Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 21, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00062
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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wot, TM. NO It 7-s

B~hAMA ii~GAZErlvE


I'Mm.!SA.T tr R Y,,1 tolBATURDAY,. OCTOBER 28, 1786.


Nas py: Printed by JoHN W Lr.LS, at.the. Printing-Office on the BAY,

1?u nTnnia o sau trtetea p ifnt tewdelansythl eterw IrCroellw rited Protetor, (tbe6thof
-BrOpn Intelligence. ea of Iem a Em eU. mau wi. wre ver imnes om nt Jn i 7) wrich wa well founded in t licy, ant
--" o ,, -"Cort, to obalea fr w hair hiring. I jadtiounly fra et no manchl to criminal
Wanan'a top -y TN y the a amsotl whosf e ri that, at ought mow
*1 bnIarigdmoigg tat o f Tuni A e>wtfao frauyl ae i e& a jws 4of to be tTlivd The ticl of O awas., "A sai foo"
Wd Mo oemoan the Statet;thgi. ofe "f attlm t =-1-SO Continent of Anm- peslhig ch person aes live at high ncate*, d have
It a do&#" t haMht hewill Irks to tHe dill dafcrcb3i/l5iefilau"ticle of the novihlcflapofaffisl liugi,infwtera hethere-
9o,c t.48 equin an T hat h.'"u thf Defihiti Treaty between Majeldl and the to." The Prokoal agten to lack sa adi mwht well
dirt Uj mommsen /Imm m 't of d aif an, for a t -lr-her -.i- un of be Blowed hfnolwed by lvxli ag entf h law. Slua ld ie nok ptace.
hite a f* x f to the Ariti tutbjedt ther, w fglthis dall- the how monly to gDenca we wotdd fe handed out a
ish eld flatm r Aon wIfuon, mn, eoafmquhie pr in Marquis of Carmarthen. his Ma's principal ecre- their phato, which rm o the four aces, Nlto houses
ione. e oaodeor, hod w ti ne maet rell on his pFed ri State for foreign aai, on the one pa, and by of cigrce5.where they might become ureful to fodi-
a.flon. In o dmr to quiet the mds ofhifubjioa', the Chev. Do-ap pM e .P"id ety. !7 petJng the material with which the officers
who begn to b*mritumouos, he has fprd report, td Li ._,,ic Mui ol "i. 0. of htuicerld focety of its greteft pds.
tth&.sod iciseidefmdc. bapekhad ctii7diA hau COttoic Mas, not oa.t.e ke. The e Si of tL &its an Miolhand hadfme
fie, id tha ts emic diempnc had carr>d ofn a _.a N' .I". 1lu on ear fds on iTuday laftl: A civil war
mAiwyr me*- en h lt fas A pit LinLs L wh, in u Holdla ind d nicraly to Dotchmen, would ro-
Ste geanni. and i ngrhci ng th ae fwticsat ia ll c.aufe to Ice bl have Ittle e" upon Our ok but jealous
t, .... if the m. risac* to have their goodas lrra ed geiLou t [aeldom fail to fan the fir civil ditfor
d. Gi.e.t an i; hfor retn. w7% nnwa brought by a balet-toeter till the fliamen reach fome oth, r people, and at laft (pread
*. "f m again. at ~lahndlrud, for making an uinreafimle and the fla iri ofar nd wide. It is motrethan probe
a aelnfeugr rnived hera yte rdey frome Alrc t, ceflive mlflref for tcnts coetuy toto recent a t e nera that d vi .war n Ho llad, fituld. it
with an h.acuh. of the final conclufall of tha the aty f p irtmentt, made at MArorogh, tlr, ion bakout, wilerl o e ad oe a war between other coun-
mcJn the aipat md AlIoet, awuch taok place .o i the dre oI t h Sl.arr I I ~ as the tri, aun tlt h auns eiteal tat adnch koia; te mi aght, ie.i
hth ha thr r ak be wd u T tttdf which t. f. th. event, Tu e veriey ai llyg tf ehat: awill s arm ta
V ari ca .h th ave ,f- alu aear e a a, toan .. jat t..ris e fo the tuimpcsefficb that ate oqure of e e lnotsi
,Th Re encies of Algim.n nuipodTipll halve Midyd toems Irt.alf,, ft lf. tSo. modtiow will gentrlly have upon our feed 3 3 r.
to o R lit.p t e, chat ohiy fod eit MccrLry oin t uio rnjr o bid Mjoloreir fdi.r As. m-ilitary sad naval Goirwas ad e"t to enter iotd
aofI :t4e, oehn ato ftrof the doge, hate, refullt feron iefts fial ae t nable, ad not too gtenl id he difptlls with hfle civil office t, who, icn very colfo
the crai.t. n of tb.e V.t t otre M nt edite w O thatceth eat and u.nre. csab k iffrefta "lit are me of property and family it. Is a merged that th*
I conctema;ies, of thi. the f mt t hwa fiat orim to gielvooly amerced for exc el of fuch dftrcefa&." tor* a Minier k eipradf hi re i i h b a futurcite
e Chtiviii.r Efo tc fulpvnea. Itiii as, cht a th eap ed upon the trial, that the plaintiff being idaet- ertaon chocn out of the cirvili the irlad t ii-
mit be Lxpetd io the amhised Tae of to MinBy ate- e todlte fendantD In 141. 6d.-fras o hinst tar lint. Atkeotanond riauhacellor, ifece
muca a the Cwma flect alaut being retith hmager which It did not lhit him pay, the ladnrd t heti & u itift wand.aciogable that tfuch oace &hold be filhd
than hiotilUp the elk uti.ry, oeatfArtirtl Wat to diftain l. iood. f thene vl f to bytiviliun, sad matlyt by teyandrt ,
lari,. o itiideiuatia lof trheetcq to pt, pat Untmecn lIhb, pwlnon, and atn he c.of elglt oiheatcu mau bt ei r eanit ofhe th e eonliqtlake
W.e auve, *teo fni Qrft Baticopl, that ic day. ftso ta a 4 q orrtife thn r to Ue frd alt ony falts Jim thediis lald fcM f iInn lw.,
I, ,rr.I N uncia d or ,r.T.fim hhia veignca tad tar t at A a l enitona trade l th e srall. he a iln Teftri a i t c in ,.
.tc tove lloat Clmuitinthe therndemauia the Jn aio, I a tC p to d on b ad y r pt 1 lhir l The 'asfsni rf the Baron di Tati to the Wile

hs r, itbe got hy to ehrb ater df from by 1.6L'oiri. Hae oi tls who hel paedub, It. artes well o=
ic arny to begr toietr. n.tooo men. whoe bin. aooda, adtogect wt Ar aend ait b nitdn oteailona. sthe ila ioo a Irn d political worl4t Pa-
it w ld ,.be, cale the Ports did not inthOdiatcly were thus turne tsod da tsf cbt lreaved ofme phro ri, wh Ae i i nge inral believed he u wille wade
.a l.. tihe chain thc hlimoitsftct, ftto Eip m, pcrty, without a igh bt mlla lkt, or covering rrif t o acif tuc, thfuandingteli t lierent era t Curt, t
Sik l of Lim ii ion eat C lite The safe bt i h inr e d, thoet uary jaon the rTifanteae of the Puore. The Boart a lived o
Ileao arrivedd urth an *hd a The~laMilttr 'e plaintiff a e tf fo the fahol ve. t fo lt -jeas s irh Turkey, and, during the oureac of Laft
fu tcoimtht hile ad d cia..*r afe ir bee ..l ..dc ; adin. ", 'm. d:... >.. 6, oae wlaptors. enel at the French Tradcda oin

ofl anes" hoA d Ad Atier. nary h Dor gMt the lw-ot i Tmnatirayflit a r8t ue "tlM toib t e4 C n &i andfe fcncrtl lrrdinary aktrfatons ; in
abt tais is he hrd hd 1.vtrgi4 torB toyla, that, sore t ha c imOl>ej of Telfieti the Rachetr., to,,'aeeicalbss, bIg difliuifed fevcanl Tif-Comif.I In the Atir
oe borld b.. Toblil d f(lilw egagementa with hch ictcceedd by thedstmhofL eturdhentogt cThiplo d in their ptae coawlthad fof Cnfol.
ticr a l. t n support hi with all her firc. It ua eferday Cti tle Jcn .nf, Elirt, .fed t Gn a. The cun t oaa ch a re th

ct Goa w d l s the eform c e o c M. e a o in o hat Th e n Baro n takey waoit a s defri In thel r i
fto the H.l9ian bitler further dchcred, that If the kttie hand it.It Jlemaan ei being ocratcd a Pe, teie of the Taikt u of is own country, Gad anrgo.
T, re i oet oblig the tuarbiuloi To rtmiatog de h from by the lIle AfLorHd HawktorIoh. Dqueitly wats well paid by bothl nartni Ifand of pi,.
daic let ihe Goorgion. end color Balon oIefI onI Mm. klate, lately arrived in anctoh from ldii, insg Attention Ifo to the franTe comBeac, it Is wicdh u
adominiit to Mhint gutima,licr ipapyAl Maltoy r the reputtd daughter atef A WcA-ludieA merchants wuodtply ingigedinasking hicourttoa0raklad,
wiM drieveb. mfriom. t tbLan I dtteeaed. Ay a Mulatto *oman in sani -C<. Havig married to a very unfortoiate but very hoatheft French
u. a s.o.. ,l. fyAi. s ce with famc difa mintricate in her pcuciary -. na.c This lady made sire Bag comeait a number of

tu iea mEp. the edto, by the fWem of elt father, atns -them follit.lnd irregu lartities >dt ha arsehrw f er. n ga ihe.,

thwj e seogeels owA that the prince ,tof a ale sit o uit S lad, and 1 ry erlis fortune in lcmeaft. teo are d
fla rtd 1e 011, that time have a fet ther T' cortisol dAeordingl, aot ea. aao tohisd ad, ad on r The icll that arcied on Saturday from
Iot do the t t We (who is ehfopiatet arrivd itoa Indi ha, manU biogs advice of Sir Mae Hard's having in.
which sM pofl e ehied. otheree qednes"t ter of offs 21=4 a t he Prince of- Hc& Cfthel wita the Ribbon Hish
hie I a dcre. a thoriing thet inteto Joea cA trimonial a advattre to Calcutts t and fortuuitely ""- order of the Garter. oe o
a .erto ueti hoeulersof the ion Theat hn ida ving *ther at a tim whenA h market waa et over e.a8 *! as Wrie ft- Par.,, 7 o4 e 24.
IT.,d mor ite*d 114 1 dtrmin f e ke i tef noaid to be, faced beyond their A reable to M. Neckarto p.doj. all the iatlaid ofatoheshdo; been lea Sy h dwkhpa udtdavs., and aft how returned, nto co t in
tskng 1o wth* emsfed ofniwot a rn od Ae A it cuelo- ouf in Fate ae rto be wtprefed, at the
,Awc~fheI*r~j ael. it, 7t-^^?tef 6 enjoy tbq fruits o a rcceffl eulgaTsioo. tl e ntiotof te of th f ,_ha c f *, t hat 5:Q a.sb4eMug 4 d to lie a genoroga encoorager of all from foreign countries, will Lerttafte be liable to duty.
Wcheveacccsamtatru Etan. refeema they ahi $, >t; itbabe lndehitd the bionnnnas funt of 3im, factory adtwas refereed for the Minifry of M.
are rcrefed tponfy t isu artilef thei they ,o,ocid. In. ew'tciue*im coiit cal~ur.inwhat dcCalonni, whotalhea plcafure in detcrviag wed of
folit arce *awd 'Pon. rh chid aeacci taw cav filed a *ld it i Net impro. mankind.
RK s r 7wI. liable but thw are Acta iteimslnbo tisiall magnitude, 0 A eow cide of iartial laws has jaln appeared,
The Agent at the migiomstiftoC Chlas, w*joafidea which saybetatributed to bhlopolitial cowncaiok. I Deferten far the fCture ate not tobe Sent to the galleIyi
lat *he Ille of Macos, hktowritte""wjbe liv q The Ide~lk- e out In of the alit wf atr, of when ahey are taken, they Are henceforward to sun ii
Af pr.faa,(y^j pe a particular account at infer- I foreip Priclit haianl oftedfo 04i8 the gdoeta f .mgsto thea to go inco the fame company from which
rtioik in Chilm, iosto rwmarsfnowiaeta.whiJ> had a certain y-tIg Percson fai.fldy without fNBn- they defertedi ,d fCavc a number of years for the of-
btefore teched Europe. He fay. that the etfetoinc t dtan or foe thoogit the tajve Lou Ce mach the fci:,.-ftench Coldiern are enlifted for eight year ;s the
of the ifori..t *Ies dlr.aed eutlly ausfi the inclination, yet it is wiial uonai* he has ant the ntig luiat, Swis, and German troops we tamnded for onil
Mullilmnc and Eurspeas who reddliLtheihor of doing it, eN hi own gin ar in thie greucft diw for
head of Pekin. That the Impefor having feats body do., sod, face the late additlem to biafSuanmo, a lar The public will thottly tot whet lis hot been ften for
cf trespe sflin the audia a entail, In fam nha beat &WWolAte everrayer towards the a nIur yetsn-elh Royal Treafitry open to iffus monen
which abode a. people were hluled ne b~lsei 6d5't after chorg ot liinrwaWp W for the paweat of part of the national debt. Hither.
which they united in ardw load invoolceUt all st"i'moi' e r/rt4ss *. 7/l1 5. cowe save lefo the lErhqeuer acei to receive oset
tIc Eur~ioes without diftlin~lo. That every Chinefe 'TA gaiv el ti bgae procihl of A time loase, bat Bac to repay old Oeat: i Tenm, however
thoughttie dil a meriteian >s'oo in forming agslal Cttho Ic iuea oWanletee the wold of what bath is sow about to be changed. It Is to be lmenlted, In&
Eumooii. The tow lpaneifcan ulionsnlac sd a beno.t.a id. w xhe woM prOve anothet Or ded, chat the payment in eack yeat carie aqual in
a.,., of otheZ. had been loaded with eold am- gB..l., 'T er uchred t the aof so ate year: we pay oa eec million
arited to Jima, where the died of 14Vfoe4 i t Ih saled thee m's eisas twelve months hI bwe borrow twrealvt. ltevhe-4
Two pd ei tomer I-, ip of Vic to 01k the Wpith of tole- ill, it is aekaewuht to fee s begirla j M du him
r.nsVts andtwo Be i,lhoesotS of r liglfiad nthtllleto( I nd.& lion annually, will, in cligs, produce three or Fear.-
faces Thistetg odur J;fie, at touti lon An aft was fluBngi 1t day on whh011 Gnu ree iiie i ectaisly dat to the Minsier, 6e basis$

had th"e refStla sal a"* he flsundaies at a fun WM l ll M elva twB se Veerrflitalnd P*. N O RT If .I t
v.i-isy hapto fe the epm i aotecounr. ili'l.i p- .. r ;g 4i", EVIhultat
.., of As ksm, P-wu1 llIa. sBmbefMrM .l^ ,erioodaftoallnlft1snkfwaifitdsa.=
I,,delivered pee the embake. in thet -.m Af filia't Lf t 4 .
"i a ,, to whirn thie *me of Miame iflai the Rome.ll,* d d *f_-t'_re i? tli l
(a. siany given. The ceremony attending the A Therf d morning. Joitics Addl i m Doaw l -
nai o s.ste litmpn ft tlHjauu,,ay r P.. elflanag is fcsngr, = I Hllioefo t. smnd began a tan o 6..
t ilialtad to Pari, t annonce it the H telde Ville w it r. upon which ae told him ht sy ho dlf- a' h n n -. X*. lat. lA
9t1t li.a Majidly is In trail; thd municipal offita ers aed her W so dtdoay with a stable of we scarsanll WB!1*1s *

vii the Lardal.nd L.dien waltm on the oc "Stia, difster st w is dung t.hatt tieng. et t m l wel
,he fa ia proclaimed, and .iSe a com ans, 1ig Whm fedad dde. funning on about abe the owDaf (hseeu would i r
i.e verhal srocefs of i>t birth dnhln it who arv e -Iae bga abeut Lead MInedal ad Land Lu hbo. n'tlede thami b t l lhia A
S invi i to fupwitlh tle King, retire, toleave he tough. Sheld, Mjlyto en.iey thrtepofo whkihilhemnaflldfe tihe ewr theyl omed ever thi -ty m h to o rhe e to tl bpt .1d.e w -N w. lubn amlw tF
SuIch i s need. b t as wm iw th or i rL ever kaew any a ramsblig noile u Ma dias t ae Ilthl e
cl % i f.tPyel,, 7_, s. i forr uned nt. i farther n atue. so awtlitode wind foaiderlyd tka.ilble Iritu
lbellrday (te cekbri.ed arr t of the 3lt of ta W rday e nek i further niaml e. in "n ot al up Ial iA I ri
May w.s printed and pusbllhefd ia t e6il editly de fao tore of hi. Mjeby's Privy-Csani iat td rnaoom kelt n ar cotoi to the aer.h md rew A' her t
4th ulit. aIl ntila.l the elC the lAttc.n n oral. baloglong to rthe Bosd ef Gre-Cloth. Hr brether, gthe l anaac sestref rt aat lla l l llw
IO wa' printed at t e jent epence of ldi ITde Rohn anw two wamen fra. Ch-h'ie, who wa dn lke n b lee b lwam dveing loadn w i corlit aPoo
cad LCOaint Callotlra, whe, that their inorelact and clfe to Wiachlfasa at lih time hi. Ma fte'. chalfe drew like k* hilll abo lhre i'r, lfk ilior
ji:lt:6cati,n lhoald he pueicly uthenticatrd. paid up t hCl g .rdeldo, were likcwl i.amld. The .d out lad, we therefn i eded .a fteima.
14,.0o lirit. for ,athamsilti wouldd ha opreaspeed eldence'went tio prv how onina Marget ichol. fid eatolantly it l "oid slheol afl
tacir jia.les t. gave to the ortd fr. nIohin. (o w to haw th ireft ftutien L le dWo ol I we a whe Ia wlse ea wa g e i
Th i tnllh ape ar a let, to he roufed from ithe tha&, o a ining fer ba settn, that tah lad a ph- them i.twater. Jua re feat .e wd r h. k
their lthargy, anid ro h fefible of edl grea im d. en to-fcee, and l iiwe dtno eAk to eliK .wal wha rubingalltered w at.lllte. s
potaiiic.f ti.tet lhleri whihhve hitherto tcninc-. The weasn above.menioIled wa preleaned Tcvrl soA n "ai'lrt like a t Hi u
l..t d in a mot unlecounsnible niunter. From the petition4 to the Kiing, ad in one or two of the lt e ered toa a. my su.rhlu ip44r rtr
ni.'.brr of fhaemn now i agitation, there i. great hei makio uac of marl the following word -: I "i r'd the hbe. to he oied Wg, and prep.opeuaraa, .
r-asm tla hope we uhall (oan rivel the Dutch m lth your Majcfly would w to arold rcgtide, you will tor e talent in he, W b ni e the *r as et an,
v.al7ae branch of ommerce.-lhp Ir lis are as for. make fiite provilnM for m without delay r o om I couldl. W" e stalled rlsieIll which wl
ar d ln imprving thier itheri as either t the Englida She wasailked liawafe chat was io ato th fume height bast what wa my*h aeeall:heemt s*a I
or the Scotch; and, within theft few month., hbey flotmer petition? Ile tfld thle could o lll them f reached it miunt, to belho!ail werhe tho eraeI M
halv ri.feod, by cotributior, i e large fm*I moey well asu fiA could u it on laperi and bkinr proivdel S. wr:! Something hltinIg feroa lt auorthwrt quite
for carrylg < n .hilcry ro a newly dhicovercd bank in with a pen and ank,.e wrote down almoi lel s .nine a. nyingopwarad nwitho le e.i -A
the Atlantic, whidn is t hid to w.m with a greatet what was Coatained in one or two which hiA Ma'lt lw arytalluid .abloancs ike ail e a m, which
ruoher of fish than arc to be found on the baaks o, had not delired, an which had been foe lor bhg ie "hr Asas1al and aefead ted ligh. Up u.alliag
]Nwfoinidlabd. order. .t Ifoeudt was aitr.-e colluded sMras gnd pat htae
The fansot horfe Rochlinghim, that colt the Prince She i a flgie wtomn, iand am to be or 4l3 'i t tacat f _ire &eing battle and feor fa W tie etc
of Watlres oo gumai, wa laougtt yiftlerday a TTt. years of age; ting aed >what bi wanted of rh. 'hy comaeCd to laaiali the dark: ly thla I ail n.
rtefl'. s .i r too t agU.n to an enincn brewer King t her reply wa. that he would oroide fo 'aa' r .to a ontn fr the Aurora Bonalis. ae ter-
tihe flud of hit Royal Hlightelfs the i'rimce of her, is the wanted toiprry, d have lica hk .. rt*lsmitein lightlowtnftlrri.duetlttle,ll
ales was not f.ild. liut given away; the two days other folkh" m lnew lh atomedinmods have the ropetyof .
flc Ita amaonte to ntal the fusn that wso Sntirei.fht tetflda to haved cla tihe Crown "t tha l fo' -ra ad hil n the. dak.-- had nat
illy xielctcd. The desl rs and secular 6tgre, who ani sayhl Msei's ont paying artenrior to her pl e I a t the at to be lthe blil before a mo dridfl
were tlhe ptntial .e rchafllrl, uar likely to be grie tion madei her d4ecraile to adt in telc meaner c elation Filed v ery whic plro-rd ame tilre scoa
thaidr mby thiir argtln, st foe l.eriwa Wiler dpded did. s w"a na that throw out ur wlat Ihe Nnth Pfle. telo
of, a few hours after the tale, for hfty and a hundred Dr. Moaro and his he astencid the Council yelest- aireheavof the uaofi fatal oeolftetece. I andhiafle
gu c- inel tha hty wtt knoated down at. is, and repartod, that having paiI very rfo cr atten. lek i* rwa lol antld nt sedw e oad ihe Iit Tle.
its feid he Dluket f York ha purchtetd the cltate lion to tie culprit, and partacu early having fited her Wable Atlly cu flweiaefha 1loqit$
ot LArd Glwany, iu Yorkflirt, for Ioo,ool. that morntht.g it wag their tiwnion, that the is inctnc hIt. tlsich a *ir of wied hfe m the nethlwrd at the
*Tbe Due d'Otilen e i e Tme la Council, cob.ank ufcahad nf ehir ev den Le di y ta s i.eebledetoade. I eanowtovanecf odo theln.
da CAnlant., arived on Monulay lall froa Fnora, aid nT t order her ri attrcn in peiwn bat difreted Mllr lrdcaniudl T f i ab the Nat h Pthe Iad ima athur
immraaditelv sed their fp.edieit way to BDrhtthlm. Cotes o k p hier ffe in call y. I' the men tnint d on te m fa F the North Pole a h pr nlts ple
An e. A h ( Ran l a. the Prine of Walet ratcoved oitei the C wuntl lee lr ordered he p roper dr to feud esIwnt s mo prow fl, nd whatil wtr (s
e! thiar airrial, he immediately went to naet them. -eprnff a by the Kinig's mcenl oger t eve part *1 to ee th tftllowg premt
Sotrare f a let: St The Alger cue have estir ly broke the iecle they time resided in order to be thoroughly informed if 'deree i.. dtme the nitre eetit be frcmd e pro
nadtc with u., for they Pep and tAe every lip they her prefrnt apperaite of il'aulry cu he berreborated dilieo height, an. she cntrintrg4tftrW e I nera's
swee with: thrrc to thi. port hard bren cap- by any of hrr cIarmer tra tthition. den m et na fend it owead th iqatr, er si
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ly running into Leghorn. A largf e ret is 6ting elnt perfeon who ltltdt a rlicidell atterip in England i he elhey naste dpnid oe, and oleng di'led tI tahelre
here tfo ya, ia ithtstems ad frevctrof the itltin St.ei endeavoured to kill Kiog Geopie I. a d hea t Oet, wiha aw vapesata.l l.a s it the te filtd. leW
ita trdlered (hipi of war to be ge ready to jlni m plc of execution, wias uarrel hip lit, pride r au wams. hwhil bit Clendlwed y dAie llte, fdll.
fi that I hlope te eatt capedtlrion ag.liait thitatll he would at tte King, pardoni but ke difdamed lof.. ra .or a ti eed to nfw, w nd intercepted i as
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thafe pirate under fubjellon, and clear the Mediter- caFfe, comtairer Shepherd' fpirir to R.u. e.Tre. ad.--On Ull top f the atN.etpohale dotre lanaw.
ranean i' of themn." The life of the Kimg of Pria wet twice attempt*,' Puy bS a ltm wur which odeanfls the eahalta. e Ltter, fro lthe Csntinesnt fty, that fc-e to ha taken away: once h y Ihree of hi. foldirs at an of le earth and u n, nod or nellee in andihow..
ral Dutch families amre moving from their country, in review; and once Ly a pcrrfo bribedw s ws fnoppefed, sEwtt aM t was wou ie re
cotnf~qeilce of the p'refent comnmtiosn in, and by the Inipref- 'quen. vapour maut in ritm t ..." dlgreem.
trntfp,.rtrig Ill dtleir prayenywith then: The Em- The prmfent King nf Poliand we attmpltct to oIe (quare of the feat ehaleut iumllaieu "eu s et we.
per-r has igRilsed hi dipofitMle to encourage fuh ais tlfflnated in 771 ter, nd iluinfi re ire avm denl of lersi ato anoleW
wll fetik in hi< dominion. A Ilke attempt wau nalde i tfe late King of Pr. ,te rain ,lat w l c wtry aoersqof t e' fcurb,
iThe Endieror fi Germany ha tkeeitvd toooo luigal, in 15. an e. halt e.
pilrct, it s Indthre ity for fwame piltging that was Acda liy A tempt was made on the ia Itisri of n. 34.-d to 9owmaptihcls t d lbt
It .snitted to M7,4. by abntof rtksinhitaomminion. France, byDamtieas, in wy. h e eeg l tt1 6allnwar
Ao/oI 3. It hsu een whifpered In f(ae circle of A plbUc Thankfgivin. 1. aid to be prparig by foe-W sad (bpo.
erlons ofofqenceit at the well end ofthe tow, that the Archbilhop of Ciantltr ry, a account of the 4d th.-enT t Ark r sli mthaybe neM
at Icad a partial change will thortly take place in Ad- raculcus crnap of our moA grtioa Sovereign from r.r *e .i" b eeoft y el _ed nitr.
rail IratioV, it hsbees noMw fame iman nce the rfirfa ffinatlion. -y es1!tor hes in4M
Mr tin Minifter hba itaeto at wih no gret de. ThT Emptr fallentirely in witbwhaevi.mrao tthrelo ways at nce. m, initM It
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of the Cabinet. The reteomendntio, from te Tree. politics. Jooeph rather ateAs to .aad.-e hat mar ofeniw the abrw tiare other* conrtely
faur to thei Admiraldty, in favour of dcferea t oiters, hen to be to in reality. h r amu ir mfetlfa wiriat bt *Web a e motione ss a rat l ta.
arve been lighted r difregarded; and hints.ive becn petty regulation about tbh enluaitmant of crialil. Sth.h it, no dwlte, a nlaler 4lls.'
girve to the Head of that Board that ki refignatioan and the abolidon of MMUlaneres, the io attempt li w are at the ehPok, ed t Assern lstal wh l
womld not he n eceptable, and that it aihth be rel- grant lines of government and nimalaialig the oan would be feen ma there failed ladmin rsattas
wed on fich terms ahisLordlhip Ilthld t ink proper quenc of thte Empit in Kr. ip aly o ii* mblthe walr spr t reft d hthtfe
to require .-He hals been deaf, however, tonllhins ter, hen intalily great ailliales, t tlhey etm betef .fri at.molplnBe nri'cwudpmenlantinl
at Ieems determined that noediing butohri i a pcut i ln rilw dllr kind, ruatr idetidah th e nla i aissttnff l,. n tt reei h .d1
rmiuefon al inke him gie p hi flatiot. But this is tereal Te natrent, thK i o lot ie sat tnhfo e lar ite tmah hit Ie"e hastu "w I rkha wIa
Smealiore upio which the oer membe ,f tif C abl. iw whidn fc occi7d tht feote brise, tand fil iA tN ltdog o.f N. wto c all
net do not wit to detrlamn Ifot hi Lord hipl raid re, Kgi t*ar il oh a weI l we of.nae lw '
to be fupported by a great Perfone., frPm oneof oVean makes tel belre a e three M1th, whwsiteh estmedfiaeseti
whope prfdeeerora nne of his Lordly'ms iacefll or was of his ar t the Citi etM. M d ihe barigi of pe. I respuef _f' wdi he liaeed O to IMFt= the perc
defccnded: he is alfo (pat ted by hiu Grace of Oraf. h Fmech CoaMe at de Mditale, ha bvee t- !!iae _o ,wMl fomr me. foi so lag ad ltamil
ton, who probably we set think himnlf lboad c led db with areas fuceli. Ild thi e dsve dipo L imi e a llear allir*
've hi. conBdcace to a Miidter, who t(ould din |I A lia oithe Ahech Eleaodi Ms aew Iot a g rleie
fom hts employimenr a naniwhehnarendertdkleoam-. teI t ag a entemetd e gf u nad "' Toul l md
try fipnar series, and who, e d lthat acct defrvei I acret alt hame, otiy Itu e wi it' dl sfrvTfrom .
to hbehis lrete'.faurite fiend. Tmhe ree ltlsfr elative fieei tiael i ri a JaAm WYATT."
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Duke Portland, edi an me eit i fritds, are like their waiy wt h in C ioe in etltai
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Parlianientary Debates a. ot .i. ls at O hara.dlr.. he ea* ;t wit
retonmed wih which w;s more datiftory ta bih win deldete
_" alidy M hs d rMends, teclthe had re0auned = Ity, -s-anri l.t
S of CON NOR$, T.. ladea whw teltos. He had earl weprobvsed Mr. Wresert the tof.j liea
oouss e- f Co o !os o, S.., 'ondund, etorary to h -we liters; but of ,e l, a oltomlm we ttlls W tW*
(CoNTrIesI ?go;s es LAST. In ,his ho ase not Aolra rOearstl Ch.vaiing and feelha outorw ,erIdi M+ .
T i Colonel Momfon had done the fiuan I an it was but To iufrate o a this. = he
A F TER this Mr. Burked svearsed more particularti efto lthllf memeorics to detlare, ta they had done Insce, that the F ehteretlo I i-c
A,.theRo ito war..:ggi ; t o eir sath mis were irrepeachie.. and whih* he In, on am the L ..i,
lccoint of the ftuation of thole peple,.h. Illattc thought of their worth k animatdedad frd his bomrn. leand the to re d km peiitr o acoi tc
t.e fnpKciy of their mannera, love of agriculture a f Thefb meo robbed the conduel of Mr. Halinfg, them, that they hid oe ly to a lt h
antnufadnres, ad peaceable dilroltlon.-The whole not through y, for their minda weM fupcrior.tonit& they ho doubt woMilte received kindly
arunred to above two hundred and forty thouJnld, not through the hoaie of aggrasndiament, for they but atu ny rate they sa ait on am eceaunt
and aluve flxty tlodufndi of thole were driven, like a already fiTed exalte flationns.and General Clavering longer where they were. Would til e eo
Ilolk ot deer, beyond the Ganges, men, women nd was above flity ycars' of age when he went to India. only in the faue light as he remoqdlfM alnr ? Bt
hildiren, without any provilon, without any )j,. or A. for himfeilfi what could he have ctxpeted by the in the eak of the tlla, Mr. Hailing ad.t urged
even plauntiIlc plea for (o doing, besides the numbers removal of Mr. Haflings? Neither to be Commander even the fpeciosm prettec of reflosiogtli cepl y i
hlitue:red with fuch circillairtes of cruehy as wosldl I Chief nor Overnour-Gtneral: And what hopes or its ancient tnafler. L -
hatrrrw up the foul. The Rohillu thus treated, thll viTlO had Mr. Barke in this procedure He had no He reprobeted l hpiud tereos that'-Keyl
butchered, thus exterminated, were the prime nobility dispute with Mr. Hafingt; no upenof preferment in could carry the delol ou tOf war h awy ceti
ihe country, rhe artisoas, the bankers, &c. Thec hitdifgracel he had made bimfelf many enemies by for mn other reason but tsher ulltiition of health
wife of ionr of the hit Princes amongli them. w* the buhulinmfs. was advancing into years; he could that roafon Mr. Halinge does- em krs p a(rol 4 Q
dragged through the country with every mark of un- not enlarge his fame in carrying it forward, but he the mative of the Roliills war.
nierited indignation and contumly; snot for what did felt for the honour of the Houfe, for the honour of The extent of dominion is not thie 4 a hat &Z.
Mr. Hauillri confpire to lay walte the country of the the option, mad he flood up 'as the defender of the dc- land ought to have in view, er the pohey do OA
RAlillas, which in His own letter he acknowledged to feneef. Mr. Francis thoeu inv th.ul hit terly again.1 adapt.: It is the itlablilihment f, juliti, himmaity,
he the garden of India I Wherever the Roman Eagle the manner in which Mr. Halling"had fet up the lands moderation, and good faith, tta t preere hert
1w, hibrty and iece followed aftl; ever trat~ of of the native proprieto, in Bengal to public le, to empi nin the E ft;'andit i1by dane haitt 6t eA
hubalafm vaninfed; the alpiring temple wte tant to the vrga.bnd. f India, the Banyaus, &c. daesancil e l*teo regain he loft ced. ,
Ichk the ify, and the hulbonduiant to tam theubhor servants, that couid'lay out a rupee in the purchase of WllhJeftpet to the'cruchies iwhictti had Sbti edAf
gcniu, if the foil; the reverfe presented 'Itkelf this *hem. To this he added a fuciaet account of the united In the prtofcution of the Rehilla *wr, Wi.
minute in the kohilla provinces, and the revenue of Rohillas their origin, turn to agriculture, manumiac. been irgl In extenuai, that no blMem *.14 e
thnt cr.ntry had confiquently fallen one third. Not a ur ureq, numbers; he infilled tiat they could have that accXsMM to be impuio4 to Mr. Ha in., hceumfe
i.onilaint had conc frm thfle people thirteen yemr, ftnteyt tRho fioe of 'their ctierpation, abolve 80,000 they were not pertrated by his authority, 'atofthati
Atid why fI.) B eune they wcre ftilted. At lengthefl ti n leto thrflcid. that they hod poffilffed hoe ad made infclgeual application to the Vitier to
ttl,',r cries had fund the way, and he hoped the ear' t3 country above ixty.ycarts; and that but a fhort put a flop to theme. But had he aso'ther refource,
wcnld not be ihut againO them; they firetched forth time previou* tbereto they had frnt to batIle above failing that aplicatioen To have pro rnted the di-
their hands, and f.,ke to us in asit unknown tongue, 40,000, belfdet a,.ooo they were preparing to march pote of the Brilti namb, he ought even to have'
but the voice of dialrtf wob known in iecry seOaue; after. He then recitcd the cruelty that attended their opposed thee by force. But he could have done k
as it exc-ncedl word,, it did not require the drelr of etcrmninatieu, konfirniing ll he had laid from the with b etath-lof whattw vrSoih blowa i wihoabt thi'
them ; they did not threaten, they only ftpplic.ted, letiers of Col. Champion, which he read, to prove aiflance of the tnglilh I A Sem.tthft, a cyphen.
and he h'l.'d theirl'tppliretionO ntld not come ill vain. that Mr. Haftingi was aiding nd setting in his The cruelties of the Robilla war ]had never bect
Mr. Halliugs had already exercifed unbiddlen autho- cruelties. lie eit read Mr. Hallings'i letter to Sujah charged to Mr. Haftings personally. And with'
rities; he had renuoved lervants without orders; au. Dewls on the fubje&, in which he made the excirpuinn to them, he might have the gentile auatre, the tiek
cc[ircd prelcnts and bribes, which he ra. firitily for. ,f hlolt': harmlefs people one of the principal lpla. inoffenfivedifpofition of a weak and timid woman a M
bildcn he bad in many cales fire tched forth the arm rions for alding Siujh %'owla in their dctsrfnion, Isis Panegynlil had affrted. But can his tdidba te'
of power unfitiweJ eilier by authority or juttli; he which Mr. Pramcis drew in very affeL ing colours, with Cheyt 0mg 0 forgottan, or his trearstfnt of trhejiM
had placed a fword in the hand of a dfipera lo; he had nmanyother em srks, which he promnifed tn fubllantiate clpelnklhait'stt f Oedc be erafed iron our italrym
encouraged infidelity, duplicity, rapacity, nd every in letter and fphiit; concluding with the aftrtion, that Hte'w willing to gles' Mr. Haftlings credit or' thof
cnice that disgraced the name ol a rnan. 'lihe Huonc this cruel and oppraffive war ccild not be carried on kind obhligfg mlrov that police and condefctllin
hld already condemned his condu&, when they fklew without Mr. Haltvnig, who was thefie ..i mom of it. accommodate in to all mcn, which often psauis in the
I, ,f it thrn tlher do at present; he hoped they would Mr. Grenville drew a very nice line of dillit.eion world for humanity, though. is reality, It frenirnly
theclnort adt conf illcoly. between public and private jutlice, on which he founded is a veil fdr njult ce and tyranny. He jodgeed f hib'
Mr. Willi nolfn fpoke in favour of the motion, and an opinion that the Rohill., war wa jullftilable on the not from the partial account of him friends, but fiom'
Mr. Ni hulli ag in it. part of Mr. Halinro; and that the Ihargs of cruelty the more unerring oploin of there whao ad fulcrte
Mi. 1',Owidisfliktd the manner in which the charges rolled entirely 0n the telimuony of Col. Champion, from hit defpotnlm. He read his tch4ater, not frs w
were worked, as he might think Mr. ultigagesilty. twhofe mind might be under a blae, as it was certain hiseornlanlons and partisan. but from his maiinrs, ad
alid ionpcadhahltl- in flumn of them, though not' in that, thuIq.ll .3rec driea.behnond the Galges who :from the defolatios of Indofian. The fe were flrIrleg
other.; he woukl tath-r recommend a quctlionu-,Whe-' lid ta&lsu t p arms against Suialt Dowla, the ally of n inflancethat strongly marked the pftutin eg fecatures
thcr oni the whole of the charge he was guilty of im. ingland. 'Ihe aohiltis, he olerved, were a tribe of of his mind, and were'usequivoeal proofS of his inorw'
tachable matter? not qsalt fiaty sars fettlement, heatedd between two dilonte abition,'and of his conlempt otf his ffurciont.
l'hWs produced a conversation, In which Mr. Barke, ;conrcndinig pow'af, the Mahrattas and Sujah Dowla; He arraigned a fever terms the condua of Mfr.
Mr. Forr, Me. Wilberforce, and Mr. Pitt fpoke; at they hM*but threeeklices, viz. either to join one fide .Danlda, and called the Houfe to cnrfider, that the
length Air. l'owi's amendment wvas carried, to the or the other. or fttu'neuter; In this situation, Sij ih honour and dignity of Parllfthnt, pa well ai the jullice
purport already described. DowlA called upulihla ally Mr. laflings, who aflitled dueto asn itjarnd peOl, wete involved in tht event of
Mr. Powul then auted the two circumnflances in hitp, through the iula policy, inafmuch a it placed 'thevoseota f'i day. - 4
which he c.iceived Mr. Halling. riity of this charge. thelsaonce of power ta Mr. Haaina' hands. Mr. Burke mde a mey lomg elld esnasoot fpeete*
1 he flrft was the furpprelioti of the treaty, and the Mr. Bust n contended far ahe jauile of the Rohira ithe chief lendui of whifo waV to isarge Mrt tne .
(ekrnd the extirpation of the Kohilla, even if he were war, and.gued.als" ad really of sjaih teowlwe idvawilth hait bratyed Eloa t ifint the ditgeaec-
a party; fr that, even ti that cafe, he had no right to could not avoid entering into it. He detaied all the ful fralte in which it thg found itleltf The Bight
do mo: thin enforce the lorty lacks ofrupees demand. circitmfiatces oi that war, and concluded with a pane- Hon. and Leatd Qtientletin had, he (aid, in te
ed by Suj th Don lah. He was alf againfl the indem- gyric on the mevritaof Mr. Hallings. His abilities, he absence of Mr. ailings, baflly labelled and catum-
nity, from an opinion that punifimenc Ihomid not be nfaid, were thinlng and commanding and he was not niated that Wentsleman, aal when he tame to the br'
recr fpeditve in it. olhie, but calculated to prevent more rnar'kdable for genius than humanity s humanity, of the Houfe as a culprit, inftead ol acklowledegng
th, future repetition of crinie. 'innJeed, was the leading trtai in hi schaader; and fech the jtlice of the Refholunon of tBas, he od eon-'
Mr. Ellis fpoke against the motion. ,wa his tenmernefs of earere, -that it approached ie whipoted of it as a grs and an.ccrved I atk on h
Lord North dclended hi, own conduct in re-appoint- to womtanil wcakna .; thtrater, sd dmansded reparatiot for his injuir
ir" Mr. allings after thcfe c-imes were committed, Mr. Fox began his speech eith vindicating the con. humour. Now that there was an opotmiiy, to' ''
alledKiIg, that they were not known in Europe at diul orf his Noble Friend (lord North) in regard to Mr. Ha lings full juftice provided be could pOe his
the time. And tho' he difappoved the Rohilla war, the continuance of Mr.: Itftb la htgevernateet. innocence, the lon,. ; Lesrned Gentleman icw ol
1et the exigecny of the times retndired it inexpedient It had been thrown *it, he offered. and he thoaight from hilthatr. gSo toilely abai doned that detrin'
uor him to take any other meafures for the removal of very improperly, that paty(pirit had in a great mea. which hee frtin el'y avowed in the face of Partia-
itr. iafling', than thofe which were adopted during fure didated the J diMn against Mr. Hafltlg. ,met, and pelfs4ed that Hlafe to accept a sqthe c.
his admiinitration. trhe belt anfw-r m salk gibe to e n alfertionn i In- trin of ttath. If the Hp and L tirned Ocritino.
Mr Barwell declared that he had no knowledge of ifeosded, was a Ile ativ. But'at any rateihlhoped "did not oive to refcnd rRtefohdtton frto i te)O.
the treaty intween Mr. Halings and Suwahb w Dwi# for it woianota be i4 dtt the proceedings of the Setn t nal, he wee guilty of having eiUally di.t thot
t'h extirpation of the RuhiUll, though he wa thp Committee, onwtph the pIecipal chargesagalaf Mr. loitef hO d Mr. matilins.
the C.ouncil. ;Haft1ngs were fqndsl, had keen the result of party Mr.VWilbcrlore detAcied, that he'erflwey Tgrcd,
L.ord Mulgrave, Mr. Vanittart, and the Lord Ad.- firit. T'he adv a of Mr. Ha.tmid had laid much that Mr. Hafting-, conduea, in agreat many iniannes,
vosatc lreefs on the orikorisartervices whchhehadrendered had bee w hithly able; but, netwtthtaanr g th,,.
Mr. Flo then afe, but hearing round the Committee to his country, and had from thence argued that they his endun in the Rohilla war was not wiped away;,
a general cry of ** Adjourn, adjourn ;" he faid he was were a fufltcient atonement for his former cror, if he mad therefore, although it would give him great po .,
the more difpofed to comply with the inclination of had committed any. But this was a principle which yet as an heneft man ihe maltttl vov favou of l hi
tne Committee, as he wa.apprehens Atf beingoblied die for oe neD i cpd BInit. motion. ." .' .o.
to trouble them at eonfiderabic lenagh. The debate 11 He rweme r, when Lord ClisM t ar bnoughtnf At laet the ue tionmisel fai ltd for,eMr Mart--
vwastlicn adjourned till twelve neat day, hod the Houf f the bhr of theH t, a. ie g oella lwas rMatteii- aid, he could o k_ g We fnlr vote Ii' e w"tkh.
heing refaumd, adjourned at palt three o'clock in the ed to be let up i his fvour. A m lu Lrnd who now n uamned to him to uoltaIln to fitje cna1 t.ntoI.,
rstaning. filed a fplendid 'tdna il another plaee (the Lord more of which he earw the mare he wau c9unhf
FaInAT, .ean s. Chance or) bad feat in =tlfe-He, with Hh Mr. Haingt rlrlted punItmetnt. _
Thee order of the day for going into the further ca- that llanluel of nd.thra au e-, .e- fe.esn in t. morning gallery s leats
quiry of Mr. Hatlings, relative to thi Rohilla war quent e woh hij, cread to a tI*re .. ""
belmn read, R etS tkthti s ..:voL alftanle.r.-, ; r' ;p'0 5M .
fr.Frntisgtt~. i ld in anfpleech of fote lgit attempt to inflitate a t t of sfer ,t t ,
fummiTly ufrepltolted the heads of the charges, m( ireo-1n.wwmv r .._ i.f, au aB._*- -S ,
trengthensg each, u he went on, either by reference ncd l ite ? 7Z. dMl s eEs iip. h t
o,'written, pt, or tO-evidence at the bar. and di to ol l he w o Se
dileiag that deltahietion, lnfestion, Sc. lIdloM &i ti I)ves e
ntcome forward s aler.ative i his favour. A4i h iil 1 11m to fuhnt Poi.,,N .. -'-
flood in the lit of an. aMcbir ta coanmm with khi For .b.of lI .i. ,'ance whereit' I*
Hoiafloh je Fei (Mr. Burke), which he ackngqw slasl kdgeo in the face of dapy ,i eOF itlcoubta le a ton ,e bytbh 2 i0rMes<. Nital t -- -II t-r-w, t. l

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