Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 31, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00021
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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AT U I D XY," DECRUN1.j31, 378S, to S ATJ #rD A VJANUARy 7, 17M6

NASSAU: -Printed by'Jonx Wiaus, at'the N61indu OtCe on the BAY.-

-~ ~ ~ -.-.-I -.

open Intelligence.

DA being Michalma-day, was held a
Shall for he elctioo ofrla.ord Mayor for
fotoi, when Ml. Alderman Wripht, being
tion, was clolen witkdu oppoliton..
I, T'ihis day waa held, t Ihe College of Phiy-
th annual eledion of flera for the year cnfu
SL ir torge IItHr waUidedlcd Prefide I Dr.
Moar, Ir. BurlCgeT Dr. Wnfun., and Dr.David
were ele&cd C nfor.; Dr. Tonlinfon, Trem-
I. Harvey, Regilcr; and Sir George Baker,
l t, Dr. Haltry, Dr. enulel, and Dr.
Swete clt.ifn Commiionell for lieningl
Sthe rccrption of luantice. At the fame time-
aer, Dr. V idliom Rohertfon, Dr. Puttar, and
a tre, tert admitted LicentiatCt.
ay Sir Fredlrric Haldimamd took hie Ibil lure
SKing, prrviou to his gumg to Cianda, of
he isappuintrd oGovern'i.
r 16. This day Hri Royal Highaefa the
saf C lberlind arrived at Cumberltnd.Heule
lMill tren the fnoith of Franmr and, on the f:.-
i ,day waited on their Majeftie at iK w.
La ,h I 'ce Itr 18 Ye, erday Cenera Sir
klnl Can'lielxl 'nd ha foite filed from tlis port,
1 fail I ..bat ta.t-lndiamat, lot hia Gtv.rt.
f Ala' as.
Ldn. U h r at. The new Orand Vifir, of
i t.c freight rinte f, th with iltre refpett,
the i il r, f. to coutiliate the mind of the
op sad t. .ic te the admiration of the foreign
l l., by Al. futlriliry with which he i'll.atehe
I '1 e cl.atlithnient of pe are happen to be his
thoigl thiyepr,'paraion tor t at are not yet laid
K, ie hilte crtrrt from Conltattinoplc, however,
that the D.vTn have tredrHinnRld tie tLrife. ;
t Rlin tradtidg veTf!l in tie pC mr of Conflt-ll
havi- b ten cie,.rd. anl tIh t w.r in on the poi..t
ridelarld tated an Ii ulia an I the Porte.
pimlin h onioller ai the Contil of Peterlc urg
_ni, a cl t,, 'cr Imperial Mlaj Ay three mprnlt
I th, ,no clief of a Treary of Confederation
a', t lc Kir hi nmafter and the lied.tfr ol baxLny
tanov r, ftr mainta.ning the Gernman;c Conftitu.
ie tic. vid ar answer a few days aft r in the
anc uivor.l rntrmn.-It i faid the lcieor nl
S.he E.1'er, r' brother, will figan this Conre-
AmpreS.' aonfwer was to thil effen; that lthe
tr ee the -erma. e otnfljution in any danger,
id not prl fiadle hi rfnlf that ti e legre in qut.
walierly to rcntribute to the mamtn nance of the
iatlln ani L.iherfy .1 the Germanic State.
i Enmprtr has for ftme wick held an Inai ter-
lcrrrefpo'.etice with th E e .d a of faaxsyt and
tien i.ti alVin.a, that hi, t.t'.r al Highnerft
Rtcred irro te iPrfilan Contfederation from pol-
aotirv'; but in FI.a, ia march inclined to embrace
iif upp.rtitiry of renewing hia old connedlio
the ioth of S~ptremier, a Preliminary Convention
tlned at 'art, atitwen the imperial Anmbsador t
he Anoth.l4 idors of the Repiuhic of Holland, of
Ithe fillowi.g ai e the Article :
fric c'lpY of the Preltminary Arriclr of Peace
Men their: High Mightilnrflo the itrate Oeieral, t
te i.nmpror of Germlny; concluded under ti e
Ition nf Prance and by the eIre, u the Amnier a
lGaserte cxptre it, of the Contl de Vergennre, o
witiho Ilastery, mey he called the Minister '
toe of Eur pe.
la agreed, that the State OtGeMnl Stall pay
r rint, current minee of Holland, for te
*ite oa Maoflritht and ito terripor, the Benof t
its iaoclded, at alfn the county trohctmrti;
4eoa *orins, fame currency, for a co fiag
h APei caufld or the inttoandfHoani f
Sthe rarlietaion of the ty, t
I I ipy, ino the Ptlperial chelstf ne d
orin ciHllSlt fdea undll 0
mn ; and h we vea'y theAt p
t so p m itof the foid te fume, aufr g
mlli oa of onialrtatacrrelatmeasT
pMifhtltifbe call ed t4e hhianf t
aBn of Aulne, S ted la Otti -
d e*ie, tha nd he Sta theLe r p f
io ylnamrblelar, (with a t. e t

th am mid Ltrdiip.f Bnha*y. of Dlslem with it allpeta pip
and Cadier; muder a rhfearve. tht a
be made forithem I iah efthanl oI Itva
esoneriene to be nat*d c a gf O
III. The. limit. oflniT.cs renpl the .
of the tonveation of 16(4 1 tdit, alMU the lap1
of time, there hold hase jbn n, oe W any p
them obrcired, C mm;ilopemrae ll beiMtld i l
one fde anid the other to reeltalblih ihtS p
IV. I heir High Mightincm s hall rlahte, hit b
moil convenient manner, to the fatRion of the
Emperor, of tdain he wntor feron L l Majil's
county in fenders, and on the ide oelftW urf In
order to preven. aI much as poflible, the inundation.,
by conftnln, for that that nd that t if f made on
the donionon of tl ir High Mightir,effe.. The 1
Sthat thll be cogftruled for that pur L O eat th
tory of the States Genrial, fall re InM hrir
:overellgty; and none Stall he madeJbiy that
might obftrud tht dlefece oftheir Bmfrt ion Con. Ihall refpedively be appointed, wbo hall be
charged to determine the molt onveiet lite for the
feid flu;re-They (hall avree together about theft tLat.
are to be lubjeded to a comnmoo rule.
V. Their High Mightinmife having der'a d, by
one of their R.cfotluion., rtht their intention was to'
idemnify thofe of hit Impi.rial M.,jefly' fubjct, who
have flntfred by ilnndit en.. they a lpro riate to that
nhje& the joo,coo Sttrin of Hell.nd, ~utntiuned in
A, tic'e I.
VI Their Hiyh Miihtinaeffe achkliswlig he e fnll
rirht of ahfolore and indeptedtira relvnty of hi
Imperial Miajly, eonrall the Iarofthe Efaint. f.osa
Alntwerp tohe ehsi of the c. utnry of Softin-ena, en*
farmahly to the ne of 1664, whiell it ii arpeed th I
,"C cut, a- the yiow line 4. T. indkates, which fail.
back in T. on the licit of 1664, on the fide of Braanr I
P* is indicated by the I hart fired by the rlfpeldive
Amnalrfaora 'I be State iGceral renounce. in ennfe-
qtunce, the receiving and I vying of any Toll and Im-
poll in thit Jarit 1 Irh Efcaut, on a-y title, or under
:.ny fonm. wheh.toncvcr; as alfo the i:blrut:rfg, in ano
manner, the navigation and trade of his Imptria'
%Majely'w f,,bjedt; ocr fall the latter he permittri
to extend it furtl-t thin is printed by the treaty r.f
Monlcer of the joih if January 164,. which Ihall, in
that rerpea reinin in fill freer and viponr.
VII. ihdir High Mi hlitinrdffle I, evauate and de-
mnlifh the forts of Kruisl.-ha nd, nsd of Frderick
H-nry an.' cede tte f"l this Impelial Majefty.
VIll. Their High Mightinrite, willing t give to
his Maljely the Emperor, a freth preof of their defile
o re-eftablilh the mol petfe harmony between the
:wo Statre, confnnt toevaaote, and give up It the dif..
tofal of hit Imperial Majefty, ,he fsit of .ille and
,cikenhock, with their fortifcations. In the Ithe they
re niw in i the State General referninr to themtfelve*.
o withdraw from them the artillery. and the 'mmni-V
aon of evety kin4,
IX. That executi'm of the two ar*iiles abovemer.
ioned Shall rlta plate li weeks after the tthange of
he Ratiicationa.
X\ The Stite Geeral hatving yieldd to the dtre
hith the Emperor had ntiinated to them. of having
he fore. of LUtl and I .ekenaboek In their prefent Pate
heir High Mightineffler cpe m from he friendflip of
is Imperial Majely, that be will be pleaed to ede
ad rve up to them all te right he may have formed
n th village care lled of R to. ether than tbh.d
r which he may hate v l dl afd t cIhanges.
ith thd Prindpility f l.kle 1 CIent dnaeacy.
o begl a ef insidetda mwar ,a the
0a*peyer eatr, to rea i hh

XL T Copint de Wery detWl da, toalte Viflae
o EMfo cmhlehi- a fel s be airs mdihij to the
i the 3 I ieed s Ma-

SMa take nhiu.. ft ta
XW. it 1 pe"a dl -
eGaR W tby h l

4o l .iw.. Am. 7
m i*;er fhal he na iatr, te recon
s O. i oat. f Berlliantsr* andt isa freiadli
Pt.pllge s might he ef uw l
.g_1 nstirn of the othere f Jutonsr,
'n rfriS& l~f brnnr d" uJ-"trr,
MA laf il tu rhefinhitiv Treaty
T e r'ne the inte f st r t. l 0;t
all th Ai thinaf f.We ofi tEVer aile ba
retaled ift' r t ipa ar has** A 'r a rd trnm them.
The "m of the Ftal nterul tre,.rd Od
0p Cu t M n < npmel y of a'h antir'e
tV e COtg M*Wg ha n thought pr, p rto yield
t "' we'* art-kiyt aL-been diefted in the mp
ife ;: 4be Funt d V 4v one.. rnmirat d !eypl
SMnoC; imn MsrAt, O dihe fin;, n o MdAted
a-d hir 1p fh* uh ed hI' te Arhaldnnr, unde
^ '** 1 2 to4
ti ha ",mh ft 'te al m of 16i Sts;. 0&
er t stthe1 rth f September. rtr.
t. loe -ve, A-tcl.. there r. forr private
; e, hih haveoA"Lye m.t thk publ i re. And
zhdr w'.Ich have en publitlhdhd,. ae far from blag
enylralln. 'ed. o f the pr-.;ree hvone.let
v, v ?re*a .sag,l' thd e lan -dv os. frm
hol, -ALe o lJ t f t he whole bh.Oy of tike Republit
c..itioi dr l m hecofttr;.n la foill9-.
P1ine. 04x.r In. Their NohVieapi i fee Mirl.
tr effe tihe.tl1. Itate, of H, l,'In ad <1el FriNfllar
SPorinued teirellb f ti heir ilrtin hheir I &
S'il it wet unani'rousfy rfo'vr,. to rti;fy the prellnmt
crrlifthe re"re: and thi. rrlo:dt r on in re'umed
Se id befd, ypreri 7 was Crnermte hut u:.-er th
Swir-r wotlitips rAi fine qua ion. Thut tine mrre
Sh.11I.n 'ege the foreretrinty of thi RnIhep ic over
rfJo 'dt fra Ranerger in tho e. in v;rtre and :o
h lrair~n of 'be I(cny of Miunlter I ht slit the
ner tices nof the Sal Ard the Swi; are to rrm in t.
with an lji" that the Minli4tr f the RIbh'ir
%t Ptis muqn ref enneitnie the ldeitiv, rerly withowl'
,h, e'trer p;ipr:i;o of tf, roiit'nn.".
"Thr corrfet of w'l ,re Prvrii .cel 1 fecrre onfya the
,hrve t*tm. ani' nO oth r.
Thnhbh the Pti'r C ctLithM. ie, I fuffered ioly t
ie'-r irf ne ofil,. lfrdinarf goverrrnmnt, he ir,
Ca- from bein- reinf*nte d in il e r wer of the S'a.lrhol
'-rttip. rich they f. i- n.M I.nlt I deloaton.
we hri, howve rr. troiled the RBon- W. V. T. Von.
der rlOe *.0 h Iaistieh Crand i .r lof l e water
nir fnrd, f. oll- L.etI' at Wela Prtedin. vncint iy
lth 'ceb or dn. rml V n etr nfli.. Thre nive r nt
of Bres, w. ant he the froan cufe. 1 ront red ea'o
+*i GCeral omire rt lt, illtroi. on it1ye 'O*ritimo
tr rhi ierWee Hthrm f.. Plt rhe tera of t ol and nd
Wetf Prirefad have iatlofrif the Council Comp-ie
to rC new rr ew ton he made for the repinim n)
pars i thnlht late, etrinret ob oe Bide hre arms i the
-rvince. and on the othnr. an arm with a drawI
ftteri, with the tnevle Pofp pryo P trio. Tie bi,
niour *re t- be preferted to the f id r-Bma. ni in he
name of be state I t'e C(oneil Coieritee sare a'e
Crhr-e' to tate care tha the orget wit s m y the ndi
cers I the fiidrrriment he the i rm of the pr inr*
enrog ve' t on th*f, and as ether.
The Kink of Pr'.a Inlr n pon thi tmaeedtnb with
sm indivroanteye: ai*t lefiie nw letter. whi Lh he has
e-ufed to he dellerel to the Start by hi MiAiler at
the Haear, of a coanrliat',y nma re h- e. ted a
Memorla ten e pf errfed to their Hl'h Mlihtliren g
thacAlthef h5d 1et1ted the limit obf Blulant and Plan.
den bhetwn the Empre r oad thear. err ifted they
woald fociircend to do the bate with him in Iot
M rfnd aod Oa ldrrland in ntd.r to fern e o r e
diference which hid matry py ro ine fabled be.
tee, his Pruniar Majei i d t i isot that rseeoat
and t*o p that itr'en hi elfma an demuasld
*which tie a hiofrs of his elcfthllfrd.
landoas, O&aer tr. ,y ae d'ia of the iEprr
li idfeed, vfelfag. *i C tally thaifr lo lis Hianpry,
al the ver ye rrOe mof l o r lrded Is ba looper afed.
Every mia has liberty Me narry. -to earn t art, wt
wmr ftr hisr'eif. to fa No tsa y and
slienae his tropenrt 'rit fndl to his Lord the
ititiaowdl fies: in Io t am? W*lalli Hin r- i
rei redl to the frili and=retmI loy ireni of P2
fised-. without the In reeivti whoever. to th
Fdia ifued aon this otal, his imperial Madty Ia
shlf I l featimnet I s e I otly. Aps he. smain
> thel ade Ml S(puiMmewhlAgg

1m \1 10c., whlh at *" t blfcd by fCro.rlty. lit
i inionO rcout not from ponaon fa ficy, but ron
Account of New Books. pte ; SI cl fd be m
spalaorI toher ear. Un *ngglea or no kind of
ehmerical credit. difclaim, e he appeaerac of every
IMNLl TUITwon I or. an Addrvi Mino i strre qonli:yt which ijaot hlr, and is in all hliss) lut what
r8 i n du* ~ eirsr Deblterr. s e( eems and other, would be thought. Na.ure, not
need nt *en large am he iupmeanice of the I Ua" is the grat tadard of Ise mnr.ter, and her to-
WV fulhedt l- '*. The very t',et";lad t author trlor rs no vuili, or embelfll tt, which
ha. rreted t with a fairuhite atteu on i h hha tcnfor-. ot the pgenale igtnatnre o.f aa on, rdefilgnifrt, u.d
cod hi. .'yios with the Arengft rrontum.a and, I aenevl at mend. It isnot n hee power, bectnfe e
a. etes viot is mre lovely when it ofumcs a kati- in her natnr, to hide, with a fa ning air, anId a mel.
tfa fam. haadorned it with laInage ateonce elegant low voite. lcr averfion or c-ntempt, where her deli
and precite. If there ita def, i ir fontimne in the cay is h"rt, her i:Lper railed, or her leelingF inftlt-
eoialnriaon, which feema ociaflnnally to obtcinr the ed. It is othirt to her, either what the Ividiou
mneain, and fmctin.e. in the paninationri but the thi.k, or the illwatured fay, or wh.t opinion, or re-
ob curaty i incnaniderable, and the Ilighet attention on mark, her charader unidtgrne amnrg the vicious, or
rtturninit to the plage, remove it. A this is the tL vain, who (uhmir not to the interrultioa in
only rror we hiave diofvered, it was acefary u t heir h a hi d f.iblce; or among tl* gW.y, where
ncutioa it. I lvty ad lnury only are ctetmnied or among the
The education of daughters will appear of greater rich or iprat, Who Ie generally and alhfurdly va.ue
eefqrnene, ince they nr y helium ome n other, and ever woman, nor by the wirtue her hlart, b yt b
cor&qiuettl be intrnaled with the important tar of the er t -it rtrunec.
teath.n, te young *dei how to lheonti it is of i In the eyesof pdadnt, pr'e-n, and hIpocrtesi,
more importance, fince it feems to be fo much no- who tried th f..ataiic circle of flll i,, and to s hnit
lecA.' Every form is adapted tr the reigning flly, dullnefs is wifltuni; percirk. wit; farra I., p1l ar4ir.
though it be aukward and mfriitiabi:; every decuraioda try; and fertility, grace fuch a chiaaer iahi. mull
Sctmpi*yed equally by the fair and brown ; andl ti.e appe r I.rmnal, nd .ukward. She faysr hat fhe think*,
P ite conversation is one inieaninng ring, dtfilted a d doe wht the fccli to be right, and it flirf t the
Iy the phiantom of the day. Yet. trom a crowd of trite raepdim L fr giraftiir her folb'es, or building a
thi< kind, a man of reafm and irefie&ionl is epeded to name on virrt.s not her own. Hon-dly, tl.e unlfd-
chnot- the err irnion of his reirirmearts theprtaker ed budge of inuinic goodnefo and real tievirion of
ei hi, picafirc and pain. It i not farprifil that he heart, is dearer to her th.n life, and one of the chief
hefitates in prplezity; f r, though fomemiJa may, thing ,ehith makeshir i. love with it.
wi th native Itrengh, r.fill the contagion of Iplendor, Ready, as lie is, to overlook the f iSle of all,
the fiduaont f d lp ytiou ,houn h other may imi- fhe ennietivc at the criae ofoine. Ry thi- mern., her
itle the fra. mnfl y flr ftimimeti get the name of riteucti; her pjint
a Who Ar-h permit the bae sontamtious el ruds ded. of im.ertinecn; h c nat donw l er'y;
To fam ther up hi beam. from the werd. ad i fcnio nl, of a
That, when e plafe tob agtin himself, Cw.
Being wa J, may he more wondered at ;'
et wnith to many chances agailt drawinghe prizesin B .r i l.A lI st ,
ihil advaouron lottery, prudence wll decline e he a- Nrw-PaovtDlsnC. I
Iart Ir cuut beexryeedthbt thi little work, wh By lli iHoutr JI ,MES EDWA POWEI..,
il it, elegad e. or the concurring admniotins of ire /7; Lieuernant CG eror and Cimmacider da
reviewer. who muf he conmewt with bearing the Glref is and r-,r the find i.,Lds, Cbancellor,
appFelltio off air a d fplenetic, can produce a refor- Fire Adj.,r, an.l Ordi ,r.r oillrfares, &f. tW.c.
wnirain. Vi thtYe may be fome amiable aid tenderO A
ln:nd who wil to plrse; and, ipotiroa of the P A A N.
roper paths, may hae frayed into the beateon**, HEREAS the Exportation of any
Itced by the glae of fashion and the cronst of its iprecirs ,f Prorvrions. may in the
tatrite thed eoft untutored fouls mny be atradedo.y pretint crctimllaOrcei of thinii ,
Lth. new plan, and, aided by the approvwint mOniiitr hee atttldrtd with coifqe enncr
withiN. ma are to be unfalhional'y good. If any i, bhl prierricirt t ltl:e
1r '1 thlar it their's wPl be all the reward; for the tinl. oi tile Itane I HayC
a.'her., a. ad ace feon the feone, will only have rtla tH'crtr ll a I HAy
0411--f *2 coofe'atiolin meant well Tmit u HILIr v urrl' tl;r vFIT s.hy
f r heTf" ate aavg meae weateal and with the tdvicc and cfent of llis Majefla's
i'hr f-il"" a e t. y h Isfo r.4e, ""tn .T [nrhle C. n, to ilbe h I' Proch n-
AIiiri rl. 1)r,,, ;r Artl,'in. D)il;ernte and Aiti. Irin- rrahle Coune I. to il c1i lOrm Procaron.
ri.-., *..;,,mv In:,lcr;. Flle Putfit, l tin, 1rti4n1 ftclliCrtll ,lllib'tirC tire xIpor(ratio)n
iAr. rle.vrd 10irue, .nd Religino" otf ;ny Specie ofi' Pivnifirn, from tlhi or any
4 It I. nor c,,I ro, t il.w i alttbr in cevy ef'Iy, otihr fla il within this Gnvernra, to any.ptrrt
iwrr mn td wri.ll. ~ihe propr, fince the o',f nations or p'.rce with,)nt tnlh limit- thereir This faid
should be read in'lI. 'wn wordr In general, hi, pronbhition to commcrr nc from a~nl after the date
adivicre jaftl ad earionat; ir reeonimenrd eA'e and bcreof, and t, econtinul nntil furlthr orders.
c'earfu ntf., withrt leity; iufl nlrefrvation, without (fl'tl V tender it Hlard aud, t Grea Si alof
ctoniry or reieariedlfaeni; economy, wirhout av.- she fia; jlOnmd, nt A'au7v. tbi ls-IAtdal of
e c ; fimpticity, i rather finileneft of heart, and 4 november, in tie Year of Our 1.6rd Oane h-.
toal -f nre or addition either in d.ef or manner, f[n/l rvea hundred andrigbfdis~B A r sat
w;th'ot deTrinaiy into fidgu &tt or ctarelfflcf; te'ut4 ivh Yr fHil .
alrre employma.ts to guard again Ennui and it tAME S PE WAinD twLL
anrt .t hfol!te. Theft are fomeaofthc more impr- hi. H AMIor' Pomm W
tanU cir,bt t mueh iniuqionn may hiratained from E j bit Holer CUamAs r .
thr r.tfa.lf-hlso'. We hall now rake ,Or leave JOnH O ltAV.I ot pro
sf-r. itah.'rt.aer the .aurthoorr hin valuable prefeit OD SAVE E 0.
to Ae rniale wmld. and fcrleding a fccimen for the U C A t
e.vr'. -wa decion.. PUBLIC A TIO ,
The following Isrs Il given, ua it can ie with On MONDAY, J Rfft 1756.
It-4l aetrpa~ fni m the ra. There remain At Peter Dean,/& Co s Store.
Iallty delnav- wa is ot nor. it ro'.
SAlfocial kappinefs cm filla n a m inal eIcha A I.. tlhir .TOCK *f 001) on Haml,
dfrae The m tn infallble way of difcavering A of which Printed Ca logtll are difributel.
ecrenr e o eIn ,M ettao ine. Thisialrynhr Conditiom of Rile.- afll, for all PurchafeT
ar1reo .cleitltempcre, difco ertM all the precac. tinder Two Huitnrlredii of Fifht; for all
etias f e and dnfarmn tacirnity of its filence. aoe Two Hundred ce of Eight, and le.
1- P tal and all will be pea to yoa. There ia than, ive Hnimdrctl, ri Monthr Credit and
Sf.-edo pe nobe, ra Isine, t that f or al above Fi1e .A m zieert of Eight, SBg
Ler ir dhby co l'ei i nria tr ode. It hbnweath the dig, Months Credlit will b oll i the Btvers giving
nto trrmth. in uamy afe. to borrow the ruuhk. t r or proe 'l "e ldn
rap terfelftp In the a ises of falfehood. But the Bmon, with approreioce .-The Goods nt
O:nuot we afn;can air or look of diflance or dif. to he delivered till e Cc 'lIonr are complied
t-lt. ewatir tn fthrikeseur fanies M rk aMd de. with.
*~imea We am (rpafp& in a rortioa a we fut. The Sali to bhegn at so o' lonk, and continue
Pea. ad jllT etanldeared a criiiul, ti. ar tol till i, every Forenoon, till the whole is difpofed
as,4e to ehid o a
** n Nwew e 1. ( r to tie lon the wr, N. R. Clean m chantnhle Cotton, dr Brazil-
wh fild-s 0 cnfa1 ad never prefers. that of her letto, at Calh Prices. will he taken in paimrnt.
own h-rt. And .ly who Is conrfelou of that STPRLINn & MAQKENZIE.
irpIc. n t'na whi" ; mplcitv I fpirte and fuBalta JOHN DENNISTON.
will-n*, a o na hnmt, he de'hcked by the trap- NMtrr, Deramn r I. IS 7. 1 .
pin. of nri! or a reinements f leary t but in
eve.r, e.tion. w heprl'rftgretly and hnar. TEN GUINEA. Reward.
l'. apfrnr 9 iv hf chianery aud mevlisauifthe u
werm m a I is kelphrheart inprpetuad D UN away from the S ribr, two Negro
naltre and the it is too arn not to attra mnore 1 f'%rl named Dmni h a Tlarb, lately par-
enrlity and : m snce. th dn may at all times fait hba'ed at Mr. HAL.T' Sales ne. me, of a yel.
Ie- mper or c m entone. Bat there ih an worth, lowilh complexion, about teen years old
whidc refnlt. a from enertiesM aw trial We cannot 7'irab, i a f(mart, fquati lVy black Olr, of
be ta. ithbout analig, w vicious, withlmt reary the famo ge. A ReWe of Tue O 'see
gd". will he paid flr each, and ui ish If har.
aven H amu n a Smr or mee perleA emblem n betinred by White t ton, oonovia i o the
gAth .asaewmlignalasM ct.Btalhei efetnder. 1imHpW f.

A IM ot MOWRY itf
SSnblcrtipinn. for the
tfilne pece of 1ncla thf I
Oround, on rhe NIw IMd, 2
to undertake the Ruddfin Ire
their Propofalt, feale; u ,at itH
any time before t he i anuarye

I B the rigatntine Cao
from Lo ,
At ithir Stote t@ e AT s *IiE
nr asElT Ofabner. of
B 4-4 7-8 and 3 Irili MAnr
l.isrne Threadt
5J4 a3id 4-4 ditto lint Ditto 0ltMM
Platrillne and fl it niu Ditto wbie
0arlix r l SiltefiR. Women. On
R*,wn Rui l Shee g Ditto wdle
R .vens lT~ck iDitto raa
Printed .inen. C* Di to Habit
C.r'licimr own Pat a MeOnwhit
Printed I intoe and toin Gloves
Hasltirrchief Ditto eilaf
Cherclk and (Cton es Artildcial a
rhe:k Handkerehief iat wad bI
White Indlia Dim;it White* Clu
Whiteanl colored J as Piddle ltri
Srnined Ilmities Watch snti
Quiltinre ral ard mi Bladr. "blk
10-4, 9-4. and 8-4 C on SewI
Couinterpaes, Blesm, fit
Scarlet ari lichti eo td inhic To
tie re,,atd lnthl 1oaf Suo,
Setrle,,wlite, blie, en Mace, Nmt
*ala-t and Iglt col ad ad Clau
('alii ,iea Duehan U
Srr:ped Camrb'ets Oil
Black, blue, and rrJ do. Muthrorm
Black & hlud Calli mnroc Pickled l d Tam a OGrrin. and
Nor-iCh Crie raant JIly
n.miBrr2en Blae anrd wl
DiMch 1Rl`r6 rt well.d I
White and llriped Flnnel Table Ol
1e'telh Plaint fitrr I.',
Brown ald blue Bath D:trt *,:i
Corin. Mn..." &
treen iH;re L.' '* '- in
Sailnr lined and Ariped rwre. and
Ta,!,ret. rch te
Stri.ed C toe and Duck Yourbeil he
Trowfer. OkG rlt (9
Ca'>rn rmt-a Mena hMa
Conrte anr' 'helrk Shiirt Ham
Whitc Ruffled rU'tn D;tn "*,il
aItlkeen and C, rdurey and bnds
Breences dir, and fi
(:inIham Waillen o nd In mw
Plain, PripeI. hreck ta rield lek46
flnwcred Mudliin with OG
Tactlrr't ditto MIr-t-re
Chintr Bordering for Neil oflted
Goinoe Hair Ti
White. layloer. flrtw, Ladie* ian
White Rhot, P;nk ghnt, t~Safi
Silver frcy, and reach Hilr 1ti
I.,'tefri;nr Gn rcin
Blaek and edged Tifandi Trne I I
and Perfi'nt. ald
Striped and powered Idtiil aO
ce'e. A gial
I.tle Sittin and Perfit Cartnamt
Peeticoate -Bof Tot"
Do. lack Midr finals d;m d IKd rrll
Ditto 'Sarlet. ditt with HuntereeOp
Ermine MtoAldCtA
Ditto Bell Honna Iofe e lt
White, black and ibrh Tonm .
PlFatail and Olrich Ps. Blacckl
then strch ad
Nuns & Stichiar Threadt Hair
Poetioit & ShAwkrtlria g
Cue Border*a1
Thread Edeiingae On<.| X
Dutch Lace Oo rOW*l
ran. gate*st
Ribbons afrrted tied
Plain and Diaper Tan llat
7.4, R1-4, f4 Diaper Tabl A
Fine Damaik ditto
Dittp faphlains
Long and elear Lawns
7hey asw fy I'
LONDON particular
L Madei Wine, by M .E
the quner Ca& r 0do
Ditto Market ditt
Shaety ditto
HigL premof Jamaica end
14ondilteum Ip o
cheams and o lho l
Which they ll di ,
Ahte Termn, for

-st ____ JL r

'UDJCTIP3.~~~N ,2 VirDA NAi0i4ii. Horr.

XT U it D A:,IT, DEcUrIN 13i, 3i*,78j to S& AT , A Y,, JANuAtr 7, 17'6

NASSAU: -Printed by JoHN WiLLS, at'the Piitdt* BAY.-

'an Intelligence.

ND 0 N, 8ErrtaMi& sjo.
Seing Mkhaetlnla-day, wa held
r hal or thr el.eiin of l lord Mayor for
wrhen M. Aldenman Wriht, being
was ciolen without oppoltat..
,l'h day was hed, at the collegee of Phy-
a anual elrtioa ol oficr for the year rtu
Sir teorge Lt.ker waeledicd PreldcatI Dr.
o, Dr. BTry, Dr. Walfon, and Dr. David
wlre clead Ciifor-; Dr. Tumlinfon, Trea-
oHa e. Kegificr; and Sir Grorge Baker,
t, Hr. vey, Ir. Caulcl, and Dr.
wee cht. Cintomiffionea for licefingl
the rterption of lunatics. At the fame lime'
Dl. 'i litan Rohertfon, Dr. Puttur, aad
cere admitted Licentiatee.
SSir Frederic Hlaldimand took hise bal leave
eg, previous to his going to Canada, of
iaaypointed Covcrn, r.
i6. This day Hh Royal HighatfM the
SCunberlarnd arrived at CumbernAd.-Houle
eirml tile fuh of France I and, on the f.-
d l, waited on their Majeftie at K Iw.
lloh. t Icr IS Ye, r rday GeneCra Sir
ad Cameliil IndI h, fuite failed from ilis port,
Ilrl I. ,bt La.t-lndiamanl, lot his UGv.rnr-
Od h r 2t. The nrw Orand Viir, of
ithe f .ru : rin fi Ate with ittie rcfpect,
the cd, rnf' to comiliate the minds ol the
qd ti I-c te the admir..tion of the foreign
., ly tlr f,-ility with which he d liatchea
'I hie el.aI'hnment of p arr appeal to be his
though the pr-paratiol- for nt are not yet laid
tune lite errr tr ain Conllattiioiplr, however,
that the have -dreldcndd Ithe rimei ;
tRutliin tiadii veTel in tile plot of Conflan-
have bc-n ei, red, tit th it w.r i on the poi.t
decr .ird t,,l l KuiHllia an thie Porte.
Pli; in Mililttr at the Court of Petcralburg
mnia r. rt 'er Imperial laj ly the Kmprtf1
i th (nndnciiti. of a'Traty of Coufederatiun
ti t'i K:ii g hi. nmafler and the Litiler ol baxony
hliat r, fir mainta.ning the Gcrmnidnc Conftilu.
He ect ivld al answer a few days aft r sn the
auqiv.ctl itrnl.-It is fid the Eleror o1
PI, .he Einvr, i's brother, will fign this Conrfc-
k EmprefL' atf cer wai to this cffeA; that fle
clee the (Grmlai c ( onfitj-tioti in any danger,
6id nOt prl fiale hi relf that cle regte in gqu
waiN ely to conftriutr to the maintenance uf the
lItion and Iihber I the Germaiic State.
t Emperor has for f me week. held an printer.
r.crrefpoilrkIce with the E etlot of Sax.any and
given out arVicnna, that his Ee:r ral Highoers
mtcred irto the Confederatido from poll- I
aotiv, ; hb in fadc. in march inclined to embrace
Al opportunity of renewing his old conncaiuo
Au"r i. .
the oth. of Iprtmlier, a Preliminar Covention r
gted at far,, between the impirialAnibDaador
he Ane.iu.lTir. of the Republic of Holland, of
ithe following ate the Article:
atic cipy of the Preliminary Articles of Peace t
nccn their High Mightinefflc the Statet Oeneral,
I the i meror of Germlay ; concluded under t e
Soalon oFPrince, and by the cire, a. the Amfner a
t OCafe'e cxprTeffu it, of the Count de Vergeenn o
1 withoa. battery, Timy be called the Miniflcr
ntor of Europe. -
Si agreed, that the Stele General Iall pey I
nS frin,t current ment of Holland, fort r
Ki' of Maeflricht sad its terri~gy, the Bnol
rm t included, a l Itfo the county Trohcan o ;
ill Notina, fam currency, for a compeafain
td algae catiufd by the inundatio s.- 'Tlx ~
a gMh the rati leqtlone rIte ety,: ii rh
i*tl a,. into the lb aelale "h t
a r, ,U o Is e Shetei 'l b. *a-
dloonrf, e tb& il, t mfi. t I
oaanmif SotlM, eoqienU ey (
S Mlglteihtefs qkial (ede -to 6il110mt
Don tel Aule, Iituata In o UttHI the i eM di |

the gto 4 dhof gl t
etdM of alkC m wCi, hi t
*nd Cadlier mde a raefr a vidut I l |Tir
be mae in thee uhatl l
etOvoal ea be h osaidanWs.te e unliv
Ill. The lim of Fln ldersa ApR ta ttn the e
of the eonvaaion of 1664 1ja4if, thelapfe
of time. there Sould have jit, orl l. a opf
themn obfcred, C mm;iolper e ll bI llq d
ioe Ade ad the other t re selablih themri
IV. Iheir High Mightinea fall ri l ip bthe
nmol convenient manner, t the fatNioRl of the
Emperor, the dalnlog of the wataci f *omh tlaty'
county in Flamder, ad on the : fide 1 i'oWi ate; In
,rder to preve'., as much a po-ible, the Intdation.,
by enfantilng, for that end, that ufe thdhb made so
a reasonable footing, of the land unceffy, ehe r .
thedooAitaluofl tleirHigh Mhghtii.effe. The
that thall be cogiruded for that purl*k irthe
ory of the States General, aill rel ) an teii
overeignty; and nne ltall be made Ae plhrl tht
might obArut the defence of their ltnrieraf Con.
milinaua hall rrfpellvely be appointed. who H all be
charged to detrrrine the moa convetenat fire for the
fTid flu'rrt-lhey hall ayree together about thofc that
are to be lubjeded to a common rule.
V. Their Hiih Mightitmlffe having dec'l .d. by
one of their Refotitions, thbt their Intnttian was toi
idemnify thofe ofhl Imperria M .jrly' futijea. who
have itflfered hy inundat rn-,. they a-pro; iare to that
ohjet the joo,coo fl.rins of Holl. d, atlntioned in
A.lic'e I.
VI Their High Mihinohriat atirkllleFge the ftl'
rirhe of ablfluie and indelemdeit Smterelvnty of hi
Imperial Majelly, verail the part anlthe E oat. f nrt
Antwerp to the nal of the ce unrry ofsaftin-en,. Ceot-
frmehly to thq e of t1664. wrieK it is apeed Si I
'w" cu%. a the ilflw line 4. T. indicate. which fall
back in T. on the liilit of 16;4. on lltheefe nf Bratant;
a. i i indicated by the I hart rigred by the rtfpetivr
Anmial'are 'Ihe Stire Ge. eral renounce, in confe
qucnce, the receiving and I vying of any Toll and Im-
pnll in tIlltjair (i the Efcaue, on aiy title, or under
:.ny foia. ru .thnvcr;i am lfo the ob)lruil'ng, in ani
manner, the navigation ano trade of-hiL Impyria'
M tjely'. fl',jedt; nr .all the latter be permitted
to extend it further thin is granted by the treaty 4.f
Monicr of the 3joh If Ja ,ury l64R, which tall, in
that refped, remain in f f-11oter and vigour.
VII. Their Hi;h Mi hbinielffet ih evastr and de.
molifh the tfret of Kruil-Sehind, and of Frederick
H-nry an,' cede the fil ti his Impetial Majefly.
VIII. Their Hirh Mightinrfe willing t give to
his Maleny the Emperor. a frefh predf ofthrir defile
o re-eftablith the meit perfect hanmony hbtween the
wo State., confnt toevancate, and give up to the dif-"
tofal of his Imperial Majetty, 'he f Srt of l.11ie and
:cikenLhock, wih their fortification. in the ftle they
re now in i the Starte Geneal refervnin n t hetmfelve.
o withdraw from them the artillery, and the a'rmntai-
mon of every kind.
IX. That execution of the two iricles ahovemen.
toned (hall take place fix weeks after the ethsange of
he Ratifications.
X 'The S.ate General lav;nit' yielded to the d6fre
which the Emperor had itimated to them. of havinap
he forte of l.ito and I jekenltale h the'r prefent iate;
heir High Migltineffe caipet from (he friendship of
his Imperial Majely. that he will he plcaed tecde
nd ive op to them alU ir tight he may have formed
n th villages, called of Rdepto ,thaer than th.
if hicl he may hme alea Iblll by eymhages.
ith the Prietil alH t lV. _Tr Cviet doo tf ,
aot betl fal ey-to intia d Tdfr J ,at the
eroaut apa er t *. w, to Lroe
l ad eferent i ,
XI. His Majer eoW ce the, peaonat be lt had
r ,it the IC and VWilagla oa madl and fAeL
XII, The Couot doMe Me t *dei than tme V lae Sieh. be Alat-, Iwho, to hf .t. teh el

isnrak tal3 ls* The Astdideae Sf.
or. totahethbillida rofrre um ,,
dXII. It t oedW A p eeeaha ee
ese i erl id a
*'sa gvJ3U a

t "W part t the w*h rn C Mnam lm All he ilp.
r po o idalde atem., s

tl re riv tfe INTO. ry
a t s fd orrm1' f ltel the nomf f ted t. ,t nm
14y. of R aidlanet. dd trr o is rrrMidl
Wharges fo igtt be of StatIe
%W* o i t oimf, .f th* i, Bh of Pointer.

1al t Atd ti~iof 1ind 'te*y of 'aln"r hall the
retailed r .whin hnbal it"rgated tmem them.
The A nf the Fte C.errrl d-eard 4ae
',el of 'Ie T a'ev nt '11'. ulAd arnetly fh, tartice
S Cunt de Mai t hamsot thought pr pr r to yield
ther n
l how art;tet 112v etn dlrefied in there
fe'i ,*h .uO de V!y nea cnmirt d 1y hb
Mo n rilitan MAR ltt 41" r f raitp n n M.andtnt;
a-d hov tl o fuuhr.fbd e the Anrrhtil.n, wonder
the trL both'ofI ilS, tI r'utand of the StaI Ge.
nrol ogde *
et 'lj., he ^th of Septetber, tyl.
, h I a' e Art cl, t ree are four private
A'ie which have not ye' mt te public eye. And
hedle w'.icr haveJ-, n pulilhed,.ate fr from kbeai
Wereqral*.r se. Sead l atherer:rcca he.Iert*
V niro taJilslldt" 84u bv ih- lan dv cs frenn
oltl-,a, .tht' .otf ihe whole b..y of the Republic
le~anton dmelnotI thecenntlin'm e tat foll-w.
'Patvkoe O l hr is. Their Nrhleasr ltrt PMith.
r effir thelt.n. I ate, of H.' lnd atd Wt Flri, lard
,1t'iucd their delbeilatip, thi. d(.y. In their I It
4iffls It wil tiranimoufly rref'vr to ratify the preti ml
r'crf the re-rr: e rd thi. refolur'n bring resumed
fte i0- hlef yeflerfPy was renfirmed tut eu:;er the
irr' ,enditima and fine qua non. "'That the mperor
4 "1l .i n.. 'e*ge the foCerteirny nf tht itjpulic over
the W'dt f-rm n, anerp tn he fee, in virtue iand
i"' l &n.ton of the tret.v nof vnifetrf hbat llob the
itrem oce of the Sai ard the Sw;i aren't rem n i 6"tt.
with an iju)-*ioan that the r inl4er ofthe Recub'ir
t P'i, muq ri enrninead the defritirv tr rl without'
th, elrref Ppo' ti'v of lth rerfit'on.".
The earfert of P'l he Prrvi ieen I focure oa!y p the
Irvp tIAm.* n' no oth r.
'Thu.oh the Pri'e"r Ct 'thfl It lf'eretd aly to
"irrf'f'e, ofth. fndlin l of foverrrtmnt, he ir-l'
-a- fromn lbeio reinflt diti it rwere f the saIdrhol.
'-reip. which they fGv, I, hd on nlvy t I-errltinn
"c, h, ho wevr. aproioitet the B'ron W. V. T. VBa.
der Date ** lhe t I.irennr C rand Va,r oftie water
.nd for"a of Hol n.l i and Welt Pritflnt.. vannnet
the 'ea hI 44-, ral V.n der nli'. The lf rr-nen
of Breda, nriot hI the fnn'* ctufe. is mnnfrred aeole
I r Oeirefl Comrte de MoillekWo. en ti* ewlra.tri
ro i Rferene H:hntf. ltn thr I*ate Arf lol'and nad
Wet Prieland have natkerifed the Council ComCeiitee
rn Ouafr new ro'ut to re made for the regime na 4f
etarts off hat late, hearing hr oane Ide the arms, f the
I-revince. an on the other. an arm with a drawa
trfm'd. with the evlee Pap'n l* P rrie. Tie Ib. g
-loursnre tl e pfraeoted to ite f id r-rm. nt in iha
nnme of 'he qtate, i t 'e CauncIl Canm~ritte are a'S
rhar-c' to Tite care the the forgets were l t the ofi-
rers rf the fld rreiment bSe the ams of thh province
entrvT amr, thti, atd al ether.
Thi' Kink of Pr' ,I lnlti upon thl* pm'tdifg with
an indiraintolC e and ht lies, rtwo etre which he has
e-ufed to he dellrred to he Itatei b hir M ;iMSer at.
the Hinte, of a conriliat'nor are h- hh. etalted i
memorial to he praferted t treli H:th Mightireffs,
,'hat tley had retried the limi' et BfRhaun and lMa..
den between the Emper-' nnd thet. he imled they
would tnoleferM d to do the fat with him in lt.
Plabnd ad (oadlderrel d. ie ord, r to fettte *n
diferemce, whih hid mnry yr-r fabBAed Ie.
mwee his Prufian MiAedy ns t asl that ccosnt,
sad ato p thau attendete tcltq L ad demaudo
wlich the joiceIf of hit crrAaefir s.
I nndon O&Aoir l Y an All of the p
1rslt i8dJd. nvitail it tartlly seli.ltiaK HmFrt,
,hati the Vne "eT radened so be o atpr ifed.
Iery mnu ha liberty o meary. t lem any art, f
a*k for himself. to f I., rtg esehtr and
alienrte hil rroapery ly A&+r tohiLu L. rd the
Shaetllmned f. in Iho t, Imy v rfl in & 'In'. Is
tmoref to the fatl and paPM t'oey t afi5dT
fteW without 'he llt Rlc tiMr whmate In the
Fdia i ot i occaflon,; hit Imperhl M4 iltly ih
th liberal fnintiint 1I "I mo t oit. t ihea

aa4t but I wm l tA alet er to Cupar in ie. Mr. Robert Chriftie, reuar f '*the inp a, a b
matibn14irvices. iLe l fsltbedriven Callnge, happened to be near thr place, and he that he was
f om hl cloitcr, to Wllbis talents$ immediately cams up to him, enquired after his fate. He had a-1
and let the molt .g dLilgielous, who safety. and aflltld him in getting out of the bat. whoft accompliihe,
were fettered by U h abrad upon the ket, and i, ftecurii, the balloon. A valt multi. co Beihdatioa ibutl
face of the day. A r Aauo rers, and fat tude from.every quarter fuon afflmblrd, awl gaS utim trot p
mere, bent fit a t slr a multitude of religi- .sed> lth altosinifhmt,at the daring adventurer. a. lJt '.
oan drones Ucanu m Jml oppnf it." Ten minutes after he had reaIbed the g- ounrl hat t* w weolt
By another Edidtj pi., ial Majefty abolithes I came to the place, and gave direaion t th to l th e i forbid-thBe
the feparate jurifJiatw furmeriy wanted to the people who were pierent toalfllhim ettin g et rati ; i ehoof all
Jews in Galici, who are fur the future to be the b.dllnm emptied, and getting It, wih the net- fr bible alliance for the.
amenable to the ordinary courts oftjiltce. sing, balfke, and other apparatus, fifely plck d be rfiC il ltibeth at
In his Auftrian dominion, the Jews are fu. up, and put into a cirt : very one gave hit afiirf. the nlury eo beauty,
fteed torah:r r.govous laws. If hey marry.they an~r che.ofidrly, and the whole machinery was the tfaorlet and the hoe
are to pay a cEirtain film on the bith of every conveyed away in ficly. wife entpf i to rife
child, which is to be increased in proportion to A great nummlr of pcatlemen from dffrcent lous prejdi e -here w
the number of births and if they grow i ich, t'cy placs In the n.ighlourho catn quickly o,'e h between t two matleo
are to paytothcfpprt tof govelne wlt in prpopr, other, and femed to vie will one another in the ferencIs te the fae f
tion to their wealth. ; marks ofattentl..n and civility which they Ill cd -' whih the globet h l
By an ordinance of the sad of Aulti, his lMa- Mr. Lunardi. They in a body attended him to France and England at
efty abohlfed the right heretof are claimed by Ceres, where he was recci"ed with the acdamsl- wonll dare to diftli tnt
the Lords, ot compelling thqir varfls to mintiaia I tions of a prodigious multitude, hit I ig bring c:,r- But this is the weak r
,their dogs. erd4In proctfoini before him,and th. church btls f'cret for the etitnfli o
An arrct has lately been if rud by the Frtnch I ringing in htouur of fcil a vifitant. After dri;k- who attribute to the wsnt
King, exprefly fo, hiding peifonis, notrcgul ly inga ew glaf of wne at the Mane, anI rcci- every calamity that Iktain
bred to the iroulitlion t o pkyfic or fitgtte.Jrom ving tflrrt as al1 in the houle of Mr. N ivill, The union of the PrMlce of
vend ne any fort cf medicine fur tbtdhu> oi i- 4 the compniphients of, gnat number of la lie, and ter a
eat.,. gentlemen, he fet tlut for Cupar, ahout lvre night to w Ih for with the
Our Ambalnador at the Halue presented I me. n'clock, In confLquence of an invitation from tnc Were his interrta flreatheia
mortal to the States f. long ag, as the ait of Pr volt andlMagiffrates of that town, where he connetrinn with Otet-'Brlii
January. grounded on a propefli of the Cbunt was rcetired with the ringing of bell, and the at- the King of Prufla.'the d
L'Adhrmir to the Engilh Minifter, for ,edc!rin cl;amataioaofthoutind'. would he inltantly fruflrate
the Britilli and French force in India, pro i.led Mr. Lunardi ;ivcs the following account of main in the quiet ixercife o bi
their H. M. would form the fame FretlC'oinn. hir voyage. The new commercial ar
To this memorial an anftver was returned oI the He amended at Edinburgh a little hbtrethree Frrance and this comtry, will
nath of Sep ember laft, importing, that the a res I o'clock in the afternoon ; the balloon, afcr ,firg, natilni in gnod humour with
Were ready to enter upon the buliilts, prouiled took a North calt dinrtion, amn neal to the llnd trade with Portugal wasi nme
$tr Jimes Hlrrii would iname the naval rpre Iof Inchkcith, crane Ilmd.n almofi t the fea I' vantageouso but t hasdeclin
meant to be kept by each power for theiruown thhe thew inIt l r Iall.,il. and the balliomn rofe at to Irave it an obje0 t at pretI
-defence. lgcher than hio ic; : i urreti of iliil from Ihe lie attention. IJpm an aterye
The Tribual of the Invqulftlin is sow enlrely lywf carried him ctll near to North Blerwick-., from Iry 'o tr7e, we gained a ht3
fipprelfer and aboldlheld fr ever throuthit the dtflleent current thin changed his coirle, and on it of 965.70ot. But I;pon 1 I
Rates of Modena. 1 he fuprrlmedecree that an. r I ronghthim ovebetectn .Leen and Largo-.fter from t 71 to T78r, the annual bahl
nihilates that monument of the Ibarbarty, cruelty, this a fnoth fiuih welt breeze brought him to the more than 1s4.5l41. a greater deed
and fuperltition of our forefathers, entislli the place where he (lt rfcnltd. have expeiirnced in anyo'htrad4t
tunntions, prerorati*s, and authority of that ** When the ba Inon was at its higher ercatlin, Even with France, ihecklerd as
tribunal to th: R'lhps, the proper guardians of the barometer flool at i inche 3 tio'h. Mr. rec;prrity ofnothirg but prohibitih
eveiy thing that conetns the mItern fof rel'g on. I.inardi at this time fo nd no diffi iltv in refpi- on an average of 17;o, r77, andOyl0
An aLcount isi now taking hv order of govlo>lr ration. He pafltd Iht)lulgh frvtrl c!oldois of filnw, 9if 41 i rl. per annum ; which i
mnent of the poor's rate* coilited in the fcver, and hlf fight at timns buth off a and 'hle fr.'lr-;le of the advantages wearl
parihesof Eng'and yearly at this time, with the thermemtttr wan hc'owl tih fIcrrii point, and he frim a free trade with oar wI
licrralk ord i.ccafe line the year 17y6. in order,it found hinmff very (oid finm the chilly air o hii ho bnr. '
l im.ginei',o propoiefomc plantoparlLiment the furro;ldied him. Hii excin,,ion ntok iip ahb"t 'The fill amount of all tie toom
et faing ferlion. The fim reported to havebetn an hur andan half; and it woulI appear he p-. France. fourth current year,haq'bie
collcrtru inl thil way lalt )ear is faid toC, exred tour fel owr upwards f 40 mile of fca ll! ,ibout to liver wrhch is, .23 liv ; r Ibh'S l
millions three hundred thoufand pound fitirling I olf land. ''he aerial voyage. the irit that has reen or alunt one pound fltrling perh-ad.
BArLooN INTr.LI.1QNC from ScorLA.D. made in Sc tlaild. it m' ch talked of, .nd wi'l be exniirtation, hrfore the late wai,4 ofCereis, Or.Yobr 6 In remrmbered in ihi< place; it it propof,.- to imimrtamion oI the amount of abo
SYeflern'ay afternoon, the Jky bh.ili clear, and dniftqiiilh., y fome Inlinr: imIonumeint, the place livre, she rtfIlt of a yearly eoxpa
a gentle brrze blowing from t. S. W. whillt I on which Mr. I aliglevl amItunt of ahnit 3s00,000oon and
rwas overlo(.kiig the backing of fme corn in my This day Mr. Ln.irdti. with several gent'e- tion amountinig to aliout n o.ooOO
barn-yard, a boy, who was ftlndiig ly me took men who atltnded hiii on the night of his artival, The public ev pptlies t leranwse h
notice i what he thought to be a h iw,; firing was elegantlyy enter!rc nd at ldiintr by the Provolf and military e.lahlilnments, amoug
at a etr) gseat and un colmn on hi lit, Afirr and Magiflrates ofCopr. al al ifti wards preflnt- lives I r annum i and
looking alittnlv ly at the oij l. which app-ared ed vith Ihe freedom of th- hbrgh. Inthe earning ar hy no means adequate to this,
due f. tuh from me, and ,v dtmntly h'ghlr than hef r o.' ti r lMlvilic h Ii ,', te f:.t oflthe Itinht What then.hatFrance not bythelatel
fome th n clioudis which wece floatu)g near it. I Hn. the Earl of Leven; and to morrow he i.- The deficiency In the French il
v as cnmvll.'d it w.s no bid. At thi time, trndls It vfit the ancient ciy of St. Andre, wat lately s.o -0,ooo oflivre per a1
which va. ab ur five m;nutcbhrfore fotr o'chlck, I a n, &c. RonarT Ano." wif-lom and good policy of the Mnl
it had tie appe race of a glob. or bill of lix in Lon.don, Nosrmhr a. If the Dutch underfaind have reduced that fum to to ,ooMs
ches 6ii..m, tsr and fetimd fifpended vi ttiut their own interest. they would in their prtfent further reducing towards abalsaei
nio'lo : thi wa; osing toits frrprizing and alt critical situation add to infread of dim;nihing the as the only mode of faving the ki
mnf i.cre cdiblc degree of elevation, aml, to its Stadtholder's power. In the day of danger, when If on the (hop tax the public- l
eovi, g dirtnIy towards me. Al I knev Mr. qu'knefaof leertion is necefTry, the executive fral.led of itl produce-with thi prod
I ii wva to afcend at ilinbtigh om Wedre'. power cannot have too few incumbrances. This nentation in other aricl a of me
day the al iniflat, and as the wind blew direly the Rom in., iealwns an they were of their liber. ment will be ahle to par olf a t ll
tr .i i.di.hurgh ntwa idc Ceres. I was prrfuAlitd ties, were fCt fenfible of, that on extiaordnnary pir annum of the national debt. f
that the obict which preltnted itlflf to view was emergencies they not otly gave enlarged powers time, the land tax was tobe equiLn
Mr. I.unardi's halloonn. I then called upon my to their Confils by voting lt vilean n qui. Ref pike trifts taken under the care ofJ4
nciphcbours and acqlua'tan ecs, to con's and fee publira epint, hut if the cafe was very.urgent n. anti the wafte lands employed-thea M
the atial traveller: thky tlhuiht me inj ke ; but poitced a DitAator. whole pnwmer was for lix tioe of the debt would be at lat
upon my affiring them that was fenous. they months notonly abfolnte butdelfpoti; andtothis ietrling! t
came r ut and faw the olijt. which I pointed out meafure they frequently owen their fa ety. I The ordinary of the navy, as
to them, but could not bring themfclves to be- Extrna of a litter fro Dubs4r, 03e'br so. ift of lat month by the.Conmsi
]icve it was Mr Lunardi. Whilft we gazed, thr '* The GOreenland (hips belonFing to this port federal dock yards, and by them
Intcvcningt clouds two or three timeainrecetp'ed have Ieen very finccenful, except the St. Andrew, the Admiralty Board. is one hin
our views ant, as the ballo-in cone oit from be- which was lot in the ice, and the Two Sifters, of the line, ten of o guns, one
hind the cloud., the rays of the fun refleed d froi which returned clean, having caught only a few frigates, iid forty O np*s or
the wet fide of it, give it the appearance of the feals Two of the flips made a double voyage. I tions to the ordinary fince the
moon fecn by day-light, fie or fix days after the and caught hetweeo them no fizeable Aih." I of the line, the St. Oremoe, of
change. N i" Ahot' ten minute after four the biloln be. the King has made a proposal to the Prince of built at Haiwich, laid up at
gin to dcfcend, an. got hel w the clouds it now Wales to fettle one hundred thoufiad pounds a Parliament are not to meet
affumed an roh',ig Aiutre. and appeared much lar. year on his Royal Highnefs for his eitabilfhm-nt- the Rate of the nnvy will he
ger. The biak t and Rag a'fa became wifible. that two hundred thousand pounds Ihould be day ftheyear, forthelsf
mlultitnle row got eight of i, and the whole granted to pay his debt, and an adequate ftum Tn b hoLrLatr. A er l 9
country .wa alarmed. As it drew near the earth, for completing the buildings at Carleton-hounf ohf-rvea that neither relitol l
and filled along withakind ofawful grandeur and .-on condition that the Prince (hall coafent to feed by the material* or
tajelty, the eight gave mnch plafire to fuch a mtriage and the PdRncef whom his Mkakjey poftln which nme n f hitU
knew what is was, but terribly alarmed foch as recommends is Frederica-Lontifa.Wihelmina diels but this writer will btH
were unacquainted with the nature of this celetial daughter of the Prince of Orange, Stadtholder, gion ani morality Ire not
vehicle if I may ufe the phrase. bor the aith of November, al70, and conf-. of dreft. Exry oluntoi
*" About so minutes after four. Mr. Lunarde quentl now fifteen years ofge. In w.
call out his anchor, Aid the balloon rented near His MJefty defired his Ryl lighnefi to take When ladies bar t
the codl town of Cmlinlge on the estate of the three days tC consider of the proposal. The a view..
Hlan. John Ht; Efli a mile Eaft from Ceres, Prince is fald to hawe gien for anfwar, that he When laie tuck api
rad between tiv three mile footh t of was fenfible of hi Maty's pat~rni goodglcb l play thelr leg% the

n lre put on fale ramps, there Is peaed that they will nota e ta t of tit before we fthal hae eplctio diArea from Ifrain
ia' .. I the negacialtioln between the Court of pai d and Count M n In hib own person ep fort
ri.I Sh this rd may not immet i telt r the De ate terminated. It is faid, th M. and with the ne good msnnirs and right rt".
o,.,ocale yet it is evident toft d~lffpiy has already ft out, with the alti tum tuning s he did tpo he ldscldt.
an lpoflifing fenbiliy. ofthe Court of Spain; and we are very cu ou to The approaching meeting of Parliament ml'
fair countrywomen, willI not al* arn, whether the Algerines will confei to the he the moft triumphant we have experience .
1 hien tlohions tend to ex hJ thnd tIo portion of that Court, relative toa ifpenfion The flouriVfh a late of the revenue, and the li.-
,ye, Hiwarms the imagintion-And o rnme with Portugal, with a view t conclude pluffage already grown out, are phenomena fuch
il.ragfnation is warmed hattbecoeies wards the peace uoder the nredlalt of Spain. as the moftfanruine well.wifher to Great-Britai
I-. -And dei No;wmrkr. Ais fuppl ale t to the cold not have looked for!
e !raJit) flies, can teli n make a Rand? Ty mdercicafe:oflhiplry, SeaSt.Afaph,
S lthe ke of moralit and reliion, up it ho be mentioned that the Ret OGentleman's -- -
iw.riee-ulowa wi your pailtreats- fi il I equally admirable with hl talent. His NASSAU, JANUA Y 7, 1786.
fi hI.w I t lCnts, oigh they have no oher public cvi- 'iHP Inhabhtant. of Domr:ni;a have of late
r oferes that drelts iou,ht hiof1 "9 t i been gitently a'srnfted by the violent outrages
cru m.nce ha r oecaflond ile io e of Jono ear Hig pire t o f the runaway Negroes. The Antigua Gazette
rafp, rife t which ha been fo to he n l d valued ac min s otf December r,. affords the following Infotra-
lbe the fulyc a e wonder and invtigtion, ienampled erailty n the tfatnent of Mr Er- teon on this fubjert.
b ,h t I nel, wh of a nd eloquence, if ck, i toh, wh ofh. d e n rtlmun entn ir.
i, The dinfute the Dutch and the Em- hbeond romp fion, revived efa "rined from Domlniic we have the llor i n honrrid
tiheig firnaly ifl had brought back the le nin i f Guhelm nawe av the wi ord
S eir ciant o ply mtc l t Ero a of Twelve Ou account ofthe outragncol prhcredliie of the run-
tnied mrN ofw ir re. nerk Sterling away Negroes there, which may be relied on.
a. Cur o ;a r has n iow thr yearn ngland's. fft now caring tlfelrof the mifns The number of there wretches having acuc-
sa.dinn.lo is ll confirn d-Thc bottom of which obfcerd fple or, and aain hlnes forth nated very lre body, they proceere to
he ezxnce ir wond up, a udde provided. -la nreana mi ar, int a veryc laru nodn tempr ed to
b tente i wnd up, anud prldtd. with ineretfini i -S peace, which to appear- carr into eec ution their det rmined rtfolutiont
All holtile anlcarance are over, nd Prlament anccpromifestc l S hat raised the value o of f deroyln the tft called Htiale, which
has ann iul i the determi tiOi n toprovii ga our find, and otlr ade, by the exertions of wold hate made ato Engli Hogihead of Sugar
flrph itn t permanenctlinking d. Adminitntion, bid it tofurpafs its aufunl tent. th aearr, at left.
3. The old which we tran nitted iAmerica The gret and 0s ly of America is very fan- Bfore they fet fire to the elate, they lai
a fifiih bit way ack-and tli' from ro ng clipt giinae Ifor a cl onmercial conneion with hold f the ead driver, f.op him with great
Snd lowercd it lha not come into cicula it Oreat.Britain a ifomewhat mor iclin cirnlty, and afteiarde put him to death by flow
b Wcligbn 1ht a large ftin of bullion into the b msk. ed to trade wit the eferted parent, than with tortures.
eh kinngdlo n of Spain has, on the anlca the dt crtin tli drrn. -Miniftry are very aldlu- s Widing firroinded the works, they ntit

to pay n -er,n l o fnt V unmn o ndo t thav e oni cord. n a l lfl alarmed, by a report of the approval of
ito the k him frotAthat trade i And Nsv rhe bevColent Goeror of thfe favalpc to the capital t mmny were preparing
*. Tlir GaIgi olainrop etas, for the ta Grenada li fet a vey amian ecmple to others, for a fiiht federal war, and fime attempted! to
ta icr.*), he l ttui in o_ favour, thal it hat which di a credit to hih and heart; lie has get on hoard the shippingg for fifetv. But on bet-
bet fo.r iice il cIt tj French, the Dutch, openly t erated tie haptiflrm negroesn ter inform itinn, their fears fuhndtald.
I .h n c i h and others, rather to The Irtffh SecrCtary of Stat Mr. Hutctthifom, The heads of two of theie mifcrenr,- hive
rf 11 I ci t y t, tln to drn bill. has enrely on for th whol incapacity rftlihe hers cut frind broht n th town a fI Rofeiu,
SI v co utary cai of th rife i other lorecra r flervAs in hland-it icttcr mahich our infornartu w, before his drepartnre.
n.rii) I, canl iha tli.qntr which to hi ork colltituents excelling t l! the rei- s Too much can t he faid in tralfe nf the ad-
sriy fd fidi iier furitfc li cl acor dpon'enc cric renrv ai drc d alertnefs his Exrellercy Governor
all i b.citr mu p utive ad noritig a eitiliitence-lth hltiOn's rioastoflate- Orde. and his Male y's troops flat;nrd o here.
of h. y ir. r ml force of tr afoning. both cl and wid e As on af his Exc llAcy received infrm;tia n rf
nimr We are nfled bya corrrpon- a i above all, evident candor al ntegrity of i tir horrid depredalti hetook every lep prm.
linth 01r4 tted a-dvotes m ICa tSr t ofaft ivon-iq to be rirhI prhc amin e V p rho t nhi
dent, thrMtfr,. lri ii t if o l f mcfiv--i* to be rar6ked recinentmun8 the for an immediate porfuits and 'tit h. nd they
thyii .'n. hc. e' vtry tlfl in get- bfpolilicil pulilicatiinn of tletime. f will in a vrlt nhort time iun thdlend and brol ght
tiln r.ny f t i a t b: in| t t h fo"e i s he f ao!o inl is the concludiur pa gaph o t he rot e ern lary pnitfl nent."
nili a 'tnc o hral. t l able prformane : The great pricip'e of Advin from the Weft n ici fay, is" It mthe
i fi,,: i n rA h I, ih hil e itihc was li a Bill. iiamcry real freedom in each ngdom ie no frnall fatir'ion to he formed, and we d
rtLd ti G ai t it ins, the cey m on ot othe mCrclha d maimlfaalrer of titha, it from goo authority, tha firh in the general
.cTicy t. ay acn. nth to tlrov tri wholn 't /S cn long my decild opinion. oW l fo tenor of the Governor's cnadt to all our con-..
ntnot i'i1 a fli nm; hut now ltey haie leparto ceI t r eotl o e iomie I t torynen of the iolndof Tohlgn. whom there aorf
frutm ft i nlscr ciitiry, the t n ih liturgy t this e t, I pointed ouit tli; iqltnt( f war lha, fipa ated from i, and made frhb;,0t of
fflI ltitiht f ith te rod of our commerclAl llenPt e hl t Chriflin Maiefy. th the pain that clle rin.
a min g Imentlrenn have hen orlaincd Are my b citizens, of:er" tw y five yea 3Rance Olril heM nppered t nirt t have given thrm
i. i lp tifii ithe fLvic oftlic Amecdint cxperince on their eprcfent is great vall iateid by he protein thrvemie
th ii. ti f li l'Cam ed t chariaer, as from their new fovere and hi reprefentative,
I u aci inl rcl henv w he nclre his co fe to ft ppof me .IpablC p 1in1 tolthe public the Vicomte D'Arrot .'
tii.o< i h r h i n'int olty licci crmplimrinted the w-rnacltlf igt eitsof their firmer The St. Chrflophei rper of Novrmhbr t,
h ii m..i ol t, bit ailahc bce licitu d to vfit npir(lnn. In tr anat that il now have hat Ith following paragraph -" We are hif.arm.
thIc 111 un .'c to i w thife grivance t o impair erd, that a dr.a'fll affrry har lately hInmned he-
.Iec Ta.rclt, .aaironate i for acmtmercial trea t ofe ron ronal light., which alr tpro- m the militai y andpart of the inhAh;tand of
ty ui '., I h.i.o n.t he circimlHaie irthe te ih n the enioyment rfcommercl fre Rarbadon which'cndea in the death of frerra of
l,,t, ir .inc*. I rca. fi nfr rollr rlaxngfim ur ou ppy all t rtinr ao of r knowledge the a tler-We hae iothen ae to meat thea
tiiiv;,.i,, r iti thei artlly inliauac thetan experience ifbje i impoi ta n c de prtieu'ar ot this ftho kinh afrfir-All we har
t rers Im t a m yoIr t vefrcandno Iolt
, tnt (lirnr Jan icta in i oln tifif occ:priin ftr thmlem al. lew r ctran, and. lt od ced it, that American loop ran on fom
lifa e rnC with tic r,<(L i frfferAnieI:can llihp adi, fahhLfil RepTeftntative, that any part w'jock., and was fo rch damagedtlat the Canrto;
ii. pi jllana ba i rcilh a he tirn t the ma injelures your rights as merchants, mn pinto BriatowD and obtlined lrae of the
nonirei ilth a inri ton'ia that tle Bliih mcr- fi or fren, and then fee wther ny Gl o toland hi-ras, t repair hn e
chants, a.. lfimid tidtst rnn fendingont en man wilf mor o rso tes foryour hut wa refirCted fellingt any part of his lad-
turft, by i: afcrcily Ifogt happier. aid thi istricl Bition nfidr it with temper and in.l hehow*er thedetmerityto fll thecarro.
ld n t ordt I whthfenife wt iohn the death, ofht of of
fca.citv ts iI aft I arlid atlrib.te to the good fenfe w the c of elow Inonrcqience of wi h, the Colltor feined it
ilt r.ihle, I S',.t u s l tt up the WlcR-India citizens has bcenw"tQI ofarked and do not ad Itepolited it in l King' floren the pitple
p.t ai-nl ('r c low fhjc. ffer it, before it h ad or und o, who purchafed it, r by their ft ends, &e.
It ii ar fa hat :re inecrefe tfthe be nconterd bl a utrag. hrokeopen the for nd were buf in taking the
rrr i t im namon ths year to A n this year to A ought t will in l di rent articles out wn the military were or-
*'illiI lij!iii of tlie txle a, ch, ir y thejudi- able ittimedl rit-rpofltli nl, l rdttndacity to reIln. and Roed the trompts
ufo Bdared toaoppofenthem.-nled of deleaeng, they
t s ioriIo the audoty to reIit, end Boned the trotpt,
inthcoeioote will be cktr who i return, red on them and kild nd
are bcciinii, v ry prdtiitive, will enabic the Mi- at m t e ef t me inltrenl of their wounded upwards of twenty of them"
inlrT is a lh. it limit tio ratdi our national creditto country fd i of reo .a e reYtored, i The Amert Ltoyalifil who went to Dominica
id((tci. fc r.rinpcgIquiraltoaayformerperiod. anotheriryoduto thretSia lttlemnre have expericed every mark of attention and
Sach valfl.tna if mey are sdail remitted to with ritn. .. .. ..... kindnefsH froi overnor Orde. the Council, and
the metrinli top.hafreiitothefund that it Not Oovewment--.onlp as an expltente- the Affembly. An adreta from them to the oo-
i generally nclrcotl, by the molt intelligent fot fort fatry porpifie it woJd a elle vernor, highly exprefl. of their gratitlte.l i pbh-
t.en, that tha C-nla will be np to mere thaot 70 cole term-but a few heountr ".ei om of lilhed in the Dominic Gaxette, and will be In-
btfore Ch' T largehropnrty and independent d ntniplei. are the ferted in our ne t.
Cpsoyv.nb oa r at. Hi RoyalHi, hnef the pelo korefdilributing cope,dMr. Hnutchil On Thurfday laft arrived hk in the nsooAr
lerrdilary P incc ,,f Denmark received this day fon'. ez lUent better amonf thycie in Ireland. I from t. &pfiae, after a tedious paf-
tle Iriin,. or rther the Englilh acht,. which the A larg imrfluis onmghttltth vant*agebePl*ve i Mr Wsii Seer.
King of (!rea-.trtain, his tmle by the mother's among the p a Itulet. _-cannto i d hMg ily, nr. Wltria wmatnn t-inSlanghm .
by pPulaci h tanh miled M 'eng iWn the ft lm
ide, hath male a prefcnt g"s him. The beauty operating as ansi.-- i note gm the work- Laf d id the ,er of his ae
nd ncatn:fa i it is mucal*mired. TheCaptain inags of domnefc .rheyid foreign money. Colonel 1 Iisa, *i erlyof Oongp.
who cundnfttd the yacht hither. nd ntlivered It bNot the life andotlcl o Trietram sandy Aa-lvri. ta. Fthe
to the Prince. ha been received at Corrt with have done. 0 w..t.*. .lto h .clufe f.mirn ar. a. whrelig hlaa r or
; great diftint on aAd kindneft. He hath recaired than the live's nd oald s ofrattln thad lo od. op poP o CSrnIa lmat;e
I s prfcfit if a gold fi)uf hoi, enriched with bril. wonld do to the Itefi"tJo political truth nd I ctol t u yo e, Bo eonorp
]tan's, and namrcnted with the potrait of the Irilh '... tt oin rtan Phnldelphia
PrinceIn'l. Tf rich fnulibox wl sl f n lled troe. lo ger nal d t he tOll. o f th oppoftlon u. pwSalyrl, fw yltnidm
wltai thoamfnd du tttir-. tmd tno'dln prge, n eis not to he .'
c ,u OHRoh "'is Accordinlg t lgtterd from ld that say gt thej will he ,. t Jy .coo, Srar, oar w, C 0ori
4tLhe t; ll the pie* cr that lift.gahl fto the "ila" f .lt'te, te Choo. AadIy Berr l' fo *eohG-g
thlolhdrpuat,, Io-sye3 ittefoodstha buti

To a Fal- Lietetant.-C zer ur a,.r Comnr,'der ,ft .ieteiant. r Ci. erno en
TIME goes, Death comes, two truths in one (.6 i and wvrc t' e f/ It',ds, C.'arr"l C if and 'er thef faifid
S dudll line? rice admiral, and Ord.'war f tfi, 4 'ie A t'al, and Ordiaarr-f.,2
Third tluld tell theethat tile verf is mi'e;- A O C L, A M1 A T I 0 A P OCLAMA
Hlut, known ilreatiy by the theme I cluff,
Mly name tha.t knowledge will of couofe xcirfe. WHIRFAAS it is His a y' H'RF.AS the i
Of p,. orprrfernt, what remrn:n to fayl-- Ihpsi Wi I and Pleaftne i- Species of Prol
One is a r'Jerday, and one To-dar. fitd by hit Intir l in arinY relent ciresimft
7To-morrowu, if it c met, fliall not biholld d ate at his Co t at St me nr ttnded
'The hours thoe fliglhted fugitives have to'd. the tleth lday Sept r I74, hd i
So quickly gone, and to rttirn no more, N tal't lthe Ia w"it ', 1 *i d AR ta a of th
NI' firll, n, charm t:lcir virtues Ihall rcftorc; B ithma. Ill ilhat urvyrd TH PFo
Yet lthy had virtuel of sufficient now'r and granted on he followi g condil ni; that is aild with the advice a ef
'To aifl Ith vital of each future hour, fay, That foity res ofla be r d to en ry Iionorirable Cime'l, t I IM
If we (lrg prodial, farce wife at at) perrn, bieg ma or iref a family, fr 'in, hereby oriv rI
Had mark '1 the winged bleclings as they paf.'d. hiierlf or lirftif an, weity es for every of any Speries of Provif
Of twice tenl years ot mingled ioy ani pain, white and b lark l nn or li, of wliclh other lftad within this
Of hopes andi fears,-what mighty film rentainn! fuch family Iiall con the a Iltimirtfp .t- p'ir without the .t her
'Tin thi-, (in rralin's eye 'tis nothing maorr) ing filch warrants; 1 t ll gta rrs bt fiihjer to nrolilitinn to com ce and frW
We're twice ten winters older than before.- the payment of two l, ig iA llt t q e it rent fir lihrcof, and to D n s rtij'r,
Twii.c ttii y) ars hlice, what then ah ilo can evely hundred acres, t orr nee at the epiri.- CII' V run e fa a It'Aeh
tell? tion of two years from I t a of their rfpet(lti te faid um. 1at fa tim s
Perhaps, 'ere then, we bid the world farewell, grants, to be paid at the d f evtey neiAr thcre- lair- l tie rearof
QOit the vain hblllil of this palling feeie, after. in default of whi grants to he viiild: .fid hi,,e ru dre anderig t
And j in the lilt oflthofc who once have been. llut his Majel has been inufly pleaded, a' an t ,tu rh riar oflHils
Orifprotraflel life, to us, hou'd give encouragement to his L Suhbjiri l who hal e JAMES EDWARD
Anotlhr pcrioi like the lalt to live, hei relident in any of I onic or Province R hij/ in r' Co d,
'Twere hut with new In fl.fdi, ns t. deplore now the United States Acrica. and Iwho on I JOH O'HALtIOtAW pro S
The vanlln'lt m onimnts tht rctint no more, arcount of their loyalty hi Maifly, ftill ,r O q R A V T T' R It
And with Ifli vigolr to improve the filn may, willingly or by co pt lii remove ino his
Of thol( wiiclh Hleav'n might Rill permit to come. I'.id Iflanli, to order, at e q it rent to Ii re PI 1 1 C AUCTI
Rtfign'd to either fate, 'tis ours to tread fcrred in tlhe iveril pnat t', o eircaftr nle On 0 N Tn A Y, J Atv if
The paths which furrly leId ts-to the Dead. to his faid SnlicIl, all i co c and 'ie
Start not :-not lonely is the road we take ; payable until atfrth (xpi it n of ii y)ear from Pet Dean, C
All human kind this pilgrimage mult make; the date of their ift 'ive rants wlich fid A r T. i 'e TOK o00 n
The journey with liuman.ty began,. grints it is his Mai iy' Rli Will ,I Plern'fe rof .hi h Pr ed Ca nte l 41l
And whrei 'tin fltifh'd,--tl'en too cerafs MANW. hlil ihelivered tth *', i. eraite free fall Con.'li ons or e, alh, anlh
Till then 'ti, doen-ii- emplo 'd by all: expelnce lwatever 1) I) DII lRIElI0 ., liy anid Id der T io iiindr re Pieftl t; r
T'he coi nIton plaflr.e of tle (Great and Small; i i te advice coiiit f thi Mai v'.1l- lhian Twn TTwo 'ter fr f Pght, nd it
Ani, ftp of all thin giddy World admitc, noirah'e L 'iil, iflt ilhi my Pi Ioc M, i, in ie iT,''. Th foths Credit m
Still )[rnTi apprnachic-ahic llout retires. ,cicly imakii, nowin to all trfoie e1rnedt, ,l a,;nc T'. T in'i Pieces of RirtS,
--- -- receive Wae nts ofillrviv f rllning l their Itnvo, i ,i I no v I e riiit. The OcO at,-
SUS 1 1 ORT antia .0 hi li i.e''iy b fAid Inl ftu oloq, in e delivered till Conditi .are eomel
J u S '' I RT E and te itn tights. iviri .t h
In the Brigantine E OV EC PACKET, C4pnt. G' n,,r 1, Hird 'd tII r, ar, t I if The ile to b n at n A o'Clnek, f r
I.LCL, frm imN ., gi II t.lind, a n t '.' If/ ;fth of lill r. evrv r no n. Fa',nrdsv nd ~ld
A N 1)D O BE S 0 1. D, S temnbe, t',,t I' nIrd t, -p. epted. till rihotr i ld;fnfod of. .
()iO R ,au.rn, 'lTI|iZ Sdfoii h'rlart,.,ri n' itdit h N. n. ni' merchlnv'sllle otton, or
y O t 11, C R I"TIF ]-V u-"t ea, or Hi, asj,,, u,,,,,. letto, atJih prrer. vill .1 t, ken iane.
13 J C 1-1 R C H R I S T I P. "jA" TPv i Ii nA ., l'Ti Jr & '04"KEat pri
At his SroaE ioi he BHY, next door ti- the Bj It hl 's C... tr..', \J OHIN DFNNISTON.
PPlt INO OrtCE, SiT tl hs; proe critary. .. ,reN 7. I ,tT .
for Cih, I ldoD, or Cotn, O ) S A V E T H KIN -
A Ur".A A" Sanl i I r o- T C r-- t'Cvr' t'i .'" of ij. Matlt L
ropIan hitI -lI t 10 r te .n.lii i c. iir.lves t e thi, of r'a ry It; ia
Sit it a Gi'Otd, qiIT in i i til ,, n It American th,. xifl to have 'l tfher (rirt feitcle t0
wliti iHll be paiticul ifed in the next .ze.ttc. T. oyn'it, i ls at Ith Pini cT.r to receive .ef e thit liv. thr y there rAre defre. tht.
A L S ti hel mv,'A "f" ii t t ldefirpli iII, ho -rri] rf hi'h i> ,m thevhalv rienntn,n mv
In the Brigantine l 1IA E, CApt, CONSTARt. have it no i th1w li, io it Noi..-it. f' 1leen i'ith h m n a noffhis
from BL lof., o rti i-'.,i f ~nl i ctnirClliim 'rT,..r r-m;, ii STOCK hasn. ean
S~TPERINltt and fin Flour in airrel an, half n Gove, or llilllaind in tlhe caulfe nr .'p Ctin ',,.v. TrnmnRmge .ndDry 0
1' ,are- i l of their reign and C'nti -ill lb 1 f -at Pnli'ir A lion.n i f
;hip BCp ist lhag, bihelch ,i O, 17. tr i4'li of Fcnrllary next, t their iStit
PWlot dlint THOM AS1
Cralkersn is kegs rfG' nve to hirm in i ri o r rT. T r
SCt nnrs, an ha tietes B public. tllt lie cri on tile ila-4 an ITO E S D,
Icth Board,, Shingle & -c. ec. t. S' 'i Bf' f/rn, in n l a brin at I A S';t t-I a or
LIt. PNfon, having del a.,s n the EllIte n Ya r NnerM in aa n G eACn NF
A MrC. AL.IANDR deccafsiW late ---,- -
of third t on, are dirt o redec in flate of A L tlving any dcmai aiift the TI not Sn'd foo ey wit ied
their claims, properly tt cd, to the f bfcriber; Et'te the dereraeld Hr Drtst ir, M humrtaia. ol to th.
and thofe who are indebt I to the estate, are re- of New Povi are r eq tto give in rfatth
q fled to ma paymenimmdiately, that the claims pro a n or before the
affair may ie fred asn ima e th'l h day of I n i and tal tu, fe in PANTATION Wet ,
ANTHI. XBURH, Admr. debated to the fai te, make payment by nccu:pied by JonH sr, Efq. fo
A 7,r,, nryr? 4. 116. the faid 0iy. apply to
PA TUN,_ V1' a, e i, ry, Tl(. Who has fo ale, a ftw oc of
PANTO N, LESL1 & Co A aas ai ,To.
ast tAir New Sro at o COs. perfina anyt& Vd ?sr agai e.
saa their ew STOE, r .a ,!. -11 o ea e re reqIitel TEN GUINEA Rewwi
STREET a*d ir to rg e in fta f o l ci; a.) ll thofe in, .
H A V E FOR L E, dcbted to mak Ga D UNT away from the ta
A GENERAL AIortment o$ ROPEAN & Ih.l tr AN. I Girls, named Dah ad r'*llb
r- the"-r N~l aoo Ina* o hare at Mr. HALY'$ 3 6. r .W
EAST.INDIA OOODS; lfo, MADIRA t AWAY from the Sub rI t Mr. HAiy's So. flephue
Wian of the firft quality, Ship Chandlery, Hard olina, about years o is i C m rt, a f
ware. Grocery, Crockery Ware, &c. which they Negroe viz. Mo n about thirty ell nearly th e fame6ar i' 1a R r i .t
will fell on the mof reafiable terms for Ca, e feet Med inc pb t year a. pr te fa e Ragi
lwwa ell he paid for each. a fox
ka'il BxrA.. t hic eSll eft Fe fpieak n' Eng- bnled by a White Perfon, on Cse
IERRAS the Jail in town was, b e lilh Linder, hickk l ln'e ch, a ery offender. IAMESa
break, on tIe Mning of Mo the good Seamfrefas fl im ade wench fl
th int. open, d t ollowln aao a yellowifh comp n er Sam, about five Lt Pe' on ed tol
adte their I, viz.tFr er sentence years oll when the a I am informed Sereant Ln o hi
of tranfportti N g to Mr. Fo the has had two Child S wa formerly Riment, are req to d
I do hereby offer ee id rFiw Guineai, for the property of Mrs. NJ n this Ifland, and a~ rpecve .accap .so l thk
each of the fai Ne however will apprt. htermother is here, ta to believe Ihe ary t 16 an~i ha
hd and deliver thnt and I do alf offer i alfo here at thisti t the fald ae, l eti dea
the fame Rewar t or Perfons who Ar.y person ap andla her fasnily, of the fame, roperTy atte
will gi.c infor h harboured, to or giving infor n fo th I n them, hall mentioned time, toR L
be pad oa co aon e rfon ending. receive a Re rd of ,vtL. Onwe and TeAR
ENRY O N, Gwas for h of the others. OTTON. SaBrit.
D. P. M. TH OMASCOmA W d, ac. hft
&nwilir go lills.

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