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Year 57 NO. 07 FRIDAY, JULY 18th 2014 EC$2.00 At The Pumps This Weekend Maximum Price ULG per gallon Dated : 18/07/14 DELTA $16.25 / SOL $15.91BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, W.I. TRADE UNION NEWS* THE THINKING CITZEN* CANON PERCIVAL SO TELL* EARL CLARKE COMMENTARY BY PAGE 02 Saturday’s Shooting “A Bizarre Act”, Says PM Douglas BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (CUOPM) – St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has(cont’d on page 3) described as a “bizarre act,” last Saturday morning’s shooting incident which resulted in three persons being killed and four others injured. “We have had almost two years of peace and tranquility in St. Kitts. The men and women of our Police and Defense IMF Says Substantial Strides Made In St. Kitts And Nevis Economy -Post-Program Monitoring To Be Initiated Mr. Min ZhuIMF’s Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair(cont’d on page 3) Minister Skerritt: Kittitian Hill ‘A Model For Sustainability In Caribbean Resort Development,” St. Kitts Becoming A World-Class Tourism Destination BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (CUOPM) – The construction of US$300 Kittitian Hill in the northwestern area of St. Kitts has had significant (cont’d on page 12) Kittitian Hill Opens Its First PhaseIMF Says Substantial Strides Made In St. Kitts And Nevis Economy -Post-Program Monitoring To Be Initiated BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (CUOPM) – The Washingtonbased International Monetary Fund (IMF) says substantial strides have been made under St. Kitts and Nevis’ home-grown Fund-supported programme. In a statement Tuesday, the IMF’s Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair, Mr. Min Zhu said fiscal and debt sustainability have improved significantly, financial sector stability was preserved during a comprehensive debt restructuring exercise, and economic growth has rebounded strongly following a four-year recession. He said as evidence of the strong turnaround, St. Kitts and Nevis repaid early a significant portion of its outstanding credit to the IMF and continues to treat the arrangement as precautionary. Cabinet Approves Action Plan, Implementation Team Set Up BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (CUOPM) – St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has been providing details of discussions held with stakeholders following the U.S. Treasury Department Advisory. Speaking at the first in a series of town hall meetings dubbed, “Conversations for(cont’d on page 10) (cont’d on page 10)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 2 OPINION / LOCAL NEWS THE SPOKESMAN ESTABLISHED MAY 1957 Published by: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour UnionMasses House, Church Street P.O Box 239 Basseterre St. Kitts West IndiesAg. Managing Editor: Dawud Byron Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866 Email: Website: Editorial Kittitian Hill Opens Its First Phase Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): Kittitian Hill, one of the largest developments in the tourism industry opened its first phase in St. Kitts on Thursday (July 10), unveiling its luxury restaurant “The Kitchen” and bar “Sugar Mill Bar”. Speaking at the ceremony, held at the Irie Fields golf course, Founder, Val Kempadoo said that the development will bring an exciting new spin to the tourism sector by maintaining traditional Kittitian cultural traditions and involving locals in a number of aspects of day-to-day operation, which is essential to the ideology of sustainable tourism. “Kittitian Hill started with a vision that collectively, we can craft a more sustainable future for our Caribbean people; a future that celebrates our art and culture, respects our heritage, gives us a sense of who we are as people and a sense of where we’re going as a society; one that satisfies our growing economic needs and one that cares for our land, protecting it for generations to come.” Kempadoo lauded the government for its support of this development, stating that it was an illustration of successful public and private sector partnership, referencing the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund (SIDF), which invested some $16 Million in the project. Minister of Tourism, Hon. Richard Skerritt, called the over US100 Million dollar development an example of creative entrepreneurship and visionary government joining hands. “We knew that the economic activity generated here would positively impact the lives of real people and give hope to those in this area that have experienced despair after sugar,” said Skerritt. Prime Minister The Right Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas said that he was especially pleased by the proposal for Kittitian Hill because it would help to decentralize the tourism product in St. Kitts and spread opportunities more evenly across the island. “We knew that people closer to Capisterre deserve, like others around this island, to be able to get to and from work with relative ease. And so we sought and secured the commitment of our cabinet to ensure that major investments that are attracted to St. Kitts no longer be automatically directed to the Basseterre Valley and the Frigate bay South-East Peninsula region but that all parts of our island be given the opportunity to benefit from the multiplicity of social and economic benefits that accrue from these types of developments.” Over 500 Kittitians were hired for the construction of Kittitian Hill’s 155 buildings and were trained with new skills such as masonry and woodwork, culinary art and alternative farming methods. Belle Mont Farm, the first hotel on the site will be opened on December 12th 2014 with 112 rooms and over 300 staff members will reportedly be recruited by December of this year.. Kittitian Hill’s World Class Championship 18-hole golf course, “Irie Fields”, is the first in the world to be certified by Golf Environment Organization’s Legacy Programme and is expected to attract high profile golf matches. The development has also acquired the Golden Lemon Hotel, which they hope to restore and reopen. They Care Not About Our Country Time and again we of this newspaper have sought to warn you, dear readers, and all of our people about the dangerous and highly irresponsible misdeeds of those opposite as they relentlessly seek to incite violence and disorder in our beautiful little country. Indeed, just two weeks ago we reminded you that those calls for uprisings, riots and all manner of disturbances have been going on continuously, and for a period extending over more than five years. This has been done brazenly. Our people had always been peace loving and law abiding. Crimes were few and far apart. A house or store breaking was “big news”. As a general rule murders were committed less frequently than one in five years. So much so that whenever one occurred it sent shock waves through our communities. But, alas, that changed in a most drastic and terrible manner when PAM came into existence. Yes, dear readers, it was the advent of that wicked, evil, terrorist organist which heralded and brought with it the death of peacefulness and respect for law and order which had so enviably characterised our country. On one occasion, very early in their existence, their first political leader (a lawyer) was heard to say, in the registry area of the old High Court building on East Square Street, that Bradshaw had the place under too much control, that it was too damn quiet, that it needed excitement, and that he was going to change all of that. And change it he and PAM most certainly did. At the risk of seeming repetitious, dear readers, we remind you that it was PAM who introduced violence and guns into the politics of our country. They were the ones who incited the people of Anguilla to adopt the course of violence and the use of guns and explosives. They also used such devices for their own deadly, disruptive and undermining purposes. From very early in their existence their leaders and other platform speakers mounted their rostra and shouted out to our people and the world that they (PAM) were going to “break the law”, and break the law they did, time and again. It was they who introduced politics into the civil service and the police force, the consequences of which actions plague those institutions to this very day. When they managed to sneak into power in February, 1980 it was a very sad time, indeed, for our professional institutions in general and for the forces of law and order in particular. From day 1 it was made clear that their followers would be above the law. Virtually everything in the place began to break down. Whenever arrested for committing crimes PAMITES would abuse the police and orders would be sent from on high to release them from custody. The two-gun kid boasted that he had his gangs to “buss labour people a...”, and the late Sydney Morris boasted that his “Force Ten From Cayon” was for doing likewise, and also for “blowing” us away. Mr. Eugene Hamilton (then Morris’ Campaign Manager) never spoke out against such things, and it is as clear as daylight that the organisation and employment of “Force Ten” was the genesis of the current situation in Cayon, now sadly considered to be one of the most dangerous communities in the whole country. Once again we wish to remind everyone that, on several occasions, Mr Dwyer Astaphan had pointed out to us that it was PAM who had been responsible for, amongst other things, the start of the gun trade in our country, that they had been founded and rooted in lawlessness and violence, and, most tellingly, that when they (PAM) got into power in 1980 they introduced into our country a new culture of drugs, gangs, guns, violence, lawlessness, freeness and the wanton destruction of our traditional spirituality and value systems. Mr. Astaphan wrote that the newness included the start of the gun trade, of the school gangs (initiated and led by the sons of PAM trumps), the graffiti, the intimidation of teachers and other students, and the selling of drugs in and around the schools. We are strongly in agreement with him that what PAM preached and practised in our country was outrageous disrespect for peace, for people, for the law, for democracy, for life itself and disrespect especially for the truth. It is against that history that we must consider the recent spate of gun violence and related crime on Nevis, especially the separate “high day” hold-up and robbery of two banks, and the murder and wounding of a number of persons on St Kitts last weekend. They are occurrences which have once again shaken our people. To all those who have lost loved ones we extend our deep sympathies. To those who were wounded we send our best wishes for speedy and full recoveries. We find it more than passingly strange that these outbreaks always seem to occur whenever our country is reported as doing well, whenever Prime Minister Douglas and his government are lauded, and whenever improvements are being realised in our development and attract the admiration and praise of countries, institutions, and persons outside of our nation. One does not have to be a rocket scientist in order to realise that many of those opposite are responsible for the orchestration of such devilry. We would but point out to them that those who supply the guns and ammunition, and who tell the shooters which targets are to be fired at, are far worse than those who actually pull the triggers. In courts of law they are considered to have much heavier burdens of guilt that those who actually carry out the misdeeds. The open attacks on, and condemnation of, the police dishearten the members of that body. It saps their morale, seriously disheartens them, and reduces their will and inclination to fight against the criminals with full vigour. That is what those opposite want to accomplish, for it is crystal clear that they realise that they cannot defeat Labour under normal circumstances, hence their deliberate and persistent efforts to create confusion, disorder and lawlessness. Once again we remind them that those who ride on the back of a tiger usually end up inside its belly. In the immediate aftermath of the shootings on St Kitts, and as is only to be expected, the attacks on the government and the police High Command followed quickly, and they flowed fast and furious. Are those “protestations” genuine? Are they well meant? We know that they are not. As an example we remind the public of a most egregious failing on the part of Mr. G A Dwyer Astaphan. During 2003 and 2004 The Chamber of Industry and Commerce developed and presented to government a recommendation for the establishment by law of a National Crime Commission, a mechanism that was to have encouraged and allowed for witnesses to crimes to provide information without exposing themselves to being “knocked off” by criminals. The police had been experiencing great difficulty in obtaining information vital to the investigation and prosecution of numerous, very serious crimes. The Labour Government accepted the recommendation of The Chamber and enacted the National Crimes Commission Act in October, 2004. The Cabinet considered the matter and approved it for implementation. It was passed to the responsible member, Mr. Gerald Anthony Dwyer Astaphan, then Minister of National Security, for speedy action. It (cont’d on page 23)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 3 NEWS -Why All 8 Is Real!!! By the PointmanRecently as we came together to celebrate the 19th Anniversary of the Labour Party return to office, the Prime Minister said that it will be all 8 to Labour in the next general election. Besides the fact that we achieved all 8 before and so it is possible to repeat, I wish to look at 4 constituencies that will make it happen. Let us take them in order: Constituency #5 Here we have a PAM representative, leader, who surrendered His party to a traitor, to become 3rd Deputy Leader in the Unity Concoction. Over the period that he has been Representative and leader he has not grown. In fact nobody takes him seriously. He behaves like a brat and has become the worst PAM Leader ever. He was the first leader of PAM to be unemployed. The Party die hards hate him for giving up their Party to Traitors. He was so naive politically that he allowed Dwyer to convince him to embrace Tim and Sam. And in so doing was unable to get his party to take advantage of the split of Sam and Tim from Labour. The worst part is he had the benefit of the effect of the split on the Pam Government when Powell was dismissed. It means Richards is not fit for Leadership, and not fit to lead St. Kitts and Nevis. But more importantly why he will lose is the fact that Sandy Pointers pride themselves as the brightest lot in the Federation. They argue that Richards as leader of PAM, in the scheme of things he was the alternative to the Prime Minister. His campaign as leader, “vote for me I will be the next Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will be from Sandy Point.” Sandy Pointers had paused to contemplate. But soon after, Richards came back and said “Sorry Sandy Point, I am not a worthy leader. I do not have what it takes to be Prime Minister. I like Tim and he will be the leader and the next Prime Minister. The next Prime Minister will come from Tabernacle. Don’t vote for me again, Vote for Tim.” And so Richards has given up the seat by his own actions. The people in response have said “ok, you don’t want to be Prime Minister, you have no ambition well we will support Dr. Wilson.” The political powers in Sandy Point and PAM recognize the shift taking place in Sandy Point. Ask Cindy and Hardest, he was so weak he could not even protect them at the Pam Convention. The Prime Minister knows what he is saying and the polls do not lie, Sandy Point returns to Labour, Thanks to Richards and his Folly. Constituency #8 Besides the poll results, the margin of Victory last election, what Tim did last elections to make sure Cedric lost, the reality on the ground speaks volumes. This reality is reflected in the behaviour of Hamilton. The ground he is under so much pressure that he is not sure if he is coming or going. •Point 1 He blames his party leader and 3rd Deputy Leader of the Concoction for the position he is in. He feels that if it wasn’t for the Unity Concoction with the Motion of No Confidence, there would not have been any “Spring Time”. He feels the threat to the Labour Party due to Sam and Tims leaving has forced up the “Spring Time” candidates in Labour. If there was no “Spring Time” he would have had a chance to win again. With “Spring Time” in labour it has brought Winter for He and Pam. Even Cayon young loyalist following the “Spring Time”. •Point 2 Hamilton feels his salvation is in the proposed new boundaries. But when he said it to Dwyer and his Party Leader, he was told that he has to run in St. Peter’s and let his other Leader (TIM) run in Cayon. Hamilton hit the roof when he recognized he lose either way, that is against Spring Time in the existing #8 or in St. Peter’s against spring time in the new Boundaries. It was after the meeting when they told him that he has to run in St. Peters that he decided he not taking it. His first approach was to Mash up the Concoction. His insulting words at the PAM Convention against Nevis people were no accident. It was intended to mash up the concoction as he feels he has a better chance in the existing #8 than in the new #8 in St. Peters. Hamilton was surprised that Mark and Vance took the insult and is planning a next assault. In the mean time he is so bruised and battered that he is continually making basic errors. He insults the people of Nevis, then he insults all Rastas, he insults all poor people, some of whom live in his constituency. In essence he has said to them go to hell I do not wish to represent you. This is the word on the street. I am calling on the loud mouth one from New York, when you come for CPL walk in the constituency and find out for yourself that old or new #8, the constituency gone back to Labour.Next week for Sam and Tim!!!!!!!!!!!! Labour All 8 is great!!!Forces have worked extraordinarily hard, they have made excellent use of additional training and equipment, and they have benefited tremendously from our county’s strong relations with regional and international law enforcement agencies. This has had a very positive impact on the ground, and I wish to make it clear that my Government is determined to keep it this way. Like everyone in the Federation, I am appalled by this brazen act,” said Prime Minister Douglas in a national broadcast Saturday afternoon. Extending concerns to those who were injured and sincere condolences to those whose loved ones lost their lives, Prime Minister Douglas reminded each and every citizen and resident that indifference to criminality is not an option. “Accommodating any form of criminality in your communities – and particularly in your homes – can come back and hit you hard. Because revenge and retaliation are often at the base of much crime, accommodating or excusing criminal behaviour in your communities, your businesses, or your homes could result in you – or those you care about – falling victims in a cycle of action and reaction. And the only way to protect yourself and those you love is to do what the people of the Federation have been doing for the past two years now – strengthening their partnerships with law enforcement, ensuring that our children avail themselves of the youth-oriented programs organized by the police, doing their part to make our homes, our neighbourhoods, and our country, crime free zones,” Prime Minister Douglas said. Pointing out that good, decent, and law-abiding citizens constitute the vast and overwhelming super-majority in this country, Dr. Douglas said it is the community who must and will define the fabric and texture(cont’d from page 1) Saturday’s Shooting “A Bizarre Act”, Says PM of life in St. Kitts and Nevis. “No-one else. Certainly no one person, intent on violence, can be given greater weight than the rest of us combined. We, as a people, have already shown, and dramatically so, that when working in partnership with our police and defense forces, the law-abiding and decent citizens of our country most assuredly prevail. We have proven this over the past two years. And this is the trajectory on which we must – and shall – remain,” said the St. Kitts and Nevis leader. He thanked those good citizens who have already begun working with law enforcement in order to assert who and what people and a nation are. “On this and all matters, let us all commit ourselves to this caliber of involvement, this caliber of concern, this caliber of patriotism,” said Prime Minister Douglas, who gave the public his assurance that “our country’s law enforcement is treating the apprehension of the person responsible for this heinous act as a matter of utmost urgency.” IMF Says Substantial Strides Made In St. Kitts And Nevis ........ “The fiscal outturn for endMarch 2014 was consistent with programme objectives and the government is on track to achieve its end-year targets. The temporary accumulation of small external arrears was rapidly cleared and measures to prevent their recurrence have been taken,” the IMF official said. He added that attaining the medium-term fiscal programme objectives is consistent with achieving the ECCB debt target of 60 percent of GDP by 2020, but it will require continued fiscal prudence and the implementation of structural reforms, including strengthening of revenue administration, civil service reform, and streamlining of the social safety net. Debt has fallen considerably, but it is still high and vulnerable to shocks. Completing the remaining debt-for-land swap is necessary to achieve the mediumterm debt target. “The government should continue with its cautious use of Citizenship-By-Investment inflows, which have been key in improving the fiscal and external macroeconomic performance. The establishment of a fund to help manage these inflows would be important to build fiscal buffers and contain associated risks,” said Mr. Zhu. He added strengthening the institutional safeguards against misuse of the programme to ensure its longer-term viability is also key. “The banking sector remains stable but continued vigilance is needed, including with regard to financial sector developments in the ECCU region,” Mr. Zhu said. “Achieving the country’s medium-term growth and development objectives will require continued implementation of key structural reforms designed to enhance external competitiveness and strengthen the business climate,” he said. He pointed out that St. Kitts and Nevis will continue its close policy dialogue with the Fund under the Post-Programme Monitoring framework. The central objective of the PPM is to provide for closer monitoring of the policies of members that have substantial Fund credit outstanding following the expiration of their arrangements.(cont’d from page1)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 4 TRADE UNION NEWS TRADE UNION NEWS By: Batumba Tak General Secretary What Can A Union Offer Us On Things Like – Working Conditions And Hours Of Work? In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, “ Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy, forget in time that men/women died to win them.” The Trade Union Movement in the Caribbean as well as in the world has been and will continue to be one, of the strongest bulwarks of all workers. We can recall that well over seventy-five years (75) ago it was a sin to be a trade unionist, because it was felt, and it is still being felt in some quarters, if not most, that the Trade Union Movement only belongs to the people who cannot read, to those who have to work with their hands, like agricultural workers, dock workers, cleaners, and domestic workers, just to name a few. However, today, it has been accepted and agreed that the need for unity of Labour has no limits of class, of particular industry, of any particular discipline of learning, of any particular profession, and furthermore, all persons have found out that the unity of Labour is vital to the survival and progress of woman and man in this world. Moreover, back then the powers of repression and victimization that had opposed the emergence of labour in every country in the world where the working class people tried to organize and rise out of those conditions that exist, were no less present and vicious in this our very beautiful Federation of Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis. However, from the very first time that the trade Union Movement started here, those who are still around, would have notice that it has survived, endured, and overcome many obstacles, and has made many sacrifices to achieve progress, so that today every worker is now benefiting from those seeds that our forebears planted well over seventyfive years (75) ago. Furthermore, our forebears warned the working class people who felt sensitive and afraid about the Trade Union Movement, that it is, and will continue to be one of the saving factors of our country. In addition, our forebears also informed the working class that in some countries they will find some governments and Trade Unions fighting between themselves, and the only people who suffered were the working class people. However, history has clearly shown and even cited a case in Britain where they found out that in order to make progress with their economic programmes to fight inflation, and to be able to hold their place among other industrialized and manufacturing countries of the world, it was in their best interest that the government come to terms with the trades and Labour Unions, since without their “support” and “cooperation” of the working class people, the programmes would eventually fail. However, today’s world is very tough, and we all have agreed that they are many factors which no doubt will affect the availability of the bread and butter issues and the availability of opportunities for decent work employment in many countries. It is the opinion of most workers that future generations of workers are going to have a very tough time, even tougher than the present workers have it now. Nevertheless, because of the shear sacrifice made by our forebears today’s workers now sit at the negotiating table with employers who have the highest professional resources at his/her disposal, and the workers are expected to be able to match word for word, point for point, argument for argument. But in order to do that, the burden will definitely fall upon the shoulders of those professionals and high skill workers who have gained the opportunity for higher education, and good skills because of the Union’s continued sacrifice and struggle to make sure that all workers are properly educated to take on good paying jobs so they too can make their contribution to the continued development and future progress of their country. Nevertheless the question that has been raised by quite a majority of professional and high skilled workers is, “What can a Union offer us on things like working conditions and hours of pay?” History has clearly shown that Unions collective agreements usually and often provide for fair and flexible working hours, better pay for overtime and work on evenings and weekends, more paid holidays, paid family and medical leave, etc., Moreover, besides your collective agreement, Unions also try to influence legislations to support better industrial/labour Laws, and also support programmes to help working families. Furthermore, Unions continue to be a major force behind the passage of many laws and continue to work very hard for further improvement and other policies on behalf of all workers. However, with today’s Union, workers have a better chance to balance not only their family budgets, but other family schedules. In addition, balancing the demands of jobs and families is a major challenge for most workers, and today’s Unions help working women and men gain a little control over their lives. Another question that was raised by the professional and high skill workers was, as a professional and high skilled workers, our training has been to help solve problems – Does the collective bargaining process always has to be adversarial? Of course NO, it doesn’t. In today’s “new global economy” both sides, labour and management, have to devise new and better ways to improve the bargaining process. However, with the world economy going through dynamic changes, from blue collar to white collar, from manufacturing to service sector, from low skill to high skill, from hands to brains, and the widening technological changes, the yard stick and scope of collective bargaining has also changed, and that’s why professional and high skilled workers are increasingly demanding a louder voice at the workplace and a greater say in their future. For example, national Unions, regional and international Unions and many other affiliates represent a very high percentage of care givers in over 75% of bargaining units, and continue to bargain collectively with some of the largest health care provider. Moreover, their collective agreements give front line health care workers a greater voice in the very crucial decisions affecting the quality of patient care at these health care providers. Furthermore, in most Unionized workplaces, labour and management today it appears are more interesting in exploring numerous partnership and innovative methods of collective bargaining and problem solving. Another question raised by the profession and high skilled workers was, “Won’t a Union stifle individual achievement, with things like raises and promotions, which is usually determined solely by seniority? Much very careful research has clearly shown that salaries, wages and promotions are subjects for collective bargaining, and without a Union, management makes these decisions unilaterally, usually without any worker, whether professional or high skilled, input. Anyway, even though there is a collective bargaining process, management and the Union must agree on the mechanisms to be used, and that agreement is included in a legally binding collective agreement. However, there are no preconditions, all employees through their elected Union representatives may bargain for any viable system that they believe best suits their profession and employment status. For example, some Unions’ collective agreement provide not only for annual cost of living adjustment, but also a pool of dollars for merit increases. This combination, however, assures a minimum of equality and recognition of individual achievement. Furthermore, seniority need not be the only criterion for promotion. However, a formal procedure should be devised, which could include ratings by both supervisors and their peers. However, very careful research has also shown that there should be extra credit for advanced education and training for the professional and high skilled workers. In addition, a formal promotion and lay off procedure with rules that is known by all is preferable to no ground rules at all, but such a system can and should only be devised and implemented by the Union and its members. Another question that was raised was, “What guarantees do we have that the Union leadership won’t commit us to follow rules with which we don’t agree? It is common knowledge that Union offers are democratically elected by the rank-and-file members of the Union. Trade Union laws, trade Unions constitutions, and other laws and instruments require that secret ballot procedures should and must be used. However, some Unions hold their election for elected officers annually, while other Unions hold theirs every two or sometimes every three years. The St. Kitts/Nevis Trades & Labour Union Constitution clearly states that the supreme authority of the Union shall be vested in the Annual Conference of Delegates, and subject to that authority the Union shall be governed by the Executive Committee between Conferences. Moreover, the right of the individual member to affect policy in any Union is far better protected by law and their Constitution, rules and procedures than in any private organization. However, the other question raised was, “As a professional and high skilled worker – will we lose individual rights if we join a Union? History has recorded that before Unions came on the scene management used to retain and control the legal rights to make all decisions regarding workers jobs. For example, benefits used to be arbitrarily cut, including wages or salaries, pensions, health care, severance, vacations and holidays without notice. Now that the workers have their own organization, namely Unions, benefit and other working conditions cannot be changed at the drop of a hat, they have to be negotiated, and Union members can now vote for or against any proposed changes to the collective agreement. Moreover, even during very difficult times, the employer must justify him or her actions to the members of the Union, who then makes an informed choice. However, a few of the professional and high skill workers asked, “Will having a Union make employers less competitive? Very recent research has clearly shown that Unions do not ask for more in a collective agreement than employers can’t afford, because they know and fully believe that the worst disservice a Union could do to its members is to make the employer less competitive. Moreover, many of the world’s largest and most successful businesses are Unionized. Also it is common knowledge that Unions’ collective agreement is nothing more than a set of rules that govern their members economic relationship with management in the private sector, including government departments and corporations. I am pretty sure that you would agree with me that all employers want rules to stabilize their competitive process. However, Unions too would love to see a collective agreement that will allow a stable economic and healthy work environment upon which their members can plan their lives. In addition, Union’s also fully believe that the only way they can do that is through a legally binding negotiated collective agreement that gives professional and high skill workers a strong voice on the job. As time is of the utmost importance we will have to stop here for today, but we will continue (cont’d on page 14)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 5 NEWS By Thinking Citizen A joke that is making the rounds these days is that the leaders of PAM and their propagandists are telling members of the general public that Democracy will be restored back to St. Kitts after PAM wins the next General Elections. But one may very well ask since when is PAM concerned with keeping Democracy alive and well in St. Kitts and Nevis? How can this be so when the record shows that on June10, 1967, PAM tried to effect a change of government by means of the bullet and not the ballot? PAM never was, and is not now, interested in Democracy. PAM has always been interested in making and keeping St. KittsNevis an oligarchic state. The PAMites are currently making the rounds, with their mouths full of lies and deceit, telling gullible and unsuspecting persons that PAM will win the next General Elections and after that Democracy will be restored to the country. Since its formation in 1965 PAM has always sought to destroy Democracy in St. Kitts. Members of the party travelled to Anguilla frequently to practise riffleshooting at the rifle range at Junks Hole in the eastern part of the island. Why was this necessary? St. Kitts was not at war with any other country near or far. And a party does not establish Democracy through the barrel of a gun. Of course PAM would try to deny its involvement in the 10th of June 1967 attempted coup. But its denial rings hollow, for the Anguillians who were involved in the plotting and planning of the details for the 10th of June attempted coup have already let the cat out of the bag. And Colville Petty and Nat Hodge have disclosed that they have not been more specific in calling names and dates and places for fear of becoming involved in a lengthy and protracted Court battle. PAM was formed in January 1965 and contested the 1966 General Elections predicting that the party would kick out the ruling Labour Party. The Labour Party won all 7 seats on St. Kitts and yet, less than a year later, a threeman delegation from PAM presented the Governor, Sir Fred Phillips, with a letter dated 31st May, 1967, calling for the victorious Labour Party to resign from government. Suppose the Labour Party had resigned, would PAM, a party that had lost the last Elections, have been sworn in as the new Government? Would new General Elections have been called? And would PAM have won those Elections? Remember that the Labour Party won all 7 seats on St. Kitts at the General Elections held on 25th July, 1966, on 10th May, 1971, and on 1st December, 1975. We see, therefore that the letter of 31st May, 1967 was an attempted to disrupt the democratic process. PAM entered government in 1980 riding on the back of the NRP and somehow took a decision to make it difficult or virtually impossible for the defeated Labour Party to ever control the reins of government in this country. So in November, 1983 the Simmonds Administration reformed the entire Electoral System to such an extent, that it gave the ruling PAM party an unfair advantage in every General Elections. In addition PAM gerrymandered the Constituency Boundaries in 1984 just before General Elections and put the Labour Party candidates at a great disadvantage. As a result Lee L. Moore and E. St. John Payne lost their seats in the 1984 General Elections. The truth is that PAM reformed the Electoral System so as to confer unfair advantages on the ruling PAM party and placed the opposition Labour Party in a position where it had to fight against terrible odds in order to win an Election. When PAM got into power in 1980 the ruling party reformed the Electoral System and gerrymandered the Constituency Boundaries so that PAM would have the advantage every time an Election is called. That is not really the handwork of a party which is committed to Democracy and campaigns on the promise that when elected to office the party would protect and promote Democracy. What is quite clear to all concerned is that PAM is a powerhungry party, full of lies and deceit, and would do anything and say anything in order to regain political power. Remember the 10th of June, 1967. PAM Is Not Interested In Democracy; It’s A Power-Hungry Party, Full Of Lies And Deceit


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 6 NEWS On Tuesday of this week, 15th July, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education published the findings of the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) on the Basseterre High School (BHS).The report, which encapsulates all previous reports, concludes that they can find no causal link between the reported medical symptoms of some teachers and pupils and the school building or neighbouring environment.The report states:“Based on the findings from the variety of sources used it remains difficult to identify a single cause for the health symptoms experienced by students and staff at the school.” Hon Marcella Liburd, Minister for Health said: “This Government believes in continuous dialogue with all stakeholders including the general public, hence the publication of all reports and recommendations by the various agencies. The reports have highlighted a number of preventative maintenance and housekeeping actions that would serve to improve the school environment. The health, safety and well being of pupils and staff remains our priority and this Government will continue work with the school management in addressing all recommendations. We look forward to CARPHA’s review findings which will be completed in August.”Hon Minister Nigel Carty, Minister for Education added: “As a Government, we are committed to transparency and accountability. That is why we are pleased to be able to update you with the findings of CARPHA. These and other reports are available on our website and have been delivered to all key stakeholders so they too are kept informed. “We acted promptly and instructed the Chief Medical Officer, and CARPHA to investigate the concerns of some pupils and teachers into health and environmental issues at the school. This followed on from previous expert reviews in 2013. “We have fully accepted the recommendations of CARPHA and we are committed to ensuring all remedial actions are implemented. We invite CARPHA back to BHS to inspect the standards of completion before the students and teachers arrive back to school in September”.CARPHA’s main findings:• No consistent single factor has been identified as the cause of reported student and teacher symptoms. Instead, multi-factional issues, both environmental and housekeeping are contributors; • The mould identified was found in one room and not related to symptoms described by pupils and teachers; • The CARPHA report reviewed and analysed previous reports and their findings incorporate all the main conclusions (including the previous Whittaker and CARIRI reports); • CARPHA will assume leadership in overseeing implementation of recommendations; • The school population consists of over 800 students and 82 staff. From January 2014, there were 29 of 800 (approximately) students who reported symptoms, giving an attack rate of 3.6%. Whereas, 25 of 82 teachers reported symptoms, giving an attack rate of 30.5%. The male:female ratio is approximately 1:4. • The reports highlight a number of preventative maintenance and housekeeping actions that would serve to improve the school environment and which the school and the Government are taking immediate actions to address. • School Management must use this opportunity to Ministries of Health and Education release CARPHA’s Report on Basseterre High School monitoring and documenting symptoms; • CARPHA will continue to work with the Department of Education and Health to monitor and assess the complaints at BHS until we are satisfied that every possible measure has been taken to ensure the safety of pupils and teachers at BHS. Methodology The Government is assured of the methodology and rigour of CARPHA who alongside anonymous written feedback from students, teachers and other stakeholders has also reviewed information provided to the field team by the school Principal, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. These included access to reports of previous investigations by Dr Whittaker, CARIRI, the CARIRI Report Review Committee and the assessment by the joint Ministry of Health and Bureau of Standards. Additionally, the CARPHA team had access to physician correspondence to the Ministries of Health and Education and the BHS school administration. The team also held discussions with students, staff, parents, and those working in premises immediately adjacent to the school, which included a pest control service, a nursery school and a medical clinic. The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) was invited by the Ministry of Health, Social and Community Development, Culture and Gender Af fairs, S t. Kitts and Nevis to conduct an environmental assessment of the Basseterre High School, V ictoria Road, Basseterre in response to complaints of ill health from staff and students which they related to the school environment. Staff and students complained of symptoms including rashes, headaches, itchy skin and eye irritation. As a result of these complaints, the school was closed, and staff and students were utilizing other school facilities on a rotational basis. The contents of this report were written by the CARPHA field team, Babatunde Olowokure and Lesmond Magloire, with valuable contributions from Lisa Hansen and Lorraine Francis. Chris Cox commented on an early draft. Media requesting more information should contact: SKNIS on 869 766-6912 take responsibility for the upkeep and proper maintenance of the school; • CARPHA has suggested that a school nurse should hold regular clinics at BHS; • CARPHA has also stressed the need for implementing a system for SKN to be represented at Commonwealth Youth Seminar in Scotland Javon Liburd is set to represent the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis at the 33FIFTY Commonwealth Youth Workshop in Scotland this month. Mr. Liburd, who was chosen from amongst 900 applicants across the Commonwealth will meet with 99 other young persons in the UK. Mr. Liburd who is employed as the Office Assistant to Permanent Secretary and OECS Commissioner H.E. Astona Browne of the Anti-Crime Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister was scheduled to leave the Federation on the 15th of July, to attend the four day session. The event commences on the 17th of July in Glasgow and ends in Edinburgh on the 20th July, 2014. 33Fifty is a leadership programme for young Commonwealth leaders between the ages of 18 and 25. It aims to develop young leaders, bringing people together, reconciling differences, leading change and using the Commonwealth’s networks effectively. It is an initiative that brings young people from across the Commonwealth together, who share leadership qualities and are potential leaders in their respective countries. The program creates opportunities for young people to share experiences, learn new skills, break down some of the barriers that exist in the world and for them to become real global leaders and global citizens. 33FIFTY has the potential to create, educate and encourage future leaders from across the Commonwealth and the world.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 12 NEWS economic impact on the twin-island federation. Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Sen. the Hon. Richard “Ricky” Skerritt said the construction of Kittitian Hill is just a cog in solidly establishing St. Kitts among the finest world-class tourism destinations globally. He said the economic impact of the multi-million dollar Kittitian Hill project has already been impressive. “So far it has provided jobs to more than 500 local construction workers and I am told that it has to-date paid some75 local contractors and suppliers more than 81 million EC Dollars. And the process of recruiting 300 staff by this coming December has already begun. If all continues to go well, the hotel plant will consist of 174 rooms by the end of 2014, and will double in size to 346 rooms with a total of 500 employees by December 2015, one year later. The implications for local and international business spin-offs are tremendous,” Minister Skerritt told the soft opening ceremony, attended by St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister Skerritt: Kittitian Hill ‘A Model For Sustainability In Caribbean Resort Development,” St. Kitts Becoming A World-Class Tourism Destination Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas, Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas, Speaker of the National Assembly, owners and scores of public and private sector officials. Speaking of the direct and indirect benefits created by Kittitian Hill to date, Minister Skerritt said the project mirrors the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Government’s strategic vision for the growth of the tourism product in St. Kitts. “It was our market research results 8 years ago which first led to our policy decision to shift the balance towards targeting the upscale market, away from the ‘mass’ market, and going after the more affluent and discerning stayover destination traveller. Faced with a mostly old and tired privately owned hotel plant, our product strategy shifted to focus on the wider destination experience and those existing and emerging developments that focused on the genuine hospitality of our people, along with the unique combination of our natural island environment and our rich heritage, which are the attributes that distinguish the (cont’d from page1)tourism product of St. Kitts from any other,” said Minister Skerritt. He opined that the discerning traveller of the baby boomer (cont’d on next page)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 13 NEWS generation, who is still the primary demographic target market for tourists, has frequently cited history, environmental stewardship and sustainability along with the ability to experience another culture as key factors in deciding where to go on their next trip. “However, Generation X and Millennials, who while not our primary target audience, also value unique experiences of culture, heritage and adventure. Generation X and Millenials are more likely to have short vacations after a business trip; known as “workcations;” which are becoming more important for St. Kitts as we are now seeing a growth in arrivals of corporate executives and professionals,” said Minister Skerritt. He disclosed that the results of various market related surveys have verified that St. Kitts is on the right track as far as the market targeting is concerned. “In fact, the results of our most recent exit survey conducted at Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport, in April of this year, indicate that we are succeeding in attracting more upscale travellers. Our survey tells us that the average household income of our visitors is US$146,500.In fact, 64% of all visitors have an average household income of more than US$100,000 and 30% have an average household income of more than US$200,000. Visitors are staying for an average of 7 days – a full week – and their average per person per day spend into our local economy is US$179, an amount which has doubled since I was appointed as Tourism Minister nine years ago. In other words, today it takes half as many visitors to spend the same money in our economy that was being spent 10 years ago,” Minister Skerritt told invited guests. He also disclosed that exit surveys also show that visitors are leaving the St. Kitts destination having had an overall positive experience. “They rated their satisfaction with their overall visit at 4.46 out of a possible 5 points. 73% responded that they are likely or extremely likely to make a future trip here, and an impressive 93% would recommend St. Kitts to a friend. Overall, St. Kitts has much to be proud of as our tourism has been on an enviable upward trajectory that is solidly establishing our island among the finest world-class tourism destinations globally,” said Minister Skerritt. Minister Skerritt, who is also Minister of International Trade, Industry and Consumer Affairs, described Kittitian Hill as the “model for sustainability in Caribbean resort development.” “It exemplifies the positive impact that tourism can have on the surrounding community and environment. Its unique philosophy is anchored in a broader view of sustainability that extends beyond the environment to also encompass arts and culture, social accountability, and economic development. With a strong commitment to agro-tourism, its 400-acre fertile farmland allows for impactful levels of integration between tourism and food production,” said Minister Skerritt. He pointed out that in addition to employment opportunities on the farm itself, Kittitians can therefore look forward to increased local food production which should positively impact the overall food supply of the St. Kitts destination. (cont’d on next page)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 14 NEWS in a future article when we look at, “Does being “pro-Union” means that professional and high skill workers are “anti-management.?” Today I leave you with a quote by Walter Reuther, and a Union song by Julius Margolin.“Management has no divine rights.” – Walter Reuther.Come And Join The UnionBy: Julius Margolin.Come and join the Union, Fight for higher pay, Fight for shorter hours, That’s the Union way. Stand up to your bosses, However tough they play, Workers stick together, That’s the Union way. Women and men united, Like solid rock we’ll stay, Don’t let the boss divide us, That’ the Union way. TRADE UNION NEWS (cont’d from page 4)Black, white, brown and Asian, Unite we workers say, Come and join the Union, That’s the Union way. Organize the workers, Not organize today, Workers stick together, That’s the Union way. Come and join the Union, We’ll build a better day, For family and nation, That’s the Union way. Traditional Musical Instruments Workshop (Banjo, Quatro, Guitar, and Fife Segments Included) The International House Museum and Edgar Challenger Library continues to come alive with the hosting of the eighth (8th) consecutive one month long Musical Instrument Workshop. This successful Musical Workshop starts on Monday 28th July, 2014 and concludes on Saturday 23rd, August 2014, with a Graduation Ceremony to be held at a venue to be determined. The youths will be given a chance to display their talents in front of parents, friends, and families as well as distinguished invitees. The instruments to be taught to play are: the Fife, the Banjo, Quatro and the Guitar etc. It is imperative that we can continue to preserve our cultural heritage, especially our Folk Tradition which to extent is slowly, but surely losing its full potential. The coordinator of this real cultural awakening and exposition Mr Winston ‘Zack’ Nisbett, Cultural Preservationist is appealing to all those persons who wish to participate, to pick up your registration forms from the International House of Museum located on Central Street, adjacent to Government Headquarters on or before the start of the workshop, which is Monday 28th July 2014.Remember Discipline is the key in this workshop PM Douglas and Ambassador Gonzlez cut ribbon for new V enezuelan Embassy St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas (right) and Venezuela’s Resident Ambassador, His Excellency Rmulo Camilo Henrquez Gonzlez cutting the ribbon to open the new Embassy of Venezuela BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (CUOPM) – St. Kitts and Nevis and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are expected to further cement diplomatic relations with the reopening of the new Venezuelan Embassy at a new location, following a fire which destroyed the building at a Resident Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), his Excellency Miguel Tsao and Mrs Tsao Photos by Erasmus Williams previous location. Venezuela’s Resident Ambassador, His Excellency Rmulo Camilo Henrquez Gonzlez made the remark at a brief ceremony to open the new Embassy on Horsford Road. Ambassador Gonzalez used the opportunity to announce that discussions are taking place with Brazil to establish a language lab in St. Kitts and Nevis. St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas at the invitation of Ambassador Gonzalez, joined him in cutting the ribbon to officially the embassy next to the Embassy of Brazil. Among the invited guests were Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Vance Amory; Members of Parliament; Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Joseph Edmeade; Resident Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan); His Excellency Miguel Tsao and Mrs. Tsao and other members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps. 31st Camp Ensures Creative And Fun-Filled Development Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): Over 230 hundred young people between the ages of 8 to 16 are engaging in fun and educational lessons as the first week of the 31st Annual Department of Youth Empowerment Summer Residential Camp rolls on. The campers, housed at the Beach Allen Primary School, are learning skills in basic computer, art and craft, basketry, agriculture, marching band, baking, traditional drumming and more. Minister responsible for youth the Honourable Glenn Phillip stressed that over the years, the two week camp has provided invaluable lessons to many persons who have grown into productive citizens operating in many careers including law, education, law enforcement, medicine and others. “Summer camp has helped many of our preteens and teenagers to blossom socially and grow into wholesome young men and women,” he stressed. While highlighting the effort of the department’s staff to organize the event, Minister Phillip added that “each year, the camp maintains a standard of discipline, decorum and delight for our young people.” principles of living a balanced, principled and purposeful life.” This year’s Summer Residential Camp runs from July 13 to 27 under the theme Summer Camp 31: Securing Our Future with Creativity and Fun. The investment by the Government in hosting this camp surpasses $200,000.00. A number of sponsors have contributed to this year’s event including Range Development, the St. Kitts Electricity Company Ltd., the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, Social Security, St. Christopher Air and Sea Port Authority, the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), NAGICO Insurance, LIME and the Solid Waste Management Corporation. A personal donation was also made by resident Omax Gardener. “Campers you are the future of this nation and the world,” he said, during a recent engagement. “A sure foundation that is built in health and happiness we will offer to each of you [so] that when you are older, you will not depart from the Edsu Bradshaw-Caines conducts a session in gender equality at the Summer Residential Camp Campers having fun


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 15 NEWS -More tertiary education opportunities available for SKN residents Scott Caines Welcomes Changes to CIP, says Continuous Review Necessary BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (CUOPM) A service provider in the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme has welcomed changes made over the last few weeks and is of the view that continuous review is necessary. Local businessman Scott Caines said the Citizenship by Investment Programme is not without its challenges and taking into consideration the heavy dependence on this revenue stream, attention must be paid for its constant improvement. “As a programme which has the ability to attract a wide range of investors, care has to be taken to ensure that the nuts and bolts are tightened on the programme requirements,” Mr. Caines told persons attending the first in a series Conversations for Progress meetings being conducted by the Government to mark its 19th anniversary in office. “Improved due diligence procedures will help to reduce the chances of undesirables having access to the programme. This would require strong procedural changes and continued compliance with international regulations and guidelines,” said Mr. Caines, who added that as a Service Provider “we have seen several changes from the Citizenship by Investment Unit, which I know will aid in improving the programme and we hope that that will increase the turnaround time because if we have a quicker turnaround time in the programme, we will have more investment flows in the country in a shorter span of time.” “We must also not relax our standards in light of the fact that there are emerging destinations from which competition is coming. We think here of nearby Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica in our own back yard, as well as other OECS islands which are contemplating similar programmes,” said Mr. Caines, who further pointed out that competition also extend beyond the shores of the Caribbean and includes several countries in Europe, like Cyprus, Austria and Malta. “Let us not fool ourselves that the success of our programme which has become a world model would not attract detractors. We are a small country who has the audacity to lead in this global business. All the more reasons why every effort should be made to review and comply with the changes that have been highlighted to ensure the robustness of the programme,” Mr. Caines said. As an Authorised Service Provider, he offered some suggestions for the improvement in the communication with the Citizenship by Investment Unit. “We had a meeting with them sometime a few weeks ago and it was agreed that we would have follow up and regular meetings so that the communication can improve a bit and we would be able to be in a position to better notify our clients, so that our mutual expectations could be met. I think sometimes it is when you do good and you can’t do any more good because of constraints that you bring pressure to be on yourselves and I think that is one of the challenges that the Citizenship by Investment Unit is facing now where it appears to us by the number of people that we see visiting the office, that the number of applications would have increased,” said Mr. Caines, who is also Managing Director of C & C Trading. Photo: Mr. Scott Caines courtesy of SKNVIBES NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS – The University of Roehampton, Walden University and the University of Liverpool have made a variety of special offers available to persons in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis who are interested in obtaining their tertiary education in Management Studies, Health, Psychology or Education. The announcement was made by Deborah Chambers of Laureate Education, Inc. which represents the universities. During an interview with the Department of Information on July 10, 2014, she explained that the three universities are offering various discounts to interested persons living in St. Kitts and Nevis. “For Walden University we have 25 percent discount with our Bachelors, Masters and our Certificate programmes and for the Doctoral programmes we have a 30 percent discount. For our Roehampton degrees, they are all US$10,000 and for our Liverpool programmes we have 15 percent,” she said. Chambers explained that in addition to the discounts offered to students from the Federation, the University of Roehampton is offering one US$10,000 scholarship for a senior civil servant or senior public officer seeking to gain a tertiary education. “What we are also doing is the [Masters in Public Administration] MPA…The scholarship really is for one person, one senior officer, one US$10,000 scholarship and Deborah Chambers of Laureate Education, Inc., that’s where the University of Roehampton is at,” she said. Although the scholarship would be awarded to one individual, other applicants could still benefit from other discounts the universities offer. “If individuals are also interested in doing the MPA and they are not necessarily selected in the scholarship process we are giving individuals $500 off the first module of that degree. So you’re paying half the price: 50 percent off your first module and then depending on the number of individuals that we have, we’re looking to giving a back end of another $500 off. So it’s really an incentive for individuals to tap in right now and to truly get an education that they need,” Chambers said. She encouraged interested applicants to contact her, through Debbie Isaac, Education Officer at the Ministry of Education in St. Kitts, to ensure that they receive the discounts offered by the universities. “Anybody who is really Kristine L. Olaes, Admissions Representative at the University of Liverpool, interested in any of our degrees now is the best time to start applying for them because you do have to go through an application process. You do have to, as well, get your information in to us for us to assess it and make sure that you are eligible to come into our degrees. “We are challenging St. Kitts and Nevis to come on board with us and to take advantage of all these discounts that we are giving to you,” she said. Accompanying Chambers was Kristine L. Olaes, Admissions Representative for the universities, who noted that online courses are also available through the universities’ agreement. The online aspect is provided at all three of the programmes: Walden University, University of Roehampton and University of Liverpool. Olaes said the dynamic that online learning adds is the ability for distance learners to continue living their lives, while moving forward in their careers. Phoenix Airways Promises Increased Flights Into The Federation For CPL And Culturama Activities By Drizel HanleyPhoenix Airways commenced its flight service into St. Kitts & Nevis on Wednesday of this week, July 16th. At its launch at the St.Kitts Marriott Resort on Saturday last (July 12th), the new interCaribbean airline announced that it would increase flights into the Federation for the Caribbean Premier League matches here at Warner Park next month (CPL) and for Nevis Culturama activities. St Kitts-based Phoenix Airways has a four aircraft fleet and says its prices are competitive. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Neville Gumbs, said Phoenix Airways intends providing superior service with a 15 percent less rate. The CEO boasts that they provide on-time travel, no delays, no lost luggage, no high inflation of prices and regular giveaways and rewards. According to Gumbs the Dominican Republic, St Martin and Antigua are expected to be three of the airline’s major markets. Direct Flights will be offered to Aruba, Barbados, St. Maarten, Nevis, Antigua, Anguilla and Dominica from St. Kitts, with connecting services to Dominican Republic and Tortola. Flights are now available for purchase at Kantours Travel, Trafalgar Travel and Kingdom Travel & Destiny Travel. Alternatively, flights can be booked online at or via telephone, 465-2014.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 16 NEWS Navigating “Island” Parenting is a submission of insights, quotes, tips and parenting advice that I have gathered over the years as a source of inspiration and as tools to deal with the daily challenges of parenting. This week’s issue: A Child’s Right to Respect The hope is that this submission would cause you to reflect on your parenting skills and also make the journey of parenting a bit easier or brighter. My first son will be starting kindergarten this year, so we have been visiting schools. As we walked away after one of the visits, the lady who conducted the tour called after me. She whispered, “Oh I forgot to mention one thing. You are going to have to cut his hair. It is the school’s policy.” As I tucked him into bed that evening, he looked me in the eye and said, “Mommy, I am not going to that school. I really do not want to cut my hair. I like my hair. Why does that lady want me to cut my hair?” I must note that I was quite impressed with the school, and I had taken the decision that this was my first school of choice. He appeared to like the school as well. I now had a dilemma as he is very attached to his braided hair. In relaying my conundrum to a friend she posed the following question, “What exactly is the dilemma?” She continued, “The situation is quite simple, if they say you have to cut his hair, cut his hair. You are his mother. It is your way or the high way. You are in charge. You cannot let that little boy rule you. Why does he have a say in the matter? It is not what he wants. It is what has to be done. You parents nowadays getting too Americanized and soft. I cannot believe you. How is that a dilemma? I never hear more in all my life.” Another friend piped at me a few days ago, “Why does it matter what he wants to do? You are the parent. You give orders. He follows. You do not need to consult with him. You do not need to negotiate or reason with him. Just cut it!” The situation and conversation set me thinking about our ‘children’s rights’ and I am not alluding to the UN’s Declaration of the Rights of the Child which recognizes that “mankind owes to the Child the best that it has to give, declare and accept it as their duty that, beyond and above all considerations of race, nationality or creed:(1) The child must be given the means requisite for its normal development, both materially and spiritually; (2) The child that is hungry must be fed; the child that is sick must be nursed; the child that is backward must be helped; the delinquent child must be reclaimed; and the orphan and the waif must be sheltered and succored;(3) The child must be the first to receive relief in times of distress;(4) The child must be put in a position to earn a livelihood, and must be protected against every form of exploitation; (5) The child must be brought up in the consciousness that its talents must be devoted to the service of fellow men.” I am referring to the rights that a child has within his or her own home. I am referring to his or her right to respect. I can just visualize the alarm, the palpitating hearts and hear the responses. “You got to be drunk! You seriously making sport now man! What kind of craziness is this? What right does the child really have? How many and which bill in this house does the child pay? When he or she starts to pay a bill then we can talk about rights and choices.” I actually wondered how many parents allowed their children to actively participate in decision making, especially when the decisions would impact that child’s life. Are the child’s feelings respected? Do the child’s wishes influence the decisions that are taken or is it a matter of, “I am the parent and I know best. I pay the bills, so what I say goes?” As parents do we even give thought to whether we show respect to our children?Parental Respect: You are the example! You are the standard!I often hear parents chastise their children about the issue of respect, bellowing that they ought to have some pride and respect in themselves. I ask, how are these children going to learn how to respect themselves if they are not shown, and I stress shown rather than taught, respect at home. Again, I am not alluding to as one parent told me once, “I teach my children respect. I respect my children. I do not swear after them and I do not ill treat them. I make sure I respect myself around them.” I am not referring to this. I am referring to the parent’s respecting the child as he or she would respect any other human being or even stranger. I am referring to respecting a child’s right to a choice. I am referring to respecting a child’s right to an opinion. I am referring to respecting the child as a human being and not a mere possession. In a conversation with a parent of a former student, she complained about the crowd that her daughter was hanging around. She went on to say that these young women had no respect and that she didn’t like the way in which they treated and spoke to her daughter. I sat, blank faced, as I had witnessed similar interactions with my student and her mom. The similarities were stark. The young lady saw nothing wrong with the way in which her friends treated or addressed her because she saw it as the norm. This is exactly how her mother related to her, and the uncanny thing is the mother was quick to identify this in her daughter’s relationships with her friends, yet couldn’t see any parallels in her own relationship with her daughter. It was Markita Reed who said, “One of the best ways to teach your child respect is to be respectful with them, and to those around you. By showing respect to your child, you are setting an example for them. You are teaching them how to treat themselves and others. You are also teaching your child self-esteem and how they should be treated by others when you treat them with dignity.” Parents often implore, “Respect yourselves and then others will respect you.” Again, I must note if your own parents do not show you respect then why should you expect respect from anyone else. I have not taken a decision on the issue with my son and his hair, but before doing so I will sit with him and allow him to present an argument for why he does not want to cut his hair. I owe him the respect.Ways to Show Your Child Respect•Always make time for your child. •Listen to your child. •Give your child your undivided attention. •Look him in the eye when speaking to him. •Use a respectful tone when speaking to your child. •Be kind and mannerly to your child. •Realize that your child has a right to his opinion/feelings. •Keep an open mind. Realize that the answer to every question should not be a resounding, NO. •Ask him how he feels on issues especially those that would have a direct impact on his well-being.Quotes“Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world ... Such are the places where every man, woman and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere.” Eleanor Roosevelt “In the past, children were all too often viewed more as property than people.” Robert Alan Silverstein “It used to be believed that the parent had unlimited claims on the child and rights over him. In a truer view of the matter, we are coming to see that the rights are on the side of the child and the duties on the side of the parent.” William G. Sumner, 1840-1910 “A child, like all other human beings, has inalienable rights.” Lucretia Mott Navigating “Island” Parenting Police Round-up A juvenile was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Receiving, which was committed between 4 June 2014 and 7 July 2014. A juvenile was formally arrested and charged for the offence of House Breaking and Larceny, which was committed on 4 June 2014. Shantez Mintos of Butlers Village was formally arrested and charged for the offences of Possession of Firearm, Possession of Ammunition and Smuggling, which were committed on 7 July 2014 at Charlestown. Baldwin Campbell of Chapel Alley was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Unlawful Possession, which was committed on 8 July 2014. Francisco Reyes of Basseterre was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Building Breaking and Larceny, which was between the 26 and 27 June 2014 at La Guerite.PRESS RELEASE 12072014The Police are currently investigating an incident that occurred in the wee hours of the morning that resulted in the injury of four persons and the death of three persons and would like to inform the general public that they are using all available resources to pursue the perpetrator. The AntiCrime Unit and the men and women of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force, in particular, extend condolences to the families of the persons who were injured and those who died as a result of their injuries. Our community is disturbed by the actions of one person but we will not be daunted by the perpetrator of this heinous act. Please call Crime Stoppers at 1 800 8477 or email the Commissioner of Police at He can also be reached on his twitter account: @drwalwyn You can also call the Basseterre Violent Crimes Unit and ask for Supt. Mitchell at 465 2241. This individual had no respect for life. Our Federation is experiencing a decrease in major crime. As of June 2014, compared to June 2011-2013, There has been a dramatic improvement in law and order, and a massive reduction in homicides. There was an almost 40% drop in major crime in the last 34 months despite the challenges we are enduring. For June 2014 there was an almost 51% drop in major crime. It is evident that no matter how hard we as a country try to increase the quality of life, there are those bent on committing these heinous acts. The Police is only as strong as the community’s willingness to assist in their own protection and safety. The Federal Government recognizes that every person involved in these heinous acts were once children. Hence, they have supported the Police Force with initiatives designed to give our children alternatives to gangs, guns, drugs, and violence through the MAGIC Program in primary schools and now the TAPS Program in our high schools. We must reach our youth but the police need your help in the community to accomplish this initiative. The Crime Stoppers Hotline is there for you if you do not want to give your name or number. It is totally anonymous. With reference to any crime that occurs anywhere on the island, please call Crime Stoppers at 1 800 8477! Whatsapp me; Tweet me, or email me. We must do all we can to maintain a safe place for all of our families and visitors alike. We must do it together. Thanks to those who are already assisting the Police and we look forward to your continued cooperation in making our nation safe!


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 17 GOOD NEWS Scripture is filled with persons or groups who intimated the prophets and other members of God’s family. In the early part of Israel’s life at the peak of this nation’s prosperity in Egypt a new King came to power over Egypt and placed God’s people in intense bondage (see Exodus 1:7-22). Goliath promised to annihilate the nation of Israel (see 1 Samuel 17:1-11). The Amalekites beleaguered the Israelites on their way from Egypt (see 15:1). King Saul humiliated David (see Chapters 18 -26); and Sennacherib King of Assyria mortified King Hezekiah of Judah (2 Kings 18 – 20:11). All Israel and her prophets and godly Kings were successful because during their reign they commandeered situations and kept their people and themselves under God. We are reminded that Hezekiah, “Trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the Kings of Judah. He stood out as the best King of all those before and after him” (2 Kings 18:2-5). What were Hezekiah’s outstanding qualities? He fasted to stay on course with the Lord. This road he travelled until His death. Total obedience caused Hezekiah to keep the commands the Lord gave to Moses, and as such, the Lord did not leave his side. This gave Hezekiah impetus to be bold in his ministry for God (see 2 Kings 18: 6-7). Hezekiah spread out his burden before the Lord in prayer when he received Sennacherib’s letter of promised destruction for the nation of Israel. This King took his burden to the Lord in the Temple. Hezekiah spread the letter with its treating words on the altar. His words of prayer penetrated the walls of the atmosphere and reached the throne of the King of kings, who alone is king over all earth. This earthly King’s plea was for the heavenly King to act on His nation’s behalf sending a clear message to all other earthly kingdoms that He is supreme (see 1Kings 19: 14 -19). For Hezekiah the truth about God had to be revealed to Sennacherib and his type. Hezekiah took no chance, since chance is never on one’s side; he also sought the divine intervention of the prophet Isaiah. The severity of this matter caused the prophet to immediately implore God’s action and Isaiah received His instant reply. God’s answer was reassuring; none in my camp is to panic – He was in control of the plight. God’s Word was, “Do not be afraid” (2 Kings 19:6). Does God answer this quickly at all times? Not Necessarily! God’s final judgment of Sennacherib took place 20 years after (see 19:20 – 37). Any fight declared against God’s church or His messengers, is a fight against God’s reputation. God did say to the prophet Samuel that the Israelites were not rebelling against him as their prophet but against Him as their Supreme Leader (1 Samuel 8:1-7). Notice what happened, when the Israelite leaders met and asked Samuel to give them a King like the other nations, Samuel sought the Lord in prayer for the answer. God answered Samuel’s prayer.. God’s prophets have the authority to speak loudly God’s Word; the problem is, God’s people do not always recognise that authority. The point is, God always answers the burdens that are laid upon His altar. Being assured, Christians should not carry around any load. The Hymn writer penned, “They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run, and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint, teach me, Lord, teach me, Lord, to wait.” Alson B H Percival (Rev Canon Dr) Chair Nevis Regional Council Spread Out Your Burden Before The Lord Light Up Rotary – Rotary Club Of Liamuiga Installs New Officers Basseterre, St. Kitts – A new group of leaders has taken the helm of The Rotary Club of Liamuiga (RCL). The new officers were installed at the RCL Annual Installation Banquet held on Saturday July 5, 2014 in partnership with RCL’s sister club, the Rotary Club of St. Kitts, at the Marriott Ballroom. The evening’s theme was, ‘Light Up Rotary.’ RCL is part of a worldwide association of Rotary clubs whose mission is to provide service to others, promote high ethical standards among its own members and members of our society at large, and advance world understanding of goodwill and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. The work of RCL is coordinated by a board of dedicated officers who serve a one-year term. The following Rotarians were installed as the new officers and Board of Directors for the 20142015 Rotary year: President – Marcus Natta Vice President – Lester Hanley Immediate Past President – Valentine Hodge President-elect – Tuffida Stewart Secretary – Natasha St. Juste Treasurer – Kaii Mills Sargeant-at-Arms – Steve Farier Directors Agnes Beachman, Maritza Bowry, Chrisse Gardner, Adrian Scantlebury, Chris English and Eustace Warner Rotarians work together to create positive lasting change in our communities. True to that mission, incoming Rotary President Marcus Natta shared his vision for a year of ‘impact’ and promoting a positive ‘image’: “IMAGE AND IMPACT: This is my personal theme for this Rotary year. My goal is to enhance the Rotary Club of Liamuiga’s IMAGE in our communities, our District and beyond to ensure the positive reverberations of our Club’s work are loud and are echoed with every activity or project for full IMPACT. Over the next few months, I will reach out to each of my fellow Rotarians to help me achieve this goal. I know that along the way I will make some mistakes as all new leaders do but despite any missteps our eyes must remain fixed on the goal of empowering our nation’s youth and enhancing our communities. Each Rotarian must take on a role as mentor and role model so that our work is matched by our own image,” said President Natta. In addition to the board of directors, committee chairs were also installed. The following Rotarians were elected and will coordinate the RCL’s important work on the ground: Committee Chairpersons 2014-2015: Membership Chair– Agnes Beachman Service Projects Chair– Maritza Bowry New Generations Chair – Chrisse Gardner Public Relations Chair – Adrian Scantlebury Club Administration Chair– Kristal Gardner Rotary Foundation Chair– Carol Phillips In addition to the official installation of officers, the evening’s programme also featured an address by RCL Past President Peter Jenkins. PP Jenkins offered comments on behalf of outgoing RCL President Archdeacon Valentine Hodge who, unfortunately, was unable to attend. Awards were also presented to Ms. Kerry Tuckett as ‘Nurse of the Year’ and Constables Danny Isles and Kyle Dunrod as ‘Police Officers of the Year’. These awardees distinguished themselves in the call of duty and earned the admiration of their colleagues and the appreciation of the people they served. The RCL ‘Rotarian of the Year Award’ was presented to Ms. Carol Phillips who demonstrated a high level of industry, dedication and commitment in performing her Rotarian duties. The evening’s ambience was enhanced by soothing sounds of trumpeter Enote Inanga who provided a splendid musical selection. Rotarian Neil Owen of the Rotary Club of St. Kitts served as Master of Ceremonies providing smooth transitions throughout the program. Attendees were also treated to a moment of humour during the ‘Lighter Side of Rotary’ led by Sargeant-At-Arms Charles Wilkin QC of the Rotary Club of St. Kitts. Sarge Wilkin quizzed the audience on the FIFA world ranking of the St. Kitts and Nevis men’s football team and threatened to fine members for the incorrect answer. The evening drew to a close with thanks and acknowledgements given by President-elect Tuffida Stewart. The Rotary Club of Liamuiga thanks all sponsors and participants of its events during the last Rotary year. Membership in RCL is open to any St. Kitts-Nevis resident. Meetings are held each Wednesday between 7:30 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. at the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club House. For more information on how you can become a member or sponsor of the Rotary Club of Liamuiga please visit us online at http:// or or contact us via email sent to President Marcus Natta New Officers L to R Adrian Scantlebury Cherisse Gardener Natasha St. Juste Agnes Beachman Kaii Mills Maritza Bowry Tuffida Stewart Eustace Warner


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 18 NEWS TDC donates EC$80,000 Toyota Yaris for Senior Kaiso Competition winner NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (JULY 17, 2014) –The 2014 Senior Kaiso Monarch competition winner will receive a 2014 fire engine red Toyota Yaris valued at EC$80,000 courtesy of the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Trading and Development Company (TDC) Ltd. said Managing Director Ernie France. France was at the time delivering remarks at a Culturama press briefing on July 09, 2014, at the Riviere House on Government Road on where he expressed the company’s commitment to the summer festival and revealed the prize for the winner of the Senior Kaiso Competition. “We are, of course this year as we have been over the years, very pleased to be associated with this unique summer festival. We have been associated with this event for almost as long as it has been in existence, providing support in one form or another...By our sponsorship of this event, we see it as an opportunity to ensure that a show of the highest and most professional standard is brought to all patrons. Our sponsorship also assists in ensuring that this very important art form is The winner of the 2014 Senior Kaiso Competition will be awarded a red Toyota Yaris valued at EC$80,000 sponsored by the St. KittsNevis-Anguilla Trading and Development Company (TDC) Ltd. Ernie France, Managing Director of St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Trading and Development Company (TDC Nevis Ltd.) officially handing over the keys to a red Toyota Yaris, valued at EC$80,000, to Culturama 40 Central Committee Chair Deborah Tyrell at a Culturama press briefing hosted at the Riviere House on Government Road on July 09, 2014. The car is a prize to be awarded to the winner of the 2014 Senior Kaiso Competition. preserved for the benefit of our children and their children’s children. “This year our sponsorship will go towards the purchase of a brand new 2014 Toyota Yaris which will be the winning prize for the top calypsonian…I think it’s the first time, to the best of my recollection, that a motor car will be available to the winning calypsonian and we are really delighted to be a part of that,” he said. Meantime, Deputy Premier and Minister of Culture in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Hon. Mark Brantley announced that as part of the package, Malvern “Mallie” Browne of Brown Hill had offered to give free driving lessons to the winners of the Senior Kaiso Competition and the Miss Culture Queen Pageant if they do not already hold drivers’ licenses. Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat Antonio Liburd and Culturama 40 Central Committee Chair Deborah Tyrell also addressed the press briefing, which was chaired by Press Secretary to the Nevis Island Administration Mervin Hanley. Culturama 40 commemorative magazine launched; efforts lauded by Nevis Culture Minister review photographs, write stories, sell advertising, chose a name and make it all beautiful. “So here we are July 9th with a $50 product that we have got priced at $25. Thank you very much for all of your work on this and it is a product that we feel celebrates the culture, adds value to it, even if only in the commemoration of the culture and the 40 years and we ask you all to run. Don’t walk to get your copy of this magazine. Its 96 pages of revelry, splendour and creativity. It’s Culturama 40 and this is the Cadre Beat,” she said. Ms. Tyrell also singled out those persons who were involved in the magazine’s production and thanked them publicly for their assistance. “I wish to acknowledge the following persons without whom this magazine would not have happened. The Editorial Committee made up of Mr. Hanzel Manners, Ms. Mickia Mills, Ms. Merv-Ann Thompson. Individual writers in the magazine as you go through you will see Clair Yearwood, Earl “Pancho” Morton, Esther Brookes and Tafari Ayinde. The Publishers Ms. Salisha Khan and her team of writers, Garry Steckles, Ms. [Suzanne] Gordon of Nevis Houses and Wendy Steckles for her work on the advertisements… “In addition, I would also like to acknowledge two local writers here with us because they wrote short stories and their stories are also in the magazine: Ms. Monique Washington and Mr. Regis Wiltshire,” she said. Ms. Tyrell also acknowledged the support of the businesses who advertised in the magazine, the assistance of Executive Director of the Culturama Festival Antonio Liburd and his team at the Culturama Secretariat. NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS —Deputy Premier of Nevis Hon. Mark Brantley lauded the efforts of all who assisted in the production of The Cadre Beat, a 96-page full-colour commemorative magazine in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Culturama. Mr. Brantley was at the time delivering Culturama 2014, which will be officially launched on July 24, 2014. “This magazine I can’t say enough about. I want to credit the [Culturama] Chairperson and her team, all those who have contributed [and] the editorial team demanding that they get this done on time and I want to thank the advertisers. “Many of you got a call from me because I was calling people and really encouraging people to participate. We are very happy that we have 90 plus pages of what we think is a high quality, high gloss, collector’s item, that both Nevisians here and those abroad can take away and enjoy for years to come and so this Culturama 40 commemorative magazine, appropriately named the Cadre Beat, I feel, is something that I am hopeful, as the Chairperson puts it, people will scramble to get a copy of,” he said. Meantime, Chairperson for Culturama 40 Deborah Tyrell in her remarks moments before she presented the magazine to the public noted that preparation work began in February but the affordably-priced end product celebrated the island’s culture. “This journey started in February with the magazine and as they say begin with the end in mind and so we began with an end date that we wanted to have the magazine here on the ground by this time if not earlier. So we had months, weeks that actually felt like days to gather information, Chairperson of Culturama 2014 Deborah Tyrell Deputy Premier and Minister of Culture Hon. Mark Brantley A pictorial of the years past featured inside The Cadre Beat, the Culturama 40 commemorative magazine. ... Frankly, it was an effort that was pulled together and I want to say kudos to Salisha Khan and Brisbane Publishing because they worked really hard in really difficult circumstances. We were very remarks at a press briefing which was held at the Riviere House on Government Road on June 19, 2014, for the magazine’s official launch and to provide an update on the status of preparations for


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 19 COMMENTARY THE TOWER OF BABEL Part 2 Then there is the Hon. Shawn Richards, the so-called leader of PAM, who became the leader by a casting vote. A man whom PAM was never created to have as its leader, he being of working class origin. A qualified worker who had to be sacked from his job at TDC because of his inability and his inefficiency. He possesses no leadership qualities whatsoever. He makes no impression whatsoever. Perhaps, it is because the lack of these skills were so evident why the owners of PAM could so easily agree for an exLabour man to come on board and take over the reigns of the party in order to present some vestige of hope. Is Shawn Richards’s good material to be used in the building of any new structure? We come to the young Jonel Powell, heir to the family political party. We know that he has arrived on the scene to protect the family’s interest. He possesses no particular assets or skills which can be used in the construction of the new entity. He adds nothing new in the construction material of the new entity. Born in Mc Knight, but never associated with the people of Mc. Knight. He was not and could never associate with the working class element of the society. Always presents himself as an ODD FELLOW whenever he tries to mix. We have to remind ourselves and bear in mind that the sins of the uncle and the grandfather visit upon the children, down to the third and the fourth generation. We should all be fully aware that the organization called PAM is a cursed organization. For 18 years, Timothy Harris has been the Labour representative for Constituency #7 and has discriminated against the PAM supporters, despite the pleadings of his Labour Constituents to include them into the scheme of things. His reply to such requests was, “ Not a damn” He is over ambitious and believes that it is time for him to be the leader of Labour without challenging the leadership of Dr. Denzil Douglas whom the people want, so he decided to sell out and go over on the side of those who have been his political foe for all those years. He self appointed himself as the leader of a party he nicknamed the People’s Labour Party. This party was later to join up with PAM and CCM to be called a unity mirage. Now, dear reader, if I am united in anything, we are united; we therefore merge into one identity. We are supposed to be represented by one leader, one symbol, one purpose. There is no more PAM, CCM, and PLP. Old things have passed away and everything has now changed and become new. It is like a marriage. Everyone is now bonded and this bonding gives us that new identity. There is now a new birth, new strength, new loyalty, new vision, new purpose, great love and respect. We are ushering a new concept of politics. No more political tribalism. There will be no more victimization, no more discrimination. St. Kitts will be for all persons. Have we begun to witness any changes in the political landscape of our country? The only change we have witnessed so far, is that we must vilify, crucify and say the dirtiest and nastiest things about our country. We must call it down. We must mash it up, we must pull it down. We must boycott any event which is held here as long as that event will magnify St. Kitts in a positive light. We must view all visitors who praise up the country as being paid to say such positive things. All that we have to do is to hate ourselves, hate Dr. Douglas and hate our country and hate anything LABOUR. What kind of material can we obtain from a man who could so brazenly endorse Lindsay F. Grant as a candidate for any organization? A man who has been lying about the institution of learning he attended to further his education? A man who only possesses the organs of a man but functions in the capacity of a little school boy? Tell me dear reader, what type of building material can be garnered from such a soul? We now come to the Honourable Mark Brantley, Deputy Leader of the CCM political party in Nevis and Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition. A man who is pompous; a man who gives off vibrations of being antiordinary people. A man who hates the guts of every Kittitians with a passion, although he has spent countless holidays with us. A man who is a secessionist at heart. A man, who is a part of the unity mirage, yet wants to divide the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. This man is talking unity whilst practising DIVISION and discrimination. What convincing sermon can he preach to promote his unity mirage? He could have all the say in St. Kitts Affairs, but Kittitians must never participate in anything NEVIS. What kind of material can this man bring with him? On numerous occasions I have referred to PAM as a vampire and some of its supporters may have found me out of place with such a description. But, anyone who says that they are decent and respectable and join the ranks of PAM or even associate with them becomes corrupt just like them. See what it has done to the Junior Minister? See what it has done to Mr. Grant? See what it has done to Mr. Eugene Hamilton? And look what it has done to my very good friend and leader of the CCM political party. It is quite obvious for all and sundry to see for themselves that the Scriptures must be fulfilled. “YOU BECOME LIKE THOSE WITH WHOM YOU ASSOCIATE.” As a church going and a God fearing man he should have remembered these passages of scripture, “What shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?” And, “Be ye sure that your sins will find you out?” What type of materials can he now bring to the construction of the tower of Babel? Has he now become like the other pieces of building materials which have been brought in from the political landfill to help in the construction? Isn’t it quite strange that no one is willing to supply PAM with any new materials to stock up its hardware? And so they all present worm eaten pieces of lumber affected with corruption, hatred, envy, greed, personal ambition, traitors to the country and its people. The Labour Party of St. Kitts-Nevis and the NRP of Nevis have been blessed and highly favoured by God who has chosen them to lead his flock. No weapons formed against them shall ever prevail. Were it not for Divine Intervention in 1967 and 2012, the Labour Movement would have been no more. Today, the oligarchs are telling us that 1967 means nothing to them because that happened nearly fifty years ago. These same people celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday, events which transpired over two thousand years ago. The oligarchs are telling us that they prefer the unity mirage, for, when they are elected, they would hold their feet to the fire so that they will walk the straight and narrow way, but, how could you change worm infested wood from the political land fill and recycle them into brand new reusable lumber? How can you un-corrupt the incorrigible? (Not subject to be corrected or reformed) If any person or persons plan to have these worms eaten, full of corruption pieces of landfill material to build a new society, then, those oligarchs, those socalled decent and respectable elements in our society are just as corrupt and are just as beyond repair. May Heaven Help Us And The Future Generations Of Our Beloved Twin Island Federation Of St. KittsNevis? PM Douglas Thanks Orange County Sheriff For Assistance Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has expressed appreciation to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) in Orlando, Florida, for its ongoing support in enhancing the programmes and the skills of the men and women in the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF). In a letter to Sheriff Jerry Demings, Prime Minister the Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas thanked the OCSO for providing officers to conduct training and allowing the establishment of programmes such as the Mentoring, Advising, Guiding and Instructing Children (MAGIC) initiative which teaches primary school Sgt. Lyndita Powell and Commissioner Walwyn accepts t-shirt from Sheriff Demings students about the dangers of drugs, gangs, bullying, guns and others. The letter was presented to Sheriff Demings by Commissioner Celvin G. Walwyn as well as a picture of the 374 graduates from 15 primary school students in St. Kitts. Sheriff Demings in turn presented a t-shirt used in the OSCO’s programme to be handed over to Prime Minister Douglas. MAGIC was implemented locally in October 2012 and has been credited in reducing antisocial behaviour among the school population.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 20 NEWS -Mary Charles To Be Upgraded In Next Fiscal Year Prime Minister Douglas entering Mary Charles Hospital led by Nurse Manager Bernadette Jack on left, Permanent Secretary Andrew Skerritt on right and next to Director of Institutional Services Lornette Adams Cardin Home To Receive Makeover Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister the Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas has assured that plans to upgrade the Mary Charles Hospital in Molineux, into a tertiary-level health institution, will come to fruition in the very near future. “The physical outlay of this facility has to be improved and will be improved,” Prime Minister Douglas emphasized. “We need to extend the services to include radiological services as well and be able to do limited blood works as part of the diagnostic batch of tests that we provide from this facility.” Prime Minister Douglas made these remarks during his Out and About series, when he dialogues with the staff of various establishments. On this occasion he took the opportunity to meet with the three patients at the Mary Charles Hospital. It was further emphasized that as an integrated health care structure, Mary Charles would be scaled up to provide tertiarylevel health care, similar to what takes place at the Pogson Medical Centre. Mention was also made of the professionalism of the doctors who service the hospital, specifically Dr. Bassey Udo, Dr. Garfield Alexander and Dr. Vance Gilbert. Minister of Health Honourable Marcella Liburd further noted that improving one’s surroundings was an important aspect of maintaining one’s health. “We have to remember it will also have the environmental aspect of it, in terms of the integration,” Minister Liburd stressed. “This is so that we have a one-stop-shop in terms of the treatment, in terms of theMinister Liburd address Mary Charles Staff Photo of the late Mary Charles next to plaque dedicating the institution in her honourAs we always say, the state of our environment, really in large measure determines the state of our health.” Details as to the exact changes were outlined by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Andrew Skerritt. He also confirmed that the renovations to Mary Charles would commence in the 2015 fiscal year while mentioning another key aspect of a healthy environment. “We will put our Environmental Health Office right under this facility, so that we can help to inform, educate and reduce incidents of vector-bourne diseases,” Mr. Skerritt revealed. “There’s a lot of talk about chikungunya out there, of course this is endemic right now in the Caribbean Region. I would like to advocate that source reduction is important, so persons would have to be responsible for ensuring that containers that can be filled with water, and breed mosquitoes are not on their property. “The Ministry will continue to do its work, carrying out fogging and of course education and promotion with respect to reducing incidents of chikungunya.” Minister Liburd gave an update on the National Health Insurance Scheme noting that the next phase was to ensure that persons who receive minimum wage were covered. During the question and answer period support and auxiliary staff raised matters such as the dispensing of medication to the elderly, at-home follow-up care of the mentally disabled and the desire for more training. Mr. Skerritt also took the opportunity to update on the proposed Mental Health Day-Treatment Centre. He explained that the facility would provide such services as counseling, group therapy and occupational therapy as well as encourage adherence to one’s medication schedule. Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): The Government constantly monitors the quality of care and the infrastructure of the home and works to refurbish the facility are fast approaching, revealed Minister of Health the Hon. Marcella Liburd at the resent Out and About with the Prime Minister visits. “At this current moment, the kitchen, the bathroom, especially on the male side, the roof is all in for repairs almost immediately,” Minster Liburd noted. “The materials to do those repairs are already on hand. So, it is something that we’ve been preparing for.” She added that the facility will also be repainted. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Adrew Skerritt stated that the Ministry not only focuses on upgrading the facility but also focuses on the well being of the residents. “Not only do we do physical repairs to the physical plant, we also repair the spirits of the residents here and we do so by commissioning fun days, beach picnics and movie nights,” Mr. Skerritt revealed. The Minster commended the staff of the Cardin Home for their hard work as it is not easy to organise such events. “There are 72 residents to be exact here; 31 males and 41 females. So it is a mammoth task to run this facility.” The Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas also thanked the healthcare providers for their hard work and dedication and noted that irrespective of why the residents are there, they have to be cared for. “They have to be cared for with dignity. We have to ensure their self respect and self-esteem are in fact maintained,” the Prime Minister sated. “We expect them to be treated not just as human beings but as persons who have a soul, who have needs, who have their own emotional challenges from time to time and thus have to be responded to and cared for. It is with that background I want to thank you who are providing the care for them here.” The Cardin Home is one of the Government owned healthcare facilities and has been in existence for 87 years. SKNIS Photo: Cardin Homeprimary care that the health centre usually provides for the surrounding communities from Keys to Saddlers and also the environmental aspect of it which is extremely important.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 21 SPORTS Two Kittitian Cricketers Selected on The Leeward Islands U-19 Cricket Team By Javon AlfordJeremiah Louis and Jaeel Clarke of St Kitts have both been selected to represent the Leeward Islands in the Regional under 19 cricket tournament held from July 20th to August 10th, 2014 in Guyana. The selection came after a cricket competition between the various islands in the Leewards from the 10th to the 13th of July, in which both players performed exceptionally well. The regional cricket competition will feature seven (7) including; Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Windward Islands and the ICC Americas. The other members of the leeward team are as follows: Ross PowellCaptain (Nevis), Shaquille Martina (St Maarten), Saeed Williams (Nevis), Dion West (Montserrat), Asharn Hodge (Anguilla), Alzari JosephVice captain (Antigua), Collin Archibald (Nevis), Mrinal Wadwha (St Maarten), Therone Bassue (Nevis), Mohit-Hingorani (St Maarten) Kenrick Scott (Antigua) and Kacey Carty (Anguilla). Multipurpose park project in St Pauls to be completed soon By Javon Alford The site completely fenced Four awarded TDC Michael L. King Honorary Scholarship Grant By Drizel HanleyThe Young Coalition of Leaders (YCL) project to create a park out of the empty lot next to the ATM machine in St Pauls has been progressing smoothly and is soon to be completed. The project, which initially started last year (2013), is aimed at turning the empty lot into a multipurpose park that could be used for recreational purposes and community activities. Phase 1 of the project featured the clearing of the area followed by the fencing, which has recently been finished. In an interview with the Project Coordinator, Meshaq Alford, he stated that the feedback from the village and supporters of the project is the fuel behind the smooth work on the site. When asked about when the project is likely to finish, he said that it depends on the rate of support the project continues to get but estimated it to be over the next few months. According to Mr Alford, the next step for the project is for the necessary infrastructure to be installed in the park including; benches, chairs, pipes, swings and see saws etc. Work continues on the project over the weekends and all those who desire to help in anyway are asked to turn up. Stephon Duggins, Stedroy Brand, and Akela Huggins were presented with the prestigious scholarship grant. Each recipient received a scholarship of US$5,000 which is being offered to persons working outside of the TDC Group of Companies to enable them to further their education. Chairman of TDC Group Of Companies, Earle Kelly, said the firm is of the belief that the grant is an important investment in the development of the youths in the Federation. “Not because we are trying to gain publicity but because it’s something that we ought to do. The citizens of the Federation are our customers, they are the ones who make us successful and we, like any corporate entity need to give back,” he added. He charged the recipients with the responsibility of following the legacy of the name sake of the scholarship, former Chairman of Board of Directors at TDC, Mr. Michael King. He told the four young persons that TDC is expectant that they not only contribute to their personal development but also to the development of the Federation when they return. Education Officer, Debbie Isaac, commended the TDC Group Of Companies on their unwavering support in the Education sector, noting that the support is deserving of much praise and gratitude. “We all recognize that these are still fiscally challenging times. For an organization like the TDC group of companies to reward four deserving students in the Federation is indeed testament to commitment of human resource capital,” she said. The one time grant is being offered to applicants who are citizens of the Federation to pursue studies in the areas of Business Administration, Law, Medicine, Economics, Computer Science, Accounting, Sociology, Industrial Labour Relations and Early Childhood Education. The scholarship grant was introduced in August of 2008 to provide citizens of the Federation who intend to return home after completing their studies with financial assistance to pursue their educational goals. They should also have a Grade Point Average of 3.0. Four young persons from the Federation are the beneficiaries of the Michael L. King Honorary Scholarship Grant, sponsored by the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Trading and Development Company Ltd. (TDC). At an awards ceremony held on Wednesday morning of this week (July 16th) at the TDC Training Room Camech Emanuel,


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 22 NEWS -3 dead, 4 injured in shooting incident at Frigate Bay Strip By Drizel HanleySt. Kitts was sent into shock and mourning over the past weekend when three (3) young men lost their lives in a tragic shooting incident on the Frigate Bay Strip which left at least 4 others injured. Dead are Cecil Charles of Monkey Hill, 21-year-old Glenville Hendrickson and 19-year-old Tavis Francis, both of Old Road. According to an official police report at approximately 3:00am Sunday July 13th an unknown assailant opened fire in the area, injuring some four individuals while killing three. It is reported that at least one female is among the wounded. Several hours prior to that incident Shawn Rogers alias “5 Pac” of Conaree was shot several times about his body. The incident occurred in the vicinity of Mrs. Ferdinand’s Shop in Conaree at around 7:45pm. He was transported to the Joseph N. France General Hospital for treatment and is still warded there. In another shooting incident here earlier in the week, a young man’s arm was reportedly broken when he was shot in Cayon on Thursday. “No one has been charged as yet for those incidents however, we are vigorously pursuing these matters and we are requesting the members of the public who may have information pertaining to these heinous crimes to give the police a call, and also can share that information as well with Crime Stoppers,” Public Relations Officer, Inspector Lyndon David said. Citizenship by Investment Programme restructured over the years BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, JULY 17TH 2014 (CUOPM) – St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has been outlining some of the changes made by his St. KittsNevis Labour Party administration to the Citizenship by Investment Programme since it took office in July 1995. The changes include allowing more lawyers in the Federation to participate as service providers, establishing the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) and increasing the value of investment in property. Speaking at the first in the series of “Conversation for Progress” meetings, Prime Minister Douglas noted that when the programme was first established by the PAM Administration “it was specifically design to benefit financially, only those who owned the real estate that they wanted to sell the foreign citizens and also it was design to benefit one private lawyer (Dr. William V. Herbert Jr.) who was of great influence within the then Government that was led by Dr. Kennedy Simmonds.” “In fact, I emphasize that there was no Citizenship by Investment Unit. There was no Processing Unit as we have established today. There was only a private law office which handled all of the processing of applications and they were not held in any Government office. In fact let me take us back in 1995. We did not find any files in the Government offices and we could not get into the private office of that private law firm and so we were basically at a lost, except what the Treasury held which were those who had invested in bonds for ten (10) years,” Dr. Douglas said. Dr. Douglas said it was important to emphasize where the programme was in 1995 and where it is now in restructuring the Citizenship by Investment Programme. “Firstly, that all lawyers not just one, all lawyers in St. Kitts and Nevis who wanted to participate in the programme would participate. Secondly, we wanted to make sure that all financial service providers, accountants, etc, would also be part of the group of persons processing applications for citizenship. We abandoned in particular the investment in bonds because we were being advised then, that this was one of the vehicles through which money laundering was taking place in our country and remember that we had attracted the description of ‘Devil’s Island’ during that period of the PAM Administration, so we had to change that,” said Prime Minister. “We also made sure that our new citizens who were being invited to invest in our country and being given citizenship, that they were not only asked to invest in real estate, but we created back in 2006, the new option of investing in the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF), which we did because we wanted to make sure that as we transition out of sugar on the closing of the Sugar Industry in 2005; that we would have had capital, enough money to do a number of things such as provide new opportunities for training for our people, to fund new projects, to ensure that we would develop and finance interest in businesses, we would also have the opportunities to finance individuals and Government agencies all throughout the entire Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis,” the St. Kitts and Nevis leader said. He pointed out that on September 15th 2011, the programme was revisited when a number of regulations were amended to emphasize that it was an investment programme. “This was not any programme of selling passports, this was a programme of investment and after successfully investing and doing the due diligence checks and persons were found to be clean, then we invited them to become citizens. Citizenship was not automatic. You invested, you were proven to be clean and then you were invited to become a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis. We also during 2011 in revisiting and amending the regulations increased the investment amount. We realized that the value of property has increased dramatically and so we moved from US$200,000 for investment to where it is today which is now US$400,000. We increased as well the amount that you would invest in the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation and we also increased the fees which the government was charging for processing the applications of those who wanted to invest in our country through the Citizenship by Investment Programme. We also wanted to make sure in 2011, that we would make the programme much more robust as we wanted to preserve the integrity of the programme so that it would not just be another programme involving immigration and investment like what we have in Canada, in the United States of America, in England, in several countries in Europe, and in Asia. We wanted it to be the top programme around the world and we were succeeding in doing that.” Several projects have been completed or under construction including Silver Reef Resort and Residences (St. Kitts); Ocean Edge (St. Kitts), Imperial (St. Kitts), Kittitian Hill (St. Kitts), Tamarind Cove Nevis, Koi Resorts and Residences (St. Kitts), Pirate’s Nest (St. Kitts), Golden Rock Commercial Development (St. Kitts), Manor by The Sea (St. Kitts), Park Hyatt (St. Kitts), Homes at Christophe Harbour (St. Kitts) Imperial (St. Kitts) under construction Photo by Erasmus William South East Peninsula photo advertises Norwegian Getaway cruise BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (CUOPM) – St. Kitts’ pictured South East Peninsula is being used by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) to advertise its Norwegian Getaway Eastern Caribbean Cruise. Although it was not immediately known whether St. Kitts’ Port Zante is on the ship’s itinerary, for the upcoming 2014/ 2015 or 2015/2016 cruise ship seasons, tourism industry officials see it as a plus for St. Kitts as a thriving cruise destination. Several Norwegian Cruise Line ships have visited St. Kitts in the past. They included Norwegian Star, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Spirit and Norwegian Dawn. The latest were the 4,100passenger Norwegian Epic and the 4,941-passenger Norwegian Breakaway. The Norwegian Breakaway was built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, and was delivered to its owner on January 10, 2014. At the time of its christening it was the world’s ninth largest cruise ship with a passenger capacity of 3,969 and a crew of 1,640. Amenities on board the ship include restaurants by chef Geoffrey Zakarian, an entertainment venue devoted to magic called the “Illusionarium,” and another entertainment venue themed in conjunction with the Grammy Awards. The ship is based out of Miami and mostly sails seven-night Eastern Caribbean cruises. It was christened in Miami on February 7, 2014, with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders serving as godmothers. The ship departed on its maiden voyage the next day. The Norwegian Getaway, is the sister vessel of Norwegian Breakaway, and was built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, for Norwegian Cruise Line. The name of the ship was selected in a competition, and was submitted by Dennis Hultman of Vienna, Virginia, United States. NCL expects the ship to be based out of Miami year-round. David Le Batard was commissioned by NCL to design the mural on the hull of the ship. Entertainment on board the ship includes the “Illusionarium”, an entertainment venue devoted to magic and illusion performances. It also includes a 30 feet (9.1 m) high video dome in the middle of the performance area. The water park has five slides, including a freefall drop and two twister slides located side by side in a spiral. It began sailing from Miami later in February 2014, with cruises to Philipsburg, Sint Maarten; Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands; and Nassau, Bahamas. In 2015, the ship will take over the Norwegian Epic’s Western Caribbean run, stopping at Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; George Town, Grand Cayman; and Cozumel, Mexico.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014 23 COMMENTARY/NEWS By Vigilante By Fair Play Why “Unity” is a Fraud! A genuine Unity Government has occurred in times of severe disaster facing a nation. This has resulted in ALL parties sending members to the Government in an attempt to stabilize the country. From a glance you would realize that the ingredients of a genuine unity government is not present in PAM, PLP and CCM. Firstly, there is no disaster facing the country. Secondly all of the political parties are not in the proposed government. They have excluded, NRP, NIP and Labour. And to explain this further they have excluded the majority party in the Federation. So how can there be unity without the majority party? Who will look after the majority? Unity have to be crazy. Furthermore there is no PLP! The party has never faced an election! The PLP has never had an election/Convention to elect officers. The press in St. Kitts is real Bias. PLP is a fraud and PAM FM, MIYVUE, PAM VIBES, All accept the Fraud. How many party members in PLP? Another point that has prevented Unity from being accepted put the other way, why Unity is a Fraud! PAM has not changed. PAM is still for the Elite and look down on poor/ordinary people. Check Hamilton’s recent statements describing the Labour Spring Time Candidate for #8, “he ain’t nobody, he is a little rasta boy from over de ghaut who was in the hills!” This statement, is also the political philosophy of PAM. If you do not agree with them you are to be destroyed by them saying all kind of nasty things about you. Check Dr. Warner in the Democrat each week. Last week was typical. Hear what they said about Freddie McGregor in the Democrat Last Week “that right after the side bar big cheque “Freddie” singer made such a misleading statement, he was seen back stage grab bing up his fallen out rotted locks as if he was struck from above.” PAM/PAM/PAM/True to Form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each week they threaten to jail our Prime Minister. Is this the unity they wish to create, is this the new democracy they wish to bring, is this the Change?Unity is really a FRAUD!!PAM is still PAM!! PAM HATE LABOUR PEOPLE. It was Powell who said at Independence Square “it does hurt his heart to see Labour people working.” That is PAM and PAM has not changed. PAM team up with the two traitors because it was at its weakest ever, under it worst Leader ever! The Unity Concoction was an attempt to grab Government by PAM, Dwyer, SAM, Tim and Mark. It was not a genuine attempt to bring all the parties together. Dwyer convinced them the Motion of No Confidence would have been called and Labour would have been out of office that December. That failed so they come up with their concept of Unity. Now you know that unit is a Fraud!!!!! If you have any doubt listen them each time they speak, all they do is buse people, is this how you foster Unity? UNITY IS A FRAUD!!! Stay Far From Them!!!! Editorial(cont’d from page 2) NEVER became functional. We of this newspaper call on Dwyer Astaphan to give an account of his stewardship then. The people of this country are fully entitled to such an account. Mr. Astaphan, please “step up to the plate” and explain to the people of St Kitts and Nevis why it is that you, as the then responsible minister, never implemented the National Crime Commission Act, and instrument which would have been of great help to the police and our country in the fight against crime. And while you are it, should you ever find the courage and sense of responsibility to do so, please provide the people with an explanation as to why you failed to implement that Act of Parliament in October of 2004, but a few months later you saw fit to remove convicted persons from Her Majesty’s Prison, a very serious breach of the law, and took them to the Prime Minister’s New Year’s Gala. What is it about you and the criminals? Is it that you care about them, but care not about the victims and other law abiding members of society? We of this newspaper call on all of our people to remain peace loving and law abiding. It is and has always been the kind of people that we are. Please remain resolute and determined to help our police with their efforts at seeking our and bringing to justice the criminals in our midst. We further urge you to ignore those opposite, their evil machinations, their false propaganda, and their trickery. They are deceivers. Their history shows that. Do not be fooled by their DISRESPECT and DECEPTION. Their only care and concern is with taking your Labour government away from you and reversing the many gains which our nation has chalking up over the past nineteen years. Their history shows that they will stop at nothing. Therefore let us remain stout of heart, fully committed to moving our country forward, and to making things better for all of our people. Hold fast to LABOUR! •Dey say de mongoose conscience hog outfox de rest of de unity hog dem. When dey check de bank account, only of what was supposed to be there dey find. De cookie jar nearly clean out. •Dey say one of de hog dem put dung one bawling to de momma hog, telling her he thought de mongoose conscience hog had change he ways, after all de counselling dey get from de Trini psychiatrist, but is only wuss he get wuss. •De customs man wid de brown paper bag full ah US money up and dung telling people how corrupt de new million dollar man across de waters be. But he say he ain got a thing to say publicly on de radio about it, because he ain want King Puppeteer and de Hedgehog to tek back dey car from him. •Dey say he tell somebody if he never did done tek de car from dem and get accustom to de white leather seat dem he would ah tell dem come back for dey damn car. He accustom to walk, for sometimes when de car ain got in no gas, he does walk up and dung like he tekking exercise. •Dey tell de mongoose conscience hog dat he have to put back de missing cookie in de cookie jar. So he went to de Canadian Bank but dey run him because he don’t pay he loan dem. Dey say he reach all de way Canada trying to get de money to borrow but when dey run he name in de computer, is all kinda bad loan dey find. So dat is why he have to be up and dung wid he black plastic bag trying to get back de missing cookie. •People in CCM say since before de elections, de Scatterflam man trying to tek way de million dollar man wuk. Dey say de same time de rearbin hog was saying he “want it now”, is de same time de million dollar man was under threat from de whole cabinet. Dey say don’t care where dey go, don’t care who hearing dem, de cabinet saying dat de million dollar man got to go. But de million dollar man tell dem dat he older dan dem and he in politics longer dan dem. No Sherriff come lately wid all he fine talks could outsmart him. •When de news break and de Marriott man get to hear what happen to de million dollar man, he tell a close friend dat de saying is really true. Birds of a feather, flock together. Dis can’t be no accident dat dey come together to form a party. Just like how rummy does smell out one another, is just so, all of us smelling out one another and coming together to see how much we could help we self. By time we done, it aint gon have no land to swap for no debt. Between me and de million dollar man, we gon swap all de land but de money aint gon end up in de bank. It gon end up in a private bank account. •While Terry, De Cayon ex convict, Mr. Politics, Culture, Sylvene and all dey “errand boys and girls” on every radio station trying to kill de Citizenship by Investment Programme, de big pappy PAM dem on TV singing de praises of de programme. Dey say Terry buse de Anointed One calling him from one crook to de next. But de Anointed One just remind him dat is people like he and De Marriott man got him driving good car and eating good food. So he better don’t tink he could behave like a hog. •Big bacchanal in de CCM cabinet. De word out of Nevis id dat de Deputy got all he cabinet colleagues lined up behind him to get rid of de Big Man. But de Big Man has been advised by some long standing CCM supporters who backing him to do like Kennedy Simmonds did on all Fools Day and show dem dat he not a weakling as they think. So de war in de camp rages on. •Dey say there is so much confusion in de cabinet and de CCM party dat De Sherriff refused to come to St. Kitts for de opening of de new Venezuelan Embassy offices here on Tuesday afternoon, because the Premier was attending the function. •De CCM misleaders were accusing NRP supporters of wukking obeah on dey Government for all de terrible things that are now plaguing de country (Nevis). But dey are now blaming some of their own CCM supporters who dey say use to go to de cemetery wid dem in de dead of de night, during de 2013 election campaign to dey thing to get rid of de NRP government. •Dey say when de Scatterflam man tell de red hog dat dey believe dat their own people wukking obeah pon dem, why dey government is rocked back wid so much corruption and problems, de red hog responded: “What goes around comes around. And when it comes around it comes around worse than before.” •Many people are saying dat de coffin that was taken from de funeral home Basseterrelast Friday afternoon and taken all over town by a handful of PAM and unity concoction activists was a bad omen for de country that was followed several hours later wid tragedy at de Frigate Bay Strip. •Dey say when de opposition propagandist for de number two business story got de news from Walla-Walla about de killings, he called up King Puppeteer rejoicing as he shouted: “Leh C.G. Walwyn and Douglas tek dat. Plenty more like dat going happen. De Labour government must fall.” •Dey say de bragadocia self imposed leader of de unity gang was only able to muster a mere 15 persons in his last health walk in de constituency and he cried like a baby, accusing de young community-oriented doctor and he family of wukking obeah on him. •He was so disappointed wid de turn out, dat he keep looking back and asking Willy, “Wheh dey people dem?” And Willy ask him if he ain see de numbers getting smaller and smaller for every health walk. Dey sticking wid Vance and Labour. He gone een. •Dey say he went complaining angrily to a lady from Molineux, and she remind him dat he use to say “not a damn seat for dem (PAM), leh dem sit on de floor.” So she tell him he time come now to sit on de floor, not a damn seat for him. And she chase him away, telling him: “This is Vance time… ah voting Labour all de way.” •Dey balcony rent-a-crowd public meeting last week Friday get a big bamamcoo “buss”. And all de food and drinks Moms prepared for dey so called open house get a “buss” too.


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