Group Title: Isle of Pines, Cuba
Title: The Isle of Pines, Cuba
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Title: The Isle of Pines, Cuba a geographic interpretation
Physical Description: viii, 209, 2 leaves. : illus. ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Winsberg, Morton Daniel, 1930-
Publication Date: 1958
Copyright Date: 1958
Subject: Isla de Pinos (Cuba)   ( lcsh )
Geography thesis Ph. D   ( lcsh )
Dissertations, Academic -- Geography -- UF   ( lcsh )
Genre: bibliography   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Thesis: Thesis -- University of Florida.
Bibliography: Bibliography: leaves 206-209.
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June, 1958



3 1262 08666 483 5

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The author vlshne to thank the -mb- s of hiLs se fr iry

cemittee: Dr. Rayead 5. Grist, chabsi ; Dr. tiSksm Id~r

DiBttrich; Dr. DBald R. Dyer; Br. T. Lyne SBth, and Mr. $illiam t.

Mclheosen, for the invaluable criticism and oepme tien tiha luni e

given. ik is particularly indebted to Dr. Grist, h nmet eely lgey

uaspariagly of his time in petik&t guidmnes dari n the actual writia

of the diaertatimn, but visited the Isle of Pined during t period

the author me doing his f ld vwBk in ordel to mmist hia its admWig

a better umdrstnading of lbe peebloe of Ote Sein. fTsieh atls si-t

go to Dr. William H. iseoan fer his eeual with sempeat to the

cartographic aspects of tb& dtai6rAtties.

To the '"ineroe" on and 11 the anuthr i"teS to e#psef his

manst grntitaft,. fer wite.ut their eeepealen umdat oeaeflems

questioniag field wefk rifL nS lr haw bem alslebd. Partiular

thanks met be &ivea to Mr. and zmr. Mamall kWi r of IMean ame*,

Isle of Pine, Owh k heepttallfy e bributed amwtty to lt lg thbs

aether's the ns m1tse on the isilla happy aes.

TASfLs eO aumm


LI f M W itM

* 5 S 5 O 5 U OS S 5 5 O S S

16tM LLwtUTWPmM ......

. . . .


1. I.xi rsW

. . . . . . . . . .

II. Fm mSmIwAE AwIMMrlll
mTa Lamafra
Thet tfettau
The Climfet

the f PaU

S S S . S .

in. MllemY OC wfiamftr . . . . .

w*pCllwbia HMisery
MyIwaMay of fte eIlat- ad S.ett:lmnt of
blH balhk Gesit t o Li
eta6taL- Ms weyt TKe m erh best
Th AM wriLa Iwiredt: 1809-1935
'Te ahR SWioed: 195 tho tpe ant

Iv. Trm Wn e . . . . . . .

Tbs ,e3lh of Ntpyaaemn
Bittfilbwitt ard Mality
PI-ft of meatsme
athide OS..nageaEa

V. ga~lEuS ...... .

of wPoplatieo

. . a .

&ind fte
a 9: o 1 Ml6l

. . a .

TAILW O 0MMSiF (Contimted)

C hapber Pge

V. AMRICULTfUR (Coutinued)
Land Ieeura
Propery BoudaerLri
Type of Famem
The Water VeeItable Industry
Lhwetnek IEaEstry

VI. KTRACMTI IM 1 Ift l . . . . ... . 146
The Fishing Induftry
The Farestry aflrtry
The MUning Industry

The Tourist IAndetry

VIII. .. .......... . 197

BIBLIr lPiT .. ... ... .. 206


1. Deafy pw snme Rilo of hsriee, Iale of iLOe,
11 .. . .... .... 84

2. Paweimg9 ef* BmIps by KfaMi, 19f3 . . . . 9e

3. Il1UWAatmr CA(y mI Mnt) is tbwe opukatia of 0Cub
irn .ta laN* *if Ama. Ag- Tein ad m ew, 1953 96

4. ?as kee*dl nt Tlamm, II of 1Vs, 14 . . 105

5. Tyfgp of Fa Hat m the ksl of Piri 145 . . . 113

6. tI. e 1f Flh LlLNdi n Ohe Ia of, 1992 . 140

7. Timer Irodes9ies oa VhEl Ile of Pia, 194 beo
1951 . . . . . . . . . . 163


Fia r fPe

1. Location ap ................. 2

2. teferosee Map of the Ilel of Pines .. . . .

3. Aerial lhoto of the Island Morth of Laiter Berl 11

4. Ave n Monthly Toempwture and Raitall for
Sat ita ellan*, le of tS, Gabs . .... 15

5. Palt Snveana tear NlcKiley . . ... . . 21

6. Cleeo-wp View of the HMal Pets Grael Fobnd
Xfensively mon the Sekit Pliaa ........ 21

7. Hardwood Forft on the Boutmrn LiMiesten Plain . 25

8. The OkaOtaL Smp Newr Los Indie . ..... 15

9. Pie Bameeam N MTr emnc Uaw.bem . . . .. 17

10. Thicket tSaems Hear Lee lIndne. Ganadts aMge ay
Be sea in the BKeum ee .. . . . . 27

11. Map Published in 0l2t Sy mn Americea Lead IGa pm
to Promote skle of Lad . . . . . . 64

12. A e m Tyypial of Mmy Beilt by lawurean BeeaIam
1193 Mmd 1917 . . . . . . . 67

13. The Former INational Lejt ad Trust CW Mp. of
Sasa PFt. ThI4s ga bank built in L1 by
Aevri4ses; it is now 'wed as a bar. . . . 67

14. The AJmreem arntral bcheul . . . . . .. 71

15. Tbe Natieail Petlantiety . . . . . .. 71

16. Rwal of a Oes a Platial Ah Arm bW' It.a
lamrsa . . . . .. . . . . 75

17. Billbemefi r ref ta Lirmf Airpoet Ai X etWiltft-
IW SldtLadea . . . . . . . .. 75

LII! N ~tiISRSYU (Oat Si-nai

18. Wm"iUi Ste6e4t4. she Isl et. rFnM.
17t1 SI . . . . . . . . . 7

1i. iithasitha 6s t I PfP;, 1I5S . 79

l tWU.le iVlsi, "i ihisa oames of lie oa n . W

St. AM&tiewl f iL a .t I. . .. ... .. 89

*1. li OL e a.s usifo 9emae ooaMa ai.s a a

t ............ ..... 111

93. *lgdum| Suge Sar Speat Hir ts . . . 118

ae. irEssetiag lnrageti onits wa se itl r-nbri iiass
U. e em . . . . . . . 118

5. pat of otrutrotit two tche 14t of PL$a . 120

a7. Jasafts s 8ame ftakb amIM fEo sIiLpht

2L. aee b.......I........ a13
a.. s ga w .t0 O a" iM . *. . .. . . . 130
Njh| ml .MW moelC m sl m ifl a *

3. kur4 Geae See h Ile f nusl a.n. . le

3,% SeAb0 ooeta 80man in "Cu"l i&MM14 . 134
S. n11ilmii 7 e10 as L irn oS l e . . I13

I3$. T5l6.St a fSt# 08i0. Thi .olD
i i4 JHIpW Kas ^^KW emes mesipmrdn^Bvfr as raffq l ** a
of t S e ... . . . . .

3a &A mana .itl Ia iLea auills l at awI iili

tES il do i B P f t .... Tm l l 47
C- .. .. .. .. .. ..H7


Lit F ILM MATIM (ContinLed)

FiFpmu Is1

36. Two fMrblfe Cuttcig ae in Mfas hnon . 167

37. The 6ld Mi. Thi s Mia is leratly
Abiedmone d... .............. 170

38. Smiill and Crate Fastery Maer Mteva Oaems . 170

l. Marismes del CarAte. This TEm. gaitag
Factory hpleys @Oer 125 sepl 4 in Lao- . 177

40. WPvdues PMakins Plmut We r Imi SOevens . 177

41. Airview of the Mernh of ts rLa S pae t ir.
dMigde in FoewgroMd is Swepeing the
ChaMi to NMewS Geae. . . . . . 1M1

42. The SeIr-mhip PLimewo a I3Kth in Mwesw Gaens
for Casiri . . . . . . . 1. 81

43. TransperettioL~e Ma f t Ie le of Pimne . .. 1.5

46. A tIw Rosd Mte ilUna Mei ity to 6b Sied.
Read Mateial iU geWuMd airbli . . . 18

45. Niw omeal seeontly Completed in mat.e f . . 157


armm I

The TIsl of Pi as is a lacij itlaid (1181 wquar miles)

lying thrty sil S off tIe eutilosea seeet of SQbs. Although it

is the h attlh lasast isa1ad in 40 Carleb a, in 1957 it rha a pepu-

lasiie of osly 11,000 people, of whieh meetly 2,000 were primers

inteimw d in a pfoemnm t paiitnMiOry on tbh itslad. The umber of

inbobiamits is atewmeuly Mall hIM sempAwed to vilhuelly very

idled in the Omaibbam. >Aibedes, eith am ate barely ona-tMth

the s t of tih IseI of IMlna, hbo peyPl4pia of ow 200,000 end

a dums y of 1260 .petLe pw omge usite. uwroas ether eumples

sMSht be *ietd ime t eskibap lly wlarl nmbelr of people a-e eanens-

tteSl eon fMll GrliML il~akI; in ha t" eem.ftiv"4 to Cuba, tke

islaMd St0ts out as ep.matily poulated, in marked setrott to dmnesly

peslated saMeilp tfl ameby is Owenm oad PHmft del Rio i revinmee.

The 6peatsil of pep.letiL on this island, comesieast with

ei6 lates mer m sia it unique in a reSgi of the warld were

aMMaLs lo beIgi foeWosed es the pue leafi .eesOlad with the

pnfrime* of popelliti. oe- e da t. In oe d tos a idef*mi al idle

el sli an att mpt huo bms fiu to SAs-resnt a Ore d aee fst its

sH 9 popdi ion earnd slow eememui devwbpiM 1y M it0 mO t me etbherf

ei t e b bef as rll As as the rwe of thie "ufti sn islmma.

The "glabs us to s .e eM& iha befe f hsely e*pihmur , taut




La the pae f gUtMIa|es thMe o0eem pDnrl .MemMfe 0atsMc
Csft Bt orfeat of t~fntl amten bfst b ut eaue-tme Mb4lk MA

alileaste Igereeosr e IC*letMi. T6he S-tlf4, s -d4

cultnwl .epdae as MWiA buM boo IMat aedM, and

lbhoig ml cftese *o1 6iaef64 as LmJs* Lta S4OWt to better

ftasaps te ioamftn eulantal ladftdtfet.

amtirt 1

Tn eMrant suainuw

tI h"ndamn

The ZIle of Pins hla a lee Iad flEt Wseain inirwupnd by

reeddeJl hills that wise ab fptly fwn the plain to altituel &aL highl

as em theusad feet above Oea level. Issutwually tbhta dAr six

pholtgraprbic pIlMlMt sa the ilald: (I) A low camtal

plain whieh beers me=t *f the s4hor e e h of tle LMar 9Smp, (Z)

a higher interior plAia, (3) a heriS of rE1sdal, seintea hills

that rims frt tir interior plain, (4) bwo tnaga of reidual mal* p

nmstaLmf ia prexmisiy to eeah o:tsw that w Ie fim the S ml plia,

(5) a immp that partly bicEts the iWland l 1 n an t4t-wet di.vstis ,

*se (6) lew, wid plain msuth of this sump ampeeW of niL 1Ai


The low coastal plait that bewdowr th* Wlr peats ot lf fe

islemd nmwtth of Imater ft"mp vir.ieIs *i 4th k f S me b Iat SAl6a1i

The the beLe ealemts riut fer ti r seaml t n pai as &ilyL~ a

walnin samdp bech- at tuhe lsh danc m=w t* u be bo ,bl

SUIhS, Mid a ll* alluril pAUAn bsyfld IM Omfp. OIly it s Ow fil M -

at t gl a..; both an s et thei teeflR f Me bedasMhr S

tiI amba hills A d ma eln s Mtal m weehl phtu "t y

m aee masp e.4 Ma m :mteAma *abe 6eO sa eaent oe

hobwnei ew bd l te Ma mf*l1 p1I Ste4 IlMM4 by go dtegt u ei

ef asw *ed d ebd off t Antense plai M t arasw St by a eat d

ettLa.. Oakl de tWMIe b90ah atn4d sen tahuS n f M pfw i.adlm4d.

*SSea ctb -a keek Rt hi d*g easn eli

ngqp Iuenaly E tSh6 Ia ibmid J s edflS *t, SllO in ple# s t
iNIes a *1tk &IL. sit M e Cene Sl. the tAem ir t 14 smeti as

tOh eapeae ef the "u, fSt Ibi s -mOp gpSudily bIeia

paterd eNi4, a s*land0I4 v pOsM4 lSa by 1itAIM off oft isial a1.
mtewoqr plAte ieft ete se. ten. ebtik F*dntl p#Ited beMpnd the

some leta spes iarmt b i, eaWr Sa yj4, bias e~ iat2fy Erimnded

by aibp emigaol. kla OtLr p6are hta bad to be l aneide IA d4ar

acMt thmr a 6gN relate heSeir PtMie e ti anviwbe eanes.

la*MSSI|, beMUd dhM iftsmei :AuI, the e6seta pla aew-

temm* is a low llitet l aLi. flite pa&ta is m* lM -MAd flat chat

*fSwr hMeay ias s alsie hmqma&ly bheam inuudelnd, fvcral

Li- mml,1gea1 bal*fe aft aetss aer m i ub be mol tt ieob the weft

e& din ft off. lft tUbt of thd plUta glaiatlly it a &e tbem a

iL6*, I. In pi"te the nCebaluee> n O*e O1 the simd it PaeeW

ev. ma *ile imnm h 6 anWtder beWad bhe esapere RWg. Them

t "S itel dedimt4 bSoatI biSm She e0t11l pltn a.d fta
OllAt plate. A t6IMtate 4me 6eeail at a gllni ltmRily ifty

Il above sea MMnl ISft We aOelm I *lluvial di. is iWfe
fte WWAtWl lhe *. do ieteater.

Slte tana.Tt gme *a t" etat JStI i S 56R^ -*WSe "
abs Sq and4 mflaga agt o tag ipifpat 6n I e S~atat waS bE

Iamiar etnm. The pLat it g enrally rolli amdl rmSeM frm 50 to

SO0 fat asntw le rtvl. GreQatt n*lati. "lwAf esauss in the

arw ernusrding the r140dml hills. saes, wols tehe ISlnad'. mjor

Setwnm orisiesta, n ianeemfiv deerictic sctuS pseteon bme de"iWled.

Bedease of au t intenity of the tweme patteof ekte aterflvmos w. tdHa

this uome ace *harp, and Obe 14ee01 litf iv pOemem-ed. 1e~td the

ottoe peeriStr f ta iosld mbe ede of th Lteitirw plati beemns

flaetis with Oes leeI al ftle mAd tct beedmas e:f the teeIwfla-W.

TIe chiktes c hill ome rdl ml is the oemste of the fl*efter

plin is seeepi of M lare of r g p f hills mtd sevfn l ieola d

kills a fe L f6.e ils m befy. 1W Tho tra do 1I

Cmd8 N emSt daL Mae, -and Ceowre de I eMib are the eitIm sfIeN

of hill*e whb rt sW uap the 1awg veS i TosepO r tbey Aes a cbt

fiftos INLNt is laugh ruIm:iti aa s .rt mit-scthse t irss.

Cawn tdi e Jmn, Las b4gadme, xa" Last Aguila &ts tie t ilaO4

hill* the eeo smpested iwe the wia fOSag .

Thm meapg 614eathem of the mental hills tid se gIom.

e lda do theL esmd bighte of f1t hlmn*r4 feet w4 hb e pm

cipitem6 elepe. Thk cuee*m to th its i tbe alCab iM iIW

ugen oeasiomnil 0leeaKm oef e H t egawad *6t era ,NaieMh, 9 A o

sops of Cos hills l: se ften sLWp. lte hiltimi point tf eL"A en

ae Lwee s 6a mm.d Otte hit as nLe. 1,017 bs oewve Oft lwS.

T"6 a* Im memge lebd a 4eMaer side of maq *flta

M bi ftl a a fte ng m s- 1O ta-e -m i lE r w^I g MS e Ito&

amb pesfmt y e t se 0lte. Taft itiM, do S m**enA 4 4 Sds tom

heat of s0 soas I&t" ek t tepe 4w 6660416% atI" ag 00

true smuadoakck; they rim abruptly from the interior plain and in

many wvys appear similar to the famut residual limmetose mogp hills

found in the province of Finer del Rio. In places Ibhse hills attain

a height of one thenead feet. To the casual visitor who arrives

at huten Geroa the imposing shape of the two ranges often conveys

the erroneous conception that the island is mountainous.

The fifth physiogaiphic region is Lanier Sump, which aewrly

bisects the island in an east-west direction. The swamp varies in

width freo one-half mile to almost four miles. Although may ape

have been published showing this swamp as completely crossing the

island, it is actually broken in approximately the middle by a narrow

strip of the limestone plain which lies to the south. During the

winter, when the ground water level drops, this pee is dry and it

is popeeble to cross the nwemp with little difficulty. In s mer,

especially when the rainfall is heavy, the low limestone bridge

becomes inundated and land travel is impossible.

Physically, Lanier *ump and the mangrove swap that borders

the northern part of the island are similar. As Lanier Swemp reaches

the be on the eastern side of the island it limply joins the coastal

swamp without any clearly defined boundary. On the Western side,

near Lae Siguana, a very smll strip of th1 alluvial coastal plain

eastees th se a, separating Lanier leam from the coastal sewp.

In many ayl Lanier Swamp can be thought of as a san linking

two sep aste islands, beeoow the pkhysiaegphy of the southern plain

di tae so much from the tews orthesn plains. Tihe sutheTn plain is

Mr.. -

;~ CC'L O *:t 9AniJAJ '~ rC'


P:"' "


P1\: !









__ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ I __ _ _ _ _ _ _

Fig. 2

,'" I -\ .

r\ ,,. .'

i- ..:, . -.?

'' .


/ --

de to

co~pe d of limE-tem. Allthmag itsa umdira mliaf i *ligte, in

dusail it is quite euSwg. A l-amp uftl m f selati6a ifateas a"k

aH siakhelIe aId setp pim elea oee r thw ie ISia, and Leellyj te

topegavphy has asLquled thue se 4crldAM a (ap (lst'a MEkt).

StlAo se plaia heb a uekMH toeasiaphy thlaie an0 me Wu)wftW tgeam

or my fviabl*e pMatra of surfii d tlteagi. It my be & mudI tLat

undeirsound drainage ptftils.

Thu 'U.efiavlwm

IEsentially the aj r pertian of the ildoMd, thet if, iLs

inner cowe, was forced under th tectonic t rescues of a L tpg

unlgatie intrusean whiah fcecc the eoersBr d nedimatsry lapyw up.

This intsoMie it believed to hIve oeaeredl d Arii the Samflke Iab,

at the close f el O1Lscnf ftario.1 The dMa whih I" eamUad

by the upthrust, coqoesed of hilbly abmsndpseeI d ashis@ mcad ~ Sfllt,

m oblog a a shape, with a anethroeasteEut stirlU ihb smemt-

mdieen termin s belug 8umCs~ Ld ander tib aWll of SMhmrl.

The height of this muMMeeks ant uidsul hill a th laMhri

euggoet Utnt rheb is a double eaumwdsi e et i almAslu. t ft ea-

odfMaie is at uppitmefly onW themamid kutt. The ot* h O

in the nerth aMd ted hEc1 hill 6ft tl& Afllarl ubuaee 6tpi

to tie mup:a all hbe rve eas tat -a beimMU a-ae Ibu sind -e

tbeemasd et. The *tes .anore l bes um e f medEe sdi

NtU hifert fMtm. Ue ft dte wasMtl Mt9ltm of tallMWIf *LI of

Ij3. lAMu Leu .. "t Oig d On hg" a

Nn .ea tIelSm tkta Ike a* 4. 4S& Iefl I.
Ibti desh -Sisme ,eq $gM

iKf fe*te shA W iN4 s0ok flle pI *f l' low.:i wRh
- sfl' Sm, sLwa&sian peBvde *4 snas a. mate 4 innb9

S i "V L. .. 44 I 864i 4- .. b
.N .* MMWN$ njfll w4 RS"P SiS OWN.#*" 1

flU Iatse e te eawsa, eaei U.. : w iw ,,, we
th sateSd -d the Inae shee tahse bee-te

a. a aha -. -i & ia jmi00 i ij hu s *

iiii :ii IiiiiBiiii es to Mis I "iit 1 iiiiii, Ameii seve ir i
.(w Am =La sea'.* &*I*.w ha== U= n ap '5fis3l a-

AMiS.r o ailyf ntm w ONNm I na mi, h L w u *p. .ml S I Ia A
iiiii ,iEiii Wui -ai etiiis --p9f r --iii 0ii S v -f i
as aI0 iljl0 a .i.n a I*fS P

is me n -e tis. so *m-l6 'ma e a r i
Alte oumao nI" pan, am s ayt u at al .. .. ....
oO-lll awi*~ VMIIWR 11iHmy a f "HRri'* -os Iam tIMMIf am&1oil *a aw o''

46Mi woo ad me. en s iwf
^____ ^ _^^ ^^ -j: -.ajL_ M|T i~ft LE~MMA&&& iiHiUH lSH
MO.f ..l^ ^' .. ....... *^ ^ *^^ *y.^^ p !^ ^ wp ^ i




Sf n to fdltetS. ItWme sa4lAts he a MWb ea*ueiuw*l "* eof

4ifle0w0e sialel ethlm e eh ncebi t ht vadwuly ab pLate. ah to
tsafm fet te tsiy he tbegw Ome relt.uf ht teo elMb l na 96m eam

tedw mtead, is pie, ev ~ i taseed "mt abu it.

Tbhm e paemllel amble s~ Meam tiaemw U4rns. ma waoo

climl rtdwr with oesthb.eUtk i setbs, bCatme s ameely d6p of

ppseiamelhly thirty gdwnaes The tUhie o eof thee bedS: i

stnedt6a to N at"o ethled let.

2M wn e f tihe a*iRftL p iai OkMh I* eaM pio of atllVtm

oeee its e*aIs fe #ist mitd4 f-ee mle I Iai3be pIblm. This

Leo Iltaes % fwe|bM by dlpmetlelf off highly d4 nrm hm)bsleadel

*chit. A&t 366k40&, eiSStei eT iMaWgfte, is a biech ef

black wmled aimd thlAt Ihe e. wgtAftd fnem Ale *WfpebF t d.Mr W

SS6eM of dM bloes~maw POtWS.

eturia te nl. t tlMma li-e Enaint M 0 0Yeb9y wme a ani tel

eanmp W"t Aem toe t M o S*Sas1 ate of am. ipl &d At thee

atbn Same aft okdge meAl abS eeas Vefaed, spv ta aI wo'IEs

tns. uape Twm seAnis st wfsif, waam* LlmLe niAw nm ai

Me p*aNi iPO l. ttag 04 bumie gam I* m O ael gas. MimA.m
2%g do pla. iitiq east0 h 0 e0nS U -e &MOW -ft 10i f1 ft O1%W

aet*ad Aldeet te the 00 of tie GAhen pLatnes. its pgrea had

ban oauapwd by do do", sow sh "Ads ugg v s" ham a1l*bhuq
Seil mnef *d 9MlitriL e endiaLt seet t r awLy pliitew

The gatlies&teal UtL *f 1He 3A Oi el M eti Cmly
mlat6d t that of uMe. The ablmed beaes to the eum i aAg$~

fad iem me a anlly a swa;he .tmotpme Wa ob* dAbe pa1a of
mwe Vf sm, Os fl eM Wl f t elef m tan"d te in uAley.

The a*bmm of Am tainAlts ai etm .Sd&f 4a as Ce to iaesut
m*canMich a durl the IMueMus VAe i dt f lt LO U VenflLal

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F M A M J J A S 0 N D

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06..m ale 40 M, am*

mmeh ore satractw .a r J lelaia& ioea thLm Gube; this ws rempeosible

for t1e extremely slow growth of Cuba's blemish pwplAtioa. Ta 1537

ther Wms oaly thae hIa*R41 IpeMt s, fi heMded L*rvee, and

appee&mii ly five tebheuoe IndeaE is eba. 7 IAs ato* u. a

Ompla taply of ood land ia euba ur s ewILble fr the

eolental rgovnimet oee wgeat, it We soet unail 1572 tbst phe Lead

of the Isle of liee boseamb rivaely iemid psQl ty.8

During the sinSeebh eoteay, as teb grip eol ain tifhtmed

on hr poseesLone is the Am World, GeEral ~~eaiM IWMkh

Anerica, gallwee ladge yifh 1e q uaiptm CI of gold, aillrv, med

precies stors lfAMs to mes: teMtr r tsla. As oefly as 1533 PfLeat

privafeers cemo ed iLtenapt ag l Spial Ak s e a nd teMy e n use

joined by Iritiat rad )cael reqiror; e ethem tbhe the tok a

bhevy eoll -em Symltsk obippie. The peMitab quietly walit-d theft

if they wen to ae tliMn esri"nia oueI Alualkti l erge bepW e the

nMr Iorld a ani sio, Mthy wurld biww to id: a m t UI gotect their

shbp foe at teae. LMaxe my~es of the 1 fll es. uer orgonie

whiek e t elled bo tme Ha*mta -ind lrwilla, li avlmr 0a p n Mw tee

of Spatial f&Val viMele. The *lt that tbhe. tweass? e lAd

ilKMes oew to e te:llnt i MAfIm f Sq trip hcWy IMn tiblt the

bedt ew eesiey Nao piae WEA o*f *AtRa dft llt*l I mea wrl n

tnfallU ftalm Ce ElCm on of t OtI A btiu I an Goiteal Awm yUn,

7bdvi IRa ai I (h* tsb s, lMi), p. LA5.

"hot f.tO AiHJaSgi I Jf| (O1 Tewtk 3wm"Llad,
1914), P. A1.

eo lletes parts te RiCfts.

The mAjority et iraish *ihlppi in Lta SarMil h ieNVEaly

fumelledl throsgH the tirt4s of metancY in abs joumeal to mpIwsm.

t to FthlS fet IMt Islea el 9fml, lyt0le j*SLt sIwmitb of Cius,

ba ome elmltnt to ILk pgiM Ube opnerlLtd alous ik shifppr .

lawsm; a Cip lre6:tg ebb Isle *tf Fise. as. ily one or two stllSf

ldays 4dnLat Icel es lbM p ly tswllehd StS Lts of Ifestef. Furthler-

man, a wek'd jeouemy c A that be piitwe sa44 to lwek VTOn

Cwe, giAmpcis, or tjille, ptw ea te eawatn lr t bim tlht ballim

was a-11eetfta fr w mment to It me and ween"lly te |pati.

fartiag te asee.* btl eof beZ slaskt h seminary pAcent etoeo

Mb ohert atoepe t ma island, ia iaUl lueledia for a eo t or re-

Cfttti *tttcion, stles it u i a*atmly plopultead &ad f ftwi

Spantoih euri illiam. TIes wosi me owme Vsaki the t isnd

de6ig to S6aitlise and IneismlELh eimturltS but the eM Seiwr

of lUe poeplatiein wa s Iemi, e4ft up as it "a0 Ot afsusglaws who ibed

maiee bait WO Satb tSitt sbip ard dpafrt, 6lhgssa hrow Wracted

mh4ps, SagtM conviuets heI 0b0, aM 6ts4tive mpgse slaves. the

Laens, e 4led sAstE by tle Spme h or "meenas" by the lifUtls,

nwe*d ftoe Spauint a6ttlmeti ta e96s. rliahy, ft Ms we "ase

M4e, as pmAetulmet, hMl ehM "waewme," that i1, had been pet
hi es tCe fad r 0t51efl e .Mre i df le. a1 f msg tl8he ems..

flh teler0 41elgaM 00abiy tetk gdso tm a eSw wo te

hnam d OSe mif o.at6 t n *tag I ma m bagg L l r I agst

wey =a *=t ivimmA. tiey 68mad oe th ei aWtahA bt $ie,

*04 esimIsnese *4 she ewemiiead II sawilJ 8a>atiL a, set i

avd provide mdSt for Spanish shipe theL algt step tb rt t o ke ak an

peovisto a.

Iuriun tshe istaieth sntury the pinrae 0m 1 d CtAe 4ebRt.r

island, but teOrd the eloe of the ceatury themy cemmsemastd he:ir

actirittl.s seuth of Lanier tMin. liet abt4y Somnd A kart btrtmltius

cotiuation of wgeogtphic aiomeausemi CftiL a*k it Ill neLttd te

be uSd as a base o* ooperm tGmi. ThEws mlnu offso.Ie ban r wui h

bleeked tkh lag.eom. loag its slerr to the da*p Ipiaish Matl?

abips, but allowed the shallow draft "flybeate" of the pirates Oo

eater. Thl se lanes wri elm* by, *ktiig it pmsitblq for til

Small cousairs to hfasmet quick attfaks ea lhipplii and to risemi to

the safety of the ebove bhlAs the bLttser t*rl*d pliteilh aiitp idld

reach them. Furt-mmre, their pMwitias lnt fl tt~~ t ly tarlvIrt.

to atta ek by lIad free the north, atise Iamiqty bfi mpl d a A*

peaserable jumhlb epmnteed their bases two amb amntbem phate.

In addition to pirate ItivLities, tihe Stitbbe beedi tie

eermw of usemi Amble seeotaea lltrade, dIreri the seeiau~n trLb ne y.

The W*s baGsfnIflteaetwr in l*tills, # the I||i|M II*gemy 4100110r4ed

to soteeiol eeameas with tbi ISaiti Sw I Ield, lwtrmtly lmS*ild

eesMate eskptp t f the Spea2ei6 sol0ele aM0Ie of ilak msm-

tilsit polAe. aSftatve utis wtre e*i*d as "O ssi

eery 4*tnrL me b oi SEtr caeleel60 s tu I WO tbeusmh sis 0E0r

do cme"e teesen.

Tf *tasul!a h be"s. s tetlmfll16 oe tm ewiS e ls

In Gi lat 4&&, Motbh, 6 as nt uai eta al e to

thtr lmemwntus, veu. bJi tI trry i a & bls|EMl illieic tnfEic

to aem u4bsd4e wLSb thkm Wot IF ths flteAS vpvqvnwA did

amwsbift wtshE tL LpeeO a.t pms re tE* ~i ., labk u4Ired

Lthe VfnO* eof IM Canm. Cf:W it e ii Mflen ly Lt3iieLt to

rpNMOM. Thu seeats of *bir:, sad lor Eht miat of IW Set.n

ceatimandut of Aumh fiWler~ we e lg to be 0 ea 1106L by hbe

*senfi Wisy. Al*e nps eE of snoeWtedA head.-Rs m Stelt

hIbeIt tf the etitMuy of: E* #SMh aeloel *oSkls,, wkni

awai auafliIat bwQ*, tiel.aSed, ian *e*fr a"rnionk the trale t c.

Ao as.m elhW.e eiB0S01d paet1$elly leWas ae geouitlem

abs of Ou bte t0t MW Of A04 W P Jul O ppaeMt oa bO "r the

OM*bytimf of itk i# Ati. Vt o .Feau wamdily ttu Wiege

Jmiuea ~il1 as bbe tsitjIp. bvt *mea hlIewoll, weS JaMgda

beeM tvim eSMer of ilo pl anIera in she Caibbeimi, the IW e of

Mte. sties d to beld A p oiasnt pelit ia ltf e sfte. lftay

phtps vumbed &eIg tig aoetibie she.e of M aLad ie the eewAsibtk

century, #amI 6felq ANTy 0 A* q *if, oef*u lejais fo r masy BmaBe:..

16U tihisatida 1SLe ils Mat lee the 1ennhfbflitte*k tto mtneaM

betrftesw-aid tiAebt*

in Us saeshime 00 ptheU ifL tmtLmne tA vat smtd. Thubw

*AM 4 o4ft i l grcp vMmb pedra46*fH Ur AtM timicr beas of

*ef &leM thefta, at Mtbh by emt t as a.ft sptm m W Wet On
, .... . ". . . .. ""- ....._.^.... _..... ..
a. L r4.. Jia i Abmft MMa (bfw tbk:
a Wlf~fm~,yOrs
 aid Tortuft. Ift~ia the sevenmtent eetary am illuueried

pintee clhemeA to -ea the islod. In 169P Cenealius "keg-l" Jols,

a fameme buth seefeair, spiea the JuiaW 14eI the sn t ura obeea,

and in 1668 Iemy migsm, phebobly the amt ftema p4ts tSe ""il

the awLbbesu, urnd she ieled lM lremeh his psmeesiul eatlf

aliMst ph fte Plai4a, in Ot. 16

Today thAJs sett: of t~i UelaM s haMs ai l Mcovs whisjk

bear mnae lives to SIMI drltn tWie ae. Thets if a t.J hd6 p"

torie (PnFtomry see), fletso del Stable (belil ean), nAd Gflisa k dB

AugeStia Jol (Aeigetif Jol beve), irmel 6Iotr 4 relldiea eof G halls

Jol. Othet manI are beIlgu tl Teoere (TnemMI LIWag ) and Se

salt mars s named s@ta~i andl Numer ar. It IHa beim t si thtt

dbaert Louia Stnavees see the locAle of his boek "towasmle Wted"

on the iLasl; hMeMvur, tMs. 4ss sewiupl Otatr i4alMds La rieus

prer. of lbs worl wSlhl *1i cl0ip bit Ciabinws basr.

In the eighteidmh asmeawsLy e a ub t GCefttc of aet flLt of iftee

eaotiamed eo be a lair for mUll*eall i pirate* ad mnlnbLums, litemlI

they wew at te .eW oet aL tarM thm i tbe i peedm mIi.P hers Im

beWsA. I e4ditife a t ? b*ib S aMilel *igA eWitlee, sWe efeiviy

mue added early i the atSuty. Jsadimar and eam TiUloS

began. to fell the l[s8" eafelt .Lof uhm y a a"S aW tEIn whisk gtew

pea l6 a tl7y -o qs lteAmsinmm pl, bloW 00 th s eemi s't e Whip

be ms tumagmeet hee th e see 1e6 .e 4a4 W" of is

tl90bBe h 1# Nls p.uag M a th ha k SAM 1 b *11
(aldeid, Uilly It411*$L- ) LOS), V. 41.

6wsemblhy Seoed its waj to bgltand. I*n keat, it so H be tt that

the ktitish wem driving a bihLgr profit from b) ilblegl epiati-

tatian of the stiUOr nunage s of aba islaMd bs thabe Spealk Wine

gplaig6 from their unmelie o eke sbebiLta Sid of Mi e ISlAnd. Paftbr-

me.e, thi activittee of those sdmeeakrn f J LaMs .adt the OS-yn

Izlleks wVa not emati ed to Ivg4egel li UWii taEW e els ed In

posekita g8ptem a"d Ueibill seftles *bat wea no*4 &Lqg the

huees of the Idied.

At the olpenma of the niiusemfeh eottny the mltfe 1sl4 of

Pimes as uarew the -Way eof p trae and eomaiger kanmme s el*I

il1lewquin. if ami hs ea sea eitM d reLeMav l n eel*ty fr LMir

eauseiei acttAkS a tias easmet Ses *hipfat. rattlr the l Spye

May wsq et le su pb.l t emo 1Jom de*ling In amatiwed.

Theiff tteek *ae *hiyd* piag e.'asuilly bumehbt their fad.

Is 1&8 6bty se* pafiiue by Ie )lnu lb iMti-e 'f n up tM Sa ns

ierx on the untemunaes i14d of ats Wle of Ptna.. Tf7e iglith

d"pleewed a paity *& am fem t~Lt sb&l a" esiSlaelrely amaevns-

e.l t4 ab &msa e pibatl S g tLledng f 1.1

ThAt SaVAiflbS IFSW 6 t AO d &LAUMtoAM on She Ile of flwes

after ueeuwias of n eU Tg W iAsh., after tne battle, m. iSLed

the ipfteh mIa901sm1t 4 a IL it pmlqW stisE S e0s9ttisA the |l *fi

notw to e Wautel to t4 tb latir ed *4i fitM 4 hu b4rml trrp Walt

tal ia i it I at-s atiith ta,,o and lmr ist a th0 Laow"4 oemaft

.M.nw v., nn .ai/, t .. .1. I (L .m..a ,
aae ",tWra .,," 1), .S~~--

This ultimcatm, am n otLher eaOmmu pary oev mn, im aed the

Spanish govrrmNt to aend a military fboir to the iLlasd. The

arrival of this detasebmmt in 1828 brought to a close the oaeturis

of piLwte activity, *ad the islad aehievd a stability uhlho it had

never erpricaed prtviou ly.

Throughout the rsLmiden of the niateomth ea tuty, the

South CGast, whisk lad u ver bkma offeiially e plterd, sinml d to

be igaoaed. Althogh it bid paeeed into print dremia early in the

vaftvtuath century, it Marely uo naoeemieally wepleited by Any

eonr. Titles uMtn paesn d on by inhritanse 6r aold, but fow

owmers dimd it of seht value &A to awrrant devellpfet. IWa

after* the lalesms leomew had boon semvd, it lagulened in virtually

the same state that it kad empwiseued in theI pro-Columbian ported.

The only legitie ste seram i activity in the *aas ue obeasml

mling and the being of poles to be used as tobeese Peas is lCa e.

foe rpplel resided thews pelalmntly, and these rs did wae Mfinly

Cay m Is lenders. These people meined a prteorioue snAteufe from

fishie or euttinug wed. The aMerieou vilits by Jftslesm e -a*

Ca unR Islandrs, who nsetim ae yeac4hi g turtle mnd sattlig S*laniMb

timber, pa oissis throuef3lt wbo century, thegh in a nank mf

mdtu fi.d seals ban previously.

Ietla ALf e ud ry: Tl barh 64em
the eLkteosl hlt6ry of the Bkofh Gfs bittt 1*tl6 a*fakfbaty

to utp asmatle kads y e. of5 s ef st e t. Alabume $ pnieaikalty

it 1a bwe e Alm-satd by thi flkaf e eligt tibt 1H2r1iime sChe

m hebi Bleete of tbh iAlled, lAt On e eql i ly la0t1e d to 6
ftte* of deaed .me da4eypee, ipmead by the ee4danm

pgyvegma"R in 5.60k.

fT4 antei*e Miland Wse Weft" ed a ig 1572 ts Aou10
hA 1aja4, A k W i if 6 LMtk la.d a ll1 InML M1,t I MA Mi.. Little

aetti;e.lmn w p i to it daritg this peiaed, and it it eat Ihaem

Aent 1ej8e &a 1 ts peeperly welbic ess to a vitt.
te t14 SMMI *um breo raiwres toel Its m a h ew PSue after

Rojefi mertiL it, Uer to 1t07 em veiim ie gs t tof

out iLe islaml to Im uIr pvenmnst linbelMer s t lag ta Ranwem,

n.. as nasse.

hutitq ae fimal ai6L od the ataiiftb ofrteCy the mpnsk

Iuair#rm Veugim a ftot i W p tIh ptNA h visiatd SeM Xte
.e fai bMHd lneu taehts IIatewS E. The $pi es -n ai island ue

ideftly etIa NL tas .i1' ea%. IAltefr psa's8 leatl mmn o mwed

Lr e*fgld' ie0 e ekieSAd thee, bersse of t stdllt fin

P tl.g, oigdm taee a'tagled to ie Ie nerirriam fl asA t* ali

ImeatpoImat to 4 -Seame eto tfer & da s wb ated. A fiutmwl*
-fiaHt V" AIiftClly mioitid, bIt tM iti 'fllleaii iLI lf el'g

ts utsueil mae agible n-aketa a r -ciiu a sta *Id Sig
t.o *iw a mestNa 11 aO ea s a UC 0 8 of
lo Ime an mte am m tnt i o14
uasely S* hwAsis flaw Idd Siflm it i a ,a S9ta

L.i.lw M t^ fl a a ....fl.. ..S.... ..* ."
Amm .go

grant to pa eme and the tle Imt t mie attempt to initiate II

activity on the sland.. In Ibe inttwin the island bad pasnod frem

geaervetem teo a eflie of lmdNeWlders uetil 6t me time propety ao

the island had been broken tnte at lease nine diftest heldigr.

In 1717 Nicolae Derts, a dimteat welatW of the original ewmer,

mmeu d to coasolidate all hlelRns eldr ItlM seel. Yat tbhem h

the nstirv oem humndwd yeat which laipted batMs lr I ftde gJSiat

and te6 vaeonuoliJdtite of holdidae on the Ltlal d by WicoLse IMfee,

it 1i doubtful if oem of the ewmws felt his beldfimg theaw worthy of

a visit.

In the year that Beatte gaitod eeewel of the isilad bh

omiseu iomed a PFumeh ea:tl em*Wrt to develop f e attle wedslM

oa his pqepesty, me aoertheaSt of iLoaer I* and Sthe olhew alag

the nertchea skhoe net Las vu-ems River. TheS*M *amh> l6t wIS d

Las lutMee and Satea ys. At atlM;*iMelly the s~a tAst thalt be hk 4

camwLetomod the development of te first ste Irsambe ht6d -melt

as to orgaism five nmt it the noefltb d raeorhlt. Then mhrmes

ewe numd Sia J3a., iNM IMAei, bi Jamg., S*MM do CamiS, a d Dase

Iosllie. In 175M, rat yen of his death, lla seemlm frgI A

en diLv-idd weu s hiU ~se sn while the gaut Sa oet ai 1ind In

a sause of mauo uaSo, g. t of tWt e*.m se s hba ni ff t eqo l shnu

in Ls aeN ra*" ad

to 17 3 a- of the so=m, Pwmwe.lte Suetai, at a*pgAe 4

eMlAIe A of UMhe le*,,. Wo .livit hVa wggeSimt hAi the

geessw etof eb* Se V Prae ms aed eoetc htf isi, fe t Uug, iSMl

tcter ts tpiflyt to dess ain Sttlmm of t iBigM, he phscatlef

t -h isboa aoM am 0 smto r*4 gC h am -alhw ej" n.failhe'.
b 17196 rramae, a b kf eaf intAImet, setMl^ilap MNS to
agftiam ca omy and 4"Ka"t too So pMiont of *a"a le 0r *agnlS-
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to im, -entpaa aM th n.. a lm. 6t paeewt m~-sm

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Over twety yeArsl elapd between the tim Tinry SbanIter

his report to the eelolil govresa mt and the tih asetin Me Ubgn

to amlitase easouie aettlusm on the IUainSd. The ImedmAt thet

inspitwd satioe was tae British tSeet ldedJ after the deJelt of

Ppe 41i MalleatqL and his pitys be4a, Sher 1if the Speani dld eot

rid th Isle of Ptie of painted and eewusfbeeMret thy amild saoe

it umder Ithlir oem wsrereiwi y. mnSlr, *Im* at this taim the

Slelati pI eMrin t, rened4 to etivrity by the slave wvolt is Iatli,

hal begls to enablimh eoeLowte o wkhi peo*l is viorse pfte of

Gube. A e. ma --tn, the Jmn doe bl6oa Bleatieo, ua etalbliseld

to oteatiss theWs slea It me thil4 eGmgAla Wh4 e#at a

pefiy ta the lslt af fLtmn to 186 to i urSiftpes psstbilities See

the biriligl of s aglwy Ehaet.

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of of a oss -a en6.i aO em taM 5 1 ft"I aS
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eolLbeted r lijft*e yars.tJC

Dapite the ad4mtegame timanLal aexwauml-et pieuvidd by

bhe seleeaal gnver lat, the eseloy did me peepsr; Suea people

arrived tMhe the authoitiot haMd atiufated. TLhe wpetf pl "rns

of westlan seam to have hbe laman eaboewer and stsw&L s alamd

reatdm -m the isLaMd. It in spaWrted tht San. Yre, the saly

frewvded eemmil ity eo the oelami bhJs the Mitoblifhl ot of quim

Amlia eolsry and Nueem Steua, Me alwmt cel.Ittely dqep lated

kthe tist yerT laund g$a6e1d ta thi elmY.211

The mow eeolmey eased e* little &0aes lafate t ift he

inlad that Ra 1838 t1A "l4am ro"eam g easM tily te ie to

wegsLate its purchre ftrw Iaea.2 Belif m jed Je t aeslared

its fuwed eight myars patiE&esy sid w*e* wry came to *oeabtIbe

coleatu thkeughes te rweld, nemapis al O lt it alo ely bdoe br

se-mmie peseperity ne as a cea m elsL -t6m. IaMe0eld I, the

oeenoy's first ewnnw i, e espeeaally asetinaed Mn -etablkhil

a esntetal boe Is SU Saeuta n. 14 LteteW.Mnd lBooes. me to

e*Lee pbOiAbilitlee of plreheAIig she Ur of aPi m. W!hmql tI

pIew 18M &ad L839 aem Rmn e osAwe of oepattlSe dhapqaehwm

eSth tLhe l la*d' 0*ggs a kigm eodm e l bafl,

Mhsaiemft AL A B 0s it lie fs tvaaft of OsaPailpty. mf l

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6"n Ms tow fa t m ~r eb d t 0tAl 4 9SLOteste a* bnae
b|p|l> eMnem's aeaihessufa f*l* *Iete*s 4se Ofts* fliy
gfve t wek m iy lead *I ohe Sntfalemon at neo peDe of

Owf UW60A a tl A6 Outaf m -It of saa kee. 1 My 3 O,

elbticWe pill CosM fer I b yhOr .- e ta ewp 9ASiSa i .a
eNo bhe6Lg aS Mhseses so few. I did. as 4a 00s to
ab SpMaa g1o em a mass.o aS fS "d 1inI.
mpte wI laok ofd iaMe *of ap .lw, sas 1. aShe
amrljw bem Uo tume A ** ins emdim. T hN gon timt a

hI1 to su S euS, At-I pee "w' ra sl W t* e i ld. ISi ls
ais tef" a. Vimae tno WM 4 smgeme L w mms be mOi b ely

.. d to .... .1 sua iW--L M|i--- KMa4 VMlMaaW by the
*"esity gtvft toe s Ie A IImM f M pa eOM *Ci eeapS. By 17s

,pwrmutaa&I 35 p e6r ofi tu I aiNsMtwend W# tM sleabn
eb. e*a & ielandS, .ma a e .3 pu sag l" sSe'8

The eeLasvswe dlmSiem .4 the 05510 :**ia y as tnae
befite sab rth srtal of .1 ass alpmtre. STe JeaJlery .5 our
aedna -w poe- a mea spn ea ms1 p so a ta Me lifaieLwA
- i begahs Ult panels of .W1 A. 3 .esf oef t4ia pna~fy ctuI ANl
esd t aeA in e*nA aeette tn CaSe S| e 1h S SISI4 dtet
and be d fine t" AM aM kMeasry of te SilMS M Mt @e

The island's isolation from Cuba, which had reiaoded its

economic developmut from the *erliest days, continued to bedevil

it, and transportation to Cuba nemwia d difficult until thko id

1840's. The only boats which called at the island ie" mell

fishing craft which occasionally called from on of the ports on the

southern shore of Cuba, or chartered vue ls.

The first regular transportation service betwmma Cuba and

the Isle of Pines began in 1840. A weekly stelmehip -a put in

operation by an Islo of Pine* mrchsnt who had begun to tap 320,000

pine trees for tuw entire and aval stores.24 The neaml scesl

industry was only a short-livd veature but the shobdlaed beat

service continued with seuh suices that by the 1850's the Isle of

Pines had developed a small tourist indutry.

Before the beginning of the nine itnth osetury it was

reeogaised in Cuba that the Isle of Pines had certain envirmaontal

qualities that Cuba did not posebaW. For ramplse, the incidem" of

tropical disoan such as yellow fnec s each Lawr than in Cube.

The Spanihk colernal lgerors nt, roeeogatia the tiheepetic value

of conditions there for the sick, eeon.L4td the idea of making it

accli-mtion and oeawlnve maet station for its treepe stattioed in

Cuba. In 187 tthe Gmenm r of the B roelaaI FtAgimnt in Gums pee-

poosd to sed to fert isletd:

Oeth Puvatf l se awntOd em diislI oef eIe i.ew, in ordc t to
utilie for their edkmta the virtuem and oaisllaee of etat

24rIaft W*ight, AJI f j a l.fl faA (I il of PiNa, The Il
of Pi ae Publisity ewmpany, 198J), p. M7,

fM~as, ..inarlliLa t hi ma ldtle o e m- a.a tsbsag..

S ane ho l~w atW a bMtle. M ,
il mngal ag"p e bM. fled t 9. Nale -ae"
AM"a. Wa n Se tISh r iv poave. l 1 fr. ~, dA f
1 N pe SL e i asseS

pa oaws ef *1atse 3' *A bl0S 5so a6 I ill a i btbuw
Sa sla 'd bua lth* 1a Ot so= to tmn W fibe
oft.M o. soa "*a NN ... a 96e.., am a.s 4 t. ne. ta...
ta k fl eywt ke apbnn an boS o eLt sr so a&s
tip bstte 4jbghb a"1W A&b 11s 1E b 1 ofl i athel bake ha
St. eke i s *6 s4 41s f* s viab
UMw ot aOta MA aSo Of eWssaO seat a uons 4A 01 410 iadMa
4al aeinft Iaow eaftl Me Ott abS xFlge e5 ak te1e men *w *

SOS th h .8 ifIfle ad A. "* Mm" fl4fl's ma

a e'n i .I She loS me blot bq.hmm E to 141,

*as N ateaW em etin ogeqmg. dAl n aM etoms i* ad OW fm
Ma apt R"o "ab 1Aeii W"ag. i-ly s p..A.. p" e"ate

M Sm, fl a( 8flt o_ tilts. S&

li aifni IA. .. ..).IW. gn ... W ....... a
'*'^f 'I^l~*1^ ^^*^' ^''^p Ab^^y^ L^^f ^^^^ PT^^fKI^" ^l BM^-

aMn't kill ihre [ECalal mm ahn suaoalm tf ea itete.a

At Ntst the il-r&I Ol Isd as a seWnaOea eaOrn fts

eamr ersalmoisa, bet ti 1iSW tWM Ipaitb fwwm-mt bh tu s hb4abah

polittleal puiss ohms,. "a s*iL of the puensi ppolemime Mar

so tpliAy hiat oewn eeAs me heir ftpir *a Uee ie lea IA Am.
IEeastAly MW pulitteIs prfMlaw ShiM C0 W tItlbd as 3M *aaI*I

weve ivns the aobeis of pwovidim belir e bheardt m4d eams or oI

li iua a 3M pri.m t *algt. All eM allu I e fled balgstman

if they ee"d, as onmly sutime npfs.tami bgtae Ohms bhiy had to

SyPPar owr wll e1l awise daily. IT ls" the pasge qubme petwlt
Jbo MVati W" maeld s tie Iashrl Ns.M WS Mi4 fm*l Onpprnmiear

as bat l*fI k b ne a oi Ina bhme 0L e1 fL Sn -e fnl

a* Is 1*l. bedwo hM am pwsdem6 ad lost Ve S l*w.

uciag the huee CaLsil bO a guee of e&m| en1ped

fum FUwuAba ad tes"e a tha "a"Md. T ua e mo o4 gall

samLty oset sant abo a "amrns a LO ieSLas"

(ta aslemy), *hwes thesr 'RsA s in. am 90 abe *W4494l

IAssMse mO e MuMr tarbe. MOwr 3b eWhatO, 554 nbl.E a

pflarsem ''atgo," fmumlpe l l ee "taea," fl fl*lad s Sre h ea
feela amO 9stInS a PS iAB N ISAd tO 3 aM16 M ah.

T1i tele fw iM wioe f r 0e00 paitege Is ONh.

SO. AS S heteOta ab eifha # aAw befaf t meha fl Op 1

96mEEMMON 06

e*peeially in the Prvinee of Pinar del lio, gpreoi of peaol- fled to

the safety of the island. During the period 1896 to 1896 one

Amricnu tobaeeo fivn, Ienry Clay and Book Gmpany, uosvd its

teoaeco plantation fromhe te tuble-toer V*elto Abajo eion in Piner

&d1 Rio Provinco to the Isle of Rifn. Thit fir took up two

the wand scres of llad, trmefering equipment, plant sedlings ead

pecesmal fEos their old Iawms. The movement um not pexsmet,

and the company reaned operations in TVelts Abajo lmodiately after

the raempt ion of peace.

Tobacco and wood products were the principal trade the island

hbd fith Cuba during the Latter half of the nineetncth isetury. The

conditions in euba had mch to do with the growth of tobacco, as the

price be*w so grest Ad to domaie to the coep in Piaar del tie

Province thet the Isle of PineI product could compete .wll O the

Havems erket. For a brief period just before the termination of

the war there ms a flurry of cattle trading due to a rmar that the

SpMaich gove mo was Igoing to cefiseate all herdo. Meet mwre

shiipd off to HiavNl for sale.

Bring the SpAnish-AmrioMn War the inhabiU6ii s of the island

again n me ctivet arinre, although my sm WMt to the adinland

to join the fighting. Imstead of beits a seme of battle it baeMs

a plaes of refrlg for a large nueimr f S ipediavsdW l mwe trying to

s*sepe the bkttie atna. At the tim that the AU~m ieua Snpitlevry

ji.. Cou.rese, ,itl, A *i o -9 4M

SKg ft., 19,9024, soee* tw. 9pv %.

Pees m- Shltes ea n mnumal peepsah mye sat as s w

tabe 30* .5 9lea eomld bfI tel-A4. At tM Sie it e ttSlrllht

that it ueld be wall autimtl a plis ftor 0~L0ag" pImomar of

wS, and as otisere a an&rt taho rbias S al e dates ae Isi pa l-

bili.tden. ThIb puepa tsi dmroo iLam4tleM, bet ltUr amber

offeler wu s to 1ete --0r tih aat soo s i is enfte be

pamible 1t bte a ba eA4ll of twelm themr To qpme fsim la

offheer's I ter to ami sasrNr Sabilth Mowy:

It Wiuld is rll A Meh to a t a Ieaslim. al abs 3816 1 oe U
by IS passe enseW amd- iro ts a&V6 so 0%wr e0 to *o
swamd the imled of Oea amaopt %bse We so. t
Tor im tltp, .ei bem-t am be a Ie.


The n o *i mlpfl-m ne i eOiut, s eo bdiway a*teeedl

bbe Isle of Piamn. Aasds Em a a gm e t of kdwgs 'As giS Ma lt

Cube at t 1iN hb t oe the figu*ts, Sber lft 1iasbI to itm thO

istala s maltMrE *i to e mseflike, eWM Alftem Saf iiJ I Semal

fIncssamd a aM Bain. T heie fWpS m Wue mmes rl ae ot1*a an

theoi aiil tasd igmefiw by the um tboeu jas a6

bh6 had ban oi gd bf te.e stihk; it iw ~6ealil for the to

t"Al rat tMI av the the-ib d of laftt ta Mey Wg weld

he oan mst pmae am amwnhu paled 1. the i&gS'we bis*ONE .

The f~te m -vmlu Sth #&M of Shet Iteo o.f aS 3~1l

og f A" itim"i to Wbn aEtla. MaI k I"s WmSn OWhn e a it:,

etm f4tefay e4 o etftalwmy e fjsebfteod aom.'e The

p. 145.

mnaiasea.. oAf dm Iuimmssa Itj attsg peol d pm nre nI f a
msee is-ne418- w |n af cmtM I" Mpa9nd ifNMins
eln mimgest.ds on .1e pe$ ef eenn I eedtd
emAums of Te MtYef 9 m*I Ft lrk L me i d PM e Sah-

A1I46 m .. 9tm sit aThisM all a Mm t *M smAmu of sy te
4E* UNOhdh *Wb&. JUSA U1& 2W b^W. Us luM s8inin0MOM
dy If~f to Wubs jm t*o af dteulfd. g, m .e as immedu
by $p#in e t be evupmd by ds SI Ld Lstan, ETa SalAd fba.ts
till:, a low as ,^Iepm MMU i S1 RI mS, as a S u -
a. fbli a lTia doeet "ny mOIrS *E 1m-kft LJew 1eIm tuin
ar t ees w 3-IerweM, f h pn neeotwm of 1.66J 6

174 ITta sedr tso 6M I9all aYL "0* a. teULd of

ta Isloe at SAN As au blAnd, fgftlhd ie &Ab% by
angi t. ldeI el id anL II e Ofew T seaM i ~I _1 -l
hu vbh of "Now totfM, 6n 6ft

16e0e Wb bsId" j ilI be S emaSuLue be IWrSf. a. to Ea
a I.O.N .0-__ Lun AfHleM EI f Lse bm&Wad wW eha isMl:e IOW

safe i a teueak Ms"ep in *a foet imae,' a" btt mi d by

aBe. A*siau a.e 1a e&Wr iSanfesim eO IAfral h.sed Sam*e
asee am de s 1is i
at am"r In" t keei p mUes e0 t Ip a~ tae vs a A-M

awer st VW.l-atted ha.t hua-- 0e but IhfamMlalmy htaMmwAn
ImWIyaSy vem bal O a to ams h t tbhw IWs v. *MW wti
lNut S* muiew @ as aoAiat MM N 1 h"d si
e, se, am aOUs. --ae, -pweeme e. mnlS a"S

iof 0.10 Pon aM hee MN Se almE by6" IO M
WMW 4M J. aSw O- Aeasss hA tees 60mi1j, Md l. &6

iMIllJjbai, Alisteat Seafsegay of Was Aitah aie .heif ipts as

that the e laUd bheslm a the lLwatd Steew.31

The lit AmwlisJm i ear e to bh isleta be peeSea p*eerty

eretiJd tn Is" with thb teetlmi. ofe blwyuf a dsillt aSm. mlift fte

thiLS mapoeble, **see She aly ead for stsl ed tin Isgp Srzeee.

Sy 1k1 awernal .twer Aitan arrived t o e te UfA i Prty,

but they also ewsemntentd obu amr pretle. tihes a VpsWnvR Melt

altfrd e peehase tr eet of everw e tlbimdl sals t iea f linl e

ledt AvileUi. IrelisdA tbis.s, theme aie letawd to he gMwred

Staes to obtain fimeejal baektlg. lad .winMAe wsre tiesegoe-*

seed nue vtlet e Msate law is tie iktod Stames, and eaMWs at

ismwM. The dMinseet of StMo eesmptaesd teMt eamnmed to tbe it14

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Fig. 11.-- Map published in 1922 by an American land
company to promote sale of land.

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Fig. 19


---Fig. 19


ad e406Ne2 7tte goup mam qmeaft= ama Mop th.

SM kmdeSd La the blleOGq te eamnese, bee it OmWE be MA1
W10t etlantay, SOme puypslstIem 4*a an" "e 2M*O1lable Mfal 178S.

" *at Nm 14. thoMe of tisi .Meaf e aM 0S and Me awly

Meemm 17 and L8 tbh popslatam Aleutasd by smi 111
Upd, bue 6dre tIn li -tS .ll p*aseda a M -iad 3 l iS tnhe tainad

*MW 326 emt t Whbitfts. S% 0604 Lam- es tiba she Unwe

WA uop au is the qas A1ia seley tchat bI bare aabl 11d

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wa b9^ 1i U let e I r e f tRma el.Re

Th e 41" is puphssse -O as "mim 4awe
betwa 1831 sad lag IU awg. of ON the e tmeal Atsis Me em. th

3lq1 of lame bad me Meo** sea IS -a baambo.. Sb6a S"NSd
oak. m-wap^ hi amB S wla Hp IJ bmW WWE^ -B imi
eSm *gal tane pee s as 0 aL e pw Us8 othl t ei*& l U. m

a senated ease. A UI11 ftibA ot OWN S t* e #A a aL0am6'.

do &. aU Ps. bull at ao p ...... af to

aurubused we the emu l st o. 1s p1viLmge @Ed vemtail.

Ieeanm I1 a 1931, Wn thee pI e lao mletia sIme*md 11 SiN

to 9,419, im Iamp r em lasns Crk samd ato le asmf petM eat*Ut

of the tila bysmi %e thl m of biethbe sr dmm h Thr trot

m sh A kegia s Iand bIee And Ic OIaset was aili oelamatem od

the N0tioeal Pabfl&MI*y.

The Artaen laud b"en, tik bepg I the flear 1 and oee

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peoMle .smtaib.e a.I the Ins*em is papaflushmW, ou n"a peInusa
Mhd meM to ~ Mhk hab itMm SB gS1MI 4td 35.0 from Sha e*M*M

.Islab, -od lean Adie at hy iagndt a amil aekgCnetft 1 Jet*r"M&

and eaher alias.

The nemid laster, *tha1 aman.eta of On tLadamL "Ps-

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islad, beavot ma"m by the eaeat ppoil mh Sun in Vhe
wSe a ta m tupamke "m w oLf mW. u om"P, ts, laIf bw bem

Is smb em by th mu I4 ie a 4ahe -.a* @lm r da ,tes, bvsAc

TIa.Sy -u-S f im lft w" e of Itn mme. .s

a slmeta mmpm ethe Sa ema she w1e *IJ mw was se inkmm
b Nw imWm pl-A No Saab a u a omaw 1 ae F of parbates

wema ese m1 sammed OU*k*Aemi^^uk Ub a fgthe lpanJ h M*%a o theriiesj
mrlps the IWist s we ameme atlr dwasew*y. lhSr seat lreem
aw eIwItly emw.d aas a ese, e as 09 a5 -- awll U Mfhbed
wm aSm Ona b a, a r hy paMMly ip eS abM 1 tWaMMK-a ar&

weed IgJs abet l 4 hWAd the whAna. fl etly adm t.e sm ~k
Seom ema to 1be I the beWit L f lalo wm amM nRL pae of bth
utlre w'E l-Jaiemitly aIiseld by m11 I eape of Amep a*la ,
.uS.l., aS p-npbe Eam ea she aee ^^gkSpa p-iant
p6 t be peile thuM. I te M 4 pe tt eSU, J)a*
* to C* teethes w, .Ulobami fts 0ml.. I A 4MIM-as, goe Wa mi~jyr

ad .main flMe UW prFiy .iSe omm W*ith 2Mm*14 as WrL1St*m4.
hWnnf the sempnmeb and s&4lgamSb e*m=Nb e the pqMaetla

* mil iSb A i|Ww -am" aebt s t s OSl, ht m o aa w pc ies p ewin
bmef thie e.m ea- s ge en damd Ieemui l aMM mpoegaeijqy

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ashbid'Lt lv M48, ui~eq SSs ase**** edatt dfinge

eam vWsfa ek l she of eL aeIa plala, thesW mma a e asm em
a *mo wentes be adm dnd sa ms. $am s wtr saI tjaue
eaiumrty, aW at St 0l0 tJaW t a 1lttlte @aM R bM A- aSIgLOGSaI
Wetk khe eAsdmh qef A* 4 y Al e4a6d hw o-En
GAg=su i Is8, ite ItErnthfl of t he telO.It' tiatoismlt koh~m
I A*t tem te Slmfele pf ti: isLed s oe fnw seafm ay sad tBm
amw she Webe swHre. This MMBt mee"Im" p so sohs ofet "
the udmenftm pwrsd4, ul the m $S a m abs=* eeCt e m AmIaStmet
eta So a Stiarl tbha 6 pui mlty so is nMI MXatsea aumt awlm
fitaly ei isd ta k ft a sa kflltlM Alita %ttg Aft a m
of she iAnom gPei I" mummn o an 1 6em~6 aecmm, enV
o5d"y Sen Wldme ad its .t.Sih ame an$mos aS We epem of
aeter na lM f the Mlemd,

The me. B 1995 gfoe ms ptsi eini ed Sh low f imw
as 1 owS r 0.17 pm .ame *t tef 20 ppft Jl ei aiamc thI
sfism a -smm4a s, e. yls Len b m inea e l w
M* minipnr obes a @n *l tSP U ts &auph Mecond smlakf
is ad, 60 aw n& *A 13051 au9en ULU*.
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b*U en g Ia n s0m a.OM auch ea flu i.uomul ipme

heeeeJI p^.. 14 -"i ane^^, ^-, as d*n^^^^u^ & a dsi owmi

g ao to *n OaMN a aI n So am$ nama.

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Me d easStee a I me) anhn Ies 00 meao" emftofa .

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Ai l eft.
B li~kM Lk*

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O-wm. Low tub I.5 per sad the t aulk iet a s14a's

lalO LftlM flfte a l1 wea, Maa the i dmrty Sette to 41p mw

eqofm at. AMtually, the tRle m bet h eer all 6a8.

triCty eo S eweilr Ls vSratrly Ia i< ed gpaeIistes. theo

emSet Jei the pimelty oS peI asim bwet pvtpBsl ald alltuIl.

Lfpteelly, the lea ut of *11 nitleard *m"If i t-h 1limeanme plade
ham peteMbktd ee-lm@tal wrielttmev. cSltwvlly, ste bae

beem entroled thsswh bi6eary by a mai .1 1.S .JiOW

th mo lavadhi nttlchmef & eeR fuasm. At ?a4u06 is t tAd

in its elItirty by a~ I aAmtr, aod he eit ngi A alle 1 to 1fiMm

at h" PtUagM.O

maee t, hmie somad lufme lt i 0a4 eLd bm timaS i M
d*SiRty of lfplt~atm, .4 poft te. TV* aijecity of ~a
'SA in %be amaes pest .sb him-, paet&enteely oa Mt &aWA

the awrenawusl vYwiII *S "ma ft. ams s ai aen da fts,

%te oUfer of fte "AYbdhoe*S of atJttihapl Mm bA I em Wtweei IM by

eFlett 4fMlagflents. 1p^bg aksp sea ftles tha unts

ft, a t obdik .1 saw On.N s empah "a mash

nTawe 4sMe so OW OPlPwi W u6hE W "aM *;ft *s u"p a a SRat. W"-

saned se ban aS i M a. toS imM lis 9 *rl )a

10Og 40mUty of pWtpI*Wm, 4.2 Paw AVON" alb" Magas bo*e

14 1snp n1a, d.e- a1 se l aaa.ewhmientla sUlae.
aian* am e a y, asom"* AM*a me" rna m m
1la1 d&hWk ^^-.A~lt~ rkkmrii *f 1^1 A liA^ t.&1p & h^La en r:^ii^^^^^ flb.Mjtt f J.
onji4^^ *Abu 41ONW ^Hl^^^^I r^^W^Ssm1^ .6*^B^ "a^r'I^B|^M ^^^^^^^~f*

eaup bldiag abQ s so a 7A b U l e

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I*tet ie Lla wbe beatm Ias gt MM. tmen

sagmal uomnsba asfe. t is tso hme of Ie. st. m ass. I Md
.pb 1i y MA we delaut p Ms hta peme,. u.d viaen.s e0
an aI ab alOlM. law*" ef am* b a eiasl s 5,184

a0" art gta 0a4" ms pavessw mteC i iv 1jI* s0 la. IIet ofS ti

is as -s esb ar lr inn an.g- a aos. 01 S Wad*
a of se ia.t*Ow Ma. *anftemp mi asame it a&WeLo
lriLl e~s it li iEb 9 IaSt i. oe teit ela IW aeti tof eold

*a n.aS 4p k
p i eails, i a ma .~" a U 0r ji
Sawans S-tVrme64- Clam iM~e ts sf a di1 ri

ige te ttabii ihie istate eiM !,f
agill r a. gEn thek il *f cua ht *M* i yMlM, M 9*1
^^ bJt ^^il^ xjUKLJ^K^ l^B , k*Jk.:^f,17^f *

mw s, uiLth hae hei uwpmditft beyopd its birrS be"uadilas 1
mny peae. AdAdO fes aSttle met periphebWl to DueR t SAen n, thim

i* a enoem tratin of people l alng the Let i Satse i ac in e eopeli

to the bLtter alluvial soils SAu theri e a well ia to its aensl


NUeva etCesa dmesrve little di eu elu in ringed to diiesi-

betio and denity of it ishbbitants, ainee it is only 9te ~qrft

miles in amwe and at the prelmt tin hbs a p lttaeAim of 3,Wl.

The Iaxrr is setiwely rcbm end hars ataiC e smlElltffElMt si tmhe

sas e ibs population hat hod to spill orve into at tie t raeuaurti

bteries of Si owa d Cas anmd $Ses de Gaballos.

The ples of WtiAe is tihe fthU &*put of tie eiamq Y tii

of the pepwlation be be l iMdi, I e l sb N emS m hi i otly

ionewpurwed rqnA&Mey in am nwA3, mshm MW nmJ1. is thle aofrasRe

of 1931, 1943, und 193 pptl# i elaMi Mf6d las ti isn uha smsI

wea tisse who Lt I Is he 16mt hbad s ac- am er, as 11b id

on ( atst Wat Med a a e. In lMi, ila ~b is r l14 fHli*E,

a n-o flAnities It eW. In dSass IP mtuab e MsadW ali ill 1

pipl Living tin asne mtt of LOSe r im ea Ipmopl, ie1i flMi&te.a

ouriat, mtiael rad lerI l tactlities e sem ilmbl w it ImatL -

ties whik "bad a Sm isal vaLas4emwA ow &n seam' s

a toem Ltht aue CAISltui..

3.-e, LI i flflead l,. hIi, m i., p a

biq ma .w 04 atAt a 06wean. in

tOC-* E0 -ASLA m i *h i I ony
go= aw pr ageu ** abs Qest neAs*t doilr g WSO 4INg ton *

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nmattltetoe tie -bet tat asr thu sea itast a taof
nMCl gareakiagal l fllbms giag tiiLS 1kPam Sn aill spa
Ail s oam abs eow MAS&se .04 IMS aML ga ame, N eo* am
a gas t, enl uastd 41 3i ma taehip. )ag

mUtm sms d has emanntea aa-han-s a o-sse p'Jfe ui adii iaa

as o ar th H aa !s 1 M it$ 6 S ail I I aF al 408"e Ua Ifs t.

f W96f& &SOw &* n. t" W4 &J. -0 itn es nitR
-MM sain aAW wiA n V" mAWl sh 4 AI tn a

0a0 -7 1 -n -ENIIg --111 IMwoI w A

m sI *el nar Aas Sa m "l n. LM m WaI
oa so. ega .a o I Ag1. ..t a. p.a .*4

fle eastIlr n 4illi1- W i l f II tr
-**c m ow, psi nuv., a l4ii iAin a411 . 1o

nim, Wa-elo6 MaMsI, teir wtin
ges"of ifel m oumawn,

~tJIC li~!.-~l~i~ir~ifllC~)rr ~i filkll~i I~CLIIII~II

sew @o of somi ast

Xisle d m-* 11.1 1.75 5.8
stS to ai.4 ,13 A.S

Vn am s mrlm Is Ukheg.R -.Ns o..- mk t.5
_in Ia- .. een qtP. t hw I M ""gum

Th 7.Me of time 10 i A mn to el ipeaamiq,
ovW&% # #4ap puSl des a I mbe tog meagSe MX
-&a fe S f to e aggalaeal M, of -b Wow. Us1 MM
t et ^pMMI S dgWFh lil rsEaF wel stalH it E pI** ,2 <"g

IaAA Tali agr ftlug-. St atWA tS MW? 1ib @@-- gge S
c-moar someimnte aww".W a genams m pw Otent .6
HM W -,b Mw 14.1 1OLL 11wS1119 glo. 00 b" ImHip-

es' a sft6 thl a a(wdt is. amdft -na n la

SI&as n uaao, en Es sk w e 'u. a "a


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