Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 12, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00014
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. n.

*: ..i .I




W' V~~~llA MAZIR. Ir

From SATURDAY, NOVnSMBIt i, to SATURD'AY, Novzxuast s, 1785.

NAssAU0 printed by 'Jdin WIi4 it thOfi in the BAT.

BiAw.PAov A DNC= .
.Ekl; Liatenat-Owernur and CGrmsidulr
Cief in anid over te faid fi e,
fi,' .dtiral, and Ordinar, rbtei fm/ st.
S HEREAS the Et ton of any
Species of Prow oa, may In the
l prccnt circu ancen of things,
be attcided ith confcquenccs
hghlgy prejui l t the Inhabi-
tanta o the4flandsa I HAT
r THIt OII TboU T VOT, by
and w th the advice and confen of H Majcity'
Hunota.bble Chuncil, to iffue th iny Proclama
t.u, hereby triStly p.,hibiti a. t Exportation
of ran Species of Proviions, fr this or .ny
oL!,r Ifl1and within this Governme to any port
0o place" \r t tho te limits their This faid
promhihtin to commence from and after the date
kL~iof, anl to continue until fourth orders.
.IVE nrnder m, )lantd and I 'riat &Sal of
i.e fid jf.anJi, oit Xafau, t is ith day of
NA- ,..nber, i, ;I.; ear f Our Lord Oeat t a-
,.n.fewin hundred and eigsl'fw, cnd si the
.co.:' Air' Trear of Hi, froljel's ,in
Si. H; n .r'. aCOnrn d
jo.i. O I'Has.Loa, pr Secretary.
BiI"iA-ItLADss, 1
i t.. inur JAMES EDW i POWELL,
f.; Litrenasr .Coe'ernmur G Cmmander in
/ bi'f I, ahJ a r the faid di, Cchancllcei
T-Jw,,ir, a, and Ordinary 0atI fa Il f. t cv.
IIERHAS the Keeer of the Jail
in the Ton oNaf'au, lath
made oath, th a err Fcllil
named BOST LOVE, under
fentence of tportation, did
on the nsth fthi iiftant No.,
vembcr, fore ly break Prifone
ai mane hirs cfcape from cI thereof; AND
K'iEREAS i in ofthe utmolt Ikequcncc to the
re of lhii Commininity, thfo notorious an
idnkr ilhold, if pifhile, be, ke ro I HAVE
tl ivi.c anJ cnfi,.it of His y's Honour*
ti Council, to ilruc this my Procl nation hereby
opfcing a Renasrd of Ont Hundired ~~ iVf mi t
i asiy PcrCii or Pcrflon, who w halrwitin a re4a
fuablc t me after thr publication hereof, apprc-,
ihnd aid Ulode the laid Negro Fcllowunamed
a4 L-.,-, in the 1Public Jail of this Ifland or
itke itli nation C] hel may e ma be hbournd or
Ifccaled, lo tlat Iti: 1'iovuft Marlhal, 1ii lawful
Deputy, or tlie of the Lid land, may be
Aie toapprllcud and Iicurc him. "
CIYVlA u',,dr mi lHarnd aid the Great Seal of
d vis ]idI lJIJb at Nafrbu, thil i6t db y of
wei.r. in tier rear of Our Lord One
df rn hundred aul eighty-jfvur, and
oc wtj-altb .Tear /f His XMjnf'r
*lVi Hmonor' Comanand, '
J* O O'Hi].m aan, prcrScret ay.
iOTOICL 1 HERIy Y lyENI that Door
SGEORGE KEMP is ploed to attend
Ametrican I oyalif in is tn and neih
a n d, o cay Have Ecc9oli' f6# me4dcal
oftre' nd are uriable 'prorIe hlemi lives
E4te*lh:; and that to all fIt M ti' ,c r Wine,
t ery thing elf' tlia( nra nect ary towards
recover), will hbt ro ied. on ipplilatlon
hade to the Dotor f that pdrpof.
B. ,All Stiangers in diftreft, otan dther
eOnb ill al beattc ~ndl t to.
,W-, O~Ahr t, ;8;.


PIrjuat tea Delref ViVJD 'iCl a oure VfPr-'
Adamirit,, wdl ih Sl re y Mxos, at ther
raodo Houfe in Noa ultroitu o/t
anda, on MouNDAY n4, theAYl of Nwaks
,, . 'S '
S A L L Y-,
SCondcm unlt .for Seai to,
gether with er Tackle, Furnitures
Snd Apparel, Inieatory to be fte
at the Time and 'Ple of S Y TO
^ .~~~~ ~ -. -- ^ v -

A PLANTATION at t W ard, lately
occupied by J6x' Mart, or tirml
Who has for Bale, a fer dteno of excellent
Red Pott. '
. LL Plrfonlihaving demniaAa the Iftte
'A Y FaI.siDuc H InxiMTecRafed, are n-
quftd o reader the in prpy attefted, and
tof i bted im edie payment, to

-Nsw.Po gs InA8. 'ni ,AL
Niw-Pac -
Sff tirUnNasn Onreste and Cieniitrie in
is A .i*d o"r faitAail,, Chie Ulr,
HEAA It is, Hi* Mkefty',
Royal WilI and Pleature rgnpi
Red by his Intrutions bearing
i date at his. o t at St James',
the tenth d member 1784,
JtE :thakit the dsI. l I his bhid
^ l Babtnma.I lfndl, flunefirveyed
and_ tgrtted oi the following t itlone; that Is
to fay, That forty a of land ranted to every
perrn, being mater or miftre ofa family, fr
himfelf or berfelf; tad twen acres for eery
white andblactk ian, woman child, of which
fuch family hall cbofft at the uil time
ing fuch warrant ThAt ag; te be .fuM
the payment of two alilgs I quiOt rent hr
every hundred acres to comn at the expira.
ion of two years from the da their refpe ive
grapis, to be paid at the end o every year there.
after, in default of wl4h the rants to be void:
But his Majefty has bu griacouly leafed, as an
encouragement to Jh .Lgyal ub1e5 s who have
been refidents In any Of the Cglonta or Proviset
aow the United States of Americ, and wh qI
account of their loydty t his Maje4y, lha
nay willingly. or by eoMhpolon, remove int hills
lad Iland, to order, that the quit rent to te re-
ferred in the federal rants, to be hereafter made
to his faid SubieIto, hall not commence ad be
payable until afterthe cxpiratio of ten year from
the date of their Id eftev grants which faid
grants it is his Majcfly' RoylrWill and Pleafere
ftall bedelivered to the feval Iranter free of all
expelce whatever i DO TEREFORE, by and
with the advice and confa of his, Majety's Ho
bongrable. Council, iflft this my Proclamation,
hereby making known to all iperfpna conceded
that upon app icli tome in Conch, they wil
receive Warrants tSurver for running eut their
lands, agreeable to0 MlMaifty's laid Inftruions,
and their family risht.,

&pether, il ths rw /fOr Lord One tie-
fandfuv hindrrdnlid i it, fv, ad in the
sel sIwrein-fltbArb 1iH0 Mal,',i W SA.eY
SiM n Heeosr j Commad, "
STRtHIu HavIN, tpo Secrtaery.

F R S A L E.
T oaut HUs built by the i
-1 brbr, Sd4oininc sd the Wefwar of
Dr. Rosart Sor, fro upon the Bay, Wd
has an extlelive LOT In, a ple t
and healthy fituaton, at y t occnpieb .C
Jon DoUGLAs. Por tsr=5 to
Settrimr e6, s I78

ON MONDAYja0aiu u, isi s
BAO lSN v Clcsh.
Seve ee autblualEGROESU
iRl to ti fte, Et de-
Cese aong om re d
W r and Irooes, ad g Boys ad
Cond n of the Sale, T, Four ind St
bloated strivingg bond and ood fecurt.
ARLH IALEY Admitriil
a .L so. __i
Four able NEGROE8,
Late the prty of Hary mni, Esfg of St
Aug ftine, vIs.
To a t, young, handy FelowA
e, and
Pliar, Irwyer. a
S Gr s, a t handy Wench.
Conditions of a Caih.
ood Bills of will be given.
Nowaimr rMt, s78(.
Inthe BrigPrIFatHI. Clt. SHIDnon, &DM
Nsw-Yo 4,
0 hOn. Ro xaons
At his Sronl an BAY,
For Braiktiltao, Clna.
, Quantity of PINE 80 S and CEDAR
A L S 0,
A few Barrels Superfine FlOUR, jut arrived
from Baltilore.
In tIb Schwndr SUAINAn., j w*.Yotam
At his Hoe on the IT Orva~.
iUaPERFINE Flour in | Piaed lCar
3 barrel& hlJfborrclts Potoe

A AV 'F 08 ALEd
Ordler in kegs ] Olio
Newton Pippinsa & com- Brick
men dple r | And a fewt of nd
Cyder inbarreli 1 Cr mcdE esl
Indian eil in didto U sc. .


a HAVE rDR48ALdt

Whol they I ditON E, o0 the ohaw
A bare and Oen rl A tmnt of mUar,
oPAN and EAT-. 1A GOOD&.
S A L Sf,
pOairtiON pcular 2e oSpm
Mx" dei Wne by W l lBef dftk UIn
the wacuer cod t doo (C -
bite Maeket dittfo Tripe imne
ietry ditto PFWu nd Oad 00
Hijj Pr'X Juaini sudi AndchoumndCato
Wri.ladinltainnpun- Ri eh tin er.
ciMona u4 kotheb t. "i 4. "t .
Wdteh they will difpore *f, oft the 04 104W
ableTerms, for WeGo, AWk V isdawhlik
or Proivm.

In the present dearth of Intelligernce we give
to our Readers the celebrated Specheof the
two Rival Orato in th,4itdi M of Corn
mons, o 0 t]o fbJcdt o the Iri Cbmacrclu
pro Aiytions. -
T HE Coiancllor ft& Bxctbewr paid a hand.
Sfbme compliment to Commodore Bowyer
for the profefional zeal he had Ihewn, and the
candour with which he lise Rated his doubts.'
He fald, that he Ihould be at all times ready
or an'ter questions of fLck a nature, and that
the prefent was by no means difficult to be
anftered. The King of Great-Bitain was by
the common law poltfcd of eertain powers over
the Britith feamen, for the purpofes of public de-
fence; the common law of Iredatd was similar to
that *f England, and therefore he mufl in Ireland
enjoy exactly the fame powers over the federal
clafles of his fubjet in that kingdom, as htn pre-
rogative intitfedhiin to in this, under the common
law of England. Wiq,',ec- to the particular
branch of power wtic li P been mentioned,
(prcfing), that was a fubieC ort which great deli-
cacy bad always bt ihewn byLparliamcut, nor
would he thea ua fari y fay any thingon it,
farther thari this wi whatever authority the
King had of that e in England, he had ex-
actly the fame in w .d, and that it was not al-
tered or infringed on in either, by the preFit
resolution. With regard to the Board of M iral-
tr he observed that the Admiralty of Sngland
At the Admiralty of Ireland, and of e empire
atlarii and that to divide its j rifdi n, would
be to weahesr and almost dcfrloyt ~ avalforcc
of the empire. Nor could there bbly l two
Boards of Admiralty, because th ranch of cxe.
eutive adminifiration, which w under that de-
partment, being of a military ure, was one of
thofe which like the right of pointing Ambaf-
fadore, belonged personally tot Crown, without
any local reference to the fit tion of its domi-
nion. Having thus, hehoped fatisfied the Hon:
Commodore, Be faid he found himself under -a
neceflity of making fome abfervations on other
matters that had fallen in the debate, abtl he ho-
ped the Houfe would excuse him in faying a few
words on a fubjec, on which having already taken
up fo much of their tiae, he would compress what
he had now to offer hInt as fmrall a compass as
poldible. It had been h intention to have remain.
ed fil.nt, nt expe any thing new to occur
On A fubjet which" a long ferics of time had
undergone fuch friuent and patient debate.
However, though thing had been brought for-
ward in the coutfe the present argument, except
what tended to enfo e objedtionsthat had al eidy
been made and anfwered, yet the channel through
which the present opposition came, and the mode
in which it had been handled, was fuch as ftongly
demanded fome farther notice from him. When
he considered the language that had been heTd,
and the quarter it came trom, when Ie reflrdcied
o i 'tie degns of thofe who had prefented them-
ftiveq in fo coifpictoub a manner as the enemies
of the Refolution tler. before the Houfe, and
faw with how much 4ttifce and A!al thofe dtfigns
were fopported, and Ilen he weighed the motives
as well of thole whdhad been filent, as of thofe
who had fpoken to tl question, he could not re-
main an idle fpedatdr in a traufalion that fo
eiqntially concerned the interests of the two
Kigddomi, which compQfed the remaining part
of the Britilh Empie,--If a chain of recent
events ahd the whole tInor ofthe condti&'that
had been adopted by'pegons of a certain defcrip.
tion, had not exd nd anticipated his fur-
pdie at any thin that conid come from them,
he could fcarcel lieve his fences, when he be.
held a gentleman, (Mr. Sheidan)s whofor many
weeks had conceal; his intentions S efAtually,
as to leave it adoib whether he was friendly or
hoftile to the arran ent now depending, fand
forth the avowed eny of a part of the fydem-
which was neceliar connected with the whole,
and take up a grouanof opposition the moft dan.
gerous and inflamritorythat could poffibly fag-
get itself. But itwa not'to be wondered at that
the conda of the Honourable Gentleman should
be fo incanfftent, when it was remembered how
inconiftent all themeafure of the party, of which
he as the tmoth, were in themselves, and how
incooiftent the perfohi who composed that party
were wath one another. Still-the purfuits of
that party, however various and however coatra-
di'oy, had one uniform tendency. Whether.
they iegrobatgd on this day, what they had ap.
proved on the receding, or whether they aagn.
done a princIple whit tbey had before admitted,
whether ont indltiul die red from or conceded
with the ref of his a latest, aill the effect or all
their efforts, of all Ieir perfeverance, and of all
their targivefltion *a to be the fame-To em-
baniaft and coafood the Macfare of adminiftra-

tion, to embroi altl s ifgntc ;afetionii of
their fellow fubjedts, ev gtiundleft alarnai
and on thole goundlefs alarms to foment the mno
dangerous difcontents. The noble Lord in the
blue rinband, in affecting to the Refolutton, and
Sthe Hon. Gentleman in oppofng it, had taken care
to afpport their federal opinions by the fame art
gunent, and that argument was of all others beft
*alculated to promote the usnlmitedefign of beth,
however different the modeaJhe took to accom..
pltfh it-the jealoufr and rentrment of the rHIer
kingdom. The reasl'umptoi fJegllative fupre.
macy over Ireland wasthe ground ofacquiefcenee
in the one, of diffent in the other i and thus they
divided between them the two features of the
character which their Pight lion' friend, (Mr.
Pox) had thewn himfel ffo ambltious to alliRme-
that of an Englih and Irih Patriot. linw f6en-
tlemen could think tlemfelvet warranted in fet.
tisg up an fittlon to meafinrcs, m, favour of
which they borne more than a silent teltimn-
ny, for th had expirrely acknowledged the fe-
veral amendihenfl to be ruch as not only were in
themfelves ininteptioaable, but had alfo the po-
itive merit of eorredlig in a great degree the
obietionable qualitiesofthe original Propofitiflbs,
wai a eircumltariee Oty to be accounted for by
thofe who from a hlofe attetntionutp the condtid
of-te paety, and &congeniallty'of sentiment with
them hb4(dlbro'ght themtlclresto uihderftall and
to adopt the whole of their r nem, and were
thence enabTd'.to tee that it wa< a double game
that they were playing, and that their appearing
to oppo e the Refolutione by arguments directly
contrary to each other, was merely with a view
to fccn 'c the fame end, and to compats the fme
defign. Wan there,' he alked, tingle< ahlendment
which war rot. cleultted to meet and obviate tihe
very nljeiAns tflat had ben made to the iri-
mary Relolutlon4 ans fni from Ireland ? And
when thofe amn~ed nts were gfirt Ftopofed, was
there a Ipgle Gelleman on the opposite fide of
the loufe, who fke upon the fubjed, (and'
fM very long cches had been made) who
d iS acknnwle I them to be an improve-
on, and a confidele recommendation of the
plan ?-It had bhe walked, Would the Irilh he
fatisfied to adopt the RIefohlirton in their pre.
Rof alejttel and attended fate? And the exulta*.
tior. and confidence with which thl qucftion had
been alked, fuflciently betrayhl, that it was not
the form or proviiMtr of tl original' grounds
of the adjustment, as likely to injure this coun-
tey, that had given rile to the opposition which
atdndeed them, but a hbpe; fnat bi- introducing
alterations, and:diminilh:ng as milcli as porlble
the advantages to be derived fim tiicm by ire-
land, that country my be brought to reject them,
and thus ar arrangement neceelfry to the peace
and tranquility of the P.mpir: (bleftings which in
every fate there were fome men always aveife to)
might be postponed or defeated. The queflion,
however, he would answer with at much hulld.
nef .as became him-and he would not fcrti
Ple to fay, that as far as probability would go on
fuch an occasion, they wdnld certainly be received
withioy and' gratitude in Ireland. This opinion,
h hek, he ave'rlom general ftafoning, and the'
nature f the cafe, for all' tNlar~e neceffary to
form fitch an opinion. was to'.be perfiuadtd, that
the People and Parliament of beland were poflfe-
ted of fitfllcient trderftanding to fee and know
their own jnttre(t,. and to diftingiiflh between
their friends ahd their enemies. Could he fnppofe
that Ireland would difC'oerin the Refohition, then
in debate, any infrltgemCet on the foreign rights
of her legislature, he Ihfuldthen readily acknow-
ledge, that there was nohope of her acquiefcence;
but as the Refolutionwas in itfelf perfectly nno-
ecqt of any fuch tendency, as it was, in'fad, no.
thingfmore than a .aeefIr ry and indiCpenfible pro-
vifion in a treaty between wo independent king-
sains, say, asit was, acceding to the ideaof his
ht Hon. Friend, (Mr renville) if fuich an
acl.owledgement were ie neccffery, a v*tital
feed ition of her comply emancipation, he had.
very little appreherafi hat an:enlightened and
liberal nation would ful Itlelf to become a dupe
to e defigns ofa fet of en, who having exerted
all their industry for the pace of fve months in
alarming every interest in this country, for the
purpose of rou them to a violent oppbfition a-
ginft the arr uent, as proposed by the Par-
liament of IretM.ere now with equal diligence
employing t inallammatory means towardI
creating a inilar opposition in Ireland agalnit the
modifications aplied by thelritilh Hbnfe of Com.
mons. The iqconiftency orthe gentlemen who,
eppofed at thYlday what they approved of on the
flrt introdu n, was only to be paralleled by
the contradictions with which their former oppo.
Nation to the original Propeoitiion, and their pre-
fent opposition to.he amendments were marked.
Formerly it was trged, 'that the arrangement
would beruinousto the trade of England, but not
having been able tM bring the Houfe into their
opinion, they had shifted their ground, and had

become on the flddil extrady t A
$ht be pre udlcil to t ell W
nd. He once more pitted the Right HoiWl
tieman opposite to him to come forward and
plain his metanag i the reituion of (171
that ref*tia the Rijgt Hlon. OGetlenha
-*m Holp eclar s that" It was eccar Itw
*th4 permanent eonnetion should be eftalifaed kb.
wwen Great Britain. and Ireand." If. the RI
lon. Gentleman had not impofed in that re il.
tion a u lMnip and Mat U tellirible p
ti i on the our, he laft ke Intended foe.
thing Gfmlar to thee .If t plan, either u si
arranged by the Irim Refhitions, or asu m '
adopted by thi amendnmats engrafted en th
by the committee of that Houfe.-If the idea
the Right Hiooutabe Centleman had been iads.-
ly differeof, he dered that in his adcive lirc;
lfor mant and of opposition, he had mi
endeavoured to at which would of all otl e
be the mofa fe i ceaeir, thatof onn
the fyftem ai. poItd, with a better one of T,
own formation. AL thismt de therefore had bekn
negleCted by the Ripht Hon. Gentleman, he ha,.
only to conclude esther tiat he had no meam .
whaffnever in theRefolltion hepropofed, thatih
intent* was ftulething ionilat to the arrine
mnent now ansder eonideraton, or, thatwhatemr
his plan wast, i~ Cui fuch is comnparifo woe r
be found iiferlete the present. Althebn thlI
were the moll obvious explanaltonsofthl \anls.
filfency, till there was another which however b
hoped the Right Hep. Gentleman was not prep.
red to admit, name, that the dierent lituatiom
in which he found mfelf had Infired himnitl
different ftetiiTentj and that tl -views on the
trefent day wereuch i rendeted that pu
tranquility and p manent welfare of the empla'
wfilh it was oierly his avowed obed to t.'
blifl, left difa able now than it appeared
him then to be e enlarged'with great empball
with fome hur r,and much feverity,on thepll
which geinftm had taken to deprecate, In
Ipeechep, any putations ofinflammatoryorda
gerous intent s, and yet by their arguments
provoke the itrangeft furpieiom of that natlMu. i'
was nor for hiti to determine whether the le.
tiniis of tiofe gentlemen were rally ashadastliy
(hemfelvesr femed apprchenfive they lhouldM
tear, blit on the prefcnt occasion he hadonly I
ectlt, tthat' loreaer the tendency oftheirkik
ar'rmentes, frlprately considered, might Ctot
.ilrd lowing diftion and diffatltfafM iile -
lir,l, yet wHen c of their fpecchet wereelia
fively Cent to Ireid, (and he dared to n y 'i
pi;n3 i]ould be rn they all liould Iad 5..
way there,) he ered himfelf that anew .
rove an antidote the poifon of the otba,,r
that means eroy the eflfed of the w
'bus, when it uld be fonld that an
lile Gentleman, in the fullnefs of his ztalf
fiee&tonr and proiierlty of that country,
every thing that was given to Ireland a
ul 'infgnificant, and yet that the prleC
t* ay for it was'bothing left than an
abOlnute fiirrendve of her independence
various inconfiftenl s that had marked
Crntleman's condft in the course of the
4igas were tint fNlcient to open the
afir wife and thinkni people, yet the polIA
(Inn. Gentleuan'Eargument would I
plete antidote ine argument ofthe
(Noith) near him heir joint argument a
j&L loli .Gentl n affirmed that Irtelit
Tinlng in poi l fcomimerce, bat rgesi
vereignty andl. er legislative powers
lHand of Great-Britair, whilft the nobtI
endeavoured to prove that England was a
point to impart to Ireland the moft un
and invaluable rights of trade, yet that the
reflirn o be made for ftch an extravgl
aelflon amounted to nothing more tI
(and here he read from a paperetlhe
the Noble Lord) the freight of a few
,BIRed with pickled pork and bHfcuit lathe
of a century. Havif for a confidneemh
dwelt onthe inconfiftency of fuch
the little apprthenfion there waa of
danger resulting from them, he
Refilution on. the ground oflt being
neceffAry towards effciMng the objc f
pending, which Wai to agree t0aosl tht
try to a participation ofcemmercial
Oreat-Britain, that Ihonld not only lle
permanent, for if the laws that t
governed the enjoyment of thofaebte b
be different in each country, the the
be equal, and if they.were liable to '
the one, and not in t 'other, thes
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tween all States ab tel idept
unconneded with ea in o order
that similar provlfoe ere frequ stl
fich occafiona. He pticlart l
Treaty of Peace with race, "hic
d om was bond to publiul ouer

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,rs them utteraticc, ;. no to be ahfolutely, trrf, certifying Ihat thftme l a for the ufof hlt ls, ruled and nitln Kyer's Pillr c
,!. ctti:ely delnitute ,rt eatery vrlige of truth) to or her FamilyI under lhe.penalty of forfeiting lor -lnglll, French and Latin Marnref
"nfer the attellit:o, aid 'ierer the notice of the yer fuch olence Si llU/ I school Bhoks Tartar Emetic
lt l: fiotr hi u v wrrtchrd, and .contemptible od All penalties and forfeiiturl incurred by thii BLANK FoKn, vz. Hannay' spedle
trltmi. The admirable argument of my lion. At, ot in ot eceed Sian S ia be to i Bonda, Bill( of Se, Bills lory yringe
Fnthn is aniwercd with hard epithets, and strong iajedly, hi heirf, ad fuecenfob, for the undI L LdiL" il of- es n seum h"'llnbl
sirrtionl, with lofty phrtas, with long and It the Poor of the Parifth wihange,% eaimin catkedHua
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Ithe poverty of the cic, he hc n ragea in, is the ,eie nnl f tie the frppOrt of thi Great variety of Chear ditto
limpous aflrnipion of the Right Hon. Genti- nn moit tofbch pep- eI sof. Mathelmatical In Ditto black ditto, with
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pofe the Right Honou'ahle Gtitlrman's cha- fal .. .. Pocket Compairtl Ditto brown and green d.
after, nothing, I tonfefi, amizrs me fo much, ir.Tt AD D ward Shipditto ladle Iref and Riding
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ad propriety in the manner of urging thel. Be- I lent when drunk. WhoeAlrv ers the aid Fel. Pocket and LAg Telt Sewing Thrad
ret I touch upon the charge) to which I allude, I fow to the oubfCTrilr, I(h I cre e the above.!l- I eti_ _. il Lims.
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e.oquence. and great pJwers of plealng his hear- UN AWA' from the lbc ribhrin outlh- anow m ne T'hrld dioo s
1 i hbt of all the critirc to be urged against any IX Carolina, i out fix year* o, flit following Alegltopgllapiarl ldde w L finaltp
MPfon within thrle walls, the lad thing undoubt- Neglrocs, viz. dfw about y year ofaget OGintait tPhat
K ily for iim to venture upon, fo to charge the long j feet 9 or so chess lih, f good BngUlih Gaiter Strines In A Ist ,
dra(ln ot his fpeech as a fault against any Mem- s1, think ill ft low broken lig.- Violi of dtfll l T ,l
t. le, ikem, is undrrthcenecity oftroub- BllhI Liikr. tkek well I iencb, a very Vi lin ol am =lhr for Oeman llmreI W
Ig this HIoufe moch lftcner, and for a much ooof' deiamtt_ i,. _., ae ael my r TwrnMle
i tge time tha.i i perlap agreeable i and it III a yellowil complrlno h( Se Sah about five fes. Career a d m edd r ToM3
income either .if us to reprobate others for a years old when tha v w an iam I ifonted _, L.f. ..-.
ri e we ourfirr, fo frequently fallinto. Orate. ge has h d.two CZlln w. a ib wa fortlilly R~od. gamea"e ~ POl'Mi
Mor the indul e.ece we are favoured with, and the property oCM7i. w 'hstllir md, lme lemlaaeom Gm O I';=rk
rItedy thankful for the patience and the polite. her mothir'i hes ,thereiM b tlt heh c B s c" i ll cfe "I l *l.""
piWith which we are honoured, we ihoald cer. ilao herekit tl e. ,.,:- . Dram Headi and c sr Osrf",o ofte lse
iiyl ble the lat toctndemn that, in which we ate iAy person lildli i(li ..nd h,.er ntg b. Rs IndlefenlrtlMfl fioakhiTltaihee
O t" tne greatrlt tranfgeflron. And I Ihall or giving fornalion fothat can0gettlhau, tlli. t Hrpeherd, Guise, PignilT=e5.
4,1plhis part .f the flbijt ,with only remarkng, receive a Reward of'T.m Oidur, an -m T loU iat$ n 6d slnet.s a M W
"ii An almonot uniform deviation from the ht. war foach ofthe others.-
ditc tfubjc iandiculion-f abandoning liberal J'V. l175$ THOMNA COOIMAIIPI

On the DmIEr isfi 'he t I "egae 6igS or-
rHE world of letters isjunty tyled a Republic;
1 becaoft thee no mad lnjoy my other dat-
fiotio of raenlr than what be poIeId byo hi lite-
rary merit i and a Writer, though prtng from the
ery lowet of the people, wil be considered at
a better, that is a heater author, than the firAt
eer of the realm, if he is a man of more tafte,
irnu and genigti In plain terms, the quarter
from which t dread the corruption of our language,
is the fpeechte of our orators and declaimer' in
the two Heaes of Parliament. At leaft their
fpeeChs, if the* me genuine and authentic an
gen in the newpapern, contain the groffeft Tole-
eimas, the ncft rocking barbarifms, and muft be
Seating to the ear of every person who has formed
his tafte upon the model of our heft writers.
Aa it is mere cftom that gives a temporary
currency to thcfe uncouth exprellfion, fome of
them are daily nkiag into oblivion, and others
starting up in their room. I remember a certain
member of Parliament, who, a few years ago,
was a great fpeakcr in St. Stephen'a Chapel, and
Sfill great at the Eaft ludia houfe, who thought
proper to adopt, or rather to coin the lingulen
eaprefieon of/AUtin an idea. I immediately had
recourfe to all my Englifn Dictionaries, and Ikc-
wife to the ftoie-houfe of my memory, which,
without vanity, I conflider a no bad left in matters
of thi kind; but, for my fo m ul, I could neither
find nor recollect any authority that}juitied ficb
ana tprcffion. I knew that aloout was a pifoun
fent out privately to watch the motions of an
enemy i and that p rcsut was to execute this dmii
gerons oceil. But what wa all this to tkefcoutsng
of idea ? As every author, however, is (aid to
be the-bef commentator upon himfeif, and as his
meaning is moft clearly ascertained by obfervmg
his phraleoloty in other parts of his work, I at lat
found that, by J.orIing an idea, the gcitle n
meant no more tha on explodin an idea ; a gcnlb
ngli lh phraft, and iinitely preferable to the
Another new coined eupreflion of our parlia-
mentary orators if, to mali ui tkeir mi4d np an a
fubjea. I know the particle up is ufed after the
verb to make in a variety of enie ; but never, fo
far as I can recollet, in the fenfe irt which it is
here taken t which feems to be, that after a man
hats revolved a fubjca in his mind, andcoaoldeted.
it as maturely as he is able, be at laft forms a fxe
and kttld opinion with regard to it, if it be a
fpeeulati e point I 0r refores how to at, if it be a
matter of piacdice One would imagine that the
trfi inventor of this eapreflion bad formerly been
an apothecary I and that he bot rowed the phrafc
from his old profefion of making up a prernption.
A third folecifm, or barbarfm, ortathil down.
tight Gaiicilm, into which our parliamentary
otatrs fll, is the uting the word commit for
stft, ri k, astard, me. Thus one ofthefe gct tells us, that he will not otnmmt hi
cbarader in a coatef with a man, who is fo inta-
mous as to have no character of his own to lofe."
ow, Sir, I will venture to affirm tt from tha r he
days of Swift-I might even go till farther back,
=ad fay from the days of Hooker-down to the
pricfnt time, there is not a ingle inftanre of the
word rcomit beigl ufcd in this fnfe by any good
Bnglilh writer.
iBut the matr common and hackneyed folccifm,
in which our parliamentary declaimers iadulge
tbemfCl e, is thu ufe they make ot the word mnd.
Thus., it mens my a)probation, it mau my ids,
it met m o, ii/hu, te. are phrases in the mouth
of amoft every orator, whether great or mall, in
the two Houns of Parliament. And yet I will
take upon me to alrmt that not one ofthcfe phra
fes is good Englia. Here again I might appeal to
authority,' and challenge ay of tbefe afticed
frfieh molfters, or the tepottcr of their fpeeches
liu the ncwfapers, to produce an example of any
oPthefe eir~~lms bcii u fd by any Englifh au-
thor osf cftablied reputation. I might likewife
a whether Mr., inume (tf alive) or Dr. .obertfon,
or r Lbbqn (our only three clafical hiftoriwns)
were they to wtte the.Annalaof the present Reign,
would adopt fuck expreflons I am convinced
they wouL,'not, becaufc there is nothing in the
worih.they have already produced, that juftifil
fuch a fuppofition. The word meet, when joined
to approbation, Is Oever ufed (claffically) without
the particle ,uith. And as to meltia ewn's idea,
,Ugw ,ar e: qwk:t, the words aafwner, cemes si
eeronf ifd : 'arie infinitely better; because,
itiieed, they arE the only genuine and iliomatical
arelfions. In the proper and elegant ufe of the
panicles, confifts a great deal of the beauty of all
languaies, and of noae more than of the EagUfh.
Qsu orators therefore, in cutting oflthe particle.
from their native tongue, appear to me to difcovcr
so more t4c, th"a the country gtaicrm, who,

wea heny f oh utarfon eri* Iou ,te PAN TO I, toth
London marett, op of their tails, in order to .I4 trlN. S 'oa -L,
make them look more neat and trim. AHA V a T Or i
What motive thele gentlemen ca e" for dir- II WA6V3 E
Carding the good old Inglith plas, in order ter Ao 0 A
make room for ch uncouth. t iarb rout.a of the fWinift 0q
exotic exprefllons, I could never yet le", unl tiarm, OGrerey, Croele
It be to make themselves taret at by the P a will fell on the
vulgar. Stared at too they Ifty p bly be b dl ell oIf l tll
the more intelligent part of then hars bdti a
am fure it will not be the Anre ofaldmiration ; JUST IMP
Buchlabourl'd natings, info ltr*ne a file, t Ship Mnm lvvn Pac ie
Atate, tb' unkin'd, and make the tlemne OILels flu as
Siit'le.. A N B T O ,-'
tcrhap, yon w fay, t the Influence o there WnofLmALa sdm Rra
entlem I' example can never be fo great, at y Falcon Shirte
produce the corruption of the language, fo that
the reft of the world will pay very little regard to At theiii rto a. theI
their authority in a matter ofwhieh they are fuch 4OttBL and Iag Ladlt s
incomipetentjudges. Alas f Sir, you do not con-a. rdiaed la Safgr 4 -kW
fider what arrant gefe the bulk of mankiad are, Hy1bn, ylti
and how apt they are to follow the gander ; in Green,_ 1TA W M
other words, how prone the? are to imitate their s0uhong & I" A
(uperlors, even in their greatest follies and ahfirdi- cuent a tali'ns
ties. Had theft barbarous expreffrons, Indeed, Brown and Whimte mS S' ''
been uced only by fome obfcure writer, perhaps Candy Not
there would have been little danger ofhis example 8gro, ig Blue, Sateh
being followed, nor conlequently of the language Cinmanson, Numa,, Hu aps ra"
being corrupted but when we fee them county. Mace
Uancce and adopted by the members of the legir- Mnalsrd, rillad O i-
lature, that Is by the mal dignified charaAers of Pickle, k r. sup
the age, the danger is increased an hundred fold. Barley, Split Peafa lan
What oe fays upon another oecafiont, iat quaty London bottled Porter J renihe
applia to the present cafe. Madeira, Pet and Sheiy r fi
Whahoeful tlUt this madigral wo'd be Wines
In fome rv'd hackney fonnetteer, or ine f Melt Beef and Fe oarl.
ut let tord once own the happy lines
Linen Cheka rad Strips i rnd
1t1w thee it it ow the fliltcninces i r erted I a e .
Before his faced name flies ev'ry fault, Furniture Chen s eerM in
And each exalted fRtanza teems withhought." ed B.unt,. Ticking nih amad
SPerhalp you will likewise alledge,hat I lay too Dyed and India Jeans and I 6 ne
much ftiefs upon purity of file, iCerm to con- Janean rei wiland i
fider the corruption of angue I evil ofgrcat. Plain and Sgred Dimi- W ens ie
L magnitude than it really ir. Fhat, Sir, is it ties
usatteroffolittle conequeneJat the language Roal and Imperial Rib M ditto
civilized nation Ihould pereferved in its Quiltinp real and mock Me s &
utmoft purity and perfcfon 're not all thole, Cotton Counterpaneo Women,
who have dinignuiled themfnces either by arts Are"a variety of Prind ,nd Ml
or arms, interefed in fuch prifcrv.tion, as being Linen. Chintz, & Cli. mbite and hem
co Gown Platernns Wnmen, tek
the moft likely means of prtagating their fame Ditto of Printed and Cot. Silk ditt
into the moft remote corners of the world and of ,tn Handkerchiefs Ditto WViftS
tranfmitting itdown tothelatct poterity ? I have 3-4, *-g and ard wide lBrewni
no doubt but many ttitons, besides the Oreeks Irift Liniue Cloa
and Romans, produced great men. But what is set of Chlnntldbrerir C on sens
Jicome of them Except the w wU are inci. Striped Check ad plain ,r iu I
M-itally mentioned in the Greak a moman lif. Mufll ainre ~ia a
tory, they are all buried in eternal oblivion, for Sprig'd & Nccelc wrvegh Cheka lJ
want of ap lihed tongue in w~:ch to record their ditto Tar wMi.
atchlel ments, nook Ma in Lien. Tkloti
Add to this, that the corruption of language is Muflin Net, & Jacone CanvseTsmnt
always attended with the corruption of tate in the Book Mullin and Needle Canvasu Frd
other arts and sciences and that this corruption wrought Handkerchikcfa Peagrsino.
of tate is the infallible forerunner, if it be not, "ong and r Law ea dy usd.
indeed, one of the principal cauLcs, of a corrupt. Britannias ea.
.iPof manners, and of all the evils that natu. Nnkens PurpeL.
Slow from it. Of thi the Roman iftory r own and white Rgfit Ma r
fonilhes us with a ftrikhlud aIbcholy proof. Sherine Petticoame
Had the barbarous tribes j Nnbs attempted Brown Silelias Metn bhick R-t
to invade the EmpireA gft g, MlukaLac Plain and fSeta
whi'e the mannersan Piiftill tr. ted Lawns & Oaure Powder
and the military spirit il ey sm Shawla Had Gad fotw r i
certainly have been repul~wilI- Tal Cloths, -4 and 8.4 Powder Bose
lity. But when the Roa ben to d Cokuret and ine Ounce Lvenditr Wisw':
turgid, high-.'ounding, bo at t of the Eatera Threads Glauber Sal IMp
nations, they adopted, at the ame time, their Jmrabhug & Taylor'sue. Camomile
foft and luxurious mode of living. Theconfe- O'na"bur Rhubarb, O q
quence was, that the military dilcipl;ne foan be-I Sail lot, No. Io 4 ar
came relaxed, the morals grew corrupt, and theI S r 'e Cloth Lined OA
manners effeminat and thofe very barbarian. ioo .e ilall rilTo e
who had formerly trembled at the Roman name, Bile Caflimere Porter.
now not only int~led the empire, but in a little White Flannel amel
time were able enely to fubdue it. Blck, whim ma blnu pni ail
CLASSICUS. Tammicis ,Sa eebual
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