Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 15, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00010
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Vot. II. L



5GA Z-4:TE.


From S ATURDA Y OcTOBEt 15, to S ATU RD AY,, OctoaER 2, 1785.

NAssAU: Printe JonN WELLS, at the Printing Oflice on the BAt.
I Iy

For the BAWAMA GAZE'TTE e xccdl"g a hundred in a tribe, who have noom.
ation with each other, except whvtertlne
r. t0 AMERICAN LOYALISTS filed in gts cnped in hoftiltiec with thole fahvag
NOVA.SCOTIA and N>w.BIUwituWIC. i ediately adjoinlng to them; anti as it appears
GmnTltaItN, they live entirely on the fra ecaft for the can
THE extraordinary circumstances whic ak e of hinS, it is very improbable that the
Seduced you to fettle In your newly adop ax Plant thmuld hare been canided to the fouth
countries, have universally attradled the pu eitis of tho, i.tands,*where it Is faid notto
attention. The greateR expedaations hare r naturally; which laft is hot ever an afer lion
formed from your industry, adivity and former n0 proof, as thofe parts ia hardly been ex-.
habits; and your friendsimake no doubt that t, o ored in any manner. The ftc's of the ilaut are
fame firmnefs and vigour of mind, which proma "- undoubtedly to be had frontm t King's :'aidnsa;
you to appeal to the word in the late ercee if f", a ttial how far they would l iScced with you,
perilous war, will he as confplcuous Inyour txcr- w"ltld ncithlcr b difficult nor txprrlive. Should
lions in the peaceable, bat Important walks of it aafwer, ittwould be a force or rvft opulence to
agriculture and commerce. your provincee.
The contradirory accounts which have been Fiom the defcriptina of this F'ax :ren above,
given of yur provinces, ferve only to ftew, that It i tv:dtntly oe o ithe nc Iftl plaIts thit
they porrIi, in common with otlier cilintries of 4 i yct knoeiia an.d If in d into ay
contlil rable extent, a variety of foilk, good and urt of the Britith iloninions, ild aliic, in it.
bad. It is not doubted, that their fevcre and boifl- b 'nicial efl csL, amply pay ui the expricnc of
terois climate and prefcat uicultivated fltte, ma. the different vuyagcs to the bSe h Seas.. It f.ems
be productive of many ineoncvenincer hut it is on he of that nature as to piomife to fticctcel
gtenrally I.elived that no fet of coloniftl coai'l Ina variety of climates, aid woi;ilpprohahly.nflwc
hive been f ind lu r0.ll adapted as oourfcle~v, Alto a far South rmuJ as trnulra, ar i evea pr iiars
to furrmount fe' i diificultie. in the liahama's; for Mr. Forlir r ft:ticr tlls uis
, Lumi lr in tie Elft place, and in the nert pro- hatl in Oaober 1774, aimnweringv to Aphil in rlr
aiifnns, flock, and the produce of your fliheric hlrnilhiitic. Capt. Coolt rifrenvered a l;.11l il nd
will doulitltl' furnilh l:rge fundt for exportation li 1 ,, a, S, t. anid t16, is, E. in whkih he
to the W(ft lrIns. To the grains and other ar- tay*, tht proluitions of Nrw Zealnd, wirec
ltil cultivate I by your neighbours, whi h will uPited to thoeof New C.lddonia al:l ihe Newc
rompofe the chief articles ot your agriculture, I Hebrides, for the cyprefi of the o,e, and tlhe
latinr mynfif .t may be in my power to point out cabbage palm which we !.,0! freti in the ltt-
to on a new obiedt, at present uncultivated in ter, fliorifhel here in thr greatcft prfi tf-ion.
anvycountry,v which will probably lit yourclitnate, The grateft titn:mixr of lp:es whIi we met
ard which, vhenrTvr err wlrcvr it is raised a rv-i:h, were well known ti) iv .,s brlonrin"- to
trading people, will r tolt Alvllehlly Cr,. Iil a i* ' l. f re./ i. ot !? a 'l
..- wii a rthe aIinn h
tar .;icle ofcomtmncre', and in partitit!larlay open nta h a i.r
a new ai ainmp fld Bcli fr the exercife of the inrc- "and as exuberant foil could give them, The
nuity And Ikil'of themanuRadurcs of our mother New Zealand-Flag nhot talks eight or nine feet
ortury, v.) are hihllurt unrivalled in the genial" high, having flower much larger and briihter
evxell< ncc'f their filic. Ti e tclt1i Ialliide ti, than we had fern in Qnccn C1', *loltte' Sound."
is tih 1: a Plant of New Zealind, the knowklldg I will make no apology fer ofr~ing this Plant It
ofuh1,1i w, owe to the ingenios titanifth who your confid ration, which not hll bit mny ernlei
accur pa.nid Capt. tc.,k in his fiift royaec of wiih for your pofpertty could have fugetfllrl.
dilrcorv'. It t thus dcferihcd by'Mr. fornci, who -A JAMAlCAK PLANTElr.
went with tha celebrated unsitator on hir ficond Ta,'r"ic", 7rtr 3o, star.
voyae: -" 'rh> Flag, (pbirmiriun tnai' ol ulhicli
"' th New Z4.tmliles make all there haths, J U. S T I M P () R E 1
Smate, ripts ant licts, affords flch ain txcdlicit In1 the Br:; FRIEinDSHlP, CaIt. .EDUOn, from
i kind otf lax, wh-h isat once glonlty, elatlin .nd NL'w-Yon l,
Strong, tha t it .ht become anarticleofcom. A N D T O nB s I. D,

** theircoirfcmaterialt,' xcc.lively flrong,fori, A Quantity of PINE BOA RS and CEDAR
- glory white, an. l tlhlhchl has been pre- l SHINcG.ES.
** pared in IPngland, has iT.t equalled (ilk ill A L S 0, I
SlItllre. It grows on all Lis5.,f foals, an:l bing A few Barrcls Sliprfine FLOUR, jnlt an scd
" percmnitl, requres frrce ay attendance or from Baltimore. ,
$1 care in the cultivation." T .O IN C I TI
Ifit be objeead that the ilamtnt has not PANTON, L 1 s.E
been found in the yuthern p.its, f New Z a- At their NJ w STo at t k Ba/H Ei Sf'C BAY,
land, whirh are in latitude tar.'fmiar with H A VE FOR SA
tilt of Nora.Scotia, it is to le rtrved, that A GENERAL Aflortment of E OPEAN &
the cold in the futhern hemilto hcr is much a. EAST-INDIA GAOODR S a .Ship Chan-
greater than in oum ; and that a gctjJ whi~ie dlery, lHardware, Grocery, CrkPWare, &c.
grows in the middle parts of New- iel.d with. which they will fell on tam unable terms
out care, wou'd probably answer isN ,-S coti a for Cati or Ptred ill BOAR S an
and New.Brunfwick, with the culttre irould A LL Perfone havn li it the tGlte
receive there. Indeed, it islimp,0 nbto beiith jA feofw Barrels S Hipetne FL d, are rve
certainty before a trial harbeen mad, nw w i- uetced to raider tloy atteiled, and
mate any tectable willnot grow. Theintr of indebted to mnke m payment, to
tion ofthe Irih potatlot, a they i re no r, nWILLIAM N Adm
from South Amerc in o Europe nry r wih OH D F ISTON0, t "
Raleigh, has furnished food for milic ln muc tL 1; p
grow well in countries, where Europeangrah To be Sdid b, Private Contract,
will nt ripen Yet i nlers experience hd litwn' LOT of LAh to the Wetfward, between
to he pradicbble, a curious enqurer old N tre Mr,.H o r'sandSA StaL0 CTS.r. ais er
have .Bruokd in k, the mout of Pcr for an ..l e y ituatd, frhnt on the water ide, and
lent oot to feed the half famlotod Tinhbitantro. on to thatched Cabins, a ood Garden
the Wetn I, e of Scotland.-lt i further to e n ed in, d Sile Ally in compleat order.
temarked that the barSaronl inbisutat tl t ~e- in, and a Skittle Alley In complete order.
remarked that the bairbronu inhabitistte of Ne (rt p to MAcN BOCK
Zealand are exceedingly few in number, feldo u fither 5la"f I h TOMAS NORTH.
% ( 110iS TOTH

SAtncrikan Intelligence.

S B 0 $Z Tt) N, Avors r-.
SA$T Frilday evenion, the aflfti-t eo f fde.
L men and inaiuia rrs ol thiii town met at
the Grcn )Dragon. A circular 'ettle was l11j
before them by their commitlre, to lt coamna m.
cand ,to their brethreni in the leiral t r a- e (4
trade ard ianufadares throughnu-t !t' UtVA.
States; iutormpntg them hat I ha" t e
adopted by the affociation of ith tuwU, amd the
aw paijed by this nfla in cooftqienor of their pr*i-
tion ; urging them to enter into a fluitar aFea.
'ion, anil requefing then to forward a pet '-o tj
heir f,%eial Icgillaturr, for the p.ipa d A:rg
,-lti a on ruh fpicie' of artdclrs a. err i er-r' -
fatured in thii country; a!lo a o t, ; c
is rcc;tmnicn: ld frunt the fevel art- -, 5 .4"
etabllhfhdt. 'The lreter wa, i.r.a, irn. F': pr-
vcd, and voted to be imm(dia.e'y 's ..'cj
Prefert SitAatin f- A'ws,.'vn aro-.
Publ'ic Spirit-gonetvis a-Sce.t.a in t c Me'-itr.
P/'ih,- ritue-for lalc at Ri. WI'.ltutr:', ,* e ,p
tl:h cheap.
C i,,r)ere.rr-fick of ihe cramp,
Ai'tn- ibld at wclndue,
i l";-.vll')ii hide and go-fcrk t Wcft-Poiat
la/'.r,.'!-tl.catroydl by an arlvo iu, L -..
M3 ,:v-aLfent on f urlough.
Mer,'.ant,-fcraping their nails, and dlet g 0
le eafy.'
Triad,/fire:- L:rncd linpkleelprt.
t""m'ir--l!dirtg the plagh, I.' il nk:-; hack-
G.wiv --n'rt!or;t her fate, 1it t rde.r r.w 0,
t, iiP .. 1. ,. e
er inlaace of the extreme droulrm!r the e-t
feafin iln I:urope, than the fol, wir,, w-.-t ;
feltkfcd out of a letter front a '.i. t I fe, eefte
in liIt commercial lire at P 1tu. "' *i *.l" .
-"4 You will fearce believe, Iht 'n a ciotry
ike 11 is, (watery by niaturet that we complaism
droualt; but iich is alf;ulutciy rte cafr at -rie -,
no tai having flJlen in th 1 n rty !r.r i -wir,*
of four months, ant" the cot.1.,'! tfI arfti; u.r.!s
have fio mptltd the Rhir., I.ouke, Mr:-i. ar,
Dertcz, that there are not in mnIr\ p'-i- :If e it
water to carry vtff Is over te faldi. t rtl4
aie iircommollv low; anrl, as a gprlcat ; i -'
mcron, at the Kiendrr )ycke "whh lt i ri--.' *
hifltry" frorn the circumlRazce f vil!t.r- ter,
overi,wled by its breaking is the yer iS' tre
waters arc fo low, that the very f -,ri,.' .
that vinptr dooi fabric is norw it" t- -, -.,
workmen are repairing it ii mravy p a c ,c a
circuminance has not itcllurre-'. Itte rr:--y o
the oclilc man r.iw I;%,rg ,n HI !art'
September I. Thc Citet tdc la P't oi r, '.,a
is appiit.tedl to comriari l anl itrI e Ipe 1, e
South Sea in featch of diicoterie I, the, if-r.
who during the course ofthe late wa-. w.v k"t
ag.ainfl the Ergliflt fittllemirni it H(n: s .'l a.
The plan of the new expedliniin is diawm i: .
the King of France h;nlclf, s hn tA tace- --t
the route which the Caunt is t. ; .r- 1 '.
Count is to correfpond dirrlly with L. Ms-:-,
and not witl hi mir inrers. B5 hIs 'iderr, h a
not to fail inth fame latitudelr t, u r wbl> rb t5e
English cirtAiiaViltatnors have aleaiy pa&J
aNd though 1. hto keep within the tropit5, t
M 'jfty is taht to brpe, that the Coust may
make difcocric in the iasnte Patf e (rer.,
which have hitherto efcaed the prv-n4
enaterring and patient n by Englard. Bythe Km,'s fnrci al et-wr o. te
Coust i not to lofe any tuinr n Rtt~nri ', t --
rcr the to ihg wifitedfor north wi ryaffa. H.
Captain cook hasderonfliratd that i .' es:P -*
all, it is le t datgerou*, ar.d c-rf*qurtI can
be of no life to trade ardl'
strmaB f a letter from hAr-:. Ir L-; aio
The follvoirg is lately rcerd rit' '. a ar-y
counptent pilot, and tle km, s; 'ge ,t .,' '"j te
of much ferice to the f(afa'rg fart of tc re

_ who were to rtefbdi$j 4cftA I Ali city hvin ees W .littelP l uilltIl
become,.what Madia'rwas before, t mmol important t k n
LITERARY ARTICLE I (th.g. fe.-otlina in l ndit T he Coue*tri*(e ip
.Maor a Calcutta, ofyinallv ihmiteo iorleui "l l LNIi ol mdl t
mereantilea4fes, which .ro I the itad neigh. to 11 con n of it
AcCOUnt, / bh BRITISH EsT-lNS COMPANI Y borhood, had gradually extended iteaurtdid l h u open that segow tii sU
l jDr. ADAM 8MITH .. theeateuton of the eapire. It wa now reduced ma ,o
FROM itol, or at least from I7zyl this Compay (inedte theoriginalylurpofeofit.lnfittion. lood .
being delivoud from all coompetate, Rd fully it, anew Suprem. 'ourtofjudicfcatuere lw*eftoli *
eltahlilhed in the mdno ly of the Engtlim nimer to 4, confiaio of a Chief ulice and thretuge. ; T l'to
th Eaft-Indies, carrietuoas ec let aiU and frm b appointed by the bCewn, In Istpen. n Br the t]O*hib
theirprofrs made snnuallylmoderate dividend totheir tion nceffary to entitle a proprieter to ote at .their i t a l sacUat P C( j
protpretor Duriag tl d reestdncbr wohl~h ben General Courts ws railed. front ve hudr, pounds, ar.LLlti. fh Lopoun
1741, the ambition of Mr. Duplix, the French Go- the originlprice ofa the ftockofthe CeOhll, A. D Tth OS IU '
e.-nour of Pondicherrt, involvevic em in the wars of toa thousand pounds. In order t, vote upon this W. 0 L
the Carnal i tkep of the Inn Prineu. cation it wn declared neceftry that he .# UwDS&ae al a RTArL.
After aRI lm u a4.itMqull. loF 1tre<, hare d it, ifucqtared by his own purchfe, Ud t fo lae fler Shirrff"
they Lail JoSeadrs, Jalt time tte rincipa not by t ritanc for Ie ore year,'inlead of ,t
fetlement i India. It wu reared to tat by the months, the tenrrequilte before. Thi Coual ., r. :4A ther dsIL
trtof ArlCh td I i pllti pirt twentoIour Direaore hT d before heen cholti t l w a ld
owatr and conua a t r ke' porfellion Of but k nit now n ena&e that each Dire&ofthld f iC
their fervantl in India, and never fnce to have left the tare, buchofen for four years fi of them, tow a i'
them. During the French war, which began in 1755, ever, to go oe of ulice by rotation everyyear, a dno \
their arms partook of the escral good fortune of thofe ea h .le of being r.chofn at e the r eledisa he A Souchong t ftgSa 5 I
of Oreat-Britain. They dfcnded Madras, took Pon^' w ie rs foro the enfuing year. hn cont ota n in
dicherry, recovered CalcuttL, and acquired tt r ave- etheu lterations, the Courts, both of the Prpriet aCur mn dts and -
nues of a rich and eutentay territory, amount ig, ito and flreors, it wa h epedled, would be likl th ib rown and White -W- .S
was thoe "aid, to upwards 1.three nlliot v yelr.a winore dignity and leadinefa than they hadA UfUr Ciudr .y e
They rfained for fever yt in quiet poIlifnof done Ifore. Butit ftn.. impolible, by any alters- Sage, Fil lot tgech S o'
this revenue: lut inU176?, Adminiflratio ladiAliil timns, to reader thore Courts in any reflt e r ClanMte tg. JrL
to their territorial acquisitions, and tiaes nty-Iw hfig vern, or even to atre in the governmthA tr t Mace
from them, as of right belonging to.thr Crown; iad enipire; becatife the seater pirtof their tnh e tulHit Muflard, Sallad Oli
the Company, in compenf.itin ifor thisl(ini, agreed to alwray have too little i uoe th in the prosperity of th t iles, Ketchup' Sm
pay to Goveornnent qur hundred loualnd pounds a enpnre, to give any feriouis itntlon lto hat iy. arry, pli. P e-
year. They ha4 before this g uaIAll augmented their note it. Frequently oman of great. formttimenc afk and Lond b a
divi'cnd :im aboaJio teInper cent that is, upon man f (rnall Icrtuse, is willing to purchase a thoofadn port I
their ciijul of zhb liui.s tao huidrh l thuulatnd puntii nhare in India floak, merely for the influence Mladeira, Porta cI36 olore(DW
pz(Wath.Uy kLnreatcdit by alundrcdl and twenty- hih he cxpera to atquite by a vole in the Court of 'in"es
,igt thouaand pounds, i 'r had raised it from one hun- P'roprietrrs. It gives hin a ihre, though tonvin tlef 'ref. Beef anI Potk m ps
1lrM ar.4 nincty-mwo thoifand, to three hundred and plunder, yet in the appointment of the plundlrer atf Turpentine Soape I
ctv y theoianiuc pounds )ear. They wire attensptintg Idida; the Court of Direcors, thocigh tl-cy make that Linen Chid.s a'd Stripes o e shoes
about this imto raile it nill further to twelve and a sppoi,,tmen being necelfarily more left 1 e's afnortedtt eel ionl
lhlf per cent. which would have made their annual the influence of the proprietors, who notonly p tc t rnito Checks oth. ad
a ien ts to their proprietors equal to what they had th. (Ib irelor, but fonmetinm overirale the ap. Bed Bunts. Ti hl ensfiooa l
rcedto ay annually to Gov..erriien, or to four hun- po.m of their fcr.ants in India. Provided he Dyed and Il Pine waed
detlh f rounds -yter. But during the two years can e his itifluencv for a few years, and thereby Jeaneta Wem
1r, rllia.rm1 ent with Govermnent was to take -rovi a certain number of hi*friend., he frequent- rPlain and figur Thre
pitdtfotol further in cll t erO i ca re little bo it he diviendv or en about the Royal and ImpnL &l C5ib Meas. d
i .n l aqsofParl a A, oir whicl value ou the hk upon which his yore is founded A- iltuo f rn-tr and m o l k lMet
oar tn hd l pder aro- blt t he b pryo, t rs of I hnr eipie inthe ovt., tCtn Coantkc e I p Woma.So
r, h d t wel asv t y I irgrae~ ofte f.veri minitratin wo or, front , .. hin, & Calli-. d- So;! ) and
gir aaecin totctre the t ul, everetbI l he qly inif. o town Puatterna e ms
doti tilttI f "Itet rret about the hmppiei or. milery of tlcr hlibjea. dt ton of lr intc.l n Co lb ditto
idc alAcow II ,lie d6 1c,rccutrfcnr or wAP.C of thIcr ilotnii.iuns. the ton Haanllkerchiefs IN Walk
peridd tVo~elvc ad a huhlf Fry (r hlrgrac. if tI itr Adniniflritinrtc as, from 3-A, 7-8 and yard wide'ro a
per non e. dij lvtrer, more th-.n oune icrrrfi:1l;; mnorl caiure. 'e greater part of the tei- ft Irh .tins. c
i,tr 't'hii iuc u jic fe lA ,i d cc d d. Ic ric. t t 1 0 o ht a m erca tnt e com p any are, And necelrn- .t .... t n o t -
ferc, when ithan rifcn to I tirol ft height, codd.A ug- tiy mucllc. 'Ilit. a ndttlrrelte too wan ore. likely to Stipl CheL Pte ain. Emin
nmnt their annual payments. to their prciicraorn an I be inirealred than diminilhcd by fonic of the new reitl- Mired C Sli Ea
governmentt together, hrit by fix hldred and eight .i.,, hic were made it rce uqence d&hte r Sar e .wrbught Ch le
tlouland pound,, beyond what :hey had been before I,..;c.iary inquit By a refolurion of the HIo tuht of
their late territorial acquiliioant. What the gtof. reve- Coimmuon, for clample, it was declareel, that whicn 1 miltunin In n ick
nae of thofb territorial acqutiitionswai fuppofed to a- ti|h fcirten hundred thoufandrotonls letntto the Cont- Mullin N, *n lett I C A
amount to, has already hecc mentioid; asil by in ac- pny Ic Governneint Ihould lie pail, anit their bond- Book Aut Needle C.ubi?
count tbrotebt by eke Cuttcnden Ea-lndianian t d-ct, I:,,.uced to fifteen hundred thoufndpunl. ,, wrought oh e ea ou
1;S, the pett revenue, clear fall cieduaioq. and .t th, might tlen, antd not till then, divide cight 'per rugatnd ef, s ya in I
litry charges, was flted at two millions forty-eight et. cucin th-ir capital and that whatever remiend rn oCam eady
thousand even hundred e.adforty-feven pound., Ihey of their rtoonues and netr profit at hore, fholijc IbitaTnias Jesn on
were laid at the fame time to poef. another revenue, divided into four parts; three of them to be paid into Ninkeens Pnsn. s
arifing partly from landn bi chiefly from the cufom, the Exchequer, for the te of the Pulic, and al fourth Brown an white Pbl
etablifhed at their different fettletents, amounting to to be referred as a fund, either for the further redafon Sn he "tin u t c,
four hundred and thirty-nicn thoufanl pounds. 'he cf their bond dbhtm, or for the discharge of other eon- Brown Sheet 7'fi .PeA
profits c4 their trade too, aecordiigktthe evidence of tii nt egetcie sa which the Company might thou lur H abaek Plain landL
Aheir Chairma before the I feloe of Conno.. aunt- er. Bt if the Cimpany were hd flew rds, ar P ,ndtl
jl this tipa tot otlelh four hundred ltouan unds bad fovereigno, when the whale of their nett trenie milliha Hard a etA
a. year ccoiag to th.t of their iAccomptani at and profit belonic, to theoeirn andt were t- a lh 4 powder B
lIat ie hundred thousand; according to the own difpotal, they were fur not likely to be e!' and 4Oe cc L
actoutt, at leafl equal to the higher dividendthway whan three-fourth. of the x ere to belong to Gla aS
to be ptid to their proprietor.. s. great a revenue d e c fph,, d the u th ough to be laid out fot r On .d.r & Tay O C Se
might certainly hobe affded an atigmeottion of fix theirbeilfit ofthe Con 'ye. l o, fi' undtr the in. ha,, t .hubarb, I
hundred and eight thouland pounds in their annual fppefio andaith theme p o tbepol e nuor Caten r h ublah m S
pytens and t the fa e tie ht a te h large fink- t amin t be im eeC i h dbe" comm nthef4 o M llhme I, Iar
Snl fund fualcient for the fpcedy reduaien of thrir their own errvants L ut oi l -it her n. r Clh a
oditc c~mr~mrMa i lrpda2 r asr L elmekhe a
det. In y73,, theirdelo, he pleafire of wsoi ti d emn be i .tog 5U
reduced, were augmented by an arext to thu Treafury I.)lto fr e mtur U a ,ir s ying the pr io. ChW
inthe payeintof the four hundredthoufand pound. by )fed dividend of i est, than that it lIctld, Po-e a
another to the Cutim.houdl for duties unpaid, by a e o ie into ha of ai ton l. o llh' m tee14 4 : 11 blof-.te
large deb to the Bank for money bowd y a th se c refoltl could fearee Itn fulltofi in rome
forth for bills drawn upon them from dita, and wint. ieaf, at i nce. Th pintereft of th< fern i t tto '' rta s u. s
only aeceped, to the amount ofupwards of p dotwelve ahe- and ht upr cdmn e in the Con n Satd inetrt., l s Se
dired choufand pounds, the diftrefa which thefr aecu. of d met mea rto t tpote aInthe M ppot the rnttrl lti la We, i
nailated claims brought upon the obliged them not autlj c ot. while had been eomnisted in no s aa C.. .et. Tew a
only to reduce all at once the ret r to fi recent. of itr own authoritr, With the mAiu- a t.K l a CT
ut to throw thbefcve upcMuto ent, I, 'p etao*. the fu.pptnrt even of the .uthi s ry i ;. AN!,, .B,_ S%,Q
and to fupplicate, ffi', asge foiher pay-. 'er Iortmight fmetlmec be a ianteofle atir .ea i, er i
meant ofe. th i fpulted tu-fc j u fuad pounds fequene nthn tltpport of thoft d. t wt whttd ( Iet it
.e .he sn d k.rAptJc, y. I'owuoftton,
and ; second T, a hundred thou- sutheri lar ene ot td SIbtad a
Cuad, (o ~t o thimrrnkrlptcy. Tle Thregulationsof i i acrdiiigly, didnotputn Sir "lu l b~ a'VSob
great increafeof their f tfm nly fe end t difrdmnoI th y C arn gevrnmeJ.i 4 n ikaE a H'
to lurnii their-ordiat wmt K. ettftofrtr IndhL N twithltudiL, ehtit, muoonnen fit ..r t '" 1 PUIUL a W Ci
souiopuodlon en cofl o er of god teandu&, they atone tima colle&ed, %. o Lawn on r sllaSvt
I, proort ion .eowo .taYlu t. ftBe t, ot treasury of Calcutta, Mor, than three millions h" t.l
c.....duBofttheir #Adeldi. _dh e emth fa t rihie WnI nowithiandin that they had afterward ex. j~ t i ....
1i their aff i both l~dnad tlould, bo the rded, either their domainon or their depradetioas, Ahlnrt si
abth;e&. of paltry ivlory in eMfqMne overavaftacceffin a orrfme of ithe i ift d motn fer- White
of whiclab tevrwl y Alportst alteration were tile eCetries in India;.% vier watd 'and destroyed; Powd ad
made in ihe eontitttm of their government, both Theyfound henffelvee, aIl tkr emprepared to Sop or ia
at home an ,and. to Idies thtir rincpal fet- relif thie incurfion of Hyi ll. and, in confe oeCne w I t e S T *
tiements of Madras Bonbat, and Cekutta, whcl of thole difordm, the ComPiaMy a now (1784) ingreat- o .n rse1ooe 1'
had before beean ltugether independent of one another, ee diltres than ever, lad, in, Odea to prent imme- _rIfgV. Sailt, rst-tt. V a
were fubjeAed to a Goernour-Gen, al, llr d y dilte b nkr ptc., Isome more rendc m otof tllen e 'OTTO ht, er Ift4,r,
Council of four Afefor, pPulamanent afming to itself the iftlneeofOtvern ent. Dlrment plas en a lWood, ha. -fir b114 I -re
ohs aor BOmination of this Oonrnor ad Council, prnop tijy the difLruc pptim Pe ull Ma t, fter'. Exum. .



* ,~- o.6i~

'I BAHA A GAZ 37'1rr~

i i~;iri ik 10RA Hot.A r.

From S A TURDAY OCTOBOUz,~ ~~~~dz
12, 785i
o a. ,.

NASAUl: Pt~zitJolun WILLS,- at 14,rin Irincgin de on'* t 14 .*
I ii ., (.* :

W I 71 'W',Ill.. f- _". j

'For the BAITAMA GAZSTTE; exceedingabundredintrbe, hsoh"etomn
A AMEU LOYALIS atis withh aeb h e pt ht ne
AY tk AMERI4N,i( wtOYALI$T8 fdt/d to lcrpedinuho i fa smlth t hoffe fuls
Nova-ScoTIA and Naw-.usuawca.. tlyadoining to m ianhdas itappeara
O' G TLaIMIr they w ebitirely on thefe anaft for the con
rr'HE extraordinary drcumfances wM le M g,.it i verfimprobabla that the
J duced you to fettle In your newly ado lanlt thanl d ithre tccn carried to the fouth
counties, have univerfily attracted the pubi einitietof there ihdsd, wlre it is faid not to
Attention. The greatelt.ezpecations have be spatrallp4 which laf is however an affertion
A brmed from. yor InduRry, activity and former f proofts thofkparte hlav hardly been ex.
tabits and yourltndL, 4ake no doubt that dl n any manner. The feednof the plant ary
Ame firmefs anadigvoo elmlnd, wlich proml undoubtedly to be had from the King's gardens;
you to appeal toh d n the late feree f f a trAl how far they wonitfiuacceed with you
* perilous war, will he as conMIluout your exir- woudd acitheretl difficult nor rxprnfivc. Should
tions in the peaceable. but Importnt walks of it aaTer itnwould be a fotree of iv opulenceto
riculture and commerce. your provia e : :
The contradicory account: which have been From the de*rfiptiin of tifis Flax giren above,
gie of your provinces, ferve enyy to Ihew, that it h evidently one of the m faul plants that
they potfb, in common with other countries of is yet known ; and I. ed into &any
onlidtrahle extent, a variety of foils, good and part of thebsdeith daminiond, ld alone, iaint
bad. It is not doubted, that their severe and boif- beneficial ef ts, amply repay nil the expencea of
ttrous climate and prefet uncultivatd'itate, ma the different voyages to the South Seas.: It feems
be productive of many Inconvenincer c but it is to be of that nature as to promisee to fuaceed
encrally telicved that do fet of colonifts could ina variety ofelimates, and wouldprohbblyanfwcr
lave been fuund fo will adapted as yoorfclvsc, alfo as far South. as termuda., and eveperhops
to furmount fuch difficulties. in the Bahama's I for Mi. Foritsr further tells us
I Lumhcr in the fill place, and in the neit, pro- that in Ohtober 1774, ianwering, to April in our
sifions, flock, and the produce of yourfitherieF, hemifphtrc, Cait. Oooltdifcvered a lfirp! ifl4nd
will doubtlcif furnilh large funds for exportation I sit9, a, o, I. andl 168, 1, 'E. in which lie
to the Wft Ialnlcs. To the gralmnand other r. fay*, th: produdtiins of' New Zeaaand, were
icdes cultivated by your neighbburs, which will united to thafeof ~e* Caledonia atnd the New
compofe the chief articles of your agriculture, I Hebrides, forth cyprefs of the one, and the
latter myfelf it may be in my power to point out Cabbage palm which we hcd Ifen in the lt-.
to yon a new obied, at present unciltivated in ter t nourihed here in the greatest perfection.
aiycountry, hickwilprobablyfiuityoeurclimate, The treatelt number of Ipecies wthirhwe met
and which, vhernevr or he reer it i raised y a will, were wevl known to nm .i belonrin: to
trading people, will molt ansrc ly rnt ll a capI-. o w'ithr xo loR f ntert' c lX).lh -e.,I
talarticle of conmmreoi, d In particnilarlay open 'f" wrta fl vantgs i ntie t
a new and ampt field fts the exercise of the ine- and an aeubernnt frit could give them. The
nuitty ad itil a of thesanuature of Mr mother New ealand'Flag Iot Ialk. eight or nine feet
country, tjo are hithtrls onrdi;lled in the geneial- "high, having flowers much larger and brighter
xccllencef theirfabrs is. .'n ticlelfallude to, than wehad feenin QenaCliarlotte'n Sond."
Is th,' F t' Plant of New ZeoalJnt, the knowledge I will mate no apology for off in this Plant to
'ofwhoin wr oweto theo irlsleteloO, Mhtanifts who your confidtration, which not thing but my earners
Saccor panicd Capt. Ccs k in fil fii Rt oyage of wilV bfor your peofpcrit would ae fuge .
difcovrre. It's thus defcrihed by'Mr. Forrier, who Ad JAMAIC"PLNTEKR.
went lwililhba celebrated uniot!oron himlecond 7aronic., J7ld, 30; aylls
voyage: Th> Flag, (lhirmirh uimiar of which -- .-
"th New pZlanders make all their cloaths, U S T IM P ( R E D,
Smat,, repes an nets, aflords rich an excellent In the Brig Ftxrnshi, Cait. IDI, from
kind of Hax, whh is at once gloffy, Clafltc and r I, I ,
f' Ilrong, that It mtht become an artlcleof com. AND TO .BB 8 I. T
Ierve in Indi.a, Wre cordage and canTas art On 0abt Trh
mich, wanted.-rTl Itaves me plittlried aod By 0 n H N C W T IE
e, besnen. No plant tihois to become balW By J HN C H aI TIE,
ful to Europe, by irlfplantatlon as the Flg. At his STroa on thBAv;, -
The himp or flax wn1ithel make of it, with For dr CDA.
theircorfe materials, i~Ucvely frong, foft, A Quantity M. BOAl and CEDAR
r glofy a.d white, and tStwhich has been pre- OLB
Spared in England, has tt equalled flk in i, I r
Slur. It grows on all kiaffdill, ind being A few Barre t FLOUR, juf a ,ed
Perennial, requires fqrce a attendance r frm Baltimore
care In the cultivation." '\- T l ,ii
Ifit br objeAed that the Via "t ha. ot PAN TON, L ESlil 0.
been found in the fguthern flew Zr'a- At th&ir Nv Stolt t thri& a R k BAY,
land, which are in a latitude et similar with H A V B OR
that of Nova.Scotia, it is to hb orved, that A GENERAL Af'oetmentta f o'E &
the cold in the southern hemifiht is much 1 EAST-INDIA 0OODS) Chan.
greater than in out ; and that a e which diery, Hardware...rocer, W e, &c.
grows in the middle parts of New. a with, which jbey wil fell on t ie terms
out care, wou!d probably anfwer InNo Scotia for Canj, or od Bills B, q I
and New.Brunfwick, with the culttre i would LL Peroins ha, t tbeiiate
receive there. Indeed, it isl mpofbltto wih ofFattllc t f re re
certainty before a trial has been madeF w cli.- efted t m t. IIo tt qlldl
mate any vegetable willnot grow. Tbn tr c. f ide e payment, 't
tin ofhe th ilt hey aore nol c t ey e Ah dnr.
from South America into Europe by SjW\ Dl otll,;
Raleigh, has furmithed food for mlio 't '. A
grow well In countries. where Eiop a T be Prit atq Contrat,
will not ripen. Yet unlera experience bad n LOT o LAN to tW Wftwwrd, between
to be pracicable, a curious tenuirer woo.ld A il r4.HAl,' ALidt t' .a L CATrLa vcil
have looked in the mountain of Peru for an Iu. ain_ ituatdi r, one the water fde,autd
lInt root to feed the half famllbed lnhabit fl a two tbatd Cabins. l O en
the Wellern Ifles of Scotland.--It Is .;wte t., asnd'a kt MACt' 0.o pleat order.
remarked that the barbarous inbhbitantl of du apply to MARY BROCl oe
Zealand are exceedingly few laumltbr lo THOMA NORTH.,

,Anerar Intelligence.

0 ifN, Aodu'i 17.
P t A the allciatiqn, of trade.
.men andma otroflao tra rt0 met At
the Qrq.ner4PMor.. ci ir,letter was 141a
before thera by their coinmiuttFe,'tobt'Oltual.
Catcd,to their brethrBe in ie Ir rai'rnclie of
Att A.d I 0 4 mnuAftAr~.\hroughoidt the United
Staltep, = int-on g tSem what mneaflates lt1eem
adopted by the n of tbltr and th
laiy paredbythit ftrpl-*
lion; urging them to t ir to 'tilar
lion, and requeTing thf tk forward aetitili'tao
their fcvcral 1gillaturis, fpr the puirpoe of laying
'luait i on fuch fpeice of articles as can be manna
failured in thls country; alto i orrefpondcnce
Is recommended from the several aolciatidnswhen
efabliflhed. The letter was unanimonfly appro.
ved, and voted to be immediately forwarded.
Prefetr Situation f /Amtrifan j4fari.
Pulie Spirit-gonetqjova.- otia in tiie Mercury'
P,&li" Virtue-for fale at R. Whackum's, cheaper
thin cheap.
Cornirce-ack ofthe cramp,
A'awr:-fold at vendue,
'',. j-playirr hide and go-feek at Weft-Polat
A. wori;'l-dlitoyed by an armed gun-boat.
a/ oy-aibfent on furlouh.
Merrhants-fcraping their nails, and tDoging 0
be afy.'
Tradytmnet-turned fhopkeepers.
For.mern-holding the pleigh, but looking back-
Gr;uw--dciloting her fate, but endevouring to
d bult; fuh4ISaFoll.y TlIEcrc pnrfat-
er in lanc of the extreme drought of the prefcnt
ffo, u in Europe, than the following, which is
felehted out of a letter from a houfe of einence
in the commercial line at Dorlft, in land.
-", You will fcarce believe, that in a country
like t is, (watery by nature) that we complain of
drou but fuch is abfolutely the cafe at prefent.
no r miaving fallen in this country for upward
of four months, and the continued easterly winds
have fo emptied the Rhine, Locke, Maefe, and
Dertcz, that there are not in many places sufficient
r"ater to carry voerel-over the fands. Our wells
are pncommonv low; and, an a greater phcano-
menon, at the Kiender Dycke (which ia famed in
history from the citrcmltanceif 73 villages being
overflowed by its breaking l the year 1691), the
waters are fo low, that the wvry foundation of
that itnpedool fabric Is now to be feen, and
workmen are repairinl it in many places. Such a
circumflance hb not occurred in the emory of
the oldeft man now living in Holland."
Septelnmbr The Count de la Peyioufe, who
is appointed to command an expedition in the
South Sea iii farch of difcoveries, is the oicer
who during the course ofthe late war, was fent
aga in the Ergllt settlements i* Hudfon's Bay.
The pln of te new expedition Is drawn up by
the King of Prance hifilf, who has traced out
.the r lo wbkch the rlan e t i to pursue. Th
Cou t is dire8lywith hbi Majelftr
a od sot firnlnler. y his orders he s
not ftl a latitudes thiniugh which the
lB N 1l !lathn have already pifed;
"ad-tho ,'elirkep within the tropc, hia
MafJey t ~S hope, that .te Count may
haked ifco h. the inenfek Pacific Ocean,
which hae tSto the purfuit .of the
entertri ng Ulptfn1 t i torn .employed there
by laIn. byft l Ximr p teuuW direcions, the
Cout *Ii Mnot' a inrt in ftbhing to difto.
*kr' lbt'8hr wiledr i north.wl pilagir, an
CaptaitCpol aaldesofifrated that If it exifti at
all, It vi :ta o t gerous, and confequ atly c
be of no ufa to trade and naigation.
tr9o fa klmfreJn1m fih, in xngladl.
Tie folowigh is lately received from veTry
competent pilot, and the knowledge of it may be
of much krvioe to the fcafariag part oft cost.


C unIVAi a.BtifB the Land'. End and Rondle Creek Indina. c tin the l4th of 1 l of th i a
o.e le har tnkcn locks, three of which are nest month, whcn I ence p at o alphin, a rte Al
the fair way, and the tbfamne ton. on, the uth cl t at t a1
direction with the Slto a wbir r that fre-. mi th Ol. the

IrFCf I-n t aIpprew.- oa i ofltr e t et to
ll b n t b thiddenli& dLanger.S 7t "ts nube o n'tk NASSAU, Ocroni 22
fih othe hidden dapr. t lo water, on one bwrff th onf of Repretlntes Pat to
dthe a kt. A1. fact or 1f6r- ao m ho (. aid proceeded to the dilpAtch t UIRi a iider sis
fecnd.sut four ilthe third, on rtilartiiin rpubl b d nefi. ., i ta sl of-a
of March, C man datbe, of the Newton MIy next i appoiAned by the onnera the o able e Btrd ./ I l
Omert, I aj-Ri.. 1., wackon e gier. to determine the territorial bonidaries
one of diet rocLj n Uthe Oio cair t rtigen la wn a of Soeth-Carolina a gnd ygrgiA. "i letaeiffe B
and m ew ft EbE ItU* bdd~y lt, died nnth4th yenai11hia, l nc'be agen, t
awe. ofa pilot .with a n atb t o h11k to work Mr.William. Gln, many years a eminent mer nablemcot tho*a
the pumps, the Ve'nl w" kept ahoe water, 4 chant of.this city. la *t only jq. rt fCoa
brought into port n<4fMintaI4Ty". .U.. '.O oa i. ty ad
Sasvaab, fewer Lat Vridiay put into 7'h follvwi'g it sly Meagefi.m i1, Rwelleruy A .lizabtthia o fe ate lick
'yh rv a l M two adboe haRicRton G Contemw, to derb .iAI of Afembl, .bthe Iland. ThIuhaln Attlesik d g
bar the day befJrcy)the brig Sall Capt. Stevens, opening of ite frrefet Strain. pcdence tian loIwood
from CMp .rrafolnwiRh b afjondt4il. rei srnt ass,. a:,,. they do yeIj TWisal
A C ..THB.AIuatiolfnpabticiafrrinln ed fever to pi r e.t
ts A Ctiszen present Us 'brtiiDioiments to the tie advide of tbi:lhy Cbuntil, toreqeiret re
jietcmlen rs racing certain lands in tbj late atleiance totetiime:ftyour adjourment ;iy d ohlg to
lajmaod bi eoIe o S. Carolina, begs thir Wou itti with tpculiar iititfaditn that I filW, slt common cuRtom Il the,
ad tb auline caclinatw rarnt wi lh ending the feafoa.ofthe year,.youCe ca Corn l.fwern l
bl bids the Iurrtying f rilth. uy requel. and. haie prtfleitel ihe h ve aagn siqaf ade
Lndo ela# ve*Id. yo'u confitaoupts to itate .convenirnCy. r;t id If mate Its )eavaacm thlir la u
Sewoul there rve, that tic ehablkidof p'cafed, Ocodrkiedt to rceriveq) thak ry= day,.s regularly rasis
our l' ai ni ftVlbtefu"lfdid n* thi ma k of your readincfi in atlnding th h ofe of the planters in' Ia
im l nUddi,>~.- public capacities..: e, .. ry c eA
ftd fb eop lae'wfh onr lawi'Itheyl OMTLs, *: depend Oha ai
ar' no I edt t, buto flo the tt As guardians o the. connowtrall I beg lieamve c yrrim grow. vi i j
and. therefil b6tfiec public property, which to lay Iwfore you fch matteft. alcnnceivehave t e drift and poaurt itl, auwhmiz
wwir''tt'i thcr foifeiures, btioome opprdniie, and teand opt rateaplinfttl e to breadnlill lit lt th m.I r
cdtot bctofthe c6mmunit. lhaplpil, adl ver bdiing f the peote bifcuit. Why thent.aeyear p *i
.arbhis. iptebeti 3b." A paragp ph in the pof'thihi fatc; '(Sriit:IamF- id e esety fo for, fior pmrilloni' i thillsldiseds iy e pa
AuKua Oazete of JetcmbCnr .4th, fay, Sa., the eu ftib-a amt ntiunJnait the nsaity d t Iifthe platsswould tal e half the p
iarda lif amoflt aindmrt un4e.accidcnt happened whic'obligeai fitiba iutie legillatnrein aifeptroifioni, whiehtheydotoWbethsem,
eire: One O'Ntil, being a little intoxicated, private edtr l But, gentUcise, f ich a bt. mightt theharri aseat deJ~ ncraltwL fL
went to the door df Mr. Teardate, merchant, and come the situation between the creditor and deb For my own part, Ibhare Always d aliad
in Vonfcurnc 6f a i4alutcthe prcoilin$ evncing, tor, that te fate whichawaitt the latter, ifallow- amd have tkldconfiderite qtantiticaneatlie*th
challenged him to tigh.--Mr. Tcafllale called '*r ed to tak laee, will fall little Ihort of ruin. It tfnt fcarcity began, hotlslthfianding Ifedlls
a fick, and ave him'a bloiivlich knocitd ili is not partiCular, it has become general i it it not fias. .
down; not being fati6fcd with tlis, hejulld rd confinat to one or two ramillrts hot exinl "1 Here I am perfeAly fatisfied. CoadPlc
on him with his kthlc, *hic i pat an end to his throughout the Iael: afew, very fiw excelled. ohirB. An well as thatof many others, wh
exiltence in left than an hour after; in confe- The fcarcitof af. circil.U~ing nmed6'n may in of late tInlid their attention thatwaell
quance of which, Mr. Tcafdale Was Itft the plate, degree lthe erected tbhc oUof the redi- by the hopeaof mlrkig-cyro ofIndlg
and has not been fcen or heard office, thotiuh tor i the will ofProvideaceby defiroyingfeveral fame land in ,a iontrmedliat tit iMquilu
every poflible exertion has been ured to bliiig him following cropi and' a total whit of con.dene bring thi cnlf'ee hohea to maturity. Thil
back to jullice.--Sctral accidents having lately furthered the injury.--troM fLch information n been doe uineai4 arrival)c thAe hriulLt
happened of a similar nature, ai'd opportuilities I have received, I Ipeak.-Willinag h the debtor li it here; for,-lthougs Coaeewaaa ic 1ol
permitted for the of'cnders to escape, cren.te no lieen to gle up .- part of hit pofflnons, andi ill that period, yet p ople with k d or Ami
mall uneafnefs to nmapy, who wlih well to the dinngfot to make a onfSderatce facrified that he capitals did nor giupon it inge l ,ls
peace and good order of the State." might .cimpty with tlhe rtniid' of his etedior time was n eeffarily Cxpe#ded h Me _
in consequence of the above and other murders bait when every dry's experience evinced thit tite could be obtained. The boWhe wl l
recently committed in the SItefI Georgia. tl~' t .- -i, -, ...t.fe n for i r re t rL
... . L.. ic . .ltyly the fiale bf his eltate, 'to nalTe a fn fer little mote than frel culture to keethLm
GBORGIA. the payment of a debt, fliould. for that purpose der, although theyproduce m rom 1. to
B. the Honourabkl SAMU L-.BL RMT EBire, r, be obligedif he had it to prolce. tnd part per acre of coffee e which onm felatat t
Ca .Ge, t ral, Gcserver, and Conmarderin with property i more tha a quadruple prpor- llrt the ~botb. A per onteteo with
C"in andoler the State aforeaid. tiun-we cannot but lament. Heace arof the rate things, may irefore. live in any
A P R O C L A M A 'r I 0 N. following effeWi-of.your courts being Infultel, plealis. if he ha* Mt a bearing Cote
WHEREAS I have received information that a your laws fet It defiance,'and civil prieef con. lifty or Axty arel ia thi or Ily//aflt I
certain THEOPHILUS HILL, ofCaalbde ICoufIty, finrll to a Imall part ofethtetate.-The ie me. in the Weft-loid l .
,n the faid State, did on or about the slidaf of lancholy trutla and mult.bkhordid to reflca on Great extpeiatlna were foml-hu
July laft palf, c uelly and wilft'ly murder a ctr- in a civilized golvnhet.: being abl to iatno e thc oturdwEfm
tain Jostrn WHITs rt and has fince made his Call, I befeeth you, oa the Bench of judgf, this ilandr and I think It is piostyi.c
escape into Eaf-Florida. And whereas I Jhav and from thea knew the ruintht;iis now pndent they will be anfwared, notwithbfd
received further information that Jtars M'Kav, ovsr the headeioflindreds --You will therloarn, couraging attempt* for theft three
of the County of Burke, did, on the %hth ult. it Is in the poI de the law; if allowed tQooperate Such of the Emigrants from f.olil &a
foot, and otherwise bruife a certain RICHaRD forcibly, to rtfehr the w~e property of large as attempted it in the moontiof
Niscosi of which on the firf day of Septmber part of youf n citizen. into the pdfleiion of fucceeded; but othersofltbIn o tof
inft he died, and that the faid M'Kay has fince alieQ,. asd this much r it real worth. ilh nd that of Poritand r.t ai
refused to surrender himself to jualice. And Thus it has ake aittlliary for y'~, gendle- hsnan unforeoen, a ti f lMp
whereas allo, I have received further information, men, in yQu I riltive capacities, to enquire into The baftrd fpecles of w Mcl
that CHiiSTornH TEASDAL., of Auguta, and to remov or at klaft to alk te the evil. planted in Carolina an rp, and i
Merchant, did on the 16th day of eptermber in- I cannot pe yo t w.eyu largely Into with wild every where 0 W.ft-in d
Itant, beat and cruelly illtreat a certain JoHI bufinis in this f andti tte ren fatiafied land cultivation in tuatioanor
O'Nais., of which he died; and that the faid yc, willemploy themm mat i dt prefentme. I know the old I 'mterea lthi
Chriftopher Tealdale has broke cuftody, abd is ti u.dltibeting and celntding upon ch finile atthir a rtIi but I canary
fuppofed to hlve gone into Sodth-Carolina. I me as may tAore harmony and good overn.- n experienceaof n*sen it*.
have therefore thought It, by and With the ad. mntgajn thrmghout all rankr, and in every the plant from r aee.olme uwtp wolt
vice and cefeant of the Honorabli the Execitive part a .t . having fhewn if ato the deluded pl
Council, to iffe this my Proclamation nereby WULIAM MOULTRIL formly dM.. h adt(Mlhlie.
offering a Reward of FIFTY PouNCD fpejie, to Ch a' .fe lde 6, i-s*. to it. We Ceortuately directed
facre, and bhng to joftic each of itbcr of m. e Au ra aJ6, sAiy. called the rear aa>tdfoauti eJthe
the, the faid Theophic a q. M'Kay, Alew yago, Cth f hAl D rlefton, Hedlor With thi ej veadeanuaibeof
and ChriltopC Teafe ;. ; S atevenfao wM e ed here, at mt .which b Dlceedc equal to our
And Ido hereby charge I ic .lor frvice. i hopes. al r ourcrop wrill
and other good citizens. t!a c i he iri. err" in I elokng, to Greock, it. H m M (* l e m 4
la n t, aid in g a n d a fi ft in g .ibiS th e 'f d ai d w as b o u n d gith a rg o o f ru m favor n ll r. e dT d Io ra t oUllS lb
offenders, and their accp.plie o jee. fugar from hl let early in the f Utieon f e'mt thiLsoa
Given &wlr. mj R a rial tbe .realt & eat but .o dt'he fr M at fea, Ahe apr ady, a formidable rial 4l,
fPhlbefbid & M st, .tA l i l proved to be, o i tiat th f innfed on ~ nia CatpiadO. 1o496 "g1g1
assdaf & e;r h tra, J r the Oapa a r other port: f this country aI9t Bt t
riCd, ousel tw isv N pd' Captain coamp ,J i difficult, ati fit wanlan l a
nhtiwe m *f .j ar j j e K itihitilvcr, 'withthe ldfa h r, *feb|, f.f uoe eby Parlaitnst .-zro
isnapreadm ta*h ,e Ia mall prt ofhie pedinacat is ow r bdeg
S. E .B T. The getlem am l lq tfqryer, re. Miaterila s pow. fi
iJ r i She's ammam, -e ported, that they ouohi e oldaAlp and at ofthe ti r tthe.Ud v
MILTO, Serre ta. .. fo decayed androtte, that in theiroplion, l of errailispg t iM.
We hear from Oeorgia, %hat the taty with the was neither fit for i lau r wprtheC r u in.. ioya

euyat iS, btt lit nf .4 L 0h N e
i ThA.Itlrcl I.EOraee liaw ich.hour .. e B aAY.e
esre thi. I arC I Oli-- aat. bet;ihI46s th literSr^ *" Vb- aligno
altretgant, lt-yiyoumioay catny quo. then tb*CoKtao 9w before the l
ddownaretwo the Ouitea GO .i 4the cotch hlrle tig. 1m1e, and ace|d0n1. t ri- RoI aet, maUa Ka
E sthe'1 a R aitt tag Cbf V ral s in th s d Ed t m ra* p 5o m o during ,
erAe,. nTn Am mnrIn l. dry i a, Cm0 tined as many natural eaferiment~ for r-Sho Eah Pul
*bru the bunches pow to any a te ,y blaiehlnit ca rrnmte rgin tag Ilathinie, as o"r l hi nd thit = it.
p pulled up and fpaateJ lato different piec. whi tt bht itf colour remains permant,et. P4. of 5 a sin., Pins
.ifwbichmy heFlpt ,ut at the lcdlt f aqid a oi a relrfonble conjalrethaltw it tlkl hdk 4t olq iwr Wathe .
tr feet. Theycl grow lar m be ontue, Fool .p. Pets Write .-i% tad w Pend
,an d fuffircd to Led their ed,a "Admitting the duration of I bs vinqt 5-I Pg pop-
aV in fx months i after which the o l wave of oay cadl tat will fink the rce orgng. Cartri,.. Bloting, p ad s
ackd up arnd burned, and the fid il Nanheens, mades ofthis cotton, much below OWrap ad besWatch Key
Sy whereIn the eld. If planted in twor thahlre imported from'tiall, which now fell in "',Pa 1d O1Watch Chains
Sit be viandcryooded IGr, and let that Great Britain at p.fitering per eend s thavoi 0 ,lMt d t8h Oa Hair Watch
teled ofi then hbe'th ground or Oedi Nankei weigh oe ounc short n
ed broadcaff a dd cut down od oi topri of d, it is very nbiloti that the difference Mni, Pla Or. eand W'., Ch sl..
h trees; aftetwrards when the gra bu sun to between pec! uouch Nnktuen Wntcd C~i sr iad la s
t fire toettwhelna diy ti, ad yo of raw white cotton, will allownot o y. Red & hiektk Powder ados
a .fine field of graf Iortly iter. Ifit ll a i proqlt oathe manufalurtr, but eonider. Parent Ink Cake le 3iSlColla
pded to be cut and le away to fock, almost rife the priee of thii otto bo)ve, the BeI Dauth Quil & Oece Cihand Pansey eals
il will anwcr, but If inC at or pttra on ,and make t a valnbatbleastie oextport trom Pans Bakknamm Tables
lis bct.-Th- ScoCh r is more nounih- Svlg Pslblives and lard Bal, MLtc
.and growi ie h cih meathfoils, I me an not einder thte ultivatlon ot it general. I hall scrapes
ilt. marthes. Thi is beft hor bafes, afttrit the. han of the Prefdent, Mr. Johi MahorPort Pt Writa bl I. d
been cut foae time, t fAditerel to wilt in the ga parcelofthefeeds, forlhimto t inl s f o. *en'PoeLart Knil
rom theftwo( ral, great fortunt have dirpt hif who may thfk proper to apply BikL Leather Travleing of Marling Te.
aden5P- r a p. Caf-s Taps
made in rhis 11110 1. itdlruoepl r m I L but, as the quantity I have is YeT Care$ Wa Tapers adn
SNankeestCntton .haslty beel n intrue tanl, t roportion diftrihbited to each person Crown, Half Crown and Stands
and wil fon become aprtirde of tPon11ier will do lits more at plte nt than enable thia to Red & bo Se War Hair Po-ndr
expor. The manfadrm sl Mancaheatir rairkfeed from the fAme. For te infpeaion of writing Ve Hard nd f Pmato
iith it, will not nly rival t furplaf the Chlnef fch gentlemen i se defro^us ming the Imeat Den of L.4
lmekng the Ctton Clot known by the name cdottO in it. s amanueM tred tte l t 1 t fl d State Pencil n n and Lendar
daukeens. The g mg' it. fieed colour, I the additional favour of the l at to lt th Af Shin Mtmorasdom Mahoy and Japanned
tth h, e in a n a attempted .the natal. cinrtK ontlque in his pole io for that jltr. Don a ," reet aooolalas
,4lo,|r ot thl Ctpcie., is thfat fo much wiled for. _4. / 1wce and Pocket Bootk forts
. Richard Browne of the Hope in St. George's i I (ilto longer detain the at mention of the Pewter and Japanned Ink Ivory and Horn Combs
lrilh, has taken gre.t pails tb have this Cotton Society than to acknowledge. that I was indebted Stands Shaving Boxes
nrd thI feds in tu cotton. He can are no moue at the ate Mr Richard aw.rence, ofSt. Thomas in RIdTape Sevigny's bica Cal S
yFlrt, hut fly, that next year you m'ay hlAe a the Vale, for the cnltre of fhe p-ant. Middieon's Black Lead Rasmrs
Ico 5dtrah, fippl. AMUEL FELSTED." Penc is Hemet's Dentifrkc aud
F, SAMUEL FfLpSTED. Toggsh -oTdc
Lanil. h-r mult be boruhlt, but thte do.not j iiA,. 7ge .c Slid' ditto Tooth Powdcr
tit f, mudh a. a ranger would fuppofe. Out CanmlHair Pencils illets
,, oMIA Bo.. of water Colo.r- We. Blls
imrd of .h,. (lad i. unfettld. The number of MARRIA ES-JoHNMo. o Et:i tn Mise F1 Wate Coloi Cloth Powder
llr whic the Plan er hna n his choice to6 cu; S aRriAi i V rJnu. Daughter IJohn er hin- nkt $Co Pottdes
t, vetr ) t.t Some of the Amen.E teiml ,,1:6.-Jo1:'0H ulloAht, 1:if: to Mrs Conrlk. Teth laatrumen
.l.. haviaifcl as goodmerchin Tobo ST.THoADoaAlA, Widow of the dccafcd Capt lvary Paplr lives Toupee Irons
S any wich II cixorttd a from Virginia. lohn lorn Rulrn Powder M-rlemr m SCA
ilefsl a law is afed to fubjeCt it to ifrpebio)t Aalv, e itar, ra, Q ui Book r and ose of Medicui
rce it cll belofered forfal, (the cultivaltin of Oo. t6. Scho. Willing Maid, J. lton,E.PlorMia plain Plantiaions
article will never be contiderable.' Stoop Jamaica tndeeso k Epfm Sls
followuit Memoir refpechilg the Nankeen Sc hoo.(en. hirley, Angus, Charleftn Bill of Lading Andere's Pill
im, was prc"ented to the ingfton.ocicty "ty. choo. St. Pratrck, rant, Ealt-Fiida Receip Books Godfre's Cordiad
promoting urefifl knpwidgic. SAi* P cket Ld ne'Powr
IN a very dilercnt manner have the Wefll Oi. 05 rlBahiam Ewing, By ofF tfndurl Blank B -O r w La r' ne
a hen regarded by man EturOpans; Fhao a i S hi Two Sifte-r thers Eat-Fori da ruai le a ea
porpofely lfited'the iflndn to bcoomeoper. Ship Ann, d ditto DnRl -S D i L Ta Mignoe a
yp acaqiainted with their prodfiaalus. Such shool Boo, .u g, Trt r nmetic
i indedrd, which yield tirnediate profit. are Sic BtLAxK Potm tPO Powdered Bark Ib Pin
veralinlftnces, generarly know andcultiva-. - Bonds, Bitisf Sale. ille bottle mny foum.I of wealth anli convenience TIR Buginner of the S ayna' cs -e ldg. 2 of Iaaty'*ee
et unexplored or unattempted. Not only 1 ill he trantada byote pubta r, at the F Lath ng, i ',s Irw.,,r,'lages
a rofuon of native vge-tab'e, whichour Hoof .olr .rrg B -b.P... 1;,,i.... a, 3 GBetemea.b. Yfhik. ne. H
tautiful Creator has foatnply ttoweo upon ( J RA. L A'1A T I'r "'rD' e brown ftaIlb
thlln ilaid, ittclimate as been found f.avour. A'ofd, O.&er g, 7. 5 GI.t e of Bea. r
to many rxotics, which at different tiines .- C M a I- km dRidla
hbet introduced. Tomention twoinlalcens: W TA T D, Cakcrets"f- l--(' a so.
waich is now one of the fnaples of the N -OERSE for a PlaItaftipo' 9- this Pckt Comn s btl bik ditto, with
wasogcther a ftranerfome ytars ago; iA For ill Shipdita lu bsn dis buckles,
ima Gi, now o eminently ferviceable tB lJIt)ARK. 'Cireemferstore. Ditto brown adm ad
et the "and, was at aptucl later periodi T 4 p Chan W D" 4k ma
The Sotity p.refnted with (peci as of A LL Perfon hrin fdt llt the ~ l with e n tri
utrhaeIand.remoeciest cotton, very little Ad 4e fthe ecfe o w l 'dG bl a C
niwhfchfo. asluableulitie. bids lateothis town, Merchatn ot ceaoe mine. $6 alr Nwis .as d
tto become an objet of coiderible i,- for the lait tinfe, defied to e ii States-o twes i kt ai Ln Ttlf Uts _
to the Iflind, and parscularlya; famt properly altefd i and of ed . E ad PhJ ?s
culture thereof is with'h compa of the faid ftrte. are deIred to d payme s- i' 8nd STr
dr lantern, who are ts ,hoconlbtr ba the tsb et Return lay,< 'fl n "nt ther .. g
) to its fnpport and e, n wvcc p will be plafd 410k a a AttAda C
r ciprocnlly demands a T ition and en- it Law, toM e' ,' DialTi l.e Ladles
I may not be thought t inm ts
ton, from the introdulipgn article Pa som, d .--a m1C t-.
1 traiifcrihe the opinion of a cdtraBe 0, iS?. ia a dgla md cordam, o0e
ibnt in London, to whom I tran d t he ,A Oemn al' adiL
I" am informed he-e, that th itot- LL A aroe tW
,il of excellent qulity.t- to i at AILt Jo %6"M g "2"h kW
ie arceTtin, p a PrIe /.lfm- dn a t. ia eate
_.ton in genera_Jl ir fre tyll o eion
mtably ;-however. n IN ettdiy^iwvVl *W sbrw% Twice
WiethatheCommon LWtclcotton ; frit, hbe. At. r 1 Q- V Cai r eld. Tea ra
thtb e pleis very fine, siad feeodly becasik i1 .S rd" Test -_
,th tura, colour of i DlowrI Ce Togt,
machefter they mtaufgau w Lakeea ianm P tir5e In EB Is .S
:S t thy arc died and the col uri|s 'L. *- -= Wal. ar, On =li
Stheyvlo Ioft iheir reputation but, f ~ J t dlI, 6ih .. Oebuti.a.didhMsa
e sel i colur mani ol tomey I ia e. t*, .to e l a ed. i, .
Of th from India. Vt maylfir be atthe Oi t ritFlts a"d ue

.,a.i,.,ELAN JOHN M RI & C I JUsT &iT
ir-aor sac. L. L P 0 I S o s s, In the hip MsciSatv
SnisHwr JAM |DWARD POWELL, As AoTir In that hiUiatc" q
S ,, i,, ,i cl, aS u.s G O 0 S, ,AN D ,a 1 -j-
inP 1Adinir&l, idl r h' fae./wrffha l l the Ship Chandlery and Grodey Bunlnel. WuHOLMAIS
Royal Wil and Pleafure, gol. In-he Ship MIscvay, Capt. Joat GOs .,ssrZI At their Skoeal a
Bfed byhis Isfruaiona bearing from LoDoo, D Ol t ne Sa ll
date at hi Ceultatt Jamec', AN D F OR 8 AL D refined Loa( -r i
S the trC dayo Setember i734, On tk mof Reafnawblr f rmsr Hyon, eim
that Lands within hi. ai'd "ad
t at .h lndsa. iL h hur cd By JOHN DENNISTON, GrOen, T .AS
W W W BahAH iandiallbefurneycd trachait Af
nd granted on the owing conditions; that ito WHOLESALE and RETAiL, 2 1
That forty acdflandbegrantedtoeerr At hi loa in FaPtlrDICK STIarr Curennts and Riaifs
rfo,. being ma r or mni rtef of a family, for For 44 i E l vr Erbange, Cottte, Brariltte Brown and White Saver
lmrflt or herfeti and twenty acres for every ld other Dmrewuiit. C nd uy S
whiteand la woman or child, ofwhich Q PERPINE Broad Writing aiper, War sad S ag Blue, Starch Mae
fuch family t hall c adt time of grant- st Cloth k TWiminings Wafers C minnaelr, Nutmegs, add
fuch flr Z l.X a th &dal rt ime of gant-t Coating,, Dugla, &t Womens Silk Stockings, Mac*
ng fuch war t ht ll granted befuctt Role & common Blanket. Glove and Mitts Maltard, Sallad Oil
the payment of t v h llings terling qnit ret for Whie, blugreen, rn and Ditto white sail coloonad icHle, K etrchp
*eery hundred acre to commence at the expira- rd ilanicl Leather dlio Parley, lit Pte r
tion of two years fro the date of their refptC ire Green and blue Baizes India Perflans, (reen, ble Ba& asd London bottled a
grants, to be paid at e end of every yearthereat Surtout and Watch Coats white & black Sarfenes CPorter Ditto
tcr, in default of w ch the grants to be void: Sailors Jackets, Troafers, Mock Qjiliing, Cotton Madeinr, Pott ad
But iis Majcty has n gracious pleaftd, as an TIrock and Shirt. Cuntacrparc WinesS
encAraogtment to ht loyal Subjeds whohave IriSh "lens4.4 7-8 & 34 Perfian Q2ilts, S arlet lMelf Beef and Por
beep rldents in any the Colonics or Piroinces wiAi Cardinal Turpentine Sop
now the Unted Sta s of America, and wlh on Dowla, Lawns, & Nankrevs Linen Checks Md Ip l '
account of their loy ty to his Maiely, Ihall or B Brown Ho land Black nad lcolOr..jwing afforted
a willingly, or b o mplfnan, remove into his Rffiu andi Iril Sheeting Silks Furniture Ckecvt
a Ifands,.to order, that the quit rent to be Cambricks, clear Bomluneen, Crapes and Bed Bunts, Ticking
referred in the federal giants, to be hereafter made Needle wrou)lht ditto Prince Stuff Dyed and Indi. Je sad S wl
to his flid Suijeas, tall not commence and be Apion" and Handkcr- A variety of faUionable Jenets Womea
payable until after the expiration of ten yat from aRihoLic Plain Ean lgured l Id I)d

hall be delivered to the several grantees free of all Linen and Cotton hecks H. Vll; Andrew Play. A great variety Prnted and
careace whatever: I DO 'THIREFPORE, by an and Stripes a C.ol d Linen. Chinast & Cv'll Hait a dt
wIth the a ,vice and content of-his Majty's Silk, Thrad and Cotton 4; 8. to and sd. Nail on Gown PatCtern WoCnl omea
T!onnotrahle Council, iffuc this my Proclamation, Stockings Crof Cnt adnd Hand ss ito Prnted an Cot- Silkn dit
hcrebly making known to all ptcrfoncoerned, Durants Calimanees and BrDaldAt e A ndHathets ton tanderchi.fs Ditto Wa
that opon application to me in Council, they will Tammies Fa(hionale Shoe, Knee, .4, ,- and yard wide Brown g
reirivt Warrants of SuTrvey for running out their Printed Handkerchiefs & and Stock Buckles Irilh LinenS Ctl e
lail.c, agrreahlt to hit ,lajefly's (aid lnftruiftions, shawls ur St.aofChintfBlordertn Cloak$els-
anl thrir fGmlya ights. Oznahurgs and Cotton CatteaA, A Pen-Knives S!ried Check and lain FPrtma Sw r
CIPEN uronr ,my fatd and the Gretl Se n f Bagging I Shot fro," No. a to 6 .Il inim D noer GOld
tj faidj],dl, tad. a l, tS fft biaf fo; Tapes, Hanover Late LoafSuagu. r'ack Peprer gpidctedlcdwrgh e C tc dU
Septemer, ii the rear o urt.ord One tou. Nun, 'lhred from No. i PolanU Sit.rc, e ated t Need wrought Chetk ar d
fandfiwt hbundrp-d aidreighbtjf. and mu I. to 6O Hair Powdei Mnittn ,Linea.
Wtvent7r./ rear o jH Mll i' Coloured sr-l Oznabrig Mfoud said diptCianlle, Mullin Net, & Jeonet Cian
h AMES EDWARD IIOW LL,. !M Thre a d Cht- Spenll ie Sila Book Mullin and Needle Cavas
Men, Youths, und ChiS- Sillud Oil. Manuad
S Ti Hds r C Amr Ed dper coloured & blsck Nurmeg, (Cineamon nt a l{d l r wnd his Peatd
Sarn A. p ertay._ Hats Clnove and Mace eo arndelr Law Rll
GO D SAVE T I K 1 N O. Men. Boyr Cirls nd H Green and Bae inCambritck JeTo aid
Children Shoesi and Te na tana C -
FORBES & ST ENS, .s ailin. sad Curmenrt Raafi a S, B
A their SToal a the Bay, it Ct. Oloalc Women Silk and Cali. New Re tter own andwhite Ra
0AV. I maten ditto Calk prser Sherrinra P.ticomt
HAeV P AL R, Dihlnes Teltaments and Double Otoanifte CU BrFwn Si'eu Men
A Larre and General ortment of EURO* Spelling Books & c o. A od lawn c O es Powder la
PEAN and EAST-l DIA GOODS. o, Srred Lawns & Causes Powde
EA and EAT-IDIA OODS A few Paunheaons ad Windwnr Ifland.Ru. Small Shawls Hard and
ONDON par L al W 0efa Beef nd o Ship ad ilot Bilket able Cloths, 4-4 and 8-4 Powder
IONDON particular W d Parter Madeirasand Shrr Ae. A. Comrfc and ne Ounce La.vTndm
Madeira Wine, by E Sff sprc Thread. Couheanb ilP
the quarter aesk or do- lef neT an Pork a KTOTIC IS HIlcBY OIVP.N, that Do&or Onnaborg & Taylor'sd*. Came.ntil
aen GER OB KEMP i. e prayed to attetid Onaltura Rhb
Dts Market ditto plnr ditto (uch Am; ican Loyalifts inJti town and neiFh- Sail Cloth, No. I to 4 tar
Sherry ditto Trite Kega bourhood as may have carion for medical Superline Black Cloth Liafded 01O
High proof Jamaica d Paints d Oil, Sp afliftance,,and are unable provide themselves Blue and other fationable PigtailToba -
WeRd .tdiaR iam Anch a nd Cables. therewith; and thatto all fkh, Medicines, Wine, colour. ditto China Var
Which they will difpofi of, on the moft reason their recovery, will be pro ed, on application White Flannel .n
able Terms, for C a, Od Billis xJ EnAar', .being made to the Dodtor f h hat putofe. Black, white and bMs pant
wor Prducr. N. B. All Strangers in d refs, of ay other Tammi o s. -e.
~HE Subfcriber miff a large quantity of Ms. defeription, will alto attedcd to. atintt, ditto ins 0
1 hogany, fome of which lays in the ri yr, ir-nt. 0n9r', g, ynlt. a t,.o rnrg ca, Ti
which he intends to endeavour tf-ollea and int F (. K' A L E, I Nombhs enm. C~nlime HIi TS
sn the Bay to the Eaftward fJoHN Baowiea .hree poin Blankets A
FIfq ', and wil be ladled on tc t Bay near Mrt HAT neatO k lately built by the Sub, hr Linfey., a traffne asarl
Rvrumt'as and if any perf, n as loft prerty I .cer, adjoin 'and to the Wellward of Hat there dife te
of the fame kind they will pliafc Mi E r T ScoT fionta upon the Bay, and and color.
they may take any that.they can ov tobe their has an estenive L partly paed in. a peafant earfe and Sa t od ,a KB
property, on paying chrg and a ing to d health tu at present occupiedby Col d
U IAN.- Jo DOUOLAS. nJ l apply to Ic
Fo ,,-r I 171S. Srpreabr s6, 7 3 JOHN MO S Black Lace. To
D RIN determined toprofecute to the atmot W T J'ED tesy us". ar
Srigor of the law, all fC aaiat whom fuf- A D handy Ngro N 8 i an Moild
tfilt information hall fven, for which infor- f hi Builnf will hily to attend S irt B Needl
ra tion If atgan a whit crfon Tuawe Dellar about a ftone nd ay parc he mut be re- w white
ifarpintiS fre Nero T Dollars, and if ainf Cmmended br bhs o stand to .ity. Inquire Pr with tre Ar
a Negro Site Fear f lar, will tbhe tithPrinter; -
Subfcn'ber cautiong all ons from hiibouring Oa oker j .
or employing a certain rt Sont black N ro 1 HE S altbr t th opportunity to mc. LL Perfo iltdebted I-
Fellow named ROSIN. was lately employed I qltaint fonel ends and customer, teaed Capt. Dowta
in the Ortnan Depart Fe irs l latey from St. AunINe, that carries on qIueed to come to as
be paid upon his being deliv d to BAKER's U and forSny of them thot who have demand
DA iUBLY, jun. may chute toWa him their Flur, he will of the ie, proelM tn
He informs his friend and e Public. that he Bread aa f o cafy ter a at hi.s SA doe a" t, t
w livew In the Hafe lat ll R the ifhe We,-er Fort. 1 ,GRS
AImy Mil, BEq; and there contii, mIhi School FRID ]K Sg l AI
fr the educatlnn of youth, ila Ne JlrFirt;t N. He. ll. flpply f WV it' JON
and rilet. bl A rai a"W GoP Ship Breiad on ry rerafoable t /
r e oot l N fet, r kr uii t -. *

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