Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 26, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00054
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VoL. mI. T :H Z- *No, o ,



From SAT RDAY, Au6vsT ad, to SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER a 178 76.

NASsAU:.Priated by JoHN WttLS, at the Printing-Oflice on the BAt.
,, ..
.'.. Int.. d moafciri lIrodalovn fur ianrumcop; und here And gaie aun'am erm I"
European Intelligence. i'ake ^ilasifed .1s,& ofFr^",.
,~luo'pea Itn le Par , liUie ifinlooie! hlnfelf ia the flo pie which he Of Pifan yalmi, than In t tlpd t Fame
executed wit brilliance and exprefaumi Tie anthem Were awcnt to crown the c'tal vi.totio fleed
Lo wa. a. .ay y und chrulcf were crlformcdwith mauing rorreftlefo, Andhai h its fceptr'4 chaeaminpjs pio l caJ,.
.o t.. a d.O. IJ he'. ti "*i m dbldpriety. t ile folo finger Who mii'd the momrch's witth ihe k' weal,
ptda(by Ms aty, ac t ai t vthet ,nel. vid with each o.hcr, and Timed, by their lettlri., F1.m civil plan who ctim'd i an5 o s
Stcnt he m ofare Mdame Maa And train'd focdlait eanlm to Si t.
be '.Ipsl Mr,. pIllinuto, ubinilias Hurifn., diilayed ll.
c '-I a-e"*-'t- taste -ir -h-at nst wonderful iwer,. R o mia prcitii uga And freet olter of the boric oat,
bio a i.o sd.l e lil 'nnerh. tthi eat tiaitbau nruln raffetAig n .r,.' oLwithatiit) e 'Theoritu., fohaok awhile
natiaa4tbiUl ltObGiltulatheadt icy bi io the deemcrlicvth," within6ifsa ilt naec. T other The graces' o htiporin l
-~. bill bU for ersteandna courts o gef acqaitted thelmfllven arcodly well but -wg The lowing vale tha.ble"1tlntt
ePafcirenc. W hatl4 r aitlt o. Ih u . d be wanting in our achnowlidgmentt f rising 1'hd lutlter on ite funi ftcep,
A mnol W then made, that he thah. tl f the nmerit, if we paId in filanee the e"lrclive manner, Aud I'ap', own umbr.g, dath t4dtep
Hou i bte l f to tJ SPIker, fo his aIech olde with w which Mi Mahon stung the p:e.finK air which llc caverns hung witi y.twine.
'live ite isa ati)l .bIt bi&t, and tat h be desired to was allotted to .htp. He cedrentc ,us inivericlly ad- The liff that wav'd wi oak and pla,
riat .ll,, PtdrVed, pad is as follows: niired for iclnts cat liiay sad i .radl riflic cretf. And Etna ho roranie pile : c
UierdthWi* .ohr i io. The prfonnance coile lue d with the alrthri, And caught thd b td Hoameric o
ioT hrfe ptfd ai ,llshr ilBitatld My hear i iidiiiig." w aich wua comlpled for tde at I ately fouhdst exaltih h
SAnt fe n certain ufamln cammuloa, at coronation of the lateXi and it I rthrais one of 'he reign of boateha" mt
the n i4 l er of h liar.t be r them the molkl Cergetic and nervous of H 'nde' compoti. I.ikh the plent-teeninl tlde
p li the ediaton of the atieOnl debt. by which ona. Of his own Ie's redatndnt godl,
tey i e manifeaed their anttratio to your MYjel yiw p Neither Handel' ubilee, the Vauanlhl Fete o'cr the theer'd nations fatr an wile,
recom atB. At the opening of this frelon, for Cha pero, nor ny other cuitunomra nt in ihii country, lltitung opulence, d polic od:
ectabllbieUin niedltah forktic reuiwia of the ntioral ff:.rded be hayutiful I flil htn this day's meeting hi the While anin ghe richl-vrb .d
debt. cathedral church of St. oil's. It prfeated a view of was blended actke'i nlam,
t** Bytum i al t r h ich tend the l endmoil 6,398 boys A girk, afelnbled under the dome, all rettern fer ft eton e fame '
mpormt n of bilo bl a thhivt ie the mofa educlned, cloathc4, and fapportcdI by the vliuntay SofteniK wi domr tici. e.. .
daciefie ti thy Lve bitt one hart an one contribution of the public. So glorioto a pl&.re of Imperial fplendour's datioln g .
oice, in the anUiplnce of the public credit, d the young offlprino of diAlreft, ri rcld from want, The gyien, the mother, nd.e rife
ofpelrity of theiruotr.' e nd beconieg ueful members of fciety, ly the dona.- .
The public credi o, ba i, whici, the r- tion. of thci.. -i;ow.fubjcad, no country but In-land To deck withono si due dai fedlt. :
bflt of jat and honourai dealing, as now guarded by an boaf. Here was foamethil to gratify the ictat 0 for a firsin from thefe fubtlhn bards!
an additional fecurity-and the ftaure prolrity of i that can feel; here was fomething for foreigners to gaze Who free to grant, yet fnratefa to refutL
ture w~ efcitnally be provided for, when it is can. t with admiration. And, to do jolli to the inhali, awful lIrage, wlh imPartitl im
ienrce, taIt fr th. urp f pleading thecaufe ot t of oth London atnd Wclui.nfolr, the cagernerf Invoi'd the jia ou panegyrlc: Mif
the .on tiarun fc.l ir rfaly with eipreic dto fee the afmblage,a m d the nutnmtour com Nor, but to gcroi1e wnwrh's fecr ctlaitr,
poa.ity, wour mCoron t lie ce uany i gteted perfinT who filled the Clthedrol, did 'lhcir proud dinandion dt. oiy, '
uKoad plicye it, dl thue taolt ofl heiown hour to l.ondtn. There were not left thar i,oc Stcrn arbiterI of glory'bit iar
S...'.. pcr fs u A factors. FIr petrlf. bad lie thalae.
Sm i rr d ,d r Tha do their Stayi.l' 1in-i Printer Edward, The lard. of reece, might i lbA, I
They ha not ed by the burthens Ernet, an A huu, the Duke of Bratil.Kr, the r.- With fcemly long, thsMoarchl nla rotil"
impold during tht n eai, nr (Sbmixting in qu of Buckingham, mid Earl Corewallis, etre in- Who, thrn'd in the m 1gniience f pat,
hep pftiiMdamnls dld t to(PeKi. to cw, end ve'ed with the Order of the Garter in the Crcat Coon- Ryval their richeft r thne: tt- *
lthcp Atibilitit o tf otrr.withe ti bei g, to cil Chamber at St. James'. Prince Adolphus received W'ho runl.s a people lie their own,
Sttan a ptuha or tLheir cpantry. more yfourahte to the honour of Knighthood, and flood proxy fir hi. In Irn0 in polil'd area fupreme,
her defce, and gloryi,Lhecat orf tu lrsgn. brother Prince Edard. as did fiaic Heard, Liq (ar- Who bid his Britain vie itnh trerce
Ai. 1 ter King at Arma who arfbnted Earl Cornw lis.
l A pl itonhawtl and lo tm* u a J Being app4i: ct'd to the celebration Sf '7-4 Adnnlwas IatfoiarKilindgtadnit;dwe
ducie torh* J Itufsf .o y of the ktst- hil- Mijlly' birth-day, ao, the day before, entered Lort Matlrtney and Maior-Galu Siart, *rid
doma, iu i, 4i9YLea dgt`,#atptbleh to t the th 49th yr of in agbhe occafionil teflimoui of the following iis an aethle count.
father eo regard and public rpe attended to. The mirn.- I he place nd tiie of naettid hlikfl..i b
Uadcr cinthe d of all the Com- ing was ulhrd in by the gining of bells, and Istonl) iouily fled, the patties arrivett po
mona of iII, ader thil to your M the park and tower goum were fired. The Ode wa, n'cloik in the morning, and took tilk grmai d t t
ty; toS iiit thful Corn- as ulnal. performed between the hour. of three and difnnce c twelve flort paceso, aislitred ef by the for
aous dery i f.e" a four before their Majelies I leeral of the Pri'ec. ard cond., who delivered to each one
7_ri. {Zr>a l T, a J 1itthe wfalpi perinceifenwere present, with the atol attendam orf Ifllion of the remain riLns
inec at einA a illlcetnicou the (oput, and nymeroastrain of the Nobility. I he lrd Marm he do ts Lori
fkiq roan tl Hhelll ol ofHandeIl. Bytcn folo parts of the (de were performed by Dr Hyfrs, ightcd, he w o 1 fablrIe
o'cloct ktle il and?glcrle*t ere.Hldidl(omii Mr, Dpyt, Mr. Sle, sand .oung o itenpth. ihe tied. "6 hr.e and. I' l. i
the ato .y~eeo~.qi~tlggbottbb I1O H I*!tCB1Me dmwi -ream wau itul me fplecoir to aoly anrllr ad rwa little on> IaUK mlr
sa a s iC o fa the ceeraanp. T cu in .l .,.tiofr to payntirly about to lon e''tVr
Royal y and Ihis tendat, yd et *e covered with nc BrL. lae, bhaulily decorate p, that his wds not th h
aling of 64 i fitted s 4 the with diamond..and on her brcail ra tigt of brilliantr. h im. him, ifWhin I"o
efait which it iT im ltdefere i The Priace co were meB lulrh drifed, a were r i
5tioq pf the church Lndieiingeneas with pof of jewel. w 4iii l.oirhllsts
s ascha f IF TIM ODE' o. H.s MAJF,STVY.BIRTH-DAY. fag i t
t mia4 Orteo h meuich' 1b$t 00r on is Ay ahrerrongl tdfd a a hi tar
ari gsu e ( i Andd so .o ,, Ma M .an8.
I Ots8,1 w. imisag MI. futlolo tt. lie stah mblo

eas adawea*elrfee whbwa Ner h orde datdala tlre sth rt'.br allpwit. O cnwI t
pim1e.1rs Wd. '"t i.wt (Vorm F
Vet imW.HiEN tb mar' herntivi "a wS ro s me to
haa4 nt teirin thi Grtes,'Pllrul'd Th bthO wmh of h -

a" wasthe f ops I cu.- aler'h h g
Her bards &Mteso f thot ittelatti r oai

a'fl CefWfaiow!. 0 an

r nLa k;ibngar 6 coat, sad requieled him to pritoetrs to Mr. HFiterrati i wheit. they were Whaspatod on the occafln dldo" i aji4 Ai
t down, pprJchndli he mi t be fabit through lot kept until next mornan, under pretence that it we Sheriff ad hin friend ae maied him to the ial
of blood. Col. Gord the It the ground in corn. too kt tbe to bripg ac b efeo a magilx sia when, g walked aboqWl sm in fer pe
pay with Oeneral Stairt I and on eT carriage was io the lgo g rdwe edo ndf m, batn threw htfelf ol a hed, and contiued
prohT gMpel H M YlJlaftNl' when thae a j mt heard t eieVI ~e dflre~iAn tti Utbl lJtthre u h ll UIo
W. IVLLAItTO ',r Andrew Cr *, obe-ri .reto wois prEnfmb and .ei
j A. GO SDONM." there was a refen arntempted to Ioot them :..hac 4 bidl wi
.se a lr t nte of the General pin. when they waue boug abot two or thr4e hundred At fi, theta ilngt
eig hi back agaft tree, having been left unexplained yards from the he AdW Craig called out to the Timothy Breb ock, ad J F .. we n o
bytref the ellowmig estra oft Si. yre CAe' party.." A ofcfeP" on odlich a bot uas ed by one to the placeof etcutlion, on Ithrhi. aar th3e g
)ties to fccretary of Iue, containing the pariculare of the rear pard which killed ona ofIitoanld's own Caftlbar, where they wee vrull eacd u di
of the = l of S.,Ilr.,wkelthe late Ryder A, in the me, and wouded thrbd r-fear. Fitloald'o men totheirfeiranc. p'e rd* in
Cernatle, willclearly acconMt for it. General Stuart then red at Hipfq and the wie wa .who ll a if LoNDOm, Far, 16. A general qurt of "nctor
"*hld the mliiornsoe Sto liae by aonou o whili killed ahterwardafollowed M'Donell, who, from one wa held a the India-hou4 when thelate i d
Sbravly eondukingth second line to the peft which of the 'r thotsa had been wounded in the arm, and his the Diredorn and the Bard of Cltr were wn
I had oecupie at the coabtencment of the engage- mare taking fright was running off with him but he difcuffed. the egciation ofihs.D4tcaofwtla .
ant, and on which the enemy had kept up a very was flopped at the bridge by a nm: purlof-ly polled nifter, for the new loen, without the participtjie of
**tvere Ore : the fame Mot alfo carried away the leg there to prevent an, when Andrew Craig ncmiai, the proprieeor, was argued. atveral of tl ltrer
bf Colonel Brown, uad having caufcd his death, up, fird a Ibut in his body, sud killed him. find the power of the Court reduced to a hdow b
deprived the company of a very old and faithful fr- Mr. Gallagher further deputed, drhe he c ndeavotnrr<4 the I foo Conmrotl, wer hfily innlced i ad ith
vant, and the army of an able experienced officer to efpe while the party were itu peurfuir f Mr. M'Don- propriatotr in nera) ladin- their iniufuce total
(Stae ewr Annlut Reglier or i73,. page 44, Prmncial nell and Mr. Hipvont, Ilut WL, ulotrved lby them creep- eetingui.hied, IslC thigh Oiii r.a to dte r t.
Occ.rreasetewhcrethelltterynatbefcooune tfulllengh.) ing behind the Ie lter of -abi. That he fupplieand Accordiugly moeson wae ia for a general course am
yem 9. A refotnlla pallic the committee in the for his life, and foftened thofc favages to f r, that they Wednefday.
Hoafe l Commaona, to oubcle the aft, India Company agreed to take him to Mr. Fitagerald'i hour, wlct ehe Fie at. The three young prlaee. Eie Ao-
to borrow two miliq flerling, partly by annuities, a d was foon after rescued by his friends. nitus, and Adolphus, attended by Lord How an
partly by adding ooo,oool. more to their capital flock, Andrew Craig (an evidence for the Crown) depoed, Cen. Faucet, thief day went to Orayte ~ d andoahukid
oe to a make thair whole capital in future, juAl four that when the pretuded rescue wan concerted, as an on board the Agul~ yacht for Oermany.
millions. Thisddition tob made byopeninga fubrcrip. ccuaf to Ore upon the prifeners, only two of the affaf. The eclekrated Coat Caliotnr. who is .. it j
tio, after the rae of ol. for every zool. capital focr. fis were let into the fcheme, in which it was deter. bue foam doa ino thiL atrpol, wa lft .
yuer X4. A diamad of immenfe value was pre- mined, in order to fare appearance. to facrifce me of reiginer of dietinAlo at the a]lr, eie
fented to his Miey this day at the lvcer, by Lord bhown men in the front, for whihkplrpol a man wa evening.
Sydney, Mr. Hale int ingp efent, of which Major polled behind a wall to fire at them. a*e a,. I ila mnourid at Pari, h M
Scott gives the blowing account. On his defcnce, Fitzgerald called on lofre wireefee, ebe has pro(d to the li
The Niamn feat a blfu of diamond, fealed up, to t prove that he w not prefnat during thecircuiflance the partition o ndia, as the ground lf
engal, direded to Mr. Haftinge, for the puPofe of of the muders, or aiding or aluifting thercat but they alliance between the two nations. Thist i ad
his prefetin them to the King, on his arrival in In g mads no material chnrge in his favour. he at the xc nict of the Puoch i ad Fmrae
land. Mr. Rftings had hild for England before the The trial lated ifteen hours, during the course af Lugland will acced to the fro
diamond@ arrived in Calcutta. They were therefore which Mr. Fitageral. did ant make a tingic ohferva. fn the cendud of Holland I th e laewar. T
entrufted to til are of Cap cln Church, of the load tion, nor interfere in any manner with its progrefi, departed fra their uual caution and a .
regiment, who hok hi pafage home in the Hinchin- halog left every thing to hil conufel. 'Ileejury retired nouocing thefriendlhip oftlnapd. T r~ld fiw ia.
b: .'e the fa of there diamonds, sad of their im- at eleven o'clock at night, and in about rtn or fifteen iarrel, when envry inatgent Itf
aenae value, ha gone'abroad and when the Hinchin* minutes brought in their verdid, GUIT v. thdt the difiuttentrd colonieint mu at f b Jde
b okb went dow in BanlriU r, a Lacra took ad. SAluIO~Ia, f, ixo. John Fulton, William Fulton, pendant : and when It Shut be evident iery'a.
vantage of the confuflon, broke open the trunks of Archibald Newing, or Ewing, John Kchcery, or Ren. vantage of the Americaa trade pnuft Fen be aeqtufW
Capt. Church, anil get plotio of the bule ; it was, thy, and David Simpton, were found guilty, ulan two by the more induOrioud options, without t he dAcrd t
however, refcued from his hands before he had bioke *indidiient, for the murder of Patrick Randal M'Don- of unncithbourly interference, or ike riP and charge
the feale, sad was returned to Mr. Crofta, the agent of nell and Charles Hipeln. of;aaual hnnlitier.
Mr. Johnfone, who is resident at the eourt of the JamesiFox, John Co, Jamesitaferfion,ltvidSl ltry, Inthe Warren HaAiag, lately arrived fromBeog,;
Mlinua. Mr. Craica fot the diamonds to England by otherwise Simpf t Phi ip Coo. John Berney, Ilun. there were brought over a a prefent tol Ma~i f,
te of the late liptMddreted to the care of Mr. Blair, phry George, Micael braen, W'lliam Brarn, William from one of the Nabho., x beasutitl crewn brds
of Portland-plac, who Is the of Mr. Robin, and Walliselly, wer feovrally acquittcd of the which coil in the eaft fi hundredpbieuia a paird
nhitoe. Mr. Blair handed them to Mr. Hafting 'faid murder. are of a mol beautiful blue, refcntillag the color h
r. Ha(lings elntruaet them to Ml jor Scott ; Major 'The Attouney-Oeneral then informed the Court, that peacock's neck, are aslarge as a goofe, and have ati
Scott delivered them t Lord Sydney; and Lord Syd- he was given to understand, a neueion vwa, intended to or plune of white feather on the top of the teLd
tey prefeated them to the Kinf. be made in arrct ofjudgment. lie defied th.t Mr. wnlch loks like hair fnely powdered. They are ciJd
D v a L I N, Ju-e IS. Fitzgerald might be brotlght up. ind the motion gtrn fidrred as a great curiosity.
Ab ofaeweie ew.oa of iMr. F F utaALnS tail, a d into. Mr. Fitzgerald' leading -cunfil faid, they f Iw I)y his Majely's command a new uniform has been
IthI u Hbis ie. no defend in the indidment; hut Mr. Stanlcy dclated made for the general oiers of thearpy. It conahitef
FPInDA, ler Me. Fitlerald was brought to the that he had warmn hones he could Ihew ground to areft a Icarle ct lcoiat with white,'with blue rotf, r' e
bar at half aftrcrbto ~lockn the morning, and give fuch judpmrent, if he were allowed time to consider the adorned with a plin broad gold lace. The wailceta
ia charge to the juy, but not arraigned, he having fubjel till Monday. T'heAttorneyG.C.rr.l calkdel pn and breches white cloth, aLMnthe bottom marked w t
pleaded ser p'lt April lafl. He challenged fifteen h to a h is oljediion i which he, Mr. Stanli. dc. t arunheon acrn t r-e*.J. rTk. -. .t um s
of the jury peremptorily; and ite Attorney Geneld clined. icared in this dreth, for the Afirtne, o=ethe Kil.;
alfo challaged fuTc of the jury as he was informed The Attornoy-.Genral then intfrmed Mr. Stanley, birth-day.
flnod in say degree of relationship to the dieccad. an that it would probably alif hirr in the nmarin to arrest Yuly a. At this period of profound peace ea
h6nourable and uncommon proof of his defirc to have th: judgment, if he was in fonrld what the indiet.nent coitincnt, there is o Itidinei t tht attrade the notiee l
fubiantial jufntie adminiaered. without the -partiality was, as he never had hitherto called to i, read, but Europe more tian the progref of the Emprefet Rueli
of prejudice. He thea proceeded to open the cafe, and had relied on the bhore abitrad of it in the Crown bhuok: through her domislota, t taught formal potfdho e
continued on hi legi a considerable time, adducing accordingly, at the defire of the Attorney-G.enral, the her ncw-icquiredtonqueftl. She is, witchot irpure,
ero t ad faiang the enornity of the crime, which, indidlnoent was rcad to him and the court, with re- tlh mot opulent and munificent fevercigs of the prr
e brveld, Was unparatlled-a murder premeditated markAble humanity, allow Mr. Stanley till Monday fent ag. while oan e of her thips ue avigatog t
duaingtherouife oflmonth,andarrieiinto encution to ronfider his motion. leas ol Jaran, whikl border mao deibfhtBW iit
witl a pealiar feature of cruelty. Mo DA, ,ne a. Ti*thy Breckntck wa talked ianlother cr st failla i0te Ballkt, Wircnhioadp i
The eyidene on behalf *f the crown being produced, upon hi trial, and given in large to the jury upon two the other fide; while a third i, o lied il e Medl.
the r ju l&abli od the charges in the two andi~~meant indintents, fur conlfirinr and procuring the death of terranacn, to aft in curbing ti l of thd Ba
a nfit, .orge- ieFitoagerald. Patrick Randal M')rnnetl, and Chres Hipfoa. The bary crlair*, fo formidable to the e tiala bte il
Mr. Gal lardlfd, that fitzgerald had laid many evidence having fully etabtiflied the charges in the that quarter Ware ar told ow finding n in-
osyto Mr. M'Di anell, which had failed.- indictment, the jury found him Ot IS. I. tlitution for conceting and *Aoltcu' gditE vrile'
Thalt linbefore the murder, a tet, from Mr. After Breckaock's convidlon, the Ch'ef Earon or- the South Sean b y equipmrentstr t luf *a Kta-
iead l w ei the devoted vidim as he !ered the Clrk of the Crown to cal up for lemence on Iklhka, which, if it does nt kld to i iie
fidL tit, t h e fencec, a man had been thor.e perfona who had been convired of adual& rpc ately ufrful, wll, t Icleaft a nop lf iaol ke g
d thai tfding, thi tt empt to far tr nh the murder; which lentenc he than pard upon Ikill and eterprle.
facfl t ald Iores a magft rte, named Joh r,;tnn and his other taffciIate, in the mft clo- The .pri henhot of a betwe p thl d t aii4 an
'M lotae ai tiougai n(t M.Il'Donnll, qicnat anc lladiigmancer. Turk en farther confirmed by rlvate letter ftem
irud and preva led on him to grant Ther Chiff Baron then dclorrd to know of Mr. Stan. Peterluurg, in which it Is fad, hL a water with dh
eg tef ta gentle n :-ctht Mr. M',on- Icy, a hetllir ber meant to make hi promised motion in Ottoman empire i now unavoidable, for we bae b hear
i )e f truifdteiont, ad knowing the arrest of jldypn.nt, ho t the fame time warmly re- thet out aambl iUor o ha n iely eft Coafll tlnole
titigcral4 his neighbour, comar ened to himt, unleft there*was l flid ground of and it rrivedat Vierqn. qvry prepiratien oa
if n to ldge in th town objediuno to the indiflment, not to malic hi motion, as for it, and we have irS'e, werfltifl-leat tfi.dT
.7i toao thi othoFPcbruary, it mutnlueccflarilybeMadeinMr. Firgcrald'sprefence, thu.urev c we'hkdnerc'
,iand ip Tent In com- and milgt lotfihly deranged hi. feling, % which, hle f(id, y accounotre n Zemftk in wha, the laiW
.i oder to giv fone he w a hap o her, were calm and corppofed. Mir. S utal, bya rnpd a nd 'met Lk idda
i i. ii ii tbi h wa aboit t ten : Stanley. on oofideration, declined to mak any motion arise of te Pacha or Btfia and lge tto
o i, wlich f'isgerald hving in arit;, o judgmentt. Preilrctr confiderahbe pac on e froiltribe
S y order to take them Into M. Fitzgerald was then broug).t up to the her ofthe Servia add Albatita. AH l Turk w pere t til
tia a Le. atrrnau noted byo'Mea- C,utt; ar.d the Chief Baron, after a preface which word; but the ChriAlans, who had =tir to ItN
t ih gentlemen had drew tear from almoftll wh heard nan, i on the cronr hoifue during the attack, eftL a and here ves
"l tq oInlfinding thlem- mity of the crinc, pl .d fensnce of death upon Geo .tted a friepdl ny of them 6e =li6. tttrf
r,; R Ute con the road, Robrrt Iitzgeasald .jTimthy Brec4nock, with order nu to e i r i R t l tT Aioa t. "'i e
rs d the party, who,. forthcir xeetilon l . itf to A.I 'lit .lh iimes c. Odla; *
.i t, )Plarl opei the Mr. FitgeraldbehavedwithresAf meama4,om-. advieefel, tha te ott
k the at l- pafire; he defdgd a foert tirae to nke hi pecg wi oh &iln te
Stw a ed,that eaven. To hi tie Chief Baron arfwered, that the but that hd, '
he d Raelaihpfon, d mtatnre of his crimewq fu% pdf Pn it hd een to T ot V b6
le. f6e r the
.o2eg o ew a mte w ue fully uenved in hI tplI inftice eqalra l .e 0.dM fo Wo1 ,11r
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who ld wiLa aly anfaUtmsrrl wih lhe rckis rtf
wediek hld iaely thr u wife, Mad th fellow
ing i handed bout Ln Pieru utheas copy of the

S* I will ot, my dear, prevent any lo r your e-
joying the i Fratite youFate m entitoed st i ye t te
my wifeb Mow hbIr I eolsder you oely at the
other eo ly ehildi aith i a t i reopad tol
year fomer rhlt tomp, hute iu y wit, that fran
thi ametl, w)lbs th Lrt of my abene, you d
reptcm me wikh homer in my hele, and ie my
um. which *o eqoaly orI.-Ois an 4teAioat
la., ut toe ian yoau yn an t i. I s fyeaou
tiaAure ihtNse b i atd, I Base preVieuBo ecetr.
motheair of myBM WIa hiI Altern .tilate .o.e o,
yCour (Omr eim to ale itto' that aw Il
b*w ahl hill *s all th ire I now feet afy, mymiadm
'-~Dorea t l oo fiel. any metmertmea t. a
nthe oefi but loet vety mou ko fn oo, ith. I
imee da a euye ata i I ift y tha
ao wit S ofu a hem ouir ch I Ili & my td s my e -

net, theoy s(tis rStt5t W4 A cw(f Iy el Ml me doleIh e rfo f uLe I

nfrs Vle Ote; ton e ar a amts~r. l, hat c
onri*IMIfI L:o ridte coriB a< (I

Uat, ihamn yowe.p o. rlnu d we arly i tat
i!h (re ( h d i acl the |

t e rg ** a. s e.s ..Wh., b r.4 with"

adnow Ah Is, am e4 dePrve, eor
Sthat inraios have e~o tl heW n c y
tonie, ctheio re inL *s anr t, py, h

rLu t I er, fn _t t L t h ef
ew 1. I. Iom y p ur thu

ledrK, f(htbana.e h d oaill art de Br
CVuN p J ImItiotIIo y
Bysil, for om gaL bod Ce d'TrAtl PAts~ it p4arycr

Tilue s e Conte, do prit ur lor Co roz ai ofe
tad Or B-llfi thuqfeitn Gamindeh, e sv nca, for
tir Cov, dc thd lhar do ItP paty, tve e
advic, .that the upho h uld ad oIRa laed b the

Kio, Mat givn'. e om at atol
nthe 9ta of O.ober .tie lroa il happy de Brc-.

I hiu, oadvw t p ti ave b e t A i
Cid foe r Le Co ud i.udt 'oO/o C o anloi
u let ri,-Btan ree home, d ,

Tbh CAlfd, M>4 i Cmmnader hfn mCicxd
adi Chi tht the Toa, b ind froim p t p e b .
X|De btut tiwi'rte PiEi h R d ltoad
ie th dof ha veob ure, tfter ther C rle t* 4 the

a t Cpan d ono r them fteo c at to the na-
Uid w iihB t o n o d ltl ou lc b-r onSim
Sthnt on the fve gfhi hoihtVh S t P ng
:.4 1.U., oc.i ., from r .1 t #." .
,d Ci the or 1 ird. Lrsi 'rial B.

--x. .- taIrf J rtlt t th at son vey d
Bl.ure,-eim thg p6 'Ct edo8a. ri,
te ho the Mifri W Se.lo a,*dC
iti Lit. here mwstc'Sddn WilyRd i B ta O theaa
( tcl oe Bt fla ead *&r built i tceaed tny-
ling, wblchu bgen oppafe>?b oar ptl,lntin
*Ati hof 4 t on the after aMhuy

I14 V u M. to D 4 fi a br nltd

th av etue t t h

NASSAU, SaraTuisi s.
Ij.a ,hM C aUe Ple ',l t bt Hei.

Ihe Cm of t. Zoft-Pri Pr itor" o the
mpomr tIh GOternnr uid MatM -l y jleft'e
C owil tthie l Coep, hen 9s the topnrt
m be rnUuoa, M enl r a poa awu Keelih t -
r. Pi *hen the I ladt ob s lad1 Mooc
ofCoamos oadnwrer to a teluflrieof Mr. Haly,
why the Wft9Flrida Propretra wre et e have a
fiMlate atentina paid t tthm m fald, the dilfedaNi
was cear; Weft-Floride had ben conlred by fhe
fortune of war but Eaft Florida wa made the
price of peace, wa; forrendered for public advan-
r age, at the time it was under the allegiance of his
I On frida Ilft week, a nero woann, nm.ned
S ,of, who had here mtcovi oe4f fteallng r eoTs out
of fcerl fhoe io this towu, wa executed, purfuant
ro her featence.
A Chlirefion paper of Auguft it, ha the following
article of lntelligencr.
r'1i e ltk ilanure of Georgia ve agreed onemit-
clg the funn ef noool. one hr alti e pl ropiated to
the faigufnary porpofe of carrying al a war painft the
Creek Indias; but in order to ive thit measure an
appearance of col,c llberative uftice, ccmminmlonets
are appointed to treat with the favaga, >t the head of
Sjoo nmen. 'IThi mcnfnre wa vlgrae ol spfed by
the mntabers for Chitham county ; lotwl nd'taing
which It palfed by a re majority, al the l ar coMn
try nemasoers beiigi for i. 1'he rcmioder uf the prei
emiInel io intended to pay *f' fuch reas life u to
the army."
SAteiave neat, F i
Asf 7.0 Schoo. Willing.Maid, Josafls, Charleton
18. Slolhobut Attuwtar, aIMufland
9. Sled Sally, Cole, Cbarlefton
30Brig SpeedwrU, DonU, Bltimore
Asaup 17. sloop A&iec, Bayti, Baltmore
School. Experiment, Watfen, j.naica
a3. Sloop Provldence, Arthur, timo

it the Ship MAR Y, Captain FORRES T,
from LONDON,
I D TO, 0I a LD L
VAIIHIONABLE Broad Cloths & Kerfeymers,
F. witb Trimmln a -
fri& ad Scotch LIeset and Shcetinogs '
Bet and conme d Ofiabdfgo, Ravens Duck, an"
Uil Cloth .
CambriciE, lIng and el r Law mn
Iarcloea, Romatill, B tred, and Padle-work
Variety of Callicocs, Cl l and Printed Linens
Colourtd Tammics and arantr
LCA's JIekets, 8dItlls Truwfers, of all fizes
Said qualities .
A mrat atiety of Nails, moagery, ad C L
Meani Youths, and Boys t and Arong Shoe
Gunpowder Tea, Black P. er, wl $[)ei
La dre& flfll Negro i .an t'lains & Flnnels
Mean Felt, Caftor, id Bke Hats
Pigtail and iamoakln Tobaco h ;
Jpand and common Tin, Ware in great arktlt
ckltet. Ketchup, illt Sauce, MuUard & Tigerr
Torlingtor's BaIi, ~o ulStOhon's lii, and O6 -.
Setfci h ts an
WInow lsfA, Cordage, and vaiett. f eotd r
article .
r&7 hare a oAr Sale, B Ce rt*smr *t.
Jirilca Rum, in ogfLead, or cal< ,
MejiPortk n biarde Cargo and Mc r Beef In ditto
Enllih SOe in fmll boxes
re- American Flour, Juft prted .
Madeor ad b oi Wlqs, i gf, quarter calks,
*or bottI a
Some articles of elegant London made Platec
A few dozes of Mother AlJtii'n t, d nd
A few bouse of Window O
N ,0 T J. C E.
;ALL pef 'a Indebted to en cot of en

S fa d tplded n'I ourf
Idt ttry, l tta f ias.
.r f&, co.
Nqpu. orudesawr

Nd4 ---*1 44btH twi
idm .tf

in the Ship MARY, Cptadl ri RRBIT,
BUTT Hyfeen T Clh, fromaNo. eSl
Leat rtpr eb.rto
MBa ppcr Checlks au ri
Pol Sarch Fia aad coufe hlk Li-
F ile aa ti,
Wa and allow Candl Nankhes
Raof Btter eou and Woemns alk,
Yorkitire Hauns Thena, &Cotton Haof
Spiced salmon st and lBoy ditto
Pickleud Tripse coarfre ad u bous
FQi'. I.fb Sauce smen ditto
Sd Oil uls, ioy, & Children
T'ul' ,ry l'*i [ libro
I.ltl .iuPecl Porter I C c tafG t and Yellow'ft Oil and Paints are
V. hirh, with their former Afronment, will be (old en
rcafonablt Tcrm.
N. B. They have i'fo for ftle, a few Poasehet of
high proof JAMAICA MPIRITa.

2o be Sold at Publir Audion,
On MONbAY the srth of SllTrrTIaa, is8.
TilE following LOTS and LAJ c the
T prnoprty of Mr. RolaaT oract, Viz
A WATKE LOT, j feet intot. adjoinino
to the Weftward to Mr. Biao and Ea Award
to Mrs. CaIruTtIe having A HS81t 36 by so,
a iHOUSE, ai by is, with a BrichiLnncy and
Cdllar, a Kitchen, tieceiry, Ac.
A WATER LOT, 0o fect in fi adjoimlg
on the Wcftward to Capt. DAMI*, |d BaIward
to Capt. LANE, with the rae of a Houfe, o4
by *n.
A HOUSE and KITCHEN, ipona Mrs. isa'
Eighty ACIS of LAND, title fromNafrau.
The Cohdition, will be declare at the Sale.
Trnuees for the Creditor of Mi. IReert 5nrte.
To be S OL D
On THUR IA rY the 14th of 5etfmrrtr1fnt,
Andi other pelfonal IBTAT,'
Of the late Lieutena-Gocvrnor4
An Inventory of which is inuh Iiand of the
abficribers, and the article wi be ihew by the
Atmni.litrator two rys C evious to the da of
fale, between the houri of eleven and one in the
forenoon each day.
A'nta,. Srtmp ,br i. l6.

F O Ut D,
Opposite the PRIN ti7 .O -0 FFCl
Enquire of the PaIrTIK.
And PcfirFn git 4,
A. HOUSI to the ASTwAnD,
Formerly occupied by ST eM lAvon, f.1*
oe Terni applyto JOH3 RCRiST3.
A'#gs, Aegpl *i M.
Fox H tU j L,
! i Th $NOW .
W I L L I A M;

ons" IJvu^ i ', l'kM cud-

For paltie, ipp to the Ma*teoaWd.

T ILL be d to whe wlA delver to t
W lJ'inr,rt or tot at the J, a
Nero MInI eardd C ed fu Mlow

M f~thern a I d In los

RUN AWAY fsee- t setVw.

remedied. af erwamrd obterned, that tile Trade and that punoe avtlri, Ht etei mig ltii .
P i m .. Revenue had fatred veryM Matiriall by Clip. freq tion forlear uteillg a h mih nh w,'
Parliamentary Debates. I s under [t41 pier. 1' ~ 1g to T DAY..:
.F t prort w rop th at eh, .. ..i di*. y. aq
HO I. O COMMONi, WIeddr/.ay, April IT. but be dru,, dat the Por tSo which they PC 3 o l r
tifr. JIaitnIt IN ,', ..-,a iged. nThr m d y t only operate an cea- a. T. e.>
[Mr. a agemeot to D n I lder,4 boa b ~ter M o. p mrr the Mram F from
N the a t Qeen Elitbeth they had offered an to check the illicit aliee of muggling, weich war ; Ahmeaam C.swu.jnrt 4a msa o.natiac, a
inlraien ; but it war lfn covered hao necefary generally allowed tb be very drdimcta o the Rv- -A lisrr. Ordreid to loas*04blsidls.l ,. "
they were to the colimnte f the State and although ne. By thisreathtt, no I ip ouald is nature follow eqJ af e it n .. J anM -iO 4tgi al [.
they were amo.totallU ed., itw founded r- that dat nmn m aod o traffic to the State, hecalfe illl' yad..'nuiht.
dictit to revive them with aional a rength and im. upon the prot. oiccr's dtioanding a light of thel a. Teau|A, Ar4a .. .
portanee. Thus our trade asfatthed from perdition, thentic regiltr, the fraud iight be difiovered with Major Saut moved for loeae to hm~ug pealtoa
andour tmpoa1nne am.ropean power. invihgra the great lity.-H next proposed,. that it future .fromun Wi're.a H4allg., I rft; pri be basdi .
In. In the days of 1. and CharIt I. the laws no Ihip., foreign built, Illold have te rivilr if himself agailn the'matter f the asLamoiordLildl,
eclartve to Trade and NJ nation were confined to fI- I rinth verl, although thof vfl ha lear el to ie to the UHae *gintt him, and alt flr a copy aothlof
reign Ihips, owned by ritilh fubjes; but it was purchased by Lritil lulijedi. It munl bic ol, i.;:s t charges. Thil pettiiin, Major Sott ohterved, weoal
thought acceffary to al fame alterations; and time, every man of difccrrmtnt, that thit would l.p l c f1- i: I ave been pronfted at an earlier period, but tatr-th
til the period of the Re nation, there had been vari.u rit of emigration among m r li.-buit!der, adIl i n.i riest f teriohe charge were not laid before the Amtd
revolutions in the comme alfyltem of the country. In rate our future operations of war. It ws unJ.IO!r It'd ll) until the 4th inft. to which fueceedd w atu dAiriesua
the days oflm. t I. a law was paled, laying i high a a very necelir.y obj~ and tIould lilC attend :o, ;al Ihe elhs yet the whole, it Mwas mdetiood, enowm.
duty upo on foreign vees, that they were almost prohi- several nrw market hal lately been olienct, aff.rdini yet completed. Under thefr circttumiflee it was i
bited from a compeititnu with the merchantmen of this incredible encouragement to our Ihip-builders. With pimible to have laid in a earlier claim to lthsrM
country. Afterwards it was increased to fuh a degree, regard to America, which had formerly beu cunidertdl if reply on the part of Mr. KMasin gl p rvillgerU dt
that foreign ips, trading to our Weft-India island., ii the palling of laws, ihe wa, now .no longer united to hre "n dermanded -n the liftans pl.eo a qmli. I,
were entirly excluded. The l the laws food till the this country i he therefore lblievrd, no candid frr. addition to theft therewas amsetr c rnamanca whidi
sjth of George II. when a certain ncccittry alteration fon would deny, that The *tght to be regarded in evrry i'ould impel the Rododo eomnplis .As catheabet
or modifeation took place. He then oblerved, that refpedasa foreign flare. It wa is iui ntionto LecIIu! ges had been already prir edaoeclrcalted thagh The
however requilite it wa to defend to a nmAnute detail foreign Ihip frLom a competition with the Eritill ly cantry, the benlgnity oefle-Hic a was m t4l
of the commercial hifry of Great-Uritain, he would, giving the ntoft anple encouragement to thc latter. Ie to refuse Mr. NHalalg poaneml tso ill. ..
vith the content of the Committee, content himlelf then proposed that te alien duty nltuld be increalrd; The petition was then brought up, mnd re d t i
with a few cutfort obfervations, which, he imagined, and that in future n vTefels should be hut table. ,-..
would be fufcien to convince any gentleman of the fuch as were built on ltitih bottom. Hare hle mad, Major Sltt then moved, that Mr. ItAfil had
propriety of the ifitre. an exception of el.n l foreign vrffc already inl the ci- he heard at thiber of (thle f, and dhea ho &L t
He than coll d, Irom the material whiah he had vice. 'lhis had appeairdi tu lie a niauar ofgreat i,- allowed d eopy ofthe chart'e. ,
Introduced, the rtfet Gate of the hwas making per- tricacy. Hie had corf.lltidl the Atto ty and Soliiiit.r Sir Gre Cper laid he had n obj eim, tolktf
tinent obfcrvalit in the progrcf of his fpcerh. Fo:r Generls otl the fl:j t 1. 1! hi h.!d ,!e'.r, thalt ita.l .l. part of the petition; it woo Reoa t typtaI L Wt.
merely there h been levied an alien duty of one and a the greater part was built, n a Bririil ltiro, tile Ildp altingA Ihold be herd in his own dekfe t d l kdi
half per cent. ich he thought cxccedingly aeceflfry, iittuU be considered as a foreign vedel. In STlan;I net t equa l$i act his ideas of -a. ms p
but which he iia$dned ought to be increcAfd. Recur. had ban deci led othtrwile; or if the o.e half w., a shouldd be given of lrh lirgehth LtirubM'ta asiy
ring to the dayjof Queen Elizabeth, he mentioned that .foreign bottom, thee thip was deemed Britiah. rh,. a inta erde Iate, iad able tb bterol iahlmntal
a very incretlingpaperhadbeen communicartd to him. l: ip might arrive in any one ,four ports, half Brit lh ,different fngesteofth hiflnef, ethle ttenIted~w i4dl
It was a reprcfentationethc Corporation of the I rinity an half foreign, and notwithftandirg, claim an **n.1 peeIrdents afi po fth pikllJ ." *", .
Houfe of London, and contained a very particular ac- privilege with thofe Britilh built. Ie then peopid.l Mlt. iree nirrted inthe prpriety ofhliasi Mr1
count of the Spanilh Armada, which had threatened the that in future all hips above S to toIhould be r, tla-ly llafritnginhit detke, Il whatever time lad in wamte.
dellruaion of this country. In the year tj5 the na- regillcred; and that on no account whasoevr thold ver manner it was brought forward. tat he odlne
val force of the Queen canfiled of about iSo velel, they be permitted to difroe of theirregifltra. lie ntxr aii agree thtt h e dahl be fipplied with a eopy
between 40 and so of which were her own, and the prorpfed, that ewry tp the registered tould have a harg pmrRly unarranged and to ally an*inled. H*
rd belonged to her foreign allies. In Atating the com- crtilicate from the builder, or fomn thole who con. had himitnlfdifeovered many puar which wolddn a
inertial It) otthe time, he faid, that in the courfe of denied her; and that on every acctflry oneafon tle alteration. This, hbweer, 1rhf It Iored af A.
twelve years after the period mentioned, the clipping furveyor should make an accurate teoretoth e comptrol; objettioa toe prfeflt detlntnd.' had rifn iaMy rk
beleiiing to the terehans of the country had conlidc cr or the colledmor of the port, and that the former the icrec tl whit had beas isnpofed n him b9he
rably dem afed. This could not be accounted for in shouldd he regulated by it. He nuet ropofetl, thAt in Hnufe. It had beeniti rikmta intention rft hon
anyhr moranner thtby aainsudieioui tercile of the future no Ihips Itheld be regillered irhout givg tro. eanined evidence, and to hle drawn hisehargesfria
aw relative to Trad and Navigation. The whoic per security, that the register Ihould not be let r ild. the fath which Ihould then aptar. Bt that modehll
number of mppag loyed in the mercantile fervire or the nore cafy detetlion of fr;ud., he protpo d, heen etntlly reverted; he ha been compelled t tob
of Great Britain a tj tunie did not exceed 30a fil. that thofe lhips wa ch were not, Ihould e rtginered; forwar.l his charges prematurely, and he wanow
Trade was conreuly in a rapid decline; but by a and that thole which were, should produce their rrg. .lok to that oral neidence which hoold have been their
happy and pr.ited oratlo, it very onn indicated thi_ lflcr. He next hinted, that a hall doay l old hea I. htlit, not only no fbftanea the fati ll 4edd
en otluoary confcquenced. Cromwell, in the uimorl"l by way of lbence; but thatt.fl thteuc wbu'id be hoi te racDly the charm which odhaeen m obc ib
plenitude of hia power, never acglelted to give atple mothiag itn cmpaifoin oe tJI ardvantagesrefulting frm this tranlpotition, ano Vt s...Aec,ryt .uaroy eies I
Encouragement to the Trade and Navigation of the i e regulation. It was lit w ife itscltary, he la, to trial docuhmehti. To obviate the ln i otcipen o e at
Brii Dominidst. From his time to the Kclteortion, scgiier the veliait srw, a on clanging t their names. drefciyt h4beendemed neeT atiry l yhech
the aipp g had increased 16p9,60 tons; colatquently Having mentioned the outli es of ihechil wlilci he in- g" in itLh ; aans-er as to comprehend whatever fthp
there was then the mt altering appearance ofthe tended te o introduce, he ne fpcilled Ihe Iarticular plCet'ry 'ads loald hereafter appear from the evidence.
riche of the country. From the Relloration to the periods acery for the the ohe taws. cIee Theo charghey being for fhnfg retafte inomplete, he
Revolution, the numt i had been doubled; and from he made a dinerence bevtw lhip. at this time on lng could ntthn that Mr. Haldogi on any prei ple d
that time to George .J cqul advantage had been ob. voyages, and ihofe in the Amg trade, alloinrg about rntl justice, wa entitled t copy ofth thir
trained by a fmihlar itrea e of Ihippiiag. From the two years after the pa b of the hill to the e n tse pre ent Itate It flt Houfe. ltowVer, wai dlsofeks
reign of George I. tohe prtter tiier it had Illt beeia..fli4adia Comp iy'l ice, and twenty months o g rant a copy an. tler of fvirva, ntws t m tally
doubled; alid than thet, ipping was ahnult let n time c employed in the e-ladih tiral: eanl lqon in niatirr of diftlh cotnflratlon. t or hi prt, a Mr.
more than at thea rft period mentioned. ie then pr- proportion.-The pe a being clapfeld, the laws IIff'ing'' rcuI could not be t*alderiedahfi defece.
si-tr~erd shL nrt[l, ei which had betn adopted relan would take plhc, and afterwardA eontiue in force, and i. that rey faayp thrownelw lid on tie
ive to the tonnage of Dritilh and forcin vceil, llating He concluded by obfe ng, that he might without qItcfri6n, he hail d very rlAltion to the e
that from the year if7, about the comrenclccent o'a much vanity alert, that be had daon as muth fot the pliaice of the Hou on th occation.
the American war, ipping ofthe country amount. country asany is lividitall and although v anfor Mr. potrd vey ite t
ad ro.upwards of ,i7 taon. ne drew a cuntrafR tunatety loft on large portion of the empire, our IraIl with hii Righ Hon. pndha t
between that peri nd the year 778, when there op. had conikirabhly increased, and we might ljll tronttle impoper Ith acopy dl h be
pea verrol able inireaC, as the number then to earfelve, great advantages front our aelivtsy au l Tlhis wail he tobie la wliehie
a ted to u of one milli onnd hity-eigh elfefveracr. He then shortly moved frlever tobring I ouldh be parpi t dh t
th ad: Cah- i eg, therefore, thefe circumlince$= bill for the better regulating our lhi felative to occurred, sld T f t I egtUt ef
he was convinced, as omded every one mull, that oaur T rade antid arigialior, nmtitihring thk 'it i Ituld be thoiir t y prhi of te ywt
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