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Prime Minister
King brought
happiness and good
will to hundreds
of children around
Saint Lucia earlier
this month, present-
ing them with toys,
ensuring that the
tiny nationals would
share in the cheer of
this time of year.
In collabora-
tion with Benjamin
Weng, President of
the Care 2 help Char-
itable Association

(CHCA) of New Jersey handing over, Prime
and through the assis- Minister King said he
tance of the embassy of was happy to light up
the Republic of China the lives of Saint Lucian
(Taiwan) 1,420 toys children, particularly
were donated to less at this time of year.
fortunate children from In pictures, the de-
around the island. lighted children hug

Mr. Weng had do-
nated toys to the less
fortunate children in
Saint Lucia in for the
last two years, but this
year's donation was by
far the largest to date.
In addressing the
children at the recent

their new toys as the
Prime Minister car-
ingly presents the toys
with Taiwanese Am-
bassador Tom Chou
and President of Care
2 Help Charity look-
ing on. Representa-
tive of the St. Lucia
Red Cross, Terencia

Giallard, one of the
benefactors is seen in
picture as well.


Prime Minister King
along with his wife
hosted a grand christ-

mas party for children
from special schools
for "differently able

children" around the
island on Wednes-
day, December 9.


" Take A fifteen minute news review of the week.

Every Friday at 6.15 p.m. on NTN, Cablevision Channel 2.


Saturday December 19, 2009




The Government of Saint
Lucia is both amazed
and amused at the con-
tent of the St. Lucia Labour
Party's Statement issued on
November 20th, 2009 under
the caption: "SLP calls for PM
King to Explain how Govern-
ment Plans to Equip Psychiat-
ric Hospital". The statement
in question issued by the SLP
exposes the level of despera-
tion and disconnect that re-
sides within the Party and its
leadership in particular.
Firstly, Government notes
that the tenor of the SLP state-
ment contradicts and flies in
the face of the spirit of com-
ments made by Former SLP
Health Minister, Damien
Greaves, who last week com-
mended both the Chinese and
Taiwanese Governments for
their contribution to comple-
tion of the new National Men-
tal Wellness Centre.
In their attempt to once
again hurl political mud"
and to ridicule the achieve-
ments of Government, the
wheels seem to have fallen off
the Labour Party "Wrecking
Moreso, the Labour Party
and its leader have once again
blundered in distorting the
correctness of history. The SLP
Statement, which was issued
from the Office of the Leader
of the Opposition states as
follows: "The Taiwan Govern-
ment has refused to provide the
financial resources to complete
the Hospital with the number
of beds originally planned and
agreed between the Govern-
ment of St Lucia and the Gov-
ernment of the People's Repub-
lic of China,....". The Labour
Party statement further de-
clared: "The Taiwanese altera-
tion to the agreed plans, their
massive reduction of the num-
ber of rooms from the planned
150 intended to 84, ....." One
can assume from the excerpts
quoted above, that the Labour
Party and Dr. Anthony have
once again mis-spoken. As the
documented facts clearly show
that what the Taiwanese Gov-
ernment delivered was in fact a
104 room facility, not 84 as was
claimed in the SLP Statement.
The further claim in the
statement of a reduction from
the "planned 150 rooms"
is grossly misleading and a
shameful attempt to obscure
the truth. Examination of the
signed agreement (Ref. Pg. 2 of
agreement attached) between
the Labour Party Government


at the time and the Peoples' Re-
public of China show clearly
that the quantity of beds agreed
to was one hundred and four
(104) and not 150 as indicated
in the SLP statement. Ref. Article
3 Project Scope and Construc-
tion Contents of the agreement,
which was signed on September
19th, 2005. Did memory once
again cheat Dr. Anthony and the
Labour Party?
With regard to the existence of
an Auditorium as part of the Well-
ness Centre Complex, it must be
noted that this was an additional
facility, which was not part of the
original design. The Auditorium
was built as a gift to the Govern-
ment and People of Saint Lucia
by the Taiwanese construction
company, Holdyear at a cost of
EC $300, 000. The existence of the
Auditorium is therefore one of
the many improvements to the
Hospital effected by the Taiwan-
ese. The Auditorium is a vital
inclusion, which will allow for
the conducting of training work-
shops and seminars related to the
business of mental health.
The Government of Saint Lucia
is openly proud and firmly appre-
ciative of the contribution made
by the Government of Taiwan
towards the completion of a new
and improved Saint Lucia Nation-
al Mental Wellness Centre.
The Taiwanese contribution
amounted to the following:
* EC $13 million to cover infra-
structural works as relates to
the core scope of work.
* Furniture amounting to EC
$250, 000; and
* Construction of the Audito-
rium at a cost of EC $300, 000.
Now to the big question or
theme of the SLP's Press Re-
lease, i.e. Prime Minster King
Explaining how Government
will "Equip Psychiatric Hospi-
tal". The SLP should be informed
that the new "Psychiatric Hospi-
tal" is adequately equipped. The
Centre will begin full operations
in February of 2010. This is after
finalization of two remaining un-
dertakings, i.e. commissioning of
the Laundry and the completion
of cup boarding works for the
kitchen to serve the Facility.
In addition an Operational
Structure for the Centre will short-
ly be submitted by the Ministry of
the Public Service to Cabinet for
approval. The new structure be-
ing proposed differs fundamen-
tally from currently obtains as it
embraces and provides practical
linkages to Government's con-
cept for Primary Health Care and
Community Outreach.

The Government of Saint
Lucia is well advanced in its
plans for operation of the
Saint Lucia National Mental
Wellness Centre.
Projections are to have the
Facility declared open in Feb-
ruary, 2010 as part of our na-
tion's 31st Independence Cel-
ebrations. On that occasion,
attempts will once again be
made to get Opposition Parlia-
mentarians to respond to for-
mal invitations and to attend
the grand opening.
Plans are also in place to in-
vite the public to participate
in an "Open Day" event dur-
ing the month of February,
following the opening of the
Centre. This "Open Day" will
be geared at showcasing this
impressive and state-of-the art
In preparation for the open-
ing of the Centre, Government
has employed a proactive ap-
proach and has sought the
assistance of two Canadian
health agencies: Dalhousie
University and Capital Health
in providing training for staff
who will be involved in run-
ning the new Facility.
Exchanges have been held
involving personnel from the
Canadian agencies in question
and St. Lucian counterparts.
The Canadian team is sched-
uled to return to Saint Lucia
near the opening of the Facility
to provide additional hands-
on orientation and training.
The Wellness Centre when
in operation will usher in a
new and revolutionary ap-
proach to mental health man-
agement. This approach will
emphasize the concept of
Community Mental Health,
with linkages to the Police and
Community Mental Health
Aides, who have been trained
as part of a Primary Health
Care policy. As part of this
strategy, a proactive approach
will be utilized to ensure that
the relevant care and services
are provided at the household
and community levels.
Government assures all
Saint Lucians of its commit-
ment to deliver an improved
and modern mental health
care service.
The new Saint Lucia Na-
tional Mental Wellness Centre,
which will be declared open
in February, 2010 will provide
impetus for the advancement
and management of the ap-
proach and vision of the Gov-
ernment of Saint Lucia.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am
pleased to announce that the
Cabinet of Ministers, at its
meeting on 18th November 2009,
approved a number of policies re-
lated to the implementation of the
Value Added Tax in St. Lucia.
Before I give details on the ap-
proved policies, let me provide
you with some brief background
information to the introduction
of VAT in St. Lucia. You will re-
call that discussions on the intro-
duction of VAT within the OECS
started as early as 2003. This pol-
icy was reiterated in the 2007/08
budget address by the former
Prime Minister and Minister for
Finance the Honourable Sir John
Compton. In fact, by introducing
the VAT, the Government of St.
Lucia is abiding by the decision
taken in July 2003 by the Mone-
tary Council, the highest decision
making body of the Eastern Ca-
ribbean Central Bank, to approve
the implementation of the VAT in
the ECCU as recommended by
the OECS Tax Commissioners.
Since the decision of the Mone-
tary Council, Antigua, Dominica
and St. Vincent and Grenadines
have already implemented VAT,
while St. Kitts and Nevis, like St.
Lucia, is preparing to do so soon.
Grenada has already committed
to implementing the VAT in Feb-
ruary 2010.
As stated by the then Prime
Minister in the 2007 Budget, and
as has been repeatedly empha-
sized by the VAT Implementa-
tion Team, the VAT will not be an
additional tax but will replace a
number of other indirect taxes.
Cabinet by Conclusion No
1074 of 29th November 2007 ap-
proved the establishment of the
Value Added Tax Implementa-
tion Project Office with the man-
date to prepare St Lucia for the
implementation of a VAT system
in the most effective manner. The
staff of the project office has done
a tremendous amount of work
in educating the public on VAT
and how the new system works.
However, specific information
on how the new system will af-
fect individual taxpayers has not
been disclosed as the VAT poli-
cies were only recently approved
by the VAT Steering Committee
and Cabinet.

Prime Minister
Hon. Stephenson King

With the approval of the VAT
policies, the project office staff
will now be in a position to meet
the various stakeholders includ-
ing the business community,
trade unions, churches, sports
and social clubs and other com-
munity organizations to explain
in precise terms how the VAT
works and the likely impact on
the membership of these organi-
As part of the public sensitiza-
tion Cabinet has mandated that
the staff of the project office dem-
onstrate the impact of the VAT
on the prices of a typical basket
of goods and services so that the
public will be better informed of
how VAT is likely to impact on
them. A White Paper has been
prepared for public consultation
and will be used in disseminat-
ing information on the VAT poli-
cies during the consultations.
I take this occasion to ask
members of the public to avail
themselves of the opportunity
to be educated about VAT and to
ask the pertinent questions at the
various presentations.
Continued on page 3

Page 2

Announcement By

Prime Minister

Stephenson King

On The VAT


Saturday December 19, 2009


Continued from page 2
Ladies and Gentlemen, Gov-
ernment views the introduction
of VAT as part of its strategic
policy response in modernizing
the tax system and thereby build-
ing the resilience of the economy
to vulnerability and external
The need for this strategic ap-
proach has become even greater
in light of the impact of the global
recession which calls for greater
resilience in the structure of our
economy and to build the fiscal
space necessary for Government
to provide the kind of policy re-
sponse required.
The VAT has been proposed as
the preferred option as this tax is

considered a more efficient, sim-
plified and modern form of indi-
rect taxation. The VAT, which is
a tax on consumption, is a broad
base tax resulting in increased
revenue, and reductions in rela-
tively high tax rates.
The policies that have been ap-
proved by Cabinet are as follows:
1. A standard VAT rate of 15
percent and a rate of zero
percent for goods and ser-
vices in the zero-rated list.
These goods and services
include goods produced for
exports and agricultural in-
2. A VAT registration thresh-
old for companies transact-
ing business to the value of

EC$120,000.00 per annum.
3. The replacement of the fol-
lowing taxes/fees with VAT:
4. Consumption Tax
5. Motor Vehicle Rental Fee
6. Mobile Cellular Telephone Tax
7. Environmental Protection Levy
8. Exemption from the payment
of VAT on a list of supplies
including basic food items,
financial services, medical
services, prescription drugs
or medicines, education ser-
vices, day care services and
local transportation with a
driver, among others.
9. Specific rates of hotel ac-
commodation tax based on a
grading system for hotels.

10. Adjustment of excise tax
rates on motor vehicles and
other products with ad-va-
lorem rates to keep the ef-
fective rates of tax on these
products unchanged after
the introduction of VAT.
11. Strengthening social safety
nets to better target assis-
tance to the poor and vulner-
able in our society.
12. The provision of options to
importers during the transi-
tion phase just prior to im-
plementation of VAT to avoid
businesses falsely claiming
input tax credit during the
early stage of implementa-
tion. Details of the options
will be disclosed at a later

Forensic Lab Opens!

Fully funded by the Gov-
ernment of St. Lucia, the
island's 6-million-dollar
state-of-the-art Forensic Science
Laboratory officially opens next
The facility located at Tapion,
Castries is expected to serve St.
Lucia and where necessary, offer
assistance to the other islands of
the Organization of Eastern Ca-
ribbean States (OECS).
The Forensic Science Laborato-
ry will primarily provide technical
assistance and training; evaluate
and analyze evidence; interpret
results and provide expert testi-
mony related to physical evidence
recovered from crime scenes.

The objective of the facility is to
provide reliable and timely scien-
tific support services by perform-
ing forensic analysis of evidence
supporting the criminal justice
The Forensic Lab will oper-
ate several departments in-
cluding: Chemistry Analysis
and identification of unknown
substances (drugs, and other
chemicals), analysis of gun-shot
residue and restoration of obliter-
ated markings (e.g. vehicle engine
Toxicology Examination of
body fluids and organs to deter-
mine the presence or absence of
drugs and poisons and determi-

nation of Blood Alcohol Levels.
Serology Identification of
bodily fluids (blood, saliva, se-
men) and microscopic analysis
for spermatozoa identification.
DNA DNA analysis for hu-
man identification and paternity
testing in civil proceedings.
Trace Evidence Fabric/mate-
rial damage assessment and ex-
amination and microanalysis of
hairs, fibres, paint and glass.
The main customer of the Fo-
rensic Science Laboratory would
be the Royal St. Lucia Police
Force, however newly appointed
Director Yannis Charles said with
the introduction of DNA analysis

a much anticipated service which
will be offered to the local pub-
lic and the other OECS countries
would be paternity tests. This she
said would be a source of revenue
generation and would provide a
certain level of sustainability for
the facility.
"Crime solving is a team effort.
Both the investigative and scien-
tific aspects are important; how-
ever, the scientific aspect supports
the investigative aspect in that it
either confirms or disproves the
case circumstances put forward
by the investigators. The qual-
ity of the result obtained is only
as good as the quality of the evi-
dence submitted." She explained.

date after further consulta-
tions on the issue.
13. The location of the VAT Unit
within the Inland Revenue
14. The establishment of a spe-
cial VAT Refund Account in
accordance with the provi-
sions of the Financial Ad-
ministration Act.
Let me therefore re-affirm Gov-
ernment's commitment to imple-
menting the VAT.
However, the date of the
commencement of VAT in St.
Lucia will be determined and
announced once Cabinet has
considered the report on the out-
come of discussions of the draft
White Paper. I thank you.

With the introduction of DNA
services Charles added, "It is
hoped that the rate of solving
cases such as homicides and sex-
ual assaults would be improved.
However it must be noted that
DNA analysis is a comparative
science in that there must be a
suspect to compare his/her DNA
to that found at the crime scene,
so even with DNA analysis the in-
vestigators now need to become
even more diligent in ensuring
that a suspect is identified.
"The methods used in the fo-
rensic lab are based on sound
scientific principles so each case
must be approached in an ob-
jective, scientific manner with
a high degree of integrity. The
forensic lab has a responsibility
to perform services in a manner
responsive to the demands of
its stakeholders (the police, the
prosecution, the victim, the sus-
pect and society)"
The current Government has
invested in excess of EC $6. Mil-
lion in effecting adjustments and
providing equipment that would
allow the Lab to function more
efficiently as a modern state-of-
the-art facility. In addition Gov-
ernment has arranged for the
staff of the facility to benefit from
DNA training that would be con-
ducted in January of next year
for a minimum period of six (6)
months. This training is critical
to enable certification of trainees
and accreditation of the Facility's
ability to do DNA testing by the
US Federal Bureau of Investi-
gations. The initial operational
cost for the Forensic Laboratory
is estimated at approximately
quarter of one million dollars.
The Government is committed to
maintaining the high standards
and integrity of the new Foren-
sic Laboratory. The multi-million
dollar Forensic Science Labora-
tory officially opens its doors to
business on Monday, December
21, 2009.

Page 3

Saturday December 19, 2009

Just "InTime"

The Brave New World of Learning

The InTime Project is finally
underway nationwide.
Put simply, this three-year
project will utilize radio and tele-
vision for educational purposes
in ways never before experienced
in St Lucia.
In addition, every Primary
School on the island will be pro-
vided with sufficient computers
to enable every child to enjoy the
benefits of a minimum of three
online sessions a week. And if
that was not enough, locally pro-
duced material will dramatically
lower the cost of books to parents
and pupils.
With the approval of the Prime
Minister and his Government, as
well as the support of the Min-
ister of Education and his team,
the implementation process has


cl- a

i FZ
e o .... ha agre


begun; LIME has undertaken to
provide and maintain Broadband
Internet Services to all Primary
Schools at no cost and the Gov-
ernment of Taiwan has agreed
to supply every Primary School
on the island with the required
number of computers.
The project is being spearhead-
ed by Michael Walker and his
team at Emtooco who are provid-
ing Educational Content, Teacher
Training, Project Management as
well as all the television shows.
For those of you who would
like a sneak preview of what is in
store, just type in Intime.candw.
Ic in your browser (no www. be-
cause this is a temporary local
service) and you will be directed
to the start page. Click on any
book and off you go!
Michael Walker and his team
will provide online access and
royalty-free copying or down-
load rights to the following: edu-
cational videos for television: no
less than 2 x 30 minutes per day
on NTN; online workbooks and

exercises, 6 books per year to
each pupil enrolled in the proj-
ect, e.g. 6 PlayTime books for
Kindergarten, one each of Sum-
Time, SpellTime, HealthTime,
RhymeTime, a Grammar Work-
book and Vocabulary Workbook
for each grade at Primary level,
testing and monitoring pro-
grams, a learning management
system, an administrative edu-
cational management system,
an online additional resource li-
brary, and upon final implemen-
tation, access to an international
exchange net for the sharing of
new resources and experiences,
workshops comprising school
administrator training (manage-
ment systems), teacher training
(integrated computerized learn-
ing & data input), teacher train-

C Hh~ mc8r0-


ing (methodology), "in-service"
school visits, on-going review /
adaptation of systems and assis-
tance in augmenting the program
with "local" products, i.e. print &
video materials. All the above is
included in the fee for books a
set of 6 books for EC$60, and no
hidden costs!
The Government of Taiwan
has, in addition to supplying
computers, agreed to support the
project by providing funds for
the first year.
Many of you may still re-
member the 150 Bonjou Sent
Lisi programs on NTN in which
Germaine tried to teach Judy
and Michael the basics of St Lu-
cian Creole. The lessons dem-
onstrated that Kweybl is a real
language that follows rules just
as other languages do. But after
the Bonjou Sent Lisi adventure,
Mr. Walker felt it was time to uti-
lize his wealth of experience from
decades of teaching at all levels
from Kindergarten to Universi-
ties in almost every corner of the

world; the InTime Project for St
Lucia was born.
Few will dispute the assertion
that the standard of English and
Maths is not what we would like
it to be. No matter how tirelessly
teachers toil, resources, money,
time, space, etc. are limited com-
modities in St Lucia as well as
The InTime Project is a high
profile, already successful, prov-
en initiative with far-reaching
educational, social and economic
impact that demonstrates a de-
cisive approach by educational
authorities to challenges such as
illiteracy, new technology, rising
cost, etc. that face nations not only
regionally but also worldwide.
The In-Time Project seeks to
address several major problems


that beset our society. Firstly, il-
literacy is a serious problem that
leads to a lack of self-esteem, a di-
minishment of career worthiness,
a lack of job opportunities and
even, in some cases, a resort to a
life of crime. Secondly, too many
children are left behind. Thirdly,
the cost of education is escalating;
teaching materials are becoming
more expensive; new technology,
although essential, is out of reach
for many educational systems.
Fourthly, even if the hardware
for new technologies is afford-
able and available, the content is
often irrelevant, inaccessible and
expensive. Fifthly, remedial work
is difficult with few additional
learning materials for the pupils
to practice with. Sixthly, it is es-
sential for educational systems
to have correct and reliable "real
time" statistics upon which to
base their decisions.
The In-Time Project presently
comprises the following subjects:
Mathematics, English Language,
Spelling & Literacy, a Vocabulary

Workbook, a Grammar Work-
book, Health Studies and Kin-
dergarten. The books may be
used in school or at home. One
unique feature is that wherever
there is internet access available,
pupils in the project will be able
to access the workbooks on line
so there will be no need for them
to carry books back and forth
between home and school. The
program is even available on all
personal mobile phones with in-
ternet access.
The management system tracks
such items as: attendance, be-
haviour, home details, personal
details such as allergies, vaccina-
tions, etc. Behavioral problems or
learning disabilities will be spot-
ted early enabling early remedies
to be applied. Authorities can,
at the touch of a button, check
the status of each school in the
The Intime Project is an "open-
source" system in which updates,
improvements and additional
programmes suggested by users



m rh.,r.E: Ws


are available to all.
Although the project was initi-
ated under the previous govern-
ment during the time of Minister
Mario Michel and Dr Didacus
Jules, our present Prime Minister
and our Minister of Education
and his team have shown the
wisdom and foresight to endorse
the program wholeheartedly, as
indeed has the Government of
Taiwan through its incredible
The project impacts upon al-
most every Ministry and many
aspects of everyday life: For Gov-
ernment, the project supplies
real-time Management Systems
that can be adapted to needs other
than those required by the Minis-
try of Education for whom it is a
showpiece of proven, innovative
technology & teaching environ-
ment; a teacher-training tool, and
a practical, economically viable
solution to the introduction and
utilization of modern technol-
ogy. Real-time information upon
which to base decisions through

the management systems will re-
sult in significant savings in time
and money.
InTime is a home-grown proj-
ect that creates work opportuni-
ties for St Lucia in the fields of
book publishing, video produc-
tion, the printing industry, teach-
er training and the export & mar-
keting sectors.
The project will be available
at little or no cost to institutions
such as hospitals, clinics, pris-
ons, government offices, etc. The
whole program, once adopted,
will continue to offer free edu-
cational and entertaining con-
tent to the whole nation through
national television, radio and
For the Ministries of Foreign
Affairs and Trade, St Lucia will
become an exporter of educa-
tional TV at no cost to the Gov-
ernment: a major public relations
opportunity for St Lucia. For the
Ministry of Tourism, InTime will
be a TV & Internet showcase of
a modem St Lucia available to

i PinivTimr

I-"i. lip
I- -1 U

Play Time

tourists via NTN & The Visitors'
Channel in hotel rooms.
For the Ministry of Health, spe-
cialist courses such as HealthTime
promote healthy lifestyles. The
system will be available to clinics,
health centres and hospitals for
viewing in waiting rooms, etc.
For the Ministries of Educa-
tion, and Social Transformation,
Youth & Sports there are several
advantages: the alleviation of in-
equalities arising from illiteracy,
and the provision of structured
educational programmes for Boys
Training Centre, for example. For
Communities and Adult Educa-
tion programmes, the project will
help eradicate the stigma of il-
literacy and encourage people to
rethink their attitudes to lifelong
For less than what we spend on
foreign books annually, the InTime
Project represents a brave new
world of sustainable, practical, lo-
cally produced, readily available,
technological innovation in the
service of the people of St Lucia.

Page 4


Saturday December 19, 2009


Statement By Prime Minister Hon. Stephenson King

Re: Status Report And Update On

St1~1! [* [d Rcntui] P![]ramme


L adies and Gentlemen,
during the early hours of
Wednesday, November 9th,
2009, I was awoken to the news
that our beloved St. Jude Hospital
was ablaze. As duty and the re-
sponsibility of leadership would
demand, I immediately sought to
mobilize a team of Government
Ministers before heading to the
scene of the fire in Vieux Fort. On
my arrival at about 3:30 a.m. the
gravity of the disaster that faced
our nation was very apparent.
Unfortunately, 3 Saint Lucians
lost their lives in that fire. I wish
to again extend sincere condo-
lences to the bereaved families of
those who perished.
Notwithstanding that bleak
and tragic scenario, I was im-
pressed with the determined and
positive approach by all who re-
sponded to the St. Jude fire. Our
nation will forever be indebted
to these individuals who volun-
teered their services. The display
of national spirit, which was so
apparent on the morning of Sep-
tember 9th, 2009, was a demon-
stration of what is possible when
we rise to the highest level of ser-
vice and love for fellow man and
As a Government, we undertook
the challenge of moving forward
with St. Jude with every degree
of seriousness and commitment.
Our immediate objective was to
restore the health services in the
South within the shortest possible
time. In this regard, we sought to

examine all possible options. We
however concluded that the most
cost beneficial option at our dis-
posal was to house the medical
facility at the George Odlum Na-
tional Stadium.
Once we got the medical ser-
vices operational again, we set
about to initiate an aggressive
programme geared towards the
reconstruction of St. Jude Hospi-
tal. With this in mind, a St. Jude
Task Force was established on
September 11th, 2009 under my
chairmanship as Prime Minister.
The mandate of this task force
was to raise awareness, gather
funds and support from the com-
munity as well as from overseas,
and to facilitate a speedy design
and reconstruction project. In
undertaking this project, Gov-
ernment presented a clear vi-
sion, that of the reconstruction
and modernization of the new
St. Jude Hospital as a world class
health care and teaching facility
with International accreditation
To date there have been visits
and contacts made with a num-
ber of friendly Governments and
agencies as well as international
health organizations.
These interactions were fo-
cused on the provision of either
financial or technical support. In
this regard the assistance of the
Pan American Health Organisa-
tion, United Nations Procure-
ment (well known as UNOPS),
the United States Army South-

ern Command, the Caribbean
Environmental Health Institute,
the Ministry of Communications
and Works, Ministry of Physical
Planning, Ministry of Health and
Ministry of Economic Develop-
ment has been very instrumental
in moving us forward towards
the achievement of our vision.
The contributions of Saint Lu-
cians and Saint Lucian organi-
sations in the US and United
Kingdom must be noted along
with assistance provided by our
friends in Martinique and Gua-
As I have indicated, a number
of friendly Governments have
come forward with assistance
and or promises of assistance.
These include: the European
Union, Canada, Australia, the
Government of the Republic of
China (Taiwan), United States of
America and Venezuela among
others. The Government of Tai-
wan is committed to the re-con-
struction of the Surgical Ward
and the provision and the pro-
curement of major equipment.
To date through local fundrais-
ing a total of approximately EC
$1.8 million dollars have been
raised. This effort is ongoing and
all Saint Lucians are encouraged
to contribute.
Over the last five (5) weeks we
have made significant strides to-
wards the attainment of our vi-
sion for the reconstruction and
modernization of St. Jude Hos-
pital. In October, Government

received a technical delegation
from Taiwan which presented a
Master Plan for St. Jude Hospital.
This plan was subjected to rigor-
ous review by the St. Jude Hospi-
tal Task Force, and very shortly,
detailed technical specification
will be completed. Government
will spare no effort to start the
rebuilding process early in the
New Year.
I must take this opportunity
to publicly thank the Taiwanese
Government for the technical and
other assistance which they have
provided thus far. Government
is hopeful that the first phase of
the new St. Jude Hospital will be
completed within a period of 18
The major concern of the pres-
ence of asbestos and the threat of
related contamination has been
effectively addressed through
the technical assistance of the
Caribbean Environmental Health
Institute. Government is there-
fore pleased to inform the public
that all asbestos residues have
been removed from the site and
disposed of safely, and further
air quality sample tests have pro-
duced negative results, or an in-
dication of a clean environment.
Government wishes to further
report that operations of the St.
Jude Hospital at the temporary
site at the George Odlum Stadi-
um have been running without
any major hitches.
Government is also sensitive
and mindful of the disadvantage
to our sportsmen and women be-

Page 5

cause of the location of the St Jude
Hospital operations at the George
Odlum Stadium. This is a situa-
tion that has been brought about
as a result of a national disaster,
which demands the implementa-
tion of emergency measures.
Government is comforted by
the fact that our sportsmen and
women have displayed under-
standing and support during
these trying times, and therefore,
I must thank them for their under-
standing and patience. Govern-
ment has recognized the need to
provide alternative sporting ven-
ues and in this regard, the Min-
istry of Social Transformation,
Human Resource Development,
Youth and Sports will upgrade
and enhance a number of sport-
ing facilities in various locations
in the south of the island.
I am pleased to announce that
consideration will also be given
during next year's budget for
further support to the Ministry
of Sports' National Sporting Pro-
In the coming weeks the St.
Jude Hospital Task Force will
be initiating a number of activi-
ties and events that are geared
towards galvanizing even fur-
ther the solidarity and support of
Saint Lucians towards the goal of
reconstruction of St. Jude hospi-
tal. One of the main events will be
the St. Jude National Rally, which
will give nationals the opportuni-
ty to pledge and contribute to the
St. Jude Hospital reconstruction
effort. The rally is scheduled for
February, 2010 and will form part
of the official programme for our
31st Independence anniversary
Ladies and Gentlemen, during
the morning of September 9th,
2009, I made the bold pronounce-
ment that "Out of the Ashes a
Phoenix will Rise". I can now
declare with even greater confi-
dence that this Phoenix is about to
soar with brilliance and supreme
pride. There is no doubt that out
of the ashes of St. Jude has arisen
commitment and determination,
goodwill, resilience, resolve and
As we move to this next phase,
our actions will be guided by a
master plan that has come out of
intensive review and consulta-
tion. I wish to make a special call
to all Saint Lucians to come for-
ward and be counted by indenti-
fying in a tangible way with the
St. Jude reconstruction effort.
In January Government will
be undertaking a "ground break-
ing ceremony" which will mark
the commencement of construc-
tion work. It is my hope that
somewhere in the near future we
will look back with pride at our
achievement as we herald the rise
of this great phoenix in the south,
a new and state-of-the-art St. Jude
National Hospital. I thank you.


Saturday December 19, 2009

project cost approximately $
186,000 EC. The Ti Rocher Multi
Purpose Court was also blessed
with a changingRoom facil-
ity that includes showers, toilets,
and storerooms.The La Courville

Community has been remem-
bered again by the construction
of a Multi purpose Court which
is on going. This will be one of
the biggest and modernized
court, with toilet and recreational

facility at its basement. The water
sector in Micoud South, which
has been a public cry for poor
quality and water shortages is
being reviewed and a sum of ap-
proximately $ 415, 000.00 dollars

has been given to WASCO to help
to alleviate this problem- Thanks
to the Taiwanese. A 100,000 gal-
lon tank has been imported and
is now ready to be installed in Ti-
Rocher in Micoud South.

The Dugard/La Courville Road Rehabilitated

Hon. Arsene James
MP for Micoud South

The Calypso/Chic Road Rehabilitated

The Micoud South Constitu-
ency benefited tremen-
dously during the first two
years of this present administra-
tion. Four of the worst roads in
the area that were forgotten dur-
ing the reign of the Saint Lucia
Labour party were rehabilitated.
They included, the Dugard/La
Courville Road, the La Courville/
Ti Rocher Road, the Ti Rocher/
Calypso Road and the Calypso/
Chic Road.
The road projects were gov-
ernment supported projects and
the people from the constituency
were eventually speared the ago-
ny and pain as they used to suffer
as they commuted these roads.
Further Assistance was imme-
diate with the injection of grass
roots projects by the Taiwanese
Government. Mr James upgrad-
ed many of the feeder roads by
providing quarry waste material
to fill the holes and undertook
the construction of many road
drains and side cleaning.
Other major projects under
this assistance included, the re-
habilitation works on the Des-
ruisseaux Multi- Purpose Centre
and Court. This project incorpo-
rated many elements to make
the centre functional again. The

The La Courville/Ti Rocher Road Rehabilitated



The Ti Rocher/Calypso Road Rehabilitated

Page 6

Construction of Road Drains


Saturday December 19, 2009


Page 7

The internal part of the Desruisseaux Multi- Purpose Centre rehabilitated
including the purchase of 200 folding chairs and tables

Uesruisseaux Multi- Purpose Centre Kehabilitated

The fixing of Stage, renovating cupboards and rehabilitating
Toilets inside the Desruisseaux Multi- Purpose Centre

;truction of a Multi purpose Court at La Courville

The soon to be La Courville Multi purpose cell walls are
constructed ready for backfilling

Walkways, Steps, Balcony walls and corridor of the Desruisseaux
Multi- Purpose Centre Rehabilitated

External section of the Desruisseaux Multi- Purpose Centre was also
rehabilitated and water tanks installed

he soon to be La Courville Multi purpose court
staining walls and basement being constructed

Ti Rocher Court with Changing Room Facility Constructed

The soon to be La Courville Multi purpose is backfilled


Saturday December 19, 2009

Saint Lucia Joins Talks On Climate Change

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C lANIC ,M .,n.1t )kEC, Di lui..

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Th. l. i n t ..'i t.I -

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Tl ,_ It.. i. I _.. l I.. l .. i ..

taIlk hn.ppening'

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_'. :1 n. l','i il- a K rhl'.' i l n i *

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1 '. .. ] t- d.ri _. I-I', ,. . f, i,.,.r ',

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TlI." ._ l.-,- .r I.'., .. H.._ i T iI. -

.. rn- in-'.. n t. b.- i .. '. i -'l

r,',-ri i,;i' h t.-'r i j ,i- i' *r-. r t *i *
I, n,. ,,I C w .. n ,:1 i l .l ,,-
.,, I , h1 ". r .i .-.r i .' .. 1, n- -i
..,, l, v ,, h I -, ,, .. i II'C C

;l.. . ..I'n. t, .1 ni" -l ir u r n. .. .- -

nri. _l. 'n. . 'n r n i .. d .l 'n-.1 n -

.,;I r inm' r-, Cli,:1 4, 1 iNFCCC i
F I .'I ._' h t i -. N .' I"
LII.. | .1 i ,n ;.1 ', I i ,I ,_, ,, n,,,_ r. i

, I, ,_,_,:1 I l .l 'i ni ",,i l. I Iv n I',' n
I-,L ,_,.i M ,.l.l. l j -, 11.n 1 i, n. 11, 1 i"
l-, 1 ,- ,_,, t d DI _, -
, ,t_,,r:,l I -l- :- I.-t_,, ,,,, -,-

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I.. ,, T r ; rl-. tc,, ,, ,. ,,',

.t, r l l I, [ ',,h ,_- l,, rl, in ,' 'i N -

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thal are the prospects INor

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.\hv i- climate change
happening and i it the same

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.,,I la .I glol ,Tar in g l'l .
. .*i-'r -il r. r i. s ,*l- .r-ii :i ri., tl,_-ir I

A,- .1- .1 i l.nr. i ..l-nin ii' ii l
:,. ":1" i ,:,:. ."1..'i" r.. l-.. l-.+,r II'C C
" .. p .'.rr ,r i, n.. _.. rl,,, i -, r'1 .. p ,l.. vl 'h_

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i11. 11 rl'n %li. l'n._ n l .1 I nll nl. l I n-

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, r ,, t n .- , t t-,,_,,-

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",, ,,, I ,-,,, _. ,-.l t h. l-

,,,r,_ ,.-,111_,:1 ,-,n th ,, ,, ,_l, ,:s. 1 ,l u -

\\i- l i ,i- I t ,.i'i r n. d.. I "
T I ,; .p .- n1,.1_,I ,.. ,n, r,-,ll. ,r i rl-,,,-,

I,-,rl ''UNI ,CCC-,r ii. ,,.2 1 I iN I ;-

l *l- r.- i ,, ri, II'C C In p l[ tl'I-
I; rl .. I. IN. ... ... t..r

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n u ., n'n .','n.,1 n', ', ... ,l -. r. :.r._. d.

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i-l- . ,.'1 ;, ,.. .-, n, u .1 ,,_n l.-,n ., ..1 ,-

I. 1,' ._ l l In p_ : p-l . . -

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1\ ho i- looking for %hat in the
net\ treahl
I,.r f' IN . ,'t, t l, 1
I n.iu-.i r i .- .-, n r i.. .n, i, i l -,._
t. ., t. .1 1..d u. n th i. 1r ,_.. n ,
n ii .. t,_ -!, i I, ,, *-l ,_- Ti h I.. ,

1 .1-. r ,l,, ii l _. Er Li p,. ,,,i .1

N Z .- l., .l !i.r ., .1, .,1,, .. ,,
-li-,-r ,h,._;, -.,,_ pt .-p"--,". .1- r,. d .. I\

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ru ,l ,u r. T I-,.,, ,:, ,rl.-..n ,tin ..n r . ..,_
r .i ..n r-. T' i- n 'n. ri .nr-.

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In N I.N. t I ., N lp .1.I',_ .. .r I_ -

In .1 n .I'l I, '. I'l ., -. 1, n, -. ,1 l ,l' n -I I l 'l -

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l .i rt -. I .- r ..i. I..' l. n ..i ,E '
t .1 1t1. ln I l .. n ti Nn |r I

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o. l r cilin I 1 n -nnge i
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H IM1 1 .11 *-iI $ 11 .11111 i `l %', --.It
I_ .i l l \- ,l I. \ n n111 i p '. ll -' l l_ I l

Would a Copenhagen deal
solee cliniate change'

tuil -i 0 ):'Ir t..[ i n h i iti '**u

1..- -C. n.
tl.1 p, i .l i .n d. I I..,- u l.1 h,, I

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. n n1 _. n. n.- I l I, ; ', n ,l, ,
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. . . ,t. . ._ 1. ._ .I 1 .:. I-

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ut 4 ._n un.I._Irt.N' ,1 nt ,_- n ; ..i

,',, T hI, I. 1" ,.--k1 -pi

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. .11'N I r l ._ 11 t A

, ,,,,, k __ 4 I I t h ,

1.,- h :. I N I-,, "Iu t

r l, ._ , ,. ,_ ,, 11 I ,, _n ,-

,,, t. rl i. a. I ,-, ,_, ,,; ,t ,, ,1 ,- _,

Page 8

Saturday December 19, 2009


In April 2008 the Government of
Saint Lucia decided that special
attention had to be given to the
concerns of St Lucians resident in
other countries. In June 2008, at
a meeting held with the Saint Lu-
cians living in New York, the
Prime Minister committed
himself to facilitating the '
reintegration of Saint
Lucians living over-
seas into Saint Lucia. r
This commitment was
reinforced with the
appointment of Dr
June Soomer, Ambas-
sador Extraordinary and '
Plenipotentiary for CARI-
COM and OECS, as the per-
son who would be responsible for
Diaspora issues. In this regard, a
Regional Integration and Diaspora
Unit, headed by Ambassador Dr
June Soomer was established with-
in the Office of the Prime Minister.
One of the missions of this Unit
is to facilitate the deepening and
strengthening of connections be-
tween our nationals overseas and
their homeland.
At the 13th Biennial Convention
of The Union of St Lucian Over-
seas Associations held in Barbados
from 28 July to 03 August 2008, the
Prime Minister further committed
himself to ensuring that in the next
few months systems would be put
in place to ensure that there will
be a one stop location that would
be able to assist overseas nationals
with a wide range of issues.
The 14th Biennial Convention of
the Union of Saint Lucian Overseas
Associations will be held in Saint
Lucia in July 2010 and provides an
opportunity for fulfilling some of
these promises. To this end, Saint
Lucian Homecoming 2010 is envi-
sioned as a celebration of the con-
tributions of Saint Lucians living
overseas to their homeland and to
their adopted countries. It is antic-
ipated that this gathering will re-
unite old friends and families who
have not seen each other since they
said goodbye years ago.
Saint Lucian Homecoming 2010
is also about what it means to be
a Saint Lucian. It is about the re-
vitalising of our communities and
the invigorating of all our people
to come together for the develop-
ment of our country. For this rea-
son the theme for the Homecom-
ing is "Tout Sentlisyen Se' Yonn,"
developed by the Union of Saint
Lucian Overseas Associations,
speaks to the need for that coming
together and taking responsibility
for our development.
Following on the second part of
the theme of the 30th anniversary
theme "... a future to look forward
to" we must continue to reinforce
the foundation for that journey on
a positive step, by including all
Saint Lucians in our development.
The activities planned must en-
sure that Saint Lucians living over-
seas are encouraged to invest their

resources, skills, money and time
in strengthening our society. The
emphasis will be on the building
of partnerships with various sec-
tors. In our country we have many
groups and individuals, throughout
all our communities, who
work very hard for the
SmC good of the country.
Sometimes, their
need for resourc-
es to make their
A work more effec-
tive is not always
One of the ob-
S jectives of Home-
coming is to partner
these groups, whether
they are small businesses, service
organizations, sporting clubs, de-
velopment foundations, and other
NGO's with Saint Lucian living
overseas, with whom they can
build such partnerships that will
make their work more effective.
The role of the youth in our devel-
opment will also be at the centre of
these activities. This will make our
continued journey more sustain-
able and secure for all our people.
Moreover, Homecoming will be
an opportunity to say thanks to our
people, wherever they live overseas
or at home, for the tenacity with
which they have held on to the cul-
ture of their native land. They have
enabled us to put our country on
the map with their contributions
in all areas. They have enabled
us to sustain our economies espe-
cially during difficult times such
as hurricanes and have also made
a significant contribution to the
economy of this country through
remittances of foreign exchange,
regular travels back home and in-
vestments in various sectors.
This first Homecoming must sig-
nal to all that our nationals can con-
tinue to make their contributions to
their country wherever they live.
Members of Home Coming Com-
mittee established by the Prime
Minister held their inaugural meet-
ing on 08 April 2009 to discuss plans
for the July 2010 Home Coming of
Saint Lucians living overseas.
The Committee is chaired by
Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary for CARICOM,
OECS and Diaspora Affairs, with
membership of representatives
from the Tourist Board, the Minis-
try of External Affairs, the Ministry
of Tourism and Civil Aviation, the
Saint Lucia International Associa-
tion, the Ministry of Home Affairs
and Internal Security, the Media,
the St Lucia Development Bank
and the Office of the Prime Minis-
ter. Other members of the public
will be invited to assist the Com-
mittee in achieving its objectives.
ASecretariat has been established
to ensure that there is efficiency in
dealing with matters concerning
Homecoming. The Secretariat is
headed be Ms Paula James and can
be contacted at 468-2111.


Page 9


Honourable Richard Frederick

Minister for Physical Development, the Environment,
Housing, Urban Renewal and Local Government
and Parliamentary Representative for Castries Central

Ladies and gentlemen, boys
and girls, supporters of the
United Workers Party, sup-
porters of the St. Lucia Labour
Party, fellow St. Lucians, Season's
This is a time of the year when
we all indulge in setting aside
our differences and permitting
an aura of goodwill to prevail.
It is my fervent desire, that not-
withstanding our differences,
religious, political or otherwise,
that an atmosphere of goodwill
remains a permanent feature of
our surroundings.
This will invariably translate
to all of us respecting each other,
recognizing differences but un-
derstanding that one has a right
to an opinion, and of course heal-
ing the deep wounds which re-
sult from divisiveness.
Folks, Saint Lucia is our coun-
try. No one person or contingent
of persons can lay more claims
to her than others. She belongs
to us all. She smiles when she
sees a semblance of peace and
tranquility parade her shores,
but likewise is disgruntled when
we, in furtherance of our own
selfish interests, damage her
reputation on the regional and
international scene. Let us stop
doing such an injustice to our
sweet Saint Lucia
This past year was, to say the
least, was challenging. But as the
old saying goes, the Almighty
never gives one a burden to

carry without giving him or her
strength to carry that burden.
And so, he equipped sweet Saint
Lucia with the strength, the resil-
ience, the fortitude, to navigate
those stormy waters and put her
on a developmental path that is
now the envy of many.
This year saw the incompa-
rable delivery of many projects
by my Ministry of Physical De-
velopment. These include: retro-
fitting of a facility to house the
Castries Fire Station, completion
of a human resource and devel-
opment centre at Tete Chemin,
refurbishing of old remand pris-
on to serve as a holding facility
for Central Police Station and
others in the immediate envi-
rons, Completion of the Inscrip-
tion site for the Pitons Manage-
ment Area; and Completion of
the NEMO Emergency Opera-
tion Centre.
Projects at implementation
stages (ongoing projects) are as
Grande Riviere H.R.D.C, Belle
Vue H. R. D.C, Monchy H.R.C.D
to name a few.
We also saw the delivery of
some housing units in the areas
for which they were earmarked.
These included Cresslands Sou-
friere and Monchy. The latter
is awaiting provision of wa-
ter connection before handing
over. IN the case of Marigot,
this project has been promised
by the contractor by the end of
next month. We have also seen
the commencement of work
on the the St. Jude's Garden's
Housing project in Vieux Fort.
Arrangements are currently be-
ing finalized on agreements for
a housing project in Anse-La-
In Castries, the changes are so
evident that even the blind can
see. The opportunity presented
would not be sufficient to enu-
merate the multitude of small
projects which have been imple-
mented. And for the season, a
number of persons were award-
ed small contracts to ensure that
they too, partake in the festive
I want to, on behalf of the peo-
ple of Castries Central shower
praises on the Tawainese Ambas-
sador, Mr. Tom Chou, his staff,
government and people. To them
I say:
Although your assistance is the
subject of envy, this help
In St. Lucia books, must go
down in history;

The changes you're made in our
people's lives;
Warrant individual testimonials
be kept in the archives;
You have extended a hand to
every representative;
Some reject it, saying it's not in
sync with their policies;
They thrive on their people
remaining in misery;
Believing it would lend to their
political longevity.

Ambassador Chou, govern-
ment and people of Taiwan,
thank you very, very much. Wish-
ing you a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year, hoping you
reap more in your international
trade, so that your assistance to
St. Lucia can not only continue
but increase.
To my people of Castries Cen-
tral, every time I see those visible
changes that I have commissioned
in Castries Central, I remember
you. I must never forget that you
gave me an opportunity to serve
you and this I am doing with ut-
most vigor. I know some of you
may have had your doubts about
me. But as the old saying goes,
"time is a healer of all sorrows".
I have carried the responsibility
of district representative against
the odds. My critics have not
shirked in their quest to assassi-
nate my character. But there is no
doubt that God has given me the
strength, not only to withstand,
but to refute and redirect, where
I reiterate a commitment which
I made to you last year as your
District Rep and that is to deport
myself and to conduct the affairs
of government in such a manner
that I do not bring shame to your
eyes. I owe you this, and I un-
dertake to discharge this respon-
I want to wish all my constitu-
ents, boys, girls, ladies, gentle-
men and supporters of both
political parties a very merry
Christmas and a bright and
prosperous 2010. Live by the
principle of being a "go-getter"
and when decisions are tough to
make, let God guide you in the
right direction.
To each and every St. Lucian,
let me wish you a Merry Christ-
mas and a new year in which we
respect each other, recognize dif-
ferences, but do not let those dif-
ferences be the basis of animos-
ity. Let us try desperately to live
peaceful and loving lives. Merry
christmas everybody.


Saturday December 19, 2009


Hon. Ezechiel Joseph
Minister of Agriculture lands Fisheries and Forestry
and Parliamentary Representative Babonneau

a. M
ellow St Lucians, my brothers
and sisters. We are about to
celebrate our traditional fes-
tive season Christmas and usher
in the New Year 2010.
It is a time for our families, rela-
tives and friends to come together,
to rejoice and set aside all that pre-
occupy our attention throughout
the year. It is a season when we let
our country enjoy the best from our
human kindness.
It is a time when we reflect, when
we pause and look back at our
achievements, programs planned
and promises kept.
For me, it is also a time and op-
portunity to say thank you to the
many persons, organizations and
countries that have supported me
both at the community level and in
our agricultural development ef-
Based on information obtained
thus far, I am pleased to report that
my Ministry believes that the agri-
cultural sector will once again per-

form at an acceptable level in 2009.
Government, through the Ministry
of Agriculture will adopt an even
more active role to ensure that the
necessary infrastructure, institu-
tions and policy framework are in
place to meet the requirements of
the: International, Domestic, Re-
gional and Cruise ship market.
This past year, was marked by
both challenges and accomplish-
During 2009 my Ministry was
successful in overcoming many of
the challenges faced, thanks in part
to the support received from many
friendly governments and organi-
zations that assisted with the im-
plementation of our programs.
I wish to place on record my Min-
istry's appreciation and gratitude
to the Governments and people of
Taiwan, Mexico, Japan and the Eu-
ropean Union. I would also like to
say a special thank you to the Food
and Agriculture Organization
(FAO), Caribbean Agricultural Re-
search and Development Institute
(CARDI), Inter-American Institute
for Cooperation on Agriculture
(HCA), CARICOM, the many farm-
ers' organizations and all the stake-
holders in the agricultural sector.
2010 promises to be an even more
challenging year. But with chal-
lenges come opportunities. Let us
together continue to build on the
momentum and the gains made
in 2009. As a nation let us work
together to ensure our country re-
turns to the track of agriculture
To my constituents of Babon-
neau, I believe that together we
have accomplished most of our
programs. However in the coming
year we need to continue to focus
not only on the economic, but more
importantly emphasize the social
aspects of our people's lives.
As we strive to create better com-
munities, the active participation of

everyone in the many development
programs undertaken is vital.
Let your voice be heard in mat-
ters regarding the development
of our youth. How do we engage
them to become active participants
in our community efforts and as-
sume leadership roles?
Let your voice be heard on ways
to develop cohesive and sustained
family structures that strengthen
our communities and nation.
This is an area of concern to me.
That is why in 2009 we started a
number of programs geared to-
wards the development of our
youth. In the coming year we will
continue to build on these pro-
grams. I trust that I can rely on your
support to make them happen.
As we celebrate this joyous sea-
son, please spare a thought for
those who may not be as fortunate
as you. Let us all use this Season
to reflect on the profound theme of
love. And may it inspire us to be
guardians of the peace and unity
here in Saint Lucia.
I wish to take this opportunity to
express my appreciation and thanks
to the staff of my Ministry for their
commitment and for seeing our
programs through to completion.
Special thanks go out to all the
people in my constituency for their
support and I look forward in the
coming year for your continued
cooperation to build on the gains
made in 2009.
May the festive season be one of
joy and fulfillment for you.
May God bless and guide us all
as we celebrate the birth of His son-
Jesus Christ. Remember always to
put "Jesus in your Christmas."
On behalf of my family, the Min-
istry of Agriculture, Lands, Fisher-
ies and Forestry which I have the
honor to lead, I want to wish every-
one a Merry Christmas and a pros-
perous 2010. I thank you.


Honourable Jeanine Compton
Parliamentary Representative for Micoud North

t seems like only yesterday, that
I wished you, my fellow St. Lu-
cians a Merry Christmas and a
happy 2009, but a whole year has
passed and we move rapidly to-
wards 2010.
Throughout this year I have been
deeply moved and am greatly ap-
preciative of the unwavering sup-
port afforded me by all St. Lucians,
in particularly the people of Mi-
coud North.
Over the past year, we, St. Lu-
cians have had to grapple with the
effects of the global recession on
our small developing nation, with
the effects being felt greatly in the

rural communities ort aint Lucia,
where, resources and employment
are limited. You, the people, must
be commended for continuing to
work steadfastly for your families
and for striving for the progress
of our beloved Saint Lucia even in
these times of hardship.
I assure you, that I will continue
to work to the best of my abilities
for the benefit of our Nation Saint
Lucia, however I must stress that
the world is still struggling out of
this turmoil and we must contin-
ue to be prudent in our spending
during the festive season and the
coming year.

Over the past few years, we in
Saint Lucia have seen an increase
in violent crimes and continual
domestic violence and violence
against women and children.
Again, like last year, I urge all St.
Lucians to enjoy the time spent
with family and friends, putting
aside old grudges. For, for us to
grow as a nation we have to come
together as a people.
During the festive season, peer
pressure on our country's youth
will be even greater, with the push
to consume alcohol, illegal drugs
and partake in illicit sexual activi-
ties. I urge our youthful popula-
tion to carefully consider their de-
cisions as this will greatly impact

their lives.
I further ask all parents, guard-
ians and responsible citizens of this
nation to help safeguard our chil-
dren against such practices. I also
urge all St. Lucians to be careful on
the highways and byways during
this season of celebration.
In closing, I wish members of the
diplomatic Corps and persons from
other nations residing in Saint Lu-
cia, a Merry Christmas and a Happy
New year; Feliz Navidad y prospe-
ro ano nuevo, Joyeux Noel et Bonne
L' ann6e, Feliz Natal e um ano novo
feliz, shin yen kwai le and to all St. Lu
cians, Mesi, tout Sent Lisyen, pou sip6
te mwen, ek mwen ka swete tout moun
an Bon Nwil ek an Bon Lanne.



Honourable Guy

Eardley Joseph

Minister for Communications, Works,
Transport and Public Utilities and
Parliamentary Representative for
Castries South East

t is with much joy and apprecia-
tion that I register my heartfelt
gratitude to all Saint Lucians
and in particular the constituents
of Castries South East, for the co-
operation and support you have
given to me.
Through your committed guid-
ance and assistance, we have been
able to undertake numerous pro-
grammes, projects and activities,
for the further advancement and
development of the residents of
Castries South East.
I will continue to honour my
pledge in making a significant dif-
ference in the quality of life of my
constituents and that of all Saint
Lucians. You have given me the op-
portunity to serve you and that is a
commitment that I hold sacred and
honour deeply.

As your Member of Parliament,
we will continue with our focused
agenda of transforming the con-
stituency into a beacon of joy and
love. This will be done in a guided
manner to ensure that every part of
the constituency and every aspect
of your lives are addressed in one
way or the other, in order to trans-
form our social conditions.
In celebrating the joyous sea-
son of good cheer and thanksgiv-
ing, let us remember to express
kindness and love towards our
neighbours and others. For it is
through our support and respect
for each other that we will sow
the important seeds of unity, ap-
preciation, friendship and love.
These are fundamental to build-
ing a strong and beautiful Saint
Lucia not just for us but for future
Let this unfolding New Year
2010 be one of renewal and pas-
sionate commitment to the good
of our nation and our families. Let
the celebration of the birth of Jesus
Christ be a celebration of better-
ment, of forgiveness, of spreading
and sharing good cheer toward
each other.
I do trust that we will continue
to work together in the New Year
with renewed vigour and enthu-
siasm as we forge ahead with our
developmental agenda.
I wish all Saint Lucians at home
and abroad a wonderful and joy-
ous Christmas and a New Year
filled with a sense of focus, dedica-
tion and peace.
May the good Lord continue
to bless you, your family and our
country abundantly

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Saturday December 19, 2009



Honourable Arsene Vigil James
Minister for Education and Culture and
Parliamentary Representative for Micoud South

Another year has passed
since I was on air to sa-
lute my people of Micoud
South Constituency. It is always a
great opportunity and a pleasure
to express sincerest gratitude and
festive greetings to all of you and

to all St. Lucians at home and
abroad. Similar greetings go out
to all the other persons who form
part of the society of our beauti-
ful Saint Lucia.
On a more direct and specific
note I wish to say 'Merry Christ-
mas' and a God Blessed New Year
to each and every one of you. It is
a season of joyous feelings, happi-
ness and comradeship. It is a time
for sharing and even to be overly
generous though it may be in a
small way. It is a time to rekindle
acquaintances and friendships.
It is a time for family reunions,
a time to show concern for those
who are deprived and are less
fortunate. It is also a time to re-
member our loved ones, more so
as we reflect on the events of the
year that have gone past us.
The coolness of the air, the
bright lights and decorations,
the sound of favourite carols, the
several activities and the hustle
and the bustle remind us that the
festive season
is here again. That strong feeling
of joy is aroused as we celebrate
together in a true spirit of unity.
It is a season to express our love
and to show kindness towards
our fellow men.
Peace and tranquility must be
the hallmark of our celebrations.
We must all endeavour to make

our own personal pledge and
commit ourselves to a festive sea-
son that is free of crime, violence
and accidents. To achieve this we
ought to be law-abiding with a
strong resolve to mutually re-
spect each other. We should vow
never to trample on the rights of
each other, no matter the situa-
tion or our station in life.
Let me thank you my people of
Micoud South for your continued
support throughout the past year
and for the opportunity to share
in some of the several events that
took place during that time.
Thanks also to the various
stake holders and key players
within the Education Sector. To
all those that I work with directly
and to everyone else I thank you
for your cooperation and services
To the Honourable Prime Min-
ister, Cabinet colleagues, Parlia-
mentarians and their families I
say 'Have a joyous festive season
and thanks for your support and
cooperation. Special greetings go
to the children and youth of my
Constituency and St. Lucia on a
whole. Moin Ka Swatay Tout Pep
St. Licie Jolly Noel, Bon Fete Et
tout Sakibon pou ardan Lannay
Looking back at 2009, I must
say that it was a very eventful

year. Some of the events bring
back good and wonderful memo-
ries, others not so good and some
downrightbitter ones. Thank God
we were able to survive them all
and were able to rise above the
occasions. There are indeed les-
sons to be learnt, so as to strive
for a better and brighter future.
The economic and financial situ-
ation facing our country made it
much more difficult for all of us.
Money has been hard to come by,
not only for us but for countries
the world over.
Some of us had to tighten our
belts, make cuts and forego many
amenities so as to make ends meet.
Many of you understood what
had to be done and were willing
to adjust and make the necessary
sacrifices to ensure survival. That
is indeed commendable but not
everyone was prepared to make
adjustments and adapt to the
extenuating circumstances. For
some persons only self and ambi-
tions mattered.
I am happy and grateful to the
majority of my people of Micoud
South for their patience, toler-
ance, understanding and forti-
tude. You have shown restraint
and have been resilient even
under difficult circumstances.
Finance has been our sore point
but I promise to deliver and that
I will definitely do during my
The going has been slow be-
cause financing has been tough.
The demands on Government
have been overwhelming, with
increases upon increases at every
turn and at varying circumstanc-
es. A few individuals are trying

desperately to sow the seeds of
discord among you. Those per-
sons selfishly believe that you can
fill a bucket with water from a
drizzle of rain. Maybe a few have
been able to do so, but most of us
are realistic enough to know and
understand that it is impossible
to accomplish such a feat.
Let us not allow such persons
to dampen our spirit or influence
us to lose our faith and give up
hope. We will continue to perse-
vere, persist and endure to the
end. We shall seek to achieve
our goals and at the end prevail
together. Let us continue to join
forces for the betterment of our
Constituency and our island
Let us celebrate this Christmas
and the New Year in harmony,
peace and love for each other.
May the good Lord bestow upon
us all glad tidings and good cheer
as we celebrate with each other.
May He gives us good health,
strength, appeasement from af-
flictions and tribulations, and
freedom from all forms of atroci-
ties as we joyfully celebrate this
Christmas and usher in a bright
and a prosperous 2010.
May God bless you all and give
you His mercies. Let your lives
continue to glow brighter so that
your circumstances in life can be
better in the New Year and other
years to come. Let us all strive for
rays of sunshine in our lives.
In conclusion let me say that
although 'A stitch in time saves
nine' 'Do not hang your hat
where you cannot reach it. MER-


Honourable Lenard Montoute

Minister for Social Transformation, Public Service, Human Resource Development, Youth
and Sports and Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet

Ladies and Gentlemen, resi-
dents of the Gros-Islet Con-
stituency, fellow Saint Lu-
cians. It is this time of year again
when we celebrate the yuletide
This year as we review, remi-
nisce and reflect on our challeng-
es and achievements of the past
year, Let us all who have been
blessed, spare a hand and a place
in our hearts for the less fortunate
among us. We can all be exem-
plars of the true spirit and tradi-
tions of Christmas, by upholding
the virtues of caring and sharing,
nurturing an upliftment of our
humanity and a deeper bond of
unity in our communities.
This is normally a juncture
where we resolve to make
amends for our failings and im-

provements on our successes. I
wish to make a special plea to
our youth, to be more mind-
ful of the value and sanctity of
life. Embrace more peaceful and
amicable means of resolving con-
flicts. Engage in safer, healthier
lifestyles and more socially ac-
ceptable behavious.
As we look to the future, the
prospects are all yours to pursue
and conquer. Let the New Year
signal a brighter new day and
punctuate this new chapter with
more positives and higher ideals.
To all residents of Gros-Islet,
this coming year we will observe
a significant milestone in the
history of our constituency. We
will observe and celebrate the
25th Anniversary of Gros-Islet's
elevation to township. I call on

all Gros-Isletians to unite and
participate in the many activities
planned, which will culminate
with some major events includ-
ing a homecoming of Gros-Isle-
tians living overseas.
We must each play a role in the
continued development of our
community as we strive to improve
our quality of life in Gros -Islet.
I wish to take this opportunity
to wish all fellow Members of
Parliament including members of
the Opposition, God's guidance,
health and happiness now and in
the New Year.
I wish to express my sincere
gratitude to all who have worked
with me in this past year and look
forward to continued good work-
ing relations. I must make special
mention of my Staff of Ministry

of Social Transformation, Public
Service, Human Resource De-
velopment, Youth and Sports, as
well as staff and Board Members
of the Statutory Bodies under my
portfolio, namely, Saint Lucia So-
cial Development Fund, National
Conservation Authority, Belfund,
National Lotteries Authority,
Sports Saint Lucia Incorporat-
ed, the Staff and wards of Boys
Training Centre and the Staff of
my Constituency Office.
Finally, I wish to take this op-
portunity to extend best wishes
for a Merry Christmas and a
Prosperous New Year to all Saint
Lucian citizens, residents and
May the good Lord Bless you
and may God bless our island
Saint Lucia.Thank you

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Saturday December 19, 2009


Senator the Honourable Allen M. Chastanet
Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation

Fellow Saint Lucians. On be-
half of my family, the staff
of the Ministry of Tourism
and Civil, the St. Lucia Tourist
Board and on my own behalf let
me wish you and yours a wonder-
ful and peaceful Christmas and a
productive and successful 2010.
If there is one thing that we all
can agree upon, it is that 2009 was
one of the most challenging years
in recent history that not only
Saint Lucia but the entire world
has had to face. It was a year when
all our important tourism source
markets experienced recession.

Yes 2009 was truly a year that
most would like to forget. Yet in
the midst of all of the gloom that
we have had to contend with,
Saint Lucia has not fared as badly
as a number of our sister coun-
tries in the Caribbean. In fact, it is
fair to say that we done relatively
Notwithstanding the challeng-
es we recorded some successes.
We saw the introduction of new
services into Saint Lucia, the re-
turn of carriers that had ceased
operations here and an increase
in the number of flights from
some of our existing carriers. The
introduction of the low cost car-
riers Jet Blue out of New York
and West Jet out of Toronto has
impacted positively on the cost
of airline tickets from these two
source markets into Saint Lucia.
We now have an additional 37,
648 seats from these two low
cost carriers into Saint Lucia for
2010. In addition American Air-
lines has decided to put on four
additional flights out of Miami
throughout 2010 thereby provid-
ing over 31,000 new seats. We
have also witnessed the return

of Condor Airlines out of Frank-
furt in Germany thus providing
a gateway to Europe. Additional
direct flights will also be added
during the summer by British
Airways out of Gatwick.
One of the goals that this Gov-
ernment set itself when it came
into office was the establishment
of an inclusive body to help de-
fine the policies that would guide
the growth of the tourism indus-
try. While it has taken some time,
the Tourism Industry Advisory
Committee held its inaugural
meeting on December 04-05,2009.
This meeting brought together a
wide cross-section of the commu-
nity to reflect and provide advice
on certain critical policy matters.
Some elements of a model for the
future growth and development
of the industry were presented
and discussed while the true eco-
nomic contribution of tourism to
the economy was highlighted in
a presentation which outlined
the main features of the Tourism
Satellite Accounting System.
We have been able to pursue
the concept of village tourism
that was first presented in the

Prime Minister's Budget Address
earlier this year. Through the use
of resources from the European
Union under SFA 2007, we have
a technical team assisting the
Ministry with implementation
of this new initiative. We have
determined that the communi-
ties of the Mabouya Valley and
Dennery village will be the fo-
cus of this programme. Over the
next two years therefore we will
be engaged with the people of
these communities in developing
and implementing initiatives that
will deepen the linkages between
tourism and agriculture thereby
building on the tourism potential
of the area. Approximately 3.4
million Euros will be spent under
this project.
Fellow Saint Lucians, what I
have attempted to explain so far
throughout my tenure as Minis-
ter of tourism is that the tourism
industry is not an end in itself
but a means of providing oppor-
tunity for the development of our
people and country. Like the ba-
nana industry before it, tourism
is today the industry that all the
leading development institutions

such as the World Bank and our
very own Caribbean Develop-
ment Bank have identified as the
vehicle most likely to continue the
transformation of our economy.
We have put significant resources
into the industry and must there-
fore safeguard the investments
we've made so far and the op-
portunities that will increasingly
become available.
In conclusion therefore, let
me wish you all a joyous Christ-
mas and prosperity and peace
in 2010. From all indications the
New Year will not be an easy one
but one which holds out hope
for improvement over 2009. Let's
save our energy for the major
battles beyond our shores that
we must fight to safeguard our
interest at home and not waste it
fighting amongst ourselves. My
staff and I will do all we can in
the coming year to influence the
direction of the growth of the
tourism industry in a manner
which benefits most of us. With
your help I am sure we will be
successful. Merry Christmas
and a prosperous New Year to
all. I thank you.


National Review is published fortnightly by the Office of the Prime Minister and the Department of Information Services.
Contact us at: The Office the Prime Minister and the Department of Information Services, Greaham Louisy Administrative Building, The Waterfront,
Castries, St. Lucia, West Indies
Tel: (758) 468 2127/2116; E-mail: nationalreview@pm.gosl.gov.lc or gis@candw.lc; website: http://stlucia.gov.lc

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