Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: April 22, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00037
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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No. 9'.

GA7 Z"'IT E.



NAssAU: Printed by Jonx WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.
-- i

American Intelligence.
B O S T O N, M1ac 4S.
PHIE Ioufe of Reprcltntatrive on F.iiay ?t
Spaied a reflve to approp iate the revenue,
irifl from the impoft and txcif:, to Lttify the
rtqcrftipns of CongrefF.
The Star, fi.ppifed of Salem. New.-England.
bound to Marfeilles. has been taken by the i.lge-
rione. The crew of the Star, on perceiving the
pi:rte making for her, took to thdr lot boat and
AVr Y'ri, Marrb a6. A Br'tlfh Mhip of war
hath lately iized and carried into St. Kit's, the
olip Indoerr. Capt. Benfon, and the roop Eli.
tabeth, Capt. Robinfon, both from New-London.
I Connerticut.
A correfpondent laments the local prejudices
the difr rent Rfate in the union retain. At no
e a." f'ys he. Is did they ever want a junltion
t hl -t an, hands, more than at present. Ame-
li- I-k. a t uthjut come to adult age, in pot-
f1lan of abunldatre, walntoan in the gifts that
N)tIII, with a lavtlh hand, has bellowed on her,
aid will t ha tnl it her true intcrtft, until dire
re Trr;taw, March is. On Monday lift the rem-
witre of Ccrgrn f, t enfifti' g ot the lion. Charles
Pilr k y oat ftitli-('.ro.ria, Hon. NathAilel
torhom of 1MatlT'hunfctt, and Hon. Wisl;am
O-'yfon if V rginia, had their audience of the
Af'embly if iNew Jet fy, agr, eIrbly to the r flll
tin of Cotigr.f. of ihl yth i, ft. a.nd the appoint.
ment of the hoa' fc illlng that dqa.
T!'he re4ilotion of Conert f apponilig the comn-
iii're. and S.,ing its pri: f.> was iedl; the
reolutii n of L ongtefs if the ijth of Pehruary
Lft, it forcing tie ,evtnue fFfi) m of 'he 8'h f
Apt I 17l1, were al o read, and a fchetule of the
foreign loato laid btfre th- hmiul:.
Mr. Plnckot y ti en addrtifed the hbotu in neatly
the following" terms.
*" 111tt. ; at Wi s,
S* Tl'e Un'ted States In Crgret- at? milcd he-
ing i;nftm d that this hot,fr hal, on thr aoth unt.
nrt. et. that they could not. rcoi. enI'ly with
tI, (lIv tl th it COi ntitu, it alent to there i.
fit,, f. Aptember Ilt for f.lcia. fupalie.s they
huve c, nerintd it incumber.t on them, aS gpir
:iian ot tie. general tight. and Intertiet (f the
c)rf d rrciy. by a deputation rf th;er own body, a
me. fare they never fdopt but up mn the moft
impa r'ant occAl' lis, to prtf, it to the view of the
rlae of New-J-rfey, the absolute ncctlity there
is it the Arverrl Rates to a frift an;, purilital
tLmpliance with the repnilitions of Congrt fj. and
the fatal cnrlfequences which muft inevitably at
tend an adh rence :o tie prefcnt determination
of the Affembly.
When thele Rates u cited, convincrl of the
Inability of each to rfpport a teparatte iftem. and
that on their union drepcttded their prtttii'n and
existence, policy as well as p *i enct didated the
reeelity of forming one tlirienct government,
which, while it protected and f.cnred tie whole,
left to the federal Rates thofe rights of internal
fiereignty it was not nectfliry to de leg te, andi
which could be exercised without injiuy to the
ftleral authority. In them were placed a I thofe
tll~eti;al powers which c.onitute a nation-Such
are the excluflve rights of ptace and war-of
fending and receiving embalifB--of frmting trea-
tits and alincs-and qui ping and railing flcets
and arries.-To them alfo were delegated the
power f/ 6b:tta irs loen, the fjitb of em United
Strte, snd Af apa rtioning to the ftweal inenmder
of tlh union, qwtaa oSf the publier CpeC i.
The mode citablifhed by the con:cderattoa for
'Certaiiiing the quo*a of each, was at that time
fippsfed equal and praticable. EIperience, how.
ins, has proved the contrary | and the ftater.
thnnIh frequently urged, having neg'eefd to
f1unih returns of the vale of their lanr', and the
bi dingin and in.rov, ments thereon, agreeably
to the artic Ce Congrtrs were induced to recon-

mend an arttertion of it. This has been onndri
reference for fomc time-ten of the Rates have
complied, and fame of them funilhred the returns
of their numbers In conformity to the recommen-
dation. New-Jerfey has done both i-It i the
bhet information Congres have been able to obtain
of the comparative Irength and resources of the
different Rates, and the only one on which they
could properly found thefe rcquifltions the fer
vices and rupplics of the federal government ren.
der necemiry.
Go The states having thus, hv their voluntary adt,
firmed one government as elcntial to the prortec
tion of the whole, and placed in one controuling
onwer the administration of its concerns, and to
whom they weseto look tnp for support, each
late is bound according to iti ability, to furnifli
a proportion of the expenses I and the whole are
jointly and rfverallypledged for the public engage.
ments, foreign and domefic.-The mode pre.
fcribed by the confederation being imprateicable,
it folr ws that the proportions are to he quota'd
agreeably to the bed liI:hts in the pofTflon of the
union; for, while the government esifts its sem.
iers are hound to contribute to its mairtenanice;
and New-J]rlfey having not only affenttd to the
nmode by which the is rated, but furnished tht
returns on which the .tffltmecnt could be made
sith exaanefs, the certainly cannot with pro
priety complain of bearing an undue proportion;
nor will ite, I truft, upon furious rtfl.tion, ftp
pore the can, confifltntly with her duty to th,
unn.n, reftf the requ fitlon. If the has hetn
ove.ratled, let her fubftantiate it in evidence to
Congref, and Mhe will always fnd that badly In.
cliredtodo her the comp!eiel jufi(e. Nay more,
;f the conceive herfelf opprtltrc' under the ptefctii
confederition, let her, through her dchl gtes in
Congrerf, tate to them the oppiiltinon (he comn
plains of, and urge the calling a general c. nven
tion oft r Rates for the prrpife cfincrtafing the
powers of the fi leral government, and rendering
it moce adequate to the nide for which it was
inflituted. In this conflitivional mole of appli
cation, there can be no dotbt of her met ting with
all the tipport and attention the can with.
SHlad I er refentment, In concert with Con-
nslicut, been pointed against New-York, and
ih means in their power by ds*tie, andhyj osped
free p t immediately cppoSle tIhir eite, been ce
cried to oh'ige that Rate to do them jultice, fo far
frtm inijuing, the would have received the coun-
tenance tf every federal late in the union. But
h r present condl't, to refusing the conftitutioval
requinion who were friendly to her intertnd in the general
confulion that mutif now enfoe, to far from ob. the ends the proposes, will divert the
attention ofthe union from New York, and from
hat fyftrm which could alone relieve the non im.
porting flater, and apply it a holly to her; for, with
wtat propriety could compulfovy means he ufed
aeaint a ta'e, for net -ffenting to a tneatire on
which we conffs the had a right to deliberate,
when we tnffer anothr witb fiance and qvti iw
parity to refofe a requintion the is coaftitutionally
bound to c mply wit14
*. It will he proper here to remark, that the pre-
fent rquifition is founded upon more advantage-
ous principles than any hitherto adopted, fo far
as it refpeda the eight northern iates, whote
citizen probably hold more than three fourths of
the whole certificate debt of I be United Stater-
for of the 1,40oo 485 dollar. teing the total fpc-
cle value of the loan-ope diebt. .,998 So dollars
being more than feven.elRltha of tie hole were
loaned in the fevea eatem Rates. The Rate of
New Jerky is in proportion a confdeIrble credi-
tor of the union. H >w far therefore it becomes
her to support the meafures of Congrfe in pro.
hiding for the interest of this debt, a.d in affeing
it credit, h kft to the good fene of the houfe
to determine. The federal requiltlios of Sep
tember sfls, April e-4, and tcptember 178 .
which have beenjult Rated to the houfe and their
priaiplpce fully eiplalned, obviate eecry objeedio

with relCbe& to a larger nraber of certificates
bring iffutd than are provided for, and pvre that
certificates will not inhe from the loan- ffces toa
greater amount than the interest ofthe domefii
debt to December lt74.-If the Ratec comply
with the frveral requifition, 'he fuads on which
theintereft certificates depend will he co-etenfive
with them, and the certificate all be funk and
called in by the tatne levied by the altes. As to
the commutation to the army. it Is only necelagy
to remark, that the late Congrets found an ad of
a farmer Congrcfe finally adopted upon the fub.
fieC, and the national faith pledged to carry it
into tfcdl. The certificates are to changed
that it weuld be impoiBble now even if it was
proper, to make any difcrimlnation between them
and the other public securities. To the army,
however, I am of opinion. their country are
hound by the ftrongeft ties of gratitude and affec-
tion, aid if it tould be evtr admillble to make
any dittind;on between the public creditors, they
cettaily polTffc the Wpure claim to preference
and attention.
That thecommereial Rate are ladebted to the
joint efforts of the whole for the advantage they, will be readily admitted. Upon there
principles Congrefi have agaia, by the addref. of
the isth of February lat, which you have jurt
heard read, presented the ever us fyftem to tha
view of thofe states that have not complied.
Georgia. it is faid, has acceded.-New Yo k s
now delibera*'gi upon Ita,.and It is hoped that a
measure fo juft In i'fef, and fo necifary at ttis
time to ftrengthtn rIe federal credit, nIll meet
with their concurrence-if not, ve rtNB.e with
pleafnre, that a great majority of the noft impor-
tant ftaes in the union have, upon every oce, f n
by their ads and ready eomphasces with the
recommendations ofCoangrf, maniffled towaren
and realous an affejion to the fJeral compaSft
as leaves no doubt ofa fyftem ion tIing formed
which will in its operation relieve every mbor.
rafrment and inequality complained of. But tltis
will attoFether depend upon the concerted mea.
friei of fch latest as are friendly to the fritem.-
B divihone upon the fubJeit of the requ;lion,
you not only defeat and prevent the mnedfres of
Corrrcf., for obtaining this deBlrable end, but
f rnifh the non complylog date. with new and
oicible argument agalnf it.-Perhaps I do not
gro too far in aftertint, that a pcrfeverarcc In your
refufal muit inevitab y tend to dinffove thoft ties
which bind us as a natler-For, holdid the other
states fufpend their supplies t the common trea-
fury, until New Jerfiy compile with the rnqunil-
tion. the elifteoee of the federal goves nment mult
be enrdaered-probably ceafe.
4 To this houfe, therefore an application 1I now
made, to refcind their a{, aa one pregnant with
the moft alartilng evll-.T'he fuation of our
commerce languilhing under the mo ruinous and
opprobriout reftraini, and which nothing but a
wife and well-eoccerted flem of federal policy
can support, has for Rme time demanded our
molt serious relieve it from its pre*
(cnt embarralnrent,.-to plae it upon terms ad.
vantagcous to our own cittlena-and rescue It
from the predatory Invafions of the ai bnry fates.
The hoftile coadut of the tvages on our fron.
tlers-the unexampled bebavioor of our late
enemy, in holding our po cotray to the treaty
bridling the eogntry, and deprn s of the ad.
vantages which would otherwi afr from itel-d
above all, thlt dar a udfered ot l ehibr t a .
rt hev e .i ener oIpf in jr efn tiin i, As r2f.t
folid 6his .o ker us"l! d pr rity, at thfs
time partllrly call forr henuous and united
exertionst.-To thete Important consdtrattion all
motives of Rafe-Dpolcy &oeld yield-We bould
rccoll'e that the grievance and inequalities par.
ticular nates may complain of can nly be relieved
by the timely sad Judiional terl ltlo of the
federal authority, and that tie once difolved,
the Interctt of tle lefer states may not only b
opprefed, but become a rpy totha more impost
tast, and fuch a feCu of itbt4M didord V4

confudlo eaiue, Artvery friend to the peace and the value ofterrt n Thillinfs and ip.wards, or as p'e that arctfttlcd between the Preach, ,
liberties of hi country mult with to avert.-A arccll ity tlhrreofl l.forre the fad, Ihall refctorc e the Hlllci rivers, wliofL particular fitutiott
temptation will be offered to the great maritin.e good urchatllis o, (tulorn, tothe ri:Iht owlitr orr be tranlfmittcd to the United States In C
powers of Europe to interfere in our p,,itic:, owiteit lIcre.r, or pay the full valm tt'cre, and afrimbled, for the decitioa thereoa, whi" .
and this country, which, under a will and liberal to forfeit and pay to the Commnornwctlth the like Indisn:es agr to abide by,
lytlem might he the happiest, become oun of the value oflhel trcot as d chattelsl tolen, Aind under. VI. If any Indian or indias, i rL
molt miserable and contemptible in csiftence. go a fervituaie for any term not exceeilin even ing among them or whrolha ltsktre retl
For there and a variety ofother reasons, which yea.s-thath the malefdors who flall Ie efntcnced nation, Ihall commit a robbery or murder
might caRly be adduced, I am hopeful the houl'e to hard labour, in punishment oftlleir crime, may other capital crime, on any cilutJaea..L .
wil rescind their reftoitlon, and pas the requili and fall be empl ycd, not nly i l tie golas anr States, or perlin under their prote"tlo, tica
tion. If they do not-in what other light can the hoitres of corredlirn of the refpeclisc coutntiea tion or tribe to whom fuch offetdi;r
United States view their conduct, than in that of wherein they fltll be confined, but all' in repair- may he long, Ihallbi bound to deim hoer t I
an infraction of the confederation, and a i.lemn rig arid amending the public road, or lighwiayt, *:p, to be ipunilhd according to # ith usw
reefmon of this tate from its union and protec- In fortifications, trines, and filchl other hi rd labo thit United States ; provided that the piIfth
tion -A measure I am convinced they could not rious works, within the county where they fall thl.ll not be greater than if the robber, or .
have had in the melt diltant contemplation.-- have been conviledd, and for the hClictt of fuch der, or other capital crime had beet a
have ever viewed this Iate in point of services and county and during the term of tli r cinndemna- by a .itizen on a citizen." **
exertions as oneof the molt deserving in the union, lion hall, at the public expt ine of fri h co:mity, \ VII. If any citizen of the United Stae a
and truft that upon this oc-alion ite wi'l evince he fed on fuch coaifr wholeti ene ftod, fhail I sve petriln under their proatcdlon, (hall colab
that attachment to the federal fyltcm--we are fich lodgings aa may defied thi it tin lthe t lol.ry, or iiiurder, or ether capit al t
fure the bears it. irnlecrency ofthe weather; .and itl i .lr- have any ldian, fuch offender or of ndens-t i
As the measures of Congrefs mult in a great 'heir heads and bar clari olelr I,.'.ia, at r ,lt onct pinilled in the fanic in.mnnr as If the murder, a
degree depend ilpon the determination of the in every week, andl li cloatlied in lru hit. of coarle ruobhe y, or other capit41 crime, had beeas cO.
hour, either to refcnd or adhere .o their late materials, uniform incolouranid nmakl, lnd dlinin- o minted on a citizen of the United Statel I salltb
resolution, and as the public anxietyis exceedingly guilhed from all o'hus iuired by the goo i citizens a punilnlment Ihall bz in prtfence of fheb efti
railed, we are to reqielt your honourable body to of this Commenwealth, and antf Ihae fmer vifibl. Cherokees, if any hall attend at the tiai
give us an answer as foon as the importance of the mark nl the outer garment, ctillnati.ig the na. place; and that they may have anoppoMrt y
ubjekt will pollibly admit." true of the crime for which fintclnced ; to that to lo, due notice ot the time of ruckh ppnit
Mr. Pinckney ufed a number of other argl- they may be marked uut to public, as rell hall he feut to one of the tribes.
mrnts, which we have not been able to obtain, wlile at their ordinary occupatii.lis, as whci VIII. It is underfltood that the piiDhbaeitfM
explaining and enforcing the principles of the attempting to make thcr efcrape. the inuocett under the ideaof retaliation is
requifition-proving that it was not Intended as a Al/.andria, (tirgia) AIar.l I. tl. Vflnrd. anld all IIal ot be pradliftd on either fide,
fubltitute for, or could by any means he con- mornin;r arrived here fto:r. BUoUtidt.ri', the 1.-i. where there is a manifest violation oftlbtreaty
firued to interfere with the revenue fyftem of gintine Fanny, Capt. Stiill, whiih pl'.ce ie e Ift and then it hall he preceded firft by ademandi
April il, i7t3-flatigi the confnrqicncte which the iit of .January. In la.. *,i. 10n,;. 7. Ihe jullice, and if refused, by a declarative of h
niut result from a refufal of it, and urging the was cliaftd nnwards of i ra hclur, hy a lad g p:l.a- lities.
houfe to comply with the expectations of Congrefs crc rigged Algtiine corfsir, wh;ch was oi niMr IX. For the bencfit aml comfort of the kI
in pmfng it. where Ihe bre ti the chair, that lie could fee the clians, and for tlhe prevention of injuries or at
Mr. Gorham and Mr. Grayfon followed Mr. crew's turban and whifkers. prefllun on the part of the citizens orl ndishtlle
Pinckney, and, by a variety of arguments in a Rin/rmnm, (l'rgiil.) March 9. Articles of a United States in Congrcfs affembled thag Ma
very able and pointed m inner, proved the impo. 'rc.aty concluded at ilopeell oin ieh Kerwre thl fole andexclulive right of regulating thetral
licy of Ncw-Jerfey's refutfng the requifition, it river, between Benjamin IlHala;iwn, Andr .w Picl- with the Indians, ant managing all theirartk,
being clearly her intcltt to support thI confede- ens, J feph Martin, and Lahtlari M'lntolll, in fiuch manner as they think proper.
ration.-The latter gentleman, in particular, ur- Commifiioners Plenipotertiaty of tIhe Urited X. Until the pleatire of Congrefe be kLem
ged with great force, the In.p'oprurly of this States f America of ltie onlr.i pt. t a- I he lead refpfeing the ninth article, all trader citialej
nate's rifki g the diffolution of the uni.,n, a, in Men and Warriors of all the Chlrcr'.c s of the the United Sm ws, (hall have liberty togotom
the event of ano'hcr confederation it could not be other. of the tribes oTtonIs of the Cherokees t# =I
fuppofed the lefter Rates would he allowed to ThJe Commifioner is 'cO-rlntn i'ry ,f tile t;li- with them, and they (hall be pretedcd i thei
confederate upon equal terms with the more tedl States in Coingltf, .itreililcd give a peace to p1 Ifors and propltier, and kindly treated
important. all the Clherkees, anil receive lltnh into tie XI. The faid ln,!iantShall give noticto the
New r.r, anarelb if. A letter from a gent!e- favour alid; protledio of the UnItet State3 tf citizens of Ue Uncited StateSla ofanydefigastith
man in Trenton, New-Jerfey, to hia corrcfpindlent Ainmrie I, oi the f.llo]r. :,, coihlntiii .i. tlhey may know or fulfpe1 to be formed by a
in this city, dated March so, fays, Our Afferni. I iTh heatc1 oen .aiI r. arriorE f all the Che- nirirhliouritng tri'e Ior by any person whatfoewv
bly have refcinded their resolution of Norvcmbr r, ites llhall rfluore all hit- rifoltfo. rtitn..ns i% .he agaitil the peace, trade, or imtrcl of the UI
laft,which was haftily produced, and calculattl to Unitrd States or flihiectied f tlitr iliic1, to tll-r I Si.t ,1.
countered all feltral meatlhre, until your Itatc entire lilberty. 'lhly lln'! alfTo irnle all tlre i XII. That thie Indians may have full coa.
Should come into the general import.-Both nr groC and all o lher ropcrit taki.i nlriI y tlle ( i cein thejulticc of the United States refpgle
branches of the legislature are ferioufly deterniin- 'ae war from the citizcir, to f it p ri ni, mar an t I ltir interclt, they Irhall have the right to freia
ed to counteract, as far as they can, every local f!ch time and place i the Conrirnnli .rar t i il deputy of their choice whenever they think t t
fyftem of New-York, until they come fully into appoint. Crongrcfs.
the impolt duty. It is not politically wife or jtft, II. The Cnnttilloners or te iUnttd Stanr in XIlI. The hatchet ( all be forever buried, ad
to delay it for an hour. A bill i n w ceigroffed Cnrgrt fs allembled Iliall relrie all the pi inlo.ti the peace gitrn Iby the United States, andfriea.
inCouncil, to llablilh afreeportat Powlce-Hook; takcn from the Indians dunnlie tihe lA; wir, to llip re cltablifhed between the United Sta t
and I prefume an import duty will le laid on all the head men and warriors of tihe Chlroukec, ait cor part, and all the Clerokees on tdiotherl
gods brought from New-York into Jerl y. All early as is pramcti;ble. bhe iiveriall; tnd the contraeling parlies lua
the other Rates have come fully into this lrcfntial II. Thc faid Indian, for thnemfelvt and their their itmolo enileavo meafure, and it is Itrange that New York should rvfpeitive trih i anti towns, do Iack;'e all ; ;vtl as aforefaid, and friendship re-edablilhid;
Ilow ad fo inconfiftently with her former po- the Clierokecs to be under the proiirtir n of the In witncft of all end every thing here deterau.
licy.' United States of America, and of nr other forve.- between the Utnited States of America and ll
Pbiladelhi Mnreb "o. A letter from one of rUign whatsoever. the Cherokces, We the underwritten Coast .
the commilioners for Indian affairs, dated Miami, IV. The boundary allotttrd to the Chlrokees fincrs, by virtue of our full powers, have ee_
December at, s;5, faya, -" Two days ago we for their hunting .roiuirds between Ithe flid In- this definitive treaty, and have caused our dt
hadi a determinate answer from the Shawanefe. and hbc citizen rf the tlnitcil Stites of he hereunto affixed.
They fty they have been blended and impofed up- America, iv and Ill.tll oc the fCl.lowirig, v:/. B;- Done at Hopiewcl; on the Keowee, this athde
on by bad people ;-that they will give no more ginnini: .t the nlouthi of Duck Hivtr on the 'T- November, in the year of our Lord e
attention to their Rtofies, but will colled their nafiC, thernce running north cift it) the lid r thonfand I'vea hundred and eigbty-fie.
own nation, with all others in their power, and dividing the waters running into CuniI, Ctarleflt:, April i. A correfpondnt wil
will attend us immediately. If they are feriais from thole running into the 'rTenue, thence to take notice of the generous mannerin hih
at I think they ar) we will be able to do bufinef eanerly along the faid ridge to a nouth caft line to the Treafurc e have behaved towards the t.
in a Ishrt time. There are here, about one hun- be run, which Ihall firike the river Cumli.rland chantsin their present diftrelled lttuatlon.-AtIL
dred Delaware* and Wyandotts, who feem much forty miles above Nlhviilcl, thence along the r t hlinfe: fcntlemen are 1i tble to make good trT
interested in forwarding the treaty." lite to the river, thence ip the faid river to the deficiency to the State that may have been I
March a9. Among the paper laid before the ford wlhete the Kentucky roadt crorifl- the- i cr, tioned by their neipled or too reat idstla
Houle of AirLmbly of this lat., by the Vice Pre- tlence to Cimpbell Line near Cumberlanr GO!p; yet, previous to the meeting oftbe leg
fidcnt and Council, with their mef e of Friday, thence to the mouth of Cloud's Ctetk, on Hol- they went round to all the merchants
February aS, was a letter fiom the Delegates of IAin; thence to the Chimney Top Mountlain ; whom judgment had beenobtaine, oflerilt11..
this State in Congrefs, Rating that they had been thence to Camp Creek, near the mouth of Big if ten per cent. could be advanced, they ;W
informed by his Excellency Governour Clinton, Lime Stone on Nolachukey; thence a follthietly grant a further indulgence of four months tiorl
that he had received undoubted intelligence, that course, fix miles, to a mountain; thence t,'rth remainder at their own rilk ; thin request wai
a quantity of powder and lead, much more con- to the North-Carolina line thence to the then complied with in a lngle intMace: A
fiderable than could be necel'ary for private tte, Carolina Indian boundary, and along the fame although the legislature at their rigll, Mite
had been brought to Filhkill, for the purpose of fiouth-weft over the top of the Olaonee mouin:,iin, merchants at the mercy of the Trea mwln
bein conveyed to Wyoming. That fart of the till it Shall strike Tugalo river; thence a cdirct line wherever five per cent. has been paid, tIl=
melage relative to Wyoming, wa founded on to the top of the Curogee mountain til ncc to agreed to give time. Thil generousnie Naoe
this and fome similar inormatton. the head of the fouth fork of the Okonce river. dut, aided by the paper mraedii, which
The General Alembly of this Commonwealth V. If any citizen of the United States or other certainly be ifiued by the lt day s f Marty
bave publilthd a bill for public consideration, en- person, not being an Indian, fliall attempt to which is receivable in all taxes and duties,
titled. An at for amending the penal laws of fettle on any of the lands, westward or fouthward it is hoped, prove a compleat care for the
thin Arte," according to which every person or of the faid boundaries, which are hereby allotted diftrefs.
pedrons convictd of horie dealing, or as accelary to the Indians for their hunting grounds, or ha. April 3. A gentleman arrived it the
thereof before the fads, Ihall restore the hnrfe, wing already fettled, will not remove from the Ma Capt. Hull, from St. Chrleltpber'*, a
mare or gelding tolen, to the owner or owners fame within fix months atter the ratification of made oath, before Governour MouHltrke th
thereof, or the value thereof, and pay the like this treaty, fich perfon I-all forfeit the protedion few days previous to his leavsri t. s l
value to the Commonwealth, and undergo a fer- of the United States and the Indians may punish where he took his paaage, he was IslsmL
vitude of any term not exceeding (even years- him, or not, as they pleafe; provided neverthe. the mate ot an Englllh Ihip from Lot=n0d
thbt every perfao convided of Smple larceay, to lets, thatthis article (hall not extend to the peo- about thirty leagues to the eaftward ofBasliU

thy met three Algerine vefrels, onfillin; ofone terint ) e with hope, not llmtitd any time for
lidp of ss goun, another of *4, and one achec of payment. I cotql4 thn hare difpatchlc the thips
is runi and that they were to.d by the Algeines 'without detainintg them fo long with vain epec.
tey were cruising for Amcrlian r1ala. talions.
7v 6. We hear from Ihode-lland, thlt Thib being really my litation. I addrefi myftif
tk1Oitflature of thlt State bre fla ly complied to you in the ma frisedly manner, and folcit
,itlThe requcition of Consgrcts rfirpedlti the part payment ofyour debts I ve per cent. of the
pos". principal _wil be accepted at this critical jundtius,
The 14th of Marh af was reald in t.he e. with the faSd thkealnefs as if beffowat on me;
by of Pennfylvania, a letter f am Edward Rae* .nd the conutloufnefs ofhavlpr dealt honestly,
dolph, Efqi one of the Com umiioners appointed and like a brother with every oe, I hope that nt
by the State ~q Virgiuia, to meet Commlonnoter I ptrfon aill take this application atmi,. Plafe
from the other twelve States for the ptiport of only to make my ftuatirn your op n, and I am.
dvifng fuch regulations of trade u may be likely f re you will ity my cafe, and no longer delay
to promote the general interref, and tome plan the payment ofyour debts.
for removing the dimculties under which- the 0t yu iot think that it will be a difercdit to
commerce of the United States has long la. thibp (tae, ifl Ihould be obliged to fend the Siip.
forced. home with fand intcad of produce, when fa large
Thts letter appoints the Ar.t Monday in Sep. .fyum are due to me, and when I am certain that
tenber as the time, and the city of Annaapo is ap i many of my debtors on whofe words and promnifca
the place, for opening the conferences on ti c I have relied, have chosen more valuable arlicilc
Important fubjed entrusted to their deliberation:. for exportation u?
It reqftlls a cooperation on tile part of Pcmleyl. I reclur oft all thoe gentlemen andl ladies. In.
vania. debated to me by book. to accept their accounts,
aas@ of a tlettr frew Annaoits, dated March 3. i a forpetfl.efaotherwifc may take place, which
I cannot ourbeir the freedom of n eniti.iiii has been the cafe with many of my dehlbo s, who
to ou the fav urable dilpofition of the Generrl it ive dfiurtled accounts feat theri this year, which
Alikmbly of this State, towards complying witlli tli y acknowledged to he trel and iuft in January
the requiliiouns of Congrefs, in coleqcucIce ('f 178T, alledgig for renafi partly that they hai.
the report of hcir committee lately tranlifnittel plid, anil partly that they had not rccciv d
to the eaecut"e of this late. It was rtef:rcd to articles therein mentioned. To avoia fuch cn-
aconfclence of both branches ot the g Iflature, fullio, occalioned by the long credit they have
and after ailliort debate on their icport tothe taken thrmfilver, without my having granted it,
flnufe, leave was given to bring in abii, invefting I now befrech of yao immtl.iate payment, tot
Cungrcef with pmwcr to levy certain dutict on all being able to writ any longer.
goos imported forth term of twelnt)fie years AlI thofe ti whom the two Danifi vVclrs,
together with an annual tax of tes lls. Iing m. GenerJl Halh. Crpt. Kopperh,.lr, and frererrs
evir, hundred pounds value of property within JIuel, Capt W.hber, nlind iindbted for any fnp.
the At c for the lame period, as a fund to dlilT pli;c, will Ib pleaf:d to fenid in their acciauits
charge their proportion of one million frve hull- fr fettlemeiit before the fliips g away, which
dld thousand dollars annual required by ihe wi'l be in 8.diys.
requilition of April sl:l, ia Ij.-As the bill is If any ptrf.n will take draughts on the Eaft.
not brought fior d yet, poffibly my ,ilca of the ,ea and G ,inea trade in Cop n'a en, p.yali,: in
evrnt may prove premature ; but. ftrm the bcit England, France, Holland, Gr.imany, c. ill
liformas o can get from many of aemtLerl, poyineiit for rice or other produce, I will dr.lw
and th ifpofilion difcovered at tL. ire tha rt- in order to difpa ch the vefl'.
port of l tcnfferers was before the HoMl; there A. PI.EYM.
l no r j.uI to doubt the paalige of tVe bill, --
greealb to there port, by a great noa.>rity. In ; -
fnpporti thil opinion, it may not he improper I, AT LY I PO R TE
to ad l, that thle hundred and fixty copies of AT IV 1),
the iel)rt of rh. I'hh i'*'P F uary, 178 was A ND TO B 5 0 L D,
r.lted hy order of the houfe fo the i' form.titon B the S U BS R I B E R "
oftht people iin te oitfen counties." I
Af.tpr The quefton whether paper money A: tUtir SToat at the njl I nd of the BAYr.
Imauld bemittid in the :tlle of Riodc-l.llnd, l N Avsr.srMuT of eIlant Cut Dceant r.,
was on the iltmoo detesmiiled in the nregative, Quei.'. and fuper. I niu'ler., Wine (laCIts,
ht a mjoB e more than Iwoto one it appear. li e Broad Cloths and Gobllet, &S. -
ig to tile Ife that thii meafuie was art tgcther 'imming A gcnirl for nt af
, alifeabl, %which caultd it to be 1o gri.rallry 'groes Blankets & coatfc r om.... Til Ware, ai1d
foni. ii ablur Cloth Block Tin Kitchlirll.
We learn f pr the prrp I undon made aoots rtc.s .
We learn Ga, t.1p h th. e popl Coarfe asd fine trilh Lin. Poilipool japanred WVAse
reaal have rad great Ictif fiom thi"" ntw enl andll heetingl Tcl C f ee Urns, '
urce, the a ir p r en/iia, anl that t is Mem and Womens Silk Princu'l metal lnd platcd'
taken, wilhi feruple, by all clafles of people, Coton & I bread Stck- Carnd'fick. in pairs or
il exchange fi, the common necticfries o life, ing, i
tqual with gold or filver, except for the articles Ditto's Leather, T'hread Qain'.riths..u.:,Kltchup, i
or wbnat andlbalr. .and Jean Gloves Ol, Mifular P irl:'c
Apr i to h' flubfcriber hopes that the follow. Cotton ad l.inen Stripe., A Itnll alformrcnt of I
Ing urpretlltajon of his diftrcta, ad!rcfed lti all Check. and Oanabria mity Mtd;cincv. vi..
hi dtii Htr, jill be duly attended to by them, An aflfoiitint of Sewing 1Srough'a '- Bitters,
al1dth I ii: ll procure Ilib immediate relief. S I Godfrey', Cerdi:al, ac.
Gentlemen, Onabrigs sad Nuns A genecral Alffnrniur t ,f
Give me leavero acquaint you with the difr;ef hreIada pik., ShEthlilg a...
fed linaiion I at rfent labour index for want of Coloured, plains ani fpO. lai
money. Yu, iat lillening to my reprat.J folici. rte Jean saad Jeanctl Ditto of C'ardi;: roam I
taua r as to pi y the itrcl c laie Plain and cordd Mulins Inche do, ith Mar-
and Dimities line and HouL ille
fiams due to near three years, obliges me to Brodn Hulland, and Mu. Gentlemen's l litfe
renew them he mol Aine man er. very u Nting black Beaver Hatta
person who f es ling in this harhour two Danifl luot and clear Lawns Double and flilgc sfitrcd
Cuinea velfetl, cimned lince July laft, by fair Ruma Drab, Hulkabuck Loaf Sugar
Ipomifes of rcivil either cale or produce to Drilling and Diaper Hyfon Tea and Cofflc
oable me to difp them, will wonder how I M tn. Dimity Cuatrer, ( cotch Piptail, Oro(noke
have been able t ply them fi long, aJa time Wailncoat & BrecIche, Ledf I tobacco
ioen I could not f more than Iol. otit of so in faits Madeir Wine o the hii h-
to Isoool. fierlitjue to me, notwithilanding Ditto's Canvalf Frocks, eft saver and quality,
twoclerk 1ly ajplyini and writing clters. 1 Trowler and Check by the pipe or 1k11r
s not allhaied to fay that I have been f reed to Shirt quality .
cv rcourfe to the public venduae.whtre i hate A eat variety of Cutlery London rcked Port Wifc
f.iecd goods to a 6l1o1 om t3sc 7 t6 90 pee Ironmougery, Tools, &r. by the ditto
_tI, alO what elfe could I do, whe tche crews l erman Ste., & S rdi la rasly in puncbeolt *oe
If bath vtlfle, might otherwise have airved, Iron -it- r lin-iry
tavoue keen il of my debtors tI Hair Brooma & Scrubbing A few barrl ,f tiupcrinrl j
t_ I1.^ drppom.mcntlot my oemors I DrlBes Flour, and Irlfh rMc
"'e been daily littered with promifeq of cah or Winndw Glaf. to by Is. Beef,
I ~y, by perfons, whofl rank', dignity, wealth, by n, ad 8 by to t
ad roe rey ven forbid me to doubt the Inalt I I. SL 0,
lught of milrar, until the renewal of the pro- h' following Articles upon Config;mrrt, and to 1
Itft ad of O~her x IJ, the benefit of which : Sold for Catb, at a very moderate advance.
S.aght was tqI be ejoyed by poorditrenfil Pitch by the Barrel An elegant Aarument ef o
Pe only, and not b the rich, who fcem to En lifl Buter in firk in.s 7Jeery, the Article a
btb elter and prA nton under the fime, by A mil affortmcet of filn too numerous to be Il-
iui they are enabl to buy negroes and good Printed Goods and Silk ferted.
Super cent und prime court, while their cre. Oauzes
k i eive neitr caL nor produce, but re Panton, Leflie, & Co. *
4d- ith atr promises I mould have been a
y de ors had they, instead of flat. fw,' Aru I 786- t

BY the Barbados Mercury of the aft iut. with
which we have been ult now favoured, we
are informed, that his Mjeyf opened the prefcnt
Sfllon of Parliament, on Tu.fay the s(th of
January, with the following mof Oracious
ealcto :
My Lordi And Gentlwlsm,
SINCE I laf met you Il P.rliament, the
disputes which appeared to threaten an Interrup-
tion to the tranquility of Europe, have been
brought to an amicable conclufnon; and I continue
to receive from foreign powers the trongelt alu-
rancie of their friendly difpoition towards this
At home, my fljedie experience the grow-
lag bleffings of peace in the extension of trade.
the improvement ofthe revenue, and the increase
of the public credit of the nation.
For the farther advancement of thofe im-
portant objcis, I rely on the continuance of that
eral and industry, which you manifcited in the laft
Seffon of Parliament.
The Rtfolutions which you laid before me,
as the hali of an djuftment of the comm. racial
intercourse between Great-Britain and Ireland,
have been by my directions communicated to the
Parliament of that kingdom ; but no effeiual
flrp has hitherto been taken thereupon, which
can enable youl to make further progsefi in that
falutary work.
Orntemav e lbfthe Hnfo ofCemmuads,
I have ordered the estimates for the present
year to be laid before youth; it is my earnest with
to enforce economy in every department ; and
you will, I am perfuadcd, be equally ready to
make fuch proifilun as may be necefary for the
public service, and particularly for maintaining
our naval strength on the mon recledable footing.
Above all, let me recommend to you the eftablifli-
ment of a fixed plan fur the redudion of the na.
tional debt. The flourishing Rate of the revenue
will, I truth, enable you to eff f this important
measure with little addition to the public burdens.
1y Lords and Gentlrmen,
The vigour and refources of the country,
fo fully maniteled in its present situation, will
encourage you in continuing to give your utmoft
attention to every obief of national concern I
particularly to the consideration of fuch meafures
as may be neceffary in order to give farther fecu-
rity to the revenue, and to promote and extend a&
far as pofible the trade and general indulry of
my fuldjecs."
1The Feao f St. OGOato falling this yer on
Sunday, it wasoblerved here by his Sonson Mon-
dy laft, when due honour was paid to the Memo-
of the thrice renowned Champion of England.
tlIt will afford pleafrure to the Gentleman of
Jamaica who fent the Nankeen Cotton Seeds
here, Pee Gazette of Otober ls, t?,]J to be
informed, that federal Bulhes from them are
now adi ally blowing, and ar in a thriving Rate.
The Schooner General Shilley, Angus, lately
from Chleftcon, is fcized and libelled in the
Court of Vice Admiralty, for breach of the laws
AinRITD HIRl, F' aw
'A.pil a, Sl. Sally & Betfey, Brumhall, Barbados
&s. Sloop Endeavour, Biffon, Montfcrrat
SAItEr for
April s3. Ship NalfTau, Hunt, London
19. Ship Charlotte, Kidd, ditto

Advertifed for MONDA next,
is pofiponed. I
nA'far, April st, 1186.
Tro ~ S a.l s IHY n r, I it tbh Subhfcinber'
A FEW Thoitfand. of C SHINGLES,
and a fall SLOOP, bul t Madeira Tim.
br and Plank,
AL S 0,
The Scn ona
B, S P R IN G,
A faithful built vefll, and fails frlt,
thf e Is well found with Anchors,
E Cables, Sail, &c. Fur Termas apply
LLANK ondi, ills ot kale, Bills of Lading
BD Nl of Eschange, Power of Attorney, Sea.
men's Articles, Apprenties Indeatures, and
other blank Forms, Writing, Drawing, Wrapping
nd Blotting Paper, Quills, Penkanie. Inkpl-
We, Inkotandlibe, LSaling WaL, Wale, Red
'ape. lack Lead and Camel Haire Penil Idia
ubber, Blank Books of all forts. Pocket md
memorandum Books, Mulc ad NMocal lan-
ets, Violin sad Omtr Strinr les, Ac. Le.
i be fold at tbS Prilting 0Cce.

-- tt brrg a bat Ieetirt rtl frl h rd new, M cerh i t ary Aif'ptsrt els a MlIt s h', i hU
.. -- -- in it. fron. .~11, wtrc she to k was E ( fqsse potirg el c to -4cr. asit ithe 'di AM .
f. ln II Lollolos, a periodic: Papr, now compirfled. and ru.mplrd, tas ffiicicintly to denLte i A eny g tlicmnri hn fci lks o arc sil h ald
pllbA ij i i ,i.burill. f.,lliar acquainiance with th hand list cwnel, I its "stf csflt an ieint iilto ,in Ihl own ro .*agsW
ti. h t been i .nu ed,. tht inta. r .1e t. d.f had tn diDlidculy in appropri;tih t i,. I ct is tre crw-rd- r; lolftfo when ilay are out f dauti. r.
I h4. o nm on rciiri t i na mlse ure i n cl. i.mrsi-C nd in row, k ,lw ir, body, ii ( , ,ra -in a ,,r isrgi;nt*.s nor ar
p.4y more ol th:r rel charter in tricu..u ll. . ,n .. ,- cIin .d i. ,,.cn .,fmbiicrrin:t. T I I" m,d C < fID a Tit I elll.' i asTo
ipp crty)y llg t ualO unitprtarumn in th ali r. r l lo d ith thi moll t efion cf t t.c tri... n tr e : re m il t I n poin-so. t i it... irr i
nan I ,...tcs ms.utipa ad..O- flil.t. OW.r bclaI..v.r, ote li mslt.. Near this, wa W ,. a at,,which fEcr b ,ln' rlfrtlit which olnt~' fi "i '
,c i.* tici. rniarli we nly drp uP'i" Ci. e f.cminlgl fome ctin pureicd me a hi to nri kne. it. It wa tl tci ,t.. i
trn,, occurrence, wll often Irongly dea l a l rt.i .cilhcr new nor old ; it nas neither nuch i n n mr umch 'I he afTvntten rtf ran t r'F. f ifte'ha ohd lna
cumpletica of our m iud and it ia 'Cti' oi. fthfath d fee tt toangemits n rem tlmri.ti ntit erijtPn'o riewrnto
An we Adult ,6 .o much C happy talent tit theft nollr of the failtn h I, slid fi ro i e e to 1,e a Itra"itn siz int ill,
hr, wid i a lo w uch c h- ppy lt.ui oc thuo wrn at between the ol4 falhiron and the new. with a kind of furetiemr t eth-ort; the sltMillln ofi the u id ll
tr who, -i w ll and ho nctae l ed wich t ctra.t Audied catte i to be atft f the latter. After ot. lrfc ot e; forvcr manee nnh ititC e
rncto itnd m eni >. u.i d i. h lhchrl me i I hit pi, its miner. He is pei lee k it heitBs andtn with hi. i ., *
l 'r, c great t w i Ih it irie,. I f nt an t li o wit c. to be of the f. ftion a s as a hi. I a man dilp re in a provincial diadled. ot Or
n srct lll,. whi 1 acs .1t11 iu c iu th a i,, hi- n>n, lsich i. the h rent r Frincile hs. rAiB r, ar (beitK khehr IrA.) sfe.stat
if preion. li tle us x. tta, is s n id l y wi w.ih hi. ill hlls whi. l iio i a w xf re cplrclPons, pravirrd Tey cnvey his In hissiL the
tie r ,icr t auiti o f cl.t ihe i Ch I i .Iak ,i dI let aIl teq, i ,t' hi, avarice. ttilllcifr t i.g of hit .oTinr.l, s is f o- t i .A
trh purfit. a to which, tl. plnti Ise r cd ] On h I inn. l tur ar io ridirt 11. t, With turn hertm Fs ri rictles cr a man nit oely tn e l 4
iih cul loh ap. d eopnh sino rs l tdhe worc ll rcs i ud a ra h d hbrlt frli,,pd in, and a dcI h i d c rl, lit- ideas in luch lat.ei c. fi, be ifne.allfi4.. , ufairtui .rit,:, icoll otly rdlI u ni itth ti tl rst a rt h ii Ith c ir, lir il of o -n i- t d pri el;r, Let the ,, ni. s-t it,1, i l. i r >orc'I othe l S
hilt in the sworir lling ciartua.nitn.c. of ns.nncr sild ; was f en lof *p I it. i t oR o(red lty Iecnltt r.i ;ute cotl hooLA'W
b.h.vuur. I. tnc more .. d. irr. h w aiil. ti h i r. nipi bly; h ll h al l i enverra, another t. 1L. op:n a. and the triumph mr
lIlc, wllh I e nd to no iarticulC ol,lsr c, nld ii wi i .t Ie lit:Ie t r te r n. I ily Adfa v -i b ccrme the conrte ed h n the crnlquvrnr.
tnrie re e i-i cs 1o the r Yiu rt 'uti digiS.' i rd ther O ti though Ih. Pla ,' a y a. way off; Let every difpu.n mtit e tthl le oniy rbieao
I :'. t i l, lto la nd i .. s g iitL thl I t i ,lth U lu a floutn l l iooL in y a l f tlr nt ho ,7 t iorfy, an wthethr it be f hils Iwa fdl
<. 1our .is -n dii ft .t It.a it i~n. wc e Aitcr 1 t im fli the 0ta i, with It arm thrt.-in liK nltrly sl- or of any irtIr m.n,'hcn iwinr, let him tllli.k it
r litr.1 .Ilue C it ul as l atiures of ch .ri Clr, ml k nite n C c b ick ofhi own chair, d .i I, c .hd r was atIn hf ct-nrre. nil rc trtaiil it accrdi.n ly.
.t i mc i t. i :h -.c f lini.l, I- -l t iit .uld I i,, c Ipdbot,. r llilg .l -li ercf,.b ul dc chair net -
i .itel,, t.r sit nl r. hitschir it tier.el t firl l.., Ih e itlin l It' l ll ilrh ol -d r Lh te
Iii .ec It A1. cl f I1 ni I hth ilink ng, t I Ctran I on leftider' frelcirir caN fIr a hc.lh rr i ti.h Pr i r n. h ring deomands a inf the utha
i ..t nt i pa.y 8 o n ed h i l itry d It e irt inla.ce mn d vc r rligiui>o y ,, yc.I I i, tao dIt hla t1 c t l" 'I tetl i tenant*Ont- our, are iet
i .w r l sitii L tm-nit an i m lle, I I .1 ui..i i y roi: by his convert ril,, l wRii a.: y' Vt r Ic !ent-d "ucthld to 1 lrl in theit Cce"l.nt,
tr i on, of t h.i.e c.l rhi, ci. c t.. i It mail. t ho very fpAine, hbeii' f that cir l -f w clil h, -h IIFNRY YONGE, A laltrator.
li re t .rutui ;:.n i lii ordl .ry aliimiilollreor r d htav bern talugh to il ai Ion; Iif re they tvI e tr,. fie i n:l e. it6.
a es a. c win lli i.e Inle ci nctneit. i i a u..r l ui if Lait I- to fparl.
n dlh nr u. rL .p Itm lulpf lt. a Id .is. rile.ol.y Ai thr ni there wa a b', t, th pr immtiirlcl T 1 ( A S B I R D,
S1. Mi, f.g~ch,liun .l dait o tacItitlo atjc 0 i berit g occupicdi by f ir itli r t vr. Ol itn h i tr L UP COLSTERERfI 1a to

At L ly I t t ..i, t or u o u. h e ipt. r i.a n.s t oie i lo., i i i. i cr I dinotred th ron ui lrhk w ni t Mr e it en to int crm his FItrmio i and the
I id ri,, n f I, e it. a rlet c ia auicr e f I t hi I n ldnr p etr e l bol r p d i1 it n dr. O.ii a fl; full. 1 th i hi thfhe h s Enallt s orneC ir n of t I B lortys
iii it- ,te l r.. i ,l iii eli-S ed nIth to Al- .nitrise that III it -a rhitlefundd y .01 -41.oe, 1, it the bet if Sfd(Vtrv r .it fts nf Pidin2 Chairt, anti

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tai.on, ie uf.d to fay, h; iu.. i :y lc,. allfo dilon lir H hit was only al it of ihac, I h, r f thich l difco. lir'e Sn ,. rirr intending ogoto lNov ct ia

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tei at o n .I I.e irIy iwn it, peo r from al I ) l i o a i |, l | u o rl r. ra-gm r r dif nfi'io,. rl vtine an. dl man. iairi hi mt l p. a..
riL a, an*nd ki er hinifef an w Or crp' Involte^ : I

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-i cl.sit h I u .i t cut l n w llit da I or .. tr -ti n atj it will -li f ilci-r ii, 1ai ii tit hri-. DAVID SWA ON.

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ot, iel n ia I o 3n v.ry t. a 1 i t y flo In L it pceb. abl i to r ra the ral Ich irr f'i I e orfc y -i R t* cr lied, on a lifTroal at his S t l on.
ar.ll i t. h il t he I t i c lo c i .ne It i anly ti 0 la I hive ftn t hiig t hiat f s -iain i ip h i- h ent, they r'l.. E Ai c i'il thl oiig to itn i tei l d
A r lit nftr. e h fr i t nt it tabl. Ih l-h o rd. dife nome cu irrcuniiancr wvitl 1 ist lthe bit ietonr a e iltt time, tI e all perfo, wtle t at..
f.; t i I e- wnon i.t".it bett.m i li.Si ly lOit .x itih which wl cth e r c u- I. -a tol I, pa itlnrcihlt (i 4ebt ton himi to .ilchl e th

i atI.I l.r u hi e rtain. j .c, I td< t rtd fhc ip iatgn ,ur th infri e of t it s, l r I it foud iuil.. c-ori-t. and thr te to a w om he i Pesl
diey a, ny o i r l uti vt rI. l' o wJl'd .I hlnw ro e i men, i- 'r f :te. rI, lv e. t.p in ca ll for hpati yment. io lhTR .
an .I. U a ,:n, wh h f .r n .d me A I a ery *ig iL. ni-f r lt rl in I0 le t,in r a h drll ii on H3i f Ilhn lhou havli p. iunfl Ol r aL
sI cat ani .)ml pn.r th li w i. d ul Mli ,n o i g impen ibl totrae any chiIaraLr' ti mark ..l it hi rmimon p r ffend i r hi

w ,. I pirs i,- d it.t i .et y olt e .ir e it an w t nt A l 'i y e tt lr f..tid, w. hihh rcrl. .. .. i io., iue via ti i
schero tshore. as lic u cl vth c ttl ipllY AVet atr by cc huh nita aallt tiutiv, It,-di w,,, I tI-i-rcr iy '0 [ I . o1N 11111. tileJ mittt a. a nt

h I n., l, ti, v|. h n i-i el r id i I Un bbl n able I o ereal the a ah tdoe d tihc ii n" "'ir ei" tir. il" I- '"'u A. .

I th ic 4.t-, ana iiinak ng thi.t can lud a, impilible, tIl a li.ay r.,tc, has liid lnui ill ltl OliarNi in m.Un e iSSELL.
.i. h at, L pri L .rI, wliC Ii, tY.t tort lrv ha ofofrel t, ,thrlo i to lhotim I mentiolntll y die ul 'i, tvlh all parPr *, a *l .to t I.A
Si', rc It i fr n i l. r,,til Is o r, Ir h ln Itciil o i i fe irctn l me, tSat it can fr li- mi with l l r Conr ill crme to y tt
Ii ti ti .IIn none 'cat ite f-i-m rn Sle ,-l It 1i-i d ft r ilh hthu r aecli u thr in victi y tb. t il-e f ar d.. itb, i/ 71 6.-

i 1r, r inj i ,ig t ithe ili a t I ri ingu col p rpol, t in that f fe wl ime rt inl e fIet : f Ibi. I ,I -i in ir. t i part .c To r Pern

ach h., dd ,* :.r..I ii d Ioni. I.iimg .n lt vat ons whi.h (he herfk h, |n,,1k, ann-r I d ci- loa r ode ti i to- whni l tO per- tc.n iltle of the ft-nt. W ihn icI pleult r to fv.,h r the T wh t er ttfr a oli hi t blad
taitn f n d ne. I 1t Inif .d wih t they I hell hbe ronll hiircldatid to ity Iles n tr I ihERI IYt OaI. ally ai
lea n i Pihc lih'e their i own.t' -, being t im mp bl f ton trnce an Pf i htecld this dIet.n

rn o I ind-r rcu an re every odiiplin to admit ,fly P.. r f ) r ttsi, *i. Ar. l' ul a.l l, fed Mr' R aiMi SMaSIT La, to make ilr'l I, wc alrd list Ihe ohr ho t. ,iC ly t ht I ,-, eo t n w l i ef t ,rt t o ,t e if.i ,,, uyic thet -,'Cn t ,y ie iture of havir I i th e e'la g u*

I 1 4.lou. ofid b f a olefb .c ... "rhut ht whoa"ia ui.n rth cdhc oh at oir p 1i he,.,S Ho lit 1 h nt n "cii. l l u Itid lii I. Un tlfl anI wI si hoot i l ie n ct itiittd ti r1 itg in force aga lt' them.

.I above a c ped i antry o he i pta t k cg o, nd tl liable. till a Ihry V Mr.A lln h laN Ric Md ii l ii l
ithi -A rery lic l to am e hu t wit I h o jt h l t t t i eT untr. r it ticif; toning to s. nren anppo. ofthi town,. nm der to reder i."'.i

a,,d c. tha h-t has ben out of date thefe ten ye ir, 1. his expen<,, nght by an means t he attempted a for and thofe who are indebted to the tatt are '
vt: w.h. It femcd nefr. Clofc le nw a id fcurne1 thi is an atack up ,n tte temper, notan au -ment r* qiefled to make nyment i*la i lit|tlyltot "
cutiully p ltet d himi'e ntur. Hi nich t a Cn, h e e h dilp tant l ai oul ftwl et the fame time, e AN T l TO OH Ni "
ai ois; andb the mItil wif thed ifing hi ra m lcd -, r ne an I that o e wir not er by fnner itorit o I It. R in A airy pt I he Town -at
alortu hn. Ctd ii i o d with C uns i n c t onh hpe f h| i i o dnefs t to ofofi a la gh, or talcaudl fo A L.a im i. fam rl Apy to
gencer feema d to hver ube, intended to wha. erl difpt that iee l. L r it to ftrdel r them heI ir ta.tedt*
taint, I 1 k, y all be I ontatlo to any fto all er

Fr s iotae but from the in htcati .n its .wner o I aru'd, no argudmenu. Oc E w ltht dl d tIVf the l
hld is air and form a e their wi.r, being ts t If ay ifputnt fap hi hnd upoa the tabl let the aid l itt, are e n e
p. troirty P ar nd dphl.phr hat tfr daty hm b formd, thit fuch an ien does not clinch fool s poible, to iJ... mLrft
uin who in ion mei aberoi: h4 in b tr a l al lati rr I and Us s lnlT y pe t inr nIo I rte in i ble t mithof as Ater C t
mit a ioan ti he ot tcai y th 10 enter into a di l M el bll ntcr sa l rand rt rit
h to of" in(tares of I
lIt a-p and C te I witita ita I u it o offer It fit p port of tie opinion liC advances. ,tre Penrone who do fit ge cageld'
t II o-. H c it bit w -itt I r ha 'lot Every min zho gives a controvcrc Is-trit opiupt t ho day, wiil be exeitded from lSv lt
cpto:rcd eIa n.on ; billr on nifcthis. I lootht to lap it lown with as mach concilcuseft, temper, an a DANIEL SIN 11. 4cEa
ii eloir t suite ho a bc-ti-if h ei is n n argumeho once confined tld never be rran.e o
i a*I non. of h bricf than of!he, tilie ht a niae no aigl.r ient o an otord i ine t b e rettitrled ia NIi demtn. on, eimi a
pedaetry at hin ptsi'cdill, jtd toy otrer fupe by tnphiilty a I. an tolrts havXtt ea R ndae ann W ta
scsi jit I t jeib o tnie for me JI'h: wis It lair ent jt pun, or x-titutic. tending to mtern anf oppo- ta dofr dttistodam c t td
i terent iii. r efting ipti, ti-li, ule. rr fe a laue at their claims, p Tthtlb be ottefted, to th i al I Ibt.
ait tatint betan oeat. of dattthfeenyena. hiteitan aitac up-it tCtemper. not an a-gurriest to qitefted to make payment I a ntt
Itea fi41i owner. ashi, for fear If nciitenit had the reAfuin of a dulptitiit. agair may be fettled na foan A
Viois; and ye the i, t weched Moving, hat armrald -"any tais over ptwer anot cc by fritniority of h -in It
a orttune. C marittisa to ihefr hu I9 a hat which ap. long@, or the loucaef of a laugh, or al fudden bult "LAF al
i'e rred ct have filuerci more by cehliptanca than by tof anitentantion. A ti to L ttnti t ith
age It feenaid to have be--is intended itt be odrate-. it in an indid'penfthlr preliminary to all difyputes that c tdeare nd
If flkioabl i bhst from the inrWorld -a Of itins ner, oaths are no arguments. go c'riber without delay i thift iti dtltt
hid iisasi and ftrm a %zoind deal imnsel. lcavahe fd It ay difpistant gap$ his hand Upon the cable. Ilt the flad orte, are deitrd Mau t tlC *
prohierty of a learned phiiuf.iphewhlttolaticaC far dillant him be informed, chst fnch an alinit does ilott liuch 1601 a, po1`1ble. to
stiwho ii sion aC aui- d inb ritk f ls~alat, 5 hs aorgasmearts ari is sity pardonable in a ACE tAR-LU?
&g Oars atttatiist to tircamnfammn f7 6 o ora butcer.n k ~ a mltt

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