Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 12, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00053
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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.GAZ 1'J."


Froni SATUrRblAY, AUGVST' zi, lt6 SATUVRIiAY, AUGUST I9t 1786.
1 11 a .i l .-. 1 7 6


a#~hi3*V: ftaLnrte ibj Jo nf .. aunTIungn-ofiCt on the Ut

Ar thr 14 41* OAAf&3T' ( Tl euen rfartwa arehthe& .lftMid ,h
Mr. Wa ., I e asrllO a tbhir In la d, in feventl
T E pla ofr ntoinini tp the t poUict, leaace., an abres dl wCeW i tapal
th tr ettc. w ta bfervattis, aricultur, halu rendemd i entirely abortive
n peri hr rt very xrtnion Blfdu1tro 4 a" lin plteud
occor Wt1n 4 1a lWt h|rtup l in c tto have not yklddol o b lmab ohoun
As a e sM ituy, ~ to the alre,' whM there have yielded a glub.
acknowkd ilo yOur cta1 and .goo'lb. .
dAsg^ aeto you cjJkultye a
dent Ap d ls t lbeIng otti g by th h asmlbay Phid
Tti1h6bDlnoh. here, bhaing two wheel of about Ia inches
ia id ti I diaeter, negro bor ail aly ite from snib.
nw fend fome thop so o ali. oach 1da, In *r e or women,
ma ll ods r tr a t owa lb. to olb. But the with whecl. or
*e. atie, an r I have red in fachea diameter, are h preferasbl S with
the course Pfo reratlbil with thgkpl4te rsf t of the C'r a etperikcned gaiuerMi incleanfrii
the rat tit indwthid l aument. 4lb. to jclb.a day.
hT ai ) wMebct Ift lllt Sd frt 6 What I hat now written be conftm.
i ti her di twh donei areuh Ob hieIsa, hbk to the opinions of Cfoe others. Let fach
and tCe dl f. a dee tlack1: point out nm nrror., an *thr hints wi be at
Griwa Co41 and AW i r pptea to becMd tended to with thankfilneft.
eidry q. dly well In al foiis provided the fta. IER AT0 R.
,.n. ait totabie. !'* pPrutae,. Au.6, 16. t.i
raoj require a dckp ied fol, with as few oan - -
ua poliblei. d n land, nhi PETER D EA .I& Co.
sor belagrE wcerrythn earthfbiftleh to adit Nlt ArILar TIL uroI aT, ts rOt a .s,
of holeblaaugdiugdwithcthe Ltoplant thi At their ST O R E on the DA Y,
I,. ,.
A riw pIxatation in the BahaiB's lfiisl4 be1e. o le, gs ilhlfae, orPrdwe; only.
tned o, in O'oberot Nover er, at the a fulffi- ONDON wired Porter, Calk, Hiam
cirlt quantity' t ld ury be cleared for the JL per, or Don In Thral, on Porter, in
nfuingcrop, wit;.out loft oftime, or unniecelry Barril and HolIeads; OlUders Sr,
eopcalec to the plant,. -The land Inteuded for in fnall Calks, or by the T O t In l li
C o,, ought to bedcfed and ready for planting Table Ale, I Anurl Ja If L ndWe.
by the latter end df Math I that fr Tau, bythe Rum, by the Thw Otllons, ln Ct. of Por
end of Mayt a Ilat (for I dIwkir and At r arlty Oalon Mufcovrd ar in Barrel or
by the end od .e,. ., :. call quntlty I Barley and t P eft, in lre
In clnta(ria d. g reatttfeti-n fMndle pad Kegsp; Ick Pepper; Vinea.In Jugs; Sweet
ioutiii itlowa all the b ulh wod and (prenaing Oil, Soy, Ketcup, and Olive, ILottls);Green,
it ,pon the ground as keel a pa le setter tli S ouhonl. did bohe Teas augar, Raiims
I doe, ft I the tree lappiog Oa ttie .ae and Cirrants iClinanon, Mc Nutmeg, and
', chea, 1 as fprtad the li tIroHbtlawoed; Clovest 9. 1. and 4i inch Ca t| Sal loth,
Kle I t ,he ttunLr kcruo lt.Je o iod hl above No. t, s, aid j ; On Powder, Kes of rulb
all. It am y lay d rsdnth or It wW *k10fr re a large Atrortment of Ironm n f rmet C
i put .u, it ..Cloof a tsey r.'y t~irtilng pentec's and Cooper' Tools las; Allbrtmei
,,ur filed "about soo. Ire it aliki the wea. of TeaChina, Qeen'l and Glaf Ware a Vari.
tlr ihl.-alf thee rlks are Itlly ,antte to, cty of Dry Good,, Iy the Pitce or Parcel; a
thret the Inreattr firolat! of"ry tdagll ng Qantity of hmtd Bricks aldntilk; e Inch
b.rn it, and the en, killed q sbJ tbre will be DordandScantitg.. 1/ (
thr Ii',,t' from ti e ettds Natfe. Au1. ,'9, Yt lf
Pint ou, .Crsrb nt uror i feet iprt,
ru tiny hvr or lis ledl hin eh hole.-fter the F 0 R S A L E,
p.iani rt s ril. puai pl all out o lch bok A th PRINT OFFICE
ix. pl two o- hemlt iv lora ,.-For yourfecoJ th PRI.NTING 11 R .
top. ,ake tp ete y other Ihl, ad very other CITS of Merchant; Accouat 0oo e, other
t., which will n.ake the ditance ofI ao(It nine 0 blank 0kak. .J1 l Sortf, Drlawln, WVri'in1i
,,It between the buhes, which is fCllcrnt room Blotting and Wrapplin Ptapl. Q.aills.and Ofce
orltheil. f.cading.-BythlAmode. youri year'.s Pln,, Il t Idillte, -Pcket khholerl Sawil ,n
C.0' will hnaily equal any fubqutnt one. and other PeLknivs, L.odon made re d d ack
CU. Pula ou1.t to t ke dor of weed. Ink is rHal, red andblack Ink Powder, Patent
Shere little reaird ha on paid to thi, I have black Ink Cakes, Counting Holtfe F.leat ny
r vld he the urmbr well ai AC of the Rulers, hiding and common i ack-ead 1aucil.,
-, w,, fat rinate tho tiot in clear frldi. Cpy Lie. for c.hq~r., J.mrwig Nook.,. Water
l, Le d r1,i Ihidtldulol be shared of C 1re t Skell Ioae,.Cmctaslc-Hir Pcnc~ia,
th tulh,an fliliat Ir, leAin the ltge wood Calfe of Survnt Inftruments.Circumsreutors,l
1tr a hla I witkiala Lhi rodio,, Ike t tndr fpar NtcdarT for dittq, Money r t. un Dial,,
a4ou., ae lible to bblrnt lp hy the i hn(as for Lat. 14, 2S, and 36Abe ef Mar a.i Types,
eat of tke fus.u Pl*nt' t rs, bht two or Gauliing ods. 1ook and Mahoany iekg am.
Lr. feet aprt, a di thihouri lre, fo as to moo Tblea, fpar Dice. Mogul, Hey VIII, and
rcn th .n and r i rr il ihom totrow Merry Andrew Playing S C adib. e Board, :
I,. The .r.. i to iJref much Pocket Book, EtweOa~~~~undet t_ Rtooks.
t1,4 Ihi ~ i4 u. patIiw I nh there S oods. Blls of arle, with Warrant,

m ,re't a. 5 r-l,i,.'k ,. be ......i to .nge, H alf 9m O lr ea.lttoRe I
Jt"enmi .nab hi. Hfoor or a.lrmn from unepe Prices Cuirtnft, Mottl Ildentures, r

Zinl .. U.OIst itl
S''^sa, he tcaful, ,n e rying It, to , an el m. c. c. Ac.

.x d ow '
o' ii "l a a, ta
In ...

xA, -1 v Vk --

Ehropean intelligence.
5_ aI, isoa JfuMah S.
I m l. from Mofoew, tb*the f(e od 4d.
vV. t oduuot ofhe aeoomlnx upon dife
4ries to t e .mh-We ,dd Si aimpire, rti
these the fccould ar nab, id that toward
e BoAp fbn wll proceed e tloirjomcr.
minion to become o e f ompanr.
"P, AIsI s rit. GL
e camn .al tregdtsa ad
_iam 1 0 tB
Ennlnd a piunr to. Oar day i
week M. de, Cai-nCe f tnrolkr.Knil f
FinmU, went to the o of the ofl Dr.
At, te Britibh Aambaadr, wreL Mr. aden arl
attended. Their conferee ifted more tha fouf
houres, fter which his Iecel icy dirltcs d a
courier f(r Loldon.
I aa few day th rotor oW courier ro
rterlburgh will infor U., whether the Conpto
de Squr, our Envoy i Ruf ha been to
crown with fAicceh the plain e he ifpi
u. with fi moith agos htA ko cm
c*l trcat btqrt a Rit u ra nce. We
appreeynlve that AEolwd h4 s azd
coocludcdj treaty vIl Ct elrla ,
which cannot but prove injurio to tlut with o
The King of ed AX-ed SIn dta i
th oure of the preIt Ipmh.
uncommonly platifl is tmyit tu
iln, !hjt = ivis lboi4 d jamawe
obiMd to to,, Ml.
cmp.oy it in tl 'i NdrylM. N.
the market, uas .t k it comillt ire
that coo". Te few Exchbeuer Blji that are
the banker hand remain there I fo that, eop
India bonds, there is ao mode of empiol
money but Is the fund I bCda.o iet n t
of thofe who fold out at afislEd Pf
like that which theka td 0 o, It oWn
cnIfclvea decci p arn w ga od
come in ab to that I* e vier ,i
credit, without Bein etXig.t-.S5I
thee anre ood mioud foo.a cornie tha
stock. may hold their pefent prie uer Datda.
riMe time to comue and tiar tl suiz a.wmdlb
Flr rq'dlj. tr Me tbhrem te (t I t t
When rto~h
but vwhnt is int lle t tihug a mg.
On Friday ti e sth of Al dd, atloMl.
Normandl. ohn Hdolter, t y f
Order of st.ul, a=d Ircn l atf thj.
Woollen and Cotton of ranet-
The history of this is r 1r e u
tornerly a caleudV a ht Mgxell,&,
the Premaendrr is re tatonp
foner at Carlife. tHe iw N
and would cnrtal lt hate jiC0 -
tunate attacbh had i .t e loet. with
his omanpetio, efleped icm oi, b mu

the bole was r to adi
IIomInio bo hid diow
retblntloa to re.-Va.d by t

featla ewbadte
WOE< iSS^Ini'fl^
UtRy toCtw~h c(^

iaceeded,,to the l t detriment of thls country
Ialedl to fee the aanufaCtory in its full vigour
andTto reap the reward of hi ingenuity and in
dA ublin tr of May ba he ollowlial
artid tr-" Aigeade ohad been laon a
3aldlvl, in loath Amqric late a tredin il
city (Mr. M'Mah o. '- s ater d Spanimd
afforts, that when he left Cadis on the ytih o
April lrs-ieommat rentcel i la. f th
eoaf of Chili, that the native inhabitants were in
commotion at Co&cepl ,bli q.lmbo Villarica
St.Jao, and Imperial; that they continued the
Cteferf i, -and Is.n& 1 A without dliAuc.
tlon, Ipniar, Negrq, apd Ini an. They add
further, that the GoCernor 4t'Uma eas defeated
and aia, tn th valley of Araves, while a larlm
body of Chilefe befited BaldivJa. This is attri.
buted to emifiariesea f lorthA meria."
His Majfty, previous to the departure of Lard
Cornwalli., iWasned as hm the bonour o
knighthood as a preliminary to his having tranf.
emitted to hEn, and btih iaveld la ldla with
the blue ribbn.
The manner In whichh the King made known
his intention of giving the vacant blue ribbon to
.ord Cornwallis, refica the highest laltre bn his
charner.-It was after bi Lordhilp had taken his
Anal eIve, and was prpring to withdrtw.-
** I now do it," faid hsMajefty; to obviate
every unworthy idea thr' might be entertained,
that your Lordfhip had made trine with your
The above is fat ; but f~r the return of the
Swallow packet the above ercumftance hil not
tr-nplt'ed, as. Lord Cornwallis kept It a fleret
here irom his mqft intimate friends.
The Hkouft of Commons in a Cosmmittee on She
Southern Whll ei Ficr, on Friday,
s" That the following bounties be tlloiwe to
ffteen Stips of Oreat.-Bitain, Ireland, &cr. em-
ployed in the Southern Whale Fifmery, and which
halt pafs to the Southward of the SeventirDegree
of North Latitude: that is to fay, to the three
veficl that hall fail between the ft of May and
the ift of Jnly in each year, and Shall Brft return
before the aft of July in the following year with
thegreateft quantty of il, blubber, or head mat-
teiat lefld tan so tons, a bounty of $ool. each.
S" To thethree veflelsthat hall return with the
next great quantity of fuch oil, blubber, or
head matter, a tbputyof 4001. each.
** T, the three niet verfel that hall return
with the next gatelft quantity of fueh oil, blub-
ber, or head matter, a county of 3ot0l. m
To the three nett refl.I that fhal return
with the neat greatct quantity of lhch oil, blub.
ber, or head matter, a buttny of aool.
And to the next three vercli that fha!l return
with the neat grcaeft quantity, a bounty of sel.
sr Refolved,
That thefollowing bounties be allowed to five
hipl, employed in the southern Whale Filbery,
ad whic dall pafto the SOuthward of 36 degree
of South L*t[tde that is to fay,
*, Tothevelfel which lhall o fail between the
aft of May and the ft of July in each year, and
hall fruit arrive in I8 months, anil not more than
itnmoaths, with the greatest quantity of oil, blub-
her, or head matter, a bounty of 7col.
To th vefel thae hall arrive with the next
greatcft quanCl, 6ool.
To the vefpl that all arrive with the next
grateft quantity, Sool.
To the veTel that hall arrive with the next
greatest quantity, 4o00. ,t
si And to the cfel that /hall arrive with the
mnxt greateR quantity, 300l.
s That all oil, blubber, head matter, whale
fln, and feal tkins, be allowed to be imported,
dutyfree, caught and taken by hisMajefty'sfub-
Jd' ry It fettled and nderlfood byall par.
tes, that the judgment of Parliament upon Mr.
HaflIngs's huinei, is to be iput of until next
Maz t. There is a resemblance, and that not
veryditant, between the table talk of Dr. John-
fon and that of Voltaire, if we may credit the.
bigrapher of each.-Inconfiltencyr--4maigonnt
fatire-pgany of wit,-and want of urbanity
dii ngeimiaboth.-a moral character there can be
no comparltbn. Jobn was a Chriftlan, and
revered rellgid.-Volt we an Atheit, and lated
every thin that rerde religion. ..
A letter from the Haau, by the la Dutch
mall y* their advices froan berlin, of the ilth
ult. ring a corimnati a of the returning health
of the imoarta Frederic who has rgm& d the
b el of the qbi t 1 a i-Gbt they ae reci.
S with the manaat of the
%042 Hia Ma.
e 1 I0p1 1s 4th a, wA

It is in edntemplaton to enIlage e e King's yard
Sat Sheernes, with the addition of another dock
Sfor building and repairing of men of war, there
bei' abprfent only one ; nor is it till itc$ that
SIhlpj1p fUliqe wereattempteditokbbultAinre,
t the/ Polyph oOu f 64 suoi. launched about five
I yeaa. bci theliit. It wad dlonbtd at fir
) and Jtan to arted, whether an additional
fortifit might "ot be reaolred, but the pro.
Seoi *a dirn d IAn th .iwkave.6 The
I water Is tbdeegfro irniesA tjar fI other
, in the Ildaga tdrctt Uiproper hr ratling
las dro*.,ehre ettlrs. .
* 'f hprrenale nan ofwar or guns, lately
I tanclicd at Deptford, is fitting at Woolwie,
a ntder to be careded rond a i Plymouth.: wit
: he is intended for a guardthip, h'be nre Port
Admiral is to meet her at pitlhead, whie lie wii
'hoalt his s g, AMIt to rwunlf iner to Iflynlout5 .
S The Hitory of the KReolutien in America, wliaJ
F cannot poffbly be written- with.impartiality-rw
certainty there fifty years, will tend, among other
good purbtfc: tneaole the validty.~oly,:a ndtif.
chief w ch atife trom the political peculations
of men wo draw all their ianluicm front books,
and never confult the rolume of man. Who
could have A ppofed that' fch Philolophefr as
Fraukli and Prie could have. been fi cregiouily
amilaken I or if wt do allow dmething of fac.
tious Iature to tic former, the character uf Uf
latterla free from the leAl filfpicton of ntneual
Parliment, it i faid, will leaki p on the Tauc.
day k'enight after the King's birth-day.
'raneet ia matrially changed the principles of
her- Admialtratlpn within thefe few yters-war
and a thirn oFcouqaielt has given way to the mild
arts of hufbands y ad comnnmerce. .
Ooverno IiPenni who. ine with th'e petlton
from the Congrefe, iw I 7 i prep- ing to return
to Ase ic, not hrany public charatcr, but en.
tirely on his private ,irs.
Lordt Oe gGordon was excommuriirclel mi
tLe 7th int. m the pariil church of ainlt
Mria I1-9one The excommunication was very
long, and too ear twenty minutes to reid k be-
fIre the feri.' Several of I.ordt GeOC e (;or.
don's friend came up from the" city to hear it
read, Lord Oeorge Grdor weent hnifelfip ticr
afternoon, to the Clcrk oftll parifi, to a otaiu a
copy of it'ifr his own def&nee, iut was informed
that one of t officers of lit tinirtual Cuurt had
waited in the chirch till it was read, and then
carried it 6ack with him to the Spiritual Coast,
and that the Clernman w ho read it, had it not
W ln mite loInig in hii pof flimn. In- forty
days the King wv he applied to tor r writ d
xecomniWismat ead andl 1is Lordlhip will be
imptifoned in N inate vithnut any tri.l, tiUll bt
compUe, with Archbilthopn authoiity, and
makes fubmif i the Church, anil thlen the
Arlcbilop wil a fent another petition to tht
King de e.xror ireate djliberanda.
The folluing 1 ter is a r- py to Lord CGtergt Cr.
dw,'s of urfd,/y.
7 thI PJINt I K.
Having feen ine your paper rf thi day, a co-
py of a letter, &c signed 0. Oordon ffertlng
that I wS po dtnl of undeniable intelligence,
that t ldat, ,q. has his fa'ary paid him
qld. Cal Adierar, the Frnch am-
ba Tdo pTear ifforni your readers of the true
Itate of the cafe. whih is as tllows: ;
I had the honour of being intronuiced by an
4equaintance by mere iccident to Lord Oeurgi
Gordon, in Bonml-treet. We flelt into the
1lenheim Coffee-hoafe, where in the course of
converfation, I happened to mention that I heard
front a gentleman, whore name I have mentioned
to the Itrties, that the American ambaffador, as
he hbea, was paid through the French ambaffa.
SWiithout any further authority, the above
pblieatiot app eared. I leave ticwvorld t judge
how far his Lordllip's condudf Is Coni lent with
I am Sir,
Your humble fervant,
." ray 3, s716. 8. TUFTS.'" -
. The fIlkwing letr is inflerted at the regqwff /Lord
Girge Gordn.
Te Ik fKRINT1.
Mr. Tafts having paubihpd a lcttet in your
paper of this mooting, relating to the information
I had the honour to eommnunlcate to his Majefty's
principal frcrot- of hate, vefpedting Mr. dam,
it becoRs my ut to lay further particular of
that ihmllgenee befo" his Majety's feryants and
the pule, fi y huin joUeLathen.
*o myrT *ek eotland I fund j 'After
frm aroe k fred b thte ate of Vlgino,
eoddeAring thM Aieeriat A hnmbly, aia n
my advice aasnro fflon Ptlet ofr
Praet( t urdrotli Thsl I oommunicated a
a picee of ews to Mr. Orant of tb futher.n o-

dian department, (who livet. Coltohnon'
in New-Norfolk-flreet) and gte M men
tioning tome that Mr. Adamathe *Amrican A
baffador wa paid by France. Ide ired Mr. OGn
to earc o.h is bat prt, r
Aould ntot c bon

arcertain the matter beyond doubt as the -
n-asai ght-be relied on. -4Ir- E
introduced Mr. Tufts to me, (who ed s at Me
a thle.~a,' back th 1 tasindfa~ftaMr
thor. a__
"'I Kqs thed trartrt wuiktlt-e6ofree.houre
tht mit e Mr. Mr. Tuftq himself oa the fbi
j, wsa oathltepcated what I hid the bonoua
to communicapeg tOUt wiitoCku r
Tuperiedl r. orant. a my request, to write
i*L.,it9 mvr.1a0ic 42it no aftke might
happen afterward.s Thi wrinti was given
me,- im-geir.otth fT R' s:qdr d
him f t was right, and he ad it w i after which
his addirfa a erotmkt hee ac tie iaer
that migt know wherehe hewa gto kefmld O
r Wdoaef~ a morning I fent for Mr. Orant ai
, Mr. Tuf to iorm them of my having pilibited
the wi LnqCari tB. Mr.
Or n was~ Mr. ba',fa s bl.qt a bht
Mr. insa cto to a_ MANJt ris. !,e and
told rh further th rcqu th circ..umft .rrat,, c, e&
with Franct. I Wmo a Mrtinta h Mr.
Tufts before Mr.t, ht inrduced tio meg
on urpole, as the Otnfleap n who could furni
un cateia~c ntelligence that the American Am.
bafador is paid quarterly by the Firech Ambaga.
dor. -
I am Ory, however, "that Mr. Tuftes ltau
ctlink m condu hias not bee conflantea with
propriety. l1 thd confidcred the information as
matter for Secrecy, either in Europe or America,
I would ncvr have divulged it.
lanm, Sir,
Your humblefervant.
The Amne ican Minifter Ratly denies the charge,
of his being paid throeg* the medium of 'th
French-*s Ambtfdo as Rated by Lord Oeorge
Gordon, andchlklleng .hitll pordlip, Mr. Grant
Mr. Gray and all the relt ofmaUnnd to lay bt-
forc the 1puhlic whatever intelligence, evidence,
or colourof fufpicion which they have, or roppofre
pretqnd, or inglir they have, to the contrary.
hi Mr. Hatlint's defence their e ar a great vr
rietl pt trong.aud t loqucit the pre.
fent we have tleted eta following, wh;ch was
very much approved of, and particularly by thotf
who Ied fe ots harrd another Oetllemn's elo.
quence exerted, in frpport of thetrbellion which
has involved'. aO in debt, and dfmembered an
cinpire ,
4 I hvre sl by one at of the charge, be-
Scaufe it (hft the ground of aeculaion from me
to my employer, and in that fre invalidate
allthe feet but bhingdoae with llthatrelates
Sto- myfel I wo-s recur to thi t it is fated
that tht ARt4ndia Company having am their
part viulatdbthefnriagamet andrepaoncedlthe
conditions on which they received, an have hi.
thertaohd and enjoyed tbrDewaey of engal,
Bahar and Oriffa from the Kiing ShawAllum
have thereby forfeited all right and title to the
faid DIewanay, atrng from the faid grant andi
it is free and open to the fid King to refund
fulch great, and to transfer it to any other hince
or State."
I hope thb ehr, as i hands anshlt the Eat
< India Company, will appear tobe leasly refuted
in he preceding arguments ufed in this defencet
for I have not rented my own juftification imply
on orders received, but have equally endeavou?-
ed to prove theS qpkrs conAitent with good
.' faith, rrid juftce, and found policy.-Wln .
< refpc ta the infereaee drawn at the elok to
< the preceing quotation, namey, that tOr
SCompany have forfeited all right; and title to
"* the Dewatmy ariyng from the Wd grant, and
to transfi it to any other Prince or SaIte' I
will monfefs, that when I f read it, in that
Sanxionu tendrseft which e tae of wonaded
honourftlt from the labored sand vealuinao
Smafa of accoutllon that lay bfrC mSe i6
instant impreiemfdt estr y Mi d .a, that I hll
Sdithe- uttered tkef tntlmealri fe repbsmat t
Smy duty s a ferrant, sad m lphyoai .aIB
jta or th theytI hlibetd ns mliablsle de-
duolon'from Ibaee exI e an that might hef
Sunguardedl made u.e f Nor eani e, s-
Swishftandhi the change of there a ipph iom ,
Sunderftaid them to-have beta produced nto-
a criminal charge. but obr backs prpo, .idit
Sft all my oe f eane e -eanot.dvl
s a 6ther' ich =o16'e b It.' .
SI I' o'the L;i-U Iy -b ea-
r* to toial3 .llt xitle B I
** tc af~ ~a b I aMrW 1 *rCM

,-entertai, 4P lel ampr a feaMti Mfo ab-
wnt to, asy .ric sI W a uo n, and to my
Skdlfu an M gliau I; and if it a be
31rove, thA I have re 1111ude 1 6 1 CA O
uoderlu, to begme th ad date of san irinee
'or Sutae upon rth. f I opf0 ltw to my ,
jr will 0awNede tkL 2ll01 to te IgUiWad
with death, nu to be kanded wrut
The iwpechmet of tM. H* ages be o"
pre to .a clock, in which the following are the
principal alwmatcs
The great wheel which ommuads -the minor
.powantu. I-the Parlameatary interetA aing
from the Boroulh Mmbers of the Indi C.m-
he minor wheel whieb direct the haed to an
explanation, i wMr Pitt.
The peadIlumose wchli motion tothe whele
is the crie of thi oppreled and the two weights
jhich seAfi aiht h tindu m to vibrate aid matL
.the lock illk, ar the enormity ottbe crime
With whih the culprit itcharged.
SThe hour hand i Mr. DnnlasU and the minute
laud M.r Scott.
The dial plate which explains the whale, and
which prore whether the work ia bonet, and
wheu It i otherwise, it Mr. qtike and,
The cafe which cover the arcana of the whole
mechanism, and. hide it from pb iew, is
that which has long ree knownlby the name of
th stUaSg ed *t t m, which gr eater thua
the Thro e Itfef. .
7u y r. Theaew Lottery will yield to govern.
net no sleA than ISl,ol. ai. ; eIery a willing
of which will be diftributed among the mjeo
Jloyaift. On remarking the coammendablen of
the obje of this measure, one cannot help re-
Sptting that Miabry did at contarl to frm it
a all more catenfive feale. 4.1 ,lI founds
but badly in fome peole' earn I-b that nua.
ire which producI highly beneficial boo qen.
c., be its name what k may, isone whlth would
be ver culpable ia any fetvat of the public to
alete. .
Nothing can ebliibr the fuperlority of Mr.
Pitt's plan over Lord Stanhope',, mtoe thaa the
rapid rife of the per cents. after it was knawn
'the Bill er the reduaion of the National Debt
1ad received the Royal aJent: and it II now the
opinion of the molt expereitced Brokers In the
Alley, that hing before the payment of the Mich.
aelmas dividend, the 3 per cents. will adrnte fu
very confiderably as to he a price little fhort of go
per cent. .
Of the debts tincurrd by the Americans with
this country fine the Pace., it is computed that
not tcn per cent. have been returned, or uvhaps
ever wll be, to this oountry.-The proflortin is
a very heavy one indeed, in which the credits,
and of cowfte t lofles of this country, exceed
thole of any other country in Europe-our trade
with A merca too probably, being more than as
even are to one. .
According to te Manufadturers report., the
reign -order for the rle lrts on hardware
and iron caling, fr exceed the of any former
"Tht pecuhiton for July, in or feas,- and the
late rife in the price of Atoc whit th there few
da s, firprife the oldef and the mlu esperie..
t deal, in the Alley, The apparent crcum
ances are flattering-but there is too much caufk
to fear the Influence rather of opinion, than of a
proportlMtie incrtfe of ready money In the
wi 6 et. IBki otlatm for eace bttwet the
AlgerInes and Amercanm tare returned without
having effefed their purpoe, and even without
any hopes of fucefe'. .'Lomn remain at Car.
thagen, and M. lRadal Is Iarived at Madrid.
The plan for etinooilng tihel, anuftoe.
tures, c fc&tis to-b the onl cmtlltutional and
IteItual et bot tp lop eibalrations.-Tb pre4 C t
People, by rce, froib going where they pleae,
particularly If they cannot ind employmet ahd
fubfifticct a home, isuncolletutlol, ad con
trary to the principles o natural libet. The
ailid and patriotic method. now then. by tle no.
'cmen tlemn will. it t hoped, Coon
bare the dcltrtefet, Lithout having recourft to
violent meafitre. .
SWe may daily look for inellgence from Hl.
land of bte moot alarming n rtp re ll in the
ovincs, and d racid las the COi .
at, are but ehdcs to revolution'
Involve eveypaon in Iurepe, honr thtnaoy
be averfe, fomn policy or tuati n, to a r weWlW
of the horrors of war.
EBtar.a a l kiltrfnCm Airit 3,
'* A OntlUeman of tils place bh tcly h
alfhorn with hands and fuet, Intld hoo.
SIt other. pt were formed etr ki,.
.tut what t e8 lt. p if not nore t e
narf h e been bought m 6_f>_Jd by a ..t
e and the a te wih gra ite ality
-*4ttL fid that the feet bh e epulshf4, il

ader S be diepoe rL. Aoates Lever's
Marnl as. I I I
'.ly ,the above extraordinaryr eircuftaee,
'Cowe wilr become as hbno for calves, ci
Glliid mas years leom for rabbits."
.1, ,DWSL&N CAGIMsAf uss.
Thit. day e Grace tthe td Lue oant welt
tontat to the Halu of-t 't rs, with the ulos
.Abhm,.and the Colmn beng fTat for, gave
Gr esat wamsi a.oifto make the fol.
As" Ma, 4re uSdn ,
SI have ftrs, itu g1resfatihfat, the con-
ARnt attmtiop ad uncommon difpAtt with which
you have gone tlhrbgh the public bulnecs. Iam
thereby enabled now to relieve you from further
attendance in Parliament. The harmony of yu
deliberations hea give no lef efficacy than dig-
oity to your pradiOc ngi ; and I am rcnfidnt'
that you will carry with you the fame difpolto
for promote the bubillc welfare to yI r ence
Ia the country, weer your pretence will 4Bcou.
rag the industry of the people, ad where your
example and tour in0uence will be happily exert.
ed in elablin general good order, and obe
dience to the lam.
." Gemffltner i Hf Tourj) C ew A,
I am to thaLL you, 41 blt Mbef y's name,
Sfor the liberal Wuiis which you: l r'e given for
the public service, and forthe honoeri ruport f
bit Mijefty's government. They Ihall be khful.
ly applied to the purposes for which the! were
grated. My relignee upon your decided support
to the execution of the lana for thejilft cul!eion
of the public revenet, afford me the hell founded
hcpes, that the produce of duties will not fall
ftut of their eftimiled amount.
s** M Lvrds and Cretlenu,
The determined spirit with whikh.yod have
marked yor abhorrence of allawltef dllfAder and
tumult, hath, I doubt hot, already made an ucful
imprcni o; and the fautir lIws enaacd in this
faion, and partlcultly th 1 trodutio, ofafyf.
tern of police, are honbuta proofs of lobir wif.
dom, your nmoderatil, a your prudence.
His Majefly behdlis,.shil hehi hl faht ,l.
faction, the zeal and loyaly of his people of Ire-
land ; and I have his Majefly's ewprtfl commands
to affure you of the molt cordial returns of his
royal favour and paterhal affrhion.
I havi e he depe tn fe qfevery oh'igation to
cornfrm my attachment to this kingdctn; and it
will be the conflaut obhiet of ry acminifttation,
and the warmeft impulre of my heart, to fidrwaid
the fuccefi of her intcfrfis, and to promote-tht
prfppef ity of the Empire.
After which the Lord Chancellor, by his Grace '
Command, faid,
f.1 Lor;I and OartleMn;.,
It in his Grace the Lord Licutenant's pledfure
that this Parliament be prorogued to Tueday,
the lsth day of July next, to be then her hlden;
and thii Prli'ment is accordingly prorogued to
Tuefday, the sith day of July next."

Foa H U L L,
Jont Brntrou, Mainer ;
e .-7S WMn fan in the firil aweek o-k .
tembert hn'excelent accinmodatlons f if-'
ftRoge*. For parb e, apply to the MI(R on
board. *
R1f UN AWAY from le Su rir, Monday the
t 311k of July, a iro Fllow nied joa. Who-
e wil apprehend the fi runwy. J liver him
to the keeer of the public Jil in Ni, fll receive
0. O0.. Reward.

'TH E IubtrdLcr lItend leaving the Bahama-
1. flmdas, for a short dlle, in about ten days.
Su... ds aJON SULLI S f.

'"Tr E SabfCeiber leT. this public notice of his
S inteadinc to l o.Oeat.rtain in the
ourfe of aeix tooth order tI all pern
-having mnyda d&kl U him sy call" I tie
for payment an4 be ewr ea tle eteto
him, wlfiMdiateytly eto bfatifatfi.
M 1,A o F 0 it l. B
A, fai ng SCHOONER, a I the fLY#
carries s oo bets of Flour, and. wel ond.

'A slae l IU*a tme id der
7 7. WiLLAM GU.lW

N A S"lNW WSiyOOs iIS(
A N important revoletion is Qid, from good
S Ra1thwrty, to htlatdy taken plece in the
Spoini Cabnet :-Charles Ill. difguAed with the
carta and tons of goernwentit, h reigned the
helm to hi foe the of Alhuis, retaining
to himfcl(only the nUM and prad of Sovereign.
This event I fktal to that rtAIh Influence,
yhicl, int the present reln, has occafionec fuck
repeated loea t and diraea to the Spanl nation.
Count O'Rrilly, though tpportedby allthe power
of the Preach Court, is eprived of tlcgovmn.
ment of Andalufla, as well alof ll hiptlhr poa,
and has Ialily retired into France.
The Prince has ordered a drif ferutriy to be
made into the expenditure of public mle during
the late war. In the early Sage of thiMs buineD,
dircovcrirs of the mft Infamous peculation have
been made; and iM indliidualb who conceived
themifves secure lu1tt e .1tjyent of their ill ac-
quired richee,' hrvebeem f0lpped of them, and
condemned to dig for mo*,--ia theminm.
All the old Spaniards. Jealous of the honour of
their country, and zealous for her welfare, have
long been looking forward to the period, which
should rellere them from the haneful influence of
French counfela.-Thefb patriots have nw t heic
withes accompfhed I and a ery material change
in the European fryem will,.in all probability, be
the immediate confctuence.
We are iqll unapprzed of any appointment to
thi Goveirnnent having taken place, Letters
from tondon, dated la the end ofMay. received
at Charlelton, mention Lord Dumaore, Colonel
Seton, and Mr. Simpta, formerly Attorcy-Oc.
neral of South-Carolla, as candidates for it.
The Providence Packet, Ingls, and Lightning,
Burton, from this prt, are arrived at London.
A heavy Ga!e, on the asth of laf month, we
are informed, did coofiderabe damage at St.
Eulnaiiu, and others of the Weft-India lands.
A fine new Shiip named the Maxwell, built by
Mr. Foggo, for Mr. t'hriftic of this town, was
launched at Maxwell in Abaco, oR Thurfday the
id in lant.
The B;th regiment of foot, Commanded by
Major Daly, arrive at Grenada in May lat, after
a paiage of fix weeks from Corkto relieve the ad
Bait. of the 6oth Regt. under orders for Quebee.
An'ordonnance has lately appeared in the rench
inands, impo finr a duty of livre per qtuin-
tnl on all cjA.ilh imported from the American
State, and grantinj a boaty of lea iru per
quintal on the fame article Imported in French
bottoms ftrm their owtr'ittlemnt at St Pierre
and Miquelon.
Yesterday William Aleander. EZq; and Mr.
Dcvcreauz, arrived Iere from St. A tgullini-; and
this day William Teltir, Efql and Mr. Robertfon,
from Jamaica.
Anaivia Hall. From
Aus. s1. Schoo. Rebetca, Hawkins, Philadelphia
14. Schoo. Charlotte, Jackbo, Charlfton
School. Formidable, Rofe, Nevis
f9. Sloop Sally, Whitchead,. Charlfetorn
SSloo. Experiment, Watfon, Jamaica
SaiLjn, For
Augi. Sloop Adventure, Shaw, Halifar
.,* A A f/* Leter,, te p Sy fe tlue. Carf.
SCALIt, fu Iv.erytl, 11 rp *# t e PriiyOfr e, and
akillh Je, wa*.. Mude Aw...1, ft 4t* iSo.

7o be Soh at .Pu6lbf .uflioi
On MONDAY the tath of S Vsa1H, r7.
i 'q follotrji, TWW3,3XTs, late tbe pd.-
I perty of Mn RouIT ounce, via..
A WATER LOT. feet In front, adoming
to the Weftward to aS s B to Mrs. CHuassnT, h a HOUSE, j6 by iea
a HOUSE, as by as, wa Bric~QC y an
Cellar, a Kitchens s c.
A WATER LOT, o30 in ftnt, adjolnag
to the Wew rard to Cat. as, ad Eaward
to Capt. LaMa, with tf of a Houfe, 4o
by no.
A HOUSE and KITCHEN, upon trf.Flsit's
Eight ACRlS 6f LAND, mafrem laaflu.
The Conditions will be d lrd at the

Trnfteen for the Cedr .t 6r i.#.
T O l ItI kk X D,
*j Pfif u w a 49l,
Ai moust totei SBaTwArn.'
Formerlyocacupiedbr frsHa ar Efa,.
For Tenrm ppy to JOR RIST E.
Nm.if, A*#, Pg.

Ior o 3 re
A ^-^ ^.^^^L~*"*^^l**

dhdl Cheult(rk MiA their insrttt) fu*nght,
pol io nont belfn icred Ia any of their debaete.
& Lit. On monday lad, a pFor couple prerfnie
thdW h tha Great Park ma Wmldfr, during ope
df te Ou and Qen' ambulatory eacursous, wkh
orf ol te tldi bkit ot ouemrriag.e, lath
cof itr w Yr to ben tAir M iursu gave
% gh thea w a
.d aid m rWik, i Pon emutrybilr we
fo d M g, to tmakha ffpisron fio r fch a nn.
nmroma r y.
-SSday fl BardSorry made hapnamied cmele in
the Hoate of Commona reptttalg Parlamentary re
foel or iclhwwleftl by ajori of ii.
Three astraordinay articlesm intelligence arrived
from the Continau by the lft mails, vis. r. That the
Prince of Orange hd joined the Fcnch party in Hol-
land: a. That Cont Moailetlbo bad rcturred to
France: |. That the death of the King uf lPrullia
uru ecxpcAd, almost to a certainly, in a very howt
A private letter frm Vienna, df the ilth of April,
fat, that the Ruian amballadlo has received the la-
ortlan new., that his court ion the point of enteniug
anto a w with the Porte. The fame letter adds, that
thy learat rom Contfimtino that a Turk had fired
apaTtol at the Minifter of his Catholic Majftry, as he
was taking a walk with hi family, but which happily
miffed him : that he iftantlty orricd his complaima to
'the Orand Vfier: that the fteatalion wosfptedand
complete, the eender bahlg taken a im minutes after,
W put to daUk, and' bi body thrown into the fea.
Tfs momtai the parfcr of the Waar.n lfafiini
lmeward-boulnd afl-lfndianan arrived at the lndia-
Houa, with the agreable news of the above ihip
being fate arrived off the Ile of Wight from China.-
She ailed from that place on the sth of January. and
from St. HeleM the asth of March, in company wlih
the Rodney: they left at St. Helena the Chlilarfild,
the AlfrIe, and. Locho, which we to fa in a few
d a so. Tlahy an inteadiryletter wa delivered
to Lord Gorge Gordon, b the enny-prt, fi Lwti fnram* Gl Ord,, toaien to murder inm
in four days from the receipt of it. a he came from
France on purpose. The leter was laid before Lord
ydney for a proclamation in the Gasette.
It is cpeld that a Ihort time will bring about reat
revolutions in the law dpuatment, vi. the Lord
aellor's recovery to appear again in the Court of Chan.
ner, fill conaderd to be ery doubtful, and by feme
as a bnot iapofiblc..-Lord Maiaseld's period
hi allbppfod to be nearly arrived : his friends fay,
that he will fay but a ery little while loner in the
court of Kil Bech.-The M oater of the Roll., it is
given out, will fucted to the irft vacancy of the above,
and Lord LoUghbrough to the second, if h choofes it.
-During there few da lpaft, Lord Camden has been
very different in health if his Lordllip flould think
per retie. it isfaidl that Lord Stormont will be
We are gld o fad that matters are n the happiest
'rain fr a renewal ofour connexion with Rufia: Fhe
loprehas predilection for the EngliUh, which can
aot e y be done away by the intrigue of the French
Cabin whtl the Britilh Adminintio continue tu
at Ith her on libenl tcrms.
: ?roe *fa Itlr, from Chirl urt, MaJ I.
s The ftines defined to build the piers on, for the
mn of thia har r were launched this day,
of he a rg b of the tet o people ever got we-
b thia part of the kingdom : t vaft a body, ant
e*drt tech eate, does great credk to the engineers
mployed. The fae of the cafe wa l40oo tons, nearly)
uial t the large &ipo war."
Mia as. On Saturday the purfer of the Lord Cam-
den G -lIndiani arrived at the Idia-Houfe with the
grebeale intelligence of the atie rial of the above
np the StUt, from Bengal file failed from St.
ed on the 4 M of March.
Count 0'cRiy wheo enjoyed one of the bll Govern.
ridat Spai. -aWd who wa honoured wibh several
mlftary dlnleshas been, by order of the Covernt.
a ts1 a pip ot l his civil and military employment,
ordered to qit Cadi, and retire to one of'his own
daton a vry odrate petaion. The caulT of thi
dlace i aurnow1,.
S, The aspTre ca of the Thames already
o2lar u t et f the lritl k trade, the motl
klsatdv pai ofl 4 the wisdom of Government, and
, rela 't hrii t r fion. Our American and Green-
WI it hi oC teir voyages; but fill the arri-
sab tMr b adia, the Mediterranean, the Baltic,
s' t c. w r ma h navigation and commerce
$eirml anm< M.
,df. Tlek fab is the lpevae-, or the ery
V bi or g n amuee, pronounced the joth
'f l t of Pari s:
,'.afrobatioms pad the
AMl- ft ef frvatielooy aspo
fbit drate fromr the resored-
"f 'iS ltu 3 ailni aM4 t tereby, Ai-od
& t criminal -The Slor
XddI tso be iy whIp.


, nsd caluosniou afo efola agaitL the raid Catdiill.-
'The Court finally crlertt thlt pefe fnt lennce hal;
be prited, pd up wherever it amy be cltcdfL"
* an the hth ilo. the Jud opened their oiutaiiiot
Sat Cafifbar, the alsh town o~ tM sient'et Mlaolu
Sand thee afj/iuald jiWt w won ro
r, Of ru.*m btieoer, all iadidM d fier the fanc
Scr inea iald arlt d talMhcr, *e ely, 1r. litge-
rad and Mr. ".e.i er, wcre tried tdhillr day.
A/felt iatl f nor I ltant, in hlif the coruutel
"-Je thl pt.focrS aMtaittd porhlut tlr liing .. -
- mit could furenih for their ftIc, Ahe Lord Chabl
i darn fLammed up the evidence iu flisdd and impar*
trial ma nncrrso to give great fatiadlion to a crowded
Court. The Jury w.thdriw, and ui about an hour nt
turned to thnir box, when Mlr. June., tha fI remain,
delivered the ved i' of lincif iand fellow jurors-
lhat Ge orgl Rkolrt Fitagarald was aUil ; and that
Lrcckr.,,k was t gi y.
On the asih ofld llmonth died atl.ibon, Doen 'e,
dro Cl iicr.t.'hiXl e'Portugal, and F.'. t. aged op.
Hii Mnjcfly w2o bisthle'to the late Iing of l'trrtal
and married hls nicc, Maria Frances fhellta, dugh'.
tar of the late King by whom he had iflue, Jov h
Francts .Xavitro, hiic of rinrail, now &Kinl'uof Por n
gil ; who mtrritsd lis aunt, Mlalla Francifea Brncda.
third daughter of tbchef'cemclotimlnd late Khin. 'I
Q een Dowager (for Eof'lhe-rufl now be called) in olt -
ti quence of the desth of lir hfebanl, iha. rctitl to
Convrnt. Skyr MOajtfly'st end r4ni are now Ki g
indl Queo of Portug l. And rthe Chbealirds Plates,
thie Pottugsu ia: Ambfllador ut our C6urt, it is belaevyod,
will be appoiinid Miniftir I I Porlbgal.
'Jun. ao tLcrJlay Ilorning, at tuI b'clock, came
on to be tried before l.od I aughbiroueh, in tihe (unn
of C lmlnolli PIae, ertninilr, tlAc ftie n brought b)
. the Honouraile Chtles James IF,,, agaiall 'lthomt
Corbet, Efl. High lB.lit of Wefminlnlter, for not ha
ving tande a rrurn of limn as reprefetative of Welt-
miaier, when duly e'eded bI a leale mnrity dr votes.
The damages were laid at tco.ocol. The 'trial llfed
all ne.r9 at nial., kwhen the Jury went et ofCciurtt
and after rcaning three quarters o( an hour, retuis td
with a verdia for the p!atitff, and tc. 1bafs~arijn f i
damage, a.
o.*e at. Anthentic itelllgente wat reerived at the
India Ho.e, by he Britannia, on Friday, of the death
of lTippoo' Sltan. The following circonmiance at-
tended his death : Tippoo had ajtlhbled a large army
to aed gainft the Mairanta, but bef i e he cannr cnced
his operate one a ainft that nation, he determined to
attack Hlrtt Sail) 'tie *n Aic' deted Bednor o Genet
r.l Mlattlhews), ihfn at lime head df a large body of
Vaeari on the MalAior ealt co li Hyfait wasafrongly
intrnleidl, and tire ripht of hit iatrerchmcnt wao
covered by a tlroul mud fort. l'.p,,u's forces were
repulfcdrin Iwo attack and sooe atte were loft in an
attempt to form the fitr. l'ipoe Ieremaptfrily ordered
them to advance a rhird tiie. to, the attack, (word ao
hand i hot indead of beying Iis orders, fame of tlhe
troops turned fuddenly von lihn, gred, and mortally
wounded him. IHe was -ct rked' to aeringspatam, whers
he died. His fia, an irAnt, succeeded him, anad Cum-
rordicn Cawn waretrAsrcld legcrt. This arrangneictt
was oppoerl by l','er's farvivirg fo, and it was
reported t NMadrc that Hyuet'i fon and Cumrordlev
Cawn were flaiw. The M!,hratta amnd the Nizam,
with their joir: florn htve finec creffed the Krifnra,
and in all probability tI.h power*o Hyder's vafl empire
is at an iend, asis wa prfopited tocofifer open Hett
Salb, Hyder','teonquelt ou the Melanbr coaft, and to
relnfant the snticnt family of the llyfot Rajuh, in
Mfyfoe, as a tributary to the Mahratrat.
We have atcotons from Paris, that the notorious
Comtefe de Ia hflust underwent, on 'Wedne y la t,
the difgrac tul part of the frntence awarded a tni
her: Ihe wats public whipped in the PVece de erev
(the fpot appoited t t'he execlltion of malfaftora)
and branded on both flnuolder with the later V. na
VF or cui atn n iceat. bhe wa: thrown into tfch
cenollve fit*, :hat lf men were hardly Ificient to
hold her.
g All in the fnds at (hcrHirg.--A faguisie nation
mual meet with difappointmcnts-the worked there were
to have rore out of the fra with little rtoublc.-but, lo
difficul'les on diiniulire accumulate every day.
.ue tso. '1h following we are given to unddiftagd
are *1 eiltre of the article ef comenre now nagocil-
tino by Mr. Edea with the FreUkt Minift~rs at
Paris .
After the aftl etordlum,
r. That all articles of merchandise, the growth r
manufadure of France and Crest Britain, be mnaulty
admitted, and reccivec in the fame manner as tha me-
chandize andmanulaadlre of the moa favored nations,
at the feeral duteis to be expected hterafter-Agreedf
A niticular addenda tq be here made before fac arti
ede hall paf a ifunally e aidrerd adadjaSed, in cont
deratliol of lme'na ecpdieu an tie O of the Enr
Pleniptentary reathie to'catnbrikt; lk giod,-and
wina, and on the pat hir MobkChrlftl Maelty'l
Commillmnneif f ttg hardware of alliinds, prati.
calarly gunanlthr arlel, and oodsni conamonly
called 'rTbridge ware.
a. Eachk'atal ag raly to provide a-
i th' ati o*f 1 M ,P "lieor privae;
btm "u_ ig for to4rM n tBe Usden eo man-
Iba ie st Yanei 4 hsbt ^ 6arlk tty d oeirymW
r narS d wo l taWhrUetyl"
So to -

4. N article whatever Aou/ ubte tauy ae
han the poet, or more someluftcalg~lsn bkf,
loics, to be paid ea thea nryu, ate dole rpin tah.
4 by proper olcor, &c.
Agiedtu, lihuids and ftvllls tile produce r mant.
1.Teur hsltil i .0
5. a y tatl afrut dllt, a all
wgobt e lowe,.ih ae aad,
,r or. l r Artell.
6. No aduditi.ndl duesii to be laid on at any ti
-hneafter, bnt ashrlrs ma unothek gilve. Agrm
cscept after puble declajstlou of was.
TIe itrAl.U.s tl In esh cotlltry to be a
fur rtcoveiy of delt, urclarge, ar. after the accuL
nmad me aer of be . ry part.or paut ofl h';p cgos atntmpc,;l )
bc fiaunt Kd ialug, so etvde fuchse-id dkdut, 4
or tn-uid red an contlalbiad, but nit to etand t:.
mnanitrpat rtftthlrargn.' At Agreed.
9. N|p drwrwbt4 of ic seriginil iapulla In ca!L .
re-erprrarou. Apgad in tou.
10. In ieer to equals'a the dutics ai milh so pc*
hble. they hlal he 4alaled.tJ es'a*mau t auetdin t
i. fjri price paid l7 the ii:.politr. Agretd--, Lm
of the drltiea y flung a luwer price tbhi is rcJ
pail. rul jiJi g the whult to the latte of cri.nlata
Agreed nl otau.
It. That at no tine hereafter te 'egllatrtttrr cfr,
two iosunitrac Ilbll or. ary prene,.ce a..~tle Ilr Iw ;"
pnfoit listie onu foci or fim!ar aticvia, the prod,.
growth, e.r utnutlaut re of the two cowntrile, rt as'
'and kin.d40m-, o s toe Jefn the demand fe ther la
Agreed h lot,,.
Ia. that there irulasionl, Ihall be to flL:
r;:l. as arc JSou-a.e ih grIowth, pruduc<. or IP n,.
t el r. of the coutitmic al:iCe, boiiuc, casidi., allsw,.
-posted by thipsor verlels ena.eyiig and inavilta:i Lg n ,
ihe flag f the two ncaiuns rtfpattively ouI. 'hhi .
tc!e to be rcconlidered iatute.
13. ihAt thefr articlhaanrTegdalauh ftalliheaad
*rn.i. in full force fouriten year#, fulij4c to Liti is..
turc reg uiat'ons, larations, additions, fubrdia.,
ai. auiendatniuu, as the aecelitiseof the hao'f-
ear to make nactiary, tender te nuatual idea of a u..
i'rucal benefit to the Sovtrtignt f of thtwo tu.*,o
rtcir heitl, fbtijedl, *, al, &e. Agreed.
14 1 he above prLliminaty articls flaJl be fullyai
duly ratified and colinrrted in fix uontho from a ie s
fint date, or as foun afer may be.
iigned at Paris, a tire articlet being the baS edo
:omnecrct i nlgoe tlon ad arangn cnt of traic, Lc
'he mauttl benefit of the two kinadomas &c. on ida*.
!ay the IS:h day of leue, 178&
liuifler Plasipeiintiary, &o.
(T. DM. VERGENNEF, A.Comiisecr, Cornm&
I& of State and C!;inet Minitlct. And lrevr,
S.J *. Sir Cuy Carlton takes his p.tIie to (.
bec h il.t prerTlfl iti-'te Of at gous, coiinitakZ.ilY
it.4 oy' haighntfo Pritre Wilhan Htary, lo is
Uoiw for a lotici to that part of the litoe.
Mr. Adamn, Frofcoor f ancturatlphilfehyat,
in Noirmn Ty, rtcotr.nrindr, hier repeated pctniicina
ihe Wo!i,.uing method of rricting rancid fault krner:
Let the butter be nsltad and nialmed, and jut int a
a piece h bread wcU toaflet on evey Cde ; in a ri.
su it or two It.* butter will loft its clenfive til .ael
mlil,l but tihe bread will become pcrfedlly feaid
a1y '7. 1 he commtrial treaty between ireat.
Britain and Framne is in a fair train of being lhaplI
completed, Mr. Eden having, by indefatigble simh*
cation, removed federal dilculies which were thouIht
to have rendered fuch a hieaftare ble
Shlich will in ait prabobility now turn out to tie inaisiul
advnntage otoh countries; and it in to be lioped, that
by furh a (Je commercial intcrcourfe thoel hlbitad
piejudi 't on both hlides ill be moved, wiich rs isf
ditrnrefu! to the age.
ft hal Itn fald, tatiu in confeaqumteoftihe cone-
clIl treaty be ing likely to take place between the iL
lil and Frerch, the Dutch have .hownadiftpoti to
often a netgeiatlin af(n, and that Connimicncr wall
be appthihtd very hertly to carry that mmala into
A ncgoclation is now going ma by ans d ar
Rober Ainlir, the Britilh Am ladmdr at Co ILit-
nople fore mvivni the Altie Trade ueer lad thmWoy
Egypt and Tukey. and i is tioughte it l w b brorie
to a fedy eOnluehifi. n.
.5F 4 The prprokffic f e ed of tm rtCau,
over the tndia Coupa.ny, i lto itpe and dir the
I al movements of the Coway; rdat it is t
.aid, in eea, ashnwledge by their proactar.
kich hIs at no period dllietf ae r s LthinL lke an
undoe iaterflarn e wiAsa of the 'myany a eY-
canr. lat ditroslltl l ai t of the l ty
vry'ofteh clo lyint lwovre with fdnmwsaro sn-
dat; L odeh fs laded, sthasti M dihalt ta yt.
whA. Arshst t ee t wUlerasBH eerop*ryfla -
Now wlat lin of etsdu w m e tM 3 Frdte prtLe Vi
faeh a cafe n thla I la tlsa, whlitrh a ettrpr tha,
don, on be IqeghadM baughk I asppen to !.U A..
wit the oevinmo of Direaoersr Srely amn. 'r
Csnp.ny Ior the Shhe of u itre tn I. k.
op s a siis Ith tariu ofer othr =e ,?. erut

S t S" el v e didB set r 4 O oi t o ttS
Ia who there le = SstloZ 4w Which the
am anvwamr, W sou if they eurlaote slan
2 dRETD ime96iod

o h ef Caa'.ofl: r the dadva.,

,mfm, lteyd3 kedil. oth tormos ,.
ear tibtllita bad isan & di e at =S
comthe so the l Md M beh rates
hitt w IS hel, as she oM ad,

than t the to ,+. t to, aM e .
prof.uoo wa. rs.. ta s w *Jthe ltht the
oar, th w l t1 a or M. Ha
t h<' irwlit henoti a Itte dMintd. oweo,,

frtn what Iha alrady Is IS th Kefeot Com1=no.I
the people will The thea oay e who hve bie n
appsr oll Pir nom, raoma, rmd Ca
tot Rfclditysltrae of ie poEW Mr. H"WV
prik.. < t. RAW ., = de til dmr th:
FeeitIs o Gover, the Fal& ar dobnatf Mr. od.
tinesa-' l bemato alitl dfii l wdri r

hdveno al ar t harle b the atahowlrtie
bou tut b iKdt pble I tkH Itwt Csor r
th e ps u pm dl 1 u ua y a cl ar e r e f r m
iI ou to M Ith flerI Jd 4MIat ef Mr. Hi-C
to hre O ob uat hart, kec dMu odutrtnon
hf artil ise w|hl be ewill. n the other han,
have the pthe i o 4me Itoat of aM the weiT id.
clei olfcuftal klthem alm*aJf ha. oly se
been broeuat bM to hi0 d i that the IscrAieal
of the whole.
7, I.. Therin of nuIfi atesmiomn to be tbe
aliuat of the Malogme. T pa Cir pays
in dutiem to Govminat, she aonId fam iof ol.
au it appea, from apitrulnc tht llk trhem
peVlom a the p) ft d Cmautuu Adt, were
in ti hei et liUrl y7tl two third me of I*
tena the Chempadp -,Ae tothe WVle.dy Bill,
it bide fr to be a e nry aommadlbt udr.dd
ceide to the CamIeale Ast. h wUl yield meI-
Adevabr y ci tln oooool. a mr; al the lbe time.,
tha It will not in the tooal ma on the comvenilnce
or iNtrela of ny u akt r lre add nldctcbly to
the number ef iresaU oICer.
Torl. ThePrioMfWaleuo, h r faedi firem
the I oatuitis hIs lis'rdefnni ty Ihave a '
ded Ile h amre wit cuIlmm, sad it Is in
rWMw the fth gaeasan ands lopr, that his
Hl sfr e ith a g 7 nealty,
^aibf aMl f thed f an a h o
daitlew h ti e to I. bithe their hoer dU m
maybe f Mfwlered, Th Is a eaoe that will
doNy enader him to the people.
I my hbe agroea to me n d l, uh8 wel to
men of pecnled, to be htnlmd of the prefen ilate
tf ip4ki n in the Sothbts htboe do ng.nd
nd WIkls eomitkulcld to I by in inlellifIet per-
~le who *mad a tr w aew to dinvd the Stp.
as dhuspeft a d si n.

At Oravtfad, Bed Stairs, Do- per t.
ONr od4 Flhlka,. .C 0 *
Herlke, Co Soes oth umn,
Weymoanth, Tw th m.- ridpOn.
Tuopl aun, shre h, Duitauoth
and Cawfiwnl, l7. to 7 9
the ie.i Ciew*e.d jsasqff.
At Bidde&,rd and lafnuible, 6 to 0
Ia (> jorjM Cdaln1 -I, WP/d~.
At NHew at, Ouelom, Chci
low, Newport, Hytdb, and Ir-
ey,. t. too. t 1 o
fe thoL r p r., the wel a eau toc c plete
the huU, jdnl_ wrk, carol week, ad the wuk Of
iarntel, iuw. he. witlnoet UT cen chut
lime fo]~-~* s'p g eie M0 lr llt, frio
Bolo., I. one ihb richdrt Il poilt o lprrc tha heu
auriwld Diase dse wr :-0l13 DolMm.-e*9 Joe. -
506 Crowns.--a Olei..--t Plaileh.- 64 he
Silver..-I Moleo -$l$ soncedf gold. ThI Twhol
amount lab u o,ootl. 11 L

At their I T O E B l the A Y,
VorCai),pgoaJl.1ra0e orfa 0e only.
SONDOON wired Porte,l the CA, HaO-
Sper, o Don i Tbnl|M' j Iortc, 1i
&rrel sodAlias Old spirit
In maiC QCIA', i brle
Talk ASe, Ia Is iti e ) WaS-a1:so
Rum, by the Ibm G0ir, lro of Porty
or istWO*oosI NWeoRvadbpSsv Detor
K teek ehorprMimelar V I sweet etcha4. Od OB-, 1, a, ,Orae,
ol Chl, Od a TWas Lof ,Ralut
aInd wCanot. a choqew,

Ctyr, o sf thle a i**
*o Aer Air.rll.j; y e j

A HOtS1-sodtae A ID,

or Tea sply to On aI TC TI
Nqfip Ap 8b Ig.?*

NA&SAU; Aeou g'r6., .lfsB^i .t(KriB e ad
thB tallcoma6 t vweatr wal 2 teAs. ah al. o, f (e w lof peace-.l
d mti?*ikat am& ay iaH at wblft Sin other%,
Oof-Mr of th k ehocirsic thare emf appe ari .

tih esr aen o, ', a U s ......... . .
lia he Mary am I Mrs. WMe, s, r open
Parlia e at w 'rvfe the caideth of IJT v r ar u I c al t I

aodee d anyan ianoee r Maoetareeoa, .r a ,o a1e fc rit

helnor theit Ma. iled, ale "i n wac l441 --- -m y r~ HC to IQ.
tol a ,Ne a tao I t Ive h he Op *. 0haCd.9
ai ofnd n3 dLTd Chd Glals, and low
eo" I ao .. t a't, .- l th 4aet As,,tte mesa n Sd
ur fIecat ow "hi .- ri .a to l. t.ater 4 r, i. i lfh & 'ro. &. C.ngs eons
we rie ant people. we an have b et' e to --- i s e O L a, Dattdo
Uder lhe ranfpiciei a le eLa of oLd ucsulaa.rd a 's PUll AN o
Admiaiu traotin aay we not inealo e Ia allm ison Ie t rt. at .MT le l io
prhnpedt of Uthi hithurt irgt.d corner atthe lirirA s ede iif- Neoto
mniocnhlnglntocaaoltkquahCCJ tth tt tl,1 rc -- t
t tlit wiu fc thef wia fured r gererou cm. JUST IM POrTED,
nluor trulaal ia iay o pfe rt o e h mtUri" lam the Ship oItAIta C4141(4 PFOR 1 T,
In the tho m eon fages, Mrn Wool dril, a b To eo lCb Ifit
Lintee ant Hos, of ltaolrNay, Mtr.S rehen FALCONFER SHIR F, Co.

Havfen, Mr ..Inge r 'tn f V H y1ito d,,, Toa *d Do, Nt o. to j
Solh, h m Mur. CeU ad eL Mr Pass y STPl U B SpS I 6
oehercc ru Frrmlh d ae Ik hevJIIII- ~PLoa rr | t.-
tLhis n sh iae tevae a6a relpedingt Conarece a a W iles

ad el have M sa Cd In fou r t a r dne we n_-

li9er.784 aU ..nd of the velrso rawtheas Yello w a oitc en ecer t Av. ,
tils nt ti, J varir l at *Ld strc o Ro US a alid a Silk.
IWtlon Mt bited, thfe Llghtnintot w. the oaly *no f;i H"'i.* ree, & Cotton Holet

debil are u *p elJ rnu el for t pcSnu pth ire d o t S. I T m I dit
l up bfor lI t, d ram upelt to fail the ill the dt simo rS as r dittoS
Sthis. meith.-lsec Ligltifai, alis her lto palleg. Pi clk 6 1 TI pe &lmawIm eo ar d tine Shoes

homs t sadl d'the lan ain flaw(. fTe tCp% ai ic, e mi dl s c Ut d
dc, hLudi artOlurJ. JL rs asMrom .4$ Chtdren,
C.u. rt tea tafeer ta Mr. Alaa time Andtri tho d ottiad Poner tChia, al lta nd tllofr
Misie. roon .the o o 1..t lairto, rel o ,, to A ie P te h i Gsse d hYe l :
Britif ePo, bhld an the lawdh y m iloryed d o'" er Oil ca ndtd Wcrn
u ato the Uniued Statep. W which, with their frmer Aw o, will be fold on
Tlhat when America Sut a waifeft a m eel determi. reafoaable Tarmn.
natio to a ullil her part of the isw t ujtrt-hriain N. 1t The have lto far f, a fe Patcheon of
will not hei erte to proe her sltrit to c .-o rate in hiA h proof JAMAICA aPlaITIS.
whoever polas dpcu d a0 le, to tcrry every rnitn TOb b e, S L
of it into Jral and compete tued t T e s L
SI t grie k.a mpiatbd of br mer hao usad By PUBLIC OUTCRY,
other IlrIa fuihjet, beviiratM, propLrt,ad a)l t it N D U S ,
Ulebt dus to thcm in the Cilo9 u1ates., a acaul I on MoNDY ea, atr Twelve'Clole
1 Jdr/Aseta.r.ohe ad piedi ih,. 3d fa No
wveher ~AI4, fou)ndeg the parinmt iritcel. The Schooner FORMIDArji;
.Aee*.4e "he at liksthe ilh of Juy 0Alt, b'y *I'IaT klnaarten, Nbov-Seotia hail. wll enLc
hh it ardcl it e pcd rld n af ilet of a t fr nd it to prF e immediat ely
interest on all desi before the l of Jantry 1:6,. efa.
.irdl l r the Iap f .January ij, a* l eaccuti,,c o STEMrXIt O A MACKENZIE.
the principal are foelbidlich to L isicd nutil the t4i> v,.- A.-.1 ijll
tiea oftluce yearin stSr the cv a.tiente N-Yk. ut. 1
"The l;h of Mratch l e, rnd confirmed by ot. hr o ^, S old at Pu^le A7 Sl in,
In 1S4 and A1Ji. lA. On MONDAY tbe lth of S a rySS.
Ph law p alied lo an afrr the twicer follewing LOTs and Ilte I' e

period Ar.,VALeTa *of rOober i6to, aUoisg A WATI1 LOT. fet frost J dctjoining
Briil dkul be paid uino the tnaluty; nd th 1t to the Weftward to Mr. al Seftwrd
provfioia ei mo d. for the iurn paid in C4,C7 4. to Mrs. CfeasTtlr. bhavinlg a h t< by o,
4yd. miilaoija t. iI.I,. Atirtc pcic. a HOUSE, ir by 11, with a D hilnear and
Ia ni yn eitof thfe grma r, l. adof Cc'Iar. a Kitchen, NeclDryI, LAc
Jly tiS, oi bitih ateme-and fatoe who lad arri. A WATER LOT, 3o emit in ts &dja4lnis
vel in that ftauea edcwrcd to depart the fa"te IwhklI to the Weftward to Cat. Dll. ftwar
rfeiriAl wn mIeve d iby the ligature Is Novtibcr to Capt. LAI, with l Pruame Hou, 40
followingl and dh rirlill agents eancd f-dor i permitted by 0o.
to merr.-IThatby o && of Caober 784., a11 OBrirfl A HOUSE and KITCHEN, upon Mrl. Fu,'s
debt u e 1o be paid by (even equal paym.entsthe Lot.h
.Ito be arie Ihe sO I nf *A 6, andf. ea.o anctltC Ell uof LbAN, nllt"ftat,
n y-....h an Intenr tall -- llmed between the E ACR-ls AI- e mn.e eres tra.
mM., otdistons Will e declared at the Sale.
de. ao hai anred a ec d.r-That .o ktlentcnue 5 UAD
-,eha hbod or ether all c .ar e .lfo h Mr.rre ..
This th e lnj ad anae, ut eoas e Troee fi the Credtor of Me. R ri bt aca
the rmsetim ecle ll the foraiai therefioceitt i S OULIJ the LViTNU G Arrive here about
dahbtfal whether it elS &a la.w.-ThCe fP pAid into 0 the middle of aM mosh, 9Ul1ded. Ow
the'muAsiry, account of ritilkcrtditnori, Ca73,54! will imllediately be l p for ei it and tpf-
1l3. 7d. equl r to eel@nof COfCmS- hling. fciager tldoor-Te eas e A taken of
**ekd Ceeor-S oaet ba thi =ate ae co- id anew plank lmealbile fbted h It i place,
plaMld at, bet st pentlelulrlY meatIad. and othcrwife oMfltly m Itted, I confte.
l8as amednesby a asse.ssrsa, paed the 26th. qnicaj of the Ir sa llon f the car-
of Marnh 1714, iai eillt ahe Inlitted or a debi pentern who cnals kr. that file
arevloaoaa theb pethbroatym171 until the &4lof wesaper-OITIpeI -a 4 fisip;
(anoarya,`dW1 RaennA only iaae hsd airw
ce Jeaary lyso, mlisht he Recovered;I and onth. capable of running fmanyyear..
E50'an... sal'. s r. u .faheaIt** She is a two.deaw, Nsth-.CatlY bult, and
Rid of J emmu mlNh folerthme do h id I Is unced In the yWa sI twall cutte t at Lia-
My e e b asseem tlej, a debto, alaf don a, an !ia54dt npasil P ac to proceed
uyid aSta 6 allowed d o tRd, when r Pe slpe boing ou.
.= =. athe esc retdte is oliyred to Nafem. AlteiqaS. it Us
'Idisect the" ofu ___ Aviei. Theft mid FoiaR
the ;Omf do thIsa are greatly coorl.-
ri Wr tbmM with it pa"> H l
to Irk* of dout&OnllitW 1'L.A I Agms
wm'lthe Irstd t iNb I. thant e* judge i4Ui m, Draw, M3serI
frIom s e hao't #mi t (ofil betaell hbCe pro- of pLl-t

coLed aym a4bldfrf t i oge b
Uk4r tee tug mRadbe Saml

.ntodunlri* M bfl WIn Om ul t.N. -
5pat F", dale. is in fe<" t le ,jlee, defaf 1l, 011.

P1haenr bebates.
otv .sa q"fPW o~i FnI ry se, vy.
%u.. -f,,'sm I W.

I.. I =
rAVI tl en formed n ro liha n' given dine
SL.ion. to form asy, the p9le somplIt of having.
violated hIs hk, ndk 0lned the cheartr of th<
itleti mio fs itqnce f to the ground.
As to tie nccrau -'r.ier.not being trunfinitted by
.Mr. Hifiings, that, he Iid, was not the charge now
a.'e tgaini t im Sind.theefrre whether he had been
ouiltyn4 fuch a Re4le.txir.ot. i4 could be no ariigumen
for P* o~. -~rtuoit. now moved lor, and in
fad taio. iprio l but, that the paperss lluledc
to hIy the I tjloH b nman, might not havt
reached ,eingi till a4cr tHaing. had left that
country.-- t Lbe wtten oveCtthe arguments of the in.
expediency' of produin tihepapers now moved for
proitr wth lestt4biLtthat the enpiifure of them
under thie e it in liadia mul nicef.
fa. ilybe a t e t wi the muft aderuaiveconfeqipm cee
to the Cogipan bet craying the fecret motives
by' of l Princes another in that conn-
J ory were'w Iked qp would effcCtually ruin all fu ure
confidence in .e.e fa faith of Urvat-B gain-He ul
couirfe objeied to e motion.
Mr .Serid.oth rue, and reviewed the arguments
made ufe of by Chancellor of the Excheqier, and
wa particularly fefl in his atackaon .hoft which
were founded an the neceffty of fccrefy.
Major Sfe and Lord Notib fpoke ; after which the
Houfl divided, whenthere appeared,
For tle motion 73
Agalill t. 40
Majority 0I
Mr. Dres faid, that e would not take up the time
of the H,,ufe by entering into the particulars of the
amendment he propuofd to nmae to the India Bil', in
the present flag of -that he would content himfelf
wish limply moving for' leave to bring it th ; that he
would, in the lhorteAf mau er, rep over hisgeneral
intention of the hill but without wilhing to create say
debate upon the fubjed. If Gentlemcn chofe to objed,
time would be give them afterwards. By a provfilon
in the preent bi.L It was.a rule, mat in cafe of the
death or resignation -of any Member of the Council,
his place Ihould be Siled by the net senior fcrvant of
the Company. This predued great inonvericnce, and
he meant to give the GoverourGeneral the power of
bringing any man into the Codncil, in a cale of thht
kind, that he plcafed. Another objet of this bill
went in allow the Governour Oeneral to decide in any
cafe, byjis own opinion, even if three of the Council
Ihould'bDe'C gti him.
At prefeat,lh faid, there wereno authentic accounts
from India to Slify the furmilcn that II ehen made,
with regard tro general dIfcunteot prv.iling there,
at certain clau in the hill alluded to. But he meant to
make fuch i ationa. It hal been conilinid, that it
was very b that people coming from thunce should ibc
obliged to liver an accurate account of th-ir fotrups,
of the m or they lid acquiarel them, and of the man-
ner they h fpent thIm. Pcrhapi it would'eotb he aree-
able, and' was indicate to defire gertlemcn, to dif'
cover ev private tranfadion: their giving, for
inflance, a thousand rupees, or a lack of rupecs, to a
miltrefs. This hlvdip was the gre acr, as therc con-
flflons were made mi ter of r.cord. He wa there-
fore to take a ay us thI* Pat fe and Rill obligeeople
coming rom India t give .account of their folrtinle.,
but not to make teime be wfcorded. It wa alti very
inconvoiont, b. bh to the members of this Huufe and
to the examiditon ofbuofinel, that two hundred mem-
bers Aould be prelenit or iallnbt, with regard t the
Board of Controul.-He net therefore to provide,
that two hundred mAmben Ihold fill bal'o, but that
it Should amt e neeefarye orthem to be all recent at a
time. He wol4 not go farther into the hill, ua it wa
read to be puti I bands of gentlemen, and they'
wouldhave at runitt of forming their opini..nt
before it am I e dioufld. He therefore concluded
bymoving, "' t ie abe gip to brig in s.bill
to amend the d tu wih rqgrd India"-Leave
being grated
Mr. Ffremri wibled to maea motion which did not
interfere with dhe bill of the Right Hen. Oentlcman,
bat only frllogthened it, ." that care be taken in any
bill made with read to tdh, that no claufe b~ inro-
duoted to inure tht begf t aigof n nglinman, that
of trial in all cafre bya.jr y ofi PLdr. And that no
preedebt be(Feoqea4st purpuai in ay part of the
The moo Seklstfonedi thes, qoeaion it wa
put witoe ut dq and tieoufe divided.

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would reo .that ha .bi wa of th. etmol(k i "ipo r ie t o

the ofd sf &throC 'bee

t alttt mt, ^ t wldobr
an a rthd' as~ .e1 t
tho Ia h lshtla e th.o
Wounded f eo on dl dotI
.n delay tad morow.-A ore. t. jtor.d r ata r W a

fMr.oud informed the e ot fr, that l.e w ae d oing ino l rr" lrdela, t' .
m e a prop ral, i whih the hum aity f e n>y rot Mr. te ies s rem k,. tcha T l ny ea. lO
law, timea enooh to Ae Dutchhe rEatondimn ma u haed hi fn from e itforl
wa their aiveo i int head by the ahips hdat ar to m B l, her ifail
this falln for India. H e frrill we teirelyalr, t Mr. f eetoet alLrmedi that hl had rnt hange d 1ti
meet the ryle of tha e Hen. Mla, r aid rn coion, fent iry tiuronauy mai.l ateived by the lau
dthabd the bill arhoauld b rn.. utd e n edni tdo f icih, us~ ae o f hd l l a : r l 1e
in-tfed ofto.morronw,-t.,,reel to. i T -o to

M e riu informed hit that coe going o ni w that te
S mAke A propbhyficia i hh the huoanley h .rd Ri tl r iurt t.dt eoib
dtluema was adepl ofntaeer A Dutch atilr an ialn mto had enhi ged hi. rfera aet I rontl he ll ora tfoSa
their liva wnt the port a Dertmouth. and there raged contained in tD e hi dllract re rdm l anl; t y h y
Sniganf t diremaped o board. He there nra of tho e pen Ioe where vryit etemdii'atyited. he wa a
rHcr fell vhid dipen t wthn the f ual fornf, feor hodna- informed. al c that mane h of ow fb t hnged ia
Sed byl 'ke, andfuakr a Tbil be brod in teo tq, nt, fi i of nton.rl hnl dimpled, that ly wld lote
pathem rlie f, bt aupkhnrit certain ome ran, heren pr. t wie th r rlitw tAie thl i itdalgniA ;o
A phytacia kevihed t eehl, whoe declrred thlt th e irt ndietdby l t rtd, .
difue temporary on thtiiatigrnt t. rce to ton ale the d Mr. i 'tidny reip'that ld Oentltcd'IawtNrn.
their live, would be c d w the n dil M. DLndaa bll, Bo f relatedto a til y
i l the re eand aon boud H the arenfor thought ti e ins though it ed egiryIvet ete wa anelllrtI
oaoute Iamtld ipente wih the uul N form, Inor hbne iformtoed that many of ott llow fue Ir.
mitt'efke, reported, an bi oe here heoube in, red. I t w ot e of thee at l twtyP w trluld det
Tes thi n dy, nto Cthonine certain pMrfnt theoef Mrtwith forr in t theHflLu a. h I t wrofs
Bime temporary ove f o r eth rpc tIgaod aoi Mr. Mr. Pi' Intaidia ,ith. i. R qe s a n.
People. ong irata en ed whichsla till twt ie rl h
in thes morniw h arnd principdily on timwoe, oon fo f, A.ri d.
nited reported, nd ordered trbe i Commn ed. In chi not i Th iorr of ay fie oig Ito a Co.edt irt
Ben gad a third ime, head ordered to t he Lberdsg kre to hcon ,aepr tiopn te a e rtieuldti dJite any
Wthe Couil, a n ahig the f sand e 1 th ar niftration t aH a u n tir it India, nawold the
the other w nhichn t phe Gov trnour n ral a prdtr their yobP atrdnet th tc hear, and Mr. Or

ot ad-t not only wiet oui the coHt nlr..bu er i took *hc chtir f 'the C- mm-ittee
aillg the opinion af the n M ajor ity of tI Counil. dTo Mr Beft. immediately mo t ede Ler orde J wa
mader y long debatcarried, whiow r, onld tili vo lo hi motion pr i a d t dt
in the morning. ft turnea principally ot two lchougc, .btf0.tiu., April 5.
rne hihat m ites. the prn bert ommn te rin (wicef I 'Th order o~n fetel ta going Into a rBmote theidi
engalof tshe 'tivege he u.--Mjo ly cnys fheing ci tae into con i ati on the patnt eltem priatlo there
Bthe L'nunil, ad hifian the e cr d tet en. Slopttr winllca ni dcatoc f Mr. Hl t innd aig been r
the other wo chieh ge the Gover obr-Oetael a p r r the a saker rccordinrly left the char, nd Mr. Or
ahinlo the opinion of the jrit of the Cuncil. On o Mr. Bur, idcaredl tel mhoedlu hi Leinas rreleo
each of thole twa claoue there woo great onyFltitnm nEt= be called to~the do o
cladel the' nu'nr we're, hoywea, o-N tio 36.-n iny h mot on pertried ude wb to'alyhe d ffedt 'ine
great majorities. 'l'le timberi no the former wer$, a'cloek r when I. woe feti thee Mr. Itohte 0'ted
Maja rity t7. hht whc had beent andte bl i d th e frM he wdl ,
oynis ar, the la S noahpei wihal Ie tt riefr hi ate H e'
reduced front r6.oool. ayeau'tofiol, hhi.pays ,oz- anivdence w ,,d,
mender in Chief, t ;he thr roooaol. being the bie e T ao A in, ,at thei I.
he lnjoys wa a Member if the Council. On tlie oehtr Mr. Drn deertrrd, that thou h hies oeireained *t
hlajodity an. bsthe bhieh had breet adnorted hy the HoueC, he Itreud
hloanav, NMacr n,. ncw'ethfn-.-dg, hritsfneanrd hi uha..'..-He thues
Mr. ~if., making a few reaslsLa e Ih- 'll protcnde t, flate nine ef them: whik h, wre dtr,
whiu l d lai me.laded for rcgtthn e forms, hfe tIn. i enfo d th a mayo eree taw iet t hea aea
Nesfoakdead a i"iesiara c abi d t hbe bougtioni and kst teh rfte a4 Cot nnite e t hatrist woule f pto
Hufic to the fubjer Hain h rie ceitai r ro ereCinla p e'tti erls d r t.
laIt le ffl, of Parliaen, it h khtd ben del ed vtee....i. n We r it...atd that the wratrtes
from an idea or its great imporiare. 'in rder ia holud tread th mrihtee on that day. 'hed ato.
Getillcmen niight ltween opporinitynofullydeciditl tiel wre agree BeorfIe he fat down he nere
on it. merits during the recel.. He patiated o the ntie r of fer al ot er.oi."l f impeahre' whi
Newfoundland Filkeries.... u bn jet of atinalutit'iy. t1 s r m B.itl h
They not only.treed au a fture of wei't. but as an .a H i, ve t tp', Rt l n im.m .ase

ltioua, hiJi, he in ,agined, it would at prefnt be ,t .. 1 ,
unonetefary to etplt.n minutely t( he-would therefore i W'IttAl cttn ".
conteat hmfelf with mentioning it principal features, The Hoofe a refavd idtlf if to Conm
the frof thee w*a, to preclude. th oft oneerad in to cwfider the lajn relative to Trade d fAviji
the Flhaires from bccmaing Rlatonury reandent in the Mr. y-i reln, a mo e'fre
inflcd becarfe, Ibould .an erntifee eahmiiation take lawn relative W l and Nagration. he wec '0n-
lace, it wruld deprie the nation of thodt a tldantlis 'redthaett atobe tl M Thee wie w t l
derived from a circuitoum navigaeio.. I cy the yelt 1.a if(sndl now 'with tkklL t(* de irllle tyg
that acuue olitician sir.J] .Chi d, pTi ed'iAt *. l 'oil *g se ael adld trs the diteh
contfeqna ce of a tolpiaatio being 'permittedd o tohe legfiatrd tisi kl doi earu. A e.Ihi a*-
Newfoudniand hLrmn-O.E, EAgice had coIntirmt tieso e: I he bHbdrte 'stlr to ha
the hypoiheles for the New om it. e friferie, accbrd- pmr .eho r u. I e tre, its .,wodhe ti u
ing to the advancement of cnoaatlion, hadjrndatly hia to any at rgune tI a pl a
decroenfed iwh utility to thie country. In order to ebtl;ae bZg .y Iotll
thih, h intended to iofert a danfe in thiu lotWt'm"rA had. f.OgInto Cat .. -tl esnM
billito enjo, tiat.prttlea of th*e fe bee ta iee period teropl til
isoulda. paid in thLkiqdom. a a ipt e et d lf e ,
the tenure of witlcget Gmny re Spaker iir let then cid ti.Ord
found ixpedi.raefnt oClrihte n,,bthe t- 'tolo tfi crihaMi of e Committeee,
dunce oofnc el bo e d in the bofnefc. u tncld' Io Me rlem m oved thtL nrf
peat of the btw clajbe. iitnc was great kr G *3ege. ''fhi b lEo. begcalldMto B
madei whiehoaerigledhwcivt, l ocli Oda Thisemotion etk tahIdbaelliai ol tidtjeor
Af p mli y.-1The FrWeoh 4d. sar a feiw of. l r 4 lt. uttea iiielmgir
grantdeo their fJ,' M h t of .. liro per that b El. servtance oftA ia* l
he asd aM o t le dsss'of then and Rr ot tead, s Itho t air d rc.
Major Yt87 thah whic ha bee J ii* w an adopted i th hem wishol

'dwih leHo Wtfe 'yr It iieai tl Ottt *fgdat rck

onit ma ts rai th fiee e t d tA iintrbnWr.a WilA,

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