Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 29, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00051
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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VOL. It.




k~~o. rbS




NAssau: Printed by JoHN WILLS, at the Printing-Ofice on the BAY.
f -

To the Printer a the BAHAMA OAZrETE
A Pltr of amr cquu e in South Croina,
t. o wu Mrule r havn the LAM dicep in the
lIce whun hb Uld, ed whenauf of his neighbor
ha ed their lamb fh r w e ofm youni ruos, wicL
was I eqetly threale, the If he had fro them
lways improd v bed. in ,a rios teo know
the caf o thi, Ilo d &Tln r1( ol*, and he
informed me, that he tok more pahdan ommoan
I afeoding his Aep is the wloter4 b tu the P&
cre where they ran, whichkw pmn Inarr. land, the
w a crepiing iere df r1 owhih ame up
aly in Fbruary n bu dbedr fWruer; ht his. fIep
were eacalvely d of it, ani he lipove that.the
nimulating warnth f that fod di winter, kept them
i health, and prefrwod An fr*m the rot sad other
disorder, whi proe fet fatal them in cold ainy
ufons. He was ala e opi O tles if any planter
who had not thaeetra, weald fow a (mall piecc, either
of it, or of midt, puyflot, or any other pnent or
wa:m romati, t sof /hh v p are obferr hbe
lud. it would hm the fames ce IRading. tey,
ie work of a clebraed wuitcr oa uricultur, I fonad
he recomseads to te farmers in Eonglnd, to fow
fmall pic, of land with parfcy, for the pfe Prpof.
A. this corrobaes the former opon, I fend it to you
for infertin among the many hat for the improve-
ent of our agricrlture, which bae lately appeared
n your paper, hpig it may proe uctul.
N y.o, 79a 't, i .6.

On rsbnea l TarU, for C*for ee/l,
A it iStoi$T a trk BAY.
PRINTED Lineni and Thread & Leather Gloves
Cottons Mea falhionabl plated
Chece, Linen wn and Buckle
Mulin Hankerchicfl Curteu on aive
Checks and Stripe Che b l Box Locki
Yard wide rah Linen Wo scifinr
brown Holland & Dowlu r and Fig Blue
Brown and white Rulia Ha Powder
Shceting and oft Pemaumte
bitannia's Nankeeni Eff of Bergamiot
Muarillee Qoituing, yard La Water
wide, corded Horn d Combo
Dimity, white ad dyed Ladie e11c ditto
Jeanett< Blackin~~l and Cakes
toek Munin, Cerded do: Melfa l K arfe Shoes
Coerf a fine La wa Boy uda I and
CQmbricks Pepe
dk coloured Ribbon WooMnesM Lf
Pins, White Chappel und inag hahm
common Needles Oitto Isp
lkt and blue Drmnmu. t, id M ad Me-
and Callimnrcos rce Shoe
ack Raufel Check Shirs, 'Jack-
Ired ad burrw thread et ad Ti r
Fringe Crectky d i Wire
Sk, white nd colour ed l r Cheire
Oftrich Father Cheek
Ladies hfbimabl Chip Fin Rofle tteo
Hat ]ar lts Rll
Men an d Childr Leo Caded Altondt
horn Hat lined ud Lot S pr
bound Hymte, Gra et Baoes
Mens, Womenl and 3o0 Tua
Third and CotonHoe Plio d Qgrto Pot Pa
ns, Boys ad ChildMren pe
black and Neaver co- Qilblad Wafen,
isired Hats &c. Sc. k:.

,KTOTICB is herebyl ven Sot pcr o who
L, rmct. to Wd Mam idon have
tapired, that thelrcontlmtiDinboald Emd r wIS-
t having their Lenmca ml win fA t4j
hem to III line ad OW "asid-pohd by law.
HB NRTYO B 5, accrtarry.
aE"! 7oLy o is, 3D6.

American Intelligence;

HALIFAX, d jus.,
0 N Sunday derived here hi Majey's Packet Lord
Hyde, In a6 day. from Falmouth. By the paper
brought by her, we leru, that the navigation is
to be lridly eafurced; that the cabinet have hd it in
conLCmpatsu n to great bountine far the e~courage-
meat of the commerce up this country and that
every afflance that can reafonably be looked for, may
be apeted. The iur belonging to the Newfoundland
fquadro, may fln ory be expected here. His Royal
Highnct Prince William Henry is ezpcded in one of
the frigates; he was to ail from England the litter
end of April, previous o which he was to be made a
Poll Captain.
b lnra of ltrr f/ir g roaltsea is Leda, to i
fr am is oi, asu, daWd AM 6, 178S.
Maters of more immediate confequence to this
country have, for fome time back, fo far absorbed the
attention of administration and parliament tha
America has, till lately, farcely ben menteioad. The
finances of Great Britain have been of late the only
speculation of the public, as Mr. Pitt has aually for.
med a plan for the redtian of the national debt;
which bcing a neefure longan ardently deired, i ufces
vamriu cpc tsiono and anious doubts. Many ac-
knowledgments, all allow, are due to a minifler, who
amone the many that have preceded him, who a.ver
criousy attempted any thing or the kind, lands for-
ward with fach laudable iAtuenmio ''he reduction of
the national debt proposed to be made, is the effect of
a fiaing of 6o,oool. a year, the itereft of two millions
erling ; a faviug, which very able calcultors hav
dearly demon!"rtcd would (if acredly appropriard)
nearly, in the couri of jo year., entirely pay O
sooo,ooouol. whih.we now labour under. The aeans
ropd to be adopted for this purpose, are allowed to
he aijudicioul and efecual, as thc objct4 proposed to
be bta.ned is avowedly patriotic and bneficil. 'This,
I prefume, has already had one very good eed : it has
enabled government to cadcavour at reviving and en-
courain an immense four of wealth, hitherto wholly
negc anud uapruftable; I mean our home ffl erice,
whic, if carried on and fupported its the cxteanive
manner they might, would Tie with the New-
foundland fiery. They have relieved the fiiherics on
the talkrn and western coafti of Scotland from the
injunction and obfervations they were fubjected to,
which tied up the hands of the inhabitants of thoec
coalt, and thereby threw the produce of their bays,
harbours, c. into foreign hands. Would you conceive
that in fo intelligent and enterpriing a country as the
has always been, a branch of commerce which, upon a
very low calculation, would employ 3o,ooo feamem,
Should be hitherto left negletcd This has been the
faat; but gowrnmnct now feem determined to refcq
thil valuabe appendage to the nation from ruin, and
to render it as advantageous to this country as it can
polibly bh nude. The Dutch, the Doue, the Nor.
weeaU, the Iilth have come upon the Seotch coat,
au being abnm ralcd, and free from the r.draints the
phopreton of the coaf were fubjcded to, hav run
away with every advantage their own fire ide (if I
may ofpeak)could have ofred the Thegreatand
n u immediate advantage epeted is this, to enable
the inhabitant of thi hiagdom to vi with and deprive
the Dutch of that preference they have enjoyed thefe
many year of fudlying the Eglih market with
re f, by which they have carried from this king-
dom immense funr asnnaly. bet which, our own ftl
merchant will now certainly gan, to their own benefit
and to the benefit of the action at large. I will add one
more obfervatioa, which i thl, that the bait with
which the Dutch caught the fil the (applied our mar-
kets with, is only found in the river Th e, and frn
thnce fd to the Dutch. W ld o foppofe fuch
Jlpable ovarfight and inttieti,. er rtakl place?
ast we are at 1 come to oar and I hope (hal
have resolution to prrfrre, s we ad fortune to difks
vw our donseic advanti .
-s With iefliea to your pa of the globe wherl fr
erom the diitaietig lieneisal which this opulom
own occaofon, you beathe the breach oh freeao, and
he rless to nlok hfrd to future proyrity,
m.onm tdt Am drreW to w the =myg
a paefd the ftElm hben re ad, l Ameria weldi
we prhibited to d or a be aslde at ay ofar
Wetedia poe. This sohah p eo ofai.

cary to our navigation, that this lemn it hea I. n
tisued. It has bIee declared and proved, that iti
bottoms, navigated according to law. have entirely
carried on the commerce between the We.-adie and
the United States; and that as great an importation of
American commodities to the We.-lndi has taken
place fence the war, u in say f(esen ae n
average, before tlewar. It hab been atndd d l ewi
with aothr great benefit-the fely of the Wet.
Indies with Newfoundland fil, Se. inWiti& botUm.
which has already employ about 4oo00 ip, ant
therefore makes an inreale of about 4000 famen. The
conaining the supply of bread, deor, ae live Bock, to
ahual irtikf built hip. to Newfoundland, mat gall
your independent igbours, as much u it wil ad.
vantac our marine. Surely, if ad thee advantage
tould continue or increase, and Nova.Scotia and
Canad in time be enabled to Ipply the Wefl-Idia.
Lands with provifeon, ec. the wealth which will
thereby acre t the colonies ad this country wil be
immaene, and place you in a mop re table way, and
attended with more advutage than America cold
ever have been in. Befdes, experience will teach
the coloniL a to behave liberty and igenuoe
towards this country; and this country will learn, tha
to promote and ingorat their Feral welfare, what.
ever measures are intended o be adoptd, mat be
begun with fpirit, uad afterward feadiy adhered to.
I have thus touched upon the two greateA things h
this country-Finance and Commaero -wbhick Iply
every advantage, fAreoth, sad repedability we cao
enjoy; and you will oferve from what I have wrote
(which is all from very good authorit) that if thefe
plan succeed, this country can by no means be d
be in a declining fituaion.
"I am very nch pleafod to hear that fo many of d
Nanncet people intend fttagat Drtmeah. Whea
an inu of wealth and advantage will tey he o yeo I
I anderiandd that Frae d contraned to cake, a
they had agreed to fell a very large anti of l.
while they were under the Congrdef I but, Ihoul
m in their becoming Britlb fe will invalidate
the a-or thy will aay nd a market n
En n for all the they c fuonik."
Si ,.,, May q. For feral days pa, many o
the inhabitants fettled upon their farm. have beea
much harraffed by the imprudence of f Kte dlvidaunl
burnio bruth upon their land, at thi remarkable dr7
feafon.-Numbers have had their fence brn, and their
potato, Ac. in the ground, rendered by the
ire runlnng ver the furface ad buralo de mr
rendered a dry as tinder for want of rih.
On Thurfday two new hoois, at the back of tq
town, the property of Mr. Whiting and Mr. Moft
were burnt.
On Friday afternoons the weedh beler the barrack
were difovered to be on re, and the amem advanced
withh fch rapid prgrf toward he that t was fr
rome tim doaebtf whether the k ndk weet be f.
wed or not however, by te timely &face of the
inhabitanuof this town, wo t o with the
engines, and ended his Ma1= trVOW 1 thbfL
certions. the barracks were fmldi hbet da hoIc d
M. Hooke, of t 7th rgIwLIIth thewdidrge
htal it wene cf ** at
hboue lr iayd the barn c
of Jama M'Ewen, Mg and sit kbelon i
Edward Brialcy, Efl woren rm e s gro
a thful iend the United eaten ferdo e
nefe, ais, Where are we What all we do f How
are e*rdebts to be drd--ell yeu new hlds,
ona-Who wl lat- bu snaMdMr wewm a
in had, and peat arse m nm o e ndi1aee a
Well then, raif bIyet, moe p nd ae.e. o,
fay the faothere tiat mft we payI a Mr oet
n ,po a yu la e gld- ene -I e' wit
W o asmu who oan -e three dines Io ucht
sad oar o peaor ld, ka d hdat I
fieem half elerear, pyay wse y Vri&b alk
end Carolia tl? a er palry bet and k as
much ayo urporI Her wer aetod r
d n moad" a frorm of aft K a J ln
while Congrea reiss lg an :d % ,lM. a
OC of the country a a mwMar rm ever aI
rdauthe powersof n t er ane er a t il. I.
federal gvemu Ih a h c oapi d at.uwid.
achine, ll w--ht; CIreu.pedibt lwMHes
trn ahbjedo, but where Vm eon be Somdaoeda tra
V&I haitc. my wmstryn, No- WNW

rloeks gting all tgthlr by the force of their own
weights,.and carrying thirteen independent hammers
tted to firike on the Lbe. If yen can to nicely wind
and adjulI all thefe clocks as to make them move exadcly
alike, and trite at thefe muc iont, iou will hnve
indeed a mol serious d regular beating of tle ; but
ifthert be ere: I fo al a deviation front the point of
entity, who 4ill he able to knOw the hour by the
found of fuch an autoanten ? The plain Englilh of all
this i, that-to present form of feral government i
inadequate to the purpoft for which it wa inafituted.
A combined fovereiglty, ,ibji to he chateed, esn.
reouled, and egatived by thirteen individual sovereign.
tie, mulaevL aMt heavily and awkwardly, to that
no bufioef can he done to good purpose, if we are to
judge by the iimihema of 1ts operation with we ire
daily witnffcs of.
*Maf 14. The Agembly of New-York, in their ad
for granting the Impot to Congrefe, have provided
for ta payment being made in paper money-kowing
that under this inconvenience that ngurl body could
neaiaccept of it, ind thereby deroysog every Idea of
it efficacy, andevioinng to the world, that they confi-
der the Great Coencil of the Confederation no other
than children--and play with them accordingly--
Lhft. ear sedii was ve tars Ao SeRdi ."'
We have authentic advice from Lndon, of a very
ate date, that asairs there, as they refpedt America,
bear a very unfavorable afped, which is entirely
owing to the delay or refusal of the states to vei Con.
grefs with the neceffary powers of government, parti-
cularly for the regulation of commerce. Our Anmbaf-
fadors, it i faid, are in a very dilgreeable predicament;
and, it is feared, will ere long be treated with con-
tempt. Sone proposals, however, have been lately
made refpedug a treaty of commerce, which are faid,
in fome of our latcf accounts, to have been under the
eonfideration of the Brithit Cabinet; but whether any
king will be effeded, time only can determine.
. Mjy 17. A correspondent obferves, that at the
present time, while Congrefs are making every effort
so eftablil public credit, the friends of America mull
be greatly furprifed and afedted to fee Rhode-lfland
tu ing paper money. This meafre is obviously calcu-
lated to answer two parpofe--to cheat all ereditera--
and to produce a new fyfem of public difficultie.-lfI
the fates adt upon fclflh and partial principles, it mufl
be evident to all men, that Congrclj cannot conduA our
national concern, and confequently we Ihall be cpoufcd
to a revolution, to a kingly, or imperial goveroi'etl.
Continental government we certainly fall have ; and
if the fatei do not give Congref@ the nectifary powers,
a blind man may ftoree what kind of government will
be alumed. Principles of public jultice and national
honour, steadily pursued, will raife our country to
glory and happisnef, and infure our liberty ;-but if we
at otherwise, our liberty, gloy, and happincf will
e loft for ever.
The negotiation carried on in France the laI winter,
for the purple of reviving the trade of America with
that kingdom, by eflablilinR an interchange of como.
aodities, to the reciprocal benefit of both countries,
was attended with the moft atter7ng profpceCt of
Faceefs Propofals were received with pleasure, and
enagementc for carrying them into effrA, were freely,
and with confidence, made on their part, by fome of
the molf opulent and extensive merchants in the king-
dom, underthe bel countenance and encouragement
of government; and nothing is wanting to render
haem complete, and to give a spring to the dying com-
merce ur navigation of this country, but a return of
the fame confidence on our part, with the spirited ex-
ertions of perfonm of property, and that enterprising
ptivity which formerly gave both character and fortune
to all orders of our cities. The generous patronage
and good office of that excellent nobleman, and firm
friend of America, the Marquis d.: la Fayette, on this,
as on every other occAtion, entitle him to our highest
and mll grateful relpi.
The A& of the New-York Alembly, granting the
I per nt. ip is etitled, An Ad for gSving
and rising to the United Sate In Coagrefs affembld,
certain imports d duties on foreign good, imported
into that for the special urpofe of paying the
Principal a'interelt of the debt contrated in the
profocuion of the late war with Orcat-Britain." This
at, however, is aid to be totally nugatory," a the
duty is to e paid in paper money, of which the Lcgif-
lasure of that Aate have lately detenmied to emit two
hundred thoouand pouods Belidee, the Colledor is not
to be omenab'e t Cooref. The palling of fuch an
adt mu, therefore, be celdend sa triling with the
federal overantes, and as lending to plunge our
eguntry ato an abyfi of political miery.
The Lgifiature of the State of New-York, notwith-
anding their backwardnef to fuppert the honour and
digaily of the union, are, nemerthelfci foliciito to
miak themd appear a formidable ai poffilb.-A
new ad for regular the militia, ic. of the Aute,
and eqnuiping eanfiderable number thereof, has been
pafed, ad, fmn the judiioutfct of the regulation,
he .faerity of the punifment in cafe of delinquency,
nd the nao ement offered to thiet who will .ert
h l idciplining the troops, bide fair to put
ier ma yan on a.rpedfabl footing.
An doin in the various currencies made ufe of
n the united Saten, and the redodlio of them all to
e aldard, as event greatly to be wiled by every
em intereved I mnereanle tra ft&ln.-from the
ignermae three tmiAtakee an emaOfitly occurring.
war ean itboe d Moherwfe, if we take view of
hi o N aw-Hampale, MIaehuftte, Ceona
Subodsaaad, and V a= dollarr pafle for
bi i misw.TYSr aid, r ahi In

rew.Jetfey Pennfyluis hryland, and Delaware,
for a/; and in South-CarulinA and Georgia, for 4/f.
'hus in ooe nation we have four widely different cur-
rcnciae, a circumnilece which has not a paJraUlli f Y
other aetioo oo ear th.
'vei Illeerday( that famous and much celebrated
building known by the name of the Pantrheft was
remo4de rom the place where it originally fteo, fo r
the purpof of be Ig into a manHe hilufc :
hAw i h unexpated a change I A fepl ea,-
a Temo dedicated to, and once the rcftdebccf the
GodI, s fooi to be conveyed into a dweling foreor-
AlasI the Temple is forfaken,
And all the Gods have fled,
'Damona have ittme potdlion taken,
And hold it in their Iead!-
On Thursday arrived here, the lhip Ieda, Cap-
tailsn ichols. Garditr, sit) days otn l'Otenit.'
Captain Gardner infouin, that before he ltile, the'
brig Minerv Captain James, rraied there, front fal-
timore, in diflrefa, and brought an account of the lolf
of thefollowing velflel at Fyal, Wellern-aIlands, vin.
A Ihip ffam Charleflown, Capt. Rant, loll, people
'faved; a fchomoes from Bollon, Capt. Barlnes, lol0,
peop:. favcd; brig Richmond, Ironm Philadelphia, Capt.
Peremoon,lo0, people fared; Capt. Stone, in a schooner
fiom Newfoundland, lof, people faved; a Ihip fiom
Charlefton, (S. C.) lofl, people laved; a Portugude
Imack, loft, one boy drow.ed. Ittrf.i. vw-Tirr, dAted Aty so.
The furvey of the wellern county isto commenced
immediately, under Mr. Hurthin and the appointment
of the lalf year.
Althnogh there is not an addition to the number
ol furveyors (Sa wai cneted) yet we have reason to
fuppefe the bufirefawil go on rapidly; for, as from
the falI of the federal land% will, mot certainly, he
accumulated wealth to th, Unnited States, Cotgrcs will
expedite the merafrre as much a. pofible.
STl'he people of our vicinity (New-JerfeyT are et-
trenely anxious for itrs omplrtion, and will migrate
weflerly, I believe, very early :-They are ffociatvng
otpon theplhu, and to mike an union with your Malia-
chufetts Ohio cunpany. Some few from this fatewiU
alfojoin them; fo that, with the numbers from Mary-
land and Delaware, they will be coufiderable, even ut
their fiA fettlement.-I ant fo well convinced of the
advantages to be derived fromt afflciatigi, for the pur-
chafe of wellern lands, that I have inctocd you a letter
to our friend upro the utbjeIf, and hope it may
not e too late to interest myfclf and as we have
expr ffed."
The inhabitants f N'ew-iraiintrre, in the camrnty Lf
W'orcefer, at a legal meeting on the s ii ti t. voted to
gEiv inArudlions to their reprfentative, itn which we
fnd the following article, 4thly. W.e conceive that
a late law, laying rertai, dIuties upon ncw.-paptr adver.
tilfments, &c. it an infringement upon the L.ibcrty of
the Prfs in this Commonwealth, according a. we
undellsand the 16th Article to the Bill of Rightr.-W'e
thoerlore inflrut you to aue your influence, that the
laid ad be repealed."
PovlyoaNer, / Rtdt-a.,io.. ; 7yt to.
xtlr,.,tl a /..te Lefter f/ro .'.e-..l I.
Difpatches from the Ohio, from tevral of the
commanding officers, from Fort Pitt to the loweft poft
on the river, all fpeak the language ofholility, in refe-
rence to several of the Indian Trihes. 'IThey have al-
ready began to ihed blood around thafe forts, and we
have every reason to fuppofe that fome of the forts
have been attacked before this."
Hi..rtjr f(Cn.oti at) .e rt i. laft Frildy ended
she Spring eflion of the general l Comut of tits State
We are at a lIfo how to give our readers an a.count ol
the bufineh which has been tranfamed t.l felhon. In
this we are not fingular, as the inrmbh r rtanifelve.,
as foon as they were difmiffed, were lrcntritng one ol
another what tl e field tll /,t.r ,*Oflit -Ici, Itirl t,',y
for homwe But we will endeavour to late their pro-
Necdings on two or three important matters.
'lhe Houle of Atlembly had once fo far complied
with the requifition of Congrfd, as to vote a tax of
five pence in Ipecic for paying the interest on the foreign
debt; but that claufc which made provision for paying
our own creditors was rejected. And afterwards when
the quieion was put on the whole bill, the whole wAS
rejecd. The Upper Houfe have wifely pofponed
their decision till Otober.
In order to facilitate the adminilkratin of justice,
they have appointedJudge for the new county.
A Comptroller of finance is appointed to fuperintend
the account of the fate and the r.even departmwrt.
His falary ia mall, and therefore of no confequence in a
ribj at,. Motives of srmmy induced the creation of
this office, and it is hoped anl expeAed, that our cre.
ditora will wat patiently for their money, till our
accounts of expenditures all be examined; till all our
arrears of tases ahall be paid; and till economy hall
fill our eofers with cast.
An attempt has been made to diminif the number
of representatives in the legislature, but it failed.-
Connedticut ha. more representative than Mafiachnetts,
which is twice the fie of this State, and it has more
than double the number of the rreprfetatives of New-
York and Pendfylvania, which are much larger latest.
uat the honour and interest of the fate depend on a
large reprefentation. The honour is increaed in pro-
pontio to the nuube .-ad the expense is diminied
n the fame prperties. Thui bi denmofrated by a
Aiylag smoar tmer that may hes: mweh lighs wom .
If many hands make kIM work on farms, why eould
ant many haeu dI Ahefe s n logi stioa

Still further, the legillature haq'lfa p"llfi Iao
the lutoprt of the civil hit. 'I hit llHf rcfl tok.t
guovrucment alive. It ia neccffar to oil the whed.
that are conlantly running, but by no means aecefiar
tujil thu ,whi cifete to ru.Afivoatrs ao,
lo tha f igi fire o(li
Absltq it Its tnA glilty'pt g om-ilat,
whiA whtaavlltproUaibly regret, ha sB o a ties
ruilhief. We feel happy that while our public mat-
lutef are arcie({4cahl.Auu.tiuPo i n IJa kinjn14.
infamy, fome regard is paid to commutative jUllICe..-
Our legil- tre bu Sot baon kenavtk enough to ald4
hatcrs pnlcious p0hiple, whkh prevail In ear neigh.
haluus legiflatutcs, ol placing private debts o a foot
Iml ditllnren from hatthe parncs intended at the time
ul.the central, .4 te, law a law whith inlrange
every rula-'of juflt( dad aunthilae every fLcurty in
lucicty-a lA* agIaaIt wbich the vrfafd ol anu Elsraia
.d, fot wopld ;sfe in rbcellhor-hau yet no cillence ia
'o qnaamtkl. W, % ry rpgreCt 'that a mcalure of this
kind, wh hi has placed New York, Rhude.lflsad, and
-N4wJerli one a itvL with the wvtl tyrtaut i
'monaiclice, had a few "prodIoters'and better in a o
clgillature.'fji, .'F'. 30. Colatl Humnphbry, lately
arrived from Europc, pffled through this cty on Bettr.
day laft, on his waI to Haford : by him we earn,
that the federal flares (estrpt CoalneicW ) arioharged
with violating the treaty o pae,--ad that t1e ~te.
qunce will be, a rdfal of the 'llritiLth delie r up
the line of forts on our froatit...
Nnuw-rer, MAy t. Yeftrday a iastryman iin he
Fly-Mirket, fr a trilling wag', cat ffty oiled eggs.
hbells and all; he performed the talk in aboum au
outes, ibing lcvatid on a butcher' block durilagis
operation. I
L J-efrm Printer i a s egl4deairrg &tes to a Malcr
01.E j, 1rab rets fuor FPee Piss.
Bufines o excceding dill hee in Philadelphia
and money as firce as it can well be, without difap-
pearag altogether. Have you no iatelligence to Cfnd
me of batles with the Indksanu murders, daggertoan
rat.baLn I Such a dpasth of metelligense ever was
known. If these isot fomething done loon ii the
way of fcalping. I lull molt afurcdly fally out myfelf
and perel rf Ibntm defperate adion merely for thet lk
of publilbing Ilomethiln new. Cannot you contrive to
fat en foot fme expedition down the Millifippilf-hele
would he fuch a glorious uaarraintyin the utelliogenc
from that quartLr! Two ar three thousand rloerid
Spaniards running away before two or three headred
Kentucky men, would afford matter for perygapho
without number. Indeed Providencq. has beein l to
us in fitting the AlgeIiuot upon our aide, or I fcarly
know.what foreign intelligence befides we couldlay
hoed of to amutf and infl ud our readers."
A nt, o .f a ltttjrW/or Msivfi, d.rtJ JMary4, 5716.
A Gentleman Wahere yfterday who left Niiag
*he syh infant, and fay.,. that he heard Major Canp-
bell, the commandant there, fay, a lew dayo before
he Ihft it, that he had juft received orders from Canadau
not to leave, but to fltrngthen that poll."
Extrafl / 1I1, rfraiJ tIhe aJllfretr, f i.b heFr C.
.y /f If jani!.,^ Prtsaw-Prste, illev 7,-S736.
great drought has prevailed in thi colony for
month%, and ill kind of provilloni for Ilave are au dear
as they are fcarcc. We furefee that the fcarity will
latt fmie month more, berade all the previfii
which were kept in tore will foon be c=uu el, at
the drought has not permitted to rife or to plant aey
Cargoes sTo.Pre as. beans, rice, potatoes, d a ll
kind of provilios Ir flave, will certainly give 4 ho*
it to the importer.'
.7un to. Letters Philadelphia, mention, tsIl
rcmittan-es amount to four hundred thoulsnd dol.
larshad, fomc time (o, been feat from that po for
Elgland in the Ihip -ormony, and it was epedi d the
Julius Cafar would carry thither a very large iddi*
lion to the above.
Ydterday tlhe p Pully, Cprain ChadwUll, frn
Jamaica, deftiL for IHalifaf, out feventeen day,.
with a numb of pafengera, put is here in diftreb.
having loft udder, and fallen Ihotn of preriues.
We ar her of the Scots emigrants wh9o LI
ved in thi ly laft fall, and who have readed derian
the win lfi Albany, are gone to Canada to fetds
there, a ting with 6at generous encoeragemest
which ( I fy) they capeied front the geatleme
of lan operty in this country. '
M .lat being the birth day of his Brianuic
Majefty, r. Temple, hi Conful Gemral in thefi
ftaten, ga o elegant c entertainment upon the oct-
ioat an which were plefert hii EiCellUecy dteP
dent and others of Congrcft, the Secretary of SItat for
Foreign Affair, the S~tretary at War, the foreitl
Minliiera residing at New'York, federal of his Majtf-
ty' officer, and other gentlemen of the ret diftintatt
in this ftate.
Laft T'fd arrived here from China, the Impaeial
Aip Count elgiofo. commanded by J. J. Bfome, Lif
tenet In his Impral Mjcfty's frvic. She lft CaR *
ton the a3d of january lahit
PnesABsas st Mad Sy.
Alrtel o/ a later f/eee LinfeI nerty, Firg/, w*si
SI am frnry to ve fuch dthrei g information to
ien yon, s tat ihe death of r worthy W e
Colonel Wiuifal Ch Pol i o was in bl weekl lfro
bykthlalndhu The adben freequetltIy urite
bet kod or the os of the Oh o, LhmetoS ra, J
acn4ad e Bergral, a e rls ad feStlis g aslite horte
thJ codd tsl. l eial IC .e, t Pedler to ird
other l o in It of ith ha. psro e vry oen.
.M t brenednsu i rth wdao his, with anUt

oeaty odthe, road the Ohio, and overtook three
lndi"an, whom they killed but his men not obeying or.
der, which were to rus at l together on them, he, wth
three others only, overtook them, and was to unfone.
aate as to receive a mortal wound; as did alf Captain
Keller. What is *ery rcmaruale, there were only two
ios with the Indins, both of which did eeeutlon,
alth6ugh one of the Indlans was fot through with three
balls, and was, at the time of hi firing his gn at
tlker, lying on the ground totally disabled in one arm,
sod unable to rife up. On their return they met with
.* number of Indian ecampments, which induced them
a make a very precipitate retreat to Clarkefrille.-
Since the deeth of Colonel Chrifian, the Indiana have
been at his plantatlna and taken away horfee, and have
killed federal men in other parts of this country.-
Colonel Dnaidefn is amongif the lain, as well as ftve.
ra others of our Afeful citizens.
The principal men of all the countiesare attempt-
ing to carry on a voluntary expedition again the
Indiani, which I hope will succeed."
ISraH of Ia lle fir th J d esoltr, dated April S.
The Indians hve been very roublefome this spring,
and of lhie have invaded the county of Jcfferfon, and
are now almost every day committing depredations
there. Our good friend, Colonel Chri an, hIe lately
illen a facriice to their batbariry, and I much fear, if
neafurres re not fpedlly purfued for the fuppot and
de nce of that part, the country will break up, and of
course the people will be greatly difrefed.
** The Indians that invade s, ake principally afro
she Wabalb, and not moe tha. io mile from the
I:l* of the Ohio, and I believe cold be attacked with
facecf We are not only troubled with the Wahbal
Indians, bur the Checungooes, a part of whom have
lately filed over the Ohio, on atreek called Point
Creck i they ai efaid to be about event warrior who
have stolen a!mof all the horfes from Limeftone aud
Licking settlement ; thofe on the Teniafe dilurb our
eastern and futhen froatiere, and about ten day fince
killed (, lonel John Donaldfn on his way to Cam-
.w7 r. The late eotm from the N. E. and S. E.
qu arctr, attended with rain almof without intermiffion
fr near three weeks; occsfaned to great a food in
the river Delaware, that the water rofe, perpendicular-
ly, on Sunday evening laft, even inches higher than
the remarkable frelb ah the year 1774.
By thi* inundation, property to a very confderable
amount has been dafioyied in the flora and cellars
along the wharve.--'he wharves alfo have been much
ir urcd Many of the islands and meadows on both
fades of the river have been overBowed, the whole crop
of hay thereon totally gained, and federal of the cat-
tie, which were in the pllures, drowned. The wa.
ters have not yet fu!.fited; and fume of the beautiful
niadows along the bask of the Delaware, which a
f.w days ago exhibited the moif agreeable profpe &
of elhcrant cropi, now bear the mark and leftige
of hraock and desolation
"., 7. On Monday evening lant, the merchants
aid tradcr of this ctty were convened by their cornm
nittee, for the purpose of entering Into meafures to
dircountenance the penicious pracice of introducing
good. into this late, without paying the duties imposed
hy l, of which great complaints have eo late been
Mr. R. Morris placed in a very fiiking point of
light, theinjury done to the late, ad to the public
creditors, by thi fpceie of fraud I and Rated the clear
diftinaion thee is between laws pafed by our own r.
prcfcntatives. tr purposes bpeficial to the community,
mid thfe palled by a foreign legislature for the purpolf
of railing a revenue for the emolumnent of others, as
wa atterpited previous to the late war i he contended,
tha though the duties might, in the opinion of fme,
be injudiciouas yet there was no reafon for tranfgrefing
dte law. It was fair to prun e they were intended
for the public good, and ifdtey were found to be other-
wife, upon a proper reprefnitation they would be re-
pealed, or modified.
It was furth-r ured, ;hat situated a we are, conti-
guous to flLte which have ot imposed the like duties,
the facility of introducing goods pt it out of the power
of the proper officer to prevent it cffetually and as
the fair trader, as well aa the faU,, and the public
creditor, would be Uiurcd by fuch pi tices, it became
the intercl as well a the duty of evety good ctize to
difcourtenance and dete: thole, whq are to far I0 to
all tfcfe of honour and of juice, an to be guilty of
there clandelline dealings.
It was therefore unanimooly agreed, that the Com-
aittoe of Merchants Sould prepare an ociation, to
be signed by the merchants, and traders, declaratry
of their ditapprobation of fuch fraud, and engaging to
difcountenance aod eipe those who Ibould be guilty
of them.
7.1, j. We learn from Connedicut, that the
.Sufquehannah Company are perfectly fatised with the
late donation of Cunl".r., of a tra of land to the wea-
ward of lenoylva h i lie of their claim to the
land at Wyoming. and that the coadut of that in-
cendry Ethan Alen is feverry condemned by them.
We oe further informed that his ateili.'al Highnafo
met with i very'cold rteptin from the inhabitants of
Wyoming, in hi late I to them, and that a great
majoritv of thofe peopl iapref a desire of bring united
in las and vernment with the citisea of Peenfylva.
*- ohtet ei lrne an t la rMafbot elleve
that the land o the e branch of gNfquiuanah.
will foon Tie in i lalon, rer, ad wsitld with
the aldft n.ttltessji o r M te
*d s l.n Ths convention of the Clrgy
J imilsiouf, 1 1.1

ni, on Weddneday evening, fAl e the important
bulnefl that canr before thuen, anda diesnd : they
were piafed to nominate the Rev. DOav uriffith, Rec.
ter of Pairft paruif, Bilhop o this ate: he will
mtik eamba rk for Europe, to be efecreted in due
for, agoeehable to the rites ad eremoni of the
sltrla lf s Atr a r get(, llse d/ Nm-ror to e,
f~oda in 0io tI s, aosdf 1y, l U786.
i ~tdnarLa Confind reived dI*Sekem (ran Mr.
Adsa. our Amba lador at the 4Crt of Lmdon,
informingthem he had mudeademand of the pols,
which had been refused, they aledgi the aste, bad
violated the treaty with refp t antd. that
they would not comply with their part of the treaty,
refpediing the Wpds, until we flkwel a difpoition to
perform our engagement reffpcding the debts.-T'he
only Ratis not mentioned in the report of the commnitcee
of the merchants are Counetdicut, Rhodcrflaud, New-
Hampliire, New-Jerley, and Delaware."
CoeMon WEstrn IVf aoiRiA,
Pert *f Al/.wadria, MaY jo, 3 176.
Notice is hereby given to all whom t may concern,
that the Poet Law will commence and be n fore from
and after the loth day of June next. By thi. law all
hips and other vcrfel trading to this commonwealth
from foreign parts, which are the property of other
than citizens of the commonwealth or which are
owned by a citizen or cities, jointly with a foreigner
or foreigners, are requiredto enter, clea out, lade and
unlade at tome oe of the following plcu viz.
Norfolk and Portfmouth as oe port, ermuda Hun-
dred, Rappahaneck, York-Town, or Alexandria, and
at none other. All peufion trading in Potowmack river
within this commonwealth, are hereby required to con.
form their conduct to the aforefacd law.
CnALaTrroN Y u asn.
Stral ofs trt,,r /or MA,rid, dted 1t, I4t6 l Mr.,
lef, racidled a er fa i.du i tdohi.ail d is NmA' lr-.
We latel had here the American neociator Mr.
Lamb, and bhl secretary Mr. Randall, who it is laid
came to procure the King'sprotedion towards entering
into a nugociation for pace in behalf of the Unled
States of America with the regency oh Algiers. His
Majcfty generously ordered his minister to grant this
favour, and they were accordingly furnished with pro-
per letters and rccunimendatiousto the Count D'E pilli,
who is charged with the affairs of this kingdom there.
They were alfo provided with letters for the Captain
General of Barcelona, with orders to alift them in
proeuring a roper vclfcl to convey them to Algiers,
and a permiion to report money ree of duties. We
juft hear that every tling has been complied with at
Barcelona, to their utmolt fatisfatdion, and that they
had failed for their deftination.
Mr. Barclay, the American Conful in France, and
Colonel Franks art alfo jufi arrived in this city, and it
is reported, they come to requcft the King's mediation
for a peace wit the Emeror of Morocco; they have
already been introduced to the Couht de Florida Blanca,
who gave them the modt friendly reception; and
whereas hh majefty has of late given to many proofs of
hii generous benevolence tbwards the Amercan fuller-
r in Barbary, aind the Empcror is particularly attached
to our fuicreign, it is expedcd they will meet with
fuccels; however in the mcan time, we learn the Al-
gerinsr are already come out, and many veffel were
preparing with a view to cruise in latitudes much be-
yond what people general told imagine, being en-
couraged by foreign navigatori. After A long fufpnce of
three years without fending an anbaffdor to the court
of l.ulona,notwithfanding the Earl of chefterfield fet
off for this city early in 1784 with the fsmc character,
we fnd by this day's Cazette, that his Majelt has na-
med the Coant Fernan NuneS, to that emtbal, and It
is faid, is to proceed immediately. This nobleman,
whoFe talnte and abilities ari well kl wn, is one of
our lit grander, and ha been many ydre ambaffador
SPortugal, o that it i i imagined fome of he moal im-
portant matters are on hand between the two court,.
bn Francifco Monino, brother to Count Florida
Blanca, is to fucceed in the embonfy of Lifllcn, and
Don Simon Catfe to that at Venice, which Mr.
Menino oe-upied."
y7., 4.A cotrefpondent obferves, that the general
aen tion of trade-the want of a circulating medium
-he dearth of news, that universally pervades every
qearter of the Contineat-together with the new fan-
gled bear of Algerine Coifairs clfe at our door,
haveh melancholy cotequences as cramp all genius,
and prevent, in a great meafare, thofe entertaining
allies that give life to a new paper from Sppearink
for the amusement of the qudnunc othea e.
7em 16. It is reported, that Ethan Alen, eiaed
with the divine lame of propagating his pfpel, hs
lately paid a vifit to the Wyoming fettlet, to whom he
preached fome of his pioa le orca to their wonderful
edification. The dilanterefedaif of this holy man,
cannot he too highly celebrbed; a for the trllirg
recompente of two towrehip, each fix miles lquaae, he
has, with wonderful haganimity, offered to head his
ele again the inldeleof Penoylva nia!
On Monday the 19th inf. died, after a hort iflnet,
at his place in the i of Georgia, the Honourabe
Major Gneral Oreene
On Tuefa the r6th ult. the Ahip Diana Captain
to!gier, aniw iat U man, with a cargo of matovaedo
fupr, dire freBom c.-A tiew fpechtilalo!
Account of onommoo animal, comat nated In.
a letter fro- a yon eBMtln in the arffoa5- t
HaImr, ta the Oli t A ereatare oftIke ipm. ,
W24 by bowDM WM ovao, is Mt de tW n

maukable utnt de ibahtleuble curisetlf wla il&uk
this country abounds. This animal has two heads; a
propue y, which, perkp, belola not to any arr ia
reliaen : Hi. il I. u feeItI o o; cherwlfe he,
in tome meafure, refemben turtle. y day the Oquao
s rarely teen, u tha be dl in hi reru, under
wter ht bt i nigthiula s abroad to Afidy hi.
hueetr; the deer his vouite s. and his man-
SoEf "takg them is ldio l -- l.. He phoc'
imlfelf in q deer oath, whera witut asption, and
Laiutg the appearance of flump more thIu an imal,
he waits the approach of his oifuiifelg iny. The
dear Arides ecdlely over hi deoer who threw
out his tal, eptwine ips l n iii m t, i n rap m ai
fpite of all his flauteo i Ke neat crek, nsd there
drown and devorw hi. One of thef uncommon
animals was dicovered a few weeks lace bya foldie
early in the morning, s he was draggin offthe booty
of the night: Sceral gentlenmia weo were scan went
immediately in uet etfhimi aid s thllee reatures
are far roum being twift. be was fn bettaken.
With great difficult, lfter having bor t;hq ftrokes o
a dozes e ub for .ear half an hor, he as killed;
happily for us he hid )apFrey to the hft, otherwise
our attempt might have been attended vith lomn dan-
ger: His eye had fuch a malignant heennets, that I
could nor help reardin the very light of him u being
truly horrid. e releaSd the deer, which was already
deal, bom his fatal ipe, brought him home, an
weighed him (the Oqua) and found his weight fot
hundred forty.-four pobda.
9. u.His Ezcclicecy the Covernour hau p-
ted William Drayton ans Thomas PlicknL fqrs.
counfel for this fate, in the difute about boundaice
between this Rate and the flat of Gcomi a.
To all whom it may concern. TheConfuls for the
United Netherlands make known, that in confequence
of a Relulution taken by their High Mi1htinefce the
Lords the States Generals of the United Netherlands,
dated January z6, 1786, in future, no Medtierrane
Paloe win be granted to ve'els which are not built.
and fitted uat in the evern Protinces, ind latirel
owned by fubjedft thereof.
Can1,,i#f, 7-0 34! 0784.
-.... a
r N Sunday laf Nieholas Ganer, fq and MrJ
Thomas Barren, returned here frm Charlelon.
'I he Oovernour of South Carolina lately ilgd i
proclamation, prohibiting the exporttio of Indian
Corn from that Rate.
Tlhe report of the Bull-Dog loop of war being lolft
is now proved to be without the Iaf foondasti; a m
ihe wau poke with off the web end of Cuba, lon
after the time afigned for the difltfer.
The Royal Garette of Jamne, of July cItio
the public to beware of ebterfltuitu (mense
"of which are now in tireiolaion. they the
prfent reign dated a tyl,iiar s aiul eaoted
hut confiderbly thicker, ned two eny weigh
l" fighter than the genalin esa UP m aslu ne
Sthey appear to be brat, thdily git o '
DEATH. Mr. JAMes FaCoonsn, of thisae.
ARI/Va D nSao, Prso
y 30. loop providence, Arthat, Charleftl
School. royal, Tucker, ditto
Schoo. Amelia, Newtoa, Philadelphia
SAILtta, Ir
Auf a. Sl p Return, Pirrine, Ne-York
Scoo. gsce, Tuliuth, ditt
B the Hoerambl JOHN BROWN f, hireil
prhdkt and Cmeanma r CPk of the
Bu ma-Jfad, a riaoldbird4
admi Oriear f he a Ce, e. We.
W HERBAS the Oe at Aimably of tbere
i lands ftdL to Tu efy the
ift day of Augft Mt I| Sio W IniLau it in
thought epedlient that he Ga l Affembly
Dmou be further Ig KiTO TMs UI-
roalt THOOOT FIT, by ad the advtlet nd
cotnfent of his MI ifty's HoM Cqoe cl, to
ilule this my Prcmati. sad do
hereby protoge the blTy to
Monday the Id 4aJ o

S tLRY YONO d Ikealm d

rHI u80 rit uler b hi.
L Int dio i to fo iHtrskIl thi
ering anyeultadM a lf. L d Vdl time

for paym t I and hbe ea deibted to
him, will inaimdiately fette tI
Re'5 MAD 10
GOD *AVB9 i1112 G 0.

A ta n nilfi to .lor l
ourge of oD et So M laangmainde

Ui, will laonfie tely flitfi to .Jptq

fr rie WIMJI 01iriW.(o

Parliamentary Debates.

Hovas f CousNOes J&Ie4*frkm, iPo 1786.
ADIJOVUmD 'Daats' COUClNtmOe Tes IJ-
rPSicMMr r or Mi. H*IsTros.
[(CEMIawdr/n otur S.
M AJOR Son having declined his biltorical illufts.
1 un, made fome remarks, which called up
Mr fear, wbojullifd his own condu, an-i that of
his fries, relative to eha difcuffon now before the
Hooie. H fpol eoocerning the truafaeion of Be-
nares; and f that no provoation, or malicious
animadvergon, would make im deviate from the duty
which he owed the public. .
Mr fnret gave is opsiion about the trantaion
of Benareis d reprobated the mefure. He mention-
ed that he Court of Dit tre had ted inconfitently,
and that they had never done their duty, otherwifc
they would have checked Mr. Hafligs's abufe of power.
He was fully perfudcd, that many papers were nedcf
ary for the elucidation of the present buiinefi. ees
Gentlemen had infated, that Mr. Iaflla s' influence
was under the control of the Company at home ; but
he could not ifeat to this obfervaon, as he had heen
convinced of the contray. Refponfbilty of the nature
alluded to, was attached to power; nd as Mr. Halling
poflleed, or femed to poIfc that refponfibility; it
confequeatly muf be admitted, that he had a very
astenive influence, pay, that his power htd been
almoft unlimited. From the death of Colonel Monfon,
Mr. Hafdigs had been omnipott on hi. admaiiira-.
tiop an4dhe Agitioasul ranu ioml of Oude originated
from this accellon of power. The evils i that countIr
grew to n an naming extent, and were cherifhed by the,
orders and permifion of Mr. Hadting
Mr. Burl made a few obfervtions on the dlfagrees-
able situation he was under, refpc&ing the crimination
of Mr. Hailings, and aid that he was called upon aad
driven to the bufincfle had now eDtaged to proiccute.
The Cba.uelfr of the XLiAbre declared, that the
present affair was of confderable moment to the honour
and dignity of the B itilh nation and therefore he
hoped that every Gentleman would readily give his
aflitance oa the occaflon. He congratulated the Houof
on the apparent moderation of thbef Gentlsman who
blood forward on the buflnefC; and was perfuded, that
the temperance which marked their proceeding, would
greatly conduce to accelerate the ianftigation. Every
papr which was material to elucidate the fubiej ought
o be produced; but he was convinced, that the Hn.
Gentleman who had undertaken the acculatiun would
met iO upota he prodalion of papers which might
tend to apof out ~ aeAmof Afiatc He would
~ldly fea the improrety of fuch a neafure, contc-
quently refri4 hife mrely to papers of general in-
formatiud raises the pret situation of our polef-
ione in the Ealt. Appreending the Ho. Oentlcman
would find it necefay to call for may papers, he
hoped that he would e ready, if he thou ht requifitc,
to hate his reafoos for the production bf the documents
which he might want, and thus proceed fairly, and
eaudidly on the fubjet. There was likewife another
obfervation which occurred to him. The evidence, as
in similar cafes, would undoubtedly be complicated;
themfore, in order to explain matcre, and render every
ep plain to ay gntleman, he thought it would be
laudable, #riafe, to ft the grounds of fulpieion,
or the caufe for a belief of fuch enormity. It was not
enough to fay, as a Right Hon. Gentleman had declar-
cd,-" I am of opinion that Mr. Hallings is one of the
create criminals on the face of theeusth. I am of
opinion, that all 'he mifornuse of Oude and Boenare
proceeded from his mifcondul, and that consequently
e ouht to receive the pni&bment which his crimes
merit. This was not efficient. The particular ads
of enormity or mifimasement ought to be fpceified,
and care Ihould be ta e either to exaggerate nor este-
nuate. He weasoi a determined rid nor fe to
Mr. Halftin ; hut warefolved to support the prin-
ciples of jullice equity. He recommended a cool
ad moderate del ma; and that every gentleman
onght to be goveed by the free impule of his own
mind. Ifa Ccmltee were appointed, he hoped that
it would be decid by them, whether or not, after
examination, the evidence or paper produced were
tuicient to criminate the delquent. If crime of
enormity wre proved bond a doubt, the charader of
etst Houit, the reputalo of the Brittl name, the
honour and dilty of the human feeles, demanded
flirt; and he hod that the juice which was f
lodly appludedfrohm all quarter of lhe Hooe, would
be ronfd to egeanee. We ought to watch our
tonour with the Arile eyet of jelofy, and fpuro at
any proed which might tend to the fub loo of this
laudable virt ., W t has been advanced on one fde
of the HWe, go to a prenptmpe, or fofpicion that
traHaHing i plty; uad what has been tated on
tether, eratu as Tz upa.. The aeufk and
efefe of the ed of, mlt be nickel
diftingbi ed &he d alLd he related
te a t ety. Mr. Ha ings, metwc.
&nC tho e c mnrary, usy iae innocent
as thei d a e of the uterI with which he is as.
cofe t t ht e aw under th eye and fofpiioa of
Parliament, and his amesa or glt mal he pred
Sp eanoote lle aisee. 1H ws of o Ati, that k
would hbeosr to mov r -_ -- I --
p1 h foii e IIIl oe rtLa a euu

malght ferve to illurate the trdnfesien In theEt-- ftor, f.f to CoL Popham. ad aferw ardu Celede
It woald be impollble, fron the multiplicity of written Canmc, while they commanded in Goid..Ou- frt
evidence, to avoid cotfufion; but it gsnmleni pio- conutrieI with the Reaa wau I confiqueacn of his
ceeded to aA cordially, the busnefi would be greatly preufing and eaned applicatin, the latter end of s7o
facilitated; and he declared that he would consider Ias at a time when his country wau alat entirely is ti
a duty incumbent upon him to give every astance in hands of the Maeratas.- T h Henemrbhi onle
i power. (Mr. Francis) who was then a Member ofthe Su re.
Mra. F.made a few rearks the mtaner of pro- Council may reuol & the modeies aied by Mr.
ending, and objeaed, i feme refpeds the Right Haling for entering into this allua thJ he hou p
Hom. aentemen's idea of a committee. by a ferin of military operation in that court ry, to
Mr. L. fAre,. laid, dtat the evidenceat the India- draw MadageoSindin froniustaanh; and to accleram
Houk nacesiuy to be examined coailed of fil volume apice with the Malurata Statu. 8&dia at that te
in folio.. opnmanded three armice, and wa oppofed to GOanra
A desultory coanverftln then, tok place between Goddard. The treaty wai concluded, nd Colol
Mr. Burke, Major Scott, Mr. Dundas, Mr. Grendille, Popham, at the head of his little army, .noo (lapos,
Mr. Francis, &c. ar. when the motion, having under- and fve or hi field piece, was ordered s match to 1t.
gone a triflmr amendment was agreed to. Rana's aflitance.-la leD than two months he drove
IDAY, rb 3. the Mahratta from Cohld, and he polled hinialito
Fa inD ah 3. fIame dilridt belonging tothe Mahrattu. On our part.
Mr. Burlt, in order to profeeate hil charge aainft he treaty was faithrinfy peroramed-but the Rana no.
Mr. Halling., moved, thcr cooperated vwithhl forceauor fuaied th moneye
That there be laid before this Houfe copies ar or provitons that he, w boead by the treaty topulr
duplicates of all papers relative to the laft teace with a with.-ls OQober, t784o the fortretfof Ginsle
the Malarattas, or any demand made by the Mahrattas was take, and. againri the opinion of Mr. HatingL
concerning the ceflon or restoration of any territories was not immediatelydelivered to the R ane.- thi
now in the poffedon of the Company or its allies, or of following April, however, he was put in complete
the payment of any thout or fourth patt of the reve- poltffBon of it.-Colonel Comae fcceeded Colel
nues; or of any fum in lieu there or concerning ophals. and his ara.y advanced towards Maliva, bue
any payment of money oransnto any of the taid Mah. mnupported by the ana. His army was harrafed b
rttas made or paid fnce the ift of Jan.uary, 1779." the Mahrattas to fech a degree, that the Colonel wrote
Mr. BeAk aid t wou!d appear fren thee papers very prefingly to the C.msan ding Officer at Coels
Ahat there had been the meot fOineful tad of treachery for a rinfotcement ut but before Col. Muir codd jlil
and breach of faith commil:ed in India i thofe fnveral him, heJade a night atttak upon the camp of gidia
tranfaniona. and that our allies had been sacrificed to and completely fucceeded, taking hagu and aa
oar comiea. He went over the general grounds of nitio, with a great atity of provifons, c.-Over.
his former fpcechen on the fuhbjct, ud concluded with ture of peace wa made by Madagee Sindia to Col.
saying, that notwithfaading the dificUlics he found Muir, who conclnded the treaty under the ialrudisie
he was to encounter, and the security that the friends he received from Mr. Haliago, which were written
of Mr. Halttaigs seemedd to be is, he had not the moft loon after hie retratroanm Us areas to Chunac, and dif.
remote appichicnfrp of hui being unable to bring ho.e etched in a quill to Colonel Muir.-Thee inhsruioun
the whorc of his charges agaitft the delinquent. have been fully defended by the Right Hoo. Gentle.
To thi M. s ad Mr. o, ad l. Pi objcoed, on the man belew me.-Colnoel Muir tranamlted to Mr.
ground of the former argument on the lubjedt, that it ahtings and tde Supreme Council what they deemed
was by no means a.mattcr of courfc, mcrdly because a the moaf full and unequivocal proof of the Rama'
member of that Houfe had stepped forward as an accu- treachery and breach of faith and if thc: do not fatiyf
for of a perfon charged with delinquency; that he wa. the Hoefe, then the Right Hon. Oentklman's charge
therefore entitled to demand and receive any papers he will be well rrounded.d-ban though we were deceived
thought proper to tateas relevlat to his charge -efdes by the Rana in every inlance, the epedition projedad
that the preheat papers could not be produced without a by Mr. Hafling,. had every effect which he predicted
manieft impropriety, as they would tend to unfold from it, an d ad y the foundation of that general
the whole ofthioe negociations by which Mr. aftings, peace e now enjoy in India.-With rcfpea to the
with the moft uneampled and r Iliant ability, cous. Rajah of Bhopaul, he wat left out of the teaty by his
trivtd to detach from the alliance the several Mahratta own eaprefs deire, and for very forcible rcalons alaign
princes. Moreover, that on the fhabje of the Mah. ed by himfilf; but here I tread no tender ground: I
ratea peace, there could be no ground for any criminal am unwilling tw fay more, till the Right Hoa. Gem.
charge at all, inafmuch as that nirafure was in itfelf lcman tells us what Rish were facriliced by Mr.
highT nmritorious, and had btn the means of reftoring Anderton's treaty. An Honourabli Gentlentan, earl
the afiri of India from a situation the moft deplorable in the dablar, pronounced a very lrong panegyrie
to their present profferuus ftate. Mr. Pitt, however, upon the Right Hon. Gentleman over the way ; at I
differed from Mr. Duodas in refpeel to the papsn rel. witb he had (ated for what ads he would receive hi
tive to R.'jat., and the R.aut f Gaid, which he reward from pollerky. Wil it be for the violent and
faid ought certainly to be produced, becauf* thofc pFr. opprobrioeu spithets he has bellowed uniformly upoe
fns having been our allies, and dt frted by Lt in the Mr. Hllings, whom he has often mentioned a a do.
:reatie alluded to, it implied a guilt fries. fan s; and linqment, forne times as a trembling and fore eant--Bl
therefore the neceffaty means of elucidating (thce I ought not to be aifeded by them. Permit me, Sir.
points, should no doubt beallordrd to the Houul. if it ia not introducing ctranous matter, to fay thdt
Mr. I.E and IMr. MAf aIu contended for the pro.- rong and violent as hil language hasbeen hwhea t
dudlion of all she papers; the latter, however, lament- I of Mr. Halthlig, it was equally poeated, eqall
ed the ptofpted there was of his Right Hon. Friend's violent formerly, when addredd to te noble Lor
not being able to furmount the dilfcultecs that were to the blue ribbon, now his noble riemd.-He has pledg.
be thrown in hiway; butthat he muat, if defeated in ed himfel formerly to ineach the neble Lord-a.y.
his present objed, look forward to time and future his impeachment was muh further advanced for, a I
experience to do him juftic. have heard, he declared it wasin his pcket.-I had
Major St rt rof and faid, I hope the Houfe wui for. read much of the proceeding of Parliament before I
give me for prefunming to rtquelt their indulgeticc for arrived in England, and have attended them too cloWel
a short time, as I as particularly called upon by the ever fine to be furprifed at inconfie ies. I bow
Right Hon. Genthmnan below me (Mr. Pitt), wihofe with implicit tubmifuon t he prefcnt moue of pro.
oier I acept iith pleasure. It is undoubteuly the wifh ccedii, though, as a brother officer of mine obfer vd,
of Mr. Hatalgs, that every paper moved for by the it dira from a Court-Mrtial, where the charge
Right Hoo. Gentleman over the way, may be granted comes firfi, and the evidence after. But I am fure it
by this Houfe; but it i impllible he can be more will be allowed, thit it iv attended with onc difdn.
anious for any paper rtha hole which refpet Mr. tage to Mr. Haflinag--It fubiet him to a lid of
Anderlbn's megoesations. The world, I believe, are calumny and abuufe and foryearhe haheen fubjedof
agreed very generally as to the merits of that peace, to calumny and abue, without an opportunity Of escul.
and if the detail was before the Houle, if the c-reum- Patng himfclf. But a vague and unfuppotted charges
ftances under which the negotiation was commenced, are made ufc of ua engines again him, and have been.
and the dificulties and obirutoions thrown in the way I have furely a right to ring prenmptive proofs of h
of it, were known, which would of course appear in anocence.-I can ately and truly declare, that in ao
Mr. Anderfon's correspondence, Mr. Haftings would ne inflance, at o one period, have I aded like mai
not only be justified, but entitled to the warmeft ap. who has a bad cate to fp prt nor have I ever foegh
plafe After the very implicit declarations that have poteAies for Mr. Hailings from any Admniurato.
n from two Right Ho. Gentlemen, who ire wte I arrived in England. the noble Lord in the hie
acquainted with every part of the negotiation, I am ribbosnwau the Minifter. e gave to Mr. Hilfings,
not apprehenve that any Sur can be caft upon th that time, a certain degree f confidence and typuo
character of Mr. Hafting for any part of the Mah for very good reafton, bhcaufe he conceived him to
ratt peace. The Right Hon. Gentlema (Mr. Burke), poffeft vigour and abilitil. and to poffefdthe condence
who poees great powers of league, and a very f his conflituents MrdHIllinrg, as was hi duty
fertile imagination, ha lrtd, that the faith of the der a Parliametary ppontment, communicated o
nation has been grofoly violated in Mr. Hamling's eon- the noble Lord regular all the political tranfai
dad to he lan of ohid. Every paper tht can tend of hi government, aud when he proposed hs ap-
to prove this charge is I undronod, to be granted; pointment three several times to Parliament, the e
hot till they are all before us, will the Hol permit Lord well knew every fobjet that has been mendeio
me, by a plain recital of fads, to prove how fra ly n this Houfe, and particularly the rife sad program f
and naeeountably the Right Hon. Oentlemua haT beea the Mahranta war, and the demand made apa ~e
mifedl Fortunately, Sir, there are now in London Sing to conribute his proportion to the goer
there officers who were upen service with the Rena. war.
The frl, Col. Mair, a gentleman who has served his [To a eoiarmnrwo .1
King ad the Company yeap with honour e -
and feecefs; he negotiated the feprate treaty with
Madagee Sindia. The ftcmd a Coloeel Popham, who O 0 BI L 5r
enmmnded the army firft eat to the sai anace of the And s at.-a
Mana, and teek the strong foretr of Oivaleor, the p k Z d a s
Gibraia of ladeifta.-The third i a near relation of AI P on the South of the Pat
liae, Capt. Jeuathan ott, who was Perfian Ta. ,A tply tola W TB.

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