Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 28, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00063
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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J111 VERSA MAKpltl.



NaSAU : Printed by JOHN WrLLS, at the Printing-Office bn the .BAY.

A U G UST7 "86..
WT HERBAS by An o pAfed in the tenty-hblth
ear of the eign of his percent Maelly, inti.
auled, "an adt for the further incre de end usenturage-
snant of lrippig seI navigation," it is (amonglRother
things) ecamled, that' 1 and every it p or velfel, hi-
ling a deck, ot being of the binrthen of fifteen tons or
apw=rrl, belongioi any of his MaKe y's fabjeAs il
OraBritlki, or gn toy Jerfty, ilndthe Ile of Man,
or of any of tie cliaten, parnration., ifiands, or tari*
toeric in Afia, Af ie, or Amenica, which now belong,
or, at the time of building filch ahipt or vrirles, did be*
lone, or which-nay hereafter belong to, or be in the
Uflion of his Majclly, his hbir-, or fucreffirs, (except
lightcrl, ageto, boats or ve&fIi ured tolely in rCaers or
Inlad navigation) (hall be regifered in the maniuer
therein mnntintecd and the prfrl or 0 ereofi claiming
property therein, uhal catife the fnte to be registered.
end Ahl obtain a certifliate of fuel regillry front tic
Colledlar sad Conpitrollcr of hie Mgjcily'i Cultomn int
Orct-.Britain, or thie fle of Man, or from the Gover-
nor, I.;tuen'rt.Governor, or Commander in Chitf aed
tr.ncil aI officer or obiter i.f hi. Msjeily's Rtvenuc t
tflowo., srtidintg it tihe iflends of Guernfcy or Jcrfey,
r io angry of the aforeflid colonies, plantations, islands,
or Teritories rtfpedively, according to the fouii and in
the manner dJfcrbed hi the laid adt.
And wtiere:s the Commilfionert of his Majefty's
Callows arei, y the faid aoi, author:zd an I rqlu.ired,
*'llihn a co r.air realonart le trO le may bIe bel adaipted
to *ho diiia. c, ct the tort tu wlinh the ilipl and v f.
felt, owncJ by hIs Maj y's flhjeia, Walln refL& avely
belong. to pO'vc publlsc n tlea if the tinie when fucli
ctriitialte- % 'iI be rI .lv ro b, granted to [- cll Dips oa
aiit a. Il tl ie ler,4 llj i tt. t ther.uant';
'I hI la,: 'tl o .lliorr .f his M jrefl' Couflnm do
herridy giae Doti, *. thnr Crri'l, ar of RX gilry will b.
eeai to be gt .i tL., 0:c-rdi, i to the frim and in tl!t
eantierr dir.Efrd by the laid ad. to eecry fuch Th:p ot
effel art .n ti m the fv.ra. and rcfpeodtivc .mc htrc-
ater nicationcd. That o f
-- ) F 1rom and aftee the tth
In the port of London, initant.
Ia the federal out ports in From and after the 30th
England I nOtafnt.
In the pert in the ifandt7 From and after the 6th of
of Gatrutifcy, jerfcy, and b pitmbr next.

In the ports in the island.
St. brillopher. From nd water the i of
N avi', December next.
T. rl l.,
G(tnn' a,
Pi. Vincrnt'st
In the port i. the iflsnd of? From and ather the toth of .a 1 December nelt.
e the i oret in dihe prorvi.
ccf "f
Nova Scotia,
New lBrunfwick i
end in tlie Illads of From and after the sf of
Newfoundland, February, 1787.
Cape Brcton,
it. J. dn's, and iflands
end in tIe ports Id the
Bihania Ifiands, :
and Ioued of ll -imj e,
Andi it the rD oT one tooth from the date otfihe
fuiil Cue .1 and refpedhite periode before-mentioted, It
it hercbT declared, that the fLil notame w -* "Pire.
An 1 Ior the Informttin of aU parathe cencerhed, the
golloriing particular defen a* the tid I'a are pubfiiad,
isr. ;- ? 1. .
I '.l rdfpeA to
A (hip or Tvelll lrN ar&nivegs after the esplration
" ec ietiaid notice, at a pit to which blhellon.
No flip tr veelel which by this t is dl'ttret to
o be hetcafte' regilaer or which is lifted. tn.
Sead of the rqi1tt 9 1ow 19ui0d byr l, te tAt

'ou al ea w .relfter Keerdiiaw atoik m ead i. the
Scanner defcibeid hi Mthe fldif all be pinhud,
* after her Cirl arrival at the port f'Wcllieh t be lang
Sait the expiration of the notice s hestai mentioned, to
clear outwiuds to foreiell perts er coaiwife, or to
proceed to fea in order toliU on ith coadft, or for say
other purpot whlrever as a Britibh flp or veffcl, or
* tall be in any wife entitled to the privileges of a
*rttiffh ip or viefit, a. eft the owner or owners
thetof all have obtained a areicate according to
* the form and is the manner dired&d by the faid a& ;
and in Can any fich thip or vefid all depart from
fach port without being rcgifltemd, and without ha-
ving obtained certificate as aforetaid,every Lch 'hip
or vtfll Ihall be fubjed to forfeiture, and alfo all the
gunone furniture, ammuaitlon, take and apparel to
luch Ihip or veffel belonging.'
A tuare-rligged &lIp or vcllcl fo arriving at a port
within twenty league of the port to which fith
belong; or not being fquare.eigged, fo arriving
at any port to which flie does not belong.
If, after the expiration of the notice aforefaid, any
hip or veffel (being fquare-rigged) lihall be found it.
any port within the ttilance of twenty ilaguts by
' water, from the prt to which he belong or if at)'
v' lfl fnot being fquare-rigged,'le found within any
Sport other than tat to which ae beltong, without
i .Iviog obtained the ertilucatc of rngiltry,' directedd
by the laid atl) it (hall laadana be lawll tanand for
* the principal officer or ofict eil fch port, tad he or
they ls an a i reby reraqued to detain luh f hip or
vcfll until the maitcr or other perfan hating or
St.,.irng the cihrgc or command thereof hall, if luch
S .hl 6 ur V.'llel it utder the burthen of filry toni gi&e
f cui'y b'y food, in the penalty of fifty pounds, 111
* nuitiei dltei.ld by the faia ad ; and if luch flip or
v* cik, Iai exceed the burtien of fifty tons, and hall
nut otoctid tihet one iundrtedi tonsi, then until the
mtlTr or othcr perTlon havnsi or i tiini c tle charge or
Scounmeadi tlicrcul (hall, hi like mnaner, givefincutity
S1y boodlt in the penalty of one hundred pounds I and
ci fuch Ihip.or vtlcl ih.4 ected the burthen oi one
huidreot test, then uttit the makcr or other ftron
having or taking flie, lh.rg'or coomend thereoflbIll,
teigeticr wiih oie 'utlhitient liecuricy (to be appreovea
by fchi principal pficer er.eafficer) give bhod to hir
m iajety, hi heirn add fucccffr, tobe taken by fueh
Sofficr or officers, in the penalty of two hundred
pounds, with condition, that fch maker or other
pe Ion f.. having or taking the charge or command of
every Ich fiTp or veffdel, .all repair with her m foun
ei conveniently may be (or, being employed in the
Fiflery on the Banksof Newlunoifnd atd pars adj.-
cent, at the end of the flihing fetfon) to the port o10
Switli flie belongs, and there cafle her to be tegrill ted,
Sand procure a certificate o fuLch regifiry, in the forn.
and manner ditched bybhe laid al, and produce and
deliver to fuch officer or oflean fuh ertsficate of
regiftry, within the time limited in the condition of
*fuch bond; which limitation of tim tocklficer or
officers is and are herby authorized to iSe, according
Sto tire dillfnce which fuch Up or vefl miy be tum
4 the port to which Ihe belonea, and the nature of the
vyage hn which he mto then be engaged i and on
failure of producing anddeliverring fnIh ceitificnast a
afortcl.U, luchahbod lall be forfeited: but if felt
Scertficate hall be' odated and delivered to fuch
Officer or officer ln time fo limited in the
bond, fuch bond F bll be void and of nne efflt, and
he or they isand are Iereby authorized -d required
Sto cancel he fame.' .
A fquare-rigged hlip or veSil lo Lrriving at a port.
diftAnt more than twllety leagues from the portt
to w'hi.h ihe belong.
'n a e a h fqurerelgtd hip or atle, adter the
expirati of the notice aforsfair als be found in
soy porne, dillat lowe l te wenty lkeOe by water,
from the pat to which fie elWong,, or tha tile wier
at the entrince of Po to whbch feha I ip or ve-
flbeln We i.slhal b*l 4 flUOW as nct to dimtt her
enr1a I =tothh alwlt outendaingerin i thelafery:

toa I, r il =awe a aU- MI & r t

wvel to be forveyed by the pro cer at fia h port i
who ftall be appoint) purfuefat fi the -direclee og
the f ldt, to urvcy lips and rith there, and who
thall accordingly meke a perfe& sad accurate fuavey
thereof, pnd certify the everal.particulare thereof In
in the manner dir ced by the faid at and fuIch Col-
ledlor and Comptro!ler, or other principal officer, 9all
Sammediately traafmit the Laid ceitlfcate of furvey to
the perfone authorized to regifter 'tipi and ve[nl, and
grant certiacatrof regifty at thie port to which foch
(hip or veflel belongs, who thereupon, and upon all
the other teniuiftse of the laid at being complied
with, (hall reeifter fuch 'Aip or vftlc, and grad t a
Scrtificate of the ragiflry thereof, jurfuiant to toe faid
Sad. And it uall and may be lawful to and for the
Colledtor and Comptroller, or other principal officer
or officers of the cn!ltms isnthe port where fuch fhip
or vcflcl alllI be found. and he or they are hereby
authorized and required to detain fach flip or veflfel
until a parfed snd accurate furvey thereof 'tall be
Made in manner direded by the faid adt.'
The times allowed to thips and velrtel to return
to the ports to which they belong, to obtain
certificates of regiftry. .
That from and after the expiration of the notice
before.-mentioned, twelve months hall be allowed to
*all Ihips and voelsh belonging to any of the portsof
Great-Britain, or the illiand of Oucrnfey, Jerfcy, or
*Man, to be regiflered, and, obtain cortCizates accor-
* ing to the form aend in the manner deferihed in the
fUida : oand that i line meannc, from and anter
the expir.tluh of the Laid notice, eighteen Months
'hall Ite allowed to all hips and vLffca, belonging to
a! y of thle por in his Mrjcfty's colonic, plant.
tions, iflainde or territories in Alrica or Anmerica, to
i e regillered, and to obtain certificates acco ding to
the rmn and nla the manner described in the faid ad&
and that, mitike manner. from and after the expire.
Stion .o the faid notice, thirty moonthfihall be allowed
to all ftips and vfftcli tradeg or tiling beyond the
Cape of Good Hope, or Cape Horn, to be r, gifiered
and obtain certificates according to the fotm and ia
the manner dfcitihed in the laida& $ andthat at tho
end of the aid term of twelve months, with rtfpet
to fach (hip. and vffita as belong to the ports of
Great-Britain, and the lands of Ouernfey, Jerfey.
or Man; and in like manner at the end of the Laid
term of eighteen Month, with refped to all fihip and
veftilt thet belong to any of thdie port of hi M.jely'
Colonies, plantation, Iflads or territories in Afrtica
or America | and in like maan'r at the end of the laid
term of thirty Month, with ralfpie to all lhipe and
vtffels trading or filbing beyond the Care of Good
iHope, or Cape Horn, no other regifter or certificate
Small be of fort or ~eo ffec, ecept fuch as 'all be
granted in purfnane of the fald ad; and that aill
other regiflers and certificate all from thenceforth
be utterly null and void to ali iltenas and purpofk
In cafe of fhips and veffele not arriving In due
time at the port to which they rcfpecdivclybe-
That in cafe it hall happen that any fucb &ip or
vcffjl, from any unavoidable neeflity or reienable
* cafe, hall not return to thdi rt ewr uI elk tfaq
within tAlme t aiit ed" is Wl rid it 'itasll and
may be a wfulfer the Conmiii mofins MAy
cult o hi iof l 'ad Wh s rca. ivel ly, or the
necerty or reafonble canfa, to ealfe fLad thip lor
Svefiel4o be relflered upe the wt m ad ea ondition
and4 uelr the rea ,, ,n dretedanad
to the conny tey ,.er ni .hD aing."
What fiall be ideI c I; p belongs. -
a Thai tht pm whleh Any 6lort el'a hall heeih
after be deemeldand tlahea' belong, within the in.
a and meannoftihi (the fald) at, ll11 be, and
inb hed TColad =W ts be, the p n f(rot and toa which
f uck flip er svcfcl ih a fally t0ade, o beingg a w
S'ip) 'all hipoeasEc trade, sod at cc near which
'the h.tabhoeg laeil d m ging owner or ownve
sedl*11u vdte lhmaiiy reiie or refid.' .
py i Wtof Fla Cosedaiieon",

% "

European Intelligence.

watered ol thi Unltityonr thte 6of thla smontle,
eo.h of them atco enu d by a gavenoer, pneea
tr, and a gentleman ; their Royl Higle.a lWda
ged in ot houfe, Rad the expeacea of tSeir takol fixed
et do crown per week, htlmoling two gnAd lac.
1o10 dinner., to which the profefl "Ce, a. d oau .
drient, ae invited. Profeier Mayr teacher the Prin-
ce* the German language; Mr. Heyne infgtoiathem
in Latin the telelliac Coonfellor Lefts teaches them
religion ; and the Cooueller Feder infira them in
tiMorAlhIty theft maItns are rewarded by an extranr
dinary appointment of loGo Crowna per Annum sach.
CoLont, Aagan/ 3.
Prince Chartles of Mecklenbhergh Strelita hal reueft-
$ e4 gard obtained a difmiffon from all his military
a"pointmenta, but his Brlitanic Majey has ranted
hin a conoideuahle pecfion, with the rank of Field
Marihbl: The regtiment of Hanoverian Guards gpee
to Prince Edward, barth fou to the King of Englind,
and the Fld Mtufaral Van Rheden has been appointed
.uomnansdaut of Hanover.
MA D Ias yf,7 17.
The Algerine Corfairs have lately taken a Ihip richly
laden under Ruffian loura, snd fold her cage for
upwards of 80,eoo crowns. This veiell was built at
Archangel; fle had come from Amfterdam to Barcelo-
ns under Dutch colours, with a ladiag of wheat; and
having provided heifelf with Ruffian papers, failed
nith a cargo of 1400 toet of brandy, and wa taken
0ttcr being out three day. The Au s Minifler ha
taufed the prize to be demanded back from the Dey,
and hii given notice that If fatiafation be not made,
he will complain to the Porte.
ALCttEs, YNe, i. .
Laft month we were fuddcnly rurprized by the arri.
Si1 of a Maltefe fleet in our Bay ; they came at time
when they were leat expeoel, and hcliled their co-
tburse the Dey forprized atfuch a bravado fent a boat
off to afk the Commuuandur wht were his intention.
iHe anfweroed. that e to reclaim hre flve;
the Dey imniedia'ely ordered the artillery to be got
ready, and falurcd the Maltrfe with fome bombs,
which however had no etcet, becAule our powder was
bad ; the fleet thea ranged itself along the western
toal and having in vain fet all the Ihips in our Road
at dcliance, they retired in triumph.
WarTrIaFALL, Augujl 8.
This day Margaret Nicholfon, inu scuody for an at.
temipt on hit Maj'.ly's person, waste brought before the
Lords of his Majcfty's Moft Hon. Privy Council, and full examination of Dr. John and Dr. Thomis
Mouro, and several other witnefcls concerning the
flare of her mind, as well now a& for tome time palf,
and alfo after examining the faid Margaret Nicholfon
in perfon, their l.ordhlipi were clearly and unanuimoufly
ef opinion, that Che wae and is infane.
Lasion, Iu.g? 14.
The following N'blemen and Gentlemen are chosen
Governor sat'n Diredors of the Britifh Society for
extending the Filleries, and improving the Sea CoAe s
If the kingdom," lately incorporated by AA of Parlia. c
mnent, vi.
The Duke of Argyll, Governeur.
'I he Earl of Breadalbane, Deputy Governour.
The: Marqtis of Graham, the Earl of Moray, the t
Farl of Ahercorn, Earl Gower, Lord Sheffield, Sir
Adam Fergufon, Bart. George Dempfier, Efq. John I
Call, Efq. Neil Malcolm, 'fq. Willam Wilberforce, a
Efq, F. Humberflon Mackenxie, Efq. Heny Beau. r
fuy, Elq. J. Hawkins Brown, Efq. Dirtoins.
Sir Robert Herties, Knight, Duncan Campbell, Efq, c
Alexander Anderfon, Efq. Alexander Pringle, Efq.
William Grant, Etij. Auditor.
AigfJ; t7. Lord Dorchefter fails for Quebec, next
Monta to his Government of Canada. HisLordflipj I
to carry out full infirualions relative to the difputea
that have arifen, touching the PFort on the Lakes,
which are within the boundaries of the American
State. t
The Dire&ors of the Eat-India Company are now
ferioufly employed in making the neceffary ..rrangt-
ment, for cinaplctinga plan which ha long been in '
artitarion ord under coolderation of the Court: via. '
The opening a trade from China to the Ruffian domini-
ons of Kanfchatka. The veffels to be employed on '
thi tervice are to be from three to four hundred tons *
lurthen only; to carry befdes the captain and other '
nceflary officers, from twenty to thirty, or at mole fr '
ty feamen and boys. The Intention of this trade is to
fopply a batter for Chinefe goods, in order to prevent '
fuch large l(ma in fpeci being fent out every year from
this country, whereby the nacton is drained of its ciren-
lastig calhs, a it is but feldom that either the Gold or '
Silver (cnt out thither comes back to Europe. The '
barter held up to view, is the fore with which the *
Kamtrhathani abound, and of which the Chineae are *
remarkably food; but there feeme to be a difficulty in *
refpedt to the goods which it maybe isefftro end *
from this country to barter with the l ,-
who though a plu Oand little people, a ite qute 'o

the d eiu difab lfdpar th thve tit er of twise
dilakrelo dim he ha the I mnlprela itr

We 77=" i that tirKelot Spain has obtuand
as wit ce UaHal mrattene, oe an t e oth oe adet.
ad biy dt hp- nr. The fell cifng of this permif.
fuh, it Say drum/l eaif er ke appearance of
a an I iftrys and therefore degrading, mark of
farlmUfam, is, ~twithanding, a able Broke of poll-
ey airiwill put It out of the power of the Clergy to
inam the the mind f lepe'flitiouaand bigoted Spa
nirda. which the ccleulatlcst, cfpceially the Monk.,
would not have failed to have dome. Whereas the
Laity, now findgr the Sovereign armed with fUll
powers from hi Ifelineof, will look upon every regular
tIun with the fame reverence, receive it with the fure
fubmfioo, and pa it the fame implicit obedierce, as If it
proceeded inmmedfesly (o the Vatican. Too emanci-
late the people tram the dreadful yoke impofed tuan
them by their ftltul trlers, under which they have
To long gtoaeds is no doubt doing a great deal to-
wardrou aing the Spaniards from that kind of torpor in
which they have Jtlong hnguilhed.
It now appear Irom authentic intelligence, that the
Adlterent account we have lately had of the death of
T"ppoo Selb, were all deflitute of foundation ; and ar
none of them can be traced to any source of eorrelpon-
dane from thefrom EfoR, it would teem they have been
fabricated here, though to what purpose ias not eafy to
determine. It may be ber, however, that they turn
out to be erroneous for though none could have. been
concerned for the worf that could have happened to
fuch a monfier of barbarity, h onfidering the master as
merely relating to himfelf, yet, in a political view, the
prelt rvatiou ofhis life may be thought more defircable.
In the event of his death a division of his extensive
territories, between the MIrattah and the Nizam, muft
have been the certain consequence; and that, of course,
would have rendered thofe powers, already too great,
more formidable than ever, in cafe of any future rup-
ture with our Governmento in thote parts.
mighty thousand pounds coonfiu were delivered on
Wedncfday, from the account of colonell Hothanm,
Treafurer to the Duke of York ; and cvepty thousand
on Thuifday, topayfor the York(hire porlhafe.
The following form of Thankfgiving was read in all
Churches and Chapels laft Sunday, both morning
and evening I after the general thanksgiving.
A Form of Thankfgiving to ALMIGlIY GOD.
0 Lord God of our Salvation, in whoe hands are
the iffues of life, and by whole Almighty Power all the
kingotrol of the eartlb aM governed, we h smbly pro
fraite ourselves before theti with all trhenfulncrf for the
providental delivery of thy fervent, our Sovereign,
from the great danger to which his life was lately
expofied. We praife thee, we blefs thee, 0 God, thou
preferver of nmen, for this signal infance of thy good.
nf. to theft nation. We laud and magnify thy
glorioLe name, that notwithftai.ding our nitanifold firs
and tratfgreffions, thou haft not forgotten to be gee-
c.eau to thy friars.
Continue, we befech thee, the favour of thy
countenance tn tthine anointed, and to us his people.
Let thy Almighty hand ever be over h, tit not the
arm of violence approach to hurt hAi.' y Aohin in
his lerfon, and his Royal famiily.-San l fy tneean t
and inflrumenta ef all his righteous purposes ;'dired
hir counfcls, and proper his undertakings to the elma-
blifliment and prumotito of thy true religion, and to
he comfort of thy faithful people. Finally, let the
nantfeftationh of thy mercy and loving Itiednefi ever
create and maintain in us, forrow for our fina, refor.
nation of our lives and trufl in thy Salvation, through
our Lord and Saviour, Jetui Christ, Amen."
Assfo a1. The Duke of York hai, notwithfianding
he purchafe in the county whence he takes his title,
feveti thoound pounds remaining in the nritilh funds,
the faving of his guardians, during iii* minority; and
if whofe laudable and afectionate attention he is now
eapiag the fruits. And should his Highnefi, at any
Aeried-hereafter, choote to foi his residence in hiM native
ountrythe may do It with an eclat, which has hut
eldom fallen to the fuite of the Plinces of the Blood in
It haE been whispered that a late purchase in York-
hire has been made for the purpofe of making a mar-
iage settlement on a young female of one of the firft
amilies, who is shortly to become Dnchrl, of York ;
with the full and formal tronfeant of the friend. and reli-
ione to both fides.
Zaitrell f hiee, filrt Wfidf, A,4 f 20. I
I can tell you an anecdote relative to the attempt
on the King's life, which probably you have not I
heard, and which does to much hocneur to the huma.-
nity and pretence of mind of the Spanilh C6ar e c
Aferies, thatee it fihould be iniverally known and t
perpetually remembered. That gentleman, the m- |
ment he heard the report of the above-mentioned
villainous attempt, came pol to WindfOr, and inmc- a
diately introduced himfelf to the Q.uen-not as a t
man of common fgucity would have done, in order t
to ature her Majet y that the King had received no
Injury from the knife of the aflaffn ; but folely with
an intention to cong. hb In conversation, and
thereby to prevent her reIn bmrinany report at all,
until the King'I arrival. In thie he happily
fuceededi and then took leave of thir Maj1ie, c
1vingthe King to tell the bWy hinflf. The King r
hook ll graeleoly y tb he.hand, and afared him, c
that behardly knew a &a he wrKI whom he
wel lakUh obliged.'

Cbee Mirahems trig i. ater he b e moreign
r"per* 1' ,,.,

T Cnve edic lam med aT bIs WI u a e,

o o/ aredve rheOrq ate camedd ean we
wint o me ate inurie ad dear iW h aps Van

een I leatd M re dt, m That ihi been dem d
to f m Ctr, O ao a of a w not what
emot .n* feat pp the r aruis o Aflpca. i wit
wet doer m a et inred b ay coupfm ave
wid t need pof n Inr acuaiemed that bis wmea
tcou oryh a ut h ef I am requefted to tde arAdii t
uaine I am v an at edth thae Frenh e ri lculou a
repe" whly. auny nwh ew top e brVoa h&Wy oanodnim

in thme etenua indereed theen ,'ar the -thav

btlstupd ptal therdr y catl, ita with the en ceodmeJe
f an aet of hraeny, eunty odf and unwohy of
tfel reque y wil iern your pa th fr.
l declaneration, fLnd with my hand, thia I a erno

fjelty the KIna of Prue, bye the Freach Amgoadetr e
and that in Ineae, there i net s t le foatante for
amothng i r paper, has lately repeated with thlI
pohitnefl and pyiccin fEI whoeh it ap ditingu tled
nd whech I tam ofer far from blaming, ac uitom d ar
oI am to irk uoe ita avfinre rtity a n e majta dt

I have the h nour tnot the laeat omoat dien-
gui6h.d fIntihoe, &c. o ic.
(Signed) Let which e Coamte, e de M rAe eau."
atloal t4n The tre atly o epa with the Ru tani goe
fncctduliy. It i u ot v kely f o f e brought ito m thas O.

fm fowedily as the negoiaion with m the reht i ifnav
it be concluded he ore the rent racpit trminater
and include the grounds uf emolumen and priia erityn
th hivs the public, l w i bewl mo b
oGeneral Rainodh a the newly appointed Ginverour
of Gibraltar, i ond the eve eofrakind hit pfltge uit th
nthe Medirerreen I one ofi the fRigate from Petat-
mouth gog nut on ithat fai o; io that Ges E ltrif

arl Fifs the i in peation of cino called up to fwelli
the patalogue of blritilh Prbe, and iil aid not to be a
little mortfied that he wa o in rd in the o aro
of G iraltar, She honou teo tn Althis pofge out to

sthb. In the event of hia e fip'wie being com-n
plied with, wh0h prbalOe, a he has three doad
vote in a certain admbly, a political e fame will de
ont fhgomin as tho thegataonwitthe tr that rElti

kindled in the north, and a violent cthre win proba-
bly take place on thei eu e iaon of a ew Rcaercfntative
fur the county of Moray.
ithe fllowrindg itht h mea y nats of our prfct naval

peace eGfablitrcnt, n et rcom ca i cd fronpa the Cae i o
net Council, and now confirmed by te Admiralty
ltoma edablilhmentSxten n io ipn e of the fr line aa
Plymouth fi, h tham none, and Sheerneha threede

Seven friapttea, ande thmirty aoop and cut water in the
kinmdoe in the inortEhand baevolen Carift lr.

CIann e Lian other feation of vi. to protedp tohferiea
in the corthy Sea, one frigate, two ifoopi nod three
cutte r oi i the tr Se a two frigatri, -end nthre
loope. In the North of s cotland present fmuGegling c-

ie. one frigate. and nowr cfopa. the North i ialt-
land to present fimuggling, two ihiops, one cutter.
In the Wefti of Iereand, with he fame in attention, one
frigate, and ou th ree fhip. On thee Downs raon, e
f igatr, three op, nd two chte and tOffYarmou th
Iand from tkence to the ceionlux of the river Thamesitand

i oedway, to prevent friugaltg, three loupi, and twh
Ia the Mediterra nean, flp of o gones, nde thof
o40 tWh of t28 one tooop.
Co'Ie of Afriao, one frigate of 3. gna e rth01op iel
4 guns, and to p e tto nir of te gua. e
At amaia, one ip of e o l na, e fue frigatca, and
Commodat ore of the Red nre drone
fI the Leeward flandt, one Ihip of T no guts, uod
he coand tea Sir e te Hughe o t o oeivues till ndct
epdwag) two fregventemd tgce fleopo.p. a
in Americap a t Halfaxn, where the p hinc pal m-
lend iflathe ioe, one bip ef run there gne fregae
ind four f lol The Newfoeudland luadtrn i othe
At Qouerec, one flegp of 16 gua> and o e ndop of
len of tor gun.t
In rte Ea.Indie, one hip of gut, fos, under te
ommande of Sir Riaherd BIckerten, Cmamodore of
the Red Squadron, three frigns. of 36, oS, atd 4.
, and two e n of gun each s,
penygtwree frigtte, ana forty-the Opa and tecuto-

If we compare our proleat gffar ad (oeeign with
In the mica wAtshr fa tefe twho have e*
nim, wenall ertainl tn ne equany ettd the
lorin appellatiaone of Pronsfo KgNO. Ifde hs
ithns ead many S tieromardb qol.rton GCm r wEif
eod om qared by ro gteht defers out the wRse eSa
tmelaoo nd of bli ant pwite nvauco ptee eil na -
len, theeflatore, if wefe oSvefafety an thpreefratuns,

ycn the aoa uwneitis thofife itof hae oder te

To be Sold by 4iflon,
On MONDAY th 6 f wbr.
Dwelling Houfe & Lo f Land,
Situatd. at the "ic plrd, bEIe 7ATe
Bad,'l, EKfj and CaptL ailn U rewta'a.
The Uilecal on* are i4 s .
In the Ship LIGHTNING, h &1'TON,
from LONDO
Asi TO I ls** t
At their 8TOR BR on the A Y.
S COTCH and Gaman Youths & Measielt and
Ozxnabrig Calltar Hat
Brown Ruflu Sheeting Mes fiae black an?
Rvaent Duck white rounded coloeu.
Cotton Bagging j ad ditto
3.4 7"$ & ylrd o folk S tii
3.4 ditto Sy and etchup
Sheeting I Aotoi
Cambric Olives
Brown Hollands CVpr, Ainuts & Oar-
White, laylock, raw, Kil/
black and pink Lute Can No. I. to 3-
fir.ags and Perfisa $j. A 7, and 8. ink Ca-
Lacylock, blue, >anyk blhi
nllk quilced PcttllU J$. and 4 Inch Cot.
Ditto sdattin dtt d
B ack Modei Hu Liua
BombaziRe Log Li'aI
hiulmn Hat Crap. Sair wine J thru ltz'd
Pi cc' Si ff& lorentine Matine
Thread Edging* Arnc & Orapnalla from Lace Fringe f 5Ca o\ liewe.
Black n.d white Fox-tail Paum i d Oi
Fcathcrs Ounpo4
Gren and y'law 4 anvas Drop Sh No. S to
fr window blind. Back di
Scriet Cadinals with r-. Skeet L r
mine Poand rcb
suprrfine, blue, black and Fig and been' Blue
coloured Broad Clothe Sa
Di-,t Kerfeymecr Hir P der
Blerk iid blue Shalloa Hard S&,ift Pomatum
litto Callimancon WAveldar Wait '
D.tito urante dftoac T e Be.rge ot
W1 tc 'll irped Plan. Poter in hoge aids
tcl Ditto bottle
Itrth Bi ak et Leaf Sug r
Blue and iil pottd Sailaor Pepper
B & k ditto Trow- Roe Btter
f rI Barley
CLa o Frr*cks Split Flae in keg
td'li, Cip, Pip"
Me.1 Iitic 4E C*Mtfe Shoe$ frone.ongery
T.!.,1 a.l Childrena ditto Hariware ad Cildery
tor .1v lit l'urner
Lin l> Mac', red and co- An alortment of blue I
l.aurci Moroce. Shoes and enamelled Chins
l.a1 1, an-t coloured Ware
Chllteauco ditto Ditto Queen's Ware
Mlen, & WnieenTi Thread Ditto Ote-Ware
an I1 otton Stockings Nauij ad RSpik
Yulh aind Childrens Pump Tak "a
'I I.rd Stockings Hatche
M nt, white and black Silk Ae. Ac. Ac.
Wlhih with their former Affortmet, they Will dillfpos
of on the ailt rcafuo!t Terms.
London particular MA hRA he
qutrtrr callAk h .
Sop.rfite P LADELPH, Ic
For L 0 N D 0'
To fNil p. fitively the rft of DIae EI L Ulext,
or perhaps. fooner 1 I
The' 8 H IP .
S In Ba1lt, if no Fr ofars 16
the me,. time, for which and Pa apply to
the r latc r on board, or to
DUN AWAY from the SubferIbtr, Tsi eUia
t nigllt o l t, ajegro Man name CE SOr
ab at S feet I in hih, f.umre de d b
i of high fua ,de, @ad
e look of a 6i6aleat villaifi i1 on *M I hbe
e.t off, a large chain and irost atrt fteedd
*ith a diluble bolted padlock hrobis akle.'
Whev.r delivers the aiid fellow t eke tubfclp
r, or fecures him in Nalffu JAt Si 11 rtetivet
" Dillers, and the like 4fn to $' wil l
tircimr the person .or ltiso , Bd &
IdtUntiff 4ils i Was (wfaeaoottw >
016 irota on tj adh th t Ihe m r t5( etolom,
the Negro Townjhi nd the ifq.W^t ,
M1ctn of VeA wre caution I4U
hgim. of tbe ited. JOMA
Jieleea iaej lt;(. r & %

I an t si bo l O. pRtO,

FALCONER, 8 F, & Co.,

l Hy", --Aw ..l ]b lUhu
t atlS .
filig, and l T d IlSSI

Cloves ad Nnem Red e kt
Matardaud Ilnek Pep lal.eed Mtia .
t .ark and Mas Wenne nUck
Yellow eap Slow u
Wau and Tallow MeR Mn Ho e
eButter and Citl Love %abods
Yea**ire Hatna \ove Hljkerchileft
af and Lod bottld Black Co and MK)dr
Porter tCge ulin le o
Split Pab and Barleyd yo ard
Her Powder t Pomatm lckUii
Liatfied Oil and PaIlts e d btowB RITla
l.amp Oil
Sheathing Paper 3-4 eadOlleabuam
Pump Leather and Oak Hue b and Shiags
Ship Comprffea Av lT ofprnli d LiAnen
Roll Brimfinna Ditto FalPter P as
Guan Powder and Shot Yard Muia-a
Cordage from 1 1-4 to a 1*4 4Tiable C'T-
inhes Clear a I t Cambikle
SpunYarn & Rattling Stuff Itomr'iSt Holland Long
Cables from s to I inches lai
Small Archers from tool. India ala
o40oolb. M Buysp, t Childrenm,'
Tar and Pinte Brauih.e
Hair Beoo it A Scrubbing Ha wa and Cautler
Ham Eo Line d. Od. 4d, d
itag Lines and Sail Twin. Nails .
Doeil Blanket and 6 Inch Spikea
S-4, 9-4, I'0.4 lRod ditto Locks and Hialgc
Striped Linfey Helv'd Hatcha
Blue and white Plai Tea Kettle
Flanml Swaniho Saw Filte
Saillon ready-made ickets Caulking loaneAt crapers
Ditto Peamught and log An afaimrseof Chkla
Trewfer Wood and BeLd croew
Duck FPthe ad TroNer Turkey and Oil StE6l.
-.ien and Chek firtie urua lid Drewer 3H
Duranen and Calimanco tu .
Skhalao and attilnietit A anaertstt or Planes
L.allialeand Boinuihaaa Copper Stale It-Weighti
Linen end Cotona Checks Tin Sali and Weights
and Stripe, Glafs and China Ware -
Cotton Hollands Tin Wart

rssHTr i Al. 5 Af. -
A&diVPuredclisof htgh pCof hJAAIA SPiptr,
flw. Luon aokse MAedsaa, WIe. ,
^*efrioCLOd P11OT Bann,.jal imported

Juf received by te Ship LIGHTuNING, Capt.
._ -A, FOR SAL "
N EW Lift of the Army. "r
Mrs. Piozzi's Anecdote* of D& johnfon.
Cumberland'e Obfervrr, ol. .
CBettle'a Evdcacn of the Chriltia itligion,astl
Spinlfl Common Prayer Book. ,
Life of the Arch Villain Price,
Corredfonenee between General Stuart aid LoreP
New Navigatian Ad of Pailiament.
Ad refpeting; the American Loyalifts..
Accountof Nova cotia.
AX Old Wet-itdi. PlaIntcr' Advice to Young
lnterltfil *malnr by Mr. ei r, vqli. '
Mire. Wood A Trial.
-Conjugal Infldutle, lb 1716., 1
Adventure of Lucifer In London.
New "oi nook%&eP Rooadelay, Feftival of
Momao, and ed Lark.
NMew P1y, vil. I'll ION yo wbat-;The Fool-
Dftanded Ofcera-1magwa atHome, Ac.
I* Q 1 1 3
SIXTT a is lk* ftmw si to
reages l tamei, a hiti:..e

ofatod a- tt tliy
for. I miit M w i'4Ks
-V SSHY M i OnDola Pamd

N oASSAU, INo iasls 4.
U dc. b s... e .M l en d fe
Sthe 41th" AAugl. kbt vilst weAfaly wind
Of Saptsm tler I pelb. wro Teroay tMo dlen
ud ipet, wile = 4ll:k i4 memao"aa the death of gAne ftivbel
II weas not epedled that the deak of tIe xifvt
Prda would produce any material chnge in e bpe
tics of Europ Hie faccetfer ia th e prim.
w trained to arm d bail wander hb own eye.
isa i allowed to inha it a great lhare of that Iset
of mind and strength of aideril.dl, whichfaormed fe
dimlngudled a pun oTho howaetlna-i.lna the for-
vice Frederic IV. are Stateen sa well a .oeral ,
jient albiliahie, formed nadir his illflrious node.
aid trmp confeffedly the AIft the world ha. let
kMe-The Germanic Lague caicluded uider the au-
4leon f the late King of Prallia, lll feb5. in ful
erceemd prefenta an infArmintal bar to the acces.
lifanAtment of the ambitioia view oef the' emperor of
Omany ; whoe charaler, mactrning which fo muck
wM bhlaoned forth, has feared grudy in tn *ai -
tion the world, whether coated in the lilht of a
Saoverel. Lgiflntor, Politician, or what he io' adifrd.
sd, he hilanthropic PhiloDophtr.
lthe mighty Otlomanl Epire,; I long the dread of the
Chrillian Poweri, nppcar to be hafltniag fa to ia
terumination. Jofeph and Catherine fteem M be witch-
ing the favourble opportuaity, far ineradfng their e-
-fpdiive territories t the eapene of the Porte.-Per.
hapS. in the revolution that *ll eanfue in the event of
the ezpeaed tcoalltonis, Greece may again beccam
the favoured feat of freedom and the rtnps abd Sprta and
Athenf aain boat of cities who may rival the inoh
renowned heroes and philofopheKra of antiquity.
The universal antiey, toc n, and rdhatmenl, mr.
prefred-by all rank, of people in the three kingdomI, a
the attempt on the life of our Sotereilg, would have
afforded demonstration, had demguflration eaen requi-
fite, to the Father of his Ptople of the af8aion of his
SubjeLst, and of the lively inttrefl. they take in what
ma a re him.
The .harvel throughout Europe, bit mo-e pairtu-
larly in the Britlib flesh, prmifed te one of the nmo
abain known for fevral years.-lan aditioa to the
commercial advantages that were epdeded from the cew
Navigation io, (marUta from which are infnted in the
firal page of thhi paper,) no iucona.lrable one, in poiit
of revenue, it was fInmd would be opticared.-Every'
thinR wore the apperan of proflptrity and an i'a
crcfing trad.-Tie 3 per Cent.. were at yds-a Oe
the th of September and other fund, ina mile O-r
portion.-Tkepro r lof the Fne d within rI*
two yearw had fornifed matter for much khe n en1
quiry. The pertO, whoa byr their pretended fTears d
ginecd their hopes that the sh o I ritain had fat never
ore to alef, in confequener of the a f the
American Colonie, ae now obliged to bear their tr-
intlat tef'ltimy to the truth of his (1111 being in oIao
ridan fplndeur-while thef Tyro's ia in conerelld fl
ence. who Brenuonly urged the difpeniog with tie
reftriwiona of the nearigatlos a, in fav of the Ame-
rican atce, ai the only meaarc hat could lave our
taade-al itine p n from a e., Sive up the point.
mad join ahet populr cry n only o eevrl old arit-
tie beinggl-illy enfor ed, bet o additnal refric.
tln, beilngmade.,..The dinraftiao ia Holland, bas
dread of a oammay mods of fitdlemet with the public
creditors of France, the improved flat e of the aridi
Reven e, the inel crea of Commerce, the eftablilnnt
of a permanent fod for the gedal dlfrhagn of te
National Deblt-Thfl were. 1n the ftme -l f welt
informed men, the nubh that attraded th moest at
wealthto Brietainmade the rfcourfof Eladtic uniformlr
s hevr favour. andgav er P oda a decided ireer t n
tceheoiceofai the wledeple of all parti of Eeurei.
. *' Reverend Mr. erto= appointed Mifianr
for Harbour hand nd Mlather, cam psafleger In%."
ith e-OA, Madridt, sad Ella,, from
thle port were arrived In the River Thalmet, a wa the
Abraham, ocki at Liverpool.
, On Tuday dld Im.e after a faven ifie. MUs
MART ]OaISTON, wef&oi Robert Je*M, f6U.
Aaaivni alal i finn
OAW sq. Lo me. Pirris, N.M York
jel. =igipL ai. Bout Lea.kf Madeirca
Now,-. I. lIep i, l 8wek Hale
SamL2, Ar
O se q ; oop Hpe, .ve, Sc. ChrioS &W

rjt*.on wich Ike Bolesind.s CAtiWW gu k1 &lerP
r i s 4 Tookbl e m' iStramel fivltarIfon ma
cint mv, tiJfh- ill ,, p MM "olrf itell
,jfsimetrjy of tAh ekiiAed Dr. W L 8 ON Sof.

0 it 8 i Z rll

w rL p10 wert s l o awi l. /i
." tW WMH^lirlll

I.. .. i 4 n mai ^. >.r; ,, aq .

am e n i.s ) ,
I10 91. I

[CoNr nan I O rUOwna lAAT.]
T It roepl 4 their co -atitecet fupply, it wb
-I,/sNsol. had bern toted l1t week ot fortill
t.rel, allatbrcTngt up, red, and agreed 1tq
TPIc order et the day. was tihe read ft ttalibl in
ci fuidtlatin' the report rf the conmuiitite of t
t.irte ]lt.uf oan the wine bill,
Mr. Alderman Nowshan moved that it should
SfC<, IOlMitted.
M,. Ri, e .hbferred, that as theHon. Member
m.t th,,, ITb pr.,per to affigin ng ftingle aafon 'o poa
;hat the lAll oug1h to be reeomnmited, he p."fuinedlt
Haouft wriold not be dilpofed to adopt ti. motion
Mr. Nettihako then read, from a manmutcripti fri
n}j. iono Ouat Anod been putinto h:s hand., to ft'r
lae. ef the, bill. When he concluded, the quleli(
w&* put open hi, motion, which was velacived by
mjotity ef 2 :
Aye, ye N-e., 61.
The Hoi.fe t*en went through the variousmalmem
n tund that had ben made in tie LCmmijttee;t it
Mr. Beaur.)- b,'rsed leave to prpofCe a new clanf
.r1hiclh It thuitght ablilate y r.ecetIryi, in order th
'mli. lhil. ice i'immary proceedings of the Comm.flirne
in levyin.,'is thunder the excise lawsr were income
patibk v.'ith the fpirt of the conflitutitn. hecaufe the
fuperfed the trial by Jury, uhich was the hlrtaro
the toliteiutiin.' Tho lumnmrnfeu iffusal by th1.'oom
sinfliimers on the information of an F.stfe Oticer t
maturt tir in. thrce days: and as pe l Dnait we
not nieciffry, tt miiiht haopei 1tlt the littir note
Itan Ihathaldget of an infe-maion having bhen lodge
anjin.t hInt;~ni,,ht be by the Sheriff'i"feizuig hisgotid.
and a& the forinmonies did not flat tie gerord iif infof
Itaoiin he iml.t lt cI-s ir- y bie untpr'ep.ircid for .t.icftlice
He watrtl mtive th: rrere fr. Lcave-to bring up a claif
that thou!d give the i'erlin aufcue'i aln o~tiato liav
ka iafi; ca di. .1 cith. r i) tne Commiflltontmeor'tI- ijurt
inm te Caurr of Ea .hquer; and he dowatght this th
S'c re..fiaxclle, rthe li. ife Otfictrs ;.rc at prefer
iretlrl t, tintrption by law. He concludiodby moarliu
cr Irnev. Kot brin., up the cianif.
r. 'it fat t, 'he fit ur.common coleen. when Ih
etmicrtred it to be his dury to opptife a mn-aure ito po
plu.r, and I, jiuilly pipular, as wac that of fCrurinig t,
every n an Hit birth.rightc, he trial by Jury. But thc
fame nerrllity wJich firft iatroducdii Ex.ile Liwt, hea
(upeafeit 1, in ome cafe-, that beft of trial., bccatul
til coredit ,.l I,[ the reviteiine culd not have IhC
othiet fet fecunred The fecuaty of the revenue we
aww th, f--.,r:,y of puhbl: credit, and confequentiy o
te .tnni i,.n i), whidh could ant furvive the tuin e
t ... t.., ciedir, an.I ch. radLr of the nation. Th1,
pu' i.i ;c ie wine duties under the macnacugetnE o
th it ard Ex'-ile iva but an experiin.nt ; and hold
it h"- lilitticnie' by thi fitmnniry ti altlhreaj tihe. Cont
ritmfii ui-d it mi lit taurn out ti be very hiftldy ,ttt'
icial, and riot at all-advcntageout to tlt. reventa. fihi1
Catcdi thi EXB>Ae lawsta eill woa to hit a patcfkinriiwa
Lurc, which noithiag< a firm convid.ot that fre ils t~ anet nrmoas.dt jree hid
been conamc;tred upon the CAutonm in the atricle of
wvitc. and thai thie regulatioie Abntoinicd in the bill,
taterche wiit the fumnarlry jurifiiclion of thie Com.
Iniilioners, would rearBin a vcry gtrt mtafurn, to
tcventthe i reticticiin of them in future. He rtoeaiend
the litt.sf,thut thti fumimary jurildtiioh Was eot a
atw ihm in- thi,. entry; bsdhegged,that gentlemin
would erlftrve that. if -it wasm to be abn away-in this
in(lace as uncoiit'.l tiiioaJ, the cd ilioutitn could not
blcJcure until every,vetite of it was'removed front
shIe't'-t.l..; acid confcqucintly to g as far is the
'honurihl tmover v'itihed, amd.uto fAftter, would be
,Ltiting the bifiiarf hi hiAbrc. and incffedlally. He
h"pet th, ief,"re, when. he uefultd f popular clafe
a. wn.,tl if thef-ae'jl oriiele that ihest would at le
t'l iklt oadte eil amduldofdothl w I ty Ju.ry thn ay in the Houli ; but t t c .tclio wronuld
five hincredit tht iotha iq t hiake 'im eet "ft
Iritceiti, rieL a fltO dfapretbei.oA that, ,by agreeing to
it, hbIe Inc.hl 26ak li til !tofinttl q nation, and thereby
caid ner, if nrtf ahif.lutely ruin the con ftioue.
MrP. ',., Mr. CUr'Wqay, c d a'Mr. Dcncoiler. fap-
port d ihe i mtirn and hr Grey Corpir oppofed it.
tioti h at the.f.uns t'i~he' thought the tcift lawa
"lo'.s1,AhWt t whe i'h tr at.l i'" Is
ltjsorllcafh *tdhsded oal~the enasca for briogiteR
1,, ,.(. Tli e ,au %w .eoFlcuetl looytr ag..,
city f 6i. ' 6j. p ity
t* #eet other cdarea mI tecelvd, ,alter Whhkh tde
i lauf edjdc .... ,

, TtHnti fl, reinivet iflLifo ntii tie;tdee of Sapt

w~l ]tt~ uh teo [. that Pure IhOIld be aidlneadl
thiaTesutowamt dsclifthm* 's ,

A af ei L eTnet d oppstlosn de (ratm tMii IW' ,'. : s.. )I O&s. 1 o g 4 a 4ii tes.t,% e

L On w the a we ae (nM hvl, Dom- F.a um am Ttt
tion OThbfld ITat do V elm !1 s.%
Mr. Alde(d hi.n opposed it, as i=npoltc lew [ 4' Ir.' a ltde. -ot
j ep prcrive. fid e had little, hope tha Mr f la.inand fatd
o tllfif would". of aloy. cfielt he e ra therefilre hie was 6ut L rdelo duhadwaee
ik tiplo rqfthe Mipifer would plete him* (lhty in o n i e .at = .
a. et ; itlouM b found ll epo . Ids....,.
ri~atitrledito reduce the gateti.frcif of re.
eto nvemtt Al I df(rold1it.he toldt uf the m.. \ t-h-
h w fne irdeto riet tois oldfyeocm, by a pe t ... ... .
kbe bill nexitfel0i1t, &,,ild it palf into a law so the VQOK91$ R M0 t -Lt.aiiet l pikh l e
be present one," which, faid he, may the Lords n their ..L and, o- White dtcd, eUow, aB
acrcy prevent CAlllte .Soatp-_L4ie Stuff Shoet-Otcntlkmete
d. Mr. Aldernian Hnammet joined in this hope; he ftid Dreif Shoes, &c. &c., jut imported, and for Sale
~tI reportedd flethe Right Hon. GeCtleman was n act the Printing-Office.
hb cntmY to the trade of tie. country. (This raid.a fa
- ood u -o.'hboe.eli fide. of the Houte]. He alk. i O. r Sale by Private ntradt
S inp gn him the tr w e lo Ptove that the report was ill .l, .' --,a.e -:r -JM &
Ai noinded, 1iy decleilo th if the e.peria ctm should tTh HO s the Wefuta
on. Jail, he would neoatt tinue to ruin the trade of Eng- L formerly ji the la JOHN NCAL?,T
na l an y 'eptetfliae. Efqi-For Terms ainB a tr P are apply to
SMr. Pitt faid jtmlingly, that if he ws an i enemy to Na/lX u N u. 4, 1786. JA 8r'unOW"
the trade of the' coutnr, he had the mortification to *
d. inal that ever tIide he had been at the head of the To the P T t T BLIC
tr. trquer, that Wiadet had been improving. and was *
fill lhkily to grt and improve. ie could feel no A CONTRACT baing atcred into for enttlagt
e, Mobieiron to tr.nt |he requlit of the Hoin. fembhcr, Z- C'anal fix feet wide an fm t deep, from the
at taking it on bleiate terms: and therefore he might H4rbotar inadiredllit, t l'. North' loet the
is 'aftl fay, 1" that M the experiment Ilouid, he .ilt end of thc Town, toie Ptod narla,
rs woud not i onthius to ruin the trade of by New Raod-and it bt that conilderabit
. oppteffilon." In anfwer to the requierf of the other a lvai.tgec might be digivced to the Public at large from
ey wittrliy Mauiflr-.te, which-was very dtfeicrety expr.f. the 'ttui l being made';ider. It is proposed to r.ife by
of fed, h, would fay, tlt if rhu fuhccefl af the tperi. Sul'cription '1no 1lgadred Dollart, beinz the furn
n. nm.t Ihould fall Ihort of what he expceled from it, lie in tion to tlat already fubfcribed, which will be
c- .* id then endeavoT r to device Cfme fabutifiary regular requiltie to defray ic expaecc of digging a Canal 4f
as tion.sthat would reader the fiansioreeclftdaal. ttes feet Wide at i fcygen feet deep, and of making
a Mr. Alderman Sawbridige obefrved, that this was a tiong losidt C ac d a &Drawbridge.
j oaor confolatcin6 fir the country to be tlud,.that if the GeOtilmern rub iibin 'ive DoaUt e, will be enthile
.; iprcf nt oppreeite did not raife money enough, the to the ufe of thie Caial otI fccJring thgir 11pall craft iW
. opprdfin lh >nid be ma'te lev;er nemt year. For hit bad weather. I
. part, h. dlttiftd the pi;icti'pi cf the Exciu law, audt. Subfcriptions are received at the Printing-Offee.
. as he wa-reflried to I" P te everr attem to eittend WILLI M SLATER, i Appoilmted ft-
l thec, tio he ws t ceir. .tiel to it et afe of the JAMES NRAM, in d the wer.,
o f ole n theSlingc of etha prcfnt bill. 0ef, O 6
cef Fo 4 ies i fli t exprefid i bsir difl' .
t In oef haeholtion the Right Hoo.. "TckrH Sublteribes beg leave to acquaint the
7 fccmed to have trkn. L, 1- q- .
Th.'. .' : dX Ln.8',1es and (Ontlemen, that they a.
Tile Ploufttttthe iived cit thenueflion f .11 t fic f ;l.t titi. ,,I, DR. ..SSING JUSIN.ESS... C
r fing ofthebilt,which wascariale by amajnority .f bixSic t i,, at their Shop on IN$e ay.
- Ay 7e t .. 33. .nc at their Shop on te Bay. r
* The bill was eccordmgly piffed, and otucred ep to 7&.. .I, 1786. RICHTER & .LT.
the LI r i .. 3
'I ld H,,rie ahen want. into a Conmiittee, to take Fo L 'N 1 N
into conitricratioa a petition from the Eall-India Cotn. -
P iny whichlfhad nrtflrifetne 4 fCw lhaurobefore, E -/ :' [h Br tCATriSB
hff ler 4vqe.t rrow two oiiiainsi erlicii. E I ZABET H.
' The hwcnlois'of the' ittrichr ferted, a D VID PKAIVCoc Mailer
* he could l1t i rofee ny ntjONihht peiyer -t'l 1k[e I. D PaACt,)g Matter;
he p.tiin he.ould Aotiere th" ~%li he l .. IO- Wirf fail in all November. For
Satniei.nts toci fice it. it eas O aS.t *&I-v Freigk or PaiCage, apply to the
him, he fhid, that the propefption wlicfe wa-goi7 MalAr on board ar to
u to make irwoulp rllkve tflcEatl.lrnli Comrpasty, ithl. JOHN WELLS.
ot hlaIing syburlhep m tj ntio e wea t ... .
S l .inEv. Ei-ifig e bklN ld lendthe l aeyae A iA.ttlt'inbel g eny dcandis a ain the
Sbut t l*thl.aipMiy *Aight bWe A e reloafei fromii it, A Eftite of Mr.' 6Hb Ai. Ro G W& iaod
legal reflraints M e at libhrt tc borrow it on it late of L ir-i1flAtna, tecc fed are reqoettled todc
own credit. T'c' fim wanted by the ComI any waq liver plates of the fame propt y ttelted, totitl
two Aillioni flDing, tt 1c Ite gopolcd to rai in itli tif the Subfctibet, tn O6rbe e the ift of January.
way-by thne tate 1t an arinuity ot 36,ocol. due to the 17871 and All l felons indeb ed to faid Eftate,are
Company by thq Publi: zhi., he faid, weld produce required to fettle immediate with
8".otol. 'tod l y an 44larfement ot the Company's AH WILSON,
trading flock fronn 3,oo,0pl, to 4,ooo,oooL.the adtdi. & HAtinittri t Long-Iland,
i.asmi:oo9ao._ia .ock would tBU feor i,oo,ool. wksch R iit RlOSS,
wou Id complete the am wnued., H then moved, Her Attnty, at Nw-'Prvldence.
,I fiat it s, the opinion of thi m COninitte.e that i H. -A. a '
:at-lfllia Comarly be enabledw taiif a fusc .f "B USih ( Jti ita tstea Wst Tettetr df
a i ny for the purppiifs met.tioned n dieir ipeltion by Adll fl oa the Elateu of the decea-
the fie of t36,96.a6d. bming an apauity due rom the fed JoeA_ i wI of At-.Florlel, Joms
pi')iec it coniateration of 7.55, Uas. part of HALot, Io4ARANSH Yi.LTs Of thil Ildl.A
4,,oocool. advanced by the opany' to the public enr all eton- tAto t'
antder the .uthority of tecverallAit oa Parliam ent. eefir' all .perfone indtted to a'tP of the Aid
That the faid Cmpany bit U led to r a rther EA teA to make imm iate iument. And thet
frm by addinr.iooos=i i tq their ciaf Stick of having anytidemnds agtleift e fame, wto ben
3,w*outl. foi t* il tewhohet pind in Util "9t emd dl etd _i tt(fldac- tnte1 tbtM
4,odo,-Tool. and that fich additiins bt iadei by ,ell t9 MelT' Fori "k ark re whed o
a tucription to thavft.mtl, a1fir the sate '. dtliwvethdhlt nilnlthola f dtel1y.
for every aool.n '.-t .. :: i -c . '. .1 is. l tf r .. '- J. AM ,S OAOV .
Thi brVmcogt ovoer-,o, It Whith Mr. Site- Natiit, SItemih'3e, ltjU .
rida, and other Misnlet, eaderbd laully to the T I 1-
fited thb CsMamp'oi s M.e.Atfer longes-t er. T DOLLARS lWARD,
taild, he .ml>oid wiooitM asndlift iQntifff (srried __* w ml ni'eto tkt ar i a 4, He. t ti.W
adjo rn"lot .: 0 A p. weKry e fel1.o

i 1v ed u 'e ti .wzr ld t a L E i r 3 S J ON'S T O
aisfr.uToinegelMn Ld.D|a|r mint *

ailin t (a e
i oan-ga i i 4i
Ryil ^ MB ^ -.1* fcf" ^ Bsarm^

AROW111",^ k'f, I.*. ^

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