Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 22, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 65:




NASSAUV Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Ofice on the BAY.

Ah, U

Wsw-PaovoDoNcI. }
fhi LItusleuant-Gowernour and Commander i
Cbhif in and swr the faid I/lands, Chactarllo
FIe Admiral, and Ordinary of hefawe, C& (
." WHEREAS it is His Majeilty
Royal Will and Pleature, ligr
fled by his InRructions beas
date at his Court at St Jamesd
the tenth day of September S1~9,
that the Lands within lis I fa
SBahama-Iflands, Ihallb furveyd4i
and granted on the following conditions; that ii t
lay, That forty acres of land be granted to every
person, being after or mifrefr of af.inily, fr"
himflf or herfelf ; and twenty acres for evIe
white and black man, woman or child, of w1l
fuch family Ihall confift at the annual time of gra
ing fuch warrants; That all grantees be fuhjet t
the payment of two Ihillings fierling quit rent for
every hundred acres, to commence at the expire.
tion of two years from the date of their refipcmtiti
grants, to be paid at the end of every yearthercaib
ter, in default of which the grants to be voiid
But his Majety has been graciouly pleafed, ao an
encouragement to his Loyal Suijedis who hau
been rrfidents in any of the Colonies or Pioin
now the United States of America, and wlihu
account of their loyalty to his Majefly, fall
may willingly, cr by compullion, remove int hi
efait In,Ai-t. fr nrdr,. that the quit rent to
referred in the teverot grioti. io h h ifter mr s mo
to hin FLid Suhjeta, iliall not nlt I....-.,
payable until after the xpiration of ten ycars frns
the date if their rclpetive grants i which fa
grants it is his Majelty's Royal Will and Pleafrit
Shall be delivered to the several granteen f ee of
expencc whateerrf I DO THlREFORE, by a
with the advice and confent of hia MaicRyo
Honnurahle Council, iffiae this my Proclamatiott
Aereby making known to all ptrfonn concerned
that upon application to me in Council, they wi,
receive Warrants of Survey for running out thelp
lands, agreeable to, his blajety's faid Inft, 3aioun
and their family rights. .
GCrEN under my Had and the Great Seal oe,
the faid lJlandi, a l Nafflu, thbi fifth day
Septemlier, in t/e rear ofOur Lord One tho~
iJ feaun hundred aad igbtyflve, and in t1
IwentlrIflbh rear of His Mjir/li'e Rein. R
f his 11nour'. Command,
STLIht"I HATV*. pro Secretary.
l AFE P OR S a ,
Am ArorTTMrlT 01
G 0 s,
In the Ship Chandler d rory Bufineh.
'T'HE Bifineft of the ll T' rICt,
J will be tranfafted by te tbfr*r, at the
Houfe of George Burch, Efq. i
Naffau, Oober 19, 1785.
LL Pcrfons having amy de nds aginlt the
SEfate of the deceafed r/ Jona WALsaR,
lte of this twn, Merchant, once more, and
for the lft time, defrced to giv in States of the
ftame properly attefld and th e indebted to the
raid Etate, are de d to ma payment before
the next Return nall iaounts nt then
paid, will be placEin the has of an Attor.
nety at Law, to e d for,
OH OYD, Eeco-
I2SSOL tre
J i- ERO O N R "
Njj'au, O,%oe io, ySs.t

SW.ood, &c. for Sale by .the p o at
p N--M

European Intelligene. literature, and will not prolong the intmerrton by
Sapology, which your charar kae o nedfelo .
S A R' .... Mr. Hoole, gentleman fong known and long
S, E I AG U JUNE ao0. esteemed in the andia Houe, after having tanlated
i HE advanu age gained by the Eal-India Comp'an Taffo, ha undertaken How well er iquli.
l iL year in the pninfula of Malacca are of too led for his undertaking, he has already tiewn. fe i
great importance to ribe omitted. The following is on delirous. Sir, of your favour in promoting his ppo.
extra oa letter from Malacca, dated July 6, 784 : false, and Bflatters me by fuppoefing that my telimoo
S ".e had no opportunity of landing our troops till may advance hi interest. -
te th of June, at three in the morning, when we It is a new thing for a clrk of the India Houfe to
a to fend on thore a body of 734 men, of whom tranflare poet-It is new for a Govwrour of Beagal
were Europeans, and theretlndians. Such filcnce to patronize learning. That he may nd his ingnuty
Solferved, that the enemy had not the leaf notice rewarded, and that learning may Sourilh under your
of our approach. The Batavier and the Patriot cutter protection, is the wilh of, Sir,
were appointed to cover the landing, which we began Your monf humble servant,
to effeI ahout l o'cloce. The enemy were by this Jaury 9, 78t. SAMUEL JOHNSON."
tinle al.irmcd, when we played our artillery, which To tile lio Warren Haflings, lfq;
fwepit the coaet and prevented them from afenibling. Governour-Ocneral iu Bengal.
At about half after Seven r troops were formed in Tlic taxes which Mr. Pitt hath propofcd, and which
order of battle, notwithrv lndinn a rilk fire fom the it i molt probable will be carried into execution both
emy, and marched up to the fpot where Rajah on Bachelors and Maidens, may ally be evaded by
adje's|iandard wa. displayed. A fierce engagement both parties forming a Coalition.
took place, ani the victory was long doubtful; The tax upon law isgood. Phyfic and divinity flad
however, at laI it declared f,,r us;-the Indians were over to next Sellion. All priest, whofe living exceed
forced d in their intrenchn-.,it, and alnort entirely cut fick a fum, ought to be tined; for no perfons lead a
to pi e.s; Rajah Hadje the Conrmander in Chief, ad more Irtz life. And as to phyfic, it is become a mere
thrc. o!' hi fons, together with the flirwer of his tli- luxury : for if no more ofit were to be (wallowed than
er,, are in the number of the l.i i. O, lefI is very the infirmities of nature require, the faculty would not
iicolfierable. Mr. 41e With. Captain of the Juno, and keep their carrlaget!
Lecur. Faber, are lda.gero.f y wounded." Mr. Alderman Watfon's proposal to tax attoraie.s
London, Joly S. A peremptory order has been arifr from a natural motive ef rfcntment-he having,
>ely flick up aethe A Imirarlty, that when (hips of early in life, been bit by a Shark.
arare rcide for ffe. anl un. er faiing order., the The late Lord Godoldhin is faid to have died worth
thein and all the fi, ers lill conflantly flcep on a million itt ready fpcale. About five years agohis
bI.lad, under pain of b iog fupcrfeded in caie of ne. Lordlhip having received S,oool. dividend in bak and
I' het. d ad e other coerced furties, and returned with it to hi country
Mr. Pigchird Atktin Mr. Own by hit plill 3 ,he o. fet, on gCoun to his hef the nMa t morning found he
ordye-.._ l o each to nine nephew rcon,ead,- ..ri,.io, t.of the .hol cer inm. rp. epr er
the refidue of hi chate and get9h which ure Lupponed carefully concealed till within theft feow trW.w.
be immnenfen Lordlhipl-Becutors, in looking over fnme papers-
'en the 'Thame. is reformed and deepened, the dieovered'baletterlhich served to elucidate the whole
built a the article Svoy, d Londonbridge rebuilt, tranfasinoit but hthe it will e e m er uant o-
thedt olfelis will furpaf in magnificence all the cities maine ann attetial reonewal o tahe yato Treat
of errope By letters from S twe ae unarmed, that the Miti
Ihe iStgenhis Mr. Ow orn in his pla for the in- ers of the Court ofTe Madrid, breaking through the
Vprovement of iondon and Wemimin ter. ha gi.n.a n.row. policy anrrejudie, which upon mifal e at
ctecus of one mile round the palace he recommends to pinelle of onmYand cacion, have made the
take place in fyde-Park for his Majeify, but ~a not k ingdam of Spcin l cline Becs the reign of Philip the
mention the neceflit of a grt eircutround London Second, are a6all hi employed in diteflin a plan for
and Wtmlnhter, making the Thameo th center it i opening a tri between the Wenerin coas to who
arie, Dublin, and other reet cit'es and towns in Eu- America ea reign nation, by cna ituting therein
le. Such a boundary, elegantly planted, is worthy three free ihe her theplan has already gone fo
he wAidened and fraitened for the firt ten mile. io Chili-Don oave ta, ay, in New raynada--d
Col.,ne I ullarton, who arrived at Weymouth a few Cinl e, i ew Meirco. All this, it Is aid, haoh
dlle a.g,, came home it a Danh a-lndiaman and, been teffeed by an a ication lately made by theli-
among other articles of intelligence, brings an account tuilb Minifer, at the infianee of lame merchants of
nf the death of M. Buffy, who departed this life at Pun- London. for a partsl renewal of the Ahiento Treaty.
dlicherty (where he wu Overnour)a hort time before by which a ritilh thip was annually permitted to tend
the Colonel left the Coaft of Ciromanadel. with thre Spani do..i.ion in thu geonth Beas Ho"
'he Speech of Mr. oe. to Mr. Pitt, In the debate at trae w rppe y t pny,
on the fourth propfition, was one of the severe ftory well known.
trinnmings the Miniller ha ever recved. -te fatire A letter from Belgrena.e. dated t May S, fays, t in
a the nratetP we ever remember; every f'ene ar. uored A a fa&, that Abdi Dala, Governour of .o-
d a epi rmmati ing, and it was di ltto de- mania, has lately raifed the Iaindard of rebel I and
termine where its chief exellence lay, hile eer at le head of a numwrots army, Ialed by his own
fcteeding fentnee telnitc the o the whole private authority, is marching towards the en tal of
farming what may be called a burk of eloquence *ad =u1 r. It is Laid that he had caued to be hangd
animation equ na y thing ever delivered in thuts ften Capigl Bafchi, *c the a Sublime Porte ha
HouAei and pahes ,s far as we pn judge of anien fent to him wIth the udoal compliment of asking hit
elouenr, flpall eny thing from the lips of De lenve oto cut lOf head, Abdiprote, thathiorhe-
meo .; hen,.. h ny e fad y to the me-it of lion is not aimed at the Orand Signr. to whom I.
the Speech. ahow little efe*Snif foca Speeh will ever remain aithful, btt foe Surpofiof ow.-
have with any ute Who remembers the tany fach a tshe n cuti of rders, givc th b e Mis.s.
levelled agniaf Lord North, in which that Noblean wiuhot the pat-a.l-i a of the 5u g"o; be this a.
wa .ilifi with the mf aftoTilhing eloquent ? Te iT t emay, theT Ov 4p`ujas every pIr.
what does all thia amount to l-Mere found and frt, he comu to. O s rVl e Phlit I, a town of
fignifying nothing, a, the Coalition has fully pee.,ed IImia, he rdtra d the f hed of g*, of the rinci
and thereore nowender ru(h oratory finds fewer al bitan ob d pe of thh l ag il
mirer, an.d (il.ewer believers than it nce did. rne, whom he 0lampb after him, were
A the ftnllelt remains of the late Dr. Johanfon ar loaded with ire"$s, ad oblnd to p a o 7 m p to dew
f s after with avidity by the literary world, we f" ra his epenc -
ppy to lay before the pAhlie n original letter di, Jne o. Ods e jft received re, for.
from tha Iret mn to Ov rour Hain, a nd we bidding the rensotti ofVgtis wool to foreign
r thapp teo Ans that the letter lad the efed countries his proh Ibition is attributed to the want
dof that commodity for the gsnuan eeu of thi king.
S dir _In eca, it iconpaint cd tdut no wool ha been
AMIDST the importance and multiplicity of received froa Limna on reom buent Aes, fnce tl
SffaRnis whh yonr great offie e gesm yo, I take late infurredion in ?99 1 lib, t4owio of giL by
the liberty ofrMlliS our attentIon oe a moment to Teopl aari,


Lostlor, Jul to. From an Scount lately prpofal for, pply lumbe ad pro'ifi c. "fic tae to the f ru aa l
taken at the Amiralt and Navy.-Oices, it ap. from the Staes Of North-t(merica to th "Plan- the liberty of that navigation In It
pears that the naval lil is supported at ters ofthe Inand of Jamaica, to contrarf for 3, without any ob ace or impediast,
the annual charge e on a dyoool. trlfng to the na- j, or? years vi. nhas no relation to commerce ing
tion. This is ocalioned by the very unutital man- it. They will agree to deliver at the Prt of fplceviesin partlelar, and le th
cr in which the lilts of Admirl, aptains, Mif- Xingon to the order of fuchgentmen as choO e India Company In the fteelpo
ter, Srgeon D Lieutenants, and Marine OLfie t cont.e a ers ati clep tt or aye wanted from in this trepe nothing ofh exc
were welled during the late war, from the great the lStates ofi mer from time to t the to hi Britannick Ma efty, not
Snumer of this id. cohi U da The Andirals, ncurent cath price of ae articles, t the city of to his frbires. This article is lo chiet
Pob Captains, Matris aih d Commanders, anda Philadelphia; adding thereto only the cufgooary tie liable to any interprtatio or
Iieutre ants, have all h-f-pay the ureos and charge ofco iloon Infirance, and freight, all cept and beyond a thee navigl
Mapeed to reaccoh theIr t feniority hane eith of b at the fame rate as pai before thie war; n py. le Mightinel cannot belierday w hth
In the above account, however, the penfone to ment for which the ill receive (on e delivery of of Great.dBritan will, at leaet wif th iS
hte ick and wounded, yellow Adirlys, f fperan the goods at Kiegion) rum at the current capr authority, attempt any thing whlp irfet
nuated, and Oicern widows and children, who price, lets $ a per cent. to be allowed for trouble, the bounds of the simple libert of
died in athual fervine, are included ; the Ceu o nf & y &. or in ertinty, hi of e change at par, in the Indian Seals: That certainly their
Chatham Pte oner, andthote of Gretnwich Hot- the planters o option. n oinciee s couih not but look on lfeti ao
Sita which ae ediin oly regul ated andchard, at d. They rwil agrely to hip from hilaeadlphia, formal abeof the l obery tonavigatew r
ing only excepted., avt allfaiincu of the year (in th eir own hips Sio s have ccgran ted i h t a le that te
t letterfrom the Hague, dated June a,, fyay, n commiya ion, at the rate ot freight hbeore-men"- remain oIn trO on of the rcomi to
I The Deputies Barons de Wafl'rnaar and Ley- tioned, arnd i payment for amount invoice they other trade bu ul at exclu -iy heo to
den, app mantr g toagotoVicnnua r too e fof e will value on w h the plant r ing clculdon at cur- and that aril te Iltl h Mighti eliealtss
states yerday This day they were an rent rat of chge t the freight to b Direors the ltyofgln ocL fch
by the rince, at his hu in the wood, ari after paid in rum, &c. on delicry of the good tn ma ireen nent r the re feri l
the eetainmen t broke up, ee t out towards KinWte on privileges, oaga lny attempts which II
Utretht on their deflinedjourncy. They are eA- 3. They tvill agree to fupply regnulrly, agree-. maioe on them.".
pefied to reach the o perialCapial by the -th of bli to any inlder, for quantities, or mes, i. Lo ndon. July 3o. eerd a e ntit
nuxt month, foon after which the Emperoro' re- fi~r any fllrntity to be delivercld at different time ILondon Tavern, a meeting of the

Of all commodities now on fate in the two king- per th. "ach, no1 per cent. ie I. m. d* -whalhone.
torn is expreae from Italy." i f the ar, at t-e prefn 'ildelp prices ownetra, and rlcrs of hiMps, pnrfallt to a
'Ihe following writing was placed itlof the adding charges af&refaid) to the planter at vtifement on a decifon in the Courot
Lead of the late Grand Vizir, which was fixed lip once n:ay bIe on certainty, and not liable to the c~rch, Samuel Thornton, Etrql In the
Opo te ities of there lio: that bringrin mor in- ionf markets. In order to expln he thing ca t rnte to evel ryfcrerotl

confnderatble returns. Frrciht --- 4 10 d account of the ong morouecl. ay we hathey niv a
SThse is the head ofw Hail Hamcd e o ha, lat nrnepr to cover i 1 mdre clea t rlyrain th at loeinni by hrea n r
Otand Vizir, who dcfervedly incurred hisa prlili- P lifladelphia price current of 8th Maich ilil, tea are not to be accoulrmted te dft sk
meant fra betraying the interefs of thl e flat ao d by way of example will felet the article w ite oak the mae t or owners. A committee as
religion, by managrig afflire contrary to tle fove- Whav i, on rladih the fo!oWiig c'ularion is made, d to riag the miattrr er into pt tiamting.f
regn will of the Great Maaterof the UIrenerfe i he viz. orafiin.
country like a tyrant, having, foo his fordid aina Jamaica Currecyc. ofThirteen nrenland tw ps arn arrived at lK'
rice, been guilty of frequent and public oppref- White oak hogli-ead I aves, at rrrknland Doek with full charges of fize Uoe I
fiatn of vthe people of God." 81. ro. h illadelp hia curreitcy which are likly to produce a large quantity
Of all commoditie now on ile in the two king- per & Sri, ,701. per cent. is i. u. d. .wbt ahone
dome there are none fto cheap as orvlor1; and if i terlingdg. --1. 7 0 0 trad of a letter frrm Pft. Mary', Ssilly, da d-
ie may jmidge from the preftnt condition of the Whartalp &c.tion ppeof,) th- 8 0 i t a ll
ppoldition, there is none that bring fit more in- Comm Ition, hi, per cent. d o b7 i Fver r thing is at pret nt veryoc ree here t,*
confideralle retirns. TFright 4 o M0 ccrrarnt ofthe lo ft drought, as we have net urn
Thcre certainly waas ingenibty in the mode of Infltra ice to cover f71 rl'l. d. at any rain finer the b gingnin f n May. What pes
attackMig the Minifter on the Itilh propofiion. t per cent. -- i r o virons we gt are brought from thse Lnd.ts l
They aiit firlf, fad hni geatlce un in Oppofition, rharfagc on latdtiig 0 ni o and when it arrives here it ato r hnut flinking.
erlt out too great advatages to Irelar d odor in this is oop in the harbor h the i tge lk,
lofontry; net that they a-e too partial to Br itain, Nett ce of Mn. Wv. flaveI at Raitas o te in d hi ae at differ wto0 .

ty wa authorized to coferthedigitis on her, t\ft? trontfon otomoath y anlile torticln r n on br hA
and deprive Ireland of her recognized rights. o lmch n i 9 re trme agotn tihffa twe aniho and utome eftle
Whatever there orators think of the Irilh proiofi-. laorwhich rum will bhe rtecm i in paye u belonging to the y cr e a, corge. Weiwit
tions, it is certei that they will approve xofive &A. &c. ith them abonot nr leagues to the w torld

knowledge rnd eloquence of the iuftriom candiues White oak flaves at Philalh rican Currec it t hp coutrhmen, who, in tho moment tid ,
thing oamig from the ML ni renc, tala not By thi cal'cilolion t appears, tha t naves hi place, to a fmall uninhabited land raled
hSpanuh auantages tO themfelver n come co ni.lrai y hi other than thcy tifed to be in Roche Verde, or the Creen Rock, where tll.
Alcala, Jth e D The Marquio and Marchlonerf Jamaica before the war Nonrc Packet was lof on her return
anf Mronta kgro, atcompanin d by fever t o o f the no. It i trite oe pt .itian Hiln, anyd in othlr part of o-
Ia g to S.l ne:r g nmt l ltance from the lho5ethe7uaorai
to the a theatre. The proccifon was, opened o if u te Jaica price m e d Mr. Bralthwatte went down in hir
party of horf ainl to iotit the pnrp e of ion, fo i at wot ld be s url,.ro.e to .p. A Ie go an remained near two hons under water clou
their vilit was to adert that ya lady, aed at Jamaica at the ol price, he the price in could not meet with any thing, although tlhel
yer, t o the Mrqideg s houlold. T y ere foloed America have va tanced ti cona ierably. Io bi t of the 'ingo ve aut deetie
yPhlfophv and the Belle Lictre'. The Unicerl- ver, the planter having it i Iris ptio n to o anyt aluae articles driven n

April. The th and 5th see pa d i philo r cion h ttrm i i n aThiswvor. IM PORTT
phical exercifes The learn L member K of the houe coulddo te an tue o us, o f e ancyil crew, t covered fitb

UlThe l comanyp hainy, w er af rpl the coul v td thm en trth t S E T DO 0 UzD.
Uiverfmny comefnct were afonolid at tie extensive Amricn a C i ,cto us, wn countrymen, who, in the omente

aD n Co fo .the ."n y aftr f... rence to all other ,tipsandmatcrent urrenc p SUPE INE lour in Pickled co un t
knowledge and eloquence of the il luftri os candi-. Whie oak waves at Philadelphia 7 bare o frtin themelves with P otatof
date, in the Greek, Latin, French, Italian and Mu llow llthe orm e rcr rg e o o etrein to their friends were, ith fu
Spanifft lAnguagea. On the or7 of MIR 6, ...............mer charges j 9 if retrrie r a r

s*.! etC n on a da f miance o fcoena o t hecir taMtt a1date Cyder na bal. Cflt o I ed fo.m
Spanih ng a. On he m of the th, At fame time if the eonignmnt tt tG that andidrerl yountr, from ElE
.the day appointed far her amifo tte there de. Id Rmn ttaeele rnrto, f.aeate
greens, the Do trs and Profrleftos oD Univerty, chargesforfal ts and remittance tn btevelir'retuors n
to the amount of 'eu, aiennsmhl.eJ the palace, &c. is H ag per cent. vempin ill, andwhich grows pltntin ll at
totleamounVtr ofs158, &C. ais'%I peroenth. te5 "" bl
and ra tged themselves in order to accompany Ireaer pr
to he trar. Th ro n was one by caed Cdhear, has lately been dieoverd to
party ofhorf an ltoot, with the band behlin-in T is therefrre plain that the m.ric n. r 'l4 rT 1 npermaneat and vigour to cel rs
to the Marquais, houiold. They were fiillow'ed afraid to carry on that trade (even fapnpll it counts from the merchants and dyeveral autheint
by a fuperb Itandard, on which were richly em- remained is their option to take run or nos on Britain, is likely to produce conlrderabler
broidered the arms of the family, with a Do hr', terms fo advantage to the pn as con.liul tare to the cotton, l and woollen I'
bonnet, azureand argent, in tile place ofthe croft' in the f,)rcgning propo tion3. "1"u wa ch tlrn- Use to the stton, linen, and woollen
y teoropoition. To whsichitie pro-rt. rles.
supported by two gi, Ttth trhe hieroglyphwei of p ,)f wil add another, vi. t.
Minerva, on the other tide tile cypher of juzmart t That ary planter who may iv to hve
and Ia Cerda. Next cane the Univertit, pie- 4hi Ti t nlat hi r (infyll d of
ded by their Chancellor; tire Univerfity Eri Iirrgfle IhalPrieave it done without adiUitiassa In Ik sc vc SCSI I5aHh NtO.jT
and the CandIdate walked between the rank,. The eaipencji(rovihed they will deliver their indent I3 I sB B SON 1 4
prochiion was elofed by the tmily carriage, early en 91 in the feacon. to that the fhllp maBE 'D0
The company having taken tieir places, the arrive bfore Chuimas ad will agree to r~itpatcu At Ho the W SI'S OcoUs,
ceremony commenced with a dlcourfe delivered by I faid ihips with tirli of the crop to Engla0d, in pee- lour rn IPickled ih :
aDodor, Cosiatehor of the Unileelayl, after ference to alt other Chip., and at current rat Iof Flour in I PclotPtohs
which the Candidate took the oaths kneeling, and freight for ime bin
madc her onfhaon of faith with exemplry prety. And In order to Ilew that Chey are f7fter and Oyl nkegs Oniolls
on her head I nralaced eteooal to Any enkagemat theY.ray cater into, mon Afejn And a-few-
fued. and the mol- they will ond unexceptionable frcuirity fo the per- Cyder Inbatels A Cornd Serfs
titude experoaatheir uati fan5,on by repeated ac- formance of covenants oa their parit, and at feme Cdr I Corned
clamtatone. The Chancellor these proposed to the time requiring it from others. .ndian Mal ina I
young graduate the question ofthe 4th Council of tarre, Joune ap. The hlttesCeaerah, by T BE T
Carlhc-W~rsur/ansv, qsananiszrrtn &de, nRetollution dated the agd Isliant, have gAven us WeT i0d,
dit rapairdawd;ilierer toro Ifraa pnsPrnofaasa, in -the fiollohing explication, requested bytheIndia PLA. A Na
pss1ihcu Ardcrnjeia If e morsntecd the roeft and Company, welatiec to the tiath rtticle ofthe pee- a ocu
nuchinenned She affirmatIve Ide of the qudion with liminaries concluded at Plaris on thead of Septem. Who Sale, ap
turning thinks to the lniverfity. At night there lic:t
were Illuminations, a concert and rapper, at which This article contain engagementonthe A oPaou HJesd5
ponaoinjuly. wer e pre'ent part of the States, and which confequentlyl nee to reader them ystiil
'een handed about to the pllng r OPOaS have the Eaft-India Company a51. not to trouble or oea
Isatutet ia Leaden. ndian licas, in order to fulil U4ia eOpgemlt, it WILLIAM

ASSAU, OCTrBa ~g9.
.i a report in drcaation here that
Catholic M*Ceaiy Charles dAd in
r atd thI hit R ceeffor had mard
gsomncnc t of his reign, by diliasdl
ie Couad, every pcrfon In t lste
'i, Carolna, Grant, is daily ealieed
iI RSr n From
,.kho. Lion, Smith Havana
Skheo. Nanc, White, Go~rlo
t. Brig nn, Brow, ditto
S Scoo. ufinnah, Devereaun, New York

choo. Amelia, Mortod, St. Thome
Skhoo. Sally, Berry, Jamaica
Brig Fanny, Brown, Jamaica
Sloop Sally, Cole, Carollna
Sloop beafae Anti'st
khoo. Antelope, Randall, Ch=llion

BISA (yfemaki) Seitemhr as. W._have
re advices by the packet, that a royi arrest
blifhcd at Paris on the y1th of Julr lab,
tas caused no fall alarm in the political
.-This arrest prohihtts the fale of foreign
d, partI'ular t hngijf, txcCpt horfes, wool,
,de, tanned ox a.d calvel kLnl, cows hair,
,yellow and white wax, coals, faulted meats,
ia bottles only, glue, horn round or flit,
hat teeth, copperau, dying drngs,initrument
lt nnv art, unwrought tin, llpbhuilding tim.
nd naves.-The goods prohibited, on pain
onfifcation of the cfelits. and so,ooo livrcs,
ali fadicry ware, hats, hoflery, woollen cloths,
dlwire, polished Reel works, except tools, toge-
r with all chriytal and glal..-No rank dr quali.
ito exempt any petion from the punishment
,ribed for difubedience of this manldae. The
SKing efpccially forbids ally person in his
i doms to write over their door, or flop,
Saarehoufe for Englilh Manufaturea," on pain
dlying 3000 livrea; and thofe who have fuch
saifiatons already written over their Ihops, are
nred to deface the fame within eight days of
li publication of the ordinance in question.
A nore jealous rivalry feems tobe breeding be*
twen France and Great Britain, than has been
orwn for ages panft The recent at of parliament
fr preventing the exportation of hay to all foreign
pns, particularly to hofe of France. and the
taking off the commercial treaty, which was
padiag between the twocountriesa by the Britllh
qat at Paris, are measures which have given
pt offence to the Court of Vcrtf.illes: On the
othe fide, France has not been backward in fhew-
lbghr resentment at there proceedings, of which
tkarret forhijding the file and consumption of
bEli thgoods; the peremptory refufal of a Prench
Ccer, at the express command of his Court, to
y the ufual homage to the Britih flag in the
channel; and the nugh'y preparations for war
car)ing on in all the ports of rance tare friking
auratie-s. ..
N3twithlanding theft broad indications of ho-
ilty, between the two greatest maritime powers
te world ever law, we are inclined to believe, if
s dare hazard the conjecture, BrRt adverting to
lie ruirous Rate of the finances of both countries,
hit there will not be a war for federal years to
come; except upon grounds ten times more rela-
kThe la(f letters which were received from France
Iforc the packet left Falmouth, contained po.
yve account that the grairs, in every part of
tt kinnildo-. were under the necllty of knock.
lit their cattle on the head, for want ofproven.
r to feed them, and that freh beef was then
Ailing, in moft of the capital cities of Frances at
ut b/penny pr pound.
Sy a gentleman of veracity, lately from Cape
Iranoil, we ate affured it was confidently report*
td In every polite circle there, that iooco regu-
hr troops were under orders, in Old France, to
abark tor Hifpaniola, whofe arrival was daily
'ie fame Gentleman has alfo informed dto,
thathe late hurricane has been general, and very
lst, in Hifpaniola.-Cape Francois, Port au
Nrace, Jeromie, Jacomel, and Aur-Cayea hit
particular have fuffered immense mifcfief.-Great
lumber$ of buildings both in town and country,
nlt been blown to the earth-many veireli wreck
l"d i the different harbours,-every plantain
tree in the land cut down by the fury of the
ttae, and many va l lives were loft.
"tdihances have lat been publlled th, ought
t rnch Weft.jia Iflands, to funprcs and
or n under pal o con~fea*
Se t godIand rironmeat of perfona.-
l"mTeria are particularly pointed at in thefe
~" td emih, which has giim ift to various

Is the Brig ltasfsm a .. nIsamoo, fber
AND TO 11 L 0,

At his STin s BAT.
Far bA. ir uwi.

At their STIo son rt Cap. OIonoI
A LaMe and Celsfti lment dof B10R-
aL a AL
ONDON rticul ipre
Maddeir Wine, by i B.ct ad Park is
the quarter calk or do to '
smn in ditto
Ditto Maket ditto T in Ke
Sherty ditto Paats and Oil, Sop
Hgh prnof Jamaica ad AnchoerandCables
We.lindliaRumin p mn. Rice in tietces.
dchone and hogihead i &c. ce. Tc.
Which they will diflnfe of, on the mot reason.
able Terms, for Go4, od JBills eJ SZxhawb e,
or Ptiwser.

In tIe Shij MEacurv, Capt.Jons GILLlSrie,
from Lonolo
On the man Re bl it, rm.,
Wuotas and RtTlAL,
or C Billsf xhaie, Coeat, Braalento
Pnd hrer Dniadw .
SUPERFINE ad %ritinFaper, Wl taad
SClothe & Trimm, s Wafer
Coatings, Dufilt. & F es Womeon Silk StockLigs,
Role & common Blan t Gloves and Mitts
White. blue, green, d Ditto white and coloured
red Flannels Lelther ditto
Green and blue Baizes India Perfitr-, Green, blue
Surtout and Watch Co white & black Sarfenet
SailoJackret, Trowfera Mock Quilting, Cotton
Frock and Shirts Counterpanes
Irilh I.ini 4-4 7.3 & 3-4 erfian iqilts, Scarlet
wide Cardinalsa
Dowlis. I ong Lawns, & nkeens
Brown Holland k and coloured Sewing
Rufla and Irilh Sheetilca ilks
Camhricki, clear Lawns bateen, Crepes and
Needle wrought ditto ncet Stua
Apron and Handker. A riero of faftionabl
Printed Calicoes & Cotton M l e and Pillows
White end brown Jeans Slk Lawn and Muela
and Jeanette dkerchiefs
Linen and Cotton Checks H. 11. & Andrew Play.
and Stripes l. Cards
Silk, Threa d dCotton 4, ro. Ud dcJ, Nalls
Stocking C Cut and Hand Saws
Dauran Calimanieos and B -AxedA ardHatchets
Taummie F ioenable Shoe, Knee,
Printed Handkerchiefs A And Steek Bucklei
I ShaIwl auffenr
Oneaburgs and Cott Cattesu, & Pen-Kilves
Bagging shot from No. 4 o 6
Tapes, Hanover Late Lof Sugar, Black Pepper
Nuns Thread from No. IZ Poland Starth, Scented
to 60 Hair Powder
Coloered and Oznabrig Mould and dipt Candle,
Thread Turpentine Soap
Mens, Youths, sad Chit- Sallad Oil, Mallard
arem eoloured & black Natmeg Cinanto
Hlate Cloves and Mace
Mens Boys, Gira and IHyfe, Green and B
Children Shooe and Teas
Pump Raifms, and Cearrn
Women Silk and Cali. New Ree Butter
maned ditto Ca Porter
Bibles. Tefitment and Double Gloueatee
Spelling Booksa Ac. Ac. c
A L S 6,
A few PuncheeomJemaica and Windward fiand Rum
Mef Beef and Fork, Ship and Pilot Bilket
Madeles nd Sherry Wine, Ac. Ac. Ac.
GEOROB KEMP employed to attend
fuch American Loyaifts n this town and neigh-
bourbood, na may bh occalofn for medical
aftancee, and are uai to provide themfelve
therewithi and thatto all ich, Medeinee, Wine,
ndeery thing elfe that Jbe necefary toward
their recovery, wll be p dd, on applicator
being made to thoeDoa for that p .
N B. AlliStraXn la diAref, ofany other
defcrlptto, will be attended to.
N 0It, O slrSt its'

In the ISh Mancur PAhe r, Capt. los
,LLSaPI, from L111DO1e
WHOLtals8 nd RTllL.,
By Falconer, Slirrff, & Co.
S At their STOm a the Bay.
D OUMI.B and dgiel Ladliweaa
reld Loaf Sgar ik Pmertilu
Hyfoi, Sear Ccardlae .ermfbd
Gnae I T Fle Walew at wrel
Souchong afIA" A tgreanrt v riebt
b**s* erwink and TwaM
Current and l aiesa Mode., a aet
Brow and Whit ger Black, blua, Veet a Ma.
.. Cludy suem Talttin
Sso. Fig Blu, Beardh Ms CyrO. DrC=
Cinnaon, Nutmegss. ad tmds Nit" Coatn
M ptf, fist claub amu l d, lslld Ol Sttiped Ga es
PlCkle, Ketehnp Womei Stays
Barley, Splite Pe L d Mterrm Shoe
ak e d London botdld French
CPorter Ditto Ca black
Madeira, Port apd Sherry &c ared
Wine V W fie Lathe
Mes Beeasad moc p
Turpentine ope i o ar d Cei bed Me.
Linen Check. and tripi sha s
sforted i te ead serfea esi
Puronire Cheek oathsb and Boys dit
Bed Bonn. Ticklng en s eBoot
.Dved and India Jens and ne waxed Calf hies
Jeao*el omnens net Cotst. ad
Plain end Siured Dimirdes Thread Hore
Royal and imperial Rib = en dito ditto
Qiltinsi real nd mock ena Woasnu 3k do.
Cotton Conterpane omans coloured Oloes
A great variety of Printed sld Min
Linen, Chintz, & Calli- habit and an ditto
co Gown Patetens Womn black and white
Ditto of Printed and Cot- Silk ditt
ton Handkerchiefs itto Walt and Italian
34,. 7-8 and yard wide Brown Camblet Bee
Irifh I innes CloeS
Set' of Chirte Borderine Cotton Setteae ckee
Strired Check and plain Frmnie Swandiin ditto
Mullins keave Great Coats
Spric'd & Needle wrought Cheek and Linen Shirt
ditto Yard wide Rffled Shirts
Book Muflin Linen. Ticking, Duck A
Maflin Net, & IJaonets CanvaTrwfera
Book Mullin and Needle anvos Procka
wrought Handkerchiefs Pearnought Great Coast
Lonan d clear Laia Ready made Breeches
Fine Cambricks Jesa and Cambtet feir
Britannilas Coats
Nankeens Purple, blue, pink, and
Brown and white Ruasa black Durant qilted
Sheerin.r Petticoats
Brown Silefias Tne black Hats
Hakaback Plain and fcented Hale
Spotted Lawns A Gauess Powder
Small Shawls Hard and (oft Pomntas
Tible Cloths, 5-4 and 0-4 Powder Banes sd Pah
Coarfe and ine Ounce Lavendar Water >
Thread G Oauber Salts, Ipe acua
Oznaburg & Taylor'do. Camomile Flower
Oenallurg RhIubrb, Cream of Tatr
Sail Cloth, No. I to 4 t
superfine Black Cloth Liatfeed Oil and Palae
Blue ad Other falhiosl Pitail Tobacco
coloune ditto China Ware, conffling *
Blue Caffia re Peoter Mua, Tea Pete
White Plannel eamell'd Pint Baefena
Black, white and blue I pint enamen'd C
Tammies naucera, ad Breatal
Ditto, ditto Deranteu eatt
Sattinetts, Detifmse Oltf Ware, Yell Ware
Mourning Crpes Tin WOe
Boumawen, CabSht Hard end Ctlery dSit
There eMist Bilnoete An Aforemeat df tBa.
StipekdTAiiy. Malraie muenery
Hat feather difere t 6 6, 8, ro, e. eod a"S
and tolourn Spik Nalle
Coarre and fine thrad Gn Poder
Eding Shot No. to 6
Ditto Thread Lace Pumn Leatr, Oake
Black Lace. Tape$ Roll ShoeiLead
Lawn and Love Hader Deep Sea Line, L da
chiefs Hnaabro' do. Fl6il dl
Black Thread OGne st Swg sa
Shirt Buttone and Mesda Cord*.e
White Chappel Needi eQs. &e.
Pound Pandaper Pin
Which with their fo r Alertment, wil1 e sd
nem roa ble Teas..
T" BuE ubfcrlber ail ts a lar qi a lMs
hogsay,1nme of whick "h JifR* rirnrc
trhich he Intends to codeau r to A a d
on the Bay to the ward of ei
Efir's and will be landed as M i .
Reunse'| and If anyTM a M
of the fame kid ,tc ine n := to
they may take any thlycal pve. to be tho
pra.irty. payiog charop sOl o
0401r ls '?St.

l)EBATE in the Houst of RrasIs TATITYE
friday, S'l.pairs r 30, Jlls.
A MESSAGI was recevvad from the Go wnot-
,omnpnied with feral official peps i trom n
y, e,: ordered that the, heb rfelcda to a conmittcr
Than the boule resolved Itfel into a committee of the
d Pendleton taking d the i. it was b red
tlhat t committee eteatwrda left undecided the
I rpufiion uf Chancellor fitthe, It woul4 be, there.
fore, proper to take it up p in ; to do thi h W ni
eapedtency, Mr. Il B w lted the Chancellor would lay
hi propoiotn, ia writaig on the table.
The Chancellor asm forward, with a ind ofgene
.-alnropoition, containing four parts, viz. tor pro-
hibting the importation of Negroes for fur CAu
To mt 83,ooot. of P.aper Mony, in Aptml.T Lop
the o-eration of the ksw fo fix monha.t-l o make
the taxes for 1787, recevable in thi moneO elt. .
D,. kamfy went ioto thI calculation ofor foreign
sad domellic debt; and moved that the fum might be loo,oool. and that p. t of this ftu be appro-
rinaed to liquidate, ua far as polfibi, the national debt,
alid the other part to reduce the indcaua a fa ft it
caunr into the treafury.
Mjajur Pinckney did not approve of draining the
trec ury of revcy fCilling, as was pro]foed. There
were rlinims on the government that ought nt be paid
in any thing but nto.y.
Mr. Snah woadered much at the dilindliton that
this money was not tobe a tender in law, then why
take it a tender at at? Precviou to the committee
coming to this refolutioa they ought to eal! fort an ct.i-
nrite of their expcnce., and fee what furplus there
would be after Il clain were paid. There had been
much faid about pain the civil lift in this money,
but thi, was an ex pola ftao law to all intents and pur-
rotle; for we had eic ed gent!cmen into offices, and
inlead of paying them in fpccia, as was undriltood at
the time of their elcian, now we meant to present
them with paper After this what gentleman of abilities
would accept an o ae is thu government ? He obfer-
ved, that if the merchants wee to pay the whole of
their dlutii in this money, there would not be any com-
pe.tion, which might happen if the rum was fall.
('l ncellor Meat ews aid there was a dillinoion
necK&l y to be remember cd, that was between the pay-
mctu of taxes and duties ; as to thle effldc of deptecia-
tien with regard to the civil lift, ftrely the legillatute
could make up the deficiency.
Caanecllor Rutledge wilhed entlenmen to keep in
theit minds the purpcte for w Lich they had nm t. It
was not to fpcnd tinim i f:u;tlels and unvalling difcti-
fion of fubjecs, that when carried into eflcfa could an-
fwer no good purposes whatever. Such was the pre-
fent propufition in agitation. The Govern-r, by his
aff ge, had recommended in the present
1i uati. an of creditor and debtor. low had tie committee
tiken up this Why by long debates upon a paper
emifnion a measure that va ludiFrous, bccaufe it was
not in their power to efabliih funds for its redemption.
For his part he willed tr get rid of this lropolitio, as
he was fatisfed mtol of the members, a well as him-
Self were completely fick of it. If wecould eflablill
our credit, put that on afubitantial bails, we might then
(be in to emit paper money; but until then, to do this
was to raife a bubble. Was not the present piper
money every day depreciating Indents for 1785 very
much fo, and yet the Committee were grave!y in deli-
beration whether they should not iffue in ents for 1786!
It will be time enough to do this at our next meeting,
when we can know whether the taxes have beln paid
for 1785, nay thofe for 1784, Au they ought to be at
that time. It had been observed that we will support
ths new paper, creditby making good the deprecation.
This would be highly nectiary, for there could he no
doubt but what is would depreciate, and alo bring
down the other indents. We had been talking of lup-
posting public credit for thefe three years paio, and in
this time our indents had been fold at to for I. It was
ludicrous enough for the committee, met to remedy the
prefeat urgent diflreffl to fpnd their time in deter.
mining what would be proper to do in Ail'! Let
gentlemen endeavour to compel the payment of taxes,
and not teaa themselves with futile and inaginary
fchemua, that could not pofbly be formed into any
public benefit.
Mr. Pringle thought when getlemea of high c a-
radter for integrity Mna abilities flood forward with
plans for promotingpublic good, it did not become him
to make ibjetion but with great refper and diffidence.
He thought, however, the duty that he owed his con.
lituents, called on him not togive a silent vte upon the
present occasion. He coincided entirely with the honor.
rable and learned gentleman that floke laWt, that the
goveotrr's menL ge ought to he the rft objed of their
consideration,, It was true the public ealamitie were
grat-It was true they required a fpdy remedy. How
then tha.emedycould b bbe applied, was what they
were consider. He obferved that this counts
differed e nature of its government from m
others; eermnt received its port ad efficacy
from the r atee which the people poffed for the
laws. W ere under no kingly i neace, liable to
no monarchical ditin The law we ll adminired
was the foundation ofoau happinef. What thenpre-
vailed at the prenft time !-Anarchy and confuoan!
'his melancholy pl4ure preafcted ifelf to the view of
thule who had fec td us in our independance.-le is
then come to this-fe foon I befDor the woumds are cal-
ed of thofe bnas Uon rho hasv bled to fave their

cnmtry! Hi fp* th m opIuly, h eciehe wIh1d t Thialltve em y 4a,eBL
present direfa fhoild be minuely enquired iN, 1 May most, whkih yom
order that prudct iI edunl relief might be adme 11ini- 6 a prl d ide or and
eed d. ht liaties in a p olitic, ad the 4oA OL t. be heta
th fame opertion a e body naiaL A an ina thete State le
dee td lf pplyi to quacks tand mpirictP C, ht Lo l
rein opiates tor hiepreft Ail but int wording Ot Mle l P t%
ad, the medicine ld enervatoe a ruin his Col, nd o oa rei'-
utisna. With rrt so paper money, he thought tend to Ak til w Pl I
there w no wa n which it could thes we fe to o Ain
emitted without d ating for its credit depended He bUd t tlt l e
upon caufe which were incomptent to eoarce. to the h ll price of es
The legiflatui was power to which the people the frequeqoa F
looked up for redref their gerievancee but there vaetlo, which appease
were thlnl which far d te legiflati.v ability to hole, he took e i
gruat. if the leifiat ud already made a paper l'hilsmafau hll, weV
emiflion-lf they have onwe will redee thi enaiion wouldd e iamnd ly.
with gold end fil era ld they do m e for thi- i and they muf, have It
could they commndxi ueulusiuating of all fuduating be e ape~ l He was f
thin -public credit LThey would referable that vain. lo,sl.
glor ous king. w to the feI, hither thou alt Mr. Single replied
o, and no farther. glad, where credit is ao Mr. Snth ild, the
rted r fuch an cr a banker lands in twimatiod brfincfs in thecommlttee,
only in propoetionhe e is fuppofed capable of com- i fable which he bad r
nmanding fiecie; him become once deficient, he wae of a sown, that ft
will conceal himl til he can no longer wrthtand flood in danger o being
the calls o bim n h id then woe be to the lal bill were called together to
holder -It wa va oraethat we counidever ihav which it could e fortifed
any vantage from a paper currency, or that it could a done mafon, who cthoe
be:onie a circulating medium, no long as the balance second a reyloar the thi
of trade was gainft us. While r thie misfortune iood dirpsatcled ; oe ltef wa
What can ,ur merchart make their returns in? Not in however, whilit the peop
prnduce, ifesure in onme places they would fuflain a tor, the enemy came tad
Iois nor in bi:l of exchange, for they would return tion was the Cnmmittee.
protenied. They had then no alternative bat to remit in the cobler.-An obf nm
fpecie, to drain the country of what littlalone, was opinion delivered by his 1<
in it !-r.Hard as wo thi would be, g t the mulor., view m increase of bun
tunc e ndoubtedly wee, he confeffed himfl inadequate thout this eiceedinel
to the talk of deviling means to prevent it. That mol gentleman it well that he
enliyhtnied and fagacious minister, that politician, view or wilh, than to
wh ae nme ii to reared in France, the Iamous Coul cnuntai. The idea for fut
bert, ufed to remark when the balance of trade fiould one, burin its tradenry wt
be arainil any country, Af if a wall encircled that cafe when executions we
country, if there could be lifrovered in h the wllone the riinal debt ad th
hole, the money would find Ito way through it-Hie ccive, the epences whit
then went into a defiription of the naturcife 4culation Papur Money is of two fo
in several latest before the revr.lion. Returning aela that forn which has no fu
to the fubjed, he alkedm whopvill be l, icrited by the tion. Such fort of money
propoled remedy ?-the fpecukator only! Thl.h lelplcfs to prewrntthis, be made v
widow, the innocent child, Ae unfufpcrSlingp rtaier, this would be the cafe; n
hbuy in hs agriculture, will fill a prey to th.fe who depreciated already; the
have leo1 lciT fealfing on t1 vital ot the people. As wtre all taking precaution
to the fanuoii:e enprtatiecas forntcd that this nimcafure ond, every contrast had
would Ie hnetori ial to the dlntry p ioe, how could taking it in any fhlpe whi
tlil be ? 1 I.ry cAn git mf ey for their pro!uot as it quncer, finoe this paper
ir.-fo that ii this moncy s not depreciate, they uill public attention, fpecie I
only receive one fort o money inlead of another. As many gentlemen had
With reirard to (hitti gip the courts, he was of of pi- tion of their conflituents, i
union with a gentleman ho fpoke yeftcrda, that this to pay their taxs a* oon
event would bring an cbatiunal bankruptcy, and then doubt this to be the cfe i
what uaition would d d with, or place confidence in, that he had the honor to
barnruptsI The fufppding of jiflice, it a compleat tion was prevacnt; the o
ann;hilation of goverlont Itideaod the advocates for pie CtpicJTcd, wea with r
thI, vinlcrt measure palliterd the indignation that money. He was fenfible
na'urlly arofl on itlbeingfet forth, by flaing that its called fo perfnt relief,
dliation heould blalimited; but could they, or any remedies within the poW
othll fet f ment pigd e thefuelvte that thia evil prece- nmd. As the prefect evi
dent might not again be put in practice when the power foppnfe the pons were t
f any fapioeupaqy became predoninant -It might would be a certain, thou
be epecled, that who haid been fo free to cenfurc relief. But this, joined to
the plans of other heuld afift the omie com with a faler, w uld produce a c
plan *f his own. tie did not prefume to far, but he fiould feel the happy sei
wiihed to throw ouas hint, that wea to flay executions, Commodore Glilol hevi
for a time. Thisprcedure was simple, but be thought and informed' the commit
irtwould be expedlen and, therefore, submitted it to verfation with feveral ge
the candor of the cola titte. that they would take Spe
Commnidre Gillon fidt that it might be deemed the planter made no difli
extraordinary that he roysjs an advocate for the pro- for paper or cal ; the ct
position then be wra the Cotrmittee, for recommend- position, and thereby pre
ing special indentc to he ifued for the amount of the with thrm.
interen due on our public debts, and for one tenth of lMr. P. Colhoun rofe a
our principal, when he had yesterday opposed the iffti. tion had been made betwe
ing paper money that had no apparent, folid fund for money; adverting to e I
it redemption; but his propl fion yefterdaly dded to speaker early in the dubati
the rum of 4o00,0ol. wu in (o jorae a manner, that great fitifaedion to his col
every hearer mult have been fatised he could not be tribute to eftablifh a favou
in earnest ; for he obfervd, that if we meant to pay new emifion that might b
our debts In paper money o to relieve every one, we the dormant paper money
nutft fiR enquire what every citTien was in debt, and of 7o, So, or zoo, for st
I'n ife ucuch aifum, aI was adequate to paying off food, the lears of t": pPei
ti whole. He liked ery much the propofalmade by ed; that a burnt child d
anilon. Gentlemen of ruling too,oool. in the manner ben of perMois had much
whih he intended; and then went into allowing nl the efficacy of fopp
flarement.of th nte pre e of our funds creating a rum of money
State debt wea at our lft hitting calculated at t,laocoool. a, a salutary latuefre.
tereft thereon Is 84,ooL On the question being p
Our taxne fiould produ c 4,0001. place on the manner of it
Our revenue about 4ooool. was put on Dr. Racfay's
h 114,ooo1. of toonool. indeed ofl
The special indents now out, amount to about 40u.00o. original motion wae the
Call them in, ifue new ones, modeled to the present there being IS for it, and
idea of being received at the Treafery in payment of Thu Houfe was after
all dutles and tame, (btt by no mean as a tender In man of the n tte enl
payment of private deb,) is 4000ool. tion was mnde forlenve
Itee ifpecial Indents fe .lth
of the pindpl dek, i W no.0ool. A e
Me isn sall grdoool W ANTe D t
Tour taea being rei.ved, A GOOD handy 1
o e- ,aool .l and a his BuSiso
Towrr reveTne i oaoL about a ftore and carry
4,00oo0 commended for hil boa
of the Printer.
enoL0 Otoher lS, Ills.


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out PXI.W
coyt wh

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