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St. Kitts and Nevis raises climate change, natural disasters and poverty at Summit Year 54 NO. 47FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH, 2012 EC$2.00 At The Pumps This Weekend Maximum Price ULG per gal 23/11/11 DELTA $16.37 / SOL $14.11 / TEXACO $15.91BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, W.I. COMMENTARY BY* THE THINKING CITIZEN VIEW POINT* REV.CANON PERCIVAL EARL CLARKE SOTTO VOCE PAGE 05 PAGE 12 CTO chairman Skerritt plugs for sustainable tourism practices in the region BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) – A clear and profound CTO’s Chairman, St. Kitts and Nevis’ Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Sen. the Hon. Richard Skerritt speaking at the Conference opening in Guyana. (Left to right) – Guyana’s Acting Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, His Excellency Irfaan Al; Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, His Excellency Robert Persaud and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Chairman, Sen. the Hon. Richard Skerritt at the opening ceremony. (cont’d on page19) BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) – Climate change, natural disasters and poverty alleviation were among issues raised at the Sixth Summit of the Americas by St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas. St. Kitts and Nevis raises climate change, natural disasters and poverty at Summit Photo: Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (C) gestures as (clockwise, top L) Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Winston Baldwin Spencer, Barbados’ Prime Minister Freundel Stuart (partially covered), Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Kenny Anthony, Hondura’s President Porfirio Lobo, Haiti’s Foreign Minister Laurent Lamothe and Saint Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister Denzil Douglas stand together during a group photo at the Americas Summit in Cartagena, April 15, 2012. REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian (COLOMBIA) Dr. Douglas said the relevance of the core theme of Natural Disasters cannot be overemphasized where St. KittsNevis is concerned and his (cont’d on page 18) BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (CUOPM) The Federal Government of St. Kitts and Nevis announced Thursday that it has closed its exchange offer launched pursuant to an Exchange Offer Memorandum dated 27 February 2012, as amended by a press release dated 7 March 2012 (the “Exchange Offer Memorandum”). The statement said that for the purposes of the Exchange Offer Memorandum, the Settlement Date is 18 April 2012. “As part of the settlement process, on 18 April 2012, the Government issued New Discount Bonds with a face value of US$43.3 St. Kitts and Nevis Closes Exchange Offer and Concludes Additional Debt Restructuring Agreement St. Kitts and Nevis Closes Exchange Offer and Concludes Additional Debt Restructuring Agreement million and New Par Bonds with a face value of EC$134.4 million. The New Discount Bonds, which carry a partial guarantee from the Caribbean Development Bank of (cont’d on page 2)Donley Saunders thrown under the bus by Hamilton and PAM Miss Labour Queen Contestants Bio


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 2 OPINION / LOCAL NEWS THE SPOKESMAN ESTABLISHED MAY 1957 Published by: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour UnionMasses House, Church Street P.O Box 239 Basseterre St. Kitts West IndiesAg. Managing Editor: Dawud Byron Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866 Email: info@sknunion.com Website: www.labourspokesman.com Editorial IT WASN’T ME! For those who are unfamiliar with the above title it is taken from the 2001 musical hit by popular reggae artiste Shaggy. The lyrics of the song essentially depict a man seeking advice after being caught cheating and the advice received was for him to deny everything with the phrase “it wasn’t me” despite all evidence to the contrary. As life sometimes imitates art, the song has in legal circles inspired a defence coined the “Shaggy defence”. This seems to have been the defence that was employed by the Democrat Newspaper recently when they attempted to convince the general public that Mr. Donley Saunders was innocent of the charges that were brought against him for which he was tried and found guilty by an 11-1 verdict by the jury. The trial of the case lasted four (4) weeks. The fundamental basis of our justice system is that a man (or woman) is to be tried before a jury of his or her peers. It is precisely for this reason why twelve ordinary people who have no axe to grind are selected and why technical legal jargon is broken down into simple lay man’s terms by the judge so that everyone of the jurors has an understanding of what the nature of the charge is and what evidence must exist before a conviction can be made. Without stating what was so difficult to understand about the charge of taking money that doesn’t belong to you and using it for purposes that the true owner has not agreed to, the Democrat in its article starts their shaggy defence by first blaming the jury for not being smart enough. It wasn’t me! The Democrat conveniently forgot to mention that Mr. Saunders produced fake and fabricated invoices for a company called Wallace/ Duporte Trucking Excavating and Concrete Ltd. that does not exist nor has ever existed. They also forgot to mention that both gentlemen came court and testified that they never owned such a company and would have cheques that were personally made out to them cashed and returned the funds to Mr. Saunders. What right thinking people should realize from this is how PAM and the Democrat view ordinary people and ascribe less than worthy intelligence to them. Do you think that a PAM government would discuss matters fully with the electorate which is made up of ordinary people? Or would they think that the matters of State are too complicated for ordinary people to understand? The Democrat in their article also uses the” it wasn’t me” defence when they blame the Police Force for focusing on Mr. Saunders’ actions when other crimes are taking place in the country. Does that mean Mr. Saunders did not commit a crime? Or that because other matters are pressing they should let this crime slide? The justice system and the police are not perfect and we can all agree on that, but when the police carry out an investigation and bring a matter before the Courts and a conviction is secured we should all commend them for doing their job, regardless of what other matters they have not solved as yet. PAM and the Democrat themselves are usually the first to condemn them when they have failed, so why now condemn them for doing their job? Again the public and right minded people should take note that PAM is still a class based institution that feels certain matters involving persons affiliated with them should be left alone…even by the police. It wasn’t me! PAM and the Democrat would prefer that the Police and the jury ignore the fact that Mr. Saunders undertook a job worth $1.5 Million US Dollars, having had no experience in construction management which he undertook for free even though he presented fake invoices. And they want the general public to blame the police rather than blame Mr. Saunders for his actions. What they do not tell readers is that the contractor for the project came to court and told the court on oath that the company named in the fake invoices never did any work for him as the contractor and he had never heard of that company, nor did he had any materials delivered to the project by that company. It wasn’t me! The Democrat makes no mention of the actual evidence that was adduced at trial at all but tries to convince people that Mr. Saunders’ was merely an innocent victim of the justice system. The article even goes on to blame the owner of the funds whose money was stolen by trying to portray him as greedy and the person who used Mr. Saunders’ kindness for his own benefit. Does the writer want us to believe that a man as intelligent as Mr. Saunders did not recognize that he was being used? Perhaps the writer wants us to assume that after Mr. Saunders took on the project, if he felt overwhelmed by the quantity of work that he could not simply resign and have the gentleman hire a professional to finish the task. It wasn’t me! Of course no article in the Democrat would be complete if Denzil Douglas wasn’t somehow blamed. So rather than focus on the evidence presented at trial, which indicated that Mr. Saunders agreed to repay the funds that he could not properly account for, the Democrat and PAM would have you believe that in some way Denzil Douglas did something that takes away from all the evidence presented in the case regarding Mr. Saunders’ actions. Did Mr. Saunders do any of the things the evidence said and the jury heard? Does that count as to why the jury found it impossible to believe that any reasonable person would undertake such a mammoth task for free and that funds were misappropriated and could not be properly accounted for? It wasn’t me?!?! What should be most telling from any unbiased read of the article is the fact that PAM has not and will not change. The same PAM who brought unprecedented victimization to this country from permanent secretaries to cleaners is the same PAM who warns in the article that we should “wet dey hand and wait for arwe…” One has to ask who is the “dey” that the Democrat and PAM refers to? Is it the same ordinary people like those that made up the jury that PAM believes locked up one of their own? Or is it the ordinary people, who for 17 years have kept PAM in the wilderness and out of government. Is that how PAM views ordinary people who they feel did something they do not agree with? Well all right thinking people and LABOUR supporters in particular, need to pay attention and not be fooled. PAM of old is the same PAM of today that all Labour people need to be aware of and not fall for the tricks they claiming about being a changed organization. up to US$12 million, were issued at a discount of 50% to the face value of the original eligible debts tendered for the discount option,” the statement said. It noted that on 18 May 2012 holders of the New Discount Bonds will receive a one-off ‘goodwill payment’ equal to US$130 per US$1000 face value of New Discount Bonds held, along with the first regular monthly payment of principal and interest. Holders of the New Par Bonds will at the same time receive a oneYoung teen shot and killed; two charged with his murder By Charles Miller JrPolice have charged two young men for the murdering of 19 year – old Trevis Henville, who was shot and killed early Tuesday morning just after 8:00am. Charged are 20-year-old Randy Taylor of Taylor’s Village and 24-year-old Lennox ‘Len’ Gumbs of St. Johnson Village. The two were formally arrested and charged with the crime on Wednesday, a mere day after the incident took place. Henville, who is said to be from New Town, East Basseterre, but resides in McKnight, Central Basseterre was shot multiple times on Tuesday morning (April 17th) in Shaw Avenue, Central Basseterre. Police officers and officers of the Strike Force quickly responded to the matter and visited the scene to find Henville’s lifeless body a few meters away from Cayon Street on the side of the road and a crowd of onlookers surrounding him. The young man was then pronounced dead by District Medical Officer Dr. Reginald O’Loughlin and was removed by undertakers and transported to the Jenkins Funeral Home. Police are now investigating another murder that took place in the vicinity of National Housing Corporation on East Park Range (East Basseterre), early Thursday (yesterday) morning. 19-year-old Jermaine Browne of Conaree Village was shot and killed shortly before 7:00am. On arrival, officers discovered his body in the street and he was then pronounced dead by District Medical Officer, Dr. Mervyn Laws and later transported to Jenkins Funeral Home. Browne’s murder marks the 7th homicide for St. Kitts – Nevis; 6 in St. Kitts and 1 in Nevis. Investigations are ongoing. St. Kitts and Nevis Closes Exchange Offer and Concludes Additional Debt Restructuring Agreement off ‘goodwill payment’ of EC$11.25 per EC$1000 face value of New Par Bonds held, along with the first regular monthly payment of interest. On 15 March 2012, St. Kitts and Nevis announced that tenders for 96.8% of the aggregate principal amount of debts eligible under the exchange offer had been received. During 16-17 April 2012, the collective action clauses contained in four of the original instruments eligible under the exchange offer were implemented. As a result, holders who did not tender their claims were yesterday issued New Discount Bonds in exchange for their original instruments. With the implementation of the collective action clauses, the percentage of eligible claims restructured rises to 100. Separately, the Federal Government and the Nevis Island Administration also announced Thursday that two restructuring agreements covering approximately EC$900 million in loans and other debt facilities owed to domestic creditors have (cont’d from page 1) (cont’d on page 17)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 3 NEWS IMF says Caribbean economies to grow in 2012 and 2013 BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) The Caribbean economy is expected to grow in this year and next year. So says the Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF). It says Latin America and the Caribbean is “on a glide path to steady growth” as the global economy picks up pace. But the financial institution is warning that “dangers remain.” In its latest, World Economic Outlook report, the IMF said the swings in risk aversion in global markets over the past six months have had significant effects on Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) forecasting “moderate” growth of 3.75 percent in the region this year and four percent in 2013. Specifically, the Caribbean economy is expected to grow by 3.5 percent. “High public debt and weak tourism and remittance flows continue to constrain the outlook for the Caribbean. The outlook for Central America, like that for Mexico, is closely tied to developments in the United States,” the IMF said, noting that “spillovers to the region, both real and financial, from renewed crisis in Europe are likely to be limited.” The IMF said that among commodity exporters in LAC, strong domestic demand growth moderated, as tighter macroeconomic policies began to bear fruit and the external environment weakened. And while economic activity in LAC is still subdued, strong real linkages with the United States “offer some upside prospects as the United States slowly recovers,” according to the report. “Spillovers to the region through trade, financial, and banking channels were active during recent months but with only limited effects on activity,” the report said.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 4 NEWS TRADE UNION NEWS By: Batumba Tak General Secretary Intellectual Property Office Forum Notice In celebration of World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, the St. Kitts and Nevis Intellectual Property Office is inviting the general public to a forum on Intellectual Property Rights. The forum entitled “Intellectual Property Rights From Creation to Protection” will take place at the University Center on Thursday April 26, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. The Intellectual Property Office would like to stress that it is important that creators and inventors understand that Intellectual Property is an asset comparable to land and equipment and as such can be owned, bought and sold. The office has observed that many persons are unaware of protecting this valuable asset hence the need for the forum. The session will also provide an overview of how patents, designs, trademarks and copyright can be used to protect their creations and inventions. Carib Brewery (St. Kitts-Nevis) Ltd and The St. Kitts/Nevis Trades & Labour Union Sign New Four Year Memorandum Of Agreement. The St. Kitts/Nevis Trades & Labour Union members at Carib Brewery (St. Kitts-Nevis)Ltd have ratified a new four year agreement by a 98 percent margin. This impressive ratification margin shows that our members at Carib Brewery (St. Kitts-Nevis) Ltd were pleased with the work of the Union’s negotiating team. These negotiations were conducted in a highly professional and amicable manner between both parties and produced a positive outcome for our members who gained wage and other benefits and workplace improvements. The Union represented the Daily and Weekly workers employed at Carib Brewery (St. Kitts-Nevis) Ltd and continue calling on all the monthly staff to join the Union and gain a voice at the bargaining table to have a say in the condition of work they work under. As stated in an earlier article, sixteen (16) proposals were submitted on behalf of the Daily and Weekly workers to the Company for discussion. Following are the proposals and the results arrived at. 1. Transportation for workers from the rurual area who work on shift. It was agreed that a structure with clear instruction will be put in place with in put from the Union. In addition, it was also agreed that Mr. Moolchand Mangra will be the person who will be called upon to carry workers who work late to their homes. 2. Overtime. It was agreed that Overtime is not compulsoty, but employees are expected to coorporate when asked to work overtime provided that the Company gives sufficient Notice to the workers who are called upon to work overtime. 3. Merit Allowance. It was agreed that an “employee of the month” system will be put in place, and to ensure that the system is fair and understandable the Supervisors will be properly trained to have a better understanding of the system. The Shop Stewards will also be part of the training programe to help ensure that there is proper balance in the system. 4 and 8 are related to Article #16 and #17 of the Memorandum of Agreement and it was agreed that they should be joined together. Article 16 and 17, Work Rules and Job Description and Job Evaluation respectively. The Company agreed that the time is right to have a review of both Articles with a view for improvement in colaboration with the Union. 5.Voluntary Pension Scheme or Gratuity Scheme on behalf of all employees. The Company said that they have an Insurance Arm at their Headquarters in Trinidad and will be looking for a reputable Insurance Company in St. Kitts and Nevis. In addition, the Company said that they are committed to putting a Voluntary Pension Scheme in place on behalf of all the employees at Carib Brewery (St. Kitts-Nevis) Ltd as soon as practicable. It was agreed that 6 and 7 will be joined together. Meal and Laundry Allowance. It was agreed that the Meal Allowance will increase from $15. 00 to $20. 00, and the Laundry Allowance will increase by the same percentage as the General Wage Increase. 9. Increase in the Medical Allowance. The Company said that the present Medical Allowance that is set aside for that purpose is not being utilized fully by the employees and see no reason to increase it at this time, but agreed to monitor its operation. In addition, the Company asked the Union to encourage the workers to utilize the Medical Allowance that has been provided for them. The Union agreed to do its best to encourage the employees to utilize the Medical Allowance. 10. Risk Pay Allowance After a lively discussion and some clarity by the Company the Union withdrew this proposal, but said that they will monitor its operation with a view for further discussion in the future. 11. Caustic Allowance. It was agreed that this allowance will be increased by the same percentage as the General Wage Increase. 12. Uniforms (Shirts, Pants and Shoes (Boots). The Company said that they have already sorted out the hickups that they experienced the last two (2) years and all employees have already received their Uniforms. The Union thanked the Company then withdrew this proposal, but promised to continue to monitor its operation. 13. First Aids Kits in every Department. The Company agreed that First Aids Kits will be placed in every Department as a matter of urgency. In addition they also agreed that someone in each Department will be responsible for the safe keeping of the First Aid Kit. 14. Health and Safety Committee. It was agreed that the Health and Safety Committee will be reactivated and they will be responsible to ensure that the workplace remains in a healthy state. In addition, it was agreed that a joint meeting between Management and the Union will be held with all of the workers to explain to them why they should wear the Health and Safety gears that are provided for their safety at the workplace and the importance of a safe workplace. 15. Proposed HIV/Aids Workplace Policy. After much discussion the Company said that they were not adverse to a HIV/Aids Workplace Policy, but will wait to see what type of HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy comes out of Parliament. In addition, they promised to continue preparation for when Legislation is passed so that they can adopt a Policy in relation to it. 16. General Wage Increase. After a robust and healthy discussion both parties agreed to a 11% General Wage Increase spread over four (4) years (2011 – 4%; 2012 – 3%; 2013 – 2% and 2014 – 2%), and a one off payment of 1% of Annualized wages as at December 31st, 2010 that will be paid to all eligible employees. The General Wage Increase agreed upon was based on the Company’s word that no employee will be made redundant unless it becomes absoletely necessary, and if that becomes a reality the Union will be fully involved in all discussions with a view to come up with ideas and solutions to save the jobs of all the workers. The Christmas Bonus of 8% based on wages earned for twelve months period ending November of each year remains in place. The twelve (12) months for the beginning of the bonus starts on the 1st December, 2011 and ends 30th November, 2012. Representing Carib Brewery (St. Kitts-Nevis) Ltd at the signing ceremony were: Mr. Mark Wilkin, Managing Director and Mr. Preston George, Employee and Industrial Relations Lead – Beverage Sector, Anson Mc Call, Trinidad and Tobago. The St. Kitts/Nevis Trades & Labour Union was represented by Cde’s. Batumba Tak and Sydney Bridgewater, General Secretary and 1st Vice President respectively and Cde’s. Lorinstim Jenkins and Moolchand Mangra, Shop Stewards, Carib Brewery (St. Kitts-Nevis) Ltd. The Labour Department was represented by Mr. Lenard Spencer Amory, Labour Commissioner and Mr Franklyn Stevens, Stats, Labour Department Presently the Company and the Union enjoy a very long, fruitful and good standing working relationship and that hopefully will continue right into the foreseeable future. As I take my leave today, I leave you with one of those old negro spiritual song.Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel.“O, blow your trumpet, Gabriel, Blow your trumpet louder; And I want dat trumpet to blow me home, To my new Jerusalem. “De prettiest ting dat ever Idone, Was to serve de Lord when I was young, So blow your trumpet, Gabriel, & c. “O, Satan is a liar, and he conjure too, And if you don’t mind, he’ll conjure you, So blow your trumpet, Gabriel, & c. “O, I was lostin de wilderness, King Jesus hand me de candle down, So blow your trumpet, Gabriel,” & c.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 5 NEWS The Thinking Citizen The PAM party and its agents and supporters never cease to amuse and amaze me. The party is well known for its habit of working to destroy the very thing that it says it is seeking to promote and uphold. The Workers’ League/Labour Party won every Election in St. Kitts continuously from 1952 to 1975. The Workers’ League/Labour Party won all of the 7 seats on St. Kitts every time. The PAM party was formed in January of 1965 and presented itself as the party dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Democracy in St. Kitts-Nevis. That was pure propaganda for the real intention of the party was to seek to wrest political power from the hands of the masses and put back such power into the hands of the local planter/business/upper class. Having failed even to win a single seat in the Elections held on 25th July 1966, the leaders of the PAM party then wrote a letter to Governor Sir Fred Phillips, dated 31st May 1967, demanding that the lawfully elected government of Robert Bradshaw resign. Nobody took any notice of the letter. There was much anti-Bradshaw propaganda in use at the 1966 General Elections. The letter of 31st May, 1967 calling for the government to resign, failed, like the pre-Elections propaganda to produce the desired results. Certain members of the PAM party, the same party that claimed to be the defender and protector of democracy, joined with a group of rebel Anguillians to launch a terrorist attack on St. Kitts on the night of June 10, 1967. All you see sin and trouble! The very same party that was claiming that Bradshaw is a dictator, set about to use anti-democratic means to remove Bradshaw and establish a PAM dictatorship. A certain Anguillan was supposed to go on ZIZ Radio on June 11, 1967, and proclaim that “the prominent Kittitian is the new Premier”. That is how PAM wanted to defend and protect democracy. After the failed coup of 10th June 1967, General Elections were held in 1971 and again in 1975. In each case the Labour Party won all 7 seats on St. Kitts. The planter/business class spent vast sums of money in an effort to influence the outcome of the Elections. The electorate remained unconvinced that Bradshaw was a dictator and that the PM party was interested in the welfare of the poor, working-class masses. The prophet Amos says in the Old Testament – “But let justice run down like waters. And righteousness like an overflowing stream”. The PAM people did not know anything about Justice and Righteousness when they were drafting the new Electoral Reform Law in 1983. That law was designed to keep the Labour Party out of government for generation after generation and in addition, establish a one-party state, PAMstyle. During the debate on the Electoral Reform Bill in 1983, the PAMites shouted to the Labour Party members in the House “When we finish with you all in here today, there will be no more Labour. We gon bury Labour six feet under.” No group or individual said to Dr. Simmonds and his gang that what they said in the House is not right. A democracy calls for a level playing field and a set of dice that PAM’s intention is to keep our people in darkness, poverty and ignorance have not been tampered with. The PAMites loaded the dice in their favour so that they would win every Election after 1983. That was legalised thievery (tiefingness). Yet no one except Labour spoke out against it. Nowadays we hear of all sorts of criticisms and abuse from the united ranks of political miscreants, mischief-makers and propagandists levelled at Dr. Denzil Douglas and the Labour Party. But we have noted that when PAM was exercising its right to manage and manipulate the Electoral Process, which the party did from 1984 to 1995, there was no out-cry from the ranks of those who are now criticising Dr. Douglas, the Labour Party and the reformed Electoral System. The intention is quite clear. The aim of the political miscreants is to prevent Dr. Douglas and his party from gaining a fifth consecutive term in office. So the miscreants have decided that the best way to achieve their objective is to start their political campaign for the 2015 General Elections now. The campaign makes use of the most scurrilous attacks on Dr. Douglas (on radio and in print) as often as possible by a regular set of devoted messenger boys. The anti-Douglas, anti-Labour, Elections strategy is more or less the same strategy that was used against Premier Bradshaw in the 1960s and 1970s. The strategy clearly did not work and many of those who used that strategy against Bradshaw have died leaving behind only a reputation for being a good ‘buser’. Bradshaw, on the other hand, has earned an enviable place on the pages of the annals of West Indian History. The world has seen the significant development that Dr. Douglas and the Labour Party have brought and are currently bringing to our country for the benefit of all our people. There is much talk of a School (University) of Engineering for St. Kitts, funded by Indian investors. The only question that one critic writing in the Democrat newspaper can ask is: Would it be cheaper for Indians to study Engineering in St. Kitts or to remain home and study Engineering in India? That critic clearly has no love for St. Kitts and surely has no desire to see his people advance. It is clear that PAM and its messenger boys have one intention and that is to keep our people in darkness, poverty and ignorance. Cabinet hears of major roads improvement programmes in St. Kitts BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) The condition of roads in St. Kitts was the major talking point at Wednesday’s meeting of the St. Kitts and Nevis Cabinet. The Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin, Minister of Public Works, Utilities, Local Transport and Housing, accompanied by the Director of Public Works, Mr. Calvin Pemberton, two engineers from the Public Works Department, and representatives and engineers from an engineering firm, ADeB Consulting, presented a comprehensive report of his ministry’s plan to improve the public roads in parts of Basseterre, Frigate Bay and the South-East Peninsula. In his presentation, Dr. Martin updated his Cabinet colleagues on the physical condition of the roads in St. Kitts and discussed the ongoing activities within his ministry to improve and maintain public roads, generally. Minister of Information, Sen. the Hon. Nigel Carty said the presentation to the Cabinet highlighted four components of the road improvement programme. “Resurfacing of the road from the Bay Road in the vicinity of Port Zante, along Sandown, along the Frigate Road and to the third round-about at Frigate Bay, resurfacing of the road from the third round-about at Frigate Bay, along the South-East Peninsula (Dr. Kennedy Simmonds Highway) to the Sea Bridge at Majors Bay, and to Cockleshell Beach, the construction of a major roundabout at the intersection of the Kim Collins Highway, the Frigate Bay Road and the Bird Rock Road and the construction of a 150 metre drive-through tunnel at Timothy Hill to address the issue of the falling of rocks from the hillside on that part of the road particularly as a result of erosion due to heavy rainfall over time,” said Minister Carty. Mr. Carty further disclosed that engineers agreed that there was significant deterioration on these segments of the road network, and that given the increasing traffic on them over the years, it was critical from an economic as well as safety standpoint to make major improvements to the identified costly when weighed against the alternative. The option to create a covered tunnel was found to be acceptable. In addition to the tunnel, barriers are to be built on the hillsides where locals and visitors gather to enjoy the surrounding views,” said Information Minister Carty. He said the Cabinet, under the chairmanship of the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas, was advised that the project could be executed in its entirety over a 20 month period depending on the implementation strategy adopted. “Members were careful to stress the increasing use of the roads by our nationals and residents for walking and jogging for the purpose of physical exercise, and that consideration must be given to the accommodation of these pedestrians through the creation of sidewalks and crossings where feasible. The importance of the maintenance and enhancements of the aesthetics of the surroundings was also discussed and agreed upon,” said Minister Carty. “Cabinet was strongly of the view that the project must provide significant opportunities for our local truckers, heavy equipment operators, skilled tradesmen and women, unskilled workers and local service providers to be employed, to do business, and to benefit from the project,” said the Information Minister in the Post Cabinet Briefing. A section of the Dr. Kennedy Simmonds Highway road segments. “It was revealed that there is need for only surface work along specific points of the road but that work would have to be done to the sub-stratum in other areas given the damage done to it due to the seepage of rain water over the years,” said the Minister of Information. He further pointed out that in respect of the road works to be done at Timothy Hill, two options were recommended and examined. “One such option advocated was the benching (the excavation of the hill in a bench-like fashion) to reduce the risk of the falling of rock, but this was found to be too


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 6 NEWS LIFELINES “LifeLines is a monthly column dedicated to addressing issues of mental, behavioural, and social health. The column appears on the 1st weekend of the month, and is written by professionals in the field of social work, mental health, and community medicine”. STRESS HELP FOR SINGLE MOMS ‘ON THE GO’! Motherhood can be challenging at times, and even more so for single mothers who balance the daily responsibilities of parenting alone. When personal, work, and family obligations are added to the mix, mothers can feel ‘out of control’, and may become physically or emotionally sick or take out their frustrations on those around them. It’s important that stress is managed so that mothers can keep healthy, while continuing to function in their different roles. Below are some tips that can help mothers manage daily stresses: 1. Get enough Sleep – What’s the minimum amount of sleep you need in order to feel alert the next day? Set your bedtime to at least get this amount of sleep (and if possible, shoot for 7-8 hours). A rested body and mind increases your ability to manage stress. 2. Do something that recharges you What activities refresh or relax you? Is it watching T.V, taking a walk, sipping hot tea, or gardening? Take some (guilt-free) time to partake in relaxing activities on a regular basis. It’s healthy for you and gives you the energy to take care of other things too. 3. Start and end the day peacefully If you can, start your day before the children do. Take the first few minutes of the morning for you! Saying a prayer, having a quiet ease the stress of your morning routine. 6. Keep positive -Try to keep things in perspective by remembering all the positive things about your life and by looking for the ‘silver lining’ in seemingly hopeless situations. Maintain your sense of humour. Laughter is a great stress-buster! 7. Try relaxation exercises – In moments of stress, try doing breathing exercises. Take a deep breath for a count of 8, hold for a count of 5, and exhale slowly for a count of 8. Deep breathing helps to relax your body and calm anxious feelings. For other ways to relax, try retreating to a quiet room, taking a brisk walk, visualizing a peaceful scene, or listening to music that you enjoy. 8. Connect with others spend quality time connecting with your children, friends, family, and other loved ones. This can help distract you from personal problems, while providing time to relax, get support, and enjoy the company of others. 9. Express yourself! – Talk out your feelings to a trusted friend, family member, partner, or counsellor/pastor. Writing out your thoughts and feelings on paper is a good way to express yourself too. 10. Schedule time away from the children if you can, arrange to have some ‘alone time’, by having children stay with their father, a friend, or family member for a while. 11. Exercise if time permits, incorporate regular activity into your schedule. This can be a simple as taking a walk (with or without the children), stretching at the end of the day, or doing an online work-out video twice a week. 12. Don’t worry about things that can wait While thinking ahead can be useful, try not to focus on issues that you can deal with later on. 13. Set boundaries/know your limits Committing to extra responsibilities because of the fear of saying ‘no’ is a surefire recipe for stress! If you are unable to take on a task, decline politely, or suggest someone else. Set limits for family friends and friends who encroach on your life and bring added stress. Don’t be afraid to set limits with your children too, by asking them to wait (if possible) if you need to finish something important. 14. Share responsibilities If your children are old enough, let them help out with minor household duties, like clearing up their toys, tidying a room, or washing dishes. Also, see if a friend, family member, or partner, might be willing to help with particular tasks, such as cleaning on weekends, or picking up children from school. 15. Connect with your faith – Reading the Bible, talking to God, and fellowshipping with others can provide inspiration, hope and strength to carry on, and to continue the important God-given task of mothering.J. Woodley Counsellor breakfast, or getting an early start to your morning routine are good ‘start your day’ options. Unwind peacefully at the end of the day too. Set a reasonable bedtime for your children and stick to it, so that you can use the time afterwards to complete leftover tasks and relax. 4. Manage your time well – Try to get the most out of your hours at work and at home. Avoid procrastinating on important activities, but don’t waste time on things that can wait. Make a list of priorities/reminders for the week and check it off as you complete them. 5. Plan ahead Anticipate ‘to do’s’ and prepare ahead of time. For example, picking out and ironing your next day’s clothes or putting together your children’s lunchboxes the night before, can help Congratulations – Fourth Book Launch A quiet underlying excitement filtered the atmosphere of the auditorium of Rivers of Living Water Christian Centre as persons gathered for the launch of the fourth book of Rev. Dr Allan Isaac. The book “Poverty by Design, Prosperity by Decision” was officially launched on Sunday 01st April, 2012 at 6.30 pm. A conglomerate of family, friends and invited guests gathered amongst whom were resident Brazilian Ambassador Miguel Magalhaes and family, Bishop Johnson Cuffy and family, Mrs Ionie Liburd-Willett, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Superintendent of Prisons, Franklyn Dorset and family. In progression of launch Mrs Debbie Isaac, wife of author gave remarks. She shared that the publication of the fourth book was a realisation of a prophetic word given to Dr Isaac, a number of years prior, which states “In You are many book – books, books!” Mrs Isaac expressed that extensive research was made for the publication the book and that it contained a wealth of knowledge. The author addressed the audience, after warm remarks and inspiring introduction by daughter, Aldeen Isaac. Dr Isaac shared his vision for poverty eradication. With passion he stated that ‘poverty’ could simply be defined by HUNGER – a state which many persons around the world experience. A condition many world leaders have pledged to address, but have unfortunately left a trail of many unfulfilled promises to impactfully address world hunger. Dr Isaac while (cont’d on next page)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 7 NEWS CIBC FirstCaribbean appoints new Chief Risk Officer Bridgetown, BarbadosApril 16, 2012. The Board of Directors of CIBC FirstCaribbean has appointed Geoff Scott to the post of Chief Risk Officer, subject to regulatory approvals. He replaces Hugh Boyle, who recently left the bank. Geoff is a seasoned Banker, possessing some 20 years experience in capital markets, corporate credit and risk management. Geoff is a CIBC executive who is adept at team building, with deep banking and credit risk experience. His varied knowledge and his reputation as a results-oriented individual, is expected to serve CIBC FirstCaribbean well during the current economic climate. Moreover, his range of expertise in originating, structuring, negotiating and syndicating debt transactions, among others has been well honed in increasingly challenging and senior roles he has performed over the years with reputable financial institutions, including National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada and Deutsche Bank. He is currently Vice President, Commercial Banking for the Greater Toronto Area. Geoff’s experience includes client facing roles in corporate and commercial banking, as well as operational support roles in risk management. His previous experience as a member of the Global Risk Committee for National Bank will be particularly relevant in this role. CIBC FirstCaribbean welcomes Geoff Scott to his new role. sharing, quoted David Cameron British Prime Minister as saying these world leaders are “men in suits”. The conclusion of Dr Isaac’s address echoed strongly his message that regardless of one’s economic confinement, individuals must refuse poverty by design and to strive for prosperity by decision. In continuance of launch a prayer of blessing was offered by Mrs Debbie Isaac. Immediately following, presentation of a copy of Poverty by Design, Prosperity by Decision was made to Mrs Sylvia Penny – a woman, whom the author described as a woman of much wisdom and wealth. The launch came to an eventful climax as author signed copies of his latest publication at front of auditorium. Congratulations to Rev. Dr Alllan Isaac on the publication of his fourth book POVERTY BY DESIGN, PROSPERITY BY DECISION! Fourth Book Launch (cont’d from last page) BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) – St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has lauded the leadership of United States President, the Hon. Barack Obama. In a statement at the just concluded Sixth Summit of the America’s in Cartagena, Colombia, the St. Kitts and Nevis leader said President Obama’s leadership of the United States over the past four years, reflects the fidelity of the President to keeping commitments made at the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Trinidad & Tobago, as both instructive and inspiring. “As a result, in the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, we see the spirit of true US/Caribbean partnership at last receiving the depth of commitment that it has long deserved. Dialogue that has been institutionalized. Capacity-building mechanisms are now key features of this partnership. And Caribbean states have been imbued with a confidence that augurs well for our region, and undergirds our determination to continue building on this critical foundation, launched when last we met, indeed, in the precursor to this forum,” said Prime Minister Douglas. He said St. Kitts and Nevis ensures the security of all of its citizens by faithfully adhering to all the regional and international conventions PM Douglas hails leadership of US President in the area of security to which it subscribes, and by cooperating with its neighbors, throughout the Americas, in upholding hemispheric ideals. “Indeed, small states such as ours, surrounded as we are by open maritime borders, invest significant percentages of our national budgets to this end. Addressing the challenges of firearms and drug-trafficking, gang culture, and other forms of St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas (left) and United States President the Hon. Barack Obama (File photo) crime is key to ensuring the safety and freedom of our citizens,” said Dr. Douglas. He said simply put, it is a crucial investment in the very survival of St. Kitts and Nevis. “Our commitment to security is therefore unshakable given our awareness that with the enhanced security of each state, our respective national borders become safer; our people are less exposed to routine insecurities and, in the process, this all redounds to the overall benefit of our hemisphere,” said Prime Minister Douglas. Call made by PM Douglas for Sixth Summit leaders to “move beyond mere rhetoric’ BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) – A call by St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas for the Latin American and Caribbean states attending the Sixth Summit of the Americas to move beyond mere rhetoric, and to confront, as one, the crucial issues that face the hemisphere. “Most importantly it calls upon us to summon new energies and resources to improve the lives of our peoples. This, in essence, is how we can best connect the Americas in a spirit of partnership, in our shared quest for prosperity. This is why we are here. And so, whatever our disparate national interests, this is the fundamental point on which we must focus at this Summit,” said Prime Minister Douglas in a statement. He said that if real impetus is to be given to the theme of the Summit, it is imperative that the region, both seek and demonstrate greater cohesion. “For it is only through this singularity of purpose (cont’d on next page)


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The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 9 NEWS Tourism and International Transport Minister outlines plans to ensure growth in visitor arrivals BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) – The Ministry of Tourism and International Transport is a ‘new and innovative ministerial construct designed to promote integration amongst different aspects of development. Minister with responsibility for those portfolios, Sen. the Hon. Richard “Ricky” Skerritt said the ministry aims to coordinate vital and sensitive economic development infrastructure, public and private investment projects, and government policies which relate closely to the national effort to drive the economic transformation objectives forward in the midst of an extremely challenging global economic environment. The Ministry of Tourism and International Transport has put in place some plans to ensure growth in visitor arrivals and expenditure, said Minister Skerritt, “to facilitate new and ongoing direct capital investment initiatives from local and foreign sources.” “In so doing, our Ministry will adhere to sustainable tourism best practices and always keep a watchful eye for opportunities to expand the economic and social benefits of tourism throughout our communities.” noted Senator Skerritt in his message contained in the Estimates for 2012 .Skerritt added that the policies and programmes that are undertaken by the Ministry are governed by a number of objectives, which include achieve sustainable development in the midst of growth and improvement, improve the Ministry’s customer focus and service quality, develop and facilitate new commercial relationships and grow existing smart partnerships with key stakeholders, locally and internationally and manage financial and other resources and capital assets more efficiently and transparently. The Minister said that the Ministry will promote the empowerment of individuals and groups in our communities, especially young people, pursue the requirements for global market competitiveness, develop and maintain high quality products and facilities as the base for expanding the tourism sector and promote and establish minimum standards and best practices for customer service as a national culture. Minister Skerritt noted that globalisation and increased economic pressures have resulted in changes in the way business has to be done, suggesting that moving forward requires smarter work, and more strategic deployment of resources than ever before. “Success also requires a greater need for knowledge and skill than in the past. The use of appropriate technology and on-going training of key employees is therefore critical,” explained Skerritt He pointed out that the Federation’s small domestic population and the shoulder months for tourism arrivals of May, September and October, continue to adversely affect the viability of international airlift. “Establishing and sustaining direct airlift to and from our destination therefore requires innovative government financial investment, including minimum revenue guarantees and other similar agreements. Without adequate airlift, being competitive in key tourism markets would be practically unachievable,” said Minister Skerritt. He further noted that while the Ministry is cognizant of the current fiscal environment and the need to conserve resources and keep expenditure at a minimum, “we are also mindful that the momentum achieved to date can easily be reversed if we are unable to market our destination competitively, sustain investment in our airlift programme, and finance the maintenance of our Port facilities and other frontline tourism-related assets such as the Pelican Mall, Ferry Terminal and Amina Craft Market.” “It is in this context that we commit to doing all we possibly can to help achieve government’s fiscal objectives in 2012,” noted Senator Skerritt.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 10 NEWS Gonsalves, Dominican Republic’s President Leonel Fernandez, Saint Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister Denzil Douglas, Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Kenny Anthony, Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, (2nd row from back, L-R) Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo, Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, Haiti’s Foreign Minister Laurent Lamothe, Honduras’ President Porfirio Lobo, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon, Panama’s President Ricardo Martinelli, (2nd row from front, L-R) Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar, El Salvador’s President Mauricio Funes, Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, Costa Rica’s President Laura Chinchilla, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos, Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera, U.S. President Barack Obama, Guatemala’s President Otto Perez and Grenada’s Prime Minister Tillman Joseph Thomas (front row, L-R) pose for a group photo at the Americas Summit in Cartagena April 15 Call made by PM Douglas for Sixth Summit leaders to “move beyond mere rhetoric’ (cont’d from last page)that our hemisphere will be able to maximize and indeed, optimize – resources, through the sharing of best practices in education…healthcare…poverty alleviation…increased trade…socio-cultural interaction…the promotion and fostering of peace. Indeed, greater cooperation and collaboration is essential, if we are to dramatically reduce – and hopefully halt the wastage of resources that results when individual concepts are formulated, not in relation to the hemispheric whole, but in a vacuum,” said the St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister. Dr. Douglas, in calling on the Heads of State and Government, to move beyond the talk and symbolism of ‘connecting the Americas,’ said hard work that is required. “Hundreds of millions living throughout our hemisphere deserve and await the connections across both technologies and space that our efforts can produce, and this we must deliver. As states and civil society, Mr. Chair, as national and regional agencies, as public and private sectors, and as youth and social actors, we must be partners all in our people’s quest for true and lasting prosperity. And effective cooperation will have to be a key element of any hemispheric thrust to achieve this objective,” said the Prime Minister. He told Latin American and Caribbean leaders that the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis intends to play a pivotal role in “connecting the Americas” and driving, along with neighbours, the momentum towards greater interaction amongst the peoples at all levels. “In this regard, accessing and using information technologies will continue to be a crucial part of the overall formula, since this opens channels for a first level of exchange, affords possibilities for the dissemination of ideas, and facilitates both training and education, as well as the delivery of healthcare, among other benefits,” said the Prime Minister Douglas, who pointed out that the innovative use of ICTs to achieve national and hemispheric goals is energetically endorsed by St. Kitts and Nevis, where broadband access is now universal and students have been sensitized to the value of computer literacy through the recently implemented ‘student lap-top programme.’ “With their newly acquired skills, the new and exciting hemisphere and world are now at their fingertips, just waiting to be explored, and improved,” said Dr. Douglas. He said St. Kitts and Nevis values the opportunity to underscore the commitment to this hemisphere and to confront, with its neighbours, the issues that all face as a region. “Our citizens hold their collective breath when we meet as Heads and decision makers, expectant and optimistic that Summits such as this will be a catalyst for direct, impactful and positive change – not in the abstract, but in their individual lives. We owe it to our citizens to ensure that the decisions arrived at these Summits be translated into action, and that such action be timely,” said Prime Minister Douglas, who hoped that the deliberations on all the issues however intense, “ought ultimately to provide a space for all component states of this hemisphere to be heard reflecting the full spectrum of our hemisphere’s concerns, our shared commitment to addressing them, and our collective goals. This region deserves no less.” 1. Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, Belize’s Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, Bahamas’ Deputy Prime Minister Theodore Brent Symonette, Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Winston Baldwin Spencer, Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Barbados’ Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper (back row, L-R), Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica, Suriname’s President Desi Bouterse, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’s Prime Minister Ralph


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 11 NEWS National Association Of Administrative Professionals (NAAP) Observes Administrative Professionals Week 2012 The National Association of Administrative Professionals (NAAP) – St Kitts Chapter – will observe Administrative Professionals Week 2012, April 22nd – 28th. This week which is observed globally is usually used to recognise administrative staff and celebrate their achievements and contributions to their organisations. Given the continuing trend of globalization, this year Administrative Professionals have chosen to adopt the theme “Embracing Diversity … Critical to Organizational Success”. As usual, NAAP will mark the week with a series of activities that will include an administrative professionals’ leadership training seminar on Tuesday 24th April at the St Kitts Marriott Hotel, and a gala dinner on Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday 25th April at the Nirvana Restaurant at the old Fairview Inn. The dinner promises to be entertaining and inspiring as it will include several surprises and firstclass acts. Additionally, the guest speaker will be Dr Carmen Fuentealba from Ross University who will eloquently address the theme of diversity. Having just celebrated a 30th anniversary milestone, the association anticipates that its activities will be timely and well-attended. The leadership training seminar will be facilitated by experienced speakers who will deal with taking the leap from administration to management, individual performance and development planning, and a spiritual and emotional perspective to finding balance in relationships. The association would like to invite all administrative professionals to take advantage of this excellent training opportunity that will no doubt prove beneficial to their personal development and by extension their organizations. For registration and dinner tickets, please feel free to contact the association at 663-6913 or 4666341. BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) An appeal is being made by the Office of the Prime Minister for nationals of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis to apply for scholarships being made available by Australia, the Republic of China (Taiwan), New Zealand and Cuba. The Human Resource Department of the Office of the Prime Minister said application forms should be submitted by the end of this month. The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is offering two Mandarin Enrichment Scholarships and four Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan Scholarships. The scholarships in Mandarin are for one-year duration at the Mandarin Training Center and those offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs include a four-year undergraduate programme or a two-year master’s programme or a four year doctoral programme. The Taiwan scholarships include a monthly stipend and a round trip airfare. Additional information can be obtained at websites http:// www.mofa.gov.tw or https:/taiwanscholarship.moe.gov.tw Application forms are available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government Headquarters, Church St., Basseterre or the Taiwanese Embassy at Taylor’s Range, Basseterre. Deadline for submission of applications to the Embassy of the Republic of China is Monday, April 30, 2012. The two scholarships being offered by the Government of New Zealand on behalf of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission of the United Kingdom are to commence from February 2013. The scholarships are available at the PhD and Masters level and prospective applicants should submit applications by Friday, April 27th 2012. Further information can be obtained by emailing: scholarships@universitiesnz.ac.nz or by contacting the Human Resource Management Department at 467-1323 or 467-1036. Applications also close on April 30, 2012 from persons interested in pursuing Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Australia commencing January 2013. Nationals of CARICOM member states, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are also eligible to apply for the scholarships. This criteria is accessible at www.trinidadandtobago.embassy.gov.au/ ptsp/study.html An outline of courses at varying universities are accessible at http:/ /studyinaustralia.gov.au and http:// cricos.deewr.gov.au Interested persons can also visit caribbeanscholarships@ausaid.gov.au or telephone 1-868-8225482 for additional information. The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba said scholarships from the Caribbean nation will soon be announced through the Human Resource Department in the Office of the Prime Minister. Photo shows the first group of St. Kitts and Nevis students to study in the Republic of Cuba with St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas and the Federation’s Jamaica-based Non-Resident Ambassador to Cuba, His Excellency Mr. Cedric Harper. (Photo by Erasmus Willliams) The Youth Outreach Dance Ministry Easter camp Saturday 21st April 2012 will be a night to remember, when a group of multi-talented young people aged between 4 – 12 years will showcase and display talent at its best. The Youth Outreach Dance Ministry had organized a 2-week Easter camp for our young people in order to keep them gainfully occupied during the Easter break of school. During the 2 weeks, the campers worked tirelessly to showcase and display some of the activities that were done at camp. The program to present these new talents will be held at the Zion Moravian Church, Victoria Road, 21st instant, 6:30pm, under the theme, “A Time to Rejoice.” The purpose of the camp was to impact and empower our youths for Christ. During the 2 weeks of camp, the children were involved in dance and studying the word of God, where they focused on the crucifixion of Christ. The campers were also taught the uses of our body as centers of righteousness, and what each part represents. On the night of the program, the campers will recite 5 scripture verses, 4 dances surrounding Easter along with other interesting things taught at the camp. This camp was a life-changing program for many of our young people. It helped boost, encourage, and develop their minds spiritually. God is preparing a Joshua generation to lead His people. The campers will be visiting Faith Tabernacle Basseterre on Sunday 22nd April to minister in dance and to share the goodness of God. Ms. Andrea Caines, the organizer of this camp, believes in motivating our young people no matter their background, race or class. She has indicated that in order to see changes in our society, it must start with our young people, by instilling and creating positive programs for them. Joining us on stage will be All ‘Bout Christ dancers, Art in Motion Ministry, Tradesda Liburd and the Pantomime group out of Nevis. The Youth Outreach Dance Ministry would like to thank Almighty God for the vision, and the opportunity to carry on His work. Thanks to the parents of the camp, Mr. Aldrin Pemberton, Mrs. Camella Jeffers, and Ms. Dian Pringle for their kind assistance in making this camp a success. The Ministry takes this time to extend an invitation to the general public to support this unforgettable program, and we guarantee that you won’t regret attending a program that will thoroughly uplift your spirit. It will be a very unique and spiritual experience. You will see how amazingly God moves through His people through prophetic dance and song. The Ministry is one of the largest liturgical groups in St Kitts, bringing together the nations through worship Admission is FREE, but a love offering will be collected. Refreshments will be on sale!!! Please be there!!!


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The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 14 NEWS Induction course for teachers to be extended and autism center to be established BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) Concern over the level of unpreparedness of first-time teachers entering the classrooms, the Ministry of Education plans to extend the duration of its teachers’ induction programme. This will more effectively inculcate the most basic pedagogical skills in new teachers in an effort to improve the quality of education.“Moreover, the teaching of Reading is to receive even greater attention with the intended recruitment of a qualified Reading Coordinator to supervise, monitor, evaluate and train teachers of Reading,” said Minister of Education, Sen. the Hon. Nigel Carty. In the Ministry’s Executive Summary passed by the St. Kitts and Nevis National Assembly as part of the 2012 Budget, Minister Carty said to further enhance performance at the CXC/CSEC level, the Ministry of Education will introduce in-service training of teachers in selected subjects identified for significant improvement. “We will also begin to lay the groundwork for full pre-service training of teachers,” said Minister Carty. “To improve the overall quality of education and teacher accountability, schools will continue to be involved in clinical supervision and teacher appraisal exercises. Alongside these activities, the Ministry is seeking to introduce a Career Path system for teachers. This implement seeks to introduce a clear and more certain path of upward or lateral mobility for practitioners. This prospect has created understandable excitement among teaching practitioners and its implementation is expected to boost morale in and attraction to the profession. Going forward, the outcome of the appraisal process must be an influencing factor in the mobility of teachers as the ministry attempts to cultivate and promote highly motivated and ethically-oriented professionals,” said Minister Carty. He disclosed that it is entirely requisite that the Education Management Information System (EMIS) be fully operationalised to facilitate the efficient management of information. The Ministry of Education is charged with the development and supervision of the educational component of the Child Development Programme at the Harris’ Co-Ed Centre when it begins operation. The programme will focus heavily on technical and vocational skills development and will be very efficiently managed through a policy of inclusion involving the Saddlers Secondary School where appropriate, and the use of part-time staff. However, a few new staff positions may be required. In respect of the Special Education programme, it is the aim of the ministry to embrace everyone through the well-established policy of inclusion. “In this regard, we will establish an Autism Center where the relevant children, their parents, teachers from the Cotton-Thomas Comprehensive School, and selected teachers from mainstream schools, will receive specialised training,” said Minister Carty. “There will be increasing focus on the implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for our special students. For some students, this will require special equipment and materials not yet available,” said the Education minister. Ministry looks to research to improve key subject areas will introduce curriculum for National or Black History in schoolsBASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) Although a challenging year in 2011, the Ministry of Education and Information was able to achieve significant progress in the education sector in particular. Against the backdrop of the enormous opportunity for education to effect positive social and economic change, Minister of Education and Information, Sen. progress made in its Early Childhood Education and Development programme and for 2012, the construction and equipping of new early childhood facilities, repairs to existing facilities, the recruitment of workers to staff the new facilities, training for new workers and status upgrade for some categories of early childhood workers will be the main preoccupation of the Ministry. According to Minister Carty, all levels of staff in Early Childhood Centres will be encouraged to upgrade their basic qualifications. He said that the implementation of an Associate Degree Programme in Early Childhood Education at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) in conjunction with the University of the West Indies (UWI) by September 2012 has been identified as critical to the enhancement of instructional quality. Mr. Carty said the work in curriculum and Tests of Standards reform is ongoing, pointing out that in 2011, subject committees for the setting of the Tests of Standards were instituted to assist in improving the validity and reliability of the tests as measures of students’ achievement at the primary level. “The planned review of the curriculum in core areas will examine and improve their relevance to the goals of our society. The development of a Moral and Social Development Curriculum, and a Curriculum for National or Black History at the primary and secondary levels, must be completed in 2012,” said Minister Carty. He said the 2011 Test of Standards results reveal that in every grade above Grade 2, in every subject area, in every public school, girls outperform boys by a significant average of about 7 percentage points. “One of the major decisions emerging from our Forum on Education is that the Ministry will increase its reliance on research-based decisionmaking. In this regard, research is to be undertaken to investigate teaching and learning variables, commencing at the Grade Three level in primary schools, through exploring single-sex classrooms or subject groupings, and other curriculum-related studies. Moreover, my Ministry will explore the assignment of subject matter experts, in Mathematics and Science in particular, to primary schools to improve performance in key subject areas,” Mr. Carty said. the Hon. Nigel Carty says the Ministry’s efforts relative to its goals are guided by the White Paper on Education Development and policy 2009 2019 and which will be enhanced through continuous review and improvement. “In this regard, the outputs from our Forum on Education, themed ‘Towards Greater Effectiveness in Education: New Achievements and New Paradigms’, held in May of 2011 have informed the priorities and plans for the next year. The forum focused on some major concerns of the Ministry including Gender Disparity in Education, Parental Responsibility, Higher Education, and Teachers’ Accountability, Roles, Rights and Responsibilities,” said Senator Carty. He disclosed that the Ministry continues to be proud of the File photo of students of the Newton Ground Primary School Photo: Students of the Verchild’s High School (Photo by Erasmus Williams) SKELEC: Transformer Fault Causes Unscheduled Interruption of Electricity Supply Basseterre, St. Kitts (April 16, 2012) — The St. Kitts Electricity Company (SKELEC) has reported that at approximately 6:50pm Monday evening, a transformer fault caused an unscheduled interruption of electricity supply to a select portion of Basseterre. The transformer fault has affected electricity supply to customers residing in the College Housing and New Road areas. Emergency crews have been dispatched to the scene and are presently addressing the problem. SKELEC apologizes for the interruption of electricity supply and is doing everything necessary in order to ensure swift restoration of electricity supply while maintaining high safety standards.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 15 NEWS VIEW POINT BYV. E. INNISS I am old enough to know that the word CHANGE is a bad word to some, or even considered a threat. So I decided to research the topic starting with quotations. “Man has a limited biological capacity for change. When this capacity is overwhelmed, the capacity is in future shock ... Future Shock ... (is) the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time” (Alvin Toffler). “Blessed is the man who has discovered that there is nothing permanent in life but change” (A. P. Gouthey). The older we become, the more difficult it is for us to face changes. Why? For one thing, we seem to get our roots down deep and we don’t like them to be disturbed. The new fashions, the new ideas, new concepts and even new friend and social organizations are perceived a bit of a threat to us. We are very comfortable in our own little world, call it comfort zone, and we see no reason why anything has to change. To the objective thinker it is accepted that life just doesn’t stand still. To put things in perspective, where there is life there must be growth, and where there is growth there must of necessity be change. This might surprise some people: the only things that stand still are things that are dead. Let us not be naive; after all change is a part of life and you and I must know how to face change and profit from it. We cannot help but wonder as we view events taking place around the world whether God is shaking things today – it seems at times that the very foundations of the world are being moved. That goes far beyond the political “wind of change” coined by the late Harold Macmilan alluded to years ago. The writer of the New Testament Book of Hebrews seems to be telling, probably hinting, why God permits the world to be shaken when he wrote “That those things which cannot be shaken may remain” (Heb 12:27). Having read the Book of Hebrews, I get the impression that the book was written to a group of believers who were having a terrible struggle with change. Notwithstanding that they were Jewish believers and should have been accustomed to the sacrifices and ceremonies of Old Testament times, including Old Testament Law. But now they were Christians and everything to them had changed. Indeed there was no more need for sacrifices, manmade temples and so on, because Christ had offered one final sacrifice forever and completely settled the sin question. Furthermore there was no need for a law written on tables of stone because God had written His law on their hearts.CHANGE AND GRWOTHLet us take a new look at change as an opportunity to grow. We need to grow intellectually and learn new things. Intellectual growth should lead to maturity of the mind. The idea here is that of being able to think clearly and deeply and rationally. Being able to figure things out and not accepting what is told by others hook, line and sinker as we say. “Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern, but impossible to enslave” (Henry Peter Brougham). Secondly, we need to grow emotionally and spiritually. It is said that about ninety percent of our lives is governed by emotion. The sooner we understand that we are not wood, we are not stones but human, the better. With that said I hasten to add that life without emotion would be drab. Imagine if there were no joys and sorrows, no hopes and dismays, no triumphs and failures, human experience would lose its warmth and colour. Psychologists can bring any of these elements to life. I can’t, so I dare not make an attempt to do so. However, for purposes of this article a few words would be in order on the matter of emotional development. Emotional expression like other complex behaviour develops through both maturation and learning. Emotions can cause problems, however, when we don’t have them in control. Out-of-control emotions can lead to high blood pressure, muscle tension, ulcers, and a variety of illnesses and so on. These negative results aren’t caused so much by the emotions themselves as by our inability to control them and use them constructively.AGENTS OF CHANGEPermit me to use as a back drop, these favourite lines: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change ... Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.” As mentioned earlier, we are living in difficult times of change. It seems that God often permits changes to come to our lives to separate our metaphorical scaffolding from our main building. The most important part of a building as we know is the foundation. It is the foundation that determines the size, shape and strength of the building. Scaffolding is important while the building is under construction, but once completed, the scaffolding must come down. Life is built in a similar fashion. The foundation must be Jesus Christ and as stated in Scripture, He is the Rock. God wants us to build on the bedrock and not on shifting sand. God never changes. “I am the Lord, I change not”. (Malachi 3:6). “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Too many people these days are confusing the function of scaffolding with that of the foundation. We are pretty good at erecting facades as if appearances are all that matter. No wonder God seems to be permitting the winds of change to blow so ferociously to disrupt status quo everywhere. So as the continents of the world witness nerve-shattering and mind boggling economic, social and political changes, we are left to wonder what went wrong. The mention or even idea of change is like castor oil to some citizens; but facing the challenges of change could be a good thing if dealt with rationally, dispassionately and objectively. Some reviews are urgently required, mainly attitudinal changes. The conduct and behaviour (or misbehaviour) of some members of Parliament in the Honourable House is atrocious. Our young people are being badly influenced by what they see and hear. That is not good. In addition, there is an urgent need to revisit our Electoral System process since our country is a laughing stock to the region, the diaspora and the world. Why it is, that after spending long hours to determine the winners, confusion and dissatisfaction results? We need to mature as a people. We need to recognise that other people’s views could have merit if only we take the time to LISTEN, ANAYLYSE and be open-minded. Let me end with this Sicilian Proverb “Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty”. Here is a nugget: “He loves his country best who strives to make it best.” (R.G. INGERSOL). The challenge of change The grace of God is love freely shown toward guilty sinners, contrary to their merit and indeed in defiance of their demerit. It is God showing goodness to persons who deserve severity and had no reason to expect anything but severity. Unfortunately, the thought of grace means very little to some people; simply because they do not share the belief about God which it presupposes. But this thought means much to others. Once a person is convinced of his or her state and knows their need, the New Testament Gospel of grace sweeps him or her off their feet with much wonder and joy. Why? They learn how their Judge has become their saviour. J. I. Packer believes that grace and salvation together are cause and effect. Paul reminds all that, it is by grace that we are saved (see Ephesians 2: 5, 8). Paul further declared that, “It is the grace of God that brings salvation to all” (Titus 2: 11). The Gospel declares that, “God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believe in Him will never perish but have eternal life” (John 3: 16). How does God demonstrate His love? “While we are yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5: 8). God opened a fountain for sin and uncleanness and Christ is calling all through the Gospel to, “Come to Him and find rest” (see Matthew 11: 28). In one of his works, Isaac Watts commented, that without grace and salvation “we are by nature in a state of utter lostness.” The New Testament sets forth the grace of God in three particular connections, each of them a perpetual marvel to the Christian believer: Grace as the source of the pardon of sin The Gospel centres upon justification, that is, it centres upon the remission of sins and the God’s Grace And Salvation Belong Together acceptance of us that goes with it. Justification is the truly dramatic transition from a condemned criminal awaiting a terrible sentence to that of an heir awaiting a fabulous inheritance. Justification is by faith; it takes place the moment a person puts vital trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. Justification is free to us, but it was costly to God, for its price was the atoning death of God’s Son. Why was it that, “God did not spear His only Son, but gave Him up for us all?” (Romans 8: 32). It was God’s own free decision to save, that brought about the atonement. Paul states, “We are justified freely, by His grace, through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. God presented Him as a sacrifice of atonement through faith in His Blood (see Romans 3: 24-25). Grace is the motive of the plan of salvation Pardon is at the heart of the Gospel but it not the whole doctrine of grace. The New Testament sets God’s gift of pardon in the context of a plan of salvation which began with election before the world was and will be completed when the church is perfect in glory. Paul speaks of God’s plan of salvation in several places in some of his Epistles: 1)God… has blessed us in heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ (see Ephesians 1: 3). 2)Long, long ago God decided to adopt us into His family through Jesus Christ (see vv 4-5). 3)It was because of Christ dying His death, shedding His blood that we who were once out of it altogether are in everything (see vv 11-12). 4)The gift of the Spirit which Christ gives is to seal us as God’s possession forever (vv 13-14). 5)God regenerates sinners in Christ (see vv 19; 2:7). 6)We believers should rejoice to know that our conversion was no accident, but the act of God which had its place in an eternal plan to bless us with the free gift of salvation from sin (2: 8-10). Grace is the preservation of the Christian If the plan of salvation is certain of accomplishment, then the Christian’s future is assured. We are and will be, kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation (see 1 Peter 1: 5). Christians need not torment themselves with fear that their faith may fail. As grace has brought us safe thus far in the first place, so grace will keep us believing unto the end (see Philippians 1: 29). Christians should join Newton and sing: ‘Tis grace that brought me safe thus far And grace will lead me Home(Amazing Grace)Christians, Easter means that we have received the love of God. In that revealed will, we have received God’s grace. As Christ’s representatives walking to the cross, we are to give ourselves to “good works” not man’s good works but God’s (see Ephesians 2: 10; Titus 2: 11-12). Humbly Submitted by Alson B H Percival (Rev Canon Dr) Chair: Nevis Regional Council And Nevis Christian Council


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 16 COMMENTARY Basseterre St.Kitts Monday April 16th 2012 Mr. Donley Saunders has been a respectable man in the society and his plight, as it has been presented in this PAMDemocrat article, is truly unfortunate. It is only now the word is on the street, that Mr. Saunders has been convicted of the charge of “Fraudulent Conversion” that people are talking about the case, the Democrat and PAM’S so – called victim of the justice system. At the end of it all I believe that Mr. Saunders, like each of us, has a story and can learn a lesson. The justice system is based on the principle of fairness and if “the Dentist” or any other person feels aggrieved by the actions or inactions of Mr. Saunders, Mr. Saunders then would have been given his day(s) in court to disclose how he discharged his duties as attorney for the Dentist. Therefore it is sad that this article was written by the Democrat, as its publication has thrown Mr. Saunders under the proverbial bus of public opinion and scrutiny. The writer has done Mr. Saunders a disservice and truly I am left to recite the adage, “where speech is silver, silence is golden.” I would believe that the moral support that Mr. Saunders would have needed in this hour of need was sadly not given when this article is understood for its non-value. Permit me to dissect the article through the analysis of 6 statements emanating from the article. “The charge was fraudulent conversion, a technical and complicated legal jargon that the twelve jurors, ordinary working people in all probability never understood... Donley Saunders fate was put in the hands of twelve ordinary jurors with no understanding of what a sophisticated building contract is about.” The legal dictionary defines Fraudulent Conversion as the action of taking into possession another man’s money or property and converting or using them fraudulently for one’s own use and benefit or for the use and benefit of a third party to whom the property or money does not belong. Its complication and technicality are lost on me and all other ordinary working people who would understand that if any person who takes another person’s money and uses it for personal use or gives it to another, without the consent of the owner, they can be charged and tried. As an ordinary man myself, I cannot discount the services of the jurors who listened to evidence from the prosecutor and from Mr. Saunders’ defence team and returned a verdict of guilty. The justice system is based on a trial by peers. I would gather that the ordinary working people are not in the minds of the writer, worthy of this consideration when it comes to Mr. Saunders and those of his earning capacity and greater. My interpretation of the article is that Mr. Saunders’ fate was put in the hands of ignorant and unfit men and women. It is sad that a political party, who asks these very same ordinary people to weigh in on the complicated and technical areas of finance, economics and political philosophy and legislation when they seek to indict the government on budget overruns and poor fiscal management, tax concessions to jump-start the economy, public life integrity act. I believe that the Democrat should aplogise to the ordinary jurors and the ordinary working people like you and me for this slight. This act of condescension seeks to say that Mr. Saunders is no ordinary working man, as has earned more than $12,000.00 per month and has an associates degree and that the justice system had no capacity to understand the charges laid against him. Rather than beating up on the ordinary men and women in this country, the writer should have sought to bring us the facts that he thought would have eluded the jurors. So the absence of such evidence says that the writer is throwing us a red-herring to distract us and therefore he has thrown Donley under the bus. “It will come as no surprise that Donley Saunders has been a platform speaker for the Peoples Action Movement over many years and a key coordinator of the successful 2010 election campaign of the Hon. Eugene Hamilton in the area of St. Peters.” The political association of Mr. Saunders is a constitutional right and his organisation skills as a key coordinator of the successful campaign would be irrelevant to a case of Fraudulent Conversion. Unless, there is some admission being made by the writer that is not being fully do this incredible service for him as a favour, so that he could stay in Maini and pull teeth. Equally incredibly, Donley Saunders agreed to perform this service at no cost.” This quote follows in the same vein as the last as the writer seeks to suggest that Mr. Saunders was used and that today Mr. Saunders has been incarcerated solely for his act of Good Samaritanism. What I gather from this act of butchery on Donley is a concurrence from the writer that Donley did agree to perform duties for an investor who became disgruntled. The writer here seems to suggest that because Mr. Saunders agreed to provide the service for free, and he should have been allowed to provide a service of lesser value and that if any or none of the responsibilities would not have fallen to Mr. Saunders for the tasks he was charged with and he would not have likewise been asked to be accountable for the monies earmarked to the project. So whether the dentist was in Miami pulling teeth, filling cavities, giving root-canals, fitting dentures, or playing golf, the man had a contractual arrangement with Mr. Saunders and his expectations were not met and the court agreed. “Let Denzil Douglas take warning from this dangerous precedent that has been set... Tell them wet dey han’ and wait for arwe.” When it comes to St. Kitts and Nevis’ social discourse, the name Denzil Douglas is like french-weed. It’s not only perennial, it is ubiquitous. I too am surprised that Dr. Douglas would have sought to involve himself and inform Dr. Ross of the police probe that was taking place. His involvement there is beyond me. But to believe that Mr. Saunders was charged as a result of Dr. Douglas’ efforts is to feed the myth that Dr. Douglas is ten men in one. To suggest that Douglas has his tentacles on the system, from police to jurors to judge feeds the mythological view and almost makes him the negro son of Zeus. If we come down from our mistaken vantage of Mt. Olympus, we would see how injudicious and fallacious these sentiments are. When will an issue be an issue and not just a means of stoking political fires in the hearts of party firebrands? When I look through this smoke screen I see this as an attempt by the PAM leadership in St. Christopher 8 to distance itself from Donley and that with which he has been convicted, without showing it on the surface. I say this because they have not offered anything with the remoteness of logic for ordinary working people to say “yes. I agree.” So Donley becomes the scapegoat on whose back the role of political victim falls for partisan expedience. This is wrong and very wrong. Further more, I read in this last statement a warning to all us ordinary working men and women. We are all asked to wet our hands and wait as there is a punishment to be meted out to all those who stand against the political posturing of the writer. I reiterate, it is the ordinary man and woman who are the plural figures that become the they (dey) that PAM plans to punish. (Tell them wet dey han’ and wait for arwe.) There are many of us who are saddened at the news of Donley’s predicament and this article does not encourage us to see him as a human being and to forgive him for having done that which had the potential to have nationals of St. Kitts and Nevis be termed as untrustworthy. Other potential investors could have turned away at the discovery of what he had been said to do. We are still willing to respect and uphold Mr. Saunders as a son of our nation, and we pray that in this time of trouble that he will find the answers to life’s troubling questions and that he may emerge from this situation with his faith intact, his understanding of self secured and his love for God and his fellowmen renewed. DONLEY SAUNDERS – INNOCENT VICTIM OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM The shocker of all is that the article does not show how the “Justice System” denied Mr. Saunders of a fair trial; that evidence was concocted or the like. Nothing. Just because PAM and Donley said he did not do it is not enough. PAM who has always boasted of its success rate in the courts now makes a blanket statement which condemns the police, the prosecutor, the jurors and the judge. They ought to retract this article and pray for and with Mr. Saunders.-Contributeddisclosed. Could it be that some of the funds that the writer speaks of might have been converted to assist a third party in the successful 2010 election campaign in the area of St. Peter’s? Hmmmm.... I have no proof of any of this but I was made to speculate as I began to think about this matter and to ask questions. One such question was, Why open Mr. Saunders to be run over by the bus called scrutiny? It is now left for the honourable gentleman to tell the nation as he did on January 20, 2010 (then via WINN-FM when asked about his political leader and the Marriott fiasco) that he stands 100% behind Mr. Saunders in this matter, because the article has not said any where that the writer stands behind Mr. Saunders and his innocence. And that is glaringly missing. “People would be astonished to learn that the police investigation concerned a building contract and the wild claims of a disgruntled foreign investor in relation to the remarkable generosity shown by Donley Saunders to the disgruntled man from Miami.” This statement shows that the writer and sympathisers of this article are prejudicial and are prepared to focus only on the issues that they consider to be important. I would not discount the writer’s appeal for the police to focus on crime prevention and detection, however the focus of our law enforcement agencies should be holistic and the police should never be discouraged from investigating any aspect of crime, including white collar crimes, in this post 911 global society. The Democrat would be the first to write that foreign direct investment into the Federation took a blow because would-be investors are afraid of being scammed in the Federation and the police had not satisfactorily investigated and successfully prosecuted these crimes. So I would have to ask therefore of the writer to clarify the sentiments expressed here because I have gathered that the writer believes that the police have investigated a crime, charged an individual who was innocent insomuch that a jury of his peers returned a guilty verdict after viewing the evidence, and that he should not have been investigated, not because the evidence showed him to have been accountable and aboveboard in his dealings, but because the aggrieved party is a “disgruntled man from Miami.” These are more tyre marks on Donley’s back if you ask me. “Mr. Saunders is not a builder. He is not an engineer. He is not an architect. He is not technically trained or experienced in Construction. The dentist from Miami knew that.” I once heard a Barbadian gentleman by the name of G. Ralph Thompson say, “It is the truly educated man who knows his limits.” He does not do stuff because he can make more money or because he does not want to say no. He understands what his limits are and he operates within the ambit of his limits. The writer begins to show that Donley may have acted beyond his capacity and here is where Donley has been demoted to the position of an ordinary working man, by the writer. Here, Donley is not acting in the role of key coordinator he was lauded to have been in the party where he also worked for free and has no formal training in political science. So the plot thickens as 12 simpletons in a jury pool convicted a PAM activist who was accused of duping a disgruntled man from Florida who in the first instance was tricking him. I pray this was not the crux of his defence. For a simple mind like mine would say “Guilty” too. I believe a man with an associates degree and who rose to the position of a director would understand that every duty one undertakes brings upon him/her responsibilities and other expectations. And whether he is paid for it or not, and whether he has professional qualifications and certifications or none, he is not absolved of the responsibilities and expectations. “The dentist trading on Donley’s business association with his wife, had the gall to actually ask Donley to be his project manager in his profit making scheme... The dentist trading on Donley’s business association with his wife, had the gall to actually ask Donley to be his project manager in his profit making scheme.... He asked him to Donley Saunders thrown under the bus by Hamilton and PAM


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 17 NEWS ST JOHN’S, Antigua Antigua Labour Party (ALP) MP Asot Michael is threatening legal action against two local news agencies and one regional online media outlet that he accused of slandering him. The opposition MP is calling for a retraction of the article which he claimed published untruths about his character and his recent trip to India with Prime Minister of St Kitts & Nevis Dr Denzil Douglas. In a letter to columnist Dwyer Astaphan, the author of the article, Michael said, “I seek a retraction of that viciously inaccurate, wantonly slanderous, and deliberately harmful article which you wrote and published in the St Kitts & Nevis online newspaper SKNVIBES.com on April 11, 2012, in the St Kitts and Nevis Observer on April 13, 2012.” The MP also called on the Antiguan-based NewsPages, a weekly local paper, and Caribarena.com, a local online news agency, to retract the article they printed on Friday and Tuesday respectively. “I was absolutely horrified at this story. It is a demonstration of reputation slander and astonishing untruth, adorned with the defects of vanities and pretensions of good sense. At a glance, your story reflects a scramble for public attention, but on careful review, it reveals crude bashing masked as probing insight,” stated Michael. While the alleged slanderous statements cannot be repeated, the offended MP said the content of the report amounts to nothing but lack of journalistic integrity and professional ethics. He said the author and news agencies have cast aspersions on both the prime minister of St Kitts & Nevis and himself. Michael said his visit to India, which he paid for, “was to experience investment prospects for Antigua & Barbuda, as an elected representative of the people of the St Peter’s constituency” and not what the article suggested. He added, “Worst amongst your hurricane of personal attacks, is the error which falsely misidentified my role in the government of Antigua & Barbuda.” Astaphan’s article stated that Indian media had referred to him as Antigua & Barbuda’s foreign minister. The MP concluded his letter to the agencies stating, “In lieu of the fraudulent claims, malicious insinuations and extreme damage to my reputation, I expect and demand a public apology and full retraction of the articles failing which, my attorneys in St John’s and Basseterre will commence legal action against you and the media houses in one week.” MP Michael said he forwarded a draft apology and retraction notice which he expects the agencies to publicise within the stipulated time frame. Asot Michael threatens law suit against Dwyer AstaphanCaribbean leaders meet with US President Obama in Colombia BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (CUOPM) Caribbean leaders pressed United States President, the Hon. Barack Obama, for greater support in securing the Region from the traffic in illegal narcotics and small arms. The leaders, among them St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas, met in Cartagena, Colombia following the Sixth Summit of the Americas which ended on Sunday afternoon. According to the CARICOM Secretariat, a wide ranging discussion included sharing of ideas on enhancing the role of small business, distance education, job creation, health, information and communication technology, new systems and rules in the US banking system, debt and the role of the G20 in assisting highly indebted middle income countries. President Obama told the group which comprised Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders and the President of the Dominican Republic that the bonds between the two sides were deep and that his country had followed through on the initiatives identified at their previous meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago in 2009. The US President, who was accompanied by his Secretary of State, Ms. Hillary Clinton and the US Trade Representative, Mr. Ron Kirk indicated that he had “personally invested in the Region” and assured that there would be follow through on the ideas presented at the meeting. Photo: United States President the Hon. Barack Obama and Caribbean leaders in Cartegena, Colombia on Saturday. Elderly woman found dead in her apartment By Charles Miller JrThe body of Rose Sutton was removed from her apartment on Wellington Road, East Basseterre, on Saturday morning, April 14th after neighbours reported a foul scent coming from her home. Officers of the Fire and Rescue team fought to pry open the apartment door and on doing so conducted a search of the apartment located at the top floor of the building (situated next to the Seventh Day Adventist Church at the corner of Wellington Road and Branch Street). They then discovered the partly decomposed body of the elderly woman. In speaking with neighbours, it is said that they had last seen Sutton on Wednesday. They also reported that flies were starting to surround the apartment. A hearse then arrived and the body was removed in a white body bag and placed in a wooden coffin and then nailed shut. Miss Sutton was buried later that morning at the Springfield Cemetery. It is also reported that authorities do not believe there was any foul play.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 18 NEWS Government has meticulously and thoroughly legislated standardized norms for disaster management through risk reduction, preparation, and post-disaster recovery. “Even our most extraordinary legislative and other efforts, however, are no match for Mother Nature. In addition, our geography and size render us particularly vulnerable. And so, St. Kitts and Nevis works diligently with sub-regional and regional agencies to strengthen our capacity to face these horrific challenges. In this regard, we remain committed to giving active consideration to advancing those legal frameworks that would facilitate a more seamless acceptance of international humanitarian assistance in response to natural disasters,” said Prime Minister Douglas in a statement issued at the just concluded conference in Cartagena. Dr. Douglas said the twin-island Federation is keenly aware of both the potential and the real-world effects of climate change on its vulnerable economy, agricultural productivity, food security, tourism, other key sectors, and therefore economic sustainability. “Indeed, we are aware of the implications of climate change for the very livelihood of our people, and their capacity to be selfsufficient. That is why, my country joins the call for a hemispheric unity of purpose in addressing this issue with utmost urgency, and for movement on the global front to better position countries such as mine to mitigate the effects of climate change. Viewed in the context of the devastation caused by the natural disasters to which we are susceptible, and the implications for loss of lives and livelihoods, St Kitts and Nevis understands only too well the inextricable link between the Summit issues of Security, Natural Disasters and Poverty elimination,” said Prime Minister Douglas. He said St. Kitts and Nevis applauds the hemispheric thrust to confront poverty and inequality. “We particularly applaud the insightful emphasis on education, skills transfer, social programmes, health-care and broader access to employment opportunities as the means to this end. Indeed, we in St. Kitts and Nevis have long ensured universal access to both a primary and a secondary education for every member of our society and, despite our scarce resources, continue to establish ever-expanding ways of making education ever more applicable in today’s highly technological and challenging world,” said Dr. Douglas. He noted that as Head of Government, and a medical doctor, he was keenly aware of the direct linkages between Poverty and Health. “This is why, in my country, throughout the region, and around the world, whenever the opportunity arises, I make a point of stressing the devastating impact of non-communicable diseases on education, productivity, and national budgets due to spiraling health care costs. And for small states, in particular, the prevention and treatment of these non-communicable diseases, so directly attributable to poverty and lifestyle, must continue to be an utmost priority,” said Prime Minister Douglas. Farmers Continue To Satisfy National Demand Farmers in St Kitts and Nevis continue to deliver on their commitment to food security and nutrition. The latest forecasts for April and May 2012 indicate the farmers will satisfy local demand for selected crops and surpass the national monthly demand. The Department of Agriculture indicated that for April and May the following outputs are expected: CROP Expected Outputs April Expected Outputs May Tomato 28,240 lbs28,590 lbs Sweet Pepper 11,960 lbs19,635 lbs Carrot 49,960 lbs59,950 lbs Onion 88,750 lbs91,000 lbs White potato 180,000 lbs 180,000 lbs The outputs are expected to surpass national monthly demand. Commenting on the forecast, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, Senior Minister and Minister of Agriculture said the farmers are doing a very good job in producing quality products. They now need the strong support of the community in purchasing their products. It is my hope that people will buy local first. I make a special appeal to our supermarkets, our restaurants, hotels and our families to support our farmers through the purchase of their produce. According to Minister Harris “farming is hard work and it requires dedication from planting to harvesting. It is risky business and so farmers expect a reasonable return to compensate them for their investment and risks. Alluding to the state of the market at this time of economic difficulty, Dr Harris said “I visited the public market on Saturday and I was pleased by the rich variety of local produce available. I know sales are slow. Our farmers and turn hands appreciate that in these slow and difficult economic times where people have less to spend because they are unemployed, or under employed or heavily burdened with fixed and inescapable commitments they have to negotiate their prices. Many of our traders have been lowering the prices to help their customers and themselves. I appreciate that and I know their customers appreciate their sensitivity to the cost of living”. Reflecting on the state of the public market, Dr Harris said “our public market needs a new modernized and improved home. The way in which our produce market is kept can hinder or incentivize agricultural marketing. We want a more welcoming facility and one that befits a modern thriving city, proud of its agricultural and other local traditions and the contributions of local people to national life and development”. So Tell Me By Jean Thomas The stand pipes/water pipes I was assisting an organization by driving with another volunteer to take out lunches to those in need. First of all I was told the other volunteer would wait for me at the water pipe. I had travelled that route several times but had never taken the time to notice that a water pipe was there. I have travelled to many Caribbean Islands and I think it is fair to say I have never noticed water pipes along the road side like we have them here. What was more interesting as we journeyed along the way, he would say “stop by the water pipe”. I would ask “where?” and he said, “just ahead of you”. We were in the New Town area, and I was not aware of the many water pipes in the area. Some years ago, I would have been around sixteen years of age when I went to Anguilla. In those days there was no bottled water and I had to learn how to drink water from the Well. Ooh I found it horrible. Needless to say, I did not drink much water during my stay. On my return to St Kitts, the first water pipe I saw I opened it and drank, and drank and drank water until I was sick. I can tell you that we have good water, and the water tasted so good. I thought to myself there are two things in this country that are good for us. These are that none of us should ever die from thirst, and none of us should be dirty because there is water for all and it is good water. So tell me, did you ever take the time to notice the many public water pipes there are around the island? Do not take them for granted since they serve a very useful purpose. St. Kitts and Nevis raises..... (cont’d from page 1) Intellectual Property Office Forum Notice In celebration of World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, the St. Kitts and Nevis Intellectual Property Office is inviting the general public to a forum on Intellectual Property Rights. The forum entitled “Intellectual Property Rights From Creation to Protection” will take place at the University Center on Thursday April 26, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. The Intellectual Property Office would like to stress that it is important that creators and inventors understand that Intellectual Property is an asset comparable to land and equipment and as such can be owned, bought and sold. The office has observed that many persons are unaware of protecting this valuable asset hence the need for the forum. The session will also provide an overview of how patents, designs, trademarks and copyright can be used to protect their creations and inventions.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 19 NEWS BY EARL CLARKE Dear Reader: The whole world is undergoing a period of economic crisis. Workers are losing their jobs, people cannot meet their mortgages, people cannot pay their rent, workers are asked to cut their salaries; some workers in America live in their vehicles. They cannot afford to pay their house rent, so they sleep in their vehicle, arise and go to a public bath, eat a fast food breakfast and go to work Some workers, who do not possess vehicles, sleep in abandoned buildings, in the train stations, in bus terminals, under bridges, or any where they get to shelter from rain. They just cannot afford better accommodations. The working days for some workers are cut from five (5) days to there (3) days. Some, if not all of these workers are not qualified for Social Security Pensions, so you can imagine their financial predicament when they are either laid off or lose their jobs. There are other workers who, because they have lost their jobs or are laid off, cannot continue to pay for their Life Insurance, so they have lost all their payments. In some countries like Europe, workers are forced to take cuts in their Social Security Pensions. This means that their standard of living has dropped drastically. The children of these workers are gravely affected by this drastically, due to the financial turnaround of their parents. Some of them might have been attending High Schools when they had to pay for such schooling. They might now have to attend public schools where the social environment is totally different. From living and sleeping in their own room; they now have to cramp up in a vehicle with their parents. In all of these different scenarios, the children are greatly affected psychologically. This must produce future generation of young people who would not be able to develop their true potential, because of these grave events. The system under which we develop our economy is a system of greed. It is a system of exploitation, it is a system of who can swim, swim and those who cannot swim, sink and drown. It is a system of who have, have, and those who do not have to hell with them, or too bad for them. It is a system where I live in my mansion. I live good, I eat good, I sleep good. I drive good and, as long as it is good with me, I don’t care who live on the streets, sleep under bridges, don’t have anything to eat, don’t have anything to wear, cannot afford to send their children to school or when they are sick, do not have access to good and adequate medical attention or have access to a good education. It is a system of segregation, bigotry hatefulness. It is a system in which, once you want to become rich you have to rob your fellow men either of their labour (cheap labour) or high prices on your goods or services or the exploitation of the natural resources of other people. Becoming rich from such exploitation but leaving the inhabitants of the land living in abject poverty and degradation; a system which was used in the dehumanization and deculturalization of people who were not of European origin. After the collapse of the world economy, President Barak Obama decided to jump-start the American economy by pumping seven hundred and eighty billion dollars in it. We all witnessed the greed and the indifference to the plight of the workers who were losing their jobs, their homes and their way of living, when the bosses demanded bonuses from the money which was pumped into the economy. To hell with all those who were suffering. They must continue to live sky high. No feelings at all for other people. Despite the economic downturn, dear reader, the shareholders are still demanding their big bonuses; the Managing Directors are still demanding their $30, 000.00 per month, plus their free company vehicle with gasoline, plus their free housing allowance, plus the abolition of Personal Income Tax, plus the other perks which they enjoy. When the businesses not doing well financially, none of these perks which the big boys enjoy, are taken away or decreased. It is always the unfortunate worker with a big family and commitments to meet, who are laid off. The big boys remain unaffected. You see, the emphasis is on huge profits for the share holders. The big position holders and the huge profits must be achieved at all cost, without sacrifices whatsoever for the big boys. It is always the poor worker who must be sacrificed on the altar of economic breathing space for the business. We are presently in the grip of the worst economic disaster of mankind, in which some persons are asking if this is really the end of the capitalistic economic system. Some thinkers have predicted that only a major world war which will cause massive infrastructural destruction and colossal loss of human life could the economic situation we presently face, be reversed, and with the rebuilding efforts which would take place. What an economic system we live under? Kill and destroy in order to reverse the adverse situation. Turn back the hands of time, in order that the clock could be rewound to start a new recovery. All that we are going through presently is caused by some people’s greed. They are so powerful that it renders us in competent and impotent to do anything to rectify the situation. Just imagine that dear reader? Workers all over the world are bleeding and they are untouchable. They possess the weapons and are in total control of the military and the police to shoot us down, if we, the workers of the world who are in the majority, ever harbour any thought that we have become too big for our britches by rising up to demonstrate and demand more equitable financial practices. Shot down, killed, murdered and then branded as terrorists. You see, they who have murdered us, control the media which would present their points of view. Dead men cannot express any point of view and workers have no access to the media. We exist in voiceless silence. St. Kitts is a part of the global family. Although some people and parties attempt to attribute the economic downturn in St. Kitts to the policies and dictates of the Labour Government in power and Dr. Denzil Douglas, we must be gravely affected by what is happening in the bigger countries like America, Britain and Europe. If European countries have to be bailed out by the I.M.F. what say to little St. Kitts and Nevis? Some people criticize the huge national debt, but that debt was incurred when times were very good houses, new hospitals, renovation to health centres, renovation to Port Zante in the 1998 Hurricane; The new F.T. Williams Highway; the renovation to the R.L Bradshaw International Airport Terminal and the runway; Improvement to our electricity and water resources. All of us, Kittitians and Nevisians, enjoy the fruits of the National Debt which has catapulted our twin island Federation way above many of the larger islands in the Caribbean. Their citizens migrated to our shores to seek a better way of life and are really realizing their dreams and living much better than they could ever live in the land of their birth. Now, there is a certain firm which has taken over control of the Bottling Company at Buckleys and proceeded immediately to make workers redundant. No consultation – just immediate redundancy. No decrease in the travelling allowances of the big wigs. No cut in their $10,000.00 per month salary. No decrease in the house allowances, sales are slow. The only solution to the problem is the laying off of the low paying wage earner. No three day per week work. No four day per week work. No! This would be too good for the workers, many of whom have worked at the plant for many years and who have large families plus their mortgages and other commitments to meet. Yes! They have been paid redundancy pay which they would have to manage carefully. But some, if not all, would have favoured a cut in the working days. If workers who possess the purchasing power are losing their jobs, isn’t it fair for the business community to look for means and ways of stimulating their businesses by cutting the price of their goods? Isn’t it fair for them to call a meeting of the shareholders, point out the economic realities to them and prepare them to expect less profits which would result in less dividend on their shares? Those banks which have millions of dollars lying in their vaults, wouldn’t it be better to cut the interest rates on loans thereby stimulating growth or just activity in the business? I am not and I do not pretend to be a trained economist, but, can’t we stay from the usual book guidance and invent ways and means of keeping the business going? My Grandmother used to say “circumstances alter cases”. We have to shift the sail on the sailing boat which has no motor, in order to catch the wind. Economic times have changed. We are no longer enjoying the glory days. Let us adjust and adapt to the realities of life. The business community needs to adjust s well! message from the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) that it is vital that the Caribbean region becomes truly dedicated to sustainable tourism practices in order to maximize the economic benefits for all stakeholders, including local communities, businesses, consumers and Governments. “It is now well established that tourism growth cannot be sustained unless today’s interests are balanced with the vital needs of tomorrow. This is why CTO is playing such a leading role in promoting tourism awareness amongst our people, and in establishing minimum standards for preparing and delivering the outstanding natural tourism products of our region,” said CTO’s chairman, Sen. the Hon. Richard “Ricky” Skerritt at the opening of the 13th Annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development on Sunday. Mr. Skerritt, who is also St. Kitts and Nevis’ Minister of Tourism and International Transport says there is a need to ensure that locals and visitors alike for generations to come can continue to enjoy the red-water rivers, spectacular waterfalls, majestic mountains, vast savannas, picturesque landscapes and indigenous wildlife of the Guyanese interior. “Similarly we need to better appreciate and manage the numerous white, golden and black sandy island coastlines across our region, and show more respect for the value of the warm Caribbean Sea and its vital marine ecosystems. The healthiness and attractiveness of our forests, coastal zones and reef ecosystems are major assets in our quest for economic wealth. Let us therefore do whatever is necessary to protect and manage those same assets,” said the tourism official. Mr. Skerritt said that the annual conference focuses on the opportunities and benefits that exist through tourism for the development of local communities, and how to manage the environmental and cultural risks involved. “Over the next three days conference participants will have an excellent opportunity to interact with, and challenge, some impressive presenters. We will also learn from the exhibitors from across our member countries that are here to share their products and services with us. And most importantly we will experience the heritage and natural beauty of Guyana through local study tours,” said Mr. Skerritt. He used the opportunity to implore participants to take full advantage of the numerous opportunities that this conference presents, and to help make this the most successful and satisfying STC ever, through their own active participation. CTO chairman Skerritt plugs for sustainable tourism ....... (cont’d rom page 1)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 20 NEWS Basseterre, St. Kitts: Lights! Cameras! Celebrities! Red Carpet! Blue Water Safaris Awarded By Emerald Princess Left to Right: Roxana Shore Excursions Manager, Peter Passengers Service Director, Javid Samuel, Shauna Lynch, Ian ‘Rumpy’ Lake, Jonathan Winterburn, Commodore Romano Re-Enactors Voice Pleasure At St. Kitts Experience Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS): As activities to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II near completion with the approaching climax in June, Manager of Special Projects at the St. Kitts Tourism Authority Randolph Hamilton has stated that he believes the Federation has taken the opportunity to ensure maximum economic benefits for the tourism sector. Concerning the recent re-enactment of significant historical events at Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park and Montpelier Plantation in Nevis, Mr Hamilton said the re-enactors from the British Brigade Inc. have returned rave reviews of their recent visit to the Federation. Commenting on the experience, leader of the re-enactor troupe Don Beale, said the extent to which the Government and people of St. Kitts and Nevis had gone to make their stay a pleasant and enjoyable one was unprecedented. From arrival to departure, Mr. Beale said they felt very welcomed and were “bowled over” by the show of generosity, support and goodwill. An island tour aboard the St. Kitts Scenic Railway; a reception that featured local folklore performances and a spectacular, first ever, reenactment performance depicting the enslaved Africans capturing high ranking French officers at Government House, were cited as special features. The actual friendliness and warmth of Kittitians and Nevisians as they dramatized the re-enactments were all noted as being phenomenal. Special commendation went out to Steve Hites, owner of the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, who put on the complimentary tour for the reenactors and personally accompanied them to ensure their comfort and enjoyment. Her Majesty’s representative, His Excellency the Governor General, Sir Cuthbert Sebastian interacted with members of the British Brigade before the tour started. Mr. Beale said they were already initiating plans to return to the Federation in larger numbers in the near future. The Tourism Special Projects Manager Randolph Hamilton reaffirmed the commitment of the Tourism Authority and Ministry of Tourism and International Transport to ensuring maintenance of the quality of the St. Kitts Brand and that people who come here have an unforgettable experience. He expressed to Mr. Beale the fact that there had been an overwhelming show of gratitude and positive feedback from residents as well as cruise and stay over visitors regarding the quality of the re-enactments and the experience of going back in time. Mr Hamilton also revealed plans for the inclusion of the official launch of the “Amazing Grace Experience,” another soon to be released component of the Tourism experience in St. Kitts and Nevis, as one of the events to mark the 60 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Further details about this event will be released shortly. SKNIS Photos: Pictures of the re-enactors during their visit These are the things one would typically expect to see at an awards ceremony, but the recent distribution of awards for exemplary service in hospitality which took place aboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship while she docked at Port Zant for the last time this season, was anything but typical. Rather than being a large glittering affair requiring formal attire, it was a small intimate occasion during which the senior most crew of the Emerald Princess assembled in one of the ship’s staterooms to meet and mingle with representatives of the two local tour companies consistently rated by the guests of the cruise line as the most outstanding in their category. Blue Water Safaris One of the companies receiving the award was Blue Water Safaris which has been offering catamaran tours in St. Kitts-Nevis since 1998. Known for operating with a high level of professionalism, the crew of Blue Water Safaris are trained first responders certified in CPR, who manage to combine their refined skill sets with a relaxed approach to providing some of the most distinctive tours of the federation’s pristine aquatic environment. About Princess Cruise “One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises first set sail in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Today, the line has grown to become the third largest cruise line in the world, renowned for innovative ships and an environment of exceptional customer service … Since the line’s beginnings, Princess has frequently paved the way in the cruise industry, evolving to meet the needs of today’s vacationer … In the mid-1990s the company pioneered the concept of putting passengers in control of their own cruise experience in order to create a personal vacation.” History/Nature of Award It was this ability to personalize the vacation experience that led to the request by the cruise line for feedback from their guests about their shore-side excursions so as to ensure that the outstanding degree of customer service the passengers enjoy aboard any of the Princess Cruise ships, continues on land. Since 1996, Princess Cruises has awarded ‘Tour of the Season’ awards to both low and high volume operators (those who can accommodate up to 50 persons are known as low volume operators and those who can accommodate 100 or more persons are known as high volume operators) in their Caribbean ports of call, as a means of acknowledging the invaluable contribution that the tour providers make to the overall enjoyment of their passengers’ travel experience. Thursday, 12 April, 2012 marked the third occasion on which Blue Water Safaris received this most esteemed designation from the Princess Cruise line (the other times being for the 2001-2002 season and the 2004-2005 season). Captain of Blue Water Safaris’ ‘Swaliga’ Jonathan Winterburn, first mate Ian ‘Rumpy’ Lake, crew member Javid Samuel and Office Manager Shauna Lynch were present to receive the award from the Emerald Princess’ Commodore Romano who, accompanied by the cruise line’s Passengers Service Director & Shore Excursions Manager, praised Blue Water Safaris for their exemplary service to both the guests and crew of the ship over the years. As a further expression of good will, immediately after the brief but warm ceremony, the visitors to the cruise ship were treated to a tour of the ‘bridge’ (which area contains all of the equipment used to control the ship), before being served an exquisite lunch. At the conclusion of the day’s excursion, both the ship’s officers and the tour operators reaffirmed their commitment to giving the visitors to St. Kitts excellent service and parted with an anticipation of more good things to come by saying, “see you next year”.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 21 NEWS American Eagle: Mervin Hanley posts truth that exposes CCM’s folly By Llewellyn ParrisThe role of a Press Secretary is one that is never taken for granted, especially by political parties both in and out of government. Press Secretaries for parties in government specialise in making the government look good. Press Secretaries for parties out of government specialise in making the government look bad; so much so that oftentimes they forget to make their parties look good. The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is no exception. Mr Erasmus Williams, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister the Right Hon Dr Denzil Douglas churns out on average three to four press releases a day, all them detailing how the St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party-led administration is working to make life better for all. He is without doubt the doyen of the Federation’s journalists, not just because of his position but because of his proficiency. Mr Mervin Hanley is the Press Secretary for Nevis’ opposition Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM). It is alleged that he does not live on Nevis, but with the advent of the digital age, his absence is never a handicap as he has been known to churn out some most up to date press releases on what is happening, and sometimes what is not happening, in Nevis. Just like Mr Erasmus Williams, Mr Mervin Hanley works hard, day and night, and on public holidays. That is a fact which cannot be disputed as stories posted on the internet are automatically date-stamped. This being the case, in the morning of April 9 at 12:14 am which was Easter Monday, Mr Hanley posted an interesting article on Nevis Politics, a CCM website. The article was headlined: ‘American Eagle NO more to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico’. The hard worker he is, Mr Hanley was up at 14 minutes past midnight to educate the public on the facts behind an impending withdrawal of American Eagle from services out of its hub in San Juan. In the absence of another by-line or acknowledgement, it is assumed that he researched and wrote the educative story. The article is quite revealing as it mentions of earlier withdrawals of service by American Eagle: “In 2010 American instituted more cuts, with American Eagle’s departures falling to 23 in part through the elimination of flights to Anguilla, Port of Spain Trinidad, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Other destinations that have been eliminated include Bonaire, Canouan, Curacao, Nevis and St. Maarten.” Thank God for Press Secretary Hanley as the article he posted on Easter Monday morning, has exposed CCM’s folly after they would have roundly condemned the Nevis Reformation Party-led Nevis Island Administration, with barbs being directed at the Minister of Tourism, who apparently is the Premier of Nevis, the Hon Joseph Parry, for allegedly not marketing Nevis leading to the airline’s withdrawal. There was an orchestrated song and dance, from CCM’s corner, accusing the NRP-led government of forcing residents to ‘bang water’ travelling to St. Kitts to catch planes to Puerto Rico out of the Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw airport. While it was their constitutional right to voice their concerns, they were not able to explain if it was Premier Parry who attributed to the airline’s withdrawal from the other destinations. No blame was put on the Prime Minister of Caribbean’s economic powerhouse and oil rich, Trinidad and Tobago, Hon Kamla PersadBissessar. Her country was among those affected. Popular Dutch holiday destinations of Bonaire, Curacao and neighbouring St. Maarten were also cut off. Did the Blue Machine say a word about those destinations? But they had a mouthful to broadcast about their own island Nevis, to make a good government look bad. A Press Secretary who chooses to inform the public by feeding it with the right information is a gem. Mr Hanley is in that league, having disseminated information that educated those in Nevis to know that the withdrawal of services from Puerto Rico by American Eagle did not target Nevis alone. A couple of airports in the region (and USA as well) got hit too. Information put on Nevis Politics by CCM’s Press Secretary has exonerated the hardworking NRP-led Nevis Island Administration. The problem is with the parent airline, American Airlines which is going through a Chapter 11 restructuring exercise. But unfortunately for the CCM hierarchy and its followers, its own Press Secretary has exposed the party’s folly. They say only when wind blow....... The press release by Mr Hanley has further news, and the reason for posting it on their website. American Eagle will be grounded after a phase-out period that ends in March 2013. The same release says that Cape Air will be filling the void by flying to Puerto Rico from airports American Eagle has abandoned or has plans to abandon. According to the release, “Cape Air has also moved in to fill the void vacated by Executive on flights to Nevis and Anguilla, operating those routes with 9-seat Cessna 402 piston aircraft.” It means that no Nevisian who wants to travel to Puerto Rico will have to ‘bang water’ to the RLB Airport, not unless their interest is to watch the scenic Monkey Hill from the airport in St. Kitts. Thank you Mr Hanley for belatedly informing Nevisians that they do not have to ‘bang water’ to go to St. Kitts to catch a plane for Puerto Rico. Reporting the positive on a timely basis was Premier Parry’s Press Secretary Ms Deli Caines who had already put out information to the public that Cape Air first landed at New Castle on November 11, 2011. American Eagle had discontinued its flights early April 2011. Press Secretary Caines did her duties diligently and informed the public that American Eagle’s discontinuing of flights was not only to Nevis but to the region. She added that the NRP-led Nevis Island Administration had worked hard to ensure that the void left had been filled in quickly, ensuring that Nevisians and residents were not unduly inconvenienced. Since December 2011, Air Sunshine has connected Nevis with Puerto Rico, operating four flights a week through Tortola. Nevisians do not ‘bang water’ but take passenger boats or the Sea Bridge car ferry to comfortably travel to St. Kitts if they must. Press Secretary Ms Deli Caines showed what development journalism is all about when she led with a scoop following an announcement early 2009 by the St. Maarten-based Windward Islands Airways International N.V. (WINAIR) that it was withdrawing flights to four destinations, Nevis, Dominica, Tortola, and St. Kitts. The Dominica route was withdrawn on March 1, 2009, while the Tortola and St. Kitts routes were closed on March 31, 2009. However, the Nevis route was not closed, and WINAIR still operates to Nevis one flight a day. How is this so? This is how Press Secretary Caines reported, here quoting WINAIR’s Managing Director Mr Edwin Hodge: “The attempts and efforts made by the Government of Nevis demonstrate the excellent and long term relationship that both WINAIR and Nevis have shared over the years. Therefore, I commend Premier Parry and his team of officials for their efforts and significant work in saving the route as they understand the importance that WINAIR has been playing within the community.” What had happened was that after notice of the impending closure of the four routes by WINAIR, the proactive Nevis Reformation Partyled Nevis Island Administration swung into action, with Premier and Minister of Tourism, the Hon Joseph Parry, saying that maintaining a reliable, scheduled air link between Nevis and St. Maarten was in the best interest of the island and its people. Two officials, Tourism Adviser Mr Alistair Yearwood and Tourism Officer with the Nevis Tourism Authority, Ms Julie Claxton, were despatched to St. Maarten to negotiate with WINAIR, and the result was that of the four destinations that WINAIR wanted to axe, Nevis was spared. Truth be told that since St. Maarten is a popular shopping destination, Kittitians travel over to Nevis to catch the St. Maarten bound plane at Newcastle. They do not ‘bang water’. Accomplished journalist, Voice of Nevis Radio’s (VON) Mr Marcellus Lee on Monday morning (April 16) while reading the daily ‘Thought for the Day’, told his listeners: “To know the truth is good; to proclaim the truth is better; to practise the truth is the best.”


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 22 SPORTS Results of St. Kitts Cricket Association Opening Premier League Matches Played Over The Weekend (Sat 14th & Sun 15th April, 2012) At Warner Park Cricket StadiumBasseterre Zone vs Len Harris Cricket AcademyBasseterre Zone won the toss and batted making 138 All Out Calvin Williams 40 not out, Shane Berry & Kareem Kelly both made 20, Shane Venner took 4 for 33, Jeremiah Louis took 3 for 29, Lakecim Phipps 2 for 39, Patrick Walters 1 for 6 & Darren Hobson 1 for 22 Len harris Cricket Academy In Reply made 197 All Out Akeem Saunders 38, Letanio Ferdinand 36, Jeremiah Louis 34, Elsroy Powell took 5 for 58, Kevin Hanley 2 for 26, Al Richards 1 for 8, Calvin Williams 1 for 35, Kareem Kelly 1 for 39 Basseterre Zone batting a second time were 20 for 2 when rain ended play Jeremiah Louis 2 for 7 Match Drawn First Innings Points to Len Harris Cricket Academy Umpires were Luther Kelly & Steadroy TecheiraAt The Edgar Gilbert Playing Field in Molineaux Rural West vs Rural EastRural West won the toss and batted making 113 All Out Shane Jeffers 27, Dilyn Liddie 23, Javal Hodge 22, Christanza Carey took 5 for 32, Norval McCall 3 for 27, Jace Taylor 2 for 12 Rural East in reply181 All Out Larry Audain 38, Jace Taylor 26, Leverette Taylor 22, Sheno Berridge 3 for 30, Elvin Berridge 3 for 36, Shane Jeffers 2 for 42 Rural West batting a second time were 114 for 3 at the end of the match. Kareem Warner 35, Vanroy Agard 30, Norval McCall, Christanza Carey & Jace Taylor all took 1 wicket each. Match Drawn First Innings Points to Rural East Umpires were Wycliffe Mitcham & Eddie Williams None of the Second Division matches got started because of rain. Peter Siddle and James Pattinson to return home Cricket Australia (CA) today advises that fast bowlers Peter Siddle and James Pattinson will return to Australia from the West Indies due to back soreness. Australian team physiotherapist Kevin Sims said: “Peter Siddle developed some back soreness late in the first Test against the West Indies and scans conducted in Trinidad showed the early signs of a low back bone stress injury. “He was subsequently ruled out of the second Test and after further consultation we feel that to prevent this injury developing any further it is in Peter’s best interest for him to return to Australia to rest and for appropriate physiotherapy to ensure he is fully fit when next selected for Australian duties. “James Pattinson had an episode of acute low back pain after fielding and throwing awkwardly late on day three of the second Test. We have since monitored his condition over the last couple of days and the initial investigations suggest that while the injury is not serious there is insufficient time for him to recover to play in the 3rd Test match. “As such, we have today made the decision for James to return to Australia to prevent this injury developing any further and for him to receive the appropriate medical and physiotherapy management.” Peter Siddle leaves this morning while James Pattinson will depart for Australia this morning Friday. No replacement player will be sent to the West Indies. SKNFA WICWC U 16 Results Wed 18th April, 2012)At Newtown Playing FieldSt. Thomas Trinity/Strikers 3 vs Frigate Bay 1 (Half Time 11) Scorers for St. Thomas Trinity/ Ajani Donrod 36th minute Nequan Browne 73rd minute (penalty) Kimron Caines 80th minute Scorer for Frigate Bay Jeovanni Lake 15th minute Yellow Cards Kishawn Henry (Strikers) 36th minute Ian James (Strikers) 82nd minute Officials was Trevester RichardsAt Cayon Playing FieldCayon 2 vs Sandy Point Allstars 0 (Half Time 0 0) Scorers for Cayon Kelvin Edwards 71st minute Strikers Canadian athletic team pays third visit By Charles Miller JrA 20 member team of Canadian athletes, coaches, technical staff and officials are here in the Federation for 2 weeks training stint in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics. The team headed by Kittitian sprinter, Desai Williams, arrived at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport on Monday (April 16th) and received a warm welcome from the local sporting officials. This being their third visit to the Federation, the team members expressed their joy and delight in returning here to continue their practicse sessions, adding that they are set to make good use of the facilities at the Silver Jubilee Stadium in Bird Rock and the excellent weather conditions. The Kittitian sprinter and Head Coach all spoke highly of our athletic stadium, saying it was a first class stadium and an excellent facility for training. Desai, who hails from New Town, East Basseterre; resides in Toronto represented Canada in two Olympics Games in the 1980’s competing in the 100 and 200 meters doing both his adopted country (Canada) and his native country (St. Kitts – Nevis) proud. Fudadin called up for 3rd Digicel Test Port-of-Spain, Trinidad — The West Indies Cricket Board’s Selection Panel has called up lefthander Assad Fudadin to squad for the third Digicel Test against Australia at Windsor Park in Dominica. He comes in for leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo. Middle-order batsman Kirk Edwards, who was in the squad for the Second Digicel Test, has not recovered from a leg injury and is not available for selection. Fudadin, a 26-year-old from Guyana, is a steady batsman, who was the second highest run-scorer in the recently-concluded Regional 4 Day competition. He made 576 runs at an average of 48 runs per innings with a top score of 108. Chairman of the WICB Selection Panel, Clyde Butts said: “Fudadin has been a member of the West Indies A Team for a while now and we have seen signs of development and improvement. This year he batted well in the Regional 4 Day Tournament, and made over 500 runs including two centuries. He was very consistent in the middle-order. He can also bowl medium-pace and that is an asset.” The West Indies will travel to Leverton Jeffers 75th minute Official was Samuel Lowry Dominica on Friday in preparation for the Third Digicel Test, which starts on Monday at 10 am (9 am Jamaica Time).(cont’d on page 23)


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH 2012 23 COMMENTARY By: Vigilante NEWS By: Sotto Voce The Labour Party celebrates its 80th Birthday this year. Quite a number of events are being used so to do. Some have gone already. More will come up shortly when our annual Labour Day Weekend activities are held. These are really nothing new. This has gone on for decades. Time was when it was even more elaborate than what happens now. In addition to what now happens there was a packed day of events at Warner Park which included athletics and cycling events. We also had netball, football and cricket matches among workers from different companies on and off the Industrial Site, including the SSMC. In those days the St. KittsNevis Trades & Labour Union was very strong and well respected. And even though the leadership in both the Government and the Union was the same, it did not adversely affect the strength or influence of either body. Things came to a gradual decline with the passing of Comrades Bradshaw and Southwell. Our Party leadership showed signs of division among its ranks to its own detriment. The coming into government of the PAM/NRP coalition in 1980 also saw their concerted attack on our Union. Our citizens were openly discouraged from union membership. Everything possible was done and said to denigrate, destroy and demonize the Union, its leaders and members. Many union practices at the SSMC and on the sugar estates were stopped immediately. Even the long-standing deduction of union dues from workers/members pay was stopped by PAM in government. Union section was not only discouraged, but severely attacked. These PAM fellas clearly did not have the best interest of our workers to uphold. Never did. Nowadays the same bastards playing crooked. Behaving like saints. They think our workers forget. They blocked our use of Warner Park from the moment they took over. I understand that our Party leaders have been meeting recently to try to return the love, respect and camaraderie among them, that had taken a back seat. This is good, and better late than never. Our organisation must never return to the problem days due to internal leadership flickering. Our members have always been faithful to the Party and have always been intolerable of those who would divide us. Some persons in leadership positions too have to make up their minds to satisfy the queries They All Up In We Business of members on their absolute loyalty to our organisation in word and deed. Trying to strike a balance between loyalty to our Party and loyalty to friends who are in the enemy camp is unworkable. Our members’ deep-rooted feeling and concerns should never be taken for granted. Imagine opposition spokespersons are openly declaring what some Labour Leaders will do or will not do from time to time. And the leaders are silent on such declarations? Madness I say; could never happen in Comrade Bradshaw’s time. Silence is golden, but not when one’s loyalty to my Party is raised. Is it so difficult to openly separate yourself from the vitriolic utterances of those who mean the Labour Party no good? And from the statements of those who try to sow division and discontent among our Party Leaders? Comrade Douglas, a leader, is far more tolerant than Comrade Bradshaw would have been in the identical circumstances. Our members have before now, expressed their concern over it going back to our Party’s last Convention. Some have apparently made light of the feelings of our members. Traitors and schemers have taken it into the opposition camp and have sought to create division with it from then to now. Those who still have the Labour Party’s interests at heart must put their own position in order and set the record straight. In St. Kitts’ politics there is no room for issues of doubt and suspicion among comrades. Nobody in Rescue or PAM will be among our Convention delegates. What they say about our great Party on their Voices of PAM programme is neither here nor there to our decision-making. What Ask Washie, the Arab and Massa Caines say on their PAM shows and write in their newspaper columns is for the consumption of PAMites only. Nobody inside the Labour Party taking them on. I got a good laugh this week listening to the Voices of PAM. They defend their daily, ridiculous attacks on Dr. Douglas by saying that he is a servant of the people, who was hired for 5 years. I supposed this justifies all the malicious statements made on the PAM programme. They too crooked. Not one of them ever voted for him or for Labour. They are all known die-hard PAMites. They say our Prime Minister is a billionaire because he owns the building housing the Taiwanese Embassy. He has never denied ownership and, from the outset, he informed all that he secured a mortgage at a Bank to build it, which is to be paid over many years. Seems like St. Pauls people not to try to own anything. Only PAM and Rescue can own property. When Simmonds was in office he built a veritable mansion with security house, tennis court, et al. Those same crooked opposition pipsqueaks never suggested anything negative about Simmonds’ property ownership, or that he was a trillionaire in so doing. Them people not only wicked and crooked, but also cockeyed bad when it comes to politics. When is PAM, they blind; when is Labour their eyesight so good they can see around corner and all. They make a grand antigovernment bashing out of simple and nonsensical issues. Then there was this issue of the taking of sidewalks in Basseterre for the setting up of businesses by our people. Any government must have to face up to the problem and do something about it. This should not be a political issue to play games with by anyone. Sidewalks are made for the passing and re-passing of pedestrians without let or hindrance. PAM ran from dealing with it in a level manner in their time. The Arab set up booths in one or two buildings when he was the relevant Minister sometime back with limited success. This is not a problem in St. Kitts alone. All over the Caribbean our Governments have had to face it. In Barbados and in Trinidad it got way out of hand to the embarrassment of successive governments. Oppositions are known to play a full hand of politics with it, and offer no solutions. It’s just criticism only. The PAM/Rescue pipsqueaks say that this Labour Government wants to free up our sidewalks only to get after Licky Bird Dupont. You think their head good? This is a well known businessman, with legal business stores in the Pelican Mall, who has closed off a street, not a sidewalk, for doing additional business purposes. This street has been virtually closed off ever since. Speaking for myself, such a removal, if executed, would be long overdue. I know for certain that no Labour man could ever block off a street even for one minute under a PAM Government. Everyone well knows this to be a fact. Labour getting after Dupont for spite? They really joking, look how long he done spite a whole street, and its use by pedestrians and vehicles? Please! Get real. I hear that PAM was to open a paid political show on their FM this week. Nothing new really, they have the daily Voices of PAM already and also the Saturday “Curse the Prime Minister” programme on the same FM. Labour has ensured that there are numerous outlets for public freedom of expression; never happened when PAM ruled the roost. Their shame box mash up, it seems. Labour made it possible. We are the Party that brought freedom here.* Right thinking citizens of this country want to know why Gene Hamilton and PAM have thrown poor Donley Saunders to the wolves after all he has done for them over the years. They want to know how they could write and publish such a foolish and reckless front page article in the Democrat last weekend, launching a vicious and unjustified attack on the courts and the jurors, before the sentence hearing. Poor Donley has to face up to the music all by himself, as they play their dirty politics. Many persons are voicing their strong condemnation of the article saying it’s a contempt of court and a great disservice to Donley. Dey say even family members of Donley are disappointed and angry, saying the article has landed poor Donley in more hot water. When one big PAM trump from the party’s propaganda team was asked what they meant by: “Tell dem wet dey han’ and wait for arwe”, he responded by saying it was a warning to all Labour people and de jurors. De word out of the PAM camp is that the article was written by Sleeping Hammy, who is now the real editor of the Democrat newspaper since de Guyanese lady was happy to find an excuse to pack up and leave like her predecessor. People want to know how Lindsay Grant, a lawyer and office of the courts, could sit back as the Leader of PAM and allow Sleeping Hammy to get away with such a blatant and callous attack on the court. People want to know also how it is that there has not been a single word of condemnation of the article from the big wigs in the Bar Association and the Chamber of Commerce. The article has been widely distributed to local, regional and international media outlets, (including the internet), demonstrating to the world that Lindsay Grant is feather weight leader in PAM. He is clearly not the real leader in control of the party. People want to know how they could say Donley was convicted because he was a big PAM supporter, when the key witnesses who testified against him were all well known PAM trumps. People want to know why is that host of the PAM FM Voices programme not inviting members of the PAM Gang of 5 (Flemming and others) to be guests of his talk show. And when will he do so? Dey say Inez, daughter of Massa Caines, let the cat out de bag this week when she called in to de Voices programme to confirm that Simmonds and his party (PAM) used to meet at a certain hotel in Bird Rock “to strategize how to keep Labour out of power” (government) for life. Dey say de Lashing Minister blue vex with de “lawyer” in Nevis, for representing the other half in the case against him, that led to putting up of the for sale sign on the house. Dey say he telling people in Nevis and St. Kitts that the lawyer and his father in St. Kitts are ungrateful after he done spend so much money on them. School children say de king of law suits meet he match and get ‘busted’. He say Dougie is a real gentleman to other Caribbean Leaders, like him, who love to sue. West Indies SquadDarren Sammy (Captain) Adrian Barath Carlton Baugh (Wicket-keeper) Kraigg Brathwaite Darren Bravo Shivnarine Chanderpaul Narsingh Deonarine Fidel Edwards Assad Fudadin Kieran Powell Ravi Rampaul Kemar Roach Shane Shillingford


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