Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: November 5, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00013
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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mo L- .L DO ,', f, .. Ing .ooo.,ie and ,4h who have thst aPlread
ss wr.j i h o u "t written ae te em- ps, ae ordered to deface it
i n r Frnh sh der the within eight days from thi publication (f thief
ricm Addrae, and o* a d ed'Al Wa c- s A ti and propet *Se art, *a e this proptrifi
A PROCL O executedN; thh nugs ndO. The Aremt
ERBEAfc Iv ogyaut. force the fg ig:aont.:, h
specties, d tatrg, dour, and hie pri I ta c e with the Court of rance
Clat w (ith tt r I a the dtl in question. has been th
B ttc6 w'ith there, We ot h !7 hps have fled _t g offinuigglir on this ..e ofthe water.
highly t ted frotTna, with order@ tb jin him oa Cape hi, that trade continued, Prance derived
tlnat ttagaso PN 4?, 16e d ter thb late ener Sot iiow a. year In fjmeed f hrm tia eanr i but
ad with the advice and c f il o eoLndM to take poa f hi to dseprive thiw of. aifmot ery Ihilling It |
lonourable Council, to I witr 7OT boer which amutn tol to lot thi led the Pired Miniry t ferk an expedient.
liSn, hereby the Expoftt'5u Thlo GettleiW.n diedateyin eree and, wbijiht perhaps oblige ur lovrcmffet to
if any Specde of r on a thM ip ,t Ht ia ema pkale. epred with o in gie a more general reception tr the manufdluret
other land wit his oth oe ment, to nd, which rmly rated til it me. aproTiic of that k(ngwom.
uC bion tocmee oii andaer.i ly ladill the thledeft tk a hrt im e s ofn thf at 'e arahon
r n ac. without the limits thereof. Thi at hls etaifieni ee., of Faraces uia, aying a duty up.
o J. lition to commence Ikoi and after- the d a IT | cott oirr tofamae f ue. her a bi ood, aimounting in al e inllatnce to
rct, anl to continue until further order. hthber arccoumn ed airoool. by at w b i per cent, ad iwalerr, has naturally occaioned
Cfl'DN Orrn* Rleld Ot lD a Gr y A be w fortIunate top deg oatto lrwd.. At a t kneral alrm. in this country. The erllI
he faid A M thi u rA d eth lhe kttt raooool. to breildet dutcr, kn edfr it which our manufatturers recci
AoE m sint 6ta/l0 Lard On 9... ndn So,oo.I. to cac of his othir two t .chl weds ,.wa by Aniace from the French houTfe
fInd i/wa hwkdireind j.v. l, av ondowI4br dr conatermanding all their onlrdeni nd anore ths
w a ty f' 1? 7aa r f he ate~t of 1ie thrq ladies a bote landed to, a huredl l re, in the ue bran ch only, w
JAMES E D i aboun fourteitn Tar of i; and by her fa- on -Tutfdaly opped n to italiedI Th mndur
rlis Honour' r Clmm1 nf1 her's will t is oed to f rjt T evtrypropoa faitears bed a conference wrtule the M is oft
JOHN O'HAi.oiL of rriathefrom a ~,. ase General wasut Cmarthes Iwhen the Mi e loed id them, that
GOOD A V E &. V ., olved itht thebulkofhisf tnoc hoAu atilt ceityep ilteh Oeroir at cold take would
JTTCT TMTPOh TED. 47afl the rg f e nuai
It the ScPoo.ersai. u Dol. r. r.K, o ti oOtr taWi74 pae die.tKtt
AND TO BE11 O D, red mt (faiil alaria in the political torld, we dly r T h Airt i the gieat ld Ponril inc
By TH O it t for' our readers Ibr th present. without manufadcory of Pali.a anl Cladowr into dreadful
By 0 coSidoint, and Q leavc to the pu lic in general to confulino. In thofe places 4ooo looms were cm.
At his Houfe on the W T OouaD. malkV their of rmrarks, at a time (4ry criti played in thefe branches,,and which, as Lord
SUPLRFINE Flour in Pi d Fifh cal, and on flHr fto interesting and lm tnit. Stormont flated, ontribpted to the rplendour and
DhTrrels & half barrels Ii otatocs The preailbe ie (opth, That, inconf quence elegance of the Court of France. Several of th
Oyfters in kegs Oni a of the compsints of the tradesmen ad manfac- principal manufturer are come expref to Lon.
tewtonPippins & com- Bric tuarir of riis kiirdom. relative to the open fale don.
men Apples And a few around of offorbia (pittilc1arly Englil)manufatures, to Mr. Crawfobrd went to France to nociatea
Cyder in barrels Corne Beef, the tat detriment of the national iqduAtry, and commercial treaty. It was one of te aruis
Edian Meal in ditto j&r. & c. &c. the mote To as all French goods areprohibited in Lsnfdown's equivocal -(hemes, when he ramed
ORBES NS, England under a high penty; his Miefty hat his peace. He went with no adequate powers.
FORBES NS, thought preer to mne ome regulations, of He had only to oner on the part of Britain to ad.
Their SrTota the ff Capt. Gsoa which the following are the principal. mit fome of their wines In return for their accep
JomHNaro Firit. ,That altlfortign oqedtheentry ofohici lance of hardware, gapzel, and cottons. The
HAVE F S AL lEs itothils kingdomm s'pr o by thbrdiAance.s French declared there was no reprmcty hI this|
SLarge and General A' nt of EURO-, and regulation from t617 to thiday, afli ll the Englith wisd wot very little wn indthey
PEAN and EAST-I IA GOODS.. temal prDoibitcd, am palrof penalties con- woold take immense quiatitie of wareL.
A L S in tbe il orditnier nc.s The Engllis climate required andAM tBe lafttc.
ONDON piartiulr E cc oafSpmac Seond. That all Englild mpnufaitires, ea pt lifhed strong wines, aed ,pot.was nd would ho
hL' Madeira Wine, by M Beef and fork i thofepermitte by the Arretofthe 6th of eptem their wine. They requited, there'ore, that wo
the quarter calk or do.- ls ber, 17ot, or other fubfequer.t onr, hall conti. should admit their brandri telr cambric, their
'n Flol dito nue to be prohibited on paiq of confiscation of gloves, their fahiei, aidl forth( but this wa
Pto Market ditto Trll Keits the teffcr and a forfeit of so,ooo lires; the pretenptorily refurd. .. .
Sditto Pai n Oil, ilb goods prohibited are all faditry ware. hats, hoaic. u.4 l .,. The pnfent time fect to be the
lir proof Jamaica sad Anc s and C .a bs ry, woollen clothi and hardware. Thufe permit- general epocla of feirttlongr an d dem
'e.lndianRui in pun- RiMo .tree. ted to be imported by the rret ol ththe ith the o.dla for we itadtead, that berA
dicon and hogiheads . eptember, zo, ai ot t, rfes, the CaTims l i e M ew Proie,
Which they will difpore of, oh the molt realbn raw hics, tanned ox and ncalf in. cowsI o behalf r tle iaee of Hohenloke, c.t
able Terms, for CG~/t, O. hW a f AtaS tallow, yellow and white wa. coal, te w o ltd me, King of Oreeat a, In ality et Itha at
or Produr. beer (in bottles only) glue,or, (call a'li log t aIidmn ea larln
Sf born, round or Rat, copperla, dying d in. demand, which thd era
T O BE laty ftrument t fed Inaany art,.&c. anwe t tim, loverla ers, ae
A LANTATION at ike ard, lately thipbuildin timber and taves, .c. ad the'tate a wait M the Spaai
Occupied by JoH. Ma.i 1 Fror terms or X1 lish lea. c a m) ntur th
WILLIAMS ORD, Thidl i wor, aNe now aftuny mar
to has for Sale, a few da of excellent tools, are n t altyt adwilsl, at ready
tosPort. r t tl ret t4= S fir luteadia r t t lbpe
Port. together Isaldul, to tk taU goao proVer fr' "v4
TOTICE IS HEREBY GOVEN, that Do8r out of trad 'to ipt or other fo- U ttero .llea, efst o.
GEOR GE IEMP is deployed to attend iip la d ma l rer k own e oi- the th ofthiiMb a r ncd.i
KAmerican Loyalifts in tI townand eifh o fom t Coinptrol- bro ht over w
k mlew, as may have tfhi r CA, ler-Ogneitit ofJ t" a pBla , so tr o it ors OTe ,l tratrof
itlice, and are unable to 'th centrdOpsaermil >t p wacrBewa cnclu
thtti and thatto at uWin, 1. or l in pe p tAng c9dit l.*u.
S ythingelfethaat si.e irds aItfL .' ... TheKBR Ihpl togietleSt Regbctnec
eocery, will be pi f ies o.f ight, aspees l t
Ide to the Dot~or for e pr n ae0. ir cnao of. iroa, four mortar, oon
B. Al Strangers in di refs. y o the a o Vvre L tm e omab, oes0 ohalls, sano qunltals ofnpowder
oss w lltallo be attended to. betag mi. ., S quaital t of auiet balls, too quintall cemr
0srs 3, > i faMbid a dai1( is of retn tops, 4o cal e ebica I" na


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too oars A900 oajrph afhisdjodlt hopes eCommotio Xhrw
l4d4a *0r5o(tO ale u Ne M I i fi the feS time o fLd fnrthseog I :2z
the CifOy l .4ia tto "Ze UmAgobeform NilU fits 1 c n dIb t1, ot-. af ma. ,
The Iect at Spth degned ly fo a fer The matter bekZ s,.S bte8 tiw, ihe flr aSsu t
nbei' g a Ose, it te be
f Ph 45 ot a nton.k trh a e s. tmeit scau it.
and intelligent men are fenfble that then i ve- that flaurlulog tate, whicLIt.W. qrtwFo n I
ry ond nftfn why Pm riue 'mOit 't h Un o,,lofir. mod .".'
one. The Prince will continue afloat durloo the 'P" ftqt f ar**Cis sne' and will beW aril'a PotCatil 'oi, havelatec4 the a.bge v ngi ,upM .
arrival. see, s~W been olfitierfalip dded, P os i nation Is Aoonui
rt is raid am tsigh e tasip*c~t, theatre tit a. Ra g.". o mer ltt to
rointmt.of the naval Comander in Chief or frm a te L ierpqstr A f c few yeare a o 0 M
the aftk Indies, will ptily be acl de in the a'mani who lived, and dill lives, at Allerton, In ti. o ounttr
course of oet week and thatCaptala John Gill this neighbourhood, by trade a taylor, but who edi... ..- -
who diflingui(hed hlm lf at the. capture ot the could occalionallj handlehis fiddle a,wel- ,a his ij o It AI
Dutch fettlcnet of Ttncomale, willbe the Com- ncdle; on his way home-from whence had i o y
modore. Whooor is the pero, h will go outin been exerciling his m.0cal talents for the enter- followed. oe.M
a lineof battle hli. The bP oa offiveaty-foor tainment of ome of hit countrynelghbiouriii -iroa l i lli
gsns, now in the Sect at Spithead, has been men- paffing through a field, about three o'clock in the coAc A lette
tioned but what other foace acoomnni him i morning in the month ofunes was attacked by a w ,ill
not known at prfent, though it coojearedo- :BU. Afteleveral efforts to Ccape he attempt- .pt r t
ly one or two figates with the Man ofwa. ed to afcend 4 tree; not howe f.r eed" in will tnhalont
BdihaurBt, Ae r l. Thitl ty thefoundaton the attempt, a tmomentary impulie dirctcedm: troar e
tone of the South lrldge was laid with great fo- to pull out iis fiddle, and, fortifyl hitifgel'f h Tl
lemrdty hv the Right Honourable Lord r added hiind the tree al iell as he cia!d, rd I toIn 4 = I
Orand Matter Mafotrof Scotland in the preknce upon which the entraed anhnal becaiNie 'ot Y 1 ,
of the Right Honfi able the Lord Provol lt d difarmel of his n.c-!ty, and appt red to i' n l ti
lMaiftrates, a number of lNobiltt and Gentry, tith rcemin treat a(tdtion. Thbc affe i
and the Matern, Officere, and Brethero of all the Saip, findtag his fierce and formidable eneaty t pe
Iodge of Free Maons in ths city and ntghbnri hb r ch appCeaed, began to think of miaftl hi. it a4 ".
hood besides an innumerable crowd of fpCators. apeleft ofplaying, and wai lpovini o. *W(h- .
The Grand Matter, at laying the foundation ott even the flight desire to know with/ r 4, i r
none, was fsnpported on the right hand by the t,, Pipe. This, however, the HXl I wool not ot&. a nd
Duke of Buocleugh, and on the left by the Earl fuLLer i for, no Iooer hal our Orphen fitsctd t c t
of Balcarrau. The number of Brethren who t- farclning train, that the ullt e ppait to t lug Io
tended on the occasion, exceedeeight hundred. return'with as much violence as hore. He t e- blo anat
Londo, Aug. 6. A gallant ofiecr, who is oe f re was glad to have recourse aIcosad tlme to it i flns our m enci
of the inpettors ofthe Duke of Richroad's forti. fiddle, with as InHlantly operated gahi it 1 n. t T whi d he ton rk
flcations, afted the Duke how many me.a it would gle charm bpon thl Bnlt, who became as corp enfton for all the o
require to man them when completed. His Orace red an attentive as before. He afterwards ade i t Vlth could make, if r' wis tIp
Caid he imagined about 30,000. Then fa)t Cap. several more attempts to fcapte, but all in vain g% of Lewis the XIVt .
tain IM I am convinced that 3o,9oo men will for nofooner did he flophis fiddle, than the Bupl As to the minister'
always he able to peferve the dock yards witk- anger returned, fo thit 'be was comknllhl to ,in- tit roeding, i i
mit fortifications, and I want no other informin tipe fiU ddliig a till sta li o'clock, (abhqt w an t er ee*,
don to make up my ind on the scheme. three hItits) uhtil the family carte to fetch th crRt truti a h
A During Prince William's residence on the Con- home the cows by which he rwa relicred, Id tir I ye, and held u tt i vcr
aent, he infutcd to himflf the laying loe of the refcied(rdhi a tfrlme labor rid frihthfur fifi- ell e ignorant of ta i
i anoverian fubjea. On eery occalon that ofer- atiod.-He is, pe,.sp, titt flrft man .upon record cre o foives td
ed, he deminiulrated a Ipilt of the ttmoft gcne- %l. mayreally be fid t hav ddled r bisOffre,. Wht
rolity; he was by way of diftindion, called the add who hi fo truly fulfied the Pr et idea, ha fa o
RngMl Prince," and his brother of York, the Mtly he tbarm tolo *be faelwerecaf." it -We
German Bi",p, who was laying up riches for pitou It is Prolr, anad further curious to Mif e, ic al acat i
purpoetes. liAt bile min u l dgo a, the'l farm houe nere tre ttrbb ora
Fortunately for the ajpel io -iti. the nBmts of BEul was kept; sa that, at he fre t kl Platto
the Maniter, and fame ofr ir% friends, are liable ipfn (the fdtfe in an enina ttel;~' th< ia'.-, it might procte om miRaile,.
to the ufc of puniig--Mr. Pitt, Mr. Rolle, Pep. he lad obferted (hat the Ball (who aiw a tter tetion, at prde Infolence ohea
cr Arden, &c. &c. Some very pretty changes the cows hometo be milkei) clantly ended t other andreallyt s p gersortwo
have been rung upon thefe names ever fince Mr. v,,led to get as neir the par t boule where "ing toather wit pulling olffthe
Pitt came into office, and, on thi filly play on a he happened to be playing as p mllTIe, and always oljelt tlw at at aios to
few words, the coahttioh felibee have icrted ll appeared to lifen with the moft reir and filed But if it appears t the French Cst
their pretence, not only to wit, but argument. attention while he played, which fotiriately all theirnay do to a cutterorl
.nis is a kind of balfard wit, which would have Rluck him with tht Idea of hao g'r&loife to hl ibaitrnu.ions peremptorily to rfure
hurt Shenftone, who tells os, that in his prayers fiddle in the pre."na moment o is dancer' atd 'atioi. this will be a more feriotsi
he thanked God his ntate was not liable to puns. which as certainly alerted it, and, in all pirb bi-" probably bring to l me cret
Captain Aflill's building a chariot decorated liy. preferred It i rate fipulations of treaty
with the Con refs aripe, after having been in a ARID GEMENT Of t/ STAta *of Pol-i'C5 will hewt and
moft erikoju ttuation in America, calls to mind t ehi ls we, Sal rJ Ausgu 6. Freneh Coirt, and n
Sa.ldi's practice ot having a~oud always borne TWO incidents relpteing France, one by land', A we ouht n be ri
before him' the other by trater, hve itit.ted the minds of not to be df at any
The French charge us with illiferality. They the people this wer. We' hall atttnd t6 that the Grand Mpn ay pt t
fay, in our farcity ocorn, theyjupplied u-In which is mbflt qi, entic and explicit rrlt,' vi. viablee tQkent r,
their farcity of bay, we Iut our ports.-We tent The FRilg of Psnce's Edie, hying a duty 'pon b ut to flew ahold lnry
-Mr. Crawfhrd to aegociate a commercial treaty Eaglinfl gools, *hiclr; i? is fiaid hs occ.rfu1tol a ,and willing to. the penh,
with them, and firnilhed him with no adtliate very general alarm' h. this country among the danger t .flt ca upon.
powers for that purpofe. We tent to them hard- njnurifatriers in general, the Spitalields weavers 'the be preferva o epo
ware, Manchefler guse, &c. &o. and took no- particularly, with whom, it reems more than a French war, or a their of their
thing in return. The Marquis of Lanrdown faid, hundred loomi were topped in one day; iia con- In the very toftrt
we would laugh to feom th menaces and fthe f enc whereof-the manufadtrrers hada cinfse the two Hu Pliarineet have
arrests of our neighbours-They have made a I rence with the Secretary of Slate, who told them, ;themklves rom ad aAnlA tt
experiment. ' t was a policy which we had'not provoked, and OdoBer, a pe at B ar t
u1xtraa f a gpiuiat fe et, fr slmdgw,' bated er' which h~ dcoul not account ; but that eveiy enough to have dea double
rsy .6. ep which Government oluldtatet would be par- had bee! I Now to what ood
A singular revolution inthe alairs ofa nseigh- .-d o the occasion.' mode has been brtkout by the
botung town lately took place. A proce lfuted .- ,ow, in tle iril place, we fay, it is extremely not divine I We can fee federal bd
in one of the common law corts of England imprudent'of the manuufadPtrers, or the editors of that may, and probably will re
gainf anEnglifh Gentleman of rankin St. Omcr's, newspapers for them, to exprefs ay filch arm not one ood in that cara en
was backed or conateingned by the Magiltrate or amazement t F thin the Gr0td Monarch fair plop o hatl t
of that place, and a warrant 'lued fro the caption maythinkpropertwd'o within his own dotiroiona ve. H thu. n '
of the debtor. The orcer intrulled with theexe-. generally, or reqlteing tradeand daofmerce, or trook of re afpeoh
caution of the warrant, taking the objfa of it, any rticltar brincha of the fame. It carries all the Mem o do o ti C
fcized Captain B-'. with It al i(fta'.abi l d itd the *l that this Rate of thni latheir h
Ss'TbeCaptinhaving theprelenceofmind'nttd nation and its vTfuale ihltresff a-enthel depen- pocktspd eac may upthe
be over-urgent in discovering to the man his mir- dent on the precpaious lresthl and crieldotis will Kingl' peach s pn,
take, patttly went to prison, and having private- and pleasure of the French King 1 An idea which .'e the taker a
y informed the real objel of the faith, whichc mray do us more ifchlf than all thearreti of h( view of t
was for a large 'fm of money) or his lhtuation, Moft Chrifthan I y ftf g trade, could do our way tat
complaiand in very rlrong terms twie Comma. us in twenty yea o ,Or alas our far- pre tetd b
dant, of the intuit h had fnffered, shd was sbon ni and al ration lonfd 1 f er ,Aftr
after (it at liberty. ery and wh thly weW Vd C th i
It is (carcery aeceflfar to ftay that the towN ought to have rceye ntt the Inte m-
was cleared of moft of the nglillh gentry within hers. idirllfa'ice, wil Il th or
a few hours after this affair got wind; nd d to th ebeft method 6 takl.l the Bing t tret w
few of that defcriptiirany longer entertaining pamine tlrnulat of. ,, . .. the gIrt qi Ifi on ?

f isthM Ik 1i*v Capt.' Je'

LAuo I .,0 Joss
wirbeate s i on beio m --AND T I IIs 4n m0yo

tie DItcht Wil N t .o7rli. y rcor; Shirrif & Cb.
iaset ad duty, to Whel aot to thm . At Atl Svoti tl Sa.
Share lile red .and i* .Jbt4 t
W One wetrrlF rwed topl ti .
Ito a the sola t d
ll, und not i~.a nda er s,~ , TIA r ri* F :..
rrbrs WIc" ledT",- a.

ASSAU, NovitiRc s. t 2. iN~r sin*, c, D.
, fonowin Acliadto tTbhe frot I MI U Wm ." 6i lreA.
34, oth 0 teila Gr. Seeg -a
SChrlt o m e of I'0 ueesAa eigissa

,at 5 o. i k..4 bl cIt -M i'
hof O*dobr r.i oO.htr VNW too
4db. Ifty G
,~ r.M '' .Lb. l=nPA,,' o
, 6jS calks r Idgo, al' b- S 6a l -p rter ,_ .hl..e. bL e
- each, at l pefrlit s -" lr, PIl r l be ok
*sai hogkihad Tobac. W 93 domPo -a
s',1.9o, at1.-ote ,tsesa a -B ef ladp Peak Pa
e.n, atC.toti.i ;;6each ,j3 i W ine. Wns* t LC
s ,j. do. Deer-lin, at ^. Tlo ,Sope _Oli ChMildrea Mo.
o : a p.ach Fine Chts id m Strlpa e
,,3 bae do; at X. 4o.* o Fo r ter. Mo o lo o"
each Pa. nlt uar 4i teil.
,os bar. Pitch, at lo. at i,. Bed G st.m .ic g M .m
do. Tar, at ,160: 1 : d D. odi Jem jsad m P aed Calft lShin
do. yarha@" ae Canon ead
7,7s do. Turpent ,t t .,os6i s Pl aand rired Dimhlt s Hole
p(190 feet Lumber, at ,s I Q hitting real and mock l Wl Silk do.
J per oot i et Clelon C oneraif a .coloied Oloves
(lt ,"OO 6hinglsiat1ox.PItn ,m A e it 1 te M* itt
4944. o Staoe ,at o.per il6: l r lrhat., CAiut. Calli HA Mn rit te
u,"7 bCulhelsCorn, atV 4 t a co Gown Rant Wom black and white
hper bh t .. .bS I I Ditto of Printed nd Cot. Sill rto
toon Handkerhiblefs Ditto (l and Itali-n
C. J30,74 i t 414 i 7. and yard wide Brown blet fBoat
4xportedin 44 A1. n s, burthin j 64 4 totlis a I .ics C. s .
ti r wwh there Wig.-Fid, elij Ron tatl-Datcb Seta. Chnt. Borderinr Cotton a tickets
fwhnch there ere-Fclh otn-Datch 5,- ridhk and flain rnmine h 6n ditto 6, i6-Brith lb o Spri'd & Neetdl wrought Chek and .inen Shirts
*li hariott, Gibfon, from this Port, ari. ditto yard wie aged shirts
ad in the River Tbhe on the 1th of At- ook M in LiMen. TI in. Duck &
p. Muili Net, & Je-netmn Carv. wfoies
A"ri'D Mo... f S Book Mulin and Needle rsava. oF
Nxa. School. Otcow4 ManiDfea .Florida wrought Handkerchiefs Pearnought Great Costs
i. schou. St. R due-4t iLaeola Long adclear Lawn Ready made reeds
SAI ItD, Pr Fine Clmbrieck les* and Camblet lhor
.v. 6 B Panny, Brown, Jamaica r ia C h n ,

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Dmrown siet1n Me@ black Hate
J0 H IT MOK R RR & Co. Huckahlck PIt and faelod Hair
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abl Cloth., 5-4 asd8-4 Powder Bieaned Pudi
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.11 the Shlt gandlery and rocery BuBncit. Thread Olrhr Sat, Ipeacuana
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r"0 1, r I BhUbarb. Cream of Tar-
j US IMa'O TE D SailNCot o. to4 rtam
tl.le Brig lFr:" n r ('rt. Si ON oDD, from Saperfiae Mitk Cloth L. stefed 0I sad d i
NwYoR Blue andetheraliuabtle' Petail lTob cc
AN i o a L I. D colo" ditto China Wa e, on mer at
? ReiaennabIt sm. BlueCsllinmera PorterU Tea Pet
r? i t o I S T b Ei WSuee ritMud Bretskfa
By JO N CH ~l STI, lc .te, andb.. 4p."I ,.,o mtardC
lt ST6R! Ot I BAY. Tammies te, and Brackf a
For < ; iBraiate, Cottes. Ititro, ditto Doraws* eet'
.A Qnt ty o PRWII BOAR ad CEDAW httinetts. Deniflne ta Wre, tello Ware
S rHINGLES. Mourning Crpan T'in Ware

i Barrele l iriped .inf Matra. m nter
Sat feather crent fies 6, 1, s 1 4. 4l 30d, and
Mloe to irelt mo tan and -lona Spike We
grien 1octhlw, efih gint whom ruf Cofe e4nd Ra thread g, P-de
a into maton a., for which Infor- Idging S0h m. e to 6e
tialon f agawf te cn Tsel'iDe.lar Itto Thrcd Lace Pn, L Oahnte.kt
ISiftaf rec NegrTmo Dar, and it int Law ancLove Linsaon DSaie tead y S ave Fosj Dollar wiff be pal the chih oR n'ro de. Fiin i mld
1ficripeKr cautuins Perfoni. from hrboar lg Bichk Tl ued Gnoe d.nd ASeine Twrit
Srploying a c Ic Mlrt ftout blatk.Ncro skirt Bttons nd Mould .
Idlow.named R B Viho was lately employed hiite Chappel nuc re. &. ce.
iht Ordnance ent. or lr will Pound and Paper Ping
tlpd upona bit irtd to i. Wh is .ih their err m t, will be Sold
t-V a^ .DAVID ZURLY, juir. wi tl A-. a i
ifotm his fa ea and the Puhlfc, thit he s aensable Tee..
mitir. in the itutc lately occupied b Wjilm/u d
fi Mills Ffqi'and thrte caotinues iTs School F 0 F3A 1E,
rtt education of voiith, in Rading, fRti rpHAT ant BOU lltd beiBglj the Sub-
*ldrirbwit: AtI,' Leui, dOvdd, and OT- irir, ar djoliag athib wad of
P o, If dteldl, _ -s.. Dr. Ro>IaT SCOTT', IltbtTio Pc i nul d

V,.;se And Inlro SCHOO oNlvck.. .
~^_, ~ (10 7 to 95:.dL

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, At .hii SHor on t)e BAr.
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Mrry Andrew Playing Cround Wautch C al
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PatentoMt Canke, Lsdle Sute Call
Bea Dutch lle= & Oe Cphr and Fancy Seals
Penl Boek Bigmoan Tables
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Scrapertn .Q Portable Writ. Crili Boaed
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Red & bhck 8fmling War Hair Powder
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Midleton's Btack Lead Rnsers
Pencils Hfemt' Dentlfrice sd
SliWa d eato Tooth Powder
Came Hair Penil n Fillets
Brel of Water Cola. Walk Ballt
Shell Paint Cloth Powder
China Ink Smelling BotD-le
Coy Books Teeth Inftrumeota
IPory Paptr Knives Toupe rer
Rules Pwdr Machinesc Pat
Qlre Books, ruled uad Boaee of Medicinte fo
*r71 PBlttatioa R
Prel Epfesl tales
Bill of Ladlng Books AnderUfo Pills
Receiptr ook. Godforey' Cordis
Packet Ledners me 's Powder
Blank Boskis of aMsue a r's Elimr
SeLa, rled and plain Keyf
Engli;l, French and La MitA 1
School Books TSruauetlic
BLA K Foagl. vis. HlMay'sSpeic
Bo Bills etsl5t, Bil Iery S.yrne
of Lading, Bils of Guatl ase i dona
E hcange.. i SteaKm cocked
Artice Powers of Ditto be~ mi da
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AI r th ta tr h con e .of a ult ei
yerscp n ta n ce n ndthe fateo tf A lir lA d t obeorr y tOim .l. O C .. M 6,
American Intelligence. .' S ern Stnse. An t befre Mr. ItI k o Wlr ?t -ea
Knights aihed, the Algerines hal takes three ?ortu- throw the Peiion upitrt tab le.:. it
BO8TON, 0S, PT,.. 11 g s >r effclae.. r int the 4pIt& ib. I oaf t
CaO 8 Tpt. Clea, of the Ib Iohampteo, r.vredt wu ithd .at
tB ue informed tht there warto be conVetl" Salem on the id imnflutn. sO daystro" St. Ube. Ite Mr.Loiar r" Pi s ,,
W of del ates from mny of the town. in the Snmra the Uintto refp*tiJO the Spaniards iad *dlei*b e the mter. iato lmisJ? d e i-tre,
tsof chcthire and Grafton,-to be held a Hanover. Algerines but heard the truce was mae t tr 1 o .n comnitee, whb, ape coaiSder
ftlt. of Ne-Hatp e. on 'Tualdi the 30th inft. year The ERutucl- il oint tat cdbl CF 0ka wi ....
for the purple of petitionidg their cld Alfembly proteI Their trade-A Deaota ibP atm.Se at a. moaee e p*ile t ha I ored pit ~-
at its next flmno and inlru ing their memnbrn to do te might before Ca ,. CleTe fai d., the Cna l Mr. WCi.tekh^illtcip r1 1,. wih la tsh
may be taken to relieve oppttled debtor and enable t 'lp S. Vine at, the comnnder which isrosm" minuesi.ig f.oC .4Yh aprt ac
them to ~lhfarg. their debts .-They were Alfo to take ed that he wa crnitg for portugiue and Ameri ,lnce or e mn. I
ftme other public nutarsinto conaoidutlon.- r ek Fr y dday. ag Capt. Cleacvre wpo. with Pome oftte nlli-S 'h t ttIl sle
fornu ma adds, hit, us this it n important afair, and, g )il p tfnp d to aNwfounAdloand wfich bdl been ifnl A. Iod "em A etitM lans
as we ee civil adions increasing to an aftonniing e- brought too by aa.Algerie, who Laid there were 17 the table,
gree, it is to be wished. that towns in other counties fail of their cruicert without the Strait of Gibraltar. Mr. Wilitrha l td, tbt thet i aweteilIl
Swell in this aue, as in Ncw-Haamplhire, would take Extrad of a letter ontm Norfolk, m Virginia, dated edl, s the Hb~ Seme trime h cL treitda
fAth grievances into confidcration, and afford relief, ll tembcr 25. from the Ban- m. ea- tis mlni" a for it
where necefary. .A h sher tide and rcrer ftorm were er klown Ile further ade4 thnt, If olibl. to ep _i
We hear that the Ihip Olive Branch, Itely arrived, at this pce than happened yEitardry; the ldama ihrlt nd ldlhdal this Wlominrg P ..s,
brought no Engliih Goods of any valu6-her freight fultained therb are iummole almost all the Ihips a of the nams we~R d inpder toivn ita
being rincipaly American produce, which would not the harbour were drove from their mooring-, and ma- rnce of refpaA* ,.e- ftlrcnl were writes
fell. nigland on account of the high duties. ny ware-houfea were entirely carried away ; great fame hBandgitia
O,.ober 6. qutuantitfes of falt, fugar corn, lumber and other nier. f.r. Wood fld, the iadon~ilg'e wih wi
roeecdtings of the Tradefimen and MaiL faucets or chandiceare totally lof. The lower iories of many i loue had treated thofe people at a farkm d
the town of oiton. d r wcrlifig-hoi fe were lqite filled with water." een the eoua of its f a ianfled by tlide
Laft Monday evening, the Affociationot the radef- 4'arile. September r4. iion, ofthediout thtenid t qi
men and Manufsadurers of the town of Bollon, tutt t Erart of a letter from one o the urveyor in the itioy had lof the dile former tb dttaUdl
the Green Dragon, when the following votes were WuflRrnt Countqr to his Friend in Carlitle dattd Sntarepe titlO ofheLreoplaalrt. oloa
pafed iun.inmoully. Hickorytown, ol ijly, t:S. lidhcen pomnated or the mil-A tfl k .
Whereas this Affociation being greatly inltrafled i 1 I was yefltrday listed by Mc(tr.. ll.lftown and fame had been their fatem-nd itls cr setn
Slate ad of thiucommonwealth, entitled An adt fo Girty, the two grcateo chief, of the fit nations, who miAh, be lent, their treatment wm be entlyf
the encouragement of our owI nminufactlr;' &c r an d rclivered up to me tol Steward, a prisoner boy, aisot Severtl other members fpoke, all conurris| n
conceiving the good purpflct inltn d.d to c t e d y 5 yaro age. I take yoig, and ctn give firongeft difapprobation of the Petition, wi1,
it, greatly to depend on a iict corirnc with, anl other account ofliriticld tIa lot h:s father lwa length. on motion of Mt. Smiley, wu u ni
due xscutitst of the fine : Therefore, k lkd when he was tau a. ''he Chiefs, who wtr at- dt;iniffed as indecent.
Voted, Thatl hit Aloci.. ion do cor.hder 'l i'trlln ,. t dcd by twesit. oetcir coull;iytasn, behave very Tle enfuing clle&ion bids ar to produce atneis
who liall in any manner counteract, or enrdeavourr to crll!y, and treatrc usleartill with run, jrkeild vorifo, lent contest. f'o etertions are fpared on either o i
weablen the operation of the ad alorldaid, entmic to baros oil.-Th by heinlg fpent in coincilig an All tle artsof ele&ioneering are pal n force. IrIa
the mnnufadturing interelN of this fate. demeniftration, of [h ndlhip, the night came on. But ris #rined to the rtmnoft point ofendermce. Th.t.
Asby the late ad for the cncouragemcut of out own f"ri, a night r: Sh of cbriety and fnagec mirth flitedosal party's ticket, we arc -informed, tcooda
manufadurs, the Seledlmen are directed to appOint you can conceive nflikenefof it. After a fumptnous the prefent (or perhap better, the late) matad
fiitable perfons to give notice of any breach with lupap rr of oduimpli and boiled venifon with ba ist il, afembly. fo this the mechlnictl hve united. le.
their cogilanc, waled down fr ntly aplicati n of the rum -g, pkblian Nlr e formed their oft follwe e.
thi r cogCiaaiean ranl gre- bIabert Morris, James tIrwin, Wfllth
Voted. that this Afociation willgive to fuch perfono _we arole to cc, d 1, Icing CiPtlin anl rror tobrrt Morris, tnies *rin, .William 1s t
(4s are or may be appointed) every afillance and Lup- friend, nulk j"' ui the company. I hall rt Itctnipt F;tirf.nons, and George Clymer. Euh I
port in the execution of their office. to dcefribe tho dances; only cvry ,n cexrted every equally confident of ficcefa. As rt couafb i
Slhe AIociation having noriced i the public prints, faculty, in hon r of their King ai..l Ite young Prer- no frcctd opinion on the 'ubje&, Periag a-
the patriotic debates of their bthren ia Charlelon, ceffcl who wcte all niugled in their danc. Net uwor- th;or the rto jarring interel degree in. Is thle
South.Carelina, aind willing t promote a friendly ring the Chitc depa~ir-d fimingly well plcafed. ,,f iftr. lrnkllin'sTridingth helm of ftte.
annedion with fuch warm advocates for the manufac- o, ,Sir, this will nake you cur y as to the dtngcpr-
turing interest of this country, diredcd thtir ltandi g whirh rcplrt afrmtn you with. Flhrte rarianin gon e- _______-_
cImrittee to fori ard one of their circular letters to the l are inclined to peace, and what l~y Ie coIEntirl"' f thl Scaa T n
chairman uf the committee of Charleflin, recueltim is generally in retaliation I( fome iujultice done o w ill be tranfaled] the SiubiriflertP
him to lay it belnre that Lrefpeable body. therm." I lonf of Gmre'ge D ,e .
N:w-York, Odohbr .- Phliluadelphil, Oa&lerr (. On Thurfdlav September HIALLOeIe
Eitrau of a Letter trom L .'rient, dated Auguft S 22. re. f.. t. was real a a, d tiI in o ai isi tl.y, tIeIE,
de We h..rd a few day. ago that the Alpcrimts hav bill for encouragement of navigation an I A Tippl a l E, &
declared war against the United Statte of America; ,,d it beng moved that the fame be tranirltfI l tl,4r Ner a t the "ail adlJftthl
the inclofd translation i a faithful copy of ai aauhenl- and in the mean time pul.lited for confiderrati.. H A VEB -' 0 R S A L I,
tic letter wrote to our confuls on that fubje,, and by r.. Smiley opposed it, layi.g, that it was the mol A O NERAt Anfortment of EUROMIUi1
them communicated to us. Ileafe to advice thereof ay injudicrios ill he lid ever fen in that houle. T. EAST-INI A OOO fo, NM M
of your friends concerned in the Ihippin trade. V e Iritat., whoie condu to his country, had been Wir of the frl quality,ShipCha
do nlo doubt Congrefs will foon adopt nome vigor, ul f highly inimical, were Iby it put on the fame ware. Grocery, C kere Ware, &e.
meafuret to quell rhofe troubl fou e praotes. footing with the friendly natiol.s, France and Holland; wi'l fell on them e rin abletyae .
'opy of a letter from the Confuls of NAlI to the Conl- than which nothing could he iure abfurd. M'orerve, g ,*li Bit te rs hgf.s
ful. of IL'Orient. it inridoully rranfeirred the whole bufineft of the naval
Gentlemen, We ~-nnix to this the copy of a letter o lice to the Coller ofr impo h-for e fe Ier ln ht e A LL Perfno having any a pde W
that we have jult received from M. de Soulange, by oped that fuch a crude, indgRefled performan e Ihu4 Eltate of the deceased Mr ohI
whih lie inform un that the Al erines have de larchl never be published to the difgrare of the tlgidature, a late of thi town ,Ierchant, a ohc
war against the United States of Amrnic, and that committee whereof had framed the bill.-lr. Boys for the laot time, fired to gi int Stai-
they are hitting out eiglt th'ps to akc the Anmerican faid, that whatever required alteration, might safily fame properly tte d ; Jnd th c inlttl
vells. We recn ot of you, g-ntlemcn, to impart enough he amended. on tile third reading. He as fIr rfidi Eftate, are d d to ma paysat.
This intelligence to the aptains of that lntion who public iag it, in order to give the merchant timely no- the next Return ay, na all oul
may now be in your harbour, in order for the, to tice of the intettionsof the legillatur, tha ththey uight paid, will be pl 4 in the b of
take fame neafures to avoid falling into the hInds be prepared accordingly -Tlhe matiin was negativcl nYy at La* t i e fied for.
Sthofc pirate'. or withdrawn, we are aot certain whkh--and it was BOYD,
We have the honour to be, &c. then noved, and carried, that laid bill be submitted to W CIIISOLM,
Copy of M. de Soulanges letter to the Confuls at the judges for their opinion. OO FEROUSS
Nante. On the lme day was relal a pecttion from Illnry TO" nI. T
"Toulon Itlh Jly gj inhabitants of Wiomting, claiming under the date of Art u, Oor so, 178
Soulon, 4 Juy, 15 Connedicut, making profellion of fubmillion >o this LL Perfons haria emande
S Gentlemen, Li de who rrive1 from flate cenforing the condu& of the Committee of the A Many GAe LAHey decell age
.' l n, board the Mi nera frigate, .f which he Houle of Afently,, de utel to go there in April lal; ed to render them n p i rly atte
U hA9 the command, haa hbruht th and praying to be allowe the benefit of tie conltitu- indebtedto make imme t
aid flte wma fitting out 8 hips, both xebecn and ti"on, ad to be made diaintd county from Northum.
Sbarques, from TI to 36 guna, degled to cruife f(om ot ,TED O,
Cape S..o. to ti .e .r lld n order he Sprakee refuted the alletltions contsaned in faid WVANTED tO RCHA
I Cape St. Vincent to tile Weirru Wands, in order ieit cmagaint t the f Ita Committee.u GOOD hasti y
o, to ake the A.trilanlst, agotnll whom they have -t. ,agn"ia the hid Committee. OOOD handr P MAW l
dcita, ar.. e d A ou immediate dce thereof Ar. Woods declr the of mot rtcked difapprobation A
Ldec, a fend ,o immediate adrice thereof r and as his BIlntefa So be e i
t Gentlemen, both for yor own interest, and to re- ofd the petition. Left e r a mittee bol"ranch, d" about a ftre and carry out e he
Squao. you will ifant y give Advice of tlhi to the p be t the l me ppl iahe olive branch, an commended for his hv t oiet
IA o CApcertan r hdinh Idvon of four Mr. Willing moved, that it Iheold be thrown uuder of te Printer.
Sfels, but too (mall to fron any unalinefa. the tbe. I. Pe 1on l n
"els, but too fll o c any nan. Mr. fnmiley faid, that wouldbean indecent moule- A oFnelaect dcs
.The letter, ou which ihe following extra wu the proper way would he to reje it, which would uf. tuefted to reader them in i y
taken, was received by the fhip Rangsr, Ca p joleph iMrll thew the ditprob ion of mthe i le matter indebted 'to I AM
who ariv at Cape Ann, from Bib, n M h. do .Ide of mntn the matter.
Kighti wo arri at Cape Ann, from Bil, on Ther itieon e tainie a gre attack on the dignity of JOHN DIN ON
Extra& of a letter from a gentleman at Biles, to a therefore, fo sti t with merited erit r takes forme
e chant a Cpe Ana, dated AuFl to, 1785. Mr. Smil id, d w no precedent of row- l qaint his former
SWea tha nve Algerine privateers (now in a, l under oth table. It would inv tey ro St. Au
Sperae with us) have Itttiosed their cruife from Cape an idea and a ry df children-mo. BAKR't BUfS ,
( St. Vincent to Cape St. Mar :-Therefore pleafe to the dipity 'iatireo. chiufe t t fend him
dvcrtife in the newf pa rs i difagrecable circu' Mr. W s w i nmdtI t. anod ait edit Bcd Ia foradrle on e
.that oallenl bo.nord for this portm.ay avoid ot wh at brMr. Smier7)a fme at9 ,. VWt
i tholfte pirates, by altering the negation to the y his. exre-.-" -h o ddm-he wnnun-
i nothwari otf Ca e i." by ur fl we a Ld Hohwe, orwe erla -
We ar inorne d I o rn t .p. andwouKghld notbraadvic w fe tuier any ehfa p in tht Ho orpelfe L N. S a OPl
Wea trmctb teLzp~tKni brings sadvic e t t tf OIldu very

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