Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 24, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00020
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 74:





NassAU: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAy.


rig Liverpool, Capt.Logan, on hipa-
from Chatleton, in lat.t, faw a (p
rigged, fotr leagues to windward of him,
t and being full a en; I he bore down
aLogan, firing lna gun to brinp him
he, not lik ng appearance, made
Sgot clear of her. She could not have
l elin liltefs on any account, the iflhnd
nce being on her lee, but bore every
ibin a piiate ; and if to, 'tin to be fear-
&pedlationi on defencelefs veflels may be
coe any vefTel of force come up with
Estral of a Lelter from Bermuda.
Te ecu.ccuagement given in there lflands to
trlrle, wno difpofe of their cargtes and
u iy h oir calh, I fear will ruin molt of
~can 'le ti other people, as we entirely
air n.mtrisiftig ard employhea our own
rf or tr ni tho Iart, I iall be obliged to feil
ls,. h.'-", noih b li'les to employ th it in
Snra, al A twillnorlt a fefpcy 11.,p is
Iaor -i.i .r aion I tip I."s
trwre '.I ,rI itly the l r-eral Aif mlrl)
iiin rl . nil : l dr ta Vn~e pl 'rft lao
lh h :,i ; ,h it n h n.< t| tr tile I.I tlenig n
un, it., l h ,he (ihtr f-he c B ck liu'w,
i 4 i N inl.', co a.tlm I"d d< the alten-
of ih. '. ih lica Ca u ic:i Ch iti,b r, h avu
aI 'I ', I h f I.wi gf Spnctieh:
u Cl :i,.,*! ir h'e aouile
.r. -Sd.r, al Uentlve," o' the 4amb,.,
i1 H/i\'.VF ':0 Ill ytur mrit;ng at long is
hNl i1iii,if1, voituld permit, ito atffi ,I, yonit
SIe'il p t r f re|'' riig the irjuricr whi,-l
mi, il '0niId.t ly hbve fitciained by tr l ,itt
-tA;d wir, i w~api r hrnderd that the neigh.
SlI n ,,n i flai l ni itelit Ihace ailfo f.frrrl
ti r', f,'or-f, and mn'ght ot hame lie.n fo
l p'ie wth p.lvfi I as we he hal l the foti
1t hIc at th.ia cAalintoun period, I thought
til''rI, with the .-Iie of hi b Marclle)'
it, to prii!:ibt their cxportation for a limit

Mr. Steraker, nnd GeI;tlheen, of the AJmrtlvy,
IT is i wih CI 'at ccIiccr'n that I ,ibferv thi
Itcinc- \\nhric the Public nec lfeily iscurF
t ra dtl il'; .- lif ot fuch calamit is *s that
hi, h ac hieic recently be n v itcd ; in
the Ih inlattki and other public buililing.,
fi 'h,' ii 'idil, hive ai in been confilera-
Jrnr I: I vill cailren leflec of the txpen
vil' a:evrl Iheir nicclfary repairs, tou c 'aid
*,: ii *id 'oi may rely oq :he motn fiugal
triu I i clh lulp'ie, as you( may think pro-
ottallt, i \ Il foir that purpose, as for the
S(,f tic trapP, atid the other nectflary
Bfct if ie c l goivenHiment r i which I have
r".bt of ) lfa and ,al:,.ri\, wkich I have already experi.
"tlorannl fur nluLich you have cv.r bcnI fojuftl5
Ge,tnlemntr of fj.. C aunlil.
Air. Spa rivate fati'lfarnin; alnd Aiwilln,
STHEs hipl intre which I have hitherit enjoy

i, Iflaort. Me the plecafin confidence that your
h"'riatin will be conduded with that harAmoly
dtfiurch, which mullft be proludtire of public
a"llite and private fatisfaio and, as ibwill
In e the Carneft wit of mv heart to promote
t h"pineft and prosperity of the iihabitants of
it5il. of worte favor and indulgence I have
"Allsc Battering rxptrience, I (hall, at all times,
" heerfully cancer with you in every mcaflire
tol"teW fur fo dcfirable a purpit."

The Humble Aonas ia of the COUNCIL.
Mtn it p'afe nour Honor,
WE his Mairfty' mort dutiful and loyal fih-
jeeta, the Council of Jamaica, return ynur Honor
our moft sincere thanks for your Spiech at the
opening of this t(ffln. .s
"* W, are truly fenih'eof your Tlonor's anxie
ty to alleviate the calamitous effreta of the late
fnmm. and of the induulgencetnu have given u',
In delaying our meeting underwBch rircoimftances,
as lonu at a due regard to the public bufinefs
would admit.
The favorable sentiments which your Honor
ia pleaded to entertain ofotlr paft conduct. give tis
the greateR fatisfadtlnn: The public welfare 'hall
be ourconftlnt ollet'. We will. on all occasion,
endeavor to preserve and promote the general
harmny--certain that fuch conldu( will be the
belt means of fecuringa continuance of your Ho-
nor's approbation.
We gratefully acknowledge the cafe and hin-
pinfit we enjoy under your Hino's abhe admini-
flrati n ; and your utnawearied atteonton in the
lifcharge of the varin o and important drinies of
v tur exilted station, leaves ins not a doilbt of
anur ready conclryrence in evvry meafire th-it
n iay conduiC" to thie i ntrcll and prosperity of this
To w ich Ili IHonnor was p'eared to return the
followinp AnswLR:
': Grntil .el f n te Coun4I,
St lW. plrie f.-l t) accept of my maot cordial
hank for thi verrr flat'erinr Addief'.
t" Whi'l I with ge'at p'eafure, take thiF ocra-
n ,n to acknowledge how much I feel mrvfe.fin-
eIrhte to on,. f r your a lv:e an I afRiftafce in
he di'chirge o)r manr if the iltt'ie of my Rftion;
nermit mt to affnre volt, Glentlemnen, thit it will
ever be mv ,*ileavor tI avail myself thereof with
'he It1aq prffi'e inconvtlience to you, as inlivi-
'nali, co-rhtently with a ulle attention to the
;ntercft. of the community at Inre, which muff
be equally the ohjit' of ou c-re."
The Himrble Anonaes or the AssaMaLT.
'* Man it tcfe .i ure Ho or.
It WE, his Majetfy' tu:ifiil and loyalfinhjedis,
he Afi m' 'y of Jamaica, return your H mor our
*ha ks for your Speech at the cptniig of this
e ffoin.
The confilerttinn which in liced your Honorn
t i dlay our meeting as long as ite public u8finelt
w uld permit. to afford u; an opportunity of re-
rairing the injuries which Me fiitailed by the 'ate
forn, and your having in the mean time taken
meafures f.) well calculated to prevent its probable
confeqnenec, a general fcarcity of provifinn,
Ilrongly mirk your tionor's attention to our (uf,
ferings as individuals, as well as the care of the
community at large, and calls for our grateful
*t Though the calamities witL which we have
been of late repeatedly ifited, have involved us
in circumftances of great dillris, we will grant,
as far as the impoverithcd canditiin of the niland
will admit, fach fupplits as may he necelary for
the pairs of the barracks and other public build.
.lings, the fupport of his Majefty's troops, and
the necefi.iry expence of the civil government ; in
,hat cnnflence of their frugal applcation, which
our experience of your HonOr's attention to the
itterelft of thi community, in every department
of your administration, fojuftly hiirc g.
s .The fatlafaithin which your Honor is pleafd
to exprefi in trapfading the bboa ts of the public
qitbh us, we have equally enjoyed in all the inter-
courfe which we have hitherto had with your Ho-
Sor and we have un doubt of the bufnefs of the
fellon being conduced with that harmony and
difpateh,whlic mu be advptaeou to the p)lb
The faor a o tbhe nhabitam
of thil island mtrey'te a O eror, who
makeL th hi et prerty the ecoftat
olJo~l of hi& d d tt wl at 1.l tim, be

our earned will to endeavor to render that Co.
vernment eafy and honorable, which has been
administered with fo much benefit to the people
we have the honor to represent."
To which His HInor was pleated to make the
following ANSWER:
I Return you my sincere thanks for this very
afletlionte Addrefs.
I' will be my constant endceavor to merit a
continuance of ynourconadence, wh'ch is as latter
int to me, as, .1 hope, It will be benrficial to the
public, and the interefts of the community,
which I derive fo much fiti-fa&ion from being a
member ot, in each !dreartment of the admini.
firation. which your favor lenders to caly a.d
agreeable to mWe,~'
Hit Majefly's Ihips Frropa and Rullo-Do t-Ave
arrived a Port Royal from the Mufqqito fhore,
had:'g on hard a p4rt of the dl reg;m nt, or
,uIff' ; a detachment of that regiment i, left oa
the Main, to 1io dutty thmre until frelh orders ar.
,n I r fom the Miltifrcy.
'.'e are i-forned that the ngcrnious and enter-
nr;li Dr. C'aikc, Infi'd Botaiift, with federal
"thtr rentlermn. about the middle of laft month,
ex ro'-d the firmmit of the hichrft ridge of the
':lue Motnitltains, i fearch of natural turionfities and
ii ontertro arcertain their VTrcife altitude, which
',ev f,nn,4t to he nra-lv a mi'e and three cluartere
rprpr-n'icit ar from the level of the fea. In this
erttvatel region. ,he mereu'y in Fahrenheit's thet.
moneter is faid to have tood at $o degrees at noon
F'Tra, ofa letter from ,irginila, tept. ta.
Our IPtercouilfe whh your iflands will be
prevented in the comife ofthis winter or spring, int
cootfeiierlce of the regulations of your Court
refpc If a total prohibition does nor take place here, I
am conivnced a dmty of at leaft three fli:lings a
Ogalnn wil he impoled upon Britih rim, and
other rods in the fame proper ion."
Sxtrae of an other letter froua Porfmouth, is rFu.
itnia. Oober 4.
It is in prneral thought that our Aflembly,
at their m-rti:g, abLut the toth inf. will adopt
fome mriafitrem to enonterail there adorted in
Qreat Britain; and we Ihould not be furprifed to
fee a tnop put to all communication between this
',iontrv and the Rrit'lh fliods. or a duty laid
that will he equal to a prohibition."
f.nnmlr tI. Tridly laft week, the Hon. Hoire
of Aflrmhbly ftnt a mneflae to the I.ieitenrsnt- Go.
vernor, requeftilg that he would be pleaded to
appoint a dayofprayer, famine, and humiliation,
in confrqtiree of the la*e hurricane; I which, we
noderfland, wilt be on Friday. December 9.

IIlE Copartnerlhip of Jo n Monais, & Co.
7 diliclves the a8th oYehruary next, and as.
Iriey wilh to have all t Air affair fettled on a
hifore that day, thr herecfe defire, that all
perfins wit h whom th have accounts, may como
to a fettlement with tl a' foon as pofible.
Their remaining S CK on hand, confiftin
of Ship Chandlery, Iro ongery. and Dry Good,
will be difpofed of at P ic Aud ioa, on Monday
the 14th of Febrnar neat, at their Store is
Nafou, DeiaumrrtSj ntl.
BD OS Leave tlo it Friends and the
l Public, tb e arr~le o tke ise as
Whia sidt's B in all I btan het, at., thi
Shop, nar Nefe5 aid ehr~a' Ship

T 6B 8 L D,
A sntA. OAM o
'N' EG O E &
Ifot iold foa, will be Hired or tlo*
MHoths certaii. to there writer.

Tir CkrunW r/f Mr. Feo and Mr. Psi T n M
tdd. frsa A Psampkt, litetled, Ol.4 Ge
f\ lOrcft ter dti iratfed Empire."
`1 '"HAT tia,'fendtant capacity, which qualller
1 the indivdual to lead the million, burli upon
he world frmi both, the rit moment they (puke
ia the fnate. But their geta are unequal, and
the fuperlor eidownmnt of the OKe is fiffi.
clenill atoned to the other, by the moft ingllar
ftroka of fortune that everlifteda man prmature-
ly r.t of his sphere.
After a routine of fervie In moft of the civil
bus lla of executive go*mnescnt-aftei fourteen
yeanL ling labour, trouble, and toil, Fox attained
dtty a fecondary employment In the King's coun-
cl.-a Ptt got the Ilft office in the late after about
fouireen; months agreeable extrcife, without the
tdnsuery of iudy, the pain of fubordination, or
the fillfrte of long endurance.
Fox began his carter under family prejudlcel,
and had a mast of ohftacles to fubdue. His name
like Vefpafian'a lineage created holti of ene-
Pitt entered upon life in all the eclat of heredi-
tary glory, and had the prepoffeflion of mankind
in h f*vr. The name he bore, like the flamp
of Pompcy'a fot, raised him Irgions of friends.
For i fo beiret of rrfiurces, that he has nothing
to confide in hut h rs own gelini and industry. lie
became a minister thr .ugh the people aild their
teprefentativev, and hal managed l miif.rably,
that he can ncvte hope to regain power by any
onher coulfe. Narrow and circumfcribcd in hil
fphrrc, he if only a whig-a onere wlig-
Pilt i w fid, s in a degree to his genltl and in-
detry, huit he has a furer ground of filccefs tlin
both of them. He woltid Iihve been a miniller by
the v-ce of the Comnmo, ptrlhap by choice, but
finrlnig ihat road barred up, he took late as he
foindl her, and jouriacyetd inwarda even by the
pathn-way. He has fbcwn filth a dexterity of ad-
tdref., that he nay retain or rc-afcend hit prefrit
dig, ity. Ihy every mithoil that ever ec:eatcd a po.
ll arian in this cou1tly, without hazard of con.
filtrncy and his crted Is fo comprehciifive that
he is whig or tory, both or neither, according to
the prefl' re of neceffty.
Fox in enclmlrtd with pation without acer-
bily, andl iifcovel all the inflimitie of human
nature in the c ,urfe of a difculinou. Guided by
the impu:fe o; hil heart, his temper varies with
the va.iation of his finjeCt, without guard or dif.
creation. He fometliinm yields up a point with an
indecent facility, but Itruggles for a princilp'e
will a nco,.thl a' violent a zeal, as if he lrrg.
g'ed fini hist fHence.-
Pitt I gyra-ed i y acerbity without any paffim,
a d rraniiells the n.oli pii;ofephic eqianimitr in
the nmrlt int reriing -ebsite. Undiltorted by the
birbarifm of feeling, his mind maintains an cv-n
tenor of uniformirn ; and ihe paints the miferis
of a an elpr tn, anl nte in ifaciiig of a coming,
precifrly in er :he lane animation. lie ncvir
gi p up a paint witlh,,lt f'ime cinr Ai, but thln
I flrrendcrs pin ip e wiiii a molt placid and
g' Femin n like rnil:ldalanci.
Fox really ffluits tih enemy in his firong ft
entrtihmenllt, .nll i. ncTeri contented with Icfs
than the crul dielight of feeing his aunagonift lay
dead at hi+ feet.--
Pi;t feeks the fafer glory of cutting off a tray
dtichmenlt, and ni ver rifks an elcouinter ill the
frnl; ike a jud''ijus polemic, he cumh it tIle
fi-p a tt iliarellions of an argument, and h in the
!iartlable felf-denial to be perfe'lly fati.fied il-in
fcarlches thirfurtace without in the ]kal nimalefing
the vital parts.
Fix ha. the rudcnefs to difdain the fr of orna.
ment in his fpereche. He employs words oily toi
convey his nmeaningi, and is always impatient to
get lil of them. The flily of his fo ml is to dc.
mnnfirate his pofitions ; and he has fitch an unpm-
Ilhmed averfon to reducmnancy, that, in hiin zeal to
avoid it, he checks himftit in the ule of gra l,
that fow i f;,untaneoulny ioon his elocution -1V
Pitt with more Ikill carefully confults the great
obhj~t ot found. His wntti are the moft Ihewy
which the language aftnor4 him, and he dwells
ulpon acih, like Narc ffntpon his own image.
HIn f)etchte, like the pirlit of a young painter,
are always high coloured gand if he does not con-
vilce yu with the folid force of his reasoning, he
as teaft comporle you with'the lumbering fuavity
of hi phrfti .
The infecundity of the former, compared to the
lAtter, is moft glaring. Fox has not the faculty
to fay three words upon a fulelt which he does
mot uadertaid. He neerna above plain S.
pi teu*, and i fo vu:gar as oe prehedfiar
to the maetonet Pity. Iuts his argument
Indeed into variety oflightl t then hi Aeri.
lity is fuch, that he feldo addu a wo~lamr
than il fumriennt to -pta *is ene. -
Pitt on the contrary is IXhalffileand endtl.:
Hi will at any ivenl time, Op any given flbjed
make a mowt ,flendiA c, te ll with
atudy baala fat rc gcaCetgcB lsatede

and a .-rie of fitcetffve, knlt t fethf European
with a moft fclolafti punnuttlion--cntlrely rif
tinrthened at the fame time of the fmalleft know. 1. 0
ledge -of the point in dispute. He is often fio I. 0 N lD
lofty and fublime that federal ofthe *loftacute f ETERDA
.benheare.. ny fome of hi. own country i .fnll i a tion .
men, bae very frDankly corcffed, th-t he saai O r r0'd d^ A
went above their nnderflanding. He has the hap. t apottm~a ofh o
piLft talent at mplitude, and will, with io:redi. i algt ttoI i
ble cafe to himself, employ i time, the nnn.ber only thi n"i ta
ofword. of lay other man, oin conveyng the g fame on e the otbt ta
mtining. tfim acltute part i
Pi'tt ecels in the rancorous fverily of hhlin., hit that a Enia
m noor' o ,,nallmab to rrh dtl dh
drives, and the fi!rendor of his dia iun:o Iermur.a. a 1 ches t t ,
Fox only in the fulminatton' of fratory and an imay he oruaft to hea k
invincible ftrength of rca'oning. MY. b. Yeftrrday t l i* I
To he bliln to ns own merit i toe fupreme. I ador notified tol
ly foolfli, and nothing finely is mine rotli-ant n the figninm of tohe rellln
than to hope thIrt wfiil rate on highly if ae li ferle'lelt oftheiff. ,
ot rf r te ourelves i. a-.i te gri of I f he tSti it 'lenl ?,l
.this good Imaxin. m Whilt other i tlink his g.niho mIny ; antnd fte rrr a .d
peace him at the head of mankind, his own de. with a tite King. i
mannor ins o irriferably uiriifmfirg that he would llnili t ing lthe t ran 7
paft upon a ftraneer for a ,. I lInif ittle note.- hIe en nh i tolo.- th a'
Pitt nrver trliftl thecdeiiac i st t iftilk rti s i proaht Ihy o bs
own worth, evc, Int lie [hef friendly; and.ciety hail ant the ,mpero la
word, deed, antt drc:,ration juiihcily convey, Iermln confedera.cail
that hethinks hii filf(Al iIt he nmi certainly i.)- denatid, tfpeelally ;i th
the reaeftr man in all thce world i thea iifsn ot which is mran
If poil er he p r,,-,:,A, to ftlir rolrr it hazily I I nvri te lotllandso th an e
the worntl alhirf, inI ov ii Inn ii worthy itf it who tilcrr ttHoe Iriv I
coes not praiv its h mal ilt ly!aat of cprc ing and l or ., p rtic o h
raluiance at pnratlni will, it. Fo,) wa always Mdir. 1laceo, great t en in udi
P!ncetd by i;ltr'.; Iit he rlirrefrote ofeon with river, mutf be pet I o. y
ar feeling an indifferr, it s tot worth fun there anfliance of tr o me
l:rpin ;<- o i tiili te r .in1 ao treachery c fl.l, r ,ai, and t ieirir e.d of inet
tfit the mnind of ), tr. Iet brat Iv t ct ifed a bat- tle itII t k hnn ambi tion ano
toer if ix wetka crctfer'. froh m thea Colmmons ofithtl ktnmrh amrbitioe nde
nr. e, u o of that m aotarCh, partly from hN
l".i," Iid frf v ,r ufile I i.e r "tato bntil; he h,, Prince of Orauge, and hio
wi. kinced itile t 'ie fiif Pitt is of rtie Aeis they have taken m
itt ener tlert nia ew 'le fuper lorit of Pitt I anni)hi it I the power of theSladt
undqri'nn:lb ht. A ron Cienic that cIn mdlgll a ing them from apeeptingtl ohfnt
diria bra:.h onf the mlt lcien n aengae t, and a aI'y. T'leiu circumsflance.1 i

a Iota! o, ration ofpted fetr.ol on'graltlmnte roe an alw..|hus pcu la fnI
atf ilot Toit, hinfevn fienat.f ;rt de wI heltn power on the nfilerity of uholi
orrafir~ rci li,rn are tie nl.iif fla! t tri tte of Oem. Id Crel, fo. their iom ndo had
a aI.s t L riti te i l.t llitil Fiix i% glaringl y cl, l riy hA in that no omi itr atf
(trtiv. Ile' ha, ne h hcalneei tllredi with A bold en oigh to have even proposed
tepl rt l,,, i atl e pt, li hie th mio e n.t pa in tl,,ir favor, they may thl

;;;":cate ;,f h;n" 1h t'' c i, til l ie y v' r; and tae ': ,l
fpnr 'r tf ti of I a l h th, aid F m yP 1h1it they hav e for the pre

the n nhealhisft ,,f,, r .int *by t It'* larfi h qit i e hot et the C tm. waarnittehyl
tion h! ei ;i:f, t ai i ii him wvih an oliviun of alitr th itir lomc ni, ila rrls tand ti
favitr. pau Irin:tiy, anl join h nrt willy al a
Pitt o forrnl the ; nlt "ro I g c ove pler( nail rnhl;r to p 1t l hi itr ,ii tnht fy n pom ttr s
treachery; hii, rf,,i ti ,t fr l;ai r glory. t, th t il ,v tile may tp l it upni t ithe
A\ fiinal dr.ept, f tie n(i aII l itlnlhly rc ai tr lhle ta, what i o o 1eA
elt hd is ;t!, fr worty Io ns apli:ty ah hs y aic and nr l :on i Si wi h iTotivhtarllts i
anmbitin it c.fnrel alhr h'l n, li cOnis f'rom fh. a il wit ai lr t the lot ifthofe i
gratirnllwt to th,'fe l f' O "llted rihn t The et may, Ilhe ifdl, ,d with inir iunit .
ait tif his ithiiniiy, ,r hf trAying the Como. rneb, to. .The wifimlm of r i.t

guarde mpganabl Wh0, th % o ,,rthelit hnry Wf of Dyrf>r in hrda
mnSn. l ri i ias ; race i!i ., 1'1 f n w h ft ti ci l he 1 I. Bi of th prebl
dwho,,d int;.l 1i. n~i ritegvariln : -mi he ir fum l li, coifcrret theta chuictl. hRlfnllmgl
ti na ltev ga fiv Ai r. i l thi niHtne to ifl.; of ilin.irflnn. Peace has att lil
Ie r f: fh"irIth i ri"i in I Iv anI 1 t of, 'who al tln;e wanid, tilgI, the fuperlor C
Are grwatr dthan the ti f tr i iln.i it" tifc ye. q of Ocrma r n and the hrn of
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f ityhtorrit, ante o iterol iT their eatae Inia revenues will ethe rt.rfe;t b nlaw

on_ ohe treaary bech.- Commodore Thompofl n il u
mPnt, that w opprflit n ard treacnt ry aehimfif their thlco, the CoAfrany will pay et
iailer ion y lete ii tncce ioe thcil fidelity.- te N1atilo to whllch they btloq, bIl
Pintt hs a ofler p'rd-le uthf lI ay ; he ha pliare and iidrmnifioed. eThenf are the t
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will atIasys ci mm ivid ali hift of t',lowcrs. ble, becrufCe they willernicth and g .6
Ihe erltrrnal manliler, offlox aie the monitln. O5.ber 17. We have it from alth
g parde nce irnkginafle. What RAtn. not Ithe private te Duke iorfD orft is charged W 4r
min, in hil llslnilentl, defturms not the public is detil, to demand faltsfaaioao'
man. He fciifce.' to the fez wi;tI a. little dir. Fiauce fi r the il'rai'tio of tsherfIttn
Imuile al if the thing were not onfillioabhe, and river d lamh i, on the coal of A"d-i
woult take a favinirile (ahriielle by the arm, with thie iclent very erititicalndi
s tearltd a inerity as the fourth Henry of malifey re hi.eltMtit aer

Frane, orWit1ddi fthHed iOfE
Manit i 'llIf can impute no fuch feandal to extremelyy watchful and cireum
Mr. Pitt. .. ti tle prciceediggs of other b atsI
A froward declaration of principles is very in. prior of Oermany and the It
difereet in a mnilifer, for the time may come enem to have in contemplation a
when it may be expedilent to renounce all prioci- for maintaining the power of
pfe whatever. Fox carries hli weaknee tothe ocafians i and France appears
m ft tridicoloutn extreme. He boated hlmfcly the her st molt for attaching bath th
minifcer of the people, he juntlfyed the refumpti. interlfts. Such a combinati
on of violated tnft from lngs, and had the luda. place, will t lredly prove too
city to vindicate the reolution, when heated up. confervation of the present b
on the treasury blnch.- Commodore Thompfun is
Pitt with moreJidgment, boastit d himfef s the the Coalof Africa, with
minister of the crown," Of kings and evolution. enfoee f rom the 1rench anr
his prudence kept kim ileat, btt then he ar- if thej lhoold not otherwl
raignid the relltmption of violated trult.froJ1 amle c eamenodnti'n.
company of trading moaopoithR, with a moftn det4iqedltPortfnsutth A m
tevmined fincelty. 'hitel A for big tht-
bq P cl tcia, "Nolh ddi4ft be md
I er f anIt- y ande aglai Mr. to deir av. eummandee
4 nlyOb a nit dd are oreqilefte coal4befone him, lU It
tolive i ftaeote$ a and all tholf i' rectiptiouwit"heWOll
debated to mae ,,_t .. f. thirae .
OR MDZAN. platin lo wow t
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i.dt home too nas rfoibleaite theirar a v fAaSA, t. we Btotv hid Q
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he ~ g ive the earliest intelligenceu t o. Us ICM 11 W-ov us
d fam of the trepue fte of affairs. % a N. Mondthe lat auticr.l. owel Cifolety, lwas lBaWHEREA t" le 1 e*
airo. Obe*r 8. It is neither "oCaVl TMni; VJ' CornCoeteIn.l a gr,3si i t HeavaMna. -a 3 ItA^ J" 10DWAR 18lt.1
the Onited Provilnce, of the Low Countrie Tnfday being te feltaln t. John ge. ckf o and ." fle. datt
thc eatrordlinarty armaunment making by our ft, the iree IaAfona celebrated Iheir Anlrtcfa r. ^w.4AdiraJiaopi t
fte both by fra and land, are direed. The 10 the frecoo they went Inprodelln toChuve, a" i !
4Otomrn Porte is the only power again which Ilhe an exeent diourfe on benevolece, c A PROC LAM ATI N.
deatru of the republic will be turned, in con. rit, and therelatlveduties mcn owe In folty, was a WHBRBAS It IS Hil MaJelty'
ityto the alliice ately concluded between dvered by the Rev. James Brown. After Roal Wi:l and Plearen l.
ire State and thofe dftinna and Petelbourg. their return from thence, they dined together In fld by his Inftrualons itiarin
Slgi t, Oavebr 19. The day before yeferday the Lodge Room. where they fpent the afternoon date at his Coint at St Jamesi,
1 l raification of the Pteliminarles was refolred and evening with that decent frivlty, harmony the tenth day rf September 1784
S in the Affembly of the States General ; the and mutual htsfadion, to confpltuouP In all the that the Lands within his fai
iltion, howtevr, being carried only by a major. rneular aEffarblies of the ancient Brotherhood. Bahama-flands, Ihall be urvryed
:to of votes fiom the provinces ot Holland, Oh Wednefday arrived here in the Tranfprt and ranted on the following conditions ; that is
ilperht, Overyflel, and O.ningen. Ship Amity's Production, Capt. Dale, from Ja- lay, Tat forty armofland beranted to every
jtri, ORaeAr 14 The Kig our noveren lies ma l, on their way hnme, Dr. Muir of the d prfon, being mtler or ilaref of a family, fr
iingeroufly ill of his old aul hereditary diForder, re1lment, Lieut. Wooder of the Royal Navy. imfif or herfelfl and twenty acre for every
uhich has, however, attackc4 him at this time Ltut. Naylor n the Marin,, Enfign Eland of white and black man, woman or child, ofwhich
:ith uncomm on flry, o a alarm his phyf the i9th regiment, Cap. Ktlcck, and a number fuch family Ihall confl at the adual time of rant.
cilnari I ,imilf, however, rctala the untmor fre- of Invalids; al ot Mr. Adam Amos, formerly of Ing Ich warrants n That all granted, he flhbeto
asir and firmnef. WeR-FlorTida; with rome others, *ho prop'-e to the payment of two thillings ierling qtit rent for
risar, O okr so. The Klili Ambaffador fettle in thef landd. every hundred astre, to commence at the expira.
wnho has becn daily ipt-edld h not yet made his .aft night we received from Antigna, London tion of two years from the date of their refpeatve
appear nce in this cilr. T arrangement of Papers to the beginning of la o month, rnm which grants, to be paid at the end of every year there-
cnnmerec ale not however n cd, and Ihould we have made an copious extrile as the Ihortnea after. In default of which the grant, to be void
they p'f. into fnch nfage as e have a report of of the time would permit. But hl Majeftv has been gracioufly pleaded, n as
heie, it will be the means o- renting an union 1 he hairvl In all parts of Britain, has been encodragemenrt to his I.oyal Subie. who have
tbdwen the two conntrit that may prevent remarkably favorable and plantifud-On the been resident in any ofthe Colonies or Provincem
thifejealoulien and diilthnion which have carfed 3d of Nov, mber, Stocki were as follows I per now the United States of America, and who oa
alil war, that have hip ned in the percent cents". tS 4 per cents. Ij i 3 per ents. 635 account of their loyalty to his Maidfly, Iall or
ctr, p.. B.ank Stck o) I.India Stock ijo; and riling. may, willingly or hy compn'nmn, remove into hil
L,,on. O nAor r4. The -nglin Minifter han The course of Exchange every where in favor of faidlands, to order, that the quit ritito be re.
lrit- had fivcral private *infcrnc- a with their London.-The Receipts at the EIch(cquer, great erred in the fiveral grants, to be ercafter made
Malt I.tithul Maj-fti n. I'e occalion, we un- beyond all former example.-With thefe glad to his aid Sbihicad. (hall not commence and be
dariarl. to hr f;me new iratgrments of corn. tlg we take our leave of the old year, and payable until afterthe expiration of ten yearsfron
ntrc~ I t' we, the two pwolrs. In the courfe of enter ota new one with the aufpicious profpced the date of their reectire grants; which faid
the i ft 7h., years the cnfuruptions of Port wines they open %P of our Country's fill maintaining grants it is his Majecny.'.,Jtyal Will and Pleafte
in In rgln has been reidued one third i and if her Wonted ndancy in the female of Nations, hall be delivered to the several grantees free fall
thler dert ': ire continue, kI is eray to fee, with mau gre all t croakings of disappointed Politi. expence whatever: I DO THEREFORE, by and
the introidwli'in cf French wines, their confumnp. cian, and It Rligoant wilhes af jealnunlivals. with the advice and content of his Maicftv's Ho.
tie il i (ii dicr rfe. The Cyrbs armed Shi whi failed in con- nourable Council, iflue this my Proclamation,
Led,, O.'rber 28. Capt. Mackenzie has re- pany with the Two Silers and Ann transports, hereiy making known to all persons concerned,
(civld hli hltcliv's paidin for thle murder of the tronm St. Mary', about the middle of la month, that upon application to me in Council, they will
'oit;rr t i. iat Mirce, by tllihting him front a pit into Antigia in titltref., the 14th infi.-Go- receive Warrants of Surrev for running out their
pacni., but i: new detained in Necwatr, and it ver"or Tontyn and his iit e had removed from laIn,, agreeable-WolH Majeily's faid Intrudtions,
b tixprt. ll billie tried at the nest Admiralty the Cvrn oin boMar the 'wor Sifters, previous and their family rights.
Iteliont, for p:r.ry, ini cutting out, with a e-. to their failirg from St, Mary's. GIVEN dRer my Hand andi the Grea Sea!of
tlthm nit o! his neir, fito .,n ntr the gnns of a T 'li evening arrived here the Brig Providence the /ai IJIadms, at mNaais, thit 4/ day Of
slt f, t. the clt of Alr:ca, a Portrguee Packrt, in live weeks and fifr days from. London. Sren.eptermr, in te rearfOr Lord Otne tho
*i *''ln Di Utch colourp, ill tonftqutence of Henry Yonrfe.; iith his Lady nd Family, fadfe.vrv hb dr ndenl/jfr.r ilditthe
Whrli a complaint Iav hbrn laid agiinft him by 1.ielt. P.ilearrld of the 3!hl regiment, and fume t vwnty-ff~ rearofiH Mnia,,' Retig.
e Poiltriele Amihain.dor. CiGornment detain other Poinl per. Have came out in this telfel. The JAMES EDWARD POWELL. *
hl l. wirlh i I i pold dull tiil he ivtes an ac. Naft.u. Hunt, had failed from Lonidoi before Bj Hi: Hlr', Cmmatnd,
*Itunt if itll King' lfterce, which cer ii.triftrd the Provilence Packet, but was to call in at Her. SRTrHIa Haver, ro Secretary.
:bhisc-re. ll iatlhcr has died lince its cunfiie. anida, on her way hbher. The Lightning Bur- 00 D S A V t H K N a.
seint, aI:.i ft him an t late if nltar to'. a year, t'n, was' epeted to fail for this port about the TTHERPEAt th ill in M rown was, before
lt it i tl .ugeli hr will not bI aIb;l to mI:ke any .ilth f Novmhber. \V day break, on the Mor n ofMonday the
f..ti it, it iti.g mortgage d .. a colerilcrable An."'nvlag -. ,r, (th ini.hroke open, and the tlowing] N otoao
ali.J a l :/ter frS Crus dc Toeirr Au.- .. S(Ii n e. I.nt t Di New-Yor of trantfortation, and Nr,, naing to Mr. l'oxt
,,L St 'I- dhip '7 ProcluAion,'c, J"1".*1 I do lhrrchy offer Reward Fh.; Oui^ea for
re Th Frcech friltrs In BoulTcIe anl I'Aftro. Si p Enavor, Bifonr, Antigua each of the fi| Nerroes, to over will appre.
Swh. ,h, un, r orders ,f the Corte de Py- 3'* ri Providence Packct, Ingls, London heard and deliver them to me i Ido alo offer
l:Ie : ';e" c nut to make new ilit'rvere, 3ant., .. r the fame Reward to any Perftor Perfons who
lek i. .i tI i9:h in thin port in the btft con- ."c hn. Hrriot, Grant. Cunrft w will fire information of their be harboured, to
p, fli!~:." l . be paid on convidion of the per a ending. ,r Angeiflui Elliot, KB. is coin A ORAL to the CommiHonersfor en. HENbte rNTON,
eimmidci.iterlyfron. Gibraltar, an.Lieutentan2t. q into the Claims of the American D. .M.
at tn.itf.r iv albot to mbek, in or tamke thi command of that fortref a Lic eJ te hi* of p;crons ofthat dCefription, -who Dr- 9, p r Tj
-(Gonirnir thereof. have it their power to go to Nora-Scotia, T B -. J
Lelutenann.(:enera! Sir Robert Boyd hanob- orto Engla n order to firhlantiate theirClaim A PLANTATION at the Welward, lately,
his Mij ft,'s pertmilh>n to wear the on Government, for loifes filtained in the cafe A occupied by Jon; MaT Efq. Fore irs
w orti Gibraltar on the coloirst of his regi- of their Soversigyl Country. applyto
ar, a, anL k,iiur, lie dliltlnion for the inpor. An Dcemler ro, t, WILLIAM BRADFORD,
Strvicc of, that gallant officer and his corps, J UST IM PO TE D h" has" for Sale, a fro@ ban of excellent
n the rottrible iege of that important n the Schoonr s as Red Port.
N'W Y ,A L O Perfons hnavin any deman :s aSaint the
1i.,r. In the prn ling es it aton with A N D T E8 ( L D, A Earte of the deceased H atwr s einltth
lKm." tr.l rwflnd hi bneen innutd to oner i On R n4 Terms, of New Providence, are requeRed t ie in altea
m&j l litiin ti t ir markets aof the r cambric, TBy IO r H RI S T TI E ofth it claim, properly atteted, one before th
d -,, w hfih win bu m tel e n r t the Ou 0 h punhKn Coffee, H- th day of January neat;| and at 06of in..
for mre. They tay, thetreaty woild lnot At his sfcn the BaT. debed to r the faid EtIate, to make payment by
i wipi cal oi thuie conilditlont. hey apprer-. For GCai, ra.' t, or Cotto*. tbCahei y, to
that thrir wine, would never become fm- .nINE Board,, dar Ingles, Pickled Mac 3rJHN ARTERELL, Admlnitrator.
Sgenerl.l in Enlilalid, as it is not fintableto .f kr in barred hip ead, White Bitcuit In Deciler 1, ift.
imas. As to cambhic they know that outr hegs, New Bu tt in orko. d.' 0 .W, uStliw. a t. t
l'nitifadtre of the article is extiinguiilhrd- AL a p O G AOL D N AWAY froni the Subcriber In Sout
thit the fabric get into the country by coal Ma leira. Port, Vidonia and Teneritfe Wine, Carolina about ix years ,y ; the following
means which is more besilcial to them Olt Jamaica Rum by the punched, CoTee, Hol. Negrotes. i. MtAdy, about years ofra
afir trade. They demand the admiion on landle Geneva, Rai lns in call, beth Hyfon and 3 feet or re inches high. ka good li
brandy, which from Its Imrekith i, suitable B.hea Tea Cod Filh, &c. ce. Mcc. .7e, a thick wellfet Fllow peaks broken la g
iepalsc, auit altt of their taniorit, glove,, n 111 Li*er, aIthic well ewnch, a wry
&. This we have refitred, and here the WANTED TO RCHASE, good eamr-ref. S. a tai l ~. a Mde w n ch of
ion refti. A SMA'LL OANGO NIOROES, of un- a yelowllh come xiona her Sw, about me
eqi c of the w commercial rrge A doubted proptilv to arn* od when ti run a o way a formed
;.twern Francs and Great Bitnan, tome n E JOH'dW. baa had two Children e w w to Ibeely
5CCa pprcherlihe that we filial d nor. Alrer(bn, itdebt total ithll tt she proprty ofMt. N I d, aad at
tinikeftnld ",our own market, by Come of LA Seejeant Jo- Whir.of hi, BaJe berb. thr Iae hate, there l to Helieve *Ib
isle t of France; but fuppoflng even Remmot, art ruaftmd ,o dlferg their a ad ker aamn
ethe cafe, to far from repining athtch a r veaccount Ion orhBn the stBliof Jalu A. n pprr. tehi ca da er m afam
Sl ht, on the contrary, to consider ary next nd te havi any demands akalaft e' ng 'maton t .get ti a
Sdvniae. In a nation o lfeed of f t.o *aid eate, dea. n to give in aeco-nt r an l Ieward o GTnle ane d m
i ectal. and to van a n of indu(trt ofL thO Ime, oey attr, itbin the above r eahof ct OM
i t the least danger of unch an vent pro. i d tlme, to N.r. T--O -- .. .a.
tillhilationr ny. -a"n- MART WALL, MmA lalratk*. ,. ,'. .

-- mnI a f eL, uk at set IL ii fh y b crmrlyT. Her A M!M or MONEY beltg
e -- 1 "piioie rdtet not from p a mu facy, but from Snbfcripfein. fIr the
~ maAccount of New Baoks nd lepeprlrce. Candor and humility gin the nexpmce of itcloln th
epua .to r heart. she *rllefor o iad of Ground, an the New lid,
Semcricl tcre ditclaim, the appear ce of every to ulldertake the RHelc, Irl
InALl TviToI oer, on ref In A t / i rarsa, em liny which i.not hers, and is in ll thing juft what their Propofals, frrleae at Iti
Skh AdmalneU V thDr Db ter. ie fcems lan other- would be thuabght. Na .re, et any time before t he Ift an ary
iTIt ed otrl ar lr te i.pmgnance of the I "tt i the great standard of ha manr.ers, and her cc-
WV rfutlije frea.. The very nte:i t Auhor tr""r *n no va, i.o mlilheo, which i. J U S T I
ha treated t with s fmitabie atteurton ; he has enafe. o the enla (nlmt e ature ope.. urfi'f I to BriZantine CIAo l
cedhi ..pmis withd e etoign rmer t-u, and. oen"cknt mind. It laot tin er power, bacc.afte i t Bripantire CAO a,
ven irt. ei. mlre loly wha it umes a teautla i. her natu, to hide, with fa nrin air. and a n.el from L. ,
falf r,haiadorned it with i la tuage atnce elegant e lo' v". hr e,,rt or cantempu where her deli. A N D Pt R 3 AL I
and prirhe. if here ia de rfounetane i al : ay is'hu, her ten.per ad. d. or her ec'itP inflt- F R ES S
aftru a which feaem acafinnally to obfcnre the t1. 1i P rt ir to hr, either what th t u id Fou. B
nmetin.g and famitin.e. in the poantation but t thiut t or the i!l.atured fay, or wh.t pinion, or re- At lthir Sltoree thi Art in
oh curtyir inceiderable, and the lignhe attention, on I, ar, aher chaLrer ua dergnes an-gi the wvcin.u or HNsTO's.
r turning to the p.,age, remove it. As this i the tie vaid who fiuhmir not to the ntocrtl. i si T1 TS Of :ablrlra Caulti~n
only cerr we have dicovered, it was acefary tu their is apd f-iblcs; or among tie gay, Ohre U 4-4 7-8 and 3 ti&S Maenm w
entioa it. Irlevty and liatry oiy are eflemed; or ami ng the l.imen Thread
The educatrin of daughters will appear of greater rich or great, 'h o fe generally andl alfurtIly a:ue 5.4 at.d -4 ditto q tng Ditto rifed o
marfqenee. since they wnay helitac mothers, and evir woman, nor by the virtes Of her hrtsat, obt by PlrrillneA andl Oit niae Ditto whip.
confrqucatly be intraled with the important tall of the terat '.t ferlne. Garlix anl silefi s Women. w ao e
teah,. 'I eke young Ades how to iheoot" it is of i nl the eyes of pcdants, pretil, and l, pocr:ti., Rewn Ril Sir he Ditto white
more importance, fce it feems to be to Tuh no. who trod th ef.Itafic circle offll. f i and te h-m R .vent, Ick Ditto e
i er0. trey form ia adapted to the reigning fully, dullnefs is wifaum; pertiero, wit; aica m, 4l. afan- I'rinted I.inn. C(hi Di to Habit I
thgh it be aA ward and ,iadfitabi ;every decoration try; and fervilty, race; foih aclaa1nderat hi. mull C.'licor Gown Pat Mani wbsh l SM
t. empiyed equally h, the fair and brown; and the re : r f Irm, tral ..ukward., She fai wll.t fh, thini'. Plintd I inem and ton Cltnve
P ie convcrtFtion is one uonianinng firig, ddilated a d ddco wh;,t the fcels to be right, atnd i, fl;pt- tle Ha:,n rcrehirf Ditto e.olorj
b the phliaomn of the day. Yrt. roem a crnwd of t trite rt)ldi.ot ,f gr:ftily her folb'es or building a tlcclrearn C(rton t Artidcilzttsi
th,. kind, a man ofreafan manld rt ia iet eipedked to 'aame on vnirrte not her to-n. Hon-fly. the unAfid- rhek H.indlthchicf Het a*d lsd l
chtf- thecomi noion iof his r.tiramctt, th partaker : ed bia- ge f intinfc goodnfer, and real tlrvtiton of White Ilolia Dnimi t White lsspldl ,
el his pic~furc and pains. It is not farprifai that he heart, is dearer to her th.n life, and one of the cie White and Coloured J FM Pidl Sl n
hefitateo in p-rplcity; f r. though ftinc'MiJt may, thinti **Nhi makePh.r in love with it. Srin d Ilhmitie, 'Watch snatel
irh native Urength. rctll the contagion oflplendor, Ready, as ite is, to overlook the I i'le' of all, Quiltinm ardm Blac, whie ail
the f(ddiaons of ddlp~Uion; though others may imin ie en-niive at th erin Ie oner. f y thi im '. her 10-4.9-4, and.4 C o fIewir aM
tale the fun, kin. l y ftnetimeari gt thchname of ri.lencd; her pat Coiunltepan e Blnemo. tiC ,t W
WhoI -h p.erit th b.t ..c.ntioo. da.. al k. i, of irm:ertiicnc, ; hcr candour, 0 erity; Scarlo et light i ce k ohca Teas
To father his beaut from the werlld, a l t. fcouflac.f, aIrn." e Cil lih. Loaf Suosr
'.C., ,w Scrlet. wlt,, blner.
Tahtx wtan le pafTe t oe again nnlt' whiofl e ewend gle w r oel A frdCe, Ni a
ing wnl edL be mInoc wondered at I'-n-hr D rsa i"%
yet!thiforanoyclanceagaini drawinghe rihesin B A.I t ISa Nos, f. R ar: r e t Cni 'ha M, 0o
ihi advaetura lottery, prudence wlldecline the ha- Nsw-PoviYDtcif. Blatc, blu, *ndi r do. Malhrom rti
i.;r. Itctnt be eexeded that his lile work, w: By /lir Honor JA ME EDW~ 4 POWELL.. D Blak a bhlaC alli ncoe Pickled Wael
al it, eltftace, or the coacurrina admonition of it /'7; I.iutuet r. o an. d CcammLi:drr ie Durants a n 'r Tam c Orrin aid CAld
reviewer, who muft he coneed with bearing the Chief in awd eftr the f ,d IL.ands, Chanerllor, Norwi'ch Crnve rnt Icily
Spellatian off r t ad fplcnertc, can produce a reform. Fi A.di,r l, nn./ Ordin .r oflrf/at ', & &c. ll. BnFt een> Blue a irt.
t.ri Yet thlve may be fome amihble and tendrr P K I A i A T I N ch l.r. ea w eiS
l:nds who with to pleafe a nd. igniwort of the A I O N. whir n lrid n Tae lChie m
r White and 11riped rliannel Table Mina ',
prpert p mtha m have frayed into the beaten ones. HhREAS the Exlortation of any Wetch Plains Nitr1 ;-, e -41
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dko. ,1rs d ., Virtue, 4nd tRligion (if any Sp-ccc, of PpiviAfins, fro.t this or any Iatecn ad C rdr.T and rha.
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taw ci-,m n, uch inrhuAion may k from .o4 -O'1AL.I ORAI, pro .<-A r. Black and rdged Tiffanies TrPhr.l PA
thue t r tfal -br worker we Ikll now take ur leave JO h n AV As T anc sd Perlin ffs Traveli
of r. .ith thaaio', the author ir hi valuable present GOO SAVE E Striped and flowered Bre- ltris
re.r' ewa drciCon P UB LI A T 1 1, adie ittin and Perfiaa Carimten
3re following ra& ia iven, as it can te with On MON D A J s, 1M86. Petoicoatr -BeO Tme qti
Iqf alccrptaravief rnl thl R There re mauy At Peter Dean, & Co's Store. no. black Mlird inal ls lter
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sise fAd tr datarm. taciturnity of its filnce. hbmve Two Hundred ei of Eight, and le-f thert arrnh md PI
* all, and all will be open to ya. There is than Five HtunrCed, r Monthe Credit; and Nltn & Stiching Threads Hair
Pi f-e fo plea dl to auble, f divine, as that for all above Five Hairti icrs of Eight, S Pettinea" & ShawiPrklge 14r td ad
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1. N w eonae. i f-i to the option an the world, N. B. Crean merchantable Cotton, dr Brazil. Fine Damalk ditt. Otio
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own hat. And me, who is confciou, of that STPRLINt & MACKENZIE. Lng and clear Lawnm t
I're, at 't e wh fimplity I fpirne and fuaials, JOHN DENNISTON. Cambricks
will'-, as any a ant, he de'secned by the trap. NeUIt, Dratmar Iy 178t. They hw I Ih a&fi r
pionp f ri or a rellnements ofl aury hbut in T ONDON particular retaf
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g* d thMa wa is dlrnalM city.rA She a eA& under. J lUt f or ?ksA~ e,

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