Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 22, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. III. TH W o o



From SATURDAY, JULY 22, to SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1786.

NAssAU: Printed by Jnnx WELLS, at th Printing Office on the BAT.
h- 4 ,

Mr. WnLts,
NCLOSED you have paper a the fubjed of cot-
ton plaing, which was trtmitted to me by an
natelli gent man of Jamalea. If you think it ma
e of any service to the Cotto Plater heen, you will
be pleaded to commn iate It to them, through the
channel of your Pape.
A. Z.
Nfaa, yelyss, 2786.
Oinlar VATION our th P.ArTINsG f COTt N.
Tis neceary, in the fird place, for thofe who witf
to plant cotton with advantage to take the earl
pt of the year for peepariog the foil; which Is beft
nose by hoo-ploughing, or laying the ground in mall
ridges or potato Bill, which prevents the foil throw-
lig out a crop of weeds, and gve double vour o
I the powers f vegeation. The months o May,
June, or July, ar te bet feafn in Jamaica for plant-
ing i an when the rain has peaerated the ground to
the depth of twelve inches, there i every chance of
succeeding in getting the plants to Aroea a to reafi
the dry feeaoa untl the Odtober rain recommend
hmerltg the eeds in water for twelve hour before
pluti tem, at they may feoaer come up ad get
treeng ath anby putting them them ground in eir
dry fate. The feredf Immasfnd fcarau part link
and part (wim ; the hi vief are to be t defended o.
"The difance of the plants Iould he three feet In the
line, and eight feet eparate between fuch lines. I ind,
when fo dole, the trees an better proteted frbmn the
dry weather, the ground being i(hltcred by their full.
age; fomehing refinbbling old 14ile of cut fences.
,.hcn the plant, arrive at the height of AH en inches,
they are then to be topped; dr dayf i be chofen
for that purp and sbout a inch of the ,ppermno
part of the plant is lopped off, s well as of th prn-
cipl branches. This operi produces a number of
b1ranhsee to protrud from the principal fem, and
fpreads the tree, without permitting it to rmue I h
wood. At this time te cotton ought to be ILd up,
and as frong a moulding given u will secure at in an
ered situation. When the autumnal rains commence,
it will be necefy to top all theth hat have grown
above four feet in height, and oe4ce tem all to one
elevation, permitiug the brnei that fpread hori-
aontally to enjoy that situation uninjured. Cotton
-hould never be permitted to rife higher than fix feet,
as the pods, in their green fate, orm a great'eeight,
anI .rc broken down, if too tall, by every breeae.
Whenever the crop nds, elt all down within two fees
cf he ground, and treat theratooo, in the autumn, in
th fame manner before dreded.
Whan the fealoerfbr picking arrives, the whole atten-
tion ought to be directed to gathering it. Take none
but what is full pen and dr, never intrude on the
half opened pi The wosl iold be pendant, and in
a late of c lete feparatloa I f taken, it faves the
great labo whipn i, which is a tedious proc-fs,
and iuju ith i ed. The wobs ld be lad under
cover, i order to dry the feed wen brought to the
I ould be ezpold to the fuan, a the dryer it is,
G.e eafily wiit pFa the machine.
T in te great article of labour, ought to be L
n d as to give great ci to to Meuhaifm.
Thr pr of rouer may be worked longitudinally
i fe wheel I two negro driving and three
fe uh a g would clear one hunde ad eighty
u eight a ay with cafe.
Wh eeat pa l attacks the cotton in the early
krt o year, they may be permitted to fy off an-
moicfled g but if they come in tha feation when the tree
eginas t bloffom they nmut he defiroyed, or they
ftitroy teo crop. ti4e land s dear, fipply I akta
them off th tre be fuSdtat, as the ants wi
;i idly take the part of the planter, and pret their
return Butfthe ground i tnllof weeds they Um
be killed as o take thea. The redy 1s a contat
ermp ian of the cotton L oe bet Weo do n.ifchief, eaept by ilng the wooL.
1 When once cotton i efablshlsd, a crop of cae may
l- lways taken sl with It, withet injury. It hold
he great con, if o bl, a that is tken in before the
tre begins to lo om.

T 0 B L f T,

A3SHOP the Ioanth 8 7othe Ptrade.
A Apply to MM1 WffaEOo<.

In the Brigantine ADVwrTvasa, JOHNl BOYD,
Matter, from Losson,
At their STORE on the BAY,
For CGA, good 1i ollsf f et gr, or Produe.
BEST new Mefs Beef and Pork, in Birrel,
J1 Tongues in Half BArrels, Tripc'in legs,
Hams, Chelldre and Oloucefter Clihccc, Bar.
ley and Split Peafe, London wired Porter in
Five Dozen llampern and Ten Dozen Calks,
Thrale's Porter In Barrel and Hogficade
Table Beer In Barrels, Ship Bread, Soap
It Bozes, Black Pepper, Congo, Souicloag
Oreen, and Bohca Tea, Cnnamon, Mie, Clve,
and Nuterge Loaf Sugar, Raifins and Currants
in Jars, Cafes of forced Pickles, Ketchup and Soy,
Sweet Oil, Capers, and Vinegar in Juge, White
Lead, Spanilh Brown, Yellow Okre, ground
in Oil, dry Red Lead, Okre, and Whiting, Putty,
Spirit of Turpentine, Lampblaek, Coals, hard
Bricks, and Pan Tiles,
LI K W 5i I
A general and large Alfortment of
To be fold by the parcel, piece, or package;
consstorvo or
Mens Shoes and Boons Black ilorenine, plain &
Bu and Childrens corddcl Satins
hoens Bilck Padhlly ..
Women Stuff Shn.s and White, rcn, pik, & Iky
Motocuo Pumps blue Icran i
Mens and Boys black and Rihband. Silk Gacues,
white Hats Handkcrchiets& Aprons
Ofnaburgs, Sail Clth, and Men, and Wromens Silk
Ticking Hnoft, with plain and
Table Cloths, Huckabuck, embrniderel Clocks
and Diaper Anarcot.. Wilton, & Geor
Irib Linens, brown and 0nan Serges
white Sheetings Sagathlec, Caib'ets, and
Britannias,Dowlas&GaLrfx Coainets
Rufia Sheeting, Salea, Londan brown, black, and
and Pifol lawns blue Broad Cloths
Clear Lawni,LongLawn Blue & hrwn Kerfeymerrs
and Cambrics Broad Clt'.h Coat Patterns
Mullins .brows Hollatd, with Trimmings
and printed Handker- cnsand Womensalove,
chief. and Silk Mitts
Printed Linen,. StripcsA I. acs, Edginq, &
Checks, & Check Hand- adie Hit. it
kerchiefs o d Starch, Fig Blue,
White, olive, and brown a Hair Powler
Jea Po um, Tooth Powder,
DuteCord, oeded Dimity ''h Brultes
and black attineta Pow Bags, Puffs, and
Faltian, white & coloured
Thread4 Shaving Boxes, Powder,
Pavilion Gaues, Lawn and Brulhes
Handkerchiefs & Tapes Rote, vender, Orange.
Sewing Silk ad renting F and Hungary
Handkerchiefs WW
Pins, Needle and Fns Hair lets, & Rullia Pow-
Men, white and brown dPuffs
Thread Hoe and Oloves Lip Sale Milk of Roles,
Wemens Thread and Cot- Bo of the Eaft
. tea H Cyprian Walh Balls. Chi-
Be" white and brown nefe Gloves
h ditto courg Drops, r. lential
Black, white, ad brown Salt of Lemons
TAmmy Efence of Lemon, Capi-
Blk blue, green, sad leIs. and Orgeat
ink Durant Tea China, in complete
Black, bie, pink, ad Sets, Plate, Bowls, and
brown Calimancsc Mar
Black rape, Bombela Cu &Baucers,T Tea Palth,
and Mmtuae M Pots, and Sugr
Psalonabu eecSlalag Uai Dubs.
Silk Pldenesu IOum'sWare Plateeliuh-
Blck Mede, Pai" eB, BWlsadtbecolate
Pg. 1id0 San nt Pets

Bifons, Mu, TeC Pots, Horn ud Ivory Combs
Sagar Dibe, ad Coffee Pins and Needle
Pou Iron and Brafa Weights, n
Cup ndlaew.Tereens, Sets
J P, ppelr and Muf Mariner's Bafsand Wood
trd Pats Compfrei
Sats, Pickle Shells, Butter Men commOn and hhI"
Tubs and Stands mounted Sadd, wit
Porringers,TeaCunifner, Furniture complete
and Coffe Cape Cat Harnati in s, co t.
slmelTea China, glazed, plen
in oo Ttsr ttIe, aBrat
Candle Shades,Q.rt,Pint, Cd
and Hal-pint Tumblers Copper and Wood Pump,
Plain andcut Decant, Au & ng J tck &B gn
Wine olaires Tsrd Rope, Spun Yar,
Balloa & Threequrt De- o, and t inch Cal
Tainkrds sad blue Finger anosoosaRnv,gs.
Befow 1, $, 3, 4, 6, ., sad sod
Tin Cullinder, Pilk Ket- Brnds
ies. and Pudding Pan Pump Tacks, and 6d
Garden Watering Pot% Scupper Nails
Quart Pots, Di and 4, 6, and lod Clout
Plate Cotern Nil
Patty Pans, Tea Kettles, 3, 4, S, l1, o, d sod
Pant and Quart lack Nail
Fountain, Box, ud Spont s 4 o, 36, and 40d Nail
Lamps ck Nills SheuthIng
Coffee Pot, Sauce Pans, Nails
Water Jugs, ad Spi 6 8, and g inch Spike
Bones Nurow and grubbing
Corks and Brafs Wire Hoes
Bottling Porter H Helved Httche
Olaz'd Gun Powder, Felling Aes, Pick AMU,
al lbi. Ke a nd Sd Iron
Duck and Pigeon 'p t, Ir Crow Bare, and Gar.
fmall Bags den Rakes
Foolfap. Thick and Thia ko and Hinges
Folio Polt Papcr and HL Hange
l.ctter Paper, Cartridge tter Boles, Window
Paper, Slateand Pen- ak and Eyes
cils Hooks, Grid Irens, t
Quill, Ink Powder Seal- ng Pan
mag Wax and Waers Sh I Hook., Fift Gigs
Quire Books, Memoran- arpoons
dom and Copy Books F s, Ad7es, Howe1, and
Seameun ruled Journals & wing Knives
Log Book Paper l ihaveCrowIrl,
Mariner's Cops rel- ad Crow Stocks
ed, and Calendr ling Hooks, Coopros
Moore's Navigation and /Dol. d Tap Berer
Daily Afiltant Conpaft, Cald Chiffel
Wcfit-dia Pilot and Wi- Vice, ad plated Stock
ion's Navigation Locks
Neat Tea Urns, with Sil- Brats lnob'd Locks nd
vered Furniture Deor Latche
Mahogany and Filk-Skin Whip, Crof-cut Hand,
Cafes, containing 'com- Tenant, jad c hol
plete Sets of ChIe Saw
white and iren Ivor Claw nd Lathing Ham
Handle Knives & Foru men,
Ivory Handle, Spite Bune, crkey Oil Stones
Sltg, Black Han, and ter Planes, Saw Set,
common Knives & Forks B and Iroa Squars
Cutteu Knives,Roaaors,& B ad whit hoded
Plated Shoe Bckles, Cont Come
and Waiftcoso Buttons
Silcr Corals, Walter, and l Co Mil Camp
Tea Trny m and le Pot
Silk and Oild Law Umr- Kkh Das Gretul
brellau Bar Ire ud Steel
Braf Scales and eights, Double Stee pring M
beam and chains aud Hug Trapng
deniset o sf r itth
Barbados Rum and Mutaoeod Sugar,. feafaed ieteh
Pine Boardi and Seling. lssty Lafr d.
N. B. As &h oeaw G"d wwoereuriptW r e0S, ps.
ga mn A ..5. sw. De oy.

NTOTICB I hereby ive to weepimwtbo
1Y Licences to red lto iUo have
expired, t thkt their tintag vend bh it.-
out having their tlcces ir ln f jet
them to te An an d penale by law.
HIENRY Tko4N 3t(aX.
N i60 Y465 s &U74.

European n teligence. of sl. At br of the w,. Mr. Fox (ent his the United Provincesften, &tiwr, d h* ai
tfuon l to Paris wiM the Soofl. which he faithfully rc- confequencace.
,. paid to the owners of the Ihips taken -The young .April a. The Lafcelles E -ladisman, juft arrived
...YA RMO' T H. l, -- j gentleman, to difcover the owners of the vetell was left S1 Ihipi in China; the Winterton was daily eat e!.
AR MOU r T. t 3 obliged toadvertife for them in the Paris Gasett. In ed. There were lfe t I glii unt'Ir.
YESTERDAY fe'enn ght a nom extraordinary cit. cogquence of thii advertifencnt, he received a letter three one the ch
I cumllce occurred ere.-A countryman want- from f(all illage, ilfme, th p ovince o ( squr one iUlian m one F. e
ing to crof the river, cfually got into a boat with an I.anguedoc, acquaiut in him that a society of Quakers lt di n cant "
nstent to convey himself over; ut notknowing how to was cllabliihrd that remote part of France, co if- T'he King's Ihips were to leave Bombay the SI th
manage the boa, he drove to fea, and arrived at Calais ing of about loo families; that they were to much January for England.
on Tuefday following; from which place an account truck with this rare in.laace of genoroity in one of April a4. Commodore Elliot's squadron for w.
was received laft Saturday of his being fe and well. their fed, that they were very llirous to open a cr. fo(nland ik to cbniill of the Sal bary of
t.,rJ, April 8. A number of new Guineas and Hall refpondence with their friends in England. Since this Winchelca 31 guns, and two floops, which arP '*
uiOcas, from the dies of the prefeat year, have been incident, a Count de Marfilliac, who is one of the immediately.
ent this week to the Bank from the Tower, and yefcr. heads of the society, ha been in Iondon to pay hi3 9hadl.fa s/i n tr frem M~dsire, .a.rd ,o.
day ofme of them were illued into circulation. friends here a vile, and i returned highly p!eafed with The oeluaing vintage is likely to be the line tha-
W'cdncfday Commodore Elliot took leave of the King, his reception. This locil:y of Frcn l Quakers has has been known in the memory of dte oldell inhabit.
previous to his going to New foundland to take the Iublilled in their ,refrrct rnidcie more than a century, tant; and if no unexpe; cd accident occur, there bid,
command of the squadron on that station. without maintaining a corrcfponLd nce with any other fair to he more vibL. of a ulperier lort made than for
April to. Letters frdm the Hague of the l8th ult. lo etly. h fupoecd to le a remnant the So years before."
fay, The Stadtholdcrian iinflueni ce cns to be tunb- antien Albi an agaiui wioinm federal periating April 19. The Aflatic fwindler, at present in cuaed
ling down on every lide; not that the nation hs loft crubdes inl.itatcd in the reign of h'ilip the at Dundee, defraudird. ai fdy it rat place o6'. .u
any par of the acknowledgement ite owes to the Houlf Secnd, towd the cloft of the twelith century. The T howing a hinpma!ter's recet lfor everl he
of Orange; neither hu it ever been intended to take CUEM3r rlilliae was once a captain of horleo, be ore aledgdcd had (coHIe rm her Irisads in India. .!'*a
away, or change ahy of the real, lawful, and acknow- lie became a Quaker. went to a farmer in the neighborhood, and kewed
ledgd rights of his Serene Highnefs, in quality of This gentiman was lately eleaed one of tle .hy. him (he hiiuc-nar'ue~ca t for articles which Ihe e.
Stadtholder, Captain and Admaal-General, but only ficuian to the Briflol inlihnary. tended came front hiu on and b other in India, an
to challenge certain prerogatives, which in adl countries Afril r. Thole flpeculat,rs, who prophlfied that walked for 3ol. as the payment of freight, cultom-ho
In the world are attached to the enerciie of the Sove- as foun as the Americans had lecurad their ladepen. t!c, and other upcecc. the farmer had ot f mauc
reignty. Therefore, as it cannot be eonttend that the dence, they would flart tp a itarkiimn ferec, which but came into Dundee neat day to give it bamit. lkily
States are in reality above the Prince, and that in them would Ihortly equal that ol any inttion ini lEar.|e, leem he had been taken up before he h e a. He ,it
truly relides the reprefentation of the national Sove. to have been greatly Iriltakn ; for though we have now ftems, walked charge from an in keeper at Dundee for
reignty I it clearly refult from it, nh t their pretcnienf lecn them an independent perpiic for fi r:e years, they a j1. note ; the inn-kccper had only y1. ton. wbhch be
in that refped are founded in juilice, as are alfu the have not yet even attempted to build a vefcl of any gave him, and desired him to keep the note till he gt
maealure ty think proper to take. There notions force, and the whole navy df Ac\l:ri'Ca Lnhlts af two the rcnasader of the haage ; neat morning however
eem to have been unknown for a long time pat in this or three very fmallfrigitc,, without .my profpci of the (Sunday lall) the Iwindlcr decamped with the money,
country. The exterior majeRtl of the Princes Stad- fame ieing jfon increakld. upon which the innkeeper wetu after him with con-
tholder line William III. and particularly lin I William April r. here aFr cars fuch a dilnolitlon in the Ilabls, &c. and found him at Ceres (where he hal
IV. kept the principal States an a kind of debafementit, public to have the national debt ieducied, that if Mr. gone, hearing there was a perfoi there who had a re-
little compatible with the rights which indubitably Pitt had thought proper to pay of' t vo millions per nation in India.) The inn-keeper brought him back to
appertain to their dignity." annum, intrad of one, it is not improbhabl but the Dundee, where he was imprifoned. At firt he talked
April II. It is at lall known that the fifteen admi- people would che.rlully hli r coi iented to lo.'d them- very big, but afterward fnt privately e a laboranty
diftrators, to whom the Duke of Orleans has farmed lelves with additional t. xcs to accomplilh a meefure for a quantity of laftdanum, which was refafed. He is
out his immenfe property, have each given him ,oo,ooo they have fo much at he art; h.t thlce thole taxem muft a genteel, wcll-drcreld Mtan, 'ad sometime calls him-
livre. 'This fum of four Millions Five Hundred ''hou- have been laid on their luxuric., tian not on articles felf Miajor Gordan, and Iometimea Major Graham.
fand livres will pay off the debts of his mull Serene which are abfoluttly anccffry to their existence. May r. The rival of the thips front Chinlis very
Highnefs, and will leave a fmall portion for his next When the la Jlttert caile troms Calcutta, upwards of feafonab!c at this time for the Company, and, it is to be
fummer's excursion to the Br :/ii '.'-l. forty families were preparing to leave that country. hoped, for the Public alto. The former, witloat fuch
Ji'tat1 of a lttir frI~m yons, F rnce, i re Gnadil.wa The ate economical rcg lations, however wholefome, a lapply, had not tea enough to petfbrtnnh their en .
in L. d.n, March z3. are catremely unpalatable. Dnos, her.rt,, gaming, and ments at the neat farl; and the latter have a rit)6 to
'" The thieves, who tole the large fum of money other genteel amufemcnt., are grievou' thingsto part cxpc being now furniohed with a thr commodity i
from Mefrs. Finguerlin and Scherer, are dilioveredl, with, and the young mnci lament then accordingly. the terms of the Commutation Ad, as the old pia of
and two of the gang h ive already been taken and con. Balloons were beginning to be Lonelrl iiLd, ntie of a fcarelty of tea can no longer be made a tactile for
ined. 'It proves a great con nation to this great com. which being lol at cardls ,Lfre the pr'pretrnr, a Major keeping up the price.
mercial houfe, that none of eir own pjopiec are any B- n, had an opportunity of afccIding in it, occa(io- It appears from an accurate lateeof the dwellingin
ways concerned. They arc lht men belonging to a tied the unfortunate adventurer to hav. rccourif to a Ireland, lately taken by order of the fluke ol Rutladl
gang of robbers, of which : Athliony 'I hcvenay, piftel. that they are mole tlan double what tley were at do
born at Lyons, a moR expe illin is the chicl: lie 'lhe Augufta yacht, at DI)'ptfrd, is ordered to be time of the Revolution, By bir Wiiliam Petry's iaoe-
is particularly clever in ma g c itrrfeit keys, and immediately reqlipped lor fcrvice. 'The report is, that ment in 2672, the houks were computed at avo,oo .-
thlilfellow, for to years pa has been guilty of rob- I.c is going to c',.p.rhagen, to aLcompany the Prinic They were afteertaned above a century after, to be
berie, in many countries is nt known where he is of ienmark to it kingdom. 49 ,759,wh.ich proved an increase of a9,739. Allow-
concealed at prefent. On of the two fellows, taken Alti 17t. Advice Irom the Hague of the Art ult. ing five periosn to a horre, the nun:ber of irhalintat
into custody, is a liable eeper, who lets out horfst, fay, that during the late dillurlbains (in whi th the in Sir Wliiali Ptty' time, was abeat a mihlnn, andis
and lives iu the tnam ireet where the robbery was caufe of the Hcadtholder, if unt totally ruined, ha. now, according to the lute calclationscf MITr. Ikref
committed, and i knq b to be a daring receiver of furered very coaliderabhl) a courecr extraordinary arri- ffod and Howlett, rrar two millions and thrre (uartersa
tolen goods. The ot fellow is a hl.enmaker, allf ved at the French Ambaliador'- front Pari,, whoL T'hele elimatre of the pei and present popnleaion i
of the fame neighbo hood. The ftable-keeper has dilp>atches announce, that his Mol Chritlian MNajfly, Ireland, though they do not pretend to perkfd coria
eonfdled every thing, d that he received thirty thou- deliring to contribute toward, every thing that c.,n neft, are founded, however, upon fnch data, that thty
fand livrea (about I ool.) about 14,ooo of which maintain the liberty and indepeti:racc of the Statet- cannot be very wide of the truth.
were found hid in a p discovered by him. Anthony General, his allies, prom its to .opprt., as much as A letter from Vicuna, dated April t, rays, "'e
is faid to be a perfona man, and extremely clever. may depend on him, the interf-rerce of any foreign much has been faiJ of the new'l'urkdlh rophet, Schiek
His after and fome oth relation are alfo taken into power to dillurb their H gh Miei;htiitle man the ar. Manlour, that lome account of his tenets may not Ie
custody. They have o y to lately as Shrove Tuefday rangemrnt of their domellic affairs. unacceptable to the public. The dotlrimnc of rhis nma
lad divided the treasure, which lay deposited in a vault, A meeting was held lal week Iy the Cahinct, on the are the more readily accepted, as they entirely difar
at but three doors diflance from Mr. Fingeen'in*' present c mmotionsin Ireland; the refult of which, it gage the hl.homatan religion fron its many trouble
honue, having hired the fame from an honell y. is reported, was, to enforce imtlI.iIt ly the molf vio fime mitulis., and every thing that teet, towards
cook, who lived in the houfe. Mr Schere. .d rus merafures for the prcfecvatiou of thec peace in that fupcrflitin ; vith regard to ablutions, they reed net
frequently requeftedjeave to have the cellars fearc.. d, kingdom. rigoraully be attended to, but the nophet rcomenmads
and if that had bes; done, nothing would have been On Monday morning, a dtfign it the following them, and no ote is obliged to pray above three tiee
loft; but it was refused to him, as being an infringe. truly alarming and very dangcrous te n,.ency was detedt- a day inflad of live time, as the Alcotan enjoins, and
aent upon the privilege of the ople s and that the ed, and immediately con lunicated to Lord Sydney, no other form is requifte in the fervre than reading a
confequence woald be, that the J1f who should only Secretary of State for t home department :-That chapter in the hoik of Manhnlet to tliera of God;
lofe two or three hoofpd liver would have the fame fcvcal perfons were oyed t viit and get into our the founder of the Turkih religion is no ltr to he
night to demand permifon aor a fearch-warrant alfo. diffent dosk-yards, tna, &c. in order to make the honour of bima invoked, nr is it fe. ry l ei.
Anthny, the leader ol th Rand, has received z o,ooo full difcoveries of ou atual naval situation through followers of the U r prerht to profiret tfdves
livres (about nloool. 1 hg) and as long as he is not every departmentt of e navy: That thnfe perfuon are towards Mecca, because God is prcfent every where;
taken, the money wil t be recovered.-The fhoe. foreigners, in a ituaon of life little to be fufpecled of in the Rnamsaa they may eat, drink, and f e ao
maker fas, that their re two of the gang, who had fuch national teach, even in time of war, but much a day; the women are not oltiged to faith, mae am
lare cloaks, with woh they hid themselves, and that Ics foin time of p aund peace, and pending the ne- under twenty years of age or above o, but ecy mi
their chief declared There are two brave fellows gotiat:on of a trea of comnere.. ''hat, for the better is firidly obliged to give almr, and thefe wM rd t
who will affift us ally, but the fit of you, who accomplishment ofluch dilhonabt;.ilc treacheries, thole poverty cannot comply with thi injunction, an
feeks or aims to kno who they are, his life (hall pay perfuni have fedu d and brought over one or more of I to perform at leaf one aft of mercy daily
for it."-One of th however, is already known, our own count rym whole fituation enabled them to be drank, but drankennef, is to be punihed tn
but the other is not et, nor can any fufpiion be make amlple difto ie to the natural enemies of this frokes upon the foli of the feet; the ufe
formed. Only Anthod, the leader, and thefe two kingdom : That ft nlformntions having been made drinks is absolutely forbid caravans may
men, went into the comptin-houfe the others laid to t e above Seret f State, they were nltantly laid to Mecca, but this Journey is no longer to l
behind i the warch fes, where they received their before his Majellywho iimed;ately ordered Council upon at an ast of reiglin. Ciltromcon i not abfo
orders. A fufpision falls yet on one fellow intimately to be called; the result of wlich was, an expref was lately neceffery; and thole whq have not ndergoe
conceded with the Ihoemaker, and who the day after defpatched to n foreign anibaltador on Monday evening that operation, hall be lookedupn as true Mfulamca, '
the co infment of the latter, it is faid, went off to about even o'clock; that mn llcigers were ordered to if they realoufl, adhere to the new dolrine: ever
Paris. be in waiting at his Excellency's answer to them, man fall be obliged to marry, and thole who romaila
A famous thief, coined in the houfe of corredion diredly to his Court:-to which Court very furious ingle at the age of so years, hall pay too pislr
at Paris, wa the occalion of the above ofenders being remo-iolrance will be tet, and a categorical anfwer annually, till they are married, whih tribute is not to
difeovered. Hearing the talk of the manner and ways iultantly demanded.. I be difpenfed with, till they are 6o yean of age, d the
ofthe theft, he mmediatly aid That is a maler- April 'his summer may be declared, without any produce of it to go to the relief of the inirm.
piee. which no oka bt Anthony or I could put in great fare-fight, to be pregnant with events of the moi "s The followers of Schick Manfour are forthe
execeuion. alarming consequence to the future fate of Great*Britain. allowed but one wife, and the union is to take place
Dutn the laft war, Mr. Pox, a merchant of al- Nothing can, lurcly, be more diltrefling, than to fee only before the Judge; the ofe and coatioans with
aouth. a we in a. aip,, which the other owners that al our fchene of reformation and rcooomy are slaves is abolished, bt concubine are illed, an
determined o fi ot ai a letter of marque, very muck likely to be frullrated by the growing dillfntions upon their 'ehilMre re acknowledged lltdatite, aat 0 ,,h .iand inalination of Mr. Fo, who the Continent.-Trh politiel death of the King of capable of inheri a other child nn but to be pr
pwas of it9f a ~t lkeers. The hip hadtheluck Prnfia, who haloft llhi. faculties, has again opened mitted to have ccubines, aerdon mat be lawaull
to talk Prt te a s .ch n; and the tLare of a wide field for ambition to range in: When that married, ad t wh at con y an t be lfavetl
l bri.emr o 6 Mr.., ameogMW ll W thre (la cent will be, tuwt iA ditover; the aiuihilaion of punimcd.

All the mat ate to wear whilker front the time The Returns made to the~'.n'millioner of the T
they begin to grow, but the beard is to be a mark of Cufoms, of feized spirit. at the out port, within tie. N S JULY 29.
honour charaferilie of fecundity, and not to be worn ecedia een monthly, amottted, on the I f of HE Kingto Journal of the th lanant,aenta;io,
but by thofe who have children. J i lr. to 3, gallaul I their having a report of the KingofPruabeing
i Hlbande are enoned to grant their wive bs be- 4. The new BridewelU buiding It Reading i t dead. r g r a being
coming liberty, to look upon them a companions, and upon the foltary principle recomanied to repeatedly I the loop Endeavour, Bifa, which arrived here
not as faves, to admit them to their tables and to their of keeping culprits to themfelvecvry priftoer wi yesterday from Charlefln, came p ogers, Capt. The-
converfation., and that they be intruded in all the have a tprte cell, and a dillin yard to walk in. ias Hall and Mrs. Hall, Mr. AAderfe, and Mr. Ker.
feiences, and above all, that they be taught to read The friend of Mr. Hallings are bold enough oub. The Eadietour, on the i3th J let. o, 4!. laog.
and write the language of the country. licly t afert, that he will not be satisfied with a bare 733 5., fI.k the lizabeth, Church, with prt of the
S" The prophet has all new Ideas of Paradlfit and acquittal of the mildmeanors laid to his charge 1 but zd battaion of the 6oth regiment for Hlifaa, the
J re the Turks, that they will not ind as many that a notion will be made in the Houfe to return him out 30 days from Jamaica, all well. The Ellabeth
beautiful virgin thereasMahomet promifeg them ; ut thanks for his government in ludia. This, however, had, a week before, feparated from two other trat-
that inften of the fecnual pleasures which they fuppofe, does not appear very politics and thltefore it is not port, having on board the remainder of the corple
Paradise will afford them mental one, superior to any likely to be adopted bythem ; for h'wcver jullifiable On the zoth, in lat.. s, long. 76, s3, the Endeavour
thing which can be imagined, which will continually in point if necclity Lo.e part of hi% condud might fI0 ke the Eliaa, Nolle, front Jamaica, for Glafgow,
add strength to the foul, extend its capacity, and ever- have been, particularly the Rohilla wrr, which was ut t6 days, and in company with four other home.
nalize its enjoyments. the trug-hold of his advtrlirier, yit it is not probable ward hound Jamaica hips.
One of the favourite principles of Schiek Manflur, government will codnent to return thank for lfch a fi-t-r of a Iter/0 fn Cbdhifh diatd fl 30.
and what he often repeat, it, that if a person is con. piece of fovrity, however iptdiuat at the time, and As to the internal politics of this Asi, they ars
demned to die, he ought to fiffer with reilgnatinoq confillent with military law, confined to two point,-the necellities of debtors and
hut if a tyrant demands the head of an innocent fub. There is in the Vaticrin, an enchanting pitiure of thIe creditors, and the disputes about territory with our
jI and the latter in a cowardly manner gives himfolf Virgin Miry, by Raph.,l. vitah reicnobli;e to out I ieighbours. When the firf will have an end, no one
up to the executioner, he mutll cpefi nothing burt th It e I)Clclicf of D)evLnthir., that an Englilh lady whois I tan tell; the other point will fpcedily be determined by
greatcft torments in another life. Another of his now at Rome, took it for the retl portrait of her Grace, Congrels; fo we liall be settled an to our claims on
tavourite tenets is, that the people's rllt care should be No punter hada fublamer idea of beauty than Raphael, that quarter. Our red neighbours, the unfortunate
to promote agriculture, as the noble of all arts, the and it is no wonder that his fancy lhou:d create a form Aborigines, muft, in the course of a few yeasc, tra
rife and support of all Aates. and features similar to thufe of the IDuhtf, of Devon- vl rewards the getting fun. The ~gri f/e Famer is
The prophet not only tolerates the Chrillians, but thire. It may truly be faid, that her Grace came ot of flill unabated; and were not the avarice of individuals
oders ht they hall be reprded,as the greater alillf- Kahscl's brain as Minerva was brought forth by cirbld by the wifdom of the legialture, we Ihould
, are my b gained from them towards perfedling the Jupiter. loon be involved in hoflilities. The Georgians are
arts and feenoce. The Jews alfu deferve fme conil. On WedoefJay morning as George Krlway, a laou- thought to be on the eve of that now, but t is little
deration, o long a they carry on trade with honelly, rer, was filling an old faw.pit, which lad been dlug heeded; as the late great acquilition of ew inhabitant
and without monopoliing." amisill the ruins of a hrife at Lyme regis, in Dorlet- to that fate, were they once eonfolidated, mall give a
My s. Various con]ecares having been formed Ihire, he difLovered three fall oua ch!li, con.ining very high tone to their meafres. At prefeot, however,
on the cafe of the death of the unfortunate Capt an inmeife quantity if gold and filvtr coin, to he the cafe is otherwise i for internally every thing is
M-e, who a few weeks fince had the coolmand of his amount, an it is faid, of tvwo rh..if.:.l pounds and up- anarchy and confuflon, and will probably remain fo
Majefty'floop thcRattlenake, we infert the followitig wards, chiefly of the coinage of (harles I. and fl. till the next meeting of their afembly.
authentic partinlarsfor the information of the public:- and i fuppofed to have been hbried there a, the time Here we are in perfect peace, and, inead of that
On Sir John Lindtay quitting the Mediterranean, the of the Duke of Monmouth's invalwn, who landed at or illiherality of feutiment and ciprefion, common at a
command of the Ilpe on that nation, devolved upon near Lyme in the year 168S. late period, we have nothing but harmony; and pat
Capt. O'Hara of the Androntaci ; who wa applied The poor fellow upon discovering this treasure, im. events, even of a fanginary nature, pate off, among
to, to older a lip to take charge of a confiderabl fum mediately leaded hhfcif home with a part, and inform- gentlemen, in a manner very eafy.
from Malaga to Gibraltar, for the ufe of the garrison, ing his landlord of the event, they both went and took pecie i becoming fearcer fence the emifirn of the
The service was performed, at his order, by the Rat- another loading, but unfortunately having taken too paper medium.-Some, however, fav it is equal in value
tlefnake, and Capt. M--e, her commander, received much, one of their pockets burft on the way, and the to any gold or flver coin-while others, and no incon-
the ufual freight of two and a half per ceit. for the f.ret being thereby discovered, all the neighbourhood iderable number too, betrayal the averfio to it. that
trull, which Commodore Colby required to pat Ike dBw to the fpot, and fich a fccne ofdiforder and con- recolledion of fileringi and loffes by former emilions
of.-This was refuted by Capt. M-e, as the flrvice fulion role, that it may be literally faid, to have rolled of paper money can fuggeft."
had been proceeded upon before Commodere Colby in money ; hart, caps, pocket, and every vehicle that AnalvEn unta, Pre
arrived onthe action; tr he proposed, asbehad Aa'd could be procured, overflowed with the golden harvell, 7!y A. Sloop Endevour, Blion, Charlefto
under the ordec o Capt. O'Hara, who was then on a and farce aperfon was prcrent who did not reapto the Shooner Nancy, MDougall, Philadelphia
cruise, fabmitting the matter to his determination amount of listy or fevenry pounds in va!ue; even the -
Commodore Coby, after this, fnt the Rattlefnake to gleanings were confiderald. Kelway and his partner "'HE1 Subicriber gives this public notice of hie
Algiers, with dlfpatches for the Conful, and with had fecured about t4o Ib. weight, but the next day, intendingo fail for Great Britain is the
orders not to have further communication with the Kelway having entrulled the najor part of his treafurc courfe of ne month, in order that all perform
fhore. Capt. M-c, however, inconfiderately, recivcd (fecured in a Krong chelt) to the ca-e of his landlord, having anyde and, against him, may call n time
from the Algeriae launch that came alongside, fume v hiftl he went to a neighboring town to purchase for payment ;nd he experts thofe Indebted to
fowls and other trifling articles fot his friends at Gib- clothe', &c. an artful tinher found means to defraud him, will imhately fettle to hil fatilfation.
raltir; which being delivered at the garrifon, difcn. the landlord of the whole; and poor Kelway on his HE H S F 0 a S AL ,
vered that the Commodore's orders ha been departed return home fund himlfef again reduced to poverty. A fa t rfiling SC OI named the P OL L
from. Ihe tinker whofe name is Ro., was taken into enfody c. barr is of louir, n I well ftoun
It appears, that the Friday previous to this tran- the fame day, and is now confined in l.yme Regi, jail, nd.
faction, Conmmodere Colby expttreed at the table of Sir whence iec s to be removed to Dorch d~er to take his A L I 0,
Gen. A. Elliot, that he thought Capt. M-e ought to trial at the next alfizen. A great part of the money A Parcel of Cotton Bagging, and the remainder
be brought to acourt-m trial for dif dii rce of orders; has hen regained and fecured. of his Store Goods.
alluding to the money tranfaftion. Upon this being They write from l.ilbon, that two more (hips were yulof s, itl. WILLIAM CHISHOLM.
related to Capt. M-e by the Oovernour, he exclaim- o-de ed to join the fiqadran defined for the Mediter-
ed, he was a ruined charl er. as he had inadver- runean, which are to fa'l diredly, on account of intel. J U ST I M PO R T E
tcntlybrokequarantine;" ~ onftrairifhe Commodore' ligence received that the de of Algiers was on the Pn L O NDO N,
difpleafure to be on that grolnd.-He afterwards con- point of declaring war again her Moll faithful Ma- A N D T O BE 8 O L ,
faulted with the Ooveroourg' Secretary, who was hi, jelly. On reafoaiiHe Termj, for CAIN la,.
intimate friend, on the fribjec and exprefcd the Mon lay evening, abint l o'clock, there wOt a By the SU C DRBE
utmoft concern that he had afed to locautioully as to very fonart 1fll of firiw on F'ir.ciley common, for near C B B E RD 1
have fubjeded himself to ceonfre.-He then went on twenty ninutsc, which was fucceeded by one of the At bi Stota en sh BTy.
board the Rattlefake, converted with Mr. Wade, the t'martef friJ f that we have lad for two month w pat. .INTED Linens and Thread & Leather Gloves
I.ieutnant, with whom he had keen fIip mate on the Mtnday night about eleven, and till near on o'clock ., Cottons MPa fashionable plated
moif friendly terms for five yar<. He appeared much there was the molt luminousr Aurora Botealis perhaps C'leck, Linen, Law and A tln
diflurbed, and propefed to Mpate his uncafinefi by ever fien in this kingdom. The ci.ofrativns were as Muffin Hanker fa Cutea and Pen Kaive
dining in the Licatenanlt mL, but he cou.d not be vivid an the Balhes of lightning in the hottest leafon. Checks and Stri Chelt and Box Locks
prevailed on to drink more than one la of wine Yard wide Irlih Women Sciffars
he next day, being Sunday, he I Klfated and dined Brown Holland laea Starch and Fig BleI
with Mr. Wade, and appeared i e rter spirit. On BaHmIales allNDS, Biown and white Hair Powd .
Monday he defred Mr. ade aid the Master of the Naw-PaovioNCt. Sheeting Hard and foft Pomatum
Rattlefnake to breakfal in his eabbin, and told them s Honearal.e JOhN BROWN, re, Britannia's, Nankeen ence of ergamot
he Should infilf on their dining wi imP-Doring r t nd Co mmn r in Cieff te Marfeilles, yard vendor Water
rr r d fet and Commander in Chief of the d cread and I Combo
breakfafr he received a note from OaItal Elliot's Se- ABi ma- n l rd1, CLwnreflr, Vi e-e dmiral, .de c e 7 v C
eretary, exprefing ula efat not havhi fcen himon O of efnrI e, r. Diity, whie and dyed Tortno T fl di
fhorf fince the preceding Saturday moenii, and hop- Jienett. g & and Cae Le
ing e was not under an arrea. n his reading it. e A PROCL 1A TI O N. Mufin, Corded do. aid al.dare Shote
deTivered it to Lieutenant Wade, flying, My fefnd" Conare and fie Lawa Ba o d Girl 86hoe and
the craryformife what will hapef. lam a ruin- "T HEREAS the etral Aftembly of thetr Caibrick s I..
ed ni; it is well known that I broke quarantine." W Iand Iandt pr ued to Tuefday the Black & coloured Rabbons Morocco & Lad.
Mr. Wade replied, Don't be uneay, nor anticipate i t day of Auguls next I ND wH1a4 es, it is Pin, White Chappel and atn Shoc
the evil; all will no doubt be well." He teemed greatly thought expedient that the General A lfembly common Needles itto Leather Pamp
agitated during the lay of Wade, who left him for Ihould be further prorogue I Havn IH sat Black and blue Duraats, Maidsand Childreni Me
time to attend the duty of the Sip. Soon after, ano- ronS THoOHT fIT, by ald It thte advice and and Callimmacoe race Shaoe
there note came for him, to dine with the Governqur's content of hil Majefy't Hono ble Council, to Briad Ruffel C k Saread erh skad TroM Ja
Secretary on Tuefdaty. On his receiving it from the iLr thi Proca do Broad and narrw thred t a T wmmi
Lieutenant, he failed and faid. Wade, give my here fd eck, white and colored Oeeesfer sad tIgWrm
compliments to l impfon ; Iwill dinewth him to-mor- r y prorogue, the fd G drallembly to lak, whihd oo d Ce W
row, if I live i" In ibont ten m all after, the report Mon the he ad day of OAtober next. Offlrich Feathers Cbee
of a piltol, or rather a mthrt fnfe, was heard in his GIFN enr my Hand and the Great Seal of Ladies falionable Ch~p Rdoe Ro tte
eabbin. Mr. Wade lent down the Captain's boy, who bef$ at I nu, N l rt o i tithDLtr rnittD Hats J it Ralin
etineed muck aff hted, saying, "his matter had .fy7tr in the ArsrOr Lo d, Une Tha.- Mena and ChiirenB Le ed Alm d.
Aot himfelf." TheLieneenat and other officers im- fa d & fs H ded and B r h.lSix, aed horn Has, lined and Lof Sugar
mediately ran down, ad found their much-loved com. in f ewv(y-S E ar o ia i f j bound HyPt Gream and Boha
meander weltering in his blod.-A too-rigid fenfe of in. DRW MTe an o ttn, o ol. srd en ae SW
bmrour wa ily the ftniofthis calamty. Hew JOl BROWN. h n, or a
loved by all who knew d wll b long lamented j l i ar' Hjw JO back. and Cmhav on- q and Wafpai
As Egne at Vienn ha invented a mill, which
oin ay Igind Il forts oA ern, without ie aId of HENRY YONGI Secretary. lenured Bto 1k. &e. fue

Parliamentary Debates.

HoVus efCooNoNs, Friday, Februarjy 7, s17
M R. Dandm role and declared, when he had me
V tioned the thirty-fi writers that had been Ie
out in 1783, he had not intended to infinuate that t
Right Hon. Gentleman had any hand in fending the
ndut, but had merely floated the tac. He did not kno
who had fAnt them out, and it was a matter of perle
indifference to him. In regard to what he had faid
the Right Honourable Gentleman's having a hand
the Directors difpatches of 7;83, if the fan were.
the Right Hon. bentlen:an had Bated it, undoubted
he had een miQfaken; the reason of Riting it was th
in reading lately upon the fubjed0 of the trade of a pa
cicular part of India, where the question wan, wheth
the trade Ihould be carried on by a monopoly, or I
made an open trade, an admirably well-tuned lett
had come into his hand, and finding the lyle remark
ably good, he had exclaimed, to a friend near hi
thas it furely Burke's writing !" But in that conjec
ture he meant the Right Hon. Gentleman no ddhonou
however, he sow founds he had robbed the Diredto
of a degree of credit that was due to them, and place
itto the account of the Right lion. Gentleman.
Mr. An laid. if what the earned Oentinesan ha
faid about the thirty-fix writers, was wlat he real
thought, he Ihould not have rally thrown out ti
fft, in the manner he did in his former perch, whc
from talking of the flip from whence they came, an
the ore Board of DireAtrs of 1783 monif undoubtcdl
the infnnuation had all the effect of an affertion, thi
thofe who were in power in 1783, abufed that which
they had determined to reform, and were adding t
the mischief that were already existing in India.
Mr. Duldes fard, he meat no foch thing; but h
adhered to the exprefion of saying, he knew thefj.
they came from.
The quelfion was then put and carried.
Mr. Bure then made the following motions:
I. That there be laid before this Honfe, a
recount of the time and manner of paying into the Coo
pay's Treafury, a prefeat of loo,o.ol. made by th
abob of Oude to Warren Hiafings. Efq; for his pre
feat ufe, but, by the laid Court of Diredlors, ordered
to be paid into the trefunry, and the special ufns an
services to which the fame hath been applied."
a.. That there be laid before thi Houf, extrad
of the particulars of that part ofthe C pany's account
in Bengal, commonly called the Dr er expences and
teceipt, from the year 1770, t th ear 178u inclu
ive, fo far as the fame hath been r ived, dilinguill
ing each year."
3.* That there be laid before i Hour, a fimila
eztra& of the Durbar expencc a receipt., from th
faid period, in the prefdencine of Madas and Uombay
difUnguileingac ear, and each prcfidcniy."
4. That there be laid before this Houe, an
account of the time$ at which the several a counts o
the annual revenues and expenditures of the prefidenc
f Bengal, from 1766 to x85, were tranfmitted te the
DiredLors; and extrads, floating the realons contained
in any dispatch from the Laid presidency, for withhold-
ing or delaying any fuch accounts."
s. That there be laid before this Hofec, copiesno
all minutes of consultation and correspondence, to and
from Bombay and Madras, relative to a Contrat or
Agency with Mr. Auriol, Secret y to the Board and
Council General, for a apply of Rice to Madras and
6. That there If laid before this Hosfe, copies ol
all papers relative t6 the reven and contaeta ol
epium, fce the year s78a, Lo fa1 the fame relates
to any contrail made during thgverrnant of the
fIid Warren Hating, Efq."
7. That there be laid bef this Hotie, copies of
all minutes of confultation correfpondenee between
the Governoura-eneral a council, and the Refident
at the Darbnr of the N of Bengal, fince the month
of January, 1780; e er with an account f t he
expenditure and difr tion of the flipeud allowed to
the Nabob; together ith the actual employment
now held, and chae ecly held, by Maemed R..
Jlro, and the ord the Court of Dirccors there-
S" That there laid before this Houlf, copies
fall minutesof c ion, and other proceedings,
relative to a charge m by the Governour General,
Warren Haflings, fq; ain John Brilow, late
Refident at Oude, for diftribating erge fuam of money
from the treafory at Oude, without permillion of the
Nabob, or the prmi'on or fanaion of the Company's
Governor of egal, and without accounting for the
There motions produced a variety of conversations,
Which Broke, Mr. e M. Fox, Mr. Sheridan, Mr.
Francla, the Chacellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dundas,
Major Scot, Mr. Ifta Hawkins Browne, and Mr.
Vaonfttart fpoke.
The CAsul/J Iam olS oer contended, that if any
sew ground was broken, or paper moved for that
west to matter anmentioned mi th of te com-
maittesthat had in the courfe of the d ben fo often
alluded to, he willed, ind ndaed mo inf on the
lUCkg Hi O9 M a's Oating thca to the Houfe.

Mr. Dunda ruppoartd this very firenufliy. there principles, muft produce the werAt conce en.
Mr. Brod< moved, An antsent author had observed that the ruin of tiu
That there be laid before this Hourf, copies of all jullice arole a" e iresarir atine ar naorea." U i
other correspondence, during the refidence of John accufcr was not faithful to his trul, ie criminal mt
Brillow, Elq together with the documents therewith triumph, and the charge mat itIL When Cioe.
tracfmitted from the province of Oude and alfo the acufed Ve:ref, he wu not abamdled, but fLa
6. anfwers thereto, and all proceedings relative to hiL by the flower of the Roman Seate. The Hortensl
conduAt during the faid rclidency, from the month of Metelli wfe frenuous in the cauf. The public r.
S Ofober, ry8 cordE were laid open to him. Every fpeiee ofevidemo-
Mr. Pit firenuoudly opposed it as opening to new was furnlined. Perfons were even ent out of Italy
matter, and making the enquiry broader than it need into Sicily, to fif for proof, of his gilt. me o es
n* to be. Mr. Fox, Mr. SheGidan, Mr. Brown, Mr. were left unemployed to bring to pulicjufle le a .
tt Ifnac Hawkins Browne, Mr. Dundu, and Mr. Francis per viimt. In likemanner, the Cicero (Mr. DuNl
he alfo poke on this. o. the Britifh Senate, when he seemed to feel thatf
m tMr. Diada, contended, that Mr. Burke oulit to dignity against public crimes which did him To much
w open every new point that ire called for papers to illf-. honour, when ardent in the eascution of public justice
t trate. in a cafe which could not have efcped the recollectio
ol The Speaker complaining he was ill, it wai agreed Loany who had attended to the hillery of IndiaDolio
i: at ONE ti, mor ni.n, to a.,joarn the debate till MIn- quency, had every alfllance afforded him. The eoww
A* day, and the HouK rofe half an hour aftcr, of the orators at the bar supported him. Every papeC
ly whith he wanted was produced. Every avenue of in.
a* Mondia February 0. formation wau laid open. Urown lawyers were engaged
r- lt, the rclearch. rreafury clerks orted themrokns
er AJnooa.r Da.ATr coNcale.rn Tin Is rI..a- with alltheenthuolflm of public virtue. h Btrt, 4
be learned Gentle au obtained more information thanu
Tr e T or Mnl. Hasi..... might ultimately wifhed to have brought l cu
k- The Spealrr having called the attention of the llufe gaintl a great delinquent. But how different wu m
a, to that partof the bulfnefat which they had Adjourned, ftuation, when compared with that modern Cicert
read the following motion, the propriety of which had He felt hinfdelf opposed in the fulflment of a dny,
ri thnben decided:- which it became them more efpeclly to dileare.
re That there be laid before this Houfe, copica of all I'nfupported by thofe in power, the ordinay m es f
d other correfpondei.ce, during the residence of John legal information were denied him. lie hadeveaen
Brillow Efqi together with the documents therewith informed, that not only Mihltry difcountenancedhi
d tranfinitred Irom the provioce of Oude; and alfo the effort, but thateven the people of Egland difappro&
ly anfwers thereto and all pronegdings relative to hi con- of it. But could this allegation be well founded? Wa
ie dud during the laid rctidnnry, from the month of it poffible that the people of Enrland could difapr o
n October, 1781." of a pei fn who wwa contending tor the vlolatedrigh
d Mr. lUl wilted, that liberty wre livell him to of 'men 1 The building ofchurches, and the rediag d
ly withdraw the motion now read, in order that he might hospital., were exprefione neither of patriotism nor
at lubltitute another, which ie flattered himself would charity, compared to the noble work of bringing it
Ih mote effiecually answer the purpose. He declared that public justice the man of ambition, or te tyrant who
o he had two objcd6 in view. The liri was to obtain had trampled under foot the libertie of tel umanre.
truth, and the second to fave time. In recommtnlnrding such was the victim which the juftic of this country
Ic this alteration, he confeffed that he was much obliged required a an atonement. It wu not from motives
y to a worthy Aldermai for fuggetling lurh an idea and tri'ate resentment that he a&ed in this matter, but
as the motion which he intended to lubllitute was more fro' the purely principle of benevolence towards man.
comprehensive, and would in its nature ietend to other kind. In the prosecution of thisbuinefs, reviled u he
objedla of equal magnitude, he hoped that no gentle- might be on account of the adive part he had takes
n man would oppose it. With regard to the grand and againftMr. Haftings,he wa onfcios tohimfelfthathi
i- fundamental principles of the bulinefs now in agitation, had beta auated by a sincere regard for justice; e
e he entertained confderable confidence of fitcefa as he in this fentiment he was eoafined by an old mai,
- conceived that the Houfe was pledged, by very tie of which he had learned in his earlier years, and whkk
d honour and dignity, to fu'pert him in hisalleations, hoped he would carry with him to the grave:-
d and encourage the invefligation ofa fubjeei thatT had for Bleffd are ye when men hall revile you and pfecuct
its ultimate end, the redemption of our candour, p. ou, and fhalfa all fy manner of evil against your my
a bity, and justice as a civilized nation. In the prof u-. Luke; rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great your
s tion of fuca an intricate aifir. which required much reward in Heaven." He had looked for alfuance f
d attention, dilligence, and indefatigable perseverance, thofe inpower; but he law thatllcer obje sinterefted
- it mull be obvieu to every gentleman, that mnnch .n- them more deeply. He found that the adjuftmeat c
- formation was wanted, and that the produion of l e three per cents wia to miniftern more an obe af
various papers illultrative of the fuhitcl, would be corecrn, than the vindicating the violated ribtu of
r absolutely nccelary; he therefore hoped, that there nillir-n of the human flecles. The country of Oasd
e would Ie no objefion to the communication of evidence wa ofnormall estent. It did not resemble Pemnbroke
which appeared of an important onrure. IHc then heg. thie or any of the leffer eountie in England, thioung
ged leave to withdraw thie nutHKIn vhich the Speaker even a grant encroachment on the pravilegesof to
had read, which was agreed ton wiln one t the fIl. leiat of tnh would occalon general complaint. Itl
f lowing effect was filinbillted:-" I 'hat there he laid etrent was lifty-three thousand square miles; it teo.
y bhol. tihe Houle, dupli.rcs of t t corrpondence, titCneI ten millions ofinhabstants; ia Irevenuesamount
Sinllrueliols, or minutes, frotm the G;ovrr our General cd to right millions, and wa of course greater than the
Sand Council, concerning the fate of the country of whole unappropriated revenueof GreatBritain. Was
SOude, and the royal family there :-Alfo cop;ie of the Lthi then an objea for port and ambition? Or wa
infirudfiona given to Meffr. Johnftulon, Middlctou, and t lare a portion of the human rae to be allowed to
SBriflow; as alfo l many of the papers conncdtcd with P"rilt for want of public justice He, for his ow
Ithe foregoing, as relate to the tratfacions with Almna part, felt the magnitude of the object too mch to
r Ali Cawn." abandon it. Notwithflanding the obirullion that wa
S The motion was fconded ; whIn thrown in his way, theincitemens of duty would lead
S Mr. ), expreffed a wilh to know whether the him to endeavour to lurmaunt it. If it was the opiaiom
reports on the table pledged the houfe to allow every of the Houfe that he should, he would bring forward
f paper, of what dcfcriptio, fLovcr, t.o I produced. In lis charge. ie felt himself flpported by the ntri fe
f the prefent flage of the binefsnt, the acculation again goodncel of his canuf d in confidence of Sate
SMr. Hafings was only implied. It reed chtcHy on founded on this prinei, he would hard it agait
the authority of the Hon. elntleman, who had come all that power and wealth could oppose.
forward in the bufinefa. Before the houfc therefore Major 8lntt recommended to the Hon. Gentleam
Ihoul go on piling volnire on volnnme, and paper on wv l had undertal the crimination of Mr. Haftinhg
paper, agreeably to thle fuggnelion of thie Hon. Gentle- to bring the whb concert of the Bal-India Houn
man, he thought it was highly proper ti confide, whe. once more into the Houfeof Commons. With rgeart
their it w as under any obligation to gratify him on this to the eighh ,port, on which the Han. Oentlemau
point. or lhenthcr it would at wifely and formally ly had freqI etl owed mao encomium, there war
fo doirg. There wis yet, no fp cific charge before the fame matter formation oa ted. The whole evi-
houoe. Would the Hon. (entleman come forward with dcnce of CoInel Stuart, which was of great impr-
a Ipcific accufation ? If heo'lhould, in that cafe there tance to Mr. Having, had been fuppreffed. Thin wa
might be aome plaullGle rrafon wh:.h he might urge iani with a tiality totally unprecedented ad s-
for eallin for certain papers, a.ceary to fulbantiat l juiible. Material information Contening uja
his charge, but under tlel prctnt a;fpne of afairs he DU"wi and the Empire of Oude, had likewtfibsm
could fee nane. He cof tuded by declaring, that he uppreffed or milconferued. He mentioned tha the
would ad on the libe fide, with regud to the pro- ra of that country had arfien by the eastion of fplel
duation of papers. from the Vizier. Mr. Haftings had conidMeably ae
Mr. Bar contealed, that the learned gentleman's liorared the defeat& of the government, ad recovery
reasoning wan not a ll jultified by the practice ol the e balance due from the Vinier to the Company. He
Houfe. It was ou to call for papers, without men took notice of the Eait-India Direlors having accepted
tioning for what porpofe. Paers had been laid o. the about 6oool. from the Governor and Council aeoad,
table lat fellion in tis very manner. He recollected durin the time when Mr. Gregorr had the diuleo
the cafe in point, and would bring to the learned Gen. of asirn He wa then about entering ito a long
tleman's recolledion, that this instance had obtained in historical account of Alatic affair, when he was atter
relation to the afairsof the Nabob of Oude. He con. rpted by
fidered the rejedion of his reque as a iratagem to get Mr. Wi i*rferrr, who Inlftad, that the Hen. O n
ridofthewhole enquiry: and although, formally peak. tleman wau wandering from the eftiMn befe the
ing, he might take the advantage of the learned Gen. Hoafe ; hae therefore hoped that be would be b
tlemr's subterfuge, and fleal away from the enuiry, digrefrive.
yet he felt too livel a fef of public jufie to dfert The ISp er *th d tke Hen. OmGetlem bi
its eanf. He wel knew how much a criminal profe, judilious obfgrvation, amd racemmdd a aies
cation depended on the irmne s, vigour, and fdelity attention to the quetioa.
of the prof:cutor. eeblknefs, as a defeat in any of [To rq ceonE1timV

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