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I V-
T iei' i t L I lC. I: J I t

in its response to the
Haitian Earth Quake
Disaster when it issued a state-
ment on the morning follow-
ing the catastrophic 7.0 earth
Quake which ravaged the
Capital, Port au Prince. The
Statement which expressed
sympathy and solidarity with
the people of Haiti, read in
part: "Even ahead of a full
assessment of damage and
actual needs following this
disaster, the Government of
Saint Lucia is committing to
providing relief assistance to
Haiti under the umbrella of a
Caricom response".

St telllent (C7oi el 1n lent i 1 I.'l e'
Release issued on January 14th,
2010 following weekly Cabinet
meetings confirmed a pledge of
a half million dollars as its con-
tribution to the Haitian Earth
Quake relief effort. Local media
establishments have also been
written to by the Office of the
Prime Minister requesting that
they consider the production of
Public Service Announcements or
Printing of Promotions appealing
to the Saint Lucian public to do-
nate to the Haiti Earth Quake Aid
Appeal Fund.
A Statement released by the
National Emergency Manage-

ti:' ied .,'intI L Ti1m on tlie e-iNr"
lishment of a Hi.l-t EL.: til Qua.k
Aid Appeal Fund and provided
information for accessing the
related accounts at the various
local banks. See listing of bank
account numbers for the Earth
Quake Fund on page 9.
Government has indicated its
willingness to review its contri-
bution based on updates and ad-
vise from Caricom. This would
include consideration of request
for accommodating Haitian na-
tionals for stated periods under
stipulated guidelines. This may
include giving priority to chil-
dren, injured and sick persons.

wP apnirt f 'r.im it pI (lelVTE.C
Hi i N I .II D,,II n,[ ,,.1 I h.
E.., th Quake relief effort, the Gov-
ernment of Saint Lucia has broad-
ened its support to the provision
of technical support through the
coordination of the Caribbean
Disaster Response Unit and the
Caribbean Disaster Emergency
Management Agency. This has
involved the deployment of per-
sonnel from the Saint Lucia Police
Force and the Fire Service respec-
tively. Saint Lucian Dr. Gemma
Cherry formed part of the initial
CDEMA Assessment Team and
NEMO Coordinator Ms. Dawn
French is currently in Haiti until
February 7th, 2010 as part of the

CDEMA'\ ri fntlntII4 .'.im
C_-ii -, *i hn i" *i.:. ,:, *!!i!i 1111-
cated that its collective response
would be best provided in the
area of Health. In this regard
the Government of Saint Lucia
stands ready to provide further
assistance under a coordinated
Caricom effort. The response
and leadership of the Saint Lu-
cian Government is a manifes-
tation of its commitment to the
regional integration process.
Government urges all Saint Lu-
cians to follow its lead by do-
nating generously to assist our
Haitian brothers and sisters by
contributing to the Haiti Earth
Quake Aid Appeal Fund.





Government Stages

Successful Diaspora Youth

Video Conference 2010

By all accounts, the histori-
cal and inaugural Diaspora
Youth Video Conference
held on Monday 18th January,
2010 was a resounding success! St.
Lucian participants were hosted at
the ECCB board room in the Colo-
ny House on John Compton High-
way and were joined via video
by our youth in Ottawa, Toronto,
New York City, Washington D.C,
Tortola B.V.I, Mona Campus- Ja-
maica, Cave Hill Campus- Barba-
dos and St. Augustine Campus-
Trinidad. Unfortunately our youth
in London and at Grambling State
University were unable to join us
due to technical issues. Under the
patronage of her Excellency, Dame
Pearlette Louisy, Prime Minister,
The Honourable Stephenson King
was also in attendance along with
Ambassador Dr. June Soomer
and Permanent Secretary in the
ministry of Youth and Sports, Mr.
Donovan Williams. Our participat-
ing overseas dignitaries included
Ambassador Dr. Keith St. Aimee in
New York and Ambassador Bren-
don Brown in Ottawa.
This video conference met its
mark by providing an opportunity
for our youth in Saint Lucia and
abroad to engage their leaders in
discussion on issues of pertinence
to them.
Our youth from the University
of the West Indies' Cave Hill Cam-
pus in Barbados got proceedings
underway with their passionate
sentiments about St. Lucia seizing
the opportunity to play a greater
role in the affairs of U.W.I. They
also proposed initiatives such as
Derek Walcott Scholarships and an
Institute of Literary Arts and Eco-
nomics, respectively, named after
our Nobel Laureates.
The Mona Campus' contingent
followed with a stunning contri-
bution on national pride and our
intrinsic St. Lucian identity. In vis-
iting clothing stores and fashion
outlets and seeing various coun-
tries' flags and logos being sport-
ed, they noted the lack of a "St.
Lucian line." Students in Jamaica
called for greater government
support with regard to "economic
costs" of their studies and in the
creation of employment in certain
fields of study such as Forensic
Prime Minister, the Honourable
Stephenson King then took the
floor and endeavored to address
the concerns of our students in
Barbados and Jamaica. He deemed
"The Derek Walcott Institute of
Arts" and "The Sir Arthur Lewis
Institute of Economics" excellent
recommendations and an oppor-
tunity to institutionalize the work
and philosophies of these promi-
nent icons. Mr. King also noted

the need to highlight the life and
work of our renowned artist Sir
Dunstan St. Omer. In light of the
general perception that our nation
does not sufficiently celebrate our
outstanding nationals, the Prime
Minister posed the daunting ques-
tion to participants, "How do we
as a country sensitize our children
and get them to appreciate our St.
Lucian role models?"
Her Excellency, Dame Pearlette
Louisy lamented the fact that there
are numerous students who go
through the Sir Arthur Lewis Com-
munity College and at the end of
their studies cannot tell you very
much about Sir Arthur Lewis.
Our young St. Lucians in Wash-
ington were adamant that more
must be done to thoroughly pro-
mote our Nobel Laureates espe-
cially among our youth. They were
critical of the apparent late adver-
tising of scholarships and called for
more scholarships to be offered to
overseas institutions. Of particular
concern to them were the steps be-

ing taken to provide the youth of
tomorrow with employment and
incentives to return to St. lucia.
Ambassador Dr. June Soomer
put forward the question, "How
do we weigh our Nobel laureates
against Bob Marley and Usain
Bolt?" Not surprisingly, our youth
in Jamaica offered a response in
that it is not about comparing the
two sets of icons (academics vs
music and athletics) but "It's about
you! Not about Marley and Hus-
sein but about Jamaica." We must
therefore seek to be proud of St.
Lucia, not primarily because of the
accomplishments of Hon Derek
Walcott or Sir Arthur Lewis but
because they and we, are St. Lu-
cian! The Mona Campus' St. Lu-
cians made a plea that we adopt a
2020 Vision for St. lucia, one which

takes us beyond the electoral cycle
and far into the future.
Our energized youth in Tortola
embraced the opportunity to com-
mend the organizers of the video
conference and assured the gath-
ering that we do have national
pride but more can be done to
boost it. They expressed that there
was significant interest among St.
Lucian youth in the B.V.I to learn
our creole and folk dances and
requested assistance in sourcing
Creole books, music and costumes
to assist in the propagation of our
culture over there.
Along with the assembly in Ja-
maica, St. Lucia's CARICOM Youth
ambassador, Mr. Nintus Magre,
highlighted the need to utilize our
Creole language to advance our
culture and all that is St. Lucian.
He applauded the Homecoming
Committee for fully utilizing cre-
ole in our theme "Tout Sent Li-
syen S6 Yonn." The youth ambas-
sador urged us to "take upon the
consciousness that we are SAINT

Youth discuss matters of interest

fers infinite possibility in the dis-
semination of information and in
unconventional and exciting fields
of study.
The Toronto group relayed
to us that they have established
a "Derek Walcott Achievement
Award" and have formed an or-
ganization called "Children of St.
Lucia" which seeks to encourage
our youth in politics and the arts.
They also praised the support
which the St. Lucian Consulate
Office has been continuously pro-
viding to them. These participants
also praised the St. Lucian educa-
tional system as one of the best in
the world and echoed the prevail-
ing call for us to advance ourselves
by ourselves.
St. Lucian youth in Ottawa em-
phasized that we must create op-

Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy and Dr. June Soomer listen
intensely to contributions from Overseas based Saint Lucian Youth

The youth delegation in New
York reinforced the point that
young people have an integral
role to play in politics and in their
schools and that it is up to us to
promote ourselves as St. Lucian.
They observed that comments in
the technological category were
lacking especially as this age of-

portunities for ourselves in our
homeland and fight the mentality
that St. Lucia has no opportunities
for us.
Mr. Donovan Williams, Perma-
nent Secretary in the Ministry of
Youth and Sports, expressed de-
light in detecting what he called
"The I Can" mood of the event, the
desire of participants to effect the
required change in our society. The
P.S stated that there were a num-
ber of ongoing initiatives aimed at
addressing the concerns raised by
participants but that proper com-
munication of such is lacking. He
cited the importance of such fo-
rums and of their being hosted on
a regular basis.
An insightful contribution was
made by local anthropologist and
botanist Mr. Laurent Jn. Pierre

who underscored the indispens-
ability of significant investment
in agriculture, environmental con-
servation and transmission of our
creole language.
As the event drew to a close,
Prime Minister King assured par-
ticipants of the government's com-
mitment to preserving our cultural
and natural heritage and to the ad-
vancement of the St. Lucian people.
The Prime Minister noted the chal-
lenges faced in developing and ad-
vertising a naturally beautiful St.
Lucian tourism product to visitors
while seeking to not destroy this
product in the construction of ac-
commodation for these visitors.
The "Green, Clean and Pristine"
environmental campaign has been
put forward by Mr. King to local
youth groups and he is presently
awaiting their action plan where
they will receive government's full
financial backing. He provided a
glimpse into his administration's
plans for the development of a Na-
tional University in the south, public
recreational beach parks, a St. Lu-
cian culture TV channel, and the vi-
sion for a multi-lingual Saint Lucian
society through a rigorous foreign
language programme in schools.
The Prime Minister is enthusias-
tic about the more frequent host-
ing of such video conferences and
the formation of an "International
St. Lucian Youth Network" to in-
corporate youth from all corners of
the Diaspora.
Ambassador Soomer has indi-
cated that more activities geared
at engaging our youth will follow
this video conference including
various essay and arts competi-
tions and the penultimate Youth
Summit is scheduled for July 2010
where a formal youth policy for
our nation will be adopted.
Congratulations to the Home-
coming 2010 committee for the
successful organizing of this pio-
neering event and to our youth
in the Diaspora who voiced their
concerns so passionately and

Page 2

Saturday January 30, 2010

Saturday January 30, 2010


Plans are continuing fe-
verishly for the hosting
of Homecoming 2010, a
celebration of nationals living
The event scheduled for July
2010, is about encouraging
Saint Lucians living overseas
to return home to celebrate
what it means to be a Saint
As a nation Saint Lucia has
benefited greatly from them
and wants to encourage them
to continue to invest in our
country in many ways. Home-
coming 2010 is a chance to re-
unite old friends and families
who have not seen each other
since they said goodbye years
ago. Moreover, it will be an
opportunity to say thanks to
all Saint Lucians for the tenac-

ity with which they have held on
to the culture of their native land,
enabling the country to be put on
the map with their contributions
in all areas.
In his speech at the launch of
Saint Lucian Homecoming 2010,
Prime Minister Stephenson King
noted that the role of the youth in
country's development will also
be at the centre of these activities.
This is expected to make the
continued journey more sustain-
able and secure for all Saint Lu-
cians. The Prime Minister also
called for a Saint Lucia youth
summit, establishment of mentor-
ship programmes and exchanges
with second and third generation
Saint Lucians.
This request for more youth
involvement is fundamental to
the objectives for Saint Lucian

Homecoming 2010 which are as
follows: To build partnerships be-
tween Saint Lucians living over-
seas and Saint Lucians at home,
to encourage Saint Lucians living
overseas to invest in their coun-
try, to encourage young Saint Lu-
cians living overseas to maintain
contact with their country and to
establish structures to facilitate
Saint Lucians overseas in their ef-
forts to reintegrate into the Saint
Lucian community.
A key objective of Homecom-
ing 2010 is to reintroduce these
second and third generations to
their familial homeland and to
also encourage conversations
among all Saint Lucian youth
about their role in the develop-
ment of the country, the promo-
tion of excellence at home and
abroad, their involvement in

governance and their function in
promoting democracy for all.
Prior to the event in July, there
will be a number of activities and
a programme of activities (see be-
low) has been put together by the
Prime Minister's Office.
Activities preceding the event
include: Flag raising presenta-
tions at Secondary Schools This
activity would help instill Nation-
al Pride, something that the com-
mittee believes is lacking within
our Youth. They will be taught
the significance of the Coat of
arms, the meaning of the colors
in the flag as well as the need to
know the National Anthem.
Erection of Welcoming Bill-
boards in Communities around
the island This would help in
welcoming our nationals living
overseas back home as well as to

the communities from which
they are from.
Erection of Welcome Ban-
ners at the Airports These
banners would serve as a
means of advertising Home-
coming. As nationals come
home to visit or enjoy the
Cricket and Jazz they would
be aware of this event in
July and also pass this infor-
mation to their fellow Saint
Lucians living within the
Diaspora Road Show This
trip would take us to the US
Virgin Islands, a continuation
of what started in June 2009.
The following topics will be
discussed: "OECS Economic
Union"; "Lucian Reunion
2010" and "Investing in Saint
Lucia's Development".

Theme Song



No matter where your navel string
North south east or west in this
Means you born in Saint Lucia
Your input we . for
Cause de progress of this nation
Depend on every Saint Lucian
And if you i abroad
You have to come on board


When we start to speak Creole
We go into we own world
Tout Sent Lisyen se yonn
We share de same culture
Cause we all from Saint Lucia
Tout Sent Lisyen se yonn
We want you to
Bring your money
Bring your skill
Your knowledge we need home still
With your money
Buy your country
Give a hand
To your home land
This is a call to action
Come and build your own nation
Tout Sent Lisyen se yonn


We have to start working '
So we have a stake in Saintt lucia
Those in the Diaspora and
Who i in Saint Lucia
Invest in the economy
A betterfuture ,, ,I see
Be the success story
You want for your country


Wave your Lucian flag high
Wave your Lucian flag high
Wave your Lucian flag high
High high high high
Wave your Lucian flag high
Wave your Lucian flag high
Wave your Lucian flag high
High high high high

Taking charge is priority
Don't; is our country
T remittances
Of Saint Lucians overseas
Don't think we haven't noted
Yes you are appreciated
For twenty ten reunion
Come home all Saint Lucians

IJlairtI PlbI al 11111Wr J~ai 11111 1/ -Jily 2fl 1(1


Home to all

Saint Lucians







Nobel Laureate Week Activity: Youth Video
Launch of Competitions
Launch of Governor's Awards
Meetings with all Committees
Meeting with Community Groups

Independence Activity: Flag Raising Presentations
at Secondary Schools.
Erection of Welcoming Billboards in Communities
around the island
Erection of Welcome Banners at the Airports
Meeting with all Committees
Diaspora Road Show in the Virgin Islands

Training for individuals participating in the
Partnership Fair
Diaspora Road Show in the French Antilles
Meeting with Community Groups

Meetings with all Committees
Meeting with Community Groups

Meetings with all Committees
Meeting with Community Groups

Meetings with all Committees
Meeting with Community Groups
Training for individuals participating in the
Partnership Fair


Wave your Lucian flag left
Wave yourLucian, 5 5
Tout Sent Lysien se yonn
Wave your Lucian flag left

Page 3


Saturday January 30, 2010

St. Jude Hospital Expands Services

Beds are put in as work continues on the new wards in the East Wing

Dr. John Dunn and his staff in the temporary eye clinic in the new
East Wing of the St. Jude Hospital

In the wee hours of the fateful
morning of Wednesday, Sep-
tember 9, 2009 the island's sec-
ond largest hospital St. Jude Hos-
pital in the southern town of Vieux
Fort was gutted by a terrible fire.
This electrical fire that report-
edly began in a wooden ceiling of
the decades old structure, quickly
spread throughout the facility
completely razing it, destroying
expensive medical equipment
and literally making homeless
scores of patients seeking medical
The medical authorities at St
Jude along with Ministry of Health
Officials moved swiftly in identify-
ing the nearby multi-million dollar
George Odlum Stadium as a make-
shift hospital making room for sur-
gical patients and other gravely ill
people who needed the urgent hos-
pital care.
Four months later with plans to
completely rebuild the old struc-
ture into an up-to-date, state of the
art facility, the improvised medical
facility at the Stadium continues to

offer full medical care to patients
- resident and out-patients in the
most professional manner.
To date the temporary hospi-
tal offers 30 beds with most of
the facilities offered by any medi-
cal institution including surgical,
emergency maternity, paediatrics,
radiology, lab and ICU to name a
Located in the West Wing of the
sports stadium, St. Jude Hospi-
tal continues to serve Vieux Fort
and its environs from Micoud to
And, plans are now afoot to ex-
pand the facility's services to up-
grade it to a forty to sixty bed in-
stitution with additional services
including a dental unit and fully
operational ophthalmologic unit.
Medical Director of St. Jude Dr.
Chierry Poyotte is very pleased
with the progress of the displaced
facility. Walking National Review
through the process of urgently

setting up a hospital in a sports
stadium, he explained that at first,
there were many obstacles to be
"We had many challenges par-
ticularly dealing with the plumb-
ing and electrical infrastructure in
a sports stadium to bring it up to
mark for a hospital or medical fa-
cility I must say that we were very
creative in bringing in air condi-
tioning, plumbing and even sinks
to bring this place up to medical
However, in the period since the
fire, St. Jude Hospital at the George
Odlum Stadium has re-established
patient clinics with a fully opera-
tional, quick and efficient triage
and emergency care unit and be-
ing in close proximity to an inter-
national airport viz the Hewanorra
International Airport, the facility
had to have a fully operational Op-
erating Room (OR) which to date is
also fully functional.

I'i 1i I,
L ,

With the expansion plans now final-
ized, Dr. Poyotte said that the out-
look is to have two fully equipped
ORs with at least 50 beds.
"So in the next 3 4 weeks,
based on our expansion plans we
will have a proper Ophthalmol-
ogy Clinic housed at the stadium.
We also hope to establish a dental
clinic which we don't have at the
All in all the Medical Director
said he is pleased with the public
response to the hospital's plight
adding that the institution has re-
ceived benefactors from both in-
side and outside of Saint Lucia.
"Our ultimate goal is to have a
better equipped facility than the
old hospital and I have no doubts
that it will work out this way. To
date our benefactors are identify-
ing our specific needs and target-
ing them and we are developing
and growing slowly but steadily."
While makeshift, the St. Jude Hos-
pital continues to deliver efficient

7 IV

and timely care to its patients as
well as play host to overseas spe-
cialists who give of their time to
serve the people of Saint Lucia.
The expansion will allow for the
operation of a temporary eye clinic
that offers ophthalmologic care to
in- and out-patients.
Operating with modern equip-
ment and staffed by locals and
overseas doctors the unit is espe-
cially focusing on the eye care of
With Saint Lucia recording one
of the highest incidences of Diabe-
tes in the world, the health prac-
titioners are paying particular at-
tention to glaucoma and bleeding
disorders in the eye brought on by
the disease.
Dr. John Dunn of Lansing Oph-
thalmology, Regional Eye Care
Center of Michigan, USA, who
recently manned the clinic, said
there are too many cases of blind-
ness brought on by glaucoma and
Diabetes on the island.
A return visiting specialist at St.
Jude, Dr. Dunn said too many Saint
Lucians and young nationals espe-
cially, were losing their eyesight to
the disease. "Sadly it does not have
to be so" he said. He stressed on
early detection of the illness as one
of the first steps in combating Dia-
betes and blindness.
"This eye clinic at St. Jude
though temporary, is an excel-
lent facility where people can call,
make appointments and come see
the doctors who are here. Early de-
tection is the only way to go to pre-
vent blindness in so many people;
and in cases where there is already
damage to the eye, this can be
helped with laser treatment right
here at St. Jude Hospital."
Dr. Dunn added that nationals
needed to pay more attention to
their eye health and their health
and wellness generally, which he
emphasised, could be markedly
improved with proper diet and
exercise and in the event of illness
excellent health care at St. Jude
Hospital, Vieux Fort.

7 .

"4 1 .. A.l

Page 4

The East Wing soon-to-be fully equipped Emergency Room

Saturday January 30, 2010


Rayneau Gajadhar addresses the gathering at the launch of Gen X

proposed projects from idea to
Scores of young people from
across the country have been
indicating interest in the Gen X
program and have been applying
to register and participate.
Gajadhar says he is "very
pleased with the response to the
Gen X program so far" and he
is encouraging other local pub-
lic and private sector entities "to
join us in making the program as
national as possible."
When he originated the idea
last year, Gajadhar said it was "to
invest in the future of business
and the business of the future
by investing in young people
with bright ideas to invent new

RG Grup CE Raynau Gaadha

awarded by Chamber for 'bright ideas'L(IIII)(

and why they think their projects
will work. They are also asked
to present or verbally explain a
business plan.
Once registered, a Gen X ap-
plicant will qualify to be judged
by a panel that will select the ten
(10) project ideas that best fit the
criteria of innovation, practicabil-
ity, sustainability and community
After the Top Ten are selected,
they will qualify for starting cap-
ital from the $50,000 budget set
aside by the RG Group, to help
them transform their ideas into
Gajadhar announced the Gen
X program in early September
2009. Since then, he says, "There
have been several applications
and interviews."
"But we want to hasten the
pace, so we are approaching the
Ministry of Education to help us
get to 5th and 6th former from

Young local businessman
Rayneau Gajadhar has
been awarded by the
Chamber of Commerce with the
JQ Charles Award for Idea of the
He won the prize at the St. Lucia
Business Awards Ceremony held
January 23, 2010 at the Sandals
Grande Beach Resort and Spa.
The Chamber said before the
ceremony that the award "will
be presented to the organization
demonstrating an ability to take
advantage of unexplored oppor-
tunities, solve a problem or ad-
dress a serious need with a fresh,
new 'out of the box' concept that
is both sustainable and viable."
Gajadhar is known for coming
up with bright ideas. The first of
his two most recent was the six-
month Stimulus Package for the
Construction Industry, launched
in June 2009, in which his Group
partnered with other local firms
and agencies, including banks,
to provide massive discounts
to qualified persons wanting to
build, renovate, extend or other-
wise engage in construction.
Over 200 persons applied to
make use of the package and sev-
eral homes are under construc-
tion at lower costs.
The Stimulus Package was
joined by several other local com-
panies supplying building mate-
rials around the island and in the
six months that it lasted prices of
building materials were drasti-
cally reduced by between 20%
and 60%.
The Stimulus Package was wel-
comed and endorsed by Prime
Minister Stephenson King in his
2009 Budget Address.
Last September Gajadhar also
formally announced another
idea --the Discovering Entrepre-

neurs- Generation Next program,
which had a formal Press Launch
on January 7th. The program en-
courages young people to think
outside the box and develop in-
novative and self-sustaining
projects. This latest initiative by
Mr. Gajadhar has also gained the
support of Government, which in
an October 14th, 2009 statement
declared: "The Government is ex-
tremely pleased by this expression
of generosity and forward thinking
on the part of Mr. Gajadhar, which
it expects will help to broaden
the scope of options available to
young school leavers".
The RG Group has committed
$50,000.00 to the project to help
successful applicants take their

things or new ways of doing old
"Their ideas don't have to be
original, but must be innovative
-- and sustainable enough to at
least the person or persons pre-
senting them," he said.
The program is aimed at na-
tionals between 18 and 34 who
have left school -- including so-
called "drop-outs". There are no
qualifications required. They are
being invited to "Think outside
the box" and come up with bright
ideas that can put them and/or
others to work and earn.
Interested persons can register
to participate, after which they
are invited to explain their ideas

the 21 secondary schools on the
island, while we will devise oth-
er means to get to those who are
outside the school system in com-
munities across the island."
"We are also appealing to the
Ministry of Commerce and relat-
ed business and entrepreneurial
agencies and institutions for en-
dorsement," he said.
Commenting on the feedbacks
to date, Gajadhar said "many
young persons have been com-
ing in with ideas that range from
inventions to new improvements
for old ways of doing things."
The RG Group CEO says the
first 10 projects selected will be
announced at a formal ceremony

Meanwhile, the Gen X project
has been welcomed by the Cath-
olic Church, which dedicated
a mass on Sunday, January 24,
2010 at the Minor Basilica of the
Immaculate Conception to the
program. A special message from
Archbishop Robert Rivas was
also read in all Catholic Church-
es across the island on that day,
encouraging young people to
The mass was attended by
members of staff of the RG Group
of Companies and the Archbishop
said he was pleased that the ini-
tiators of the project had decided
"to turn to God for guidance" at
the beginning of the year.

Page 5

Participants listen attentively

planned for March 2010.
To date, the Gen X coordina-
tors have been meeting with sev-
eral public and private, govern-
mental and non-governmental
organizations and institutions to
discuss the project and to invite
their participation.
Among the entities already
met are the Ministries of Educa-
tion, Commerce and Social Trans-
formation, the Office of Private
Sector Relations (OPSR) and the
James Belgrave Micro-enterprise
Development Fund (Belfund).
Meetings have also been held
with private entities and groups
and those still to be met include
the Small Enterprise Develop-
ment Unit (SEDU), the National
Research and Development
Foundation (NRDF), the Cham-
ber of Commerce, SLISBA, the
Manufacturers Association and
private companies that have also
shown interest.


Saturday January 30, 2010

Prime Minister King Leads Official Delegation

On State Visit To Cuba

The Government of Cuba
undertook a five (5) day
Official State Visit to Cuba
early January, 2010 in response to
an invitation from the Govern-
ment of the Caribbean State.
The delegation led by Prime
Minister Stephenson King also
comprised Minister of Education
and Culture Arsene James; Min-
ister of Health Wellness, Family
Affairs, Human Services and Gen-
der Relations Dr. Keith Monde-
sir and Ambassador Extraor-
dinary and Plenipotentiary for
CARICOM and OECS, Dr. June
Soomer and Government Press
Secretary Darnley Lebourne.
The main objectives of the visit
were to discuss issues of health
and education; to meet with Saint
Lucians studying in Cuba and to
express support for the further
integration of Cuba into Cari-
The visit was undertaken
against the backdrop of the Cari-
com policy on Cuba on full en-
gagement and integration of that
country within the Caribbean
While there, Prime Minister
King and his delegation partici-
pated in an intensive programme
on education and health while
also attending to matters related
to agriculture, cultural heritage
and tourism.
The highlights of the visit in-
A meeting with over 30 St.
Lucian University Students
studying in Havana. This
meeting allowed students
to address any concerns or
problems which they may
have had to Government
Officials and to engage in
discussions on other mat-
ters of general interest.
Meeting with members of
the Caribbean Association
of Cuba, which comprises
descendants of Caribbean
migrants who visited Cuba
in the 1920's. The associa-
tion was established in 1932
and currently includes ap-
proximately twenty St. Lu-
cian descendents. Among
those being an 84 year
old Cuban-St. Lucian, Mr.
Nelio Danzier Cooper who
left Saint Lucia at the age
of four (4) with his parents
and is currently the eldest
person of Saint Lucian ori-
gin living in Cuba. Prime

Minister King expressed
great interest in the work of
the Association and in par-
ticular the welfare of the
Saint Lucian Descendents
and promised to maintain
ties and follow their prog-
* Visit to the 103 bed Oph-
thalmologic Institute "Ra-
mon Pando Ferrer". The
visit allowed the delega-
tion to view state-of-the art
equipment and facilities at
Cuba's premier Ophthal-
mologic Institute and to
undertake initial discus-
sions related to support as-
sistance with officials at the
* Official ceremony at which
Prime Minister King laid a
wreath at the Monument to
Cuba's National Hero, Jose
* The Official welcome cer-
emony during which Prime
Minister Stephenson King
was received by Cuba's
President H. E. Raul Castro
* Formal talks between the
Saint Lucian and Cuban
Leaders and Working Meet-
ings between the two del-
egations. These discussions
examined matters of mu-
tual interest and explored
areas of possible devel-
opment assistance. Areas
examined included: deep-
ening of educational assis-
tance in areas such as Adult
Literacy, Cultural Heritage
conservation, etc. Provision
of health care specialist
and interventions in rela-
tion to eye care, treatment
of foot ulcers, rodent con-
trol and mosquito control.
Talks were developed in
relation to climate change,
deepening of the regional
integration movement,
possibilities for improve-
ment of people to people
and trading links between
Cuba and Caricom and the
matter of transportation be-
tween Cuba and the rest of
the region.
* Discussions with H.E. Mr.
Rodrigo Malmierca Diaz,
Minister for Foreign Trade
and Investment on related
* Visit to the Genetic Engi-
neering and Bio-technology

Centre. At this facility dis-
cussions were held on pos-
sible technical assistance
in areas related health, ag-
riculture and rodent/pest
* Visit to Nursing School in
Jagiiey Grande Interna-
tional School of Nursing
for the Caribbean Mario
Raudilio Fleitas Martinez.
The delegation met with
the population of 173 Saint
Lucian students studying
at that facility. Students ex-
pressed their concerns to the
delegation. The concerns in
general revolved around
status of programme, loan
conditions, duration of

training and general living
Prime Minister King gave as-
surance of follow-up in four main
1. Negotiations of "soft loan"
conditions with the SLDB
for loans to cover addition-
al period of study to attain
Bachelor of Science Degree
in Nursing.
2. Exploring avenues for trans-
fer of monies to students
without being subjected to
20% tax applied by Cuban
3. Approach to Regional Nurs-
ing Association for modi-
fication on requirements

to be fulfilled by student
4. Tour of Tourism town of Vara-
dero and Presentation by the
Varadero Tourism Authority
The visit came to end with a
special reception hosted by H.E.
Jovita St. Marthe, Saint Lucian
Ambassador to Cuba.
The Saint Lucian delegation
was seen off at the Jose Marti
International Airport on Sun-
day, January 11, 2010 by Cuban
Ambassador to Saint Lucia, H.E.
Hugo Ruiz Cabrera, Saint Lucian
Ambassador to Cuba H.E. Jovita
St. Marthe and Cuban Vice For-
eign Minister H.E. Senor Rogelio
Sierra, among others.


The two Leaders Stand for a Photo before a Colured Wall Painting by a Cuban Painter.
The Painting is called: The America's Sun. Revolution"

Page 6


Icing met on arrival at the Jose Marti International Airport by Cuban Vice Foreign Min.
H.E. Senor Rogelio Sierra

aalth Minister, Hon. Keith Mondesir engages Cuban Ophthalmologist during visit to
the "Ramon Pando Ferrer" Ophthalmologic Institute

Prime Minister King and President Castro stand at attention for the playing of the
two states national anthems

PM and Mrs. King with St. Lucian Students studying in Havana

PM Kings lays wreath and pays respect to Cuban National Hero Jose Marti

Official Talks

Page 7

Saint Lucian Nursing students gathered at meeting hall of the Mario Raudilio
Fleitas Martinez International School of Nursing

Hon. Arsene James was happy to meet
students from his constituency

Mr. Danzier Cooper (84) hugs PM King in a
Joyful Embrace. He travelled to Cuba from
St. Lucia at the age of 4 years

Saturday January 30, 2010


Saturday January 30, 2010

Minfistryo Euato an Cultum re Awardg) s~ of Excelenc 201

The Ministry of Education
and Culture held its an-
nual Awards of Excellence
Ceremony on Tuesday, January
19, 2010 under the distinguished
patronage of Her Excellency
Dame Pearlette Louisy, Governor
General of Saint Lucia.
The Awards Ceremony is the
Ministry's celebration of excel-
lence and forms part of the cel-
ebration of Nobel laureate Week.
During the ceremony, the ex-
cellent performances of students
in academia, the arts and sports
were recognized.
At the primary school level,
the top performing students and
schools in the 2009 Common

Entrance Examinations were
The top performer at the 2009
Common Entrance Examination
was Renita Shivnauth, a former
student of the Dame Pearlette
Louisy Primary School.
All the top performing students
at last year's Common Entrance
Examination received percentag-
es above 90%. The top perform-
ing primary school was the Des
Barras Combined School.
Students also received awards
for local spelling, reading, and
singing competitions.
An important feature of this
year's ceremony was the recogni-

tion of a student of the Dunnottar
School, Shervaughn George for
his musical prowess. That stu-
dent also began the proceedings
by playing the national anthem
on steel pan.
At the secondary school level,
the top performers at the 2009 Ca-
ribbean Examinations Council's
examinations were recognized.
At the tertiary level, the top per-
formers at the various divisions of
the Sir Arthur Lewis Community
College were recognized.
The feature here was the pre-
sentation of awards to the island
scholars of 2009, Eva Barnard
and Alana Louisy. They were
presented with trophies by the

1979 island scholar of Saint Lucia
Dr. Horatius Jeffers.
An added feature of the Awards
Ceremony was the presenta-
tion of Certificates of Excellence
in Teaching to teachers whose
schools had received 100% pass
rates in at least six subjects writ-
ten at the CXC level.
A total of 64 teachers repre-
senting St.Joseph's Convent, St.
Mary's College, Castries Com-
prehensive Secondary, Corinth
Secondary, Soufriere Compre-
hensive and the Vieux Fort Com-
prehensive Secondary, Campus B
received certificates. At the CXC
level, Ciceron Secondary School
received a trophy for the Most

Improved School.
Consuelo Dupal, a student of
Monroe College, was awarded
for making Saint Lucia proud by
winning the Caribbean Talented
Teen competition. In its 21 year
history, this is the first time a
Saint Lucian has won the crown.
The Awards of Excellence is
geared towards inspiring and
motivating Saint Lucian students
and those involved in education
to aspire to excellence, taking
into account varying abilities
and interests. It is meant to salute
and recognize excellence and to
negate the seeming appreciation
and tolerance for mediocrity in
our Saint Lucian society.

The top performers were as follows:

Subject Name School
Applied Sciences Delana Alexander Entrepot Secondary School
English A Zakahia Polius St.Joseph's Convent
English A Carline Ismael St.Joseph's Comvent
English B Zakahria Polius St.Joseph's Convent
Mathematics Zakahria Polius St.Joseph's Convent
Mathematics Travon Cooman Vieux Fort Comprehensive Campus B
Natural Sciences Kaela Gerald St.Joseph's Convent
Theatre Arts Felipe Perez Leon Hess Comprehensive
Modern Languages Lena Taupier St.Joseph's Convent
Technical subjects Wendell Satney Castries Comprehensive Secondary
Visual Arts Darnell Lacan St. Mary's College
Short Story Khalil Arrindell St .Joseph's Convent
Physical Education Arthur Eugene Choiseul Secondary School

The Awards Ceremony also recognized top athletes

Division Name School

Junior Male Larry Edward Castries Comprehensive Secondary

Junior Female Shannick Leonce Ciceron Secondary

Senior Male Shem Edward Clendon Mason Memorial

Senior Female Makeba Alcide Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

Musical interlude by Anse La Ray String Ensemble

Principal of the St. Joseph's Convent Sir Arthur Lewis Community College
receives an award from Prime Minister King Top Performer (DTEMS) Karen Piper

Common Entrance top performer Awarcee tor secondary school singing
Renita Shivnauph now a student of competition Tae-anya Preville of the
St. Joseph's Convent seventh Day Adventist Academy

Ministry official 2009 retiree
Barthelemy Baptiste

Consuelo Dupal 2009 winner of the
Caribbean Teen Talent competition

Page 8

Saturday January 30, 2010


Staff of St. Jude

Hospital Awarded

The board and man-
agement of St. Jude
Hospital held its an-
nual employees awards
ceremony on Saturday
December 12, 2009 under
the theme "Overcoming
challenges from the ash-
es and restoring a solid
foundation to care for our
The event was organized
by a special committee
chaired by Mrs. Cherianna
Philip Assistant Nursing
Director, who was ably
assisted by Ms. Christina
Charlery Hospital Purchas-
ing Manager.
The activity started
off with a church service
which commenced at ap-
proximately 4:00pm. Ms.
Germaine Isaac, Assistant
Accountant, served as
animator for the service
which was highlighted
by a spiritual and uplift-
ing sermon delivered by
Pastor Johnson Frederick,
of the Seventh Day Ad-
ventist Church, a special
song sung by Mr. Tim
Henry, a duet by Ms.
Shalamar Alphonse and
Ms. Tisha Nelson Staff
Nurses and a musical
rendition from the flute of
Dr. Mervin Mark, of the
St. Jude Hospital Emer-
gency Department.
The Awards ceremony
immediately followed the
church service and was
punctuated by addresses,
alluding to the theme for

the night, from Mrs. An-
drewna Henry.
Henry Acting CEO, Hon-
orable Senator Guy May-
ers Minister for Home
Affairs et al, Mrs. Orratia
Dendow Bullen Board
member acting in place of
Mr. Percival McDonald,
Chairman of the Board and
Dr. Kenny Anthony, parlia-
mentary representative for
Vieux Fort South.
The addresses for the
night ended with the main
address being delivered by
Mr. Sean Auguste Country
Manager for Lime, which
is St. Jude Hospital's main
telecommunications pro-
vider. The addresses were
followed by a solo musical
performance from Ms. Sher-
line Poleon Staff Nurse.
Awards were handed
out to staff of the hospital
who had given a minimum
of ten years service and in-
creasing every five years.
Ten (10) employees re-
ceived awards for giving
ten (10) years service, two
received for fifteen (15)
years, four for twenty (20)
years, four for twenty five
(25) years, six for thirty (30)
years and two for thirty
five (35) years.
Three staff members -
Boniface Aldonza, Sandra
Williams and Percia Marie-
atte, who retired during the
year with a combined nine-
ty (90) years of service, were

also honored on the night.
Several Employees were
also recognized for a range
of academic achievements
during the year.
The awards ceremony
was highlighted by a spe-
cial quadrille dance put on
by a group of staff mem-
bers led by Dr. Sylvestre
Francois- Internist.
Several staff members
were recipients of special
awards and recognition for
their commitment and ded-
ication to providing service
at St. Jude Hospital.
The highlight of the
evening were the awards
handed out, by Senator
Guy Mayers, to the heroes
of the St. Jude Hospital fire
of September 9, 2009 and
a slide presentation docu-
menting St. Jude Hospital
history before, during and
after the fire.
Special thanks went out
to all members of the pub-
lic who had rendered sup-
port and provided assis-
tance to Management and
Staff of the hospital during
this horrible event.
The evening ended
with all invited guests,
awardees, staff and visitors
sitting to enjoy a fine din-
ner, prepared by Coconut
Bay Resort, Ladera Resort,
and Kimatri Hotel, while
being serenaded by the
sound of sweet steelband
music provided by Hanco
Harmonites of Vieuxfort.

Page 9

Donat "n" c be mt

1-- n o Saint -Lucia,- D r.. -Ln.a, Di
. '. 'r.. ,.J "
2.. --al ,- ,
3. C
-. -.... .
--- -.. . ... "

5. Ro Bank of S.ai---a:a, Disatera e Diencsy
A.cco -- .0.-
2..F.rst, Natonal .... D Rehef Fund. Ac-
3. RB'TT -- Limited, Ac ount. .# 7 07630
l... --"- ,. .. -_ -- -, -- .. i
-,,,+ '. ~',,,- ,b .. C "
-.-- .- ,.. -

Donations can be made to the

following bank Accounts:

1. Bank of Saint Lucia, Decentralized Disaster

Preparedness Account, Account # 901029840

2. First National Bank, Disaster Relief Fund, Ac-
count # 6002153

3. RBTT Caribbean Limited, Account # 7076300

4. First Caribbean International Bank National
Emergency Fund, Account # 02-1804460

5. Royal Bank of Canada, Disaster Emergency,
Account # 1002005

6. Bank of

Nova Scotia Bank, Account

Saint Lucia Concludes

Another Successful

In 1992 St. Lucian Poet/
Playwright Derek Wal-
cott was awarded the
Nobel Prize for Literature.
Thirteen years earlier, in
1979, another St. Lucian
- Sir Arthur Lewis had be-
come the first person in the
English-speaking Caribbe-
an to win the Nobel Prize,
which was awarded to him
for Economics.

With the award of the
prestigious prize to Derek
Walcott, then Prime Minister
Sir John Compton, formed a
committee under the chair-
manship of Hunter J. Fran-
cois, to plan and organize the
first Nobel laureate Week in
January 1993. January 23rd,
the birth date shared by both
laureates, was declared No-
bel laureate Day.

2010 marks the 17th
celebration of the Week.
Derek Walcott is 80 and
the late Sir Arthur would
have been 95. It is 31 years
since Sir Arthur received
his prize and 18 since the
Honorable Derek Walcott
was honored by the Swed-
ish Academy.
This year's theme was
"Celebrating excellence at

home and abroad."
Nobel Laureate Week has
come to be the opening ac-
tivities of Independence. In
2010, Saint Lucians observe
31 years of Independence.
In 2009 Sir Arthur Lewis
lectures and Derek Walcott
lectures delivered in earlier
years, were published in
two volumes each.

Derek Walcott Sir Arthur Lewis
awarded the Nobel Prize awarded the Nobel Prize
for Literature for Economics


Saturday January 30, 2010

g3st hfenncC

The planning process for the
commemoration of our nation's
31st anniversary of Indepen-
dence has moved into top gear.
A number of meetings have
been held and the committee
responsible has developed a
draft plan, which has been sub-
mitted to Cabinet for approval.
The current committee falls
under the chairpersonship of
the Minister of Education and
Culture Hon. Arsene James
and comprises some twenty
(20) persons who represent a
range of stakeholders and sec-
tors within the Government
system and the wider commu-
nity. The range of sectors rep-
resented include: education,
youth and sports, culture, tour-
ism, agriculture as well as the
Home Coming 2010 Committee
and the Office of the Governor
Some of the highlights of this
year's Independence celebration

would include activities such as: Pli
Bel Vilaj, Pli Bel Lekol, Pli Bel Kon-
min, Ecumenical Services, Nation-
al Colours Day, Tribute to Promi-
nent Saint Lucians and the staging
of the traditional Independence
Parade and Rally. The Ground
Breaking Ceremony for construc-

tion works at the St Jude Hospital
will also be one of the main events
which would form part of the In-
dependence Calendar
The commemoration of Inde-
pendence anniversary this year
promises to be an exciting expe-
rience with many innovative and

significant events. Detailed in-
formation on our Nation's 31st
Independence Celebration will
be provided to the public fol-
lowing approval of proposals
submitted to Cabinet. Lets all
look forward to grand 31st In-
dependence Celebrations, 2010.

Page 10

Members of the Independence Committee at one of their planning meetings

Saturday January 30, 2010


New Darling Road Vending

Facility Completed

The new units will be open for

rent to house any vendor, from

those selling arts and craft to

flowers, paintings and farine and
farine products

The bottom of Darling Road,
leading onto Jeremie Street
is looking more beautiful to-
day than it did some months ago.
That's all thanks to an ongoing
beautification and enhancement
project being undertaken by the
Castries City Council (CCC) that
seeks to uplift the facade of the
island's capital Castries and add
some aesthetics to the shopping
and eating and general experi-
ence of city-goers.
Deputy Town Clerk Vaughn
Louis-Fernandes explained that
it is an ongoing project to beau-
tify and improve standards in
The latest phase of this beau-

tification process was the recent
revamping of the bottom of the
Darling road, where makeshift
food vending huts and coconut
vendors once stood.
In October 2009, the CCC re-
located the seven food vendors
to a nearby street, building them
temporary sheds from which
they could continue their busi-
ness. Following this, work on
reconstructing the area began in
After 90 days of intensive
work and $500,000 to finance
the works, a seven-unit beauti-
. -, -,

room now for an ice-cream par-
lour, a facility never before avail-
able in the area.
Mr. Louis Fernandes said the
facility now fully equipped with
running water and electricity
meets the highest standards for
food preparation and vending
and is an asset to the area and the
city in general.
While ongoing vendors were
displaced to facilitate the erec-
tion of the new facility, he added
that he is not certain whether the
former vendors will return to the
new construction.
"Of course the people who
were there before will get a first
shot at the new facility. However,
if they choose not to return, the
facility will be up for grabs to
anyone who would like to rent
the units."
If you're interested in renting
one of the new Darling Road
stalls, you can make enquiries at
the Castries City Council office or
call them at 452-2121.

Honourable Richard Frederick
Minister for Physical Development, Housing, Urban Renewal,
Local Government and the Environment, addressing the gathering

ity is the first of a bigger proj-
ect that will see some 50 such

u new, crisp an cean ven ing units being erected in and
facility was erected and is now Mr. Louis Fernandes also around Castries before the end
ready for business. There is also said that this vending facil- of the year.

He said the new units will be
open for rent to house any ven-
dors, from those selling arts and
craft to flowers, paintings and
farine and farine products.

Page 11

Page 12




Many Saint Lucians are interested in owning a piece of their beautiful island and are looking into
the possibility of building homes.
Before that is done, there are basic requirements that must be met when applying to build from the
Development Control Authority.
The following are the basic requirements for the submission of Residential Applications:
Three (3) sets of architectural drawings done to scale to include:
Site Plan indicating minimum setbacks
Floor Plan
Elevations (minimum three (3))
Sections (minimum one (1))
Roof Plan
Foundation Plan
Details (Roof Fixing, Foundation)
Details (if relevant)
Floor Framing plan, Columns Section, Longitudinal and Cross Sections of Beam (where
Details: Stair case, Water tank, pool, retaining wall (where applicable)
All structural drawings are to be certified by a locally registered engineer (where applicable)
One (1) recent (within the last 6 months) copy of the Land Register obtained at the Land
Registry Department
Notarized letter of consent from land owner (if applicable)
Letter of demolition (if applicable)
One (1) copy Lodged Survey Plan obtained at the Lands & Survey Department
One (1) copy of Location Plan (topographic sheet) with site clearly shown obtained at the
Lands & Survey Department
One (1) copy LRTP map extract with site clearly shown obtained at the Lands & Survey
Two (2) Building Forms obtained at the Lands & Survey Department (completed and duly
Public Health Approval and/or WASCO Approval (where applicable).
The application requirements and fees are currently under review and will be posted in the Saint
Lucia Gazette
Applicants may inquire on the status of an application fourteen (14) days after registration.
To facilitate the ease of reference to the applications, applicants are guided as follows:
Always refer to the application reference number issued at the Front Desk
Always carry along the original acknowledgement slip when visiting the DCA office on
matters referring to the application
The decision of the application will be mailed via the address provided on the application,
however drawings are to be collected at the office of the DCA
Decisions on applications are posted at the following locations:
Front desk of the DCA office
The Saint Lucia Gazette available at www.slugovprintery.com/
Physical Planning web site: www.physicalplanning.gov.lc

Saturday January 30, 2010

2010 Taiwan & ICDF


Program Now On

The 2010 Taiwan & ICDF scholarship programs will be accept-
ing St. Lucian applicants from February 1 to February 26, 2010.
The Taiwan Scholarship program organized by the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
scholarship programs organized by the International Coopera-
tion and Development Fund (ICDF) seeks to enhance educa-
tional exchanges between St. Lucia and Taiwan and provides an
opportunity for people who would like to experience a different
culture and study abroad for a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree.
Taiwan has been one of the leading countries in many indus-
tries such as Information Technology and semi-conductor in-
dustries and has been trying to contribute to the international
community based on its strong hi-tech and economic capabili-
There are 103 universities and 62 colleges in Taiwan and the
higher educational institutions offer plentiful opportunities for
Saint Lucians to study in different areas.
For the Taiwan Scholarship Program it is necessary for every
recipient to study Mandarin Chinese during the first year; if the
first year academic result is satisfactory then the recipient can
apply for Undergraduate, Master or Postgraduate programs of-
fered by the universities.
The total duration of this scholarship program is a maximum
of 5 years.
Anyone interested in this program should deliver a complet-
ed application form, a copy of secondary school or higher edu-
cation certificate and transcript authenticated by the Ministry of
Education & Culture or relevant authorities, and two reference
letters. They should also bring along a Police Clearance Letter to
the Embassy during the period February 1 26, 2010.
Once an applicant is granted a Taiwan Scholarship, they will
be provided with a single flight ticket to Taipei and NT$30,000
living allowance (about US$900, depending on the exchange
rate) per month to study in Taiwan.
Successful applicants will also be provided with housing, tu-
ition, credit fees, insurance, textbook costs and a monthly living
allowance to study in Taiwan.
There are 16 Master and 3 PhD programs on offer to Saint
Lucia for the 2010 ICDF Scholarship Programs
Please note that 2 application forms need to be completed i.e.
the university application form relevant to the applied program
and the ICDF Scholarship application form.
University forms can be downloaded from the university
websites while the ICDF form must be filled out online. Please
print this and sign it before submitting to the Embassy.
Both Taiwan and ICDF Scholarship annual award periods are
from September 1 through August 31 of the following year. If
recipients fail to arrive in Taiwan to study during this period
their award status will be cancelled and cannot be extended for
another year.
Please note that Saint Lucia Government officials who are in-
terested in the scholarship programs should summit their ap-
plications to the Training Division of the Ministry of the Public
Service & Human Resource Development.
Different deadlines might apply to some of the ICDF Scholar-
ship programs for Government officials, please check with the
Training Division.
A briefing session about the Taiwan / ICDF 2010 Scholarship
programs will be held at the St Lucia National ICT Center at
3:00PM on Thursday, 28 January 28, 2010.

STout Sent Lisyen Se Yonn -
Office of the Prime Minister, 5th Floor, Greaham Louisy Administrative Building, Waterfront, Castries, Saint Licia Tel: 1 758 468- 2111 Fa\: 1 7?S 453-7352

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