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Group Title: Oklahoma University. Bulletin n.s
Title: Restriction of immigration
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Title: Restriction of immigration Question: Resolved. That immigration to the United States should be further restricted. A debate bulletin
Physical Description: 105 p. : ;
Language: English
Creator: Scroggs, J. W. ( Joseph Whitefield ), 1852-1940
Publisher: University of Oklahoma
Place of Publication: Norman, Oklahoma
Publication Date: 1922
Subject: Emigration and immigration -- United States   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
General Note: Oklahoma University. Bulletin n.s
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098520
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 18602127


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I. [lIT il I .
.lO. I'H \\'HITI-I:FI.LD s.CISC I',,"
. Isr s. d ,* I'difh 'pi r.,;i,. .', Sr l I, .iI,,



''' "





pe F117"I"""'i

Mr. Roosevelt pvc,(-nt (l(A
liecailse it cultivated the, inere de,,;irc to %%,ill of I
-r right. It k tit) to our debaters to preNcnt this dtntwLlatlon
heing just, HiO school debating is all educative 'Lfkitv' It
Icr" ver). littjt -who wills tile dcciion of the judge'; hc reiT
lier is the otic who gains the grcatcst ability and in lelia I
Th( !--olc value of debating is decloping ability iiTid ulit t
[Flith al'out tile slll)jecL dcbalcd.
DJ,itc slioiild devvlop broadmindedness. Som, I)jec,
tlld)illi' hotil I
si'les'of a qllcstioll. In real life propIc aro pror tl
'tndv (ql1v tll(, "ifIc in whicli they zlrc -scIfishly irltcre5ted' Tllc) (141'n
delibel-;lt(ly trN to Illiscoliccic and illisi-cprusellt the otll"r 'jte'
Thk mal'us debate tlIe servant of error instead of trutli. TT hh i ,
icn(lency is m) stiong in life that it nectis to be corlibatell ill '-(6,Id
life as a preparatinn.
The.1,1-cscilt slibject is a difficult coic for debate. Employer, f
lal)ur generalk, opposc rctriction of iinnii Iration, whil, ].I] 'r
teaders -,cneialk faor it. The reasons are ('ry evident, ini-
partialit.N i not natural to us; we hae to attain iz. bv cartitl ml
collscielltiou (Iffort, and debating such a qLleStiOll as this fumshc,'
;111 CXCCfleIIt 0j)j)0rtIIII it f(Ir SLICII training. Note timt the quejtl''J
lk; nei, the affirInatkC aF,-IICS iInflnigration, the I ia
live ill favor or it.
stu v I)ntli si(lcs. NTo (Icljzltcr is (jualiiiM to debate suoll A
,juestion till lie nows ctiougli of the ul)jcct to dcbate either
,f it. It is 11ililv, creditable to reach a decision in fill] vievi o-
tile ar'-,nments, Put to decide in faNor of citlicr idc v'itli-
,nt knwving and fail-IN c oil s i d e I- i n g t lie a r.,-Ll I I I Po -,S Oil th C 4 t I I r- I
i ('C of tile (I tiest ion i s not "d cc iF i on" at all.
f)clhatill is tml'L Arguing to jti;llfv
;ill opinion a!rcQd1v tol'Aid i T,4n (1(21)atnl i is nlCrely tr-yl L
14) justify jl something Mlicll ti, to
a vreat, a complicated -,-n d i n't ii'h t- F, r i n ,
I IQ whlcl,'%is crv vital-tc arid to*itic In'l
fnturc cli our countryi tq i-,':

Uni-uersitY of Okfilhuma,

TI:ie Miintlily 1-tbor jtilv, D21
Tivc! UtrtA St,Tcs pascd '' 1\1l a--t to linfit tile :trnli-
maiioa uf alicri", iflo tll,- Un[Cj S", %Ilicll was al)1frovell l'Y flif,
hwolctt May 19, 1921. So-Curi 3 of tliQ act states that 10
,11,111 tallo CffC& atill he ill f)rc- fifteell (lays after its ellactm-Tlt,
iwil)g 111a(le o crtaiii Ccliorjs of tile act whicl) wvtol
tlti pr(-iairatjon for J% idiiiiiii-stration and which were to tak,
Jfr:t nmiediac;y tipoo the enactnient of the law. Tlie avvroval
.,,f tjt, tCt J) jJy 19 1,'jajl it CffeCtiVe, tj)erCf(jrC, oil J1111c 3. B
11e %At nf M-v 19, 1922, this act was tO JL111C 30.
024 111C LL,-t il. j-, follows:

An Act o Limit the Immigration of Aliens Into the
United States
As use] 61 0;;s Act-Tlie tern-l "Uniteil States" jueaus tile
Ullik:,i sum, Md ally -wattrs, tcri-itory, or other placc subjem
to fb jLrisdilt i -,Ti thereof cxcept tliu Catial Zone and the Illfflippine
kfulld", 1,11t if am- Jiell lca\Q the Ginal Zone or all\, insular p(wess-
wil, of lht nilkd Latts aiid attcmpts to eilter aly o0i--T place iinder
jUl-i111C(1-011 ) the United States llotlillg contail)([ ill this aCE
Allill 11 CC,IA I-111-11 aS J)M llittill,- l1illl to CntCr Llll(l('r 11 ther
ILII")n applicabl(-- to all aliens.
V-111 -Ilicll" iliclutle, ally pelsoll not a native-born or
nItHrifiz-d oti7cii of the L7rtited States, liilt Ellis f1chnitioii sliall
liot )t: lltl(l tr, 111(lians of the unite(I state not laxt not
of tic iltTAs uilder tile jLlCiS(lidiOll Of tile Unite(] Stateg.
'I'lie torin -Iiriiigration Act" ineans the let of Fel)ruar\ 5, 1917,
"i I) \ct to rcglllal, tile 'IT111ligration (if
aliens to all(L tilt:
)F ill. tile unitej States ;" aud the term "finnii.-ra-
lk-irl ].-iw " Tlcjllil, S sucli act and all laws, Conventions, ancl trcitiez
of flic Unii,,,d relafing to the inimigration, exclusioll, or ex-
J)GlSiOn Of
ii'ENI't i.M 01; T111" NG'm]F1 (-)I, FORV It N-1101\'.-N, PHIZ-
01; S ('C H NATl`w,,.\l.1TV RES [ DENT IN THE
ES Cl-'\.'U-' 01 1010 V6, provisi n hall ii t pill), to
fll(o ft'lluviw" 111( v r,,t be COLITItc(I ill rc&oning any of
thii: jwrccnta;e limit pro%:Iv(l 'I:i ilis act: (1) Government, official,,,
their fainiiii:s, attl)danll, rVZINt;. 1:1(1 employes; (2) alieris ill
vvittintions triioit tliru The States; (3) aliens lawfully a(l-
tomed n, the )Ili(-d stlw, %Iio 1tpr go hi transit from one joart of
111,e 00cl St;trs zu iuotlicr flirti foreigil Contiguous turitory; (41
'Iiicri" ,iiiiin, tl]C! Uijit,(l .1,; tourists or temporarily for


4 TI I E L'N I VE I i'Y 0 1,' U 1 L A f 10 1A

in,--lic"s or 1)lcastjre (5) aliens iroln illltilt-Lti -m [V
which i, reglihated in accol-daitcu with tr(.Fltie T 1-rP, ulrllt rk
ing solcly to immigration ; (6) aliclis froll,
as k-,crihed in section 3 of tht t
who 1!ae resided (olitinuously for at lei! oi(' ','UF
methatcl'. prcceding [Ile time of admiSsioll ", the, U' ti;
Siite, ill the Dominion of Canada, Newfoundland, tlc J,'epulljf
(7.111m, 'Eilx R(1)111)1lc Of M exico, Colliltrics of (-,r nt
Anierici, or ldjucciit i5lin(is ; ,r (8) aliens wider tile tgc j
Ile, I I- C Ch i I d tell C) f -t Ile U n i I C(I "; I A t e S .
(1)) For the ptirpoc,,; of tl)i,-, act nationality shall he dct-Fill'
1,% the countrv of hirth treatin- zis sell- ics thc I Oll
dependcncies for \Nllicll ,separate enumeration NNas ni: (c irl ill
L nited States Cclislis of 1910.
W Tlie Secretau of Slate. the Secretary of Comniere,-, ;nitl
the Secrcarv of Lal)or, jointly, shall, as soon as feasible aftcr th,,-
, ilactnicl I t o 111 i -s act, 1) rc I ia r e a s La t ein c n t sh o w i ng the u u r
t i)crsmi o! tho arioils naliciialitics rcsident in the Ujiitfd
;js de',crmind by the United States census of 19)0. which ta[,:-
lnLiit sl-,all he the population 1)asis for the purposes of this a, 1. 11)
casf of cllanqcs in political hotl1ldariCS ill foreign COLlfltTiCS 1,Cttt-
ing subseqncia to 1910 and resulting (1) in tile creation cA Tlcw
uuiizries, tlik, Governments of Miicli are rccogiii7ed bv tli('-
'tatc-q, or in the lie\%- transfer of lerritorv from one c-,intv
to anotlier. sucli itansfr heing recognized I)v the UlliteJ
Said officials, jointly, Shall cstimate the nurnbct- of person, Yr(i-
(1cm in the United Statcs. in 1910 who wcre I)orn within lli,,
;jFCa inCIII(le(i ill such nm countries and in such territory so trilo-
ferd, and revise the populatimi baiS as to (ach country iiii- lvj
in sucli clialige of political I)OUndaTy. For the pni-pose of sucl ; r,,-
\ i ioii an(I for the piirpoccs of this act gencrallv aliens I)oTn
aroa includcd in am sucli new countirv shail he colisi(lerd as
I)ecu born in the countrv, and alicris borli ill arl territorv So
ferd.shall be COJI-Si(ICT(t as I)-,I% illq hCCTl born ill tlle country to which
'11ch territory was trailsferd,
(d) When the inaNiinimn miniber of aliciis of anN nalirqJitv
%ho iiii,,v Ile adinitted ill anv fiScal vear undcr this let Shall 11,1v"
hccl) admitul all othcr aliens of Such nationality except a,., Mtr-
v.ise plovided ill this act, Vllo may appIv for admission duriii!, the
amc fiscal vear Iiall he c-Ncluded: Provided, That the iiinnhcr
,)f ilicils of 2m, nationality who may lie a(linitted in any muilth
,iiall not excecd 20 per centuin of the total miniber of ,lien,,
,,f Such llatiollalit who arc idlnissiblc ill that fiscal Var. PICJlol
further : Tiat alien rettlrnm from a tempol-iry visit
Jiciis, who ai-c! professional actors, artits, lecturers, sinp-rq.
llliniStCrS of inv religions dcnoinination, professors for eir
cniinarics, aliens belongirlg- io any recognized learn(] n. or
;diew, cillplovd as domestic servants, may, if otherwise "dil
hQ admitted nc)Lwithstaii(ling tile maxiiiiiiin iminher of alirl,
the same imtioiiilitv altnissfl)Ic in tile Sallie niouth or fttal
k, thr case inav bc, shall ha-c criterd -,he United StaleS ; 1,it atiei
of tile classcs included in this pro6so. who enter the Un t(d Mait,
before ucll niaximum nuinher O)all have nliterd shad ( tine

11,dkl-li I] ,'I) front lo:tillg CnillIted) he Counted III
jl F ' t 11 A,' c I i 111 i t r( idC11 i IT i It i act ; Proviolk-d
IuTthct, 'I l"it m Iit of this act pT-cfk-rcnco: shall Ic
I r o 5i I I] u 11 c w i C pa rull t 1 )r, it I I v r k: r
I 11, 11 it till 1 1 cil 1',: f ,'I (I f I C ecl;, f C i i Z e 11 f ti)
t4 llo\ in Ilie Unitcd Stnlr vvlo) Ila-
pp I I I jr t7itiYelldlip ill dw ininner pi-midetl i, law, or (3) ot
cligildc to United St;Itt`1 CitiZCIlShi;) o III ) SL- r\ (I in tjl
f, 111 11 c 1 0 1 "1
It I le
T1 i i I i t'i F 4 r Ila it f, I rc t,; f t 11 C U I I i t (:( I States at ;in v time bctwecii
6, 1917, lrd _Novm hcr I I 11) 1 N, bot IT (I ;I t c i ncl IT i e, -I i I tj
(:?I ;uIlztVatcd from) iicli torcos under hunraldc cwidition,_
(:_ 3. That th" Colnmii,-,Ilcr 'ClIcral of 1:11milratioll, Nitll
tlic ;pproval of th-, 1,L-crutar v of Labor, shill, a ooll 1 Ca-ihlc
I T- L11C (:Ij'LCtjjjcjIt j Illi, ;let, ;111(1 froin Lillie to Lillie Illercaftcr,
rult.-S and rc,_,uklliOll to carrv I)IC prO% iioll,
tlli,, 'lXt illtO Cff'Ct. H e Shall, ;I '; 50011 ; L.S fM Sible after th,
-lactinclit (if tlli ;ict plihlill a talcmcnt shov,-'Ing the rumb,:r (it
Of 111U \;IrI('IIS Miliolm liLics %\ ho Ina be adillizted t i tll(.
j jt(4t LI"j 1( J'ct ecIl tile (I;itC o t jjj ;ICt I )uc( )111 CS c f f ( ct i % e III d I I I
f III C CII rro1lt f I SGLI N ci I-, and o I I i u ne 30 th c rti F t c r li c shal I
pillli-di a "tatClilclit '11' m ill, tllc Inil 1111wr o f alit ITS j f the varioll
lm toualitic ho Inav be I(llIIIttCd the Ql]Mlill flC21 C;L r.
jJkL SlIall 1)111)ljli m ondil.\ tateincnts durin.,, tile t I ]TIC 111 i I
renTains in force the utim.1wr of alicii of cacli national-
-t already admitk-d dtirin,, Ilic current fical %ezir ;md Ille 11111ni)(1-
Tn'-1v Ie Idllnttcd undcr the prmkion, of thk -.let diirilit_ flic
111.1inifer of "llcli %car, hilt Miell /:, 1wr centuill Of the maxillmill
Itnillwi- of am, llatifffldit' adinksildc (hirim, the fi,cal vcar shall
lave bccu it(lullittcd iiclh staicinctits shall 1) V kLlcd Weuklv
a fter. All tatcmcnt., shall he madc aailaldc for gcneml publication
Lml dmll I)C Ililild tO ;III transportation conipanic lirin.,jug ali(ii,
it) tile Unittf(l StaLvs NNlio diall 1-(JIICt the SMIC Illd SIILll file Willi
the Department of Lalwr the iddrcs to Miich nch statcnicnis llall
1e 'ent. The Sccrctarv (if Lallor shall also Submit mich statclncnt
to- the Sccrutar ,f Stlte, vho liall traiisinit the information (:oil-
taind therein to the proper diploinalic ;,nd Consular oflicial of tht,
United Smtc,, which officiak shall rinalc the aiilu avail;iblc t,
1 rsoll" :11tun(ling to Cilligratc to tile United ;t;ltcs all(I t(, olllcr-s
, I:,h o S it 'lay appiv. f 1his aft ar, in addinom ,, and
not ill still"litutioll for the prmiions of he iinmigritin law.
5. '1 thiS JCL Shall t_O C CffeC, and 1) Cll;()FC('(l 15
alter its enactment except section-s I arl(l 3 and sulidivi i I
and (c) (if !;ucti"n 2, which shall take effect irnmedizitcly upon the
ellactinent of Tlli 'Act. illd IlAl continue in iorce until June 30, 192'
'mil the 11111111wr Of .1liclis of :111v Ilation'llit v ollo 1w adm itted
oluring the rcmainin.:i period of the Curi-cilt fiCal frOll) the
date tlli act 1vcoillcs cficctic to June 30, Shall he lililitcd ill
proportion to the number atlmiiblc durin, the fic:d var 1922.
Approved. May 11), 1921
I Ill be noto, (I [Im t the inill-II)o-'r of ;Ili( IIS ,f ZIM I I a t i IT; I I I t v


1, it,,: ill,-, :1:1), T kcai L r Ln 3 -Iw r Cent "L' ti "I'll
frcigtl-ltvrn J)V 1 0 U 1) U[ HJL 11,11CIM111" i) ill U 11 itud Z li
C .111 11 (' -i
bY tile census of 1910, scretlry Of Stat(
r, ta r i of Cornuicrce, and the ')CCrtMrY ot Labor arc msttu
prepare a stateinclit showing tile nuillber of per'nn r
dcir, 7ri thc ,'nited States in 1910 of tl-x various nalonaliii' coc
1,,r jjj' iltn rij d upon which the quo(a for each country should be "
Th,_- cornoiittee appointed by the above narned lie
'i,sit ju oatrying, out the provison of this Jaw %Cre:
On the part of Secretary of State, H. A. McBride, 61ff of
w scciou, Dcliartinent of State. and _Maj. Lawrence iartin
of Wetim European Affair-, ;
)n dic part of the Screlary (if Coinnierce, Williani C, Hunt,
cl:;c sLatistitiaii for population of the Census, and jo--;(,l 11 A,
chief statistician for rcicv in(] result of the census, sirwc
ijipointc:d 1) v P r c.5 i d i: i i t I I ar, I i n ,, as Assitatit 1) i rector o 1' thv
I :'-n-us.
Ni the part of the Secretary of La!)or, W. W. Husband, Coril-
of lninli-,ration. an(I Ethelbert Stewart, Cciin-
inissioiier of Labor Slatitic.
The report of that con)ti)ittee, as approved hy the s(c7car;L*
,f the thrce (1cpartinents naired in the law, allocated the quut't of
iiarnigrants that iijay 1w rece:%([ iroiii each country froni Ttiiic j,
the dzite the law bec;amc effective, to Julie 1, 1921, As -)(- Lw
1Wr[nits a 11init of 20','lo of the Jjjjlljal quota to I)c idin:tt(!(1 11
.loy 011C TnOllth Until thC (lt2(jt;i is exhaustcd, a third coiuiiiT wa,
Aded showing- this iiniit of perniissible iinn-iigration froni ea('h
countrv in atl' olle nionth. The table shnwijig the nuniber of aliQl'
adirlis."ible 1311(ler tlic act froni each (icsignated country or plact!
birth is showli ficlow,

Number of Aiens Admissible Under the Immigration Act of
May 19, 1921



------------------- 22 7 5 7
Austria --------------------------- 571 7,444 1.411)
Heigiurn -------------------------- I 19 1,557
Itulgaria -------------------------- 23 30i 00
(:zechoslovakia -------------------- 1,09i 14.20)
1 ).In zk ---------------------------- 22 2 5


ar ---- --- -- - -- - 4,13 3,44 1,12 )
-- -- - - - - - - - 10 1
-- - - -- - - - 4.. 5 ,69 2 1, 3
11)~~~~ ~ ~ ~ -------------- .11
-- - -- - -- - - 25y 2 .. 5, -0
14t r )m -- - - -- - - 432 ] (21
-- - -- - I -- -- -1 .2 4 42 A

-- -- -- -- --- -- -- 27l3 (02 720(

-- -- -- -- -- - 15., 20 .011) 4.004 4
1'WA Lrl ,l m .:1C A - - - - - 45 ,7 1 1 S I
PofznIZl OrIc'u:in AzIn.
;Lrml Xfullcir-i I an ) - - 7 2,8 454
1ku'ia (indcu-Iing si a -- - 2o 7 3 ,4 ,4')
--i - - - - -- - 5 0 3 133
-- -- -- -- -- - 1..531 19 5 3,W

Uuitcd Kiligdmn -- - - - - -,2 72 5441

A rmtw ila -- - - - - - 122 1,q 3 1,

-m r a i ia - - - - 3 1:

(I," (icu m ,P ri u am (r

4' flit i tl all
: TH I b nd ,aajcc -tol

and islwl adcIlth to th Au( ri:ino h,:0

I I111 1 ; I TIth ill thfe UlI[C S taf, for ith neM twu Ncar ti[)

lie 1.: tiimittt. tile r.- iiiiiiiiiz hall c i lhini .i 1.c clarcd to the

For. sin. .e ti,, ] is ,L :_ 'A l. iia iIi r. t.i.- i a it.'. ari llrneLic
I.la ., ll, le- ,ll. I. Ii ti: 1 li e li.. tiiiiii d. rai i Fll i s Li nd and
"thi tr p":'rt Ilie la.'. limit. tllie iiiin .."r ei4 IICe itim-rT (if any
il n h lia lI .. tl I- Ie l t [. i the u ,i .',f t'rt Li iier .Ii that na-
ti.it.iiht i ilii, c..iintr.. .: '- i.liii,'. 1 -, ti e c nlII i I'- 11 lAnd of
hll de i an lIn'111i'1c t:r cent, 1i0 more' tllih n oii-fithli iJna'. lter in a
ini li n .iithl TIhum '. 5.A.'2 :iad i-i il.1 i Freinc I 1.' ,ri'y ent r *iiii
,it .nc rn ithli of thile; b .'l.'J Gi:rnjn-.. 1.,,' ii.,. inter in one
monil'l : .,f, 6 Gr.:' eL.s. i.5 mai unter in :i j i l n.'illth; i jni d %
*.'n. frr ,-ach a ',ltnriuiion,, uni] tilhe .ear' I.ie ta i. exlaiiit u .. Sonime
count ril.i ill i-l'ii].,it thli r ql1 t0 .t .irllin fi.;e rli'-nth1is Oiliers-
I'.r jt Critalli. fo-'r e:.Ijnp lL-- '. l l II. ,: n,-. I._itlli r I 11 I ion lily nrr
thle ear'z -.ote0
fl..',. Ir- liL .Url rk oul C:it i it "i. itrkf, e f:i irli. with-
COut I '.: -C- i ie hi rdC i tII ] i t. tI ll: itiiii .-I"ra l ]t ristriti .e mlea -
I l'A: I it jl ..,. ;i a nir ,- t.: ,-. Irl ,Tr ." ,' ]d .:1i ; l'--'"tii.' : \' rhat
I'rolilem f -. :i.hIini iii.trati':'i d1re' it crcat' ? Tu-t .'liia lhIpp c
i., nm iii ral t .aut l, in for ihni-iiii i i lt. thie 11i liitc.l State; since
lthi p.a Le ol thi 1.i. 'i 1-. it '.: fi t'ir t *.odin ftir t si rvrii ?"
Ti. ,.. .in .., th ti1t Ii t quI tiC.i. i:thliin ;.- .imiplk a. "first
c.Hnic I ir, r. r ..J" app.li.- t. the. ci e- F ri-i: ent c'f tii la... i
Sare r a ir l.:. foi-r iL.. n I, a Ind arr'.. i:.n .ui-' ust .3 our chance
'1 i .jili 'iC ti- 1- I .lrl r Tllih ii if u C: .ii il ni ? S tenill r I ; diI(]
'.iur hai.:-L. if youi a;rr ,e .ri i4t [ int ,-' r 2. i- po'rle r tlial i f youl
'l aiLed Lt i ac h thilsc l,:.r'res until i)IOctiL.er 1. For in scItme
miil tanc _c; a ,-otnlltr.' qu.-.i i c::I'lILASti .i tliii the f ir't fit- .
l.iiur- of thie I rt Jd ., 'if the mi'nthil. A'. ; r,',ilt. Lip-s carrying
tii niii ranl ts f rit ii .jll- i.itini ci unL" trI hel ju;t outi.le tli' harLor.
if ithi rra- iiL iore tili: fir.t oif tlih moIri tli. aniij lith n, non tlih
'eLroke: Of rihidni-,lit. 'd.'ilh t.:. :iquarantine. Thle h ip that .\ins tlic race
11.14 lh L. I ri.ih .' l. I .I nif s rt[l inn ,- ,a .i fi r-.t. T' liut it m id- : r

[ll L 'i11I L I I . I,1 1t .1**I 1' 1 1 1 II TL .tl -l l ,. .I ,l l ;.I I, l l I l
thic f:,iinr.s i r .jlI. r coming niiiL -. it i.'j I ril:..l :i i .An Ll li n il ,
chi. il c l lI t in ll.r i ip- I'.. i|'iarlii i r

rit lrL inl i.i olztll olit. n iillJ.anI l.
"CuSibild : r;1,'l ,lau,.cr," 1, 11 ,] "' It" C lie 'u'-.'l 1 I 1 e 1] .
I l1\W, bilt iIt ; a uI.)l hii ; lI' 1 mi.. l t ], ar' 11 : iln"-. r .hg1 ili l on\1

1.i lI. .i1 r t h ilI .nn i.' 1r i L ISEt, mL i r: 3I.t i ll[ ] .t Itll 't :iC il rith
m irilir i.f I.p"rti lyn 5le 1ia f -r, aI t il- hli .,i F-iht I lLnd vr
in % 'V.L'4,hil1. '- IIT. I ll,. .', Il r.tr l'iar-, ... I L .ib.)r -,IT'I d I llIh t I I
h11111d 1i\ tlill th.I la t i: i\. lai> s icI .l hul ndiriiilid .:,i .lcp,-,rtlal.,iun ord r-,
iiI)(lc:r 1lic I' i tI J 1.kV.. I 111 le nrl,111 1 0i1 .ilt .ill C 11eii ii' n icle I 111-
1m i ra'i, t Ii. :I .i tctun il.y d p.-i,,,rt dL I" i -r (c:,:xe Llinc. i th, r ilt,: A t lthl
[ilt lli lavw u.' [I,'a~ t in. i i.' iinmii r.iiii ts I F alrka'1 .' ,.il1 t ln
high si a.n, and the Iinliinm i tiroiiu lc wlin:lhi u111 Ill I( lt lI.y tl. ili-
itciJiate C .nfort.-nlnt n f tic mi.'iinl led CongreL ["" | pa' a piuhili"
resolution pir,.iding if r tli aijr1' irin ,1i all u i iiiiiii grt nll:i il L --
Sils wliich hall klparit.l from forteiign.l rI Ol. or hel'el.i JuII n1

UN I VI` RS1 -l'YO 1`0K LA FTC) M A
C".C11 thq) t1:(! JL111C. qtlota wa, fill], (in
21111itt,,,i vuto To h,: c1mrgn:c 1, ljjjo;l 1- flto YcAr
Fintlillg jUly 1. 611t 1101. o Cj111Aa,)
Nlot only doc:, at) numigrai.`, luck :i t, Lard
propitions moim-iit determine his acccptabilitv to ij tiodcr tf)
,neasurv.-, diere is also a daMi of luck in rcgard to :ii, ratiolialih
'Hie law is not bas(,d on his race, btit oii thc pulitical idcwitY C, 1i
-U;1try at 01C till'.0, lie a born (An C.Nception to flu, is ImA!
i:: Ll) c-,,)8c of transfuril territory or thc creation of a m oii
lc7ognized by O)c United States, Thus a nat:vc (if
nationalist lie claiill., k charg'ed to a 1111iv,
is ilow krown a., PAIllol k not charged to that co1111,ry, t t
consider(I a iiativu of all unrecogrilzed 1,altic state, fermcOy
;I patt, Of &USSia.) A CIC tl)iCal of Irally wa, t1lat of tllrC,: IIjVk
cousins, hom in the atnc \dhge whicli had hclongd to B.,11-,,
,-heri two of tli(-ni %cTc born, to Grurce at tliv 1)irth of thc
'i'liv. Julgariau cluota liappcnd iot to be iiill at the time tl "lliff
on which tllc,,c gills saild leacht quarantine, ])rit the (ircek
was e.,diaiist(I. '1'1)c two so-called Piilariaris wcrc admitted, Th
The so-calld Grccl girl %%as deported.
Still .11lotilLi- illstlucc is it) point. A Sco(Chrnall Ilid lls
crru,,rated to Africa, whcrc tlicir c1iild wzi born. Wlit-.1 th
hOV WtS f,)L1ItLC11 cars old, botli parems died. A welt-to-d,
inan, in America, ;J)le and CaCr to "iC Lite h0_%r a gOOd holliC Ind
VdLlCiltiOTI. %ellt to Africa to -ct him mid hrm- llim to AT11QFiC:l
When the r(Lcht our shores the Afric;m quota for the moitfli
happend to hc If the boy lia(l 1)cen hom a little eat-Ucr
I'viol-C llis p;trcrits had liloved to Africa, lie could hae liecit lbrovJit
ill tindcr the (piota for the Uiiitc(l Kingdom, which is iicer iilll.
]',lit ho was born ill Africa, and was Ilierefore e_,cludcd at thc
port. VIC L111CIC, ljowecr, appeald the case to the SecreLjry Ot
Labor at N\%isliin,,ton, Mij fomid a loopliole under Mii(:h t,
:ldipi,, tlic child. The ILV iiiakes certain exceptions,
for example, aie atlow(I to critcr. Elverv lav adinits of iiltepv-
tation. iticc flii chil(I to he uducatcrl lieru, lie was a4lmitml
t a qtLI(ICIlt.
Diirin!,, jtilv aiid Au,u,,t the Dcpartnierit of Labor 311ade crji'll
1111or, tCrlcrzll cxccptioo to Ole Strict enforcement of the Ltv,. ill
variori; rt_'.J)CCtS, in (idc- Lo avoi(l inflicLitig the anguisli whioli
which trict (nforccriwnt woul(I cvitail, "Tcmporary ciftry iW, hp
Unitcil State" as pcrinittcd in AL3,',t1St to WiVCS C031ting J)
ruml,, mcd to childreii, 6t
aml dcperident jjarmt coming I "I'-r, I
uridt'l- cighturt comitig, to oric or 1)oth pareiits, and sisters ( _,ig
t,. ltr(,thcr wlio had L-Id Ill tIlO NVOrld i:1


llnt thu ImLltiNv to whnni 111L ilolllgrant
A04i "-ilting to m1pport the 11cwCmer. 'Such lcrllp'j:Fy iunyi,
wft# to 4 ckari,,(,l to la(cr rloot-1,. the i(:mj-wmrilv jdmiifcd w
Iflf'LIIWhih- COJL3(.[Crli an
Tlii,, hc,% vv( r, v,,L -I 14mporary ineasure only. No similav rcgii-
latioll wl, Im'I" ((IT- pcmbcr. and th(: gencral imprcssio-
,:wrcut tfia,, thu 1racticc was to tic discontinued. Wheth,
iht k k given tip, it must Iwi-force e-cnrually be stol)t,
filr III,! for certain nal I orlali ties would %cry quick]v
1 filhi, :Iwl [-. soon ;Is this llappQrls all ;ImiligraLioll from Sti(Al
tOUnlril Will be CUt off. A ',C)IQ1`01IS iIIt(7Fj)FCtati0T1 Of the law
limitri minilier of fa ii-
mav tc,11"por.1rily niitigatc the ,mgui,h of
tiit hcre is no w;iy in whicli the aiiiiiial quota inay legally be
,,,xcucklO, no. matter what miser v iiia v rcsidt,
11.i, the quot;i lavv affcct(d tile (111ality (if ininligrati'm III 111
way All attempt was illadc to ]earn the millilrer of aliuris dt-
fur spucific causcs, and to compare tll PTOPortion of idiot,
and other deportable clascs, vJth the proportion of Or
aln,: classcs dcported beicire the jjasacc of the quota law. N,
,11ch 5tntistics have at present. writing been compiled hy the Burcau of
I mr-nigraLiiiii. It Nas the gercral opinion c-'-prest by the Com-
uii,saner at Dlis Island, physicians, ingiuctors, and interpreters oil
dw all of hnm aic firm bcIic\crs in the restric-
i(,n of imilligration-that tile law had ill 710 way affccted the qualitv
,i i.iiinigration, Atho, of course, it had ;rcafl, reduced the num-
I w r It Nvatild uCIIl that stcalliship Compallics, since thev Tim"
:,rj far fcwer persciiis than formerly, would select only the Ner
-'r'Allgest and Safk-'st imilligrallt-'. I".idelItIv, liowc\ur, tlic prciou
III%%` (whicil stili stand) which exclude ccrv conceivahle class of
*'iir:d(-sir-.iI)Ie klicns," had hcun sufficiciit to make tlic comparml
('Xilcisc their ulax iinuill of care.
The quota law, as it works ulit, silrely cannot he CAd sclective,
dcpiLe th,2 natiotiality percentage proi s iun, whicli was fra Tried
%itli the intention of restricting iTninigration from the south and
if Europe, While allmviiig it frcrly frnin the north and wes-,.
It '11ould lie note(] that tile law does not actualIv perinit the ad-
rnissi,m i,f 3 per cent of the aliens now in fliis country, but .4
per ciit of those here clcven years ago, for the 1910, not Ow
120. rciisus is tised as tile hasis of population. The law in no
),ny Iimulatcs Englisb, Irish, Scandinavian. anti other immign,1-
j.m rnnn the north and west of Hurope, which lias been falllljlw
oH fni vtars. The nationality clause merely acts as a furtlicr )imi-
tltin 111 111ITilbers. H-xaminc the list of countries Nvith their qtiota,

Li. ,' .r I I. i I ..I I" :, n:'. 1w .ii -._i T. rl, Iir.i "' r m I -l iiin er:-
1,, nt 1r lh. imnr .r1hi[ ,a. k .. r 1 ] l. .i:,r ,,r i ]l . n-oniarin l.
. C.' .J 1h ici r .'l ...i n ... 1, ',- | I'-. I .. .. ir nil, w o rti|I

i, r -' .. .,11ll .1 I ..i' i s
T 'i,'. 1 11111,rn il \. 1 l ."1 l s l.J. L i:J1I .: lo n l uI I. r, nl e i cs-
,-, l iln, p..r' r .: i 11 r l i .n'. .lri .,..ir . ., .. ut .I r n- tint -- is
S,'. j'r ii : ..mn). I., d ll 'A l r.. I- l I j l..- it .1 ii l l. i r f fact,
L. -,' i n, ir k ci i '1 l .,- I . tI. I I r r. .. h m ii i r. :l llhil k a. their v.'e-
a r- tr i t itrli.- I ,,.:l H .- c .r .. -', n Lnarl i n rinii ,r:.j iil, are I Md
] :1.. J ".. l i] i r. 11, 1 .. L lr... lj ". I 1. i l _1'r. 1 ..' I i l.' n l .1 11 t ll
IX:. IIi I i.itli I1.l [-pIl. il "' ll,''. [''Lr a r 11 '. ir: .[I 1.l l.J rl-',i rS:[ii tl .o u t
- in.:').1 I I.t .' l Il t l- . .r ill. .Jiil ] i .. fi r ,' I r... li h'ie mi in

I1 n. 1 .'. .1 11 j,- U i I[ ,, a. i i l .ri' .at i

I h., i n ,. 1. L .I-l, r.. ,] .. a r : Ir'l S e l sis.Il
],r,, el u p .i it i. il,:, [,.. ,1.. l,1' ltl,: I ir ..,- i hW:l, l,..n h lil A t
[I .1 i n, ,' 3,.lt J .1,. ,tr,. 11 i ,- I,,_r .,,r .-t in te r ir,_.lt r ;.n-j s., ni e- il n e

I I 11 .l .i I l I 'iI 111 el .. r a e ,I_. .:he I| r| rh,. "I a1 ii -tt

I .. I. I1 C i l .,. i:, l l,1a r I ., i .In-, I i t r ."it- a F r o e-.i 1cr iaus
, .:h i. [,r, iir, -.. .i. . I1, I.', lu h n H Ii ; lr>, -. 'ali f ,cie
ll,._. ,.,,.l. i. ith 1 i ![, ..I[ i, i..,l .-r im .ec l.:- tha.t hlie j nut f1 elile-
i 11 p L .1. I1 -, .. i. 1 lk..1 .. t I .':li. jr, .i l'l :c edi v il a l I.,-ath ,-,l|] or
; ll ..[ j _-l il l n li, d 1 l 11 V II 1 ,.1 L.',l -i11 UIli'II lla] [, y,'Chllop.tlic
i llri-,r' .. ,:.r -ll-.t i i .c i .i Ih. :t l i J:l',:t %. l h cr ild affect
Il l.il t.. [, ... I ll 1] i. I'.. i.- -.. t iii. .. ; i| ir n .I ... ..o, r lhIa t h is

T hec l. i'., Ii.i 3 G rce; pn-h..I lGlin '. nli lihe -t4 1-..I 1
thle illaec '. c t., 'Turkl'. I i- ....'niia in l i faltI l i n
il'.t ii, T hey tire tiiit:. ni dl fi' lhi r. anirl l, i ie ir lr i 11 i.I .i it .llt.i
cairds, In .iininin tlIlt lie ai i. II' I.I if r S.pe1 i l iiil niiir,
Thil. inl-pCCi...r turn: t 1 ''n lT :, k11.. l it. .l, tl,11; i.
\ :'.I.h i ..n' I 'd i , [t 1,. ir] t nd:l l r ar. ll ,l .,ii "
l .] h .I t i :ll il i, t... t.he i 'I I .r1-k

II i.: nl Th a :11k -. ;i I ii t 1 -L'II t 't I PA. Itd I 'mc. :tl.-

fN o. the I,.,. il 'c v II |r. i ilcr t11 i it i n i I l I .I tn i i. i i

S rfei ted.' l ii: T . in "iril It ii|ltU)r l. Ili '1 .ta la : 1 : .. i 1.' l ,l f ill Il -.
I a- l he'll c .t lri.i' turnic i 1i" lit xt
Lr, .l _:. H 'l rt..ei' I t tI l -lli,[ t, ii r \lft l urini ici.rm tillier-

It. A ( rI k Il n it t .iti iin .., i t, i i-uI i n, ill iii
i ',r. f, r. .- k ftr ,,ri Ii ',,\ 1, lt: l. .- in.]eL% ,.,l [lIe I -.,t v ,it i c m ll 1 c111-

14 T177, OF ()KLAIMIA

tht full quota ; and 'vit'flill 1 fcw '111otas for 'Cv
'jilcr Ountries will probziblv 1je fili(f-
I pas' to the ll"-t Inspector's fje. An ArIne'lli'trl bc'' (f
with all old little face is the first applicant. He hn'
%viv ftoili Arilicnia, alone. He answers the inspcc1,Lr'.; qtcEfi
intelliciitIv, hilt almost with detachment. Ile is a chiL ,O
-% C.1 rS_ His lalge browl] cvcs meet the illsp(2ctor's frallkly fi,
moment, then turn absently toward the window. It it 7s if
his scni ,o much o sorrow that lie has no emotion left to give
thk pres'ent crisis ill his life. The inspector, as lie Nyr tf' ont J1
yellow card, saN s to me : "He'll donht1css he admitted oil 14i
father has st2nt. a pgocl affidait." I smile eiicourngingly at thq
boy, who Ims now nil-nd lialf-atti2jitive evcs on me lie riodp'
in recognitimi of the smile, hut does not -smile hack. Has lie tvvti
known how, I v,,on(Icr and will lie learn again?
Next comes a 'Mennonite, a Russian German, rathr
ilid chubby. lie wears a tari Russian hlouc and Iligh bc-t,, lh
,iys that lie is ojic of sixty-two Mennonites who have come no
TIIOIC' prOVide(I 1)y a MC111101litC SOCiCtV ill Kansas. Tht so-iey
Nill proide them with tickets to Kanas, where the) cxpoct to
f a r n). Unlcr thc law thcv are (leportaMe, as "assitcd immigraills,"
'hut the loophole of religious persecution will prohably let tllom n--
they were colisciciitiou. obicctors ; it was against their relivion tu
carry arrius, and they "had trouble with the goernment at licille
The Russian qiioti is large, and there will he no difficulty on tat
The next applicant is all old Jew from Palestine, lie woar
a Iong coat, an(I pulls nerouslv at his white beaud. The physjcim
has certified him -,is having, defective vision. He takes his ycfl()
cnrd with trembling hand. He stops to tell the inspector tlll
his son in America is rich. The. gnard hurries him oil, to a Speciat
Inquiry room.
It is with (Efficulty that I tcar mayself a%%ay from the insj-,:C-
tion hall, Nvith its picturesque crowd of eager faces, some glowiDlv
with excitement an(l hope, other,; tense with apprehension. I sh,-,Illil
like to %ait until the groiij) of rosy-eheekt Sloak peasant gitl-
with their red-fignril kerchiefs about their head, and tied under
theit- chins, their white hlou-scs Nvith hig sleeves, embroider,1 ill
red-and-blue cross-stitch-reaches the inspectors desk; or for tliv
Italian mother, in a dress of bright, lill-iish-greert, proudly carrviag,
a 11'1y tied ga Pillow Nvith
-ly oil a white a bow of pink rW)on
or for another Italian family, a mother and father, with four tiny
children all dresst in figurd scarlet calico. It is a colorful room.

RFSTRIC-TloN uF I "I'M I G, 1, A T 10 N, I

C t, t I all h,
;"IJ 3(1 61Cr. k, tllcrc till t 4,h,r place 11 dli wor-ld, I .,.,owli r.
r, 0 M-all", pc,JJJQ iI T L: ',I t I I r, ] to 4 t I L t: r, all having, ti-)-r tlicill
f ..... 'J" i, I "'],
vc-, JTJI Ji' thr fr,)1jl tilpir kollics, com ill"', not to
t- c iii a ccont rv ho -s, langoaL;c and customs ire forcikil t''
I hem ?
'* Nc x t I v,, i i i t ono of 1kc Special Inquir v roru, wherc Ti,
4milithil a Fo se:it for consideration by the boank. k i,
iiiAlly ItY pvivilege that I am allow(t in these 1-00TIIS, f0l
0w ttcLrink4 ,f tli- Special Inquirv hoards are ccrut ; the I)til)ti,-
ii, iiut all,,v(1. Thcre k no jury. The cases -ire heard 1)N tbre,
:11,pointed froll) amung the Inspectors on tile island, wils)
hac thr power of deciding Mictlicr to admit ni to exclude. T1 ,
To mi i c, L)e immigran t has the right of appealing-except in
-ccrtain (,tlos (sec bclow) to the Secretary of Lahor at
ton, who in roany instances has the power to rccrsc the )oard's
6ecisum ; and whcn the immigrant or one of his relative'., alrca(IN
in United States happens to understand this ri.qht, or whell
mow immigrant-helping society learns of his case and undet -
tak(,i to make the appeal for him the adersc decision ni the
1,naid inay possibly he reverst.
DDring the last fiscal year for which statlstics are aailahlc
(cndin.,f jwie 30, 1920), 11.795 persons Nvere rejected at the port,
of (:ntry, Of these only 4,8t2 nvaild themselves of their right to
apptl, and iii 1,"62 cases the opinions, of the board %%ere reverst.
Thtizii, facts ma% sm,,gcst the j)oNvLr that ls witldcd I)y the immigra-
ti-m inq)cctor-prohahly a grcater power of mecting ont llappirles,
'r mi-ery than that of any other Federal officer. Ile makc fl,-
iions ,vhich lia;Q wore far-reaching effects upon the lives of ht,-
t,1111 heings thall that of a judge in our courts, pasiniz prison
'L,11teflM IM"I"ille tile \%isdolll needed to decide failly, for example,
,hether the lininigrant is "likely to become a public chargc"-
Lc (-ison for which more immigrants are deported than for an.x
W iat are t1w qualifications of the men ho fill tlic,c important
How are tile), selectecl?
I-hcy take a Civil Service examinaLioll, which tct flicir Inel)l-
J'-, tile immigration la'As-all uxamillatiull of tile S.11TIC gencral
ip,, ,i a lioliccmari',. They aic paid salaries ranging from 1.380
t 2jrfD -1 VUIT E(Illij)t With -L faMillaritY wiLti tile law, tile d(:-
instructions, and what individual cnclownictlts they hap-
]wn C, lic)L,t-,-dlidl, fOrtUrILLICIV, nl:i v include sorne human widui-
("Cil tho tile examillation does, not demand this, quality-
Ct-, t "I'd pass jtldglllellt "Every (11v i, judgiocnt da M E11111

"1 t li ni.iii' .rirh'i r hir "' 3-ks thl l..-' ard chairman n A Luar([
t i .:, ltii i.irne'- r. .. itnid re. Lrn rit lih .i *Ja ,i I r. Irii.s i trIOw;
1ill, iTi I ..i.ll-Illiilt p:.ldm-h.ach -iit it' Iha I tccn .\American
i r nlarn :,. r- HL ats.- that he h- $32 01 inr,.' i 1d in hlii.
'tlii ., III. iha:-. l,.:ii i thi, Ianl that he *.. ill l i .1 ; l t r hii br theirr
;indi i't .r-in-la'... ill t i llh t the nman learnt i- hn lih.h and \willl in
linmt V pl.'.i in in I I i -1. re I(r,:.r S i I':e ,i-'ilaic-it lhn hoiTIrd
3tiliii t he ...ttlr
N :t c. imn Ia b' i .ii-. i a -iri thl irt -- c i n ci r .:nlld SF.l
lhiil'ti L. l arnonlu ih, i'ir t i ;rrA :k" ti.. .in thin, ino th and there-
ir I. Ili't i '.cli1 1 .Ul'. i'. Lrn h llr L ,i 'io ta l a 1 '. Sh' i. "c .i.c ind" to
Ir.r fjllit. r.Ci', iA t1 'l lrr. h.. !). mh' ni -Il: tm l: a p-'o'il
imin ri -n i ..ie tl l..ar L.iit, m il.runail sh: i ilhiti-rlatl They
liat l Ih.r a L.-:I k atid a i: l.r r., rtad. Sh e' l.ieg itin Lr mbl., turn
. liat Shi. .:.int. a .ihakL in, I i-, r at l .. L. t r; "'E ,.ili:.n,' she
niltlters. .iand i rep ati: lll I lC[rcr. it I- :n Jcill rh': uril\ nue .-he

Th i li.. r'il l -r;i. mI l r "\' h.r n tl. rtn of '.r r fainil"v
Tl..i, li .-n kill. !.. lhe Turk- Shi. IL .t li had a'.i apt.l to
'.c. irni.nttm '_l,., .ani ..or.t in Frirtn h fIniil'd h u.- min. id P-t l .i-
1I.v. -IJ. 'till lhaid ,:. I roil r im ih Tlurl.ih armi ShI, had not
lid Il JLu iiir.t nL"..- I ~it1 iaih. -.ut neitl:r hailJ S h h .,arid fromll
him in lihre.: \,ar lihc hliad ninurnid him i..r iL:]J
If 'ite rntttrnd t, Turlev ....nlJd 1. .vurl: .lain for lthe
F retnchl family
N,., ltiti ha.,l 'nI la.k i. Fra ric':. She lia'l 111 one in
T lrk. i.
"'\\ hil in Lontrit -in iinoIC lt dii..1 u i:'x:[ ri( i nc, an reli:iu'' s

i,. shit shaki her hcadI.

ic t ..r.I rd lh.I ...rtr:.I ". l i *0 1 1. ,i I, h,.r s.;1 ,.Ir.,. i,.r
faci in h,'r I. z l-' a .,i ,l r r. ll l n l.
*"'.Iz iInr l Ter.i. ii'i >. .' ....la c Il, r hlit ,-'I rhi .iivinl I. h. ts S..' i.r ln .
,u lil.l i:r h* hlie 1i- 1 1k
|Shllt l.;I ,t ll0 :I-n.\ r. 1oii. lll. the .- talkt lll,:llt Ill'::l.l- I':IIIII"
I, l.In r I is r. p[ :sttl. .\Z.ii 111 .I n r. T.. r. hi in.
I. .r Iri Ie r. imtiI).i l nil t. 'h, it I :il lit cr, l'k lher il hrT l11iil.-r.t In '

t^ i-ir .1 r il~- ll.ti -I; l. 11 .1 ui'i 11. r I H, l ri-il :l a ni. I T l .
Sii nl e.'i ... r," -. .,Ii i L im I Iii- I l t. I int. thi ,rr. s Lt.. Il i it i
i '.,r i i i.:[L
Thire In :. .:'l l nl a ... C r ,l: .\i, jl]lt..r. ,' w''tnrait. "'j(-,(t l '
T htrr Tme l I i.J Ixt't-_ h,' l I t._ lo, %vh',' r -11ot 111-. 11i1'
i l. r Tii .i. iI uin I.n :i .. t i:i I I ii iim i.' iOn r Iick t1. '1 i11
t 1art 1 s, r i %% '.tilt: ;i-n' t , m ture lhttin t.l s tha.t ..he .
roall-ir' li l t ift .-.l i :] lie W K dll. il l 4 i >leti >ri "n ..
rua;]l!, llii fiii i t ic .in -hli; lii ir '' icer httu-l.aii. '' \\h]at .Jan
.' t.i l '..c .tk '\ILL '. il ni rriL.l '" .\ti .j ai "\\ l i i i.c r,
in 'irri i(. l. lu. i lli .ii I ,' O r ji l i 11 l'J l .11 t 1|I lli, >l., ,-i [iL i i,..r
SI, r-i.'i ., iOr i. ..i, li .' % ith i a11tt1 .t r 't..r ir I l The
Uisll .r r. 'tiir.c tIli Ii r.i TriL i [L..IL ti-'_ ill I : to idn I .i .lt l
'ii, hr tii,-t n kin.ri i ir -'n ;l l il12L. it in 't i .tI '.. T cI -c L.1-.

r lt'.l',~tiI f ,ll-I i .' .ru i i cll h,. 1- ti t, :.' tln tl T h ar

A hi ,T| u r I- r J .. i. i? i. thri L l : % it ii tl .t. '' it'. [,I r rI .tiri'
I, P e l..' ,l:; k he .i ,h.,' aC ItrM : l,. I'Ihe -I ccn, "lll.i. t a ]r..k

iltsitli.i l tl.u dlil, ',' ho Fut r.'r i11 a r, siiitr miit 11 Nc .,v ln .ti
Sli. is c iic si tir t 1l Yci, i 'h> hoi'. kn lot in lunit Cln..: (lhiII. n....l (t .
iln i. to.r turivs lit, 1t* ..\ |'l. n thi; r ni.ini Cr -.k Uo0111n hIlI L

..... ....

Ti-ilE UNIVEISITV lt,' 0KL,,%140MA

-4 rccently to fllar rnl1l tilev ha%2 ueve She
i tId to ;it flown- A guard _l)cs to the Will("; 1706TJ
1,ick with lh( man. Ile i,; heaming anticipation; lie Ila, Iqo
ubt. as to the otitcome. Ile has her.ri ill America a %car,
1%11hSh flLielitIN,
"AVIly are you here'- It(-. il:, askt,
"]'it) engaged with la girl."
Ile is making $30 a week, has sauil $600, has houflit $4W
worth of furuiture, and has taken aud furnislit an apal'lITICIA.
Thc girl is calld. "is this the inan?" ,he. is askt. She blitsh",
uod.i_ lie reaches mit his hand, and gives her haiid a secret
"\Vljci) arc oii phinning to get married? she is ask-t.
down. It is not for a well-inamierd Greek girl t.,
lal. Her fiance pcaks ill). "Ili two weeks_"
"Wriold )oil I)c willing to marry licir today Right now?"
He a,.Clits. "Iy all muall!"
look,, ha5tily, deprecatiiigl, clowill 'L ]let- dir ss, hij
willing. Site i,; adinitted, in care of the V. W. C. A., which
i_ enlruted %ii tllt: task of citing the license, and scehi, t1w
the marriage i perforind.
"The IL, 1( In(
,, church )%eddiii, they'll hie after they get
all irSI)CC!oF inforins ille.
And o on, cat! after cae. Now the decision is favorablt:.
tliere ll 71aige liapp sending again it i unfavorable, there i
"It is a tcri-ilde thing to see a Imatload of iinini,rant aho!it
I') be deportc(l," said t1w Cmmissioner at Ellis Island. "No oil.-,
Clfl CVUr I)iCtim, the ccilcs oi anguish %%c see at this port. Soirw-
limes %C hau to carr' people ('11 board llysteiical. Shrieking, thrCal-
olimegy to jimili uerhoard. (-)ill v recently %e had difficulty ri
leepint, wonicii from throwin their 5abics ovcr!)oard, TI
aid (Iczali %vas pruferablc to the li\es tlicsu children wolild
it) lead 1,ack in their old country."
Tlm ,,a. of SlliCi(le al'C, 0 ftollrC, lll()I'C i recluclit than the
i tsel f. Yet uicide, as a result of deportation are I)v tic) mcai,
tn1kl1o\% ]I. At the Dep2rtincnt of Laljor in WahingtOrl I
tol(l o" ho depor"(d StowawaN, One, 'SiNte(-11 and the other sev(I-
teen vctr of age, %\ho junipt merboar(l, atid %%cre drowrid.
Arlotliel very dil:ferellt storv of a Aovlwq wls cit,I.
,Qcntccri- ejr-old lwy had crost the Aljl, had walk-L aII tll,, Tt
LUOS_ (4217111UJI)', klld hall Shipt a,, a ;towaway froji) Alare:,11',
Ile S'La3d down in thc linl(I for folir (1:lys wh(.11 hlillgcr (hl-'

tllier ph[i sic, al I l dl It v. hi l IL *..:s. l I.It: Il might -frf l C th ir
:; iliili to lu arn ", h .i,. r .inl .,.n.; l,, lhlrt l ,-on'. ,itIL r c].ls-.+i ,it..-
iiii, '\. rc .tI) chillrc i ln ii.r ,n l ..tll .;I,.ar .f aur, lnac.lcmuip- ri .1
I.% ctithlir part, lt I'. v.li,. w ri. t.xclu,,i.] i lnde r i:'- pa -port iproi .iin.
'li4 llu 1 re i.li" i-. i]l :in,' tor lia'l li.n in i. nt ', iinli.cilt fi-lti -
niuiilcl ..r pil, pti.; l cri iinnal. SI Iprou t .., ti andi .a l li.ns c~ -
iri iL.r anil inl ii.mil r;iI puirti .. r. :nJ 1. II '1*.l : 3i it.i< .
'\. in 1, I 1 i 'l ill,. imniiiii-rt.-i r, J.pcti h tihe r,: E arl ,i
S. li c'i i] lilui rI l rh. r nl li -i f :ipp '.l. i ll]]i. liI. I,,lnl,, I., C.ll..
of lthi cla '-t i.. v Ill i Il a Ii o,. nio :ll, Illhis ri.,lit. Thus.
crii iiinal irOl titlt i : i. crtifiJ.J 1 f.i :i,-i ns of >r lie I'ul, li.
fH calllti r. :rlr,. iclt 1 I.. ,l im. IIil l n- n It. i I pcr :ns w iath l atlihI -
min ..r ilhitLrr'i .It.uiiirn. Ilr.;I.-. arc ainat11 tlic-4r: v.ion ma;
Sn..I ; i tIeI l lllii. r-. hIu ri cr.-'iir.h I a r xainm l as tlit.- wi}.-
arr iiig. ir l l ik l llI. i-ee.. :1 pilbl c I ll:~c -r lay al pte-il, it dl.i.
itli lr-..iniiil tlh ir pin il' ..r ii Ihli hi .; rcla1i '- .-.r f ricni
hi ii i r :iiii nt ; jn hel thi vrni 1 '. \: i r,:i-., it riami n ti.ina lilt ii
hl;1tL r:.iii.-ati,..ii c'quiii i ito a-'il litheir crilintr ituna to aii k'. itic
,'i tI 'ir t lil ti uind r ili IaI 'ltlin ilit rii:ilt of tlh- nmirnl i-ral nt
li. il i i r ll .. .iiii l fri i Itl -Cn' a 1 i 1 lilt ilitrani i il,. riln
,o Iln- ci -, 1l.ii .ii tilh f;ia t II.:1t p S.'s. Lir' I lruiti it I t lI-a-.r at
,\';.11 i11V.L l,' Ii T hrI .. im iri r 1i I; v. illi c '. icti Ill- i ll. C 16, 1 'iii 11
.Iiiply for a.lllnl i..n iI. Liniti i Stat lnci. i n i't ri t izinir hi .
ri-'hit of atii ta-l. 'lI.-t n ,thliii:' a ind i e'l tortc.l. 'A s e':,inl I i1
that hI s c. C' Ibc :i.ilicalI]. aW i il.n 1- m illtLit- oI lii i i rii ig ar,' .'eii
SWV.ashiing lni, in lici tntIil it th.l Sccrt.ar% nIn or in;i nl'
Tt'Cr % lVr ih' t Ie jarl's i ltci- ii. T' ie thirdli ..cutrt tilit hellp if .n iimm i-
gr;lnl iid soci.';, which knuov.s lit' law, ,hlich lool:ks up filt' ..licii'-
rtl-aiiires in i .1A iicn a', fi iil; uii t tliaa lltih y will ,o i, f r hlii .iiiI

iii iJ::m,.

' ,,l II s ,i fJltraI .,ll ,]; Intrilll C 1 [ ['tlI C I.C IS ,ild' ,
- I1 -, I 1 I 1 -.ij1 i i J .1 1 -11 i. T1 11 t I' z i..c l ca -c i i t dl it r i
i 111111.. r ,l- i l I ,i t ii r ,lIillrcll Ic 1 li.cr li'l,,. 11. .l % ih'- ha Ir'e-
I l'l.. r I, .A. lc ric.a 'i Ih ,i .',, o- l, 1. -.-ji l. I i tal establisht
i 1, I'r .. a. ll. ] h ic : i- t i-..r the l- .. i l I in, ily. .'", E llis
I h' l I I *. i .: tr t e c i lllir.l r.: i r ll :. 11 b cll i,.- n ic ning |i1 _si c s cians
. I -rl.l i-i i i ,cJ. c l -! -r I i .- i: .rrt S S*r ll.: inn. n-i be .r r'If lie
I mi11 i 111,n i t.:lurn '.itli 111i- *.hld i .h .'11 .-ii iin '. r le iAlm ittid to
i; ,. .i r... I r -I-, i- Ii i bl, s ll .1, c11: i thI..r ai!rl .lIder
I I _tll I I r IIl .. i c cc, I I 1 .1 1. ii : h '1.- c 1 cl c.ji j.r i-i: 1, ] fr 'Ice
In,,, .l,.,i_ m iI t in l r.m l i..irlr lI" l,:.- m : thc lhi c t.lhii-lI: '(,r eil 1.
c iin l, hi r : i .' Crct I I -i .. uL. i- .cIil lcich tr. cc rtain p[i .. c(rty
.tl l inic I. i. i h.-.n, : i _l r -hall lh, iclll. I'. r 1.., < l~ t :l .-1. lea .-c 111
Sip'l1.-' I .l l.J in t L. Ia, r ..r m 111 tr.3 c r -,r I J i r L ru r I. .- c-
h. r .,'l- r hild.Jr,:ic ti, ,c.J 7ri,);- s r.hich .AinlLrn j a ,t'i, .r-

S1 i'ir iilr. l. l, : ; l i'l.i[ l i 'I I. I. S i r 11 x.1111 :pl 1' ici cl'I I C c
** r [ ir ich Ii ..11 :h I l : il i' .-:lp thi d.' .. .i-jl,] [r' p'rd Uiti-ld ,
i.. c1 c r .. I ct- I n ti lli ctr,.'; ir nc I it \'.' IIl t c .tJ I i. ill'. i% i ca I ,ii]
i l i tr ja: d : i th, I ,.- pital it Fll I: l .Iinil. i f [t I'am ilv' par.
Il L I I :i i1 :. i l S ;l|[ cI ti:.ne A iult Til linl i r i:.i tlli I indil, I ai lso
L cirelli; .I- t i i l lc- I-i I clnid, r -. ...-]c:. .lcli .i ilm itt iJ .:.i bI'.niJ
", 1 i ii LU. la lc l.. -t..,. I.. .111;. .r I i r lh .1i I; i t iv-. ai c rr
I11. ci ilr l, ili Ir,- l] .lr .: 'nli e ,111 t,-- 1 *...nii, ,i t,, '. hjii ii ll is

1 l i l ni J .Jic the .'ai t Ta l. c C c i: I l.c. t. r r l i i-
l'' iil. .. i ':l, .'*o i i r,. il:, r i rc .c i _,, i' l ':. i't, -- i r;:: lci.lJ,- : itni-
Ii ,i r- r r ". .; '," j,.Jhiiii ti -i ti c ii li.,,rji l]. .' .. 111 ]- l.' ll' ;.-, i'.. iI---..-rl, ii ccc-
il1l-, .I 1.c I cc r'..i Teicr i..r- ci .. -c 'cci 1 i. 1 '..rcct .1 c.-
S i I h, ... c ir ,i r .. > I.'ii.c J 'I r~ lc rn \i.- :i "., l.: i:'.czd T,
li.....I r l c", Ih i -, i r j -\i .iir--ri' i t i t i c-I c Il t
.ii i icr i i cc- 'ii'. ccc rii ..t. \\'i'-: 1u tilt" 11ic. i,' Icc; ,Ji. ,-.rca-
Ii I. :i. .r. lit I i.- I ii i rit t.' j', t i tI] t li '.'j-. ic, c ,.-J t-cmc I .j.id
Tlih i r.c-inc ..' .:.' ; i i..'h . ,i i.J hi .: 'iu li r I i',:i .-t.atl m ent i thd
I I %. '.. r .... a l i.. thc i r .' : Q t Q Tl i rr-q ]:rnitl',' Iz;at I i.' il

.- i.-ll ri-]'] l ll, i.r-,it a re finl;] Ilr th r: .- i. l :J r ,. l l.'- c ] noh_
., .l il i tr i rh. ,m .eveI til-l.: a I I. inill[, r ,,i ,:it-i,]de ]Ihciis:.;
Ii'i:. l l 'i v. r Tle a:lioniit i i .n ..h t- '.i ,, i t h t t lt;c ..ix r iltir.cc-,
.. lic n int'.rtr L .'. :al..,'i t -1 'lc)i C :c i l' : .i'L" %C i -' C .I Lced that
th '.. r. cr., mci .iil ":ni tII L t, thi.. lic r .:Liti. i'- ,--. i' i nti.ill.-

VI.'i CLli.r *I r ill" .nc iV1C QillLrrltlr 'i.'Ir. all11,.'U i r 1 rlnIi ill i t1li. .. .i lnkII -
i' ', it sci l,, lil 'l.,i.il Sll ];t Il hll Ihl'I! si -n, J I- ,, r ) ..I it il l, iit li.,.-
11.1^, ...I l tl..-,- 3 1 a i ,.l' E Tlb- L. c I .II l liL -I ,h lll ,L'n,:I ell I.n,.
I ,m i tr i. li. i t -rilto n l i I .[d I .I.s tiandl, an.d thl imilligrant i' ,'' -
I)t i t i I l ,i l 'll "i '1l'.|" t.r ll..n 6I f..IIli InlC 11'"SiiI r'r l "II I l.d1 'i
III jlll 'i .t.t1 H. ... 1 1 1 I ,. 1i. l II Ili : i r l :i Ii 1 i lli. (III i .1a l \
itn -1i i i%, :I. 1. I i.t I .k I [i l' L, ,. -..ll. l I IllI r 1 l li id I l '.
i.i, i ll l. .11i ill 'il. 11,,. I ll '...I. 1 I lli. ,.il l i', r a 1, -;I ..'11. C .I .I it
i l, .1 1.itlll ,.' tri.'11 l.. 1- IJ, ..1 1 C L .i-,. I,:1 l *m ,1 :-111 lTn I.,l ,.
1 I.. i '. lin n. h :1 1 .1 *- l.11 l iir i ra l l il lll t ill ;. l l.',,. trn:' I ]l l.u k
* i r l .it.ll j l t-f lII. lI'k It ,In .' C i ri.1" i c. -I l *' 11 i _-sIi l it r-.--'. li, I. h
i .l itin. 1'- ; t n ttl L r 'll i ,n 1., ;L]iin.l .- 1"n LI,]pi] i..aii |. i ups.n
: ii '| [i.u t ,n ;I t I '.-I I Ti r. -.1. rI '. .' i . ; 11 r, t :. L |', 1]l, 1 .
r:I, s ii L Itn ,r i. 11 1i i 111 irc titT, ii ... r I [ -,I.I l L ] l I n I i l i :
*,. ,. I, nN I l ,: : ..iL r i-L t' l .. ]' i'I f r r .'. ' ', I',.
. i ll- I I. I i p le r I 11 1. .111dl I Ir 1. 1 -1 1' .1 J1 1 I I
S.1 ..1i 11 I'.-[ .- t i ll a IvT. t III ~ 11: rn11. I II r I Ill l
lh, .". I.', n[IIII tI 1 1,,\1JI .t ilv:r't..t
'I Ih i 1 Il .',. Il.t, il i :r.:l., 1., [ i I .l ,. 'i -r : Il- r-i" .r I .r1 l I
i 1.. I 1 Itr .. \' i t I "i 'li,:lt 'i '.1 i r PT I, ..I. Ii T nl tir li ,,l ]:' '.I
I.... t: ,, tiri1,. ei- t ur l I I ,, i I 1 1 i l .:.I r. l -]' L -L .: Il '; l ".:t i'
'. ... .ii'i- l '. ',.i i'. t'[ i fr 11 T h I" |..." l ; ..(. f i r'- r.:. lul i s h ll ral i..-i'

.. 11 1 ,. Cr ..-11 1. LI[ l' I -- l t I i .: '. r il r i,. 't -LL I v.

1.ll. ,,i.L l [ l-, iC 1 I li l.1 .: r I .' I C ll r '... 1 1- 1- 1., I ',tl
j11 i i ,I i l ;I I I .t ,i ,r Li.. 'il ":] tln1, LI 1T T I:. aI. I, ] ,-i 'l I l.-1 1
i..n 1 i i lI I IIi ll | Ii 1-1 i. ,.111 I f t'. l in ..1 Lr l. i l li itT
i' i, l i, r, n- I n L I .1 n .ndI- .\ i litl b.i- : . 1. 1 I
,,ttr l T l '. , ,L IIi 1r I k n ,' I .- r I i ,C C. LnI, I

i i- L.3 I' ill. J ll t i hIi i ,,l| n. .. r I I l nI li k l, r l, l t I It. L
.1 lli. I.r o 1 i I'i. lli. I'' l al D I s it I- ii, i 1 l. f 11 .. .
Illil.'l[l l il .r tIII, l. . 1 .l I ] -.. Il ,, l %.ll a I. l, ll .i ll .I . llllt 1. ii ll'
in. .ii t r l c r 1 ] i i i- 1 1 i i.t l Cll i. -1.1 f \ I' ll i- th. i ll .t
-I! 1111111 i I L r I.i ll. -J I lr. 11 .i. 1r I i .. a .iI Ii Iii l ,t
I ,- r l t' i o l i -l ..I _'.iik I i.. i, c1 0, ilt r r -t l 1i'..j ; 1- C li 1 ,-
Znailal.'IL L I l r II l --.ri-i I I o ili. i i I. l : iiii j C t T lCIr

I.1 I hiim i .' t l .. il I,'l J nr'I iL -lI7 t t .i]i I'Lit I i ,.. I1l .. 1tim i.i n

i'lu t r..

,I.Cll* I..L ll* lll[ l lu ,i ., l ,i 1 ,. I'I.ALa U I ul\rl'
a.tid I h i I...iin.i l lii. in' i iitid ', .','r liit ii .ri ,.'linr thrtn ru1r
*. tlt at ii,. r'.i,. .-'r l':i.l ifl .i T ir.ilh :iLn c.'lllr ilit ,-,lli.rs-- tliTnatce
r.iLi.' I rn-i 1F. tllll ,00i t.-. 2- III ,III Li-ilt.r ,:l. 'ia l rin. ii-r iiiiirr diate
i.'" i.'L 'r [,lll tI:I IC.nl,. 0 I.t"ir lrli\ Ilrll.i e s n t tlh. .e rlieisl op-
I ,rtli ti. i 'r. IF r I- n .\ \ 'iii I rlip. .i.ri.cn l.antl.,r %.,h se
Il] T>C. [ .ir' inIII iern tii i.nal. .iri tht i un ... fl i W v."'w v lf
in tTT r.I .-l.n fr.in .i.I ,l r,',t 1 _r-- i iti ,.'r contri.tl", il, w ill
li.rl 1,-t0 : iill, tr,' :;1,, l:l'.ir. r, ,Jl'. v.'r- ,. and. l',-e r .-.iir i.lndiar I
,if 11 '. i1 i 3 lii .iI 1.:. CiLini .:.uiir 'ilrL,il \, lin'z L InIIL pI,'I l nem 'it
pr llui i ; r, i ',. n I r hi, eki_ ng hl i inrii-b r.- t -.rign'r-, many
.litl'rual ..ir' .r. t .rn n thati a cn iid-rj;bh':. i nmnbLr rl tli ne:w-
CiFm.I.r Y--r: r:.iic.lni; .i i.1.1 [to iI.-: ,jiiinl.oiis forces
oft" f -.'I' i tnl r : ir-h. t l[I Linnl [iitik I ', :'s r, .i'icht "poirni of
.;ilnirali.i" .r.. it c-iii n., proptrl, .rsiiiilai ill.. i.rt wen elcnicnt
ilr-;I., h rt .i.1 ,l ll i i'liir l. r e..c ni.nlzl tll ii f u t may result
1II til,. I', (.,i O Lh ".' 7nit:ri JIa I ,1",."
'hlitr :ir..c'r, .1' li, r mninirii: ll 11 th -c illg. L l l'n1ers.
.r'~I nII 1 % I l irr l.iilla l . I l ; ll i.,rlm iIlll r.. ll i: i-rc tlr( h n he con-
,inl .ini it -r t'',r,', an :i-4et r.tli.r thall .1 li:Lbili)ty that iii-
.;t l d i .1 I la ,'r uiirpllu in thi (iunll tr;.' ve ia'.e anl .aciti l sli.'rtage
L.f 'i-htl ap" r iiit skil I bl r. the rcsultl oi i, sli t piOi' ,f all in-
,'i.riliinl durin._ [i1i. v.'.itr thai [ li.te lrMii [a;Lrtni larly, ieC-, stich
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S. lrn a i i l l T. : | i *1 i T li I l I' I .L1 1 i- .11 Vt
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IIt : 11 II rl.tl? .I. l I 'iI F.I P I i r T i. 1 rr. ItI II t II l. ill i' l."
M i. Pl t c I : .. I . It .r o wn I l.,l 'e11 1 1 I: ; i 4. Ih I
t, .. I, , i,' .:.,i "I ] r l uII Ii r: i l ':n i. ] l' .. i 'I li.. r'I .a .r In !

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1' a~t k i l '. tral: i .p iiia l -ti. I T h. % In l nha 1" .I.,; . l .1 '
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i. r'it .:.ii. IitI .-:.nl-I .- i i lll I '. o', C -jnli r t': a'lnd oi lit r I f'I i .: l I lrod li-
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I-1ic i l l lt 1ith .1l t llin.:-ro 'itci.11 :t l d ; [p] ii r. i-i t ,it li il, c 3t 1n-
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. r itJl c a i Ill l ., un- an :.in u l i. i ri it i l n linilu iLnt tiiih iitr a il .

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i'..nar,.h i- ., .i '; 11 .:.ir :ti cj .- ta1 .: '.[.:. ...i'n ... -; fact
Iliat n- [i., -,r tli, .i ,..,Ii-m io t r..1i) ..-,u]tntri'; in n,-hich l: :r.,- .Jif-
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1'.. -h it. i l '. 4 '"'..,. '.. : ,j.:_L tr II a i % rini r I t f.-.r t ,re, -,e. r-,
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Ir iA h C: lh C.l 1ii .. L.. l .in.IJ- ] ri '. ir .' llc .-. 't: it '. hlich .t '--
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I r i.... i : l. ,i ti :-. ir. i. .i.. ir ei i nr .I lc I... ;.t thi upp- r
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Hilu l .' I:.:. ,', in .l.!. um arr -in., lIu rr .1] In ;p' action. thl. bst v.. lhich
..I i I..: flt r.J,:.l uIn l.r i..r.- ; it con'; iiLJo.:n z b-,' 1 i.: 1n1iiii -.r.nt r-I]re'.; L.
IIL u- 1 I', f i '., t l ,: I ; ti,. I p -':'- f ,: if \]n ri, : f r:im i he ;-'.. arm -
.li:r I. r in tI. i.iu Li illh i .. \'i Ar ali iI t n .,-, ild p.re nlen, iin
]-r :i. [iractic, that l I ul. J .Jah Lii.:... ll, ic iliari-t c a pI it:rilt in
S mnIl Lu'I i '|.-PILCl.... .U .. fa3n1 fo.r iii- o f, ir. n ; I-. l .lIi 4-.e a r. c Ic ry
, I t. ,-,> n 1* I ]i, in .al ii i .-l ; l." n -,.I c..,- .', Id :,,[, if ll( in p ':rct. r

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prosp1eclvc eniii-ranIs c:eaimir,,.I 1.' an A.liiIricanri i iicial ii ilt
.American Coilsiil .iLa abriLr'l f'runi % hilch the emnrrant e. :all. Then, if firr ajly rea ,...n lhi i n fiund uinlit i anI Jr n iedJ pas-
pori, lie cainii:t mAlM t i 0ll o',. ..,er li ri: anil either bc turned [li- ..
o r iiucceedl in lnr. lla;ii i.; v.,' r'; i t o'ur iiiiiiiu ratinr .LiA rcritisl I
remenlmiber r, ilinl; :r l n r Ci ,car agc In'm ia siiihrn rl cle.tcrriani..i,
fport in li. t-nit' ronl ri L. I. .1 h. ll t ccUiil.iel l Iy ni u wife I a,
pl.Laced in enir[ralt jai.F iI. I 'e ,ic.\:. uit iaflitr :a fi.: hliouri n [lit
t.letr lie tailt. oi, aid ipro;n.d i 1 a ili..iici.;ili mlialo.e who liiird
Lt l.,ircial: .u i. f hii cal' i amli Ie ii up shrii t ,ind i.-.n..re. \',heni
(we nieard ribraler. the r; ,por mianiic i,a.s riir anil was il t ir
the sid( O.[ liI( hlip. hlil-i- l:cd Izi ii..i i. h', I rn A i ni lst of hi.
clithe-, and ,..a.is iajk n .-ishure. HI I I'i Ie en .- ani ,a 1 i it a n A.-mcri-
can official l il.eCi.,r at t[h Ci n ulal Ie ; ,(-ulil ha- e lbeti l i.Lrm ilttL.l
Iu -'il. Ih .d n. rmi, .r:1 i'w yc:ar .'i thll a i.-raic n I ur.'pealii
GoUV'rnmCInt made a Liii-ii e i--f dnir hip g it iimliic..iles .and nicuinpfi-
illcns Iu lthe Uni l StatiC'. .li,...-i1 p..,iS .:.1 nmi ranct wvlicre it
fi,)ir c'] ,ceI.C.s easy. :\5s iiinumg lilt [ rir,%'w ihe per'.-.nnel .-I dhe 1ni-
migra!r. il -'ii 'ireau is pi rifct. and that ith're ar no .lih ne-t .:.'-
ficials '. e.:. crinnli\ at ; 1i i t.linj in im pr.'iper alin'. I riep a lhii
with thc mall force empl..J ii i- imp Ii -ile t- i it-ider hur iisiit
itic11 .f4 iniiii..ranis a ailequate.
We inst not i orgel llt a our iiihp to circirn'.i.'nLt lit a m'illpu ts 'l iricllds fj irmini tr.r iitIs. 'vl:i, i..r
wirilever r.a- in. ,.:.rl- i..r IIn ir adntiini -iire. Inmrni:.r nl', %i.- hi' i
.imrn over lulre- a3nd lalhcn reot, naLtur.illy send fIr ilh.ir i -:e
ainl friend. io j.'oin lih.in. and, c.ery ,-lecut is pra t.ltis, if thi I I. lii-
IldcI le which ii Iiil.l .[ializ l: lithin. I.': r Iun ihT ni [ct th'e I[n :lie 'r-
-.Criitliny .. A

i ill. i NP, L .- lT' SII % I .; O l0 ..\ L11 M ..\'

I ;' In lli 111i. ',.. li. ad 'ucc'ciJd il in g 'ttni g 1i thle ini clJe tnir.,
-, i lor Iii: I'Jnil \\' htn tI ., -niri c, at thie .An ri an i porI.
i. iil 'ecit.r llilL..., rdi tih't i lin e i all ha.d .:.lIathi ,:min d i_.ea. ;e. O ne
ii hl: :., :. as. alr- adiy i lin lI :in.lI ciuil.,J ni:[t .ill; ,: n Ethl gang-
.lar',; to theI %. l.h n ar i Iit-UL 'allii downr. [I I v. r all Lub'.iuusl.
,i ll-ull id ir...m r i Literiiil' tL l *o,, nEr c lan,] cre conileminl to
h I)-.,i..i ll I i i i'.i .n 1.O lnC: '..i. I l..' l:.ng i ,-. t1 ir r :Lt' Lreated a
'na iir anl thl ncsll r iac l .cr al.ttedcll i aniJ zi i.rl t:.. r.ouc tlhe
nL.ricain p[e:I'l, :'a' gain t tl tl rri bll, .:ru tli, of *,.i irjt in a h -
[an l froim ii .ii'. .n ii] a ficlicr froin li- children
in .l-ealhn: .. ilt im nii'lrji, V. -.. Iln t l Ci I f r r f 'r iliat bL-i,.1
st tlutin u I, tlinl.I r than %.iat r. ani.] .icil c ,l tim i'I: tliCir aiL-.n-
'. ith. ut rt. .[ii C i :UL i'ce. ...r l '.'. -'.r *.- :. ..i n i n ..n ;ii e. .% i .
ri-r il.l a,.: a 'Suiii Fei- i ii: al c'ilmr ..-*.cr ; a -i -r:.' rv..a. n', a
ilte 'liirn tF inLr l-Ir ; i 1.i f..i. :1 ; .ci r L i I icr i -ir ii i l as a
r. -. ... r t i r ai lr. tn.. F.:.r i..ie re i .. iicii t n t cx-
.la in.l h' '. j : JL.r--r l I It.1 It .-.itlnc. ellt rniii nd hLi. r. r ii in- Il. i ellt
I n a-: In. fl. c: anrid i...r ll 1 li.nov.' ir: L I- lhi'trln. hi r; still
I.'1 -i ;. ... f tl i Iir .I a. ]l: i-r.'.ie th i.m y inaturali.- .'\nu ri
r. in : r ii. ,i .'r: I ..r r.. .:.:li, r .-..iu tr., th- in : r thle L'ln it d Stlte
I' r', ,- ".lph i'" :. Iut i .n n .', cr :.c ii: mi Li :ii f thi : i .'.'1il thlii
I I.i L: 'r'n i -4 f. i, I dI:I -mh i oncm I: inii: -',rat...,i.
] I k n( Il.i. 1rtic i ,': rc llt '' L '1'_-Li'dI erati-, ii bit.L'.iiI te ith .,
I .jiIr.nj .ldl Ii 1 I I .l CI" i,, i ,:- I i i i ;rai ] l ii the pri.'l ':ntl inI.ITT m ni.
I 1 clii. iiru I. ..r.. i. r' i:; t ri...ranrl, e:i k ,. it l.iloo- ves ui
S .',- li tie' entire .r...i.l.. ni 1.:.t ri...rtn :. hil 'c m ja L.e a:bI
I. co' .r .i''l fo' r in' ula t ant 1 itnii.I ':r t'ii.n ],vr.' .vlii. ih h.Iall b,.
iI-i '11'r i.l I.', \ieer'ici m- ai lJ .l i ..i far a: ..i: an l ...ri.- ee It(' h l
I.i' I ..,f i' L i r
'l':- in r 'vli-it : ,.,iii -,,l :.P. [l "I ra ctic l :i.c D o
ni. r,:,;i niori II T ni- ranti" T ..-la. Lth r' ar,- al d to be ii :ii'l,' .3,' L.,-
ini pi r i, -nl out ., urf. Li thce I iU ie t t.--. D.- i; in, ,nl c prelind
ih.ia *': L n -: . I.i. n re :arddJ j_ :ar i--'.il:, if '. : add t.,
ii nicii.rati..ii 3a ilhi...i .' _,ri arT t hi n Oil mi it-er .i: uni.miplo,- ,J Tlie
I th'i r i[ at I I.-.' ,C I..-,t ni ...J nei r ,c lt.: itin ti' : ...[ v :Ir.iiL'!lici n at pr,'.eni
.\ ir I.I I l.I. it nm ullc ca i,.r t,:. ,' lt. l. a r ti...a l] imr igrtii i.:ii-n c is-
mi \\ at i .: n,:e.J i;, ilh t thleI laL.-_rer 3lrL..' i cr, l r 1 hlauld '-I .,.r
iid L! % e m l i]-]... t .J ...rk l':.r z:ill 11 ie^lT da:. '! P|.T ,
.' '. .r r t t.. l,.L11in. :iI.li.. c-, i: n fix tihe Icrmr un v. hchL
'iilnng-rintrs ..l]] i I ., a lniltt. I t l lh ro Lntru ,. F.-eii.'-l .liuiig ili -
i.rr m ti l i..: c> :.iiiJ,_'rati,;,r ..i l 1 alth. V.',: 1h .U I1-rL' I. : i,.' n pr,..n i ii.n
, clamii tlh:_[ im ni 'rr t:.n "lh, ina,' Ile a 'urcc rf ul.h.ij. r a
i iTr;:r Lci llthe pulh: mii . irn lii heir v.way in D- civ 'r froin ihi4i
,i.lu irr '1 in. .(r iri.Jitcr


.\ i l'.% ill.nil1 an'1 ili firrrnicr C .'ilnm -ll 'l. i'.itn. I r \\ alhi -ta;il l
I.licre lit' SntI -iilI inc nii ran iCoimm.ri i t ni iii : t. lii iF.ticrnt Euron .
Iilln ti e ,trtl.l t OF t-ol r mL1ll (JIII 1 I l' 'l EL d\ .
- in rl ." .rlp L't I',,itr ,pi kinic,:'s-- t phus., i\ [>li,[.l. i|. ,i:tn].r. atoIl
I l i'r riio.i ." Il i :m i il ,t o -lltTr ,. I S I I lii; i: 1 '. i -
.I iiil .r.i-dI. i lithium an lii. ili r, 'r .irt llt. n i. ir J.v. imirch A i.I
. i r.I is li 1 r 11 .l f r% i'.:liiw, ..rt f r ., hichlll th % CL Ifal : b i [1
10 ill, L iiij, l State-. In 'ii i i i h.' I;ol ]..:
-n.I, poI r i,. r fto r clarr a-.i. p rhiai.s l I iL r in llin pi. i .onur I a.. I
.Intl ... l [;cirvanll i --a..r. ;in.lli rli l, is ips T hii. l l.. of Irm nt
o' ilili. ivliiii f i' '.c l l. loi or .L .. i t lai f...r a lo1iii ltin c i
l-i]ric.ld in.. a-inii EI ]. t ....iuro:; o po f ]l LC i in il rn r
Iarrlt o I 'iti.i- t. Iih l. .. e.r il h -I ril l ..i -l O* flrj n -, tIl lithaiil
of matii % the mf -r- lias heiia iiund iir i dn From Exv.) illii.1,
io ;>.n I nil'l..i f i Erm ain l ar. -*L' l to I 1.:. I-, ii-].a t ll ei., C1 ;[1 1 r3 : 1..- 11.,
juiit .I St.lI' -1 i-. a l h_ i .a l ll. in a.llac, Nt'lirricr. i l ini
,in,-ic in inirn I -l il h- .t iin jell T ;.irl..-i. iIntol l e lic .-m r. .. rl
i,-illd %-, Iji[.;r. Ii l[] l hlu ,'i' h, :.'l ld lic L nitil, d S tai t: ao. .I,'
Iil. ladlti':d]I o i" iilii. riN r icanii'l'l.i,: i li rli, :. r r.i .; ir A nriern ...i
:i rj nl i|,l, \l h' \ d o.l ildl it \ illrir lt ; I iim c ilh ,'in t of l zIr;i ..I
ilit w orl l Iri ,,rd .ir.%. 1lif:. I1 'i cil li,-, : ;.= r I l r '. I.r. r
iliphll eria or :.-m r llp: i' n i i a r.ifill.l, izlar, i lur ill.: I. 11 i* l
and.Jl f r liiu. l'.f:] il 1,i il l-, nil-lit r ni till risl: of iol', .r:c h ii
t\ '. lat 3r. Lgim .lt, i h r m i.ir l ur in -li.tal [l r.fl-r 4In'111 .11l ilu,

ferinl ,. .- i ,l .urin. r. .. if a j.tl ; J rch :l.l an,] h.-.. u l fl I'.
r..I' an d oi A.i.i

Itrl, 'c n,,I ii ii l'i lt i r .'l ill t ltT i i rh lilr. lill. T ii riT fil
* rwoi:4 nli'l : ui *u r n.-.iijl ilimt 11 ol r-l. rmeI"II. pr -1.
ILn. v.ill i 4Lu ri:.]-. r. or i "If il |Ir..,;,ill, f .1" 1T, a. .I c .i .
r.,i' it I..] a rc'f I e. mi uL,[ I.'l l ,I t i It. i ll ii. in.i r .i;iii,.Lr hl,.tlli.-r ith -
h i,,: I.'. l 1ii r i -*, h ;. r .lI-I-k t h, u :r r ancl ian [, an, hi o I I :', I
L. I-tr I ,"c i .. ,-oiii0 i ln 1nt1 N ii ,r Jlat. i-, 4i .ii.- ir tou )i' Ih..
i h,i- -i'ri iiii l i r ti i.| [I: r ll l it i h l ll. l, liHnt i :. rI-',III rL
T1 thi 1 11 l *ii .i f *, .: 1111 i. '1l ,1-in i i a i il I hiii -1 I
IU r iir r> r.ritio c n 'l and ....' i n[ ilil lh i .r ,I i- nio fL. 1 I- -I -.I. I
D .C \\' -r l c ..i il..' n .-h l ", i'- i t,-J ,: ,1. [ .i .r 1111111 .li i r.i it .i,
S l' iic.. I 1.. rin. .' H t .a 3 :
T l ie I .nd i t: i i iiii at .: k i l iIl ,..hi,.. ,. ..-i m i,-. I. i ,I I
,. o C, to Ihl ,-l i l*1iin iIlllul ,' E'l ,irUr. .:.Ijn ir .\-.;il.: il ni .ri-nl t
i' i in nn cnrlh':] il.Ie w:an ....inin ?rlal.-inc t ilt. harm [i hl il. IIr -,
I',.'|.,l a\ il l- i, ii l rai,.' ,.4pt, d hll, si l arl i i linI] : r-, oi)i llt ii
i r invi:ln i l'l ,'ni Iph '.]i .il]' Y ilf IndJ11-i c iililli-ili, h, -.|i alilt i, ,
iininigralcll i4 :i o'pri n c'l.. hli,,rt-- .I] -' ] i,'lli-h, illin .ci .. ,, i lr .
SI'llll I c .1 1 p o lic .. It l 111.1, i k -il1 l -," Ill f'l,, l l I I., I 1 li .i

... . I I i' - -. .1. 1. 1 i t I I i .. L.[ii aI .I .lli 11.3i Z l L
Jo r-i ,ii. ;re hi.irrm than I-it'o i. J[ i- li :l) E [t-1 pauperize him who
r:c i'.'C-, a.id it in,. ital.l, iIIcrc -se tie 1 I-r.irJen .,If p atiperi'_n which
future -encratioii. v.ill lia.e ltc bear. .. iilr policy if ad-
mittinni_ fredl pra-ti t icall.' all i'hi., ha.e v.i .ht to cnime. and iof en-
cotnraogmin thein1 n t e:r. Ii -.i.lle way I:r comrn. lhal not r.nly tre-
reiindously :vco.rplihcattd all r.ur o.'n ri.tr-,nal prublezini. but has not
irlpt[ Ile intifoIur ti.:.n cf p'..litic i, .'-cil.i. e.:':lll-nlll. : an.] educa-
inonal reforii. -iiroad. Ind,.e. it ia; rather dila.,d thief progeres of
the-e ,icr, motientictt ii A.hich ..e, as .Amitrii-ar'-, are ;i- vitally
inter.creted. Had the niillins o i immii grant. \h\io Ihavc coiiic to us
.%tlliinr thll lat quarter-century rcr-ain.1 at honie,. tOley w. iill have
in;i-tedl .-in the titr.l.:ti'-in ,-f rcf..rnti in tier -OWn L.'iitntries
.lhirhi h.ic :..cer, dl il.,I diccaile after lde.:cle. Ieciau:e the dis-
.:ontcnt .f Enurtl.e i uniii a ffcct -'.-iiJe bly flyin- ti:, .A\IImerica.
,i tr diut, A, .\ i l".ian ] tiierciteli. in Llir .c rlij-v.il ]L rr rcss c.
ei ucai fn, .f r t.lliZ.t < It 'i.r rt.. :.f deIi iocratic inlltiutlio s i t,"
J... e.er~ hinri in i-,jr ..-.i .er to itre- crT'.c- i'.ir *' n t i ,tituti rii intal cl.
ariil at ilthe -z e tint. Ir, lirelp thi. .*iri-iint ittd i llli.:-.n -:f Europe
-iit] .\-l1a IlI -ray in their I~ n COuntri- ; t.:i h, ul..er their oiwn
r-i: p.-.'sibilli r. :.t r .L t rllre frt r them li.-llC- v .lat ro r
,Ail f-r.i:Lr';er .:. ut her -for ue. 'in,] f-.r 'uIt r C'lildrern."
It i i..ilent th.-it in c-rdirr to meet tfnur national nee-l Congress
mu-t pIre[iare an irnmir'-ratiun liw [iri.i..riin, greater restricti.,n and
.i nrre r ii.tial .lan The prci ntt la..:, for in-tince, bases the
ad.rr', iun .:,if in i rn, rant- til.l. n pL. r:centag... ac.:h rac-e r itation:ility
beI;.n en itle.l to a certain pir. .l -irt in of tn. L tJtal nriurtib r of
p rs..in bl -1in;ullg zt' that nationalist: alrea-ir l in the United Statts.
One .l -,vu' d licet mi thin. rule i- that it di:e ni'-t co' er the
tl:,ijl nui Lj_,Ier .,f l ti urai].: eJ inte il-er ,- lI the vi'. ni nationality.
\ll :,tt,.m p.t i... .Jltrrilute i miin 'iZranit. acCOruinl t[1 certain
l...ca3liit. lti.i. thius far fail'. It iwas ti'po -ed,. fr r instance, that
ca..ia t. i ro:ent a:icuiiilur:I distriC.ts :'oulil prcicr t-, settle in
i-ricultural ii-trict;, ic: r I-ut thi y did ii:t. Nearly, twenty cars
anigo [rn r ."J -ir .Ie- FlanliceI.. thi. o:[pciti-]iJe, Italian AmLbassa-
dlor to thit country, hope. tlinat hbh pl.nritin- ci_.loniiet: f ltallalis in
,onin.,: i-tf our itiiitn.rn State.. ire mii i ht fin d cr.n..1itin which
'. uli-il Li i.t"i\ rabli It tillr- i:,'lo iii sT v.ii.' i mi ht e\tn, in ..Oim e dis-
tricts. retrla.c iteI negre'.; : but ithe fii: s-. .')nital ict,:d hi;. beltev:lent
Jdr aitI.

I- 11 Or canilry r. i I (rcilerS u'\llo \ill lo..er i it 513110 jr in neal in.3
in morals. in iottlli',L.It. or inl patlriol.;tm. Until we realize that
A'e have inlh ritedl a ;acrd tru-t 3a d that i.e mu:t preser.'e it
-acrell '.e too are iut irTmp rficil Amcricai';

BY W'il-LI.-M. H. I-IAPR.
Pre.idcnt of the Intier-ra ial Cl nl'-id
Current Hit, rs-Ji i. 21, 1921.
We ha .e L-inii fa ard of late v.mili mn111 starzliiig iintrLriev,., aniil
,lieedcles about the o-ic-::llc .J .ilien lhordtic Ithat ire \crr niiiiing
America and thlie fifteen 1o t.ieniy-fiA e niillirn nore iiiimirar ts
%ho "%an.n to. comnic." Tle toicts of dlispl'siolnte tlhinlierS. o
ilns subject, so %iil t., the niationi'i welfare, lia'.c icen ilro\n.d
hy sei ntio] n ti ur r ii.it trs until public i;ltii incit .tTm ] ripe it allow
lthe making of dr.str. I*A. --lI.' -I sholutel .'..itliout predc int in
th11; i'altiOn'' hli story .and in ir',latiorn :if all it, traditiolls- that
%,oull cut r'f immigration. to et o:,,cr .,ti't tli:ii the c.-il fati
oi the case.
The latcL fwurc i n mn immigration pIuli.ht lIy the United
Sla[es GoiTernntl.i arci from ite begiiningli ol the fliicjl \C;ir.
July to November, 1920, iiclu.i\c--a prrio.l of five montlis Dur-
ingl tIs lime there s cre -72.S59 immigraiinr admiitted. while IS1.-

iii i iiei ? .":iii

1 11. ..\ I 11' 1 O i ONLA.IOM .\
Ui.. r.-i.] kft iliIt .c: untry.' The i-alance i, tlicrtCfor', 2 l,354
i ii-.',i: nimnth- Thi i a i monthly at t.l nf .3:,2,271. net immigra-
i i .ti f.'.r tlic t: -ri-..l. c.' Itrd. li tIhel al r.. c la.I ul.l continue fo:
lite iic.l ea Ir I '21 ihe tl,tll TI it miim rati'l: I'n f.r tlIt iar '.O)ul(!
0). I(' :9252 T ii.- i ; S lh; li lilt. innl rrati ..)l T II 1'' Il or for

.' \: i m a i llli -' i-'l., iht itiring lit. [.ri, i l o!
Hl. \\'..'rl.l \\.r ia- --. smIIall. .% 1cilI,: i ...il nri m en i m ilitar'
.I ,li I l.l i y 'ai that 11. .ill tal -.e f ur *.r fi C ..t' .I1 mA, .i[lniiiU
i ini,__Lati, tI... nI l.l uI, th: 17 :.'-. T hii %-.a m ,lin.i trailed illn th
I'2 I i.e lrl, llthe fir, ci t Tn : .l rrt-r-i 1 i., .I '.' .111 rin 'cr.a e :as lI%,
ul- 14i. icr -i, t Tht ,,rl iulail:.n :,f 'he 'hit. -I J C i atl i 10 ,6 ,10;, S.
:'-.IIlg t t; tll': Ci,:i : l- l ''21 a- Ic.:m iarcd iLh a total of 91.972.-
-1... i. ] l':, I i a ', r''" .: ",.'; r I-nO. Tlhii rR -in iw cru.-c since 1l [.l
.I 1... 0. ". .ir ._ il, 14.'- [.p r I i a.- c..- i ,i ',d ..ilh i-, incrt- o r
Its. mn l'0 .,, I'l" ,., 14 ,(.' , 2 1 per :,-int
I t ll ,1 l r,'.. 1 .rI. 11th t t i n iot the IInI.I I r T cI al l r n iIal
iut ll. [pr..-pl-it -.i fituri, fl',-j f irrm ..raiti...n that allies a
ih. al Trn I ,I :n 1:, ,e niri _in.i tr-tIL. I. I ilh_. l I th i a fal.1-,

Only 1.000,000 Yearly
.I l ilt ir i c.:lnl l i -r I [.'I l l Tr Tl hAii lir: ,1 :.. 1 h11 i '- n I
I I lit h i f t I (n 1 i . I F i I l. l ,''n iimi ri r n ,, r. z. i .i : ; i .
...i. i, :I n i int,- ,. ii thq: 'L .> 'N 1 .rl HI cr ill P .A S Frjn .
lin l'rn -n.:-t, l l tli t i ilatcrnalrinal crci-anlii.- ?.arin.:. ,' clc:irtl
tlh.t tli>- n i 1.,e I" .1.:,', I1-i,, irni r nanL i .... 7i, sl, htl. la 'cr
lli. i- ,, n f ,] l',.,t, AI a Ia [h -l 1 h,:r-n ;i. 'e\a :r sup: Itr.
.arr:" hn. r, .11l .i [ l n',iiH ,.n a .,ar th.: Ill.',ii s :..ri:, o t ,'I
A l ,lllan i I 'l II ... til t 1- l.n zhi l,11t _4 .i [- .11I that 1i:l.
ii '.a'till tal ,i fI .ii i r- t [ riing i ... icr ll'th 'ff ien mn i li. n IefuIe -
In th it li ii iiien st., .lh I E F -.ii:. : ,..-ull L.t ... .cttlil l.l thlie .ic-.n
i.. .Lalwe f ,li..m i..,t- n r :co,-n fin..i; .. ul. _. l, .n -' r I-m a ,:': ..I
SI[i Fr:ntl- ll. c. it -1h' .1 ti ,t th,: imr i ii.-r:, i ontl al r lt i ii't, t I l
i ..C-nTin ill,: nunail-t:r vt I '.-. o h, iJ., liijch change: tlie it hon i
4l;,1 ,,f l4 h- .:,-i.t l1l. "alien i .a,.iin 11 h fiv' urc, for ihi cjlnd'.r
,a"r l' I -i n ,lil C "r.,1i:.lin ctlilTla t ir tl -" -.. v .f omnp- r .
* ,n-,i- rc 3 I. 1 -.% 4
United Starte Port;
Fin sci...ilnd Thi.J
Cla-m Cla Clah Icta,
\\e i t ..:.u J .............. 6.637 131.636 484,124 6'84,397
Fa -it.bo i- -,l ................ -r3,,2-5 ,2.625 302.433 45- .783

Grand Total ----------------------................-........------------- 1.143.180

Canadian Ports
Fir.L .i:... l Thirdl
Cla.- Cla., CI,_ Tolal
\* ,tb...r1 ............... '.344 54- L32 111,241 171/.1
I ..- -- ......-----......-- .... ------ 0 .. .711 ?7.484- 97,172

.rn T ---------------------------....................... ........ .
if th ll..l niniilil,r .,f ipaji.-l t bi- dl \rv. b:. I.ei., thel
1 till'i, .M 'li,- mil IAuuIp[e, or 1.143I.11.I. l 4.-4.124 .inr sticrag.
; i- ii s ... .in aria., .i.aiit 1 .'24 .1, 1i' Till >arnic cla- '. oinc
.ul. Thh liI in iIii c r:[ic 1 i .. 1 .lt 'i 'r r.i tn.i :'r4. lh.:rI :l'..r. .
II 1 ', I i.-,r 1 '. I
\.1 lltiL r .L in mi iiI i|. i1 ,11 ., l. illi J ,li i. re ih.. 5 .,'1:,a ,: 'C .:." m .
,i l .-,: .'o I liLn i i .l i I . i,, nn l',.r t. rl.rr_- iIting 'lhIll*.
.I'i'il r L' I[;- il iiiirnm li .n lt tal irr .iL'r.-4ge |aS.l .n r,--
l' ijUii -c rrr ..i in ..l .'.:.cl ..1 l.r I:raiil.lii', e-tlnm it
.' I r .-.in l'.rdl -1., a e...:.,J I,..,1 .. I .- a ....iut the reo, Inl lacI- k .:.f
w ,p.l,r iat -, i I .il i I L I ..:la .I th ,I- hip. (i,;r 1 %% as ahoui
11, r. h1r11 ill 1 0i 'i : ti h,. I.'i ,Ian shil ri t. ,lhih .ii :, -i u i ed I.
l.'I .i c i i n I '.'. \ I I - ilii. "ILI Lu :. f iiu i vl r r, n.' li 1n r -I T --- 111
-" l'r c:.nI. .\l.:illt '.. ],tr t. l :.* ill.. Cern a i m rs :are ,:.ul
I 1 .ict. i 1 n i 0 t.. 7 il. adn i. -h i n- .. cr' 1,221 '. M r. Sanrfl .rd'
*in I'I .onulh '.irtiial agr:e il, In -,i I tli- : r- th r li. i iilih.:n a ., ', .ir
S hI m -. [ i lc 'an -'.IuL at r. : lt. Iit tle :i ur do il n
, n j, l,'.rtil a..- he I'li ,.n ..,r I.. l.nLI i '. n illi. rl u ._-E

Appearances Deceptive
l i .r' i, l ..m l i Ir. i, tu,. Fr. r i.:l; ,\. \Vallis, C ,m l..-
I ii. r ...z IIln i;.-r.l.jn f I..r Owh" Pr s .rl .,,f .4 lpIllt [Ih : situa I.:.-
*r ci.arl, hicn lit sai i.tii ri. \ ~ s a ..t i-I d t rli .nrr.; l twn ccn
S:,minl g z :. c.:. iI '" -i: ,r I, inz: 'il. l. t- .- c ,m L :' ,\L .: t a li, lli.:.. a %v- ir
Sthll,. i nm uni n lli w rcIl he *:,tinaunl al a IeIiin* l i- 1e i-. ,makc t1h: d'li i-
ullt irnil c.':l LI-Ie trip I.. Anit..ric. 'ill a in llii:'n a e.ir a; tell
Ill. ;ir c.liLijal-. theI aiilll,.-'ril I. i m uIT '.'i\ rF.il:i ll e r i ial
Ih rt .tr,. lar-,: IInil -. c.:.i,, .; I.cl.. -,.: lhi l ll: i ,.t nimrl.lrflr ti'"iti
* ill Ie :ar .i: .ov. ll it ri uri:
\n.-|thi r 'IiJnT .-' li' r-. [i1e tlo- 1m m.ln ll i,-r" [ihr, A: ..
r.lit on lhe pi ltur, .:. "a arm;i .if rcifu .' aiiiL f.'-r pal ; .,rin
I. ,I. tilt aI3:, .Tri ,' th ll iiiardli- r in .Id .ind rirnr 1l lack .: I l.
-ie. [lihe ;plcar.i incI .. ,-r'at niuiiii.r 4- ci i.:] i ., a .:..i p..ir ,
,i ill nuin l.. r ..' I, -I i Tl t r il 'I I I .r ..i .ta rinll liie
-,' ry ,Jay L., l.-,rc tll .\nmi ri.:anii [ _. -, rt- ',l'l",ce i1 \k arsaw .1
ni T ,,'ani 2 .'00 Ili rn t applih, nti c, i dI y. 1,ut practically, tlhel iti'
.' nl .:- .m in l,.n. : .I. i I.r I.. :uCh tl., t -t11i i;0 1 ,'ll J, ,hm

lin. I ull- to l.riii] :in;. l ing li.e LtIi'L number. I'Legar. hri the statement
lh-t 5 00j .c ; came to Ihie- Unite.] Sitatc. in ,'-citohier, he de-
cl:arel litatl oul 12217 cmliice in hlli m.ontil. or ]t- than one-fourth
rthe number clii.i'l L'v iinmirgratioiin ..ppuitlcrit Mr Pernstein also
te-.ilficl iltha, ile the .le-lre t emigrate wjs s tronq, the desire
to rcii.aii n Pin landl i.as tronc r, i pro,. ldc conditions became
c.Ill there
Some Deterrent F.rcecs
A point :. rl:'kt ,l inimi-'rati.,n alarmiits i thit most ipeoile r:
Ihcitatc to und.riak,-f tllh- rca t .-d..nilure- o s.ekinci their fortune
scro i ilise ca. Thi, applihe ni.:,r ,nly ', Pola'nd. but to every
ration th-i.it licnJis II immi;rantr it I h.:ii.ulJ I.e briie in1 mind that
religi..u4 and ilJ l..litcal tfreedom i. gu.iranictil in in-i.t countries of
Furope it rr1 r:ii. America ik n,. longer thi- inl refuse from
"lipr-ion. anl, therif,-re'. tll.:.c v. hu come here .ill do 'so mainly
f.-.r cc-ni-.mic rl ca.3.n-
The r-ilr.-,ad an.l 'team.hip far-e, the fee'- icr pa'c:pori- and
Sli; 111 t e IIICl tal ct:penr.i'e am.utint to a .mall frnrune .vhen
nicomputri'cI in thlc on_ of tl curuntri of Euroile. It ii er.timated
th t the I a.a e c.:.;it th. price .-f a little firm .. rr there.
an.1 'vc m n I.e i-lur that a3 s-On : as i.11 readjju1tml.ni in Europe is
Scll undl r '.a.' lit. numlcr *.:f people vh.-, "V. ant t.:. o:mnic" will Ie
iar [eli, the e-ltirrl al. fift:,:n or t Liit'.-l-fl m illih-n.
It mLrt: tk., remr-mLmcr. that, in addition t,-. the l[reailini Liesti-
Iil[icn inI ELiurlup. tlirc a hai Ih- lure of C'-.Cte:linIl'.'l high wRage
in America during 1I'lS 1'910 an~. I'' .', :and that there were more
jobs than men t.:, fill tlim. The c.ta.hi tonn ri unnem[ploymeLnt that
al.ak' tihe immigrant un.v'eleume 3a IprcFent. acco-rding it the exclis-
i-nist,. M ill als;: malk the ulitn reluctant tI: c;,me..
limir.ition ,b I.' .. a great extelit lth lInt ,-f supply and
diLmand. \\hen u.'ac,. .-.cre at their to [.:.I tch liere ilie ,*o)rd went
,:'t tl Euriope. aind incrceati imnigr iliun rc ulreJ. \WhXcn news
of th, c'loin g 'o:f our milli and shops pt-iicr3ati1 tlie mind of
Eurcpl.; th. re wiill L,: a .hI:clirlc in irnmrigratir'n, law or no law. But
to ':et an arbitlr 'ir p rid.:. fir th. sui ,pein.i':.n .t immigration is
I-. interfc-re '.'. iti a pr.:c .'s as natural a tlhe l3. .. f ra3' ilation.
It i propoicil l.-, c\hludJ immigraiinn for -a %ear, jCel before
the ciin of tle i i\.eh'e months we ma'y li: clarmrring for more
liclp i.. nian our i lndu tries anr .I till ...ur i ilds.

Need of Farm Labor
already y therl art' indi,:at:.nn 'of ithc anie lurt -.f farm I:jbor
horlagt in 1921 that caiius. such great loisS. lal:[ ,car. ,:.ordill
In thel be' s aIut]iriitiCS- tli(. ciml|.,;-n, ai. ri.utll[Jrii -A the '.t'-.i ai'.I
-Jutlh-- ic sihall Iha LL o fa.:c tlhe .aiim lab.rr -!.rltat.. lltin :eir. .A
re-lulioun p'.lss in IJC:DeC 11.l r ly v Ic S'Illa n i erlli Alliu al L.aii .\L .,I.-
cilat ni' I [rl..iu 5t.[i l l-tro l- al'.:_ain-l t tlic ex tl..i;rI .in I l irin labi..rers
.Arcordinz .. Sc-:r..tarv F [). [i'.n kc .".f that .ur .il .ati,',. 11i.
llire tlm h ri i, .-l hi' ,I '.1 thi 25.Ui j \icr',s i. I" lh i lt -i.i. lal, .il Il
th ,mrn ,di allll .: lw er .1 -l, i, ll, \all,.", 1n I... m1ill li.e1, alhl .
.irtu:ib-ll'" l .. f it c i I 1.r.n li[ 1l 'n:r ll. pl.:..,r Il1 .1 In ltii
lr,',fiiabhl. l,:,:.i', .]: ,f ,..crzll,.ilt i lura] ,aritac.- T hL.re ar,-
iian.. far ricr i .( l fi.reii liit l 11 ll lll rI'* i i i l.l hei y tli j i:.o n-
tri.illted :l .-raIll ii, brnii in 2 f i fro il i.: ee .- pru..ilu ti'. I.,
M ot'. [ olf liil'ii 1i, i i r., % : ,T .i L,' i: .i' ell it Lai[ n eIIvern r I. e '.c i
T l e ikx. i i ie r : lli ,ii- i as ', ll,,,v
i\.'Ht l.l ", < th.r._. i i L ll l1 1 f ,rL .'. .1 i .1" r .r ,:.|.r .- in.* Ilic
re' trl Ir',l ,'I in.i.i-.r i1.1i nIil,_. Illn: i .'lil d S-tI L. i il .\lL ric a 1ru
J pt'irlu l (i '..o % 3 r: .1 i1]
v\H. 'I. :.', ,Inrl tIn \.. r.. I"1 0 I' .l, Ilni j ,,i ]'"-' thel
ri ii er s ,''f 111,.. L'nill,.I l .'[lI .: .le \ r,_ncr,:,l ar n.cli[ -: i i l il t el in
nln: ] llg', TilL;i' cr.,Ii ..n a.u:ourti l .i I J i ii c tiL; sh1 ..ll ai I 'lf lrir
ril.nr an.1
\'.l l1.1 1, therIe 3re lia n'I r I Idr ''I I l' jl i'J'nlI farrri in 1il part.
.i [lih I'n1 l.. lc' . I result .i" a f; ii -T .il,.I r t ',na r; : oiiid
"i H L. I 1' l .\ lher. .ir.: lin.lii,, ferlll:' |f llllm I. ',: l, ni' .,f i ll Lr
I t[ll ,I Iul I II 11 ll ,.t'ljrt ..11, l ( 0ia I l i C ,1ill1 lI 1.
1 ', '-.r. lid iin-liiil; Ih ilicl ;llhlu 31 r- i. i l i thi ]..,..:r M .ll.. -" *i i
'all. % ii. i\ l li .l'. i-'iL LT i
1-: 1 .- \' l f 1. I; ...r.I f D n C- [ ...f le: S ,, tL rri n
\Mi i1 I 1 L.ia dl .A ,.I.ii I. i Illh (l:, .f D ,'iir.] ..r 1 1-' l "T'hIAtj
-i r 1 I, p r..' l: I I ; ] l l r ,' *: h ] , 1 :. ,i .- ] 'ir. i r
lild ;',Iri l, L .Io r Irppi The I 3'lil,.,d '." ,. i n I thai tiil.' C .'.]I --
r-' .- T, i.lin l :i,:h ls ']r,]i in n l ] \ ,ll liu % l%.n tlh : .I .-
ii .',n ',I .1. r l i' i i ,I .'[ u ral TrI .'..i'.r -f
I r .,.m IL l l --', l l,. L It 11. :1, '. I I l R ,,1 1.- I, z il ', il t:
.. . ,*i f H ell \>:, t ,l[" T-i.'- I .i .' .i Irc l IIe n,. 0 -..[ii o l rl' t :.
'.\'aller 'A\ L_ i' .t l .pu a I.il' r i.' i, in i i. 'nl r r .' I ,itlli lI A.. i
>i i l.?J i Fi1 'h,. 31- 111. 3 l. t -' 1 1 1. 111 l ll i rL- .I l l, i1 h l .Iate
thili t \ ,, i tl. l IIl,, k il" itl :, I l > .; r. ilh tlli '...r .i ;,ra ,,d u l.I 1,.
, ill. l,'., r: f..... 1 "r l .4 i 1f I n LI-' .'l b .. f -'utl v ..ll t,. it .
[ I il \ r. '1 lail r 1i i i iiu trivs' r:J Ill . r,:d -f.- t
11, S a'. ^I l,1 in 111 I ... II:1; I '1 1 v % n. til t i in ilih ir o.v I pari C1113lar
lInL' L,4.l itr m eniii.; f run. I an "l a I | ..' il,1 l.' J Il i,,l ia l .- l,..r 'k-r, li ,, i i 'li1 l
lIn'ie" I l. iil_ n L l fr. ,tl 'lI ..il I L .] IiiL "m;l i' l i'li'* li- j l ,- 1ii [ l
The lrild.a- orM r. v h., Iri lin:, ih:, c..rl) ,-c.:\ t lha i lZ h.0 t rii n llc
0= _;o pla iin l' i i il iw ini'r irn lli s a-, .t that l.],,r i'r,.,v il ie



lU mai n i e i tInpt .i I. TIh. l'< t ru'Tr ', uo] anil t.ttll nlr
..i ite s,.utlr..e t i l M \r t .,l tl .be pb crtiiiltt".' t .omn ini anri
i. ...n Ev, .r, r i.' T u .r I lr .,lk l foir hi '.n lal r u Ipply. buii ii
.ul'ilnli ni g ip the l .. ti ll,, it ,il-.L.:l ri l lthl t 1111 nii' l ..r nwl- ilri
,i]'iln r.jl-. i[ Iilio r A.| L -'cer'
U it,.i]ti',[i,.',n,.l .i ts in _.c .rt i- in e,, tl t!r tI true- Ilut it
.liu .%.ri oLIr urp l ,I larnicr .'.il rm intr,. r iro'n ,trker. li,
d .-.c.r L, ii i., ? tll i il t :.11 J ii ,t'lt liti i lil< nlcli l 3rt Teillp, r. ilar l til
14 n,.i oL'I .-1l.
The .ttti i vi l il it tt'l i.ti) "a : I tirie citt.t alia .trici til
rim.. T Trl .'il >i llit . I'.i lln .' ', U. ',u ,il -ItlL ,U t -ll li ,cd.l i t el l
nm '.'::ill... rI:nor llk. .,r p[hl ,i,>.a.ll: n llil .. i l l, 1:h ,,*.: i.,. ~- a Ltc; T iit lic
3a tiill. - I1j tre li .%m1r1i'it ii r itntimiii,,l-. 11,:l 1 i,".. ac I; i.,: '
nmur t 1 aitinatl. nlorcl: l .tmil pro i-io:ii Ihuli I.n madi.t lr thi iT
cnl...rtc. trrn Thi- .i'.il q itil llct e alarm .i lhn-ce ill-iiil',rnmil ipe
SI tt- '. Iit 1 ri :t li in j *ti r-cruu "rcJ" I.r Iuil'C tihi.rTr

I't .-'.iE< I 1..1 ic .
LU itcd :.<'lt- -.r..ar;, of La:Ior
The I- 'urli:..ik. .i~nI -. I':2-
II I 1Pl l i i. Tu Int. I 4l:l.l J liLe .iinr..-z I.tilcr thl 'n t:. I-LI'I thel
hi.[..r Hi ilt I. aii r di i li r .et-. *.i4 ih.. arr iT .. \ Iacli al l I
it ,Lur r c ,rtl .:'.l ..irl.. C: ilh .-all i.uii p.u. I _h uld lik .-till lit-lt.r
IT ;:, lieT, ni t c-t' t.'rd .. l ih ,l iln tli :rcar rtt.arlt ] work llai
i,. ill l,-ir'.: -l.-'inc i .lii io ort I,. L..r ,tn 1I,: liglhl thl -i.ori,. .;!
pr i :i lile :nld : 'ir i; c I :r i. t n. r .-in ti un it: i ril.-. .
i', -:4 '.1 orld .,i i .. r a. n-l I lirc.1 rt u. ,l.: -t i'I thei ia tiio)nr T nl .
,' \ I I. l, ;I' t t. -crrit ]Ji n-: ue . .i. al.,i ni P' lt I h -t [.c i.
. r I t hrol : ,.|li i. n; nl ...I !'i n lfar : ti ihhi the" .IT rinllg .
,-i ,:m i,.rat l, m ,-,lern ],it: ,r,
S traincc t,_, -:..'. I[ ; pr.r:- :ir..,l ir.:.ii 1. triLIll" a _'re.;|t d&, l
,.l lr t.:,ry a: .1 f.,:,, li,,:cau ,-.i the[li .,.r: f':,,t tIh.T mr akel, thai l ",il-
Ict -- iniTc'li n;' l.r l'n .- I u a- rinrlun 'rai t bI .. The strugpt.l '
t.-.r I ld i ..,l in *' n ..,' .ui r. ,' a .-, fuh ll ..t .. .h ,i t I cjl'
S prit'.,.. thai an :rl a ;-e 1 ..: i, .r.:in' a a: pui..iJ lr itn
- .p ,,d ll. -:onintributlr m all 'rr I,:,.. ,] .., ir i
hipp, _.1',d C.:', t,-It,'
I iha e ii. i- ']i '.'. l.n it '.'. that l n im lir t nli4 Trailrt I'r. ,
liC C nt il' i f. hliima'rll:, iL i; entn-iL'h lo .iat'i t'i t n11 itrTllt
f'.lt thn. pi ,:h for rourm w3 .l lt.e an to -_ o:lt tIl n k i t 'FrtuIIi -
l '.-'.r lih rd: and ]:trc .r -i lI] L'r ..n,' r 'A.':lLire. T T he,. I',i1d I il,'
I.- t i.=r i .] h. irr .r- I.'i It,,, ii i nii ,ii. I,-,i l. .it u r lt. I o f FOT' t .. TI h



ni.rt idartI, a3nJ LoIragC.e':.u-, *.entured i.ir iild find lkeen pileA-Lir.
in hlie advcritlirc of r % ili lands. Ft.atI .:.i srengtli .in.l endurance
.*.:rt the prl .l: f the lclad.ri 11[ II t ir i.i.iiil \1d .-. it camlite Itou
ill.it rhc .tr,.rilg C.plrr int.:. f:r c-jiul trl '. -k:t Ul' thl ir o\ in
kilg.I..rni' ani pr,.p ir ,.Iil.. tlic w ':al.,.r oi 'ion.I .-nd bl.'dy. 111i
0.,,' in) :|"...11 .l011t. 4lta. In hll l.1, nr 1, llmV lll i rl ll i.,jl1. llti,-,ll. inl
II i.-'r ..1,,I l. .>-. ili r cr .ilingi -c-ijurpe .1 i .l ,ica .si nt filth, ,ir
, .1 .,il,:,t tllio .,I" ir''rc ,l i[ tiul I ,-tile A' ,. -- l'r r;., il li.k in .n inr
irh dirIi. llt Ii. mo .r. tI tr tt-Tl f thu r rat, :.I 1 g nt. [.,: f-.r
I)Oin :fli.l r ,ianoLI t: r i2r at c l .'l. irIn .rin.l II Iat.li l 1 ri re n nii.
Ah.lk i \i r ar .i ll ~ I i li ti r .. II.:- trI I ..:1111 :Xi .: n il iim-.l.-d r
hil.. r I 1 11. L. ih. .1r. ,:.f I lC.r .,, 1: 1 I :,- i .'lj ,I 1 :' ri v ..-ir; l
sl' .i i. I rit l i. nll ..illtI.r tI. cr ti.,t i.-al I.. l i .-ll -. L., 'l nl I ilre
i.h ri -t il. r i. ltilh i- -ltl .:.. Tri .\I I rii.. : tl.H: i .. i i.. ii l l I 1..i
II-.r ar be. I .r i. t l .ri n i .,-rl. ir i ..i. c 'hii I I-lir I.fui I jt li:
ri.t: L h. l .ir i th i Il c. l I' I I i..l'.i111., r i .arl .Nr H i i l lI

Irdi Ill i '. l lit- I --n" t o, ,, c tiic c-l i i i riir i I r n1 it
r. r la. Lra l a. i ic ,rl c 11i .l l 111'C.- I ]I i i Ci 0 1 i ] '1 I ,i 1 1 r1
rin .lib r i. n ric l lti r T:,- c i :t c. "i i-.i l.. iu -C .i lI. ll .l Ii.1
r L.,-,t I I r I-. I I I L- . r I, au e .-,f I1: i n.r ot hat l.1
S ip i .1 J .i ii- ; tr- -i I r ia el I It t .. .:. .:.r -e t1 s'il the ..il i '
h tli1s t i.l r. llr- L..l... ,:. tl 'Irr rt.. t .,i i l IIh.: s.i J r : rl ti- lc .
.a* ling thl t.n Lp. tli., n'.rihl. rn -- 4...,r an.di- i| i[:, 1 ii tr :tli. h-
111 thill i ,e r' i i. n i .il
It t- .. th. 1 :.L ,, ..-'t rdi.. r .a i l I:tr.. i 'i it li t lhe t., t i,' ld e
I'i rim i r.ll .r '. ,. I.t r,. t- r, ,I r 'h, 4r- .ts.. Lul -. f t ill It-.re Iin-
,. lrt a [i c in I. l li l,.' Il %,:, tl.ti...n I 0.ir ,:, Lr LJ,.a u tJ ,i i lh III-.
..a. :1,: [r.n t-i ] f ,'-ha r l.r ,i ,l lchl pr. it l',ted iicir cP:,i Ci ... P it' c -
:'n i l i. i.irl l nd .i-. :i.- ti. [- 3 .i.11 *i w Ar' ph ] i i l Ic -
in;.-. r> ad l ih I.aldc I .-.r ', h t thli ., l_,.li : d.,J .. a r i. l itr.,n.. I
i.."rl i -trian fia li h hL v. t- rt: 1 lie pt -'.,ll l I-eIL..':,% tlt I 'A. rl: .:.' ,-"'
i ru tliui n *o l I i g r,.. t..- :I i.: i a ,i 1I.-. ,-o rl, 'I .;r aL er Iw' c il.,i
ibLert:-. n. l- ,re icr r ,-p. t l .f r iith. rv lt .:.h i, 1 .i.i.iu l .. h..[l
.. 1 h .I, i.r intiii.]li,,n IifJ r ,' ll i ,ic-"- tlo ei rllr t1, hl.i r,] ll il : *,I
pi. nj,.cr In',. Ir <,v Il \ n ,ric.il tlu t lr .. l. I .. ...I .." *. 1, I It,,i;
., l.u r,,p'
C '"'n i l r.. . .. [. .r rl.-.ii ik \ n i'.. r iL liaj .L .i .i.
. '11,,Lr i no'. -f i rt I l 1 1 1. 1 fill da eii-.-r aiid hI .rdkihipT nr.-r ILr i ni
,l \' r llb i. Sl I. n1 li;p tr I, is lIuxuri.inL ; tlh j .c,.ir of l t...nl
11114r e. 'i frcs I Ir, .IL'o t. :ts 5 -iipc:ri r t.:. ii Il .anI y b'..nll,
.- the: p] .ur,:r clb - *)i Iuri '>; and tlhi- tr't ..] ,.i n ll.h. I'n,.ii,
i n i r aii tgun *T l.rrIi.l It. ,irl. Li .i> p- .":1 liinm p:a-" '', I roil H- Im .
'ur;. t., C hi,::;... I, -- I. :ii .:. ff,-.red a. ] .- .. 1 a 10 3 |.-r;.1i, -mn.I
i 7i i p ri.r i iln ro.,n ii l.l I. :. i r.ii:

courEry, moricy % [ 1t lIai lor lie akin It required very little
work ti liccomc v.cjltlhy. as these Ipcsatlts couinltet wea.tlth, il
.Amenrica .At cait ;i :h ,.ere thie itoie circuLtet., anti are evcn

N. _ll tc. t:i, a thlic Ie I" immi_2raits coming to America
matter the difficulties i .cre rtma..lI aind thi thLought lIf hardships
climiiiatl ch: iaje-J, aind iI.. be-.an Iti : j corn in increasill; numbers.
Tu thti Eiurocpean iiItunirrati...n va.. a'o a.ddcd .t lar,e influx of
I'ritiin l life:, until finally, Cionre.s iuntil it necet ary tr. place re-
sirictin up,''n imnigration for tl,. protection: ofi Amrirican citi.tns.
Fir;t \\.re ibard Chiinicite l.1-or(rs h Ir(1i'rli',ln1g' their immigra-
riin here fc-r a pIriu.l A ten car. Laltr Cconcre-s paast a per-
irairenit irierinltl F't.:cluJI:i .\t, .vhicih firohibited iniimi,ratnil: from
CeTri.tin pri:crihed are.i. of il' te rth'- smlr.ir ac, arJ thlhi Excluion
L.1 is in fi rce t..ila ., its el ii .enc. ini':p irid s-':me;l.hit I'-,y iubter-
iu'c]s re;,rrtd to I. foir thle pur[li:.e r.f viulatlini tic law. andi tir
c-,urt dl:ci'i.jii. lhich liha m,..,Jificil apparently tlle orijinial intent
:,f tl, I"',;
\\c e'-i.clu i:d thie Oric'lt.il blitra-C: ..e L( I,,',c lthld hii lov cr
siandar.i c.f liin,-, the Ir.'i v.,'~e for v hich hlc .':iS willing ti.
,.,irk. w,,uld impair c-ur ti.n tritlardts and the cfli-rritnc. ,of our
in.titutlin.. Thi-n ,,.a ri.a ht ibut iu Ie;: tcrrect ..ea- tie atiltudre i!
our L:,n.re. in a;i.. ccating an-J : lti;' cert.ai and;rdJ of health
i.: be rtru| re, .r *i Iall ,-rir intrm r.i nts. E i: eritnrc ha'; t:uLight u'
that if v.e I,.[ irtr:. cur country' t nti.n and i'.] :mnwr ph,, ica.lly inciapahbi
, di- u[-u-r[ tIhcy l-cc-mc [ulb-lic chiargT-:. S..,ncr or late-r the.
dJr.in ul -n the N:tio:,al .:.r c'.mmunit wvtalhll-they take ever.y-
tlhin ;al[i Li'e notilin,. *..h 1C th-:e reall. re ..rii:ibjl, thl -te who
rrce i .] \lhat L.,.ntft tic:. liha cc.nfcr.. o:r '..hi.- would d han
rcc i'.d tic lhienctit. n z hi'. there been atny. are relihid :f respCsiilito.
:and l.,'c Ia. the hill.
l;ut it v.'a n., lirimaril: tht cl.-cxnsi. of kh.t-inz public rchargeF
"e ,:.ijecteid It... Ac lc rdJ a more SeriouiJ mion. .ate-Liat from dan-
erou- aind lui:ith-im c.m ; L rit._'iun tlicie ~ Life in iereigri lanld-
ain.:.ni filth ani dirt lr-:u2ilt uc ni l :e cAountric, of tlih 01.1 Wor]d
g:rdTr pld.i-us tr.pitu., choi.:r'r. Ielro. tuberculr.si;, and mian
I-th r It-a c-.
The ULite.d Sltate '..s a nrt'., and cl'-an couinry, it ta4 '-t and
thicrie we:t ri' nm ir:or expansion. 1.Li[ t... permit t v ry .'i;.1i '-. of Eu-
ropi- :mt .1IA. tA o :come in mcani ruin N,. o:ner dtoublt the widmnlei
c-I ,our pc-licy -,_f wvedinu- outt the :ick, the maimnd, the hIlt, the llijid.
he ini.eciil., ith itihl'-nmindol, and th.,:,e convicted of crimes.
But ;i'n anlll ihi slectclisin teni o if migration. by which

uiinndesi rable for [va rio i reasoLns I .irI; La i lnlier? of ntlinonail to
certain conllrie' liavu estacllii tlicniches inI conimm11nitis, ettinll
Lup lthir ow'.n ,itndarIls and hnhliiig aloof from ili.. iistitution. ainl
iicilitirs v.lhidi v.ork toiaril assimilation, pri.'.erncin a thoro boil-
m on t ithe incl.inig-iu l'..p,", .,!iy dui' r ;V' r 1 ,'ii nt l s ha/ .
there be,'p- n J o','i bll l .i i' in i/i, l,ili\. pr/. ,,s.' eitherr :-'u
lila pHU t,'.' much I'l th' ot'l or ;L'I ha;, ',let stli L fiSl .',. h, b ll
Itl any rLtL'. ;' hau' ,.t to ta ,l:, it I l, il h mIPS ,r I.r. a. lthu ip 1Ijnd
simoothlo tllll I/i' lull.S
I altrilbutL inr.'t of our ditll .ic l ', to,'. inoran(c. \\'. all knr..,
iliat the f.icilli'- for iducati'on, in manI. of the coulnrires of LI-
rope arc cint \lihat they mi-lit Lb None *i ihci th ti ual tci l'acilitic'
offered 11 thie Unitcd States to e':r.'y cr'ionInIn nim t slate lire it
is compulsory that every clhl slhouldhl I( ,All grounded in iunida-
mental sIhj'cctr I do noli hi- ta.l in I saying iliat our lugh cloo"'l-
i|1 toilay arc "itiial. anid pitrrhap- .Slipcrior. to mina y of ilh,- nii\.rstiCs
oI onls a fit, gnEraii,-.n. ago Th(re ik a \cry large percent, >
of Illil.:racy ii Euroip,. an1d of late }ar;.. and prior to thle :n:actmr.nt
of the Liiracy Tist Lva., ir lrcw lihavily upon lithe illiteraJ..
clasie. Lack .i ,:lucation I.,rtel miiundlertian,.ling and tlis mi--
iuil ,erstaiding is rt .|'..i.]ill ir l uiciiih :1f lir stirift. ihe ciA il wai.
Iand irnoil in social and indutriril fair all ro r ilt: world
A. an illhisration of Iho. i.,iorani', tranp[laintlCe fro.im Europ-:
indanger-i our poiliical and inild ;-ril hi'u. I .ant t:. ite a c>.
which v a. brou-ilit t.-, ni. attil tioii n nl, r eie l', ,A\ Pio'i.n '..a-
about tc 10 itl, i :lo .re to. hr ial iI laniI. r dlic dili'lrii tion oI
*iarc:liIi,. litraturt. F-H had a 1.11' and s' xeral dc illrciu. lthe
c:liildlr btorn in Americai. A clI iatin .aited iiaio 1ii indl plea-dcJ
Inc lhard-dlip whldtl i ihis dci -.rtation .i .:,uld mi:an t., ilie facial.
I irnimri.li.i l. It.l.r'allicl t.o A';ilIl :t:in for llih r'-.:c.rdl in ilt:
ca,-. Ht -Pokt. Iun .. orid or ti,.:. of IEnglic. adli. he had
been iin Ariicric' for It t .\1 tar.:. He lhad'.l I.eL c.3nt itce:. 1i
.'|rt.lJiiig Aiiard tliic c J,.,tr;ncz Il faltt, li: i thElie lvail am l
fet ,l :i a cuhli.:ion .of a Lbig Red organi.'ation HFi ni.'e cli,.
istaicTient at the LtiiIC of his "irrcst that lRn:i had the ideril G.o rn-
inim. andjl thiat hlic Goi.eriiiniit of the United Stats o' ght i tj-. i
.\ierthro'in .aiil InL m.idl *'.-,r ju.t a, the l ic -cacn h, .l l.ti n. In
other r'.'r.lrd, lie i.ouilI hai.-t. t: go lithru ll th'- tirif'. and cl. iI
c..ar that cL.orily hias pala_ all is p.isscmg thru! It iAc.uhll m.ini
illat nrr cilizLi .ii would ih e ,,o pr.:.p:ricy rigl,'< and hunm.in lilt
would li' held at "ilnio:. nothing I 'aid hait n iniiil't bt a harl-
d.I]p i1o hti- male's fanmil. unt not ii arly ',o lreat a l[:ar.Icl ip a it
would be for our coutinry tc. allow him ito ar)r on his Rced acWmIlice

I:,Ci I C hel r :. '.. i 11'* llin:' I r l irL l Iii [i l .'i llii I fl I i il'I 10 1:, l iiji I

iI, liIi clit [rin ilt c; il f 'i'iio iw; iit. \\ .1 n An rit- ans i .ant .n Ir-
i i [ J 1,.. [1-, -r h T i j- '.', i .\aiht i. T 'ii.it i- Inr Iir' lhi.il .
11 1 'I 1 o '0i 1 1 111 1.1 r 111(. 1 -i P:` 1 4 .i 11 ,31 11 I u1.'ul' 111. v
,,h, l' Tr 'I..I. .ii iI I,.i.,rc-i ,[,i T,,- i ,,l . ,"i i: '.,.rii h'l r ,ii I i i'.'i t hfi rM
I rl i .I1 J .l I- :ll c h L I. li I' I I i ,I. c f'. r l i L 113 1 i LI.I I r i ,it

S..ll i ri, ll nI [III 1, l l r I., Fli.1 iI .' ii. i r i n i

. Ti r i r l i ri i l .' Irii lL T'.-_ -' .
l .' II I r lr. i. lIT 1 I' .r d i ll -i 1 l .-. I i: r'. i .i li i aI ,. l 11 1i ,:. .t l .l i
lil.l :n ii t rl ..] .] ir r n. ni :I 1 I [in,: for [tI l [ILirLj -r : ,i Ch ri f in.
ti r i .r.., i .. c.rr ,: ]r .. i I ii I' F'r i.:.r [,.. Ili.L [ihl Cu r IIt
II.1I. 11- i.. il f:, -t r li .11 Lni .l U .. [. r I. r ti l it. I:- a11 i l n ri TII -
I.- nal c i'.ir]a] : ri ,. ,. ,p ,:,..ul. I I I,,- l it .'' ',,l it 1 t'l.I'.Om e ld .
r l l .:I,' irT i 'T T. -. I. |.i r.I i m r i 1 il) i lie ii rl-. t T lii r- .rc4 i
lIv. I I 'l. e i I th i ,- ,i 1 i l .:. e:: ri ; i i i..%'. hlia% ,_ i n
,,r.!.:rl, J hi .,i 1 i.: e .v till Il i: ici. l m ,r, :,'ll jd >:.f iII tuurali -inl
S, ir .l .ir c.,: c',ll i n i l l it l I 1'- I Plr I'. I %% I', I, : r I 1 ..` ) IIAl)l
r 0-i i.-'...rn 1*. 1r n IILtlr lize:1J T 1 ri-: r i -lcr..E;nt l the c lo lin.I .-. n h
., 1-ri.r b .,i 1.1)u 1 i nlr - % r ,".l( l-i i:1 '". -.1 p ri .,_Ir thlr. rrL 11
,li .l O'.i ll, 'i.l r-l: .. 1 I. i e i: i-.-" I% Il -.r I 1 -'. 1- Ii ,. l
Il i. r, i4 ., I ,.i l l in nr,., m -1111 11.l 1i :, .. i. l 1 ri-I ;.- i ,h. nd.l 'df a l.'l1
I l.li.I i Li-l ill : i', i (IK-lil.U-I ill. : i .-\l A :I IrI..iiJ l..II L" liI: i n i l i lr. ll

,II 1' i I l 11~,- L iti I[' Lr il'Ii z-. lir:-r i .1 .i ,:r ll: ir *.11 n :iil l
. .... .. .. : .: ,,*n- I' [ .:. I,'. cI I i ,: i ,1 r ,.c n 1-1r,. i I- i Z.'-z c i, I 1 n ,II
1h 1 ) i. rhj i r1 1 LI.i:rI, ',. t.-:. -Iu il' l 1 I-l i ] l lri n
i.,r ll,. , ll .- j ilJ |'i.ri .ilcr.:-- ',..' , tla ji ] ',. -, r o r' i, r.. -l Ih :r,-
I.: I .l -1 L L.. ,O -O,' ,:' r L1. '] I I h.-r-i., ,',c .i, ,:,' [h ,i inhc, ,l o i llIt
Slli r I.-" [I,, I .1 & i I,- lL u I m LIT ,l .T rv'l -h,:,rr I.r.:,i ].. r a lI d i w ,lrr i ,h :,
S. i c ik vr. 1 -_ 1 1 1 iii . t1 -.r 1 1r- rf'. lip r. j:f 1 .:.. rl l I]-1 Al rt-
i[ i i. ..n hIi.. r i n.r l it Lhl ii,,l:r;i ;,,. r' tl . :lin ,c.
rh I., . ni i I .:n i.:.Ic I 'hr n]' IT .: n] Illl .ii i l- U .' r ', C a1: r. I Ir rii ,:

ih .h i '.:' i', i it ..I L ,, .0 l [1 0 .ll i1.
h r,. ,: ..- 1 .,. I-,-,:- -. %, in ., ir, i I ,: -: i i ,:t I',,:l'iri,, 1 iIn .-
n. .. iicnt in ill :Il :,iiL, nislill, i r. inl aldt i 11: -:i1 h, i z llh,-
-ll.'n .i:r,: Ir h I ri- ]. [ 1.1 n :,ec. : ind tli hE rc i4 T nl rnle l 1 3.
, w ', iI c > '', :! |.,r,.l .,: r]y LI r' :. L ,,. ..,:, -.- t1 il ( 14I 1', re lu i riil l,
,.h : ,i ,I % i :r r : Cl [I :, -- l ..' l. r :,r [.:I c i.', :. ,n j 1.,-,i1 l C t i11 '
I2 :t .Ii.ln:L,:,l '', .i .i, i n l: In li.h rl c ,%:e c c i r., in'l|i r ni[ tioln I.',
jld l,( I1- Iii, .lh ,,' lll yl l.". l,,s i,)rn ,,L-.il ji lI lM -"I 1T .M ( lA i Ll

pl;i: in our i l.inm p potI o ind jII't hot.' nuiCi'I ftire. i will ilk' Ii
.,il it.
I I.i% l ii 'i-..c llti lhi% cilriiir l tli. l l..r *i I.n ,g 1inm I I .
,lih a 'full ki i I. Cidi ...f 1 1l 1 1h t L.,iilfronts thli iinin ranch for I
.IA.s oin ..I I ii, Il. UlilJ r .11i the I i tl vr.'hich .ec m ilizlht I.
Inloking i-vn ardI .1 ,ifline ...ul .Icr :;i ci i,-i n .4l inmitni.rjics, ihei'tlicr
il thl L'te nitli l t' .il ,- r in 'lr .i.- i.. ,.k -. uhl hI k 1tr, t. I, -.I
Ii.'ticr' friiin Eliro. e-, v ilhl hll j-.ia ill of hLiirdl-wl.rking, g,..il
11o0101 iinn Lgraiat. ic. ,-bl) of f1" lic --,imin inI real a l ; -, e ..I onIl I.I

ltira.li. il 1 in lli. Tlhe i :i).l t if L iL..r c-o t l lllo 'lk. I a I.ar:,
(t CiltiZe liilli] i il i'lo ii or. fur the I. rotlit ioiii Ol A mi cric:.'-i :l..
liC :iiil 11 lthl .'ili i n ur illli.Frani 1 Ili .t % aIr. r-iia-r unm. thin- rhi l I
kni-: of
TInI f ca that in ui riiin g iiI. 4 lIih i c.J- ilIt ithi n m n i,..
t...irl:'i 1.) i r. in. t ai I h:ar Ini l .ltireniiiii l ,a i d uorc- 'l 111.1
nilin th;i ll i i ci 'a t l eco3 ':'mi il'iraller iti. l'ri Thiy min r'.l
neeci more l. lip rttlnilt i m.:.re dJe fiiii I l.-ro.r:aim i' r ii ':llnu -i
aiiil ,Its. -i:irtn c li ifollo,.iin-. ii T e I':ire-Lu f ( n itzciihioii i tllir
iirl:nr l ar.ernc for llihe c rr:in ou'nt .f -it.li .a .pro ram. if r cill 'i
*Iip fi, niii s i rllr c than ii. ilit I Citl i.r i-c i i.- il i tiil'ur i tl hiiion
Tli. lfir. st -4 o J i, i lI.in L i-.ir .lit. li llIip ii le t irlit i ii .
'.i lEng lii.I. Th.' li in icaln-I. uiii .r:iAil d .\m i ti until he und. i
-l:Iniil I lr l.a I rnt.r ti. n oilin r Ica'.n II .i.mrner':i n li ll id r alid th,
.'.i. el. l cauI 'c ti ha '. 11 I 1t rncan .l "'i immi ll:lctin.. v iih himi Thi.l
hli 'i apar. iO nly' bi ) kn:% :i n.-n ; 1 .l '-titi I cr.in Iih a;i: lisIi uni :ril.i- nd hi.
i.iA, Hi l. ct'n. I .' ri flfioiu nt I ., I. .cin- Aili e t.1 iil .i Ih.
i-n tIioii l ,ii.m l .'.rd.r v i fe u i. ini AC.:le ti.. i. r: lc ,..er f,,'r
ilt. -amn t ri :i.lia -,, Olinl [h n kno.. lIIci ia a ind ir. i i ,ur,in It al- .... pnun- pit'l r or, T.Ci Lt- lini it it' or inhisitrial .-ind commi n 'rIci-C
. l.h ancLita ntl f.,r ,nl I., kn,-.. iin; ..li j is -. .jin .: ;i, a .:|,,il llii
c%.in ,,Ii c dl.. antil'],-.: .4I the r inic or [ -ortunilii: i; .re nTiltcIJ 1 ...
liin In .ill u ti l r t ti n-ll \'}htt\n .ii kijiFi u .iif i l fr
lih e uI3rning i np l :ui oir Illnprni,. in, thi.. ji, tih e %lIicl :i ....rl:
hlai ..irC.LIl, 4.lLt>il fur Iii; life'- work. Ihe 'Y. .M C. .. K iiiihl.
-.f C.liiillbu ., Lulil olh r prin nic or;.ni:zai.'on aldl en tl ,; ]iil',lir
teh,:,olj. >:irr.' .'.n tli< v orl: .-- that (li-, Jn trulcti,.I In3;, Ic ol ain(!
nfl't r ihb rIkt ulajr iOlr r-i libnr aniid t l iich ,i .iim ll 'co,-t i1:.l
pir.c6ricall:. r err; o.nt can .fif l iti But nirdt.s lthe alioil ]till .Iill, .
iindclrsti.dll l Englilsh. this oppiorltuniit foi r culf-lilp i- ,llneci himi
Tli;: in.ilterial I.,tui icI l bih cl COMiit' ro.m kh, .%inig "I. lish] i-
II., l 11 .,l 1 ,-IL n cciiurc l. M ,i m:. natin.-ll -ic; '..ih dl ilfer me t -nl l .n -
miiakle uip thiie p.)rilatiion ,. ithe lInit l S li:s. Under l> \%'.,rld
>'o iln lili.]n llib r, rir i nr .tilmion.l In t rrdls .-.i fOr 'llil, lh r. ;.in i il .-i

IJ 1. 3 1

k_1,' I k I.' I. 1 I\ 'lk \ I I

.1 p1 r L. .I U I LIII LUL 1IIIII l 1 a ll IIJ : L II l' |II. J LI 111C, ULt.'J I1r I l L, I'. rllEn
.1 :iarL .\11 ithi ,C i hltl,:',Js < lll nini us r iJI.rs.jiriJin Ii., to m ;y ind,
ierc lar l Ju lo 1i :1, i .L .1 Tc'linlntr'lo in.ai'n '.f crimo riutiicatioIl.
I. l.'- ili, .., ltac.:lc i r.-'inov.'c tli, e it boun-. t.'- be i iricliti here
v I .cll ac thel r.
'.'I J)o ]V.t I'u,':l tu j Iuir:. u,-. m uch :al...,,i lt th d .ii l rei of the
lhlimsl. h. l,;, C 1our l.'v, .are LITiniCld 1J to _'o I.. .Ij.hu i .nd acquire
an ii '.. l .l i..' i. ijhir Lrir..li. iii I lr'.el% ,.'iil Ilih adult ;-ili n. T ei
child.] ill cl.: li lll .. ai. -url..di b.'cai I:, '',: C'',ti -l hiIl to Iearil
)itr I'l ll 113' :, ir II 'J ia tl r ii ltlU ll[lll.I ih1 prr:liarc lilm in flia;
.. flo r ti,: ,J ti:' ,.,f ,Lit .,]h il ip.
.'.:j l, 1 rin._ L. i ev., i I'.,:r-I- the .J]1 ni ':r o,, c rl ;IIl,!in 111. 1C
child firin lli,- pa-ir,:nt[ i'ilio il l i ,1 [ ii i ii'l _-i '0, 1 i "r 1ICn-
.:r -t1...i l .l tl1. 1 ,_', it., f1 r ]. i :i ttl '.: l -:lih : hlii ld iikc llheni
liho[-r id r FC ',:- teli ir tin J'llit rc' in i f llier., irri.r:l f ii' 1;J i,i .r:it.
.AI l r tli': liel li fel.r_ lia'. k: LL Tur: I :II ..In, ..r i.al i ,t l -l ,. t I l in A illth all1
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'. i tle- a.luli I.inTll 1 c feil the re:1p..it illL i..'' Lard the child
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I'.rl iaec-i.riic l r a ,imall ice an.] I*rI i i the I 'll'. I':r L 1 .lvanta.es
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,!ii'n .1 c:%rdl u hirlih h,'i h, .il.l ]i r,:.,:m |I.r].-, .,lic l y i'for n.:.i ii .:. -, .-
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i dirti Ll iiii tol tie p'rop.i s.lch indl thCl. iL ,;i.. t ilit

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,ith: 'ii l ,..:rs' z at . r the 'ir n itr, 1 1.. thi i- cLI o .. of
liI. :,l i.. are' 1ii lia a .'ll .:ii.I iil: ,:. in.' r inent In : i- i.:-.aJr rn r
i.. t.i l. '.ill:, 11 Ili]. 1.111i ...r pLrhiaps ... .i : . h a .n ; a
i' il. J I. .rtabI c unei nii r u nir Pi'',s. It trii::e in. : iliit i t i v.. i.- e.,
I ir u. etr ii a part .:.i Ul' l i d iil:.l:rt I fr- mt tht: i h n i thri I Iur.-
iint. n: ., i ( 1-1I.tl d L..r tl [ .ir i'. ' [I .ai.i .I" C A i [:- 0 i 11
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I, L h :. c.un11 1L. I ". ld Ih I.,- ', lC L l- d. h1 : I ;1 u. I .'.. '.
i.. ." i I. .ti. :r liuit n .ubtc.- I 11l. f, t % j i L. ln it i: l i !' h irc i-th I.,e
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t ini. lt. re i cur C -.i try in.[ :f..r I n l-, .:. dro H e cin .iii
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S1, a:i in tr .:, hii l ,. ic:rl I l I ill i '.-r Il, f:.iin l, ui rcl i hl
S. ll 1.0 I 3 1 [lit ,I l O!-:rl. 111 1, bjtil [" ii 1 :1 i thl tp t o i .i i ini tr., 'ir:e
I ..Ii li '.. L. i l l' . r l .r J l .i 11,. 1 1 J I .l 1 f n l ~ il.1 1 11.di .111i.

u, h l-1 ,li f. a r' l l r : r l i r 1l-,: C .i n. lI' .nil, I .- r I
C .,I 1. 1j 1., C. I' C [ l II. .c 1 -.10h T '.I: 1..'. ,l'j 11. 11n 'r .. 1r
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ih- i :.
n.- .,I.. r \c.I, y Imn r..:rrasn "'lI I' r .::' thl r : r-. lIn ni.i n I l "ihl I.
I, l,. i I, i 1n -tr it i. .1 1 1 1hI l .:.i. :il. ] ;-' i;l, l: \ I L 'I ,'t: r til.
]1 1.1- 3 .rt .' h I L .1. I rt |,rI . t !- u :. i o l i , I Ji ,1, hl l i n iu -t
. r.', hl _' t , I .. ,s i i ,.C I ,.'- ]I i f i .:.r I' c: ... a r I i,1
>'.in l f. t. h.i. h i h r:I.:t,..r m -i l', i;' l, it ; r [, r...ii, ...n ,'. l .liij
S -- o, .. l, 'l]. .I ltii llr l',:. n, u l ,-, ._.,l ; if . -- %.l i i 1.i h 0. 1' ll
. ir t r1 [, ,. t :.n rt'i In ni frr n: .,in.' ue i .ri Jl,.ti.. u t.: .rn i,, l',h r, :.i
i r r l ,, Ir ii ,:, i .1 i..,f I ce li,,. 1 11 l l I C z It i' lli.. -I ll i III
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i 11 I' 11 i. 1-_" il | t i r, : 3 . '.. I, ],.I1 -c l._' l ] r [in( t I'111 'ii 11 1 t I ., a
Sr T ll I .Il ,'," n r'o li.1, It \l !il 1. .1. 0il i. t III,. in i[ ; ,i I ,: , I -, li t ....I

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mil.1 1 a,:t.* ..in ci -r'nil l rip p[liti ,:i1-_.
V\, h n hll |I Lli iztricr rec', ii:~c h;4 fii l crl]fi ate oi l ciumi -llil
t', .\III1 C'.- ini, c.ur!t aild iden' i :.L- atL his krno lil'-; cf the coin-
i anil..I ..,ur t,..- 'r lnitell H i v.. ill ir. il; Eiiahi arit Luni.lt'talld
rl'.I ': :i.:.mL hinm TIhe C uirt ii ~L c i il wil w l Ic Iriir ,r.-ii L anl turn
ini.:. ul nt ,* t crn, in I' raicrn il '.-.ci-iin:c a [cctrltn ninl incetiin and
c.h .'i l t i i -I t i .I c.III cfIIIn.\ I- i.h- C -ni[i zpnll 'i'. I inc-rn Io, .lii
.iLnJ 'lla Ic ,.i ll il... Lt furlh-r llI.r -....f.I ,:.f h1: C'lu- c T h -,-
n il, t i, \. i 11 I, ithl Ii:r.p ra t.3.i:i l. :lIIl ill il inu,:h .'. I]'. r,
.nl:en 'Ihip rip.m:,, n h _h-lhr pl n c
In- h the l. .-L of the ,ol'an o -. ih nat.,t, i1.. gircaler h..,..
. Ill c I 1 -. : t Iif r. 1 m ..n a il an thnIl inA, him 3 111 l. i R it
I- I Ir A I c: ii i r .11 n Ir. : [ ll'a th ...rn, .-,r t'u-iu n 1 1 .i n
It, 11 ai l . .r I'.. i 'i t 1 -I'. ii Ir.: r ` : r i rani l ,I the I inIr ii iI,
..fI1 .\rnc1 i.:',t .: ti-.i'l [. t a 1 .. ih : prf it l ...i i..:,Tmajn 1 C [iz 1111
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I h .,i hi. ir.J ,.., i, *'II.J 1ili 1i-n t.. : il nr ,l-iinr fc.-imtrc, 'r .
ial fi r iri [it. I '.itjLli.ih il-i.-nI La% v-i chl i n. -' ci ndin ir.
L n,:i -- t hi rL,IA .-:al paper: an radhi.l l.. ri .i.i ... It 0 1ui
i .:.rl Ia :li n ,: I ., .T .. ": l-.. I k rr Iir t v c llhl: rL ti l .,r-.- t l II-
p li t h -lJ,, .,- [:. i.:,, thjt [hi: i IL' 1 m ihc'd 'f n.i A ''rica:lizatiiii
-11l nai uralI.iir A .i .-. ill i 1.. i rini : f.1 r ihl i.: .untIr ih- th lin .rn. C,ii-n
IFr Citi i .i:r 'li il.'i flr f I -l. rii ii 1..'i.r. i li Irnniirant ,'h. .I c.-
hI, r( ll i I, ,ri... *l , .cnin. i i- c 4I i ailblr J i." L,' ,i r L ..i ...
.url I :l ',iuinn- ., our T lfarr a .,Jl aL Ii; wi. n. \.'ill finJ ihI,
\ic% I't'. .:. j:l 1.:n in i... lnri Th -' 'J I] .J.Jer und ltc .-iin.iicli
.\i11 f'nd int it ..,l i Ci ..rninrtm l*r. .tc:ict. m achmcin r .. i lli'ar hi
; *1l n rI I r ai Tl,.ll '. l .\ m'I r'T n u r I ,-l pIrp r. 1 i.u 1 lt I
i r, .i n i lI.. I all rin ..l, 're i i al ii :] riz'l .i1v n ', iC

I-'.' E I TA. V LEliHTi- H T
SCuirrr;[ Hc tIr,., \pril. l "-'_.
It li': I .,c l i J thatl r 1. ..l v.a.. ti) \m 'ricini tl',- l,...r ,
I i-. i :r' t ii'J. iThim 11i I''nr- r, I. Or -ir, Jri n i- hai he uhali
tl rl 'r l j =' r .,l ,i It [l',.3 r ll Il ]itEI.' lI I, l l 1l .I i ,, 1[
inn lr.r-t:ni'ii [h l .u ii.e li-1 i :l': F I., ... T"hi incan;. v,.'rl
'n..'i O ill, i 'll '1 n iit i [ e T, .i[rii i iin i.'ili- ln, ilul all -. ilr
w h cO',I'I' CII1 ll.. b'.',.I',. 11 il- -.. lj I l. ',.n L' d Ml -. .111d [;IC
i ].r,|ncrli' j- pl- ci i i ._. .:.i ,r n'', \ i ll.i ,I r ,. al ]hi rit L .
S.:i.n C iii-'V. .II li I t. .' iI u ilL' C 'Al' l .u 1 : allC aie- R iic I ta T.- up'
,',r (\'Iin1r'l>. 11are qtuill c, -II. L.edl that thI., hale a much Io pi


'S I L 11' '. I 1 M I G .R I'l N .. I

'. I I 1 I'.. l II I I1 L 1 %I l L L IIIll 'r lI. L nt 1i ii]' I- .'11 li I, .r' -ln,

'Ill nt "pl'r i. tal kl tle it.. c.. i.incr'- i.ico. ril.tII l 'n III :rt. iiml : lf".,l.
ri, ..r j'I I ..til. r 11. 1l .ial It rnlirL--t if t i l 'e. I .LIL i L Ir i -i r- .
ir .' nliiIi r \I [ rrir L il i IL l th t tt rll I nir I .\ Il fil- ii Ci'.Ic 11
ilIi s inj' r r I I itt -r .. \ ImIt ri. 'nI I i i a t i c.aI It- .. f ainiii
4 lt' 11 '11.Ir11 i t Il i ., t L I '] l o t111.11. r- 11 -I 1 iti ,r i .-. t11 1h ir.
i.- iel I iJ l.l i ll t ir ii ll.i L,'uictt- l h.II [*. U i.l< r.-i] '> i i.. li n .
IIILI l p]v'II] I, r l r ) r ia. I. i .i T 1'i irii i i .11i. ]i I el.'.I -.nt, I -i"' ir.ll 1:

I jli1 llzl ..r --I i lik Il I I an aiiir rL Illail r Ill 11th Yle C .\i i rikorn
, l I iill, lli.', l t inzl 'I-n ;lcirt cj-Il3 ,. Lirtht .r r t. l [hi h .rll A r. c ta r tIl .

i ln,. l -l-,rliur , li t- |Ivl-' "ill', I.oru I ll. l ,t n 'aIl r Citi:c 'In'ria. n
ii ..jinI iic r c1 I1i ia li ti 1 1.J V'. ...r Ilh: hil t rli i,. Ir ;:li.l.nl- an

rlic rh . .tli, l.r I'i, Irs t C .I .ll, o iL r ,Iin "I ..
., I : .iir.. lul tlh i [i..1i, ri' I 'mi' riin ir iint:i .e -i.n'l Lrd Ti[ h
IIII' rt in .lill tril a i t r .lit i f t r '(1 liC. itil JI ll i: -
I, l,. 0,11, ,n I. i ilt h-i o i l.utl fI.tr o r ._-'. cr 'i .l: l I ,
h, ir..r[ lur il i l.in ]ni r;.Ltlq fr..ni I-l.1u a. IlIl l r.u :C.. II l it I.
il , 2 [.. .r L l' [ u iL'I l '.,lS r-.r LC itl ...llr r.i Ccl '. inChll in.. I '., I le -
I hIIIla 'I I I. 1 II nn- ,iil C ,-r n Ii -n. lll i- l not 1i i in" r-l. ..1 f ,.. L li ,
S, I. I .I r I i li-i Ir- '.i i ,n nr 1 l.1 Ii il I %I lit. Ill-. r hli r p"...'. i."'
.11 t I .ll ,1 5 L -I, h I C O' llO I ,i1 I, Jc i -L i]., l t ij[ i ,11 'i l'l- t l it r.
., 1, l J il Jl*.,pt i l r III -i.l'U lIO!l -
I :i 3 r ri3 ..- r I Il- .d -.-t illll-- 1ll \ lll .rl. r Iil l,. -1i.i u.1
I.[ ..,i r .iirIl' lt l .i ul'O f r. 1, .i li ,.r lC r' i hIl I "I. 1%: >. a .i r.I II i
i Ih][ l .'c I h,.i (111 .a , I . ,-, r. l- i, ,1 n i c n r i i n [i I ll. ., -lil

i OIL 1' i, it i .[. -it I ..T i:n. % lit l 11 1 X k %% '\i\ -* L
I aI Ci ir li , l ," i 1 1.i:. i i rL Illi U .ll ,. ., : r... 11L,. 1 "i rit ', I;
ilt 'jl '. f l 1, I tl l t ,ii '.*, -' llirti ,\ r r. r] L I f l:ir la 1c 1
*" 1-,Il r,. i t lU I I l .' I,- 1. i rn s a. lld n ] ,,. [' ; 1i -lii lle I.1, ..L, Ilic
V,.1 f"i l l I [l II ,hu i ].. rT., 1t 1. lO il tll i l i l 1I I ..., iii. I r 'i r l%
r ', .i i l ]l a i l L i i` u r i. I.iir i .- I l i il i, 1 r.j l I i ll I r,.,ii
I' l. r L -n ,I iu>, k a.. I %,I. t .lI I ill, i -. % .h lh 1 ir.JI..r:l.-.o j. ,I Ill- i:.l
-iir Ill It il lll i a E l lI I. 1 ,. i .l 1' 1 '*- r I, 1 .l 1, I I l>:1 h lI
,, ;,ii.., .' ll lll Irtl-h ..:,,t.,. ,I a lJ F r.;] ,.h I n... l l\ ] , f
.'111, ,1. [ I. .'- l i -, k 'l'. ,-' .. lihi l: l ..l ].:i1,., ,.er Ili [1 1 l I I ., [ I -
,I-.1 ] .,ri,, i ll l.l .'\ l l 1l ll Il, ,'1,] ;.] C 'l rly iltll ,ll l *. I )I '.'. ',
,I r t' Ir, L.-.'j r'. I ite r.iCL I Iit I I'f r i r in l hI : I, ll; i: l nunn .r.I
*" ,It n l In fl'r Ih \1.' r l. \\I r W 1r. t 1 lan ri%%' .1- ill .lr't r I
lb1 u l. 1 1111 -i%;r :1: ,1 I hI Il p, riuld I r r .. i'. I N l l,1'l .l m r-
Ir... 1.1 ; i ;.1.l .\1 rriw H uI :,I r.%. T1 c ni',i):.rit, I i. .ni, t I n,
,lii, 1 i, a- .Mc1l I. r hIl1i.l. ct: T he iiii ir lra.l i' i-i, I|r,',.l 'im .1 1 rit
,'Lim' ri Ii I,]l ii i'., ,- v.' ] thi ..,. I tl .i 't'rn .,,i ,.l i. i .. t rh '.'1 n r ,i, '..'r
S.i ,,r1r.% I i ntll. Vll 1t'; I L ri I -ul :ri, l'-' In ,,t i1 ,.to 1i r. ;', ,

ILU I1 1 I.'I JIL.,.IIIn ;Z I I UL I t LL1L u I ,- LUi ll. I I l' .' I III L), II-.J II'_ .IJ ~ LIE_
nrc', in.J i.ell-.ircfini' al nal' ii'alitie-S. Some -~1.l0,0CiJ Finns farm ing
in .\Al O., Iiiinir.ota. Miclligan, North and Soulli Dakota. or living
in ClOel.'land. Chi nc.:. and Ne.'. Yr'rk, no: Ic:lk with pride to
.ii indcieii.nnten and pr.j.sperouL Finlanl.. Some -45.000 LCtts, Lithui
innin:ii: ai nd L.ithi. also from the ajl:ic Pa rninsula,1 have had the
0:.' Of ste'ii thlif.ir "hr m. laniid. uin inde,,in.iid nLte. The new
i.[i i-, lav, i rpr.rc' ientcid b.,. -4 0,i-iri Crc.it- 2".i0j.i Slceiines and

,ind Muntl nci r,.
\V.'c al..- Il~ L- :'ine 4 l..l,01i;O 0 P'le, in .iArmeri.a-- enough, if
gathered : etller, .:. fill fi\ne L Lh Sl.iL : a .M iite, 'ew Hamp-
*hire. \''rniont, CLonn. tllCI t and r'hlid.J I.lain Th s are mainly
un .lk:il l-il,a rerr r orl!:ing on farnim aid in facrti ri: arnd slaughter
liuuisc. I lie m.n -iri hir. v. ;rl:.rs. and often hard drinl:er_;. Thce
li,.e mainly tL' tlh m c..lNe: take pride in their i..n lanciage, and
.* liile intere-tl in A-ur F;c. of tlheni Jre nlaturali]cl and fe,,
rif their chldr:in Adteii. public s .h.o]o It will taxke paiJlenc.e It(
m:le then. uLmilert',nd i.hv ~,e insist ion their I,-arning English
Iur .:,1mipiith., v.'lh P:.Ind'c stru:gy li for fredo:'i hal helpt tht
Poli:h immigrant in lii ns\\ lif.: here.
.'rAnther 'n .. in ii .iinality is rerre:.entei.l b., lie Cz.echs. Ch;-
.19o hli:. abLout l1 l t)li.ll 111 'l.1 New\ 'i'..:rk rfil.l100 Czechs from 13o-
her'nai Their ir',t or- ni:oti,:in, Uinder lie natio-nal athletic a .c.o-
:i.ti.]i .:alle.J lie Sol:.]" i Falcon), nlkc, f,:,r act ie public
Li-'-perr- tiJon in all communuly endila'.'..irt Tiih. ClzC-hch-loaks make
LLUd itizcn Dr. J.-'i.e h St.vbr int- the Czechi lo. .i.l R citic sa F
that une .-.f the '-.e'.h.-l,'. a.k pr...'.e l..s ti "Sinr. t he praise .i:f hin
hlic btiriedl :'-ou cii.'" Ih:.-; who ha'.e tead the Czcchl.r:.ak Dr-
clarati in I-.f Indepi rii nck c. gi.i:n I,:. c i v..rld im I ndcpendernc
Hall. PhilaJ-Illphia. realize tliit lC.'choslhi_,vk ideals arct cry much
like our ov.'n.
Fi-.e-:.-ilh ..' the IJ,. ; in America art. ui -iaii Jews. The.
arc es' .ntrnlly n .ir v pct-.;.,. T'v. c-third- i themin atr: s.ildJ] .vurkmen
H ard wo', rl;:.-ri iii ,l.:h ,in.. t t:i.' ori li, the, 'eer l t b. I iim unie lto
c.os-i'nirtic.n an]. prnl:emo nia inir] their a eicra-eI J,-ath rate is only
hal" thit ..i the ac:ragq .American population. K en and idealistic,
ihey' trive t-o l'fin l.du action, and lo':.k aftcr tht r r'%v.n p'o( r.
LBe..lr. itil Baltli, or Ruz-ian group there is a strong Latin
ric.Tint, Italiail, Spani-h. Portligu-et Sumre naUCO Spanish laborer'
work in West Virginia L.:'al mint and in th- industries oi Ohio

New Jerses. New York anr l ConncttctIt. Abi.iut 90 per cent ire
literate. They lielong to the iiiitiirraiit clement that leaves wi,.C
antd cliblirorn :tI home. The Per iirnlc.: come e Lti in largely frni
the Az.-re,. Tlihe are anriig thi nati-inal ro.uIps ih.it Iravcl Laci.
and forth liLc a Shultle bct.Ve.ii tile Old \\V, ril .nd thie Nt.. Dull
these L.-itin elements are far ,.liiitmlu.-rd byv our Italian citien-
large culonics of v.\it.It are nutm ncrl in ,our cities North ltalian
are elducattl skill] ,orlkmen: the Soulthcrn liialaii', i holicu number
arc constantly ieii rcatin:, arc ;enirally illittrait p.L.isarsi, and. ril.-
resenl one of our 6rtar prolrim
Grcck. %se have al,,ays lhaid lv. it ut Jnly tie male;. immigrant
mainly\ for ci.ojnomic reasc-n:. Tlic. cruwd int,- o cir crowaild
liarling hi,-us's .nil a,.Id to.- our lictiincit-h.ii.uwe ce n ;tiun. Gri.
.-artii u and addlcLttd t1o the o:lffey-hl:us.ce hait,. the., are ca ill
a-similable. and rtprcsent aiiniher of our pro,,blcm .
From tiLe Near Ea't there ,c.*me to uI many A.nirntan fle.-
ni. front lihc tyrany of thle Turk. In New Y.'.rk and ilts tcinit.
licri: are many S,.rians. whoc. nIain busint, It 1 Trailc. The., 1.. -
coiic naturaliCzed a3nd lo.jL after their own prIw.r.
Let us refrain frni tagzing racesi ilh iharacttri.tics unlc-.
r are brIiadJmindc.l enou 1,i to f tee, l that thei exceltiil.n pr.-'ve itlhe
tuil INot all P'lIt drink i -i ex* :css, nl:. all Italiani il se the dieadl.
stllelto, not all S:.riants pl re.aricate, not all .I':.s arc I.els. Our
Ic' '. lih solJiers pfrou.c thcnim elv.e g,',.lI v. ar .;.rz. Italian nli.mt
were 10 per cent of iur casualty list. Fift' per cent ..f the 30.iw-ki
LulliMni.ii soldiers in our force's erc .l:,Iunicirs. The N.ational
Croatian Society sc a nitmodl in its ringing Jccl:iralition 1lo ialt
An ex.tenled siur,.c of the 100 races ,..vould shi.v. liat, niiu mnatte
,'hecre thli race as :a hole stiiod, inJi ui.nal mcmnlitr' of all rancs
prau\led licir a,.ccptalnti .-.,r our in:rltliutll jdlrili, the war
Only four uuti ,.f etcry 100 of tlihs.i dilgible for .\ncericani-ilion
cla:ic, art rti-.tt.rl in the eeininag sclook. an.I the nnmiber in in
Ilustrial cla '.-cs ] itgli.Lic. N,-t ti e ulid lc 100, 1. t ftourLteen i
i illt..en naiiialO inait. arc pro:i: l:, ,ill tIhat ,it cla] ; t..achier ,. ill Iecdl
io study. Therei nt.,.l be Io ifer that ihe iinminiranlt' racial herilige
wii:l Lc tina'ilrccait.d. F. er;t c.chuol has it s-:ci.-l racial nightl-, ,.lier
tihe uiniiic. iulki:lre andl *laicing io the Imilithr C:.utntri are made
parl if tle inllLtriatnment. .\n. if the school fails in due h.:,oir t.,
Old \\'orl tradition., there i fl',. is tilhe Siocil S etlentlt, c,:n.
ci rnmig w.vhih ihr Calii:.rniai report ..! c .
The Social Settlemnent .asA tihe first inslituiirn in thi; land
to givt practical recognitic-n t., tile fact that art ald lphil..s.-ailts hadl
noi dJeparttJ from the Grcek. that music and e sie cnre .[ likgal
order had nrt deser.d ilih Italian, that sith thlc Jew thlre :till

I L T U'.I\'L 51',I FY OF 01-L.\IOI M.\

S 1 iii- i ii' r.-Tr I i lI1L lIL'ai ., .'i ,II.illl.-: a r Irc'Le rr pure
l l h life .,ni .1 ".-'-.a 1 .i]T 1i.cli f llat a n Ti-i.:.i ..IliC'h lri :akl
., Itl I -] I T i h I I ; I :h r I di, I 1.11 i3 7 .1l' .l 1 ...e -. 1. 11CS ,l tI

IlllIU iIl: Il -IT .I-ill'- l 111 1 11: I I.. L I i. u T cul t r, L 1,.. In l T t ':j t i r n;
I] .7io:j llll l itiih i 111 l-i Ir r.iiur ul tu ll m' immT 'ri i- lbrimn
'r.: ri ni i ... Ir. I.n I t L [ .Lan iJ. I -.'Ii I ;r n MI ': i i i F r _'- n tl l

l, 11.. illr %,T ,in .i.,. ': i I 'I.ro il r..I ni l i f I .,t i il t: i

TIC 1ri I I I In-'1 111H,11711.
1. 1i i Ll.m ,-. l li. .F ni .l i .r jl1 .. u l ,, l r !I mail ,, n tha[ ,*i tm

ir ,. r '. 1 i LI] t til n l i. 'l T i I l i i, 'l.L cl'r it
' 11 ;,, I, ill ] .'1 I i,- T' -i 1 n r: 1 '.J i ,. i a -nl .

ilr : II el. l [i. I 1. I_ .i .. r i,1 X .' i' n rill .. l .i 1-i 'T, ii ..
i i j i nt. :ii' I; l r c ir. rI i iin- I .ill 'r nl i l 3 :li lr

S ii i i .t l ; .. r I i IF . :'. i [ r.- l .., ; r li l r

I .:' 1- ..' : ', l : I l i LI 1" I n.. f.( I In _. r t I..ll "rf .zll.


11; i ru in .i. u r. 1 .' 1
I- .r tlI i.. Ir: I l I : i Ii- Ii n lic .1 r | I i n inr],.. r Illi I Ii .' DI IlI It
S, I, . l :1,1]...I 1,. .h l ".' ,- r.i a l 11 .u .. U [ 'l r,. : ntal[ai l .- Ill.i v. llh
*, rI, ,'. aI, F] r . . 'n -. r i'u l 1' I fI. .;, l.,, l,11..- 1 L I TII , ..
i: l rh," I m i il.'l ''ni : i. In in- .: Inl I
\ 'i. -L ti.I, I. nTn'I I'. I ,I I ,". T l'.iC T n. I .I i. r 1 i 1 tl:..:n iI I -1i- ,
%il', h I i .1 i.. I. ,'.I" .1 i i .,J r,, r, l t i', ;,r : _i r 'Li n Icn

b : 'll :.:- .l ]',-. 'r j L : r ui .' l, l ll '. '
I.'. .i ', J. Il l .c l l[h," I', i, li Tr '. ,-, 1 t' [,r."'. -; i' a :1i n.
,,.', r r. i .. ',. n t .. i .; I Trp TI l...: l l ... i ...-,r C. i I r i
n : l r II.' t .., i hl ,iir t ... . h.l iln .] 1 . l i' r>..i I' d ,tI i I r l
L110 1 i : cl In l r ;h.:l. r Lp d fll. t at I ckl the I*c r ,- ni TI
r.' r ..'., .... r t l r-r: *"iI , .'.l ri .t d.h] ,:li l 1.% ra t '.iTmI
,l'; l ... -" --I r n":l ild .1 C I I'" In r..'i m ,n l ll l -L .l0 .7 1 1 1 J .:.
P rc :-t I,,r rl,- ,JLl -C r0 i t 'h InrJ FL '- nrl h1In '1" ",t r P. c
I 'l l' : tol ..-r I, :. h, I. ,l i,.: uil.,..r ., i i h ,: 1 i i .r -' '. i r,: l : F Ih lih
]nr', r t.' o :.lo,, i,, I,. th-,Z l-. Il.i0 I I) 1 11niii T-inl F Li I .I.,, ll ,r,'n'p '
. '*< I|TL[.rp ]ii"r I. ., ,, [r ,.;lh ,i] 1 l t!,,.l i r n inl, re ".'., [,..*' l ise


, u-t l...lrh iiii .rm nation %II a. ft'ri-.lt i iJ.lll tif y .if."h it .' nnlar;ii
t lclar 'tiin. and ilt %'a.a r uincl.ly *ir. un l.rat c.i thai w.I lrh tll i.. -.5itni of L.c .in p:.-%cnlcr trail'porltatiov 15,0LJI).(11j(10 li-..'p .oni,~
in.:,i lir. ril h'eri. in tr i .car' tho .crvy lp .er. I ...dJl o ill.
L'ionwale an'i sail L .11 tLup -pcc'l.
It %,as Ih.'. in, i olLrc''- % r. Hitm ;cc-nor.iriL to i il( ac itll r, j..ir
i thel Ilniiii:.r.nt-i1 D artmni t for the \cJr Lll ,1 : .Ilre A.i1. I'.,2(I
\.4 i l'.:1 O i l ,r1, rl ;]t 4.'(ih lh1 ii-itrll' lralli. ajrri.c. l ai> 'li ..,_ 3 15 i.,r r
hll niL' l],i aI .L' da i ,cinlll I Jinci la ''t f 14-',i'.'! ,r it .i L' ti fnt-t. n
-i -[1I' ir c iinl Iu ,'ir inirpull ti ,l 1 l' 1 in: l'di r.1 p ri : fi'r in .,I
..unitrh..- :, I .all rac,.-- .\frican, C liit 1. I I.I.r, ,. I 1.',. J.:Japa ,
[',li-l. ['-l '.'in I.tic Sl.I '.. 'i i l i.l i. Tuiirke I 'I .. :i ] .1 .I
S.hicc t ll -c ..- thec lI. t fi.- c,l ..- ar. lhl.t i- .i :.e Juni 311
1'.,''i. 1 .L Ihr I ia, Lb Ill lii :ri c .. ii n tll arrihal- I i.. l '. ''l l
.1i-*i, l", tj.111.1 S l l. .l. r i'i'. u ; l-ci'l'e'r 1iAl.0i iJ : N ...':mil r. 10:'
U0li .r l' l i1" -ai' ":.';1 fr.r ihr, fim IIIur'ili-, biL t .. r .Z-0 11'-t illt.
I re .c .cr r It It .-- 11.' iI 1 ,.3(1 in tlit '.Jy of r]t.l rj:.- ].l, I It
ii, inl Cr'.- -,.I r *-i.ula li l 2. 11 3-4 or li-. than ithr.e-ciith
, f I ,,.r ci. n : r k t l L11 i llilc .1 1 I t ..i ]n:nsCratliuo i f : t'. I.h nrt rei -ii

tht hi1gh- .1 talr niar. i: 41 ihc .ar- Ir(c li ll \i\'ie r p ti c ll
ti -tlhird -. f i't t i :r t l I ,.f i ir toi l p.-il.r iiitic.ii, 11 .I a r i
!.Iol liI fi .i urc: rl ri-. linl ig r s.,illii j ilncrct .e---u all. -1
m att, -l .i n c r c m ill i .ai ILa i . aiallnu til

A Tcapct Temprpst
I 'rii ] i, 1t ,i li;ht i ..1.' i.:Ila Ll; -t a 'l iC 2.ir-a .-l .ill thC.e ijur,. .n -
I..l.. i ITr ,-11 lh! 'fficil r it.l .jrt[r ,, f lhi it: vC.r rTnmri'-tr- th,; 11.. ...I
,inim ir.ation ic c, rt inly r1.1t.ninn. rc ilnuch ,Ilui% th-t ,. '- f rnir
pr| .- 'ar t. r,. C ..i hr l ir.1 i i, th lili, ti o f l. 1 a .,. r.redl..I',I i ,' i- l.i
i 'pl|l i i u11n r Jik tlv ,i ftI% r lif t. .I I : ,,f tl'n' 1 ', rll \\'."-r. -.'.- arI
ri,]c l].um'," -l, 5mn-i:ll. In JO: Iil i' it trn .Af .,inclh r.:i.' ipirc: of I,.-ih.l
ti,'n. .1; rr. rp ., d in the Pi r' r,. port,.d I,-. l.c iriajority lH -I :': hinTil.
**r:.r i..n L- 1nnl1ittILL. a lf tI. r 1. C.1I .l" ti -i l Iti. ] an, I- r ,l- .i -.a :.'iPI:. i' I
ii. it .Ihi t\, mn ak iihc inr tlli.,:nt tiitii' rul. Iiis 1, in a-tL.l1.iin,', n .r.i
andl v. on.k r tlih t all h11 i I'fll" if. :il.:, lt. It i a !'t,- [.'t ii ,,*'. aii.
for tlie m nOir.lt tie s'iilhi. ,:alm fcli;n rc uf C.,luimlir a c..(.il, ir'i
forin i.l 111, flle tra lition'il ..1.1 il'.'. .crani lling ... r .: rIi- r an n i
i'li-'c, I .t.'- l l the r' al or JTilL linar mo1n c.
W h\l ir it [ JTni'I',g call the gr..a i ']qt .ti.._ns l i1i |ir,- iip.,M i
hir -, ul t.] ILI.-i"t ,f irni in'r.]ii"i, i. ih. ur,: uni u r which th.. A.1 tri-
tzan r<-f:,rilc Libe:ollc "' ca 1il,' excii'. ]" linmln ,rl'alIt o >ur t .- '
"hruilhl it rulir. :ji d it full or -o r I l.:, c.'' .h : -r it ,ri ."th tl ,

I'UI L l.il'I, dIill clli ti -.i 'lL t l 'i '- .cn I, i.-t,..il,: l':.i.lI torm, gi,: into

1 ic -.I.'unI..ii rl ill : I ninii ; ra[I]'i :1nl 1.r1:.l'] i i umJ Il uI one I
, !, .. r.J p-lr: .3 l ,:.I i'IIi.. .1 I .lll Fl l ;' ',1 U I' I .t i in ij:]i,; c l, l i n i il "'H
L..r .J-- J --t'1 ,:i',n n. 1 rJwl HI lt11 "i 1'1 11]' I lime tI., r _im ple
S r.ll .llii ..1 i ,.; q .l t ls1 1 ..n \S I. li.i i ll t l l l ll I l ils nr
I.i :. ri.r tr hil ar.' 'l [r.'-, d t.: l ic ill itn -. i 1 'd i.c i" .uil b free-c
r .1 T ll .- i'I r.. .ii inc .n c- ii l i il )- c t A. ll >.Ii [ ir jr ul ez cr hie
* .r-iIc.r hli.i .Jr, J1 r., t.h i, i-iu .ar.d ,i ini- c-" ,itriinc,'-bornTl
1liillll l ,; .:tl: i .l C':. ] l. for all ili~ r ci;al tiru. l i. ; iiih Californiia
i1l1 ihll 't]I r iJ' I I C,'Fi- Pt .. t it\ ha%. h li. c, r l1 Ju l3 ,n[iSC e
i rl C liii,.-: l i l t C 'i tini.ll t .-f C li -C, in ..,Ilt ..i ti :- 'lic
i'. L : i ': 'r,,., i l .. i .ht: t the ,11 1..tli r I r,: aChll Oi- i,
Lirl'.- ali'i., ll .i 1t ci .ntL r .1 h.i.II i:' ul iJ '.i.' u ,.' ', L d thruli t-
u ti l .i.:. -LLi ii t.. d L-f i I In I'i. t i [1i1t .: Q 1 t d :. rin ril i Sa
F rajic .:.... .: i-t .i. r n.ul.JL Ii: L,.c(-ir -uL. a jditurL.: [actir
I1 i Li .. i l .:i
TL i -1 tIru.; i... i i'. l 'ii r i ll' i' l.: .-..: r ii i.' it.:llt thi. P nn-
S I i ., c ll iul ii 1L] l1 t.-, l 1 1i li t l lli, : :'l i. L i. f tlh e
I h.r l i i 4, t l I .j :, Uhi 11.: l IiT 'I< Lr li .' 3',.,] | .v.s ..* ' I
i.* r th r tir i .. .I .1. l 1 ,,.1 ; :i r.l ._ L il :i 11 l .1- L i- h c I I -
.. ,i ,:,' r : _. i tr i i- a I '" .: I[ a .,' :. f f' r-' .i l. a : l
Ti h .r ir,j I 't r .. n 1t1j I l. r, i i k i k' .:i i i ...rl: ,:,f ,l i IrI -
illi. ilt nl I .1. Ii 1 t I i li ljU l l>*:>l. 1i i :. 'l1f lIrl.-- I :ll- lild

,, rf'.ir 'iT iri 'l IT a ilil li I.Jl li.. l
1 'J ,ii l' l,. ,t: i._,r ,' ,-, i ; ItI 1il.. i- h ,1l il l j'[ i -I.1", :- ]:! 'l 11111i
Ii ft r ti iii i ll.ii 11 ;.: % i IJ r iril. r ..: i:J h. Ir C o iqi ll c.f : L .
I L' [ iC I-I I : . 1. at .:. il i ni iii r i f :Ii . II 'iL ii1
i m ij 1 r'i n .- .' r *Ir st r -L i n; ii. 1 1 i. 1 1ir Ir 1 ;1 10 %r. hI;c- ill iu-
1%.'I : ... lil ,j : .
S l-,lt'...' i ll- iJ t T-.. 1:- [r. : il 1,- d ,1 L1 C il L, 17 [ i' i.',nl r:j1'.C:d--
t .T rr j i..' *:ll c tl ,.] li i t I* II\ l': I : Ic' 1 l -nic n l jl,.r.:.a.1 ] l.h-, ai rc(
i r . [... .1- l iil .7u h'i-I 1I'IIL'. r: .A r _1 ltil .'_ "Li r
-r-. el -..T .. .ii ,.,'h t ," ... .'- '.' ?.l c t .I. o l rt 'i' il,-_, lt. V .'
en1.". [! ,h ,] ,i i-' r ,_-,rn,. j r-',',r ,ij ?I, IT-. il ., ', l j ',ji [s er dJu li'.lion.
.- l V,. n l s i .. bii. ,a *i-,i,, i j .;1 A l 110' i1 [, i t1 : q, '.i, lit I I'c. .A l
[ ti :' t i i r. ] ] ,.,,, .. 1 . r .' ., "'I L I 1. 1 t.., 4 11 .,,.o. [,ll l i i i l', ,-n
, a', l i . : [ i .i l i'' ." i," J' i jrC iiti : 1. ]).i I i..: | '. [itn
f ; l .. iul |.;. .b ,f rIl | i l I oI ] l n n I f lu 11l l. 1.1 w e
J l i', ]... i 1. 1(' 1] ll.i.l,. r [u. i II i :, I ,. I..- l..I ..r ," i .. I ', I, le
,',t.rl I i I l I i '. ; II I ... l..n c -I ri'I hr C 1 I f. . 'ir y. r r.- i n un.-
l.c r; in...r,: : -, .' \,l l |, n ...j.ul]:r iipj. i. l-, n haIli it
Sh.i lal.c i th t ... n c I I Ill t .... tl-dI]: .0 dl', .C :rdJ n

iu Mulliall. to increase from 54.000,F0. in tlie rl:i..' ,ii Julius Ca,:.'-
it 1.000,it)000tl, cn rt-~;n..i lt ii,' iliat luringi the NiJd:lle AgeC thl
rain in pnripllaricTii \\.i, S. 1- 1 eZi ,li 1 Ihi t re tLre rlc' than 50.0(0i .0)tl
in Euro.r a i lal a ithe T'.' elith Century.

Our Vast Unoccupied Territories
Bili 1i it be ni ce'F.ir) itl (|ILI I *tll fulrtl r thli N'atlt.n' nir'n e
aftcr thii Ci'ngreT lt..n1l iamtbiirqi ki ui riTrrr.iiIl] onrll'ii: tha; '
hnvc \ t ciis ltd r..,'ci tfrrit. r) dcpi.ceraticl' iil iI.iLd O'r ccrllpati'in
.\cu-rdli ,tg to hei l Cel tsIs ri'tur, N 'c 'Y'r,r] S it- i :]i rl i r.Ia.3, I.=
noi ler s itnn '_..C1'0 lcs ertcd fairiv. i ilt l Itle pro peiict : il their
bting iakL 111p, tilesC .' .-,rtner Jr it Tihe as tr a' e .\n :ric.in t..
dore- not rkt it. m 'n'iiital I'bor. eitlh r in the li rtlh ..r in tot EF ,I
\ ., r South. It i noti exaclt[i 1i [ It h r.th il lnati g: n ratiiln
hi- pur, n uit..' but bi iCaJui the ie 'l .c Iha. reaclilt tli' p:,int
i\herl tlit can IIn.c thin ',.r ice Jnie l.v .t'.te i l it S''utli
ilitre i, cil..rdrl mai. in ite '!Nrthi ain \\'c:i the imincrlan : an.l
if ithe; abandn'd 'arni i Foe .t. .ipccia]l, : .. -England. a:re
biinc ta;l n iI iu .I little Mic .r rT [iitll .L nit fi rnt rl Or il .-ilher
States. it is IeLCJti otf tlie in flux .'if ',ruril. Fr, nch i._ naiJint 'tiwr,
ha.e t'nic do,".n ,'.1cr thit, l.oril,:i TIir ..ork
The Uilniir l Sitate': ":i.er ]cr leliin.l 150(1iii,iij IlmmTilranits'
\\'ha liit ) ri.ns Co'iti.tLr a ic n rand.-mni f:.cls. Texas h. s abul
thL '4am accr .e as CI.rmann,' lclf'rvr tilhe ..r its r.pol]tion t.:iJda
SIt l than .00,lO.(1'')l .r a linit .iic-rhirtt.ntl of thie old Teiut ni
lEmpiri but it cOi'l'J iakc all tfln rip,'plc in Crmrinn' and the i.-'irr
niillri.n in France. ianrl tliin rn.' hie 'o Ilii.l.iy Irilil;lati.d rto ih
'iquarc mile a' the Ital.,eof Iud..
One hUlndrir .:liii thirt l niiili...n i if unmiur:trin c...iili c tle in
Ith li Sonitli l*j lil. -i, r .lile .-1 i lc Nic i ,iii i[i ln and [h.I t whole S utl,-
err se lcti,:n w.v:uld not Li e i nt-halt f .ll -.i tll i isJii: l r ii. late'.] ?.1 h achu-
'ill; j.ilt lch's than 41,10i.0i,0 and ",ith n.) Coid -I tL.rt';i farm.
- all .i.irth tillin:. All hli peip.ir-le oi P.-intg il cotlid elttle dr.. n in
Mi;.rn ri, ..nd Mis-'ciurt ili.n MAiuld]J c ii nic. more cro-v..i.d than Por-
nirta] ik at pre'nit The L.niirr 5'utih can ti': cre i:.f ni-rc tlian
25ioot.Ot:.i ininuiiraits %. ithiuit fc li : ilic 4tram c.f txicie.c
poputinlim At Int . 5ti01)0jl peC:Opl ririti liee ent bL.lrW. tle M.14r.on
anil Dix,-II's iiir :..*:r\ y ar I rm:. Ellis 1l1.i; and it *. uuid tal.
a litirilred :car; at that ran_ 1t (ill uil Ul rxit, cr tr,, .'. i- ut Ih
i 11,0 110i0. J nr 12X.0l01."'10 col.:rd pI-:rp or clu:.- tip. fi.r lack o f 'c
a single race-I rac; or tI slhi.ill fi. l,
A few ,car' a -. '.hen ne \V'ilihamin Hc.lii-illrll .ntCten[lt-d tI,
righiten it and ih i re-' .i t.- il. i.:rl.I ..hiii hi, t:ilk -ilo)ut tih
'i'Allo.v Peril" ..r thi. a;li:gcd ccrtlainv if OCcMeile al ;nundali.i.n


'., .lluri ltal lir.pula] tti ;,1 he I'irljt 'i thil:. iarL'uIl.llti'i ill Ir.' r :ofl
11, iiiperialiti, nil't, i, and f1.:- :. .ar until inatlirmiatical Jlha in
'I ila.iellp'I. i at J.-.i v:.n .1- i. -d iicur .] .,nut lthat if [Ind .i' n-
I n, .'iXi).i)'l.lrijO plei-:r l- iI' L it i thI: I-r i t : ficiri l Pritih r.'cr.rJ)
.A.jul. IniI I :-.-,n,: Iliollt ,1n the l 'Pa:iii c ir Ci -a t. .lliand tart i:or IC'hiiti-i
.11 of l_ i ni ,:ul .l '- .,'orb.l ,'r ih,, t 1a _i] i L. ,:'i,. .oih g farther
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I1..'a; t. ,l I.rl .->.r :itlll lll :l n i 'j. J ;. l : f 111 ,[h..r '"4,,tl]m .A1 iTI L'c.li
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,nil E-:rili..i ll llit i .' ihl: I I :.i r c: i -, i r.Ilt .n. lun'i t d iJ [lu -
nii: up ti I. I Ithdi -L r, tlt iimini .r ni .i:,.riill. :i :cit d I' l
II. . nii:Ln t I Li i : . i Lll., ind fa r rc -, i nt i ril cilly than
.A .. ut l l ..i.:I a. mi111 l l l :,. ne r.:r r: T uIn il III iv i c.l '.' lr: rL
hi.: :. nri bI. -.1.rl.t [ 1.. : 1h [ a,] i iii .e f. r I imn i. jiAnd f i r th

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I ,..i.l tio .. in '.**.'UI .ilh tI I i r- rj ft utli r:e a.iu- : tlhi5 i li.'l:
*iUt 11 ]: i 1. [ !. .i.ll'2 A I rII Ita r ipl.l 1i fr.:.nr tEli : t' rl C." i,:.irlenu i,"

* l.ti-ii 'u l' ,'r I; f'r ll .r: .r -1,11 .i. r t-, I St.' an'] t- i s jr-I
Th, Un,'ev"iing Cry for L: bor

I- ,. .1 r E L ri I. I j1 ,i.r ,f c t :'. 'd I rir- nt I.. i r.. r .-- Il I ,-i.

., Lj li r il.:. I .,-irn I l...r fri- tl,. piul .lc a fIrl t. th l .; Wnid
S..- l .~t I .l i .r ..- n .f u r 1 .it, Thin i Li r m u-t
' l .ni -. ].i. r.. T hIe r ..r ]rli lia ,l d Jtr '; fI r. ii llit : Sou il1
S liii ].- I .._.11 r .;A, ]i I, LIT I. l[ a t m nii : a r. l. .'.,J 'n dno
S i.iii| a ..-tu ri ;'o i .'' lit 'i.r:. thl r1 T 1 11 '' '"'d \',' I1' It. r-,-, r' -
* '.. I .i u:-.i t i a.1 t'ulm ii r ... 1. .' i ll- iI t.I ,] i arest- P,:-i u plir
.it I I iC-.l. 'r- ;i ri, 1 t' I_ .. -.I. T ]h..' ljiid. inl;l I,: Illd C .n .-
. -ipli -n -. .: rir l. in ; pr,.I ], r .: i .ln e'..r r:. -anl u it c ;. rlhi -
I1. 1 1 i r: iL '".: ']i l fo r.:n.. r 1- 1h.:l' s stru 'i 'n U ill .:,,n
irF lit u li'.lt j ti,;'ll -1.:. i...lr i .l i -' i',n -cV.' I ri ..-'i-: ii o c
I i,' :. I: C .' r, i '[rnili-r.rit i '.rt llI r i ?1 3 1 '1 t.i 11, I (.: c -i ntr:.'. C h rLL -
r .* I' im i 'r ri I 1 1 1 .i -t L II l ]- ',I - I % I .
T .i r,:' l ti l.. t 't11 1 l '. ;1i i 11. Il: 'I' L i llJi I'.'. r ip r


I 1 ..11 C J KI liiU .\ 'rl' I .I11i .I11 '. IO N

h:i l 111 1 r i I. lir i l i lt Il.t Iir ill l ii. t.Lt i li' LII iei l i t I ilI
,I ;. ic. il,,ici ,,ir I lM It 'fl, llll\1 ll. l 1 .11, 1 1. t I rlt I l; ..... I T C ir i I.
I ,I r l,, h -t,,r u I lliir h1a f,,Ili o.Y I r. tr I.,hh- ,v I fl i ni Ti,,
\'. l.,, I. ,]| . r. i '.1 .1 it lrn ,l .,tr- .1,. sis. r.. ) I.r .",. I kin nI,
- .il t- i thli Ini .1 l]i. 1. 11i li lil-cii r ol it- .li liIll i p 11 T llit \\'.-:r 1 .
V\\'.r 'i t :. f l gio ; O.'juit i r u ll.:.tij i V .ic r Iin., IiI i., II ni - I\
c l'icci ul i -I i in' ,mt lliai ion. :m cl 11" ha i t .il. .it i L R l ll
Iim n if l' rI tI. li li rlil ,'lr. 4 i tn1 o.-lte L ; l i: Illa JllLrr %i 3% If,,
11 d :.l1. c I-I.'i, I tr. i ni n IT I ,., .' l I Ig : l i:n l i r3ctl r I 'i l ri ,r

11..11 1111 il unil i.] 1. l .,1 L-IT.: Ti, l..ii-J l '. ,r (,; .l li ir t-' lcrtiil

'.I I a tld C NII-ll c in r t icuI'ii C lt i r i n I G, Lrt. ut ii a I .I % d lirt i in Ijlll
I.- i I .1 l' lt Illen it Carl ScIhur.: Gi cier.a] Sr.al, and that won.
-1.. l ul 111.1 um 11.11 t ihe. ic l :i l pt r..'i : i .l -ill ,Alit.i] cli l Ie h[li .
I i. H III I .T rr i, iii iii
F Fi ,ni ti li, l'r l Frjill' iiLi.. tI lI 'in thi I'Cai:i nf \ rt
I I,- llI, I h.il l] l il ic lr.m .- I ,rm \' 1r1111 \ l. .iL, ii->. c tl, p tri, Ir
'iii~r it irl re[An tL ci IICIII..,l II N h( 1 i i. [(Ilj i lh ilita l l l 1 c'in
I r I i -1 ;I. I II. ([it i.:I;.it] 1I I I ll( RN il zlail ri ,! .Ithlc I r .' r ..in
. rI,, T I, I l i-: ina -. 1il:l,'.I C< \4 tr I :ti: .1111 .l h,,l r Il i f 1 "f 'C.
l iin ill]- 1', ,iit tl i li"l .i. 1 ,1" I "l111 L';iii| i 1'rJnm t.lthe.r ,i untr;
\ l\ u if m ioiinll ::'.,r 1b,.nr :rri'",.li i in 0 .i "',;ri .1 ,C ', -el li.,ld ,

K .11 I', 1 l 1 It II, l %ut C I n I I t 1 M 1 11 I1 ''. ,Ca.-, l..'- Ul U- .
i f I ..l ,. l i I : i 'ro thile i. .i -I c ]. .it. r, .i :f 1 .l l .lt

" I t. .i l,.. i I ll I'ct .. 't, Iin l l ir t il -t ll.i I :] .. thI r1 i i .
, 1.-1r .l ice. 11 ." r th _.ib:. "ll i f iIf- \\I i rf l , ', T I .' r fi lC'i l

b r,,1I,.- t Ih 1,1 'o r ti it, ,'t r, rI: c1. el, ,T ,I r .t r1 1:111c 11:
i I 0 .. 1 11 I f ... ,. l [C 11in. 1"ra l k1 1 1 ,n- o l l i h h i lin i ..,h
'. i- h 'l it- I ,LII tl 1 i1- iI r.., llI r 1 11 -,1 r .i-rl' i a f[ r, i., r
ir. n l i-T. iI r .: , % rrt .n t I r i.' ;iT II i f-i l I I i,-,T r i I, C l -C, i : I 1
i U 1I -- III 11 -iL.1 i-1. I ,Al 111, ; l. j ir ,', i-tli r I I I 1. c lllr It. M L I l (

tIr. L', a : r. r .aI '" \ 'e hai. -,.1t il h, ,I Lh ( [ c-, r .- I' ..l. nJnd SL.- .11. 1 I
H oll.-ind 1: U..],-ih i, F I JI: I C 0. 1.l I Cr .l.i. r I..,-rilr.. hI i ih .. i ; ,.,..rr.!.1
, lhilt ,. hI O :.i 1,- 1 icI l f rI 'l r. l. ]... rjI I. . . ., r i s -N',,
h io tIi LI.i, '\,r cLIh('l I n ruTLil. J: rc l ii] thru n'cr-i( 1i -''"1- c;. ,'.
l li> [r n ,| .,i i.lc "', 1 ., r; l.,. l i r ',l l. ir. rr'il l ,i'..n

i .,; l.- .F;., r ,'l, (,-,1i
.! t o.' t 1,1. W .I

*I 'jT( fil ill. P i, l k C 1 (A 11'
Ult, th]Tr lic _(nn r L. lI P4-- rch,: P.ill. rllh. C u,.iln- I ..Luall
r ,i,'T ', in m llltr, n. l n a l'-r-w trtunn Irer,' l', h ,' l ",nne -i hl '-.'

lte c: ar, Iiirpro'.. ,l t:, -iici an .etent that ciiiratiojn has dwindled
nr-arly in pr...p.:rt.]:.n t,-. that .tof th, other cu.rintrics nientiond.
S:. i it tru,: :fi Ital: whichh Ili-, arisen rn ini ininery to. hecume
.ne -if the Il e 't ...veriud o:f n.odern narions.. And, what is the
result ? Ial.,' emni'raiti.n las fallen .:ff like that of France. Spain.,
*Jr S iterl:,iil
TlinI:k \,lhat it ,iill meai when the all;an ,tjti Greece,
r'ussi', Sl.*. ria and Cluna lhae bec:-me reor'.r.-nize.] and brought
in toitclih with tllit Iriodern dti.cl.-l'nren ,vliiichi make Democracy
a11 abls:lute re-luirement .:.f :,ny :' .-acincing ci\ lizatrn.. Immni-
.ranrl- t ill l. ill demaid in the Old i\'-r.ld a well as in the
OXcciden-evcr, % here
It is all erN .ell t.* ift out tile lilJ: c lrahllc: at Elli,, Ilsland.
-\n il: i'l]nd, anid .all the tlic:r p-.rts ,.,f arri.:il :n the .Atlantic and
Ia,2iflc, hut it shi:,ull L,,: ren-emt.-erd that the rcall'y diangero'ui
pe.*I.L tli> ..:i.. c. ,r:.. titmim : an actru l ni inaI t... the RF.:e ublic-
,.ldurn crime in thle 'teer.a:e Oct-.vionall-, thel tra,.l Sec.:rnd
Cabii, but uuall. tlley dre if.und aLm-ing1 the i-irst iCtlin ipa~.engers.
Tlihey mran Ius.ie;- ie. i.ake n-. cIjance'.
It it no:lt \ni.rth while 't.. discuss in detail thls, w ihole larentj-
Ile pece oi leilati'.-i-ifor i[ im nov. L.:-fore>' that 1Aulwark of lthe
frppu-lic, thel Sente. Th.2 ill ir.:iin lieinriiig .. en.- is an an-
arlhr.niii-rin. It i's .ut 'i plic,. .,ut of tin:e. \\'e nr. d every Jdeceni
immni-rant that mn:, c. mre t.'- u \'A e ire 1:.in; pjrecisely in
Lr.:ipo.rtiln the i l tlir new and unl.ev.el.-pT t c0untric- of the world
are I_,ein. arm:'urd, refr:rmid, ailJ put upon their financial feet. With.
ill t,'-ent Cali ..e hi-ill I.- :.l\,:rt-:im n i...r f,:.ren- :r.. just a.; other
natinrn aJ'd ".cn :'le of .ur m....n State and Tcrmtr.ri-s ha.'
.lone alr ad J., .- a m.attcr ...I n'- A eitty.
Thle t:ill is I al-incprrecl.iI. h.ad It :lioul.J netcr go on the
tatiute b:ok I I. nut belir've- the S.rinat: \ill v%:r pass it. If it
l.'et, M r. \Vils,-,i. if c-.ni1istent .ith hiii. ani rira le rec..cr.l on this
,uli C:t, ill *.et. it. It Lcloi -4 t.. the Co,rJ -ru ,i,-.ial sa; lieap.

of Oklahoma
In the House of Representative-, Friday, December 10, 1920
Tlie: I l.-uc in C..in- tt'.e-- :f the h le I rlc h ouic ..n thre state A1
the union .l nnler crsiilcra.. r the- lill (H R 1-l461) I'. pro-
.* di .-- la r .. 'i.t f the citiz n- .-f1 the U ltitil St.t:ei L., temporary
'i'l;pcil-i,:n -of irnm igratioin, and for rili.r purl,-u .

,,::u;uuuu iiiIii lkuuiiii

MR M-tcCLINTIC. Mr. Chairman and genilcnicn of the corn-
nirlee. I feei tliat ithe imlmigralion Crnminiitee is eiilled to tlie
hanks of iins I odyv or Lringiiiin in :i hill of thii kind during the
early part of this session. There is :in old uaying, "a stitch in
imrne a'.es ninc," and rthi sa. ini, in niu opinicoi'. IS aplro:pos of the
,-,n.litilori that exi-ts in tlie United States at the present moment
iith relations to the nelL .f a la%\ winch 'ill pri-etl tlie citizen,
if this coutItrv from tile furen inimnigrants v.ho nre ilcting itr
,,ur shores t1 escape thei heavy t.ixatil i' in ilie .*.ar-dcea stated
riLjiunii of Europe.
Sonie time ago it wai my priv\ilCee to \;'it Ellis Island, n.jt a
a memItLr oL thei. coinnimittee ,but as a private Ceti'll interested in
obtaining infrrnmatia.n relative to ite _ittiation 'lhich i xIists II
lhat plice. I stood at the cn,l nr a halll with ltirce pli iians.
ild I ;an\ theln examine each immigrant 3s their .:aim d''..n the
inr, pulling hack llie upper crelint in crder to ogain ine infornia-
ln as to lthe individual's plihyicil crindiltin. I snw them place
lte tli:.lk narks rn hlicir clothing which indicated tiha they \ ere
ln dtccazsed conlition, : t ll it they cr.nlld be 'i:parated uwthen tihe'
r acll the place \.hcre tlihe wcre ii iii,'Jdrgo certain exanr nati.:.n'.
\fierTwards 1 went to a large assembly hall wlher, immigrants
cinme liciorc thie examiners to take the litl-racy test, and tlle onn
i nt that iiprcst m.re l tlhn anything else \..a that practically
,.,ry single iinmigraut cxaiinid that da. had lc4 thali $5;0 ito
rn-; credit
MrP'.. G.IIDFCOGLE Will thei centlcman kind, yield%
i MR. McCLINTIC. I v. il.
MIl'. GOLDFOCLE. \\'ill tlie L,ntilemn recg..nize the fact
;hjt iany' of ihe mi1st CeXcllert L.iti:erllr l if iis C:.ilnirv cn-m.
i.-re without $30 in their pocktl. nma]e thiir \v.ay. anr. L.iuILded rpkin-
Iidly for tile .celf.are rf tlih c. intry '
MRI. .1IcCLINT'IC. That may lie truck ; Iut thlre i; nro
member c. this House ''.ho c'oll haic I. loo upJllo, thit b'r.-i of
nimigranti al. 1 di.d that da. but '.liat v*....uld rrcuini::e that thel
.,rre t ta. sn-ill of tructilur, poorly clad. e maciated, andl in a c'.n-
hilioni which slir.md that the enivironiincnt sutrro:tiiding lthei'ci i
ilicir I'.urr-pean liomtcs :as indeed .cery Ind
it is for thi- reason that I cay ltie cla.i oi inin'-igrant' co lrn
mig ic. the shlr.ie c.f tlie United Stlate- at thli time are not ilu
Lindi of people wc ,...iit at citizen. in ihi. country it is a
.ll kiict,'.n fai.t that the majority tf4 imnmimranits coining t,. tirn
Cutuintry at the prreseln time aiL goinfl' _in tlh liare industrial
*cniters inftica. of tlhe agricultural ',cintcr' of ilic Ulitedi States.
il \ when it is taken into consideration tlhat tihe larL e center arc-

r,. jI IlL L l-\' Lh-:~ IV OF (. ,KL \ kHOM.i

IIr, i.J irdi, i l .ll L( [li. : c. i' tl l t Ti lur I h'r i i is h. iliiCl ; fICI I n m
*.i.i tr r [.*r 1i ti i pt.-.p]i L ,,~ n i. re.,i i, i sit n lla'
tin- la'. i [ir'- .le, iii t. j I ilI b :c iTTiIn i ,1f T'.i i.,. tilt C: lm -
nlini tii r.liCte.- :hcy Li... thcs .%il I.vci i i.- *:1aruei it II rktA r
c'ar: i, li, ritah I.-, i it T hl, r uric. The.iiiiIi Th i li Island
I t% ii. l Id ..ihat .. i i'im _riu ar in s ih I n i i mnli,: ir ] i tih.,i
;.rt In r.in kll |ii r- -n al Iapp a r.-r.( i ld1 % cri- in ro. Et ih ir.f
.11 5 f1 lh c.u i[m r. fr...ni v lhich li'.. CarTit
h i :t.:.. [ li C ir i i rii ll .. U n it i h lia i iilC:r,-i- tral
,l i.Ir, J rp r tit iin t L ri t f, ... .ict r. Th.-:,i. %tlh arte cr-inip
i. i.jr li .r air ii, t a.i t.' i j. l: l riar ..u a lih %' :rn, lha'
i .niill arni.ul .t f ,In..n ..r. hall,!. an.I i[ .,nly i quc;tii n r. o
v . L.z. uit il Il tlh i r rc ;,,ur ,-_: '.. ill all ,c uI I kip ) hj,.
l.:l i,ld h3t l n4 r. ;j r c'ri.-ain indii ilil : iI i li ti c' iunlir[, I I.,
ki. : ii: iI thilr l.i ri --T t.. ..1. I I ni mi.r:nt Ia la.i r .**nriiiL' f'r m err.
r1illi C hu1lll"" lie in'i r tiii r it realizir..' ti.it h can n'-.t pr,.-l rour
1 Lligi.ll -. rn' li :tll lli l r l 1. :i i.rm n rr r lrrirLf l.r ai I hir nd
n-'r f.a.l r:,1 | j Ih f uiiit i if i I lit. rI a lar rL p:irr[ ion '1
* liI h. earr, i- t.i;, n fr.n. hii a: 3 ,i :..i-mi- i -nl i jl r thei assi- ain: .
I- cil i T Ii hh iniinri .r- im m -li i: ,, in t' r i. m ,i lli[C ..tr. t i. '
'l.- ili t 3 -.. .h T crTil.. rn1r l ..in rh,: ft rmi and .trc raplT ilc arid
,illi .. r i. n.i r ilt 1.1 II iJ i r. I.: t 1 t- h I' Licin. thelrn I h r.
..,., :, I., n.-, r -, n I'r t1 i i b i : Ia i i.:,ii H ... : .*: r. thlr .,pp .,_i i t
i- ri; -d ir. J .:,i L., r d i.:. .-I I-i r.: r'.dw:' r it -ncri lio.:in
c'.'ir iin r- Itlicrt l., rlll ii h r. -lip '. tir irn u' Itr ilhru

I ni : urc li.i t ll h, I 'liJll.. -taii *,.,i rrI- li r n C l- ir
S ; il. t I i 'rll. C t i n.i :tiiii. iii i il ic :I e:r .ii inr junir H '- .%,
f1 L I, i p i -.1 i "r .]l n I l l hq- lt l ir i m u ll. al l i tir
.Ii.i.'r, ..in i i :. I i n. ii I ii i, f.rr Lihir ",'*i i Iri it Ihe .\mn s':ii
,'llI i .ir i ,.,. rll,. .: .,1 ll ,? .,.,,]ip[, ti. .n ]'n I..11.. , i -i L ti [,ir p ltrit le
ih, 'I.iit iirm il.. nri is[ Li: lI ti i .l i.I .. l i l tl 3 Li n l, rIt;ill' t
A i r j.. l i t i iii .. ii i r .in. n .f-iJb;>. tini l[..
. ri.i] Jlii: iiJ irn ini ii'. i..t i r I ar it it. ha.t r ..c ln[l', i
i h 11 ill ... i iir.l.h- i : [ it l.. irj i.'.n l i r]: n ii i ',' fila l [). n
1., i. r,.i. n r.,,h i Tll:, .' u. x li i,, 1 rr. ., ,Ji ,' ot :u r .':,- un
Sr iT i- t- i ,\ il : r i, iil ii n i-r f ,r i..u .. n i p r .l ulltil i r l iria
, ,i,,i nl 3i ., -3 r" or'* r r,.-. -l i it ll I ll i. t \,I ;.-i I i,- ll L.', cl'," f
h,. il.i r ur .-rUnifr inliiill r t.' II i l .ili C t. I. r it r T i
i* ,ri' il lj I[ i.i '..r Iil r .'],i ll i 1 I lii tiliii'pu rtinL ihi-
, IIil h [ ..* !' I in ,- i ,.. 1il ., I l 'i .. I .. I I i -,. 11:. r rr

I'Y H.'1-:OI.D K:NLITS'.'N
\L.ijorii, whip in lll. L'iit J .iJtc lI I.j e ,:i pii re.r'i nlijli ,., i
TI'll Oull ..k, Dc.:cinler 29, I'-j2.
rhe iir:. hiinoric rvfL.r rtn:e tu ,in ci o'n ral ri..ranij:.i oi a
,,- .ple ic foiiuil III tIe I', clithl c riap[Lr ur Gc i'.i', whlerec w ari
.,Id hlliat .,',,r ham in ill-., in, th: ..,mon nandJ of C .od, to..k ,i I trill-
r.iiim lhr in i i'%l -oupot il :a into lthle l3nd of Ca nl ain.
Sincl e il'e ingraili- ll ofi tlh kr.ielitcl uii'lcr Aliralihir] thur
I Ii-l.c i .1 Ic.ni nt lr i...enn i lt of i o 'le i r:' m i l' n.: [,art .:.r the
irtli tu anotll er. Unlil 'c.-iiipar liti ly recent limie rno [ci:.,ernmnacri l
-, Lricion ..II ,' i n 1111 n1. 1 .', ar.:,' ,: ,-' .:. v,.anill c rl hlull a
.* icl i 1.. . nii.r.t i l .lii : ,l. nt d ci LL 1 iii 11 ru .:r r[ 'lit -
,,,,re clearly d.I fi''n d. na.iion :ri[ r n.ilion ifrinili it n .e: ar.s I.-,
jirI -, cli rc'il'lioii and i ittL rictionJll l a v. -ul il r l l .-i :- -
.i.ir..I h he iilt ri; .:If, the ..ll ._rIII r iloi .. li di i.- iii m il'o r. .il :.. -I i-
,.m i,-,url
1'lh I I l It ntcriLc rt lIot Cl-nrc .. injr... i C rt-'lin i
..r t rcqiiren:n l% -.n ]er l it '.ckin- t io int r ri lev.. [hi-
',ir r .: ,i lter or ir ,'nlrt I nt :c into 11i \\iV-.rl.l \.\ar .A\l 1 li. i,3.
rki t iio 'Ilis ibjec for-.. '. a: l:r-. inll : ... i in nir ratiion
Iii rhi co intrr '..llo,,ini i the L..-'tii.ll n ,of l ,:e. Th. I 1.:i
i. t l I, l i ld l thi e'. pel latiAin aniil ; i'i jl. jiii11i l l 110 ll ri L.uti.:.i
ill.n 1l. CoIin. rc' l If lthi.ii I n l r .ul.J iai dihai \e I11.i J r:.h
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.I,' i r ilt l w .r.

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lit1- ei t 3.t *..*= 11..*1'. I I GH 0: tl jCIt; L II 1-
.i, .11 the pjia t Ohi : IinIrdil ,'-ar.. i l here .%ith min t i r a .ir

1 I- .10 .------------- 14 1,43(o 19 ,!-15.0 1 I -I I . .. ..',
I-'2l. l --- -- ----i~i'i in l4 1 -l--i.l-i". i
I'.11 S4I-------------- i...... '.-lI- --------.............--- 2 2.
1-1 ... .--------------. I 13.2 I ......----------....... .24 )l .1'
I 41i -, -.. ----------- .214 1 S411 ---- --- -- -,-- -14.41
] '. l* ".l- ".. . o ............. lr.' ..' ... 45

l h. ,l.,'. f l'igurc a, re e',.lrcnhl.,' int:re lini an>l furni.h I i .:h,
'iI f..r th.:.ii. for ih. iEuiI-klit o f l]i[iAl ::c ir-in..
Ddrin., the pl 'La t -. ..r ,i. huninJrd l ll'ou':,LmlJ iinii ranl hli...
jme.I c her,: himn urop mii:.4'l f them froi i i lih ,...,ti .r.n 1 1ai
htI re *.. li.: in the. p:lt l.ookl f :r our .hlicap an,] tnil ill 1i:.:Or
Tl',.ja, 111 I -laidJ. hle mhin -cate uif .iir,. iiti. Ilii Iuntr
. r ,'. l d ifar I.'., :ind] i s ca. pacit i iu .'ii s i T'a ll it i s I ...-- il.lC
*,r .,ur im m igratii,,n .,fl'ici;;l t. c,5 ,niimin: ,.ilh ,.ail.'.I lf'or :.u n .
S..n ,']lli thati car.: \'li ,.:l th.. Ijc' i1cri.at ,." lf Ih ,, -imh r. kl.na i.n

I': IiteCr liht nutiir.,n lcrniorarili thr C.i-mniittee on Immigration
irnd Naturalialin, of tiL Huli.c aiutlori,-cl tic chairman, Congress-
nan .A-lbcrt .ulrri,-n, i.- report out a Iill on rli firsr day of the
prc i t siit :si:'tn thaIt ill limit entr iii,o lhii :.country to certain
rn d.r l1.i.od rel.i i. c iIn direct Ihnic ,f .\1 cric-in citi..ens and of
trh.;c '.i'ii ha. c d(cl'l ii their intention r :.i icco:m ini citizens. The
-tronr, fCeatures cf tlhisI 1.ill. v..hlcl hi v -IC v1 a i onl, intended as
a tem[pi-rary :to-l,-ar mi.caur- to i, i.c the Cc'nimittc time to work
out carc iilly a i,-rmano.rin iinniraTionI law. i: [, t the cii"eri or
the ieclarair iiiLiit fir i.i i l-: .-il r iati:n for the rclajti\ e's arlnis,-
-iin, i l o itit a ;iiiasl:il bLond ma\ lie ri -uiirci J o.f ilic pelitioner to
insirc ,ita thai nrc-%c.-mer '.ill rn-l bEcounmi a piiblic ch.lr',e. If the
Coirmmrii,,oner of lrnmtiraTi,-,i i irfiilred that tuch relative is
I ielI' I... pr.:,, a dle:irable acqui .itiiin, lie i .., i .,i.l: 3 F Crmn ir
under -ulch ri. ul.'tl..nL ; a- he may eprc-cribe. The .r o featiresi oi
Ih ,c C r,-,'"] ar, *1:'.i-_u'
In llil atteiin.t t.. m.:.lil ,jr :,pinirin an.d uc nclii-ions into the
enaclricnt of ptrmancnt itmmirirauiori I islation, cnt iiul conriidcra-
inoi mnltt l.( ci.cn t.. 'cecral imnpr.rlint p.hais- :f thi; ~rasr rlu:s-

The fir.-i i thf : .:, .-f collr i- irh. ..c'no ic c Shall r
permii Itiundrfl- ,f thll.i.muii if ij il:lil laborerc t-j flood our
crcr,:,.,di.id icitic ,hlicn tIh. qineliin of emplom, cmnt is alrrriild
cartin- ii- crni- concern '
,c ti,.llly. hall in. h Ii-.-rnc l to i tn h.iIt corning rn
thi-; c.innlr-. rc-'ults.i fr.-iii a d' irr. th. Fart .:fi certain ioren gov-
rn] .n:iri L:t nJ tI h. 'c. rid f dc-.'p.irate icrmlier .-.i the Red
hi-rde n... -:r (rrrunning Eurjlopc
OC f c.:tir4i., in tiii-iing Tli final decici.-n we Inuni lit e fair Ti
rlh. E ,,i.. n --i :...d f.jili. an v.i ar of i the l,. d :,rd(r of lifc in
. -ar-i reckt Euriope. ar.. e3(r to I'nrl ihenmilc,. h a. lao;al citiuzn-
of Llie Lintiii
Las -uiinii.r I p',nit three m.-,nthl iIn EFuror. jnd in hlie ,e.(ci
c,-iintrit s vin itud I fi:-tnd thi- e.sirr .n the part ,f a lar-e nIun-
lcr ,,f carricnt. encr i ic pcrenri. who. no driubt, '-,uiild bc an a's i
i.-, our Nati..-.nal life
On the ,. thcr iind, L., in.eL-.; ati:.in, .hiich included disciuicon.
.)f thi: ioucti.nri 'ith Aimericari rprcc [l tatu : in tlie .'ariou: porrT
fro, hiclh .:.itr lar-. st imnitnrration conime. alIo v. ;ih A.icrican
cotinsular ai-ent iIn the intcri,-ir. .l n: tu L, l,,me that certain ioren
.itrnllmenT1 rnnt m t ff-ecltcl .y tlhe Pd n-icnaic were actually helping
I.-i finance ';uch irniniorai-ni to this coiunitr\.
.A lihoirt time .i- I \im iedl Elli Ilan-ild i,-, cc f r himself thI
cl-.is of inmi;i-'rant: n..- .c, coming lher,: andJ i. ;ny that I was a'p-


1pald i.. hIli cla<:' .\c are now pectit i, 'iat-in' it milJl.. T .
other nluml, er; .:1f C n.2ri .. ,',. c..imp iiil me, anrd '..e "ncrt. .agrerl
11t .r ,onl a i r' sirljll p iTrcciltage coulil t.I a-s 1nilijl eI C..l IIOII lo.'
-r11.: our prc'j ir e at ilarlt d, .n ,ii'l dll i is ~s'inptlliIg .. inurtt i : r.tl
3p.i 1 st
F' r ti I mrllc i t parti .iii t.cre iin'l.:ili l I ,',.r .ic h co ..c .ldd onl.
apr. ..-iit itl c.:unuL ic Ic h lnr alr'aC .y OI ..ircr .A il il. i
ian, ii' t r-, ri,.ui [pr" ils l in of iiincm pl,.,, n iiit l,.I l. Lc xiil
i- I i 1ii hI i ; l -til t l of [I -< min r-int ..' n. f Iroin -. s-il i
ni Eur11 i fe I.1 ilh,:'.'.: had I'l f rthlir Iljn .r iam l .11 n lha;i t..
;tt:: .li .'.. in l. re : t it -. ithll [,'.at,'..L . l ,.1 .I -i lh 1. I -l ,-rt
of iin: that .'n iunii rt iii flin t rc '.iih lac .t lir.. i,' r l i Ljl liuca
ti ji (n .u'l.1 ro d. i t 'i li i l.'I -i :L .n r' iii ., "1 t c h.. d ..-ii
iL-.i. l r i' thI .:' rt o I r-, .'t f,-.r fth,' I.-. lih .. .-' i.
h r. r. I tl ci ." nr, ."lrl "-i 1:. ., r'., ',. ,1 ..I :nd [' .-ip. l.'..n',,"it .
r.* ,,.r. 1 r. ri 4 1 i c.-.,l ;i' .. .h L i \r, ..,rd .l'. .-. L. .. ril' l.

ic cItt11c t .. I clTer .l11. ]'. i re :*z i;,g furthc. r c, ': itii i in i'c ,l i .-
anlp it ll- -Il :-ic nne i ii ,rl.'in'i" .' c r .i ,t't.rai l : irOi u tii n.rl .li .:I. ii.
ilrnl, ..u'di '. :. *.r Ih ll .- L t o' r n :
.'I narci-'iim tiri,.s ,nd il.-.ircr ll :n ili,' lun' .'f the l r l r '
cl. t r h ir .L plit.cl ,. f hilh andJ inalc.r .. lhandl in hl nd. TIh -.
lirtL c-. ii.ilionsl are hand miaid ni ui i L.,''.-. c no :ii,1 '- rcro'.d-
int'. .riJ are iferile _. :I f.r thie r.:.pia iaton of rPcl-ihe.ism. C,:im -
Inlciii in -lci.l Nthil. r idocrini i li t cv: I., Il tr-.i the pr. ;.ii
cir cr \\'icIl.: it 1, dco litl[ci ilie: tr th-at Lm t i .,.i u2rchi,Pi -
v..' co : thr-i'-ih ouir :gat.; ..erT: -.f ithat l.:licf I.i 'T: L.'m ing lh.r
I .ii firm ly ,.olr. i ..L i l i at a :-T lart ... ICr..inta i .:f I I ii.: n ',
and taoin .' i I,...- pr t s; o .iic mp i r i.nS' litoutionlil 2;'' crnncn"
ha c jol v.[ the for..r l for 'vor',] T. I:. lII.II .- .:.'iiy c l',f r ltiil r -ci,.
ii.L.-c .\[, r i.n :cs I,:ri. O!i, rccaoil for till i th ir grc .it h ip-
plriiitmn int in thie .:.oticr, i. at l..r a ft v y,.irt re-i id ncl : hI r-
IN' tpuo rIl.!: for thi in br,: n en.-u.r ai-, thie :,i airc hii agrint .ihl.-
hold ,i, l-v. in. pi.t l ii.i,[ f .e hIop ,. al 1i rihe m o-ire .lEvC. r .-',f
Icir : o COn .lri.t -i' W'iio, hi0% inil f- nm a i.l: .icic p crol.periri Ite r
r i turn i ll,.ir nati ..- 1.'nr, ... il ..hat t-3 Ith. in ~ .ll' I'.e 111
llii. :'ir n-n rl :.'f 111 :,spf ri[,y Su .Ci inicIdtP- c l ilith in,.', plenl:it. :f
money ..' alli il.p-taranre and .:m air iol e', .': v. hlii. fas,.inaic-
tble guillile.
i\']ll." .rguI J. 1 ,li !t i, -,l ..n', "if T ony or Jlak.c ca-n ac-
comnipllil thcI iy ihoulllI't ..e g' C i rn. ri,.a ;.iill Iicumri. n.i.h
ir.- I'" I't l rIIi hi iiO i-o not pis;.e i l ii .l i' ci iiaci:n n.i prcat
'it it-I.' I il] 1 i-r.n that llt: ir c Lic cc l' I l ro ,ic'r hiad -.ho ni 13-a1. v :. ,1
Ih r., aniI a iter I .i *.'* t ilirl ., 'c itr oi i,.ing ii 11 irl, cro x.v,..ii

I,. I1" I.j N IVI'VPS1T'i" OF OK LAHOMA',\
nljl,)i II.LiiiiLI t', a idii .I. ill it men darker iaid morc loathlsiiomc
.iLati.i:p .*r f- itori., th..ir llttcr *]i lu-iuii dietcrmincs their
i'l]liation with the 1...i .irni,
S n,:-I ,,'o o: r rllth.r. lhi r iC l tih. I tl y ha'.i Ihecn decciitd
uIl tLic iirolii- ,, '.ii i; n of tlI. IT rTitit ]:lldI :min' lurn t anarchy
'i, e>:pic-, their cotnk ilit i..r thi: and Aill other 'form; -..f gu'.eri-
1 1hii is nllt Trcdliy o tI oi tihe r..-ullt ,l ur .ll tiiiiIlt in allowini
ciih ...cr .:r. ,'.Jinr in til- bit 'L t ,ic .
l ci i n ,il.: t]i- ituaitiuin ri 11 \ .cr' i rn liu, I ci n r.ach no,
Ithii.ir '*..ij clu-il.n thi'r tih., irnimr i rtli .L In tj thi ,ountlrl for the
1. ;'l f 3 r .. i .ars l ] i.] l :- I nf ir nf i l ilmi t clli.t iVi.'lt to those
Ai.ho ar v.11ul.1 COni- : lier ilh t ihe, inh l ntiu rl t tll i .jc l.
'itlier a in .l. eri..nt firmi r., .-r a hill r i. It i my jid ,II nt
jI 'I thiIi thi nll. ch-i: tiha c.n pir.. a di tinctt :.:s ,t I'n OLur
Natiinai] and ec..tnrin-i. Ili,: at tLhn rrtts -nt tint'.
MldcLi in A.\mrin':3 tu, mi.t .-f thl. !.r:n[ls immw.rant in F.u-
r.,l.-. 'it1d thi I null r "'Ni ,. ''.:.rk-" M entitu M liti]ct,.-jta. 1'',.'a
.r Illin.it-. .trid tnh.:' t:l.c i tlli it i ar. t:ir.llhin: abou,: t ;o:.tIe aforen
I. hicI .[, >1 1- F< 1- ... . T r c.Ad.
'I[ u i ..-u Aiticrican r .:ir-.nttatr C: in Europ, I L eli, .k that
I. ,cial Il1 rature in ,ii l..' ri rt tita nit ,:..i th i t Slt' ,. '.. i re hi-I:. 1 c-
iit.il:n'r *| .-.rtini mti ar': I. l. c ,:iitui.] sI ,tjill. [,. .listrih tlted amon'_

c lil i ...rJ ..I uall, t .: l -I tih cl -. O If im m ra tii T'C litiL
.i thl. ni u;. mn ..- f :L..ind.:.itd ft trm in thi.n East atIl ,.iiuth a ttni tit
nittiII. .:.I f Iact tint ii : ii i thi P,.i iill-I e .I'i]l Far \\'i.c t it:.r thie \n\ti
..1' .,s-n 11 ...r_1 r.:. .i.rk tl n \\'iV hat i a ll ]d it tili. L.c i'ordil t, I. in
I.I-iar- :mi un. it- 1. i]. :e l '1 ntr v'.aciiit la-in uLi cr cult ation?
T"l ]I : .J I. .L.- trtL it il i '1'1 ,' r p.1rtl ,-ii E ur li.,c tu.l.n' is '. r.:'at-
ii the .inrt .:. unr :t th., i. t.j h f-und ri v r, ..her, o l that c nl i-
Icilt. \','.: ..all .- tl I th'i .-ra'.iiL f,.r j131.J T hi ,r is lent..' tI
'"- h ] ,n it.:r i ... il.:nty of .v-rk t' bet haiLd in o _ur far
1n.I rat;cli:., This n- il '..4 ., tlhe l:l'jr Piro.lcm ,to a I:rcc. e.\-
,.nt '-i tlie farnit ai r'.Sa uli iii rhe l ti-i r f :.liict] ]ot. r 'w.-rin ,ii c t
* i It. in';..
I I'ch;].. h, : il ,.,'.. rr mni l.nt o-,uldh un.l.:rtalu.k -auim ,l.i of ,li.-
" ilutin .-_ jmir kii rtL l,,I r i ..i ... Ilat it .:,.-Ill L. [,I:,:,:.l -.- tile t l l p,'.'i-
l'., l a., :n atag,: tr. ill .- ,ulntrY. A v i-c o..,li'y :' f distriburio., '1 uld
p rLr .eC nt ..: n;..- '.11t. ,andi thie _.Il.hl i, - I .,[ t 111111. 1 ..I .-Ifl.; tra.ltir.-n dli
' J.."Il. i:,1111t i lt i.':uld I. : tc .. at d, th + .r I:' n In kin' tlt.'ir
.\ncrtic.-jnI at..n tlhi i.: -i:r A vitl.m .f-I ltriuliti.n nI iu t I e V [i- t be
nt li. r _t...l] il. ] :ii lier .cil ,t i \* :irt ti -r .l cl tt : '.I c : a latinl st
,Ii;] .,.n -. i lil .-. .t f fu- Ln ii_ a 1 0i. 11 1 li'.. li t :'u]y Ih .. tI : -As i:u r |


pei c fif l ,11i1.] c,-oni nic life. lhut :.1''. tie ,iiilw.rl of dii ,no l r;Lac I:
, ell.

.,[ N..v York
III IIIC I IlH u I f Ii' pr.-:lntitli T liursli.., .A ,ri 21, I'21
M.I : IRSSD .\LL. Mr. lealcker. I Ii hu allt itiel:.- li:tncl i..
alll Iof tlle .ir i.uiiu it pr.t.IInt.l 1. ti h .i'Illteiic .. hI o f0 .' r nll lull
I IliCli the (c oiilltiti.l has r orr ri. tri. iinnhirLrat. I'C :andi it
u( i 1 i. me I Tl lia tile Ll..in it. .fl hi.i teria i- lit. '..iiiinitine fjacli
% hl1 1 l l i pi r... tlle. .L itlle ik n I.. urc i t. i. dt i,|ii.-n l It I ir.'-ei l'lh l
a. an > .I3 LI t.l .. 111m C.i,- .re" \\ 1.b'l I- I 11 Liicr..',:ii. vy \,'.. Ith.
r.pirctcnt ,li tri':I .\ iller int rc'iid a I rgu i lllli-,r i f fir.lri-.l t'rn
I i.ri 11 andI hci. :e arc .:.r 'li ,iI' IlC 1,.": .1inalitir. t., jul .. 'I.
not kni..a .1ii I 1]g stli.t.- anid l i n cr'. m iicl if ilie penilcr n i,
[i |pre .[Ilin g 1 l:. :]::ri,: ltural hl.-lr'ct ,.,.h re hh r ili ire -rri '. r.
fi-w fi:,r-' t-I.'rn p r'... .ui ll ar: therefi rc: iunfamilli.ir i..th hintii:
erL.Ints r i iin gratii n ir.'ilh reall: I n .'.i w ictilhir r n ..i ..
Illl'. 'I n C 'x I: -. .i1 il .1 a' i r : li '.i i.,i t-i I r l1., .iern i.ir-L_ Ill
pa .' '-'c ,I'.1 restr. ti iL t lll .ri.- r l]ll 1 I-,.p' l i.i I it .ti. i be. a: IlI iin :
if it v'ure noti F i. i t :i .ic 1l it t Ill -; ibili I t 1, r l1 r .l I. The 13 Trm -.I
-1.'1t .1enti11; -.f the tliriles o.f p.r [ci.p c iiInbra.tlll '..h .ni we ar,
rO',l. arn re:nl ,' I i m .il: Iiii I c..tun ry, l i .,] '.. li.. are -t l.l---.l 1' .
U. .:iv : jiaitin': tlhe cinI ul.ir J :t and lith li to :i'c .: hi.l re i..'
. tiI'i ll I11 all. T[hu fi ur,.., thl e I.- tnlitl nutCiI cl \ 'I .-ry Ir ill II ,.
i, fi l'fi.'ri m illii' e r ens. y."1 r 'he l.'..r fact il t hat lL .: .. irr I alt 1 stC in.II-
-hip facilitic. ci'e t lit m'l iru\ lmitn nuriLt-r of [ r'.n. .'u l.
'al .' iitl [.i.ag'. i' to ii c: lniitry I'rri aln), ilire in tle ic .rld in the
nx.\. 12 tm.nls Y 1.S001'I., ai ule 'c.pile thee fact .,.hich t:,cr,: Mmri-
I.,-r ..f lhi H ,oe know- fr ii pri.lial c,;pertrcnc ilihat oi-rr Sta3t
D Li.par;nicn hI3as abi-. .uitc and poTfer-ct c.- 'ir. i .1 itmf ini..rjtiu'it thrii
lt:h \St t'..ln, and tih t our Stuitr D. iparilrn int n ia limitul .i'i1
cnrL.'t..l irtirizmii.n firoi. ithe ninient thie ti.L -'-tenem icnit ini'
efi(ci; tlli t lic State Dep iarltm..m I l,. l ia' anil dJoes r.teri'ii ili,
IO w'vr L'o tcurl.'t i .i ,il to. li in t im m i2;r ;t.i n ,_i 1. lhJ :.. .r iiiil" :r
ithe ji-igmj'rint -i ltli S,.ecrc:iry .oil State decemin deiraile anJ v.i--
M r. S|'aku.r til iil' irti. I re.pri.;tC it a d1i-tric:t ,ill.r iI
ri-ilt a cr n.n-i'cr il. .. iin Iiluct i.'* f..r n-Iii-.rti -. r ..,nl m l I jin,
cit%.i .r:Icai l Is th IllIL Co.inlitiit on. -.'cial. I.,_li. ico i .i L'nd cc ii'- iim c.
.'. icli surriunid ilicni. for ] li li u amrnii tihio in Ni t i N 'i'.rl
lro i e irk ctlhiii'.. ; .'':Irkl. ilh t hi i .i ii' i .l.rI n til n I
kt.v. c..ll'c:ti .l .., their Atrt' ki ,..; til stri'.in 's .-. thir r ii..|t.
a:n l a'lh iratiiuii :i.1 I .,m f.min li.r ilh lh ir > -i r.r ,. :>.i-i 1. -

licfs, t iii nnc'-r i r l '.ITir l .n in .:.ir m i ,st. ;1Ji Liundtritand
ri. an -i all llh.: thin- ;s li' ,JO
Kn..wi9 ; .1 i'l ii un:l.r-t.,t:.. i ; inlmic gr-LInt. ani im m ig-rant life
I I dI u I I'l .c 1 :i m ,'l lqu; lifid [. t3te thal;t tlilher .:- it: .. rea-
---i *..'lat -' ..r <.' r ihl lih iut, ri to rl'icnil-ii i ?,: Itrai-lti-ron l .\ erii-
i.;ir -.i:, .- n '-pen do: r tc. li, ce ..i OMl V '.rldJ' p iTr,.,'' t i iitheml i. i i.:.r iL ii. n I.- umr i.-uittry, .inI v.iand -- r mcin-
ti l], .iI, I -.i *ci., ally iit 'an.l % i.:. .ir. n-1t: anicI-. liL or orpp'- eed
1 1o our f.rin .:.if I .: r iiiir t, : ic \'. lo. are ir'C [ in ll.nl'lt will t1hi
ril :'I ~ I.. l ~ r'. l i :..n t a r li .. l irn ll.- prL. i,.it rII Ii lt r:r1 ti.'rl la l
It *I', uI I, ,,'i ii [Ii: ,l i h iiin Iiin .ia l'. .i t Y] ly Prl C 1 O:r- Mnrl m e i
In : .,r.r,; I lhlt r u-c thatI A i',nci, ,'i'li only flflC 'illl I 0 pilula-
ii n .Ilr. ., h:. r.:ad.l rlie .sati.ur .t.in l.iint. In a i l- rI i s no
ii..rc ro I..I [I I. c'c:.. i r, i'.:.r Ian, iT l lTre rall] [ r '. i ii 1 ll
.*.niit l : -' it. r. '.:. .:.l r ih rr. I- I D le : I I., ii:.- l ln rc r ll; | I, lI i tl t
,oir c,:..-un ry i 'l h it. vi:i territ, llr:, caJ l i n.. u .. l-l r I : i rtlicr in-
. r-3 .. in i..'I Til -II.n '- ti lli n.. l.n i thi till lii 'll '..TT: r- tha
,,u'r c-uintry v, I r. : i c. .'. .r.:ro. i,l ti. l i. i- all tll ] d.":,.a ed
* lo li: .: t'-t -cIt I.: i r it rl:r- r '. ti Ii r rl r riT .lc 1 tnn-
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ci.- n aI I. illi Icl l. till :ir.] r i -, ---k. ould i l i .iir bi:-
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I hi: r y t ill i-,. c 1, Iiii r r % Il : I t Il. i .,' i irn ui., : r cll. I. ilt
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I li:- -t l ... i .1 -e n .l 1 _.. t- I V' m-i i I :0 r- e [iithe
c- lt I-.Vn 1"1 Fun..t 1: --- I t I II-] 1 ... rl i n i z rm- c sac
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rl-. .ly :. I ., i Ih t. rI I cli. It .i l ,* n ]: i , l..r .I, io lr i ,n.lp % t ill
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it irc [,irI'.k pl'. : pl I'l. tL i.' ll .ll' i .C's doLL I1 .1 rn.r t ll y 1i1-
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li, th, .n, t11 i l ul inin Tr.,ili, li t l.'.I I lon i ; oi- e ._i' .':'onlii ll '.'ll II IIn Il,
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n.iiln .iL.'e pr:ittst i a ;i' T l l. : C'.II'I IILIjlT.''1 :.f i II LTrll ii .of
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if Jitritmiii in anli rCLi. l.ati.n Jain n'-i.t l e ril. li a til l i.
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l .-I,:..ria- ,' un.J l, L i, i' .I,|5 II ] .:]ni :]. l i..r i] : ili-tiL ni, I,,' t.r It \lii:.
..:nd ti..L.n, i' r inr gr-i t: Ti. Co im m i.:nc r I .iii.r . oi iiini]-
, atioi, X\'. I luL.l.jrl, ri ..,':i[l, ;a..r i.h tit..l I... Prc.:Iicl Hiiarding.
. 1 '.'... tiii. t.I : l iii ro' ant r"i t ,,. t' tl,. x:ouL itrN a:, e -re *-i,-n
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,i hL C i, .w-1 liv rhidi I. l ri., i. ,n .I.il .t a f ,l,*JL..-.~ h [l o-Il'
*,r:i.:ti.:al ,o luri,_, ,. I h ,10: l.r,:. l.1:m H >., i. ,,' ,i,1[,(I. "11 i ,:, ': T ,.. l an.'.
Ilvi.iS: in til .ulA I t. bbL. ].-aii lie : i 'ti l nt ia ,. ciel r -t .']i
Ia'- -,i -i.lahzi., J LiIL'.ln i 'ii.r't and ha: had Ll 'ar o |r ar. ir.al
lm inii 1- ..i e C .|i,,r :l':c. l hl mlmI ,. : he::e i r,-hl,., I \\, .:.,il] II
'.itr L.r: s.icr i':or tilie i i. l, er I- tl': il . H :n e t ,O truI .t th:I; C :rm -
i iw zII : t r G ir. r I ,, Ir ii, imrat ..i undir thie .Jircri. ,.,f i. th:
Sr.I. lr t t. r .i L..*La.b,: r. l.-. i.-.r r ili i l: iltla t. I r : C i.latOi 11 L cL io:,-j tr.I i the
liitril i .ul i L l" I nIII r l i ai l I cl.Li '.: ili Li'. arII] Iltii ila'.
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T heL bill r. -.. .: I .-uL t ...f .:.'nii Ii I .:: li' it I ll .i n Ie I l I MT -
ii r:ia t ll 3 p"'"-r cl l t i i .I 't.t..,1 ) .ar nl le I : m L r 'II f l'r :i_. n-
i...ril period' oi u:iI i .li. l'.i ] i\ i .r. r'-'a.i Z in I llII- TI ,i ll.1
I ltl : ill thi \.. 1-r i' 1 I' 1 :I-.t..- .. i a 1i .. r t I ...,:
1nt nt aJ, ',if r IJ.,',U 1 I.:. n. -.i.: > C. _-.,ro?5 tlfl' ,,lr.. ,, a ,, IJ l
S, u ll- l'ur,. ..u .:: l .i lir c 'llr Il ,',1 I" ll': I ".., U l 'll l1l>- I'.-0'

\\' r.. r, i]t,...rm .l il -l the t ,.. ,!.. -E .: .J.i .' h11n 4 .c ln "i wrdn
Si], rll, .:'I,-_InC IMtl hl,.r I I Ir. 1 i 1 1 .i . ,l I l1h c I I.-.r ,] .,I .-,1
.A il eal :-_ 11 i .. i t I I,.r t ,1 ...,ri- rl.. I, : .l i o f a, I L. Io. l '.
I '. I1 1 h i l 'il '. >l'.rt, I z i, l l I i L '['. ." 1 I1 \.I I -1 r. t,',-,J i'
ind .n. 1 : ] 'l k. ir..,nd lI.. l -11.) 1 f. .. r ;' -i1..J
1. lI u4 1lI1I 1i 1 ..u iii h '. .te.. 1 al.J Cth1 1 01-in i [ .% n .' o r on.hlli er
"'4 Ihour. i.h .. l *1 1 .1 1P 20 1 l .11 l l r1 l' -. I~ .., f I' la:i : I ia:
hlla I 1 '.I -c '[,3 p I :11i ,n '. ,i r ,. : i ,ll 1 ,..1 .1.,.l v .r ..P-: re,
- 1.11.d- in .d-.. ,. r l ...l, i lli.. U it ,l . ..l, '::. l l h .. fE. ,.
' Ih . ..ro. < n, .l ]i lth it, I. rt tri l.. -,' '" i,: 1, :. : i', :.c I' ll a ilI
hallJ It '..'J a,' l ll: tt lly. I ,,l .,'.% 11- l' .; 1 11', Il 1 'I ; ,:" -
:,l ir,] I. ,l t o r *, > IJ(., it. i, c, tl: ,. I. 1.. i I. r i |.r..- i. i rg .l -'T .:,

-11 I. L N I V FIi S IX uPY rl i L.\I~ HON.

leruil \\'r :L., ri]nli..ly p:i'-t it aId no .'. Ic .ln.J tn iIold, h'rn
.ii; anoihi rnler.,-iiy l.ill. It would .,:cit to lme that 'ilhur there
are mnain, cni.cr-,i:ri t 11, V\'i"'iinZto:I '-,r il] -om',: ri thit gi nt]'-
icn'l nlLrc- iar. o,. r'.ri.itti i H-a.iii, in mYr ,li-trict. the
I'r,.ii. tI'l.: ir, i j l culm
MI r .Si' I!.r andl -- liii.n',it far mi :.r, iminirt.nt than all the
rctI .i, l I l.i' -L Lt i. 1 r l .i'il n- i iL ;ilr1 .i--r l .l o l thi- h:arrl anc.
liIa lt I',] i l.[]._ i a l..rail rc:al m :For tli.- I, ll. ;if pa ,-i, w ili
l.ro.' [ t ii. l.-r .\iti ric:-in -....icr from I..rin-init Llth ir blood rehl' .
lt i n i 1.o nr l.. I, irn I:.litcr C:Luntri Tic fr-.,in j i i ii c tic lm i in ill
L' i i.. F.lit I :-. I; 'li I,. li. tly ,], '. l .1 =1 ,.. li.-ill c:on=ider-
IJI.' it- rc.-ulit .L l'-,.t l., ip tl.-. r'. ]1-' [hln ,u an l- of A m e. rican
IIier- i. i .1 thi. ':ti n'- h iir ..4 rn :.i r nid. ril uli pallant
-.,r -' i, l he l:Ct \\'.r]. i '.: r :Ii J .Ih : ..ill Ic I lnit:d tih : i.t ,.ilte.-.
diel mr .t ,1 : 1 ,:1 ld I.- -,e nI 1.,1 -, .rfn- i ln:l th-eir locI, .,-

i i i.i :ii i c.,ill ntt .l. ialcl t .' .r i t. r i-i r *rit ii i rna.y
h n l ".-r, .i ri I .. li, 11r l: rrlf. ,, --',]] lirnX I rl. re"
\V lI :. i [Il,- ':- II ',a ,-I t ,' b i l- "i t % 0 1 ,r1.1 z 3 i '_- 1 1 1r ,I ,:ri .c '. "
4 ]i h]., 0 1 A n,1 r ,.'ir i i a .) .' r.i. and Il ,, il,.ir c-r.l, .r jni al .crif ic,
le.. 4i t liti I 1'. 1 f Ith : l"I, .. r ,u r F li[ ,.l- id IIl l r i Ht i,
i t' '. .. rl I I. ttc r -i'fac, in ..hi'h i ]i'. V.'i: m ad.f nt.
..ir i[ill. i I ~i I-l *:t n itul t'-. rn .r f. ircll-l r] ..e s im p
.:alll Th.m .-,11. ii.] tli r.:-|i..:-nd .l in i li.: ma nni r. Ainr,ron the-i
i.I .'l. cII.I h rc h ndlre J .:. I hi-il,..r;.Jn f f .:.r:r ]n-L. Irn -.hi, h n it d
tlit Teril .;fn tl i 1i l 1 ill i tlinalle t-' rin2 bI t1. lhi .:.in ry It
j iiM Ili-rn Ill' ir ti-l. r,' .r ni. il .r-, l'r th :r *-r ,u ter fliail.-ci, i
hi-.:. .l ril.anln-. .'. m. rr j .:. ,:r, Ithalt lditn i- nut room nr
i ti .r a .-,. ,cr' i'.dr 1.il, r thl.rr.-" inr b.el.ium m .and F'rance hit
,- lcpili" li.nItal llie r:.' .f ~r" r,.. : .: jill tsi -rp..'int d .tar i' niail
A Iorrn-I- rn .r l- mIs.a. -,I'.. fi, l,.-i c ],l IIn c: .1.e the 'n or.al
riel. t :. : :cl r. : h, fi.-it r, rn.:.i hr, u-i',- r. r I'rithl. r .-f an' n-
illh : m enn 1 1t n11 t !I r ."Inm t ,i:3 l.',: t l.. -. ':|l ill: t faith ? It 1.
i I ..I- "Ii -:ry i[-:p ithl I i T--,.ri, r '-*u .' it 1,eC an ', y L'back in thi
I,.ne ic r.. The: I[' rl n ':ither- -: i t1 l a ijnlt llth,:,c a.j, 'ili.d nr
-c ,:,n rl. i to.acti- Ii' d -t:unI.Jardi l- n'. r ', \ illi si il ini froti
t i, ii.[ a flu haltn al Pr:,.. i-l'-ic m J- all thir-i..h lth. .ars ir,
rry L'cen rati.,n l .:.r:cc hI-vt arI ri' vu'ry intf nc:, li.::..-r' :r. llt c -obcr c'-_nniin sernS:,. aT"id clear rea' -on-
ir,. ,n.i 'tiiner.-i -i. ri[ : f l Anm .ri.:an ]ic::p r ir al.I andi thi
a-l.':ntluroF(n p.I,:.l : .:-i th: ..:rl.J :.,I,] lith: c I'lri itr from inlol, r-
ance an-.i op'r:' -pr: i:'ri't crr: pi rilitic1] lj : c,:' n herc T.:. T i', it, ir p[ rt
anId I, -r har,:. inl tl: t rl.,i ld linC of th,. ht.,il :ionl


The C,-entry M.aazini Mlay. 1921

In I68 .\non Purlingam- niigoniatid a treaty itn which h the
I Irmled State. of .America and th.: Fmpcrojr of China cordially
recognized "'ll,' inerrlaiit .ind mnliinable right ol) main to clianig
hi, home and h .'ilih i3ance Fourteen years later our Chinese
sxclusioni Act ImNie l i jvt of thi- fii.' flouri-l of American poli-
,ical iilealiim. It liha ncw Iccoim apparent that there are other
'ociological lsc.oi01. our perc ple ,.ill ihaie It: liari ui tler the harh
riiirlage of facts.
In the pa.t the ch :f guaranly ifi Ilability Iui the relations of
r ic : and r cpipl:. ha.s een ii iia iln.rii-i. M .- t iin lii ed. an
liid within n a fcr. league', of their birthplace. Uniler the empire
.ii habit they bour their lot. lXe it nevr so hard. -.vtlhc.u reflect-
,i: that a brighter life might be awaiting them ,-verscas. Only
lie exceptional 'r.cre iifled ,'.il thie lilagirlatlioli and courage
,, pluck up anid l'i rder ifrthi illI t hope o- betteriiig thcir
. rinrlion.
rut thi, rnollutcjn riage is not likely to: last much longer.
meinc the .irrth O:f mein noiw lhvin, lte *'OC IOl..rlil[l -'-f the masi
imrementll oi peoples hav. Ieen utterly re.'-alutionized. N.'.t
iil., ha, teamm cii larld iiiJ ca made iracl i n;[L ajnd sljr jil.
cheap but the ilo :ng dii'lance carriage of human bieiiigs ha:
lhe'ii organized 3s tji I'.r 1'-forl Toili a Iea'aiit hl ing .i.'thnil
-ight of tll. rocLk ",f Promnetichiu- r the cedars of I.elic n rnma\
'iiiV a thru ticket t., a frontier point in the Canadian N-.rth-
,. it. For the sjak, of the profit t.. ice extracted from ltem.
,rinnile;, laborcr, .are cathcrl de iatchlt and caredl for during
,heir long jouriir t: a 1n emiliiinnii, *oni tli nthlicr .id'e ni- thi glolhe;
I. If" llth, .'ecre commercial \ ares.
iI thlie village: orf outhli esterrr A .ia rias4. ngcr-tickets ti':
.-ine remote ;i) Oii -.l'r rio rtumity ir. haI..l:it a iout a; IteC, t
lidpLr, aid a ppl- r crl cried ,on our T;rle t-. ''lne iellir '.vll noT
'il., Incite the p '-jailt to inigrati. but ..ill tak'. a m3 rtlgage on
hi- lirinc for the i' iagc-niiney o-.r accept ithei hmini of sofitic rela-
:nle that thl inInmmigranlt '. il within a year remit the surrn
,.1 .anced. i'.riieir uf "grsenri. ris". thrr build iro t their native
.llage by a prOfe-''ionial mni'rny-leIider, arL imret al the right
,'oiltit by Ihi. contiiLtrate -. ..iciht oil the aiiaers to intake to
lithe iItii igratic.iin utiliorntie.' a ']d deli erd finally ito ,omc "board.


ing b: -'' i in llii i'Oiiii tr vli. Is rccriiiti in. labor on coml misSion]
lor a co'ii ructic.]lii ang.
P.e' i itch r, -f fit:achinig tIh': limp,.t from hi; rock
Ir... l .idltr.-.l.: ar: ar c ry. h in r I i; ]oi ,:.sn d b ihr prcad
..f tli capau-t. tou re'l ni b., ili. pr..lirig ,. of m inds, of lhc
1m113w b3 lhl ni-w ivpQpr
S ior h' l lt r oi -,r-... "* hi- I i.r.i ci ti e i ac Oi i, a llI
Iiii l i,. ll l, .' :l .-. r : pI, l -.pir, n l, tl i:.I vo ,-- t I 1l 111'.: It r- in it-
n in tal] _o ll_ -i l'ii,. J..l ]i,.. .:-. zia, f l.:i, .- in broadd !tream- 1.0-
,,. a r.I i n ,i.:c r :i Ich l :li -l i t Ihi: Ir -..- of 1 b.:tle-r
li iii T i~ : ..- of r"i I fo:,ll t lo l I I I a -'a:. on -.light
ii:.i.l ''ir'll ;.; i i ii _' il i'n1 lII iit r i : noir r ai-non to -uprp se
it [ j i [i,. >.l',itl :ii. 'i O l 1'c CWO-Ml i f i i '. .' :i
I..-I: il, il i ih. In -l ianii J -ire t r.l.nii,: ll i'!ili :'..i e' l n
.o,.-Il t(, io i, r v ill ro:".'. I I ll,-..',ing andj f,,r""rinJ r .,1

Ti- ... , rk. i,:ll !, .Ir:ii 1i .I .,i l :ii .l:h. ll'i- im ., S ri o lt
i i : i,*. t%!-. I l ill b -: -1 -lit

,rit i [i t P in.n inrl,;r. tl : .ldeal pla:. .. n-, part and r i-re
r ,ul.i l la ; i i.i n- I l.:h..i : p:..igr .' .,:.pp ri]l] oni W e'' m d.lernl
arc airaiii Of. -m i:1t *:0i.l1. in *'ii liiin.l i :' l -idii.j c1'lod as 'amr e
toi pr...:- I l ian A frica ri :.r S ria ...r il..: \all].. of ti, rl'l', be-
. LI C r -cdli.: : tI I .1i l J 1,a I-.h i m i.iJ l i ii :in : br-. .t i ab.'o
lu ti 'ir in n,,, [ ,', ,,l f r. .l, i ; ; ,_-:. ,. rlrr, in i i.:lt _IlI'.J'"'L to th,"
I....11 .U . 6i ll r i: ,,;, 1. r Ind, *, r .'. I il I l l:.1 to ,:,:m m o n
.,,hii : n .p: n p ': li l I l': ,11 ],i l _n '' i peri .r corn ilui t anl
11tlic: n.itli: ,r iTr. r I... i 1 i [ii i. u pul',lc. i ti-'ion i- li'm ost able
to ,iiA p:r 'e ..'h ::r:ion Fiirlh.rimi.'rr [piril al on',el:iSS pre-
.etrlt ii.: r t .- ca i bu llr ri'.r ... a. --'.ial ..ii in. inlt-rm r riiage
o : ...* :hh-ap itr.- l an.r ull str.r e. ii ii n ri ocki of thi
,del' i] ,:;[ pail. i .ls, A , pr r : r-r' u C- c lt-, riii:tr, .. h,;,I l',a'.'.s it'
.Ic.a'r, ajlar -.. ill r.,r i :, l tI. ... ii 'li no I rl,,; ii'o c a na.lior
1il a pa 1\ l ir Lbo.'ar.Jii;-h]i.:.iE T ie ithrn I ng arra ol lthe
' :rl.1 iill : c t.m .e '- L.: popular ai d *a nlfu-. parl,-colordri
1' .- f .I I':r la.iii- ag.;- .:,] r':li : .i: a i.I of the ri i:,' Ih -
.i ''lini ri,'.ral 'ii- eco ni.c i Iar.l-arl, Co. li'.- sl the brt :t:h-
Clo,. al-. I r .1 ;,0i .f I i i rn thi: bn I: di ctricLi of
ill FJ r L -i. .* ill j'. l l< I I -: .. n..l i .:.1 Pt : rintaiis. iThr
,-ril.- ht-iid ill p" I rt.:.rc lr -i h .1 l;,ul.l :r. 'liti i o].j.; it .ri., .ra. ic rs
oI ( i ,i I iht i I I.l i. 'rI i.i ltie -11, il -: ,. in it e --am .: labor
n-ail. l ..ill ,n. .. t rl ..:,: 1., I it at m 'r-at ll .IJ I h L-, C'ho'
"ltiai Con1 tleir I. : .-l'.:.il bo of to'.:. tio.-e. vw'h- ini i; t on a


,Jrpl)tt LIn rl'otl .,an ll i o.1 c conl'ltiii 'iilh a dirl iluor, thoc.c .ho'
honor their -C linId l ho-c li1o i113n e e lini cih.lcl'. tho.'e whu
rhi-iol their chiilrmei anii tllio.ce 'I.- e:.,lolt tliem .
Ilr:jrii, hl 'wh. iiL len:iiie l tiili -nclih ilCJm[illlr t IIi L ra:]di
rions i i trmmigle, c it' iorm.l. co tlli thli, ilatioiin '.Inch per-
1irt I1 'ii cl.'. ,],ii -i' ll : i >: t. 1 e c:onil r i.re.- .. tiilly I'nd it-
icopr'le going a i under closL.d croui. ThI'e ifact i Lcim-r in'g
*-0 3eas th11ai ay 1 liton 3'.\lhl ii l iinomiii:all. v.ell oiT hIs to
hlioose hlicilier ii .' ill c -': 3-' e l, rricr- ii '1 or w ill its'll
rr-ar a harrier aga.i 1 iilon -ll iiii l.-i. -jlieni
liI the iii.-i ; 4 l' thOe OL ri-.ir, hi]c.i t iani hia- injd, next.
door neilh'lr o o n our ilic al; c.iniil, i mcn id the -taun' of
.'iiien ar.' suciji that land lshortag-. .:r.:rou ding. andi LconJnoic
*trc hli' ate no .pprc.r,-Al.il celTecl iii clhe l iig- tile fhl-,v. of bal,ie;
\\'illt ihi e folk;i (con.-llliii. c ] c iic s: .i-c n.:, I.roiipt to Lirth
*c.oitrol. If lle *'.-c-se of irlrths ov.'r dcathl; ca;niiot b- tal.en
care of Lv tlie ii.pro'.i.iit nt of a Tgrcillt1 re or the ri]' of factor,.
mndu'try and \pl art Irail... Andl the ic oice c'iiiiot inim ratc' tll'-r,
the grov-.'hli f ithe lc'-l popltai]:n is acc:.impaniid by deepei]nn
pov.ert-l" -nrid inr er. nutil ,iiorita3li rre; tI: 4u:hl a degree th'it
lhniman bemy' die a' fati :i tl:lic' are Iorn A.lt thh]- p:i .i popull-
tion i, in eqN ilhlrniin'. 311ld co)ldiio, i r need tiot ],ci -me .'..rs :.
rhis is thie iatinaic ry inie" .itchh ilic h reater part of the
\sialtics 5eni ic. i ,' .c rea:ht ceituirie a a
\\ihliin a gLn.:rlatio thank' tlo ':i: nc,':' co:nq ue.t of di -
ieae and3 to hi' mpro.-:menl .:.i rul lic -amtitinli .. Ihf. .e:.ithrate
of the more eilighli id people has bl.ct ci in I.'.c In N.:.-.
* .ay or Nev 'ealan.I, for r: anipli:. it o"cr oilihlcilh :'f the
populaLion dic in a year No'.. 1he appli:catiin -.f ihese ne.,
means cf sa.niip ]Itmi1 liCim is up e[l; tinig i'l tlie O ri,:iit tli
ancient bilanricc bi t.et.]n _rir ._ -is nd d. :ith Thi \','e I t : L-'
.ure. -ets the. examnplC of a lo,: birth-ra t as '.C.ell a a loIw de.,th-
r3at; but thl ;nfluen:e' .hli:i pull d'ovwn the de tli-ratej c'me
'nio operatioii in thc Orl:n iit m ich earlier tliaii thli-:e .*.hlichi rill
l.,oAn the irhl -rai Indii an..I Cliii, get pure v after. hI.:.itplll
anlito::lli serul i'. atd m inodermi tieiciejie I1, for late r iiiarrial c-.
:or girls tlic emancipation of wrvi.s. obligatory 1-chool aticn-
ilaince. andl birth control practicS Iecome et tlll -inil.ng tlheim
During this crlical interval, v.hen Ailiic: lorn at ile lhih
Oriental rate arc d.'itg oily at the low Oc .cilental rare. popul:,-
ion '..ill teind to iincrea.': rapidly,. ami tlie ,urplu,. becolinnil
inoblile under modrni ind ci:enicint to rnigrate ..ill rnm:'.. io..'a. a

Till-. I Ni\ Il.kS I'YV 01 OKLAH- MA

-ny part of the world t which promi-es aln 'amier e.i tence.
V\arioui- Inluences have -pared welcrtin Europe the grim
,spcriciecc of ih-r -_tatiniary staie Asia ha- had. She never
rL. iic d her r, nmen to ith, hoprik.ls l.jt of mo- t Oriental women
H, r acct-- Ici, lic Nc. \V.'orld affTrlrdvd rtl;tf fr.;ni thc pressunrl
of numlbcr-. ] nipro micnt int thi I, idiidurial art. specially in
the Ia t c-iitur!," and a half, alli-.wd populationn to gro'.; without
nial:kn life hardr.r. 'Th' imilpietnlliig delinquic-cence of people..
parti:nlarly of the congiil--ed and fr'c-rnllltiplyinr Asiatics, there-
fore opLn- tr, thli nr ropLan; and thed,.scendalits of Europeanr
who find theni,-i.v; in conilliotw of coniparatlie comfort in thn
yI:-nicer reg ir:in of ilhc. .' c.rld a irnl, appalling proip ct of .
hiutianll d IlugI '.
N.:or ik 4hiz all within n thh la, l half-century a mos- hopeful
!.nderncy la- -,oln iti i-f in. i-im- part- of v.c''-trn Furope, in
Au-tr:ali- ;i ai in i'..rtih .'.rner'-a. \\'ii. the pi(nc raii3 n Co
nii Ilicince and inzdi-i.iuali.i. d rilocrac.% to the broader layer.
of i11.t people. Iher,. ippcars a ph'-numenuon v.hich rarcl, if Iever
ha. sl'i-.n it-elf bcf..ri r .i Ian large ical Thie is adaltiti
[fcundity, r.r a birth-rai. a.:conidated ic the c icolnlic outlook
for thi- nc',. g, ration.
\\'hliin f.:.ri ght and ,l-If-conC. ro-l in rr. l Icct to family si.r
h-ai .- cr.l-i: ;'-n.r-l, .1 p c-iple i- in ilh *.va, cf attaining a il'-
cree of coni'firi and iijoynirnt r.f liif ;uch as can ncver Ib
eifjo.1 ii fr I.-l. ...' ;,cir p-I pl of .lind fec-:ndum y. For it: growth
r rcgiullated by ii5 -tandard of living, and vuh every improv-
inlllt iin AL r. iiltuir .:.f induI-ry I rai-e. a i c la n ard >-'f li% ing
in.tt ad if 1allI\ tIInL ihi slack to l.e ti1ak n uip I.-, mn .-r incra-e of
niimbcr-. lo lhnii c: i I. n-uind tl thie pri.'ible amr :lioratinn
of ihe Ir' ,.f illie in .-' .lIrhcn tII.y arc caniiy encoungl in ;an1l
.h:i.vn" he;r eco'iinoiic 3ait- iln tigh,-r -t*.nidar.] of living rather
thanl iIn r' i rinL' lui f larnil it
COnc, a ,Cr.pl' aidapt- it- pr....luctlu ,r of children I.j the econ
rn'iiC: roi-lpIct. th,' free: inflo cv f blin'lly fecund immigrants ha-
a inc-t .:alarn.-l-.u ffC-t up on it4 s.li-r-erpi tuation Sevnstin thi
curtailmii nt of its children' chanilces. it %.itliholds offmprinig in
IIn-1 tlh' d.grcc tlia[ the alien cl-nicllt c>['pa3ad, In handing ori
the torch of lit- it -cem. ti: act on the principle, "Aftlr yon, in
dear Alphon cl For thi- l.thavior the icritcr coined twenty year'
ag-'o the phra-c "rac -uiicidl" whichh unftrluniatelyh ha' c-irnf
io be alppl;ed ,, cery form of prudence in ihe matLtr of family,
'For a pcopl,: ,Ilch ha' arrivcdI at[ an adapli e birth-rate t,

I11i.'11I L;C 11 quilctl i l' i.I llt.-:rra. yI iiil 1e- c llel 1i inc ote
:.cclll'all l oif I 11C II. T1 I ; p.iI ilel -- Iilrlth, lo ),! llire. .hliich
' l.t'iid_ c~r .1 a e:.'li:nr ir I.'% :;III] irpro.''-.u ',itholt cl;i.h or
.caiilal but i.' lt.'.li. ..hiii io.r c.'.. t 1 il J.,ll r e t th f.Ial'
li)iei y of the ii':tl IJu.or
i'ruduli lce ill i-ru.ell I- -u IIIich thie Ipr':.lI ct o circuit .nllll il ].
.ri.T a'.:idr.r:t ] li.ilt it v ulil he al. urd ri., cli ii l that it pIl'rac-
i er.- ac I .-, t" .1 .i i rpi lior t5p, -. i L rni- t ilc 1 ...ili [i. e[)lc'
,rc mIcrIo'r 't Crl llnlIL ', i' i airll in l It l til brighli race-
till 1). thie L1rhei1t tl louk aln.,.l aiid lilntlll 1 . ;:'. iL f hlle f iiu ly.
Shill. ile dliillanr ri,.. c 'Aill ii ti le I .: ti .. aleand..rn the: blind
C. cii t T .l i I .. I.i..i c e(I 'r i l amn i i mi nkii uiilt i ii r eJ Ilinl t
Iltrc ci '1rturi' Il i t ill ieI': r'C LliriJd r ..'f Ilit. pr:aC iiCe rf Ai api3 ve
.ur iirliy c. I"E, comi i. geincral ianl .iik niaii.kin d. uiiriI ii'.l rd irtIniri-
Sr..tion, hy Fi or in: [ ie 1, liiiil Ir'r.:ci le i, ti e : '1I:e i'-. ,'f 1i h.:
pritl i brcc.ier. ,. d 3abl. th'e iupi. anl inert '-op'.- 1..r
'oach on1 1 ti prL .ere'e. c h i he iri ht aL ii a-l d ririig il-'j.'.'-'- jince:
'ic latter v ill nut all' .... t elici eie tI.. b.: all.l..t. .I-, the earth
ilic l~ eli C. e i l, I 111 rfl1ii,'i, chil-lr- i l i. t : fi,,ri it i i.r-
I i that ler.i ad'. ]an :.:d ILn ioi -1 '.ill rear it'i.,lira l:lll Lbarri,-r
''o:'ptn .- *o i tl,. O i- i ,l.:,or .i,' li the ii.l .- l.,t Iecoiri, alI,- rlr
ill a tir. 1. .' l.h iielt ul tiii't roul l hli her i-,I i l rl tl r .1 1.1I i tihe.
.I i i. I. rk. par, r cI l'' 'I qticck: I a
T h ie Lbarr .. r, .m tIi 1.i 1t,.h .ach L3 c-ltic.n l e.,.- f-forL l r' '.ill
ii.It rea ur [0 3111 S `r .,i it 'l .'.ill not tr. ct i thi [.i=- ag,
i'L li re or ,. il i. -i 'ir.r 'f.'cr- 'I li l -. ti l rllc l t ,.
i i;e .r tlm r lc in t ,1 J ,:i rll i .' i I cl h, . r-
S '-Ii:-ilt illL i,.l tlr l It : i .'m th. l I: r,-. i i .. i it ii, ll
nninder.l rii'1t ni;gr. ii li
O nt. rIe,'-r.l f r tli(. hli itiatioi ii of hli" .]id rl er liinltili ,alboji
i'-tliniig ill i i.a,:l o\'i: l" t l, o i.tl i I: ] 'd of .:.- i ig ,iltril ':e rr
rill i iIn i r3 it.,mt. S> i c.I et r,, pei..i i. l,.i .11 iitil.: rk. l 1t ll h.. i i ll Ii-
.rj aiuri pol o .t y iii' V t -i, .troii',r cITL.rt m il i be 1i'fl,? tn
I.e i ti 'r:'l -:i '\orl] pI',' C h~ a'.. ll hli-pui. I V t.eci g. ,ri .
i. 'l n .'t ari-ing t -ut [" -.f i aiin '"iioiit iiba nill t.;:.1 .:. arL ratlir.-.[, T lhi.
'u i.eCker. 1ould tu t tlo it.' 11: litiiz- 'iii ,- iT r'c''p _] aii]J r t.C S iIl
rightli of admits-io i ti.. c.ich coutt'itr.i, anl ..Auild Ith.:r,.b'y prc- i.mr
i perlle dii'crilninati, g late ig thi: i-tarr.im, if inriiiigran.'i : .liich


offer tlhemi'l'e. F-t. iu t likely that. immigration barriers will
be e (n more jalou':zi rcecr.d from international control thai,
larlIT barri,.r. hai v.- b,' n.
Will lihe crov..' ii i .nd Ililn'lylv multiplying peopl-s lamel'
-ulnni thui lo i1'. c ,..ludl.d from arca' on v.hich they might un-
loa-d -urpluI po.Iul-l:oi F l th: not m l:c th.- r(arine ctf such
1i1:,- ", ,: l, l I,. l i I.." o liv I .'i j eii e -: li.-.v lIhe minr elvi.' -
re:li.e in tlie [,rci :! ce of anthling \v.ic-h 'av-orj of exclusion
an] it i not hard tr. i jrCi. a tuinme .. len thic r'oplics of India
aind 1Chini a3n l Si.rn i ii'l Eg yrpt mna challcnrgc thet barrier,
,hItlh kep II h.Im oui of all il m.:.re dc-irabl-. market ;t for their
Ia bor
r.: erthl \.lilt tihc c '-.erpopulous nation;: arc certain ir,
hLb',rr. jv..jr aind ri :iilfll of exc:lu.hii. d at ronce an unjust
handlicap- and an implication of inif rinrorit. the number :if p.copl .
rc'. il. 1 to v. rhl-Jra ., fr.'m ] t ame of t.lipetiti.i fe:.i undity Lton-
tantill -;r -J.\. V. "e ha'i. i: 'ee;n Cana' la. Au .rral, Ia. South
Africa. and -c, cral Souutl .\Airrican rep.ubli,- ,.:.nme into line
-.vith the Uiic:]d S i."e in the malt.er ,t ininigration. A.- thr
rlcii:e p.:pulajIioii bc~.'i niile mrie mioblle, ihe si n. i of pre-surr
.-ill gero% uJnril pFrhapm. Europe will rmake commonti cau-e V.till
thi e younge:r ,-ocictiCe' in re-:'oviltlzilg .i inticriiatio-ial law' I t
right i It:'o.ry uiiin to -urrouuiild itself '..itlh -uch immicgralion
barru:rz ac- :,c:in pio,-.d i.: i. \. V' h Th r irh. pullulating people'
'*.,1 a.,. uiies-:e ini ali\ cui lI prince: pli- ]i . thrl krin ec of tile god,
It rnma' i rha the most tcrrilic of all \.:ar. \.hkih would involve
no d-ioub. lih: niltire human rat., will be Ij-ught oni thi. i'Cue

.inid-.cr -i of lniin.n.,: ta
(From an address before the American Association for the
Advancement of Science.)
Mr. Fredrick. A Walli:, IrninilCrainoi]i Conimis'ioner at i]i.
port ot Nc ,.. York. rL .cntl v aid that the greatest .r')bI.m be
fort A.\in kra today is t h I mimitt'ration Problemn. The \.h )le
r :ti-.n i: cnin to: a rali; tioi l Ithe truth of ihi -tatemen:
Ihe : rilcli'nl-s i of th,: problem i eqiuald onl, by our lack: if
data, our laI.k ,of nimeiliod a-id [techniq',. our ginral ignoraniic
in dealing %ithI it. Ferr-er.-, the Iialian historian. rrc, ip ly sail-
My hirit -urprize tion coming io the United lSate.), and a
-...ry great one ir vwa', arone from my examination at close

quarters of the policy pur.ucl bIy the Unitcd States in dealing
willi tl'e nImmien-c hordtle of immiigranii. v. ho .early pour into
their harbors from all parts of tle Old W\'orld.
This question lwas of spcci:il inierst, as he zaid, "t, a
historian of Rome hlke imy-elf tro whom hi-tory has taught
the great internal difficulties .i hich were cauerl in every ancient
tatc by the "metoipol' or "L.reg.rin;" li e alien )1. This great
problem of the adin i'i n. thl: di;str,iution. :iid ilt. assimilation>
of the imiimiraiit in Amni.rica is a:t b-se atilhru.plogicAl.
Out of thc physical ]nalii grow.- thie psy:.:hic man. As .ouLt of
theli e lidlHicitt phlivsical cliara.ctlritic- o.i the different breerds f-
people come the pschic ch racticri]ltici cf thr.Si. I.rei''ls o
people. it should bc cxrpected that tlei r.aeci.ns of the .lilTirrie
bre c.c .3 r,,ior ..-, lI v liil iit filterr rti e.. Th i r -r 'tii -L Ith ndler
of puoples knoc*.s such ik thle ca.e, v.hether he. i'. an adlninitIrai.'r
of colo~eiu-, a pulice.-in in an i-, large c,- ni.-'moroltai city, or b,)-
of i gang mixt "f-,orimcr" on anyi Aineri.ca:i railwi., job At
the present nioin( it it caiitoi be s:,id that thl-e iditi:ng renc-
tions of the id;IT rent lreieds f men art: ,Iie il,. p.h..'sical JilTer-
.i'es. (,r to psyclIic *IfF t r.nces, or t.:, so.al icand cultural iliTer-
e'nce -, or to -_onieilinlg ',t lttinnar icild All that is kno..n i.: that
,'ilT reit breed' comnrn...nly pos- s i li-_iiiigii-hric reaction ii.
nail, of tlhe affr irs of life
I I \ 'ii cric in iitiin ratiin Fpiroblem is c tcr.J in the vari-
ous breed o people ..li.o irI. cla .nringl to iCiei to., oul r h..re-
or \\ho are already in ,our nilsl. \\W'ht fcis anid terllnIie
oi streii th andl teakn.ss for tile future ,., i. e l \nirican nail.:n
arc inill toe various ethnic groups. On the aii. .wer .to ilth
,teiistoi lih ngs tllr .'.i iole inimigration prllcni It is a u4.i-.s tion
for thie nmosl carciul Ild- tIhe accuiniilati..n of aci:r iie dio ta
an.d for cilort at sc;eitilit comclu..-,i' on the part of anthliropolo
gists i:i urder that an iitelligcnt public r.ii ilon lI:'sed -:.n ki. '
acts, in-ltend of .ntimitent, or picjildict. r ,,tliiiut-r-ij]l pr,,ft-
f.-,r th l eti .. m ay dictate : our policies and pr.acticc in r,-g.ird I..
the peopl..s comuine to us Cr already here. Sonc pI.eoplc can
diu. a. il will contiuiine to ntml into the .. ineric -ii phla
of .e-'.elopmenti i. Others do n."-,. :,id should not be i t : 'l:e.l =':
to dle% clop V.. ilihout dli' edJuc tiion an- of ean ledicnii application
Others prolbally ne-\'cr a..ould \\We nmu' has. on, this ci1uc t.eiuii ba ed *-n scientiile fact .is to th.; rela tii.'
as;inmiilabili y of thlic .-ri.-ius people,. alre ,lyv here. an-. al-., or
thile actual attitude of the leaders of the several group.ls oar.,-
the necc-sar) American goal of rapid and coimipl-te :Asimnilation

naliuinl! poli;c,' oiild *l'.to. l : th: e e.roup. in,- it fa ra ble to
. I I-iini'tOun1, a.iit hold re -trict thl:ur uiilfj. oraIle
'o al-o in the pr.-'i.lt i.n -I the Iliitriltiil n ofI im migr.dnti in
u.irrcn c i. i c h -il. e ihrl I.c ii'i e I u ti drl1tiir fp:li', rc.1l data.
I'rm;ct;ic: .ll.,' ,..clh oitie ,fi theli p[e.ple c. uiii iiin u.: r from F:urope
hI I lor I' n'ii gi- int:r t;ill. 11i .-,nc t ple oi ,'n ,'ir, mt'ii nt inll
il..n ;.'i ,IT I u i ;1 ', .n i4l tii'uJ 1,,l-k.l l f c il- r." ,ln, i c C. it lha
.1l c%-ire, i lt illtTJ o
. Ierlo.t ri :l cr fri ri', i,:,: ',, ii hi'r e t :'. il T. lie i hro-
p)logsit -hi..uld I.e a1 c tI put .t to il h ;crl i c the naltiun -.uch
' *11.o .cl gel f I .liiipi. ii i In ii:.irojlliiieI i anid pi, iplec' aiold of
\illilri jc l cli,,ril c.nl~limtll; .ir, i tlii [ t li lil'f. r nt inn i aira ]i
pio ljpli cuLtld lec -.'illt '. .:.r elik i .naily ;,- 1. i-.d it o g :t i.. ho.e
are.-- aj lt enmpl', iicijt lii:-t lik l. t-. prou e h ilp)ful rather thaln
IllJlulri,' l I li li i i'ic r ti g :cen r.trl'i n.
Let ImeI ilr. :i c.- Ii l-lrall lt.: I i l i lrii r i ; ji ribuI liIn
, ,. _iia :ll., kii:.'.n t, ..A p:.Ul... lf ,iell-toIdr.: H -,llaind-D Li lch
lILrrIicr- .'j- lr'-Lu,: i .- lirr fialiil '; .*' tli .jliit: l thou a i'l. I-i
dlllar;i cj ir.:l the v. t llulr.iil hlii.1 i- HI1-:llln ,. ind plallr d
ii tr ai .' .. a nr, -rthli: r 'linIl -, ia .. Oi' ...:l l .-iart prct' ici
-cle ced fo r Ih -. i T .Ij w r e f n ,ili e l .1 I'. t :r i..-', I ., Il' in
..ni Ili1' '.*. Ih .:i Il Iacl'h dr,' id r 70 's ic ur a ll r lri t r-ili
l.! h ichl i r' Lili h, h. -. ,:, i g ,: I ri .:. 4 .1. ul A u\LI I1
:.ill pr-.lit l.I, a c, r icr ; ..-tlc r I I'n tcn e r a timei
Tie n .ni-b.r: f U l i it lo r i : ,i l in.li l ri.' .j aid iJ fiul im nin-
LraITt; .. I:. c.rie It ui il pr ..rr, e-irco i. li wir. arc 'rar 'Icrcd, lh -ir
A c uC. ulMit o ,a .- '. I I :,. jI iJ 11i. illiu 1 1 nd. ih1E. ,' :orl: i,:.r a V'. a,,
.h re tIn ., in FM l It.
l-.c [ i I-, 1' l -ii Sx. a ,. i i -, -a :..i[ ,:,i Finn ,' canim e- i rC. IOi
rie c.p;c e- inmi : .. :. t'.: i iortlieri li hit an ti o i :, rI ill
h1-e alIrnI a j li, c nirc: C11S ..: that l ille. anil :articularlI
-in'e 1 1r'i11. ]ii.:i r ll h' rn M iCl'h.i i i a 1 -1 ...i:ll:.. ol rtllicrr M ~il ':-
-Atli Iai:. .-ill .C' I Illn., F'n 1 iroill I- it i'nId. I kilo'i "*'rll
Ith l'.r O l.;.i' l I, l Ih l ie- o ita Th're tt .- 'li, i d i: 1. ', 11'. ll I IC
iTi. ,' L. V a 11 1 rlr.'.1r ] [IlC1 iJi d .itial ''. ith tihat o,, F inland It i A
h." gil Il,' i t, i a ar,-.i itnih ri,.l .c -.f driiit trr,:% i v. I i iii h rn -
i. ..il .r.. -l' l I l t. lia.r i' I.J ;iimai ll i r.aii' aire V' ery. -
. her,. r h.. fr nt .. a i a.'i 1- i'ii1 l ic;C l I. i[li l -It -, f
iil ird O tieD r I ..I- I .-. .'. the" Sc di a : ] l l ir, hu ' pI' 'tt -h%'
iiL. .c riou li l-: i J. it.li lI,'iir ri .:- ai:, d nilar lihe.-. which h the
F"In. i : (t ul l - '1; .:.ii T I ,r' t Ihe, 1ni: ctil l e. cleI r
i I' ,,l'-:'r .t- i i, I.L, ;ia ll ifarnim T heyi ar,. prouhlcti'- im in i-


niers. The ciuef "id.inliniLn thiey hadl to mal:( v\wa io larger
farms, and Am. rican citri'cn~lhip and langUiagt. V\'hile ar.:.uiid
many oi tle -aileitCl-: jiliie4 a1111 plalli; t-f our fIiid rie.eni l in-
drlt1irit from thl op iin-ir lfe .f tIe Rus' zi-,n [arm:; i. the initen-e, breath-
less life of ltle industrial ga'g. Many of tliese Slav. have been
as misplaced as .cre thle Il:11,al.,d-Dutc1h \W ith tare anrd -ud .
,we pul ouir imiiporicd plaill anid j3iiin.-li- in th, area to which
they are beIt adaprtd., butl .c alh.,lw the peopl:s coming i. it
to go hliere t ha'nie cr inlat.ril prol it for the mnmcill lead-
The result- of anillihro.ogi.al a.] ii' ;LI n irUinmental re archli.-
ri Luropi. and A\meri:a cuir. ld e oa popp lariz, d a, t'. It-:..:m
important facttor- in the matitr of migrant diitrrbution. ind r id
assist in checking the gro'.it g aiid flaal diiia-e oi urbanizatic.r
in An ilera.

Mr. Siegel and Mr. Sabath, from the Committee on Immigration
and Naturalizaion, submitted the following
Minority Vie'ws
D,:cember 8, 1920
he rider..iginl nrmiinbers .-_f the Comnmittec on Imirgratiot,
iandl Natur3lization diseiin fromn Ihi, rrtport l- thi mnajorityl o
the corimmrtice on H. P 14-61. The bill v.a. introduced onl Mon-
'lay, [IDecmber 6. 192U. .Allhr. there was a dc.ire Icfr a hearing
in opposition to) this measure, anrd an opp_-rlunity \.au .n-kl. fuor
tie prri..ntationli i of fact- Iieariig thereon, a hcarinig w.n, rius.ed
The report majoriof fh mjry c te committee: [avoring tlie enraci
nient of Ihis bill only became act'i-ibl tU u-- oim TierIay,
December 7, 1921.1. In the lishort time that ha been ailktlled for
the prescntatiun of the ninoril.i rpoprt %%e are therefore con-
str:aittl It present our objecti-ns with extremmi brc,.ity and art
of iiccesi ity limited in the presci iation oi facts.

I I 11-1 L; U IVL'EI lTV 01 OKL. IO 101.

1 lc p.urfp,:.Se of ih.: illl is ; Fir p iibit lpratically all jin i- i
.,ratiuoi fur a perin.,J of t'.l .,.irs. Thi. is zu dra-tic a change
i.1 the liitor,: piulicv thle United Statce ~. to be tartingn. Imm i-
I:.[ I...i [pra. cic.-Ill:,. lipai3 ceintu ry gv ag During that time: the
.lour ouf *.:pp:,Luill.t,' hlaie Lbcn kept .:.prcn Men and w.omr n co
.nr., ll.iiuii lliO hi;:.-'e bee ciil'l lcicre a ld tlhe: have
i i:"]e incorpa po lted in 'l uir f,','lclaTl]:nl \\ itlith Ul t1. 111 thc
i ni[te State' ; wculd not i..',. r-eai':hl t ii. Jetei'.i ntiil ofl it
re:o, urce- or th1i: dlgrri:: .f pruo p:-r;t.,' tih lt I;ha bien achic,.d
h 1:. l i. idi-e al, n-l le le> ncn iTt t.. A nicri:ca citizei-.hip. ]i
, till kn...vn tllat a larl,. pr,:p:., ri:ti f .\i cri..aii are cilth:r
Iini't r'!: lir oI r ith- .i ice alJ s i e .l Ii iii iIm.rat11 oi thi l firl an'1
S :c 'Id g)cc1 r i LI,, -
he:, ..:11 L,.: 'i.und :aiiio ng the I. ader- in the commercial.
uinidn-trial, i i. i- :.:.1 i., iual aCtil' ]ie Of 11i e LUncl Stat1c The
I:ucik' .f lAbiur ki]. andi urt .ild. l lI.,' bee. recruinitiJ ;,' them
ilhe,' ha'. .i ll':. i itelle.. tual, mTn.ral. and] I-p ritual vr luc. j a- vwell
T'he., ,ia e ,,n their ',i r_ c th, i,.tu,; al ,li(rr-e -)L riicg
ili-'i' b Iji c*l a 'n: r Iir I A L f :-T 111 l i. riT ite;e-%il, il' [:- i T l I I 1,i :
ihc Ci il ';.'. ar tlJiey IuchL [,-r tlic pre.re nrtati.:.n i tlhe U-li':,.,
i-d dulrinreq i. grr-at .-nflicit ltht liha jui.t been \v aed] thlie
...,l iteiti,' :. i ar, p] r ri [I rtic.. n ,:f tui e .. .li i' I.':.' 1 ii ouLr .A rncl.
icd Na '. ..
Fr,.-m A.icust. 1"14, until t[i, prc '4n t .,car imm niiratio -Ic t:a
.ra.icai,,: ll:,' u.peI- d.:-i l ..au e .u l Ie 1. ', rid of a 1 th lii .I : L:ck of
Sra ii -p :ri .ti,:,n. -. ithi the *.\a t datai re iiot .t lhii m Orrient
a ticL-'Lle tj I-. it %ill bii il un'J] ha3t during lte -am' period
nii r..li jn fr.i .il ti .- L l ited S i, .. r c.-c ht a '.-':ry hic h figure, -..
ihat i. c 'erriil ; a periv.J :.f ii: e:.r the c inimbi'r of ericigranct
troiln i c Linite-l '.ate. aboul t c.q filedd tl., numc rcr i.f inihmijraiit-
ll the mnicitnc m lth,: 1-emnd for iIaaH pi.i er in prani.t.i:lly il
.it e A mlF .\ iTeri::,a in lu ri.: hli b L.:en 4 Ir':a l iii.rr a:t an'l can not
.he met ..'.x:e.r liru lilI incl licinl oi i intn .irati-.:.i. p:Irtilclarly
lict :Ai un-kild l alor
TIi.:'ira.r;.ulh ar.' ica' '
nalnilfcted in thi: ic '.rnit niL' m ade to -nacii t thi .irc, liblitor
mnica -icre: .ihL.'u t.. i co i ti ": c'o.:r-iir.rat.-,rn an id ,d.lilberatlioii
th-i its Imr...rrtin.'e dJeman.d. Ni'olhiii .:-an bI: more uiif.-'rturiat
1hat lec i .Iticr in-.pirci I., lic'.teri
1he n m aj nrit:- ri.p-.rt -hc,-jv. that it -.*. it'l unilil July. 1920.
that ther.: d'. clhprt a prcr:eptiLc.e 'li.,. uf imm'gratiaoi. M.Iu..
,C. in-ic :of thie fect that ii. hait lino'i.ih tihe numbf.r of immi-
craint- arriving at LEllii lila d v.ii] .a ,'.U'i., ;i Au u4u t 57.S74. in


"lIminber 7t'Sl.2 and in Ocdlob)r 746 Ct.3 .ir again; thec ar-
nals the ilefparlircs in ScplI.mh':r .,,'re 356 d89 and in Octobe:r
215.97. Thcin. arc nrJ a3inormial figr~T total iminipra-
iion fiom iJaui a.ry tu Dt co'mber 31. 1.20. '.a, 84-0.0'J9 Thc
-tri l lniiunl.r of d'oparture. from tih United Stiiet during II.:
a3iim' period ,'.:= .'.115. Thle atI imnimiratuion. tih refor(. du -
Im Llihe pierio.l of i i Ianr-lli- v.a: 473..'14. Pri.,r 191 I' i in, r.
crT a ,uni[',.r of .tajr' in v.hichl the nu t inilmigrat.lii ex\Ceeliled
I..100,1UUJ0. iri l lrlerc '%I.a no difficult., n di jc:.rbiii tli- I'liiluN
1hI. iii:l ority 1 -t c ii their r -p rt. am- v. bl.-ie e tnl ifirli
'lcit.'d 1 thlii 1:i : fc,r thie purpo ? rf hio A ing th t ,'in lthe'',
A IJrgc nIulliiml r ,n ilmliigrant: arri, .d I E[lli island. Th' at i.
,iol a proper I .t F-ul i.'ia i II ".''er, indcaa.'tl f lihe a-.crag
iumlier of irri'.al wvh]ich it certainly It 11ii thie total r.mrnim cr
er uniI mIL iii .'..auld 11ot :1 e'.':1 |li'-: main ii[..r ... i iil r.iant arri'. i
ruM al'nnually for a seric s o.f iear' pri-l:.r to 1'1-1
Apprirct[ly l-th, comiinilic. v 1t jirni.pre'[r tvy tie tact that.
hiii it '. ilt4 ld Elli Islaiid :on a r,:. 'iil .:.c a i.,ion. It \wa' found
lhat tih.'E n fiber : o iiip" l .orm- tiatwl nd tlicir: % a iiiulI.i i.en to
iltI itii in [lihe imii;.Traiii .%ith utril cl ci e' edition andI that i i
'e.ijlt ihcri '-ai a ic,'u mg: of a ."iie.. 'Th rer.n dy o.r hii.
13aLt. if affair,. Lth t iha fr. rL .1 ill L cI a d toi the atteni-on
)I Congre is iio to rr hi-:l'i'l i i.iigrai,]ni i t 'I rather to ni-
.,r. e i ii .i, l iiiir: aiio .-f ou C .r -.i tui ]iin zl.;rJ:it ..n Ia .'.. Li:.r i
i.cfor' l'ii .i: r ia t rva' ,v ll l:iiLhc i lhal lthi nui lier of in-pector-
'>.ani iii ; pl i :l:l i Ll rl. -. ait.] illr.'r -Eerl-r -r *.. i iilaLlIua
1-'t 1 i:oil ii n .iil l that w.: p.aid l: ,.: i.,o lhad bcini pr.-
Si ,-d v.as i' u i, i'en 1.:, procurt. Ih 1 i ,. *i. r..T o"f Iellic i.:il .
c id L fo r b. IhI duri ;. ,c.1'pos:d b., ti laI. Thc I. l I reporli.i
ru.l, no all itnpt 10 rO llc'.e t he L c.'ndili'd.ti ,-' c'-.iii'ler ll.i;l
14 gi r n *.eri I ltheli -iibject of r;tig a sfla iciln .t -T of ir~-
p ccli'r i' and phyr -ic::a s t s.: icr : a-. lone ithe CL jII.ian and i L:.'-
.nI Lor-d'r.' ThI r,: -r ". '( po lil- of cintrv a in g oLur n-orih'rii
I LII.i.ilary J lcre areoily 23 e ':inai i i[Li1 p,'liy ican. tn lhu r: it til ell
irL'-'iit t -ir I, pe-.rforn ti hr lui.'. i rmp,-..cd upon Iheil tihe
.ta tilu . al1ii It i ': ll i a:I l l- ilthat 12, l. ,iifl' ar pa, : ri I
'ii,'] hIli i Canada ,aiii Iua-illy
A- bearniig *in ti I LiubjeLrt of adrnmiii-ra1tion. onI: 0Lf ir.
unb'cril rs liu-. for ;I I I l in m urg d tLic a.):.'litionii i of th- ohic'-
I' comics niii .ionlci Ii tnlnmigratioii a Ellil liilain anl tihe .s 'iii
nilt l l Iit r. of ai n 'i ia Secretarfy of Lab" or. in :order ih-il ,;p-
:)-al.- may bc prompil. pa st upon Tlie' dc lay' that ar' n .:.x

[*orJ(.l ITlIIi OI Ine c(:\uiinig collge:i-ilci CouIa re Llnminatla ani
tnb.tantial ecoiin.mic t introduced. It is ob'iou' that under the
e:::i-.tin menictlold a co.oidcrabli clerical force it required, both at
Elli- I .-lai'l and it, \'ashillgt~u. to attend to the correspond
'leilC.e oi .i'iCind by the, appteal- taken that t ih otherwvie br
di-peii-t v. ith.
Tlihre ha, il.ein iad i- no rca uin for the inadequate policL
uf ,dAnmiitr:lioui at Ell;i island ltat lha. beei n puirsined in Lhr
pl-t aind 'for Jlec': itating the trand action of buiie--s there it
a nisiini r '.'.hi.li is i ic ce.ari'l, in tffl i ':.ll t beclau e of the lack of
mii pectors and [pl -.icians. Under the prieent lIay. it is contem
plated th'lt L cry inimigranit shall Lie I mindd by t':wo phy-icianr.
but in a large number o:f ca.c. tIIns can not be donii becaLuse r
ith lack of an adequate taril. CoLnrc:- ha' failed to make tlr
incei'sary 3pproiprationl. overlooking the fact that the United
State- hai, cllecred in head taxes in the past nine years from
inimigranl, that ha e arri..d liere approxsinaiel $11,000O,000 in
e\.tes- of all aTproproiationt heretofore made by Congresa for
hle i.iiforceiiieint of th.. nmm ieration la.'-, including all admini--
Iratiion 'expei lc. I lie theory oni v.'.'th the head taxes havi
heein le'ic d ha- blren that tlhev ,iouiild be do'. otcd to an effcctivi
;uperv-ilon oi ithe arriving ImmigLrait and to hi- prolectiion
again c rI:pl iation
The rcacio for thlie icrca-t heal lit A.- to cc ecluate thet'
pi rpoj.es .
Y het thel imm grant have bcrn niade the li ouirce of revenue
without regard It the Lrying nctd for improved method o(f'
aIdnlill itlrat ion.
"I iL ni;aj rity report call, attlentlon I: tiF l:ictI that many of
tlih ne'C ninliigrantl art nIlt iuch as inight go, to the farms and
tiiat a: l:.rce proplortioni of thelt- ere bound lor cities. The es-
clui-ion of ih,.-se iinnmigralnt- u.ould not tend to solvee the problem
of url.ban and rural ditributini. That fc(1 ts our present popula-
tionC due to imniigration. The zubiect is one that requirct care-
iul anil. ientific -tudc'.. It can not Ie disposed oi hy the rule
iof hunih. The .ormniittee has not attempted to niter upon such
a tlidtI On he e same theory all of our problems might be met
afitr a fashion by a policy of prohibition. It is intimated in the
majority report thi iiin ome of the cities named there is un-

" I- I I In Is asL I s L IIIrlllani si o ns.l l.'
Sl ': l;iii JL j r l t re'! ,,rti t ib i. r t It lit I that l i:'. i ,C 'i 1
til. e dial ii r.t i _2.llrlrl.ill t.(, .I i('llli.liI0 LurT..Il..canil 3r e e- ck;I l:'
ili ,r.i i ic to ihel- ('lini Si' i .te Tli'hr i 'l.iliip i lithe ri.p rt .or
.tlhcr,. i tI., -, I, i, e in t I, u. ii 1 1 % c .11 v. it tI )-t
nii1n1 re L' i i ii .,to .g r.iii:,n C':'iig r..'- 'lol d nl i t *:n
'hi -i,.,l 0-, c' ].;,n'.i i 1 011, -,.,, ,] at h i -I 1: II \\'W -h lilg l ,l
r \ '. 'I' )lk. i'i.ra i t l" lf ii-ir l- C :. io l lti...ll-. CI i jn lli a1
,'.i-ily e' i ate ItI.. in u ili r ''f h in g l i r ni al t .l fiIli',i 'll 0 i0 3l n 3 iigle
ea',r a- ati, l e it enth that timiiln er. TI'C ill r hAjli4li ity f [ lit
'-Iinlatei i' 1o0 ac'. vr. a p.pajrei il .:. ii i fr.e. : d t ll iianj'IrI
-* I')r tei y ['ro ri' r.l' it i I "
T Ic nm ajorit repo, rt i. [' I ll. i foil' irtlti te ii l its r.'et -
1 0 1 L I), LI. l'lll' r f L %1, 111r1, t r...1 I a r r k i I, I.'" I Tlt .
litItr Cla *-i IiCCl Cll CuilIpt 'I t the rci c ihew -'li ir r:.. iof iiiirm i
III t- l v. itho li ju t ll t'I: t I I .r:, r '' I -. -t lo t .\% .m rl :ai i.
-in d1 ia l rr. al ll 111 l l,: "1. a l .' d m I ,l>: i 1 i .\ r'p,'n,.:l .".
it t lI t t lic r l .,.rt r it th ll. i L L ta i tI ll r i tii l i .
:Ikcl .' l-c1 J i I Il il r iti 11 i furnit 1 .' i l. pi' j I l e iit:it l rl liin
*r i r. dl l i cal a.lut ]lkr iti. .
1'l intaccilr,.' ... tilt gi.n'ra 'lli.'nti S I.'c, c at oni ce a, p
.iri.it I '1 LI -h c 1 1 1i ll l ar ".*vill (. lidi] i ..n l S :,a.ijl..' i o thi. t. I ll)t il
..:r.l is fr, ilt Pollii'i it s-;arl "thiat ftrin, i nt- ,f -t nilar cl.Ia-
S ire t(o lie i'..u d airca, l. Ili the Liitt. -ili- I~t ho. rAik i i] ; :2
.I i- 3 rl not i li' lhiialli,, ha' '.. pr-.:. cn 1 i in siiiiilable." TIhi.
plh ndidl r c.-.r.l "1 .1 co ilu 'l ,t thlle .3 1111l. .111 -Ai ,n,,m igrants nf
1h l Ilj l ',n li; .,\1 v .ire nf''.v hin tl i,. ,:, ilntrv jnipl;.' reiol.,- d all
hi. r ie.
\\% hj1 it I- trine lhlt, ,u,' la:l Jiil.\., : 'c n.iiidcrabl: iniinl n'ie
ii i niiltntrat.i hat\'%? I .' il'. t t il Lt ii iteJ Stat s Ir.:'tii r -i l..rii
'."irr ,e, that In -l,: t lo lth.- fa tt 11131 cf.: r th: Ol ill 'ir : ,:. thli
l iroiCEiI ". ar. nii .-tl iCr iof the fL, iidit f ili'h e in ni .igrantil-.
I tl it' in-it n.e- tht.' h1.a.] Ci 1liC- hi'.-O nelnld .-.r the ;ii'pportll

meniber of tlie family, had cin'me t thi- country for the purposr
of c.tablilhilng a ihomen. v.inh the 'x~pectaiin n of having [lie mem-
hIer of thic finlil, v..hlo had bLen Ictt abroad rejoin them a,
-,:li as\, po:' aible. Thi intr..cntion of the -.ar rlade this im-
poc-sible lintil] oinimuntica:tioii a'.a onc 1ii,'rr,. rettorcd1. As oorn
a- thit c.ciriJ tlt rc .3 a lad,-tlhle rcefort on the part of the
nli br.-rs 0,1 thi fminlici t.h' li:ld nrrr.e.l in th' country te,
brine abointi a reuiiioi, of tht: L ro-l:cn faniily circles. Hitherto
lrhi |iracti:i: ha Lbein ini:oiuraged.. It has bien re ardcd a, in tht
ui.t h.. ib ntl r t T he i.-ril rep-,rt. lio\e.',Lr, *:el:, toI decr
ihi, natural dcinli.'i-:trati.:.n of 1..-. an l iltectic n, ofi duty and
htlini l a i .t
it i: '-.mniuatc-l that La P-li-h labor corimnuitI."ncr ha; quated
that 22-'3.mt.I lei. 'hate 1. en iiurnisht thli yjear .lth fund, ior
t.' a_? to tl,? United S.']tat,. If thi inf'ertiin i- s.-Iught .-, b
deJdced l11a3 jtny imnrliet. h.ac Liben thuti tipplicel ill violations
of tlic iininizration i ..,. it i- utterly unif-.indcd W\'e are rc-
u.illy inif.rnitc. that n1i itn nec4 h .ij c lic, n pt.iit abroad excep:
hb, nieniberr o l lthl lanit., re-iding in the United Slatcr s to thi-cs
:f thic U2.ic family re-Jiridn abroad, in or.ldr to eniabhl the latter
to bIe rc'unired ith thio-e .Aho hail I:giitiatrly C:omc to th(
L'ntcd-l _.tta- inr adl'-incc T. f.irbid 'iich action t Olld not rnl,
lie Irnt 111 liit vIouLlii n ill tie otkr.atej by any rihlit-thiniking cii.
_' .:ni. If l, e ha-- bLcen a ijn iolation of thi. la\.', it can be ca-ill
.i .-:L rtaii*J aii i pr.:,ci.tilc..l. \'L are c':rnilcnt. lIho. er, that tht
rn..-:.l i ar,. fti iri'... r.t i, i in V-'-'Uld dii:c.lo c th I t ,.h[iateitr ha!
liciLe i .l ton for it e rcli,.f .[-f tIe diiLtrC t in cast.-rn Europe ha'
lic:.n li t ii la lab,. il w.:muld bc a .-orry day in ,\incriican hi-tocr.
if our ciouiiry. that ha' lhcrclof'or.. ei.:e an asiyl-i ifor the per-
:eci'tic.l ,, c t o stit n it: i'.-ir. in the iace- cf iho-e ,v.'hoc h \r-
IiO-:n ati. cotlinutti to' I.,e the victinmi of oppre .,ion. per--crtlti.'.n
.11.l ih-crt' in- i tion in the 1liiid iii -1.hi-h thl:y lite. \\'lcnl tlic
liicr i.y tcir '.'. adioptel,. n i .:ccptioin riw-. made as t. it, ap-
l.,,catic. in th-t: 7:. : of tli.-n c % ho ,.crt ,: ble:ttl tj..) .Jicrim in
l.:.r-, 1'i' a.nd rcg iliationii a till at tto ov,.rt act : oif pertecut ilon
l.ea.-c ,:of thcir ra,.c 3nd rdiion.
.\ r A-:.ling of the nmaiority report .iould, Ic-adl one to bclievt
i i thi. trils .\\mr ri.an .:,liicy i4 to bI: itLpartc:' froni aind that
tle vcry iact haMt A; I,':oile ha: been Lutbjtcted to -imffering of
.in tiiNex. mplil char.ac tr sh l'ouli L r- mi 'ade t-he balis rof aIJdvere legi:-
tl.-in. iThii, tle naio.rity has calid attention to the fact thai
F'I ptr cent of the pa--enacrt coming on the nteamzhip Rotter-


JLve".' c ar L crcuiiiiiv iTiorlmnl (I11.3 t is tUe to10 lnc ii [tin
those steamer saild irom ports which h .'cre acccssible to thr
'Jews coniini from the arin.-us parts of Poland; Just as th(
mirrr r,'nias 3rring ci iicim r leading; '. fron Ital.n imports bring
Italiant. andi tIlhoe from Scandina.ian ports thoii ofi Scandina-
't'i .lt. sc.iit. PIepre.neintaitie Siegel had occa-ion to :peak to,
111any' of lit innitt irairts arriv-Jic; on the Rotterdam in tht p'ra:
ence oft ihri' othl r rnicenbrs of the c:ommittel: Hle found that
practically 311 oi thel were onicli and children v ho wvcrr
colliihg I0 t i ', counter to rej: ;i llh h Ithe of ltheiir iFamilies and
other near relatives in the Uijited States. Theli children %ere
especi.lly inlteli.getit and v. oulil unquesitionabil \villtin i ver.
brief pcricil be tlhor :ly a-.tinilated.
The lliiiion; icn the Je'ws contained in the majority report
are off':iisi r', altlio T c c-ain rnot believe that they 3re inlter
lionally so.
\ e v\.ould not refer To Iiese alliitsion;s .'ere II nr-t [or Ihr
I.actI L t ha the;.,' iv a Iendenc-iy t O : reale in tli country at at.-
moslphcre oi priledice agaiirt all imn'igrii.nt and b-.cause ol
the firtlhr .f.:t th;it there has ri.cently been condluceld a ec'ret
and Intahioui' propoganida de:ignd it, arcute prejudice again,'
the l.lws in various part;i o the l.inted Staits.
\\'e point to tlie fact Ithat altho the jeIuishl pOpultilii:un : i
lie Llitei d Statlc ; I.-,,. not execcd 3J.,')0,000. not lc:.e than 225 000
Jess scr' d I 11 he Army at I Ila.y o iI th, Uniteel Slitae during
ihe l cte war. llhus. iuppl.l ng a quoit:ta inich gre-iter lthan their
i]Linlin:rs would h:.ve required. The. scrd honor abl` and faith
iully. Jew- of Nes 'York com.po"s..d the "Lot Eaittalion," w hi:lc
acchievd immnrtaility in- the Forei oc Argonne.
A: tIh utllme war v.as declared nminy of, the a3l'.ocaTe4 ofI tlh
prol|O.-*.il lai.lltln 1ca3red that on Iccr-uint of the numerous
race; and nation.ilites in Amnerica we would notl r.rF;ciis a ut iied
iront in the common enemy. The v.ar showv.,d tliat 21110
thi r.r might hat\r; li.,:ii nicv.comn er; from Italy. Poland. Ireland.
Czc.'ill, :c.''akia. aiid innyl) other iiTr.-.pcan countries they had
iecomlle lghti i .^American;.. They encierd each ba.itli' d,:l'r-
ninedi to vii. i Thlicy fought qidie Iy idle ,ilth the niati. born
and dlcrmon;trate.i their loey-ly t lt their adoptl.d country
\V. are oppcscl ic thlit- bill licC a-use l t ts lised on urnC ot i111,
'rcinikss. beca3iiu. it is nuiieces'iary, and becailie it v.ill incerltalbl
p'rote mIjnirioi[u to lif punhic v. elijar TFlie cri'anicn ',I siuch a. pri

.iu: pr-'bl n. l, C; Il'Il rit e 11ll Ia.;,
ih' L.:Il I liL h ei ,Irc .:b .. t.il:.-I hie h i that ,ectI. on 4, which is
iiiteini l to. ierniit certain pi.r-i1 to 1 I. -r. rucht into: the United
- Ili> .. pr.-.', Id.- ,n i .il,u .. : ::.' n i:i thle UTiiiteJ Slite .21 years
.. a Rte o.r u' L h.. y 1 ..-.: rr -ii..]i ie rrli i l under regullationo
,i.ktcribl.ed 1..' thli S. r : .ir: -i Lahb'-r, and tlh.n 'ie i. permitted
,nl;, to 1., il' hli I ar-.ni' i raii. p.i.jr tIlt. 'illn iii l:rilid o011 under 21
c r- ofi ac. i.n uhiniarr'J o'r a .dJo':.'.] dau hliter a g3i lidson
uild-r I( i eC.-lr o-i 3-"e t\hi- i-e i'.ilier I- deCd o'r unnIarrid, or a
i.. .I1l. n grat lddaiugi ht.-c i hie i r i: I.'e i t ..tol n t o ien
hIi.., h 1 to hriuh Ill- *.- ic
I h;i. Liil ii f rth r oljje.i.:Ti l'l- in lthlt it m lake. tlic Secre-
ia ot laborr tili si -.i e a- I' t, ,. !'r- i lie r .1 perr on l hall be
i.ijinitre l. n i i n -t I ,e ,jtii-.jl' th.-t i t re latel e l' -. lik. ly to prove
Sdirable rc. idein of th.i Il-'l il. St.I'a '-ind in that c t-en he
l.iay I .-u le ti pc r Iit to the pjp li.;l ll il-iler i,.:li r, Liit;.tiilIs as
lie Lin precrle '.'.h Ih.:h lhaill authiori:-' thle liltiu tiri ui on officers
i 1 iii in t-i .or nl i' I nialr' e tinh rclativ : upl n arr'. al at such
port In otlir *.',_rd] oini-:ad of creating a legislative standard
. I admii-ion, tlr: aire sulbii-,t ,i .IdiI.iioni becormen onie of
-..-:ial ior. I1 l tlit.: am itiL'n that hI nrulda be. av ided in
iiinn ir,..in l ii.t.lj i ,i : that oi m anli g lli right tI-: c ti er the
I ited ST .-i a niatte r :.i ui-. retion .:,n the 1t..rt .:-. ant adni iiiitra-
lnue .,lfih.r umrltd ,t a nm.altr to lm e igr, lated .;' the C -.agress
. t: the U hItI -, ? litc;

oi rariicaLini ll ;il i t*Ii- 10 teili, loieriiJ I, a.'. UitCItiplcyvM int 'I
and lack of food."
l nlliL'rani, ari n-iatirally agriculturi-lt- .1...re, than on third v.ere ngag. d in .igricuilitiri. in theirr In.live Lanid-. InL' I.
,.ive farming appeal to them.
The clih.r:cir r .fi te iic i.,:ming alicn brldy r.liain' practically
Il .I-airme as it v a5 iin 1914. l1 that y\ ar. rin':re than f..iur-fiftlh
w're .otliurn and e.L'lerin ELropal-an.
IOur rmirar;tiol i- appri.'imattly onrIL-hird of t',c ininmier-.
lion. M o-.i ctf Ile enligr il, i ha.e -it % ii.re it.- year a ithil:iii
litcomiin '.II LIIi'- 111 b leilng citiicniI I .;.y are i.1: a real lo..
1,.l'or: thlie reat \\'ar 'x.. trt'. ret.ei. i g .'t er a rm illic-i.
iriii igranit, a > :.r: ince ithr ..'.ar ..Inlj a liu lt l ..er ohne-third :-
Malny .Lo,'ok, lil-e .c:im people '.lere stcare. before tilihev t r,
h I r
No record Of.[ irin'grantinui .'.t: r| kept until IS2il. After ih.iT
Tt ord. v.rer k l-t utre 'p bu.a t e r 'e va n i i latioi n til I -i;4. I Ih
Kiiow .Noihinit party opp,,j .d imiltigirati.:.n inI the carly fiftl-ii
Init t'- LiCL I l et 1 lIatioi .
The cov.ttiiiit o[ il:e Lertie of Natliotit prli 'po-.- hat crr
gration of workers from otit country tI: an.,th r be permitnte
oiily' after the c in tiIt i .t tihe organizi l.iois ...I ti ni.loyerr aril
emnplo i.- of botli conntrie.
\\'e c''lhit inninigr.iiilnt becauCe 'it ipnrmit them u ILi. e.',
pIloith \\'W e art ri-p i' .ille f r the law1 iu tier '.' h,.h it i i -l-nir
\\t ha'.. ut er h.l an iiintiiigration :av.': that -. a honiec tl.' amil
etTiciently r.ni..'rerd. and '..t nieter had one that %"a. jutily i',
T'' .'...c r prohiloitini i of munnigratii-n i- ,i..xpe'itlnt. liecau'i
iliere it i1o tinrlue in1 a t'AO y"air pe.ri.:l. and L-ccal-li thei la
i lroponld i t.cO drnatic in effect. .hili: ..i the other land tht
,.-fare ut .\nleri..-, .rind her iidu-itri- li-maniid- thO itnitligranr
The whoie: argtuntei t of the affirmtit e a*--rnm. s that people,
, ho art. plor or who ha'ehad fev.' educalionii-al a.'lant1:Cg are in-
ierior ;lnd nile',iralile Tl-c fact i4 that prcil.-it ry wealth Ir

r.lduIJdlly akiup illh cott.l[. and v..oolcii ill, ntininpi furnittlre
iid clather niial,:k In :tnc -t. their aorl: i. Fr'rcfc'rI. and
S aIIll i i t ; liCheapIer
Onl.. til pcirrect paid labor of LEtrurie halij cci, o-mntinip to
it.. 'iiizcd Staze; for :.t. ral ycar.. whilel e i.c '..'re g ttiiin the
b t Lti, L l f ELur'op.e nu il ht '....come it. but very little of v.,hat
Sc inii i. ii-,. can L Ir l...:u* m .\Iii.Ir i \\' h t p).:'"i bllc c -.
,* 1 -c i.r a.lm titniiig it, th,.n
Can't .i.c riik ,- .c.ni thirnin tl c -. o tii ue Lhte lorio.u' o r' I wc to
tiin [ittty % hi,..1, .. la.. tbLi, rewnJlriuig by our immigratio-n for
the la, t i .e i uMinlr'.I ,.-r:' I,. indJii'iJ ual or Tr."- ple r',t r trod
the u _'..ardj p.lt viS hut rnlintg lih.wn iii the '..: ,. \ulich ha.e
i-ro:'. l ,ton..' t,. t[h,... i. 1..- 0.- Ahead,_
Ricl ard T ly, pirr-!i: i-,r Politic:al L:cr.n..nmy in lUn.ivir
-i ..'f \\'i-c''ii- t ay': that Lh.c: ,uilthcrn Euri.rpeans ha.'
,1,:,.t i .ai urlf.,rti jiate t: n'J nc:y t, l'tip. ir iln th, cities ol the
Sastcrn i.bia'rd. 5 'arn i,,n g i the ln r nir id int tnsifi in; all
*h.: -e iso:n; l e ~l w i-lch hli their orgLii in urlan ciong:-tliii
""in thii. pr rij vf r.c'-i, trtutLcIL i thLi c ii t-he ico linii c ,' prob-
I'tin It 1t sp rrie i 1 .. irtiiciot 3 itnii latn Ilre t number oi
i rt'rn ,. r : '. ai .Ji 'k I '. i. g eI r th m t inpl. i I n ; '% .lan riiL
a'li iit (li. ni th.tli .tit injuiriic our el' are, l. '. ering our standard
of I.imi'. and .ll.v. i]; them Citi-i. i:iiln irl]'. with o.ur wo\v '.
M any c.'. e 1 i ,r. lf r. s' ar i, ii. triicni'r. in rather lcho''l-
r,. I-reiI'.ri. '.lian, ..i t e ,,:i nlrchanti and baInker, in
the n.l[...n hote Lm, le r in aoiti.-o oreil c.'iintr. \'.'' .lr" .''. \V ijl-
-.1 i th s'n of a f..rr i-li rn it.':llter. an'd Secretary of State
Clark; E. rin- I-Hughs s di-I son out father an.] mi'thl'r from
V alc=.
r'ecau.I ltIe, are lov'..r in WI.. S,.'cial 5cAIC. the [ILW or present
l-,' immT-, rant ire le-- ica. il;, a, imilatcJ than the ulJ immi-
tr.-ant .. Th.y jl T ti, ,:'rni.rch.ni'J Anm ricani in tituriin; anil are'
dllrcrate 'to ani alarming *...trent. Mi. re Bhaji i.,n and a hall milli.rn
of ii.nr i':recn-'Lrn pplationi or 12 7 per c.nt, can neither read
iar \i r iIr
The pirec cril i inn'rti:[ i la'A'_: il lth L i U itcd State; are
,irnirabtle f r the tct: ir. tl i..n ui the Unlrtd Stait.- against tlhos

.I iii c lli ii C i-tingi liv.'. kinol ', liii lI tii,- r'.garc i g ng ll, ir l)rri. Il I
ariJ cliar.acl 'r.
It i s \ very -igi~liic; ln i.ici thliart t rce p1re- l rl ., Clv'.'cland
'nit'a andi 'a\'] ii, hn.li. c 'l bill rc tri tig imrni ralion
Thi .' cre uot a.. m uclih lifr i.1 rf 1110 l.1.' ir .ole, a -il r, and
cig rt i i. ] 1 ]I r lprt-. i',.d I i I o iit ry .1t ;i Ih- l in-
ic '! ir i l111 t1. L [ .1 r d sl i .1.; i-il njl i uraill.' OIi'.!. 1 bro.iir
.I. rI l h i rIl,.. l .Il
.\t lIr .: l tl liC onl'. n .i':l, t111n l ,, im iIlig r'i]l ,'", i '.' 1 ',' llh
0. l -t,:'' .h*.i ,. .1 i I "'. r r .'.: lfc r.,nl - t c ; tl ,.i I t i -rill
Jillt ilt f.ir il - I l-'. '- I t- '1,l deal i' ril q ir-il JII-liiLC
%'v ll l .lill I],l. -.I Il-. i : IL il il i_.r l i' i 1.,11 i \. ':'r 111 Cl l I
I ii -';. 11-. i-. cci-c 1. nii ir L ii n fi I t Uro i irno

S li' 1 1 I -l i c i, 11 i l l T .' 11 f o il llr a l' 11 i r ll

riii l ,11 t ir id ii'i- r t ._t .
'I 1 e t;. -i: it i , I. ii '- .:, r for 'l\o1 y r- C .ul I ir'il ,

i u iitI l l la1 i .-i tp .ri Ii' l ,r ii 'ii i] .il -h I'r, I: r. tir ii nI: e me li'r
i iiii ]i-r ..t : .i r.,i .- .It ln i 'i e ni rl ,. l ,i I' r t fr .l ,11, .ling i,:,r
.11 or i .ri tu rl c ; iJia' I n l l.I,. _i r' it, r... F Iil ,:1 rcit t nmi i I l n i', oir
".- ._O ] 'l, r ,itc llla ?]'r, r r _:..;i r i |, .til:.' l l. m .:i _l ; rmi1'r ing .i lt '.-
I'tll]n u, lll Jl;llt.'.' :l r' li.'rl f.-ulrn
\t'r '. to.'a : i hll .L l Il. I t ii i t IIrl. ii'n i ;L. i.: lI.? lhel" -. re n,'t
',llrn ;nli i t i ll. \ ',' hIlo. r t jl.,' 'ilir 01 1. ilit ii licine. Tlrc 'ir
.r i]ltliu:' ,i .r i c t r,. r 'li'.'I LI ".i iI. Cl n 'il' n In
1iu:.1i1 [' io0 ." i:Lyl'il'-l' in i.rii' lin o,, '. rt. ,'C rI b e e rj ,, ,_, .or.
C' lli' ate. \\'I:Il tl:. O:IL. "'1a,:t .i'1, i r i]ll rllC :
"U nclc ] S'Liii i- ri i:h C ii l a'r, t, gi" ie u t- ill farm "
'h, le 'ir tl inl rwt ra, ii'.o ',n 1l. l:'n-. .. IC l. iI t.,_ enour itsr j
'11ntl igar1t o] f 11 o lt" Ir. l il i rini -t n I 'rce'i li ,- ir.jtim i li m pi il'I'> '
niilinlary rit iCC, ylr ll 111, tl, iii ii. .a i l 'i C.ni i : l n r o fllt I ini -
prilic:-I lu prol.:; I0li. ni from' inSI,).,t:',l' ini l a hi h tll in .-n ,lli11z
-' lid TI nI.:i aIl .'.n re.'I, l.IJ f -iu r .',: r later "niI! i1o 'urtheI
el f r ii' sI r ,.c , i i nr it rI I.". c ii l iurti [I iatm p rIiTi.n
T lic '.II I. :.';'I: i o I r.. tri.: ft1. o f i ii 3- r rio Co '. -
I roni t i,- cIIh I i|)l r a ...f Ijb,',r, .,ho r .i h C -.11-- tn i--'t InI 10 re.I!I:C
., g,% I thl ,' g o .C' I I r, -r., thliCir [.rofitl "T ', I r., '.. illiilg tI
e nijai ige: r ii n'.t hiaracl,: r -fI thi. A, iii r-..' an, l r,"., ,,1,d tll thI t I h,,* I'" t I
hI i hn.-tit., y il or"I r er I n lh,:y n .I.'n ,l.'. lal, Ir P: littl" 1.h.r]I ,- per
M, "11 r tcl'r r .I c not, rn- ri ii ,i t ,.. lult l t o] Til ll firlil-
" 'r.r N .:" ,.- l. :. TL r e I.. d lI',:.i i y alia.3. .'. 1,, .r c-. I

rm.illcr percetil :a.c divo '.'orc:-. among them than among the
' itr.e born.
'For'?ir1? retIuritin lmiule for v.'arou< ri.3sons a th pres-
.IL tiiMe arc ta.kiiiL bL-A k '. ithi thliem .pproximnelly $2.,tiil.10000.(J
,'cording to t.atnitcints ,;cniir-d from bankers by the I inter-
Raci;al Council, -. :a v. rit'r in tlhe N.:v York Journal of Coni-
ml.erce. Ti1e tital lnI in saving takfi C111 of thlt Country is ec-ti-
in.1iad at a OnmiiiiiiInm -:f .2,JLi)i tfcr each diipartiin enligralnt
i [.J. Dige t).
un.h a m)lcaurI as thWe AtTirinati'-e lrop.j-c iA contrary to
ill .'nicri. an i,:dal and principle I It iin.res all our c:perience
i i cltingl and" training our inimigranit- i t become' American
:iiz,:n ind- ign..res all our .debt to the forei er for the part he
"i-s Ila$'.J inl blill.iinj; up our iinllntl rie.' and dJt'elopinii our
,iour.[. a3n ai lia :.ne o. all. go.:J and bad alike. "Sidy out-
,TA" OUT "
The d'l;ribution of iiiniir.in5 t I thet" lirtern'rt tate: must.
.I :ourse, b,: doii', chiefly at lI' *a. by the s.tateis linthi-'lves
'A'lii tl he. v.e tierni .ctaites \,.er,: nic'., a d the ..haract.r ol the
mitiglranrt high tic..' '.cr brought e-.: in g'rat lnulnber.s. But
lncc the cliarad.ler of the iminniiri tion hai changed", placing
niiigr:nt' oi armi' ln alniost ,'t't Tihey .:rov.:d iltni the
*i -t.irn ci[h.:
T lie Na tiioni is no it iirly develop \\'e l Iave b r.I.r scratcli
, r. u'f, ce of lpo., iilili'es OLIT inldiitrin:t are, .*'01ng. COur in-
1jl i cpaable of p 'iip)-rtiiig a iopnilatio three or four times as
..Irve a. at Ir.'i.nt. Miill;i:on o a .rr- art in public domain
\lMii natural r-,ource. ."irae till u1toucht. PreTiet liecd i for
'ore :vorlkin'rnl :. t,. ,'arr.' (.i. this d'i e lo'pnilit. and i be ih nniigranit
i 'lt, th ,? lii'. ,tl.
Th' : ..hief Icil'iil] for f lit fIiurtlier rre lriciioin cfi inllligration
.,in.'.4 froiii laI..r leader. thli.' o n.l ,\anlt the ioiipetition oi

duloe not hi -i i- rnmlcr il ,..1oniiy. In lthc-e Coln'ii', tl 'li h.'-e
remain li\ ing nl coiiger-t l quarltr -, r lprt'eenilini ni ativl'-
.withli ; a nitni, tp.ar.a l ir'it the true A eri, ; by the pri.
juice of ilh. noai ci."
Atimerica lhas; hrcii all.I thIli M clin T P-t. \\' le it h.T f.Uild
iii tnianrv ct i-.- L li t 'rc ir<. .nc rii l nl ii le-rL I: W\hatl l n tio
, ,,r had i ;- ailir i ul l- til n .lic'-li '.ili ~ Dr S einer. I"vu%

rIIr'ry ')f o r i iin;grat; i:-,i ln thI ll t IpIro .iice i' h ic hri d chric r :. irilI
the i rl, will bei puur,, r if nc -top it
Thic nic'.. iimn u.pr.ation i,,lic-. -..- fIr a- itn AillT i" img':.
ion frr'n' l"iirr-ie. is i.a i d in lic principal th.a t ine ftor irce iandl
unrl gulati. i tnintgrat.ionii pa- _l. The in itii rating .-,1 i l.,
future from each -epiirat pe-:'le .pl:ti '.l i p -i:n' on t .h par,
iof I li t people, i, shoi n 1i I xp.ri. n:Ci. 1.l c. ni.r v.hol.c-om'-l.
intc cur lift .\ii ricii :. so li a in from ,:n .-h lile A i onl' .'.o m n ,ii.a
iminiigra;nit :a %%c can re -ally .I I A .ricrinize.
For m .:i rl .-1a -ce inry A.\n rica 1:, I,:e the liope o: thll, -
re ,t aind i ] .d 'i. n-tron.'.li.n ..f Ii," whole earth. \\'e hliav,: eld lth.
noblet and pr...-tc.l ,:.i p iiti,-n t r held .y ar-, p ,:.ple in ith
whole ii-.l,:'r of IIt,. .,rd1. 1Thii- honor v.c have inh,:rit:d brom
our iather-,. and a gl,',roii\ inheritance it i-. iDothinig iltt the
mn"oilt uinpi p ra lt\ nc,~ -itl: h:.'t l ii im ke Is 'cn it inik '- rilt.
cii snuch a heri: 't Su.h ,i 1tin :I --it\ roet ,I I' '.i L.
Lica,-e :, few iorcii' r tiail i htin., 1le filly a- nt iili 'icd tlin
afT.rin.ili'e dtilr-iti e> all. It I- our o-.'-.n fan ilth t a- -im ilai ionI
i. Icdo The A i.\ t ri ;Lan iia ii ill '.' enI i- ." 'oiii ,in it onir
dt rlitlicni i i in thi. H\' hol n lo.:i- from iinm igrat. i-4 anii l tll
cuondlemin lhinl i'or hudilinlg r.glt. r \'e refi,-c ti *I.- our pl.-,
dily t,) ;irm ;gr;ii ati lnl in lict thli,. p nii -llhn .. it on 1l r i ill t .id
ni .-jtt ur.-clv, liy r f ing ilicil adilni iss i t ill'; iitlr,
I:or a- IO time ccconici and oilica.l cpoo.hli..ii' li'il i ti
ITet c -,f sl u -e'lic ig gun'o ',I Inu, rit ,ar.-i h e r'ito ci ll. i-c I- -il,

Il u ill 1l1'[ L 11t. '.IL l 11 t,, illiU l '. r'UCi [l [ .di IId l j. i btt 1 ildII L' .l hL
.'r.ul Il.c iinirigrart- cfnii deL betiliter home than here. Only
iho:', .are co I[u Ir'c. conditi'ioii hat; I'-comc '[utolcralble and
'*opecl.i.t That kind l cannot make iand a.re not making their

.-A remreitrlou. el-irtl i' I.- in mr-de to cru.li the labor lions
[lhii i thi, oep, ly i, avov..i rp.licy -.i man large ; l..ui ..-, ,rgr aniza-
Il on) TI1 e 1110: t[ iLriV:ellCi ou '.': ar.:.iI tlic: could PI':,-iilly Lui
,Ic. uldJ l.e ure.trir;C t J ininllgratiiii If they could only fill the
,ouiitr) vi. i. i.ungry riiminigr3rit.. t. ,'. rk fir an:,:h'ng and
.. ini ,]i t c 1. lat the.- could c.t:l it i.:.uld lie: niraniitc ily ihn-
rIr.i :'llc icr ith: Tiiiii t l':ip '.'.a i ulp t.' a31 ." ricr.:.in
ali:i riJ
The ': c jl.i t c,[ tIhe irni'irdnt in .-,'niir i to .'.ninrrc3 is noi
rommrinedr'Jble. . b.Lt he i onimc' virth a ik.-lti'h ioti-c. He ik
ccel.ing I', L..-nicf not our iiriii,_n l l.*.If r": -if']i he 'o rfie-- I
iry ciit il i''. in:. x uciail tl lenr:,y r oilier idea i which wi uld riot
hle i-l.r:i.ile' in ii: bminl e laid He u'cm IeII cli al. -I our iipulJir
L'o,.. rtinr :n t.. ; l h :i d hi, r'e l m.intive- i3ac. -h.nd i -.ranituzal;orn
I rd anarchitIs are, aln. .i-t without i e.:xcp i.']n of Ifren-lorl
Tho.u- ,n.id ..ho f,-il ht iii our arm.. in Eurpce arc no,w. re-

nd.- w.ho .'erc cri.[pli ind maiini in our -,ri ice. are con-
dl n i.-d b.. u i.. er I.:. :,c i I...ir lo ed n.:. r- again LIcatii e av: re.
l u,: -h-.n ri,.l: hn ar' .t r,. ld i r- tbhu n i J vI. h ale in.,l
the -upirei:' I riri.cc I r ur ilag are no refit ,i i prOntctIio'i
:-uch fiit- I:r. l ia ]i\ci H .c ii-, c -t'n c nce: no '_n c 1l
iu-t1.:c a: il?
T h Lr: '.\ CLII L-.: little .iec'tion to an ii]i 'ti gr' tion ai y ten
rhal -ul:clte'I ir nigr.lit thali c o,,t oiily lth I, -t. 11" i urc
*-ar'ful -LL.'n-1011 v.,rc lthi n -el.'d oL r tri.:[ir there v.ould be
S l.h.ic on. I"t %, d ,- i.ci t i cr eli: 'Th. im inlicr -int t ti FIrr
'c! r'- .ini. rantijiC ,i i'r.t if he faIl to lget tlc:e fr I hre
- r,:ii,,t'. l lat..er lit_ ,'irrl line-. il s i-i ri.it ar, it ,*...i :.:in-
ilr: r.J. H L .r: tJi tlLJ by luck 'I t l he : tll'tr n [t '\ih il
maLke: n .or: _l
I'h I. K 1 di. nJu l-: IOifl', .\]r,'inc ,i i n Tint 'it t i
.l I t i, C ,in. iii iiiin'in : r ion. i l .'.,iii'.. I :,cr i e i,a ir i ore tI ozic II
1 11 :. il .t Ill.-- .-zil i n riiri.ic r tli ii [o oi.- .f thl> llat \ e bo rn
i n on.. l 'oullh i il, r:ir:s n.:td in t ihc Ulni.crsity -,f Ll1.'-

8 iiii

'hat billN, I-l ad.ll I-, ll 0 p to .. wi 'Ii t irc it1uat31r i : i1.11 I UIJ
.votiiicn ;ind chislrii ar i I'a-kt 111 .1 room IIIILendI Ld for LIt 230
He ;t.ln add: (I I .hil heI in the i,;irbli r Jay., at a itliie iring:
:a disclnare rhieir pcirrngei r.
Tlih Giceat .1Mazr saidi "He that acih lti life 11ll11 loc
i". ;Vit are Lbei p toll lhiIl \i'e n ll'l- :.i e our n ltion3il lile I):
*ne pnr:r i -c o -ia lure'' anl i irtl.tr iiIiparallel- liri.raiti
hitonr For no gr:'at i atlionti .cr pir.rl d tLIc1, a p'.lcvly a-
hat advocateld h:, the alf'iritmtlil'c. Clniln:ilhip iir a y nation
v3s nev'.er r o Lug lit for b. for-.. I iC ji i i ii alleged pirpol tu
-cr'.'c our nation~ii .-i I-lli.v' prit rce. it is negaticd b5
! 'umai n e>:pt:ri..nce .ind lb'. thell tt3 i:iiti: otf thc Cliri t.
Otttlonk, Mi:r..ih S, 1922. OCripo-:ion to the ri"v.' lmniiiir-
I 11n ...t ha:: com [r-.Iim th. -. .-.hI .. d ,c l re t ti l ., *J-r iter gi ineral
idflitioi of nLii pl. n tr.; ii' h 1. a -,:rcty of farn lat,.bor
niJ a.'1 o of u l.ild I.l,..r n ei:cc :. ar in il n ii Lr ili. y iani road
, ii' ructiion mti rco-'. 'r th t it it I hinli.:1 ii in c rt-n111 f tl i -:-
iii i'.'.: ro' I. oions i dI contr:r. to li: l he'i .-\- A nir ric '- ileal-
iiJ tradi tion ac .. .11 a-, to eco:in mi l'iic .ticy. c -ce i r. I tllai?-
.niiicia:ioii I, i.-il-r ino of quality Lbut r, QUANTITY.
It % .'lJ I .r un irlr in]mpjo- il ie f'r it: t aiilaitlfactir. I' U
-".p rt '.. l Ihiu t itilini Clerati l I.-,bor. Tl i1 i- the r ia- ', l .il .i ..,l
'a-irI1 'i i]aiiifa cti r'c r 'r op i c iirli- er r- -, ri-ltion of in min i.
Jra ionl It i- .' II kn.i ". ]i tlihat .'im riica:l vil not 1 .o- 'rk [.f r a.]
io .ag '. : i lrni'' aiiit[ -l .,elt lti. tt r pei' m ore lthll ]ii ]
-lid in Etli i' l.C Th.- ,fl ri -c .a' e r..':all Jeinain.'ii., the l Its-
,r'r citi n ilf ,..i1i 'p rt Iralde in ia iiuf J ti r' ,- li 1: .-'ii of
hi rc.a-o l %h thlir.' p rc ii:d nt i- crotdt iiiniigriant r-:tric-
S. r h ill-.
1,.'., 1 1l0-0. I1 l ic.u -. i pa, st bill a linoct [,ol -in l ti iii liinn'.
.; t ion biy a :.f ,i "' to 1 I l 'lie iiate ai incimi ridc it I... ad.lin,:
llhe ." [V.' r..'i-i, It l ll -, :r -11.. .1 In'v. '.I 19. P'2' 1 (-'i '.1.1)
11. 1-2.'2. the 'a t i t, I.' fl.'et ei t.n hui till .\: l oi '.'1 to: .lune
lii 1'24.. .irlii .1 f a diti-on lnmiiii .railt. c.- iiltg fromt l.\-

'11I-' 1' tc l nIg inIaIiI Irci irl tlie Iortln ro LUrope ,'.'hlchi w.s
(ijILcil 10 to 1_[iir '.L coi -' I.I:' lil n V iirinlil raltici ii e -ntin from
pr-, v hie Ii. crc iioc'.cr ',ur .piial .ii.'. nevcr can be \'.'c cannot
lot' er [dih character ofi ..ir p Ocp, e ithli ur ] L erinlg our institu-
tion,- W\c hai.e not tl:e hear to d.i L r 'ill Jud to ur-r Iinsti-
'ul in0l or IL. our clildirci: butl *'.e _h-'.uld ccrtail',. limit undesir-
Aile immir-nion as much a: poi-1ible.
Mr. \\iliamn H. Parr. pre ideill f tlie Inlrracial Council.
ay.' : "I'o lotler Ccuili[r., i, 4.o profouindIly interested in the
problem of iniiiiirat;con a3 i- the L;nite Statll. It- industry
ail.. ec--onomr ic hi-t.ry i: i iect, a h-1 t.r'y [4 ii n-nimniiration
Trcre ate in the c.loutri. t odai ri tLemi niillion foreign horn
people : and Il:ic) are th,. parLiit- Li more than t\ nty m" illioi.
'ntmricii born children i[n farir a.s u'iir inatlion.l devclopmeni
rde.'cei-; lion ithie labor -,f .-iur pr -ple, onc-lljid of llie pro
.r .c; i- diie to the ininigrant and Ilii familyy"
\Ve iha'e already begun the policy of '-dliirting immigrants
\\' caiinnci allanil o it inow \jilthoir iinflictiin in.tredihle -i.ufer
ing up nii thh ,i'. diid .. h r: iI.' L lT. i, e li thlit tliey Ioe e
\nim'ril. enoucli to v.i-h t... make thcir home here. Every da1
our natiioh I- L i'Cnlillln':' crimni- orse rl';c tlhall muri r upon help-
IL, i ilini.'raillt i'. la31d lpi:, i 'tour zil' s,., crimrni which
mc; -Iire'l tIle Ilradftul .ilfTriig thty entail havL never been
-iirpa' t :it thi : hlii r.:.ry of thie liurnan ra .: Our .\Am rica i
*I,.ini tllii. and thil e i i;rii[;im .ack i to do still worel
.11 theI argumnciti f.ir r-Ilriction of tiimnigration arc backed
o,. ih> fact that ntmot oi ;t cro..'ds to lthl caitrnii cities where

ihad driven tli r,:.t OLut ij Next: England. To fa'.or minuigra-
'ion under pre,-.nt condlitioin is to ant.agonize our A\lmerican
['he liitniigratioii problem is an rld one. It has bten
argued pro and 1:oil evcr _ilice Illis country %v .35 i_~bit A.ll.
it; I1765, Thomas Doigaii] II a ,l-tter to the King of England
'amentr dl thI r-c~iltl of a gr iat nlux iU o intriigrant intj thie
Royal P'ro\ince of N cw Englanld .And theti ii 1817. orve'r a
hundred years aj o, thr' illlm igrationi CoinllllinilOl. II a rep:.rt
;,ublisht in the Nils lRegislcr. stat'.s that iin ii grants arc alrea.1,
*oo thick on the \nicriat:n tiar nuit frontier In that ;i r omnly
five lhotiiand immiigrati; came i 'to tlii C.onttry from all the
S'mintlrie of the. world."
\Ve are dJ.llandingr a I'r higher avu'rage char3cltr ind
l]alilficati],i irim im mn igramts tlan %.e cnrel-'.- lim pe k.',
insist that they shall Ihe alnimost aimts, paragons of moral qitali-
;l., while v,. tolkrait miolh. iolhtical ring. and L-osses, and
i many other evilF arll'on our \ow.n citizen' %hic:h thriatei, our
S .il.iationt far more Hilta immigration doc:.. ,y iar the greateil
-tu1 n iesn of our iilstittlio.i- are fottud among otur osni p.ouple.
\. we cannot bllame It .n iiliingraint Criitinals: cry "stop thlie"
li. divert atlCeiLton I roLI tIlh niacl%,.S Soit. i r, cryili;g top
lintnigration" for a similar rca son.
I inmigraints arc acei:,onid to lo'%\r ;i.agec in EuRrope'. \VlWhe
l'cy land here %itih littic or no money they are glidi 1to \.rk for
iiything rather thait tirv: or iu tiil their last p[ ity. They
o1101 Join u ion; yel. Ithey arc at a tretn ildou- diacldva tiltge


ccn I ry it v hi I vi rc,.;i- iz.i ,-. I our oldiL:-itI ii zt L tt I L'n'in Provi-
I licn 11 h 'e i : r. I' r b ie nl ci'n C t:i \ h ilic i .'n-iroddcL n
.in]J i .p ;c .i torlh r lIai] v hi .:. lia'e oficht -:I mIy:i i srre. Now
i- 1- prcro: -.I L toI r.: r.rI :.- lt I: poli.' and :il ll'i-hly cl ini it ;ill tor
. ,nr -c.] L-.i
'\ arc '..in r.r.CTI ll' l 'il. 1,iC ho direct "in l milize im mi
Sr.i i'. n .';..i l'ia i l : '.i.h :l tr.'i]l. \ c,'.ul'I i-: inilat. r.Peln .1
.Ir I. Ir'. e .\ ia:l 1 Im nilr11 -T' 1 *I e i .1ii -1 n, i TiiilH :cnt effort
[0 *I, *l. trl ]i t. it pr r] 'I 10 '. h,:r': it nLeled ini;tca.l oi4 allo ing
it to ,icc inuhltc v h.r.: t i.;, i 1i.. ii.ic F'arm 'r- nccJd dJ r.ately
rl ....aii J f i ur .:,.:.;] liab'i';r .ar l .aIni.:I. giL tlihei Liie in-
t7ii 'll 1.' 1 :ir. rior c tl.', p[c.c .ilant life A.,f Eurile it waiting for
m l.lii~-.i- i'., jr,: ...'' rlI' i r,'.ich it ilnder pre i: nt condition:
it ci inlimin.ini to rk-:r]L ini rLi2 ration to th '. vanii hing point
,.1i'1 l c l. i J,'],r" e'.t vthilln_ pot ible to iitili.z it, .arid i' have-
j> 'n i. n lt. it t .i ,ll
M1r..I.:.i] E. Otteron pre:idJ:not ci tie \Vin.tlvi_:cr RPac r .,.,
'r1] -1 COMp.1 1 .. -i ..: l dJui r I' 1 i :LTI'Lring Inially iiforttLnaI 1
rr. . l ~~1'.1 7 ,ut .' .i Ith: i r a. d J: rlh[i not th': la a t ot
th-ic : : hli r ai'n : on pr,..ine out of tl i -iiltrc of iiminii ratior.
I ',m inlf:,rr-n.] t t L.be ,re tI C o all -_r ve hc mI a'o.-lt one and
a qu.rt'r mi it lln iiiim r.itiii. p.:r c r coming lil thi: Country
n,11.1 o. rl l- iuinllcr a.,o-it thirt,' prr LCiIe or 24 i'O(JU ,e% re oi
!the iln ii' ll.l l or'rni" cl:.- c rh-: .'.ir ,.c : .': h l -abour
.niie.luirtrr nill:-n :.c.:r, ;'nd of thli iu Ln-b r ..' ha e bcn
-.I til un -l.ild cila. .' a re-il, of thii c..ldui n w arc : hl r[
i-r:l-.c .n [i,. r .i J I'nc n ll 'i ii iii rii r l [lab1 1 r "
O ir ]l'-irc: t nighi l,or. C.ii .l.i. ha.- i'i. i i n. M .e-,i'ry to
r.:-ir.rci immigrTion Ii -p ci' ally j.ip.in,- e .\ n.-L of her iimrn

1 nc new iinmizgraiiui .-cr is rauicai anu lar-reacning l nc
act itself comprises only a few hundred words. It provided
that the number of aliens admitted annually from countries
covered by this act shall not erceed 3' of the number from those
countries already in the United States in 1910. Not only is
immigration being kept withini n reasonable limits by the New
Act, which became a law on May 19. 1921, but the percentage
of immigrants reaching this Countr) from northern and western
Europe has been increase greatly by its workings, as compared
with the percentage under the unrestricted plan in \ogue in 1913.
-Digest of statement of \\altir W. Husband. Comnnmissioiner-
General of Immigration
Japanese immigration presents a pecularily difTicult problem.
They are undoubtedly thrifty. energetic .and capable. The Jap-
anese people have made such wonderful progress in the last
fifty years that no one can deny their equality in many ways to
tve itie civilization. Their territorN is o limited and they are
II 'r imnSg so fast that it is impossible for them to retain within
their former boundaries. The western coast of North America
*has climatic conditions nearest like Japan Without rcstriciion
9I ~yke~ would be cerlakt soon practically to take that country from
i~(e .w4,itu by oeeceable economic invasion Thus far the Japan-


Io comen to uur liture C v. v ii" e, vC( eryi riii[ to ir. p'. nose lano
would d be an injur.. or a public burden. BuIt e do n11I: do tIls.
\Vc rject thelc ba.d and giriod alike. \'e re-tricr t onl, by luck and
qn arbitraly 3.' and thi: affirmatnlt v is I t.. make it 2'. or less.
The affirm.-ive claim thllt ...e cannot ar'.:milnat any more
imlnigralnt S,.- far a; there is ai iy truth vlaitexer ill that state-
ment, it is our tault nort thc immigrant.'. \' all:,. inmmigra-
tion ag. nti to lit to them and get thin c.cr here: then we
herd th-ciii togeticher int.:. lthe lum-; v e permit thlien to be es-
ploitAed oLitrag oiusl : V.e reft-e tlihmn our kilo'.. hlir;, %e pro'.-ide
them little -r ni:. education iill tli.- hdav' learned Engfl:-.; and
nojw tl:e atffrm:w[ive arc ir.ginrg th:t the.- should be puiiihlt by
fIrlhicr rectricr: tin: pLI.nlshi f ior our crucly a3nd neglcci. T ie
affirm ,at.-.: h3a .: gall. 1to ay the Ilea t.
The .-Afiriaiati.e claiii tlial p.oorr and I=ano:r-.nt immigrants
are u .A: t:.' corrupt pohlii an. ecp'eciall:,' in our cl le:.. It would
he iar letter .:, banish the corrupt p.:.lic'ansn thair the immi-
Dr. Edward A Stciner tells the i.:.llo.'inr; tory,
"One evening at Odessa aditr a hard day-. v.ork I went in a
go-didola out on the sea to ei'jo.n the cool air and get a little rest.
Soon I sawv a great mai.\ boat%, following us. \'hen we were
nearly surrounded I a i: my bo:atiman 1:. tell theim that I would
gie themin all that I had wnlthou their 1.illing me. "They don't
wish t1.. l.ill y:e'. said hi, 'thr .y oily is'lh to ha'.-e you talk to them
albL.ut America' I igot in on the ;eat al'd hegan talking to them

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