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Panama Canal record
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 Material Information
Title: Panama Canal record
Physical Description: 34 v. : ill., tables, diagrs. ; 24-30 cm.
Language: English
Creator: United States
Publisher: The Panama Canal etc.
Place of Publication: Balboa Heights Canal Zone etc
Balboa Heights, Canal Zone etc
Publication Date: 1913/1914
Frequency: monthly[july 1933-1941]
weekly[ former 1907-june 1933]
Subjects / Keywords: Panama Canal (Panama)   ( lcsh )
Genre: serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Panama
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1-34, no. 9; Sept. 4, 1907-April 30, 1941.
Numbering Peculiarities: No more published.
Issuing Body: Published under the authority and supervision of the Isthmian Canal Commission, 1907-Mar. 1914; of the Panama Canal, Apr. 1914-1941.
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 01761828
lccn - 07035378
oclc - 1761828
System ID: UF00097368:00007

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        Page A-31
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        Page A-40
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        Page A-43
        Page A-44
        Page A-45
        Page A-46
        Page A-47
        Page A-48
        Page A-49
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        Page A-51
        Page A-52
        Page A-53
        Page A-54
        Page A-55
        Page A-56
        Page A-57
        Page A-58
        Page A-59
        Page A-60
        Page A-61
        Page A-62
        Page A-63
        Page A-64
        Page A-65
        Page A-66
        Page A-67
        Page A-68
        Page A-69
        Page A-70
        Page A-71
        Page A-72
        Page A-73
        Page A-74
        Page A-75
        Page A-76
        Page A-77
        Page A-78
        Page A-79
        Page A-80
        Page A-81
        Page A-82
        Page A-83
        Page A-84
        Page A-85
        Page A-86
        Page A-87
        Page A-88
        Page A-89
        Page A-90
        Page A-91
        Page A-92
        Page A-93
        Page A-94
        Page A-95
        Page A-96
        Page A-97
        Page A-98
        Page A-99
        Page A-100
        Page A-101
        Page A-102
        Page A-103
        Page A-104
        Page A-105
        Page A-106
        Page A-107
        Page A-108
        Page A-109
        Page A-110
        Page A-111
        Page A-112
        Page A-113
        Page A-114
        Page A-115
        Page A-116
        Page A-117
        Page A-118
        Page A-119
        Page A-120
        Page A-121
        Page A-122
        Page A-123
        Page A-124
        Page A-125
        Page A-126
        Page A-127
        Page A-128
        Page A-129
        Page A-130
        Page A-131
        Page A-132
        Page A-133
        Page A-134
        Page A-135
        Page A-136
        Page A-137
        Page A-138
        Page A-139
        Page A-140
        Page A-141
        Page A-142
        Page A-143
        Page A-144
        Page A-145
        Page A-146
        Page A-147
        Page A-148
        Page A-149
        Page A-150
        Page A-151
        Page A-152
        Page A-153
        Page A-154
        Page A-155
        Page A-156
        Page A-157
        Page A-158
        Page A-159
        Page A-160
        Page A-161
        Page A-162
        Page A-163
        Page A-164
        Page A-165
        Page A-166
        Page A-167
        Page A-168
        Page A-169
        Page A-170
        Page A-171
        Page A-172
        Page A-173
        Page A-174
        Page A-175
        Page A-176
        Page A-177
        Page A-178
        Page A-179
        Page A-180
        Page A-180_1
        Page A-180_2
        Page A-180_3
        Page A-180_4
        Page A-180_5
        Page A-180_6
        Page A-180_7
        Page A-180_8
        Page A-181
        Page A-182
        Page A-183
        Page A-184
        Page A-185
        Page A-186
        Page A-187
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        Page A-191
        Page A-192
        Page A-193
        Page A-194
        Page A-195
        Page A-196
        Page A-197
        Page A-198
        Page A-199
        Page A-200
        Page A-201
        Page A-202
        Page A-203
        Page A-204
        Page A-205
        Page A-206
        Page A-207
        Page A-208
        Page A-209
        Page A-210
        Page A-211
        Page A-212
        Page A-213
        Page A-214
        Page A-215
        Page A-216
        Page A-217
        Page A-218
        Page A-219
        Page A-220
        Page A-221
        Page A-222
        Page A-223
        Page A-224
        Page A-225
        Page A-226
        Page A-227
        Page A-228
        Page A-229
        Page A-230
        Page A-231
        Page A-232
        Page A-233
        Page A-234
        Page A-235
        Page A-236
        Page A-237
        Page A-238
        Page A-239
        Page A-240
        Page A-241
        Page A-242
        Page A-243
        Page A-244
        Page A-245
        Page A-246
        Page A-247
        Page A-248
        Page A-249
        Page A-250
        Page A-251
        Page A-252
        Page A-253
        Page A-254
        Page A-255
        Page A-256
        Page A-257
        Page A-258
        Page A-259
        Page A-260
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        Page A-264
        Page A-265
        Page A-266
        Page A-267
        Page A-268
        Page A-269
        Page A-270
        Page A-271
        Page A-272
        Page A-273
        Page A-274
        Page A-275
        Page A-276
        Page A-277
        Page A-278
        Page A-279
        Page A-280
        Page A-281
        Page A-282
        Page A-283
        Page A-284
        Page A-285
        Page A-286
        Page A-287
        Page A-288
        Page A-289
        Page A-290
        Page A-291
        Page A-292
        Page A-293
        Page A-294
        Page A-295
        Page A-296
        Page A-297
        Page A-298
        Page A-299
        Page A-300
        Page A-301
        Page A-302
        Page A-303
        Page A-304
        Page A-305
        Page A-306
        Page A-307
        Page A-308
        Page A-309
        Page A-310
        Page A-311
        Page A-312
        Page A-313
        Page A-314
        Page A-315
        Page A-316
        Page A-317
        Page A-318
        Page A-319
        Page A-320
        Page A-321
        Page A-322
        Page A-323
        Page A-324
        Page A-325
        Page A-326
        Page A-327
        Page A-328
        Page A-329
        Page A-330
        Page A-331
        Page A-332
        Page A-333
        Page A-334
        Page A-335
        Page A-336
        Page A-337
        Page A-338
        Page A-339
        Page A-340
        Page A-341
        Page A-342
        Page A-343
        Page A-344
        Page A-345
        Page A-346
        Page A-347
        Page A-348
        Page A-348_1
        Page A-348_2
        Page A-348_3
        Page A-348_4
        Page A-349
        Page A-350
        Page A-351
        Page A-352
        Page A-353
        Page A-354
        Page A-355
        Page A-356
        Page A-357
        Page A-358
        Page A-359
        Page A-360
        Page A-361
        Page A-362
        Page A-363
        Page A-364
        Page A-365
        Page A-366
        Page A-367
        Page A-368
        Page A-369
        Page A-370
        Page A-371
        Page A-372
        Page A-373
        Page A-374
        Page A-375
        Page A-376
        Page A-377
        Page A-378
        Page A-379
        Page A-380
        Page A-381
        Page A-382
        Page A-383
        Page A-384
        Page A-385
        Page A-386
        Page A-387
        Page A-388
        Page A-389
        Page A-390
        Page A-391
        Page A-392
        Page A-393
        Page A-394
        Page A-395
        Page A-396
        Page A-397
        Page A-398
        Page A-399
        Page A-400
        Page A-401
        Page A-402
        Page A-403
        Page A-404
        Page A-405
        Page A-406
        Page A-407
        Page A-408
        Page A-409
        Page A-410
        Page A-411
        Page A-412
        Page A-413
        Page A-414
        Page A-415
        Page A-416
        Page A-417
        Page A-418
        Page A-419
        Page A-420
        Page A-421
        Page A-422
        Page A-423
        Page A-424
        Page A-425
        Page A-426
        Page A-427
        Page A-428
        Page A-429
        Page A-430
        Page A-431
        Page A-432
        Page A-433
        Page A-434
        Page A-435
        Page A-436
        Page A-437
        Page A-438
        Page A-439
        Page A-440
        Page A-441
        Page A-442
        Page A-443
        Page A-444
        Page A-445
        Page A-446
        Page A-447
        Page A-448
        Page A-449
        Page A-450
        Page A-451
        Page A-452
        Page A-453
        Page A-454
        Page A-455
        Page A-456
        Page A-457
        Page A-458
        Page A-459
        Page A-460
        Page A-461
        Page A-462
        Page A-463
        Page A-464
        Page A-464_1
        Page A-464_2
        Page A-464_3
        Page A-464_4
        Page A-464_5
        Page A-464_6
        Page A-464_7
        Page A-464_8
        Page A-464_9
        Page A-464_10
        Page A-465
        Page A-466
        Page A-467
        Page A-468
        Page A-469
        Page A-470
        Page A-471
        Page A-472
        Page A-473
        Page A-474
        Page A-475
        Page A-476
        Page A-477
        Page A-478
        Page A-479
        Page A-480
        Page A-481
        Page A-482
        Page A-483
        Page A-484
        Page A-485
        Page A-486
        Page A-487
        Page A-488
        Page A-489
        Page A-490
        Page A-491
        Page A-492
        Page A-493
        Page A-494
        Page A-495
        Page A-496
        Page A-497
        Page A-498
        Page A-499
        Page A-500
        Page A-501
        Page A-502
        Page A-503
        Page A-504
        Page A-505
        Page A-506
        Page A-507
        Page A-508
        Page A-509
        Page A-510
        Page A-511
        Page A-512
        Page A-513
        Page A-514
        Page A-515
        Page A-516
        Page A-517
        Page A-518
        Page A-519
        Page A-520
        Page A-521
        Page A-522
        Page A-523
        Page A-524
        Page A-525
        Page A-526
        Page A-527
        Page A-528
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University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries with support from Lyrasis and the Sloan Foundation





AUGUST 27, 1913, TO AUGUST 19, 1914






ABsENCa reports. 3. 34, 3. 392. 479.
Accidents. fatal. 1. 30. 54. 55. ;. 114. 207. 201. 208.
363. 387. 398. 415
Accountable Officers 87. 131. 139. 159. 179. 231. 278.
288, 295. 307. 315. 331. 348. 358. 421 430. 439. 454.
462. 470. 490. 506. 518.
Accounting Depanrment:
Auditor. as.;jltant. appointment, 289.
Organuarion. 2bJ. 305. 365.
See also Governor a reports, monthly. 45. 80. 125.
165. 217. 257. 303. 342
Acc: uniting Dis i.on, commissary. 250.
Accounts. general. 202. 479.
Acetylene as, charges. 31.
Acts of Congress. Sec' Congreaa.
Admeasurement Board:
Appointment. 34-1. 526.
Witnesses. oaths and attendance. 487.
Admeasurement, steamship. 193-200, 475.
Administration Building
Panama, 206. 249.
Permanent. Balboa. 92. 245. 465.
Age limit. emploses'. 356.
Agricuklural bulletins. New York. 523.
Air compressor,. transfer, 337.
Air service. transfer. 43,8.
Al4ska Railroad. 105. 319.
Amerii-.Hawiiilar S. S. Co.. 337. 373. 385. 409.
American Intiituie of Electrical Ergineers. 142. 1216.
270. 274. 310. 339. 398. 447. 51..
American Societr of Civdi Engineers., viLl. 91
Animals, Ithmniin. collection. 201.
Annual reports, material, 4 10
Appro,:,r i or A.:t., 381. 518. 526.
AFprprition CommnitLee, vit. 108.
Aanatic meet. 12, 115, 256.
Arango. Ricardo M.. obituary. 221.
Army, hospital ireatmeni. 366. 416.
Artificial limbs. 124. 345.
Artisans. transfer. 39. 356. 393.
AsphalL mixing plan. 265. 415.
Aspnuwall hotel. 91. I'4. 20.3. 211. 263. 348. 423.
Association of Panama Canal Bulldrs, 27. 35. 221.
Albletic meet. Labor Day. I1.
Atlantic Division:
Abolished. 211. 221.
Electrical work, transfer. 65.
Engineer, acting, 75.
Work. review. 221.
Attorney. appointments. 323. 365. 369.
Auditor, duties. 365.
Automobile i;
Chaudeurs. licensing, 266. 403-8
Licenses jased, number. 214.
Tar.ff. 171. 179.

Customs. 237.
Panama railroad, 153. 240, 312, 421.
Bail bonds, 30.
Buddings. permanent, 512.
T.rmrm3ls, layout. 254-t.
Town3ire. plan. 153. 276-i.
Barge. sightseeirg. 189. 20b.
Barges. steel. contract. 161. 189. 225. 289 378.
Barges lowed through Canal. 3J3. 385. 409.
Barrett. John. visr, 522.
Bartlelt. H. E. resignation. 158.
Bathing in Canal. Ib0.
Baltleships, visit. I. 206, 350, 412.
Baxter. W. M. Jr., resignation. 458.
Bench marks. 366.
Beverley. Dr. E P., resignation. 158.
Beyer. W\alter F.. resignation. 494.
Approval. 393.
Payment by steamship companies, 350.
Preparation and rendition, 365.
Binders, circulars, 334.

Bird protection, 5.
Species. 219.
Birnie. Joseph. resignation. 466
Bishop. Juseph Bucklmn, renignation. 146.
Blueprintr sle. and preservation. 167. 345.
Board oi Health, 5i3.
Boder mipe:Liorn, rule. and regulation;. 480-2.
Boiler miupec:trs. appoinitmnts. 344. 526.
Boggs, Mlalor F. C.. appointment. 289.
Bonds. emrjolo e 365. 41~.
Boundary monumenti. 3t6
Bovay. Harry E resignation. 434
Boy scouts, Sjg raauing. 182.
Briue service chargee. 14
Construction. resume. 37o0.
Cost eutementi. Part 2. No 19. 3b.
Limon Ba,. 56. 246, 513.
Naus Islaond. 40 13.
Work. transfer. 211. 438. 454.
See also Goiernor'6 report. monthlly, 45, 80, 125,
165. 21;. 2i: 3G3 342 3eo. 449 488.
Brniery. 229.
Brick laying record 219.
Calidonia. foot ilk. 433.
ChtEgrer River Gamboa. 233
Dry duck irte. 1784.
Frencr Cinal Crisitob l 141. '54.
Gatin Riser. bascule. 122.
Para3ss., remor. able sp?:n. 1I.
Pointoon, ,.rou.ing Canil. I;. 121. 141, 190, 213,
245. 259. 349. 3b2. 3;9
Suspenaiun. Empire. removal. 361, 369.
Broan, Jr.. Tromir Edwin. resienaton. 446.
Buhonic plague 209. 361. 39i 446
Bunau-Vardll. hM. Philifpe, viuts o7 487.
Buoys, gas. 168. 206
Bunal permits. 3.
Burke. John 23o. 312. 415.
Busesi. motor l10.
Butler Major Smelley D.. detail. 215.

CABLE pulling reicurd. 1.
Cablecays. Gatun locks. removal. 222
Caision. lock Lntrance. 136-8. 201. 376. 509.
Calidonia bridge. fooriv.alk. 433.
Act eflec.:ve. 213.
CommlBaionncr. aip'poiircntit, 5.
Esrnine;. 409.
Opening. 181. 373, 385. 309. 485. 443, 521.
Operurion and nar ia.ti.n. 4'7-5014.
Ori anation, permanent 213. 2.33, 235, 281, 285.
Sjllng JdreCur-in. ,23-0.
Canal Reccrd L-rganizator.. 365
Cabo :addle Oike. 103 112. 133. 173. 364.
Captaunrs. o[f Poris:
ArlpoiItmentL. i. M14. .281, 360.
DutLe.. 41(0.
OticEs established, 349.
Bags. invosa.ng and care. 103. 139. 517.
Consumlptir,, cormpd.rion 496.
Storape shed, G-tun. dismantled. 379.
Bunal permits. 83.
Dispoelrion ol bodies. 187. 295. 345.
Permanent. Corozal. 245.
Census Canal Zone. 426. 461-9.
Central American ConIstruLtio Company, receiver ap-
pointed. 292.
Central DI\ lion:
Abolished. 49. 51.
Accountant, child appointment. 14.
Office building abandoned. 113.
Sections changec, 31
Charger Rver-
Bndge. Gamboj. 233.
Gravel,. 141. 13. 17:6. 1I9. 23.
Pumping stulion. Gamboa, II.
Sgises. See each isne.
I dlage.s health conditions. 5. 21.

Chagres Sociciy. 74, 191. 207, 274, 339, 512.
Chairm:-n and Ch.if Eng;r..:r acting, 250.
Chaplains. i-rce rtdLtiion, 1 1.
Chirt.;. sailii. 318, 391.
Chauffeurs, licensing, 266, 403-8.
Chilibre Land and Timber Company, rafting logs to
Gambo, 77.
Chiriqui railroad. 234, 414.
Christian Endeavor Society. 227, 247, 339.
Christian Science meetings, 510.
Christmas services, 158, 163.
Bazaar, 505, 522.
Bible Society, 90. 118.
Building lots, iS;, 411, 51I.
Chorrillo, Baptist, opening, 311, 467.
Christmas services, 158, 163.
Easter services, 311.
Foreign Missionary Society, 13, 22, 44, 99, 135
Guachapali, Baptist, dedicated, 274. 283.
Lenten services, 247.
Ministers' Association, 118.
Seventh Day Adventists, 267.
Sunday School Association, 74, 182, 191, 299, 311,
460, 467.
Circulars, official:
Absence reports, 334, 358, 392, 479.
Accountable officers, 87, 131, 139, 159, 179, 231,
278, 288, 295, 307, 315, 334, 348, 358,421,430,
439, 454, 462, 470, 490, 506, 518.
Accounting Department, organization, 305, 365.
Accounting Division, commissary, 250.
Accounts, general, 202, 479.
Acetylene gas, charges, 31.
Admeasurement board, appointment, 344, 526.
Age limit, employes', 356.
Air service, transfer, 438.
Annual reports, material, 430.
Appropriations, 381, 518. 526,
Army, hospital treatment, 366, 416.
Artificial limbs. 345.
Artisans, transfer, 39, 356, 393.
Atlantic Division:
Abolished, 211.
Engineer, acting, 75.
Attorney, special, appointment, 323, 365.
.AuJitur Cut;:':, 365.
.iutr.mani. li il. 171, 179.
Bathing in Canel, 150.
Bench marks, 366.
Approval, 393.
Preparation and rendition, 305.
Binders, 334.
Blueprints, sale, 345.
Boiler inspection, 480-2.
See also steamship inspection.
Boiler inspectors, appointments, 344, 520.
Bonds, employes', 365.
Boundary monuments, 366.
Brake service, charges, 14.
Bread shipments, commissary, 433.
Breakwater work transferred, 211. 438, 454.
Bridge, Empire, suspension, removal, 369.
Building on public lands, 344.
Canal Record, organization, 365.
Captain of ports:
Appointments, 7, 14, 369.
Duties, 416.
Cement bags, invoicing and care, 103. 139, 517.
Central Division:
Abolished, 51.
Accountant, chief, appointment, 14.
Sections changed, 31.
Chairms n and Chief Engineer:
.A-.ing 20(
iu.tr L l.ii. i...tin 87.
l In'p. ...r .. i-o i nr.. t. 95
(_Chiadt ura *,_. i.n itn ic n r. 56. 3-I
Ct..C '. i-in ;e \ ricLioe an to ork lor, 111.
Lhur.r i balling lu.t. 3S2
C ileentio.. cuirlc.. r', 3a5

,irculahr official:
Civil Administration Department. accountable
officer. 288.
Civil affairs, division, organization. 31a,365.
Civil Service rules, afiendment. 526.
Handling plant, engineer in charge, 369.
Purchase. 369.
Waste in unloading, 39.
Cold storage, delivery, 7.
Collector, duties, 365.
Accounting. 3o8.
Accounting division, transfer, 250,
Coupon books, 51, 171, 223, 366. 443, 454.
Manager, acting, 139.
Commissary and Subsistence Department:
Assistant Chief Clerk, appointment, 271,
Chief Clerk, appointment, 271.
Complaints, employes', 346.
Conduct and efficiency ratings, 271, 393, 490.
Congress, legislation. See Congress.
Construction Division:
Organization, 355.
Work transfer, 438.
Consular Corps, hospital treatment, 366.
Contractors, hospital treatment, 366, 416.
Contracts, preparation, 87. 346.
Corral charges, 416, 430.
Correspondence, preparation, 171, 368.
Coupon books. 51. 171, 223, 366, 443, 454.
Courts, organization, 305, 315. 365.
Cremation of bodies, 187, 295, 345.
Debts, employes', 346.
Demurrage, cr, 242.
Dentists, 346.
Deportation of invalids, 346.
Depot Quartermaster, appointment. 51, 150.
Deputy Collector of Revenues, acting, 23.
Dike, Gatun locks, track-removal, 7.
Diplomatic Corps, hospital treatment, 366, 416.
Disbursing office cashier, appointment, 31.
Discharge ot employes, 393.
Discipline or employes, 340.
District 'itclu rn .apr.oinirmeni 365, 369.
District '2, .rt-,.isa-r. -r. ih.sr.1 ., 15, 187.
Docks, rules governing design and construction,
111, 417.
Drawings, mailing, 31.
Dredges, positions on, 392.
Dredging division, organization, 211, 306.
Dry dock, Cristobal, rates, for use, 119.
Dumps, Balboa, work transfer, 438, 454.
Electric current, rates, 295, 506.
Electric transmission line, energization, 439.
Electrical and Mechanical Engineer ...i in 392.
Electrical Division, organization, 3u, 3::5. 367.
Employes, gold, list, 315.
Engine failures, 480.
Disposition and preservation, 39, 63, 95, 103,
Floating, appraisal, 403.
Interference with use, 344.
Purchase, 382.
Rental, rates. 479.
Retirement, 470.
Sales, rules governing, 6, 392, 438.
Stock reduction, 361.
Survey requests, 6, 103, 223, 381.
Transfer and marking, 356.
Transfer requests, 288, 356.
Turned into stores, 344.
Erection Division:
Abolished, 470.
Accountable officer, 334, 470.
Organization, 306.
Excuse cards, 334, 358, 392, 479.
Executive Department. organization, 365.
Executive Office:
Bureau heads, 358.
Chief Clerk, appointment, 323.
Organization, 305 o, 315, 365.
Executive Orders, drafts. 526.
Accounts, classified, 7, 150.
Approval, 393.
Personal, reimbursement, 202, 380, 480.
Fifth Division:
Abolished, 211.
Accountable officer, 131, 139. 159.
Acting lhead. 87.
Fire drills, volunteer companies, 369.
fire equipment, buildings, 95.
Fire Protection Division. See Police and Fire
i h., nig equipment, appraisal, 403.
F I l ing shop, rates for use, 179.
1-.r., e reports, issuance. 454.
Fur.. rren, force reduction, 131.


Circulars, official:
Foremen's orders, 4'
Accountable ori;r- v 4 4 1
Assistant Engi:. 'i...intrner-. .'19
Organization, 3 'i
Reservations, '' "'i.
Visitors, 75.
Fourth Division:
Accountable oft, r 1 !'
Personnel char..- I "
W orl ;.n.' 2I11
French I [r irl. ni t.r ,
Furlough pending r. :rI-.r I ..* ,,r.i, '
Furniture, inspecticr. I., r J 24.'
Gamboa dike track I I
Handling, plarn -. .,rTI,..i I :
Measurements ,' ,r, 1 n1. 1.4 4 43.I
Hand cars, rules gc ,.rimr, 1j < 114.
Health Departmen- :.rr.ii:t.,-in. '. '
Holidays, 87, 111, 15 -' 2 .',';
Hospi tl:
SChoice, privile.. 'i-.: r -,'n,'-. 101.
Colon, acconmodal ,,i,- ,11 .ia,... I! 1
Farm, Corozal '.k1
Patients, chrori, .J1 ,er.,iin 111
Santo Tomas, 3't ,l-
Treatment, rul n, .. rin, Jrj 3J4 4 1i,.
Visitors' hours I ',
Accounting. '
Asp wall, rate. ri' rni, i 211 '?6
Coupon books, i., 4541
Hours, work ng, 179 i;6
Household goods, si..r-n.r ,t 1 '1 1. 4"Ll.
Hul. in pectors, api...i...itr.-m., .44 'r.o.
Hunting in Canal Zon. I :! 4
Hydroelectric.staticu tr in I.4r 4.2
Ice delivery, 7, 443.
Identification certif.: ,'. 4'ji
Income tax law, 241.
Increase of force par.,' .,'' iI.
Inflammable liquids '4.
Injury claims, 393.
Insane, hospital tre..ntri, r t.r, 3l 1 4lr..
Interments and cren, r... ..c..I tL-ls.:. I ?'1 i34f.
Invalids, deportation 34t.
Issuance and publicia n i 4 . I'uJ i '.,
Judson, Lieut.-( ..li \'. \,' i,, i.-r. ,1
Jury list, 506.
Labor surcharge, 6.
Employment a:-,l r.:.nu',t n I 1
Hours of work, !: '
Name and check liumt-,.- 4t.I
Transfer, 103.
Launch trips for mi,. ;: ai mji :. t 61
Accrued, 15, 29' r i1'; :4. 429i
Aliens, 295.
Conditions, _- nriil 1" u 31 i? .441 4 35 .
369, 392, J', 4'1 4 ,4 1 ,',,
Invoicing. 15, 139.
Quarters, retention, 202, 369.
Relief days, 344, 369.
Reports. 334, 358, 392, 479.
Requests, form, 392.
Sick, less half day, 334.
Termination of service. 202. 364, 394, 470
Transfer slips, 15, 139.
See also Executive Orders, 228, 265.
Lepers, hospital treatment 134. 366, 394, 416.
Level rods, unserviceable, 2,11
Licenses, rules and regulations, 403-8.
Lighthouse Division, organization, 306.
Limbs, artificial, 345.
Local Inspectors:
Appointments, 111, 223, 344, 526.
Steamship inspectism, 403-8.
Lock work, Gatun, transfer, 75.
Accountable officer, 470. 490, 506.
Miraforcs, construction bridge, removal, 15C.
Permits to visit. 394.
Superintendents, 370, 430.
Failures, 480.
Service charges, invoicing, 223.
Lottery tickets, sale forbidden, di,
Lubricants, sta ndard, 14, 103, 1, 439-42.
Magistrates courts, 306, 315.
Mariner's notices, 131, 417, 430, 479,493, 526.
Material. See Equipment.
Meal tickets, issuance, 366. 454.
Mechanical Division:
Accountable officer, 278, 307.
Duties, 382.

Cir, ular:. affic cil.
Organization. 306.
P,-rronnl cnsnag.s. Il1.
Shoo tran;ler 2511
Sipwrsir.nd.ent. appautmeni. 231.
74-lei. ,i..rekneepr a-:conniable officer. 358.
Mcii ,I tis .iznct rsqcueE.a 95
Mcim.,rirlddrn, rthipss ,prtparcLion, 307.
3c- o-im -ne. 36S~.36
-Ii 1 *i. 454. 462. 479
,I Ei r. rrc h"-' 5105. 75, 39.1.
rec..,cl didpoi ion. 381
NIiLir t...t ri r.'iC.dr eminiison. 403.S.
'Ia i-.-F I Erjc'nr-rmng Division
Ci~tir, ii.' IL IIl Ii 41. 394
Cirncti'-ir1.. 306
--jp~nrltenndemi acting.. 39. 430..
.ig~ i.'..iin .u.1n. 5L.-c1. I1I. 117. 430 479.490.
N,f-t..s.. 34hit
Mmtl~rlccI p-AAll: 31) 416.
Isrqu r. rr. 1, t 4411
Od -Iruaiz. 3 i:--unllmg. 51,.
..I, hru-4 iI-r-,isr. 14.
1 r.J h, L rx a r 13. L31ndard1, 1. 103. 111. 439.4 2.
CF rriiC, nr..J Maintenance Dcpartment orgari.
,a, Ir'n. .;0z. Yin. JS5.
O.,gcn cs.. cI'rgei. 31.
ait,. l charg., and credit. 368.
P,.ami RIilroad 5. Panima R',iroad.
..1 Ici r-ckagei 314. 490.
Pjri.n ;. chronic dspocimran. 103.

ti, r, hedule 102. 136 343.
Rie'.eg.r. un-Aimnied. 130
Rcciuct~on 346.
Ro'll: s,.pro'al. 393,
P. -rn.,er t.IuEii .165
P.,,'irenr lor kcrvices. ir vessels. employes. and
rnh.r.. 4In
Pcnieiiiitr'... rules. 203
PhorDisripi. .nusnce and sale. 345.
Ph%i-:ji ex.,mination 346. K56.
Pi irs', -. 4 16. N 17.
Pd-,.. ai,,isiln o nd applicatiogs. 244. 2;0.

i lursnriir ko.rk. 3i.?
Pl~ic- rd FPie Di-sision. organization 315. 365.
l'.,li,.. si Prir-n'. D.% ilio:
-z,-tianr Chidi appoiniin[n,. 150.

1-0hi, E'siEain; 171. 179

Ar-(Oliltri--114 14 369.
D.arr 41b.
P-Et. ii ion
Aboh~e'i.se. 4318
nmpeci'r. a3.ting. 31.
01Yic,:. :S. 330.
ciss.,nizi~. 313 30.
Pr-.-.,,,.r4 rui.7 uiernmng 203
P'r.. E, bs..'.cit 1-raing ,orLkin houts. 150.
Proisre 311-1 %thii',.ec laSgdasgc. 346.
Prc~ra.-,.s)r,. 3547. l,36
Procpr. ri ,
'a' irUiglbie oiffrr4. 8-. 131. 139. 139. 179.
al1 2-4~. 28- 29s.. 3315. 334. 346. 358.
-1-,[ 43.-. 41Qc454 462.470. 490 506.
-vcuuirng. 137. 263. s0;. 368. 514.
Icrrens, : ...rdc;i 412
Fr.ni. inrrLnry. 6.
Nlinuoran-arn recCelt'i. 307.
NunoAc~nda.c le. 223. 30, 514-7.
Pr v!i L right. 393.
Rl5.e:. 1.-. 462. 4;9.
Ri-i-Si_;. rccivir~n and audiiai.g. 179.
1r1... r. -4 1W IUl.l. 221. 381

P.r, Ic',. ,c L. si in ; nimei i .1 I W
f',,:. l.,.nDep.,artrmntr. organitiuc.n. 305
O~i. r,.n~ r~, ;l.., and regulstioni.. 418-21.
.,,,rr. ci-ik irn r. 211 421

I.?t A.-.-.umi. aproinltnent. 39
DI)-.jt i '.,rtruiicsilr pipoinnlent. 51. 150.
ri.ir,,t 1jI~ii.rni-,li, changes. 15. 187
ri'c iic Xg~i. ippirnlment 51. 150.

Rd..,.. ?20! 4o2. 4:9.
veri~li ialer emplo~e. IS7l. 34i. 438.
kci~ri5 ,ou daurai v ie 202 369.
k.,iflc- 5,1,1 rate; ji pvi. 103 111. 139, 159. 179.
111 ?50. 121 354, .470. 402.3
R ..,rd preicrvai'of. 134
Ited Cr., b~l. 14
Rcdsciirn s ,n Ii.'!. i45. 393.
lice rac nt a 50. 381.
R.l..ie r-;in l..Lcy s. .146

Circulars, official
Reports. annual. material, 430.
Reservations. military. 75. 393.
Responsibilities of employes. .265
Sand. standard measurements 344. 394 430)
Sand service. Miraflores, Lransier, 438.
Sanitary Department. Ch.ef Oficer. ad.rinFs. 75
Santo Tomas hospital 333 39'.
Holidays, III. 139.
Hours. change. 103.
Organization. 315 365.
Superintendent 3ppoiitment. i7
Brass and copper handling 87
Credits allowed 179.
Recover 231. .'5
Seamen, American. hospital Ireatlmnit 306 416.
Second Division:
AccounLible officer 131 139.
Superintendent of Transportation, acting. 211.
Work a,.s.igned. 211.
Seniorit emplo es'. 145. 393.
Service records. 271. 393. 490.
Employee 51. 231. '34.
Household goods. 51. 231, 470.
Instruction. and claims for Ir.- .- 439.
S'mpk, h
Expense percentage. 6. 103
Floalti.R. rates for use. 179.
General Foreman. Balboa actmg. 455.
Permanent designation. 6
Tranaler. 250.
Shovels. standard. 51, 392.
Sixth Division.
Accountable officer. 131. 139.
Designated Dredging Division. 211.
Stationery forms, standard, 307. 36?.
Alternaions to prevent accident. i CanAl, 382
Inspection. 403.-. 400.
Traniportnaion and ralre. 163. 344. 380.
Ste-mihosel engineers and cranemen, exitra. 139
Stone, stand .rd meas-rements. 344. 304. 430
Store, B;lboi, accounLable officer. 231. 295.
Subsistence. emploves on floating eqilpnuermt. 49U
Subsistence Depirtment:
Accountable officer, 295
Officer. appoiniment, 250. 286.
Supply Department:
Inspector, special, appointment. 421
Organization. 305, 335.
Labor, 0.
Material sales, 250, 438.
Survey and Appraisal Board, 31. 119.
Survey requests, 6, 103, 223. 381.
Surveying Oficer. appointment and duties 344.
392, 393.
Suspension and reprimand, 346.
Swimmoag m Canal. 150.
Telephones. 278. 315. 455.
Terminal Construction Division-
Accountable officers. 331. 430. 462
Organmzaion. 300.
Termmation ol service papers. 51, 24-. 358, 142.
462, 479.
Ties, railroad, second-hand. 150.
Timebooks. 223, 454. 491.
Timekeeper. Chief. mail address, 470
Consolidation. 211. 462.
Inspector, appointment. 63.
Time voucher; 75. 526
Tolli. exemption. repeal. 4;I1
Tonn3ge cerufic:ates 418.
Tracings. mailing. 31.
Trackspan bridges. climbing. 4310
Transfer slips. 15. III, 5006.
Transfers. 343. 356. 470.
Transmission line. energization, 430
Tr.nsport tion:
Labor ganu.. 231.
Panama railroad. 171. 430. 442.
Sleamship. 263. 344, 380.
Transportation Department. crnnges. 75.
Transportation Division, organization. 306.
Traveling engineer, duties. 381.
Traveling expenses. 202, 380. 480.
Vacation. See Leave.
Vouchers. approval, 393.
.Wage scales. 103. 111. 139, 179. 211. 250 3?3,
357-8, 370, 402-3.
Washington office. organization, 305.
Waste, standard. 439-42.
Water and air service, transfer. 438


Circul-ar official
Water, ruli- and rejilJllr'ono, 14. 355
\Vhan es dc:.in Lrdi ronntrrction. 111 417.
'1ildmjn ?.lai L D dltil -142.
Wireletis it-t-.n. D 1r6en, 96.
W'omn. .mpi.,. ment 356.
\Vork for *rnr., lu'p n.j oilier. 202 211. 344.
\\'rk requc:r: 8;. ni. i. ClU j. 416. 506
Wrecking cranc i- rge- 2;h
Circuit COliur:-T. ; scj i n-. .. 31 3
Cit I 'ls trlp. e 'li'.lCI. e
C.vil AdJimni-trillon D,-'prini.nt. .:cointiltle officer,

Ci.l Ariairs. Di\:ion 'ir .irtion 31 16.,.
Li- i1 Sbr iee-
Exa iniation mki:. 30. 42. 1 ; -'2!. 226, 227,
274, 2 l. l1.. 414 441, 1ii .
Rtule .mnr:rirdmrni. io5
CluL.houbc- '' ,I C .\
BJilhb J. r,:crec.iioni. Ii'
Color-J. CultbhrJ. 3;
I ullbra ..nnner,.r., A rnd cluoing. 387
Pri lee:1 lor Ter.L. liti: n r men. 4;9
.!IW aLiO 3C L. :Ut
Conisumrptic- redurcd 97
IIH-n.JIlng flait. 2110-1. 12u. .30', ;r: 457.
Purchan e. 3.0
a '" 1.0 i l .-. ',rn.- r n-rp..rtn. i m on .thll 45, 80.
I 5. it.1 21' 2- .3j03 4.'. 3hW 149, 4 S,
Siora& n' tiif t. pri 'tr. *.: l-.-.. 2-'.
Trainpur[ a in 114
\\'hrl, temporar. 4.5;
Wa. qe. 30.
Coast Artllers arrr \l. Ir0. j?'S
CoLa Cola tljAilinre .AJrkl rr-mo al 203
Cold stlrace d -len. ;
Cold itor-sne prr,:e:. ,0 c3.: h i.ue
Cole. Harry 0 rer.in.aton. '15.
Collector dutle- j65
Collir CLc l iiack-Jd 2;3. 2P2.
Collier- co ntrcit lt 341. 1;U
Col~tmbi, emplo\ m-ni. 122.
Columbus Day Cxei~r.ici 55.
Exten'ion 216
\atLi r min .Mtcnuion, I.
\\ tecr .upplp 141.
Accouuntin Di\'ion transfer, 251(.
.Ac.:ounting. 3C
Ancon. building. 25 155. 390. 431.
Bilho.. 512
Bread shipment. 44 3.
Bulletins weekly. 360. 3'I 3no. 421. 431, 443,
453. 463 Ull. 4S3, 401. S07 519. 5?7
Cold storage prices .0,e each I.-iUe.
Coupon books. 51 171. 223. 3?1. 366 423, 443,
Cr.itobal. chjnger. 32';
Ike ddeher,' and sale 396. 413, 519.
In\entor). 491.
M-inager. acting. 130
Manager suspended and mdcited. 6. 312 415.
Office,. transfer. 396.
Orders. special. 431.
Orgaruzation. 443. 452.
Pedro Miguel. ice box. 183.
Pr,\ legce. 465
Reports monrhli and fiscal sear. t10, 443.
Salesmen. miniructions. 452.
Storehouse 3.1.
Suggestons irom p.tlrorAi. 360.
CommiUsarn and SubUastnce Derartment.
AsS itant Chie Clerk, appointment. ."J.
Chiel Clerk. appointment. 2;1.
Counmrilaint emplo!- 340
Blonkd mniianiftiture 260
Cables\ j G-aiun Loci:l remoi :l, .22
Loiks. completion and rc:.ords. irj
.1Mterialk consum'ption comparison. 496
Mirers ordered. 3');.
lMtier r-crd. 44.
Plint, portable 320.
Rr-,ords 2. IS. 71. 2 42 54. t,., 68, 78, 93.
116 118 15n Iol lot 201. 2?U. 246 248. 284,
2l).309 329. iS 4(16
Tile blocks. minilluf :i. tiur II I. 1
Conduct and ericie nci r.irlig.. .!1 9) i. 491
Congress le-, Iatien
Al.\ k. rilr.j.l. 10i I19')
Ai..,rui .,ritiii Mi. i l. 31.s, ?2j.
Ca'n:al Act. 21 2
Inco..me t.a 2411.?
McClintl,. Nl.rshihl 'on:trurl~Lion C..-mp.an claim,
intseg.Li tiorn. 4;t
Opium impurLation Jain ue,. Jti'l
Tolls. eermption. rep-eal. 47U

Constables, duties, 523.
Construction Division:
OrganizLt.on. 355.
\iork tins .r, 438.
Consular Corps:
Directory, 24, 62, 106, 190. 285, 386, 447.
Hospital treatment, 366, 416.
Contractors, hospital treatment. 366, 416.
Contract. preparation, 87, 346.
Cooke, Thrmas M., resignation, 298.
Corr.al charge. 416, 430.
Correspondence, official, preparation, 171, 368.
Cost statements, Part 2, Nos. 19, 36.
Costa Rica, employment, 99.
Cotton, hybrid, experiments 299.
C.anJi-rfeit mnonr ,. 92
Couplilng' Ored,-. pipilaneC 89, 261.
Coupon books, 51, 171, 223, 321, 366. 443, 454.
Cir nur. last sessions, 313.
Constables, duties, 523.
Decisions, volume, 321.
District clerk, duties, 4 l5.
Orginization. 305-6, 315. 365.
Rei'-ew, 313
Supreme. last session. 445
Se- ai. Governor's reports. monthly,. 45, 80,
12?. 165. 217 25:. 303.342 3b" 44y4. 4
Crane boat, passage through Canal, 181.
Cargo handling, motors, 317.
Floating, 292, 378, 397, 465, 485.
Wrecking, disposition, 138.
Cremation, bodies, 187, 240, 295, 345.
Crematory building, 89, 240.
Cresson, William P., appointment, 510.
Criminal procedure, amendment, 30.
Critchlow, Howard T., resignation, 319.
Cruces. history, 73.
Cuba, laborers wanted, 142.
Culebra Cut:
Drainage, 1, 25.
Dredge wharf, Paraiso, 134.
Dredging, 5 i. .-6 77, 89, 105. 115, 121, 134, 141.
153, 161 1S1. 189 205. 21 3, 254, 265, 373, 3;4.
Fl ,oding 1-2, 17, 25, 41, 53, 65-6, 77.
Grader, hydraulic, 321, 509.
Navigation prohibited, 73.
Observation platform, 138, 181.
Slide, west bank, 385.
Sluicing, 77, 115, 213, .2.2. 246, 254, 321 3.4, 509.
Sti-amnhoirl operations, 1, 17, 25, 121. 157, 201,
2;4 2b9 374.
Water, rate of rise, 7;.-.
Curundfi River culvert 129, 269, 325;
'Customs, hbaigage 237.
DAIRY inspection, 428.
Cost statements, Part 2, Nos. 19, 36.
Fmiercency. 374. 494
Flli placed, monthly 28, 68, 116, 156, 208, 248,
284, 329, 388. 436.
Fills, 375.
G:jLn. completion. 161. 189.
Darling. Dr. S. T.. to South Africa. 67. 164.
Debts, employes'. 146
Deeks, Dr. W. E riE.gnation 267.
Demurrage system and rates. P. R.R., 213, 242.
Dentists, 340.
Depopulation of the Zone. 378
DeoDrtat,.n of invalids. 346.
Dep[rtelI persons. return. 6;.
Depot Quartermaster. appornlment. 51, 150.
Deputy Collector of Revenues. appointment, 23.
Deihon, Lieut.-Col. George D., appointment. 293.
Detiroit opportunities. 134. l.2, 19!.
Devol Bn gGen C. A., visit, 267.
Diablo demolished, 233.
Dickson, Lieut.-Col. Tracy C., resignation, 277.
Gambo.,. irmoval, 1-2, 14, 25, 41, 53 613.6 77.
C.jtun Lake, Calo saddle, 103, 112, 133. I 3. 364.
Gatun locks, removal, 7. 17
Miratr-.r.:i removal, 1, 9
Rio Grndie, 205.
Diplomatic Corps: *
Dir-tonr'. 24, ICo.
Hospital treatment. 366. 416
Secretary of Amricr-an Legat'on ap.-intrmennt. 510.
American Minlstir. apogontriernt .b. i;
CanailolTi;1i- 8 151. 464.
Conular Corp.. 24. o'. '1l. 100. 5'. 3S6 447
Di-.lornat.c Cor, 24 10rI I 1ll
D.-bu.ing Offmce Ca-hier. 3aI1Jonimemt. 31.
Di.chargr. tmnploi: 3V
Dircipline. mploe, 340b.
Bas Obispo and Las Cascadas cloned. 201

Tioli, consolidation, 338.
District Attorney, appointment, 289, 365, 369.
District Quartermasters, changes. 15, 187.
Diversion, Rio Grande, 1, 9, 205, 317.
Docks. See Wharves.
Drawings, mailing, 31
Corozal, dry docked in locks, 265. 281. 297, 317.
Couplings, pipeline, 89, 261.
Dipper, two 15-yard, 101, 247, 273, 281. 309,349,
378. 379, 385, 425.
Dipper, work comparison, 457.
Mole, retirement and sale, 297.
Passage through Gatun Lake, 1.
Passed through locks, 65, 77, 133 253.
Positions on, 392.
Pumps, record change, 233.
Repairs. 253.
Transfers, 205.
Atlantic entrance, 17.
Culebra Cut, 17, 53, 65, 89, 105, 115, 121, 134.
141, 153, 161, 181, 189, 205, 213, 254, 265, 373.
Division, organization, 211, 306.
See also Governor's reports, monthly. 45, 80,
125, 165, 217. 257, 303, 342, 389. 449, 488.
Drill barge destroyed by explosion, 475, 485, 486, 494.
Drill boat sunk, 174, 259.
Drownings, accidental, 54, 55, 78. 162, 261, 268, 363,
Dry Docks:
Balboa terminal. 26, 254-5, 376, 473.
Cristobal, rates for use. 119.
See also Governor's reports, monthly, 45, 80,
125. 165, 217. 257, 303, 342, 389, 449, 488.
Dumps, Balboa work transfer, 438. 454.
Explosion, premature, 475, 485. 486, 494.
Magazine explosions, 350, 460.
Theft, 379, 401.

EARTd fo.r ;nir .r. fills, 401.
Earrih.-,ke 5'. ;3. 91, 114, 144-9, 233, 277, 397.
Easter services, 311.
Current, rates, 295, 506.
Generating equipment transferred to Miraflores,
Power plants, 337, 425.
Street railway, Panama, 41, 92. 184, 457, 474.
Substations, 100, 190, 213, 362, 375, 473.
Overhead lines, 33, 174, 268, 309, 375, 439,
Underground duct, 100, 153, 192. 245, 318.
337, 375, 385, 401, 425.
Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, acting, 392.
Electrical material for duct line, 401.
Electrical Division:
Accountable officer, 334.
Office, temporary, 338.
Organization, 306, 355, 367.
See also Governor's reports, monthly, 45, 80,
125, 165. 217, 257. 303, 342, 389, 449, 488,
Electrocutions, accidental, 261, 387, 398.
Elliott, Rev. Carl H., 143.
Elysisus James Education Committee, 79, 118, 175,
354, 505.
Emergency dam, 36, 141, 494.
Emery, Walter, resignation, 135.
Emigration, monthly reports, 50, 85, 106, 154, 200, 259,
292, 318, 364, 412, 477, 513.
Employment conditions, permanent force, 228, 233,
235, 345, 346, 355, 356, 381, 393.
Engine failures, 480.
Engine house, Pedro Miguel, dismantled. 33.
Available for Alaska, 105, 319.
Disposition and preservation, 9, 39, 63, 95, 103.
Floating, appraisal. 403.
Ipterchargeablt use. 385.
Interference with use, 344.
Purchase, 382.
Retired, sale. 105.
Retirement, 470.
Sales, value, 106, 216, 451.
Sales, rules governing, 6. 392, 438.
Stock reduction, 367.
Survey requests. 6, 103, 223, 381.
Transfer and marking, 356.
Transfer requests, 288. 356.
Turned into stores, 344.
Erection Division:
Abolished, 470.
Accountable officer, 334, 470.
Organization, 306.


Erection Division:
See ajlu G.svernor reports monthly. 15. 0,
125. 2I:.5. 21. 25 303, 342. 3iO, 449, 48s.
Administrator. ,pr.~.:.,rten n:,tre. 520rc 526. 52S
Administrator's -,Ie 35J. 3;0.
Escheat notice. sL0D, 51'. 25.
List, weekly, .32o. .2",. 3. 362 352 3ro 398.
410, 426,434 416. -15 466. 4;4 4b;. 494 410.
Central Division. ,:l il;. 410.
Cost statement Part 2 :.'., 1V lb
Culebra Cut:
Dredging. 1.. I 0 Y' 11 'i 5 115. I?l 134.
141, 153. It, I 11. !,W u15 213. 254 265,
Hydraulic ;:: Il. 2123. 122 254 26, 321 s5j'.
SteamshoNel I I. 25 I1 I I.. '0 28'. lu'".
Records, monthl.. 1' -t.. o:. :; 1ir I1. 1;4.
206. 246. 28?1 1;". 5. 4. i 4-5
Records, mont-I.. ..n:,. A.rrmn-i.ri .. ptI-n '
68, 116, 156, 2uS. 2:4. 2~!'. 3"). 1"n 4a0 4sr .
See also Gut :r;,. .r : Or, n. rr ,. 'iil., 43 u.
125, 165 32!:. 2 .' 3u, ,42 3'.o 44iv 4,.9
Excuse cards, 334, .;. -,2 4-
Executive Departm.hr uitsi-aT.aT'i n. ]o)';
Executive Office:
Accountable ofE.'-r. i4
Bureau heads, 3'.
Chief Clerk, apc.o"nir',ent. 32
Organization, 30u-o, jl.u 3r
Executive Orders:
Admeasurement Bc-ir.l 4 .
Bail bonds, 30.
Bills, payment tb, :t.: inrit,, *:rnrl n..,:. 35u
Birds, protection 5
Board of Health. 23J.
Bribery, 229.
Act effective -1 '.
Commissioner .' .'i', r.t',,nt 5
Opening co:n...i ..'*
Operation ,iI ro.. ,: a,..r 4'J'- u4
Organizati.,,n crii-, rini- j3 2 1 :2 :
Civil Service ruJ!:: :.,i m.:,, 'n.
Constables, dut r... ".
Courts, 305, 477.
Criminal procenui i.. I... '
Culebra Cut, n. ,L ii,.",, ,-i.:.l,,hi.,',. ;'
Deported person- ,
Drafts, 520.
Employment n"-c l., i ... I ,ii,,,'.irt I.,r:- 2"
Fines, remission .r'1
Firearms, carryrn, I ?
Hunting, 236.
Injury compens i L-II. i)..
Interest rate, 12.
Isthm ian Cana ._ .- `.-.r
Acts and r.- *.luIt,--,.. .i .., : .J .... .,
Commissioner i.,:",,, ',,i, ht a
Special cornm . .. r, ....~nr -.i ... t..ih -.o
Johnson, Profei ..' LEit,-r, K or.n -ri~ ...n '
Judiciary, 305, I".
Land commission, ri., n-' i t fi ri..i..:-r: 3
Leave regulation- 2' ?t.5
Naval reservati ,.:. 1. -.
Navigation an u ic, r,tr,-..in ri i .o.-,i 4il-r1 .7 1 7.
Organization, C',,it [..rnn.an, t 2:J. j; 2i.
Pardons, remiss rn 1T r.r. -
Pilot service, 351, 4'i, :- 4 :1
Registrar of prop-.r.. 4'i.
Quarantine, mait.,-. r, .1r '*:.n. ".0.
Radio stations, Iii' I 412' .
Tipping prohib t.- ': .'
Tolls, bills for i ,i ri .rtt.: pi. i 5nt .i50.
Washington off..'- .urc.~r. i. n. 2- .
Wireless apparar. ,-u r nl.r 4',
Wireless station nii ., 4 .
Accounts, classifie I 11
Approval, 393.
Classified, montlil,' i. '. i 1i11 I ', : 2.'
260, 364, 415. 4; ';i 'W. ;I'
Cost statement;. Part 2 N,! I',. )..,
Personal, reimbur:s:n, it. :i. si. e 43 .l
Vouchers, appro. 1I 1;
Explosives, amount u.- I 1., ( rr.l D ...i....n IJ
Dynamite, Cuc.r.. h l.d. .4".-' 4" 4;( 4'4.
Powder magazinr-.. .13. 4,,6
Panama, 42, 99 1.1. "*'.
Panama-Pacific 9! 5 u


FARM, hospital, CoTro.l. 241. 3.3.
Falkner, Dr. Roland P rce -nati-.n. I 5.

Fender chain and machines. 266. 375. 425.
Fdth D;i iion:
Abc.Iished. 211. 221.
A'..countble olfcer. 131. 139. 159.
Head acting. 9;.
Piltraticar, pl.nl... Ili(. 260. 265..
Fines, remimsiui.. 399.
F-.re :
Alarm. procedure. 266.
Drill. %olnintrer c.empr.rei. 369.
E..uiam.nr,. buildnet, 95.
ProDieCi.n. 169. 209. .69.
Prcatotiun Division. See Police and Fire Division
Stitior,.6 montblv ini.,c-iun. 415.
W1-itkle. 429.
rearrn4; termtin to '.rr5. 123. 175
Fers. :S. 182. 216. 325.
First aid psrkag..;. i;.
ri-iw Door, onffl,-, coniolidated. 293.
FI .m1.rn. ietC. a % c rrs. r. 4 S.
Fl.,a-ncn. inetruction.. 4 42.
Fi-tl~ng e-Imlpment. appraiilal, 403.

0 .,rnthl.. 10. 4s. '40. II1 2tS. 214. 259. 290. 338,
413. 43-.
t'ieern,-n irrre rc-iurr.,n 131
lorging preii, ii.S;:bo;hcps. 192.

-Ic'osnt rile officr. 334. 454.
.iS16Erant Ensui.-rrr. 3srLrtuiment. 439.
Orgainu.iEunrr 306.
R.-crv.tsin,, 75. 393.
Fa11,lr t or-rl'h 's. l
Foriacv. C. P. re.,enari~on. 11
FJurtri D.%i,,c~n
,sc.,urt ,0le ailSer. I ;
Pir*' nn I -i.irlcg. 19.

%Vtar k 3 7:.r neci. 211. ~ r anl al. 49
Innitirili c.,%r-i.ti.,i. N49 115 427. 43:. 418. 459.
F..i-,,.i r Ii.P. 106i 15i ;i In 1 .
l' ct in tC',i.rt.- 3li~s-.i,34

'.dc,, iiratir; brldir i hii-:Ir1y and sale. 249.
Cr511-r .o., .i.i- n i-it 3Y,
F'rnI4i ,..i.,'
- iE .: ...... Department. 93, 223, 2A4.

F ,;t.Jp~ rjinc Ii. ebIi i24 r". 2.,;.

G ill~t.I.Ar I iii 'Cr1 D D.
itiai,.1,c 14'. 15

R-:L- rawn a.. c~rnmim~v-n.r. 54
cG, rn', I J 1. rr,~ m 1II2. 14. 2 5. 421. 33. (.5.6

';.,rb~. -',n' inn.Jlkr tr'in. 4.28.
t.,.,rr'4 :.1n E lri. i re 1r..ti-n

Giir, Lkl.e:
Du~nropulkirj af area ~22. 274. 299.
t. I' ,i,., dA le. 14r1, 112. 133. IS. 364.
D,:.,k ch.,rge- `63 433.
Ele~n J 2:''. 256.
1' 'lino .13

lInmdT(11I -tT.C A.W~nn. 1;. 19 s2-. 442.
L 16.
RL,.-'. Ii `

'i'lur.-a i i. d r e 1 4 11 1.

rE.,iiri rern -,%EJ. 24.3
-,,,l.r. 41. ir4. 1;3 2'3. `36.

'..,L--r ior C&Io nd,1. Crqtzmb'.lI 14 1.
t. r .5,r~r~er, ri. 34.IsS.
't. ni Fli r1 b-. r br' tir. 12.
r 'I cr-js-:r.-t~ 412
S 0,. i'''' i a ar-po1 .~l'intink-ri. 22i. 233.
Liu I ml U, Rl rl.-IiI.r. 6i.
G. .13 n,, ,,ne t,-. le. 0.
C.., i.lrn-rk 11,1r,r) r ;,oentirc, 33r.,
GLs,ir,3 Colonsi %%iii,,n C .

.1,4' r.viol ri-.torcs. 35.
o''.fn~ rh nI'P.nri3m Canal
Nr,',mra,lion rini.]~ .ar-i 225. 213.
11TT r-3.)rthti, 45. 81. 23 10. '-1;. 303. 342,
3t.ij 441), 46;,

Cr ri. ei .n ...i cn :

Loadinrg r.- ,.)r'J. 25.

PI'Lrl. C171i;'trr Risrr. 141. 173. I '1, 293.

Sale, 505.
Greene. Colonel Henry A.. relieved. 291.
Greenslade. Geo. A.. resignation. 426.
Gudger, Hezekiah A., resignation, 440.
Office building. new. 410
Rates. 380. 415.
Sailings suspended. 403.
Hand cars. rules governig use. 242. 344.
Health Board, 523.
Health Department:
Accountable officer. 334.
Board of Health. 523.
Chief Health Officer. apomtment. 291.
Chief Quarantine Oficer. appointment. ?89
OrganizIion. 233. 235. 305. 517
See also Governor 9 report. monthly 45. r0.
125. 165, 217, ?57, 303, 342. 389 449. 4.sh
Hebard, R. W.. and Company:
Chiriqui railroad. 234. 414.
Exposition building contract. 181.
Empire-Gamboa. 266.
Oiling. 268.
Hodges, Col. Harry F.. appointment. 2?1. 2t9
Hoffman. Malor George MN.. transfer. 49.
Holidays. 87. Ill. 159. 242. 295, 382.
Holmes. V. .J., reignataon. 434.
Homicide case. 412.
Building sites. change. 364
Rebuilding. committee, 327.
Smoking in wards prohbited. 216.
Superintendent appointment, 293
Tivoli dispense ry consolidated. 338.
Choice privilege discontr:ned. 103.
Accommodations reduced, I1 240.
Organization. new 162
Cnrsobal. proposed. 349.
Eyeglass account. 201.
Farm. Corozal. 245. 333.
Patients. chronic, disposition 103.
Private. 473.
Santo Tbmas. 333. 392.
Treatment. rules governing. 124. 366. 394 416.
Visitors, hours, 139.
Accounting. 365.
Aspanwall, Taboga island, 91. 164, 205. 211. 263.
348. 423.
Cigar stands, 338.
Commission. Ancon and Pedro Miguel. .. 9.
Coupon books. 211. 366, 454.
Report. fiscal year. 98.
Tivoli, improvements. 2, 133.
Tivoli annex bachelor quaniers. 2 7.
Washington. interior decorationi. 317.
Hours of work. 1;9, 356.
Household goods, moving and shipment, i. 5. 51. 2t1,
256. 475.
Houston. J. Frank. pardoned. 37.
Hull inspectors, appointment. 344. 5?6.
Hunting in Canal Zone, 171. 236. 346.
Hydrants, water, award. la5.
Hydroelectric station. Gatun Lake, 17. 190, 552-4.3.5.
See alro Govemor'a reports. monthly, 45, O8. 125.
165, 217, 257, 303. 342. 319, 44-1. 488.
Hygiene lectures, 510.

Icz delivery and sale. 7, 396. 443, 519.
Identification certificates. 490.
Immigration reports, monthly. 50, 85, 106. 15,. 200.
259. 292. 318. 364. 412, 477. 513.
Inca Society, annual dimmer. 310. 350.
Income tax law, 241-2.
Increase of force papers. 369. 4 I7.
Independent Order of Odd Fellows. election. 142. 1;7.
Index. CANAL RECORD. 25.
Infant feeding. 447.
Inflammable liquids, 346.
Injunction suit, 201.
Injury compensation. 300-3. 393.
Insane, hospital treatment, 366, 394, 416.
Insect trap. 239.
Insurance, mail matter, 249.
Interest rate. 123.
Interment and cremation of bodies, 187. 295, 345.
International Insurance Company, withdrawal, 338,
Invalids, deportation. 346.
Islthmian Canal Commission:
Acts and resolutions approved, 285. 386.
Commissioner, appointed, 5.
Gaillard, Lieut.-Col. D. D., retained, 54.


Isthmian C nal Cormi;nion-
Special con'mi.m;il ner comensatclion. 220.


JEF\EY. Mi.1iFr J.1nir.. P arierfi 49
Jolhn'n.at-on ?29.
Joint Landl Commi--njn rin L 1in- Lo~inmrn on.
.Jord-in. Thcini.s It rct'irFn Lr' I1 I
juian Mina I.lI .l. slier..renrt. 2i4.
Judiciary. 're C'.urtv.
Jul,.:n. Lieu -.Col '.- '. V tran.- fcr, i. 1 .
Ju, n. 1.it. 50o.

Ki.cr. .1. L iatch in. oeton contr:.-t. 4"4
KJtchen Iabc.rvrr report. 08.
Krgfhrt oi Corlumbrih. erl.:ilon. 9
Koerner. Clhs F reei;Lnation. 13l

LA BoSA. Inwnil'.. 15,
Labcr i-r..e. mnr.nilh!. 10. 48. 90 12.. Ir.. 211 259.
riO. 35' 413 4'4. i(14
Labor tr.,n 31. 3 62 23?. 271. 2;8. 200. 1O;, 317.
4E2. 51 1
Employ merirt andi prorrmot.on. 159
Hriurs c a ,rk I :,
N imp and hec:k number. 480
Tr rd.r. 103
Lacroirrde. Dr Jein Picrre. obituarN 234
Land Commission:
Appointments. 385. 52.
Awards. 4 11. 19, 3.. 59. 60.
Clam,. time limitation. 552.
CompenrSatiun f:r memnr.rL. 356.
Di'jgrementi. 10;. 130
Opinions. 04. 10", 1.11.
Hear.ing. 44. 3'.I 412,. 467.
Meetings re'rmed. 385.
Re:olulton. 4I1l.
Rul:, d, m.i-ing claims. 4. ;2. k3. 4. 10;. 161. 46;.
Sirttlem'nt:. Irl. 47S.
Tour of ini.peciron. 433.
Land DL[.artmenrt, Pinima railro.vl report 1;6.
Lar.'a.:idr, sIle. 1li4. 428
L-j unchei
Gaolmne. nrEw. 02. 157. 2o0.
Transferred to Tranportation Department 445.
Laundry c.rinolidat.a. -460.
Leave. Sie Circular?
Lee. Ernet E.. rctiicration, 474.
Lenten -ervict,. 247.
Leper acylurm Palo SEco-
ChriStmas box. 175.
Christmas box. I ;
Remor\ l of inhatbanti in icmntr. 3;8.
Visitne days, 292.
Lepers;. huopltal treatment. 334. 366. 394, 416.
.ePrn..e JIoeph A.. resgna tion. 298.
Lep.rosy. 134.
Leui lr-t. rird.lrec'ed .See ea.:h siue.
Lesee Gatura. srllnh. lo4
Level rods, un. era cit.le. 231.
LeIelirm n. examin itun. 164 I. 310 46Mb
Lcei. FILt J retirnatliOn. 466.
Lp:.land Lme. riaes. 180.
Licenie ior 'ile of merch3ndL'e. 401.
Ltcen;e ;"
Car]Iellasi n. I!4
Rulei 3nd rrelilarion. 40-8
Notice to jplrali.jnI-. 446.
Lidgeroad cars. ,Ji'poil 95.
Life boats for lo.:k aryproichea. 445.
Ldle saving medal rawarsded. 41-.
Co.n'rructon r ciumr. 375.
Elie.tr iicrr ra mii rl line,. ;7.
M nrurnilfo Pi.lnr. renj's al. 74
Lighthoui;e Di uicon:
Accountable officer. JLl. 490.
Orgniz as ion. 3106.
Tranifer 425
iSee aill GC, ern,.r : rerprt munthly. 43. iJl. 1. 2
b1 5. 217. 251. 3111 .3 ., 3.n. 449. 418.
Lightning strike. r..nge toIer. 444.
Limb.s artificial. 124 345.
Limestone. soil treatment. 213, 234 321
Linemen. tool purchase. 273.
Local Inspeclors:
Apponltmentl: I I 223. 344. 526.
Exammnatl.n rnntl:es. 27 45. 67. 91. 10s. 131, 150.
171, 18;. .12. 231 ?52. 271 ?55. 30S. 3"3. 348.
3;0 396. 12!. 442 462 -n10. .d6, 52;
Rules and regula, ion-. 403-5.
.Xccount -bl: orficer. 470. 490. 3506
Cable pulling reto rd. 1.
Caison dam, 136 ., 201, 376. 509.

Construction, 374.
(Crnir. tL. S,- Concrete.
C.:-t statimen, L. Part 2, Nos. 19.36.
Emergency dam, 36. 141, 374. 494.
F. under chains and machines, 266, 374, 425.
Filling, water required, 114.
G-,Les, completion, 36, 97, 157, 216.
G .tun:
Cable installation, 41.
Cableway, removal, 222.
Concrete mixing plant, closed, 5.
Control board, operation, 361, 373.
Dike, removal, 7. 17.
Dredge dry docked, 2o5, 281. 297, 317.
Dredg'n fleer. pa sige. 53. 65.;;
Illuminauon 274.
Operations. 41. 410.
Submjrnne3 dry docked. 256. 273. 297,317.
Tr :k conrncctr.in. center T,311. removed, 33.
Val'r:i. [.:;E. 1O0
Work, transfer, 75.
Guard, Tenth Infintry. 337. 465.
Machinery, operating, 36.
MN iraflores:
Backfilling, 121.
Chamber cranes, dismantling, 13.
Current, 309.
Emergency dams, 141.
Con:iru t ion bridges, removal, 150.
Operation firt, b5.
\.later density. 309.
Operations, 41, 65, 133, 374, 409.
Permits to visit, 394.
Summary of work, 36, 108, 374.
Superintndendnt. appointment, 370,430.
TcOr'.n Iuo,'Cmot;vic'. 21j. 265 317, 374.
\ ilves, test, 190.
See also Governor's report. monthly 45. 80.
125, 165, 217, 257, 3U1, 342, 389, 449. 488.
Charges, invoicing, 223.
Engineers, force reduction, 282.
Equipment, additions, 173.
F failures, 480.
Retirement and sale, 113.
Lo't articles, 216.
Lottery tickets, sale forbidden, 346.
Lubricants, standard, 14, 103, 111, 439-42.
Lumber received, record month, 35.

MAcDONALD, Donald F., resignation, 143.
Machines, shop, numbers, 43.
rlag-aines, powder, explosions, 350. 460.
Marl. handling, Panama railroad, 242.
Mail service, United Fruit Company. 98.
MNals. precn action, f107.
Market public: Panama, 397
Marine Corps:
Departure for Vera Cruz. 205, 317.
Rjilroad instruction, 161.
mariners' notices, 131,417,430,479, 490. 5'6
See also sailing directions, 523-6.
Marshal, District, appointment, 289.
Masonic Temple, Colon, transfer, 56.
NM jons, visit, 190.
M: teriaL S. E.quliment.
McCann, VW. R.. resignation. 494.
M cC tic-Marshall Construction Company's
claim.;, investigation, 476.
Lo.:3 office closed, 293.
lMear. Lieut. Frederick, detail, 398.
ec h anical Division:
Accountable officer. 274 28. 307, 334
Duties. 382.
Organization, 306.
Personnel changes, Ill
Shops transferred, 250, 273.
Euperintenderr aJlpointment. 227. 231.
See also GoCe.rnor report. monthly. 45. 80.
125, 1(5 -. 1 5;., 303. 342. 380 449, A48.
Medals, Canal, 92 330-3
MP.tlrEii siorekcerer accouniable officer. 358.
Medic.sl tretitmentr reiqueJ.t. 95.
Memorandum re.ce'tl 307
Memorial Day cxercies. l3?.

A.counrmn 368
Ancon 9.
Report fhical year. 58.
ietal cnecks 4n-. 454. 463. 479.
MetAl Trades Coun.il. 303. 434.
Nletic.le Richard Lee. 5. 298.
MhiliLry reservationi, 75, 393, 412.
M irarores Lake:
Elevation. 253. 410.
Excaviaion 374.
Filling. 3;4
Location and outline, 55.

Miraflores Lake:
Mosquito breeding, 349.
Run-off, dry season, 461.
Spillway. 18, 25, 121, 260, 281.
Water loss. 173.
Water sti.&, registers, 54.
Water works, 29, 89, 174, 389.
Mitchell, John P., visit. 118.
Moneys received, disposition, 381.
Morgan, John T., memorial tablet, 77, 108.
Mosquito breeding. Miraflores Lake, 349.
Mosquito trap. 239.
Motor boat, navigators' examination, 403-8.
Motorcycle licenses issued, 214.
Motor busses, 510.
Motsett, Charles H., appointment, 417, 426.
Moving pictures, official, Canal work, 201.
Municipal Engineering Department:
Accountable officer, 334.
Chemist, 394.
Organization, 306, 394.
Superintendent, acting, 39, 430.
See also Governor's reports, monthly, 45, 80,
125, 165, 217, 257, 303, 342, 389, 449, 488.
Munitions, Panama, sale, 154, 227.
Murderer apprehended, 387.
NAos Island breakwater, 40, 113.
National Grain Dealers A.oci,:at;on visit, 91.
National Navigation Company, rates, 380.
National Surety Company, withdrawal, 2ol.
Naval reservations. 412, 523.
Navigation aids, 131, 375, 417, 430, 479, 490, 526.
Navigation and operation of Canal, 497-504.
See also Canal sailing dare.Ct, 1u 523-6.
Nepotism, 346.
New Gorgona, townsite, 22, 174. 299.
New Orleans, bubonic plague, 446.
New Zealand, cruiser, visit, 1.
Ninas, Geo. A., resignation, 298.
Nixon, C(pt Courtland, resignation, 175.
Noble, Maj. Rob..rt E., trip to South Africa, 67, 164.
Notaries public, 39, 266, 416.
Nutting, D. C., Jr., appointment, 227, 231.

Arango, Ricardo M., 221.
Archer, Fred A., 387.
Arthur, George Edward, 222.
Baty, Gordon, 458.
Bernsee, Mrs. F. L., 79.
Brendle, Warren E., 175.
Brodeur. Napoleon, 99.
Buker, Theodore A., 298.
Cameron, Frank F., 291.
Canfield, Dr. Herman, 339.
Cody, Mrs. Catherine, 291.
Crafts, Charles W., 311.
Cleveland, George F., 398.
Dahi, Victor S., 415.
Deemer. Willard. 261.
DeLong. Irvin, N., 311.
Dodds. Charles W., 486.
Ellsworth, Chas. M., 363.
Emmett, William P., 30.
French, Mrs. Margaret V., 363.
French, Marvin, 261.
Gaillard, Lieut.-Col. D. D., 142, 157.
Gartell, Frank D., 3.
Gray. Harry, 321. .
Grover, Charles C., 234.
Hall, Mrs. Emma, 261.
Ti1,ll.,r,n E.t .,r.d P., 175.
Iri.,r, El.FIIioJ l 468.
Harrell. John H., 468.
Haynie, Mrs. Gladys B., 486.
Haywood, Harry K., 99.
Hero, J. F., Mrs., 55.
Heverly, Ernest W., 157.
Hibben, James H., 30.
Hill, George F., 135.
Hobson, Clarence 0., 428.
Isgren. Carl J.. 363.
Jackson, Samuel, 55.
Johnson, Mrs. J. C., 175.
Johnson. William R., 475.
Jones, Joseph W., 486.
Kett, David, 486.
Lacroisade, Dr. Jean Pierre, 234.
Lagan, Arthur, 162.
Lenzen, Mary Jane, 73.
Logan. Orren, 114.
Lokerson, Mrs. Albert C., 157.
Markham, Albert V., 468.
Marks, David, 475.
Martin, George L., 78.
McPhadden, Herbert C., 387.
McPherson, Mrs. Clinton, 222.
Miller, Alb:..r Josetph. 142.
Mill,:r Jj P 387


Murphy, John I 4:
Nessler, Ernest M Jol
Noonan, Edward. 1, ..
O'Shaughness Phl,I,p. ;l1.
Pollard, Etta, -_"n
Reynolds, WilIiam.i T. i;
Roake, James H 49r)
Rottger, Char..: E 496
Sackett, Charl, 4t 6
Sheehy, Dennis D i I.
Sherman, Mrs. M. A 2;0
Shettel. Jacob R.. 446.
Simpson, William. 2117.
Smith, Hugh G 475
Smith. Tair,.- F 48,,
Spanner. Helen 32;:
Stanton, John F '4
Stepp, Mrs. Jennie ?01
Story, Erno, 21,A
Stuert. Stephen B .
Telfer, William. I .,
Turner, James .1 2*3
Warren, John Crateni. -rn. o40
Whalen, Claren,'e E 234
Wellman, Gltr.t \ 1:5.
White, Marqu: 2 '1
Wilkins. John M Jr i.
Wilson, James, 4010
Zook, Elhanan -22h
Observation platform CultL.ra Cut. 13S. 161
Berth for vessel- 313. 47 3
Houses, transf-r. 14.
Kerosene, contract 4i' 4
Mexican for Unon Od t- ompary. 181
Pipeline broken b. wire 211
Supply for sho;.; 21 I
Standard, list. 4 11.11. 1 1 1 40.42
Storage rent, :rt,.,r .te dii'alt :. 2 r
Tank steamers for L'nUun Oit Cr.:.mr[sn. Il
Tanks, fire pro-.tect:.n. 36..
Oiling streets and roa2. '6J'%
Ornithological histcr7, I t1hmu-' 21'V
Operation and Main., nan*e Departrment
Organization, 2 ;. 'i5 *3 JoS. 455
See also G k., rnor,' rer-rt. nr.:tI-il' 45. o0.
125,165. 21; '7 10' '42 i3.-9 44" 4Je.
Opium, importation rnIl uI. 160
Ordinance, licensing 'r, ie-r: 2i?.
Oxygen gas, charge. 'I1
Oysters, native, warnic ., r6.

PACIFIC Mail Steamn tir, Co.niar, v-
Rates, 380.
Sale of the Acap,r.., 411
Palo Seco leper as_ l u n
Christmas box. 1;
Removal of inhil. i inr, .1 ,.: n[. .'
Visiting days, ', 2
Calidonia bridge. .-..t ..ilk. 4 i.
Charges and cre-li t. i
Chiriqui railroad' 2l4 414
Electricstreet r-,., 41 by 14. -:. 4:4
Exposition, 42, 0,9 11 -.I "
Fill of marshy L r, -
Fire precaution.. 4i
Infant mortality .4 :
Market, sanita-. ,-,.,tr,' '~.
Munitions, sale 1;1 2'.
Patients, hospi: ,I r, .,,Tni .n ir,6 J'4,. 41t.
Policeman, found .1-. .l 4rol.
Powder magaz2n- ef1.l'.-..,n ,0
Railroad statio-. I..l ,,'1.il i 'a 44 11 340,.
Sanitation, 40! 12'
Street cleaning, "
Street implover-ii-in If.' 1--. 2t. ;36. 349
Swamp reclam ti.,r 411
Tenth Infantri p.,trol. lut6
Water supply,.2- '' I 1;4 Miit
Panama Agencies C ,in.,,a\ 13.
Panama-Pacific Exr,,:.L,t-. ,I 104
Panama railroad:
Accountable offi.r;. 344 421 44". i51
Agent, local, acting 4:0 501,
Auditor, local, iijp.:-.cnr t 3'J .1I
Baggage, 153, 240. i 1!. 4 21
Barge, sightseeing I's 206 :h, 2.36. 254 310.
Baiscule, Gatu, river. 122
Calidonia, wvdenmng iout'..i!k 4I
Pontoon, cr..ie:in C.inal 1.' 121 141. o110.
213, 245 2- 1 .34' 362 .3- 3
Bulletins, 87, 95 101 130. 1i0 I ` 1. I1. 179 187,
203,211, 231 242 26i. 271. 2.: 2b: 205. 23,.
383, 442.
Cars, passenger scrvyLe. 286
Coal transportai.rion. 124

Panama Railroad.
Commi.;a-ry. See Commi;'ry
CulIver Curnrdu River I 29. 269. .325
Dermurrage .,em and rate'. 213. 242.
Embankment;. 91. 494.
Engigte ildure., 480
Firemen bid- 1ir runm 285.
FligrTtn inmtrucLions. 442.
.Agsency loLl. 7, 31R.
ShipmenrL.. delay. 103.
Traihc. fiscal s,-ar. 176.
Tr.Tris r, 521.
Gatun valley embankment 97 494
itold Hill line. 86
Gr.de cro.ming prote:lt,on 474
Grvtel plant. 141. 1;3. 176 179. 293.
Hand car- rule' 242. 344
HreiAl op,-.rari..r,. fiscal lear. 1;6
In,:omr:. fis,:al Tear. 176.
Interlclking signal -:Ierice. 122. 177, 325. 386. 450.
'ere alo BullerLus
Labor ir-ni., 31. b? 63. 23., 2;1. 278. 290. 307.
I17.4- 2. 513.
Land Dep.artment, r er,ort. fi-cal year. 176.
Lighthouse. Colon. removal. 78.
Lot:omoi'.',e eqiJipment additions. 123.
L.-.t articles, 216.
Mail handling on baggage cars, 242.
Nlaster of transp.oration. office organization. 260.
Ne"A, agen1ry. 4t'. 494.
Orkie hour-, 21;.
Parlor car -ervice. 7.
Passenger traffic, fiscal ,ear. 176.
Pas,-se. card. 179
Paymaistr. appointment. 411.
Port ca.painm. appointment. ;, 14.
Property, in.enlt.ry. JU..
ReloC'Lat,r,m. 3
Report. 'i cal .,3r. 176.
Retaurant. 164
R-.,: in g nd for'varlmng agent appointment.

Rrht-of-va. 'ncroachlirentl. 119.
Rohlnr mtock irnent.or.' 165.
S:. .Ill Cri;tobal cor, .tru.-tion, 115.
Silit.e-ine service. 2;. 03. 1. 171, 181. 189, 206,
226 21'6,. 24, 2:4, 310. 594.
-lgn I. r, ieir.-!
Bull.tins 86. 95. 103. 1 39. 150. 159, 187, 203.
21 I. 24?. 2;71. 2;E. 288. 293. 301. 383. 442.
Int.:rlo.:king plant. 122. 17 325. 386, 450.

rpe,.i l trains 63. ?. 334.
Balboa 26-. 445
(C.roz.l remodeled 131
Darien 415.
Miraflor::; 234. ??1. 415.
Panam.. 9 44. 119. 340.
Par.ato. lite. 2:3.
.4.lrauzec,:nverted for freight 318. 410.
Bacggge 312.
Ci.xot>! Lake.n from service. 526.
Lok3Tci. 4111
Trcki;. mailing. IS.
Ticket agent. cactng 4;0 507.
Tohurit iraffin 97
Rat._; 144 38.1
R.port. tiscal year. 1;6.
Rr..e rvatot.i. 3179
Storage r E, ;. 213
Superintendent appointment. 75. 139. 344. 417.
Telegr.ph office Cainiio. closed. 307.
Telephone and ignal drpnrtments, consolidation,
Telplhonr.-'i. 315. 45,
Tiet. Lae .ind life teronri. 6'.
TimeLabl-h I 3. ?. 22. .39 42. 43. 62. 131. 183.
250. 43 4 41 '. 455. 493. 495. 513.
Track' through Central Division dumrps.. 205.
Trammastrr. at.ipointmnt. 14. 179.
Trdnspoit.iiorn form:. INI. 430. 442.
Trrinsportatiun and traffic. conditions. 313.
Trannportiation Departmert. orianmzation. 211.
Treasurer, local. acting. 315
'elocupede;.. operation. 24
\.kaihout 522
Watch mi.pection Lontract. 114.
\Vatchman icrvice. 260
\Wtharve:'. Sr' \Vharve?
Wreck and coroner i verdict, 109. 114. 142.
Vardmi ter appointment, 179.
V.rds. 33, 184 226. 292.
See aulo Goernor's reports. monthly. 45, 80,
125. 165. 2117. 257, 303. 312. 389. 449. 488.
Pararso ;prinm water discontinued. 253.
Parc:l post packa&i~. 134, 490.
Paidons 37, 31)9.

Parlor car service, Panama railroad, 7.
Patients. chronic. 103.
Paving brick contract, 493.
Car schedule. 102, 139, 343.
Receipts, unclaimed. 139.
Rolls, approval. 393.
Paymaster. duties, 365.
Pedro Miguel:
Buildings,. changes, 5, 106.
Fill. 106.
Municipal work. 325
Conditions. invesirat ion. 0o)
Entertainments. prisoners, 27.
Prisoners discharged gisen money and clothing
Prisoners. escape. 182.
Rules governing prisoners, 203.
Perry. Surgeon James C resignation. 310.
Peruvian war vessel passed through Canal, 521.
Phillips. Col. John L resignation, 298.
Photographs, 345.
Physical examination, 346. 356.
Pierce. Surgeon Claude C.. resignation. 143
Piers See Wharves.
Pde. rafted through Canal. 292. 31;.
Pdot noat, Pacific entrance, 337.
Amount collected. monthly. 466
Regulations 350, 511.
Applications and examination. 242. 250. 349. 403-8.
Appointments, 401, 475.
Uniforms. 362
Pilson, F. K., pardoned. 37.
Pinball, game. 222.
Pistol shoot. Police Division, 427.
Pittier, Henry, visit. 291.
Case reported on S. S. A yen 321
Precaution. 269. 361. 397. 446.
Plants for townaites. 200.
Plast.rmng, portable staging. 2430.
Playgrounds, permanent. 35, 312.
Plow:-. retirement. 41ij.
Plumbing work, 357.
Polar ship Fram. 106. 157.
Police and Fire Di..sicn. orgr-nia.tion. 315. 305.
Police and Pr.ions:
.As'istant Chie. appointment, 150.
Chief, acting. I71.
SLaiouas. 171. 179.
.3Sf aLao Governor 3 reports. monthly 45. 80,
125, 165. 21. 257, 303. 34?. 389. 449. 48s.
Pontoon bridge. L.ro.nsmg Canal. I1, 1I1, 141. 190. 213.
245. 289, .149, 379.
Port Captains!
Appointments. ;. 14. 281, 369.
Duties, 416.
Offices established, 349.
Postage due stamps, 209.
Postal insurance and c o. d. service. 249.
Postal savinmgs, monthly statements. 12. 130. 170. 192,.
240. 274, 322, 363. 410, 504.
Posts, Division:
Abolished. 438.
uInspector, acting. 31.
Offices. 295. 336. 361.
Organuatslion. 315. 365
See also Governor s reports, monthly. 45. 80.
123, 165, 217. 257. 303. 3142. 389. 449, 486.
Powder magazine explosions. 350. 460
Precipitation, monthly. 23, 63, I11. 150. 188. 210. 252.
279. 315. 370.42?., 462.
Price, Widliam J., appointment, 56, 74.
Pr.ioners. See Penitentiary.
Pnvate busmess durmg working hours, 150
Profanity, 346.
Promotions. 345. 356.
Accountable officers, 81. 131, 139, 159. 231. 278,
288, 295. 307. 315, 334-, 348. 358. 421, 430. 439.
454, 462, 410, 490. 506.
Accountmg, 181, 187, 263. 307. 368. 514.
Foremen's order., 482.
French, inventory, 6.
Memorandum receipts, 307.
Nonexpendable, 223. 307. 514-7.
Panama railroad, inventory. 307.
Registrar, 415.
Releases. 179, 462, 479.
Returns. receiving and auditing. 179.
Rights. private, 393.
Transfer requests. 288
Pumping equipment, awards. 97.
Pumping stations. 11. 134, 2o5.
Purchasing Agent, appointment. 51. 150,
Purchasing Dep'artment:
General Purchasing Officer. appointment. 289.


Purchasing Department:
Organizaton. 235, 305.

Bubonic plate precautions. 269, 361, 397, 446.
Ofctr. appointed, 298.
Regulatljans. 57-9. 418-21.
Station. Cristobal. 343, 429, 485.
Arcon. crusher statements, 10, 19, 34, 51, 78,
104. 10;. 114. 142, 162, 177, 184, 195, 229, 240,
?49. 256. 2nd. 274, 286, 318, 362, 386.
Porto Bello cl.):ed, 378.
bo.a H.il. ocnration suspended, 289.
\\c.rk trnnrir. 211.
Quartermaster's Department:
Accountable officers, 334.
Chief Quartermaster, Assistant, appointment, 39,
Depot Quartermaster, appointment, 51, 150.
District Quartermasters, transfer, 15, 187.
Purchasing Agent, appointment, 51, 150.
Abandonment. 'vest side Canal, 281.
Applications. l.t. 30i".
Assignments. Empare and Culebra, 225.
A.zsgnments. permanent force, 228.
Building b, employes, 465.
Dismantling. Empire and Culebra. 225.
List of apphlicarnt-. monthly, 31, 95, 120, 159, 204.
252, 280J. 336. 383, 442, 490.
Permanent. 33. 253, 309, 429, 512.
Release, 202. 462, 479.
Rentirig. silverr employes. 187, 225, 345, 438.
Reports. monthly, 10, 48, 90. 122, 168, 214, 259,
290. S3,. 423. 438, 504.
Retentionduring leave, 202, 369.
Rules gosernnrg, 369.
RADIO rc.atuOn. See Wireless.
Rail benaing des iic. 328.
Rail joint, portable cracks, 185.
Ra mn all.
Dr.y ecason 411.
Heac.%. record. 521.
Record. monthly. 23, 51, 63, 102, 138, 188, 231,
2;0. 13i. 3.S.454,462,507.
Re..-jor.. weekly. See each issue.
T.bl., monthly, three years, 23,63, 111, 150, 188,
211U. 252. 2;.;, 315, 370, 422, 462, 518.
Year 1911.. char.t.262.
S. at.JI V. weather reports, 23, 63. 111, 150, 188,
210. 252. 278, 315, 370, 422, 462, 518.
Ratings. duties to conform, 356.
Ratings and rat-. of pay, 103. 111, 139, 159, 179, 211,
250, .373. 35:.-. 370, 402-3.
Recor.di. prresrvnation,334.
Recretirun hall. Balboa, 105.
Red Cro-3s:
Ball. 14.
Christmas .seals, 142.
EleciNon of officers, 227.
Fmancial :.tau.ments, 48, 119, 159, 216, 260, 268.
31e. 363.. 412, 479.
Lecture,. 427. 477.
Reemplo inert applications, 356, 381.
Rcgistr-sr of property, 475.
Relatives. emplIo ment, 346.
Report. annual, material, 430.
Rcrdell. NM. C.. re;igniUion. 143.
Recervation establib ed. 33. ;5, 393,412, 523.
Reiponribilitie.s ol empluos,. 365.
Restaurant. Panama r.droad. 164.
Renaids for murderers. 135.
Rice .traw. contract 493.
Rio Grande dike. 1.9 205. 317.
Rock cruiher. Ancon quarr,. weekly statement, 10, 19,
34.51. S8. 101. 107. 114. 142. 162. 177. 184, 195,229.
240. 249. 256. 268. 2 I. 286 318. 362. 3'6.
Rock specimens for Smithsonian Inltitulton,. 153.
Rock storage pe,. 162. 318.
Rolling stock;
Accountabilty, 87.
Inventory, los.
Transfer and marking. 356.
Roundhouse locomot vc. Balboa. 189
Rowe. Dr. L. S.. resjinauion. J5.
Royal Mad Steam Packet Company. rates. 380.

SAILING directions. Canil. 523.6
Satior. U S. N stabbed. 21.
Salvainon Army. 118, 267. 511.
Consumption. comparison. 44b6.
Measurements. standard. 344 394. 430.
bliraflores service tran iened. 438.

Service discontinued and resumed, 256, 277, 337.
Sanitarium, Taboga Island. See Hotel Aspinwall, 91,
184, 205. 211, 263, 348, 423.
Sanitary Department, Chief Officer, acting, 75.
San Juan, health conditions, 5, 21.
Santo Tomas hospital, 333, 392.
Sault Ste. Marie Canal, lockages. 461.
Schiavoni, M. J., resignation, 158.
Schildhauer, Edward, resignation, 466.
Athletic league and meet, 327, 429.
Attendance, 89.191,328.
Commencement exercises, 437, 447.
Consolidation, 261.
Culebra, white, change, 227.
Fire drill, 101.
High, principal, appointment, 118.
Holidays, 111, 139.
Hours, change, 103.
Las Cascadas, changes, 175.
Opening, 27, 54, 191.
Organization, 315, 365.
Paper, The Zonian, 427.
Play, 411, 427.
Reception, 283, 291.
Report, annual, 477.
Superintendent, appointment, 87.
Teachers' meetings, 37, 191.
See also Governor's reports, monthly, 45, 80,
125. 165, 217, 257, 303, 342, 389, 449, 488.
Brass and copper, handling, 87.
Credits allowed, 179.
Recovery, 231, 355.
Sales, 11. 391, 504.
Seamen, American, hospital treatment, 366, 416.
Second Division:
Accountable officers, 131, 139.
Organization increase, 293.
Work assigned, 211.
Seawall construction, Cristobal, 115.
Seismic disturbance, 53, 73, 91, 114, 144-9, 233, 277,
Seismograph station, Gatun Lake, removed. 253.
Seniority, 345, 393.
Service records, 271, 393, 490.
Sessions, Arthur, resignation, 50.
Employes, 51, 231, 334, 470.
Instructions and loss claims, 439.
Sample, 6.
Designation, 6.
Erection, 92, 376.
Fire protection, 162.
Forging press, 192.
Foundry. 19.
General foreman. acting, 455.
Layout. 254-6.
Machines. numbering. 43.
Office budding. 282, 397, 473,
Time clock, 505.
Air compressors, 337.
Reopened, 97.
Transfer, 250, 273.
Expense, percentage, 6, 103.
Floating, rates for use, 179.
Forging press, 192.
Gatun, closed, 297.
Oil supply. 201.
Permanent, designation, 6.
Shipways. designation, 6.
See also Governor's reports, monthly, 45, 80,
125, 165, 217, 251. 303, 342, 389, 449, 488.
Steamahovels, standard, 51, 392.
Shriner,, visit, 2, 13.
Sibert, Lieut.-Col. Win. L.:
Appointment, China service, 426.
Resignation, 283, 291, 298.
Sightseeing barge, 189, 206.
Sightseeing service, 27, 93, 138, 171, 226, 236, 254,
274, 310, 379, 394.
Sixth Division:
Accountable officer, 131, 139.
Consolidation, 105.
Designated Dredging Division, 211.
Slides, Culebra Cut:
Dredging, 53, 65-6. 89. 105. 115, 121. 134. 141,
153, 161, 181. 189. 205. 254, 265. 323.
Sluicing, 77, 11S. 213. 222. 2354, 265. 321, 509.
West bank opposite Las Cascadas, 385.
Smallpox case, 114.
SmitLsoniai n I uInLIUtion, rock specimens. 153.
Spearhead inund, 458.


Concrete. See Concrete.
Cost statements. Part 2, Nos. 19, 36.
Construction, 375.
Gatun Lake, 41, 164. 173. 225.
Mtraln.rc LAl 18. 25. 121, 260, 281.
..e also Governor's report, monthly. 45, 80,
125, 165. 217, 257, 303, 342.389, 449, 488.
Spreaders, retirement. 470.
Stationery forms, standardization, 307, 367.
Alterations to prevent accidents in Canal, 382.
Canal service. 409.
Inspection, rules and regulations, 403-8, 490.
Measurement. 193-200, 475.
Passed through Canal, 493, 510. 521.
Rates. 87, 180, 228, 263, 327, 344, 362, 380, 415,
Si, lur c -'. .i h ijsue.
Tr.nnge .,:enri.:r .r,. 199, 416.
Tourist, 109, 226.
Transportation, employes, 228, 344.
Wireless apparatus, 487.
Culebra Cut, operations. 1-2, 17,25, 121, 157, 201,
289, 409.
Engineers and cranemen, extra. 139.
Rail joint for portable track, 185.
Records. See Excavation.
Sample for Brooklyn Navy Yard, 245.
Steel, structural, contract. 433.
Stone, standard measurements, 344. 394. 430.
Storage rates, Panama railroad, 213.
Accountable officer, 231, 295.
Mount Hope, removal of section, 493.
Strangers Club, 158, 434.
Street cleaning, Panama, 9
Street impr,..vemeni. 162, 229, 238, 266, 349.
Submarinre lothll:
Arrival, 157.
Dry docked in locks, 256, 273, 297, 317.
Storage batteries renewed, 190.
Subsistence Department:
Accountable officer, 295.
Fruit growing, 93, 213, 234, 321.
Hotels, and messes report, 98.
Subsistence Officer, appointment, 250, 288.
See also Governor's reports, monthly, 45, 80,
125, 165,217.,257. 303.342, 389,449,488.
Subsistence, employes on floating equipment, 490.
Suez Canal traffic, 293, 461.
Suicide, 78.
Receipt, weekly. See each issue.
Received, value, 341, 451.
Supply Department:
.\ccoiunahle officer. 334.
Chief Quirterra.,er appointment, 289.
Inspector, special, appointment, 421.
Orir.izhnon. 233, 235, 305, 335.
Iefi at.i C-oernor's reports, monthly, 45, 80, 125,
165, 217, 257, 303, 342, 389, 449, 488.
Supreme Court:
Decisions, volume, 321.
Dissolved, 445.
Labor, 6.
Material, sales, 250. 438.
Survey and Appraisal, board, 31, 119.
Survey requests, 6, 103, 223, 381.
Surveying Officer, appointment and duties, 344, 392,
Swamp reclamation, 190, 256, 273, 433.
Swim through Canal, 123.
Swimming in Canal, 150.

TABOGA Island, convalescents. 247.
See also Hotel Aspinwall, 91, 184, 205, 211, 263,
348, 423.
Tehuantepec route, vessels diverted, 337.
Duct lines. 100, 153, 192, 245, 318, 337, 385, 401,
Installation, 315, 455.

Animal trap, 124.
Terminl layout, 255.
Townbitc. 276.
Cassron. lock entrance. l o-7.
Chlrinqu rllic..d roULe 234.
Commns.try A\ncon. 15..
Corn rlee mr Irig IlJnt. u.iLible. .320
Cul,'rr railroad. L urnuJj Rier .'2
Dike. G.mb.~. ha..
E rtnquIok re. 144, 14;


Repairs, 278.
Telephone and S&.nal Derrtment consolidation, 31.
Telfer, William, wll lur probjte. 335. 34:.
Temperature, monthly, 23, 63, 111, 150, 188. 210. 252,
279 .115. 3i0. 422 402.
Ten 3 eari r-f C( inl uork, resume, 373-8.
Tennis tournaments, 191, 207, 216, 247, 267. 283, 291,
363, 427.
Tenth Infantry:
Greene, Col. Henry A r.lnred. '91.
Guarding locks. 337, 465.
Panama patrol, 106.
Strength increase, 105.
Terminal Construction Division:
Accountable Officer, 334, 430, 462.
Office Dock 13 vacated. 445.
Orgfiariaiio)n 306.
Terrnnation ol service papers, 51, 242, 358, 442, 462,
Thanksgiving. President's proclamation, 101.
Tide tables. See each issue.
Ties, railroad, 85, 150.
Tile blocks, maunfacture, 117.
Timber, Chilibre River, 77.
Time books, 223, 454, 491.
Time clocks, shops, 505.
Time \ouchers. 75. 526.
Timekeeper. Chief, mail address, 470.
Consolidation, 211, 462.
Inspector, appointment, 63.
Time tablesPanama railroad, 1, 3, 7, 22, 39, 42, 43,
62, 131, 183, 250, 433, 435, 455, 493, 495.
Tipping prohibited, 229.
Tivoli Club, annual meeting, 2, 13.
Tivoli hotel, improvements, 2, 133.
Amount collected, monthly, 466.
Exemption. repe-i. 470.
Payment rr. iul on. 350.
Tonnage certificates, 416.
Tools, linemen and wiremen,'purchase, 273.
Tours of the Canal, 3.
Towage, payment regulations. 350.
Towboat, gasoline, award, 92, 265.
Towboat, sale, 33.
Towing locomotives, locks, 213, 265, 317, 375.
Balboa, plan, 153. 276-7.
La Boca, 155. 209.
Tracings, mailing. 31.
Trackspan bridges, climbing, 430.
Track shifters, retirement, 470.
Trails, clearing proposals, 314.
Tramways, Panama, 41, 92, 184, 457, 474.
Transfer slips, 15, 111, 506.
Transfers, 345, 356, 470.
Transformer substations, 100, 190, 213, 362, 473.
Transmission line, electric, 33, 174, 268. 309, 439, 473.
See also Governor's reports, monthly, 45, 80, 125,
165,217, 257.303, 342. 389,449.488.
Conditions, permanent force, 228.
Forms, Panama railroad, 171, 430, 442.
Labor gangs, 231.
Transportation Division, organization, 306.
Trap, animal and mosquito, 124, 239.
Traveling engineer, duties, 381.
Traveling expenses, 480.
Treasury committee, visit, 282.
Trees for permanent townsite, 200, 413.
Tug Reliance, voyage around South America, 225.
Tug service. Balboa. 385.
Tugboats, steel, 325, 378, 451.
Typhoid fever from native oysters, 266.

UNION Oil Company:
Fuel oil from Mexico, 181.
Tank steamers, new, 181.
United Fruit Company:
Building, new, 113.
Mail service, 98.
Sailings, change, 268.
Steamship rates. 87, 180, 263, 327, 362, 380, 458.
University Club, 79.
Unloader records, 34, 78.

Fllratronr il.n. MNirtflorr.= 29.
Garnag.r ,.,n. -lkloinf 422.
Hidruele,.tri sttjon. Lattn. 352-4.
Jnt t trap,, 23`3 .
Lake, Miraflores, 55.
LocI ernr .nce .:.ion, 136-7.
Los S'ri... Pro rn.ce 147
Panamnl., llhn u?- 144.
PinbJll. gijme 2,2.
R.ail ..:rning crevice. 328.
R.KI Joint. 185.

V aATION. See Leave.
Vacct.nation, 428
Vacuum cleaning machines. 189.
Velasquez River, squatters, removal, 458.
Vera Cruz-
Health Department employes transferred, 387.
Marine Corps transferred. 205. 317.
V\'cels. See Steamships
Vourheri ui.xendture, approval. 393.

WAGE scal.-S. 103. 111. 139. 159. 179, 211. 250, 323,
35;-8. 3;0. 402-3.
Wa'ge Frank P.. re-ignation. 79.
\ arrtn. H. P. resignation, 123.
V ar=h.p. P.ruritn. first through Canal. 521.
\\ .ahingion c.ice organization. 285,305.
W.Vhout. Panama ranroad. 522.
aste. cotton. standard. 439-42.
Watch u secuon contract, 474.
Watchman service. Panama railroad. 266.
Exposition grounds. 425.
Fdltraron plants. 106, 260. 265.
Gatun Lake for Colon and Cristobal, 141, 377.
HydrrinU. award, 155.
M ain Colon. extension. I.
MNlirlores Lake for Pacific end. 29. 89, 174, 377.
389. 426
Pipe. cast iron, 174. 476.
Pumprne equipment, award. 97.
Pumpirg stit.onr. 11. 134. 265.
Regiilteri. 54. 355.
RuleF and regulations. 14, 355.
Service, tranicr. 43S.
\i aters.eds. depopul: i .n. .".
Weather obher. .or,. 485.
\e.'thrlr report monthly. 23. 63. III. 150. 188, 210.
232, 27T 315. 3;0. 422. 4o?. 518.
Weidman. Ch-rrles E.. reiglnaliOn. 426.
Whaling sh.p % LSit. 465.
B.lbt. tLrrnmnal5. 154, 254-6. 290. 376, 493.
Cargo handjlrg,. 337.
Col. lemporar,. Crnstubal, :57.
Constru,:t,oi.. r,-iumr, 3;6.
LiiLdUbi l Lrminal. 98. 1-.. 164. 251. 293. 36,457,

DE-iEn and uonstrucrion rules. 111. 417.
Fire protection. 162. 209.
L.p lil'ig Cri-tot al. 164.
PnEg brick contract, 493.
SLcel. structural. contra.L. 433, 495.
See alas Goernor E reports, monthly, 45. 80.
.12. 165. ;. 257. 303. 342. 389. 449. 488.
\ -dma Ni MIor L. deLdct. 442.
Wills for pirobaIt. 336. 347.
\ ueles:
Aplpa.raus on steamship. 4;.
Commercial service. 37.
Nets enrice, 500.
Resernatior. 369. 412. 523.
Shipping notice. 509.
St.atonu. erection. 97. 285. 3;7. 409. 412. 478.
See .lsa Governor' reports, monthly, 45, 80.
125 165. 217, 251. 303, 342. 389, 449. 488.
Wiremen. tools, pu.rcha.e. 2;3.
\\ un. C. B.. acquited of assault charge. 291.
\omern, employs ment. 356.
\\o od ound Ielow sealevel, 253.
Vc.rk. prnt ae. by employee. 202. 211. 344.
WV.rk reciuctls, .b. 95. 355. 3i0. 381. 416. 506
\reck. Panama radiroad. 109. 114, 142.
Wrecking crane. Lbarges. 2;8.
Wrecking ecquimenL. ta.uignments. 326.

Balboa. 105.
Colored. Culebra. 35.
Culebra. sarniersary and closing, 387.
,ee olis each i-.ue.

ZINN, A. S.. reignation, 215.
Zook, Elhanaan obituary. 226

Chinqui. 2.14.
Culert. Curundl Riser. 269.
Station, Panama. 340.
RairJdl. '202.
Red Cro:s sedl. 142.
Steamship measurement. 193-5.
Termmals. Balboa, byouL, 255.
Townaile. Balboa. 2;6.
1 raps. animal and mosquito, 124. 239.



Volume VII.


The Canal Record
Published weekly under the aut.horty and superision of
the sthmtin Canal Commission.

The Canal Rcord is fulished free of charge. one copy
each to all employes of the Commiartin and Panama
Railroad Company whoie names are on thre old poll.
Extra copies and back numbers tan he obtained from the
new stands of the Panama Railroad Company, Jor five
cents each.

Address all Communicarlons,
Ancon, Canal Zone,
lsthmus of Panama.
No communication, either for publication or requesting
information ul receive attention unless signed with the
f.ll name and address of the writer.

Dredge "No. 82" Passes Through Gatun Lake.
Suction dredge No. 82 left its mooring at
the edge of the lake, near the landing for
small boats at Gatun at 6.20 o'clock, Tuesday
morning, August 26, and was towed by the
steam launch Balboa to a point in the Canal
channel north of the Gamboa dike, where it
will be set at work within the next few davy
removing mud and gravel brought down and
deposited there by the Chagres River. The
dredge has been tied up at Gatun for several
months waiting for the lake to rise to a height
so that it could pass through it and begin the
work of dredging. The 24-mile trip was made
without incident, the dredge arriving at its
destination at 3.20 p. m. It is the first large
vessel that has passed through the lake
Moving Employes' Effects in Panama and Colon.
A ruling has been adopted by the Quarter-
master's Department to the effect that when
an employee moves from Ancon or Crisrobal
to private quarters in the cities of Panama and
Colon, team service may be provided, but
where an employee moves from one house to
another in those cities, the request for team
service will be denied. The employee may,
however, have the service on written agree-
ment to pay the cost.

Water at South End of Miraflores Locks.
The waters of the Rio Grande diversion
were turned into the Canal prism between
Miraflores Locks and the dike across the
Canal, 5,000 feet south of the locks proper,
on the afternoon of August 23, in preparation
for the removal of the dike, which will open
a channel from the locks to the Pacific The
diversion was dammed at a point almost
opposite the dike, at mile post 42.50, byh
means of a light fill of rock and earth, and
the water was turned into the prism through
a shallow trench. The prism is filling rather
slowly, and it is probable that the Rio Grande
supply will be augmented by letting in water

from the sea The tripod drills on the side
of the dike toward the locks continue at work
and it i, proposed to shatter the dike by sub-
merged blasts on September 1. The lower
level of the locks is protected against flooding
by the lower guard gates, which were closed
on August 20, and b; closing the Stoney gate
valves at the loner end- of the cultert in the
side and center walls. .bout 25,000 feet of
railway track were removed from this section
of the completed channel, in anticipation of
its inundation.
Nera Record in Pulling Cable.
The cable gang at Gatun Locks. under Mr.
G. A. Balling, supervisor ol electrical installa-
tion, consisting of Foreman William-. F. \'.
Hallin, P R. Kiger, N. Owen-. N. Gilbert.
0. \. Steeds and silver helpers, retablished a
new local record in cable pulling for an 8-hour
day on Thursday. August 21. by pulling
9,828 feet of 8-conductor, No. 10 lead-cosered
cable, and 12.300 feet of 5-conductor No. 10
lead-covered cable, a total of 22,128 leet.
A total of 9.200 feet o: cable was pulled dur-
ing the first three hours. It rained tle entire
day and on this account, the conditions
under which the work wa' carried on were
unfavorable. The best local record fo. any
one month is held at Gatun Locks, when 113,
002 feet of cable were pulled
New P. R. R. Time Table.
A new passenger train time table will go
into effect on the Panama railroad at 2.30
a. m., on Tuesday, September 2. The new
schedule provides for a through main line
service from Colon to Panama, via the Gold
Hill cut-off, three trains each say daily ex-
cept Sunday, with changes in the arriving
and leaving time. The train leaving Panama
at 1.30 p. m. daily, except Sunday, has been
withdrawn. Train service for the villages on
the west bank of the Canal between Bas
Obispo and Culebra, inclusive, is provided,
with five train, each nay daily except Sun-
day, including a train out of Panama each
week day at 9 p. m. For particulars re-
garding the new changes, attention is in-
vited to the regular tables which app-ar on
Page 3 of this issue.
Visit of New Zealand Cruiser.
The New Zealand battle cruiser New,
Zealand, Captain Lionel Halsey, R. N., is
scheduled to arrive in Panama Ba, about
August 29. for a stay of six days. The vessel
is of 18,000 tons, and is at present on detached
duty. A reception will be given the captain
and officers of the cruiser b', the Briti-h and
American residents. at the Hotel Tiv.'li on
Wednesday, Septembei 3, at ) p.m.
0 -
The existing 6-inch water main on E street,
Colon, will be extended south for a distance
of several hundred ieet to supply uater to a
new private laundry and cold storage plant.
and other demands in that part of the city.
at an estimated cost of $1,100.

No. 1.


Sreamshovel Work In Cur Proper to ,..e Scs-
tember 15-Water To be Admilred (. i.,ber 5.
All steam ,hovel operations 1iI (C 1 I -,. Cut
proper will be disc. ntiiii':.l n i:;,J %irp-
tember I5. an i between that date it. 'J O-. I cr
5, when water will be admitted, all equilpn ,I
antd their r material to be re'.'-erer, I: luding
ocer 36 mile-: .f track mu-t be out .' rhe 9-
mile channel between Gambox dike and
Pedro Miguel Locks. At rhc prn ent time,
about 30 shovels are at work in the Cut,
all on bottom excavation, with the exception
of two on each side of the canal on the high-
er levels engaged- in "lightening the load" as
a preventive measure against future slides.
The shovels formerly at work on Cucaracha
slide have been withdrawn, and the mate-
rial remaining in the slide will be removed by
dredging. All the bottom material remain-
ing after September 15 will be drilled and
blasted, preparatory to its removal by
dredge5. All electric aire-s crowing theCanal
from Tower R, north. have been taken down,
On August Ist. 99b.900cubicyardsremained
to be removed from inside of the theoretical
Canal prism It is c-rimated that steam-
shovel operations between that date and Sep-
tember 15 ill reduce that amount toapprox-
mately 650,000 cubic yards, which will be
taken out by dredges. This is exclusive of all
slide excavation, and does not include re-
mo\ a1 of an\ of the inclines.
It in the intention to retain 10 of the
best conditioned shovel. in service, using
them in the work of removing material from
the east and we't banks, near Culebra. to les-
sen the danger from lides About six of these
machines will be employed on the east bank,
and four on the west bank. probably until
May, 1914 and an organization sufficient to
man and look after the shovels is now under
con-ideration Two of the shovels picked
out for this work were wrecked beyond the
point where it would pay to repair them, in a
slide on the east bank, opposite Culebra
village, on Sundas night. August 17. Empire
will very likely bie retained as headquarters
for steamseovel supplie- as long as rail com-
mntnicarion across the Cut is maintained
When communication is interrupted. the plan
is to establish a repair outfit and small
storehouse in the vicinity -I the 'Cotton
tree" dump engine house on the east bank.
with a similar outfit on the west bank The
removal to the Empire -.u.pension bridge will
probably not be undertaken until the first of
next y-ar.
Water will be admitted to Culebra Cut,
under the above schedule on Tuesday, Oc-
tober 5, five day- in advance of thedate set for
the destruction of Gamboa dike. The means
employed will consi-t of four 26-inch pipes
extending underneath the dike, now used
In pumping the drainage water out of the
Canal. The equipment in the pump station
will be removed prior to October 5. and the


1'ol. VII, No I.

eoacrete building in which it is housed will
bedynamited. It is estimated that it would
take 17 days to fill the Canal to the level
of the dike by this method, and the water
that will be admitted in the 5-day period is
mainly intended to act as a cushion ag-in-r
the Gamboa dike, which will be dynamited on
October 10. A batter, of drill, is now en-
gaged in sinking holes in the dike to the
depth of about 30 feet. The blast 1- nut
expected to be pprctacular. a: it will probably%
only loosen the material, and po-sibly cause
a small opening through which water from
the lake will find its nay, gradually increa-
sing in size until a considerable -tream flows
into the Cut.
Gamboa dike wa- built in 1908 to
protect Culebra Cut from inundation from
freshets in the Chagre' River During the
flood of December 1906, th.: river roe- to-
81.6 feet at Gambos but thi- was before the
dike was built, and before the B.i- Obisp-
section of Culebra Cut had been completed.
During the flood of November, 1909, the
water rose to a height of 72 6 feet, and came
so close to the top of the dike. which was- then
at 71 feet above sealevel, that sluice gates
were opened to fill the Cut with water to the
level of the river to a.oid heat, washing ir.
case a break occurred. Since that year, the
safety of the dike has never been menaced by
freshets. When Gatun Lake rose to over 50
feet in the latter part of 1912, the dike was
widened to an average of 50 feet by dumping
clay on the side toward the Cut, and raised
to an elevation of 7S.2 feet above sealevel.
When the water in Gatun Lake reached 59.1
feet on August 23, it was still 19.1 feet below
the highest pan of the dike, although that
section over which trains have been run, is
much lower.
The rise of the lake has backed up the
water in theCamacho Diversion as far as Bas
Obispo. The diversion parallels the Canal for
several hundred yards from the point where it
enters the Chagres River. A small amount
of water has been seeping into the Cut
through rhe barrier between the diversion
and the Canal, and to avoid any possibility
of its giving way, a row of piling, spaced on
2-foot centers, is being driven along the
levee. In addition, several irairnoads of
earth will be dumped on the west side of
the embankment.
A few days ago a hand made dike, designed
to prevent the water, which drains from the
Culebra dump into a lagoon near the Lirio
mill, from passing into the Canal, broke
through, and gave rise to several rumors.
No damage was caused, and the break was
speedily repaired.

Improvements at Hotel Tivoll.
Several desirable changes are to be made at
the Hotel Tivoli. including the extension of
the driveway and entrance, an addition to the
number of bathrooms, an increase in laundry
facilities, and the remodeling of the kitchen.
Thecircle in front of thehotel will be extended
to take in the bandstand, and the driveway
will pass behind this, about wheft the carriage
stand is now. The porte cochere is to be length-
ened to permit four carriages to enter under
Its cover at one time. The entrance stairway
will be widened and given an easier slope
outward. At the foot, the stairway will be
divided to form two approaches to the ve-
randa, which will be joined by a broad plat-
form at the top. Under the new arrange-

meant there will be sufficient space at the en-
trance for two carriages to approach, and
turn away again without interfering \ith each
Eight bathrooms will be added in the two
wings which were opened last year. Fancy
tile floors till be laid in the barber shop,
bithro.,ms, and toilets.
The remodeling ol the kirchen \ill make it
one third larger than at prc.ent. The ranges
will be swung around to the wall that extends
along the shaker which will give more con-
venient space lor them, as xell as the dish
washing stands and bain .arne, a container for
keeping the food hot. There will be three
pantries, instead of two; the bake.-y prod-
ucts will be served Irom one; cold meats,
salads, and lunch dishes from the second:
ani tea, coffee, and other hot drinks from the
third. The -zr-.ic- tables will be increa-td
in number, anti be ilj.aid in parIllel rov.,
dcrro- the kitchen, wiith sulffici:nt sp.t:r b.:-
tiwe~n each to permit the waitcri to [Ipa with-
out crowding.
Dining quarters I',r tht: ttomen emplo-es'of
the hotel are to be built in the ba-e.mcnt. The
cement flooring in this comp.i rment is being
Concrete Work in Locks and Spillnays.
.Concrete work in the Canal locks is nearly
completed, the aggregate amount in place
at the close of work on August 23, being
4,477,796 cubic yard .
A statement of the concrete laid in the
three sets of locks for the Canal, and in
Gatun and Nliraflores spillways, as of August
23, follow -:
GA'rU LaOCs..
The I t concrete iur the l:r l-- rorper. a dilsingu'u rc-
I'rrom tha r, : :es:ir.:' i3. rn riintr ng ,or b,' Lhe Fir.it
Dilior. oc i mI ,t'd 3lnv Fi- lac,:l orn A.,gut 16 15,13.
At ihe cli orf : or on riatk div the l-tal Li.aounl oa
concrete placi-d b, tre Atland Dil0,ion amounied1 to
2.i.45.445 cubic: yard.
C.e create I i'
Conynte aid
Cubic Sadj.
Aug I.... .................... ... 83.
A ug 18.. .................. .. ...... 53
Aug. 19 ....... .... ... ....... 38
Aug. 20 ........ .......... ........... 21
Aug. 21 ...... ... .... .. ... .. 22
Aug. 2 . ............... ........... 41
Aug 23. ....... . ........ 4
Total .......... ................. .... 11
Previously reported.................. '22.952
Grand lto.l .......... ........ 923.263
Aug. IS..... ....................... 117
Aug 1. .................. .. I.
Aug 20 ...... ... ......... ...... 129
Aug 21. ...... .... s0
Aug. ....... .. ... .............. 106
Aug 23.......... .. ............ 96
Total ... . .. .... 635
Pre.ioual reported ...... .. . 1.50 .413
Grand total...... .... ....... .. 1.5r09 0
Aug 18 .. ..... ................ o
Aug. 19...... .... .. .. ...... 11
Aug 20..... ......................... I o
Aug 21 ................ ........... ... 120
Aug. 22 .............................. 56
Aug 23...... ........................... 100
Total.... ....... ........ .. ........ 628
Previously reported... .... .232 572
Grand total.......... ...... 233.200
Aug. 18 ................... . 126
Aug 19 ...... .... ............. ... 34
Aug 20 ............. .......... . .. 44
Aug 21 ....... .. ... 90
A ug 22........ ........ ....... ...... 76
Aug. 23 .... ..... .... ... ... .. .. 56
Total .............. ...... ....... .... 4 6
Previously reported.... .. ...... 74.990
Grand total.......... ............. 75.446
Includes hydroelectric taton.

Program for visit of Shriners.
The United Fruit Company's steamship
Turrialba is due to arrive on Thursday, Au-
gust 28. bringing members of the Ancient
ArabicOrder, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, who
are making a pilgrimage to the Istnmus under
the auspices of O-sman Temple of St. Paul.
Minn., to view the Canal and to conduct the
ceremony of initiation in one of the locks at
Miraflorei. The boat ,will dock at pier 16,
Cristobal, and upon disembarking, the Shri-
ners will form into a parade and march along
Roosevelt avenue to Colon, thence up Front
and Seventh streets to the Panama Govern-
ment building, thence on Bolivar street to
the Hotel \WahinEtori The steamer Cartago,
with the rema.ind. r of the pjrty on board, is
dire to arri\v at ClIloi n n Saturday, August
30. The Tir,.,'l..a will bring hM J. Harry
Le is,, the imlperial potentate of the order,
the Ot=min Temple band, and the patrol, to-
gether ,nith the paraphernalia incident to the
initiation ceremony.
The following program has been arranged:
Thursday, A4ugust 28-Embarkation and
parade from steamer Tuirrilllha to Hotel Wash-
ington. Remainder of day to be devoted to
indi% idual sightseeing in Colon and Cristobal.
Friday, Aitgusf 209-Sightseeing trip to
Gatun Lock-, dam, and spillway. Train
hlave Hotel Washington at S a.m.; returning,
leases Gatun at 0.51). Round trip tickets, 70
cents. The afternoon \ill be spent in Colon.
Saturday, A.gust 30--Local and visiting
Shrin.rs will meet steamer Cartago at dock
to welcomee incoming members, and a special
train will leaIe dock No. 16, on the arrival
of the boat, for Panama. In the evening a
reception and ball will be given in honor of the
visiting Noble,, ladies and invited guests at
the Hoelr Tivoli.
S.runday. .-ugust 31-A special sightseeing
train will leave the Panama station, going
o0er the Pacific and Central divisions of the-
Canal, including Culebra Cut. Tickets $3.
J p. m-Parade from Hotel Tivoli up Central
avenue, Panama, and return. 8.30 p. m-
Band concert at the Tivoli by the Osman
Temple band.
Monday, September I .Labor Dayi-Train
leaves Tivoli spur, back of hotel at 6 a. m.,
for Miraflores Locks. Ceremonial at 7 a. m.,
sharp, followed by installation of bronze
tablet in the locks. 2 3 p. in.-Special train
will leave Panama station for Colon, going
through without stop. 0 p mr.-Traditional
banquet at the Hotel Washington. Admis-
sion by 1913 green card only. 9 p. m-Re-
ception to visiting and local Shrine ladies by
ladies of the Eastern Star in the south wing
of the Hotel \Washington.
Tuesday, September 2-\ visitors will depart
for Bocas del Toro, here they will spend a
few hours on their return trip.
Prize Contest for Boys and Girls.
The Cristobal Union Church announces a
contest for boys and girls 15 years old, and
under. For the best answer containing not
less than 100 and not more than 150 words
to the question, "What is your favorite book
and why?" a suitable prize will be given.
The essays must be in before September 1.
Address "Prize Contest", Box 420, Cristobal,
Canal Zone.
The annual meeting of the Tivoli Club will
be held at the Hotel Tivoli on Sunday morn-
ing, August 31. at 10 o'clock.


August 27, 1913.







day Sunday only Diili except S-inday. Dily. ae ,Daily except Sunday Sunday only.
only. Ilm
ii_ 29 5 3 I Colon.
i l 29 27 25 I3 21 7 5 3 ,Colon. 4 6 20 22 24 26

P.M. P.M. P 1 I PM A M A P A. A.. A.M A.M. I P.M P.M .M A P.M. P.M. P M.
7 35 10 45 I 7 10 50 10 50 6 4, 00 O0 40 6 00 3 0O Lv. tColon AIr.' 0 8 40 I 12 404 6 50 I 40 12 45 4 5 8 15
S40 s1 530 7 l 15 2 55 il0 55 '56 50 34 05 slo 45 s6 05 3 15 .tMoun Hope I 5;.' 5 .; 1 2.35 6 45 a8 .15 512 40 s 40 S 10
S. so 15 3 20' .tMin 4 40 .
s7.50 : 00 2 1i2 l00 il I0 I 56.20 3 2 i,. Nea. Gatun 94 &A 26 ;1 26 56 .16 ,4 26 s1? 31 s4 31 aS 01
s7 55 Sill f5 i ; aO ,3 10 sIl 10 'i7 0 ; 1 ; i 10 57 56 32 .3 30 .tC-atun 6 9 8 32' a12 27 i 32 'A8 22 1sl? 27 s4 27 s7 57
sS 08 sl18 15 43: i3 2'3 ll 13 'i7 I. 4 30 ill 10 so45 3 5 .. tMor~e Ltno I14 46 .i OS 2 l 8 o I, 18 0 a 12 13 s4.13 s7 43
s8 21 11 31 s7.56 z1 36 1ll.30o 7.31 44 41 sil 21 656 5 4 05 ..TFrioleis 0 2 is57 56 sl .6 6 06 s? 6 1 01 E4 01 31
8.30 11 40 s8 06 3 46 ill 46 .7 l4 v4 51 tl I 7 4 15 I: ..TCamaltO f2' 13 46 11.46 5S 56 |7 i 11 51 53 51 57 1
IS 41 111 51 1 I1 S 13.58 ill1.58 1 53 |5 111 111.41 f.16 4 35 TTower "R" 30 85 ,; 34 ,11.51 1i4.44 1 34 fli 30 f3 39 17.09
.M I P. M.
58.51 i12 01 |s 25 s4 03 s2 0 i.03 35 11 l 5 s7 26 4 ..New lebra.. 35 1 26 ill 26 5 36 6 ill 31 3 31 i7.01

s9.03 ;12 13 i8.40 Ia 20 1l' ?0 'i? 13 i5 .;l? 05 37? 38 5 00 tPedroNligurlJc 40 23 Is: s i ll 1 -7 15 ,1I.?0 s3 20 56 50
89 08 12. 8 45 4 25 13 35 2 0 5 21 12 10 7 43 5 15 Mirarlores 41. i7 10 A11 10 -i IS 7 10 11 15 3 15 6 45
sQ 16, 12 6 3.53 4 33 12 it 3 S5 5 35 12 I; 50 5 25 .tCurozti . .. 4424 s i 03 s 5 03 11.08 3 08 6. 8
S ... . . DLablo. 44 u .
9 25 12 3 9 00 4 40 1 40 6 35 5 45 2 25 8 00 5 40 Arr. Panm. L. 4 06 6 5 10 55 5 0 6 55 11.00 3.00 6 0
P.M. A.M. P.M. PM P.M. A.M. P.M% P.M. A M A.M. A NI A IM. P.M. A.M. A.M. P.M. P.M.
71 29 27 25 23 i 21 7 5 3 I ITelegnph station. a 2 4 6 I 20 22 24 26
SStop. i Flag straion. I



Sat. Sunday only.
3-i 59 57 55 53 1 51
P .h P. %M. P. M P. M. A. M .A NI
II 011.00 6 00 2 30 30 i 30 6 3
II 1 051 5 35 2 .10 353 6 35
11.10I1.10 6 10 ? 4010 401 6 4
11.15 11.15 6.15 45 10 45. o 45
11.28 11.28 6 26 2 51 10 5i 6 58
11 30 11.30 6 30 3 00 11 00 7 001
11.35 II 35 6 3 05 11.0' o 05
11.4 11 42 6 42 3 1211.12l 7 1
11.44 11.44 6 44 1.141 1 141 7 14
11 50 11.'0 6 50 3.20011 201 7 ?3
P. NI P. hiM. P. MI P. M. h M A. NI
73 59 57 55 53 51

Da.ly except Sunday. Daily ex-ept Sundiy Sunday only. dra
J | only.
49 47 1 45 L 43 L41 40 42 44 i8 52 54 56 8
P M.'P. MN.'P. A. I IA. A .. .P. .;P. M P I P. NI A. P. KI A.
6 I|) 3 40 1.3010.30 6 30'Leave. Bas Obi.so Arrive 8 012 4n, 3.32i 6 P. 9 50 1 1 9 00 I 0 5 0510 5 1 10
6 !51 4 35 .510 6.35 .. tLa:Ci7cada. . ... e 112 361 3 166 ul 9 40 1.06 8 5I 01 5 010 46 1 06
n 20' 3 501 410 0 6 40 tEmp4re. I 8 81112 30)' 3 11I 3 5 5 9 0 I 00 8 50'2.55 4 55 0 40, I 00
6 25 3 55 1 451) 45 15 .. tCulebra I .. I 0511 25 3 05 5 50 9 35 12.35 8 4512 50 4 5010 35: 1? 55
o 3 4 08 I 5 10 .5' 6.58 tParasou Jct. 7 5i 12 ? 3; 0.22 2 42 ; 3212 3? 4 3710 22 1.42
6 40 1 2 0 1110 7 00 ...... tPearu Miguel Jt. 50112 00 2 50' 5 35 9 2 12 40' 8 301 35 4 3510 20,12 40
o 45 4 15 2 05111 O 7 05 liraflores .. 4511 551 2 45 5 30 9 15112 35 8 25112 3 4 3010 15'112 35
6 52 4 2' 2 13 1 1 1 7 12 tCorozal ... .. .. .. .31lll.481 2.381 5.23 9 08 12.28 8 1&12 23 4 23'10.08112.2
6 54 4..4 2 14 1 14 7 1 .... Diablo . 3611 46' 2 361 5 21 9 00 12 26 .16'12.21' 4 2110.0 12 26
.00, 4 0 ? 2 01 2( 7 2n Arrise Panama Leave. 7.301 40 2 30 5 5 9 0 12.20 8 01 11 4 1510 0012 20
P. M. P M P. hl.IA. M M.. M.A IM. P hP. P. M. A M.A. M4. M.IP. MI. P. lMA. M.
49 47 45 43 41 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 156 58 72



Effective Tuesday, September 2, 1913, daily, except Sundays, shuttle trains will be operated between Colon and Gatun on following
schedule, making stops as shown:


135 133 131 129 127 125 123 121 120 122 124 126 128 130 132 I 1

P. h. P. hI IP. M.,P. M. P. M. i A. 1. IA. M. A. I.
5 50 4 50 2 50 1 50 12 50 9 45 8.45 7 40
5.52 4.52 2 53 1.52 12 52 9.4 8.47 7 42
5.54 4 54 2.54 1 54 12.54 9 49 8 49 7 44
5.56 4.56 2.56 1 56 12 56 9 51 8 51 7.46
5.58 4 58 2 58 I 5b 12 58 543 53 7.46
6 02 5 02 3.02 2 02 I 02 3 5; 8.57 7 52
608 5 08 3 08 2.08 I 06 10 03 9 03 7 58
6.12 5 1 3 12 2 12 1 I 12 n1 07 9.07 8.02
6.15 5 15 3 15 2 15' 1.15 10.10 9.10 8 05
P. 1I. P. M. P.MN. P.M P M. A M. IA M.
135 I133 131 129 127 125 123 121

Leave. Arrive.
S.......... Third Street. Colon
..........Fdith Street. Colon .
... .... Pa;'enger Station. Colon . ..
Commnisary. Cristobal
...........Shopi. Crirtobal
.. ....... Mount Hope......
. nd l . . .. . ......
....... .. New Ga un .. .....
... .......G atun........ .. . .. .



A. N. A. M. A. NI.
8 35 9 40 10 40
6.33 9 3; 10 37
8 31 9 .35 10 35
8 20 9 33 10.33
b.2o 0 1l 10 31
8 22 0 27 10 27
S 16 9 21 10.21
8.13 IS 10 18
.10 9 15 10 15
A.. A. A. M.
120 1 122 124

P. M. P P. P. M. IP. M. IP. M
I.45 2 45 3.45 5 45 6.45
1.42 2 42 I 3.42 5 42 6 42
I 40 2 40 I 40 5 40 6 40
I 38 2 38 3.38 5 3 6 38
S36 2 3J 3 3 5 36 6.3a
32 2 32 3.32 5 32 6 31
1.26 2.20 3.26 5.26 6 26
S23 2.23 3.23 5 23 6.23
.20 2 20 2 3 0 5 20 6 20
P. hM. P. NI. P. NI. 'P. M. P. M.
126 _2128_ __30 132_ 4

Fatal Accident.
Frank D. Gartrell, a conductor in the em-
ploy of the Fifth Division, was fatally in-
jured early Friday morning, August 22,
while riding on a flat car loaded with railroad
cross-ties. At the time of the accident, he
was endeavoring to prevent a violent coupling
with other cars, also loaded with ties, by means
of the hand brake. The cars came together
with sufficient force to shift the loads, and he
was caught between them, sustaining in-

juries from which he died on the way to
Ancon Hospital. He was 24 years of age,
unmarried, and is survivedd by a sister, Mr7.
V H. Smith, living at Memphis, Tenn.

Tours of the Canal.
Mr. H. R. Gregory, president of the travel
service bureau of St. Louis, announces that
the following five parties will visit the Canal
on the dates mentioned: October 18, Louis-
ville Chamber of Commerce; October 18,

National Grain Dealers' Association; Oc-
tober 25, Mississippi Valley Medical As-
sociation; November 8, National Laundry-
men's Association; November 12, Nashville
Board of Trade.

StrangersClub activities during the month
of September include an informal dance on
the second and fourth Thursdays; special
dinners each Sunday and Thursday, with
music at the Thursday dinner.


al.3 01
11l 57
s12 43

f12 09

112 01
A. M.
ill 0O




Vol. VII, No. 1.


Additional Awards.
The following additional awards were an-
nounced by the Joint Land Commission at a
public session held on Monday, August 18:
Award No. 19-In the matter of the clainls of Fran-
eisco V. de la Espriella. and Josi H. Stilson, to the
property designated as "-MirafJores"-To Francisco V.
de la Espriella. for his interest in the lands of "Mira-
flores" located within the Canal Zone, together with
any improvements which may be claimed by the same,
$17.500. To Jos H.-i Stilsoir, for his interest in the lands
of "Miraflores" located within the Canal Zone, not
heretofore acquired by the United States, together
with any improvements, which may be claimed by the
same, $7,500. Total. $25,000.
Award No. 2O--n the matter of the claim of Serafin
Achurra. for improvements on lands of Talenquera,
Obiso,. and Gamboa-To Serafin Achurra, for the
settlement of all rights, claims, or other interests in all
growing crops, fruit trees and buildings, and all other
improvements of every kind, and all other rights and
claims in lands designated as Talenquera, Obispo, and
Gamboa on the property map of the Canal Zone,
Award No. 21-In the matter of certain claims for
houses in the town of Gorgona-In an opinion of the
Joint Land Commission, dated July 25, 1913, on the
demurrer of Counsel of the United States to the juris-
diction of the Commission, in the matter of the claim
of Juan Sotillo, the Commission reached the decision
that it had jurisdiction to consider the claims of persons
who were the owners of the houses in Gorgona, for
whose value they now claim, prior to the issue of leases
for such property by the Isthmian Canal Commission,
or are the heirs of such persons, and to make awards
against tihe United States in favor of said claimants.
The evidence before toe Commissionl shows that the
persons hereinafter named were either the owners of
the properties hereinafter referred to, before they ac-
cepted any leases from the Isthmian Canal Commission,
or are the heirs of such persons. In no case did the
person, -, 'n irer named make any claim to the
ownershl i -', I .nd. To the owners of buildings, for
the sett ..ot of a;l rights claims, or other interests
which they nay have in ute same, together with any
other imiprov e ments on the lots with houses designated
by their ta: numb rs, as follows: Antonio Andrade,
tax No. 72_, ,'""; tax No. 7s8, $6;500; total, $6,900;
E. Cadet, tax ,. 749, $1,701: tax No. 762, $630; tax
No. 831, $420; total, $2,90t); (This award is subject to
such equities, if any, as may be possessed by third
parties, and it is ordered that the amount of this award
be deposited in the Circuit Court of the Second Ju-
dicial Circuit at Empire for distribution in accordance
with the terms of this award;) W. H. Carrington,
administrator of the estate of George Andrade, de-
ceased, tax No. 747, $540; tax No. 751, $1,500; tax
No. 752, $1,800; total, $3,840; Lillian Cookhorn,
administratrix of the estate of Horatio Cookhorn, de-
ceased, tax No. 842, $200; Ferdinand Fanfan, tax
No. 829, $130; Pastora Gordon, tax No. 789, $85;
tax No. 790, $80; total, $165; Charles Laurent, tax
No. 784, $250; Modesta Leon, tax No. 803, $200;
Guadaloupe Lopez, tax No. 815, $75; Alejandro Ramos,
tax No. 755, $1,100 (This award is subject to such
equities, if any, as may be possessed by third parties,
and it is ordered that the amount of this award be de-
posited in the Circuit Court of the Second Judicial
Circuit at Empire for distribution in accordance with
the terms of this award.) Grand total, $15,810.
Award No. 22-In the matter of rain claims for
houses in the town oa Gorgona-In an opinion of the
Joint Land Commission, dated July 25, 1913, on the
demurrer of Counsel of the United States to the juris-
diction of the Commission in the matter of Juan Sotillo,
the Commission reached the conclusion that it had
jurisdiction to consider the claims of persons who were
the owners of the houses in Gorgona, for whose value
they now claim, prior to the issue of leases for such
property by the Isthmian Canal Commissiom or are
the heirs of such persons, and to make awards against
the United States in favor of said claimants. The
evidence before the Commission shows that the persons
hereinafter named were either the owners of the proper-
ties hereinafter referred to. before they accepted any
leases from the Isthmian Canal Commission, or are
the heirs of such persons. In the cases of the persons
hereinafter named, claim was also made for the owner-
ship of the land. The evidence submitted to the Com-
mission does not sustain this contention, and in making
awards to the persons hereinafter named for their
buildings in the town of Gorgona. it is to be understood
that the Commission dismisses, without award, the
claims presented by them for ownership in the lands.
To the owners of buildings, for the settlement of all
rights, claims, or other interests, which they may have
in the same, together with any other improvements lo-

cated on the lots with houses designated by their tax
numbers, as follows: J.,ajurna U. de Lasso de Ia Vega
tax No. 744, $950; Benna Tern. tax No. 18;. $1.050.
Total, $2,000.

In the matter of sundry claims on the lands oj Mata-
chin-The Disbursing Officer of the Canal Zone has
certified to the Commission that payments have been
made in 1913 to the pere:mon herein named, for their
houses and olier ,mprioement. oni the lands of Mata-
chin, covering claims which have been before the Com-
mission for consideration. The record of these claims,
showing name, together with the tax number of houses
included in such claim, and the record of the Disbursing
Officer showing the voucher number of each payment,
its amount, and the month of the year 1913 in which
the same was paid is, as follows:


Anglin, Joseph........
Bi3 -k. J.I .:ip h
Bru r.. Em .nul-
Burnett sA mi ..l
C.mpbiell. Ml aron.

Collins. J.hn J,:.hj nna i..
C u.im.ni, Ci.iritophrer
Constantine, Hypolite..
Daley, Wm...........
Davidson, Joseph......
Davis, Aaron........
Dellpratt, Thomas.....
Diaz. Jos8 Maria......
Dougherty. Sulomon
DouJgla.. EmlIs ....
Dunian. Eliza
Green, GC>ree ........
Hwkirs Z c.nariah....
H14cth, \Will.ord Samuel.
Henry, Daniel.........
Henry, Samuel........
Hinds, Isaac and Rebec-
Hunter, Francis....
Hutchinson, James E-
manuel ............
J.k Lorn. Alexander....
J.irmetun, Edgar Jere-
miaih (J amieson. -.fl a r

House Mo. Vou.
No. paid. No.
546 June 2 0;2
103 July 25.5 7
58, J hl,' ,_,i95
584 jul,' 25,834
557 July 25,847
97 July 25,843
65 July 25,416
631 June 25,357
63 July 25,605
1,722 June 25,296
574 June 25.14_
550 Jull 25h,!54
1,688 July 25,607
563 July 25,418
1,759 June 25.295
1,704 July 25.s94
1,715 June 52.5,1
575 June 25.349
632 July 25.842
59 June '2.2i 2
582 June .`5,35
86 July 25,598
52 June 25,351
633 July 25,608
69 July 25,417

J.)......... ........ 1,686 July 25,599 110
Kennedy, James....... 72 Jul 25,590 100
King, Benjamin....... 36 July 25,604 110
Lansicut, Augusta..... 74 July 2.,606 100
Lewin, John........... 62 June 25.069 125
Louis, Arcas....... 1,556 July 25,591 65
Lynch, Martha........ 1,712 June 25,286 110
Id.aette. Benjamin 1,553 July 25,593 70
.liCaritii John 1,711
1,716 July 25,845 275
McKenzie, Thomas.... 156
157 July 25,848 115
McPherson, Frederick.. 552 July 25.50 40
Mills, John B......... 1,62 June '5.3ri) 250
Monte, Josepha....... 1,755 June ;5,356 110
Mullen, Mary......... 466
469 July 25,846 275
Muschette, Phillis..... 2041 July 25,361 135
Pennant, Maria........ 1,761 July 25,600 50
Robinson. Mary...... 462 June 25,353 50
Rowe, James.......... 87
104 June ?5 2'-0 425
Samuls. Tacob....... 1,745 July 2i iu 80o
6nm t. lari.r. ...... 10 June 2 ,3'.1 45
Stok.:i. Edward. ...... 577 July 25,835 65
Torrue, Josh......... 1,752 July 25,602 125
Tull, Conrad........ 44
1,552 July 25.592 100
Valentin. Elia 629 June 25,362 50
Walicer, A.lrort t 53
55 July 25,603 150
'.. :.nr Da idl 1,719 July 25,836 125
.A 1. rmt. .j,. %. r.I.r, 576 June 24,968 50
'.iiarn.. Ju., ... 84 July 25,589 170
\ mliut. 'til.j . 603 1
635 July 25.844 175
In view of the payments noted, the foregoing claims
call for no further action by this Commission, and they
are accordingly dismissed.
SAMUEL LEWIS, L. S. ROWE, Commissioners.

In the matter of sundrv claims on the lands of Mata-
chin-The Disbursing Officer of the Canal Zone has
certified to the Commission that vouchers have been
prepared and are ready for payment in the name of the
persons hereinafter named for the purchase of their
houses and other improvements on the lands of Mata-
chin, covering claims which have been before the Com-
mission for consideration. Although these claims have
not as yet been paid, the persons concerned have signed
a written agreement rilelin m i.i,:ri. ilv-: to a.:,.ept the
sums mentioned in ,..m.nt ir i Li.. r'r-,r tEr. n qlure.
tion. The record of these claims, showing name, to-
gether with the tax number of the houses included in the

sa;d claims, the register number of 'he account, and the
amount agreed upon 1i. as folloirs*
Hoaue Ree. .mt
NAME. I No. NJ Am '

Raerret. Aaron A F.rm
onl 2s| 165 tIS
Bethune. Henry. .. .. 61 26.234 90
Burger. Those. and Thea
d',siah ...... 409
i29 28.350 125
B.field Charle, .. I 72 27.381 200
Campbell. David . 75 28 313 75
Chamber.. Jeremiah 68 28.162 40
Chambers.. W\'ain R. and 445
Evelinar I.Tni 2q 547 220
Douglas. Codrngton 460 28.310 Not
Half given
Douglas. Codrmng.tn . 416 28.310 Not
Dur,.:klev. 5 I;a 14 28 312 169
Ewers MNargeret .. Farm 28.549 15
Hanson, Robert.. . S2
85 26.462 110
Kn.ght. Henry B 5i q
550 2f3.46 175
l.a.rencr. Richard.... 16 28.316 60
Lr.wrow. Leon 81 28.3?0 55
Pnkin. Stephen ... 9 28.317 Not
Rankir Edward 578 28.315 Not
Thomas. \%illul.m 40 Not 100
Ilali given
I \'in Pedr . 1.747 Not 350
WjI\'n, lMargeret 45
.5;7 2 24) 125
In itLe o0 t e agreement ria lore noted. the foregoing
claims call ior no furlthrr actur. by t hu Commission.
and ihey are 3ccordingI. d,.isrii;',l
SAMUEL I-E'.wei. .. RorE tCommr:w;oners.

The tuo tanks which formerly supplied
the Gurgona shops nith fuel o;l will be re-
erecred on Soza Hill, near Balboa.

Rainfall. August I to August 23. 1913. Inclusive.


Iras In.
Pacific Sectton-
Ancon . 2 61 11 6.58
Balboa 2 06 17 5.58
Mir.lrorer .. I 04 10 3.88
Pedro Mlicul I 10 10 4 81
RIo Gran.e I 2 12 6.80
Central %s1Lton-
Culebra ... .. 2 17 23 8.28
C mas.ho.. ... 2.13 23 8.84
Em e .. . I 86 6 9.26
G(amboi ...... 3 31 1; 13.06
Jusn lna .. 1.94 23 8.73
.MAiuela ... . 1.47 8 8.81
*El V.gi . 1 37 6 8 03
Frniole .... .6 6 11.98
*Monte Liro 2.00 6 6.32
Al.-intle .(*json--
Gatn .. ... 3.04 10 9.90
Br3zos Brook . . . .
Ltolon .. .29 1i0 12 .
tPorro Bello 6 06 10 R1.78
'StLndjrd rain gage. read.ng at 5 p m. daily,
autom-ai, rFun gage at un-Larred sLtion.--values
m:dniharn to midnigns.
tTo p m Augusi 22.

Stages of the Chagres.
Mixiamum height of Chagres Raier for the week
ending midnight. Saturday. A.uiist 23 1913 All
heights are in iet above mean seailvel.

g i
DA^ ANT) Data. I | a,
",oa. E ,.'"

Sun., August 17 ...... 129 3 04 l 5. 8 57.7
Mon August 18....... 1.0.6 95.2 59 1 5..9
Tue,.. August 19..... 12I 1 94 8 55.2 t5 I
Wed.. AugusLt 2...... 12; 4 93 6 58.3 58 3
Thurs.. August 21 .. !7 5 9i 6 5S 6 58 6
Fri.. August 22..... 12;., 3 7 A Q 58 9
S.t.. August 23. 1'8 6 4 4 59 2 50.1
Height of low water to
nearest loot ..... .. 125 0 91.0 44 0
*lui.:e garei .n spillw-.s ol Ga.un Dam were closed
on June 27 1913. uuh lake at elet aion 48.25.

Augut 27, 1913.


Appointment of Richard Lee Metralfe Member of
the Isrhmian Canal Commission.
Richard Lee Metcalfe is hereby appointed a
member of the Isthmian Canal Commission
at the rate of Fourteen Thousand Dollars.
($14,000,1 per annum, effective this date
Commissioner Metcalfe will be allowed the
use of a furnished duelling house on the Isth-
mus of Panama and %ill be allowed and paid
his actual and necessary expense. while away
from the Isthmus on official business.
A ugiis 9, 1013.
[No. 1812.1

Providing for the Protection of Birds and their
Nests in the Canal Zone.
By virtue of the authority vested in me, I
hereby establish the following Executive Or-
der for the Canal Zone.
Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any
person to hunt, trap, capture, wilfully disturb,
or kill any bird of an\ kind whatever, or to
take the eggs of any bird, except in the form
and manner permitted by the regulations pro-
vided for by this Order.
Section 2. The Isthm'an Canal Commis-
sion. or the Governor of the Panama Canal
after the reorganization is established, is here-
by empowered and directed to enact suitable
regulations, from time to time, for the protec-
tion of birds and their nests, and prescribing
the form and manner in which birds may be
hunted, and those that shall not be molsted
Section 3. A violation of any of the regu-
lations established under this Order shall be
punished by a fine of not more than one hun-
dred (100) dollars or by imprisonment for not
more than thirty days for each offense.
Section 4. This Order shall take effect
thirty days after its publication in Tee CANAL
March 19, 1913
(Pubciishe i The Canal Rcd of A g-nl 9. 01913)

Pursuant to Section 2 of the above Execu-
tive Order. the following regulations for the
protection of birds and their nests in the Canal
Zone are enacted by the Isthmian Canal Com-
Section 1. Birdsi' nests and eggs shall not
be taken nor wilfully destroyed or disturbed.
Section 2. No bird shall be held or -old,
nor shall any bird be snared, trapped,or cap-
tured by any device, except native, or foreign
live cage birds known as parrots, parrakeets,
macaws, skylarks, and canaries.
Section 3. Excepting the hereinafter named
game bird., and excepting birds of pre, in
pursuit of theirquarry, no bird shall be hunted
or killed, shot at or wilfully disturbed.
Section 4. During the periods specified,
but at no other times, the following named
game birds may be hunted and killed, but
only by a person holding a license to hunt in
the Canal Zone:
From and including June I, to and including
October 15 of every year:
The various species of native wild
ducks, pigeons and doves, and the native
game birds belonging to the families of
birds known as quail, currasows and
From and including October 15, to and indud-
ing January 31 of every year:


'a) The migratory ducks known as
blue-wvinged teel, broad-bill, mallard, pin-
tail, and shoveler.
ib) The migratory shore-birds known
as \'ilson's or jack-snipe and those
known as yellow-legs.
Section 5. The taking of all birds, their
nests and egg, for purely scientific purposes
may be authorized b*, the Chairman of the
Isthmian Canal Commission. or by the Cover-
nor of the Panama Canal, pro ided that any
person desiring such authoriy shall first sub-
mit in writing satisfactory evidence of his ur
her object which -hall be endorsed by some
knouvn ornithologist or the head of a scientific
institution of good standing
Section 0 Possession of a bird, or any part
thereof plumage, ne-t, or egg shall be prima
facie evidence of the violation of these regula-
tions upon the part of the person having it in
Chairman and Chief Engineer
CULEBRA, C. Z., .A ugiis 2Z, 1913.

Changes at Pedro Miguel
The Commission hotel at Pedro Migue-l will
be dismantled within th.. next few days, and
% ill nut be rebuilt. Arrnamemen. have been
made by he .Sub'is.tence Department to con-
\c.-t a part of the building containing the
European laborer.' mess into a dining room
for trhe gold employers, the two sections to be
entirely independent. The cnommis.ari.
formerly, at Gorgona, %ill be reerected ar
Pedro Nlieuel on a site, on the east side of the
track, near the pre-ent railroad station, at a
point where a flower bid existed until a few
days aco. Other chances in the scttlemenr.
con-ist of the dismantling and reere:tion on
higher ground of bachelor quart,:rs Nos. 100,
101, lIl4, and 10(5. using the material to con-
.truct eight smaller buildings; the removal of
cottages Nos. 91 to 99, inclusive, to sites
electedd by the landscape architect: raising
houses Nos. 85 to 89, inclusive, under which
concrete piers will be placed; removal of the
building in the rear of the hotel, formerly
used by the waiters, to Balboa, and the re-
moval of house No. U106. occupied b-, the
commissary help, also to Balboa. The police
station, formerlyat Gorgona. has been reerec-
ted at Pedro Miguel, and the material frcm
the Gorona clubhouse is on the ione ground.

Suggested Method for Shipping Employes' House-
hold Goods.
If emplu\es of the Canal Commission, the
Panama railroad, and ol the contractors en-
gaged in Canal work, eill check their per-
sonal effects and household goods a' baggage,
properly boxed, the shipments will be unload-
ed as soon as the ship docks at Ne" York, and
can then be passed by the customs inspector,
and forwarded the same da, to an out-of-town
destination. In this way, the delae in New
York incident to waiting for freight to be
discharged from ship will be obviateded. and thr
shipper will be saved the expense incurred
by entry through the office of a customs

Dr. C. A. Hcarnc. quarantine officer at
Colon and Cristobal, has Deen detailed to
visit the native village of San Juan on the
Pequeni River, and inquire into the unusual
mortality, which is reported to have taken
place among the inhabitants at that point.

Mixing Plant No. I at Gatun. Largest in Canal
Work, Being Dismantled.
The di-mantling of the large concrete
mixing plant on the west side of Gatun Locks,
known as plant No. 1. or the permanent mix-
ing plant, was becun on Saturday. August 16.
Three of the eight 64-cubic fout Chicago cube
mixers have been lifted out to date, and the
superstructure and electric track- for ern ing
material to the mixers and carrying concrete
to the cablewav. have been rcm,,vcl The
Atlantic Division completed on August 15
the work of decking the lowar approach and
wing walls, allotted to. it from the First
Division. and its remaining work in the locks
comprises a feiv parapets and the control
house The three last charges mixed at
plant No. I aere placed in a manhole of the
permanent duct line from the hydroelectric
station. at the spillwa,, to the lock,. on the
morning of Augu t 16. That afternoon, the
di-mantling began. The first concrete de-
livered from this plant was on August 24,
1909, f,:r the floor of the upper lock- the plant
his this been in senrice almr.- four years.
During that time, it has mixed uoer 1,600,000
cubic yards ol concrete. A description of the
plant. si th it- eic, rric -enricer from the
Ltock pilesand to thecableea, -, ea3 published
in THE CA.NAL RKElcRD of September 1. 1909.
Theauxiliar, plant. of two 2-cubic yard mix-
ers, situated east of the upper approa.ih to the
locks, sa- closed on March 11, 1912, after
operation since ecermber 31. 1909, and
dismantled shortlyy afterward. The third
large plant, erected to supply\ concrete fur the
-pillhay of Gatun Dam. and equipped aith
two 2-yard mixers, remains in ,rnice. Con
create work for the pillulwa. '.jr '9,.5.3 per cent
completed on August I; the placing of con-
crete in the walls of the hydroelectric station
has just begun. The Atlantic Ditision is now
operating tao >-yard portable mixers at the
locks, for paving slope on the east dam, and
constructing the control house
The estimate of concrete to be placed in the
lock- by the Atlantic Di\ i-iorn wa_- 2,043.730
cubic sards. The amount actually placed.
as shown by monthly, place measurement- up
to June 1. 1913 and b,, bucket mca-Suremcnt
since that date, is approximately 2.045.000
cubic .ard- The difference bet-reen the
amount estimated and the amount placed
is thus about .mnt: hundredth of one per cent
in the masonry estimate for the large-t con-
crete -tructure ever built
The following record, from THE CANAL
REcRoD, and other official report fgie the
best daily, monthly, and G early output-iriom
the lock plants at Gatun"
Dno ,if'.-nd F/i'.,li i,,r.
Cubi. ,jrde 4.+4o, 6 Jel 911.13o7

Missing Men.
Arn one having information regarding the
whereabou,- ,if Mr. Gibson B. Smith. fermer-
ly in the Tenth Linited States Infantry, is re-
quested to communicate with the American
Legation Panama.
AnN one having information regarding the
whereabouts of Mr. Lawrence Madden, who
is believed to be nn the Isthmus,. is requested
to communicate with Mr. Jo'eph F. Merrirt,
858 Junction avenue, Detroit. Mich.

LosT-At Basi Obipo. or GCrrfonl shot-. g sold signet
ring set with a moonltone. A. J Metller" engraved
on inside. Rewarda. uf returned to Mr. Robeit Richard-
son. House 81. Room 8. Cristobal.


Vol. VII, No. I.


Steamship Accommodations for Gold Employes
Least ng the Sen ice In October.
CUiL.aRA C. Z.. August 27, 1913.
It is jnti'ipated that, in view of the reduction in
force, beginning on or about October 10, there will be
an exceptionally heavy demand for accommodations on
Panama railroad steamers sailing shortly after that
date. In order to meet this situation, it is desired,
so far as possible, all accommodations on the steamer
Colon, sailing October 12; Ancon, sailing on or about
October 13; Advance, sailing October 18. and Panama,
sailing October 23, be reserved exclusively for employes
leaving the service.
Applications for leave of absence with requests for
transportation on any of the above sailings will not
be approved unless good and sufficient reasons therefore
are submitted, and employes are urgently requested to
make their arrangements accordingly.
Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission.
President. Panama Railroad Company.

Rules Governing Sales of Material.
CULEBRA, C. Z., August 23, 1913.
1. Effective September 1. 1913, Circular No. 399-A
is cancelled, and the following rules will govern sales
of material.
2. Sales of material, supplies, and elui;oment in-
cluding fabricated articles, rock, sand, aud gra.el and
excluding only sales of medical and surgical supplies,
and sales of school books and supplies, which latter
may continue to be sold by the Chief Sanitary Officer,
and the Superintendent of Schools, as now authorized,
will be made by the Chief Quartermaster, as follows:
a. Material and supplies that can be spared may
be sold to officers and employes of the Isthmian
Canal Commission and the Panama Railroad Com-
pany, and other departments of the United States
Government, for their personal use, and to clubs,
societies, and other organizations of such em-
b. Material and supplies that can be spared may
be sold to the Canal Zone Government, Panama
Railroad Company, Commission clubhouses, and
to other departments of the United States Govern-
ment, also to steamship companies and their agents
for use on ships.
c. Material and supplies that can be spared and
are not obtainable in the local markets, may be
sold to individuals and companies, except that if
the amount of sale in any case exceeds $250, prior
authority from the Chairman must first be ob-
a. Sales of regular stock material and supplies,
fabricated articles, rock, sand, and gravel. Request
for purchase should be made through the Chief
Quartermaster, Culebra, who will deliver the
material through the nearest storehouse from
which the material can be supplied, at price book
prices, plus the usual surcharge, except in such
cases as may be otherwise provided for by con-
b. Sales of second-hand lumber, second-hand roof-
ing, and other miscellaneous second-hand material.
Request for purchase should be made through
the Chief Quartermaster, who will deliver the
material at the point where it is available, at prices
set by the Board of Appraisal.
c. Sales of surplus and obsolete material that has
been turned into the storehausefor obsolete material at
Mount Hope Requests for purchase of this class
of material should be made direct upon the Depot
Quartermaster at Mount Hope, who will be given
blanket authority to make sales of such material,
at prices set by the Board of Appraisal, a detailed
report of such sales to be made monthly to the
Chief Quartermaster.
a. Sales of all surplus and obsolete equipment
turned in by the various departments and divisions
will be handled exclusively by the Chief Quarter-
b. The Quartermaster's Department will act as
sales agent for the Panama Railroad Company
in the sale or disposition of any surplus or obsolete
equipment retired by that company.
c. All inquiries from prospective purchasers of
equipment should be referred to the Chief Quarter-
a. The value of all second-hand material, obso.
lete or surplus material, and of all equipment
offered for sale, shall be appraised by the Board of
Appraisal, appointed by the Chairman, which shall
meet weekly. The Board of Appraisal shall fix

the selling pri:e for such material. supphes. and
equipment After such prr:ei are approved by the
Chairman. cales may b? made by the Chief Quar-
ltrm-iiti without additional authority, at the
prices thus fixed, to an amount in any one case of
b. All requests for appraisal oi m3teral supplies.
and equipment will he forwarded to tre Board of
Appraisal through the Chief Quartermaster, who
will submit all data available with the request.
c. The Chief Quartermaster will furnish all
necessary clerical work for the proper keeping of
the records of the board, and will keep the files of
all papers in connection therewith.
6. Terms of Sale-All sales shall be made on a cash
basis unless otherwise pe.:,.ii.alls' authorized by the
Chairman, except the following:
a. Sales to other departments of the United
States Government, the Canal Zone Government,
the Panama railroad, the Commission clubhouses,
and the Republic of Panama.
b. Sales to contractors with the Isthmian Canal
Commission or Panama Railroad Company, and to
steamship companies, and others, in cases where
such individuals or companies secure payment for
the material, supplies and equipment, by making
a deposit of cash or satisfactory certified check,
or by giving a bond in form, with sureties satis-
factory to the Examiner of Accounts of the Com-
mission, in an amount to be fixed by the Chief
Quartermaster to cover the line of credit which it
is deemed advisable to grant, and conditioned upon
the payment for such material, supplies and equip-
ment within thirty days from the close of the
month within which delivery of the material, sup-
plies, or equipment is made.
c. Sales to contractors with the Isthmian Canal
Commission and the Panama Railroad Company,
and to steamship companies, in cases where the
Isthmian Canal Commission or the Panama rail-
road is indebted to such contractors or companies
for material ut rnamne or services rendered by them
to the Commission or the railroad company, in an
amount equal to or in excess of the value of any
material, supplies, or equipment sold.
a. On second-hand, surplus, and obsolete ma-
terial and equipment, shipment over the Panama
railroad will be made at the expense of the pur-
chaser, unless otherwise provided for in the terms
of sale.
b. The purchaser will, however, be granted the
freight rates fixed by the tariff for Isthmian Canal
Commission business, effective January 1, 1907,
and supplements thereto, namely, $2.25 a ton of
2,000 pounds, minimum carload weight 20,000
pounds, and minimum charge of 20 cents, $50 for
each movement' dead weight in train, for special
equipment such as steamshovels, locomotives,
cranes, and pile drivers, and $5 for each empty
car. If the general local tariff rates are lower than
the rates specified above such rates will apply.
a. Material, supplies, and equipment sold for
use within the Republic of Panama and the Canal
Zone, shall be subject to payment of customs duty
by the purchaser to the Republic of Panama.
b. Dell.'r :,,' ol u .:11 ni.eru al. suppl-.i;. and equip-
ment "ill not be madJe lt the purcraier unti he
shall have presented to the depot quartermaster
at Mount Hope, or to the district quartermaster
at Ancon, two copies of bill covering sale, on which
are endorsed certificates signed by the Treasurer
of the Republic of Panama or his authorized repre-
sentative in Panama or Colon, that customs duties
on such material, supplies, and equipment have
been paid, or have been remitted.
c. This provision shall not apply, however, to
sales made:
1. To individuals and companies who have
been granted blanket authority by the Re-
public of Panama to make purchases without
payment of customs duties.
2. To the Panama Railroad Company, the
CanalZone Government, other departments of
the United States Government, or contractors
with the Commission or fhe Panama Railroad
Company when articles purchased are for use
in connection with their contracts.
3. To steamship companies and other indi-
viduals and companies when the articles pur-
chased are for use solely outside of the terri-
torial limits of the Canal Zone and the Re-
public of Panama.
4. To churches and charitable organiza-
5. To officers and employes of the Isthmian
Canal Commnision and the Panama Radroad
Company, officers and enlisted men of the
United Stateg Army. Navy. and MSarine Corps.
or orfcers and employes of other departments

of the United States Government. where the
articles are purchased for personal use.
6. To clus. societies. or other organize.
tions of such officers, employes. and enlisted
men in the Government service.
Chairman, I thmian Canal Commisrion.
Prestdenrr Panama Railroad Company.

Physical Inventory of French Property.
CULE.~ERA, C. Z., August 20, 1913.
Er.ilctive a;u- 31). t191 an inventory will be taken
by all a.:counible oi-.er.e of 31l Fren.h property, ma-
teljl. and equlpm-en stored.J or in use in the various
deprtmerni an3d d,.ionrs. Great care muit be taken
to see that trh inventory is properly compiled and full
Iniorm.,Lion muLs be shown. so that every article listed
thereon can be: readily identified. Thil is to be anactual
phvaical inventory. and no. to be taken from the prop-
eny recor-s
Wnen minentornes are completed they should be
tranamited direct to the Exrminer ol Accounts.
Chairman ans Chief Engineer.

Surcharges on Labor.
CuLEBsa C. Z.. July 31. 1913.
ClI.cLRn. R No 169O.:
Effective AJgaitt I. 191 the following surcharges on
labor. without ma:hinery. ior iupervisaon and use of
tools,. vaII be jpphled.
PAN \Ms ir.AiLitUO COVIPrNv.
On idier libor ....... ..... .Ten per cent.
On golj aIoor ...... r. enty.-fve per cent.
On sglte lajhor . ..... Fifteen per cent.
On gas.l la'or ............. .Forty per cent.
All previous circulars irlating to sure harges'on labor
are modrie.d rscordingly.
Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Permanent Shops at Balboa.
CuLEsaA. C. Z.. August 26, 1913.
CIRlctLAP No 40':
The perrmnent ihops st Balbo- will hereafter be
Lrnovn aind dc. inat.-d .1 the Balbo.a sh'ps."
Th-l snops operated bh, the Su ih Di, sion and here-
tolore know n as tre Balboal hoo.s will hereafler be
knuan and dc,,gnate:d a, trIc "Shlipway6 shops."
Chairmanr and Chaie Engineer.

ShoainL Location of Equipment on Survey
CoLEBRA. C. Z.. August 26. 1913.
CIRCU'La. No 33-1iu
Account ale ofi.ers preentning rolLing sto.k and
other e4iipm.nt for survey are required to show on
survey requests. location oi sucr equipment. so that
the suareving officer can readily locale and pass on
same. and such equipment will not be removed from
location ,ho'-n on rureE requests until after survey
has been made a3d approved by this otffce, unless the
surveying otff.:er shall nare been notified of the re-
mom ai. Gsa. W. GorTHALS.

Shop Espense Percentages.
CULEBRA, C. Z., August 22. 1913.
In iccordarLe Win the provisions of Circular No.
169.E. the following ihop expense percentage for each
shop is hereby fi.cd. effective September I. 1913, and
uill be 3pplied. until further orders. to the distributed
labor lsed in all shop worn. in accordance uith the pro.
visaons of Cirlular N... 261-A. viz

DiviYicN OR -HOP. perc
Mecnsnical Div ison...........
Dry dock chop. ..................
Balboa shop .....................
Porto Bello.......................
Toro Point. . ................
Circular letter from this office dated
1913. is revoked

March 29.

Chairman and Chiel Engineer.

Sample Shipments.
CULEBRA. C. Z.. August 22, 1913.
Several cases have recently been brought to the al-
teauion of this office in which samples of material to be
used for testing and other purposes in connection with
Commission work have been ordered by employee

August 27, 1913.


under personal consignment, which results in annoyance
to both the employee and this office m ad lusiing trIns-
portation charges.
In the future, when a s'-mple shipment is desired
for official purposes, the same must be obtained through
the Quartermaster'a Department.
Geo. W. GOEiaALS,
Appointment of Port Captain at Crlsrobal.
CULEBRA. C. Z., August 20. 1913
CIRCULAR No. 410-c:
Mr. R. W. Bergin, receiving and forwarding agent.
Colon, is hereby appointed captain of the port of CrLs-
tobal, effective September 15. 1913. vice Mlr. J. St. C.

Removal of Track over Dike at Gatun Locks.
GATUN. C Z. August 27. 1913
To All Co., irn,--The track across the dil at3 the
ncrth end of Gatun Locks will be broken at 1 a m..
on September 2. by the removal oi the steel truss
bridge over which this tracli pisas.
V\\t. L. SIBERT.
DizIeson Eneinxe,

New Account in Classified Expenditures.
EMPIRE. C. Z., August 1t 1913.
The following new account in clais.fied expenditures
ol ?.2 !shmuan Canal Commission is hereby authorized
in the Department of Con-trertion and Enginenrmng-
To this account will be charged all eoDnr'es
incurred iii -:nnection w;th the con.trurtion of
permanent to n Er;Les in the Canal Zone. iclud-
ing srlarte? in-i wagea. material and ,uD lhes.
and other in.:J mental extenses in connection there-
H. A. N. S'.rirn.
Approved: E.ramner LIo Aceounts.
GEO. W. GOLTriaL .

Ice and Cold Storage Dellverles.
CRisroBAL. C. Z.. August 20, 191 .
CracutlR N-. 415-A:
ToAllC.jnernend-CirculIr N.) 15'. published m THE
CANAL RECOF.D of August 13. 1; amended. a; folloAs5.
effective today.
Deliveries will be made as soecified but only to
those employes on the gold roll ho are entitled to
makeapplication for Comm.s.ion and Panama rail-
road quarters. JoHN B'RKaE.
Approved: Alanager.
Acling Subst'-n.' Ofice.

Efleclive Date of New Panama Railroad Time-
COLON R. P.. August 23. 1913.
All Concerned-Circular No 162. dated Augu't 16.
1913. iu regard to abandoning Gorcona and M3ltcnhin
sltatons and orinring of new time L'ble. should rea.]
that the new time card will be put into elect on Tue,-
day. September 2. 1913, instead oi Monday. SrDtember
2. 1913. JOHrI D. PAT-rERsoN.
General Sup.ernlestdent

Panama Railroad Parlor Car Service.
COLON. R. P.. August 19, 1913.
CncuL.AR No. 172:
All Conierned-Circular No. 138. dated July 18. in
regard to parlor car service on Panama railroad trains
is hereby cancelled. Effective August 17, parlor car
service will be mamntined on the rellar schedule, as
indicated im pocket timetable No. 14.
Jone D. PATrsaSON.
General Supeinlendemit

Change in Colon Local Freight Agency.
COLON. R. P. August 16. 1913.
CiecuLAr No. 161i
All Concerned-Effective September 15. 1913 the
Colon local freight agency will be segregated from the
Colon freight department, and Mr. J. C. Warren is
appointed local freight agent, effective on that data.
reporting to the freight and passenger agent.
General Suparinsderm s.


Activities of the Young Men's Chrisrlan Associa-
Nearly 100 entries hise been received for the athletic
and aluatli meet to be hl-d at Corozal on Labor Day.
September I. The athletic events ill begin at 9 a. m.
and the aquatic events at ? p m There \ill be a special
train to take the spectators to the point at which the
aquatic evenLa ae to be held. Muil.: willbe provided
by the bands from the Marine Corps and Tenth In
-rntry. The work on the ahtl tiec f-ld has been com.
pleted. and 3pec.al arrangement are being made for
the handling of the crowds that ar'e -xp-cte'
The -shedule for mro\ tng pacturea for the eek. Sep-
tember 1 to 6 i., as follow N* Mondsy. Culcblr, Tues-
di\, Crir..b3l, a \ednediay. Gatun: Thursida. Coaro-
zcl: Frdid.y. Empire and Porto Bello.
The Culebra bike.tball team defecred the Cor,?al
leam b, -, :core of I to 16 on Saturda','. AJugust 23
The gcme rd as .lloely conteit'dr from start to finish
The staniin, tn tha handi'cp tenpin tiournain,:nt ij
as folloaa- Alb.-rt. tr.t: \ik rd. second; Walker.
tiich I,'lTei o i th bo\itn for the- week jrr. a6 follcaws
Tr, spni--Bordt. 205. 04, Start 201. 200r \1 llr.
201 21 t \\WriAton. 204. Di,~A~uiA -Barke 10)h.
BSall 10S.
The flnersl :ernicea o the Lite Frank Dewit GCar-
trell were held at St Luke's Ch-pel. Arnr.n under the
au'pvi:ce of toe C--rjaal V'' C A on SundJay jiter-
noon. Auugu-r 24 Mr Gartrell wa- an enthu:.;.'tii
sauo orte:r cif the V M C. A and ex -peeisl1 inser-t,:d
in the chci-:i an.d ..hecLer clubs number of the
prominent i:he'- and che.:ker plj'-ers haje drain up j
"-t ci ro--i!utiu n hin m-rianr.-n.
In ad.liiion to rli athlciic and auaiiu- rn-e in be
held at Cor.i3'l on Labor Day ther- u ill be an in-.'-
lation b'.i rl;n ti3'jrn'inmrnt ijnder the management .:
the Coro-lrI M. C. A in which :11 V. M. C. A
boilers arc in'. ied to parucipate. Suiltr ble miT.ll -aX ill
be offered j3 r.rize;.
CLr-E Eus.
(in Frida. v.'.ng. .Aueu-t :'?, 1. Smokele.- smoker"
wa- held ur.iler the aup'r.~ l of the Culebra lM L A
at the s. looulhouse. The oillo-.wnr program s-rs ren-
derrd NI ndu.ln orch-itra lMe-irs. Rani--r. Ar.
buckle and Pe.r'ill, Diano ;olo Mr Pear jll, reading
Mr. ilsher ;.apr.rno solo NMr. Frank RoLcrt~. l--.
Lion. mandolin oLrche.nra e.xhilrhlon with hand-:dti:.
I arolo Rodri&guz, Tw.lic minutes in Chirna "
iMe.;sr. Asaron and Homer, exhiblnitn of roller skating.
Mi. Edith Cjrion. The orchetEra played bci.ore and
airer thr program. Reirehmentes of i:e crern hbome-
made cake., and lemonade wre a.r- ed.
At the ser icr- on Sutnda.,' ecning Ra- Harry
Compton rcae an adore'i on Ohe tibje-ct. Forget it "
High scores in it-nptn during the A.ek .ri. as lulluos
Grobs:berg 21b Dough'erts. 23. 212. 202 Case. 201.
[ 'i1 iiL..
The Empire glee club gi. e very enlotyable c.on.
cert on Sunday evenng Aniguit 24 at trich about
150 people were present The prc-gram swa; as i-'ol31lo
Prelulde. piitno -:il. R:achmoanir.:.fi." by Mrs. J F
Storing rnisied crnioru They that 'oi in ter '
iron The Hol Ci.ta,' sopr-ino rAlo. "Calm .4r in.:
night.'" bohm. by hMri I L Caldiell; islos. du-.
and chaonr. "Chr;snan. ihe morn breaks srseetl ocer
thee Sh lley. s pranuo solo ib Mrs. Voung ba, ao.lo
by MSr. F C. Conner, tenor solo) and chorus "Sreek
ye the Lord.'" Roberts Mr. H. \\. Dohrmann and
chorus: soprano solo. (th. dry those tpirs." IMr;
Robert:, noru.. "Thine Is the kinedom fiom "The
Holy Ct\ by theglee club Mrs. j F. Storing was
accompanist, and Mr. H. W Dohrmann mtaical direc-
About 250 men attended the "Smoker' given on
Monday ecen5lag. Augunt IS. The program rons.isted
of moving aict:ures, tenior c-los. wress.Llng and ien-.nrg
bouj.. pir.r0 sulo. and fancy roller skating Refresh-
ments .\ere servedd.
The Culebra basketball ltem played the Empire team
on W\Vdn.-oday' evening. August 20. and was defeated.
58 to 13.
The ra,,ical smoker held on Saturday e, enine Au-
gust 23. drew- a large aLttndance The program was
as follow- Tenth Irdl3atr or.:hestra.oppnine ,election.
Edith Cars..n roller sktiiai Aaron and Homer. piano
duet. Otl Burmei-ter. and Morrisn Birbadiin
talk Tenth Inrantry suad. Arm., >cali.tlhensi..
Ramsey and Arbuckle. mandolm duet, MlcSparran and-
Simon fencing match. Camp Elltottr .au3a' saxaphone
sextet. Aaron and company. Thirteen minutes in
Chmia." C. C. Pearsall. piano solo, Thomas Riley.
ballad singig: Ed Kine. Irish yodeling. Prince Raiah
Hindoo magic: Quyan and Huber. wrestling match.
The Terth Inaintry band.will give concert at the

Catun V. M. C. A on Saturday evening. August 3O.
Tne admission prr..es "ill be members, free: rionmem-
beti. Sil cent;.. children 25 c:nti All seats svll be
re cr .d. The r.nd will be iirri-ted by several prom-
mentot oC JliL:t
The AsLndinrg oif the pocula r handicap pool 'ourna-
ment on Saturda;. cvning August 23. was, as follows:

Town lcy
De e'..
Pettitt .
Hjamm lU

Rcnmr .
C-ra .y
Rradlev .-
Will .

Il'.-., L.,sr
2 0
2 0
S 0
. . I 0

I I. 1
I .. I
I .


1 000
. I 01o
I 000
1 000
I 000

A lirge *:ro rd v.a pr.-ent on W\\','nesdav evening
Aucau- 20. :tr the nrth End rf G tiun Locks. when
wnmmnin e.'nt= vi re cicndu,.tld b. the lo:al V. rM.
(.. Tier re-iult ol the men' rl'hy rice were as fol-
lo.i F'.It L L-:-i. iej-.1 MNh i5hll. ta3pltn. Huber,
J.ae mith. i;rM hlt. -s -)ad First Df. Iwn tear-Reisn-
'er car ritn Schlr' Du hsthmer. Gr Third. dredge
i es---Pjr:..n- cIr.tin F.oartroni. Gardne. I arr-ion.
Fusrit. 3l/iL'l.Irl/..i', hal rI'a1--D. C. GAlloway.
,'aspin. WV. G iI..IJ... ki.Lert-. FjrlP Fi'th,
r'. tirC t.n1 l ir tI-ir--Si elr cirg.ta;n rShal. \\a-
ther-i Ket .Sixth srirlIu j tm-Porter. ..iptain,
D-.1 \. I :t.Cr. W.alk-.r
The bo *r.ihc-i in a r .r-l i.i i n [ th following
ir-rr Atkin. ;i.i:or., i-r,.l sn F. I.- rrimon. Kerr,
P' bjLcr. G. PF.i,.-er C Dcr. I1 Butclhr. D.
G r-'nE
Th- r..ult.s of t-.: Inldooir I a etill jeamir in tte- week
-ndlin Augu.t 21 w-r-" ii',:,n-i--rT D.Oiilor,. Mc-
Cln[i-: 1.iar:hjll c-ri.. T. rn -rt. l r tin F ir.t is cin.
L.;. l-Fr t ,:i: l, u-Iii,:.:.l.r-hj l t,.-l.l L':..riarnii,!, ry,
:-cond McCliri c-Mi[arhIall h ll C:mnrr'.i ir.
The Crr.ri .tr .r ,li ri, re ieri=:d ith-r ie.l't ,r br the
Gatlu Ij..'l;."' dlu:krin teim Ii tiirninE all thrtr se ames
on the Cr ti.r..Il a11,- on 'An\' r.i- '. .Augu-t 20.
T h f.'. t : r- i. i. :ill,. :
CritF.Ibl 41' 110 ;O0) C.itun 3,r3 0.1 183
Ttl,- rril.:ti-al ler.,r.in rnm .:.n iromn the Empire
I- ain. tIa. out el' tiir. o-n Sirtii sda Auut 2?3 bhy .lhe
fulloe in_ z,:.. re
Fmpire Cr;-tobil.
Simm! ItA I i l Hlarr Ion I'I 211 150
Patt. ri :,n. 1t'2 At. I ir, Ru!-r In, 172 142
Reittie 1.l2 1I0 151 Collinm, 1:4 158 170
Gilmor- 13< I1' 15; Bartrn 1;6 136 225
Gia tas.,i n 17: 177 lili Bulhr.d 115 2'S 170

5i5 81J ;h, ?4I .05 ;57
Mr C. R Ri. inii.ld hin-n.all uiiltl :'s-trl: in 'he
cntcrtatinwae-it .t te i'nn in, mi ti.jr ;tiirsn ii Sarivjrd'ay
n liat .isu ut 21
Thi e ir:t re Cgii l '.=.: ,I-r tha' i-,.' n club was
lh. -l an Ti.:: Auu;st 2'6 .iir IhI.: -r-mrrnintee
,-.n rr..m.ti' tont antl th.e ,o in:.tlr,:,n I.-l res...rred
L \\'. E ,i.'d-r ci (i.anItl led1 ir tle .I1 ui.o3n'
using iA hS- tr.-:m "Nirir.Al lan [ ii;he -orldiollabor "
inLer :t ir ti h,? he: hi. ii i .r- r-:3;.n Tues ay
ni cht .Ab'1t 2t*0 ,: ,le'o- I, I ru cunil.fernc the Ruy
L 'arz -ar.enitr., :nlld ir-r iarti..: rrt.iters~' n.s- atnni. on it.
Mi. I\\m [duh,1is .-A Cul bra sill Ipl, :' -nmulirancous
che-r mat, .. iath tre nlrm-ib.r:-. o thl, ('Ci;tobal club
at Criarobhl on 5aturda. incEnt Aijcui 3lJ.

Tide Table.
The inolloiin tlille ih.:t. tile time of hr..n and low
tide~ ji P.ncni ic-r rhe v'-ek -:n Jang Sept 0. 1913.

DATE L. High Los H;gh Low

A NI. AI .NI A .. PNI. P.MP .
Aug 31 '2 1i 9 G. 3 12 9.28
; pt. i 411 54 4 00 10.15
Sept. F 4 1 10 3. 4 41i 1 00
SepL. 3. I r( 11 'i 5 29 I [ 45

e.pt. 4... I 5 ?i I CMi 6 13
Sept 5. 12 'It 1 4 I 55 s 7 00
Ste I t 1 1, I I 1i : 47 8
75th meridian time
-- ------
LOST-On \Wednesday morning AugrCl !3. a waLch
chain and fob on or near Cristobal beach. The fob
beats the letters "A. V. P. Finder is requested
to return arucle to Crietobal V M C. A., and receive


Vol. VII, No. 1.



Col. Geo. W Gorethal-. U. S. A.. Chair
man a.:ld Chiefl EnLrnner, Culebra
Col. 11. F. HodLesi, U. S. A Culebra.
Lieut.-Col. D. II Gaillard, U. S. A., Emptre.
Lieut.-Col W'm. L. Sibert, U. S. A.. Gatun.
Ci-il Engineer H. H. Rous-eau, U. S. N..
Col W C. Gor.a-s, U S. A, .Ancon.
Mr. Richard L. Metcalle. Aucon.
Mr Joseph Bucklin Bishop,
Sccretary, Ancon.


Construction and Engineering.
Olficr ot The 'hail man.
Col Geo W. Goethals, Chairman and Chief
W'illilm Howard. i Mt Seeretar1 to the
C. A hIcll-.ire Chief Clerk.
\' P C.i.elnd A--istnur Chief Clerk.
Ad Faitre Chid Accountant
H F..n-h Surn %ing Officer
Lieut Geo K Goeth.l1 U ; A Aii-Sntnt En-
riln=er Forltific t,,On
Oiret of Til t hlef Engineer.
filt lD 't. iun.
Col H. F. Hodges, Asttiant Chief Engineer.
C 0 Cn-rl-on St-ereltr
F-wir'd chrildibuer Electracul and Mechanical
Henrir Goldmark T B M-jnriche De.itgning
Walter F er F r A-i'tAnr Engineer
.S.;J id i Oiion
Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau. Assistant
to the Chief Engineer.
I J Campbell Siccretry
Ltut .Col T C Dicksoo. L" S. A Inspector of
A B Ni.ch- lfi Cte heEngin:er
Ciil Engineer P. H Cooke UL S N Deignaing
SKE Mlalibur. Asiasatul Enriunneer
] A W'alker. Superint-ondent B-lboj Ter.
W L Phillis l.and r-,pe Archati,:t
P D Will-onp Supiervior.
Jamr- G Craig Trricling Fngineer
J E lohoson In'iector of Lubricint, and
FTarth lDititon

Office of the Chief Clerk
Frth ;iDra.,,.,i
HeadquL-irter- Coroeail
H. 0. (ole, Resideut Eneineer
I C Keller Chief Clerk
R B Tin-ley SuperinlIilen Loc Iek
j A McCiilloih, Supienntrndenit -teaim ho.el
J A Loulin. SiDer nt'i dent Ancon Qua3irs
\' J Holm-s Tri inma'ter
W. U bianton A-i;tant Eagineer.
.Sivlat D I;uI:,an
IHe. ljn irir Bi lbo .i.
W. G. Comber. R-esiient Engineer.
Jarnies MacNI rlane ulrT:-retltdcnl of Dredg-
Central Ulvision.
Hc.dqiuarlcra Empire.
Lieut.-Col D. D. Gaillard, DivLsion Engi-
W I Beam Chief Clerk
A Zinnl Rci.letii Eneinrtr.r
\ T Re.nioldi inlpernniendent Cornntrulcon
J M Hagijn irn:rvitenudenlt Conl'trutLl.:.o
I \W Tetil.', I.br-ClinlI ndllilt Coi'iliiicuon
A See-ion- su"r-rinteuninut rT.ini.oreatuion
C. %' A Pilmer .\-i-li.nt Engineer
Rince Ferrguon General Foreman Reloca-
tion numop
Wm Fullmau GCnert] F-:reman. \\'l.:r er\v.

Atlanllc Division.
Headuqu rtlr- Gatun
Lieut.-Col. \'m. L. Sibert, Di-i.-ion Engi-
Lileul Co] Wm V. Jud-on. U S A AiitanLn
il"i'-ticn Engineer

Mi JI P lervee U S A Resident Engineer.
SMi ( I M Iloinian. L S A Resident Eli.

Mlechanlcal DIvision.
He.i.iu'tirters Empire
John J Eason, Assistaul Superintendent.
F G bwanson Chief Clerk
C U, Fibhetr Superintedenlof Erecbon.

'. H Bates Superintendent Seremshovel Re
pair .
tartley Rowe. Flec-tricl Superintendent

Division of Nunicipal Engineering.
Headqi irltAr I;nunr
ets 'M. \.-l]-, Resident Engineer.
Geo. B Carson Chir Clerk
E. H Chindler Superinlendent North-rri Di-.
toIc Cnltob-il
Dn-i E I\nrght uperoiatendeni Sojthern
lii' -tri.:t A icon
W G C ,aldiug A-~i.:tint Engiieer Mira-
I T B Bowle- Ph]-ioloci-:t Criltobal.

Headquarters Cristobal
Lieut.-Col. Eugene T. Wilson, U. S. A., Sub-
sistence Officer.
Capt Prank 0 Whitlock. U S A. Asisiaant
Subti-tence Officer
John Burke. Manager. Commissary Deonrtl
SPF. Shipley Chief Clcrk

Headcqulrters Culebra
Capt. R. E. Woo-l. U. S A., Chief Quar-
Jo-eph Birnie Chief Clerk
C B Cook lsepector Conilructiou and

Frink H-.lm r Reidlent Engineer. Per.
mn iJ-nl Biuiidirng
Miarorj. Schi.onril Architect
Cant C. Nixon. Ui S A Depol Quarterlmaster.
Mount Hone
C. L Parker. A. Mount Hone
R. K Morn- Storekeeper Empire.
X D Holt. Storekeeper B-lboa.
District Quartermasters.
B C. Poole Ancon and Bilboa
R C Shad Corzal and MNradorea
0 t Farrar Acting Pedro Miguel and
Parali s
H F a-.lick Culebra
I H K Humohre:. Emnire
Harr. Dundas La- CC.i'ciad and Bas Obispo
J T Smith Gatliin
Roy R \Waton CrisM.bAl and Toro Point.
Chas. Li. Morgan Porto Bello

Civil Administration.
Headqu.rtecr Aincon
Richard L. Metcalfe, Head of the Depart-
G A Ninio Chiei Clerk.
C LLuedtke A.,is.ant Chief Clerk.
Tom M Co-oki. Chef Diision of Po.,Ls Cus-
tomr iud Reii.rue Ancon
Arthur McGCown Deputl Collector Aocon
J mnei f Iy Depuli Collector Crnltobal
Ca.,t Chai W Bjrber U S.A Chief ol Police

A G. itlknip A.sL-tant Chief of Police

C E i'eidman. Fire Chief Cnr ohil
Chis F Koerrer. Arstilanil Fire Ch-ef. Ancon.
Frank P W'agi Siperi tendent of Schools
Fugen- H .Ash Tre iur,:r ol Cmil Zone Em-
Lieui Col W\m V .idon Chairman. James
MNtcl.irl.irl C j Ander u:,u Board of Loc:l
In -pec tar-

Canal Zone Jud iiary.
Headouarter-. An-on.
Supreme Court-H. A. GudgerChief Justice.
Walter Emer-. Clerk. Aucon
Thomai K. Brown Jr ASoieate Jultice
William H Jlcklon As-.-ocile Justice
Circuit Court lrst Circuitl-H A Cudger.
Walter Emery Clerk Aneon
Circuit Cruret second Circuit-'illiam H Jack-
son Judge.
Flhcrt M Goolsab. Clerk. Empire
Circuit Court Third Circuit- Thomas E.
Brown Ir ludge
Nel-on R johnson Clerk Cnstobal
NM C Rerdell. Ditrinct Judge Cn'tobal
S E Blickburn Diltnci.ludge Ancon
Edgar S Garnson DP-Lnet judge. Empi.,

Headquartei. Ancon
Frank Fenilc. Couii-el and Chief Attorney.
William K Jacknon Prscuicenng Attorney.
Charle- K Willlimn. A'niludnl Pro-ecuting At.
R S. Cirl-on Laud g1enll.
Headquarters Ancon
Col. W. C. Gorgas, Chief Sanitary Officer.
Col. John L. Phillips. C. S. A.. Assistant Chief
Sanitary Officer.

Maj Robert E Noble General Inspector
Harry F Bovay. Chief Clerk.
Lieut Col Charle_ F Mason U S. A.. Superin-
tendent Ancon HoaCit.il nricon.
Surgeon C C Pierce. 1I S P H S Superin-
ten-eni Colon Hospital Cristobal.
Surc-ron I. C PerM IU S P H S Chief Ouar-
hnline Officer. and Health Officer. Panama.
Dr C A H-arne Ouarantine Officer. Colon.
Dr. Matthew J Hoey. Quarantine Officer,
Joseph A. LePrince Chief Sanitary Inspector.
Dr. M. E Connor Health Officer Colon.

Headquarters. Empire
John H. McLean. Disbursing Officer.
J C Wood Chief Clerk.
C E. Gilmore. Cachier
F W Heverly Pa\master. Ancon.
E A. Keeling Pasmaster Cri-tobal.
Examination of Accounts.
Headquarters. Empire.
H. A. A. Smith, Examiner of Accounts
T L Clear A.istant Fxaminer of Accounts
Purchasing Department.
Headquarters Wishlngton 1 C.
Maj. F. C. Boggs, U. S. A., General Pur-
chasing Officer.
C F Dole Chief Clerk
CapE Courland Nixon. Purchasing Agent on
the Isthmus
R E. Ruthirford Commissary Purehasing
OClfuicr ?I SIate Street New Vork Citlr
CL-I %.iilliam ,-i *milh. Il S A A instant
Purcha-ing AFent 614 Wh;iney Central Build-
ing NewOrlean- La

Panama Railroad Company.
Headqu irter Colon
(General offi.:ei. 24 State Street New York.)
John D Patterson, General Superintendent,
R L Mock Chief Clerk
Lieut. Predeick Mearn U S A. Chief Engineer.
C h' Northrop. Chi-f Dispatcher
E S tL'sid Termrinil Tr.inm.t-iter. Colon and
Cril thal
S W' Heaeld Terminal Traimmaster. Panama
and Balboa.


The following ih a I\t of sailings ol the Panama
Railroil Steamhip Compn.ny, ot the Royal Mail
Steam Packet Compjny. of the Hamburg.American
Lme and of the United Fruit Compan'Si Line.
PF.r.jm: ......... P.R R..Monday ....Aug 25
Allna .... P. R R.Saturday... .Aug. 30
CoIlon... . .. P. R. R atiurday ... Sept. 6
Adi eni ..... R. R .Fiday . Sept 12
Pin:i3 .. ... P. R. R..Thur.day. ..Sept. 18
,divarno ..... .. .P.R. R. Sunday ....Aug. 31
Pnrnit. ........ .P RR Sturday ...Sept. 6
.kLanca ...... P R. R Thursday. .Sept. II
Colon ..... P R R Thunlday. ..Sept. 18
Colon P. R R. Friday ..Oct 24
A.ilance .. P. R. R Tnursday .. Oct. 30
;dan.:e..........P. R. R. Wednesday..Sept ?4
Zao. ~.. ..Li F. C. \Wdnecday. Aug. 20
Emil L Boia .. H -A .Saturday-....Aug. 23
Siaoli .......... Li.UF.C Saturday. .Aug 23
Amiranie. .. U.F.C. W\'dnrlday..Aug. 2
Oruba... ..R. M iarurday. ..Aug 30
Metapan . U F. C..Thursday. Aug. 28
Prnz Aueust \dlrielm.H -A .Tuesdaa... Sept. 2
Tiive.n Li. F C. Tuesday.. .Sept. 2
Trent R M. ..Tuesday Sept 2
Zac-pa ... F. C. Thursday. Sept. 4
Turrialba. .U.F.C Saturday .Aug. 23
C.artat.o ... .. F. C..AWednesday..Aug 27
Abangarez. ......LU.F.C. Saturday .Aug 30
Heredia Ui F.C. W.\edn.r-.: Sept. 3
Aten.a ti. F C. Saturday. Sict. h
Pansmma. L'F. C. .'edue;das Sept. 10.
Turrtalba .. Li F.C. Sa'urdjy.. Sept. 13
Atenas. ... . F C. Thurtdi,. Aug. 28
Parismia IT F C. Saturday. Aug. 30
Turrialba ... F C Thurada. Sept. 4
Canago ....... U. F. C. Saturday Sept. 6
Abangarez .. .. .U F. C Thuricday. Sept II
Heredia... .... .U. F.C. Saturday. ..Sept. 13




The Canal Record
Published weekly under the ardhorlry ,and supierisison o
the Isthmiun Canal Commesseon.

The Canal Record is publhsed Iree of rharge one .opy
each to all employes or the Camm rlon and P-jnam
Radroid Companj) uho;e n-jmn, are on die gl1 roll.
Erxtra to.iej and baLk n'mbrrs -can be obtained ro.,m the
nefa stand of the Panama Radlrad Compar f. or fve
centi each.

Address all Communicarions.
Anoon, Canal Zone.
Isthmus of Panama.
No communi. ahon, either for ptulict.aon or reqTuesttng
information usll re-ne aieantion inlci signed lilh the
full name and address of the arntlr.


Opening New Passenger Station at Panama.
The north wing of the new passenger sta-
tion at Panama will be opened for use about
Monday, September 8. This, the second-
class division, will be used by firi-tclas pas-
sengers while the south wing is being finished.
The change is made at this time, in order to
allow the complete removal of the old station.
the steel work of which is needed in the erec-
tion of the baggage room in rear of the new
station. Second-class passengers will. for
the present, enter the train shed through a
gate in rear of the old station: temporary
waiting benches will be provided for them
under the shed at the alighting platform,
and tickets will be sold from a booth
erected under the runway from the platform
to the old station. It is expected that the
new station will be placed in full use about
November 1, 1913.

Preseration of Retired Equipment.
Messrs. W. H. Bates, H. S. Farish, and
C. T. Cushman, have been appointed a com-
mittee to investigate the most suitable pro-
tection against deterioration, through cli-
matic influences, of equipment permanently
retired from service. The committee is also
delegated with the work of preparing a set of
rules and regulations governing the procedure
to be followed upon the permanent retire-
ment from service of any piece of each class of
equipment, and to recommend the most ad-
vantageous place or places at which the ap-
plication of the preservative may be made.
Canal Commisslen Takes over Panama Street
A provisional arrangement has been entered
into between the Panama Government and the
Canal Commission, whereby the latter, as of
September 1. has again taken over the work of
street cleaning, garbage-collecting, and street
sprinklingian.trhcity of Panama. At the out-
set, and up to 1908, this work was performed
gratuitously by the Canal Commission. The

Panama G.oernment then served notice
that it desired to take charge of the service,
and the transfer took place un S.-pti mher 1,
1908. Since that time, the work has been
handled by the Panama Goxernment, the
Canal Commison contributing the -umr uf
$100.U0 annually toward its cost. Under the
new arrancemint, the Canal Commi-.ion v ill
ha\e complete jurisdiction over the work,
and it will continue from year to year, unless
60 days'notice is given by either part,, pre-
vious to thq termination of the contract )ear,
of desire for cancellation. The agreement al-o
stipulates that Panamanian citizens be given
preference in the matter of employment
Mess Hall at Ancon for Gold Employes.
A mes; hall has been authorized at Ancon
for gold employes, and the hotel building
at Pedro Miguel will be used for the purpose
It was the original intention to rcerect the-
Pedro Mliuel hotel as an annex to th, mret,
hall at East Balboa, but this arrangement will
not nun be neccs-ar,', inasmuch as eating ac-
commodations for bachelor emplo,,pe at
Ancon will relieve the congestion at the East
Balboa hotel. The probability that a number
of bachelors will continue to be quartered at
Ancon, even after the completion of the Canal,
was al-o taken into consideration. The new
Ancon mess hall will have table accommoda-
tions for about 100 people at a sitting, and is
to be situated on the road to Bishop'5 Hollow,
near the new quarters recently erected in that
locality The hotel privileges will be extended
to gold employes and their families only, and
nonemployes will not be served even at the
50-cent rate.
Fill of Maraby Area Near Panama.
The low.v swampy area lying between the
Curundf River on the noith, and that part of
the Calidonia district of the city of Panama.
known as San lieuel, on the south, will be
filled in by the Canal Commission. This
section has made an excellent breeding place
for mosquitoes in the rainy season, and con-
stitutes a menace to the health of the people
living in the vicinity besides causing con-
tinual expense in oiling. The owners of the
property, with one exception, have agreed
to the proposal. as it will enhance the Lalue
of their holdings, and be of no expense to
them. The new sanitary rules and regulation-
placed in elect by the Panama Government,
and published in the GCaeta (tlictai of March
27. 1913, provide:
Secrnn a0. ALL Dre Lass: must be kept In :uch
rond!tl~j as to prevent mosqluito brreding. an,1
upon iadure o Lthe owner. gCntl. or oc:upint of
such FremiRes LO correct hi. insranan Lr ondlloni
therein after notice irom the hs-i al officer, or bhi
repres-nmtnte. be ina~ll be finNi. and the healtll
offer may proceed to correct such condition
the coil oi same to be a charge againstt the de:;n
ruent rpeson to be colloe.'ed b-' e t:cutTor 3glirjst
his property
It is proposed to make the fil hydraulically
using material dredged from the terminal
basin at Balboa.


Last Barrier at Pacific End of Canal Destroyed
on Sunday, August 31.
The last remaining barrier at the Pacific
end of the Canal %as dynamited at 9.30
o't ock on Sunday morning. August 31. This
dike, composed of a trestle fill of rock and
earth, prevented the vsater from the sealevel
channel from entering the steamshovel cut
5.000) feet ljng. 500 feet wide, and 46 feet
below mean tide, extending to Miraflores
Lock-. The Rio Grande Diversion was turned
into this pit on August 23, but the depth
of water had only reached about 15 feet by
Sunday. About 37,000 pounds of 45 and 60
per cent da namite were used, the charge being
placed in 511 holes at an average depth of 30
leer. A large crowd of spectators was present,
and pictures of the blast were taken by
numerous kodaks, ind one moving picture
At the time of the explosion the water in
the channel, south of the barrier, wa- nearly
at lou tide. The dynamite tore a gap in the
dike about 100 feet wide, but as the bottom of
the ga.p was still at some height above the
existing tide level, no water pas-ed through.
An 18-lout tide was predicted for Sunday,
, ith its maximum at 3.12 p. m., so that before
high tide water was expected to flow over the
gap in the dike. This expectation was fulfilled
a lhttl earlier than was anticipated, for, at
1 35 p. m., the water in the sealevel channel
uwa nearly,' even with the top of the gap. At
this moment a man with a shovel made a
small trench across the dike through which
small stream of vsater began to flow. This
rapidly increased in size until 40 minutes
later, an opening 30 feet wide had been made,
through which a torrent of water poured in a
30 or 35-foot fall. The ru'h of water ate away
the idles of the opening steadily, carrying
large sections of the dike, including trestle
bents, and other debris, into the pit. The
increasing volume of water filled the pit
rapidly, and at 3 o'clock, one hour and 25
minutes alter the water first began to flow
over, the level in the inside channel was that
ol rhe outride channel, while the gap had becn
widened to 401 feet, or more. Some of the
Sixth Division floating equipment was an-
chured in the sealevel channel just above the,
break of the barrier, and when the suction
of the current was at its greatest, a barge was
cut loose, and was carried through the gap
with sufficient force to part a heavy steel cable
which bad been left strung across it. The
barge then drifted slowly up toward the locks.
The dredge .Marmol has begun excavating
against the south side of the dike, and another
dredge will pass through the gap and be set
at ncrk on the other side within a few days.
it is expected that enough of the barrier will
have been removed by October 1 to permit
large ships to traverse the Pacific end of the
Canal, a distance of 8j miles, up toMiraflore


Vol. V'll,No 2.

Locks. The launch Birdena made the trip
from the dike to the locks on Tuesday after-
noon, September 2, the first vessel to pass
through this section of the Canal under its
own steam.

Concrete Work in Locks and Spillways.
Concrete work in the Canal locks is nearly
completed, the aggregate amount in place
at the close of work on August 30, being
4,478,642 cubic yards.
A statement of the concrete laid in the
three sets of locks for the Canal, and in
Gatun and MNirallurt -rpillv. j as of August
30, follows:
The last concrete forthe lc oki rorer.r. ae d;t-;negu t1 -i
from that necessary to rihlalnoc '..;rtk ry ithe I rt
D;i s;or. uwi mixed and i.l-',I'1 o., Aucu:- 11. 1913
At rtie ti ,m cf work c1n itr j. le I: t i al amrrio nt of
concrete c .1rPd by the Atili0..: Di ini amount : 1 to
2 045.1,5 cubic yards.
Concrete laid.
Cubic yards.
Aug 24..................................... 27
Acg 25................................ 34
Aug. 26................................. 48
Aug. 27 ................................. 49
Aug. 28................................. 32
Aug. 29 ................................ 29
Aug. 30................................. 26
Total.................................. 245
Previously reported................... 923,263
Grand tol......................... 923.508
Aug. 24................................. 76
Aug. 25 ................................. 64
Aug. 26....................... .......... 104
Aug. 27................................ 106
Aug. 28................................. 87
Aug. 29.................................. 89
Aug. 30................................ 75
Total ................................. 601
Previously reported....................1,509,048
Grand total,.......................1509,649
Aug. 25................................. 144
Aug. 26................................. 162
Aug. 27................................. 144
Aug. 28................................. 136
Aug. 29 ................................. 184
Aug. 30................................. 184
Total.................................. 954
Previously reported ................... 233.200
Grand total........................ 234,154
Aug. 25................................. 100
Aug. 26................................. 36
Aug. 27 ........................ ........ 10
Aug. 28 ................................. 12
Aug. 29.........................................
Aug. 30............... ... ........... 6
Total................................. 164
Previously reported.................... 75,446
Grand total........................ 75,610
*Indudes hydroelectric station.

Ancon Crusher.
The following is a statement of rock
crushed at Ancon quarry during the two
weeksending August 16:

DATE. Cubic Hours
yards. worked.
August 4...................... 2,205 6 00
August ........... ... ... 1,672 7.05
August 6 ............... 2.219 6.50
August 7.................. 1.589 6.40
August 8..................... 2,116 7,40
August 9..................... 2,537 6.55
Total .................... 12,338 41.10
Auust IIr...................... .''i1 p i
Augut II ........... .. 9.55
A iu u:t 11 l . . ..... ...... .. 2 4' 11 i'i)
Augii' 14 ......... .......... n:ri ; 3
August 15 ............ ..... 2. 9 30
August 16.................... 1,743 6.50
Total .................. ..... 15,f09 53.00

The Fifth and Central Divisions are -be-
ginning to turn in old rail in large quantities.
This rail will be sorted in two classes, service-

able, including rail in condition for reuse,
and bent rail, which can be straightened:
anli unserviceable, which will be "scrapped."
The big tree, formerly standing near the
bank of the Chagrcs River at Gorgona, in the
\icinir of the old ships saaw mill. has been
destroyed by dynamite, in order that it might

not prove an obstruction to future navigation.
An additional pump and motor will be
installed at the Gold Hill sluicing plant.
The pay of the dock laborers at Balboa,
Colon, and Cristobal has been increased one
cent an hour, making their present pay 12
cents an hour.


The lorce report for July 30 shows the actual working force of the Canal Commission to
be 33.630; of the Panama railroad. 5,276, and of the contractors, 3,378, a total effective
w,'rking force of 42.4S4 mn, an increase of 222, a- compared with the statement for June.
The So'Jd lrce on the Canal work, composed almost exclu.iively ol white Americans, wa.4,173,
a reduction uf 109, a. compared with the previous, month A statement of the Canal force
b, di isioni. follo\s.



Connru. Lit.n &
EnFg.nri rinc
t_ 1 *I A.inrln ton
n lll.on .
M Mu Er[ ima [er s
sulr 'i:. i'.- e .

-\ 'Ounlrt . .
T .i ,.. l .
MInth r,-re io,:

Art.i an

lahore r

2. u

2 686 SVf'

555 r.3

.7 r . ..- 4 2 (9. 5 ,
6 34Iti I I I ri l 4 1 lu i I 1 l i i;

\\Ie,I Ilndilr
Ia borer s

' 6051 3.4 It 21C
S 5 t

;4 Ml? 4 6 4'.;

] .0W0

2q b_ ;



I CC force. 3? S3'): Panimi railroad force. 3 89i Pianamr ralro0d commisir$ [Irce I J32, total 39.106.
wA:l wages speciried are m gold tincludea t-.. jt fi.e cenus I ncludJes .Ir e at fi- ceots.
The force report of the Department of Contructiun and En-ineering, including the em-
ployes of contractors, as of July 30, wa,. a, fo!'ous.



Ch.-' Engineer 2.;')
- ~I. nir..il Ij 251
Arian,. Ds 5.35
t'n r ,l D.g',..in 1.03'
L' s Z -ir-l Prod
uclt CJ
Chi j,1 .. Hou-
l.g'r .: kir, I- ,
MCInthr.,: Mar
saIll Co .
TLISl -.().
P.irith trr i' pi' 4 .i*)


0 I "i
S ^

II131 SnI.sni
ii~ii ;c9t I It'


3 2

o e-

2 08o0 05
3 II 7h"

IraIt Indian

1, Wi wC 4

E i ; I

-- I-- -_ -
55 4 331; l>
nb 105 584 ls."54 101l

55. 'si0 ulI 314 fl(

1cm tol 54Wr, J7441731

or 0
H 1-
13 ,0 1.55.,
. c-'5 fn.
2.'1114 ?o
60'' 599
15 190
16 4
?.652 355

14.*2t. *.22i
24 An? 3.224




All wage spec.ied are in gold. tIndcudes tIo at fi ., cents I Indudes one at ire cents.

A report of Commission quarters occupied on July 31, follows.

Gold Europeatu W\est Indians.

PiAC~ iChl. Chdl.
Alm' Women d'eq Mier ir'crien d.4s At o It'omeni dren

B 10'ob a ........ .. . . . 36 144 109. I. .. . 7!1 .
Anion' ....... ... ............ 16 301 23 6 .. 1 0.1 5 ......
Cotlo, l. ....... .... .... . : 1 151 45 10 6
Sirafljres ... 16 3I I1 35 S 2 I 94 8 10
Pe.Jro Miguel ... 3 71 90 2' 3 2 .'23 34 47
Pa rnio .. . ......... 21 80 10') 121 1 12 23' 102 148
Cul-b.3- ........... ... . 3o5 141 156 4:5 5' 95 401 103 168
Emrr .. .... ...... .. ... 2? 28 2:; 3v 40 :6 533 14; 232
Las Cacada . . ...... .. 196 10% 142 E0 12 31' 2- Is', 177
Bas ODtspi ...... ..... .... I0 51 F4 126 111i 23 Ih7 45 57
GOicuna ......... ........ 195 1 .4 .. ... 4 1.' 18
a.uil ..I ....... ............. 67 ns 212 1 0Il 20 24 6 4 20 12
Critol'al' ..... ......... .. 781 262 319 80 . .. 1.,345 223 365
Torn Pont .. ...... . .. 53 12 17 92 . 3J0. .. ......
Porto Bello ...... .. .7. 30 28 17' ..I 260 2 4
TOLII .. .. .. . .... 5.373 1.S06 1.828 54 149 26 7.235 861 1.243
.. . . .. . . . v i J _ P ... J 1__ I.I--- I I...I .

(1i Inrlultles san-.l Police watlon Lrb.'t -a liano. CtuierIra ?mand rl i an'o se? an] m.o I (iL. C incul
71 PiAnaminann. tii Includ- nine -Eat Iniin.L. 41 Includes bl Panamanians. (5F Includes Natachin. (6) in-
clude" Colon Hospital. ,7) IoDJudes 2J Aslaucs Gold force of tonratactors iumcluadd above. 29 families, and 56

September 4, 1913.



Additional Awards.
The following additional awards were an-
nounced by the Joint Land Commission at a
public session held on MNIndia, August 25:
Auard No 23-In ire mritrr ..I iidra, ,jimi-An
award is hereby made aSiintr the niled S4laIs in
favor ol the persons heremairdtc named, in the ,um of
This aiard shall he paid to the r:.;pctiive .laimant
hereinaliter named, in the amount- h, renaiit'-r rS*,i: -d,
on or betnre .he -'lil 'IlV o0 Sieptenih. r. 1'/l j anl
payment Lr trinder of pta iir.n. i :- a of the it.mrns
of this aw rld ia not marie i'r or ,-l ore Ith t i-e such
Items shall thi-rcaft.:r b ar Iint re at the rite ol six
per centum. ier annur in u l ilind
Jose. .4. Al-.r,:. lor all rn lL *:.laims. arnd other in-
tereats in grove ing crop:. fruit ttlcs houac tar No.
184-1. and any utner bualdin aind rn:, other iinrprov.-
menti cili,. n the ,aid Al.arez may a io.a:., rn thle lan 1.
of Caimnt., ithe said property, being j'iin:; irom that
indicated a; 43 on the s etch nIrr. ul ti.L Lake Gatun
and for which a pas menrt :,n;1 n atle a Malar lioi bI
Voucher 201if5 to Jose Man,:.l Alhartzr. tile sum of
Albert Baion for all rights lJimi and o'her in
terests in growing urop-. Iruit tircei: Lldidngs. au.d any
other improvemnenLi .tti li t' I jlllAl .'lbrt bator, may
possess on the lands 1o BaLi inonos hur. tie sum of
Isabella Berry, for all right;. claim; ain other in
terests in groIng crop,: Iruit ir i;: bulldirli. Jn'l any
other irn ror erJients ult.:h the r;-i iaILnrll Bfernr
may posses ;n lands Julcated on th.: er.ite 0l juan
Granrle i&atd property being dtittnct Irori tit ior
which an aAard was made bt th lloint Lanli Coimmn,
sion in the town of Gur :nml Itr ii i aml iS iJ
Altert Bonlon. i'r all riSght i clui ard other in-
lerests in growing crop. iruit tr-ev Duildoiri, ani 3any
other improiemri.nt vturnhli tihre jaid Bloulon ma, hi r
possessed on or near the iarajb.ll wiaterl-ied on the
lands of Juan Grande the .lJd prupert;, b,.in d.-,tnct
from that c1jiimd b. Blo.Ion in th Ltowri ur Cur,-anti
the sum of 4i45.
li'liiam ByLrai't. for .il r-ghti, claims. and oilier in
teresta in gro, ing irops, fruit trcei hlouie ln\ No
1008. and any other im[r.iu emr. nti v tir te ;aid
Bycroft may poas.,eia on the laiJds ul Clm ritu Multu.
the suim oi L;5.
Elitre of Trresa Can..ie:. for all rights claims and
other mteretLS in grovwiig -ii,:r. Iflrit trees. buildings.
and any other improcnmerits wh:-h the 4aid TerC s
Canoles may hive possessed on thelands of TabtrniUa.
the sum of $175.
DOgo ,.usilLO. for all right. claims, and otler ira
terest; mi growing crops. fruit tree;. building: and any
other improctemerni whicn tie said C'a.stillo imay poi-
seas or may have poan-e ed on the lands of Peiiai
Blan.-as Abato, the sum ol $150.
Maltaiwiaom Game_:. for all rights. claims. and other
interests in growing ciops. Iruit trci. building- and
any other improuemenir which the said Gomez may
possess or miy hiae po i-c::d on land. located on the
Curutu Raver.or near the ihedridwer; of the Ballamonor
River, or on the liCarabt si w l teri l..: the suni of $ 11.
Cusilodio Hiraja), or ill r.ghLt; -lai.im and other In.
teresta in growAng crops fruit trees, building:. and any
other improverent. hlAch the maid Heraiz.3 may po.IesdC
in lands laIoAted above the 3;-ioot le\el on the land cf
Cano Quebrado (ijad property being ditinct from tatL
below the 87-fout level. purchased from the Lather of
the claimant, SeCast.in H erizo or Erazoj. tie sum of
Eugenio de Leon. for all rights. claims. and other in-
terests in growing crops. Iruit trees. builddnga, and any
other improvements vhich the said de Leon may ha\e
possessed in the lands of Barbicoas or Caimito NMulato
at the time he -as notllied to leaee the same. less the
value of annual crops wlich he has been gicen an op.
portunity to gather, the sum of $25.
Rosa fMorul-s. for all rights. cLdam,3 and other in-
terests in growing crop.; fruir trees. buildings. and any
other improvements which the said Roai Morales may
possess in the lands of Casmito Mulato. the sum of $50.
Geroanimo o1tega. for all righE, claims. and othlr in-
terests in growing cropi. fruit tret., nouSe tax No.
1837, and any other buildings and any other improve-
ments which the said Ortega ma.' pLos.;e: in property
located east of the Panama railroad on the Lands of
Casmito Mulato. the sum of 5120.
Andre Phiallppe ( inown also as Hfnry Phill p and
Andrra Felipe), for all rights. claims, and other in-
terests in growing crops, fruit trees. btulding,. and any
other improvements which the said Philippe may pos-
mess or may hate possessed in the localties known as
Valdo Ospmo and Mlujeres Nuevas. the sum of $100.
Robert Smith, for all rights, claims, and other im-
trest In growing crops, fruit trees, buildings. and any

other improvements which the said Smith may poassess
on the lands of Camito lMulato. the sum of $50.
JManJul T~ion, for all rights. claims and other in-
Lerests m growing crops, fruit trees. biilings. and
any other improvements which the said Tuton may
possess or may have possessed in linds I, ng above the
6;-inot level on Ite land of Canro Quebracio the said
property being dJ~in.n: from the property vwhi'h a.s
pur.:ha:ed Irom Tuhon by the payment in February,
II 'l, by i'.ou:he:r 1b842 lor improsemenut b.'low the
87.foot leIel;. I ,e suir of S;5.
Jajor, Turnie for all rigit5. claims and other in-
tere a in grournc crop,. fruit trees. Lbuldangs. ind any
other mpr.rouinerint ihicii tie ai-J T"urn,-r illl p.e, e!s
an landa Ilxte-J cast of the lani3m: rajlro, d nn the
land' om Ctaiin-o Muljto ith- sail propieri, be.ng di- .
itin:t from the property .,->:Ii js pur-.llair I'rom said
LTrnrm by the ia, ment in Februsr, 1o91 Li %*,.her
Ii,,S J. favor ii i. ', I t a[t tairraito. anJ improvement-,.n
the -um :r .;5. Tor.l SA1.15'
'.arlJ ."o 24-- Ihe mlit-r c-f 'T.,lan tlar"i fIor
h i.s,. mi i i, I. G ,r.if Gj,.zl -The e .iln.'e bi -.r.e t he
Lomri-i-.)r. .n that the rerison; h-reinakfl r named
i:r rlit c'.er:ol the uropcrtie7 ier -ir n after reir-rr.-d to
br'-ir lihey a) epted any Iearte from the ;lthm.in
Csn.i Liim-. *i in In n.)-a .- did the pi-,sn. iil rcin-
titer naomid maie an' Cliiam to the Lii-intrhip o tile
in conformity a itr the proniples iormulated in the
opinion oi Jul 25. 191 on Ihe demurrer C.t Con.n;-I uf
the' Linl-d lnitlte to the ilrisJdic ioanol Ine Comm.-r.i.an
in the matter ut Inc claim of Juan Si.illa. and in a:-
cordran:c e ih thevld-:i-ne aurbmittd .i :tie orrnmls-
slon, an a ard iL hereby made aam.n'l the l-rintd
SrLjiS of Amen-ai for certain buildings hereminai'tr
id'..'nincd bi tie reip-ritve tax nunhir tihe ;.iid
arcard to in, lude ill rights. Clai i anl interer ni -ny
per-oni in the -said buallJ in together ulli :il Ll lms
idt inJrrove-urai o ai wn'-iirecr nature on tl.: r art t
iny perioii hcreinr]iLir najml d, and all rlg;hta *:aljed
by them in [he Sumn of Si;u
Thls awardl shall be paid to the resretcl e nDerons
named hereinJii.r in the amount herioanitcr pe.ll- ii,-
on or bltor- thie 2-ith ,a, of Si-tember, 1 1u ., and .f
panm.nt or -nda-r ol pi .ni-nlr ol an$ ot the ircins
.-I thni aw-ird r, t iiinrj ad- i ur ibrfore ii. i. date. Lu'.h
Iterni, staljl tlreailLr Lber Inlere':t .t the rate ot sIi
per cernum. per annum. until paid.
To thc owTe-rs o-le btald'c.s. lor the settlelrment *i all
r.ghE[. .li in. iur other inrcre t i rictlh they mi., tiive
in the same together wUl 3any other dTmrnr.-emen.s I1.-
cated on the lot altil holiuii de-igriatejd b/ their Lta
numbers a3i illoi. FelA Airmcin tal No. 7i'". S.Jui;
Jo.-eph lini-r ta No ;7. 1)00. Grand tt-.Ll S.ui0.
A..ard :,S5. .j'i-n ithe mirir of i'tui-i / iitaiiis j'or
ho;,s in Itie toilwn of Gor e.nt-Tne e i-trnc.e bolorer the
Commlsjlon shows that lie per.ouna hereinliter rianred
be.-ame the owner; of the propevrtii. hlereinm:iter r-l'eri.-d
to. before Notirr-ber IS. 190;. ind before thel hid
ac-:epted any leases irom the Irtihmin LI nal Commi.-
aion. In no case did the pertaons hereinaiter iainmed
make any icla;m to the ot ncrthip oI l te linld.
In coinormiiy with the principleJs ioriTmlat.d in the
opinion of July 25. 1913., on the demurrer of Couusel of
the United Stiaes to the lirlidiction of the Commmi,,on
m the matter ci the claim of Juan So,11io, and the
further opinion of Augu.t 2'0. I'I 13. con.-erning the
d-te upon whih the new, stem of leases entered ,nto
effect. and in accordance with the eoilence aubrmined
to the Commsiiion an a jald 1 li ereb, made against
the unitedd Stat-e of AFerica for ertrain building here
In.'tei identified by iteir respeciLJc Ltax numbcri the
said award to include all rights. claim- and inter.Ctt;
of an; persons in the said buildings. together vith 3ll
clailma or improuement of whatsoe.cer nature on the
part of any persons hereinalter named, and all ri hts
claimed by them In iheaum ot 51.4511. Thi award Itall
be paid to the respeclte persons hereinaiter named. in
the amounts hereLnaftlr specified, on or before the
24th day of Septemhcr. 1913. and f pa ment or tender
of payment of arn of the itemof thia a ard i3 not made
on or before that date. such items shall thi.realCtr bear
interest at the rate of sis per centum. per annum until
To the owners of buildings. for the 'ettlement oi all
rights, claims. or other interetts anr hih iheC may hatre
in the same. together with anu oLher impro\emenit
lo.ted. on the lots with hLoniej de:ignated b; ILuir
tax numbers is follows: James BroAn. Lax No. M0),
$250. W. H. Carrington. adnitiirrj3or 0 the ernate
of Geor.e Andrade. deecese.J. I toal u iu2.. lot ioi-i-
vidual hi.-ues. as iollols Tax No. 7l,. S:0I)1, tai
No. 822. $225; total SV,2. Edwa.rd Gordon. Lax
No 809. $275. Grand total. $1.5J0.
A-lard No. 26-In the ntilrr J e atrls i'j11iti for
house ins ire ro-',- o. Go5-oia --The eci.lence hefnie the
Commission .ho'cd that the persons hereinaitcr named
were the owners of the property hereminti r reiered
to before they aciepied any leases from the lithmnan
Canal Commilsion. In no Lase did the persons here-

inafter named make any claim for the ownership of the
The evidence shows further that the buildings re-
ferred to have been partially demolished, and in making
its award the Commission has taken into consideration
the impairment in the value of the property caused by
the partial demolition of the buildings.
In consideration of the principles formulated in the
opinion of July 25, on the demurrer of Counsel of the
United States to the jurisdiction of the Commission
in the matter of Juan Sotillo, and in accordance with
the evidence submitted to the Commission, an award
is hereby made against the United States of America
for certain buildings hereinafter identified by their
respective tax numbers, the said award to include all
right, title, and interest of any persons in the said
buildings, together with all claims for improvements
of whatsoever nature on the part of the persons herein-
after named, and all rights claimed by them, in the sum
of $1,245. This award shall be paid to the respective
claimants, hereinafter named, in the amounts herein-
after specified, on or before the 24th day of September,
1913, and if payment or tender of payment of any of
the items of this award is not made on or before that
date, such items shall thereafter bear interest at the rate
of six per centum, per annum, until paid.
To the owners of buildings, for the settlement of all
rights, claims, or other interests which they may have
in the same, together with any other improvements lo-
cated on the lots with houses designated by their tax
numbers, as follows: D. W. Ogilvie, tax No. 826, $625;
Luis de la Pefia, for individual houses, as follows:
Tax No. 798. $320; tax No. 832, $300; Total $620.
Grand total, $1,245.

To Continue Pumping from Chagres River.
The Division of Municipal Engineering
will continue in service the duplex steam
plunger pump, situated on the bank of the
Chagres River, near Gamboa bridge, in order
to provide against a p.'aiible deficiency in
the water supply on the west side of the
Canal during the next dry season, and also
for steamshovels that may be kept in service
above the 85-foot level on the east andr
west banks of Culebra Cut. This pump dis-
charges into a 10-inch water main, which
crosses the Cut on the Empire suspension
bridge. As this bridge will be taken down
before all work is completed on the east bank
of the Canal, it is proposed to lay the main
across the bottom of the Cut at a suitable
point in the vicinity of the present structure.
In view of the fact that the rise of Gatun
Lake will flood the present site of the pump,
it has been moved to a point higher up on
the bank.

Sale of Scrap Copper Screening and Brass Borings.
Award for the sale of all scrap copper screen-
ing has been made to H. D. MNI cko, itzof New
York City for the period beginning July 1,
1913, and terminating June 30, 1914, at the
price of $10.7S per hundredweight. The con-
tract for the last period was held by the
Nassau Smelting and Refining Works of
New York City, at $12.15 per hundredweight.
The prices at which the scrap screening was
sold by the Canal Commission for the three
years prior to 1912 have been $S.25. $8.17,
and $7.75 per hundredweight, respectively.
Two proposals were received for the pur-
chase of brass b'orines. one from the Chicago
Huuc-nrercking Company, at $9.25 per hun-
dredweight, and the other from M. Rovetta,
at $5.75 per hunlrcdsseiht. Both bids were
rejected, and it has been decided to hold the
borings until the market improves. The
Board of Appraisal has fixed on 10 cents a
pound, as the upset price for the borings.

The special material train operated between
Balboa, Empire, and Gurgina each afternoon
dropped the latter place frum its itinerary
on Saturday. August 16. The train will con-
tinue to operate with Empire as its most
northerly stop.



Vol. VII, No. 2.


Athletic and Aquatic Meet at Corozal.
Nearly 1,000 spectators and contestants
attended the athletic and aquatic meet held
under the auspices of the Corozal Y. M. C. A.,
on Labor Day, September 1.
The selection of Corozal seems to have met
with favor as 149 entries were received.
The new athletic field adjoining the club-
house proved fully adequate for the occasion
and will doubtless be useful for future events
of a similar nature.
The events of the morning were enlivened
by a concert by the band of the United States
Marine Corps.
Interest centered in the aquatic events that
were held in the afternoon on account of the
fact that the contests were held in the fore-
bay of the lower lock at Miraflores, instead of
near the dike as had been originally intended.
A concert was given by the Tenth Infantry
Band at the locks, and later at the clubhouse,
when the spectators were returning.
The results follow:
Event No. 1, 100-yard dash-First, Detmore Witver,
second, Frank W. Hoff; third, K. C. Jackson. Time,
11 1/5 seconds.
Event No. 2, dO-yard dash for boys-First, Wn. Lou-
Ian; second, Otis Roe; third, A. M. Bouche, Jr. Time,
7 4/5 seconds.
Event No. 3, Running broad ump--First S. J. Saw-
yer, distance, 20.7 feet; second, E. T. Baldwin, dis-
tance, 19.8 feet; third, Frank W. Hoff. distance, 17.9
Event No. 4, 120-yard lowe hurdles-First, L. A. Ko-
perski; second, J. N. Kenealy; third, R. A. Koperski,
Time, 17.1 seconds.
Event No. 5, Pole vault-First, J. G. DeCora; second,
F. C. Purchase; 'third, C. Murray. Height, 9 feet 6
Event No. 6, 220-yard dash--First H. D. Simmons;
second. A. J. Johnson; third, F. C. Purchase. Time,
26 seconds.
Event No. 7, Boys' relay-First, Corozal; second,
Gatun. Time, 48 seconds.
Event No. 8, 12-pound shot put-First, I. R. Scheel;
second, Raymond Van Horn; third, A. J. Johnson.
Distance, 40 feet 3 inches.
Event No. 9, Running high jump-First R. A.
Koperski; second, P. H. Chadbourne; third, Irving
R. Scheel. Height, S feet 7 inches. .
Event No. 10,880-yard run-First, P. C. Hulsebosch;
second, Wm. R. Anderson; third, S. C. Russell. Time,
2 minutes 19 seconds.
Event No. 11,440-yard dash-First, H. D. Simmons;
second, J. W. Harper; third, H. Laundry. Time 60 3/5
Event No. 12, Three-legged race-First, Hoff and
Hulsebosch; second. Frey and Russell.
Event No. 13, Tug-of-war-Won by Camp Elliott.
Eent No. 14, One mile relayrace. (Four lapsonly) -
First. Corozal; second, Camp Elliott; third, Ancon.
Time, 3 minutes 2 seconds.
Event No. 1, 50-yard swim-First, D. E. Simons;
second, J. R. Stapler; third,-Leon Giavelli.
Event No. 2, 50-yard swim for boys-First, Hal Ward-
low; second, John Sweek; third, Clarence Atkins.
Event No. 3, 100-yard swim-First D. C. Galloway;
second, D. E. Simons; third, J. R. Stapler.
Event No. 4, Fancy diving-First, J. M. jimener.
second, Waldo A. Reisner; third, Raymond ~r.ltl,
Event No. 5-Equipment race was called off.
Event No. 6, Relay swimming race-First, Gatun.
Event No. 7. One-mie rae-,First, J. W. Greene;
aecond,Jas. A. McGrath; third, J. A. Fraser.
The total of points, by towns, follows:
Position. Town. Points.
1................Camp Elliott........... 46
2............... Corozal................. 36
3................ Cristobal .............. 27
4 ............... Culebra ................ 23
5.............. Gatun................. 16
6............... Ancon................. 12
7............... Empire................ 5
8................Toro Point............... 5
The moving r.i'ti -e 1..1.il. vtr ihr ve.-l: September
ito 13 i., afol 1.... Al:...idt CGin T~usday, Cris
tobal; Wednesday, Culehra; Thursday, Empire;

Friday, Corozal and Porto Bello. A special reel. 'The
inauguration of President Wilson," will be shown asi
feature this week. Other reels axe entiJed: "Tur-.enr,
tine industry"; "No trespassing;" "Father had hi.
way;" "Pathe Weekly;" "Saved at the altar '
"Broncho Billy for sheriff;" "From Laatherbrunnen
to Murren, Ssiz.erln.l. "Small game at the Zor.:
"An eccentric sportsman;" "Stern papa;" "Love
messenger." For next week. September 8 to 13 the
following reels will be shown: "Hindoo chrmr. '
"Spring log rolling;" "Harriet Qui iby's flight,"
"For her Lord;" "The Pickwick rredicam-it.'
"The Laird's daughter;" "The convalescent;" The
little wanderer."
Moving pictures will be shown on Saturday evening_
at 8 o'clock. A special reel showing the inauguration
of President Wilson will be a feature.
High scores in tenpins for the week were, as follow, s
Schmeck, 204; Bechlem, 204; Case, 204. 201; Dough.
eity, 218, 223, 215, 200; DeCora, 209. 208.
The Empire basketball team defeated the Corozsl
team on Saturday evening, August 30 by a score o1 32
to 11. The Empire men are to form a local league to
play prior to the opening of the Isthmian League
There are enough men interested to form five tear
The "American" Isthmian duckpin tournament.
which resulted in a tie between Empire and Cristob1l.
was rolled off on the Gatun alleys on Saturday evetrunm
August 30. Empire won the first two games, thereby
winning the tournament and prizes. The Empire teaMr
... conmpioed of the following men: Hill (captiani
hlu:n Cirun.J, King, Mengsl, and Lowande.
i n R C las- [,-ul tournament his. ble-n. rran.ed
Thr -ntres a ill ..lo:c on Sec'tlmber Those vi.ri, .g
to enter arc rrrjureted tu .ee puji room man.,r.
The Tenth Infantry band. under the du~;ctlo of
Chief Musician Coe, gave a concert di the clubhouse
on Saturday evening, August 30.
The "Metropolitan" basketball league %a.; organil
on Wednesday evening, August 27. Joseph P NlItc hl'
is president and Harry Foman, secretary. The foil i
ing teams and men will participate in the If ,.
McCtintic-M. Conley, Hess, Randill, Roudiio ,
Rothgeb. First Division-Martinoff, Tuttle. Brai~..
Wathen, Sherrard, Gray, Reisner. Unattalhea- Fan
patrick, Thompson, L. Mitchell, Bailey. Bruce, Jenien
Cauthers, Giddings, M. Omeara, Chandler. C.i.I
missary-Kerruish, Grabb, Hallowell, Lutz, Gari;.r,i
Atlantic Di'ision---J. Mitchell, F. Huber, Wrnght
Whiston, Roberts, Coleman,
The first two games scheduled are: Septem:er 3.
Atlantics vs. Unattached; September 4, McC:nmlc.
Marshall vs. First Division. Gold medals will be ,1 en
as prizes, E. D. Christopherson will act as crr,,.l
The "Red Hot" indoor baseball league was rought
to a close on Thursday evening, August 28, witl final
results, as follows:
Team. Won. Lost. P. C.
Atlantic Division............ 6 .... 0 ... 1.000
First Division.............. 5 .... 1 .... 833
Office. McClintic-Marshall... 3 .... 3 .... o00
(1) Field McClintic-Marshall. 3 .... 3 .... .500
Transportation............ 2 .... 4 ... 333
Commissary................ 2 ... 4 .... .333
(2) Field McClintic-Marshall. O .... 6 .... 000
The following is the present standing of the popular
handicap pool tournament:
Name. Won. Lost. P.C.
Duey........... .......... 3 ... 0 .... I buO
Townsley................. 3 .... 0 .... I 000
Kerruish................... 3 .... 1 .. .. 50
Bailey..................... 2 .... 1 .... 6 ,
O'Hara................... 2 .... 1 .... 6a6
Johnson.................. 2 .... 1 .... tt6
Carkeet.................... 2 .... 1.... 6r.u
Pettit ..................... .... 55i
Reisner.................... 1 .... 1 .... 555
Gray..................... 1 .... 1 .... 553
Bradley.................... 1 .... 2 .... .3
Von... ............ .... .... 2 .... .3)
Dennis.. ................ 1 .... 3 .... 250
Hamill.................... 0 .... I .... (nDO
Wall.......... ............0 ... 4 o. 000
The final results of the trit D'vri,,n dictprn tourna.
ment conducted during the t,.rLn ul Augutl ts. as
Team. Won. Lost. P. C
Dubbs.......... ........ 16 .... 2 .... 888
Billikens................... 14 .... 4 .... ;77
Shuttles. .......... ....... 14 .... 4 .... ;
Transmitters.............. 7 .... 11 .... 388r
Nut splitters............... 5 .... 13 .... 2 7
Boosters................ 4 ... 14 ... 222
Chronics ................. 3 .... 15 .... 166
Thirty men attended the opening meeting of the
discussion club on Tuesday night, August 26. Fol-

lowing the address by Mr. W. B. Childers. an animated
discussion wa. held.
In the imultan. Lus chess. tournament on Saturday.
August .10 Mr \William Dubois of Cilebra took lour
games and lot five to members of the Cristobal chess
Llub. Measrj Verner Hurt. Taylor. Ogden. and
Dubois won from Mr. Dubuht, and Messrs. Wilson.
X\\ecrsler. Saltburg, and Marlin lost. The members of
the chess club favor the proposal to hold an "All-
le hmian" cher.& tournament.
Mr Frank Reynold5 featured a monologue and song
at the moving picture entertainment Saturday night.
August 10. Foll'ulnm the enterLninment, an inlorma
rece.,tion nas held ir honor ot Mr. and Mrs. Irving De-
Lone. whoae marrllge had iiut been announced.
An outrng was giten the children at the Washington
Hotel swimming pool on Labor Day.
W B Childer saaperilntnden' of the McClintir-
Nlarshall Constlu,:t..jn Company at Gntun. spoke to a
good tued 3udilar'e at the Porto Bello V. M. C. A..on
Surnd,;r evening Aac,,'t 24. H,. suebiet was "Natural
ia in the world of laLor."
A handicap pcol tournament is nein played nith the
fllou t0 n enrsl.c' and resul. to date:
,\Arti. L s.. I.: C.
Murray .. 3 0 1 000
Do~l. .. .. 0 ... 1.000
Bu klinr. . .889
Heil .... 5 . . .833
Lor .n ... 6 .. .. 2. .750
m, .. 2 .... I .667
e..r . .. .. 3 ... 2 .... 600
Cnmruin .. 6 4 ... .600
SV.'. SI.. rrard . I .... 4 .. .200
colbe .. 3 .. 4 ... .428
Thom, in I ... 5 . .167
J U. bherrard. ... 6 14J
Lh se . ... 0 .. .. 2 .... 000
Lnclebrc ht .... 0 .... 7 . .000
Tne interest in gymnasaum York Is increasing. The
iollo ing ase among those enrolled mr classes. .Messs.
Hochne. Nledd Ch'es Jenasen. Bradberry, Ge'yer.
Bucklin. Sherrard. Claude Samh. and \Vm. Smith,
Handball aeems to bh rne lavorne game in the gym-
njt.iurn. and 3 IUal tournament vill probably be or-
g:in,ed in the neir lutnrc.
A ne' i6upply oi (\ nmna.ium shoes has been received.
The Sund.y evening song aserice h ae an average
attendn:e ra about 40 people Mr. Walter Thompson
has charge oi the singing.
Seven r. rew piainc'l roll have been added to the
The Exiles Dance Club" will haie a dance at the
clubhouse on Sec~cr.ber 13. The Tenth InlanLry
orchesua nas be.n engaged.

Canal Zone Posral Savings Bank Transacilons.
A statement of thC postal saLings bank
transactions at Can.J Zone post-offices lur
the month of July. follows:

Postal Savming
NAm oF OF Fica. certficates
Ancon............ $1. .1 lu
Balbo,...... .. 16 0-10 0(
Bas uol3po........ 33t, Oi
Corozal...... 5' i6 i11
Cnstobal ... .. ..5' 0')
Culbcra ..... 9 ;i.]
Empire ... I [.1; 2.OU
Gtjun .. 15.512 00
...rgona ...24500
L-. C.-Aadias .... 13.J6 3.00
Mat., rnin. ......... 201 00
hMiauores ....... 4.'16 00
Par.isc .. .... .. 12 069 00
Criatobal. Sta "A". 2.845.00
Cnritool. Sta B'.. I 010 00
Pedro Miguel ........ .12.4'25.00
Total... .... $8J3.936.00
Deposits on hand
onJulh I. 1913 $645.690 00
Amount deposited
In July............ 183.936 00
Amount withdrawn
In Jul .............
Bulance on hand
August 1. 1913......

FPO. i 11Saing-
cer '1cater

IG. i',.
21 bn
10..iu a u
12.2UU uil1
13 31.uo
7.642 00
8.161 00



S292.626.00 $829.626.00

DELONG-ROGERS- At the Union Church Cris-
tot.Al. Mihi Either A Roger of Thrnoitosa-ia. Fla
to Mr. Irm'n Newton DeLong of Easton Pa.. the Rev.
Carl H.ElliottoIffit.ing. Canal Zone residence. Cris-
McEWEN-ASSY-At tre L'ni...n Church. Clia-
tobal. on Monday Se pte bej I., Ali Josepnine Louise
A.s, ol New.' York City to Mr. John Alex. AlcEnen
ol Boston the Rev. Carl H. Elliott officiating. Canal
Zone residence. Culebra.

Septomr 3, 1913.



Centralization of Church Work.
The Woman's Foreign Nlissionary Society
of the Methodist Episcopal Church has issued
invitations to the members of the church so-
cieties throughout the Can.il Zone for a rally
to be held in the church parlors of the Qea wall
church on Saturday, September 6. at 2..;0
o'clock. The object of ihi- meLting is tr- di--
cuss the possibility. of forming a cent ral society
for the carrying on of Chri.tian work among
the women alter the dlsbjndmcnt ,-if .uch
societies as nowexist. It is thought that if
the women concentrate in one strong oreani-
zation, the uork can be done without much
tax on their time. It i, believed that the
women of Corozal, Paraiso, Pedro Miguel,
Culebra, and Empire will be interested in the
project. and it is to residents in those \ illa-'es
that the appeal is especially% made. In adl-
dition to the discussion of the-e plans, there
will be a short program, which will include
one number by pupils of the mis-inn school.
and an address on missions by Mrs. Harry
Compton. Fortheconvenien-e of those ladies
who wish to combine a morning business trip
with the meeting. Mrs. E. I. iKeyser of Ancon
will serve luncheon at her home near the hos-
pital gate at 12 o'clock Tho-e having chil-
dren to be cared for will find special pr.vi-ion
for their entertainment. \\omen who vish
to avail themselves of this hospitality should
send word of acceptance to Mrs. E M. Ke. -
ser, Ancon. The committee in charge of the
arrangements for the meeting is composed of
Mrs. Compton, president of the society. Mrs.
C. H. Ports, secretary, and Mrs. JamesStokoe,
chairman of the committee
At the meeting of the society, on August 2,
Mrs Ports was elected secretary vice RMiss
Elise Keyser, resigned. NlM-s Keyser ha- leit
the Isthmus for her home in the United
States. It is possible that she may return in the
service of the Methodist NMissionar', Board.
The Methodist Mission School in Panama
has an enrollment of 9u, and the last report
showed an average attendance of 83 pupils.
There are three teachers, and one teacher to
supervise the children in their play. It has
been decided to devote one day in each week
to instruction in industrial work The boys
will be taught carpentry and manual work,
and the girls will be taught sewing, cooking,
and household economics. The missionary
society will provide suitable playground equip-
ment for the school.
Miscellaneous Notes.
A large, clear map of the United States is
desired by the instructor in a clasb in English
for Chinamen. Any one wishing to donate
such a map may address Box -20, Cristobal
The Cristobal Union Sunday school has
forwarded a donation to the Jacob Riis Set-
tlement for its fund for sending a poor family
to the country fora few days in the hot weath-
er. Five dollars will take care of a good sized
family for one week. Mr. Kromer, super-
intendent of the Cristobal Union Sunday
school, Mr. Simka, Cristobal, and Mr. Page,
secretary of the Commission clubhouse at
Cristobal, will receive further subsc'.iptions
for this purpose.
Mrs. R. C. Warringer of Johannesburg,
South Africa, was the guest of honor at the
meeting of the Woman's Altar Guild of St.
Luke's Church, Ancon, on Tuesday after-
noon, September 2. She spoke informally on
the work of the women of the church in the

Transvaal. The meeting was held at the
home of Mrs R. E. Noble and aas well at-
tended. The guild will lctlbrate its sixth
anniversary in Oct:bcr. The ne-t meeting
will be held at the home. f Mr-. S. T. Darling,
Ancon Hospital groun-',. on Tuesday, Oc-
tober 7. The hour has been changed from
3.30 to 4 o'cl.--o-k
Dr. Ge-.rge- Chalm.r Ri.hmonnd. D. D.,
rcctor of Tnrnit. Church Philadilphia, has-
l-,en a reunt i,-it-r r to the I-thmus. He
preached at Chri-t Lhurc.h (-0ln Bciach on
Sundi\ e,.enir.. Aucust 24. at St. Luke'.
Hospital chap,-l. Ancon, on Sundlay morning.
Augu-t 31. ndat St. Paul's church, Panama,
on the cxcnmnc ol the -ame d i,. Dr. Rich-
m,.nd sail.:-, lr New York on the Trent on
Tut-da:. September 2
A speciall service "as held at the Cri.st-bal
L'nion Church on -M.nlaL ecri ng, Septem-
ber 1. in commemuiration ol th,,se wh.o have
lo-t their lives in c..nnectiron \ith the con.-
struciion of the Panama Canal. The pastor,
Rev Carl 1-. Elliott, preached a mem.inal

ConL.ressman \V art AlkL n of South Caro-
lina. accoiipanied b:, his son, arri- i'vd on the
Panama, on Sunday, August 31 tu look over
the.Caral wurk

Visll of Shriners.
One hundred and nine members of the
Anci-nt Arabic Order. Nobles. of the NMystic
Shrine-, arrived on the Tirrra iAh frr..m New
Orleans on 'huriday. August 28. and bl
on the Cariago un Saturday. August 30.
The most note'orth, event of their ra\ %sas
the ceremony% ol initiation which was held
in the forenoon of Labor Day in the west
chamber of the upper lock at Miraflores, where
the setting e is made to repri-esent the interior
of a Shriner,' temple. Alter the secret wurk,
a bronze tablet was placed un the center
.all, commemor-atlc olf the eent. ahich
bears the lull.lin, inscript.ion
Ei Selimu AleikSum
OimanTemple A A.i N r. M. St P'aul.h Mnncsota.
i I. A.
J. Hirr\ Leat illu.rrtou, Potrentatr.
Jolhn -i.hlil iiruorder
Vdl 3 \\' i:tburn Ch..-i kat.bir
Th'i titllt rr. i rl Lh l I 'i r oni .% J,- l .ha.,
13J1.' sieptelrer i IT.E P,rn;:Vr-r i- undre.l an.l Th.r.
teeni a c.aravan iron cil:mjn Temple pajUe.'J In IL
journey Lu..ijrd ihN =.tt,.: un -in ronlerie-d in lu!l
form ime Ancient Arabic Ordrr of the Nobles ni the
Ntuitl S Tnrinr n II 'l 1 ni of the desert in i ier under
the lI;nm:an CanAl Coilmisi:.i.n
LMay Allih protect and Fus.tan them.
Alesum E. Selimu
The trip was made under the auspice. of
Osman. Temple of St. Paul. Minn. and its
band and patrol was brought alung. The
social features of the vis-it consi-ted of a
ball at the Hotel Ti\uh on Saturday evening.
band conI-ertn in Panama and Colon, sight-
seeing trips, and a banquet at the H,..tel
Washington on Monda% evening. Mr. \\. \W.
Irwin. Imperial Potentate of the OrdJer, and
Mr. J. Harry Lewis, pitentate ol Is man
Temple, were among the visiora.

Examination by Board of Local Inspecrorj.
The Board ol Local Inipe tor. ill conductt
examinations at the Administratiun Building,
Ancon, on Wednesday, September 1U, 1913,
beginning promptly. at 2 p. m.. for persons
desiring to procure the following classesof
licenses: Pilots, masters, mates, marine en-
gineers, chauffeurs, and navigators of motor

boats. All applicants for licenses must pro-
cure from the Executive Office, Ancon, forms
of application and information respecting the
filling out of same. at least one day before the
examination. Applicants for chauffeurs' li-
censes must also bring automobiles.
Tioll Club Elecrion.
The annual meetine of the Tivoli Club "as
hi ld on Sunday, August 31, when the follow-
ini ofiicers were elected' President, Col.
\\Ali.am C. Gorgas, vice-president. Dr. W.
E. Decks: secretar'.-treasurer, J. \\. Tanne-
hill, reelected Messrs. B. C. Poule and \\'. K.
Jackson were elettcd members of the execu-
ti\e committee.
Crirohal Marine Assoclrlion.
The Cristobal Marine Association meets
every Fir-t and third Sunday of each month
in Cri ,rb.Il ludge hall. building No. I. The
next me-ting till b- .eptrrber 7, at 8 p. m.
Recording Secretary.
Cristobal, C. Z, August 27, 1913.

The dimantling of chamber cranes Nos.
2 and 4, and berm cranes E and F at
Aliraflores Locks will be done by forces of the
Fifth D, isin.
Family Ouarters.
Apr.Lh-aion-a ifr m.irer.d quijLterl on file on July 31,
iere aa ,illoss.

DisriciL List List
No 1. No. 2
Ancon. .... ....... .......... 181 4, 9 (19)
Aneron Ho0 pitL`l ....... ... 5
Bilbou . .. .. .. I 5; (3)
-a Obipo. ... ...... .. 12 (2.
Coroz.l ........ . .. ... I I q Is,
Cniob.l ........... ............I lio ()
ul bra ...... . . . . .
Fmp .re .. s (4) i11l)

Porro Belr .. (9)
Toro Poin............. ......... 4
Toal........... ....... .. 31 1 l) 758 (73)
NoIE-The figures in parentri.ese show the number
of ap-pocants already oc. uipin regular or nornhouse-
keeprng family quarter at atjLona other than those at
wtlch applecatiora are Fded
Tide Table.
The foll.alng Lnhle haw; e Lie Lie o high and low
idres at Parianisa i-r lthe tie-k ending Sreptieniber 1.1 1913.

DATE. High Lo- Hih Low J High

A lt. A Ni A M. P.Mi. PM.
7 2 : S 08 3. 8.44
S-t. l 8 ... .% I ) 9 513 3 9.50
Sept 0 .... 4. 10 iU 16 4 52 II 18
SerP 10... . 5.31 II o 08 ..
Sept. 11... 12 4 0 6 45 I 0 7 1
et. 12.... I o i.51 2 I; 8 1.
Sept 1 2 '5 40 2 5 5.5
:.u. meridian time.
Stages of the Chagres.
MN.ximumr h.e-cht uf ih Cha grri River fir the week
ending midnight. Saturdli. Auguet 30. 1913. All
reights are in feet ahboe In-an snilevil.
I bTrrlONs.

DAY .v. DATE I d
I .1 .1

un. Augur.t 24 .I ; Q 94 59 4 59.4
rc-,n .\u;u:t 25 . I12 9 59 .5 sq 5
T." Au .IL -I 120 7 9 I 59 7 aSt 6
i%.d Auii-t 2; 1l31 4 'i. 4 61 0 5tU 8
T.nur- u~ t 2 !; 4 43 8 61)..1 0.
F .A-itu;r. 2 1; j 93 5 ,0 2 60 2
SE Auuil:t 31. .. 126 93 2 60.3 6U.,
Heirrit of low waitr to
neir.e's io -r .1 125 0 91 0 44.0
*Sluice gates m s pilJay ol Gaaun Dam were Josed
on June 27, 1913, with lake at elevation 48.25.

_ ~~~


VoL. VII, No. 2.


Red Cross Ball.
CULoBra C Z August 28. 1913.
leADn OP DBPART'.1ENi5 \:Ni Ail ii)3' a:
A bil, w Ill be &bi en a. tlre hotel Ti,,li on Serti mber
I7.under tht ur.i.t ,- i l the N.ti-L.OnaI RK d Cr-.:.i Societ y
for tre brene t c. tihe C:,n .1 Z.,ne Cthafiter in celebra-
tion of th co:ni plrtic.n ..fi dry r --. i.Eti1 n in te Canal.
The bill rhi- r-..r. d oanri-.i ar n jnd pa rrients
of amuiini: a o t L rilj'd b', j umi'-o :: I Iur i -kEti; or 2tbher
purp.):el in L -nr:1iln %lh 0in r ll nSar b: mirnle by
pa, roll deduction ii ti e rii, it, .,o r juril Sin arilinia .
-. ,...P Vt i .tT i ;Ls n.

Iii ala >ii l iJ.ii1i ; JiruaL it i ui.iy
Analyt-i of \\%Jer Supply.
Ci.LLtk.., L Z \Ar. 4t 26. 19113
CIRC-' hR No 44J ,
Pari.'ir-[h D d neJ.'r ec-.n 3 .:.t the Rules and
reguilai Jn. rei kr-iinc tihe e: a ait-.:.i treatrreDnt anri
carc .ii te.' :ur',..l':- utndo l th j u dirtdlin of the
Isthm.an Canil Comrns-:on ,a n.J f inama Railroad
Cori-.an ir.iri i. art,'-r, -:.nd.uint is changed to
read a I a ll*
ire raril.ui ol an)l. itre t, i be those of the
Amierican Paubl. HI-alti A. : ioL aon.
(i .,rj i r. / *J.'ii. iaini Car,. C ottmt iitiit.
t. ir.:. ii..iP-' iJmioa /a ,..i'a Comu anri.

Standard Oils and Lubrlcants.
CUtLEBvI. C .. September 1, 1913
CIStCLisk No. 314-6. 't'LPERLEDiliG Cir.CtiLA. NO.
The lolloainz li-t of llumntmnlng oil and lubricating
oils and i ca:ie udl be Loniidered as standard for the
Isthrr.ian Canal Comnmi,,n-n and Panama Railroad
Comrpin, and aill be ui- d oril. for the puriusie iendi-
cated \rcei--ing .nlg as iinliCt.ed in thL list .-r.igraph
of ithi ordrT. All rt,4uiiit.lr-a jn the Quartermas:'er &
Department anjil speil the oil or lubricant desired.
e.tner by trhi i C number gi.'en .eloA or b, name.
or b, ~,c:-i., and n.) niam ot.hpr than ihait gises below
for es.:n rariiiul r oil or lubr;cant shall be u:ed in
delrgnrting; le amtrne on resuisitions etc No uisl or
lubricants isill bt reit.Li.tioned li utnleres the same are
incld-l in thre fulli..-) ni hl:t until alter application for
nauitr.'.r y It pro.:urt min.. shuaisng the necessaty
therelor tha been ftrit uti.lnitted to and apprused by
The metal drums in rhich most of tre lubricating
oil- arCe firnt.b hd tr.' prc-.pertr uf the od contractors
and rate I. be reitir[nd to them in ,ood con-liion.
Care :rould tr.rh-fcre. be exercised ,n itrier nindlinc to
prevent both d.amrn i and loIs of il. ind in no case
should thys be ui:d as a conitnuo.j conaRiner lor same
or an. other ,.ds but then -mpts shor uld be returned
picriL tl. a t he ,Juaritrmj:ter'. Dep tLrinent.
The pricr a gl"en b,-l,.I) in-l1cate the actual cost to the
Cormirmi?,.n iars I'jnama RailroJd Ctompany of all
oils. inrl lubrict nta d.l,.ert d at Crisiobal under the
pre-sent annus l i:..r'rr tct (C .t or drums not includedil.
ard ar- not inten-lel I t supe'r Jde the price, given in the
prSi: Lo)ak of the Quarirrnrmiiier a Depirtment. and
Phoul-I not b,: Lu s] in the matterLl a-.o.unts.
Cont per gal.
] C. C S N. Drntr.s Cins.
I. \ale oil . $ 5 .. .

For the Intrinal lulalrs-.:tln oi ateIam
valves and isllnderi on all clajne, of
equipment For iI;e on the i:rnk isica of
W \V'-snghoue rs.rt -l compound en-
2 Air :c~jlrr-re's ,-,. hinder ni ...... 20 ....
For the: iti rnil labri, itiOn Of air c,'-
-lid-r; Mi ar umir-:ori. 1ir. an ior pneu-
,sDtl: hamnrers anr1 lrll6..
3 Marine en:in.:- il .... 22 ..
For rinnrn,. engine bLu n'.t in t.rank
cas;I, hwhire It us ull tb: .':t3ated and
.Tll\ped .h sjter. Ilor b-i a Comirrjund
oil it tojli .-truI,, 1Js u!.--1. lur
r.lt hbtl, k be irin1 -1 i-' lios i r-lggr-
4 ionr ir:, nine: oil 17
For riaI i- ars ri.90.a-: l ltrn: d, n .-
ro'l. .iand moutr, t3'.,J ni t njtl I viK.i
inc min :htlintr ry i:nd i'r c.r ta i'--r
c il rn iif mr l.. n-.r', .il- lor dr..i oi b-l. t
cit-ur. turret larhe; etc. scf-pi vh.re
the ue -if lirtd i: ri rrinliieL i.eC n-ote
ut riJ lr ,larS..rt No I L1
5 La.uaitiiiiic nbine oil .. .15
F',r a11 lo:rnmon" C.. running g- ir o0 all
ho:osnor e r a:n- de- k mjchs.n-er oa
dredge i iteer- engine: .and lot cold xa.
In machine shops
0 Tu-bine engine oil ... 18 .
For all step b.rjrings o0 turbines In tre
MLralores and Gatan power plants only.

This oil is also known as step bearing ol
7. Gas engine oil ...... .. ..........
For the cylinders of internal combua-
tion engines
9. C ar ...... .. . ...........
For Lbe journals of all cars passenger
,.o.-r.ei li-:omotive tenders, and. rolling
ticik fenerailly; for steam Ehoel bearings
rrhere not equipped with grease cupa.
and for tripod drills and switrones.
10. Tran-lormer od .
For use in the ele-.:rical sur.di.tison in
air-cooled transformers orn.i.
I1. Lard oil
Fur hand torches for illuminating pur-
po:ei onl% orn marine equiprrtirnt On
land. for 'hop use on pipe-threatinig ma-
ctanes, and It may be subitatuted for
Stadtonlar engine od tl C. C. No 4)
when necessary. on dies and turret ma-
chinLq and on bolt cutters when working
refnnd iron or lougn mc.nilnery steel.
The use of this oil should be min;mnized
to the greatest possible extent on account
-f its high court.
12 Ammonia c linder oil. ... .....
For the internal lubri:ati.on of cylinders
of ammonia comprcasoars only.

13 Crude oil . ....
For the lubicatton of iteamisihovel
chains. catles were designated and gen-
eral purposes where oils and greases have
been used as a preer\atn~e.

20 Nonliquid oil . .
Ths is an oil of the consistency of ve-
line for the lubricau.ln of m ejes of car-
rnages on the Lidgerwood rablewiys at
Gatun for air brake c-lirnders and triple
valhen. and such pneumatic drills and
motors as may be equipped for the use of
gr cas.

21. Cup grease (yeUowwl ... ..
For all csses of lubrication where
rease is used in comprie iion cups This
grease is being received in twoconsist-
encies. No 3 and No. 5. the No. I of les-
ser consistency to be used on machinery
subject to normal temperature. and the
No. of heavier constitens: to be used on
machinery aubject to higher tempera-
22. Gear grease. .. . .......
For all classes of lubric tion requlrJng
grease for which comoDr ciion cups art not
adapted. This includes ithe cern.r and
side Lear;ngs of cars. crlnes. an-d iream-
shotela also wire cabics. both standing
and running. etc.

23 Cable grease .. ...... .
For the "inmelocked-wire trick cables
of ine Gatun cableways exclusi'ely.
24 Crank pin grease ... . . . ..
For use on locomotie crank pins only
where pre-sure cups are used Care
should be exercised not to confound this
grease with cup grease Nos. 3 and 5 f1.
C. C. No. 21. which -a not suitable for thib

30. Signal oil........ ....
For use in railroad lanterns onl/. nd in
the cab lights of engines.
31. Kerosene od .... .... ....
For uae ti loormotire hr'adlights, pas-
senger coach and similar lamp., ordinary
lanterns. and for cleaning purposes.
40i. t-,3ol:ne ....................
i-.or use on gas-line launches, motor
cari. blow torches. cleaning. etc
Standard hand nilr-r and oil cans shou
provided in Laiculnr No. 3JS3D.
.\ .o: of this circular hall be posted in
pljint. shopi, engine house storehouse
on all marine equipment, and in such ot
mas be necessary to mure the o-'gnizanu
all cour.erno.d.
SubstituLions uf cheaper grades of
1. C. C. and P. R. R. lubricanta gtven a
approved by the traveling engineer, or
of lubricant and equipment whenever

the above circular defrinig In a general way ther
.20 .. accepid uses.
Chairman. I;thmnan Canal Commission.
.I Periudr.r, Panama Pia.oad Company.

Ouartermarter'a Department to Take over Oil
CULEBR.\. C. Z August 23, 1913.
Heaos Or DEPARTMeINTI -ND Di\',iIO's:
.2* Eifect;re Septembrr I. 191 the Quartermaater's
Department dll take oer all field oil houses of the
CoimnmlsOon un the Isitmur The necessary arpange-
S. 6575 menua for the i.ijsnce of lubricanLs and greases will be
made directly by the Quartermnaster a Department with
the various departtments and divisions interested.
Chairman and Chrre Engsiner.

Track Over Gamboa Dike To Be Cur Septem-
ber 10, 1915.
CEPIRE C. Z.. September J, 1913.
The track over Gamboi dike will be cut on Sep-
35 .....* member 10. 19Hl. On and alter tr.t date. all Lrainscross-
Ing the Canxl wdl lhaie to use Bridge 572.
In UI. A. S. ZINNr.
0262 .4 'Inr Dtr-.lnus Engdueer.
Chief Accountant, Central Division.
EMPiRE. C Z August 21, 1913.
CElective this date. Mr. J J. llMlgojrd is appointed
chlie a:countint. Central Dlision. sire Mr. R. K.
Cost per Lb. Booth. resigned. A. S. ZINN.
In btlIs Aeling Dirisson Engineer.
Change in Salling Dates of P. R R. Steamers.
COLON. R. P.. August 28, 1913.
All Cojncernl-On account of withdrawing the
ilseamnship 4liDa .a Irom the service for necessary
Cost per Lb. repair;.and inabdil i tochartri fuilahle sleamel to take
In CJn.j ILs C.1:P. the ir.nIIolin changes wil be made in our
065 ste-i rhipp .lieCdul

STEAMERS Letve Arrive I.eive Arrive
Nei \'ork Critrobal Cr;tobal New Vork

Ad\ in:e I ... ........ Aug JL Sept. 6
Colon Sept. 2 S 1pt. r Sept. 1-i Sept. 20
Ads'ane. aect Seplt lb Sept 2. Sept. 29
Panama 5ept. 1 Sept. 2' Stp 2 Oct. 4
Alni:a Sept Sept 2 Sept 2l Oct. Oct. 10
GeClnal Siperenlendel.

Appointment of Terminal Trainmaster.
COLON. R. P.. Auglst 19, 1913.
Cost per Lb. CLk Irl'.R No. I 4.
In bblh Allu ia-,trd-iEfiectiite Wedneiday. August 20,
.04 .r. E. S Wa'.d Is appointedd terrrmul trunmaster, in
Large of Cristibal and Colon yard.
JoHva D. PArTTaON,
085 General Sauperintendent.

Appointment of Port Captain at Colon.
COLON, R. P.. August 16. 1913.
CiscL LAR NO. 1.6.
All C1o.ceruni-Erfective September 13. 1913. Mr.
R. W. Bergin is app.-inted port captain of the port of
Co per Gi. Colon. in aIdiCtii n toi hi: duties as receiving and for-
Ltaer Cans. warding agent. vice Mr. J. St. C. Hunt.
4 J. D. ParrTRSON,
Genreal Supeinlenadea.

102 .169 Appointment of Terminal Trainmaster.
COLON. R. P., Augu.st 23. 1913.
CIRCuAi.iR No. I5.
251 318 All 'CONiceinrJ-FIfTe.-tive Mondav, September 1,
1913. Mr S. W. Held is appointed terminal train.
master in charge of Panama and Balboa yards.
ld be used aa JOHN D. PATtIsaoR ,
Gerjal Superinerndent.
all stationary
s. od houses. Chbare for Brake Service Sundays and Holidays
her place a3s CULEcR.A. C. Z., August 12, 191J.
The Chairman has approved recommendation that,
the standard Inasmuch as brake service furnished private individuals
bore. may be is usually riturred on Sundays and holidays. or in the
toe inspector evenings. and the drivers of the brakes receive no over-
pracLicable, time for thLl service. the di ntrct quartermasters be

September 3. 1913.


authorized to collect from the parties using the brake,
one dollar. (SI) United States currency, which sum is
to be paid to the driver performmg the service. his
receipt to be taken therefore.
Please be governed accordingly.
R E. WVooD.
Chief OQastermaztler.

District Quartermaster Chanies.
CULE.Bta. C. Z.. August 18 1913.
AllConterned-Eflective September I. the following
changes will be made tn stations of district quarter-
R. C. Shady. district quartermaster. from Gorgona
to Corozal.
J. H. K. Humphrey, district quartermaster, from
Corozal to Empire.
J. T. Smith. district quartermar--er. from Pedro
Miguel to Gatun. R. E WooD.
Chi'j Quaitemuster.

Transfer Slips to Show Accrued Vacation Leave.
CULEBRA. C. Z.. AucLiat 5. 1I13.
In order to coir.ply with the circular of the Chairman
and Chief Engineer of July 26 to Heids of Depart-
ments and Divisions. relt-ive to charging the divi.sons.
transferring an employee with accrued taration leave
instead of charging the exprene to the division re-
questing the transfer. it till be nee.ssary. efleclr.e
August 1. to show on the transfer shli.p furn-shd the
departments and diit;ons the amount of accrued
vacation leave due. Two copie' of tianifer slips should
be sent to the Chief Engineer.
As this information has not been shown on the
transfer slips issued during thf month of July. please
furnish me statement. giving trie njmeis amount of
accrued vacation leave. and the Jdpartment to which
tran-ferred, of all employes who have been iran'iferred
during July.
In future. the dinsion to which crmc.Ilye' are trans-
ferred will render bills on ith b.s.. of the accrued
vacation leave shown on Ltranfer lir.3.
Cos't Keeping A4,oaniaj t

Involcing Accrued Vacar on Leane.
CuLCta.',. C Z Aucust IS. o113
Referring to the Crh-rman,'s irul:ir tr. the Hearlt
of D-paltments and Di-ialon .'uthoriine bill aga.n-rt
the department or division Lr.tniferring enml:.)--e l[or
accrued vacation lca3e.
It is not intended that an-, inoi.ce be rendered for
lessm han 21 dass. or ,xi m-.nths' leave ts. under the
regulations, no vacation I-ave is earned under sit
Bills should only b' rendered where the accrued leave
II for a period of more than is moLnths.
C?.u Keeping .4roaurnantl.

Supplies for the Canal.
The following steamers with sunolies for the I'.th-
mian Canal Comminsion and Pinanta Raildroad Com-
pany. arrived at the ports of Bilbo3. Cr;stobal and
Colon, during the tuio week.l ending August 30 1-)1i:
Colon. August 18. from New York. with four boxes
machinery for Mt. HODn pumping station for Atlntr.c
Divis;in; five cs.ei tarpaul;n. fior stock; sinal mater-r
al. for Pnarnma railroad. one box bra;s cocks,. one ca.re
repair parts for monotype. for stock. one case drawing
material. for Fourth DOition: one ca drawing ma-
terial, for stock; 29 reels cooper cable, for First Divi-
sion; 10 boxes plumbing material. 10 cases paint. 213
bundles pipe. 190 bundles tie plates. 200 kegs wire nailsa
for stock; 52 cases electric fixtures. 20 bundles desrail-
ers. for Panami railroad, two packages medical sup.
plies. for Sanitary Department: I3 barrels foundry
supplies. for Mechamical Di, iion; SOcrates roofing Lle.
for First Division, 242 bundles steel bars. for Fifth
Division; 25 pieces lumber. for stock.
Pastores. August 17. from New York. with one case
file cases. for stock; three cases pipe fittings. for Me-
chanical Division; two ,aset packing. 16 pieces chains.
for stock, 3-1 barrels tranail oil for Mechanical Divi-
sion; one rail bender and attachments. for Panama
railroad: 16 bales life preser.'ers. for stock.
Cart Shurs. August 18, from New York. with iwo
cases vises. 121 pieces pipe. for stock: 151 crates fire
brick. 13 sacks fire clay, for Mechanical Division, three
boxes bar steel. five cases paper. for stock
Beredsa. August 18. from New Orleans. with 2.188
pieces lumber, for Mechaaical Division; 3.691 places
lumber, for stock; 20 pieces lumber, for fortficatuons;
one box chipping hammers. for First Division: 133
bundles pipe fittings. for stock: 307 barrels paving brick.
for Panama railroad.
OWa, August 18. from St. Marys. Georgia, with 1,507

pieces untreated piling. 151 pieces treated piling, 1.439
pieces lumber, for stock.
Afetlaan August 20 from New York. with one reel
copper cable, for First Division; 150 cases linseed oil.
seven bales steam hose. two cases belt lacing, for stock;
onecratesteel plates. for First Division.
Arenat. August 21. from New Orleans. with two cases
brushes. 29 rolls canmas, four cases sledges, 50 cases
soap. 183 crates handles, 698 pieces lumber, for stock;
19 cases iron rilihngs. for Panama railroad.
AdJinmer, Auguir 26. from New York, with 5.500
packages hollow tile. For Second Diiision; two boxes
brass cucks. 101 drdum od. 12 cises stationary supplies.
for stock, four crates concrete ide machine;. for Second
Division, 14 barrels crucibles for foundry. for Me-
chanical Divs.or., three ca.es ledges, for stock:
one launch propeller. for Second Diision, II boxes
electric lamps. for Mech3anm3al Division, 121 cases
steel wire IS cajes ele:trl.: txiurea. for Panama railroad;
one tbox brushes. for ruck: two crates rail bender,. lor
Panama Railroad Coumpaay: 70 bo\es burial cisketa.
for Sanitary Department, one bou motors, for NIe-
chan,~al Division, on-e bho tickets I'fr P:inama Rail-
roid Coripny; I' ar cases qtaIinanry supplies. for
etock: one box eIrctrlcal mniterial for Fir.t Divialon:
siU boxes. mower repair plrL;. for stock; two hoses
d nirrium,-ters. for First Dcivion. 130 barrel molding
sand. for Mechanical DiR.son: 26 boxes stationary
suprliei. eight boxes bolts. for stock; one case motor
car parts. for Mechanical D. ,sSon; one barrel crockery.
for Sanitarv Department: three ca-es paint for stock,
one box machinery, for Sixth Division; two boxes
electrical mnaterial. for Mechanical Division. seven
barrel.i cable fittings for First Division. three boxea
inula[tor for Mechanical Daviion. one box caitings.
for Parnama Railroad Comnpan3 ; c10 bundles car cast-
ings for Mlechanca.l Divition, five pieces itiings. for
Si\th LUvlkion, and a mriscellanaout cargo. the whole
cons rinre of 6.2&6 packages. e'ghling 146 tons.
Prinz .4Ausulit iliJtim. August 24. from New York.
with 1 2M3 Irr*'es p.pe. for First Di isjicn eight barrels
iron pipe nlLint;s lior ?ta-k: 120 piece Iron rods. two
kei: nu : for .e :ond Dr.ision.
Tarvit,c August 24. from New Vork. with 51 cases
cautnic aoda 15I as-e paint. for to,:k: 20cai.s machin-
ery. four reeli cable tlr Firit Diviiion one reel cable
for Nlechmni.al D'iiion. 13 cases electr;iad material.
ror First Diviion. two c icts telephone eq iprmenit ,fr
Panama, Ra3ilroad Camorny, 10 barrels copper wire.
for MNlech3ancal Diviion, 1.5,3 pieces. 373 bundles.
l2 case;. 216b piece. 5 cases structural material. for
First Division.
P.Ni'siuitani. August 25. from San Francisco, with
2046 pie-.es lumber, for Fortirications Division, 13
cases machinery, for SiatLh Division, two cat s paint.
ior stock.
Hlaiakn. August 27. from Jacksonville. Florida. with
469 long tons pig iron for Me- harincil Dioi.on, 5 710
pieces lumber 1.113 p,-.:e; piling, 2.500 cros-iles, for
stock; five pieces dipper -itck. for sixth Dii. 'on.
Parismina. August 23 from New Orleans witli 3 936
pie..es lumber. 161` s -it.h stands and rods. 10 boxes
chisels. 50 draft mule=, f.r :toe:k. 954 barrels paying
br:k,. for Panama Railroad Company.
Zac i:a August 27. from New York. with 71 reels
wire rope. 4-4i bundles :-n3oel: four case' packing. 15
packages copper. for tack; 20 rerel'. copper-lad wire.
1,000 crae; insulators 34 cari:- part'., one box castinc.-
for Firti Dition: 354 bundles rerinorcing rod-. for
Second Diviiion.
TSpri-il.i.. Augur 2,. from New Orleans. with 625
piec-i lumber, three cases paint brushes. for stock
60 Darreli brake shoes. for Mechanical Division: 550
cre-o-oted blocks,. for Second Div asion; one piece rock
ciushing machinery. for Fifth Division; 5.000 pounds
compound for Fir-t Dii'ion.
Edenhai'. August 28, from Baltimote. with 3.000
pieces sewer pipe. 1.500 kegs spike'. 56.000 piece,
vitrified tile. 375 birrel sulphate ammonia. 250 bundles
brooms, for stock; eight cases miter gate moving ma-
chinery. foiircaaes. 18 pieces castings, for First Division:
507 pieces. 44 bundles. 32 bores structural material. for
Panama Railroad Company. 20 boxes ether. for
Sanitary Department.

Sale of Bullding No. 204. Cartagenita
CULEaRA. C. Z.. August 29, 1913.
Sealed proposal will be received at th!s office until
3p.m. Thursday. September 11.1913. and thenopened
for the purchase of building No. 204. located at Car.-
tagerita, near Parasso
Propos-ili should be accompaumed by certified cheek.
post-office money order or cash, for five per cent i5 II
of the amount bid.
Successful bidder will be granted the Commission
freight rare of $2.25 per orn over the Panama railroad
for material recovered from the building, and will be
required to remove the building wLIthin 30 days from
acceptance of bid.
Intending bidder will be shown the building offered

for sale, or given any informatic.n desire upon appliea-
tion to Mr. 0. S. Farr.r. acting district .ituartermaster,
Pedro Miguel.
Envelopes conLaining prT-po3sal3 hc.uld be marked
"Proposal for purchase of bdldJing No. 204" and ad-
dressed to Capt. R. E Wood. Chief Quartermaster,
Culebra. C. Z.
The right Is reserved to accept or reject any or all
bids R F W.oor
C rQ&jarlema:ler.

Misdirected Lerters.
ANCON. C. Z Septemoer 4. 1913.
The following inmuffT. i-nil, iddres,-d letels;. origi-
nating in the United Statea and its poisessioni have
been received in the office of the Director Ol Posts. and
may be secured upon request tch th- addrrcsees;
Ampy. Joseph Logan. C. H
A.tkrisn 0 C. Malliau. J E
Be.!l:r. W D. .Led. NM W ,rhotop
Broadaliirit, Geo. M r F: J C. id.ail paper
Clark. CGeo. Pail;,h.gan A E
Cole. Cr.,-les B. Piuhi Fred P pamphlet)
Drurrim. j.. RimTy. '\\'m
Ellis Richard Ro.jnd, \\rn J.
Finley. G I Srnc.an. inm,
Flynn. 'atriick J :1 alesI.Joseph
Garriin. A. S Shi, iti. i Ester
Gorman John C Smit n t.eorke R.
Harr.i S B 3 Smith. Jinme' H.
Holme_ Mr. Dr. Thomp'on John C.
Johnon Harry L. Trilr..n MiNl Emily
Jones. WV. C. Wrili. j T
libel. M3Ist urk. Leonard r?)
Blackburn. Rayv Mens. Lu-.
B[o.Acir, od. .lin M.-'nile E M..
Cillhhan. John Mutrpric ii- Fidelna
Catlin. W.R.R. Mjr tn. S.nitu-
Clarke, -*..car N..h.ala.i. V\\ hijn
Colby. F. G. N.-)k. I.n F.
Coll..,11. Jai. P.r,,r. D ,iJ id .i
ElI m. Dr. Herbert W'. R. Iet. Ilion Ii.
Ji aon Jaimc P.Ra :II L5 11.
Gtlin. F.I as R. Sn Lenti n Mrs. \\sl.
C'ue-s. P R tifn F R.
Hill. Mr.. Frel P. Snith n, i,. iry L.
Herr,'. 1I. .1. Skull n J E.
Holmes. Frank S..e-,%' Mr.,i. John
Johnson Harre C. t Temlr.am Rpurtil
K-,. ner 1.io a'. r4N,-i. Alert
nisri allrci. Clan II N ir.an Walt.r
MCl McCord F ,l 'I.am G'erThim
\vr.gral loin L fi,
LEr'iEit LU .:.LLEI OR c ..-\."L -T 2D1. 1913.
BR.rd Rev. Phil C. John:on. John B.
Blhnton. B'-nton Kempc. \'m Eugene
bra ilIe MIrm. Ish G ,n. L .\.
Cas Tom.- Lo.rl-in P'hl i'rLkig
Charnley T Larkin- La.j.a: .1o IH.
Davi1 MiN. I:ene DuE Dl: P.1 :iiheh Gco E
Devoins. John C. M.: \i hur C..J-t John C
Drum. Joseph Mliller. \ahlier
Dwyer. Marin J. Frliume. R- \ illiarm 0
Ell He-irv R.ind. ill. CliJrly i (
E.meTrso liiarrm Ra,,lin.,' .car
Foster, 5. R-rin.n Gn o i_'.
Frampti'n. Ia.k Ri = ju J \\',ll. m
Fr.-iclein ,MiNh s 'lane Sr..-., Fir. J. it
God-' in. Cliord B. ira~us J. R
Green. Alir,.d Talli T.,oi
H irris. S. B. Tcoi'er. J.n. H
Hatch. Flr.char I d*..ir .. ,lr: W J
Hleimer. Flo;,d B '.V tben John
Hortson. %m V'riclit. %lher .t
Ilopkiis. Crarli.- Z,.-. Frank F

Sale of Material In Boiler Shed at Gorfona Shop.
Cii EEBs C 2 Aueutc 29. 1 13
Sealed proposal; '.ll be r :e_'ve.d at th,. ou .-e until
4 p. m Saturdi d 1 .te.ibr in Il)l nal theri -r".rnd.
for the purch's-e til the :tru, inr 1 iiaaLrnir in Ihis build-
ing The m-.jAuremnients of th.. build-ni are approxi-
mately 40 ic--t by 104 feet b..' .4 i'et ich Thi build-
ing has been torn duv. n and maccr~al shipped to Mount
Hope where a; can be inspec'ite- BSd.-3 mur. familur-
i2e themstles w1ah condition of materal. eti a. the
Commiioan make no cauirantee whatever Bid will
be made in 3 prik; p.:r gr..- to.n.
CertiFed check money harder or .-lin for ten per cent
(10 7t) of the amountln 01 the l.d rnLu.t c'comn.ny hid.
Envelopes cont inin: prLropo.:..l i-uld b.! marked
Proposal [or pur.aLse 01 alateral foruetrrly in bode.r
shed at Gorgona,' and addresii-d ic. Capt R E Wood,
Chief Quartermaster Caulbra. C Z.
it. E. WOOD.
Chlay QOuarftermsaer.

Lorr-An Eastman kodak. in case on train leaving
Panama st 7 p. m.. on Sunday. August 31 Finder
is requested to communicate with J. Langlois. Box 26.
Paralso. C. Z. Reward.

Vol. VII, No. 2.



Deliveries of Bread Under New Train Schedule.
CRISTOBAL, C. Z., August 30, 1913.
To 41 l Storl *ee r 5 s- i.'nder The r ain ,-.:h i c l- *-..r th.'
Panama Riilrr.d, L.r.mrir.n,' di. r'i rn.i-cr ',
1913. s:,)mmr n..ini: l it i dnh. .* l --r ib-,r I rrl .I
will be or rd.,1 irf r. tie ( r '.lal bAkery. .,. f* i ]c. .:
For ith foll.ia ine p.rir.ts, bread will be forwarded on
train No l.e -.n Colon at 6 a. m.: Colon, Monte
Lirio Frilole (C.mnilt Tower "R," New Culebra,
Pedro NMIgucl Pararso Miraflores, Corozal, Panama.
Bread for the following points will be transferred
at Pedru Mieu-1- lu nitioin fr-m train No. 3 to train No.
40: C(.al-br, ELmpir-. L : I a .adas, Bas Obispo.
The dJitr,,t u,ri, rm.; It .r t Paraiso ,11 rrarnpi lo
h-ndle- the bread arriving on train No. 3 from Pedro
Mciie I i.rl.-in tI, P ,r.,ri.
The dI.trici -. iitermin. tier at Ancon will handle the
bread '.)r .An, -n andr BbIbj... promptly on arrival of
train No. 3 at Ancon.
Bread for Gatun will be handled on train No. 121.
leaving Colon at 7.40 a. m.
Tn.-e f].- rn.'..n 1.1; Irr.' .,f r.l.l: 11 ',I f r dr .l frnmr
Co',l.i -rn iri N, lea, i'c I'... r., I r. hm r.i linil
the rre l 13r n.dr, ri.-. '.l .ri nj PF.rr,.i
trjn:tierrln t i-.: r.:.,nt; I..-ir.?, 'P. -Jro Miguel Junction
an,l B.; r.r-ii.. to tr:in No Ar.. I,. ving Pedro Miguel
Junrl-tiT.n .i i r. nm
In .ilder it i: L.ri 1 ml I.e di:l, iri' -,. soon as pos-
ible I il'tEr bili.ine hlv. ri'.. -11 tL.'-'ijj.: on the fol-
l.. n i : Pii, i. t h: several points:
Iin, --Del, '. i .- o be madeonthe 10a. m. grocery
Paratso-Deliveries to be made on the .10.30 a. m.
grocery delivery.
fdr.e .. ,t-r-DIlveii'_: to be made on the 9.30
a. m crro.er .1,-eli r.
Cc.,r.ial-Djeli.'eri-e to be made on the 8 a.m.grocery
Ancon-Deliveries to be made from Balboa on the
10 TO Ia m doli 'cr .
Fi itn 'lnJ- vir ~nT" ill be made from Balboa on
.he I11n Vo m .rl. 'erv Ii ,ny deliveries are made at
1Od. B'ilbo. Lher" r'-n h. m3de by special n,,;;.-nc.-r
other? be.ne but -.v ih*te !'milieslocated it rpl,.e
Culera-Ddivo.ries ro Db made on the i' ia m ide
Empire-Deliveries to be made on the 10.30 a. m. de-
Las Cascadas-Deliveries to be made on the 9 a. m.
Bas OIi-r,--Derl;eries will be made on the 8.30
a. m. .jli.en.
District .',uirt.'rmrrii-r. ill arrange to handle the
afternoon d~l .r-es lenn,,e Colon on train No. 7,
which are transferred to train No. 46, as they are doing
at present.
Approved: JOHN BURKE,
F. 0. WHITLock, Manager.
Acting Subsistence Officer.

The commissary stores are open during the follow-
ing hours:
Cristobal, 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m.. and 2 to 7 p. m.
Balboa, 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m., and 2.30 to 7 p. im.
Ancon, 8 a. m. to 1 p. m., and 3 to 6 p. m.
All others, 8 a. m. Io 1 m., and 3 to 7 p. m.
Retail prices of cold storage provisions for the week
beginning September 1, 1913:
Mudton-St-ewng. per pound ...... 6
ShoulJer ne.:k trimned- ff (4 pounds
and over rpr pound.. 9
Entire [lreq4uirtLr intr tiriimn id. 10
poundr.s i.n. 0'crI er r-crund 8
LegI. iS to 10 p.o.nds. 'er pound 17
Cutleis. per poun 18
Short cut chops., per pound.......... 20
Lamb-Stewing, per pound ................. 6
Entire forequarter, neck trimmed off,
per pound 9
Lecg i5 to 4 pounds. per pound 20
Chor... Dor on.lrnd .. 24
util.ts. per pound................ 24
Veal-Fi\wi.n. per pour! ............... 10
Sh.a.I.ler lor iam srln (not under 4
pound i. p, r p,.jiin ................. 12
Chop boulderr per r-ound............ 17
rCho.- per pound ... ........... 26
Loin for roasting, per pound............ 26
Cutleis. per pound.................... 30
Beef--,uet per pound...................... 2
.,ur, per pound ...................... 5
Sia, per pound ...................... 8
PLati. p,-r pound...................... 9
(orneii. Nc. 1, per pound.............. 14
ort.ed No 2, p,.r rd.urd ....... 12
Chuck roast. 3 It,b .in .:, r p. r pound. 12
Rib roast, second cut (not under 34
pounds), per pound................ 16
Rib roast, first cut (not under 3 pounds).
per pound ............. .......... .. 18
Pot roast, per poui ............ 19
Rump roast, per pound .............. 19
Prrtrhn,*- roast, per pound.......... 20
Steals ihurn per pound.............. 121
Round. per poud .............. 13
Rib. per pound................ 18
rio. per pounmd............... t19

Rurp. pr pound. ........ 19
Porteihouse Inr.t Ic than 11
.,r,,ndi per -pound ... . 20
Tend-Til- in l\\. -t-rn per p.:,und 30
Pork-Loin ch.op, or r if t Frr p.unj .. 17
H.irnm ir, h.p.-r pound ..... 20
St'.eIl' r,. ireLi. per pPc iud. 17
S I.r.: rb, p:r pi ound.. .. ....... 15
F-,:i.. .sr,,. iper pound. .. ..... 15
P,.'; ie.l. eah .. ... .. 7
Pe. i.tsd tl, hd 60
Sausage meat, fresh, per pound ... 20
Li'eri- Be-f. per pound ..................... 11
C lli. each.......................... 60
Half, each ...................... 3)
Steak, Haml,urg, r p-le ... 13
Sausage--B.:.l]onar p.r p'nd . 13
Frankfuri t-r p.r .,punid 13
Leben-r irsti nrr p-ilnd .. .. 13
De.onihire Farin pe pound 20
Sweetbread ,eer per pound 40
Eggs, fre h ldo.?-n 34
onie-h dl dcr.n onl. ..
Blueflsh. p.'r poind . '
Hlal-hit Ir-;h per dounj t 15
Salmon, per pound ........................ 15
Roe shad, each............ ................. 75
Shad roes, pair........ .............. 40
ChLen---Fin.:-' r.ii';ng nulk fe.I Large each. 1.40
Fan:., i..'iT ,n. mll. [ i. mco e ,i.h 1.10
Far-.: ro,a .'i:i; ouro fed, u.:ut '51
poun, ................ 1.25
Fanc,, r-..' r ic orn fed, about 4j
pounds, each................... 1.00
Fowls, each . .tt, 70, 80, 90 and... 1.00
Ducks, (W.'.irn. about 4j pounds), each...... 1.25
I ip n. each........................... 2.00
brlu e-r milk fed, each....................... 70
Rrm-Ier corn fed, each ......... ............ 60
Turlkei per pound............................. t'
Suabs, each ............................. 50
Rabbits, skinned, each ....................... 30
Partr;.-Ie.- pair.......................... 1.30
Groli.i per pair........................ ... 1.30
Pheasants................. ............... 1.30
Ham-Genuine Westphalia, per pound........ 40
Ham--Sugar cured, per pound........... 20
Sliced, per pound......... 22
1-lt Ir r.JI.'ji per rouni 21
B,iled er v..JnI.J] 28
Hocks, per pound........ t8
Beef, salt, family, per pound ........ ....... 12
Bacon-Breakfast, whole piece, per pound..... 25
Sliced, per pound........... 26
Ham, lunch, per pound...................... 32
Pork, salt, finill'. r- r rund................. 14
Ox t ..r.uei e h. ...l ................. 1.00
P.igs r I,.r toun.d ...................... 9
Tongue per rund ................... ..
Btiscj-- r, .,r,.r,' special, per pound ......... 34
-. tfi.t I FIT.n. .'.i. ra fancy., erlb.... 46
Cael se-- F'.,.a'.j.i r r.i .li.irT. cake............. 10
Roquefort, per pound ............... 35
Svirne America, per pound.......... 22
s .sr per pound .................... 28
F-..i r, each ............... .... 1.00
EJ.n. tin.......................... 25
Parmesan, per pound................ 35
Gouda, per pound.................. 30
Snappy. per cake. ................. 10
ilk ,iid' [.r ht.i i-..... **20
.r.nil b.als. ...... .......... **20
Ice cream, qluart........................... 125
i-gallon........................ 50
Beets, per pound .......... ..... ...... .. 3
Celery per head ................. ........ 6
Catmts, per pound.................... ... 4
C4,1',.mb.:r. .-r r,-',nd .. ...... .... 4
C-,rr.'s p.r psund ............ 4
Egg plant, per pound ................ ..... 4
Lettuce per pound .......................... 14
Onr-ine per pound. ....................... 3
P'It,3-.si i, white, per pound ................... 3
sweet, per pound .................. 2
Parsley, bunch ............................
Peppers, green, per pound .................. *6
Turnirp: pet' ijound 4
Tosnit.ei, b.:r u',und 6
\'im. r-ir I,-und 3
ci-nicloic' -5 Ii.. 5
Gripe iurait. Iroar.. -eas . 4
A.\mericran. eh 1. S
Lemons, dozen............................. 24
Limes, per hundred ............. ........ 80
Peaches, per pound ........ .............. *8
Plums.. .. 1. . 10
Ornree., L.,ia, n. per d l .... Is
'WA'ttermeloon- l '25
'In*lli te TriJuction fr.-.m hit libl.
'Ilndi',ts. 5 ctnt 3illuem Ior return of bottle
tln~li>.il. j ijun~iotf 'n 1^:- lij
ttForls eifh eac.-h. -boult s folloe'a 3. J,. 4 .
sad 5 pound. Prices axe bet-.J aC.ordingly, when
size ordered is not in iocik. ne.rt lightest eight is
supplied apd refund note sent for dTlerence
ISold only from commsmarlea, no orders taken for
nioL lea than hall of a fresh ham o shoulder will be


The lfoll,.,ing is litr of ailhnii of the Pjnama
Ri ,ro,'d it. rrm-,hp Cnmrrpan: of the Rooyal Mall
.-. im Pa..k.L~ Cor'r.rn.n. of the Hambure-American
Ln. a5nd )f .hEi i.rnite..l Frdsr CI rpa.ny' Line
NEsI VOi, R TO CirsrOBs.. *
Pansm-, . P R R Monday ... Aig. 25
C.l..,n . P. R. R. Tuesday. ...Sept. 2
Ad.an,:e P R T.e:da, .. Sept. 9
Pariama P. R. R Tuesday. .Sept. 16
AlIln.:a .. .P. R. R Monday ....Sept. 22
Colon ...........P R R Tuesday.....Sept. 30
Advance .. ...P. R. R. Monday .....Oct. 6
Panarm. P R.R Saturday ...Oct. II
AIllin.aj. R. P R. S urday... Oc. 18
Col.n .. ..P R R. Friday ..Oct. .24
Ad.'ance .. .P. R. R. Thursday. ..Oct. 30
[ranaa .P. R.R. Saturday .Sept. 6
Cilon P. R. R...Sunday. ... Sept. 14
.Ad an.ie P R R. MN,.nday... Sept. 22
P-n-rma F R R Sunday......Sept. 28
.Alli n-a .P R R. Saturday Oct. 4
Colon ...... P. R R. Sunday..... Oct. 12
Adl rn.:e .P R R. Saturday....Oct. 18
EP'n.ma... P R R Thursday.... Oct. 23
i\linc . P. R. R .Thursday ...Oct 30
Almirante L. F. C. Wednesday..Aug. 27
Orba R M... Saturday ....Aug. 30
Carrillo .... I F. C Saturday ...Aug. 30
Prin Jo -hm .... H A. Sjrurdiy .. Aug. 30
tnrtl M.ir-i . U F C. \VednFsday..Sept. 3
C, rl ,chuiA .. H -A Saturd3y ....Sept. 6
'P.i-or. ... .. LT F C. Saturday ...Sept. 6
M-.-trin . F. C Wedneday .Sept. 10
Prin Au.'u ut \\'ihel'n H.A Saiur.Jt,' .Sept. 13
T,.'- i . ii F r: itirday Sept. 13
Tr-.,r. R. %IM 'tur.1 y. .Sept. 13
Z, r.i 1_' F. \\-Jidn'la' Sept. 17
Emil 1. B.-i H- -.. lrSur.i.. .Sep. 20
Si,'All LU F C S.iur.3v Sept. 20
7- pi ...U F C. Thursday....Sept. 4
ErnI L BoI .1i -. Tuesday ..Sept. 9
,5~.oli .... Li F. C Tuesday ..Sept. 9
Aim.riane Ii 1 C Th..r.Jday. .Seat. II
Prnz i.], :him. IH .A T J-1 lay ...Sept. 16
C rrillo. ... ...I1 F C Tueidav. Sept. 16
M -.: len R r.1. T .e.:div Sept. 16
,;.t l.Itir . I' F C Tiur'.I-I Sern. 18
C ,rl hlr:. ii -A Tiie-djr Sept. 23
P,.t.-,r, U F C Tuesday .Sept. 23
r.1 t.ian I.1 F C Thur'da,. Sept. 25
Dajnrhe .. R I1 Tu.iJy. ...Sept. 30
Thi.r Li. F C Tue.iav... ..Sept. 30
Prin Aui lt W\i'ir.lm iH -A Tuc day. SepL. 30
Ab-,jr,i .re .. I F C Sit.i:day.... Aug. 30
.:[red.,: . l.i F C '.ln.-rlay.. Sept. 3
; i. F t1 5 .uri.i/ -Sept. 6
P, In.-na '. F C '.'. idnhday Sept. 10
Turrn-lts U. F. C S-a.urd y: .Sept. 13
Turt lta . LI F. CI Tliur-da~. Sep. 4
CrEt . .... U F C Sjnurday ...Sept. 6
Abrancires . L.F Th.urdday....Sept II
Here-is . U 1- C. Sarurday . Sent. I.
'" inenled .chee.-ulet -ovtening temporary withdrawal
Oi it.i .1 It.- a i or re .pairs
Parnim R..lroad Company a steamer sail from Pier
;I Critob'il ai J p im.
Ro .al .i il irenmeri li.ise for N.ew '.ork on alter-
n.it ruesd.1 S a it p rn.; Il.r Southampton on alter-
nite Tued..i.-: at 10 a mi
LInrted ;ra.t Cornmpiay F shin. for New Orleans
dre:t le-.ve on ThurdJ ,i aind Siurd3ys at 3 p. m.;
ships ior N-w \'ort via iingston.on Tuesdays at 1.30
p. m and Thurcdirss .t 1.30 p m or Bcas rdel Toro,
on alondiys at 5 p m, it Limou. a13 Bocas del
Toro on Tueisla~ at 5 p. m and feir Limon direct.
TiIvda3- aii i p. Im
Hirnburg-.Amnr..:an itenmers i.l tor Ntw V'ork, via
KmrIajt.un and Sarntiao de Cub', on Tuesdays, the
I'rln: J..iLt'ln Sn.1 PII,. A.4r s.. L i'r -l ni at 10 a m.
and In Er' L 6.'.s and .Ji: S.h.ur at 2 p. m.

Losr-On P RR train lea.'irng Panama at 2 a. m..
on Siunla.. August 31 CEki card case wiaL Elks and
Shrine cards enclosed Finder kindly mail ro W. H. V.
F b6oNo I BaaObtspo C Z
LorT-Betwaa house No. 25i-B, An on. and Hotel
Central, Panama. one gold brooch of conventional
design, with two ruby and one pearl ses. Return m
above addrma, and rsn reward .




The Canal Record
Published weekly under ihe anronrsty and sApernrston of
the rithmian Canal Commeiston.

The Canal Re.ord is pubnihed free of charge. one Lopy
each to aUl employes of the Lommsnijon and Panama
RaJiroad Company uhoai name are on the gald rail.
Extra copies and back numbers tan be obtained Jrom the
news stands of the Panama Railroad Company for fire
tents each.

Address all Communications,
Ancon, Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.
No communication. either or fpubtlietion or reque:ting
information a il receie attention kneit rsgned ti h ihe
lull name and address of the writer.


Closing Down In Culebra Cur.
All steamshovel- in the Empire district
of the Culebra Cut section were withdrawn
on Saturday, September 6, and only three
were working on the bottom in the Cul-bra
district on Monday. September 8. These
will stop work by Saturday, September 13.
Seven crews were laid off on Saturday night,
and 17 more will be laid off during the present
week. The removal of the construction tracks
in the Cut was begun on September 2, and
the work is well ahead of the schedule. The
last sightseeing train to go through the Cut
was on Friday, September 5.

Opening Channel from Ocean to Gatun Locks.
Since the removal of the railroad track
across the lower approach to Gatun Locks,
on September 2, two pipeline suction dredges
have been engaged in excavating the barrier
of earth over which railway communication
had been maintained with the west side nf
thelocksand Gatun Dam. Twosteamshovels.
six locomotives, and an assortment of box.
flat. and dump cars, have been left isolated
on the west side for the completion of the dam
and spillway, and the general work of clearing
up. Such traffic as may be necessary with the
west side may be effected by means of barges.
traversing the French canal to the unloading
wharves for sand and rock, and articles
weighing up to six tons maybe carried across
the lower end of the locks by the cableways.
Rock and sand, however, sufficient for the
completion of concrete work, are in storage
near the cement shed, and the quantity of
structural steel and other building materials,
and operating machinery to be handled for
the completion of the locks and spillway is
relatively small. --- -- -
At the time of the removal of the railway.
the barrier was approximately 75 feet wide
at the top, which is about eight feet above
aealev&,-with a slope of about one on two to
the depth of the completed channel on either

side, 41 feet below mean sealevel. It contains
about 180,000 cubic yards of material, which
will probably be removed by October 1. Com-
munication is now open to the lower end of
the locks, through the gap which the railroad
crossed on a removable span. and in the prog-
ress of excavation the gap is being continually

Dredge "No. 82" Set at Work.
Suction dredge S.V. 82, which was towed
through the lake channel from Gatun on Au-
gust 26, began its task of removing the ac-
cumulation of mud and grave! from the bed
of the Canal a few hundred yards north of
Gamboa dik-e, on Tuesday September 2.
The material is forced through the discharge
pipe across an island in the lake, thence over
the old channel of the Chagres River .0 the
west bank, where it is wasted into low places
in the vicinity of Matachin. Recent mei- re-
ments show that about 750,000 cubic yardss
of material aill have to be remv.,ved to restore
the Canal channel to it; original depth.
About 300J,000 cubic yards %were lelt by
the Central Divizion, and the remainder
has been brought down by the Chagre.
River since the steamsho.els finished work
in that section about three years ago.
Dredge No. S2, which was used in making
the hydraulic fill of Gatun Dam, has been
idle since June. 1912. It has been overhauled
for the present work.

First Aid Packages at the Canal Locks.
First aid packages will be placed at all of
the locks to cover ca-es of possible electrical
burns These packages will be small, con-
taining a battle 01 oil, bandages, and prob-
ably an antiseptic wash, and will be distribu-
ted, as follows: Gatun, nine; Pedro liguel,
three; Mlraflores, six. They will be placed in
the translormer rooms, where convenient
cabinets for their protection will be available.

Removal of People from Watersheda.
People living on the watersheds of the
Caimitillo, Cameron, and Dominica Rivers
will be required to tear down or remove their
houses on or before October 1. These streams
will become tributaries of Miraflores Lake
when the lake is formed, flowing into that
arm of the lake on which will be situated
the new water works for the Pacific end of
the Canal.

Transfer of Work on Hydroelectric Plant.
Effective September 6, the construction of
the building, and installation of machine' in
the hydroelectric plant at Gatun was placed
under the supervision of the First Division,
Office of the Chiel Engineer. The construc-
tion of the building will be in charge of NIr
Frank Holmes, resident engineer. Quarter-
master's Department, subject to supervision
by the Assistant Chief Engineer.

Wooden Pontoon Structure To Take the Place of
Bridge 571 at Paralso.
The construction of a wooden pontoon
bridge as a means of crossing the Canal after
it becomes necessary to dismantle bridge
No. 575, at Paraiso, has been approved.
The crossing will he made a little north of
this bridge, and the work of excavating for the
east approach has already been oegun. The
plans are based upon designs obtained from
the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway,
which has used pontoon bridges of this type
for many years. One of the most notable
of its bridges is that over the Mississippi
River at Prairie du Chien, \is., which has
been in service 35 or 40 years In the con-
struction of the Canal pontoon bridge, a
som:wbhat simpler design will be followed,
consisting of a timber sc.w 55 feet wide, 378
feet long, and six feet deep. On top of this
hull, a wooden tretlr-, f'ol'. in; quite closely
the ordinar, ty pe of construction, will be
built to an elevation ol about 113 5 feet,
and on ihi. m ill be placed a railroad track and
a highway for vehicles The spanz will be 14
feet between rcnter-, and at thee points, a
transverse wooden trus,, with ir, n ro.d, will
be placed in the hull to carry the concentrated
loads. Lighter trusses, without rods, all be
placed at 2-foot intern-ls between the hea ier
trusse_. The sheathingon the hull iill be four
inches thick at the bottom and sides and three
inches on top. To minimize the bending and
shearing stresses to which the structure will
be subjected, the design includes two heavy
stiffening trusses, the stringers under the
rails being utilized as top chord-, while the
lower chord- are placed at the bottom of the
hull. In addition, there will be heavy longi-
tudinal keelsons.
The bridge is designed for a train load of
4,000 pounds per running Ifo-t In order to
reduce the expense of theapproachesas much
as possible. it is proposed to use as a connec-
tion between the bridge and the shore some
of the spare lock gate girders. -uppirted on
rockers. These rocking approaches will hate
a downward grade when the water is at a
low level, and an upward grade \then it is
at a high level. The pontoon will turn
about a frxed pivot, and to avoid its pro-
jecting into the fairway of the Canal, a recess
will be excavated in the east bank, -o that
when the bridge is opened, it will lease the
Canal channel unobstructed. About 600,000
feet B. M. of yellow pine, or fir, timber, and
375,000 pounds of steel and iron, will be
The designs for the bridge are being pre-
pared by Mr. Henry Goldmark, designing
engineer in the First Division. Mr. W. G.
Comber, resident engineer of the Sixth Divi-
sion. will have charge of building the pon-
toon, trestle, and trusses, and Mr. A. S.
Zinn, acting division engineer of the Central


Division, will have charge of the excavation
and construction of the approaches and all
land connections of the bridge.
The pontoon is nut intended for a perma-
nent crossing, and till probably be aban-
doned, when the villages on the west bank
of the Canal ceane to exist.
To Pass Dredges Through Bridge Across theCut.
Forces of the Panama railroad began on
August 29, the in-tallation of a removable
span near the center of Bridge 57., across
Culebra Cut. opposite Parai-o. This is in
preparation for the passage of dredging vesels
after October 10, engaged in the completion
and maintenance of the channel. The span
will be built on two 60-foot plate girders, re-
covered from the Barbacoas bridge oser the
Chagres, on the old main line, and will allow
a clearance of 60 feet between the supporting
bents. The molded breadth of the ladder
dredge Corozal, the widest vessell in the dredg-
ing fleet, is 45 feet. \\ hen it is desired to pass
a vessel through the bridge, a barge will be
floated under the span, the latter will be lifted
clear on jacks, and the barge towed aside.
It is estimated that removal and replacement
will consume altogether about two hours
A removable span has been in successful use
in the track over the barrier across the lower
approach to Gatun locks; in this instance, a
40-foot queen-truss span was handled by loco-
motive crane.
This provision will necessitate the removal
of four of the present bents of the trestle,
and the erection of two new benrs to support
the ends of the span. The tops of these will
be lower than the present bents,in order that
the rails and stringers of the span may be
even with the corresponding parts of thead-
jacent trestle. The total weight of the span,
including the floor of the footbridge, will be
approximately 68 tons, making the dead load
on the support at either end 3-1 tons, and the
maximum load, under a locomotive, about
114 tons. It is believed that the presence of
water in the Cut will not affect the stability
of thetrestle,as most of the bents areanchorcd
to rock by means of concrete pedestals.
The bridge is approximately 57 feet high,
with its base at 40 feet above sealevel, so
that with the water in the cut at its maximum
elevation the top will be 10 feet above the
Mailing of hleamship Tickets.
The steamship ticket agent of the Panama
Railroad Company at Colon is compelled to
answer numerous telephone inquiries from
employes, after the arrival of ships, as to
w hen theirsteamship tickets \ ill be forwarded
to them. In a great many of these cases the
employes have failed to give their post-office
address when sending in their transportation
papers, making it impossible to mail out
their tickets. It is necesrar, for employes
to give their post-office addre-s if the) expect
tickets to be mailed to them, when sending in
their transportation papers.
Levelman and Transitman Examinarion.
Examination for promotion to the p-oitions
of levelmanand transitman is scheduled to be
held in the Commission clubhouse at Empire,
on Sunday. October 12.
The examination will commence promptly
at 9 a. m., and will be divided into three parts,
which will be given in the order indicated. viz:
Written and oral examinations, and a state-
ment of education and experience. Competi-

tors will be required to complete the written
portion of the examination before 1 p. m.
Applications for examination should be ad-
dressed to the undersigned, through the head
if department or division, before the close of
business on Thursday, October 9.
Applicants should bring to the examination
room pens, pencils, triangles, and tables of
circular functions, but no paper, ink, or
Applicants who fail to appear for examina-
tion before 9 a. m.. or who do not apply for
examination through the proper channels be-
fore the close of business on Thursday, Oc-
tober 9, will not be admitted to the examina-
tion. No card of admission will be needed.
A. B. NicHous,
Chairman, Examining Board.
Culebra, C. Z., September 6, 1913.

Concrete Work in Locks and Spillways.
Concrete work in the Canal locks is nearly
completed, the aggregate amount in place
at the close of work on September 6, being
4,479,425 cubic yards.
A statement of the concrete laid in the
three sets of locks for the Canal, and in
Gatunand N iraflores spillways. as ol Septem-
ber 6, follows:
GarvT LOCe;
Thr. lad concrete fMr the locks proper, as distinguished
irom that nces.sar to rinahing work by ilte First
DIVraloIo. -.s mucxd and placed on Augiitt 16. 1913.
At the cloe ui work on Ltha day the .oil amount ol
c.n,:retl pla.'ed by thi: Atllnlic DivLaon amoinited to
2.015.4585 tubic y.rds.
Conrrite laid.
Ckbit ydars.
Aug. 31. ........... ..... ...... 7
Sept. I tHolday) ............. ... .. ...
Scpt. 2I ... .. ............ 81
Sepi. 3 ... ....... . ...... .29
Sept. 4 ..... .... 42
Sept. . .... .......... . 41
Sept 6 .. ..... .... 42
Total ................................. 24A
Previously reported.................... 92.3.508
Grand troal........................ 923,756
AuR. 31............................... 55
SepL. I HoL .y) ..............................
Sept. 2................................. 64
Spt .................... ............ 91
erar 4 .............. ................... !12
t ----------------------- 5................................ 118
epl ... ............ .... ........ 95
To l ....... ................... 535
Pree'ously reparted....................1.500.619
Grand total ............ ............ 1,510.184
Sept. I (Holiday) .............................
Sept. 2. ................................ 78
Sept. 3................................. 136
Sept. 4........ .............. ..... ... 1 4
Se,.. ................................. 1 .6
Sert. 6................................. 188
Total.......................... ...... 762
Previously reported ...... .. 234.154
Grand to.al.1........ ............ ... 234.916
The total of oncrete at Mturnfores pllway-75.610
cubic yads-r.minCed unchanged. no concrete having
beer land during the week ending September 6.
Included hydroeleetnc station.
Record of Masons.
On account of difficulty in securing photo-
graphs, and complying with numerous re-
quests, the -closing date for receipt of ap-
plications for the "Record of Masons on the
Panama Canal" has been extended by the
Masonic Club of Empire, to October 15, 1913.
Information concerning this book can be
obtained by writing to W. I. Beam, chairman
of committee, Empire, C. Z.
The regular dance of the Cristobal Danc-
ing Club will be held on Saturday, September
13, at the Commission clubhouse.


Finished September I. Its Construction was Rap-
Id, Consldering DifBcultles Encountered.
It is believed that the completion of the
construction of the Miraflores spillway dam
on September 1 constitutes a record for speed
in difficult construction work on the Canal.
In view of the fact that the waters of Rio
Grande River (which are a combination of the
Rio Grande, Pedro Miguel, Cocoli, Cameron
and Caimitillo Rivers) pass through the site
and had to be diverted three times to facili-
tate the construction during the progress of
the work: also, prior to March 1 of the present
year the Central Division tracks from the
Culebra Cut passed through the site, the
excavation was greatly handicapped.
The main dam is 432 feet in length and has
a bottom width of 91 to 105 feet, with the
bottom on solid rock at elevation 25 feet
below mean sealevel.
To protect against washing of the banks on
the spillway side, the dam has two wing or
retaining walls, one on the east and one on the
west end, each approximately 250 feet long,
and a core wall 134 feet long joins themain
dam with the lock walls.
Construction work was made difficult and
tedious on account of the 10-foot machinery
tunnel located within the main tunnel, with
an-air space of one foot around the sides and
top throughout the length of the dam and
ending in towers at the ends of the dan.
these towers having winding stairways, partly
interior and partly exterior.
In order to make the gate joints watertight
it was necessary to set the steelwork for
gates and roller-bearing tracks with accuracy,
necessitating care in placing the concrete for
the piers lest the steelwork be deflected.
There are eight Stoney gates47 feet long
and 19 feet deep. The elevation of top of
the ogee or crest of the dam is 38.67 feet,
and the elevation of top of gate piers is 85.17
feet above mean sealevel, or a total height of
concrete from bottom of dam to top of piers
of 110.17 feet.
The total amount of excavation required
was 135,000 cubic yards.
The total amount of concrete laid, not
including the drainage opening, which will not
be closed until the latter part of September, is
73,482 cubic yards.
The last concrete was placed for the piers
on August 27, and the steel footbridges on
top were all in place August 29; the eight
gates set in the openings were ready to be
shoved against the seals on August 30. The
Stoney gates weigh 40 tons each, and were
handled from a trestle along the north face
of the dam by two locomotive cranes, one at
each end of the gate.
The principal part of the concrete for the
dam was mixed by the berm cranes at the
south end, east side of the Nliraflores locks,
and supplied in 2-yard buckets on transfer
cars, hauled by narrow-gage locomotives on
tracks built from the berm cranes and ending
in various spurs to the south toe of the dam,
where the concrete was handled to the forms
by derricks and locomotive cranes.

United Spanish War Veterans.
Chagres Camp will hold a dance in ihe
Gatun clubhouse on Saturday evening. Sep-
tember 13.

Vol. VII, No. 3.


S.pmbi~ 10o, 1913.



Additional Awards.
The following additional awards were an-
nounced by the Joint Land Commission at an
open session held on Tuesday, September 2:
Award No. 27-In the maer of the loaim of Juan
Sotllo for a haosei in the toan .i G orguon-On April 8.
1913. Juan Soldlo fled a claim nwth the Joint Commis-
sion for house tax No. 733 m Gorgona. and for the lot
on which the said house Ls built
As respects the claim to the ownership of the lot.
the earliest deed presented bl the claimant is dated
March 19. 1887 (No. 125; m n hich h Pretell Amador
makes conveyance to Rircrdo de la Ossa of house and
lot situated m the townot Gorgona. This deed contains
the following clause.
"In this sale is included the portion of the lot
which has not been built upon. This lot has a
frontage of ten meters. nineti centimeters. and aj
depth of seventeen meters. seventy centimeters
The said lot was acquired by conveyance Irom
Justo Maria de la Espnella. who had acquired title
to said lot by cession from the political authorities
of the aforesaid district m accordance with the
requirements of law."
The claimant in this case. Juan Sotillo, has been un-
able to present to the Commission any evidence of the
conveyance made by the rmuni.:ipaty of Gorgona to
Justo Mmia de la Espiella. Much light. hoe\ser. Is
thrown the situation by a deed executed at the same
period, o wit. Aprd 4, 1S87. by the same grantoiJusto
Maria de la Espriella, ma conve ancee made to another
property in the town of Gorgona to Alfred Lindo. This
deed (No. 83). after reciting the conveyance of the
house recited that the grantor conveSs all his
"lights acquired in the land on which the afore-
said house is constructed, by purchase bh me from
Rafael Peladorio Marquez. the frst day of March
of this year. m lull legal form in accordance with
Article 5 of the Executive Decree No. 4S of March
16. 1886. of this department "
It is evident that the decree of March 16. 1886.can-
not be made the basis for a claim of ownership of lands
in Gorgona. inasmuch as this decree, which provided
for the issuance of renewable permits for the occupancy
of town lots in Gorgona expressly denies ile of budd-
ing lots to the recipients of such permits The laim-
ant in this case has been unable to furnsh the Com-
mission with a copy of the document under which
Jnsto Mana de la Espriella conveyed the property to
Manuel Pretelt Amador. It Is evident, however. from
the deed executed at the same period by the said Justo
Maria de L Fspnella in a conveyance to Alfred Lindo.
that the said Justo Maria de la Epnella confused the
right of occupancy under the decree of March 16, 1886,
with the actual title to the lot.
In view of the fact that the claimant in this case has
not been able to furnish satisfactory evidence of title
to the land. and in view of the circumstance that one
of his predecessors in interest has evidently based his
claim to ownership of the land on an executive decree
which expressly denies such ownership, the Commission
has leached the conclusion that the claim of the said
Juan Sotillo to ownership of the building lot on which
House 733 was erected cmanot be sustained, and should
not be taken into considerauon n making an award
in this case.
With respect to House 733. the evidence before the
Commission shows that Sotillo was the owner of the
house before he accepted any lease from the Isthmian
Canal Commission.
In conformity with the principles formulated in the
opinion of July 25, 1913. on the demurrer of Counsel
for the United States to the iuntsdct;on of the Commis-
sion m the matter of the claim of Juan Sotillo. and in
accordance with the evidence submitted to the Com-
mission. an award is hereby made against the United
States of America in favor of Juan Sotllo for house No.
733 in the town of Gorgona. said award to include all
rights. claims, and interest of the said Sotillo in this
budding, together with any claim for improvements
of whatever nature in the building lot upon which it
is located, in the sum of $530S.
This award shall be paid to Juan Sotillo on or before
the 20th day of September, 1913, and if payment or
tender of payment of this award is not made on or before
that date. it shall thereafter bear interest at the rate of
six per centum. per annum, until paid.
Award No. 28-In the matter of the claim of Jolu
H. Slilson to the property designated as Barro Colorado
Abajo-An award i hereby made against the United
States of America for the estate of Barro Colorado Abajo.
said award to include all right, title. and interest of
any persons to the entire estate not heretofore acquired
by the United States, together with all claims for im-
provements of whatsoever nature which may be made
by the owners of said estate, in the sum of 12.000.
Tbl-award shall be paid to the claimant hereinafter
named. in this amount herein spcifed. on or before the

2d day of October. 1913. and if payment or tender of
payment of this award is not made on or before that
date. sid award hall thereafter bear interest at the rate
of six per centum, per annum. until paid.
To Jos H Stilson for all of his rights. claims.
and interest in the estate of Barro Colorado Abalo.
together with any improvements which may be
claimed by the same. the sum of SZ.000
Award No. 29-In the matter of the claims of the
Colombian Frui Company. Ltd.. and Henry Andmjron.
(Peiaas blas as .Irrba et. )-Claims were filed before
the Joint Commission by the Colombian Fruit Com-
pany as owner and Henry Anderson as mortgagee
for the lands known as Pefias Blancas Arrtba and part
of the lands known as Bohio y Buena lsta on the
south bank of the RAver Chagres. nearl\v ,opo.r-ie the
old townite of Bohio An examinaton of the e' dence
in this case shows that the de lgn dion giver 10 ttie varln
ous portions of the original estate of Anorca Lagarto
and Boluo Soldado are often confllLing. and that the
limits asiignable to these subduissions of the original
estate cannot be prectsel determined
An award is hereby made against the Lnited States
of America for the estate of Pehas Blanca- Arrlba.
said award to include all right, title, and interest of
any persons to the ensure estate not heretofore acquired
by the United States. together with all Olitms for im-
provrments of whatsoever nature on the part of the
owners of said estate. together with an' rights. cl imrs,
or interests which the claimant nereltr named may
have in any part of the land Lnown as Bohio y Buena
Vista. in the sum of $1.500
This award shill be paid into the Circuit Court of
the Setond Judicial Distrct at Empire for dittriburion
according to the terms of this awnar- on or before the
2nd day of October. 1)13. and if not pi l into the
said court on or before the said date. the avard shall
bear interest thereafter at the rate of six per centum.
per annum. until paid.
To the Colombian Fruit Company. Limited.
for all rights, claims or interest in trte land of
Peias BLincas Arribi. not heretofore acquired
by the United States, together with any improe-
ments which may be claimed by the same and for
any right. title. or interest whichh they may po -
sess in lands known as Bouho y Buena Vtsta. the
sum of $1.500.
This award is subject to such equities. U any. as may
be po ressed by third parties. and it i1 directed trat the
amount of this award be deposited with the Cirtuit
Court of the SecLnd Judicial Dinrict of the Canal Zone
for distribution in accordance lwth the terms of this

Foundry at Balboa Shops In Full Operation.
The first "blow" of steel from the steel
foundry recently transferred to Balboa shops
from Gorgona was made at Balboa on Sep-
tember 5: the first iron and brass castings
from the new foundry were made on August
15 and 20. respectively. The transferred
oxy-acerylene plant produced its first cyl-
inders of gas on September 6. Most of the
work of the Mechanical Division of the class
formerly performed at Gorgona is being done
at Empire shops, the principal activities at
Balboa shops consisting of foundry and pla-
ning mill operations, and work by the struc-
tural gangs engaged in installing machinery
and motors at the new location.

Ancon Crusher.
The following is a statement of rock
crushed at Ancon quarry during the three
weeks ending September 6, 1913:


Cub;e Hours
yards. worked.

August 18...................... 1.3J55
August 19...................... 1.279
Auguet 20........ ... ... ..... 1.8 0
August 2i. .................. :::: 1.0.8
August 22 ................... I 1.46
August 2.................... 1.523
Total. ... .. .. .... .. 9416

6 45
7 10
6 30
5 20
35 52

August 25................. .... .1.714 5 50
August 26............. .... 1.865 6 35
August 27............. ....... 1.810 6 15
August 28................. 2.036 7 30
August 29........... . 2.597 7 20
August 30. ........... ...... 2.002 7 4
Total................... ... .12..44 41 30
Sept. I (Holiday) ............... .. .
Sept. 2......................... 176 45
Sept. 3........................ 1981 6.35
Sept. 4 ......................... 1.476 7.25
Sept. 5......................... I 2.050 7.05
Sept. 6........................ 1.790 7.25
Total ....................... 9.473 35. 5

Work of Central Division Shovels During the
Month of August.
During the month of August, the total
amount of material excavated in the Central
Division was 926,900 cubic yards, of which
843,700 cubic yards were evcavated by Cen-
tral Di ision forces, and 83.00 cubic yards
were removed by sluicing at Gold Hill, the
latter work being in charge of the Fifth Di-
vision of the Chief Engineer's Office. Of the
amount removed by the Central Division,
155,441 cubic ,ards were classified as earth,
and 658,259 cubic yards as rock.
Of the total, 893.300 cubic yards were pri-
mary excavation for the Canal, and 33.600
cubic yards were classified as "Plant" excava-
Eight hundred and forty-three thousand and
seven hundred cubic yards were removed by
The high record for the month was made
by shovel No. 215, working 351 days in the
Empire district, which excavated 42,500
cubic yards of rock.
The second best record for the month was
made by shovel No. 203, working 36 days
in the Empire district, which excavated
40.500 cubic yards of rock.
The best record for a shovel of the 70-
ton class was made by shovel No. 101, work-
ing25 days in the Culebradistrict, which exca-
vated 27.246 cubic )ards of earth.
Shovel No. 230, working in the Culebra
district, made a high record for one day by
excavating 2,226 cubic yards of rock on
August 15.
Shovel No. 215, working on 12-hour shift
in the Empire district, made a high record
of 3,816 cubic yards of earth on August II.
Except where noted, monthly reports are
computed on place measurement, while the
daily reports are based on car measurement.
The best records for the month, and for one
day, are shown in the following table:
No. No. of
Earth. ROL. Total. days .t

228........... ....... 30. 000o 3

215 . 42. 00 42.5 J
1 ....... .. ... .I .00 o.500 oo 36
1 . . .. I ".00 2q 9.:200. 251


Character of
mat ier-a
I excavated. I

256 Emeire.. ... \u,.21 Rock.... ....
212 Empire .... 'Auc o' Rock ...
2.. Er.pre. .. ug. 'l271 Rock .....
2.(I ( ulebra.. IAug 1 Earth........
2(;l Culebra .. 'ug 25: Rock .... ..
250, Culbnr .. iAug i Eart ....


1 960

NotE -The srce-s. number of days over and above
the actual number ol working dais :n the month of
August 1261 is due to double hilt and nuDht work.

Feast or Zebulon.
All Master Masons are invited to attend
the Feast of Zebulon, given under the auspices
of the Masonic Club of Empire. at Kangaroo
Hall, Empire, C. Z., Saturday evening, Sep-
tember 13. 1913, at 8.15 p. m. The usual
charge of $1 will be made. All who expect to
attend should notify J. L. Caldwell, secretary,
Empire, C. Z.

__ __ ~___~~~~___~__



Tei. rII, e. 3.


Descripllon of Machinery which mlll be Installed
at Canal Termini.
Awards were made on August 12 for the
coal-handling machinery and accessories at
Cristobal and Balboa called for by Circular
No. 763. Under these awards, the Hunt
Construction Company of New York City
will furnish six unloading towers, four for
the Cristobal plant and two for the Balboa
plant, and Augustus Smith of Bayonne,
N. J., the remainder of the equipment. The
cost of the unloading towers willbe $4,'5.735,
and that of the balance of the machinery
$1 47,392, a total cost for machinery for both
plants of $1,833,127, divided, as follows:
Cristobal, $1,307,941, Balboa, S525.18t..
The bids were opened in Washington on
June 14, 1913, and five tenders were received,
ranging in amounts, for both plants, from
$3,894,750 to $1,300,890. The different pro-
posals were given careful study. A commit-
tee, consisting of Col. H. F. Hodges, Civil
Engineer H. H. Rousseau, M r. H.A.A. Smith,
and Civil Engineer F. H. Cooke, appointed by
the Chairman to review the bids, recommend-
ed on August 11 acceptance of the proposal
of Augustus Smith as the lowest satisfactory
offer, with the understanding that he is to
submit, with the exception of the loading
towers, satisfactory proposal to obtain in-
creased storage of coal by widening his re-
claiming bridges 50 feet, and by increasing
their clearance five feet, this enlargement to
apply to all items of the Cristobal coaling
plant. The committee further recommended
that award be made to the Hunt Construction
Company for the six unloading towers, with
the understanding that the contractor will
adapt the towers bid on to the remainder
of the Augustus Smith designs. Under the
award, Mr. Smith agrees to begin delivery of
the machinery for the Cristobal plant within
six months, and to complete delivery and
erection in 24 months. Under the adopted
plan at Balboa, he will begin delivery within
six months, and complete delivery and erec-
tion in 30 months.
*In general, each plant will consist of two
water fronts and a storage pile. The water
fronts will be designated as the unloading
wharf and the reloading wharf, while the
storage pile is to consist of a basin for coal,
a part of which is to be stored subaqueouly,,
and the remainder to be piled above it in the
dry. Each plant will be arranged to receive,
store, and deliver separately, coal belonging
to individuals and companies, as well as to
the Government; to receive it from any
part of the unloading wharf and transport it
to any part of the storage pile; to reclaim
coal from any part of the storage pile and
deliver it to any part of the reloading wharf.
and to transfer it from any part of the storage
pile to any other part of same. Coal will
be received at each plant by movable unload-
ing towers running on rails supported by the
unloading wharf, and reloaded to colliers and
barges by movable reloaders running on rails
supported by the rl:ading wharf. The
storage rl.. at the Cristobal plant is to be
commanded by movable stocking and re-
claiming bridges running on rails parallel
tot he longir uth'nal -i.e walls of the coal basin.
The storage pile at Balboa will be commanded
by four berm cranes, now at Mliraflores,

traveling on rails supported by a suitable con-
crete and steel trestle running longitudinally
of the basin.
This will be the main coaling plant, and the
machinery specifications were based upon the
following storage facilities, exclusive of the
requirements of individuals and companies.
T.:.B s
Wetr ioragc. re.erv.ed for navil uie 100.00
DU slorage f-jr Canal ue ..... .. .. 100000
Emrergency iEorage ... 10000
Total............. ....................... 300.000
The preliminary plans for this plant pro-
vided for a normal coal storage pile 1,000 feet
in length, so laid out as to be capable of an
extension 700 feet in length. The demand for
storage space by individuals and companies
is much larger than was first anticipated,
and in view of this fact, award for the ma-
chineryhasbeen made with the understanding
that the coal storage pile will be increased
in width from 250 to about 300 feet. The
length may be increased later from 1,700 to
2,000 feet, if it is found practicable. The
other principal elevations and dimensions to
which the Cristobal plant will conform are
as follows: Elevation of extreme low water,
one foot below mean sealevel; of extreme
high water, 1.65 feet above mean seaievel.
elevation of bottom of slip alongside wharves,
41 feet below mean sealevel; elevation of
bottom of wet coal pile, 19 feet below mean
sealevel; assumed elevation of top of we: co-al
pile and bottom of normal dry coal pile
one foot above mean sealevel; elevation of
top of normal dry coal pile, 21 feet above mean
sealevel; elevation of top of emergency dry
coal pile. 31 feet above mean sealevel; eleva-
tion of decks of wharves, 10 feet above mean
Unloading towers-The unloading towers
at the two plants will be similar in general
construction. Their functions will be to mine
coal from vessels and deposit it into the hop-
per built in the tower, whence it may be de-
livered through chutes to the conveying syv-
tem, or to cars; to mine coal from vessels
and deposit it by bucket into the storage pile
behind the tower; to mine coal from storage
pile behind the tower and deposit it into the
hopper, and to mine coal from the storage
pile behind the tower and deposit it by
bucket on board vessels. The "normal rated
capacity" of each tower will be 250 tons of
coal an hour, and the maximum rate, 300 tons
an hour, when unloading from colliers or
The towers will be of steel construction,
steam-driven, self-contained, and self-pro-
pelling. Each unit will travel on two parallel
pairs of rails laid at the elevation of the decks
of the unloading wharves and spaced on 30-
foot centers at Balboa, and 35-foot centers at
Cristobal. There will belaid between the pairs
of rails, also at the level of the decks of
the unloading wharves, a single 5-foot gage
railroad track, suitably located for the re-
ception of coal from the tower hopper.
Each tower will be supported by four trucks
of four wheels each, and the minimum speed
of travel will be 50 feet per minute. The
towers will be equipped with buckets o 100IO
cubic feet capacity each, and a receiving hop-
per, 12 feet wide and 30 feet long, \ith a
capacity of 50 tons of coal. into which the
buckets will discharge, either in unloading
from vessels, or reloading from storage pile.

The trolley movement of the buckets will be
actuated by two direct-connecred steam en-
gines installed at each plant. The body of
of the hopper will be made of 1-inch iron
plates, with the top edges protected by an
8" xS" coaming of white oak, and will be pro-
vided with the necessary gates, chutes, etc.,
to deliver coal to the conveying system, and
to the cars on the track beneath the tower.
The boom, or apron, on the water side of abe
towers will be capable of lifting or folding by
movement in a vertical plane, so that when
fully housed, no part of it will project more
than four feet beyond the concrete face of the
5Stocking and reclaiming bridges-The stock-
ing and reclaiming bridges at the Cristobal
plant will be of the duplex type, that is, each
bridge sill be equipped with two buckets; at
Balboa. the four Pacific Division berm cranes
will be reerected and used as stocking and
reclaiming bridges. Each bridge will be
of steel construction throughout, electrically
operated and self-propelling. Each will travel
at a speed of not less than 50 feet per minute
on two pairs of rails, each pair supported by a
concrete and steel structure adjacent to the
storage basin, and will be mounted on eight
truck., each truck to have four pairs of wheels.
Each bucket will be of 2U) cubic feet capacity.
and will be capable of reclaiming, singly or
together, coal from any depth of the wet, nor-
mal dry, and emergency stock piles Their
hoisring and trolleying movements will be con-
trolled, simultaneouslyy or independently, by
electric motors. The functions of these
bridges con-ist in stocking coal into any part
of the storage pile by means of a part of the
conveying system supported by the bridge;
of reclaiming coal from any part of the storage
pile and delivering it to the conveyor; and
of stocking and reclaiming simultaneously.
They will be able to stock, or reclaim, at the
rate of 1,000 tons an hour.
Reloaders-The reloaders will be nearly
identical at both plants: they are of steel con-
truction throughout, electrically operated, and
self-propelling. Their function is to receive
coal from the conveying system and deliver
it to colliers, barges, and other vessels of vary-
ing freeboard and size, and location of hatch.
es. To attain this end, each reloader is to be
fitted with a hopper for the reception of coal
from the conveying system of sufficient size to
regulate the flow; a conveying system to trans-
fer the coal to the discharge end of the re-
loader, and an adjustable arm, or boom,
equipped with a telescopic chute to deliver the
coal. Each reloader will travel on rails laid
at the elevation of the decks of the reloading
wharves, and will have a "normal rated ca-
pacity" of 500 tons an hour. The boom will
house similarly to the boom on the unloading
Conveying sy.tem-A conveying system is
provided for the transportation of coal within
the plant, namely, from unloaders to storage:
from unloaders, to reloaders; from storage to
wharf bunker, from unloaders to wharf
bunker: from storage to reloaders, and from
one part of storage to another. \With this
s.strem at Cristobal, it will be possible to re-
ceive coal simultaneously from two vessels
located anywhere along the unloading wharf,
one, tio or three unloaders being at work
on one vessel, and transport it from both
vessels to the same part of the storage
pile; to the reloader. direct, or to the wharf

September 10, 1913.


bunker direct, within the capacity of the
conveyors supplying the bunker. If coal
from both vessels is being transported to
the storage pile, it will be possible to re-
claim coal simultaneously from any other
part of the -torage pile by means of the re-
maining bridge, and transport it to the
reloaders, or wharf bunker, direct. The con-
veying will be accomplished b, a double-
track 10-ton automatic electric car system.
Wharf bunkers-Each plant will be provided
with a whari bunker, approximately 2l feet
wide and I1J feet long, for the supplying of
coal to tug., barges, and other small craft.
Each bunker will have a capacity of 1,500
tons of coal and will be constructed of struc-
tural steel, sith floors and walls of concrete.
It will be di ided by two transverse partitions
into three bins of 500 tons capacity each.
The slope of the floor will be 45 degrees from
the horizontal, but all sides and partitions will
be vertical. Each bin will be pro ided with
two valves for delivery of coal to barges, each
having a clear opening 24 inches wide by 36
inches nigh, and so spaced as to make the bin
self-emptying. Each opening will be set 28
feet above the deck of the wharf, and will be
controlled by a gate operated from the ground
or from a footwalk along the front of the
bunker. Each outlet will be provided with a
folding chute, able to deliver coal at the
Cristobal plant, when fully extended, on a
plane seven feet helow wharf level, and at
Balboa, 20 feet below wharl level. At its
shortest extension, it must deliver coal at
Cristobal on a plane 'even feet above wharf
level, and at Balboa, 10 feet above wharf level.
Each of the three bins will be fitted with a
second chute, designed to discharge coal at a
point five feet above the deck of the wharf,
fitted with a valve at the lower end to control
the flow.
Power substation and distribution system-
The operation of all parts of both plants, with
the exception of the unloading towers, will be
elect.-ical, and suitable substations of ap-
proved design, will be erected at each point.
The electrical apparatus will be furnished by
the General Electric Compay as subcontract-
or. The operation of the unloading towers
will be actuated by steam powc.-, for which
engines and boilers will be supplied b) the
Weighing devices-Each of the weighing
devices shall automatically record net weight
of coal, in so far as practicable Where
the location and service of any weighing de-
vice is such as to render it impracticable to
weigh automatically, the nearest approach to
automatic action possible, consistent with
convenience, cost, and accuracy, shall be em-
ployed; in any event, all weighing devices
shall record the weights automatically, net
weights where practicable, and where not
practicable, the taking out of the tare shall be
effected by simple, reliable, and accurate
means. All weighing devices shall weigh
within one per cent of absolute accuracy
under maximum or minimum conditions of
operation, and they shall be such as to re-
quire but little attention to keep them in
efficient operating condition, shall be thor-
oughly protected from dust, grit, and mois-
ture, shall be so located as not to be injured
by falling coal, or otherwise, and shall not
require the services of a skilled man to ob-
serve and record their weighing.
All weighing devices shall be of such design,
location, and construction as to render it

practicable to check their records by means
of passing known weights, separate weighing
on other scales of coal weighed by them, or
otherwise, and such means of checking shall
not require undue time or skill. If any de-
vices for checking weights are made as or-
dinary commercial adjuncts of the weighing
devices, they shall be furnished and erected
as part thereof.
5ubsiructures-The forces of the Canal
Commission will undertake the erection of all
masonry substructures for the coal handling
machinery, as well a. accomplish all wet and
dry excavation, masonry, and backfill for the
plants in general: also., supply all rails for the
support of the unloading towers, brides, re-
loaders, conveyors, and other a-:.-e-sories;
all foundations, including anchor bolt- and
masonry plates, and, practically all the con-
crete construction and fixed anCh'iraces. The
substructures will be of solid masonry, oup-
ported by 6-inch ,ai:s.on; sunk to rock.
Forces ol the Panama railroad are now, en-
gaged in establishing rail connection to the
island opposite Cristotal, on which the coal-
ing plant will be located, by means of a
bridge of the bascule t pe.
This plant will be secondary in importance
to the plant at Cristubal, and ni storage
capacity, and facilities lor handling will be
about one-half of those of the main plant.
Two plans for the handling machine> Were
prepared, one calling for entirely ner. equip-
ment, and the otier providing for the utiliza-
tion of the four berm cranes at Miraflores
Locks, which cost originally atout $300,000
The last mentioned plan was adopted, and is
the bai., upon ahich the award lr the hand-
ling plant at Balboa waa made.
The principal dimensions and elelations
to which the Balboa plant sill conform are, as
follows: Elevation of extreme low water, 10..t
feet below mean sealevel: elevation of ex-
treme high water, 11 2 feet above mean sea-
level; elevation ul bottom of slip, 45 Icet be-
low mean sealevel; a-sumed elevation of top
of wet coal pile and bottom of normal dry coal
pile, six feet above mean sealesel; ele\ati-n
of top of normal dry coal pile, 2th feet abu,.e
mean sealevel, elevation of top of emergency '
dry coal pile, 30 feet above mean -.ealevel;
elevation of deck, of wharves. 16.5 feet above
mean nealevel; length of storage bain, 500
feet: water frontage, 1,300 feet.
The storage facilities will consist of the
Wet storage, reserved for naval u;e J uo.0'.'O
Dry storage. lor Canal use .. O 000
Emergency srorare. dry ..... 30 I.J00
Total ................ ..... 210,000
The fundamental difference between the
two plans prepared for the Balboa plant lies
in the fact that in the design lor all new equip-
ment, the storagee basin would be commanded
by stocking and reclaiming bridges. while in
the accepted design, it will be commanded by,
the four double cantilever cranes, and in this
system no provision is made for connecting
the unloading towers with the storage pile.
The adoption of the alternative plan has
necessitated an increase in the width of the
storage basin to 340 feet, but its length, 500
feet. remains the same. Under the pre-ent
plan, it is purposed to load coal into storage
by chuting from the unloading towers directly
into the coal pile behind, to be rehandled fur-
ther by the cranes. The conveying system

will be required to serve not only the two
unloading towers when reclaiming from stock,
but the crane. also, when they are engaged in
this operation, the capacity of 1,000 tons of
coal an hour being obtained with all six units
at work. The guaranteed rate of handling at
Balboa is the -ame per unit as at Cribtobal.
The cost of rt-m.-.ving and reerecting the cranes
will be bo-rne b'. the Canal Commission.
In adapting the -teamdri\ven st-eeple tower
of the Hunt Con-truction Cumpanri's de-
sign to the proposed con\ cMin s- i-term at the
two plants, the addition of tao '2-valve hop-
pers on the shore side ul the Cristubal p!ant,
and of one 2-valve hopper on the shore side
,f the Balboa plant will be necessary

Health Conditions In the Chagres River VUllages.
Dr. Charles A. Hearne, quarantine officer
at Colon and Criitubal. who visitedd the na-
tive vilAge of San Juan on the Rio Pequeni,
one ni the principal branches of the Chagres,
on Auus.ut 25 and 26, to investigate the re-
ported h:a3., mortality among the inhabit-
ants, has ad is.ed that in the village itself
there has been no abnormal number of deaths.
The police report, covering the period from
October 1, 1912, to about September 1- this
)ear, showed 2s births and eight deaths, out
of a population of about 400. Two cases of
4ickne.i were found, both showing evidences
of malarial infection. The hanitary conditions
in the village were found to be fair, no mos-
quitucs were seen or heard, and the people
claim there are none. On the return trip,
the doctor visited and in-pected the following
river village: Nlaranal, population 20;
Limon, population 25, Boca de Ciatln, popu-
lation 40, Santa Rosa, population 20; Juan
Mina, population 4U. and Cruce, population
nuw about 100. Hookworm disease was
found to be prevalent in all of the settle-
The towns along the Chagres River are in-
creasing in population, owing to removals
from Gorgona, Mlaachin, and Cruces. The
inhabitants ol the latter place are preparing
to fI'und a new town, near the Canal Com-
mission gaging station at El \ gia, which
they propuoe to name \igia. \\ith the rise
of Gatun Lakc, and the backing up of the
water in the Chagres, the river is probably
destined to become quite an artery of trade.
Heretofore, banana., in which a thriving
trade is conducted, have been unloaded at
Mlatachin, but the interuptiun in railroad
communiLation to that point has caused
the trade to be diverted to Gamboa and
Gatun. It is nut an infrequent sight to see
35 or 40 cayucos heavily loaded with bananas
coming down the river, trailing one behind the
A Sailor Slabbed.
Arthur Rahlin, a sailor on the United
State. cruiser Dct:er, which arrived at Bal-
boa from Corinto, Nicaragua, on Thursday,
Sepiember-4, for c..al, .wa. stabbed in the
Cor.oa Grose district of Panama Cit., early
in the morning ol saturday, September 6.
He was taken to Ancon Hospital, where his
Condition is reported as critical. His assail-
ant, a Panmani.ian named Juan Antonio
Almengor, %wa placed under arrest.
ROBERTSON-JONES-At trEe Union Cl.ur.h. Cru-
wbal. on september N.Mli Miirhle Hudson joies of
Loui.,sle K5.. to 1',v.hrm Turner RoherLjon o \Vash.
irgion. D C., the Rev. Carl H. KUiiott aiiaiung.
Canal Zone residence. Coromal.


Meeting of Women to Discuss a Central Organl-
zation for Local Church Work.
There was a large gathering of women at
the seawall Nlethodi-t Episcopal Church in
Panama, on Saturday, September 6, in re-
sponse to a call issued by the Woman's
Foreign Missionary Society of the church for
a missionary rally. The object of the meeting
was to bring together the women engaged in
Christian work, especially missionary work,
in the Canal Zone, and to discuss plans for the
organization of a central society for the con-
tinuance of such work. There were present
members of the Ladies' Aid Society, Empire,
St. Luke's Altar Guild, Ancon, and Ancon
St udd, Club, besides women not affiliated with
any organization.
The program was begun with an organ
voluntary by Mrs. Keyser of Ancon; fol-
lowing this, 12 little children of the mission
school gave a series of recitations, songs, and
dialogues. Other numbers included a dra-
matic reading by Mrs. Taylor of Empire, a
reading by Mrs. Smith of Empire, prayer
by Mrs. Stokoe of Balboa, and an address of
welcome by Mrs. Kingsbury of Ancon. Dr.
Rosalie Slaughter Morton of New York City
was present and spoke informally on the work
of the Methodist,church in the countries of
South America through which she has been
traveling. The president of the society, Mrs.
Harry Compton, read a paper on the aims and
outlook of the organization, some of the lead-
ing points of which were, as follows:
The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society
is affiliated with the Baltimore branch of the
woman's society of the Methodist church.
The yearly dues of $1, and the receipts from
life memberships, are sent to the branch. All
other funds are expended in support of
scholarships in the local mission school, and
for the society's expenses. In 1912, the
society paid $100 toward the education of a
young girl. The effort so far this year has
been centered in the establishment of a play-
ground in the school yard. The equipment
is being made and will cost the society about
$60. One of the youngest children in the school
has been made a life member of the Little
Light Bearers, the children's branch of the
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society; such
a membership costs $10. A feature of the
work of the society is the monthly mission
study. Meetings havebeenheld during the
year at nine homes, and the social hour, fol-
lowing the study and consideration of routine
matters, has always proved pleasant. The
women have held one public service in the
church. In May, a reception was held in the
church parlors in honor of Bishop Homer
Stunrz. on the occasion of his first episcopal
visit to the church.
The enrollment of pupils in the mission
school is over 100, and the average daily at-
tendance is 90. Twenty scholarships, held by
nine girls and eleven boys, are now main-
tained. Lessons in manual training and sew-
ing are features recently added to the work of
the school. A class in first aid to the injured
is also conducted.
The president of the society announced that
the new church in Guachapali will soon be
completed, and urged the need of a woman
teacher to take up the workamong the women
and children living in that section, one who
can make her home on the premises. The
society was asked to consider the possibility

of raising money for the support of this teach-
A plan to bring the societies of women-en-
gaged in Christian work on the Isthmus into
a central organization was discussed. Each
society will be asked to appoint a committee
to confer regarding the matter, and prepare
suggestions for such an organization to be
submitted at the meeting of the foreign mis-
sionary society in October. After adjourn-
ment, refreshments were served in the church
Miscellaneous Notes.
Mrs. James Bowdry of San Francisco, gave
a lecture on socialism in the lodge hall,
Paraiso on Saturday evening, September 6.
The Reverend Alfred G. DeRoos, the
Baptist evangelist, who has been holding
meetings in various Zone villages, completed
one month's mission under the direction of
the Reverend J. L. Wise, in the Commission
chapel at Empire on Saturday evening, Sep-
tember 6. Eight persons presented them-
selves for baptism at the close of the mission.
Mr. DeRoos has gone to Gatun for a series
of meetings under the direction of the pastor
of the Baptist Church, the Reverend Stephen

Special Meeting of Pythian Sisters.
Canal Zone Temple, No. 1, Pythian Sisters,
held a special meeting on Monday. September
1, in honor of Mrs. Alice F. Boylan, supreme
mistress of finance of the Supreme Temple.
Ten members of the order were present. The
Canal Zone Temple presented its visitor with
a gavel made of native hardwood, and a pair
of Satsuma cuff links as souvenirs of her visit
to Panama. Mrs. Boylan sailed on the Car-
tago, for Bocas del Toro on Tuesday, Sep-
tember 2.

Capt. Courtland Nixon sailed for New
York on the Panama, on Saturday, Sep-
tember 6, on his annual leave of absence.
Mr. Lewis A. Mason, assistant engineer
in charge of the design of floating caisson
dams for the lock entrances and the per-
manent dry dock, sailed for San Francisco
on September 4, accompanied by Mrs. Mason,
to supervise the fabrication and construction
of the first caisson by the Union Iron Works.
Mr. B. F. Harrah, Assistant Examiner of
Accounts of the Isthmian Canal Commission,
with headquarters at Washington, arrived on
the Isthmus, on Monday, September 1, on
business connected with the office of the
Examiner of Accounts.
Mr. Charles M. Pepper, one of the foreign
trade advisers for the Department of State
at Washington, is spending a few days visiting
the Canal work, which he has seen in various
stages of progress, both in French and Ameri-
can times. He expects to retire from his
present post on October 1.

Emigrants from the Lake Area.
In anticipation of the rise of Gatun Lake
the Department of Law has been engaged for
the past year and a half in removing from the
area the native families, who live in detached
houses scattered through the jungle, or in
little villages clustered on the banks of
streams or along the line of the railroad.
In that time about 70 per cent of the popu-
lation has moved out of the area, going either
above the 87-foot contour or entirely out of the

lake watershed. Some moved promptly on
being notified, others had to be taken out
when the water was almost at their doors;
some have disappeared in the higher levels
with the trackless silence of woods creatures;
and some have moved in bodies, forming new
settlements in which is preserved the com-
munity life of the old. Most of the popula-
tion of old Monte Lirio mosed together up
the Gatun River and founded a village which
they call Limon. On the other hand, about
350 people scattered over an area of several
square miles were collected and moved, by
rail and water, a distance of nearly 60 miles
and set down on a townsite laid out for
them. These were people living around
Gorgona. Gorgonita, Waterloo, and Mata-
chin, who were taken 40 miles down the
Bay of Panama to the location of New Gor-
gona, set apart for Canal Zone emigrants by
the Government of Panama.
A special train of four box cars and four
second-class passenger cars carried these
people and their belongings to Balboa, ma-
king two separate trips. While the crowded
passenger cars stood on a sidetrack near
the "angle wharf," an electric crane at the
wharf edge loaded the goods into the hold of
a lighter. The lighter wtas 112 feet long by 40
feet in beam, and the men of each party
found room ifjr pa- .age on the deck. The
women and children were carried aboard
the tug Cliamr. which towed the lighter.
In the vessel were loaded tables, kitchenware,
sewing machines, alarm clocks, charcoal
brnzicrs, and other household goods; cor-
rucated iron was carried along in quantities
!or roofing the new dwellings, and potted
plants for adorning them. Several cayucos
were taken aboard, and many chickens,
ducks geese. turkeys, pigs. and goats, as well
as dogs and one sp.-tted fawn. though no cats
were to be seen. It was well toward evening
each time when the barge left the wharf,
on its way down the bay. The Chamn re-
turned to Balboa during the following night,
having delivered the emigrants and their
goods without mishap
At New Gorgona, the people were quartered
temporarily in a single large building, erected
by the Republic of Panama. With this as
headquarters, they arranged new locations
and set to work at constructing new dwellings,
either of rough timber or of poles cut from the
woods. The Government of Panama sells
them building materialsat cost, and is main-
taining a commissary store at New Gorgona
to supply food and household necessities at
cost prices. The Republic has purchased
irom the Commission, at upset prices, the
schoolhouse for native children and the Catho-
lic church at Gorgona, and these, as well as
the dwellings whose owners will dismantle
and load them, are to be transported to New
Gorgona free of charge.
Colon-Panama Passenger Train Service.
Nos. 3, 5, 7. 21. 23. 25. 27, and 29 will stop
only at Miraflores and Corozal to allow pas-
sengers to get olf who hold transportation
reading from points north of Pedro Miguel.
Nos 20, 22, 24, 26, and 2S will stop at
Corozal and Miraflores on 1fag only for passen-
gers going north of Pedro Mliguel over new
main line.
LosT-On Front street Colon, on August 26. a
gentleman'a gold aacrh. Suie.. movement. 16 size.
Monogram "F. E S." engraved in large letters on back.
Fob attached with Society of the Chagres pin. Re-
ward. if returned to John Vaucher, jeweler. Colon.


Vol. VII, No. 3.

September 10, 1913.



Activites of the Young Men's Chrstilan Associa-
The schedule for moving picture entertainments for
the week September 15 to 20 is. as follows: Monday.
Empire; Tuesday. Culebra; Wednerday. Cristobal.
Thursday. Cnrozal; Friday, Gatun and Pcrto Bello;
Saturday. Crtstabal.
A cablegram has been received from Alton Packard.
the humorist. sltaing that he will be unable to keep
his engagement to appear at the various clubhoaues
in September. because of illness in his family. Ne-
gotiations are now under way for a comprny.io appear
early in October
The all-lsthmian bowling tournament and the all-
Isthmian basketball league wall begin about the first
of October.
A sharply contested basketball game took plue on
Friday night. Scotember 5. between the Culehbr and
Cororal team; on the latter a floor. The score at the
end of the f.r.t half stood 23-13 in favor of Corozal.
At the end of the second half ,t as a tie. 2s-25. Two
additional five-minute periods 'serrelire e re to decide.
The final score w'as 31-30. in favor of Culebra
Eight teams have entered the lo: 31 threemnen league
of tenpins. Gold medals will be given to the winning
team. also a gold medal for high average.
Empire won three straight games from the ITocal
team on the loral all:.'s on C'rotember 6. S-ores Em-
pire. 869. 875 n43, Cororal. 81o i 6. 771. High scores
in tenpins forthe past week were. as follows Edwards,
211. 205; Holmes. 213, 20;, Tailor. 203: Beall. 200;
Ruggles. 203.
The chess match played between Culebra and Coro-
zal resulted, as follows::
Coro:al. IWon Clretra. W1'n
Connor..... .. 2 DuBois .... .. 0
Fields............... I A Mt W arner....... I
Sherrard............. 1i J. H. W\ 'rner . .
Shohan.. ........... 0 McClure .. .... I
M ills .............. 0 W ilon ..... .2
Morehead....... .... I Strornc ... .
Kvte................. Shropshire ......... 0
Kingsbury ...... 2 Patterson...... .. .0
Total......... . 91 Total .. . ... 5
Highscores forthe week in tenpin- were. as follows;
Case. 200. 223; Dougherty. 269. 211; Finley. 226
Bechlem 245. The sinreof 26' made bs Dougherty is
the high record for the local alleys. In the local tourna-
ment Dougherty and Warner are tied by Dougherty
and case for the first prie, with a score of 740.
An order has been placed in the LiUned States for a
consignment of new Iorary books.
The local bowling league has just closed with the
three teams captained by S. King. Sims. and Giavelli
tied for first place. ea, h team ha% ing won 16 games and
lost R. The tie will be bowled off at once
New music rolls fnr the player pino have luit arrived
from the United SML1Es and those assembling in the
lobby en)oy' the concerts gi\en two or three times a
A local basketball league has been formed with five
teams captained by Frank Purchas- and C. Cu lling of
Culebra. and F. MN. Saver. Huildqum;t. and A. J.
Johnson of Empire. Two teams are composed of
Culebra player. and the threeother teams ire formed
of Empire men. Thi league will bring at least JD
men into the game and in this way help to prepare a
team for the regular I.rbmian league. which will prob-
ably start about the first of October. The local league
series will be 20 games each team playing the other
teams twice, and two and three garres will be played
each night
Mr. Joseph P. Mitchell has been appointed manager
and coach for the Gatun basketball team. Practice
games will be held three nights each week. Any mem-
ber of the association rs cordially invited to. partici-
pate in these practice games.
A new schedule for the popular handicap pool tourna-
ment has been drawn up and mailed to each participant
Any mad who fails to appear by 9 o'clock on the night
he is scheduled to play forferts the game to his op-
A two-man "Ragtime" bowling tournament was
conducted on the Gatun alleys on Labor Day, Sep-
tember 1. Twenty-five men participated. The results
in the duckpla tournament were: First prize. Barte
and Gibson, 200; second prize. Wurater and Grey, 198;
third prize. Claherty and Furlong. 197, high single
gaumaBarte. 114. The tenpinrournament result were;
PFat prize. Dennis and Furlong. 411; second prize,
Bati ati. Gmrer. 378; third pris, cie--Deni and

Humphrey, 343 and Omeara and Humphrey, 343.
High single game. Dennis. 208.
Mr. Ben Jenkin has been appointed a member of the
Gatun executive council
A prize. conis ting of a handsome silver medal. will be
awarded to the member who rolls the largest number of
"200" games of tenpins during the period September 17
to September 30. inclusive.
Messrs Clherty and Hess have been appointed
managers of ine bowling alleys effective September 1.
All bowling records for the Gatun clubhouse were
again broken during the month of August, when 3,693
games were rolled. This is an average of 142 games per
Chas. C. G. Wurster has been appointed manager of
pool and billiards. vice D. C. Galloway. resigned.
Mr. Roy F. Soule of Nea York. editor of The Hr,.l-
va-re 4 ie proved in interesting speaker before the dis.
cui:.on club on Thursdjy September 4 Mr Soule
di s:dd J'- time between' Salesmanship" and "Cor-
porlionl." Ab.out 50 men were priese.t. Dr. S. T.
Darling will address the club on Thursday September
II. Leaking for his subject "Transmission of disease
through inie.lts."
NMr D. V Stratton will gisea lecture illustrated with
slides and moving pictures, on Friday. September 12
His subject will be 'The Panama-Pacific exposition
and the Sacramento Valley." No admission will be
Basketball practice has begun in preparation for the
all-lsthmian tournament. which starts ea~l' in October.
All men interested in basketball are requested to leave
their name, at the desk.
Mr. J. B. Gomez will start another class in Spanish on
Wednesday. September 17. Persons interEited in the
study of Spanish can enroll at this time.

August Rainfall for Three Years.
', -
o 5
< -

STA'torIS. 1911 1912 1913 a o

PaciriL -ctson=-
Ancon ... 7.21 6.33 8 20 7 57 17 20
Balboa 8 50 6.79 6 ;4 7 50 15 17
lMraflore 7 06 1 35 4 23 8 21 5 17
Pedro Miguel.. 5 43 9 i1 5 4 8 31J 6 22
Rio Grande 8.17 13 19 7 68 10 04 9 26
C't1'u6l 3.'uiion-
Culebra . 8 36 2 88 76 10 54 22 25

Empire 3 9I 1 0 5 10 46 9.79 10 25
Gambos ... 7 68 I', 64 16 45 12 3 31J 24
Juan Mina. I12 ?' Ill f. 10 34 11 4? 23
Alhaluela ... 10O ;9 12 97 10 92 1 15 24
El 'igia 12 56 14 96 i) 24 !2 it0 5 24
Frijols 13 6 14 75 II 19 2 27
Trnidd. 8 17 7 6 I3 39 II 63 6 27
Monte Liro.. 9.58 %. I 10.42 11 02 6 19
Allanur .Selcson-
Gatun 7 91 II 96 12 3? 1 09 8 23
Bra'os Brook. 19.1 14 4! 16 93 14 96 8 24
Colon. .. 11 60 9 83 17 91 l .06 43 26
Porto Bello...22 5o 14 15 25 35 18 93 6 22

Acting Deputy Collector of Revenues.
.ANcoN. C. Z.. September 3. 1913
To /Head, oj Dr-i:ions--Mr James J. Gilbert, post.

office inspector is designated acting deputy collector
of revenues. effective ntis date vice IMr Arthur Mc-
Gowan, resigned. RiciHAR L. METCALFE.
Head of Deparlmenl of Civil .4 amrmstratron.

Rainfall, August I to August 31, 1913. Inclusive.

so 3
5 -

Pacific Section- I t. I s.
Ancon ............ . 2 61 17 2?0
Balboa ...... ..... 2 06 17 6 74
'Aliraflore . .. 104 10 4.23
Pedro Mlicuel ... ...... 1.10 10 5 46
Rio Gruande.. ... 26 12 7.68
Cesrliul S ioni.-
Culebra .............. 2 17 23 9.76
C3macho ... .......... 2.13 23 t 10 1
Empire ... .... . ... I r6 6 10 46
Gamboa .............. . I3. 171 16 45
luain Mlna ..... I 1 21 10. 1
Alhajuels ...... 1.47 8 10 02
El Vigis .. .. I 31 6 1) 2
'Frijoles .. ......... . 2 63 6 14 75
Trmn..J.d. ... 2 S3 10 13 39
Mcnire Lino ...... 2.00 6 10.42
Atlantic S'cuI ---
Giurn ..... 3.04 10 12.3?
*BrJzo Brook ... ...... 4 3 10 16 93
Colon .. 4 55 28 17.91
Porvo Bello 0 06 10 ?5 35
Rainfall from September I tob 1913. Inclusive.

Pat:jri Stilton- Int Ins.
Ani..n . . 36 1 41
Balt.- . I' 25
*\lira o ... 57 3 I 26
P.dro Mluel i0 I 61
Ri.3 Grand.- 34 4 3I
Censil Sc:rcn- I
Culet.a ...... .. 2 I1 86
'Cam:aho . IS 3 .46
Fmp!re ......... 2 29 2 89
Gambo . n 6 I 68
*Juan Mlina .. I 15 433
Alhaluela I 22 3 2 uS
El \'gial i. 1 6 2 64
"Friol 22 5 4 I1
'M.Ilnie Lirio 3 26 5 1 56
.4rlanil' 'e.IIur.-
Gitun 1 6 5 2 07
'Brajos Brook i1 5 2 7t
Color .4 3 I 0
tPo.ro B-lli 14 I 4
'Standard rain eae-r---dings at 5 p. m.. djily.
Automatic rain nace at tun..ttrred it- l-on?-' ilUej
midnight to mailn.b;l. tTo 5 p. m September 3

Tide Table.
The following table rsnas the tinie of high and low
tidees t Panama lor tlie wcek endairg Septembert 1. 1013:


A. M.
epl. 14 .
Sept 15.. .
Sept. 16.. .. .
Sept. 17..

Sept. 18 .
Sept 19.
Sept. 20 2.1C
;5th meridian lime.

High Low High Low

A M. A M. P P.1M. P.I
3 1; ', 2'1 3 O .. 3
3.48 9 Si 4.051 13.07
4. 17 10 2; 1i i, in. ;9
; 11 11 0 5.2u, 11 38
5. 7 12 (j 5 57'..
6 OR1 12 ;1 6 2A'


Weather conditions on the Isthmus during the month of August were in mo-t renrcits approximately normal.
The rainfMll was generally delicient over the Pacific and Central iectionri. but above normal along the Atlantic roast.
The monthly Lotals ranged from 4.23 inches at lMraflores to 25 35 ;nch at FPorto Bello The maXimum precipita.
tion recorded in one day was 6.06 inches at Porto Bello, on the l0th
The average air temperature and relative humidity were ilishbly above normal
Thewind reached a maamum velocity o[ 40.mdesan hour from the northed t t Culebra on the 27th during
local rain squall. The highest wind velocity previously recorded at the Culebra ,taiion w-as 39 miles. an hour trom
the north, on July 20. 1910.
Normal conditions of night and early morning ogginess prevailed at the interior stations fdty-four per cent
of the fogs observed were dis.apated by 6.30 a. m.. 8 prer cent by 7.30 a m and 94 per cent by 8.30 a. m.
The following table summarizes the weather conditions for the mouth.

S- Temperature. Precipit stlon. ind.
S... -=
-o I r I ,

Sb... i" is 70 3 u ; s 4. \ ; a
a a 2 0 7 0
Colon... 29 6 79.8 87 Aug. 3 7? Aug.1 s9 17 91 15.08 26 .013 W. 26 W. IA s
Culebra.... .29.82N 79.2 92 Aug 1 70 Aug 7 9.4 6 10.54 2 4.5S N. 40 N. E. Au. 27
Ancon.. .29.816 80.2 v3 Au.13 70 Aug. 7 l 8 20 7.57 20 4.640 N. W. 22 Aug. 21
_______________________ 7I 1


Vol. VII, No. 3.


President-Dr. Belisario Porras.
First ,.ice. prreident- Rnadilf, Chiari.
Second vice-prsideni-Rrr, 'n M. Vald6s.
Third vice-president-Aristides Arjona.
Departments of National Government.
Secretary of Government and Justice-Francisco Fil6s.
A',iitnt S,.,:relrrv-Err.iiie L Hurtado.
Secretary .l-f Foreicn Afia.- irn. .i, T. Lefevre.
Asii ,ri .r.l..r,-l-h.. F Calvo.
Secretary of Finance-Aristides Arjona.
Assistant Secretary-Leovigildo Gonzales.
Secretary of Public Works-Ram6n F. Acevedo.
Assistant Secretary-Ladislao Sosa.
Secretary of Public Instruction-Guillermo Andreve.
Assistant Secretary-Jephtha B. Duncan.
Director General of Posts and Telegraphs-I,. F.
Director General of Statistics-Adolfo AlemAn.
Administrator General of Public Lands-Jer6nimo J.
Treasurer General (ad interim)-J. M. Alzamora.
Chief Engineer-Ricardo M. Arango.

Minister at Washington-Eusebio A. Morales.
Secretary of Legation-Jos6 E. Lefevre.
Attach--Nicolas Rem6n.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court-Alberto Mendoza.
Judges of the Supreme Court-H. Patifio, Alberto
Mendoza, Saturnino L. Peria ult Aurello
Guardia, Juan Lombardi.
Attorney General-Antonio Papi Aizpuru.

Governors of Provinces.
Panama-Francisco A. Mata.
Colon-Ruben S. Arcia.
Bocas del Toro-Pacifico Melendez P.
Coi. -l-Alrre.d Patiflo.
Lorj Sanios-o.'- M. Moreno.
Veraguas-A. Gilberto Vega.
Chlriqui-Gerardo Herrera.
Municipalities of Panama and Colon.
Panama-Mayor (Alcalde)-Enoch Adames.
Chief of Police-Leonidas Pretelt.
Captain of the Port-Carlos de Diego.
Colon-Mayor (Alcalde)-Julio Bernal.
Chief of Police-C. A. Matos.
Captain of the Port-Inocencio Galindo, Jr.

List of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps Ac-
credited to the Government of the Re-
public of Panama.
Colon-Frank Ullrich, Consul.
Guatemala-H. Henin, Minister Resident.
Panama-B. D. Fidanque, Consul (absent). Mauri-
cio B. Fidanque, Consul (acting).
Colon-J. J. Herriquez, Vice-Consul.
Panama-Samuel Boyd, Consul-General.
Colon-Isidoro Hazera, Consul (acting).
Havana, Cuba-Luis Guinaraes, Chargi d'Affaires.
Panama-Ram6n Arias F., Consul.
San JosE Costa Rica-C. Prercar' Clark, Envoy
Extraordinary and Minister Pleiiif.irnt, ar,
Panama-Antonio B. Agacio, Charg6 d'Affaires, and
Consul-General (absent). Juan Ehrman, Consul.
Colon-Ernesto Jartimillo Aviles, Consul.
Panama-Owyang King, Consul-General.
Panama-Humberto M. Vaglio, Consul-General.
Bocas del Toro-Victor M. Dominguez, Consul.
Pansmi-R. Gu,,.errez Alcaide, Charg6 d'Affaires,
and C.i-iinl.Ce'eral (absent). Mario F. de Lara,
in charge of Legation and Chancellor in Charge.
Colon-Luis F. Estenoz, Consul.
Panama-I. L. Maduro, Consul.
Colon-Joseph Fidanque, Vice-Consul.
Panama-J. Cueva Garcia, Minister Resident.
Victoriano Endara. Consul.
Panama-L. Thublier, Charg6 d'Affaires (ad interim),
snd Acting Consul.
Colon-M. H. de Juasien de Senevier, Vice-Consul.
Bocas del Toro-E. Cochez, Consular Agent.
David-Eugene Loeffler, Vice-Consul.

Panama-Arturo Kohpcke, Consul.
Colon-Alfred Sange, Consul.
Panama-C. C. Mallet, WM;n.ter Resident. Perci-
vale Helyar, Vice-Consul. E. S. Humber. Pro-Consul.
Colon-H. 0. Chalkley, Consul (absent). James
Robertson Murray, Vice-Consul. William McAdam,
Bocas del Toro-William H. Ponton, Vice-Consul.
Panama-Florenclo Arosemena, Consul.
Panama-J. F. Arango, Consul-General.
Colon-VincenteADelgado, Consul.
Colon-Jules Faine, Consul-General.
Panama-Marcos E. Velazquez, Consul-General.
Panama-Arturo Kdhpcke, Consul.
Colon-L. Delpiano, Consular Agent.
Panama-Francisco Mallen, Consul-General. Baldo-
mero Mendez, Vice-Consul.
Colon-Inocencio Galindo, Vice-Consul.
Panama-D. M. Sasso, Consul.
Colon-J. J. Ecker, Sr., Vice-Consul.
Panama-Marcos E. Velazquez, Charg6 d'Affaires.
Julio Arjona Q., Consul.
Bocas del Toro-Solomon H. Conoan, Consul.
Mexico City-Michael Strom Lie, Consul-General.
Panama-George Myers Guerin, Vice-Consul.
Colon-David S. Webster, Consul. Eustace H.
Simons, Vice-Consul.
Bocas del Toro-H. F. W. Kandler, Vice-Consul.
Panama-Emilio Rodriguez Larrain, Chargf d'Af-
faires, and Consul-General. Alberto Obarrio, Consular
Colon-H. R. Wilford, Consul.
Guatemala-Jos6 da Costa Carneiro, Charg6 d'Af-
faires, and Consul-General.
Panama-RagiOn Arias F., Consul.
Panama-Ernesto Boyd, Consul-General (acting).
Panama-Arturo de Lemos, Consul.
Colon-Jos6 M. Fidanque, Vice-Consul.
Panama-Josi Teixidor y Jugo, Consul. Narciso
Perez Petinto. Vice-Consul.
Colon-Antonio Andrade Polanco, Consul.
Santiago, Veraguas-Julio Garcia Sierra, Vice-Con-

Panama-B. Malo, Consul.
Colon-J. J. Ecker, Sr., Vice-Consul.
Panama-H. Percival Dodge, Envoy Extraordinary
and Minister Plenipotentiary (absent). Cyrus F.
Wicker, Charg6 d'Affaires (ad interim). Alban G.
Snyder, Consul-General. Daniel J. Waters, Vice-Con-
Colon-J. C. Kellogg, Consul. Robert Wilcox, Vice-
Bocas del Toro-Paul Osterhout, Consular Agent.
David-William D. Gillespie, Consular Agent.
Santiago, Veraguas-Nathaniel J. Hill, Consular
Colon-Angel Diaz Castro, Consul General.
Stages of tne Chagres.
Maximum he;glt of the Chagres River for the week
ending midnignt Surtdahy, September 6, 1913. All
height. are in iL.-ri r.-:.e mean sealevel.


Sun. Augut 31 ...... 129.6 95.0 60.5 60.4
:.o10 plptember 1..... 130.0 95.3 60,8 60.6
Ties.. September 2.... 128.4 94.7 60.8 60.8
Ved **-.it.uber3..... 128.2 91.4 61.0 60.9
Tnur, ., nrii hr 4... 127.0 03.'. 61.2 61.1
I ,.. Set.-rbr S..... 127.2 93 61.6 61 6
Sat September 6.... 128.3 94.4 61.8 61.6

Height of low water to
nearest o . ... .. 125 0 91.0 I 44.0


The following is a liht of 6aiings nf the Panama
Railroad Steaemsh.p Comfrain%. of the Royal Mail
Steam Pa.ket Company: oi the Hambtarg-American
L .ne. and of the Unue.1 Fruit Comrdany s Line,
Advance .. P R. R Tuesday .. Sept. 9
Panama P. R. R. Tue.day.....Sept. 16
AllLinca ... P.R. R.. Monday, ....Sept. 22
Colon ....... ...... P. R R..Tuesday .... .Sept. 30
Advance ...........P. R. R. Monday..... Oct. 6
Panama... .... ...P.R. R. Saturday... Oct. II
Alliance ... ...... P. R. R. Saturday ... .Oct. 18
Colon .......... ...P. R. R. Friday ... Oct. 24
Advance. ...... P. R. R..Thursday. ..Oct. 30
caRsroaB4 TO NEW YORK.
Colon... ...........P. R. R. Sunday.. ...Sept. 14
Ada nce ....... P. R. R.. Monday.... Sept. 22
Pinama . .. ....P. R R. Sunday. ....Sept. 28
Allianci..... . .P. R. R..Saturday....Oct. 4
Colon .... P. R R. Sunday .....Oct. 12
Advance ........ ...P. R. R. Saturday....Oct. 18
Panama .. P. R. R..Thursda-. ..Oct. 23
AlIhanca.. .. .... P. R. R. Thursday ...Oct. 30
Santa M ria ...... t F C. 'Wednesday. .Sept. 3
Carl Shurz .........H -A Saturday ... .Sept. 6
Pastoree ........ U. F. C. Saturday .... Sept. 6
Metapan. ....... ...) F.C. Wednesday..Sept. 10
Prinmz Augu.t Wilhelm H -.\ Saturday ... Sept. 13
Tiines... .. U.F.C. Saturday.... Sept. 13
Trent . R. NI Saturd-ay ..Sept. 13
Zn,..apa ..... .1. F. C. W'ednei.day..Sept. 17
Emil L. Boas. H.-A .. Saturday ...Sept. 20
Smxaol . .... U. F.C. Saturday ...Sept. 20
Almirante . ...U F.C. Wednesday. Sept. 24
Prinz Joachim .. .... H.-A Saturday....Sept. 27
Carrillo .. . U. F. C Saturday .. Sept. 27
Magdalena R. MI ..S.a-iurday....Sept. 27
Santa Marta . U F C. W'edneadiy..Oct. I
Almrante... .. ... UL I C. Thirsdav.. Sept. II
Prnz Joacnim ...H .A Tuee-P, ...Sept. 16
Carrillo .........Ii. F C Tuela .. Sept. 16
F.lagdAcln .R. MI TU.v,._- ...Sept. 16
San'. Miria .... U.F C Thuridl Sept. 18
Carl Sqhurz H -\ Tiue Id ...Sept. 23
Pait.re .. Li F C. Tuer.i, ...Sept 23
f.letIpan . ... U F C. Thurd,. Sep(. 25
Danube .... .. .. R. NI Tueda' ...Sept. 30
Tivo',.. .LU. F C TueMd ...Sept. 30
Prinz Augilit I'dVirelm H...A Tuo-.y .. S.-p. 30
Za.-:ipa . .. ... i F C Thurrdi, ..Oct. 2
Emil L Boas HA Tuted., ..Oct. 7
Siaola ... ...L F C..TueAd, y. .Oct. 7
Ainnirante ... .. U.F.C. Thursday.... Oct. 9
Prinz Joachim . H. A Tu-:day.. ..Oct 14
Carrillo ...... l F.C. Tuesday. Oct. 14
Tagua .. ...... R N1. T.-i'day ....Oct. 14
.\e- . ...Ii. F C Saturday . .Sept. 6

Turrilba. ... L.F C. Saturday... Sept. 13
Cartago ... ..I. T.F.C. Wedneiday..Sept. 17
Abingarez . ...U.F C. Salurdai .. Sept. 20
Hereda .......... . I. F C. %Vedneiday .Sept. 21
Atenas . ..... F. ..Saturda, .. .Sept. 27
Absungarez. .........U. F. C. Thursday .. .Sept. 11
Heredia.. ......... U. F. r. Siturd Sent. 1;
Arenas ... ... .U F C Trurda ....Sept. 18
Pari.nna. . ... LI. F. C. S.turday... Sept. 20
Turralna U. F C. Thursday, ..Sept. 25
Catlago .... ..Li F.C Saturd. ...Sept. 27

Misdirected Letters
The following mnufftriiently addre,,ed letter-. origi-
nating in the L'nitted states and IIt po: i Jj,ns. have
been received in the office o lhA Dii, rLo of Post.s
and naa>' De 9e"red upon rets.!t of the addressees-
Brady. Misa Either NMehlnope. G E.
Brown. Frank H. NMeitler Mlr A. .1.
Collins. E. T. RaA:.3n Frank
Conelly. E C Reeder. \l.l;. D.
Elam. Robert Skeris Joseph
Gardner. Dean B. Srith. Mrh Charles F.
Hall. W. C. Swan.on Oi:'r
Harold, W. Thompmon ioin
Horgan, N. VW Van Fledi \Vilbur
Marcuse. S. H. Van Tll Ne'son
Cold Storage Prices.
The following change, have kL-en made in cold stor-
rare prices nt the commisaaric. amce the last publica-.
lion. S.v'etbre-ad. beef. reduced ir.,m 40 to 34 cents
ter pound; ireen pepper reduc-d from 6 to 4 cents
pel rOund, romi, r- added ait 14 C-rI; per pound.
tomatoes, reduced from 5 to 4 cents per pound; Mala-
ga grapes. added, at 14 cents per pound; canteloupes.
advanced to 7 cents per pound; plums. advanced to
12 cents per pound: pears, added, at 8 centa per pound.





The Canal Record
Published weekly shni.r ith authority and sipernison of
the Isi.mni.an Canal Commission.

The Canal Reecri is puiti;hrA. tIree .-hkaJ. n', .,Puv
each to all emploass of the Cornmml rin and Panama
Railroad Cjmnpany uhoj. names are on rhe ,ivld rell
E.ttra (opics and bark number ein be otauinet Irum Lih
nre stands of the Panama Raortbod Company rjr tc
cents eacih.

Address all Communications.
Ancon, Canal Zone.
Isthmus or Panama.
No ommunicarron enrt, lor pubi.aii.ron .'r rr.1e.rnK
information -dill reet e avifention unleS si sneJ tl h the
full name and address! of the rtlter

Canal Record Index.
The index to Volume VI of TeE CANAL
RECORD, in form suitable for binding, will be
ready for distribution shortly. It will be sent
Iree, on application, to such persons. institu-
tions, libraries, etc., as desire to preserve their
copies of THE CANAL RECORD in book form.
Application should be made to the Secretary,
Isthmian Canal Commission, Ancon, C. Z.

Commissary for Ancon.
In view of the decision to continue the
settlement at Ancon indefinitely as quarters
for the gold employes, a commissary of a per-
manent character has been authorized. It
will be a one-stor) building, 110 feet long
by 70 feet wide, about the size of the Empire
commissary, will be constructed ofhollow cun-
crete blocks, and will have a tile floor in
salesroom. A refrigerator, 20 by 20 feet
in size, will be installed, together with the
usual counters and shelves. The commissary
will be situated near the tennis court, on the
site of the old French building, now used as
a storehouse by the Quartermaster's De-
partment. The permanent force to be quar
tered at Ancon. will comprise about 161
families, and 130 bachelors.

Rise of Miraflores Lake.
The opening in the dam of the spillway of
Miraflores Lake is to be closed on or before
October 1, in order to begin the filling of the
lake area to the height required for the pas-
sage of vessels. In the construction of the
spillway. a gap was left in the lower part
of the ogee next to the locks, for the passage
of the waters of the Rio Grande and its
tributaries; filling this gap with about 700
cubic yards of concrete will effect the com-
pletion of the mass masonry of the spillway.
Forces of the First Diviston will complete the
installation of the control gates before the
water reaches the crest of the spillway at
38.67 feet above sealevel. The rise of the

lake will nercesitate the removal of the
cement shed on the se.,t side the ap-
proach to lirafllurrc Li.ck. and of the
branches of railroad below the 55-foor con-
tour. The buildings in the native .ectiln o:i
Miraflores village have been demoli-hed, and
the Commission buildings in the lak- .re a sill
be removed. The police personnel %a- trans-
ferred to Pedro ligr.l and consolidated with
the tjation of that village on September 15,
and the Nliraflores commissary' store is closed
The bottom il the completed channel
through the lake, from Pedro Mligel Li.ck
to Miraflores Lock-, i- to be 10 feet above
sealevel, allowing a wateray of 45 fet depth
when the lake is at elevation 55 feet, or
normal level. Must of thi- channel ha- bI.cn
brought to grade, though s,.me portions of it
have been left with a maximum elevation of
16 feet above sealevel, to be excavated by,
Diversion of Drainage South End of Culebra Cut.
Since .ugust 15. 1012. the drainage sater
from the portion of Culebra Cut south of
the summit Alt excaation ha- been pas,'.i
through the lS-f or cul'.ert in the middle
wall of Pedro Mi-uel Lock On Sep
member II. th ; drainage wa, diverted to
the culvert in the east %all, to allow the
cleaning frum the center wall culvert of
the silt and debri. which hare settled in it.
This cleaning, which has to be accomplished'
before the rise of Miraflores Lake, will prob-
ably require about 15 da\s
Rents under Resocable Licenses to Private Coal
and Fuel Oil Companies.
L'nder the plan of issuing revocable lic:en-zs
to private dealers in coal and fuel oil who de-
sire to maintain coal storage and oil tanks at
the Canal termini, the following rates for rent
al haee been approved' The rate for 'p.-ce
occupied by oil tanks, ill be one-half of a
cent per square foot per annum at Balboa, and
one-third of a cent per square foot per annum
at Mount Hope. The real estate or improve-
ment tax on investments made by the fuel
oil licensee will probably be one per cent
per annum. Under the present arrangement.
the licensee of coal storage will have little.
if any, occasion to make improvements
Where the Government makes these im-
provements, the ground rent and the rent
for the improvements will be consolidated into
one annual fee in lieu of the ground rental and
the tax for improvements charged the licensee
for fuel oil tanks.
A Day's Record in Loading Gravel.
American steam ditcher No I, belonging
to the Panama Railroad Crnmpany. made a
good day's record at dump No. I gravel pil
on Saturday, September 6. when it loaded
1.424 cubic yards of gravel in five hours and
fifty-fiv minutes, approximating a rate ol
237 cubic yards an hour. The machine was
in charge of Steam Engineer E. Richards,


Steamihovel Operations in Can.l Proper Dit-
continued on September 10-Cleaning
up in the Cut.
Steam-hovel operations in Culebra Cut
were permanently so;-pended on \ednesday,
September 10, and by Saturday night. Sep-
rember 13. all trark had been renmoied in the
Empire dis-ritr. except Tow'.r R incline
track and track to pumping plant, and all
were taken ip in the Culebra district. except
incline tracks Mlan. of the ties were past
sa'ine and were heaped in pilei- and burned.
The la-t steam:ho,)rti l ri stop r.orking in
the bottom excaari:,n i-ere -,No. 204. manned
by II.S. IlHa,.es. enein,.cr. .and A E. Alexander,
craneman; and Nn. 226. manned by Albert
H. GedJes,. engineer, an.d \V. I. Hud on,
cranem.dn The-e 'luc their lat ilipperfuls
at about li1 30 a. m. The -lat dirt train out
of the Cut was drawn by engine N). 260. with
E C. Bean as en'ini--r and E .A Donnelly.
asi condu.ror.r. S3eamis.hovl N.- 2101, manned
by Frank Loulan. encinecr. andi S. H. Bryan,
craneman. cas retained .at Cui .racha slide
until Thur-sda'. Scpr,.mber II to keep the
track clear.
The pumps nhiclh hdae lce-rn niainta ned
ju't -)uth of Gamboa dike to free the Cut
of drainage waster fl,'ina north nill be re-
m,.r.] thi-c week nd] the concrctet building
"hich has housed -thlhm %will be fidetruyed with
dynamite As the pipe- which fornmrly passed
the afterr around CucaraCha dlide to the
south haie been taken up. the natural drain-
age into the Cut from this week on ill rcol-
lect and remain there As the water in the
lake rises there is an increased seepage through
the embankment separating the Cur from the
Camacho Divers-in, an.] in addition, a light
seepace through iamb .is dikei has tb, -rn ,..-
served. This, rogethcr .'.th the rainwater
that ill flow in between n% d.nd hu- tin me the
valves in the pipe-at Crar boa dike ar-eopeniud,
will probably ha\.i the effect ol l.i'c.dine
the bottom of the Canal. In uordur to avoid
any hindranie b. the water ba.ikine up too
rapidly while the iork of removing the pumps
is going on. a small dike w-ill be built aciron the
Canal about a mile ioLith ,f the -like to, retain
the drainage flowing north. \\t h the pumps
out of the \uavr. the splir track Icailine tr the
dike. and the incline track out ol the Cut near-
by. %ill be removed.
It is estimated thal t 6fll0.ijlil t ubic yards of
material remain to In: reni-,ivd b dredges
Irom the Culebra Ciut section s ilhin the
original limits of the Canal, e:clusi' e of slides
and the inclines at the north and sout-h ends
of the Cut. Practically all of this material
lies between Cucaracha slide and a point
about midway between Empire aid Culebta.
Slides in this section showedd renewed activity
during the past week but these in a large
measure have lost their importance, because
they will become a part of the regular work


Vol. VII, No. 4.

of the dredges in keeping the channel clear
The remaining material is being drilled pre-
paratory toblasting it: most of the blasting
will be done after the water is about eight
feet deep
A total of 13 shovel %%ere at v ork on
Saturday in the Central Division Tao of
these were -engaged in excavatinr a rece-i for
a mooring basin and an approach for the
pontoon bridge on the ca-t bank, andi one v.as
at work on the \net bank uppo-ite Cucaracha
village, dieeing a tren .h for the discharge line
of the dredge pump- to be installed at that
point It is prop-osedl to extend, the dii:.,harce
line over into the vallte of the Rio Grande.
where the marer;al pumped b, the drec're's
working in Cucaracha hlide. v.ill be rasted
Another shovel a ill be -,:t at wr.rk thi- week.
exca\ating for a track leading oiff the west
approach to the pontoon bride.
Excavation was first begun in Culebra Cut
on January 20, 18S2, by the French, and has
continued with only six years' interruption
(1889-1995) to the present time. During the
operations of the two French companies: ,
about 17.000,000 cubic yards of material were
taken from this section useful lu the com-
pleted Canal. On May 4, 100, hen the
Americans took charge, there were about 701
men employed in excavation work. using
side excavators. served by small French dump
cars and Belgian locomotive. Work was;
continued with the equipment left b, the
French until it could begraduall, replaced
with modern steamshovels, engines, and car.
The first American steam-hovel was placed
in operation on November II, 1904, and the
last of the French excavarors was discontinued
on June 16. 1905. On August 1 1905, there
were eleven American steam-honiels at work.
but their output was greatly handicapped by
lack of proper transportation facilities. \\ork
in the Cut did not begin on a large scale until
February, 1907, and from that time until
1911. when the maximum output iwa reached,
there was a steady increase in the amount
of material excavated as new equipment %kas
The following table shoes the amount ifi
material removed from the Culebra Cut i.c.c
tion by the Americans from the beginning
of operations in 1904 up to the sutjpension if
steamshovel work on September 10:
Year. Ci di: I lrij
1904 .. . 4. 73.
1905 .. -) 1. 4 42s
190. .. .. 1'

1909 14 5: l)0i
1910 .... 1, 194.90
1911 ..... I. \ 5 % l
1912 .. .413
1913 (To September 10; .. 8 34e.19r
Total ... ........... .... 97 049.601
Canal Excavation In August.
The grand total of excavation to September
1 was 209,218,030 cubic yards, leaving to be
excavated under the revised estimate of July
1, 1913, 23,134,970 cubic yards.
The total excavation for the month of
August was 2,658,785cubic yards, ascompared
with 2,443,353 cubic yards for the corre-
sponding month last year, and 2.706.223 cubic
yardi, in August. 1911. The wet excavation
for the month was 1,607.672 cubic yards, and
the dry excavation 1.051,113 cubic yards.
In the Arlantic section, the total excavation
was 514,250 cubic yards. Of this amount, all
but 2,161 cubic yards consisted of material
dredged from the Atlantic entrance to the

Canal by forces of the Sixth Division
The total excavation in the Central Divi.
sion was 926.900 cubic yard., 83,200 cubic
yards of which consisted of material removed
in sluicing operations back of Gold Hill, per-
formed by forces, if the Fifth Div.ision. Cen-
tral Division shovels, working on the bottom
of the Canal, in lidc-es, and on the banks of
the Canal in rem,.\vinc material to le--en the
pressure from above, took out a total of
810,101) cubic yards. In addition, 33,600
cubic adrd: of material, charged to "Plant'
excavation, were removed.
In the Parifc section, operations by the
Sixth Di i-ion resulted in the removal by
dredge, of 1.U12,381 cubic yard., 726.256
cubic yard- fr-jm the Pacific channel, and
28o,127 cubic yard- from the terminal basin.
Dry Cexca,.ation amounted to 205,252 cubic
yards. 102,235 cubic yards from the rrminal
site, Lby forces of the Second Diviion, and
103.014 cubic yards from the Canal prim,.
south of liraflores Lock-, by force of the
Fifth Division.
A detailed -tatiment of excavation, and a
summary of the work un the lock- and dams,

"Work' Plant" Toul
LOCALIrY. Excaia- Exs. -- Excavr
Scion. tion. t iin.

Dry erc;Jall.at n- C. C. s. di. Cu. Ydi
Locki. dim. and ipi!l-
wa . . . 2.161 .... 2,1 ,
Mlindt ..... . .... ... ...
Termniul ... .....
Tot.il .. M-l
II rc11- --- -
Atlan ri. eni an. e .... 51 .i. ... 51 9 i.i
Lo :ks. dam, and apill-
ralo .. .. .... ..
Termiinal... .
Total .. . I .2 'i80 'l .12.a'J
Total wet and dry
eca,-aii n.. .... I : s s:1 ."5u
HDy reeaarion- I
ttii-br, C-)t S' Iol I to ..
Hydrdul i. iI't'ij liiiO Io
Cu-lbra Cut...... 81.00 .. .. .2)0
Total .... -. s 3, 3) L.0n I ons.ioo
DP\ eru.atjrjr-n-
Locks. dams. and pill
-ay .... .
Terminals ... ...... Q. O 134 12.104 102.21.
Pn m .... ..... 101 014 ... 103 014
Total 1... 9. I?.104 205.23?
Pj.:ric entrance . 726. 6 ..... ;26.i56
Mlirfic.rei Lock. .. . ... ... ...
Diirrjion. ...... .. .. ....
Terminal ....... 2 .ri 127 ... 2,.17
Total .. .. .... I. Ain i3 .. I.,k? 32 i
Total wet and dry ex-
cavatlon I 21 5.531 12.1'4 1.21" ? 35
Dr) excavanc n . 1,' 0.409 i 4 : I .I I 113
W t excavation . .il'0.2 ..... 1 6"" .':
ToLal .. .. .. ol Sl 45 .- I .f.s', ;5


MAI eIAL. Atlantic. Pacific. Total

Cu. Y'da. Cu. Yda. Cu. Ydj.
Concrete placed in
locks......... 6..:-3 5.527 11.7,5
Concrete placed to
dami and apillways.. 2 422 2 531 4 953
Fill placed in dams.. 7977 1 .150 92.14
Mean rainfall along Canal tien stationa. 11.28 inches.
By "WVork esca. action 14 meant excavation actually
made for one of the constituent parts of the Canal.
such as prism, diversions, or lock. etc : that is. It
tepresnu material taken from the area to be occupied

by the CanIl and constitutes e avation useful for the
completed Canil
By "Plant" excavauon is meant excavation outside
of any oi the consaiuent pars of the Canal, such as
pn pm. di-, sions or locus. etc. It includes material
necessary to be excavated for construction purposes
only. and is chargeable against the particular plant
item itr ahich it is perifnrmed ruch as prrim. diver-
-iOlI, locki 'i,:
~-- --
Changes in Cofferdam at Balboa Terminals.
The plan for the cunstruc:tion of the coffer-
dam around the ourtr end- and approaches of
thI, drylocks for the Pacific terminals has
been modified a irh the view of decreasing the
amount of fill nt:cest.ary for its construction,
and thus advancing the dare of its com-
plretin. The- conditions and character of the
undlerlying rock and the soft mud of the
harbor bottom indicated that a ver) flat Mlope
i,_,.ld be a-suned on the harbor side and the
elitct ..it the ilira ll quantit., uf material which
%a-t dumped Irom the trestles caused a bulg-
ing i.A, the bottrni in tht entrance channel to
the repair "harf and a settlement of about
18 in,.hc in one section of the west trestle.
In centrall, firm rock \at found in driving the
piles for the tr;etle, loner than had been indi-
cared by previous borings over this area.
For there reasons it wa- deemed advisable and
expedient to bring the southwest end of the
coflerdam trestle inland and away from the
channel. Accordingly, two driver began
driving a single-track trestle on the relocated
line un August .5 and completed it on August
10, 410 lineal feet of iretle being required to
connect iirh the old railroad fill along the
sh.-re. About 600 lineal feet of the original
double trestle were utilized and the remainder
is being removed and the material used else-
where. The fill from trestle on the present line
uill he 39.850 cubic yards as compared with
96,000 cubic yards on the original location.
Spoil will be dumped on the seaward side
.,f the trertle until the fill is even with the
track, when a spur uill be laid on the fill and
fannedl" outnard, to extend the dam as re-
qiired. For the rest of the way, from the old
to the n. a -ite of the dredging landing, a
similar procedure will be followed, starting,
however, dirccrtly from the present shore.
The s..ft fill will be exrendcd out,as desired
and then armored on the sea face with rock.
In the excavation for the drddocks, part of
the fill will be removed by the steamshovels,
though the dam aill be extended sufficiently
to protect the site. The remainder of the
spoil will be taken out by dredges, after the
completion of the dr)dotk excavation.
Soft clj', fol the filling is being taken from
the northeast toe of[ Diablo Hill, adjacent to
the right of way of the Panama railroad.
This excavation %ill be useful later in the
construction of the permanent yards and the
main line tracks to Bdlboa. It is proposed.
to operate trains to Balboa direct from Coro-
zal, by pa-!sing along the east toe of Sosa
Dam; southbound passenger trains will go
fir't to Balboa, thence to Panama, superseding
the present arrangement by which trains
proceed to Panama, and Balboa is served by
a shuttle train.
Steamshovel and Dredge Men.
Local No. 19, International Brotherhood
of Steamshovel and Dredge Men, will hold
its next meeting in the lodge hall at Empire,
on Sunday, September 21. at 12.30 p. m.

An addition. 30 b) 40 feet in size, will be
made to the oil house of the Quartermaster's
Department at Balboa. for the storage of rope
and cable.


September II, 191.1. THE CANAL RECORD

Church Nores.
The Rt. Rev. Albion W Knight, D. D.,
bishop of the Episcopal church in America,
and formerly missionary bishop of Cuba and
of the Panama mission, has accepted the
appointment of vice-chancellor of the Uni-
versity of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Bishop
Knight, who has been overseer of the Panama
mission as commissary of the presiding bishop
since its establishment in 1907, will continue
in charge. It is expected that his annual
visitations will be made in the summer, in-
stead of in January, as hitherto. He will give
up the work in Cuba, and his episcopal resi-
dence in Havana, where he has resided for a
number of .ears.
A sacred concert took the place of the regu-
lar evening service in the Commission chapel
at Gatun on Sunday evening, September 7.
The altar chapters of the Episcopal church
in Colon and Gatun met for a social afternoon
at the rectory on Colon btach on Thursday,
September II. A program of informal music
was given, followed b\ a reception. during
which refreshments were served. The party
then adjourned to the church, where Mrs.
A. G. Farmer played several selections on the
organ. The altar chapter of Christ Church,
Colon, will hold a Christmas bazaarin De-
cember, the proceeds to be used in liquidating
the indebtedness on the organ.
The monthly meeting of the Ikthmian
Ministers Association was held at Culebra
on Monday, September 8. The annual elec-
tion of officers, which should ha e taken place
at this meeting, was postponed, and will be
held at the Methodist Episcopal church,
Panama, on October 6.

C..nal Zone Schools to Open October I.
The public schools of the Canal Zone will
open on Wednesday, October 1, 1913. All
children residing in the Canal Zone, whether
of employes or n 'nn:-7'oyes, and all children
of nonresident emplo, esof the Isthmian Canal
Commission are entitled to free school privi-
leges. No child will be admitted, however,
who will not be six years old on or before
February 1, 1914.
Schools for white children will be opened
at the following places. Anton, grades one to
eight, Corozal, grades one to eight; Pedro
Miguel, grades one to eight; Paraiso, grades
one to four: Culebra, grades one to five; Em-
pire, grades one to eight; Las Cascadas,
grades one to five; Gatun, grades one to eight;
Cristobal, grades one to eight; Porto Bello.
grades one to eight.
Schools for colored children will be opened
at the following places: Ancon, Paraiso, Cu-
caracha, Culebra, Empire, Mandingo, Gatun,
Mount Hope, Cristobal, and Majagual.
High schools will be conducted as follows:
A branch high school at Gatun for first
and second year pupils residing at Cristobal
and Gatun.
A branch high school at Empire for first
and second year pupils residing at BasObispo,
Las Cascadas, Empire, and Culebra.
The consolidated high school at Ancon for
first and second year pupils residing south
of Culebra, and for all third and fourth year
pupils in the Zone.
Pupils attending the grade schools should
report at 9 a. m.; those attending the Gatun
high school, at 9.30 a. m.; those attending
the Empire high school, at 9 a. m.; and those

attending the Ancon high school, at 1 p. m.
Requests should be made of the office ol
the Superintendent of Schools, Ancon, im-
mediately for railroad transportation for all
white children living in communities where
schools of appropriate grades are not pro-
vided, or brake service furnished.
Entertainments at Gamboa Stockade.
The first of a series of entertainments for the
prisoners in the Gamboa stockade z as given
on Sunday, September 14, and included music
by the Marine Band and addresses by Mr.
Richard L. letcalfe and Judges H. A. Gudger
and \. H. Jack-on. It is proposed to provide
educational facilitiesfor rhe illiterate prisoners
under the direction ol the superintendent of
schools with the cooperation of the chief of
Examlnallon by Board of Local Inspectors.
The Board of Local Inspectors %ill conduct
examinations at the Administration Building,
Ancun, on Wednesday, September 24, 1913,
beginning promptly at 2 p. m., for persons de-
siring to procure the following classes of licen-
ses: Pilots, masters, mates, marineengineers,
chauffeurs, and navigators of motor boats.
All applicants for licenses must procure from
the Executive Office, Ancon, forms of applica-
tion and information respecting the filling out
of same, at least one da\ before the examina-
tion. Applicants for chauffeurs' licenses must
also bring automobiles.
Lake Serice for Tourists.
In order to provide suitabl) for the tourist
traffic during the coming season, the Panama
railroad has decided to add a trip through the
lake as one of the regular features of its sight-
seeing service. This arrangement will be ac-
complished by lashing two cement lighters
broadside, and conening them into a passen-
ger barge by decking them over, providing
awnings and railings, and installing toilets
and other conseniences. This will give
a floor space ol about 40 by 100 feet, sufficient
to accommodate chairs for approximately 400
people with safety and comfort. The impro-
vised barge will be towed through the lake
channel from Gatun by one of the Canal Com-
mission tugs, making a landing near Tower
R, about 150 feet north of Gamboa cabin,
out of the way of any vessels using the Canal.
A small landing stage will be built at that
point, with steps leading down to it from the
track level.
Under the proposed arrangement, thesight-
seeing train will leave Colon for Catun at
about 8 a. m. Arriving at Gatun, the pas-
sengers will transfer to the lake barge, while
the train will proceed to Gamboa to await
there the arrival of the barge. The tourists
will then be taken by train over the relocated
line and the I. C. C. spur track to a point near
the Empire suspension bridge, where an ex-
cellent view of Culebra Cut may be obtained.
From this point, the train will run into
Panama, and then return to Colon direct.
Parties from Panama wishing to avail them-
selves of the lake trip may leave Panama on
train No. 2, connect at Gatun with the lake
service, and return to Panama by the sight-
seeing train. Parties from Colon may either
return by the sightseeing train, or remain
in Panama, as they see fit. It is probable
that a charge of $1.50 per person will be made
for the lake trip, in addition to the round
trip rate of $4 over the railroad, which will
be only $1 more than the rate charged

tourists at the present time for a trip on
the sightseeing train over all divisions. It
is planned to place the new service in effect
as soon as the barges can be converted and
passed through the locks.
Association of Canal Emplo)es.
The Association of the Panama Canal
Builder.- was formed at a meeting held by 21
employes of the Isthmian Canal Commission
and the Panama Railroad Company, at the
resident engineer's office, Corozal, on Sep-
tember I1
The object of the association is to furnish
to all its members such mementos, historic
facts, and other reminders, as will enable them
to recall the daa s of the building of the Pana-
ma Canal and to give their friends the best
possible idea of the actual conditions under
which the work was accomplished.
The association has already prepared a
certificate commemorating the building of the
Canal, and the Chairman and Chief Engineer
has agreed to affix his signature to one cer-
tificate for each employee who has been ac-
cepted to membership in the society.
A neatly bound record of the building of
the Panama Canal and the people who built
it will be prepared and dedicated to Col.
George \V. Goethals. This record' will con-
tsin photographs of historic importance, com-
parati..e figures, and the name and home ad-
dress of ever,' white person who has ever been
an emplo3e of the Isthmian Canal Commis-
sion or the Panama Railroad Company since
the beginnine of the Canal construction. The
record will be compiled as rapidly as official
data can be obtained from the files of the
Chairman's office. The work is of such a
nature that it will require several months to
complete it, and any members separating
from the senice in the meantime will be
forwarded a copy to the address given on the
application blank.
A membership fee of $5 will be charged,
which will entitle every member to one certifi-
cate,one of the records, and all the good offices
and influences of the society. It is requested
that all who are eligible identify themselves
with the association without delay, in order
to complete the records while the present or-
ganization is still intact.
The secretary treasurer will be bonded in
the sum of $2.,00.
The members of the board of governors
are: H. 0. Cole, president; Dr. D. F. Reeder,
first vice-president; J. B. Fields, second vice-
president; F. T. Hamlin, secretary-treasurer;
L. A. Smith, J. C. Keller, D. E. Wright, E.
Zook, J. A. Walker, R. C. Shady, H. H.
Hammer, W. A. Lawlor, H. G. Hamlin, J. C.
Earle, G. D. Bliss, W. W. Webb, Dr. C. E.
Phillips, W. C. Poore, S. C. Russell, Baxter
Grier. B. F. Metcalf.
Notice to Photographers.
All who took kodak or other pictures of
Shriners August 2S to September 2, are re-
quested to bend two prints of each picture,
together with name and address to
F. H. \WANG, Secretary,
The Panama Shriners Club.
Catun, C. Z., September 16, 1913.
Missing bMan.
Any one having information regarding the
whereabouts of Mr. James W. Hays, Jr. of
Vicksburg, Miss., who is supposed to be on
the Isthmus, is requested to communicate

Seplamber 17, 1913.



Vol. VII, No. 4.

--T C z~. I
I ___ .4 2


'''* *T^ ^y .14 -. = S

!!~ ~ ~~~. I..^"** ': S S
"a -| -t ->^ ~ "**"*'* Q '*g


t~l| ___ __ ___ ____ 3 'V 1

-= .--- .^. .04
4 ;- ? -.4- r. --- _ i;"-
o- I 2.. S--...'....I i r

o ^ *-^ r.i na: ,,C -.--. I = ^ u

o~~ ~ ~ _. -^ .r ^ g g
: :: ;: : : : : : i s"
en ; ; ----- m 1'A 9-
n1I---- ; r ^ cr
: __ : : : Cd .
S -""E^.^ M-^J^ *a^

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o r... -,.- a: ; : I,

*' r-*. 'M -' y ";'= -'* '*-
V. g ,. -Y .' a r..r'. . U : '

IT C ,X -- ': ; : .1"e
gL .. o; : : S
n~5 c 'Ii.

"=1 .r.-....I~... S.... C
i' ' '
(a T a'~ rs^t''

NC I -. --. 1' C" T r- i l' 11C

44 IX .0.....
44^ N .-.*nj -im

- aj r...- .Zr. r-.'.i3orox. 5ON

KJ ______--- = -=; --
o.- tr.-a00 14ir 3 0 Ci- 0 f

*l r.r.O.^^ tM-M _

.t O. -a.'I x.Zr. r. Zr ^3.C -
g cflJ.N.0 -C.',3 .31.1445H < 0
J Ct

S t -W N IJ.. -- a'U,- ,i'
aZ.- n r. f **r.. 1 r a.-M

Y^ .pi.rr't.r..4.r
- r SC .Nlo. -,I M _

u m* a4414N. 0a a, -

0 042.0. -.I 0 fr.a a

4- * G3Cr-.c ZS:&-.75,oa, a:

I- S I,.^ *: *
4 I
(f 0 _-- E^q'Ja ^^Ou 1

Q -i ----------------- -:- -~

r, "" ''C a-'on -rn j-
s SSS~~~-NKS?-??
3 - ISS~SSrS 5I

,T; :'-

. . . . . . .

In Or.. 2,,
: : :- :. '. '

: .' G.. ... C 'i -" .. 0 ..; .

^ t ^ t i i-t. 'i
o 6SCIslsr jss i?
s s00000""5
j'9 A 20202 '*:

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I '- N N 0 0

'a o -J 13 i04l
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-e a- rol N

o S3 "3 ",

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00 mop ^( t

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a 3 Sp
3" hT 3 <

Ei:1 O ='&
2aE3 T 'u a

I CI^.r Ci in C CV - **
- 4?P.2r, . -
IC I" 4 .c .) . .00 -
; 2 ^ ** : IC

0 4 U W ,.c .-C . o1
S A '0 P -. ''a . C i

fl .S tt r.0i'I
j-~ : : : :* g F

-: s 'sc ^ *
U' 4 adaOF or c c? c r* a V
..r'04Co^ r.04d^,r^ r 000 .1.

C'(j tr.,aa'*^'fir.X.C r

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4* ____________Iu_ >

-....a.. I-Na loM-ortfw~ wf ,..- C 2-
.4^ ____________Lr ___ 0 2 '

-^ 40.U c*(r'ini r-r.-..^o. oc ^ ^n
C~:1 -J ~ .

0'i,*-ui ^t0456114 or.4. a u. -' 1J

IA2 o' 1 ^0^ w^ M ." fl~" .^ a *14*J IB ,

fj c~vcc- mfl0 C..N i& */ o. d 1'0
a. Ncr .NOr. o C O f. tin

M jc w T-ia 0 rtt^ ,J4Mq 01 ^ -,

td IC o Co0r N-.r-i..n0r- C' M3 P

o. o noa^a.4 II:4 010CC cC^
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C in a va .:; |
I? ac O* rr.- ^wO i Mrr n,"r h5^
(\i~ 'i ^J00 ->^ 6^r c 1t
P1 CMwpn t 0i n ^C ft ^ a *
_ ^ c -i-. '"'" y '" e*' r.* s
.) r' su i 'f f w O t r'- i1 O i
C f; < m yI ^-^. u rI n *OP p u *

h. ^ c' n^C wc nr.v c (' *v n / t r, "I

;~~~~~~ g< 5:Cg'ssgssa^ "
Sf ______________J ^ G 5 -
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* : .- ia 7*, 004*4''T .T 4 r

* C- r?,4.,1.144,r. 0 -.C..ZS

3 J01..C-a.3 Sr I

U 1t-- r- N C, Zr.:

0'r rr i T rI- ^- --ii

0 i aa y - tr- 3 a 7 O 0

^ ._1,-, 4
I- t r C '~ i^ i r f


September 17, 1913.


Miraflores Lake Herier for Towns at Southern
End of Canal.
The work of constructing the new water
works for the southern end of the canal is
now well under way and forces are at work on
the new pump station and purification plant
at Miraflores, and the high service reservoir
at Ancon.
The project, in t-neral, comprises three
electric pump stations,. one located east of the

railroad track at Miraflores, to be known as
Miraflores pump station N.. 1: one to be lu-
cated between the Miraflores spillway and the
southern portal of the Panama railroad tun-
nel, to be known as NMiraflores pump station
'No. 2: and one to be located along the main
line of the Panama railroad bettcen Panama
ind Balboa and in the vicinity of the new
Administration building, to be known as the
/.ncon pump station; a purification plant,
heated on the hill immediately above and
nirth of the Miraflores spillway, consisting of
aM aeration basin, a head house containing
aluminum sulphate and hypochlorite of lime
storage, together with mixing chambers, float
chamber, solution tanks, controllers, electric
elevator; sedimentation basin having a ca-
pa4ty of five million gallons; a filter plant
containing 14 filters of the rapid mechanical
graijty type, each having a nominal capacity
of 0 125,000 gallons of water every 24 hours,
anda clear water basin having a capacity of
approximately 900,000 gallons; and an
office and laboratory building within which
will ie provided, in addition to the laboratory
and Afice, living quarters for the chemists
who till be on duty in connection with the
operalon of the plant throughout the 24 hours
of the ay.
The project also includes a 350,000-gallon
wash _ter tank located on the hill to the
south _t of the Miraflores tunnel, at anele-
vation approximately 200 feet above sea-
level. istank will store the water delivered
to it by ump station No. 2, and will furnish
the filte water for washing the filter, for
miscella ous uses around the plant, and will
provide supply of filtered water through a
16-inch in for the town of Pedro Miguel.
The ra. water from Miraflores Lake will
pass from e surface of the lake into a screen
chamber, d through the screens in this
structure, the sump beneath the electric
pumps loca d in pumpstation No. 1. From
this point, e water will be pumped through
a 30-inch m to the aeration basin, where
it will be t wn into the air about 15 feet

vertically, through specially designed nozzles,
and will break into spray, falling to the floor
of the basin, then passing into the mixing
chambers in the basement of the head house.
At this point the water will receive its dose
of aluminum sulphate and will flow into the
sedimentation basin Here it will be allowed
to stand for a period of eight hours, alter
which it will pas- on to the filters. After
passing through the filters, the water will dis-
charge directly through the floor of the pipe

gallery into the clear "ater basin, from 'hi,-h
point it will flow through a 36-inch line into
the h.,pochlorite injection chamber located
near pump station No. 2. At this point the

and a 16-inch main between Miraflores and
Ancon. which will be connected with the
injection chamber, and, in addition, there will
be laid from thi. point to Panama a new 30-
inch main, thus giving three mains between
the purification plant and the Ancon pump
station The Ancon pump station will con-
tain five electrically-driven centrifugal pumps,
three of which, having a capacity of 5,000
gallons per minute, eaLh. will pump the
water directly from the mains into the dis-
tribution system for Panama, Ancon. and
Balboa, at a pressure not to exceed 30 pounds
per square inch. The existing 1,000.000-
gallon capacitN low ser ice resenoir will be so
connected to these pumps as to form a storage
and surge re-ervoir. The two remaining
pumps in the Ani:on station will be of the same
ty. pe as the lot sern ice pumps above referred
to, but \ill be designed to develop 100 pounds
per square inch pre.'sure in the mains, and, in
ordinaryr y ser ice., will pump the water into the
high n.r'ice rc-enoir on Ancon hill; in
this way it will furnish the water supply for
the high lying districts and also a high pres-
sure for use in ca--e of fire.
As a part of the project, there is being con-
structed an e:ere:iuen tu the present 1,000,000-
gallon high service reservoir on Ancon hill,
which, whun completed, will iave 2.500.000
gallons storac:- at an tel'atiun of 300 feet
above -,ealevel. Fur fire protection in the
city of Panama. the high s-rvice pumps in the
Ancon pump -tatimn and the main pipe lines
will be s-o arrangedl that the high service pres-

hypochlorite bleach will be applied and Lhe sure can, within 15 seconds after the fire
water will pass from this chamber into the alarm i; turned into the station, be thrown in-
mains leading to Panama. to the main without affecting the low pressure
At the present time there are a 20-inch service for Balboa; and, vice versa, in casd

L\ uL'T OF FILT..TION PL 1. T Al t1Rs.LLFLobo k


Vol. YII, N 4.

of fire at Balboa, the high service pressure
can be developed at that point without dis-
turbing the low preesure service in Panama.
The project involve, the la,,ying of a new
16-inch himgh service main Irini the Ancon
pump station t.) the high s,-rice rc-ervoir,
and a new 20-inch main fr,_,m the Ancon
pump station to the ntw sh..'p. at Balboa.
%here the lin, will be'- rtdu'.ied to 16-inch.
I his line %ill e.\etrid throup.h the teriiir.als
tothe soulh side oi > -a Hill. here the line
will again be reduced to 12-inch, and this size
main will extend to the c.,trerme end of the
docks at Balbo.a
When the entire project' i; ra.jd% for serve ice
no water will reach Panama from the Rio
Grande reseruir, anl all lines now existing
north of Pedr.l MiguL I all have been removed.
The Rio Grand,: res:ervir iill be maintained
for the seroai:e of Culebra onl, and in the
even of the alandonmienc ol thin tuwn, the
use of the Rio Grande reser\.,ir will be dis-
One ul the a,:'u-inian, ing sketches show
the general la,,out the pre.jett in the vicinity ol Mliraflores, and
the other shows a general cros.-section of
the filter building.

Killed in Atlempting to Board Train.
Philip U'shaughine-s., an American em-
plei\)ed a- a l..ireniri b'. the Central DLivirion
on the dumps at East Balbua, %as in-stantly
killed about I p. m., on Thur-day, September
11, by lallirn, btt ee- two cars while attempt-
ing to board a h.iaded work train at a point
about 20 yards from the Tiouli steps in ne
Panama railroad :,.rd at Panama. He was
3S years of age, arid arrived on the Isthmus
on August 2, 190.O, coming here Irom New
Rochelle, N Y. He is survived by his wife,
living in Panaima-, a brother, living in Salt
Lake City,, and tr-, sisters, Mrs. John Boyd,
No. 753 Corderu street, Vancuuver, B. L.,
and Mrs. Dura \an Horn. Point Pleasant,
N J. -
The death of Jame; H. Hibben, an Armri-
can employed in the Sixth Division as
engineer Ln the ru5 Prno Belle, a ith residence
at Lri-.tobal, I.'LLurred Zuddieinly on Saturdayy
evening, September 13, at the Hotel Wash-
ington, at the cunc'lu-ion ol a banquet at
which he wa, otriciating as tua-imaster. The
cause \as- heart di-case. He was, 44 years of
agt, entered the service of the Canal Com-
mission on March 1b, 1910. and m- surNied
by a wile and fuur children, living in Ne,
Orleiai ..
The death of William P. Emmett, a natural-
ized American employed in the Atlantic
Di\-i,ion, whIh residences at Cristobal, oc-
curred on Wednesdacy, September 10. He
%nas a native of Ireland, 51)0 ,ears ol age, a
widower, and had been on the I-thmus three
years and three months. Two daughter.,
Mr-..-. L. Anderson, No. 10U9 Main avenue,
Brown.,ille, Tex., and Mrs. E. Kenzie, No.
1912u Aenue G, Galver.ton, Tex., surTive

Citil Senice Examinalilons.
Examinations for the following-named po-
sition- arc scheduled to be held probably on
October 19. Agricultural inspector. Philip-
pine seritke; aii- tant ob-crvcr, Weather
Bureau; aid, Lighthouse Service; cadet en-
gineer, cadet officer, Lighthouse Service; civil

engineer and draftsman, nonapportioned De-
partmental Service; civil engineer and super-
intendent of construction. Quartermaster
Corps; mechanical draftsman, topographic.
dr.irt-man, Isthmian Canal Service; electri-
cian, nonapportiuned Departmental Service;
engineer, Indian Service Isteam engineering.
electrical engineering, heating, refrigeration,
ga. and gasoline engines, hydraulics; junior
engineer ,mining.i, Bureau of Mines, junior
engineer Icivili, junior engineer (mechanical
Cr electrical., Engineer Department at large;
postal clerk, Isthmian Canal Service; printer.
Philippine Service; scientific assFistant, De-
partment of Agriculture; teacher, Indian
Service; trained nur-e, Indian and Isthmian
Canal Services: wireman, nonapportioned
Departmental Service
W\'omen will be admitted to examinations
for scientific assistant, teacher, and trained
Application? should be procured from and
filed with this office. In requesting infor-
mation, the kind of examination desired
should be specifically mentioned.
The examinations will be held probably at
Empire, in the Commission clubhouse, but
the place of examination, and also the date.
should be omitted in application form.
A card of admission Aill be sent to those
found eligible to be admitted, just before the
Appi'cantli for the I'tliniuin Canal or Philip-
pine Ser.Lilc' who fd til present a photograph
to the examiner w-ill nut be admnted to examnzia-
In answer to questions as to residence,
applicants must show residence in a State or
territory of the United States, and county
thereof, up to the time of tiling application.
Culebra. C. Z., September 13, 1913.

Rainfall Sept. I to Sep. 13. 1913. Inclusive.


Pa.ic -section-
Bilbu. .........
.i ,r aores . .
PBdro .,el . .. ..
Ri., Grmade ..
Cent,ral ,t iio-

3. 5


Culebra . ... . ..... 93 3 6.11
.iam.cbo ...... .... 2.24 9 3 ol
Empire.... 1.23 8 4.75
Gamboa ... .. .... .. .65 6 3.63
*junm M.ra ............ .1S 6 5.14
Alhalula .. .. ..... .. 1.22 3 3 78
*El \'ica .... .. ... l.Ou b 3 41
-Fr,..le .... ....... .5 6 33
*NMorte LAio ..... ... 3 26 5 6.,05
Adlantij SfeLton-
Gat un .. .. 1 26 5 3.31
'Brizo.i Brook .. .. . I 35 5 4 S;
Colon .... .. 1 54 8 4.
Porto BeLlo .. .....64 9 2.01

*Standard rin a&&e-readings at 5 p. m. daily.
AutomainiL rain gage at iunitarred Etations-values
midnight to midnight. tTo 5 p. m September 12.

Cold Storage Prices.
N.o c',nge. have bee-n mnaJe during Lth piat week
in the iiA o3 cila ,atorage arti.les cold t the com.rn

FoLi--Oine heavy gold bind finger ring. initialed
Os.ner can have same ipon proper idenufiic3ion. at
Police Headquarter.. Ancon.

Fouwot-Bartinig suit. taken by mistake from the
recreation hall at Toro Point on Sunday, September 7.
Oviner can have same by calling at House 300-C. Cris-


Relating to Ball Bonds and Money Deposits in
Lieu Thereof, and to Amend Section 310 of
Criminal Procedure of ithe Canal Zone.
By virtue of the authority vested in me,
I hereby establish the following Executive
Order for the Canal Zone:
SECTION 1. The defendant in a criminal
proceeding before a Ditrict Court of the
Canal Zone may make a cash deposit in lieu
of a bail bond in form and manner as pro-
vided for in Sections 305, 306, and 307 of the
Criminal Procedure Act No. 15 of the Canal
Zone, and a certificate of deposit shall be
issued to the defendant by the judge in each
SECTION 2. \\Whenever a warrant is issued
by any court or judge of the Canal Zone in a
case in which bail ma) be admitted, the court
or judge issuing such warrant shall endorse
thereon the amount of bail to be required of
the defendant to secure his appearance in the
case, and the officer executing the warrant
may accept a bail bond or money deposit in
lieu thereof in the sum specified in the war-
rant, and in the form prescribed by law, and
the bail bond or money deposit in lieu thereof
shall be forthwith delivered to the court
having jurisdiction of the case. and a receipt
for such bond or deposit shall be given to such
officer by the clerk of the court, or the judge
thereof if the case is pending in a district
When an arrest is made without a warrant
in conformity with law in a misdemeanor case,
and for any reason the officer making the
arrest is unable to take the offender forthwitl
before a magistrate, he may accept bond o"
a cash deposit in lieu thereof from the offender
in a sum not exceeding five hundred dolla's
to secure his appearance before the court
having jurisdiction of the case, and me
offender shall then be released from cusrcly
and the bond or cash deposit in lieu therof
shall be delivered to the proper office or
court as hereinbefore provided for in .his
When a money deposit is made in lite of
bail bond, the deposit shall'be held anddis-
poled of in accordance with the provisions of
Sect i..ns305,300, 307. and 311 oft heCrininal
Procedure of the Canal Zone, and Sectimi 310
thereof, as hereinafter amended.
SECTION 3. That Section 310 of the'rim-
inal Procedure of the Canal Zone is arrtnded
to read, as follows:
SECTION 310. If money has beer de-
posited instead of bail. and the deend-
ant. at any time before the forfeiture
thereof, surrenders himself to the flicer
to whom the commitment was diLcted,
in the manner provided in the t%) pre-
ceding sections, the court must orderr a
return of the deposit to the defendant,
upon producing the certificate of the
officers showing the surrender, a.d upon
a notice of five days to the Proecuting
Attorney, with a copy of the certificate.
SECTION 4. This Order shall ake effect
from and alter its publication in 'HE CANAL
August 29, 1913.

Los'r-CGol locket aith ruby settEi and the initial
"B" on iac. in Cristobal or Colon. 0 the morning of
September 14. A lberal reward wilbe paid for same
ii presented at Ciistbal V. M1. C. A

September 17, 1913.


Change in Program Regarding P. R. R. Vessels
Sailing in October.
CULEBRA. C. Z.. September 16. 1913.
My circular letter datnd August. 27, reserving all
accommodations on the steanimsnip Co~l.n. sailing Oc-
tober 12; Anwon. salding on or about October 13,
Advance. sailing October 18, and Panama. sailing
October 23. for employee. leaving the service. wa. ba-ed
on the supposition that the reduction of force in the
Central Division wouldd commence on or about Oc-
tober 10. Asa change in the program rendered it neces-
sary to commence reducing the force in the Central
Division at an earlier date than was anticipated. it
is not considered nece tsary to reserve these boats ePk-
clusively for emphl,'e? lea ng the service. and the cir-
cular letter refertrd to i: hereby cancelled.
Gco %V GcIgEiHAL.
Chairman anJ Chb.e Enne.ae

Duties of Board of Survey and Appraisal.
CiLEBRA. C Z.. 5:cotemnber II). 1913.
CIRCULA.R No. 3990.c:
The duties of the board of aopri sal and of the sur-
vering officer and aiianrt surveying officer are hereby
combined in a board of saue:,' and appraisal
The membership of the board will he. as follov's:
Mr. H. S. Farih. chairman,. Mr. Chirl-s L. Parker. MIr.
B. M. Litt. and Mr. C. T. Cashmnan.
Appraisals will be made by the chairman and any t Ao
members of the board.
Surveys wll be made b:. Mr. Farish and Mr L;tt as
at present, and by Mr. Parker and Mr Cushman at
such points and at such time. a3 tnims work can con-en-
iently be performed in conlun-:tion with their other
duties. Any member of the bljard is hereby authorized
to make surveys underr the drect,.on of and -ubject to
approval by the chairman of the board, all surrsess to
be submitted to me by the chairman of the board for
final approval.
The present form; and initru,'cti)ns will continue in
effect without other change hethe ab.e arrangement be-
ing temporary and nece-:ary to handle the increra.ed
amount of busine:a due to completion of the w.rk.
Gro W\ GoE.T-iu.i.
Ch.larm. n. Iijrnian Canal Cnomm sioni
Pitudent. Panama Railroa- Cormpalny.

Charges for Oxygen and Acetylene.
CULeSBRA. C. Z. September O. 1913.
Effective September I. 1913. rhe charges for oyrgen
and acetylene gases made by the Mechanical Di. son
are hereafter reduced to $5 per tank for oxygen. and
$3.50 per Lank for acetylene
Chairman and Chlel Engineer.

Mailing Tracings and Drawings.
CULEBRa.. C. Z.. September IS. 1913
CTRCtLr.A No. 499;
Tracings or valuable drawings set through the mails
must be carefully packed in tin tubes
Gao. W. GoEIHLiS.
Chairman and Chi.f Engineer.

Changes in Central Division.
Et.PIRE. C. Z.. September 1? 191 .
Eflective September 11. 1091 the Central Divison
will be divided into two .-ections. as follows:
Souithaii se:ir's-From south entrance of Mlraflores


tunnel to Balboa toand including Naoa Island btrek-
water and Soa5 Hill quarry. Mr. J. M. HaLan, euper-
intendent of construction. in charge. aith headquarters
at East Balboa.
Nopthern ect i-n-l'irom north entrance of .1iraflorea
tunnel to Gamboa to and including relocation dumps.
Mr. W. M Tenny superintendent ni conitriaion in
charge. with headquarters: at Enmpre
A. S ZiNtN.
A4.lag, 0:i..r n Lntie er.

Eatenslon of Labor Train Passes.
EMPIRE. C 7.. September 12. 1013
All Crr'erned-The date st cxsr.iat,lon of all Bs3
Obispo-Balboa labor train p- ,s;. ii here, extended
to December 31. 1113 A S Zis
.ti'ng Di .as-,l E.-in ,rr

Acting Post-Office inspector.
.AN CN. C Z S.?rntmbe-r C. l1't.
T.,: liea.i of.31 : P:,'ij-Mr Gartfi.ld O. G.t.ert .3-
stant p i.;tmai er at Cri'tobal. i deillnair d cryingg
po, tor :. in.pe,.itr ..:I' lr James J Gilbert de:ig-
nated cLing deplt., coLlector of resenue3.
H/adJ o. Drfpar/irtmu.t CrLil d1 dna tiJais.n.

Consolidation of Telephone and signal Depart-
ments, P. R. R.
PW.NrAtA RAiLk0Do CQt'F ss.
COLON. R P. S eterier O. 101.t
All Cin.es.nd-Eili-.:ive S.rptember 16. 1013. the
telephone der.rtrm.:nt and the signall departmPnt s1f the
Panama railroad ,adl be coi,solihl ted. and Mr WV H.
Fenle, apioomted superIntrIenrt :.f telephon.:.. and .-ig-
nial- JOHN D PAITTar-JN.
G.,n,'Ji St,-fntieednt.

Launch Trips through Gatun Lake for Masters
and Mates.
C( -Toi.,iL. C Z .[t,:nmber h. Il t 5
.11lC ncl n.ie',-The lun.: h tl,,., '.., llbe run eery
Sunday r."n Garutn 1.3 Gamtbo d.ke and return the
object of tL,., trir. !einc t.a enable ma.teri and rrni',t, in
rh-' erpdIn. c' the Comm'-. en I[. fiamJlr,-et: th-rm-e.l .es
wath the Canal crhanr,.-l r. cen Gatur, and GIrGmbna.
L3unch will leare Gatun at 9 3 m and Gamrb-.a tTo.v-
er Ri I p m The nuanber 01 r..a;:-.nger for tie;e
trips 'vi be limited to :.'s. Pa ser may be i.:.:ured from
W. G. Comber. re.:ident ena.pne.r. Balboa C.inal Zone.
\V G COi &IER.
Repidr'ic Eileinaee,.

Cashier. Disbursing Office.
EMPIRE. C Z S'piemb.r (. IU I3.
Ellectrve this date. Mr. Robt WV CGila i appointed
cashier. Disbur;,ng Orffi.e. %i.:e Mr C. E. Gilmore re-
signed. The ca.-hier. in iddintn to dlrlie heretofore
performed Idl have charge of all pay roll work: ,nd
telephone inqi arla ri ng to time voucherr. pa3 ti'.k-
eL: or Day rolls after Ith, reach thin offi..e irould be
made of him. jOLiN H NMcLeCA
Di;bur i 'i. er.

Supplies for the Canal.
The filling tEanier AtIn irI plies for the I.th-
mian Canal Commr-r, lioin and Panama Railroad Cols-
pan>. arined at the porti of Colon and Cristobsl
during the week ending September 6.
PaIuam.I Seotember I irom Ne.. Vork nati 260
drums pant. for stock; 60 boxes incandescent lamps,
for Mech..nical Division, eight barrels electric fLtures,

for Panama railroad; 100 bales oakum, 90 bags tie
plugs, 13 cases water coolers, for stock; nine cases elec-
trical machinery, for emergency dams; 20 boxes screen
doors and sashes, 15 crates screen doors and sashes, for
stock; 33 castings, 33 boxes tackle blocks, 176 bundles
steel, for fortifications; 13 barrels iron p.ipenittincs
for stock; 195 barrels asphaltum, forhIcClintic-.iar-
shall Construction Company; 22 cases packing, for
stock; 179 pieces castings, for Mechanical Division;
22 barrels copper sulphate, for Panama railroad; 2,300
pieces hollow tile, for Second Division; 802 bundles tie
plates, 130 pieces switches, 98 bundles switch parts, for
stock; and a miscellaneous cargo, the whole consisting
of 5,485 packages, weighing 501 tons.
Almiranle September 3, from New York, with 17
barrels iron pipe sitting. 50 bales hose, for stock.
Abangares, September 4. from New Orleans, with
3,894 pieces lumber, for stock and Mechanical Divi-
sion; 520 sacks feed, 14 boxes paste, for stock.
Nestorian, September 6, from Liverpool, with seven
pieces parts for dredges, for Sixth Division.

Family Quarters.
Applications for married quarters on file on August
31, were, as follows:

DIsTRICT. List List
No. 1. No. 2.

Ancon ............... ........ 7 105 (20)
Ancon Hospital................ 1 5
Balboa........................ (1) 58 (4)
Bas Obispo............ .... ....... I t
Corozal ..................... 1 (1) I fi1
Cristobal.................... .. . 140 (7)
Culebra................ ... ...... 38 i21
Empire .... ................... 2 (2 79 (19
Gatun ..... ........ 1 (1) 86 I(A
Las Cascadas........... ....... ........ 17 i
Pedro Migul .................. 44 (1)
Porto Bello.... ............ 1 (1) 14 (9)
Toro Point ........... ..... .... 1 3
Total................. .. ...... 16 (6) 733 (74)

NoTE-TIe .:ut. -, p. rr- ,,,. .hlw the number
of aptli inir al i.. .d' .' i.r. il" r, ,ul ,r or nonhouse-
keeping itard.' ,iairt-r. ai *t .at .a il..r than thoseat
which ".pplh r,..n i,- hi..

Stages of the Chagres.
Maximum heights of the Chagres River for the week
ending midnight, Saturday, September 13, 1913. All
heights are in feet above mean sealevel.


Sun., September 7 127.2
Mon., :i.eit.ber A. 126.4
Tues., September 9.... 136.2
Wed iSeptE l.er 10.... 129.0
Thur, S.erlrmt,.r 11.. 128.3
Fri., September 12..... 126 9
Sat., September 13.... 128.2


93.8 61.9 61.9
93.0 62.0 62.0
99.6 62.6 62 4
94.8 62.8 62.7
94.., 62.8 62 8
93.1 63 0 63 0
94 2 63 0 63.1

eight of low water to
n-are.t foot 125.0 I 91.0 I 44.0
*Sluice gates in spillway at Gatun were closed on
June 27, 1913, with surface of lake at elevation 48.25.

CLAPP- DL' lNE--Or Sepcemser 16, at the Union
Church, Cr. ..tl. Berri. Ma, Devine of St. Paul,
Minn., to Warner Howard I.,. .. is k... ., Minn .
Rev. Carl H. Elliott officiating, ,...iit on- r, .,ein.e.


A statement of classified expenditures of the Isthmian Canal Commission to Ma\ 31, 1913, follows:


Total to June 30. 1900 ......................
Total- F'scal Year. 1910......................
Total- Fiscal Year, 19 11 ......................
ToLal- Fiscal Vear. 1912 .....................
July. 1912...................... .. ..........
August. 1912 ................... ... .......
September. 1912..... .......................
October. 1912. ........ ...................
November. 1912 ...... ......................
December. 1912 ......... ......... .........
January, 191 .... ...... ....................
February, 1913 .......... ............
March. 1913 ....... .......................
April, 1913.................... .......
M ay. 1013 ... ... .. ...........
G rand total .... ........... ............

Department Department Departmnett lDer...rttt11nt 01
of tL.vtl of 01 ('ton:tiuctiurs Ger,er., Item;
Admni,trat~on Lawv. Sanitation. ar-d Ergineetflg

3.12;.090.29 ...... 9 r, 73530.Sl2,2 nou622.501.42 :0,022 en 10
;0 5 1......... h0.t7O 2b 300s.11b 0i ?rMlit'sa1
;0~ts9 il1 44......... I. 62 2; 4,7 3t tO lii 4.9 2
8 20. 1P8. 5 7 4 '29 In I 1)20i. 3QI 12 2bsla'37 73.6 Ill 2 %in Je,t 5 4
63.ll .4 3 17553 603 2oa `46 ol1 2'"11 3
i 621 R2. 51 1 m oi 123.154 4 t -. 0ioCN *~Ulh
59.2i~t .01 1.0 ;'It.5 n :2h.Ya.59 69 2;usj
6 337 2.0'l7 r I.. 13; 5174 01 2 4173.2Ct1.7t, $ 32 i
6 2. '110 1' 81a'11.l 1119:0.1 60 2.4 20.08 S S 7;
S~y.6 1.465 Iii 1 5 s1Q 76 2:6. 1l.97 1 0 3 120,946.61
519 8 1.46Q i9 114..162 uA 2 h, A.'2 1`6 6,463.72
56.;9.0 1.t49 00 127.324.8ti 1 .1 ;4.3711 51 03123( 12
........l I I 9 2 0j.*9 i '- 71 ?l.MA inS 7.70b 70'
..... 57.218.20 1385 837 114.146 70 21.15400t 132 '10
51.~l4 27 2 ALI'. 19 Ili j9A 00 9l- a]I I~.ln0r7

...... 866 99 4.2.17 71 16. 12.096 0; Is,2 sty; SCS'1 ; 8 oi

F~r i.. .1 'Lii Total.

Int0 745J157 09
3t o; 5.151 ?0
3 i-1If 601 9;

tj 1 .1u '' t 14 3.109 3'
111 4,-2 5S 2 739,?34.0!
N11-I.' 251 0;0.945 20
1c, .1 k 2; 2 8`0.5 Q1 16
300,016.33 2.9 (1. 01.1 03
118,152.,57 3.187.3145 61
1i1 C;72 77 3 115.339 76
1114 9Y4 01) 4 4107.95Q 45
Ill."14i1 '; 1.003.003 48
1.41 nltl y3 3.114.79i SI,
1154..2:S 24 3..339 1 So 07
2 go-.0i0. 311 29S.5F'7 '38 31

SDesaa credit.


Vol. VII, No. 4.


Activities of the Young Men's Christian Associa-
The m.isim pr.-t,tute C.:he-il.I.- f.r the ieek SApErr.Lcr
22 to 2i tuL ollolwi Nlond-,'. G1atun. Tuei- '..
Corozal; Wednesday, Cristobal; Thursday, Culebra;
Friday, Empire and Porto Bello; Saturday, Cristobal.
Pictures to be shown this week include the following:
"Saved from court martial," "An aeroplane love affair,',
"The live wire." "The deceivers," "The cub reporter,"
"Tom's sister." "The sheriff's prisoner." Pictures to
be shown next week include: "Along the River Nile,"
"Ou.'en if the kit.hen"." "Path6'sweekly," "The darling
of the C. S A The line at Hogan's," "A 10-karat
hero," 'The Government test," "Three to one," and
"His armless wonder-the detective's desperate
Delegates from the various clubhouses and Camp
Elliott met at the Cristobal clubhouse on September 14
for the purpose of electing officers and deciding on rules
for the Isthmian tenpin bowling league. Mr. Frank
Dougherty of Culebra was chosen chairman of the
league, and Mr. Taylor of Corozal. official scorer and
secretary. The league will open on October 4.
Forty new library books have just been received from
the United States.
The Empire basketball team defeated the local
team by a score of 35 to 26 on Saturday night, Sep-
tember 13.
Some of the members of the boys' department
"hiked" to Arraijan on Saturday, September 13.
Mr. J. F. Warner led the song service on Sunday
evening September 14.
Th- hicr. s:oire, in tenpins for the past week were:
Cornthwaite, 202; Finley, 200.
The local two-man bowling tournament will close on
Tuesday Sepremnoir '. It i requested thatall having
game. yet to roll all duo at one
Mr. D. ,. Tr-ion.vll re & il'e. ture. I illuitrsi'-d rith
slides and moving p..:tirt- on Trur.iast. ',o'remep'r 18.
describing the S.crimint. \-,le. an thr e Panami-.
Pacific Exposition. Admission will be free to all.
The results of thebowling'games rolled at Empire on
Saturday, September 13, between Corozal and Empire
were: Corozal, 930, 790, 816; Empire, 896, 85i, 946.
In the local bowling league the team composed of
Giavelli, Arnold, and F. Whaler won first place. The
medals for high score and high average were won by
On Friday evening, September 19. a meeting of all
men interested in the formation of a discussion and de-
bating club will be held at the clushouse for the pur-
pose of organizing.
Basketball is holding interest for many of the men.
The largest squad of players ever interested in this
sport at Empire can be found any basketball night on
the floor, practicing the game. Already 27 men are ne-
rolled in the local basketball league. This squad is
divided into four teams under the captaincy of Johnson,
Sawyer, Miller, and Huldquist.
Gatun defeated Culebra in a game of basketball at
at Gatun on Wednesday evening, September 10, by
the score of 22 to 17. The lineups were, as follows:
Whiston............. R. F. ... Cushing and Belcher
Huber................ L. F............ R. Purchase
Wright ............... C. .........F. Purchase
Conley.... .......... R. G ............... Hepler
Fitzpatrick ............ L. G............... Koperski
Referee. Christopherson; timekeeper, Ben Jenkins;
scorer, Fomon. Attendance, 200.
An illustrated 'talk on Louisiana will be given on
Thursday evening, September 25.
Cristobal defeated Gatun two out of three games of
tenpins on Saturday evening. September 13.
Mrs. Fostrom and Mrs. McLeod furnished violin
and piano music for the motion picture entertainment
on September 8.
The executive council met on Friday evening. Sep-
tember 12. Those present were: Mr. W. C. Gayer,
Mr. W. B. Childers, Dr. Farmer, and Mr. Ben Jenkins.
Mr. Robert M. Gamble, a charter member of the as-
sociation, and for the past two years a member of the
executive council, has resigned on account of leaving
The results of the bowling contests held on "Ladies
night," September 12, were:
Open contest-First prize, Mr. Humphrey and Mrs.
Crosscup; second prize, Mr. Coleman and Mrs. Nolan.
Married folks-First prize, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. C. G.
Wurster; second prize. Mr. and Mrs. Grover.
A set of "Library of natural history" and a set of
"The world's best music" have been added to the li-
brary during the past week.
Mr. W. F. Bennyhoff will give a lecture on the Canal

work on Tuesday, September 16. dilustrated with slides.
The standing of the "Popular" handicap pool tourna-
ment. on Saturday evening. September 13 was. as
Name. Won. Lost. P. C.
Dewey.................... 0 .... I 000
Tow sley .................. 3 .... 0 .... 1.000
Kerruish................... 3 .... 1 .... 750
Von ....................... 4 .... 2 .... 666
Pettitt............ ...... 2 .... 1 .... 666
Bailey.... ......... 3 .... 2 .... 600
O'Haran .................... 3 .... 2 ... 600
Carkeet.................... 2 .... 2 .... 500
Johnson ................... 1 .... 1 .... 500
C. Gray ................... 4 .... 5 .... 444
Reisner ....... ... ...... 2 .... 3 .... 400
M itchell ................... 1 .... 3 ... 250
Dennis ......... .......... 1 .... 3 .... 250
Bradley.................... 1 .... 5 .... 166
W all..... ... .... ......... 0 .... 5 .... .000
The stringed orchestra of the steamship Prins
Joachim, gave a concert on Monday night, September
8. from 8 to 10 o'clock.
Mr. T. A. Wehmeier has issued a challenge to all
pool players to play for the championship of the Isth-
mus. Mr. Wehmeier proposes to play 150 po CntL on the
home tables of each man who accepts his challenge,
and 150 points on the Cristobal tables.
Mr. W. F. Barnum rolled highest score in tenpins
on the Cristobal alleys for the month of August, with
235 points, and received a box of cigars as a prize.
Messrs. Luce and Weller, members of the old Cris-
tobal basketball team, are coaching the players until
the arrival of the new physical director.
"What shall we do with the Monroe Doctrine?"
is the theme for consideration at the discussion meeting
on Thursday night. September 18. Messrs. H. J.
Wempe and F. B. Freeland will lead the discussion.
Mr. J. Frank Harbert, representing the Louisiana
State Board of Immigration, g,' e an tlluatrated lecture
on Louisiana, on Tuesday r..ght. September 16
Interest is being displayed in the chess tournament
now in progress. The present standing of the con-
testants is in the following order: Ogden, Taylor,
Hurt, Wilson, Salzburg, Verner, McQueen, Tuttle,
Wechsler, Gill, Rattiner, Martin.

Misdirected Letters.
The following insufficiently addressed letters, origi-
nating in the United States and its possessions, have
been received in the office of the Director of Posts, and
may be procured upon request of the addressees:
Cummings, C. C. Henderson, Mrs. George
Davidson, Miss Edith Heng, Chris
Dunleavy, J. A. Hyder, Frank
Durbin, C. A. Joy, Sylvester
Fernandez, Jos6 McGuire, Mrs. E.
Foll, Lawrence (pkg.) Moadadian, Mrs. Julia
Galow, Wm. Rounds, Wm. J.
Gilbert, D. A. Scribner, Miss E. L.
Halvosa, William P. Shea, W.
Hand, E. S. Zeamer, Emmett
Hansen, Paul

Tug Service to Porto Bello and Toro Point.
Following is a revised schedule of Atlantic Division
tugs in the service between Docks 13and 16, and Porto
Bello; and Docks 13 and 16, and Toro Point:
Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and
Fridays-Leave Dock 13 at 5 p. m., arrive Porto Bello
10 p. m.; returning, leave Porto Bello 11 p. m., arrive
Dock 13 about 6 a. m.
Saturdays-Leave Dock 13 at 9 a. inm., arrive Porto
Bello at 11 a.m.;'returning, leave Porto Bello 3.45 p.m.,
arrive pier No. 4, Colon, 5.45 p. m.
Every Saturday-Leave Dock 13 at 6. p. m., arrive
Porto Bello at 11 p. m.; returning, leave Porto Bello 12
midnight, arrive Dock 13 about 6 a. m.
Every Sunday-Leave Pier 16 at 7 p. m., arrive Porto
Bello 9 p. m.; returning, leave Porto Bello 9 p. m., arrive
Pier 16 at 11 p. m.
Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and
Friday. Sailing No. I-Leave Dock 13 at 6.30 a. mi.,
arrive Toro Point 7 a. m.; returning, liave Toro Point
8 a. m., arrive Dock 13 at 8. 30 a. m. Sailing No. Z-
Leave Dock 13 at 5 p. m., arrive Toro Point 5.30 p. m.
Special, Wednesdays only--Leave Dock 13 at 12
noon, arrive Toro Point 12.30 p. m.; returning, leave
Toro Point 12.30 p. m., arrive Dock 13 at 1 p. m.
Saturday. Sailing No. 1-Leave Dock 13 at 6.30
a. m., arrive Toro Point 7 a. m.; returning, leave Toro
Point 8 a. m., arrive Dock 13 at 8 30 a m. Sailing
No. Z-Leave Dock 13 at 5 p m arrive Toro Point
5.30 p. m.; leave Toro Point 5.30 p. m., arrive Dock
13 at 6p. m. .
Sunday. Sailing No. I-Leave Dock 13 at 9.30
a. m.. arrive Toro Point 10 a.m.; returning, leave Toro
Point at 10.30 a. m., arrive Dock 13 at 11 a. m.
Sailing No. Z-Leave Pier 16 at 4 30 p m arrive
Toro Point 5 p. m ; returning. leave Toro Point 5 p m.
arrive Pier 16 at 5.30 p. m.


The following is a ist of sarilugs of the Panama
Railroad SEarxubip Company. of the Royal Mail
Steam Packet Company: of the Hamburg-American
L;ne, and of the Urnitcd Fruit Company's Line;
Panama ..... .. P.R. R..Tuesday.....Sept. 16
Alianca.. ... . .P. R. R. Monday.... Sept. 22
Colon ............ P. R. R..Tuesday..... Sept. 30
Advance .... ...... P. R. R Monday... .Oct. 6
Panama .. . P.R. R. Saturday....Oct. 11
Allinca ........... P. R R. Saturday... .Oct. 18
(colon. .............. P. R. R. Friday .....Oct. 24
Advance ...... ..... P. R. R..Thursday. ..Oct. 30
Advance .. .... ...P. R. R.. onday... Sept. 22
Panama . ...P. R. R. Sunday......Sept. 28
Allianca ...... P. R. R..Saturday ....Oct. 4
Colon .. P. R. R. Sunday ......Oct. 12
Advance .... P. R. R. Saturday .... Oct. 18
Panama .... .P. R. R. Tr.ursday....Oct. 23
Allanca ...... P. R. R..Thursday .. Oct. 30
MeLapan ....... U F C. Wednesday..Sept. 10
PrnazAugust Wdhelm If -.. Saturday ...Sept. 13
Tiire? ......... U. F. C. Saturday.... Sept. 13
Trent . .R Saturday....Sept. 13
Za'.,r- a .. LI F. C. Wednesday Sept. 17
Emil L. Bois..... H.-A ..Saturday.. .Sept. 20
Sxaoila. ... .... U. F.C. Saturday... Sept. 20
Almnirante ......... U F C. W'ednesday..Sept. 24
Prnz Joaehim..... H.-A ...Saturday... Sept. 27
Carnllo.............. U F.C. Saturday.. Sept. 27
lagdalena ....... R NI Saturday ...Sept. 27
Santa Mara ....... .L' F.C. Wednesday .Oct. I
Carl Sc hurz ..... H..A .Saturday... Oct. 4
Pi torear... .. UL. F C...S'turday .Oct. 4
MI:.r-iUn ........ U. F C. Wednesday..Oct. 8
Prnz -tugust Wdhelm H.-A Saturd'y....Oct. 11
Ta es . U.F C. Saturday ...Oct. 11
Danube .. ..R .P- Saturday Oct. I1
Sa'nta Marta. ....... F C. Thurldia~. ..Sept. 18
Sarl Schurz. .. H -.. Tae:da... .. Sept. 23
Paztors. ......U. F C Tuesday. ...Sept. 23
Mecap3 n .... .. LI F. C. Tn'rid.iy .. Sept. 25
Danube.. . .. R. NI Tue;day. Sept. 30
Ti Ives- U..... i F. C Tuesday. .. Sept. 30
Prmr Aughut \ltlhtlm H -A Tuesday.... Sepi. 30
Zajpa ...... U F C. Thursday. ..Oct. 2
Emil L. Boas... ... H -A Tu.d-aJy. ...Oct. 7
Sixaola.... ......... U. F. C. Tuesdiy.. Oct. 7
Alintrante ........ U. F.C. Thursday....Oct. 9
Pr.nt Juach;m.. .. A. H..A Tuesday. . .Oct. 14
CarnJlo I-. F C Tuesday. ..Oct. 14
Tagus ..... R NI Tuesday..... Oct. 14
Sr.nt Marta . F C. Thursday. Oct. 16
Patoies .. .F.C Tur-day. ...Oct. 21
Carl Schurz .... H .\ Tuesday .. Oct. 21
Meapan .. Li F C Thuriday....Oct 23
Prnz Auigait Wlhlm.H -A Tuesday ...Oct. 28
Tvive Li. F. C Tuesday. ..Oct 28
Oruba R. NI Tu'-.day. ...Oct. 28
Turrialba.. . ... U. F. C. Saturday....Sept. 13
Cartago... U. F. C..Wednesday Sept. 17
Abangirez ... ... U. F. C. Saturd3v .. .Sept. 20
Heredia.. U.F C Wednesday..Sept. 24
At.nas . ........ U. F. C. Saturday... Sept. 27
Parismmna... ... LI. F. C Wednesday Oct. I
Turnalba. ... .. U.F C .Saturday .. Oct. 4
Atenas ....... . ..U F.C Thursday Sept. 18
Paxismina ........U.F.C. Satusday... Sept. 20
Turialba. . .. U. F. C Thursday' Sept. 25
Carta&o .... .. F.C. Saturday .. Sept. 27
Abangiez . L F. C. Thursday. Oct. 2
Hereln . U F C. Saturday' Oct. 4
'Amended schedule covering temporary withdrawal
of the Al,4i.Jn. for repa rs

Tide Table.
Thb following Lable shows the Line of high and low
udea at Par.am.a tor the week ending S.rt.mber 27. 1913


Sept. .I .
Sept. 22
Sept 23 .
Sept. 24
Sept. 25.... .
Sept 20 .....
Sept 21 ......

High Low High,

A M. A.M i A M.
12 4? 6 40
1.20 T 18
2 05 80
3 0 9 06
4.2; 10 ?5
5 50 ill 51

12.33 6.58 lI 05

Low High

P.M. P.M.
1.09 7.05
1.53 7.48
2 45 8.45
3 42 9.55
5 10 1120
6.22 .
7 2 ...

75th meridian time.




The Canal Record
Published weekly under the aikhorsly and suptervms of
she I sihan h Canal Ca-mmi.nsvn.

The Canal Rezord is publ shed ree of ,harge. one Lopy
each so all employes of the Commarison and Panama
Railroad Company whoie nomer are -n the gold roll.
Extra opies and ba'k numbers can be .-taine.re joum the
new stands of the Panama Padiroad Company) or J ve
tents eat s.

Address all Communications.
Ancon. Canal Zone.
Isthmus of Panama.
No xommuntcatson. either jrt pubhltation or requesltsin
information si ll 1t'cane attention unless signed oth the
full name and address of the writer


Reservation Established.
The land between Gatun and Gamboa ex-
tending from the Canal on the west to the
Canal Zone boundary line on the east, has
been declared a reservation within the mean-
ing of the Executive Order of April 17. 1912.
and notices will be posted against trespassing
on same. In addition, the chief of police has
been instructed to have the people living at
Frijoles and Monte Lirio notified verbally
that the reservation has been created, and
that they will not be permitted to continue
the cultivation of land within this area.
Practically all the privately owned land in this,
section has been adjudicated, and is now the
property of the United States. The towns
of Frijoles and Monte Lirio will not be in-
cluded within the reservation at this time.

Track Connection Removed from Center Wall of
Garun Locks.
Forces of the Atlantic Division began on
September 4 the removal of the trestle across
the west side of the upper approach to the
Gatun L.ocks, by which railway connection
had been maintained with the center wall.
The wall is thus left in traffic isolation, except
for the portage of materials across the tops
of completed lock gates, or from vessels
which may come alongside the approach
walls, extending out from the center wall
at the upper and lower ends of the locks, or
from the cableways across the lower approach
wall. A locomotive crane of 35 tons capacity
has been left on the center wall, and is able
to travel the length of the locks, traversing
the inclines between levels under the control
of block and tackle. The present use of the
crane is in the completion of the lamp post
erection, placing of machinery, handling
cable, etc. The placing of the trusses for
the roof of the control house began on Sep-
tember 4, and cement, sand, rock, and vitreous
roofing tile have been stored on the top of the
center wall in quantities sufficient for the com-

pletion of the building The heavy, opt-rating
machinery for the center wall is all in place.
with the exception of some Uf the chain fender
equipment, and the toting locomotives. All
the lamp posts for the center approach nalls
have been erected, not more than 10 'if the
207 lamp posts required for all three walls
of the locks at Gatun remaining to br- placed
Changes at Pedro Mlguel Yard.
The south end of the railroad yard at Pedro
Miguel will be flooded when the water in
Miraflores Lake reaches elevation 27 feet
above sealevel, in view of which, the work of
taking up all unnecessary trackageu was begun
on August 30. The old car repair shop orp-
posite the engine house, which is within the
area tu be inundated, will be moved to Bal-
boa, and a new system of car repair tracks,.
using old material, will be installed
The engine house will be dismantled alsO,.
and the removal of the machines therein was
begun on September 11. The mechanical
work heretofore performed there ha. been
transferred to the Empire shop;. Theengines
formerly hostled at Pedro Miguel will hrre-
alter be apportioned between a ,ard on the
east bank of the Can.dl, and Balboa.
Sale of Towboat "Eszotic."
Bids for the purchase of the steel hull. stern
wheel towboat Ecotir were opened at the-
office of the Depot Quartermaster on Tuesday.
September 2. Three offers were received.
as follows: Chicago House Wrecking Com-
pany, $1,000; N. Chr. Hansen, $2,000; and
A. Van Sciver, $3.5300. Anard was made to
Mr. Van Sciver of Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua.
The vessel is of 150 gross tons,. was built by
Pusey and Jones of Wilmington, Del.. and
was shipped to the Isthmus knocked down.
arriving here on December 20, 190S. It
was erected at the dry, dock shops and cost
complete, about $40,000. In the service ol
the Canal Commission, it was used principall,
as a towboat in the French canal between
Cristobal and Gatun.
Erection of Track-span Bridges for Transmis-
sion Line.
The first of the track span bridge:, to be
erected along the main line of the Panama
railroad, from Cristobal to Balboa. to -,upport
the transmission line from the Gatun hydro.
electric station, was set on its rcuncrete pedes-
tals on September 22. This bridge i. situated
on the relocated line of the railroad. above
Paraiso Junction, at about mile post 39
Erection of other bridges is to proceed a-
rapidly as they are put together by the forces
of the United States Steel Products Company
The foundation piers havebeen installed along
the line between Pedro Miguel and Frijoles.
The low area lying between the new ad-
ministration building and the Central Di-
vision dump tracks, near East Balboa, will be
filled in by the Central Division forces.


Family Quarters on Sosa Hill will be First to
be Erected.
The preparation of plans for permanent
family quarters for gold employes at the new
toan uf Balboa will be begun shortly in the
o.ffie .-.f the Canal Commission architect.
TheI family quarters to be considered first will
probably be those for employes whose salaries
are under $200 a month; afterwards, those
for employes receiving about $200 a month,
and lastly those for employes whose salaries
are from .2'00 to $400 a munth. The types
will be ba-ed upon one and two-family houses.
It is the present plan to begin the con-
struction of permanent family quarters on the
nortleist slope of Sosa Hill as soon as prac-
ticable, and the landscape architect is now
engaged in laing out roads in this area. It
is not intended to encroach for the present on
the labor camp in this locality, but eventually
some of the laborers' barracks, namely, tho,e
that are in good condition will be moved to
the new slv er camp at La Boca. The new
family quarter- on Sosa Hill are primarily, de-
signed to take care of the employee, at the
Balboa shops and terminal.
Permanent buildings cannot be erected on
the area recently filled in bet'Aeen Sosa and
Ancon Hills for some time to come. In the
meantime, grading will be done and per-
manent roads and walks laid out in this area,
as well as on the slope of Ancon Hill in the
rear of the new administration building. The
employes in the administration building, now
under construction, will be cared for indefi-
nitely in existing quarters a,: Ancon. and in
Corczal. It is not proposed to erect perma-
nent quartersfor gold bachelor emplo,.es at the
present time. a, the houses recently recon-
structed at East Balboa will be available f,:r
their use during the next few ,ears.
The hotel at East Balboa will take care of
the bachelor employes quartered in that vicin-
it, indefinitely A permanent hotel, however,
ma,. be erected later, and space ill be reserved
for it. The East Balboa commissary will be
continued in use,but a permanent commissary
building will probably be among the first of
the miscellaneous buildings to be erected. It
Isexpected that provision iIll have to be made
for a police station and office of district judge.
as well as a fire station and schoolhouse, as
soon as it is safe to erect buildings on the filled
ground. The building recently reerected at
East Balboa for a post-office will serve for
some time, and the present office and store-
house of the district quartermaster may remain
indefinitely, although space will be' reserved
for a permanent building in the new town. A
permanent dispensary will probably be re-
quired by the Sanitary Depanrtment, as well
as accommodations for the local sanitary in-
spector. The larvacide factory, now at Ancon,
will remain where it is for the present. Pro-
vision will be made for a clubhouse, but it is


not yet known whether the new clubhouse will
be of a permanent type of construction, or
whether the one at Empire will be available.
The settlement at Ancon will be continued
indefinitely. There are 94 buildings in that
district available for the permanent force, not
including quarters in the Ancon Hospital
grounds, French houses now used as quarters,
or undesirabletypes, but including nine houses
of the official type. These houses will provide
quarters for 161 families and 130 bachelors,
counting one man to a room. At East Balboa,
there is a total of 19 buildings accommodating
28 families and 188 bachelors. With two ex-
ceptions, all of these buildings are within the
limits of the proposed Marine Corps reserva-
tion, and as the site of the reservation is prob-
ably permanently fixed, the houses will have
to be moved. No additional buildings will be
moved to East Balboa from towns along the
Canal at present.
The organization for the construction of
the permanent Canal buildings has been ap-
proved and is, as follow-:
Gold organization--One architect, one archi-
tect's superintendent, one structural drafts-
man, six designers and draftsmen, four drafts-
men, one junior draftsman. Total, 14.
Gold organization--One general foreman,
two foremen. Total, 3.
Silver organization-Two foremen, one en-
gineer, one mixer, 20 machine operators, 30
laborers. Total, 54.
Gold organization-One resident engineer,
four superintendents, two transitmen or
junior engineers, two rodmen, one general
property clerk, four assistant property clerks,
three clerks, one general mason foreman, one
general carpenter foreman, two general plumb-
ing foremen, one general electrical foreman,
one general sheet metal foreman, one general
roofing foreman, one general plaster and
stucco foreman, one general metal lath fore-
man, one general foreman painter, one general
steel erecting foreman, one general marble and
tile setting foreman; five foremen on mason
work, 10 on carpenter work, three on electrical
work, two on sheet metal work, five on roof-
ing work, five on plaster and stucco work,
three on metal lath work, three on painting,
five on marble and tile setting work, 20
plumbers, 30 electricians, 10 sheet metal
workers, five hoisting engineers, two black-
smiths. Total, 135.
Silver organizatiio'f-One hundred masons,
200 carpenters, 60 roofers, 100 plasterers,
30 metal lathers, 30 painters, 20 tile setters,
20 plumbers, 30 electrical helpers, four black-
smith helpers, 30 steel erectors, five hoisting
engineers, three clerks, 260 laborers. Total,
892. Grand total, 1,068.
The above force will be under the Quar-
termaster's Department, but will not be em-
ployed for some time to come, as plans for
the permanent quarters and miscellaneous
buildings have not yet been prepared.

Change in Porto Bello Tug Service.
Effective September 21, the Sunday tug
from Cristobal to Porto Bello w ill leave Do, k
16 at 5.30 p. m., instead of 7 p. Tn., and arrive
at Porto Bello at 7.30 p. m. Returning, it
will leave Porto Bello at 7.30 p. m., and arrive
at Dock 16 at 9.30 p. m.


Additional Awards.
The following, additional awards have been
made by the Joint Land Commission:
A.4ard No. 3l--in the ma.ier oj the ilaim ol Los
L,:ic'a.ii Esiil.i C.)mpanyv. Lid., for the property des-
ignited as Pohik,l ai.JdJo y banj I,'ria-An award is
here; made aia.insi the United Staile oi America for
the eziait of Bohio Soldado y Buena lVii a. said award
to include all right title and interest of any person-t to
thic ntire eEt.it not heretofore ico.ired by tile United
Sit.iea. tog-.ther with all claims for improvements of
whaLaeier nature on the part of the oncr:r of said
estate. and all rights claimed by them, in the sum of
Thiq anard ;hall be paid to the claimant hereinafier
nar-d in tine amount herein .r'eci.ed. on or before tilhe
secondd d*ay of Otober. 1913. and if payment or tender
of p'i ci.int .3 th,- a.-ard ;. not made on or before that
daite -aid, a ird ;hall ttiereafter bear interest at the
rate oi t1 r-.'r C .: , pei r 'innum until paid
To r'le I.:. Cj.caada Et.-te4 Company. limited, of
L)ind.n En.':lin.J fir all cf thLir rihrti. claim and in.
ter.t in tie .it:it.: of Bohio Soldiado v Bur na \ lta
no- lheriitOre .c.iuird by the Unitid States, together
a lr. all in.proir:.trinnt..i which are claimed b) the .aid
c.,nr.any tle ;um of 1i rno
icriedu FIDER.C.r Bi.-l, ROLNj D P. FALKNLR.
,A.'I EL LEtIi. L '- RoJ,.i L.'.e fimri oneirs..
S.-it..ibi.. ? 1"1J3.

I ,ir.t ,\'t. 3t- I-rni i," m lt a e ri In 'l. Ni ol J.d'ub
t. .. L'k r-.r hi,,hngi in h .,t t Go, ita--On
A.~'nl 191i. Ja.t.b K.,.Ilk riled nath the Joint
L.,ri Corrmni-iiaon hi m 'Docket N 1211 f.r certain
buildinrsr In the lowin of Gurreoni. The evidence sub-
nott-td to the Ltommmi.s,.n o aj' that pjursu nt to a
yrTiiit.n hied ly the cLa,m..nt in this ca:. tire munci-
p.aliy of C orgona. under dite of January 26. l9ui.
paj.jcd the I )ll.i uien re:oluti.n:
Pirs.lulrio No. 17 or 100'.
"B. nhih authority *. .rante.d for Ith l, e of
mini..oDl lanlS for building purposes .ityin the
minniipaiIt. o CG.oreL. ria.
Sirhe m-,%or and municipal council of the rr'unt.i-
p-,lt.. oi .iorc.una in le- i..f tihe pet l on ol J ,cob
KU alk I'nr the le:e rf 3.nuO LIl) re feel ot a-
c.trit meant ipal l.ind inthe to)nn o Grgon73 for the
purir'.:e oi ere..ling a dwelhni':. the t.:.t cO Irnd
bounded j t'llaos On the nirrh inthe old
I- ren. canal hne. .!:1. h.iue tn.ned hv Jam.,
B tle, ;CUiii. liulle .-.%.ncd by \I 11,am ,Voad.
v..:t or.e& l:ind and Juaiii Gr trde lil or L riul
it i r.;.il' ed that tire ,b.)nc auiil,-i.tin be
grantc.J _Liibjit1- t. the arproral ol ordinance No.
5 of 190o.
Approved January 26. 1007l
(Sgoned) E. M. ROBINsoN.
.. t :'i L..rgconu.
Approved February.. 190:.
E"rec i ,i"e S Clir .."
Courliel for the Limn.:d Si tes 1h. emphas s on the
fIlt ihat no do-.:umeoni t' 11.int thl' Ijnd Wa irtued to
the .linr ,ntli The evi.l.ri e before irhe Coia'iTim .i n

no tlmie i.ned .u hI d;...unw.nt: and that tr.. .iabli' hed
_ra ti,.i ue % i' i' r.c ird the nccupany of thre lal.d tn
purJuance of tie ias.il oi a rjni :ir[al ordmiarne 3,
siuffrr..'en ic. et..ablr, ii,. r1:v l i.:cn tip :it landlord and
tenrint. In the inc er f tire Unirted States to thii
claim muh :ire-.i .via al.o laid ,,on the fact thant ine
cllinaint after tlle iraJge of till ordinam.e made In-
lquiri of the E-.ecutive Secretjary at Ancon with rler-
ent.e to the nutmbr oi years that he would rron bly be
pe'rrmted to occupy tirs land in i-.:,v 3i the ulinate
flooding of the iOsvn of Gorg)nia I.,' the rninf of the
water: Ol Lake Giaun. Th,:seminutries in no I-a, ilect-'
ed the ac-.eptlance of the lea.e. ahethe 13tact thit the
claimant proceeded atn tIhe erectin of ine building
nhar]., aiftr tme ps3age of i te ordinance in conlu:i.e
on thi To'otnt.
In January lQOf. the claimant t-3s required to :ign
a new leaie is ued in the name of Governor Blackburn
then Head cii L'.e Department o0 Ci',i Adminitration.
This lease %a; mad- to run from July. 1907 to July.
19QC0, and .:cnaiincd 3 revocation clause usual to
IfthriLan Cana.l Conmm iiion lease. This leae ti.l
renmeei on November 10. lIO. by E M. Robmson
tax cole cor ol Gorgona and wai to run for a period
oA three years Irom July I. 19iuA.
In 19'lu. the Chairman and Chiel Engineer of the
lsthmian Canal Cornmiion decided that the land
upon hich the building oi the present claimant was
erected was required for purposes of Ca.al construc-
lion and note wat sent to Kowalski to remove hfs
building. A mnss of correspondence has been aub-
miLt-d to the Commisson. minolving ceriaini oler.s made
by the Isthmian Canaul Commision tO'the claimant.
to take dnwn his house and transport -the maielal to

Vol. VII, No. 5.

Gatun. !t is not necessary to give fut her consideration
to this correspondence. as iLS throws no Light upon the
main Queslion under consideration. namely, whether
ths claimant had acquired an) right to compensation
for the v.lue of hip building. and %heLher this right.
was ignored ai the time of the removal of the building,
This case ;s overned b, the princ!pileq formulated by
this Cornm,.i;in ri the opinion on th' demurrer of the
lurisdctiin of the Comm: sin in the matter oi the
claim of Juan Sotill,. Thr- claimant became a tenant
of the munhciipaliy of Gaorona by operation of reso-
lution No I;. date January ,o. 1901. arid. acting un-
der tre rightly granted to i-nm bl this rFeolution, Im-
medutely proceeded to the erection or a building.
The-e lactsjeirl, entitle him to the protection of Ar-
icle S of Law N,. .W. dated Nosember 6, 184. la
fornming Its coancluion as tO the amount oi the award
to he made in this case the C,'mmrsiion estimated the
value ol the building before its removal, and deducted
th:reirom th.i l.id.le of the material whichh uas subse-
quentil turned oter to Mr. Kowaiski.
In a:oriJarnce itnri ine e.,den.r e submitted in this
coae. and ilth the princiles formulated in Lhit opinion.
an aard ii hereby made j;g:,in the United Staten of
Amnenca t11 Jacob Koralik, for the se tement of all
right title and nt aremi in the buildings in the town
ol GCorgona erected by the laimant on lot leased to the
s.ad claimant bhr r,.-alutlon No. 17 of the municirahty
of Gorgona dated January 26 190.. together with all
clairn.s for iiipruiemenLs of whatsoever nature, in the
sum of $6'.000.
Thi. aiard shall be paid to the said Jacob Kowalski
on or before the third day of October. 1913. and if pay-
ment. or tender of payment. is not made on or before
that date the amount of this award shall thereafter
bear interest at the rate ol sLi per centum per annum
Unlil paid.
SA'.3 LEL LE.,lis. L S Roi,F.r. Co a'nsi.;ioaers.
September :. 1913.

Ancon Crusher.
The following is a statement of rock
crushed at Ancon quarry during the two weeks
ending Septembcr 20:

oalre. Cub;c Hours
yards. worked.
Sept. ... ............... 2.015 25
S t. II.. ...... .... .16500 7.15
Spt. 10 .... .............. 1 .114 7 4530
S'DL. I1 7.15
Sp. I.0 7 45
Sept. .I l.',19 8 20
Toal .. .. . ........... 11919 45 05
S.,rr. ii . .. . 1.53U 6 25
Sen 16I .. ............. . 23 32 7 05
- .l Ii.- . ... ... 1 92 7 15
-ept. .. .. .. ..... 1 J l 7 40
Sept 1. .............. .. 2.174 7 15
S-p1 21 1.607 6 35
Total ..... .. 10.920 42 15

Work of Lidgerwood Unloaders In August.
During the month of August, the following
Lidgerwood trains and cars were unloaded
by the Central Division:

LrICATrlON. No of No. of I No. of
uriloadera. ir tin. cats.
Balboa -.. .. .. 49 19.929
Ntraflrea .... . I 1I6 3.906
Gasmh..i . 4' 6Y2 18.132
Total 9 .I .02 42.567
'One inl. iidej warkL.d 24 days.

Iilllna Sand Service.
A rep-.-t of -and shipped from Balboa during
the monthly of Au,-ust follows:
Number Cubic
DESTINATION. I ar. yards.
Fiir, Dvi-,on ... I 4 1 8.533
First D siion . I 120
Adtlantic -ivi.mn .. 1 12 2.5i2
Centrin D .'1i16n .. 9 1.945
Forti-..i .Ins "Dtveiron ... 364 6.364
,uartermd :ter a Deprtmrrent a 75
In.lividual.and companies 5 11
Total .. ... 1.042 1.734

The purchase-of a 30,000-pound double-
eylinder road-roller for the use of the Division
of Municipal E ngieering has been authorized.

September 24, 1913.



Settlement Early Took the Lead In Recreation
and Amusements.
With the passing of the village of Gorgona
oneof the most artivesettlements in the Canal
Zone, from a -ocial standpoint. has ceased to
exist. When the Americans took po-ssesion of
the Canal /one in 1904. there were 40 French
houses in the village. To this number the.
Commission added 51 dwellinz- of the various
authorized types, together nith office build-
ings, until the vil!ave in 1912 attained a
population of about 3,500.
In 1905, %hen there were north 20 Ameri-
can families in Gorgona, an association of
men and women was organized under the
title of the House to Hou'e Social Club.
This clhb met the homes of the members for
a social evening once a week. As its mem-
bership increased. a gramophone was pur-
chased to supply miitic furdancinr,, and the
organization resolved itself intoadancin: club.
The meeting-. were then h-ld in the social
hall over the hotel every Saturday e'.vening.
Religious ser\ice,5. conducted by th'- Rever-
end J. L. Wi.,e, Baptist preacher, whr. was
one of the earliest reidenr- of the village,
were held in the old French court h,'ue,
which was situatel near the railroad. In
1907, the Commibsion clubhou-e wa- erected
on the elevation just back ol the site of the
On Thanksgiving Day, 1905, a Sunday
school was organized, its membership being
composed of youn,. men and w.',omen: there
were no children of :choe! age in the village
at that time On Chritma. Day 1906. the
American children of the village enjoyed the
novelty of having a fruit-bearing orange tree
as a Christmas tree. The entertainment was
held in the French courthouse and all the
people in the village took part. Gifts were
presented to each child pre-ent and the even-
ing was spent in singing "home" songs and
hymns. This was the first community
Christmas in Gorgona. It was followed by
others each year which were held in the Com-
mission clubhouse. These community cele-
brations in which the Young Men'3. Christian
Association, the woman'- .:lub, the Sunday
school, and church organizations united. "ere
noteworthy through the htarty cooperation
of the social forces of the village. More than
1,500 children participated in the entertain-
ments and over $1,000 was expended by the
people of the community in the purchase of
Christmas trees and ornaments, presents for
the children, and their entertainment.
In 1906, the young people of the church or-
ganized a Christian Endeavor society which
constituted an important part of the social
life of the village for three years. The society,
besides its own meetings on Sunday evenings,
contributed to the public entertainment by,
holding a sociall" once a month to which all
the people of the village were invited.
The idea of the woman's club movement in
the Canal Zone originated in Gurgona. and
from that village came the suggestion to the
United States Government to authorize the
organization of women's clubs as social
centers for American women in the Canal
Zone. In June. 1907, a social club of women
was formed, the first woman's club in the
Canal Zone.
The Isthmian Canal Chapter. No. 1, Daugh-
ters of Rebekah, was organized in Gorgona in
1907, its membership being composed of

women from the various villages along the
line of the Panama railroad. In April. 1913,
the order had 90 members. The Odd Fellows
celebrated their anniversaries in Gorgona
with much success, the people of the tillage
preparing for the entertainments. In 1911.
Orchid Chapter. No 1. Order ofl the Eastern
Star, was organized in Gorgi'na, headqtiarters
being held there until early in the spring of
1913, when it moved to Empire. It had X7
In 1910, a reprceentatite of the National
Anti-Citarette League. with he:,idq1uiarrr-. in
Chicaeo. visited the lrthmu' antd ir.r niz .ld
a branch at Goreon3. shirh miniitain--d
a membership of 30 until it %ia, disbanded.
The Boy Scout movement foll.we l a4 an
outcome of it, and led b:, the ph, ,ical direct .-r
of the Younz Men's Chriitian Ais..ociation.
Gorgona had the largest membership in rhe
Bo.,' coutb of an:,' patrol in the Canal Zone
organization. There was al-o an active
chapter of the Canal Zone Red Cross.
In 1909 and 1910. Girgona had adrjmatic
company which gase plays in the Ik,-al club-
house, and traveled through the clubhouse
circuit with much 'ticce_;., giving also a
comedy in the National Theatre. Panama,
as a benefit performance.
In bowling and basketball. Gorgona's teams
played an active part in all inrerclaubhou4s
tournaments. The boling team ol 190S
won a handsome silver cup through it, s.kill.
In the l)ll games thebasketball team wa; the
strongest and f-tiest in the league. In indoor
baseball, the Gorg.,.na t.am was a pennant
winner for several :asons. end lfor -ei eral
years the town had a team in the Isthmian
baseball league.
There were three functions in which the
entire village took part; the first was a ban-
quet by Gorgona Texan, in 1')07; the zeciidl
was a farewell Fourth of July banquet held
on July 3, 1912; and the third was a reunion
hel I in the clubhou:.e on July 23. 1913. ,which
wa, attended by the largest number of people
ever gathered there.

Church Notes.
The sixth anniversary of the opening of the
Baptist Church in Culebra was celebrated
by special services on Sunday and Monday,
September 14 and 15 The pastor was assist-
ed in the service, on Monday evening by the
Rev. Carl H. Elliott of Cristobal, and the Rev.
Stephen \\itt of Gatun.
Father James McDonald, a priest of the
Order of St Vincent, from the community%
houe at Germantuwn, Penn'yl.'ania. has
been appointed to be assistant prie-.c in the
parish of St. Ferdinand, Empire. Father
McDonald has arrived on the I-thmus and
taken up his duties. He visited the Isthmus
several years ago a; a missioner and organized
the Woman's Altar Guild of St. Ferdinand's

Prize Essays.
The second in the series of prize contests
for the best essay of 150 words by boys and
girls under 16 years of age is announced in
the Union Church IW'ork of Cristobal, the
bulletin which is published weekly by the
pastor of the church. The subject is "What
would you do with $10,000,UOu if it were given
to you to invest in philanthropic or religious
enterprises ?" The prize offered is a- hand-

somely bound book. The first contest was
won by Miss Sarah Widener of Gatun.
Playgrounds In Permanent Towns.
Suitable playgrounds for children will be
provided in the permanent towns of Balboa,
Pedro MNiguel, Gatun. and Cristo)bal, and
Mr. A. B D;cksnn. Mr Frank P. .\agg, and
Mr. William L Phillips have been appointed
a committee to -ubmit a report, together
with their recomrnendation', relative thereto.

Dr L. S. Rowe, .-.ne ol the two American
m-mb:-rs ol the Joint Land Commission ap-
pointed to si.ttle claims against the United
States ari-in, out uf the construction of the
Panama Canal. sailed for New York. on
T"eda,., Seprtember 23, on the LInited Fruit
Compirny 4 -tcamnr Pas!t..es, having resigned
from the Commi'sion, effective upon hisar-
ri,.l in the United States. He was appointed
by E.ecutite Order of the President on Janu-
ar. 24, 1913, with the understanding that
he would not be required to remain on the
l'thmu, for a longer period than six months.
He expects to return to his professorship in
the LiUniverit', of Pennsylvania.
Mr. Frank P. \Vagg. superintendent of
schools, returned on the .Idvance on Tuesday,
September 16 from his annual leave of ab-
Colored Clubhouse Conerted to Other Uses.
The one-st.,ry building in Culebra, formerly
used as a clubhouse for colored men, has
been converted into oitce, for the district
sanitarinspector and themunicipalengineers.
The building was, opened for the colored
men on November 3, 1911, and its use for
that purpose was continued until the spring
of 1913.
High School Entrance Examinations.
High school entrance examinations \,ill be
held at the Ancon white school building on
Monday. September 29, at S.30 a. m. Eighth
grade pupil, who failed to pass last June will
have an opportunity at thi3 time to take an-
other examination in the subjects in which
they failed.
Superiniaden ofj Schools.
Afsoclation or Panima C.anal builders.
In making application for membership in
the As.-,.cihtion of Panama Canal Builders,
the secretary-treasurer requests that, in ad-
dition to forwarding the S5 initiation fee, the
following in't-rmatiun be invariably furnished:
1. Name. 2. Metal check number. 3 Gang
number. 4 Di'.ion. department, or Pana-
ma Railroad Companr',. 5. Room number.
6. Huu-e number. 7. Location of work. 8.
Post-ortC.e address 9. Address in United
States 10. Isihmian address.
Sojourner, Lodge.
The meeting of Sojourners Lodge, A. F.
and A. M -.ristobal. called for Wednesday
evening. September 24. has b.en postponed
until Saturday, September 27.

Almost 9.U00,000 feet of lumber were re-
ceived on the Isthmus during the month of
August. This i, the largest amount of lumber
received in any one month during the entire
history of the Canal.
An informal dance will be held at the
Strangers Club on Thursday, September 25.


VYl. YvI, o. i.


Locks Almost Ready for Use.-Operating Mechan-
Ism Corre.pondingly Complete.
The placing of concrete in the lhcks of tht.
Canal ha; co,.-ered a period of appr.-.ximitelv
four years. It began on August 24, lIJ'W,
at Garun: on September 1. 1900 at Pedro
MiguIl, and, with the excepti..n of 1012 cubic
yards laid in 1900. at Mirafl,:rs in July, 1l 10.
The end of the fourth year sees the concrete
work at all lock; practicall. completed.
Mats ma-onry at Gatun and Nlircallres
Locks iaz c.,mph-lcd in the latter part of
May. 1913. and at Pedru Miguel Lock several
month. earlier
The ,ork at Gatun -inceSeptember 1, 1912,
has crmpri-ed buillin, the lower wing and
approach %\alls. and completing the upper
approach wjll. which . tent of completio-n a ,ear ago.
At Pedro Miguel. during the same p.-riud
the approach and aing wall at the upper end
and the east % ing wall at the lower end, \e:re
built. and the Iower approach wall -as.extend.
ed about 300 feet.
At Miraflores, the lower lock. which uwas
about half done on September 1, 1912. was
brought to completion, and the wing andap-
proach walls at both entrance. were begun
and completed.
Recent and future concrete work at the
lorks embraces a multitude f_, relatively siall
finishing operations around machinery and
track-. etc. Portable mixers are being u-ed in
the remaining construction All of the large
mixing and placing plants have been closed
and are being dismantled. The two berm and
four chamber cranes employed at Pedro MN.
guel Lock-. Irom April, 1910, were trans
ferred t Nl Miraflore. Locks, upon the comple-
tion of the heavy masonry in the lock proper,
and of the filling of the center \wall; and the
pi-rmanent mixing plant was dismantled after
the approach and flare walls had been built.
All of the berm and chamber cranes used at
Pedro Migutl were transfer-ed tu Mraflures
Locks and placed in service there between
April, 1911, and March 20. 1912, two other
berm cranes, used first at Mirallores, began
work in April, 1911. Final di-mantline of
these cranes began the latter part of Jul\.
191 ;, and i, 'till under way. The auxiliar,
concrete mixing plant at Ga.tur Locks in
servicefrom December 31, 1909, to Mar.lh 11,
1912, and the permanent plant, operated from
August 24, 1909, until August 16, 1913. were
dismantled immediately alter being closed.
The procreis of masonry construction at
all locks from it- beginning to Se-ptember 1,
1913. i indicated by thii summary of monthly

Over half of the material in the lock gates
was erected during the past 12 months. On
September 1. 1912, the total quantity erected
at all locks was 24.787 tons, or 42 per cent of
the required 5S,000 tons; today, the lack of
completenes- of erection is designated by
fra,-tions of one per cent. Since September 20,
the gates of the west flight at Gatun, and the
east flight at Pedro Miguel, have been ready
f.or the pass-age of ve-sels. and the west flight
at Nliraflores. Locks is to be similarly com-
pleted by the end of the month. All gates at
Gatun and Pedro Miguel are to be mechanical-
ly completed by January 1, and at Miraflores
by March 1, 1014.
Gate work at the locks began on March 21,
1011, in prteprin-g the bearings fuor the upper
guard gates at Gatun The erection of these
leaves began on May 17, 1911, and the\ nere
the first to be- -n un, closed. This occurred on
August 4, 1912. and the footwalkoverthem
ua- completed in September. 1912. A year
a-,. all the leaves in the upper and intermedi.
ate levels at Gatun had been erected to full
he-ight, and .ork had just begun on the safety
gates in the lower level and the lower cuard
.aite- The first girders for these eight leaves
were placed on Aucust 29. 30. and 31. 1912:
the loier wuird gates were closed, and sea
water admitted against them, on June 14.
1013. On September 1, 1913, erection, ream-
in:, and rivetina for the gates of Gatun Locks
%ere all within less than one-half of one per
cent of completion.
At Pedro Mi-uel, gate work began at the
upper guard gates, on August 7, 1911. On
September 1. 1912, these gates had just been
cl,,.ed, the skeletons of all leaves were at full
height, and those in the upper le.el had been
hi.-athed. Toda,. erection and reaming for
all gate- are within one percent of completion,
and the finishing work is over *0 per cent com-
At Miraluores Locks, work on the gates be-
gan first on the upper guard gates and the
safety gateolf the upp-rlevel, in August, 1912.
The upper guard gates were closed about the
middle of June, 1913, and the lower guard
gates on August 20. 1013. At present, all 28
lea,'es ha,.e been erected to full height, ream-
ing is 9Q 5 per cent completed, riveting, 90
per cent. and finishing, about 65 per cent
The local force ul the McClintic-Marshall
Conritrut ion Company, the contractor for the
fabrication and erection of the lock gates, was
134 men in Nlas. 1911, at the beginning of
erection It attained a maximum of about
5,310 men, 625 of whom were gold em-
ployes, during the months olf March. April,
and May, 1913. The force on September22,

1913, was 1,940 men, 225 of whom were
gold employes.
The emergency dams are to be held ia re-
serve for exigencies if the lock gates should
get beyond control and allow a rush of water
through the flight. The floating caisson
dams are for use only when the water is under
control, and are not "attached to the lock
structures; the first of these is now under
fabrication at the Union Iron Works at
San Francisco. and will be towed to the Isth-
mus when completed.
The placing of steel in the emergency dams
began in August, 1912, with the laying of the
circular track and pivotal base for theeast
dam at Gatun. Erection of superstructure
proceeded directly thereafter and the dam was
completed, except for final painting, in May,
1913. The contractor, the United States
Steel Products Company. began the final
operating tests on May 20. under supervision
of testing engineers of the Canal Commission.
Erection of the west dam at Gatun began
about the middle of November, 1912, and
tests were completed on August 15. 1913.
This dam was swung across the chamber, and
its wickers and gates dropped into place, in
35 minutes. Trained operators will be able
to do this in 30 minutes, or less.
At Pedro Miguel, erection of the west dam
was undertaken first, beginning on February
1. 1913. This structure was first swung across
the approach chamber on September 2, and is
now under test. Erection of the east dam,
which began on April 1, is about 9S per cent
completed, and the structure will be ready for
testing b3 the time the tests on the west dam
are completed.
The Miraflores east dam erection began on
June 1, and that for the weqt dam on July 1.
All material for all of the dams, weighing a
total of 13,400 tons. had arrived on the Isth-
mus by August 1, and erection was 80 per cent
completed on September 1, being practically
confined to the two dams at Miraflores.
These are slightly lighter than those at Gatun
and Pedro Miguel, because of the lower head
of water against which they will be used, each
of them weighs approximately, 1,987 tons,
as compared with 2,305 tons at Pedro Miguel
and Gatun Locks. The east dam at Mira-
flores will be finished the latter part of October,
and the west dam in November. The emer-
gency dams were described in THE CANAL
RECORD of March 6. 1911.
In addition to the masonry, gates, and
emergency dams there is a great amount of
auxiliary machinery contained within the
machinery rooms and operating galleries of
the walls or in the culverts. This apparatus

MONTls. ..
1900. I 1910. l ll 191, 1913. 1909 i 1910. 1911 1912. 1913. 1909. 191C. 1911. 1012 1913

January ..... .. ...... .. 34 5 .. . 16 12. .38.513 15.u03 4.65. ... ul 18.416 50.,56
February.. ............... .. - .i., ;' ]I :. r..64 3 it I Iit 13 216 3; 011 12,63 4 4 .2 . 14n 20.89' 63.'s 9.1 34.979
M arch ......... .' :,.' 4' I .. 1I .9" 44 ;16 9.31 I13 41! . 31 1 ; .U il70 21.030
Ar-r.I .. ......... t.?:. 6:..3r,l 11 .cuu 21:3 24.52. 26.635 9.4o0i 2.14 ..A . 13 73758 9.,7Ja 13.266
ua1 e . ....... .... .. 4 2.3 t.. ;..- 4 13.0146! 29.5:r 19 13 10..3. 1,144 .. 2 36.154 9209 6.956
June r ... .. t. 05 5509.... 30631 ls' 21 1006i r73 . 1,603 12.530 66.39 3.836
Julye .... 14 l 1 I4t $ vj 3 411 41.4h6s 19.0t 11 480 1.820 28 3.6. 32. 4U 66.02 3.810
August....- .... .... ..... I 5 (...e51 ,.5 51.20- 2u.;. CS 3 v5 I 84 7-1 6 031 5' Uu. 753: 3.643
September ..... ..... .. ' 's, k 3 ( '. 2.3 .;o 15.379 3.0 9 .. 181. 50 : 46 12 ....
October............ .. 3 2', t.se' St ol .' 1 8.41 61 4:2 25.63; 6.58; 22.15; oi -.; 54.7- .
November ..... ...5 52, 4_.__' (1 10.,o10 64.24 19.622 7 9. . .. 9. 23.1'1 41 ..2- 39.7
DecemberT.................. J 42 8i2 Su 21 43.1_i | 5 's 130., 42 S 3 14,360 695. ... .. .21 533 16.7: 4o.- ....
Total-.............. ..... I 116.0.2 .SC 451 ;59.S il 147.70- 156021 3, 5' 444.94:i 3t01 893 10 .26 U. 1 33, 10. 9, 501 474.83. .83,1a .J1.976
Grand totals to September 1, 1913, : Gatun, 2.067,073 cabic yards; Pedro Miguel, 930,090 cubic yards: Mirasfores, 1.493.600 cubic yards.

Spphmbr 24, 1913.


embraces the rising stem gate valves, which
control the flow of water in the 18-foot cul-
vertsat the bottoms of the side and center
walls; the cylindrical valves, controlling
the 6-foot culverts w which run laterally from the
wall culverts and pass water to the lock
chambers, through the floors: the auxiliary
culvert valve machines, which control the
flow through a short auxiliary culvert de-
signed to maintain the water at the same ele-
vation on both sides of the upper guard gates:
the guard valves and machines, controlling
the intake of water into the side wall cul-
verts at the upper end of the locks; the miter
gate moving machines, to swing the leaves
of the gates; the miter forcing machines, t,;
draw the leaves tightly together when closed.
and prevent leakage: the mechanisms
which cause the handrails on top of the leaves
to fold down when the leaves are swung back
into their recesses in the walls: the pumps-
for unwatering sumps in the miter gate leaves.
and in the pits of the fender chain ma.-hinery
rooms: the machinery for actuating the fen-
der chains, at all upper and lowerguard gatos,
and at the intermediate and safety gates in
Pedro Miguel Lock and upper chambers of
Gatunand Miraflnres Locks; the track, and
conductors for the towing locomotives; and
the posts for the illumination of the locks.
Ancillary to the foregoing is an elaborate
system of electrical generation and iran-mis-
sion to the transformer rooms in the lock
walls, from ahich power is di-cributed to the
various motor.,, and the interior and exterior
lights. The operating motors number 334
at Gatun Locks, 206 at Pedro Miguel. and 252
at Miraflores; and at each set of locks their
operation will be managed from a central
control house.

organization has carried its work forward
as rapidly as the arrival of material or the
advances of precurrent work have allowed.
Today, as far as operating machinery is con-
cerned, connections could be made in half
a day which would allow the passage of a ves-
sel through the sides of the locks for which the
gates are ready, at Gatun and Pedro Miguel,
the work is proportionately as well advanced
at lMiraflores. Preparation; are being made
for a test ol vale-s controlling the tlow of
water into the west flLght of GCatun Locks, as
in conditions of operation. The force of the
ercctiun subdikvid-n, on September 1, 1913,
numbered 344 gold and 2,076 silver em-

Pardons for Houston and Pilson.
B1. direction of the Secretary of \\ar, the
Chairman of the Isrhmian Canal Commi--ion.
on Friday September 19, approved a pardon
for J. Frank Houston. who was found euilt.
of murder in the -econd degree in the curt
of the Third Judiiial Circuit at Cri-tohal on
May S. and sentenced to 10 years in the
Canal Zone penitentiary. Hourton shot
and killed H irry Stern. an employe in the
commi,-ar.y at Gatun on February 8. A
proclamation was ik-ued through the De-
partment of Civil Admini.-trat.in on Satur-
day, September 20, placing Ocroer II as
the effective date of the pardon
F. K. Pilson, a former employee at the Cris-
tobal pust-office, who wasi conictd of em-
bezzlement in the court of the Third Judicial
Circuit at Cristobal on October 12, 1912. and
sentenced to IS months' imprisonment in ihe
Canal Zone penitentiary, was pardoned, ef-
fective Saturday, September 20. on the
ground of physical disability.

All of this work, as well as the installation p
of operating machinery in the spillway- for Commercial Serrice at Naval Radio Stations.
Gatun and Miraflores Lakes, controlling 22 Beginning September 1. the radio stations
Stoney gates, each 47 ieet long by 19 feet of the United States Na\-y at Colon and
high, has been carried on by the erection sub- Balboa are handling special classes of commer-
division of th- First Division of the Office cial radiograms, heretofore prohibited, as
of the Chief Engineer. The subdivision was follow'
organized on September II, 1911, and began I Reply paid messages (where bout meiniae and
work immediately at Gatun. In January,. answer can be preraild by the cend r.;
1912, a supervisor was transferred to Pedro 2 Me-agis callim5 tor repfit,L,on of me,,Wgei -for
verification only.' Cha.rge iar repeating back i, one-,
Miguel Lot k, and a force assembled to carry fourth the charge for tl.m original message
on the erection work there and. subsequently, 3. Radi. irms to he delivered by mad '.Ih r..._e.e
at Miraflores Locks and Spillway. from a sh.p. these will be m3a,ld from the radio slt1ion.
In connection with erection, this division "Ocein lettet'" will be mailed by the ship It the fir t
has mixed and laid approximately 25.000 4. Mulaiple radtnogrami. These a mes-ies .- .-
cubic yards of reinforced concrete at Gatun dre-::ed either to .te-eral persons .t sime addresi.or to
Locks, and will have placed about 50,000 srame person at .sever-al addresses Eerved by the same
cubic ards in the Pacific r Jiu n These mr,;>agE- when received from sea
cubic yardss in the Pacific locks will be separated and sent as so many individual mes-
'"TThe condition of the principal machines sises oser the land wire.
necessary to the operation of the locks on 5 Radiograms calling for acknowledgment of re-
September 1 1913 is indicated in the follow- cpt. tach acknowledgment a retired to not.
September 1. 1913. is iuon of date and hour at whih the c.iss station de
ing table: ivered the rdog'am to ship addressed. and may be

MlACRiNERY. Per cent cTripletion. Pei cent completed Per criit completed.
Mehirt- Ele.- Mecron- EleAs- .. I r. I:..
No. ts tliial. No ic., Lr l3 N'.. .l Lcu i
Cvlindriea valve machinti .. 60 110 41 0 100 0 40 Iru 3s
Risng silem ralse iTma, inta 56 '9 S5i 24 100 71 3b .b 26
MInr gate moving machine 40 93 28 24 n 5, Is :3 4
Auxihiars cuiert salve machines. 4 100 721 4 00 62 i 4 1 1t0 45
Spillwa rate machine .. ... 14 I 5 8 0 0
Guaid aile machines .... 6 100 40 6 6 5 6 33 0
Abler Ior cing machint . 20 39 4 31 ) !1 ] 7
Chain lender machines . 16 43 5 16 35 u0 t1b i 0
Hundrail r-perauri, niechan.im .16 10 54 20 0 16 14 U 8
Miter gat' unurp pump' ... 40 69 44 24 67 0 ?8 43 U
Cha-in tnder suInp rumps .. 16 31 0 16 0 U0 16 u 0
Transforming in ltions. .. 166 8 6 I 12 . 38

sent by either maI or telegri.ch.i
6. Paid service notices. Sent to order to correct
address or lext. to cancel a message. etc.)
Both stations, Colon and Balboa, are

connected by direct wire with the Panama
railroad telephone system and radiograms
can be filed at any local office. Attention is
invited to the fact that no collect messages
are handled, and no commercial messages
are handled between stations which are con-
nected by cable or telegraph, as for instance,
to Key West or Port Limon.
The time of atrisal of all Panama railroad
boats is given to the telephone central at
Colon a- soon as received, and can be ob-
tained there upon request without calling the
radio station at Colon.
Teachers' Meeting.
The fir;t meetings will be held on Tuesday,
September 30, in the Ancon white school
building. The white teachers will meet at
8 30 in the morning, and the colored teachers
at 2.41) in the afternoon.
Superintendent of Schools.
Concrete Work in Locks and Spillways.
Concrete work in the Canal locks is nearly
completed, the aggregate amount in place
at the close of work on September 20, being
4,40U,234 cubic yards.
A statement of the concrete laid in the
three sets of locks for the Canal, and in
Gatun and NIM iraflores spillways. as ol Septem-
ber 20, follow.,:
Cart '" LJt_
The- la,. Lon..rcre Ior the lIcks cr,,per. a.s d-ringuin hed
I'r,,m that nTce: :rt to i hri.linI, nork tb, Ene .-'st
D.vi'on wa- Mnixeed and placed on Auc.i.t 16. 1913
A the cito. cL u.rk nn ,hat da7 the u.oal atOunt 0o1
con-r'i rlenL:e.J b i the Aitlnrtic Diluion amounted to
2 045 485 cubc yard-.
Coi .. ltad..
Cbt. yards.
Snrt.. ................... 30
Sec[. 8 ....... ... .. .. 43
Sept. 9. ......................... 38
Sept 10 ... .. .......... ...... . 47
Sept. II .... . . ... . 31
Seci.t. 12 .......... .... ... ... 14
Spt I ..... .. ... .. .... . 54
Sept. I5 .. .. . ... .... . .5
Sept b 13. I
S pi 1 ... ... 3
Sept 1 ..8
Scpl. I9 10
Sep 20 6
Total ................................. 419
Previously reported ...... ............. 923 ;56
Grand total...................... .. 921.125
Sept. 7................................. 51
SepL. 8............................ .... 81
Sept. Q ................................. R2
Sept. 10 ................................. ;0
Sept It.................................. 43
Sent. 2 ................................ 5
Sept I . ................ .. .. ..... 40
Sept. 15 .... .. . .. . 30
S.-pt. 17 . 21
S-Pi. 18 .. .... .. 29
Sep:. 19 .. . .. 18is
Sep.. 20.. ...... 15
Total ..... ................... 564
Previously reparned.. .. . .1.50 1
Grand total..... ............ . .510 748
Sept. 8................... ..... .... .... .. 100O
Sept. 9 ................... .. ............. 40
Sept. 10 ................................. 1;2
Sept. 1I ................................. 1704
S r.l. 12. 2 .................. .. .......... . 1?0
Sept 13................................. o.
Sept. 15 ........... . . . . 92
Sept. 16 ... ........ .. . 122
Sept 17 ........... . ... ... 86
Sept. 18 . . .. ... .. .. 82
Sept. 19.... .. .. . . . .. 82
Sep.. 20 . ... ... ... 46
Total............... ................. 1 401
Previously reported.. ................. 234916
Grand total............. .. ....... 236.320
The total of rancrete at Miraflores spillway-75.610
cubic yard--remained unclhapged. no concrete having
been laid during the fortniht ending September 30.
*Includes hydroelecric station.

The table of percentages of completion in-
dicates a large amount of work yet to be done,
especially in the electrical part; but this


Vol. VII, No. 5.


ActiviLles of the Young Men's Christian Assoca-
Moving picture SILhe.idul Ir the '-:ek Sepiember 2r
to O:tali-r 4 i:. as iII:'i Tu.,J] Cr. aobal.
V.W'dn-e:. a Gur l.ra lj Cul-lr]a Frt-, *. Em
plre and Porto, B,.ll ,tilji ....=.
Trhe C. 'o .al tckt:-l le.im .1.-l'' .T I tite nriine
ofC r,, E ttll .a uin rh. I.-i .r Il r .r, .:i : i,. ni hiit.
S e L ,ri" :r I .. r.-. t l, i TI I -.. Uip th e
t: n.i . t I:, I i .- :. jl- L L i,- rr B.::i%.
S o e r-t. f ,)r., 1I L ,rr '.-q r r. 4 .ii rn KIT rt ,.
g u I f 1 : L .. L, L , - l i i l r l .. a ir . P l u r
ra,' ,:,n'l:r H -I/' a r i .' .',. i r ]:
Ti,: T.arL iL ,-... r. -, l r. I a r- .' a S. ur.Jd / nighr.
MP.r R V'.' K ,i h., .r ti ..I.. it: L e s3conl
c h ,ir in i , l- :'i,- ., t ,ni _.-r I' ur.d Ira m o
o I : ill I,.' e:, : .,-.k n ;I.i ti, bLarb'cr wil be in
sclendl r.:.:
TI.- : rn.Jin., in th,' l i r-m.r Lrnilin tournam. ent
on eiernt.- : II .. 2 i ull.
.\'i i m l I "II.-r L.:r

3 3 .... 3
5 0 6
S 2 4
1 3 6
1 he L-.,l.- in. '10 or :. :r :orrs ere 1,r .IdJ dur
inr t ,i- ee:k i 2,i 4. Ed.1,. rd.J. 200. 223, 216.
Ziller,220, 242,214; Beall, 223; Sypolt, 201.
The Culebra bowling team will bowl at Corozal next
Saturday night.
High scores for the week in tenpins were, as follows:
Herrington, 206; DeCora, 201.
The Tenth Infantry Band will give a concert in
front of the schoolhouse on Sunday night, September
28, at 7 p. m. All are invited to attend.
A new supply of pool cues has been received.
On Monday evening, September 15, the Empire chess
club entertained the Culebra club. There were seven
men on each team, and each man played two games
with his opponent. Culebra won 71 and lost 61 games.
Empire won 61 and lost 71 games.
The standing of the local basketball league is, a
Tham. Won. Lost.
Reds.......................... .... 0
W hites.......................... 1 .... 0
Blues........................... 1 .... 0
G reens.......................... 0 .... 2
Four games are scheduled for each week. The public
is invited to attend these games.
The Camp Elliott basketball team played the Empire
team on Friday, September 19, and was defeated by a
score of 36 to 21
The Culebra bowling team bowled the Empire team
on the Empire alleys on Saturday, September 20, Em-
pire winning three games. Scores, Empire, 847, 863.
908: Culebra, 764. 724. /87.
The Empire Literary and Debating Society, after
having a vacation for over a year, resumed its meetings
on Friday evening. September 19. when plans were dis.
cussed for the future. The regular meeting night will be
on Friday unless other activities interfere, when an-
other night will be advertised. An invitation to all is
extended to attend this activity.
The Y. M. C. A. secured the Tenth Infantry Band
t.o ,; .: jn ,..r ,...in ...ri on Sunday. September 21 at
3 h.j p i, Ini: p.,r im, under the direction of
Bandmait-r 1.:,-. *.. -noyed.
The "Open house" held on Saturday evening, Sep,
tember 20. drew a large number of people. Punch
and cake were served in the lobby, and David Roswell
Homer played several piano selections during the
evening. The feature of the evening was the basket-
ball game between Camp Elliott and Gatun. Gatun
won by a score of 27 to 22. The line-up was, as
Gatun. Camp Elliott.
Whiston and Bruce.....R.F..................Scheel.
Huber................L.F.................. Smith
Wright ...............C. ............... Murray
Fitzpatrick .......... R.G.... McElroy and Harper
Mitchell, Lee..........L.G.....Day and McDonald
Fouls, Gatun 0. Camp Elliott 6. Referee, Hughes of
Cristobal. Timer, Ben Jenkins. Scorer, Foman. At-
tendance. 200.
A number of the members met on Wednesday even-
ing, September 17, and formed the Gatun Y. M. C. A.
chess club. W. H. Brown was elected president of the
club. Those interested are Messrs. Dashiell, Logan
Carson, Farley, Byrne, Marguard, Brown, Sherrard:

Morgan. Flege. Honer, and Kuehnle. A local tourna-
ment is being arranged. Any member of the '. NM. C.
A. may enter.
The trnpin match between Camp EUlliott and Gatun
re..ulted in Gatun's taking two out of three games.
The .core, were. ai follows..
Gwn.a. Marines.
.len, .ni 145 12 156 Grover 20? 168
DarneU 156 136 Sh.rrard 145 1l'l 2:0,
Well 146 202 151 Tucker . 1-4 1I4 ` I
lMe.,:le 154 103 90 Wall 41 184 185
Thompmon 221 146.. IMcCauley 110 .
Ilepi-ner. ... 1;4 159 BIate 169 16I
Dennis i?

T..tIls. i-6?5 67 ;03 742 893 855
Cr:t.bal t.non tLer and Girn four amiT, in the ches;i3
rnmtcr. The player' vere.
Ctp.,l-02l. GCalimn
Ta lor 2 FEege ... 0
Oden .. 0 Lo. in 2
Tuttle 2 ? argiuard .. ... 0
erner .. . 2 Caron . . 0
H urt .... B rne ... I
\V, e h:l.r . 2 Dashiell. . .. 0
, :\ J ,,In .. I Brown .. .... ... I

Totals. 10 4
MTIember- of o:,ther ais,.: ,. ,,ar now living at Gatur,
atre c rdimllv in. ted to trn:l'ier their menrLer.hirsto
the luoal clubrou!e.
NM.,hael Conlr, and E.Jard \'alhh s. ored 161 and
163 rs.pe,.t'vely'. in duckpini during the week ending
September "0.
Dvey atill lead Lthe "Popular handicap pool tour-
nament, having won'every game so far. The standing
Name. Won. Lost. P.C.
Dewey................... 8 .... 0 .... 1.000
Townsley.................. 3 .... 1 ... .750
Pettit..................... 3 .... 1 ... .750
Von....................... 5 .... 3 .... .625
Kerruish .................. 3 .... 2 .... 600
Bailey..................... 4 .... 3 .... 571
Johnson................... 1 .... 1 .... 500
Gray ..................... 4 .... 4 .... .500
O'Hara.................... 2 .... 3 .... 400
Reisner.................... 2 .... 4 .... .333
Bradley................... 2 .... 6 .... 250
M itchell................... 1 .... 3 .... .250
Dennis...... ........ 0 .... 3 .... 000
W all...................... 0 .... 4 .... .000
"Louisiana" is the subject of a lecture to be given
by J. Frank Harbert on Thursday, September 25.
Colored slides will be shown.
A stringed orchestra is being organized at the Y. M.
C. A. All who play an instrument are cordially invited
to join.
Messrs. King, Riley, and McMann furnished a num-
ber of duets and solos for the moving picture entertain-
ment Saturday night, September 20. The Saturday
night moving pictures are meeting with markedfavor,
and the attic nd .nc- a'-erag,' 2i.., per n.r ht
The Co-to:al i-amn daicitid Cr.At-bal at basketball
on Saturday, September 20, by the score of 20 to 14.
The playing of the Cristobal team, considering the little
practice they have had was a surprise to the spectators,
On Thursday, September 25, Mr. W. F. Bennyhoff
will exhibit stereopticon slides of the Panama Canal
iunder t hr, a .-price 5 -.f t he Di:.. ,ion Club.
The Di .:-i,: tn CIlt, meeting on October 2 will be
in charge of Mr. S. P. Verner. Subject, "Possibilities
of increased trade relations with South American
countries after the completion of the Panama Canal."
The Gatun tenpin team will bowl at Cristobal on
Saturday night, September 27.
The team for the All-Isthmian tournament will be
selected Thursday night of this week.
There was a large attendance at the clubhouse on
Sunday night. September 21, to e-e the ma, ing i.ictureu
entitled "From the Manger to i he C ro. o. '
The handicap pool tournament is nearly ended. The
results to date are:
Bucklin................... 12 .... 1 .... .923
Bowen................... 11 .... 2 .... .846
Smith.................... 10 .... 2 .... .833
Neil....................... 9 .... 3 .... .750
Murray ................... 6 .... 4 .... 600
Cummings................. 7 .... 5 .... .583
Colberg............ ....... 7 .... 6 .... .538
Keene..................... 6 ... 6 .... .500
J. D. Sherrard............. 4 .... 8 333
Doyle..................... 4 .... 8 .... 333
Chase...................... 4 ... 9 .... .307
Thompson ... .. .. I .... 7 .... .125
Englebre,.ht ..1 .... ..... .083
T 'V. Sherrard .. 1 .... 11 .... .083
Mr. J. W. Sandrock. the Culebra barber, will come

orer to Porto Bello every Monday and take charge of
the barber shop. He made his tirst visit Monday,
September 15. It Is several montaia since theze has been
a barber here.
Mr J. J. Fitzpatrick who Ih acting quartermaster
during the illness of Mr. Morgan. joined the Porto
Bello as=ocatiun recently. As Mr Fitzpatrick is one
of the beit ba-ketball players on the Isthmus. interest
in the game hai been revi.d and a team wdi be or-
ganized to plans o.:a;,.nal games.
A r.io'er is to be held on Saturday evening, Sep-
tember 27 at the ,lubhouse.
The rpiano ji being tun-?d and the piano player has
been -e,-t t. tEie Cr.-[) i 'l hi,,.- or rer,ai,r .
A receplil.n uas; hld in the clubhouse on Friday
even.n' Se.ttmcer 19 after the mI.'ing pictureshow.
under the aupaicoe of the Unrin Sunda.' schooll to bid
IareA ll tI. tihe i chloliart ri) are departing for the
United Stiate. SAil',r pini were presented to Mary
Fisher. Elizabeth [1-her. and Mleh a Baker. Ice cream
and cake oere ier.ed
The big s'..Tiong float his been taken up to Lhe
dock and ,1 being oerthauled New tar-coated barrels
will be pla.cd underneath.

Rainfall. Sept. I to Sept. 20. 1913. Inclusive.

SrATIONs. 0 -Q
o, o
'0 0

Parn/ic Secaso- l, s I/s.
Ancon ... ... . .......... I 89 1 5.95
B lbo. .............. ... 1 r6 S 5.31
*M.rr i.:.ri : .......... .I 25 9 5.34
Pe Idro Mia l ...... ... .,i 9 5 27
Rio Grande ........... l.;3 19 7.29
Centa.i Seclion-
Culebra ..... ...... .. 1 J3 8 8.75
*Camicho ...... ........ 2.24 9 5.99
Emptre ..... . ......... I 23 8 7.49
Gamboa ............... I1.27 19 5.85
Su.an M ina ..... ..... 2.15 6 7.35
Alh3dela .... .. ... .... 1.22 3 6.30
El Viga . ............... I 3s 19 6 43
"Fr.i:lej ........... ... 2.22 5 8.37
*Mone Lirno ........ ... 3.26 5 9.40
.4Aiit iniit Sation-- |
G-,tun . ........... 26 5 i.67
*Brazou Brook .............! I 49 I 49
Colon ... ............ l.-1 8 83
Porto BellU. . ...... 3.13 19 18.07

*StLndaTd rain gage-readings at 5 p. m., daily.
AutomaLic rain gage at unitarred stationes-alues
midnight to ridlnighl tTo 5 p m.. September 19.
Stages of the Chagres.
Maximum height of the Chagrei River for the week
ending midnight S.turdiv. September 20. 1913. All
height. are ,n letL aboke mc]n sealevel.

DAY A,. D. I .

Sun S-r.err.b-r 14 2 1 93.4 63.2 63.2
Mon S-ptember IS ... 12 O0 94.0 63.4 63.4
Tir.. Scpttmber 16 .. 127 6 93 9 63.6 63.S
'Wed September 17 .27 6 93.8 6J.7 63.7
Thur.. EtU.i mber IS.. 12I 8 3.9 63.9 63 9
Fri., Seprtmhber 19 .... 129 8 95 2 64 1 64.1
Sat., September 2'.... 132.2 or, h 64.5 64 4
Ileight of low water to | I
ne riA lout ...... 125.0 91.0 I 44.0
'Slu;t:e gates in. rII ,. at G.,tia were closed on
June 2,. 1913. wain iuri.c, oai like t elevation 48.25.
Notice of Shutting on of wVater.
G t I'N C. Z Se ptemner 23. 1913.
To All Con.'ir', '-The water wll be hut offil at a
point .)th li Of Mrir.,liTe ita,ion and north of Panama
Cty irom 7 a m.. to 3 p. m Sunday. September 28.
Ti,: %,ter ill bO shut ori at all p arit. south of Coro-
zal from Q a m to 3 p. m SunJIa' September 28.
1,13. .ithl the eleLCrion of thc Hotel Tivoli and Ancon
-H.3.ptal u hi.rn ill Dbe upplied Nluh water from the
An on high -ervice r-iersoir.
Pe,ideni Engineer.

MILLETT-NORCROSS-On September 18. at the
home of the bride'a parents ,n Pedro Miguel, Miss
Eunie Norcrr.;i to Mr. Ray E Millett of Corozal.
the Rev. Carl H. Elliott officiating. Canal Zona resti-
dtne. Corozal.
PA RM ALEE-DAN IELS-At Chrirt Church. Colon
on Septnmter 23 Mits IMhlen La Verne Daniels of
Canton 0. to Edwird Hosmer Parmalee of Indian-
epalia. Ind.. the Rev. Father Cooper officiating.
Isthmian residence. Colon.

September 24, 1913.



Additional Informardon Relative to Transfer of
Artisans to Classified Service In the
United States.
CuLtEB. C. Z September 20. 1913.
To All Concerned-There appears to be some mis-
understanding of the pro%,sions of Crcular No. 4S2.
dated March 19. 1913. publishing the Etecutive Order
which authorized the tranlier to the claisefed service
in the United States. without exasm.,-ntmon. of artisana
within three years from their discharge by the C.'immis-
slon. The following information as furnished in ex-
planation of and supplementary to the circular: it
does not modify the circular in any way:
I. Section 1, paragraoh 2. state- that the employee
must be specifically recommended for transfer In a
correspondhng position. Therefore a machinist will be
eligible to apply for a position as machinist onli. a
blacksmith will be eligible to apply for a position as
blacksmith on],. and go forth. An artisan in any one
trade can not obtain a tran-fer to any othlier trade. or to
a clerical or other position n the clasiEfied .ers-.:e.
2. No list is made up Irom which offcrT af employ-
ment are tendered to artisans ce p1rated fr-om the serv-
ice. To obtain a position in the states of the kind
covered by Circular No 4S2 an ex-employe recommend-
ed for transfer must himself apply in per ,on or b' letter
to the official in charge of the establilhment or es-
tablishments at which he desires employment. grimn
all the details necessary when applying for employ.
ment.and stating that he his been recommended by the
Isthmian Canal Commission for transfer to the position
without examination. and he should req-ueat the oil.nail
in charge to make req.uet on the Washington nrfice
of the Isthmian Canal Commsiorn for his trandler.
3. Circular No. 41? does not con-ltute a promise of
transfer witho'it eamination; to oltlmin a position a
vacancy must e.xjit and the ex.emp-lo,.e rmuit lo.ate it
and apply for it.
Please po't a copy of this letter in a conspicuous place
In the shops.
Re pectiually.
GEa. \V. GocETiitLS
Chaiirm.- a.-1 Chief nrAncrer.

Preservation or Retired Equipment.
CNi. Ri3F.A C. Z.. Sepi tmber 12. 1013
In connection hith Paraeraph I. C;irular 3!3.-s.
providing that the Mechan.cal Dw'i.-on w.il report to
the Quartermaster s Department the .apprnrxmate cost
of repairs required to put retired e-uiomnti and ma-
chinery in serice 'ble condition. the follov.ne add,tion-n
al instructions will beccOmI effecuire ,ith thedateof th.s
1. All equipment working =outr, of Gatun should be
sent to Empire shops and all equipment at Gatun and
north of GaOun should be sent to Catiun e'igamr house.
after dispositJon has been even on same by ith survey-
ing officer as to it4 final dspoaitron. On reeiPt iof
equipment at shops. In inspection will be made defec-is
noted. and proper action taken to preserve sarn-. as
noted below. Inspection should show general condition
of stay bolts, dfues. bolers. machinery. and other detail
that might be o inter-st to Iantnding purcha.ers There
should also be furnished a Truch e tlmate of the co0L
that would be nece~sar; to put equipment in working
condition. Result of such in.'pe.tions and estimated
cost of repairs to be sent to the Chief Quirtermirter.
and the chairman of ith Board of SAtirey and AppriiaJl.
(n'p Locomoitwes-Boilerp should be emrtied and
thoroughly cleaned of all -ale and iortign matter
Boiler should then be filled with w-Iter. leaving
space enough for at Iat tao barrels of crude oil
or a sufficient amount of crude oil to cover the in-
ternal surfaces of boiler and tube.s This oil should
be put in at dome. then blow-off cosk shouldd be
opened up and border dr..ineI The same inmlruc-
tions apply to locomotive lank' as to boilers.
The front end of Ilcom.'tives and fire boxes oi all
boilers should be trioroighly cleaned and brushed
off with wire brush and civen a cost of Lar paint.
This paint ran be put on with a .pr'y The coal.
space on all loconot ive tan ks shou id be thorou ehl
cleaned and scaled and surface given a coat of tar
paint. All exterior surifi:ea of cQspment should be
painted if necLssary,. using the standard grade of
paint which is commironl us'.:d for that purpose.
The jackets on all boilers should he gi-en a coat of
white lead and tallow Smoke su.a-ks should be
covered with sheet-iron covering made speci.lly
for this purpose. Main rods of locomotives should
be disconnected and all bearing and bright sur-
faces receive a coat of white lead and tallow.
Eccentric straps and blades should be removed
from locomotives and placed with main rods in the
cabs. and cabs boarded up. The steam chest
cover should belifted. cylinder-heads removed, and
aH surfaces treated with a coating of white lead
and tallow. It will be necessary to remove the
valves and pull pistons in order to get at the parts,
which should be replaced, steam chest and cylinders
cloued.and the crossheads blocked-ln order to

eliminate the moving of the pistons in cylinders.
The air pumps and the feed pumps on all equip-
ment should be opened up and surfaces treated
with a coat of white lead and tallow. The cap on
engineer q brake valve on locomoines should be
lifted and the surfaces of the valves, etc. slushed
with i% as-line. All exterior zurlace of cab fittings
should be given eihlr a coat of white lead and Lal-
law or a :lehne. Interior surM'ces of triple valves
and inrector; need not betrested.as then are brass.
Journal b rc cellars on all drivers and engine
truck wh-els should be well picked. also journal
boxes. or I Lnka.
ih,. Steamheeld.-The game general niles for
the care of Io:oor:otives a ill apoly to siteamshovels.
All engine pi-'ions vlve; roda. eccentrc strir,
A" frace collar -n'l ;i ing circle to he removed,
shaft; lifted from bearings. earningg sarfacea
cleaned. donpd rith white lead ind ret laced
B-ilerrq shouldd be -tripned 'with i',gine. and clr'n.
is ontlned for lo-omoti.e boilers. Water tanks
should be ltken off shov-ls. inspected. and if found
SI. bad condition the, should b. scr-apped an-I na
Lanlk. pu-r on dnkl.. asho'.]l is to be put in --rw i ,P.
as there i: surbinl of these tanks ,n Q. M D.
stoCl. R-.'ofa .hojuld be va.nted w"th tar pint,
al:o coal pluinarms and dippers Other parts now
cover, Mirtin cil or erase c-an b,- prot'-ct-d wnh a
La.t of crade oil t which a ill be siffi..ient protection.
i 'ft-. ,i- crs'rane-. s rra.lers. h. hji i'ir en-
pir's.. irsI .hiil.,5. am" 1 Pilesmi.reri-M ,hin-ry
should I.- gone o.-er in.- even a cv. of white lead
and- Lallowv a outhlned for -teamblishel--.
I'd. i liir7lla'nr.s.,' T mn.'Ilii ti in'lufdirne 'hc-p's
mjsa/ei'fnrv a ,iJo/i-Air pumm and f-ed raimrs rn
all equipment should be op ned up and surfi:ei
irepid ~tuih a coat;ne of white lead ind tLallo'v.
A!I be-arng'. iourn'r-l. and hrieht surfic5 rf all
mrrahn-r, and e-u'1,omr-nt h.hould be- given acoa.t
of whitr lead and Lalloav.
?. The Quartermaiiter DDartmnent will notify the
NMichani al Divilun whenever any eui,,pnment or ma-
chinery which his been turned nv.er to them ;hi- si
any ign,? whatever of -leteniorati-n a) that same can
be given proper at, ption.
CGO. W'. G'rHs1.LS.
Chairman ant id Chief Enit. er.

Disposition of Equipment No Longer Required.
CuriEPRA. C. Z.. September 12. 1I113.
IR.:.it r, No a3 .' F.
In order to Ia3-ilinate the handling of e.jinr.ment no
longer neede-J an- tro be i rned oer to ihe Jsirte.r-
maiter'. Department ihe iollov in, di p,,ilion of aime
will be made ere."t-e ijonn the abanp.onment or the
which line dump bet.ieen Gamboa and damr- No 7.
whi'h ume is emimated by the Central Division as
about September 15
i'.11 Ml rollirnc e-.iir.ment ill he as.emhle-. in
em h do is;in it e--mntl: to be de:.e'rated by rdi i-ion
ene.ne. rs. The n. e uJ'r sur '. rp-rer.' will he
made ino and the unr-,e'inc olli.er n'ti'e.l of the
lo:ati.-'n of any articles to be ihbmitted lor his
ac l,--n.
officer the e:auipmont will he ;ent to sora.;e. as
I ,bteam-hoiel.. to Tracks I to 7. inclusive.
Ga mbr.a yard.
?. Plonw and unlo:iier. to- dump No Sh.
I Irn-ervi.:eable \Weteri' dimo car.. to
dump No 4 rlht and leit.
4. In rierniceable Ohier dump cars. to dump
No 3. ri.ht -and left.
l _'nenei' able Lidce'r,-ndi I.a dumnn No.
Neo. 7 using the i. .ft. old left elev-ated. and
rieht dumrp-'.
6 S:eri.:eaEble ca'r, of 51 cl..-- a ;11 be stir- d
on '- rds as follows. Dump No. 4. dump No
I rio ,ard
'tCi T.e-- a t3ken un in compliance with instrue-
tions of inugi-i ?? 191.5. from the Chairman and
Chief En:ineer. wll be stored on dumn richt No
5. Fastenings to he :-nt to Mount Hope
id'l All 'sVtiching will be done by the Central
ff) The storekeeper at Empire sill be notiFed1
by the di-v'i-an concerned of each shipment Ita
sic-ratre a' indicated 3alae. He sill a..:-inipliah
all sur ev and o'her Dapers coverin?- retired equir.
ment and nialintain such heck and record' as maav
be required b-.- the Chief Quirtermaster
I1i '-uch shotelu plous. unlorader,. ind ciar, i'
have be-n or nmay be re 'red from ser'. t nrior to
September I1. uill he ; n' to i, dicatud by ihe Central Dir,ir-.n
it E.-iipment retired and ordr-red to be turned
over to the Otuirtermi-tar's Departmrnt for it.r.-
a3e will bc prepared for utoripe after Furvey has
been approved I accourdan-ce with Circular No
ht einrsji, ant- ChArt EnesTsee

Waste of Coal Unloaded on Ground.
CULEZRA. C. Z.. September 12. 1913
Vour attention is invited to Circular No. 402. of

August 23, 1911, relative to waste of coal resultingfrom
unloading it directly on the ground, etc., which is being
Your are directed to see that this order is carried
out by providing suitable means to guard against loss.
and have all fuel utilized as the work proceeds.
Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission,
President, Panama Railroad Company.

Cleaning Coal from Ends of Cars.
CULEBRA, C. Z., September 12, 1913.
My attention has been invited to the fact that Cir-
cular No. 405. of August 25, 1911, relative to cleaning
coal froni the ends of cars before returning to the
Pana3m railroad, is being disregarded.
\'ou are directed to take immediate steps to have the
pr-,ct ce discontinued, and see that this order is en-
forced. GEO. W. GOETHALS,
Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission.
President, Panama Railroad Company.

Assistant to Chief Quartermaster.
CULEBRA, C. 2.. September 20 1913.
CItCliLAR No. 500:
Etiectire October 1, 1913. Mr. Robert K. Morris
will be appointed assistant to the Chief Quartermaster.
Quartermaster's Department.
Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Notaries Public at Gatun.
ANcoN. C. Z., September 13.1913.
To A 1i Concerned--On September 10, 1913. Mr. C. D.
T1:,x'.i' postmaster at Gatun, was appointed by me a
nonar. public with Jurisdiction throughout the Third
Jujic iil Circuit of the Canal Zone, and took the oath
of of-.ce on September 12 before Judge Thomas E.
Browr r, at Cristobal. Sergt. Lawrence C. Callaway.
of th-: LDI vision of Police and Prisons, who was appoint-
ed r n-..t ory public on July 30, 191,, has returned to his
et'i.,n at Gatun. This makes two notaries public at
Gatun n.)a available at almost any time, so that there
should be no inconvenience caused any one at that
p.,int de-.ringto have papers acknowledged.
H.ad of Department of Civil Administration.

Acting Superintendent, Southern District, Divi-
sion of Municipal Engineering.
GATUN, C. Z., September 13, 1913.
rFo 11t Concerned-Effective September 14. 1913,
and d'-rrig the absence on leave of Mr. D. E. Wright,
Sii ,rinendent of southern district, Division of Muni-
cipal Enmineering, Mr. E. It. Chandler is designated
acting superintendent of southern district.
Resident Engineer, ti hau f
Division of Municipal ,., ;.-.,fo,;
Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Appointment of Local Auditor, P. R. R.
COLON. R. P.. September 20, 1913.
CiRCtL,R No. 102:
.4:: Cw.acerned-Effective at once, Mr. F. B. Clem-
ents is appointed local auditor of the Panama Rail-
road Company, with headquarters at Colon, Republic
of Pan 3arria, vice Mr. R. W. Hart.
Appro,'ed: General Superintendenti.

Modification of Rule 2, P. R. R. Time Table No. 15.
COLON, R. P., September 16, 1913.
IT a p artof rule No. 2, timetable No. 15, designa-
ini: t';aun as a r.-i;itr ,t) -, i... r all trains, is hereby
niodi,'2d to the e.t,:n ith i1 G, ii n will b':- I regi;sFtr
s:atitn [jr first and second-class trains un!
JoHN D. Pi riENte..
General Superrsuicaiens

Sailing of the "Crlstobal."
CRCe'LAR No 207:
lA.4I ConcernedJ-The sailing date of the steamship
Cris ubal has been set for Sanurday. September 27 at
3 p. m from Pier 11. Critlobal.
General Sufersnendenl.

__ _~_ ~ _~____~~_ _~~_ __~__~_ __~_~__


Vol. VII, No. 5.


Retail prices of cold storage provisions for the week
beginning September 21, 1913:
Mutrton-Stewinc. per pound ...... 6
shoulder rne.t tr,mmrcd otI i4 pounds
and o-?ri. per ror,d .... 9
Entire, forequarter (not trimmed, 10
poun. and over), per pound... 8
Le,. z.3 t8. 10 pounds), per pound.... 17
Cutlets, per pound................. 18
Short cut chops, per pound....... .. 20
Limb-ti.,ain_ per pound ............... 6
E..ir,- iorequarter, neck trimmed off.,
per pound ........................ 9
Legs (5 to 8 pounds), per pound ...... 20
Chops, per pound................... 24
Cutlets, per pound.................. 24
Veal-Stewing, per pound................... 10
Shoulder, for roasting, not under. 4)
pounds), per pound................. 121
Chops, shoulder, per pound............ 17
Chops, per pound......... ....... 26
Loins, for roasting................... 26
Cutlets, per pound .... ......... ... 30
Beef-Suet, per pound ....................... 2
Soup, per pound ................... 5
Ste ,. per pound... ... ............ 8
I'li per pound...................... 9
Corned, No. 1, Der pound ............. 14
Corned, No. 2, per pound.............. 12
Chuck roast, 3Ils ;r.]r.- r-r per pound 12
Rib roast s:.:,n.J :t ,nt under 31
pounds), per pound................ 16
Rib roast, first cut (not under 3 pounds),
per pound......................... 18
Pot roast, per pound.................. 19
Rump roast, per pound............... 19
Porterhouse roast, per pound........... 20
Steak, Chuck, per pound............. 124
Round, per pound.............. 13
Rib, per pound................ 18
Sirloin, per pound.............. 19
Rump, per pound............... 19
Porterhouse (not less than 1
pounds), per pound .......... 20
Tenderloin (Western), per pound. 30
Pork-Loin chops or roast, per pound ......... 17
Hams, fresh, per pound..... ....... ?20
shoulders. fresh, per pound........... ?17
:p- re r.ts. per pound................. 15
B.Akhbon,.:.. r,:-r po.,ind.............. 15
Pl`i lText ei ch ..... ..... ........ 7
Pi;A' head. I-h..1 ., ....... ..... 60
S.Jusace. hr-.m,? nj Jc. perpound......... 20
Livers-Beef, per pound..................... 11
Calf, each.................... ..... 60
Half, each..................... 30
Steak, Hamburger, package.................. 13
Sausage-Bologna, per pound ................ 13
Franl.furt, r. per pound............. 13
Lieb, r.urt. per pound............. 13
Devonshire Farm, per pound........ 20
Sweetbread, beef, per pound................. 34
Eggs, fresh, dozen .......... ... .. ....... 34
one-half dozen only.............. 17
Bluefish, per pound.................. ... .. 12
Halibut, fresh, fresh, per pound........................... 15
Salmon, per pound ....................... .. 15
Roe shad. each............................ 75
Shad roes, pair ............. ............... 40
Chickens-Fancy:, a.ni'r irvik Irc.lhrgd er .-h 1.40
Fancy riaitrn mild I'5,1 r d e .-r, 1.10
Fancy r...itinr .:rr led. i h',out 5j
pounds, each................... 1.25
Fancy roasting, corn fed, about 41
pounds, each. ................ 1.00
F.ol each........... tt60, 70, 80, 90, and 1.00
lDu.- Western (about 4 pounds), each....... 1.25
L on. .ach. ..................... ...... .2.00
Fil,,l.-t m ilk fed, each... .................. 70
Broilers, corn fed, each......... .......... 60
Turkeys, per pound......... ............... 28
r i;ch .... ....... ............. ... 50
Rabbui. kinn.d, each.............. ........ 30
Par.iiir -.-. u r .......................... 1.30
C .1u1.'e p rr i,.r ............. .............. 1.30
't i int .. ............................. ... 1.30
Ham-Genuine Westphalia, per pound........ 40
Ham--Sugar cured, per pound................ 20
Sl;E.- l rer p.oiad ..... 22
H all. f. .:.-r b.l per pound 21
Boiled, per pound. ......... 28
Hocks, per pound......... 108
Beef, salt, family, per pound ................ 12
Bacon-Breakfast, whole piece, per pound .... 25
Sliced, per pound .......... 26
Ham lin-.: per pound .............. 32
Pork. ahli I *n'. pur pciuJd ........... 14
Ox toniu e:,h ............. 1.00
Pigs It. per poundJ .... 09
Tongue,. per pound ...... .. 18
Butter-Creamery. ppe 31al per pound ....... 34
,',tifel Farms. e_;tra f n ... L.er Ib..... 46
Cheese-Ph.ij.elpha .-r-am, cake. ........... 10
Roquelorr r-er pound ............... 35
\ )una Aneries per pound........... 22
Eid per pound 28
Edam each 1.00
Edam. un .. ... ....... .... .. 25
Parmesan, per pound ... ......... 35

Cheese-Gouda, per pound .. ... ....... 30
tnipp', per cake.... .. 10
Milk (cerfe. per quart .... .... .. **.20
Fer-mil-la.: bottle.......... . **.20
Ice cream, quart............................ 25
I-gallon . ........ 50
Beets, per pound........................... 3
Celery, per head ............................ 6
Cabbage, per pound......................... *3
Cucumbers, per pound...................... 4
Carrots, per pound.......................... 4
Egg plant, per pound ....................... 4
Lettuce, per pound ......................... 14
Onions, per pound.......................... 3
Potatoes, white, per pound .. ..... 3
sweet, per pound .. ... ... .. 2
Parsley, bunch............................. 5
Peppers, green, per pound................... 4
Romaine, per pound ....................... 14
Squash, per pound.......................... 3
Turnips, per pound ....................... 4
Tomatoes, per p found ........................ 5
Yams, per pound........................... 3
Canteloupes, each........................... 7
Grapes, Malaga, per pound .................. 14
Grape fruit, each ............................ 4
American, each .................. 15
Lemons, dozen............................ 24
Limes, per hundred........................ 80
Peaches, per pound......................... *5
Plums.................................. *10
Pears, per pound ............................ 8
Oranges, Jamaican, per dozen................ 18
Watermelons, each .......................... 40
*Indicates reduction from last list.
**Indicates 5 cents .!,l.iwed for return of bottle.
tIndicates advance on last list.
ttFowls weigh each, about as follows: 3, 3., 4, 4j.
and 5 pounds. Prices are based accordingly; when
size ordered is not in stock, next lihhiest weight is
supplied and refund note sent for aIfi.ren.-e.
tSold only from commissaries; no order taken for
.Not less than half of a fresh ham or shoulder wjll be
Supplies for the Canal.
The following steamers with supplies for the Isth-
mian Canal Commission and Panama Railroad Com-
pany, arrived at the ports of Balboa, Colon, and Cristo-
bal, during the week ending September 13:
Carrillo, September 7, from New York, with 300 cases
linseed oil, eight bales life preservers, for stock; 246
cases electrical material for First Dirviion. 20 cases
electrical material, 399 bundlk. structural matiri l. for
Mechanical Division.
Colon, September 8, from New York, with four cases
electrical material, for Panama Railroad Company;
nine boxes car seals, for stock; 41 packages medical sup-
plies, three cases surgical instruments, 14 bundles bas-
kets, for Sanitary Department; 64 boxes paper nap-
kins, for stock; six boxes blue print paper, for various
departments; two boxes cancelling machines. for
Canal Zone Government; four cases photographic
material, for Chief Engineer; 11 crates tile machines,
for Mechanical Division; three cases electrical material.
for Sixth Division; three cases drawing material, for
stock; 296 pieces pipe, for First Division; 38 boxes
ink, 15 cases varnish, for stock; 16 truck wheels, for
Mechanical Division; 31 cases castings, for First
Division; 30 bundles shovels, 80 bales oakum. ror
stock; 160 pieces car castings, for Me':h-anical D, ',ron,
664 pieces pipe, for stock; 317 kegs and 10 boxes bolts
and rivets, for coaling plant, Cristobal; 500 tower
knuckles, 15 boxes incandescent lamps, for Mechani-
cal Division; 17 boxes incandescent lamps, for Light-
house division; 242 pieces pipe, for First Division;
66 kegs iroft washers, for stock; 43 casks tile, for First
Division; 312 pieces pipe, for stock; 75 pieces castings,
for Mechanical D',ii;on. 158 f.icces pipe. for Second
Division; and a n.,i.sellaneos cargo the whole con-
sisting of 3,524 packages, weighing 551 tons.
Heredia, September 8, from New Orleans, with 1,325
pieces lumber, for Mechanical Division; 212 pieces
lumber, 435 bales straw, 200 pieces pipe, 260 barrels
fire clay, for stock; 1,679 sacks creosoted blocks, for
Second Division; 1,321 barrels paving brick, for
Panama Railroad Company.
Prinz Joachim., September 8, from New York, with
54,228 pounds bolts and screws, for stock; 76 packages
furnace material, 248 barrels building brick, for Me-
chanical Division.
Lyra, September 9, from San Francisco, with two
spud timbers, 30 bales dredging sleeves, 47 packages
oil burning equipment, for Sixth Division; 2,100 cases
dynamite, for stock.
Santa Marta, September 10, from New York, with
33 pieces chain, 39 bundles sheet steel, 50 carboys
muriatic acid, for stock; 327 pieces structural ma-
terial, for First Division.
Atoeas. September 11. from New Orleans, with 829
bales straw, 351 bales hay. 500 kegts white lead, for
stock; 2,693 sacks creosoted blocks, for Second Divi-
t.s3n, 1.885 pieces lumber. for stock.
Joseph J. Curea. September Il. from Baltimore. with
10.000 cases dynamite, for stock.


The follow;ns ia a list of sail.nis of the P2nama
Railroad Steamship Company; of the Roy.l Mail
Siteam P3Lket Comp.rny: of the Hamburg-American
Lane. and of the United Fruit Company a Line:
AlIlanca ......... P. R. R.. Monday..... Sept. 22
Colon .. P R R Siturday ...Sept. 27
Advance P R. R. Saturday$ ...Oct. 4
Panmsa ... P. R. R. Friday ..Oct. 10
Alliance .. P. R R .Thurida'.'... Oct. 16
Colon P R. R..Wednstiday..Oct. 22
Adlinne ... .... P. R.R. Tuesday. Oct. 28
Panama . .. .. .P. RR onday..... Nov. 3
Alliance ... .... .P. R. R Monday ....Nov. 10
Colon .... .. ..P R. R..Monday.....Nov. 17
Advance .. ...... P. R. R. Saturday.... Nov. 22
Panama .. P R. R.. Saturday.... Nov. 29
Allianca... . P R. R..Friday Dec. S
Cristbl .. .. P. R. R..Saturday ..Sept. 27
Panama P R. R. Monday..... Sept. 29
Allhnca . P R R. Saturday ...Oct. 4
Colon ... ..... .P R. R Thursday....Oct. 9
Advance .......... P R. R. Thursday... Oct. 16
Pan: m ..... P.R R. Wednesday. .Oct. 22
Allianca .P. R. R. Tuesday .... Oct. 28
Co3n. P. R R Tueida/. ...Nov. 4
Adar-e .. .... P. R R. Sunday ... Nov. 9
Pin-Lma P R. R. Sunday.. Nov. 16
Al'.anc.. .. P R R. Saturday... .Nov. 22
Colon ... P R R. Saturday .Nov. 29
Advance ... .. P R. R Friday .....Dec. 5
Zacapa..... ...... LI. F.C. Wednesday .Sept. 17
Emil L. Bo.sa .. .... H .,\... Saturday ....Sept. 20
Ten3dores . ...U F.C..S.Sturday .Sept. 20
Almirane.. ...... U. F. C.. Wednesday. .Sept. 24
Prmn Joachim........H -A Saturday .... Sept. 27
Carrillo...... ..... .U.F.C. Saturday .. Sept. 27
Magdalena .. .. ... R. M...Saturday... Sept. 27
Santa Maria ....... U. F.C. Wednesday..Oct. I
Carl Schurz... ..... H.-A. Saturday. ... Oct. 4
Pastorei .. .... .. F. C..Satujrday. .. Oct. 4
Metapan .. U. F C.. Weane.day..Oct. 8
Prinz Aucutl Wilhelm H -A Saturday. ..Oct. It
Tivives ... . .. U.F C..Saturday.... Oct. 11
Danube .... .... R. NIM aturday ...Oct. II
Zaap3 .. U. F. C. Wednesday..Oct. 15
Nletapan... ...... U. F C Thuinday... .Sept. 25
Danube. ...... R. M5 Tuesday. .Sept.. 30
Tivives....... U. F. C. Tucsdiv.. Sept. 30
Priz August \Wdhelm H.-A Tuesday.... Sept. 30
Emil L Bos 11 -A. Tuesday.. . Oct. 7
Ten, lor; ... ... L. F. C.. Tuesday. ...Oct. 7
Almirant ..... U. F C. Thuraday... Oct. 9
Print Joachim.. .. .H..A Tuesday.... .Oct. 14
Carrillo ... .... U. F.C. Tuesday. ...Oct. 14
Tagus.. .. ..R. R M Tuesday.....Oct. 14
Santa Maria ...... U.F.C Trursday... Oct. 16
Pastores .. ....U. F. C. Tuesday.... .Oct. 21
Carl Schurz .... H.-A.... Tuesday ... Oct. 21
Abngarez.. . .1.F C. Saturday ...Sept. 20
Primana ... .. U. F. C Wedne3day. Sept. 24
Atenas. ........ ... U. F. C. Saturday . .Sept. 27
Sixagola.......... .. U. F.C. Wednesday. .Oct. 1
Turrialba.......... U. F. C Siturday.... Oct. 4
Turrialba........ ... U. F. C. Thursday... Sept. 25
Cartago .... ... U F.C Saturday ...Sept. 27
Abangare. ...... U. F. C. Thursday....Oct. 2
Parismina....... ... U.F.C. Saturday... Oct. 4
*Amended schedule. resulting irom temporary with-
draus l of the AtIvansa for repairs.

Tide Table.
I h. following table shows the time of high and low
tldic .li Panama for the neek ending October 4. 1913.

DAIE. Low High Low Hi&h Low

Sept. 2 .
Sept. 29. .
Sept. 30 .
Oct. I...
Oct. 2
Oct. 3.
Oct 4..

I P.M.
i 55 2.04
451 2 SS
9 32i 3.4C
10 1; 4 25
11 0 5 08
II 45 5.52
P. M.
I2 301 6 i1


75th meridian time

Lost-Camera and case. Sunday night. September
14. on train from Colon. The camera la without a bulb.
and contains a roll of exposed films. The finder will
please communicate with Mr. W. W. Darling, Box
255. Empire.

" .





The Canal Record
Published weekly hnder the asrhorply and 'upermii.7n of
the /ilhm;.in Canal Commsssion.

The Canal Reofed i; polished free of ,.harge one copy
each to all employes of she Commnn;ton and Panama
Railroad Company adsore namnei are on the gol. roll.
Exjra copies and back nuinmbers rean be obtained from the
ne'as stands ol the Painama Railroad C.nmpany for nir-e
cents each.

Address all Communications.
Ancon. Canal Zone.
Isthmus of Panama.
No zonmunuealson either for pubieation or requeslang
information, will receive *ientzion unle'.s signed with the
full same and addre'.i 'i the uniter


Water Admitted Into Culebra Cut.
Water was admitted into Culebra Cut
through the four 24-irnch pipes extending into
the lake underneath Gamboa dike, at 9
a. m on Wednesday, October I. It is cal-
culated that the velocity of the flow is about
24.1 feet per second, and that the discharge
amounts to about 354 cubic feet per second.
which will fill the Canal as far as Cucaracha
slide at the rate of 1.6 feet a day. At this
rate by the morning of October 10. when it is
planned to destroy the dike. the depth of
water in this section of the Cut will not be
far from 15 feet. The slide at Cucaracha ha;
completely closed the Cut, in one place to the
73-foot level, therefore, the water discharged
into the Canal by means of the pipes between
October I and 10 will be wholly confined to
the section between the slide and the dike.
To overtop the slide, it will be necessary for
the water in the lake to reach a level of 73
feet above mean scalevel. The lake will prob-
ably reach not to excced 68 feet by October
10. Aditch will becut through Cucaracha slide
to start the water through and, it is expect-
ed that a great deal of the slide material
will be washed into the drainage ditch be-
tween the slide and Pedro Miguel Locks
The drainage pumps in the Cut near the
dike was shut down on Wednesday. Septem-
ber 24; all the machinery was removed and
the building which housed it was razed.
Sufficient water had collected in the Cut
on October 1, from seepageand surface drain-
age to cover the bottom between Cucaracha
slide and the dike.

Spillway Ready for Further Rise of Gatun Lake.
The mechanical installation of the opera-
ting machinery for the regulating gates at the
spillway of Gatun Dam was completed on
September 25. The 14 gates are now in place.
surmounting the crest of the ogee, at 69 'eet
above sealevel. and ready to maintain the
rise of the lake above that elevation. Tempo-

ray electrical connections were made, in order
to te-t and operate the machinr-n, and the
installation of the permani-nt cables and con-
trol equipment is now under -a,,. The oper-
ating machinery and the gate its-If, were
made to do sen ice in grinding true the fixed
ironsset in the upporring piers between which h
the gates will operate; a cutting tuoil at-
tached to the side of the gate made of it a
sort of vertical shaper when the gate wai
lowered. Afterward, the irons were smoothed
by hand to a maximum variation of .005
inch. The horizontal seats on the crest of
the ogee were babbitted after the lower edge
of the gate had been milled to a true huri-
zontal surface.

Progress in Cable Installation at Catun Locks.
On September 13, the cable pulling gang
of the First Division at Gatun pulled 127,121
feet of control cable and 2,200 feet of No.U000)
3-conductor p'-wecr cable into the shafts and
tunnel running under the lock flours in the
vicinity of the control hiuuse.
The control cable waa drawn down a-
shaft in the we-t wall, through the tunnel
and up a shaft ro the operating tunnel in the
center wall. The power cable wa, drawn
down a shaft in the west wall, through the
tunnel under the center %%all and both lock
chambers to the east wall, and up through
the shaft. The tunnel under the locks at
this point is approximately, 125 feet belong\
the coping level, so that each cable had to be
supportedd at the upper ends of the vcrtieal
shafts to prevent :ts -lipping don into the
duct When the installation is completed,
the cable will be supported in the duct, by
a combined action of friction between the
cable and duct, and by a curved duct at the-
bottom taking the thrust. Each of the control
cables was 380i etr long and each of the power
tables was 350 feet in length.

Formal Opening of Trammays.
The street railway system of Panama. in
service since August 1, was formally in-
augurated on Saturday, September 27, when
the Municipal Council of the city and a num-
ber of official; and prominent business m :n
were the guests of the Panama Tramways
Company and R. W. Hebard and Company,
Inc., theconstructoruf the -,stem in a special
trip to the end of the line at Las Sabanas
police staiion. and a luncheon at the bathing
pavilion on the beach of the Bella Vista
Estate. Two special cirs decorated in the
national colors of the Lnited States and
Panama. carried the part, At the luncheon
short addresses, bearing on the development
of Panama, were made by Canal Commissioner
R. L. Metcalfe. Don Ram6n F. Acevedo.
secretary of public aork. of Panama, Mr
W. L. Black. superintendent of the tramwa)s
company, Mr. R. W Hebard. and others.


Tug Successfully Passed Through the West Flight
at Gatun Locks on September 26.
Gatun Locks were operated for the fir.t
time on Fridav September 26, when the sea-
uoing tuz Gale. now in the service of the
Si\th Divi.ion. v as passed through the west
flicht from the Atlantic channel to Gatun
Lake. This date v.a; chosen, because of the
approaching departure from the Isthmus of
Maj James P. Jervey, who had charge of
the nma'onry construction of the locks, and
Of Maj George NM. Hoffman who had charge
of the building of Gatun Dam under Lieut.-
Col. Sibert. The operation was entirely suc-
cessful and was witnecsed by a large number
of people.
The first step in the tillim, of the locks
was to fill the pace between th, upper guard
and ripper operaring eates. This was done
thr.ua.h the oP-inch auxiliary culvert alivee
in the west wall. Thi, operari,.n wa. started
at i1.07 a m no Thur-.la." Septembi:r 25,
and continued ts, about 3.30 p. m., it being
nce ar'. to clih.- the \al,.- twi,.,. during this
period to clear vegetiation aAay,, from the
trash screen at the intake
The second step iads also on Thursday,
and con,-itcEd in the filling of the culvert in
the renter wall as a tes-t of the valves and
bulkh.:ad-., a' w,:ll a; the culvert itself. The
upper section unlv was filled, and after
shutting off the risine stem valve at the upper
end, this water vas uaced to te-~t succt:c-:ive-ly
thecenterculverts of three Ivels, being finally
deposited into the lower lock by opening the
cylindrical valve- in that level
To remove the bulkheads from the upper
end of the wet culvert. it was necc-_ar,. to
equalize to some extent the pre-sure of the
lake by pre--ur, .O:n the lower sil- of the bulk-
head. It was originally intended to do this by
accumulating the leakage through the bulk-
heads in the culv-.err. between the upper rising
stem valves and the bulkhead.. The leakage
of the bulkhead' wa-. however. .o slight that
it was decided tt introduce water into the
upper cnd ..f the upper lck which communi-
cares with the rear side of the bulkheads
through the we-t t ulE rt Thi- "as done, and
the bulkhead removed at 10 a. m. un Fri-
day, September 26 At I1 20 a im.. water was
admitted to the upper end of the upper lock
from the west culvert through the upper rising
stem valves and the water brought up to lake
level. The upper rising stem valves were then
closed and this water was passed down the
flight of three locks as a preliminary test of
the valves and culverts of the west wall.
Water was then locked down. step b) step.
from the lake to the lower lock. which was also
being filled by the two-14-inch sea valves in
the lower guard gates.
The filling of the lower lock was completed
about 4.45 p. m, when the sea gate was opened.

THE CANAL RECORD Vol. 171, No. 6.

and the Gatun, with flags flying and ,hiztle
blowing -teamed into the lower lock, ac-
companied by the cheers of the a.-embled
spectators. The loer operaring g.ire. theree
closed, and the tug came to a -top islin_-ide
the center nail to vhich it %\ ia m'i.,rcr. Thhe
proce-s uas repeat-:d in the m'd.Jlc l'.:.-, and
at 6.15 o'clock, just a- dutk \ia fallihna. the
vesi.el entered the upper lock for tl. la-t lilt.
This \uas acLomplih.d ar 6 4.' .. click. h n
the two last gates were -.'aung and the tug
passed out into Gatun Lake. the entire pa.i-
sage occup.yng apprruxm:itnml. one hour and
51 minIute. In ordc." t, tave time on the
a.cent. the ,hort Iencth of lo,.k ta. used.
The filling of the lock clambers. occupie.l a
longer time than nurnmall.. hecau.i-e of the
small displacement of the tuo?: in The r a- ?I
a large ve-.scl, much leh. wattr %\,.uld have
been used. The total lilt s api.pro\imatel'.
64 70 fect, divided betwr en the three lock.
about as IilloI s: Lo er lock, 11.2 feet; mid-
die l,,.k, 23 7 feet; upper luck, 208 feet.
During thi- operation of the lo operating device: were operated from lucal
control, that is. each macliine ua_ operated
from the panel in the 4ame ru.,m wth the
machine. This made it nec-'.-ar,, flor the
operator to move from machine to machlinc
for the vario. uoperation-ri.. hcrea,. wh':-n tlhe
plant i. completed, the entire tlicht will he
controlled frum the central c._,nrir..I tower,
from which point the machine will bi. opl-r-
atcd and an indication received as each oper-
ation occurs
Theopeningand closing of the. gates, and the
operation of the cul'.ert va!v.'e and lock .pera.
ting machinery during the rets,. and the lock-
age of the ves:l, were under thi immediate
supervision of Col. H. F. Hodges, the designer
of the locks, their equipment and operating
machinery, and the rEgula tinng works of the
Canal. In this he was aided by Mr. Edward
Schildhauer, the electrical and mechanical
engineer of the Commission, and the inventor
of the bull wheel which opens and closes the
lock gates, and Mr. E. E. Lee, superintend-
ent of erection; Mr. F. C. Clark, assistant
superintendent of erection; Mr. C. P. Fortney,
superintendent of mechanical installation;
Mr. S. H. Grauten, testing engineer, and
Mr. Geo. F. Guynn, inspector of lock gates
and protective devices.
The Gatun, formerly the H. B. Chamber-
lain, is a steel seagoing tugboat, with a length
of 101 feet, beam 22 feet, and a load line draft
of 12j feet. It was built by the firm of
Neafie and Levy of Philadelphia in 1902, and
was purchased by the Canal Commission for
the use of the Atlantic Division in 1906,
arriving at Colon on June 25 of that year.
It is commanded by Capt. F. F. Stewart, and
its navigation through the locks was in per-
sonal charge of Mr. W. G. Comber. The
vessel had among its passengers on this initial
trip, Col. H. F. Hodges, Lieut.-Col. \\ illiam
L. Sibert and family. Mla J ame P.Jervey,and
Mrs. Jersey, Maj. George M. Hoffman, Lieut.
Geo. R. Goethals, and Mrs. Goethals, Mr.
Henry Goldmark, Captain Corning of the
steamer Pau'ama. Mrs. Edward Schildhauer,
and Mrs. E. E. Lee.
On Saturday forenoon, September 27, the
tug was returned to the Atlantic channel,
the record of its progress being, as follows:
8.27-Opened rising stem valves Nos. 254 and 255 to
equalize water in both ends of upper lock.
8.34-Water equalized at 29 feet over sill.
8.35-Opened rising stem valve No. 260 to lake.

,k 46-Cr'prned interrr..jdite gates Nok.. l and 32.
.4?-,e.:,ond it.ing-eem valve No. 261 Lolake opened
I,]. r I .
Y Sii-Or.ened urr..r guard igati: No' 19 ind 40
S .-\later e.4u,..-'.i in upper ,nd of like at 25.4
h' lt er uf ,, t.er ;.11.
S 5S-Orper.d upper operarm::,.; it, o 35 and
3 lor rnrt., -i tLu;
o 0'J---Clo.iud ri.ting tem ,.i.:. :No 2'r0o and 201
to Ilke.
t ) l-( :I.ed ur,rr o)r,.ra.i in r l -i: Nc.- j5 and 36.
o clo; d up.trr 6t u'll -ai,-s Nu.. .31 and 40.
lo..ntd ri.rg. e i].tn .'l, i 2,. ,' 34. nd 24'9 to middle
lo:k r ..J at- . 1. arl 1. and 2I ; and 28.
1,.i er ;al itv g T.:: Gi it-r-er loci
r 2rn-'A.at,r i.jalicd in middle ar.d upper locks at
39. i-.ei[ o er w[II
9 26-LT-ri-ned -atr- Nou. 1 and 24 operating
Tug pa;:.:d t, m jdd- l..-i :.
SE:.'T'D [.[_CAGE
?7-Co:.:J .at. : 27 a'd 2'. i y .:-. be-
hand t[Ul
<) u-i(-lI.:d 3ate Nvo ,o and ?4 operatim ra te."
,jehnci tu ." ., n r'm. ,tern %lA N.,; 241., l1,
il- a er .n T ..J.J| I ._ i e ,- - cr :, 1l V. ,aior
In I. -.r .: k a. ,-l l: '.n lua .I e- It .
,- Op:nid r,.n-: :r't inm .lr. \i,. _i2' J'd 213
nid.i ,l to I )l er .,: k
I1 iI4---.tpend, nt No IS 5 rid lei.btt e--n middle
an.r I.,- r 1.,:k
ito i--T ,ai.ed i -, I;. d I. '
ti li l u LI -, i .
0nit -Op-l ncrd ri,'ni i ,i' "m \ I NL. 21r, b-et.een
mn ..dl. and l.a ..r c. k water i+ l ,,.er At 6b eet .
- i t r o- n ,: _c:.L. : j: lovi ,.3 i I l u 0 i l e c r
I" 1 1i: 1 % I-- \ Mt j ,i1,,niL.-h d at R -,-.. .Il at l aj.-
tion pl~i i) 35 a et.
in0 lu-op:-end gat.::. Nol. I and a lo .iir operating
gate .
ii. 5S-Trle r. rtu'n rp3i.ed out to ui-le.'l. rallied
No, 7 ar.d .S, and 3 and 4. lIo ero.,r-ting and .:.wer
gur.rd g s: Loki.ga co-rm .l,ted Ti re I hour 37
iil ,nu te
On loc!a- de'., n. 'lhe Entire l.s i.-for.t lo.:k wi. ued
,3 tor the rn-i. '.: '2 I 3 ih oi f m0 i 'dm um ..p1.i.i ','.

Work on Panama's Exposition Begun.
The corner stone of the administration
building to be erected on the site of the nation-
al exposition, which Panama proposes to
hold in 1914-15 in commemoration of the
four hundredth anniversary of the discovery
of the Pacific Ocean by Vasco Nufiez de
Balboa, was laid on Thursday, September
25, by President Porras. .The sites allotted
for the different buildings were blessed by the
Bishop of Panama, Dr. William Rojas, and
the plans were ex\-h,,lrd by Mr. Alejandror
Bermudez, the director of the exposition.
Following the laying of the corner stone, Dr.
Ram6n F. Acevedo, secretary of public works,
made an address. The day was made a public
holiday in Panama, partly on account of the
corner stone ceremonies, and partly, because
September 25, under the old calendar, was
the date in 1513 when Balboa first saw the
Pacific. It is planned to open the expo.rition
on November 1, 1914, to continue six months,
and for carrying out the project the Panama
National Assembly has voted a pr.-hminary
credit of S150,1.100. The United St.ars.
Spain, and several of the neighboring Latin.
American republics have been invited to
participate. The grounds front the road to
Las Sabanas, about opposite the orphan
asylum, and cover an area of about 35 acre.

Civil Service Examinations.
Examination will be held probably on
October 26 for the positions of stenographer
and typewriter, Isthmian Canal Service.
stenographer and typewriter. Philippine Serv-
ice; and typewriter. Isthmian Canal Serv-
ice. Applications 1uill not be received after
October 8; this date may be changed if
necessary. Persons interested should re-

quest a copy of Form 1424, which contains
information in regard to the abovcnamed ex-
Competitors in the abovenamed ex-
aminations must bring their own typewriting
machine- to the examnination room.
The -\arminations will be held probably in
the Commission clubhouse at Empire, but
the place and date should be omitted in ap-
A .Lard of admission will be sent to tho.e
found eligible to be admitted, juct before the
In an-wer to questions as to residence, ap-
plicants must show residence in a State or
Te-rritor', of the United Stares. and county
therrof, up t,j the timc. of filing application.
Culebra, C. Z.. September 29, 1913.
Concrete 1t6ork in Lo.ks and Spillways.
LCJncrt,. work 'n the Canal locks is nearly
c..,mpletcd, the aggregate amount in place
jt tht. clone of iork on September 27, being
4,.'U.'i3 cubic yards .
A t-atement of the concrete laid in Pedro
.Mi,:uel andl Miraflore; Locks. and in Gatun
.inl Mirailorcs -pill-ays, as of September
21, Iolhs.,w. .
rt. i it.n.:r.?ie 1or the ,lckr, piroper as diatinguished
I t i P li,. n.:.'3 ..rr tO tni.n ii,, work by the Firer
Di,. -n 1 .s min o and ra.]:ed on Augist 16. 1913.
.\AL te d-lo:;. oi oik. on .ha dia the total amount of
..:onr>-[ il.ti.e.d by the Atlainuc Diviaion amounted to
2 045 4185 cunDe ardi.
Conaele laid.
Cus', yards.
ert 2 . .. .................. ..
Sept. 23 ....... ..... ........ .. ...
S p .t. . .. . ....... ............ ... ..
S,:pt 2i .. .. . .. ..... .......
se I ........ . .... ................... . ... 8
S 'pt ; . . . . . .. .. ..
T oiL-il ... ....................... .. ..
Prev',ou ly reponed ....... ..... ..... 924.175
Grand to ld .. ...................... 924.183
Sept. 2 ........... ............. ........ 19
Sept. 23 .... ........................... 16
Sept. ..................................... 34
Sept. 2 .... ................................ 7
Sept. n ....... ..... ............... .. 116
Sept. 2: ........ . 47
Total .... . ... .. .. 23Q
Previous-I rei.ri ed.... .. . . 51... 10.748
Grand tal.... . . ...........1.510.987
Sept. ... ...... . ... .... .... ... . 36
Sept. ..... .. . . .. .... ......... ;0
S-rt. :' ..................... .... ....... 70
Se i.. .. ... ................................. 98
Sept. 2b ................................... 92
Sept. 2 ........ ....... ................ 136
Total .. ............ .. .......... 502
Pti.voiua' reported . . ... . 236,320
Grand tot . . .. .. 236.822
Thie total of 'oncrete at Mliraflores srillway-75,610
cubic yard'-rem.ined 'Inchangied. no concrete having
been laid drmin the week ending September Vi.
wIncli .'e, ri, droelectric station
Time Table Changes.
On account of new, timetable No. 16taking
effect Monday, October 6, at 12.01 a. m.,
train No. 72, scheduled to leave Panama
for Bas Obispo at 12.20 a. m., Monday, on
timetable No. 15, will not run. The last train
leaving Panama Sunday night, October 5,
for Bas Obi-.po, is train No. 58. leaving at
10 p. m. The first train leaving Panama for
Bas Obispo. Monday, October 6, will be at
6 a. m. Owing to the demand c.n tLe part
of the public for an opportunity to inspect
the locks. the Gatun shuttle train service
has been extended to include Sundays. Par-
lor cars will be run on trains numbered 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, and 7, daily.


SVI'ol. VI'I, No. 6.

October 1. 1913.






Satur- Sun. DaI I SATION
day day .s.:t pti Daily.
only. only. Sun.
71 11 7 1 5 7
P.M. I P ? M P.M P.M A M A IM.
I 20 ... r 3 5 i i 11 05 : 3 Lv. tl.'oln Ar.
It 25 9 35 S li I 11 10 3. t?.-I urt Hope
11 3 45 s -Ir 5 I: II 21 7 4 TG lur,
II 48 9 58 3 5 3 i II 33 7 .. t'-1-.nic Lir.o
A.M. I
12.00 . 10 I0 9 O' 5 40 II 14 9 Ii tFrrl.lols
12 01 .. 10.1' .9 17 5.49' 1 53 8 1 KC-airto
P ?1. I
12.17 .. 10 2 9 26 5 12 7 3 . tGarub
12 28 .. 10 38 9 1 I 6s 1 I 14 h, t.eN. LulEhri
12.40 .. 10 50 9 311 6 r 12 '0 i 3 W' .tPcdro .hi,ulj,.
12 46 10 56 9 i6 6 26 I A So' . MIr-rafr s
12 54 II 04 10 01 6 34 12 41 I r. .. .. . .. orozl.
I 05 ... 11 15 A10 1 6 45 ? 5 15 Arr. Fa.ram. Lx.
A.M. P. P.M P 'I. I. 1 M.
71 II 9 7 5 3 ITelegraph .aLlatin.

Northiward mals 1ne r'it i, ,en r ira I 11 i\-I-r .: PI:-dr,' Migi' l Juncriun It.r cL'rnectionn trom iai Ot b L' ultI. LraT
trains iill aif. at Pie ro M n2url j intl n or .uLl '.r.1j nma.n I ne t'rlnr-. tinn insle.: other -: ni''rrL.. ted



,n,:e Daly.
:olo 2 4_ 6 8

A NI P.M. P.M. P.M.
0 -' I 12 45 6 45 9 15
1 ii 9 11 12 41 6 41 9 10
179 J 0i 1 31 30 5
14 4. S 46 I 1-.15 6.18 8 43
2n 12 8 36 12 03 6 06 8 31
P. M
26 13 S 27 I11 54 5 7 8 22
30 :" 8 19' 11 44 5 49 8 14
43 '? A 0. 11 30 .16 I 8 f01
ll) ? 7 55 II 1 7 D 25 i 7 50
41 74 7 41 II 04 5.1 i 7.43
44 24 7 40 II C00 5 10 7.15
4 ;.0A .11) 10 0 5 00 7 25
SA M. IA N. P.M. P.M.
4 orthrd B O po shuttle

n. and rnorthward Bas Obispo shuttle



Sunday Ddy. S, D DI IDY Sunday
ex. Da,,ly. Daily. I x
only. San Sun orJy.
55 s. 51 1 49 1 47 1 45 43I I 41 40 1 42 4 48-46 48 SO 52 1 54
p P N P. M I.' M P. A N.M A A 'I P M P M P. MP M. NMP M.
11 401 1.30 10 55 1 t, 45 I 3 L I 7 10 Leae tBas., OL .u Arrive. 7 O' 1-: I 1; 4 ; o10 ) 301 I ?u'lt 30
11.46, 1.36 11 01 I6 4 51 I 4110 3 7 It. . tL i:. (: ,,.:ada; o :4 )4 24' I l"i 3 o 3t10 241 1 1411 24
1 1 5? I 42 11 0; 7 2' 4 i. I 4; I0 4 2 .. TEnpie 6 4 9 1 I i] 3 4; 6 Isl le I 0'll l,
11 58 1.48 11 13 7 2' S U5 3 I 53 I4t, . . ... tCukLt.ra 6 11 9 1112 S 3 41 o 4110 II I 0111 II
2.1 2.02 II 42 5 I;j 2 07 11 02 ; 42' .ir.,.n J.:.. h. . S 2 .1; I ; 6 2 5 0 5 12 47;10 57
.2 15 2 0511 3" 145' .' 2 1011 1.12 4 IPedro NAlu il Jlet 2) 8 i '' 4' 1 6 2, 9 ;I!12 4 10 55
i2 211 2.11 I 36 M7 1 5 2 2 Ir. 11 I 1 I .i .N. IMltri. re 6 W1 't 4.112 .3 3 o I r 4 112 3,10 48
12 2I 2.19 11 44 2 5 31 2 -'41 I 7 ;9 tioroz .... 6 11' 8 4l ? i II. 6 10' 9 41112 3- lmJ 40
1232 1.22 11 1; 8 2"J 3;I 1 2 11 2. K .0 Dublo 6 ; 8 171 2 3 1); o Of1 0 3: 12 2; 10 37
12 40 2 30 II 55 8.1P 3 4' II 31 8 10 Anise 'PJaDin.' Lease.I t O0 S 3i0 I O ( 6 00 9 I0 12 2u'10 30
P. ,M.A. MNI P. P. .I M P. I A I 4 1 I % I A NM P I 1 .. M :P MI. PM NI M P. M.
55 J 53 1 i 47 45 1 3 41 TTIlec-r..hli '.iw..n I4) 1 424 1 44 i4 48 50 52 54

Effective Monday, October 6, 1913, shuttle trains will be operated daily, between Colon and Gatun, on the following schedule,
making stops as shown:


131 129 127 125 123 I 121
P. M. P. PM. P. M. A. MI.'A. MI. A. M
I -
5.50 4.35 3 30 9.211 ;0 '4 6 o0
5.52 4.37 33 *1.22 1 4-7 0 0,
5.54 4 39 3 34 9 24 4-14 04
5.56 4.41 3 3o 9 2o i 46 6 06
5.58 4 43 3 3 3 9 i 7.48 6 08 :1
6 02 4 47 3 4 3 0 3| 7 52 6 12
6.08 4 53 3.48 9 38 I 7 58 6 2?
6 12 1 4 57 I 3 9 12 i. 02 6 266
6 15 5 00 3 55 9 45 8 03 6 ;0 ,
P. M. P. M. P. M. A. I. .NI M. A .M.
131 129 127 12' I 123 121
Addironal Precautions in Case of Fires In I
In order to avoid any delay or n
predation of requests when an increase
pressure is desired in case of a fire in
of Panama, the gong in the Ancon p
station will be connected with the new
well automatic fire alarm system, wlh
been recently installed in Panama,
now ready for service. The Panai
brigade has been furnished with a!
the printed fire alarm signals in eflecL


. ... .... Third Street. Colon .
Flli t re.t. Culon
..... .. .. Pa-rnger Suttion. Colon
Corma',..ri Cr'itoh.a!
Stin[; (Crl tob, il .
.... .. . .M mount ..Fpe ..
.. M G .u .

Arri e.
Traou stop at all stuiolnst

Panama. Canal Zone, so that they ma'.' be translated
isinter- into Spanish and adopted for u.e by, the
d water Panama fire companies.
the city *
umping Numbering of Machines In Balboa Shops.
Game- All machines transferred frum other shops
ich has to Balboa shops, and all new machine. pur-
and is chased and installed at that point, will be
ma fire numbered consecutively from one upward. All
copy of machine tools, whether stationary or portable,
in the including overhead cranes, jib cranes, air


122 124 126 128 130ISO 132
'A. N A. An. P. I P M I. P. M.
Arrivre. -- -- '----
; 0; 0 10 1 0 3. 4 25 5 45 7 os05
ny q i.: 1I) 22 4 22 5 42 7 02
; 00 O III :2J 4.20 5 40 7 00
i6 ; 1 )3 I 8i IS 4 S1 5 38 i 6 58
... r. 0 Il I11 I 4 16 5 36 6.56
. .... _, ? 10 12 4 1 5 32 6 52
6 l, 51 10 f 4 uo 5 21 6 43
0 41 S is 10 01 4 03 5 18 6.38
S0 6 45 1I 00 4 00 5 11 6.35
Lease. M AI M A 'MI P NI P M P M.
122 124 126 I 12 lf I 1.12

compressors. furnaces. forges. boilers, blowers,
fans. etc., will be carried on one list, and
numbered cunseciItiwely. A separate list
of motors, generators. switchboards, etc.,
will be kept. and the articles thereon will be
numbered consecutli,.ly alko, beginning with
one. When an artiLle on any one of these
lits is condemned or ,old, its number will
be left vacant, and will not again be assigned.
A record w ill be kept of the old serial numbers
of the machines that are renumbered.



Ancon Studj Club.
The Ancon Study, Club held a reception in
honor uf its retiring prr.-iii.n, Mrs. H. \W.
Shick, at the home of iMr- Mark White on
Monday afterno,,'r, Sepremb,:r 29 Invi.
station; had h:een is--ued t r many .1 MrNs.
Shick's fiienit, and there l er, about 25
pre-rent. Mr- Shirk Irh-'.l i n the.
Isthmus for Vancouver, and the reception
was in the nature ,'I a f.ir,.ell from her
friend and a-'.ociat-. Mr,. Shirk has been
prominent in the v.onman': club work -ince
its beginning Sh,. wa. the fir-~t:.L-cretar,
,f the Pt.dr., Mitruel \Woiman's Club, and
later 1s ar- pr- eradent She "w one of the
founder- oi the Ancon Study Club. and has
been rh, pr.. -ikern Il the organizatt','n sincc
January 191 'Thr club pre',-nt.:1 her %with
a piece of r irvd i.,ry as a -ouvenir of her
lsrhmian rni.-ence.
The member-hip of the Ancon Stud., Club
will be limited to 18. This action ha- been
taken with a view to keeping, the club small
enough to continue to meet in the hom,: oif
Mrs. White, where the library is installed.
and to prevent the introduction of any out-
side interest other than the study for which
the club was formed. A waiting list will be
kept and thozie registered sill be voted in.
in order of their application, as vacancies
occur At its meeting on September 11.
the club voted S5 toward the pila\ ground of
the Nlethodist niio-ion -chol in Panama.

Church Notes.
The Sunday -chool ol the Nlethodist
Episcopal ChOrch on the a wall, Panama,
will hold its annual rally .'n Sunday niorning,
October 5, at 10 o'clock The regular official
program i--utd b', rhe McIthodi-t church in
the United States will be u'ed. This consirt-
of hymns, recitations, and speechc-:. 1 he
pastor. the Rev. Harry Compton, will deliver
an address. on Sunda, school work. The prog-
ram will be repeated in Sptrni-h in rhi. e,. nini,
at 7 A o'cl.-'ck for the benefit ol the Spanish-
speaking member- of the churi h.
The recLular monthly mnietint of the Wo-
man i Fi.rein Mi Nlis'nar', society of thc
Mcthodr .t L.hurch will be held in the church
room' on Sturda\ afternoon, Oct.-.br 4,
at 2 30 o'clock. At this meeting it is re.
quested chat deleigat c from other -ocieties
of church aurker- in the Canal Zon,:e e
present as thi. nature iat thie permanent
ora.niz.tron I, r tthe centralization cf the wiork
will be discu=.-.ed at this tnme and -'medefinite
plan will be a..l...ptid The ..utloIk i. fir a
Canal Zor,, ,.. women in Christian effort, to be composed of
dliternt societies, each working on independ-
ent lines, denominational or otherwise, but
the central society will be undenominational.
All women interested in this plan are invited
to be present.
The junior Sunday school class of the
Church of the Sacred Heart, Ancon Hospital,
is preparing for first communion and confir-
mation, which will be held on Sunday, De-
cember 7. The class meets for instruction
at 4 o'clock on M.,nday',, Wednesday, and
Friday afternoons of each week at the home
of Mrs. M. H. Fowler, Ancon. The parents
of these children are earnestly requested to see
that their attendance at the meetings is
punctual and regular.
The Rev. Father Ferdinand Allot, priest

,f' Sr. Fe-rdinand'- Church. Empire sailed
for N,~e York on the Panama on Monday.
e-pte-mbn. r 21' He will sail from there to
France where he .ill spend his vacation of
too months. The Rev. Father McDonald
%ill be in charge -f the work of the church
and pari-h during the absence of Father
.' series of organ recital, is arranged to be
held at Chri-t Church, Colon, on the second
Sunday evening in each month. The first
number of the E:rii; was gipen un Sunday,
September 14. when a program of Schubert's
mu-ic was played Re-irals of the work; of
other compu:.er will follow. In each cate the
program ,i introduced b. a short biographical
ketcrh .,I the comp.-'-er hu-e %ork, are to be
played. The concert-l ollro immediately after
eCen'.iing,. which begins at 7.30 o'clock.

Record of i-Yard Cube Miter at Batter3 Parke.
The folluoing table -hoj s con.-eCutive
three seeks' concrete output flom a i-yard
miser, working in connection r ith the con-
structi,.n of Battery Parke, at Nao' Island.


H ..rr Outr.ut R tle per Hour.
Date. Ci rkr.. | Cu ,d< cu %ds

A L'Ic, t T ) 220
'j.j u-t 2r, n 21 ;
.Ae'- l ; 2 22

A-,tn mbi r I 2
i.bnt. -9 -2I

n o al ,I
Total 4 I 11 25 0 .4
.T.X',c e ,Tt rn 20

i t.rt -r I 1 241

r Le nrb r I.l 2 2zo

Tc.t 1 1 32,, 2S 07
Ga, otI IC, l I I I .: l" 25 20

Sh.. I ,t LAL t nineon . 1 1 SVat urda,t
% crit i..r- rL.:d. htr h,.au -. It u., led 'rom the tc, rage
.1r-rr 1_ hr I t, a n tin hopp 1

.nt= nih-lhr c:rr...d the 1_.n:r,_te to ne i)orm. M r.
R Lir..' r.l tri e arm1 n In, ..h:rSO of m 2%er.

Afternoon llearings by Joint Land Commission
The J.''int Land Commi-_Lon sill discon-
tinuethe alftcrnoon hearin-s, which h have been
hr Il by indi,.idual memberrof the Comminsion
on Monday, 1\ ed nce-lay-. Friday, and Satur-
days of each week for the purpose of hearing
claims of landholders, in view of the depart-
ure of Dr. Rowe, leaving but three members
on the Commission.
Due notice will be given when further
hearings of this kind are to be resumed.

Yom Kippur Services.
Yom Kippur services will be conducted
in the synagogue at Third and F streets,
Colon, on Friday evening, October 10, begin-
ning at 6.30, and on Saturday, October 11,
beginning at 8.30 a. m.
All Israelites in the Canal Zone are cordially
invited. V. C. PINTO, Secretary,


Has Served as Panama Passenger Terminal for
Twenty-seven Years.
The last portions of the old railroad station,
which has served the Panama Railroad Com-
pany as a passenger terminal in Panama for a
period of over 27 ,ears. were removed on
Wednesday, September 24, in furtherance of
the work of improving the ground about the
new terminal building. Prior to 1884. the
railroad company's passenger train, ran into
the ancient station in the vicinity of the
American wharf. The company's annual
report for 1584 states-
"The large increase of pa-nenger business has
rendered ad"di ianal accommodation- for that
departmentl indip'-ns.abl, -and the pa-senger deport
ha- been removed from it- old location to a point
near the brripe and adjoining the Savanna road.
A. Lempjorary houije Cand .latform rtave been erected
there and are now being uved for passenger ac-
rommodlations pending the arrival of material to
bui'l a n- adepit which, has been ordered for
-cn-,e time "
Although the report states that the material
had been ordered for some time, it was ex-
ceedingly -low in coming. for the report of
ISS5 reiterates:
The gre-i need however at this station
SPanman a w-ell aSt Airinwall iColoni i3a new
depot ith en..lo'iures. .o trar the tick-t system
may be put into effect at once. '\'out company
hi- land at bothpihcet in d-tirablelocations."
During the year 18%5. extensive repairs
were made to the Panama wharves; the
Enli'kh harf was extended and the shed over
the American wharf rebuilt. The report for
1886 announced the erection of a new iron
station, the one that has just been torn down,
as well a-an iron station in Colon, which for-
merly stood at the head of Front street and
was razed when the new terminal was com-
pleted on July 23. 1909. in the following words:
*The-e *t1tions were contria3ted for in New
'ork bt our cc.,mpans in Ma. 18ao. and have
b'epn sent out and ererted darnni ite year. They
wIll be rtad.' fi o.:. upatcrni on the 15th o Matarch
tie pr-'ent ,nFr (iAA' I The tiket '.'.tem spoken
of in the report lr ti i..'-i ihhn be put into effect.
.- all the -rrangementl for inaugurating thi sy.vs-
tem arn n.., te' terfrn.'l.d."
The old depot. near the American wharf,
the first building erected by the Panama
Railroad Company in Panama. was de-
molished in 1886 on account of its age and
genr-ral in-zanitart condition After the re-
moral of the pa-:enger bu;ine-s to temporary
quarter- on the site of the recent iron station
in 1884 the upper floor of the old station was
used as quarter- for employes, and the lower
floor as a transportation office for the French
canal company Tao wooden buildings were
immediately cr-i tetd or its site, with suitable
enclosures and a garden between, one for
the enginrers and mechanical department,
and the other for the conductors and the clerks
in the freight -tation There was also con-
,tructed the same \car, in the Panama rail-
road yard, a two-stor, wooden house of eight
ro.nms, which furnished quarter- at that time
for the assistant roadmaster, -ection master,
.ardmaster and assistant. These men for-
merly roomed in the town at aacost to thecom-
pan, lor commutation ol 100 soles ,about $95)
a month. Two of the buildings above re-
lerred to are -till standing. and in service.
Mr George A. Burt was general superin-
tendent of the railroad in 1884. but was suc-
ceeded during the lolluming )ear by Mr.
Frank G. Ward, ,Iho. in turn. in 18$.7, gave
way to Mr. A. L. Rives. The president of
the company at this period was Mr. J. G.

Vol. VII, No. 6.


October I, 1913.



Monthly Report of the Chairman and Chief
Engineer to the Secretary of War.
CIULEBRA, C. Z.. September 21, 191 1
The Hotorab.'e tlhe S creitre y :. II'.ar.
l iias/i gt'ue, D. C.
Six. I hase the honor Lu -ubmit thit- tIllow-
ing report of operations r.n the Ikthimi for
the month of Au.u:t. 1913
Effective Aiitust 9, 1'l) 3. Richard L. .'lct-
calfe was appointed a member of the Isth-r
mian Canal C(-nmmi4-ion and on that day
entered upon hil duties at Head ol the De-
partmeht of Cit Il Administration
Department of Construction and Engineering.
The following table summarize' the princi-
pal items of work accomplished by the con-
struction divisions during the month:



Work excavation. dry Cubic yd. .
Work excavation wet. Cubic yd, .
Totalwork excavation Cubic yd .,
Plant excavation. dry. Cubic ids..
Total Canal exca.ia-
tion ... .. Cubic yds...
Material placed indamr, C ubic y-li
Concrete placed. lockt.
dams and z pdlwaIs Cubc yds

Explosive's u.ne' .
Rock drilled ..
Tratcs r,;nmos'-d .-
New track I.d . .
Rock cruited...
Cem.-nt ut-I . .
New road. built .
Wdter ns lai d.
Sewers h3id . ...
Open drama .nd diucnes
d ,ig. .
Average dailv force
Average r.inf ll .

Tor,4 iGrossi

Curlii. 5 d'

Fe-oi. -


5 t:.014
514 !`.1

.514 ?5,1

13 t.4
12 ic'.


livered at the port of Anc,.n
I1'tli/'e n.i"L;(s- 'I lit pr.:irnt '.itati s -f the
mechanical ircction i's, a- lull-. Rising
stem alv'.e machinL-'. '5. pr:r cL.t Citomiplctd;
c.lindrical va!'.i nicrhin -, l tI pr-I cent
cumnrplt,:,; au iliar', cu 'lu rt va'el\ nuiehin,_ .
10iI pr.r tint omrpl..lfd Thlc Ie itrLI .l in-
stallatimn if th, )' C. 111:11 hIr.L-. i: 't i,,:r
cent complete lor thr.- rin.i-n .-in %alve, 5IJ
rpr cdrt ci..mplt,: Ior the c', lndri ii. -.ah e,
andi 6 .5 r..r cent complete f.-r tihe .,uiliar% cul-
%ert '. ale mai hini:. Thr: mit:A ani al tr.n..iun
of th: IS guard il' machine-s is 77 pir crit
coniplhti-, and the elec:tiical in-.stllari.n for
the-c ma-.hine- i. 15 pir it ....iirplcte.
1M.'r gi'e im'..:,.g /,,tii.,cs--EiAht',. nine
per ccnt of the meclhir.ir:al, and 20 per I:nt of
the electrical inttallati.n. i- cominpllteld.


8 (1,10"

2d Div.

U6. 21-1

5th Div

iiAi3.l 4

6llh Di

1 3.0 0i1 12 t14 1 ....

o riin

Iii- 42:


11 82

*Remnoved by -lilth D, Ion ftinr Centr.l D [isiton.
tRemova d by '~tiun Div%'i-n i.-r th' S-c.-r..i Dv,,-non
First Division-Office of the Chief Fnaineer.
All material for the 92 leaves ha-, be- n com-
pleted and hippedd, as %'ell as that fur the
sparc parts.
The t-tatus of the work in the several luck,
may be 'umminmririd. d' fOllows-
Gatun-Work %as in pr.).;rc- on all the
leaves. 40 in number Erectiin i0 7 per r,.nt
completed; reaming. 9'9 "' per cent comple-td;
riveting, 99 5 per cent comipleteJ, hrniriishg,
84.27 per cent cumipl-c:td.
Pedro M,.tindl--Work %tas in pror,_-s '.ns
the entire 2-1 lea'.es Erect.cn. 90 p.r tr-c t
completed; reaniin; 09 7 per rent compl-..rcd;
riveting. 9i pL-r cint completed, finishing,
80.21 per,:ena completed.
,Ai.tdlores-\\work was in procgre-ss un all
of the 28 lea','es Er.':ni n. )7 per cenr .m-ii-
pleted; reaming, 9'; 5 pcr ient ,iomp-l.-tl;
riveting. 90 pLr c:nt completed; finishing,
63.7 per cent complctid.
On September 1st. 99 2 percent of the-total
tonnage ol luck gate mateiil in all lucl.,s had
been erected. There are still to lbe cri,:ted
44 tons at Gatun 52 tona at Pedro Miguel,
and 546 tuns at Miraflores.
On August 20, award was made to the
Union Iron Works, for the construction of
one lock entrance caisson at $330,760, de-


4i XSI

40 r",

4 Yi

4 13-1

3 rio

: 74

6 ."4

Mtrs I.,.:c fr '',.e r ,..., i,..., ::- T-r :. m .'h',ni-
cal rn.cti-in i l per .e nt arni thti ,..ctrikal
int tal.itiun. 25 r-,,r .:rt COImptiLttI.C
Tilck- .\pprt.,.iinatl. S [fcr c'-nt ,'I ll
trai-k i-_ c.,i p.] li c ,%hiih tijrii:r,;tt. T hirI'y-
thrr.. pi:r ., nr ofn -in :, i. nd i ti r.cr cent of
double r.,-:i r, h --'. l< n pl- Ld.
^..'.' ,,1 ;u Cci. I a'h, m ncIhan .I l
err.cton 7.3 p..r i.: a, anl rh._ clu trial
crLi ti. n 15 ,vr fc nt a ...Jilri| llih .,.
Pa.'f_-.-MeLth.an.cal rTiLon it 59 li.r
ccTit comnil t,. i. nmit r '. Ino rlo un.
11 per cent coni-,plhct itn I h in Litd-_r -ump
ru inipt-, I lI [po'r cenit i ,.,-iT I. r (n t ih ll ,. l .
Sujip puml.._, arid ]0i itr icr i t .11 ii ,.u ..rt
puntm p- El.e.:tii.c irist lI ll-..n i- I [1 -r iuit
.t mplete -in m itri ".-jare -ur.i., iium ,- n., _! l r-)
per -cent com pl[t- ..n I, j.n i -l11nll I 1[i.m
T ,a' ', .., n.c, r....i I t ,1 ) . I.-i I' 1 -1 1li -
lation lof this e,1puipmin ; C hr" [,I I [. ,ir i..n-jr
pletE at Gatun. 5, r,,-r cr r CII "-ILI-; aJ
I l'e. Iro M i.t,, i. n, .3' p,.r ,,i t ,.., ,',[ih.1 .,t
iMlir.,ilorit. I ,r 11l thI 1..' rlis- \iurk i-,
apprrr.,rnat,.1', 55 [*Lr ,r.i .." '-.l.,
H i. ', ".' :. *I .- -.-I I l..i ] .t .i']..n, have
been built. and the tl',ri.' ru-li.i..- i 1 rii-
penl-ru.:k- arr set CoLmplLee lie ihad ga .t,
are al-o in l[.Ila
C.'.'.c-i.ut of a toral If 2.4. i,.21 f, l iof
cable on order, 61I 753 lineir i[,.t have been
pulled into the ductr.
Co.riol krsce:.-i.sty-.i. per cent of the
steel beams for control house lluors ha\e b6cn

placed in concrete. Th: control houie at
Gatun i- rea.d, to) recuI.e the r..of Cun-
TtructIon of th.: ,-n trol hu,-,- ait Pe,'c .r, ML ,I.-I
has progrc-_--d to .ibout the :ami p.-,int
/I'l II,',In;t,..,--A.t ',ar n rll t.he. er.:iI.11 .tI the
lamp pt',sl, '.ith cro-:-_.iarmn is 75 pir lnt
compltIre. At Pl.lr. Mi,u.cl 3.2 pu... .. without
cr .--..irmr ha. e bccn -t
Te,':sni .1;,.',; Ii Le- '.u)i n. w,.:re 111..I e
fr.in Mlil; 1V9 to M il.: 26. irin lu t.-. ..,r the
...al i, n A t r'.:k pan .rid..:-'. jand -takei-, were
s-tI for thti .ihinm,:nt of con.tri.t,: 1.i rmn be-
twrin .ile-s 40 and 41. During the month,
92 tuundalton;. I.-r tra,:k--pan lridii_- ALre
pla, .-e to iarr, the tr.ian mitsi.,n line, m.iking
a ti.,tal t..f 1 l l.-'.undati,n- ;Ls t to the cl.i-,e fI
thl morith
G.ai: cai dai,a-Thi-. dam has been com-
pli-ld,. te-ted, and arcceptcd
Gtimii ;a -t d.ini- hit, din ha, been cont-
pli:ed rt-ted. and accepted The final tests
of this dani nere made during the munth.
The actual jpi-ratinig time of the various
machines was practically the same as for the
east dam at Gatun, as reported for the month
of June.
Pedro Miguel west dam-All material has
been delivered at the site. The pouring of
concrete for the operator's house is finished.
On August 28, this dam was swung across the
lock for the purpose of making necessary ad-
justments. Ri' tr.inz is complete. Painting
of the dam continued during the month.
Pedro .12,;.,.' east dam-All material has
been delivered at the site. During the month,
a total of 14 tons of turning and wedging ma-
chinery was assembled and bolted in place.
The switchboard house was completed. In-
stallation of gate and girder hoisting ma-
chinery continued during the month. Rivet-
ing is complete. Pairnti., continued daring
the month.
.,I. ,...;,' west dam-A total of 1,890 tons
of material ..-, i, : It,. ... rd at the site.
,a:,a!., n east dam-All material has been
delivered at the site. During the month, a
a total of 412 tons of turning and wedging
machinery was assembled and bolted in place.
Riveting is about 15 per cent complete.
During the month, work was in progress
erecting tower No. 10, Gatun Lake section,
water stage registers at Gamboa, delivering
material for the construction of beacon foun-
dation at Bohio, and water stage register at
the Gatun *-pilj :... casting lamp bracket
arms, :~i ni. sockets in drain covers for chain
fender pits, and beacon tops at the piI. cast-
ing platform in Gatun; constructing trans-
mission line across the Cut at Gamboa, clear-
ing land for the Sixth Division, and making
the necessary surveys and reconnoissances
in connection with the construction of range
towers, targets, beacons, etc.
Second Division-Office of the Chief Engineer.
Th, *.,-i, .ii;ni IrI pr. i-aration of drawings
for ina hirio lI- un'l.,ri .-. motorizing of ma-
chines, installation of machines, -haliin.:
and motors for group drives were ,.iiiiin.d.
The incorporation of architectural features
in the designs of il : g :n, rl.J -...rhi i.i-e and of
the .....i, r.-.aicl: ,h ne gas building was com-
pletL-.J Thi_ J..ii, and layout in pencil of
the electrical power di-nirut...n systems in
the machine and erccunt.i -iap. the lirge
shop, and the boiler anrd shipfitter shop were


I til: 4011r


Vol. VII, No. 6.

completed, including the switchb,.-ard. tran--
formers, and mi-tor-eener.,tcrr 4. ti to bi- in-
stalled in the machine -ho.p f..r siprpl'.ing
direct current fr vs ri.ib.i -.--.1 ni.t..r-
The design and t'r.i ral la.,,.luit .i he illuiinra.
tion systemr.- in tih itlnimnitcri.ri. building,
machine and ,:rtizn h.. -hp. andI the- lr..e
shop were :c.mph iI. -iL rl'ini-iri.n -ub.-
mitted for thi m.iicri i t.i i.r inl.tdd, l in
concrete walls -,f trhe .,,Jniri-trjIi.nt bt.uildini
The layout .If c.iim. 'n-I [.litinilitin; .-temns
in the admiri-rr.ir .. r huillir. : i-.mplct,-.,!
and requis'i..-r I'.r tlih. rnemaritil -ubnirted.
During thi rm.nilh. r.:oqu-ition,- cre -ub-
mitted for ;ll p;i. .ind rr intric- i, l, i in-tall, d
in the pipe an I c..-n.lii ..r tunnel;: lr the
transformer-. -- ir. hl_..-:r'.!-. iring, conduit.
reflectors, i rc I, 1 -r lh,. [ i n-r antI illuntmina.
tion syatenrr in lth. f.uridr1 and i planint mill:
for the steel rllii: UJ--..r- for cl,,;inc tl,: ends
of the maclhit;: .i.rI ereccnc ish-p. tl- :, forge
shop, the bU-ilr hot,. and rh,'_ IUnd.r,, ,anI
for the stru, turil -to:,il f-r rthe -Ihp ,-friLL
butllline \i ,ard s.st- rmade fr thi- -late
stalls for nine t..ilrt builline., for -ix 5-ton
cranes for the force h1-ip. and for i'ne 51.10-ton
forging pre:- Th,: dr..-I.cr, .in their l-thm,.4.
of all structural steel for Buildings I to 26.
inclusive, and fir the shafting suppurrs in
the machine and crec-ting shop ewas completed
The cement tile roofing is complete on the
oxy-acetylene building and 70 per cent com-
plete on the machine and erecting shop. The
pattern shop and fo-undry were tran-ferred
from Gorgona to Balboa The first pour of
bronze was made on Augu-t 14, and of iron.
on August 20.
On the site of the coaling plant, dry dock
No. 1, and the entrance basin, there were
72,006 cubic yards of earth, and ,0.232 cubic
yards of roc-k oecavatitd. of v.lich 90,134
cubic yards were uork excavation and 12,104
cubic yards sere plant excavati-in. a total of
102,238 cubic yard-. For fill and embank-
ment in preparation -if site. cofferdam. rail-
road yard track-, conrrurit .n tracks, shop
tunnel, dike-, etc., their e werc 107.0144 cubic
yards of e.,: avalti-n, of tihicih 53.15S cubic
yards were -iork t-casation and 53.S.'(. cubic
yards were plant e\ca,.ati,.,n Six thou-and,
three hundred and -i.tl- cuhic yard- olf c,,n-
crete were plac.nl, in conn foundations -hr..-,, tunnel cir--ion,. ctuay'
walls, etc., which involved the use lof 527.7S6
pounds of rintl.ri.inz stetl A total of 27 012
feet of pile- v:,: driven foir shop- and ma-
chinery found aii.in-,, .:-peratine tunnel. coffer-
dam, trestle, ind :lterct ln to -anl id...ck.
which consisted .f 20,430linear feet of n...oden
piles, 6,54(0 hnar fLtt oIf -hr.et piling. and
942 lincar lI:tt <. pipe pile-. The total
amount of tra,.i: laid wa! ;5,'02 feet. and
23,495 feet of track vere rem-ituvd. The fol-
lowingwork was, perfornmil on the quay walls
and pier: Stcienty-three linear fect of super-
structure compl.tcui, 2 S4,4 linear feet of
caisson manulacr Trcd. and 39 piers %,ere sunk
to rock; 2 507 5 linear feet ol cai-son were
sunk to rock. %ihich i- the larg.;et amount of
caisson work e'.er performed on the Isth.
mus in one month.
Fifth Division-Office of the Chief Engineer
C \VA lli UN.
Excavation-The total e\cavation amounted
to 103,014 cubic .ard- oif which 72,904 cubic

sar,-- were classified as rock, and 30.110 cubic
.ard-s as earth
F./ne anid embankrknent-Dry filling in the
pri-m .,f the we-t dam at Pedro Miguel was
increased by 1 750 cubic yard-, making the
total amount of material u-ed for thi- pur-
p=.- 60)') 518 cubic yards. The backfill at
Pedro .Mi.uel %was increased by 3,710 cubic
%ards the trtal quantity in place at the close
of the month bein-2 1,023,913 cubic aarts.
.\t NMiraflre., dr, filling in the wtat dam was
in-,ri'aed by Ir.,h60 cuaLic -yards, making the
r., al quantities of dry and hydraulic filling
in place at the celu.c of the m.nth I b,4Q,941
cubi yards s and-] 61,04.5 cubic yard-, re-
pi-,.rivly. Th.- tuicklill at Miratlore-s .a-a
incrra-,.J by 10021 rultic yard', the total
quantity in rpl"ce on Auiu-t 31 bein.l 1.900,-
750 cubic : '. ird-.
P dr-' .l[f.1t L, tk-\\'l.,rk consi:ted prin-
ripall..' in lo.adin our ob-,ulete tracks and
material: nTic longer needed. cleaning up. and
gradino oll the bac.klill Installarion i.I the
woi..i n I'f-ndcr on the ends '.I1 The north anti
south cilid walls a-continued The rentrc.l
house v.a. made ready f,-r the in-tallation of
the r,.-of trus-es.-
Length of worLine_ .d, Ilhouti, 8 00
Average number of hour per day worked
Ia ,.rig o-n, rte 3: 0 :l 1T workingg time 2
Avernce number of mitcrs tIer dy .... 35
Aver"-,. houroi output r-er miler. actul
onrliric: timr i'.,'ubic yr-ti. ............ 7.81
Concrete I;.1 '-it.. virdil .......... I .'0O 00
One is-ard miser wai in ier i.:e interm'ttentIV.
MAtraifrit Lr,(k-Wi.rk in the locks proper
wa, confineti chiefly to the dismantling of
berm cranes G and H. loading out of
obo-!ete tracks and material, and gener-al
cleaning up. Chamber crane; No; I and
3 wcre di mantled by the contractors Back-
filling of the northeast and northwest
wing salls %a; continued, and the fillin- of
the middle und guide wall; completed.
Steam-ho els continued to remove the dike-
and hi2h gro.ind ;n the lorebay of the lock
and the excavation of the- we-t forebay nas
fini-he At the cl-r e of the month, the
conr'rete work i.it lie Miraitlirrc ;pillva'l was
comiplc-tedl. except for the ,ipenirg left in the
dam: tlihe pier- had lbe--n brought to grade;
the footbr rite- were in pu-itiuon: the steel
gales ,uer,- in place in front of the openings,
and. fur of them ce-rc in final ptsieion Dry
:xc:aatvn.n in th, prt-m s.jurh lf the locks
was pra,:tially conirli t'i, all equipment was
rem,\i ,.IJ min the waters cof the Ii iL Cr.,nde
divtrt .. into the prr-m betwten the l.--cks
and th,- idke. \\hen the water in the prizm
reached (-le'. tri-n minus 20, the dike was
blown up and, with the admi-sion of the sea
water, the pri-m was soon complete5 filled.
Permanent Auxiliary
Plant Plant.

Length of norkang d3y ihoursi
Av rE number ol hoirs pei
dayu rtorkeI laing conLetee
actual working time ..
Average number of mitei. pej
day. .. ... ... . .
Average hourly output p"r mix
er aCtu31 working time lcu
bic % ardi.. .. .. .
Asernis amoijrnI.t of concrete I[aic
per hour pet berem or charribel
crane actual working liM(
(cubic yards ..............

8 00

19 23


7 63

Total conc-ree laid (cubic yardsll 2 844 00 1SO 00
Permamn ,ti pan.-One lerni and one chamber cr-sne.
AusuiariJ pl,.nt-Cirie i-said muter one I-yard mixer.
and locomotive crane and derncks averaging I 73
unit pet da).

Length of working day ihours ... ... .. 8 00.12.00
Aver-roe number of hours per dsy. actual
working ime .................... I 6 95
Average number of .-ubic yards crushed per
hour per workin d:ty .. ....... .. 171.96
Average number of cubic yards crushed per
working hour..... .. . I 42.84
ToLal outprut for the month (cubic yards' ..1 43.950.00
12-hour dsf from IIth to l8.h, inclusive.
Excavation during the month totaled
83.181 cubic yards: this unfavorable showing
"as due to pump troubles, line breakages,
and the necessity of cutting through heavy
rok, in order to extend the flume on proper
grade into the aurca of active slides.
Sisth Division-Office of the Chief Enlineer.
Sev.'cn drcdes iere engaged in channel and
inner harbor excavation at Balboa. removing
465.457 cubic yardss of varrh and 260,799
C.ublie ard -if rock from the Canal prism, and
256..127 cubic ,ard_ ..I earth from the inner
harbr and terminal basin sire, a total of
1.012,383 tubic vards. At the close of the
month, there remained to- be removed from
the Canal prism, not including fill, 2,564,838
cubic yards. The French ladder dredge
Goplcer, engaged in sand excavation at Punta
Cham. during the entire month, removed
16,100 cubic yards .
Nine dredges were in operation during the
month, removing 487,600 cubic yards of
earth and 24,489 cubic yardsof rock from the
Canal prism. On August 31, there remained
to be excavated 1,023,651 cubic yards. In
addition to prism excavation, 171,851 cubic
yards of coral sand from Margarita Bay,
6 651 cubic yards of earth from between piers
Nos. 2 and 3 at Colon. 3,500 cubic yards of
earth and coal from the coal dock slip, 21,564
cubic ,ards of coral 'and from along the
south side of pier No. 17. and 8,139 cubic yards
of earth and 2,850 cubic yards of coral from
around the corner, of piers Nos. 15 and 16
and alone the face of pier No 15, were taken
out. At the close of the month, 40 feet of
slater could be carried from zero to zero plus,
2.100 feet; 35 feet to mile post 6, plus 2,300
fr, t: 30 feet to mile post 6. plus 2,320 feet;
20 feet to mile post 6. plus 2.350 feet; 10 feet
to mile pC.-t 6, plus 2,.00 feet, at the barrier
aCrots the Canal.
nDiision of Municipal Englneerin-Office of the
Chirf Engineer.
The construction of the new Colon water-
work' progre-:td sati-factc-rily. During the
month, the main floor oi the filter building
was finished, work in the sedimentation basin
practically completed. and in the aeration
ba-in all concrete cas in plat- except the
lamp poets. The Colon improvements were
practically completed, with the exception of a
small amount of curb and gutter on the
west side of G street. The usual mainte-
nance of the streets. seners, and water system
was carried on in Cristobal, Gatun, and
New Gatun.

At Balboa, the construction of the storm
sewer in the new American townsite, and work
on the West Indian townsite were continued.
The usual maintenance work on sewer and
water systems, streets, and roads was per-
New Panama uaterworks-Work was con-


tinued on excavation for the building and
pump sump of Miraflores pump station No. 1.
The concrete foundation for the intake house
was completed and work on the walls was well
under way at the end of the month. Exca-
vation inconnection with the Mirafloresfiltra-
tion plant was continued and the site for the
wash water tank was cleared On August
5, work was commenced on the Ancon high
service reservoir.
Atlantic Division.
The month's excavation totaled 18.543
cubic yards. The backfill placed during
August amounted to 1S,60S cubic yards: at
the close of the month, the backfill was97.08
per cent completed.
Retccriing and issuing materiai-The issues
of rock amounted to 8,927 cubic yards Sand
receipts amounted to 2,5S2 cubic yards, the
issues to 3,398 cubic yards. Cement re-
ceipts totaled 8,414 barrels, and the issues
amounted to 8,904 1 barrels.
Concrete uw,0k-A total of 201) cubic yards of
concrete was laid, dritributed, as follows
Upper locks, 24 cubic ,ards; lower locks.
176 cubic yards. The locks masonry is,
practically completed.
Length of working da. thur:) 8 00
Average number of hour; per da,. Vorkeqr.
per strand o[ cableray. laying concrete
actual working ti;me...:. .......... 0 296
Average number of mixerE pei day ... 2 00
Average hourly output Der mrcuer, actual
working Lime (cubic lai'dl . 6000
Average amount c.i c.-ncreLe lad DeT hou,
per strand of cabler.a,. actual t or.iLg
time (cub.c yards ..... . . 29 42
Concrete laid (cu. ydi.). c.ablea..; 1.813
Concrete la;d (cu. yds.). portable
mixers . .... ....... 18
Concrete laid (cu. yds.'i hand mrnL;d 103
Concrete laid (cu. .ds I transmti..or',
duct line ....... .. ........ ... 197
Total amount of concrete laid (cu. ydq.) .. 2.431.00
Construction during the month increased
the total fill, as determined by car measure-
ment, 78,795 cubic yards, making the total
amount in place 21,962.362 cubic yards. On
September 1, the dam was 99.83 per cent com-
pleted. Additions to the dry fill amounted to
73,797 cubic yards, which were placed on the
north and south toes of the dam, east and west
of the spillway, making the total dry fill in
place 11,743,950 cubic yards
Concrete laid during the month amounted
to 2,104 cubic yards, making the total quan-
tity in place 227,749 cubic yards Concrete
work was 99.45 per cent completed at the
close of the month.
Hydroelectric plant-The total excavation
reported for July was not increased. During
the month, 924 cubic yards of concrete were
placed, making a total of 6,675 cubic yards.
Out of a total of 24,026 cubic yards of
Porto Bello rock placed on the breakwater
during August, 8.247 cubic yards were un-
loaded by cranes and 15,799 cubic yards by
derrick barges. The total amount placed
upon the breakwater to September 1 was
296,693 cubic yards.
Central Division.
The total amount of material excavated
during the month was 843,700 cubic yards.
of which 185,441 cubic yards were classified
as earth and 658,259 cubic yards as rock.
The entire amount was removed by steam-
shovels. 810,100 cubic yards being classified

as primary excav.ation and 33,600 cubic yards
as plant excavation. Of1 the total primary
excavation, 245.000 cubic yavds Here taken
from within the lines of the Canal prism,
and 648.300 cubic yards s from without the
Canal prism, the latter amount beina exca-
vated from slide-, and from high levels as a
preventive measure against slides.
The daily average number of steamnrhovels
at work was 34.65, and the total number of
shovel days Aas 901, as compared with 40.74
shovels at work and 1.01S hovecl days in
July. For compariz.n nith the w:rk doneby
stea mshovels during the correspundinc month
of the previous .~er, the following table is

Esca- Cli..iF.c aionol c.
Period lid hr materIal. -
5ho, el. V
Rock E..rth
9l d Cu Yd, cu Vr- -c Y, c Y
Aug l1i. ,]32 rSS 533 9, 11 -|l
1913 I
Aug I 4 r.,fi' 65 v9 1i t Il, ?4 65 26' 936.00
Rainfall at Empire, 1912. LI..i u ins.: 1913 1( 4Ain$s,
The estimated amount of material removed
and to be removed, according to the revision
of July 1. 1913, is 115,696.455 cubic vards.
l'p to September 1, 1913. 108,931,355 cubic
yards had been removed, Ieaving 6.7o5.100
cubic yards to be removed, in order to com-
plete all excavation in this division. At the
close of the month, 94.15 per cent of all ex-
cavatinn was completed On August 31,
the status of the work in the two sections
which compose this division was, as follows:
CutLEBRA CUT. Cubsc yards,
Dry excavation sccompl, h.d ........ '. 0. -'o 700
Exca action to be accomplihed....... ... 6.515 100
Dry excavation comnpleed.. ........ ... 12.34.655
W'et excavation to be ac':cnplished......... 150 003
Material dumped frr.m the Nacs Island
trestle during the mr.nth totaled 31,557 cubic
The daily average number of laborers at
work was 5,738, hilk the average numnberof
gold men working was 5t,3
Quartermaster's Departmcntl
The force report (f August 27 -howed
39.962 men actuall, working for the Commis-
sion and the Panama Railroad Company.
The actual working force. ,:f he several con-
tractors totaled 2.923 m.i Tlihr.:- nxas a
surplus of labor throughout the m.rtlh. Re-
ports show an Lxcess of emigration over im-
migration during the month of about 1,700.
The cork performed by the building di-
vision was greater in amount than I,:-r any'
pre% ious month since building work aas taken
over by this depart m-nt; it uas practically all
rush work. The number of men employed
was greater than in any single month since
the erection of quarters for American em-
ployes in the early days of the work; a great
deal of overtime was put in. The amount of
maintenance and repair work on Panama
railroad buildings, taken over on August 1,
exceeded anticipations. On February 14,
it was estimated that 12 gangs of 40 men
each, working continuously from March I
to September 1, would complete the demoli-
tion and removal of all American buildings
used as- married and bachelor quarters in
Gorgona. An average of only eight gangs
was used and, in addition to work on Ameri-

can quarters, eight French buildings were
moved and three of them reerected, all shop
buildings were demolished and two of them
moved and reerected, and the work was com-
pleted on the date set.
Save at Ancon and Balboa, there is no con-
gestion in bachelor quarters. The transfer
of families. from Gorgona was completed, and
the regular assignment lists in all districts.
closed in March last in order the the residents
of Gorgona might be taken care of, were
opened. The li.t, of applicanon: lor married
quarters at Criiobal and CuLkln were con-
solidated, and the rules governing assign-
ments to railroad and Commission quarters
were made uniform. There was a decrease
in the total number of applications
The value of material received was $913,-
142.13. This material came forward in 37
steamers having a total weight of cargo, cx-
clusive of lumber, piling, and ties. of 15.942
tons. Nine million feet of lumber were re-
ceived during the month; this is the largest
amount received in any one month during
the American occupation.
Subsistence Department.
The Hotel Tivoli was operated at a profit
of $5.1j21.01. The operation of the line
hotels, laborers' messes, and restaurants
resulted in a net profit of $1.725.70. The
total net profit on subsistence operations
during the month was $7,347.61.
Department of Civil Administration.
During the month, 53 civil and 50 criminal
cases were disposed of in the circuit courts,
and 72 civil and 470 criminal cases in the
district courts.
Money order sales amounted to $402,985.-
80, and the fees to $1,890.38. Receipts from
stamp and card sales and newspaper postage
aggregated SS,214 22. The total collection of
revenues was S 15.169. 1 b. and the collections
on account of court fines, costs, and fees,
$2,755.61. A total of $164,968 was deposited
in postal savings accounts, and a total ol
$155,4,9 was withdrawn. At the port of
Ancon, 20 vessels entered and 21 cleared; at
the port of Cristobal. 19 entered and 21
The total number of persons arrested was
484, of whom 412 were men and 72 women.
Fifteen convicts were committed to the peni-
tentiary and 10 were discharged, leaving 143
convicts in confinement at the close of the
month. The cost of guarding and subsisting
these prisoners was $2,466.25, and the value
of the work performed by them on the roads
of the Canal Zone was $2,5o9. 0
Ten fires were reported in the Canal Zone.
The property involved was estimated to be
worth $35,112. The damage occasioned was
Department of Sanitation.
The total number of deaths from all causes
among employes was 39 divided, as follows:
From disease 21, and from violence 18, giving
an annual average per thousand of 4.31 and
3.69, respectively The annual death rate
per thousand among employes for the month
of August, 1912, was 10.01
The annual aseragt deatli rair per thou--

_ _

October 1, 1913.


V'ol. VII, No. 6.

sand in the Canal Zone, and in the cities of
Panama and Colon, including both employes
and nonempl,...-, was 24.23. This rate is
based up'.' i' pl.'pilation in the Canal Zone of
(? .q10 according to the census of February,
1912, and populations in Panama and Colon,
resrectivrl' ,of 47,172and 20,232, asestimated
bv the Derrartment of Sanitation. The annual
average death rate per thousand among the
same classes of population for the month of
August, I1'1 was 25.69.
Segregating the whites from the blacks,
the annual average death rate per thousand
from disease among employes was: Whites,
2.91; blacks, 4.69, giving a general average
for disease of 4.31. For the same month dur-
ing 1911, the annual death rate per thousand
from disease among whites was 6.45; blacks,
6.23, giving a general average of 6.27; and
for the same month in 1912: Whites, 6.91;
blacks, 7.86, giving a general average of 7.63.
Among erm plh,, ,., deaths from the principal
diseases were: Lobar pneumonia, four; ma-
laria fever, E. A., three; tuberculosis of the
lun '.;, three; abscess of the liver, entamoebic,
two, leaving nine deaths from all other dis-
eases and 18 deaths from external violence.
'" No cases of yellow fever, zniallp,.x'. or
plague originated on, or was brought to the
Isthmus. luring the month.
Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Red Cross Finances.
A statement of the finances of the Canal
Zone Chapter, American National Red Cross,
for the month of August, 1913, follows:
August t On hand... ........ $2,101.21
August 12, l. i,.n 1 i.r mealsfur-
r.. 1 .i Cristobal
hotel ............. 2.35
August 31, Membership dues.. 1.00
August 31, Interest credited at
bank .. ... ... 7.40
August 5. Deporta tion of dcsti-
tute wife of ex-em-
ploye.. .......... ? On
.A i e t S5 o i ,r . . . .. 2 .rs
.. 8, i. .I,.l i: American
unable to get work. 25.00
August 19, Relief of destitute
American, Cristobal I 75
August 25, Deportation of
American lady, An-
con ............. 30.00
August 26, Making cat for ad-
vertsing hal.. .. 10 CO

August 31, Balance on hand.............. $2,018.21
Approved: Treasurer.

Missing Men.
Any one having information r irtri: the
whereabouts of Mr. George Albert Grant, who
is supposed to be on the Isthmus, is requested
to communicate with the American Consu-
late General, Panama.
Any one having information regarding the
whereabouts of Mr. Leslie Crawford, who is
supposed to be on the Isthmus, is requested
to communicate with Mr. Win. 0. Beckel,
Box 18, Cristobal.
Any one having information regarding the
whereabouts of Mr. J. S. Sin,:r, who is sup-
posed to be on the Isthmus, is requested to
*communicate with Mr. G. C. Singer, Hotel
Veranda, Norristown, Pa.
Any one having information regarding the

whcre.iboutiKc of Mr. John Ryner, whu is .iup-
p.oi.sd rtj be on the Isthmuw, is requested to
ro)mmiimni.-3ate with THE CA% 1L RccukDo.
Esimina'ions by Board of Local Inspectors.
1'h- Bu rrJ of L..,,,l In-ir.ctors T,!Il condu,:t
e~janil 1atiii.i it the .\V nmini-t n at in ildind g,.
A rniri.n ..,n 'e,.dne.,' Otr.,b r S. I')1 3, ,i,.-
.,nnini [.romptl% at 2 i' rn.. foer pr.o:n- dr-.

siring to procure the following cla ses of
licenses Pilots, masters, mates, marine en-
gineers, chauffeurs, and natigators ,if motor
boats. All applhcant4 for license mu-t pro-
cure from the Ecruri\tc Office. Anton, form
of application andI information respecting
the fillin out l t o 4rne, at last .no da:, before
the elandination. Apphlicnts for chaufleurs'
lic;'n:-e must alto brino aut.om.'.bil:s.


The for,:- report lr Au.,uti 2-' ;lhov- [h ..acrual worl.irr= fori' oul the Canal Commission to
b, 35.U05: ol the F'Parnna railroad, 4 '*5', :nd of [lie contr.l-torrs 2.923. a total effective
,,irkir,l I.,r.,:; of 42,.S'5 ir.tn, ii, increase- of 401, a; compared %ith the statement for July.
Ihe .I'1 l'for, con rilh Canal A ork, ompoic-d arlm -c ext luMi\el' ol white Americans, was
4 017 a rcJud t,,n cl '.6. a, i o)mp.ar,:d with the pre\ ious month. A statement o the Canal
lor. ," by dii'. 'i_'on, r.llo 's.

Lroiri ..rn


s\,_rhi I-11 1q

3 ;1

4j 1T 2m't; ~'


4_ -7_4___1____1_ I

.t e Inrr

of Yij

i, ms~


3 ,'2 n 10 25 V.
311 '); ;
I 2i, It 3 O'i

4 .3 ri, l >n c4i8
ii l ? ? i.


34 930

irr r ,1 .1 ftiI, 1 i, j,.sr ,Ir.I ,I. .5, o ,i ;n. rsr, r,- I.., .r.* s r j r. e 1 3,2 total 313.106.

ITWfio f, r.i-. rt ,IIII T.-f [)ofjart minrit. o I C.-onru,- 1i- ond FriE. nCreflZ, inc Iuding The em-
JI -r. ts i o rr.,. or-4 .-11 u11 All ii 25al? i'. d4I~ls W

to, I~ ,o,*,, rsi,rsr

1 1 .i 32111-C

-:. 4 2--. 7 7 A. I _-.- `_

I 1.1 Q~~ji. ii. i., I 30

o 5. 3 319
20 3 23

4.) 1.,* I6 3 2 i

-'L 'I TEr-

AnC ,
Cor .- ,1
Mir.rl r.
Ped;. IuI
Par-, .,
Cul t.- ,
I i ,
Bas ii...,.,

Cri! ,'.. ,! .
Tor. i'V i
Pon.. b1 .

4~ ~ I.dii.

t~~s1 44.

,~~1 128''j. i
-I I 4 03 U ''3t 21j is

Iu 's 1 1,i1 u 1

6 V .2 0 1 3 ;us Its? 2b, 019 856 1.232

74 P31i1.111 iim,.i, 1- 1 J- m, I --[ Illni 1..- un: Op li.Li,-lsa S4 i',,,risninsr,. Oi ineiude, critic lJ,-ssh.
and t sk,.i "i,1r%,i' Iii- ii. hii -. 41 7 t In-,i. 11 Amn, ri.iii It;,r ," .' Pamam.infoau.u k71 InJudes2J
Asiati Golid huo~. ji cuncr.i. E[sri i.nduded .,bst C. 311 jaufdses. and 481 baclielarg.





Oeobrr 1, 1913.



Central Division to be Abolished-Work Appor-
tioned Among Other Departments.
The Central Division will be abolished
at the close of business on Friday, October
10, the date set for the blowing up ol Gamboa
dike. It was first organized on July 1, 1909,
succeeding the Department ,f Excavation and
Dredging, and was assigned the Canal terri-
tory extending frUm the south toe of Gatun
Dam to the north end of the lock -.ite at Pejro
Miguel, a distance along the axi- of the Canal
of 31.69 miles. It embraced the entire extent
of the former Culebra and Chagres Divisions,
which hat.e since been known as the Culebra
and Chagres sections of the Central Divi-ion
Its scope ol operations also included the con-
struction of the Naos Island breakwater, the
clearing of timber from the channel in the lake
section, and such municipal, sanitary, and
building work as was included within its ter-
ritorial limits. The Canal work was divided
into five construction di=tricts,and was placed
incharge of Lieut.-Col. D. D. Gaillard. asdivi-
sion engineer, with the following assistants:
Mr. Earl A. Bronk, chief clerk: Mr. Louis K.
Rourke, assistant division engineer; Mr.
A. S. Zinn, resident engineer; Mr. Mark W.
Tenny, Mr. R. W. Hebard, Mr. W. L. Thomp-
son, and Mr. George H. Ruggles, assistant
engineers. Of the di. ision engineer's assistants
at that time, only two, Messrs. Zinn and
Tenny, are now connected with the organiza-
With the resignation of Mr. Rourke on May
1, 1910, a reorganization of the work was
effected. The position of assistant division
engineer was abolished, and that of general
superintendent of construction created. The
five construction districts were consolidated
into four, as follows: The Chagres River dis-
trict, extending from Gatun to the Chagres
River, at Gamboa; the Empire district, ex.
tending from Gamboa to the Empire suspen-
sion bridge; the Culebra district extending
from the suspension bridge to the railroad
crossing north of Pedro Miguel Lucks, and the
Pedro Miguel district embracing the exca,.a-
tion between the railroad crossing and the
locks, the dumps south of Pedro Miguel, and
the construction of the Naos Island break-
water. At the beginning of the dry season in
1909, the clearing, grubbing, and burning of
trees and brush in the Gatun Lake channel
was begun, and a total" of 950.4 acres was
cleared up to June 30, 1910.
On May 10, 1911, the engineering branch of
the division was reorganized. Previous to this
time, the field and office work had been han-
dled by the resident. engineerat Empire, with
offices in change of assistant engineers at
Las Cascadas and Paraiso. The two latter
offices were abolished, and their work trans-
ferred to the office of the resident engineer at
Empire. Slides became troublesome during
1910-11, but the movement at Cucaracha,
with which both the French and the Ameri-
cans have had to deal, ceased temporarily, the
last steamshovel cut at this point having been
made in the early part of June, 1911, on the
permanent berm at the 95-foot level. The
slide at Culebra began to assume a formidable
aspect at this stage. Clearing in the Gatun
Lake section, embracing a total area of about
1,132 acres, was completed during the fiscal
year 1910-11.
During the fiscal year 1911-12, it was de-

cided to continue the plan of decreasing the
pressure on the Canal banks at all places
where breaks were likely to occur, by remov-
ing the material abote, and this arrangement
has continued without interruption until the
present time A board was appointed and
submitted a report on the Naos lbland break-
water, which had been giving trouble for
some time, due to the livingg of the bottom
under pressure cau-ed by the veieht of st.ine
dumped Irt-m the trestle. The board recom-
mended the building of a double trrtle, whi,'h
permitted of dumping on either 'ide, thereby
spreading the fill, and the plan wau carried out.
The Chacre,' district of the divisi,,n was
abolis.hed on Augu-t 19, 1912 and the title
of it changed to the Relocation Dump-.. On
October 1, 1912. th.- Empire district %a-, ex-
tended from the Chauress River tii Station 17-
60 the Culebra district from Station 1760 t-,
Pedro Miguel Luck-,, and the Pedro Migul.-
district nas changed to compri-c the Central
Di ision tracks south from a point opposite
the north face of the northeast winc .all ')l
Pedro Miguel locks, and the Mlirarure-. and
Balboa dumps On september 20, 1I12, the
Empire district was made to include the hled
on the nest bank at Culebra. On N.,ocmb-er
1b, 1912, the timekeeping u. the Cub:bra and
Empire districts was concentrated in the
office of the division engineer, and on Janu-
ary 15, 1913, the samc action wai, taken vith
respect to the relocation dumps. On JulN I,
M112, the Empire shops, former under the
division, and the Las Ca-cadas wrecking out-
fit, were tran-lerred to the Mechanical
Di% ision.
The Naos Island dike, 3.29 miles long, con-
tinued to give trouble during the fiscal ear
191'2-13, and it ha, proved one ol the most
difficult pieces of eni'cnering the di' iHon has
had to contend with. LUpto June U, 1913, the
tre.-tle had been entirely completed, and filled
aith the exception of a stretch about 600 feet
long. The settlement continued, and in one
locality, the vertical movement %\as as much
as 50 feet. Not a single loot ol the trestle
constructed during the pa-t three sears re-
mainsi at present under the track for which
it was intended, hbaing moved to one side
laterally as much as IIJU leet. So large has
been this movement that actual observations
in recent months have shown that the quan-
tity of stone required to complete the dike up
to its present height nas at least ten times the
theoretical quantity which would have been
required had the bottom been unyielding. The
dike ha, nearly always slid out when the sur-
face of the water i- at the lowest elevation, at
which time, the pressure on the bottom of the
dike is maximum.
The distribution ol the work after the
division is abolished is outlined in an official
circular printed on another page of thi' i-,ue
of THE CANAL RECORD. Lieut.-Col Gaillard,
division engineer, on account of ill health,
was compelled to return to the United States-
on August 9, 1913.
The total amount of explosives used in this
territory since the bliginnirin ol work b%
the American, is approximately\ 3S,729,L00i
The total amount of material remove d from
the territory of the Central Divi-ion frum May
4, 1904 until September 10, 1913, the date
steamshovel operations were permanently
suspended, including all accessory work, with

the exception of sluicing back of Gold Hill. is,
as follows:

Fi i pe,
'nhin E- sh kot Total cnt
June 30 r..k.
l0U4 24 0 I- I 't 0s | Mr; I '6 0r 3
lU1)5 3W 1-141 I 344 l[ ; 41 644 46 40
1"06 1 ?.1 P5. ; 742.231 I 1 56 ? 10 4
]li: ?41' I tll9 -1 1 & 1 2U i ; 71 iJ14 57 55
l u S i3tI I._ I.n *.o tI l, l t10
'llO 130.4S I 3 3 I5 ;.3 N, '... U Iu i tiS
mit l I 1 5'3 :1. 1 1i .0 Q0: I i 5 .44 'I: ", 5
1.1 2 : ::0o ec.5 (1t40 411' I t1 1,,,: si3 61
7t"l i :Q i 1i i .A& 1.1f 662 i; sO
1 i1 lu .I
ll,& U i 394.:', l.: .3 :26 I :8-. 000 :7 '5
To'.l .- 3)0 5.S,% 3'i : 5:0 '3? t)il 16u 3 72 us
The vardtiae for Sm-ememNtr I t to 0th minlu.lti. 3a
I'.T by -3r Irr., ir r.t,-n, 13 I ,62, Cul c y.ut ..r
Of th'e ol je rotal. 105,743,176 cubic yards
wer,: rim.: .. -i Ir.rm the Canal prism; 1,360,-
6'3 rCubic '.,ardJs frim the Obispo Diversion,
ahile 271,69S cubic ',ard.l consisted of out-
-ide wc-rk.
COf the thr-,: c-r-at .ui-nTructiun divisions
uranizi.do in Jul-. loI S-Atlantic. Central,
un i P ,-til'l .-- nl un,' the Atlantic rcmairis
in ei-tenre Thi Pacific Di% ision was
ii.-.hi-:hed upon the r.--ignati.,-n of Mr. S. B.
Williamson it- division engini-er, in January
1. 1913.

Lieut.-Col. Eugene T. Wil'on returned
from leave of absen-:e un the United Fruit
Company's -teamer Aban.e-rc:, from New
Orleans, on Thur-daj, September 25.
Maj. Jame- P..,tell Jervey, Corps of En-
cineers. U. S. A re-ident engineer in the At-
lantic Divi-ion, has been transferred from the
Canal Commiissi.n service, and, accompanied
by his family sailed for New York on the
Custaoial on September 27. He arrived on
the Isthmu- on Jluly 24, 190S, and nas as-
sistant engineer in the Atlantic D,. vision until
'eptember 15 of that %ear. Upon the re-
organization ol that division, he was made
resident engineer and placed in charge of the
ma-snry con-truictin uf Gatun Lucks, a which
14 now c-'mpleted Nlaj...r Jcr.eu, was gradu-
ated from \West Point, aith a commi--ion of
second lieutenant. Corps of Enginter', on
June 11, 1S02. and attained his present rank
of major on February 28, 190S. His army
carter includes service in the Philippines;
fr.,m February to September, 19116, hic was
engineer of the Moro proi since, and from that
time until July if the following year, he was
both enginet-r and secretary. In addition to
his other army duties. he has serned as in-
structor of enuineerinig at \\',-t Puint, and at
the Enginrr School at Wa-hington. On
O0.tober 15, Major Jerve, awill rlit-ve Major
F. W. Altstaetrer, Corps of Engineers, of
duties .n the Ohi.) Ri\er pertaining to the
Wheeling district.
Mlaj. George M. Hoffman, Corps of En-
gineers, UI. S. A., resident engineer in the
Atlantic Division. with headquartersat Gatun,
has been tran-'frred from the Canal Com-
mission servn ice, and -ailed for Ne\ YN ork on
the Panama .'n Monday, September 29. He
arrived on the Isrthmus on January 10, 190.8,
and nas made a--istant division engineer of
the old Chagre-. Dii -ion. With the be-
ginning ofl operations en Gatun Dam and
Spillway, he was placed in charge of this
work by Lieut.-Col. Sibert, and leaves with
both projects practically completed. He
vas made resident engineer on August 1,


Vol. VII, No. 6.

1910. Major Hoffman entered the United
States Military Academy at West Point
on June 15, IS92, and upon his graduation
in 1896, waa made a second lieutenant in
the Corps of Engineers. He was promoted
to First Lieutenant on July 5, 1898; to
Captain on April 23. 1904, and to Major
on December 3, 1909. He has been trans-
ferred to the Mississippi River improvement
service, with headquarters at Rock Island, Ill.
Mr. Arthur Sessions, superintendent of
transportation in the Central Division, hIas
resigned, effective October 15. He has ac-
cepted the position of general superintendent
of transportation for the Bocas Division of the
United Fruit Company, with headquarters at
Bocas del Toro, Panama. He came to the
Isthmu. on May 10,1905, entering the service
of the Canal Commission as trainmaster. He
was appointed assistant superintendent of
transportation in the old Culebra division on
July 1, 1906, and was promoted to his present
position on August 22, 1908.
Judge H. A. Gudger sailed for New York on
the Panama, on Monday, September 29, on
his annual leave of absence.
Gov. 0. B. Colquit, Mrs. Colquit, and Miss
Mary C. Colquit of Austin Tex.; Mr. and
Mrs. J. N. Graves of Oklahoma City, Okla.;
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bonner, Miss Garland
Bonner, and J. S. Bonner, Jr., of Houston,
Tex., and Mrs. W. E. Fitzgerald of Austin,
were members of a party that arrived from
New Orleans on the Parismina on Monday,
September 29, on a sightseeing trip to the

Falling Off in Immigration.
According to the figures of the quarantine
service the number of steamship passengers,
who embarked at Colon for foreign ports
during August, was greatly in excess of the
number who landed; the total was 4,267, con-
sisting of 1,935 cabin, and 2,332 steerage pas-
sengers. The number of persons who landed
from foreign ports was 2,403, consisting of
1,189 cabin, and 1,214 steerage passengers.
The number of persons who embarked over
those who landed was 1,860. The immigra-
tion from the West India islands consisted of
135 cabin, and 858 steerage passengers. This
is a falling off of 665 in the number of steerage
passengers, as compared with the month of
July, and shows that tne information, which
was recently disseminated throughout the
islands to the effect that no more employment
with the Isthmian Canal Commission is to be
had, has been of benefit. Apart from the
West Indies, the country sending the most
steerage passengers to the Isthmus of late is
Colombia. The number of steerage passen-
gers from Colombian ports in August was 103,
as compared with 139 in July. There were
only 53 steerage passengers from Europe
during the entire month. The number of per-
sons arriving "in transit," practically all
tourists, was 2,407, as compared with 2,306
in July, an.increase of 101.
The number of persons who landed at the
ports of Panama and Ancon during the
month from foreign ports was 570i.con iting of
453 cabin, and 117 steerage pj.-.ngcr-. The
numberof persons who embarked for foreign
ports, was 554, consisting of 382 cabin, and
172 steerage passengers. The number who
landed over those who embarked was 16.
The net emigration from the Isthmus during
August was 1,844.


Activities of the YoOng Men's Christian Associa-
The moving picture schedule for the week October
6 to 11, is, as follows: Mund-.,'. Cristobal; Tuesday.
Empire; Wednesday, Lor.-il. Thursday, Gatun.
Friday, Culebra and Porto Bello.
On September 28, a meeting of the representative-s
of the Y. M. C. A. chess clubs was held at the Cristobe.l
clubhouse, when it was decided to hold an all-Isthmian
chess tournament, to begin on Saturday, October 4
Rules and regulations for the tournament were adopted
and forwarded to the various clubhouses.
Through special arrangement with Mr. R. A. Linton.
who has secured sole right to exhibit Taos. A, Edison's
recently invented kinetophone (talking moving pic-
tures), in several South American countries, these pic-
tures are beingexhibitedat theZone lcibh..u.- d-ur;ng
the current week. This is the rirt i.,mn. ina talking
moving pictures have been exhibited on the Zone.
Corozal defeated Gatun at basketball on Saturda$
evening, September27, by a scoreof 23 to 14.
There was a large attendance at the "Smoker" held
on Thursday evening, September 25. The program
consisted of a baritone solo by Mr. Case; selection
by the Tenth Infantry orchestra; violin solos by Mt
Whitehead; blackboard sketches by."Steve;" recital
of an irish poem by "Dick" Roberts; the "Canal dig.
ger's dream," by Mr. Biedermann; moving pictures.
and two wrestling matches, one between Messrs.
Howe and Grimm, won by Howe; in two minutes.
and the other, between Christy and Martinoff, resulting ;
in a draw after 10 minutes work. Cigars and refresh-
ments were served.
Edison's invention, the kinetophone, or talking;
moving picture machine, will be at the clubhouse on
Friday night of this week.
The Culebra basketball team is scheduled to play
the Corozal team on Thursday night, October 2.
Culebra won three games in bowling from the Corozai
players on Saturday evening, September 27.
The concert given by the Tenth Infantry band on
Sunday evening was attended by over 300 people.
For the benefit of those who were unable to attend
the first entertainment, Mr. D. V. Stratton repeated
his lecture on the Sacramento Valley and the Panama-
Pacific Exposition, illustrated by slides and moving
pictures, on Monday pight, September 29.
The regular moving picture show will be given Fri
day night, October 3, instead of Thursday night.
The Sunday night song service will be held on October
5, at 7.30 p. m. All are invited to attend.
Four games of basketball were played in the local
league during the past week, at the close of which the
league standing was, as follows :
Won. Lost.
Reds...................... .... 1
Blues............. ......... 3 .... I
W hites............... ...... 2 .... 2
Greens.... ....... ......... 0 .... 4
The opening game for Empire in the Isthmian basket-
ball league will be played at Cristobal.
The Empire tenpin bowling team defeated the Camr,
Elliott team three games on Tuesday evening, Sep-
tember 23, on the Empire alleys.
The opening game of the Isthmian tenpin bowling
tournament will be between Empire and Camp Elliott.
at Empire, on Saturday evening, October 4.
About 50 new books have been added to the library.
and can be drawn.
A public debate will be held on Friday evening, Oc-
tober 3, to which all are invited to attend. Subject.
"Resolved, that the United States should take military
steps to pacify Mexico." Speakers for the affirmative
will be Messrs. F. G. Swanson and W. F. Morrison,
for the negative, Messrs. J. H. Beckmeyer and W. H.
Dougherty. Mr. Watson will be chairman of the meet-
ing, and Mr. Barrett, secretary.
President Brown extends a cordial invitation to all
members of the Y. M. C. A. to loin in the local chess
club. In addition to the local tournament, Gatun will
'.,e I, Ir,;i.,nl- in I -.. 1U;t.:i-.;; ;on .. lii:. i urn am n i.
T ro,: Lt rnJing 01 the JOC,) l t ,ow n m ennt cro SaLurda,
evening. September 27, was, as follows:
Name. Won. Lost. P. C.
Logan.................... 5 .... 0 .... 1.000
Marquand................. 8 .... 2 800
Farley ..................... 1 .... 1 ... 50. s 0
Byrne..................... 2 .... 3 .. 400
Brown..................... 2 .... 4 ... 333
Carson ... .. ....... ..... 2 .... 6 .. 250
F He.e . 0 .... 1 .... o 00l
i.,liill .... 0 .... 3 .... o u000)
H E. Dewey of Gatun ha.i accepted the challenge

of Chain. Wehmafer of Cristobal for a series of two
maitces of 150 balls each. to decide the pool champion.
ship of the Ihthmus. The r.'.t match was played at
Gatun on Tuesday evening. September 23, and re-
sulted in 3 victory for Mr. Dewey. the score being 161
to 139. The second match to complete the 300 balls
mill be played at CristoLal in th, near future.
The -tanding olf lbh Popular 'nand;cap pool tourna-
meit -r, saturday evening. Scptem'ier 27 wa.a as follows:
,."Name. lon. Lo;t. P.C.
Dfr . . .... .. 0 .. 1.000
P-itt. ... ...... 4 .. .. ... 00
Town :e. .. ... .... 3 1 .... .750
o. .n .. 5 3 ... .625
B l,, . . . . 4 .. 3 .571
K rniiih . 3 . .. .500
.r.-r,n..-.n .. . ... . .. 1 . .500
ir, . 3 4 ... 450
I-, lar: .... 2 .... 3 .400
rnla ,," 2 .... 6 .... 250
R. r .-r . 1 .... 4 .. .200
Dennis. 0 ... ... 000
. . . 0 .. 4 . 000
Mri, .j. Wl.r, ho'.1 th,e duckin record for lad e.,
ha ing .,.ored 13'i d'rlreg tihe month of September.
Thl. killing lav'e io;ned the Gatun V. M. C. A.
or.-:h:tra' Mc- M'.Neel'. Giddnga. ratland.
Smith %\hiit-..n andLute Mr. and Mr. D.R. Walker,
anid .Irs. NMcLeod Otneisare welcome to Jatn at any
A crr,.ert a3; eCien by the string orche:trn of the
i.-mhli0p Priii Auii;st 1' i "n. on Tuesda night.
,r.iemtm-r 24. Gatun deleateo Critstbal the tame
night it basketball. *core 19 to 6.
lPr.idernt V\oodroi V WlVon s Meu.-an policy" will
be .:''':n, red bI le'r- Hirp and D3 I at the ds
Cu-ioun .:lab me'-etl onOtnber Q. On the following
Th, r .lay niht. Dr C. C PTerce dupcrnntendent of
C-c.lcn Ho,'ital %ill stilk on Sex hg;iene." The
public li invited to attendJ theme meetinps.
NlM brr-; ol the b,',I a depa, tin:rt made the trip
to Gatun Fr day alEtrnoon. September 2b1. to witness
the rpa,' sae of tIhe firat boat through the locks.
In a .-loely conteiced game the MNrine defeated
the Cr,iubal team at basketball on Saturday night.
Sepren-tber 1-. b',', a :orie o1' 7 to 20
On Satur.Js rilhit September 27. the Cristobal team
took two out oi tree game at tenpins from Gat un by
the loll.'s .ng ?cores:
C.atui. C istobal.
O'Mlara 169 13) 162 Barrett .. 1li0 143 171
% all Ih, 210. 145 Bu-er 181 li I0
Eh-rrird 15 166 178 rollns 162 171 158
MN(alley 16: 715 I11? Ruiiell 161 176 167
llum.hriep a 1; I ; 195 Bullard. 1I 201 170
Tn:al, . .t04 e41 l01 805 846 846
The ':.r.renar gamer ,n the annual lithmnn ienpin
league a ll I., rolled on saturday night October 4.
The-. m-Trrr i ( ttle Cr,;trlal team itat will contend
fior le iham,.inii,,p of the i thlmui in interasiocistion
boulng if.-r Ihait ill probr hly Doe .h.- la.t time will
b 'i ..ll., j. \\. Barr.:t.. \V. F. Barnum. H. C.
Collins. Ce.:, Birte C MI Bullard. and W. G. H.
Ru-:,ll The Cr,-Etial a .-.latlon Aori the. champion-
,r.p in 1907. and 40nce that year the Eimpireassociation
ha' ,on each .eriie Mr Barte %as a member of the
Cr,ict.bal neam in I107. but for the r35L three years
has been no ,ling ith Gaiiun NMeisr. Barrett. Collins.
an. Bullard a II enter on the fitr, year as members
of ithi te im n. le:ri Baraum and Russell are new
member, oc the tcinm.

Misdirected Letters.
Th iiollo' inc in'Jfh-:ienitl addressed leLters. origi-
rnatin;; in the L'nited States and its possessions have
been recei.'ed in the office o t rie Director of Po)ts. and
m.,' be r.ro.:ured upon reIqu.st of ith. addreisees::
Abell., NI. D. Kttt. David
Arner. (tto. Lenom. Francis J
Barns:. Walter Love. W. J. A.
Berni.son Bernt Malmo. Robert H.
Cal., R. D. as;--ue J NI
Campbell 0 F. NcCullock. A.
Co.r T A Mellenry. Paul
Conger. St nley E. McLean. lMihs Annie (2)
Dean. N .l.Jaazrme Neverson. C. T.
De imuth. E. Pon:arin. H.
DeLong Chas. Robertson Walter
Dur;.Crbtrr. Claud Robinson L. %%'.
Fan.le. .Ino. Rocky. Mir:. Ruth
Freedman. Sam D Rid;e. Sieve
Frj11'. E. S. Sinliidord. Evans
Gulloi.J. Frank B Schott. L. E.
m'il Fred P. Seaver. Horace
Hcrnander. Lui Trapp. B. A.
Horn. NM E Twitchell Miss Elizabeth
Januan Mrs C. L. (4; Walsh. E. L.
Jeien. C. Warond. Mrs. E. D.
Judge. Tnomas F. Ward. Geo. B.
Keough. John MN. Williama. P.

October 1, 1913.



Central Division Abolished.
CULEBLA. C. Z.. September 27. 1913
CIRCULAR No. 183-z-1.
Effective October 1. 1913. the timekeeping and cost-
keeping for the Central Disi-ion and the co-tkeeping
for the Quartermaster s Department o ill be transferred
to Lhe Chairman ind Chief Enginrer j Orfi.-e. to;aether
with the personnel necesar, to take care of the wortk
Effective at the close of business October in 191 3.
the Central Division will be abolished The f.ollIwing
changes in organization will be made. effective October
II. 19g I:
All surveying work will be transferred to NIr. W. C
Comber. resident engineer. Sztth Division. under
whose supervision esca\ t ion in the wetted ptrism uall
be completed by dredging.
Transportation forces msil be transferred to the
Second Dividon of the Chief Engineer :Office. under the
supervi.;ion of the superintendent of transporLation.
who will also have .upersiin ofu tranPoortatian in the
First Division. the Fifth Dieisian and the trianlpor-
tation forces of the FortitIcations D.,i union orn ti Pacrtfi:
The steamshovel and other construrdti-n work of th'.
Central Division outside the wetted prism will be
transferred to thiis office, Mr. A S. Zinn reid nt
engineer. reporting to the Ch;ef Engine-r. Ti-t f.,rce
under Mr.Zmn sill be carriedon the rollhof tilis office.
The property accountability. naw earnedd by the
Central Divi-ion. will betranferredl to the office of the
Chief Quartermaster. where it xill be maintained for
account of this office. The Chief Quartermaster &ill
issue the necessary instructions to consummate the
transfer and see that proper memorandum receipts
are secured.
Tratnfers of force will be authorized as soon as the
several new organirationi are approved and employes
to be retained determined.
Char'nan and Cha.f LEsmiieer.

Issuance of Commissary Coupon Booka.
C'.'IEatR C Z. Sept.mbt.r 2r,. 191'3.
CinRtrtLA No. 256-M1:
Effective October 10. 191 the 'allowing initru'tion;.
relative to issadinfi caijpaor bo.kal will bh obherve.J t.i all
1. No2.50 comm;tiary books wir.l b- sued. Issues
wild be limited tlo 5 iand S 5 books .Tn' Si 'l bockr
on hand will be uted upb:. i'suing to Ilh'er emrlo%,; two
books on each 55 request untd the st)ck 13 exhjustel 1
2. Gold employee. aire in'tracted to ute the ,ritliti.e
provided for purchasing books for cash wherever
1. Employee who cannot suoply thernsel'es tith
books by purchase for cash are airectid into order. bl-
tween the l0thand 25Lh ofeach month sufficient books
to last one month, unless they expect to .ooner leave
the service.
4. Request. for books ree.-ived before the 10th or
after the 25th of the month will be honored tar new
employes. or in the car. of an Luriloresi.en eniters:n:y.
Foremn orother offi7il3 Vwh3 approve relqu-nt for cou-
pan b)aks will be held re.'pona.ble lor the proper ob-
servance of this rule.
5. All emolayes are instructed Lto submin no rcqueitsL
for coupon b:aks to be i.u.dj agJnst pay roll deduc-
uons prior to the day on which an amotin: suficient to,
cover the rotal vl.ur ni ill the books ordered shIll have
been earned Meal ti'.keLs issued mu't be charged
against the amount earned before coupon books can be
6. Requests for books must in all cases be fully' and
carefully filled out. The lorm of request has been re-
vised (new No. C. E. 143.-). The revised form .ill be
used exclusively after October 10. The old forr s will be
7. Foremen and others whose duty it is to approve
and forward employes' requests for books will prompt-
ly forward them to the time offices daily, if the requests
are in order.
8. Boaks will be delivered by the timekeeping offi,'e
within two days after the request is made, or the em.
ploye will be notified of the reason or nomassuance.
Failure to receive an acknowledgment of a re-luest
within twa days should be reported immediately in
writing to the Chief Clerk. Chairman s Office. Culebra.
with a duplicate of the request.
Chairman and Chieq Engineer.

Shipments of Employes' Household Goods Out
of New York.
CuLEBRA. C. Z.. September 29. 1913.
CaRctnIA No. 186-C.
The attention of employes is directed to the fact that
on shipments of household goods to the States the

railroads running out of New York Cit. require that
freight charges mnjUt be prepaid and that shipments
muit be forwarded in caies. not trunks If the goods
are shipped in trunks the trunk; muit be crated It
would. thertlore be advi..able for emplIas( to ship
household goos b, the *Earramr preceding the one on
whi-..h thev take paS._age. in oid.'r that arrangements
ms..' be made to ptre:iv chiar. when the employee
arrinte in Net- \'irk CiL, otherwise. a delijy may
result or it mIa be n,:c,...'ary to f'orard the hiipment
by expre:-s. as this ii th, olrdy r a shiipmint i:an be
forwiarded C 0. D It ii not p ssiblle to mike ,rianc-l-
merits to prepay ll chl.,re.- on the- 1'thmu; h:n the
shipment ii destirne-I lur a pint beyond Net,. York
Use of Hand Shotels
CL'LE.BR C. 7 Scptemb.er 20. 1013.
HIA- OF oar D-em i-r-rJi s'n Dl'.l luEN_:
Until further n.itie'. hind thoicels on ron-:Ir>tion
atrk Mihill be -. ed a: olilo s.
ill Fnr h indln. .t rrli N') I r ind po nt. Jhort
handle millajble ir'-.n D h:*ndle ,h-atel
I!, For gr~-rsl railruad .o.i tru ron and ordinary
LanrTin inf c:onn'i.uoon tlr.,revirl.h, No 2 round iOant.
short handli- shi.. ':
1 For r-aiirc.jd rran-nin .-iac? R.rk No *,ii.re
point short handle :hotel for ':mrienc and N.' 2.
r.:lind pgirit. short h nd.i e sh,-%el for d't-hing 'erd cut.
Iing. et.:
ilM For ihot'el.ng concrete ratr.c l from L.nards in.
cluding sand grarel and brokakn i.3oe, No 2 ;:-ii.re
poirt. hurt handle -hovel.'
0S. For misine in] placing ..un:rtte, N). 2 "-luare
poinl. sort handle h.:'.el
161 No. 2 Ion2 handle i dJire rp),nt and round to.int
sh.ao'els rte:pectii I. 'hll be j-: ,I whin- r-r inat'r] a
is to- be r-i=el to :u.h an ele, st..n .i ill -render their
use ec:onomti.:al GEO W' GELTH.IALS.
Chi- arm na hni Cth'ri CnLi.'ier.

Termination of Ser ice Papers.
CL tE _. C.Z. September 24. 1913
HEAD- op DEP4RTMU:';r'F .A'D Dr i-lON-
In addir n tIo termini iiJu ni o er-.i-e p-'ip*rs. Form
171-1 C E at a.re --nt bein"; ur.varde,-l t lth; or.ff:.
it ;.- dire- t that in r eTra 'o. b : :n' -irc.: o the
.uperminn.Jenti ni An. nn Tnd Col.-in Ilhir.i A:
It ii a].'3 dire:tr d r iar iie 'te Ltrrmcin itiu'l r-ar-er. be
prepared and ifjr-.3rded .i s.-:n ja coibkle arer an
einmrli,,e ha itendir.ld hirei 'i'ali."n. or his erriLce.
3re otherjaJe terminted
Chirmi~an ai. Ch.c/iJ En,nee,

Acting Purchasing Agent.
CIrirEHF.. C. 7 Sv-p.termber ; lO11
CiRCLuR No 501f:
Efiectte Ser member 6 l' i Ind durinn th ih b.-ence
on lease of Canot Ci:irnl:i Ni,.,n Mlr Charles L.
Parl.er. i.,stiant denor t ni' rt.rrmn ter c ill pern'nrm
the dutsea of purhx-inm'; ;ent n the ItIthLmu'.

actingg Depot Quartermaster.
C LEBsA C. Z 'ztr-tmh.er 12. 191l
Efiectie E.-p nemberr 6. and alurin_' the abencre .-n
leae' .I C ritr C-ortil nd N\ain NIr Chirle- L Pirk-er
wdl art d, c ft .ini; irtermitter He is auihortLpd to,
receAte an-d re':eirt for .urjrj.: for trthe i[thimi'n Cianjl
Commi.:i.,gn con itnied to Cait R E Wood or the
Chief Ou irtermaLater. Isthrrn.in Canal Cocmminima.sin to
accompli.'h bill of ladn-;. to c 'rt.i in oii:es for
payment t3 quintit an.d qualit.. of :,ipplie, hohn.n
on su'h in'.oices' and Ln generA.l u perlotir rIich duiics
as rroperly belong to the po -;it.a of depot QJuarter-
master R C WootD
Ch '] CLJ,arutr.ma.-r.

Change In Circular Number
CuOL.N R r Septemoer 24 191 3.
A.4 C.'n" vnedI-Referrmng to my curcular No 102
dated September ?)I apjrmonting Mr. F. B Clements
as local auditor of the Pnalm. Radroad Compan'
Please change this circular number to read 206
instead of 101
Gener.rf Supetueiitrtdr i

EBDON-ASHTON-On September 2u. a eLh home
of Mr. and Mr? William Ashton. Mount Hope. Canal
Zone. Emma E. Ashton or Calumet. Mitch. Lo Thomas

_____~ ~

P:,.A. 'Seaton--
Pa u~fS. urolw
A-t .n .. o ...........
B aboa ...
N*Minirlores .
Ped ro. Mizul .
Il-.' Grande .. .

LCu bri ... .
*i macho ...
Enpire. .....
GinboA .
Ja..n ni .
Alhau-la .
*El \' ,g
Friiule 5
'Moi'ie Lu'ino
Al'.t;u 5ce ion--
G tun
'Briazon rro) ..
(-:ic.r. . .. .
SPonrto o ..

. 87

7 56
8 54

U 85
b 81
8 54

. 74
8 38
7 A 2
(a 94
6 84
10 1I
12 J2
7 04
9 33
7 Al
in 22

'Sranm.tard rtune' j:-r-r ri-. L '. m 'Jail,.
.,iiit-,rriti: r'n iC.: 3 r. rri .J t.Licir. --. lue
ni iii'EiJ h t t3 10 I hi t i f tT 3 f. ni 2:f.l. L.r r .

Slaret of the Chagre..
NIa.x-mum nr-int ai ih: liji. -ir K ..:r fi'r Lt." v.week
er-lir.ne riJni:.lt. Sit.-,jja -..i>..mr,.- ? 1913. All
h' lo zl i e i n i ,..-'i -t .. i.' -.r'-i .si. .I
ari r io rs,.

a, ,E -'

Sun S& p[i rnlber .'1 .... 131 u I tI q 04 7
Mo.n.. ptemPntr ?2 It iI On 1 ; 116 64.0
T ies. September -3 I'; 2 I oi 1 C1,1 I
W\'ed. Septem-n-r 24 1 ; 6 u (* 5 i r 3
Thur. Sc(i.rt.rL.r 2'i l52t.a t 13 n l 4 6.0 3
Fri.. Septrni.,ei E r' I. r, Q ', h, 5 ,,.;
Sat.. Srptlrttbi r 2. 1. 6 9 05 63 6

Height of low water to
Leafre t 1001 ...... . 12. I *i 1 11 44 6
* lice cat':- in spill .. t Gs t, iii rt e -l on
Jie.: '. .Iv s .' i :urcii ii i 'ik' a! -1 i iimtn 4 23,

Tide Table.
T rle ,llno iilaS L .I 1,' 11. IIr.I. -1 ll. ."r.1 i law
tide at P linima' I i-.r k .'l I I '"- I 1, 11

DATr. hifh Lo ,s illti, Lxo HIl.h

.A \1. AM M P M. P M.
O. . 2 3 53 I 1 I 7 -2
O n O 41 .1 2 11 8 22
O 7... ) I 1 9 J30
O.t ... t 4 75 10 53
O t. 9 . . ' 1 24' 1 .
Oc I). ...... .. 2 l11-, 25 P F 4;

Oct. I1 ... . 1 20 7 27 4: 7 I ....
75[t mrid.Lan time

Aocon Crusher.
Ancon crusher operations for me.L enduag Septem-
ber 27:

D.rF ( ub.c Hours
I ..rd worked.

Sept. 22. .............. I i4- 7 35
Sept. 23 ............ .... . 2 1'7 7.2S
Sept. 23 ........ I 83o 2 +0
Sept. 25 .......... 52004 7 40
Sept. 26............. 1 l i OS
Sept. 27................. ... I I 844 7.35

Total ................... i 1 11.626 45 00

J. Ebdon of Houijn T.:x.. Re'. C. 0. Purdy ofl.-ia-
ring Canal Zc'ne rie'idence Gat,n
WHITE-FROST-At IrIE residence of the bnde'a
mother. Ciartoal. on Thurc'"a, 'cptemnber I. 1913.
mi as OJima j L Front '3l lCaraa. a e. enezaelh. to M1r.
%'alrlr Jc..eph \ hikte .i Loi i.na I al the Re'.'.
Father Hicar Poutir ,.ii ciatiring.
JENSEN-WLT-TLE\ -In the 'l.Inin Church Cri:-
tobAl on Sefptember 2:'. MI:. blan..he Myrtle We.tlty
of Altoona. Pa. to .MIr. j.-ohn Chr.rian Jener, of
Alexandria Va the Ret. Catl If. EllotL ofthi.ating.
Residence. Porto BHello.
C kMPEN-HAW\KINS--On Spt.-=mher !l. in the
Union Church. I-Uitrul. Mary El.-rbeth Hiikins
of' H-uitorn Texas to GCeirgi: Mil- ( irripev oM Detroir.
Nli :h. th. R.-. Carl iH Elliott oriitilring. Canal
Zone reEiiJnce. Cri:tobAal.

Rainfall. Sept. I to Sept. 27. 1913. Inclusive.


Vol. VII, No. 6.


The commi.sary stores are open during thefol-
lowsinr hour;
Cri hob.d. a m to 12.30 p. m., and 2 to 7 p. m.
Balboa. 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m., and 2.30 to 7 p. m.
Ancon, 8 a. m. to 1 p. m., and 3 to 6 p.m.
All other, 8 a. to I p. in., and 3 to 7 p. m.
Retail prices of cold storage provisions for the week
beginning October 1, 1913:
rmutton--i.-,,nc per ps.und ...... 6
lh..ul'e-r. nc.:k trimmed off i4 pounds
and over), per pound............. 9
Entire, forequarter (not trimmed. 10
pc-un-.s .snd over) per pound .. 8
Leg; i.s tO II ;.-oundi. per pound. 17
Cutlets, per pound................. 18
Short cut chops, per pound......... 20
Lamb-Steain nc t'vound.................. 6
Ernie iore v- rter. neck trimmed off,
per pound ........... ........... 9
Legs (5 to 8 pounds). per pound...... 20
C'h..ap. per pound .. ........... 24
C i let;, per pound .................. 24
Veal-Stewing, per pound . 10
Shoulder, for roatlin4 tnot under 4
pounds). per pound .............. 121
Chops, shoulder, per pound ............ 17
Chop, per pound.... .............. 26
Loin. ti. ranini per pound........... 26
Cutlets, per pound.................... 30
Beef-Suet, per pound ...................... 2
Soup, per pound...................... 5
Stew, per pound...................... 8
Plate, p. r pound 9
Corned. No. I. rcT prcund 14
Corned, No. 2, per pound.............. 1.2
Chuk roi t.3 3 b and ua r perpound. 12
Rib ro,:t s.e,:ond cut inot under 31
poundli. per round .... 16
Rib ruost Iirst cut i,not ander 3 pounds),
per pu,,ad 1 ........ 8... 18
Pot rjt ner I found ............. 19
Rump roast, per pound................ 19
Porterhouse roast, per pound........... 20
Steak, Chuck, per pound.............. 121
Round, per pound .............. 13
R;b per pound ...... 18
Sirluin ner round ...... 19
Hump. per pourd ...... 19
PorLerhouse not lers than 11
pound'i per pound ...... 20
Terderluin i0ei'lerrj. per round. 30
Pork-Loin chops or roast, per pound ......... 17
Ham s fresh, per pound........ ....... 20
Shoulder. fresh, per pound............ ?
Spare ribs, per pound ............... 15
Backbones, per pound................. 15
Pig,' feet, each............ ........... 7
Pw head. I-head.................... 60
Sausage, home made, per pound.......... 20
Livers-Beef, per pound ................... 11
Calf. each ......................... 60
Half, each ..................... 30
Steak, Hamburger, package.................... 13
Sausage-Bologna, per pound ..... ......... 13
Frankfurter, per pound............. 13
Lieberwurst, per pound............. 13
Devonshire Farm, per pound ........ 20
Sretr.ar-i beef, per pound................. 34
Ec. frih. per dozen...................... 36
per j-dozen................... .. t18
Bluefish, per pound...... .......... ....... 12
Halibut, fresh, per pound ................... IS
Salmon. per pound....................... .. 15
Roe hA.'l each ............ ................ 75
Shdd roe. pair......... ............... 40
ChTfkri.- -, :'.r .:t r,-ln r i;'-.,] l..i* r cch 1.40
Fan".n rna-tlTi nI.I t, : .d -a'h 1.10
l'n. ro j .ita, ,, r-m led. .=bout 53
,.'r.. r ". 1.25
Fancy roasting, corn fed, about 41
pounds, each. ................ 1.00
Fowls, each......... .160, 70, 80, 90, and 1.00
Ducks, % ..tei n i b-jut 4j pounds), each...... 1.25
C.ponr P.ich ... ......... 2.00
Rr..ler, Ir k 1(.,1. r, .............. 70
Bruilcr; c,,rn 1f0l. e ............. 60
Turkey pEr p JinJ .............. 28
S.uiib, e .. .............. 50
IPabbiits kimnn Jd ea'Li. .............. 30
P,rtrndige';. p.it .............. 1.30
i ou4,u per p r .......... 1.30
'Phe ants. ............... 1.30
HIim-Genuine \\ etpi.lia rer pound 40
Haum--uv.ar curd pI tdotini ,.. 20
Slied. .:r pidnd .. 22
H li. ior boling. per pound 21
Boiled, per pound .. 28
Hocks per pound .. I &8
Beef, salt. family, per pound 12
Bacon-Breakfast, whole pie.:e per pound .. 25
SI.-d per pound ... 26
Ham, lunch per poun l ...... 32
Pork. sait Ismaly. per pound ...... 14
Ox tonE ues ea.-: .................... 1.00
Pig "' itet per poun.1 .................... *7
T'..ngue- per pound .................... 18
Butlter-Creameri. special per pound ... 36
Sherinld Farms. extra fancy, per lb..... 46
Cheese- Philadelphia cream. cake ........... 10

Cheese--Roquefort, per pound ... ...... .35
o ung America per pound ....... 22
S ia, per pound ... ... 28
Edam each........................ 1 00
Edam. tin......................... 25
Parmesan. per pound ............... 35
Gouda, per pound .................. ill
Snappy, pel cake .. 10
M ,ilk lI','erliied i. .-r Quart ... ** 211
I cr.nmil.li. bottle ... .** 20
Ice cream, quart........................... 25
f-gallon ............. ........ I$50
Beets, per pound............................ 3
Celery, per head. .............6.......... 6
Cabbage, per pound......................... 3j
Cucumbers, per pound ................... .. 4
C arri.. per pound......................... 4
Eggt plnti oer pound........................ 4
Lettuce, per pound......................... 14
Onions, per pound........................... 3
Potatoes, white, per pound.................. 3
sweet, per pound ................... 2
Parsley, bunch.............................. 5
Peppers. green, per pound................... 4
Romaine per round . ..... ..... 14
S-ua3?h. per pound ... . ... 3
Turnips, per pound .... .. 4
Tomrnate.s Der r.pund .... ... 5
\am, r- pound ...............
Canteloupes. each ............................ 7
Grapes .lilaea 'r.d T.,ikv. per pound. *12
N\iar.,-a ian Delaire per '..iznd .. 8
Grape iru,t. each .... .. ..... 4
American, each.................. 15
Lemons, per dozen........................... 24
Limes, per hundred......................... 80
Peaches, per pound.......................... t9
Plums........ ........................... 10
Pears, per pound .. . *7
Orange. JImaican per dozen ....... 18
W watermelons. each.............. ......... 40
lhn-.icate's reduction from last list.
**irri n,.e 5 :.-:nT I .lwe'j or return of bottle.
tIn.'lcatuts ad, ar. e un l.it hIt.
ttfois weigh each about as follows: 3, 3, 4, 41,
and 5 pounds Prce> are baie. a.-cordnr.gly. when
size ordered is not in :,,..ck. r.s.Ir !I,hieit eight is
supplied and refund n.te ient for differen.'e
TSol-l only from commissaries; no orders taken for

SNot less than half of a fresh ham or shoulder will be

Supplies for the Canal.
The following steamers with supplies for the Isth-
mian Canal Commission and Panama Railroad Com-
pany, arrived at the ports of Colon and Cristobal, dur-
ing the week ending September 20:
Pasfores, September 14, from New York, with 760
bags oats, for stock; 762 pieces structural material, for
Mechanical Division; 21 reels wire cable, for First
Division; 76 pieces furnace material, for Second Divi-
sion; 24 bales rubber hose, for stock.
Sixaola, September 15, from New Orleans, with 3,293
sacks creosoted blocks, for Mechanical Division; 63
bundl- c .ror- g, t;n. le; for tc: k, 2,795 pieceslumber,
for :tJ.:k .,nd ".nd ni, m..I D.,i, si.n. 432 bales hay, 25
push cars, for stock.
Carl Schurs, September 15, from New York, with 100
cases soap, for stock; 886 pieces furnace material, for
Mechanical Division; 348 pieces pipe, 36 cases brushes.
for stock.
Advance, September 16, from New York, with 80
crates roofing tile, for First Division: 32 cases toe
calks, 50 reels sash cord, for stock; 28 reels wire cloth,
for First Division; 75 cases lanterns, 167 cases candles,
forstock; 4 .:u pe,:e build inE ukt. Ior S.undi Division;
103 cases oil 40 r.All-! otton dul-:k 2 ke;, horseshoes,
forstock; 'o bundles inre. lor Fi'r-'t Divi-ion; 49 drums
unslacked lime, for stock; 42 pieces structural material,
for fortifications; 24 bundles pipe-fittings, 50 cases
paint, 15 bales harness leather, 50 kegs nails, for stock;
one case medical supplies, for medical depot; and a
miscellaneous cargo, the whole consisting of 5,859
pieces, weighing 168 tons.
Cristobal, September 17. from New York, with 110,-
981 ba&s cement, for stock; 289 pieces pipe, for various
departments; 188 bundles steel bars, for Panama Rail-
road Company; 40 reels copper cable, for First Divi-
sion; 16( kegs red lead, for emergency dams, and a
miscellaneous cargo, total weight 5,825 tons.
Metapan. September 17, from New York, with 744
bags oats. 22 cases brass valves, for stock; four boxes
pipe-fittings, for Mechanical Division.
Turrialba, September s1. from New Orleans, with
1,649 sacks crerosoed block.. fori second Division, o5
barrels brake eh.:.,- for Me.hnim.:al Division; 922
bales hay, 2,009 pieces lumber, for stock.

Launch Service to Taboaga.
The iteanm Isun,:n S.ru J!Jd .sveae the dredge landing
at Balboa at 0o lo,'ck Iue Jai. Thursday and Satur-
day morning. On the return trip -t arrives at Balboa
about 4 to p n. In time to mak,. coninct.on ior the
5.25 train at Panama.


The following is a list ofl .alings of the Panama
Radroad Steamship Company: of the Royal Mail
Steam Packet Company. Af tine Hamburg-American
Line and of the Un.ied Fruat Comtanys Line.
Colon .. P R R. Saturday ...Sept. 27
Advance .......... P R. R..Saturday .... Oct. 4
Panam. . ... P.R.R. Friday ......Oct. 10
.AUlianca ... ..... P. R R. Thursday... Oct. 16
Colon .. ......... P R. R..Wednesday..Oct. 22
Advance .. P. R R. Tuesday.....Oct. 28
Panama. ... .P.R R Monday.... Nov. 3
Allianca............ P.R. R.. Monday.....Nov. 10
Colon .. .. P. R. R. Monday.... Nov. 17
Advance ... ... ... P. R. R..Saturday.. .Nov. 22
Panama... . . P R.R..Saturday.. .Nov. 29



... P. R. R..Friday .... Dec.
..... ..P R R. Saturday ....Oct.
P. R. R. Thursday....Oct.
.. ....... P. R R. Thursday.. ..Oct.
. ...... P. R. R. Wednesday. .Oct.
P. R. R. Tuesday ... .Oct.
......... P. R. R. Tuesday..... Nov.
.. .... .. P. R R. Sunday...... Nov.
. ... P. R. R. Sunday...... Nov.
P. R.R. Saturday ... Nov.
P. R R. Saturday....Nov.
P. R. R. Friday..... Dec.

Almirante.. .. ... LI. F. C.. .Wednesday. Sept. 24
Prina Joacnim.... ... H.-A.... Saturday.. Sept. 27
Carrillo ............ U. F. C..Saturday.... Sept. 27
Msigdalena.... . .R. MN. ..Saturday.. ..Sept. 27
Santa MNrta. ....U. F. C..Wednesday. .Oct. 1
Carl Schurs......... H.-A.. .Saturday.... Oct. 4
Pasorces........... U. F. C. Saturday.... Oct. 4
Mertapan ... .... .Li. F. C.. Wednesday..Oct. 8
Proz August Wildelm H.-A Saturday....Oct. II
Tiives.......... .. U. F. C. Saturday....Oct. II
Danabe ... .. R. M Saturday... Oct. 11
Zicapa .. ... U. F.C. Wednesday. .Oct. 15
Fiiti L Boa: H..A... Saturday ..Oct. 18
Tenadore U. F. C. Saturday Oct. 18
,\ihtrante U F C. Wednesday. Oct. 22
Tacu R M Saturday Oct. 25
Carrill., II. F. C. Saturday Oct. 25
Emil L. Bos ... H.-A... Tuejday..... Oct. 7
Tenalor.:l ....... .U. F.C. Tuesday.... .Oct. 7
Almirante ........ U. F.C. Thursday... .Oct. 9
Priz loachim ....... H.-A .. Tuesd y.....Oct. 14
Carrillo ..... .I. F. C Tuesday.....Oct. 14
Tragu. ....... .R. MI .Tuesday.....Oct. 14
Snt. N ria ... U F C Trursday... Oct. 16
Pastorei .... ... IJ F.C. Tuesday... Oct. 21
Carl ,:hurz ... ..H. A Tuesday ...Oct. 21
Pletapan l.i F. C. Thursday....Oct. 23
Orub. .. R MI. Tuesday... Oct. 28
T.,L'e. U F. C. Tuesday.... Oct. 2s
Prmiz -augumt \ilh.lirm H -A Tu-eday ...Oct. 28
Aten.as .... ..... . F.C Saturday....Sept. 27
Sixaola.......... .. U. F. C.. Wednesday. Oct. 1
Turralbs .. .. U F C. Saturday....Oct. 4
Hereduj i F. C Wednesday Oct. 8
AL.angsrez I. F..C Saturday Oct. II
Pri;r.,ina Ii F C. Wednesday. Oct. 15
SLraola .. ... U F. C. Saturday ...Oct. 18
Cartago Li.F.C..Wednesday. Oct. 22
Abingarez . . F. C Thursday... .Oct. 2
Pansmina .. .U. F.C. Saturday....Oct. 4
Atena5. .... .. F. C. Thursday.. Oct. 9
SLiaola . .. U F. C Saturday... .Oct. II
Turralba... U F. C. Thursday. ..Oct. 16
Hered,a U. F. C. Saturday .Oct. 18
Aban-are . .. L'. 1 C Thursday ...Oct. 23
*Amended schedule, resulting from temporary with-
drawal of the Atlanta for repairs.
Panama Radra d Company s Steamers sail from Pier
11. Crtobal. atL 3 p. m.
Rosal Mail steamer, l,-ae for New York on alter-
nate Tuesdays at I p m.. for Soithampton on alter-
nate Tu-sdiys at 10 a. inm.
United Fru t Company's ships for New Orleans
direct leave on Thursday. and Saturdays at 3 p. m.;
ship- for New Vork VLa Kinrito.L. ou Tuesdays at 1.30
p. m. and Thursdays at 1.40 p m.. for licas del Toro
on Monday at 5 p. m., for Lirrmon. via Bocas del
Toro on Tuesdays it 5 p m.. and for Limon direct,
Tuesday at 3 p. m.
Hamburg-American ;teamers sail for New York. via
Kingtoa and Sanc.ago de Cuba. on Tuesdays; the
Prns Joachim and Prinz August lVilke.,n at 10 a. m.
and bheEml L. Boas and Carl Schau at 2 p. m.




The Canal Record
Published u,'ekl.y under lin utlhcrilu an.d p .peri ,-"A of
tse Ilthm.aui Canal Commission.

The Canal Rec-v.i i pubflie aI .r4e :.I n.itge. one copy
eath to ail emplotli jo the CommI'si-,n and Panama
Railroad Company r-haje names are on mie gulf rril/.
Extra copies and ba, k numbers .-n *be otir'ine. 'ruim the
neras stands -a f tile Panama Railroad Co.mpni plo fives
cents each.

Address all Communications.
Ancon. Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.
NV., commrunrattoW either f 'r rth#tatton or riqteg.ting
Iajor mail.t:nn wll reeeiW avlention nlei .is .nej uth i the
l1tll name and addreri of the mwiter.


Destruction of Gamboa Dike.
The dynamiting of Gamboa dike will take
place at 9 a. m., on Frida\, October 10. 1 he
drilling of holes was completed on \\ednesda.,
October 8, andt the work *Af leading them
was begun the day before. Over 1.000
holes, extending over every part of the barrier.
have been drilled to an average depth -*f 35
feet. Owing to the fact that the 24-inch dis-
charge pipes leading from the lake into the
Cut has been increased by two from the num-
ber first planned, making six in all. the Cut
between the dike and Cucaracha slide is filling
rapidly, and it iF estimated that by the morn-
ing of the 10th, the water o ill be within about
five feet ofthelakelevel. OnTue.day.Octoher
7, the stage of water in the lake was 67.2 feet.
and that in the Cut at 57.6 feet above sea-
level. It is the present plan to ditch thrnou.h
the slide at Cucaracha on the day before the
dike is destroyed Work on the dredge land-
ing and pontoon bridge approach at Paraim-,
has been advanced in anticipation of this
event. and on Saturday night, the steam.
shovels completed the work of excaat ing~the
recess in the east bank of the Canal. It is
necessary to build a concrete pier for the east
bridge approach, and this work had reached
the point on T'ue-da where the concrete
could be poured This w ork is expected to be
so far completed by Friday as to be entirely
out of the way of the water when it enters
this part of the channel.

Seismic Disturbances.
An earthquake shock, which, in intensity,
has not been equalled since the establishment
of the Ancon seismograph station, occurred
at 11.25 p. m., on Wednesday, October I.
The needles on the Ancon seismograph inere
thrown off the paper, and the amplitude of the
shock was only recorded to 75 millimeters.
Its duration so far as the perceptibility of
individuals is concerned is estimated to be

about 25 seconds. A secJnd pronounei-.i
shock of les. violence thin the fir-r occurred
at 11 43 p. m Otaober I Th.- seiism.teiraph
recorded vibrations, for a period of unei hour
and 16 minutes after the movement first
began. The direction as indicated lo, the
record was from southwe-t to northea-t, and
the approximate distance ol the epic.ntir of
the disturbance was 115 miles. The inten.:it,
was Force VI on the Ror-si-F,.,rel tale, I to X.
The abose shock was only one of a :erie <.
which began at 1.48 p m., on \\ednesda,.
October 1. All appear to I.- r,-lated and to
have a common point of origin. thought tu be
southwest of Panama city in the province at
Los Santos. From 11.25 Wedni-sda. night.
until 5.1S the following morning. eleven di_-
tinct movements were recorded, and up tu
and including Monday, October 6. there had
been 24, three only of Ahich could be cla--c-J
as pronounced. The third shock to be
plainly felt occurred at 5.06 p. m., un Satur-
day, October 4, but it %iat little mure than
half the intensity of the first -eiere disturb-
ance and lasted not more than seven seconds.
Advice receiv.'cd b. the Panama G(o,..rn-
mcnt from points in the interior. and wircL:e-
message-, to the United Fruit Company from
Bo.-as del Torin and Port Limon, indicate that
Wednesday night's shuck %a&- n.t experienced
in Costa Rica; that ahile noticeable at
Bocas del Toro, and at David, in the pruiince
of Chiriqui, it was not strong enough to d, an,
damage, and that its echfit to far a' known
,as greatest in the province .of Lo. .anto-
about 110 miles distant Irom Panama Cit',.
In the village of Los Santo- the tower of th
church, destroyed by the earthquake of e:p-
tember 7, 1882. was again toppled over; the
government building wais wrecked; the wall,
of the police station crat ked, and two or three
dwellings damaged. In Ma-.arat.a in the
same province, the church tower fell and at
Las Tablas some damage was done to build-
ings. Late advices received b, the Panama.-
nian Government indicate, that probably the
heaviest damage aris done in the vicinity iif
Tonosi, in the province of Lou Santo-. No
fatalities have been reported aide from th>:
death of a woman from fright in Ptnoinoumn.
province of Cocd. In Panama Cit3. th..-rc
was no damage of imnpertanre. \VedneL da,%
night's shock caused slight cracks to dcelup
in the walls of some thrc-e-stijr:, -tonc build-
ings on Twelfth street. near Santa Ana Plaza,
and the one on Saturday afternoon had a
similar effect on a stone building on Ioner
Central avenue. There has been n. .lam.imi g
whatever to any part of the. Canal iiW k.
Mr. D. F McDonald, the Commission
geologist, and Mr. \\. C. John-st-.'n, avsi.tant
chief engineer of the Repubhl uf Pana.ma..
left on the Panama Stcam-hip C.-iipan'. ;
Panama on Tuesd-ay. Octcl-ir 7 t1.. rud,t
the effect of the disturbances in Lus SaniaE,

*ill' be Raised from Atlantic and Pacific En-
trances to Complete Channel.
Ir i-s purpi.,'dl tu pas. a portion of the At-
lani t iitrani c lredging fleet through itun
Lo-0k_ hiring tht floreniron of Thur.day. Cic.
t.bjLr 9. (..r thr, ev. a' arimn ,I ,amboa dike.
Fouritrn i-- Is ,ill be lifted to the level of
iatun Lake andI toiked through the Canal
channel t,- th.e icinit, .1 C,.:mnhoa where
thl-: %il hlie r.-ad' to b,-gin ,..pt ration, as soon
a- the blowing urp of th J dil.e hii been com-
plitedl lht I ti.qiipiiient aill bL- handhid ,1
three Lr.jup- the lt:L-- n ian ah ri,itp belin
lashlit tio-grthnr an' t.d....ij i' ,a rug The
French ladder drcil V, I and .I.,.. u, i h
two lump .) s i.f 41-1 ..iIic y.ar.l- .,-tpac-
ity, l w*11 ompoi..-e -ne irro.ip: i -e:onl group
ill hb.- tv.o dunip ow'. .i 7 tn i:,lI as.o:iw.
an- 'l ci-.tl hui .-t. 'ri th.: th;r1- r iir v. ill I.e-
one t-i.-iton ...'-al 1-arpei anI ,- orni-r ci.minnt
lighters, adapted it0 hauli. .....al It It be-
licit:i that rthe jrup- C ri. -- ....rranci and
handled aj to be put thr.,u h the lI.,_k. to-
gethi.r. nc. --iaring inl., -..ne fhllilg ."I Ldt .h
lift After the er.-up, ha'., b- en I-ri.ir -'.,ed
acru-- the lake tE r ,lhf tlh u .-. -ill r,-rurn to
ihe Arl nrtc ..nrr.ir-:.,- I .,' in .nri. tu hi n.Jlr
thr l-,ir.es Irin hi dirid.Les i.J fr -y-nral
-r\ ice in th,_ r-,lr -l..i ; cri u.rn F r-',r,. s -.AI
th>, Sixth Dii i'in ha.c -tiakedl .f i- in the
ld c'i irnnI ol t hl'- Ch.igr..-, I-'. r, iipisite
1ajron.i Iiir rihe i ll.p--ition ul the s[p:il The
lumpingc grobunlntii ill lic indicated b' riu.Lion
-take.. and at night. b., I,,hts.
B t h timtrn the two II..li,r .Inr IL-S have
clarcd the ..ntranice t,, CulLera ti ut. pir-thne
-ucti.in ,ir-d been brought up from ihe -\rl'in i, i trance.
Thel ,ill lb:e t,: Ld .iliriz the ( nt tIhili,.' theIL
complet.-d channo-I to rh. i.-ot of Cu'-aracha
slide which i- a-ur -i\ iniJ i lialf mlh: iro- ni
the north end Of t'I- Lit t it.,co -i. ti-ho'el
c\caiation las ,l-i.,iiniued at th,_ slide it
las pushed ii:r.i-- the c.-hanni l. -' i- n. w
bluLckiin the -'-% ..i a Icr fi.-m i iiiin Lake.
The fir-t wirk at thc -lilch till it: to cut a
trench to IL t the, iiati-r through toI t remairin-
der if the Cut. about r,.,. and a half mi;nk
to P dro .-Nlt.jel L...l- \\ %ai.r ciri then be
paj-ed throiuJh [Ihe nall c-l\serr- 1l ihlie Ir-ck,
il desired, to ha-t.:n the fllinig tl Miraflores
Lake ind alloi the pa--.aie ol Irei-.lric \e-z-
-.l, Iruni the PJ-,ifu -.id-. \\ her li sh- b n
accomphlihEd |1ii" h lii.1 ,ir-lge- No 85, an
uil barge,. a m-noll lightli .,, -rcani launch,
andJ a barg( rii hianlle thei remissable span
in the railroad bridge a..i.,- thi Cut at Pa-
raisr., will be dErachi-, front s .r' ice in the
Pa ifi, entrance and raii:' thriijli Mirallores
and Prdro Miiigurl l.crk- to dth -iuith end of
the Ct .-nd ,l taed ti.. trh. south side iof Cu-
u.jr.n ha h-lde. After th.. channel has been
.li-aredi this dre-Jdge %kill Lie r,-i turned to the
Pacific entrance.
Two pipeline suction dredges will then


Vol. VII, No. 7.

be available for service at the bottom of the
slide. As the normal monthly output for each
of these is approximately 200,000 cubic yards,
it is expected that the two till be able to
handle thi' excavation without difficulty.
The la ing of discharge pipes min the in-
stallation of two rela) stations for handling
the spoil up the west bank of the Canal and
oper into the Rio Grande vallC: i sufficiently
advanced to be ready for saerice a- soon as
One of the pipeline dredces, No. -, to b,-
used on this work, came from the dr, do% k
at Mount Hope oun September 26, alter ex-
tensive overhauling and adaptation to the
service required of it. Pontoons, fise feet
three inches wide .,by nine fe>t six inchc- deep
were fitted on either -ide of the hull. ex-
tending its entire length. 112 fct -.x inches,
to provide storage for 4U1A barrel-. '-*f felI
oil. This will make the dredge relatively
independent of oil barges and alluo. it vrearer
freedom of movement. Moreover, the ad-
dition, by increasing the beam of the .es-
sel from 29 feet six inches to 4ij feet. en-
larges its displacement and tlffect a desirablet
increase of freeboard. Addition- "ill bc made
to the superstructure to pro'.ide quiart-r
for the silver, as well as the gold member- of
the crew.
Dredge No. 85 is onl% u-ed *.'n the south
side of Cucuracha, until a channel is cut
through allowing NVos. 4 and Ae to pa-i
through the Cut, to station on cr.ruth .id, at
slide when No 85 returnsto the terminal- at

Permanent Water Sitae Registers.
Forces of the Lighthouse Subdivision are
engaged in erecting, for the Second Dii' %.,n.
four concrete toners for permanent 'water
stage registers to record the lekation of the
surfaces of Gatun antd Nliraiflore- Lakes %hen
the Canal is in operation. One of these is
situated at Gatun, between the Panama
railroad and the present edge of the lake,
and about 200 feet south of the concrete
wharf for small te-sels. The base uf this
toaer is 72 feet above scalevcl and the floor
of the gage-recording ruo'm is at elevation
plus 92. At the upper end if the lake and
north end of Culebra Cut, is a second t,'wcr,
situated on the east bank of the Chfagres
River, about 300 feet upstream from the
Gamboa bridge of the Panama railroad. The
base and floor of this tower are at ele-ations
72 and 100 feet, respectively. The higher
level than at Gaiun is for the purpose of
better recording the rises in the river.
Two other towers are at the uppr and
lower ends of Pedro Miguel Lock. The one
at the outer end of the northeast wing wall
will record the levels at the extreme southern
end of Culebra Cut. It i; -et at the same
level as the tower at Gatun. The other, at
the end of the southeast wing wall, %%ill cage
the surface of Miraflores Lake. Its base is
38 feet above sealevel, and the flour, 0b feet
A fifth tower will be constructed below the
Gatum Dam spillway. Part of the material
for it has been delivered at the site, and
erection will begin shortly
In construction, these are modified forms
of what has been designated locally as the
Atlantic and Pacific type of range tower.
The concrete was placed between collapsible
arcel forms which were used for the erection
of the lighthouses along the two entrance

channels. The ruof has been extended, the
interior stairway omitted, and a bridge foot-
walk added, at tlh.- level if the floor. The
fIundation base ,.-f the tower, are concrete
slab. octagonal in plan, ha, ing inscribed
diameters of from 16 to 18 f'cr, according to
the depth of water in which the towers are
built The inside of the -halt is cirular,
seven feet 10 inches in diameter, and the
wall varies in thickness from four inches at
the tup to 15 inches at the base. The towers
are deigniked to withstand any shot k of wave
action to which they mas be sub- jected.
All of the towers will be equipped with
automatic water -tagee registers, and those at
Gamboa and Pedro Miguel will e3ah, in
addition, L... equipped with an anemumeter,
anem.,-.upe. and mtreorograph.
Order Retaining li eut-Col. D. D. Gaillard as a
Nlember of the Canal Commi,-ion.
\'.k-HINGTON, D C.
LI.ut.-Col. D DuB Gaillard. Corps .if
Er'rineers. Li. S. A Member of the Isih-
mian Canal Commi--i..n now on lea'.e of
ab.--n- ,-. mill be retained as a member of the
Isthmian Canal Cummi-sion and i, hereby
crant.-d lejas of ab- riac with full pa:, on
.-taru of sick lkave, until further notice.
by direction of the President.
Secretary of Wal'r.
September 20, 1913.
Concrete f ork in Locks and Spilla),s.
Councree ,oirk in the Canal lock- is nearly
complete-d, the aggregate amount in place
at the elo-e of vork on October 4, being
4,4Si,i72S cubic yard c.
A tateiinent ot the concretee laid in the
three cr; of locks for the Canal, and in
Gatun and lMirarlores spillways, as of
October 4, follows.
GAT '.N L3CK-.
The 13i. c.:-.3 rte ioi the lrics iiaper. ai ditingui hed
ironi that ne,:-;. r". to r.n.i..ni s o, rk by tri 1-i-tt
DLI. on. a s nil:si.- and '.lacie on Au.a t 16 1013.
At the -jo.: o'i w.orL on that dJay the t-aj l imounit of
concrre repl.,...1 b, the Atlnliuc Dini.n i mou-.ted to
2.045.455 cubic yards.
Concrete biid.
Cubr. yards.
O ct 4 ... ......... . .... .. . 2
Totd .. ............... .........
Prcvaously remned ...... ....... -?- 1.J3
Grand tota].................... o2 4 185

S-pt. 29 '.......... ............... ..
Sept 30 ............. ............
i.t. 1 .............. ................ .
O ,'- 2 ...................... ... ..
Oct. ; ....... ..... .. .....
O' t. 4 ......... ....... ..... ..
Toel1 ...................... .
Previously reported.........
Grand total ............ ..... .
Sept.29 .........................
Sept. 30 ........................ ..
U ,.t. I ...............................
O ct. 2 ...............................
S. J ................................
O cr. 4 ........................... .. .
Total ..................... ........ .
PreviOu.'ly reported ...........
Grand toi il...... ......... ... .
Se pt 29 ................................
SLI.. 30 .. .. .. .. .

Oct. 4........ . .... .
O ct 4 .... ........ .... .... . .
To al.. . ..
Previously reported .. ...
G ran-d ntil.. .. .......... ...
*Incljade nyi3rjelectric strion.


I 510.987
1.3 II n138
2 ln.320
236. .32

1 36

Reopened October 1, With an Increased First Day
Enrollment of White Children.
The Canal Zone schools were opened on
Wednesday. October 1, with an increased en-
rollment o,.er the first day last year in the
schools for white children, of 54. There are
11 grade schools for whitee children, and high
schools at Ancon, Empire, and Gatun. The
first daN's enrollment by schools, follows:
Ancon 'grades.i, 175; Corozal, 103; Pedro
Miguel, 61; Paraiso, 28; Culebra, 30; Em-
pire, 161; Las Cascadas (church building),
25, hotel building' 23; Gatun, 98; Cristobal.
1S8; Porto Bello, nine; high schools, Ancon,
23; Empire, 18; Gatun, 21; Total 963.
To this total should be added 13 children
living at Bas Obispo, assigned to school at
Las Cascadas, who %%e,'e not enrolled on the
first day, bccau'e transportation was not pro-
vided for them. Forty-three regular teachers
and two subs t te teachers are employed in
the white schools.
In 10) chouls for colored children there were
550 children enrolled on the first day. This
number does not include the enrollment in the
school for native children at Majagual, the
report of whichh has not been received. Fol-
lowing is the enrollment by schools: Ancon,
92; Paraiso, 25; Cucaracha, 20; Culebra, 80;
Empire, 85; Mandingo, 25, Gatun, 39;
Mount Hope, 11; Cristobal, 173. Twenty-
five colored teachers are employed in these
The assignment of white teachers is. as
Ancon-Empire high schools-Albert R.
Lang, principal, N. F. Petersen. Frederika
Hine, Dorothi Riedc:el, Amelia C. deLassus.
Anion-Bertha H. Mallory, principal,
Shellie M. Dunn, Sara D. Elwell, Mallye A.
DeCamp, jc.sie \Vilon Clark, Etta Reed.
L'ro:al-NMary M. Shea, principal, Anna
Molteller, Anna R. Young, Edna M. Spencer,
Mary Edmonds.
Pedro MIguael-Ida 0. Erickson, principal,
CkIlia Crespi Calhoun, Florence Cruson.
Paraiso-MNlary F. Adams.
Culetra-Jennie D. Perkins, principal, Ida
Keys Law lor.
Empire-Elise Cage, principal, Natalie
Hine Humphrey, Lucy Nichols, Dove L.
Prather, Jeannette McClure, Ida B. Potts.
Las Cascadas-Hotel building, Marie Bir-
mingham; church building, Charlotte Carter.
Gatun-Jessie E. Daniels, principal and high
school, Archie Pratt, high school, Shirley C.
Dorsey, Annie E. Stone, Ezoa Smith, Cora
E Sessions.
Crisiobai-Emma Al. Cobban, principal.
\\enonah Whiting Dillon, Edith Mcintyre
McCarthy, Florence Al. Dildine, Helen
Daniels Parmelee, Leah A. Zook.
Poto Bel'o-Verna Al. Sawtelle.
Substitute teachers-Grace E. McCray, pri-
mar' grades: Georgia T. Munroe, upper
Accidental Drowning.
John F. Stanton, a private in Company A,
Tenth Infantry, at Camp Otis. was acci-
dentally drowned in the Canal, at a point
about opposite the camp, about noon on
Sunday, September 28. He was born in
Philadelphia a little over 21 years ago, was
unmarried, and had been on the Isthmus
since Mlay 13, 1913. A friend, Charles Lan-
das, lives at No. 512 North Eleventh street,


Oslobr S. 1913.


Rise segan October 1, to Provide Passanle Between
Pedro Miguel and Miraflores Locks.
The formation of Miraflores Lake began on
October 1, when a timber bulkhead wa' placed
across the drainage culvert in the -pillway
dam, which, with its bottom at 5.3 feet above
sealevel, was the final diversion .f the Rio
Grande and its tributaries, the Pedro .Miguel,
Caimitillo, Camer6n, Cocoli, and Do-
minica Rivers, during the construction of the
spillway. The opening is being filled with
It is estimated by the hydrographic office
that the normal run-off, calculated from 22
years' rainfall measurements, from the 55.5
square tniles of lake watershed will raise the
lake surface to elevation 35.8 feet above sea-
level by the end of October; to elevation
38.67, level with the top of the ogee of the
spillway dam, on November 4: and to the

.. : . . : -1

*'*,: ^ ',; T. f

The location and outlines of Miraflores
Lake are indicated in the accompanying
sketch. The purpose of the lake is to avoid
the excavati-,n which would have been re-
quired for a sealevel channel from the site of
Miraflores Locks to Pedro Miguel, approxi
mately 15.000,00u cubic % yards. The bottomrn
of the channel across the lake, bet wecn the Lt
locks, is 10 feet above sealevel, which is 5;
feel higher than that of the sealevel section on
the Pacific side. A part of the channel through
Miraflores Lake is naturally at or below elea-
tion plus 10, and tome e-,cavation ta; made
by the French in this area. An :old ladder
dredge, abandoned in the channel it was
cutting through this area, has recently been
set afloat, after repairs to it. hull. by the
rising waters of the lake. A ercondar; use
of the lake will be as. a source of water
supply for the Canal villagess on the mouthhrn
,Inpp of the r..ntinental divide, and for

.. -. V. /-.-..-,

-e .. j ...
,., .. :, r .''


or 4.
-- .
'w .e L t .. ;, t .
: ; ;: i .i

."':at ,''" jf":. -V iI i "
:- . ..,
', ', .
: ,,... .o.,-.-,.. -. ... .--

Mirta.. ; LAKE.
"Showing relation to Pedro MSguel and MuSltlcr' Locks, Panama railroad, trbutar, streams, etc.

normal operating level of 55 feet above the
sea, by December 4.
Should it be desired to fill the lake earlier,
however, water may be drawn from the high
level of Gatun Lake and Culebra Cut, through
the culverts of Pedro Miguel Locks. To
fill Miraflores Lake completely, hom dry land
to proposed normal level, would lower the sur-
face of Gatun Lake, from its present elevation
of about 67 feet, not more than .35 foot.
Filling Culebra Cut will lower Gatun Lake
about .118 foot. Hence, to fill both Cut
and Miraflores Lake would lower Gatun Lake
from its present level less than six inches,
which is equivalent to retarding its rise
about three days. Further comparison of
the two lakes is shown herewith:

Miraflores. Gatun.

Elevation of surface, ft.. 55 85
Area watershed, miles .... 55.5 1.320
Area surface, sq. miles... 1.88 163 4
Capacity, million cu. feet ..... 11.2 183.136 2
Canal channel. miles.... ... 1 4 '31
Width of channel. feet 500 300to 1,000
Elevation, bottom of channel. t 10 40
*Including nine miles in Culebra Cut.

Panama, for which a pumping and filtration
plant, capable of handling about 15,000,000
gallons daily, is under construction on the
cast side of the lake.
The northeast section of the lake area is
crossed by the relocated line of the Panama
railroad, between Miraflores tunnel and Pedro
Miguel. Filling is now in progre-- to increacut
the area available for Pedro Miguel village,
east of the railroad, and a depressed area
between the track and Pedro Miquel Locks
is also to be raised above the 55-.foot contour.
The Canal village of Miraflores is being re-
moved, and the native houses in the lake area
have been demolished or burned. The San-
itary Department has cleared the area oa
trees and brush below the 55-foot l vel, in
order to prevent as far as possible the breeding
of mosquitoes.
Fatal Accidents.
George C. Gunthorpe, an Antiguan, check
No. 165861, employed as a carpenter in the
Fifth Division, and William Elliott, a native
of the island of Nevis, check No. 161764, em-
ployed as a laborer in the same division,
were accidentally drowned while working in

the T-culvert in the east wall at the south
end of Pedro Miguel Locks, at about 12.50
p. m.. on Thursday, October 2. Both ends
of the culvert had been dammed by bags of
sand to present the inflow of water while the
men, nine in number, were at work. The
barrier at the south end gave way, and
c.itght two men before they could escape.
Th- other five workmen succeeded in reach-
i a place- of safety.
'. eph Brown, a Jamaican, check No.
19_'I.;, rmplosed as a carpenter in the Di-
siivin of Municipal Engineering, was struck
,'n The head b a rock from a "dobey" blast
at the -ite of the new reservoir on Ancon Hill,
at about 4 p. m., on Friday, October 3, sus-
t dining injuries from which he died less than
an hour later.
\ ilford Walkin, a nati e of Fortune Island,
,:e,:k No:' 92", employed b5 the Panama
railihad. was drowned at Balboa at about
4.25 p. m., o,n Saturda\, October 4. He at-
tempted to board 1. C. C. engine No. 533,
but mi:-ed his footing and fell between a
w.oudcn tre-tle into the water. The body
was recovred.

Mrs. J. F. Hern, residing at Ancon, died
at Ancon Hospital on Monday, September
29 She was 34 ,sear, ol age, had been on
the Isthlimu.r e.en *,ear-., and is -urvived by
her husband anemploc ol tht Fifth Division
at Balboa.
Samu'-l Jackson, an American in the em-
plou of the U nittd Staten Steel Products
Company.,, sith reiidencc at Balboa, died at
Ancor Ho-piral on Wednesday,. October 1.
He wias 24 years of age. waa unmarried, and
had been on the Isthmus four months
\Vord has been received of the death of
\ illiarn T. Rynolds. formerly a superintend-
ent of construction in the Central Division,
who resigned on September 13, 1913, and left
forthe United States on the Colon on Septem-
ber 14. He died at a hospital in New York
City soon after the .-icamer docked. He
entered the service of the Canal Commission
on October 15, 19U6, and Aas continuously in
the employ of the old Culebra Division, and
later the Central Division, up to the time of
hi- re-ignation. He was a native of Mary-
land, 40 years of age, and was unmarried.

Columbus Day Ezercises.
The exercises under the auspices of the
Knights of Columbus, in observance of Co-
lumbus Day. will be held this year at Panama,
on Sunday, October 12. At 9 15 a. m., or
a; soun thereaftr as the arrival of the first
train frum Colon will permit, high mass will
be sung at the Cathedral: lunch at Hotel
Cerr.ral at 12 noon; regular meeting of
Panama Council and election of officers for
en-uing year. 1 p.m.: exemplification of the
fir-t and -econd degree, Anion Hall, 2 p. m.;
banquet, Hotel Tivuli, 9 p. m. Special trains
will leave for both Bas Obispo and Colon di-
rectly after the banquet. Rooms will be
pro ided at the Hotel Tivoli for rest and
dressing. All Catholics, irrespective of af-
filiation with the Knights of Columbus, are
extended an invitation to participate at the
mass, lunch, and banquet.
CRITCHLOW-MOHLER-At the home of the
brine s parents in lthaca, N. V on \%enneaday. Sep-
timber 24. ita, Gra,:e Isabel Mohler to Mr Howard
Tnompson Cnicrlow. of Prospect. Pa Canal Zone
residernce Culeora.

_ _~ __


Vol. VII, Na. 7.


Conslruction Contemplated a. a Preventive
,igainsi Silling in Ail.inric Channel.
Tht c i[niirii rI. n .1 _in r 1 -t breal-k:attr
in Liim-.n Ba., i..nt, ripliat:d. and -.)me
prrlimina ....rk h.1- lb,-in Uii lhorizd fh,.-
Tur,, Po.in .. -, r .r' i k.. :irer, now ni.arli
compl. led ith rhr. ..\ci.pi on of the armored
porti._.n is d,.-igni.d lor thll protection Of the.
Coli.n and l. rill,.ajl harburh.- and] the i.ct'ter
.,f i. e -t l .,. iin-t N r' r-.,' r an ii linT i
ot dlire.' LI'.:, I- norrimal iT' th.. [ir t. iin,- wind
during. th- -L -tormn Iir Ma- nIt built tTo
afflri [-r.icpr tcirn a..'aint[ v. : it action priidu:e.le
b' thi Trik -." a hih pre ail jlmuist c,,n.
s.taniil\ n th-;e laLitudis duriii.- the dry
(*i-il.'u, and -v. hicl-h kiniraill, comni- fr'm thet
nornh ..r n.-rithci-t Thi- trade o lnd- ,'ill
!i ot endanger t[h- .alei, u i e -;-- Li-ing ithe
Canal, arid, ithercore, o'io not ':n thi- arrount
enter in lic trIhenec'.. itL our an i.a -t br.akattr
Arnot-her fat-tor. hi,.,.e'.rr, ha, dech.l.ped.
one which ha- art important I'earing on theL
co-.t r' ni tai nine tlhe Atlani.c channel
Sounding-, and zurxc,-:- thui ha' e been mad:-
iru_,n tinic [oi trini hj that th, trade ,i-nd-
tj-.h the -houres of Lim.-iin Ba, in the-- itnii\
of the Canrial -:ntran.nL, and a urc-'. rnmad
in March. I191', .hii.v.ed thl-atb it, .harnna In rhi
vicinity. ul tlhe Caial en!ranci:. pre' lOuul,,'
ex..a'aied ro its full dl.-th if 41 ectt, hadr
illi-d, -. that i drpth ol but 27 feet ~,t.a a jail.
abl: arnd thi- ,nl', in thI- rriddli oAf the charn
nel I Luring the 12 months previuu- to, ihiz
time it %a-t. .tiniaT.d thj[ the aiirumulatiin
ol illt in tht channit am.-unte:d to 2.213,lS.'
cubic y*ard-. An inic-niigation II this .:on-
dilion h.l, tu the be-lief rhat this. =ilurnL as
in a large mrn.-aure due t,-i the traike wind;
which. ,ipri-n fditurbing the -il't material in
the bortom of the has into a .-ltate I, l.uen-
sion. laI-r .l,-po-ited it a Lin. during cen-.atiorn
ol the Mind,. a larce part settlinL. in the deep-
er channel The _ouindlngi "lhuwecd that the
depu-.it wla gcnerally unil-.rm in the channel ,
",irh rhe ti option ul that part near thi-
shor c of the .,L'.,
During, the \ iit ~of li Atlannic FI'l.-t to their
Canal ab.ouTi nine- minthi aci,. it la at anchor
under the- lee .I1 th. ,:--[ ljreakssattr, and
it isa. a dirfirult mrnttLr it tiIe-s,I due to the
strong Trade blowing, for -mall b 'at, rui
reach the -hip. A.- a rt-ult -it thi-. I..n-
dition the (Gene-ral Board of the \Na, re-i
iomme ended tlhi cnrintrul.ti'r- olf a dLtach'rid
breakwater fr.r [hi prterctiit) i'l the anch)ragi
ar-a, which would afi,.,rd eccurir. tIo -mall

boats, and to barges engaged in coaling, while
thing aluneside a ship.
It is proposed to extend the new break-
wae-r uuL f Irni Cou:-, Siolo Point an the east
side of the Ba. of Manzanillo, and authority
hj-, been granted fur three construction of a
railr.'ad track t1o Ctco. Solo Point, leading off
from the Mount Hope-Margarita Puint line,
therEL', t-stabli-hing a track connection with
The Panama railroad main line it the Cris-
luhal yard'. Thelengthof the new track iill
be about 3,500 let. A quant it of piling
for building the breakwater tre-tle has been
ordered, roe-tht r "ith a ne" piledri\er. In.
,.'t:tivat.ins hate been conducted in the
enrdeator ti rind a quarr; more acce-sible
than the onm at Pouro hello. A rt.ck deposit
nt-ear Mile Po-t 24 '. north ill Caimito, was
-explorel, bur it 1i doubtful if sufficiently large
r,.ck c.in be prOLured fur thearmiir of the break-
it .lter I i-s probable that rock for Ihe in-
nLrrio. r %ill be- quarricd at this localit:,

iranr,fer of Mlaonic Temple to Panama Railroad.
Trh,- M.in,_ lodC':, han r.-linqui;hed all of'
it. rizht- and eq1uili;es in its parstl finished
-inmple it kihl.n. including the original con-
tra.it "ith the Ml- IintiL-.1lar-hall Construc-
iion C(.rnipJn. li) the Panania railroad. and
ha-. jl-i r-..i,:a- id thine cClihntic Mlar-hall
(L..omparni trum it- con[ldctual t bligation-:
the railrudi,i therilure. n,-, --ins. the build-
ing, and ha rt,'-eri.'d pouese.sion of the land
,,n %%hi.-h it sLands through cancellation .f
the Ieta-,. Thit Masonic lodge has reseri-.ed
the right r.-. pur..ha-c the building from the
riilra.,d within lI .i-Larat tht- lull c s- t price.
plu.- iclght pi.r co.-n intmcre-ti
Tht re-t,..rari-ln of the: foundations as
iindert taken b-, the Panama radruad, and in-
xul\-d a much gr, ter amount of work than
ka_- firt.r anticipare-J. Diamond drill boring,
ni.d- oviecr the !IL ..,- the ztruLture -ho'wed
that the foundatiu-ns rested un filled ground,
con'i-iin, .:.t earth and rock., superimpoised on
i bed -l1 ,L..:,m .-lidirl c.-ral rock and soft mud.
Tl'-i- had ,-r i hitle ujpporning power. as
,tI-..n.-irtrai d b1 tlihe. fact that the rate of
pro'rtn-- in drilling tta4., in some ca-es at, high
a, uil lIeer an huLir The loietsct pint ias
l.iui-f '-i Lbe in the n,'rth-a-t corner of the
buildin_-. uhere thel fioundatii'n-, had settled
1.5. f IEt. The place .I- lea-t settlement was
.it th,. -outh.vest cijrncr. It was lound that
the I leti-rllnh tret t ide had settled more
than th, runia'iniir portion. and as the entire
strut lureu t'as i n .i-ii rabl% out of plumb, it
s'a. -jltermined to idjjiut t[he: ide- dalls andti

the interior foundations to agree with some
given point. The Elesenth street side was
accordingly selected as the base to work from,
and it was decided to settle the west and south
sides to make their foundations agree with
thiioe on the Eleventh street side. The plan
adopted was to drive untreated piling entirely
around the ev'erior of the building; to sink
10 and 12-inch wrought iron pipe. filled with
concrete, along the inside walls: to install
net foundations of 16 and 20-inch pipe, filled
with concrete. for nine individual columns in
the center of the building, and to put in a
number of reinforced concrete footings.

W\illiam Jennings Price, the new American
NMinister at Panama, arrived on the Isthmus
on the olon,10. on Ociober 3 He made a formal
call upon Col. Goethali at Culebra on October
6 presented his credential- to the Minister
If ForeiIgn Affir- of the Panama republic
on Orluber 7, and entered upon his duties as
Mini-ter. after calling official' upon President
Porra-,on October 9. Mr. Price is a resident
of Danville, K,.,.and is a lawyer by profession.
lie has held no public office previous ti) his
pre-ent po'iti-in
Mr. W\. \\ \\ar\ick, Assistant Comp-
troller of the Treasun, accompanied by Mr-:.
\\aruiik, and their son. arrived on the Isth-
mu., on the .Incon, on Thur-day, October 2.
lie ias called here to confer with local Canal
Commisi-ion officials relative to a permanent
sAstem of accounting.
Lieut. Frederick Mears, accompanied by
hi- famil-., returned from leave of absence,
on the An.on, on Thur'day, October 2.

Colonel Gorgas and Assistanis to Investigatre
Sanitary Conditions In South Africa.
Col. '\ C C.Grgas, accompanied by Mrs.
Gorcas, %till ,ail on the United Fruit Com-
pany's -teamer earrillo for New York on
Tuesday October 14. Col Gorgas has been
granted four monrh'- special leave of absence,
and, together with NMaj. Robert E Noble
and Dr. S. T. Darling will leave New York
about Noemniber I lor Johannesburg, South
Africa. At Johannesburg, they will make
investigations and recommendations regard-
ing the animationn of the district of the con-
solidated mines of the Rand, at the request
of the companies in the consolidation, which
employ about 20).UOJ men.
Commissary Cold Storage.
No .fhanies ire report 'd im the lit ofi cold Uorage
uppleNs rsid at the commabi.ari.e published in THE
tANAI RLCORD of O:tober 1.

:A statenient of classified expenditures ul the Istrhmn.n Canal Commininon to June 30, 1913. follows.


Total to june J.i. I1 . . .. ... ....
Total- FUcal Vear. 1910. ... .....
Toita-Fi-al Ve. ll . .
T.tal-FL.cal N \er. 1912
Jult 1912 .. . .
Augit. 1912 .. .. ...
September 112 .. .
O.: t be0ir 101 . .. .
Nr.'i;mnber. 1 . . .
D e,: rn tei 1I412.. ......... ....... .. ..
Januiari 191. ... .... . .
Februr, 1913 . . .
tMarch 1913 .. .
April. 1913 . . .
May. 191 .
June. 1913 . .. ....
Grard total .u... .
Denotes credit.

Ai4 i': 1 -im Lilt
I! i l ia
521 e-ij 4 21 In
b2-2' I -m0b 2h5
I5 ti 02 1 7 j2
44*., 3; 3 ii 7:

i f'. 91n I "!2 i1
3-1<.9i ': 9;, 1 4t. l.'4
57.(99 ib 1.469 59
56 6 Uo I 641' noi
58.;r,I ..It I b'Y 22
57.13 26 1 .5i5 8 7
7;,41 2; 28.12 19
22 441 74 I 264 56
63'.3 308 73 44 82 21

LDepirtmert Deparimeti of I
of Conttructlon General Items Fofrliicmions Total.
SS.a1unLIon. and Engineering
9 c.;3 5I' 28 on 622.561 42 ;8 0226 n6 10 lW0 .;4 .79
Il 040 3 9)5 26.300.107 05 2 2863 08 s3 IJ 675.648
1 ;:.s.' 02 217 4;.776 19 31,00;.95 72 .. .J 3 1J8.60
I 620.391 1 28.89;.736 10 I 2.819 026 53 1.212.8S1 60o 5.346.06
123.S03 b6 2 649.2146 Gi I 100.9.-0 55 104 126 t92 3.143.51
123 154 48 2.539J6a0 dJ *9b.054 61 111.41l2 5i 2 ?39.,34
120.385 ;0 2.285.970 89 ;: IiUJ 53 127 16S.2. 2 6;.J.946
.' 4S o1 2.473 280.o 83J53 -3u 129. 7? 3); 2 I Ji32
I 119.031 t 2.420.085 ;7 75 ;79 01 30001f. 33 2.979;.00
115O19 26 2.sI1.977 03 1209046.61 118152 57 3 2a7.31J4
114,501 04 2.823872 0o 0 463 72 1'92 :2 77 3.11j.3;39
12;.3'4 80 3 714.3-0 51 123 034 12 31 .')u4 lh 4,4,. .959
lJSbbtl 0 2.?12.21i 10 "7706 70 i1 140 -; .7.U*-.0R03
114 146 79 2 6;..640 00 132.223 Os I t1 9C'i 9' Jl I '.I
115 SOi 00 2.e49.29.2 ir Ilt..30't ;17 I6.4 2: 24 3 .t ,' 59
118 108 10 2928208 83 I;O 832 24 I 14' 418s 22 3.3 27]4

1.2501-9 1 75 76 3 3 11457 -2 -8.9S;1290

' 0I
5 14
1 49

__ _____ i___~ __

October 8, 1913.



To Provide Maritime Quarantine Regulations for
the Canal Zone and the Harbors of the Cities
of Panama and Colon, Republic of Panama
Whereas the official opening of the Panama
Canal will require a revision of the maritime
quarantine regulations of the Canal Zone
and the harbors of the cities of Panama and
Colon, Republic of Panama, and
Whereas the Government of the United
States and the authorities of the Canal Zone
are authorized to establish such rules and
regulations for the ports and harbors of said
cities, by virtue of the second paragraph of
Article VII of the Treaty between the United
States and the Republic of Panama for the
construction of the Isthmian Canal, signed
November 18, 1903. which paragraph reads,
as follows:
"The Republic of Panama agrees that
the cities of Panama and Colon shall
comply in perpetuity with the sanitary
ordinances whether of a preventive or
curative character, prescribed by the
United Stares and in case the Government
of Panama is unable or fails in its duty
to enforce this compliance by the cities
of Panama and Colon with the sanitary
ordinances of the United States the Re-
public of Panama grants to the United
States the right and authority to enforce
the same."
and Section 6 of the Executive Order of
December 3, 1904, known a. the Taft Agree-
ment made between the Secretary of War
of the United States and the Chief Executive
of the Republic of Panama, which section
reads, as follows:
"Section 6. This Order also shall be
inoperative unless the proper Governmen-
tal authorities of the Republic of Panama
shall grant power to the authorities of
the Canal Zone to exercise immediate and
complete jurisdiction in matters of sani-
tation and quarantine in the maritime
waters of the ports of Panama and
and Article I of Decree No. 66 of December
6, 1904, issued by the President of Panama,
agreeably to said Executive Order, and pub-
lished in the Official Gazette, No. 70, of 1904,
which article reads, as follows:
"Article I The authorities of the Ca-
nalZoneare empowered to exercise freely.
immediate and complete jurisdiction in
all matters of sanitation and quarantine
in the waters of the ports of Panama and
Colon. In consequence, the authorities
of the Republic shall proceed in conform-
ity with the provisions of this decree to
the end that these may be strictly com-
plied with."
By virtue of the authority vested in me and
in conformity with the foregoing treaty pro-
vision and the Executive Order and Presi-
dential Decree above mentioned, I hereby
establish the following maritime quarantine
regulations for the Canal Zone and for the
harbors of the cities of Panama and Colon,
Republic of Panama:
Section 1.-Masters of vessels clearing
from any foreign port or from any port in the
possessions or other dependencies of the
United States for a port in the Canal Zone
or for the ports of Panama or Colon, Republic
of Panama, must obtain an original bill of
health in duplicate from the officer or officers
authorized by the quarantine laws and regu-
lations of the United States to sign such

certificates for vessels entering the ports of
the United States.
The following form is prescribed for such
bills of health:
Form No.-
Original Bill of Health.
I, -- ithe person authorized to issue
the bill, at the port of -- '), do hereby
state that the vessel hereinafter named clears
from the port of under the following
Name of vessel, Nationality,
-. Rig, -. Master, --
Tonnage, gross, -- net, Iron
or wood. -- Number of compartments
for cargo, --- For steerage passengers.
- For crew,
Name of medical officer, .
Number of officers, ; of crew, in-
cluding petty officers, -- of passengers,
first cabin, ; second cabin,-- ;
steerage, Officers' families,
Total number of persons on board, --
Passengers destined for the Canal Zone or
the city of Panama or Colon. first
cabin, second cabin. steerage
Previous port, -- .
Number of cases of sickness, and character
of same, during last voyage, -
Number of cases of sickness and character
of same, while vessel was in this port, --
Vessel engaged in -- trade, and plies
between and
Nature, sanitary history, and condition of
cargo --
Source and wholesomeness of water supply.

Source and wholesomeness of food supply,

Sanitary history and health of officers and
Sanitary history and health of passengers,
Sanitary history and health of passengers,
steerage, .
Sanitary history and condition of their
effects, -- .
Location of vessel while in port-wharf,
--- ; open bay, : distance from
Time vessel was in port, --
Character of communication with shore,

Sanitary condition of vessel, --
Sanitary measures, if any, adopted while
in port,
Sanitary condition of port and vicinity,

Prevailing diseases at port and vicinity,

Malaria, deaths during month of

Number of cases and deaths from the fol-
lowing-named diseases during the past two
weeks, ending .
DISEASES. No. of No. of
cases. deaths.
Yellow fever................. ......... ......
Asiatic cholera ........................ ......
Cholera nostras,. or cholerime... ........ .......
Smallpox ................... ......... .......
Typhus lever....... .... ........... .......
Plague........................... ... .......
Leroasy.......... . ......... .......
Any condition affecting the public health
existing in the port of departure or vicinity
to be here stated.

When there are no cases or deaths, entry
to that effect must be made.
I certify that the vessel has complied with
the quarantine rules and regulations made
under the Act of February 15, 1893, and that
the vessel leaves this port bound for
Canal Zone, or Republic of Panama,
via -
Given under my hand and seal this -
day of 191.....
(Signature of consular officer)
(SEAL) -
Section 2.--Vessels clearing from any
foreign port or from any port in the pos-
sessions or other dependencies of the United
States for a port in the Canal Zone or for
the port of Panama or Colon, Republic of
Panama. and entering or calling at interme-
diate ports, must procure at all said ports a
supplemental bill of health in duplicate, from
the officer or officers authorized by the quar-
antine laws and regulations of the United
States to sign such certificates for vessels
entering the ports of the United States. If
a quarantinable disease has appeared on
board the vessel after leaving the original
port of departure, or other circumstances pre-
sumably render the vessel infected, the sup-
plemental bill of health should be with-
held until such sanitary measures have been
taken as are necessary.
The following form is prescribed for sup-
plemental bills of health:
Supplemental Bill of Health.
Port of -
Vessel bound from to
-- Canal Zone. or Republic of
Sanitary condition of port and vicinity,

Prevailing diseases at port and vicinity,

Malaria, deaths during month of

Number of cases and deaths from the fol-
loning-named diseases during the past two
ueeks, ending
DisEases. No. at No. ol
DISEASES. ,,cI ; dert.,_. Remirks.0
'l -w feve-r ...... . . ...... . ...... ..
Asiati cholera. . ... ....
Crolera noitris. or chol.
erine .. .... ............. ..............
Sm LL x .... ..... .. .. .. .. ...
Typhus Iever........................ ..... ...
Plague ... ....... ...... ...... .... ......
Le roy .. . .
*Any condition affecting the public health existing
in the port to be ta ted here. Wnen there are no cases.
or deaths. entry to that effect mist be made.
Number and sanitary condition of pas-
sengers and crew landed at this port:
First cabin, No.- sanitary history
and condition, --
Second cabin, No. --; sanitary history
and condition -
Steerage, No. ; sanitary history
and condition -
Crew, No. ; sanitary condition and
history -
NOTE-If any pa.,senger or member of
crew disembarked on account of sickness,
state disease.
Number and sanitary condition of pas-
sengers and crew taken on at this port, and
sanitary condition of effects:
First cabin, No.- ; sanitary condition
and history, .
Second cabin, No. ; sanitary coa-
dition and history. --


Steerage, No. ; sanitary condition
and history, -- .
Number of passengers for Canal Zone:
first cabin, second cabin,'
- steerage.
Number of passengers for *Republic of
Panama: --- first cabin, -- second
cabin, -- steerage.
Crew, No. ---; sanitary condition and
history, -- .
Sanitary condition of effects, --
Total passengers on board, ; total
crew on board, --
Sanitary measures, if any, adopted while
in port, -- .
Location of vessel while in port-wharf,
; open bay, ---- ; distance from
shore, .
Time vessel was in port, -- -
Character of communication with shore,

Nature, sanitary history, and condition of
cargo taken on at this port, --
(Cancel Form A, B, or C, as the case requires.)
(Form A will
be used at inter-
mt-diate ports
where the vessel
does not enter.) no quarantinable dis-
ease has appeared
A -To the best of my aboard since leav-
knowledge and be- ing
B-I have atisfi d
rrm ,elf that-
C-Sinre leaving ----, the iolloting quar-
antinable disease has appeared on board
and I certify that the necessary sani-
tary measures have been taken.
I certify also that with reference to the pas-
sengers, effects, and cargo taken on at this
port, the vessel has complied with the rules
and regulations made under the Act of Feb-
ruary 15, 1893.
Given under my hand and seal this --
day of 191-.
(Signature of consular officer:.

Section 3.-The master of a vessel entering
the ports of the Canal Zone or the ports of
Panama and Colon, Republic of Panama, from
any port of the United States, must present
to the Quarantine Officdr and to the Customs
Officer of the Canal Zone, or his authorized
agent, each a bill of health signed by the
customs officer of the port of the United
States from which said vessel sails.
Inspection of Vessels from Foreign Ports and
Ports in he Dependencies of the United States.
Section 4.-The officer issuing the bill of
health shall satisfy himself, by inspection if
necessary, that the conditions certified to
therein are true, and is authorized to withhold
the bill of health or the supplemental bill of
health until he is satisfied that the t essel, the
passengers, the crew, and the cargo have com-
plied with these regulations.
Section 5.-Inspection is required of:
(a) All vessel. from ports in which cholera,
yellow fever, or plague in men or rodents pre-
vails, or at which smallpox or typhus fever
prevails in epidemic fIum, and at which a
merlircl officer is deailed.
(b) All Vessels carrying geerage passengers,
but need only include the inspection of such

passengers and their living apartments, if
-sailing from a healthful port
(c) Inspection of thevesfelis such an exam-
ination of the vessel, cargo, passengers, crew,
personal effects of same, including examina-
tion of manifesto and other paper=, fnod
and water supply, the ascertainment of its
relations with the shore, the manner of load-
ing and possibilities of invasion by rat- and
insects as will enable the inspecting officer
to determine if these regulations have been
complied w ith.
(d) When an inspection is rciuired, it
should be made by da.% lighr, as late as practi-
cable befi,re -ailing. The vessel should be in-
spected before the ,passengers go aboard, the
passengers just before embarkation, and the
crew on deck, and no communication should
be had with the vessel after such inspection
except by permission of the ofiLer issuing
the nill of health.
Section 6.-Vessels, prior to stowing cargo
or receiving passengers, should be mechan-
ically clean in all part., especially Lhe hold,
forecastle, and steerage.
Section 7.-Any portions of the vessel
liable to have been infected by any communi-
cable disease should be disinfected before the
issuance of the bill of health.
Section 8.-Street sweepings, city clean-
ings, or anything containing organic refuse
should not be taken as ballast from any port.
Section 9.-Bedding, upholstered furni-
ture, soiled wearing apparel, personal effects,
and second-hand articles of a similar nature,
coming from a district known to be infected
with cholera, smallpox, typhus fever, or as to
the origin of which no positive evidence can be
obtained, and which the consular or medical
officer has reason to believe are infected,
should be disinfected prior to shipment. In
the case of typhus fever, the destruction of
vermin should be assured. Articles similar
to the abovementioned, if from a district in-
fected by plague, should be inspected, and, if
necessary, disinfected and treated to destroy
Section 10.-Articles from an uninfected
district shipped through an infected port may
be accepted without restriction if not exposed
to infection in transit.
Section 11.-Any article shipped from or
through an infected port or place, and which
the consul or medical officer has reason to be-
lieve infected, should be disinfected.
Section 12.-Any article presumably in-
fected, which cannot be disinfected, should
not be shipped.
Section 13.-Passengers, for the purpose of
these regulations, are divided into two classes,
cabin and steerage. (a)
Section 14.-So far as possible passengers
should avoid embarking at a port where quar-
antinable disease prevails, and communica-
tion between the vessel and the shore should
be reduced to a minimum. In such a port the
personnel of the vessel should.remain on board
during their stay.
Vessels carrying passengers from any port
where quarantinable disease prevails in epi-
demic form should have a medical officer.
Section 15.-No person suffering from a
ia'p The 5nintri mleawurc applicahle to second cabin
pasiergers will be those designated for first .:abn pas-
senger or lor ;tecrage passengers, according as the ar-
rangemenis of heir quarter and accommodaLonr
aboard. both sanitary and for a.sociation, cla.r3 them in
Lhe opinion of the inspecting officer %ith the first cabin
or steerage.

quarantinable disease, or scarlet fever, measles,
diphtheria, or other communicable disease,
should be allowed to ship.
Section 16.-All baggage of steerage pas-
sengers destined for the Canal Zone, or the
ports of Panama or Colon, Republic of Pana-
ma, should be labeled. li the baggage is in
good sanitary condition, the label shall be a
red label bearing the name of the port, the ves-
sel on which the baggage is to be carried, the
word "Passed" in large type, the date of in-
spection, and the seal or stamp of the consular
or medical officer of the United States. All
baggage that has been disinfected shall bear a
.cllow label upon which shall be printed the
name of the port, the vessel upon which
the baggage is to be carried, the word
"Di-infected" in large typ-, the date of
disinfettion, and the seal ,r -tamp of the con-
sular or medical officer uof the United States.
It is understood, and it ,ill be so printed on
the blank, that the label is not valid unless
bearing the consular or medical officer's stamp
or seal.
Section 17.-Each stecrage passenger shall
be furnished with an inspection card, as follows.
This card. stamped by the consular or medical
officer, is to be isu-ed to exery member of a
family as nell as to the head thereof, and shall
be in the following form:
lnmmigrants and Steerage Passengers.)
Port of departure Date of depart-
ure -
Name of ship Last permanent resi-
dence -
Name of immigrant -

ln,:pecte,. ind Pamscd at quararn-
pi .. ed.t ine. p, rt of
oSeal or .Lamp ol Canal Zone (or) V'accmnated
consular or med ................. (Signature
ical officer. Republic of Panr or ctampi

IThe following to be filled in by ship's sur-
geon or agent prior to or after embarkation.)
Ship's list or manifest No. on
ship's list or manifest

I Steamship inspection To be punched by
ship's surgeon at
Berth Da 3. daily in.pecuon.
No. ---
I. I 3. .14 5.6.7. .
9. 10. 11. 12 13. 14.

Section 18.-Passengers and crews, mer-
chandise and baggage, prior to shipment at a
noninfected port, but coming from an infected
locality, should be subject to the same restric-
tions as are impo-ed at an infected port.
Section 19.-Vessels arriving at any of the
portsof the Canal Zoneor the cities of Panama
and Colon, Republic of Panama, under the
following conditions, shall be inspected by
the quarantine officer of the port prior to
(a) Vessels from the United States: (b)
Vessels from foreign ports; (c) Vessels with
sickness aboard; idi Vessels from Panama-
nian ports where any quarangidable disease
prevails; (e) Vessels from Panamanian ports
carrying passengers or articles suspected by
the quarantine officer as being capable of con-
veying the infection of a transmissible disease.
Section 20.-The limits of anchorage of
vessels awaiting inspection and of vessels


Vol. VII, No. 7.

October 8, 1913.


undergoing quarantine, shall be fixed from
time to time by the Chief Sanitary Officer
of the Canal Zone.
Section 21.-Every vessel subject to quar-
antine inspection shall be considered in
quarantine until granted free pratique, and
such vessels shall fly a yellow flag from the
foremast head from sunrise to sunset and
shall observe all the other requirements of
vessels actually quarantined.
Section 22.-The captain or master of a
vessel in quarantine shall allow no com-
munication with his vessel except as provided
for in these regulations., nor shall any water
craft approach within 200 meters of any such
Secti,-n 23.-No pers,.n or article shall be
allowed to leave a *.essel in quarantine with.
out written authority, from the quarantine
Section 24.-Tonboats, or any vessel or
boat having had communication with a vessel
in quarantine shall be submitted, with their
personnel, to such measures of sanitation as
the quarantine officer ma, judge to be nec-
Section 25.-No person, exc-ept such officers
of the port as are required to do so by the
nature of their duties, and the avent of the
vessel, if such agent has the consent of the
quarantine officer, shall go aboard an) vessel
subject to quarantine until such vessel has
been granted free pratique. Any person going
aboard prior to the issuance of free pratique
shall be subject to the tame re-trictions as the
personnel of the vessel. if, in the opinion of
the quarantine officer, this is nece-sa I for
the protection of the public health.
Section 26.-The quarantine officer, after
his inspection of the vessel and its documents,
shall decide whether said %essel, or its person-
nel, or passengers, or any article aboard said
vessel is liable to convey, any of the follow ng
diseases: Plague. yellow fever, cholera, small-
pox. typhus fever, or leprosy; and if so,
such vessel shall be placed in quarantine and
forbidden entry until the period of incubation
of such diseases is past, and he shall take
such measures in respect to the vessel, its
passengers or personnel or cargo as, in his
judgment, may be required to prevent the
entry of such diseases into the Canal Zone
or the cities of Panama or Colon, Republic
of Panama.
Section 27.-Passengers boarding vessels
from ports subject to quarantine will be re-
quired, in the discretion of the Chief Sani-
tary Officer of the Canal Zone, to present
personal certificates from the officer author-
ized by these regulations to signbillsof health,
certifying to their sanitary historN and con-
dition, provided due notice has been issued
to the agents of the steamship companies on
the Isthmus of Panama.
Section 28.-Every case of sickness aboard
any vessel in the harbor shall be immediately
reported by the master of the vessel to the
quarantine officer, who shall see the case
and take such sanitary measures as may be
Section 29.-The Chief Quarantine Officer
shall have charge of the sanitation of the
harbors and vessels lying therein and shall
see that such measures are enforced as are
necessary for the proper hygiene of vessels,
their cargoes, and their personnel, whether
in port or en route, and to prevent the vessels
from being a source of danger to other vessels

or to the port, and he is authorized to certify
bills of health to vessels clearing from ports
under his jurisdiction, setting forth in such
bill of health the conditions of the port,
vessel, cargo, passengers. and crew: and is
authorized at the request of the master ol
any vessel to disinfe t and otherwise place
such vessel in a sanitar, condition so that it
may leave the port in free pratique and be able
to make entry at the prti of de-tinati,_,n with-
out further disinfection ,r detention in quar-
Section 30.-The quarantine ufficr -shall
make such charges for the ditinrif.ill.n of
eesselsand their cargoes, and fur the transpor-
tation and subsistence of pa-senzver- ,hilte in
quarantine as may be fixed from time it, ime
by the Governor of the Canal Zone.
Section 31.-A certificate from the quaran-
tine officer that a vessel has complied with all
the quarantine regulations shall be required
of every vessel subject to inspection, as a
pre-requisite for customs entry or passage
through the Canal.
Section 32.-Quarantirn: stations shall be
established and maintaincri at such places
as mal be decidul upon by the Chief Sani-
tary Officer of the Canal Zone. with the ap-
proval of the Governor.
Persons detained in quarantine undar there
regulations shall not be permitted to go out-
side the limits of the quarantine station until
discharged therefrom by the quarantine
officer and if any such person shall lea-.'c the,
quarantine station without being dul,, dis-
charged therefrom he may be taken into
custody by the quarantine officers wherever
found and returned to the quarantine station
and, in addition, he may be punished as here-
inafter described.
No person except the Chief Sanitary Officer
of the Panama Canal or his representative,
the quarantine officers and employes and
personnel of the station shall be permitted
to enter in or upon a quarantine station with-
out permission from the Chief Sanitary Officer
or the Chief Quarantine Officerof the Panama
Section 33.-T1he Goternor of the Panama
Canal may establish from time to time such
rules and regulations as he may deem neces-
sary to execute this Order.
Section 34.-Any person violating any of
the provisions of these regulations shall be
punished by a fine not exceeding $500, or by
imprisonment in jail not exceeding 90 days.
or both. at the discretion of the Court.
Section 35.-The medical officers of the
Canal Zone, duly clothed with authority to
act as quarantine officers at an\ port or place
within the Canal Zone and the ports ol the
cities of Panama and Colon, Republic of
Panama. and when performing the said duties,
are hereby authorized to administer oaths
and take declarations thereunder in matters
relating to the administration of the quaran-
tine laws and regulations of the Canal Zone
Section 30.-These regulations shall take
effect from and after the date upon which the
Panama Canal is officially and formally
opened for use and operation, by proclamation
of the President of the United States.
April 15, 1913.
[No. 1761.]


Addlilonal Awards
Th liol!owing additional awards have
i been made by the I...int Land Commi-.ion:
A .4.ud Vo 32-In thte ntute L'. remain S. ,ites In
Goreona-iTh eviidrnre i.before the C oirimmnrn -:hoas
that the per-ons herenmafltr name. rec lived th, ilM' -uses
herein referred t. under ite wil Jii.irtenan MNrnda de
* Leon, who died- in 1000 :,nd ,rit- bcc imre th. c.i- ner of
,he. houn.si t.t-:tre she accepted a las e Imn, the Isth-
mnan Carnal L'ommri-con Ir. ino tc- did th-: p.-er, onr
hereiriatei: named makr .,rns .I:an to the oneri nlip of
the Ilrd.
in .-onfornT.t i.inih the principle. I.riin ila .ved in the
opinion o. lule' 295. 1131 or. tht- .Jt-murri er ii ...-unsel
,l Lit- I_'n,trd SLitre ti Itr. jLtrriiiiCLIitn oi tLe CL-'rnimIi-
i 1, n i f h M rt I the i-tl m or Juiar bn tillo. a.-- i,
:,.-r] .:i-- wih ihe e ilento J jnLrmiti'. 1 to th-' Corn-
r,,.- .n. in .' jrld iq h ret,' inrile .deasin-t tLie united
a t r.i n(rr,cj& for c rt.iri t.r.-l. ngi hi er-in n iler
il. "n'; l, Il'. Iii.l. arid iri.t.?rests l ifly -lr.c'onsr
,rn 1. . L IiiF1g- ti- tlc u t:i i w r, i I ,:la inr for
inmpiih. fn- r. oI ,.u r itt slut u r, i il: pj ar ,I any
t-r.,. n; ti -,t .t tCr li.tt1ii l amil all ricrt' d.laitrd by
1,t ur n -i ..I 4'i
Th iI i r, iJ I rB i..t -, I. il. ri-t.-i.a ve pter on
rn I,. d l. r- ir itL, ir ir in..iL n. rei .lrr t rt ie 1 .L'
C-i r i 'h-. i .- .h L I I. J, I I .. ',. .nJ if
r ,J rr, 1 ril i.r l.: hl r 1:1 I. ,. m r .t n ,', .,jI tlh a .. .rn c l
t h l t I l : I 'lI l m j j1 t h '1- - I t h a t d1t- lJ".e i
i l en i h i l l t h r. ,l T r in t arr r t i e rn t e O L Lu

To jo., L Lacre.i.J.ck' N1. i e, li Hou". 23,
the suni o $45 I.I To Ihr oI loniir ;i 1. the
tim M]' i. rl iu I.. 1- i .jidij nr.,>nig tiii ia.n .r f'r
JuIsrd Mirai-ili i ...-.ati o I h ,- -t.- :um
[ C 1 idtil ri~t l.-"i L %. r.-. .1- tiL ri..r,I tli tur on
S$651 T,'I. $! 450
isuigne-a, FEL.s-crS O B kun. '' F FALRNER.
SAM- E. LEsi[-" L 1 i-, Lsr ".rI 'iifl.ei-
Sepiemtier v 113

.4 jaid ... .V i i- In ii th .mar i- 1 i s. Li'ui1 3 .f .*ir',ed
Ca d and t6e :riat uf L.'rnm' ,Ind-adt d .eat-i. ,'r
i ,grno'vi 7( co.'iJ-jl. an in I.j ki J an Ltana T lie
end% id ne n ..lit: La ice hliw. that int rltc ert'c y OCi acdDl
bLy ith lite (-re Andrad u Cader on the
lanou ul Ju'nr C-r-andt W a parC't.ase.1 o) tner Irfom
D. T McLean Srn. that McLean entered uporFn thee
land: under a leai- granted be the I-ithmidn IC jinal Com-
mii-:..,r.. l.- ril Lotiirii o0 ,Fri.,li if it t r- i [-tNlnrI:iJU)fl0
c-ul- b ia t tie 'ii Ir. a r.itd t-iie -i rin." on
,he cancellation ul the same
The esideince hoas;. ht.-tvtr. thil a ertaFin portion
L.[ tie iuniro.n- mrias i made bs Andrade dnd Cadet were
not on the rut.lic lands or the ULited Sties. but upbon
tie la-i. u ilrd Li Ili L-pino-.a ;ad it iS lo[ cilii por-
[ion .-I ttiL it ri -. titT th. t trie awara ui It, Co in-
ni-.ion ir nmid Ti.i eindente belote the Comaril0Co,
show'-- thai the late GCa-rge Andrade w.-d the one'l of
two-third- o:1 the rropi.rti. and iral Allred Cadet was
rhe owner of one Itr, i
On the busi c-I tine evidence prte..entd. anaDiud is
here n-ade awainhi tie I'niled scLaLe of Amrica3 Li
la'or of iie perion, heTrenalter named or the settle-
nient c aill liir .-]nri- i-t t.r other interests in all grow--
itg cryic fruit itU es building,. arid all o nther improve-
menlts'. l hat.ter kinil. anld aill rihib .imined Lb them
on the e.ltae oa Juan Grande. in thri 'num r-i 540si
The -ornlil,on: of the awairrd ire
Firii-Thi .award o 'all be paid to the respective
clonia.ils nheirin.iter named in the aoounts lirecinafticr
specirfed on or betlce th.- lt51h a-a ol UlObti "ill
and if paS meni or enider ri payment clf af, l3 thE itE n'-
i thi,: ii itj is noil niadtJ on ot bitlone r-,.t dait aucri
it ir-. ih.jll lh,:r.,rler be.r nIe.: 0 at Lt., l .ot UI i L
ecr tentuni per amiiumri lion date until r -'a
5 tr,n T|a- i,' t.c.- e r ,rlioiriton e aita ld hall L,, dis-
triluiLed arong the I t l h fisrr ii- later namicd. and
the amounii .to be rrcfird by c-tah shall be is 1oL-,suS:
Name A n. i gnl.
Alfrtd C.adi 133.33
I'V. H CarTingon r, as dmri titraloi of Lbe
eut.te o[ George Andirade. deceased $266.67
iSigried) oFEDEICO BO\n ROLANo P. FAI-I.iER,
SAMLIEL LEWIS. L. S RowE. itonmuse frownrs
September 13. 1913.

A. ard Ou J4--in Ihe malner uol arouis No;. 71J.
tVI. 808. and -113 in iths ta o/ Gcrono-On July 19,
191J. Maria T. dr Basque filed witb the Joint Com-
mission a (lainm (Docket 1.460) for a. certain interest
in Houses 713, 719. 808. and 8J3. in the town of
Goigona which houses appear in the variouE record
pertaining thereto as the property of Hilario V. Seixas.
Subsequently, on July 24. 1913. Seixas filed a claim,


Vol. VII, No. 7.

(Docket 1.550) for the value of these houses. In a
letter of the attorney of Seixas to the Collector of
Revenues dated February 1, 1908, the location and
history of these houses is given, as follows:
"House No. SI, situated on let No. 5, block
No. 2. consi.i of a two- tory frame and corrugated
iron roof building measuring 10) a) 10 rmeter- tue
upper floor of wli.h is occupied by the ow.ner.
H. V. Seia.s. hLu domicileandthefirst floor by
the Panama Banking Company, at an annual
rental of 5$i,) U. S. currency. This house was
origin Jlle built in 1887 and was purchased by the
preentL owner in 1894. It is bounded on the east
by a government building on the west by the
main %-tr'-t on the nr..nl by a building of one
Ganrdo an.1 on tne s..- th oy July's building.
Houa- No 5S -.tl ted on lot No. 2, block No.
6, consists of a two-story frame and corrugated
iron roof building, 16 by 17 me.te ..and occupied
at an annual rental ol $510 U S currency This
property has been in tr,n continuo.ji wpa sei.ian oi
the present owner since 1 "6 and ia hounded on the
east by the m un street. on the weat bs a budding
belonging to Seixas, on the north by the house of a
Chinaman, and on the southh by a aimiliar building
House No. 70. situated on lot No. 7, block No.
5 contisr' -,f i-. -ton' frame and corrugalted iron
roof builiine m..s-'iiing I! bt 15 meter, This
lot w.r obtained from the mumu.iidlity of Gorg.ona
in 1906 for the purtiose -if erec:ttin a building, and
was pur.:hasedJ by the or.!sent o ner in 19W0. It
is now oc.:upied t an annual rental .3f 1 0310 U S
currency. and is bounded in the eint by th. street
on the west by a vacant lot, on the north by the
house of one McCalla. and on the s.. tinl b the
building of N. Barsallo.
House No 7 1. situated on lot No. 18, block No.
6. con.'.- of s twoistory fnme. and corrugpted iron
roof bu.ling. me..suring 12 b5 I? meters, and is
occupied at an annual rental of $900 U.S. currency.
This property has been in the continuous posses-
sion of the present own-r since 1886 and the build-
ing w'a erected In 190i It is bounded on theeasat
bv a house belonging to Seixas, on the west by a
building of one Pissaei Miranda, on the north by
the property of the owner, and on the south by
mne street
It seems th ul Seixas refused to sign the lease issued
by the Isthmian Canal Commisson. On January 7.
1908, the Collector of Revenues, in a letter to H. V.
Seixas, made the following statement:
"You are in possession and occupying certain
lots in the town of Gorgona. which are the property
of the Isthmian Canal Comlmiiision I am idvi.sed
by Mr. Robinson, distri.:t li. coUllctor. that you
have refuidl to sign leuaes for this rarcperti. I
ha.- therefore to advise you. if it is not your in-
tenition to ign leases as provided for by the
Government of the Canal Zone for property that
you are occupying it will be necessary for me to
take steps at once to have you evicted from the
property referred to."
No further action was taken until July 12,1909. when
the assistant attorney for the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission wrote the following letter to Seixas:
"Ancon, July 12, 1909.
Dear Sir:
On April 2, 1909. Mr. Grover C. Bradford, dis-
trict tax collector, wrote you relative to the four
lots occupied by you in Gorgona. Canal Zone,
upon v hi.:h i situated hboues Nos. 51. 55. 70, and
71 Heie notined 'ou th3t unless you signed leases
to th-e l...ion ror before tihe lOthof April. it would
be necessary for the Canal Zone Government to
bring suit for the possession of these lots.
This is to further notify you that unless you
sign leases to these lots on the regular forms re-
quired by the Government of the Canal Zone on
or before the 25th day of July, 1909. and pay the
back land rent, the Government of the Canal Zone
will take such steps as may be necessary to secure
possession of these lots and to collect the back
land rent due thereon since April 15. 1907, up to
April 15, 1910' as i.Alow-. Lot No 73 $26.40 per
annum, 2 years. i$5.S0. lot No 7'. $32.25 per
annum, 2 years. 8h4 50. lot No. 55. $35.75 per
annum, 2 teara. $71 50; lot No Si. $19.12 per
annum, 2 years, $38.24 Total. $227.04
Very truly yours,
(Signed) W. K. JAcKsoN,
Assistant Attorney for 1. C. C."
Under date of July 29, 1909, the district tax collector,
Mr. Grover C. Bradford, in writing to the attorney of
Seixas, makes the following statements:
"The form of lea-e enloned Is the one that was
ued at the Lime the munil:palitie.i were abolished,
and hive been tn use ever since that time and it
seems to me that the case of Mr. Setata should be
governed In accordance with the existing circum-
stances at the time the above mentioned form was
put 4n use which wasabout April I. 1907. I know
that you will say that you want a contract wherein
something u promised or agreed to by the Govern-
ment in the way of a compensation. should the lands
be re-iuired for Canal purposes. but in all previous
-cases of this nature these matters have been placed
'before a commission to decide on what the proper-
ty o.ner should receive as a compensation, and I
t'elieve tr his aae procedure will be followed
in the future and that the Government will consider
.any just cla m."
The continued refusal of Serxas to sign any leases
led to the institution of a suit for unlawful detainer on

August 14, 1909, in the District Court of the District
of Gorgona. Judgment was rendered by the Diatrict
Court in favor of the United States. The further pro-
ceedings in the case are fully described in the answer of
:he United States to the claim of Hilario SeLras hiled
July 26. 1913. as follow
"Judgment was rendered by said District Court
in faaOr of the United Statei of Ameren: tint an
appeal W1as taken therefrom by the defendant Seut-
as to the Circuit Court of the Second Judicial Cir-
cuit of the Canal Zone at Empire; that upon a
tril de ntLo of all the aijues involvedin maid action
on December 21,190). a judgment wsa rendered by
the judye of that Court in favor of the United
States ol America for the sum of SMS6.67 and cost.,
and directed that 3 writ of restitution i-ueC fi.r the
lots or parcels of land in the Administrative
District of Gorgona occupied by the said Sexuas;
t.hat thereafter iso. Seaxas pra..ed a writ of cer-
tiora imrom the Supreme Court of the Canal Zone
in order that the judgment of the C.r-uit Court
of the Canal Zone might be re 'lewed and reversed.
that the Supreme Court of the Canal Zone on Sep-
tember 7. 19llj rendered an opinion refuin;g to
i,.Iae the writ of certiorari prayed for. that there.
after Letxa. secured sl alternative writ of man-
dimun from the Supreme Court of the Canal Zone.
direct.r.g thlt cia e be ,hncwn why the full record
and judgment of the Circuit Court of tne Second
Judicial Ccuitun of the Canal Zone should not be
sent to the Supreme Court for their renew and re.
versal; that upon motion to quash the alternative
writ of mandamus issued by the Supreme Court
in an opinion filed at the November term of .te
Supreme Court of the Canal Zine it ras directed
that the alternative writ be quashed and the pe-
tition for mandamus dismissed, with the costs
against said Seixas; that the decision of the Su-
preme Court of the Canal Zone was duly certified
to the Circuit Court of the Second Judicial Circuit
of the Canal Zone and that on January 9, 1912,
a writ of possession was issued from said Circuit
Court and pcs.e--i.an of the said four building lo.s
and houses thereon within the town of Goreona
given to the United State, of Ameri:ca by the rrar-
shal of the Canal Zone in a..cordance with said
writ of restitution and order of the Second Judicial
Circuit of the Canal Zone."
It appears, therefore, that Seixas remained in pos-
session of the property until January 9, 1912. when the
writ of possession was finally issued by the Circuit
Court, and possession taken by the marshal of the
Canal Zone.
The evidence before the Commission clearly shows
thatSeixas was in possession of these lots many years
prior to American occupation. In accordance with the
rule laid down by the Commission in the opinion on the
demurrer to the jurisdiction of the Commission in the
case of Juan Sotillo, the claimant was entitled to the
protection of Article S of Law No. 50 of 1894, and nei-
ther the acceptance of an Isthmian Canal Commission
lease or license nor the refusal to accept the same de-
prived him of this right. The conclusion reached by
the Commission in this case does not in any way affect
or qur:tion the validity of the judgments of the Dis-
trict Court of the Administrative District of Gorgona,
the Circuit Court of the Second Judicial Circuit, or the
Supreme Court of the Canal Zone. These judgments
relate exclusively to the right of the United States of
America to obtain possession of lands when a tenant
thereon refuses to pay rental. In none of these pro-
ceedings was the question of the right of Seixas to
compensation for the value of his houses presented to
the court.
On October 12, 1909. the following judgment was
entered by the District Court of the District of Gor-
gona, to wit:
"That the plantil do have and recover of and
from the d-le.ndant. the poisse-'iiri of loti Nos. 51,
55 70 and 73 astuated in tne town of Gorgona.
Canal Zone and that the r.lini t also di hive and
recover of and from the defendant the sum of $288.-
72, and th.: co.. &rted at St 30, United States
This judgment included arrears of rentals due to
June 30, 1909, inclusive.
In view of the fact that Seixas remained in possession
of these houses until January, 1912. but has paid no
rental for the lots since the 1st of July, 1907, the
Commission decrees that from the total amount of the
award the following sums be deducted:
First--The sum of $295.02, representing the amount
of judgment entered against the said Hilario V. Seixas
for arrears of rental to June 30, 1909, in.luiive, to-
gether with costs..................... $295.02.
Second-Arrears of rental on lots Nos.
51, 55. 70. and 73, from July I, 1909 to
January 1, 1912,a period of 21 years. to-wit:
(a) Rent on lot No. 51. from July 1,
1909, to January 1, 1912, 2$ years, at $19.-
60 per year ......................... $49.00
(b) Rent on lot No. 55. from July 1,
1909, to January 1. 1912. 21 years. at $47.-
70 per year........................... 11t9.25
(c) Rent on lot No 70. from July 1,
1909, to January 1, 1912, 2| years, at
$33.22 per year....................... $83.05

(d) Rent on lot No. 73, from July 1,
1909. to January 1. 1912. 21 years, at
$27 80 per year .... . ....... $69.50
The valuauon made by the Commission for the four
houses for which claim has been made. is, as follows.
I Hou.eNo. 55. tix No. 713. $1.200. 2 House No
51, tax No. 719. $150. 3. House No. 70. tax No. 813.
$1.300. 4. House No. 73, Lax No. i08. $1.100. Total.
$4 050.
From this total the following saums shall be deducted,
1. Tne sum of $295.02 in full satisfaction of the
judgment entered against said Hilario V. Seixas for
arrears of rentals to June 30. 1909. inclusive, together
with co',ts. $295 02.
2 For arrears of rental on lots Nos. 51. 55. 70, and
73. from July 1. 1909. to January 1. 1912. 615.82.
In accordance with the principles herein formulated
and with the evidence submitted to the Commission.
an award is hereby made against the United States
of America to the owner of certain buildings identified
by the tax No. 713 719. 808 and 813. the said awards
to include all right. title, and interest in the said build-
!ngs. together with all claims for improvements of
whatsoever nature in the sum of $3.414.18 United
State- currency.
Trh award -hill be paid into the Circuit Court of
'.he Second Judicial Circuit of the Canal Zone for dis-
trnbution among the owners of said buildings as their
interests ma appear. onor before the 20th day of Oc-
tober. 1913 and if not so paid before that date it shall
shereafter bear interest at the Irate of six per centum
per annum until paid
SAMUEL LEWs L. S Rows. Commssiustes
September )0. 1913.

Arud No 3o-In the matter of the ldaim of Leo-
poldo Cantorii .3or property lteated as Ciagresilo, near
,.,lJ F .Kvles dockeI No I2..-The claim of Leopoldo
Cantarld i; divd Id into two parts, the first part refers
to damage.! all.g-ed to have been caused by the operat-
iona of the C a nl author.ii-i in 1905,. the second to
damage: caued.1 b/ the rUing of the waters of Lake
Gatun in 1912
After carel'ul con-id-raton of all the evidence sub-
mitt.-d. the Comrin.-ion has reached the conclusion
that nuch eva en.-e does not support any claim for
damig- 3 alleg,:. to h 've been suffered in 1905.
With ri..ren.:, I. trte cla'm for damages suffered by
reason ol thI r;iin, of1 ti-he aers of Lake Gatun. The
e.iden.: a-- ubmtted in this case shows that the claim-
'ant Cantrnal i !.- for many year a tenant of the
French Canal Corpany. All the leases issued by the
Frencr Canal Com~iany contained the following
"In c,.,_ the Comoan' sells the land herewith
lea ed or r,:iures it for an purpose of the Com-
pany nu iiatt.r hhit cut:h purpose may be, this
contr. I. ill be d&em-i rescinded. Notice of one
ninth thall be suifif:. nt. and shall be given to
all ] .-.e
It is e'.ilent therefore, that upon the sale of the
property, o[ the French Carnal Company to the Urnited
SLatie the relationship of landlord and tenant estab-
lh.hesl between the French Canal Company and this
Llaimrnit ri-a terminated It la true that the evidence
eubmutLed aow.vs that there w.s a payment made in
August 1905 apparently under a mistaken impres-
'on that the contract of lease which had expired by
reamion ot the sale of the property by the French
Canal Company to the United States of America, was
still in existence.
From 19u3 to 1012. the cliimant remained in un-
dLaturoed possession of the property without the pay-
ment of any rental to the United States. and no at-
tempt was at any time made to establish the relation
of landlord and tenant.
It is evident tat this claimant became an occupier
of public lind? The rights of such o,-cupiers have
been fully set forth by the Commission in an opinion
dated July 25. 1913. Under the terms of this opinion
6ulh occ.upLers are entitled to the value of the culti-
vation on the land occupied by him.
The Commi sion has. therefore. reached the con-
clusion that this claimant is entitled to compensation
for damages indicted. and that the measure of such
compenaatlon is governed by Article V of Law No.
48 of 1882. and Article 739 of the Civil Code.
An award Is therefore made against the United
States of America to Leopoldo Cantoral for the settle-
ment of all rights. claims. or other interests in al
growing crops, fruit trees, and buildings, and all other
improvements of every kind. situated in or near
Chagresilo. in the sum of $1.500 United States cur-
rency. This award shall be paid to the aforementioned
claimant in the amount specified, on or before the 20th
day of October. 1913. and if payment or tender of pay-
ment sla not made on or before that date this Item shall

October 1913.


thereafter bear interest at the rate of six per centum
per annum until paid.
Commissioner Cilnmmisi aner F LKtvnk di.pntcn,
September 20 1913.

A sard Nc J.'-lit the mauer or siwt, rs laimsn Jo..tke
No 1.?10-A ct,-An award is her-by made "i.a.niLt Loe
United StatIes of Amern-j in fi er c-I the I-er.-ri,
hereinafter n'incd. in ih- um of Sr ,'i U S U :r in':
Tits award shlAll b-' r-ad to lne r --i.~.it.-' iiarnants
bereinaf.er n:amcd ijn ii.- amniunii liereinalter EL.,:-Cfic-J
on or before ith. ?h h -i *J uI O.iEC.LcbLr 1'13. _an. if pal y-
mint or tend-.r of pa n-i, rt i an .i tl: itens uf thu i
award is not m-.dc on or h-.r.' tihat d-,i m a.l ;item.
shall thereafter br-ir iii..r i '. s th. rate of *i per
cesitinm per annum until ru,-I
Amagner. .1.aJ.iri.:a lor all rignti, claims, and
other inter .i in gro ing crops. fruit tree; h<:u.e
tas No 8;3 and an othtr building' and any other
improvements 'hiLh the said MaurLcia .,mJiTagu.r
may po=ae5a or may hase poss r ed on the ljan,-
of Juan Grandie i Terlotuu. the sum o1 0So U -_
.4A;r-ir. Ja,, de. eajed. Estate o, docketi A.o Js
for all rights, claimni and other interests in groF .-
ing crops, fruit tree:. buildings, and any. other
improvements which the said Alvartez mail have
posi'essed on the west side of the Chagre; Rir:r on
the lands known as Cafio yJu.brado, in the iumir
of SI7S U. S. currency -.. Thhi, .ward Is _i'Dject ti)
Such equities. i any. a- ma., be poSe-Csed by Jos
Perdiztr any other prt'nn claiming an mntre.t an the
said property, and it is directed that the said
award be paid into the Clrcuit Court l1 tice Second
Judicial District of the Canal Zone fora dJiribution
in accordance wLth the terms of thle awarTd.
.lfre. Jous de Carmen. for all right. ciaIms and
other interests in growing Lro,-. Iruit tree bul.d-
ings. and ainl other improvemetiii watch thie :aid
Alveo mas pozesa ior ma, hae: po.,e:cd at Garnbi
Hill, near the headaaier' of the Ba:lamnior.o River
on public lands ot the United StateS., the simn of
$45 U. S. currency
Ali-eo. Jlausr.e. J-'.kes No. I ,04. lor all r'ghtl-.
claims, and other intereitl in growing crop- fruit
trEes building,. arid any other improc emerita
which the :aid Alsec. ma,' po'aire: or ruma hbae
possessed at Balboa Hill near the neadwater- o'i
the Riser Mauenque. th-e ai-l property betrngi
distinct from that located ia Bailarnunci Arriba
for which an award was made bs ihe Joint
Commission tO another cldimant of [he ,sme name.
the sum of $125 U S. current'.
Al ero. Manliil, for all right. laimi and other
interests in growing crops. fruit reez. build.ng-.
and any other improvement_ ranch the said
Alveo may po.>;e:s or may have posas::,ed in rhe
region known as Baillmonsioi Arriba. the said prop-
eriy being distinct from trat located a' Balboa
Hill, for lhich an award was made by. tihe Joint
Comminioan to iniother claimant of the same
name. the Eum of $29ti U. S. Lurreucy,
Ayar-a. N.Vuula docket No. I 607o. r al: rights
clamS and other interests in growing crops. fruit
trees. house iax No 014 and any' other building,
and an3 other icnprosem.nt, which the said
Ayarza may poses or ma'i hake poi-.essed on tihe
Lands oi Juan Grande (laterloo), and not includ-
ing claims of said ASarza for property said to be
covered by Dump 4. the saum of $15 U.S. curreir.y.
Batista. R .tlnuei droekets ANos. 30 a.n-1 JA7. for
all rights, claims and other interests in growing
crops, fruit trees. buildings, and an, other inm
provements which the said Batirta may poiS.ie.a
or may have po.sessed in Iands lying between
the rivers Agua Salud and Aueita. and which the
said Batiata may have possessed in the region
designated as Juan Maria. near Taberuilla. ihe
propertI covered by this award being distinct from
that owned by another person by the name of
Manuel Batista. located at La Loma. Friioles. and
purchased by the United States. in the sum of
$300 U. S. currency.
Betancourt. Damliso. do, kes Nos 1.631 aia I 639.
for all rights claims and other Lnteresti in growing
crops, fruit trees. buildings,. and any other im-
provements which the said Betancourt may possess
in two properties located near the headwaters of
the river MaquenquIe, in the sum of $120 U. S.
Bilorso. Jose, for all rights claims, and other
interests in growing crops, fruit trees,. buildings
and any other improvements which the said Bilorio
may possess or may have possessed at points west
of Mile 231 and Mile 21 i. respectively. on rhe Panama
railroad line on th hlnds of Barbacoas. the sum of
375 U. S. currency
Bolano. Roman,. for all rights, claims, and other
interesja in. growing crops, fruit trees, buildings.

and any other improvements which the said
Bolano may possess or may have possessed at
Baldo E-pino on the lands at Tibernilla together
with any claims ior prc-pe t. destroyed in 100? on
the lands of Taoernilli bs the making of Taber-
nilla dump andJ the i erfisloling ol the land. the
sum of $5.00 Li S current, .
Cahall r.., Jo.:e ta d, io. .1,i, t %a i o "86. ifr all
rihti:- claimm all- other intrresrr in Froainccroprs.
Iruilt trees builidinla Aind an.., ...trer improvement'
-h :ili the 'a.i Lib illerio n.,v ..:.',e s. or imi .,' rase
pua.sted on thli lands ol Catuj IQuehr-i.) iti. uum
of S000 I) E currency
CL..-*, r'., i flio ,i i miu P ,r-i.. Jdo k., .No I..
4-- lfor all rigla .. M'l. m =, ar.d ..tlie-r inti re t' In gro .-
ting crop,. fruit tree: build.ngi and in', aJta.ir imn.
provement.e whlii-h the -iAj t-onLri-r, ion may p,-:.
-eiaor ma. hat- p"o.e i.d on landT lu.I-a=d abt ce
the 87-fort rc ntour line. on ihP lo,)er w-iterii 0 l., th
River Cafi. Ciiiuebrad.a on the land- of Cl.-i O Qu-
brida. this rioDern. being dlittiincit icn that lting
beluu thhe i nlooriri cn:,u'ur line in th-' icme lIoialit%
t whichh w .is piurcha., d I rom C on.:.-1i ion isy i ti
United :iState in Decemo-en 1JI 1. and b, in'g ai.-
tinci al'o irom property on the upper .st' ri 01 thec
Ri,'s r C('a-f 'Quenrtid., r ur chll in it, ir.] i ,:
made b\ the Juinit r'ammi.asin. tie un,. -ia S'
I S. currency,
C.-in- t r t ..In i(C n C "r.,i-a, Pedr., in .Jo ti .\o I..-
444 fior all rtIts L1laim: andi other trnrt..,t: in
growing crop, IJruil trre.: bail-lJ r and .-ith r iim.
provemnentL .hi-..h the iii Concepi:iun Ti,' "p.1 ..
on land locit,:d al-oh e the 5;-il'io t Coniiio r lin: -on
the upper water: ol ti-e R -,-r C o.no luj.hr -l.a oin t,.:
lands iat Calio uebrido. tii, inopert De:ine' d..i-
tlni:1 c r.:im that on th-- lon er wiier. ol th.: C(_ io
Quebr idi. 01 which Lhe pirt I 'ing 1b.-1. trie i''
foot c--ritour linr a pi ur hi-eul b. the I'niIred
S[dt': in Di:iciinbi-r !01! and 'I0 oi helh ithi .art
lying aboue thie -i- ol::t :on'our lin- i. lnlua Jar it
an ,star rc .ril, hi mie JIint Coirsinii.- .n ih .iii
ol SSU ULS ..urrcra-
D t'iri. F.Jaura. .Jo. clt '.u I .il I'or all right
clallnr anil otha 'r intEre ti. In ti rt g -ri.g '.rop: fruit
Ere- hou-e tax No 1.S11 and anr oth-r biil.ding
and any other .mpr.:venm.ntis whiLh the said Penn,
mis r,-,-5. or m.a. r hee phoi:,--ee aLt t lAinco
th:.uam 1U 51UU Li .b .urren-:-.
DoLiry. Pi.'r.11. Jdo,k-a A 1530 lor all right' .
claims. an- other inter= t-_ in gross ing crop. fruit
trees. building,. and an, oirhiir improvemucnt;
which the said E[o\es mti pu.- .a orn lands lking
on both banks ol the Quebrado Pico and located
partly within the estate of Juan Grande least
bank at the Chagres R, eri and partli within the
estate of NXlame 5 L'ilo Seco thLe suum of 5105
L S current.,,
Fen'lanJ:.- Juan Galausic for all right'. :laima.
and other interest. ir gcroswing crops,. fruit trees
house tas No N;S' aid an.. t, er Duildings and
any other impro.ementic' which the said Feruandez
mas? posses' or may hase possessed on the laund-
of Juan Grande i ,'aterloo; trhe zum of $50 U S
curr.en,- .
Flores. Pablo. J- kei ,\.. I.Jo', for all rights.
claims, and other interests in growing crops, fruit
trees. building-. and an\ other improvements
o which the ;aid Flore, may pos.ss': or may have
posza eed on the landsoi San Pablo and Caro Que-
brado iaboe the 7-fIoot contour line I,this prop.
erty being distinct fironi that Lang tieloa., the 7-.
ioot level %ehich v ai purchased from the claimantt
bh the United States in 1911), the sum of S215
U. S. currency
Gairia S-anitago ,..-:ket No 1.13. for all right:
claims and oth-r interest in gro.i ng c:ops, fruit
trees., building'. and' any other imprios ement
which the said Garcia ma.. pos-e-I or mat bh e
possessed on the land .-j Catmo QdJcotad.o faLh,'c
the F;-foot contour line thni property being di-'
tinct from that locaiten '&aJ the ;i-loot contour
line, waich was purchased from the claimant b.-
the United States in I'Jl Ii. the sum of SJLi I.. S.
Gutletre"..11.artn for all rights. claims. and other
interests in growing crlopt. fruit tre.'.s buildings
and ant other impro. eventss which the ,adid
Gutierrez may pon.es- or ma have .poa-e ssed on
the lands of Juan Grande i\%Warlooi. the aurm
of $83 Ll. S. currency.
H a. Crrea. Crnelio, JOL:kri \o I &v. lor all rights.
claims.and other interests in growing crops fruit
trees, building a3nd any other improvements
hiLch the ,aid llerrcra may posses, or may have
possessed on the linds ao Cafto Quebrado aigre
the 87-foot contour line (this property being dis-
tinct from that i4..ra the .S; foot contour line ethich
was purchased from the claimant by the United
States in 1911). the aum of 510 U. S. currency.
Huir, J. R.. docked No. J-46. for allrights.claime,

and other interests in growing crops fruit trees,
buildings. and .an$ other improvements which the
said Huie mriy Ec'.'ess or may have possessed at
Agu, Salud melding any claimfor properly which
may have been derruiyed at Baldo Espino in the
work of constructingng the relocated line of the
Pananma railroad the 3aid ptloperi' being dii-
tin-:t irom that loatled at Buena V ila: which h was
said to have been in the name of the mother of
cl:imant E. Cmaripbll and which was purchased
by the Unite-d Stties the sum of $135 U. S. cur-
Jir.,nii'io'. J.tan for all rights, claims, and other
interest- in growing crops, fruit trees, buildings,
and a is uthAr improvements which the said Jara-
mIlle ma pooss--- or may have possessed at two
places on or near the Riser Paja, on the lands of
Cafio Quebrado the sum of $60 U. S. currency.
L a I e... I. bri .Vos. 882 and 1408, forall rights,
*:lai- and -tihrr interests in growing crops, fruit
tree- li-., ,- ta Nos. 882 and 1793,and any other
L.lring: and in., other improvements which the
s ,id L nr ma., pe.; sess or may have possessed on
in linI. of Juan Grande (Waterloo) the sum of
S 0rJ I' r irrpn.:y.
.U ;n. f)i.Jsmiu, docket No. 241, for all rights,
:laims anti -iher interests in growing crops, fruit
treie uil[Jing? :,id any other improvements
u'hich thie -ma-1 .lirtes may possess or may have
r-o-; ca-o-n the Jindsof San Pablo near Quebrado
Ma-:hn ., ilhe .uim of $170 U. S. currency.
Mil-a1..i Ja in: for all rights, claims and other
inirtet- in gro.aing crops, fruit trees, buildings.
a nd ,. riot* ht: r i improvements which the said
Mode-t mt a :--*e5ss or may have possessed, on
the pul.idiL and, of the United States near Mile
P-t In- oif ih'- Panama railroad, the sum of $100
Ui S c rrenc\
./-:-r,.; Li,-r,, for all rights, claims and other
tii':r. si in g ro.iin, crops, fruit trees, house tax
No I ;%A ,nd an.- .-ther buildings, and any other
im r-.r.i meniti ri -~ hs,.h the said Moran may possess
or rm v ha .1 ,' :- :-ed in the lands of Juan Grande
Sate rl.:..:. and nc(- including claim of said Moran
i.-r prouer-t, r td to be covered by Dump 4, the
Fum .,.I $40 1-' currency.
.fi-.as F.' ,u-zn docket No. 1512., for all rights,
claim: and other -iterests in growing crops, fruit
tree, building.; a"nd an" otherimprovements which
the sa.d Moran m2n, pssess ormay have possessed
near the Rio Carnit. on the public lands adjoining
tie lan-Is of i-io Quebrado and San Pablo, the
'um oi S150 U S. currency.
Alloan r I d.-.'rc docket No. 1514. for all rights,
claims andr other interests in growing crops, fruit
trees. builJllngi. and any other improvements
vhifJ the raid Moran may possess or may have
poi:cred near the.- Quebrado Macho and the Rio
Pai a thihe lands of San Pablo, the sum of $80
I. S currency.
.1/mor a Ei.i .uo (Efigenio), docket No. 1509,
for all right. claims and other interests ingrowing
cr-uatp. ru.t tree,, buildings, and any other im-
provemrent ahich the said Moreno may possess
or may have poms.-,sed near the Rio Canit6 on
public lands of the United States adjoining the
lands. of Cahn Quebrado and San Pablo, the sum
of $1h U S currency. -
Alue;;-:. CerI.ac.o. indocket No.747. for all rights,
claim- and other interests in growing crops, fruit
trees, budildng- and any other improvements
ibh,.:h the -aid Munoz may possess or may have
p:osu-es;ed on Lhe Rio Paja, in the lands known as
aa n Pahlo and Catfi Quebrado, the said property
being 'Ji:tirct from that at Quebrado Macho, for
whis:cn an as ar.j ,i; made by the Joint Land Com-
mai-on tine sum 01 $20 U. S. currency.
u. ..:.. u.', .l, ,Is docket N., 747 rorall rights
linm: ad3o Otlier interests in grLwing crop-;. IditL
trees, buildingK. and any other improvements
hbil:-h he said Mutioz may possess or may have
po;rseied on the Quebrado Macho in the lands
knoA n as San FPablo and Ca6o Quebrado, the said
property being di-tinct from that at Rio Paja, for
whcih an award was made by the Joint Land Loom-
maiss io in sum of $45 U. S. currency.
Sic1io' Manuel. docket No. 348, for all rights,
claims and oilier interests in growing crops, fruit
trees building and any other improvements
which the said Mulioz may possess or may have
.po'?es-ed at various places on the lands of Caflo
Quebrado ahotr the 8;-Ioot contour line thtas prop-
erty being distinct from that telou the Sl-foot con-
tour line within the lake area which wa. purchased
from Mluionz bi trhe United States in 1911. and
which property asa included b5 the claLmani in
his statement beiote tne Commission. but excluded
by the Commission in making Its award/, in the
sum of $155 U. S. currency.
ITo be Craonlaiad.)


Vol. VII, No. 7.


Annual Meering of the Cristobal Woman's Club.
The Cristobal Woman a Club began it,
seventh year at an adjourned annual meet-
ing held at the Commission clubhouse on
Wednesday afternoon, October I The an.
nual meeting of the club w is hId on April ?3.
but at that time it wa- found impossible
to elect officer-, or to tIe-'.iJe upon the que:--
tion as. to ahtethr .r not the .ldub shouldd con.
tinue for another year, so an adjournnment
was taken. At the meeting on Octiber I.
the full I ri, g oftiT : r .ver c hi_'- .n
President Ir-. 'I'h,_ma- Edwin Broi n. Jr ;
first i.:e president, IMrt Frederick Mltart,
second %ice-pre-ident, Mrs \\illiam Harri-
son: recording secretary. IMr Jhn J. Mur-
ra.; corrtespondinmg -eirctar\ Mrs. G E
\\hitney. tre.a-urer., IMr.. \\'lLiter Morri'
The program committee is conmpi-.d of
Mr-s. \\illiam Harri on, chairman: Mrs
Frederick Mear,. an.I Mrs. Charles Butter
Mrs. George Armiger is chairman of the
houwe and .'.c'ial i committee. The club
will not be divided into departments this
year, but will work on a more concentrated
and general plan The meetings aill he
held on the first and third \\ednr.sidas in
each month. For the first meeting in eat h
month there v.ill be a formal program, ithlt
a paper or lecrur,-, the -recond meetin'z vill
be rather informal in character, with a pro.
gram composed of short paper- on topi -
ol general inter,. t. an] the redinr: of the-e
will be followed b,, a general di-c-us-ion The
club will hold -a -"'cial mittin-g a- a v welcome
to the new members an'. officr- on \\ednts-
day afternoLn. O(.tober 15.

Proposed Federation of Canal Zone Christian
The question of the organization of a
federation of %\omen engaged in Christian
mork was the principal tupii_ of di-cus-.ion
at the monthly\ meeting of the Woman's
Foreign Nli-ionary Societ, of the Methodist
Episcopal Church hmild in the church parlor,
on Saturday aft,.rnroon, Oct.,bi r 4. The so-
ciety adopted a resolution in flato.r of an

undenominational organization the chief pur-'
o-.e of vhich will be the discussion of religious
issues, c,,i perative planning of future efforts,
and the study of missionary aork in all fields
and by all denominations. There are 10
church sucicties of women in the Canal Zone,
Panama. and Colon, with an approximate
total membership uf JOu. Should such a led-
eration at is proposed be lorrmed it would
rea'ult in a strong pLrniaitcrit organization
of American romen for Christian effort.
It is hoped that plants ill be perfected,
'u that the meeting for urganzation may
I.I held in Noveml-er at the time of the an-
nual vriitation of Bishop Stuntz, the Method-
I t bhishp in charge of the %eork in Central
and South America.
The mi;iunar, i ou iet\ elected officers lor
1913-1914 at its meeting on October 4, a,
fullos : President, aMrI. Harry Compton;
\ice-president. Mrs I H. Stokoe; vc'retary,
Mr- C. H. Port-, trea.Lirir, tMr. Town-.end.
The Lummittee on federaiion is compo.sed of
Mri. Compton. Mrs. Stokoe, Mrs. Keyser,
andJ Mr.. Ports.
Miscellaneous Church Notes.
The Cri-tr.bal Young Ptopl.s' Society, in
connection nith the Unimon Church, has i-sued
a card announcing the -chedule uf its meet-
in-.4 nith the subject of ea,-h program and the
name of the lkadr, Irum eitptcnmber to D,.-
cembcr 2S. The mnitings are held in the
church e\cry SurndA cirenine, beginning at
7 o'clock. 'ThE public is cordially invited to
atte-nd. The full.uwing is the program fir
the- ntxt three month,
:October 12, favorite versc- in the Epistlez,
hlehr.. Ruth \\ilkins, Ruth Farrcll, Julia
Ni len, Mary \ern.-r
lOctober 19, "Hou\ to make this the be-'t
i,tar in our :..ciet~ 's hi-tcry ;"' kla.er, M r. Ir-
%\in DcLong.
October 2o, mi-sionary e-sential-; leaders,
Clara Maithc;.. villainin Fraser.
November 2. 1 he ideal Christian;' lead-
er. MrNl. NM. F. Harrison.
N.> ember Q. "lhristian home life;:' leader,
Mr B L Larcom.
Nv1.,mm;.r Io, temperance factsand figure;:


Stations. SUHA ,
I 81 8 1 65 87 89 91 93 95 97 99 101 103 105
i. SA 1.1. NI A NI A MN A .1 P I Pf P M P M. P M. P. Nl P I,
Leave I I
FPnirn 5 0 6 10 1. t3) S 0 0 1J 4rf 12 1 1 I i 10 25n 4 31 1 34. 30
Bi; Tree C.ann 3 .', 15 .s' 2' Q 3U 1i0 1, i' 1 1 i' I S 2 m. 4 i6 S 40 1'
BJboa Dock I 5 It 6 5 1 1 4i 35 9 t H ,. 5 5i !l 45 I .: us 4 4 i 45,
|A .M A M A NI A NM. A NI A.. M I'.1 P 1 '* 1 PP I' P NM. P. M. P 1M.
I 81 83 8i 87 I89I 91 93 I s 97 1 99 101 i t 05

Stations. 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 96 19 100 102 104 106
A M .NI A A .! A i.M. r' r P P P P 1 l I P i P ri.
Leave. | | I i
Balbo. Do k 5 h 3 1 '1 IL 4 1: .1 l 1 1 0 11, I I 1. ; 2 i . 3 1 I IS h Ii i I 20?
Big Tree C L.in. 5 410 .I I to51 0 tI II I' I :' I .- ,r a I 2z 14 -.S| r 2 ,
Panama q 45 6 2 2 7Ii i 1 7 11 i it, 2 1 1 1 4 5 .i0 b 251 158
N1 A. IAI A...M A NIA .1 AI F NI P NI P M P % N i M P t ?.
S _uh-rd 80 82 64 86 88 F 90 92 94 96 9W 100 102 104 i 106
Sjuthva"rd trains aill nive prcferen.:e oter norrnward Lruirs
Train stop 31 all Lations e.x,:ept No luo
Baggage [or Balbo3 steamship connection v.ill be handl-d a, tar : p,3-.'itle r5 trains Nos 87. 911.and 9.'.
A labor tram will leave Pan3ma at 10 50 p m arrne B.aluoi Doc.k I It ip m. returning. lave Balboa Dock
11.15 p. m., arnve at Panama 11.JO0 p. m. on nirht, ,,tien tihr, m,,,rk in BJboa Dock.
All trains daily, except 83. 90. 93. and 100. whichI are dis.contanued Sundays.

leaders, Swift Carpenter and W. T. Donohue.
November 23, i.Thanksgiving) "Discontent
or praise," leader, Mrs. W\m. Harrison.
November 30, "The church at work for our
country;" leader, F. F. Zundel.
December 7, "The ideal Christian" (paper
No. 21, leader. Mr. W. H. Fredericks.
December 14, les-ons from the men and
women of the Bible; leaders, Arthur Farrell
and Sara Harrison.
December21, "The Christian spirit and how
it may prevail;" leader, Mr. A. J. Bowers.
December 28, "The church at aork for the
world;" leaders, Mlinot Cotton, Etha Beving-
ton. Ray Appleton, Elizabeth Ragsdale.
The W\oman', Altar Society and the NMen's
Catholic Club of St. Ferdinand's Church,
Empire, combined in giving a reception at
the parish house on Saturday evening, Septem-
ber 27, in honor of the Reverend Father J.
McDonald, C. M.. who is to take charge of
the parish and church work during the absence
on vacation leave of the Reverend Father
Allot. The reception was also a farewell to
Father Allot who sailed on September 29.
Farewell Banquet of Pedro Miguel Masonic Club.
The Pedro Miguel Masonic Club held a
disbanding banquet on October 4 in the
Pedro MNiuel hutel. The president, John
Kane, was toast master. There were addresses
b., JuhnA. Walker, M. L. French, Alma White,
F. H. Whitney, J. W. Sweene>, and Dr Cur-
The club numbers amang its members,
Masons from 92 different lodges and 24
states, a- well as from England, Ireland, Scot-
land. Canada, MNleco, Costa Rica, and Alaska.
E. P. Matter represented Alexandria-
\\ashington, No. 22., the lodge where "The
Father of his Country" presided as master.
One ol the features of the evening was an
address by Frank H. Whitney on "Forty-five
years a Mason."
The club was organized on June 8, 1909,
being a continuation of the Paraiso Sojourners
Club. and had always maintained a good
membership, even after the advent of the
various Masonic bodies on the Isthmus.
The last officerswere. President,John Kane;
secretary, Ira NI. Showers; treasurer, F. R.
Curney; chaplain, Frank H. Whitney.
The regular dance of the Cristobal Danc-
ing Club will be held on Saturday, October
11 at the clubhouse. Invitations or mem-
bership catds must be presented at the door.
A dance will be held at the Gatunclubhouse
on October 11 under the auspices of Lock
City Lodge, No. 5, Knights of Pythias, simi-
lar to the one held in August. A charge will
be made to cover the expenses.
Fund for Providing an Artificial Leg.
The subscribers to the fund raised for the
purchase of an artificial leg for one Pablo
Abello, employed as switchiender by the
Fifth Division at Miraflores, are advised that
the amount collected ($80) has been turned
over to the superintendent of Ancon Hos-
pital and the leg will be fitted as soon as
received from the manufacturers.

In the list of the diplomatic and consular
corps accredited to the Republic of Panama,
published in THE CANAL REcoRD of Septem-
ber 10, the name of Mr. Daniel Rojas P., the
Consul for Costa Rica at Colon was inad-
vertently omitted.

_ _

Oetbtr 8, 1913.



Appointment of Timekeeping Inspector.
Mr. H. T. Bosae has been appointed timekeeping
inspector. Fourth Diviiion. and will be charged with
the inspection of Lnrekeeping work and the inCvetl-
galion of complaints and errors.
He will be given any necessary cooperation by
officials and employs es.
By direction of the Chairman.
Chief CLerk.

Sunday Trips for Masters and Mates Through
Culebra Cut.
CRI TOBAI. C Z.. October 6. 1913
The launch t argar.i will b-. run through Culetbra
Cut Irom Gamboa dike to Cucaar--h-i slide .nd return
every Sunday (,iommencing Octuber 12. 1913. 1i
possible to put launch in Cut by that dates, to afford
masters and mates an orportiLnity to go over the
course before dredging operations arc started in that
The launch will leave Gamboa dike at 0 a. m re-
turming in time for those from the Atlantic .idce to
catch the 5.49 train to Colon. and tLli)e from the
Pacific side the 5 57 Lrain to Panama. P.asse, for Ethi
trnp may be procured from M\V G. Comber, resident
engineer. Balboa. C. Z.
W. G. CoarsER.
Reasdent Er'ineer.

Sailing of the "Ancon."
COLON. R. P.. October 6. 1913
All racerned-The Eailnne date of the ste-amer
Atncon has been set for MSlnda:.'. Oc-tober II. 1i13 at
3 p. m., from Pier II Cr.;tobal. C. Z
General Sita., -tendint

Special Train.
COLON. R. P.. Oltoli.:r 2 1913.
To A4 Co imer'ned-For thebeneit of thosedeir-ing to
witness the performance: of the Morton Opera Com-
pany.special train will lea e Panama II 55 p m Tues.
days and Thursday.;. October 7 Q 14. and 16. La. in!
jirslt-lasi passengers only for sLtLons bent een Panima
and Baas Obispo. J. C. ANC:FI.
Frcrghti nl Pasijteaner .gent

Labor Train Changes.
EMpiRE. C. Z October I 19131.
To All.4 Concerned--Efirectite on the morning of Octo.
her 6. the BasObispo-bilboa labor train and the Fin-
pire-Miraflores labor train will be consohdated. lea -
ing BaaObispoat S.20 a. m. running ovrcr the Panamai
railroad main line to Bajboa. breaking the nece.ssir..
stops for the accommodation of nimen.
Passes will not be required on tri.s train a, are re-
quired at orev'ent on the Bai Oibispo.Balboa labor
On the same day.the short labor train which leaves
Pedro Miguel at 5.47 a. m for Balboa over the Panama
railroad will be taken off and the labor train which
leaves Paraiso at 6 a. m. and runs to Corozal only.

will leave ParaiaO at 5.45 a. m. and run through to
Balboa. A. SE.,SIONS.
Sape.rinicnens oa Transp.a'ai.as.

Painting Retired Steel Dump Cars.
C1. LEIBRA C Z.. 0:: Ler 1. 113.
To 41lCon,-'rned-The Chairman has approved ret-
omr"nmndailion that gao.ad order 'treel d:um. 11ars. retired
Iroinm serve and turned or er t) the QltIurtrmaster S
Department for sale be cl:an-3c and ,Len a tiat of
tar-cemnent paint same to be appliedd tinth the paint-
sprisy m.ci hrie.
The above in aduiiron to provilionu covered by
Circular 323J-E as regard: -,rthr cli ie. ol eqiUpment.
H S. TRI-"H.
.Surieilg Llti er

Misdirected Letters.
ANC.:r I.: O 't-.L-'r 8. 191 1
The I.3llv, ing in:uir:len:l,- add.r ;t:c-i lev'er. i-,rigc
rialingn in the I.rPteI.J SitatL- r-d it Se: ni h:t'
b i'v l r'i e i..d in tlie. ofici: of ie jir t.-r of i '.i:t: nind
mrs be e'.urel' u-in rem-u it .1 0l ai-Jr.::*I

ill-n W'lter papers i
Barker. Alt.hur
B Itlett % I'1'a3 i
Biddi,:k. Ern-. t
Crre-v F I
Carri:l J F
Clark \\W i.
Colem'njre.. A. S
Cr:u-.well. P. V
Di-eger. D C
Ethrice. Mrs. S B
Fenle,. '.IrS A. D
Fleming Jemmee-
Ftuera. .\dolfini
Carttn. C A.
Gougri. Mr. Maitle B

H-lhin F. %k
K-r..,hner W'. G
Kulp. \.ll.inm D
MaI.I Cnr-rlf- E. Hi
M .(s..' a.n. Dt id
Melhlioe t, E
Mie.ntn-or C P

Nick. ivan F.
PFlka ne. Ak.
Phillips. John E
Risaon Frank
Ste-er, r' Pr W'in.
Ste.art lMr GClbert
T vl.-.r R.aJ n:' C.
Thele. R. iI

Suppila for the Canal.
Three IloAI n,: I m.- I .I L.jti jr.r-li. fir the rith.
in,rn t'.nli CIr mmni.- i'n a.riJ rh, P(h anim Railroadn
C:rmf-ar.n, .irr.c. i :t tihe p'-rti cf B-lthuo. I.ulon and
Cri-tH hil 11jirinc iri -%r. ': ending S'eptinLrr ?-.
Pin': lIt. ri II rl'i..r. Sei5t?'lmbr.r ?1 Ir-m N- v
Vork ..'ln ?' ; r.nec-a p.ire 2; keg;s b.=Its and nut.
ianr l'e i mr-l' fo-r :toI k.
Ti,''- ; r.tti..ni ,-r ?I from N.i: \Nurk. itll ii' b:,I se
wsvhhert tor :lt, 6 41l4 I b,-am .' i:-":- nia.:Iiinra,.
5.,S r;e. :ira-rutumrl itiel I', re-l: c bible for Fir-t
( rt.. -r S.-ptember 2?. iroin Ne's Orl. n-; irh ..7
pier? e lumber lor t,,'k: ? 518I. biun.11:. lti mb_:r f.or
F.ilh Di -aon 131 barrel fire '..1. "ior n't..k. I 842
a3,:ki c reo'oted blo.:k. 'I6- b'arr, : bricl. lot S:- ond
Puinai, SeptErmb-r ?4 ir.:.m N-w York. s.irh 2;
cae;L stisronerv .arlir?. I..r i,.i..:, ,: Ca ta-tinc-
for Fn ir Drs3 r.,rn" I liiu.dl: *,ceraI. for Panami
Rliir...-d VI,.mpan' 10) '.I ilre fa r :t.:.:% i.se boxse
Era-inl'orm.-rs. for 5le-:b[ai:l L)i i.n 2?ii bg_; lime.
10I Jdruir-.- il: numr -.:irh le i.r t.:.:,c; I 1114 crii
inijul.iaor If.r Firit D .i iin "1 i, foir e.:.: ind
Dis-itn,. 4 0J4.1u bundle: ri- rd!t i-: fur it,-..-h 19 caki
tile tor F[rit Dr. ion, r;b cie ti tlr5' I-'r i-rrgr-n-v
jiT-.. 1. 4 h ;':e.:l -Ite i..r -ermn, rit ilini [ i la
Crisitobl '5. bundle: aUrcl bar: for Fir-r Distani...
5; bundl., gialv.ned .ht:-.. fr-r t.,'ck c .633l pre-
strurtur-Al ;reel. Ior First D, ,-i.-n, an.j a ni iiellaneoui
cargo. the whole conltitri.g of 7 60 Direcei s'w'ighmie
636 toni
.Vuiirui. September 23. from Liierrool. nith 155
barrels rut.ie carbUlic ac..J. ifr stock. So piece dre.g-


The rainfall for the month t-as deficient at all stations except Ancon. Balboa. Empire Monte Lirio. G.aiun.
and Brazos Brook. The mont-hly' LOLals ranged from 6.75 inches at Cama- ho to 14 12 inches it M-)nt.' Larro.
The maximum pre:rp.Lriion r io.ded in one day was 3.26 imrhes at a)nte Lirno on liie? irli.
Approxlnmately normal conditions Ai temperature. relative humidilt. and atmoopneric pre-sure preiallcd
during Ine month, while the cloudiness Ind wind movement aere general, aboic nurm.al.
The usual condtiions of night and early morning foggine.s provided at the inter-or ?t!a.ns The avcragc
number of nights wiLh fog t-as 17 Forty-five per cent of the fogs observed were d.-ipited b:, 6 30 i m ,2 per
cent by 7 30 a m.. and 100 per cent b. 9.30 3. m.
The following Lable summarizes the weather conditions for the m )nth

| Temperature. Precipitation I Wind.
u I I I i I 71. I i -

Ing machiner. for Sixth Division.
AhaniJrC:. Ser.tembe.r 25. from New Orleans ~tLh
13.516 pieces lumber. ior ta'rious diAisions; 50 mules,
for stock, 1.192 sacks cleosrted blocks. ior Second
Dis vision.
.-A:Ir. September 26. from San Francisco. with
6844 p-iece red.vood lumber 260 bundles redwood
lumber ior adcrrmistrat.nr building

Stages of the Chagres.
Maximum height of the Chagres River for the week
ending midnighL. Saturday. October 4. 1913 All
heighLt are in feet abo e mean sealevel

Vigia. ; .= .

____ __ 0 si.
Sun.. Sept. 2 .. 1)6.6 93 I 65 6 65 6 65 6
Mon. S'Pi. 2 i 1'M 6 93 0 65 & 65 7 65 8
Tdes. Sept 30. I ?1 0 ,4 0 66 0 65 9 66 0
Wed O.l 1. 127 8 94 0 r6 I 66 I 66 ?
Thur. i-t 2 .. 129 6 95 I 3 66 J 6b 4
Fnri .OCt. 12', 0 95 66 7 1 66 6 6 7
Sat..OL 4 129 0 93 6 66 9 66.8 66 8

Height ofi lo wa-' I
eer tonearest loot 125 0 91 0 I 44 0
"Sluice g.a:es in spilflay at Gatun were closedd on
June 27. 1913. with surface ot lke at elevation 48 25,

Rainfall, Sept. I to Sept 30, 1913. Inclusive.

E >.

Patifi Sectilio- /Sr I n.
Aron .... .. 2 7S 30 11 43
B lr ..... I ,r, b 9 0
M rhriflorca ... . I 42 21 i8 '2
Pe-Ir Miguel I I A 24 8 32
Rio Grande ..... ;3 19 8 95
Central a,.iiis-
Culebra ...... I 03 8 10 55
ECamacbo ... 2 24 9 6 ;5
Emoire i 23 8 I 14
Gamboa .. . . 27 19 9 48
8jiuan ina 2 15 6 8 22
Alhaiuela I. I .5 n 8 82
*El \'gia . .... . I 3* 1i 7 50
*Fr.ioles .. ... 22 5 II 61
Trini. ad 2 00 19 11 30
N'Mcnte Lu-io 3 26 5 14 12
4tl;t"i.i Se ltinl- -
G u-a I- 76 29' 9 95
*Breaos Brook I >0 30 11 Q9t
Colon : i 30 9 40
'Poro B-lo 25 19 11 34
'Standard rain g'agr- read.Lnis at 5 p.m.. daily
Automaric rain -nge at uni.Ltrre.' it aions-slue?
rniji.ighit to miidr-cht.

September Rainfall for Three Yeare.

STATIONs. 1911 1 1912 1913 c -3

Pa. iri S r.r0on-
Anton 1 08 3 11 Ii 7 69 17 16
Balboa s 66 10 01 001 6 94 15 23
Mirarlore. 8 31)0 '14 45 S 02 10 62 5 24
Pedro Miguel. S 31 10 76 8 32 8 81 6 25
Rio Grinde .6 3 l' t0 a "5 10 03 9 22
C't,. r 5e loa- I
Culebra 5 07 14 12 10.55 11 20 2; 26
Camach., 6.97 i14 t1 6 ;5 10 ;,, 8 21
Empire 5 o 4'1 ;t 9 14 8 39 10 24
Gamr a . 5 20 '1? l ) 9 48 10 47 31 24
Juan I.hna 6 !14 ;i 8 22 10 35 3 22
,'l.rauela 9 9 9 1 1! 8 "2 II 41 15 21
El] \ g.i ; 64 10 10 7 %0 11 90 6 25
Friloks .111 93 II 61 II 77 2 22
Trmndad I O 11 3n 11 3n 12 05 6 23
Monte L.r.o. 1 10 9 20 14 12 12.44 6 19
A Ij'tl lir .Sc. Ir.n
Gatun . 4 U.t 7 v4 9 95 9 73 9 23
Brazons Brook. 0.i 3 9 II 11 96 11 62 8 25
Colon .,11 62 12 23 9 90 12 47 43 22
Porto Bello. I1 55 i15 03 Ii 34 13 28 6 27

COOK-HOWELL-At the Union Church. Cris-
tobal. on October 3. Miss Viola Elizabeth Howell of
Round Hdill. Va.. to lMr. George Farnham Cook of Pal-
myra Mie. the. Reverend Carl H. Elliott officiating.
Canal Zione residence. Las Cascadas.


Vol. YI'], No. 7.


Activities of the Young Men's Christian Associa-
The r. It.:oiule for fl,- rs, ular n,.:.,ino ri itur-: e.\
hibition! (-.r Eln >keek 0.:1'i .-r it to I, i: ; l:lo,- -
Monda Corr..:al. tTu.:-'ja'I i r-ri.til. Tliur-Jasi.
Empire Fr.i-n Cultl.ri and IP',rti B' .I,. -itur.i -.
Addi'.io ul moti g ,i,:ture uir_\ i ni-n- thi. u-ek
and Mornd ,. '.1 nixt Ajr- 3: [...ll,-c. Monday
Gatun; Tue!,.l,.i Cultdlra Tt.ur-da' Loureil Fri-
day. CitoL.abl Mcitrnda; Empirie The finrj to ber
shown ar- tirrte re-1. -Ai it Panm.iia Canal b% Ed-
ward H. K,:rrn-' .f 5n Fnr. n.co vi sli ha rorille -:esrral
trips tc. ih. l-thi-mu oI l'ot th purpiu e. aleik one r-Il ol
the Grand L arl\n Lei Ar'zrna i'. Mir K.in 'a"ridi a
multipl-e 'l thre-: r-el- ..f The Aretck ul lhe' a earner
Aurora Regular rat-:: us .i'lm;n.ion u11 tb- charged
The A~tindr. i '-' tie Lar lou- teram- in the Isl.m-a.n
tournanlir-.r a' ih 'tle-' i tLe ."i- k cniiic lue Octobe-r
4, foliot -

Camp Elnotti
Cristob ail

Cristob l
Camp Elliott

Ii .,r


(r,\'.LIN" TOu RN i'LENT.


CHiii. 7 :]i-'aUN,v.1ENT

L,: i Troal
u I 0o)
0 I 1100

L....i T._- l
0 I itOf

I 6n.6

3 U,'S)

[*si'si: "i.r'*.

Cristobal I
Gatun. 3
The fir.t .bakett-.:ill gne o( tint. lilhinIInA Ia3gue
was plan: d with the ulebr., t.: m 3nedCid' H night
Octo rber 1 snih ith.: l'-t.,s.,rinc re-ill:
Firi haIl i Culebr. 1 ; ( ,ricz-. 1 1 i.,'nd h ltj
Culebra lli'.Zal 0 extra .r :l| '.r 2 C(coroz1a
0; fina: sc.r.- C 'ulebra 4 C.'r..zAl 1;.
Cule'jra rrc. irm v M *.LrT',[jta J if tiChe 1.ll:.wirt.ic l.. -
ers: R, 'uri'nac lurt' rd ..''I 11I1 H .u irTir .inrvjrd.
F. Purc . : c-ntrr. litclr.- cur r-and u r-nt.er, Krr-Pr-
ski, guird, Cushing k.r-it.- l-tOrt:,' l Ire ei 'i.
asfollo, .-T. ':rt r lca r.1 C r la'.rt f jrr jand c.-ri-:r,
Sonnen rc ..- ntir E .- -..-il '.r arid f ic.ri:. ir .
Schaefler. cu .r.I Krnr, .' s.'i rTJ r, i er.' Edi%. ird;.
The gam-i. tir., ick ar ie a rT, C-imr'p Ell:.l or. 'v.Jd-.
nesday nito t 'lh icier .< an.1 .i sh Fri.pir ..'n S Lurd&al .
October II
Corczal ion i t'. ri, fi tir- :amTie'- rf tent in. in
their f.r:t- iame o-f Lth JL. lnii'i.i L,.r. nLe lis-H ar on
Saturday' Oct'boer 4. b'. e i-:11 .v-inCc i:3oreP.
Culebra rY' ,I ?. ;
Corozal .1 I ( :6 0H
The -iil .-.r .'., .r -0i e'- .li t wt-rk % i rr n i Ti-: b. .1-
ler,222 kine 24' n t 2.1i 2 Dii.' 241 PA~rki 16
The ,'orr.' 1i h:ilerc toc C o rl -jt Oul n -ii lLir' .
October t I
The t. uro -1 :he-'l rLdii C h 4i Compi-l id thel .,iurTATmint
to dec'-He the champic-n:hlii if CrouraJ The r.-i Its
II 1,1 L.t F-L
Sherrard 81 2 ?5;
Moreh> ld 1 rA 4 714
Shehar. 'i 4 ) 7;2
Fields. 1, 6O0;
Mills:. u 500
Kingstur, a "] .42r_
Kyte. II 214
Whitehb ad C" I14 00)
C LicEEfLs.
The inner. o:f the l-,al i- nrCin b:-.,' liin tournament
rec:.enf l c i lrIrd ,ere F-r-t place j G n_, (Delorn and
F Paul t. -'i'. toial] tn-iall it hr '. i jamrie t The
high a'errgr; a -nd which :..ar mn ..i ]1l "%tre ur.r, t'. F I'
Dough-rt, liich .:.rne 2.'6
The Em -irte bou'linl; t .i m ill bo 0 t l loch al 1.-a 1 ii
at Culebr3 on atiurda. October I I
The (_ulelIa baikcth:all teiram v iIl [-.i, th.: Gatun
team a Empire on Saturdaj ri*sht O:roher 11
Tweni, e.--n new lh:,ok-i hair h.-en rec i'ed and
added to tri.' I.trarr
The li:.I'lu'inn hich c'ir in dLucki-pr, %tere made
recently\ rilher 10- R Kaoper-ki 16. Kiernan 100
117. 10 1 I0" in11 Ra ion 1i" ii'n. 104. Palmer 101.
Iri) C ;a- li'o) lo irn'n .it 11i t. lierri.n ton F. E
119; Fit [ urisi. ,Iit 1i t
h.PI RtE.
At the miering of the Empire debating club held

Frdaj Octoner 3 the ;ubject wa4 "Resolved that
,lr, i.' iteid lairE : should use milit-ary iorce it pa'-It .
MII-Xli The q,-1-ker tfor [he .ffirmitive wer- Mesr.
oir-n .,rit x.tari.-on. fcr the iegatlve. NI e lrr Bik.
wt-, i r rin Dc-.uerti\ The judges d-cided in' I .'or
iI it,. i '-t'JilI I after uhlich the ;ubiect twa- ape, icor
di.'.-:ijn Thr nrxt m'ct'ing W.ill be held on Friday
<..,: her I. -uhtiet in be ann-ounced later
Thrle penine c ame of rctipin: betve,:n Empire Hnd
C.mp ElliiL "tie %ic.n b. Empir- S&ore-
[ rrH.-re o6 ? .7 Q ri?
Cimci. Elliott 741 64.-9 736
Thi: bA,ketball gan.t rlj sed bets ien Ermicre and
Camnp Elliott on W'edn--daI October I %:.A mun by
Empire b., 3 score of 4-I to 2J On Sdturday October
II Cattin ..vllirlry Culkbra b-jketb.ldl t Emritre
Primz: h- e been otlerrd for the one trijingk high
s.or,- in tenpins and duc:kpinc during the month of

The a turda rnigiL open house held at G utbnr
Clublr,:.,.: 'n Octiober 4 vun 'A luc.e-3 Punch 3nd.
L=ke- r% - Hr 1J irroC n 3 tbtle in hise center on til.
1.-h.b. 3iind r I rneel-y' thH:- [.,nn-i e rnterti n duriiig
thee' nin: The ltHvii ic lltr ath., h t b-ktibal r--me
':tH e- n I. ,roa'l 3nil (l,iun ri hiln re-ulted in a
vi'ctur. ft.r ItrH homii e1 i t an :.- r .- 1'i itc. I .
The hlnr-ur. r',-rP I'- lc.lH- Gatan-Huber lur-
'ward N hi-i..,n f'ori' arl. F-*L[.airric:k and \N'right
H nler- .. :t h.ell .- 1 an iliz;itritk uarl Coni -:',..
'Uird. i_'.'-.:il- [r rbPr rrs ad. B. .--.-,' torajr ,
(' irr c-nt-r. '-h.tler gujrd. K.rnne'-. tir.1 iFouli
Gitun IH. I,.-ror.-. i Rel'fre.- San:on of Empire
Tin-er Ben .Jnkin. S.:H,rerr Foa.un.G tuni D I.-llre..
Th e r-e'ult OI bhe heom mit,:h. fnllu -.

Br,n Tr I Hurt 1
R, rne 0 Ta .lur 1
Lo.Nar 1 Tuttile 2
M an, ijrd I 'nil-con 1

Tor.J I 5
CG,atun I'-it ll Et\irr- catran of tbovwling ttIh Cr I.
i ibal Th.: I f 'tur, Of I IL- .\L- n H i 3: ti Ot .iarj -
_1 1a i 1H ', c I 2 j

t ,n ajH 'tIH l i.'Si Rrrrit'ri IS! I'i -i
\%%- i IG. 1%2 i Birri[Ti 1i4 lBA' 1I
hc--ac. 14 141- 1 1' i -.liir, 12r. 1;,4 U,
MIrc aI-\ I Irnr, I ;Q Rart: It3 l01 1 .2
Hiurr l.hir 1 I' -"2 t lib Buall. rd l-a 21 ;4

T.-t l 5 *I* 3
S ,HL.'-s al nti:i.iir ['. T r t iir'rttii3aiTient wva h:IJd un
N ItL .- i.> r' -her r IH ,' t:n i rS.' ri, lI- 'nvos t ,-he %.-r
i t -he PA'inH.n 4 n i H re H.- rird
1r,- \%n, T fn k' no I. l: l.iii ;-s r- in Jdu,.ktinn:.
14t' i 1 ; 1" inc :
5 n-i'iatll v l h gier, iin i. f E L e .'- r' lot h. i for
'.. ii the- i' -3 ni tI n li:r tli'- t h l .:[,nh-r o1 f 11- c
I hn ,.
T hr. C itur L -k-.. -ill t,:ii i H'- t- -I-. -.'re I John
-1 T -'ki r ,'ll inrk i T ,n I ,.r IIj. H -- oun .I Ir l.
l i in- jt iIll- I. LI.-n .I* ce r:.j-l lor I1.,imn
t H .. Ii l r t h...ril. :r r: s i ,r .rIr _ar,,i-s of
ii'lr-,ir. urn lie r.T -nr h nf Set.i.: rit :r
.i i i r. k"11,. .ll ,rr. ill pl '. |lI. O .lehr', -it
| nn.ir, ",- ".']'r,l 0 [,.,bt"r II.
nr. in li. r hI. 1 b r r- i- r- l -r. Ji llitn g tie

CR I T Oh.A-.
?Ir T i llii ,-r i rpl r .ew.Tnr I t ri,-r-ta, l \3 de-
itated b', Mr D,-- .- o(l Gatun in a r...nl math oni
T .nj' -1 -, i :i r.rrre ih-r "11 '. tlre. *:ri L-i 214 ; [ I l,'(I
Ti..- ..r-. rinnai t ol th. .. -l. r.i ran b. L -krtii.ll
ir-nIrr I, r .me rn| on it' .:- s ;.I,!. . 0 "tJ.r I rte;ijl.ted in a1 vII
i.'- r i .-r i in I., r lip core l c- 2 t., ; Gj atin ta:-s reprT'-
.., iil-,1 M -, I- r- uL r % 'li,:1.:.on FIz.:T Il Cnn-
tnelh and L MI*, .- II L T t'i-h.al Ih.' M- ra Bir'.rolt
\\, ll-r Fra ,r iiiion ind L ,,
Dr .1 b RV "i...: -A urc--:i 'I thI MrErI n -airme.
jnd.j, 1'ir l i.Jr InL 2M 1.-r.- AJa'' t ilk ., i ti pr -ient coIn.
,ltrinnr; in -.lr- >n .1 thn" '1-1; u-; i,n ill. mr-,-ting .rn
T heir .l i u '..
Ti-n Enr.-it. b..k-tiball iran- ,'ir- :t[i.t C.r.b-.hal b,.
Lil. ...3e at 4J .1 o. nit stitrda,. ni ht t' I [. E.ib r 4
Tli. in .up i: Illi : L'ii --M.-r ,vaer.
.-i .n H.- 1. Jliu. it ,1l Phl.i: B.irth-lnimen and
--- t L i' -latj-- -4r M-l..-n uii-.n-. ,In.er.
nn VIn it. r- BAr, rr.-lt. \' Fre,-r and D Rim'miniunr
B tc'-.ihrc l -i. ii- Nrt \if Collin' re-:cpted a -
I-,rz i. n.'.. 1 H i ,r;- tri the hiie.- :.:ore 'It ter.ipin or,
Itth l-C-i:, il -,t l- s, Ijr tihe mr.nih oi Sefiterrmbn- r.
N mrirrl 1',I tl du.-kpin lournami ent ~.s leld on
T.ie:edt l..-aioter 7. in hI,-n.r .-.I M :r ] \ Lander
I io )'li ior lih. ( 'Inted .ticle- n.,rtl'
i, toial b,hiii ..t Criiiob.il pon Stiurd, OtobDer II
Toie .ilphra M .' N i A. sh s te. iin. ill play thel
Lri-tobal t.Aii in Thr All-lIthrniain chl,.-- ournimetrnt
.i Lristubal on Saturi.li e-en.ing October II. All
interLsteel inr chss are in% lied to attend and witness
the g3ame


The following s a ILt o sailing- of the Panami
Railroad Steamihio L ne. 'l the RHaal N3il t'Seam
Packet Cormparn.: ni he HamburiT-- n-rieran Line.
ani of the Uinited Fruit CompAins, s Line.

Advance .
Painma .
Allian' .
Colon. .
Advance ...
Pan3ma 3
All.iin'c. .
Colon ..
Pnamrna. .
Allia r:ca


Ad. ane
Pan-,r J3
Colo.-i ..
A-1, nci e

Santa Marta.
Carl Schiurz .
Pastore. ..
PIeLapr an

Prinz August \
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Emil I. Boai
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Prin. Augurt W

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Par imiiina

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Aba_3 arez

P R R Stuida:. .Oct.
P R. R Frida., .... Oct.
P R. R. Tnursday....Oct.
P RR Wednesday..Oct.
P. R. R..Tues.dai .... Oct.
P. R. R..M onday Nov.
P. R R Monday ....Nov.
P. R. R. Monday ...Nov.
P. R R. Saturday... Nov.
P R R. Saturday.... Nov.
.P R. R. Friday ..Dec.

.P. R R. Thursday.. .Oct.
. .. ...P. R R. Thuraday... Oct.
P. R. R Wednesday..Oct.
P. R R Tu tijy ...Oct.
. P.R R Tueday... Nov.
... P. R R. Sunday..... Nov.
.... P. R. R Sunday.. ...Nov.
P R R. Saturday ...Nov.
P R.R Saturday....Nov.
P R R. Frid.. Dec.
.. ..F C. Wedoesday..Oct.
H..A. ..Saturday ...Oct.
. .. .. U.F C Saturday... Oct.
U.F.C. Wednesday Oct.

'ilhelm H.-... Saturday .OL.
l-i. F.C Saturday ... .Oct.
R. M1 Saturday.. .Oct.
.. I F. C. Wednesday. Oct.
H. A. Saturday .. Oct.
U. F C. Saturday; .Oct.
U. F.C Wednesday. Oct.
R. M. Saturday Oct.
LT. F 4 Saturdjy Oct.
It -A S Iurd,- Oct.
1. F. ( WNrdn-,'day Oct.
l.i F C Suiurday Nov.
H -A S inJrdt .I .Nov.
...... U. F C. Thursday ..Oct.
H.-A. Tue-li.. Oct.
. ..U.F C Tuesday. ...Or.
...... R. M Tue'da ... Oct
Li. F C. Thursday. .Oct.
. ..... U F C Tue-dJi% ....Oct.
. .H. A Tue--a% . Oct.
U F C Thurrday. .Oct.
R. M1 Tu.:-lay .Oct.
Ii F. C Turas- .. Oct.
i'iheirn II .. Tu: day. . Oct.
L' F C Tlur da.,.. Oct
H -A Tuej.di.. Nov
I;. F. C Tiue.day. .Nov.
I'. F C Trn.ur'd Nov.
R ?I I u-..,J'. No.'.

... .. U F.C..Saturdiy.
1.i F. tC %ednes.day
LI I- % turday .
ir F. C .Wednesday
U. F C Saturday..
U F C %Vedneiday
Ii. F. C Thursday..
I F I Sat urdai .
I.T F. iC Thur'da.,..
I.I F C. Saturday' .
LT F C Thurdd:. .

Amen idedJ schedl.le resulting [rurnm temporary with-
drawal of the Alhainea for repair-.
Th.- P.namm athin tlmatiipilom rait. i P.Juin'i n ill
fail firnm Ia.ti.mia lor AC-I.IAHdiIe andJ P.dregal on
Olclh:r 16 a rid 1i,

Tide Table.
The ro:llo- nig Lal-il-r li--' thlit tn'-. -11 l .i. i nd low
tide at Panama for ,-iok ending, -:Li, r I lui

DArE. High Low ilnth Low H.gh

O 1. 12 ? 0.. I t ? 2 S 26 .
O0 it . T - 1 R SI ,; 05 l' 02
0 L. 14.. 3 i 92 I13 j3 Q o3
Oct 15 ..... 3 40 5 4 0! I) 'i) S
O:t. 16.... ;. 4 10 5? 4 30 10 .i .
Oct I'......... .. 4 1 10 5; 11.0:

Oct. i .. .5 115 I11 jii 5 2' I -i- 40
15th meridian time.



. .


\J/\L \r.L



The Canal Record
Published weekly rinder the ..s,horidl. and srusr-nion of
the Isihm.an C"'-s'ta Commission.

The Canal Reaord put Pi.i ed free otf L'.-rge on' ory
each to all emplo)e ose the Comm,;s-. amnd Panama
Radroad Company shos, names are ot ite ,','M rodl.
Ex1ra copies and ba,k numbers :an b, obtained rnom the
u,',s stands of the Panama Raulr,o.J Company ro, ji
ents teach.

Address all Communications.
Ancon. Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.
No commsnaltcmaon en.her foar put-ication or relquestae.
information. u tll receire .srtMison i.nie-j signed i wtl the
full name ana addre., or the u*reter.

First Lockage at Pacific End.
The first lockage at the Pacific end of ihe
Canal was effected on Tuesday. October 14,
when claper No. t, the tug Miheraflores with
three barges, and the steam launt.h Birdr"a.
were raised together through the we-i fltsht
of Miraflores Locks, from the Pacific entrance
channel to the surface of Miraflores Lake.
which was at elevation plus 36.82 feet at 8
a. m., on that date.
The lockage was made without hitch of any
kind, the gates, valves, controlling machines,
and motors operating with the precision that
has been obtained in the operations at Gatun
Locks. The passage of the vessels was begun
at 11.11 a. m.; the.' entered the lower level at
11.15 a. m.. were raised to the elevation of the
upper level at 12.15 p m., and passed beyond
the upper guard gates at 12.41 p m. The
entire operation consumed one hour and 30
The gates and machinery of the east flight
at Pedro Miguel Locks were in readiness to
effect the lift to Culebra Cut on the same
day, though it was impracticable to do so.
because of insufficient depth of water in the
Cut south of Cucaracha slide The tug.
clapet, and launch returned to Balboa. the
return lockage occupying 45 minutes in
time. When the water in the south end of
the Cut is sufficiently deep to allow the pas-
sage of the vessels to Cucaracha slide, pipe-
line suction dredge No. 8i %sill be brought
from its work at the Balboa terminal through
Miraflores Locksand be passed through the
single lift at Pedro Miguel Locks to Culebra
Cut. The barges now in the lake are loaded
with trusses and other materials to be used
in the removal of the portable span recently
installed in bridge No. 572 of the Panama
railroad, .across the Cut at Paraiso. when it
is desired to pass vessels through the bridge.

Transfer of Atlantic Division Electrical Work.
Effective October 15, the Garun power
plant, all electrical work heretofore under

the -up rrvision :of the divi ,-n enzin.:.,r if the
Atlantic Din, ion. and the in.stllation. main-
tenance. and iperati,,n of sump pump-. in
Gatun Lock- ,pillwsa.' and hI.dr.-.le-_tr.c
statir.n. were 'ran-ferrcd t ti the MI,- haical
Division. together with the nece-.ar.'r number
of op. rop iet and workm- n The peur
plants at G.aiun and Miraflirn-- %ill bi cnn.-
solidatr',. and the record- at both -tati.in;
will hereafter he kept in the office 11 I Mr.
Hartley Rowe. electrical zuperintcnd-enr ul the-
.Mechanical Division. at Empire. The ac-
count "Operation of Garun pi,.,er plant."
will be continued aR a -eparate account.

Thirteen Vessels Raised Together Through Ga-
tun Locks.
The we-t flight :.f Gatun Locks wa., utsed for
the -ec.'nd time on October 0, wh, i three-
croup. of dredging ves--el and a 11oiath;n pile-
driver. in tow of tues a total of I -.-. .
were lifted t..cether from the Atlantic en-
trance channel to the -urface of Gatun Lake.
This performance. u'ing the entire 1 .000 [.i.t
length of each chamber, more n-arly tv-ted
the capacity of the I'irk- in commerce ial andl
naval use than the pa--a.e- of the lon, tug
Gatuzs on September ?h. Becau.- o f thl.- are
require d in handlhnz the qri ups. which filled
the chamlber- with relativel, -li;.ht clearance
at the eates, the rimte f p.i--feF e r .]cel,'d
that ci theGaruo. whi' h v.a-onr liu.r and .51
minute' The fir-t group of drilgin '%e-. I
entered the lower letd at 50 a m andl the
rear gr, up passed beyond the upper guard
gate at 12. 10 p. m.
The first group %as composed of the tuc
Behlto. \ith a 600 ton barge l.aded %'ith
piles and 500tons of coal, and twoold cement
barges loaded tith 250 ton' of coal cac-h
The second group was the Gatln. with pipe--
line suction dredge No. 8.1, scvtral p.nrouin-.
and a fuel oil barge. The third group was
the tug Empire, with the French laidler
dredge No. i., two dump scous. and a ftl.-m-.
ing piledrier. A m.-trr launch anl evi-eral
pangas were tiowed in the rear Upon reach-
ing the lake level. the group- %sere toi,_dl
beyond the end of the upper appr. .ah t-ill
then across t., the edge if th.- lake r; %i ral
hundred feet cast of the G'ariun -tat,ur, of th.
Panama railroad. it., alluw dit..n-ba'rkinr: rhi,
passenger; who had taken the .'ppr'rtuni', It
go through the locks. Shortly after" .rd
the tugs Gatlie and Fn;p,i' r,:turnsdi t.o the
west approach. and wserc pas-e'l dlon rhr
flight to the ocean in one hour and 35 minute-
The B.,hir then took the itree barge' con-
taining I 000 tons of coal in tow to Gamb a
returning the next day [or the dredges. and
'ill remain there as auxiliary in the dredg-
ing operations in the vicinity,. and in Cul.'bra


Water in Gatun Lake and Culebra Cut at Gam-
boa Equalized on October 10.
A -. tion of ,-amboa dike was dynamited
ar 2 I1? p. m on Friday. October 10, making
prras ricall,. a ceI ar opening 125 feet wide,
through v.lic-h w.,ter from Gatun Lake flowed
in -fficient volume to complete the filling
of Colebra Cut frhim the dike to Cucaracha
,lide in ab-utc tno hours' time W\rater was
firrt admitrid tt: this section of the Cut on
Oc-trber 1. aind b1 the illth. it had risen to
elevatir.n 61.7 fIet. or about -i:X feet below
the level of the I'ike The -hot was not a
large one, as compared with some of the
pre-viou. blasts in connection with the Canal
isork. but it dit d perfect execution.
In aco)rdlance with an arranzcmnent made
tw,) or thri:e da.s bi-forehand. the blast was
fired by Preildent \\ ondr.a \\il-.)n at Wash-
ington. This 'a- effected by using the
land tel-raph to Gjl. *;st,.n Te-xas, and
coinir-ting it there '.'.ith the Central and
South .\mtn..:an Cabit Compian'"s submarine
,able an-I land lin %%which. b, employing the
company transosthimarn cable. Furnished a
connection it lo:al irc-uit in the vicinity of
the dike. When the PrL- -lent depressed the
lever the current tta; rel-Iye I Irom point to
point along th.:- ruur:, anti was eventually
transmitted to the 1 acal cir:uit, closing it
and tripping a t ri;hit attached to the handle
ol a '.witch The n.-c.ht threw the switch
setting off the bla-t.
The event %a, wit ne.sseil by a large number
of spetEtatir-,. uh,' lined the binks of the
Canal. ot occupied a.Jvintage 'us positions
on nearby, hilf. The zone of clanger was
marked by stake-. .id the people were kept
bck of thi i hone. A -pcisal train was run
from Panama. -in.] iore,: extra coaches were
attached to the regular pa--iLng;er train out of
C,,lon. HIl an hour rr more alrer the dike
uas broken, a :avu-, .ir native' caa-oe, made
the ra--age thrit'gh. f'll.'wed shortly by
three laon.zhe-
The .accompan> inc plan and crr.ss section
,of the dike shous irt general ch. racteristics,
and its po-ii.on r,-It t.se t. the a-it and west
line- '.t t[le I anal The lik:- va- originally
ahl .ut r (611 I ,. lon:. s, 2 le, r abotj e sealevel
at it- hihli.st part. 1530 it utidle at the base,
and. i,..ntairim. all, '..ui d11) ,:uhi.- yards of
material. In thi 4e. ton 1:-ir sa;i destroyed,
4(.il hlt Is had hi. en drill.,l lr..,rn 1) to 35 feet
in depth The .,.al tnim ilb r .. h,-.les in the
dike "a' 1 277 200 m. thLue -,'re made with
tnpo.l- drsilf and the remainder by churn
drill-. The length of all the holes if placed
end t,- end would equal 41.166 lineal feet, or
7.70 mile:. In rharcgn, the .wll dnll holes.
25 700 [eet ,.l 4-inch galvanized iron pipe
were used.
The remainder of the dike, east of the
opening. will probably be dynamited about
October 17. It include* a hard rock sec-


tion where the end of the dike abuts on the
east side of the Canal. What is left of the
west end of the dike is composed of relatively
soft material, and will be removed by dredge
without an', more blasting.
Dredges No.86and No.5, which were passed
through Gatun Locks on October 9, have
begun operations near the 'dike. No. 86 is
assisting No. 82 in the work of cleaning the
channel north of the dike of material silted
in, and No. 5 is excavating'at the west end of

the dike. The material excavated by ladder
dredge No. 5 is being towed by the tug Bohio
and d umperl into an arm of the lake, north of
the old site of Mamei.
After the blowing up of Gamboa dike, the
southern end of the Canal, beyond Gold Hill,
was separated from the waters of the lake by
the foot of Cucaracha slide. Beginning October
6, forces of the Central Division had been
engaged in digging a trench through the top
of this barrier to allow the passage of the
water from the north side. Successive down-
ward movements of the slide, however, kept
closing the trench, and it was decided to blow
a gap in the barrier in the hope that the
water would rush through it. A ton and a
half of dynamite was placed in the toe, just
opposite Contractor's Hill and exploded at
4.15 p. m.,.October 10. The explosion threw
a great mass of earth and fock high into the
air, and stones were hurled as far as 1,500
feet on either side, but the clay of the
slide slumped back into place and closed the
break before any considerable amount of
water had passed through. Later blasts
produced similar results, and the effort to
clear the barrier in this manner was abandoned
on Saturday, October 11. Trenching with
pick and shovel was resumed that morn-
ing, and water began to pass through to
the south side of the slide at 3.43 in the
afternoon. During Saturday night, a move-
ment of the slide closed the trench. It
was opened again by 11 a. m., Sunday,
October 12 and has remained open since.

A forc-e of 200 men \ith .hovels has been
engaged in keeping. the trench clear, and,
with the assistance of the flon ing water, ma-
king it deeper and wider. By 4 p. m., Sunday,
pipe connections had been made with a water
tank on the south side of Contractor's Hill
and the work of the men with shovels was
augmented by sluicing with a 3-inch hose
along the lower side of the barrier. During
the forenoon of Monday, Octa..'er 13, a 2-
cylinder air-driven pump and *connecting

pip'- and 4-irnch hose %Cere Ir.. liht frini
Empire ind in-talled ..n the n,,rh sil..- of th,:
slide At 2 50 p. m., thi- ..,u fit bt ,. an iupplI
inc water at 150 pound- pr-ssurc I'ft -loIing
the n..rithrn, or upper, part -I thr trcnch.i
This 4o ifailiiatlc the uork that by 4 p. m.,
the -. :iter ,a lr.i-inc over th.: -lide at the
rare of about 40 rubit f-et a -c,,i-nd, in a
str n' rom fr -i t i. t ht fcc t ,id hi and ap-
r.r .imt .ly a foot deep. mi-,vine alb.ut s\
ff-.:r a -, '.nd It is belie'.e d that thi. method

will s- increase the flo,% as to till thi-e vurh
end of the Cut withinn a concnitent perrid.
though all cIalculations n"ma bc. up-,Er b,.
further nouvemnt;C.f The slide. The material
cf the slide is a .d:nr-c, adhs-i\: cli a,, inter.
mi\ed with stunies up to two lfet in diameter,
and doat- not ',icld ea-il,.' to the fl,- 1, of aart.r
The tren,:h through the slide i. parallel
to the a.is of the Canal and about 20 fer
from the west bank. Its intake i at elevation
66 5 feet above secalevel, and its discharge at
the level of water in the southern part of the
Cut, which was at elevation plus 42.4 earl,
in the evening of October 15. The trench ui
in two sections, with a total length of 600

feet. separated by a small lagoon, about 300
feet across, enclosed bt-tw'een elevations of the
toe of the slide. The material now in the
Cut from the slide amounts to about 600,000
cubic yards.
The trench through Cucaracha slide has
bet-n deepened abour a loot and a half, and
\%idenedJ slightly. since beginning of sluicing
at the upper end, on Monday afternoon, but
the flow ,Aul after has increased only slightly.
The 4.urface v-f the water in the south end of
the Cut was at 43.1 feet above sealevel at
S o'clock in the mrnin4 of October 15, giving
about a 4-loit depth in that part of the
Canal. On October 14. it stood at +42.S5.
On the north sile of the slide the surface of
the iart:r vas at oS.96 leer above sealevel
on October 15. at 10.311 a. m
By 'ev..nin-; l Oic tober IS the flow had
incre.-a-L1 -J t U cubic fe't per second, and it
is blehacJ Ld that b. I'u,->dat., October21, the
,iater southh ,il -lihc % il! be of sultcient depth
t( float a dredge.
The la-r Cul-bra slide, immediately north
of G.ild Hill, made a movement across the
harnncl on Saturday and Sunda'y, but suffi-
:tLrnt clearan,.c rernain, to allow passage of
drding \cs:cis. The material at the foot
ol ihi- -lide i- mo-tly rock, and it is possible
that ladder and dipper dredce- will be brought
from the Atlantic entrance to work on it.
Survelors from the Sixth Division are
engag,e.d in placing %adter-;age rodsand range
markers, showing center line of Canal channel
.ind liners 150 let:t each side of center, in
preparatio.n fu.r bI,:innina of dredging. Final
adju-rments are be in madre at the twin pump
relay s atiun houth ol Cuntr.rctor's Hill, and
at thi electric translormer station. forsupply-
ini it with power. iiagonall-, across from it,
on the 95-foot berm along the east bank.
)Di:ch;arg, pipe and pontoons for supporting
it un the iiatr, have been distributed along
ii.. .,e-t tide for a distance of about 1,000
lect. between thi, ril.a itati-.n and the foot
of Cucar.cha slide.

Donation of Books for Zone Penitentiary.
Mc.lsrz Hurst and Company, publishers,
..I Nc A York Cit,. have donated to the Com-
mi-.s.-.n for uL- .at the Canal Zone penitentiary
533 bund vulumen of miscellaneous literature.

1 he b.:.oks have been re-eived at the peniten-
riarn and are now being classified and listed
in thI caral.gueof the library. The volumes
dnrnaired consist of a lar;e a-ortment ofj.fic-
ti.-.n, -orn-e historical and scientific works.
po-ems and poctical work. and dictionaries-
French and English. Germnan and English,
and Spani;h and English. The chief of
police in reporting the receipt of the books
states, as follows-
"Thr book- are new and except for flaws in
bindeag or dnimages rsurin a iromr handling. etc..
'(whi.-h dioi I not afile t tbher value to Lbe peniten-
tli ry at all) Lhe, arein splendid cornditLiO. and iorm
a ver.' important and mu.-h anpreciated addition
to the prrion library '

(Ha tched section blown up 10)-.'-~i

S7 -

CiOsS rio710 OF GAkfrOA DIKE.


Vol. "rl, No. 8.

October 15, 191J.


To Punish Deported Persona Who Return to the
Canal Zone
By virtue of the authority .ested in me
I hereby establish the fullontinE, Order for
the Canal Zone:
SECTION 1. Any person who. after hat ing
served a sentence of imprisonment in the
Canal Zone and after hIing _lLpurted thlcre-
from, returns to the Canal Zone -hall be
deemed guilty of fi:lurny and puni-hed br,
imprisonment in the penitentiary for a trrm
of not less than x mornthith- nor mur' than
two year, and upon the completion ..f his
sentence he shall be rcm,-'..d frcnm the Canal
Zone in accordance with the lt,\a and order-_
relating to dcporatiirn. An entry into the
Canal Zone, for any purpo.e. n.hall bi- -uffi-
cient to constitute a return to th Zrn-n t withinn
the meaning of this Order; pr.,'. id:l. hot eter,
that in case of necessity the Chief Executive
of the Canal Zone, in hisdi-c retion, nia, grant
a permit to any sLch person to return tu the
Canal Zone temporarily, but should he re-
main in the Canal Zone al'tr the time speci-
fied in the permit he shall be de, meind ,uiltyv
of a violation of this Order and punished as
therein provided.
SECTION 2. The E\ecuti%,e Order of a.May
2, 1911, providing a punihrhmnt lor deported
persons who return to the Canal Zone is here-
by repealed.
SECTION 3. This Order shall take effect
thirty days from and after it- publication in
\\ ooRoW W'LSON.
September 25, 1913.
[No. 183L.I

Canal Excavarion In September.
The grand total of Canal excavation to
October I was 211,048,196 cubic yards ,
leaving to be excavated under the revised
estimate of July 1, 1913, 21,304,S02 cubic
The total excavation for the month of Sep-
tember was 1,92.,713 cubic jard.-. The wet
excavation fur the munth %%as 1,425,964 cubic
yards, and the dry excavation 496,749 cubic
In the Atlantic section, the total excava-
tion for September %.as 516,ll IS cubic yards
Of this amount, all but I.S'91 cubic Nards %ao
wet excavation and cjon-ited ofl material
dredged from the Atlantic entrance to the
Canal, and the Cristobal terminal, by forces
of the Sixth Division.
The total exca'.ation in the Central Divi-
sion was 519.600 cubic yards, 151.400 cubic
yards of which consisted of material removed
in sluicing back of Gold Hill, by force- of the
Fifth Division. Central Division steambhovels
working in the Cut were permanently sus-
pended on September 1U, and up to an inclu-
ding that date, a total of 297,&00 cubic yards
had been removed, not including 71,600 cu-
bic yard taken out from the banks of the
Canal to relieve pressure in the zone of slides.
In the Pacific and Central sections, opera-
tions by the Sixth Division re ulted in the
removal by dredges of 7o0,537 cubic yards,
581,958cubic yards Irom the Pacific entrance.
and 178,579 cubic yards from the terminal
basin. Dry excavation amounted to 126.-
258 cubic yards, 85,188 cubic yards from the
terminal site, and 41.070 cubic yards Irom the


Canal prism. Of the dry excavation, 20,945
cubic %ard- v.r.re charged to "Plant."
A detailed statement of excavation, and a
summary of the work on the locks and dams,


Work" "Plant"
LocALIrr. E'.ava- Excava-
t ion. tion.

Dy trar-.i,;.a- Cu. Yds. Cu. Yds.
Lo:k drn anrd spil-
in . .... 1091 .........
Terminal.. ... .... .........
Tai,t . 1,091

It la Jl i.1,on-
A[l nt,. ,:rntran.', .
Lo k". dam. an I pll-
wn, l .. .
Te tm.n l ....
Total ....


Ca. YdsI.


4"S 689 ......... 478,689
.. 68------------- --47868
io 338 ......... 63,338
515027 ........ 515,027

Total wet and dry
esca.n1 on .. 516 Is1 I 5|. I s
Drs e.xcawvtan-
Cuklir- Cut 29 800 71,600 39,.100
t-I ndnrull t:A i e i jjJ: J
CulebraCl .. ... 400 ......... 150,400
Toull .. 4J 200 71,600 519,800
Dr) r'cxt-iiiur.n--
Locks. dams.and sip;ll
a y. .... .... ... .... ..... ...
Terninil.. .... 4...6^ 11 15,756 85,188
Pris.m .... .......... .S : ......... 41,070
"Totia ... 1') 313 20,945 126,258
Pa.ir, c ntrran.:'. .. S I.5 j';
NiM rafre= Lreocks .. 5 ........
Dvcrsnori .. .... .
Terniuai... ... 579 ......... 178,579
Total .......... 0.537 20,945 760,537
Toral aet and dry ex.
cavation . Sr.5 850 20,945 886,795
Dry exca\iuon 1 40 2'i4 1 3 '43 'I, _49
Vet e cavau ion .. I.42 .1 ... 1,.4.'
Tol3 I 31),168 92.545 1,922,713

MaTHREiA Atantic. Pacific, Total.

Cu. Vds. Cu. Yds. Cu. Yds.
Concrete pJ.,ed in
Io-'ks .. 412 3.0 1 3 193
Cor,-tre placed in
alims in,1 ilw.dl / 2.1:3 44 ?.21;
F.Il bla.-ed ndams . 24.531 2 ')')0 4 .21_
M e.a n r 3 nf.,l] )lone. C -nal a i -nnu 3 '1t lr1 i ri FA incie."
By %kork exca. tlo, 1: rnranI e. .%Ia o.n a.:uI
made for one of the con-tauent parts of the Canal,
such a. pr-im. diLtr;.-:,n: or locks, etc., that is, it
rtpre.-ernts nlt:rral tLakern froat the area to be occupied
by the Ciarl anu C...o-titues excavation useful for the
comrpl-ted Can ,I.
By "Plant" C.cavatnon is meant excavation outside
n',- of the con.-.tIu-nI r.rti of the Canal, such as
pi'sm. diersioni c.r ),k:. etc. It includes material
ne c.iAry to be evc,'a.ad ifr construction purposes
on and i, chargeable ag-inst the particular plant
ite-m lor rich L is performed such as prism, diver-
sions. locks. eec


Lieut-Col. \\illiim L. Sibert sailed for
New York on the .ion on Monday, Oc-
tober 13. on hia annual leave of absence.
Col \\ illiam C. G.,reas, accompanied by
Mrs. G'.'rgas, sailed for New York on the
AIncon, Un Monda,, Uctober 13, instead of
on the Carrtllo, on October 14,as first planned,
Nlaj. Robert E. Noble and Dr. S. T. Darling,
who are to go to South Africa with Colonel
Gorgas. will sail for the United States on
Thursday, October 16. They expect to

arrive in Johannesburg about the middle
of December.
Mr. John D. Patterson sailed for New
Orleans on the United Fruit Company's
steamer Sixaola on Monday, October 13, on
special leave of absence.
M. Philippe Bunau-\arilla, accompanied
by his daughter, Vicomtesse de Rancougne,
and son-in-law, the Vicomte de k.aricougne,
arrived on the Isthmus on the Turrialba
from New Orleans, on Thursday, October 9.
They visited every part of the Canal work,
saw the operation of Gatun Locks and the
destruction of Gamboa dike, and sailed for
Costa Rica on Tuesday, October 14.
Examination by Board of Local Inspectors.
The Board of Local Inspectors will con-
duct examinations at the Administration
Building, Ancon, on Wednesday, October 22,
1913, beginning promptly at 2 p. m., for
persons desiring to procure the following
classes of licenses: Pilots, masters, mates,
marine engineers, chauffeurs. and navigators
of motor boats. All applicants for licenses
must procure from the Executive Office,
Ancon, forms of application and information
respecting the filling out of same, at least
one day before the examination. Applicants
for chauffeurs' licenses must also bring auto-
Concrete Work in Locks and Spillways.
Concrete work in the Canal locks is nearly
completed, the aggregate amount in place
at the close of work on October 11, being
4,480,773 cubic yards.
A statement of the concrete laid in the
three sets of locks for the Canal, and in
Gatun and Miraflores spillways, as of
October 11, follows:
The last concrete for the locks proper, as distinguished
from that necessary to finishing work by the First
Division, was mixed and placed on August 16, 1913.
At the close of work on ,na .ia the total amount of
concrete placed by the Atl.noLc Di.ti.on amounted to
2,045,485 cubic yards.
Co '-ere .-itt.
Cubs, yarJs.
O ct. 6 ....... ...... ......-- -
Oct. 7 ................-.............::: ..
Oct. 8 ........... .... .... ...........
Oct. t0 ................................. 32
Oct. 11 .................................
Total ................................. 40
Previously reported.................... 924,185
Grand total ......................... 924,225
Oct. 6 ......................... . .
Oct. 7 ................................. 2
Oct. 8 .........................
Oct. 9................................
Oct. 10---------------------------
Oct. 1 ................................. ".
Total ................................. 5
Previously reported .................... 1,511,058
Grand total .........................1,511,063
Oc. 6 ................................. so
Oct. 7 ................................. 92
Oct. 8 ................................. so
Oct. 9 ................................. 46
Oct. 10 ................................. so50
Oct. 11 ................................. 68
Total ................................ 356
Previously reported .................... 236,732
Grand total......................... 237,088
Oct. 6 ..... . ............... -148
Oct. 7 .......................... ....- 190
O:t 8 ................................. so50
O it. 9 ...............-..............
Oct. 10 ................................
Oct. 11...............................". :
Total .. .... .. ................. 388
Previously reported ............ .... 75.958
Grand total ......... ..... .... 76 35 6
=Includei bydroelecunc station


Vol. VII, No. 8.





t--4 ,



a i, '-l'll .
15' -. = 7 2

-. -- - -. - -
C '^ ^- c^ i- .^ .. I

0 O i-i -_1 I .z.

0 .i rr '. ' l
- ., 7.' ..... : . 1

M "I-"""N'- **

ti '-I^A''- a.c*:"' "'

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s ---7^a.C 4

7 *. a r- : : : : :X, : 7

Z Z . C ** -.r--.a Lia '.4

I 1 C / i- ty r' T
.0'*'.r'*^ ^ "' C~'~

aX.. 07* ^T r--

-^-*I a--3 y CTf; =
0 a ^-I ^ /! -^ ,-r, ..' K M

o I2" 1 7

I S 4 4;-;; ,*:S '^ :
I -? I y4~. 4 r.. 13=, ;*'' -
kO< |*|C-7.-0*' 7,r^; ; -3 '


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a o

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= _'*'; *- '* _'r "_ "'. "
- L -73.'.-7 '; I

-- r- -- r -

's I| I. : 'o "' I 0-
7 I ........ ...... .. S.
3_ .'.N'.O -,O ,--a 0 "' U

I 1" N+
.- .10- r.- a--_.. .-C I .. t"
_', l r, C ,
'.7r S iS-.l Xa... -.a2 I -

< _. - r .. 3 Z C aI
I_- .-- :7... ..._ -'.g
a .--------------i a ~

.S a r.alh; ^-l~ ^ .

N4 -'7Z^t.7t'7N.:. 20^
D -s N= *-TZ w-ir.> r-r. a - IC.

44 (17 4..7...7, } -_-

7r .7_ -- ---- --- --S..L."

Z N ., .t.N.a a C ;i
0' .a7.-7-a' .r'.7. Ua.:S -S
'"-'7l^i-": .S^
fU ,:7..'.a _.'a-.4 _'_ a 5U
^ ^ ^ -? ^^~lji

r' Z 'Na N '^,^-~. a7 a- N I i2 c c0

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1 j .-- -
"I "1 "'-a".'' "'7 "
I7 ..- -" .- ', ". 1-
I : , ?. -
a- . c < ,r..- Z u, t
GP *^ c'i' i;TC 7r '

" XU...N-_I '

/^^ : ;
r .-. :. 0-
I '..4 :_ a'


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2.4.,2- 0

i^~ r !;' ^;0




Eg 5


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o r.7P


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S . '. . . a .. '

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a.G -'X a- '.c ..7.' -- '

aO,~ 0...... +
i1 ..... .. ... I "

C P- -

I 'o 4.'.- M
.4. 4. 4.4 4, x.

i. ,i I-. r . a.-
-- : -a ". - "
: i *' ^ Ci
: [ ,a r. .-: :, : : J* 5
,'* :; : ^,"-", S' : -'S .

a,,-. )- Ir
....... .2-C'... -o

". = .' -' 0' .
. ........ 7 -_,
ar a a i

1 2
.t.N C' ,V,'C. Ij Ud J -;

-;caanaa= r..- :g
Na-QO O '4.,. 0 Ca'a 0 .7,, a -

3'-- 7O- 3 ...O a Q a- Q
^-iiiisii 5 s S
..E3 ".7P r.7 .CN a a I '0 I

*~~ ~ ~ A W2 A- r.ici,-- "*-

l/ t- a AuCal..a'.an ON UI 1 1 t
<* U a. -?i a -

r-a. n F
; ^ .:* SZ < S .

0 _- -44 < a 01, .:
1 CL 'i 7.' 2 a-d . I...
N3--,A r.7'.aaar'-..r..a.- 4. 3

.a. - J ^ c / :^ r- ..'. a'- '5' C

o U 0S^^^?^"
> 5 C3?a &-. o *-.C ^.Iot -a- aw N
I.2 -'? '? n 'm i t. a,
4 BS ____________________L
3. C1 Io t oa- yjM a.,'^p,.,

C b m3 xu' tw i. x ^,a i n-a- Ca r's X >
a*- a- a >^*&r".Na- ^f^d a rr-N lT a

*' Z N wWi^C - B ^'
^ .I- 0r.a.4.'a-. a'M0 C &,7
a v j i rs1 .x r i r i~i '^ l ^




October 15, 1913.



(Consinued from last week i
Murray. Thomas. docket No. 1410 for all rights
claims and other interests in growing crops. fruit
trees. houses. tx Nos. 1030 and 11)33 and any
other buildings and any other improvements which
the said Murray may possess or may hive pos-
aessed upon the lands of Calmito MulIo. the sum
8375 U. S. currency.
Paleneia. Fidelhno. dcik.l No. 7,70. for all riehu.L
claims and other interests in growums crops fruit trees
house. tax No. 915. and any other buildings. and an .
other improvements which the said Palencia may poi-
desa or may have posseseed on the lands of Juan Grande
(Waterloo). the sum of $40 U S currency
Park: Darid. docket uos. 352 and 1.323. for all tights.
claims and other anter.,sta in growing crops fruit trees
buildings and any other impro.emnntLs which the said
Park may pose.ts or may bhae possee.ed on lands I\ nag
above the 87-foot level near the Frilol Grande Riser
on the lands of Tabernilla, not including cla;m for
house formerly occupied by William Thomas. which
is hereby dismtised, and not including further the
property on La Lomn de Taberndla. which was pur-
chased from Park by the Umted States in January.
1912 by Voucher 18510 for house tax No. 1.1b3and
other improvements near Tabermula. the mum ot $90
U. S. currency.
Ramos. regeora. docket A'. 37-4 for all rights, claims
and other interests in growing crops. fruit trees build-
ings. and any other improvements which the said
Ramos may have potsesned near the Friioles River
an the lands of Tabernilla. before thiu was flooded by
back water from the Friioles River when the dump at
Tabermnilla Dartijlly closed the outlet for the water.
the sum of $10J LI. S. currency .
Ramos. Autia Raimund'o. ,jo:kei Nc. I.',,06 for all
rights, claims and other interesuLa in gloanEg crops
fruit trees. buildings. and any other improvements
which the said Maria Raiamundo Ramo nmay po.e,-A
or may have posaesisd near Cerro \'ielo at tie heal.
waters of the River Batlamouos. the .um of1 S5 U. S.
Ramos. Pedro. .osh/ie No 906, for all imght- claiim,
and other in'ereaL in growing crops fruit tre:.-. buidd-
ings, and an$s othr improvement b nhis-. h the iaid Ramos
may possessor Oia:a rihve po-.se.ed in the region Lno'vn
as Agua Salud al .e bthe Si-foot cnnoutir line fthiu
property being distinct irom th-t bel,'-, the S;-l.,ot
contour line purchased by the ULnitd States to Jul,.
1911. by Voiucher 15925 for hoiae ai- No 1415 and inm-
provements near Biienavitad,i,. the sum of $So Li S.
Rita,. Afighl.t dorret No. 34". For lil riniht claims
and other mltere'La in growing cro s Iruit tire bald.
ings. and any other inproveme-nts uhil'h thle asat R.i as
may possess or may hate poaen.aed on the lands d.L-Ig-
nated as Baldo E .pinn. arid min i:d uno. >:eocered by the
Tabernalla flump. but e\cludirg any claim for prop.
erty lucae-d at Loma FIrjlo.:li. whchn the i'id Rivas
may have held as a ieaa.nt of Marga-et Role Smain.
the sum of S75 U S currre&cy.
Rodatirue:. TIn..'eo Jdo. k-e No 1.449. for all rights.
claims arid other inter.i-;.,' in growa-ri cro:., fruil trees .
buildings., and anT othur in..rruovetnratni .l: tlh e .ald
Rodriguez al3a. pois.: or ma'i hlai ,- i.ct ar- on the
lands of Cario QjPbradlo a.u.-C the ,i.;-fool cuntour line
(this property bi-.ing dialiEdt from that l ing t,!....,., the
87-foot contour line. swha.h i-'a plirclhaied irom Ro.d-
nguez by the Unit-d iates in 1911/. the rum uf Si;0
U. S. currency.
Salaar. M na, rel. E!,'lie of. a,. ier %c'. 13.. 'or all
nrghtl. l:fnim;s ani othi.r interestL in etia inr croi.s.
Iruit treeL building :" and .in,y other imp'iiose[:rilntI
which the .id S'. la.-'ar mna., na .e f.ic:. e.:r. in lht r .-ion
denominated Agua alua and all imprrisserrer.u ia .m.h
were LLiirnL.] L-v the .-id ?.al7i ar in the Canail Zn'..'
the un'm oi S '.1 U S. currei.-:,.. and n i; dire-..td hli.it
this as'ward bh paid int thle 4_ircu LaCourt 01 hl, S-.rcond
Judliial Car.:iit ol th. LCanl '-inr fIa- pymEricnt. ta tihe
proper represri.ni aii' of MaNr.u-.I i Ju ar. 5 d. i r....i..d
Sialtudo Je Le,'n .31/ i .nlh .1 l:'.- ,\'. I f icr all
rights. i:laitSms and other ini'TCre' in g'roTin cLrn '.
Irun iree' b'lininig and othlir irnltrc.%Pni.-nca ihI.:.h
the saiJ S ih.ltdr Jd. Leun cia. T.'';-:,.a or mia- n e
posesjied nruir the RIser CI eo iuchr-ldo on the Lands
of Cs7ro Qtoebrado the Srau.lin,' Lait.i.d. Jd Aetl \'u 4.i. for all rinits.
claims and oaher itrael it in croi inag .:nl.r ruil tr.ir:.
buildings and tan, other improtenm~ntis ihich time 3:ild
Spalding mri po i"rs on the Linds deirnaited ma C .n-
saloma and Wiatrloo ihe taid propfrts bring: dii-
LiUct from that located on the estate of Juan Grande
on the Mesi bane of the ChagTer River for nhich an
award was made to Spalding under date of June 24.
1913 by the Joint Land CommissJonl. the sum of $60
U. S. currency.

Teran. Cati-lnoi. docket .'o I,10. for all rights. claims
and other interests in growing crops. Fruit tree house.
tax No. 8F5. and any other buildines. and any other
improvements tnhch the said Te-ran ma. ros.eisor may
have posst-aed at va3nou.s poGnt; on the LnJds of Juan
Grande (Waterloo,. the sum of S O50 US ciinency.
Teran Dari, .I o.i-I, A' 494. for all rights .:!ahms
and other intert-.ts in cro.m ng crop. fruit tree, house.
lax No 802 and any other buildings a.nJ amn other
improvei'meni. ahi.:h ihe a.'..' Teran may poi'.ss or
niy hase po..o ,,il orn the landsf Juin Grande (\lVater.
looi. bnit nctc Ircindlng 1a3m 01 -,iid Termn do-Let
No. 1 414* ior r-rupcrtm :iil to te aovered t,% Duini
4. the sum uo S100 U. S c'urarn.-.
I .:i eu T'i'it;.rI %i.',i 'et 'i I 34? f3ir all rigleit.rlirim <
and other initr- tl.i in gro'tinq rrops fruit tr.ez,. bin.lJ
Lngs. and :,n, other imnpinti.rentis awll.:h the 3id
V'a-zal msy I..u::e -;. or mr.ay hae r.-c.e;:-d orn the l nds
oi Carmito M.ilal3t excla;,eii o1 the value of H-.I i: ,
1036 and 10)0 and mprr'r.'em.:nt: upon i.wi rip, Lare
ofi land surrounclia H-l..: 103l the 'a-'luded prop-.
ernti. hvrin; beer hbld bi '.%s. al under leix:ra r.rm
the I CC nd for V-hicrh c.n: upruentl[y no i..rJ .I "n
be made in tre aum of S225 U S current.
II',itam.i, Daui- for all rights claims and oth-r
interest, in gro.-inn crop;. ril trees.-, hou'e. tit No
1034. and any other buudnre. and any other i.m-
provemernt( w which the :.id \1 liani. maa [**,' tis'
or Iia$y have pos .~sed on the lani C of Caianisto the
sum oif S0 UL. S ctrretncy ToLil. So 7Si
SuMi.'EL LEWIS. L S ROWE '.:.,',r-in;i. nos"
Septeminher 20. 1l13

Aw4'ad A'o 35-h1 Ithe matter .-f the estaie otf CuHalro
LuLiite. d'oke NoVo. 382. A cLim was s.ubmiitted to the
Joint Com.mision for the e-tLate off Cuairo CAllas.
nm which Arturo. Carlo. '.. arnd Joefirna lMuiP lr are
s.tled to have a two-thirds maitcrtet. and the frrm of
PEinl Hermaran- a one-third inltereai
The evidence uaowi that the Muller famitl ac-
quired thiu interest in the:.e land; by a put':h.a-t on
February\ ?; 1004 irom Julio PoIlo. ;n.d that the armn
of Pnld Hermsanic acE.a.r.d iteir interest b', a rurchle
irem the "aid Julio Poylo on Decaibnler 3, l'"04
The h,"'r.,ry or the land ihows that Poyl'n acquired
hiL interest in tie ;anme bh purr.ha.re on Februir-. 24.
1904 [rorn 'artcil, :E.rsallo As .evid-nce of the tatl-
of the Bjarallo island in tr. s Iind there e-re oubmnttred
certain d.:.:]rtiioni L-~ L 'k.:n bf.re the municipal ludge
of Gorgona In 1004 to 1ire eflert that 10 1,64 Secundo
Rodricuez aold thli land bh l ci h.:h hI:- '.n.:t beten
[oiat. to E. arit,., Bariallu. -ho couc.ht ithe me [or
h.i childrenn Narcr'- anrd other The:. del-artinron
iurrhLer .taLed thai thEli Bar;alhlo l3amil' id b.n iW
reaccable tpc .-'ion of lr.-t. IriJ after h c ,dej a.i nd
that o..cupiers of the lain r.e':,ntzed lie BIr.illo
family$ as o',.n.ia Thi: accumira. oI tllh:e d.J..:lIrtoiun,
U`3: draTi in r'le ico' L tl I.u- in:'e l '-I r the i l'ite j tiJtea.
but in tlh" of-inmarn ii the tComiiiai....n the ei ilerne
uar not oL a cliarai.tcr to i:u-[i%' tlir. r ri,, i.i.:ain in
tref .al itigr L the .alr ui lrj4 .r ',.-ptin.; thre ti1. n1 a
:al. to L r-.irto B.rallo ni I .il and ti l.nt into cr:.n.
,ier.atiin the l[a t Cthat ii" la m .-i n e t thr:1 e l r nd
L,'r tlac Bar .llo family, l'ier tht d.itl r, i; not -iu'a.
uoined. it Is nui nicC: ir.' lor the Corli..-,ii t.n trim.'e
ith. ai-[r5 a herirmv .olriua.:.: a.i.. tii-, i.le t.1 11]1,
IrorCr.rt' In nriljkriri a pu i r .' ,: fr.rlm reii t I -ma .;. r
m IaO'3 L h.- inic i1 : at .i inipl all\' rt:..1 ;n;el mil".
and ih': tConimr i.'' n i' r. ,: arh.:.J ithh -c.In, -... th'at
tle sjl ]'.1.' ,i ..h L i r mru1 b1 e h.'11 c. t1he r-d::erti
I:li m 'ilfl ;. o .USit not to lt-1 di. puti.ii b-. rI.': orlr!l..'.-.n
It appejar.d! lam ir.' *.- .i': ..e b... -re the ia r, n ...i :.,n.
an,] L., th.:. ,..ulir arm'.a: .n o1f thel i.ro' r'ri i ai a
lsr,.- pi.ri mn oi lhe rni.- eria -1 .. l i i] ''...u--.i' an]
it 3a [,a r',l t.'i lie Ir:I aiticn ol ti.n i' ..r rni..iu
il, li thle :r.,ntio. itln A.l' iri e l l l arli: tha' i, pr ri'. r.1r,
c unLE in.,d i l ihl- 1.t L...r -, a, In .a I .-: .r,- .J
In a ,, ri ,ra ,-ri ih. ,- la r, th .J ro,. t, i r.. I ..l .Ii- .rt
ab t'l.-..n intu n-n. .,a t 'rrr ,, l. I f ..-,n, i..-.n
O n tiln- 1t.i of ti hr: .*: i. na.a, r,- -,.. I .n a a -.1 .
h r:by itl.i j j'iir a tr.,- I 1 i .d r.- ,.:.' -.rn .. 1 l I
lth. nilr. L :t, e 6l t-L itr.. ( .h ; .!.J .. la c
all iirit ll i- in .:I -A .' 1 1. r.-, 0 ,, ,. Litr
e.1 aui [" l 11 h r I ire j..tr,u., .I :1.. F ia? .m J .-[ i .--.
to .-ni i r a A lf ..I I s ,ii. i.r T. .. r . In r ,, i l l i i al... r
n .a rir on ith: i..ai *' [a s .-l l ..:: .:.1 .....J i e i .a lnd
of lJ rt. l il.ri-an l: l i. u i 11 t .: .ul i o-I ; IjJ
U ..urr.:n. .
Tli- uri.dn'ili.on; Ir [-ii ie ..l jre
i-i t -rhi: i' ird .l :il r.. i- i.I hl Ihc r, i -. l e
cl.i :rn:int hl r.: ,-,i] er n-i-.1. J irn ith .n.,unt ; n. r..,u-
a fte r a D Lirr J o.n -,r ti.,-i'fo r r 'l- 1, -1n .. 1 0 I..I..0 ..:r
191 anl l'I t t iin r t,'r.. r .l [ J.'. n .nL Ci M ir f .at"
Lihe it,.n' of l..i a%,jrd It nr. m ide o o r b lefor. that
date wu>h iTni: =hiJl Ithli.a irr bho r int-,r.r i al there
rate oI 4sIx per CLI.um pr'r 3nnrnm untir] raid
Second -The ibaie ajrd shIll be d.strnblted to
the clalmaDLs hereminaer named, and LtheL amount to

be received by each is, as follows: Arturo, Carlos W.,
and Josefina Muller, $2,000. Pinel Hermanos $1,000.
SAMUEL LEWIs, L. S. ROWE, Commissioners.
September 20, 1913.
Award No. 38-In the molter of sundry claims in
the valley of the Trinidad Riser, Docket 1.: 4,-.i etc.-
An award is hereby made against the Iinrted States
of America, in favor of the claimants hereinafter
named, in the sum of $2,575 U. S. currency.
This award shall be paid to the respective claimants
hereinafter named, in the amounts hereinafter speci-
fied, on or before the 20th day of October, 1913, and
if payment or tender of payment of any of the items
of this award is not made on or before that date, such
items shall thereafter bear interest at the rate of six
per centum per annum until paid:
Benitez, Felipe, docket No. 191, for all rights, claims
and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees, build-
ings, and any other improvements which the said
Benitez may possess or may have possessed in the valley
of the Rio Trinidad below the 100-foot contour line
beyond the limits of the Canal Zone, but subject to
the jurisdiction of the Canal Zone at Siricito, the sum
of $300 U. S. currency.
Castillo, Desideria, docket No. 177, for all rights,
claims and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees.
buildings or any other improvements which the said
Desideria Castillo may possess or may have possessed
in the valley of the Rio Trinidad below the 100-foot
contour line beyond the limits of the Canal Zone, but
subject to the jurisdiction of the Canal Zone at Sirt
Grande, the sum of $600 U. S. currency.
Dias, Feliciano, docket No. 182; for all rights, claims
and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees, build-
ings or any other improvements which the said Diaz
may possess or may have possessed in the valley of the
Rio Trinidad below the 100-foot contour line beyond
the limits of the Canal Zone, but subject to the juris-
diction of the Canal Zone at Las Cruces, the sum of
$25 U. S. currency.
Labarca, Ascenci6n, docket No. 196, for all rights,
claims and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees,
buildings or any other improvements which the said
Labarca may possess or may have possessed in the
valley of the Rio Trinidad below the 100-foot con-
tour line beyond the limits of the Canal Zone, but
subject to the jurisdiction of the Canal Zone.at Siri
Grande, the sum of $300 U. S. currency.
Labarca, Hilario, docket No. 190, for all rights,
claims and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees.
buildings or -any other improvements which the said
Labarca may possess or may have possessed in the
valley of the Rio Trinidad below the 100-foot contour
line beyond the limits of the Canal Zone, but subject
to the jurisdiction of the Canal Zone at Siricito, the
sum of $150 U. S. currency.
Rivera, Reyes, docket No. 203. for all rights, claims
and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees, build-
ings or any other improvements which the said Rivera
may possess or may have possessed in the valley of
the Rio Trinidad below the 100-footcontourline beyond
the limits of the Canal Zone, but subject to the juris-
diction of the Canal Zone at Siri Grande, the said
improvements being above the 87-foot contour line.
and being distinct from the property lying below the
87-foot contour line which was purchased from the
claimant by the United States in May, 1911, by
Voucher 15190, the sum of $400 U. S. currency.
Rodriguez, Domingo, docket No. 192,. for all rights.
claims and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees.
buildings or any other improvements which the said
Rodriguez may possess or may have possessed in the
valley of the Rio Trinidad below the 100-foot contour
line beyond the limits of the Canal Zone, but subject
to the jurisdiction of the Canal Zone at Siricito, the
sum of $40 U. S. currency.
Rodrigut1. Juan. docket No. 199, for all rights, claims
and other interesting growing crops, fruit trees, build-
ings. or any other improvements which the said Rod-
riguez rm ; >, have possessed in the valley
of the ",, :i.! L, *- the 0-lfoot contour line
beyond the limits of the Canal Zone, but subject to
the jurisdiction of the Canal Zone at Siri, the said
improvements being above the 87-foot contour line,
and being distinct from the property lying below the
87-foot contour line which was purchased from the
claimant by the United States, the sum of $90 U. S.
Sanchez, Nicolas. docket No. 187, for all rights,
claims and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees.
buildings *or any other improvements which the diid
Sanchez may possess or may have possessed in the
valley of the Rio Trinidad below the 100-foot contour
line beyond the limits of the C. i.t Z.inl but subject
tothejurisdiction of the Can] ZionL at L. iuc ue,. the
sumof .iJ L' .ur. n,$
Solo, Fe.:-. a....I, ,.' 189, for all rights, claims and
other interests in growing crops, fruit trees, huildJing
or any other improvements which the said Soto may



po'ser or may hive po siia-sd in the valley of trie Rio
Trinidad below the 100-foot conrour line b'hy,,nd the
Inm;L of the Canil Z'.ne. but iiobuct to ithe urt.l.ction
of the Canal Zone at Siricito, the sum of $180 U. S.
currenc .
Tro. er. Lniaina. .. dArl No. 178, for all rights, claims,
and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees, build-
inji or any other improvements which the said
Luciins Troyer may possess or may have possessed in
the valley of the Rio Trinidad below the 100-foot
contour line beyond the limits of the Canal Zone, but
subject to the jurisdiction of the Canal Zone at Siricito,
the sum of $130 U. S. currency.
Valdez, Demetrio. pocket No. 205, for all rights, claims
and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees, build-
ings, or any other improvements which the said
V l.J1 ,,r.,, r,. -... m-i, have possessed in the valley
of tit. R,.:. Trn,..J t.l..,- the 100-foot contour line
beyond the limits of the Canal Zone, but subject to the
jurisdiction of the Canal Zone at Sri Grande, the said
improvements being above the 87-foot contour line, and
being distinct from the property lying below the 87-
foot contour line which was purchased from the claim-
ant by the United States, the sum of $35 U. S currency.
Valasquez, Gregorio, docket No. 183, for all rights,
claims, and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees,
buildings, or any other improvements which the said
Valasquez may possess or may have possessed in the
valley of the Rio Trinidad below the 100-foot contour
line beyond the limits of the Canal Zone, but subject
to the jurisdiction of the Canal Zone at Siri Grande, the
said i r.r..,.cmrnr : L.:inc i I li. -l ; ; ic. nit.oir hI,-.
and lh ri, ,:li, n i m'on it,: i.r.-i|.,-rLin \ ,.li h.-In-. ril
87-foot contour line which was purchased from claim-
ant by the United States in April, 1911 by Voucher
14790, the sum of $275 U. S. currency. Total, $2,575
U. S. currency.
SAMUEL LEWIS, L. S. RowE, Commissioners.
September 20, 1913.

Award No. 39-In the matter of sundry claims at
Matachin, Docket 618-A, etc.-An'award is hereby made
against the United States of America in favor of the
persons hereinafter named, who are occupiers of that
portion of the original estate of Matachin, which was
purchased by the French Canal Company and subse-
quently became the property of the United States of
America, in the sum of $670 U. S. currency.
This award shall be paid to the respective claimants
hereinafter named in the amounts hereinafter specified
on or before the 20th day of October, 1913, and if pay-
ment or tender of payment of any of the items of this
award is not made on or before that date, such items
shall thereafter bear interest at the rate of six per
centum per annum until paid:
Alexander, Joseph, for all rights, claims and other
interests in growing crops, fruit trees, house, tax No.
352, and any other buildings and any other improve-
ments which the said Alexander may possess on the
lands of Matachin, the sum of $50 U. S. currency.
Briset, Samuel, docket No. 137, for all rights, claims
and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees, house,
tax No. 117, and any other buildings and any other
improvements which the said Briset may possess on
the lands of Matachin, the sum of $65 U. S. currency.
Cesaire, Boula, in docket No. 930, for all rights,
claims and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees.
house, tax No. 650, and any other improvements which
the said Cesaire may possess on the lands of Matachin,
the sum of $65 U. S. currency.
Cleron, Felix, in docket No. 931, for all rights, claims
and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees, house,
tax No. 593, and any other l... il ;n and any other
improvements which the said i 1.-r...r. may possess on
the lands of Matachin, the sum of $200 U. S. currency.
Graham, Edward, docket No. 1,076, for all rights.
claims and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees,
houses, tax Nos. 354 and 355, and any other buildings
and any other improvements which the said Graham
may possess on the lands of Matachin, the sum of $70
U. S. currency.
Johnson, J. R., docket No. 1,068, for all rights claims
and other interests in growing crops, fruit trees, house,
tax No. 651, and any oth r I ..- -h1-, and any other
improvements which the ..J .l.,li;,. ,r, may possess
on the lands of Matachin, the sum of $150 U. S. cur-
Jolly, James, for all rights, claims and other interests
In growing crops, fruit trees, house, tax No. 395, and
any other buildings and any other improvements
which the said Jolly may possess on the lands of Mata-
chin, the sum of $70 U. S. currency. Total, $670 U. S.
SAMUEL LEWIs, L. S. ROWE, Commissioners.'
September 20, 1913.

Award No. 40-In the matter of the claim of Gabriel
Jolly for houses -in the town of Gorgona, docket No.

I 250-.4. anid 'O.- ith reSpect to the houses in the
town -.,f Goreona chimed bh Gabriel .oll, the evi.
der..:e before the CommtinSiun Ehoai that nie %aa the
owner of the property hereinafter referred to before be
accepted any leases from the Itr.hmnn Canal Commig.
sion. In his hearing before tre Commi-,Mon the claim-
ant stated that he was the owner of -the land upon
which some of the houses were erected. The evidence
submitted to the Commission does not uiistin this
contention, and in making its award to Gabriel Jolly
it is to be understood that the Commission dismisses
without award any claims presented by him for
ownership in the land.
In conformity with the principles formulated in the
opinion of July 25, 1913 on the demurrer of Counsel for
the United States to the jurisdiction of the Commis-
sion in the matter of the claim of Juan Sotillo, and in
aceprdance with the evidence submitted to the Com-
An award is hereby made against the United States
of America in favor of Gabriel Jolly for certain build-
ings hereinafter identified by their respective tax
numbers, the said award to include all rights, claims
and interests of any persons in the said building,
together with all claims for improvements of whatsoever
nature on the part of the said Gabriel Jolly and all rights
claimed by him, in the sum of $2,205 U. S. currency.
The foregoing award is made up of awards for
individual houses, as follows:
Tax No. Award Tax No. Award.
704. ......... $360 759 ............. .$220
705.............. 625 814............... 110
720 ... ............ .265 825............. .. 130
748................ 365 856 ............. 130
(Tax No. 856 was destroyed by the Canal Zone Govern-
ment in 1911.)
This award shall be paid to the said Gabriel Jolly
on or before the 20th day of October, 1913, and if pay-
ment or tender of payment of any of the items of this
award is not made on or before that date, such items
shall thereafter bear interest at the rate of six per
centum per annum until paid.
SAMUEL LEWIS, L, S. Rowe, Commissioners.
September 20, 1913.

Award No. 41-In the matter of certain claims for
houses in the town of Gorgona, docket No. 1,250-A, etc.-
The evidence before the Commission shows that the
persons hereinafter named were the owners of the prop-
erties hereinafter referred to before they accepted any
leases from the Isthmian Canal Commission. In no
case did the persons hereinafter named make any
claim to the ownership of the land.
In conformity with the principles formulated in the
opinion of July 25, 1913. on the demurrer of Counsel
of the United States to the jurisdiction of the Com-
mission in the matter of the claim .f j u 3n.tI. I. J in
accordance with the evidence zuLt.-ir.[.J t-to th Co.m-
mission, an award is hereby made against the United
States of America for certain buildings hereinafter
identified by the respective tax numbers, the said
award to include all rights, claims and interests of any
persons in the said buildings, together with all claims
for improvements of whatsoever nature on the part
of an y r -i .n r, r ,lif ti. r i ir., ,i .r. .. I ric h1 i.Ijir ,
by their ir ai T i." . Jr ,r:n '.,
This award shall be paid to the respective persons
named hereinafter, in the amounts hereinafter specified,
on or before the 20th day of October, 1913, and if pay-
ment or tender of payment of any of the items of this
award is not made on or before that date such items
shall thereafter bear interest at the rate of six per
centum per annum until paid.
To the owners of buildings, for the settlement of
all rights, claims or other interests which they may
have in the same, together with any other improve-
ments located on the lots with houses designated by
their tax numbers, as follows:
AmosGeorge, n docket Nos. 588 and 1,620, tax No. 844.
$100. (The property above described, is distinct from
that of Juan Grande, for which an award was made by
theJointLand Commission under date ofJune 24,1913.)
Deslavel, Emile, tax No. 860, $160. Jolly, Edward,
tax No. 869, $40. Serlan (Corlan), Theramene, tax No.
781, $40. Tillman, Marie, a total of $1,520, for in-
dividual houses, as follows: Tax No. 707, $850; tax
No. 756, .3r40 tax. No. 757,.330. Wier, Alfred, Estate
of, docket N.. 1.320, a total of $525, for individual
houses, as follows: Tax No. 810, $200; tax No. 818,
$145; tax No. 845, $180; and it is directed that the
foregoing award in favor of the estate of Alfred Wier
be paid into the Circuit Court of the Second Judicial
Circuit of the Canal Zone for payment to the duly
qualified representative of said .:itai- The oinerrc
of house,tax No. 704,docketNo. 4rJ, a total i SI 200.
to be divided among the owners for their respective
interests, as follows: Barsallo, Saturnina. $300; Poss-

da. Carmen. $450, Posada Elvira. $450 Grand
total $3.585 LI. S currency.
SA.ruE L. LEwI., L. S ROcw'. Cornm.Ioners.
September 20. 1913
4w sard No. 4!--In the matter of the tlatm oe B. Afon-
itrI-f, 'for house. lax No 864 at Go.rgo.na. dockel No.
l 250-. -Clhim wa. entered by B Moncherte for
the value of house No S64 located at Nea Town. Gor-
gona. The evidence in this case showed that the claim-
ant purchased the house from G. Francri. and that at
nu time 1,a an- leaje issued by the Isthmisn Canal
Corm.-,maun fur the land occupied by thin house.
Thu. claimant. therefore his the status o1 an occupier
of public land-. and in accordance with the principles
formulated Ds the Commrission with respect to such
o.:.:apierw and the evidence in the case:
An awird h.eret.- made against the United States
in favr of B. Mloncherne for all rights, claims or other
interests rhich hbe may have in house No. 864 in the
tci,'n of GorgnIna. toCeier v rt any other improve-
erinwr on thc lt rnrcur-ied bi ith, house. in the sum of
S'5 Li. S .urrer,,:y'
TinII. aSw3r. ?traIl be piid t. the claimant in the
am'.rtounr .peti-d on or b-lfor.e the 20th day of October.
Ilt) .1, anr, ia p -,r'mnt or tender of pa ,'/- ent of this
aiard ti n.i r' ade c.n cr b,.torre t hat date it shall there-
alirr b. ir irt.eret at the rate ol SA per centum per
anriumr unt.I paid
tizln.-J. FE.itc' cto O\ RoL.N-D P FALKNER.
0t. \ 'LL LEnI: L. I' RO.n L O ni0i-i.aT1i..
Sec.t, rihl r lit 1 13
A- i,r,i -- in lf. maine cr ithe ;tiaeecq ,llnach .n,
d. .'.c.. /Si ain.t .":--Th' ,idenrce btfnore the
C c.-mm,:;.onr .ho'i ; ,t i ,r portion: of the orgimal eAtate
of lti>Lrh,i A,. .. pur,:hii,; d frc.rr-, the owner; bs the
I- rn..h C.,nii Coriai.;n/. and -iub-equeritlh became
the property o the Lrnted St.tes of America.
in 190i :-.,nmn of he- member, of the ho-ique family
uold to th- I .intra States the I iad ising below the 87-
fo.:t level TIr,- croper[i sold included tIlo house. in
th to 1n of MP.Itacrmn wh:h Dielonge-l to ithe Bosque
famal, One -I the mernber oul tl-e family Angelica
B.-ique, rilfsiu d U, 1,:in in itIO ,ile Her ntere-t %as
-ror.n b thir' evilen-.e to he ., one-tPn'th undivided
Intre .t in the entire e'taie. \ng:-lica Bosque died
atter tI,,- cor.Ie a1n.:e .I; made. and her estate is now
r-prr eni. I b.. h-i hu:in- ad. Hilario V. 'ixas. who
Lit : a Jmn itr:i tr of tu'i- estIeE of Angelica
NI aria c,.--J'ie de Se',c._ d.-,e d-i 4 tlie amount of ter
ri n res-t in hne ,land ,rn.:luded -n thi. conveyance. In
Et-, .,,,tard her' .-:iftrr iniad to Hilron V 1 Seixa. as
,il r.i.n. tt,.ur .1 th. e, tit-t o'f An;telI.-: M.Ir's Bosque
'3e Sc.-. .lJ ..e.,m.t the 1oSitilnt r of ith n.. inLt re- 15i
F'.r [trc rem rnde1'r of il:, r te ..liirn i: entered as
ith. c, ntr: thereof 't. Mlr,. L J. ie Bois.; ie. Dominida
C rTrm .i- B..-qicr d.: Par-dr.. ., i H-iilaj \' Sino.:ia as
adm .i, ii r'ih:.r O' tile c: t.i- i. .Anrelica M ajrii., Bo que
Oe t,. d tl a.-.1 Thet.e -.,rr ni- -.re :i,lr claim-
.nti Icr dJ -riag-. ll.,:c i -,. e t. .r i-,i.dr.. h. the
-;,_'rt._'.,,. .'t t I.tI.m i r. C .7 n, I nir.n --.,n.
i -: hr t...r, .uI th .- .. l-r ..., t1i t T owr timi tire
'- ri t : i ,i, id,., ,ni'i.. ii,_i -..i-i r,.rT n : r- r i liLch
L-, I ~r .' l I 1 1 h- i. -I T ;- l It C li lr n,l , I,'[ Iir .'l t'-rs
no 1 .k .. ...-1 :.. I -r I l r-. Lo iuL .v nl *L rh' O11, r
i, -r. m r I F .' J -, % .u' ... . u irtl (.-ie

o- -i, l ..- i i l . .. [ .ri -. .. J i i 'i .u . it 11 h-
i-, r h Ir,~,3 ,t : i,,s .,,.- I t-Z .-'.,;aI [;.I- V r tr b ,jrh
rI ...i.r 0 rh- ,.. -,n i I r.. ii [ ,. h, I ..,i. .1 h e
r l il. .r. ut 1 . :. t 1t [ .t It li, i -h r 11 ..nc
&l I- h.- r ..iI a .4 1v ,li--.
.\ .t h.. -r ,.I ns, J . [r .J. I r rh lt :. i' i .jin

.11 ... r ,h t .I ,i g- L i r..' i .h . i ..i > a

m.: ir ol i r r. -r nd It lit e
,I r r in pr ni 1i.- E' tr .. i' f. h itl n' :..
**-l *r .. lu l-, 1 t. .r.l 0 l.,n t l I iI t i r 1 e
I h r r,, 1 ,11 ii i J 1 .- ]i i o 1> i. i nd
I ., 1.E T j a i ilc ..i l .i L an r ,Il.s'1 C sT rm l i
n.- O1 I.,Pu dt h, 31 r..n, I- to n t.- 1 .-d td the
I '.*r **,r,' ... I .,rn mi J'll': l'-'l l 1 -... 1, -rt m.h lh nds
S i .. ,r r,1-'t t ,r [.r.. .. l. r:,. r im I iiiI ,i j 1 i.u : b u t
-- r ih F .r.: r.ter int h I ImTlnL: t ne J l ll. con-l M ,uent
1 .:.I r,., At l' .and b..' tilr..:nritr .:l ...,[i ,o ru.i by the
I lInnjn Cjrl.I C.innii-.i.-ii ti hr.um,1ic the property
,:l2.rn .:j 0' 'h .- P -,' e h -trr l' n ] .I c ki_ nm t..r th e

13n ,]z ':uhn e.. d ito L Ci Lini0i .LA S tat: b' d-eed ot Mlay
3 19i0 iri .t oniider-Ad 1r. th-. Commni.7-.on 3nd in
;-, ftr -: -uc' cllitm- oere dri mel to be jshsti.ed an
:silo,11 1 r _- liherefl'or .-'3: rr-ad.. jnd '.v 7 in:luda ,J in the
aiard of the Cu rr.:-niin
it is further in evliden-.e Ih-t tIt. -if the claimants.
Malaria E. Jarian ,ll.'i Ji: Bo.que and Domitli Carmen
bn.oqut de Parede hav e.',:h of them extcuted mort-
gares agaI;n .t the. r inrterti. in the lands of Matachin,
whrch mortgages are StLill in existence.
On tre b3si5 of th- evidence submitted to the

1'ol. I'11, No. 8.

October 15, 1913.


Commission. an award is hereby made against the
United States of America in favor of the persons
hereinafter named for the entire estate of MaLa-
chin, not hereLofore acquired by the Unit-d Statel.
the said award to include all right, title and interestL
of any of the persons hereinafter named to the
said estate of Matachin. including any improvemrnt.sL
thereon which may be claimed by them and including
the right. title and interest as ana of then ma, paos
sess in the lands conveyed to the United SLates in I 00,
together with all claims for damage AhiL.h an. of the
persons hereinafter named hate presented' or may pre-
sent against the [sthmian Can.l Commission, by
reason or any action ol the said hihnmin Canal Com-
miss;on or its agents, in the umni of $?i) 261 U. S cur.
Thi' award shall be paid as beremal3er specified on
or before the 22d day of O-.tober. 191 *. and it pa-
rient or tender il pjl'ment o' any oi tlhe icnto Ui [l.i1
award bt. not marr. on or before the .ciid dat-e nuch
items shall thereafter bear iereat at ?it oer ,:enium
per danniuJin until paid.
Third aw-rd snaill be distributed as Iollowsv
Maria E. Jararnillo de Bo-'que S6 000 This a.vatrl
Is sub):-ct to :uch eQuitic if an.., a; mTa. eAxi t inti ort
of third riarti,- and i li, dire.:tel that the said t a ard
be paid into the Circuit Court of the- Secord .I,,Jidial
Circuit of the Canal Zone lor di rtirbuton ..,:otrding
to the term: of thu. a ard.
Domraiila Carmen Bf'que -.j- 'arr.dei:. 512,.000
This asaar I is iutiect tO u'- Ii '-ui.-. if iany t inya
exist in favor of third artle' .nd ii t i:. .Jr,:...d that ihe
said a' ird b-. pid into trLe Cairiust Court In.- S second
Judicial Cir.uit of the Canal Zone for *J,-tiruton
according in the tet Tis of thli ahisrd
Hilario V. Seasas adnamnitritor oful tie e:i 1,i,- 0
Angelica Maria Bo.que de sci.x.. de~.cLajd. 52.260
TOtLl. S20 260 Li S eurrecnL,.
ii:tnedi FEDERiCO B.-ND. RCLAV', P FALcsa ,
SAMI'-L LEaIr L S tt'iE C',m,,,i,,i-i
Secrember 2:' 1013.

.4Aarid Nc- 14-In nit. m.ite o.f -0 indryi u-jiiuz fo
improvements n in inijs ifI .1iMi.irtn Jysid kei I'
61/-A, cit -In the cases of the claim of the person-
hereinalter named for th- properties heri in referred tc..
the evidence before the Comm-noiun ahdbut:J That the
proptrLesi in question tere located abore the 47-foot
contour line upon the property claimed bt, the Buosqu4u
famids. and tha[ for the greater number. if not all, of
thee properties., rent was paid to the Basque family.
Ir conformity with thri principle, to.imulatded bv the
Commission Io the ninir. ofl Sie pteirmber 20. 1913.
on the right to rornpenation ol tenants .)f the Boisue
family abose the 82-loot contour line. and the evidence
in each ca.e
An av ard i, hereby made aerint the Unit-Ed States
of America in favor of the per-on, hereini.ifter named.
ioi their Lnterest in improvrementi on thi- lands above
the S7-fojot ontouT hie' which arc.cltrmL-i b.' the Bua66i.
family the said ward to rnilud-e all regret:. i lain=
and other interests ul the pLaFon-s li-reinil'i.-r n rim-d
in g oswng croo? frit tireef-e tihe hou:.-: dea.gnstiLd by
their r- prtite tar nuriib-r and .ariny oiher imrprosr-.
ments ...Ijimvd b1, Uli.:m -,n land .bot,, the 1"-foor
cnnilour line ._ i j'ed I' thi G-;'iu.- i nil; in the -umr
of $S '-.a, L V ,_ urretn. '
\ T-'e .-EnditH-ns t ul i : a ird :are
Fir: .- Th is it ajrd -Ill b.' p.said In T i.h te Pef -li-
claim.nary' herin iiuter nai-ilJ iii th- .,iinonui nereirn-
afier l -..ir.'d.ion or t.efote iie he 1-2d riol iic.b r 1913.
and Li prament or tender ol patnIenL of' iris ,ji the
Ihem- ol this award Ia m i r.t n y -'r b oir. thiat .JaiL.
s ,:h i n:nms ia!ll ter' iter ,e ii nere.r :it tIn raic
of six prr eintum per annuni until r-iJd
.S'e' .nJ.- Thi. a'varl hill be dir~lnbit.ii l ar..,n-- the
per-rionl tiereinsfier n-n t I vhai-, [,ro[ErEi s lre ldel.-
ULf.e '.. the tLax nuribeir: f Elie houiei. Li iny. iilch h
are Lnciuded in tleir cljiint. in the anmouits hile tIeii-l[e
sperified. as iollo.. -
I.ame. D., 01. H.ii:e

Be.:erra .I1:. Domingo
BeckJ'nrd. E.lizabeth. 55h & I. ;6i
Blake. T'h-ma ...
BlIanrch.' Fvadne 632
Cablia:a. ArtLide
Castello. Natahe Jea-n-
netti 13
Clam jerw, Herbert.. 70
Clough. Janii:t 1.317
Cordero Fernando 385
Desir, Ed tird T n 1,o37
Drayton Jameas E l. of
Garcia Jose. including
claim for one thatched
hou;e and other im-
provementa on the
lands of Juan Grande 264
Hernandez. Juliana.. ...
Juron, Jost ... 1.534
Johnson. Joseph . .
lurado. Hortenura. 69

.'Vo .4 milh fi
Not gien 530

Nor gittr, "0
.;'5 ;.3
3Jri 40

I.; 0f) 70
34k t 545 1SO
Farm only 25
47 350
'4 45
370 35

Farm only

Name. Do.kef fio'e
No. No. Amosan i
Jurado. Nicolas 620 & 671 4;9 700
Lewis Jacob 6;4 I 603 25
IMcCall. Wilham.. 680 474 125
MNIlon.ido. MIinuel. In 515 382 35
MIoniebeliard. George. 1.552 t, 16 60
Narvaez. Francisco 690 Farm only 20
Nel'on. John Farm onl, 15
Paddli. Felipe .. 1.09J 438 2%5
Perez. Narcisa 1.055 3;' S5
Quadra Miguel 905 36.; 40
Ray Jimes 699 3;1 30
Rosales Juan 1 559 Not gt en 2ri
Sanmuels Wi'.iam 50; 3.4 301
SlatEr. Jacb Farm onl I1(
Lirin r ;rlo 55n 3;A i0
Vald-lamar Dulores .. ;1s 1 331 An
Vnlbfrtg Luager Not p, ?in 0i
\'alkur. Diuid i lfiredi 411.i Firm oril,. u.)1
Total 53} 2
SAtI.EL LE.'. is. L. S.Rour Comml;l.'s *
Septemb.:r 22 1913

4.,ird ,'.. 4'- In At m i Ji :.i siind rjij ai I,'
Mip-..' lt i. i the laiad oi M 3)ii.hfn .o- i.i I
f.S -.1 r, in the h .':. Oa i the0 l .lns of th,i r"etr
hercr lIter named lor the pr'pernie herr.n r. itredd
to tIh- elidenc- bclt.r- th ICuriiniiic.in ho.r._ triraT
titE propert-ln sre located c.n that r,nr.n ci l., ii.nd-
of jlat cnjir belo.1 the 87.1-'.,t .c.ntc'ur linr. vhnilli '.% ;
Conie'.'ed tO tree United St=te 1- L.a did .:.f May ; I)o'1
311t that 1,i the i prplc le ntii i v 3i: [,:i. l in tlhe
B. loqu, f irr.i
In corinfr may %tith the c'rricipple. I.rn-imulai..IJ h ir.,
ComminLicn in it Orpiniton of .hel,teniter It. lli13. on
the: rtiht toa c.'mpr-rition .f ti-ntr; telonr thi
foI r lin ortn In on the I.ana c-i Mal ct inn en':. c
t., lie u;nle-J S'aLte by dec.l Cf MNl$ IWliI ,5n.l the
e'lidence in i:li casee-
An -ai :r a i h':tiba mntad,' apairihO the l.ineiJ St.t-'
i Anienmrla in fasir of the nperirnu heren3il.:r r n-im...
lt.r r.l, ir intre:t Ln. improvement on 0ie lind' a'
Slati:.:l-Ln below Eli_. 6-foOt contour I.- s.r hch w.' r,:
c...n.eyed t. the Lnin.ed States by deed .f 1a i 1 lUtv
tine 'aid award to include all nghtcs .limn. srd other
interest i: the p[ rsoris hereinafl'lr n..med: iri Lr.aWin
crop. Iruit tre : the h.u.ie-r designated b' the.r re.
i.peClive taX numbers and any other improaementi
claimed hy them. on the said p.,rrtion of the land cail
Mat i:hin in the im ofi $o091i Li '5 currEncyv
The condiawir. of thi award are-
Fert-Tnis award shall tie paid to the re[-e-t,,'e
cl aiiunant her-inalter arnaiTed. in the amount herein.
alter :tpecifed on or before the 22d day o1 Oct.-.ber
1913. and it payment or tender of payment io anyv ol
the ;irmn of this award is nut made on or before that
date sikh items hall there-after b.i r ni-rrc.t at the
rate .-l :ix rier cectum per annum until paid
Si-.-in-i -Thi, award shall be diltnibuted amonr the
per:an, hcreindfter named. whose properties; are de.:.
.grnit'-d Lta h, tlax numbers of the h-oue; which are
inrcluiJi i"dn 1,.ir claims in the amounts herenafter
pe:rl"' d. a- Icllow,
.'%. "l' D,. 't Hrui

B.il'-rramrri Iome
Bar t il. l t r- tinr
t ,, n II j t. j 3
R N r I,. C.: I-I r net
r_ |,, ,a Z'..r.iid.i
L -li II FD \'.

S. riT- a 'i
Cri-er-o. Masuml
i- SL I nuei
t hong i -.cir-,nci [cec.
D i P'.-I r .,,:
Er.-jiiinieul :. N ittl idad
DE lt .i) P"siii-
DE- I-n- ardis

ar :: l.. l ir;ji
Hc.aell. L' illiar i
.a iir,:-. Domingoo
J.ir-'n -ne l I.i
Jiron. Es :in .-tih t
Jirun Jo-:clina
Jurado i Mar,
Letlaire i L:.;lerki. Phil-
.p r-Frilrir.
Low,?. C jr..lini.
Mhaldurndo Manuel.
Martin, Villiam
M irtinie lun ..
Altto'. Aiterto
NMatos. Alberti*.
MortJi', Anas ta'ta
Mudaria. Mria .. ..
Murgas. Marceltno......
Murphy, Richard
Neler, C rmen S. Guard-
ian .
Nitio. Agapita ..

6 -i;A
I 15 4'.'
u I =4- -, -
Se.l 44, & 51

6'.,i W1.s

or -- Mu

5. 42. 4

it 1.11-

14 I
6.'3 4-11
510 sir.
.,? 12

1. 42'3 441-
In .tt 5 416

In 734 40$
In 734 4U?
687 402 & 403
732 40n
688 4:U

96.3 456
518 :UO

Ain i




I iJ







Orville Bondice
Ospino Teresa
Palma .I.-.
Pardo \ a tor
Pastor Julio
Puella Emil.o
Quesada I?'abel
Quesada Joie P
Reales. Petra
Reino-si Juana
R':.dru.iue. IClara
RuiZ. a niJltir 'i
Salazar E.ieb n
Sara ia Sldrluel
Iar .iir no. A Treliani.
Sif. a u' -c la ileicedet'

riTiiih i riir th
\'llnue ", Anitai '
'.'is i hi "hi inTit.',

\\ ,.' 'ci
\...ni \,

l r rnd Ir .ll
i np ,i Ei--Ce',,, ii 14

Doi ej B i 'F
Nc.. N,-. Antmoil.
nt1 4IV; 1.?4. 3I80
00C 409 45
r.u: .& 6 3 401 & 418 5'0
604 432 30
69. 4i5 aN 50 570
444 25
h .Ot, 4 I 180
65; ` 6at, & M9 315
NQ l 449 55
",1 ItS 60
51: 4.40 20
I 210 Jul 50
:.) 4.S 25
;ii 1 (14i4 4' 210
)-1 45
OtiS 4 4 I5
4'f, -1 7 10
455 60
X''.\ a1 55
4 -i,: .yq
S510 255
444 4a8 235
'i, ,, P0 335
463 100
.. 49.91N
,, r r. .. NT, F FAKlWl R.

S'Ti FL LE. i- L k,' .-. I ,. urr *, r,..
tit' t N-t .tr 122 1I,13

;( ,',j .' a :'- li: U,- w.-J/ir- r.r .ilat.. aJu'"i foe
iis .t itit, ii .:.i ,, ar ',r .f.lan eu titer docket
.. t.- 1 ... in i.'i.rid i herelv milde against the
u;r i.,, ii i r. c-i l.e- i,..i: ori' ertL'ini.t r named.
Iri thi aii I t ,-, A L' urr-r, .
TI,,, .. ...r I .Hi l I l. I, in'e re; ert . imantE
f i-i t..t. rijit n i h ri-..iur-irun h-r-in.iLFi d e cipe d l
ci ..ir L. i. r, tl .. '.1 -I i i C I i'.l i 1 Jl i a dl if pay-
mncrl I.- nJ. 0 rd- ,I ca'. tifc 01 .ir I tht items of this
i' ,r, [ on ic L.e.r. tit l .iale atsch items
:,i I i hier.1i r i :i r ini rr.-r -at .T r rar.il .\ [,i rcentum
n"rirurr unii l i ,ii
Sir.in i i..' ,J., k. ,A I '0.' r-i All rights,
.la n ri.An other ilrec:;lt In gir 'r) g in,.[ Ifruit trees,
hronme Laix 'iL I *'0, .an.l ari other t.ildinQ'. and any
oilh r init ro. 'nnt- hii.:I. the. aidl Miranda may
p,., .:- on land: i.,catei near the M.,r.lingo River,
altu. trir. nil:A -.t ol Ba:: (lpie[.i. Lthe SUm Of
Su'i I.' i ciirrcrn. .
1o it, osaner, .. hoU. e o I .64i ria dacke No.
I. 5.i ict .ill rights,. cliaiim and other interests in
cTo.ine .:rc-p: truit tree:. houset L i' N- 1.564, and
arin otner c.udu.in_:t and arny other improve. nts which
thc:r rtpr.ons may post.'t on land localtd near the
Mlandingi. R.CerT about two an. un.-hiab miles west
ul B.t- Onie[.o the 'urn ci t.(L I U.5 turn.:r.cy.
The foregoing award hall be paid to the owners of
the propersi .n equal shares. follows. Catalino
PSrjn.Ja,. Su00 luan MIrand.a. Suoo M.lanri Miranda.
SJiu-. T.:Il,-.ri Miranda Suu Tlocta $4400 U. S.
I'llncii FEuDER 'Cu OI lO RotANL. P FALKNER.
SATi.t C La.II L S Rowlm Conm'wnners.
-tlitembter 22. 191.

-I ast .\s J."-In iht 'riasirer ,i ine .Lsm of Benjamin
/n,,r,"". i, i r.,tmi'nclit t .t / .ari' i dockel No. 618-A
ind .31/ -An a-.rdJ ta hereby mnd- against the United
ii31; ,I Amerr ci iiin Ij io-l .I ranianmii lForb.e. for all
rcgrr.. A..lin-.. and olt.her i ittlei in 9ri'-tring crops,
fruit tre-' nou:.s sc., "6,. ;: i mo 52?' and any
c.it..-i I.uAdig0s oi tlier iii[,so iiemef.l- -iranied by the
_.,i.l F. -.L- .-in th.. I isr .lc I l..ut .'.r. ir. the sum of
$.;'iI L' current: ,
Ti.. c.r. g.irung i iar. i: mna.l- i.-i t di.li, Ct prop-
'r:ri[. j l ]s .'
S ,,, f..r i :ii .1 I it-..h-it L.u:.-: ,isIted near
i, r." .,J 1. ,ln Irili ( m t on.i h.:. Em i.iit on land
al; ii .: l. It.it I- .1. li- 1 1 ii J b'. 'i., f..-,, .e fam ily.
in ih. irL.ur- t L S1: U -s' urrr- ',
u,..u .ur t.uu ,. t i.i\ n ,umr :- -_-. '. and 52-
i, trn L ,.: .. I '. 1 i.r ..n I. .j, 1, i n betlic the
.; T 'u- t I ,.l .li r i. -J T., I. l' iria l
T 1 .K h .Jt ,- I ,.. Id' .,: ,.'. t i I .da

h ii" i,.I .h u ll L,, i "i1 ^ r .,n ; .. ...r 'h "?,J d a^
"I o: o..r l'l .nd ii f ip. .i 'nerl '-'" i-"i' :-'I i: rn.:nt
-' am r. n : ti-n-ti o 11.1 ava r.1 l .i nijll on or
tb:..rt- 1 ,1- dat le i ;l ll [hu ri( l.It-r r.,-,i irl.: sLt 3at
Lh- rite tit :.% pter :PreniLUT [E-er innuir uriti paid
itcei.lJ. Fi rER-- e C LtJ'. F'0)L t1.' P FALK.NER.
t'i I.L LE .% s. L 1-.-L" r i. r..r.i i..,se
Sel-t-nimbir 22. I'14

A utJNd ,\ 4.i--/I lsh, naii., .-:. the itarrl of Daan
Canlr.t tor iefnf.rrlctienl' ..n talla.. of Juan Geanld
docker .No. .32-.-'nd I.i '11 -Th- ei.lence in the case
of Dan Cameron showedd thai he ociUDiCne a piece of
grnand in the I-inos of Juan Grande in that portion
ul the tetait which 1a* purchase bj the French
Canal Compans and subs quently became the prop-
ert. of the Utnited Statei For the occupancy of these
lands he had a permit frIm the Colombian municerialit',



Vol. VII, No. S.

of Gorgona It s in evidence that such permits wer.'
granted some-whIt indiscriminately by the old muri.-i.
palhiy and were frequently issued for .lands in pri% ate
ownership Such permit .-onv Edi no tIliP to the land
Later. thL. Unitined S'i-s sIouglnt to i-.ice Camer.n
under a lease, but such lease Cameron refused to s:g r
because of the clauses therein which provided thai in
case the proper were taken for public use no com-
peniation a.,uld be made to him for his improvemenu-
The LiUnl States did not dispossess Cameron, but
suffered him to remain on the land. The refusal to
sign the lease, involved a refusal or neglect to pay to
the United States rent for the land occupied, and the.
Commission finds that Cameron is inilebted to the
United States for the arrears of rent upon the property
In making fts award, due allowance has been made tor
the fact of such indebtedness.
Certain parts of the improvements of Cameron were
destroyed by the operations of the Isthmian Canal
Commission and for this he was paid.
In conformity with thii pr;n-.ipls formlat--ed by the
Commission with resuo--: to tnhe rgh of uccupriers ion
the public land to re'.eice rcomre-nitn.'n for their im-
provements and-the evidence in the case:
An award is hereby made against the United States
of America in favor of Dan Cameron for improvement .
near Gorgona, the said award to include all right
claims or other interests in growing crops, fruit tree~
buildings or any other improvements claimed by the
said Cameron on any land near the Carabali River
or on any part of the original estate of Juan Grande.
together with all claims of whatsoever nature on account
of damages alleged to have been suffered by the oper-
ations of the Isthmian Canal Commission or the Pan -
ma Railroad Company, this property being distin.:t
from that purchased from the claimant by the United
States in October, 1909, by voucher No. 8007, in Ith.
sum of $300. U. S. currency.
This award shall be paid on or before the 22d d ay
of October, 1913, and if payment or tender of payment
is not made on or before that date, it shall bear inter e. t
at the rate of six per centum per annum until paid.
SAMUEL LEWIS. L. S. ROWE, Commissioners.
September 22. 1913.
Rules of Dismissal.
In the matter of sundry claims located as below de.ug.-
naled docket 1,240-A, etc.-A number of claims ha. ,
been presented to the Commission for property in-.
cluded between Gatun and Gamboa, for improvemernu.
below the 87-foot level, some of which are already
submerged or partly submerged. In preparing fo:r the
creation of Lake Gatun. many persons were removed
from time to time from their holdings and with mans
of them settlements were made. Other settlemeuu
have been made within this area ata more recent date.
A careful examination has been made of all ca-er
in vihih a r.. net -as l."-- ref.irt.d. .n.l where there
was unc.V r:.r ait in r. gird. tu rh.: property covered-
by the previous payment, the claimant has been gi, ,.n
the benefit of every reasonable doubt. In the follow .-
cases, the Commission has reached the conclusion thaI
the claimants have no property for which an award
could be sought from this Commission which is 'n.-t
covered by the previous payments hereinafter not.-J
Bell, James William. Docket 1.441-The property in.
clouded in this claim was covered by the payment inr
February, 1912. by Voucher 18695. in favor of Willia n
Bell, for the purchase of hol-e. tax No. 8 and all oti,.r
improvements of every kind in or near Bohio, Cai],
",,irt-l .'oseph. Docket 1,438-The property in.
,1-1. 1 Lo itc,. claim was covered by the payment in
December, 1911, by Voucher 17754, for the purchase
all :rowing crops, fruit trees and farm house w,.
thE. roof, tax No. 108, and all other improvement :
situated in the valley of the Chagres River.
In view of the payments herein noted, no cl cr,
against the United States of American can be rec..
nimcd by the Joint Commission, and these claims i r,
hbreby dismissed.
SAr, EL LI ..- L. S. Rows, Cosenmissioners.
August ih ti.I
In the matter of sundry claims, docket 1,l40-A. et, -
With respect to the persons hereinafter named, wh ::
claim, have been before the Joint Land Commiss ,o,
for consideration, the evidence sho the evidence hw that they hi eo
sint contracts with the Istlimian Canal Commiss,. -
for the sale of the properties claimed by them. 7I h,:
nane of such persons, the docket numbers of th~ ,r
clai's, and a description of the property included in
such claims, follow:
Sempbell. Albert-Docket 1,066. claim for house, i.x
No 274 and other improvements at Gamboa Hill.
Cores, Emilio-Docket 362, claim for house, tax Nc
260 and other improvements at Santa Cruz.
Jederon. Ambroise (also known as Ambrosio, Gidein.
and Ambrose, Gideon)-Docket 745., claim for bhoe-
oax No. 1.836 and other improvements at Cainmto

SainduJi Huhetl-Claim for house. tax No. 1 835 and
other improvements at Casmito.
In \ e-A of the agreements before noted. ihee claims
call for no further sition by the Joint Commission. and
th, v are ccordinmly diurmised.
S ig lr-d. FrDLKico BOYD. ROLAND P. FALiKNE.R.
*I.I.iEL Leric. L. S RP.OE Commulisioner-.
September 10. 1913.

I n the maaner a isundry claim in the lands of .Maltrnin
do&.e ,V, O 1-4. iet -With respe.:t to theoc-.dpiers n'
the land; or Mala,:hin hereinaiter named. who for the
greater part have their improvemrnnti on 'halt portion
ol the orngrial estate i.i Matcihm which was pur-
chiLad by ire French canal compan:.. and aub-e-
quently b-ctame the property of the Llnited Silte. the
evidence before ith Comniiiion si thst they hive
i.i- n-l .onlr.l, il th the 4Ithm.in Canal C.mnrni.uon
Ior Ihe :ale of1 thi: huui's heroin designated by their
tax numbers together kith 31a their other improve-
menti .ilared on the said landr The names of such
person. the docket numbers ci their claims and the
la.v number; Of the-r houses follow
Doeie Tax
V.me. No IN,.

A.:ce Mrs F.:rdirnnd .. 638
Alhxmnder. Jorn 1.553 I.Ia9
inder,'n. \\'ill;am '6
Angelo a i-rr 553 31.
Baker. %. liiam 130
Bennett, Alevxander
Boid. Joeph 171
Brown Alise-nder I 170
Cabot Lu:lc 12 I 644
Cabot Btrthe 75 646
I'arrneton Alexander 347
:Chamhr,-r. Edward .1 1.369 1 28
Clark. Williaim 120
Cruam Renild 19
>'r-sar. I`artina 7q. 343
Dormr n. Ijrme- .. . .it 167
Duncran 7imuel .... . 7 5 515
Eb.on. I saa 93' 600
Falkner Richard ?3
Farget. Felh ..
Firin-. AleA nde.- r ... . 3.-4
Forbl. Sarah Ann 2
Foiter. ]JmeQ L 5
Fran.: Charles 27. .
Francis. J.-t'.-h 8
Glrr.:re. V i 301
Ca.r li, r. Ch.rl- 7
-*r ,O rc -'. I an .16 1 1 4
H' or, .I...:nua .Ir.1
HrnIe. Sinm.. 176

Jack in Ti abin . .0
i ca. .u r . . 20
loha 'rn Anehli I lo
Jolhrn ,- h rl F I 1
jone-. Ed ar 6
L j i[. ( .,il,- 720 349
Lu .ile. Dulor ;75 ',95

Mal.rne.' TIh..ni. 1 09 ;| 5
M.ai r.li, nii ile ri.Jer . I 13
Nill-r .ilr.d i i 0
. .Jr-? ir ,r.) .

I'.jrr rr A1 .t E ur 4 .-iai
P.-IJ. I o .r A. 1 .I .i 1
I 11. .3 h-i n .. I
R.C.r r su.J' l I i .;i .
R.L,.n *-.n Ld rd 4.

Siit --nr I ;ub '1

n l lJ -.l. .. 30

l. '* l h . n .I | 4

S ... ,, 4

'L.' L --I .
I |i 1i4

I 1. L-I 1 i1 r l in lr 4 eb n

J i l1 I i l\- i i i I .eirr-r i .-'.-Ji.
.i i L r -eI 1. I r t .
\', ,l .r l-' ." ', 1J i

S-, h .. -, A .. n i i ..h .. I i.. L e b -

r. 0, 1-1 1-. t L r-' p.Ei t i lr. 1,kL,.it. t *.'ri L v tu

,TI>: 'l i Iii ..li l" cJj 2ubihib .:re-d or pirtu.ll3 sub-

In .rp.r ini r I.I llie a:rn :Itiun of Gatun Lake. mari,
p.r r.n, irii i.ie muiej i.ron. tniii im tom, fom their
hl-r, IngrJ ilh inn3 Or uiliei e attl-.menta were made

In February and March, 1912, the Government made
an examination of this region and an inspection of all
occupiers. Subeqiently. settlements were made with a
large number of such persons, who executed release
and received payments for their houses ind all improve-
ments in the lake area.
A careful examination has been made of all cases in
which payment has been reported. and the claimant
given the benefit of every reasonable doubt. In the
following cames we have reached the conelusdon Lhat the
claimants ha.e no property v.hrch is not coe.red by the
pre-ious payment or payments hereinafter noted
Sirm.-itle. IjUore. d.,es No 1.431 the property now
claimed is covered by the payment in January, 1912.
by\ Xouc.her 1547e.. for houses. tax Nos. I 151. 1,159.
1,171 and I s9n. and al3 other improvements in or near
the tosn or Tabernilla.
Bue ton, Ja ilo d k.t No. I 3:I, the property now
cl..Imed ., covered by the payment in April. 1912, by
Voucher 19503 fur two houses and other improvement
near Linion Gatun Riser.
Curbtelo. Joisfa. do.kei No. 171. the property now
claimed i covered b, the payments in Norember. 1910.
by the Panama Radroad Company for improvementaon
Lot 3 belonging to the Panama Railroad Company, and
in February. 1912. bh the I-thmian Canal Commission
lor improvement.- at Pal Hi-lorqueta v Mdatas.
,M. Kei:l e. Chait... ,iJoAct Vo I 440. the property
now claimed is covered t.by the payment in December.
1911. by Voucher 1;748 to Charles McKenzie and
M.lanue-la Echl-err'a. for house, tax No. 93 and other
improtem-ntL in the s3lley cf the Chagres.
Mledin.- Ju.ana J,.reso the property now claimed is
covered b5 the pat;ment La lJnuarv 1912. by Voucher
1520; for houses. tx Nos. 145 and 149 and other im-
provement; near Bohio
Murio:. Min.isel. Jo:ket' Na. I 320. tne property now
claimedd i.-'overed bt the payment in November, 1911.
by the P'nama Railroad Company, for all improve-
mentr in the airea below the 87-foot contour line.
Pa.-ro. .l.-ie. J d.'C:l V.o Wi'. Lhe property now
claimed is couered by the payment in December. 1911,.
to James M:.lcKeri!,e. husband of the claimant, for
houses and othe-r improvements on the lands of Carfo
Rii. -e I Ra. ini Damtin Jdochel. ,'. ?, 5.the proper-
ty nw .:lame- is lowered by the purchase by the
United Stat'' -.,1 certain .mprovements in the Canal
risrn. n.:-ar Taerndlli in Decemher. 1909
R. "'i-mrn TotiJitii d.a2.,t N.V- 1.4I7. the property
no-, :inm-d corej by the Payment in January.
1912 bh \'loJ:nar 1_0'*J for houie. tax Nos 61. 75.
I41 i14. and I6''0 'and oth the tvien ..,i Luil,3
In %,- or ti. L ra..meint, her.-in noted no claim
ataini itrh I_nmt-.J states -.an be re,:rontzed by the
Ijnt L. rJ CoMoni: ourD. and icASe -:Iainm are hereby

,icn:-.' F;iUE, H11-o P ROL.LN P. FALENER
9%%1 ELI L %%- L 5. RoitE pain i; irimo er;
,f er.!nLcr .22. I-11

I,, 1i Wi. ri .- 1 r .Ir311 . in the vrallery of the
Tr r- J1 / ,-j .*,..Ai .'d.- 1 '4--.4 el. XA nornberof
claim; r t.. -.- t- .:.r to the Commtiv non for
r r-rrL b'- I-'-v t. I .' .l',rt .'"-:l ,=o e of wlin h are
ir.- :i ,' .jbr, r-?.l 1i rf 1 ., irii tni- e-1 in prparming
ir l' r.-,i,.r, ,-I C- tiin Laki, mnm perauns were
r,.il:, i. r ,Si tri iitE. .a [ Itron rlsh r ,.oldoir.gs and with
r~i ii GI *iL lt,;n-, _:.r l- n- . r, iaicde. tJtlL sr cltle-
i,. 1.: i: b -n i .j- '\iithi, l h Ii: .rc ait more recent

\ ,:r- irl e'- -iminrii.-n JI: bL -n ms-e oi :s11 c2aes in
sir. :t r '.i--.'n, I be.,i r.-t,rtrei jnl .Vnwnere there
w. I en imm mn irL 1ii ,,i .Ii:-: ir I lilt, i r.i. rt, reered
,: trit- ,r.r. i -1. t h ii .-r Ir 1 i nir hj L .-n L.iven
t I .. ,1 r ;ir. i i ..'. 'Joub-r In th',' i.iillow-
Ir c, i r r i. ii ,,- r-: ,. ie ther- ,in lu.ion
ti, I n 1i s -., ,i--i h I. ',r .', (,,r I~ i .,.I -- i% ',rd
L.'*ulJ I. -,.ht Ir *i, i 1 *-,nmi ri -i ii i.ti is not
-.... er.-1 I. [ i i ,- '.rni. .i h.. r rrL .ltLr n.:LeJ:
I ,n t *', j\ ;i .lu *s .,1. I,)1 line pro)p r-ty in-
.:I l..-. i III '.. 'lrI >'.. '-:r. l i. :. i, E t in N o -
... .,,. r i*-1I 1 I. i[ .in e -. R r:., I 1-,. -r-. for
fi,. .i'-r- i -.r.. nr in t.: .ill c-1 ill. Tr.n-.1.J River.
/ (, r ,/. ,L,' 'i t /1/ 1 I--: r r,, 'etiy
-i I 1 i i i. Ir. i n i '. -r'j i. I,.: i rn t in
rI ,l l ,r l1i L-r e r .. iir. i 1, Iil,| -r I cI ulo the
Trnin-. J .-
F -. ,i .-.. .- .1 1 .',. the
yr r- ,.. I In i .i I r.1 n i r I i he t loot
ha n ir I i ,' r ..I I.i i a r .. i ..e J, i: ,, tire I( lrited
i -t il I ii : tii eri. nr I ..r art r ir ns i ts.ri., in the
Si. ,- li I ri r.i..i. i, c r
i .rr. P-'. rt. .- 1 V. INi the r.r:.,-riv in-:laded
i t il. i ii .. .- i,'l ti til.: r ,irn nt in October.
-iil t',' .Ii r IJ ..r iru.r rri -in l -'.iher im -
[.r .-i.- n., ra ; I'- 1 rl..: I ri nla d Ri t :r
In si.., i tlw i r, i r. hI-rt..- not.-.J no dlim
_,c Tii. the L n&.-- ~ r, r.t; a.. n be r..oll:'il-d bi the
.lunt l.nr Crnri r--ri n.j these claims are hereby
di,,no .-J.
SAMrEL LEtVwa L S. ROWE. CommuSlrr seiS.
Septeml.er it,. 1913.

_ __

Ocober 15, 1913.



Crucea, One of the Oldest Settlements on the
Isthmus, Abandoned
The village of Cruces, situated on the south
bank of the Chagres River, a little aboce
Gamboa, will be abandoned. and the Division
of Police and Prisons has been in-trictcd to
destroy the buildings, when the t.. tri has' ben
depopulated. .Mu-t ul the buildings, whih
are built after the natic tr'y'le bamb..'o ntals,
with roofs of thatch, are- Lbelow the S7-loot
contour. The number (.,I h.u:- in ihe illagie,
according to the ta,. record of 1911U ats i0,
not including the church and schoolhouse,
but some of these were burned in the fire of
1912. The Canal Z.necensusof 1912 howed
169 people living there, consisting of 132
colored persons, 36 of mixed blood, and one
Cruces is one of the oldest erttlemerits on
the Isthmus, and in earlier times "as knonri
as Venta Cruz. One of the contemporary
books on the Canal and the Isthmus describes
its origin, as follows:
The first transit route roa. the I thmu;. for
the tironportation of gold ,lver. and merchandise
from the various Spanish Lulonic oan the P,'-fic
to Spain. r"n itom the city -i Panaimn to Nout'.re
de Dis,. on lhe shores of til' Caritibr. in It wt.,
cut through th,; forest .ini lun l 1? ijv,.:r mointainW
tops and acTu-a n'lountaiiri trem. rnl ua. roinli-
ly paved with ston.- Jt r.n frL.-m Panasm in a
norLhesatelly dre-..lion lotr ab'u' 21') rnil], t1 a
pOint on the Chagrer kiter whichh i -n theri en
name of VenL3 Cruz. afterward changed to 'Cru.e-
Thence .t ie.-ended riIthri.' ad to Nonmrr .]e Di i
A Line of DOsit was c:tatli.hid lonrig te rout-
It was put in use in 15i1). dnd t. ia the. ole r.iu
between the two oCunt- until ib3 ut 15I' wrho te
Chgrei between Ve'tti Cruz and the .4tJid o'.
a disLaonce of about 36 miles. aas made nratt ibl
for boat; of light drift and a %itr rt.u.e IL a 5.
tablished betueern %enta Cruz and Nombre de
Dios. The land route between the,- pointi3 s
not abandoned. ho ever, but :'oniIued to be u'-d
an connection win t thr I, ,tPr route. SO Uell *ai
the paving laid thit piris of it remain in i lr-iion
today, oand the entnr trail from Pan-ima Cii to
Cruces is open. and i, u l-d b tihe nativ,- a.: a
highway for pack males and pouiee. '
Dr. E. L. Auchenrieth in his book entitled
The Topography if the Isthnius, published in
1851, speaks of the paved trail, as follows.:
"It is stated that Fran,:i.:o Ptzarro. the cOn.
queroTof Peru. wa the one that ordered th.- pa irne
of the road. whichh was done with large. round
stone; ?ometrmei a fo.t and a half in diameter. '
A toll gate is said'to hak.e been -scr up at
Cruces in the latter half of the eighteenth
century, and all traffic between the two oceans
passed the place According to the report
madeby Bancroft on the fiscal regulations and
commercial decline of the Spanish colonies.
goods to the amount of 1,466.346 pesos de iro
were registered as passing through the Casa
at Cruces. while more than seven and one-
half millions were smuggled across.
"- In their march from Fort San Lorenzo, at
the mouth of the Chagres River, to attack
Old Panama, Henry Morgan and his men
ascended the river to Cruces Esqucmetnlm
speaks of it, as follows:
.. Thus they proceeded on their
journey ull noon. at which time they arrived at at
tillage called Cru This tlljg-
is seated n the latitude of nine degrees anI t.A..
minutes north, being diaLant fironm lie Fort of
Chagre ?6 Spanish leagues, and eight from Pansnma
Moreover. it Is the lsat place to which Lb.ae or
canoes can come, for hichl rea-on the, built
here storehouses. whetein to li.s-p all Linds of
merchandise. which hen:e to and from Panama are
Lranspot Ed upon the bacLk of iuler "
Messrs. So.a and Arce, local historians,
note that the Chagres River was first ex-
plored from its mouth to the interior, prob-
ably to about where Cruces now is, by Capt.
Hernando de la Serna, and the pilot Pablo
Corzo. between April 3 and 10, 1527.
Following the construction of the Panama

railroad. Cruces entered upon a period of de-
cadence, which hasexisted until this day. The
Canal Commission ha- never instituted any
change5 there beyond including it within the
Canal Zone school sn -tern. In May, 1906, ar-
rangements were made to open a school in
the old church, and the municipality of G,-r-
guna was authJrized tc:. e\pind $51.11) in im-
prov.ing the building. Thei church ,3as 25
feet wide by 63 f-eet Ion.-. .and it aa-_. euimrnated
that it a.fiirded -uffticient a.c'omm,:,d tt.,n-t
for 1uO children. School aa. opi..ned in 10Tl.,
and has been continued ever sincee On F,-bru.
ar- 1lb. 99) tie citizens of the villa I,
additt-_. d '* ncimunal to the governor of the
Canal Zo.ne. a-king him to cause the school I,a
be remni':.ed to some: other point in the village
as the church was needed for rehli;iu putr-
pose;. This reque-t waj n-it aC:cedi,:d to. I1ut
the people were alloaied to use the building on-
Sunday. and feast das In 1910. the church
became unsafe, and on November 22 ,,f that
year a request wa: approved for a n,:'.. school
house, tiith a living room for lthe tea. her It
was built on the highest knull in rhli. ail. :c,.
at elevation 101 feet, on land original' deedeld
to the French Canal Comnpany In thic -Lhuuil
year 1909-10. the hight.-t enrollriinrt ,.ss
20, and the average da.il attend inc' I 5.
During the last school .car the enr.,llrnent
was37.and theaveragedaily attendance 13.9
The in-truction hisbe:-n in Spanish. although
il the school had beenci'untinuii'il another \car,
Enghlih would haae been sub,titult-l.
Pri,,r t[I 1911, the village had a hi-[trtie
curiosity, in tilt. hape of two v..rouht iron
anchurs. According to tradition, the-c an-
chors were brought up the Chagres River in
boat- for transport overland to Panama, but
the plan was abandoned at Cruces. One 01
these anchur-. sto)d in the villaei about 3iJiJ
bards from the river, and the uther alongside
the trail about 400 yards from the river.
Each anchor has a 14-foot shank. The ide,:
was conceived by Lieut. W\aler D. Smith
formerly Con-tructin: Quartermaster ol the
Canal Commission, to send these anchors to
West Point. The anchors ,were placed on a
raft, which subsequently broke loose froni its
moorings, and after floating down the river a
short distance, collided with a lu;, break ng
in two, and allowing the anchors to go to the
bottom of the srrtam. They were recovered
later, but before they could be placed on
board a vessel, a cable message was received
by the Chairman from the Secretary of War
disapproving ol the plan. The anchors are
now in the yard uof the general storehouse at
Mount Hope.
Cruces also posse' ses another relic in three
ancient church bells. These bells are of ary-
ing size, and Irom une ol them a piece has been
broken. The dates are indistinguishable, but
they are known to be very old. After the
transfer of the anchor,, the inhabitants, be-
coming apprehensie that the bells also would
be taken, had them removed and hidden.
Later, when the-eleari were dispelled, the:.,
were returned to their old place.
Mr. \iolfrcd Nelson. the author uf ifa.,
Years a! Pohama, publi-hed itn 16.Y, records
that thes.tone church at Cruce- va- dcltroyed
in the earthquake ol September ., la b2.
S--- --- -
Mart Jane, the fie ..ear old daughter ifl
IMr. and Mrs. Joseph Lenzen. residing at
Ancon, died at Ancon Hospital on Thursday.,
October 9.

Prohibiting the Passage or Presence of Floating
Craft. except those belonging to the United
States or the Panama Railroad. in that section
of the Panama Canal Lnown at Culebra Cut
between Gambon and Pedro Miguel Lock
By authority of the Pre -ident of thie I citedd
States, as expressed in Execuri~e Order of Jul ,
23 19111. the fIllo.ing rule' and re,;ilatioin-,
are adJ'lpted b. thL I[-thmn ri Csan.d L.,mmi-
stin fur the pur[pji.e if facilitating '..rk of
ci.ataticn arti] t nal cjn-ru,-tir.in. and the
-ime i all hIt-. hL l-..rce and etfe.Lt vf law
v.hltn a- prI i e-I bl' the Sei'retary of \\'ar.
SML. I luN 1. \\ i without ,..'.-ial ipermis-,.un in
v riiri -i'rl.-I b, the Chairman of)1 the Isth-
nit n Can.il i(-mmnin--iun, no rn..ner, master,
o'r operat..r uf ain'. rloa.ting trait of any kind or
charal tir 'that .JtLer NieL-pt 'such as may
tli-rne_ t'i ,ir be chartered b\ the United
i 'a-t-',r theI Pan.riia Ra<.lr,,ad Company.-hall
LauCe -.r pjirmit -u.h cialt to enter, navigate,
.,r b,- pre-i iot'. ihiin that pur..rt n il the Pana-
mna Catnal l.rin.- i i- the Cult-bra Cur, which
liI he bet'.,:.n ij .ii-,.i andl Poilr.i M iguel Lock.
''ECTii 2 F, .r rhe better enforcement of
ie -.e rnlL s and ri _,ulJ ttins the officers and
atent[ of the L nteIL'd at. and the assistant
en.in irs -upl.rintt ndent- and sipenrisors
enipli: ed under them by the authority of the
Istchmfrri n Cainal l-.,nmiis.sin. shall have pi. er
and auIth-ritN to arrLst andJ take intocutody,
\'ith cr "ithuut p[roccss. anr, per:-on or per-
sons who ma.y omrnit any of the aets or
offi:nrzes pruibliit,-d by Section I of these
ruIl, and riu]lation-, ur LI hn mIa) iiot.late any
uf the pr_.i.t. i-,n' ..-I the s'nie.
SCTILuN 3. A. o.rdired by the President of
the L'nit.d State-,. any per-on i olating the
pro% si' ,ns of these rules and regulations shall
beguilt -,f a misd'm.Laniur andon conviction
thereof -hall b-: ptunishtcd by a fine nit to ex-
ceed fhe hundJrd dollars IS500l or b) im-
pri-unment in the district jail for not more
than -ix monrth-, or by both such fine and
impri onnrnt. in the di-crrtion of the Court.
Appro, cd:
.t iret.s ry 'f 11 ar.
October 3, 1013.

More Tremors Recorded.
Up to Monday O.trober 13. there had been
32 mlO.emri'nr, rI.'-'rded on the -Limongraph
at the Anc,.n -tation in the present series
Of -,i.rnmil disturbanit. I. During the past
veek there ha- been only une pronounced
shock, that which Ite-gan at 7.46 p m on
Saturda.. ( (-. tutILr 11, the. duration of uhch
aco'r.Ir-inc [ui the iatrajce individual per-
-Aptl biliry .t;a Fr.mn li.-- in tevtn 1tec. ,nd-.
1 h instrurmn'nt r,: gi-t'rid a nia\imum ampli-
tuod. of 45 ii)nllTmelvr-. and the lu,.ation. as
indilcat-.d b:. the irintrumrnts, a-- the -ame as
moit i.' the- others, namely, a point about 115
mile; r.) the -luithvvLSt
The Cenrral .ind] .utJth Aniti-rican Cable
C-ompan:. abl,.- repair -hlip Gurdian,. Cap-
iain Tai',lor, arr,. -d i..'l Panama un Sun-
doa. October 12, ha'.ing suLLC.ceLd in repair-
ine the c-diltc hti.h brike a lew hours alter
the -ho- k ..,' \\ednti.nd -i night. 0O tober I
The trouble aI- I.'.ariC'i in the \icinity of the
small island- kn.-tn as Frailes d.l Norte and
Fraile del Sur. about 15 miles off the coast
of Lo., Santu, pr-viinie. iand not far from the
village of Tiiiuisi. The cable at this point
v.-as d, wn about SUil lathoms. It is believed
that the break was caused by the earthquake


Vol. VII, No. 8.

shock, as the company's records show that
the cable has broken tv ice before in the same
place, once during'trhe severe shock of Septem-
ber 7, 1I52. The .plice. that wan. madeat that
time was broken on this occasion. The recent
shocks apparently disturbed the ocean bed in
the vicinity of the break, for a section of the
cable about half a mile long was found deeply
imbedded in a mass of hard clay, and was ex-
tricated with considerable difficulty.
The Secretary of Public Works of the Re-
public of Panama has received the following
telegram from Mr. D. F. McDonald, the
Commission geologist, and Mr. W. C. John-
ston, assistant chief engineer of the govern-
ment, dated Tonosi, October 11:
"The 17r -i-r [.,tt of the houses in Tonosg have
been d-ams-._Jd .-.A1 many roofs have falleo in.
Two -idl.;re- cr'e been d,-*t".. .1 -,i -il as
the ovens in the bakeries. I- rl_ itj.:l-;. such
,i ,.r.ocle,'ry g.' r.. etc., in stores and houses
hue be:n br. l-e-. There have been numerous
slides in .:i. L. i .a rri, -t;r: and cracks
havc or-nvd ii he T cr...un. ] lij 'ie valley of
Tona,. ,cr. ir l lr. liil-. ,- ,- er li.i,- -ink ar.i
the area "nor, c'J b i, ril c I- n ih,- r.- rnni.
etln ,'r The inrlh .; rnt irrt a 3-rrne.I anr. are
c, o'rnip ni.?d t'i a rurnabli, k. rur. ,ndir. Tre
present d.,.turbini.: will probably result in a
loss of crops, and an increase in sickness, on ac-
count of exposure and fright."
Another telegram sent by Messrs. Mc-
Donald and Johnston from Las Tablas on
October 13 stated that on the 12th inst., at
5.30 in the afternoon three shocks were ex-
perienced in the same number of minutes.
The people in that % illage have also resorted
to the use of tents.


Church Notes.
The quarterly convention of the Isthmian
Sunday School Association i, ill be held at
the Commission clubhouse in Corozal on
Sundavafterr nun, October 19, at 2.30 o'clock.
The Reverend Carl H. Elliott, pastor of the
Cristobal Union Church, will speak on the
subject, "What is a good Sunday school?"
There will also be addresses by Mrs. Harry
Compton, head of the Methodist mission
school in Panama. and Mr. H. S Higgins
of Culebra. The superintendent of each of
the federated Sunday schools will speak five
minutes on "How to keep a good Sunday school
on the Isthmus." There will be special
music. This is the first convention to be
held under the new officers who are, as follows:
President. J. M. Weaver; vice-president,
J. F. Warner; secretary, W. F. Kromer;
treasurer, W. E. Hoffman.
The American Woman's Altar Society of
St. Ferdinand's Church, Empire, will hold
a euchre party in the parish hall on Saturday
evening, October 18. Prizes will be given.
Tickets for admission are on sale at 50
cents gold.

Society of the Chagres.
In accordance with Article 16 of the con-
stitution of the Society of the Chagres, nom-
inations for officers to serve from the third
Saturday in January, 1914, to the third
Saturday in January, 1915 are now in order.
The attention of the members is directed
to Article 5, which provides that no officer
who has served one full term shall be eligible
for reelection for the next ensuing term, with
the exception of the secretary-treasurer. The
present officers of the society are: President,
Col. W. C. Gorgas; vice president, Mr. R. H.
Wardlaw; secretary-treasurer, Mr. W. F.
Shipley; members of executive committee,

Messrs. Dan E. Wright, H. S. Farish.
Gerald D. Bliss,. and Charles L. Parker.
ARTICLE 5. The officers of the society shall be a
president, a vice-pret-dent. a secreaury.-treasurer. and
an executive committee. conmutiLLg of the folegotnm;
and four other member:. No salaries hall be pa,.dl
to the officers, and excepting th. seertanr-treasurer,
no officer who has served one lull term sll be eligible
for reelection for the next ensuing term.
ARTICLE 16. Any ten members may noimikate a
fellow member for election to any of tne otfTces of the
society, but all such nominations must be submaied
to the secretary-treasurer in wiitin not later Lhan
October 31. As soon as puIsible. but in any e .'en not
later'than November 15, th- ie.:retary-trEaurer shall
prepare and mail to each member of the society a ballot
containing the names of all candidates noummnted fur
each office. At the annual meeLin" of the society, the
vote cast by letter ballot shall be can' aimed. and those
candidates receiving a plurality of the vote- hall be
declared elected. WILLIAM F. S' idLi:v.
Secretory- Tre.-.urer.
CRISTOBAL, C. Z., October 13, 1913.
The New American Minister.
Mr. William Jennings Price, the new A me r-
ican minister, was officially received by Presi-
dent Porras in the yellow room at the
Presidencia at 10 a. m., on Saturday, October
11, in the presence of the entire government
cabinet. Mr. Price studied for the bar and
was graduated from Centre College, Dan ille,
Ky. In 1900, he was a Democratic presi-
dential elector from that state, and % as alter-
nate delegate at largeto the Denver tonven-
tion in 1906. He was twice elected prose-
cucing attorney, and altogether has been
elected to public office five different times.
He was a member of the faculty of the
College of Law of Central Univertsi ,. Dan-
ville, for several years, is a member of the
bar of the United States Supreme Court, and
is one of the proprietors of the Kentucky
Daily Advocate. The appointment to his
present post was unsolicited.
National Revolver and Pistol Match.
An open revolver and pistol championship
match was held under the auspices of the
Culebra Pistol Club at the range in Cuiebra,
September 27 to October 5, both dates in-
clusive. The match was shot under the rules
of the United States Revolver Assoc iat io. n, a nd
was held simultaneously with matches at
different ranges in the United States. The
standard American target with 3-inch bulls.
eye was used. There were four events. all at
50 yards. The winners of the matches and
scores were, as follows:
(Fifty shots with any revolver; possible c-ore *500,
First-Jacob Bernson, 435, gold and :Jver me-dj.
Second-M. W. Fox, 400, silver medal.
.Third-M. E. Woodward, 386, bronze medal.
(Fifty shots with any pistol; possible ico 'e 5i00
First-Jacob Bernson, 439, gold and si ver medal
Second-M. W. Fox, 436, silver medal.
Third-M. E. Woodward, 408, bronze med l1
(Rapid fire military revolver, 75 shots each. rize shou in
15 seconds; possible score 750)
First-Jacob Bernson, 500, gold and silver medal.
Second-C. B. Larzelere, 448, silver medal
Third-M. E. Woodward. 409, bronze medal.
(Time fire, pocket revolver, 25 shots each, ..,e shots In 30
t, .,i:. vi si L':.'r' ?s5O
First-M. W. F,-.-. :.0. gni a,-,d sdver medal
Second-Jacob Bernson, 173, silver medal.
Third-C. B. Larzelere. 170, bronze medal.
Missing Men.
Any one having information of the follow-
ing named men, who are supposed to be on
the Isthmus, are requested to communicate
with the American Legation, Panama: Mr.
William Stevenson, ur \V. L. Stevenson;
Mr. Simon Weinfeld, and Mr. Lee Gordon.

Activities of tho Young Moen's Chrittln Aimocla-
The moving picture schedule for the week October
20 to 25 is. as follows- Tuesday. Gatun; Wednesday,
Cristbici. Thursday. Empire; Friday, Culebra and
Porto Bello SLturday. Corosal.
The Landng of the ten high men in the bowling
tournament Tor the first three game rolled October 4 is,
3s iollows. 0 Meanr. King. Davis. Bullard. Cushing.
Dougherty. Barre, Parku. Peterson. Gustavon.
The standing of the teams *n the chess tournament.
October 11. wia. as follows. Calebra. won 6 points;
CiLitoDAl. aon 5 poMns, Gatun, won 3 points
The .ut.nding of ihe teams ma the basketball league.
October LI ai. as iollo.-s*
Team. .'sn. Lost. P. C.
Gaotin ... .. .. 3 .... 0 .... I 000
Empire .. .. . .... 0 ... 1 000
Camp Elliott .... 2 .... .666
Culebra ... .... . i . 2 . . 333
Cr ob l . ..... . 0 ... 3 .. .000
Corozal..... 0 .. .. .3 .. 000
The standin; o tbhe teams n the bowling tournament
was. as sIAlowis:
Team. iVon. Lost. P.C.
C ritobil ......... .... 5 ... 1I .833
Empiue...... ........... 4 ... 2 .667
ulc. bri ........... ...... 3 3 5u0
Corozl ... . ..3 .. 500
Camp Elliott............. 0 ... 3 .. 000
G atun ...... ........... 3 .... .000
The following high scores iere made on the local
alleys- Tcnes'in-Tailur, 205. 204; Edwatds. 235:
Prkis. 2J3. DInt:prin-Daj.s. 104. 101, Sammettiag.
er. 11 Bell. LOi. 10o .
The Cimp Ellinti basketball team defeated the local
team on \Wed neday. October 6. by a score of 20 to 15.
Coiozl loti to Emoire Saturday night. October 11.
in bas.ketbll, by the .-.ore o01 5 to 14. Spejber. Coro-
zml forward n.w unable to play either of the above
g-mes. and Carr a-s& unable to play im the game with
In the recent local boxl.ng tournament the order of
the high iterages Mwa, s: iolUlows: Dougherty. Ander-
son, C3e< DeCor.,. Hobbs. Tragsdori, Cornthwaite.
Hill. Herrington. achmeck.
Recent uiiuh scores in tenrlins were. as follows Case.
205. 222. 201. 201. 207; Chadbourne. 202: 201; Fer-
giuson. 200. Corlhwatie.22o; Tragsdori. 207; MIengel
In the league game with Empire on Friday night. in
tenrins. the local team won two out of three games:
Empire Culebra.
Gu.tL.v.,on 81v 201 13S Case .. 138 158 166
Potter..... 6 105 u09 Cushing... 187 106 191
Peierion ..14 151 1)3 MengcI .... 166 223 133
Boeison .. 137 1i3 1 8 DeCors .. t10 125 139
Huson 177 137 Dougherty.. 183 180 188
Sim i .. . I. ;
Totals 82.2 sso 905 844 852 817
Gatun defeated the Culebra basketball team on the
Empire fl6oor on Saiurd.y night. October II, by the
score "I 34 to 1t. The line-ups were:
Ciuleba-Hepler. Cutting. forwards; Chadbourne.
center. Roic. Ga -mlnn, guards.
Gailn- Huber. tobglnt. lorwards; Fitz. center
Connally. fMn ell. gur.aIs.
An "Gold-timer" alter in atLbnce of three years. gave
a tllk atE the Sun.lay night :ervice on "The men and
relig.an movement tbht baa been in progress in the
United SLJat1.is r tle l1-t two 5ears.
Moving pcturei will be shown on Saturday night.
October IS.
Arrtangement-r are being made for a "Smoker" to be
held in the achooilbhoJe on Monday mgbt. October 20.
A wrestling matih has been arranged, and In Lnteresting
program is promited. Relresbmentl wdl be served.
All men are in, ed.
The Cristobal bowling EEam will bov.l the local team
on Saturday. Oc-tober 18 On \'edneAday. October 8,
the Empire basketball team defeated the Culebra team
by the score of 53 to 19 on the Empire floor. The
Empire Leam t1il play at Gatun on Saturday, October
The Empire debating club will m-et. on Tuesday
evening. October 17. The subject is "Resolved that
the uarittLen law be not recognized by the courts."
The spEakers lor the .ir'marive mill be Messrs. Peter-
son and DeBarrows for the negative, Meiisrs Swanon
and Morr son. The public is unrved.
A speL~al moving picture show was given on Monday
October 13, for the benefit of the night men employed
at Empire shopa.
On the evening of Tuesday. October 21 a "Smoker"
stl ba held at the Empire clubhouse. In addition te

~_ __~.____~_--___-- _- ~L~1_ --- -

October 15, 1913.


vaudeville program, Mr. W. W. Warwick. assistant
comptroller of the United States Treasury, will make
an address. The men ol Empire are invited.
A pair of bowling shoes will be given as prize to the
person obtaining the highest average in 15 c:oniecutli'e
games of tenpins between Octubcr II ind November I.
The same prize will be offered the person obtaminmg the
highest average in 15 con.-'.sutLe games of duckpins.
A ladies' bowling cuntest will be held on Wednesda:.'.
October 15. There will be twsv ccontEitL- Opcn" and
Considerable interest is being taken in the local
chess tournament.
The handicap pool tournament wa; brought to a
close on Saturday evening October II. H. E. Dewey
was awarded first prize. John Pettit. second prize and
L. Town:ley third prize.
Moving pictures will be shown at Gatun on Ftiday
night. October 17.
Gatun meets the strong Empire team in basketball
on the home floor on Saturday evening October 18.
Both teams have percentages of I 000 in the league
ianoding and a closely contested gime is expected.
Members and their lady friends are ina ted.
Much interest in basketball is beirin manife-ted.
A 6-team local league has been organized captained
by Me;tsrs Whitver. Wechaler. Ward. B.ircroft. Lute.
ind Purvis. The tirst g-ame was played on Monday.
October 13.
Sixty-four books have been added to the library this
The results in the local chess. tournament for the
ionath of September are as follows:
Player. Games played. I on. LoFi. P.C.
Ogden ......... I ... 1.3 .. . 794
Tavlor... .. 19 14 5 737
Wilson. 20 12 .. 8 ... no0
H urt ... ..... ..... 12 7 5 583
McOueen .. .. 5 . 5 ... 5nr
Salzburg........ ... ...0 . I 40
Vetoer ... .. .... 8I S 10 444
Tuttle ........ 14 ... 8 420
Rattiner ...... .. 10 j 61 330
Wechsler ........ 13 4 9 fi
Martin.... ... 14 4 10 26
Gill ........ . . 2 0 000
Cristobal took two out of three game' from th, Cora-
sal tenpin team on SatUTrda'. O 1tob.r II. The sCores
Crislobal. Coro:al.
Barrett .... 199 169 166 Davis 14o 151
Barnum.... 180 159 13i Bordt. 144
Collins .. 160 149 . Parkis 204 141 Il.';
Barte .. .. 201 165 211 Edwards 146 17i 155
Bullard... 166 160 1 7 King ... 149 1 9 1(1
Russel .. ... ... 143 Luiich 15 12
Ziller.... . .

Totals.... 906 821 831 7E9 601 7.)
Culebra took all games in the chevs tournament on
Saturday. October 11. a follows:
Crstlobal. Lost. Calebra irnt
Hurt.. ..... 2 Dub ... 2
Taylor .... .. 2 McClure . I
Wtlson.. . .. 2 A V'. W.arnrir I
J. '. V'. arn r 2

Totals....... 6 6
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bell proved victors in the
""Married folks" tournament .n duckpnis held on Mon.
day. October 7. by the clowa margin of c.ro prns The
totals were, as follo-s" MIr. and Mrs. R. Bell 506:
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Landers. 501. Mr.and Mrs. Samuel
Sloan. 478. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Lucas. 467; Mr. and
Mrs. C. Cotton, 438.

Tide Table.
The following table snows the time of liiph ,rid low
tide at Panama for week ending Octeber 25. 1013


Oct 1t .
Oct 20 ... .........
Oct. 2 1
Oct. 22 ...............
'-lct. 23 .. .......
Oct. 24...............

High Low

A.M. P.M.
5 37 12 04
6 14 I 1 45.
6 57 I 311
7 47 2 1
8 40 28
10.07 4 43


6 04
6 14
6 44
7 32
9 J4

Ort. 25 ...... 5 28 111 30 5 6 .
75th meridian time.

HEARNE-SHRADER-On Friday. October 10. at
the home of Dr. Matthew Hoey on Culebra Island.
Panama Bay. Miss Ora E. Shrader of North Vakima,
Wash., to Dr. Charles A. Hearne of Cristobal, Rev.
C. W. Ports of the seawall Methodist Church, Panama.
oieiimting." Caanal Zone residenceTCrisiobal.C. Z."


Toro Point. to be a Military Reservation.
CiLESaRA. C. Z.. October S. 1913
CIRCUi.%R No. 435-a.
Effective O:tobear 20. 1013 thie r-n 1re d.utrct of
Torn Poiint I. d-cignate:d -, nalILar r.. sirvai i-nt
Noperaons rSxe'pr ,n'piCe', of,' t l '1.-.AtI'intc Di cion.
the Fortiication Divi '.ui and th-ir im.ili-da nEa
quartered it Toro Point wll be De-rmttiitl t, anJd th-rte
exce-pt under the prr.-,i-uont or Cirt:ul:r No 43'., dated
lar.:h 14, 1912
Pasise wdl be ri;ued from the i-..rtt.i.atitn o rfi'e at
Culebra. titich till inc lud-, trn in r-orLatiiit oni iJe
tugs and will be 4i;ned onl., b tre h iirm.in .i-nil
Chief Eng.neer or by the a.i:,tint enr-n.-r in n..itc.
of I'onrtir iirions. The i:.uing i i.- -i-: b tr e .'tA l In iic
Di' i-ion or by tee Sixth Diiiora I' ar tiE tran.ifi- rE.titn
will be diconLrnued,.
Time inspe,:tar; mt,.hini,ll. and otnler Coirrna :onn
emplo-ves who are obhgerd to s.it T.tr-i PoinT drunr.g
working h.-'ur3 on oihicial huitine still cbi.-in tr.n. ;-
porLation pa.-e; from the i.tiirti.citon ofutne ati Cin-
The chir-f of poli..e will take u-i,.h 'tep3 a rnim be
required tic enior.:e the abo. e.
GE-,. \'. G.C-etAL'
Cuair's'aiuI Ja'.a CiiliL'l .l;I ,lr.i

C'-tLeaBr C. Z March 10. 1l1'1
CiRCt' %R No. 435:
WXit a siew of preentiing. as fiar aS pra.i:ct-ble.
VL-litors from obutliini iniotrmn-iion rIijE l'e [:. i tl,
miliitar.' d]ef-n-se under cinntruction oni the Canal lune.
which might be communicated to a for.'Ien ro,,za tihe
follost.ng regulatti'.-, :overninig ,.i t-i.r t,, '-i. r Jd 'tene'
reservation' are hIerby publithed i' n .-cc:ordjnc, ti. lli
Paracrar, 3Sh Arm .. R.oiulat3i.r.
1. Fer.oni whro art' not tmpl. ..ed in counnet, lii
with I.-irtrication w'.'k i11 rP-t Li: perim.,irtd to
'V'ut mili.ar. doet en:i ri'-r ratmiun on ah -Iit ic
con trutl-Aion opecr.rtira na.e' bewun '-'.- 1: a
prosdid] in P-raiLrraphi 2 ind 3 lerr.ol
2. Offi:er;of tihe LU S Army Niat' and ?larinc
Corrl. who car, c-r'.lu:.'c,1.' prove ihcir I.j-nI r .,

.3 Other A'rrr..:an riti-ani will be p.rirrinuc i:.
Suit 'r-,:h r :er '3ion- ionly; 'hen r- c r. i t ,..:i i.,th
p .:-'- hihi ill cinder et-< j'tioranal *:trcmi.Lain.L -
be -::u 'I by the Cha rm.,n ind CL'hi-e F riin-'. r io
the lithmi n Can1l tmimiis--un or b'. itri .. i-t-
ant en.- ne'r in -:hargei or the i:cr1n'rLir-iicn rou
Iontif.- .Lions.
4. -uperintendetil s i,'i-l nt n '-ci en er ij,.r-
,iL:.r, lor, te n. and all atrier r-tnpi: ., in lharcre
of th- sia-eril unt; ind batitcrit- I-jnd-r -on-
*- i.iin are hre reb-, d.r-:C:tr:d 10 pr: -rl tie v :V, r[
ol ai l Linauthorli--'1 per'-iu mnd to treat -:ui. per-
,_.n- a; tIrecna'.-ers
H. F. HI,DrE.
At'inHg Chair m.rL s .-il Lr'hi. liuiter.

Transfer of Lock Work.
CULER n. C. Z OctLb-r 11 1913
CIRsCI.'LR No 504:
EIlecit %e l.:ito ber II 1 ; rhe Git Ji L,.:Lk .
'lik ie ori the baCkIF.11 ille tran-iiferrd iromr ihe
.Atlsnrim: D[ni'ion t. the Fir.t Li.slion. lhi'e En,.g.
neer O0imi e On the -rarm? date the Pedro Xi-'uc dand
Miraflor..- Lo:ck-. eXclu:ite of the b-,:ki.ll .will ba-
tran'ferred Irom the Fdlh Di-riutn to the First DIt.-
s,on. Chief Engineer s Office.
Ch iriman and Chic. EntA sneei..

Changes in Transportation Department.
CLILERR.A, C. Z.. Oct.oi_',r 7. 1913.
To -.ll CLmerned-f-EnI:.ise October II 1013. Mr
W\. J. Holmec; is appr. noted Eupinittendint of tran.a-
portation a. proved for by Cir.:ul ir 153-Z I a3f
September 2; and MIr V'. T. Sn,-,'der i :ippornii-t.J .s-
sisLtant 'iipeTint?ndent transcrortnlon
II. if inO.L r V
Appro i .d 4 rf 'i' i l tihe L r' sn' L r i .
GEtc 1' GOEtIBiLs,
Chauir-an ind Chief/ F'sl'ite,

Acting Division Engineer. Atlaniic Dli'iion.
CLLETBRA. C. Z O.itohbr II 1913.
CIlCUtL a No. 5C2.
E--ictire Or:toher 13. 01ot. and dur nE th,: cb'en.:e
of L Iuienant-Colanel \illicam L it-ih-:rt on I-=ve.
Lieur.na.st-C,'lonel V'illiam V Judcin l'I a.-t as
division ancineer of the Ailintic Dii ',,on
Chairman and Chir Fueein ,.

Acting Oeneral Superintendent, P. R. R.
Ct'KBRA. C. Z.. O0-ober 13. 1913
CracutLA No. 506:
Effective this date. Lieutenant F. Mears will sct as

general superintendent during the aLhence of Mr.
John D. Patttroun on leave
GEC.. \' G.IrIE.LALS. Preirs.

Acting Chief Sanitary Officer.
CL-LEEtP.A C i. tnOb'r 13. 1t, 1
Erfic.:t:i this d -ate a-nd during the abr nie of
Col..nri,-l C GW.ri. on I.. ,v rCol.rel j:.nn L.
Philli'i, it dr'.t rna.ed a. ,..t.'n cl.:l':i nita 'rv oticer
GE.O W\. GI.-EItHLL_. Ca Irmsalt.

Amendment in Timekeeping Rules.
EMPIREi C Z ,'ptember '?* 1913
C'ipCIrL.Ar No 49:
s. .In /I.1 --Eflectivie 0-:Octiber I 1913. time
..-.ij her. for silr'-r ..mpl_.-a prrepart.d and signed by
bonded. timelkr- per. and appro.ted by Lroper orTicers
ill .,? pjaid uif 'n pr-.,:nti ian due- e. to [tie Dliburing
OrT.Tr *' Err-ire or at ith'r rif the two ay ur'Scs-.
Ih.'? i .nd-ili t.in.k.e'pftr i;'Liin,g a tirne vou'lnetr to a
'.l..-r r-,i.iov.: v ill rili-, .? it I% filling in the receipt
pirtnio .,n-. b.fort dil,.-r% to the empr-.e it will be
Sl:h ,'kL an, r 1: nJd. empl.:r.: 1i one i: sladable,
rhrio .vill inji.ate thai lie h-, ..h-.Led it b% hi: signa-
tur' un,-.r i-the work t h.cLved Time itiouch,.r pre-
-..nt.'d I'r p irmn nt ImL.: nE... ;h.,v lt.rtit lon or
-r.,a-ur 1' tc, ai\ Iin-1.
,ir.- I/. ..-.\ 'It. in dupliair. of S]iter i.me
tou'-'.ir i 1id dill Lb r r t-erd diilv and one copy
folar;-r.-lel t iii,: e i-iIniTr of .' --,jn.A_ 3ndi the other
tc. th- Di.-hur'iri Ot'l. atr ,rin ,,ci.l t, .
II A. A. S'iTsl.
Apr.rovedJ Liar,,nr of .4O i ACt rn.
I f.iIirni'i 'i'c- C..t..y Enrirsf.

Supplies for the Canal.
Tle i.:i1lo" inc,- .-Iant.rt i.il .u_ pplf.- fLr ih- Ith-
rriian Ianil i .oii.i :...n niio P i-i.lm,, R ilraJd Comn-
ar n'' arr, *:d at 1i fr.,rt. l Balr,-a L .:,lJun ind _.iis-
tLar-il jt..r-re th ,ar k cn'li.nc '-' l.ter 4
.1/.' ar Sepc.'mii.- r '' nr.n \e., 'i.,rk tli 44
['".',e i.,iLe I.ar _.cir'l [ ,i'.':-nn 1 I .:. ni.' bir,- l ii)
pi-t '. ct-'irn... 1; cci>-'1' : *-J hrc I,.r ;.le,:l 'i,.i.Ll
D iv- .)r, llo --; s:t nr.'l ni:Lt,:rJ1 t.,r Pj ,]jn.; ; .a l"[
r',.] : ,3,'aru'in',. i. i : .n 2' b'ir.,ilr a ttrt,
I ir Fir'r Din .i n 4 41i pr . l"'.ii i f 1: r.un.Il.s
il'iii . r 3 b..% itrn-s ;hi .i.-imr l.t i. etin" oil,
Ske 'lr jri,. It. I in.'-dj .an. i..tr tinck;
and a mi.c Tllan- u ..'i~,a c.'in t 1in- i i ii j pu e..,.:.
weal,.n-i'c l-'J [I ,.
is.:d L '.J' '-.ir.t. nr-ir 2< irorn Nt' v'tork with
I tCr: te'= 6r- l .. ,:; I'.r %I.l i:i:n t ,iJ D ii .lur 15 4
1-. riif--ce Ill r i l: It I r _..:'r .
'1/..-i. S. ,tTirl-i-r .'u ',-ri n ran-.- with
, ', .'e- r,.-.] tinmer.r ll i ': ri rl.r.er hi.. e tur ,i
LD '..n. 1) -.. d i ir.t i --i itr .cack
-'.ii -:rist- 'mir[L'r Iri r .. "i-ork. '.ith 'Si
p,-:e: I r .'t r l .[.: ,r [d InarTr,
|-lrodcil LCTipin. ? ;4 -i-- c-I ri i.air re :. rid Dili-
S.ir.. 'IJ: .i[*:l r-lairi i-.r mnc..r -" h-,- I ri:'tS
10 bunJdl-.i. three ki, :t..--I lo5 i-h. in. lu r.,rcs
"Ir- iri.'.] r -rec, ri ..r. .IHI s.h., l, .luIl 114 pice. ,
and '5 bund.le; tr.ini ur I -r.,l I r i- i.r [13 ..in;
1' i. 1.-' r c r p. r niil- i.t. [ 1c.h [i ....
f jr; *-'n '.j. '*'cr. rrii..r ." I r- \ 'rl|,-jn.. u ni
Lls piece;. I.i r ii..[ i-ri. F- .. .n. s D- a.-ks
rTe.:e" [c d bl. I 1 ; t I..trrtel' i e, i br ,k f r
e.:or.i. D i.. l r.n. 10 r.,11; irn: e .r- i..r S, ni ..ry
Dep.rti'.-, t I i':.e- lu nisT ,r 1's b :,il h I s. ior
S: i 'i rh'r. l' r Jr. l I i[ l r Jr.,rn -l 1 rtl b re
e 5,;nnt I,.,' drr iTi' i)[r.5n I ii' L. i. : tr -tQ.ak
a 4 'L -:L. r .i Irt rr, i iN .i ,,rk -.'i-i 3h) b3.g
white cemnt. for dmin' t.iiior i on il-uIA 10n I
boe-, runing m-itiin.rv for L r[.pjirn: nor -. S.i'i
pir-: ;' tru turit l -[ rl II r-:l. 1 a i.r, r .irri. +4 ;':tlI
p ia;t s. 23 .a-; m t:n,,r, r' Irr i'li;. D]i i-ion. 19.'
[plerc -t.l rilirn Ir nd [)i -.ion. ;4 pi, cef cast-
re-, err 2-41 lI-ur.il,'. ir -t 1 :r it.i.r lt:,:~a[t .ans.
.;4 r--i.t : [iL-': I.r iF- ih Do' "'n n 114 bjarl le ad ,re
l5 t buadild br-i -t I i.f r [** ci,',r i, M ,l11ni.-i_.l Ecni-
n-cinc. kie -ei iti 1 liiin li. i Di i'iirn
2,n *J- tlr. r ];. ..nn-rc '%4: r .e wi'- i l i b iiiilPF
ralma] '-/':ii .iiec- 'inlj L.' i irre r, e '. n" k'a he -,.-IL.C. Ic-c
:tck. it ri .i nflo.r.ii .rrln -u- tj i l : i.- ,c-Ic coiii t.
ir, t *0l 1 ;.4 p i, ; % l.unk itiiii oin
Cc-i, -n Ctub. Ir"rn \is iirk. Labth 6i8 batis
l:nipa .- i ,l---, t ; r.rin:ri-. nr Mlercir..ial D)i i-i'un
3' buirE, lciutc I 14i5 ins ..I' r. a..Cur-I m.tiiritl lor
Flrit Disi.-n. "; ,.E. ite tr meter- for [-s.i:n of
M.ia.i.iip Ei['u r..:ir.n. c 'i .s i iier;.:- htc lli:,.s c.I tor
. -:n-a Diru'ilan I: f .+' -en ,l jareiul f'inama
I'aslro d C:rupricn1i lil hr.\-; \ ,rni-h l.-_ i- e= ; -lumh-
n rnmateriail 40 ca-- t. in 0 L i --- rni h jfar tuock.
and a milCrLlien.u-i' rC, th'- ir lhnl ctonl:Ating of
1I 2'Q piersti1. wvichinz 283 iton.
.\l/nsiapate. itoh- r I from Neus '-.crk ith 124
pieces biudec iron joa Fr't Dii ,ion I IS2 piece;. steel
pLate.r far Second DiO iiron 20 bal'? house. 12 clast
pad; 14 can'es paint I'-.r otrck
Arlieas. Or-toL-t.r It inm New Orleans, with 2 376
eLrs creosotel f-il.-.:ka for ''i"nd Division. 390
sacks feed. 902 tpie:ei6 lumber. tor atock.
Soasa. October 2. from Port Bolivar. Tens, with
19.525 pieces lumber for stock.



Vol. VII, No. 8.


The comnn,snary stores are open during the fol-
lo mne hours'
Crioubal S a. m.. to 12.30 p. m.. and 2 to 7 p. m.
Balboa. 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m., and 2.30 to 7 p. m.
Ancon, 8 a. m. to 1 p. m., and 3 to 6 p.m.
All others. 8 a. m. to 1 p. m,, and 3 to 7 p. m.
Retail prices of cold storage provisions effective
October 11. 1913:
M.u1Otn-St.u.snc per pound............... .. 6
s-.,oil-.Jr neck trimmed off (4 pounds
and over), per pound............. 9
Enire. r,3re.ti,,rier (not trimmed, 10
p.:..rrli .ndi trnl rper pound...... 8
Le:- -.4 to HIl round:., per pound.... 17
4C ult i;. per pound................. 18
Short cut chops, per pound......... 20
Lmrb-r',i. in; perpound.................. 6
Entire forequarter, neck trimmed off,
per pound....................... 9
Legs (5 to 8 pounds), per pound...... 20
ChooD per pound................... 24
Cuitlt. per pound.................. 24
Veal-Stewing, -er .,an. ..... 10
Shoulder, lor r.,tinr inil under 4
pounds), per pound................. 121
Chops, shoulder, per pound............ 17
Chops, per pound ... ............ 26
Loin, for roasting per pound .......... 26
Cutlets, per pound.................... 30
Beef-Suet, per pound... ................... 2
Soup. per pound...................... 5
Ste. per pound.......... ...........