Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 19, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00015
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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y;, 41-D.


It is

Sd *~a *si ln l ~~o

-- &AI U- f') J! RD ~A-Y1 :NoYZMDNU a6, 1785.
iFrom S A T U R D A Y-Novi4i

NASSAU: 'Printea, by 191uixWji4.iati v he
'II ''L 1 ) ';i~: --IV-

' r H tl of CoMMI(tus, Mal 30, 171y.
ilon. GendlUmian hr1 Itrtiggld much to fis
.chirge ofinconlflency Upon my t9ol friend,
a upon mly honourable friend near mt (Mr,
1idt)I and fuih is the fatality of ai indii.
tappetit for accufation, that the only point
hbwhih he has chosen to illustrate tho incoillf.
is, i a point that proves, as clear as the tun at
d lay,, that both the one andtlie other is per-
rioyd thoroughly confillent : The noble Lord
AImt the fourth Propolition, because he thinks
tAkes laws no more for Ireland than ii in thii,
eijpit. The Hon. Oentleman reprobates
"icale he thinks it an infidiouii, a dceifill.
i a;cherouS mnaniEavre to cheat the Irifl outi
ir idecpcpndencc, and gul them into fertility,
flafpt of advantage of anutlie kind. Toe
il Lord and the lonourable Oecilepan have
Ihe th fime fide, algule .upon tie fa i pin-
it, and added under the fane imprefn, upon
ame fibjled,, from the iiil moinent hl 1htli
c.GOentmiaan introduce it to tli l oul ir
isuage hs been iyaiin, d;tir oTd
5it unrfon *ithi thicr rc ivle,de aoI .
thunbil Lord his Qt eny t danger trauJ
itnvd., fiIrno thnadopt anoftth DrooA
m. anl has, in my jud meicatn. nnaawrl yj
afirmec that cthe liicilaicosnpeOCfa tin 0 h6ci.
Lc and fllnci n in 'the cxtrnies-iin ol)bc
Iltolbn my lion.'icj'edQopj]cu r--nai he d>
ll, ddemonihratr, that tk nB .
;it 1 1it" t ---" iti... .. e + o-W M#1Ka
ti to the fl.: @ ulr.llaniiothCinr oirinll 4ate,
I 40r.oa1n11le Qentlejnau Iltc"tA1ai ve b a 4
Elia y i.tngd their nature, (hat clter d ill
American, the wNDo, A Iujltt
w eraflt-r.o untr.t h'b l-
.,r of ade Spi Ir T:
Kr Iivc by t*ihf^ ri ltir nrf Zfcntivi
J in tbitf gre~t 1 ,; otrc'iw:ni!C confint,
LMdyi theL hopueof'ucicdr.lbn8 rngi'pnd in the
Wflh markett. c cri forie oor urs the r-
1 ent, as, f.pon he whole, pe judicll to

pr opofed fylrn. My Ilonourable Frigld ad-
plit, t(ai lrlad opii of t aU en fit n lo inig-
, taiinglandi, i itqe in the Arraf ingement o
an vryiiJ' *IB"'!" tcon uen to wltic a di -

ti foreign trade evcry thing i agani hier;can4
Ltbis point triumaph t dwelt upn by the iht
iooourable < n'emlu (Mr. I'itt) aa the crr t rion
Ifthe contraditiup if luy.loua i and honouiroNtle
aI nolhii.g apparent, lui the nmot prgeife
Pfili cy, on ire ,,art of each of thesi. ,Thii
kta.ion o l, il milakce may pciliap (but I believe
flthin can) teach the ion. Gentlerli n pren3ufl
to consider a charger lore he make< it, at.d not
to Vale fo milchi phler.m, ior expend Co many
~ ieriodl upion fubjcts, which will only I(etW
town ralincfi, wcakiiefa, and I hadl ltmol rid,
.But the lion. Oentlema.i frerm dcterianc i,.at
a jiftis to fill up the a:cu atUll I
*ld i1 tile hey day of his fplgen, in t!c plentudc
AliIlndignatlon, in the mcidncls fthia anger, to
=i.iiu, every cot,ftqucncq to hilpnllf, piovidgd
IrtficCedin giving usa leMiblo.w.. Wlit,_4se
4ll to think of the Itilht Htn. qentlimlu'l
qion anrt jlpdgement, from thin night fCward
am, upon the fibjeet o( the Irilh Propo 1tiona,
uirtt inlnether more not lrts than to charge ui
ith "-i&ie ou grrnadasr" and with #Wi
4d6l11aBTO," ,
is therc i Gentleman here, who, out ofth
Hloiulc at the moment, would hlu.believTd that
l Hein. Gc',leman could have been o qpgrI.'
Cii, fu tufele., fD mad, a 'toitWfic u6poL iteh

a charge. mje.7 t si fitli, our
ground HI-, who i. hi ou, un-
til, In trdth, heihas Mr a thid upon I-
He, who its Alli Jn d i L colours,
an char, Iet tnI a i softhie%, ordi,
iiaryundertaklng I ilo Iler
minations, only to tUe Ir A t
AlTerted prhoclpti, only, io ct
whoe whole oad!ti, ( l itjnot the
fyftem has been ppofed o*e
chain of trck, qulb t
verlittS6ti yutlaim iol' mlfaloM S
inconfinencelo. Cl opai twett prdoitsions
now upon your table i, Ilj jht -levtn original
ones, as hl ltroduc i Albe t ro tlHiHofC. Camn
pare the language ori toi ay wilithitlanllolK of
ttrnlght. .Co pret the lna ir two rl%
of propolptlonim'y ab intlally' funitiim entgi, y
fubverted in me pat In il te
with thlre reittl laral at'
principle could oic~lty rm ed Wit
Let the Hoife rn uplin thele circiau( ces,
and then let theptntlie whether ;folhrr piece of
inAiiity was' eiverI'hIrd fr, tban at.t the autl!?r
of ill this: molfablt fiol huld cirgq otieri
And bten ti n. O(W i Tpleed *to ray,
that.we areplyiVr a AiOdli k The parent of
double game, and the V 'en ofdoble dea-
ing through every part if lI d ief, isthe .Cry
min who has the frditt tdt charge. Blt
dtl bel th'iakit pt!it is i bll ad rei cl.fs
ia thdoe lftb idl'tt'ppwrtin'tbl ti' t witli'
~ 4ni she" ti ,
nItlure ail II its Tetl e istl I Ic inlelotcuc ,lcfr
the htin l la C t to tl l other
peplt' pht'' le? h y-
ell a dbub 'Itte,. (h'gl*il igme
witn rtlanfh eir niljl l9 thi Atla by. a tri ei
Whot fuIta lta elis Uch e fo!5lad4 alis ll
ed yitti, final a/a compiee pp dg5Uj tht f'ik
of GoVerninernt that. tte.eeen Pro Ptoronl coi -
'ained the whole, at t p in e thtm onl
be altered ? The lI ft V fwelle
thre eleven, toil.i 0Wn in a vanity,
of fuodaincil loint tl l arid ardover,
turn af ured
thrli'thliL r tesT C'I brrtc nu ;f .t

race: atrrerwardi Who$ieurc etf arC d inn h)c
ratee of.hc llnufe'af Conhe fiptlI-tlnr, prn-
cipcs of the origlil lelky labdl be inviolate ?
ho was it afteiir-da that pla violated this
folemni declaration P 'Lt 1,gBoEitntlennann-
can ah0,l lt the 'w6rl 'diciv.-l *kh t. io t1e
Hotifrc lu been plyi yig adiub l n i .
Doer the iiingpo8lolhhlltialmol ir n
faiftrer; who ha fe(cit tle oQttttV upon
this bufineftl C(iinu i,.oiy from /
mileroianMll g 'ThI rt thV'
Houfe in the lilht bf riAllIe al e
lation, prone to lnitioflee I ilfter
should ,ftien miflnndeftlanid E9Aitift se, is no gre
catif of wonder. Bilt wht r dt-irC n Cold tI
mgnufafturer of EntglEnaBdIM tnifitnderiatild
the Right Hon. Gentlemin V- Id it arfe from his
want of powers to eaprclf him'luv_?at it owlg
to hia liabitual brevity'.tl*'ritllV WN dikelttd
ctrcumlocution, and tli irehllRlant.c ofeor
iing more words than baretlie It tie
hiLa nialdng'? 'Thtie 4nth w o'abt
impute it aoft o Ihef
playing a dJlilerali dol l..(.,t ,,
,glt, Sir. It i rinot tbftt dtrj(y C
tiat'we refl oa ui te 0 J ,"
the beginnlIg we htii
and if any new Obiel8 l
they are attribubtal t* tlb t5C a'
ttesnnv, Vtkb Am "How a
without I *ln f Qst S
tis couni; o ualrt ,' w
hardship and injuAice, that beafe eoitmbMdted

the defftl of a new scheme, we Ihould be liable
to .the charge of Ihifting our gund alln aan
old r. hme, no longer the ob$e of diclimon t
and here I canot hel. obfceling, thdA if it be
true. thafi nUdtltud is te wort of a, Iceas
fee no light in whch the Right Hod Gentleman
appears, b ut that of the wor of 'ncn. What
a pernipedua fchem would sl isse been. 'ti*
purged by,.our umendrnlit; ai 4 dnow what A
re run does he make us? But then ire proud
and inllen fouled il this world, envetlped In aiaiti-
dious admiration on,.tliemfeJves, tiid an aufltre
.nit haughty contempt of the refi of mankind,
upon whom obligation I, only tl e effet of n-
nity.,andwn orelbatred Is lI b ftcun d by redeem-
the froi d cr and dilhotlon r.
There, inrlni rt mo e ehage to be enticed,
which ii more inguar, If poffible, than the for-
mer, btcaulc it is more grnundle 4 aod palpable.
.i en. (teitleman fay,. that la i.l j
lotbjtci in is made to the fourth Propol.
c infers from oy silence this niht,
Sno, arglihents to oppoft to it. ow
my mian with the fltalleR faculty of recolledion,
\ilth the flightiet feling of Qiame, can hazard
filch icproachc; iisconfes to'mle perfecny un C,
cointa',ie I o not believe there is one man, not
merely in this lHout, brit in this nation, who
reads a jicifpaper, wlho can be ignorant, that I
hcai uiforiply repiobated thiqi:fqrh Proposition,
St m moment r it jntrodu~f oq that w.
f Ii Cm e h.vfry claufe of
thei rftei, andl tjat opr toinority nat a very mall
one.. "h yrti arg mentna I lal now qrge yailIt
bor ff'ii Lu pelillohfilr war'i iM
faid before, and when the Iloufc Celr that I an
cllareil iilh dieer before having objected to thia
Prdpoit. they will, I trult, excuse tic for
tiiitoilot al repetition. ,.
ire Mi Foo r went over Ahe ground of. hi
'I tn1 objrfcionn to thiipart of the fyltem. Ie
W!l'kL h p l nOp doiibt the fiir eolftnition of th
fontrth, re fil'toit.would appear to any man living
of commoid M enfe, to be virtually to make laws for
SIrela. an4 W* t,~renboae rtafly and wan-
*tbnly the ijaloillne of Uwe whole Irih nation upon
a point of the moft pectalar tenden sa and delica-
cy.. In rajn.wer atempti made to afltmilAte this
firirhctl ofl tegllte independence of Ireland
vwtt th, Net if freatie between two Sovereign
Bt ie. t Wthf ~ tey cafe, one State bound itself
to'do inclthTi r ned lnd (peciflc. when the
olier adopted 4 denfidl aj4,ldciflc meafuren .
Mere wa .no condition of leritr e or obedience,
n~iti Mpttlal agreement to aceompllih fmcnethiBg
underltood andp'ptiuclarlfed byeommon content.
for tli&r esi on.iin dvantag, upon a certain con-
tingency., TdiLue'lle c.eami nmsil, an inftan=e
fi&ld j iprqticdIII C*hich Infnanc, Mr. oar
ltimei, 6o4ld nt he found in the hiftDry of
/nA tl) n' oe independent State boun4itfel
f'lemnly tb db anything uandede, i. ntif* ad
iunritea t' the irbittalr drennd or another
Srlte; Ptlieft rCieh a dermnd would be made
upon Ieland; a If.tbii propolti were a opter tA
non t wuid R mplape enough to. deny thap
E] ,e 1it 1Irla dij for r what
wdi b e p i unde the operatloil
bf.ihli inember h Irdpod fyitem, through
t he. Pa4imn 1rIt, jtind, but a leglCative mocke-
ry ?i fitis chaA could be made in after.
waril, ,.sfl dIt fllon .sd foree agency would,
fodrth *i+ t Bha o n,.be utt e'ly eattiapgnlIed.
hfonrlianqdan hti oat .a i .al,'?0_.,i
may *bfle atwbe~tb ek i bo receoth
In i 'at,~ alfsres ot
rmoU .'.( S Ae.' gll a0 ofspsrllament
r.flet ( Wtl ccIts tow particular
t _i h lill rl ,and which
ireti ocalt' little or nthmg. jnppofe ae
S f a ttiasnaet .all forin

of Amipt alone, Ireland now cate on ber trade

j(lhto,^ A e)wUloaoe to Gentle. M ptt~ i i -id a Ic o A si a t
uen e i take thb trouble ofr reiCtit of :ln'U nlhl .,gicgt ble
upon the prKble operatiorsof the fourth Propui- to t l t f dibit iris
tion. 'pol Ytem oQAql,. lcland w itha tta arrsto s e
Sbrea flcn t- er Oq m. i thtd buM b urer to an tl
i to b te d no to thl fhetftne. If I were capabI ofl
firlthatc might occurbcr ert te ri the . k them laSlrumetns this buf nefs, lte.
melt of that kingdol mu ht rea upon thie o defp g were cap rle of l edt, .hln m infirklel lrt.
r.'. hr to violatcbe. fltl of the Th, e c
nation, or tobettay and facrific its dearelt iste- TofIel th Gentlienan t they e d rel, u ant, re c
re. ~~? itis ofideration, er. Foes $ad, eve excpdadtlly partial, and iortqitg recovrerd fo om
,inrep .ldent of its if lnioufly returning o. tn f yo to lI i n l t l~ they a .ee bfou ely id te t rob

herml nn ao Iuld crtainl m nakeit. ourfolverim p eld, frnm ,v rtpmrincie 'fofgrEati s t 'J'r e, ^ri l
Wl.A fohenal renounced, would perijadle byi t 0 tjludieand rifls tife and ytrihends. rthey-are i, Mrje-
tih, rrgjeid, of the fourth Prepolition and th i ais d ternin& Id rcpe4 Ale aI bodl of mn liu tlrie hit of
thi a0 ae ll a n thrlsi other points of ile, int I n f hrr k tii d rse ,ter d, I thilklictter tLhret Pr Iiai.r
beiawthe whole of the propof d plan, asthe inal treatment than y erpelenoed from the fe tiht Sept' tAfr 4. a
bile fource of etct naldifcontce. ani mfity, and H n. Oerttena'r, ta Pel t rett iewt'e1 fr
ill blood between t he twoa iqgd -( i ( hmkoth tow o mnuch h'an. ility a t a ir; y to there piwrV c- the i o alN tol.
were captivated with fl.trlillng nd fsheiriftl pic- o tIo f the mple ora le igtwet of April, atlemfal hl
titea of harmony and concord that arc tv.ccjE ent urn I n pcot L., I believe. ever to oulnl began to The e1fe, the In I. '
the filler iaiion accord ding to the Right hidn. rep ntttler predlfcil kof. Ever t. if li go- whih thin road l
Oaiteman's plrdi etelmnI. vornment ha leded toe o.pen yes. They lyd~cr e t it the
he Right Hdn Qtntleman adopt a mode of are, I believe, v~,icatti tclvcer'oed olthe p", i. "alt "y .tl 1 t
ropommlition the fii- rlhWl Propoitron, prif t e ca nnotpf buhow tu fcr uleth r c.r ii0 n cones a men by who r fit fcrit
u tell tLorie capcr it ad turn of tMhoe ] hw a. witlhoue ate mplin a toir. d i ti pr
tempth I to riuIicu' i he wh.n tth s qutAtion wai fef wt I a of yMur r ttchmntt f torj c tJ iyt''or ban f bti a rif d St t a frofr esnd
brtorrerltheir ruppf rt to a fyn n an, of ev" thw p repinc at lar".rd I of 'ti o n ii. v or t*"hich is ler: than *
mnae n i frupnatlot avow themfea ri. icfeetly ilr fort thrown out oi llf trlt .. p n to ,' ito i -fl t" thri' t- teree 'lr i
oaudlifihedogn it wa, i t rihe t a all i r cl-ljeivuono i altt labouran inn lIs lynrrr 'I e r I yther,'thl proFh l
theo Membersl, f b ig a otite are blidyed by the to dflrdjbree ri, witrmsh you rrnr ;vi -t af nt r r atl.g, In te -rft o '
fiae car ; on ,aloi it ;te rc i'tfcacdI he in weak pnm ft a lniiatr. Srte any o6d' wiLts orn1 1.
Sno o to e hirgnl f toht the nation i.Let TP a ercil i arov h e af ure' brlr r bn
lterrate id|4try for him, why wilt he t eirtIe veI, ertCur e a ..
tip b furco ijftht in nonfCi r fend e argue ie r ts f i. Ma I illgen con way atd Tr, pin oanyteip;
SAs well n dift nlarin complain of lur her Co ir proo o i nir nwim orinht
ing her tegjif~kiie mndeperrlercc, bI ear' lh in SnEH fURNP, lNcvq Tiefia) Ail,'UST1. nfrarmairtiore'i ibef woo r a n *I
riibutiond tldFa tre the nto iBmofan t fi pt riot, aAn d yo T fireay febrin gq of ld th, t he ordersil of the Knl f f.r s l.
# Va toin n liwr with Frelh(nd, viz. that Ltirg. 0 to irFerit'fr i i tY l pds upol r (hliarle ,, ill dihy. i a i s f d in. tn .
larhd Wo inh tomie the law. might ac well corn Doral ias, and r t h rreet itrt hi a otl An e ait frlnr I 'L ,
phin of Prreland who i to o, the law. 'chis Int refentiof hi'o rtr W he peo'toing Addrefi upron vhe Yr o.rf hefrel 0hn cargo. I
fhi Rinht etd. Geoftheaprlnt' dayrg ant ; an"i s d'a p a lure from ancient ar i icin, or t n..he
no one I hmd ine that I.e ernlov, ilerh ranley with .of blanaurrio i ..i'. e 8, gain, ce ro it frc rh n pcrr IlS'TO
fr l wand t ofabilirti ked of. I lmbn.i the Ir p i io t"l a tr O halbO frifatl d and' i .'
Si oportnbliity of the cr ing o f thid o vn and if tire .l rweilth; thle or t' a owe hit Staterd r aSftd
p feb at mity d a better dorfcncc the i il ht lion. flanei of yqr 'f.roou Irfin t l be oist ni'e feel "' fr-' dof tha uted i tir orE
M hnilthcm third ccrtinly make irn. owher t eld thc par i (atc r v r t f oft con orjrc Coimo Pl t r, o a'it of i

ftw the fundamental and o crd rnpl dnce in your ur t to prfrvc i i h tat qrter to ad for
t he1 Conli Ilon arrIn toy h' iorrnet by tan l e ct ri antd rrjh., tn d a1 urey, ye huinFbleh rr- fr -r, and th;'th rth'
,.tt f rvr t ce of ivl ity, and wyi lch r pcf, atc. thi1 Stt e.[
ls rirty; an thing in thire rin Pz rla'o cionit the I (ilit t ,n arr ,'rfetn w h w And be it Jirrthor , l.. t ,-
Gentleman (for t on rtaf Ilook wi the forcible tint rn ee. Ti, itlnfr Bw, B iy,, a o rren n, t.n h l pr c ntu .
with all tne pj rtiality o rf li, lh n a l ft r hir, even w pro- r ir e I S reig ,n r l itrf e d on l i goo~ ware and o. r
'I will not d.lre to glv uttrace to flch a Proko- of the late war, i s t! to Iwe. tt vil r o* fr i ialixI

cfedintr) to ftpprcn the reform of PaHiamhntin N Otri, halntiu thall be importcain any Britiah. W
rimand. ithCbthfe ioy ore thinksthe flth o too uch hmiitv t anirr; eo hare ih i to thte to
4iution thI opening Are, ko riot, the worMe fPlionger pr(iri of atf nl i, th n ti VrA i e to p

in trHoinfe; I rc ratl th? furoe artl cre apd re uicw Sir 4rt a ad rerj s imported itnnto r ti ctate. I b at
vropoi that I mghr wall he riorttr', flnt We cannot h wev fr '" t tie o o m, og c'vr oe tfltN
Snoler Lori near him rLord Mah'o hfer i at. ethout at: empn to iprfs irir ,h h and inion, overMit and atioe. S

pied with oter ob sc/.;l 1ldded that 1 on i tf lo, li .,t,',/p fo and fit ence pIh hufh__ on e.1 ry b
dermd the whuir pl n ris' lur I- tMdWr t lii frih To the Worhipful t adiT. r of' '7 Anad it futther enaard, That a
tfmp conitu rioaicu' pnm, n by n thlo htrn was enfe W hate of yhlour awn la chmt o tiei f to te S tatesfo en
nti an rg'd 1, at lrot; and to that riicnle, i then Ginlar mer i at 'i C-." vision thereof fore y Co 1
to nihe ol ati th ofw thr)gn it wa t, m .t land, an d lof NTINwj of pr I l.alty, lab anl a r l y l inlaid t ery ,lel rnd'cr ;tlY l

the con itwtrt. oy vchlint Ief' of alhttra r f od ond T uatf r to the tlbad otlI
thio- o it fll,"I br e to plird tilILy. I wi 9 we were fa, l ried with y vit al n vii( r '" lmitr, sh if
Ind the va ieil f -ed by hofth iglil nd l li ol' s t. a a r'luin ion of tian d i r n oit there f. (eo
J ittlint) ptr d only eIt it be reo ,!lctcd, that I am fhilantrirA se. m r State l a n i odr te red icp nh e
trot o now ior tth exigency ot the moment. Let Thle j'ti ilea rO l~ithe ompnral taRte Urowit, manftr in ret r ~i l
it be rcc llreted, thWlt iiin It fending the liber ties eln I ri M0 iefhs e lon ,m i i ".o"the U ted tar, in any -ffip or
ol Irelarnl. Anil difcvenring a jealoify fir tier Coin. ider as a p irono tht oe c lrbur- lUnite dIrther In wamy or in lrt
fIttionr I ldeferve the ntme of ati Irfit patriot, arid ~OU- delre t6frc n.d -. .' ; it ts of tfbrihe Kinty ofire.-fuPelt"
toith. r m ie ce t re ft a ot w erl it erefo, 6, bt'ed thdseIs- a pfti,- A In tre it fu lt.tret/. ,l,-
thlirs S'n of Pariarnent, hclj c ,,,dd not n 1:f of you!r,hb ri : W e, e r" vpil c;91 he
tireee one veits of the prefenrt day arid long be.- na I a hbcinre'tih A ancient ad l ico prn rm odi, Wares Or hl f
fLre I had herd that any commercial teat)' with of laiation ta el ar erl fitch ti
l.eland had ever been talrkel of. I nrtba ce thi e rrj pa'r en f ea itker toRpmn ro thi ..r.. cargo, fhiall be fi, fited an'W
i it nrportun ity of the meeting of th lloiruii to vines f, e ea aid tirmatint n i.lth, tire r it o in nit thi Statci and
p bI OI my execration ottle condrif of t KIu h happy rffdarf l a.nhich: mn ait oon he r at'hmltiroir" fred f r and profiette t rIi or
M nitily in their prqertings il. Ireland. ehire 'h fifi fi fd o f omon'leae, orCo Irt of fI
iw the fundamental and molt fcred principles r dense in your e eretlohao rcFrv e to r,th State; Our quartet to and for .
the Conflituttion drr.lgly ,nertrrnted. and dile- Eorntrira this sa and, t98tr reir, two Nth former, and the other threc qIa
etrles advatrced, and meafiree a'4lbted; in mi Inaional objet:L""WeWn wi crahrh t r rt t ge ral
9rert Y tefl l evify ti-iltee fCivil rity, and Art!iar 'it much jirctrt, r&ce t4in Statf to
e r n dl' t e a o t n u rtn o r (Sig rd ) .- rn. !e Rnd be it Iltr their( e r edd, 1'fit a
Gentleman (for to him alone I look is the foerr e th r'ep J5R.nut'fi' Of re ran and an hr pr ca ta
Orwhat isjuRt as had the patron of there pro- 'r 'C ba rNil. A"/esrenrr a1.ri' 'r ve on a d a i pr nd se
eedinn g) to lApprefath rf or of Palliament 'lIn CNeh /i s ralnit, Narsr. fall he importenin any llrithIgre t
rreloO Cbmmon6re ,ilbalc ui lue a addition'to the Impofl of two id a dl
Upon the opening orthe propo fcd arrangements "'Oh "il. 6u d t'um, heretofore order d two isb e .
in th; Hxl' tf repratttl thi flme arghlerrte. sf . iji -- t. umpre tofore ordered tom e d
Snvincerd that IeW er called frrthbi hyem, f_5- ... ... wa lP tnefure, o ver and tae; r&Ib fli'
nor ever thu'ght ofir 'ha was fceoufnynscc- '. ltrfIv .il r ia/ni. Crbo and fitoence pe, linhet one+1
pied the wher ob s'a rnldded t tt Iion -, : 113d III" and filpence per bulhel, on t ery In
pered rthe thuleprns 'ie tildedrt thatia co To the Wd--.! -'I' t 3d~frr, .l.t. Ahd be it further enaerd, That so
from confitutional pe'tN, by throwing the trade p.o Sel.burne. aIl appearo v h tw, feys of pal
o ELng'and at tell f e' r; anIwI to r c fhei itohem Gentle en '..... vihaion thereof before any Cof at l
to thie viol'tiont of the i) l of the land, d of dhof A i' tarl, there belfl ore -anrdCe r ll h
!t-en cif p WANTJIIJeivsjg AIL fat I el from felt one aetthe n In
the comm bicttttn. tr IEfcl ofd by ttinlylrl. teert aen of Am rem pleafed to en- ih tfetiqonrcriato andrto thin itsl'
Ithltcoiosmre brnltfi,. 'lt/" 'eitl b ,iiry ,rd. tetain of my mni' bt ardinet al forte I AnCbet f.iforihtr 6e,44n'TltIfU
ande~ i y fntho, ei- t]f e hi 6Yemantng coI6nies In ofitrade.' r Coledir rffmpinpI6it
arnid tnron er pcti red by 1o16. *hdiir ~ nqal, hdr nftplhe.m in partio. tary to te true litnt aaniami
Rikin rt on. (j~nt~rnllddA'. ~ r a eoi P ki t e empire they t all he r "cjtb
t ih e1 onrltdnton f sre tht ilfhfoyndd, had il tIiik witht office In future in this stp .. .
te oftittin be n Zt hi- ordd, _tj., I w h lw LoyAliftnsrf Amer-Ica have Provided, nothing in this' A
htid. foinh prporhltladiatn been o IhisIoua fvtli7 an.~ae t the .El tin-f of t eira Untry bvelrerbuilt In thl State, aiidioikl
crarreeaecfeolu C jelt of the IcKingIore Great.od thalt
,dc~~~~~~~~~a,d ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ & fr04hal//"tm b ~j a' le. I .. Iu %em -o.,ai- ..

Im theo' Ue 4'e. a si -
.Co cuNbd, wit.h. .* ,CL

jm halfjV r e vatoreit atthe tm

die inpor.ted nto tefrom an Brititho r
,ijete colony or pla tt h ay v or r hity te s
ownte in wole or a yr yi ien or liti'
.rs of this or aty of the itateS latead of r
the third enadlting clasufe, repelgdtg feel and tso RTbt
half per centun, pmad i6a o B, levie
veftla and that tiilS na takte Pwtht dbh. ysa a
d cter the rtilin of thAli *oe lmM *or t fueh a ily te
Voted, and paffed. L Inrd;, .
viairk colonjtor ,,plg 1 ton

In f, tUpper Iou, the fo regoing j ndm t T h
wifa rid, and tisanimonly .odfcoaurtherewithb tin of to years oI of their refpe 4e
and adhere tothtir vote. ant p a t f every yewr there,
Vtd* aty pai4er orderha ow ea
I. OODWIN. See. p. t. n f e nt' to e vo
In thU er ft A eri e. nours met, S e wibt have
This ,lot'e uoaiv flj a dhere to their amend, or th olontes or Provinces
met. Py order, r o the United i met nd who ofv
a' GOURNE, Clerk.! cco!:t oltb t coy. Owlor
The ,bove .ad foregoing s true ccpy 0n tte artyt a i hsallo
crirnal in the Scrctary' 'e. t jllndyo o co hp remove Into beis
Sitrnef!, Hwary Anl, Secretary. fereid lathe ft ran t o h ter made
Ne atwS,. pfber 4s On Pridav the |to hi fta Sebjed l a not commence and be
aitht Holy Oders were adMtered, in Tr l pybl nt f c often y to
Church,in thit city, by the R t Retlrend Pilhop e de o h. t e fte itnh h fid
,Selbury, when three entl en were admitted r nt aiti his Malcfy' Royav I tlnd Plefale
Dearons, and thee 'ordain Prieft And on all be delivered to the federal rantCer free of all
Sunday the tih, four were promoted to the faril e pee whatever I DO THEREFORE, by and
Bol, OHlere in 'hrift'e Circh. The folemnity expenc hatter I DO THEREORE b ad
olrrer in Phis C rch. Thefolmnity ith the advice and content of his MAjefty' Ho.
fthbe fices, and the devout behayiorofthe Can. nout tle oundl, iffien this my Proclaiya
didate, iprelfed the rnndio' thofe who were noable Counel, ifl'oe til my Proclara~ll
recent, imprtfefd the mind.,or ere awho wt here by making known to all perfons con it ni
pre eally to be iaond n deferce nd delighted that upon npplica ioto me in Council, they will
orae fly to be imagined than defrcribcd receive Warrants o urver for running out their
; Ch'arlaf, 108er i. Wtilefday 121 the Ge. land, agreicblt MJefi faid Inftraeions,
ar'al A nln.bly adjnurnrd until the voth ofn- I nda tagreeabley Majets iaid Intru. ,ne,
ary..evt-Durin the fitt;rg ertt bills and anror4 G; r Hand ard til Ores Seal
dsimtr.cs wer upaffd, emote which ar-A n adfor lV u odr 1 ,nd nd b O t l
ort' idt thets sf p rtaen*e. hfaid Idiondi, of Nqljfa, 1Aj AtiA dae of
reorl.i'l'i ta e f.r of ptcr.rt. taken unlltr etx. tewbt, i E rear r rd e th.
cu.,(,n, an for rthr v,', port thettifh riintiened. &^fe hindrsnlvLndib ,w, dil
-r. as fe (t efbl f 'ng a mrdhni of circul'ateon fa' 1en aLunrod ;nd itib yiw, and in .he
y w: Y Of loin., and to f ecr r its dcit and utility lAMLS EDWARD POWEL'L.
'I lrtj cmr lrie, it tn hber 'red ien the following( r s Coanm .. "
* (wlt o tits, t o 3_1. d.4or cooo J.
S -e,"J 9 V.St, F ,it lrvouo lol cht, C;-
,od r 4. <(Tt 1- ooo ,..( p Hall iid. *iti. Tetth (O A V E THi~ 7N 0
Ili- T:A, S .nol. adcl to ih otehr fid. Isr it fm l N rl7, s8.
it of My' R in funrm not exceeding stol. nor tnder 1 the a at hih the, ihIi elve
S' .,- taken for, dotice, and taxes due by retaling Spirit Ijquora wt out a Licence
after the if of May r t6.-An ordinance for pre- for i, doio. and t selling them to Slave! not
.rP-i siluppipn. or f(io, f(the coin paMnr with. Itaving tickets, the fllowng Ex.tra. of an44t of
In 'h fRte Iv Yanhority rl the General Afembly. Affcnbly, now in force, is pu ~itd.C A '
S ABxtrafr of as A1111.a prevent Diorders biting courw
NAS A U, NOVEMBER 26. mattied is PaW&l and r r J tl e ,r cwbere.
'TO furnift out a tolerable weekly entertain. Sctre a Liquor r fA, ed f ril, y.t.
SJ. n meant of news, ciremflnranced as we now are, ITis hereby nax.c that no Perloas hall
rithont an arrival from England for more than retail any Punch or Or Liqitors, as afortaiid,
two months pa., will not be denied bhinr a talk of but fuch at have o n t Licence for that pur-
Itme difficdty. If our fire therefore should pot .pok, from the Govo n or Cdimandrrin Chief
be thought fufficiently pieStifirl or highly enough of h(feelMnds fo the m being, and pay the
felToted,'we truft the kindnef of our cult *nmers cunomnry feel, a r tenteM into aRecogai.
wifl fuggft an apology fimilat to what m;iht be ance in the .Se tary O0ee, according to
argi.d y an hnft for giving his gieft a canty the cuftoin eretor praned, under the renal-
dr indifficent dinner, when there is little or no- tv of forfeiting tj current monry of
thinr to be had at market.' And we afllre them, there flaind ; en that at op., to licenftd at
that when we are better fupnlied, their entertain, asorefaid, Ihall vend or f y Rum, Punch, or
ment hall hb .roportlonably more. abundant, any thre Arong iquor y Negro or Slave,
and more vit:nr. without p tiaktt, frm hj l er Matter or 'tf-
Several vffel. are rtilr expedAed here from Eng. tref'; certifying that' the am s for the ue h
lad, America and the Wefl-lndict. e r her Family, unper 4 pe Ity of fotfi flor
A, RvRn sest. r oRw every Sonofewce eSa/lfla. U.
N E. A1. Slonp om wna, IEi loridd All penalties Snod %fftures intcoredy thi
Schoo.Friendlhip, Allen, Nova Scotii Ae, nootexceeding SbfWyr, t Iall be to bi
SAt ID, For Majerty, his heit, and fnae11 O, for the ufe of
Kcv. a. Sloop Polly, Le Croix, Jamaica the Poor ofthe Parih.,
Rtg izt wtroBovWn. All penalttlr tiiltutree that eceed Pour
SShip Willam & Mary, Swinburne, London Pouset, hall be o imy toi Me Majey, hit
Ship P'oiv, King, ditto heirs and fiacerf ow t s t l eofthis
..- G oTeimet, "a o A l fifh per-
SOS n mone 'of the Pa Room. in M. 1 ,, fl 'll for
L SMITH' Coffce-Hous, I lt twelve a ,
made in PARIS, with a Silk ring fiSed with fall On 40 AY the of December,
ft Bn"ck'e, a yilt Snuf Box, whole and one half t fEL *'CZ t.,
uee Fr, nch ljien, the prop. uf a foreign Gertle. WIL L BE & O1 Without Seft-ve,
man. Whoever will delierae etohe Subfcriher Thel oon .
"rave information where they y be found, ISall W A W
lite Thiony Piset. of Eight d. and n pro. uppofed the e falling vef el
tHN MORRIS. g tnJnt theft Ill *, btrtben ahunt.
N. B. )efeription of the above Aricles are ftor- a barrels, is the moaie c osaiat
drded to many places, both ia the Wef-di d order, d oredingly well fund.
maic. Inventory with JOHN MORRIS, & Co.
N6a9s4 ,,rt. 1R1t SAw.. oad. rfte.


L, t, to s
"obP on the BAY,
w ITofsAe argt eo Ple ardtiahodT
lreled MaIcAt aS, A calledtolim Mea;

b norrl. huwer Iyn'mln 'a'nton
, l. M edium.i Dei.enn-dm I -i .*
S l~lpo. lGos. plail tn Bro
.* NiAtdgedtoPo Shu t W
Prol&.p. pAt silver ad sew -l

iatet iat WCa Ladies lteel Collars
3B Dutch Qills & Olsc Cypher and faney Sead
Pens B.ook Bahcl nmmosTablm
Sler.ya's Penkaalsva ad Bilard Bll., Mac., nad
Scrapers Q ea
M Imn Prtu rit. C g=e. Boards
lag rlefk prtfmen's Pocket Knife
i. ,,. l.,ther Tldens Bo es ot Marking Typci
Cafes. Wax Tapen and Ia f
Crown,. and stands
.smmn fid afersn Amnaing Pans
i.t & black tealing Wax Hair Powder
Writing Vellum & Parch Hard and toft Ponatnu
meat EffLnce of Bergamotn, Li
rlatec and Slate Pencils men and Lrandar
Af. Skin Memorndum Mahnrany and JApa..ned
Books Drefing Cate tofvarious
twees and Pocket Boent fort
Pewter and Japanned It Ivory and Hora Combe
Stands S, ghavirg Boxes
pare Glaffc for ditto Powder Malki
Red Tape Scriry's beft Cal Steul
Milltern's Black l R ors
Per .is ., Herrt's Dentifric eand
'liliir ditto Tooth Powder
'mcelHa;r Pencils PiUets "
nI-e. ef Water Co Walth Polls
shell Point C loth Powder
Ching Ink ldIf Smelling Bottles
Conry aoks Teeth Infitrmentn
Tvrey Paper Knivle Toupee Iron,
ltlars Powder Machines Pa
Quire Books. rdted ud Bonen Med4 ila.
Splint Plastslons
Tideeis Eptom Salt
Bill of Lading Books Anderfon's Pills
Receipt Book Godfrey's Crodisa 4
Packet Ledgers ames's Powder
Blank Books of varios uay's Elirir
fires, ruled and plain -yfer's Pbil "
Englh, French and Latin Magnefls
School Books Tartar Emetie 1
B'LAnx FonRs vit. Hanny's Specilh
Boids, Bills of al. Bills rvory Syringe
of. Leading, Bills of Gentlemen's faOiosble
Exchange, Seamen's cockedHats
Articles, Powers of Ditto brown faltiunabl
Attorney. Indentares, lmrtlng Beaver
Writs, Policies. &e. Ditto brown broad Riding
Great variety of Charts ditto
Cafeo Mlhematial In- Dittr black ditto, witk
-lrnuents bands and backls
Pocket Compalfu Ditto browa nd green do.
Ship ditto dia Drefs and Riding
C;ireamerentnrs \ Hatofthenewel fatl.
S& 4 ple Chains I Ion, with elegant trim
Ma'rgnets t Ming
Dividers lt. tand black Chip
a feet Gauging Rods Hats
Gunter' Seal Paper s d Pound Pin
Pocket and Long Tlto; l Sewing Thread
o oe Iri h Linens
H ery'a Quadrnts Csmbricks
Temple Speftiele Ofnaborp
Thermamertrs In fs in I.idio Momrcco* lip
and tsho J clef" Ladies itk and StC '
Sui Dila fnt tlasitude Drefashooe
Penr Polio's Gaetlema's Drefe Shl s
Views, Set Pie ce. Cordovan Boot
painted on lat framed Gentlemen'. China lilk &
Humorous inl Thread Glovs
A long 3 op Feats Saddles *with furniture
qOltar, compleat
uoitar Stein fa's Bridles
Violins of d' at prices silver aept Twiga
Violin Bows, 1 Hir for Green Silk Umbrdel'e
ditto Red Leather Tru ak
Violin Cafe, Bridges ad Ityfo To&
Pegp Lof Sugar
B~a Roman Vio Strio Ox Tongues
Roin Bones Pickled Walnnts, Onluin
Grmnun 4 ctnun Flates Gerki and fdia Mau
B Mnd C Fifes gos,
Dram Head; an *d n Oronoke & RoeIW bla
litruaiosfor Violin, fainoking Tao
Harplchord Giar, Pigtail Tobacco
A" ad AI rtst SA Auff A s. A d. &e

-~ --I

Na Pinm.r, A' "r FOR t
5j Haslmw JAISNWO IN,, u h Oaa 0OK tfs
t-r I Assor
imn ad swre & Chmha 0 8,
lieAdaralad nher V.4i ad Oct r yul
N REA the portion of an JUt I MPR
Roi lonso, maay in the la t l- 'tii t. Capt. oo
e te tacumftlane of things, i w.Yoi
atte ed with oonafcuenca TO 0RE S L D,
bbbly urdeal to the Inobi- o* A.ubur 7
ate JIflands k I Have, H i STI
and with the ade a ed ent of Hi Majcty' AL hli t ,oi o the a ,
Honorable Council, tS I his a f o"it r 4 e.
tion, hereby Itr o i.telot PINBpa d CEDA
of an my i~pie iof ri1 SHIN B
other Ifand wit hin thtOlennt, t a 'ptt 0'.
or place without the limits A few arrel Stgo FL R, jut arrive
prohibition to commence frou afte da from ahImor f1
weof, and tar continue until further orders. -I

x tt ir 9 j




aOffN an wr y Hand athru 6ut Se FORBES STi NS,
Nbi faid ,lan i at AtA, Ib on the r ro Capt. G. ol.
N=em in the rear if Our Lrd One -the o No
fanodf en hundred anleigby flw, and amtbh H A V R0 AL
1J bit Honour's Command, E ND DS.
JonX O'HALLO.A, j Secretary. rONorN tSi *Sprre
K I) N\ 0. AL I N.DN prifu 1 r *Sapruce
0 0 SAVE T INO. L Madeim Win, ad Po n
baNA.Na-IsLans, the quarter te&
aEW-.ParOTlsaNe, I Pl ten ditto
Sy His HUnour JAMES EDWARD POWEL., Dittn Martkidies l'i n Ke
/Eq; Lieutenant-G erneur and Commandtr i Sherry ditto Pl nd Oil, Scp
Chief in and awr the faid flandi, Chanxeller, Hih proof Jamaick iid An orsandsl ables
Vice- Admiral, and Orli aryoft sJfame, .tW. & W. We IndiaRoainpun. Rice in ,irce,.
A PROCLAMATION. ~ .h and honihr d, *c c. Ac.
A PROCLA ATI N. Wich they will difpore of, on the moal rron.
HEREAS th Keeper of the Jail able Terms, for Ca/, GodBills *e Exchange,
in the T of NaIlau, hath or Produee.
made oatttihat a Ncgro Fellow
named B TON I.OVE, undetr qF O R S oC L E,
m entnce, oa trantportation, did ? y'TAT neat HOUTl E lateV bhit y the Sub.
c mberj,' bly break Prifot Dr. Rosn'r qcnTTr'. front~ on the Ear, and
W 'ttR4S it is ofthe atio onfeqiuence tothe an'd healthvfituation, at prefer wcupied by Col.
peace oflhis Communit t. notorious an JOHN DOUoLAS. For terms plv to
THIREFORE THOUGEI IT, by and with September 16, r71.
the advice and confnt of a ajefy a Honoura-. m
ble Council, to ifue this my rocla ion, hereby T O B E
offering a Reward of One Hlndred Pieee of Big hs
to, sy Perfon or Perfoni, who Ihal within arce A T^M T ON th w v.c. l.atly
fonahle time after the publication hereof, appre. occupic Jo MarTIN, For terms
bend and lodge the aid Negro yellow mimed aplyto WI I
JftltM Lave, in the Public Jail of this Ifland or I JAMS Rl a PO n,
make information where he may be harboured or Wh Sale, a few d eccltent
concealed, to that the Provo( Marhanlt, his lawful Red
Deputy, or the Jailer of the faid fand, may be A LL Perfonst laviniLTema againil theEflate
able to apprehend and fecurc him. A of FtDtRatic HuMael deceased, are re-
CIFEN u-der my Hand and the Great Stal o quered to render them in properly attefled, and
the faid jIands, at Xafau, this 6th1 day of thofe indebted to make payment, to
November, in the rear of Our Lord One WTTIIAM MOSS, A
houamnd wvi hundred and ishty-fr:me, and JOHN DENN M ON, I A'mr".
in he t 1en ra.Hr of Maj.~'r EIGHT DOLLARS, Reward.
JAMES EDWARD POWELL. D UN AWAY about three moatha fince. when
y Hi Htis Hor', Command, 1%. he was employed in the rdnacte Depart-
JOns O'HALLORA1, pro Secretary. ment, a Negro Man nmrnd H I IN he is a Ihort
G OD SA E THE K I N thick black Fellow, chew a Iat deal of tobacco,
is much added to nirog li nr, and very info- *
N O I'ICE I5 HIEREY EN, that Dodor lent when drunk. Whnter sliver thelaid Fel.
GEORGE KEMP employed to attend inw to the Subfcriher, 11 reF the above re-
fuch American Loyalifts this town and neigh. ward. Mallers ofVefe and I others are caun-
bourhood, as may haJe occalion for medical tioned from harbourln acea r or carrying off
afitance, and are unt to provide themlelves the faid Fellow; and h a a found offending,
therewith; and thatto a uch, Medicinen, Wine, may depend upon bei profeco ed with the ut-
and every thing elfe that y be necefry towards moftrigonr ofthe La. Ifhe returns of his own
their recovery, will be ovided, on application accod, he will fare ti better.
being made to the Dodto for that puarapf. DAVID ZUBLY, Jun.
NB. All Strangers in dirtefa, of any other i3, r7e.
description, will alfo be attended to. AWAY from the Subfcriber in South.
N afas, ORe8hr S, 1?7j. I. Cilolina, about fi years ago, the following
A LL Perfirn having any demacn against the Negroes, via. Monday, bot thirty years of ane,
Estate of the deceaftd Mr. Jit WALKl 5 fet 9 or to inches high, fpaks good Englil
late of this town, Merchant, are bcet more, and 7, a thick well let C yellow, peaks broknenEng
for the laft time, defired to give States of the fh ; Lder, a thick wll te wench, a very
fame properly attefted; and thofeldcbted to the good Seamltrerfa I S, atall made wench of
faid Eltate, are desired to make ment before a yellowith co letimH b am, about Rive
the next Return Day, as all aoc ti not then yearn old wnhen .mra dl an informed
paid, will be placed in the hand an Attor- fhe ha hadtwo wao formerly I
aey at Law, to he feed for. the property of M dl nda I
OHN BOYD, her mother i her t
WM CHISSOLM, Execu- i alo here at thlts tlf.m i
JOHN FERC SSON, ) tore. Any person apprehstlIng I d.her family,
Naorau, ORotkro 7syg. r giving information that I can get them, (hall
receive a Reward of iy GMwa, and Ta L
WANTED to P IASE, Guinea for each oft er.
and as his Bufinefs will bdRiefly to attend Ne,. ty, tits r
about a Sore and carry out parcelhe mul be re- ifOT1ON, -alt, ; aziletto, M ny, Hard P
commended for bit honlty sad l t. i nquire '.e. Wood, sl. Sale b t he oet at
ett' Pliuter. "I hs*. a

* W^ vadatsavbel
Wi-e th Dl rqet
Wr, romcr, CrS B
will fell ao the moB as
Seed Blay< yf xRkaH


AND T 0X (n:
WnO, .aIl Ith JsaIs
By Falconer, Shrre'
At their Iroan or ih
D OB.LE ad 4 i ltaMdi
refiatd L Suga Silk Pe
Hylon, ." K-r OId l
ree n,
Ifouchooll & Tx"
Plice eo
Currants and Raifin
Brown and WNhite S Ird
Cardy -1
Sago. Fig Blue, i tar Mof l
Cinnamon, Nutmegc, Irech
Mace ap ,
Mulard, SaldOil piad dii
Pickles, Ketchulp Wat
Barley, Split Peafe Ladie..
London bottled Pear Prea
Madeira, Port and Ditto Cl
Wines Ai eolaa4
Me. Beef and Pork Womnen, s
Turpentine SopR PUmp.
Linen Checkl sad Str Girls and Cft
aforteds reco Shnea '
Furniture Ckeck a Menm mtcRdqa
Bed Bunt, Ticking Yooth ad I
)yed and India Jeana an MenalDne BI
Janrets, in wua el V
Pla and fi gred Dimi. WC nans f ck s a
ties Threamd nh
Royal and Imperial Rib Men. dine dft
QuillinFe real and mock Men. & Wanc4d
Cnrtnn Counterpanes Wonlen, edalb i
A reat varietyofPrinted and Miflt
I.inen, Chints, & CaUl- Habit and fTela
co Qnwn Patterns Womena black D
Ditto of Printed and Cot. Silk dtt ..
rtn liandkerchl ef Ditto Walk soid I
S-A, 7-l and yard lwide Brown Cr m anh
rri, Linen. Cloaril
Setl nf Chints, Borderlnrl Cotton sette
Striped Check and plain rmne Swanh
Munins Beaver O t Ces
Sprig'd & Needle wrougt Check a Li
ditto Yard wide 'i
BRok Muflin Linen. TirN ia
Munin Net, & jaceaute CantrusTrwA
Book Mulin and Needla Cantvas in d ,
wroight Handkerchiefa Feanrought G
Ionlg and clear Lawn Ready made n
Fine C.mhbrika Jean and
Bri!taniar Coate
NankcIens Perple. blue, P"
Brown ald white Ruffia bhck Deo q
Sheeting, Pettikotoa .
Brown Silefin Men$ blar Ho1 .
Hlcktalack Plaitnio and i
Spotted Lawns & Gazes Pnwdr.
Small Shawls Hard and an ft d
'hble Cloth,, .-4 and 8.4 Powder Boae
Clarfc and fie Oboi ne ae I sdaNrWad '
Threads CGauber Salt.1
O0nabnrg & Taylor'sdo. Camomile Flo
Oznaburga Rhubarb,
Sail Cloth, No. I to 4 ter "i
Superline Black Cloth Llntfeed Oil a'dlM
Blue and other falhismable Pitail Toleg i '
colnnnr diatt China Ware, ai,
Blie Cafimere Porter Magi,t'L
White Flannel enameli'd Pie
lack, whirt and bls fpint ensauWro
Tammie Saucers, adl d
Mitoe, ditto Duranet Seetts
Sattinetta, Denlfma OlafL Wfre, YV&1
Mourmining Crape Tin War a "
Bombaseens, C lml kt d I nrd andC. t
Three point Blankets An A .afti ff;
Itriped Linfey, Matraffn noagcry
1at featheri dUleait flfi a S, to0le, *4ii
and etlarn splike labli
caree mad Sat. (, ad Gun P' ddr
Rgdglnrig h. hotIf.. gras
hittoThred Lac 4 Pmp -&r.P
Mack I.ace, Tapc Roll i5hleiMU,6
.aws and Love HandkB D ec la l
lack d
Nirt Eto,. and l t, Ir S
While Chp.xlN C* "
'oundnd ped Pa Br li
IhicL with their former AfeuatsiO
e. nltUbL TwoM.

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