Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 29, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00012
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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NPLZ.IUs r: I yf'T.|3 s IX V3RSA eA0iT XtI. .Hor.

From.ATUR. Nov.a T, 785.
I, '. / .-, .+: .- ,1 ., I,' 'It- i ,. I i. . 3 .1.'. .R D. 1 7 8f

?4ASAht P tet aay JLei CALbk.t the *Printii gC o I BA4 "

BO0., T O.N. ,Tees on; e -W e -c s .
4 L,

E k flowing 1traof* ltttr ftg apd Emh p out. .l el li rboth tre Rhewodelad66 s6Pr I
Ur.. ldld tIer muc de.cPlantatos, 4 ".

uTaor, who failed fre on BeS fei' a, .onhef n td illptMplgCapt. Nottle, Peunfyvla, 41o,.is
time In jine laft, to hi ceenMltet hert, dated thleer alUanlD thl Wt are all In the tmoft Delaware. 44 116
at St. ThBai' tbe tlkofA ft, will Ht*our dltit. Or aoaerememt aite isoed a procla- oaryland, tj.oe
aIers frome ildea ofthe hurrca expe ced matloli; n liberty br l.l tleli to bring In Vi-rgIa s,974
there: Wednefda qight the th of Augult, lumberand bu g ma.terall, with dour, bred, Noh Cam I,
ab'nnit twelt **.c ng, a'hurr-icae came on, and pe.l beaul, corl jel, re. at per cent. duty, omth.CaroMlla, Ips ,s6
a1oit one o'clock l the morlaJ peted with my ilIl the rjth of aNorebs neat, and to take off Gerga a.o06
f, .ll anchor I the wind was tihe about .. i. mtatry roduce in pimcnt.-ThiM a good 1111 0 4
an.l at three, began to drift away with my helt market fuor all theo articles for fame time to .. ,ooo,9er
towver; the gale Increatlg, at nine was obliged come. .. .. Which tfa s, whe paid, fliall be pafed to
to cut away my belt bower cable, the wind thif- 4 My d#etlto' liofte Ilenirely dcftroyed, and the credits of the astes relpatively, on the terms
ting round to B. S. E. and L. E. and at half paft all my wartksi a wrt d coulilton." ,+ prefribetdby the tefolutionof .geo f of the 6tb
mine cut away my mainmaft, and at the (lme time Sntrrl ofa Letter fijn rir'aia, dated WJm-rg. day of Onoberon, 17p aidtoethnr with the mo*
Iny blew away by the main force of the t Ywl7 ni.s relied on to dikfharge the aforfaid deduftin
wind about four feet below the hondf, and the Tle c ety ftate called Franklin, has of 70o.451 dollar, be applied in confxirmity with
there was fcven feet water In the hold I the gale already pat oNl Fit int o habit, and feems to ftep the federal appropriations in the preceding part
ftlil increafting, I fved nothing but the wreck, as forward with Aflotid, healthy conftltutioul it of this report, gving preference according to the
the fea rtun fo high. I am not alone, as there are wants only tle paternal gwardianfhip of Couerp6 order in which thly are lated in the estimate.
ten baig and one fhip in this harhour In 4111reG, for a fort period, to entleit to be admitted with As more than two hirli of the fum calle
fome without mafts, and others without anchors eclat, as a member of tft federal government. for it to be applied to the payment of Intereft oa
or, and three drove albore. Yesterday I Here the genuine'republict here the red the-domeltcdebt, the committee are of opinion
had accounts from St. Croix, that there was not whig will And a fafe afyfum, a comfo9itable re- that the. ftveral legislatures may fo model the col-
at vfrcl left there but what went ashore or drovd treatamongthofemodern Franiks, tlhghrdy mou- letion of the fums called for, that one third of
to fea-There Is hot a day but we fie wreka$golng tain men I-Ong late instance of national pilrit, of say fum being paid in actual money, the other
to leeward. The generality of people here think whlfpllh principles, deferves to.b recorded ;.r two thirds may be difcharged by the ntereft due
it the fevereft hurricane they can remember." Laf winter a French gentleman of the name of Lt upon lon office certificates and upon other certt.
Har/ford, Ooier J. Arrived the Sloop-.abby, Bran, on his wal from Kentuckey., unfortunately fcate" of the liquidated debts of the United States.
.orii.g, from St. Martin's, in as days. On the met with two stories, of the names of Bakqv and Avd to ifcertain the evidence oflntereft due upon
1td of Asiguft, Captain Loring failed from St. Tafe, traveller., from the head, of Pntowmack. loa-office cerllcates. the holde, thereof refpec.
.*':.. t, rgtiienr l. camoany with the Sloop who Inhumanly murdered him, and caft him into tively, fihall be at liberty to carry them to the
' nt Wiliam Ml--W "-- .... oe.-r .. .-." r-l. anld Immediatel fled out of the office from which they ilned, and the holders of
E iz, stephen Trowbridge, belonging to New. parts, giving out he was Trowtc e.-.e,.M other certi cate ofl 'qiidated debts of the Unitedl
V.avn, il hond to St. Martin's :-The 44th at tarces attending the deed, gave strongg fufpicio rITsll, so .l, rhe fame to the loanfeice of that
6 r m. wind from 8 S. .,to 9. S. W. bloweda of Baker and Tafe's guilt. Several officer, with State wherein the Itatitants.or if a foreign
bh id Iatl, which contimred until 4 o'clock P. so. many private perine. fet on fot an enquiry and er, to any lioniffice within the United States
tbchdai f, li, ig: the sath rritedat St. Martin'~s fearch, and feemed eager to outvle one another in and in have the ntereft due thereon, fettled anl
T., fo I *wif:, 'eel were drove on Otorethere Ih seeking to hing to uAe the murderer of an eer ified tothe las day of the year syI."
the :A..c on the 3th1.-Sloop Lydia, Zach, Bill. amiable man, and a nbjeo of that Illutrious be- N.w-, R alte 8I. ReafCi upon which the
mailer vei e' and cargo entirely roft; sad one man netaacorlhat we love-their efforts were not In inhabitants of Kentucky ground theirlntended
d o wned. Brig -- -, White, matter; be- -ain, The culprit Tafk -wa fometimp ago arely separation from Virginia. Drawn by a Committee
;ng to Portfmonth, Hew-lamplhire and a lodged it the p; ga in Richmond, and a few appointed for the purpose by Uie la convention of
Slc.i| belongingg to Calco-Bayi cargoes fyed. days aiq the otlt ynin, llaker. was fecured in that country. .
A number of reffeli dove td fea in the gale I the jalof this county, frOm whence, no dooht, Yout Committee, having maturely considered
an.o. gt which etre, Sloop St. Mark, Roffettrr; he will faon follow his accomplice, and receive the the Important fibj. d to them referred, are ofopi.
a i Sl dp --- John White, both belonging punilmentdue to fo black a crime. nion, thatSthe fruation of ths diftridt. upwards
to Norwich. The r ii of September, returned a ." The oney hel n tohe y he Phiadelphi of oon miles from the feat of the prefent govern
St.hooner to St. Martin' which was drove out merchants, loft ar IBrun, is not yet men, with the taterention. of a mountaindiu
fro thence the aith. having received much da- diflcovered. Every I nqualr will be continued to defert of, oo ml.. palable only at particular
in.a: ; the Captain fald he law oe Pellcl bottom endeavour to repair the, lt of the gentlemen to fatone and ncver w ot danger from hoflile na
up' yards, and two difmafted that refpelnt perhaps we may nqt hearth tloot of Cvagea, p_ eluded every idea of a con.
,l ut 4I fail of vemels weie drove out of St. truth until the unhappy wrtches are going eto nea io on Repul and orelgnate
'ilt via, two only remained, both of which werr mIa their ealt and the tby make atoemea for ma y grievances among wich we reckon the
drovc n ihorer .. the enprovokedl l'tiets bchavedone to fclety folwing, , ,. : ..,
On th.e 1th tI alight hurricanedtol y tefies and inldsL nal,".- -- ,. "a It detgrya oeery pombllty of application
asili .ar Hiarbadoi.. 1 8stiMerps the v ilsed Stae fi/r ik year 1S1j, totlnel execttlivepower.forfappora orpro
ivt,. r Oa8l Kr By the laft letters from asu W rti from a report of th r 0 Co G te =ncake o te ad thereby f
lclhil m.kin.acwe learn that the prt of Illinois mitt; ldf Cb srril effftm.u '.. .; .. thedtritoeoeti.nxued U, laddepredation
in t', rontincnt of4America, bai fulered coni i THE Committehae notbeen a tootain off b t rdae thl eme of te laws. de*
'cr.ab.y by an inuncdation. The village of Caho. informatioihow manr ftatel have cpplied with ilaltie, and tends to loofte and difever the
q1 .., received the greatetdaenage,verl houfes the refoaintip (ieb tary, tth or lat of April e of ovn t.,, ...
).v v tig ben carried away; and had it, got been irth, 1 2ji. reltiveto aale, for qtatIng fede-, ,'f ad. It fdt4I ada the if the beilgl
forth, gererons aifl~ance of the inhabitants of ral. equiflloo -TI are .therefore. of o o, i nee of nercr, byuondemned per.
the oft at St. Louis, on the Spaniffh Me, the th the titeral ta sch have not decided on t who my ee hy of pardon, to
co.itteuences would tave breteen of uci more fer thal rfubjedt obeta Tolnited to coae to a ded. tedib ae,' gla nd deftnia i simprifon.
nui nature. There is nn mention made of the Raonthereon, am ndto-fen orwad the tame, I, a meant. i. : ,. .. ........
lumber of lives loft; but all the grain w dei- meti Teef ary ton table Coogef to e fet a i d. Itreldersdilcltantd i ecaIfoutheest
th oye'l. and the grater part of their cattle drown. ttlesiteento aontit with the i ierta te, a i. erel ofthe et Iand daret t of freemen..
ed Thi. event has occafioned terreat a terror to apot to eaut a j(t quota of the pblie adequate ree tthti n- t a perio pmert
ir .the imhaitant., that iny of tiem are deter- i "ences l it the mean time, as the eblc qualt led can be eupe led at the Ih r dofl i of
I.lid -to abandon thla place, and ftablifA theni ranh tender thedy tif Coi gref toc e Otderg the dtge of longtslet and to Incur
- e f mne teague. el . tBi" d nai l r emad uolentfy, the Ctlllee brthenf expem, ue d W t nthreifltothe
rt '-rwoa f 'tum f-rme w. Crsx, asI/ st, areof op ,io, that In the api o onmet i irt Trofr public Il i e ., ...
A ;S. 5 the t aes She o ld e quoted ateeablyto 4th. fje* t intot iipeleas Nd inlictioni,
On Tw'rfdda lat we l' du fti hocligi juflt,, Ia tshetl lf m tiCln C e rto which srikmam a efaH the aw; many of
l.uricanc. It bwgan at hine ot'w o, andqodotined time toti .lcha Xp the fnae dt. hAnd po which l itttl-a.4MgUA nld eplrebs( before
til eight t in th. evening. That of ti7 did itb t this prictlple, nrecmmend t9 ConaSe, tbtbthe rteehj'ltd -. -
eq.:al this; the.diferece waiuthha-we.had day- faid ain un three millions ofrdoWa1 be q1ed i0t re de a a comllMe with ma _o c
r, ht. By two ouck the vtrel BaI wrloe w poft tte u drnl Satie, as fllowl, t4a. the a i ta. required ilof Cetlad leea mpraflh.
On (hore, except two fall craft which fank in the Dolarn cable, and epme tst ~e under the pert
*irbotur. .r f the ti ew mpn re, o,~uN h6 eerenue w, to Iteevi te detro teon.
"S uch deiftftion of the country' wal never Maflchufctts, 41, 5s 4 b. it flbjeft the the i bitant to eipede

an.i ninous 11ftin tIhe high court of ipplj, ad ing on for d loft heruh bOdicTrprate,
p1 c4.thtbC ueilrainate poor, and thg men of me. and cables, at Ocractlbr. On Saturday they thelate,
!icrity, compleatly in the power. f the opent. met with a Ncw.-n$land ihoornee, who kindly ved p
o' their grievances result from p a titti n e* took.thyn in tow, tjT t YIotihn heap i
trofpetive laws, which are contrary to the fundi- of Delaware thu it fl .i
mental prinreis.e of governmlns, d de t ack1o 1Ae avtur wi, "t

prtt of the diafrid court, whilcat he mrtme t of in *.I trl al- "
tfjat we rc9izbihtfl4 .oQI ztuUgx kLtrjbi.t_ "idfs' 111 -_t I -t ., Pt irf hi! 0
port of the civil lilt, and the erraloe of pbl i, "ur pblic 7Mq(tgff a .o"t.$ry an otna If AL
jal, andu other huiiiibi l poll- harbteeen lt eanband _butfi..(f. ,Aeoca- 4*,t
iMppor up"- the iutuilitft tluk c ia.j-J? is on .ik^jlt, I^titya~a^ ^
Itave fvera officers of the courts without .any will be.tolPcni them, ur fu! .-St0Aim.t
ccitbi iprouirior, T. T,`' (citi- ii. .0 4 , fay thi( )rs-e :Bq w cyr n''t^kl a
S-t,.Trhe -I awimpofin a tax of jI. per hu. rigidfe ~stlesl ;but you, wel pet, will m Are naltl
dred acres a tnds pretio ufM.Thgo iWn tin.- litrat; whianiiifTi y appear, lb iilIe le tin- *
thayment thlereofino Rtgh 'sttl 'at r1lt.uj6n itU lmntJref opr 1,, deOi ty;y lth e. en l
Kighmiend, before tKe pateAt Ar/ud. The lhne priumotia. The poor creature l' em mte < 'c lateI, 'even ,l
.n ciplcs whi;hvndIfy this i, would a thorifc rous of peare than ever, fincethel.Rmmonacement tive aofl
tie tlrgiftatieto isipore I. per acre nlsndd pre: of lhe late war, and Indeed wel they my. for partial po .
vioully fid hy ygocronn tt on tiputlated.condi- we have three in our power. The fettlingof the Bc
tiont, ard forv whihan e4uivatet bath been paid i country between the Frynch Bylr4a;d the .Tt tirs flat#,-
and is equally fitoerti've ofjufice as any of the nale,. goe on with aaI iity is curious Conrpre, tnderth ti
Il:ituetpof the BritiBf Parliament, that lapelled in a ftil mnrnmig to ,h nlin anrl White. Amerlca,. tenIir ~
ti -goqd people of Aimricatoaarmss., nitu. att thur wpa*o(inf v t outeranrdthe famq qaiire,..ihtl.chrlbAsAf 4
3t. General lait, partlil and .iPtjriMou ini time; pnil a tlmne exchanfipg the o4Ti of godt retr ,s- rlwitiotnll/ n
their operations, flch are thelaw: ill. cgncelrn neirri;-bouiri>rd h borrowing and Itnil ,g.-lThi taii ,t. that a
irngintlies aned fiirveyl of the western water. ad. ref co erning the appointments of Iheriffs. 3d. for trice's dcn.r-What a wonderful alteration fince what Connrrefmi ,mht t
.ii-ilhing certain ofrnces injuriqus 6. the tran- our beflile trip:.n rltol.-Such are tll toretafte, tion a of inlltutimItth t
iiuility of the Conmowealth ;,which laft law tih f nit. of tle glorions Amrr:era revilulion !" :dvintare. and (o ear *T
pi..hibitts i, whllf we experience all the calami- I .dll his Excelieacy Don Oarloolni, the contfiJr tlrhr omlor:a lt
ti. wlhch towpfrom the predatory incursions of Sp.iiil Amlafltador, laid Ihe fiitA llnpt theRo and.a dmlralanityj,whichnautghnt
t: lie favages, ftiom attel~cptil any offenvli-: lnim C:itolie Churchi which is to he kbilt In the ildividral:lfates, and theis-
SQ ration; a favage by any law Ina- rear of S>. '.nul's ; we hear, that his worthy anil Concll of the empireli pIcdall '
m:.t ne r divine, dcfpoils our property, murders cxltitd hl.,rair haq endowed the faid Church geeralandl.nationlohlcoimte our ltl!ow citizens, then makes has cfcape to tihe with a 'ii'nrality and munificence becoming a no- .. Picliard Willing, ;. Inh.MNaS
nortli w-ct file of the Ohio, is protetd by tl.'s bkleqi. and a chriftian. Jams Ewlne, Henry
Lawr O*i An. i I. By letters *front0.opll n ae are in- f rlry.ill, . J1e L
Whereas all men are born equally free and formed, that Coloiel DOnnied and Mr. Penning- Charles Humphreys, obert Cl
in.hpundent, and have certain natural, inherent ton, arc appointed by the Mlulflry to embark for Eward Jones, D. M'Cna
an I unalienable rights, aqwpog which are the en- Nova-Scotia, in order to examlti;nto rk iclaimr ; ,Rohert Rallon, Matthew Ric
i ,ighi ard ddfendling life and lictrty, acqur'inp, oftheI efr";ges inthat provi)mcwhohvrenothken Philio (Carns r,
p fI, iiiga and proteding property, and purfuing a' L togotoi, inndon,and inper rerne!r lnt.the, Abkridlmrlt of the .Stat of Politiriti th,
a :; obtaining happiurcfs and faftty. btfoce the Ihard of Comenriltfloners Countrry /- ther luji f mailt. jn
R,- r'ed ltb;lf.-or, That it is the indilpanfibli Thie Holfr of Lorirsand Conmmons wre,; by a In.the new rvlte called Frank/in. the gr
dl:!r ot this Conwention, as they regard the prof- mel4ger from the King, adlrwirned .on tle zd (f afllernlly met for the frll time, paffed Cversl
(4yay andl happiness of their coittitienti, them- Atitill to the ;syth day ,it Ocd.ber, when it.wan i to.prmotnte their internal interelle, and ap
L Iv" aili pollciity, to in ke application to tae cpi Ctced liat a mor:in' for a Call of thie Lower- a L',lnlmilliancr to carry a reprcrentation
ocil eral / lRfmhirl, the Cenfliig klliJn, f.,r an Htoul' wouilit be brought fo warrdh, ia order to grelt trprcifive pf the carnet delie of the
a.t to reParatc thi> ili tlltt ,llnm th.s piefglnt go.en. ci:'1 c all the ;bilitic.p of tie irbtilhinavrn oit the to Ibe htnirr the pmntieionof the fitJera
n IIt fIt- ever, ou till m In Ir .ouable to both, anid ll.jki ol'f ib. Iriili Propolitionlr ,' Mr. Pitt, Chlan, rt.1; r- .. '"
mu1n1 ,is to iritlielr ; int older that it ma;- enjoy eill]',o of the Excltc.qurr, htalt mived that tht-efase ,I April. Goven-or lat rti pub lied
all tl:.c dvantag.I, privileges and inoinunities of a with altcrationls Ir priltrtl Forilic ufrnfthe Mtre- moirairtsl. optrfcd ta the nieailrt ofiddt
fire, i :vtici 0,. and inidcpceindet republic. I1iri, dplring their rcccfls, whiih. without any nmrdt ,o Fnanklin, and ,nC-, .--**.
If air mo1oifly ag.rdli. t (VU .n1tioi, ,was greedd to; t lii ;-,i:'- **** : -. I .. ,n.Wrluniwas not giten up..
( ,.obr o. ~ap iai (;irifia fiom St. EuRlatiui, in -i. r tile prioflt commercial In,- May. The people of Kentucky met"
i0.i tlh aI h till. offthe C-:Ies o f ni't;.:.v,- I It1 lto 'lllnric between the Alfter nitiono will undergo mention, .Irbated'the question oftlhr l u
wivtl til lip Croin-. 5.,n.l r Prutlia, Captain a thorough apd very critical irvefligation. paflfil f.vrcttl.ref)lves exprellive oftheir
I \11nicks, tyom Phld.idrclhia. for Virginla, who i.v,.. of f letter frrp Portfmoruth, riritnia, dit anil appointed\ anotherr meeting to be heldlqi
hl in tl.t rale of wind the day blifel, loft all .tc Sflemb;r -' tonth of Abnlit. About .thin time similar
hr malt, aud rlnuddr, and recciv-l *) much da On ThurTlay, FiJday, iiShatl4ay, we had ftnte were taken in Wa(hineton cornty,W
uiir,, that Capt. Griflin took ':h propl-, 9 in tie tnoft trcmenidnuts gal of wind-e r r known in drew the attention of the Virginia govern
no rimcr,< ffthe wreck. T'he fatc dy he taw the this country, from N. E.-to N; W. The whole andt it it thnus~tt by meansof mifreprerentation
bullIf a l ffT fu1pprfed to have brt n difinafted town was onvernown,and Oaibere of vellets drove 'cited it to adopt wrong meafiures.
in tie tine gale -On the 26 h, Ift the Capes of into t:c crn c fClds and woodenSrStore hoifcle '* yrYie. Ovcrnor Martin's manifclto being
Vir.:;nia, he fIoke fhc (hip G.:icral WValhibngton, rifled fiom their foundations and every kind of cnlated in the wclern country, wasin elt
iom i.ondorn for George-Tovn, Maryland, who property floated with, the tide. It is frppofcd the anfvered by twodifferent hands, and afterward
lIhl hill h fti re .nalt, main anii mizen-top-maits daIrpe will amount to }o,neoL Not lefs than bell in lmuch dertlior.
anl b,,,t', in the gale of the 24th. And on the tirty fail of venf'ls are on liore, butl it experled, The A.nilal elelon ofaffembly-enifor
27t 11 t i'iliokc a Virgini: Pilot boat, who told him the greater part will he got ot" .nev late :tquk pl ince this monthand the
thait a hrig from Alixandria for Whlit-Haven, in Coy of a P, s t, ., Ihirr.l be Iilling, on Fri- generally difcovered the good fenfe aldiedp
Iing.lad, was drove airorc in Lyn haven-bay; a day the I1. b it. to t/I Speakr of ti, HouH of. dcnec o tht'E'edlors. ,
brigv w- drove ahorre at Point Comfort, and a Ai emblv se'fPelfrlvhnin, ananft the a9t rperal- In this month the commifiontr toC
I' ,i drove out of the bay that had not been hcardl ing the Cbha ter of the Bank. greta returned! greatly satisfied with hit
D)ISSENTIEI'. J'r. Extrabrdinrryr teafures were come
.lonIlda la arrived at Philadelphia, the Becaif the t,4eteasable ..t the bill declares to by the clecttlve.of'Virgthlal aisan the frie
fl, op elaaware, Capt. Warner, from Turk's- Wherert the Bank eftabllhAi It the city of Phi- foir the new Itates, which produced a f~rhited
Illald ; in iit. j6. 3o. in s. fathoms water, met ladelpihia, hath been found tobe' iajusiquuto the mnnofftrance anit gefieratalarm; ohaccahi ll
tht sale on te a4th utt. and wv laid on her beam welf re of this flare, and .io ittncdency appears iinfringem'et ofconflitutionalprlei r ,l
ends abriou 9 A. M. but by cutting away the malt, to be. intympatilt!e with the public ;faety yet no e Agi uR.' The enaat frembl'bf- ankli ,
gat lier ri.:chtc by 7 in the tesriitg, but lofl every proof wl'fvfcver hath Ieen broad teml ailtipted pafed a few afl, mixed on the hiode esd ap
tiling off the deck; tove all the water, and were to be bio.rht in confirmation f thc aflA tion ; el the time for holding-a rcc ntiean toai
reuldccd to the greatest diftres. The Tueflday although ed iicil learned in the laIwhArawlbo or- the conflitution,-chofe a pe toa a as
fllroing, f(npkc the floop Nancy, Capt. Wellh, nally introt'ced to the Houfliffor this eaprtfs miflioner tithe North Caroina alembly,
fi rm th;n port for Charlelton, who had rode out purpose. ..; very friendly overture was;made-by thep
ter gile under Cape May,, from whom they got si BWcaufe the Unitcdei4t1t t inCa0 rtfra iaTem- Goverintr Cw well, and fbme others, the a
;,ane fit! lies. The arxt dly went alliore at Cur- bled. In ltgiflative forn,,; hvelranitglyf.aljllet!l charalers a in that flare.
ir ik to get fuipplies, nht the gale had been fat the Bank of. Nrth-America,; rtp raint lapd ia "..h Ktentucky the new convention mta
fi vne th erc, that the fea had made a branch in I publif)ing charters of, inqarporaWtien witii at Ir inted two-eomtittees oneito-repbrt
thre fouu,', aid laid the -country under water for Itronggeftafirrances oftpcrmentace ae li ability .. IthI other reafoasdt t ar f pt tloi-
two or three miles;, walked awamay hou, d uponthe y houe,ofoe grants.;n Idthe reported and fully debate d a CrcrnmlteCt
together with all their cattle and ground flock; faith anddignity of governmenCt, many citizens of iwholle, alloppaltino cwed, aRndifer arltie
the inh.rbitants being obliged to take to trees for this and the neighbourin ftalets, andialbo foreign- .unanimonfl reonf Lr oB I [Waii -
f..fctv, nnftwithltanding which, many lives wire erp iftjisendly alliance wilth-u, havelecsa induced nmcafrired of igovegtmrantl oxite f aeto h
loll1. 'Tie (iore for many miles was covered with to their property iuto'Aalk,,- ad .b ecqn, the number of friends ihbr U* ta l e- .,
catrie, houlhold goods, &c. A Virginia built mimbemopfthis corporation; yet te Houfe,,by Befl, O se.ber g. ,the puflem
fl(,p drove afhore in the.le without anyperfon means of their bill,, in violation of theWggramntsi 'the authenticity of the foaliwg, aw iS,
oni bo.rd, neither fails, fpar.,or crgo. On the and wilout, proc.f oef-lt withiatn i ev* a fiug.- rom theoriginallettersWhiM'ty* ,
a9 ih, of' Cape Hienry, poke a flop.from Prodi. geionlhttbat ttiijlitatiorlhd forfedlhdit rights, rvenour Bo*dolandi.pttaallq .
derce, Rhode-Inand, for Baltimore, Capt. Jmes by any macfirance, omilio or egle bton. .,, Mre
pctti, from whom they got.a ipply of ratr and Ithe rourdl of brefpeculative" opnior rathr "SI R. t.t
other neceflaries; the Capt. informed, that be,that of mere arbitrary dinim, ts about to l hbize I fAM forrytobe a die6 I5 y .
day, ftw afchooner about to tons I e, bottom. and diffolve the corporation I Forming t a Excellenc, the coitino iafinlts ad|'Ai
upwards. LaA friday, (poke a floopfroI Wafl.. Imof daggroui precedent, not; only to t r indignities offered by hundreds In this tomi
.1 i >.* ;* -. ..- I,' '" ^ "' '

Wt at I lktfe )$ as d and .4,
Ao d I 'to 00, dfil

bcPapitfra, a o fa r* T LI D,
43 fff b~~aicciao W6
^ of," Yn In dfoith.CMartibth,
u itili t n iednar och~r4 nA
COWy war'~ efon fat regmlerrng Sheuea fat. A Qa~eyCEDAR
adpt eltrrl' uettn ESn
sgPIl tO I is to be reeived In pa ,
Save as C 4%199 1111toft Toilet, miaf al t r for the diSle,.
4. It c- Telex lep~Lj ~ l~cluMi*Iculitions or e A ljrv JR jail hatred
Va. ,Rwllhe ypf A& ting he Sheriffs Il
ohi ~ oIT4Ssadi '10 'It. S.1&Wehela ir is to nouba. cna
TO bi. '&c5t a JkA tna prcid- kOR) a 6
a. ,. te .. a uAD r tea
a? You irt;~~'is~ fonn.e tb5 p BAY-our

4dhorc CQittdP, be rAN ed E0DS
Common fin: t iv iir 60ax an t n v 109as

S5 Id.It0 o me hicht he c 6pcac
i'.04 Icotn.and L-Mwi be a' f eal and Path to
jig tt hagrroEeabLe tA i- nbil and t hAL yantCreoprd.
9poe eelwolude Va ebue cl dexceidhr PI A 24OiDS.
~, oleferned, they .1 ;E~ r the pai ot to then ca e h ittoibet d ito to Kep
jgcctloofrtqlutti~l.bapptrari PegS- hilIAOwA(n~.P6 Shnny ditto tead Oil, Soap
ee ftopor toto P. R public Hlh pmefTutH ie ace Cable
~~ If youl blClnv0nlWof ld. hiQttb aulmttmdn1 Lt~oaobey at e1yperid, oft .odlarRaiuto pan. Rc ia iereca
s gk whiovernchent, ceoN d hoheadn &t. oft he
lett rdfngtruo t Ill UB u 6, q tlit. d di rie A tion. and that thim& nic, wllPdiarke the od etoon
Itted, tolrit r, I lift1as t t 'agnitale. moo and man, d ble Term,, foM Cq4 eed Ex &acOR
ltotbprotedioflbfh~aw aewellt r4 Onlebetdcmgn-o te invile Letildaunneo. in o
glettict, eiuaiy witb any ctiatp tltht United *e&llo o Ct d tithe t hao thr D e ditto to
wliletohoycnentinuyA wthln tltjtailUdinnl Ofl na oa tnth enlc o J$UlS T a.MP 0RTD,
eort tcozemunw ,aith. ha CeUt eaperlencEadeg ,Itt, Awe- Ir ihe Sip a"t. be-eA GILL:3Pff
i io d5D0 q f th e A ia n pl e plic reward,, and Cable*.OiD

i. if, yill dirft you to the mode of leg l peo-w bat thnai ant ere an pered, toAD o R cootie,
ed apl ied IhIcb aiting a sn yo Paec al l se do. Sonelvero Colonien t', cln andnhoeed. 'St e.Srin.
hdllec in licry k, adewg uehn riotou arqoineh~aeroe orn,!~? i ocne e By JOMN DP.NNTSTOJ,

o1 me,t' I,,tttlhen t on fuch i by tho t hc a crcdituAiveh W_ b afiectWh Tchhe a. th, wlcta. i n the mootn
trip ley mvla et oand guilty. vac'.enaadebyahafe-nler coa m an ndmne, Fret' C,', Ai~s of PxehaeC. Ce, ccc, 3taeile
to th: prt tk&i. ofu tfi la, as el $ d wi elthili e p ngs-ol'th ill Lifilifl atuNoesdim or ff rrJuore.

ito i r rcu lly obwditaet, bumble hrUnite" wTheir agr Wl Cre airde' t.e .raie oroungi h T tP.atg llnad Wrtcno PprW anad
Owileatheyconltine. wihitAn, vird with the or to Menien and Pero; rel"aha.Tetminl Wafer.
MercueyS Utnc Harbur, whmile the 1-d 'theCocate, ek eer~tifonl to enen,, Coatinva. felft., Prioe, W-"enu .,lenJU STkIiaPE ,
S I P. Atiull a. thi. rage their bfyr,'r her he uqi t. C nd i n prn c cthrAt Rote S himmon 14 lwcriste. r to.e J an Mint.
a lean. d I pre thc honour litepplawn in the enlotmen f lb iofrnia,'hv h.r 'rs-letth e Wohite. hlve, eem, and Di'towht e nd coloured
r llotai a ot e fo, le e enolenote etoitrt teti, red fanel, Irather dito
ofi 'h the a&''l Pate yel ouor Amoeic. antloth him o'frlnega proCw D1ico Inria Perwean. Green. btoe
himu 'pijsyl tif and last therWe.aANDeFORettan d

ktIljc'iy' pi Itt rl( ctry unmldr toy ronentedd. eertnmine which it, rhnaiot 'able ofpromotblnthe Sect~.,t ,A tUt'ere, ('can white *le.,lt a'eoeea
.*..i. the oblain~n a t .=;6 orfirvtch w Soutoh.errntn Coemef7N4, MVotri uina itc, Coate
,ft.~u lc 1,ta nfclt I ,ttct cucnll y rdinus snot fecere lileenf Aaaa eon .. gnar netl. triO Iitnona 4.4 7.t & j Penfta Q ika, Scanleg
IN ctio in jr e w mncd t oue c),nd i t conw w .iq.-AIl who huad the hattltefoo tsit tien', nCrdinaIa
ot bt inquiry ato teen riptu i teur.. ix t' 'o be".I
te orn e acqudinredb aniurerin, 4 h" t the world Dola, wnit B J ,H N NnITr
W tllo e'leearfi~la c'nt'aoiot.. a warm, Pea0, friend, hattt' Ho llAd L and coL S
f; (otte~lr PeccI ctccy moP cX~ttl' tmt arcta, well loermed merehan and an nte'h*. h'- Rnffiaaodlnilh theecin. F ~b
I ramll k cat I tterr reccitod OIher tu o rmn. ad e aneanron tectin cahith atwnded big Citbeitki. c,, Yawn ttaee. rapes and
PA, t p likt.f c.n voter on efwc r meb my th ehfe- dtit. and the by Br i C, ,,ndlif* o h' d, go e' cna- hJetea e A eeb Let ditto i Princ ;evo'
'Itian .'f yetcxtdien-- em fetewnuec pln*Tfc in tlheeedntthe meloohtly ncafo, n-Ft~ib'o'fo Atrotet and Hndin. 3 viey of faftionaela
a' mch bntthe e'llptli lute in ttltofelt cb aC thre lregrcelto at ph ele o Wo a t e oemberl 'othhere Pi~Me,
)r, eh,i l lilate I am lefip t tee cc- t ri.ttd Iai Cc o Mat s and Pillow
Cipeel l. tee ccc clnhlC, after your op Ann, can "' vried tht4e min o Je S la and M*fli
--oette fretthe fueianuce ofn m roletlr r; t he. M! Slorp Kitty, Mowbeno, IaPnlVloreda -, ipJe;tit 81nltorckings
weI R, well lo. rnutd yo"lr 'chllincy may SlIop her Pnlf, nit 'o fro t nl oa Rllteii & d commno lo H fini. &and r Pby.
Wh-;. lild the I hoou dfp g itfuo your on, a.e Snotoop f i fmiti,elbv Newr ~ r.' hr.bie. and Stel a imp Cae d c o ue

in erltti-,r citna, cAloir mc to eligrc Yoe ml : Sa zei Jl oO, a4ncan eoegt forlh il i cd is .'nre ('at and e th.erdit
tan;it c upi, no ?T;t ca e the~ liy ci of e o ho s loomp-ally Ce the tlOtt Dim Greina toe nd IdaortiAon ereco, b
lila; orecelt clog melt peicncly reptetbal a. tof.%o.provi'nc, salt T TlrwEle Mocktt qiesl t in Ctnse
the w ef eteergy in government, on dlln- 7; On oy 8 P2 t'4 nn, lgatnn. If- r;me ttlrt ci H andl at Shi r atditb nhi.
Ion tef Icc Ciovrnl or, c tt corrt ftch nobn h tltewby n r e fm Reu4a t
ilt lte r 1 t obc c. H rodiert, lou ahich ulilht w had t .of e in'. pcit o a rdinals l
aehli andr bun. t ,r reccd. t unite' inoe fromrc h r oa w & nl
Ib vcthe Itonol e to bea t li Hpufe, bloc fan inn. a ,nlelo the Ia. Brown Hon Blratpdcor, act o ppS
Iur, lor nor fl ateIclr nt,.esattble tent." f h mo Qette The hern d, thofenor r owns whia se, agscild
Rg 11,-- 1 11n u Neotr no i ver towd mya re chle~id anI the aet-t noill~earhto ill r; mc Nedle n, i ditto Prnes Stuff
6ntt '~e, be~id ieeg dat the-c Pretold inftkc ef ted.r h nu IiAhly WfON.n he an4, .2 h. fr,,1t r oifln fatiop al
4 m uc h etee re m c by yl o i, i k etn atlt: f r t c, M r t h l l i regrf eet at h e l ot f (e a n sv Jtift n mb er o C p'~ e a d5 1 i l M lta d.
wherebywlet aliuoowe Ieatm happr them in h an t PrinOted. Calne Cnt Csteoaffe id 1. w
ticA t h ni.eaccp thbe, letter o r I.- ,edtaiedite o trss V 0-~ron e #0 LartedMei
OttO itt fromthet e f o f ler ce a od myleu t it r;tg Oandet.dt mak 8 ipic tt acedolmt. Eai-t o r 06bilo t taj 1106 3050h~

O~lprctn'leed llt3 a fuc h ,ioedn f trca co. RDE
weer el nf me ou it cllnc matSoo s~ Pnilrit N ilaijohs EI W ue and O oewoH VII R Ande w platy.

e t pon the I a t, atd o F O R Sa& eeyeeIMCrd.
teretttoel1 ~ ~ ~ ~ S Itntu fCi Ctmelcat, I~Tnatl U. lahn i usi lt b h Sl -kikie, -7bl aeif e and t oob. 0. ze d, ell

0 i c a; e e tol h ter o e ictt y r e
Aert on, no 'ot h, ciTeAlosft, c OR. 3o Salty, cfrt; the a C and 1& 0.&&
~t lat l ceiotcite.P ma *.ctl rpo .t 4o'onn 13"16li an tewo~a Brad n Aar A gi,11110er

'~bye lrrcu'y.o~ tboie.lldk; etierirad. haaopcenflvcLfL' pat ie n apeaftc: hatewV'dnieae, eaandrindinandllmdd
JonN ThtuOla%. .Faorle tm avplyto nee s
cknwcp the goternment, of doiv Nov. -seam- rvS. 1ySn Warringtonrs PA"*T O E "S1 EocleCo
ftl tI l, o tt cretf fttl c notoP- a- qlbd" Ph its fflli. W m" A o tF, khele 7?s 1 ms L f ba
t I .10t4 eiuti l-t d tllttG QOOD nMAN, H 'Y O K. a

motrbn uo thi anoipalwcth eve~ anon. gCeai Pof aet
lip it, yo icca' n aftcrs light 9 thanw Cot iiin WAne ,

thuatn, that.. a'o~ a~ F Di nof r X~hO I th whieb thywllo h ee bl e
l''ait o. hpercu~ N~hlc lAr iu gconlr tn n rla ot' C./h orteed.Biao 4ag~~ndudmne
fee an defiri aro he rfleceived.t9
Sthe hnnoiter to be, Hufted bof w ad r; '0 Ot to teteder ebtf part, WaadCttl
yourmi ncder p humlic fervent.,' tboe inebtedtee. oafSe net a Polaris ittI ros atmeo
aptN n itimntndt Seafc bel at0 all tC e
at, ngoCcdatete feemid inflatif JAW"0N W found Tu Wie'tMA OU taLL
are" calw cn 4k Nuume irs, C oi;ffflnma
.The ......... ...... K Y H ere (1,,ves w it M os
61.1 a 3 eq elSx o
%()I) t low, hr t th lette Is e to r enc he n M dd e tef
III; in terin's of int~ctce and Abfe altoge ar1a debt d to ak imeite tin -% ra 411on -0Hloh. Often ad 111
I~ WLLIA MES; ~ F~o~e f O(I~tmasW
lff~iile~, 1h1 ak fchmcAfucsco. R 1mll't:an Crrnt

aiS. aw.* JUST IMP RTED, J
i, 0=, o s o.i A oD t m the -iip Ma.Cu rP., Capt. Jo S H

t i, WHOLI.AL- d R.Tar. J.* 0. .
A PROK O A A TiON. C. a.o n R.. As, ,
Byotil. Br Falconer, ShirrefF, & Co. AInna

,F rded* Lh ~rarlb ifth Penice ( i t

fonftento.. oil t TRAM J7 oileJ Wa
2ndgrantwtbeA th $aRaN 0 a, e AY.e
y. T t rty nted to wari Cnig tn nd S tribar Crorri. l ig
lf or iaerfetf ; d/iU s tTS rt evtei C andy 7 n c.ati. Miot hl .
wbi end h l masr. td Ith Rfwhich Sng>. Fig Blune, arch Main; Cryerh, th's OJl dpilpsa'u

.on ef two yac fros odl tcir o efire i e Split P Laies MrramP ued f N Mkri fat
Igrant to be ; l s tI i f (r f yttmert t Ba 'd Loo borLed ?rernnr Hn els e- w tlae *. ,-
tee, in defa of e th gih vidrbo: Pol oe Di.n .cL. ima.In iAMo. b Ac T thw ,
abi h aic. M Lhash. c trt e 5 n easalnMad,. anowaf Manrry & m ed
,a nt an e fst af Ame d, n Iw r Sil ad

lat rt1 a to orr that a n4 eit to bve e e sf. an Anin.m frat n,

refer d in the rfverali grnt o b~h c refter made Dred snd India Jc and m5e waved C.'f thIn. cus imon fnd Wafern
to hil fhid Sb .i~ ,, hall t o comnmence and be eanoet. W men inre CottaMr an Red & bkSck lsli WaeN imA?
payable until after the Iri ft ra ea from PIn sp' fired Di le Thread Hnfe Writ fY VcDum & Phr.i Hard
the date sof tneI rtfpcdlc grantsi which fil Rltnl and Imperial M(rns te. dietI n rme eer
grants It in his Majety's Royal Will and PIcarlrc Qailtin.e resl and Men. & W men. Silfr do. Slate and l e Pencils mua
tall be delivered to the feveral grente free ot all 'rtt.n Coai*rpsne_. Wnmen colmnred Goloves A Sklin MemaoMadmi 51
expence wha ever, I D' T"i.KEFORE. by and A s'e .iy ofPrif t ad Min Bookq Ases
with th advice and eontcnt of his Maijcftr'a I'n. Ch'h.ri. C C Hait and Te.n dit t tweset, Podet Baohk f.a .e
Hononrab e Council. il{e tfhi my Proclamatiba, r'.o ow. W'Womea black and whit ewter and Jpm ored h ivtBy
nh-eby making ka non to h i ll ptrfoni coin I tried, ns ""o orf r sr ed ri an O F ren erSth. M usti
at n t ed r m it o nftk I a ndas t h r W arl a n d ldur u llI ..i u m Gl a Pe nf dlt.
thic, ,ip.. .pphcation to mc in'Cotneil, they will 8p 'df &needl yrod B rent. d LCa lie etr e d fo e lf iell
Ing te4 -rab nts 14 1 S tc be f ebd to M ero fineflr RClube W sloft.

rcceir u .irrli.ta of S rv y fo rnm e h in ti t th er ;lr t.o IndT. c,. 'tndi' lemo* B'*a, X R ,
at his Nnr.Ch SCo y', fad.. fI d nrn ion., Se. ofe Chid n Dardetlno ~ m. n e tee .r Ilr. s Pents { ta ,
%nn ro ftw yt A s proi ecftry Lr Town &I"rrs h Baly Spnlit S.ah AI Elk

a dl t tnr i.rf l tt-. Si,,riren Check and i Pe. c e .lwanftiid. S lider. WSome- T
Irantf h or Sp ae dn ld Wt OGreat and:M hn. Dl a vee O'eranto galked' asr Rke n I

I /.ibs d fc.l s, at Na,/a,, thu/P/h, dayo p. r d& eedle wroagl Cheeai nrA f.;-te h rt. Soores*Wae, Caim liS
x pt:,3-.r, i, g'rar r.OG. Lord o.ns .. t" io t wide ia. A t She.W" I S
faNfD~ c mnc t end iLsbft .ndmla e R^' M i I Pe' rt ;ire. u ck J& China'Ib I'
dontwr i. hre hri'J R n. : Muli- N" e f& J' Dn t W nvn(wTrc otw f e re t a 'h
teR, FINd oof I begic d ant h r b Mll h an. ? eo o

r J\uli .UW .R1i POWELL.t : k M,, ;nP M n ard 'r m, ,n laar. Sr, herKai oui ln
S bit n kmw, Conas. C osige ar" nd lserd En.... E i. l tlo Pe T d et
z i a,.u .at, prn Sec. tare. i Ia and< clear rLwn Wenduy made iwehe QpiI MI), .m.. -J.a h ..... et

00 sA Tm ......r if o in fl a
I UST M IMeO RtTE ., 0f disen or arrn i Blllnfdr ann Ba h .n Prt,
I P. Sen t. Ir f eAtr A .l t f twAe r anldi o ag *oCn lnd sowii i Lral Me.n la l nlt' ose te all tt b
ied th n Jn edew l' % S l'n win metdie PaCket L/dr POmNct tltfi'.
ac rcount o WIe LL Alt !oi lid. M AIER?. WStor I ff."ed FORD, foe mudler andb es Blles intenamkrde t Tiin

aSN br 8 1 d ll S LoD In real lt tOo m i ea n raka Baisnk Blob c t rhf Sealf deitt'.
Bsy rt T at Oi f Cl) oU beD, snI, itHu ac fie. taled d plain ft
At his H(aif ol9 st WViatal ho i betd Itf '" A r DKlhlsl .Fred S e d Latin Mruirntgs'
S.PIRFa NEFcoirircI. I oh wll d Fln e h a.. dnn f l,. Shal RhAl ortk. 'ho noorks e
thood, unti mfar hthe I: fore ni d i6b "vrom Plain s- r ditto % L1. . 'eket & Le_ /f6 H
S .atre tc, rt arre e re n. .th ot als C. n d rjfle nd Pwc iLAn dnl' ad. 2 Han*a
thorwititnd hi, toaleiRoyal Will and P r c olor an ;.t So Men- W etil 4 and'si alte P mnil

I tlhe MelI ditnl r c anc. o er l n ot he, ." n. -ah x r.t d reiad Prait Welt Pockrtli Dit*
TV 0 B I E 1re adhu P..)TO t ne nf t Skte .nif igHM
SPANTATIO atlfe thse m cllward, lae n Ml eInei, Woorter Man. aTn P d. p ruetiand bndU.
app1t0 T a WIg LLAM Dta nFOR, Bleck, white m r' tol!n ame d. lp ld i iloI e
hho hau fti Sale, cfl dot of excellent they w it m elNet E a, aawld Batalh g a Clalariftoe dIin, der
Red Pnrt. -S Dit, tr lto ; IX y f Im 4B peic Bal ir ed M eti .id. / I
St Ir ii a thst iIthte .dDi rnw *oWre Yellow Wart L Mu
ag01I CE IX h is v ty t faid Itor klk Cniiei ** rf wnmSkl W qitK

fnch A terIcan yalllt il tow d nanne, .. hreepon Baprket i frtnis fla t e'; LI elmp
allnirhtiod. am ay ba.e fair med Striped LCrck aend a mang,7 Poeket dadiL, L an' dit. to

aitatedll dr ton pr t bareenforl Hat father. fi at G *lI, 3. A,* 14, sBd. csn
ar ltfrl'tand that onlol 9 Mcdiael.Woine, and colour,. Spike a4"l **ad' H~sQ ana m ( l I rb I1
dand evytlhclt d thatysra n acearytdoarda Core ant nD tstad re an Pod er t np is i o 0
t l y 1bed p on wtfo llalte d A Shot N eato m t nl Ist -nB I r
th(Ir l t toton 7n p rii. B,,ito Theadt l P.. .Lati r, O a. an d nidn.gdy caf ee. Leda
i r. tStrnger It b ts oFD othar e for Rti Liol n

ptf ,wIl o f. be ttnd e d t eamrn d a. i n dltt PeRL f Ar&e o f rtde ear lno. W, intfh WWeitr Ctith te oe & na a

ll pBdd a* hf Atats i. c wit h hleh 11rt-41-t wlll. .7he. Ci e, ~' Toupee

3bCW 1SN. A onwn at r R-Un5 Sros0Ai '. -4 WI.L. f
)10 0 AVHI O E ST EN, tI 1W oe r. bricksp c re t Sl r * 'oter pain lal

Sr )e..i Drohowny,llard nB. wil M Paftre, of Vble, flUt and ?511ofasb ihe2lsU A n
,klrq n 'r 8. .1 8f0 L D. h I Pettleted Ledgers var al a

i P-Wo.- ta.R f e Picr ledr Fifty Smahi p rl s IralO mhle -tnteatw. w" ihML, Falto s
cf)* A 3 !T - 4i t er A ttooe I lro -eU
\.r Wd~odra ~ rI Sbi amd 1111r tcr ~ feet 41oPJavi"It R"
Aih rdfia Lyail tw ad ei..Tre Pin kr-kft Afot "one's$"c
rL ~ ,;, 4:

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