Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 8, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 63




NAssAU: Printed by JonN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAY.
-- I

THE SPEECII of lii. Honour Lieuteannt.o.
vernour POWLI.L, to the Council. and GasIN
IAL AsIalIL. .
Honouradle Oetlim, -.
Mr. Speaker, and Genitemmr t the General
Afieml .
rT E accent proofs you have. given me of ye
I lyalty, and attachment to our moit grj
ciou Sovereign and the Britifh Conflitutio l
and the difpofitions you have discovered of refti
ring the peace of the community, afford me the.
moft pleating prqfped that yen i,'urfSe the,
fame laudable line ofconduct, wi nefs, mlt
duration and frmnefs tor which urpofe. yon fhalt
always nitrt my fteady afllif e and support; as
you alfofhall my concurrence every mcafuretha
can conduce t tthe houoir o tin Maiefly, and the
general good t f ill his faith I Slhjec& of what.
ever i'ef.r pt on, Iihabitantsf there his Bahama-
Illands; ti- profperity t*he f is my litima
wnfi, and height of my am ion to attain. Fqr
which dlfiralle end. let uis in heart and hand
to biiilh discord from our ates, and procuna
that ha money aud tranquirity, which I am forry to
fay hath lately ben interrupted hiis i within th-
c';mp i of our own power to o ain, being aflur*
el t the fitpport of our a'iguft narch, and his
powe!tli pi oletion an.ltheiefo molt earnetly.
reconmend to you the pet fvera you have hi.
theito thlewn, Ihi.h muft in the e conquer IN
difficulties, and restore to si that & rmony a*l]
Foudl undeitl:u ling, we have arden labourll
for. *A
M,. Speakrr, and Gentlemen of C;-tr*T
.iimUy. .
I canlt entertain a doubt of your p feeding
to the titfpatch of public butiuefs, ith l e fare
temper and calmness in your'delibcr aons, A
confpi.uounly manififted in the laft Sefli n. Ad
as the 'Couu t Ad is.neatly expired, I arneie
recomr.mend to your feriqousitentioi th fiaming
ol f lch a new A, as may Rve the p rpofe for
which it s intended, and obtain his .Majeflyk
ruyal .pprohation and al'owlnce; for which ptur
pofe tl,c opinionand advice of his Maj,'y's Juitgs,
and A tl.rnev-OGneral, will be greatly fcrviceab:.
The rc'if:l of the Militia Anl, will allow rcquine
your attention, as therein you may ind fome da-
fciencicn and ioom for ant ntlment. m,
You will thereore, I hope, be of opinion tha
the frtcuiity of our lives anit property in a trest
meafuic dcricnil on a well regulated and ad;i-c"
plinedl Militia. Tbh and a Patrole ACt, to fecure Ip
trom tl1 fe wlho may lberime internal fcs, I r%
comnmnd toi your rorfidelration. And as the
Grand Jr) Ii ts prefented as a grievance, thI
want of an Attachment ACt, you will without
doubt it i.' it expe;lirpt to pale fuch a Law. Tle
ruin .. ..ition of the Court Hoifce and Prifi..
an N .,,i \,ant i)f a Woll-lloufe for the confiif?-
meit tail cor re lion of refraaory and rebellious
Slaves, art objeaft that require the confideratlon~
of the Ligirilatiue. t
Your attention to the extenfion of navigation
and co :ilncrce, and the prevention of fmiggling,
with the promotion of agriculture, will eIthe mot
pleading oftfring you can make our molt graciot
King, whole paternal ca-'- petvades and extenda
to al liis faithful Subjeas, however remote- 4,
Nafau, Gowr~vr tr t Heafi, Softit s$j.
The ADDRESS of the Osanar AsllrsUs.
Ti bi Hotnwr J* nE EDWARD POWLL, i;
Litnderangt-GCivrnir and Commander inm
in and eavr the Bahama-lTlands, Ckanlter,
rice-dmniral, and Ordinary .f I1 fJame, te.
re. I -. *
May it pleafe unr Honour,
W is Majefty evr dutiful and loyal Stitjed
V thie Gieerallkembly of the Bahama-lnanads,
imprer'ed wirai e molt ftdfaft and inviolable
festiimnts of a'ichme t to our nmoA gracious

Sovereign and constitution, beg leave to approach
your Honour, with our warm and mopf unfign-
vi0c acknowledgements, for your Speech upon the
opening of the prefent SeBflons.
We feel particularly happy, in the ample and
unreferred proof* of approbation, with which olut
cendut as a legislative body has been honoured
and we cannot but exprefr to your Honour, how
,much we conceive ourfelves indebted to yourcan-
1,id and impartial rereef station ot our principles
Sconditt to his Maly and his Minifters, for
l very flatten ing tetmonial of royal confidence
and food opinion ; a ward that highly overpays
1o, or every obftr on and difficulty which we
.have hitherto enco tered ; and which will be an
additional htimulus o induce as to porfut and
perlevere, in the fa lhfil and inviolable dilcharye
of our duty to o r Sovereign, and our confti.
It is as much ou inclination as we conceive it
tobe our Indilpen le duty, to banilh from the
IFrnmunity, thofe i preflions of resentment ani
animoi'ty, which ha e Co long, and Co alarmingly
interrupted its tIan ility; and we are happy in
this opportunity of iterating to your Honour,
our determination t adhere inflexibly, (a" w'e
have hitherto done) t bjedtv of to much imp.r-.
tance, and to purfue h fleadinefs and ardir
every mean, that can e duce to the Ier rationon
and etabliliment of p lic order, harmuoy and
good government.
wlmllidft the unprtvoke and violent opposition
we have heretofore cxp ientcd in the faiifill
dlifeharge of our duty to oir Sovere;gn atd thui
Public, it was ever ce of consolation anid
pleaang refledhion to us, ~ufcious as we were of
the integrity of our own ec dut, to look f>rw.ird
to the period, when the a probation of his Ma.
jefty, and the impartial w rld, would amply re-
ward us. for the difflouti a and impedimenta we
.diy underwent I and we rufed to the impartial.
lly'and difintereftednef your Hnour's repre-
fentations to dipel thof impretlon which the
warmth of party zeal h too aflidioulny laboured
'to excite., Thoevent has flewn that neither our
hopes nor our confidence aere ill founded and
we hall row proceed to the tranfadion of public
hfintfa with an alacrity and chearfulnefs propor-
tionate to tht deep feTife we entertain ofot>r So-
vcrtien's royal protection and goodnefa, rendered
additionally grateful, by the very flattering man-
-CTh which your Honour has been pleaded to
convey it ton s.
Imprelled with fich fedtiments. 'oflr Honnu,
may rely iupon our perfevering in a line ofcondunt,
which has operated to produce fuclh folid and
eflential advantages; and we truft that the temprr
and integrity manifcited in our paft proceedings,
will be an ample and fifficient pledge, fi. our
future calmnefs, moderation and diliu ried-
n or a. / I'
rfe hall pay every attention to the ,aiing of
a Court Ait upon fuch couiittinnal irinciplea,
as will infure the approbation of hi Majefly, and
lend to the security of the Subject in kis property,
and credit: And as there are no obje.ta dearer to
us than the eftablilhment and maintenance of
interval peace and security, no exertion upon our
part thalt be wanting, to produce and permanize
thofe folid and inestimable advantages refutting
om an efllicient and well regulated police,
t uinghout the government.
The several other Important matters recom
minded by your Honour, we (hall not fail to'pay
due regard to and we flatter ourfelves that in
every par of ouapublic cenduo, we (hall by pur
ruing with ardour and firnnef the good of the
'community, continue to experience (as we have
lately done) fuch pleating tcltimoiials of the ap.
probation and support of our mol gracious Sove-
reign, nd the good opinion, and confidence of
InHonoura and our constituents.
By Oridr of th General Aifeamly.
ofga. $6, t1S1,

His Gowovo's ANSWER."
JMr. S or, and Memkhr "f th GCmreral
STHANK you hills very dtiful and loyal
SAddrdef, eprele ofthe juft fenfe you enter-
tain of the honour oiferned on an by our molt
gracious Sovereign In to ample a testimony of his
royal approbation f our condud. And it give
me'the highest fatti aion, that the GeneralAf.
fembly of thefe Ifla d have adted with that calm.
neft, moderation an firmnes, as to obtain fuch
folid markA of the rol favour, which I am fim
will nr-rr he forfeit by the Leglilature of
Mairty' n Bhama-lfla 4.
The pond opinion yo are pleaded to entertalf
,fme, deferve my wa eft acknowledgement s
and vro may be aflure that the honour, dignity,
and inft prerogative of our moft gracious King,
the fupport of the Britith Conflitution, and the
profprriy of the good People of the Bahama,
Island,, are the only ohjefs I have at heart.
JAMES EDWARD POWELL. Hnoufe, Sept. ,s.

On MONDAY tI Tth infant,
At TEN o'Clop.
A Quantity o GOODS,
C ONSISTING of Checl, Stripes, Ofnaburges,
lA wcllery. TabAaco, egars. Rum, Wear-
ing Apparel, Feath r. tdsc.
A L S 0,
N E G R -0 E S,
Belonging to the efate of Frdeirkh Humberft
r)Sblr fl. 18f(.
On MONDAY next,
At TIVrF.1R n'Cla/k,
A LARGE RARRFI. ORGAN, in complete
repair, and in excellent one. The number
of Cbancea T7wenty, at Five glanr each.
ALT, Perfonlghiail emala in nft the Eftat.
Sof PviDraix HuMst dteafed, are re.
jhefled to render them proper attefted, and
thofe indebted to make immediaayment, to
Nr'a.t, O1eoertj., I1J.
A GOOD handy ?agro MAN lRVANT
and an his Rufinafa will be chi y to attend
about a tore and carry out parcels, i mul be re
commended for his honefty and lobritty. nqnira
ofthe Printer.
Oftobr rt, 1715.
A LL Perfon' having demands againftthe Eftate
of HoaATIO SmrTH. Efq; late Commilaro /
of Provifimon in St. Augufline, will be pleaded t
fend In states of the fame properly atteeted o
or before t. day of November s est, to
-Attomen tr the Admlnifnitrltr.
A LL Perfons inebted to 1 Ehate of the de.
ceaftd Capt. DorAos ClauMao, are re-
quefled to come to so immediate fettlement I and
tholr who hare demands against it, to give in Iate
of the fame, properly attefted, on or before thu
ift day of November next, to
Najffu, Septetmbr 2a, y174.

European intelligence.
,E; 0 N D 0 1 Joley is.
'rlWAT Mr. Pitt's aIUt me uubounded,
thadti colleaguelu i 41ee are mei of true
Mal forethe public goods and that the faction
o option has funk at their meaflrer, une-
hle *o obiltathem, are fadeSthat all the nation
oiafted ot ih an ardal that excedcld the utmotU
glories f loylty but thetilmc areathes a change
of featoul-we now have to decry opprellivetaxes
bungling irregularity in mealures, particularly in
the Irilt Reftoltions, inthe Police Bill incoheren-
cy and illegality, and in the Iron and Steel Bill, a
total Ignorance ofits contents by two out of three
perimbn appointed to pllpre and introduce it-
am tie flitisa afi, qu* nant rferibere lslga~v i.
'ihe one and only prleiple regulating all future
dealings with the Amesrian aints, would be no
credit whatever, but im ate ayment either in
money, or exclhan e o smodities
The rage of enmlgratln hu fI wocftl expe-
inrice pretty well ftllided-- 'le few runaways
anhom their over.eloyed country vomits forth, are
W Canada antd Nova',pia
'ull 3s. Notwithtug the late pacific ae.
7ounts from the Contifens the difptites between
the Emperor and Ih hDth may not be finally
adjusted for a cntlidi ale time. Though the
outlines of a treaty ipa'hawe been agtced on,
there are feel articles to be feltled, in which,
it is fulpellid, the parties willnot he cafily hbi ilghtt
Jo meet each other. Sfbmc private intcltigece bic
the lft foreign mai!' inlinlates, that there alr lHill
at difficiltlie. ill the way ofa ptifed aincomnm -
Ition; and othcr It ters flirlate not to fly, that
after all that his Iben n i and, done about tle
matter, the it-.irdl, in'ill likelihood, mull te'rnii
nate the differenee, :s tt Eipcror will inot m re
peace but on ilicrm whiell the ttebIOcncral >!aie
lot grant, oil aciolint of the Itmults to -e appre-
hended At oince from too gr'et conccfl lis.
The Coullt of 3paiil Ihrli not, as reportcl, given
-up the intclilcil attack ag.iift Algiers, but on:y
'polfpone the 'fain, cti acconlt of the plalipe ra-
ging among Ite Mlrs ; anld ;t fill apprari to bh
the frm rcf,!:,iion eIl the piwere in the Medi-
f!erranean to hIllnl thfoic pirates by the tot..l
deftrultion ,f Algisri
7,uly 4. T'he inilitiry c.l. t'ilinant ofthe Ea.fl-'
India Coinany it, br agreement wisl G'ivl'n*.
mtent, to be no othcrwife reduced tht anhy byrin:-
Sfts! lome the rc naliler of th! rrcimcn:ats whli
were fcI't not by Govrrnmlnit dilinig ithie l.cE'wl ;
lthe mc arc t lIe brtlih;i iEnglanl at Ii cr\-.
Splte f the Conlii,,'" hyl'i; re arc iilt tew to
rec-riti their nativieco' tthe war laings re'-
d ced hlem to lcf* thlit ec- lixth oilthe ;:1u:n -
nus.niir that ladred in lrJ,;i.
In the llt w cicated' i:f Cfrlanl, Gvi-
mnnlt ; ain four itcrs in t:tr Ir Inpr lioilst I i,
witli the rew Ea lis l ani VIIU,:lints, make Qnk lit
Anllle omiilous nuIIst'!l i elven1' ri. T'o rip ll.i
the vacitcdl fe'ts in.the Conlmnumn, tli c are ar the
t.ecc itaplicit bhtiorlllllt I f Iltkcoinomitni, Fclthrd,
anri Clominer. Mr. iMrlone's feat for Wealmeath
is the only cuinly lnoW v.cattd, ndll that is tolc-
rable certain ocf a fuitable e-cledion. -
yfuldj The commnotons raised in the Otto-
man Empire, on acconllt of the Iat* revollttionl,
and which are doubtleri iecrcetly fitmentd by
R'afiAs antd lth E peror, will necirVTrily tli c;n-
barras Ithe Porte, Bat they mnlt, at Icaft, full'plil
their fchecme for c ning to a rupture with the twoi
forimr po.wect. is therefore It lie pr.fuinicll I
that thcfe, talking advant i:ce of the prit.l'itsrlit
cal situation oflfairs, will infif Gni all their cl.ti;si
being grrntrd go them without the ic at def.tlca-
lion I perhaps they may evei raife new ones, and
the fchemes of the Tiurbilli Minliters for recove-
ring to tle Empire itals la oft's, infleid of roito-
ring it to itiprilte glolt only aIFrvate its dif-
gie. ShlF d this be llicafe, It probable tIat
the C.iigi Ihli may, in a lort tilne, he cl.lploy- .
ed to pet th mele friendly office to the pre-
lent Grand izief, which lie did for his picdeeccf-
for. In the mean time the diftradions, that at
prefint prevail in Perfia, offer to the Emprifs of
Ruffia o fair an opportunity of aggrandizing her-
Telf, that it cannot be fuppu'ed fite will aglet it,
ut will feize on ofme of the fertile and rich pro-
ing adjoining to the barren wild A It at pro.
.s cfled uo n Afia. Thta wiil b erfuch an
of weUal a muft br it addl.
ttf weight iI the fcale of lttilp here it ia
honht at tcaft by thofl tp tateia have no
"proifpe of (haring the llwith her, that h
already preponderatea too uch.
SLord Rodney i now l rance, on a toar for
.bi health. He is very much canrf'ed by all fanks
tof people, who eagerly ock to Ae the conqueror
of De Gralte.
Runme, Jne 1o. The tribunal of Rota, by the
unanimnnus determination of the fix Judge, have
fet afide the will of the lately deceafed Don
Amansio Lepri, who had thereby bequeathed to

to p.judtce of his niece, who was horn fo1 at te
months fubrry.ent to the diceate of her father. Huolteof PrI?
London, ea.ns6 ettert front Liboon, by the. I by his mitjed?
laf packet, fay, tha the King of SPlan had made Febuary ll -
the moft tempctu ofl.ri to the Brit ili MinilrYfor That after along 1 t01
the rcftitution of the fortlrs of Gibralter, with the various quefllonu
out eflt I which had excited peat chagrin and this comprehenfit Ast
rcfentment in the Court of Mndrid. the federal refotlition
After all that tan be fail of 'he rejedion of the preflat toonr Mj
Mrilh propolitioni. if that should be the cafe, the w' will form c"ba
two countries will remain juit as they do unr- manent comt t
nothing new will happen, unlefi a few bonfire on Maielty's kingd
both ride of the waitr; and men of candor, land: .
patriotifm, liberality, and good lfefe, will, if they That we have eed
are bro at to cohniit toecthrr. reily difcovir of the rights oftbe..alia
the noiitil ihterdc and gtcnuike adlltaec that in confidering Io eitenAf ast t
may accrue to the two cluntrier, fito a new have found it.nectoknry .
agreement upon the and obviouts principles Iliicaticon and exceptional
of aommon- cllnc. fuch reuilatione and
ulty 59. The Hilic was in Ptidlington bay laft us i idifenfably r
wee', ind the wind not faivurina the proceeding propose .gr.cmeint on ju In
on their voyage, Prince Win. Henry landed, ac. dationrn, for fecuing to 6th
clmpanicd by two other officers of the Ihip, u commer:iAl advantages, to ane
order, as we are informa.-r, to make a short .- .*" of which they are lfrtorea to
curflon to Hull intrc. When tliry were within That his Maiefy's fAbieftt
three m:les of Bererly, his Rovnl Hlhnlet.'s horle frciarl in a full am) latit
fell, hI which .acidlent he received a light contu- l trade with the Britih Cl
fion on isri ihea.. and was thriwife lightly brti-. 4" pre'fialed. acknowlcldge tia g
fed. Dr. Johnlim, an emicit phylc; in at Bcvcr 'M continuing to e nyit zn t
ly, wa., ftit for, ant took his its, al Ilihnefs it .i his Maily'ysfatbij a Ia 0
a clh;lTe to his own hor -hrr'lrt fcpt at ni is, we conceive, equally
and l'it off from IhinS- i a .l.i an'1 lour 1^ flips and mairers of Irclan ae
naii;ng, on bhi return tkihr if;.itc. ," i in ad enioy the fame privik
Accordlinlg to letters fronl El!inl 'ur.ll ofthe rtih ." C Orcat llrtin, tilh e 1.mproi on
inn. Commodore Oor. r ,.i;,.il in r.(il' s adoptir and may .ul
Ro-:ds with four ineni'wal hilt wan to fail ar-.ii ." Il'his cin or frcuring tiofc ad
in a day or two; hiJ buii.irlii to fio rel th- t :o lt' 't" c'ilivlv to thfubies nofltelmpire.
as far as the Orknhye, I pl r'ivt lFreignl 1ihliing j" e i" effntial CUmnniled kwit th
vfcili r any nation vhaltfolcvr encroaching upon '" llicg-th of his airfty's doninionB ide
the limits. 4" ,terllty with t t afcty and rofpetl
r','rs 3 The rigors;.- rt-ti'.n now Mking "' (c .at.Brit1in a Ielanl: et
at l'oi.fmouth Yardto rcpairll .iilip.s in otliitam. it indlil 'clrlie sat thlfe points Ihonli l
iq not fitim appearance of 'i-:r. hit o tih farcYv whichl is to 1' niy:r nir-it liritn, whin is tnct ii aid diur on of the agreement
it is exepdc', alf.i, there w. Ic ba crnl N.I1avll t' tl o coun es; they can only ei
Review before the King ani; l:r. 1. Imi'y, wnh '*' intoulrest by ws to be paitidia the
fich ero'u'i.-ns as were pr'aii'ii t the fa le port aI'r nt ll'Ireldal wlich is alone
a fct r c:r liiln. i." b:s;l li M. fly's filbjeits in that kil
P.,' se mti received at tK A.,irnira'ty, the i, at. wholioe I iliivte lights wee fall ever
mn ;'isl.l:rn inmthe Hirtr-S c.,:ii.'h ii % cr,'d. .i a[ir own. "
issin .r the fprscii: rp e of t> ,tctiig their It inita for the ofIri '
lii. it: ''.l, if an .i,'mpt v. Ie mat il dl'e, ac il rding to their wisdom ald
rp'ie thtir ris a nr' M the it.i'till] 'allt co-niiT l : tion, .l cfe conditions, as well is of
oi' .1 hlip of 40 CgrZ'i ,:,r of 3t. oni of ,, andsl' part of settlement propofed .
eon ofr 14 ual. '.iSt ,f:'nii (;,.a'r hs with lir b, m i at confcnt. One pIurpofC I~n t
himr te lIkbe of ;,.( tui,s, tit Hoii of :i, the 1 It'lill int is to promote alikc the conlif
IHcceh irf of .6, andi Monkev cutter oft'. giun. cral teriioitrf of his MlIafly's fubIe
A rilI oiur is fipreati, that the of 'i.lder, ", Itotih counties, and we aie pirfuaded thal-
a!ld tlhe ciprefton whic-h the iir. lal't.a.ti ofC Bril- *" cni on rofperity of the two kingdom
ny ill F'rr;ce gnimn undtr, ha, oc":liotned a gpcat be creby greatly advanced; the fuijet
cormnolitna in that pr.o\inrc; -in.- indld e'i cd .will in futiure'apply themfllvsto
inlilicr ~ c.Ou:iittry people toIet up the thiMts Ira, h of commerce which they can
of rIlKilionil and take up arms aitailn tlie Illlini ig ecrtift v.ilh moit advantage and wealth
piowris. f*' ill o0li'atre .; .a4cat benefit tothi whole.
7jdyv I'. Lrterta frim P Alin, ih s -:f i'S' have o fia o r pertfrmtd our part inthiis ,iyo
mail(,l, in. i that proviiil ail l,.r' '..15r : 'i. i. .t lsin f s; ansl we truit that in the whott
elirrlr.ely dlcTr is that mnetlrpolTl; liel.i :n.' lnlI. 5 s- pro:;rcfs, reciprocal intcrefs and mu
tonlhlt .wi a I vrr per p fitli, ;iall wi!l anlo taler {.iwl, wvtn pl'liil rtionl..ll; *** t ily iccnl'ir to the great end wlich the
a idvai ci l i- \vkr at frii'- and1 .rtI lsirti: .. c. ( r .'o ic hav'er nllil' in view. In thisipe
t.ah::r ;il ';i : hayi w.t in tcrut'.- toi the Uir. t n. i e v'c i rak for.vard with confdenctto
inoeri p.l c ,sf it lincri d'orts per ,i. fcY inal cSr.pc!etion rl' a Incaflare, which,
/". ti,.'.' /a leI- froim f''. ;,,'rs 7. 0 tcrisV to l'.rp'Cti etr harmony and .
'T'halirotror on tle day of hi; :l"1l'.i' Ir 'r i' It. I ,.'fcn the two kingdomn, muft by agl
tomnil ltily, ei:l S-r iyeld himifll in lii. hi l c' till c : .; thl ir rcl,'rcci uniting their e ortl lI
nmi-Iilh. i i, iere different di'fliAtchl lay ready 4' **~ o inidtltiig. thrir itricntlt, afford his Maje
for hlii ligniotre.-'l he fame night a courier sae. tli firecl mteall ofCta!sfilliing a lalingfoUan.-
fent a fi to Cnnllantinople, whofcdlifp;llche. aile i tion to he fafity proflperity, and glo ry ulM
ipl r l to Ic fie sleat importance, an he was or- tr ecin"ire." "
dere. n~l. the litmofth. le. IH: MA rT ANSWER.
A i.tkirr v;a; dilp.ltcliel to CtonfL.aIinople a My Lords and Oci lemen, ..j
few hoin't after the Emperor's arrival from Ital.mi I receive with the greateftfatisfadtiontbiEnt
and it isf i, that his difpatches are of the highest Mluitioas, which, aftei to longand diligentant'it'
importance. itigation, you co.fidelr as affording the ballS dl
P. S. A report is this moment fprcanl, that the '"itvnlactagcn and permanent commerl cial 0
Orand Signior has hern dethronedl, y one oi, 'm"iit between nmy kingdoms of Great.Brithia
thofe fulddrn revolution$ fo common, in stfpltic island. Nothing cant mre clntly mania l
States: And that his nephew, who is hlit ninetcrli frgarld for the intcrelts ofboth my kingdolin -
years old, hald heern leletd Emperor." your zeal for the general profierity ofmy
London, 7Nlr 28. Yesterday the tight Hon. the onions, than. the attention you have gietle
Lord Chancellor, with several of the Peera of Inportant obiet. A fpll and.equalpl
Parliament, the Sneaker of the CommonsJtong ssmoerciIl advantages, and a S
Chalccllor of the Exchequer, anld many Members laws in thofe point which
of tbatHioufe, waited on his Majety at St. Jametii, prefervatlon in fecnrty, mut tbe
to know when he will be pleaded t tecetve their of union between the two kingdn. 1t
Joint addref relative their proceedings on the. Tonren of reciprocal and increaBln n J
lrkh commercial bnlnefl, which wasrecommend. I both.- The fame fpirit in *hleh ctIl -
ed as ne of their moft effentlal considerations ia I lias begun And proceeded, will, Ia M n
his Maiefty's fpeech on the firlt day of the ftfions pear throughout the whole offlts p I
of Parliament when his Majetty appointed to concur with you in thinking tha tteitm l
morrow at two o'clock. pletion of it, is of efi ntial import m to thet
The following is the Addrerl; . re happinef of both country e, and thu
That his faithful Commons have take tU ty, glory and prosperity of the empia.. ,
their mo1lt frious confideration the important Extra ef a Ilterfm ae I
nlijed of the commercial inti ouife between i A few da.s since, the oq fe -*W .
v nf.

jugger r a q eerefs, teae te l
S ra .cA CIht a etetto fl'~flt u..l-h A b ad 5 r- -Fprtunately no lives were.lot at the latt-ea
1 to know the reatid of i. rre lkfulll n that In.yd w res yf i All he whahre in th harbour are either de
ch Captain aid hd ad rtit lif rd ntm Gae sch was at ft eallr eodu. t e royed or difnantled, that of efire. Dennie and
Court of r- aot do Ft 1 futtIrt tst eY the weather hs 0e. t' 4 ""' or- Merchant excepted. whith remains entire.
t i cafe It wa ed on he mull defeunAi .Mn In this dreadful clamlty many lives have been
in and it awafert.d otn ut- I Ir 111. A, r at Realma, wrltes to a Gentia 'flI loft( ten white perfons aid four ocroe, are eaid
n~ lot ayto ri .n4l" l el t t li1 ori. no damage was do t9*a"iprihed in the brig Swift I not Lef tha
_i i. t dLondon tim t tle ibo o ;:thl.M hm and hai tl eilr' pret" p I rI o drsle bodic have been found on the Palifa-
in, and toknohow he nou!4 a~d inptjr; y S !r"i'yur n, we tar does, and upwards of ao, chiefly whites, on the
L enltlenn it t returned.' t v diar nnd, we ar f in tI oppfi there in the neighborhood at PortHen-
SioBtrf g lh l." St'L ??rc rep'S" thi"111 d"erfon. "
at Driver refrlil, ll" d Wordo dirint aeccou:n refli'Alithe derfinm
Agt a. Letters from Portfnoutb of this iay O of tfe r lshihltants. There, we are told, &ptember o. .. All the hipl atAnnotto-Bay are
i, that Adtmlral MontaglteWeli ot togopit ald defolaltin every where prGI lem- driven alhore.
Mon Satirday laft, in l Fro orat lto Orabe every rt
hicd three othe, n 'wte., r nt ain4c puc cl 1 Plante thi north Side has fulbred oondeerahy from
r t wedi htilsasye thnd! oth i ei r..ralukfcj himtablfjAing a the ugr." the hirlrcaine: Molt of the houfe at Past Anto-
to by three o l R. pical r wch appear and ratettpa* ofthe town of Titchleld
sto fail to Wi t Hpaper .* were Mlow down. very velfel in the harbour of
cptetd I AtdEetarr, M1r. DPv uTH. Port.Antoio was driven ahllore exeept the t hip
ae rc fgfo4tti out fiall re ' -. Triton, llenderfon, which was brandrd in about
with all .b pediton. T" iTruty, r' ., i .. FrA, (ove feet water,'
i un, i preparing tn return to the Metsflu ,.t. Slombp Two Brother, Els, Baltunor' The fchooner Lord Sydney was returning to
lan, wilt Cuimodore Colby, thotoartainlyf~ t 1 $whee.' Sly, Berry, J.amnilca Barbadoei, having carried provisions from thence
ed3 Sir J. Lisdlty. ... -.. t-n- Slo Swift, M,.laky, ilmo to His a YtT' tro ps at St. Kitt'sa,when nie
Tle account of the infalt ofitred to he ra at.r pet t;he, late m, and wa obliged to besr
il bccln died iin certain iape.ia.WtdtIer fi fW SI perne, GKillf.';I Clfrletnn lthkis lla Il.nd-Bi her, we learn, that the
ta uod autl and cothraed.-'t p. .i Dilwoti, ditto lit Capt. Bell, an American Baft.
:~ may ptoucdll another thinu..-LThi Frenph .. Iamart, hd touched atBarbadoe on her return
tlledge, that the Wafp chafed a fmu.usler at' It h 49'h,4 (Y~t '~~e;teu ) .St4ber .I It i. with from China( where, for fome reason which the
st, anlt that the gave the pr6vocatwi in t)u oft lppful (chition that we atteritpt t-,..n. Captain did nt care to promulgate, the had beer
r. ch bay. tc to p ir. reaers, fame ace int of olae uTiahe to get any T Pgo; nid after along and tedl.
On Tulefday nighthii OCrcete DueofDorft ,6r tofe arful .iWpcnt6inoif Divrie Providence, oa plairage was in want oftnoft every neccifary.
arrived in town om Paris, and ycllcrday waited ?W hcIt this ill- fted inlanl ha", of late, Vea' S.-ytremr -. Capt. Obrean, f the lip Greg-
miihc Kin at Sl Jamcas. Mr. Ilailic aa A f are tlui .alnd., i fatally Cexreric"ed. 'V'e fn, 'vho touchedi at Dominicia n the ith ult.
Ct des afraidr it'Patis dnling his. KIa. e' a.I h ai.,nly bcgnn. ti-fncl the iappy tiat, i.i re. I .r. tht the late firmn was felt there fort 6 hour
thict, he being l~KiDuke's Seccgai'y. But Mr. I t"rnini plenty after the dire;t wpiopif f'. on; th- 2,tli that ten tiJuarc igieel vfllis, theta
upvn, hee bwiheg thia~DnkE's heReC a. a~lnt ,rt,
peir, the private cretary to thme Jnbaflyii r S.,, lwhh rn ry tl l tI 1t s,.th t l,., ;oulr. we'r diirivr oslt to e:., and a
hourly Cxpeecd in EIPlII.r gatf,. ll ir hop.s vecr hb!,ldi, : int our f1ar1; tio,)p of war anT llt!, fmalnllrat dil.ilc. to pice,
tI,, 01 of Count 'dhl he frcnchAm. antce, and ne fear Ir'atanl itn i ctFe, a t we ..Iv;ce hid ben itccived at that itand fCll
alr tol Pi'l.oit, l havu i various fpeth. Ild u ltItely witncefcd. arl ii.ieH tIha:t the wind and a e hill involn
t.Iti'i. Oppufitinn imnt fujldcea motinn The pitcceeding d.t Ihal bern ef*A fi;1- th itowi ,fSc, i h tre. and tie vei!hl in the hl-.
tlf.j.:aitment dbet'ens l oCrot.i, twhi tr and tthe"everi 'unedmro t" n ,ly ', ; t*r ,-,r, ill all,;ll total dclii vion--l'h:t conidler-
the better informed tifeft, thQt thi- lke n earrt idnigthit t ithriln' ch!;i 1 i l ir.irt i hadteen done at St. Chriltophler'
D ,-i n biii n leave of -Al'tirl, ani tidc Iboitan I i'
Dor ic .irti- hxlnc btleave of A(llitii n r.n""utlp t nuedh;\!u l -*d,,! ., ibc>cs; aintIat ailieT t ee inSpcight
r two hihson hi r wn rivatt.e, en i cd, al, willth Wi CI i,v l'a i rithle been loft oy kn ore.
Cuit's rct.rn in tohe rc-cit.flit ~ahfir hav' low k I1 the earl) .B;i.nrt.,, S.;tu i r Ta On WcdneJsc
allh. hil it is rncrally know-ii hamteifur i .It cloil wot.a ijU c;imn l,.l tl; i it L iip. .; o fr
S'M., ii.d .d, .wi vtarri betd t )rth-Eall "a' ,- i th r, heir n.oo pTllI-, this Ouil
Y(trlav Sir A iii.ill Canmp~btl of l til ai"out '- ,'ock i, tle aRl-, n, IRv i, :nt eaiy yeftday morn in tfeir
the K :i .t St. me~i on hij giiig to licceed he it icttid.; inl -. I l mIentioned piit, t foreTe .tofquito.Slie in r, it i
InTi MI.iarln iii the ('cr,-iitent. t' Madras. a iytle with cooni.J, ab vicnct. ::o 1to bring fro- ennce.k remrnai t of
that hour it.eacidaLt:to 4ic i.calr nl'' te( tI.- trnc,.'pi v'.h )re tent thtte on the rftap-
.- .... -.- .... I -tlock, m4tiSci ste sit*rtn
  • SU I N 1 N) RR T E D, roQrina oi :te-wit.ltS .>n.l r;n, nno V1r Licral i y y a ,-ntilcnman from Sgntt Elitafla, we hear
    lath l rig FP~tnriiP, Capt. l >oN, from omlvullion of ;tie'elanment; ethinec tir : nr,:t ti upwans o! tirt veicls, of dln'ren t dtfcrir-
    Ssw.Yoal., trailing pit iicof their dreiRell thIrore. Sn.:i after tinus, wciel driven from their anchorson the aith
    A D 0 On I I., it i'- form' meafir., ab;f.dl,--hbt to reti:rn, rih ult. by the violence of the late tempest, intothe
    On Ri.rialhe' T.r rern ved ,lree, and 'n*tinntil to ipre.i its dJe- nman ocean; and that the fate of none ofthet
    By J 0 IT .N C : T E, Itr"'irc inWlLcnce durinl;ptl rcmain.!cr of the lid been learned on the 8th infant, when our
    U ,. A night. ' n.n ts were dated; a period of fifteen days;
    AL hia Sror.E on th Durin the,1ormth* lfptr eat tll t 1 ht-l to wh ii, had given inft occasion to the inhabitants
    I r C,.'A, ai .I I n, orgi,, r E crly i:int 9f't~ c ..ii.a;', fiAt ntLie Nortih Well to I~ apprehensive for the safety of the whole of
    Aq Ct.. .iy o PINE UOARIDS CEDAR Ith tie Sonthl Ean tn'fe r effel.-At that island am:;.;ng iltmaare was
    SIIINGI.E S. Snglay was lana!ly with heary rain, hic tai itird on fore, bI the dreaiful conviltiin of
    A 1 S O, t' tiiine. i tor !Juit nilg the two itcd in;' ,l.iays. I :,c elcincnt, and many liven lul,, both on terra
    A frev n.Ilrel S:lpefint FI.OUR, jllt arrived ,,ath.r ha.: indeedihrdliy yet put on.a.ittied j fIrrm in the fr-rounding ocean
    f''om Ititimore.,"1 .app rance. a The rarOnrory of the oldelf manliving in King-
    PA NT( O 1' S T/I Ti (oI. C icreafet *e hrror felt li the ip'.:tiant in, iarcely ftnr-ifies an inflance of Inch fer
    ..i.eir NX Rtr :IKt ., d o..f I .t .fdthis placet,.:I of tire v:'s given .hn:it vent aid intolerable heat as prevailed on Mon-
    St ter .T)Rl t lutti ./1 oti ~hllsii'clockih iaw the aginea hauled utit, the e dlyalnd Tiufday. On the former day in par;
    II A V E F 0 1 8 A I. E. t .-colourd l adtokmds l ig KingK tn't lo:tr! tci"lr, the mercury in Fahrenheit's thermometer
    A r.NErIAL Air rtner f ElIl~nPt ,Pi tration. .1itApily- tlh tetr proved trivial, ilo,~l;t the monilrous height of ont hAudred de-
    EAS '.l NDIM1 000 .alf,, Shlt'han- thet.larm arithi frn th oaden root oCtanrikk -treei adr b. ay, in a plter open to the admiffion
    dleir. llardw ,re. (Grocery, kery VI e, tc. kiln tn Wef.-lit f gakcn fite: It rt:; en- of air, :,nd entirely feltered from the fun.
    whi:l they ill '.ll on the m rcal'onabic term tirely cnfu landing the heavy rain So weak in this IPand, are the party preiudices
    f r ,qJ., i i i;'i rif I v m.a. .. ,. which ell. ii. favoiur of tle Cor.grelional flaves in the United
    Tluii ',T ; mjils l a lag qiMait t i1a- 'lThe injofy7w ern gen.ial has fIb States of Clumbia become, to what they were
    Srn ., imc of w~iich lays.tlW rier, ataincdls tr Mady ot the houl; fine mnontln ago, that we hear no more, thank
    Wlt h lie ilcrtend to ldcavoour to c andp0i are uinofe(lt il etirely thrown dlom God,. of any feriom attention to open our orts
    on he tny to the Eaftwaru*of J t Baow', s t htioi evry otUt lUilli arn ouilonf in f, for the aditlliiou ofthofc right trubf and diiter-
    lila and will e Lindcd oini the B Heal MWMr., S. Ata' l a s nc-, with c cpi.ptiv, rcd Repnhlicans.-It would be worfe than mad-
    Rtsnt'n, .it if any perfmn has t 'roptrty are levelei wih tc eart. 'Tt ieina int his iidl to take the bread out of the mouths of our
    often fame kind they wili plea to 1fpe it and neighbourhood aos Ligiranre, are e tat dla own faithful fellow fiibjci, in Great Britain,
    the)may take- .any that they catpe p to bt their ina8ged in a greater or I04 dprcd T or lanta- Ireland, or elsewhere, to give it to fuccefsfu
    property on paying charges and. Pyi to i n ,w turouglo t the Parillh d eW, rebels, and imracle neifca whole hatted
    SDANt om ery info rnationI we have. been tlc. should inspire contempt, and whole prof.
    N4uiu, Oi',8er tis, ;j ' ' let, have feared a iniliar lt. 'Ihecatlisilhich Irred friendllus with ufpicion.
    BHING cdtrminsrd t.-,ro-ec t a6,it 600 wo a-mo promifing appearance; artall (loRtg Settermber onr lift arrived his Ma-
    oir of the law, all fucih aainfl w foT. ep plntai walbi deitriyednId the cte ib inte jtty's packe Orantham, Mr Richard
    sorinformation Whall be g.vt shich.1fart, ftripped of their berrie-It is even faid the ground Ocorge mall mail, from isHoth,
    matil if a..nWt a white Prfo w DU*Ujr, prov'fi ris have rot clamped the general ieltuc- in 46 days.
    Ifia f Ne- nti ia thio :Private letterol caw. b the kI, ra's
    If. taa ree Negro Dalls ant if ugaf 'titn l. mn-
    A lrO Slave F Dlar Mbj.fy' P. turopa. J nur, Floa , thaat, F g n
    Susrber eatttions all l'erfons haoriog Ai el, In this harbour rode out the ftorm Iio ln thboW _T to profeee to
    Or eloying a certain flort Nock Negro rcein in f afquadron of wl Ing of 14 fail of
    tloeiag ac certain thma=,J. rt fOt w ack nPA m ad in tly *Dog, lying at Port-.RIy th line w flSed o r or at
    VellomncIROBINi whoRI tw l"t cd efm n i e lyi tort. l, theline, wa fhlpeicad to tA lr orders for the
    in the )rdnat,.. De artm ent. S ha m drtied ai e severe part of the gale, ibt re. Eatt.ldies-lto o fequet h h so fail of
    be pidupon hit being detli re o ceived no otet iama than the former loitlg the Britlfh line were fitted oaut gmlfouth and
    ..iar h DAVID 'l Y ie n her maits. The Porcupine, at the fame place, Plymouth, in the Ihort fpace of fourteen das
    He Ikbrms hi ies and the Pul that hee i tithbood iti utmolt fury. all completely manned and ready for immedFate
    ow live in the Hofe lately occ, pe Wiliam Amon ht, merchants reffels and mll craft; frvicie-Twelve of the hip, under Commo-
    te" ills, Efl; asdter contain SSthool imme"re of has been auftained. dore Gower, were vid. led for t month,, aad
    for t7e duration of .11th .in e ria i The barracks of his Majefty's troops at Stoney. defined to watih the motions of the Frened
    and g ritmertic All0-s i'i, Griek, an.d O Hi Hill are a heap of rwoos, and thole at Up.ParPk naval force in Breft-water, and, ifanct ary, to
    $Pqrapif c red. Camp much damaged. In the former ftar men follow them to the I llt-ndic.

    Swho were to frltg at Calcutta that city lhini nowt better' naflemam t of Itatrair. AM
    - become, hat Madrras was be*re, the moal important fetn to agi.e in fopp ft, a
    LITERARY ARTICLE. of he Knetl> f Etctinnt in Indi. The Court of the ahmndantly ctideit, t h sitl'
    .hl. M orooif'alculta ,,igin.tlly inflimted for the trial of it trritt il poltfcllo Even 4k.
    .mrcantiteet fea Ie. ih ar le in the cit and neigh- to Ie convinced of itsewain enhj (
    A..e:l o Bi/lTrIsOH EB rST-IeHBI CoMrANY. bourhood, had. gradually tended itsi jrifdilion with upon that account, willfingt t il
    ,y Dr. ADAM SLn THT the etenloan of the topire. It was now, reducednd ani met.
    1 ROM c 1t or at Iclea from 1tyt, this Compeny F i fined t theotigii'l ,urpofeof it inthtution. ln0elad
    ting elivirsd from all cnmpertit and fully i, it, anew Suprmi. oaurt ofJudicature waseN ablilh-
    etlit:llhed in ti:e monopoly of the Lglilh comanerce to (lOn illioi of a Cl.i cultice and three Judgev. toST I
    th- E i. ltl-dies, tarriedon atu cefalutl de, aind Ifro e n pp be a y !th down. In Europe, the qualifica-
    thiirprofitsmadeannuallyanmederate divtidcd tother tinn nccetlry to uaritle a proprietorto vite at thrir In the Ship MllCUlr PiCeIiT
    1riprtctirt During the Frenkrh itr whithcbh n t I;ft ier Ci urts : .-s id.rI front five huneIrd pounds, LL lltp from Lt
    1;74, the ambition of Mr. D)u cix, the rueni Go- lth. originalpri~e rcfa the llocklt thc C'mpany, A N Di T O BE S
    se-nour of Poniicherry, involve ent in tile iar oftI t ha ,tiuiand pour,i. In order t t vote i/l.oI this o pll .
    the rati Uan in the poIlr. f the Inian r inces. flation too, it w- decilrei nteccflary that lie should W O ALI and Rart
    t, ttr -oy I*l funtlt uatitlly t tloe,,( have po d it, i, acquired by hi, own pih.f, an By Falconer, Shirredf,
    theyat tal lo adra, a t time lht n ci.l t rtanct for at ieaftr: r ,. minlad of fix y c nht *
    f' timent is India. It was rel ed t ho Th y e month the ternfrequi ite btore. I'he oiurt of At their Stona
    *' aty of Aix-la-Chap lls q d o this time pirt fpr t twe fttg, r Dirctlors it! bfote he,.n choin aInl llnu l T1OTTII. and i I
    ot aT r and coiqaetucA m to ve taken portnenion of i.t ai ,an s ro .1 thr ea i Dirca Rr liaml.i, fi *l
    Their ferrans t India, and never finch to iave lelt the fuur, h.e chof n fi, G.,ir y-. t fi-l tLhem hiw- t lyfo. '.
    them. During the French war, wah'ch began in a175, ever, tl gno iot oft liice hby ro, at ; ve vey ar, andl nt tert, 1
    thcir arms partook of the gancral good for tunetif thule I 0 ra 4hcIleofbein-gr.chofritl t :he cictiotn of Athe ft Echong & A great
    cf Great-liritain. They dt.Ledr.dl Mads, toHok l'on;l ,,F~ ers for thcafuing year. It confequcnce f nhea J Sewing
    dichtrry, rtcovred Calcutta, aIn acquire the revet tlhet alteration., thie CL.o.rt, boh of the Proptietors Currant ad Railnb Mode, M
    mn.e ti a r,:h and etnctifiv territory, anmounti, it Di-A Ri it I l etpetert we!d be likely to aA rown and White Sugar 'Ilack
    oas thilt laid, to upw".rds tLjdI ree ntillimv a y'er. whtJ re di lty .nt1 I'te.,li.cli ti/n they had uftally Candy a yl
    Theiy thofained for fever y l in quiet roll on tif dito oltfre.' ~uit ii l s- in.mpflnikle, by arv altera- Sing li i Blue, Starch Muflia
    Il t i;ur : But *ltlyt 7, tiduliniittr.tin i adla.i t;,++ t re-tder th tfe I ouit. in any r tel|>c t t"1 09'- Chinnnaiu. Nk ltnim gs, and.
    tIl thati ttrritotial ,cjqit' a'il, and the re ~ir ntil veir n, e r rviin tRo fAr in tile gvttirllPtin of g 1at Nl.Mac.- I
    from thriln as .f right ihcloIging to.the Criion; a l n c r ; i,-c, the l esater partof thfIr rm ersmi ll ItMilar alad Oil
    thi Cuoiipany, min io pcni. t p fit r thisi, ini agreeju teI i '- I, oe fl. li: !:VI; Iuty e ill thl ern rrp ty of that p1l;i,'. Kert hu
    yp.. to Govrln;iient a: r hildrtdil.hol.i:nd rIoutls I'a 1 t ,t p-.e ay lir; -i Atr nation i *I t tanypro. a, yY, Sl:. Pea"t La s They h.bAd etoethig. u;,lly W gi c, t e.: r te ,, : F -.qt i.tI va n .f .,.at I,.t.;ie. evena L tk andl ltidc. bottled 'lf.tirenltlh
    Jivi. 'c fr.imi, a!io fft. nii i t tht, uIpi n i o in ialtl !tine. is. fir to Iafb 'i I i, Ierl .rr Ditts '
    h .r,_ ,tl t, .f l :.;, .. .. ,,,,r l,,u .,i nI ,,.,.. ir- in i, floak. n r,.ly : t; e fl ene rma eira, Port P nd Sherry
    Ptu.ti r!,.y ~n jr At.; i. t L,, unandJ: and mti cit y- 9., ri, aq e b" a vA ,It h L' ur" t t re l i
    h. . ult 1,. pund,. n r h, o- r l. ti t in /te aii I'iri ,i..r It rive- ti a fhlre, C.', ot0 n tl- ,i e sol and Potk ea
    .l r .l I ti itiiy- .> tlo..ti :d, .to ih/- huliilrid atl ,l ier, t ilts p n- nt : tn !he r y 'rant *riii t. i ee Sipe Ins an 4m
    t I. Iit, !.rlt Sqoe I. S
    t ,t y .out pe ..!. a r Th'y t..rc ,,.,,Y ,,,|, C o , , .. 0 hy r. ke ,,, t < Cthecks A .d Stripes recn ShoeM
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