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Group Title: study of local government financial reporting practices and accounting principles
Title: A study of local government financial reporting practices and accounting principles
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Title: A study of local government financial reporting practices and accounting principles
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Creator: Law, Donald Royal, 1930-
Publication Date: 1972
Copyright Date: 1972
Subject: Local finance -- Accounting   ( lcsh )
Accounting thesis Ph. D   ( lcsh )
Dissertations, Academic -- Accounting -- UF   ( lcsh )
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non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Thesis: Thesis -- University of Florida.
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    Current local government accounting literature
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    Financial reporting practices in local governments
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    Local government organization and financial reporting
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    Appendix I: Local government financial statements
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    Appendix II: Accounting principles
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    Appendix III: Study of local government financial reporting in Georgia
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    Biographical sketch
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iA STUDY OF LOCAL O'.[.:'V:"ErT I;il: I.Q FFP,''F.TIiG ??-"-: I''.E



$ I:

Do-'ALD PF'-.J- LA

A DISSERTAT'i'.! [ -C.il'. C.'. .L .. l.2i ,.
OF T'I.E I : .';' Ci i ii .t. -
FU-LFILT.".'-T- 'P I. LT'. IE:E:'liS F '1 1'r:
DE .:-? [CT c .. -!LOOPLr u



I _I

rT.'.E.LE ,7 .- ,.'I'.,T

LI f r T.'.SL.: ;S . . . . . . . . . . ,

LISf -F T rES . . . . . . .. i.

: v.:T . . . . . . . . . .

,' i .F.-1: T !-

... . . . . . .
I.- L i.ici' "J r I"i.' . . . . . . . . 1

..TC .' Ti' F.. . . . . . . . .

L i :,' Eij~l. .. . . . . . . .
7 E T.'. '-;O c T .., --.,. ,_: : 'i LIC :. T

~I. .. i .. . . . . . . .

I . . . . . . . C. '

I. LlC.'L.J G ?":PI:' : P I ...::.- I T S-A.TE.1FCiT . . ',

S; -:. i::.. FF. l P . . . .

III STU.bY OF L.:,C L U *, ..E. -.l.: i F IlI.-.; a.J.
r P. p TI I I. . . . .


LIii .rF T;iBLES


) iT, l Lc..:J Gc.-r nrlrnlt E:..p:rind ur.. . . 2

2. Illi.nits *.ccer. or ,.:crtif 'd f'ul.-li h.c..jiit-
2 :.t C: r. c l ,L-.s-ir"- tl it i S 'th, F c'.1 '. a1 133

nIni.-: '. s'itl Incl jai..q Finar.nc, : i- tatL C,,t
.in V.. r i- nual F.e .orr s . . . . 13

jrc n-ation i C, O t-e-, t)t-- .g C l for Lo:al
C r rnr: ~nt F i c l :Cn rol . . . . .

':uir n :.f .'- -T or .-. -I tiIL.g Prop: :. for
Cr t" laslins an.d .1 . . . 16i

.s. -iple ia .ic.al A .-.curt ei-arirn.2- fh t . . 1 2

..l.-.- r F:r afJ r .-jain 't : tre Ciatl:n Cr i J
: t3 i --. I .:. -- t .' . ri .t.-* . . I '

D. i. Ccurr.t ,,.: rqi-, C.ernr- l ,:.i1 B l.=.-,=e
Frce srm-.-.....,,........ ,'(2


LIST ,- I i iF.h_


1. 1 -l P nu tr. . . . . . .. .

2. l....i. zta -L i t--Pr* t rt I a.. : :es i .

a-t." ..r .... ali
.. .',iic at rlt --LE:. .- I .r*-' l .'l . . I :

4 !. :e l sLt -r. -L-[ : ir '- -r. -L. t l E:.: '.-,r- J .t, 2- .J1.1

?,; I ,--Fr: .rn-i .r.a _1 : F :-E- . . . -3

". :u i thn-r U, r, r,.-.__ 1-, r .:.i:11
t- i :'. l : i'.tj 2 r rl- i I r .IL t I 'j 1: 1 r' "- l i l : 1

". t.., B, f., .:. ,,.,.' l*.IE[, C C-. . r.., r C'_ .L %

I .t ., r, .- t ..i -_ _- LE


:- rnaiJ f1 a' La:

. Lt-- ; : -. .-. r. i r,

.' r t :, i r : .-- ', nt

S I i'.4 n-J c "c- -ti yr rn -: L. .L g ,J i.. r-]t

*.,- -.- lr 'ti .s' I f t 1 C,2.I'iL 1 licL 2 lc l er e,

2 1 I 1C . -i L'.r. ', r. _-.n i ,It, r -r 4 ,_.- '. ., t, lr,,c.-i g -.., rn-

i'-; i -i '.. .- a i' L tl' n 3 i "n i r, J I T'. J .:- r

- _: *:.r.*-: '':,r e '.' arnd r':.-.' .' -:t t_ h -- r. s of th i.

: .. r. o"."n'' l *:r. th I- ti c c 1 .p./.-r.t 'f l.-" ;] crri.-Ai nt

- e-i1 -il i rtr n ar,! -0.1 an' p:l '-'1: bl icK u'iLir,.] ['rti Illn: i1 -.

t i- '-. Ai I, : ri i of r' : CeI r.> -rinali S L l ci li -i ..ith

S-' .-" ica r.ar i r- ??p r t in 'I ? ,ur.tir'i p'- ;: L T't

- = r-',' ti : .'c -.u d, f inJ in; rij't.-I-- j l:],', ran j

'- i C-.Ct o 1.. L 'r .h uiL ,:r.. J r c.- ar:hi ,-ij' l o .f'.,' onal

ot' r '.2 i1 .'n. -ir ri.jrn i nth C rr".rni- ,,co'n,- ..3, ;Lc- 1a._

:.' -:...i C: n'r-.L.:- c, .'- C.:o rn- ,ri- ,t-1' CCr', i'L :i : I t.. .,- .T r c .a

;*.C :o in .s : i ,r, and c..' .*mnr.': i an Inris tut. .:.. C:.rti-

.=1 P-it.A l? 1 .7t,.,urt tan s.

.! criti3al a1 1 'iir.minatri.n 1. mac 5. :tal 1 .:1 q.: errn-

.,ent finJna.- al repor-ting prac--cd i. .e -:iUT inrti .:., i,:lu ia

a detailed r'e.'i-; of Geori, a l10:51 :,"'Lrurirt fLinarcial

rr :.rts anJ d c rimpar s th- .i : 'i st tarit rJs of o'di -.r-t.i._ a

s-* t L thie fl r'jr ipal Financ .* Of ficers A3s,: i t i r anr. r l-ti

.U:.ri :in Irn titute of Cer fti ii u;'1C .: rr-.rt ,rnt- TrnI,

f a-. n-: are ti r ciarrared 'i; E- i r t-ua.ji a r p, 'rf.rm- J in

I-. rcur..] :ut L rs. rt.a.'r': : '- cti .n r l t .,r bL i . .,

an: a' l i x also.: .rn nt..A- on cI posi.- l ; unr :_ue *'r .ar,:.' -

t. c, ra3 - n r.ic C lo al 3. "'r.rrant. janid I hair eff-: r- 2 ,

-._:-..nC .1 r t.ortir the rai :.- ril .-- b-'.esn rir.an, l

=-:- ir.g in ns a.,bl i. ard Fr-'.-t-: :=- L.- r .n [-. l i;. -: ani

use s o 1r lo0: l gqo'errTmi rr iinr[-nial r'E -:r .-

-sa dc on the stut o-f current i F.-5Ir.i pr.:Ir." i: :at

of I r.-ript,. accounting .rn-cipl-s :- a tarn'1. acltd. Tre

principles, if follic'.ed, .' i ul' ro_. : a r-as.r*nabl tffectciv'-

gW'id to *.haIt is now c'.; ncor .erel arc 't-l- "i.G3i" Iract',Ce.

A ma-or c.rclusionr cf th aStud' -*ac tcj t O.,!t'. t:he lrin-

ciplen prcmulqgt.J bh ms3jr p..A.tI.'; .jr]r. ] niat n? an

ch-es dsar;iFP-t..a f g. oJ pr:-t;ce r-iulted in finianri

re:.:_r:. that ,,ere -:,jarily :ffi.:c '_ : in h -ist rmllrn 1_ .3 1l

s a' ipt. 'he- r p ,r-.t i u'ta j :-:r- r ?r.: i:- l iJ n -. f .r--ct.

informal'_:.[ ,:,' in r.-5t :a;i for rar, ..l ic-na,1 plar-r.r.' -id


- rr r::. ; .,:-.e !i rd :tru:tur.e -msPl ,l.j iani tr:h

r. ir ria;n t ic s i c :.i Le f in.ar:ii l r.'p:F rts terijedj tc

i ,nrt i *-z,;ntfuzinqg iz-ure.

Eae.1d -*n the res ir f "Cor this tuijA, a wtr. of "Fprezrip-

ti"' i=rountinq prin.:_ples. o forMulaCtd. Ti-s principles,

if adhered t in lo_'il rj"cr..-nmi t fin r anci r remj rting, coulj

-.*niflricn .:!' iim ro 1 -.c 1 g.-.-.rr, rm nc fin .c..-i a reprtirng.

7i-e Li -..ncial rep5 :r ,: --,ao l a3ist l D go..r r, r i n ic Inits in.

- :-,uri' : i tir a -:.:i.~r. .,..ri L*= i t Lt r i .- pir ture of the

i t7L .t effe 1:L..':n-: rir ff iz. r ,:_' of Or ,.z-tLonal

:. ai. -.11l i t : r. --* t l 'i: "ia "3 :'L : : '.' '. .L n

S i. -. 5-A.: f f i n ,C dp: L t. .m1 ..'. tL nse

:1..- s is d a- i 2 .

C .'- FTE F I

it:If; LiUJ:TIC:l

S rin 'c .'rld aL II d,.L'a= iC d.a r.-:Sti .T: nges ha"'

.:urree in th- Urlt-jd Start-s. TD nan', t a pr:ars a- if r r.di

faC f LT- -C:i--D ha n st r i j ': a3

c.-:t.-it t.-i:t a ba;ic .r irentatjc.rn t., r-innin -..:u .us jr li f:

rt 1. 0~ l ral t: l ,--i ui bjs i je= Ijc :.r i : r3 n. r 3 -

t1-:.. h -l De::- rhc.- =-3r, *. 1 .r ,rE i u C .rl t' it i,

a.. t r.i- -i = :.- ,ra. .;r .ir iti r .' r .:rai aL'* r 3 & ,Jr

loc C= g')" ar'T-lr't :-._ r .

:-r cr inr 1i ut i ii3 i cai *. .:"erru-,erL i' ir.arc
:.*'e: a in. n-:re.=.irg ctri n. . tihe- CE o'-E
s.itrcd tt cop.- ith ne' turia rs ip,[r. i a:'r -i i -.-' rr.-
ments t1',' the.- cor-pl': candir :.r. of m r.d-rn lif 1 .Jla..-
tia ion to ciharn e hri i.eran s; s: l'., l lrnit.-.j, ir j
realu:t.nt that th- future r .- -e.a r the :c:nt rnu-i-d
l bit- t''--cr t 'h.:E in~ tituti-Dnr 1 nL o ,. iVn ira"a

Soci-ctal e..pe tajiarios of loal q.:."*r-c.r-n- n: i per :. .-- *a

bcn miodifi.- si.:irn f,,c-,antly in, :--=nt a'. rsi Trajtlonal !-.-: l

govqecnrrnnt -Cr..'l.is nre ca-En erC.arFJ i jraCt1:i11 to Fe-t

current nee'is. [cEiandi : fr ne- Ser'.l:-e; and funrti: ~ i 5 .--

ljescr rcr and Pcli:' .:rrCTiuir tt.-:- f tih- C7c i tt-- focr Eco-
noiric De'. 1 :.pmn t ide-rniz nt T i:al C-ov rnT nt- t] .. "-r::
CoiraTittee for E -r.-nrmic C-:.'eio:pm nt, 19 6 p .

r. .Tl -- I.-i' Tne J lam. .J ii ci izr en f ,cr inc rre a J Cr-

i e;:, a.jed to -= c '.m e:: Of r:* ier..5 lh1.:h .*:irir'.ntl

b: uzi ur an e1 a t ". l ir ar r-ir n .,pe Co.f Cjo. efment a the

I.:3i le.els far t ns Y- r ptl- r a ent le-e.' s.

Th.- r :te i-.f arc. tri of re c rnuii xpl-n itu res,, Jarin

mpl ".-n n t t tni 1'73 le'.'ei if jgoernr.ent na:; surrp ss most

c.n-i r parrt' of th l- .:.:nr; : le 1 t.el:.,. shn.:.* tC,- incr a

- n. :ncl.-reS e;.Ler SS':3 L ic'-a a'j.ernoenc.. incre i'orld

. r I.

Ik-LL 1

TC UT.-. L -':,L E H 'E.=-i 1 tr..T :. :PE lU L.tIEI

i' r* i i .:' i n, t c r
1:11 tains .f I

I ;' i .,3-l

i . ... ... : 4'

,_. ,.-: r, of tLe -e in's Cer.-jus of C-a ---'friTii tz 196?,
., Tap:Cal udi ie.s 1.. 5: im 3tor1ail. -tati_'tl:s on
:- rrnr.:. Fi' an'iCrs -an_ _Ufp 'nCni t, i. ashiin c r.. L'. C.:
.- f,.' nri ir', t Pr rni, t r, ,:1 ffac- 1 69i 4[. 45-47.

Freaent trer:;j appear t- indicated that an e-er incre.sinq

[art j-i rf -a-ur tc-tl r i- urc.:- ll .'i e allocated to tr.i sac-tor.

: io :al go.'ernmenntna have .3 r .- irn si;ze nd complexity,

tha rea..! for impri i 'el f .ir::na ll acmini station an- effective

-rar.c al -. rtrin.g h:,a al o r .D. ... an editor al in -'.uni-

i: 1 -. i -.c- naLen :

rEtd'e Jo[plLnr. "L.c:] C-'-.a'srnmrnt cco-ur.tinq, It's Your
r.'- .'sSrit.' it;y, Too," J-urnial .: ..: jiunt-rit C:i-.': (August,
1"6 ,",, p. "' .

: n er r I.n ufnl nr:- i o; rai -n i : r .n i
it cr did. The strains o- an i rci n tf in r e--ciT.
ha 1 incre:s-d tihel intitn; *:...r iriLt' 3r,3 LrB 1 hi -
.1*"- orient a relati3 ,n ln i ing iiperaC ."==- E t-.
ti nrIeedj for in-r,. 'jd fi sal in fila rrnrit. a',t
lonj r .z = n i,' E- :* irrLLTCrct:l uInli t- crc j th- lhn'ux r.i
of ill c.n-:6 '1 d p -ri .i ian-i_ a.ndi -cera r.,
ac.-ouriin.; ix t-nn tri t result ir u1 r in t li i tLi
and diJ=.Sint- d c:oilatins -f :izali data irEns=
under 3 i.ell irirint i. n-1 ut rilP rclI.r; ci" J I ai r l-,ar
t-he;y ill pr.i-Jce a r ror finsa-.cial cp:rr.

: '. isr ll 3 .;pl:. ri in ar acer d-r aii in iacer ha-i .errs,

i -oi tiinan:.-ii cinri.istritlri rn an3 -rti:ulail' tn-e fr~n-i

r-. tiniri oif 1:c.li *o'.'Vri -nec h as ; _.ri:u: -r rt ,..,i -:i. As

Or.i C-orcia stae a n ati .r, ih. is- 1 also a CErtifi-J I iull- -

c:un-t it put it

.e- :;iern al ..: a L i in n f ri n: i a t t M -t
p'Ep: r.Ainlc 15 thi; -t,**t n1l.e=.J arj c:i cie
acc'.untin r-f :c.. . gu r rji' -r f a riri, 1
r-.or'tirlg rand he h c-.:.unt ir. r : :.-rj upon ir, -: It
i ba.ci ''ay be jene rally d: rlbt-d a3 i n adJqu 4
r. .,jJh.-,it C'.-.rai an4 ', in fact, thrcui- '',c the
i.ini:ed c'.es.n "

From;a r.:j-1959 tnr.r-.jq 1 71 in: iwrit-r n s tr--C. a5s c0n-

3ultant on financial druiini tr;tlon to local governm-rt rot

the ITnitiLtue of 5'cr- rrri-nt f t-he LUni.tiry cf dor ia.

Dui-in' this time, as a result ofa -r-nal.'- fii,:l] e':nerr--

arnd -esear-n -.evral points occm-r. uite ident. Lrc.:l 9 '-rr.-

eont financial L air lni trarion and parti.uli-'1 financial

P-ditcrilr .Ilnunic :al rf incC, ."Li i- L .ru,3ar 19631
p. 11J.

4Camies P. s-berc", Jjuni d nancial st,'SrCi Lac..irnS in
Georgia," Geo:qia .nl:ii l] Journal .-'1I a':IL'ir., 19t.7l p. 14.

Cr :r 1r; 1 r Ec r.-.a1 pa l E D a J7 pl:.r abi' .a L To

im ,r.-,-'- 3 lIo al go C-.'enL t i ,rr i in i -l rep-ortr in 3a .as-ic st i

mi...- e tc fcl-nulate a ir of ac:oui-tirni pFinr:iple aFFpicaiLle

t: lc.cal o,.,:rnF r.- tin3nFi: .u i r'e .rtir A- the Cfairman of

al n."fcrizan Institute of Certified. Pjulic A.'.counranta commoittcP

.*-n 3.r, az untr f r nr'n-Frofit 'rai nlj.t:-ns scatleo :

Tr:- a5b-ernc. of .approL, iatp. rdtF-l rn prir:-iplel a.id
:tr.'Jirdi. F leading to. in:rr s ir jn--infjs irnj
mr.Iund=rstrn.J rg . t ,riEdJi In mpr'rr.ans, .ar
.ei3'.- ;.pinc jpr.-.pria te rep.-.rt in3 ar.ndar-id in thi
*.:1 ..l *, .rlt cl..i are- . . :-i : -,i 1 .-.f fin3n-
'-i ii r-p-orti' ig t to rc';.:r. firan :i3i d t, fHirl .
Ic i i :- 3if i"-de- t rit t S r Jat l t t- fail, Fre-
-enr d imu-l bet irn .:: -pa-_.- : ir. r :m pr -rcile
:t- -t and rdj of .te; -ti: 'i.

TI- ;u .'p3n f t hit ; tu .' '

i. i .,re-:ent a c- ,ni:_ ( .i- j;re .of the 'i;t.rl: i J-e. r; c 'lennt

':.; i -rCia~.' fj.rrc, E1api'-. the u --lution o.3 lO:cal go.'-'rn-

S :. .Cin:: i ing a-n its prliiciltl

i- to. re '.' .'] .m aritz the itao-.r find-rings o:.f reLe'.'ant

r-Ea it'C orn 3acountin1 zpr ir iclplis far locaIl g ro',ernments;

-i -o prer.aire an 5nalyrsis tr'a sno:;e .nat financial., reporting

-r.ir :tla;t and 3c::.j 1r prl Frinciples are actually fcllo:.:ed by

In: 11 : rt.Ii.r ci e

4': t.. j. -r1 trne s2'ri.u- nhorLComingz and inadJequ'-ieEs of

Ho..'arJ A. i.'tt-e' "f'in r.ciai eportitn. for :o-.profit
uOrJaniza3tions," lornil of .A-:ou.nt.anc'y, C?."I.' 'Decciembr, 1967),
p:,-. 40-41.

n "L r1 t-nr..," firar, :, 1 a ca ni tw c ,an. -j : t in :- Cf

3::.r rncinq prin: irpl a.n

i' tc. forrulate a set crf ri-,:ro ntin] pif n ir ip-li CiiL if

f.-ii:. : 1 d hi,.uld i ni fi an- r. l i p i, ,.',e financial. rep:.-r t -r

in Icca I .'*? -rn mI t .

This studyy praser nt t-' r.i-ltE of et-.lte'sI lti r L r iJi -

res :cr- rn .-in-D'sr s 11 3 Lo d ;-r a.l- f lJ1 i .n"e tI -

.- ori anj re e.arch r.1 locl o''-*y. rLnrrt fir. rc, al cr-[- : ti

i.- r a ir i-,, r.~- rin i ii In the f il .'1 ..' ..ara_ r ar: -ir :h

:- ." : ,aJ :.:C a:r, i,.tr, ll, :' tL l.-:ed n x cih p :r .:a t,-

.=:. ;r3 s1 .;5--Js. in d;ta l .

rT. ChapLe- II a bril' hif stor the -".ilu-i r, in I r.r:. a.nt,

.: r iil. C 3 d i, t i tutli.r -,I.3r.ii ipOa l go. r r.i-,Ein c i;. r nti .

it. -h Ur, it S.i tl 15 is p.-: lde 'ri in anai s c .i C l. c

cn.ir. i- n in the ;.'y tem in s r.r r ._ r e ct c. er"lr n.7mrnta ..d 5-I

i:.-i ti fi s factors c u rin char, E The .3a3l if tche *.-i,pt ir 13

to ar.- de i ans'.'r; to cth qu Cst i.:.ns .r .t. ner re *' ar r:.,' .

cot, there a, an.d tc thro. liinr.t nr, the orrigns ,: f cuij --rrt prc-

tices =ad ccnce[;ts to pr'.'id insi ht for prubierm s.:,luticr,.

ihe focus is primarily/ on histcrLC .d'.'cl..pri enr. Of locs l *j."ern-

mcnt financcil rEp3ortin nd in ar.plicab ie c rjntin Fprin-ple-.

Included al-C. in th: chah ter i ..a sel.c.t'.e :; .'a: ocf th..

develoGpnm":t of i_-rrl o- irri.r.;ar as; f-'nrcticnin3 'r.n:in tir:nr

to provide thl r-a-.r .itrI thr bicaJS d r picture nec'i-i2'a ; co.

pro- ,ld propF-.r perS-r .ec.l'e of ti-e FpcL L-.r;, a -a of financial

reporting and its appic-L-: FL princiFle.

:.- g al If ,ha r.-r Ii: i r-. .':'.1'i a r--ie:. ,f recent

,I-o- l teratJ r de I -l i n g go"errLm-=ni ] irt ar S re ij poi't l r

anjd jccountirq prin.: iplt !:- e rc.': .': IJriir 3t i i c thl pro:i reas

ar. Lul i sh-d re earc !-h c th.-- ir3aj.-.r profa i -onal organ iz tiorns

cc.ncerned .i:th a.c.juntnr Fri-nc ipl- an f inan-:i l rep-r rting,

3a =11 i a r.de .ende r.t I:tuid-l Th an 1l, 1 ,nsofr r 3-

* _-3: iL-.e, t e ntr thl- L.-ac. .gr -irn f injiri met-loj;3c l 31 and

:r_tical r=actic i n f'cr eil .i-Li.r rd.j .Ai th. cr.n. 1ust n C.f

S a l i '. of thf : inr i' ." ju l .. r. a r'evie is r-i= e can-

i: 3 _n rth--dcl i ar.. th-e fli n ini *2E the '.,ariousi

.r c.1 c 5 1 si r.r 1'. s t. pr .n.t a ccr-ir [reh riai'.'-s

- .ii; oi c.- a.iLtul :ia3.ni l r~ e:r t in3 practic l. 3f loc-al

L: ai -rit:. h ar:.1, at pr -. -rnte-. ir. tirc- iiajor earernts.

S fr ,t part c.f tn'-e anal 1- I e fcj=eS o:n l al g.- -rnrnent

: iiiuntir~n n tie St ate i '; :rg ia. To, prr-'.'ie the reader

*i1:. o'.'c:r'. our ccormil-. local go:.errnment structure and

a.; i.'rioui financiAl rfe..p: rin' practice detail-id study of

a mtr-pAlttn area iwas imde. In the study, numerous inter-

.i .s ere held uwith statj and iD:al :- fficialZ and extensive

..:L-,iati.r, :ade of hne iirnar,: al alministration structure.

Tn- findlirn of this ctu;' are u.laiiEarized in thiL- work by major

:-rar-niza.icrnal unit. In addtiorl to th; study' of the metropoli-

t L ion.rt, a t31led c.-intr.atiorn .ar nadc on 3tatc..'ide basis

of '-he financial repF..r.rinl artticsa of Gergia's cities and

c-ur:tie-.. In tM 3 p'ortic-rn aq the study 100 .pub-ishcd financial

reports were subject, to. 3 deta.l-ad 3nal.ya3i and comparison.

The --.-o r, p-rt .t.f thr, a:ial_: -i. h S A ri e t e rir insr.Ii :,f

o'.h- r r r- i.* a, L t ese.rcn ...n th: a-tuil fin n-i a a :c. unrin '-

praztii :: :f -:i. al q v eri.'. :rnnt Il he finJings :f t r. 9ia

S L' d and the studoJUl in r-iher .iraj are then euir.m r:j3 anj

7Dr. traste In the rh rdi pirr. :f r the arialyzi -. a r ' i

made of Lth r-egjl3tiorn oi ioai *j''.eSrrTLment fEirnrzial rea,ortrinq

t; ;tate anJ feral a e.ii-.= L3C5al go"rr.nrr. firsan.e

ai-inisric..r ian rcp:r- inr j 1i Iubtcjert rec. -Lr: i iin **f

pr,:iE cr i ti C ar t j r-.3laor This driie-ri acurj, irE --h-

- .i r ih th-e nature -nr, :r Tr SU .' re.9' ati '.ri .

The g'l r.f '* h3 ter 7" i5 : r:..ir.J J L t- r-aJe 's r -r

3 -:r:'. on t-.n: probl: mn arm 3 b; a i' .-'ru ci; o 'i thi-r- :r

Sincl'j.i: in pre r --din .:' a rs. 7i fi rst 3.CS- r i. :f ".h,-

Z:--r t I th p.ss ibl I ni rij r : :. r. :r.rn 1 *n- :h: r -. r-

is zti of local 9g ',rrinernts and the r ffe.:r. 3 -. : .. n r n 3raticnfl

r-F'porzirng and financial al iiini-tration. The ici.n s t3:cti:n

presents an anal:~"s or the ma j)ur .ar l3i c bitc''.er tri sey rtem

usei t' report finanri.al data i the pri'. ate S:ctol j]J th

;'stei Luse in the puLt. lit sector. Th thirj scti..n pres-r.nt

a re'.'ie- ind analysis of the u-erc and ua9s of loc.il go.ernmernt

financial reports. Thr chapter concl de Ith :l'!a ae .tud..'

which illustrates :he rol= arnd nor tiar'.tn of financial r -p.rtirL

and ac.cojrtirn. r rrin:iple inr lo7 l g '.'q r-,j-. r.L.

iCha .i_ "I h3a L, t 'O raj-r g als. -. sum.r ; r i L ..d of t n

rmaiJr finuiLnr. and c.:.n;:1; Ir.n ocf tn pr-e'.'1i: i .cranpter '. in

aditirin irw a lt-rnati. e s of ac :o:nting r i- 1ini1lec ifc

1lo-'.1 r'.'.-zrr.n-Ir ar prc .: tc i rt fir s: i pr i,.ril.a .

d' c.:pt-ipr an fLr c*:- ,rrati' pjurp.cE patcrn3 ".fl-er

tilij : ci- ntairn .. in A. cc J- urc.nin F..s': r,- E U '.V [1,.0. ?, : ..ic.h are

r '-ic '.led in Chap-.r Iii. The c .-ni s~tr j ccI..unt-in

prirncipis pre;.ented i;. prec rip:ti.'e c an a Fp nt t .rd _s.ctcm

Irpr '.'em rin .

ths sLrujy ij t .cu-e on and U.yd L7, tne fi.n3.nial

: :..r-: r.'-j irno pplicabi-: acc:untr, tin pr irc. pl. ipi lo.:al

o'.'-. nrrr-n t c~, :r I i : r r E t il:. a5 temT ct AL r s si rbe rnad t rclact

S-. re~:srcl fninjir', r rrc';nn-indjat on to eitherr state ir

Ei -:-.i ,o '*eru-nrin :r nor ..Lr. it nr .-m~iqc":'nmeinrLta .,r a; I iaLions .

T', : tuj. i a 1 ac F:'3"' t t e -.rrn.l finanri Bl reourtF

:i a ar-a iurn in ur r.:cir.lc apol..-:itolc tc. ther f inrra :' al

t: ? : .mac up I to.'S i-:.:EiL T" tori- ac,-: Jnrirn

'it-m .-S ,cr. cona ,icr.e .o*- l;' t., the -xtenL Lt.it tihe external

-ajral riporting .st,- is n interrel:ted -eg.anie of thls

--.ocal -itn.

Tn- fLnlngq an-i rcco.mmnrn.at n relating t:. this study

3a ifrinre. may ,'ell ha'.'e jppliation tD .:thcr than local govern-

ment orgar.iz.iti.n-. and to other 3seanents of the total account-

irng-nf.srnat i.n sri=,temU, uc.h as internal m.anjgi-ment reporting.

Th1i rn e'.'r, is nct inclu.0. 1 in t!i '.g.p ,f this ic3l;.

C i;..-TEF II

ECOLUTI rj ''E LLjC.kL GC,'.'tEPlrI:Ei.T fIi..AIICIAL ACC', !.ilTi .i

In tna ct.hptrr a .ciect.: chrIrn.: licalcs narrat L,'.- of

rrn e" lI.t .*nr of l-o l o'"' rn.ri.rrt flin-, iali report inr ar.J

_c-rc. iLir.] pir.Cl i 1= i Fii rsente.i FrughFt tI trr: lIns

:--..n ;r se:.a:~ri n lac.rn are 5aelc: i critcl.: a fa:t.rs i:.r 3 lr i

S-r.l-i-ncel a 3':nTir.Irn .Je' ela i ri Ii r.l'st c : -.-i.i :r

. _-r fia ,to: 5 affe.srl je..l.:.Frnt a; ti-i. 1 ,ni ji,.'ji -

:- l ,-.&al J',rs :-erist..cs ai;d tle n c r. ,;tn rilIe .'.,r l.:,:al

: rnment as '= 11 33 suin in-titiu.lonal f -r ;s as Lne uri-

. -- ', -,-=,*' ,> Jjz r,2fo r o*i. _'.JpF sn i th. j, ^ at P1 r ,,.,

" i--er 'a- ociatr. n. Taethcr i it thi. aalsis pr.-es nte-

1.- l:ter ch:spt-r rth. gja l .-j this chapts r is r.:.. h..' the

o',ci: n ,:f Exi tii.3, prac-tli:e anr t: ije n if.' fia tc.rs thr.t

~inter- ctd ir the clhan.e proce:.- .

'j-t cric an l-.cal g-,'. rnun.zr.' fcaurni atclr, rcich bajc 1

;th'ougn the years to p[r.cclo'rnal Enrglin origins. Il .ry w f

our present-Jay local :i..:rnrmnt ific' .arij inititutionr

.a-1 a o iorn hi I..:.r. irn Ernl l h 1..:c l *c .:rr'inft r r n trey n.'.rc

tla.1. :--.lnte:-l ai~ t irnta.t to the colonies. The a llteri r

t e'; mi e, ne.. a cjunt Fp a e cffic: r arni .: irt ,f .-ficial

-:a original i; tni -hi-f >'ectivae f th, Fre-iCormfan -:hir

1 I1-

:'-.L. TIn. Fr li, h iC-..: .: .',rrNmi nr. =-: m had 'J ".:' int

L'" "ir- t:rou h r an ti.:n; i ips I i' bf r i :r -th first

::i:r, 1 tt 3 in t he ne.. o rld.

Ir the oarly decade; of :.Jur :I-uniry'. local -.'.-erru enc

anj t adrininirs rat.rn in ru imentary and the :ciri-:ens iere

,:r.crr.e primarily with .tin3 enoricJln fcci to ia and a

rcrf ce.'er th-ir he s. lt,: .L1n iarly lc.al g.:' erruaTents had

i j : il:-l l g i-' 1 a c .";- 3 .J :\ :c u t iv' f ,rnc t i ,n s th ar ,?

-r. all, s1 n si .arat'i:.n orf F rrs Loc-a l :'.'err.mernt

- ia t "e r -- .'L- -.t'ere uI l L lliTri .ted anr *: nr is -. -i .r -

S- 1 c5 c r.J nan':-l f r ma Lntel nare- of rrier nd pFre -.nti rn

S:r. ari: e= E ,:re he r, reti nt.. ce* t ,ury mcan-' rci e .:ere

S- '. r.u_ ': itt t, t L ri',ht ,:- f t a;.:-t. :,r, Ih.. : :i minis-

:r -' .'2 po -r- l -ai a3- r,Tment dealt alro-i t ;::- u-= i .,'l/

-t ,t o- f C ;a,.:1ai l coiurr itr.' iterest.

Be .: e r : t. R.evol tionar i E ar .d th.:- ('.'.'l Nr, local

;..-mrent wa: char a:tr i:a by5 cl.e forces of Jenmocr a3-,

:e., rilizatirn, anri tcrrltr'rla e::pa3nson. .-.fter the United

rrtes Be:a.e indeper.dent, .-tate lcgila- Jrcs .,-rc quick to

Etaclilih t:eir :upre ima:, in local go-ernncnt affairs.

Co'irt-.ers' -2re rantej directlY' by state leg. latures.

:.r aon i i.:al ;o**r-nrn~nt ac. Harold S. Alderfer, knerican Local Govern-
I ~T nr. d ;.drini tr.-iro.n :1 Yi'crk: -lacmillan Co pan,, 1956),
I ,. -.

':r '. srITiar', hi tor,' of c-lnial local jo'.'errnments scet
- rn r. ra'.;ie, [lan1iiipal .. Iinlstrati j-i .'' "*or .rk: Hacmillan
Co -1 n ;, 1901 ) P p. 1-100.

Suff-'ra:e r 'tr-i C t n-: bj; d .rn sr'i .-r. Frrf,' (urir ? thi: p- cri:d,

rel3t n3 gto. il gcnic r ial 1 .rc ta ol ish and tih c..c:rpt

of *:c err''imenr t ./ ELen crorurrrn mai '3 sta-bi abi ihe 3. In nan;

cas 3-s -'her lcal g:.-'1 tLrn. ,cr, a L c tcn rul.ad b-' ci -:.

corp'orat iln rn w iic n', p ?.ular election-- vcre held, nI;-'

frz Jrt j leir '-toir all ffrlcial .are ccIrJnlidere. n-ce:A r

o l-ep ;.E.er,-mnt fri:m bLec irir t. r rrnnic. .

'rom tn:r, *n t ,f h t-h Cr.'ii '.1j uintii tl-,e turn :f -.

c-rr.r,', th- cruntry ":, nt r thr; 'j .jr a period *f uin; r ,er J;nt.

g' -:n. :.t tr-- tm.- of th 'e t i -oei'Jtl n there i- i 1 t- n-. ri

t'.*-'t -f:iJr -nc* 'rpoJ-ate.j r iinJ ciIpat1Lt1i a'nd tr, inruts: rC,.-.I

P--: riladelphi itn a -:pulatrin *o f c.il;' 42,0j00. C'i cErL

-r :i. cf the pop'I atix .n at thai tr lc I 'd in n ,rur i areas.

L; asaL E= ?0o tl.rre .. -L buL thia C n citi- In ti i Llrnte

3:: -' '4ith a rDpFulatLion of c. cr ,0'J00. Bj the year 190i' ,

iE c'. '. r, t:l,- erE o '-r 415 citi- ..'itt, a p.'[li ti n C f : .'r

8,0j. During the la-t decade of the ninete-.ntlh cnrtur. tLhe

nation's cities: gr-' Li mora cli tnr trirt, percent. Tr. 160

largest cities by 1900 corntained o,.'-r a quarter of tri

country' s p.apul at i.on .

This half-century follow: .'g the Cl.1-l iar 13 often termed

the dark ages orf ,erican nurniclipal listor '.

Tns forcs- r'leaed bL the democratic ',.''-e n the
first half of the cEnr ur', Uler.dinr, 'ith the

3p'rarnk J. G cdr.o:', municipal Zo.-ernm .t il.v York:
Century Comniian-y, 1909l p. 4.

:ra rin .' tL- f 0 citles l inuir.mZtr', L-ia '.'a.es
,.f jnel irni :i r.r- snd tri mt r t._ria lism or L riJu. r
a- a c i- c ,, mna r. .rn unrestrained fury u,,on
.'-er can 1 3 51 r' En-,- r t.

Touring crhis p[irld s-tae: Ic islatur-s t-cndeJ tr control the

.ior f r..fitbil 3 *aL-.e .f 1-.:3l go rnrn-nt such 3s utility

frai.crisies and [t r-:n,. r p- .-.ecial local 3 o. ernmient le-jislati-n

'a S..- coV,-T rn aft.-r- 190 tri.at in 3sOT: st3tes It took J il~ a

ijo.rit/ of te_ le- tij.a ture time. The ":.e: mia'or" plarn 'as

' I:c.minait i Jtri o"' r.-in-nt dur nr the last half .:f the

S t r It .1- r r rrist ci udIjE a l rr c..:,unci i hich

:- t.-d r.hr 1 -: l ati'' an.t sin i ristra t 'L functions, a

allow '. ith ; -.n" E lc. r. ff :'i ts, 3 rd 3 mayor ,1lth 'eak

S-1;'l .t rat !'i, p- F tt i...c>i Loss es ftorm-. [political

- i in.s t.. t., t r. : -.: a'"anta.g of poi itical r-arti ii'. ip ne.,

-.-,i rant n.J a :..11ils ,;t.i yrouj corrj[F.tion a ,nd

-- : e .: ras. g ncs to loc l ,s: rnrr.-nt.

Lt'r. the e.-: s.-ts.res and the debo of locai g:oerrnmrnts

.o E '-ih rFl, Lrin -n his p riod. Ist '!c., YT.--rk C c, f.t.r

-::.---j]:O c-::. mr irj ur- rose from $3 million in 1350 to 593

,i-llioin in 1899. Tj ca.Jouflage e'-:pnd'tures public debt was

: '; rtllcl .pilc]d u EuCirin- the ninr,-;e-ar period from 1866-

1 riftesen crf -.. prir ipal ci-.ti; ha a .,ebt increase of

l.-.ld;:fer, .'..i:rican Lca: I Coverriment, p. 72.

Frn.3- GriffIth, ihe .'iodcr, Dee.-lo m rnt f City Go'crn-
.-ent (College ParL ;a.ylad: !.-' Grat Putliiin.n companyy 1969),
K i4.


As *' t i-oLr fac t- :f _: i : q"'errir en tnhe pr -ced-?'r:

for rec.; rdai q an rep rti-, i.'ci i gi.'. rn ir.-t r nirir.: i .i l

* ere Crlglinally base ::,.n :: istinr.j r..iiish prs:ztice Ir.- T .

earl'. practic--sE t..l'.'ed through the ,ja; .as the r -ult .:f

1.'ar lous. fiatcrT. 'hrcugr tnh nineteenthl- cent r, r; r :o ijs. rn-

;:.-.pin. ar.d rrpc.rting.

The rneth-ids of .Ke pir; account :-r the diJff.renc
cit .- h,'. r.- extrei-e *.f .'.ari et* ar.d tl- t-,tal
i- k. f ar-n their. lisL'e i t!al .~ ter . n nr,-c
:3a e- ine renrorts *.f iijnir.:l pal ic-.ptr l .1 iri a- e A i
iu-h a confused conditin that eel-n i.e ali
clI aif Ad iith tr, :- l 1 -- r.lition f i ns it
dif i-ul: I L it no-.; ipJ icle t.:. undij r tan1 th.r.
n- ncil1 s1 Je ti r.. '

Ihne z.:. crk Sr.tate Leq sl ture in 13'.1 mai an :-.:trni j

t-- iis ti. _rnto tie coridi, .f tri- firnjran e *jf t.h 3 : 2'

-.-.irt airqcst citi.:7 ihc in'.'-e tigating c rrittee f.ur.. Lhat

tcst; itlis sold not ansIer c'"n tne sii ilest qusati-n s ii-rut

their financial c nditi.-r i. ine .oiTimliTiitt de-ic red, "The s's-

tern of acc -jnting in the -='.':ral cit c5s is mr r-: ur int. lli. ibl:

and hj- .ric e.en than tcile la', undrir *.nich the- cities thnem-sel'.e

are ad.min istered."

The acc :ounti ng s- stcem in n rlt l:cal g *.'- rnr nm ts up tj t e

turn of th: ce-ntur' '.33 a ru.:rli-Ecn3ar sinTirle entr.' 5 Ste-im

cer.tered arc-unj I c3ah b.sok.

Fa-ils e, !il, icif l A ir.j is tr:i t l-: p. ]:2.

7C. L.. fook c, "L.ni forin-iit in ;!nriicipal Fir, anc 'LJ _-i7 al
Affairs, II 189 ) prp. 15- '06i.

.-. f ri.m f partial .:.I in .:.mpi. .:. .-irt 'as
r C..r -C tC.* -J 1 'ilZ rtir: a st arenrnt EIr-
tairlr.3 r., pr-, .rtie a n lialbil II .. .
L .'i: ,'jLn, . i t -, J Ltl in '."o iJ ii
n 3i l, all -our .-ru i criC :i C c iti- This ,i i'h3 3
m.a; b tirir,.d an r ncrc.,Tol.te meith-.d of single-
entry accouncz, i.e. ca .s'scL- i. f entrie in
3cc,;,urint .s ...-ing 1 iri inc.:rrl. ct: -w' t' h-'
siigl. relatiorn--c, ffii c al fid-lity t .r truSta c-

-It rh.:. i h mr.rc: srhi t icited proceJ,'res an I r.-chr niquej for

Snari"al r icr.i'J respiring rc a3..'a 1 ble the.-:' Ire n:-tL In

-ri-r:rl us.:. Cl ".-i1an attr butd r I I. r. t'he e* eloprwrt of

--:u- ii-. c. tf i pr ji lina n :e- cf bur a,]raria ecorn1my Jurlrg

r i :' .- l f ur jricI : i tE nceri .

H -rc :: uti t in] i.ieald remain :d unrc" 1 eji lon:
after th2-y :,.ad sarirer t". 1 I a3-i. -D sci-enr. ific
c l:if i-a.ici asbrc.ad. Ilt-r s:als fnan:ial rep rts
: rat:ir-,J in i pri :- rionfjior lDor, a ftEr
-ccurits a..: hal L.e -1 i 11 ta3u -!d a. a pro-
fcssic.r in ELniarni anri 3'otl: This -'a laIt iel_
,iu= t.:. t.i- nl ss of cur nate .nai JI eloom:nt . .
u :nil the miJOlle of t!.e Iinet:,:nrit c:--] t 'jry .-i ricC
',s3E pr inlarily an agricult'lral corcmunity, a3rd tne
far.mr nreeJd nro acc.:on'. oher than a sirmpl~ state-
:ri.nt r.f rieceipts anri 'ay. t *t .

Ue'.*eicF.ln; nt of acc.-or.lin! inr th-. public e-:ctor for many

'-nri -..as pa.:] by. developmer-nt in the pri'.'ate sector. The

.Je'.relpmrc.t of cco.ijr,itin-9 in the pri .'.at scct.:r in turn

r -ecrid ,j tOc dman ls plac-d upon it by th- en'rrioruventr.

rredr;!. A.. ie :eiand, DChpter. o'- municipall Administra-
t'.r d ir j ccc'ntLin.I -lie.' .orr:: .~lngihans, Green and Co., 1909),
p. 1J8. I

9ILid. p. 113. ,,j : .11
*s' 1 I

itiLa turr, *, Li-tr c-rtur '; s r'.,3 3a a sqnif i c.- nt linI.

of deiarc t icrn i : 1:-c a ,: rraien rrt :f r fFIrr.r tc. thi.

tin lo al q:g'.'rn.nelfrnt '.:'-r r=lati'.'-ly unLvI';-1 pe-d. fi. :l

re',uirErents .'ere -mall, and rte s,'i:rcc~ of r.,"cnjue fE:. by

toJ3a '3 s tlan.ard The prct -:, of fi-.c ajinmlris-trar.i.r, .3aZ

asmcle and ar,; underl;in9 thlccri-c i .ar qeri er !, rgarir-a

as irccns r.quI tal. In t ie L-icLnning of thre ti ; nci cr, c e : r r ;

thers -i a *.eri a'le .'.'.' :t re .l 31:.in a ai;rst tin pr. r i'lii r

local q o'.'ernrn-,en. s'ten part :ul ,rl in -thEi ia r .:icines.

? finned intc fi;nre t "'i, -kr i.er .i., '.' tcit r i ,

r_ -'.u.ar nrajaz ine i3 r--U. c r ,.-. i c C C rr p. n t., r.i. --

sr_.. e j:.. t -..3 ,-n-n cr1tl: hrlze.i irt, T he r n r, i pa

c 'nriTicq' hich -re:.'ails i n,.edl; 31, e... :-n l'.e anr.J qe.-.r it

c,:- ..i-n;. . it ha- Caus z i cit., .adr fir. 3 tr r.-,Lr, t.-. re

e.-n ra3ll' re-a .rded a: dis:teii tcd t:. t- he .ttericar, pc::l, ,.

AI itougoh earlier rcffrmer had turned thei r atet e.icr. r.

isclat'd lo:al qo 'errneir. t pr tl,. r.- L-nciuding finar..rial

sr:- ?enc, the inaldequiat, condil ictns of lc:aL qg '.-ernmert ..'er-

no-: attached in any pr. raztiai a.anner f ntil th- turn -.rf the

cent-j, The re f.-rm mo'.'mernt de' eloed initi lly trnr.Jug-]h

local organize r'lionr called b'y rt.i.- tilcs a research bur.aur,

voter -laues, anJd a::.''ycr a--ci tinns during t-e fire

twK Jea'cad. of trh t,' ntleth century', these ref-rim grwu ijt

iODor arn Eaton, Thi *-..ernrri t :-, 1,c u icipal it ie i New
Yorz. laci-lrllar ComFpnry, 3 4i p. .

.ic,-on reJ nuimc Ltr cf :l..pn:ni:crin-.ri ,a- pIr L d. u ch-a:.c. i -' n

r.. o 1![r '. l..Cal qc.g'. r.- i.ner-t -ij a di-rec t. t e .imr ry rtl cnr

arjJ -ie h3r- t ballot.

ju t of thi, re&frccr ir.'cL- :-.t Cans- the first serius

dttCe-ptI in this 0-r,'itry to xiAimine ari.i impro'.ve local -go'. rn-

F:rnt 3a.'c'u tir, I7dthl:-u h th: 1 c' i r riw nr r tr re f rr,

.r Zi-r. 2i atit ns E.r *ir ,'34 ir. r.an' a': t.'.itie the ref.trr, of Ic-al

:.:. t nr nt '/-ftci ,f f I ar -1 i l j.id Ir.i trri ,ron .. r -cLpie&d mu. l

d. tI' : tr ,,. "Finar cil a3 ir ini tratl.r, has claimed m iore

. nt-rt i. -'ir. Da-' rtier fi t. Th- 7 a, i] c a r c.f man;

- -- L i.l be n t:- ;Lr.. f.' i i p r '. o.d .-uI ag n3, .-OZ unt ting,

ihe L atl..t- l jijn l.:i. 1 ...j ,i'j. i-a- formt d n i .'-: :.

r::r i-. 1:: i r efor.i. r. u :. ris or r jniat, l -c rie trh

-fr.'' and reipec ted le ier an.1 -tbol of 'the refoL n mo.'e-

-.-. Tic L.-ea e '.i a f rrm;i.- h axt eer, affi lati e organi-

; l.r1 baut itirr one yea: iasd 1 I, a 1: ral tme r r organiza-

T'-= Ijatir..r i l Iurnicip League in 1293, after se .eral

,ye.ar. of scud., published a nc.el Itate c.-nstitutioiial amend-

.-enr fo.-r local e o'.erninri i anjij a gcncral rj-.nicipjl corporation

actc. .-j1 nt-egra f.carure of I-oth docjc ner t ..'a the

'p.::-.a -, itil1 luni -:ipai l-:e arch Bureatiu Illasi i nrjg on:
.*-rir : Ca -ncil o Fbiltc 'r-fairs, 1944 p. 41.
raal'. il. ftew.art, A Hail Cer.tur'.' of :iuo icipal .oforra,
..-'--ley, Californio : rn'i.-ersit; of Callfcornia Prees, 1950).


r- 4iu re&arnt ti-'t firincijal re p.rtL 1icujl_. b_ '_tl i h 1 J tL:' all

citi-- c.n a ;'~rl. bas5i orn *:.rjenrditjurs, re'.-snucr s, ar*- ia:t. j

Under th. .lJirec tion :.f Fr.:fTI jr P.C.c :.;f ith. '.-ni .'-r it

of Pennr, .'-= ania, saJppc.rtiin. modirc finan:1al sta s : r nt- \% r-.

pr-cared and pult-li n.s b; tir L agu Apcpend i: I:. ;.=rh... r.n-i

Su-u-'rir statement -c-f .Cci Fts ainj E.:. reniditure- th t: '.:

rec:-LT-ndE.s. In mor= uct.iled suppl[lrrencar: -arcren .:,

:p. r.ditj re re t: b; ci: ssi-fri .j fc.ii.

urr-nt r.:pen;- s Ind urai.t-nce:

1. .A r l.'-3

3. r th- r E::
II. Cons' cr ucti cn

III. ..;traor-in! ry e/penditr.r = .:th.-r than c.n:,s ru- i,:r..

_ tl--: -ri-;rl-i3ii s 's3E pl--d :n tn b l anL e sheiet ir, t icr ;

*ritin.:. -.E lll jtrat.d Ir .'.pp-rn 1 : I?2, n 'ineral .-tatr-m nt

;: A.ct- and Lirbliltle '. as re -:.mmndvd.

The Leaygu- pushed hei- '.' for unifo:.r-mity in fin ncnal

reporting between ccrmparabit urit-. Iij'1i.ur,.-.Eo 3itclit Lei

published on thr importan--r of uniformity in rffecti':ve u3;se f

financial statcLtentf.

T.-e desirabilit cf pr.Ecribinn' unifr.rmiti t' n r i :t
reports IE i s c "c .cus a- t r._ --qiiLe itrJ. brief crn-
sideration. it 1: qui't lil1..el tnri t:iis pro'.'ii on

13L. S. 'c-iw "Fublic Acco.-.untlng UrL:, r tn r p,:-e
Municipal Programs," Procedin;-3 f the '?ti:njl iunicip.ial
Leagu 19? IP'niladilrphia: -t ional municipall LOaauv, 1li9?I
pE. 10 4-'.

Si r1 r'.- to tlh f ir t te t': irJ a ell
.:rr, n:i .: .' ~tem .f :cntral .aJ, lr i trat r .' ccri o trolr .

i -l L i Li rte1.:rt :-: not :r.a h. ,Ir fi inal
r:tuljJ f r. 1: i pa 1 r nlr- f rl- mrus't LC c :l :.mI 'r atl'.*e
S e FiA-r h; -"' ra ny fn ran.i al stater-'s,-n
arrans-j. 'it h u .* I d nri c.' f p lan tha. tr.,.
car, L- : .inpar- .J.

Eff.- tl"- Intertunil. c:i.pupr l ton .f ic.-I ?** rr' e LTrirr.t

f inri.:il taicemon:: Itii real3:rn; protblcr ara csdy.

:; .I-. 5 arn r eff- t 3.- s ';:.r, to r. '-e :.--o arisen po:; ble hBa

C':"- .3 t: riuj.:n mr're ii-f.icJlJt t.iai otr ini alI, ati c:t ip te.a.

'. t ;:r;ui a 1I.::21 i. c"erT-Pirt of ficial. to ado. t a uni-

. aI:.C,'..t'i. h s' Irt.'-.eA lspeciall, *i .tifficuit.

It a i f; rd -: :1, .f icial a att.fi.-d witri ri
e i.t.er it [..C, cs 5 -anin t,- o*, ersE, .r
as inc li ,ible: c.nr L' L." ir,-elf: anJ that II- liokcd
u -'. ar'. in-iq'ir f :-r :.u i .l] a '.'. I, f'r-igr. t-,
z : iT rranr, or zi .orr., '

: ;.L .:e scat-erent ..a. .'ritti. In 19 out it could just as

,il .-a'.'a be n ','e tI rd .'.

T.n reformer- aloS strea-ed importance of submitting tlie

ar.'tuiI fi.r,3s:il re-prt C3 t3 a state 'ffi t ial Thy loot:ed

p-.rP t.1 ai a m-onit-rin.g de i te that .Do'ld Insiur tllat local

fin-.n.:ai rezortc ..ould meet ;tate '.' l st.an jad-

14IL. :. 0 i9.

Frr--eri,: icl" S uqqigeriar-c.n for the StL.y of municipal
F lin:ca," :n-- irl- y J:.ur Ina cf E .*ini:s, II TAuly, 189bl r p.

soiij l a -rl.a rl i4, T:he Imi,.ortancrC- of i.i. fctrmity tor Pur-
o. '-; of 2'.::- -_ riaon," Pr!.:'cc wings ro the iNational municipal
L-:u -l'119, hilde-,il,'uza* 'aLional o In icipal Leaque, 1901),
I-. 3

ir. 1 0'l r.h- :l .,ri l irt~ ln i :i a I La u.-- 3p: r, r.,--j a

C -, 7:r.?:,e :rt Li1forr f lun Irrcir[-l .::'cjntin. iand S at l tic .-

-: t:;'l'.'l i -L-rs : f :.rm tte rarijirin trrm an

-.s'ciate Ejditc-r of Ern]inr e ri I;.',; t, IJ ',Tiing' titrS

E:. mrn: r of ..ccj.,: r.rs ..re iir'-tru.i te] t. pfr-pare and reic.r.

r:- th= League "suc', '?etn .j r *i'3'.tmi focr municii.l

a::oaU.nt- an th *:.:.1i :tin *f r, ljun1i ip' j tti ti.cs a; it Ema'

.:.J : e rF,-,- .je-.raF l i.'"' Th-, C.riil t e Fpr -ai-c t h-,ir

rFp rc a y'.~I later sif cr Icidin g a nu-.. r r i i..inj . T!-

:-- ttee not-e in th-lir report Lhae.

i.'e ; '.e J i'-ptj J tn e F t :.f 1 .f -- : ntral
,a.d-.orit c,.atg.ed.j, fir rti. r. ti-, Jut, 'f
creifnn strie:tl, unitarf rOta FR E L a-f s a f
r-i.-- r ..e- ft-rr F biarkl.-, Fr m a"- ci. ti..3
*.iclin o tr ]uri jilctl: r, i .-re:on t. i
U- ir, u;l r rF.rts a t Che .1. a f:.r :ur ,. *,-
r-,Cor to tne L-q latur- .

i t CoLemitt.e nottd' tat it: pJrps'ae *aj ti: j.L.C i

.a a:::a-le ,einatme for Sjurnmarti:ng thre L c.-cLrt f1r riijei

c -.i .rller' raep.ort' andr not to ciela .rate a ::rl:,:-eeping

s'.st.er T e iTc icl rcport recci, -[TeLnjd -J th; -.-iuT litte. :'re

'a' .a ilar to thol-,,i rp,.-d i; t c.e several y'-ars earlier.

? r.'.is5 t -ier r'oa-t inter-c ttir.c f,:atur- thu CEUTuTM r' E r :.'i'n

1 '
!,iurlciIc al c a..; : titin r Prd',. Tdi Z, -D .e- :.'I aiati rnai [Ilni: l
Lc i. 1e 1901, |F -.1l la ;!a; 1 ar a tj ",mr, a Ic Ler,,u!, I F'.', L,,

l dw-ird Ilart ell, "F.jCi:ort .>L L ih Ci: mi ttee n i, nlf,, rrF,
.un:ciral Accu:nt a -,r'nd : -ILstl -cs, r "o-'eaeJ ing Df tiZ.C
N.-tiorali 'Mnicipai League L'902 I 5 hlil adlIf.p-i : [arional
mt-u:;'ci:a Leae ue, 130 ; -'1:

ir ..;.;- ',.1. I : e Fr i.-.ar.' u-i,,p .:- s c f t.rie rep.:. t '-as sr,

pr 'diLnj i r.-rc ic L il.ld .rc 3 1c.J r'-, i c. f r r rnue 3r,. e>:!.eni -

t:CL -s T : .rrrii ,Itr.-cVe ha-1 J li -- e. n C, h-AL -? L'.:' I altl .3 r-. ,r Iri mI

to UrLin.9 inifrcm i cri mun ipial s LatI.Lti :. The Corrjnittee

found rJ&e field ..f rLuii cipal I tiitLi :; : c.:pl ICa ed Lt at

the_ demc-. lt ir..r: ct-i.:ual1. to naL'. r-corume jniaJ iLo

riemerr ..f t!e :i.Ationai ,lujn.: -iiai Lieague al cttIL pro-

-.t.: reform i;, ic0:51 o-.'rr,-fr arC-cju i r .. ThiC-y ..rcte an"d

.-' i .Il. nr the 'Aut. :- t .t.r a.. T Aec.Lred .IjopLlIn of

. .T-el firnarcial E:hej'jle- rop:,-.J L.' rhe L-agoe ir, e-ighl

: i inrcluiinr tI sccn, Chi : igo n' .Ii lr, ,:e. 'i' al.c.

-c .- iede ir. -= Lt r ii l i ri 1 art- ref'c.f m i i a 3 ru"bter of state-S.

S .'.--:. f.r p.:'umirple. prIei .an act reJui-ring tnir.Ai class;

.- ; toi ri c..I arnr.u.ll t' tI- .-crEt r, jf state upon uril-

f i-.L'- .3 Lt~s: J.n th mi: d- r rnn3cI-i --titiom r.ts Fprepared

- .? tia l..a1 niciFal L a 'je.

rio:r t.- che; turn of r.n; crntirry, tcre Federal go0'. c-rinent

.:-..J ideitler coll:ct.-d nsr rcportcd firn.r.ial data on local

g. r ernriirnti on rn : .ppreci.aibll c ial-. In ti;-, 1380 census, a

onci-p3irti" -x*i:icit cshi.. in's assezc;cd '-;luc, true vaiue and

ad "aloren, ta .es ,n r-al proFertL for miiar Iccal goqrrnnent

, I.t- I i -- ol l i-~ sd. T-- Cen s i l co 'ras I' a troa3enei in the

IS9130 c.-iu to inclujc a f -'e-l.t tio of r-ceit : and pny;ments

o'f -tat., s, couj ciCe and j Ume i lrotr l.cal units.

.. mov-rei c : s i ctdrrted in 1i39' t,' Dr. w. F:. 'Ialtbic when

ed'itur of '.,.ni-ipal A.ffairs, to t .3 s Lihe FEel ral '.g3vernnent

.ubllsh 3 wide -..rn;u of comprThcrnsi..e irmin.iLcipal financial


-3 ~- 17:-. Thi ; .ic. neric: re Sult*d i l iJ 1 .in i:.. u;ei=.a .:.f

; :4 1i t Ci f 1i'jr C;r 3 'niciIh a'trc :. d rh.. hUeur n n ;: f

L : r rt ma- n 3rnual :3olle 11Cr-i ;..d Fp r ei n at in -*:*. 3 ::i1

- finani a -, artistic of i th :i '.'er 30,00C irnh.t-i-

:~nt Tnri funr:tin i; tran;-'rrei tc the Bureau Lof tLh

-r.sus n 19'? Inrtiil i.'.crnmeri t t efforts in r-.i r ii a

*:.- rar g cf lo:, l : -..'ernmr r,t f iranc 5 re1 dire d Le

m-7n- -..ers, the chief S-t i t rt-i.i an f r firan ,' and Tjr L i a

s :at zt z. F.:-.aer n t-;n *:c 1 sel .* ;.,ci ed .irl ril

-'t :.f th : i' l-r.. l "i' ii(-.-al LC agu.- rc. -* u- u Tnirr .r ,

-- cIas i atlor ard i .:Sn r n Del-i .:.t.'t .p.r i l

S---.:5, Cursue J hi '.'or'. .'It h c.n.idtrnL : : 51 F:. ..r *

r' r tC. r ri j ti s3 ::u. Css ul ri e .-.rm led c.,,r:.. .-.. a r tl.

-- -j t f inil c i a daft1 h r f.ll.:. 'n qj. _. i-ri-. r '.e ia.

:- '.ir.u g ,it th f-r'.:,r *'It- ni.: s . pjrsusj h- a iS asi..

-y MID r'oral e:-.ceillen:e i c:'.arrren al as r in prr.*atc
"..; ne'-. 3;. T"l. cure tris -.err.n, ,n al ffi:l r .
acc aun--s .'ill, : f .rc ':.f :c.ntr---n --n loi. :f
histor'--CDe mad- uniLfrm, .a thi rr-e r rsure d te-t
anj aid of cfflscl eri c.E admini=cratin . H re
the St rs -ire fiqlitinr against es'. r' jSi3 rn of
corrup:iln a5nd cf il.rc : here n i .'-e tie pr :mi e
c:. that throu-~n r-gq neri atir, .f ac- .ountr to tihe
needs cf .'hirh *:-ur ,ffic al s li.ra ten c:.n.-i.:ted
and in a larce degree beer. Cn.r'crrc.J .1i

19 Crri d r.Fo -.r "'i:', Eurenu .:.f th:- C-ri;j as .i n ..gSenrt
Cf -.ninicipa1 Fco'-r," rio:eedlng: of th r!i Iil2l .nI3 : ;unr, i :i
Leau U 1303 I'h lad eipl.i i: aLion.3 unii U' A7i uC 19i' 51
-r 2r --


Tn'e -"Jie J "f 'r-r.eui Ioad InLijil, i:,Lt.nhL LO us, .Frincr

:a '. : 3 p, rerar-.d r tca: i ,a-.: .i ur. its as L bae;. i f.T.r the.-

Eir. incl al d th' i; *oii lect i. TIr.=,' :-.-r.n cund tLrO- un.cc pt-

aL IUsc.Cu-ice of thr'ie *'e rI- metln-od o-f i:c-.cnr inr.g, -3srinj

cl _3 lific atiSa ':o 3. ac.-.int.. irAd thil dif rf,.rinrq orgarz i. ati on l

--rirjcture" Trn Eur.r sia four.i thr t. not .onl ..:l z financial data

p C:Fara3 lae betr. eon u icst in nr,_ :.a;..-s tr., d.at .-*ai not

r t- icl '-eL -.eCP y= ris _- i nhe siCi1e unr t. In tthe ., n ieal

-a-.i ..: .f Cit i 3 printer od ; the id riu r. 1311., Ie in

:t- d L 'totrd t the pr'.le i T th-, -n:.ioi[t r, i r. rcc m-

---.-9 :'.;p tt d.i. Th irclulo2 th:- r-Lt.C.,J f :if si-

:~-i'ri ., r.c-'.j t o a '. c nt' i fo3 r ird- p i t L',erntr.i >excrarls ,

r,-r.e:e iri anrii::a .ni al s.uctuc anri Jiffz rc; : ? in

trctir TIr C.-; u Eiur.,u prcp r,,.r a gu Id-t.C': :.n

fir,..*il? r1 -, i t base upC. t.ie r -' ti ,ln re or :-cen.l I. h; th.

i- :-'-.i nu:i ipail L-:.i',ue. Euc I-a a -jentS arneM iitr tLre guide-

:.-- re -s -?rr into the fi-i l to gq nar, correct, and s'airupls-

-:r- t-,. pal.l,- ried financial reports of local go'.'ernments.

"in n-: 'iOt r.- crit, of cities the grants of the bur-au of

t.l-, Cennzu he .' b.r, .jbli i.ed to scrutinize r r acticall' ever'

-ri.-.; f tlh pub lixrned financial r-port- a -d trnce them to

Jsr ac ,ri t3. "2 L:, -.n turn of the -enturl- there 'werc 158

ui. E ruJreau Af Ce .eus, rinancr l Stat i tit- of .Lities:
'1911 .asiln rn i on, i. S. rG..'rnm- nt Pri t.i nj i f fir 1 i 11 pp.

r1. Gr=.-, P wr-rL'r "iUnifrm Acco:untin. i in ts. Pelatinn to
S'.r:.i t rt e .-1,jni-ipal Stati tics," Prorc ,-di n.; of the Niational
'1ij-i-I rp l ICea4uJ i .J- iPrril aJelp-ila: Naitional .Ilunicipal
LE agu 1I4C41 p. 23j..

*' i: ::.er 3.i, ii.'i o u1l opr. WT ..r ar. rn' c CL IJ'). I

-nrin-i alin-: rc each ci-> ham *:OT| i rcrsnr i, :nri

arid t c, :' mc.' t i.f tl'-e data is jatihere Iiy mail arni L r, ::.t

.z :-s nn,: '-;, fU ''.ar,.

Thr'Iria.Iiiut the ear thns C.-ruI Bjuraiu hIa aim-ij ri-

r.arl', .nt c:l. tin? 3at.a :n r -c:n, c and *:'<:-c3irr ani

3=-r.-rall, -,5E n. idE nrn actteii .p ,-j rirn- c.:. pl t ... l inc

s.-.^*;: 3i-]ijnm i T i ir[ nl C- .nq c e Bur aj i ai ic-jl t 1:

7 -e urt. The/ 13_ .'.a an e uCa lo 1 .L role in lnar-:r *r i-e

I' E u- cC = 'fr l in pn-pE,-ul ri- n. .*n ,i:.n f inarc i l -rm'--

L T a.' Ia nu., en'. c -ate, n, t a.n n c .tF=L.ti ri l -

i -. 3 :; .: ata .li irnct -Jnit lr:.: l 3 'ir-' .:nt f l -a ,.:l ai i.-.ta

.-.a3 : an be u ld :f f c: '.'C ,cr '-Tp.sr.3a t *e ar all -. .

-n -.E r'.c ee-din 3r of -the r .ti .-nral lur,~e : ,5l *- u -

: thn- rr--nb,:r of the mjniL,-ipal f nance c jii-.-ttLL e LUjr-d

t1.: i-.tt- ti.r. for Lthe fir t timer t,:. "pr in: iFl s ?f Ic1. -

.go"crnrentn: C.c3un.-ing Cl- .elri 3f te!w Yo.iLk Unl'er's 3it


A ;ystEci, of ancc.,onts mir-'. t.al- its forTn arn character
from the form and chara3: cr tf furnctic.nr :.::rci -i
arid a =uct .ul rs -alt In 5iiilar frinncial r-ports
in tl-.e '3rlous cities.
To supply; tc data e sbentLal L:t iner.-llcjc1rt u.Jgde-
nr a c u:.m let d uj= l.; riLr_' 'r.ee, c.f icc.?'Jrit il
ncce sary' rather than tli- t- n .; rmonl.ril,' a.id ..Inr la
Etitry' I t';:in.
A proper cl.a,3ls.nf.ation of a.:cc'unt re-qu-ir r- pr:.-r-
tier inr-nd.-:' far ,iontinu-rd use be sE.;ra._ ted aind
set :.- art fran ar. ;. t- to. .ht.l- tnr- cit; i Ic.i :=
a mrinans f r.a'm.ent :.nri that th? .:.jrrent liabll itle
L.' dlEtiniaulshed from' lonot-tr:.ri l1at.iilLl,-.

.i- ch pE~ .r o. Ci of fi: ii l. Diel ity a

!-. l_ -z r d.- : ..5hichi .ill reCf'-l t -ur e tr,.r,a -
::n ,i.ti rini . .:in .r, tn. final :i.rnjiric.r
nf a: h ft. d .e c. --

Cl '.'1r.3 e:-.:arnjed on Cn ;5 cc.n.:rt-' n i n rLticlCi put-

li-ris: cih fi.ilo,- in4 ,ei'. In LClis article l-e t.a tai.

,;ri- .r c l i. :::uritir-i 'l. ui. L r a t.:ier.tfi r
i Ti ai. 1h'1 ch, assif icatio'n .3f iac.:,- rnt
-i Il a .j Ci ch-.- prot L.. or inuiir:ip il ir. 0a ; -
re-rt ni c:-ntr:' ari.n t'-i inf rn atio.r, ne. es3-3ry
fc r L:cluc .1 r,. -2

F -r r ti-n at tr.i t1im., 11 .Jl .p rn "frirer s C.f j'niforrm

-: n an r. d r n J:sire :c.nipratle mun icl -ta-

,-.f -~:a l '- r rations t:- enter up in .., fr l ,

-..' ie di -::u i.:.n of i t prtrciples tn t should underlie

J. :zpal -cr unt iq .

S -. j : .' no c .mprel .en l'.', ner al l a.::e rped aetL of

o 1 q..'-r'it C:countiia principli iirctly resulted from

a- -rf.'.;.r- : r'.-j i .nL t.i iimportanr-e ."f the reformiiers efforts

r. .u not L t. rd-rescimiaej. rte m O.'eiierit did tjurn he spot-

1 :'-': f .ullic F rinicrn on lo-3l ir,'. :rriint accourting, its

i e ni:s:e and the need for iarro.' emnt.

','-i':A ;.. Cle"elar.d, thatt Conratit'uts P.Reaonable Uni-
ro.rT., iri hi -al :-ccount 3 ,and F.-o:.rtz Proc;eed nqgs of tile
-ai!.-,:.1 .lu;.Lcial L aqu-.. 1:',4 inr-il.aed p;-"h a: lijtL nal
n.i : -nial L-: :g e, 1904-1 pp. 2'33-15.

r-r i:'.: ;. Cie.ela[d, "The Nirnnlarure :rid Phraseology
or I .'lipFal ':driris ration .ind Accounts,"" 'roceedinca3 of the
:-.i.:nfl 'ioizip'al league 1905 (Philadelpnia: J-Itional Muni-
,7ct:.-. l .sc -e. 1i0' pp. 2z5-43.7--

24 Eo.rus. *"Uniun form.:.countir p. 2'9.

:: ..i I

r'urrin c.ii. t rrn-:.f-tle -*:I-LrL .:r' pC rEcior'J ru..i.t ..*f c .rn-

iLc.t:- ainj tel te "-ar-e f.:.Lr- uL t ..i j ir. a.cceptedj triCt r ill

affect t re rol a3nd funC.in cor, i..:ic- : o"errn&niTi acccur'c r

to.ja'. Ti- prine t.c' *ers of en r f.: or r"cmLnii in irnet : a:

vret promiiii nen t usin= -: mer Frri tr,.Te- re if rmeit rs gt th -'-h

i.'ea trJ' t Li-'C prir, ci ale;- rf "c' fir :i nrt b hus-3: r.ar- 5 =Mctr

cul" anr.1 hou:lld := o.F le a to ic,:al c1"err zr, nt.

Hi f th-l re tC.O ir.1 buS r. -,i3 nI "l' =..'c r t e :tru tjre
*.f tit orl'," ct c*-.r jrrati jr i a C ii, uu3i,',:; a rt. ni
,f theL nir 1 .e-rnt :ErtjI;y ,'itr p. r t i.C .1i re e: r.-..
He, majd fam u= L'.E 3 -se mr In . r.rat ri, r. l ra
C*'. SIiripl,' matt r ot .3 I 1' r. LhE "pr in11 i
of C : c'1riC3 L rS a3' 3 rre ri t. -

-. lief 12 "cr potuiar er tod a anr. miFar.',' i ca g .- rr,-

-ert cina I.2Et-.t E zar.pai-r. ur.j r tre Lbanilcr of run i rnin ii' t

c-. r.r ,-int l i'e stre:- .. .: ncr c;ri itanct 3 tlisn; .li f is

t.-.at i a profic-mai-.ir, organi-rir-r, to funitiorn etffr.i'.'i

re :-ir- an i equati: ai-cc.urnti r, iti - n :r ,cri I ,1 trhe ca:

fcr p'bi:c ,Drgariizaticnl .

secor.J te-lief that arose ta'.js tnsat for dimocr ic co'ierr.

nort -- fctunctior. ri' i El'' local lc;'.'-l there mitrLt t 3 snr

.deiquate3. flo fln3nrclal inf.-rnEation bL2ti.'en thi loal

*c.'ernm:-nct and i3 :it :cria.

It itri e ..uDl :j i mi' t al pro 1Je it:.-l f 'iti- tr,
m e fans f .'crTLIrig inLt~li cent Su-jF r. iirn oi.'-

ahar]c; R. .;,rion and Charle.: Pres, Co rrnir.q i.'Lar.
Aner ica, r.1 .j ic'.. -.r' : IcGrar '-i.111 Bo.-: CoT. ., 190 ,
.,. 3 2.

-lE fi] i3t Cr.5 i' r .I rcC *. it; r..)i 3c-Et 3 t -l--
.and ,3 in:r . i. e I a,' r .c de:a i in n 3 reforLi
:r.. c en tll[ IP ;, Ia'.S .e j 3 c rsenrit1 g e ,
S- t' e L :i 1ig t -- l- i tjit Ctr ma'j r L- L &I,.j
;.a r ti.r- d:elsed FAtiei pubtie :.:C.uir t a rid
r r:3' ar a:rd ac.Lrc aC r.por7rt -

TL.. I. a form of rati:,nadl rin arqiume.nt. I-hat John D-E'e L'ally

nevc; t r r ti ,- tiacal. cCu- .in tcc. riL.e ".;,.. d" Ci..l ti: al

7 1:': 7 1 o.n. : ae-a c .nd r libl inforrmaticr. Irif: Cmatioi

:- it a n iad ncuid bL sup. l i LP' c uLi.- i r, an: 1al reports.

A nird *:c.rnc-p that ip -niated in this ir ra in, reed

a tas.i r.- .:L irig of itl piur oc-..: cf L oc-l i ci,'rrjrienr':

: r.rir :. 'in z t-n- tieo firn.r:131 rpc.rt inc "as areiij

:'- :- 3 ,;-:: r [-.L.ic of c: i ion'. t. "j I r. jld

::nitirn .f -i r icanr C tiCiC 13 z coirlu:te-. i itn r. r. pr ,:lpal

I- - t. OL]it C .--tiat f rci..'in. that tne tra-isu r -3i.,J

: 'ier ar; ..3n F" -crm.r.-; ad-cc tcd that tre i.'c l

c'.'r-: -.. .irt ::.'unti ; j'i tern Uibe .o J lY.lri-n d that it :1:o pro-

:"-2 3-':isionr-ir. kin3 in formation fcc both .- it:-ns and puLllc

- ial33.

.nrnual reirort. of cities -culd i'.ve .. cst,
cihrL'Ctcd, end eff 1enr:; o.f t ;:-i-r *go.-.rnriment
S. qre value for pres'entiinc and \xpcsoin'g
ausu-. .. ....'jld sdp.ply autnenric.- arid in"-luable
f[ -- = fore intellig~e t le i.:latic.n.2i -

22.Cl-.-lard., -lcap:ter., :.p. 102-04.

Pr ':r. TIh iLrcaII I.o the C-'.r..u p. 3. '

Pr-'oi, Tse Cov.ernment r. 52.

in-. id:--. tr,- ii: trLsiisted ar.S Yt*ir ne-Ionr1 al1r-; jl-- I

still ocrU:Uti i ith E:..t rinr.J l thri bc.'unr, riea ..f l.:r: ,i .:.-- rn-

T a 1 runr iiE t-_ Ad cuL'r-a nr prc ic 3 .

..frtc the turn ofr tlir erit.jr Liic riTiriq t rirt -r.

human tar arni:m fr-srored b'.r che Spanirhi ;:-r-a r 1i c an wr r .r-:... .-I

p.j:'rft ll infliue.zc- In :.:Jr ending ie:.-i g1 ,'.'rfum:-nt in r. r n .

3-rt'ic areas Jic h a: taCLt ati -n. F.roLatlGn, p.uoli: ii-r;r ti-

an: r.u.l : nrtilt Tihe fqii3 t a: 1r- ..t orruft i .r as tra r..it,.-

C-: b, t ae ac-.esl :n Th.f od.re F:r. e.-e t j. t he Fr : ia :i .

r:.ed to L a L adi r :.h: d.-m.inat~ d .:-nm ri.:n li f ain,

t : ,:nt, an.Ai str nr. thl-red L'i:- reform ro'.eme t. T.r dri"- f:.r

c -..; ,oiterei L tihe r.-fit rm r-,'.'rii;~nt rrn isljte. e tself it-r,

-.e. _'rr.us of ic.al c.':ernmernt tructurju Tte .=i. .a f.-rm

to >e g r ralL- Iriirc'd qu r. f.o tL i btL'L ': r L: r

:s-: r a n r 'rintil it CI rtIui' mni.i i pa t1 .

in 1900i G l' 1'e t n, Te-:.;. 4e.:-erilaer ed a .*re- t f ri-. a.,3

tidal wa'.' In ti.- eart Jer.;:'. a cit; JC'.'rr -ernt pat rne- :-n

tse order :f a modern t.usiness corp.rjtciotrn w'r crcatri. ;ljr.1-

cip[ l F.: er in the coiTt.i exan forf af g- *earnmihnt ..as corin n-

tratcd in the hands of a fi'.'-e-man c.-.unilL Ti. e fornm c-f

gove-rr.ment maintained Frecminence fo-r n:.'e fiftev-n :eare

during wi'hicl tir.ae some 50j0 cities 35:.iprte tn-? ln. in inr.

en3 h io.-eer, it pro.'ed ini pcrsiL'.l to Lt3 anlate ti- .:rg rIniz; a-

tional stru;cture of irndui j tL into lc-3l : '.'Lr.-n C-'i,-. 5-

sioners elected on r th La-is 5f fa-CoC t.-thcr thin ra rinira Listi ..

skills prova" ill equipped to adnirn :te r-i-nicicpal go3"rnreti.

*i@f inzreajing size and coU ,i. .'.1 "Its ultimate d.:mi- i i.--

7 ..' D. :' re a1 a : r t- hat i' :- < L r t .' t b 3- .
u:r a fault' inrirttuci.n prc-is.

Th i-.- : e.:l utic.r,l st in: i ic.z '-.e:ruent 5str fuc tur

a3 t addit n o.f fuj i-timcI ricr ssi.-.rina 1 atmin l str tc-.lr

t :.ct -3 a nr .i qr. Ti a rFiL' ct Li t,'; hirt : a cit rinar g- r

'.as 'taunt.:.n, '.'ir. n :, in i'03. i9 13 oPv_. r '00 citr nia

3Jlc cel thr L z 1 irn.a r lji T .5 f .JanuaJ y i, i19 9,

- ii3 c.t:.es ni :7o'j.t ii inr tfn na i.'',I = S te hajd it,

'iLi-a-.g 1:rl- rar I cau -ra -E.tL i: si I- nrrintri cbts to

r- -- tin,: f:r i r-.rt p. icd c'f tir.:, parti-ularl,' in ta-

: ,r'.:- i J, er. *r.t iecad cf t,'.E t *,i- tL r. .:nttr

S=. a a A 1 el -..ar. n o-f i -' al go. r, nienC. Tn- c :n inue.J

i .r.i pL': -s'- _t': t led t.. in r -r is. in pl:. i g rrjiaer

:-: .:-r.f- cr,.e ir. ri-he uri-i-rc: ir of n .i': p._ ]-.:ts, arid

- .r, in of -c.. oafr, a of l-ical i r'.r ri .-nt f crv.i c .

The seed :-f zrnia s.:'n '.'r th. ref-rm mi'.' mincrt fell on

S-: -l. gr.-.unJ inr tl-h field I f local g:.'.ernmr cnt finar:nc al

aJ i r, .: trar.- *.n. Trh r-:forn qLre.u. hz.a b-ee-n primarily inter-

? lt: In .r-: mo in g a 3 'r tn that would r-sult in financial

r rt .nr '.sin.n detL.aild cxp.nsrs 5and r,-vcnucj tnat would be

c-p.rbe r~r iLr urnts Prr3 ittiLncr and "theoretlcians"

".cii nu NI .::. ~ f. Local G '.'.-rin-int in the Uinited States
i.qgu-. IrLter;, tlI-.ns l unior of Local .utnoritiei 1961), p.

Ull ,nicir i 'e.ar c .:5f 1969 i .'shingLn: The IntLrrla-
t ':.ia Citt:' Mana.gemenrt :'.- :ci l-tI- 1969; n. 467.

1i- r iLL fr.lh : -r,.: J :iZJ : 'i I .-. ael s- "- C:--rSl -cs 1 .

T-- t or, JO ," .'menr i : a.c- c urnLir --- ,p-jSi.d th- pi L'i 'I .

fuilo ,rin Dc :u,jii.Lir, F : ic- s ,Lc tr he ri.' t e.: c'r.

it. i-,aG .ften be-rn ar itrar11. ard I tCii.-'.-, in-
corrrectly :, ssjm-d t:.-, tr,.u- p r.-.:e ur c-o.rmonl.
fcilol .di ,n ~:cun'rt: oii pr.i''art- Luinef-l Ca-- te
applied i ti'n-Jt .'at r: ,t n jfri f- er. n L-: pu lic
acc ., .-. a re-.ul I b.lii"i. th- r t ma n rrr.
of princi":l' rla t.e - .- c rit 1t .

'_ ,i s "--. .la ed .I- -'e l:. .mert e t .n .j til of 3 r

c-1tri.l., :-:npi:a a u nd -zt tCtur. Ltc rttA -nrn c n

1 e:, -.: irta e.--Enrt' f i rart :;i i ." enr'i s iT. :i z. .'i it .jr= i

- r L.o t ..,- ,r- .'i;l '. r i- .-:rle 't 1 ta lan.:e rn-e -. LiI-ii s

-nir s f r r m r.r'-r'e:.t irl 'iuill. ci l'. thi'e i c i;I .'

.'-.'- "r tt.Li- ~:- e 1 .al *I r rumenr. D .:c i2 -- i r 1 into i ffer-

c-. :.5 i 3i r C-rJllcjat'J su.fi- lJ *:-f aC-iourtin:

Junl.ratrin3 on i .-cal i:'e-rnrmient ac. :.unrii a Ju-.i r-n. i

-a -C.J '._re rnerail'y limit ted to Fr.-i i 3 r, j ~e .aii .i 0...: rp-

i i.-5 f f) L-n 3 aTij pri-c-dur-r. Litti. E pnin a .as 3Z itr ircd

tz..ar .~-dcv el,-, i[,t of r Io:. q '-rnr,-nt a5 i rI:Il:l. I -an. ja r J

: -rinc,_icl T. There '.-r- ,f :. rE -ii-= .c~ I- ln. L y :' i :Ire.

in 192" rot :

T. jrj- ria ze it [i'y -[pin rion Lt'at trh ac-corrts Cn
s,tater..-i-t of '' rr.n'- n. anid ru" li.-l Ii-;itlut i'in

?ILI ; Tfl r.,-_r i lar,, al -f i.111"L'--- i I5 1 Ac'* 1J-it i ^ i ll'- i':.r] :
O;t. -il- ni s rn: In:., la2 1, p. '5i.1
3j- -i L ii in : 172
'See rci -e n l F.. ;. -al oer "TTie flnicr i r-ipai alarln:-
SheC.t," JoJ- al :f ..,-co'ntin ,, .n.:X ', :c. 2., l.rci 1923, pr .

Er: .1J re -, ,in La inc In ; 5:::. :." :-i .*. Its rhe
S:,i l-.'.. r n F ri _i .l : e I: :

rpl :.11 : L.:C .Jlnt .:!;,JlJ b clssi f ic.,. t fuind:i
ar.l :. rii; .uli.J til-, i 3.:.7:l.i-. -l-~'... 'l l t E
mi:c i i :H J,. J. ...t :e.ar l '' S t f:rth thi
re jur,:,:. bi g ti .r, anJ .uL'js4iJ 3if eazch
fund 1i J rall.
2' That th,: d i -in. tic.n Let: -n "'pr:- pf Ir-tar,'"
ani ''-i.-3 -E t a r j:_c-unts j.l"luli LE 1i rL' -
r.ria j ran.l tr. : ,-e -a. :,cou'- f .c .:r f d.
h.ucuid te uni fr-. fr all Iurp:-e = s.
11 Thl- : 5.3 : : unr C If d : i t i:crn d.efa'rc
iter, 3 .L i: --L -' ij i -. not a-tujll: d-j ,
:h:cli :.ci1nari. Lc .mir-te.
i r.5- 3: c:unts f* d i : .;e nr 1 1 l tres
I'-. L Le i ni3nr iij a.1.1i h the c' e ho:u1 n t
3-,- ir I" J .'rL'-' :t :I .it- i .-c:,Coun. t Of C unj:
ur.l=as the" c:learly rerscnr re.ourc-e rr
:1 1: : -f -h i' f njs.

- '.'.l ir ,late ;.ff..rt -' ,a :at pub11'i= .J lIy t:

1.=: .,t L -':,- -f *.. ern,- ti l F e-ea -.:jl. Tn y cr parE arnd

:-ihe. hd a 't f "Srn riariI f-or the Aliri, itri t i-n of Cii

a-L ,.:- *' ic '- l;I 'lu l t'-,: fol I -w ing :

C-. i 1 rc 1 ira FrriIrcil TL ian a rci.
1. .:'-::,Ltj r.s shouidJ- Le -entrali:d in the
c :*rl trol 1er f i-e.
2. .lunil[al .:count in3 =ho'juld b maintained
,;n i-n r :rul l basic; .
3. Cinc r..l 1-j in e.it'r ri e of n- tn i.: ty''
3upd.l I;. n,3:at.rials cq,.lurricnt, and r ail
estate- shuid i miaintarined.
-1. Unit 3an ]b co.-sr E cr it: .~ail" -e should
5-e '- il- able .
Pa:'rc ll 3a'.1u b, under comi r lete zonrlc:ol.
All. I c .ouiJ nt3 if h clit, shnoul'J 1 ). a.rlit..d
contLi -u:.'J, 1_ or peciaf lic al ', L; i uditin-

-t.,ra :1 ,nu.5l p. 15' .

?.utl.-r t r, ir :p r -. -r. r Df t;-: c.:rtr.lI ''
o r ic.
.. F crio.ic r rpc.rtt to L*. ia3ei ti, t[LI i ub IL-
ri.r,1jdA i -: r:.ni:r. . t .,- .r- tir ni stacr.l-r,-tr, and
Lb aI .a n c .-s h.:- t.
8. ."j i;- r- t ir aU'iu- t is fully 3: ip;.np -r ar. a;-
a caci audit. -

Triese t'.., pj-IlicationrI are r.~t-.' rtr. L--3 3f rt rr ii-

.l ence :r. l ti:.r ,pu r ic cait 1i-. f; t 'lrii ir a' F ra-i: :

Of f: : r A. :c t i:n.

Tiic j'-e t -'l[.'r; :il-r, n th hi -scO'i; :f ti; I. n it.,i t.

.- :ar. i ti- fall :f I ? r. J n-ra actuja l.' 3ri una.ti r.

: .- :r.' L. e ln t r i c f:Ot- a'- a :- a.j l t-r. th n r,,._' ai

i::-.:-.,C c,*:r ittio.- Juir ii: tin 3 ,: .j i-nfl-* :.C.I :;al 31_.1 i L r,-

-C- t r- ~: I. 1 i 1J-. .] 5 1Jh- i 'i.- tLr -D;'.i ir S 3-' ,r a .'. Th- r: ._ 2

: ,- i: l r- tr thr s,upp rt L f 1 :, ,L g r, 'Ln irt r-. r :.i r- a r. i -

e.- o-. Tii= l .:i; ,rof tiiianlrial ,Js[;^ort tj.?,3th:r '. It'i tl'

L :- 1: Lr. nts ot f ~~, i-rnmn t 1r furintction aJ u iniuri o U t- tE

faila.3 L' uni,-ertii r-ls a3 g' i 1 2er:.menrral bd,1, c nntri-iLut-eJ tL

t.e Jcr.Eral dEar is. of imos Lreforn 9r :u,'Ps. Tnh rea--.ure= anj

liel saurhrit h .f local oo .1er ruitnL: .r e.E.E in iiT.L't C:D53

inade-qu3a t to handle the social pr.rblcin resultin; fraoir, rh

i6le earsi, n. ilany 1cal qa.-'. crrun~nt had ber- s-mito r rtied t ; a.

ta.z 3a E thit jIi uca dreci ini;gl' irnflat:-_ by a -r3 *:.lalaps ing

le1- 3t1t1 l:oc,: Inr thi- '.3I'-i n3n ,ci,-t- f -uid 3rni_,,n,_ei e. :

3 Lril I.. Li on an :. E. ijht..r, "3tan ar-i a of firiin
A'.?.il .i' t-r .'r rjM iori-l lurlnici .al Pte l-' *. II IFeitc-.:'y,
1928 r, p L-. 19-132.

ir-r an m,-.;ap'- tne ty -., of flin nc ..i sta crrierm.t bE Lni
r ccr.'u"ninJi d in this p-riiod .* 'e .pp nd i-: I-D.

Ij r. t ii tt r- I.t :rni t -:. iJlrin i: :_ts : f er tir lu'

m t : i.2Ui a'JI tcl; '.ert :'ei in p-uJlic relief r:.1-c .

Fj-ral a~r sat : .'vcrrrniT:. cs -re f:r'cd t p cL'ocilde finan.rc al

1.:cl.f f: r:* tre r 3ar, pre- cj lo3:a] jun-its. Sirn e r.,is per i.d

iri:erg- "eCir.enita1 furidJ-l al..i ch a = :jia t.d a countinging c':n-

'r.i: i,3- :n: -,.I:~ .*:-r ti.--ujll incr :' 3 d. The &r, i'r.-

- 1i l Er. :;s :rf r 19 0; : atej I-,.a-.'_ press 'A -irc f.or cra rr in

1I. ,:: i ,,-er,- e t :iC* ,j,,tl, mC.

"'u l, iCi 1it -i, ,- ] nIp i-. sl vr.; th- inan.-cial
7 .-:.I-,i- .. . Th : i c .Lt are hr a.'t and their
r '..' -j Jr, t i ,. L.i e caI : i .Jt ='.:..33 '. 'r r-
isna.l .--.' iJ t. .-. 4::-: ,u rncha lenerin . .. ef nit
r- .' ] a.'i.jdard- .:.f [' p: -LiCe ian th ]i, ii iniZi -1.l
C- :u, -, ir l- ll i ng L' -.-'i. adl la.' i r. -1.3

n- n.r,: f i-pror ia nt in l:c l -r ii.ent a: c ,j:iting

S .:t ,nfriurl-:.1 rot rt'ef:rm i irin-2 en 'ut b'.,' tu he~e

S--c al c :hj: s3 ,;t oii. tr, il'niu cipal Finance i Offic-rs As-ocl-

rIn 1.934 t.i .n, n:red an org ra i atic:. calle': the

'itlirnal Ci ,irr.ttce on Ifu:r-cip'l Accojnting. At their request

,cin t:-Inal .:rga~i:'atcior, ? IL. r3rican .s'.s-..,ati oi University

Inr truct.r- 1:i1 A.ccuntin .'ineri-an Inrititutje ,.f .-,coiuntAnts,

--.rj-.an '.'unlcipal A.;:cl. tlt onr, jr.ricar, S' -c..ty .:f Certified

FP l .'..:c :.J rtan-:, Irint rnati :nal Cit,' ,lanr-gers As::clu tionn,

ilunllri'.l Finr.n:- .'ffle,' s A.,sociatrion of the IUnltei States

jrl H. Cniater', "H'ir A':-o.rtourt-r.t Can Serv e tunici-
pi t LCs," J:..irrAil of c:- .ir- nc LI.: (Januiar 1 35). pp.

. id C-ain la, '!3 nal' l a r ja i n f Lost .' : ..nr:j r n

'5ajt nij l .',I Zi. rlt.ion. .:I f -t .: ..u3it:.L' o pt r..l1 C l ip

Tre.:-.urerzr, .t ,:al :unr :ipal Lea.muj. Lnitu.d C ates u'eau

of C inasus' I h frZ-ire : a urin Lpal -.c:ountin. C..ruii :tt- .

Ti chairman fi as:n .f rneS- ai'.'is -r c.ri t te-e ajt:.Ta i.:-

all'.' Letcas a meirtL. r c.f tre I;.a t tal C.*rn' tt -.. he :' r

cfforc. a3 iiC.comrmltisheJ priLmrl iy trl'jiro'u an e.-C't ti' c...--

.mir- .hi:h inr.luJis te Litrector cf the r In irc.al Finranc

.-ffi.r-Lrs Asr .ic .'rn, Carl Crat.o-rr Ir.',r n T rrnn r tirn r

-. f :cco .-ilnt l.t for th. or ri i ti:.n and Ll :.' d r:_ .f th-

..'. t of Illi nria T".- 'L mr n fair, ill J d:.r rat :. I ti:

ur,.:.:,-nt= .jf the : r.an iz. :-ni for mrjn ,'e. il .

ITr- rnc ri -tir n '- r ,or, .r: -'n tt.j gi f 'C0: 3.
!,e :-- r aru tr r ar-r' *:r ; :rt-:J a : l3 x

I11 To et. up prin.iple- arni Itanarardi f muni-
:-sp l ac junt inl ;
S21 To de'.'-lop taniAiJr, la ssI f lC n ai an
urniforn tcrnriiri.l- fjr sac-c.untant aInd
r31 T aebarK -,nri an edu ja i -i a- c.pap ig-n to
sell Che-ie prirciplpi and standards to
*o'.'ernm:ntal fiscal and a3Cijiu tin ii Officers,
s ; that the' ma' af :..t them.

The- la:iaonal C,.rru.itt..o puoll i-id tnre r-norjgr phi during

193j the first ,,'ear of it? tnc-ptil-n; .'. I"rta.t '.-e (outin --

Prini l le .- of 'luiicr oal L.-. curnting IJ.an r,a 1:i'-1 i T nrt atr.'e

OJ Lltire.; f -i f 'l -.e't Fr:-,.:- dui f.or a1 Djt.'ii -J ilurn :ipal

''J s rn ,:. L. er "', "Tt [Iit'-rln Cona.it-tL- oin 'i- rr.-
mluntal .a'.ccounting ::'ini-:l al rin iancc '..III itr..rJar_ 1' 1 ,
p. 121.


S- i 1.:3 13 1 ; an. .. EiLUll.irap., c-f ";Lnici a ..: c'OunI ti

0.", 1Z93 ioi t 5i-ni3 -i s : -- at.... l iat c.f mur. i ip.al

qg =rf lrnL acc, untinc p rinci.pie. e ihis : a1 tn- firstt

;ff:'t o-n 2 nation al 5:;1 to tatbli.h principles or

munriiFpal a:c.ounr tin and a cti". el' : r OmO-t. tli= ir u-e."'3 Ti'e-e

pr'iciplie ;'..ch ar .3 L-r -c -J d .-n t'i- fo-ilo..in pagF es are

s -. i e-" 1 ; J _- "n = d :- I I ,. .

The :s; t .pir.cipl-: lle3 fcr *entrtal lin iLir, at accounts

uni-r tr. e arc-erto- or on ctfi:er L.hio '.,culJ b.- mrai' responsi-

t fr' L.3 -r. cOf all fi,,r.cial records arnd. prIa;i ing all

.: i r::t:'ts ih? COmnirtTe stats ed tlhit i.hilc tr firE t

:71_- 1e ; l not itri.-cti a.-, r -3 o'j it Dn pi rirn iple it .'s ra

; -.-ti .ji nl alt i-nal fe-ature. The1; alro recc.-unend ej tnat

c-. ic c-- f t. he f rinane offi: =.l .e made C-.r tI'-i ba is of

r -- ani t.r a e. auajt salary sc.al.es siid rSaaonabi tenure be

"-.'---d -ni r:on- pr--ncile called for a double entry

. : .-cpr a, tem, classic fcation f .acounts by fund groups,

..a eparaiion of th. -.-quity' in capital assets from current

a 'r-lu. T. third trin.i pi sp.-ll-d at a fund classification

yst:i:, ri:eral, p-ecial revenue, utility, bond, special

a:E -,nt -, tu.-t anr. p,:nsl:n, agcen-: sin iri'. The fourth,

fifrh, an-i.d 51hl prinri:i-ls rall-:i for an irteAration of

b.,-'igctar, ;:, i operatlonal a:ounts inclidiLng recnri~es, expendi-

tLLt .Z,. t .. :*. nationss a'i, encuLi' ranc F:e- inues nnd

Cat H. ChatterD, "rii-in -s o- L lunicipal -A:counting,
Public l .arace.me-r ...VI (Janua:r 12 p. 41.


-. r niirtur-s ":r- t-,* be Froperi rn. ::r; stn:-l, class fi e

t.y r.c.per funr ar- *la sifiz .tio Th: s .'r:r h r n:ip1 -k

calie3 for es :atblisiI-Irr t :.f co-rt tyEti-i .-nic h '.o.ull r.aL ti-

cost-" to be all-'icate to. L e 'arl:,u activiti-es t:' dE, art:Ti t.

Th- eighth p'iri.n ipl- -alled fr.r *J-.'eloriiert o-f a ?~ UL .3 .ar

re:or 3 : at .:r :for ur tl) c ar. uiil ble arind pErr ranr.:nt :ropf 'L t hr.

ou ii be cornLir- lei tlnr uLI t-: -i e eri-r l 1 a-r. :.s t =

t be L '-:'-rd a. c. t *.: f 3a'Iii r. l.. Yh. rl ni r.n r inr,.:,r ie

:alle.J fi, tLhe c o--- .unLin, .t murn ,ci 'al int -er ti -: mu s :r, ta

.! tli e t .I hi an. l ijr, -ia i rt 1 i r to .th-r -,i...:1 j

_- -'.at- enter ri eta. Tie C.*:nitp ill i.'iL iaL. u i_ a t_.

S're court .'er : l r' i. an D lj ft it *pt.. i tt :., etn-r

a :- al or 7.- ad couriting was' adoptCI r d 'i pre:iati: *i tas-:r,

.,- I.-i i.t Thi -rcin:iple 5 cr ;i-r rl f I "-i r.:.

:-r:-i in.j ir'nnov tiDr. j.i mnc-t had .:-Gern Fubli- hei 1on. n foi-, or

t;.-..t' r b iathor ir e the late l'20s.

Trx l i tL ri ral c.'rtmi tee in 1i.9 5 e:-:p.ndrd on ch r :.r i ial

Fuil ca-zionr '.,i th the piublic- on .of a!luri: ; al Funa in.1 Trh.ir

Baeancmc Shts Th- Fpt.llat. :tion increiasej Ec- r.'umtb-r c.f

accounting principles to. fiftren. '7h- r- .'a. praincilple are

shol-T, in App-rrilx 115. lI-: ori.nsal pr in.r pie * ---re inL- llujA

s-ome r.- r!,- r. con71c .1i r Ir .lua.3 and a nunibt-r of their r pr r. i ipies

adeded, inoCludLIng rc-romitendtj Cionrs tn; t tn: .i-::rjai b-i-3 Ir.

acz-ount.;.rq for re .'-nu e i= n i .:prnd s n.itu-?re L.- f-i .: i r. --f r

as oractica]. that F nar.:,.al r.oCrts ho-uLllJ3 '- ; .r saed -ontil

or ofteiier, ar-l that a peric.li .Audit ma-c b.' puL. 1c

liaccoIntants. Tr.- outliCat.ot n ali: recofirrin-d that sc=;ratm

balanc-i : hets '*iLth proF ri Car'- an LLud.* e rari r a- ':cunt- be

pre-'ar d fcr C. : funt-i ari.d :r.nr l rcoir-. imen .led a-ain_ t U' e

S.n *:.nr liiJt : i ilarn ial Statlrint;s. IIllU trations Of

ri:cnu n.iei tL.alan e 3n;h-t forratEs -ore in.- lu ed ~rd a copy

: the rec.-:mr,-onrLje. balIane -- :E!;t for the Gen:ral Funr

sh .'nn an .App cid i.: IE. Cor .are this b l r ar;c Er-: r .'ith tli

,im.Fle State tenL to .:;AEL anid Li tjilti .-i r .:" oruended by

..' Il 51 i 1-rl ni .ipi Leag'- I.App 'cndi- IE) and tIhe rea i r

.ill 3'.,-e n.r',,E i.iea 'f hi far thi fin cia l recp orts had

e ',-:lid inti a .im Fii[ cat-.ei subfield.

E 'jr rin t -. :. t c-'i 3C l je.:de. th-; .lati.ral Cirui ttee

3 a number jf l:-ull :tir o.3 n c teriii. audit pro.,cd.-ire.

.' cc r.ur. in 3tt: m a [. s1 -1rn if1: nrt c.ianqer in r.:rcm-

r-ra3- a:cunti'ng prrr.:ipl; s .ere -iade in thea. Dul e1 irn'.

Ih: -:; inr: r -frf.rt- :f tle I.ati..:n l C": T r. t e ':.'r- started

in 14 ..hen thI: pr.: idern of tile IljnicipF l Finance Of fi:ce-s

.Ss:clatio. r ea:!.iv.ate trie rganizal tion which h :..a t, ce

rIn- il th-. I[;ational CcOiumTittee rn C:'.'errmlental Ac .ou.Ln tng.

7h- supporting o-rgani:ati:,tr. ,'ere ca3in as'~d to appoint

riJni.ipal accounting committee. each ad'.'isry zoT-maittee was

requ' -;teJ to rT'via- the existnr bulletirna and submit criti-

:Lis-=m and r-c.:r-L mendations. hi- -ffs :rt reAulted in the publi-

.*'tl'n of the well KlinJ:-T "Blhuc Pjc'" I('unl.-p'?. Accounting and

.k. li.ircq, 19511 and "f.edBhoc." i3tandard Classificaticn of

Thie revised set .-f principles as published In Bulletin
ii. 12, 1941, is included in Appendix 11C.

Ilunici r r--;.1 .'c C:o nt 1i 9' iTr- *.raft ,L f .th r j L tici : r i -

"cr: prrcpared ou I:.ini icr.nerL tnie -.fcorricr tc' cc.-i.- l rt- t.

The: t : c'.J:- plij licat i C Le:Ciia rTii 3st ndai rcf er : r f:.r

mian' y lCcal *.'.ierrTim en[t fir in.e *:ffi eL' thrlu'I h., tLi 1 50s

and 19a0s.

In ;lni :ipal .-pcc.Iirn tirn a-ndC .--..dir in a v.--iizei :4:

: rincipier fp r lo.1 :a1 ':. ern r enrt n :c unr ,J c jbli. :h i'i

tie i l1 publ ic;: i: n h: t h.i teeri in prior Fi p bli.:cir ta rd

;rirn:iri lz noa r 3'JUJ 'iJe Lrt,. t j., rcteg. .riE gcrinr- lC

ari r. cc-ijr:-. h n priri cpie; n tr P i 35 FU lcaI 3'_:'r ,

:_ i .- ic'J e in t-c r: "i .:.r ..if 1 -.1 ir, r .- c tase '. rbat. ir

S sditicr., p ri ; .ci 1 aE .7 -!rn iz in. t-j_ l r,;ort ia.': c .E Lfth

-:: -f 1 3.; r.rd'i ion: cjUjC iiirl *a.jiinr c ria Ltl h;'..1

::.c -,i.ny fun:i, cr,.3 i.c nr-runai lr tiat C.i cri.riK .ci' nr!'-..,n c r. i

cl C=; = fi ti.n sh:Liuld bc i, Cd thr.-l-ih -,,t lth -ntire Cco ,jnt g r

r.., t- and e.j I'liE Coi-ui A '-te a tt Leptce t_ l ,: 1 it-

po.szii.rn on : jiibinid fuii balarce sne.t ;:- ich it re.:, ,.- ari

ratn-r thar, conori liat-d t.ate-6r nts. Oni',' rln r :hi.r-ian re

trade in reccnrrended model statercents 3ucr as revi si n=- in

ca3iit rnar. hic dinrg or terr,.iolr.og' :.jl ri:a i L n .-' rch as Jri.cp ir i

the term r c-:r"'; .. SiunrdTar.' f th-: ~.:curn lt plrin.ie.l- aind

proc.-dur,-s as c-l. ,'.31sid in r 'bs-iic .jl :', i:.J r jn1n n AuiJ

are incl .A-d in A.poerni..- iID, an.i a sia pie Lal i,-.e :-eet in

Appendix IF.

Th _e Coa-Iii--tel -'s 195. liciartin, .n Stan.djar Cias i Ica-

tion of .;r l.c p.l ":Cc, jit:, "de iE n-dj to s-r'.'e a; a n 3i

for bcLnh .diniristraic- :-ntrol and tihe :cr.iilatirn ..f fnirirci al

S a- :. D 1 all r. i a I1i t elp z l -i.- or t rt. lcDzal go ern-

7. r .tai u t .is irrespe:ti..e ao tneir i ct it., stid:.tur,- ,

r tm f ac r Lcouitinq he z.urli a t i cion pro'.'i'-1..1j -let L

e..t.rni~tcicn c-f bal ace sl heet rc enue, ardn e.-perIdi tuLe

:a lr ns Pre'.iLou; ejitions h ad .nrc tIj Ialance Ehe2t

zCuounrs. In th c jSe of i.CCoiint --%tc:iarie that had pLrE-

" .'l 'i,: i L beri puLli Ced trhe u r jtej b:: 5 rn '..ertc el iminated,

rie' 3::o',.'a t a.1 e. iand the ex lanacr cr. aipl ficj.

Ti.. i>-m.tti .n p.ric.1 .f ': h r -rc;t L'pre s r:ic i ,.as

-I- t.- r:' tecn ? tr .i1in i f irid t :or.te-mo-rar 'nc.e. tihile

1 ic'.-r r ?arn L i. rot ce ased to Le ds: L'n mat c r. in

r: -- e he- mus.E ni.. i'irt ir'.p.ri art d;,eci_..rs.. Tnc trend

:1 arn :o:,, E 3Li L. L. ti *L' d 5 t.l.n ng c.i = -i ri sp'n i-

c_-i---es r, fi nar, :i.-, anid :-onLtr lo itn t ,hose of zta;e anr

: 1 rl o"e'nnenr t Fart .ul arl in tihe area of 1Iujarin

A Britisl political scientist it the turn orf the century

trrnec the goc.ernment of Atmericran .Iti-s our one corispicuous

failure .".riin notes that thor.h the s:acemert 'las made 65
'ears ago man, i'-r.ricans bcli..'ee it approp:riatc tod; Local

'.-' .rrircn- t today, are pla.igu d .'t!A 3 i t lituld of significant

p-o't.lmi. The p'.pulatolin of our irtan arc: doubled between

Ir'.,in, T'enner "F.L .-se Claj. iflcator10i of Accourts,"
M rni ci, l Fin nce, ".*::-'c; i.:bruL y, 19531 p. 10i .

.,iri.ri and Press, Gov.'srning Urban 'jner i.:Z p. 2.

.-.e Li'.-il ia ~ t-[ Ur cr t'-i- Cent-. i c r- i r- tI.:.k onri,

25, .*Ir. f: r it t: douL.Ic .aq ir. L, i0. .i .:r :, ,:f t .e

po7ula3ric.r c.o fthe- r Un re.d rarte m a;., Il.ing in iJr rn a n-:a arn

the run-t-Er :critrin :s t-, -.limb. 1hili urrai r rcs ,a = ,- ,r.

increasinia inF pc-pu lati.nr, tiIe c, er.;n r l core crt, ha dj--:li ied

and l-be:om in:rre single; t- i hm.:.in cf tn: ec;onm.:ri: ili Ji;J-

.'a.t :ed. C-n:ri.l cities riaj. oeian f.i J. ich en-.rm,;j= p-cr t-

l.-T3 in the fields ojr :r ime, h-alth. --u:at..n transportat,:r,

and el fare. -Lo. al go'.'erin ieln, .a be n forced tuo <.:~:: a

trIht-c. 1 -ro ram;s .a.d :ad nr m. one- n,-h f_.-er ch.r r ela-

t- .il; inel .stic rourc:e of r-e e-. g_nerLl'jl icrrt. it-

I-n tn trend of cr e 19s t tre and f-Jcerl a :-i.-1 h"-

r-.rezi in1/ p-la',ed a m T or r ol' I, f rianr z rn iin I jd j-. n i t r t :.-

S '" .il" 'iJL. i: ; r- le r ,grm r -s.


T.-e re'. aei o t rh n i torii al di'e eLircF nt -,f ic- l -.. rrn-

-a-7: aro-a ting zand finari:I.i rE;-rt inq pro.idae cn.in-'a -erable

insight into the factors affecting ic- e-'.olucion. In rrar.ing

thz d-'--loprment, an .tucr.pt J also m-jad to i nrcl.de -.en

per onages, and pLjlicati n that affe5.-t:c Ioial go-.'rnment5

an> their a :--ounting -y te=.

A.J.derence to e;.itlinj tr.d iicin nis Zsrn r stqri fican t

factor afE eating tie dc .-.li'r nL of loi al j C6 .El'e rnmllt ia -oL htin.i.

Amcricon local qcgv.-rnri.'-.t strJz::ure -'S de.i.l: root,- in the

mast, A. ':ith mo= t facet= Lit lIo l *o'.'ernenrcrt tne i::caun ti

function .-'js or qinall,' a:ied on thb cone -7 'rs jnd p.r j.tti r-:


r. r.ipl an': ith th.; [:nal nI i *:ul.l:.[I I-* t ;. me- :f th:F o *-r]n-

3i:- an: pEra t -.c hal Fperr i : 1J i r, local Yo.. r ri r,,.rr: t '.: CiC

tiir ugh to)d ,'. Ir. mia n rural :-,.r u:i .I-iCl E t1-im-i .r appears

tc. h '.' shed -...'er tth c, Lrt,,"a' se .Jus ni. .n moi re t.,iur a

riF ple ,f cnan, e. In-iti 1i the a.cc;.i ntinir funct:.r r.,d

sj :em" cnli in the brc.3dert sr s- :t il exi-t- 1t sU mi

pl-_jc r, F-st-c l :nial accc.Juntin,.] ..fn sced5 primnaril'y :.f

nr-..intcir.t d3 record ':t .f '.-r.: still c. e a5nd w''ho had paid

tih ic r-rc.op rt,' c ::, a:nd a i- t inr j :f ca-h di tur3 -.rr.ts L

. rrrnt. Eipn .:lial re-.rtin in a fi:- r l sr-,s- 'a qir.'r,al.

.- i.sn as u'nitS .CDnism:l fZ:' : ? r .:.urc.s ni reni r.ed re1s a l r.l

-iill in l: ... oral r-.p- rt irg at to.n merr ti ng s an.J similar
Sr:' i :, as : r m rr.: sat rrar rtor.'.

TI'..,s s i listic rinarci l s,'srtimE FpersT tcd fcr .

;: -ar- co ha'.'e L.-.:n i r:mi|ar!: bly lc.rin tinr In -,ie:. f the

l n ns .-:f nist.r: th- is n:r, curprsl. 3i Tr-- us c.r nocchad

el.7 Co -pli-tn callE r taiilli perrised a an Integril part

.3. -.e Eiglish o'.,ernr,.:nt fir.nc. e E;'stei until 1 126; centuries
4 **
after they' had outli'.ed their uzefuinea-;.

Until the turn of the c.nttjr;', the United States -as pri-

mi-rily an agricultural r, ti.-jr. The accountingg -,stiem in the

f.r i e- sc.tor of this c.:.untr; had ri -t eol'.'ed as ftd-t as it

hai in m,-.re irnd utrialized nati.-.n-;. Thirs an- the adherence

tc. -raditi.onal mr'-'thods contrilut-d significcan:l to an. initial

42RPudor h Pc.L:ct., "A Short iHjstory .:f Tallies," Iccounting
Pesearch, IIi IJul',. 1i9 1. pp. 220-229.

lac ci:.f J- ?!1Fl:-Ent n Ig. Err.r-.nra 1al 3 :.u.-it in i.irtil th

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3seerT t. ha" btee a pFiCing. f acrtr on c.jange in thre st ten

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:" r :?DT: 1 'f a fa t r. '.t Ln i has rn. r-,crn turned t

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e ; :.:-d -Irel-.:i l ', for n:.e s f thl pui.lic ,ie ct,: r.

.lti.:ugh f:r ar, r tlE 2IrIale1r unriLS. the simpI stic

cE--sh basic ac.: urLtir. 3 s n't n c.OrtinijUC t.' r.- .' rn i tz : i.:rin

neeJs, su-ch -.as nDt the :cai in our iar.;r ccitie-. In tnr

nation's fa.t *gro 'in.r:] mtr:.pF itarn arIa1, tti inadJqu-Ci'es f

t.e fi-3n:ial-re.: rtinqg 3i t am 'c s a;iqnc-i a signlriceant share

of the blame fc:r th r.r-a finnc1ric l mil aragea-inTeri- ..n, :n

occurred ht, : t.er s t e Ci .'1 i.,r i-ru thi-Z turn af the .:rntur',. nTh

pres3sre of oriauni .lti rnal rle3 ; .c'rlr Frinalril t!irouh

reform agr: p:- creatrcd the i Lpetu for changeg. Tr cq.1 n]in n1ec:

of pcubljc or:ia-nit arrin r and trncse ';-.,0 adifinifi t then, thr u1, ,-

out the ycar', ha'... contirnuec to e a prirnar factor in, ir .' -

ments for nch:an.: the l.-icl go.'.' nmesnt accontinrg-re. -:rt ing

" : -nm. SI.nl h-ia c -,rn T,.-.t e Id.er t in .qir.: 'in3 rmetr L it'.-p

ar -- lire j.miarnd, .:-n ri..c a g.:. ernrment: Ih'a.: b-c.-n create t.

Tr rt. rrn :.f tnc centu ry iroc l :'.'e rrmren 'ffor.fi, gr.ou-

pl ,'.-j : -lrinificant cr la in rthe ;.iuticn E of 1.0c=l go"erniierit

jc. urtinri Prirarrli;' tte ref :rni-m r '..ere crir.ir e:.:trnal to

tr.e s r. T!ey .a3. ir.pr..',.-T. &nr. in firna3ri:ial r--p rt 'ri a 3

rn;.:e- i r.' inqrrdirnt irn n ir-pr'"-j = ySterm -ft acc runtat-.111ty

frr li ? I lcr'.'errr. ment org anl -t: n.. Th rtef.Q r-er' rather thnr

; -l ''V-i Lt i he d i espr~ d -'3:-[n he, -,nad lrn" Ils-.-,&d

:. j ..-re in !t.e r:le of catalafst aTl2ey ser.'e.i irn iome rriej-

sa 'j ld :-irtc'.r ,in r t l finarc1 al L',.t-i ujp Lo uti l ic

The'y l-erled clar f the iip :rta ,1,ce f t:', rv le that

a.:: : rin r -f rin r, al rer.rtrin ciC,.ui pl : in Iccal :-.'ernment.

T ; crisc. alterrntre aolutio, n to tnea st atu : u': and tl'ey

':r '.2 3: sci rin iegi3-lat "- a[.pr.'l.'a of Ir F.r':.ved mandated

TI--. thliy rdi n.ot ha.'e m:.re m.aurable ucce--s in their

--r-ary ial :f s.~:-ir i1n local government financial data of

ir terunit comparjility is not sur rising. The practicing

rei.--.r.-: of an org anizatiorn are in'.are el,' siu to adopt sug-

:g.5i on- *Tf ":..!l-newaninq" ou'ttsi.-urs. ;. in many such instances

t.- rleft.:.ers :.'erloc:.3 irm-.-oitant -o.lint? nzcczs.-ry for the

s.:'-a. c!i aigq. The propua3ed change ov-.erlooked -the necessary

,l-tailei mcechanicc f-.r implemensrtatton of the broad improvedd"

-'c tem. The rroaEosed repoCrting aind necessary existing house-

.e-'in7 [payroll, ri.i1paying, tay r-ccordi functions were not

zuCceFLfully intreratcri. The uncertainties of the changes

pr, .:. eJ ".er, e f.t j t licai sifl 1 i ntl, tn r-:, trilrin.-. :.

: c'.' 'c rl s t jr.L t c- .' ii rig the sta s q.u.: I ._ t .'.-

actjull c' e,;1-. c, in r c 'rJ h.eeing.

Th-. effrrtr nf the fun.i- cipa ,- [' i c r .'.2...1 aLl rn

ha.e pl ,edd a ima]zr role in n: I llutijr, of .:.7i1 'er irinm rnt

:7:. nting 3.J:" t,.:- T._Cs. Ttie A- 2.'ciaE n rr.s uni :ubt.:il

r:en n-,o '. tei j c 'e IrC l f ct:.:"c t: -:;..3i ~ 3 in th. r :-l th.ic

av a m i Taa z 1sie f self-p :F.l 71 ri ; an e'.! Cii .- 5 s: :r.

F.'.-:- t.r. : t i" ::, t ,- trh e .:per ea r.i the.:- s st. i L-e

s-._: tE t.' ,: .- -::-. p in ,:.pl.-: "r. l:us, y : ir .,

-.: -'_r -: ..'-, r- c* 'ra -'ii ti' n r ,- 1 in d- iT :i c R : .-ID, ,

-.- r: .'.i 3 th d si' r t... a:12' .' :_r :fe ':1i al "s t aL I

i- tt rilart ; o .: -.-: -fit In an li1 .:.* risui : for z:. -

F: j. l or .:i : i A" p i -.. **'.: p inciplca f..r l mi:iji r

5.-..t1'_ 113 oiff i : 1 pulic- rt n pr, ,iil r- n :;. p, *,i :,' :- .

- .a.. h g .li:e of j ict iL '.

t.'ic-'. -Cd I r-etro pec-t :nc prescril e i s'It :fl -niArge b trie

Ass.a3 ati.r. ha'.'e esn relatI t l'.' ri n.or. The re cur-e I-2 :' rn3-:

has t en =.atsfie Ith pa l:d ?f-i 'al iS;suin:e t;a;t V i"-

iar a large part tb- n jm -inatedj .', u fa.': f tre .-ldIer m.m, r s.

Ther'e has :-f c- 3'ur :- es n s.-.n: :r. rng:. Tl.e [ ri :Fle: .'go -ern-

R.sental accituLrn tina as r-:.r-'.in ed L. the Offi' a p'-.'- i ..t

have -.Irad .ll'. .'._.-e5 frr-, er- ral rul cc.- tEne fi :' i

Syste,' to rules f.rL -In iar lil r-c:.-.rtin mi-,':. .-_I'i -1

arcount.si, n h p _: 3 n.- -:1:-. t.' ,f r.e.3 ec ir n ..Irln th.l t i
accouinting, the t;-_n :-.1s rs'T firr'.e.3 : iru -r-'inal zr:c.3 :.n:

,f ainl,- bl h 'c- t tr c r.t ,[ :r. t i on :,rf ,jriqu j.;t i l :cI -re-

ccLiFpticr. "ir.at rc;rpo r rt ;nj u], ;r .- ir in ir nl'.' s t

forrch t. fni n nj Fir: r p io in r.Fid F.ar rniEcir. problcm r -. .

:uch as i.nj-rerrm d~ebt .nd rinrcrfund ti i i.tli:. Tie net

effect. .:f the ? .Assciacion' recor-rndiarion his bt-re to

jrajualli in,.reas- the differerntiiaton t-it.-cn the financial

r.er;tin-; in public .and p[: tiac or .ani :tliol.

Cl-.: rIEP I I

CJP JNT L --- . :. l.:'l :T ..0 ,:,..l; T : : LITi FL'.UP.E

iuririn th-- latt: tlia i rr.f 3 L* LI a. rt r iicn iii; t-in

toirrn-iJ to the fcr jlation f i; :.f et : f pri c.i 1- tiAt if -.'.ed

S.,uli irn r:- fr'inar, l rep:rtin T it,: ir L': e : .ie i i 1

o r-,sri.t _cn, h'n e a Inq'g d in r ,CrL p-r grLa-Tim Jl dire,'t:il

r. :rm uls tin? a.cc,.- irnt in i p :- 1 t'i:tr ..:. i bl .: .- .t r-

.l r: : C .t- J. Thir ch.lpC-r re. -a the Ti ]:'" uL i a ri.r =

- s _'- ; n t rie 1 3 a t e r, i ari %- d : 1 i- i th -i o r.ii !-_ t .,.

i 1 .' '-" Tir "in r i l i-:: c- t.h ii 3an -'. cc r. i r-:in g pr ir: i s.

":.- aricu- ajthr-s l .-. atr. .l .dJ thi prLl .in arei in nu-il-,rr

if di f rer L a s h, i"e a '.rlr"e e a t ari rin ,i:ri ; -i lii ,... 3r.-.j

:.r-nlre j dif-nrin ~ dej re;i s ez :.f A perC- al fr.,- pi r ..ir: ,p .

I- re.i -e'.'_ng tlhe rj3 r piutil11 ati 1 ion thie ,'rI.ttr r l Z r, t Ci;nll

sttr LULrt tc s mil ri tiiir finjiniG Vic to [-r.:'idJ3 ,.utJ:ri: nt

ba :'.;:,r- urnd ,in eacn studJ, sC. tihat it :anr pr;o- rly b 1 .alu3'te

in rea atu *,:t its .:.lntrit.ution tO prcble m E Olutiorn.

Th-i first ',r':, tc t- re'.i '.,ei the 1 !t-..-st putlicati.:l

cf triC. [.jZti.n ral 'o::-..-|itt n nme.; rier.t.al r '..: unt in t I 'I :"9

th- :I.J lonal C:rum, tr.t F i:- J-:J rrr--'- .rl,*- t:.1 :'oluritli.: .-'d %it -r. ,

an'i Fi an- i: l r:-or.n ri 5ur anal '. -. h-r '. u- t r i I t. e

IT. i Cr.n: ittn. on: G''. i nm'riita] ic l'.ir Lt ng, Gt-'.?riF n-
tal .cco jr:tr, ,'.ui iti L q, 3rj t itn : l rcL in, (ClI..- ao.-,
i- ii' pal Fp inar,.. Offi- r r: .r s.; ati r., 1 .1,.
4 5;


e..: iin acsl ti s 5tartT ir the Fr.; i ..I cTi.C.sr, -f r .a jNatjionr al

.. -Il.r.. : r:if :rt .:s t a ~i i nii s tan iarjd of Jlc '


TVi-, jTmeri:arI Ac':.-':unt rn .':-. a ciati n t'.o r elated

publication ..4ri.,- d.- *: L-". c .*.jn al,-Jt atl r in .his u'. T;e

first i a i'j pu.llicati nr, :-. Stat m-.-tt f Easi- .-. -' ntir~

i h ry. In tri: ral Il :7 n 1 r -.:- h corn' itt'- or th:

.s-..ci ati on d t rc i] n, d s;andJar.ds focr jc..oj,.in. i fori action

"-r :i ra.i l r :-s f r Ir.-iUrila tinr inf r t L- I .r. Upr,. complot tio

. .: .i ort-, rr t'L en Zt:ar ed Iy ancthe: r :tud'y group

c. 5.'aluate a : n c tin, pj aCtic t s nt r:.L-fr.r-r.t if c jr ani za-ions

"t ::.c' le.-eJ a-il pulul -hE..3 i I. 1 .

ir. 1l a rc .earcrn tu'y : jrmplct ed L" t-he .'.,eric.an

1. Ltte fii rtt liI Fucit jritants R hi. in .eln-e Lried

7r:lly accrteJ" acc.-jntii. principals in burine:s enter-

*.i'lseS. tis rrt: pr :baS i, l t.-e rr t complete listing

c;r.il-ed t jdati D pr nz-pile, of ,I'iat ra-.ctitioners consider

---rln: :-.:Ciunti .n ;l:- atcin, A Statem-nt of Basic
AC:jurjtl.ig ITnery i L'-. ,n, I llin.ri. .'eric:an .A:c hunting
-a.Soc Lati.rnr, 19 .

'.;n-ri cal Ac ic Jrnting :-.s'ajation CComrittee on Acc huntingg
9ractiLc:. f Ilat-frr-rPrift rtg art: 1atins*, reportt on the Con-
.-ittSe- of" :-.-cntin: Pr 3.:ics of liot-for-'?rfit ('rg3nl-ations,"
c.:ountinq PTa,.iw t :.'L'JI Su .i.pi e ent. i'971), pp. 83-162.

PPaul .'.rady, Inr.entory of Generally Acci-ited Accounting
Prr.n;ples for uasnE.. Lriepr.riscs," Accoantinq research Study
I:,. ie.; \a ri.: .j nmic3n [nstituict of Cerc ircl Public
.'.*.' .t: r: nt-. 1965).


q'.od pra tice in '",. e rir sectr 'i,- :r-rtr st : C.t cnri

th r d t h t o: a E the Ih:tc3L ral t ,iTmi ~t-r., ii F[ r t l., :t -a r'

nort *jrth;.

ihe final mao. r .rkr t:. rb =. i, ,d 1 a sEcujd L,

TiErrso3n liernr a Baylor Fr.:rezAf i r. This ii mai.j.r sr.ud

.h,-, -a [-.pr -.atel.: f i r, 3r,--. 3. T-?e tul]:' L pa .t 1 1 .ed ry

Injia.na UiJi" r it" in I. 1'65 i. I .t incea.-Ae.. t.o .r-.. t 5

re.'e.: and onallysi of financial r:p.ortin i r.r:oCLmi -. rn n-

. :'t *2:-rg .-[i:ati:n3s.

ur:. U Iar irnal i i r re:I nt:d at tI .L i t Ci chl Er

t3 -'- ild2 a r.i.'c :f si nificant [p-.int r;d suir la an.d r -

1-5 -rtI'oidolc, S arj findin.i. .

Gc-.-rn-lr.tal .'.::Jnr, tir Ai.ud ti g i ? inan.- ial Fe[..:.rti .1

rThn i _: uL I .ac .r, : ri l. ni llY' tarte. : t t :. ,- r, ..i -,pd r..

o rn. a I:aticr, ai CnruTmIttc '.: 3 '.l .. :Iic*ii .-.cLi *:. ll'J r'n '-1 a

Z:--joJnti.g ar, ..ud tiring I -', t a.. iU.t.1 -a't.i .' E. .j-n arj

Class ifcar.i n of !Iuniipr. al AccouLntr-. Tre f l eiff:rir pri:"

much morc time cron'umTiirig aijd 'i a:cre- cmrnprehe1rns,-' than

arty:jinall bannedd.

In pre.'i.us flatlonal C:miiittei efforts a .taff n imber of

-he iunii -i-Cal tFnar.c Off:er .-..Sociati:n had rre :r aLe Jdraftt -

in, this 2f. fc.i-t t;,o ur, i .'e' it o Te:: z-r fce.3--.r L;nr. 3.

Andars3n air Frn}l: L. Cra. cn, 'n c. a -a tTh pi_']er. c- n p Js ntS.

5Ineracn li nl:., L.:-'?ulntlit f r Nprl.r r fit i.rnari, at '.r i :
.A L.-lorator.- Ctud Itl Tmir'ao., Tn.jiana: Indiara ini '.s -i t
Bursau of uslinre Rese:a-' f Craduatr c. :t [,Li FIs,
196S1 .

"r'':.., n r -ed = -onCl-t ri : c.n t-r F t rt ,=, f r. -h pr: ]e:tL

1 :h in ".l'-:i t '.'L 2 io. L.-.i. : .'jur tin r TL -lri. clS and

piractl_.:es. A.rlders3n .:.r.jic td tre rcri-inrlier jf rthe rese-rch

ajrj prcpar-d rie- riJr r.al ani re'.'1 = cr.afts.

As in pre .'lju Iz is-j.ial C.irLmir tee puL.l.icatcn efforLt ,

aC.vis'ry *t*arnni ttes er- i'r.rrind Ut m.aji.r nrtianil ac :.cntina

i 1:.'-i.*r ientriA Jrari:.atin.Dn the ri; rmarn *:,f a -i. [ ad.'i.-ory

*:.- e ut-. --E au i .' t ri.:e. : e mem cber *tf th. Iati.:-ial

C r:.-' t -' a n GCj' rr[ra-r.L l ".c tir. .'; ir. .r-e lju efforts

. :r : ; i i. : "; ,:,f r:-,.- ,i it Ic l C ,rmT ri tee re p re sen t'

: .-i. r '. .rnm .nta :iu orff e- rs.

T.-Ic a 'i r.' ---c-i-c.tee er- -.d s c .a s ur.adln g --r f D

:-nsu'jt.-nr dri t.. "C:nri ,icr bilc draft natere-i l as

S .' : -,.ers *:.f thi n.-itte I ti.-,al Ccr-,ii ee .arid

-- :crl -r1 '.'ri .i. :.: itteLrcS? .;:li' uni.tt:j aluzoie :Dmmients

;-.-: .. :- 5-I r duriri tn: cc.c rs :e fc t Ln .' rC l:'. ri proCIc t.r c

,r- nrore:t the follD.'inr r ;-a rd ri, AICP.A part : ipa tisn:

'!ot an!'' ,id the :-hairman of tli A;j-erican Institute
of *e-rtified Putlic Ac:ccioun ,nts .. .'iL-,or Cc.nmiLtt
part. i.:iate in ite deiliber tlon? of ti'- 'ati.:nal Com-
..ittee, hut t''o oj ris cuonelittenc members werre
coniFletel, irn.'ai,') e aJt ali tiunes.7

"I;U tic:n il Co,:n- ttc. n i C.:'.v r. renr.t Acc7.ourln t ir. -overrn-

Jj1 Fcph Lo'er "3c..rnncncal ..- :u-tirq, Auditing
did .";ianc ala Paeport ng ." :1-.nlht pal F'. n.c .L (F'bruar.,
7 .i F. .1 14

Th& in ral ar -"_ tas apr.c ro.- :.riy ; 1-' Ll- r. E- TJri

Ccr.t.iL tee, ha. s cr, rnd riot- t.f:' nt ire flftr en-n sr

National Co'miittc Th Le.'rC u,t -i L L t- c o si t i o f:

Josephn L:%j.r; Eirnst ar,:i ErrSt tniiaa er 5ar,
forr r 1-30 y ri-AJ .au itor-Contrc.t .ll r af
Lo .Angetle Cucnr.t

Joscp, Cunr.r3nr l-i.T f.r-.ier- First D.put ,
C.n r-troll r of the City --f e i '. .ori:

7. L2ro/ .'artrin iiorth.;:Srcrn irinr-.rsity

Lrj -er had ser";d .n the L -Cut'r C -r'mit ft5t sr tr-e 19'51l pFit-

1 a. or;, eff.rr All :f th- E. .:ut .; C.:ilrItt, e r- 1 11

C ','' ' ; rs 1:1, ai'd iiac is rq3 cE: rin Jr :, ,ia.e .. itL tr.:

S-.- : .i 1 inr,-.*se ff-cr. s;u. = ir nt n i ubiL._t i; L~ r. ft ff c.;

irn Frubl i :atsti ri n lJ l=..rL j i 1 n fin l f;.i ,-= a e 1

.- i .:111y n ror ed D/ the seic.- r or .rani Zati ll I.- AICPF

J.c:sa the f.?lc'i n in ar ec, t.ri l:

S-'.'eCral rCmbt rs- hsa-e 3ask3 '.hetL-t r the ,'er iCtj
Institute -of CPAs hls endors-d .j-i n-'e,. rublidts h r..
Teiir irnuLjir' are ta;edJ .r, the ft t ftht an AICPA
advisory corrmittee is listed amr.ng tie msan, ad"irory
cornittees ihich a=sisted in the preparation of to.
boo-k by re-"ie Inc draft mateir'il anra *.tfrir, 3ug-
-eStions. The assl;tairce ai.'es tc t'-e rjticnal CDi.-
mittee do-s nc' c.on'titu-: ani official erd.soriemenrt
of the too..7. b, the Institute- TIhe sad-.i2:.r.; C-r.i-iLts
mtede numerous suggestion I-, rs,~e or :..:ich r
*:,.ccrptcd n-d sooml rc-iccetj. Th-ie C.-iruittse did not
take a position on t~-c f_,al Jo Jiicntr, Llur :13-
pur-ly ad" r:' .;

S Edil i.. -I 1 JoullT ofi .' ,c:'.iu ri n .....I I.i .li I 6'i 1,
p, 67.


[,- 19 3 prJ ':. 11 i: rL :rias : i n j s er.au L1 iff rc t in f rr-

n1 t frm r .*5r : 1:u ti,;' alc i C- mnii e : f:r rir'. -efpar a t-

: rnE-t r a deVo.*t t: i -....E rrnL reri l 5 ia 1 z; ur,: 1 g prir. i:pl .

Trai FrinciFle h i5 att.-d n.nd tni ex
pr."-.,1de- ft.r *cliar i caz.ticn. separate Chspters .-ere d-e-"'ted

to is:h furnd 'ir. h aiicle n tries arid finan:ill statement

- ro-'d I. ,Indl v.'lid'l c ha?.er al -er- in- ci rnc ed cn financial

r=:.- r irng. a ri. stir. al ttiles S rid aujiiting ..f g rc..rrnentdal

-i-.. "*d .apz-.n.jr1 incluj.j 3:;.ctionr n t r rinro :o .' cla'si-

f. -, -f c.-tc u.At a d 1 1usii rat o. i rer:,3Turi: r

TI i 9'! :;alicati.on rar i lit.:sto ft-urterc pr in,.: pl.. and

S:..- r : .ur- Tne 1 3. pub1i at r lfiIL ct irL-rin Bas- t

.- : s." ir :i pl r dsfLi.n i a

p i.rifc fijrilanert.l -.nits '.' nli on the bj = of
r:iasnr, dj-r.r, atr ter .3Erftormrannce, and general
:-':cptanc:; L Fpubil c ac1rnis trat ons a-:.jontant-s,
nd "th rs c ranc rnd- r ] '..irti- public finracial opF-rat ion,
a:e enerall. recoz.r.i ..- as. being 5es cntlial tO
c cr:. t sinaly'i= of f 1i -racial c-,eration and to the
proper rapacr-tit r, air. presentation of required
fin.ancil statemerts and re.ports.

Tmi stud alsl stat-i thtr.

Ir!i ci 'pr nciple' as Js-d here 'itLh s u -st arti al .
t',. sre n r in anj ir. t sI- ai 5r;:ns' tii:.t it nad
sn uscd ot" ii.: riati:rn, l roJijttee C' On-jio, fE.r
a.ccounti!q strncard= in cIll eCs ano uni.'ersiti s. 10

l s=:,L "-i-l '*olllruitrt : n r ,-jvern.r -r.tal .:.cc-untirg. Go r. n-
: .tiO c i .inq 3 3

l2 ., p. 3.

Tnr. c.-r, iltant .nr, L pr i .-i: i er Ft r ..-.i,r ,'ra,1.:d.n -

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ri? .r ic.ntr .i. :1 t rL t surPrisLri T7h r f rf-l ic pr-:.- 1. .j

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CO.i-qge: ani1 -nin erasitis ar-e n,.r-profit :. rg n ,r i-
t :.n It is se.-tit 1 tl carr.f :.r that rl-, r.
u p their Crujd t: rnair,n ain their a.sc :.urtz i n1i
presrnt thenr Linai-cial r p"rt. 5 in ac-rian :
*i i-.l .- rall^' aTcrpt d :d acc untir.qa princ.i. Lee
s3u r.:orj i a t. n.:.r,nrcof.t trnt- r Ci.r .1 i

T''- prir, 7i[ L -t fOe th in tlh' I' ? st-u.i are- 11. ; c._'

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'T.' f'r.t t'.:. r.i.ir. le-FI s of th-A l .,6.? r. ud* 2crr-; rt.,

: ty cf *: 1-a1 c i i t .n r. a a n l. .- ri 3I I, a requirre P 'Lt*,

_.- .,r !:ril 3 ar- ur-ch:'7 f s i ch1 l.64 1 1 .-r~. jr,.i

T:'.Ld~. .a Erm e ..-rl ,t r a r. for t ne rcri, ri nd:r ,-f tl. ".t.

. il r pr ir.: p.le re-Cno,: s Cn .e -r, *g,'.'rntnme-. unit a..1 :p

: b'.ifqg t- f.-r c.,-.rtr .l. p.rpo,'a -," r nCral .J-y.' rr,,n r -.':p-r.ji-

tures aid r-.,i-lue:. The empn'h p as is rlar-c d rn :rn- trol rather

train Ilanrnrn .-.i n r 'e:,rarel t *l ii a dp f .r a tart cul ar

type of budget sd:-h as p-erorrarie; :r pro-3lm t: p bu.igets.

The-.t ?96 p j lic t l r str.Sc - i nT.- g r atlct IC- f tLh- L.bu-Jdg t .an.

firancis. a- ;.-:.i:-s.. rnj tm tnr--i.rar. an l:. b a-.at: -s i -

jourr.al cn ri- ii.

1 .:itional :.,rn-,i ttt n tL rL: Frepairat cr of j rl.ir.. i i.r
ColleOca and Unr-.rezitt :ui -n.: .-mriii.rartin, Colie;:; ai
University Eu'-i n s -3rLri L -t lti n, i lhs-, t cton : i:.jtlo 1al
Coruncii on E l c.ai aDr, 1'.52i F 1:..

F,-DJr r in,;iple in r n, i1 R Jtllc l'. L'L-, r.; lat-e t ir.ipl -

imei c a,:-i -r, of f .nd 3ic.Dc;-jnt ing. Ch,. *ha.ng- frrc- pr='.' uj

;:Uri j.:at :l-i ar i'. nino -such 5 chana'ing Lh- n ri, -.f e'. ral

funji a.c-o'jnts. The prin: ic l relatili t. r- 7.or ding of

:jr=,,cit :'r n fi -.ed assets .a ; also, r-li t .v ;' u- chJ inged.

l.:thir thL 5sairc :rani:anita-. io, :prErclan n ret-ia-.endeJ f .r

-:ir i- fJr. anj no.t for ot.-Le Tle -iii~ t''pC o: .i.T',li* L :-u

3-a'.J *,: t-a.-n in r gjatrd t,:. tl-. ba ail s .f ,rc rrjncin A more

3i ri, i -,l ,'i z c-f i hi- tui:. pr blcm 'cr rca i _a r K 'nI up in

a-i rec.:.,T-, rd.jj fariiit of fina c,: a I .-. t er-n-ta do s ro.t

i jL- Lz t -n l all from Lr.'..ie of pre ij Ja '--rni tt=e rCe i:.r.an-

:i- :rn Ir. : l[ nall. I he flour a33ai: t3t."'iSnt:' reCltrR enlr .d

In a'Jitirn L the "PL ji: 'rinrrcile I.-i fre -.ec-ific-

--. ,,r 3 r in th,- r bi ration, the 1 .P9S lDbl icati.Crn also

'leit to a le5 .. ell def r-d Fz c.f c:ncer.r. p con.'entiona,

"a.t ics, an-Ji ra.-c. Jij' a .ppllicablie to pri .atr. buJines- enter-

-r_.r ".'11I- are u t li e. .-i ',:. **=.rni~:n ac:c untinl3. Tc lists

in cni ct do'ub'e entr'y too.kk-epin3, consistLndly otje.ctivity,

c r., full di3.i,-r.:, ratit Llailt,, and ,cin-er.-tia-.

c,1'i .n._ ,concept, "c:Dr isLtan- ," 1i defined.

C.-n-i-tc.nicy r.,rinir.ie 1 o-lds tht.L tih a2c-untinf
fr'.1 ar eco-.or.i e rIniL r l.e s -jt be ccu:- itern
o i" c:A in :ujstance 1s to i ro 'ic n i;a v:emurI

: -iT .ir t.-1 l ..f r.s.lt- f r t '. o r ._ .r f .-', l

rT'i \'rtr i a; n: ;c n ati- rj fi: ji. r- : i an e

ar salr, is or :' itici n -..cf tr. i .:'.r r '.-r. nalr.urr .r r-

dIvi o: :c.T E i-cn, n p. e aFpr*'.'al I t-y' Sti:ru'. r -. 5Ep2Fr.

t; I. f1e an, critic :1sii.

Th .--it;' di. c:l. red in d~ term lin ri "tr..a L :* ,r 1 ir. l "

r. not scl ,d nii- Ir. rt1- st~.- d ,. f inter- l ai :-j :ul- i

c-:in ;;l- c-C.joi rTn ari .IJ j Ic .:n :I: a i i ..I .: *-r.imil ;tt i -

r :**i:-' [' r not ,j'jl r .. I ul-r i ri n .-

3...- r -" .-:: in.rt r t. [I, li L -I l bL.*rc. L: -L n; L3 e,- I r. '.- j t

-z -. 3 -i -pr .incirl- a," n 3r '. h t - I'. n r r

: --.- .'r. F-pirr l r :3 td1 .' .f 3 :tuJ raC tCLi: ...j .1 i.

I- .: .:n Ij nfr m ", i I II'r.c- l tr c LI n-t, t :. **.:l i r t3 l r :

S. =rIE cnt ~-'In r:- -nr _-L E L a '_as- a -lJ-r 'a r'.- ll"! r, O re :-,riJLr,--
-f re. lu I t'Ll-r.al CoruI i t.L t [-ut.l 7 tLl. r 3.

S Stat-ient *f E :L A.:'oirit rir h.:"'r.
Acc uni in] for F[lt-Lfoi -PrDEit Or-'ani, atr4-1:

Iro.i .ne mid I, 31is t30 r.:. .nl' tnr 19' 0s, th-- .'nrirl,-r

Accourntirn a- i- LIoin iSu- :serie-s f publcatil,.n r: '31irtg

t acc.ur.tu in3 p.rincicPle -. Th *:~ncr ail appi'3ac- C the ff-:reL

was to c-tabii mh "jrcad uL-n princ; ile u'p.in hr i-- tc. ts-'

corpor, r. iranriail 3 ta .,m r -it li, ', ] .uld i ; n[; oli-n r3 tut m.'.nc.l

Iz lati, n Ca .,: i t t c :.n .'.- rir i t . un t ] r.- -
mcetnl Accoining p. 3.

;.uf f rien: Lniform .T :'J, -rin r tanr, ab Cl tc j'.':tif; opinions

r ar3 --in tlhe finan-ial ac.-n r i, :-n af the firm.

in 1364 the assoclj at 'in emnDaL j ci Ir 3 11..' i sarca,- pro-

grai: "Btii'liine4 the 'seriesE' inar~ciuratjd witn the 1936 state-

mrent had serv'.'d its purp -c and that the tirm lhad come n for the

.~is..ciation, t? under Ct ae a r- arnd different iind .f ffcrt."13

TIe i ..'cu ti'. Coi .i. ttee 5f th'e ;.. : c iati t i n picked a

(-cjr.--i te ? : nn n i ilg t e -.u-La t: r and nc- pr j titic ner In

'19j they' .-:r.pltd and pubilisd r Statmnernt .f 2a-sic 'ccount-

i T. -:',r r

Inc ch-ar- 3- 71 -rn --. tne CorMitTr.e r d been tL

S. d' el-. an inte rat_-- itat smenC t of basic
acc--ount i g theory' lrh :11 il .r"-c as 3 .:uide
tc ed.crat-rs practitl.nera, and c-thlers in'ter-
e.-ti- -n J:-o.'unting. Tl-.e :.tateme.'t ahou.i
include ajsc. -atr sup[p-.:rt for ain; os tic-n Laltrn
and sufficient [-plar3at in to pr' ij: clarity,
yet .t J:. ic,.n.- e 3a fea.si le 1

The idis. a3r c:ani :pt3 incorporated by the Committee in

cneir statement are .-.n tri w:l'iole readily tracrablc to accounting

lit-:raturc. i.'ht the Coinr'itte.e proposed, ho'.%e,.er. differs

..'idel front coincn practice: "[Thej document is a revolutionary

j-e '.icn its cnrtents are c:rmpared to contemporary practice and

Lt'u :at ic. n. ,5

1Pobcrt Stealinq ".A Satdment of Pasic Accounting
i.,-o.-,-: A Review Artic1c," Journal of Acouintina Research, V
i, ring, 1967), p. 95.

'In- '--rnm itttcce :j;ptEc a *.Ieiai :r.. e i-r, :...i.1lt.: app.:I rt

as p*.-.:.ai t.:. the prt'. e icu 2' I r leiei lrIndL.ctr?'. ._..t Ciichr C -;

mithoJn EL ernti:,I.ly they re:- ar:'e the furc : cir, if tlriE r, E3

prescripti,.'e ritrher than dJe :r pt,'.-. T-i- Mppr.-.,:r .. n

3UtJth-rr statt3 .'a

d-i iaTr etr ic:'I 1' *pp s'ed t, ri .: P3 ot r,-Littlet.:,n .lith I
f '.' 5"i.; L.-:.-g other -JrLinrt ,prrE tl:e s inti a :5 -
hr' .nt n: l. ani t: 'lraji': neth.:. -f ir,'.'encfii r,
current rrs tl : ar.ji tncer ]IJ itlr ir tcriem.l

This ...Tui ttee jefrte. a-c:'jntirn, as- tre. p3.sa :e ;t

ic. L i 'iLng rea urinr aa d *: un :a r i a c i n or -n-i: intfr.l'riaLi:.

to p -rrit infr.lr d j udgJm.ar, t e anrj ..dea r c t.i' 'ij4u of t e

1 a: .-a t o '- i Ta :tader efL riria., t.r. tr L: a-

*.A^ ional o rf erins .'c.untrini infirr.r tiocn L..as 'r .t t. L

1 --: d t-i tranitd a:Llor. j3 1 but .3a to -r.conp.sS "a.:.u tp.

: .- :..- tran a.:t on d ata a: w '. ll [ .e CO ,m -,tt--- at l .- .3- r.-i t

1'-*I t-h.ir concept t z pti.' ..f -or it. ented Or y nl r t i 'but 3al-I.

r thhe a ti.'itie ; if indi"v ida1 f iduC ari-:. ..'-"ernr-eC rl

units, charitatle enterpriEsZ, anJ sif ilar enititie.

T:ia Corrgnittee in fc.rmnul r.nq trLlr "theory" 'Enr.e tl-hrough

3 namDer cf steps After Jefinirnq acc'cujntin, te "OC'.tlcct.'r:s

*jf AccoJntinq" ';ere deterinr,* e.

17A -r.ican d Acco ,unt.n i .s oZ-'.tir :, r3 -, l'-or p. 1.

7:!-D Ln .;CCt'-Si. f *itsi-uninD arE tr. Fro.'lie infir-
mati-n for rh.. f.11:. irg pjrp- -e :

1. R!,r.r: d3e.1isrns :oncerrnin the u-l :f
Sin,tej r e-lour s. In.' I lulinia the i id- nt i-
ficjti-..rA :,f r-:- i : l ..:ci s it:rL ar:- nrid
d3te rmlinr.i cn .tf bj]ectti'.v-e anri go.al .
2. Ef[c. ctt-.l e .jir di :tir n. c'.rntroiii ng an
orjani1ztion hu iar anrd imat.rial rzs5urcci.
2. .aincitining ind repcFrtin. on the z:utc.dian-
-hl *-;, r':_-- rE s.
4. ra cilitatLina social con-ro ls and fjrri.nc:t s.

Ti'. C.~ril ltten then detervmind standards for accounting

:-.rn tiot : i "&11 as .u eliner focr co iruinic:atinq a.:.curcrcin

r- '. atlion. Thne criteria foir t.riniardl r 'a oed on Ltha

-n- _n iul a : riLe iron cf UL ful.rii s r 1l:1hi t 1 .hi Cc -,rI ittee De-

S- "- to,. 2 e -ral ra c: r, pt for thecr:' f[rrnl'la' jn. Tl-ih

:- iar3 rc : .min-iij.- d by th. :ommitte r2.-e e:

P nle'.'an:e 1I t'i-. criary Istan ard rnd r-'quir- th at
irnf.rm iatirLin mrrust bear c-,.:.n or a et uj-eful a33o .ia t
in:- actions it i = je ign-e- toi icillLate -,r results
ie irei: t~. b- ..r,. a uce.. rI'r-o'.'rn r azut-m d Inf.Orma-
ti onil n-t e1 of potenti.;l u- s.:r are of paramount
imprint nr n in :Fpl ingt tr.i starjiard.
.'rirf.ia lit require that :scrintiall- irila.r
me isurL-s or c.ncluions .-culad e- ce-a.:h-e if t.-'o
or m.,r.-: qualitled Fers;.n*s e:aiined the eaneJ d3ta.
it .us minrnrt auie ac.:suntin.; information is
;coernl, used L., pers-._n.t lio ha'.e limited access. to
the data. 'he 1 s the p[rox :mit t to the data, tne
r.:te.;r the desirable degree of verifiabilit;l be-
-c-m'= '.'er/1ilaL'.lit, i- also important .-s aui-
ius~r of jccouru ti.n Infor=aiition ionctimc. h'.'e
3 p.po-ir3n j nt r,--r 3ts .
Freedom froir bias mi anr t.-.t f.at, a.'I Lieenr
irM'..n t L ai. de6 t=r r mirf and reported. It alo.
[,'a-, : a hat t t-..n i Iu a used in *ide-elo'ing *Jat

1 ij

should oe f ree .:.f build t-ir bl, .. .Ei sa- in fo.rm,-
tiot. ,ra': ti quite uLi-fiiul rand r.-irable ncernaily
L.It Lt 1;: ratl,1.' .:-c c able f. r e.:.ternl r c-* r.;.- .

Quanr i l fl.:i l lz ll rel -a -c. ct he asL-; I r r.-.inrt of nruiif-
brLs to t-ie inf .rrnmacti n be r,i r ic rtt-. lo.n i
the mo'st cc-.umr 'ri b.ut rnc. t o*nl; qua3nti tativ
nra: sure u s d t '' ac .;l.untjanr. WhI n ac o 3 '-ntar t
presnt n rn-qu antitalti info.rmratior in .--rnplFl rn:-
'ith the *.thtr :tanidards th-e' -.uld nrot imply its
rf.ai i-= rabil i _.': Cor,. =r :' tti qEri ,.L)ant_,?ar.r '.',_.
Informan.-n is rc-prr.ed ..ithcou' .a c.av-at th.
accountant u't a -Lume I -r. tr. i 1 . _,' for I
m auur at il t .2u

The stanJar.J-3_r 'Il' t:- s5 r'. "a yard :cI. -' ai in-.t

:..W i.:h c-urr rent pr;cti- ciouij l t: mc'ai urd ;o --mi t r c,:,:;.n- r ac -

t- .:. f .r r lt'. r,-r ,t C..j bt t.: ad h: Co rii t.L: :il c. :

z.: ,delrn:- f.,.r C:7- ri-m; A -. t i c aid
f. --. -. id l ino- fr rii-, -,D; -: -lT. :.'I"i.-'-, the?'.' S id '-' i

S:.;-: ant ,Lit I -; fiunrJaiier.tal thsan t, in r rd

1 .:. prc, .r la f:rf, 1E E C ,o " -pF .-r u .
2. Di :0sur' f L;g nifgr i4nt r=litionr hip .
2. n.-r. Ic usi or.of e n"i'r.:rrental inform Tat 1-n.
4. .. uni formity .:'f practice *.itLhrn ani -uorin
Entit.'LcE .
5. Corjl-stenrcy of Fpr aic thl-ro'ugh tirne.

Th7e Co.'t,ui'tte- th n 1l1lut'rar.ed ho..' r'h-e standJ5rds shouldd

be appli r for financial reporting. Of particular interej-t 13

the chatter orn eternal us-r_. The '-cmmitt-e nr ot'd that i1-

though cxternsl users ---f finan:ali tatLt:.-rinta are a "h-ter.-

gecn ous groupp" w/ith ran' .ar. inc interests i-. Is pos') ibLA LC

It liad


:1 :.. l:. t j.f.-ir cant .acc..unt in: iri rrm tior, :n l'i.:.ugih i 2l

pr .C1 3 a'1* t;. i: r-cl C' of the usErs ari Ci..t .* n:'r. r .Tnf

thi: [rrim r'- u-e o f finilncii sta-tement- L ; &x terrna i uter

tl' r.y r derit f 1ed

la) prjlicLin- earnin-s jf a firm fhr a fJtiure
F ri i:J,
(b) r-iicting fuJturL firian'-i l pF.sitl-in and
d, .t t- pn ir.ng Pn-.F . r ,
1:1 L.ro -:Liin rL.ina rent f f.:ctri'..r. inr
f iitu r. p ri .: = ,
jil 1 ,':-c :.-i ir.3 for aic...ri.. re jD rcE- ntruizc.-
ly :'- -rper .:.r or n i- .' c. ain.:.tr -r.

ri -f t:i r ,-_ alf. -, r reC ci'un f'isi.o1'tL.:) r, f t11i

.r--7 r t: ii -.: r *.e 1i rar i r pi rLl r f.cr t.:.i rn : ra Ers
,'_l:-_.-,. *- <-..j 1 yD ir,,r.:, :'irii iAl r.,;F:.L'tIrin fo/r .,:ternil 'rierS

: '. ugg t i.-at Tljrr_ ,t- ,:c:s i.riformation '35 'ell as

i*- a -,c*: t. irif:rn ti'n bi i..In ud- throLiin use vf multi-

r --r t iteii int=.

':triti.-ir: i jf ti'?. puL-.l ic -tion aencrall'. fell into tvo

c%-te. r r i trie Frac tical 5 1 oi t lins r Of iii i alenr',i rtatloni ani dJ.cu-

IT-.i.cat .n, ar.d the rae th:djollg.:' the tu d '. .-r.mon tIc

" r;ctl .: l prot lem," iri-rntl ni d rha e be n: c:.-t ,:.f sbtainin:

ch! a3.dition.-l daLa, interplay eit-.een standard=, h.- -itancy

f .rinan.!3ir.*-rt to re-..cal ccnfiientill information, arnd tne

Jubicti" natur- of th ;Lstna;.sris.

-crptin, fur discu ion 'ne Esoundn-sI of tlhe ro-
o,- atLru:tur oinae ri-., nevertheles- re:di foresee
3.-rllU jdilffic.lti- in .uctirn it intoC u2. -

"Ernest L. Hiclh, "Cori7.mncrL 9a 17 Statemrnt of Basic
.A:countirng Thcor.," Journal o-f .'.-,untanc:', C.;:III (September,
I,,..n p. 33.

L'ricui. n- i n t nE tkheor t .:- I. : i- l g iera1 ~ 1 r:iac.i i-:.

th.- E~e. : n :' f C pl i:lt ne- anrj -er u.r i".: 'I u i iirit. E ...r

-::aJ.im l terl ir n t c .- i rr-t;.a I.- ii thit th- Co-ii'nI tct:c i-j

inci iudn ']-f inti.ci1 Dr o accur, tinj ~ nd d..Ju-t '.e r-ia.ni-,.g,

toth o: %rhic- ars radJcal charj3e .. *..lth.,t 3Uiti fia .io

rcr cith-r."23

it is difficult t. jud:.e i.. th.: s.tat .ent :iill f e 'n

upgradir.3 mjounig d.j tJ,.-: tion. Ti" rzcer:rh gror3up f t-he

a Z I- i an Chart-L iJ A:cuntant n-:t.;J .-. '.',.r l 3 e r; aftr-r itE

' c .1- Ca t IG

i . li tti. ''i-:n :. t" t th:- st--i c at ir.rc ra=

rf 35-ianl 1 r', untnr criqr. l-it .3, b, mrTir _r
f ln: -r: o-.-r irE o ries: n. Erl.

Ti'e c i-ne:.-; Lin lni' Lit ee;'. tl- r; ,i ;, tipr cti: .; trn-

i .atij o of practice iri ; 5a::ountarts. e .rite-r [- -.rsonall

~ 1'.'.' cs the .--riiican .Acc,.:unting . jC action's ffort .ni.:.

d:j nr t tor. with thi pulc.uliation, .:ill *'.mer timre -r'" =i-

nizicaint impact on pFlrICtlE.

The --tri.j- rn cCnjLitif T .. ;Cciat i' E.:e- -uti e C iett1 -

after czjnpltiton o f .ttstem-nt of Bs ic ',cc'.ur tin4 Thear

est-als shed, in 1966, a C-:rquTiite ;.:-i ..:cn ic ntin iracti.- of

(IDt-foj -Profit *.*rar ni '3ati. Thi C:ru-i tt-. 1.3 *:har, d as

t r 10 1 G. a .

5 'ling t .'r .';. j. 9,I.

-rr'rradie ;iUlca. A. EtatTTaent of e.i1ic r::Luntri.
Thr-c.y," Can-didain Ctar-teri ,-c.-,.nntnt .CIII OctoLbr, I'1..,!
p. 2.7 .


I;. re -- .: .ur .tin; ::r ta:tn:D :*f r.:. -f.r -pr: i t
cr aLi,371Z ti-:-ns., t5. s -.i ir ,-iti r n tiih l r i r
.f t.'ie tar,. rd. a-. n.-:.rtir. irit rn, r i :.r. -sui-
a teteJ In c1 -- ' :.ac.- nt *: L : .::'nct-
irg reIn r:,., anj t.:. ;4 L :hjrin e 'I :,' m 't
c:-.r'. .Es ar j. f r i r tcrL r inpr.,. s irint Ir, t er
form 3jnJ .:irnc. .f re p :.it c '- tr f,: t in-c..frn l and
exr:-Ernil ir. i _': atl i in tr- 1i9' I .

Ar rct'.'_. a c I .l b' '-j-aitt,* in rbLra O.F airth:.r lt 3 ti

St-::.m3nts f I t ir l 1' ie r tan j ird f t t : run rig q ni

S:: rrin fr n.c- f-r-pr:.fix. *:.r jar iz tii, .ns and a 'cncn i der-

3 i num'te r ..f ii F a<.r : -,niz ti n re^.irc (ITii re,.i .

S':1,0 :d *'. r..rrJ~ .-1.r.j .L." : u .aic i :i, .'-*.13i:l . Bra," F ,inarn : aia

F :: _ti ;. : Th: r -: iTm.ndit rs .f i .3 U 1 30c 1F'l. -i Coc i oris

Se jt.-:-:Ec- c_. a c.--.-Fara-i -e nal'a aini.J] p ctifi. t:.: ics

.* .* : 3 *.n i h -r.- i 'as1 -- .n 1:. e rate

_: -- il C : r r.7l ,: r i-r, T -'? i .r, i tte [* L.l.. _-'[i l -II l l r

: i re-c rt in 19"1.

"tie 2:.r,-lu i l-n f t~ I, :. -. iit:* u rn :.:mFl-t i.n jfi t eir

S. .rr.nt -ccoujntin and repForcrinl practices of
iioSrt ;;i F organl:ati-'ns 'eir. alrnoit e;.l i.'el]
'. :l v d f: i dri f caused u -,, 'Leg,.1. llt c ,..11lar
a.sc::Jnt -,ilit' for in3. 1 du:l fund cntitln- 3 3n a
;ye3r-ty-year b3asi : -ift-rn lac: 1ele' dance and freedcn,
fror: bras ani do r n t i.ja9iat;l flili the ol-h'.ct e "
a: .c..Cu'Jntlirng pr Fo:d in a tateman- of ba;3 c
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b t =,r d r .: f t if :i r m.ri -. v.:. r.t. r >fi[r.rn a-i1 ,

:h- T1lirilia t t that r :i-c ri.:"; b:in l:,r- el, ninir li : l .;'

tr cld tr,..:-1. IFP .or jri L z ticn= t! n edjd r n inf-.rr.-..rr tic.r *: r, rit ,

rro'.id dasa for Lc-tn fC.1inni-? i ir ct. in and cont :.i1 ,-'j I a

',ell a eC'.3 al 1.or- Of the utll 1za ti..n r sc rL' r -:'ur s.

Tace fi ..n.J n-: j t.i ,i-c'ro.'i d curri nt firin :n-i: rep :rt i.

-r-ctii :5 or mcTe.:' I F .r..r.r ; lc.n r prc.duc j oait ii : j,

r- n .ro'r :et or irade ucre f.D ,..a .i 3rI a i aI j C .'aiuj i :r.

pF r' ;-m a TUI; r. 'i nUT t;b.ii. h.t .J.ii :rinal .1 up F l:-.-.hc -r '.aat

cs : '.-ui. e -r. r tpi.crtC L t, i1 i: the;.e ihd:s. ihI fi n i r in

-i : c:L[.* r.J.d _..in- ii :p** ciri ,rt a, a .iaii,..ari id L. l. :

uJnd 'j i1i ji

a,'jrr, ni: : :,:ajinr.i n Li i"ujrrti,! pr a icet: a-E

c-'.ri'i- f-..u'se .J -( f'und acc, ii ri : i rij .lie ntl3 ar

tata em nti *:;r-ini nj ard co] ;n ol idating rh i-.f.:.r-

-natai-n rt-'.,rfI u t.:. -ie cr.lt; ; '.i a c-ih miur t '--

d e. eloped.

PJ3 tar'" Ac, acurrt in

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% clusi-.el:' L.e n v i to C tarit in.I c d i I r

*e-E. ni-.J -n .oL11i3at '.'rill jtn.: ciLL' ..ith act :'r,':r.

rt 'l J as -en tc. C:r, .'. r -,Dai L .- ::.unt t ilit for

L -a e -.ojuice i f Lh t cr.i-:t a s a '-i.l : D'.*' i

iorn r p r .c-od of tiai T:I e., r'-c.l~riI ndj; '1: lS

ijf Coi. --cas e.-l E ud t-t r,; d.ar. r. rlemiint ati ,ri t .'

?.:r-c j sttanaac.- :f nz rforr -'r a: .-d

.ti-dJ iri -_i q j --t c r, ci i-q4, an, a ,lr. :es .:.f

:,.-atr.I-.lL i c::tr; CJ a c : .' t rE;p:nri-- ti li c s.

The EPi i ,L A.C-:Curn tinr

Practicc refl ect thie effect; f i-j ll-t ic

fur, I .ndJ ou .ig tar, re ilir r.-rrit d -'aries

re:;.-mari.dj as a generi! a:' acc;.-Fp; i.ountina

prin.:IplE f.:.r 1;FP ,-r 9 ar :i ln .

2d .i -.; r.: -, ,

TII, c riuTi itc.- founI Il 1-.:n ---.d =se frecqu nt1 ,

r,.L Ca ital .11 thos;- thac .ere capitalizi-d

r* .r ,ftcr se r a-gatei in :c~.rar te a:::.urt grcupcs;

in thrat i ,s-cs reC. -:1 thr~ r .I ji ft, icnrati cs n,

:.r te..u: t I. r- frr-quentl y rt azc.rr3 :t-1 fir.

'..ih the .e.-ctptLin -fr hD:c itals ani -'ocm or ni1i-

:a it ln- .: f thei Fed.sral GS-..'ernnment, d.cprcciatiLon

a.ir- =enerall;- rn:.t siccurted f.:-r. There e cere inccn-

cist.-nt jand riad,--uat. hrandlinti :f long-lifE= i:setsi

at thrlic r di-spj-al. Tne; rec.:.irer,nie : fl:r.-d assets

from all sm. curc:.s :i.ould o r;e ord. -. E.pcrn.iLtur- s

;.r l:,n litf assists should t-e C3pit.al z- rather

thi:rn .p-ns-iJ. :..-c' -ptrl c d-ir.:tia:n tecblhnixu es

shl:.ild disclc-s= cost of uis or c-nsumption for all

assets. ['ispoal .-nd rctirernerit of lon- life asasts

..ould Le c--taeLI; acc.-unc.-ted afr.

I. 23 11 i t . 3

T.e .-,irrititt.i fuunrd loan cr-.3- s of ten r-il.-:

Sr:.enue, a3.J .Jeitt retlr-mi er. t t s a :xpenIJiturEa.

Li ab l il ties aer .n:..t. bJt n':t rec or id an co.tr n-

gnrc-ies w'ere- n-t reprc r t. d or f iririci l 1 Stae LTr r.t .

They r-ecormenjed asii k:n',..n entity labilliti-=s -e

rec nigrz-e and :rpr'raiatl1 reciorddc :1Brasfie

ani r-r:.rt2d. :I i-t-nt rcsni tt frjm, .r rietir:n.rit

.f ]Lt aihc-ul apprcar oin ar, perrtiing stati-enn:.

Pote ti-als ac:ru l- a-'Dse t. .:c ur i t ncl:-,-

r iqu: ta' sca e- .1i,' Le.gun Lr.. us reairsj t..:ci au-

:f attentiLor to ie. ii:tic sar bu. ,ia ar a.-cuntin .

:a acc,-rntirnjg -a. ..n moral ixn -rrit:nt i:ri ITP

c..a r :ilt...rns than in C-i Frrl.'t=c -iacLt r Thb-'?

r-.co.Diiern J Inr.te. r ati.:.r .f r contemp:.r atry coat

accounting tec~ri ique int., the informal cin -- '3t-m

particularlyl, those e mc-aur iri effic 1ency.

Repc rt Lng

PublishJ rnanrial reporter, t r.c fourin re

r..epare.l on i.lnd-i t'- JnJ j airi n iar-L, -year c-uigj -

tar.- ,_ -a i- '.i .j- n -c. C r,=,;! .J~ d rJ'r c.inmbarb d tat.:--

,-.,.L L-ins pr.j r p rej. T he-' r,-cor, '- nd r c ar ti'.I

.'r Ci-inroli -iate- iuni rtatcrri:.-t:- d sttECirie;i, orI

;-or at ions n.d f ir, ar,c al cond at ir to Su-ip i entL

th,_ u ual separate furni ..t-ite--r nt3; that i ir,:."'.d

--= Ut L e mr.j a t :"ull J -:i:', e tr.,rD.ajcr

E.a:te ed U e Df fO: :Lr.:'te t parenpt.-t c:.I dis-

C:L ,ur ar.'j ..i r.' :r .t L .' irnfor ,art- 1.-.n.

The ri-.:sr ?t of the Co :jit i- -Le A"cnc-.,ij rng Pr3a tr.- of

ioc- fi.-F-:.-fit Crrinizat.-n? his t e-s publihIt i rce;ntl

t:-at I: tiLicin, if ain, 13 ; it fith:c inr .

'5- C-r- ttl.-It inlyz;. anJ findings Jnjr l .:in all3 not-

c"-pr iclt : a, ..l.;:at .r- r:o i-icl.dir i :Il 3 e nuioa nments. The

C: -i:tt: s '- cr: icf c n-ern" .s l I mitc inr iir charge to

t-. r li at :r -.i' f *ur -' tL pr a c :- t h.c f.ou b s i:

: i r -r ;' j r: c I in --n irlr 6 : :m n r. f Easi c ..scauntiny

TI -- -:-.cil.e r,3 .t a temct t, r rt fo-rth a comrpre-

S-ii e s. : *5 r a; r, .n-in t ri r ln.ii .- fijr n[r.t-for r'-, it

1.i-i ,t. : :.l -.,ru ai the ,. ,;ri tt-c .fc at=t ; t p.rfT.rn d a

:- 1._ c.,il'.. ri : le, S pirF :al tud c- E rraent a. cc urLt t.ning

a r. ic- .: m :rthi.-doIl y .-r p, ci f1 ai: I,iu at- d r sjultE. of

: i= t, ,u a '9r n',t i'o r s n.

rhe CD-r.ittr c d rcd "e an apperjidx 'with illustrative

or'-:.3nsets a-: appr-,a:his for pr.Faration ':., c:rn-solidatcd and

conr irdarin; frnanrial statLientZ. These 11iustrations and

th e aesri tl rj. =d in i s:usscn lr.j f .'jrlC'i's rort-leCi areas

.ot-in- to cr':. this o:-,. of the ri-net infornatfl reports on

a.:ccontar.3 i.:. rnonprc.i fit -rcZ s t public h-d.

A. :cIunrnr -3=3arch z ir r t-ar

Tlie .--rc.ir. Institute of Ca rtifi-d rLt.lic r.count-arts

i. 3-'n-; rally aonsidereo the -cst inf lu -rtial ariani~ation in

the U.nitrA J trjt s zn rnri tr r.i- ,J d '.lopm n-t .:.f Ien.r all'

azc .t d a.J c.ounc-ti prlnr i l Pr .:.r rco 1960 the .I-.iF. had

Jde.'od it -ittefnttion almost entirely to reI_-:1 .in.g p-F.cifi.

acccunt ing protbl :- rather Ll5n de. Ei:. i..'-r. f e : -niral

acco-u ntr in p.r ncipl- .-. In 1 59 tne InsLitute re p.:.n ir.- tc.

both inrtrrrn ind e l resurre prE rEu iarkd orin nie.a rograii

to i'.s n:c ni *.rit ;r n cx r:;e-ion io 'i-at .:jrir iru -
-er3all.' a-cept-J a. .:.,r, tirn prin i 1:.lp ." 7 Acco:-jin ir,

Frl.-C.ipl-: .oard nr j r.:rmar ntt j:countin r r'sear:.i tarff

'a gr n t : rred tc, .:c -rr, out t ta ree.?r prro r:m. iTre -rezi-r:I

Fr: -:,- called f.--r tudL c-: t. o: r.:de e di -rt i-'.'esc ci -

tCrr .cr!r..; iand r n= ad- 'Meiri.r-C of thi Dicc'-or -. c:f unErn

F-ie'cr rd a- pr r j.]ct ad"is:.r'y C.-*urit tee. iTh r zul -- of

1 L 1 L I aid f ind ..rc to LE p'-L-1 '.J.d r,.. ; t L i a 1 .-

dis:.33 io. before the a.: o nuni L nl Principles E:;rdir made 3 pro-

n: rc -nern t. The official pr jn4 jnE-mrnt of cth E-orrd, ".:opiini.nri -,

are is.zL:. periodirall' contijen't upon a fa.'oratl vote o.f at

lea1 t t .o-thirdi of the toard mcmocrs. hi Thi.- r .apprc -'i, ..'Z

intended to be ;t reader in scope than r.'p.r.!iruL eff.rtr ar.n to

rel more hea .'il' on the "d-ducti''-" mezthod in d ..'- lopment of

accounting theory. Opinion .'ere t. b bas.:-Jd on brcad

prirciples and res r.-er, r.t tran r: rpr sentinrg opilnor: of

individual Board menbEr3.

27 Rpourt t.o ,con iei l of the :oe-cil j omni.7-.t-2 on Cz.;::.,-Cr
Programm" Journ. l o n c '-ountanc.r C' I. i eceru. er li15 p. 62.

ric ce. :I r.ih .:.:.T. i r. .te r.,Cc. ilJ inlrit jl l in an .:.r-d ri;

fa _-.l.Tin. TrI- pr:.p*:- pi ar .c 1 d lled f-o thj firi -t F tj LE

i.L fr.rrul atior, c.f 3a : t c.f [-.: itll ate : pF-:. ide ir,.'r i.n

.:'r :t.udi a n brr-ad r r L .:ipiie z.her res-arch di'ro ecr in

pc:il: arta:- -re 3asl.;in;l tc jcaddi2-n: p-rs:n-1.1 The

Acco.-JntfLr : -ri-nz 1l 2Borjn reaction -. to Lhe r-;arch on

, cS tulatI ., Fd in:i.le 3 .'as to pr.;"ie ir ui aii-l i tr- th.'* rhe

rea: =rch-ir3.

The AIC ..' spcril l Co3-U,'Ltrt-L ,3n c 2ccrC. h r Pc raim .t- aLtd,

S:- t'ilac : are f-'. in ni bes -r d are t zh. .aic
.ass'-rp, lctL t-n h hi-h p' ir: i I;: r.t- rTh.'2
-l :_-d rri / ar'. dern ed fr:..i- ti,.e :.,..e-ic and
-olIitiD i n. r n zn ro"imen ar.d r- n r, i ..
;h.:. glir I d :ii; '. : -r f n! 1 .ri t u r, tt.- c.u 31 -

:.- ::Tin oC f : -3tLi t e .3 n. Inz ri ro' tioj fr t'h. ticr hal

a=- jlr liz'd -;ca. i: 1. 'fcLc j/ .uch accoun tin.g i:'r Sera as MIay

3.,- -~=t n.

.2 1i1 i 3tuclia -.n th: fcrr-uleantin *.f tn- uasic

pu-i3Sl tes .And principles *-.f accounting -wre puUlished in the

*a r 1 961 -. rin 1cco.untin F. --e-arch Stuj. 1.. 1 The Basic

P.-ulate of A' cjintin:r, th- iuth.r, Berkeley Professor naurice

-:-,nri i z iden-tified fourteen "Lbaic" p; --sulates upFon which

.udi' -. sutr.-red b ProfeE.s:.r n c-anitz n- f -llo- Professor

.:Lid., r. 6'.

S'ee .-.,Ar.dl>. li-F for a slr r-.ary --f the "i.:tul ates" as
c .1i L.,.] ir, this study.

P ir tc r 3j and a rE Inti i -... n c inr.-n Pe Ear:ich -tuj !.

3, A. r-encratl Ect of Br:jd -cc-.-un'ina Prin.r cr.il f:r Ea sine -
Enterpri-e: Tr.e ac:. untirg :;.rrlr.: 1 e-c iorr.h L..' r.ti

auth-iri ', re e ser.ti il5 / Fpr-.rit-. Et .'e nd cnta 1ir.nc. r- i.j er-

abl. de'.z iati. fr4' I :C C-acpt- d c -rr.nt pra.:ticas. For -:.: amFie,

unr J th.3se re: j r'daniri pri r.cip le cih- profit re ul) inr.g er,.r.

op ra tl..nr : lo.uld L. reco. r l"- .i in ;tages fr in-.n:i Zt1 t ri e n te

c id sar.. t.e effrr : f Frice le il chtan.e. ;r. p aianr. an

-:i i p.-rn t '. i,-Ild b. r:-atat:d pri.odic:all in terrn of .jittL r

r-i j rl a -j i .

I-_n ig atl e- i in e r.1. ir ,:.:, _n L,.: r ..:g ,r,Et ft.- ,,

Ili ,1 e: t : ie jar A a valu n e rn L i buo r n
-- r-L* grC. :ti cni1r:. 'iri j u ii-.:nt.;r.tf 1r the .d

to ac. un rrina thri, nc t1he' e ar too ra .ic.-l 1,
df fr -rnt fro, t p res.' It n :r -r.ii; accpta cC.: jrount-
in.] princir.:i. ii 5 .r ::c.cpt ance at this rtim:.'1

'.r.-. Grd.Un mr'cd. up thI fce- irngs .f m nriy : -5 i Tmician ,-

.'hen ih- nrn d,

C IDnld-Lc'ati of th.- n3'ur- of pC otulate:s an
prin,:i[..le anr their relatlnr to. eacih .threr
ret.-als tilt t:i i D.Dn1it: inr Sproisc a;proa-h

i. -- -- - -
III:' e .a-pentj... II-C f.r : u, jrr / f t rin 1-ii -
Spub li .s5 in ttris s E-i r

3-- tate'.m --iy. L.1 tr- 'cc *nc ny Fri.'i plei Bo-rd I'i .rk:
Ai : t.erican Ins3 itt..e :1 Certif :.: 'ub, l ..-;:-l.t f..rnt1r.t3, a'-. 1.

1 at L.- t i-L licult to' imiil- ri. t and un11Ki l lc
t -: l' 3-,

I r. i rE-1E :.t l 'ic, n r,, ra7 iti t r, irz of cine 3 tuJi.i .--I t d at',.'erE

010..', at l-eart on cr.ic s.jrf ac:, t ) th.e .".-I A a'. pla.- fo.jr clari-

f:'l r enrally accepted a:.cuntirn principles. The research

reart1, i rale not intended to:. be automatically .ap011-I L'

th- A.:cointing Pr .nciple PDjar., it hlJ eaen hiopd :.r:uid s-r'.'-

a a u3i f,.r it =rutjbeqajent auJth-rli tac1.' pron.urncelenits.

On.- Orf t-hr; f r *7rlicismB Of the s-Ji ;ll ::. that they

: i.-bir L-rescr oipti prirc pl. t. t. ..tricri tr.: tijiji& author

b L--.'- 3 .a::c.c .ntir. shiul. cr ':nif rm, '..itil d scr pti'.'e pF irL ,ipl, s

C..- tas i pFaL'ic tic in .Tun-. IK 3 thi .ccoun riqi Prlnciplet

E:.ri a5pr. ,.' a prr:c.]e t inte;. to. pr r a dus -r iptiv, set

-;= -,erall aiL ted rc.-. nt n pFr nciplCs. Faul Grd3iy -'as

i:: -- si or to "ljen. cfy and crodC f' t.h :ccouJnt iq prni:iples

f:r :inLe.3 antearripr-ss which na : sn e.' grn.-ral acc.Lptance."

Gr: a a- 3 :e*.t' '..el-respect.d prac titlioner. He had retired

is a ~~rtnri from the pFr-tigious "big eignt" firm, Pre, Water-

h e rand Corripany, ard ..33 to ser:.e for :.,'prai. ',earE as

director of reseaLch for the imerican In-titute if Certified

F-bli: ;.:c;ur:t ng. jr ing his career, he ser'.'ed as chairman on

32l'.'ron ;. Gord:in "Postulates, Principles and Fesearch
in Ac:.-Lunting ," .:.-c untir.g Feview, X.XI ., I.pril, 19G4), p. 253.

Paul ,ra "Outline for In.fent.ry oi Generally Accepted
A..n::untirn Friciple.s for Lusiness Enterprises," Journal of
Accounrtncly, C-:"l, liovember, 1963), F. 52.

nurco.D, i r, irititti t .-LTIIttCe, I n:lu nii aujit ir.i t *ciaie

r ationi it thI e TEc ana pr:actriA re.-i... iH, :il ". .er -d

a: zL.ai-rma ,or. t h.: Ho.-'.'cr i:-ri s i.%:-n.r, Taa3 : F.-.rc.- .*rn :'- rri.miF r-F

Lendin .Aer, ?3 In 1?59, he n. r j ta re ei -e tr, Inri3t rur..t '

gold mcdal for distinjgui n' 1 .er"ic t,. th: : r:.unrt inr, pr -

fei r.

-rjad' hac dr'.A zatej ucr a S cu f .r 3 -,i ber :f ar .

Trire -'c ild b. .jca~it ieLit n ha.'inr a bref
j-,ur iary f ener.aal a-7:eFp:e-E a :o r-untir p.'r..-
'i les . .. T E- prt ir largel; :.rue :1
ta-n -fi.cation af tr.- :rinci l s op ,.,ri2-r tl-,er
ls ?,n eral a= firearm t nt anr c.f cl'.-elopir? t ua.- jl
Fpaterr-, c,1 arranri g me-rit cl a si f 11 at i[. t

in nid 1 r6 A.rc'juntirnq ei -e=a-:z.h LuJ, 2 ,L r '. r'.':n :

o0 nidrall'.' : 7 LPt d ..cc :,urA tiin Pri i:, .l le for ,Jil a'5 Enr, -

r-._e 'as a ubli-t. In t.hi stud;., Gra r-li.d .cr'; 1 ,.'

r- r'="lo'iJ -.i. r-. Fprioni: nc :ments, the .-.:c lzJl tri Euii 1 and

.-. .:cn tgqom-er Aud itln n a id i u.e-d auditint LI-.'r..

In this st.id.' Crtady' *efne-. accc-untin-r

.'c- :.j- tin r a 1 t-hc b r:. of In., .-lije and .urnc itr l-n
cj-r.cerrnd with s" L3 tC-i ori gi~ eating, ai-:icrant: a-
tin., racora-ing, :laEifrirji, rro:a3ihn, srnmai-
ziing, anal; :ing, Inr r reinrct l, and supplying
dcperiable and ir'jrnific3nt ir.-'f.rimatl r c:-'Erl-n,
transactions and e.'ants ..h. -, ir ar ir. aar at l as t,
of a fii-an-:ral c .arar rer, re:uire for th:- t mr agq-
i-rent andr .perati.n .:'f ani rtity ar,' for t rep .:.rti
tha t hiM c ro be -:ubmiittej cth.;r-n t. iF..::t eidiuc :-I
rni ot -ier rer.Fons ilt 11itie . 5

Fau j Gcrac T "TI,. *u.' st frcc utC'o.untg P riri~ 1- ,
Journal of Arcc.: -t nt,-r .. I i a/, 1 2' i21, p. 4 i.
33P.a:ul Grady "In'.'ert.Dry .f Principl.-s," p. :..


in P i S3 Cu.', inr- rted rf ric u : in. tne rrrn "p. i 'uu-

*s, :r4i return r-i tr terry tal:: cr : [.: ts," n..7ich

Ita : b:r used in srie c-,: r I ier aC :u r nt i n .l c: ti rn.

The termi 'po.s ulatesa'' i nLr beril usid. It is
belie v -e that the te-i 'b~i. c:;-r:zept,' i:hich
nial bein uise- in the psti-hlt CorE'rjt- .'.:t unt-
i n Stair.iar ,j 1 pubDi i c 1 .iL,' ,orirt ican Ar ccoaunt-
Inr .'-;cciC l;r .r! is lte:- r u-dlj rst:d. 36

:.-:1;' --tiatJ t ti,- : biic c,.rce ts underlie :.r permeate

: i T a:- l.untirg t rin:lpl :., an E 'Tit n,: c..-Lulid ,!d t .,ri',-.d

e- *erienc:.

0f th: te, 'j sc.t5s li-.e by -rad,;, half *f hi._m rcpre-

S- -- :: .3 ich, jij.iinr ; :'-irrrnt Cod tiI tE.ts, are

: l a" r 4ai p.:.n. bui nes entire, *-~ji c:,nc rn ,none-

-- : re tor i n a: un-inz *..nsiatiL c, ceLe' ri, p r i .d for

-. e ,r, *n anj. l rat-ri ali-. T-,e r-ema iirin3 basic con-

:- i crt b;' rad,' l c': _ri'e gener-al a:ce tance :.f Lthose

r-'.'L:u r .rnt i'on. there ba3ic conc-p;t such as the "cost

-n:r c, ". aliz a tion c rL.n ," "acncruial c: ron :z[-t" usually

li s. in acrrcunitrin literature aire ni.ot listed as such but are

to, s m~& a.:- t e.: nt i moll ,1 .

Crad tcol. 1*-lat he jnefine as a "pr4aTim-atic" approach to

a'im. a ririn, accountir.: p.rlir cipl.s. s1113 urp-Bse as t.o. ll

ro i L c-b]-?:r.. sta.3 iafsr.i- ac'-:.untinr, perf.,rmanrzc and

-ras.Jrer, -., -1.A s t r..Jlard. :.f dis-l;; ure h'li]C had reached an


ac- e6pr.cd r-ta.,itj- in the n ritun l tz ti r .. rady list r i

objl.-i r i -'es o j u:iar. .c- :..... t 1 -. 1 :| = r.-i.rh nl-i at -sB

are ori.ntr. tc. [ir piF s-intatio... TE-, p rinii i -; -r Eenr &j

are groupeF d ind-r i'. t-ie jdini.q : I.Ai Iric:m e ni- E:.'pFerS 1 1

Equity, (CI1 i33 t I, i L- t iil il tirt s, ;nd I ) Fin an.: iS St1 t_-

r'n ts.

T i;: Irer r ra. y srLita rz.pre snt stois or nZ i, e

re Juire. in nr ting t-, .:Cjir.;s. The "LbaS2 c-:*-:pt3" and

tne "prrin: 11 ple" as f :L-rlaed B GArai; ir- SLeruTa3r iz-i ri

r:-.,l1:X II-H and Ii-i.

'ri.d prD.'id i rLf? err is f:r -:r i- rin7ipl.: i-i : aSis

: r l .-.:::p r irn :.Ci f rlil ,f p .r r ... usl pi .i tL --1

..C:o ,,r- jr P oe ar:h P ul lctirs. Sec iur ty J :: a cd a n ,- f.':,ie C IrLse Io:r.

7 --t r:. c'3, o j- pr icn- oi r r Un A :uncinJ g Fr incipl.s b: -ir .

aicrit,; of rt.i ") L jc-ties- n.j F Principles in ti nia st'.3

had Lren ,:utl.n-d iri -j eral in .5 mia : -:in rticle pubil i'-.e
before the st,-i, nad c-.-rn b seen j..irthzri ed. j. W.i Lrh ey..ptic.n

of advocating priLCe 1.,el adju-,istmnts, long a fa, orite tr.hm or

Graid and Chapt-er 10 in sh-.:r. 1. ?'.'cs his *-1i. on the

rarr-'Aing of 3reas of dlifft'irn contritc'ers5, ,Grad:; was careful

to if-u3 ln th.c a::e-teo.

'-.-ctl:-r tn.. A .-cit int r ; ea r h rtui' 5I:. has L-ie n

mi.-:: . e itorijl of tne Journal a f .c -,irtjn ch arj -t.-_r izi:

it as

3 r di "Th ;-'i3t 7F 4 '7- .

putt~ i:ii '-urL'r nt pr tl-.A in pi r per :_pe: t miirn jirAr.
ll c.nr:rned i:.f tnie gr.at p rogre: a.r.3 : .Jad ,m
niilgnlr i.L tin I area :f : r.crc-'. -r,' L a I Fci l .'. idin ar
Inra.'luja.: lI- ui.d tc rfurtr c r .J iihb r tolnr. o f E tr
.:c.- a:uincin ri r in.-ip:i E ard.. -

rl-lj: n Po a ll, the first cha rman o[ thi A.cc: ',rou in Pri-~ciples

,:afjr Itata.r t.-i t.:.c.o' is "l ir..-; to b: orne :f tha nrc.st us-ful
pJL- l:: t i :n -ir isu i b';' th- In t: i ut:-. n tl-ie o ha er

har. I artnr,' c:-m-rnt crrcbtal'y siurur-d up the -nr.i.t i:mr orf

an', =arade. i ari a : "n ie In' e' lLt:r. '. a s r nt iall the ccTr.1-

n-. .n cf ai :l pr. :-i. '.-:c.Jr tirn,, PS-aar -h Eulletir -. From,

h-S -. u.Jd : rf th .: E1 1 1 tin, :'Sr. Grad: I a able tCj ab-er'.'e

thE-- -ri' f ac C.un,'tar practice '%5a a '.e ll-fcjr.ded Fprin-

l'-l: :-f ;cO:un i- ng'i .'

It a.~:uJ-i b nt: -:d t:. t in .'Ica 's rtul j iS p published,

a.-. a 2 n::o.int:in pr ain:iaplia % r ne.t the sub-ct or an :.;t.nsi. e

: -L s ::._- prog.rar :.s pr :.''1-:-Js ,' nr t -d.. Lraj/ hil detailed

ainr.' id.j-tic3a c.ciriepT e.eral :'ears b.eore the pro-ran '..as

started. :'-ithcr "'cr th- principal "dC 'eloped" supported b;

i'.'ld rn--' of .g neral practice.

3 Fditori-.1," J:.jrr.al cf Acco'z-jntancr C:y'I.,: (i:ar.r, 1965),
pp. 2-2-.--

n"'elc. P~L' eil. "In.*tntory of Gcrcralil' .a1,ccepteJ Account-
In; i nciar .. ," Journ' al jf accoantanc.', C 1': :;;rci, 1.95) p.

'. u. Parton, ".'Ac.-oJnt ng F'rinciple .. iW!, Uni frmity,"
T'In nr t .r,:. Acc.-o ntant in Australia, :.*' l (Janua y, L 69),
n. .17.

r. r *yl. rt in3t-.-' n'. ar ttprp i' s frli[ E
tc. proi'.'i. ;'iy L.iiTj of m T ,i r-c a ;-' ..- r..
: ,u 'c rrt r.i- 3_i -- J I i tc b *.r.,--r a l c,'.-- c t, -,j

Po'.' i, in t-. :,'Oru e t. or 'i rj C3stud,: ailu tie r.-o

fil-e of ,l:u h dati colleccted for the sar. ; vtvi 3ai.o rn,:.=-;:

its i a n:- in tn" pJ icati.:n. i.

..1 in .3al Gra J 's stuJ) 2I tret b-es. isuniar,; a aiiabie

3t pri C titCio-'rs 91i. 1 .'e b..- th.n bjaD-ic pLr cilri e's of

n_ arc cl cc. u-'.rr -j for acc .it e taCle pra. ctice in rle :pr.i ate

s : -or a nJ clr. :-rJ. l cl sely to i r.- qrd_ :i e a .cco-ir, tinq

a= -.:. ,'.- .".Jt-[ r. n tejd, "Er far sa i a .:.ar. 1u.i =, -hre [_r :._-

Lr, are n'i aLI ,}:':,r: t :rnd coim.-.lte 5 tc'-n1,.,t c'f .'.r, -t :

r-- lly -cce.tej it the prest cr. Li t -." -r. p' t i i:u

- .?.-i, .h;e _rcu.--rit ceS .: f t!h it,.jy' F..L.I C ,rt oJri, 'i..J it-

--e_.tr:i ,' n ,ncsar tro '-r.ial nature ha.'e g-;ner al 1 J ::, '1"-

7..- talC bn ; r r c tlI1 ri er ..

A:zzaj.,tin, for c ',Trofit CErL'ngan.iztiC'nr

i'.-e a;t.dy .-cnducted b. Hir.ke ..as orglinall' : -1i33 i sine-d

i.i i961 a, a par' of t. res. -.rch progra.i of the :m-'-.rican~

Inst-tuta o.f Crtifi. PJoiic .c.,Lcouinr, L s. "The ,.'th ar.d final

re.s ar-ni pn3]cc :-.., u'ni-J r iJ .': r lites to the; -i .cLurntlir. CE

C.:.r-..ers, 'A vltte'r of Principle. 'A .::;. ur tir,
evie :I.T. :Jul_. 1 6 I p. 146.

4 .eildor .-u 11. rn.zcnt.or ,' .. 31.

4 's rL :,.'rn "F.e i ',-ntory of .-nr ally;
Accepted Prin.-ipl ; for LuEsires3 Enterprs .:," :,*.*.-:oLrni-- i ri F lew,
XLI iJanuar-:, 'I6 n. 195.

:.: rof t o'C ar. :ticn 3. iT.r L'.' n 1 .f E: 1c.r i.ir. i'.'er;

n.:.nu ; in c -r i.n Lhi Fpr:. l. Th- fir inl31,i Drf '- .hi

-u. 1o.r-.'r, re rnot a ccF-eptc f r pibl icat-in t. t1 i

Instii 3.. a.Jd te sc tudj' .3a3 pul l ih d.3 e .' rtu li c i .'. thne Jrer- au

cf Eusrin-; Fe:;asrl )f Ir.dijrana nir.'Ter-i in 1963. Presumably

rt-: iec.oT ,i.r.irstio.:3 of H rn.r: .'arisd too 3ilnificaritly fr.ri

rs5:ti:-" f r ac-eptar.:i b t. r. Inrsticut .

Hrnl.. cIn.ra.-'.-ri J nth Ft purpoA i of ihi. atu.i a 3 anal zing

=.r.. ei.'alJar.ir, i 5I un t'rIg an,.i Le- ort' i -. ra .A- c-=.- *.* c'l eid in

S .,r-fic area tr. ti-a liilh L f e -o t -r. ir.a.rLirir- c 1thir.
*,r i l -r a 1rr. talaiC q h :i cl r, .h i r.nar-n r. i t ha i t r

S.-. :. -hi 1 3 1 a t E 1 EJ J .

.e'r '. fEir i.J -.he .bject ouf .a.:::,ihting .a "c; 33sse t in

: :i f f l a-,ci l Oaff airs b' .th rin i an.aly': irn g, and

-- : -pre-i a.cil Infrcrmaio n in- pLarit -r ii t ti tlh-

.---:-. -:r. =r rn or r ro.iius a.

I., Jd a'. r 1 [. I, anal -sit., Hanl e first "po~stu 1atd"

- :. ,

acCL.u-'t. 1ig and r p-:rtri, practices --to be uscfuji--
r.j=t -t 1-.7i:ally consaist-nt ...ith th- object v.'e
chrt a n Jr.ganiLa tlr ori seek to ac-hi-% a nd .'ir.h its
OF:p-eantinai p.attrr reijulting from thnre obj-etl .'_ .

l'i .L:n 3:-'1 "Report on the :Accournt n g Feaseach
e t c r 'i r.'Cari Tn itt ut-: f ,. rti red FuL l
".:C t'.,l ," -.2countiri r e e., 9:*:*..."I, i Tanruar .il) -. 30.

J r. -. .-..-c.ui tir ,. t .

'itn d., lu.

i' is n t ir plic,: ti.rn triat u-ri-ri kn thi ,i-. ri. :,f

*.' ting for rnoncr rofii t r.ra :r a tic rn!. r., ar*- bas i I at--

la.te a irila.r to th:t e prmITI'- lgJ ar.Iq L- '-ti.--i i 1 in hi :r .--nr, r L

P:s-,jrichl Studiy [lumber 1. Henke Joes noct ial,1 trhi's cc. cliar.

He does refer i rdi-re :tly in 1 te tr 'i.-s:tions of his sr.udi- to

:loonitz'- pFoS'ulates of firi 3r.jrci l tatenrit it IE-I arI l .j J --

-'.s ir 'C-5 ', as 'rell A indl r?.-rcl t: ots; -cc .'i- (0<. i .r

c.n-i stnc IC-3j Heni:ke's s' t .uJ, a- '- hI .' nl3tCL 1 Ort j.-

r.a3ll c :rra-iiL.3joneJr d a 3 p r t -if th In str-tut ': r-3-ar:l

ei :r:-, sni he .as E of .:,.ur: e '.iar .'f tfl r,, Et ... i .1

ra-.- nic itre-t effort t:) d Ji-a s 1cr -.b i t c' f Lrc ic: '

os'.. pr-.. e j i -r en i t a et i f Tr irn. : 113 e P.r- -- i

. LaSi: pF-, ulate; L .I I'li.ii- his ,-.j-i,:- a ' L'.5 -; 3 a r L'

-: a 3 plaJ 'n crd to :co-iirn aLt he r uniuj :*-l'ceC:. raie-

-.*-.C and .-I Zr.; s ten : .

H-n': than dircctcj hi: arttntitn tc'.':rd d finia r.he-

-i.m-r.- Gbbjh bicvtl.' of nror.profit o.ruani: a i;n a a group. He

defines thii objecti.'e of nn:r-.rfit orjrani iatiorn-. a Fro hiding

i sociall acc-:eptae I 1 er'.',.--e for rn~nirs or t he s .-:ii grcup

withnoit regard for .any kind cf an -zq'uit, c r n r-Tr.erainip i nterest

in the entit .

He prc:.ntn5s thi as a 'qv-n" anj ref:.ren':Es an art:tl&

in ir.e t:--" '.ork Cerctii ed Fui l : .-:' :irn tari l'i.:h pr ir l1 J1i -

-usSe3 de;'re.'ia':crn in nrnp'.ofit r:.i .rii;n'at"-nL. Ilji r. -r i-h il:

nor the artil- referesl.- d slie.i light on hr' ti-c r-L e:r-I '. .

arriv'd a3t. I;ae oti-.tc r cbati- :on?-id-r :-d hjt critic er

i ,ere used Lt pi:'. til. pFarti:lar obL]t-ct-.c? t. it a.';n psibi

t* rri i- tre tob]:ct.e fr:r a s ii tbroaij eectruIr cf

:.r.4 nlz t a.:l a n he a ha ir.clu.J--.J .- hIs E tui"-' n!-z far as

Le :.bije ti 't of ocal g.:."crrrm.:nt, pr.:.fezzi.-.rn 1 ILteratu r

record -o c 'i en =.su3 of :.tj t'.'- e've. r..r Uait i .artizul ar


Thier L first of all, no3 aars-nmi.nt mc.nqr urban
resid rtl, Ls a B .:. o h; lT.: i .* 3.'.'e r nmrt T eit :i: t at
a-l. :r.Ci aint these ga irnr.nr e to Aer"e r1-
rri.l in :.rdcr to prov.'id f:.r lif a" r niltil& :
.:.trn r iS= t.icm ai3 om ~cth n :.f t ri arTi .:f the iocal
Cl.sj- r jDf Corie L'. -i "'ith the t .k. ?f djinr : 'h. at is
nrcc--.~.: in *_rder to.: atttaCL iTimfre L.uSirnes anl'
ir,-u tr t; th ar-ea: th ir1d g.ri:up arnt t-, !.:ccp
,33' n ti-,e :jt .-.f ; q 'errutirrnt at all leia l anri 'a:rnt:
l.*l.'al g-.'e rren' r.c re:Itrlct it actl'.'tla: tc. that
hit h hai3 L.::r. .ra itin I ll, r- ardjed a ine ce. ar.
SfoJrtrh jt'.J, jftrn :oanziLin3 of c lf-c-'rnsciCO
; ir.:.t ItIE a 16:5a1 *40"ernrti;n t a: ar. arblte1L r ao-ir.-g
-'. -:rrcea :r. a j3'1:= '.h rct'' :.ch mir.-,rit; cct:
at le I :.| - Il: c0 th [C 1 F .

Hip- r',G d.-:t. rmlind : nc ob]-t : c.m. o' -f nq..nprof t c.rqaniza-

r.::., Eir::.e 'O.en proce'-ds t-: prse art a comparlisor. of organi-

-ationa oprr'tirn~: cshaateruitics of pc.rfiti--.-crrntcd ind non-

,pr'fit organ iat in. Ths;C .o-.p atl.on characteristics

ir:luai: sc.ircai of c.aipital a.i3 ri.ve,.nue, organization and

cn.-.rol ]jstif~zctivon of continued :xisr.tnc.e, evaluation of

efio:enc. and paziLle bias an preparsti:n of financial

t e:-t er, ts .

hner:e conc ludez, the operation of ar enterprise arnder

u_.7i..t mit ai-til.cn dap-nds upon the e..ls tenrce .f an effective

Chrlies .-Jti12n, Public r.ttituJds and TIetropolitan
D. 3.'on "a3kir.;g .Pittsbur4h: Wherrett M1emorial Fund, 1961),
p. 7.

derlarin for Lt:-. cOiral. Jlt ~ it S is : r th I=r'.vlc' i t. iro'.iJii .

In c-ur ,: ,tL th-re are *:rtairn : se tial hu.:'n al

EO-ill--ty hi- j,:.;d rn t l.; :ar.tifli f.r all i er~s'-rn;, _r c :, ri-

le-s of triiir aLilit, toc pay. a Tree 3ar: fuiiille thru-.,n

the mechanism Of nonprofit lentiie. 'I manlIserranrt :-f r iu

an orianiatiri hai a re~spnsaibit r,:t prc.'1de ier'.i-ez in

an -ffi.-ient a rFanrn r a [po-jiLle.

in prfit-:ri-.ntej *:.rn.iciatinIr pi rmar-lne t .ni~i is

pr ,idj.2 by fi 3rancial r'e -ait or ser.l-ric. In

a -.r',- rof t rgar inizicon, L inrL nlt v.' ft':. zc. nt r uti .1.3 f rnuE

Cr.-_I fro'ii the Jcncr's .esir- co. proi'.'l ..h t he b:i 1 t -li : 1- i

L:-I-1], dJ irabl- 1 ,-- r 'ic.

Ti c,--atitJency' .I 3 hin".rO of t cr.; '-r jt'.on, ch:.u h n;t

S- 'nershir. control .:f tn :r:arln :acion,. o:3:u -s

J5s_-- .on similar t. that of th!e 'Lnmcs .:.f a profit -mkina

or;-s.l:atic.. The n:rtLitueiciy .:,f nonprofit :r3arnizst:on

:; -: th-ir di-satiu; faction through ':'ithho.ldinli supp.srt :r b,

vote. The ncnprofic orargnizaticn 3:ts in a fidu;aisry -`-it'y,

and financial reports ahoJud refle:t this trudt.

The financial reports or r, t nonpr:.fit -rgianiiiatfion, he

stares, reflet nuo real effort tr evaluate historic ora-r':1-

tiron l cfficicnc' t to chillc '-cnstitu:nts o anl'.e ..l7; re-curc..

allocati-.tns-. Finarcial data whilee unar blc to Fpr:- ije he

complete 1 ains'-I can jis:-lo e imprcrtanr fa.-ts. o -it- h:-.-o-,: nr

important ctrit'orion for jud-aing -fficinc in the abriscnc: -.

net in-or'- ani aZcODu Lnr r-pcrts should t.L org3an-ejd t.' '- i-

close thes., data.

In F r: a .1n 4 inncial t;it;r ,t .: r,.-Li-,- rf .t *'ra an -

'l: 1 Ca~r ru- c e t.ai',.e. : re:e' 5t [bla3. The r fi : 1

[.oj t .:ln -,h. ld n. t UJI.j i tat d t :. aid in fjr.i J ocl i ]ta-

t 1'.FL. F,-nd-ri- iriu, C-.tS n 3 c r jl a .a i rn c b.e hi der Ir,. Otcrjir

Stieq.:ri- Pi u"-lnl 2 1 .li nri-t DL-, .'.r"_rst i t.J1: '. ini ate

--.:-. =. .. EL-.JceS r 1e"en'eS o. cz \expenN phr.ulc not be b .-rie-d

ii i prrc.Ftri, i.3in L:2lount' but :1-irl; h:..n.

Fro.i ch.? e..:rU| ,ia l ri :f cr enea *.p=-r-aC.:.ral c.har-c.sterlstic-

t i ]:1.'t J oblI.Cti"r rIt telita. : 1. n l d -'

S .ir.:i l -- .-. .h ,.jld J dir-.:t..' t:. ar d :rn re f fe t '.'e

1. Th- .:':r. ,-t .: -n lh their k:ir ar em r'.' ,
.:L. : 1 -.'es a e c- r- a:[, *-J.
T h ff-c. i ;-i: *th .r -r' hi .r op3 raticn-

ThI e'artdZlhi .f tie r iria .i3ci-mr t.

ju "r -rit .- res; t ti..i of i tffcCLi-ene -, tffi.cien:;" and

S-; .c .:.ilint btilit,' ii er.Jd for an informat-l n sap tenrf hAve an

S:~rpt an: L, nc.-. -idc.abi cs .pracflnnng cic rss3 u Tne prob-

rim r.,3 al' -s been, arid rem~nirn;, he'. tm accomFplin thc;e ends.

:Er..;- sta3t. that tnhee zrit:ri; r-equire that finincill state-

"-.l'-ts sr.he' trhe IT Li t mf re-c-urC-s a"'4] .i sbl, t.-. an organi-

.aci:rn at par-itl:l r t. l-n_ :nd Ib) the changes in Ir iunt of

r&e 'iUiL'c- '.'j1 Sble t then over p ci. f F riO rtd: Of time.

H:" H 'nke :_rri-ia at th-.: fina.nci1 al stat -,t re..jul em -nts

tic.-. the c*rit,- ria for di i.-.sure is nor.t E.zpl.incd.

Hcnire cihn d tc. 'jri c. J t, '. pr.rtric s -ntret c r i, Lhe

fi.l,.i.ci: r =p.-.r of nrinFr,.: it e.r.tit t i. T'h:. he t ;,t-.

Lr;C done3 Ae : onfr.r:n :c;. tscr'.at a rcorre- Fndie-r, C ar.J

anal'::. Harnkc st-ate- thri bs3 e i tJrlorc- %.nich n ,-d t.-

be asKejd Cf thL usE'r. h a t dect l-na a'r madiJe? What inf.:rc-

mflti. is r re ,ircJ to n k tne it- 'n.rm irnt.i 111 nt .-n ..'

hi.-uld tre informat.ior *ar r i.an-2ed for effer LI re:tnLri ar1.

? .-r':e jid n E t Fr e nt ;n',' cmpiricAl LD a of h.i s.tu. :. uie r

nec Js. loLsc L0f th concl ;ao. ns lists. ap a--'ar at test tr ''ia.

I E:'Lrial m arieJna. n -iroup (t.c-rdi of trua c s,
Jite .to 3., A-.r.- I
Fes--cic:ii, 1 t';t' for .ri&:cng pi-nri.. ar j p''i -'iej
E .al'aiti g effc i c -n:: *:f internal rii-n -i menrC ,
,.j 3 G c3-.i ttn,t ch- or; *niLaton iro "o L '.'=r S
is o :ieCt .a ir. an r-fficlent nr nn:r.
Lbi Co- ti Je-r i,1i I-.c dir,--.'t: I A:-upp-.r tri-
*organi'z, aL:LI l-.roug r h- Lhe .Cntrltd Li on cf time
or rc ,curce' '_it'.,out r t-:u.i.- j e uix'.dalct ta.iciile
benr'-f ts; in e..ch n1- i
hi lrou ,p a- s part ci'ularlY' ,co ,'c ,rne1 1.1t.-. 5a --
*.'ring questions a :-,ether the ,orani ,--.Ti n i:
Fr o.'.dind the a-ri''' I in an efilri- eCt ri a -er and
ljIany itS res-iurc.- for the intenddc parpe.'. -
c) Cus t jcr
SEr.i i:ea isers h-.a'.c a rijt. ta t ud-3 e ..hc-tt r
impilcat ion of nut real-:inr a profit in th,
long run is b-ins mi-t anJ 'jn!ethr its charq:s
are e:-cessia.e beciau- of oper.=ti'onJl ineffit.c -
si-c ie .
I'1l P tI -. c
Thi. group i: Fr :,narl :oir'err. .ld .,ch -lef in irq
the social b.incfits '.' tchc'- -ncii spe:Zi Pa.ri ,-

le t Ce j tnza
Prrirmac' conc:rr. of creditor5 of rniJprofItt or.3an-
?Ations is '.iith cn.- .clit' to meet obiL.;iCtiors
of fut- un ntleiet wn.d prircic;l: p.,',rnts.

f:" r ,tn2.i.t 1gruF,,' I! r.c lu J -:, .. p l 7e l ato r .
anI .a: r- *titrn -ai icie3. i

TIh! ..eiCl1't t: L %c achi ci ti. finara.-:1 1 Sl t :r m nt

-rnk. th-n deterri 3 1 "1: .; ... 1 Jta'j tit."

He ni.- 11-t3 tthe l f ll i inq ..: n l1u;i:-,n r :.rJin.-i useful

ft 'irical r.[eprt. :i-. ",. ii_ ig fr.'.; ji Ji u~ aCon,. "

1. n *. :*b].:t"i l d-r trr ii.i .i :.p- r ;tFi a c tt::int
cnar, l ,',al. p th -' ir tr.r: t :a g'jli[r to ]u3da.
'-e) L -C ir. ff l:i nc i s d:ira:L'le for a .: .[..ropri-
a:t u f nin fttr y 1. rtini .n.. n -r!.rloft .4tint -
.-:_- .ns.
Ec-ii.- DuuJ -:tir_. 2.,-trL and 1-.q l r-T'etricLtJIn
tniit.- t ,.: neit i f appLil f a i ppr: iat; r L i ar s
Ic ..r nt r,. th r:,n pr ,f c it 1 S ,e-,ircble
to L-.i :;ni a t er-;rit i'ariu.l' J thu i'jrcE- ji,'a
arri ._ t,,;'S, f -t not C'i.'r-i. ,-*pcLe' ti- i re- Jdrcc:.
3. ..'-_ ,.. :.'r- a l' ltcar L'J rt,:e m ient f -1ll 7'r'3-
-nrti' tLh- fi'carn:ial *-cinditicn :Drri5:lt utcE in
i -P-2.tur'ti r t C.r rfl irar.ui .r 1 r* : t Ei
IS l-,,, nt t pn-,rt or t ie -. rai- l '-- LE- ,i 30',
jnI r, j l 1 t En- te c-iri -
-. fini rncial stat ,tiriri should t. -repar- ir
-n .;, -- .' and conr sl tent irinncr t". b2 mio-t
u-efjl tI-: all inlte~r ted 3.rO s.
T1h- finra:iul :-tat-rnte .riuld ait izulate *-.-h
eacrh c.th r .ar nd s-l. ,ul f.-rmi a "c,:nr ctirig-link"
h istmr,- ,.i th_ r:.r anizati:.in .:.*'.- r ltsl il ,.
6. NI',riproi fit financial l reps-rt- E'-i-.Iuld di :l7O-,:
Linsorf.r as is practically pr-i.sible, Lhe extent
to I..'h h tri. proTfe ed abjectl," f the Oc.ani-
:ati..n h:'.'c bEe n acl'ie3'ed.
7. Unprofrit financial reports should include a11
practically 11 -. -.llIale factua'lI data t-.at could
lir-icali' o hlFprul to anry jaf the; -.tcrnal
inte r-te..d arola-i in *vI:ill'i-t n trhe efi-cier n y of
operations anJ Irt[ri[nal m- rcnai--ernnt. taciujse I.
s r.'i.:--- nbj. ti:tl .' la 1 ubt;Lituted for pr'rcfit ic.tl-
ticri in tl'i, ir -a, the irintete sted gro',u other
than tl'ih cu.-tcrr.er. ab'" cr d tor., i'-inuld 'a-l e .3
lprrnir. int rn-3t Ln t!-h -:.xtdnt an3i Affictinc' Do
err ic.e runind're. rather than in th,: difference
b--t.een r -'.iv-nes and expensri-3 or -..rendi tures.
rinancial statements sho 11 be (. rq.an r- d .th! the
recogaqriton of this nr.el.

1. i-. nci'.r.r: f it rLn. i: :ati: n 1i EL id'jcia, r -:.
..f erLt i t.. Tc-;,er.;for. fi nacii. 1al repor ts ; r.: u .
'1 .i rl rer l tr: ', ; in whichh tr., s-r a rd.- .p
functiln nri bten :-rf:r-i=cd. i n rP P.: r ai1
r..nr7r: fit cr, n it rt: 1ll nrrr, al l r-: l ai i-
-l? .ur- o'r trr i wa i, '.hl :h the ;p-irati5r ,. re:p:.'-
it.iliUty has bten met a 1._11 a; trhe -:;ta:'t t:
himn specific abl itllr:r.s reiatring t: "jd:.i:,r
aCc.O ULita ilIit.'" ha'.' teen :irrl.j5 .:,ut.
e!. ecaue :2he puLic r,3 as ri--ied n.rinpr.rrft rrani-
:5t, rn, :ertai: F-.i:ial prit'.leg.-: a rn te3aus
c.t1.; mr r .'-p -,I d 'up-.n the- ititezi t :s t .:F. p r r:
Sisenti lr y :r a ti bre t'-e .'rn .r [ 1 anre.i- ,-'r r -r
bail the aQr.:.up hra3'.': a leA -:r a-d- r a ,i r. dan r .
ir.tcarc t in thi f-.in:na-il data f:.r ;- h iri -tiCe
t :1ar th.;, h .'- in th repc.rt for prcric ._nt.._-
prt I .
10. Ih- unli.- and. c c.:,i- n ru nc' mfa.' r l" t i ..)-i
X:, t- r, t _ori ac,'reditin 3 ag3- ,i.: s r,, f.:r s.T-a
jud ri-, t3 fo cr tr:--, ... L.Ent i rn .1-.ul
be qr'.in to pr-i' i ti. i; c-rtrain r- ;..rt it I':'.
f -t., r r *..n.jnr d rc.:n for .h--s- gr upe :. iJ-
d ire ;-- 13

tnk ..i : his a.3 r.nti .r, t: t : a',i r" r: 3r -a

3 .:-. intLing foir rire.F rc. i it *c ra.r. a itl n- :1r, n thc .-. 1 in

scate-,~-l: of prii.-riple. iT reirrt d*-e r. ot deal I-: s:attS,

* tni practice thit a.re "n-:r.cnritr.:.c-:r ial. ir'lud-z ti

tr. 1_ discussions:

ill Eas-; of ac:,- untirn;.
TIh accrual basis ;hiuld Le u-_d in ac.-irntin
if..r a-;.' noro.rofc it r.g an iri i .ri n r gag in the
man':igem-nC an ci n .'-L rsion ojf *-t cn oiiic re .ZrD--t..
12) D- prnc1 i t lor.
D-prteciatwi r. should. L-: r-co.rded L' all nr.npr.-fit
or amniza : ion In '. l-i h c ]e-.tl .'.e-l', .J terai ri-
costs anr the rri. asr r-iner L a o f Ich 3 n rhi t i m,.-u r.t
Of rn-:3 rc.. es ailaubl -tr- con-id,- DL tio, r in

98He-nl k:, .'c-.-ou nt ing, p. 3 .

I'. al atiCri t iie l CL! n- S of c.cerations ar
are usef il for i..d:ii rnn purpc ;: .
i I l.-.g- F.e.ce Z t.le.
P['i.-d es r .ei'"alle shc'ui e L h:.:n as assets
ijnrid r c't a trual mr iu o r of d c -'C.ut i n .
14 i .ppro r iation .
F.ppr :rria1tins should, n.:.t bi re.rir'ie- as exp.ndi-
tures irn a r-,:'.'n.unj ana expen Nrditure taterrnt as
apFgli at i-r'n in a stat ment cf ;:surcr and- a pli-
c.'tLcn :I net c'apraL ing re our:e *,r a3 ex.:pEn-e3
in a t:. mrr t fr. re' erue arnd ex n es .
I 5 c uni-r a n ce s=.
En._jitbr -n.r snhou i L, ; incluicd i n the rtatkment
f acur an ja-pl iciat i-n:. of funds.
i Si [T|;- Ut '.3 3.
'. 'i r .lli ut it i aCsi adlc tio il[. t an amount
f:r r-.' ice re nd r- j re b' un.aid ..r qgr-ss3iy under-
pa 'id pro ofeas lon l rairn [-er"3r, nel.
7 1 .AlJ : uiat. '1 izlL-,ure .
The tLa -steranL zh uld jaiclc.- 's :.,.:te-.er is
necessary to ma,1' th=rr, nDt ri, i i-eai iran to interested
rc-'pJ Th.: inancrai stztr.-ent; Shnuld L-e
r...ni:Czed to. shn t e ric ts rjnd r : Dr, bili. r.
i mi ianaiqgei-nt rn tihe us o.3C crgtatr.l :atrnal t l resources
.n.-] the c tcnt to ,hi ch the .bjectLi. of the
r.rq anijlatl:nr ha' b-ern mst.

In mialin, r-cinlernjar ionrs o:n oath the basis of accounting

anjr depreciation, h-, left th: -ay oprn for de'.'iation. HeenK,

ltrrcugqh reca~uTranning: the accrual bsis., stared ca-h or modified

accrual Lhac~i ; .ere jcCbeptabl,: ,.hen results pr.:Juced ..ould not

L. "signif icanti-, diff-rent" ir.-, th.:-s rc jultin3 from the

accrual i methAod. Eeprecuatilr. undcr his3 rcdunl rules woula pre-

-.r',lj not b- required .irn aOL nri= ed for decision making.

7,,e cn-cptts Aj'.-aned to im rao.'- finircialai t.attints are

n-eitn1r pre-,:ntcd in ernoghn decail ..r illustrated sufficiently

SD mal.r inn'-v.atiae.' propoi.tiorns clear.

F Firi3r ri [i L i--a t ri t

K;rnll.- r-'.::.[p-.T.e-|, 3 f .ir L ai ,-- fin n.:iai a s .. L e tw s f-. .

cnr :fit org:.- a-izartnr. .

1. ;he Balar r. Sheet.
:Ir,.:.uld 1 j : o.--r : all a ,srts hIld t;' h. -.r .-i, iia-
:ICi i. -th=r '.ith :i i ii 3i Ltn-t th, _'m in .*-
.CiitiTine s ta iTeii nt L r.-- Y li:t I f. 1l L 5 t-
L'i.-id- il ber.e'en *:.r rain re ,oirces. a.d ree :ric-t3.
L':c ,urct..-e; slatllities sr tld L, :r:,,i-- To t.at.
clai.:-. a.air.-t -arti: lar r .:i:- gru-*p: ::- j
r. a ij.
; t' -,ent rof Re 'r r. an E p-ens-s.
r .~l 3 i al.: 1 : : 1 j ..- rei :.r inI all i.s ru
a aiia bl Lo: tr. *: ntit a aliltic fa.r *. --[.ral
S- aL n3 [.J irp : -: -cr r31 n : r i ar'_ ir, :
r '. ., "- ce ac-::-Lun--i f--I in Esj::' a rr.3a.iriEt a
O praeser"- t:-'.e r[.:.L-r l -.i .er- tirn q pir c-ture *
r- -n.uj 1ho ui, Ce .-:13s- 3 Lf IEt -d b:' -:,urc a
.:;;. -; fjunr .ctlti l Cl,;. il. : at :nr a;:-'r.l ii t
.i :r .r3aniz3ti: cr l i truI tur .
3. t .T en. of q rang:-- Ir. F j cl j3 1 an:- .
11. -.tcnt t:o hich api ail "f t e :r ,3an i
r!s n r .- ri Tt I ta i ncd a .;-Tr rr. c r di i r- hcd .3 a
c n.er, ie f- ori' sh.: 'inr be 1inr.in btalarices b;' _:,.d.
Zan! r.s -aair, the period and enrdirn Lsiiar.ces.

1. --at-,enrt E S: .',rcs an-i i.ppliCatrions .-f .':;r.- ri-
;.; Fiunr; .
nr.:.uld aho ,: ttrie e.-.i.e nt of cc- Fliar ce ',,l h r i
a..-c, cejr e .1.:ii incl,-uding d.qllar 3cc. urnta bdl rje
fc-r curr-- t r' ;.'pt. an.J outils3a,. ai -rnu.iculbrans.

.N 2 e':a.m, l-s of tni s state ,aent ar t:' pr '. t' ide- .

orsie e- jeJ tn : tL.it liLt Hi-.'r.:'i ,jt-.i 1i d i. app.int ie .

l-i r ha t a : g : rf t r r it ic.i.s r tnsC itutL.e .and n ;; l u L

assur.:. tria : i.:r an i th- re u. C-. -,- t ; a :- -planrned !-i i-eJ

study i'h- : -i L:t, p,- lisr.. n ., -ift tiS- :.rtit.r t L, i ,-

appoinltmed a:, be--,aie o f r L c. rrT-L, r j atin th .t i'.at fri'-,-nm

current prac-.ic,-a, t it riacheL f:-r 3it 1ieinke cIul ha i. di-n-

-.ij i 1-1 .-. Ihi, ; .:. a11 in: r, z .. ,icr tr. r.g trri, c .:liu .r,: n ofr

iacce.pt.d tc.hni;uci thal are pe.cils ar to nc.npr- ic .-zc _ur.ttirg,

p.frf.r.iin:a a c:.niprtehr n r nis e ncF ircal -ti3ly of current .ccont-

ingq praF:citiE in non;rofit orqgnizationrz, pro. lJn.g workiale

--..npl-i of c'p rai inr sr;c r.5 rcnrt i .hcr. finarni:, a irn- other

qiantitati.c t iare r -cormb ired to present a cor,,preren al.'

pi -.u r,-_ .

r.cime's 3 tuj o:f a :coiuntin for rn-.n rof it -organizazions

i..-... ir jl r-,. of ,.rariri a io.'[Si i tn '* l t:.i r. s ..ork is

c: rrr.: lc.:al g '.'ernml.rnt. 5,hen reading tl-e enr Tir r -ep2 rt,

ir :'.'r, tlii is trit r rece' -J t ie di- tincL i.preion that

S r t:air c-, ; rw a imi to ar .1untrar. r.; ri i ratl nIs

_ h7 -h health an3 elfars area.

:.n.e' 3r. it shc.udI n r.c'' id r.o-- ccnc.rn it-

"-f ic!'. all nonprofit or:init;- ons He .cec11ica11/ excludedd

L.= fe ial and staLt jo'.'ertrin enCts, inutual '. 'ngs ban:..s and

r ;iuance :o-paniez, *cooFerat'.'e, l; or unions and F rl'ate

di21,'j-;:,3aincd c:lub. He presents no reasor, for this limitation.

On: can either or-nclud- his r-esarcn snoered tnar tne findings

anra rciri.ijr r lsatons3 of his repor: wYcr: not applicable to these

or:ni.zai:'n3l t.pes or more li.el: th- ranrae of hii analysis

d.i3 rnt s-tend o o tnci c or. anfli tion_.

: tn Dujh iiren"e oujtiiner. the 7ethodJl logDical pirn hc-

Lutiii::e in his Sa i,' the ind .'idual rarts an-j their inter-

cc nnnicti.eness to form the total methodoloJi n'.ear clearly fit

tor ett.. r, a l a; t tro thlS '.r'tl r.

In T h1 c:,5pt-r re-.:-nr. .-aj..r pub i ati.: a n- .., th rbrc-

prokl-r.) al .''-: re i .cJ -1 r1 :con.ii lIerabl.- d prh. ior ia-c h

work h iqhlig t? q i th t~i bac;r arrd of t-he stu. ..-itrri'i -.l.-;

u.: in ctsi studj:', an i ma.jsr rec3irme:.;dati: n- and findirni

i'-re pr-s:ntried irdJ :-. trrit--d.

Th-: 19r'8 ulJ.1 Catlioi t:he iliti n- l c: :.r-.- I :, c0' errn-

.:.er-]'.al .'-.cc,-j,,"tinn (,[:.'. _rimi]T,-pr-il .:,:Co'jnr.1rlj '., ji r. j ,i arn3

1 -i a cl l F-.rtL. f ri i- thea lae-st and r ,oa t ,:o- prehi-rnai --i I'

:,j-nti r.. '.4,liC a tl :r c 1 d2 -,:,rt n t, to tr,- 1 0.1 . Ti

m a-- r ,- L,-i'Ai ti-e zr t,ui.r ir a effort tis t r:n r :-,= Jr,=ici_;.al

r -.'e C:f ic.- r A-ss :i ati ?nr, altho.J]h n itr- m i tc :Ir car a

:: 3i .a e F a 3 i:, ar :- S pgor L a.- L..n iri, lu. in r totr L

:hi: r'-bil:-tlDar is :-ia,-.t d h a- ily tc -ari t, r,-d: :3,f

-..L-icic.al it_ a jll'. th oth r c.r : ; r. : e-, '..hricl:h Sir-l

at dh- broader set of all ni..nprofit orcatizations. int put5lL-

catio.- inrcluJd : Z 1.' a s-t of ba=.sic 'prl.,,CLpie:" of ..* trnm r -1

tal a-:c:u.-r:inc 1ll di s .:s iar of and ,Dipclc ne ntri -s fS r prn.bl.m

areas in e- ch mla. jotr fund, 3,; -odel firnan cial r por ts in' ri, ding

sta tiemcnts for in.J'.dual fund d, comi ine--J stement s t r tar. h-

organ1:ation o : a 'hol', arn-i -tatstica- l ta bles (4i a dis-

cussion of and :i'cE.:kl -t f.,r au'1it ing L f ,-i :-'ern ircr, ua i- ,1 -I.

(5) a L-anipl :-nart of accountS :. ltit.1- fDr m, =L funicp3ii-'-:.

Ine rubla ti rn: mbci n- -1.;-o ba c .corn .:-.t frc.?uer, '

referred , inr, ic- n-r :,i, it:-r3ature sauI a: cDnfl c t. :nl a'rnj

ob-ect r"it-, Lu.t i t.ge .r, t.: ir ie atl nrship to ttr

L- rin. ple' f rres ,nci anr preE nts n: r. mFr h-n c .tin .

Th.- cu.u ; cation liate- thirte:.. t si prir-n:pl.:s or "furnla-

mr-n.al ten t; 'Tt n pubir:s3tl rn re, is no r-acor.:d _acC Jrnt

Cf ho.: trc priri:-l:oc ref detrminire. C-'ontinruin the

historic trend fourin in tihee F iput. :aticn, ba i c recoirirmrnda-

tiTnri "aricd but !iht!l' frLm thr. e prev'.'iusly' published and

refi-tL tre l:',lw -1u:ion :f trh corn.cpts *:.f "coij LUriinlipal

rctrc. rFor the mri-_- part, the "Fprn: iplea" 35 publ shed

ar- r.i=err.eJ .ith ine p.: uI ritu).tc .:. r.h ir ccc'unt in.g system

tr : .as '.'1l".' ficr u,'ll ipaliltiie -r e'uJil7-r, si. ('.?ut of

:.1- r :e;~. rin'p ilE r.lutc .ithi r t n'.'ironm-r n l r. a 1 -e1 l con-

--r. LS cr fujnd struCLJu c.-.a djeirinq rh!- r.r inr:p a le s anr

:.:-nnr.Jatins as a '..rl, if a cit; or cc-unt,t asJr, ei- to the

-r:--l -til; n:- in t.-eir fin nf Lal re pr tin r resulting

-'.1-l pr-!crntati.n "ould frou'-de ar adequate ltgal ccount-

-*i i.i t *' .. the cai'; fl .' thrr'u-jgh th organization, for a budget

Tn- authcrirtati,. nrature -,f there iNational Committee on

C-:." mental .rc.unctirj's pronouncements, it shouldd seem, nave

until recently. pait been an inhbiting fac: or .on the amount of

published irdepenjrt research performed in the area of govern-

- rt-al aCcoul-i.n.i. :crpard to many otherr suibf:ie dr, .f

-i.:.ounti. the literatur-! i r'!la'tiv l, devo'.i of ptiilications.

.Judginr b; th- uJait: of audit rC.:rts and financial

c.t.Cn ents prcpar-J b' C'.', tht T rerican Institute of C.-rti-

fleJ PuFbblic .::c.iuintantts has not ade.uatel; add r.-ss: itself to

th-- i. :, i :*)'.'e- rj-n-[ a T--,, i.n- prn 1rbli m re a Pr:,.r-i[jT; .l If

th-. plarinrnc d-iu.-ti "c j,-proach, tl'aT' te ins r tut- inr i r..t J

-: th= h art i te s05 ha~J prone s, 'u: ful the .i:_-,tu ) t:

fori-uliat..! *.,uldU h ,-': ser-eI s a .asi .--,r c.nl fr-.r pri i :I!' p-l

of 3a:...urti g fi.r stre -ri"'ate sector, bui. f.-r ther p'blii: s:, tcor

a '.= 1 This .must h3'.'e t-sn e rat their .:O m.i ttC..-- .o.n Fe.ea,r :-.

7rcjram i:hJ3 -.lan-iE i -n I-CL, .. .: r .mmi 'i lCne o J. .. 5.

re ear-: :r gi.'r on ra jrt. Lnrg for r- r.-ir. -- rf.L n : 1 -.ri

T:-iC: Iin- tr ute' F pl3i reldi a p.r h ,,.-i the "ji- :ru:

--: .. a: le -r. 3 lIlere l i -r '.-l un c- sp l- : c.r..

-' .1_ L_ 'o- .::3- : ..t n Lon' -rs. -_ rc :Ounr. t,'i- pLi i,- i f

7_. l._n r a rin 5 r r _s i. -c c.:.urt i r.in L' R ij-j.

S r ? "b' ri' t t:.. c.rrulae l ,re re ,; t-d I, L, .r t:.i

"-:-. i. 1 drif re L t .:' the :=pon .-.rinq c.r l n i rL ..:.n. In

1-'.i. at the "pf C.ActJiat f a.:ou nLiir, a puCiiihe: in

- ::c 't in i Fesearrih '.-.t,-'. lJo. 1, thi r'itnr finr. t i .f : ult

-o 5s ;'..'*- t'-i c'i'Jti ur.'ish '' rectl ri" ii .lc riruini ri.-' s ec

or a c3 'iun t ing rinclpl-. s for local o rnii '1o:.r. :1cn ',

th7e po.tialates dli ntL scr"e a :u itabii crieria for ;Lc i'rcion

best'.'e r alt rr ati:" prln: .pilc. of l1.-c l ao'"rr.ixi'nnt -i:acc-U'i ri .

t:- ." the thrust of the ITr~ tte ini-':ii apt- .Ca -'h ad

implemen; t-L i n .:.ccou'tLing s arci 'Studi- I-.. i I wc.s

biu iad, Paul G'ra-:a', a l oi- t '- r.. ra cit i ,n- r a- o.,Tiii .-Sli.n

to inv:-ent.:o ac ur. ting.i. pr ir.: cr-lcie a '-cjusil, .r :t :eJ L..

business rint.rirris.es. Although readyy c .:'ij ,-tl_' h.' trc prri-

ciples ietnrr i-n.d befc'- '. h. "rc-: arcn" for thr sru'. '5

irit.ei th '.-r!. i- .-er~rial l -.*ccepcc.t c.a Ft. titioa. -r .as

.:-I -."- ir, C r',' :.f acc:. inr, t r prr ~.1 p.l s 3 F ~cc-tice by

crl i r-; enterpr ie .

Cr z-d':, i rn r rirentl r. i s1 anil',is, s t f L rth I a list .-.

ba .ic cc.ncepts, 'nLr h h.r : n tated "'un i rl ie" I.c :.untin prin-i-

le., ar.3 a :.:parat.3 list :r 7er r lly acccp.t J cc..unting

-riinzpl S.

[h. basic c...nc*n pt s .s sr .'.s5 byG' ra from experience ,

ai a.- i .1 e thi e ..cal gI.:-. rn- :.-.t ".'- t ng sy.stei.

r ei s' ji tlYinctY iL trl I ;LijjI b.' -'r ir ta n ;f actr al

ci- : a rec-.'.rt ar iari laL in ,.n*' r -' -. t !. T.e .iri-

i tl . : e Fc:i.LE 13, L.:C ausi ; the ra .arnce in L..:rth

r- 1 .. 5i..i [r' t. _- .:t:.rs tn r.- L.aDs. *d2 '.,bl entry' LToC:.-

i:. i rn E;'I'T. I mu r iu:ji fl I t L- La. ic .L-. rJ I.e -pin rr cc ss .

r i, in-;-ntCry :f prir.7cifp i s are .rc unjer fr.'e

e3;; I':1"- 5 I Trncans an Epen- ;. Elqiit:.', .-.sets, Liab1ilities,

ar.J : iranc al StLtenrFnL The-. prin:ples refl-et "-good"

ra-s~-17~: in prnr Frivate sector. As su:h, the'_ are iu3rded to

eff=-t p.ri-.: irnrc.ie eterninrtjr .ind reflect. the ittendant

mrtching of rc liz.- r--enues an3 asssc-ateCd incurred costs.

-. pc' I D .Jsl' r.,ted H'z e's Stu.i' ~as published lby

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pr ,- tj ianiili; -tiorn;, r t.a : aluats the i h .:c mountt irni and

ic[-..:rtling pra:rtcei of ncnrofi.tt srani-zat i.r.3 in light of the

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u?:r': started b'y postulat ino tha-t nccunti ng practices must be

c n t r s nrt :.- hr, t r- aLb* t.. *:.f an r nr. '. t- :.. i r, irt

i.E rj; inq att i rn in cr r t. be u iise t :*. uTi L n31 r

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obj'ec Li"E *: f r..r;r.prof : 0 Lai ,1 2s t: i ns h= ::.r.cl uij.: tr i n rn-

cial .rartetm-ents f r nrorprjfi t .*rrgan li tia n uld r ,,n J ;rj ..i .

disclosure .f r anizaliz n3al effectl. .'Enerse ef i.i; r:..', :r-nL

arnsrerial sr- ardshiip. He re'rienddJ th3r a set :f fr:

e- ltnenrts (alrsn: sheer sta:ilmen- cf r-.ernue-. 3nd enr

.. in rj t bal~ rce and E; ar. e s an af 1a3c :.*' :i

f...-.da ." s. c, .:. t ru.cre that I pr :'. id.- C- c-: ri.r r-n

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ThE ra- cri cari ".c:,ur tirns' L. c:3a: i urj. rrt:.:: .

-.:' : a.-r. t.'o "c lm~,Li- t r i, r ba.i : a.-.*.:.urt .ii t .--or. ITr

i:i t..- .', .-: 1 ,t :-n p bliss ied a s-d. icr. arti: J r L. r. -.

: 3.* tI- noL r t :; con trjt, a3 : t=- r nt trn- r.' for -arcr'rn

r ;::Dantir, g r ta t : -Z The a j orfi r .her prese nrt : s'_ t a : f

r -. riez ti ." st inda rd f-t a Lou.Jrin t i ir tnfrmaltit and gr uid--

liner for 2-Druj ir i catirn-a c in..r rf.:ar con. "in stan, Jard

irelc.'-. .n a, '. =rif abiit_ fr -=d n f rr b- a an a p ar. L fi -

bilit.. .I',e irinend, i "ya.ri-s ick to nef 3-a. .--urr-rn

practices s-: inpro,.'emen' t c.-ulid oc r, Jd Thre cr.rinr? t3 3

dev l,: pe Ir ',il- in .`ll' ere in --ndjd ci . b.- ppl]. .iiC>t e z L r'rn

profit an d ronpr.of rr .organ' r' jA t corr-Titr e ,as appc= 3 rit.:Jd

by t:ie '.z cc a3ti:.n r.:. t .' r' c-. ,jr int n pFr tact :i :I ; o n:. :- Lo:r-

pror t organi/r tio-n u-in2 tr.e ne. I, dE'.'eloped =rsta',dar d I

to s j g- st cr.S -pe CI'.' ch !!-:-. i .-I report or t ,his *,:.i mi' tl:ze

a s -ubl ihedi ir. 19'i 1.n t!h ccoJr inrq Pe-i *. n C mcc.r-i ':.

f idd r'ing -., 'cr.- 2- ;c it, l .f Jrt re a; cc.-j-jt.i, p[r3r c l _

of ,,.,:-for-; : rofa- :. .r .;r1 i:i i.:.i TIE rI ,.rt r mad. a nrL.TibT r of

pr-:riptri" rE: )iru-cAi t.L-r. I-.r n r -'Cit.1-i, arc 3 .

T'i.- ;tJdl s i, 'nt; r J, anrd the : at r C l.- C-,ruil tee ,n Cr.' ,err-

ri-rtal .:-c rtir, ar- :.imi.lr inr mrany w'* Tnr- cudiji s co.t-

.'r.. a -3t C.ilihrrent cffcrt -,:.r :orei ard firnarr ed bU :I :

,ff-..Z 3 l 0 d ir thelr re.t p -C.tie a'eaS: =re t.. e to a c-n-

idrabcie ::..c-nt des:ript e li~tL .of r irr, [.pl r-lacting to.

':'J -'i'-'tic: a; ..I :6 t' / th. m c r p nr.:r_ .- s '.ar. i pr .a. ri-iOner's

:! fiel.-: ere- no.- r-,nr:1-d :.n e.:-:.t ,-:i .e r,.i ic 1 nar l'-

=. tr i Jj i *L r i :,.llr\.' [It l.ri i.u aimi-' t e.:I I 1.'i; orn

r- lrI a .iJ re ,of re- c.i :rj r a r r, ,L l r.:inoL' unm:iri'n[t5

:t c a:i n aja]i r rfc n. mri rjcr.i.s for 1 rIn i fi-..,r r iCpiartlure

S- -^ -- .. a A i, I. i'pi: I I pI 1 -aC 1td ITAj

i--: : li t .,- of [ rir:-i 1 ir ij did r e .'i? rela: ._

; ,-: r idl re a pr. :t tionr,-r ac .e.tari ce .

;nr i=t sjil s b ry t-. r ic :n .'r c r S.cc.rt inr, .- oci tl ri C.,nm-

Cr:.ttc 3,,.1 L,' H.:rnk irn Crn-trs-it .arc baSL: prinirll:. upon a

Je iJi.l:.. oprc.ac.:; s~r, ntial1l rf pres-erted 3:aiaemic efforts

z: i'ic.r-,e ma rr, :b 1 rtconir, ng in r- Ltitrt -j p.r:c t ic and in that

-:rs- rs -'crEilrticn3 ere r's.cri]ptl 'c; pLrinriiy cr:,.. enrtrated

oCi anral; 01 i of ehey pr.:blem arr.s: r ,a- r than :-.'.ro"rdinLg corpre-

h i.'.e 11iECn-i cf prir [rl c l I-. 'e not r cE.' a.1 id, acceit-

r.i: T.r, ri n rL .

S .. .._ stud, -' a dir-:c te to.'- rc bu inr; F- enterprises.

T!r- ;L'l c.t tion- or no h'-d rhL .-Si 3et ic3l .Au:: Lun LI r Association

-i"rc L^ri- d L,-.ward the Ir.7ad iet of all rnonprorfit organizations.

7-r .ff-.rt c t :atic: l *:,cr, In G.I:..-n mrrre tsl A.::-.7 -

in ha'.'e eten .i lr :tacd ~:cif a ly ar I: ,.:cl a rc. r ru-l-.rt Iriic:.

.~'1 -l hou'q.i --.3 J ..'orL '.'r3 dir.iec- t i.:.,'ra n j in rs-

rint rpr 3ji3e c-rtfin a-pl i.- a ..rn are rnot r-str.r tid t.:. tilat

set. ;lck r of t.-i ba-sic ccn.-_prt ad'.sarcej b r' arad *, ic luJirn

COin3iat;3 'cy c.a:er--sti 3 i 0oing ccncILrl, cont:s.i r at ln, -1

rc.:ns' jr, :: -*Epr i:ri, h '.::.' di a fpllic i aC il it t.: Ci' nrik.:,r

ch3rac:tErist -i :, ncrnircf t -r 3j niziat :i .

Tne tJ.-j -m b, M-erl:. iland the liat cln l ,C.:.,Tnitte. r.f.r ct

aL:. bj.astl ...'7 C Cr pr o rtu at' t-Jt *.:, nI r L pL '. .Je T'. i :l :r

..3sir. listr c- ',-t tr,.: aL' It boiiJi' be r-t-.d trio fi t

a-.--.r tants ": r .-n nr, th .- .npr._-f i t f ii l -,a" -E pc.: i i 7:

a- it inr g ta -; f- .r that field. In;t 3 i.n m n amil11i

'. "t 3a c : nc:rc-r.C:" a ii d ,s li, r .-.ry c-:-': '.I c

;-- -:13 l' C.ai -reSp~ o i t ,S t-r, o. s 3 -- aj'.a :,c.l d t; / r* d/j .

In somne --h r area-, tl'-; tuJ,.die; GrlrsJ.' and tr

:;atl inal Coirr. .e on:e Co'.'ernm ritasi .cc.nrt rn g nt c.-ifnrf l t.

Tne first t" c pri-ciCples of the liataL.rial Corcitteo str.id:,

dealing '.'ith li l comj-l anc.-': the h i r.hir p rincir le deal .] '.:ntr

bud-et ; thJ1 is..'nth and t. elftth pr ~-ipl E dz-aliin wlth

classic .at i n a.-. t:rrnalo.- could d [.r.-mabl.' fall irin-t Gradj '

cla aifl-ation ic.-. ae basc Co .sceptS rather tnirt pirl'c pi.-.

Trn y .rerc spc.-li :7- all nclud.J. in, tIl. l 1 t .-: f prince pl-s L."

the Hatio.- i C -.-i t&e o3n Go'.'rircnt.al .'.- .:- ,: Jan prese J t 1

because -- of hli -r: ical .robl irs -.nccurItered I., tlie rC'. n'r ii nt

of local )c'.'err_- :s or-tranizatic:.,. Irn ao: :n r,. irn fcr local

: .-,'r.,.ni s, f r .-.. i ir t r j ir or, :.f a atri acto .' t.huj e-

f teF- I'ith tLic a:c.c r,1rting ter:. ha; l.rn- be r i-i.ei

a- a z.rnri tcrn- .:.- ioo I p re:tie. 'ini c.on:nepF has cer.

Inri:l.c as a 3.:'i.rnmantal e-apu-'tinr. Frirnclpl,- since the

fir-st lis-t -,f rin -:i is prornmii t3 u, the Ilational Comnittee

in 1 934. LThere 3ar nocte'.'er c.r lari, a tions mt' i.i-i still lack

tul.dg- t sc. Lhir F er.iaps the c r, ci :ie irr ne a r. Grady,

c,. t: .othLr aJ carinsidtred tr ti LJget sy-'ti,-i necc s 3ary, but

L at f Lhe f inan: al a : :. rt 1 n repj r t t'.-tr.

Sc::.r.i air. me;t *:.f the 3iyr.lilic- ar3i cr-satl.-: factors
-ril-ar nt i- the ue :!. anri, o::rr 'o ,f a modJ rni
.icjr tin j and eu. udrir r 3t rr-uirae t:, seI Ipply
ne r,ajEs Dof mariaqement aLe nae Jia1t .'It. The
:*.lst Len.a ,f Such a ay ce-t. ia a.-urerJ a a r r c ri lit ion
-rc:.dant rr, fulfill nr.t af e. ;trn ai reciportiin
L u i r i: rmn; .

'i;:'d as an- integri- i n.l the "rinciple "' as promui-

-Z LoJ CGral.. J:I norit pror;.id an ; JirectCiri or guJ lance for

iocal o'. ernmen. accountir.n a sj financial rerportinri. Tihe

azi- *:.rienr-:ation ..of Grad- 's principles t-a'rd ruessurement of

::.-r:rate inrcom.:e Jo not pr,.'i.di a suitable :r-oceptual frame-

:.rrk f.or the prirciplFe of local go.ernmienr t a.:ounting.

In re''i'.:in- rezearchi public lnd n accoiurtinrg hieory and

a':r:ornLinr principle i thc- Inrflien:e *.:f ri 3a thor' education,

r..-erin.nc anid pasitorn bccome- apparent both in the nature of

ri- fic : j] ar,. their ac:e Lance I..- contr -Lt par-ir ;. For

FajlJ Crad,., "inventor' or Princirple; ," p. S.

e'-'ajrieple, Faul -radj a long-tire me-miber ari.j i rrrinzr -rf .a

r,-ra r putbl acc.:ur.cin fir Cr-.e v:u. nharil';' x.. t his

findir, Ai CCunrltan P eiearch itud. !io. 71 r.-z to.. re-fie:t '. rnr

he and his peers tpraoticed as "3jud" aicc urin:n. -.. thsr

finding vould ha'.'w iean a *concldiltr.iorn ..f hie tr.-.f .sian]al

life. On the otr.r rand i the ca:se of Acc:utrr.in, F-e;ar:r

Etud.' .o. 1 and :i 1, -h? .,uth:rs i i:.onitC: arA -r-.u-al '. re

acad miCi a'iaS. ;.itEr numerous l ,i .-icla3MiC'i .: acjdei-.i d i. c.:r

t'nc cars tli:t a ,c u.i-i: pr:cti _es *.juld decfiirta ly LE m r.: .*l ,

or. o ij !'hardl, a> -_:-t trhe c a'th:r3 tO a-.jliih 3 .jd that

vc j '-j5 r t at I :-:t ir. treir iriini. p'rou-i e 3 pla.~tFr.'-r for

S :: -- r lpro'.' ric-i t. Ti-e rii;c ftn.Jdin hl-L t'.c;- f:,r ,t.. :i c

b_" national C, o:lni tt-e crL ..'-- irre' t l A .ccour ti *'ffi ci t

rot .icnienIt of tr.c or a ni: ia...sn lma' cE 2 F r2.d t:. r. 'r ,

z .ora~L; Cr Fr.c"id prohlcin arc s.,iutrio. It i'..o l.W3 U

extre-ily unlikely noe:*.er', if the prin-iple= l;r f-orrth ,uid

run counter to good ,eer group pra7cti-e.

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