Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 17, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00019
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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SATURDAY, DEciMsMz 17, to SATURDAY, DiciManR 24, 1785.

NASSAU: Printed by Joii .WltaLs., t the Printing Office on the BA .

i' A merionaIn fel engof theote stn bm~ s lt ey adtomt I am Informed he Chiefs have feaed It, ad promised
American Intelligence. d convention at Chrin-Churc! Phildelphi, to the owers. ItisimarinedltheBritif
Srvted the Liturgy of te Church of Sgland. (adap- trade fom Detroit havebribed the ldian to do thl,
I LIFAX, (NOTA-SCOTIA) OCTOSi.s ingittothelatereidlk })eapungedfemeuetheere in orler hat they may have the trade udirided to
.re a /'elettetr froma Lonelaon A i"A so. reduced the thirtyihine artilea to awtnty in number, themfetlve."
VE you and evetyother inhabitant of Nol- and reed on a letter, ddrefflejd the Archbihop a week a bodyof troop, conflingo ofo men of
a So sd Canada joy, ts the prefeat AdmiBilra. and the Spiritual Court in England during tey the lrft Americs regimnt, under the leenand of
s to be determined to prevent ny intercouild would be pleated to obviate any lM tes that ightMajor Hameratmih, uarched through Carlile, on
Cs the Weft-India islands and the United Stater arife on application to them for confecrting uch K- their way to Fort Pitt, where they arto do duty ad
none but what is carried on in Britif bottona; fptable clergy as should be pponted and feat to Lon. we hear that a large arty have goe through York
Sdaugh Mr. Puller, agent for Jamaica, has made don fronm heir body, to a& u ilops on the cominent county, for the fame plans s pofe.
I Son efforts to gun the permifflion o trading of America, where thei lat present oly ou Prelate, A MESSAGE from the Prefe 2t and the Supreme
SAmerca (in a limited manner) a before the war, digified with fcopal pwe, vie. the RIght Reve- Eeative Coucil, to the Geeral Affebly.
iadtry have turned a deaf car to all his remon rend Samul fdibty, Bih op of the spoeolkal church OGfr itmI
,d appear incibly refolved to fupport the n the fate of Conseict -Hitherto Mr. Pin, the BY the feventeenth fecticn of the cetitution,
emn af, and to prefer any dvantages which riilhMihiller, hat vehemently oppofedall applications the General Aeminbly re directed to caufe complete
S .arue front our We.t-India littlements, to this preferred for confecration to feet n Amerlel this dif- IHt of the taxable inhbitants in each city ad county
Iu and her dependemcie alone. In my humble couraetminti occafioned Bnilop Serbury to secure his in the commonwealth, refpeidivey, to he taken and
Si,t eirprfereraice inthisdctermination,andthe confeTratlon from three of the Bilha in Scottland, returned to them vlry feventh year from the year
dance of your quondam fellow-cirizens, in fome which proveaat percily valid and eicient, at though 17y8, in order to regulate and apportion un thof
they ha lately taken (which, no dt,t you h.e obtained-from the hads of their Right Reverences of lift the number of Repreentatives to be chon for the
ief) ill enfure mo etee.v to the prent ain Canterbury, York, and London; and is inconteflibly enfting period. A this i matter of importance, and
is her traf-4tdanti colonies. p greater and fairer proved by a lif of the conferation and fuaceefion of falls upon the-prcfent year, t appears to us, that it
ntudlicls of traic to the northern ettlgmn tend the Sic ttBilop fince the revolution in 1688, under would be well to attend to is as focn as polible.
Srailh and invigorate a spirit of adventure, ant Willian the third. By the prefnt criminal laws, fnes are a part of the
Ihnmtinr, oprate to ctufl our amitiol nd iei- We udrfland from good authority, that fui of the punifhmert or a variety ofoffence. Applications are
tfiIlghbu who have ever opprelfld every land of rven mnaifrates of this city, were the day before yeft continually made to us by the offeAders for a remiflon
kyis, butr who are now the friend and inmates of terday, indiacd by the Orand Jury, for extortion. of fuch fine., and thefe application are recommended '
t* Uitted States. Your co' ny will he the cnaprim Tough we own it is difficult to luppre, the fuggefli- by the Magfirates, on the foleconideration, that the
dall our mnnufaAuxs, and by that meant be te cen- on which naturally occur on this extraordinary, and criminals, beng poor, and unable to pay, become,
of ery advantage arising from any tragic; dirty hitherto mparalleled event, yet we forbear making any while detained in prison, a charge to the public. A
aisdircilvy, between thu country and Ameriea. We ohf rations for the prrcnt, The laws of our country this is generally the cafe, the impolition of fines is
Sbrtn twn.i delib rating. i both hosilfe af willh.ave their coMrfte, afor rnd ji t fai for rendered ineffectual as a punishment; and the ftis,
hbnelct, upoe a comninerll treaty .with Ireland, fUeh Balrant abafos of power and violations of truft falion due by the laws to the community from the
solater oany al le opinions upon the faubje, cuiolu- and confidence, cannot be palliated or forgiven. criminal, is not made. We therefore offer ir for yonr
idup ny one: but upon its being propofd to thfe ar. november 14. The laft letters from Shelbhrne, consideration, whether means may not be found to
Pn t oflrclund, tbeyat present, hpr a thoughlat r o in Nov-Scotia, mention, that the hip Gibfon had oblige them to pay by labor, what they are unable to
sit. 'I he c tnfqpuences re not now kn n, bu lately returned from a whaling enterprise, the firft pay in toiey, and whether thiswould nor tend more
Ialeml to he couneht, that if they finally perfilk i of ant moment that had been hazarded to any very to the prevention of ofences, thofe especially. which
Idlng it, they tmull he permitted to do o they fill material difance; it proved fo fuccefoful, that on a cre committed through a vicious dislike of labr. In
Sproper, wiich ill operate norc rto their dil. moderate computation, the nert proceeds will amount che general reform of urpenal laws, neeeflary in itfclf
T rhao e,, thi, ftey had adopted it, m to sfve thousand fix hundred guineas. The owners andreqnired by thethirty eighth fedion of the confti.
kndetto their b fit" had o dt, mg onfift chiefly ofperfonswho left Ntw-York on thelate tuition. thispartiuolar will properly come before you. a
laKtcna Nio nher j. Dll bufir change of government, and we are affured that the Eafy communication between the different partaof
s onty, Nv en l onger words without b dividend o one gentleman concerned, under that lde a late, is one of the means that contribute toitswealth
s ncrry," nre no longer worduh wihoultrtmri, fc, option, will amount to five hundred guinea.. This and profperity. Out roads are generally ad, whereby
thin ho r i dob, examine the countenance f a event h greatly eertd the fpiris of the inhahitants the conveyance of our produce and merchandise to
all tradlr ar mechanic who utters them, and I fn- in that infat, and now much improving part of Nova market, it often obliruded, delayed, or rendered more
i trar ,f trut hat edew his ee will il Scotia. eipenfive. If the repairing of roadswas made county
ler ar oftruth that bedew hicheek will nthi fai We have been informedby private gentlemen fiom charge, to be defrayed by a tax, and executed by eon-
*ligned i.alltur o. the croeodi' l et them t ar London, in the late Ihips, that the Briti0l Court trat, infticd If being, s at prefent, an unequal bu.
tgne.d m,,lure of the crodle, let them eire I dote nor intend to conform to the articles of the late den on the townfip, we apprehend they would be
har-r ir to their dwellings, and they p fbll hre t r pty o peace with America, any farther than they can kept in better order, and the public greatly benefited.
opinon--e- pty pots and ruty ipits, are witnacf be infaued of it good confidence to their country.- Theeitablfhment of an improved fem of reve.
ltidenre i inot to be dilaared.. o h U Wefern Pofa In America they are determined nut nne, is a matter that feems to us very necellary, and
Yelltrd.,y t inhabitants of thi town met at Fanuil- to relinqill- we therefore earneily recommend it to your onfider.
t art..hly to noificatior, for the pupole of Philadelphia, November The committee of the nation.
midering whether a petition Ihotld be preferred to chamber of commerce of New York, to whom was '" The Te Laws, however proper or neceffery
k prc ct teWral C.iurt, expr fling a deire, that referred the motion of Mr. Comfort Sands, refpetip they may have been, at the time, and under the cir.
would inllo rate this t, wit city privilege, the payment of foreign bills, where no previous con-. comllances in which they were made, are at prefnt on
Stown lclo a committee of nine pcrion, who trta eifts, or particularly otherwise eapreffed in the various accounts, the caafe of much uneafnefs in the
to ncai.r the advantages wic e f b re d the It clvi. te; we ar therefore wtpinionn. tot k is now eoe
ipT priivic oo, report the 9th o- November next., orepali on the t nf. t follows, i.
That hilb, of exchange for ills fterling, payable to lldient to revilethem.
which tie the meeting s as adjourned. this flte, hall be paid by elimating a Speni milled #. "We Itodld sooner hlt? laid ot thefe matters
dem, Novc,tbcr si On Tuucday morning gpme dollar at four Ihillngs and rI pencesl a itih ruinatn before.your Hoporable Hoofe, we were un.
ftorec he ,turt in!liteutd Lrtrying pici weighing five dwt. dt g. at teooty-eae fll in i wilin towlwth &aw yourtte the important
lon m itt on the hig a, then fittingI moidore, fix dwt. i twenty4even Ihrilling: alf points rceomaadcd to yt Crt.
town. the r,l of Richard sguirc. John Mathew s, hslie, nine dwt. th thty f killings. ). RANK f lre t."
hdU;,ndr i,. Geo rge Ste .art, (a mulatto) and Bills drawn i lrilh ferling, thfem to be redoued Conncil Chamber, Philadelplhis
sBa Sar n!mn, the ifor i ft as principal., and the lft to Britih Rling, paid i the above mendoned coin, November it, fSr .
tlmon of r ll ,r f, loner Ati with el onio rgol tin abeve Rted. November 19. By a letter from Woefter, in th
Kt of t te tr Anit fwith bit *g o a l BillsdrawIn nguildersorlpies. to bepaidstthe ite of lotffhafette, of Odber .8 we learn, that
'c, undaed on, Am flr, ou r Lran b rS s to t ite 'opr der. r two eiol R arrived at Bofon from Londen, brought
ant afterwards taken and broni nto thlis Bills drawn in fi rets toid~l, to be settled hy but fet oeds, which is a crcumfttace by no means to
*wow .?c""'<*l '"? r~iBd panill, udollarfortivll"aefour." he r etted the inhabitants of that commoowmlA,.
T The trial continued, In ptlefehic of m a i ane Spaimth dolr for are e Yr e fa.." r etedb the inhbcivtaee of that ommeswmdth.
atedreMy ofall chnrat retire l ad the wie re betg road, rpt sreew e to. -W For w rig d we contra, thelefs moly
*iloday eveni O, whe the jury ad te Saturday ft the council and tnral Affemtbly f will be drawn from nto make payment I and out
e, Irned whn Ithe jbr .L thei f tnhis ate met I theAffembly room, for.the pupd of that ate, but the United States In ige. u -
mai wen athe their verdi& ealtoognfla Preldent and Vice Preddent, for the mfa. ciently draind of their clireula ca which he.gne
i n Mathewa r ganftbbe.n a 7yplr when his Eacclencd y Benjamin Fraklin, to pay In grost part, far artic f h tha ththis
tewaread n t e'fen f ,* d the H onorbi C1an1les eo u ty W haw te done p tor lewitheot.
eamnandd oThe *1~.; qlVise Pplder ot'othic monwealthi;, wew mSch lnd toud li nl bui t few articles
f Ther ttit lhpr ^Tjowao or.,itttptr. a at> Oatohert." l' a x tanr. 4t il r t4 whe* bnporta a-
o e o h midti ICos olils of Indiana a& there eyo pta aHesrlwk fis ty munalldki
.el of ju.igme ntt, I lt si s ia t iopl e mygoodw ,r.poerty ind nlu, s(e i 4v"liem A aeaee.
t. lrh le Jl a r f i 1 nd. after wU m l alB rng camp y ebeT it It giedm tloexpren le ineaore,
tit he artn adjt-. to thoe t o od o fevery See te a lg (s retdpeOt, to And that the I Idef the nom
bunion, adjo to the femaddaydf tmnatma e et ofkecr aa well dfilned aintal i- not
aeyrkl O 'o W m f th a d e T1a iey m E quite e* I. o tirlylse Nsew Ingsanlwheft they
Ot.Yb ., w.. hOiolte wca WeC ore, b'ef d t
-tmtY of the Epi opal Clcgy. joined by del'. 1 wh ufatout rl oly ffo.glA d .ehi
i .i ...gcnti"ear, from a nun er of the eongre- lie They iea d salt et utien ,adl h -;tdlh a

1PUA of glSl 't<' aetahr ide, t"I, A eft I .t a
odes uedo f ta iitt Ns S isn .rmi ta i ~. a
tal foraa ba 4i att t b a

tend d n-tli ar IbedO aOeth a ,do-.. It-s.y IM aarit whl

Wac the int come a oree ia h an d i fl te ee Q -
and Amrica, the not lb 8oa dIn rbidaoc pbtv cai W ne 4syl oipa re f
At4pqhen late datedw begaonk i &
Thanr A oct aa the l iatlts rd u ahlann fe .
nrtS u u. 2u1d there fa st l l m irc. i from fit. Domineo, in dilerlit, fter having
lasted ditia of Jhae alean, glwin wih the maod A p t v wreck. !e cagit Are teday it kiicu
r ead and brellhant .a. of lhorsy d onrnant. know how. The..g tr part o'.tte crew Ceihi on
Altht euh we re sow ajsing the bkettgof prwe i eet, thet on boid were teay itdsciieeto eat. -
it should not tall oar mi4. to a late i moteautioi and ita the banm. It it not in roh.b ,,t an appre-
fccurty. We hae writi aiilpt |in btt adaI6 bef t k ilo bl'Atfere beiki powdeeA iAi tceadl A tie a
perform, if we me to Meder l ar I depeandea ite delay n randerbi alliance. But he this at ith y,
leling.I O '*-nli* munaeU, lor d ce4 wr the aglie g LAmeicnmme icate. hrouguhat the whale
comm rce and manlatdthW the lcerlly of that Aee. ip audboth our eangies (br utht rather too late)
doa which we have prshlcd w th ngarma n rilltd in were of .*etS. She is l!n bhrnlvn whilt I at writ
blood, all cls. uon *fo (r te ercfe or vintee igt hi. Al her indige, the tirter part of her cof-
and albitles.W.a then are the writer, that former* f, Um fetveral thou'ad w*cr of cocoa, with tea
Iy llluminated icith the r y. of knowle lge wry career hoglid fugar were not *=l dtld. The late its
of the land I Ar there not mnay futela oAt hel : '4r& .* OlAtued ot *e e hundred thousand, Ftc2h lirchi.
conleque icc to writ on I Why this etnies ia o u The goods taken out. previous to.the acident,
p oriotae Are they weuy of that libery t which we I to lftcof t holeteads o( fupar, o thoutid weight
Iand, lnd which to as may be tnly fid, to be the ofcoafe nd.ceuea, awl flic haloe of cotton. Being
gift of God ? Are there at qumeious avoidable evil, damaged, they will be jold .n account of the updt r.
which we, 4a a pt. L.W a g omiinag a td:t F Arotfe, writers.
therefore, ye fu.i of eiince, ye favuarites of Heau n, Governer Parry, of Bualb~d, has il'id a prot- I
ami make on e irwe a difpt.ay of rour iahll k., that the aniion informing, that his Britannic Majcfly, by his
Inht'wicant if his free country may :eveC your mante order ino Iuncil, dated the 8th of April, in thub preaint
to lthe atet Io lerict I year, had thought fit to contilne h. former regIulati.
BIa tiAo, NNuvelnbr 8. The nape p from St. oa. fr eaerying on trade and commerce between his
Oenrge'a, 0 n4,d, to e noide of the cltrm u rigor fubicA~l i the Weit Inlia Ii,ni, and the United
of he Fretich i. rtegulting tne tr.d- o furignfle to St.itc of Ametia. for a fartlir time. viz. to the St t
their Wlt In S e a ild. Lf aisete fr m M&Mta do day at Arril, 1786. In the conclulio of the procla
Callrie,. to tiee Jler ,or an. Int. u cati of Murfin c, nation. le Co ernor obflarve.*-" Forafmoth s It is
it appeaN, tlht his rjger is increafed I'wo Amerl- (upon his Srll principle) his ixed determination to ag-
ca, vcff I were seized by a it. Uleb.'*n; heja ige grandOif that co'ony and furport its true trade andcom-
of the rln taity of .. Pirr vnolntari.y flt the r eyea Iertce fe much at is it'o his dtty not to be unmiindful
o. li oa-afl n n n'elear d 'l.e vtels; bu t:r M.rlhal of hie cilfare and preip rity of the Empire a Iuel
in ,! lettIr ., itfi Sis fipprobation of their co. dud, that he should 1e .treativc to the frpal ayigatior o
artd h i reti u tlaita that tlhe ltvcr..r In fLch the e refel employ-d front, anl iradingto; that go
c f a ,I d .aucre tie om(artaller of the Marte to ) vei nten ; that to employ forretiv famne in Britib
Inl e dal ep e l to the Supterir council. He o oi.rvtd ) ithip in preference to hi Mt'ieajediy's itieA, was a
i',t ii 'he Ir nch colony there wa. almoe a geitr.1 itjuery of the fired magnitude to the Statel and that
p ipere ity to i ur f reig rrs, anl that too wmuti America wa. now as much foreign to Ureat Britain
artlcrion can d cit be psea r,. t oit e abuf- % any nthtr nation whatfrever; which, fays he, I
lTh'. the Ke u wa lefir. to p a dlp to the Coutre- cou'd with the anhabiitant of this Iand fo bccome
band trti; tac t the e fic t .n of vea, a;id. their 4< Cafble of."
eargoe wed Ant an vl ucetpt f. r ggf s were lhew- ltecember .. The folnowin lIn i. pronfrd for
B favour, jar. tilt dethey thluli be jadtid and coeotiei edlabllfings vellel in the thf Ind trade f about 1 i
red with rigir. tans, to he budil in the city i( New Ythk
A tew days .go .e On ral Afllmbly of the fte of The fhip And aeKl o to i.lunstt to I;.eool.whiah 1i to
pcn:.fy!.nia e ;ed ije ger Mialio to the Speaklr's be rafed by a lottcry of j oto tikicr*, e which there
Chair and it hai b in oblervedon this ocilan, '* that will be too rPes or ihtiarct the Ihip to begin building
it g v- .rent iconcer rh it to aecnmplilhte al e't c nt at loon as all the tickets are l;Jd.
a .i t-ker a, th G. neral, ht aid be put into a, At the time the person oncilui.el to purchal he ieto
h .cr.'r h orain.. w ich mutilt rectudc him iroi a flign hit name oipolite the nlnmlvtr be p-pnmfe t tLake.
dif, ay of hhp wear.of Jo'ence." The m ncy to be colred.d after fr ling all the
I N,,emher t '"' petici:i, praying the int tpofll ricketr, which i to be lodged in the hpak, in.the lane
tion of t-.e Legifl~tre, for ecoura$iiig domelttic of the Klft( IeSi Comlnay. .
mannut .iare, as o great meatin to rehvc u- from Tiht uiney t ti hein drawing at on ast the Alp I 1
our ,r fet enilr' fl'oie.,,t, i. noew in thi and compr eatl i dt' for era.
th- nilghtboDring counted s ant to the I.onur of M.rye I" he plhcipal iof~hia lo:k, n.'vr .tkeowithdrawnm
.lai. we Ihan. that refreatabl charadlicr. hAveala.. -but the profit arifintg obe dcliv.relisl s propriett 't
d. patr-,ni.c the fame. b laitffintllcr na ii.a rhreto, a. fnin at the ile of the liam wa-v.l carlo is closed.
and it a espeted that bar f r scl hi; naty be yet Wedi.efdAy laft the .31th til. vin the feflival of
u ti, I *',- will refarfe th r ad and iafuence to a toa- Sr Anar hw, the tutelar Saint of Scotland, a.namber
fire t c a ee ro pr aote the ri'lh grtaiI(aand pr'e of gentlemen of that nation ctlehraitel'the Linac i Mt.
lati n ol t.i crntry. F t a the au .iorcil belanaig M-Crady's onlthe lr, where they ffc she
of h p in. it may ratto a iy b taierrtc that A.n iec day in all th.t hilarity nd due.'int piithe wheih pel. J7
1. r"t I exhibit to t .;,e r,,d ch a ilpeaimen of good c llinrly dtingiP f tie font of Cle .ni;. "n i
con at aid policy, a nmuft c tvince even her December t. We are informed frcm 'New. York,
tnc ,'; that lberality of fr ,timent n ia )irrevering that the Ship gmprqftof China will fharely proccedon V
ir u tryare the hera :lcriflic. of her illubiatanr, and her ficimi voyage tothe Eaft-lndic,. and that Captain'
thit when in fUei a country, the traiefnin and moa u- trene is ag.m to have the rcmmsod.
t.&n.ters are additionally ipported by gentlemen of T'hec C<'r) oratlo e of lie Chamber of Commeree of
di ingii e4 a ti4o ad character, there in great New York have prcfitd a mnaiorial, on the decay of
.-fn *o 'B a 1 revi e willbehe rtdrelSd, trade *id Ameuic mariainfa4 ure, MshrLegiditteWe:
ev .y imip' at may r.trId or &, of thI at; tf ley ave lfofit circular hitters t the
Veit she itOl eeopa 9wt We mown i eoun Rai.4 ft u Iuap) me Inttetin~.r4ibe&. I.
iAiirrs one their letter ahryfav thore mertakoble feitW
harl" f wpitdt in late Aents: ".Y7 ,4atnot peive 'that lh thh lt *F
,nton pa~ i P omercial Tre treaty with Brila hua given the name of Peace, "*e N
in, wh h fed upon her col- we iq faL ar eat'led M to wage a variegated War, nd
4t 2 is to uur tr4,, an l tefoarturt ly for uts, sthe enmity is le open; Ef the
th < If but have adoptc ~uim ate iX nn ro.-.AlI al mps did Indeed i
.ihe sit b o fiia po i the r mer to are to tee us .tndep .t but anowthat we are nej 'j
iofbrf' Al. e, s. em ely ltt o achy. powberi dert d o(oofra r
i> h a sti re h I not enr intIrtPect* fA In to their coeerCWiel peki
r etre* toi ,he tiot t tthi', Pamao t lmrna h aw
r rth f Iy by "**-1 tchto 1 ThB iof in Amerio a rfirnow(4

. d whe b e d, an ft are that C an it l
!ogeeI Isk i t l rpo Tl ad HM. asiv T Irf Al e4
i .irwa kh On rrctlpo ieat i
of. when as;

art of one 4
owilition, poiliss
bdMP J l cr, -

jtrm cnaread
who may be traily,
All nation., who hae
ajetire. make
eo0 wiltl t et4i the
W in* mWtyrer .oe

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hew ot-rstwaey' F
we de Gt malrefrn .e ,
The Alrgerlob aare Ut pOn4 I

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In the way orth'rI pn, I
be .mna.ti-. Th;e sI 2D
rommardr, -p* la
Ifryln of Pil'lh.hIt, w tdahi
leave ton -e N W. of it
lhai*, -itihtard 8iestq
Willina Fyfnr a.d Ca..of
itCadfl, was rak th- thb
re s. in nmlher, Captoqip'
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F When wond'rktn gSulm
riU WO:t, load ioes, He n. 71dr4C.
A CGod, a (io d. I, of ira
In i!* ent&A d happy day,
Aronh lek the dainltil thoal .
WhIre hi In aMwfl O t(h enOc
And teid hi. bright Divnityla ap
rv' Olli h Ifblitary hoar,
tM.e, ; th'ie enih ofher refn, '
rict'hj. pilds the t ile) tenll, ;I
. And ph~'tmifife their tranlentn
Tir. then, the om.cii u. Quee 4i
alm..'d, her silver face wihdtrew
rhb t 'nr ritree m orb ibere fled
TIaR, ftin wi h It erefplaedfatp i
In"~ *~rtut4a hcye h~ l, .
'am 'I. a iredt the ht;,'nbly C111'
h Ilvlt'Wf %e Akrletiny frm;i : r
'And proved Mil re tnitpr d A!
When 'orn rv appe"y'd, the' elo, l 4
itine with I s rctalrelt 9low,
rtew fic to fee that On dtt
Who taught hiMne Arfirt i ce tj
Iath pea'ld hoeiati thi* nwtl
f ritel nch ner ith.anilBr -
lddel.'itw'ry nteneinsfltk. e
And Ntiure Ilbhr'"d wilitbl
W1t thrnf rari"i il
hall Mal ncgle nt Ife lie',
Sh II Man cloricsLe ungra(
Ah''nafn'd is h lowly led. '.

Told thi waitr. Or VArliataa
oIt bA tf the, Atvloe tl v
An n'tsiiaMlpr. (o fr* pr6hat iduthe Me l

To aid hiwants, or graefal
If Aihiaftsifde the ta>or *dllfi;

77-77:77, acta'a~L t

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Eropean Infelligence. wt tr"6, t.he Cemoe d
Europ 11111'.w e Iil lin peI lb. duty, ol.f wbicb,
S ITERDA M, SaTUNlIr Is. tolr withhe ithr We f It. w i c i et
lfe Sth int. three of the m. repdablale r to1 rat 6; pero* ns ithe & Cli r
ant of this place prefentto to the pltof T t oufd pnl to the ofip. *
cr a memory il lined by eight bun. 2Ind afb P i b t tria. S* it re c
t, on the fubjr, ofthe lntroduaioa I abiks Is Oreat-Btain, Is y day
litary into Amrrfort rueAIzffin that apparent I the Ar krfes c thr t i funrk Cu
Cauvelr, it repordlt to have S 'on hoart up

ir".t i. tr., ith alto nforo to the evident that qduntlil of t here eo, are en t l-
the e pl p cic of r. prelafling l f aull 't li"to tIb kingdom, to the great
Oi po e, r m ma-y dAncru. to civil njury rof our doue c labri,. The pub'ic oe-
TO arn poir, a a l mayl a rpata:on it, however, contldertht f live, that Mr.
S G f--te'ber 7. Comtr e ie uichten har Corry will, as roon as parliament meet@, refume
p, he 17 ythe India hilte tl for this todn there wkb pro
ulI.ily toulAPPy in the untimntly end 4~ tc doe. a rd ta l tobtere utatiso ote
vtl o whom wa. ill hi. ,. IC. -l* s'l l and equitable eplar' tion O
-othia cnaptmcnB with Admira od. w of wi nvigaftiong, Wla h ui our por'lmeet can do
cd ...the ioinui, was thu fok ho ref a ithut the a n netare ofthe b tlho I all ater f"
fain 11 hi I-t a few dAs tAloa h all the commerce adjuereat raly wanted or
] fan ily, ara d' C aIot e dllrrd hy the p.optl of Iretrd.
1.0 1thet onrfDunktk'-TtComtc of a A entlman who camepalrener i a i flrl
IAn ffeAt O.e it, all o t f dill 1,u101* ( h. pgnomld Na m Ird ia s fhl rom
hiac bratea yt, thal i cuncom tnt buma ani. l" t arrived here yefteebav. Confirm
hn ae .oht wlito hane ate pinc ai. the cc ltnt t' p nifqlsadrotn hlfPll.h fhioa
'Ja. eT O"fl war have h.a.ppinls n~I of war failed of thist moath from Dret,
i-t d his lt.p. tlivtik the mea furr t :if tht15 o .rr e o
.c' mplctecl In fc vitit with himt they ea"Ul Th 'e
W ., Af o., oft the Fath. r of the SAi h rnu cra ae in ft to mount Is
.p h. ,-i el r b ,e uarre and the ne ones, car.
eli ". thwe or. rtiteJ his blite riWibon dbuhilt. t e of Ci nker, as ere to ew-
3in 'Oti, tlhac .1, lt, he immcdia~tly t,- A, r tA t tt.Mai arrived from oea, cre.
.r'l hre vti l late .t oht on'i Is4th of Auouft, In hlie oprage
in il a itLo y' aoisled tIt wnt fa Marinit at ptlac, the 'body of a mai
wriv It -. e;,, I hM v t lr h a prop, r to h* w c t" l h tae, o fr. a .. ..
.rn . ir Mal t, has a iy ,* h b u r;h ,,, l he a,1,e :,'1attir.e t r n tty yardi rom the f vcll.
Cjeo`i it al be ce '. lId ,, buy O i-, h wait to u a
.- i ff" h 1e i PICt The CPai, t inetely otrle out hIn boat.
ie 1. t it ots ..t wrfthy of tr pie. pu four hin fwhn on brought #he tneemi
erig tA .,tp avi. ,isO po. t It e t wat hel ,ledt l carth a r. n hard I but what e, theirlfur.
'O. nir t hi* a1 probationn" f,'pi th'. f *lT ont , petrfotn breathe. and ma.
Vic.t .te t ltoaiifcuii a hoav r ihrd it r a ft mptbm n tih re ptlrnit rro ne and litc.
Sith M >ic (; i I.r, a ifinguilnlied hrFlf tlaft war 1T" e ft Ir, Amptbm/ returnintle and life.
i the L h fuller, n doppnny eiyth the em ep
hL.*eir icutter in company with e onlairt in ,l, than M" lM an hour
uird., rl uh o lit f. ught an coali frigate in the llh in f f t iw An., n o
C;r an e fhr upwards itt u hour and a half, a.d he op .erd ey ad exrclaimd ti the Fn'rlih
aor(. itt,. i, u o, I t. the fro then, par of
teo~ .dl .1 h n le faw that he mull yield to fupc. 'tint, r Am oI? taking o' hI
OiN ,,ce, if I>, c -titmucd ihr c-nb. r th-. in ore er put him to ied. a cork alctret
tle. Oi f the llh tucfFri t. w with a fort of r er of the fame. w'ere f 'dco
&p,. Oc t r f t. Tr0lrh b volwu r.i a .ertl The rext ay, hbnlt a owd deal reS-
"t i' ,' a. kit t, ayh e d d b -tul earel, the mifera man told thr that he rf:Ia
Ittr id uci Lt,1.\t'ix 14,, You ,h wet fizi tvolr d S ad m in New. 0ulanlin A brig
ao I h, n A c r .. o.u f t r, to Madeir, ad that al r-t three d',v

i un fI I ril1 a' or t h to b uoil c .or ts a i ,lr l a e r *- o m i
rri It ii c in.ll,.e no ru i; t i liouMt yuLr ntnd e',ven at i:'s tt an o t Mo or.. f ,i.n.e n
el..:, fu r m *it h.ete. f" ,.n t, a.'.. >tle i. c'"" a" ara'tit, art let trit'flfitovn as eat'" ,

., rthe ri e !o0 h ot i pi 1 r tt r f n thr e f t t hr a H ,atrd l .k n (tliNtE", and. then
0Ju ro'. 1 -II I IlC l(. i.-d l h, I..llda recri C-lek :umi[cia .| le-t o*,1 rlf .A,
JOr po O- o fth c UlL t ryA a regut lar toIn f, rveO e R boutld A~a dt X, tol
tcernce hi t ctplt n P.d hi;mflf on ih ,. hIrn,. wi "i, to v.. rih
epr ,irel rl ()e O of. the pef nt fteor Of in the water. rather thin h. arr;e4 Into nrrr
ctr 'wir i!' v ry lifnt potnitate 1hat hats hchl in W conl'tin, f. m time o M hick. and
Ol h1 t,.rr r i' p'lo ctio l .- Aiilft the. Iotly tirlly, h t.e.oc.. .
hr h; at ci, n an hi rally .rle r i, fetAt IIn t' iy, h ilr int thec .. .. a. -* at la fttlk into a kin.tnf'ranri. tn wh.*h
SIA ~ I o, 1 in I h, i ,ll M anm. d ,' c.tiill. that t.t I.e anI i-hen difc ,crrmd hy the Fr.nrh (hin
ih In mt if i t, ,ai,, k id,..n in EurO. e On : r a, i val aTt llwtdeauaIx the chamber no
? Ill Ivto r4 a a nei a or dmily Ali true ro in a pf( fltr Ithe brave American wiir a
toll .r ;[ ;lt,1 a, h1 n Ar e fum paltlr tt -ie*, htt.r.lril cron ., ani hee Is
tie tI Cl 'tcill "i ed ~ id re' etity I r....tI, of et" 'i, nrg In the rarke-. which
at P i. I ri'ti-onal cm. i ;t. I ron Ih rt L Oritn to N1 .ew -y o k every
Itpr'tk d p a iit'tlial t"tu- I f. 10m ci c i, t -ii-th. '
Suitly o I, .v Y o.J, p:(.u aAnd IVan ed Ilt I!
w i il t, II h c ',, i tilr. ep e I th c r p ar f ua i o i te i tt p a t n I 1 ,
t u',l t i. Il he h'.4 f. t,,t e :'u y of ,n1 fi .. .. .llpart ff folr ... ot. .... CO.
I i. t i t itul p itt. IfriVen tI' 3talt f February text, and ai
kindi.-- I tiler i .ll hta I the uilnlt d ire. 'hr- iith to I a1 I c ntits fettledt l or
-. 'R ,- e that at thy thrcflne Idere, that alt
f a lt to rrf...Ih h t'ev ha.veaou'i ,, maycone
Sftitt ,t' IAlm! fccincd tobid deAncr to to a i ttlelpenr with 'h m a. roon a offibte.
ti t "1. t,-mc. c ,Their remnil-ian STOCK on hand. confining
I t:n c-aus2 Captcain rrli. r, in onm y od
1f- . .."rIi A to Iotrt Itern i ei he .ift, t il o art uot bic Aulion. on Monday
) orderil t h id too I a i eIn cdlt all, to I'he". h of February net, at ther Store in
Fput i, p to :he ti' zi tlob eao ait India .
gtoil. 'I hnch it niow prad f d by ihe .mei.awf ii. N|,;t .. B-- ri
t,- ile.r c ii.fidwraltly tijiiiu. to tl e r v ue N ,,rath .D5 e. # s ,t* .
cftbh, c.i nt yVte tr, lAv. .'nrt fr6 in Wtriln at, TnIr H A G B
An, c tic, il4 l ma nl a,,d irned. whih T L e rv "fo r aA t h
be a t ctk dt fl ait n I',ur, hit had there m for. 1)rp!Q Lavr |fr'Is Friends sli the
tu C ;,, i t i It cutler hy on IIuniuIk Iholo. l]ich ) Pubhlc. th he CA J on. tie EAeW and
tiok l.c cirtweeni wii.d anrd water, nd lu k Itbite Sm'ittb' trJwi S all Its branches at hi.
tr i1I a.1 tt.> .itntre,. rte crrew hIaply w rce hnp, -near McfTrL. e w. and wlaedfa'a Ship
f ite ie. t ot, after hanri, fiafferetlia (t ilhd Yantd h
SIi 'tion nore o' the .Lelit ln(iila T B tt KT
i 'll o athve iltitan,' a isr among other aru [ T 0 B S Do
inent fr'he reduai'tin olf hr t barcao duty, iA 8 N4OA) O or
Switch ni ,w amount. to anrarone Ihilling per pu'ld N E ; E S
On an ar,:icltilr t o g'naly worth I3d. It is the V on 1d I- e Hired for three
lii ,il oat O ve-y PC e..nve.eit itt trade that M.onthe etloon, ApIly to e Printer
Itte t'hacca duty a u fi "rd o ,lw a tate a .,
4,d. p-r lb. the revenue would htn fi in thire field TE GUIN
pr., ,rt.t.l to what it ,t. l'w. /or then the 'iaway from te r, two NeItro
tenipt.tison tt fmgttele would e I whetr, asM it nMol., t in-- Dllmld Ba ltely pur.
prefin not t n hogiltead.l ac, *n five han. Mr- a l.' i Sla"e. Ue of a el
Odt impoited intit. thl c iry. art rtgultay |t :d lti S waltT. o
lttereil. Ihe Amcrican o above alluiled k. i art fqalt Ii l, i.of
t, 'I a tnrnn pro,,rf. Thia ete. afterlinking aI the a ae. A Re T
t"cr rre cultter, landed aoo hothadl I Ii I flCy. and rIam IF r-
t b ecc,. o.f nooo!b. each, which c,ftthe merchant b,.1re hi', k ajrn. oo CXoiioonn of the
lt Virgintl uolr 44d. per Ib. in all about ajeol. *g&.-W 7 un J u p,

NA SSAU, DiuaEzs 24
0 N Thuirfay lk thbe lacateOet aal mo.
V red the Court of Vifee.dmindtlt tofiter.
pofi-e appeal hum the Dec,. giCtf the Cafe
of the 1cblowmr foanibh, a fummary repeat tf
wMch'l icr lafrted in our Carette of the ot left.
The Advoc te uacral ated, that tte appraHl
vale. of the Veltel and Callo wun ea l.. rlling,
which wu admitted os their other Idc The Ji'pe
Wu plealTt ed je the .p prl, the m- Iri tg
under (. jco. f trliari apd rtfrned the A< ,*
catt Ocnetal to his Itl rtfdy of peltislui g
the Ki(;n in Coutcil. frr klav to appe1, if he
tbou ht himftlfa s. Litvcd.
JDr. sq. Srhoo. Gen. fhirIe. Aniou, C. ar.cflon
Sloop fandy Point, Pearce. N. Carolira
as. stoop Kl'nltoe. Woodwonrtb, --
frilsd at catt.llaed, J"* a
fehoo. Nick., kllbm. o hr!i flrea
go ILtD, I'.,
Din. at, S1. Polnt & Fanny, Aderl, I Carol:a
loop *'ly. Cole, ditton
Fchteo. Port. J<,:ee, CGre:ii
as. Sloop I obler. 1Mfl0 itto
1i. Sloop 1lr-d'Ptck't Pwmatn,. 1i0,o
fIoo.. Mlt. e, Itecdmond, E. F'P r:r'
t4. rchno. Peppy. Mlahtew. l.ondos
0 the w ort l and m. i Arpteeu a l ero
Y ERTPRDA Y we were ma'e mseualnted with
your having, a atird time, clidfin ia toi be
ynor Reprtfentativc in Gerratl flimtily Fdr
this fulh ellark of you' pixd opinion if us, thi4
unrquaiocal pnoo f t f ou pubhle cr"nluA having
met your appfn ~tion. we clatl) mare nor mit
grateill acknpwo'r'eterrtet as thecatil tahM |tre
rife to the diFrrercre betorcn the prefflt Afrem.
bly and uw, vet exilft whih waO, their reff.irg
to hear retitih rs ra nfl illreal rrlurr,. The famo,
tiflrelard to the fiifrarqFr one of the meft :e.
fper(abk and orn'ent fte t itn tife lll,.rd
will. we have. rey Irt r to fimriri, wcoilnf ui
to be f&,wi by the a'ority itf the lprl.ri fit
it I Merih'irt 'a' *f fqu"tly, wi:l preacnt ou
renderinr you an vtri'. in a Teillative rapa
sciy wrh";e tH Airrbly i- in el r .
1 he I aw of P'amnnt refptfling the Pow,
of the Houfe 4'f mmounlo to ircapacita*e -ar
Prfon. Itepltiv qi istee, fr, m holdit.g a feat
that Henti. i, fio iarly afrertarine by hfe PIef
liin wh ch clot, the Ifinef- of Ilet Mi Irtf,
F'ea;nr that I, ear. fsmnrwhat extraordina
a r',lo.ia' i; mt fit '.'dl i'vnlve thtmfelvnr
similar difficu ties rtn thu.orcafion a netelr
expenditures fpih money Ihy repeIeiJ E.'rliom
wh- we every da hear lnch 'onid complaints oi
inefficient Taxe'. d empty Color. .
Fir the ifstini"'i 1 Aftllntei. th( tt tiicn of Itl Houle of Cown
mon., '. h:h we hN allherdr. to.
W hare t' r oSn'r to'be,
Gfnl'tren a
opr mo obedliCt fith'ul fervaint,
Nafeu, De,'d er y n J.
Hont.: ef coMe Pi F.i. nh r. So .7
fr7'h of F hru i, i-69, of the rrlt'uteon
kih" 7dnl b ti llfqJ .sVq -, & i., I tnA
CI S tlai -'tf i rliUmmef llef ie hUnitea, eu
iOad it ahtpfaeh W f lh a lhjoaMoras'Ufe
Sv tkiib plef tl Plrrf'ilt"' miht be radi and
the fame being teat -by t Clerk,
Rif .OVt, That tf e rrrutinn he revnpf ) d
frem the Journal of this i tnf, as being fubierlfiu
of the rlghts of the wholc dy of Elctaon in tTie
The fame wa* eIpui(d by the Clerk record
Odred, That all the lastrt's, nrden, anm
refltutlonr ofthis H14t refptAling the eltdion
of John Wilkes, Ptqa the cenyt of Middle.
fez. as a void ele&ion, e due and leal e'ellio
of HPnry Lawe L.oitt Ertq into Pariament

fa the wbhle nodylEIAon ofbhi> tIlee'om.
The fame we likewifk4apun(d by the Clk
at the table. 0
A LL Perfon indebted to the lte of the late
Seraeait Jo.a WI Ai, oa f d l Majrty' j3th,
Reiment. are requted to dlk'rrg* their re.
fpret accoonas. oa or before the agih of Jane*
r esta and thlee haewi lany demands agai
the (id fater, are dltrd t to ecrat eromt
of the faOm, p xply atlsed, fithi the boue
mentiMed time, to i
7%t awARkY li1t admirifa,,

eosnfdeace,thlat their veffel wa*s iot t any time BA uAMAI L ANDS
previous s to her feisure, nearer the land tha evn enNiw.Pavsioi I T 7
L A W~' R E P 0 R T S. rF se: Confequently, that oneor nther ofthefe By His Hom," J ]
LAW REPORT S. sWE --.- our^ ^ o
fett of witleffes melt have Avorn f.lfely. His B~, ; Li(utenant.O ,Wd
Sutton ai Mitchell. Lord/hip insormedi thejury that though the inten*- Ir d v, )
o tion of the voyage hxd been endcavoored to pro P rn" .44i. r*, ad w
HE trial of the above caue, at the fittings ved by the plaintiff, they Ihould not allow inten- A P R O CL A
: after laft term, having occafoned a meeting tion to enter into their confideration. The only WHER s
of merchants and owners of hips, on Wednefday thing for them to determine was, whether the Rorti W t
the purpose of more fully con deringthe buinef, ponderated, as to the veffelI's being found within date at Mt CIot B
we think it our duty to lay before the public a the limits of a port, as defcrled by the hovering the tenth
tort account of the legal principles on which cafe a. A.d here his Lordlip obferred, he was a that the La
of that nature have hitherto been determined, for good deal relieved, by the depoftion of a nlip. Bahama
the information of all parties concerned. matter, unconnected with either party, who hap. ad rante on the faolloin
The general rule of law is, that a carrier, on opened to be at fea at the time, and lhw the whole fay, hat forty acres olard hi
account of the hire which he receives, implicitly tranfaeion. His depalttion wan atih corroborated rfon, being mal. or milanl
undertakes for the fafe de ods dy of good deir y another witness, who both fihftantially con- imfelf or erfilfl and twent
to him, and therefore he (haltanfwet the value of rmd the dene added on the part of the nd black man w
them, if he is robbed of them. Co. Lid 9 This defendants, with regard to the distance at which fchfamily (hal confi t the
doctrine was particularly recognized by Lord the veffel was from tfore when feized. Ills Lord- i fh wara at Iall at
ChiefJuftice Holt, in the cafe of Lana against Cot- fhip, therefore, left it entirely with the jury, ti fith warrants That allgr
ton, Salkcld. 4. Eaft T. as William III, where after considering the evidence on hbith fides, to the payment of two Ihilliogs fte
Lord Holt declares common carriers would by the return fuch a verdid as they in th r confcienccs c ef hundred acreom toh
custom be liable for all negleda ofthofe who aft lould think jurt. The jury d for a Ihort 'a l tobe pad t ro e the
under them, though they ihouldexpielly caution time, and brought in a tvrdi fr e defendants. af default of which B"t
againlift it. It is a hard thing, flaid he, to charge a wic grMfte
carrier, but if he should not be charged, he mi B, ghI Bt .Bhis Majeftv has been gr
keep a correspondence with thieves, and cheat the N aw-Paova. nc. enco racmet tohi n ya obe
owner of his goods, and he could ncver be able to BJ Hi Hor JAMES EDW D POWELL, enw the UnitedStla oftes a
prove Lieutenant o a (,ntnnrlr c count of their loyalty to
rOne ofthe cares alluded to by Mr. Wekett in ~bwf in eand i- ere aid i. r ,'r account f their loyy to
the courfe of tile brufiefs at the meeting, was Frte Admiral, and Ordinar, be7,ae, f'.. a fco id n oor tycot
More against Sine or Since, in i. Ventr. avi1, and dyastoreth t ultt'e ['tb
in other books, which was an adlion against the A PRO C LA A T I 0 N. fcrved in the frveral grants, ert
anafRcr of a (hip (who was there held to be liable H HEREAS Exportation of any to his fail Suihiedt /hall not mn
in the fame manner as an owner) for goods ftolen Spreies of rovilions, may in the payable tintil aftcrthe cxpirati ft
by eleven men, who came on board the (hip under relent ci4t anflancea or things, the datr oi their treped&ve rat
prttcnce of preling the mel, and by force feized e attcndt with cortqi.ences grants it is his Majetya Roy' W
on the men, and took the goods ; the matter was h highly pridicial tothle nhabi- hall le dlivred to thefever grate
there held to be liable for the value of the goods. tants ofth c Inands; I IIAs expense whatever: I DO THEREF
There is aifo another cafe of Coggs against rcrrff' croa Coton r Tr, by whlh the advice and confeat of his
Bemard, Trin. Term. a. Ann Raymond g98, and with the advice and coll t of His Majefty's nourable Council, iffle this my P
where it is laid downehat the law charges a per- Honourable Council, to illie is my Proclama. hereby making known to all ptrfon$
efn entrusted toearry goa s against allevents but lion, hereby ftridtly prohibiti the Exportation that upon application to me in Council,
ats of God, of of eneies of the King (which of any Species of Provifions, am this or any receive Warrants of Surrev for running
robbers are not faid to be) Ir though the force be other lIland within this Gover ent, to any port lands, agreeable to his Majefty's faid I
never fo great, as if an irUtllfible multitude of or place without the limits t eriof. This faid and their family tights.
people Ihould rob him, neyvtheltfs he is charge- prohibition to comnncnc, from and after the date GIfEN iinder mny Hand and the Onre
able. hereof, and to c,-tinue until further orders. I,'4nds, at Ni/fit, this AM
In Hilary Term, rg Geo.eI. Parilh againnl CfGI. un, m Ha.d an, thb C(reat of Sptsemthr, in Ith ear o/f' r Lt.n
Ctawford, Stra. i, it wa determined that an the faid i?'i. nat ',Xafa, 1/is t it day of fandfeven hundredand ri;, fw,
owner of a fhip, who has le i 3 lip to another, oI member, i, the .ar of Our Lord One thou. twntt lffi b ar rf Ili Ma/
was nevertheless liable for a f gold lent liy fandflfein andred ,anei.~h, 'ie, anlin the JAMES EDW
the (hip. twentyfixth ear rf fis Mtjtlh' Reign. Bj liH l1wror's Command,
At the trial of the ea e o tton against Mit- JAMES ELWARD POWELL. ST..rHF HAVEN, pro Secretars.
chell, the defendAnt intended o have inlifted on By hii Honor's C nmand, G 0 D S AVE THE KI
the benefit ot the statute of 7 i. c. I. which JOHN O'HALI OR pro Se.etary. H1T TIERIAS tile jail in this tow
n cafe ofembezzlement byti afteror mariners G OOD SAVE T I1 Ii K IN G. WV day break, on the Morning
snakes the owners liable nl o the value of the MtMORlAL to the (omrmifi Met ns or en. th inft.toke open, and the fal In N
flip, but was precluded fro going into proof for i qniring into the Claims of thie American made thuir efrlipe, viz. Franife under
that purpoft, by having un ily agreed to admit, LoyaliRt, is left at the Printing )fficc, to receive of transportation, and Nero,helon g to
that it had been a robbery by force, which it was the finattie of perfons of that defription, who I do hrerchy offer a Reward of '
in fal, but there was faid to be a collufion he- have it not in their power to go t A cotia, each of the fil Negroes, to whlr wil
tween the mariners and the robbers. The gene orto England, in order t and ivr them to Ido
ral O incipleas Abtvic lated, was not at all diili:it- orto England, in order ti fitiflintit l it claims head and deliver them to me ; a Idoa
dral incipleas ave tatedwas not at all dint- on Government, for loffes fillain t caufe the fime lb ward to any Perf P
cd from or called in quellion by the defendant or of their Sovereign and Country i will give i formation of their bein
ki, coulnfl. NlTaau, D.Dcember rOt i8(. /. V be paid on cuoition of the perfo
London, Yul2a4, 1785. -- HENRY I
JOH N M RM R, Co. D. P .Y
COURT of ExcnHEQnui, EDIsuGaonH. H A IA F t R L E, Nafau, necemlr 9, 178.
[he KING agaiinJ the Owners and Mafjref the AN AssonMa OF T E T,
Sbip Two Friends. G O S TO B E E T,
T HE vcffel under condemnation was loaded G A PLANTATION at tl ,Wel.w
With brandy, geneva, tobacco, and other In the Ship Clhndlery andl ery hoinef. occuidby J M E.
articles ofcontraband goods. She was taken after J UST I M PO 'T E D, apply to
a (hort chance, off Fraferfbtrgh. hb the revenue WIILIAM BRAD
butter Prince Edward, commanded by Captain I" the Schooner HAnsoT,, (C tt GR r, from Who has for Sale, a few zecn gt
Cook, and carried into that harbour. The owners A N I) ESOLD d Port.
claimed the Ihip and cargo as not being a fmug- On Rneonale rm A Ll Perfons having any d mands
sling adventure, but a fair one, as the veffel was T- Efate of the deceafed Hsawa
loaded at Dunkirk and bound for North Bergen. By J H N C H STI E, of New Providence, are requefted toilv
The plaintiff, on the other hand, contended, that At his STOa on tt BAY, of their claims properly attefted 0 l
the cargo was evidently intended to be landed on \ For Canjb, hl ailett, r Cottoy. the t5th day of January next al
the north coaft of Scotland ; that the fhip had TINE Boards, Cecr Shin Pickled Mac- debated to the faid EftAe, to
gone out of hercourft fr that purpoft, and being J krel in bargl, S Bread, ie Bifcuit in the faid day, to
found within the limitsofa port, fellto beconfif kegs, New Butter infrkins. JOHN ARTERE Ad
cated upon the hovering a&.-The parties then A L S 0O0 R S B, Nau, D Recembr i7 d t.
went to prof upon thece avermenta; which he- Madeira, Port, Vid nia and Teneriffe Wine, D UN-AWAY from the Subfcriber iA
ing concluded, the evidence was fummed up, on Old Jamaica Rum b the puncheen, Coffee, Hol- I. Carolina, about years ao, the
the part of the defendants by Mr. Alexander landed Geneva, Railinsn calks, betl Hyfon and Negroes, viz. Me: about thirty s
cate.-The Lord Chief Bton then charged theED o R A w Fal f br
*jury in a very clear and candid manner. His WANTED to KRCIASE, Yoe, a thick well et Fellow, fa ea .
ordlhip observed, that it gave him pain to men. A 0OOD hand Ne MAN ERVANTI good Seamfrerf S, a tall film ma
kion, and in the hearing of o numerous an audi- A and as his Bulnef will be chic|y to attend a yellowiah c on, her So Sai
story, that perjury had undoubtedly been commit- i about a fnor. and c*ry out parcels, himuft be re- years old when e run away, and I bl~
ted in the courfe of that trial, but on which fide commended f6r hi onelty and obrie. Esquire (he has had two ldren ice. Sadwma
It lay, after all the attention he had gven, he could of th Printer, the property of a. Neolon in this I
not take upon him to deternlne.-The one fet of ANT D TO PU HAS her mothphe i hea there is rcas
witnteflc for the plaintiff, part of the crew of the W TO motherrsAheei is a h here t me.
cuiter, his Lord ip obferetd, plainly and decid. A MALT ANG of N S of un- Any person aplh endig S d i d ht
edy bought the oeffel within the limitsof a port, A doubt p-opert. A yr giving informal n o that I can gt
by wearing that the was only from three to five OB RT NSTON. receive a Rewar of TC Emty Oisen
mile from land when feized. 'Ite fet of wit. OTTO,. Salt, Branziletto, aogany, Hard ruiwas fr each of the other A'-
. fiise tor the defendants, belngthe crew of the C Wood, Ac. for Sai by aorictors at .THOM IAS
Iwo ricades, mnthcaotrry,wefri wt cequtia Euma. NOV. Qr, eas. -

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