3.
enforcing compliance to his demands. d Pr"n $. ,6. 7b and inch Ca.
And here he came to the moll painful part of filk quilted Pett oats a. 2s. 3. and 4 inch Cur-
the talk impofed upon him by the duty that he Ditto Sattin ditt d .ge
owed to the caute of Juitice. Black Modes Hand Lines
Boinbazine L.og Line,
Mr. Hailings knew, when he departed from Ihalian Hat Crap Sgll' .. aree Arand
Calcutta, all the circumflancesthat had attended iiicc'sestuff&Vr reat s Marline
tlhe Rajah's delay. IH. t6.rG1 if. t that place I tread Edgings Anchusa & Grapnialls trom
with a full determination of infifting upon his Duth Lace Fring wt. to 1t cwt.
g Black ,und whits &-tail Paints and Oil
demands being complied with, and wit no other pFckathi rht Gunwder
intention whatever. Nothing new happened on Green and yellow vas Drop Shot, No. j to 5
his palfage, except that the Rajah met him, for window blinds Buck ditto
and made the moft humble fuimiflion--a fub- Scarlet Card'u"al wit r- Skeet Lesa
mine Poland starch
million, which, by the way, Ihcwed the inferior Superfine, blue, black d Fig and Queen's Blue
condition in which lihe considered himfelf. Whtn coloured Broad C as bags
Mr. I lallings arrives at Benares, without taking Ditto KerfCnymetr Hair Powder
any preparatory ficps, he determines to fine him Black and blue S nal Hard and Sft Pomatum
5o lacks, (about half a million) and arrlls Ditto Ds ans e ondarc f Ber enot
him in his palace, in order to enforce immediate White and friped an- Porter in ho (hlead
payment. Here it was, that the tranfadlion ncl Ditto bottkl
aflfcted Mr. Ilaltings-allowing him every me- Dutoh Blankets Ioaf sugar
r:t in the previous tranfadlions, and exculpating and o Salors pper
him entirely from any crimes on that fcorc. Yet Blue & Duck ditp Trow. Rote Butter
this was fuch a breach of faith-fuch a cruel fvrs Barley
oppreflion-fuch a heavy cxafion-and upon Canvas Frock Split Peafe i ke
the ole, a condut fo cruel, unjult, and op. Meat ine cote Shoes ionongery
preflive, that it was impoffible, he, as a man of YouthsandChildrensditto Hardware >ad Catlery
honour or honesty, or having any regard to faith Cordovan Boots Turnery
and confidence, could any longer refill; and Ladies black, red and eo- An alortment of blue
-lured l'.orocco Shoe, sktd cnamclled China
therefore 1 had fully fatisfied his confidence, Ladies black and coloured Ware
that MWarrq Haltings had been guilty of fuch Callimanco ditto Ditto Queen's Ware
enormities a6d mifdemeanours, as conititited a Men & Womens Thread Ditto Glafs Ware
crime fufficieut to call upon the jullice of the and Cotton Stocking Nails and Spikes
Youths and Childenes Vmp Tacrs
Houfe to impeach him-A great cry from all Thread Stockings Hatchets
parts of the Houfe, hear I hear hea?!-Mr. Men% white and black Silk A&. &e. &c.
Pitt then went into several particulars of the fub- ditto
frequent condua of Mr. Haftings, and exculpated Whidc with their former Aflortment, they will difpof
him from any charge. of on the nmot reaonablic Terms.
The above ialnly a.faint idea of the wonder. TiHtr HAVE ALSO FOR SALB.
ful difplay of catory, found fenfe and fenfibility London particular MADEIRA WINE, by the
which Mr. Pit difplayed upon this interefling quarter calk or dozen.
occasion; and to which nothing but want of room Superfine PHILADELPHIA FLOUR, &c. &e.
fould prevent us from attempting to do jut. LL Pefnshaing an demands ainAf the
thealact.onourLa Eftate of Mr. Joim ARasT a. aisO.
Mr. Dempiter agreed with e I Honoura-late or Long-liand, deceafed, are a ueetdtond(
ble Speaker in all but his conclusion. He was liver states of the fame properly a t, to either

that we owed the preservation of an empire td tl all perfons indebted to E*t ear
his exertion t fettle immediately
Lord M ., Mr. Greaville, Mr. Vanfit. AARA wrl SSfw
.. LAdminlAratrie, Aat'Long-lauds 4'
tart, CoL PhAlsip ad Major Stt, supported PARR .o
Mr. Aiaig. cr Attoraey, at NewPreideoe.

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