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Title: The labour spokesman
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Year 52 NO. TS, FID

DLA $1.2

TEACO $12.4

2010 LABOUR Conference

a resounding success

Party Leader and otlier Officers re-elected unopposed

PM Douglas: Labour is

committed to its mandate of

social and economic change

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2010 (CUOPM) The year 2009 has
proven to be quite an amazing year when
Caribbean economies had to battle with
the lagging impact of the global financial
crisis and economic decline transmitted
mainly through the decline in tourist
arrivals and falling Foreign Direct
Investment as well as the adverse impact

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of Illf' loI Oli pcopl Jlc llic lli' 01 dc(JllOl
Olll 0'M IllN lici addcd

of the global financial crisis onthe offshore
financial sector.
"I characterize the year 2009 as amazing
however, not because of the enormity of
the impact of these events but because of
the scale and forward-looking nature of
the responses that our countries were able

(cont'd on page 03)

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Pajl and tlicicbl \ touchli I'K Ii\c s ofl Oii
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(coni'd On ipae 02)


St. Kitts and Nevis Lo w T
collaborates with
excellence by US S VOCE
INTERPOL to fight crime *01 SCOOP


FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010


Published by: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union
Ag. Managing Director Editor: Dawud Byron
Masses House, Church Street
P.O Box 239. Basseterre. St. Kitts. West Indies
Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866

Thanksfor the


The recent finding of 24 firearms and over 900 rounds of
ammunition by the Security Forces is a big step in the fight against
crime, in particular, gun crime.
It underscores that the Security Forces continue to be relentless
in their pursuit of national security, ridding the streets of these
deadly weapons.
They are to be commended.
But, equally to be commended are the many persons who are
collaborating with the Security Forces in providing the intelligence
needed to carry out the assault on crime.
More persons are encouraged to collaborate with the Security
The fight, however, is far from over and efforts must not be
"I want to commend the police force in general for the work
they continue to do in working to improve their professionalism,
image and strategies," Minister of National Security, Hon. Sam
Condor said.
"I want to say how pleased I am with the progress we are
making. I don't want to become too overconfident... I know we
still have a long way to go," he added.
All of us, who love our beloved country, want to see a society
where we are not held prisoners of fear by criminals. We want
our country to progress economically and socially and to enjoy a
good image at home and abroad.
The implementation of community policing is an important one
that can build trust between communities and the police. This
aspect of policing is extremely important in people gaining
confidence in the police and the police gaining confidence in the
people. This trust must never be betrayed but enhanced.
With increased mobile patrols, increased surveillance and
vigilance and the employment of the canine unit, the police will
continue to yield more good results.
Those who work at our air and sea ports in the Department of
Customs and Excise must continue to collaborate with the police.
They must be people of the highest integrity, who hold national
security as the highest priority of the government.
But it cannot be underscored enough that all of us must get
involved in the fight against the cancer of crime. We must try to
positively influence our own little comer.
Parents must continue to discipline and educate their children
in good values and morals as well as take an active interest in
their lives; teachers must not give up on their troublesome students;
adults must show good example to younger ones.
As the year progresses, we appeal to those who are hell bent
in taking revenge on each other to find positive ways of dealing
with their conflict; we appeal to the criminals to abandon a life of
crime and to lead productive lives with the assistance of others.
And we continue to encourage the increased collaboration
between the Security Forces and the community. We continue to
wish the Security Forces well in their efforts to fight crime and to
make our country a better one for all of us to live in.

Declines in tourism and

construction results in economic

contraction, says PM

MAY 19TH 2010 (CUOPM) -
The economy of St. Kitts and
Nevis buffeted by the impact
of the Global financial crisis and
economic downturn, contracted
by more than 5 percent in 2009,
as a result of declines in tourism
and construction.
"However, it is worthy of
note that due to tremendous
efforts at fiscal discipline we
were able to achieve a primary
surplus of more than 8 percent
of GDP in 2009," St. Kitts and
Nevis Prime Minister and
Minister of Finance, Hon. Dr.
Denzil L. Douglas told the
Plenary Session of the 40th
Annual Meeting of the Board
of Governors of the Caribbean
Development Bank (CDB) in
the Bahamian capital.
Dr. Douglas said St. Kitts
and Nevis has achieved a fiscal
primary surplus over the past
five years. However this has
not been sufficient to place the
twin-island Federation in the
fiscal position that is resilient
and that provides room to
maneuver when crises occur.
"The Government has
recognized the need for even
stronger fiscal adjustment in
order to ensure the sustainability
of our fiscal and debt position
and secure the environment to
foster economic growth.
Therefore in our 2010 budget
address we announced a series
of measures aimed at closing
the financing gap on the
budget," said Prime Minister
He said that the measures
include the implementation of a
Value Added Tax on November
1st 2010, a wage freeze in the
context of wider public sector

St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Hon. Dr Denzil L. Douglas is
escorted into the 40th Annual -... i,,- of the Caribbean
Development Bank (CDB) at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort and
Hotel in the Bahamas Wednesday. (Photo by Erasmus Williams)

reform, the curtailment of
expenditure on goods and
services and the rationalization
of tax concessions.
"I wish to emphasize that
each country must at this time
consider its strategic options in
light of its own vision for its
people and the need for
sustained growth and come up
with a solution that is workable
in its own context," said Dr.
"This is what St. Kitts and
Nevis is seeking to do at this
time. We have been creating
several internal vehicles aimed
at ensuring the engagement and
inclusion of all citizens in the
continuing process of nation
building recognizing that it
cannot be business as usual,"
Prime Minister Douglas told
delegates from all CARICOM
member states as well as non-
borrowing members from
Canada, the United Kingdom,
Italy, Germany, Mexico, China,
Venezuela and Colombia and
financial institutions such as the

World Bank and the
International Monetary Fund
Prime Minister Douglas is of
the view that developing small
economies can learn from each
other "as we seek to navigate
these treacherous waters of crisis
which was triggered by the
malfunction of the financial
sectors in the advanced
He said he was certain that
the Caribbean Development
Bank given its position and role
as a highly recognized and
respected regional institution
"can help to devise a home
grown formula for cooperation
and collaboration at this time
and one that can serve as a
benchmark for response to
similar events in the years
Dr. Douglas encouraged
optimism in the region's ability
to recover from this period of
extreme financial and
economic difficulty and to come
together to protect the people
from the ravages of these
"I would like to stress the need
for urgency as there are real people
in our countries who will become
innocent casualties if we do not
act speedily. I therefore urge all
regional and international
institutions represented here at
this auspicious fortieth meeting of
the Board of Governors of the
Caribbean Development Bank to
make the necessary resources
available to assist our countries at
this time and to devise a way
forward for assisting our
developing countries dealing with
these issues as they will continue
to arise in the future," Prime
Minister Douglas who serves as
Governor on the CDB's Board.

(cont'd from page 1)

the pursuit of justice and liberty
for all and the advancement of our
people has demonstrated once
again that it can change with times
and continue to offer protection
and comfort to our people,
especially our poor and
underprivileged even as it opens

up new opportunities for
entrepreneurship, income
generation and wealth creation for
the abandonment of the shackles
of poverty and deprivation," Dr.
Douglas said at the opening of his
conference message.
The conference was held
under the theme: "Commitment
and Efficiency Today Means
Greater Advancement for All".

PM Douglas: Labour is

committed to its mandate of

social and economic change

Ike Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman


St. Kits ad N s c

and Nevis is stepping up the fight against crime following a meeting
between top government officials and INTERPOL.
St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas and
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Hon. Sam
Condor lead the Federation's discussions with the Secretary General of
INTERPOL, Mr. Ronald K. Noble.
"Our number 1 concern has always been ensuring that both citizens
and visitors to St Kitts and Nevis be afforded the best possible security
and assistance. By according INTERPOL travel document holders
special visa status, we are able to enhance our security by putting in
place even closer links to INTERPOL and the support it provides," said
Prime Minister Douglas.
A variety of crime areas where INTERPOL could be of assistance in
providing training were also identified during discussions with Prime

SII i m 1 -

left to right National Security Advisor, Dr. Norgen Wilson;
INTERPOL Secretary General, Mr. Robert Noble; St. Kitts and Nevis
Prime Minister Hon. Dr Denzil L. Douglas; Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of National Security, Hon. Sam Condor and Permanent
Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Mrs. Astona Browne.

St. Klts-Nevls Labour Party

Annual Requiem Service

Sunday May 30th, 2010 @ 4p.m.
at the
St. Pauls Parish Church
Church Ghaut, St. Pauls



Lady Hulda Lawrence


Saxophone Duet

Trumpet A accompaniment


FRTHE]: GOO1 D [THAT]m WE~_, CAN DO/.I[-'~lT

Minister Douglas, the Honourable
Sam Condor, Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister for National
Security, Mrs. Astona Browne,
Permanent Secretary for National
Security, Dr. Norgen Wilson,
Special Advisor on National
Security, Mr. Austin Williams,
Commissioner of Police and
INTERPOL Secretary General
"Any country that needs
support in police training or in
international crime prevention and
crime response can best do so by
ensuring that it has a strong and
vibrant relationship with
INTERPOL," said Noble, following
long ranging talks.
Mr. Noble said that based on
his discussions with Prime
Minister Douglas and other high
ranking St. Kitts and Nevis
government officials, "I am
persuaded that St. Kitts and Nevis
is aware of the challenges
confronting it and other countries
in the region and is ready to take
bold steps to confront these
During the historic meeting
with Prime Minister Douglas and
Deputy Prime Minister Condor, it
was agreed that the increasing
transnational crime threats
confronting the region required
greater collaboration between
INTERPOL and St. Kitts and
"Toward that end, Prime
Minister Douglas agreed to take

PM Douglas


(cont'd from page 1)

to muster," St. Kitts and Nevis'
Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L.
Douglas told the Plenary Session
of the 40th Annual Meeting of the
Caribbean Development Bank
He told the meeting that
opened Wednesday in Nassau,
The Bahamas, that some of the
small island nations of the Bank
were forced to seek external
financing; others sought even
greater bilateral financing from
friendly governments, while still
others tapped the regional capital
"These actions were coupled
with major adjustments
domestically to assist the most
vulnerable in our societies. All in
all, we were all forced to take a hard
look at our fiscal and debt
positions and make difficult
decisions as to the way forward.
These actions called for
courageous leadership and

(Left to i ,l 1 Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National
Security, Mrs. Astona Browne; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister
of National Security, Hon. Sam Condor; St. Kitts and Nevis Prime
Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas; INTERPOL Secretary General,
Mr. Robert Noble and National Security Advisor, Dr. Norgen Wilson

(i hI,. .-" by Erasmus Williams)

immediate steps for his country to
accord special visa status for
INTERPOL travel document
holders, thereby ensuring that the
citizens of and visitors to St Kitts
and Nevis would benefit from any
needed international police
support from INTERPOL without
any unnecessary red tape," said
INTERPOL's presence and
importance in the Caribbean
Region has increased since the
region hosted the 2007 Cricket
World Cup and INTERPOL put in
place a state of the art passport
and passenger screening system.
The Caribbean Region now
leads all INTERPOL regional
bodies in terms of member country
participation in the systematic
screening of non-nationals
seeking entry into the region.

foresight," said Prime Minister
Douglas, in his capacity as
Governor for St. Kitts and Nevis
on the CDB Board of Governors.
"In this connection I must
congratulate the Caribbean
Development Bank for the
tremendous role it continues to
play in supporting the Borrowing
Member Countries (BMC's) during
this period. I am certain that
history will commend the Bank for
its most effective response which
included but was not limited to the
increase of the lending limit on
individual projects and an increase
in loan disbursements," said the
St. Kitts and Nevis leader.
Dr. Douglas in examining the
performance of the Bank during
2009 observed that the execution
of programmes and initiatives has
continued unabated as the
economic infrastructure projects
continue to be improved, the
private sector is being developed,
the support of agriculture
continues, social development is
being fostered and regional
cooperation and integration
remains high on the agenda.
"I therefore wish to
congratulate the management and
staff of the Bank for the continued

During his first visit to St Kitts
and Nevis, Secretary General
Noble identified additional ways
that the citizens of St Kitts and
Nevis as well as citizens of the
entire region could benefit from
INTERPOL travel document
holders having standard visa
requirements waived in order for
them upon request to respond
more quickly to any needs of the
country or region.
Photo # 1 left to right -
National Security Advisor, Dr.
Norgen Wilson; INTERPOL
Secretary General, Mr. Robert
Noble; St. Kitts and Nevis Prime
Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L.
Douglas; Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of National Security,
Hon. Sam Condor and Permanent
Secretary in the Ministry of
National Security, Mrs. Astona

focus on the core mandate of the
bank in promoting sustainable
economic development and
reducing poverty," said Prime
Minister Douglas.
He said that the Bank's
Audited Statement of
Comprehensive Income indicates
that despite the financial and
economic difficulties of 2009, the
Bank was able to return operating
income before adjustment for
derivatives and foreign exchange
translation for the year of $30.4
million and $22.2 million after the
"I believe that the Bank has
shown excellent stewardship and
therefore the requested and
subsequently approved General
Capital Increase is indeed justified
in light of the performance of the
institution and the needs of the
borrowing Member Countries,"
said Prime Minister Douglas.
He expressed thanks to CDB's
Vice President Brompton for his
sterling services over the years
and congratulated the President,
Dr. Compton Bourne in particular,
on his leadership of change and
also the management and staff of
the Bank for a commendable


4 TI

irl i" I

The Decent Work Agenda

the economic threats
Just recently the Department of Labour in collaboration with the
Caribbean Sub-regional Office of the International Labour Organisation
(ILO) conducted a two-day workshop on the formulation of a Decent
Work Agenda for the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis.
This is part of the ILO'S Campaign to promote awareness of Decent
Work globally and it has accordingly allocated funds to focus on this
concept in the Caribbean region.
Basically, what came out of this workshop is an agreement between
the stakeholders who attended, to embark on a programme of education,
lobbying for legislative action, and social dialogue to ensure that the
Federation attains and maintains an acceptable level of decent work in
accordance with international standards.
The Decent Work Agenda is based on four main considerations,
being provision of jobs, security of rights at work, bolstered by the
relevant legislative framework, social protection, and social dialogue.
Over the last two years we have been made painfully aware of how
dangerous is the economic threat to our enjoyment of decent work, as
the world was plunged into an economic depression. Millions of workers
were thrown out of work globally, giant financial institutions collapsed
or required bail outs, and governments were challenged to their limits to
stem the plunge to financial and social disaster.
At the individual level, you may have experienced job loss, or been
faced with imminent lay off. You may have been told that you had to
work less hours, which meant a reduction in take home pay an alternative
to being sent home altogether. You may have been told that you could
not receive a bonus, nor an increase in pay, because the company was
hard hit financially.
You may have had to forego an improvement in your workplace
aesthetics. That work room which needed a facelift, that long promised
cafeteria which had to be postponed again, the training sessions which
had to be put on hold, the improvement in the ventilation system, other

OAS Launches Project

for Biofuels

Development in

The Organization of American States (OAS), through its Department
of Sustainable Development, today launched in Jamaica a project that
supports the development and implementation of biofuels policies and
programs in the Caribbean country.
The initiative-Technical Assistance for Biofuels Development and
Policy Support in Jamaica-seeks to establish a strong legal and
regulatory framework for a vibrant liquid biofuels industry, facilitate the
sharing of perspectives among the respective stakeholders and advise
on appropriate technologies.
"The OAS is committed to supporting Jamaica in the articulation of
a sustainable bioenergetic policy," said Francisco Burgos, OAS Specialist
on Energy and Sustainable Development. "In this sense, the initiative
we launched today seeks to strengthen the country's experience in the
production of biofuels, placing special emphasis on the social, economic
and environmental aspects that said industry demands."
The OAS is a partner organization in the U.S.-Brazil Bilateral
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Biofuels Cooperation.
Currently, this regional organization helps to implement partnership
activities in the third-party countries that are beneficiaries of the said
agreement, including Jamaica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti,

aspects affecting safety and
health, may all have suffered
setbacks as a result.
Then there was the threat to
international transport as airlines
folded up, or cut back on flight
schedules with its consequent
impact on hotel reservations, taxi
operators and other aspects of the
hospitality industry. Tourism is
one of the most vulnerable sectors
to economic downturn and
accompanying high prices of oil
and other commodities.
There is also the impact on the
availability of Financial Direct
Investment (FDI). This is the
investment money which fuels the
introduction and development of
large projects in the country. As
this dries up, so does the creation
of new jobs, one of the planks of
Decent Work. Ongoing projects
may be halted before their
completion, throwing hundreds
out of work. The promised income
generation would be delayed, thus
burdening the country further in
repayments of interest and capital
for which there is no income.
That burden must be met by

Guatemala, Honduras and St. Kitts
and Nevis.
The OAS also supports other
sustainable energy activities in the
Caribbean, such as the Caribbean
Sustainable Energy Program
(CSEP) for the development of
national energy policies and
implementation measures (in
Antigua and Barbuda, the
Bahamas, Dominica, Grenada, St.
Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St.
Vincent and the Grenadines), and
the Eastern Caribbean Geothermal
Project (Geo-Caraibes), which
supports assessment and market
conditioning for the development
of geothermal power in Dominica,
St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Lucia.
The project's launching was
held today in the Banquet Hall of
the Office of the Jamaican Prime
Minister at Jamaica House,
Kingston, with the participation of
Francisco Burgos; James
Robertson, Jamaica's Minister of
Energy and Mining; and Hillary
Alexander, Permanent Secretary in
Jamaica's Ministry of Energy and


the worker, whether by direct or indirect taxation and also in the denial of
improvement in housing, health and infrastructure.
The recent Labour Party National Annual Conference was addressed
by the eminent Caribbean Scholar, Professor Neville Duncan. His message
was that the economic downturn from which the world is trying to recover
is not a one off occurrence. There is every likelihood that it could be
repeated time and time again, over the next few years.
"I am not a prophet" he said, "My predictions are based on analysis
of the evidence that is available out there in the market place".
It was a message that needed receptive ears. Receptive ears of the
Leadership of the Labour Party which is governing the country for a
fourth historic term, and the receptive ears of the ordinary members in
the conference assembly who represent the workforce of this country,
and who will be most impacted by any further adverse economic
conditions which develop in the world.
He did not end his message there. He went on to explain some of the
measures which have to be put in place to ensure that we in this country
and in the Caribbean generally, can survive the worse effects of any
future economic downturn.
He referred to the elements of the decent work agenda, the need to
create and protect jobs, the need for legislative reform, the need for the
creation and the bolstering of safety nets for social protection, and the
value of social dialogue as a tool to enhance our competitive place in the
He stressed that one of our most urgent responses as a people, to
our current economic circumstances, was increased productivity in the
Our high external debt and that of other countries in the region to
whom we are intimately linked made us highly vulnerable during any
economic downturn or disastrous occurrence.
It is therefore imperative that at an individual level, we begin to effect
behavioral change and make a mental adjustment to our usual way of
doing things.
As we aspire to hold our own in the global market place and to build
a strong nation, preserving and enhancing the legacy left by our past
heroes, let us take heed and make the adjustment.
Let us help our admirable Prime Minister and his Colleagues, who
have done such a wonderful job in shielding the majority of our workforce
from the worst effects of the economic downturn so far. Let us do
ourselves a favour as workers, the salt of the earth, to keep our heads
above the tumultuous waves.

Colombian and Panamanian Human
Rights Records Hinder Free Trade
* Panama and Colombia's human rights records are poor and will defy cosmetic
* Obama's credibility will be on the line if he tries to distort reality in order to
justify that conditions are right for a Free Trade Agreement to be implemented.
* President Obama voted before against a Free Trade Agreement and should do
it again.
In 2004, the Bush Administration, with great concentration, rammed
through the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), solidifying
a free market pact between the United States and the countries of Costa Rica,
El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.
The United States Congress is currently considering the ratification of
legislation to extend similar free trade agreements (FTAs) to Colombia and
Panama. Two FTA measures, the Trade Promotion Agreement and the
Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act, are currently facing gridlock in the
U.S. Congress, with their outcome still in doubt. The proposed agreements
continue to stir political, social and economic unrest in the affected nations as
different parties and groups clash over such issues as sustainable economic
growth, along with development and acceptable human rights standards.
The bills introducing the formation of individual FTAs between the United
States and two of its trading partners, Colombia and Panama, were first
drafted between the BushAdministration and the presidents of their respective
countries, and have experienced prolonged delays. In Washington, the remaining
FTAs are mainly being blocked by Democratic legislators. Representative
Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ), a proponent of the FTAs, reintroduced the
bills with no co-sponsors on December 16, 2009, after which it was referred
to the House Ways and Means Committee. The Colombian Congress already
has acted on the FTA, which was signed by President Alvaro Uribe in
November 2006 and now only awaits Washington's ratification and the White
House's signature. The FTA with Panama occupies a similar status, having
been ratified by that country's National Assembly on June, 28, 2007. It too
awaits approval from Washington's legislative branches.

*low 86 452* Email: [ku

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010 5
Ii Ii

Boundaries did not have to

change to defeat PAM for

fourth consecutive time,

says PM Douglas

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, MAY 17TH 2010 (CUOPM) St. Kitts and Nevis' Prime
Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas says the recent overwhelming re-electionvictory of his
St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party to a fourth consecutive term in government "is a clear
demonstration of the faith of our people in the ability of Labour to stick to its mandate for
social and economic change, and the satisfaction of our people with the outstanding
results that we have achieved in the midst of an ocean of economic problems and
developmental challenges of global origins and dimensions."
I am persuaded that the true test of the relevance and appeal of a political party is firstly,
its ability to mobilise and motivate its supporters, and secondly to attract young people to
its cause, as it executes its campaign for General Elections. On both counts we completely
overwhelmed the competition. It was with great pride, I watched the young people of this
country rally behind Labour in huge numbers in their thousands, and take positions of
leadership in the campaign. I salute the young people for the role they played in the last
general election," said Dr. Douglas, the National Political Leader of the Labour Party at the
party's 78th Annual National Conference on Sunday at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.
Dr. Douglas told hundreds of delegates that he was enthused by the great energy,
passion and zeal demonstrated by Labour supporters night after night in a campaign that
was prolonged by the series of legal challenges initiated by PAM.
"I have no doubt these lengthy court battles emanated from PAM's lack of confidence
in its ability to face up to Labour in free and fair General Elections that were being held for
the first time under a reformed and modernized electoral system, which required the
production of personal ID's by voters and prevented double voting and other similar
fraudulent practices associated with the old electoral system brought into being by the
PAM Administration in 1984," said the Prime Minister.
Dr. Douglas said: "Even as they trembled in fear at the prospects of facing the popular
and progressive Labour Party, they went about this country telling people that the opposition
was going to win the Elections. They also filled the air waves with propaganda of all sorts,
aimed at convincing the international community that a victory by PAM was imminent."
I often wondered which St. Kitts and Nevis they were speaking about, because" the sea
of 'RED' that pervaded our towns and villages during the campaign and the mammoth
labour crowds made it very clear from early in the campaign that PAM with its paltry
following, had little or no chance of forming the Government. Hence, I doubt very much
that anybody in St. Kitts and Nevis was genuinely surprised that PAM was duly and
definitively defeated for the fourth consecutive time," said the Labour Party leader.
Dr. Douglas noted that since their utter defeat, PAM has been saying that the result of
the General Elections was close.
"Comrades and friends, PAM barely mustered 40% of the votes in St. Kitts, compared
to Labour's massive 60%," said Prime Minister Douglas as he ripped into the months of
court action by the PAM to prevent new electoral boundaries from being used in the 2010
"The electoral boundaries in St. Kitts that were put in place by PAM have been so
rigged and gerrymandered that Labour would always have to get close to 60% of the votes
in St. Kitts to have any chance of getting more seats than PAM in St. Kitts. That is why the
electoral boundaries are their 'holy grail'. That is why they fought so hard in the courts to
prevent the establishment of fair boundaries that would have brought greater equality to
the constituencies, as required by our Constitution," said Prime Minister Douglas, who
"That is why the attainment of four consecutive terms in office by Labour is so

(cont'd on page 6)

St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Hon. Dr Denzil L. Douglas addresses a mammoth
crowd shortly after being sworn in as Prime Minister for a fourth consecutive term
(photo by Erasmus Williams)



Suitably qualified persons are invited to apply to fill the post of
Financial Controller at the National Housing Corporation, East Park
Range, Basseterre, St Kitts.

Applicants must possess:
Either a Master's Degree in Accounting or a Professional
Certificate in Accounting or its equivalent
At least ten (10) years experience in the field of Accounting
At least five(5) years experience in a managerial position

The successful applicant will be responsible to the General Manager
of the Corporation for the proper performance of his/her duties, which
will include:
Managing the Accounts Department at the National Housing
Producing monthly Financial Statements to assist
Management's planning and decision-making
Producing Annual Audited Financial Statements
Being responsible for the accurate and timely
maintenance of the Corporation's Accounting System
Being responsible for the control and safe-keeping of the
Corporation's assets
Any other related duties as required by the job function

Salary will commensurate with qualification and experience,
within the Corporation's salary scale.

The following documents must be submitted:
Letter of Application
Curriculum Vitae
Two (2) recent letters of reference
Certified copies of certificates

All documents must be submitted to:
The General Manager
National Housing Corporation
East Park Range
St Kitts

Interested persons should apply no later that June 7th, 2010.


Dinner with PM Douglas

to benefit Save the

Children's Newborn and

Child Survival initiative
BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, MAY 18TH (CUOPM) Atrip to St. Kitts and Nevis and
dinner with Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas is one of the prizes to be auctioned
at the Third Annual Celebration of Hope in Connecticut on Thursday 20th May.
According to the, the event orgainsed by the Save the Children's
Greenwich Leadership Council will honor actor, writer and philanthropist, Matt Damon, and
Philip H. Geier Jr. author, philanthropist, business consultant and Save the Children trustee.
The benefit will be hosted by Ann Curry, NBC's Today Show and Dateline anchor.

I~ j

The Labour Spokesman
Other guests include NBC's Al Roker, Hoda
Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager.
The event will benefit Save the
Children's Newborn and Child Survival
There will be both a live and silent
auction, which will include a trip to St. Kitts
and Nevis and dinner with Prime Minister

Douglas, dinner for 12 at Mario Batali's
world-renowned Babbo restaurant, and the
opportunity to travel with Save the Children
to see the agency's programs in Mali, Africa
The benefit, at the Hyatt Regency in
Greenwich, will begin with a cocktail
reception at 6, followed by dinner and the
programme at 7:30.

Lr Constituency #7 of the
.... St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party
wilt be holding

A Take-Away Dinner
oa the Edgar Gilbert Pov11ton, Molineoux
Saturday, 22nd Moy, 2010 of 4:30 p.m.



A. D. 2010


St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Hon. Dr Denzil L. Douglas (Photo by Erasmus

Boundaries did not have to

change to defeat PAM ........

(cont'd from page 5)

commendable. It has been achieved despite the inequities, unfairness and bias of the
electoral system designed and implemented by PAM in 1984 to prolong and solidify their
hold on the reins of power in this country."
Dr. Douglas said the victory by the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party demonstrates "very
convincingly that we do not have to change up the boundaries to defeat PAM."
"We have defeated them on four consecutive occasions with the same boundaries that
they so skilfully put in place in 1984 to keep Labour out of office. It is clear that our people
do not trust the leadership of PAM. They do not believe that PAM cares about the interest
of the majority of us," said Dr. Douglas.
He said that many in the business community were truly terrified at the prospects of
bringing into office a party that is totally elitist and that could give special privileges and
unfair advantages to a single large business that is completely wrapped up in the power
structures of that party and may in fact exercise complete control and dominance over the
party if it were ever to get into power.
"Nobody truly believes that such a party could act in the best interest of all the people
of our country, St. Kitts and Nevis," said Prime Minister Douglas, who noted that the
people know from experience that Labour is the party of the people.
"They understand that we don't discriminate against any of the people or businesses
of this country. They appreciate that Labour works overtime to lift people out of poverty
and give them the opportunity to create wealth for themselves opportunities that they
never ever had before," said Dr. Douglas.
"They look around our Federation and see the children of poor people who, having
grasped the helping hand of successive Labour Governments, now distinguishing
themselves as lawyers, doctors, contractors, businessmen, accountants, farmers and other
professionals. Indeed many of the lavish mansions we see on our hillsides around St. Kitts
and Nevis belong to our own people who have taken advantage of the opportunities for
education and entrepreneurship provided by your Labour Party, and we are proud of them.
We continue to embrace them as an integral part of our party," said Dr. Douglas.
He emphasised that the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party is not a party of poor people only.
"We also embrace and welcome to our fold, every Kittitian and Nevisian who, through hard
work and discipline, earn income, make profits, create wealth and contribute to nation-
building in a constructive and very positive way. We are a party committed to the creation
of a fair and just society in which all people, from all walks of life, are empowered tojoin the
mainstream of social and economic advancement so that they may truly feel a sense of
belonging and fraternity in this beloved country of ours," said Prime Minister Douglas.



The Property described below will be offered for sale by The Registrar of The Supreme
Court by public auction at The Judicial and Legal Complex. East Independence Square.
Bassetere. St Kitts on Thursday the i9 day of 2010, at r
o'clock in the afternoon.
The successful bidder will be required to pay at the time of sale a deposit of one fourth of
his accepted bid and the balance within one month from the day of sale.
Possession of the property will be given to the purchaser on payment of the deposit
Any taxes due on the said property must be paid by the Purchaser.
The Purchaser will, after payment in full of the purchase price, obtain from the High Court
of Justice. a Certificate of Title to the property.
The Property will be available for inspection prior to the date of sale by appointment with
the Registrar of The Supreme Court.

ALL THAT lot piece or parcel of land situate at Lodge Estate in the Parish of St.
Mary In the Island of Saint Christopher and bounded and measuring as follows, that
is to say:- On or towards the North West by Lodge Estate 182.0 feet; On or towards
the North East by the Island Main Road, 70.00 feet; On or towards the South West
by a Development Road 74.76 feet and On or towards the South East by the Lodge
Estate, 208.40 feet and containing by admeasurement 13,660.04 square feet; all as
the same is described in a Certificate of Title dated the 18"h day of December 1998 and
registered in Book X2 Folio 445 of the Register of Titles of the Island of Saint Christopher
in favour of VALLEY SOUTHWELL and SUSAN SOUTHWELL both of Lodge Estate in
the Island of Saint Christopher as registered proprietors thereof.

The upset price for the above land and building thereon shall be ECS903,662.00

Dated the dayof 1




The Members of PAM are full

of childish and silly excuses

Do the leaders of the PAM
party work for the Devil or for
Good? And what about the Editor
and Staff of the Democrat; Do
they work for the Devil or for
Good? Since 1995 and evenbefore
that year; well-intentioned
observers have been asking those
same questions.
The official, legal designation
for the first Monday in May is
LABOUR DAY, yet in spite of that
the PAM party took it upon itself,


during the period 1980 to 1995, to
call the first Monday in May, MAY
DAY ratherthanLABOUR DAY
Within recent times PAM has
taken to calling LABOUR DAY by
another false name that is
WORKERS' DAY. It is true that
LABOUR DAY is a day set aside
to celebrate all workers, but
WORKERS DAY is not the proper

or the legal name for the first
Monday in May.
PAM has no excuse for not
calling the first Monday in May
by its proper name which is
LABOUR DAY. PAM was formed
in 1965 and a good many years
before then the first Monday in
May had been celebrated as
Labour Day in St. Kitts-Nevis and
It is childish, silly and shameful
for a political party which prides

itself on its love for the law and its
commitment to honesty and truth
to be misleading people in such a
fashion. A number of persons have
been wondering what else PAM
has been doing to fool and mislead
unsuspecting people.
The first Monday in May has
been celebrated as Labour Day in
St. Kitts-Nevis and Anguilla since
the days when we were ruled by a
Colonial Administrator and a
Colonial Governor. So no one can
truthfully accuse the Labour Party
Government of establishing a day
to promote its own partisan
political interests.
It is plain to see that the PAM
party is jealous and envious

because there is a day on our
calendar named LABOUR DAY
and no day that is named PAM
DAY. But that is not the fault of
the Labour Party. That situation
has nothing to do with the Labour
Party. Just as PAM is calling
Labour Day MAY DAY just so
PAM can call the 10th of June,
But PAM has an option.
During the days leading up to the
10th of June, 1967, the Democrat
newspaper published a leaflet or a
circular letter which was
distributed to sugar estates and
business places in Basseterre. The

(cont'd on page 9)

Soar to new heights*

Closing Date: Friday May

28, 2010

Recruitment Drive 2010

About Our Firm:
PricewaterhouseCoopers is the leading professional
services organisation worldwide and in the
Caribbean. More than 163,000 people in 151
countries connect their thinking, experience and
solutions. Our East Caribbean Firm includes offices
in St. Kitts-Nevis, Antigua, Barbados, British Virgin
Islands and St. Lucia.

Graduate Opportunities
Our Firm is always on the lookout for talent bright
young people with ambitions. This year, we have
opportunities available for graduates to join our
Assurance/Audit practice.

Upon joining, we provide financial and study leave
support to staff pursuing professional designations
offered by the Association of Chartered Certified
Accountants (ACCA) and the Certified Public
Accountants (CPA).

Minimum Requirements for Application:
* Recently obtained or about to complete an
honours degree in Accounting or a related field
from a recognized university.
* Good oral and written communications skills,
* Demonstrated organizational skills (planning,
* Excellent interpersonal skills

How to apply:
Submit cover letter, resume, and transcript:

* Via email to iefferson.hunte( -
Subject Line: Graduate Recruitment 2010.
*Mail to : Mr. Jefferson Hunte
Cnr Bank St. & W. Independence Sq.
P.O. Box 1038,
St. Kitts, W.I.



Ike Labour Spokesman


By Mutryce A. Williams

When I moved to the Falls I embraced the 'non-islandism,' one Caribbean mentality that
was being indoctrinated by the Caribbean Student Organization.
Don't get me wrong, I learnt that even though we may have our differences, as a region,
we have a lot more in common than we actually think. Whilst doing this however I realized
that I was also losing pieces of me. I had become a melting pot of various things and for
someone who had never set foot in Grenada or St. Lucia I could give you plenty details
about the Carenage, St. David's, St. Patrick's, Gros Islet, Dennery and Castries.
I could give you the Grenadian Revolution play for play and instead of going 'around
the bend,' I would be going 'aroung the bend." Somebody was always, kickingng' There
were the injections of the 'Oui,' and 'Garcon.'And to add insult to injury, a little bit of Texan
got filtered in, because there were times, I wouldbe 'fixin' to do something or go somewhere.
My accent and language had become so coloured that there was hardly an essence of
the 'Kitti-St.Paulian' to be found in me and although I knew and shared my history just as
my friends shared theirs, I was out numbered and eventually without truly realizing it at the
time I assimilated into a mix these varied and rich cultures.
I decided that I had to redefine myself, define me for me, however try with all my mite not
to lose that rich 'Kitti-St. Paulianess' that was indoctrinated in me and I when I returned
home I decided to re-cultivate it. A few years later I found myself at a cross roads when I
migrated and not only reunited with my circle of friends, but also added a new dimension of
African friends to the melee.
By the end of my stint in Irving I could give you both sides of the Mugabe argument,
had attended several brie's, and knew the 'Zim' and Nigerian culture inside out and again
the vocabulary had become tainted.
These were great experiences and I have many great and lasting friendships as a result
but they have also left me with a longing to hold on to what is true, that need to not lose my
culture, that need to not lose my heritage, that need to bottle the uniqueness of my
upbringing and carry it with me wherever I go and never let it get drowned out by anyone
or anything There was that need to hold on to my language, although some may consider
my native dialect to be 'backward.'
I can recall the negative comments about the way in which people who hailed from my
side of the island spoke. I was always asked, "Why do country people speak so badly?"
Other questions fielded were, "You not shame to tell people where you from?"
Then there were the comments, "I could see why your mother send you school in town,
so that you could be between people who speak proper English and not adopt that backward
talk." Little did they know that my mother, who was born, raised, educated and taught in St.
Paul's spoke perfect or should I say immaculate English!
I have had people remark, "Why, for somebody who is from that part of the island, she
speaks good English," as if this was some sort of anomaly. I have even had people ask me
if I can understand the 'dialect' as they defined which I have politely smiled and
replied, "I don't speak like this all the time, I only talk this way so that you can understand
me." Some people find my response a bit cheeky but it is the truth.
I had a friend remark once, "You stay there think you know her, the second she jump off
that bus, you would think is a different person that there, you would be surprised that you
can't understand one word that she says. I don't know why she doesn't throw way that
backward talk, because it doesn't sound good," to this and all of the other comments I
simply smile.
There is and has been this belief that people who speak dialect are unrefined and
uneducated. Over the years society has been telling us that this is the practice of the
ignorant. We have been told that it makes us sound 'backward.' This has caused many of
us to try our best to remove every hint of dialect from our lexis. I say that there is perfectly
nothing wrong with speaking dialect, one just ought to be able to switch, as there is a time
and place for everything. I often explain that while the English language has so many
exquisite words, there are some words and expressions that are more expressive when said
in my native dialect.
One can't help but wonder whether the following expressions would have the same
impact if they were said in Standard English. The expressions are "stone moderation dress,
donkey aint got no call in horse race, a going go buss a lime, you like pung story eh, me
mouth no join church, boy you no easy, monkey know which limb to jump pon, day run till
night catch it, time longer than twine, you eye too long, me no going cut me nose to spoil
me face, take little and live long, you a take from Peter to pay Paul, me rest she at the foot
of the cross, a one warbeing that there, well wait you pull de devil tail no, dress over, no jam
me up, take you mouth off a me pickney, learn to cut you eye, all you look me sin and trouble
ya now, me arm peets, look me wuk ya, wha eye no see heart no grieve, you only see fowl
bottom when wind blow, Parson christen he pickney first?"
A few days ago while reminiscing on old times with some friends, one of them was
recounting what he referred to as a 'sweet, sweet' argument that he had witnessed while
growing up in the village.
In this argument two women were giving each other "some hard, hard word!"
He ended by saying, "Boy, you know everything mash up, when Jane tell Sue, HA."
There was a state of shock or disbelief among us. But we knew that with the utterance of
that two letter word Jane had won the argument.
You see each village, area or country have a dialect that is unique to it, and in this era
instead of hoping that the practice of speaking in one's colloquial tongue dissipates,
maybe we ought to research the origin of these unique coinages.

The Labour Spokesman

I for one would like to
know how that two letter
word, a word that is known
throughout the English
world to be associated with
merriment or laughter, is a
term of endearment, the
worst form of 'bad word'
even in the village of St.
Paul's where I grew up.
A child may avoid
punishment for sucking his
or her teeth, but if he or she
utters that two letter word,
he or she would surely be
severely reprimanded. I
have seen many of my
playmates receive a 'proper
washing out' for using that
If one was loitering and
a sibling brought the
message that mother


requested his or her
presence at home
immediately and this
request was being ignored,
as one was having a great
deal of fun, all the
messenger would have to
say to get a quick response
is, "a going go tell Ma you
say HA!" "A could tell you,
everything done one time!"
The child would sprint
home as fast as he or she
could before that sibling got
there, because Ma would
not want to know whether it
was true or not, "the licks
would start one time."
Over the years I have
had people comment on the
use of dialect or colloquial
expressions in some of my
articles. I have heard, "You

writing in the papers, you
can't put some things a little
better or put it in the proper
English, is not like you don't
know any better." My
response normally is, "but
this is how I speak, this is
how the majority of the
people I know speak, I am
not writing an academic or a
scholarly piece which is to
be graded, I am just writing
what's on my mind." We
ought to realize that our
language, our expressions
are what makes us uniquely
us. The moment we do away
with them in favour of the
standardized norm we are
not only killing our identity,
we are killing our culture.

A. 0. 2010



- Respondents

The Property described below will be offered for sale by The Registrar of The Supreme
Court by public auction at The Judicial and Legal Complex. East independence Square,
Basseterre. StKitts, on Thursday the day of t d 2010. at
o'clock in the afternoon.
The successful bidder will be required to pay at the time of sale a deposit of one fourth of
his accepted bid and the balance within one month from the day of sale-
Possession of the property will be given to the purchaser on payment of the deposit.
Any taxes due on the said property must be paid by the Purchaser.
The Purchaser will, after payment in full of the purchase price, obtain from the High Court
of Justice, a Certificate of Title to the property.
The Property will be available for Inspection prior to the date of sale by appointment with
the Registrar of The Supreme Court.
ALL THAT lot piece or parcel of land with building thereon known as Lot No. 60 of
Stadium View Housing Development in the Parish of Saint Anne, in the Island of
Saint Christopher, containing by admeasurement 7,196.91 square feet and bounded
and measuring as follows:- On or towards the North North-West by Lot No. 61,79.98
feet; On or towards the East North-East by Lot No. 58, 90.00 feet; On or towards the
South South-East by a Public Road, 70.00 feet; and On or towards the West South-
West by a Public Road, 80.00 feet; and On or towards the South South-West by a
Public Road, 13.98 feet; all as the same is described in a Certificate of Title dated the
20" day of December 2002 and registered In Book B3, Folio 570 of the Register of
Titles of the Island of Saint Christopher In favour of MONSELL SAUNDERS and
ANASTACIA SAUNDERS both The Alley, in the town of Sandy Point, In the Island of
Saint Christopher as registered proprietors tiereof
The upset price for the above land shall be EC$517,877.00

Dated the dayof 2010

f...S F .E -.. 2...... ....


St. Kitts and Nevis has expressed condolences on the recent plane
crash in Tripoli, which left 92 passengers and the 11-member crew
"In this time of mourning, the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis
sympathies with and extends heartfelt condolences to the
Government and people of Libya as they endeavor to cope with
the aftermath of this situation, said Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil
L. Douglas in his message to the President Colonel Muamamar
AbuAl Qaddafi.
Dr. Douglas added that St. Kitts and Nevis empathises at this time of
difficulty with the families who are bereaved.

Photo Debris from the Libyan plane crash

By Th Thnig iie

(cont'd from page 7)

leaflet advised all workers that Monday, June 12, 1967, was designated
as Freedom Day and that no worker should go out to work on that day.
However, as the events of June 10th, 1967, fizzled out like a wet fire-
cracker all talk of Monday the 12th of June as Freedom Day, was quickly
hushed. So PAM has a choice. The party can designate either June 10th
or June 12th as PAM Day. The PAM party should select its own day and
stop hurting up its head concerning Labour Day.
The question naturally arises: What did PAM know then that the
Labour Party Government did not know? Why did PAM and the Democrat
advise all workers not to go out to work on Monday June 12th, 1967?
Who was going to pay all the workers for the one-day holiday?
St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the only CARIOCM country with a
public holiday named MAY DAY. All the other CARICOM Countries
have a public holiday named LABOUR DAY. But it should be noted that
PAM is the only political party in CARICOM that calls the Labour Day
public holiday, May Day. And in St. Kitts-Nevis a number of individuals,
organizations and religious denominations have been following PAM in
the habit of calling LABOUR DAYby the name MAY DAY. The Church
should lead by setting the proper example.
What is sad though is that the Leader of the CCM/PAM Coalition
always finds time to criticise and condemn our dearly beloved Prime
Minister for the flimsiest of reason and for some trivial thing.
For instance the Prime Minister is reported to have said that he "is
ten men in one." The Leader of the CCM/PAM Coalition has criticised
the Prime Minister for that. PAM is calling LABOUR DAY by another
name that is May Day and not a word can we hear from the Leader of the
CCM/PAM Opposition concerning that. Neither have we heard from
him concerning the caper of the leader of the PAM party at the Marriott
Hotel a couple of Sundays ago.
The statement of the Prime Minister is a simple, personal, innocuous
expression which damages or abuses no one. The Prime Minister was
not making a major policy statement when he uttered the remarks in
question. That statement is an example of Freedom of Expression within
the law. Surely no one should try to curtail our Prime Minister's right to
Freedom of Expression within the law.
However, we see it over and over again in Politics, where some public
figures lay claims to certain rights and privileges which they are not
willing to extend to others. In short, they believe that all politicians are
equal, but some are more equal than others.

"We wish the Government and
people of Libya strength as they
continue to address this grave
situation," said Dr. Douglas.
A nine-year old Dutch boy was
the only survivor on the A-330
Airbus Afriqiyah Airways plane.

More than half of the
passengers, 62, were vacationers
from the Netherlands who were
traveling home from South Africa.
Travelers from nearly 10 other
countries were on the
Johannesburg-to-Tripoli flight.

Most had plans to travel on to
Libyan officials are
investigating the cause of the
crash but they have ruled out

Lsr.KmA75 Am7jA 7

TDC Group of Companies Michael L. King Scholarship Grant

The TDC Group of Companies is now inviting applications from the public for the
Michael L. King Scholarship Grant.
The Scholarship is intended to assist students who are desirous of pursuing University studies.
The award is open to:
Citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis who are normally resident in the Federation and intend to return
to the Federation after completion of their course of study;
Persons who have been accepted to pursue full time University level studies or who are already
pursuing studies. Letters of acceptance from the University in the Faculty in which he/she
intends to pursue studies must be presented;
TENURE One (1) Calendar Year
VALUE USD$5,000.00
NOTE Employees of the TDC Group or its related Companies are not eligible to apply.
For further information call 1869)-465-2511 or visit:
TDC Human Resources Department, Fort Street, Basseterre
TDC General Office, Pinney's Industrial Estate, Charlestown, Nevis

Applications along with two (2) testimonials and a personal essay must be received by
Friday June 11th 2010 and should be sent to:

The Chairperson
Michael L King Scholarship Grant
P. O. Box 142
Fort Street



The management of the Cockleshell Bay Development is requesting the
general public's assistance in maintaining the sustainability of
Cockleshell Bay beach. Currently there is regularly a high volume of
motorized vehicles on the sand, which is causing the beach to deteriorate
and is compromising the well-being of marine and wild life. In order to do
save the beach, it must be kept free of motorized vehicles.

The management of Cockleshell Bay will provide public parking on its
land to accommodate the parking requirements for all beach goers only a
short walking distance from the water. We are asking for your support in
keeping the Cockleshell Bay Beach at its highest standards for the
enjoyment of the people of St. Kitts & Nevis and visitors that come to the

The Management,
Cockleshell Bay Development

Please forward enquiries to:
Cockleshell Bay Development,
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Ike Labour Spokesman

- NEWS -

St. Kitts and Nevis is

moving forward

by Willa Franks-Liburd

Let me join others in wishing the
current ruling party and the government
of St. Kitts and Nevis best wishes for
the future and commend them on the
outcome of their recently held Party
Convention. I should also add that I had
the good fortune to have had Professor
Neville Duncan, the Guest Speaker at
the Convention, as my lecturer in a
course I took in Politics during my first
year at the University of the West
Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados
many years ago. He was much admired
and respected even then.
I must commend the Labour Party
for its steadfastness and for showing a
level of confidence, wisdom and unity
of purpose in endorsing within its own
house what the wider public indicated
in the recent elections.
In the recent elections, the electorate
of St. Kitts and Nevis gave the St. Kitts
and Nevis ruling Labour Party a solid
endorsement by giving it the necessary
number of seats (with some to spare)
to form the present government.
Moreover, the Party itself won an
overwhelming majority of the popular
vote with 60% of the votes in St. Kitts.
The Leader of the Party who remained
as Prime Minister won his own seat by
an overwhelming majority of votes at
the polls.
Let us compare this with the results
of the recent elections held in the United
Kingdom under the same Westminster
style system which many countries in
the British Commonwealth, including St.
Kitts and Nevis, have retained to this
day. The ruling British Labour Party at
the time of election did not win enough
seats to form the next government no
single party won a clear majority of the
650 seats. Not only did it get less seats
than its rival Conservatives, but it also
received less of the popular vote than
the Conservatives.
Before the Conservatives ended up
forming the new government, the then
Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, Leader
of the British Labour Party, in a
desperate effort to save his Labour
Party and give it a chance to yet form
the government, offered a couple of
carrots to the third party, the Liberal
Democrats, to entice them to join in a
coalition government, including offering
to step down as Leader of the Labour
Party at the Party's next Convention in
September. That offer was to clear the
way for someone else to take over the
Party Leadership and presumably the
role of Prime Minister should Labour
and the Liberal Democrats form the
government. The Liberal Democrats
rejected the offer and instead ended up
joining the Conservatives to form the
new Coalition government in the UK.

The Prime Minister of the British
Labour Party was making these
concessions because his party had lost;
but he was still hoping that some way
could be found for his Party to form the
next government. Now compare that
to the winning situation of the Labour
Party in St. Kitts and Nevis. What type
of a Party would change the winning
team in such a situation? None,
anywhere! Ifintwo or three years' time
the Prime Minister and the St. Kitts and
Nevis Labour Party see fit for the Party
to change its leadership to ensure a fifth
consecutive victory at the polls, then
that's another matter. But it would
certainly have been foolish for the Party
to change its leadership within only 3
months of its convincing victory at the
polls this year.
Back to the British Labour Party.
Several years ago, former Prime
Minister Tony Blair, after a while as
Prime Minister, had been under pressure
to step down as Leader of the British
Labour Party in favour of Gordon
Brown who was seen as the guru/
intellectual power house behind the
resuscitation of the Labour Party after
its defeat to the Conservatives several
years earlier and a financial wizard. But
Tony Blair was the one with the
With the personal public popularity
of Tony Blair and the Labour Party
being in a winning streak, Tony Blair was
able to hold off Gordon Brown and his
supporters, until the Iraq intervention
fiasco which the majority of British did
not support. The British public showed
their displeasure clearly when Labour
lost a number of seats at the following
elections, while still retaining enough to
form the government. About two years
after those elections, Tony Blair
eventually stepped down and handed
over to Gordon Brown. What is the
result? What we now see. Gordon
Brown was not even able to win one
election as Prime Minister and leader
of the British Labour Party. That is the
reality and nature of politics in a
democratic system.
Interestingly, the St. Kitts and Nevis
Labour Party several years ago went
through what the British Labour Party
is now going through, with the "fall guy"
being the late Sir Lee Moore. It might
be useful for other political parties in St.
Kitts and Nevis to take note of that, if
they want to stand a chance of
rebounding enough to take over the reins
of government again in the near future.
With all due respect to Mr.
Washington Archibald and a handful of
others who are trying to promote a
radically different way forward, their
views alone cannot persuade an
intelligent electorate to go their way.
The electorate of St. Kitts and Nevis, I


The Labour Spokesman
am sure, understand well the situation
at home. If these messengers have not
been able to persuade the electorate to
vote the way they wanted them to vote,
then that's their problem.
One can argue that either the
message was not convincing or
persuasive enough and/or the
messengers lacked sufficient credibility
in the eyes of the general public. The
electorate was either satisfied enough
with whom they had and/or were not
persuaded that the alternative was a
sufficiently satisfactory one. Of course,
as some argue, perhaps the electorate
is simply dumb, stupid and duped. I am
sure the electorate does not take kindly
to that view.
Now imagine that one of the
messengers is now calling for the United
States, itself struggling with its own

A. D. 2010



The Property described below will be offered for sale by The Registrar of The Supreme
Court by public auction at The Judicial and Legal Complex, East Independence Square.
Basseterre. St Kitts, on Thursday the 7day of 2010. at
3 o'clock in the afternoon.
The successful bidder will be required to pay at the time of sale a deposit of one fourth of
his accepted bid and the balance within one month from the day of sale.
Possession of the property will be given to the purchaser on payment of the deposit.
Any taxes due on the said property must be paid by the Purchaser.
The Purchaser will, after payment in full of the purchase price, obtain from the High Court
of Justice, a Certificate of Title to the property.
The Property will be available for inspection prior to the date of sale by appointment with
the Registrar of The Supreme Court.

ALL THAT lot of land hereditaments and premises with building thereon situate at
Newton Ground In the Parish of St Paul In the Island of St Christopher containing
by admeasurement 7,483.3 square feet and bounded and measuring as follows:
On the North-East partly by lands occupied by Tryphena Woods, 30.71 feet and
partly by lands occupied by Clive Uoyd, 28.26 feet; On the South-East by an
unpaved Road, 103.81 feet; On the South-West by lands occupied by Anthony
Gerald. 94.60 feet and On the North-West partly by lands occupied by Tryphena
Woods, 59.62 feet and 33.73 feet and partly by lands occupied by Clive Lloyd
19.91 feet; all as the same is described in a Certificate of Title dated the 11" day of May
2001 and registered in Book A3 Folio 189 of the Register of Titles of the Island of Saint
Christopher in favour of CECIL EDWARD "GUS" WILLIAMS of St Peters, in the Island
of Saint Christopher as registered proprietor thereof.

The upset price for the above land shall be EC$145,0000.0

Dated the I 0 dayof )j 2010


economic woes and corrupt politicians
and government officials at various
levels of government, to intervene and
remove the democratically elected
Prime Minister of a peaceful, stable and
economically viable and democratically
progressive country governed by the rule
of law, because he doesn't like him.
What have we come to? I believe that
the sensible people of St. Kitts and
Nevis will continue to reject these
dysfunctional or dare I say simply
"wacky" messages.
Having said all of the above, I believe
the Prime Minister and his team must
continue to govern in a democratic way,
always upholding the rule of law, and with
integrity and equity as cornerstones of their
government. If there are things that need to
be corrected, they should be corrected now.
Best wishes to the Government and
people of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The Labour Spokesman


A.D. 2010

LASALLE BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, as Trustee or ihe benefit of t4 Holders of
Wacdovla Bank Commercial McNtgage Trust Commercial Mortgage Pass-Throgh Certicates
Series 207 -WHALE S by WACHOVIA BAN, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, soely in its capadly
aspedal erer -Applicant



The Propety described below wl be offered for sale by The Registrar of The Supreme Court by public auctie at he Court House,
Charnesiow~ Nes. r Thursday ire 27' oay of May 2010 at 2:00 oclk Irn tp :lemoi l(pm
The successful bidder w I be required to pay al lhe tine of sale a deposit of one fourth of hisilh ts accepted bid and te balae within one
month from Ihe day of sale.
Possession of the property wil be given to he purchaser on payment of the deposit
Any taxes due on the said property aust be paid by the purchaser.
The purchaser i after paiet i fulo te purchase price. dbtan from the Hih Court of Justice, 27 Certcates of Te to the property
"h. p." P:.rr .,-l rx a.aJltle'or n pirt-n n .r t rhe dWa or sale tr iappoiinli rllwthih Regqri oiThe caprns. Coalrt
Trie p aipfrry w te sol a ubFe l~ h lhr. aT ndire co difri's ol ime inlowing jiieEmeri.
i) The OCeratorLnder NonrDisturbance Agrsement daled as of Octob 14, 2005made between Four Seasons Hoels and Resots B.V,
Four Seasons Holels Limiltd Clyon New York Branch and Hmo tl quit Fund V, LLC (a tu and corred copy of which is attached b the
Articles of Satl Hed in the High Court of Juslice), which provides, among olher things, tat the Anmended and Restated Hotel Management
Agreement dated as of November 19, 1996, shalcontinue in full arce and effect after sale n fbreclossre
(i) in r N;r,[iurbanre AqL riPl u Fatilties and Servces) dated asof October 14,2005 ( true andcorrect copy ofwhichis alahed to the
Aries of Sale fled in the High Court of Justice), which provides. among other things, TTel nie F)3t. ara Siirvo es_ urar.i sirerjRi
dated S teier 1,1995 and tre Facilies arid Serices Areemen shal conlireinu fulforce ad ef after sale inl foe re;o and
(ii) "h Nora- rloname grreern iSnemri i ^a A rPa rnemwrn, dale t s ofkber 14,2006 (a5iue and carec copy fa ih as hed
tre Artle, ci Sle red in tIme Hi CGurt ofrjusjiiai wihih poides damig ctrii tings, that the Shared Usage Agreerint, dateld Noember
19,1996, shall contnue in ful force and effed aller sie n foreclosure.

Trhe lolowng twenlty -s F r pacels i land logetlhr mit all ireie i nigeeirier occuled by The Four Seasons Resort) al registered in
he Register of Titles oflhe NevisCircuil favur of the Respondent Hotel Equity Fund V, O as resere g pi thereof-


Land DetMirIton

Register Book 34 Of all that lot piece of land being the remaining portion of lands originally owned by Belmont Beach
Folio 567 Resorts Limited and fomerly parts of ClarksJessups Estate situate in Ihe parish of St. Thomas in the
Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the East by lands of Four Seasons Resort
Estates Ltd 255.37 feet 90.84 feet and 244.00 feet; On the West by lands formerly owned by Nevis
Hotel Development Limited now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, L.L.C 54909 feet, and containing by
admeasurement 14,89.90 square feet
Register Book 34 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land being the remaining portion of lands originally owned by Belmont
Folio 568 Beach Resorts Limited and formerly parts of ClarksdJessups Estate in the parish of St. Thomas in the
Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows- On the North by lands formerly owned by Nevis
Hotel Development Limited now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, LL.C 382.35 feet On the West by
lands formerly owned by Nevis Homli LEuelupmrrenl Liriled now inned tb i-lmre Equity Furd V L L C
103-07 feet and 21.20 feet; On Inc Eas- by lands If Foulr S: so(i F sor ES.ldaes 39 gC leer and 99 0 1
feel; Ci the joutr, t f loias o F :ur Seasons Resort Estates 397.54 feet and 72.05 feet and containing
by admeasurement 21,269.51 square feet
Register Book 34 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land being the remaining portion of lands originally owned by Belmont
Folio 559 Beach Resorts Limited and formerly parts of Clarks/Jessups Estate situate in the parish of St. Thomas
in the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the South by lands formerly owned by
Nevis Hotel Development now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V. L.L.C 223.00 feet 5700 feet, 128.56
feet, 19505 feel, 61.02 feet, 8284 feet, 193.72 feet 435.33 feet and 151.65 feet; On the West by
lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development Limiled now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, L.LC
217.45 feet; On the North by lands of Four Seasons Resort Estates 175.85 feet, 80.87 feet, 184.18
feet. 95.65 feet, 135.65 feet, 216.30 feet and 24.62 feet; Cn mie West ry li i of Four Seascns Resclr
Estates 19471 feel; On the North by lands of Joe Roby 21461 feet and 255.60 feet On he North by
lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, LL.C 101.75
feet On the East by lands foinerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development now owned by Hotel Equity
Fund V, L.L.C 261.00 feet, 103.83 feet, 99 25 feet and containing by admeasurement 251,789 99 sq ft.
Register Book 34 01 all that piece or parcel of land being the remaining portion of lands originally owned b Belmont
Folio 570 Beach Resorts Limited and formerly parts of Clarks/Jessups Estate situate in the parish of St Thomas
in the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the North by lands of Four Seasons
Resort Estates 104.98 feet; On the west by lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development Limited
now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, L.L.C 108.25 feet; On the East by lands formerly owned by Nevis
Hotel Development now owned by Hold Equity Fund V, L.LC 40.34 feet and 38.06 feet; On the South
by lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, L.L.C 88.60
'eel aid co'lcair.ig ty 9 0~ 63 tq h
Register Book 34 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land being the remaining portion of lands originally owned by Belmont
Folio 571 Beach Resorts Lmited and formerly parts of ClarkslJessups Estate situate in the parish of St Thomas
in the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the West by lands of Four Seasons
Resort Estates 171.83 feet On the North by lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development
Limited now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, LL.C 95.66 feet and 151.20 feet and 88.19 feet On the
East by lands of Four Seasons Resort Estates 102.78 feet and 19.11 feet; On the South by lands
formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development Limited now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, LLC 59.94
feet, 153.91 feel a-J 11" 03 f~rl and t; admTeasu.irerCt 16,130.94 sq ft.
Register Book 34 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land being rrc remeainng paii n u1 land ori crginlly owned by Belmont
Folio 572 Beach Resorts Umted and formerly parts of Clarks/essups Estate situate in the parish of St1 Thomas
in the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the North by lands formerly owned by
Nevis Hotel Development Limited now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V. LLC 196.55 feel On the West
by lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development limited now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V,
L.LC 38.75 feet; On the South by lands of Four Seasons Resort Estates 81.09 feet and 138.96 feet
and containing by admeasurement 2,459.02 square feet.
Register Book 34 All lhat lot piece or parcel of land being the remaining portion of lands originally owned by Belmont
Folio 573 Beach Resorts Limited and formerly parts of ClarksiJessups Estate situate in the Parish of St. Thomas
in the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as folKows On the East by lands of Four Seasons
Resorts Estates, 265.45 feet; On the West by lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Developmeni
Limited now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V LLC, 267.57 feet On the South by lands of Pinneys
Investment Company Limited, 46.43 feel; and containing by admeasurement 6,182.91 square feet
Register Book 34 Of all that lot pece or parcel of land being the remaining portion of lands oiginaly owned by Belrnn1
Folio 574 Beach Resorts Limited and formerly parts of :lart S.lessuprs Estate situate in the parish of St. Thomas

in the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the East by lands of Pinneys Investment
Co. Ltd 322.59 feet; On the South by lands of Four Seasons Resort Estates Ltd 232.61 feet; On the
West by lands of Four Seasons Reort Estates Ltd 361.49 feet O the North by lands of Jean Pierre
Chaufour and Elizabeth Chaufour and John Stauss and Ann Stauss and Atlas Gest Inc. 31.03 feet
100,55 feet, 16.95 feet, 85.88 feet, 98.65 feet, 35.37 feel. 23.02 feel, 79.12 feet and 57.32 leet and
containing by adneasurement 127,193.63 square feet.
Register Book 34 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land being the remaining portion of lands originally owned by Belmont
Folio 575 Beach Resorts Lrured and formerly parts of Clark.'jesups E-ale sniao e ir. [he par-h of St. Thomas
in the Island of b'uindeo a' mnessunng a '',Ollrs On Tre EsSt by lanr.s of our Seasons
Resort Estates 190.26 feet and 189.20 feet On the West by lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel
Development Limited now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, L.L C 19553 Weet, 101 63 feet, 46.46 feet
50.04 feet and 37.64 feet On the North by lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development Limited
now owned by Hotel Equity fund V, LL.C 529 feet and containing by admeasureent 9,550 65 sq. t.
Register Book 34 Of ll that lot piece or parcel of land being the remaining portion of lands originally owned by Belmont
Folio 576 Beach Resorts Limited and formerly parts of Clarks/Jssups Eslate situate in the perish of St. Thomas
n the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as folows:- On the West by lands formerly owned by
Nevis Hotel Development Limited now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, LLC, 1479 feet; On the East by
lands of Four Seasons Resorts Estates 4.72 feet, and 10.42 feet and containing by admeasurement
11 16 square feet
Register Book 34 Of al that lot piece or parcel of land siuate a Clarks/Jessupe Estate in the parish of St Thomas in the
Folio 579 Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows: On the West by Parcel 3 355.01 feet, 396 98 feet
Cr, he East tIlnds forrien ouned by Nc.l; H1tw De ieltinenlr, Lmilte now owned by Hotel Equity
Fund V, LLC, 749.68 feet and containing by admeasurement 0.2531 acre.

Register Book 34 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land situate at ClarkslJessups Estate in the parish of St Thomas in the
Folio 580 Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows: On the North by lands formerly owned by Nevis
Hotel Development now Owned by Hote Equity Funid V LLC. 37.1 C0 feel On the Easl by, prtlt by L.j-
A3 and lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel developneur. Lir-.led nw cwnenad By Hotel Equaly Fun.d J
LLC, 396.98 feet, 355.01 feet 72.05 feel and 397.54 feel On the Souh by lands of F.S.R. Estate
Limited 304.95 feet: On the west by Lot A2 180.44 feel and 479.98 feet and containing by
admeasurement 6.1360 acres.
Register Book 34 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land situate at Claks/Jessups Estate in the parish of St Thomas in the
Folio 581 Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows: On the East by Parcel 3 479.98 feet, 417.97 feet
and an arc of 141.08 feet On the West by lands formerly owned by Nevis Hotel Development Limited
now owned by Hotel Equity Fund V, LLC 501,55 feet. 47945 feet and containing by admeasurement
1.3163 acres,
Register Book 34 Of the remaining portion of all those five (5) lots, pieces or parcels of land being portions of
Folio 582 Clarks/Jessups Estate situate in the parish of St. Thomas in the Island of Nevis now containing
altogether 160.9449 acres and coloured yellow, orange, green, blue and red respectively and edged or
tj,]reled bD a ied line and ioniraingg by admeasulem rrl 16' W4-19 aoes
Reg;sitr BoOC 39 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land situate in the parish of St. Thomas in the Island of Neuis bounded
Foi, I and measuring as follows:- On or towards the North by a 30 feel private road 248,00 feet; On or
towards the East by lands of Belmont Beach Resorts Limited 135.07 feet and 58.70 feet; On or
towards the South by lands Of Belmont Beach Resorts Limited 57.23 feet, 79.12 feet and 23.02 feet
On or towards the West by lands of John Slauss 112.95 feet and 49.41 feet and containing by
admeasurement 0.80 acre.
Register Book 39 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land situate in the parish ofSt Thomas In the Island of Nevis bounded
Folio 52 and measuring as follows:- On or towards the North by lands of F.S.R.E. Ltd 244.29 feet; On or
towards the East by lands of Pinney's Investment 37.82 feet and 40.33 feet; On or towards the south
by lands of F.S.R.E. Ltd 248.00 fee and On or towards the West by a Private Road separating lands of
Lewis Knudsen and John Stauss 66.00 feet and 44.77 feet and containing by admeasurement 21,020
square feet.
Register Book 43 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land situate at Paradise Estate in the parish of St Thomas in the Island
Folio 221 of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows: On or towards the North by lands of Nevis Island
Government 91.29 feel; On or towards the East by a Pubic Road 73.96 leet On or towards the South
by a Public Road 97.76 feet On or towards the West by the Caribbean Sea 7386 feet and containing
L a ddmeasurem 11rt : c9 squ are leet.
Register Book 43 Cl ai diel io pace or parcel ol Il. situate at Para"o Esiate in tn parish olSI Tre mas n r.i island
Folio 250 of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows: On or towards the North, North West and West by
remaining lands of Nevis Island Government 0,86 feel 13.65 feet. 10.56 feet, 27.49 feet 15.91 feet,
13.98 feet and 4.03 feet On or towards the South by lands of Richard and Maureen Lupinacci 74.88
feet and On or towards the East by the Pubic Road 11.50 feet and containing by admeasurement
1,324 square feet,
Register Book 43 Ofall that lot piece or parcel of land situate at Paradise Estate In the parish St Thomas in the island of
Folio 285 Nevis bounded and measuring as follows: On or towards the North by the Public Road 7.32 feet On
or towards the East by Public Road 91 77 feet On or towards the South by a Road 36.26 feet and
46.24 feet; On or towards the South West by Toe Edge of Banr 10.75 feet; On or towards the North
by lands of Richard and Maureen Lupinacci 74.77 feet; On or towards the West by lands of Richard
and Maureen Lupinaco 73.95 feet and containing by admeasurement 1,605 square feet
Register Book 44 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land situate at Paradise estate in the parish of St. Thomas in the Island
Folio 1 of Nevs bounded and measuring as follows, that is to say. On or towards the North by lands of Oren
Ward 175.07 teet; On or towards the East by a 10 foot right-of-way 78.20 feet, On or towards the
South by a Public Road 169.00 feet and On or towards by an estate road separating lands of Hotel
Equlty FunU '< L.L.C 10691 feet and containing by admeasurement 15,836 square feet or 0,3635acre.
Register Book 44 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land known as Block 1 Parcel 6C situate at ClarlsiJessups Estate in the
Folio 268 parish of St. Thomas in the island of Nevis bounded and measuring as folowsr- On the North by lands
of Hotel Equity Fund VLLC 45.00 teet; On the East by lands of F.S.R. Estates Limted 27.20 feet On
the South by lands of F.S.R. Estates Limited 103.82 feet and On the West by lands of Hotel Equity
Fund VLLC 95.00 feet end conttaiing by admeasurement 3,438 square teet.
Register Book 44 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land being Block 28 situate at Clarks/Jessups Estate in the IWand of
Folo 269 Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the North by lands of Hotel Equity Fund, VLLC 75.10
feet; On the East by Lot No. 7C, 25.70 feet: On the West by Block 2B, 74.10 feel and containing by
admeasurement 943 square fet
Register Book 44 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land known as Block 52 Parcel 6C situate at Clarks/Jessups Estate in
Folio 270 the parish of St. Thomas in the Island of ~aP;s and measuring as foiloas 0- or towards the
North by a 28 Foot Road 97.06 feet; On or to*ards Ine Eai DY a 8 rFool Foad 37 93 feet On or
towards the South by a 28 Foot Road 97 06 tee COn or I.rwaroa mFe Wesr b' a 8 Foot Road 37.93
feet and containing by ad measurement 4,731 square feet.
Register Book 44 Of all that tot piece or parcel of land being Lot 2A and situate at ClarkteJessups Estate in the parish of
Folio 271 St. Thomas in the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the North by Block 2C,
74,10 feet; On the South by Lot No. 78, 8.54 feet and On the West by lands of Hotel equity Fund
VLLC, 75.72 feet and containing by admeasurement 314 square teet
Register Book 44 Of all that lot piece or parcel of land being Lot 2C situate at ClarkslJessups Estate in the parish of St
Folio 272 Thomas in the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the North by lands of Hotel
Equity Fund VLLC, 80.05 feet; On the East by Lot No. 7C, 16.13 feet; On the West by Block 2B,
75.10 feet and containing by admeasurement 592 square feet.
Pa gl.ner 4:f v 44 Of al that Lot piece or parcel of land known as Block 53 Parcel 6C situate at ClarksiJessups Estate in
Folio 273 the parish of St Thomas in the Island of Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On or towards the
North by a 20 Foot Road 114.17 feet; On or towards the South East by Lot No. 26, 21.80 feet; On or
towards the South West by lands of Hotel Equity Fund V.L.LC, 67.15 feet 5.' 9. tcui ano .sm rlairinl L
admeasurement 1.801 square feet
Register Book 44 Al that piece or parcel of land known as Block 54 Parcel ilC i, ri al sI C ilsivJe5;ups E staie the
Folio 274 parish of St Thomas in the Island of Nevis bounded and rrmeasur;na as Icllows.. On ,r uisards the
North by a 20 Foot Road 81.60 feet On or towards the Souln ti jands of Hoiel Equ,iy Fund VLLC,
21.23 featl On or towards the West by lands of Hotel Equity Fund VLLC, 62-48 feet and containing by
admeasurement 329 square feet

The upset price for he above lend shall be US$86.S50,000.00

Dated te a '~deyof May 2010





NIA has pivotal role to play in Nevis'

security, says Attorney General

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS Island Administration under the Parry has demonstrated that it had
(MAY 20, 2010) The Nevis leadership of Premier Hon. Joseph a pivotal role to play in the internal
security of Nevis. The comment
was made by the Federation's


(L-R) Attorney General and Parliamentary Representative for Nevis
11 Hon. Patrice Nisbett shakes hands with Mr. Ken Evelyn for his
contribution to the police and people of Nevis, while Commissioner
of Police Austin Williams (centre) looks on

Attorney General and
Parliamentary Representative for
Nevis 11 Hon. Patrice Nisbett, at
the official opening and handing
over ceremony of police barracks
at Butlers Village on Monday.
"Joining with the private sector

Police Officers, government officials and other members of the public
at the oti cial opening and handing over ceremony of the Police
Barracks at Butlers Village.

and the various other initiatives
that have been taken on by the
NIA, is a clear demonstration that
they [NIA] are committed to the
cause of fighting crime and
ensuring that the Police are well
looked after," he said.
Mr. Nisbett explained that as
Nevis continued to experience
development and growth it was
also important that law and order
was preserved on the island and
the security of its citizens, resident
property owners and the large
expatriate population was
According to the Attorney
General who was born and raised
in Nevis, crime had the ability to
frustrate the gains that had been
made as a people and described it
as a threat to the way of life and
the democratic system.
"We here in Nevis have been
able to attract foreign investment,
we have been able to attract local
business entrepreneurship and
the economy, by extension, has
grown and so we have done that
in the past in a very peaceful
environment and want the peace
to return to Queen City.
"I believe the Government is
demonstrating that it wants the
peace to return by investing in the
necessary infrastructure to
accommodate our security forces.
The NRP led-Administration has
demonstrated that in Cotton
Ground and we are here once again
today in the Butlers area
demonstrating that to our people,"
he said.
Mr. Nisbett also had
commendations for the Evelyn
Family and their contribution to
the St. James' Parish and in general
the people of Nevis. He said the
gesture was a clear demonstration
of the family's commitment to
ensure the society was peaceful
and stable.
Notwithstanding, the
Attorney General had some strong
words of advice for the police and
urged them to do all they could to
execute their duties the best way
"The government can give you
all the vehicles that you want.
They can give you all the
equipment that you want, we can
give you the best accommodation
that is available [but] if you don't
show the necessary commitment,
application and professionalism
towards thejob, then I believe, we
will not be able to achieve the
desired objective," he said.
The new four bedroom police
barracks was constructed by the
Nevis Island Administration on
lands donated by Butlers villager
and prominent businessman Mr.
Ken Evelyn and family. The project
was supervised and furnished by
Mr. Evelyn with assistance from
other private sector individuals
and businesses.
Commissioned on Monday,
The facility which was will be used
to house police officers stationed
at the Nevis Police Division.



Contract Name: Basseterre High School Auditorium Roof Replacement

and Eastern Campus Buildings Renovation

The Government of St Kitts and Nevis has secured a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) towards the
cost of the Basic Education Project and intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the
Contract for the Basseterre High School Auditorium Roof Replacement and Eastern Campus Buildings Renovation.
Bidding is open to all bidders from eligible source countries specified in the agreement for the financing between
CDB and the Government of St Kitts and Nevis.

The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis invites sealed bids from interested bidders for the
(a) replacement of the auditorium roof (Western Campus). The auditorium is a reinforced concrete-framed
structure measuring 87 feet x 49 feet in plan with an eave height of 24 feet approximately. The low pitched
roof will be framed with lumber, sheathed with plywood and roofed with corrugated metal sheeting. A new
ceiling will be constructed. Some electrical work will be involved

(b) replacement of the roof sheeting on three of the existing buildings (Eastern Campus). The buildings are
approximately 208 feet x 31 feet in plan with eave height of 10 feet. Roofs are pitched at 4 on 12. The
buildings are of the pre-engineered steel truss type with wood purlins carrying soft board ceilings and
corrugated metal roofing.

The ceilings and the roof sheeting will be replaced and the electric wiring system will be refurbished.

In one of the buildings three folding partitions will be replaced.

Interested bidders may obtain further information, including minimum qualification data, on line at
htts:// or free of cost from the Ministry of Education, Education Planning Division, Project
Management Unit, Lockhart Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts (Telephone: 869-467-1325 Fax: 869-466-3819).

Bidding documents (and additional copies) may be purchased at the Ministry of Education, Education Planning
Division, Project Management Unit, Lockhart Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts (Telephone: 869-467-1325 Fax:
869-466-3819) for a non refundable fee of EC $ 350 or its equivalent in a freely-convertible currency, for each set.
Documents will be available from Tuesday, May 25, 2010. Bidders will be required to submit full qualification
information with their bids.

Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days after Bid opening and must be accompanied by security of EC $10,000 or
its equivalent in a freely convertible currency, and shall be delivered to Mr. Osmond Petty, Permanent Secretary,
at the office noted above on or before 2:30 pm on Wednesday, June 30, 2010. Bids will be opened at this same
location in the presence of those bidders who choose to attend at 3:00 pm that very day.

The Labour Spokesman


Butlers Businessmen

team up with NIA to

assist Police housing

on Nevis
CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (MAY 19, 2010) -Prominent Nevisian
Businessman and landowner Mr. Ken Evelyn urged police stationed on
Nevis in particular the outstations in the vicinity of his village Butlers to
reach out to the community's youth and forge partnerships that would
reap mutual long-term benefits.
Mr. Evelyn's encouragement came on Monday, at a ceremony in
which he officially handed the keys for a brand new Police Residence at
Butlers Village to Premier of Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry. The keys were
subsequently handed over to the Police.
"I hope when the Policemen come here they have a good leader. This
[building] is not just a home away from home. I want to know that they
[police officers] go to the village at nights and meet with the youngsters,
encourage them, get them down here to play games with them. By the
way I am getting a pool table for them so they could play pool and
encourage the youngsters down and play pool with them...
"Mix with the youngsters, get to know them... mix with them and
they will become your friends and they will be able to give you
information and this is the whole idea of it. So I hope this [facility] is not
just to come and sleep but mix with them...It is helpful to get them to do
that because when we grew up here we had the police with us and we
were not afraid of things at all. This is the main thing about having them
here," he said.
According to Mr. Evelyn who was raised in the village, in times past
there was no sense of fear in the community and everyone roamed the
village at time of day or night, all was peaceful. He also reflected on the
community spirit and the importance of the police who would visit the
village on horseback all the way from Newcastle to interact with the
youths in the area but times had changed.
He said the project was conceptualised when his brother, another
noted businessman in Charlestown, Mr. Arthur Evelyn were reminiscing
and reflected on their peaceful childhoods in Butlers.
"One night Arthur and myself were talking and we said how things
have changed in Butlers from those days when our parents had provided
us with such a safe community. Today it's changed completely...
"So we decided to try and go back to community policing, if we
could try to get back in Butlers starting it here and we decided since we
were born here and grew up here why not donate a small piece of land to
the government and ask them to put down the first home from home for
the policemen so we can have them back in the community," he said.
The idea took root when he discussed the idea with Premier Parry
who he said was extremely pleased with the proposed project and gave
his full support.
"I must thank him for that very, very much. Without that support we
would not be here today. He then handed it over to Mr. Laurie Lawrence
our finance gentleman and again he was very, very helpful. He helped in
all respects and gave me all the necessary encouragement I needed and
I truly thank him for that.
"From thereon I had absolute cooperation with all the departments -
Nevis Electricity Company Ltd., Planning and Public Works they all
gave me full support in getting this building done. I have to thank all of
them for doing that which made it much easier for me," he said.
Mr. Evelyn who supervised the project thanked the contractors,

electrician, and plumber who
worked with him and also those
who contributed to furnishing the
Notwithstanding, he did not
miss opportunity to encourage
members of the public to speak up
and report incidents of crime to the
"What's going to happen
tomorrow when you walk in your
house and your daughter or your

grand daughter is lying there
brutally raped or your son or
grandson lying there with a bullet
through his back paralysed for
life? They say to you 'Dad if you
were not such a coward, if you
were not such a chicken yesterday,
I wouldn't be lying here today like
this but you were such a chicken,
you were so selfish you only
thought about yourself. You see
something, you heard something

but you are too scared to report it
and because of that I am lying here
"I am asking all of you if you
see something, you hear
something report it if not our kids
and our grand children are going
to suffer big time from this. So
please when you hear something
or see something, let the police
know. The police cannot work on
their own we need to help the
police with this thing [crime]," he



Contract Name: St. Paul's Primary School

Refurbishment of Administration Block

The Government of St Kitts and Nevis has secured a loan from the Caribbean
Development Bank (CDB) towards the cost of the Basic Education Project and
intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the Contract
for the St. Paul's Primary School Refurbishment of Administration Block.
Bidding is open to all bidders from eligible source countries specified in the
agreement for the financing between CDB and the Government of St Kitts and

The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis invites sealed bids from pre-qualified
bidders for the refurbishment of the existing 2,016 square foot office and
bathroom block building having concrete block walls and light, wood-framed,
metal-sheeted roof and the 1,087 square foot expansion of that building.
Plumbing and electrical work will be involved.

Interested bidders may obtain further information, including minimum
qualification data, on line at or free of cost from the Ministry
of Education, Education Planning Division, Project Management Unit,
Lockhart Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts (Telephone: 869-467-1325 Fax: 869-

Bidding documents (and additional copies) may be purchased at the Ministry of
Education, Education Planning Division, Project Management Unit,
Lockhart Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts (Telephone: 869-467-1325 Fax: 869-
466-3819) for a non refundable fee of EC $ 350 or its equivalent in a freely-
convertible currency, for each set. Documents will be available from Tuesday,
May 25, 2010. Bidders will be required to submit full qualification information
with their bids.

Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days after Bid opening and must be
accompanied by security of EC $10,000 or its equivalent in a freely convertible
currency, and shall be delivered to Mr. Osmond Petty, Permanent Secretary, at
the office noted above on or before 2:30 pm on Wednesday, June 30,2010.

Bids will be opened at this same location in the presence of those bidders who
choose to attend at 3:00 pm that very day.


The Labour Spokesman

14 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 21ST 2010

Evjy Wednesday & Friday
i~vrJ~z'itJ: .iinduJ

WJrJdwjds Jr/y] .JJ0jj-u
General Cargo, Barrels, Small
Packages, Hazardous Materials,
Perishables, Personal Effects, Live
Animals and much more...

Small Package Service
starts at $35 usD
+ applicable destination charges
SPS shipments must have advanced
reservation to take advantage of this special.


For packages weighing
up to 601bs
Additional services are

- Customs clearance
- Door delivery
- Storage
" Note: Small Package Service is
an Airport to Airport Service

s For information contact
St. Maarten: 599-545-2952
or e-mail at:

St. Kitts: 869-466-9595
or e-mail at:

The Labour Spokesman


b^ .ii-

Photos courtesy Willetts Photo Studio
Caption: (L-R) Minister ofHealth, Social Services, Community
Development, Culture and Gender Affairs and Parliamentary
Representative for Constituency #2, Hon.Marcella Liburd and
President and Communications Expert of the Women 's Campaign
School at the Yale University (out of the US), Ms.Deb Sofield.

Labour women motivated to

thrive for excellence by U.S

communications expert

(Labour Secretariat): 'Effective
Communications for Women' was
the theme for the annual
conference of the Labour Women
(Winning With Women group)
held here last Saturday morning,
15th May at the Diamond Cut
Restaurant, in Frigate, St.Kitts.
Guest speaker at the breakfast
symposium was President and
Communications Expert of the
Women's Campaign School at the
Yale University (out of the U.S),
Ms.Deb Sofield.
The Winning With Women's
group is spearheaded by the
Minister of Health, Social Services,
Community Development, Culture
and Gender Affairs and
Parliamentary Representative for
Constituency #2, Hon.Marcella
The St.Kitts/Nevis Prime
Minister and Leader of the Labour
Party, Dr.the Hon. Denzil L.
Douglas made a special
appearance in lending his support
to the empowerment and
advancement of women here in the

Also in attendance were
representatives from the
Department of Gender Affairs and
representatives of the women arm
of the ruling Nevis Reformation
Party (NRP) in Nevis.
During her presentation Ms.
Sofield pinpointed that the more
opportunities one has to stand,
speak and deliver, the better off
one would be, noting that the key
is this, if you don't speak, then
your voice is not heard.
She emphasized the
importance of getting the audience
to listen, stressing that a speaker
has to be able to explain why one
should listen and why is the
message important.
In presenting her informative
and enlightening address, she
listed 15 basic rules for effective
public speaking including
lightening up by keeping a relaxed
face; varying one's voice and
speaking with power in making
sure one's voice conveys


The Hon. Marcella Liburd saw
Sofield's presentation as being
"insightful" and thanked her for
coming to the Federation to share
her wealth of knowledge with the
Labour Women of St.Kitts/Nevis.
"The purpose of having this
function is really to have more
women coming forward in public
speaking and leadership in their
jobs and political leadership and
we are hoping that from among
this group we have other women
stepping up and coming forward
in becoming part of the political
process," she informed.
The Central Basseterre
Member of Parliament said she
was pleased that her campaign (in
Constituency #2) leading up to the
General Elections was voted the
best of all the other 7
constituencies in St.Kitts and

Monica Tyson
expressed interest in lending
support to the NRP women
"Our campaign was voted the
best in the constituencies
including #6. (It was the) most
organized campaign for the last
and when you look at the results
that we got in every ballot box that
is my response to them (the
opposition). It is because a lot of
the tools that she (Sofield) taught
us when we went to the Yale
University that helped us
tremendously. So if the women of
Nevis are looking some help, we
are ready to pass on some of it to
them because I can tell you that
we learnt a lot from Deb and the
team at Yale University. We ran a
completely different campaign to
all of the rest constituencies," she

Prof. Neville Duncan:

Government and people

must be frugal and prudent

Lesroy W. Williams

Basseterre (May 19,2010) -Dr. Neville Duncan, professor of political
science at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, has issued
an austere message to the government and people of St. Kitts and Nevis
to be "frugal and prudent in spending", while challenging them to step
up their game in being globally competitive.
"Before you do anything you need to diagnose and accept the
diagnosis. No medical doctor will prescribe medicine without a careful
diagnosis. No government will prescribe a remedy without careful
diagnosis of the situation," he said.
Speaking at the 78th Annual Labour Party Conference at the St. Kitts
Marriott Resort on May 16, Professor Duncan, challenged government
and people to "become super efficient and effective in domestic
governance", which he chose as his theme as guest speaker.

Monica Tyson
Minister Liburd who is a former
high school teacher emphasized
the importance of mastering the
power of language as outlined by
"I used to teach English and a
lot of my students they would
always say why are you such as
stickler for grammar but today
when I see them in their various
roles they say to me 'thank you.'
So it is very important to have a
sound grammatical base when you
are speaking," she stated.
Other activities on the
programme included performances
by Jihan Williams (poem); two
popular female calypsonians Ava
'Queen' Lawrence and Kibian
'Queen Kibbie' Willett as well as
the 2009/2010 Junior Calypso
Monarch Karisia 'Miss
Independent' Willett.

Against the backdrop of the
global economic recession,
Professor Duncan, who is
Jamaican, said that efficiency
and effectiveness in domestic
governance are "the only ways
the country is going to weather
the storms that lie ahead".
Predicting that the present
economic global crisis will last
for about 10 years, he said that
one must "look to be careful, to
be thoughtful, to be productive,
to be supportive of
governmental efforts and to
ensure that your personal
arrangements are going to be
such that they last and keep you
alive and well in another 10
years or so".
Professor Duncan said
effectiveness lies in the
production of desired results
which comes from the ability or
asset that delivers production
Quoting Albert Einstein, he
said "The significant problems
we face cannot be solved at
the same level of thinking we
were at when we created

(cont'd on page 22)



y'anm te &&iWe ya=f.

I~ ~ k -*ESAVRI


Six contestants enlist

for the Nevis Miss

Culture Queen Show
CHARLESTOWN, Nevis, May 17,2010. Sixbeautiful
girls aged between ages 18 to 25 have confirmed their
participation in this year's Nevis Miss Culture Queen Show
scheduled to be held on August 1, 2010, according to the
show's Chairperson, Mrs.Nichole Lawrence.
The Miss Culture Queen Show is a major highlight of
the annual Culturama Festival events held to show case
Nevis cultural heritage. Mrs Lawrence confirmed that the
girls are busy preparing the various segments. The 2010
Culture Queen show's theme is "I am Woman."
"The theme is expected to bring dignity to queen
pageants and to lead to the empowerment of women," Mrs
Lawrence said.
She said the Queen Show contestants will not participate
in the Miss Culture Swimwear contest. Instead, she
explained, the swimwear contest will be a separate event.
Eight girls, she said have confirmed their participation in
the swimwear contest. Mrs Lawrence said the separation
of the Swimwear Contest from the segments of the Queen
Show is to help place emphasis on cultural elements. "Culture
is the essence of the festival," she said.
"Miss Culture Swimwear will give an opportunity to girls
who are interested in pageantry but not necessarily
interested in the Queen Show segments," she said.
Mrs Lawrence said the contestants have responded
positively to the separation of the two events, "contestants




Borough Hall, Brooklyn, New York May 17, 2010: 19
Clubs will vie for top honours in this year's Caribbean Netball
Association's (CANA) Summer Netball League and
Caribbean Cup 2010 presented by LIME, the Caribbean's
only full service telecommunications company.
The competition starts on June 5. The two sponsoring
companies announced their plans at a press conference
hosted at historic Borough Hall in Brooklyn last Thursday.
The annual CANA Netball Summer League presented
by LIME, which promises to be an action-packed
competition, will kick off with a street parade on UticaAvenue
on Saturday, June 5. Each club will parade in their respective
colours and will be judged for best dressed and best
marching display.
"We are thrilled to partner with LIME for 2010. Our
Tournaments have always been of the highest standard,
and 2010 is expected to be even better," says CANA's
President Cheryl Howell.
The two sponsoring organizations have come together
to celebrate Caribbean communities through the sport of
netball. LIME, this year's Platinum sponsor of the
Tournament, has operated in the Caribbean for over 100
years formerly as Cable & Wireless. The company is no
stranger to Netball and has supported the sport at various
levels across the thirteen Caribbean territories in which it
currently operates. Most recently, LIME Grenada
announced its Title Sponsorship of the annual Grenada
Netball Association Tournament for 2010, an event it has
supported for the past 20 years.
LIME's Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Dehring,
expressed, "It feels natural for us to reach out to the
Caribbean communities in Brooklyn. We have been a part
of the fabric of life in the Caribbean for many years and so
by extension, we must also recognize the important
contribution made to ourbusiness and to life in the Caribbean
in general by our Diaspora communities."
LIME's sponsorship of the CANA2010 Netball Summer
League and Caribbean Cup will go towards assisting in the

Mrs Nichole Lawrence,
( i,,,., 1,,i Nevis
Culture Queen "/i. '

accept the new format," she
said. The committee, she
said has organized various
training sessions for the
contestants such as
modeling skills, interview
skills, talent presentations,
etiquette, health education,
public speaking, proper
diets, exercises and public
image appearance tips.
Both the Queen Show
and the Swimwear Contest
contestants will be
presented to the public
through a series of
creatively planned launch
activities. On June 4, 2010

at 4.30 p.m, the contestants'
public appearance will take
place at the apron of the AL
Evelyn Building. Cultural
groups will make
presentations during the
On June 5, 2010 the
contestants will be treated
to a glamorous island wide
motorcade which will
commence at 2.00 p.m at the
TDC parking lot. The
members of the public have
an opportunity to see the
contestants at various
stops where the girls reside
among them Jessups,

Cotton Ground, New Castle,
Brick Kiln, Butlers, Zion,
Market Shop, Clay Ghaut,
Prospect, Bath Village
round-about and back to
the TDC parking lot.
On June 6, 2010, the
contestants will attend a
church service at St. Paul's
Anglican Church after
which they will have a
brunch between 11.00 p.m
and 4.00 p.m at Pinneys
For further information
e m a i 1
orcall 1 t869 662653m
orcall 1869 6626531

A.D. 2010


In the Matter of Section 144 of the Title by
Registration Act Cap. 279, and in the matter of an
Application by Izola Gilbert for the issue of a new
Certificate of Title for a lot of land being No. 36 of
Bourryeaux Gate Residential, Commercial and
Industrial Development to replace a lost Certificate
of Title recorded in Register Book B3 Folio 214.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that IZOLA GILBERT of Upper Bamboo Street, Molineaux, St.
Kitts, has applied to the Registrar of Titles for the issue of replacement Certificate of Title
in lieu of the following Certificate of Title on the basis that the said original Certificate of
Title has been irrecoverably lost by misadventure namely a Certificate of Title dated 14th
June, 2002 and registered in Book B3 Folio 214 of the Register of Titles for St.
Christopher, the land contained in said Certificate of Title being ALL THAT lot of land
hereditaments and premises known as Lot No. 36 of Bourryeaux Gate Residential,
Commercial and Industrial Development in the Parish of Christ Church in the Island of St.
Christopher containing by admeasurement 5,400 square feet and bounded and measuring
as follows: On the North East by Lot No. 35, 90.00 feet, On the South-East partly by Lot
No. 50 and partly by Lot NO. 49, 60.00 feet, On the South-West by Lot No. 37, 90.00 feet
and on the North-West by a public road, 60.00 feet.

Any person who may be in possession of the aforesaid Certificate of Title or may have any
information that may lead to its recovery is asked to contact Gonsalves Hamel-Smith of
Suite 26A, Sands Complex, George Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts, Solicitors for the

Dated the j'I day of

i il (' +I


1T .. . . ............. I .*.... .... ...
SonyaL. carry
Solicitors (r the Applicant

(cont'd on page 15)

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman

FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010

Mix of policies

essential to reversal of

unwanted trend in

violent crime, says

Federation's Police

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (MAY 18, 2010) St. Kitts
and Nevis Police Commissioner Austin Williams believes
that a mix of policies had to be implemented before a reverse
in the unwanted trend in violent crimes perpetrated in the
Federation was realized. It would include education,
sustained enforcement and social interventions which
directly explored and addressed the root causes.
The Commissioner's comment came on Monday, when
he delivered remarks at a ceremony to hand over a new
building at Butlers Village donated by the Evelyn Family in
collaboration with the Nevis Island Administration (NIA)
that would ease the housing shortage for police officers
stationed at the Nevis Police Division.
"In that regard I beseech every resident of St. Kitts/
Nevis to be committed in their support for the Royal St.
Christopher and Nevis Police Force now and in the future.
A strong Police/community partnership is the single most
valuable tool in combating and reducing crime in any
society," he said.
Commissioner Williams registered his satisfaction with
the public/private sector partnership forged with the police
on Nevis, citing that the new barracks showed that
corporation was something achievable with the right mix.
"I have been very encouraged with what I have seen
happening here in Nevis where the Police are concerned.
The recent addition of a fleet of new vehicles, this new
barracks, the barracks soon to be completed at Bath and the

Police On...,. of the Nevis Police Division after they
toured the facility

St. Kitts and Nevis Police
Commissioner Austin
Williams at the Police
Residence in Butlers
Village on Nevis

installation of close circuit
camera monitoring system
on the island, all part of the
Government's policy of
strengthening the human
resources and the physical
infrastructure of its law
enforcement agencies, so as
to more effectively combat
the scourge of crime," he
However, Mr. Williams
continued to encourage
other corporate businesses
to partner with the Police for
the provision of effective
security and the creation of
a safe environment
conducive to business and
good living.
The Commissioner
noted while cognizant of the
recent increase in violent
crime namely homicides,
most of which had been
driven by trafficking of illicit
drugs and the use of illegal
firearms it would be unwise
to deny that the increase in
murders and other crimes
had the potential to directly
undermine the economic
and other developments
made in the Federation.
Commissioner Williams
used the opportunity to
commend the Nevis Police
Division Command and
staff for the strides they
made with regard to town


(CANA) & LIME .......

(cont'd from page 14)
production of the tournament, uniforms and prizes. LIME will also provide
telecommunications services for the tournament and will have its products and services
available at the various games scheduled over the summer. This sponsorship comes on the
heels of the company's very successful hosting of the 39th CARIFTA Games in Grand
Cayman over the Easter Weekend. The meet was televised across 26 countries in the
Caribbean for the first time in its history.
LIME's Head of Diaspora Sales, Colin Benjamin, promises a compelling offer from the
company that will excite patrons and allow them to purchase the company's products and
services for themselves or for their friends and families residing in the Caribbean.
CANA is a not-for-profit organization that uses the sport of netball to provide young
persons in the Central Brooklyn, NY community with an avenue for increasing self-esteem,
empowerment and community involvement.
LIME is a full service telecommunications operator within the Caribbean region, and is
always looking for new and innovative ways to benefit the wider Caribbean community
through various social and community based endeavors. LIME is the Platinum Sponsor
and exclusive telecommunications sponsor of CANA's 2010 Netball League and Caribbean
Cup Tournament.


Oc Bte.Vlg
Sr il

Over the fence, the new Police Residence at Butlers Village

hall meetings and the
successes they had so far.
He said engaging the public
had always proved
beneficial and that it was a
vital partnership that the
Force would continue to
aggressively pursue in the
He said too, that crime
was an unforgettable
element in the society and
all had a part to play to
combat it since the Police
could not do it alone.
"I wish to reiterate that
it is your responsibility to
report crime and criminal
activities and our
responsibility as police

officers to take the
appropriate action. I urge
you not to wait until
someone close to you
becomes a victim. We must
be wiser to know that being
proactive would help us to
avoid unwanted
circumstances. In essence,
we must personify the old
adage and be our
neighbour's keeper...
"The Police and other
law enforcement agencies
cannot fight crime alone. We
need the eyes, ears and
testimonies of the general
public to be able to better
manage the incidence of
crime. I guarantee you with

your help, we will make the
Federation of St. Kitts and
Nevis safer and more
tolerant for locals and
visitors to reside and do
business," he said.
According to
Commissioner Williams, the
Butlers Barracks was
strategically located
between two established
stations and it will reassure
those persons who traverse
He beseeched the
Officers who would occupy
the facility, to treat it with
care and to make it their
home away from home.



Applications are invited from suitable qualified persons to fill the position of


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

> Manage and supervise the day-to-day running of the Accounts Department
> Implement best practices for Internal Controls and Cash Management
> Preparation of timely management accounts, annual financial reports, annual
budgets- including operating cash flows, and the submission of other required
> Coordinate the preparation of accounts in accordance with IFRS, the payment
of tax and other statutory obligations
> Analyze and advise on financial results
> Maintain effective financial management policies, procedures, processes,
systems and controls

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

> A diploma in Accounting; Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) with an
emphasis on ACCPAC or
> A Bachelors Degree in Accounting; CPA; ACCA; MSA (Finance) with
> At least five (5) years experience in an accounting function in a reputable
firm and
> Should have a working knowledge of accounting software packages
preferably ACCPAC.

Salary to be offered will commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Aoolications should be submitted with curriculum vitae and names of referees to:

E-Mail Rishi.Sing@NAGICO.COM
On or before 21" May, 2010.



Young people urged to

become active in political

process at Young Labour


Lesroy W. Williams
Basseterre (May 19, 2010)-"There is a general sense that young
people are disengaged, that somehow they do not vote, that somehow
they're not interested in the political process".
Speaking these words at the one day conference of the National
Young Labour Organization (NYLO) at Diamond Cut Restaurant on May

15, Lawyer SylvesterAnthony challenged those in the youth organization
to be more than just "tokens".
"If young people are the future, then they really should have a right

Labour Women praise


(Labour Secretariat): The women of the Labour Party's Winning
With Women group and the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) supporters
are praising last Saturday's motivational speech session for providing
valuable lessons applicable to both their professional and personal
Speaking to a few participants, they expressed delight to have
been afforded the opportunity to have been apart of the interactive
forum last Saturday morning with the feature speaker, Ms. Deb Sofield,
an executive speech coach out of the U.S.
Ellia Jeffers:"It was a real interesting event. Lighten up and keep
a relaxed face is a good rule for public speaking. Sometimes you have
to learn that when you are speaking with people you have to speak
with confidence and speak to them as if you know what you are
telling them. So that you can make the conversation is not boring and
that the other persons) can enjoy the conversation. I learnt a lot and
it was quite a pleasure that I was able to attend this forum."
Monica Tyson (out of Nc\ is i I am so happy to have been here
and we have learnt lots and we are going home now enthused and
ready to go and we must win our upcoming elections."
Janice Lewis: "Well the event was successful. I learnt alot. Ms.
Sofield set some rules for us the women who are involved or interested
in the field of politics, public speaking and in our personal lives
generally. I value the lessons about staying cool and in control. The
words of advice given on staying calm in whatever you do came close
to my heart as well as being proud and confident of oneself whether
one is slim or fat and to just be one's self."
In 2008, the Labour Party's elect Marcella Liburd along with Sharon
Rattan, Thelma Guilbert-Richards, Christine Walywn and Cassandra
Chapman participated in a one- week course at the Women's Campaign
School at the Yale University, which was facilitated by Ms. Sofield.
'The Women's Campaign School at Yale University is a national
and international non-partisan, issue-neutral leadership program, the
goal of which is to increase the number and influence of women in
elected and appointed governmental and political positions. We train
women leaders who are capable of building relationships an influencing
public policy,' reads the mission statement of the Yale University.

The Labour Spokesman

to participate in the decision
making process and they can't be
just tokens," Lawyer Anthony
said. "There is an unclaimed
constituency of young people that
should become active in the
political process."
"If you have to be a powerful
force within the Labour Party, you
have to organize. There is strength
in numbers," he added.
Tokenism refers to a policy or
practice of limited inclusion of
members of a minority group,
usually creating a false appearance
of inclusive practices, intentional
or not.
At the same time Lawyer
Anthony pointed out that the right
of young people to participate in
the democratic political process
must come with a measure of
"We don't teach civic
responsibility anymore," he said
with lament.
Lawyer Anthony said that if
politicians are to reach out to
young people then they have to
do so using social media or
networks because young people
use this medium to communicate.
This year's NYLO was held
under the theme: "We Have a
Voice: I Speak! You Listen! We

President of the NYLO,
Meshach Alford, made a
passionate appeal for the youth
organization to participate in the
decision making processes of the
St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party and
that the authorities within the party
show more support to the youth
movement in his welcome
"The democratic rights and
needs of young people can only
be satisfied through meaningful
participation, that is, the active
engagement of young people in all
phases of planning, development
and implementation of policies,
programs and services that affect
their lives.

St. Kitts Music

MarketT At St. Kitts

Music Festival
Local recording artistes and bands will have another reason to love
the St. Kitts Music Festival, this year, as they will now be able to sell
their music to thousands of festival patrons.
Kittitian reggae artiste and President of Pull Phactor Entertainment,
Masud Sadiki, recently got the "green light" from the St. Kitts Music
Festival Committee to implement his brain child dubbed the ST. KITTS
MUSIC MARKETTM, at this year's festival.
The ST. KITTS MUSIC MARKETM was created to maximize onthe
music sales and promotion opportunities that are presented year after
year, during the annual festival. This venture will offer a one -stop music
shopping experience for visitors and nationals alike. There will be all
genres of music produced by a wide range of local artists, available at
the ST. KITTS MUSIC MARKETTM. Though it is called the ST. KITTS
MUSIC MARKETTM, music from artists from the sister island Nevis will
also be available. Additionally, all regional and international acts
performing on this year's festival will be afforded the opportunity to sell
their music and even arrange autograph signing of their merchandise at
There will be two music shops at two separate locations. One shop
will be located at the Independence Square in downtown Basseterre,
and this will be open from 10am 5pm daily for the duration of the
festival. The other shop will be strategically located inside Warner Park
at the festival venue, and will be open from 6pm until the concerts end
ILOVE SO iBUY St.Kitts MUSIC!, is the catchy and very important
slogan for the ST. KITTS MUSIC MARKETTM. This is intended to be
used by all local artists, nationals, fans and supporters of all St. Kitts
"St. Kitts has been making great music evenbefore I started wearing
diapers, and I feel that all of us nationals should be proud of where we
are coming from and where we are today musically. There are some great
calypso, soca and soul songs from the 70's & 80's for example, that are
only heard on our local radio stations and we are encouraging the artists
and managers to make these music available at the ST. KITTS MUSIC
MARKETT"' said Masud. He also thanked Honourable Minister Richard
Skerritt, Mr Faron Lawrence and the entire festival committee for their
enthusiastic support for The ST. KITTS MUSIC MARKETTM.

FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010

F S4

"NYLO must be made an
integral part of the decision
making bodies and leadership
spheres of the clubs, organizations
and committees they wish to join.
The right to participate and
engage in the political processes
is a fundamental right and should
be supported realistically by those
in authority. This is true
democracy," Mr. Alford said.
Mr. Alford underscored the
need for training and capacity
building within the NYLO.
Hon. Curtis Martin, Speaker of
the National Assembly, spoke to
the group on the topic "Ensuring
the sustainability of the NYLO
through continuous capacity
On the other hand, Lawyer
Anthony challenged the young
people to get involved because
politics is about their own welfare,
that of their dreams, aspirations,
opportunities and future.
"It is not a good is a
dangerous thing where young
people are not involved and
interested in the politics," he said.

All local acts wishing to have
their music sold at the ST. KITTS
contact Masud at 869-662-9602 or
send an email to
Pull Phactor Entertainment is
an independent entertainment
company based in St. Kitts. Its
principals are Kevin "Masud
Sadiki" Donovan (Founder and
President) and Hakeem Samuel
(Vice President). The 14th St. Kitts
Music Festival takes place June
24th- 26th 2010 at Warner Park,
Basseterre, St. Kitts.

7000 SQ. FT.


George Street -
Upstairs C& C Superfoods


BY W qq

Waos tke Wrestler

World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) legendary wrestler and Hall
of Fame Ted Debiase senior when he was in peak from at the top of his
game uttered these words "Everybody has a price" as he displayed his
Million Dollar Belt every time he engaged his opponents in the so-called
square circle.
Back then, the slogan was as humorous as it was thought-provoking.
Ted had a way in the ring to make it appear that it was true. Serious
analysis of that intended tag line if applied to, or worse yet, misconstrued
by the rest of us (non-wrestlers) taken at face value would [prove that
the words are as chilling as they are frightening.
Does everybody really have a price? Put another way, could anybody
and everybody be bought or even sold if the price is right? If that is the
case, it is frightening.
Frightening as it sounds; don't lose heart, dear reader, not
withstanding societal tidal waves that are swallowing and sweeping
away gullible men and women in their wake. There are still the hard core,
dignified, principled masses who live their daily lives based upon the
ethics and morality learned in earlier years that make them steadfast,
unmoveable and definitely "not for sale". Sony Million Dollar Man your
presumption is not true. Not everybody is gullible.
Cowardice asked, "Is it safe?" Expediency asked "Is it politic?" vanity
asked, "Is it popular?" But conscience asks, is it right? It is easier to
fight for one's principles than to live up to them." (Alfred Adler).
It could be disconcerting especially to some but more so the unsteady
when we read of characters in the Bible like Esau who sold his birthright
for a mess of pottage. Or like Judas who sold his master for thirty pieces
of silver you can think of others.
All of us need an early warning system in these perilous days to
detect man's greatest enemy masquerading as "an angel of light". To
that end scripture exhorts us be not deceived. The entrance of sin into
the world is a result of Satan's deception. "The serpent beguiled me",
Eve said to God (Gen 3:13).
The Apostle Paul wrote 'evil men and seducers shall wax worse and
worse, deceiving and being deceived" (2 Tim. 3:13).
The gullible are deceived for at least three reasons (1) there is a moral
break down in our world. This is both cause and result. Certainly, in days
of moral decay and decline with restraints hurled to the wind, people
throw themselves wide open to deception. Consequently they are led
down the road of error and falsehood; (2) There is ignorance of God's
word. The very word "deceive" implies that there is a great deal of truth
being said. Knowing the Scriptures well is essential if we are to recognize
that fragment of error which a message contains. Those who are being
led astray are in some respects defective in their understanding of God's
Word. (3) There are demonic influences in the world hence; deception is

Have Faith

Written by Floy Hensley
Faith: "Faith is the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1
Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom
comes. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And
lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine are the
kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen. Matthew 6:9-13.
Greetings to my faithful and blessed readers across St.Kitts and
Nevis, in the wider Caribbean islands, in the international circles and
those who are reading via the internet, welcome once more to this
inspiring article to lift your spirit and to let you know that God is always
in Charge.
All you have to do is to: Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his
righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew
6:33. When you have that blessed assurance that: God shall supply all
your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians
4:19. That's why every day we should be saying: this is the day which
the Lord hath made: we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24.
God has created a time: To every thing there is a season, and a time
to every purpose under the heavens: Ecclesiastes 3:1-9. So when these

The Labour Spokesman


seasons are happening in our life,
don't think that God is so faraway
because He is saying to you: For I
know the thoughts that I think
toward you, saith the Lord,
thoughts of peace, and not of evil,
to give you an expected end.
All He requires when we are
going through all these challenges
is simple to; Trust in the Lord with
all thine heart; and lean not unto
thine own understanding. In all thy
ways acknowledge him, and He
shall direct thy paths. Proverbs
So many things in life would
disappoint and hurt us and the
bible clearly tells us; it is better to
trust in the Lord than to put
confidence in man. It is better to
trust in the Lord than to put
confidence in princes. Psalms

to be expected in increasing

When we think of a person of
integrity, we think of one who
possesses uprightness of
character. Surely it is desirable to
be thought of in this way. Perhaps
we wonder if there is some set of
rules to follow in order to achieve
this estate. Albert Camus said it
well: "Integrity has no need of
rules". To achieve the status of
integrity, we need only to consult
our higher selves. Needless to say
within each of us is the potential
for uprightness of character. It is
said that every person has three
characters that which the person
exhibits, that which the person
has, and that which the person
thinks he/she has.
If everything else in this article
is forgotten, let us try hard to
remember that if we take care of
our character, our reputation will
take care of itself. One does not
wake up one morning and discover
that one has an impeccable
character. The key here is that of
character building. It is like
building a house or edifice b lock
or brick by brick. The quality of
the mortar is as important as the
block/brick itself.
That makes good sense if we
see it from the perspective of
Solomon when he said: "Train up
a child in the way he/she would
go, that when he is older he would
not depart from it. (Prov. 22:6).
Good character is more to be
praised than outstanding talent.
Most talents are, to some extent, a
gift. However, good character by
contrast is not given to us. We
have to build it piece by piece -
by thought, choice, courage and
determination. When that is the
case it is not easy, in fact it is nigh
impossible to buy a person.

This age in which we live is not
for the weak or faint hearted. It is

often said that to swim upstream
calls for determination and
strength. Strength doe snot come
form physical capacity. It comes
from an indomitable will.
It would make an interesting
discovery to research in a Bible
Concordance the number of time
"STRONG" is mentioned. For
example, we find a repetition of this
exhortation "Be strong and of
good courage" in (Deut 31:6; Josh
10:25). Strong here and elsewhere
means possessing great moral,
spiritual and physical power.
My pick form the concordance
is this verse: "Watch ye, stand fast
in the faith, quit ye like men, be
strong" (1 Cor 16:13). That is sound
advice to al of us since we are
living in a society with conflicting
cultural norms, conflicting values
and conflicting ethical, moral and
spiritual challenges everywhere

we turn, every place of
employment, every smooth talker
we listen to, forcing us to make far
reaching decisions. We must be
strong. Even Humanism seems to
be swallowing our young people.
All of us, but especially the
young in our communities are
wrestling not against flesh and
blood, but against principalities
and powers against the rulers of
the darkness of this world, against
spiritual wickedness in high
places" (Ephesians 6:12).
Let us be strong in the Lord of
Host, strong in His might, power,
who for his strength in Jesus
trusts is more than conqueror.
When the legendary wrestler
presumed that everybody has a
price did he point towards you?
Does the sign read: "For Sale?"
"Sold" or "Not for Sale"? Each of
us must answer. What is it?

When we put full trust and confidence in the Almighty God; the
steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and He delighteth in his
way. Psalm 37:23.
It's just a simple test of faith; Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He
shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalms 37:4.
Father God you state inyour word clearly; There is therefore now no
condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the
flesh, but after the Spirit. Romans 8:1.
Father God we know that we have to be clothed inyour Armour daily
because we know that; For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but
against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness
of this world, against spiritual wickness in high places. Ephesians 6:12.
Father help us to accept each other in the likeness of your image for
us not to Judge not, that ye be not judged. Matthew 7:1.
Father if we bestow all goods to feed the poor, and give our body to
be burned, and have-not love for each other, it profiteth us nothing.
Father God helps us as true born again believers to Let your light so
shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your
Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16.
Father thank you for the lost souls that were saved and those who
were backslidden who came back to your fold because you say in all
things give you thanks and praise. Do have a blessed and very productive
week in the Lord and know that all things are possible with God.
Floyfaith I ,, ........ I,-

FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010


In preparation for the winding up of the above
Company, the Company's auditors PKF (Pannell Kerr
Foster) of North Independence Square, Basselerre
St. Kitts are preparing the final statement of affairs of
the company.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that any creditors of the
company are required on or before the 29th day of
May 2010 to send in hleir names and addresses and
the particulars of their debts or claims to PKF at the
following address:
North Independence Square
P.O. Box 335
SI. Kills- Wesi Indies

Dated this 301h day of Apnil,2010 /

Adrian Lam
Fairview Ltd.

6I6 SO


Lessons from real life

By: Elvin Bailey
She noticed the water spilling from the boy's bathroom, and muttered
to herself "dem boys cam hear tun arf de pipe when dem done" as she
went for the mop, bucket and bass broom. As she stepped into the
bathroom, however, she slipped and landed hard on her back.
Her first reaction was to look around to see if anybody saw her fall.
Then she got up, cussed some more and proceeded to clean up the
water after turning off the tap. She didn't tell her employer about it
because she was sh.Inic". Besides, being lightly schooled, and grateful
for the job, she figured it was only an accident and that, since she was
feeling ok, and she didn't want to cause any trouble. She didn't realize
that when she landed, she jarred and injured her shoulder. Therefore it
was never reported as an Employment Injury.
A few weeks later, she started having pain and difficulty walking.
When it became unbearable, she went to the doctor who gave her time
off from work and asked her to rest at home. She was awarded her
sickness benefit, claimed for the medical and medication from her
insurance, but did not exactly rest as she continued with her 'housework'.
Eventually, her sick leave reached the maximum allowable twenty six
weeks (6 months) and she still wasn't healed properly. Any further
claim meant that she had to be evaluated by one of the medical doctors
specifically assigned to Social Security. She was awarded another three
months off work and paid Invalidity Pension. (a different calculation
altogether). At the end of the 3 months, she was again examined by our
This time, the medical report intimated that she should return to
work. The benefit was stopped. She went to work, but couldn't work
properly so she was replaced.
Election time came around and she was being canvassed for her
vote. She gave the candidate an earful about her experience with Social
Security, how she fall down on thejob and now cannot work and nobody
give her anything. Eventually, a lawyer was engaged to take up the
case. A report was requested from the workplace, but that boss was no
longer there (he had retired) and in any case couldn't corroborate the
story about the incident. That is real life story No. 1.
In real life story No 2, his wife died young, leaving him with 3 school
aged children to raise. He was a master mason, foreman quality, who
could easily have been a contractor himself. It was in the mid 90's
before housewives were considered engineers, subject to QVC's and
CSME skills certificate; and before Self Employed coverage, and even
before men were eligible for widower pensions. Therefore he was left as
the sole provider. So to make ends meet, he took ajob with a construction
He explained his situation to his boss and they made an agreement.
He wouldbe paid $500 per week, but only $200.00 wouldbe reported to
Social Security for the purpose of deductions. He needed the money to
help support the children etc. Deal! He was the provider for his family,
doing what a man ought to do!
He started having abdominal pains, and as man, he ignored them
until he couldn't do so any longer. He had appendicitis and was rushed
to the hospital for surgery and spent two weeks. His boss didn't pay him
while he was sick he didn't have to. The claim on Social Security
yielded payment at the standard rate of 65% of $200.00 for the two
weeks, a total of $260.00.
The week of his release he came to our office. He complained in very
colour-foul language that Social Security "rob him". We walked him
through the process, explaining to him that his wages was $200.00 per
week.... He stopped us right there and informed that he is a foreman,
getting $500.00 a week and provided proof. His boss was confronted, a
hallelujah man, who admitted his Sil ', paid up and paid the associated
fines and penalties. As a result, his sick leave payment was adjusted to
Now he is 66 years, and his children are gone. His only source of
income is his pension because nobody is hiring him as a mason anymore.
A total ofjust under $23,500 was paid into Social Security by and for him
as a result of that intervention. He has so far collected almost $35,000 in
pension over the 4 years of retirement, just over $700 per month. His
language has become testimonial in nature.
The modem day twist to this type of case is that the employer
[contractor] now claims that the employee is self employed. He comes
when he likes, does what he likes, for as long as he likes, using equipment

In Onew

InTu ne Witk

and materials that he, the worker,
brings and presumably, he can
charge what he likes. He is
therefore responsible for his own
Social Security payments. We
disagree! Strongly. We also
believe that the law is on our side.
What lessons have we learnt
from the above stories? In some
countries, the law requires that an
incident report be completed by
the employee and the employer is
obligated to report this incident to
the Department that is responsible
for workplace safety. The 'scene'

would have had to be held (just
like a homicide scene) until
released by the Department.
Further, the employee would have
been obligated to have the staff
trained in workplace safety and
reporting procedures, and provide
for appropriate clothing (including
shoes). Then, any staff in
contravention would have been
deemed negligent and may be
ineligible for compensation.
Hiding from Social Security is
a lose-lose situation; the real losers
are the employer and the

Contributed By: Shaday Peters

A rie
A small 'personal problem' is possible near the later
hours of the 24th and may involve coworkers, Taurus,
Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Cancer personalities or
'money' or power issues in general. Power people are
very helpful the 18th but a 'poor judgment call' the 19th,
by your or another, may cause extra work for you in
some way. Travel is likely near the 20/21st, especially
for Rams in the financial, food, health, communications
or transportation industries.

New friends may be in the offing near hot connection
times of the 17th and again the 19/20th. They may
'serve you well' in both career AND personal areas. A
'big plan or dream' may come true for some of you
through the hands or efforts of a pal near either/both the
17th or the 20th. Be 'forgiving' near the 18th and ditch
any 'attitude' you may 'pick up.'


Friends gather for a variety of reasons and seasonal
celebrations, shared hobbies/passions and milestone life
events appear to head the list, especially for/with
Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, Aries or Leo pals.
Again, invitations appear likely the 21st to 23rd and may
be 'discussions' of big plans/dreams that need

C4 ricer
Good to excellent news is likely through the week and
not only are power people on your side but 'systems'
governments, industry changes/news, official channels
and even 'current trends' may to possibly favor you. A
'leg up' on a project is likely near both the 18th and 20th.
Working 'in tandem' with others also appears to go a
long way, particularly near the 20/21st. Return all
communications VERY quickly the 19th to 22nd.

Keep your days rolling with accomplishments and be
especially guarded the 17th to not let your 'big
expectations' set you up for a personal disappointment
or 'falling short of an ideal goal.' Any profit or progress
level should be seen as a 'real accomplishment.'
Authority figures favor you the 18th but your judgment is
'off slightly the 19th. Don't 'undo' progress. Put your
ideas into action the 20th but not at the cost of 'pushing
too hard.'

A typical 'power move' near the 17/18th may NOT go as
planned and you may either need to do rescue efforts,
especially for power people, or 'clean up' for coworkers
like Leo, Cancer, Aries, Taurus or any sign that
'dropped the ball' over arrangements, travel, long

employee. Indeed, it is criminal to
collude to defraud Social Security.
Therefore we encourage all
persons to report honestly and
promptly. I have seen those
persons who were confident that
they "got away with it" admit the
error of their ways upon attaining
pensionable age.
Those who do not learn from
their collective history are doomed
to repeat it. Let us all endeavour
not to repeat the mistakes of the
past. Try not to fall in the same
place twice.

distance dealings or money. A real 'feather in your cap'
near the 19th is likely, as praise, raise or attention from
power people are indicated. Getting the nod on loans or
financing is also likely. Be very 'distinct and to the point'
about fact, figures and amounts the 20/21st or risk an 'or

Ll br
A small 'set back' is a threat near the 17th but it may
only be a slight delay or tiny and short lived 'problem.
Say nothing at this time. Avoid the 'urge' to 'talk back' to
ANY authority figure the 18th; this comes with my
HIGHEST warning **. Be seen as a 'team player' the
19th, even if you 'dislike' those you work with. BE willing
to 'keep the peace' the 20th. Be all about 'the facts,
figures and bottom line' the 21st.

Here is one area where you may be very pleasantly
surprised this week as projects show growth and power
people favor you. Even those 'long out of your past' may
surprise you with support or 'throwing business your
way' just because they want someone 'who knows what
they are doing handling it.' Long time rep status appears
to come into play, especially near the 19th to 20th.

/5q iariu,
The 'big message' this week for you in career is
'separation of church and state.' NO personal life issues
allow on the career/work scene and 'vise-versa' big time!
Follow ALL 'politically correct' behavior while in the
office; avoid water cooler time wasting, passing on of
jokes, inappropriate behavior OR 'dress' and defiantly
any kind of 'gossip.' Be seen as a team player with 'the
needs of the many' foremost the 18th AND 20/21st

A personal set back is possible the 17/18th and may
most likely be due to fatigue, illness, personal injury or
absence. Make sure whomever you 'trust' to conduct in
your absence is 'worthy' and has a good track record or
be among the walking wounded and go in yourself. A
long discussion or important talk is indicated for the
20/21st with high rates of success likely, even within
'intimidating numbers or people.'

A 'big mistake' most likely MADE from having your
sights or expectations 'set too high' is possible early on
the 17th. Don't 'put too much pressure' on coworkers or
bosses as it can 'backfire' and cause more work. A 'huge
opportunity' MAY be hidden, 'in a simple task' near the
18th to 20th. Answer all calls VERY quickly the 21st and
put on your best 'professional voice' while disguising
ANY 'personal opinions.'

Excellent strides are likely this week and can have 'far
reaching effects' on your income potential and 'ease'
factor! Someone may be 'in a position' to make your life
both a lot easier and far more profitable this week,
especially near the 18th and again the 20/21st. IF you
are not 'down and out' from personal illness or injury, it
would be wise to 'make yourself available' in your
chosen field and 'be there all day long' from the start to
the finish; brown bag it even!

The Labour Spokesman

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The Labour Spokesman


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Some of the persons who
cannot buy respect, but have to
earn it, dear reader, are Magistrates,
Judges, Police Officers, Games
Officials like Umpires, Referees
of soccer, boxing, basket ball;
Commissioner of Inquires and, or
any person or persons who have
to give decisions on any matter
between parties. Such person or
persons have to be persons of
character, of integrity, virtue, and
good character and impartial.
In a small society such as ours,
it is hard to be impartial, but it is
not impossible to be impartial. So,
the referees, the arbiters who are
not afraid to call sinby its rightful
name, are few and far between,
they stick out to the end,
unconcerned as to whether or not
they become unpopular, disliked
and hated, but, knowing within
their hearts, that they have stuck
like the needle to the pole to their
decisions which were based on
their firm belief and conviction.
In 1973, after successfully
training the National St. Kitts Team
to West Indies Netball
Championship, I decided to
transfer some of this energy to
refereeing soccer. Refereeing was
not what it is today. Referees were
not officially fitted out in Referees
Uniforms. There were no Law
Books available, there were no
assistant referees. Any and
everybody in the lines could have
taken up a flag and most of them
were partial to one of the teams
which were playing, thereby giving
the Referee a rough time in making
The Referee was not fully

aware of the offside because the
untrained Linesman had his own
agenda. It was difficult to know
when the ball went out of play,
because spectators followed the
play from behind the rope which
acted as a barrier, but failed
dismally in its duties. Referees
were disliked, unappreciated,
disrespected and subjected to
both physical and verbal abuse.
I was placed in the Second
Division category and I ran into
immediate problems, because I
decided not to be another Referee
but a Referee who demanded
respect from the players. Because
of my attitude in refereeing my
games in a strict manner, others
who came after me, were
catapulted to First Division
Matches, while I stayed in Second
Division. Referees were joining
players to curse me, asking me
what I am trying to play, because
they were associated with their
community soccer team.
I remember referring a Second
Division Match down at the
Gardens Playing Field when I
heard the voice of the President of
the Referee's Association
shouting "Earle Clarke, boy, this
is my team (he was from the area)
and you ain't going cheat them
today". When the ball crossed the
line and I signalled a "Throw In", I
went up to my President and I said
"Sir, you are my President, you
cannot embarrass me like that.
My President replied, "Boy
this is my team. It comes first and
then I am the President. Because I
had to take certain disciplinary
measures against this team, the

President joined with them and
their supporters to call me a cheat.
There has never been a Referee
who was ever subjected to such
physical and verbal abuse like me.
My children who attended the
now Washington Archibald High
School and the Basseterre Senior
High School were subjected to
verbal abuse. They would return
from school in tears asking,
begging, and beseeching me to
finish with the football, because
their friends and all were telling me
that I was smashing up the game.
My wife was met on the streets
and verbally abused. She too
pleaded with me to abandon the
game because I was not even
getting paid. Some teams from the
Mc Knight area decided to
scandalize my name by saying that
they caught me in some sexual
position One year it was the
Cenotaph or War Memorial, the
other year it was around the
Fortlands. My family was totally
distressed and pleaded and
pleaded for me to give up
Now, dear reader, if I had
stopped refereeing at that time, do
you think that the harassment and
verbal abuses would have ceased?
Don't you think that they would
have been intensified? Would I
have gained anything? The
supporters and players of certain
teams would come to the Social
Security Office where I worked as
an Inspector and would shout all
kinds of abuse at me, whether I was
in office or not. The powers that
be were very concerned, but I was
prepared to stick it out to the end.


I once read a book which was
entitled "Tough time doesn't last,
but Tough People do". Two things
gave me hope. One Friday
afternoon I refereed a Second
Division Football Match at Warner
Park. It was the Basseterre High
School (BHS) versus a team from
the McKnight area. Each team
began with eleven (11) players.
At half time, the BHS had
scored three (3) goals to nil and
the team from Mc Knight had four
players sent off. Every person in
Warner Park that afternoon left
whatever they were doing to watch
this match in which four players
were sent off. The supporters of
the remaining seven (7) players
were urging them to walk off the
field, but, for some unexplained
reason, they came up to me and
said "Mr Clarke, we are with you,
play the game. As I said earlier, at
half time the BHS possessed
eleven players and had score a
three goals to nil.
When the game ended at full
time, the score was 3-3. Those
seven (7) players played like they
had never played in their lives. All
the players came and shook my
hand and the crowd applauded me.
Onlookers said that that was one
of the best matches they had ever
witnessed. I had toughed it out and
was on the verge of gaining the

respect I was looking for as a
A few Sundays after that game,
a certain Referee was referring a
First Division Game. I was a
spectator in the pavilion when I
saw a player sailed through the air
in a flying tackle which is a Red
Card offence. The play was
directed at the upper legs of the
opposition, but the Referee
shouted "Play on".
Somebody shouted out "Boy,
if that was Earle Clarke, he would
have been sent off the field".
Slowly, but surely, I was making a
dent into the hostility which was
levelled at me by both spectators
and players. Some SeniorReferees
could not stand the heat and opted
out, stating that they have their
family to protect.
Oh, my reader, after that game
with the BHS and the Mc Knight
Team, my children returned home
from school one afternoon smiling
from ear to ear and telling me that
the whole school was saying that
I amthe best Referee. How I stood
up to the hooligan element of the
other team by sending off four of
them, thereby causing the best to
emerge from the remaining seven
to the point where they drew the
You cannot purchase respect.
You have to earn it. Ayear or two
after I joined the Referees
Association, I became its
Secretary/Treasurer. Mr. Lloyd
Matheson presented a cheque of
three hundred E.C dollars to the
Referees Association. I was able
to order Laws of the game,
Uniforms, Whistles, Badges, Red
and Yellow Cards. We began to
look like Referees in our black and

(To be continued).

Wht Paper I Ke Its P e P

Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 18, 2010 (SKNIS): Students of the
Basseterre and Washington Archibald High Schools have given a
high note of praise to programmes such as the Caribbean
Vocational Qualification (CVQ) and Caribbean Certificate of
Secondary Level Competency (CCLSC).
Participating students of the Washington Archibald High School
stated that the Caribbean Vocational Qualification CVQ) and
Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competency (CCLSC)
were programmes which are part of the extra-curricular activities
outlined in the White Paper have helped those who were unable
to attain traditional academics are being provided skills so that
they would be better able to obtaining employment. They also
commended the advancement in research techniques and the
development in communication skills, both written and oral; along
with improvements the in group exercises.
Mr. Michael Blake, Public Relations Officer on the committee
for the Implementation of the White Paper, remarked that the
schools have veered away from the traditional GCE and CXC
exclusively structured syllabus and have implemented the CVQ
and CCLSC programmes that cater to the needs of all students.
Government cameras were on hand to capture home
management techniques, singing, poetry and dramatic expressions.
After school physical activities such as football were also

The schools are following
requirements of the White
Paper closely which
recommend that, "physical
education and school sport
focuses on the body, its
movement and physical
development. It is believed that
improvement in physical
competence enhances self-
confidence, self-esteem,
engagement and behaviour, as
well as, improved educational
attainment by generating more
positive attitudes to learning."
Additionally, the Basseterre
High School (BHS) attempts to
address the spiritual element of
life. Public Relations Officer
Blake expressed that many
institutions and organizations in
society cater to the social
wellbeing of persons. With the
exception of churches, only a

limited amount of entities
attempt to deal with that critical
dimension of man, the spiritual.
Ms. Vinette Haliday, teacher
in charge of the Teen
Challenge group at BHS
facilitated an assembly and
engaged in a game using the
Word of God. She gave an
analysis of the interactive
session with group members
challenging them to be an
example to their peers and the
society on a whole. She urged
them to encourage their peers
to live at a higher standard in a
way that God would want them
to act.
She emphasized that it was
an avenue to reach out to the
youths and promotes teamwork
and discipline.
Several other students, male
and female expressed their

satisfaction with the activities
in which they took part. One
male of the Basseterre High
School stated that being a part
of the Teen Challenge group
was a way to meet new people
and to get closer to God.
A female student said she
was now a better person in and
out of school. She noted that the
different topics covered in the
group sessions have helped her
to improve her anger
management skills and she
therefore has developed into a
more pleasant person.
Teachers who facilitated the
projects highlighted the fact that
activities not relating to
academics were geared at
promoting positivity in students
and that attaining a skill provides
avenues for future

- MR


FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010





May 13, 2010, Bridgetown,
Barbados Young entrepreneurs
at the University of the West
Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus
will benefit from a new programme
supported by FirstCaribbean
International Bank. The Bank has
pledged grant funding of
US$45,000 to provide seed capital
on a competitive basis to
graduates of the UWI Cave Hill's
Student Entrepreneurial
Empowerment Development
(SEED) programme to help them
start businesses. The SEED
programme is designed to
encourage and develop
entrepreneurship, self-reliance and
The support has been pledged
by FirstCaribbean under a new
Memorandum of Understanding
(MOU) initialled this afternoon by
Chairman of FirstCaribbean
International Bank Mr. Michael
Mansoor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor
and Principal of the Cave Hill
Campus Professor Sir Hilary
Beckles, at FirstCaribbean's
headquarters at Warrens, St.


\ r
Sitting left- Principal of the Cave Hill Campus, Sir Hilary Beckles
and Michael Mansoor Chairman of FirstCaribbean International
Bank. Standing Ms. Sonia Johnson, Business Development Oni......
Cave Hill Campus and Peter Steenveld, ChieJ l, iA, i.; Officer
FirstCaribbean International Bank.

Michael, Barbados. This is the
third consecutive MOU between
the University and the Bank,
covering a three year period. The
MOU will serve as a framework
within which the two institutions
will collaborate in support of
regional development and for the
mutual benefit of both institutions
and will benefit students and

A New Approach to

Regional Security
Bridgetown, Barbados, Thursday, May 20, 2010:
By Arturo Valenzuela, U.S. Department of State Assistant Secretary
for the Western Hemisphere
The United States is committed to working with our Caribbean
neighbors to combat threats that endanger our mutual security. President
Obama, during the 2009 Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago,
voiced the U.S. commitment to partnership in this hemisphere: "As
neighbors, we have a responsibility to each other and to our citizens.
And by working together, we can take important steps forward to advance
prosperity, security, and liberty."
On May 27, 2010, the United States and the nations of the Caribbean
will live up to that responsibility by launching the Caribbean Basin
Security Initiative (CB SI), an important step forward for the prosperity,
security, and liberty of the region. CBSI will support joint U.S.-Caribbean
partnership that addresses the various security and safety concerns of
our respective governments and citizens.
The definition of "security" under this new view goes beyond
assistance for security forces and anti-trafficking efforts. CBSI is a
broad initiative that also puts an emphasis on citizen safety partnerships
that recognize the need to invest in crime prevention approaches,
including education and workforce development as alternatives to
criminal enterprise. This comprehensive view also acknowledges the
need to further strengthen justice sector institutions to successfully
investigate and prosecute all forms of criminal activity.
The United States and Caribbean nations are entering a new phase
in our relationship-a phase of dialogue, shared responsibility, and
understanding. This relationship should not be viewed as a panacea
against crime and violence, but the beginning of a collaborative
approach-one that identifies and provides appropriate and sufficient
resources to institutions and communities in a common effort to support
their efforts. Over the past year, representatives from our governments
have met four times to define our strategic priorities. We have similarly
identified a framework for security cooperation and a broad plan of action.
These are not mere political declarations but rather guiding documents
that should set a clear path toward improving citizen safety over the
coming years.

researchers on all UWI campuses.
The Memorandum provides
for the Bank's disbursement of
US$375,000 to the UWI in equal
trenches of US$125,000 in each of
the three years 2010 to 2012 and
the partnership commitment
covers the following broad areas:
1. The Advancement of
Knowledge and Understanding of
Issues Affecting Business, Trade
and Financial Services in the
Caribbean Context;
2. The Support and
Development of UWI Students
Around The Region;
3. Enhancement of Research
in Banking and Finance at UWI;
4. Mutual Use of Services and
Joint Pursuit of Mutually
Beneficial Business and Corporate
Image Enhancement
Student support and
development will account for more
than half of the grant, with
US$112,500 allocated to continue
to cover 15 annual scholarships
over the three year period. Each
scholarship is valued at US$2,500
to UWI undergraduate and/or
graduate students. Another new
feature of the agreement is a pledge
of US$41,250 towards the
establishment of a pilot
graduate placement programme at
the Cave Hill Campus to facilitate
students' transitioning to the
world of work.
The MOU will provide
continued support to UWI
researchers on the three campuses
to enable them to conduct research
on issues of importance to the
banking and financial services
sector through a new grant of
US$86,250. The UWI Case Study
Development Project has also
received a further grant of
US$75,000 over the three years and
the Bank has indicated its
intention to continue as official
sponsor of the annual Frank
Worrell Memorial Lecture.


United States Peace Corps (St. Kitts) is inviting suitably qualified
individuals to apply for short-term positions ranging from 11- 20 days
between July 26th and October 22nd, 2010. Trainers are expected to
provide interactive sessions for Peace Corps Trainees ranging in
ages and experiences and based on a set curriculum in the following
Institutional Development (ID / NGO)Trainer
Participatory Analysis for Community Action (PACA) Trainer
Youth Development (YD) Trainer
Working With Schools Trainer
Further information regarding these positions can be obtained from
United States Peace Corps (St. Kitts):
Tel: 466-5591, Fax: 465-3079
Applications should be sent to: Email: mhuggins@/
United States Peace Corps
College Housing Project
P.O. Box 246
St. Kitts
Deadline for receipt of Applications is June 21st, 2010.

Prof. Neville Duncan:

Government and people

must be frugal and prudent

(cont'd from page 15)

The esteemed professor said that he did not want to present a
picture of gloom and doom, like a preacher speaking about the
Apocalypse but that he had to be realistic.
The US economy is a bubble economy with six major bubbles,
Professor Duncan said. Once those six unsustainable bubbles had
burst, they can't be put back together again like Humpty Dumpty,
he said, referring to the US economic crisis that threw the world
into the economic crisis it is now.
Professor Duncan said these six bubbles include real estate,
private debt, the decline in value of US dollar, the stock market,
discretionary spending and the US government debt.
If the Labour Party is to remain relevant, it "must reinvent
itself, its purpose, its vision," he said, and strengthen and protect
its social and economic gains. This he contends requires discipline
and proper management.
"We have to ensure social security and physical security,"
Professor Duncan said.
Social development and sustainable economic development go
hand in hand, he said.
He challenged the government to be on guard against
"When a party is in its second, much less its fourth term in
office, much administrative and political behavior that deviates
from accepted norms begins to look normal," he said.
"We have to stamp out all vestiges of political corruption.
Corruption humiliates the ordinary citizen, slows social progress,
hampers economic development and drives up the prices of
products and services," Professor Duncan added.
Transformation of the public sector is crucial and output must
measure up and exceed input, he said.
"We know from our experiences with the public sector, here
or in the world, that the time that it takes in producing and
developing output is usually long, uncertain and unpredictable. The
quality of output which is produced is not always of the highest
standards and is uneven and variable. Transparency and
accountability are not clear," Professor Duncan said.

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010 "SPO 23

Disappointed but thrilled

Happy! Joyous! Enthralled!
Although the Caribbean sporting
population is saddened by the
failure of the West Indies Women
Cricket Team in the recently
concluded ICC Twenty20 West
Indies 2010 tournament, the market
upbeat about cricket.
I am sure that the great majority
is indeed happy, having been
thoroughly entertained and
bolstered by the high level of
cricket played by the women
cricketers fromAustralia, England,
India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri
Lanka, SouthAfrica, and the West
Indies who demonstrated their
cricketing skills in the competition.
The people of St Kitts and
Nevis, in particularly, who hosted
the female tournament will ever
have fun memories of the sporting
women of quality, and will ever
cherish the festival of arts that
they showcased at the Warner Park
The hometown is
disappointed that Deandra Dottin
and her team did not make it into
the finals in Barbados, having
been outplayed in all departments
by the talented New Zealanders.
The conventional wisdom is that
our gifted girls must have been
overwhelmed by occasion, and,
the fear factor must have
prevented them from performing
according to their potential. But
we should be of good cheer
because the future of women
cricket looks very bright.
Yes, the undefeated New
Zealand women Cricket Team beat
the West Indies Women Cricket
Team to quality for the finals
against Australia final on Sunday
16 May 2010. New Zealand
amassed an unbeatable 180 runs
for the loss of 5 wickets and
restricted the West Indies to 124
runs for the loss of 8 wickets,
beating the home girls by 56 runs
- and sending them packing.
The Kiwis was able to post an
imposing 180-5 from 20 overs,
thanks to Sara McGlashan, who
smashed two sixes in her 84 from
55 balls. McGlashan powered the
White Ferns towards a competitive
total, adding 93 forthe third wicket
with Sophie Devine. Her innings
was only ended by a superb throw
from Shakera Selman.
When the New Zealanders
took the field to defend their score,
the skipper Aimee Watkins took 3-
26, ensuring that the Windies
never kept pace with the asking
rate. She was ably supported by
off-spinner Lucy Doolan (2-20)
who found plenty of turn from the
Beausejour track. The two put the
brakes on local girls. Doolan

removed the hard-hitting Britney
Cooper who holed out at long-
off and had skipper Merissa
Aguilleira stumped second ball as
she tried to force the pace.
We wanted some sort of c
consolation but it was not to be!
With the West Indies Men Cricket
Team failing to make the semi-
finals, the West Indian women had
hoped to keep the Caribbean flame
alive after Captain Aguilleira won
the toss.
Notwithstanding the
disappointment, cricket fans were
thoroughly entertained and
enjoyed every moment of last
weekend cricket festival. Like the
men, the women showcased cricket
of the highest class (some
passionate followers are of the
opinion that the women athletes
exhibited greater sporting skills
and agility than the professional
men perhaps reflecting the
friendly rivalry that exit between
the two sexes and the supporters
on either side).
What happened in the finals?
New Zealand, losing finalists in
both the World Cup and World
Twenty20 in 2009, would be losing
finalist again in 2010 at the
Kensington Oval Barbados.
The Australian women,
restricted to a paltry 106 in 20m
overs, subdued New Zealand and
restricted them to 103 in the
allotted 20 overs to win the
Twenty20 by 3 runs on 16 May
2010. The result ended Australia's
six-match losing streak to Aimee
Watkins' team in this format.
Australia added the trophy to
their five global 50-overprizes and
succeeded in front of the men's
squad, which was beaten by
England earlier in the afternoon.
Michael Clarke, David Warner and
Mitchell Johnson were among
those to stay and watch the
women, and the performance
helped lift the mood of the green-
and-gold supporters.
Australia's women staged a
dramatic comeback to go one
better than the men after holding
their nerve in a low-scoring final.
New Zealand deserved to be
confident after restricting
Australia to 106 for 8, but they
could not deal with the
suffocating pressure and fell four
runs short to suffer their third loss
in a row in a global final.
Alex Blackwell's team captured
the early wickets they desperately
needed and when Ellyse Perry
struck twice in two overs New
Zealand were in trouble at 29 for 4.
Perry, the fast bowler, added
another late in the game and
delivered a cool final over,

allowing 10 when 14 were required.
She finished with a highly
impressive 3 for 18 and the player
of the match prize.
Suzie Bates pulled the first ball
of the chase for two and launched
a six over long-on in an effort to
settle the nerves, but Watkins was
an early casualty. She fell to a
superb leaping catch from Alex
Blackwell after pulling to
midwicket and Blackwell was also
responsible for running out the
powerful Sara McGlashan for 1.
Australia started to believe
whenBates (18) tried to hoick Perry
down the ground and was caught
by Sarah Elliott running around
from mid-off. Perry followed up by
knocking out Amy Satterthwaite's
off stump and Australia were
suddenly the ones firmly on top.
The spin of Shelley Nitschke
(1 for 10 off four) and Lisa
Sthalekar (0 for 19) added to the
problems and at the half-way stage
of the pursuit the batsmen were
struggling to score at three an over.
There was briefly an even greater
concern for New Zealand when
Rachel Priest was given out
stumped, but the third umpire
Asad Rauf had pressed the wrong
button and "not out" quickly re-
appeared on the big screen.
Priest's reprieve was short-lived
and she departed after hitting out
at Nitschke and an easy catch
ballooned to Blackwell.
The English men made up
where the English women fell
short. In the finals, England
outplayed Australia to win the ICC
Twenty20 West Indies 2010
tournament by seven wickets.
England 148 for 3 to overtake
Australia's 147 runs inthe allotted
20 overs. Craig Kieswetter and
Kevin Pietersen powered England
to their first ICC global title with
an irresistible 111 -run stand for the
second wicket, as Australia were
out-muscled in a battle of the

To Magistrate, District B
To the Superintendant of Police

I, Leslina Harris now
residing in Cleverly Hill,
Main Road in town of
Sandy Point do hereby give
you notice that it is my
intention to apply on 2nd
July, 2010 to the District
Magistrate at Sandy Point
for a Retail Liquor Licence
in respect of my premises in
Cleverly Hill, Main Road,
Sandy Point.

Dated this 17th day of May, 2010
Signed by: Leslina Harris

Peter Adrien is an author and sports analyst. His latest United
Nation's sponsored book, Sport Tourism, a must-read for policy
makers, tourism investors, hoteliers, academics and students is
now available. Call Peter at 869-6689752; 869-4651603 or email for a copy.
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bowlers at Bridgetown. Despite a
brave recovery led by David
Hussey, who made 59 from 54 balls,
Australia's hopes of claiming the
only world title to have eluded
them were devastated from the
moment they lost three wickets in
13 legitimate deliveries in a
stunning start to the contest.
This is what sports and
competitions are all about many
compete for the crown but only
one wins. But at the end, with high
quality displays and unforgettable

crowd entertainment!
At the end, the better, and more
rounded teams won prevailed.
Congratulations are in order for the
Australian women the mothers,
queens, princesses and
matriarchs; we say bravo to the
We say thank you to the lovely
ladies for playing exciting cricket,
and for high quality entertainment
we were privileged to enjoy in the
cricketing arenas and in our living

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I -

FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010

While Dr. Douglas Is Kept As

Labour Leader, Only The PAM Exit

Door Open To Grant

By: Sotto Voce

The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party demonstrated over the last weekend
that it is a quality, experienced organisation that is well-grounded in the
hearts and minds of Kittitians and Nevisians both at home and abroad.
On the Saturday, its Youth Arm (Young Labour) held its Annual
Convention at the Diamond Cut Restaurant. That same day its female
arm (Labour Women) held an important symposium at that same venue.
Next day Sunday, it was the annual Party Convention, where all the
principal figures were returned to office unopposed by the 8
Constituencies. This was anticipated following its re-election to
government for a fourth consecutive term, and the very successful
Labour Weekend Events.
All this came against the background of the rampant, well-publicised
confusion in the main, opposing PAM camp. The PAM Annual
Convention, which was due several weeks ago, has been put off. Some
5 of the 7 PAM Candidates outside of their political leader have publicly
disclosed their wish for their leader (Grant) to be replaced.
The PAM Executive has called on the loyalty in PAM of some sections
of the media to soft-peddle on this as a means of damage control. And
those with money, means, control and privilege in that Party have rallied
to the defence of the leader. They are hoping that time will heal the open
wounds within the ranks, and serve to make members forget the corrupt
dealings of the leader with the in cSitoi" at the Marriott Hotel.
It was quite comical recently when PAM callers on their FM (including
retired policeman "Mother Bess") were speculating whether the
in cSitoi" could be charged by the police with the "attempted bribery"
of Mr. Gant. They saw nothing wrong with what Grant did. But the
in cSitoi" broke our laws they said.
I laughed my head off to hear all this pappy-show talk coming from a
man who was "God bless the dead" before retirement, but now
concentrates on cursing Prime Minister Douglas openly at every chance.
"Attempted bribery?" I thought on the video I heard the leader agree
to give "the investor" first opportunity to negotiate a land sale deal for
between $1.5 million and $1.7 million when/if PAM formed the
government; the money to be paid on a secret account.
In fact, it is precisely this matter that has caused the disgruntled 5
Candidates to want Grant removed. But the retired officer sees nothing
wrong with Grant's conduct; only with the "investor's" offer. He wants
the investor forcibly returned to St. Kitts "for trial". Seems like we have
crazy people out of psychiatric care right here in St. Kitts.
Now that the Elections are over, and even some PAM Campaigners
are agreed that Grant is wasting time and money in Court, the anti-
Labour Party set have been focussing on the icgiat\ c." they imagine
they see from the Labour Weekend.
They say the Labour Day March was not as big as it was the previous
year. Even in the days of Comrades Bradshaw and France, the march
was, bigger, just before an Election than it was just after; nothing new.
Labour people close ranks and show their support when they feel it is
more important to do so. The pressure is off after the Election is won.
The Party attracted over 500 persons to its recent Conference. Some
media persons have put it at 300-550. Whichever number is correct is not
of significance at this time. The fact is the Labour Party held its Annual
Conference on time. While PAM has ducked from having its Convention
at this time in order to take the focus away from Grant's poor, corrupted
leadership and his famous video.
Then an effort was made to make an issue out of the "non-attendance"
of former Minister Astaphan at the Labour Party Conference. Look how
long he done jump ship and gone? How he re-emerges as an issue inside
Labour now? The real, live, current issue is how PAM deals with the
corrupt actions of a leader that keeps the embarrassment of his colleagues
alive while he remains in office. This is the big thing on the local scene.
When the former Minister Astaphan resigned from the government,
and held press conferences cursing Dr. Douglas and Labour, this was
s\\icci and juicy" material for some sections of the media. He went
further and did not endorse his replacement in Central Basseterre by
Labour; More "food on the table" for the said media people.
But "look dey now," not just one, but five PAM Candidates show
open dissent for their leader, and want him replaced. But some sections
of the media quiet as a lamb on this. Is only Labour they have strength
Not only the hypocrites in the media, but PAM's coalition partner in
opposition and the Opposition Leader (the Sheriff) are yet to dissociate
themselves from such conduct. This is most important and significant

for the CCM to do. Their
association and collaboration with
PAM makes this an imperative at
this time.
Some say that politics makes
strange bedfellows. And if PAM
and the CCM are in bed together,
the Sheriff and/or Vance Amory
need to say whether the dealings

of the PAM leader find support in
the CCM; just as the Sheriff, for
his own ends, finds all the
negatives to say about Hon.
Patrice Nisbett's acceptance of the
post of Attorney-General. So too,
he has to make open and public
his views on his coalition
partner's involvement in the
corrupt dealings with the
"investor" at the Marriott Hotel.
You see, some of us may associate
this silence with complicity or
agreement or acceptance of what
is done.
The Sheriff and his Party need
to come off the mark and get on

2010 LABOUR Conference a

resounding success

(cont'd from last page)

on Sunday last, May 16th, at the Marriott Resort, Frigate Bay, has been
hailed by the organizers and the hundreds of delegates in attendance as
a resounding success.
Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Denzil Douglas was re-elected as National
Leader of the Party (unopposed) for the 21st consecutive year.
His Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy National Leader, the Hon.
Sam Condor; Senior Minister and National Chairman, Dr. the Hon Timothy
Harris and all other Officers of the Party were also re-elected unopposed
to their respective positions by the Conference which attracted over 500
delegates drawn from the eight Constituency Branches in St. Kitts;
Labour Women; Young Labour as well as the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades &
Labour Union (sister organisation of the Party).
The Conference which came some three months after LABOUR's
resounding and decisive victory at the Polls on January 25th securing
a historic fourth term in government concluded early Sunday evening
on a very successful and positive note, with the delegates openly
pledging their continued and unwavering support for their leaders and
Party, which over the past 78 years of its existence, has championed the
cause of the working class people of this country in all spheres of our
social, political and economic development.
They further pledged their full support for the Prime Minister and his
hard-working team of people-oriented Ministers as they (government)
embark upon another 5-year journey to transform this twin-island
Federation to greater heights and further improve the working and living
conditions of all our people, especially the poor and underprivileged,
regardless of their political persuasion.
Cognizant of the crippling and devastating effects the current
financial and economic crisis worldwide is having on third world
economics like ours which now depends chiefly on our tourism and
financial services industry, delegates embraced the Conference theme -
"Commitment and Efficiency Today Means Greater Advancement For
all", and seized the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the
deliberations during the session allotted for the presentation of
Resolutions to Conference.
Over 60 Resolutions were tabled by the Constituency Branches for
Conference approval, covering a wide range of national and other
pertinent issues including Tax Reform (VAT), the Economy, Crime, Tourism
Development, Social and Community Development, Education,
Agriculture and Fishing, Health Care Delivery, Housing and Land
Distribution, Sports, Women and Youth Empowerment, Electoral and
Constitutional Reform and Constituency Empowerment.
All eight (8) Constituency Branches,, in their Resolutions, praised
the Prime Minister and Party Leader, Dr. Douglas for his sterling and
exemplary leadership of the country and party and for the outstanding
role he played in ensuring that the Labour Party was safely and
comfortably returned to government for a fourth consecutive term.
Conference also congratulated all the winning candidates in the
January 25th General Elections, singling out the new Ministers, Hon
Marcella Liburd and the Hon Glenn "Ghost" Phillip, who defeated the
dejected and embattled PAM Leader, Lindsay Grant.
Conference also paid homage to former Ministers of Government,
Messrs Dwyer Astaphan, Rupert Herbert and Cedric Liburd. And, Dr.
Norgen Wilson, the Labour Candidate for Constituency 5 in the last
As usual, the day's proceedings were divided into two sessions.

the track of decency, honesty, and
non-association with the corrupt
dealings of a "family-member".
The coalition is in rough,
troubled seas at this time, and
badly needs the guidance of firm,
straightforward and honest
leadership if the ship is not to end
up as a wreck on the rocks. Or
honesty and transparency died?
So mouth-a-massy Grant and
his excuse for a Chairman 1/4 b of
Onion need to park up the
propaganda machine and get a
reality check at once. Only one
door now open to Grant the exit

Highlights of the Public Session
which began sometime after
10:00am, included Welcome
Remarks by the Party's National
Chairman, Dr. the Hon. Timothy
Harris, the address by Guest
Speaker, renowned professor of
Political Science at the University
of the West Indies, Jamaica, Dr.
Neville Duncan (who focused
primarily on the Conference
theme); and the traditional Feature
Address by the National Leader,
Dr. the Hon. Denzil Douglas.
The morning session also
included the introduction of the
2010 Labour Queen, Janaie Browne
and her Runners-up and the
honouring of the Mother of the
Year in each of the 8
The Business Session which
followed the Lunch-break included
the Annual Report from the
National Executive Committee; the
Treasurer's and Auditor's Report
for 2008/2009; Resolutions from
Labour Women, Young Labour, the
Branches and the National
Executive and the Elections of
The day's proceeding
culminated with the election of the
new National Executive Committee
for the ensuing year. It comprises
as follows:
Dr. the Hon Denzil Douglas -
National Leader; the Hon Sam
Condor, Deputy National Leader;
Dr the Hon Timothy Harris,
National Chairman; the Hon. Nigel
Carty, Deputy National Chairman;
Ms. Wanda Connor, National
Secretary; Mr. Joseph O'Flaherty,
Assistant National Secretary; Mr.
Kurt Lewis, National Treasurer;
and Mrs. Eugenie Condor, Mr.
Jason Hamilton and Ms Gislyn
Williams (Elected Members).
The Executive Committee will
be completed with a representative
from each of the eight
Constituency Branches as well as
Labour Women and Young
Delegates left the Conference
for their respective constituencies
and communities fully mobilized
and ready to face up to the
challenges ahead, standing solidly
behind their Leader and Party w
ho are truly committed to taking
this country upwards and forward.

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman

Customs discover 500 rounds of

ammunition at port

The Speaker acted according

to law says Dominica's

Attorney General

Attorney General, Hon. Francine Baron Royer

Attorney General, Hon.
Francine Baron Royer Roseau,
Dominica- May 20, 2010.........
Attorney General, Hon. Francine
Baron Royer has stated that
contrary to opinions being
expressed in the public domain,
the Speaker of the House of
Assembly, Hon. Alix Boyd Knights
did act in accordance with the
Dominica Constitution and the
Standing Orders of the House of
Assembly when she announced
that the Marigot and Salisbury
seats had become vacant.
The Attorney General
convened a press conference on
Tuesday to address a matter which
has attracted much discussion in
the media here.
"The Constitution specifically
provides by Section 35 (3) (a)
which I quoted earlier of how this
should be approached. A member
shall vacate his seat if he absents
himself in circumstances
prescribedby Parliament in its rules
of procedure. Parliament has so

prescribed in its Standing
"The Standing Orders of
the House can be found at
Chapter 1:01 of the Laws of
Dominica. It provides at
Standing Order 15 as follows:
Any Member who is
unable to attend a meeting of
the House to which he has
been summoned shall

acquaint the Clerk as early as
possible of his inability to attend.
If without Leave or order of the
Speaker previously obtained, any
Member is absent from three
consecutive meetings of the
House to which he has been
separately summoned during the
same session, such Member shall
vacate his seat."
Hon. Francine Baron Royer
further explained that the
representatives of the Marigot and
Salisbury constituencies were
absent from three consecutive
meetings of the House to which
they had been separately
summoned during the same
session and therefore by operation
of law and in accordance with
Section 35 of the Constitution, "the
member must vacate his seat" .
In response to suggestions
that it is the High Court that must
determine if a seat becomes
vacant, the Attorney General
"Since the member must vacate

MAY 17TH 2010 (CUOPM) -
Customs and Excise in St. Kitts and
Nevis has seized over 500 round
of ammunition.
A terse statement from the
Comptroller of Customs said the
discovery was made by the
Customs K9 Unit during a routine
patrol at the Deep Water Port at
Bird Rock.
The Customs statement said
the large quantity of concealed
ammunition comprised of .9 MM
= 148 ROUNDS; .45 MM = 200
7.62MM=48 ROUNDS; .40MM =
50 ROUNDS; .380 MM =50
ROUNDS; and .45 MM = 50
of 546 ROUNDS
"The ammunition was
catalogued and turned over to
Royal St Christopher and Nevis
Police Force Drug Squad Unit in
its entirety," said the statement.
The statement said no arrests
have been made however
investigations are ongoing.

Photos courtesy of Customs
and Excise

his seat, what then should follow?
Must the High Court declare the
seat vacant as has been
suggested? The answer is no.
Persons have quoted Section 40
of the Constitution as authority for
the view that the High Court must
declare the seat vacant. There is
no such requirement."
Section 40 of the Constitution
states that "the High Court shall
have jurisdiction to hear and
determine any question whether
any member of the House has
vacated his seat."
The Attorney General added
that Section 40 specifically grants
jurisdiction to the Court to make a
determination on the question
whether a seat has in fact become
vacant where that issue is in
dispute. Mrs Francine Baron
Royer cited an example where "a
Member may wish to dispute
whether Standing Order 15 (2) was
properly applied when his seat was
declared vacant. He may wish to
establish for example that he did
not in fact miss three consecutive
meetings of the House and so
Standing Order 15 (2) did not
"Since the Speaker is the one
responsible for the business of the
House, the Speaker has the
responsibility to inform that a seat
has become vacant by virtue of the
operation of law i.e Standing
Order 15 (2) ..." the Attorney
General concluded.
The decision by the Speaker
of the House of Assembly to
declare the Marigot and Salisbury
seats vacant paves the way forby-
elections in those constituencies
within ninety (90) days of the seats
being declared vacant.

FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010

Basseterre, St. Kitts,
(Wednesday 19th May 2010). On
Tuesday 18th May 2010 police
responded to a report of shooting
which occurred at approximately
8:55 pm at Frigate Bay.
Investigations revealed that an off
duty police constable was attacked
by a lone assailant in what
appeared to be an attempt robbery

and was shot in his leg, but
managed to return a couple shots
at his attacker who managed to
escape. The police constable was
transported to the JNF Hospital by
EMS and has been detained in
stable condition. There are no
suspects as yet, however
investigations are ongoing.

Illegal Firearm and Ammunitions
Found at Craddock Road, Nevis
Basseterre, St. Kitts,(Thursday 20th May 2010). On
Wednesday 19th May 2010 at approximately 9:20 am members
of the Task Force Nevis executed a search warrant on the
premises of Judy Browne-Claxton of Craddock Road, Nevis. The
search yielded one (1) 32 gauge shotgun, one (1) 12 gauge round
and eighty-one (81) 9mm rounds of ammunitions, which were
found in the bedroom of Randy Browne. Judy and Randy were
arrested on suspicion and taken into police custody, along with the
illegal find. Investigations into this matter are ongoing. Formal
charges are likely to follow some time today. This is the 24th
illegal firearm to be taken into custody for the year.

Illegal Firearm Recovered at
Basseterre, St. Kitts, (Monday 17th May 2010). On Sunday
16th May 2010, members of the Armed Forces conducted a
number of intelligence led Operations in Mansion Village during
the early hours of the morning. At approximately 5:00 am, one (1)
.45 pistol and six (6) rounds of matching ammunitions were found
at the home of Hans Lawrence of Mansion. Lawrence was
arrested and charged in connection with the find, however
investigations are still ongoing. This is the 23rd illegal firearm to
be taken into custody for 2010.

By: Jean Thomas

How committed are you?
More and more, I am asking the question how committed
am I? How committed are you? You may very well ask the
question, what do I have to be committed to? It seems to me that
in every sphere there are many of us who say we will undertake
a task or who vow to get something going, but somewhere along
the line, we either loose interest or reach the stage where we just
could not be bothered.
There are times when we are called upon to undertake a task
for a family member, a friend, an associate in a club or organization
or even at work and we fall short. We either forget, or did not
make a mental note of the task to be performed. We give our
word that we could seek to get the assignment done and on the
given day when asked for the assignment we put our hands over
our mouths and say in dialect "me arm, I forget".
Then many of us have the nerves to say to the person enquiring
about the lack of our commitment why did you not remind me? It them
makes it look as though it was your fault that the assignment was not
I am aware that things happen but really we ought to be more
mindful when we give our word that you would undertake an
assignment. Others may be waiting on you to move on. Oh how
is wish that many of us would be honest and call and say that you
are having a difficulty with the assignment. So, tell me, do you
not think that it would be more courteous to adopt that policy.
Remember, the next time you give your commitment, do try to
see it through.


PBoli^c Investigate Shootingin
^^^^^^^Frigate Bay^



Tl Netball players told to

. appreciate their bosses

WEDNESDAYMAY 19, 2010; of the event.
TBASSETERRE, St. Kitts Speaking at Wednesda3
0 1 Thousands of dollars have been night's function, Mrs. Liburc

Windies batsmen

squander another

North Sound, Antigua Wherever they may be, West Indies fans
and admirers will have to wait another day for news that will allow them
to breathe in relief and crack a smile. On Wednesday afternoon at the Sir
Vivian Richards Cricket Ground, the script was not been deviated from
Many international players have made hay against the Windies in
recent times. It was South African Ryan McLaren's turn in the First
Digicel Twenty20.
The right arm medium fast bowler sliced through various parts of the
West Indies batting and completed a five wicket haul costing 19 runs.
He must be grateful for the assistance from the Windies batsmen as
the South Africans sealed a convincing, but perhaps not entirely
unpredictable, victory by 13 runs.
Both teams have been under fire after exiting the recently concluded
ICC World Twenty20 Tournament at the Super Eight stage. The South
Africans, who cannot seem to shrug off the 'choker' tag are on their way
to some semblance of redemption. The Windies find themselves in all
too familiar territory after another forgettable cricket match.
The visitors battled to post 136 for 7 from their 20 overs, then the
Windies never threatened with any degree of seriousness as they were
disposed of for 123 in 19.5 overs.
Jacques Kallis spent 45 balls accumulating 53. The veteran right
hander's most profitable scoring shots were three sixes and a boundary.
At the top of the order Captain Graeme Smith made 37 from 31 with three
fours and a six but only AB de Villiers was able to join them in double
figures as the Windies bowlers delivered admirably and held the Proteas
batsmen to what was, all things being equal, a modest target.
Kieron Pollard (2 for 22) and Kemar Roach (2 for 25) both delivered
four overs each of quality bowling as the Windies utilized eight bowlers
in total while Narsingh Deonarine's off spin remained unused.
Chris Gayle started as Chris Gayle starts, smashing two fours in the
first over bowled by spinner Roelof van der Merwe who was taken for 12
in his first over but who completed a three over spell which cost only 17
It was the SouthAfrican spinners who combined to choke the Windies
in the middle overs and the game took a crucial turn for the worse for the
home side in the 10th when office Johan Botha (2 for 19 from 4 overs)
extracted two wickets Dwayne Bravo for 20 and Narsingh Deonarine
stumped off a leg side wide for a duck.
The domineering left handed Gayle had earlier faced the first two
overs as his opening partner Andre Fletcher played the role of
spectator. Fletcher's abysmal form at the international level continued
when he stabbed at his third delivery to McLaren and was caught behind
by de Villiers without scoring.
Fletcher's departure allowed Bravo to appear in the number three
slot and he attempted to blitz his way into form after mis-firing with the
bat for far too long. The right handed all rounder batted with the level of
aplomb and fearlessness more noticeable in his bowling and fielding. It
was good for 20 runs from 22 deliveries but he caved in to impetuosity
when he aimed to clear the long on boundary and was caught just inside
in the middle of that vital 10th over to leave the Windies stuttering at 48
for 3.
Missing ace batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul who, it was explained,
was being inexplicably 'rested', the Windies needed contributions from
all. Few were forthcoming.
Ramnaresh Sarwan labored for 20 balls in getting 13 and Kieron
Pollard attempted to use his blitzkrieg style to rescue the Windies but
wickets were running thin and when he perished at 88 for 6 in the 16th
over for a top score of 27 the game was as good as over.
Darren Sammy swooshed and swiped at the end and connected to a
few but missed most others. By then though the required runs from each
delivery was mounting out of reach and tailenders were forming a busy
procession to and fro.
When the formalities were completed it came as no surprise that
former West Indies wicketkeeper Ridley Jacobs opted to hand the Man
of the Match prize of a Blackberry Bold 9700 to McLaren. He was
thoroughly deserving of it based on his figures which were enhanced

injects by the giant furmture retail
store Courts in a sponsorship
package of the 2010 Organisation
of Eastern Caribbean States Club
Netball Championship.
The tournament which runs
from May 19th 24th 2010 still
faces a number of challenges, one
of which is financing.
Addressing the Meet and
Greet Ceremony on Wednesday
night, Teresia Pemberton -
Marketing Officer for Courts St.
Kitts/Nevis Limited, told the
gathering of netball players and
officials that "everyone is a winner
or you would not be here."
She noted the hard work by
the various teams in their
preparation for the tournament,
which is an indication of the
stature of the tournament.
Led by the president Mrs.
Juliette Liburd, all systems have
been given the green light in
ensuring the smooth management

noted the many sacriices players
and administrators have to make
in many instances. She also called
on the players to appreciate their
managers who are supportive in
granting them time off to
participate and compete.
According to Mrs. Liburd, "I
know that our boss-men don't like
to give players time off to come to
championships, but I appreciate all
of you who are working."
She asked the players to
appreciate the bosses who gave
them time off to travel to St. Kitts
to participate in the 2010 Courts-
sponsored OECS Club Netball
The Kittitian players are not so
fortunate. Michelle Liburd -
captain of the Coca-Cola Shamrock
Netball Club has to work till 12:00
noon Thursday May 20th 2010,
even though she and her team are
camped at the Bird Rock Beach
Hotel, along with the other

Mrs Juliette Liburd President
of the St Kitts Netball
(photo Robertson S Henry)

participating teams.
One team official noted that
not just the players but also
members of the association have
to work even when the situation
demands that they get time off, "so
it is important that players
appreciate the bosses who grant
time off for them to take part in
Despite these shortcomings,
all of the members of the St. Kitts/
Nevis Netball Association are
upbeat in that all systems are
running smoothly.







Closing Ceremony at 6:30

by the unavoidable ineptness of
the local batsmen.
They will have another shot at
redemption on Thursday
afternoon before moving into the
five match Digicel One Day
International Series. There can be
little complaint about lack of
adequate opportunities. They
shall abound in the coming weeks
for there are three Digicel Tests to
follow as well and excuses, like
available Windies batsmen in
every innings will run thinner and
thinner as time passes.
Prior to the game, Gayle had
appealed to his batsmen to stand

up and be counted. It appears as
though they are intent on
achieving goals not pertaining to
success on the cricket field. When

their opportunities begin to wane
they will have no one to blame but
the man in the mirror.

Jazzique and his band GREEN
HOUSE will be launching their de-
but album CULTURE LOVE the
first week of June.
The band has been performing around St Kitts Nevis for the past
two years and is now venturing with this new album to promote not only
themselves but the Federation of St Kitts Nevis. The album has a broad
international appeal with influences of reggae, jazz, rock, R&B, pop, and
(cont'd on page 27)

The Labour Spokesman


The Labour Spokesman

FRIDAY, MAY 21sT 2010


By: Vigilante
The infighting in PAM between the two warring factions
has now gotten totally out of control and a recent meeting
convened by some PAM big shots to end the ground war
peacefully, broke up violently with one body guard pulling
his gun in defence of his "boss".
Dey say man had to run for cover and the body guard
vowed that he was going to deal with them firmly if they
don't stop mess with his "boss".
Efforts by high-up PM officials to provide Toni and
WINN FM with a press release by last weekend, stating that
everything was back to normal (all was well) in the party
turned out to be a total farce, as the two ring leaders of "De
Gang of 5" stuck to their guns, insisting that the expired
PAM leader has to go ... and before the case is heard...
Word on the street is that even Daddy Grant and his
other half are pleading with him to do the honourable thing
and bow out gracefully from politics before it's too late.
His own friends and drinking buddies are also begging
and beseeching him to do the right thing, before "De Gang
of 5" expose him publicly about other alleged campaign
deals. But he boasted nothing like them could frighten him.
He ain't backing down for all dey got is talk. He got plenty
money to find 5 new candidates.
The talk in Cayon is about the mysterious cock which
has been doing its thing up and down in the community,
crying out... "Ah looking for Lindsay. He got to go. Wheh he
be.... Wheh he be?"
According to the latest reports it went looking for
Eugene and dey say he chased it away, telling it to go down
to Sir Gilles to make its noise. But like Judas, he betrayed
poor Lindsay, saying he not on his side, he with the boys.
Dey say when the cock showed up in Sir Gilles looking
for Lindsay de coward fellow went into hiding claiming how
Roy, Glenroy and Luis went to Nevis to put obeah and jumbie
on him.
Villagers claim when Daddy Grant got the news about
the cock parading his estate in search of Baby Grant, he
remarked that it reminded him of the cock that used to parade
up and down Church Street, outside Government
Headquarters right after the change of government in 1980,
which left all that curse on PAM. He will have to do something
to help out he son.
The specially convened East Basseterre PAMites
meeting up de Hill on Monday night (by the PAM Executive)
to get rid of the incumbent PAM Candidate (Glenroy
Blanchette) ended in confusion and bacchanal, with Chris
Moonlight and the malicious P.R.O. from Bird Rock, fighting
to be the new candidate.
Plans are well in advance at the Democrat to get rid
of him (Glenroy) and he was ordered last week to stop using
his name as the PAM candidate for East Basseterre in his
weekly articles in the paper.
Dey say the PAM doctor in the West is cursing the
dickens out of de expired PAM leader for replacing him as
the PAM candidate in West Basseterre with 3-way Bernie.
He say he warned Baby Grant long time not to trust him (3-
way Bernie), calling him a crook and a traitor.
People want to know why is de expired PAM leader
so mortally afraid of press conferences these days. Is it
because the two ring-leaders in "De Gang of 5" are
threatening to "buss he bubble" any how he and his Party
Chairman (1/4 Ib Onion) decide to expose themselves to
the press.
Dey say "De Gang of 5" have been meeting frequently
at a certain restaurant in East Basseterre and planning their
next move.


Jazzique and his
band GREEN
(cont'd from page 26)

country. The album CULTURE
LOVE will be published by ED
records. Culture love will also be
distributed by iTunes and various
other distributors.
For more details contact
Jazzique at 869.664.3013

- M R

%SA 0_l4 WO
2% 4 o X q-%_ f-; % %


The Position;
Ocean's Edge is seeking to employ a Sales Manager with excellent client communication skills,
determination to drive sales and at least 6 years experience in on site sales for Resort Developments.
On-island marketing and promotion of the Ocean's Edge Development, including, but not limited to, the
1. Managing the on-island sales and marketing process to completion
2. Coordination with international agents on scheduling of inspection trips and press trips;
preparation of itineraries, hosting of visits.
3. Comprehensive follow-up of Inspection Trips, Holiday Inspection Trips, referrals and
4. Hosting sales events and liaising with international and on-island sub-agents

Applications plus 2 letters of recommendation should be forwarded no later than May 28th, 2010 to the
Operations Manager:
Operations Manager
Ocean's Edge St. Kitts
P O Box 768
St. Kitts

. . . . . . 10M

Results of the 2010 Digicel Premier Division Play Offs
Game 1- Saturday 15th, May
TDC New Town United 2, Coury's Gatorade Conaree 0 (nil).
Goal Scorers Alexis Saddler 55th minute; Keithroy Richards 79th minute, Malivia Harris 90th minute.
Yellow Cards Jazzel Francis (Conaree), Alex Saddler 19th minute (New Town) 90th Minute.
Game 2 Sunday 16th May
St. Peters 1 S. L. Horsford St. Pauls 0.
Goal Scorer- Ashton Davis 26th minute.
Yellow Cards Javiem Blanchette (St. Pauls) 31st Minute; Kirkland Harris (St. Peters) 32nd minute; Ashton
Davis (St. Peters) 34th minute; Jason Prince (St. Peters) 72nd minute and Jahrin Leader (St. Pauls) 86th minute.
Game 3- Wednesday 19th May
TDC New Town United 3 St. Peters 0
Goal Scorers Ian "Rumpy" Lake 17th minute; Keithroy Richards 57th minute; Orlando "Ack" Mitchum 79th
minute; (scored on his birthday).
Yellow Cards Jason Isaac (New Town) 8th minute; Ashton Davis (St. Peters) 8th minute; Keithroy Richards
(New Town) 53rd minute.
Game 4 Wednesday, 19th May
S. L. Horsford St. Paul's 2 Coury's Gatorade Conaree 0
Goal Scorers George "Yellowman" Isaac (penalty) 47th minute; Javiem Blanchette 59th minute.
Yellow Cards Stenneth Weekes (St. Pauls) 6th minute; Mudassa Howe (Conaree) 85th minute and Azim
Barzey 69th minute.
Red Card- Mudassa Howe (Conaree) 85th minute.

Upcoming Matches -
Saturday, May 22nd TDC New Town vs. S.L. Horsford St. Paul's at 8:00pm.
Sunday, May 23rd St. Peter's vs. Coury's Gatorade Conaree at 7:00pm.

Points standings from the 2 matches played so far- TDC New Town United 6 points; St. Peter's 3 points, S. L.
Horsfords St. Paul's 3 points and Coury's Gatorade Conaree 0.
All matches are being played at the Warner Park Football Stadium.

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