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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2011 nationalreview@pm.gov.lc THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF SAINT LUCIA FREE St. Lucias economy is now poised for more robust growth and to provide greater opportunities for all its people. to the Eastern Caribbean Central performance among islands in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union which registered an over all economic decline of 2.7% and Prime Minister Stephenson a range of adverse economic and weather conditions over the past late 2008 to natural disasters like a economic indicators are up this year: Tourism revenue up 33.7%; Construction up 20.5%; Airline activity at Hewanorra up 26.5%; Vehicle registrations up 4.8%; Electricity consumption up 4.8%; Commercial sector up 4.9%; Hotel sector up 7%. PRIME MINISTER KING SAYS MY GOVERNMENT DID BETTER King told the nation recently that bear eloquent testimony to the Governments stewardship through environmental disasters in an uncer tain global economic environment. As the government gets ready to seek a new mandate from the the statistics clearly document the ability of his United Workers Party points the way forward to the next level of balanced human developawaits a deserving Saint Lucia. Financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Eastern Caribbean Currenry Union (ECCU) have given Prime Minister Kings Government high marks for the performance of St Lucias economy. As recently as August the IMF at the conclusion of another Article IV Consultation economy had recovered rapidly timely policy action by the authorities and a rebound in construction and tourism. At a time when most countries recover from the global economic ment of his Governments perfor It has not been an easy road for the Government and people of Saint Government has improved the coun trys economic management perfor mance and thereby strengthened the countrys position as the leading ments response to the global ecoits long-standing second position to surpass Antigua and Barbuda as the largest economy in the OECS. The Hon. Prime Minister added: end of 2006 we met: average eco nomic growth of 1.6% over the prerate of 16.6% and a national debt of EC$1.6 billion (approximately 64% P). Continued on page 3


Page 2 Saturday November 19, 2011 Saint Lucia's Prime Minister Hon. Stephenson King presented information during his Ocreputable local and international organisations/institutions and authiorities on economic and SAINT LUCIA'S ECONOMY RECIEVES A P ASSING GRADE and data presented in Prime Minister's recent address and derived from the sources above:


Page 3 Saturday November 19, 2011 Continued from page 1 ment and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank are extremely important in setting the record straight about economic activity in Saint Lucia since 1997. He noted though that in the six years of the decade ending 2010 when the world economy was buoyant and when the St Lucia Labour Party held the only able to achieve an average economic growth rate of 1.6% per year. In three of those six indicator of wealth creation was Administration came up with negative growth. He explained: Labour Party sent St. Lucia into reverse gear three out of six times (50%) in the six years of the decade when the (world) economy was doing well. While much was made of unemwas the best achieved in two consecutive terms during the St. Lucia Labour Partys term in Government during which the average annual unemployment rate was 19.2%. The current UWP Government on annual unemployment rate down to 17.1% since it assumed office in 2006. The Prime Minister added: While we acknowledge a reduction in employment opportunities as a casualty of these challenging the toughest of times and we will continue to do it. There was no need for any clumsy STEP and no need for any blind LEAP either. All we relied on was the basic common increased consumption of goods and services and sound investment in an economy on the move. According to Prime Minister SLP Administration left behind a national debt of EC$1.6 billion grew by EC$677 million under the the current UWP it has increased by a further EC$532.1 million. He added: There can be no ques critical need to keep the economy market disasters abroad. Side by side with the economic perfor numbers allow an easy assessment of the superiority of UWP economic management talent and ability over that of the SLP. proximately EC$ 2 billion and the the second lowest in the Eastern that it was actually smaller than was also substantially lower than the debt ratios of Barbados and Said the Prime Minister: We ap with the encouraging news that in the worst of times around the world your UWP Government was able to lead St. Lucia to become the largest economy in the OECS while at the same time ensuring that it has one of the smallest debt burdens in the grouping. mation and Credit Rating Ser vices Ltd. retained St. Lucias rank of positive creditworthi ness based on exchange rate ate balance of payments per formance and relatively low external debt and adequate import cover. There can be no doubt of the positive economic management record and stewardship of the current Government. This was bolstered by the recent vote the World Bank and the Inter national Finance Corporation Caribbean for doing business. The prospects for the future are therefore quite encouraging under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Stephenson King.Saint Lucias Economy R ecieves Passing GradePrime Minister King Says My Government Did BetterF have been made to provide beach parks and facilities for locals and visitors alike but the effort has not been sustained. the Pigeon Island Causeway that could be replicated at other beaches experience of locals and visitors using the popular Pigeon Island Beach by establishing beach park facilities at suitable locations along the site. It will improve availability and access to needed facilities and services and also establish safety and regulatory mechanisms. Ad take care of waste management and pollution and to mitigate against erosion of the coast. safe leisure and bathing environments for local people and visitors by instituting safety measures and to provide employment opportunities as well.Construction of a Public Park(s) and Beach Access Facility on what Causeway is for local people to use the resource for environmental apactivities. nal submission was made for three nage indicating access areas and fa cilities and directional and instructional signs; restroom facilities with proper waste disposal mechanisms; relaxation areas and playground for children and concession stands. There will also be facilities for tion centre for Beach Wardens and lifeguard towers with a functioning life guard service. Clearly demarcated bathing areas and watercraft exclusion zones will be provided to ensure protection from watercraft operations and to prevent or minimize conflict between user groups and accidents in the bathing areas. undertaken at a cost of $1.7 million with funds provided by the European Union and subsidized by the St. Lucia Government. expected to last six months. Once Government intends to support the other parts of the island .Pigeon Island Beach facility


Page 4 Saturday November 19, 2011 The experience of Hurri cane Tomas has brought into sharp focus the need to re-examine our planning and building construction practices. Based on the extensive destruction unleashed by Tomas in October more aware and open to the need to exercise best practices and disaster sensitive methods in construction both at the house-hold and commercial levels. Govern ment too has responsibility as it infrastructure. How we build any sort of development will eventually determine its integrity and or hurricane. The phenomenon of climate change demands that we order to minimize reconstruction enhance sustainability. Stephenson King noted the fol lowing: We cannot continue to do things as before. Tomas has taught us the necessity to change our lifeHow We Build Planning For Disasters treat our environment and the way we deal with our waste. It cannot be business as usual; we have to set new standards and abide by them. ience must underscore everything that we do from now on. many St. Lucians have opted for the their satisfaction with what they have achieved once construction passing standard and even basic ting themselves up for even greater challenges in the future. So in a 80 mile per hour hurrihomeless and needing a new roof over their heads. St Lucians to heed warnings about employing best practices in any kind of construction. Physical Plan every building or development proval of her department. Whats cording to international standards. Persons sometimes build hap It is for this reason that the Authority on occasions has to move in most modest of homes. But stopto the fact that he or she is breaching the law. When that doesnt workand there are developers in We do not like to do this because most times considerable sums have but the law is the law and its stipulations must be observed. Two of the biggest problems with some developments in St Lucia are the bad construction practices used drainage. St Louis says the lack of proper why some houses collapse in a disaster. Some times even where with their maintenance. The result accumulates and begins to erode the soil where the development has gone up. Earthen drains are not accept sustained rainfall. Roads too come It is time we look at proper drainage systems because it makes no sense the government builds she said. coping with disasters such as hur ricanes. St Louis said that hurricane best protection. St Lucia and the other OECS ter ritories and the wider Caribbean Community have been prepared based primarily on the reports of construction industry workshops held in 1985 and 1986. The latest edition of these guidelines makes the point that the impact of hur ricanes on small buildings showed the importance of careful construction of the building frame and of the mechanisms for the roof and es many of which are over turned by high winds. It is noted that in some OECS countries houses are constructed with concrete roofs. The experts roofs should not fail under hurriearthquake forces and very vulner able to bad construction. Steel framed buildings for small houses was another option under consideration because it offers speed of construction and cost savings over more traditional methods. But such systems must be designed to resist hurricane force winds and also to be resistant to corrosion. So prospective home owners and builders both have to adhere to laws and guidelines if construction who needs it.


Page 5 Saturday November 19, 2011 Castries is about to be transism-oriented cities in the Eastern of the St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority Isaac Anthony. He was speaking at the signing ceremony of an agreement for the the rebuilding of the northern Royal Caribbean International to the tune of US$25 million. SLASPA General Manager Sean agreement at the Sandals Grande The Castries City Council is also Royal Carib bean is a Miamicruise line. It has 42 ships in service under construction. It currently controls 25 percent of the world cruise market. Royal Caribbean ships have been coming to St. Lucia for several years and are distin guishable by all ships names ending with of the seas. In addition to bringing thou sands of visitors to St Lucia every employ several St. Lucians in various capacities. Minister of Com munications not believe St. Lucia could have Caribbean brings to the table. He explained: The persons who have been responsible for bringing some of the cruise ships into St. Lucia (now) become our partner in this many more (Royal Caribbean) ships to call here because there will be a vested interest (of the company) in being part of this development. I think this will be a winning combination for us as a country. nent Secretary in the Ministry of nals the beginning of a new phase of development of Port Castries. He said the port currently comprises seven berths for both cruise and have welcomed as many as five cruise ships simultaneously with over 300 calls carrying more than one considers that as recently as the early 1980s cruise ship passen-Port Castries R edevelopment Government Signs US$25 M. Project With R oyal Caribbean positioning ourselves to become the cruise capital of the southern Caribbean. Anthony was particularly pleased with the funding arrangewould not require any financial outlay by the government at this IMF when it recently endorsed the governments decision to pursue public-private partnership as a the national debt within manageable limits Lucia welcomed the participation of Royal Caribbean as a key partner the ongoing negative impact of the global economic crisis and the foreign direct investment will be critical for promoting growth and creating employment in our country. Tourism Minister Senator Allen Chastanet told the signing ceremony that world competition in tour sion and uncertainty in the market had caused people to go back to the basics. St. Lucia had been extremely in absolute terms what the island needed for growth was not an insurmountable number. He added: The Caribbean has a competitive advantage when it comes to tourism but.the only way we are going to retain our competitive advantage is by improving our product. We have three and a half miles of waterfront and when we calculate the amount But the Minister acknowledged that St. Lucias reception for visitors be able to do things in a more disciwho have ample access to the visiscribed in his introduction as a had been under consideration for Compton before he passed on. Our goal is to make this as attractive a destination as possible. development of Castries which will not only be appealing and marketable to visitors but equally to the from it. diate endorsement from one of sociation said he believed it would better serve the interests of his members than the present arcade. Isaac said: We are very clus tered where we are now. The new will make special allocation for us and that is one of the things I appreciate about it. Because we were not part of the consultations when we actually thought that we would have been out and not in and when we looked at the designs of the new we are part of the mix Isaac said his Association cur rently had about 115 people in the arcade and about 70 percent of them would be relocated when the new facility is built. He added: They have also taken into account and we have now been told that the new accommodation will not These plans that SLASPA have will be a good thing for us and we will go with it. The Government of Saint Lucia is looking forward to the implementa 2012. The partnership with Royal Caribbean and the implementation times ahead for Castries and Saint Lucias tourism industry. Execution of the current Administration for the overall re-development of the city of Castries.


Page 7 Saturday November 19, 2011 Page 6 Saturday November 19, 2011 A Review of Taiwans Assistance to Saint Lucia Financing of 5 new Vehicles for Police Opening of Aqua-culture Facility Sponsorship for Annual Childrens Childrens Party & Toys Financial Assistance for Education and Scholarship Programmes Drainage Projects throughout Constituencies Equiping & Refurbishment of Home Ec Room at La Clery Sec. Sch. Sponsorship of Sports and Sporting Events in all Constituencies Completion of Saint Lucias Wellness Centre Construction of Bridges in many Constituencies Construction of Bus Shelters Rehabilitation and Construction of Roads in Constituencies Construction of footpaths in constituencies Construction of retaining walls in constituencies Construction of Meat Processing Facility in Vieux Fort Construction of ICT Centres Rehabilitation of Health Centres Construction of Human Resource Centre in constituencies Construction of multi-purpose courts in constituencies Computer Labs for Schools throughout Saint Lucia Orchid Farm Project in Union Construction of Parks & Recreational Areas


Page 8 Saturday November 19, 2011 PRIME MINISTER HON. STEPHENSON KING MEET YOUR MINISTERSStephenson King was born on the 13th NoCastries North. HON. LENARD MONTOUTE SOME ACHIEVEMENTS: HON. KEITH MONDESIR nent position of Chairman of the Caribbean the then new generation of Young Caribbean ians in their own countries. Canaries. SOME ACHIEVEMENTS


Page 9 Saturday November 19, 2011 South the Cabinet. MEET YOUR MINISTERSHON. ARSENE JAMES since 1985. SOME ACHIEVEMENTS: there are four centres on serving SOME ACHIEVEMENTS: HON. EZEKIEL JOSEPH farm Ger Union cash crops at Union HON. GUY MAYERS SOME ACHIEVEMENTS: neau station. cruits training


Saturday November 19, 2011 Page 10 MEET YOUR MINISTERS SOME ACHIEVEMENTS: communitiesHON. GUY JOSEPH posting. SENATOR THE HON. ALLEN CHASTANET Chastanet's unerring instincts for pro of Soufriere. SOME ACHIEVEMENTS: berfest. HON. RUFUS BOUSQUET SOME ACHIEVEMENTS from a number of training opportuni ness sector in other countries so as services. portation sector


Page 11 Saturday November 19, 2011 SENATOR THE HON. CHARLOTTE TESSA MANGAL came before the chamber. SOME ACHIEVEMENTS Championing the causes of the private consumers hancement. nesses wishing to incorporate at no cost to them. between the members, the Cooperatives for persons in the construction sector. cooperative. MEET YOUR MINISTERSSENATOR THE HON. LORENZO RUDOLPH FRANCIS of Castries South. SOME ACHIEVEMENTS: region. HON. EDMUND ESTEPHANE programme. reports. training. SOME ACHIEVEMENTS: that Chambers continues to maintain an


Page 12 Saturday November 19, 2011 Please email your comments or questions to: nationalreview@pm.gov.lc The Government of Saint Lucia Extends fering for which we are never encouragement to various agencies of governpeace. Condolences to the Families of those who lost their lives in the Morne Sion Tragedy