Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: December 3, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00017
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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SyoL'.l.,, THE


NLuL un ADbITU ad Cmmar I Di. T 411a k itAday k A.- -t

SFromn ATw r t ad Y, DIcIr, 3ESTR touring Mr. A Y, ad mE aiw tid 785i ,

N spiral, S r by Jo N W u.all, and M. printing Oftice i l A eD f.
^^^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- T -T '' --^ WM^^^^

!i o i cFar.ia t f h Europetan Intelligence. thhpe a e rtb t "

., .lIERIAS th Exportation of nm butappilyneither were hurt. The chnilenge was 11rt ii these ius* d a al
(Bi H'i.r JAMB8 P.DWIRBPO L, bela-. -or. *
1 f1 itmnaM-G.swrar aCommaner in ., I* L 3 N, Ausiot l. TLB ly.ldrib **
Ch ii, and rver the faid nd, ChIrUe. VESTERDAY morning Mr. Fitzgibbon, At- Lisns, and Q ajnVO a sowo ti dedliM. while
r drmiral, and OrHdiv.,s~rf *li er I .a torney-General, and Mr. Curran, a young. the V'*Iti* hi t i naUn vpid adtame 1
SAdmPRO CLA AT I O N. arrler ohigh reputation, and a Misnar o become the Is "sirut row adthe
E t ptiamtp ot,-met, ant, fought atnel with pistols, beauty.
BERSAS t prt a &F as bait happily neither were hurt. The challepfe was The ifr(*rttieeitt hmelaItbd
Species of vPfons, may in the let by the Attorney-.Gncral, in conferuend& of who are rather o the I ep led h
elent irc fiances of thing, the severe iridlure of Mr. Curran in the Houfl reprbtlng it I'de that the of a
Attended h confq ueInccs of Commons, upon the Attorney General's par. Aw mni, covered wit a delicate wM o
b VV highly prjudi to the lnhabi- lianmentary conduct. i nothing moor thu ilcittcnt to .e
tants le there ind I Hayt Land.., Aug as3. It is much to be hoped th k I's I
THtRSlrReI TH r Hr M .r;by that the comparifn madebythe Attorney-tnac. Te U el J it ai uted, a blddenrloate
with the advice and content isnMajcty's ral oflreland (in the laft debate on the hilh Pro the female le tithe t :!h1Adirscles ad kwh
ideurable Council, to ilrui thiu Proclama- pflitioas) of England to a Lion, and Ireland to a is Iftl better, it may *0j without
i. khleb y itrittly prohibiting xportation Whelp, may hold good, and that as She rows in fair wearern being t ant i 4i .
Jany Species of Provilion, frq i or any years the may grow in frengtbh and. in unity Thofewhoau rtbe do iG dmidnlia
go island within this Goverq, o any pout with England, flake their remendens mane to rton from the failure of the Irlh Promofitionsi
p!icc without the limits the This faid the tenor offurrounding nations will fnd their prophecies, like theSybiiiie Ora.
V'bition to commence from a after the date The Irifh in foae fort make a better eftimat of cles, mere delufons. The PropFdtlos wene inl
&r an: to continue until further orders. public men than wedo and hence, however cap. produced by the motion fora B It manner
(.L \i murder ao Hand and the Oreat &Sl e ;iated their ear may be with thofe men, who, the monl fair and liberal. The fene of the Ir
he, liUJ Ilfmdn, at Nafra it s t dai y of s Mijor Scott faid to Mr Burke, are 4nrl Hoafe ot Commooe was take a the meated
orb.,l ,, h'e realr of Onr Lord One itshu. i ,,tade,"ithey regard them wilt, similar emiotibtl without recourfr to a Inote ainlltetlal art togi
f, ndfever hutwrerd andrigbyi jv, t id ai th to vocal performers on every other stage, players an undue las to the vots of the metaber a nad
t.f,,i.t, -rarfHiu 4tli-y' R i. 94 iunt finrers. when the disapproval of the people wasconftir
S lES It)W.aRf) POWiLL. The flame which wa kindled in North-Ame. tionally ditcoveste throb the medium of their
bfhi Hnniur'. CG',na.Ld. rica, as was foriclen, has made its may ilto the rcprefentatives tie meafare was moh honouran
I.,Ha ()i'lis., pro Srec'tary. American domiinions of Spain. That jealoufy blyabandoned. What Is there in all thiswhich
0 0 G S V T 1 E K I N which confi.,ed the appointments of government can Iake the Adminiftration The pettinacty of
I S T' I M P 1 ) K T E D in rpaniah America to naire Spaniards, and eta- Lord North, in carryiag a t War ntorioilt
,lihfld other difltniiaon, between th manna their agoinft th'deBlarese tlf Ibe pe) il lal k
Iathc Sciiontr I*IA T Capt. Ga Lr, from lefcendants on the other fide the Atlatieck, has ged a a pobu llCoden allI t*' timlnter
N .. E ; n een a twoedg-d fwvrd, and ct twowa y. It who pufoue an ipoflesefeoadul, y facial
iND E it ha hitherto, prfriverd the f>wereignty of Spain cin, as they nltt to atioend temper am
On Rafonale Teirm in th *e parts. it ha town the feds of a deep prejdices. hal t e (nured only lt wd
By J H N C H I S TI E, rerntment among the people. Conferene ate rf hjliwf ? The se l ridiculous and requall
At i, oT .r on I Bl held cotabinations are formed in fecret among ndi&ulo alr itto the ruin of an Admlniftra
Clr ',,, Irfo-d-la,i Cotton. he race of men, whom we Ihall ditinguilh by'the tion from the thihd of a meafure, rtfpefi*sg tlh
P IN 3li.i C, .i Shinl, Pick.e'lM.xe- appellation of Spanifh provincial.. The example objeft of which fulc a dterty of opinion pre*
p ,,.,n~i.. Ship Breai, Vhite Bilfcuit in of North A mericais the great fubjedt of difcoufe, va~l'd.
itp, New 3 1ti r in fii.'kii. and the grand ohject of imitation. In London, Av4uJts. .AMs, FleadI Mr. Attorneyhini
A L S 0 F 0 R S A L. we are well afured, there is at this moment bedeviled you, Mr. blood, with a v(ngesco-
Malci'.i. Iit, Vidl ;a and T neride Wine, piilh Amcriran of greatconllfquence, and pof Never, fare, fince d iglng eame ir in ftfhion
(tliJn3tiica itKm hyrhe pi-rlhet n, C.ff'ce, 1ol- fTed of the confidence of his fellow citetens, was any poor Anner fo cut andhacked, and a t
llie (Gin.v.,, Rt i;ns in calk%, lin IHyfon anil who afpires to the glory of being the deliverer of and farred, and lacers ed, as Flood has been
Akta Te.. Coil Pint, &c. & c. & his country. He is a man of fublime views and times pat : but the lift trimming fo exceeded alt
penetrating understanding, killed in the antient the tormer, that he mnR carir the marks of It to
i'o a' L () N L)") N, and modern langouge, converfant in hooks, and his grave; and this linebnly oed tobe engraved
lTe., S un s a aciquainted with the world. He has devoted ma upon his tomb fone s
"A" G YE C ny year to the Itudy of general politics ; the Stalghftd b the eltWumerO ne M t, r ey*pgerunt
oft"r P E If Y1, 1 origin, the progress, and the termination of the Ii rtlrEn
S". W Ms |"we, Matter different fpeciec of government; the circulm And bang calf kin on hlsrecreant limbs.,-
fA ft.,n ~aunch cl:, has good ac- A.ancesthat combine and retain multitude of man. The Attorney-general of Ireland appeath to bai
,\. .1 i o,.i atidation P at'ngeir, will kind ii political focirtlesi and the aufes which had thi line ofShakefpeare uppermoftt blsmfl
t rea;b t' r.i in about 14 sys. For PalTage thefe'focieties aie difolved, and allowed up by when he repeated, in a Orm and manly manner
ti. i'. tl.e Man-r on hoard, r to others. This gentleman, having vifited ever the ofenlde'feteace-tnthe aoofeof Commoni t
JO N CHRISTIE. province of North-America, came to England, he felt the jaftice of 1l a cBa*, and fupported l
- i V p S0 ..... .h which he regards as the a either country oflibel. Ike a man of idit, daunted by prtvatethreat
NI E l O.,M .. i O tr .ht Ddo tr, ant I he l hool for litltal knowledge. As unI pal'd by pulle fall Netr ana
SG ; KIMP .iq ap yed to atund friends to freedom, we aorbear tobe mor parti with more credit tohL-elf. n Aor pertaldalp
:l c Am ,A,, l.,yal ft in ,e town aln, neyh- c l.r concerning thitdit;itnuilted chradiar. rprech ever t ef cfatecMy
Sh .. iay have fi i m fir medc. l is a confpicanue proof and exaplt ofth A of the Am other wife or1. It bat be
mli. r.1 a ', ale uoab t'ovide tnemelnes which it is objed to illuarte. We nwh rr afflerted, that tp.ete bf Iretd ofAIIaedre
ereit s1'a t. at1 f1 cleicine, Wine, hi,,talents, esteem his virtues, and heartily wlah the famp. ie y ell lF S tllt ,iay n ncta iy towards prosperity to the noblet purfuit that cal occupy Britith colonietlhe ntte i it kind "
r rcey, ..ill he pr) on applica.on the powers of any msorm tbaetofbeftwing tbe of frclanda Tbefk t b pe IAtanc wh
Snt le to the naoi, fr t y urpo the. bhefings offreedom on millions tofbia'*lles en. thl rewa br eav ho Ther re t rb. t1
i. Al Stain et in tdi t e,o atny other The faeof Aintricn Oilles In Prance eak botv Sr ,Hhto i.I
tion. whll .11I, be attended to- be coniferable, as the costry has not in et' n, d .omot t woald o a,
... O,1r ., yi. tenfire confumtionlf that rtilci beside; e, l tl, Tere : aml I
A pyerforn having g any id*' ainm the great an oodg ally of Ameria hua no Intetionli w thyi diff-t g Th. moreip wiSdom
it rof; of the dece afir. o Jona WaLtn, to ferve America Ihe wiSae to fee, the t in ellandthan to edto ;qt l ding
fior Ti n, Mrcha, arc once tore. and Stafel humbe ato, n '.ae defied ae in States of the in all point, oi to di K ro ever olter- An etrsrdIm ely
d t per"rttsted; kan ofeindbted o the firing lththe fla W. peted in P aris whid ha ti
i1e 1, 'te are defretf to te payment before A iasrchtelt In t hasdt hU awa l a I te tinea lytothe p
"'xt Retur sa, as ccounta not ha'p from A`mRerdtam, .le ty abU thdir tra to t i t
ili a, St be fCu. i the a of an A. Spateii of he at ait natt
PtJON j thence are both tm carried Into i si i ao
tO),HN BOYD,1 "'' t c crulzing in the 1 t 'up tha

Ilheu 6ro, r t. The crews w t W 0 i the 1 o01 tl .wk ocou

S ,r- l i-mas coamercal latercoore wM ltd lCe b' udae, e. get le fim
and th tween tr two couniles, in which alo Spain will consider claim.
fled to the be Included, whofe commerce was formerly b Acld it '
10 ONaWith benefitial to Inland, till ouftcdofi 1 I'lpc h and Lord IuXi
Rit Wt Vrialue. a' rl tcB nttp i
ess French Cou rt fer.e to have a ot*bak- a hier
to s Rio and the lsg out at home, that may employ thir attlation their 0 am0
n a rl r s from for fome time; fuch dealer out of plots to othil, TTi t 'h
-that qinte*r. Her fty the A* W t to here the fame fare at home. This, how. going to fenid a tfh
M and tlejcii- r pyn ,t fir the dia- IM, m t ge the attention of the Holy Se n- Isa** '
odoi 6 the coirkar in a f-w hoa t04 -m alos Cat ,lic. ... wh 4to.w
rmo tleOhe(BA ltirAose mrd~t Tbe.Attoney General of ieland was perfey .'wi
tred- life. trt la hs ertion, that there would come a .ful ting da r. hn
an Adi, 6at b, ani-e lnt yien his countrymen would call for a bill of man Thiling-eio
othe &Amba d3orithe.fL~ pta with lema that ature, which, in the parozxym of fi4ioo the Beyrf e "t
Sov meuatmg NO Hall ondot to provide' tey now rjJ ed. In proo of the alrertlon, th_ the late witr iih
oeriov ns, .d ethbJCAce6irb .for aleet ev[.nce oftht Englilh manufaitrers may be ad ported the ae a
Sof war, coAflAg of l od eight lt fail, ded, the very point to which that evidence was utme of their tho eghthtn
f tb n hikc now on their voyage dirvted being the superior advantage wh'te Ire- P9rte. Sine le
t Noth, ddlfyep d toarrrite i land would obtain by the adoption of the Propo- has been it betr e C
tIrJ Ia ter. it.e ab p:t b efoI per. fao. Either the manufadurers were notjudgea guarantee to t 1t i
amila., according to ent between Govern- of the cafe, and confequenIly their evidence was territories) and the tans it i
ame and t he ot oftqrb to vidtual at incompetent; or, Ireland would have beet great, with this view that I h
any of Ae ports of the .ritidomainons. It I- benefited by the Propofitions, and the Patriots, his voyage from Croaftdt, l,
fu'pofed thile et is going to the Medteranean, byoppolng the bill, have Injured their country. the line and i(br frigatw iorlh
where the Rdiam havat prefeot only wo ihips When, therefore, the true interef of Ireland hall are defined for the Mdlteria .
of the line nd a frigate, wo a cruise, or more bedifpaflonately considered by the people, they donbt, the EIBpfde's agents IlMt.g
oprvqerly aklag, to, be ready in ca of any eill perceive the abfolnte naeeflty for that (pecies ceffaries for Uir,. a"ommodlatlis
emergeyll Ir a 'rupture happeaKs between of arrangement contained in the Prnpoetions, and and Leghorn. An thr reancif'
Ruifa and. te fortenwhkh Is exedted to be at they will be anxious to acquire what theyhave pute between thir Repab lIJ
e veryp dint a --the tA ft cene of naval been Fo turbulent to reje t. Venice, not yet b ugt Wa
atiat wi be the Arcielago. We WhaU have a lively time of it for the next modlation. "
We are Ultmecly happt arure our reader, feren year, b'th in .te prints and print (hops; Par'i, tniYf The C6
and the rblic, that there s eery probability of for as all the wits are engaged on the fie of the accounts uf the ath of theh ahtD
thedicovetres ofthat eowned circumnavigntor, Coalition, we tlall havcrjvud'erius without num- brother to the ng of Spin, and is pi.
the immortal Captain Cook, opening an entire her. The rogues muf cat, and they cas't Ang mourning for e montb on thioc0ca16
new force of commtarelawealth to this nation. ballads; To they may fit and fpin paragraphs for Not only dame'de la M. is cao
A company of merchants, under the patronageof tie good of third country. the affair w h l .has caufed the liispdfc
the palet inlftrw hae fltted out two Hlips, On Friday night died, ofn inflammationin his the Clrdin but her huibhud aif
Shave both taket up and feqt tot
called the King Oe- and the Queen Charlotte, bowels, at his feat, Soneland Lodce, Sul fe, thehaveboh up and f Itot
ranmianded by"'twdfouite officers of the la. Right Hen. George Germaine, Vifcount Sack- ,a have arift gentiman calrledi re
rented Cook, on a commercial expedition to the ville, Lord B ,lcbrook. P.and the quack WAtor CdttetC
north Welt CoafofAmerica, the Iandsoffapan, A capital merchant in the City has lately been lady. Mida de la M. wai prefent
Kurile, the coat of Corea and China, down to feut by Government to the Court of Pranoe, to King Come time ago under the name at
Canton, from whence they are to be freighted endeavour again to negotiate tne heads of a om and as a defendant of Henry drSt. RM
bone by the taf-.India Company. The North mercial treaty between the two kingdoms, which tural fon of Henry the Second. i
Wet Contlne dcovered by Captain Cook, Is failed fuccefs before from national jealousy and having acquired the good grac
upward@ of 16do mile extent of coat, the bays, prejadicts but, after much invefltration, ap- was permitted, when lte marriert toa
founds, barbours, and rivers, as noble a any in pears at percent likely to be attended with fuc- mi!y inarme inioed tothat ofLa NM. T. L
the world, ad abound with that molt valuable of cers. been clofcey interrogated, and it iskrUli
all land or marine animal, the fea otter; the The Ki.a of Spain having affenmed the title of Chriftian names are Marie Antoi atet
sins of which the natives wear for clothing, hie King of Jerlr'dem in the reign of Qewn Eliza- 'tends that hle bought the diamoanudvcall
fur of which is the mot beautiful and rich of any beth, upon, Commill ners being appointed to gion on her own account, and thatl
ever met with, and is held in the highest eIfima- treat of peace, they met in Fiance, and itwas mentioned the the jewedle
tion by the Japanefe, the Chinefc, and by all the firit debated in what ,onguc the negotiation tends to he much fTrprized to fndhei 4
Courts of A6a.-This valuable branch of com. Ifould be handled. A Spaniard, thinking to give for a concern entirely of her own: Inf
merce hath hitherto been.totally engraffed by the the Englilh Commiltioners a Ihrewd Itroke, pro. 'withes to perfiade people that it isot.r
Ruffian who oolt them an the Ilanda near the pofcd the French, as the not proper. Acnl a to name. This is the arc mr.ttlti
Samfeiatk n t oret, and aftercarryln them from for thefe gentlemen of ERnglind, I fuspofe, faid pie give who pretend to known; 6ut i
Sto40ooomiles by theircar a,, di ofeof them he that they cannot be ignorant ofthc.language .at all cotain that it is the fat. lAthe
to the Chintfe, at the imitu proiGt of sooo of their fellow fuibjcta; their Qgeen iQ-ven of thli afair is fearcip to the bott,
per cent. Capt. Cook pek orte natives as France as well as of England." Nay, in faith, ldolut we hall foo know the whole trt
a people of the utmorft lofnitaity, who parLed n.ymaiet n," replied Dr. Da'e,(a Civil Lawyer, & Prince de Cond~ as vifted the Cardia
with him with the grcateft regret, and preffed oneof theMaltcrioftheReq uets) theFrench his confinement has alfo Prince gM
him to return agalinto their coat. Exclunfivof tongue is too ulgar for a bufincfs ofthis fecrecy brother to hisn ence.
t.he fea otter, tkhenorth wet coalt abound w*th and importance, efpectally in a French town Aix1le Chapsll Aug. s6. Amop'th
all kinds of fura that are met with by the Ca- we will therefore treat in Henrew, the language <*rr0le-1 here as being concerned inthqM
median and Hudfoe Bay traderna with copper, of Jerufalem, whereof your, mailer is King, and- tile Duke of Brunlwick, only two
iron, whalebone, and it is very probable from I fuppole you are therein as well killed, as we are the new corps ofSalin, one of thoe '
the mountainous and volcnic appearance offome in the French." went by the name of Dorhal, under wiI
pautsf the country, gold and liter. There is The Phaeton frigate is appointed to carry Lord nation he was a co refpoandent of ttA
every probability that the present enterpnze will Kcppel to Gibraltar, about the middle of next Antoine, who called himfcif a mercr
molt amply reward the adventurers, and open a month, and from thence his Lordiuip is to go to who being fercted a: LIege, dlrled atd
new source of commercial wealth of the rit Naples for the benefit of his health. forward the cxeution of tihe pot. "%
corfcquence to thi, nation. Ireland has been under the Britidl sovereignty certain ti:;t the accomplicca uder arreti
The alarm about the Irilh Propoltiens, which for upwards of ta hundred years, having erit frme others who were to i)irl themnhl
has kept the fock from rifing--i no more-Mi- submitted in the year xxyt, and was created into be within reach, Og doubt, il ordera
iftry have got ridof all trouble and refponfibiUity a kingdom, by the Englilh Parliament, in the their efcapt after fdAing tile Duke'qipa' l
concerning them-therefore the Oppofition in year 1542. James. to (hew himfclfthe firit ab. Lmndn, Sefpter as.. On the tl
England and lieland muft look for a new ground flute kjng of Ireland, caufed the arms of freland month four eronais, one of whom
to reft their attacks upon.-The rejedion of to be marshalled with the royal arms of Great- quis de Cubieres, It out fiom the n
the propoitions, at leaft the abandonment of Britain. of Paris, with a refotbtiooi to make
them, on the part ofovernment, was a wife mea L'Orieu., A.ausflo. Paul Jones is arrived here fion as long as poulible; bnt on
fre-now both countries are without caufeof 'rom Paris, to it out three (hips, on his ownac. violence of the w ther4hey were
ai.t, and both willP quiet. here is an ,ount At is faid, of which he will take the conm- fcend at the foat od le mental el
ca to apprehenio an, sdn opening Lor peace pn an expedition to Kamtfchatka to pur- bot, twelve miles dance. By tbi
d amny, while r. Ptt wilhae Icifure to nru, and feablilh a hAlry, is managing the ba he kept it
Aifo rd Whsr regulations of .nce-dand to ctaed t0 o o having lately received four degrees nearlyy f r- th fntt
ife the creditof the country by tiing fuch a hnhe ed thoa .nd livre for the prizes he took in which it near as o as Dutch v
upport to the funded Interet u Laall evince the the war. lie to it. This, iay be admih cr
ialazng extent of its resources. Whie hall, .;iA .sy. The Ki has beei plea. is a convincing po that the inve
Never were me to din, pointed as Mr. Flood f to approve and allow to Earl Cowper, and mere matter of idl cnrofity, but
>Bid Mr.Oran rt he peaceful t the title and arms of a Piince of the experience ard sgcn us e relderedrt
to the debatebghe oferet Iof Iend-t, o b Empire, conferred on him by his utility. '-
tbhou mygood tiTiays, Utord bq thouify .lamperi Majefty the prfent ImperornfOermany n trafl /ia Itlr /frofl ,'
'mo h I a diploma or parent, dated at Vienna, the His Ij 14,l.h gi'tven rdS
taa,. on jol ctout for l Januaryt churchts.;hat are rt; a
mo n toem Ik For hnada, with a con i r, Sepmor [, Lor'd Vifeount Saoklille 6" Fot;ome day p the D
seSon f po a sO u t on negotiationn with "as left hi a e 1i I AerfaD condition. Seeing have been ery bufr t*y hlasy
a tIndsi .- lp hlng end wlAnrhlne and reSfnation, f.rence with ourt M t.
;.TaQr A g out, we to carry a luk fairs, calle hia fadar. The fol lqg Is a
iia t t proteaolrd of our heth.old to ai t the mo c. the had th pl a
otier xtl6 settlements. ta1 .t1arewel I to aM. relations. y. hi Atcbt bi
fci et thferei. d, Iife eftt worth a- h g
ih ttary,~ ~~ lh J rto made y a to hi the Duke; butthe ir-. (u for keeping r Ift
tey. ie thas.- -t bEe..dthe houo that he dt moeywt.
i^iu pir iiti W ^ ^ W ^ )i~l(andfura~il)cd, d (ialOluF" that ic rro wdo

e fcTrre rt Wl t-J Cponk, (t iftri- iM A
r reams lad tW hea, lathea tm, *6 t mthh ApueranA
aeo fIirs.Mc.l s C iad hlMMjett, l i thr, ZO
d wif*dvd ofthi, alerted a hi eit L e
tXL ledlist IsA ow Nhb -sarr mntl rut c
Wrhtebwas ef. rerigWe wa dWgsj CRY gor I him
desr p icellor< fa forsi thsTi me t lk "c bAdr l the m a e it"o
A .nallyl o bl fIt af.the t
i ai d Ulrd In a of the C lit t
eiiihe RepUiblic nlly tlhrnofl thB n .* 1 r\ a
nuohii to do wwlt toorrotd r i HO On h BA.
a~onewas ; hd oref uite ergouat a O J

egr there coluM bd adbion on thatWont,~' Id IF her la w a,1S td QOP on Ple B dA
tolifor Mwtrlet wh;ch if noti Om.PIIl ^Sr Itdonll. ton
Upon this they ohav e fd rMa uil dc o tOhe lr Ocr, etred Into -I enri re
de Nosille, the For ncid balfbflr, to introed r eeds tn de bouri > tot r s
1 it his Imprial and 11* Chrlitia set tdlbrnltikr btncu of the As of A
their behalf. The lilfo dithchemtwq id vi o A.t 4paed plP Wr' ei.
~Aprerf on the fale a iy the one tdtie State, &t *a of thi!th mh
general, ald the other to thelr Minl .rst Prl.-" of the ~all ltl BAAa t .AadItho A,4 All -r Wo a h
The Ordllnry ofthe Navy, amiadep tothe WiIlU Ia..AR fthe hofrf*t Ufllr cud Sei Pu
a inlrant and tranfinitted to the AdiliIrlty aje ityt I an coelOaeld w;ith prDy l l, Mll e' t .Ct .. .
bidJ hb the Conmmim:lroe ofr the tldock, aiedSnoor miht be adjudged ot t at Ot r ud Plated
di. ali follow, vi. IB the River at Dept. The alion in the 'tel ref aing the nt w. Watch C*al a
d, s iipl of the line, *I frigate,-andito tina aernct, aIldnot lvinnBdlwemad. M> I, H4.I, a al Hc aeir wt
po. At Woolwhich, Ihip b the lnel, 26 ittebQ ti34 Proa or tthe Ctinulst. llt he I'7l 'e* S -1'4iPa
e1l, and 6 noop1 At Cl9thlm, s4 Ihp, of tl.edt dtte Vrel ad Cargo h erelb bR ekA an a- n
line, t of fifty fns& rl friate, and 6 Iloopi. .ac fofeited l For, that in virtue aeF'a Droponh Po4e ttt Cakes- S
t Shernel, 4 nl, of the ln, s of lfty pun, Par. granted, under law of th Colony, by A dXa4RdlO
mfrgat, and l*. At Pp tfouth, 481i Governwr Maxwell on thg- th jia l, l s u. l en
the line, l ofhtb ty gun, friteI, anI 9 for twelve month from that y, there hern klervi m maia lai yT
ops. At Plymonth, Jr toft line, a of t on board of- he chooner Sf'nmh, at WaS oSt- t SgSt
Ifry gnns, Ir frigate, and s loope. Inall no lIng'l Iland. onte of the Bhaima'*, 6t tone of MSih PejnI tl WI -
tpi of the liSe, soof ftny u) r6 frigatrend Brrailletto, which war btmught down ia her to, Ihc'OLpe i .. h e r-
a.l footp, d gto port4, ef Wrdnet fay t h pte sad of latmoath, tether a tmi -I nds
in order t 'be oippel on hl rd the Shl Poily, lfl* 4lmnin -Pa
sr, ',he bttft s emadr 7, u to then lyingin thl arbours iond for Loadons but Ces HaIl Craw ead al5 Paldeer
&HrEREASaG era cn a mI- o-ofth, Peake which, lr want of room, eould not lt taken on conna me ined ten Hrd sad fof, Pner .
under the Great If 1il Majefly't B- or the flid ShIp. It wa atrlet chooner had h Venmct ?nrw IIr.w c,, a Ic
kLlma-flanld, ha. been Ied, comnltituting cr on Friday the asthb ten prtredat tbhi Coflom. ""ln Vl) elkcl* mt aed L- e-d'
appointing the following Pffo n Jefti ce t Mou, fr Cbhalerft, in ballari but the mnter M d ra a nd Jpr,
sap thi Prce for the Iflandd.,therein- fo w fromn dl gnifln or rcencean hit hsinlg Af. Mahi SIm C dSH v. a'et
stinnsa, viz. v.* Braniletto on hntd, hhad .mntti*rd it att lbe .t, Will cud Oae Ca -.
'rien, orjr m has,, The Honouratte N1aval Oc, and that it rwa. to be landed within Prwee, andl P rt l es shddg Ml
John Brown, Robert HI t, Andrew 8 m thGove" rn.ment. At the fme time, hower, patrr~iid IpauJ tak PoSderd Mats
ohiert Sterling, Geor Mackenzle, h~B__ lon .d bereoleaMdl hart no bn, eltw rfuUy i adal Sad. evigy' tels Cat eel
Birty, Joriah TttnnUtc John Hamilton, Jo ne on either of the two fucceeding dy, .s. tir oneIt lfse diueeae Rlu a
boyd, John Millar, John Matfon. Elfq. Mr. i lr ay' aund 3ud, at itheCuonm Hounfe, apeiod Ret Tru Hemer'e Dentlfrlie u
ben of his Majefty'l Counci l ThomaR Rokr, of time fully adequate forlandingt the Braziltettn, Shell Print Teth Pwd
Thomas At wood, Edmun~l Rlth Wegl, Thomt,.: taking in ballast, and making every other necerf Chin '"k Plu t.
Rofs. an' John O'l.Illurn e, EfqOi. p t 4Ty arrangement ~br prctdmon On a yae to a- 2 .gh. Wa tadl
yr/lceafr thr I1.l elQI nt .-f.uiJn e. Plrv hfer defined pnar. But even allhing there had P'itpel"1 ChA er
sofs, l!i hoar B:oIow, John Morrnf Michael een an intention Ittcry the l ttadto ao. an re . llng Bon e
Oramt. Ahtn I.ld in, 1thoma, Snmitlh, Mare their port, me adrion wae to confnit ute Qi"re sL Tl a rn eramn s -.
ti, Rila'd lSw.,in lin tinelParkly, John Ca, it "a ofT ncr; thoe fufl t hould e h o broke mldn, I" . Ifptlhr .
licl~hal, Johin D Tupg and Robert Scott, E .clhe Ihold hale prted to get to few, there t n' s "rrl t Bo.o. i hc.-ti..s P.
,,ic far IHarour ,nifd. Samuel Hit lo1ld have Ixtlromethin done that r;at. i ?Itn lr PI. atatt. t
i rch Lury. iiqrr.y ,aw, h er beetn.drmed thecoml ence.entof hedar P a et- Ld c r et Iita ..
Ju,Alr tr iiath,h,. John Pttly, Cbarles voya e. The atual common ifonof Iofince, tre Bnk Bo-k*.ef vnrlM detrfon'ePill
CulrEt, thaie n M'Dcrmnal. Ltqr. ~ rcetar to ftje& to puilwhmrit. Hnwav Str. rated alt rlan Godfrey'i Caidi
tuheu f Gr Lfno Inad. William Wlbon, A. hollde the intcitions of an. Afftafiv Sghot bha. etYlid. aVrme and Latk a. Pnowd
tharm riratt, Btars. I whrrver threattanlali attitude be mirht place relia le A. mo sIo. i s .
Juirfor KRxaIfu. Nicholas Martin Almgreen, 'himfef In, whatBevefair s he r Po, Yfr. aKcryla :
lamuel Wlhkn rfirt. i however he might dfplay hi dagger- --dtl he landh. Mtiesale. bilk Miofla :
YJujie f, I:t ifajnd. SamI.el Shoemaker, El. imut plunge it into the hdy ofd'tle vitm, nd if Ladi g, Bills of Hamts peells
tontl fr- Abaro. Alexarndrr Campbell W ll death malt follow the blow, to ftrbe himfelf to elagre, sequenttm' Iv ry pi
rtph Moui. Mrnole, Crrnellu Blanchard .thei nalties, which the ts ha niced to Artlkes Power. rof G ttu fa l b
phSmith, Richard, fen. ETfira. a" urder. Astne*, aldeBtarn., co hedlH.l. *
THIS IS TUIIREFORE TO IVIE NOTICE, The Schooner aa .ro weA raequlttred. d, Writ Plde Daite. bmre fa.a.b
Ttathie Honi.r tihe Liet.einltn t G(Tiernonir will tbh cofttoa fi uht qdtdbeaid di of the RtO Great v'erpva? r *Ctwgaea,
attend in C.uuncil. on Monday the rth inftelt, mctveuof Hil MhfiL'e Ctlifem,; IfthetMe1r hlalt ^ J *4~ in .
kr.tlhe putpoft off wFunrlue i and quialfyjng fich b contentedto lbyanyfourofithe (ComiBon m in r h '
f the ahv e M gu..satea, a; may boat prefent On the day folloug, when the b wt.* S'm "it
stpe this ill'. r ; real inConrt, the Advocte OGperal ge htcl!. B !' C^ief*rc doi
I Lo*nmra.n of/H ff Ir, i tkat he would qpptl., "' Ch.f iS lt '
3T i O'lALIllRAN, pro Secretary. The Prodtors in thi.CaTfe wtr. fob tbt L:t. F u:otS
m l, Mr. LStrHng. Advocate tenete, lndMr, I a ttwt:Iih irno
W ..Ekl., Ja ii town, wa before Wftr, Attorlty.BItel il. fir.lthe-Ci.dilsta.t. 4 fr gt n -
da> bucgk. on e ing of Monday the Mr.Johnfton. i .j-. antsr'taeliee Vhltid"bkh
*i an Iltrr.hck open, and e ollioln-p N anhir About four ntoareiJd Ipt, hroa iallw ar d Leap Tand fif. M
.aide lh-ir ec|.eo, vi. dorsr,1 .ilongin| tN of which were Csapt itL .e toe. Mr. otY ra. .F ePda e4ed,* 41
Inuc Prel. y, Elc Pobfe iunder ftmenlce'to Cameron. and fim.eitl, ard from J.ra Itidoapdt .: ka er letiriag et'dW
hfpo tarn N- ngin to Mr. Fox: In Abcoforthlepteltt .jirfealICnothesewhi TametLrc b ;iii ..u ,iT
Ihereb r a Rewar iof ivl OineI, for were known to e Mr C or fevral ilhre .nentsI .v
lch of th fitl N err.-e, c hovcr will appr- i ny lop, and the keel dof l t el, v i leqt l tllPng d' -
lead nd d lit r them to ie tnd I do altl offr lately drift d r~aol ant the kitn El outhe l lDil t. C n. Ci .. L
k fame rda-l. to any Pelim or Perfona wh thereIaevey rTati tofer ara t lolelS leu . W" ..'
tilltive i fu mat;on of their ring h boured, l, l of wlnd n day or e lftn i ltt Ableo. -har p-| ,i i .
tridfon contiion ofthe prron offcni. i AmiiTn as M Cna ".. :. .: h.*.-:'' S
, U ~nuRY OL.BNTaN, een. a.n Aetoe, ki r, le Posrt te' iiPi, T ."
D. P. it .. w. .o o ', a O mt lis 4T l lih iM l _2
t.iefe, De aA 9,-, 1 John ..C It an offn.. th.e Nho . "aulaaic wIi&oii %
rigPan.. i.du fie
S"tllmaei MulHatoth .l. et ih, WINE a vs eato
1ilCrk .ll wi. rmp L .hxl cxclntl s I n-. At SMALLOen AiOn,'of oa-: Po Ledrr .I o IN114--ts,5
M.e the n1meof ., Jo h Pet ty, r .ya, t The &d'al mip l enf BToof saln ,w ShoDo ,,o-9 erlo_ ., Fil'la
.C r ,two c l m l f eNrclbdt, lwaf brail t Ni to Ha l eakt; ,,fir# ,
Zv ri t, lq .w tv f atusat h.he ach plc a i
li, ALa. A' +feph 1 nis thh 1r direav `hm dd 7ooi plskp to a/kSS e to 'IrliiLrtso Foesf Jut
th cft f ul lcllANvtl '_ ret a

r a. .the Rems..I thought It worth thelrhilerto lgts the UP of ,a .
Sand, t unired I i y to eture thcalel e ad tmple o t
J & 7w-~uw .- .

Jrrvi re s .not think I, t worth their while to overCom1- L hitcs and arld
aw m, ,s,,O. 1. W, d rWerel th at tril, that the force i ftees the, feptre,
)sonJa t* which a t aved the unehl bring nattion, was alB t ad the &JpIrrial
Sas his hId been in* i sa who lh ahited an inaccefible country
to hi. sothr 3 r muhor r mleahad fuiftained the loti of ma.
n 'to e &iL s t is wife. After gs thutabds In the attempt, was it indeed mor LA E L ,
tesaf eld li tog er fantm e the defendant hiodnrbl fr Rome, Intead of coquelt-to the ~hp Ma
fu the to b and ill treat her, l con. betake hcfts to wals, ditches, and towers fo Oth .l r
fequnce i bl hOF e had often gone from hi, defencea t ...h.. A N D T
t bad been pvailed po fire utal tietIto Wth rgrd to the other o naden *o did ad N
tnw proBiaoblCagoodbehavioar. a pSeP- nd ite IcdH totankeaconqiuet of this country p WOL11
teaber t, the dendt beat thebr a t their reau my be fn at large, in that part By FaICone
much and ethea weatawyay rom Hemade of our history hichtreatfLongearttytnrloch, At their i
YOMraIp calloos to he to return and oered Aherlesmo, Large, nd BannockbuUn.-0nder
to enter feral ty to orfeit jo. in afk he thete heads, we are presented with the motive. tnl Da.. d .
fAould ero beat her again, oa hich B m ated which influenced the Danes. the Norwegians, e refined Loaf g
to accept a warrant of attorney, to enter u and the cuceelor of William the Norman, to elyfn,
meat fbr that t na, which wol acordlagy .e.- decline the conaquc of Scotland. Cren tA *r
tEted with the Malowig defea toa eado(d One of thofe princely invaders denahnds r M nh. "n
alhli it.h a e particular attention-hit name was Edward Plan- Crrn .
W the wit i md C. (the deft C t et-iHe became to intoxicated wih an lis- BCuren and hiie
at) did orfeweral ohiMt and live tog aAt, that it it eef s at lalt, to have adr
r thcr with the aid h. (the plaintiff) bdtt s i tnr.rted hi. onderftnling: for, hedied St a. in he ste
E in beatand otherwife U teted her, the did commanding his dead body to hbeta rd at the Cinnamo n, Natme7-
t1herupOt abf et haerfet and oaw lives separate head of his rmy, that the fiht of it might petfor m M na, sr
fro the d C. and where tkt falde .J what his lie too ort, and power oo wrak M ard. alld
having areedto retur to the l id C. H. e the to accompltilh. Agitated by the iolnce of an im- Pictles, Ketchup
1fid C. IL ha Jt inu ad e iever and by way potent and daippoited rage, and overwhelmed Barlrry, Split Pea
of Memlimmsltlthre, agreed to fecure her s fui with (hameand dfpair, he (unk before the geniua I.rlnln ottlen
ture agalt thte like or any other (pecles of ill of Scotland, andall hit magnifienet hopes perif&d Madeir, Port an
trdttenct. It 1t agreed, ta if the laid C. H. with him. Wine
all a~ay tied m reafter at or ill treat the rad Stch was the fate of the moa diftiingit.a ed of Mer. Beef Rsl Pa
t. J. -e tal e at liberty to enter up jadgment all the invader. Turpontine sope
Sthe within warrantof attorney." The fatal death of Alcander the Third, and I.inten theklard
The delkndant had, aer l Wt the atbr ewar. the fuccedn nteirregnuin til the coron tion of alwtedt.
gnot of attorae and defeanee, beat the plaitl. Robert Bruce, teemed a temnpting occanlop to rca. t ture n en. C ,,
tl, oe whicL fTe bad entered *pJedgment, and liae his ambitious delgna. Bled hant ii
fied outa writ offerdaieua thereon ; which was. n the mean.fpirittd alo, he found an hm I- And. .'i,
sow moerd to bhei t adte as Irregular, on the ble instrument for every ervylec purpote.-Balinl P1rian e P lIed D
maond that this was a tnefr es ntra*, and ab claimed a right to en independet Crown, but did e,,
uItely vidin law. not afpire to the charaftcr ofa nsli being con. Re .I and Im"er m l.
Lord Manedeld remarked, that it appeared et tented with that of Viceroy to a Pretender who Qaittiep, real ad mr
refely tb;t the warrantof attorney was given for had no right, but what was to be derivedi from a Calnon Cintecrrs-".
the rpt oulof induciag the plaiiti to return and future conqaicft.-The part Baliol aded in this Antrest vn,; tr *f pT
live criminally with the defendant. He recomi conspiracy, was altogether humiliating o for the Linen. Chtint, t r
mended the defendant to pay her soot. which un. matter to whom he ftbmitted, was.both cruel anifi Gmvwn Parr~e
der the circuaftanees of the cafe, he thought a arrogant i and as much a Aranrr to true heroism 'r' of Printed '**
aeceffary compensation for the ill treatment; ob. a himMf-witnel hi, infamous conduct In regard .ton Htandhercelf.
inrying that purfoing the Arid letter of the law, to the immortal Wallace, wnhm lie barely murder. 3,- rd yard
the Court would fled fome difficulty in making ed. Wallace was unequalled in the field-the great. trith I incn.
any order. The defendant agreed to the term,* eft hero and patriot, that'cver dittinguilhed any S' of Chin t.llrderi,
and the warrant e attorary was ordered to be gi- nation. r check and v
sen up. Taught by experience to dread fo exalted a Mrt,'I & w.
S- .. *charer, the Pretender had recourft to treache Sl'd & Needle wroe
A Dijerlatrio n tertaiso owemrabl Osanrmren in ry. and by that obtained hts life though he could 1,*, ~fitn,
ti u#.f y of SLetlld, reemd, h er STriky q not reach hie honour, nor lel. in of death-. Aiflin Net, & arrt
facffleris of Seatl .'st, th .'r, 17I3 Trk lef fame. V, 5L k Mllin ,nnl Ne
erI f BUCvart, Firf Firn Prifnj is the By this mean effort ofcruelty, he looked on his wrought Hndkercl
CA '1. I ideal conquest as fecure; for conquest without T-ng and clear Lawn
A NTI.U ITY and independence form the glo- permanency is no more than ideal, and the calling Fine ('mhricks
Sricuu afis on which nations areemulous to by that name any attempt which in the iffue has Britanrnia
raife thelzTame. Thus from the earlier ages our proved abortive, will not affimilate it to thofe Nankeens
Satire country Ia owed her liberty to the word : fubtantial conquerfs which ao many nations have Brown and white R
while the neighboring nations were from timeto experienced. Even the reateft vidtories there- Shrleene
time the prey of fomign cunquel. Here, even fore, fall hert of conquest, Co long as they are Brown Silcai
the Roman few thrir proud empire terminated by indecisive. Tor can we take any notice of the Huckbhae .
a wall wall of their own railing, which xten. temporary paper fubmMifons which may he ex. d Lawns & Os
ded along their whole frontier, and incloted ano torted in con equace, seeing it is impofible inI'L" Cth d
a /Tale Cloth T-4 arm
other equally upeandous, both in It ceaftituents anyr shape, to nttablih a conquer by the pen, Cnarte Rad 'ne O
and extent. Thefe walls were accompanied with which cannot be eftablithed by the word. Threa s
deep ditehek, and the rit defended by innumera- Whether any of this Prince'a vidorles were de- os'na rg & Taylor's
ble towers-wopr executed with fuch incredible cifive, will appear by theexpedient he had regqiirfe Oznhurie
Uabohr, weT e fu itefdby nrceffit alone s other. to at his death, and from the measures adopted sil cloth, No. I to 4
wife, the Prou ROaS Empire would have by his fnucelfor. Superfine Blak Cloth
oataed f6c liial, ( At that period, the conquest was not to far Blue and other fashion
Te r do of military hill I.s ot always advanced, but that the f cceeding Monarech fouad eolerr. ditt
urty tr h, ourae, and erf e, it dece'fry to brin an army of above an hundred Blue COliimer
raace.--l o q i a Rome and In theCale- thousand men, under fomne of the greater Gene- White Fnnel
d4fnlI port by fpirit of ltdependence, ies in Euroe, to compleat it. Thofe warriors Blac, white and
ai by every *ther rrinertl which oold, render *, led on to the lains dof Bnhockburn, where Tumnies
to eOdIlnr a I ode of defence aeceffry. t vidory obtsied over them was alto ether t'lt ditto ants
Why hos*ld we renge that the Caltdoliiae had det.A e, and uneqialled in the annals ot Br tain. S"inetts, DennKm
go Titua ofMbeir o. to do co t justice to The King Red to Dubkar, where he found an Mourning Creapes
their valour, and to tel p Ittye tives a fyim in a fihiing oaian which he eftaped to '" b"ee "..C .
Ag ola' a for them- i hghia how homee o m. e i Laif,' Ma,,
ves, and Ustid'.ulP tb fBoAs o thl Ro I Although the boat as the moft important hifto- H 'ser dinfrat
moa hi n.:T 'rerous wel hI' ricll mouomert of tNs memorable ivrafFon, he .and eoleurs
ttre h nia. t ri I .th. neer reftoredIt to Scotland, any more than the C e and fae t
Up01a M ntaln.I1tmEtt. ay. chair hi, father arrrieawayr from 8cone. d
By attento to fpaI.l w thall h All ragers an idulte whh a right of this Ditt'redad Ltac
better ab41 to juidt ~ w ht the Rqoae, chair but, for certals reafone of State, no BraL. Black ~(h, pe
ew os t ten, than i we wre to re- ger a permitted to feLthe boat. Law.n Le Itand
art, o uddail I fr dirr The chair it qfl i. a'tiquty eoeval chle
cr le I. acacualdmtett Ra wi t te eiftenceo tI monarchy It all of Bisek '1lradsse
eoMld pay no regard to the ftrngth an! tourai oak but the feat, im arbie, and four ones hlt c and
of harb ariuryet, alliasIgh the Caedoalant eo oqder it. White ChAppel Nreul
wer the.Irat, it l certain te were ot the ba. p folemn oca gIaler i eoered with P .na d nd PaperPi
l harbarians whoi d tR an s had no eau to r~eelvet; nd ted with many Which with r
ym of roy alfo be adorned
B me of the nations whlee dlef t'bade them with purple: and it all form as V E SubfcriA
*nop to the Iyok of R)e t du S lrip cth r. Let w pslae ro I a ferw eetb.
did not think it worth bkbWliw i tiabdue t1he I mnorila e iw a Ai n weM on
Cakldoalen."0.4 we wiVAth a bil .bow 1 s1 0110 9h imseers whIT ztDe asli3 psIi
rer *lri nnt C


Io *ogUM

r, S51mr


emry Dne al

AL t'll .
d ap s Mrand

Pine wan,
I. W"eas,

?A"# 61
S en* &i

he PMcnM<
sad V
lt Vnain Mi
re, neas t

rt. Tilt dn,
hr .nrrtn ReI
hat rise ,

Linen. Ti
tel! canll
Md e (u-yy P,
Petri "i

tead sani

Plain at
lard Mtd
5.4 POwder
Lnen. T

do. Ceami'e

Ui nrfred C

China Wa
Jc >lad

Pome I
Men, Win
iuc IrTarndr

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