Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 26, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00016
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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tIb. IL



T' H I

NO- 70,



From SATURDAY, NovtrMaX 6, to: 8 ATURDAY, D biMduI. 3, 1785

NAssAu: Printed by Jonw WaLL., ai the Printing Office on the BAr.
a'- j

'IESSAB-BEY, who, on thi late revolution,
I. was advanced to the dignity of Mufti. if
dePoked, after enjoying that office only Ax wecks;
sa he is fncceeded by Arabrade Enfndl. The
Tcfterdar is alfo disgraced. The regret of the
people for the death of the late Grand Vizir, who
was inhumanly beheaded, every day becomes
Imo poignant.
yJne ai. Oar new Orand Vizir has gained the
rem of the people in general by the continual
isoft which he give ot his generofl y and difin.
reftednefs. It is certain that he had no manner
of concern in the fanguinary executions, which
Lave taken place floce the depolitioa of his prede-
lairid, yy s.. The lair accour.t from Am'e.
rica arc not of the molt agreeable nature; they
inttio, tlat the Indias of Buenos Ayres having
IpproMhcOi the Spanilh Settlements, in number
tbUt io,ooo, the Governor lent aon foot and to
hI l i ut gaiinit them; this corps was foon cut :o
,cI, and a very fmail number Only efacped.
Mr. d l. Pietra, tile Intendant of that eftab ifi.
eent, w.l to ruck with this cataftrophe, that he
was tcized with a fit of apoplexy, and died upon
the fp...
several couriers are arrived from Barcelona
wilh ilitpaicha from the Comte d'Aflalto, Com.
marllant ot that place, bringing an account that
the i:linhmr o' French troops In Ruinfillon and
Niavarre inrctafes daili, ]N doubt w {tha fot u
traordinaiy mwovmeinti,
Londur, Aulogf so. On Wednerday lift John
Gill, Ffq; lately Captain of the nlonarca man of
war, of 70 guna, (which returned from the Eaft
ladies on the fiBning the peace) was appointed by
the Admiralty Helrd to he Commandlcr in Chief
a(the Blitith fquadro in the Eafl-Indica, with a
bred pendant, asCommodore. Commodore Gill
b not to flil till tle beginning of Otoher next I
tad the force he will take out la aot yet fixed, hut
will be determined by the nrentth of the French
ect, which Is jut ready to fail from Breft har-
Governor Campbell gCe utlt to Madras in the
la4t-ld;a Company's Packet, which is now fit:
tfi in the River, and ordered to be at Portfnmouth
the (S;tl inllant.
Firad off letter ferm Kirtilwa, Jul7 ay.
The llere frigate, Commodore Gower, and
the Mutine cutter, Capt. Watfon, arrived here an
Monday laf. His Royal Highnefi Prince William
Hlney honoured us with his pretence. and gave
an instance If friendship andbenevolence, which
dres honour to his feelings. He met with an old
Ihipmate (a Mr. Moodie), to whom he gave an
rdntron his banker for forty pounds annually, to
becontinued till he got a new commifion. The
above thipp failed ycltrrday."
irmvna, JuI a24. This day being appointed by
the Emperor for the audience of the Comte de
Waffenaer and Baron Van Leiden, the two Dutch
Depttics, thofe Gentlemen were accordingly in-
troduced to his Majefly with the ufuial formli-
ties, hen Comte de Waflenaer addreffed the.
Imeipror in the following words, viz.
Sire, we have the honour to reprefeet to your
Mielty the high rega, d, esteem and refpet, which
their Hith Mightineffes have always entertained
r the whi Ie Royal Houfe of Auftria, and parti.
ularly for th- perfon of your Imperial Majefty,
al ot which we are charged to offer to your Ma-
5ftythefr freh afforances, and In acquitting our.
fiss of this daty, at the fame time to alure your
Material Majefy, that their High Mightinefilea
"Old not but with the greatest regret perceive any
molnefs intervene to deaden that frindlhip whli
f.lifted between your Majefty and the Rypblic:
That their High Mightinerfe never had the foalleA
mtentionn either to injure your IpeerI Mjaety,
M to tfult your flag, a during the whole trat

of c reum iane iMhlse h'rve d ed, their High IPwea -That ther might tm an aextelve and
MHghtianelb i a4t mate It their rule to t. regulate permanent trade, they agreed topay nodebtthey
therr condue as unlubtedly to hew their regard might contra& for goods taken upon credt.-
and reflpe to yoar Imperial Mijefy, as far as That ev man might enjoy perfeift liberty, the
was coniftent with their oa Idepndence, their Courts of aftice are e under the centroul of the
honour, and undoubted rigts: That their High nmob; to that every man may do what michlef he
Mihtinefles fincerely wll ,to fee that concord pleafes, and iso mn hall have redrefs-This fay
which wa fTo unlutskily trouged, again renewed, the Arericans, b teal liberty-thefe are the ante
and placed upon an Immeoeable bah : That their by which a State Is to be hlppy at home-feared
High, Mibhtilnefes ever purpofed to treat the and refpered sbrtid.-.-- May our enemies ever
rubletls of your Malty on any other footing than be poilefled by the like Iplrit of iafdn w; and may
the fubjtdo of the Repubilt: That with thefk Great Britain fi.lipurfue a dlre&contrarycondufta
Zfntiment.l their High bhtlnefes flitter them- and thus furnish theft found hpt with refth
flvesall ideas iljuriouast.therefpe& they entertain cafes to ridicule herC, .
of your Imperla Majetywicbhmay have been un. Btrred rfla llrfnt wrfrw le, I r.
juiily laid to their charge, will be entirely done We ee agreeably furpzed on'Suday lat
away! And it is in conformityto there fentiments. to learn, that his Royal Hignefs Prince William
Sire, that their High Mightinefiea earnestly deftre Henry, in his voyage round the Miand In the Hebe
to fee a full return and re-eabllhiert of good frgate, had put into Milford Haven. Our Royal
inderflandini with your Imperial and Royal i. ilitor's amrrval was Orefently made known to the
jefty, which they hope foon tohave ascomplif ed country, when a generous emulation to welcome
through the good offices of a Mnnarch conneedi a branch f the Royal Familyto their coal, dilfued
with your Majefy by the fronelft ties of friend. i:fclf through the inhabitants."
fhip and relationflip. This will be a mfit luppy The Dnc de Chartres, a Peerot the Blood Royal
moment, which can never arrive too foon for he in France, has brought over his fon, a youth of it
wifles of their High Mightlc fen, who never Years of age, tocompleat his Audiesat the Univer*
have nor ever can alter in the high value they ilty of Oxford.
place upon the fricrindLh and good-will of your erlih. AiuXft 6. The Prince Bilhop of Ofna.
Imperial and Royal Maje fy towards the Repub. bruit is expected here born, as is alfo Lord Corn.
lic." wallills they will attend the King to SilKias, where
To this fpiech the Emperor returned the fol- the Marquin de la Fayette, and a va number of
lowing aliwer, vit. It is highly alfing to me, other foreign oicers, will also arrive, to be pro.
Gentlemen, that their High MigMfl;efla by fent at the tnfaing brilliant review.
your deputation complied with wt I defiredl, a The Hanoverian Minifter "-* .. iiC--.
f{'di~.rl:ftloer in Ambaltldor it erans e,) eiuiieif uull ,nl r iB. g- i rflen. n King it totr
fime the negotiations under the mediation of the dam, from whnece he returned from Hanover,
King of France my brother; and I do not doubt but is faid to be expeded here again foon.
but a speedy conclurio will prevent the unhappy Ambaffadors from several German Princes amI
occurrenees which would be the infallble coie.- epeded to arri In this capital foon.
quence of a further <'elay." rerfinilles Au.4if .. The confederatilon orte'r
Par uh, daggi i. The edi ce of the Count de the auspices of the Court t Berlin, gains frengt
ralte is at an end.i The Minifter of the Maine every day, and putson a ferious apptararce. The
h i wrote to him, that he may cometo court. iIe light in which the Emperor fees this lesaue, ren-
h : not yet appeared there but eit is tho t he it an objet more worthyofattntion. Hi
will be present at the proccffon of t4e Red Rib. sentiments on hat fubje& are'tlearly expreled in
bonm onSt. .nuis'aday. a letter written bIT .ount Kaunitz. June it, to
Mardid, Ysd z3.. Although the King has em- the Emperor's Mistiers at the different C.urts is
ployed every meant, compatible with the dlinity the empire. The following is a translation of
of hiT crown, and the honour of the Spanih na that intereling letter.
tion, towards the conclnnoa of a peace with the Plesei Y ria r17 t7.
Algerines, the corfairs 'f that rerercy have lria. My letter of the ath of April informco yo
y violated the treaty for a fufpenfion ofhoftilities, of the fteps taken by the Court of Prutia, whkic"
and an appearance nolongerexifts of peace being under the molt odious pretences is uting eve
eftablifhed between the two powers in confe. endeavour to form a league with the greater part
quence of which his Majefty has renewed the or- of the Stares of the Empire, in which though hi
ders for convoys to fail, at appointed periods, for Imperial Maefty be not diredly mentioned, it is
the protedion of the trade ofthis kingdom, and evidently allied at him.
particularly in the Medrte-raneap and the Ind' The fime letter contains or reaflns whirl
taiJon, A.urts i. The Americans are c# -- at heft induced us to cosnder it as impoffihle that
tainly the mor extraordinary politicians in/ e thofe meaflres could be countenared any where.
world. For inftlance, What a deep fcheme he To ou great furprize, however, the contrary
inhabitants of Nantucket, by a feigned fepartion hl happehe, and repeated acCounts have po
from the United States, to recover their oil- trade tinvly confirmed to au, that fveralof the phrind
with thi country; and, under the cloak of Nan pal States of the Empire hae voluntarily declare
ticket property. employ in the wha'e-iftiery one their dttermination to acede to the coufederar
hundred fquare- lrged vers belonging to the hId firn propofed at Berli.,
State,, to the ru3n of ur loyal colony of Nova- "n Bt to convince those Sates bfryfai,
Scotia f Buote plot i by oh toohin thin the not merely by nedats t only how foreign to
inhabitants of NantuckLet andfoton Muft make Impeall a fys Intentlons the deigns oa u.
the heft of their independence, now they have got jufily aligned tohin ae, but alo heow muclls
it. They, and the reftoflthir ountrnmen, are he intere" s hblef the oppert of the cusloho.
fond of quoting the folly of Great-Britaln i but lion of the mphie, as bylaw eftabllsed, l. er
her folly is not grown to fueh a tclt as again to light; hii Majely hmfl bin ve s tho* I" gits
take to her bofor the ilicer, by wiLch (ie bas which may ia hend the election of the p.
een already o dangoutily .tag. In thecean tendedtci i aory oter inimical dfelign w t.
time, it a curtlous enough to oblere te ect of ever, which t may thinL It Ieclary to gSar4
American wilom. That they might have no aa int h laMheiha b Invitan them tofo
taxea to pny, they rectd tbe inelves nto an mdce immediately in t 0e aile manner ith bimlf,
pendet Rate, and thereby fubjeted themfelvet to aslead ofttte 0$ a flean confrdcratioa, it
innumerable taud, whicl thy now find they ire with he bereby declaes himL lf ready to eugagl
utterly unable to pdiy.That they might gve unity with thep.
to their couaiit, they lablilbe a oris, Hl Majety c ot ngve a m are, an
which ha1 no utlrkotity ither to enfece its de er.- and rilking proof of his real fentiiment, u d
minltiona in Internal Aalt, nor to enfui the hW desire to maintain "be lej canti Rshl
perforBmance of Its llupitions with f(taIn OGtrmsyitM itthekmtoretamt be doetigtn

t64Ce tio should. esitra to ev.y espeation, co. ensued on thepoint of order. wbic Sitr Henty w r fter than tihey
ter into a foreign _Klag. mua in the opinion of Cavi llh wtis involwed-ld Attory Oe n Th'fe ftIepabllcaist p se
every usbialffd tptfa, l pci I t I Lat.ed by 'rq ad Mr. Carry had ifo .a dispute, in which lfltor t ad confan.- n .
Inothe. widely dtleclt t om ti which they the matter mtorti on the former with fo much ;'e ah tw lyth.aeirt
opn pr.f- pn ht, that the Attornev..rlet left hlk r il 4t, Itt n of t t 'l
o. Yu. ill bt pleaf;d intlnturanfny tcM- and It * pet Wonal t fptulr wmuld etnti rv er miy a lyj Pl
lul.icate the aflfrt yo'l may receive o this Alc Mr. ileretary nlding' the fCite of the dnm.
elara on, which I chCarge jou to make in his MaI It-TC f-eminglv and emphatically awainn the bill,... Te Pralli0 kita
eft.' nimr." he atan rofe and f'1; t.* at ai gentlemen were If, or gr'frd pen ly, *Whit
I111 tluit a C6srCoiica Jtfx$id,. Aafl IS. pointed and warm In their opnitlto to the bill, dey gr nd. TL
Thi. harig the day whe t Mr. tdt.rtary Unt. its wctid nnw rive th. i an n(urAnce lii the name carefully, And w llcaM
atlb t.o order, w*as to pref nt the 10i;, found,. of Min'iter. that he t-ultr d Wtwoull f'i.fy them. France Iands inawvrI y
ed on the tith t-wnty, or the Irnlh ten, RdI.t He rwa uthortaritse to fay. th t CGow, ariet aer ciamnt rrfdiRal vario.
lutl.tdr, tir Itouft WAS evxCCtt i I y croudedl qvruN, nreithe ihe I6r Strip */ i, rI. iafutre f jnrrie g ann tsyp" lfti *t
Mr. Secretary Ordle rofe aind ld, that it hoIped fr'*4. arver, h Ier L reft it l ain ri the othe conneded w h, or pn t
tie plan wh:ch Min.fter were deltrmined to pui of.-, w,.h it lvesj bj thI Pat lianmite r o omes, who ana-in the eraelf
file in this very impillt batliif, wn f can i, IrJ. e i ~ ma, fee an,4 t i y
anId iqitable, that it would ,no oni r c'tnde This di c!aation wai received with mre teti. the r movemetis and te
the nircem y ofthe imitalon. which a Right. lion rer. a i had a Ititr itOcft hal. his former. A pIt:i l_ hfervfr r II extII
Ogntlcinan had intimated fir tlh ilday, ,tin that c n y eet. min are and li1, that he exp'icit ver the viewitand itde
It a., wnoulJ rendeardthea in m-rc fery. It ias drar, ation fomn Minier. oluht to tiv,"'y the r whether the veay h Ued
Ihi. frttentian after prefentiiu t e h.l,.t move li ;ill. They had cntrmbvined r:ovrrnmtent a their i all at preftnt. ~nrl hit Cot
that it Ihould be read a Aft tlm -Th. n to move n rmnt tnev 'nc a taught them thlt they manf not n ramn!exion until lIher the t
that it thoulJ te priitted-- \trd then sonmotC for dre i, t'm lmer with the connit'tin i if irlanil ; Rufii.mna tuke fton decifve fitp.w
in ia'jou nntent to pivt the Mlrathers of *hat ad Mini;tiri, dfidl) they roudii.hbe .at. ni.1, 1ha hais determine te courfs of
Hotc,. and c.i,.t,,u nit in the couliry, with atlkward tbut coelprat blildin llt .n. Idpre- t P. I : ".,
time to cxan.i. e and ;if.-iili a tasuits. Itaiig c ttl mci from ithe Ivoiiwed ihi.ntiihn of the raui, Sttelhmbr s. 4 fiw a aft
biru,.ht up their Ii:l, he uoVid tat it -houild lie I ute. Iei recimemrnitd to them to Itop under ir'n ie Thiilemeverr Envor Elr a flrl tnie. that derla 'ali, ind to a join. the Kne of Prifllt, ccolarrnnicatedto
it wi. acuord.iag'y rIa.l, and ,ordered to he Afrite filram firth.i- dJeb.:r in which this dechri. Orneeral min:erln t declaration f
pl)]:.d. 'aton of fhe cMiinier wan trfitet a- a total .lbn- which the King. hit'mafter, notiti
Mr. Flood fail, that there wat nothing in the dmnment or the ,yltem. and a thefit-ical knell of MiygtiielTes thefarmatNimwand
plai of 'he R ght itnriiratb' Gtentleman which thr hI!t, i' wrs rrl;,'We d ti airee to tlhe roftion, of fOrtmanic Icaguer, i.gnd ly his Mlal
did fa.tfsi his miiil, or wl'ch oightl to fti- y the :'ji ur'nmnt fir thrre week., Aiin they accordl. great tI:lrnt r if foverclin Princes 4
mindls of (Orntlenmn. Heh had Viyrtn nIoice.of a in;:7 a joiirnod at half. pair one o'clock on Tutf- This lrtg.,e s n"t iffentive in anty
nmtirn, Iy which that Houte had it in thr:r pa verr day mi rning. grounedn on armbthian. or with a view af
to y ia: tt natiUo against the roonifqunerilr ofI la.dJn, A*', We hear fr m Parrs that t'izitg any o'Oae irntrilfing partlest bet
the hiil which was noi* on their tale. T'he pro n Muondar tt i(b innflnt. the KAi. bri' rhi- meant a. a rcfp-a ble barl r il.gisiitr t
p Otion which he meant to move would dlrre'.e, rtted with Mi cfi-. d V .rae"nr and Cailr;-., f the H.ufle (, Alitris, t r icreae it
thit io authority cnull take foom the I"li Par aler a h.,rt cintf, retre with th m, fint lor the rinormoil, power in Germany, an eatrelf
lament its exere f. ifthe power of leg living tor Cardinal Pri ce if Rlohar, liatl Almnilcr of wonid he formi,lable to the conititiusot
Ireland commercial, andi externally at well a' Prance, anti lifiho.p of Str. lbiugh Th Pre'ate Giermanic body. It isfaid that theKlinlg
internally. 'That dtllaration he conctive! to he va i tben pr- rine to cerliratre N if &I ponitihf- when he codnmunicated this treaty to i-
inlifllA nfrhle, and it was Atil his pu pfCde to am.iv likiu. 'I he K I 's mrltfae wan pcrenip.orv; his at the fame iimr invited then( to act
the rcfo .,inilo. miaienee nbcivelt it. His Mainy caonfed hI;m to Thia weighty bifinfs has produced extra
*M-.Secrretay Orle li.t, he ul;hed tofirtisfy be arrftlrl, and atirr ,hvintg he r kept clhic prl. fnfition; here, ald is the fuhje ofthel
the Hofe, thIht I'O m >i .n was inn c. frry-tt'at rinet in his nwei palace ti the Wrnlilefly folloto. rriit deliberations in the Altthebl
at Iral it wa unifeAf nilhkl-' hit i was iit pr! so inlg. the Prelate wa r tra sfcired to tlr Blftife. State. r
l'd by any thing whcl Miniier' w, r tllhn ur- Spr'tenrbr ,s. l iinifter hI Tr hren blamed Lk.', ii sa a. It i f( id that the (ll
3in/-ism l to lo awayv tfftAul all nlthW o ar- for f tr n t Iadnlilti i om tcri-'il tiraty with ha.i tir fiino tite ben fltingout etkI
attmeni on the iirc.fiy or the tip.diency, of Franir, ad t hre pbhlir have .tti;hutld to their. atre mratt to defend the Portugufte lr
(druc a mt'.no. he row fl,""d 1I he laidi, t eI.ige in p ic P ic' i igoinatirc, the late edict.l o'tl e Court Arrer'ca gaainft the attempts made owtthI
a ,tolt I wa. t at C v m at /'mild of V, rfaill It tilA rionii to our m .o alue. I'y the filhjelt of the United litafesl-' q-
a. .. :.i.e't.t ,, i* .'/n ,. He The"vhave heronh lied in tilm ninRilnce with,.it lon'r,'., .rmtemir 1. We hesr fr 6' riloatn, Ih wl n It opt a i lt' thi- in aurie a&tC't 'rit nt,; inffo ;, th:t the"tohna; publilled(hre ollosl
three wea." e acnod nl chidedd with a n aid impotent in our Mnailerrtin P fadg r repeierde pro*JttI ,-
ithree wrat." lie cuctdi'gly cae 'ede wto mmct treaty wth fanl contneto hold their cland eftiin
A dnba at. ett, i feven .nd eighth o ro, tian h e nt negria'. to carry 6n "their "id. r. wriaeu udl
SplAd,. on r bht i.uten, we .n i .tho e ,ontinct r ~ a vi t.. r new afpel of taie collect;oas, and admit frelh meMati,
more h tt *Al' int mp'at n, mrh acr tinr y an I i the m ceofure, !le fore wctirinanynlew much that in our colleges ojufkaftile
mpore heatl a-ut iiteipersib&A bat.] cc citit at f ttr iiimaers are iisatirt. .
prro al d l,:nt, hban had beeu cxpcrien:ced fur Perhapsthe eon.i n of Fr.ce ri hrine a tlt ir are fligar pe.rfifts nal
A cmpleat rcv IIttln in the In iirope. rifoui it thf t h1a d
ir. irnod, M. M rattan. and the oth-r great Sho'! Ihe fi t re inlancei in the It.p ii" roehi ord.l i toe that hexadl; aeC its e
e ators onn*h. fi le dF Opp',faitoh,,contenled" hat fltiedl, a new thel ..a.pror in' his. ore, sto be frire exadly' etutei in
arawur. on th. iiec r Opp-ifitiot, Conttned that p'oiat, a newft hII v'oad ivmidiAt I? preftrnt ofijil'ce than tl'ewhrre. he therelle ln
the declaration ni the klitt Hon. S.crciay di tl iteliranther ,merce ofBri"tain r n r.' vhic ;e ofjtilit- Ihan timewhernfe. e therd
arrt, and, lh.,i'd n ,l, prefet them fIom atiriing ll tln ,ri n'n h ortic'dove ther l'refident, and memher*r flieht 5
n. aoit ily wh h tp bdem m ndr r em nt aing at l tur Iint Kut inle u to cherh our dome. are of that Se to declare it-in 4t
a o cnrfelati itr wn ilt he rt Itderpi ndt fn l ture ic rif IEry forte rike ofhe Me;terranean trade. at the fame time to declare thel re
ef Italii il'llie pr ,tetet tint tl tiag Rag-ag cpu a L u/ Lia-rt' IPsts Reldla, Auhtilt lij renodnce it, and so larger frequnt mi7
rt.inbri,u s colldit, n otwkhich the hoaltei com. T.he Cabin.e Conltir that ren' ce it, and no longer requat
v'rctial fyltent ,as tio depend. They di ufleil without interim n~flun tattweer London and Ver. Such as. ,iall comply wit the ai
lidrr tbs motion for ado.iurnimnt, the wir i otf f'les, hiv certainly no ofher objeel in in'w b.nt of t ch as o hall cin the 1oe t0i
tik twenty Reftuilti*,n and argued. that even the treaty of conimere, which is noeft the ft of their Scrime, hlin be 1arbone Im, J
t.ithout the intfi erment on their conitution, cond time, on the tMi.s between Frnoe and Etn. f of their crime, hall nbe ardonedr tdhE
th-v were commercially inhinrious to Irelantd lard. Th rpitr e aroriins tra. Yhe med tll no t. tha ill diedrt
MI.Seeretaiy Otrder Mlr.Foter, ans Oint- withlhejo' ron oais Rte eth ewar ri ate. wh i .y.met, hlnot ohe flifmitede otoad
men on the otter fide. conti.nded for the f) im nothing on the Co1.t fe emst to th eaten; tour plniftd. Informer l a ne o d he ha
as hihld advantipeous, au d went into loig dif. part of E rolie with th t world of all fenuepe. o warded astd their names eon ealed.'
ctallons to prove its Matlerne utitly ito Ireland*. war or pcle irte thermometer of Englhi. aafnrt ir n .'
The Atrainey OG erlargitng for the adop. 4 i ugular thit itlch rMamofrurs ld W h e r h inform ,t
finn of the fyltim, warned gentlemen of the damn pfI In England, morecad, oren thdan .. n ohaee lrt n irm .Wld
itrof rcj. ng thefch-me. He hinted at h.e egla, more nd, ttner thin clfe. I CharlesCllttetbuck,. whowascapital
lr i.ran n iah-e t- f..He. h..... ad-lrt the in. ht '
freirc quality of Irilh tenur, a, their internal ilrf. The confederation which I forming a France for a fraud i do irery orn
fl',,nnfrom r differneen reofliinn thepmhrnhility nin th . rmal t lrn nglarnd, and w"h enf Sene o r
that the natural andi oftrvrant hival of he Britilh fl andth it rn r ro ive him the li unea r through the clemency of his Molt a
that the nata t n rva it of the Brti ne. and it is atnred that hin health A in a very ef changed that of bing e
empire would he quick in omentinig d:fcord be. prrcarinot Itte his ey. which were fo y time for lifca d to t'ant o being feAt to
tween the fi ter kingdmnl. and w, ull train eve. Ao to lively and ft ...atarelv re w* olo I' ht oe from Arms the 31ral etl
ty nere n t to i a rupture. hi eafe of a ani witht virs it,." `p e, a ow l ch ed to ther with laferal therk l
rupturc. what mulf he their fate ? 'ngland was a The Pmperor andthe utch hasd np lace of hi. detintion. t+ha t
)Ioni not erflly pr. AIedl, hut when arouled not their lifferennce. .a ae not to, ail rFot .ted a fte t is nold that e of e
eaclt f4bduei--lrea.d wais whelp, arfy to pro. rath pa'it; an; imagine. Uite, rtome coltfl fir e o dmtpchin, thland ta
she. wai cally tt uit. trI.ems to be brdaking out am tng the Unitel State alo fuelh'ither bilf as may be nee t
Ie e tiwan calll to order. themF..-vesC. The Proi'nee of ltrecht If we n. djomn'tttatr the Qg bl!
Wi. Floind reprobated his tlngage--He bad .rie maEr rischt. takes the lead In I rpelling the Aourdinl to ltterh sim bl
rneer hrarut a fxteeh moIr i.,feh;em,'lly rh r.: I n ew-a-f iletL fry!e of trying their all to t i of Vcanice n reatd th
with inflammat r aJ inflediiu r matttr-ele had Prenth i-'the French to, eeiat fr th m, the pr of VeRnlhc e t paf ar tie hi
,-.r wltnetlld fuch anon and drart-er ii afpern. .ench to t fo r th.m, tndl ,Freeclhmant obe rave a complete barrier
lonsen the honour and In.c ily of his c.liry. Commander in chiefof all their frees It iq we Porta. they hcp ntl icbarrier l il
1- was a fpech of rank.ilod u attilabe iltn. I they had.not a Frenchman to e. their Lord HIl Partl.r m of in par lf%
Station alnd of faucy faily, A. Atloney-fle. I Admiral ltnn. that the French might have the ewe terichfur fieelmr r e eo
wiera cai'ed him to order, comp'aiited of the per. of heir leets, as well as thel( fest From thi iche fi theuiars, anterd to
grIA iin -.,nd moved tht tI word Aiould p dell;e m"ante the people o Ut"ht are mt a later
r. F> .odwoud mo rert. i"ic, l d theAt. Jcta pori ttl i the ntrmh dfllpt. "| al h
Om eu ar 4l their bu i U ako d ra Th Veastiars by tir avridity of trlna m to a. at ans

bthe m *t hf become lutorvsoffch "rira B 'l:'**a to totR r ne g,
ebo,|wladvaiccd .'. .. & c. AU ia hittre carr Y a numbeea dlr im
,&. ,, o ''b/iILd.La i' onw.e p.kooi o tth umber fc.,,, aa to
retouo. o l.Maj eftyin Council, bAl at every huntdred (florh Tisn relettiJqb taks
James's the d instant, refpeing def(trttr, plice Ui'ly.
.mlfcnt fio aWAi m ceto the comtm,
IsBtrfidlto rS.iAW tilthBriti B aed C t r th,
i nabliimtaM aowq qaterted, natkned, ot N A 8S Ao U czh- -a
hMlfld In any rt tbe, by whichjt i NA 8T SAU Jh cIfsts a .
t l red, lhat n r bM ptetUn' Tihmern fdc T y. ledhe LoL.t
l.te whirpping an ath, Io dhImetrically op: V Br Croline, Ca't; Grant, Willarn lel.
1ufe to the fe S e in Ions ofth nrt mit asoder, Bq; Thromn beixs. ESi Mr. WIlliam
rcltarrner a t dem, whidh praAice it MacLeod, and Mrs. MacLeod.
iwas*i found had no means the desired effe&, The' Naffau, Hst, and. Ptovidene Packet,
it had been found eapedicnt in (ome cafe. to alter IBglis, from this Port. are arrived at Lmodonl
aid amend it: It is therefore ordered to be decl- The Llghtning Buirton, wu expeaed to fhil
^reo his Malefty's will, by and h the advice, from London for this Porll e beginnblg of
t his Mejefty's molt honouiable tivy Council, Oettlbr.
hatall delerters from any Oahi MajetIy't force, Wrednetlay, being St. A ar's Day, wasb-
tither military or marine (by wgich are to he un- served here by his Aoni, with reatfeltivity, mirth,
dtod od1 a nmarcling regiments, and altoof caial- and good humour.
i ind dragoont, and the marine orpS in their In the Ship William & Mary, Capt. Swlnburn,
gjr dirifiotn, as alfo of the artillery corp,) which failed on WadnefJay for London, went
ail in future be fent to the coaft of Afri a, or to panfengtrs, Stephen lHaven, EfS John Mullryne
thil Et.lndic lior life, without ay alleviation ouf Tattnall. Efq; Lieut. Wooldrid e and Mrs.
tteftnlenee hatfucver, and there to e branded Wooldlidg4 and Mr. Thomas Reid.
ad badged as criminals, and t', be under petpe- The report mentioned in a former paper, re.
tha foppagie; cloathling, &c. being only provid- fpedting thedeathofth King of Spain, is ground-
ad them s at percent. left the death of Don Lewis, the King's young.
Ioitrci o fa Lseterfram Cadi, Aungly i6. elt brother, In AuguIt haf probably gave rife
*i An Americnni f:ip, nuane unknown, aboutt to it.
otonhe, miia:h o fa r Libott to blunon, and ArtItED Isse, Fte omt
tiben li an Alrine cilnizer of. 6 'guns about *Nvw. 19. o rig Caroline, Grant, London
0y leigcres td the We arinard of Lil.iin. put in Schoo. Harriott. 'Irant, l ew York
ire the t13t infant. By the plize-n.ltBer we 30. Sloop Sarhs & Rebecca, Hall, Bermiula
kirn, that thtir cruizer. liner the aopclufinn of Schoo. Sally, Berry, Jamaica
ite trnuct with their country, have taken. and feat Sani I-t. For
ilnto Al Iirs nile Poritugucfe vtflIcl, live meri.- Na: Ship W. & Mary, *Swinbuirn, London
ran, two 'Vcoetians, tr o Neapolitan), and two Shi Polly, King, ditto
tGenfc ; and that four of the xihecks b few dlay l D ie. I. School. Sally, Bayhe, St. Thomas
1a .1 .k ore of the Portugtnefe friitrc, after 3. Brig Archibald, Hill, Charlefton
gt ',ig far nrii r s, and took I9 petplc Tilt if
it. Whi It tI ey were tratIlportling tolem, A Ihip - f
f 'c line and a.nther ftigate camd in ligltt, T US T IM P 0 R E D,
l aI'II h a toI rIl n I p In the Schooner Hans rT, Capt GaaT, from
,.k: re, fapit:mter 9. 4Cd Re.rt, Le. A N N t Yo B Ka D
llra t W am J. hltor, of the 3n K Onar,tt Ona boD enal oE it.
Int e Captant of a Comply, viize ohn Rut hr. O O S TinI rE,
,,r. .,,r By JO -l CH 'hSTI E,
Pa i, A'ig. xy. The Oert'nan~eang entered At hijroaa on th AY,,
Into br the tiermianic Princr, l dflntiive*ly For a Braziletto, 1 nttr.
tgried to arm litned on the iofJuly; it ill TNE Board~'CedR Shinlg Pickled Mac-
be vt t fed'llrv itfied i (ither wer invited to 1 krcl in barrels, Ship Bread, white Bifcuit in
i,' ti ::. w la Coon fign itj antid f.eiw.,rds kegs, New HBtter in firkins.
tntl friuoLi if the fane will giveni to al the A SO 0R SAL i,
Ciurttsoi Eiripe.. I Maleir~ p ort, Vidonia and Teneriffl Wine,
Th1 neihiordCl ln between t Anmhall..dors of 0!d hmalcaiium by the puncheen, Coffee. Hol-
trie Itrliu lle of the Uniiten~ P oviices ami. the landle OAniec Rainns In catks, balt Hyfon and
Ain',i I itr of the atneror of t rrns y, ar n not Bhr.a 'ea. id Filh, &c. &c. &
,t r(lrlnedl. 'Tl'e former are imnnediate ;x-
pla i. n of itnitilniihn on tha hi.eft. F IL 0 N 0 N,
S.'.,hr, atr-mhir no. DPd lately it Ilor- .. The i ootuN
i,. ., ihim, on-wre onald.l tKean, alip T ,
i.d !'bi a, i. ; Ir. otI'n year of hi age.-Hle /; I i Gt Y M a
tli' eci'fr t OtClecot at thc tmnr o.thei alTacre 1'.* WiLLIad MA Wso, Mater;
It i, a t6a ~ .' a ut, taurct et, ha good ac-
Ion ., Srti.herr ri. The produce of single romtodations fo Paiengere, will
pl' a, i'ar t ot this yea 's g, ewth, was on the he ready to fail i) about 24 i e. For Pafage
jid lt .k.n i, u of the grould :n the sgaden of apply to the MaIft on Board,o to
to.. It:. 'lie a Piontefrift, vwhn there wete 341 JOHN CHRISTTE..
psine me atlfg upwards of fet pccks, and "l E Subfcribn t s to icavn i lfland inA
Liri Klttr t irned from Francs on Satur- a lwee WILLI PENN.
dayla inl p.- Ie-'t DS- c, ,.,W P 3,N.9
xtrwo 1 a .rtlr ft,,, rfi etnA, A 4 g. f14
Notrihii is tJlad of here bit the CelAioR of
K. ao of Ih RIoman 'the dflerent Cabineta PU BLIC AU C ION,
f Iem fre o..fl.n. rtna.e 'i thce bflinefs, and It ist MNf n n Iq sh of n. fma.
lthiht ItI.e naicor will he hr aught toa conclu- On MONDAY th of December,
*h Ibtrr h I expiration of the yar, in favour f W A Ti *t k,e.
tIl.i rlic of lfr;ia. by means ofthegood office WILI. I E S O), Without Rf ,
r Fe a It|( ilal. Tlhe vt.te in the Elelioral e Scool ER
C ii t- I ., ii ht, becqi.,l, and that netwithfan- S A L L O
ttlr:; t ;, luiut Leat'uelc E'mperor' a interest .t Suppaed the faleftd failing vMfel
Iv, ip, teI among there Iflands, burtlien about
S : .i'i,;, t It was the repot yesterday that e Jo barrl, i in'the niol c omplat
tm anlitrle Goi et fcenrde to the command inorder, an exceedingly well fund.
th l rar n and that Cap. Coy des r wh JOHN MORRIS, & Co.
nI t tlihe H e ftrigante, Osf which Prince nVetory with JOHN IS .
Wholm Ilnty is now Captain, h.ia certainly A In
'lrd fi in iro Spn head (s faill) for Gibraltar, T On'T (com one of the Piazna l oat s in Mrs.
aid thlt 'ltinv.f, -f o guna, in which Sir J. L SMuT"'s Coffce- nt, abouwelve days ago.
Lin thf Pce -c oer let to this iatlon is, that it will
S'nun an ep-irtiitily ott In g fme of the made in PARIS, wit Slk ed with fal
Fnrt po,ts ih. th wirt; and befhts fe being t ly f et Buckle, agilet Sn Bot, whole and one half
al lile 0c u f Fliorelc, Nape &t. t he is to ( piae n Fdnch tine, t forein Gentri
a th1o t'm r, ot n i, c, h l ple e, c. e or main. Whoever will4elive the e to the Subf cribel
i hf im iwha. t e t prohabiy meet on or or give information re they ly be found, halt
'the.' i 't *S Ay ucles, who are gomngto paft re ,, Thirty Pie s of Eight rd, and in pro.
ithe wieitcr Lat caital of tht eccltflic terri- orin for any p o l aed. -
to 9as 1 y t J jHN MORRIS.
A rerulaitin hae lately taken place with refp t t N. B. Dcfcriptln of the above Artiles are tr.
Lto marin on S b iard hrs Mlai ty'- Ihips of war warded to many places, both in dla Weft-Idiae Sad
hid a l.iiding onrer of the ndmiraltv Board has America.
iw made accirdiTili,, that ad Iip of war, NAwmkr aa, iSJ.

Ln J Iige C ~ Cpt. O.u

Al irh, l, Mt v, CaCp, 0m. OloGBC
Jon,,rrO' '
TC Ofraburg. CloutiDapr
_4-4 7- uad 3-4 Iril Memn white d- u r
As siM Thrm d Stc haon
-4Aid 6-4 ditto Sheeting Ditto ribbed C6to-dtdh
Ptatilloadl Britaniut Ditto white ilk ditto I
Gulls si l Sisa Womens Cotton ditto
BaWn Ru(ia Shedting Ditto white Thread ohml
taveoeDuek Ditto coloured ditt
Printed Linen, Chint Dito Habit ditto
Calliceu Gown Pattern Me, white Silk A Thrad
Priqad Linei and Cotti g Okovu
Handkerchiefs Ditto cuanu ditt
Checksna Cotton Stripes Arti & tlwer
Check HandI reblefb Ha ad Brt Pls *
White India Dimity it Chappel Needles
White and coloured Jeans ddle String
Striped Dmities ardh and Came ditto
Quiltng resl and mock Black, white and floured
o104, 9-4, and 8-4 Cotto Sewin Silk
Coonterpanes w o. ln, foa, Green an
Scarlet and light clturci Bohea Tea
fine Broad Cloths Ia 8Lts en
Scarlet, white, blue. gre ce, Nutmeoie Cloves.,
black and light colouse nd CitMla n
Calliires ham Mulard, SallUd
Striped Camblets i
Black, IA,, and ereen do l thlroam Ketchop, and
Black & blut Callimancocs ickled Wi lts
Durasn and TamiCes ins and Capesl, Cur-
Norwich Cripe at Jelly
Bomb;seens* e and white, sad e
Dutch Blanketi arelled brcakfal '
White and lriped Flannel Table Chinan
Wilch Plains bitto Mug. and Baitos
Brwn and blue Bath Ditto Sett of Tea Ghina
Coating Mena fine & coarfc lhoea
Green Baore Ladies Calimanco & Mho
Sailors linLd and firiped rocco and Saltin ditto,
Jackhta French heela
Striped Cotton and r .k Youths Shoe t
Trowfer% Girls and Childrens ditto
Canvas Frocks Menm fashionable coc
Cotton and Check Shirts Hats
White Rufled di'to Ditto round with buckles
Nankeen and Curduroy and band -
Breeches Girls and Childrenu white
Cingham Waiflcoats and brown ditto -
Plain, ftripcl heck and Field Bedliteds complete
powered Muflln wI'h Gauze furniture
Jackonet ditto Mattraffcu
Chintz Bordering for Nefls of Red Leather and
Gownsa Hair 'I'runhl
White, layloek. J w, Ladies Caravan do with
White Shot, Pl uo, brafs lock-'and handke
Lutcflrings Green Lufring Umbrellag
Black and edged 1iffanies Tplvelling .L-;.oip with,
and Perflan. E rial Matehes
Striped and towir d Bro. E-ther Maorea
cade" A "ral afortment 0
Iadia: Sttin and Pertlan C nters Plane.
Pctticoats heft urpeline a
Dittoblack made Cardinals ReIHem p
Ditto Scarlrt, dicco with Hhter pipes
Ermine ruld CndCls,
Ditto Bell Hoopl lfe Butter
White, black and brown aonfte, Hams Black
Fostail and OArich Fea- paper
theta 'Atrch and Fig Blue, Hair
Nuns & Sidhing Threads Powder'
Petticoat t Shawl Fringe- Hard and Sof Pomatum
Cap Borders ECknce of Lrender i
Thread Edgingse ergamot
Dutch Lace Gunpowder and hot
Fanl Kanton' beft Loadon bot*
Ribbon alorted tied Porter
Plain ard Diaper Tapes Thrale' ditto in hoerhead
7 4, 8.4, It.4 Diaper Table A Afortment of Ship
Clothe Chandlery, Turpery,
Fine Damalk ditto Glaf, Ware, ad Croc
Ditto Napkins kely Ware,
Lang and clear Lawo h c. &c. &r.
T&7b haw iu iefifor Safl,
L ONDON particular &mence *fSpruce
SMadeira Wine, by ole. Bef and Pak -d
the quarter caik or do- arti
sen '- Flour in ditt.
Ditto Market dit?' Tripe in Keg
Sherry ditto Paintr and Oil, Sfap
High proof Jam and Anchors and Cables
Weft-IndiaRlt p Rice In terees.
cheens and ao h A&e. &A. Ac.
Which they fi* l of, on the moat reag .
able Termns, C O sd ills f d bheag
or Prdute.
A PLAWTATION at the ward, later
71 cuL qCCuaed b JoT Ma T. q. For teomn
apply to, WILLIAMS i IPO D,
Whob u for Slae, a frw d I of a ca
Rcd P .

IAWA'MTuIW'ATU, N MA W fyed yIf C t ItOLW.I, C4. OsA,. PANTON, L'E
N W Paowvasss. p. . ..are ar tie k Pasn urrrcl. a tii NA w Ua t
B His Hasme JA 2D DWA) PO9WELL, n"OML ETsI sets of MERCHANTS AC-. e N eSIVA tI
/: Lkwiaew Obetrnr and Commasder in % COUNT OOiE, bond in rough Calf and SH A V P0
CLM in add .wr he id I. m e. ChArier, lettered; alo, a Oeneral Afbrtment of PAPER, ONRA
r-A.ireagd Odinary fa,,. (Vf. and othm Stationary. A -ENR lD
A PROCLA MA TI O N. b4N**.iL. I I,. wi, of the Ara
__, WHEIk AS It Is His Mjidty's. a.r, r o W y C; IT w
ioyal Will mid Pleafare, nl.I- lpil &wr JAMES EbWARD POWELL, wiu freln thmo
fLed by hil Inruaions bearing llr )imot.O.ersvo and Cinmrader i s.*d illn lgrekjx
clatt at his Cost at It Jameo', C"bsi e wer on th aid jla da, Cba arer,
the tenth day of Sptember 1784 r P.-Admirl,la Ordinary ofhe f re, J UST IMP
that the Lands within his hid APROCLAMATIO N. In the ShIp MuIega P
"hamalln.dsn .llbelvcd HERBAS the Keeper of the JaH elL tll'l from I
and ated oh theollowin conditions tha tI IR h of th
fy. bIhat forty acres of land ranted to every T of Naf lu, -ath AND TO s
.Negro. I. ...... WHO.. w d a
.prfon being master or mifirefs of a family, for fmn that llow..
"lmi or I o erelf aMi twenty a rea for eve tenc of trpo LOaton, under ner,
eeyhn doed sa t dec a t the cap r f H T. t f An D rid e .S. sik
f4h family Ifrl coonf at the tLime ofant- a the Irth on this altnt N At their nlot aon
ng uch warrants; That all rantee Cubjito member, forcibly break rirn. nr'lrrtf y MR anng ll -jail
.. .... aIf a" l- n hilrt i escape from o ct tereo; AND .r rc w d hiL Sugar filt
the payment of two hillin Wcrlin qA rent for WI ERPAS iofthe i tmohft confequence to the Hyfon, "gul
Men orr yents fin ny o h ofnte r Pti ne peace of this Community, that f, ntoa otr an re.en, TA Pi W
t' fender flioheld, ifihie. he retaken, T HAVP Snoehog A T A Petar
grants to h e aid at the of every aed r there. THEEFOrE THOUnHT PIT. by and with t Nuira seinl
after. int default of w i h Mants to f e void. the "advice rand conntt of Hi tloiefty's Ho0o ura-,. rttttl and Ra its Mde P latr
I9alyblinlajfty hs e ioully pleafrd, an ble Council, to iflue this my Procla.tion h.reby rwn and White Snow bl crl, hlles
n ouranmetti to lir O Sl hjreta who ilave r e cr Timm
hfen refident in arny ot t l< toni ofn from I Dces p"y g Rewar of thae feed Pi.nry b t, Cra, d Shry
..n. de of thir ft any grn or whonich who tlI within abe.rh f: r hlue. t ea. aMilla
now the Ulited S the me ral andte ho fr ofnll ae e faiftr the pub'i, catin herit to, ap re p Cinmon, e PeNmpd
acco int of their t his Mairfly, iall or len,!le n, e after the pu.a id... on hereof, a lri Sotam
mxnct wi'lrngly, or hy c, mE, reFmoe ,btoy and en ant, loge tthe at -Negr forhOne ine Chcd Mr a. trflO rlo tnped
fait hf th o ordice a he co rnt of nt to be reH- Ithwf Lo, in the Puic il if thin Irid -f; or Pictle., lH Wme a
heormatior where h* may be haroure"d or Barley. 'rlit onse L
urto hie Cou cil ff thi my Proclamatione "ed thm ten ft the v Marhal, his lawfl Lnn,,n f rt i Pur orteC MrenD
th u I pti itn nb o ten ionclerner Depty, r the Jaile of the EWAR liilsnd, m.ty e Miarira, Po and Shen Ditto
r~i'ce unrai of Srve for running ot their t H urCmman. .
JiP'e dof their e grants which f. T aid a onre end rrim him. Wine, toae
gr.rts it his Mefty 2yal ill and Pleaire IV ur my Hand d Se of cef Rat nt Port Womens be.
I e l, iered; :. the pral ntees free fall 1tv faid adi nd, A,' th 6th dan, of Turpentrne.9 te Pumps
exefanfe on. a re: I aO ighty f ORE, y and ,h er o Oe ord One Linen ChecLesr.d Ctlli Hrli and an
iiTh t,-, advIce and conlent of his MAjfty' Iio- tIh,/fand -jen hut Iredanib,. ilbir.e, and lfnrttd roe Sl
ntwentsble Cou-,ci, fuare this my Proclamation, i the Itattnjixb Ta His Maj l 'r ',l rnC~, Me
bele ,V mAkiVg knont to all person. concerned, git. RAmDed Bunt-, mnltiel You Ian lispl
th,? up,, apl, iaPOtiun to me in Council, they ill TIMES EDWARD POWEtt. DIet sod or Jeansa d MeSilk itto
r, Wt rali ofn Scusrvn for running out their R ff-our'j CommIand, T an kets c itto walai
Ir St agrueale o hisMajety's p tid I tru~ions, JH O'IA po Serea Plain and f ed Dimi- Womenm fOm I

ly OUH BAVB TH KA INO. 'pHAT neat HIOUE lately l,.nilt b hit Sub h I in e n" Cloak.
Lox f %A pro TAP 4lNr. tars Threa Highs
ant their family rights. N Royal and Tme i a Rib Meas dCitno M.

t.'e ,fi ES EDs, POWaLL, d ay r j 0 H N- 0L oR R t C rcq-- O e,.dl, .eht i.
I;h L.V under ry Hand al d Cmmantr S R R & CoS Qauitir real mock Mens & WoanMe I
tCef in adnno,, at Nfa us, tChl cr, i a dn f HADo P0 R S L p, C to Mn CLinner ene Tierman
faitdfen hr, as eredin' on f e, Ow. .- IO Ht IS? A uret variety Printed .anld' Mira
and P O ndLAMATInN es r, tt3ho A NLinen, Chin tz Culli. Habit an d rmId
s Henty -fAf thearof Exportiation, f a y S, co Ionnn Pattr a Wome ns hlirk at
JAMES E DWAD POWvi ELo y n the Ship Ch~AWA ley and Groce ry b einle. fDitt oCtPrinrcd Cot. Sil ditt
By HNe Hfose. Comnn.nd, ton Ito"nderchi Ditto Walk as
STi PIaS HAVlIN, proSecretary. F 0 R S A L F., -ut. -I9 and yar wide Brown Cambia
U 0 IB 8 A ci T Ha K I N 0. HAT neat n11' lately Iilt Ihnae Deart. Brifhan nim Cloaks
hi--Ar u k~,.ltoI I rfcriber, adoinindg and to the 1e ard of Bron .nhi-nt. Rfla Pck DCeln t t
Nw anIItl'l v *rd. II D qr. R mh adicod s, fronts upo:, li and in rNl Sheinc, Pcrni Cest

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VE.v uider ay /land and the reat Sea, WANTED ro -R-CHA,- Super nre Rlack Cloth Liatfee4d -
the /iid ad,, at NMeant ths sth day Bluendther falhluaable PItl
Nvewher, i the ear ofOur Lord One txol. G OOD hatlncer MAN SERVANT. a enoloew ditto China Ware,
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,JA hId EDWARD POWELL. commended for hi honefty an sobriety. Enquire Bn.ek, white and ble t ptamrl
By his Honwoer' Commandia of tie Printer. Tammies Sa cers, sad
Joae O'HALLoa~I, pro Secretary. UN AWAY from the Subcribcr In Soth. Tittm, diteto Dnmnts strts
o 0 A E T H E K I N G. i Carolina, aliout fit yearslo, the following Moringrnls apes Tin Ware t
Negroeo, viz;, aboutithirty years of age, fmb zeena. Camblet Hard and CostAy
A I.L Perfons having any den aint the feet 9 or t inches i aks good Enililh; Three point sn. Au Analr t
l Eate of the deceoen d MrcJ'n s Wa-Yae, I a thick well et Pelsw peaks broken'Eng. Atriped Linfev. Materal.e amry "
ile of this town, Merchant, a once more, and lifi ; inder, a ck well a wench, a very Hat feathers different O e, o, so4
fir the laI time, denied to gi v in States of the good Seaunltrefl a tals im made wench of and colon srnpe l 'au
fatae properly attended r and th indebted to the a yellowilfh comp h Sa, aboat file COarTe sad I thad Geno PdW
f;d Eate, are dfired to ma payment before yearsold when ngs aw and I am informed Idgin s Shot No. Ito
tie next Wturn .Day, as all unts not then ihas had two Cd en fint a wanm formerly Ditto Thread Laee PUmp Lgadt.,
p id, will be pleed In the of an Ator. the property of gthis Ifland, and t Blak Late, Tapes R.on Selt.l
sly at L, to be ued for. her mother is h there in ,ia to believe he LAWN and .-Lovse nH19., Mai, Sa
(.IN BOYA E"D is alfo here at th ime. chief Himbre' dma
M.CHN IIH 9SON. t, tO" Any perfon a beding and her family, Slsea Thread Gane Ploins ia
.A lI" N PEROU 01t, o J s or giving inform io ro that I n get them, mall Shirt Battons and Moold Sering s
J%?,pallk Odtbero, .178.1, receive ar weard of nWs sw T, o White C NeeChdslNes OCard&& AA ,
C 71 "O N, alait, beaziletto, Mahog4y, kiard Gainiga for each of the others,
Wood, fer aIk ys ITHO5S. COMMAUNDER hie wiclthir 1hal fms AIOIuI 13 ;
FAi&I NaS t, It As .raumobs" Toaks.

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