Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 10, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00018
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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V -o. If. 4 1'


NULt J i4DDICTro JlOAKil' e vIlSA MAOI TKi. Hor.

From U'RTURDAY, Dicpiasi o,0' to USATURDAY, DIcRMast 17, 1785.

,NASSAU: Printed by JOHN WBLLI, t the Printing Office on the BAY.
I r ~

EuropeAn Intelligence.

IN the laf conlrence between the Grand Vizir
and the Int uncio ot the Emperor, the for-
mer gave the I er the mollt positive and unequi-
vocal proofs, t t the Sultan had nothing more
at heart than maintain the mot perfect har-.
mnnny and invio bl friendship with his Imperial
MHajlely. *
1 he Republic of Venice havebeen treated in a
very different flyle by the Divan. It has given the
Vcnecian, to unlerftantd, that it was its desire they
fhiolil make peace with the Tunillans; if they
di I ot, that the Porte would affift the latter with
all thle r torces. In confequence of this, their
Amn affador with 'imficulty obtained a delay for 75
days, and he ha teent Ieveral exprlefes to the Re-
rubic. The Balthaw of Seutariia s filppofed to
bhve fome orders re stive to this bufinefs. Thua
mrnch we know of a certainty, that the Venetians
hare entered into a treaty with Rmlia, which may
p Ilibly engender, a,.uther war with the Ottoman
En pire.
Maldid, yul, Ir. A decree publilfed on the l8lth
of iay, cota :n, hle b:loowi ig, viz. Experience
having iprovd that tlie colonor at pr ftnt ufted by
ith R yal Navy aanmerchant llips are frequent
at great diflaices, Ind in times of calm, mlntaken
for thife of other nations, lii> Majefty order'
thcrefoire, that in future the i.g ofed by men of
w Ihahi be divided kngthlwa- silto there : Thi
tor ndl bI'ttlon dlivitlo to contain each one quar-
ICt of the width of the colours, and to be led I
t e middle Orcak, which will contain the other
hal', is to be yellow with the arm, of Spain re
diacl Ito the two qnarters of Caftile and Leon,
ftrinmontled iy a Royal ciowsi the flame or
treamntr is to he of tle timecolonrs with the arm.
of Spain, in a yellow Iquare near the flag tafnl.
The co'r nt ulcd by the merchants Ihips are tol
be the fame. but without the arms, and the whole
idlth oif the coloiirs divided into three equal
prt : the upper and lower ones to be ted anti
yrilow alternately, and the m'd'le yellow. The
atbvi co!oni Ithaill btcomc general on the ift of
J ni.ny, ii6, in the European ocean, an fir as
the latitude of Tc.iciffir; a the Mctlitcranca.n,
o ii t, I t of July ; in Ameica, ind every where
c I, the lft fJ 111nary, 1787."
Anmerdam, fiu / 3. Captain Verhcull has
jull In;Oiiaht i v.if a thhd "itory gained by a
fi1uadion of Ri RepIhli in the Eat Indies, uon-
der tle com id of C tain Van Bramm, who,
after the fet d expedi ton, meditated a third,
agamif the Kig of Riouin. This new expedition
ftl(e.d4d like the two others. The enemy were
rtille.f with vigour, their ihips were entirely
disabled, theirli Atken, and they wercobliged
to fln. The tr lf the Republic then made a
dr'cent on the lb I lars, whcre they couquer-
ed or defti.,yed v thing. This action-took
placr the 30oll of OD ter.
The Commandant as to return to Batavia,
after having put ever thing in order.
After the conqiiftI the Ifland, it wastnccifary
to take the city of Rioun ; in c,'iifqnence, battle
rise t wetereded to attack thl place, but the in
hibitants fled under four of a dark night, and
left all their lores behind them. The Malaife
King, whom the fugitives had opprelT d, offered
the next morning the country to Captain Van
braam, who took pofflcforatof It, and fet up the
Dunch standard.
Paris, Auguft s. The Coni.t de raffe has
Seen at Court ; he was prefrnted to the King and
Royal Family by the Man ial de Caftrie, Mini-
fer of the Marine Department, with whom tile
Count afterwards dined. Nq ole fs furprized at,
hit flattering reception, fince tt is known that Mr.
deCaftries has always avowedly been, the friend
and protedtor of the unfoltunatt prifoncr of the
Eoglifh Admiral.
.ugif a. Many people areim dotbt whether
the teaB.ono -l- for the Wlprtioe at ofthe

Cardinal do Rohan, Oropd Almee r-france,
be the teal ones ; but as they are pubicl reported
at Vertfilles, they certainly merit lome degree of
credit. The fad is a follprs:-Mrn Bohmer, the
King'A jeweller, fome months ago, offered her
Majefty a diamond necklace of immenfm value
tie price fixed war 1,6ootaOollres. Her MaleAy
is fuppofed to have replied, that the tate ofher
finances did not admit oftr eexpndingfuch alum
on fo ufeleft a purehafe." On her Majefty'a refu-
fal, the jeweller endeavuered to difpoef of the
necklace Ibroad. In the interim a certain lady
De La Mothe came to the eweller's and told him,
" that the Queen would take the necklace on
condition of paying for It by infalments, and at
the fame time infited on the purchase being kept
a profound fccret." Mr. Buhmer did not think
proper to deliver the necklace on the strength of a
fuppofed letter from the Queen, which the lady
had brought, but required Tome better security.
The lady hereupon affured him, that one of the
Arir pcrfon about the Count Ihould be fent to finish
the bargain. This person proved to be the Cardi-
1nl tie Rohan, who after having called on Mr.
Bohmer, ftnt for him to bil hotel, and concluded
the punchafe for 1,4oo.o0o lives. The necklace
was delivered to Madame de La Mothe in return
for notes of her Maielty's, payable at driferrnt
times. the firfi of which for 400,o00 livrer, became
due the til of Adtlit.
The Caddinal having neglehed to take npthe
uilll tle jeweller, by means of a friend about the
Qeeln's person, laid hit complaint before her Ma-
icity, together with his v.ichers, aming which
was a letter of the Cardinal's own writing, in
vhch he fays he had delivered the necklace.
The Qjeen was fit furprifed at thefe nn-
accountable proceedings, and fe unwilling to be-
lieve that any one could have been guilty of fich
grofs impudence, that the took ten days to exa-
mine into this mvflery, and obtain the fulleft
proof, before the would mention it to the King.
On Sunday her Majefty htrfilf informed the
King of it, and on Monday the Cardinal was ar-
When tihe Baron Ireteuil iheiwed the Cardinal
the papers produced by the Jeweller, it is faid, his
Eminence arknonultedred hil Jfgnature. and iota fo
af Ird, that be onbl ged In have a glafi fsa-
ter brought him fsre he rauld rteever himfelf, an
that after he bad .Fgknl ud toe/on if bi fault.
he implored the King's clemency, and offered to p
the r.40o,o000 livr in s4 lburi time.
The Queen's hand is not forged I the notes
are flgned Marie Atieinetti de France, which is
not her Maletty's method of (fining,
On Tucdfday evening the Cardinal was Cent to
the Baftile, and all his papers and elfeft fead up,
as well as thote of the people in his fervil, and
the Count de Vergeones, the Marechal d lfries
and the Bacon de Breteull appointed toexamine
bem. The necklace is fuppofed t- be taken to
picccs, and the diamonds fent fome to Holland
and the reft to Portugal.
The Grand 4'moner is the firlt Cardinal that
has been atrelled tnceCardinal Polignac, for being
concerned in theconfpiacyof the Prince de Cella-
mare; this prelate was banlihed, but not confined.
His Eminence Is attended in the Baftile by three
servants, and is permitted to fee the Prince de
Souhife and the PrinQfs de MaCran ; he alffires
his friends that he Is the vitim of an intrigue,
and behaves with the reateft fortitude and
M. de Bellcome having fame orders to receive,
and particular bufines to tranfad with the King,
and the Marfhal de Cafries, is einpeted In this
city, weeher will refide fome month before he
embarks for Pondicherry. The new India Conm,
pany deign to po pone their grand armament till
April 1186, a period which agrees with that when
the Duke of Dorfe will arrive to conclude, by
the mediation of tlComte d'Adbemar, a tnrel
of commerce with Oreat. Britain I a treaty whicb
will abrogate the laft prohibitory laws ilued fro0
the Council of Veriilih.

Le. atl Aw Mr. Rigby's accounts at
the Pay1)ice, ae all to be fettled before the next
meetig of Parliamen*.
St nmrir The French bave at laft fieceeded
In their long proje~cd deign of reviving the Eaft-
(ndia trade by it ancient channel. through the
gtlfof Perllaand by wayof Alexindria. Every
thing we are afifred Is nnally fettled with the
Beys of Egypt and the Chiefs of the Arabs of
the Defart, who in consideration offme trillin
duties have agreed to enfurs the fate paltie of
the caravans, and to grant them proper efforts.
Though this negotiation wa carried on with the
greatest fecrecy, the Englilh reading in Egypt had
notice of it, and ufed ever effort to reader it
abottv. hut without fucces.
It till however remains a great doubt whether
thin trade will answer the sanguine epnctdations
formed from it. The moment the paflage to In-
dia by the Cape of Good Hope was discovered,
the track now attempted to be opened was ahin-
doned. The difficulties of land carriage, efpe-
cially through fuch inhofpitable defarts as thofe
of A.abia, where whole armies have perthned;
the rapacity and treathery of the chiefs of thofe
tribes who will always rife in their demands ac-
cordint to the riches of tie caravan, and ifthey
find them more il than ordinary, will, from their
'nf"it;ale thirft of plunder, make no fcruple, as
has often been found by experience, of feizing the
whole, and which they will be the m-re readily
induced to, a. no po.wr Nan pnnih the delin.
quent all1 there circumfiances muft render the
trade fo dangerous, expensive, and precariouse
that no reafanable expectation can be formed of
its ever fnieceding.
The Duke of Newcaflle, and without any
fpccflic ailment, is to much broken of late, that
he cannot he expended to laft much lonyr. An
event therefore comes in view, which however it
may be a private loft, will benefit the public to
the great amount ofthirty thousand pounds a year ;
fr Mr. Pitt has, with the fame magnanimity as
when he rut the Pells from him, and gave there~
to Colonel Barri, refiled the alirtnemntt of this
place alf,, and declared that a finecure to prepo.
Iteornfly detrimental to the public, (hall exif no
longer than the life of the present pnffTffer.
RitraR of a letter from Dublin, AtuguI ry.
A trade to all the world Is extremely capa.
cions in idea among Irilhmen, but the moaf diffi
cult of being reduced to practice of any thing we
know. Some diftrelhng examples could be pro.
diced that this is the fai. On the conclusion of
the late war, there arefe a kind ofjfror to ruft
with all our goods into the American mark, t,, and
return with mountains of gold. What was the
confrqnence ? The Americans conftralned all ma-
nufadures, &c. to be handed over to American
Agents; thofe American Agentp foreftalled the
fal, and told the Irlih Supercargo, that he mult
either take fich and luch prices for his goo4s, or
leave them on credit. He generally chofe the
wife alternative, and at the lotr of perhaps a
third in value returned home, deceived and cha-
grined. There are at this hour men who had
inre d up warehoukfe of goods In this city for the
American market, and ending It inelecf to fend
any there, are firtggling with diffi' i with-
out being able to vend their manufa&ures. Sluc
are the dirfapointments attending a trade with a
the world."
Every mail from America brings counts f
the erealon of States In tlat quarter ofthe globe
they (rleng up like nlharoons after rati, and if
they go on at the ratethey have.begun, instead of
sj there c:ay fasm he jo Statte, ir every mat
may be, what the AmeIan Mae o' longl panted
for, hla own LtgiBatol. In father words, every
man's hand will be stainl every man I anarchy.
confulon, und domedic discord m ri enfl and
that once loaulhing country, fl(li hit an indnity
of mall Republics. aU initlnsl tobne anothbel
will probably ehibit aetnitiad i ele~of blod
Ihedav.--Thofe in the madk f hUdlMIt p Imren.
lar, bcag cut ff roaill &A1 uiglcaUoa( with

If. rade autsim, r:mf-nI oMr. I third ire e eu rd an

The Ipanlards new el v feverely ofe 2l league! 1
effe o the coragement to T arced with pn lonftred fecom
American. Th example o Stae, ha mun cato wItl tars make so Ino

operated a a powrf lmul all over the newbofhs Prudian Maieey, to LordCarma rthen.*
carry n It or eel d oo foreigners.

toded th Ia f as ri the rA oM t i l at LAW Is A.
to, without oce deigig to t Old pain. l capacity, wa plefed to conAdmralty. t

heIf. ofthe Isilh Propoptlonsis notattended., The W k ly Intert wh&ckhis Pruaam Ms cfy
ith the lo of pularty o the pard t sglof A never es ttake fo ner t l in the Ioand o

ration, nor will it te followed by the lofs of Oermanic cnitution, and the prefervaaion oa
other c hlda te ery indurpl a at the the rhte of eey Me e f the E cannt
loudly time po trronodiy repr ted. It wa to but deferred the greatft pre the anpower
ctaim, Ilverva by the aild s to the prutpen to Count
te majority I Iea Ln, quParliament, thatof the Mconfdniration made
judi reilde d, Me Jranr thi cotry wlar the Court tof kal refpeaing the Germar
The Spaniards now cl ver fevtelya the I League:
effcs t the eaournd ementeren to the ent of The Kingr h tirceived with platrio e i ew of
Americans. The example ofthoe States has municatios which Count Lufi hat made, by order
operated as a powerful flmulsc all oer the new of his Pruffl an MajelM,'to Lord Carmtartheit of
world, and his i Rn Catholic Majefty h reafow n o the ecntimnts of hic laid Maje ty refpeiling te
to dread that in a ew years the treasures of Mexr treaty signed at Berlin the akd of JulTy n tbe coen
co and P of the Mreru will be Frespd overa the rcA of u clouding of whIch the King him hist Eao
lape, without once deigning to lexet Old Spain. ral c c ityt was pleatfe to concur.
the he i, of the l h e dope, loois nttte frm ed "Thea likely lnterde which his Prueian Mjeft n
with the oft of popularity on the part of Adi to. never cfdene to take for the maintenance of the
ration, nor will It he followed by the luI of Ocrmanic coftitution, and the prefervation of
hwer cha has been fo induftri,ail thou andat the the rikts ofevery Member of the Empire, cannot
ame time wio erroeoully represented. It was to but dlferve the greater psife from thoSe powers
the voice and clamour of the multitude, not to who are true friends to the prosperity and well-
the majority in Parliament, that the Minifer mo being of that rfp Fridble confederation ; and at
udiciouy yielded i and a s this country was the ame time that the f he Court of London is three
equally divided and indiferentl to the event ofa to rend er this Jufce to the patriotic views or his
fyftom.whie had opened luck a Eene of conten- rufan Majety, it flatters itelf that the meafrncs
tion, hercri ied withalgo Boardce hia wnpoli- of precaution, which the three Ei t oral Courts
tical maxims to the violence of party. It was not have though proper to trke, may never become
Inability to pr fecute it with Succefs, but the necefiary, by any attack, either dire-lbr ':ldire&,
moderation of the Mini fer. which prevented his upon the acknowledged rights of thbtGertanoi
plan from being carried into execution. What Bode ; bdt that, for the future, thae mof folid
therMini eun d have dome, is evidn t from the harmony may be reelablild an the h molt fin.
facility with which Mr. Forfler has been raifkid to cere conlfdenre for ever ubftift between the aigutR
the wair i the Iffupl Senate, though oppose d Chiefandthe illuflrice Mtc bers oh the Emtrpired.
with all the weight and itengdomce ofThie Duke of eetraffl ofeuletioe hat Brl r, Seqit. io.
Letin er and hi 'hole part. Tothem pra.d dce, ae are all in a cctatin here, tall s war and
therefore, and discretion of Government, we may rumour of war. On Prirday morning laS march.
fairly concltre, is to beattrbuted that turn which d to the frontiers of Holland, upwards of three
the Irilh bulirefs hasfo recently taken in the fier thousand men of the Bender regiment by order of
kingdom. the Emperor, and double that quantity, confiantin
Sent emr to.u The Admiralty Board have dif. of dragoon, &c. are preparing to follow them :
coninuciu the conmmil in in the ports of the al-i there is ta be an immediate encampment near Ant-
tie for manuefaltnint coral el for the ui f of the werp, which is to cotnit in all of about st,ohe
navy, it being determined in ft ure to import the enr; and lire laf t nigher-thatndly) a courier arrin-
materials, and to manus fure them at home, by" edl at the nnla t of Brues to tle Arch Dlue', but
whichthey will eo of fnptrior quality, and the the f Ecetrof his dipatclse have not yet trufpred.
moneycenter withll the kingdom -This isawell The geer pculation roo ais, that the rqnuifition
timed rofeglti m. made by the Emperor is accdon d th oan the part if
We arc inlorme r g, that in a few days will.he the Dutch; btt others are of a dillerent opi;no,
Ihippedn on oool. worth nf ,e dc am o vwfict i the and conclude that this military pge antry will
river, bound for Gilralta~, a large model of an produce very feriora coofequences; mean time,
ancient n catapult, that h i lately been executed by the a insements and ilvitird of this gay town go
an line t pte wi ren aker, acc rding to diraeions on as urinal, and the grim vifaged War has by o
given by i rultn nt (;e aeial Melvi.i. Itisthought means or mtoohthed hisf wrinkkid front ;" the
that this n tacnne, which was ueed by the old Brabaritias, or rather -th e terminatel d lbyang.,
PGrtki and Romans for projecting dartisnd other i dance to the lafcrvionl plcTings ofa hi ate.
aniffi e y leaposl in th ir attack and dnfenre of rhe Empdro i fetrms received to cutup frlper-
locef te lt prone applicable to )me phirricular o ft tion root and branch, by tur o ig Nunt ries
services at Gibraltar, for which totin artillery into unable and Cohvents intfo coach.hme been
is not well in ted o Surh trial a calinoted with mhre 'Ih Prifthood m eateur, and the philofphrr
profped of lii be made, than under th e dirconfe congratulate the mofevet o aon the occafon. ll i
of the veteri cominat r, who baffll d the hot- at once intrepid, gequ eroein candid, and dLci-

tell attempt ever l nde upon that rti afte- C nt inue te natante.f t onc
ware are a uire ci tol rm g reu authority t hat Powtfneu ih, r Sept. ir. ailed the oinug erte
ooool. worth of thofe I4 amond, worcu linae oc- and Qr .eii Charlotte, two Irips boud fr orde
cain town in a match ohurry, in aris, and made the h Sea on diiomention

azakile the wroi t foubd of A a Ardinal, and th e Vtna, Seprur It ha been the pir e ome. Not
poundii b ridtece iel s advic. m t" wasB advi, withreported, that the difs t with ogr ll eie are re-
dTig uri of in th city nedr a fo tnkergy.t bfor Why that need in a very feioar avaner.d' I is niow uch
account of the tA tun opa wa rcc gaived from doubted whether hey Em be terminated by all hin
Patis amicable accommudAtios. The tioopt whirvh has
Lae relairde to.-A thch or country neighbour been dirced conhanlt, have reciveh to frinih orders to
of the lat ay the Counll lor, aker, who h.l often reumdilye their m, confor mably tLow Countries. The
ndeavored to feal his advice. tmber giving oppor worksthat in or Areny, hi ls have for omMaje day been
tpnity uon day, n the eofubj of a mreining's ride, carried on with the g eat hre a tivity.
to afk hai opinion upon a ptfo t o; I fe Confge P Septm a Time he movements amon the om-
quhenc, he gave it v rry fully, oiit:vely, and pensi roopt. quWrte red in the Ati trian Low
explicitly upon the bufinefn ; but isome time after- Coti $ indue the in;abltantsofthoie provinces
wards, the Squire eromiirg totheother'schambers to beliedr that is inevitable. All ourletters
in town in a g eat urry, ays, the Zounfellornds, Mr received by the three l pos, mention nothing
aza remleyb It nh w loft ftur or ie thoufnnd b t wh being they pint ofncreahin r out. Noe-
porinds by your advice. By ty adie, uwitanding which, it u generally believed here,
neighbour! how Cu?" replied Fazaker cy. Why that the leafon is too far advanced for beginning
you were inithe wroig n thoe orlinin you, gave a camlgn. The Epe or wants only by all hi

kfs thecafe f appear 1 *y fe book! Iwar II ordered for the Coaft of Africa immediate.
mve creative to the lmanre, o f wS- hi, tey Ie menace to con arkrin the Dutch to fenih matter
oaiion Cays the Coundfleor, tPrimu, to one of reedilfy with him, cnfonrmably to his denfres;
his booksi I don't remember givhig you any I that is to flay, his Imperial Majefty flatters him.
opiuioc upon th fubji, tI I don't r-member ha. felfto give law to them by threatening to attack
nUg had any fuch thing before me; I fee nothing I them at a time when he bcllevea they are not
ofit in my booa.'-- Book I Ifo, (tay the prepared to make head again him.
other) it was a we were riding out together t Uoreeb, hpt. rs. We are afCtsed thit their
Prelton lath h fmmer. e O lays the Counfellori High Mightrneffes are at this moment delibera-
ad I remember It nowl Ih that was only my I tin whether they Ihall at one recall their two de.
travelling opinion and to teb you truly, neigh. putles from the Imperial Court.
hour, my opinion is never to be relied upon, ua- Loaden, &Spteimbe at. The Grampus man of
's the cafe appears tin my fee book war Is ordered for the Coaft of Africa immediate.
The Ruffian have laun .hed fince Chrilimias IA ly. Four hundred Coldiers, including artillery,
five men of wa of the lIne two of which, the are ordered to embark for the Briltit Cettlements,
Santa Catharia ad d ledre Prlmo, are three to reinforce the garrisons Lbe transportation
deckers of too p euch; thefe two Ihipt have eonvias are to make qo part df there.
bam equipt at troisadt and are now in the I It wa; the report yefterda ast Commodore
tle t the lest. fr Ike purple of trying I ower teds to the command in the Mediter.
Jad turdw b the l,* Ir dy c: cntr use r9 ma1, and that Capt. C*o do4 sot go oat.

is now Cpalut, li, i
:ihend (a:s l
of U se, In wd .lt or.
willfo .w One rwo
to thls rtlon i, tsa
tunlify offeci ng ome of lb ao
world; and.belde e t d
Florence apl, c. he to go
where he will probably me
Royal unlcls, who areg
in that capital of the

By Hid Honor JAMES D ARD
/Z; Lieultenant.-vernor
Chef in and "r itb faid
rue AdMiMrl, andOrdir th
S HEREAS th Ex1rtiatio
S Species of vlni
ptent ctrc n of
w be attended ith coali
highly rein 11 t their
tants of the in
and with the advice and cnfe of His
Honorable Council, to iflile my
lion, hereby ftri(ly prohibiti the I
of any Species of Proviflon, this or
other Ifland within this Gone ent, to a
or place without the limits t ereof. T i
prohibition to commence from and fterthe
hereof, and to continue until further ordcfl
GII'FTN under my Haffdanthe Orea t as
the faid flands, at Nafa,, sSt, iuis &la
Now'mvn r, in the Year of Or Lord Oer
fand fein hundred andrightyfIw, Id
t'venty.fithb rear nf tlis tatfr'a l f t.
Rj bis HInor'S Cnmand,
JOHn O'HALtLORA, pro Seretref '.
IIAV. FO t AL& ,
S A A o AssonTImNT or
G 0 o D 8,
In ;the Ship Chandlel ay Grocery hfihs ,,
In the Schooner HA i *rT, Capt. Gatir, fr
NE'W YO x K,
A N D T 0 B E S 0 1. D,
O.n Renfo lr T7rm.,
At his STOnR on the BAY,
ror Ca/o Bra tin, or Cotton.
pD NI Boards, Cedar hingles, Pickirde IM
Skrel in Larreld, Ship rcad, White Bihfeal
keyC, New Butter in fir ns. .
Madeira, Port, Vidonia and Teneriffe Wh~
Ol11 Ilnaca Rum by the punched, Corffe, I.
nnfiCe .rnenr, Raifins in catks, ,ball Hiyfm Ii
BnIOa'i''el, Cod Finl, &c. ce. &c.
A l. Perrfon having any dcm aMai
SEflate of the di:cca fir Mr. h WAi m
late oftlii town, Merchant, are no mnae i
for tle lafl time, deirred to give State dfl
f me properly attctedl; ald 'hofe debtctolt
fald Eltate. are desired to make n eaotLm,
the next Return Day; al allacct at oaM '
paid, will be plicrd in the hand .f au Mlt'
ney at Law, to he flid for.
Nq~na, O8ter so, sts. iN5*' "
A OOD liandy Negr AN SERAWrt+
Sand as his Bulinefs w be chiely t
about a flore and carry out rels, he m -Uk "
commanded for his honcity sobriety. I
of the Printer. -
fb UN AWAY from the SubfCteber in 5Ir&
M Carolina, about fix rs ago, the fo -
Negrnes, viz. Monday, out thirty yeawr o
S feet t or to inches hiF, peaks goodl t .
her, a thick well fet PJlow fpeaka rot
lih; Linderr, a thick ell made wen h, *~ !
good Seaniftres; Surea tall aim made 1gd11 W
a yellowish complex her San Sam, aaid j
years old when they r llway, and'I am
the has had two Children face. bar wasi MM
the property of Mrs. Nredaw is this INa
her mother is here. there b reafon 0
is alfo here at this time.
Any person apprehending Ser adb w
or giving information to that I egp tfi
receive a Reward of f rn aolMs i s Sm I
Cuiau for rech ofthe other. .
Nn. Us, 1hs.. THOU" aaS ***io


g I -' .
statement of the Clal Ith
lifts In tahema f tWE
w wa laid eft Palri

n o


S 11

f~ 4

? I

&ItD, For
31 Stoop qarah & Rebecca, Hall, Betmuda
Brig R ner, Paterfon, Antigua
School. Atielope, Turner, ditto
A B. for Letteri to go by the Schoner
,r '. atthreu, fer London, is up at Mr.
tw o., ad will be ta ex away e Tburf-
M N a if g (j 0

I ) ?or

Brtheir STOCK of Par 8 on Hand,
Nch Printed Catal rdifiributed.
"wo Hundred Pied of I ht; for all
Iho Aldrclo, Three olnLredito; and
AE A New hr DLaaeI yt er bl of Scpmn-r
tl.ilhrwi, frPsidat, l ti nt Mr.

iI &hove Five Hundred cces Eight, Six
P De a arLI C I Store
:I6lcir SToCK of & e on Hand,
i P.B rigrd atrog n Ainrihutnd.

le to Heg'n at A of Ei' o, and conleue
fcor ammre loe, Three o andt
t illad Five wlundred ou elEh, Six

It Lery Foreno eon, til thr whole i. i dpofcd
I a.
I B. Clan merchantable Cotton, or Brazil-
i at Calh Price," will be taken in payment.
ecember De15, 172,.

FO R S A L h,
IThe ScHoonHa
MdaAh About ri Teon burthen, lfils re.
Smarkarfy faR, and iP well calculated
-I for a rtler, Wrecker, of Packet
Sthe Ifliadu ir we ll found, and may b
IStt tat ngoPce. or terms apply to
*-.rt l7. N. 1.7
t L erFore having o don amnd, plnlt Mri .
la, t GAiLLHT a lde eaktd. k re reqn eed
1Q0 is Ihtts of the iNG .d Ill h It-
mak at n i elcluae


to.derdt lthe t Bautu, are
termt tr ad tli t

tN*IIA-fll l 1 A d
*w .-Povlbauc,a A '"
0j Ne l SufUswA EDW 0 1 t0 "

wi date at h Comtt t JM
the tenth day ofStemer s84,
SHBahama-]Aan ,1hali belrveyed
ad anted on the following edition that i
fay, aTbt fty acre A i ted to eveIy
parfon, bing maft r fre ofak y, f"'
rlmflf or herfclif and oy acre, p every
white and black tenth day or cSld, f which

ng fuch wrrauts That te ran tee bw e i bje to
the payment of two thllow erting quit reat fr
every hundred acre, to menace at the cexpira
tion of twa yearn from t date ofthelr isfpeAive
grants, to be paid at the ido o ery year there.
after, in default of w grants to a be void:

been redentr rin f and Coloniac or Provrnce
now the United Sbtatck Amwieriea, and who oi
account of their lays to his MaInly, IbaIl or
may, willingly or hy mpollon, remove into hin
the idpaymndt of to oer, that the quit rent to he rce
served in the federal gants, to he hereafter mae
to his aid Subiare, tlbo not commence and be
payable until atr the expiration often yearternm
the date of their tfpeive grant;t which boid
rant it is his Majely's Royal Will and Plceafre
hall bedllvered to the federal rantecs free of all
expenet whatever: I DO THEREFORE, by and
with the advice and content of his Majefty's Ho
nourable Council, ifrue this my Proclamation,
hereby making tknwn to all per tns concern ,
thtd upon athe fplcalaon to me in Councilhereaf they will
rrceie uiarranrt of Surverati running of t their
land, agreeable to bis Myajefy's Waid lnetr ion,
and their family rights.
GIhBN eliered to the ral thg e Orer f ar of

September, in th r"ear Our Lord One thou-
rn watdevn 6dredar d THEREFOREb andint e
s=.wntJ fd h i ear ef His Ma jeiy's Rion.
no H un l m r's of m and,
8Thereb HAin n pro lSeretry. n
T I HEREAS theJail in this town wal, before
VV day break,rn a.o v morning of u onday the
lth nnft.brcle o0n, and tye following NFruon,
made their efcml ria, Polydory, belonging to
Samul Parley, ir m danci, tuder sentence of
tranfoortatlon. Nero, belonging to Mr. Fax:
I do hershy ofea Reward of Fw t al /nes, for
each of the (and egroes, to whoever wiltappre.
head and deliver em to me i and ] do aslo ofr
the fame Rewar to any Perfon or Perrons who
will ge i fform a of their being harbourd, to
be paid on cony on of the peron ending.
NafHE, D thers al thS tn
AI bre. P aen hn ln ny demands agalt the

Eltne of the deceafed Buney DauaxaT,
of New Proidene ar requefd to give in tateF
of their elnims prpery atrteled on or before the
tranfoortation. INe. belonging to Mr. FnA

I dhrth day onf January ef and ill thae in-
each of the faid eratoe, to akhoe paymnt by
id anid day, to and I do
JOHN. ARTEREL, a d iilbartor.
Ah Mam OR IALto the Comioerfont or con
Sqnirint into the Citlm of btl 0meriaA
Loyll i- infot rmt at the Prininig arbour ed to
the paid otur of pr ion of that derion ot who
hae it at in their podecrafed HINo to T,

oftheir covereirg and n o e
NjPa. h dy of Jan y nt -
WARTo e T o PURC p t

doubt d to
A JOH ARTERl Ail itrato
NIlra, I,-_ly.a
.the wgaturooesof perfo of that dl B ,to.

STO B k T,
'A PLANTATION iat We;waad, '
o-X occupied by JIo Q tr a q. a rrd

ad lrt. o .
JU&T I I P T E f
L ike Brinidne CaPoIago, Capt. OIasm
from Lounon,
SAtheifrr dSw th Bar, tMa* Cap.t soa s
4TO fuahg Cistio gDiaper
4-4 .8 and 34lrift M w = hit 7ud bro
Litne Thread Stoeyings
.d4 and 6.4 ditto meeting Ditto ribbed Cotten dit
Plasillune and BaitanLi Dito white Silk ditto
arlix and fikcae Wonmen Cottn ditto
Drawn Rufia Sheeting Dito white Thread Gloves
Raven Duch Ditto coloured ditto
Printed Linen, Chita Dkitto Habit ditto
Callio Gown Pattem Metn white Silk & Tlrad
Printed Linen and Contt Glow
Handkerchief Ditto coloured ditt
Checks and Cotton Stripes Artificial Sri P& prwe
Check Htndierchlekf Hat and s te)a Pin
White India Dimity White Chappel Needle
White ad coloured Jeans Fiddle String
Striped Dimities Watch and Cane ditt
Q(iltings real and msck Black, white and coloaed
10-4, 9-4, and 8-4 Cotton Sewing Silk
Countcrpame Bloom. Hyron, OrGe ae
Scarlet and light edloured BohcT Teu
ine Bread Clothe Ioaf Sugre
Scarlet, white, blue. green Mace, Nutmeg,. Cloves
black and light coloured and Cinn moa
CaSimirc Durham Moalard, Salla
Striped Caunmblt Oil
Black, lue, and rel do. Muthroom Ketchup, sa
Black t blue Callimancoea Pickled Walnuts
Durante and Taomie Gcrkint and Capers, Cear
Norwich Crape rat Jelly
Bnmbaaeent Blue and white, and am-
Dutch Blankets nelled Breakfat and
White and Wriped Flannel Table China
Welch Plain, Ditto Mugs and Balona
Brown and blue Bath Ditto Scts of Tea China
Coating Men. fine & eoarfe Shoe"
Screen Baire Ladies Calimnaneo &dt M-
Sailort lined and striped rocco and Sattin ditto
Jacket, Fre ch hcele
Striped Cotton and Dck Youths Shoee
Tiowfer Girbl a nd Childrean dilt.
Canvas Frocae Men. fathioabi cocked
Cotton and Check Shirts Hats
White Ruffled ditto Ditto round with bklv
Nankren and Cordurey d ands
Breeches Girls and Children waki
Gingham Waiflenoat and brown ditto
Plain. firiped, cheek and Field Bedfeade cmnplet
flowered Mulline with Gauge furniture
Jatkonet ditto Mattral'ef
Chints Bordering for Nefl. of Red Leather A
Gowns Hair Trmlun
White. layloek, firaw, Ladies Cravan do. with
SWhite Shot, Pink Shot, braft lock. ad handle
Silver Grey, and Peach Hair Sleves
l.utcf ringe Green Laftring Umbrellu
Black and edged Tiffanies Travelling I.ampe with
and Perfiano Etherial Matehn
Striped and flowered Bro. Etherial Matches
cade. A general affortment Of
Ladies Sattin and PerGian Cerpentner PJane
Petticoats Beft Turpentin Soap
Do. black Mode Cardinal. RrdHcrrn
Ditto Salrlct, ditto with Huntera pipe
Ermine Mould Candles
Ditto Bell Hoops Role Butter
White, black and brawn Tongue
Foutal and Ofrldih Pea- Black Pepper
theu Starch and Fig Bla
Nu' Stiching Tea Hair Powder
Pet Juan & Shawptyinge Hard and Soft Poatnm
CBorden Effence of Lvndea mad
Tnned Edginge Bergamoe
Dutch Lace Gunpowder and Shot
Fan. Klnton'a beft Londo bt-
Ribbon afrted tid ed Prter
Plain and Diaper Tapeo Thral', ditto In hfAleal
7.48c.4,t4"uDiapecTablI A AXfetmeat of Ship
Cloths Chandlery. T"urnery,
Fine Damalk ditto OGlaLWare, andOCro
Ditto Napklns kely Ware,
Longn4 cear Lawms &c. tc. s&.
Cambrk mA
Thay ham UiDtfiar Saloh
LONDON particular l'ece ofSpre*
Madeira Wine, by Me Beef ld pMr k
the quarter cal or die- ba 'mlt-
men Flour Ih dit
Ditto Market ditto Trip oi Keg
Shfrry ditto ai. ad 01,Is
igh eoof amai and An hm aadCabl.,
pam- RMEN I. d ems.
aebes ma hoe at c &C. Ab .
Which they will o of, an ties riad
ale Teros, Mf5 o bw JGloo
91 runisng~IY -l \

._____- oorthA boost thik 41n1U'e -" Im
U enttoed into an tw d g .an. E41i
Irib Paliainentary Intelligence. euan eetvyt r late tP.lak. Af cd to..
Lord Headford brought up the ad Ws to his rlace
the Lrd Lieutenant fim the Comsmjtee appointed
HOUSE ORD. Srr8, Jetekr S. Aerday to prepare it, which was read; and on It
I_ Ornae the A Lieutenant having come la being read enraph by paragraph, when that prt of
H ate tothe Ho, aad a mefte being fent from it ete to b loncd aitrat ates Irving the peopleof
hib Grace for chf ttendface of the Conona, their thi country t liberty to resume or .nt the fabjetL d
Cwly'eletded ikakr, the Right Hon. John Foier, commercial llmet with Great.Britain,
attended, with a numerous Ixdy of the Con.monu. Mr. Coaol letred he gavvehilsffAntto the address,
ad having declared hie own unanimnou eleaitn u and princia r its leaving to the people f Ireland;
speaker f the Hoofs of Commona, the Lord Chancel- whaher tey at any future time entes uito acom*
lordedlard, that, by command of his Grace the I.rd mrcial arragc t with Britain, or not.
Lieutenant, he wa authorized to approve of the choice The Speaker was about putting the queftin on the
of the Common. in the eleion of their Speaker; that address, when
his dilinguihed genius, his copious knowledge, and Mr. Grattan at this moment entered the IHouf, mnd
confirutional abilities, called for the approbation of his begged leave to fay a few words. He anderflh.o that
Grace, and that of the Hoife. the address kept clear of the propifitions that hadleetn
After this the Commons returned to the Lower IHolfe, lately difeucd ; he begged the addief. night he again
and when the Lords had unrobed, the HKnile resumed. read. He now loundl Lon the alddrfs, that the pro:
Lord Clifden moved an addref of thanks to hit fecationofthlatlbali:fi it nott,,tally dclp-tl; heIsud it
Grace the I.rd Lieutenant, for the jniic, amiiability. would be but fair and manly in govel inent t declare,
and integrity of his administration, and thanking whhheththeymean tobringforward tany fturciaried
his Grace for the extraordinary attention to the inte- the bulnhofni a o nnfnicrtit arrarg crntiet wi'h Great-
refi of the kingdom,.and the zeal his Grace in every Britain, or rnt He pIoiftfedi the highell rte'pel for
isllance caprcffd to promote it prosperity. the nobleman at the head of admindlration here, to
After a Ihort debate the quiton was put on the ad- wholr peIornal virtues ie paid many rontplitnents; at
drel, when there appeared the fame time he could pot approve of any Ihirg bring
Contets 46? proies included mentiaed in the addref that had the leaft senlrncy to
Non-contenti 9 a re ival ofs fuhjitt alit dy difrcuffed. anI defeated.
Hownsl ofConMMOns Sepltembr Sir Jnhi Parnell fad he roldul& ofli thei ellemen
A number of the members having afcmbled, pa- on the other fide of th Hiufe had dine then mutoo
feast to the laft adjournment, the clerk at the table honor, .n bearing teltiiny of our percent chief a -
role, and informed them, thI.t lie hd received a letter vernor I and a to the i of a commecrrial negotiations
from the Right Hon. Edmund Sexten Pery, the Speak bherg agitated in future e hogh the people are left at
er of that Houfe, which he desired to have the honor liberty, to fee whether eh a be G.lutary or
of reading to the mendler. He then proceeded to not, yet a further difcul of the f.,ilhj shouldd not
read the letter, which wa. a follows : he prcclu'ed hi Laid th td of thit country wasi by
Gentlemen, no means in o difrable situation as it should he in.
"a My advanced a;e, the decline of ftreng:h, and, Our velicis were picclud front tile IlIt li(h ports in
what I feared nwoft, of my undcrftlnding, have deo feveral articles rf mme. e, and our foreign trade
termined me, before my in.peifedions become nire wo uldfallto rhegeround, if do not gohan in hand
apparent, to retire filns that high fatotion rn which with Glreat Britain, as we will be dierivedl of tl. he-
your favour had raifd me. To theie et:-nfol confide- nefits f her treaties with foreign powers, and wiuld
ration', I t me add one of mnch moire rmonit lt, the ha- be totally overlooked, only to far as we were concerned
nard of an interruption to the bulincl of the public by with Grcat-Brit.ii. Hi faid there exited tite igreatefl
tny infirmiti.e. T! ef mtiss have induced nie to neceflity for adopting lnmte fyflem ti a ,pemanent na.
request, that you will acrpt of that high tilice with ture, which b'-a cotoninniation of interrill. and par-
which yu holoure I tie, anlI CklC .notler gentleman ticipation of mutual LcieBt., would and
in my room; ard tivt ine le ,vc (;nt'lmen, at the enrich the whole Blciillh enmpie
fame tiim, to nakte my nm it hIu.ble a. d gratcf.rl Mr. (.riiluh obflrved, lth.t the lon. Baronet had
acknowledgements to you fIr y iure tenlernelf and in- peokeni in a manner he eouli by no means eindfrtand to
dulgence to my errnr., and Itr ft lonltant and ho- rcotacle to hi. feelinyt, a' a member of that Houle ;
potable support which you have given to me in the he had faid that we c.uld haive no Ienclits of treaties
discharge of nay duty, during the course of fourteen with Ilrcign powel., tave only a, lar as we were con-
years and upwards, the memory of which can n.vne be cerned with (Geat Brittin. What, i. nt Ireland an
craled from my mind- -1 a, with the uilloft refpct, independent kiinglm ? Have we no King ul Ir land ?
and the moft fiecere affeotjon. Ge..tkmen, youth moft -have we nontinificreof Ireland --have we no paIlia-
obliged, and molt obedient fervantl. ent of Irelandl? Cnnoit the pairlament of Ireland
LDM. LiXTE.N PERY." address his Majefty to enter inro a treaty with Spain,
4th September, 178S or any other foreign power s-T-o. afl-rt to thr niitrary
The Right HnM. Mr. Orde fidl lie with much re- was not language to he made uot of by a member of
Io&ance was obliged to inftim the H Grace the Lord Lieutenant had alls rTcived a letter Sir John Parnell admitted that the parliament of Ire-
to the lame effA. He exproffd lhll d, pcell concern land could addrele his Mai ity to mnake treactic- rtfrd-
that the nation tlould be i proved f thr advantiaee iing this country; lbut hi was decide, iy ,if pinion, that
which the had long received front the wildiln, and ite- the prosperity of our foreign tidie depended on an
grityof Mr. Pery. IHe wold int,. he laid, attrmn t union of- tereft with (Treat Britali.
to enter in'o an cu!oguin on the mnrit. rf a man, Mr. Grattan declared what had been find wat by no
whom, thi,' he had le. opportonsrtic of judging than means fitisfaitory to him; he now clearly percovcd
almotl any other Menber if the Hot>le, li; had bh n that a disculion of the lubjedt vse tobe revived, and
uled oth uk oi with the higher vener-timi, and whole Ii. objections to that part of thiadldrrs was, that it
Con uilt in the chair, lor notre :I.,n f irtten year, lad I iii a foundation fir a new rgociattl.n. But ithis faid it is
elia'ilifh d his reputation hlyic iti the ncctftlly efpriilc; nit to he revived t t' e ,o-,ecal cir it; ad isit likely
-~ut would enldav,.u t prIivie, a fucitLffr wnth\ that the people who fpurned at Ifo recently, nlould
effuth a m;.I; an i n min 'i Right Hon. Pticnd, change their opinion, and adopt n fit (bort a tine as
Mr. Filler, he had an hineft pride in reflediing how perhaps in a few months ? Buthit ;s meant by the
highly that gent.mati'sa character flood in the clitma- people ? Have not almost every county ..d city in
tion oft.e Houle, how many and Itow gleat pro'fsht Irelaud already itnfrulecd their r trfcntativcs on tlat
had given of his exalted talent., citeifive knowledge head?-and have not every inflru on, and every pcti-
ofbulfinef.andulifhakeninegrCir-qualitie. forwhih tion, reprobatrd, in the lrongel manner, thefyflem
he truiteohe would be dillingu.fhtd and of which this and the principles of the bill that had been intronde'd ?
nation wouldct joy the fruit-, 'og after he (Mr. Orde) But may not a miniler prevail tn flmie gentleann to
should ceafe to be a witnclt of thin Hlie lamented, produce a commercial fylcim, called for Iy the people ?
however, that another deFparrmcnt nmuf now be depri- Mr. Secretary Orde ablerved, that the Right lion.
ved of the benefit of thfe qualitic ; but when Iy con- genitleman who poke laft had alked a great deal about
fidered how peculiarly adap ed they were to pt trv reviving the fubap alluded to; but the queflion is not
order, and give dignity to the.preteediags of the ,ua c de ad; tlie bill is before the public, and it depends up-
of Commons, he would not h fitate to mova.-" 'nfat on the good fefe of the people, whether it Shall be re-
the Right Hon. Mr. Foller do now take the chair as fumed or not; to him it could not be a dcirable oaat
Speaker of the Houc." except flamped by the general with of the people
Lord Kilwarlin feconded the motion. loth countiret : but he muft beg leave to fay, that t
The clerk then put the qucllion, which paged una- bill was not rejeded, he had a refpedable majority to
nimoufly in the affirmative, and the Right Hon. John bring it before the public; a to the fenfe of the people,
Foftor wat, by Mr. Orde and Lord Kilwarlin, con- it is in that Houfbe lbould always look fir for it, from
dufed to the chair, their reprefetatives he declared that he was no way
The ceremony of being approved by the Lords then intercled ih puling this bufinefei the completion of it
took place muft depend a the public fatisladion ; but he would
Loir Headfort moved, that a committee be appoint- be bold enough to afert, that the bill would be far from
ed to draw up an address to his Grace the Lord being a qilrtune, either to the commerce orconatitu-
Lientenant, for hiswfe and prudent admiaiftration."- tin of ik d,
He laid, when he considered the wisdom which had to a a l eft declared the address should
aoafpicuoully diftinguilhed the present Adminiltration, hav l _ent.
he could not withftand his desire of giving his appro. Sir Hrcales Langribhe concurred in opinion, that am
nation to their mccit:, and the exertions which they arrangem of a frndly nature should be entered into
had made in I ver of Ireland between country and Great-Britain. He obferd
Me. Howard seconded the motion, that the a fe, foe pat of which hadheen objeed
The qAullon was put, and carried nem. con. Ad to by a Hon. gentleman (Mr. Grattan), i by
lered, no means clefive for the s& of one fefiol is not
S&prmhr 6. binding on their pid the highest compliments to
About four o'clock the Speker took the chair, when that gentleu' an md though he was wtllie to
ealghI ales Desnt Dlay moved, thathe s peer p hir i ml cloqentcc yet he wafr

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