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Labour Party holds 78th Annual

National Conference on Sunday

St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister and
Labour party Leasder Hon. Dr Denzil L.
Douglas (Photo by Erasmus Williams)

2010 (CUOPM) With its historic fourth-
term election victory in January, the

governing St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party
holds its 78th Annual National Conference
this coming Sunday 16th May.
The Labour Party's Chief Executive
Officer (CEO), Ms. Wanda Connor disclosed
the delegates will meet at Beaumont Park
under the theme "Commitment and
Efficiency today means greater
advancement for all."
She said the Opening Session begins at
10:00 A.M. with over 500 delegates and
dignitaries from the diplomatic and consular
corps and non-governmental organizations
in attendance.
Welcome and opening remarks will come
from Labour Party Chairman and Senior
Minister and Minister of International Trade,

(cont'd on page 3)

A section of the delegates to the Labour Party 77th National Convention in 2009.

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, MAY 13TH 2010 (CUOPM) St. Kitts and Nevis Prime
Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas is wishing Britain's new Prime Minister, the Right Hon.
David Cameron success in his five-year term as the youngest British leader for almost 200

Senior Minister Harris at vegetable stall at Department of
Agriculture Annual Open Day on May 13, 2010

"As you embark onyour term in office, I
wish you every success in your efforts to
consolidate the sources of your
Government and people, in charting the way
forward," said Prime Minister Douglas in a

(cont'd on page 3)
Photo: Britain new Prime Minister
Right Hon. David Cameron and Mrs.
Cameron outside No. 10 Downing Street.

Government optimistic
growth will return in C
medium termme n t a&C


The Labour Spokesman




Published by: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union
Ag. Managing Director Editor: Dawud Byron
Masses House, Church Street
P.O Box 239. Basseterre. St. Kitts. West Indies
Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866



PAM uses, abuses

and discards its


A petition signed by five of the defeated People's Action
Movement (PAM) candidates in the 2010 General Elections calling
for Lindsay Grant to step aside as the leader of the party in light
of serious concerns about his leadership has been snubbed by
The five disgruntled candidates fought tooth and nail in the
campaign leading up to the elections and now that they have lost,
their voices and their concerns are of little or no significance to
the party leader and some in the top echelon of the party.
Some of the dissident candidates have said that they are worse
off now than they were before they ran for elected office. Their
political future is now doomed, they can never run again.
A senior member of the PAM said that they committed political
Some of PAM supporters and Grant's lackeys have now set
upon the "Gang of Five" calling them traitors and hypocrites
because they committed a mortal sin, that of challenging the
leadership of Mr. Grant.
As far as Grant is concerned, these five can sign all the petitions
they want until God's kingdom come asking for him to step aside,
he will not budge.
But mature leadership is about accepting criticism, especially
when those criticisms have to do with the future and direction of
the organization.
Mr. Grant has presented himself as one who is above criticism
saying that as far as he is aware there is no challenge to his
leadership of the party. He has claimed that he has the support of
the executive and the rank and file and to hell with everyone else.
We do not expect Grant to step aside from the leadership of
the party. He is too arrogant to do so especially in light of the fact
that he has money like the others do not.
But money is not everything. All the money in the world could
not buy Grant the credibility, soundjudgment, integrity, and humility
he so lacks.
The Marriott affair will not go away because it brought to the
fore the serious leadership deficiencies of Mr. Grant, who sat
down with a so-called unknown international investor to negotiate
a bribe.
The defeated five candidates feel that this incident did a lot of
damage to the party.
Grant apparently is suffering from a messiah complex, yet he
was not able to save himself from the Marriott scandal, nor has
he ever been able to save himself from double defeat at the polls
despite his money and megalomaniac aspirations of becoming
Prime Minister.
The five disgruntled PAM candidates must be applauded for

PM Douglas on VAT for national

economic prosperity

(Labour Secretariat) -The St.Kitts/Nevis Prime Minister and Leader
of the Labour Party administration, Dr. Denzil L. Douglas, speaking at a
VAT (Value Added Tax) workshop held last Thursday (6.May), explained
that the tax structure of St.Kitts/Nevis must be adjusted in order to
ensure continued efficiency and equity in the ongoing transformation
of a sugar-based economy to a service-oriented one.
The seminar was conducted at the St.Kitts Marriott Hotel, located at
Frigate Bay.
"We have found that the evolution of our tax system has not kept
pace with the development of the economy. It was for this reason that
over a year and a half ago, our technical staff began to evaluate our tax
base and structure assisted by certain reports, which had already been
prepared regionally and internationally, as well as with the technical
assistance of our regional and international partners," he stated.
The Finance Minister outlined that the VAT is similar to a sales tax.
He said it is a tax on the estimated value that is added to a product or
material at each stage of the manufacturing or production process.
"In principle VAT applies to all provision of goods and services. The
VAT is assessed and collected on the value of goods and services that
have been provided every time there is a transaction. The seller charges
VAT to the buyer and the seller pays this VAT to the government," he
Dr. Douglas highlighted that some critics of the VAT argue that it is
a regressive tax, meaning that of course the poor pay more as a percentage
of their income that the rich.
"However, the Value Added Tax is in fact a proportional tax in that
people with higher income pay more at the same rate that they actually
consume more. What we really need to consider is the preservation of
the overall progressive nature of total taxes on individuals by the
institution of a properly designed system of direct transfer payments to
lower income groups resulting in of course lower tax burdens on the
poor," he remarked.
"This is one of the principle reasons for the need to improve our
system of taxation so that we may be able to provide the services that
government is mandated to provide and protect the poor and vulnerable
in our society."
The summarized nature of the VAT as listed by PM Douglas are as
follows: (1) It is a general tax that applies in principle to all commercial
activities involving the production of and distribution of goods and the
provision of services; (2) It is a consumption tax because it is really
carried ultimately by the final consumer. It is not a charge on businesses,
I wish to emphasis; (3) It is charged as a percentage of the price, which
means that the actual tax burden is visible at each stage in the production
and distribution chain;
(4) It is collected via a system partial payments by which taxable
persons or VAT registered businesses deduct from the VAT what they
have collected, the amount of tax that they have paid to other taxable
persons on purchases for their business activities; (5) It is paid to the
Inland Revenue Department by the seller of the goods or services who
is referred to as the taxable person but is actually paid by the buyer to
the seller as part of the price and (6) It is therefore and indirect tax.
The St.Kitts/Nevis leader said chief among the reports that the
government studied, was the report prepared by the economic union tax
reform and administration commission which made the recommendation
for the introduction of VAT in the ECCU currency union area.
"We were ably assisted and continue to receive technical assistance
from CARTAC during this exercise. So the next step in the process was

calling into question Grant's leadership
However, word has it that they have been
brought to their knees and threatened by the
heavyweights of the PAM to be silent or face
the consequences.
But that is PAM's motto-to use, abuse
and discard its candidates when they have lost.
If it were not for Grant's money, he too
would have been used, abused and refused
because they all hold one thing in common,
they are all losers.
They will victimize, discriminate and
intimidate those who dare challenge the
powers that be in the party.
We can only recall the incident when
Michael Powell, Deputy Prime Minister,

the formal establishment of the tax
reform unit, which we did back in
January of last year. The unit has
studied among other things the
feasibility of introducing a VAT in
St.Kitts and Nevis and has
recommended to the cabinet, that
it will be most beneficial to
economic well being to introduce
the Value Added Tax," Dr. Douglas
He said one of the main
benefits which will be derived from
the VAT is a wider tax base that
would greatly enhance equity in
the system since instead of
depending on a few entities to
carry the tax burden, it would now
be spread over a large number of
entities therefore eventually
lessening the liability of those few
tax payers.
The VAT, he went onto further
to say, will also consolidate and
modernized our tax system. I am
sure that we would all agree that a
multiplicity of taxes at different
rates is inefficient and
uneconomical to administer. The
move to VAT will eliminate certain
taxes as outlined in the VAT white
paper that has been distributed.
Additionally, as explained by
him "Another advantage of going
along the VAT path is that more
than 150 countries have travelled
this road before us. The more
examples that we have to follow,
the less would be the likelihood of
making serious mistakes. Having
several alternative VAT laws and
experiences to start from makes it
easier to devise a system to suit
our particular circumstances. In
addition, there is clear evidence
that the VAT in many countries is
generating buoyant revenues and
therefore this is a very desirable
feature of tax here for us in St.Kitts/
Dr. Douglas said the
diversification of our economy has
been the focus of this Government
for several years now. This of
course was further intensified with
the closure of the sugar industry

referred to Prime Minister Simmonds as the biggest
stumbling block to progress. It followed that Powell
was thrown out of Simmond's Cabinet as a common
criminal on April 1, All Fools Day.
Again we can think of Royden Benjamin, who
ran against the Hon. Sam Condor in West Basseterre
and how he was treated.
Mr. Benjamin resigned as a minister of religion
to run as a candidate for PAM. After his defeat,
PAM had no use for him, leaving him with no choice
but to pack up his paucity of belongings and flee the
The examples can go on.
That is the history of the PAM. The "infamous
five" are only the latest tragedy that really shows
the true nature of a party who uses, abuses and
then discards.

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 14TH 2010 3

The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Administration is committed
reducing public sector debt, turning around deficits, and achieving
greater macroeconomic stability over the short to medium term.
Minister of Information,
Sen. the Hon. Nigel Carty said
that although small and large
economies around the world
have been hard hit by the
current economic crisis, the
Federation's economy will
return to growth in the medium
term, and macroeconomic
stability will be bolstered
particularly assisted by the
implementation of several
The commitment has come
from St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Mlinister of information, Sen. the
Minister and Minister of Hon. HigelCarty

Finance, Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas during a presentation to the
Cabinet following a debriefing by an International Monetary Fund
(IMF) Team that visited the twin-island Federation from April 7th
to May 7th.
The Team carried out its legal obligations to the Federation of
St. Kitts and Nevis by conducting an Article IV assessment of
the macroeconomic status of the country and had important policy
dialogue with officials in the government and other stakeholders
during a debriefing session on Friday May 7 at the Cabinet Meeting

Labour Party holds 78th

Annual National

Conference on Sunday

(cont'd from page 1)
congratulatory message to Cameron, who leads Britain's first coalition
administration since the Second World War. Mr. Cameroon, 43 years, is
the first Conservative Prime Minister for 13 years.
"The entire world faces shared challenges. Among them are numbered
those of security and financial crisis. Let us continue to work together
on these issues and the many others to bring about the necessary changes
to further the interests of our peoples," said Prime Minister Douglas,
who added that he looks forward to the "continued cooperation with the
Government and people of the United Kingdom."

Ministry of Education


All persons desirous of entering the teaching service as of
September 2010 are advised that they must obtain an Application
Form, at the Ministry of Education, Church Street, complete the
said Form, and return same to the Ministry of Education, along
with a passport-sized photo, copies of documents that verify their
qualifications, a letter of reference, and a copy of Testimonial
Form either their last/current employer or their last/current
The deadline for receipt of the above documents is June 9th,
2010. All applicants will have to undergo a two-week period of
training via an Induction Course, from June 21 July 2nd.
Interested persons may call the Ministry at 467-1408 for more

This new schedule introduces a night slot from 6:30pm to 9pm to cover the night peak of 22.5MW. As
stated before in the previous press release the station has the ability to produce 21.5MW which makes it
imperative that this load be shed.
The Electricity Department deeply regrets the inconvenience that these interruptions in supply of electricity
may cause.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 am to Sandy Point feeder Select business Cayon feeder Select business Frigate Bayfeeder
12:30pm -Palmetto Point to will be contacted -Canada Estate will be -Calypso Bay,
Fig tree to run generators to Dieppe Bay contacted to Horizon Villa,
run generators Silver Reef to
Half Moon
Cayon feeder
Gibbons to
Newton Ground
12:30pm to Frigate Bayfeeder Select business Bayfords feeder Select business Sandy Point
5:00pm Calypso Bay, will be contacted -Taylor, New will be feeder
Horizon Villa, Silver to run generators Road to Bayfords contacted to Palmetto Point
Reef to Half Moon Canada feeder- run generators to Fig tree
Cayon feeder Conaree to
-Gibbons to Canada Industrial
Newton Ground Site
7:00pm to Basseterre North Industrial Site Basseterre South Basseterre Bird Rock, Bird
9:00pm Buckleys village, Ponds Pasture, -Manchester North- Rock Industrial,
Shadwell, Limekiln Ponds Extension Ave., TDC, Trafalgar Earls Morne and
and CAPS George Street, Village, The Harbour View
Industrial Site Sands Complex Gardens

Present at that meeting
were: Division Chief of the
IMF, Arnold McIntyre and
other economists from the IMF;
Tom Hockins, IMF Director for
Canada, Ireland and the
Caribbean; Sir K Dwight
Venner, Governor of the
Eastern Caribbean Central
Bank (ECCB); the Deputy
Governor and other officials
from the ECCB; Elliot Murphy
of the Caribbean Development
Bank; Hubert Perr and other
officials from the European
Union; Prime Minister and
Minister of Finance, Hon. Dr.
Denzil L. Douglas and
Ministers of the Cabinet;
Federal Financial Secretary,
Mrs. Janet Harris and other
officials from the Ministry of
Finance; Premier of Nevis and
Minister of Finance, Hon.
Joseph Parry; Deputy Premier
Hon. Hensley Daniel and
Financial Secretary for Nevis,
Mr. Laurie Lawrence.
In his Post Cabinet Briefing,
Minister Carty reported that
Prime Minister Douglas
remains committed to reduce
spending through a number of

With deep regret we announce
the passing of GLORIA ROGERS
of Fig Tree, Sandy Point, St. Kitts.
The sad event took place on the
island of Anguilla on Thursday 6th
May, 2010.
She would be greatly missed
by her family, relatives, friends and
members and supports of the St.
Kitts-Nevis LABOUR Party.

"Important among these are
Tax reform, through the
implementation of the value-
added tax by November of this
year; Corporatisation of the
Electricity Department with a
view to increasing operational
efficiency and responding more
effectively to the fluctuating
price of fuel on the world
market; Aggressive pursuit of
our debt management strategy
through the Debt Management
Unit at the Ministry of Finance
with EU support for an
experienced consultant and
reduction in expenditure on
personal emoluments by
reducing the public sector size
through natural attrition and
generally freezing salary

increases for the time being,
said Mr. Carty.
He also stated that the
Cabinet will review of its
concessional regime to ensure
a more effective application of
government's policy of
assisting businesses and
spurring investment through the
extension of tax concessions.
"All signals indicate that,
although small and large
economies around the world have
been hard hit by the current
economic crisis, the Federation's
economy will return to growth in
the medium term, and
macroeconomic stability will be
bolstered, particularly assisted by
the implementation of the
preceding initiatives.

In Loving Memory of

Beyl Gwnumbs


Died 16th May, 2009

Time has swiftly passed by
Since you left earth
But there 'll always be a special spot in our hearts
Which time cannot erase
Only memories are left behind
But we shall cherish them in our minds.

Signed by her Children Enid, Oretha, and Bernadette
on behalf of the entire family.
ELI nnuuuuunnn^

4 I

S Kt e L ,e

Celebrate 70 years as a

registered Union
The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union (SKNT&LU) has many
important anniversary dates in its history of which it can be justly proud.
One such date is the 15th May, when it was registered in 1940 as a
legitimate organisation dedicated to the protection of workers' rights
and the improvement of the working conditions and welfare of workers
in St. Kitts and Nevis.
This Saturday, we mark the 70th Anniversary of its registration and
offer congratulations and heartfelt gratitude to all whose contributions
over the years has helped to enable and sustain this organisation in its
great work on behalf of the workers of this country and beyond.
Special commendation must go to its first Executive Committee,
namely Edgar Challenger, President; J. N. France, General Secretary; J.
L. Harney, Treasurer and R. L. Bradshaw, C. Huggins, W. R. Davis, A.
Claxton, V Maynard and J. Thomas Members.
They laid a foundation, solid enough to withstand the buffetings
and vicissitudes of time. Behind them and their successors is a solid
history of progress and achievement in an environment which is ever
dynamic and challenging. We salute them.
To place into its proper context andjustification for the efforts of this
organisation, let me quote from the United Nations Universal Declaration
of Human Rights.

Article 23 states:
"1. Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to

The Labour Spokesman

just and favourable conditions of
work, and to protection against
2. Everyone without any
discrimination has the right to
equal pay for equal work.
3. Everyone who works has
the right to just and favourable
remuneration, ensuring for
himself and his family an
existence worthy of human
dignity, and supplemented, if
necessary, by other means of
social protection.
4. Everyone has the right to
form and tojoin Trade Unions for
the protection of their interests."
When we examine what I may
call this charter for the world of
work, contained in the four
clauses of article 23, we can form
a good idea of the agenda of the
Union over the years and can

judge quite dispassionately to what
extent it has achieved its objectives.
Some questions may arise with
regard to Clause 2 of the Article. Is
there discrimination within our
world of work? If there is, who are
the victims and who are the
perpetrators? Generally, we find that
women have been the victims of
discrimination, particularly at
managerial levels.
The professional associations
may need to lobby more on this
subject or women in such positions
may need to exercise their right
enshrined in Clause 4 to form their
own union and agitate for a
breakthrough of the glass ceiling.
This union will continue its
efforts to ensure that the women in
our factories and other sectors are
adequately paid
The other vulnerable group in
this regard may be the immigrant
groups within our borders.
Traditionally migrant labour has
been associated with
underpayment and other
unfavourable conditions of work.
If there are victims of such
among us, we invite them to join
the Union which is open to all
comers, especially new comers. Our
trade union record will ensure that
redress is made on their behalf.
Finally, I wish to emphasise the


importance of Clause 4 of the
article. Union membership is a
fundamental right. Every worker
has the right to join the Union of
their choice. Employers who try to
deny this right or to discourage
persons from exercising this right
are committing an injustice and
breaking the law.
Workers need to be more
aware that they are protected by
law, and that the Protection of
Employment Act of 1986 makes it
unlawful for them to be dismissed
on the grounds of union
membership. They need to realise
the value of membership in terms
of the strength and solidarity they
derive from being supported by a
After 70 years, the St. Kitts-
Nevis Trades & Labour Union is
fully aware of its role in the 21st
Century World of Work and of the
challenges which confront it.
It is grappling with the need to
educate, to organise, and to make
adjustments in line with the
changing environment.
It is signalling to the younger
generation that they must take
stock of their conditions and do
what is necessary for their

Ne wI 'OGo ial I RepI rton hil I abur As Efors o ndChl

Loi I u I IC Fo E g G Act

08 May 2010
GENEVA (ILO News) Amid
growing concerns over the impact
of the economic downturn, the
International Labour Office (ILO)
warned in a new study that efforts
to eliminate the worst forms of
child labour are slowing down and
called for a "re-energized" global
campaign to end the practice.
In its quadrennial Global
Report on child labour, the ILO
said that the global number of child
labourers had declined from 222
million to 215 million, or 3 per cent,
over the period 2004 to 2008,
representing a slo\\ ing down of
the global pace of reduction." The
report also expressed concern that
the global economic crisis could
"further brake" progress toward
the goal of eliminating the worst
forms of child labour by 2016.
"Progress is uneven: neither
fast enough nor comprehensive
enough to reach the goals that we
have set," said ILO Director-
General Juan Somavia. Nic\ and
large-scale efforts are needed. The

situation calls for a re-energized
campaign against child labour. We
must scale up action and move into
a higher gear."
Mr. Somavia added: "The
economic downturn cannot
become an excuse for diminished
ambition and inaction. Instead it
offers the opportunity to
implement the policy measures
that work for people, for recovery
and for sustainable development."
The new ILO report, entitled
Accelerating action against Child
Labour, comes on the eve of a
Global Child Labour Conference
organized by the Government of
the Netherlands in The Hague in
cooperation with the ILO. Mr.
Somavia said the impetus for
action will be given a boost at the
Global Conference, which is to
consider a new "road map" for the
elimination of child labour.
Trends since 2006
The new report's findings are
in contrast to the last quadrennial
evaluation in 2006 which found
greater cause for optimism. The

updated picture is one of
"uneven" progress toward the goal
of eliminating the worst forms of
child labour by 2016. The report
warns that if current trends
continue the 2016 target will be
The good news is that the
overall pattern of child labour
reduction has been maintained: the
more harmful the work and the
more vulnerable the children
involved, the faster the decline.
However, a staggering 115 million
are still exposed to hazardous
work, a proxy often used for the
worst forms of child labour.
The report breaks down data
by age and gender. Progress was
greatest among children aged 5-
14, where the number of child
labourers fell by 10 per cent. The
number of children in hazardous
work in this age range fell by 31
per cent. Child labour among girls
decreased considerably (by 15
million or 15 percent). However, it
increased among boys (by 8
million or 7 per cent). What's more,

child labour among young people
aged 15 to 17 increased by 20 per
cent, from 52 million to 62 million.
The Global Report also
includes data aggregated by
region. It shows, for example, that
Asia Pacific and LatinAmerica and
the Caribbean continue to reduce
child labour, while sub-Saharan
Africa has witnessed an increase
both in relative and absolute
terms. This region also has the
highest incidence of children
working, with one in four children
engaged in child labour.
Constance Thomas, Director
of the ILO's International
Programme on the Elimination of
Child Labour (IPEC), outlined
some of the key remaining
challenges in tackling child labour,
including the scale of the problem
in Africa, a much needed
breakthrough in agriculture -
where most child labourers work -
and the need to address
sometimes "hidden" forms of child
labour, which are often among the
worst forms.

"Most child labour is rooted
in poverty. The way to tackle the
problem is clear. We must ensure
that all children have the chance
of going to school, we need social
protection systems that support
vulnerable families particularly at
times of crisis and we need to
ensure that adults have a chance
of decent work. These measures,
combined with effective
enforcement of laws that protect
children, provide the way
forward", Ms Thomas said.
The ILO IPEC programme was
launched in 1992, and in the 2008-
09 biennium it was operational in
over 90 countries.
The global conference on child
labour in The Hague on 10-11 May
will gather some 450 delegates from
80 countries. The meeting will also
serve as a platform for the launch
of an interagency report by the
ILO, the World Bank and UNICEF.
The report, "Joining forces against
child labour Inter-agency report
for The Hague Global Child Labour
Conference of 2010", calls forchild
labour to be placed at the forefront
of national development agendas
and presents a range of evidence
indicating that child labour
constitutes an important
impediment to national


The Labour Spokesman


Dr. Harris hails Taiwan's

transfer of agro-

processing technology


Agro-processing specialist Anling Lee (i isi' shows Dr Harris some
of the finished products.
BASSETERRE ST. KITTS (May 11, 2010) Senior Minister with
responsibility for Agriculture, Dr Timothy Harris, while thanking the
Taiwanese Agriculture Mission for its role in the transfer of agro-
processing technology, is calling on local farmers to take advantage of
the goodwill saying it will put them in a position to play a role in the
development of the country.
Dr Harris who visited the Agro-processing Unit of Taiwan Mission
in St. Kitts and Nevis at Needsmust on Thursday May 6, said that if a
successful country like Taiwan could showcase to the world that
agriculture is so important by investing in technology and its people to
ensure that their country continues to thrive, St. Kitts and Nevis which
has fertile lands must be interested to do more.
"I want to thank you for coming to our country and for the efforts
you are making to assist us in the development of our agricultural sector,"
the Senior Minister told his hosts after a tour of the unit conducted by
agro-processing specialist Anling Lee. "I think that this is interesting
work and I hope that on the Agriculture Open Day you are going to be
displaying some of your work so that more people become aware of
what is happening here."
Others on hand to welcome Dr Harris were First Secretary, Taiwan

Minister Phillip wants YES trainees to be


Federal Minister of Youth
Empowerment Hon. Glenn
Phillip (Photo by Willet's Photo)
MAY 12TH 2010 (CUOPM) -
Federal Minister of Youth
Empowerment, the Hon. Glenn
Phillip wants certification of the
over one thousand young people
who have been trained under the
Youth Empowerment through
Skills programme (YES).
Minister Phillip made the call
during Monday's Cabinet
Meeting under the chairmanship
of Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil
L. Douglas.
He is of the view that the 1100
young people who were trained in
several areas of discipline should
be certified when they graduate
from the programme to prove
training to potential employers and
lending institutions as they seek
employment or opportunities to
start their own businesses.
Training has been given in

A group of YES participants in the hospitality programme outside
Government Headquarters during a visit to places of interest as part
of their training. (Photo by Erasmus Williams)

Hospitality and Hotel Trades,
Building Construction, Industrial
Maintenance, Business
Administration, Beauty Services,
Agriculture, Metalwork, and
Clothing and Textile.
Minister Phillip who heads the
Ministry administering the YE.S
project took pride in the fact that
students of the YE.S project had
been assigned to the ICC Cricket
operational team and have been
engaged in other useful projects
such as the maintenance of the
Silver Jubilee Stadium and other
The programme, which to date
cost EC$10 million commenced in
March 2009 partly in response to
the global economic crisis and the
need to improve the vocational
skills of unemployed youth in the
Federation to better enable them
to find jobs that require a level of

mastery of particular skills,
including attitudinal skills, and to
prepare many of them to start their
own small businesses.
"Members of Government
raised concerns about the lack of
discipline and self-application to
the training of some of the
students of the YES project. It was
concluded that such students
should be weaned from the project
to ensure that very scarce public
resources are applied in a
justifiable way. In any case, the
sustainability of the project going
forward will depend on greater
participation on the part of our
social partners and more focused
targeting of training needs of
young people. These matters will
form the content of further
discussion," said Minister of
Information, Sen. the Hon. Nigel

Dr Harris with staff at the Agro-processing Unit. Front row from left:
Simeon Hutton, Anling Lee, Dr Timothy Harris, Mars Shiue, and
Hans Chun Yu ( h/,,i. Back row from left: Carlene Harrigan, Jack
Yang, and R. Doan Ferdinand.

Constihuency #7 of the
St. Kits-Nevis Labour Party
will be holding

A Take-Away Dinner
at the Edgar Gilbert PovilIon, Motineoux
no Saturday, 22nd May, 2010 ot 4:30 p.m.

TierkCt $20.0H

Embassy in St. Kitts and Nevis,
Hans Chu Yu Chang; Chief of
Taiwan Technical Mission, Mars
Shiue; agro-processing assistant
specialist Taiwan Technical
Mission, Jack Yang; and local staff
at the Agro-processing Unit,
Simeon Hutton, Carlene Harrigan,
and R. Doan Ferdinand.
He was shown some of the
products that have been produced
and packed at the unit, which was
opened in May 2006. These
included juices, dried fruits, jams,
pepper sauce, roasted peanuts
and plantain chips to which he said
that if St. Kitts, which grows all
those products, could develop its
agro-processing capacity, it could
transform the country's
agriculture as agro-processing
provides multiple uses for the
He pointed out that the
limitation local people have is that
they tend to use fruits only in very
specific ways, other than guava
where some farmers are known to
make jams. He told the Taiwanese
officials that through their
technology they are showing the
people of St. Kitts other

opportunities for storing and
preserving fruits and other
products and at the same time to
earn a living.
"I want to thank you and hope
that your work can be expanded
and eventually our vision for the
country is that we will have our
local people sufficiently interested
so that they can be having these
kinds of processing plants, and
not just one but you will have more
than one operating so that you can
get even more volume of these
activities," said Dr Harris.
According to the Senior
Minister, some of the problems that
local farmers have been facing
include storage of their produce.
He however advised that this
problem would be addressed
shortly as the government is
hoping to get some help from
Venezuela to set up a pack house
in the Needsmust area, which will
preserve a lot of the products from
the farmers.
"But importantly too, this is
added value by going through
agro processing because instead
of having to preserve them in their
original form, we can convert

them," observed Dr Harris. "That
way we can use our mangoes and
make drinks and we can use our
sorrel and rather than holding them,
we make drinks, we can make
sweets from fruits etc."
Agro-processing specialist
Anling Lee told Dr Harris that the
unit has been working in
collaboration with local farmers,
and that some of the farmers are
doing quite well in their various
fields. Apart from research and
development which also covers
production and sustainability, the
unit also holds educational
They confirmed that they
would be showcasing their
products and also conduct an
educational outreach during the
two-day Agriculture Open Day at
LaGuerite. According to Anling
Lee, products made at the Agro-
processing Unit are available for
sale to the public in St. Kitts from
Ram's Supermarket, C&C Super
Foods, City Drug Store, Dollar
Stretcher, Scoops, Caribbean Gift
and Liquor, J's Shop & Save
Grocery, Horsford's Valu Mart and
Only in St. Christopher.



Press Conference Remarks

by the Minister of National

Security, Hon. Sam Condor,

April 28th, 2010
Good morning all I want to thank you the members of the press for
coming to this my first Press Conference since assuming the portfolio
for National Security -just under 3 months ago.
I wish to thank the support team with me today ............ not only for
being here today but for the assistance and support provided thus far.
In fact I wish here to express gratitude to those members of the Security
Forces who understand and are committed to the task of implementing
Government's Zero Tolerance Policy, as they fight against crime and
violence daily.
I want also to take this opportunity to thank the public in general for
the support, encouragement and prayers extended, as I undertake the
oversight of a return of some state of normality.
I am grateful for the opportunity to address the Nation on this most
troubling issue, of the escalation of crime and criminal activity in our
I want to say at the outset that I accepted responsibility for this
portfolio, fully aware of the challenges confronting us, all of us, the
people of this great land we call home.
I accepted the portfolio understanding the grave nature of the
The importance of security to the sustainability of an environment
in which investment can flourish
The implication for our peace and stability
The rescue of our youth- the productive force of our economy
and the future of our Nation.
I accepted this portfolio cognizant of the need for serious, sensitive
and mature oversight, if we are to impact upon, curb, control, diminish-
this escalating violent crime in our land.
I accepted the responsibility for this portfolio fully cognizant of
Government's constitutional role in the safety and security of our land
and well being of our citizens and residents.
I have no magic wand! -And like I've said before, I am under no
delusions regarding quick fix or easy fix. But I have my unshakable belief
in the Almighty: in His power to guide and to restore.
I have my resolve to make a difference in our Land.... and I am
counting on all of us to bring our similar resolves to bear- in
collaboration... to save our land ... as indeed others across the Region-
indeed across the world, are endeavouring to do.
Those of us who have returned home after residing in the developed
countries, or those nationals of developed countries residing here, are
only too aware that in looking at the magnitude and complexity of the
crime situation in the outer world, that we face a most challenging difficult
For our Land of peace and beauty however, the present situation is
untenable ....we simply cannot continue like this. This new wave of
crime that is plaguing our society has its origin in a multiplicity of factors
that relate to our homes, our schools and communities.
It is said also that the very technologies that drive the rate of our
development, is fuelling the challenges that confront Law Enforcement
Agencies everywhere.
But we cannot throw our hands in the air and allow minority
groupings of confused, desperate and misguided young men and their
accomplices, to terrorize us- have us live in fear... or worse still.... run
away from this our native Land.
Is the sum total of their resources more than that of our Country?
We are called upon to not only fight crime but the fear of crime; and
it must be a collaborated effort.
Mankind deem safety and security to be at the core of all their
endeavours. They, by and large, envisage a society where safe and free
movement throughout neighborhoods, cities villages and parishes.
They expect world travel even, to be without the threat of violence.
Additionally, a stable economic environment is very much a part of
this expectation- for as we are all aware; there is most certainly a
clear nexus between a secure community and the stability of a Nation's
When, therefore safety and security is being eroded as is the case is
our Land, it results in a great sense of fear and in some quarters, panic
This demands that the National Security Ministry and all its
departments, particularly Law Enforcement, are fully appreciative of all
the implications for National and International Developments, in terms
of the future of our Nation.
These therefore are some the reasons we are here today to talk with
the Nation regarding our obligation to provide stewardship through

Law Enforcement and associated
agencies; but also through the
collaboration of all of us.
Over the last 3 months, I have
had the opportunity to hold
meetings with all sectors and
groupings within the Ministry-
including weekly meetings with
the High Command of the Security
Forces and have with my Special
Advisor Dr. Norgen Wilson and
others, conducted studies into the
operations of the National Security
I have been paying attention
to the outcry of the citizens and
residents and we have set in
motion a number of initiatives-.
Heightened "Visible
Policing"- where officers are
assigned on the beat in pairs to
selected areas, on a 24 hour basis.
They are expected to have
regular joint- security operations-
using all of the resources available
to them, inclusive of the canine
Comparative evidence
suggests that where "visible
policing" programmes are
vigorously implemented, and
offenders are arrested, crime and
the fear of crime, decrease.
We expect that in performing
these duties also, the officers
would be able to improve

communications with members of
the public; and also to engage in
street level Law Enforcement.
In order to facilitate the
efficient and effective
implementation of this strategy,
officers throughout the system
would be re-deployed, ensuring
that we have the numbers and
suitably qualified officers
There is of course need for
ongoing in-service training and
the revision of the training
curriculum. These are being looked
at with the assistance of the EU -
and we expect implementation
Under the CCTU (Closed
Current Television) Project a
number of cameras have been
installed and a further 50 cameras
will be installed in selected areas
shortly. These will be monitored
at a central point, by individuals
trained for this assignment.
These are expected to assist
with quick response in prevention
and detection of crime.
We note the concern raised
by members of the public regarding
officers who undertake a second
job- and the perceived negative
impact on their substantive job -
that of National Security. The
relevant studies are to be initiated
and pertinent corrective measures
There is work on-going
relevant to the review and
improvement of Laws, and the
enactment of new Legislation-
that will serve as a deterrent to
crime- and to also improve safety
and security.
We have in train, the
improvement in the security
equipment, inclusive of bullet-

Returning Nationals

Support National

Security Bid To Arrest

Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 07, 2010 (SKNIS): The Returning
Nationals Association has answered the call of the Ministry of
National Security for the community to play a larger role in the
fight against crime.
"We have [recognized] ... that the Minister is fully committed to
trying to solve the problems," the association's President George
Richards stressed on this week's edition of SKNIS Perspectives. "He
cannot do it on his own, we are well aware of that. Some people tend to
think that the Government alone can do everything but crime is such a
multifaceted [issue] that it takes more than the Government."
This was the main motivation behind the presentation of a cheque
valued at $1,000.00 to the Minister responsible for Security Hon. Sam
Mr. Richards praised Deputy Prime Minister Condor, who attended
the meeting after hearing an advertisement on the radio.
"He contacted us with a view to coming to talk to us ... and we
welcomed him quite heartily. We were very pleased that he came," Mr.
Richards emphasized, adding that the exchange of ideas that ensued
was quite productive.
President Richards explained that returning nationals possess a
wealth of knowledge gained while living abroad and some members
have been working individually on select community projects.
The Association signaled its intent to increase these efforts and


proof vests, vehicles etc.
With the assistance of EU
Funds we expect shortly to start
work on new and improved
facilities for security forces -
including -prisons.
I have sought to highlight
some of the revised or new
initiatives, but there are of course
a number of ongoing programmes
and projects- inclusive of the
community outreach programmes.
Our strategic approach would
be preventative as well as
In the end, like I have said, we
can only succeed through the
collaborative efforts of all of us;
those of us within the various
sectors of public service, private
corporations, community services,
the church; in fact all citizens and
We must endeavour at all times
to hold ourselves accountable and
responsible for the positive
promotion and well being of our
I encourage one and all to
collaborate in every way possible
to help to bring crime and violence
under control in our land.
I pledge that I will do my
utmost with the available
resources and the assistance of
National, Regional and
International experts who are
showing a willingness to work
with us; and of course to make use
of their advanced resources.
I believe that I have said
enough for now and believe that I
would now allow the opportunity
for questions, comments -
My team and I would do our
best to be fully engaged and to

SKNIS Photo: Returning
Nationals Association President
George Richards

form collaborations with ongoing
initiatives such as the Police
Force's "Operation Future"
programme whichvisits schools
on St. Kitts and Nevis to
encourage positive behaviour.
The returning national
emphasized that the countries
around the world are facing an
upsurge of antisocial activities
committed by young people and
he stressed that citizens of St.
Kitts and Nevis must come
together and do as much as
possible to aid the youth

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman


PAM has no moral authority to criticize

LABOUR'S economic development policies

Last Wednesday night, May 5,
2010, a leading PAM activist used
the VON "On The Mark" Show to
criticise the Labour Party
Government's handling of and
involvement in the Christophe
Harbour Development on the
South East Peninsula.
In addition, the PAM activist
criticised our government for not
looking after the best interests of
potential local investors and small
businessmen. The argument of the
PAM activist is that the Simmonds
Administration took special care
of the interests of potential local
investors and small businessmen.
The leading PAM activist of
course demonstrated his party's
self-righteous attitude, but he
forgot to mention the fact that he,
at no time whatsoever, ever
criticised the PAM Government for
the monumental blinders that it
committed during the period 1980
to 1995.
It cannot be forgotten that the
PAM Prime Minister, Dr. Kennedy
Simmonds signed a Loan
Guarantee on 30th May, 1986, in
the sum of US$25,330,000.00 in
respect of a locally registered
company, Nautical Trading (St.
Kitts) Ltd.
The country was not informed
of the action of the Prime Minister,
neither before nor after. Neither
was the National Assembly
Dr. Simmonds did not discuss
the matter with the Chamber of
Industry and Commerce or with the
St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour
It is of interest to note that the
promoters of Nautical Trading
were two Englishmen William
Adams and Roger Morgan one
of whom, William Adams, had a
criminal record. Nautical Trading
was incorporated on 15 December

1984 by the law firm of Terence
The questions that I would like
to ask the PAM activist and
propagandist are as follows:-
How many times did the PAM
Government sign a Loan Guarantee
on behalf of local businessmen
setting up a local business or
Why did the PAM
Government rush in head-long to
sign a Loan Guarantee before
doing the necessary back-ground
checks on the promoters?
Why did the PAM
Government involve itself with
Nautical Trading before first
finding out whether the enterprise
would be viable or not?
Didn't the action of the PAM
Government in this regard show
favouritism in respect of the two
non-national promoters, one of
whom had a criminal record?
As part of its Hotel & Tourism
Development Programme, the
former Labour Party Government
built at Frigate Bay the Royal St.
Kitts Hotel & Casino which the
PAM Government inherited in
1980. Sometime inFebruary 1983 a
mysterious fire broke out in the
kitchen of the Hotel. The Hotel was
sold subsequently by the PAM
Government to an overseas private
We have heard that the
insurance money for the fire was
paid not to the Government but to
the new owner. We have heard
further that a cheque in the amount
ofUS$58,000.00 was handed over
by the new owner to a senior PAM
Government Minister.
Now when we look at the way
that the Simmonds Administration
handled the Royal St. Kitts Hotel
deal, we realise that the deal was

St. Kitts and Nevis Customs

Officers train to combat


KITTS, MAY 11TH 2010
(CUOPM) St. Kitts and I
Nevis Customs Officers,
Ivy Browne and Ernesto
Thomas earlier this week
benefitted from a 2 day
training course in combating
Browne and Thomas were
among their counterparts from
several countries in the Caribbean
attending a Product Identification
Training Course in Barbados.
The May 11 and 12 training
programme was in keeping with
Customs Law Enforcement and
Private Sector initiatives to

counter global trends against
It was organised by the
Barbados Customs and Excise
Department, in cooperation with
Carisma Marketing Services, a
subsidiary of British American
This initiative comes against
the backdrop of the large-scale
smuggling of contraband and

not concluded in the manner that
the PAM activist and
propagandist specified for the
Labour Party in respect of the
Christopher Harbour
The PAM Government did not
offer to sell the Royal St. Kitts
Hotel to a local private concern,
but negotiated with an overseas
foreign investor to sell the Hotel
to his company.
In addition the PAM
Government had no interest in
acquiring shares in the Hotel that
it had sold, either for the
Government itself or for local
private investors. So the PAM
hypocrite is not condemning his
party for not doing what he says
the Labour Party Government
should have done in the case of
the Christophe Harbour
There is one important thing
that the entire country has notice
and that is, that when PAM is in
opposition the party's leaders and
propagandists profess to have the
answers for all our country's
problems. Yet when PAM is in
power, the performance of the
PAM Government is so inept, lack-
lustre, inefficient, ineffective,
ridiculous, preposterous and
A group of overseas investors
came to St. Kitts and received
approval from the PAM
Government to put down a Hotel
named Casablanca at Friar's Bay
on the South-East Peninsula.
Construction was started and all
seemed to be going well, when all
of a sudden the investors stopped
the construction and pulled out of
St. Kitts and went to Anguilla
where they put down their Hotel.
This event shows just how
smart the members of the PAM
Government are. They are so smart
that they allowed a Hotel that was
already under construction in St.

counterfeit cigarettes which are
entering Caribbean markets,
resulting in the loss of millions of
dollars in revenue annually to
governments and considerable
disruption in the trading patterns
of legitimate manufacturers.
Participants of the course, who
were drawn from Trinidad and
Tobago, St. Lucia, St. Vincent &
The Grenadines, St. Kitts & Nevis,
Grenada, Belize, Bonaire and
Curacao and were provided
insights into differentiating
between authentic and counterfeit
products and will be updated on
global trends and activities relating
to counterfeit activities.
Photo: Customs at the Deep
Water Port at Bird Rock (Photo
by Erasmus Williams)

Kitts to slip through their fingers
and disappear to Anguilla.
Nobody should really take the
PAMites seriously when they
speak. They are nothing but a
bunch of lackadaisical, ineptitudes
whose greatest gift is the ability
to curse and abuse the Labour
Party Government and the Labour
Party Leaders. Such a gift does not
position the PAM party to run the
country properly or successfully.
We also remember that the
Democrat newspaper and the PAM
Party opposed for several years,
the Fort Thomas Hotel Project
whose promoter was an overseas
investor. When the Fort Thomas
Hotel was finally built, it was built
from funds provided by a
consortium of local investors.
PAM also opposed the
implementation of the INDELCO
Project which was a project for the
comprehensive development of
Frigate Bay Estate.
Nowadays the PAM
hypocrites are taking to the air-
waves to say that the Labour Party
Government should try to secure
shares for our local people in all of
the existing major development
projects on the island.
But note, PAM was against
Hotel and Tourism Development
during the 1960s and 1970s. PAM
was against the construction of
the Fort Thomas Hotel and the
implementation of the INDELCO
Project. A leading PAMite who
laterbecame a Minister of Tourism
in the PAM Government organised
a taxi-driver's strike while one of
the largest cruise liners was riding
at anchor in the Basseterre
Roadstead. Was PAM thinking

about securing shares for local
people when the party was
opposing Hotel and Tourism
Development in the 1960s and
PAM has always acted as the
agent for the Plantocracy and for
Big Business which owned a
number of Sugar Estates on the
island. PAM was opposing
development in other sectors of
the economy in order to secure a
reservoir of cheap labour for the
field side of the Sugar Industry.
Every now and then some
benighted soul in the PAM party
would take to the airwaves to
castigate the Labour Party
Government for not doing
something that the PAM
Government refused to do during
its 15 years in office.
All we can say is that these
benighted souls provide nothing
but amusement and entertainment
to the general public when they
go onAM or FM radio to castigate
the Labour Party Government
concerning certain matters.
The high-ranking PAM
activist and propagandist who
called in on the VON Radio show
on the night of Wednesday May
5, 2010 to criticise the present
government's economic
development policies should take
to heart, the following words from
St. Matthew's Gospel, Chap. 7,
verses 3-5:-
And why beholdest thou the
mote that is in thy brother's eye,
but considerest not the beam that
is in thine own eye?
Or how wilt thou say to thy
brother, Let me pull out the mote
out of thine eye; and, behold, a
beam is in thine own eye?
Thou hypocrite, first cast out
the beam out of thine own eye; and
then shalt thou see clearly to cast
out the mote out of thy brother's
eye. (Matt 7:3-5)


In preparation for the winding up of the above
Cornpany, the Company's auditors PKF (Pannell Kerr
Foster) of North Independence Square, Basselerre
St. Kitts are preparing the final statement of affairs of
the company.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that any creditors of the
company are required on or before the 29th day of
May 2010 to send in their names and addresses and
the particulars of their debts or claims to PKF at the
following address:
North Independence Square
P.O. Box 335
SI. Kilts- Wesl Indies

Dated this 30th day of April,2010

Adrian Lam
Fairview Ltd.


8 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 14TH 2010
brand name shoes, and brand name human beings are worth more to Douglas.
clothes. the state than gold. For what is a
"Families in which both nation but the sum total of the Photo: St. Kitts and Nevis Prime
mothers and fathers understand strengths and weaknesses, the MinisterHon. Dr DenzilL.
that their most important task in attitudes and the behaviors, the Douglas (Photo by Erasmus
life is to rear good and decent character assets and the character Williams)
children and good and decent liabilities of its people?," asked Dr.


The management of the Cockleshell Bay Development is requesting the
general public's assistance in maintaining the sustainability of

PM Douglas urges Cockleshell Bay beach. Currently there is regularly a high volume of
motorized vehicles on the sand, which is causing the beach to deteriorate
stronger fam ilies and is compromising the well-being of marine and wild life. In order to do
BASSETERRE,STKITTS,MAY11TH2010(CUOPM) Extremeand save the beach, it must be kept free of motorized vehicles.
deadly expressions of lawlessness by any individual are simply the result
of too many instances of wayward behavior having previously gone The management of Cockleshell Bay will provide public parking on its
unchecked by society land to accommodate the parking requirements for all beach goers only a
So says St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas.
"I feel that we, then, must all become motivated, in the spirit of the short walking distance from the water. We are asking for your support in
nation as family, to become more alert. We must become more alert to the
ways in which an ever-expanding behavioral waywardness in many keeping the Cockleshell Bay Beach at its highest standards for the
countries, and society's shrugging acceptance of it, just might now enjoyment of the people of St. Kitts & Nevis and visitors that come to the
represent those figurative termites taking up residence in all that, together,
we have worked so hard to build," said Dr. Douglas, during his weekly Federation.
live radio call in programme.
Noting that this coming Saturday, May 15th, is being observed as The Management,
International Families Day around the world, Dr. Douglas said there is a Cockleshell Bay Development
great deal to be gained by pausing to think about an International Families
He told listeners on the one-hour programme syndicated on five Please forward enquiries to:
radio stations that the main purpose of family is to provide a sense of Cockleshell Bay Development,
physical and psychological safety to children, to provide an environment P.O. BOX 235,
in which a child's ability to differentiate between right and wrong is ever a etee t tt
stressed, and ever reinforced. Basse S.
"The purpose of family is for the older generation to pass on to the
younger generation the positive behaviors and the constructive practices
that have enabled them the older persons to cope, to survive, and
hopefully, to thrive not only materially, but spiritually and morally as
well, as higher level beings. The purpose of the family is to instill in
young people a clear sense of all the do's and don't, to ensure that they UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND HEALTH SCIENCES
have keen feelings of guilt when clearly defined rules have been violated,
and to create emotional discomfort when there has been a violation of
another family member's trust," saidPrime Minister Douglas. Applications are invited from suil. i ly qualified person
Dr. Douglas noted that healthy societies require members of all
families to believe and know without a doubt that pariah and outcast for the academic position of
status will result from the stealing and selling of other people's
possessions. Instructor in the Department of:
"Healthy societies require members of all families to believe and
know deep in their bones that incest, fathers having relations with n t ic cienc
daughters, or brothers having relations with sisters, will cause them to Anatomical Sciences
be rejected, reviled, and reported to the authorities. Healthy societies
must have parents who are concerned about the character of their children, Qualifications:
andfamily memberswhotreatolder relatives with patience and respect. a) Minimum qualification of L sister's degree in disc il li or related
Healthy societies require families field
rich, poor, and in-between to
value and recognize, more than b) Some years of experience in teach thing at the graduate/professional
being "flashy, more than being level a plus
7000 SQ. FT. "cool," the importance of actually c) Experience in dissecting human cadavers
being "decent," said the St. Kitts
OFFICE SPACE andNevisleader.
LOCATED He addedthat families inwhich Salary com mensu rate with qualifications and experience.
children are encouraged to run and
George Street play and sing and climb are far Letter of interest and CV to be sent by 7 May, 2010 to:
Upstairs C&CSuperfoods stronger building blocks for
Tel:465-2394/2075 society than families whose
children obsess over cell phones, Frank Wagner Psy.D.
Special Projects
ADVERTISE W ITH IJS lnivprsitv of Medicine and Health SciencRs

LA- Otu SrPO ZcSMA4-

P. O. Box 1218

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 14TH 2010 9

I d pe nc I r on I f i ifue -
I-I-][5~ I- S S -*T*^Tl

r* ^~h<[m717B^M Ii TH^---

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (MAY 11,2010)-The people
of the Caribbean must identify the opportunities and
implement the changes that would allow them to reduce
their dependence on fossil fuels. The challenge came from
Minister responsible for Natural Resources and Public
Utilities on Nevis Hon. Carlisle Powell, when he made a
presentation recently on Technological Cooperation,
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency-Frameworks -
Strategies Perspectives at the European Union Latin
America and the Caribbean Forum in Berlin.
He said fossil fuels were the cause of high electricity
rates and stress and it was important for the Caribbean's
people to recognize that energy efficiency should be more
than just a word.
"It must be a habit; it must be practiced! Greater use
must be made of energy efficient light bulbs and these bulbs
must also be readily available at affordable prices or our
people will continue buying the cheaper conventional bulbs.
"Our architects must design homes and buildings that
allow more efficient use of natural light for longer periods of
the day! Windows and doors must offer better protection
against entry of the external heat and must allow retention
of cool air from air conditioning. All government buildings
which use hot water should be designed and built with
solar water heaters," he said.
Mr. Powell pointed to Peru which had 96 percent of its
street lights powered by solar energy, however, Nevis which
had sunshine almost every day of the year did not have a
single solar powered street light.
He called for greater support from Peru and other Latin
American states to assist its Caribbean neighbours with
the technology and support necessary to replace the
island's conventional street lights to solar street lights.
"It is an established fact that the gap between Latin
America and the Caribbean is far too great. The exchanges
are too few and work study tours are at an unacceptably
low level. Latin America and the Caribbean must do more
together," he urged.
Notwithstanding, the Mr. Powell hailed the assistance
Nevis had received from Caribbean Community, the
Organisation of American States and the government and
people of Iceland in its development of renewable energy
but cited that for the continuation of renewable energy
development in the region, cooperation was needed at a
sustained level.
"Our developmental partners must fully understand the
dependence of small island states on fossil fuels and our
need for access to cheaper funds. Our partners must commit
to technological transfers to help us move towards
renewable energy solutions.
"None of the small island states have traditional natural
resources such as oil, natural gas, or large quantities of
mineral deposits. Simply put, we are mineral poorbut rich in
sun which can be used for solar energy, sea for ocean
thermal, wind for wind energy and some of us with water for
hydro energy. We must use what we have efficiently. Also,
we have to encourage bundling of projects to achieve
economies of scale," he said.
The Nevis Minister noted that the islands competed
against each other with the same sea, and sun for the same
tourists and it was imperative that they identified areas in
which they had a comparative advantage.
He explained that with the Nevis experience in which
the Nevis Island Administration sought to expand the
industrial base through the development of cheaper
alternative sources of energy wind and geothermal the
greatest need in technical cooperation became evident.
Mr. Powell referred to the need for better access to
undertake the necessary studies. These studies he said
could be expensive and the resources to conduct and or to
fund them are very often not available on island.
According to the Minister, there was also the need for

guidance in screening and
proper selection of project
"It is absolutely
important that we take the
time to perform due
diligence and carefully
select our project partners
as we move potential
developments forward.
Many potential investors
jump at the chance to
impress unsuspecting
governments with glib tales
of projects that can provide
huge employment and
millions of dollars for the
treasury. Several of our
governments have
worthless agreements that

have been signed for
various developments.
Many governments face
expensive legal battles to
end some of these bad
agreements," he said.
There was also the need
for experienced help for the
development of laws and
regulations and negotiation
of contracts and Power
Purchase Agreements
(PPA). Mr. Powell said good
legal services were not

cheap and
m a n y
were delayed
because the
lacked the legal
drafting skills
a n d
to move the
vital projects
Fortunately for
I Nevis, the OAS
assisted in the
development of the
Geothermal Bill, Contract
and PPA.
The Minister also
pointed to the need for
financial resources to
properly capitalise projects
citing that in the absence of
grant or low interest funds
the small island states
would find it difficult to
provide counterpart
funding for numerous

"In many instances, as
we look for counterpart
funding, the time between
the presentation of projects
and actual funding result in
the escalation of the cost of
the project way beyond the
original estimate. Another
area that severely hampers
us is the challenge of
providing guarantees. How
do we move projects
forward when lenders
demand guarantees in
various forms and when the
cost of providing
guarantees paralyses us?"
he questioned.
The Minister also
addressed the need for
technical competence to
oversee project
Interconnection and

Photo : Minister responsible
for Natural Resources and
Public Utilities on Nevis Hon.
Carlisle Powell

Vehlde & Plant Mechanic

Thi role rqures an Individual wth a hgh degree of competnc and respontty. Oandkdt must be
lieatl, hme a heavy duly driver teansme a ourant pol o etiloa.e of characr and a secondary
school education. The ability to carrny out preventative and breakdown mainaennce and related dudes
n company vehicle, facilities and equipment Is an asset.
Job requ nents wl Incude but not be bntlmd to:-
* Maintda all fId and moble equipment to minlmlb dleruption of services and maximrie amet Ie
SCany out dally, wedy and oter vehicle maintenance checks of reAeling vehicles and bI equipment
In accordance with Sol Group standard
SMaitain and secure al company tools in sae and good wordng condition
* Implement a system for tracldng Inspeclton acltons and ensuring timely close out of the saw
SPro-aclvely contribute to the safe conduct of all mantenianc activity
* Any olher reasonable tasks directly or Indirectly related to the position that may be requested by
Candidate Requirements:
* A sound secondary education with qualification from a technical college or institution (City & Guilds)
* Extensive experience in heavy vehicle maintenance
* Light goods/heavy duty vehicle license
* Good communication skils
* Diagnostic/irnestigative skill
For more information or to apply for this position, please visit our websita at wwmnwlperoleumnom.
Application forms can be downloaded and must be submitted along with your CV via email to
careraolp etrolum.oom on or before May 21, 2010. Applications can also be forwarded to:
RO. Box 215

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Al% sol

sol people think
sol people act
sol people lead

10 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 14TH 2010

Pink Lily

mammograms project

attracts 69 Nevisian

The Pink Lily Cancer Care Breast Screening Programme(BSP) has so
far attracted 69 Nevisian women since its launch on March 1,2010.
According to Pink Lily, Executive Director, Lea Parris Cambridge a
breast cancer survivor, 100 women will benefit during the first phase of
the Breast Screening Programme(BSP). She said the 100 women will
receive free mammograms.
The breast screening programme was made possible due to the funds
raised in 2009 under the campaign 50K200, where a goal was set to raise
EC$50,000 in order to screen 200 women. After raising a total of EC25,000
this enabled Pink Lily to launch the programme. Each mammogram will
cost Pink Lily EC200 (a discounted price generously given by Dr Mark
"Those who have signed up have received free pre counselling and
free mammograms" she said. The pre and post counseling sessions are
held at the Alexandra Hospital staff room.
The pre counselling session begins with the screening of a short
BSP commercial which can also be viewed on Info Channel 8).
Participants are then taken through a visual presentation of the breast
screening programme and it's purpose. The programme's segments
include Understand your breasts, Understand cancer, Understand
screening, Understand Surgery, Understand treatment and Know your
care team.
The segments are accompanied by a pre counselling brochure
containing all information covered in the presentation. The ladies also
receive a booklet on self examination and fitness and nutrition tips.
"The sessions have been well attended, interactive and drew a number
of questions and initial concerns from the participants aged between 39
- 67, the majority of who had never had a mammogram, some had a family
history of breast cancer and some that had noticed abnormalities in one
or both of their breasts. The ladies were put at ease and reassured by
positive explanations by the Pink Lily volunteers who shared their own
personal experiences," the Executive Director said in a press statement.
"In return for this complementary service, Pink Lily asks that
participants complete the breast screening programme Feedback form.
This will help Pink Lily to continuously improve on educational awareness
presentations and support services," Lea Parris Cambridge said.
Prior to the official launch of the programme Pink Lily held broad
consultations with medical personnel in St. Kitts and Nevis as well as
Ministry of Health officials and relevant stakeholders.
Pink Lily volunteers who have worked around the clock to ensure
that the programmes takes off have included, Petra Carvalho, BSP
Coordinator,who made visits to medical personnel to ensure that Pink
Lily BSP works within the official screening guidelines. "The wide
consultation also helped to enrol the support and participation of the
doctors in promoting the programme to reach as many women as
possible," Ms Carvalho said.
Lea Parris Cambridge, has produced all BSP posters, flyers, forms
,brochures, literature and commercials. She also conducted the first four
pre- counselling to the first 49 women who signed up for the programme.
Adiola Brookes, newest and youngest Pink Lily volunteer has taken
the role as the BSP administrative assistant. She collects applications
forms, prepares the BSP schedules, books appointments for BSP

W0 I aS

Dr Mark Hodge, a radiologist, Lonnie Naylor (mammogram machine
technician) and Lea Parris Cambridge inside Dr. Hodge clinic in
St. Kitts.

participants and conducts follow
up enquiry calls to all participants
who have completed their
Tracy Parris, Support
Coordinator, collects the BSP
feedback forms and receipts from
participants once they have
completed their screening and
stepped in as pre counselling
presenter for 20 ladies at weeks 5
and 6. For the next few weeks, Julie
Claxton, Events Coordinator will
assist to co- present the pre
counselling session to the
remaining 31 applicants.
"The responses from the ladies
who have completed the
programme so far has been of
heartfelt gratitude, relief,
excitement and encouragement for
other ladies to take advantage of
the opportunity to join the
programme, especially those who
face the same anxiety over having
abreast examination, forfearofthe
results," Lea Parris Cambridge
"With only 31 spaces left on
the breast screening programme
for this first phase of 50K200, Pink
lily encourages ladies to hurry up
and sign up for a chance to benefit
from the programme," the
Executive Director said.
In order to complete the
programme, afurtherEC$25,000 is
needed to screen the final 100
women, Pink Lily will be hosting is
3rd Walkathon "$25K100" in
October 2010 to help raise the
funds and hopes to see the same
level of support and participation
of over 200 persons take part in
the walk.
Pink Lily also encourages
businesses, organizations,
schools, churches and individuals
to organize their own fundraising
events to contribute to this
worthy cause that is helping to
save the lives of our loved ones;
mothers, sisters, wives, aunts,
grandmothers, girlfriends,
cousins, friends, neighbours and
When asked, Lea Parris-
Cambridge (Founder & Executive
director) said "It has been a
pleasure to deliver the awareness
and educational programme to
highlight the key areas of breast
cancer awareness, to encourage
women to take regular screening,
help them to understand that
cancer is no longer a death
sentence and that early detection
saves lives" and went on to share
Pink Lily's mission, "Pink Lily
Cancer Care exists to reduce the
fear, stigma and phobia associated
with cancer by providing support,
care and education. We create a
better understanding of cancer
and give hope to people living
with or affected by cancer in St
Kitts and Nevis."
To sign up for the programme,
Pick up an application form from
participating Doctors, Alexandra
Hospital, your nearest health
centre or call 6643306, 6648360 or
469 2125 or email:

A past Pink Lily fundraising walkathon;
Pink Lily cancer care Nevis,
relies on volunteer help, donations

from the public, community fund
raising efforts, patrons,
sponsorship and funding to
provide its service free to clients.

Federation's Top Educator urges

Principals to seek divine inter-

vention in their task to save the

island's youths
(MAY 10, 2010) The
Federation's Top Educator called
on school Principals in St. Kitts
and Nevis, to seek divine
intervention in their tasks as
leaders in their various learning
institutions, particularly when
they felt helpless.
Chief Education Officer Dr.
Patrick Welcome told the head
teachers who were on Nevis to
attend a one day workshop on
Friday hosted by the St. Kitts
Principals Association that in order
to raise the standards, promote
success in education, moved to
identify the best practices and help
the islands boys and girls, they
had to collaborate and maximise
"I know it is difficult to do it on
your own and sometimes you are
tired as leaders of your school, you
don't know what to do. I want to
say to you, that in that critical
moment we can address God
because he is always there so he
can give us the extra energy, the
extra idea because we can't do it
alone. We understand how tired
you are, how frustrated you are
but you cannot give up now, you
cannot give up on little boys and
on little girls they will be taken over
by the enemy and find themselves
in drugs, find themselves with
guns and find themselves in
"We have a
do what we can do to save our
boys and girls and this document
[the White Paper] gives us some
clear directives where we should
go as we endeavour to educate our
nation to help everyone to be
more productive and good
citizens," he said.
Dr. Welcome told the
participants that it could no longer
be business as usual neither could
they afford to be confrontational
to the detriment of the
Federation's young boys and
girls. He applauded the St. Kitts

Chief Education Officer in the
Federal Ministry of Education
Dr Patrick Welcome

Teachers Association for
recognizing the importance of
uniting with their counterparts on
"It means that as we come
together, we agree on some
practices, principles and
procedures that we can all use as
educators to help us to perform
our duties well.
"We cannot afford to be
confrontational while we continue
to lose our boys and girls to the
enemies of the world and so I want
again to commend the principals
because in recognizing the
changes in the system today, what
we use to define is quite
different to that of yesterday.
There are many distractions and
disruptions and in order for us to
grapple with these changes, we
need to come together," he said.
The Top Education Officer
pointed to the success Nevis had
made in the education system
citing that the move by the
Principals to learn from the Nevis
counterparts was important and
the White Paper had called for
He also commended Education
Consultant on Nevis Dr. Bronte
Gonsalves who he said had
worked over the years to push the
education system forward.
"She recognized early a clock
that this meeting of minds is critical
and she worked extremely hard to
make today a successful day," he

The Labour Spokesman


Remarks by Dr the Hon Timothy

Harris, Senior Minister and Minister of

Agriculture, on the occasion of the

Department of Agriculture Annual

Open Day on May 13, 2010

It is a $;
pleasure for me
to welcome all of
you here to the
Ceremony of
our Annual
Open Day. I
thank all
dignitaries in
particular H. E.
Sir Cuthbert M.
Governor Dr the Hon Timothy Har
General, for Agriculture. -F
gracing us with
their presence. I also wish to commend the
Director of Agriculture and all those who
worked so hard to ready this place for this
Exhibition. Let us give them all an
appreciative round of applause.
Today we focus on agriculture and the
role of agriculture in service of national

'ris, Senior Minister and Minister of
ile Photo
development. With ourvarious displays we
highlight agriculture's contribution to food
security. No civilization has progressed
without agriculture. For us in St Kitts and
Nevis we aim to satisfy our food security
needs for selected crops, fruits and
vegetable, livestock and fisheries. Today

What Am I Feeding My Mind?
Just as my physical body needs food to provide energy and to keep it healthy, my mind
also needs to be fed the right food to keep healthy. The mind is not a physical organ which
is fed with the same food given to the body. Thoughts are food for the mind. Thoughts
provide the energy of the mind. So, what kind of thoughts am I feeding my mind -Are they
positive, negative or waste? Are they thoughts that will benefit me and /or others?
In other words, am I creating positive energy within which is empowering or creating
negative energy which is harmful and depressing to me as well as to others. Be aware, that
it is not possible for anyone to think for me or for you.
You are the creator of all your thoughts. However, not enough of us are in the habit of
checking or controlling the type or quantity of thoughts we create throughout the day.
The mind is like a "thought factory" and if left on its own with no direction or control of
the speed and quantity of the thoughts it creates, seems to behave like a wild horse
sometimes. No computer can be as fast as the mind.
It has been estimated that the average person makes about 50,000 thoughts in a day.
This may be a gross under-estimation for a stressed /worried mind.
So what are we thinking and thinking about all day. What percentage of our thoughts
are empowering or uplifting or of benefit? Our thoughts may be Necessary, (routine,
necessary for normal living) Positive, (beneficial to self & others) Negative, (harmful to self
& others) or Wasteful, (of no benefit to self or others) If we were to take stock honestly of
our thoughts, many of us may find that a very large percentage of our thoughts would fall
in the Wasteful category.
So, Am I aware of the wastage of this very invaluable resource (my mind/ my thoughts)
over which I have full control? I am what I think. Whether I am relaxed or tensed, worried,
happy, sad, angry, peaceful or whatever state (of mind) I'm in. it all depends on what I am
thinking, i.e. the type, quality and speed of the thoughts I am creating.
Many of us may find ourselves tired and exhausted at the end of a day even if little
physical work was done. Why? Because so much energy was lost just from thinking and
thinking....weak, wasteful and negative thoughts.
Why not try developing the habit of regularly checking the mind i.e. find time for the
self. Observe your thoughts and gently steer them in the direction you want. Change the
negative or wasteful into positive. Take a "silence" break to quiet the mind, to re-charge, re-
energise or refresh the self. Positive thinking is finding solutions, not thinking about what
is wrong. It is keeping the mind calm and clear, even if there is chaos or a crisis out there. If
I am thinking right, I do not lose my peace.
My thoughts, which are my creation are also expressed through my attitude, my words
and actions. So, am I paying attention to the health of my mind? Thoughts of worry, fear,
sadness, anger, jealousy and hatred do not contribute to a healthy mind. Try the light, clean
and happy thoughts- diet for the mind and see how it works for you.
Practice: Include a few "silence" breaks inyour daily routine for checking and recharging
the self.
The Meditation Centre, Taylors Village: Tel. 466 2550 or 661 0933

we show case both our successes and our expectations for a better tomorrow.
We want agriculture to contribute more to employment generation, enterprise
developments, the stability and revitalization of rural communities.
Our farmers deserve a decent standard of living for participating in the challenging and
laborious task of putting food on our table. I am encouraged and I commend them because
notwithstanding several challenges and setbacks they continue to toil on. For them
agriculture is a labour of love.
Today, in support of our farmers, I remind us to buy local and eat local. I encourage us
all to promote our local products not only in our homes but at our restaurants, hotels and
bars. Indeed local fruits and vegetables must be ubiquitous at the bazaars of our churches,
to our school fairs, sports events our music festival, green valley festival and carnival etc.
Over the last year we have placed emphasis on youths in agriculture and we are resuscitating
and rehabilitating a number of school farms. Today some of our schools will be displaying
their work in agriculture.
The farmers have faced significant constraints in their efforts to improve and increase
production in our country. For years they have been bedeviled by a lack of appropriate
technology and difficulties in obtaining water for crops and livestock as a consequence of
farms being situated too far out in the periphery on our hills and down valleys too far
removed from ready sources of water. There is also the challenge that in our water planning
we have not properly accounted for water for crops and livestock development. To these
woes we add destruction of crops by monkeys and wild boars and the absence of crop
insurance. Farming then is not easy.
That is the reality and history. Looking ahead as we recognize the huge potentiality of
agriculture to contribute more to our growth and development, to create meaningful
employment, and generate new enterprises in agro processing. In this regard, I can
congratulate the Taiwanese for work being done at the Agro processing farm at Needsmust.
Thousands of bottles of fruit juices including our sweet sugar cane juice, carambola, and
sorrel are being made at the Unit and distributed in our retail sector. So too is a growing
quantity of jams and sweets. Our farmers are utilizing the facility. Today, we recommit to
provide it with the necessary resources for agriculture to play its meaningful role.
Without the strong and consistent support of our partners CARDI, FAO, IICA, ROC
Agriculture Mission, the governments of Republic of China on Taiwan, Venezuela, Cuba,
etc. the successful efforts that we showcase today would not have been possible. I
therefore wish to thank them individually and collectively. Give them all a round of applause.
On behalf of the government, I say thank you to all out benefactors. On behalf of our
farmers, their families and national community, I say, Long Live the Farmers! May our
present and future harvests be bountiful and the fruits of our labour bring profitable returns.
May Agriculture's importance in national development be better appreciated and supported.
To all of you, welcome and enjoy Agriculture Open Day!



Applications are invited from suitable qualified persons to fill the position of


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

> Manage and supervise the day-to-day running of the Accounts Department
> Implement best practices for Internal Controls and Cash Management
> Preparation of timely management accounts, annual financial reports, annual
budgets- including operating cash flows, and the submission of other required
> Coordinate the preparation of accounts in accordance with IFRS, the payment
of tax and other statutory obligations
> Analyze and advise on financial results
> Maintain effective financial management policies, procedures, processes,
systems and controls

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

> A diploma in Accounting; Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) with an
emphasis on ACCPAC or
> A Bachelors Degree in Accounting; CPA; ACCA; MSA (Finance) with
> At least five (5) years experience in an accounting function in a reputable
firm and
> Should have a working knowledge of accounting software packages
preferably ACCPAC.

Salary to be offered will commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Anolications should be submitted with curriculum vitae and names of referees to:

E-Mail Rishi.Sing@NAGICO.COM
On or before 21" May, 2010.

12 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 14TH 2010

Young Labourites meet

on Saturday

B ^"AI'L ^ -

Some of the Young Labourites from Constituency # 4

Young Labour Organisation (NYLO) youth arm of the St. Kitts-Nevis
Labour Party holds its annual conference on Saturday 15th May under
the theme "We have a Voice: I speak, You Listen, We Act."
NYLO Public Relations Officer, Ms. Vincia Herbert said the conference
will be held at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.
She said that following remarks by the Young Labour President, Mr.
Meshach Alford, delegates will discuss the legitimacy of the National

Laptop for high school ....
(cont'd from page 1)

St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister and National Political Leader of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour party (far
left) addressing the 2009 Young Labour Conference

Young Labour Organisation and
its right to authentically
participate in the decision making
process of the St. Kitts-Nevis
Labour Party. That discussion will
be led by attorney Mr. Sylvester
Human Resource professional,

Hon. Curtis Martin, has been
invited to lead a discussion on
ensuring the sustainability of the
NYLO through continuous
capacity building.
Delegates will also approve a
Young Labour Handbook
presented by Public Relations

Officer, Ms. Vincia Herbert.
NYLO has invited the Labour
Party's National Political Leader,
Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L.
Douglas to give a pep talk on the
role of the National Young Labour
Organisation in keeping the
Labour Party rejuvenated for 2015
and beyond.

key sectors that will drive the economic development of the country,
and that the One-to-One Laptop Project is a critical step towards
achieving that objective.
"To date, government has received expressions of interest from a
number of stakeholders who wish to participate in the project. The
Ministry of Technology has already made recommendations on technical
specifications for the laptops. Matters relating to the full implementation
of the project including timeline, budgetary allocation, infrastructural
requirements, process management, implications for curriculum and
teacher orientation," said Minister of Information, Sen. the Hon. Nigel
Carty in the Post Cabinet Briefing.
One-to-One Laptop project is viewed as a way tojumpstart the creation
of a technology-savvy population in the Federation by putting a computer
into the hands of every high school student, of public and private schools
in both Nevis and St. Kitts, to provide a tool that will allow them to
explore technology and develop skills that are requisite for their full
participation in the knowledge society and the e-economy.
Members of the planning and implementation committee are the Chief
Secretary, the Education Planner, the Accountant General, Development
Coordinator and Projects Coordinator in the Ministry of Technology,
and a senior official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



well to



By Melissa Amsterdam
The response of Youths
attending the cultural instrument
workshop being hosted at the
Edgar Challenger and
International House Museum
(Central Street, Basseterre) is
overwhelming according to camp
facilitator Winston 'Zack' Nisbett.
While speaking to Nisbett at
one of the workshop's meeting it
was said that the participants are
responding well to what is being
taught, since the workshop began
just two weeks ago.
"What is most impressive is
that they have taken to the whole
cultural aspect of things over the
short period," Nisbett mentioned.
He said that the workshop
emerged due to the slow cultural
deterioration. Not many youths
will be able to play cultural
instruments in the near future he
"We have reached a stage
where our cultural heritage has
slowly deteriorated. Through this
workshop sponsored by the

Popular mass costume designer Keeshan 'Banker' Walwyn teaches
the youths about the flute 's musical structure.

Veteran instrumentalist Elvette De Costa better known as 'De
Mighty Anando or 'Soul' teaches a student how to strum the guitar

(cont'd on page 23) Students make music on the flute.


The Labour Spokesman




Capleton The Prophet to Perform
at St. Kitts Music Festival
BASSETERRE (Friday 7th May, 2010): Reggae and dancehall artist, Capleton, is
scheduled to perform at this year's 14thAnnual St. Kitts Music Festival, which takes place
from the 24th to 26th of June.
Widely known as The Prophet, Capleton is expected to unleash some of his most
memorable hits at the Festival, including Alms House, Music is a Mission and Tour.
Capleton was born Clifton George Bailey III, but is also referred to as King Shango,
King David and The Fireman. His lyrics are deep, precise, and thoughtful, while his stage
shows are nothing less than dynamic and explosive performances.
"Capleton is indeed one of the hottest entertainers in the worldwide reggae fraternity,"
said Faron Lawrence, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the St. Kitts Music Festival.
"We are certainly expecting a memorable show from one of reggae's most reliable hitmakers."
Capleton first burst on the scene in the late 1980s with a string of hit songs from Bumbo
Red to Number One on the Look Good Chart and Lotion Man. Everything he touched hit
the sound-good charts, and the youthful artist with the nimble vocabulary and hardcore
voice quickly established himself as one of dancehall's greatest.
He has won numerous reggae awards and has been honored for many of his charity
works in Jamaica, as he continues to be among the elite artists of reggae music.
"I think the people dem see say me really deserve that because of the amount of years
me put in," Capleton said, "And, we never really bow and we still hold the faith. We stand
up for whatever we a say. Yeah and we really work for it. And them say by your works, a so
you get your pay. The people them see the amount of fight me face and the whole heap of
accusation. And me still never give up."
Now in its 14th consecutive year, the festival attracts both residents and visitors alike
and is known for featuring rising local talent alongside internationally-renowned acts.
The St. Kitts Music Festival features a mix of musical styles on the popular market,
including R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Gospel and Contemporary, to name
a few.
Past artists have included such prominent acts as John Legend, T-Pain, Michael Bolton,
KC & the Sunshine Band, Wyclef Jean, Ne-Yo, Air Supply, Dionne Warwick, Billy Ocean,
SeanPaul, Boyz II Men, King Konris, Stephen Marley, Regina Belle, Maxi Priest, Biggie Irie
and Lord Nelson.
Performers previously announced in this year's line-up include Infamous, Kenny
"Babyface" Edmonds and Ky-mani Marley. Tickets to the 14th Annual St. Kitts Music
Festival are US $40 per person, per night.





FOR U-16s



us lIM(E 11C


---A _' -2_ A_- i- ... . ..



=~ =re~
~ ;tGjl

" "

I -



and settled down. Now the
Connors are here too."
Supervisor of Social Services
in the Ministry of Health, Social
Services, Community
Development, Culture and Gender
Affairs, Mrs. Anne Wigley, while
presenting a fruit basket from the
ministry observed that Connor is

still avery strong man, able to walk
straight without aid because he
worked hard in his life.
"He looks younger than his 90
years as he is still able to stand
and walk upright," commented
Wigley. "I realise from doing my
work that persons who are looking
like him and who worked very hard

Rev Errol Connor proposes a toast for his father 's long life. On the
right is Clement Gilbert.

35-year old secret

revealed at birthday

By: Peter Ngunjiri
(May 10, 2010) Vernon Roy
Connor learnt of a mistake he made
35 years ago on Saturday May 8
at a function held at the St.
Johnson Community Centre to
celebrate his 90th birthday.
Connor who migrated from
Anguilla over 50 years ago and
settled in St. Kitts was tickled by
the revelation made by his friend
Clement Gilbert with whom they
worked for many years in the sugar
industry. The humorous revelation
elicited hearty laughter from family
and friends who had gathered to
honour the newly inducted
nonagenarian with an exclusive
Clement Gilbert of Tabernacle,
who was accompanied by his wife,
Mary, told how the two worked in
the sugar industry, with him as a
locomotive driver and Connor as
a controller of the railways.
Connor retired in 1990 on attaining
age 70, while Gilbert retired in 2001.
The incident happened in about
1975 where without knowing
Connor left his friend stranded
without transport to go home.
"He was a very good friend,
however there is one thing he did
once but he does not even know
because I have never mentioned
up to this time," said Gilbert as the
audience paid maximum attention.
"I used to drive locomotives and
he used to control the railways. He
sent me out and when I returned
he sent me back, but when I
reached Canada the locomotive
that was going my way left, and in
those days getting to Tabernacle
was real a big issue."
Guests to the birthday dinner
were welcomed to the functionby
Leslie Connor, manager of the YES
Programme and a son of the
celebrant, while the master of
ceremonies was another of the
sons, Rev Errol Connor from the
US Virgin Islands.
Also in attendance was the
celebrant's brother, John, from

Anguilla, who told the audience
that Vernon Connor was the third
of his mother's fifteen children,
adding: "I am the fourteenth one.
Vernon left home and came here

Anne Wigley (left) addresses members of the Connor family before she presented him with afruit basket.

The Labour Spokesman


PO Box 186,
Ref No: ................... ..................

May 7, 2010

Mr Dwight Woods
Principal Representative
CLCO Internationl Life Insurance Ltd
South Independence Square Street
St. Kitts

Dear Mr Woods

The Registrar of msurance has decided to exercise the power of intervention in
accordance with Section 57 of the Insurance Act No. 8 of 2009.

Pursuant to Section 58 of the aforesaid Act, I hereby inform you tat notice of
intervention is hereby reduced to one (1) day due to the following reasons:-

S I ircumst0ancs where it is in the public interest;
The Supervisor of Insuance in Barbados has placed restrictions on the
company, prohibiting any new business.
Due to the utenable situation, immediate intervention is required in order
to protect the interest ofpolicyholders.

You are requested to give full cooperation and assisted to the Registrar of

Yours sincerely

Denzil L Do (Dr)
Pri Minis and Minister of Finance

are rewarded because working
hard is a medicine it don't kill
you. Nowadays people feel like if
they work very hard it will kill
them... no! Working hard is a good
medicine, it keeps you fit, and the
fear of God is very much so inyour

The Labour Spokesman

US Court ruling

paves way for



of Four Seasons

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry
announced in the Nevis Island Assembly
on Thursday, that the Four Seasons Resort
could be opened as early as December 2010.
"Homeowners along with the
Government of Nevis were joined in a
petition to the courts in Delaware, United
States to put aside the case brought by
Capstead Mortgage Corp. a lender to the
owners of the Four Seasons Resort Nevis"
he said.
According to the Premier, involuntary
bankruptcy proceedings took place in
Delaware U.S.A. That move had delayed the
foreclosure proceedings of the property
which were being held in the courts in Nevis
and thus put the reopening of the Four
Seasons Resort Nevis in jeopardy.
"The case has been put aside in the court
in Delaware," the Premier said, "this means
that the foreclosure proceedings in Nevis
can now go ahead. At the end of these
foreclosure proceedings, the lenders could
end up owning the property and could
continue arrangements to open up the Four
Seasons Resort Nevis, by the end of the
Mr. Parry told the Assembly that the
Nevis Reformation Party-led Nevis Island
Administration had played a major role in
assisting the Four Seasons Resort Nevis to
re-open and had made representation
through lawyer, Theodore A. Kittila who was
assisted by Federal Crown Council- Mr.
Arudnauth Gossai.
The Premier noted that the Nevis Island
Administration paid for Mr. Gossai's
expenses while in the United States because
he worked at the request of the Nevis Island
Government. Mr. Parry also said that reports
indicated that Mr. Gossai's performance was
crucial to the outcome of the case.

Cuban Medical

The Government of the Republic of Cuba
through its St. Kitts and Nevis-based
Embassy, is inviting applications for 10
medical scholarships to be taken at the Latin
American School of Medicine in Cuba. The
scholarships are specifically for five males
and five females and a selection committee
will choose the recipients.
Applicants must be below the age 25
and posses at least a High School Certificate
of Higher Studies to qualify for University
courses and must be below the age of 17
and posses at least a 9th Grade Graduate
Certificate of Middle-Level Technician to
qualify for middle-level technical courses.
Applicants must also come from a low-
income family, be HIV negative, not pregnant
and have no criminal records.
Application Deadline is May 30, 2010
and interested persons can contact the
Human Resources Department at 467-1036
or 467-1323 to fill out the appropriate
application form and for further information.




Financial Services Regulatory Department

07h May, 2010

Mr. Dwight Woods
Principal Representative
CLICO International Life Insurance Ltd.
South Independence Square Street

Dear Mr. Woods:

We are in receipt of correspondence dated March 17, 2010 from Mr. Terrence Thomhill, Director CLICO
International Life Insurance Limited which informed of restrictions which were placed on the company
prohibiting the writing of new business in Barbados and referred to statements in the media implying the
possibility of judicial management. We also refer to correspondence dated March 23, 2010 which
indicated that a proposed meeting on March 19, 2010 with the Supervisor of Insurance in Barbados to
object to these restrictions did not materialize and a subsequent meeting would be scheduled. To date,
however, the company has failed to provide further details in the matter. We have received further
information which revealed that these restrictions were imposed since August 2009.

It is therefore evident that there is a need for action to be taken in St. Kitts-Nevis in our efforts to protect
policyholders. Therefore, the Registrar of Insurance must intervene in accordance with Section 57 of the
Insurance Act, No. 8 of 2009 on the following grounds:-

(a) the exercise of the power is essential in order to -
(i) protect policyholders or potential policyholders of the registered insurance company
against the risk of the registered insurance company's inability to meets its liabilities;
(ii) ensure that a registered insurance company that is carrying on long-term insurance
business, is able to fulfil the reasonable expectations of policyholders or potential

Please be informed that in accordance with Section 58 of the Insurance Act, this correspondence serves as
written notice of the intention of the Registrar of Insurance. You are therefore required to submit a written
statement of objections to the intervention by Monday 10t May, 2010. As this notice is within a period
less than thirty days, a letter from the Minister of Finance is attached herewith regarding the reason for
reducing the period to less than thirty days for such notice.

Additionally, the Registrar shall impose the following requirements:-

refrain from the date specified in the instrument (7& May, 2010)
from effecting any policy either generally or with respect to a specified class whether or not
the effecting of the policy falls within a class of insurance which the registered insurance
company is authorised to carry on,

We look forward to receiving your full cooperation as we seek to preserve the rights of the policyholders.

Yours sincerely

Kerstin J Petty
Registrar of Insurance

Liverpool Row P.O. Box 898 Basseterre, KN St. Kitts
Telephone: +1 (869) 466-5048 Telecopier: +1 (869) 466-5317
E-mail: skanfsd@sisterisles.ka Website: http:/

I~ ~ k -*ES AVR


St. Kitts &



bids farewell

to Jamaican

Diplomat in

MAY 6TH 2010 (CUOPM) St.
Kitts and Nevis' Permanent
Representative to the Organisation
of American States (OAS), His
Excellency, Dr. Izben C. Williams
joined Caribbean colleagues in
bidding farewell to their outgoing
Jamaican counterpart, His
Excellency Anthony Johnson.
Ambassador Williams, St. Kitts
and Nevis' Ambassador to the
United States and Dean and
Chairman of the Caribbean Caucus
of Ambassadors in Washington
said that Ambassador Johnson
has had a wide range of experience
in politics, media, academia and the
private sector.
"It is this background that he
brought to bear on the affairs of
the Council and this Organization
on behalf of his country. It is this
resourcefulness that we will be
deprived of," he said.
"We have all noted the passion
and imperative whichAmbassador
Johnson brought to ensure our
urgent response to the needs of
Haiti in the aftermath of the
earthquake, and his role in
organizing the Memorial Service
for the victims of the earthquakes
in Haiti and Chile, which was held
at the OAS," Ambassador
Williams said.
At a special sitting of the OAS
Permanent Council, Ambassador
Carmen Lomellin, who is Council
Chair and US Ambassador to the
OAS, declared that Ambassador
Johnson has played a critical role
in facilitating negotiations of
sensitive topic that allowed
member states to arrive at
She said Ambassador
Johnson's thorough grasp of
policy and political matters,
"combined with his ability as a
skilled diplomat and orator and
fuelled with the knowledge of a
historian," proved to be an
invaluable asset to the Council, in
bringing together representatives
from different sub-"The Council
wishes to register that your
presence and contribution will be
missed in this body. We wish you
all the best in your future
endeavours," she said.
In his response, Ambassador
Johnson, who was completing a
26-month assignment shared some
perspectives on how the OAS
could improve by examining itself
to determine if its original goal, of
"peace-keeper" among the

countries "south of the border"
should continue as its main focus.
"I suggest that the 19th century
militarism which spawned the Pan
American Union is no longer a
widespread culture," Ambassador
Johnson argued.
The diplomatic community and
the Jamaican community packed
the Chancery to overflowing on
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 to pay
glowing tributes and heap heart-
felt sentiments of praise on
Ambassador and Mrs. Johnson.
Minister of State in Jamaica's
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Senator the Hon. Marlene
Malahoo Forte, addressed the
large gathering of guests at the
farewell function organized by the
Embassy of Jamaica.

She lauded the Ambassador
for his outstanding and
distinguished public service and
for the positive way in which he
represented Jamaica in the United
Ambassador Johnson thanked
the Jamaican community and the
staff of the Embassy for their
support over the 26 months.
He characterized his tenure in
the American capital city as one
marked by significant advances in
deepening bilateral relationships
between Jamaica and the US, as
well as the forging of new
relationships with Jamaican
organizations and philanthropic
groups across the host country.
Ambassador Johnson
departed WashingtonD.C. on May

Caribbean Ambassadors in Washington take group photo with
Ambassador Johnson.

3, to take up his new posting as
Jamaica's High Commission to
London on May 20.

He will be succeeded in
Washington D.C. by
businesswoman, Audrey Marks.


Financial Services Regulatory Department


The Registrar of Insurance issued a notice, dated 7h May 2010, of the intention to intervene into the
affairs of CLICO International Life Insurance Limited. The Registrar of Insurance has received no
objection from Management of CLICO International Life Insurance Limited and took the decision to
intervene in the affairs of CLICO International Life Insurance Limited with effect from 11l May, 2010.
Pursuant to power granted by sections 57 and 58 of the Insurance Act, No. 8 of 2009, the intervention is
necessary as the Registrar is satisfied that:-

The exercise of the power is essential in order to -
(i) protect policyholders or potential policyholders of the registered insurance company against the
risk of the registered insurance company's inability to meet its liabilities; or
(ii) ensure that a registered insurance company that is carrying on long-term insurance business, is
able to fulfil the reasonable expectations of policyholders or potential policyholders.

The Registrar has imposed the following requirements on CLICO International Life Insurance Limited in
pursuance of powers conferred by section 59 of the Insurance Act, No. 8 of 2009:

CLICO International Life Insurance Limited shall refrain from the date specified in the instrument
(7th May, 2010):
(i) from effecting any new policy whatsoever regardless of the class of insurance such new
policy may fall within and regardless of whether or not the effecting of the policy falls
within a class of insurance business which the registered company is authorised to carry'
(ii) from varying any existing policy

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in legal action being taken against CLICO
International Life Insurance Limited in accordance with the Insurance Act.

Dated 11l May, 2010.

Kerstin J. P
Registrar of Insurance

Liverpool Row P.O. Box 898 Basseterre, KN St. Kitts
Telephone: +1 (869) 466-5048 Telecopler: +1 (869) 466-5317
E-mail: Website:

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman

, Y p) N


The Ligkt of the Hwor(

As I did last week, let me open this discussion with our Lord's
reference to LIGHT. "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a
hill cannot be hid, neither do men light a candle and put it under a
bushel, but on a candle-stick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the
house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good
works and glorify your Father which is in heaven" (Matth 5: 14-16).
In this synopsis on Light it is worth noting that the first natural light
appeared at the command of God. Oil lamps provided artificial light in
biblical homes, tabernacles and temples. As the "light of the world"
(John 8:12) Jesus supplied spiritual illumination.
What a loaded challenge as contained in these seven words. "Ye are
the light of the world". Truly the light is sweet; it is welcome as it was on
the first day of the world at the dawn of creation. The result was the
grandest of gifts. Darkness heard and vanished.
Reader, strive to imagine the scene back then when the first voice
called the first blessing into being when God said "Let there be light,"
and there was light. This world of full delights was then one huge mass
of unarranged material. It had no form, and therefore had not beauty.
It was vacancy, and vacancy wants all that pleases. It would have
been cheerless, even if robed in cheering light. But impenetrable night
shrouded the lifeless void.
From this rude quarry, however, the home of man is to be built. This
waste is to be peopled with beings, whose age is immortality. It is to be
the field from which heaven's gamer shall be stored. Therefore deformity
must assume form shapelessness must be shaped into loveliness.
But what is the first wonder which steps forth to usher in the train of
harmony and grace? It was LIGHT pure and simple. There are valuable
truths linked with light which are open to our earnest search. It is a
casket rich in gospeljewels. In its fair form, we see the fairer features of

the One who said "I am the light of
the world; He that followeth me
shall not walk in darkness, but shall
have the light of life." (John 8:13).
The prophets of old gazing on
the rays of Christ sang The
people that walked in darkness
have seen a great light." The
Apostle, intent on Jesus exhorts,
"Show forth the praises of Him,
who hath called us out of darkness
into His most marvellous light."

If we project our Lord's
challenge and obligations as lights
of the world against the preceding
background, it would better help
us to see what a charge we have.
As the lights of the world, the
disciples were, and we should be
illustrious and conspicuous. Since
so many eyes were upon the
disciples and are likewise upon us.
Jesus used a familiar setting "A
city that is set on a hell cannot be
hid. What's the implication? You
They are for signs (Is. 8:18). All
their neighbours have eyes upon
them. Some admire them, commend
then, rejoice in them and study to
imitate even emulates them. Others
envy them, have them, censure
them and study to blast them.
They and we are admonished to
walk circumspectly because of
their observers.


As little lights we too have
other responsibilities to
illuminate and give light to others.
(Matth 5:15) and therefore we are
set up as lights. Christ having
lighted these candles (so to
speak), we are not, and shall not
be put under a bushel. The
message here is that we carry with
us in our daily walk and living so
much of our own evidence, that
like a city on a hill, it cannot be
hid. It will give light to all that are
in the house, to all that will draw
near to it and come where it is.

As lights we must shine by
doing such good works that would
bring glory to God. To glorify God
is the great thing we must aim at to
bring others to glorify Him. The
Holy, regular and exemplary
conversation of all of Christ's
followers may do much towards
the conversion of our fellowmen.
There is a winning virtue in a godly
conversation and in consistent
godly living.
A second look at our text gives
the reason for bearing a good
testimony. Note the words. "Let
your lower lights be burning, send
the beams across the waves. Some
poor fainting, struggling sea man,
you may rescue, you may save."
In conclusion, let us observe a

few elementary things about light.
1) Light is pure. In it there
neither is, nor can be mixture or
pollution. Its property repels
defilement. It traverses unstained
each medium of uncleanness.
2) Light is lovely. Beauty
cannot live without it. Exclude it,
and every charm would hang a
blighted head; the sun would fade
and colour be extinct.
3) Light is the parent of
fruitfulness. Regions, which the
sun rarely cheers, are barren
wastes. In shade vegetation
languishes and trees droop.
Perpetual winter is perpetual
desolation. But mark the change,
if genial warmth returns. The
garden, the vineyard, the fields are
soon clothed with fragrant and
luxuriant plenty.
Dear Christian brothers and
sisters recognize that we are light,
that others may be illuminated
through us. Indeed it is not ours
to create or to confer light. True,
but it is ours to reflect it.
The Christian shows forth
Christ. Our Sun (so to speak) gives
sight as well as light. So let us
shine until the family, the
neighbourhood, the country and
indeed the world through our life
and testimony see our good works
and glorify our Father who is in

May God help us to shine!

th Cotx of Stis an Nevi

Achieving Food Security in times of Crisis in the context of St.Kitts
and Nevis is the theme chosen for this year's Agriculture Open Day
which is to be held on Thursday, May 13th and Friday, May 14th 2010.
In a time when our world is bombarded with a global economic crisis,job
losses, hunger wars, higher and frequent increases in gas prices, health
care, soaring food prices and now most critically the erratic nature of
escalating climatic changes makes it no easier with extended droughts
and floods what is our response to these issues?
The Department of Agriculture through its Open Day intends to
showcase the kind of response vital to our economic survival by
combining knowledge with the essential tools to ensure our nation's
development and to implement sustainable productive systems.
The potential role played by the Department of Agriculture in hosting
this special event brings to the general public's attention what we at the
Department of Agriculture are doing and more importantly showcasing
the way that we see Agriculture and the path that it can follow in the
future in transforming the economy through economic diversification of
which agricultural diversification is a major pillar; critically since the
closure of the sugar industry in 2005.
The current agriculture strategy has identified some key areas for
the sector which are (i) food security, (ii) raising rural incomes, (iii)
providing secure employment options and (iv) foreign exchange savings.
Open Day 2010 seeks to highlight opportunities that exist in these areas
of the agricultural strategy. The exhibits will reflect those opportunities
and these will be displayed in focus areas with specific zones for agro-
processing, backyard gardening, farmers' market, Cooperatives
development, crops, livestock and fisheries. This year food security
play a major role in the Department's plans as school and backyard
gardens continue to be developed throughout the island and available
space is utilized for providing sufficient foods for one's household in a
safe environment, while on the other hand the main focus for livestock
will be promotion of rabbit products. Information will be available on the
entire rearing and production of rabbits, whilst at the same time persons
can sample this delicate type of food as we look for ways to ensure food
security. The focus on agro-processing is meant to showcase
opportunities for the development of value added products and to expand
the shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables. Cooperatives

development which involves
farmers working together to
achieve a common goal will
highlight the growth of societies
in this area. A major exhibit for the
fisheries sector focuses on
Aquaculture which is the rearing
offish in an affordable system will
also be featured.
There will be many more
attractions at this year's Open Day
in collaboration with our partners:
Agriculture Technical Mission,
FAO and the Bolivarian Republic
of Venezuela and key
stakeholders, framers groups
(Fahies Women, St. Kitts Bee
Keepers Cooperative, Upraising
Women etc.) and a varied
participation from our private
entities as everyone is being
catered for.
The Annual Agriculture Open
Day is an event that is eagerly
anticipated every year by the
general public. This year is no
exception and the staff at the
Department of Agriculture has
made this Open Day a special one.
The Open Day will highlight new
developments in agriculture and
indicate several opportunities for
development as we are
continuously exploring and
embracing technology and
ensuring that all attain the correct

concept of not just farming but
agriculture on a whole to ensure
food security.
As the saying goes "a nation's
health is a nation's wealth and we
believe that this event's impact can
serve as the platform which
continues to drive the kind of
response needed for our economic

Open Day 2010 aims to be
bigger and better. Two days jam
pack to educate and entertain you.
So, save the dates Thursday 13th
May and Friday 14th May at
9:00am daily. All are warmly

Prepared by:
Department of Agriculture


A. D. 2009

Suit No. SKBHCV2009kr"-I IN THE MATTER of Section 144 of the Title by
Registration Act, Cap. 279
In the Matter of the Certifcate of Title registered in
Register Book Z2 folio 283 in the name of DIEGO
It is hereby notified that an application has been made to the Registrar of Titles in Chambers for an Order
for the issue of a new Certificate of Title in lieu of a lost Cerificate of ie for 4000 square feet of land at
New Road Housing Extension and bounded and measuring as follows, that is to say:- ON or towards the
North by Lot No. 213, 80.00 feet; ON or towards the East by Lot No. 210, 50.00 feet; ON or towards the
South by Lot No. 209, 80.00 feet and ON or towards the West by a Public Road, 50.00 feet all as the
same is delineated and set forth on the plan by James R. Buchanan License Land Surveyor dated 21d
January, 2000.
Any person knowing the whereabouts of or having any information concerning the said Duplicate
Certificate which may lead to its recovery is requested to notify the Registrar of Tiles at the Registrars
Office, Judicial Complex, Basseterre, St. Kitts or Vemon S Veira & Associates, Solicitors, #3 Church
Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts.

Dated the 16t day of Apil, 2009.

Marsha T. Henderson

18 O O

Collaboration key if

educators are to

successfully work

together, says Nevis

Education Official

Principal Education Officer on
Nevis Mrs. Lornette Queeley-
(MAY07, 2010)- The importance
of collaboration has often been
underestimated but Principal
Education Officer on Nevis Mrs.
Lornette Queeley-Connor said
collaboration was a key ingredient
in any successful professional
interaction directed at helping
educators to work together.
She made the observation at a
ceremony to herald the start of a
historic workshop for Principals in
St. Kitts and Nevis. The one day
activity was hosted by the St. Kitts
Principals Association at the Red
Cross Conference Room in
Charlestown. The event was held
under the theme "Principals
Uniting for Educational
"We have sometimes been
able to get by with steering away
from controversial issues or
pretending that significant
disagreements do not exist. Such
pseudo community or contrived
congeniality is a barrier which
inhibits educators from speaking
honestly with one another about
their views on important issues.
"To meet rising expectations
and the mandates of the White
Paper on Education Development,
we need to deepen our resolve; we
need more time to work with
colleagues to critically examine the
new standards being proposed,"

she said.
Mrs. Queeley-Connor
expressed hope that the
professional development
workshop would ultimately
provide the principals with the
tools necessary to achieve their
goals and bring them satisfying
and rewarding experiences.
Meantime, Permanent

t I I


Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Education on Nevis
Mr Joseph Wilshire
Secretary in the Ministry of
Education on Nevis Mr. Joseph
Wilshire who declared the
workshop opened, in his remarks
stressed the importance of team
work and commended the
executive of the St. Kitts Principals
Association for creating the
opportunity which gave principals
from both sides of the Federation
the opportunity to assemble
together in a conducive and
enabling environment.
He also commended Education
Consultant Dr. Bronte Gonsalves,
who he said had assumed the
responsibility of ensuring that the
best practices were shared
between the educators of both
Mr. Wilshire said the Principals
presence was testimony to their
ability to work together towards a
common vision; their ability to
direct individual accomplishments
towards organisational objectives
and was the fuel that allowed
common people to attain
uncommon results. He said it was

The Labour Spokesman

By: Shaday Peters

There definitely WILL be problems to solve the 10th to 13th
and most of them will center around communications
mistakes, financial short falls and gross misunderstandings,
especially of 'projected images.' Make sure the message you
'send out' literally or through 'impressions' is the one you
truly mean to display. The 11 lth and 14th hold some 'dodge a
bullet' energy for the quicker Rams.

Keep your schedule light and reasonable the 10th. Salvage,
save and savvy self protection may be required the 11/12th.
Move quickly on a 'financial' issue the later hours of the 13th
and if you do NOT like any decisions energy in the AM, stall
for the clarity of the 14th. Signing important documents and
dealing with 'long range/term' projects is likely to dominate
the 14th. Profit from any begun that day, even in low range
planninglidea stages, promises to be very good.

Gernf if
Power people are NOT cooperative the 10th but may do a
huge 180 near the 11th, especially in the later hours of the
day. Say nothing at the time. A coworker's jealousy or
insecurity could threaten near the 11/12th; don't buy in. Let
them 'out themselves.' Your fuse is super short ALL DAY the
12th and ruminating over recent 'building' woes will not help.
IF it keeps going 'around and around' in your head, find a
positive spin and chuck it out. Good news is very likely near
the 14th.

The same need for 'on hands now' fixing is required in
career this week as 'daily ongoing problems solving' is the
way to go. Make few demands of your schedule the 10th and
show respect for authority figures in all gestures, moves and
communications. Be clear and 'repeat' if necessary the
11/12th. Be patient with coworkers and any 'stressed'
personalities the 12/13th, especially Gemini, Virgo, Taurus
or anyone dealing with 'money/communication issues.' A
piece of very good news is likely the 14th.

Your appear to 'put a great deal' into the 11th to 12th as if
you have some huge project OR, your salvage efforts are
somewhat of a scramble. Playing 'beat the clock' is also
likely, especially IF the 13th is a deadline of some kind.
Outcomes do appear good. A 'new project' of some kind is
likely for the 13/14th and can be 'one of the biggest you've
ever had.' It MAY also reach far into the future and have an
unlimited life span. Sweet!


There is NO place for humor, parody, gossip or disrespect in
any form this week, even if you feel it is 'deserved.' Even the
'office idiot' that everyone wishes would 'get theirs' can end
up making YOU look bad IF you try to outwit, outmaneuver
or out comment them. Things you do or say can be taken out
of context VERY easily, especially the 10th and 12th. The


good news is things lift and lighten up big time the 14th and
cooperation, along with good communications, is restored.

There MAY be other types of 'evaluating and reevaluating'
going on around you, especially in career and most likely
'over your head.' This can lead to two things; promotions
opening up from those heads that roll over you and new
policies' being implemented, most likely the week of 5/17 or
as far out as later May into mid June and later Aug into Sept.
The 'roots' are in this week. Dress, act the part, show up on
time, let your talents show and be a'real team player.'

Contracts and previous arrangements can 'back slide' this
week right up until the later hours of the 13th. Stand over
projects that 'are supposed to go' a particular way each and
EVERY day and do not'pass off to anyone else, that which
is supposed to be done by YOU. Trusting coworkers, even
'well minded and good intentioned ones' is VERBOTEN this
week. ANYONE is capable of a 'huge mistake' and you'll live
with it better if it is YOU that makes it. Avoid gossip and
tacky humor near the 10th, 12th and later hours of the 13th.
Fatigue and/or illness may dull your wits near the 12th to
14th; double check when in doubt.

Si a ius
Huge investments of time, effort, money, rep and 'elbow
grease' are indicated for the 10/11th but pay offs do appear
good to excellent with returns showing as soon as the
evening of the 11th, the 14/15th or as far out as later May
into mid June or all of Oct to Dec. This may be the 'next leg'
or phase of a promising situation/project you have been
'growing' for the last few weeks/months. IF so, it is an
excellent sign

Career is likely to be THE best place in your stars this week
with the need for patience on the 10th only and the rest of
the week showing excellent potential for growth, cooperation
and feeling like you are'really getting somewhere.' Even with
Mercury retrograde, others may have hassles while you land
big fish. Celebrate quietly, especially if others around you
are not doing so well. Big profit potential appears hidden in
the 13th to 18th for many of you; burn the midnight oil.

Be very professional the 10th, respect authority, even where
it is not obvious the 11th, follow your ESP the 12 to 'save
money, time and grief be willing to listen the 13th, even 'late
in the day when you are fried and want to cut of there' and
answer all calls and communications with close attention to
detail the 14th to have a successful week in career/job.

This is appears to be a nice and easy week for you in
general but it is the problems, complications and other
stressors that hit 'other people' that are likely to cause the
'wash back' onto you and as long as you are able to be
supportive and keep others calm, you'll keep things from
mounting to a level that becomes 'too much for you.' I can
not stress enough that your ability to serve, salvage and
save for others, is likely to ultimately 'save your own butt' in
the long run, even if it remains 'unseen.

Some of the Federation s Principals at the historic workshop

proof that collaboration was a
major indicator of teamwork.
He told the Principals he was
hopeful that they would acquire
additional knowledge and skills to
better equip themselves for the
herculean task of delivering a
quality education to the nation's
"This acquisition, I am
convinced, will enable you to
effect the much needed change in
our institutions of learning, in our
communities and in our
Federation," he said.

In OneW

InTu ne with

-must provide own vehicle

Call: 662-6978 after 4:00 PM


BQ9* 1Fill

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 14TH 2010 S -19

Ehe TriaFtlsmIndETibula~tl[mionsofmanlm

Dear Reader, on Friday 7th May, I was discharged from the
JNF Hospital. I felt a surge ofjoy, knowing that I would be free to
move around, but, such freedoms are not to be too excited about,
because it can set back the healing process of the wound, or the
amputation as it is in my case.
Man is so fickle, that he always has to be in constant
communication with the Supreme Being. No wonder the Psalmist
in Psalm 121 declared I will lift mine eyes into the hills from
whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord who
made the heavens and the earth; He will not suffer my foot to be
moved. He that keepeth Israel shall not slumber. Behold, He that
keepeth Israel shall not slumber nor sleep. The Lord is my shade
upon my hand. The sun shall not smite me by day; nor the moon
by night. The Lord shall preserve me from all evil. The Lord shall
preserve my coming in and my going out from this day forward
and forever more. Amen.
The Psalmist had to be a farmer or an open air person in order
to experiment the peacefulness, the quietness, the oxygenated
and refreshing breezes which come from the tree canopied shelter
of the hills. Perhaps it was from the peaceful serenity that he felt
the Divine presence of his Supreme Being for him to pen the
121st Psalm.
One cannot experience the presence of God in an atmosphere
of rowdiness, in an atmosphere of hostility, in an atmosphere of
war. It is only when one is at peace with himself, his fellowman
and his environment, can that person be in direct communication
with God. The fisherman who rises every morning to catch his
fish has to sing 'Nc%\\ every morning is Thy love, Thy waking and
uprising proof. Through sleep and darkness safely brought restored
to life and power and thought".
That fisherman has to give Thanks for being allowed to see
another day and to ask God's mercies for taking him out to sea
and for returning him safely.
None of us has control over our coming in and our going out,
so we have to give thanks. Yesterday I was in possession of my
ten toes, visiting patients at the JNF Hospital. Today, I am back in
the hospital, not knowing if I will have any toes to count on the left
foot. I never knew I never believed that this could happen to me,
but what is man? What is there to boast about? What is there to
show off on? What is there to play 'biggitty' about?
I have lost my big toe, but I have seen persons inside here with
double amputation who are very much alive and looking and feeling
wonderful. Those persons who have double amputations are
fortunate. They possess the greatest gift, the gift of life. Have we
even considered what life would have been if life could have been
If this was so, only the rich would survive and live forever,
switching from one life to another, while you and I would have
gone to the great beyond just after the nurses spanked us and
forced us to make the screeching, sucking breath of oxygen noise,
heralding to the whole world that another life is for sale? Have
we ever contemplated the value of life? Have we ever taken time
out to count our blessings?
Have we ever placed added value tax on our lives? We curse,
we grumble, we complain, we criticize, but have we ever stopped
to compare our lives with others and to see how fortunate we
are? Are we aware of the biblical passage of Scripture which
says "In all things, give thanks"?
Yes reader, I have nine toes, but I am still alive. Others with all
of theirs have gone and left me. The other day I went visiting
around the Ward where I saw a young man like he was giving up
on life. I had to tell him that I have nine toes while he had ten and
I counted them for him and I am satisfied with my nine while he
with ten is giving up.
After some encouraging words, he began to smile. Count your
blessings man, count them. There are times when we are
overwhelmed by the enormity of our situation. When we should
be seeking the invisible hand of the Master to comfort us, we
panic and weaken our spiritual fortress by not communicating
with the Master, when, all we have to do is to sing, hum, recite
one of the most powerful hymns of the century "What a friend
we have in Jesus, all our sins and grieves to bear. What a privilege

to carry, everything to God in
prayer." What a powerful
hymn, but a very loyal and
trusting friend. Leave all your
cares and he will assist you. No
matter what the troubles are,
Jesus will see you through.
We think and believe that
we have it hard. We believe
that life hit us below the belt.
We believe that the Master is
giving us more than we can
bear; what about the lady who
has her big toe amputate? Her
daughter came into the hospital
in a coma and died few days
after. I visited the lady the
following day of her daughter's
death and there she was singing
"Through it all, through it all, I
have learned to trust in Jesus; I
have learned to trust in God.
Through it all, I learned to
depend upon His word."
What a dear, sweet, darling
and spirit-fortified soul of a
woman, who realizes that the
Master never gives us more
than we deserve. In times like
these, we can sing the hymn -
Nearer my God to Thee, nearer
to Thee. This lady is still alive.
The daughter has left her
grandchildren, and, whatever
the medical problem of the
daughter, she has been called
to the Great Physician for
I always refer to life as to
the sea. Sometimes we
experience boisterous waves.
In times like these, we do not
panic, we do not let go of the
tiller, and we do not lose hope.
We call upon the Divine
Intervention ofthe co-pilot, who
is always standing nearby to
render the necessary
assistance to us. If we cry out
for help whilst still holding on
to the steering wheel, the dark
clouds, the boisterous waves,
the heavy rains will subside and
give way to calm seas, sunny
skies and a sweet refreshing
Difficult times do not last
forever. Rough seas do not last
forever. Rough seas build
character, for; we can never be
a good captain by sailing calm
seas only. Life would be dull
and gloomy if there was not
testing times to test the strength
of our mettle, the fabric, the
material of which we are made.
How can we reaffirm our
faith? We can do so by adopting
this song "Let the beauty of
Jesus be seen in me, all his
wondrous compassion and
purity", as our anthem. For,


when we allow the b
Jesus to be seen in us, v
not have to approach
People would be appi
us instead. They would
glow of the Christ w
They would see the di
within us and they kn
by associating with us

make a difference in the world.
Regardless of the outcome
of my re-admittance to the JNF
Hospital, I am prepared for any
eventuality, as long as I have
life. As long as I am able to
affect people's lives in a
positive manner, all will be well
S with me. One has to come to
grips with the realization that,
KE while material things might be
an asset to bring material joy to
eauty of the physical part of man, it is
e would not the asset which brings
people. enjoyment to the soul.
coaching The way you treat your
d see the fellowmen, the way you keep
within us. in constant communication with
fference the Master, far surpasses the
ow that, enjoyment which material
, we can things offer.

Have Faith

Written by Floy Hensley

Faith: "Faith is the evidence of things
not seen" Hebrews 11:1
Jesus Christ is the beginning and the ending and Lord who
reign over it all in our nation and in our life. Welcome to my regular
and dedicated readers across the length and breath of St Kitts
and Nevis, in the Caribbean isles, international circles, those of
you logging on the Internet and those of you who are reading this
article for the very first time. Well you are not reading by chance
but appointed by God that His perfect will would be done in your
life and situations. When we look around us and see all what is
happening and sometimes we just shake our heads and wonder
what is going on in this world but God has the answer to all what
we are seeing around us. Some of the things we see and hear are
so heart breaking, God would not give you more than you can
bear because He is there carrying you every step of the way in
your situation. So do not give up and not to worry because God is
totally in charge and working every single details out for your
When the battles you are facing seen so hard for you to bear
and you seen like giving up and hope is so far away, God is working
it out and making a way for you right now. Take your faith to
another level of expectation, knowing that the answer is on the
way and nothing is too hard for God to solve for you. Sometimes
we can get so carried away and put our lives in the wrong hands
and not trust God with our mind, body, soul and spirit. It really
pays to serve God faithfully and with honesty and every thing
inside of you. Prayer is the only answerto our problems and when
we come in agreement and believe that it's already being done on
our behalf. It's just easy, kneel down by your bed, by your desk,
wherever you are right now and just whisper a prayer to your
heavenly Father, speak to Him like you are speaking to your friends.
He wants to be more than a friend to you, he's the one you can
trust \ ith your closest secret and promise never to leave or forsake
you. Trust Him even more than ever and see great results.
Father God life have so many challenges but teach us to depend and
trust in you like never before for the answers that are on their way.
Father God when there is no other place to turn, let us run into your arms
for comfort and a strong shelter. Father God your people has search for
answers in some of the wrong places and now is the time to turn towards
you for the only answers. Father without you we are nothing on this
earth and some of us are still wondering around with out any real purpose
in our life's. Father God I pray that destiny and purpose would find your
people today and what you have in store for them would some into
reality. Father God those who do not know you as Lord and Savior, come
into their hearts today and do a quick work in their life and situation.
Thank you for all what you have being doing in the life of your children
and what you have in store for them today. My faithful readers do have
a bless, productive and favor filled week in the Lord and know that God
is really and truly working it out for you.


It's Pampalam Confusion

In PAM. Grant Not

Stepping Down

By: Sotto Voce

Well it's no secret anymore. Mouth open and story jump out. There is real bacchanal in
PAM-land for true.
PAM presented the self-styled "next Prime Minister" (Grant) and 7 other candidates to
the Kittitian electorate on 25th January last. Two were accepted. (Richards and Hamilton)
and six were rejected including their leader Grant.
Five of that six felt that their chances to win favour with the electorate seriously affected
by their leader's seeming acceptance of a bribe of US one half million dollars in a room at the
Marriott Hotel with a foreign journalist, posing as an investor. This had been seen on You-
Tube by everybody in St. Kitts and further afield.
They felt the only decent course open to Grant was to resign as leader of PAM if that
Party and its candidates were to remain credible in the eyes of Kittitians.
Even one of PAM's campaigners, "Ask Washie", publicly called for Grant's resignation.
He opined that even if a bi-election was to be held in Constituency No.4 at this time that
Grant would lose badly regardless. So he is doing more hurt to his Party by hanging on to
the leadership in light of all that has happened. The Party needs a fresh image at the top,
other than a man open to bribes.
His fall from grace and from the leadership will come very soon, I believe. And I predict
that the 2-term representative of Constituency NO.5 will fill that slot. Their other Deputy
Leader carries too much baggage right now.
But Lindsay Grant holding on to the leadership as if his life depends on it. And the
manner in which their Chairman Osbourne and some members of their Executive have
rallied to defend corruption, maybe their positions all depend on Grant's survival as leader
Their talk about keeping the issues of Grant's alleged bribe, and whether PAM keeps
him as the leader, away from public discourse must be the laugh of the century. He offers
himself for public office. He comes as the leader of a Party. Therefore, the public has a right
to observe, discuss, and consider his eligibility for any such office.
PAM keeps him there as leader for their own benefit or to their own detriment.
Strange enough, the same PAM and their buddies in the media enjoy going after the
Labour Party Leader. When a former Minister had a press conference and had his say about
our Leader, the media all chipped in and had their say. The "VOICES" of PAM, the talk-
shows, the pundits, all had a "field day" on what he said. The PAMites all had opinions on
what they perceived (falsely) as a break-up inside Labour. Even though only one man had
jumped ship.
Well how come now when 5 out of 7 candidates want to dump Grant as PAM leader,
nobody must talk about that?
Of course, Chairman Osbourne puts his own twist to it and says that it is Labour that
wants Grant removed. Labour did not put Grant there. But Labour has a right to talk about
anything. Just as PAM does. So the bacchanal in the PAM Camp will not just go away.
Nor will Grant's corrupt dealings at the Marriott Hotel. So PAM done get licks and Grant
must brace himself for a fall. Not everything that money can buy. Not a good reputation.
Not leadership qualities. Not popularity among the majority of Kittitians. Money cannot
buy these things.
As the rasta-men would say the "war in Babylon" rages on up PAM headquarters.
Some striving to preserve the status quo and retain money and privilege in place. Others
trying to make a break from that and cleanse the top spot from corrupt dealings. The public
is looking on and assessing the personalities in the pampalam confusion.
It's foolish to offer a man as "the next Prime Minister" and then tell the same electorate
that his corrupt dealings not their business. That only the members and friends up PAM
have the right to discuss it, as it is an internal PAM thing.
Somebody needs to tell them that the parading of PAM's dirty linen in public has not
helped Grant or PAM. That elections are won in the public domain and not in the courts.
That, regardless of what any court does, no judge can give Grant a seat in Parliament. The
people must vote him in first.
That as a candidate, he is much worse off now than he was some months ago. And if the
vast majority of the men he led into the last elections no longer want him, he should take his
cue from that on the feelings of the voters in Constituency 4. Right now he is dead meat.
Ghost going eat him raw next time around.
As the PAM campaigner, Ask Washie, has said, Kittitians not foolish". All this talk
about people voting where they did not live and saying it was a Labour thing is just so
much bull. I have written a lot on that before and I won't go back there at this time. Just as
PAM also spoke of Labour bringing in "overseas" voters in order to win. And it turned out
that all 4 parties, including PAM had voters returning from overseas to vote, and that the
biggest bundle was brought in by PAM to vote in Constituency 8.
But just who will prevail in the bacchanal in the PAM Camp? Will money talk and the
status quo be preserved? Or will honesty and decency get a break through and fallen
candidates get their wish?
Seems like the leader waiting for the Court action now in place to take its course while
he holds on to the top spot with all his might. Their Party Convention has been pushed
back to accommodate his plans.
All his talk and his actions right now seem to come from a desperate man, not willing to
do the right and decent thing as his colleagues have suggested, but lining his Party's
fortunes and future to his own, even if to the detriment of his candidate colleagues. What

The Labour Spokesman
a thing!
Well the Sheriff and PAM's Coalition
partner/party in Nevis gone quiet as a lamb.
Not like him at all. He loves to talk. You mean
he tongue tie down on Grant's Marriott
Hotel fiasco? And also on the views of the 5

candidates for PAM who all want Grant to
go? Where the Sheriff gone? Anybody see
him recently? Tell him to come off the mark
on this pampalam confusion among his

By: Jean Thomas

England v/s West Indies

Oh yes I am writing about the female cricket (twenty/twenty) overs match that was
played at Warner Park over the last two weeks. Female cricket what? Some men said
women cannot play cricket. Women play "bat and ball". They did not take the women
However, after a couple of matches, and the news spread around the island that the
cricket played by the women were really good, some of the same men who did not believe
found themselves in the Park to look at the matches.
I took time out and went to see a cricket match. The one that I went to was the England
versus the West Indies. Oh my, what a lovely afternoon. The stands were filled and the
expectation and excitement was high. West Indies batted first and amassed a total of one
hundred and twenty-two (122) runs. I was nervous.
It was England's turn to bat and they needed one hundred and twenty-three to win.
Could the West Indies team get England bowled out for under 122 runs in the twenty overs
and win the match? I can understand Paul Keens Douglas's "Tanty Merle at the Oval". It
was nail biting all the way. It came down to one ball left to bowl and England needing a four
to win the match. Every one was standing and shouting. Before I could stand up one
young lady sitting behind me got so excited she thought she was on the field next thing
I know I feel a blow to by head
Indeed cricket is a game of "glorious uncertainties". So tell me, are you asking me if I
would attend another cricket match played by men or women? The answer is yes, even
though I get nervous when West Indies is playing. That is because I want them to always
do well. Congratulations to the women, I wish them success in the finals.
Such was the excitement West Indies eventually won the match by two runs. That was
almost too much excitement for me.



Applications are invited from suitable qualified persons to fill the position of


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

> Manage and supervise the day-to-day running of the Accounts Department
> Implement best practices for Internal Controls and Cash Management
> Preparation of timely management accounts, annual financial reports, annual
budgets- including operating cash flows, and the submission of other required
> Coordinate the preparation of accounts in accordance with IFRS, the payment
of tax and other statutory obligations
> Analyze and advise on financial results
> Maintain effective financial management policies, procedures, processes,
systems and controls

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

> A diploma in Accounting; Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) with an
emphasis on ACCPAC or
> A Bachelors Degree in Accounting; CPA; ACCA; MSA (Finance) with
> At least five (5) years experience in an accounting function in a reputable
firm and
> Should have a working knowledge of accounting software packages
preferably ACCPAC.

Salary to be offered will commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Anolications should be submitted with curriculum vitae and names of referees to:

E-Mail Rishi.Sing@NAGICO.COM
On or before 21" May, 2010.

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 14TH 2010 -SP 21

Belated Mothers Day Gift

Lovely! A symbolic gift from a youthful team of gifted women and
mothers to their millions of Caribbean sisters, mothers and life-givers -
to another class of talented recipients of the same kind! But even in the
heat of the celebrations, the opposite kind (the men) failed to deliver on
Yes, the gift was packaged on time but the delivery boy was late -
the gift was packaged by the West Indies Women Cricket Team on Friday
May 7, two days before the event (Mothers Day, 09 May 2010), but our
news medium was unable to deliver the gift, having been forced by
production deadlines, to go to press three days before the global
The West Indies Women Cricket Team competing in the ICC World
Twenty20 West Indies 2010, gave all regional mothers, princesses, queens
and matriarchs in the Caribbean and the Diaspora the "joy of celebrating
their semifinals berth" as a Mothers Day gift when they eliminated the
defending champions, England Women Cricket Team at the Warner Park
Stadium, where the group stages of the tournament took place. The
symbolic meaning of the gift lies in the fact that the young sporting
women were able to package a much-needed gift in a recessionary period
by their second encounter in the tournament.
First, the West Indian women cricketers literally destroyed the South
African women in the first meet, rewriting cricketing history in the shortest
version of the game (see article of 07 May 2010). In their second match,
the Caribbean women pressured the English women, orchestrated a panic
in the visitors' camp and, went for the kill in a very clinically manner.
Yes, England's women, the World Twenty20 defending champions,
were eliminated from the 2010 tournament in the first round, after a
calamitous batting collapse wrecked their progress in a must-win contest
against the West Indies' women. West Indies consequently winning
two in two sealed their place in the semi-final. West Indies women were
limited to 122 runs forthe loss of 8 wickets. England women were restricted
to 120 runs for the loss of 9 wickets West Indies won by two runs.
England came into the crucial match knowing that victory was
essential, after they lost a gripping opening contest against Australia on
a sixes count-back. But, chasing 123 for victory following a disciplined
bowling performance spearheaded by Laura Marsh, England toppled
from 65 for 0 after nine overs to 66 for 4 after 10.2.
The two-run margin was the heaviest defeat of England's campaign,
but withAustralia and West Indies both with two wins apiece, their final
fixture against SouthAfrica was a dead rubber a pre-send-off encounter.
They would obviously come under fire in the English press, seeing that
they were acclaimed as the would-be second time champions. Theirs
was a collapse of major proportions.
It could have been so different, as England's openers, Sarah Taylor
and Charlotte Edwards seemed utterly unruffled as they eased along to
a run-a-ball stand of 65. But from consecutive deliveries in the off-spinner
Anisa Mohammad's first over, first Edwards then Taylor holed out to
Cordel Jack. One over later, Deandra Dottin, took the ball and bowled
Beth Morgan for 1 before trapping Jenny Gunn lbw for a first-ball duck
- the batting star was on a hat trick.
The Caribbean women and mothers would recall that Dottin hit the
headlines after the first match when she destroyed South Africa for a 38-
ball century, the fastest by any cricketer in Twenty20 international history.
Although against England, she lasted just one delivery, the ladies were
capable of delivering the goods. In her absence, the momentum of West
Indies' innings was provided by Stacey-Ann King and Britney Cooper,
who made 17 from 11 balls and 20 from 14 respectively, to build on the
efforts of Juliana Nero (32 from 36 balls).
Although, the West Indian Women lost to the powerful Australian
women in their final group match, they had already made they mark,
achieved their goal and were bounded for Saint Lucia for the semifinals.
Yes, in their last encounter against Australia, they faltered to the
Aussies strategy. Australia's women maintained their 100% record, and
booked themselves a slot in the first semi-final in St Lucia on Thursday
May 13, when they beat West Indies by nine runs in a tight contest. 133
runs in the allotted 20 overs, restricted West Indies to 124 despite Taylor's
unbeaten 58.
After losing the toss and asked to bat first, Australia posted 133 for
7 in their 20 overs, with seven of their eight batsmen reaching double
figures. The captain, Alex Blackwell, was the top-scorer with 28 from 26
balls, while Shanel Daley and Anisa Mohammed, with three wickets
apiece, were the pick of the West Indies attack.
In reply, West Indies suffered an early setback when Juliana Nero
and Cordel Jack were both dismissed within three balls of one another
(16 for 2), but Stafanie Taylor led the revival with an unbeaten 58 from 54
balls, adding 46 for the third wicket with Britney Cooper, who made 27.
Australia's bowlers held their nerve and kept their discipline, with
Ellyse Perry claiming 2 for 19 in three overs to peg West Indies back in
mid-innings. Her wickets included Deandra Dottin, who fell for her second

first-ball duck in consecutive
The outcome of the game
perhaps was influenced by the fact
that there was little at stake except
for pride, with both sides already
assured of their progression to the
last four, but it was Australia who
finished on top of Group A, thanks
to a disciplined all-round display.
In Group B, New Zealand
topped the group with three wins
over India, Sri Lana and Pakistan.
India was other group winner.
These two teams are playing in
Group Awinners, Australia and the
West Indies.
But let us go back to the
belated Mothers Day gift. What is
the value of the very meaningful
gift? It is the symbolic meaning of
the gift that must be appreciated.
The gift is really aimed at the mind
of all Caribbean women and
mothers in the region and abroad
- you can succeed if you work
hard at it. Barbadian cricketer,
Deandra Dottin pointed to the
formula for success. When asked,
"West Indies women have had
some impressive performances in
the last year, including an ODI
series win against World
Champions England in November
- 'what has been the trigger in
bringing about this turnaround',
she replied, "We don't always
play together since we are from
different countries. But when we

Peter Adrien is an author and sports analyst. His latest United
Nation's sponsored book, Sport Tourism, a must-read for policy
makers, tourism investors, hoteliers, academics and students is
now available. Call Peter at 869-6689752; 869-4651603 or email for a copy.
Visit Peter's website

get together, we concentrate on
working hard and gelling as a
side." The young woman's
message to her sisters and mothers
is one of industry and synergy.
With hard work, collective action
and team work (one would say
Caribbean integration), whether in
politics, commerce, industry or
external economic relations, we can
be competitive at the local, regional
and international level.
That message from the
Caribbean life-givers is particularly
important as the Caribbean men
continue to fail on the local,
regional and international stage.
On Tuesday, Chris Gayle and his
men collapse under the Australian
pressure in their last Super Eight
match in Saint Lucia, and failed to
proceed to the semifinals, even if
the women had set the standard
and established the basis for
The message sent is one of
productivity, resilience, purpose,
individual performance, teamwork,

and enterprise, particularly in the
face of adversity and economic
hardship. The Mothers Day gift
sent from the Warner Park, St Kitts
and Nevis was meant to remind all
Caribbean women and mothers
irrespective of race, ethnicity,
pigmentation, class, family tie,
social position, religion and
fraternity, that they are critical to
the growth and development of
the Caribbean society and
economy, and without them, the
sustainable quality of life that we
have been searching for since the
colonialism, is elusive!
The semifinals which bowled
off on Thursday, continues today
(Friday) at the Beausejour Cricket
Stadium, Saint Lucia with the
second men's semifinals followed
by the second women semifinals.
The two finals are scheduled for
Kensington Oval, Barbados on
Get into the action! Stay glue
to your local television channel.

The Ministry of Sports, on Monday 10thApril, awarded
Female West Indies Cricketer, Deandra Dottin, for being the
first woman ever to score a century in T\\ ci mi 2 (T20)
cricket when she slammed a record 112 runs 145 balls in the
first game of the women's ICC World T20 tournament here
at Warner Park, Basseterre.
Dottin scored an amazing century for West Indies
Women against South Africa Women in the opening match
of the ICC World T20 Tournament on May 5th.
The 18-year-old right-hander from Barbados hit nine
sixes and seven fours in a record-breaking 112 not out off
just 45 balls: the fastest century recorded to date.
She was presented an award by Minister of Sport, Hon.
Glenn Phillip. He presented her with local artwork, depicting
the Berkeley Memorial- a monument which features a clock
and drinking fountain erected in 1883. This piece was
donated by Maurice Widdowson, the proprietor of Island
It's a tremendous feat," Minister of Sports Hon. Glenn
Phillip remarked, as he presented the outstanding female
cricketer with a commemorative award.
He graciously congratulated Dottin and wished her and
the team well for the remainder of the tournament, which
resumes with the semifinal matches on May 13th and 14th
in St. Lucia. The West Indies team takes on New Zealand
today (Friday).
The Sports Minister labelled her skills as an "incredible
feat in any form of the game".
"She has done very well as first female cricketer to
achieve this feat," he concluded.

Deandra Dottin smashed 9 sixes in her
century (photo:
Upon receiving her award, Dottin thanked
the fans for supporting her and her team.
She paid congratulations to her team for
making it to the semi-finals and also to the other
teams who have done the same.
During the brief ceremony St. Kitts Event
Manager, Val Henry said that, "the records of
cricket must pay respect to the female version
of the sport".
"If there was any doubt for anyone in the
stadium or throughout the region or the world,

(cont'd on page 23)

West Indian Female Cricketer awarded as

first woman ever to score a century in 20/

20 International Cricket
By Melissa Amsterdam



TDC New Town United

- 2010 SKNFA Knock

Out Champions
T.D.C. New Town United are the 2010 St. Kitts-Nevis Football
Association Knock-Out Champions.
They defeated archrivals, S.L. Horsford's St. Paul's 2-goals
to nil in the Finals staged here at the Warner Park Football Stadium
in Basseterre on Tuesday night, May 10th.
The goals were scored by Ian "Rumpy" Lake in the 51 st minute
and Malival Harris in the 89th minute
Yellow Cards were issued to Jouvette Leader of St. Paul's in
the 37th minute; Shashi Isaac of New Town and George
'Yellowman' Isaac of St. Paul's in the 47th minute; and Zevon
Archibald (New Town) in the 69th minute.
The 2010 Knock Out Games featured all ten (10) teams in the
Digicel sponsored Premier Division as well as all the teams in the
1st Division, totalling some 16.
The matches which were off to an exciting start early last
month (April), saw T.D.C. New Town United, S.L. Horsford's
St. Paul's, Conaree and Molineux emerging as the top four teams
in the competition.
The semi-finals played last week Thursday night (May 6th)
concluded with victories for New Town over Conaree (2-1) and
St. Paul's over Molineux (2-1), thus paving the way for the
spectacular Finals between New Town and St. Paul's, attracting
a huge crowd of football fans.
The competition was revived this year by the new Executive
of the St. Kitts Nevis Football Association, headed by lawyer
Anthony Johnson, after being inactive for a short period. TDC
New United were the last winners of the competition some two
seasons ago.
They now look forward to capturing the 2010 Digicel Premier
Division Championship which will be determined following the
Play Offs of the Final Four, commencing this weekend (Saturday,
May 1st) at Warner Park (8:00pm). They will feature in the first
game against Conaree. The other two teams in the competition
are St. Paul's and St. Peter's. They will clash in the second game
on Sunday against St. Peter's. See fixtures of the upcoming
matches published elsewhere in this paper.




Tops both

St. Kitts

and Nevis

The members of the Joseph
Parry Cotton Ground Rebels team
are probably losing count of the
number of championship honours
that they have taken in Nevis thus
far. However their phenomenal 3-0
start in the St.Kitts SKABA league
may see similar successes in
St.Kitts for the Nevis based team.
They have started the LIME
SKABA season as one of only 2
undefeated teams in the Premeir
Division through week 5 of the
League as they defeated former
SKABA powerhouses the Rams
Hitters and the 2007 champions St.
Pauls Tuff Knots.
The Rebels along with
defending Champions the
Horsford's Ghetto Roots are the
only two undefeated teams in the
St.Kitts National Basketball
League Premier Division. Former
Champions Rams Hitters and 2009
"A" Division Champion, the Ghaut
Bucks, are the only winless teams
in the Premier league. Cayon and
St.Pauls have split their opening
On the evening of Sunday May
9th the Rebels added yet another
championship trophy to their huge
collection IN Nevis when they
swamped Brown Hill Crisis 70 to
Despite the immaculate attire
of Coach Bernette 'Nutsy'
Thompson, donned in his brown
suit and matching brown shoes,
the Bronx men were in early crisis
as the Rebels sunk shot after shot
to build an impressive lead by the

St. itts-nevis Football Association
The Schedule of the

WED.26 7:00pm GAME W. PARK
SAT.29 8:00pm GAME W. PARK

Statement from

St. Kitts Amateur

Basketball Association
BASSETERRE (Monday 10th May, 2010) The Executive Committee
of the St. Kitts Amateur Basketball Association (SKABA) today revealed
that it does not support or endorse information generated from a number
of organizations that disseminate press releases about SKABA.
SKABA is not responsible for information coming from "SKABA
Basketball Digest," which distributes press releases from and St. Kitts Sports News, through
stkitts bjkcitb.,l u \ Aioo corn
Recently these two organizations have generated press releases that
have created some serious problems for SKABA. In one instance
information released by "SKABA Basketball Digest" has created some
serious problem to a SKABA player.
"We are very concerned about this," said James Hanley, President of
SKABA's Executive Committee "Particularly since SKABABasketball
Digest is in no way affiliated with the St. Kitts Amateur Basketball
Association, and as such does not have permission to use the 'SKABA'
Hanley went on to state that media houses are free to send their
reporters to cover games and interview players and coaches.
"However, news editors should carefully consider publishing second
hand material from these organizations, particularly when these press
releases contain serious allegations against SKABA players."
Official press releases and other forms of information from SKABA
are distributed from only Hanley and the public relations officer Saju

first quarter.
Any hopes of the men in yellow making a comeback, dwindled as
star player Everson Webbe seemed off the board on the big night and
not even their Kittitian guest player could step up to the plate to fill the
As the game went into its final moments the Cotton Ground Rebels
players took time out to really savour the impending victory-slam
dunking a few much to the joy of their support crew and their entire
bench and even slamming a few from their opponents when it appeared
that they had a clear shot.
At the final whistle, Manager Jean Amory grouped his team for a
moment of celebration and photo. He explained that his team has been
having an extraordinary run so far this year as just the evening before
they defeated the St.Paul's team in the St.Kitts league by some 11 points,
making it an all time season best of 3 and 0.
According to Amory, it is the first time that they have had such
success in the St.Kitts league.
His team captain, Royden Browne stated that he expected much
more competition from the Brown Hill team but was pleased with the
manner in which his team played and indicated that as the best team in
Nevis, they intended to continue to make a significant impression in the
St.Kitts league.
Bernette Thompson on the other hand, still insisted that the Rebels
could be beaten but admitted that his team was clearly off beat on the
critical night. 'They missed too many shooting opportunities', he
The closing ceremony was postponed from last night to next Sunday
night-16th May, due to a few unavoidable hic-cups. According to chief
organizer, Veronica Brandy, an All Star team from the league will; be
selected to take on the champions next Sunday night in a game starting
at 7.30 pm and right after that, the closing ceremony will be held.
In related news, a determined Police team played aggressively to
hold off an equally aggressive Church Ground Massives on the evening
of Saturday 8th May to secure 3rd spot in the Al Technology league. In
a match where
tempers flared
and the referees
had their hands
full in trying to
control, the law
men were the
ones celebrating
at the final
The score
line: Police 59
Cotton Ground Rebels C,. l .i,,i,,'i After Church Ground
Their Recent Championship Victory Massives 51.

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 14TH 2010 A 23

By: Vigilante

A strategist and propagandist was brought in specially
to deal with "De Gang of 5". And since his arrival the party
(PAM) has intensified its campaign to intimidate, terrorize,
crush and bring them to their knees.
Inside sources say the vast majority of the e-mails and
texts aired over the local radio talk shows attacking them
- came from the PAM Secretariat and it is alleged that several
of them received all sorts of threats from some powerful
figures in the party.
Dey say also that a lot of big money was spent to bribe
members of the gang
After being given a dose of hush by the Labour rookie
(in the January 25th Elections), the dejected and rejected
PAM leader, this week, broke his prolonged silence and
joined with his Party Chairman, %lb Onion, to openly criticize
and discredit them, dismissing them as a bunch of
featherweights (nonentities) in the party.
Like de Party Chairman, he charged that they had no
standing or say in the Party, for they were no longer
candidates, since the elections are over. And they were not
even members of the PAM Executive.
Dey say he bragged pompously to his drinking buddies
that he was waiting for the Party's Executive meeting to
deal with them. He boasted how they were dead broke and
watching he money, and would they lap their tail and come
back begging him pardon.
Party sources say he and % Onion went on like a dirt
bike at the Party's Executive meeting on Tuesday. They
cursed de devil out of them, calling them crooks and traitors
and they demanded a public apology from them.
Dey say three of the disgruntled candidates knelt before
the altar of the high priest, Baby Grant, and begged pardon,
but two stuck to their guns insisting that the hopeless and
failed PAM leader must go.
The expired PAM leader and his Party Chairman were
observed at the shop in Pond Extension campaigning openly
against the PAM candidate in East Basseterre. And people
are waiting to see if "Bracky" will crook Glenroy like how he
crooked Michael Powell.
Dey say they went up to Taylor's too and put the big
PAM lady there to call in on the VOICES Programme and
attack the PAM candidate, warning him not to come back in
front her gate. This was in order to get him bow to the
pressure. Some people say she too get fix up like "Bracky".
They organised a similar campaign in Central
Basseterre and got a certain male caller on the "VOICES"
Programme to put a good tongue lashing on the PAM
candidate (Roy), there.
Inside sources have confirmed that Shawn is supporting
the move by "De Gang of 5" to get rid of the expired PAM
leader, Lindsay Grant. But as old people say, he is like a
French Bill cutting on both sides.
When asked by a concerned PAM trump; How Shawn
could do all you that? One of the disgruntled candidates
replied: "What do you expect, that's his make-up and nature.



well to



(cont'd from page 23)
National Olympic Association and
full support from Mr. Alphonso
Bridgewater the Federation's
youths now have a chance to learn
how to play these instruments".
Nisbett said that the students
are blessed to have dedicated
tutors such as Elvette Decosta
who has undertaken to teach the
youngsters how to play the banjo,
quarto and guitar.
He also mentioned the two
other tutors Patrick O'Loughlin
and Keeshan 'Banker' Walyn- who
have invested time into the
workshop to teach the group of
children how to play the fife.
"By next weekend we hope
that each of them will be able to
come up on stage and play a
selection," Nisbett said with high
One of the tutors, Elvette
Decosta reiterated that "It is very
important to teach them these
cultural aspects of our heritage".
He said that it has been very
good tutoring the enthusiastic
children and he appreciates their
high aptitude for learning and will
to improve.
During the workshop the
youngsters will be tutored to play
four cultural instruments namely
the quarto, banjo, fife and guitar.
At the workshop's end they
will be presented with certificates
for their participation.

West Indian


(cont'd from page 23)
who would have thought that
female cricket is secondary in terms
of class, style and attitude, the first
round of the 20/20 2010 would
have proven everyone wrong,"
Henry said while recognizing the
quality of Female Cricket.
He commented that going
forward in 2011 he and his team is
looking forward to even bigger
"The crowd we had today
would have been comparable to
the men version that we saw in the
other venues," he stated referring
to the previous turnout to witness
the day's game.
Dotting also mentioned that
her team will be moving on to St.
Lucia and then on to Barbados.

To Magistrate, District 'A'
To the Superintendant of Police

I, Nizza Vergara (Sun 'N'
Sand Port Zante) now
residing in 41C, Calypso Street
in Frigate Bay, do hereby give
you notice that it is my intention
to apply on 2nd July, 2010 to
the District Magistrate at
Basseterre for a Beer License
in respect of my premises in
Bldg #14, Unit 103, 104 in
Port Zante, Basseterre.

Dated this 13th day of May,

Signed by: Nizza Vergara

To Magistrate, District 'A'
To the Superintendant of Police

I, Rajesh Tikamdas (Monkey
Joe's Port Zante) now
residing in 23, Morne Heights,
Bird Rock in Frigate Bay do
hereby give you notice that it is
my intention to apply on 2nd
July, 2010 to the District
Magistrate at Basseterre for a
Beer License in respect of my
premises in Bldg #24, Unit 4 in
Port Zante, Basseterre.

Dated this 13th day of May,

Signed by:
Rajesh Tikamdas

ders Paradise

continues its

2010 Sale!



* Interior Doors for only $75.00
* Electrical conduit only $3.99 per length
* % inch steel $4.80
* 2" light gauge PVC pipe 20' long $44 -9
. Ceramic tiles only $2.99
* 5 gallon bucket of paint only $165. 0
* 4" paint brush only $4.99
* Combination dead bolt with entry locks only

Largest Supplier of Plumbing
and Electrical Fittings
. 40 gallon water tank for $1400
. Tank-less water heaters $1249.99
. Ceiling fans $255.00
. Standing fans $145.00
* And lots and lots of Lumber and Hardware
items always in stock at low! Low!
Everyday prices.

Builders Paradise your # 1 source for
building materials.
Let's Build Something Together.
And remember we are open all day Saturday to
serve you better.

Our telephone numbers are 466-4938, 466-8051
and fax: 466-4939

Builder's Paradise
where island dreams begins.

24 i The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 14TH 2010

Evjy Wednesday & Friday
i~~vrJ~z'itJ: ...dnauJ

WJ rJd r.jd 0 ,/y] O Zj--JIfU
General Cargo, Barrels, Small
Packages, Hazardous Materials,
Perishables, Personal Effects, Live
Animals and much more...

Small Package Service
starts at $35 usD
+ applicable destination charges
SPS shipments must have advanced
reservation to take advantage of this special.


For packages weighing
up to 601bs
Additional services are

- Customs clearance
- Door delivery
- Storage
" Note: Small Package Service is
an Airport to Airport Service

s For information contact
St. Maarten: 599-545-2952
or e-mail at:

St. Kitts: 869-466-9595
or e-mail at:

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