Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: July 14, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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GEORGE B166s, E SATURDAY. JULY 14, 1839. VOL. I-r. CIV. l

THE BAHAM4 A OK1. such clergymen, that ihey are alreadybuilding two chrach- Ihe immediate interernre of everament can alono
n- and talking of building others, even before they prevent this tremendous call :o Government must
PUBLISHED BEMI-WlUMLT Ia Aill Nl. F. have any certain prospect of obtaining Ministers to ll tell this misled country, that the Wes Indi colonists have
------- theap." been unjustly accused; they mot ll ihis country that
i rht Dollara pear m IIt liemt, therefore, my Lord, religious instruction that West India property, like every other property in the
the calolats oppose. Mr. Blyth sets that point at resmt, at empire, must he protected and rendered productive: they
once and forever, and a more monstrous stretch of arbi- must tell this country that the Wst India colonists are
trary power cannot well be conceived, than to find the British subjects ; that while they remain such, they must
Colonial Secretary of Great Britain stepping forward to be treated as such, and protected assch ; and they must
command almost the exclusive employment of sectarians tell this country that the West ladia colnists are no l er
(I use the term without any offensive meaning) to bestow to be persecuted as they have been by ignorance, andby
.,, ^et on. tIhej vets. eso this moomn- seal without knowledge. If Great Ballin will not actl i
S ous n ike rin iki port, the master, it I jf she will continue to beli as I m sold Ahe
PO T appears, is not to be allowed tbudge, or tointerlrre. So believes, that all her colonos, hot oere specially the
--- --. says the British Government: that jovern+oent which West lodia colonies, are a busdmen to her; that they shame
BONG. hasleft the emancipated negroes in Irinid.ld, formerly and disgraceher sceptre; and that they aro nllhgeiher
Sr THOMAS MOOs, 11. belonging to thle West India regiments, the creatures of worthloe; then GreatBiitain an speedilyrelieve erselfef
On one of those sweet nights th oi its hand, nod the work of its power, without religious in- tihe load, theshame,and the sin,by permitting these colonies
Bheir at y easreent lowe wellot struction, uo instructor. of any description ; till tley are to protect themselves in the best snniner that they can, or to
; I heard a Lesbian loer snIi again become spoagaoned, as to be cutting and carving disunite themselves from her sceelre, and to seek pro-
Anl. listened both with er and thought pieces of 'imber into the figures or oous, before whom tection where they can find it. The hIor Ihat compels
The sounds upon the dlht-breeze cauglht- they bend down and worship!! When General Grant such valuable possessions to adopt osuh a course, will
Ob. happy as theGods is he, laid the melancholy state of those people before the Co- prove one clouded with tie Iheavies disgiace that is to
Who gazes at this boar on thee !" lo lial Office some months ago, Ito was requested to be be found in the annals of (ireat Britain. Let me hope,
The song was one by Bappho aung, quiet, and to say nothing about it so much for Taylor that tllero is still silicrient stienuth and judgment left lu
In the first love duea of her lyre, anlI Co.'s attelior. and ainiety to bestow religious in- the IIritislh government, and common sense ond justice re-
When words of posion from her tongue struction upon their black population! maiiiing amongst the people of Great Ilitain, to prevent
Fell like a shwlor of living fire; 'I'le I West ir Colonies are particularly accused of this lunmiiliating and destlrctive result.
And still, m a 'lose of every strain, ipolanin, tlle S.ibbath, by following worldly pursuits. I lThe picture here presenltd to your Lordship of colo-
I heard tklh burning words again- do notjulstify or extenuate these whurre they are followed, nial affairs, may he unppsed to he highly coloured.
"Oh. hapnppes the Gods is lie. blt remrark, that tii, Ami-slavery Reporter may find equal Other, t may tell your Lrilordsiip a dilli-rent tale ; but my
Who listens at this hour to thee!'" i)rltnail ioni of tile Sibblath going on every day undie Inirs Ionl andi iiinmil ar acquninlanrcr with thIse possesions,
own yes in I.ondon uad its oeighbourhood, heree lshops and lite prrliect rknowi tdtl which I have of all tha is at
SPECIMEN OF MALTIIUSIAN. a de open, selling every thing eatable, drinkable, and w.ear- present passing aionr.g't iithem, enable. me, with perrf-
My dear, dopall the bell, aih.. ta m ruling of tihe lMagisilr.llrol Queen's SQqrnare, confidence, to state ll ati lie divuilr is nrnher nmii-. |
Ani puIIll it well. I [see .Inlono Conrier, 2l SIptenibcr,] a number of Ilrtch- sorted nor e'ioxarar.ti. From e'veryL V riuasler in them I
And send those nrty cli lrenallup slair, '.e and baker. rere e fined for selling articles on Sundny. Iherr thle sane tale .lof dlilrr and sol row r; regret and an-
Yon Geor ge ar'd here lkeo .round. Triv dlefi.nded lteniselves by s, that tile practice was guish; indignation and dolair. Tie colonies are, for
CIli.rlIe, Jdames. ad 111 .ret her--:nd takeyeurstring. uit, sI,.-" e th it it woul be i mpnasil tol pay their rent any nuserul purpose, ne rlyv lst t n i; rat ilni.l ; and a
Drive hores, or fly Lites. or jan ini g; adlais r ithnout so lting; Ioiat Io v took rel re' mony shout line s ill shojw whlitler they are lsu to lie lost to thom-
You're quite enough Io plaiy at lare and ilounds. on rumlay morning tfAir on anity other day," berae se solves, iand to lthe rstl of tIhl world.
You little Mary, and Carlline, andl Poll, I the poor people would not pr liase lle miteal on Sa- I do nlt lur a 1irtijinrlt ii:all it I inimpule ton government,
Take each your doll, I lii ly nilihti; many of them l.ved n oine Me rnm witA i:e tllat thiy rv illncr iniitn orr puirsi' ii )lir (10 ow 1 nlmalevo-
And go, my dears, into ite hback parliur a, mnilirn ;i l II, i no convenience fur keepiig I eat I ill UII- :iiin f.lsiihod and nmirepireritsent:ltioln t lii. It il ntni-colon-
a Your siser Iirgare's lier- il l ll II, bll rs otrii, i d herlr I .rf rcd huying their Sun- ins hI.v ei adlopi ; but it is a l trle, la.;iinltable as it is
Ilarrr and Grae .offk i'oy Pool-, ac dinnu o tie same day." undeniable, that gis%, rnmentTl legislit. ,ad at in whatever
I want to read. bit really can't get on: I readily acknowledge tllb criet Iowur of my native concerns tlih coloiis, as it theiy ,r' fully perr.iaded of
Let the tour twin,. 3Mark, Ila.he, and Jolh ..rtu loit un.lh aIidjuslic, in .. i:I nr n. Or I pi oi. i l 1rf I, '- tith oI f everT nreoliatin a heii l i n, ,r i ll ni, oni ke.
Go--o their nursery-t-I never can, sli' is ; n.11d neitllor the I)ower of ilir ceroi-rnnmenl, nor tlh' I1 is r fIcl, .ieuailly unhi.dent.ll., that viwhentver uny do--
Enjoy my Malthus aroneg such tli a cilall coainllnai of' hIr )eopi)le, carl .hl;r human nature, nil l r uniin wholi II isr, n florni IiI coillii-,. pirtiall and int-
nlal,_t tile low. t desirrilliroi of \frican savages, or tlie p.rfiet as many "I s-' r' ', ils drnI,:,'. 1 hry [hn anti-
ciIldiren's chdlidrrn of thIeir siva,. s, industrious, intelli- cilnist., that tlh o ri, n i l ,I p lio ler ; h]ile, al-
Fren Blaucwnnrl's JMlnazine of .Vormlhe r. gen, and ri'ilit.ed, ii y0ear. or in an ge ; nor Can thliv most every document IL,.t 1 II .i thlr riI]i clnis--how-
THE COLONIAL EMPIRE Of' GRE 'T IIITAIN. accompliih all or any one ou these ldesilblo objects ex- i'ever peirfec t i nay Ite, uls lh, I go.e r i' rf lu calltinies
cept by tll-( application, fIr a long time, of arbitrary con- and falseioods advance. d y the I ii-cirlnisis, aod to op-
.ETTERFROM JI.'J MAIQI' .EC r.F To EARL.REV, FIRST troul aiong such a race of men. Yet, to improvo the pose he particular illriri'i a mil ts I cIr,-roirlrin hold 4in
LoRle OF Till rniAsr'nvr, &c &. siv.ire, and to alt himn in tie moral and political scale, colonial subjoris-when ldemandedlO is most dilricnil to be
(Contiutedfrom the Argus of J,'!y 7th.) lir people of Great Brilailn havoe fallen uon tlie incon- procured, cr frequently iithllil, and wir hn produced, is
The asserted oppIsiliin to religious instruction on thle ceivably ieorant, and inconceivably mischievous plan, io frrlquently produced in a garbhhd elnd nol utilated state.
part of the colonies, is n string on uwiich theasnli-colonirts denounce in thie senate, from tli pulpit, and at tile b:ir, Escry one about the Cio!'oial Office is anrquainted will
have long harped with a puruicluus effect in this country. tlle Iree inrhalilants .t' te \esS' Indies as barbarnus th'lee Iacts. It would be verv easy for mni to ni: e docu-
Thle aartion is wholly untrue. It is not Chlrislian in- nsavauj', wicked hryond prrce&dLnt,s andl debased beyi)nd ments that have been wistlheld or g;irlled ; but to enter
lsruction,but insubordination and revolt, taught under hat examniple. Thus sri nri ng, not only to reduce the master iito tile detail of such matters, would greatly rexced smy
name, which the colonistsoppose, and which they are right and Iis family ti albsolure bt'ggary and despair, but by limits. It is, moreover, painful to be conrmpllhd to ob-
to oppose. On this subject let us hear what the Rev. Mr. every public act and proceeding to debase him in his ou serve, that scarcely in one sinrgl" instance dioq any mem-
Blyth, a Christian missionary in spirit and in name, and eye and to degrade hli in the eyes of his barbarous de- bet of government, at any time when thle anir-colonists
who has lately arrived from J.lmlnica, ays in a letter ad- pendents, ndl of tlle dhole human race pour forth their falsehoods and inarripresenlaliojns in par-
dressed to the editor of" The Edinburgh Christian In- Gra.t Britain elireves, and acts upon the belief, that ligament, come fore ard to contradict them, as in duty they
astrudor," and dated the 9th of Jiune last. It is in lefu- tie African savage ulhom sli ias t transported from Africa are bound to do; nor do the government, when llho anti-
lation of some atrocious cailiienies and falsehoods, which, to te islands in the (;ulfuf Mexico,, has deteriorated, and colonial periodical press is spreading its false arrusalionD .4'
on the subject ol' religious isltrLction in the colonies, had is drteriorating, n ler tire stemm of personal bondage in and venom over the land, ever attempt to arrest tise nmarchd
previously and lately nppieared in that publication. which he is placed. A nininent's euquiry would fend to of the pernicious system, by stating the truth through the
"During my residence in the island, I never met will sltw to the nosir ignorant and lost prejudiced asl the press (a murder, a hanging-match, or cock-f.itif, are r- sa"
any insult"-" but was uniformly treated will civility and fact isjoist the reverse. Great Britain, however will not important subjects!) under its induence and contruul ; on
respect ; on mentioning my wish to the overseers, I believe illn truth s.le lcirslates in obstinule ignorance the contrary, government continually leans si the anti-
readily received permission io see slaves, even if they did thereof, and conrirq.ently, sire legislates wrong. Such colonial side.
belong to estates whero I did not instruct the negroes. conduct is worse titan insanity. It.crd only produce mis- Under these circumstance., the defenceless colonists
I have not in a single instance detected any attempt what- chief; it can only drise hack tie stal e Onto a state of bar- must think that they are d.epised by thie mnlltir country,
ever to prevent the negroes from assembling to the wor- barism, and it imost, if further acted upon, produce the and deserted by the government ; and tllnt uhilo their ruin
ship of God, either on the Sabbath, or the day I visited destruction of cir colonies, ani tlle consequenl hiinilia ion is pursued by the former, it is, to sy the least of it. con-
estates; so far from the mill being put about to prevent the of our country, and disnlemberment of our emp:rr. sented to bly-he aIuer. Every order and every communi- Ill
slaves from receiving instruction, I have frequently seen I am one of tholl, my Lord, who from experience, cation that is transmitted from Downing Street to the co- g
it stopped during the service, that every individual might know how greatly tloso feelings of affection and resist lonies, manifestly goes upon the dangerous principle, that
have an opportunityof attending." It has been assert- for our native co try are increased by being removed4o the slave i every thing,and the master, nothing ; and
ed," sys Mr. Blytb, that it is impossible for a Minister the distance of mary thousand lies from it, and to the bea ilre tamp of anti-colonial party and anti-colooiall
of the gosprl to be faithful in the discharge of his duties, midst of new scenes and things; but in proportion as rcour, and lends to humiliate and to shame the matr. -
in a country where slavery is upheld by law. This I those feelings are strengthened by such a separation, so All semeasurneadoptedby government,arefoundediupon
can deny from experience. Wll he, or any one else, deep and so strong will the resentment be in the breast of he erroneous and injuriosm nolto, that it is impossible to .
who asserts it to be moral impussibllity to instruct the children, when they find that the parent pursues a reckls he at the sae time a colnist and a human man-a co-
black population of Jamaica till slavery is completely cold-blooded conrse, which must, by precipitaing destruc- lonit and a ja man-or a coloniat ad a good man. It
ameliorated, if not totally abolished-wll he, or any one ion, bunt asunder these ties. Ia no civiliedcommunity, i impomiblb to coneive any state more degrading or de-
who has had an opportunity of being acquaited with the bet mornespecially in a British community, can, or ought, basing thamthis. The experience of all ages lus shown
state of that island (Jamaica,) deny that ee are tho- men for ever to submit to be calumniated, railed, and to msnkI d, thea the individuals *ie are locally and inti-
sands of negroes in it whose religious knowledge and perecoted. In commerce, and in politics, i ill mposihle a.ately acqlaiined with the society and institutions of a
.onodectare consistent with the professor of Christianity that matters in the Colonies can goon longer without me country, are ihe fitetn persoes to laegisloao for that coun-
which they make 1-and have not slaves as well a free ftal results. The consequences to this country will be, try ; and evEry day oes to shw Great Britain, that aho
people submitted to the influence of the gopel, In every throwing altogether aside the probable destruction of he- cannot sffly tllt for poe ns so many thousand
age and poetry I Why should Jamaica be ception t man life, the i.os or oNra iroDRED AD romr nLLIN miles distfrnt frth h, and with the particular interests,
When the age of freedom, which appears to' approach- srrtusio of British capital, and property, vesed in sad the habits, the character, and the parsults of d population
ing, shall arrive, it is dificlt to conjetute whether equal secured over these colonial. The hock which his low of which she is igort and unacquaioted. '
advantages aell be afforded, at the least, for the spiritual will occasion to this country, this country, great a it... The anti-colonisti demand and act upon measures of
improvement of the negr e. Sech are the facilities could not possibly sustain. Its immediate effects proscriptien. Ooveraet has been compelled to vield
given to Preshylrian Miismes, that tAr rines their cover towns and districts with poverty and disres.hd its to their wv s. Every new law is consequently stamped
present number would nnd efficient and immediate em- more remote effects would shake to their foundations her with a character which wounds, which humiliates, and, in
ployment; and such is the anxious wish of the planters, otlier strongest colonial and internal commercial establish- fine, whia drives the colonists to despair. Thus, the or-
Ind of tho respectlble inhabitants to be supplied with ment, dcr in council, sent out last year iprlhe 'ovrrrnmet ve

W7r ..t.;~ Tow

-`- ff

al a h. ro it wasnhas. h e I will taLe ae exalt and to reder dseir's prosperous; in or-* 9 medwuAaW l alo d5 e
1ir ipp ~ ii glinigwhicleb h lately der that when those belonging to Breat Britain are de- early Ia d itur*w of of June. :$ re
taken plain D i The proiu r, and troyed; thee nations may reap all the advantages, com- wind, and undse a heavy *H; upo. n i ch
she superior courts in that ninny, had is in their power, mercial and political, which the British colonies have n hi
by that order, to maodify the 6ns, for any ffnce, corn- long given to du poorenl uslat. fnce the eeasioae of diel er d hav in
miated fmem 100 toe CS andil'o. 00 to 0100, me- etle Africana slave-irade to Cuba and the Braz la Into discovered heb t e ~alee vied brig, pierced fI
curdin Ieta eircoesiances of the 0cae; but the inlu- the later alone, according to official documents just pb- guns., he er parts' T'le buig finding t he
ots o athe ean.celonial party, fur their influence I asert li.hed, 76,000 slaves were imported last year! The q4jups by aling, shortened all U
Sit b, has lal got instruction sent out to the protector sinews of our couetercial and financial strength are, in her 1a b, he to, and evinced every diapenie
and dt Bs e courts. euillsua.lding them in every of- face, and in more ways than one, drawn fromr us to sup- rto In half an hour er. stie .
ence, whatever may be the degree, to exact die highest port tlat trade. Spd
penalty without any power of n.elification whatever If, my Lord, die emancipation of the slay in the well: i. c lods, t1 "let fly" (having prei.
My Lord, tfie laws of Algiern, Persia, and Turkey, ale British colonies is to prove, commourcally ao .ipiScally, enoifd enforce colours,) upon wiicd 4
jlice and mercy whe cenmpared to a law like this. Ye so gret an advantage s it is asserted it wl do, ha da sign, and opened a fire on the Ipl..
If le colonists oppose Ia, they will be see down as conta- not the nation pucliase the whole, take the na emen w ls returned with w well d
mincnus Eveu the power of complaiiling is, it would of tim concern into dinir own handa, and th cr ur- wI was returned with a well dirasM
upnacr, taku n les them. In oa comiliil dispn ch, sitdres- self Admitting that it would be a eleritorious aod right and inca a m mutual exchange of" ci;iia"
SJto S rn lBeMaN a 'URina, the (iisvernoer of Deloe- thing to enlighten and to civilize the African barbarians, for about thr ft as hour, the Speedwell hdlA.
r t'r, by the aIm Under Secretary, M. IlnTroNo, ofd planted by Oreat Britain il the western world, still, it is proud gfralEs seeing the colours of her lore .-
Sdred Gth June, 18te, we find, amongst other restrl.- aked, whe l l eavr io qandon boarding her, fouahe
titem whidh the governor wamsndouto wik e im
hthe governor w ed to s re ratio for his labut W hethe' Agila,' y one man upon lie deck, the
Itr. Alaoiuad2 nt amt.7 6oo he obtaehi i pormnteson colo ia, eithontuye Iaedyowiute rW
o os inur e the pbl if the Guina Chronire, ia should the colonist be called upon, without reward, to on- others having t lfuge among thle affrighted neg
fllowin-" Abtinen fom all co nt on lve lighten and recli savage for the good of the nation, none of whom jured. The Aguila had one
Squestirn, sie such as .r calculated eto promotes e t, ile th M:acauley's, el ae genus oma," are richly killed and three w while the SSpeedwell, with hu
easures rece.nsdd by HI isMljety's f(ouvrnmernl, aonl rewarded for more y trying to do the same lling in Sierra gallant officers and c sustained no injury.
sanctioned by Parliament !" In other words, he was to Leone I y i t orw afe a vast The A. at tLe tin pure, mlad (mounted) eiglfg
S support every act nieanawint from government while had expense o tis country, lw nave effected notbg ilnia h "
emancipation in view, without any rgferrnce to the pro- West India colonists, without any expense to the country, carronasies, and two l gun, besides., being well equip.
-- Perty of the mater, the comllrt of the sillve, or the hut at a great expense to themselves, have effcted a great ped with small arms-n B a of.56 men, and a cargpi
.actual safety of tle colony! The official gasettes o0 dent. 616 slaves on bond, the laigest capture over takes uit
te Crown C'olouius ao all thus clhinled, aid must wlhatl. le West India colonists assert, hnt neither the go- he lavana.
S ever" I mu' it niay s114ng opei n thnenil-1ves or tllheir rendt- vernment nor tlhs collnntry will accolnpli b the ulb- s.
er, dance in blern to an tune walclh Alderrcunburv jets whlnich lthy prpoe by ile neasurces and ourse After having arranged shelt aflirs with the Mixedl ConI
S n troet my dr;ve I)awningl ret to play. which they pursue, and they assert this froun local know- niLsion at lthe Havana, the weall again proceeded
Throughout our c onies, those functionari of every led and esperienc' Let the government and tie to lthe scene of her former exrpidts mad good fortune ;
Trank whoobeuy the lon lies of, sid ctli nndales wo ice l cul ry lthcrefre take tie property in the colonies ito and,. on t2e 25h ultino. fell in with al captured ar a
are issued by, Pringle and Co., call alone enjoy peace or t reiro;e n, antil len e ris eie t u i a le chase of seven hours tle Spanishl a schooner I
pI -beeph i*r plIes. t hety aCr as ie real ieer.ts p b sl the d is le expense of e men, dagadore" witn Jl4 ; making together, a otal of 9
the colonies, and of this country, and tsat e rik i the ins of Oletioa,
tdi.e to ln, theo this oin tre' a nd tr ich we are tuld tre ouitlc taken for the national good. slves, in less ttan three months.
-- ad tO themy tr e speedily displaced r,n der, u iav for blor In this country. whcre a luinpiku-road, a sail-ro,cd, or a
SauJs. sulrh diraenl ispla l teak nba t.l drivc canal, or ally public edifice or thing is undertaken, or to NAesao, July 13t1, 1832
lib hauds. Such treatment is, I leare about to drive
Lordn BILs.Oas fiorn Jinuica; soils iefli,.Inc. I e elt l be erected for public use. pr Pi, ycsn e To t Editor of the Bakama Argeu.
Sholl'est tiale, COt.ONRL ovuNO, Ironll ln.lreiterara, ansd Iplan- prop>riated or invaded to dosonlld ilis valutis ascerlaied
nJ him in some ll island n le t llf o St Lawren, an it ll and paid by the public, and tlhe consequent consent of Sm,.-Tlhe good ifrtune of II. . achooner Speedwell,
ee hero n a i sm a ll island one- alt, Ul of t Lawrence, onill tie proprielor obtain. The same p inciple ougt to Co C mantded by Lieul. Was. Warren, has, I believe, bsee
prefernlnt It would he endl-s, te enumerate instancels eguid e Brit ain in hler conduct lto her colonies ; sad unoil sle unprecedlenled in ile western lhemisphere, since our phi
of a similar kind. The principles which at present guide ahl in this ns aner, he lhas no right to call upon thie ca- I ntllropic countlrmen decided on sappresoing, in every
S1 wnisng Street in its choice of colonial rulers are, that lists t i becoelle o Ir sIanes--unlcr such ciicumnstiances, s y willein their power, tint dell-stble and abominah e
rratfe i in human 32lb. raronaesli. long 12 pounder,
lao indirilud whuhslas been it,.and has ihrl ,ll trlla ,lbout lava tl y would in reality be--cr atblmpt t carry e If nll Sperhvei l has this yer,
tar could ini s, or loie bies i c Greal Brlh tin t ld tie y itltre d crosle a c id dany luus cl hnlhes into b r crl between l.,e 6th April are d b 25-lh Junt, captured one brig
in wr e ilirs defend is o rt The e te i'nte to wee icle mi tire of n their outrnmen ie ,o schooere uondcr Spanion ri as, n'1 la, vineon board
Jn I wl)rI iii II lleir U ele o ce iS II 1o I tl r 0I o r io or. Il( Tllrilll ell . l tilao IH VC lv l u llil torn Ir'm Ih eir hm es *nd
tt i'i, atelioriy in thni r l! MseiI roIte, mv L.rIl, I)Ols'led al'ein e, and nl ista roln u rlo s, is l o I I ll ieve, but js ft lin fom their i omes sad
sc ol ,ucb sy.t ti ll e lact is, tcllat sc ir else i pr- y an had proud grastlicaiion of de li ring
re.,I always nod-. to ,v just n eelid ratlouall ai nss wch ie tise e"' lp to the Mmxl t'oeseuisii as Il lanan, to be by
"IF n he n pr.uposiLi to reliece i lhem front lIlhir undeniable and over- tile" relle*sd I rosee isosIsdi.i,,. 1lie brave and intrepid
S a no e o T stich retoraori, nacr cstl""lt', we re s el, lin d ie re's. Tlir i 1i s e i Ined irntret (lerrneid m lanner inl which ili ls lle! scliaone ramne down and na-
l* ifUlly lollt llhal t couluo,)s l ouelt Io" be iurl relel r I Iloalt foreign l rain sliall conltiue o be iueu, in nritrh diJ- a4'C, a bnriz if satlh superior force as ihe Agulus" ur,
everyy ex.rcis of aulsrivshrly, liu st atc .i ile p.oun i to tilik! cspus elo i, (in e avil : 211. carrosoades, L long 12 founders, and
n* Io geuruledgt prc l at o Jiatic', .Hst ni o man es illl ieo fcinle landed int"resl, and the ditel,,.rs c sbined, crew o1" 5i 6 arn) er.ves thatl lritis. tars nae nol actuatned
8 prlyd ose cd i n a crlou.t wei h le. ise losl nl unil and by orn r..l ali huli no dii lled o. iho t we un h ha h t c Aori e Al olt ,
jelune. in a ret.c whe, f lihe a Ilsl iessllf s eil o() rV ti' e I biase deter siesed talitc neither thie brewers nor dtil- solely by ite expected bounle, (that oering beer thaty
| common inlrent with one tl Ihe ptrirtis roicerIl" n l lers shall lavo it in their piwer lo use the latter, even reducd'ote nf) innre than iy a ildeire to luhold thc an-
acting in this mrnner, the government llo nt, hlley oa, i they were inclined, and fll it lthlir interest lode eo; blemished honour of that triumplsani flag, %licth lusver
insult the feeling., or deprepiate the chlaractees of t n e stnwesne uhi ndalth so;p
oinul t. faliny or tnprritey o tiue saraclri ote at tho in like manner, and notwilhtandiedn all the clamourewhich een the boasl and glury of England.
colonists. any moo thsn il.ey do tile uLurd ait ail.tho- tie anti-colonilts and lle people of IIhi country raise P.A. I,
iti ese abl.l.ed in tais couclty, lwher it is out t el, ugl t agaills ile Afiiran slavl -irade, they adv ocas and iermit
right io those parts of it i ulich ,i.orloes the adslamissi,,n of Br.eil sugar into Greal Britain to refinee Firoe r t Lnauon Iliekly Titanr.
Sr.anufacturrs and taller workede B are of freqcs, ut occur- it for tite reignn n orkel, ahl ough the Brazilians not only T1le ABOLI'TION PLACARD.
rincr, that on e uf r fof er clause holed act as on a- n lai tain personal slh ii.rv, hiet rariv on the African slave- o
,re To tire people of this country, ilse liac is no- trade to a predigi, eient Alr. Plt Tomon bold- "has 'e blai-oned at e prs, o many prlsdia thrd
leiioels, that mnagisteates are iidiscrinteiately aipoine o o lu o d -ha been aimed at ire persons and propin h of tde
S toe, and act ndisrmLoately aImong.sdlo the nu fc tog ly told u(lot of m pt. 28), that" a very Wst India planters.-a blow which. from its nature, w
1io a nd nat indicrcu minutely amongst, le homanuuring large anont of ril A copilol was employed in pro- siouM not have expected; still les are te able to jutlefy
d agmicahural populoiun, annc d loe chouni The R J Lpro- dcin sugar in the Brazils, and that it was for the dvan- sti
I early elected on account of their local knowledge and eax- uge of thiss c luntry adt hose capialls should fe a llvowed t Without e helcitos, having the effect which the Abhi-
rnce. Tl principle, therefuro, which govern- o brine the sugar s produced to this country in Britio tis exctd i would lave, it tends to prove that o
ne'rise principle, thereore h ica th eer- e osle ouris ebhda l of ahes raohodihhe]]ieuwed
i at applies to etLablish. subordinate athlloriy in ethi co- ships In like manner. also, Ihe camirer against the nmeteureeilher of malice or of might. will be eft anual
SlooT is dir ctly at variance with te principle adopted West India colonies adocate thet free admission oh'fgrain si t Inho" i ort the ar crrhlate our Costcnol war f
S in lotitcountry; bt ut heoperation of itlch, and also fom Poland nd Eastern Prussia, which an aih iall o- ion. In hort, they are inon a whrt of wr s
of the fact, the Doweling Street rulers of the cn it daed bt the labour of lianes Soch ondust, my Lord eterminsaton against ihe planters, in wl.ih honor, io-
: would appear (rom what has just been stated, are coot- is as ia alitic and unwise a. it is inconsistent. tgrity, and moral principle, have no part; boa in which
ir ~sl ign&ant ; nay, more. wheu injuosice, under the they ghl under f alse colours. and act by faIe motive,
nask of lana, nns riot in a West India colony against the [ Tp concluding prt of tai Iretr, s hewing ta h c(u- with all the credit for a large share of sincerity and trad
!'o t P l absent while and flee Brilish ibijctI, Ithe Mercial importance of He Cohnif, iaiwrttil w Ife 11 wnuld be well for the West India-it would be W ed
ts 0f ie liuns reuon ed upot n tire complaining sufferer, Arglue f rIte lr t of Fbwitmre] fo Englnan h o uld be well ffoor t Indi lle-i wod bhe pwe
iad them clhait lime soUaers bncau e Wrnsprietola do nut e judiced and persuaded would suffer the veil of error to b
rlaws in te coloiea to aid iin ei e tad i.irth of liot of he torn awy, and learn to look onblushitogly upon the lU
i law! willA) Lua lunta dcl) ih e iruh ofr fdt which TI E A b rs t iful though naked figure of Truth. But we eam dilg
t par tte principles r n ing; anil it will be better to r"ver at once to dth porpeti
The mol t pernicious principles prevail in thol depart- of the present article.-naetly, to expoe, and with the
ma m ofgoveriunment counectell wilthillo colossies. These SATURDAYV JCLY 41. I e. erpeas to censure, the measure which adds one aoestaia
sctam lBt wekorw lat the teaurem woich we pursea will r- the many whirh cling to end blot the character of the
Sirum Brialk NotLh Ame ica and North American er- r-o- whole body of the Abolilioniltm.
.- chapt; balt hnat sua tehalt?--We shall ia their room THREE bL\V ERS TAKEN This measure has been the work of the pa t week ; aad
l rT Nmg ad Baltic merchants! we know that dtlie BY HIS MAJESTY'S SCIIR. SPEEDIfELL, the engines which they have employed whereby to pul il
piet whdl w ie s"I will ruin the West India co- ta LEaS THAN TIUn n MONTISt! into execution-alike worthy of their purpose nd th
SIke., and tJi whole mercantile and shipping interests m- mau--erm o ether thee a troop of bill-stickrr, whe,
taee old oilk them ; hbu what heout dur t We hll In our pal er of tle 5th .ay, we ave an accoumlt of liak their mmployi i spirit, care not to what dirty buh-
SIn their seald hae Irail, Cuba, &c trade and shipping the capture eO the ahe-of-Pina by His Majesty'a schoo- ness "he e put,, resided it holds out a air prospect Of
t ilsawatoS aod the atica will lose ootlhig. Them o- Se L he duty of thee worthy soldrs in the eldof
S nall dictaors cannot bh Irought to comprulad that the Speedwll, Lieut. Warren, of Ihe uonh (2 IopH) 1 emncipation, bas boee to paste up in every hole aid -
S I of the whole preoplet ad upia of all the poprie- B lhoomr Planeta, with 39 Slaves oo a botid.e in- n of the metropol--in the atrts-on the dead *i
toa and merchants alluded to, i anot only so much dead ed for Cuba, aftr an anxious cbua of eleven hoears--and in om inaence o tim very heom--a pltil
S loin to the nation, bt dht by thi es, an equal value during the latter pr of which they had a roaing fight. of which hbnde-ine ,ad principal word appears ialar
i plald in the hands of faslp and rival natIons, which On Wedndy at, wo noticed cia ehptnre by u pi
r ill enable them to wrat mo wealth from us; and n 0 Wedneday l we noticed the capture by the sm m te" A EY1
tinately to shackle, to degrade, and to slave us. V"lAl, at nearly the mase Ilac, of a Spnish brig of 10 We ay Min of the letters, or th note of i esies-
The blindoes ofGtrsat Britain upon all thee abiects guns, wih" 620" Slaves on board; bol, as we had at tioo wbi hhaveb' led Ioattrctspermal of w mtlfhet
(' is quile unaccountble. On Rhe part of her government, that time nothing oire than a bhearsay account of h, we the awful word ; but re cana r uimneticed the oa
I it separated from the principles of resma and all right mwere net strictly correct in tledetuib. of a bll whih, whIe iemnbodfrnll t he Ule Orirty of-t
feeling. The judglat of a.schoolboy wodd leadthe Sic docmnets wiLh the Siri ad the Age enter i
eehoolbo.e coapehenad, that the more paia Graen Bri- i the, e have se some of of t m wekly rivsbbip to produce, and while it teems-like I
tain tkla to degrale and to ruin liaher extensive and 8 dwell, which arrived here yesterday morning, from Anht-Slmy Re ed', t hed anti-alavery inretin,
rlsuable colonial posscssio.s, thie nmrepains foreign nations whom we have p.:hsred lhe palaiculart. It appears, that loti-Slaves e nrmoln, and de aoti-slaver toi c'ei-.wt-'i eb
Ias a n

4~1fW3;LE3~--'-~ J~~~'--~t

-i ~-11 -P-

L--* ( -

a *"

*9* Matauga rgvflu.

prnttk lie,-lltteriag, in ihort, the "nie farrow" Orat. Sir James Graham. Lord Holland. Lord John Russell,
of ew too has tie deeper and mre dih- he Dukeof Richmond. and Mr. Stanley. The Minitem met
d moi ving an impetus to ru nd h o'c and anarhy It o'clock. and mat is deliberation till past four o'clock.
and aidinin rribe wreck of property with which Earl Grey and Lord Brougham went, directly after the meet-
Providence in place, rebellion in another, and the ing, to the Palace, and had an audienceof the King
oppression of omnent in all, have combined to afflict
Ihe unleoranate loies. Sir Isaac Newton's Religious and Moral Ckhamter.-
The placard which wepe a-k sa out withender In thereligious and moral character of Sir Isaac New-
vouring to con arole all ti honores of slavery into one ten there is much to admire and to imitate. He was too
focus, and to parent them to the people at one glam.- dieely versed in the scriptures, and too much imbued with
and this too ub so much esaggeration of the rubeo theWi rtit, tojudge harlily at other men who took dit-
much dishone of repreenltlion in fact, tht r would nt Itwl of them from himself. lie cherished the groat
think lday wisd to induce a belief thiSlh tL aoy prielples of religious toleration, and never scruple to
-guise were not monster enough of itself, s seeking, 'ep s his abhorrence of persecution, even in it mildest
to quota a popular writer-" to nake it the oan hideous form. Immorality and impiety he never permitted to pass
by darkening it" deformity. In looking bweer at this unreproved; and when Dr. Ilally ventured toaay any
portion of th isholical and designing document of the thingdisrespecful to religion, he invariably checked him,
Anti-slavery society, let not our countrymen be misled- and said, I lave studied these thlings--you have not."
let them not gott that this monster slavery -th abortion
of the mother country-lthe creature that and plant* A Popular Error.--i is not at all ie sinommoo thing for
ed in the W t India soil, and nurnedusei child aent even well-informed people to consider one event the cause
home wealth and paid tasos to its Wt-tIe giant, in of another, because lie one has immediately preceded the 2
fact, that had own with tie got hated as ie oher in the order of tine. A curious instance of his error
gr,- I the planters them- oce fred in the last century. The fish, on which many of
grew,- .an pnr the inhabitonts of Norway depend for subitence, esddenly
solvesas an one .m m .T-that they aniliHed front their coasts; the practice of inocullrion for
theluselveahave jot r ith sincerity, by the small-pox had just been introduced, and was imstantly
laws as well as practice, to strength, by deal- fined upon as the cause of the calamity ; ..i as the people
Ag out to his victims that know must event- considered the risk of that disorder a trfle in comparsou
iaily become power, and by teaching mo inciples to with o*arvaiioi, nothing could exceed their righteous indig- I
men, who, until they shall ave felt hl inltu of these io" agailist all who undertook to prevent their taktsg J
in civilizing and improving them, must still be red tle sIall-p.
unfit for the frredomt which everv rational man nist ... i order to his imigina-
to see tem at one time or other in pnsssSin of. Tiou. ml to Aqli4 afirt, was acenuom-
Proceeding with th pl rd, it would appear thlitB ed to place lhmself in thr middle or a beautul meadow. I
abolitionists sought to firm tll first portion o r-v dltls situation, with a p.inu1 before him, and a .rle of rhan.
quoting in the ammL a passage from Lord Godericl's page by iis side, lie wrote hirtwo phigenias,' lis Or-
last speech on the .baet in tle Iloue of Peers, a speech, pluss' anl other wirks.
by-the-way, erra- in the principles will which it set tarti. on de crulrary., required spacious lark room. dim!)
put--trooeousa 1Ihe statements with wilich it was pro- iillimin.sti- by a laomp .lipenle frli the relhng;. anl it sas
longed-and, most of all, er-oneois in the conclusion to oly in ier most ,ile-t hours of night Ilecould sumoun mull
which it came ;-a speech, in short, worthy of being quo- cai_
ted by the party who have taken it up--and only thus -
worthy, because it displayed but little sympathy uitilhllie 3N C'0.1t03'A t h' Oif l' .
misfortunes of the Colonies, an otnstatesmnn-like' igno-
rance of the true position of alhairs in h'le West Indie, |J E Erery person about to nave these Islands, after
anda wilu bidnes of e gd that s e d ing resied their in for the spare of rTHIRTV DAYS, mt
the laws passed, and the progress in th(lie work of emanci- ,
nation effected by the planters-proving ltht, so far as gie security at the Secretary's Office, or put up hisnme in
they were concerned. his Lordship was nuilhel a fit legis- said OffltfreIrsrTEcrN uAIvs previous li hisdrparurr-af-
lator nor a reasonable nian. Like IM. Stanlcy, le i;is the te r which, at any time during roaTr-r IVe bAv., a Tirket
fault of being too much taken with his own views and imay be obtained.
opinions, to listen to tile exlrience I ofother people. N AME5 OF PERiONS
leaving thus set out witl one delilIerate lio of tliiir
own, and endeavoiured as to confirm it by ARO'T T I'BTSa'I TILKETS rol DEPAniTUrE. J
quoting anollter, the lblitiolnist. uit appeal in lte pla- 'i':l February El,, cblh .lllisin
cards to the passions of the tw'uple-and this by the most il A Mari. Johnson
ingenious and insinuatine, but still devilish o iilhistry. Ilth R A. Hode
Concluding from Lordl (;,ii -i:h's speech that iminediate ing_ AH
Emancipation will li--aiit r liclurn-thlle next nmasure -
of the parcel Ministry, il they reniiin in I, iire, they urge
this wily SI snelncin qiiestioin ; 'People Io Englall,. rfiL
now that the Ministers are doing all in their power, by
seeking In procure you an efficient representation, to res- -. ... - _.. .. -..
cue youfrem slaerry, will not voyi turn round and assist PORT 01'. t 4 M t. I. P.
them in their ellurts to rescue from sdaery the oppressed r
negroesr AR"IV ED, dul
Ti mischievous and exciting tendency of this question July 12t--Am. sloop A.lia. Fonianr, Key West Ihk
is visible at a glance; in it an advantage is taken of the Flour, Beef, Chairs, &c.
spirit of liberty to pervert the meaning, and the parallel to JoILam e S.NcDsr n..
is drawn between two measures of immediate freedom n" M. schr. Pimchr, Davis Cruise
witllut the alighlesthint at tim difTcfrnce in cunequence 13th-II. M. schr. Spedwell, Lt. Warren, Cruise
which those two measures are likely to produce. What
thiatdifference is we have uver and over again told the CLE RED,
abolitionists; but it was not likely that they would have r i
either the courage or the honesty to repeat them to the July 14th-Schr. Edaard Godirich, Terry, Bermuda to
people. The people however, must learn it at last, and SAI E
we only hope it may not be to their own cost-at too late a SAILED, sui
period to remedy thio evil which we we so rapidly al- July 121h-H. M. schlr. Kangaroo, Lt. Ifookey, Cruise
preaching. It is one principle set forth in the placard-
which, by-tie-way, has ihbn pasted by laousands all over A Ei OFPEW i CIIICsT CH -
the country and in tlhe laree labouring dlislrict-tlltat the SAL OfPEW IlCIIRITClI H.
people of England should hold meetings to manileat their
blind desire fur inimmdiae emancipation, and that every "'OTICE is lereh given,h that the Pews in Christ
constituency should send directions to their represenma- j Church, silt Ic sold, for one year, in the said -
lives in Parliament to vote for Mr. Fowell Buiton's ap- Church, on Monday the 61h August next, at one o'clock. ter
preaching motion. This is abolition with a vengeance; By order of the V-itrv. du
and we have no doubt that, could it be effclod, the ori- DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk. im
ginators would have tho pleasure of gloating and glorying V\I:sTr Room,
over the utter ruin of the Colonies, and the total extinction &3 July. 18.32.
of order, and prevalaaco of anarchy, which they love to
ee lollo ingthirown steps and those of their enemies. RAN AW AY,
We trust, however, that the eyes of the public will be A FEMALE BLAV namod Judy Marray, and her
open to this statement of the vicious tendency of the pla- A_ Child. A reward of Five Dollars will e paid to i
card, theworthlesness of those who have circulated it,boh any person, or persons, who will apprhend the said I
as tomotives and principles, and the disgusting impropriety Slaves, and lodge them in dle Work Houe. s
of advancing il-even had it been jut--l a moment ROBERT TAYLOR.
when the planters are more than ever overwhelmed with July 14th. tT
poverty and wrong. &-'rrxrr -

.li Majesty hada ball yesterday (May 18.) which was ve HE SUBSCRIBERS offer for sale, by private bar
fullyatended. The Duke of Wellington and most of hlpay gain.
were present. lis Grace seemed to be the object of the -r. 6 lthds. choice Madeira Wine,
tleelar attentions of the Kmin. Earl Grey was abaset lr 40 done do. do. do.
indisposiion brought on by the fatigues and nxieties oC the 60 dozen do. Tenerife do.
last few dave. Lod Brougham was also saIent, but Lords I trunk Gentlemen's Shoes,
.lthorp and Ooderich. Sir James Graham. and other leading 2 blue Dinner Set.
personsof theMiosterial party uasalso the Dukeof Richmon IHENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
who was accompanied by his brother. Lord W. Lennos, wen
present. The company was eceedlingly numeroml, bo the December Nth.
preponderance of the Anti Reform pany was strongly prrep- iANK FORMS, of every dscriplion, may be pro-
A Meeting of the Ministers wea held at the Foreig Ofce U Ca d at this Office.
yesterday afternoon. which was attended by Earl rre y, he th M b Prining eecuted nith neatness and ds-
Marqui of Laniluowne. Lord Broughams, Viscouns Melore i patch, upon good paper, and on moderate terms.
Pilmerston, Goderch and Alrhorp, the right lion. Charles January 4, 1812.



On Monday snet, tie 16th iusatu ,
At ZS O'look. A. S.
Will be sold
Superfine Flour, in barrels,
Flul and Guines Co(rn,
Duttr, Lard, Bay Rum,
Loaf Sugar, Tea,
Marekter, Beef,
Ltunter, one piece AMahogady,
With sundry other articles,
'ernis-CASH, on delivery.
At three Months' Credit,
A young negro boy, namnd IIENRY,
.4 AD- ..
A nell toned Piano Forie,
At ie Month's 'redit
large quanljty of Bacon I1 ilts t arid S:ou!lers.
uly Ith. _1 ..
On .lfonday nrtl, the 16th i:.stant,
AT Tilt % DUL IIOLtvL.
At 10 O'Olok. A. .
Will beo sol
.iopelsfine Ilour, iii barrels,
Su.p Hild (Candl.s, in boxc.,
Co(an and itice, in bugs,
Ludf Sucar,
Iriih UBitier, Lar.,
Dry (;.o.l., &,-.
rerms-CA>ll, btlure dlii i.
Al one Monta's I' r,,i.
40 barrels middling Filour,
1ll half tierces Priinu Hiu,,
Y50s lanos,
30 pieces Baron,
Ilalif barrels Tongueis,
1 1.hid. choice Br.tiuv, in lo s
AI, S)--
At two .llniths' 'redtt,
An excellent i Sadile dinl Ildught Iliorw
uly 14th.

NOTItC Emt-.
lE S'S'ltll-I It' iC u acro nin S\M living
L atsrondiil, hle llhreby furwarnsi ll plii'soni harbour-
or eimlloving huim.
Iuly illh.
LLL persons has ini .i iiil against tl.e Estate of
Mr. Jitosuph Thionipson, late of ItiI Iland of New
sieleniir, dirci.arld, are rriireq ted to renhdr tlle same
y atislItd ; and Iliose inhl liltd to thle said a state, aru
ewise iequesled to ni.ik, avymenit.
JO.b31l" 11PI"11,, Executors.
111h:,JA\MIN T11IOMP'.SON, f
July 4th.
LL persons inmicheb. i IhtI Estalc of thli latre Ro-
herl W. Elliott, Enquire, deceased, sae icquesled
pay their respective accounts, on or before tioe 20th
pictinber next, or they will be indiscriminately put in

July 41hil.

LLL prrsins having il.inand :.ginstl tile estate of
Williainm lner c(axlon, late of these Islands, mas-
rmariner. deceased, ase req,.rusted to render tie same,
ly nllsledl ; and ihose indebted, a. e requested to make
mediate pIa)ymieti, to
D. C. CLAXTON, Executor.
June 30.
LLL PERSONS having demands against the Estate
of Joseph Baunders, late of the Island of New
ov idncc, genltlcnen, deceased, are requested to render
e same duly attsted ; and lose indebted to she said
tlte, are likewise requested to make immediate py-
!nt, at the office of (. P. Wood, Esquire.
April 2d.

The choice of 2 Lots of Land, with die
buildings and improveiams thereon, situate in
Prince'sstreet, generay known by the name os
Lightfoot, or Cupid's Row.
For Term and other particbrs, apply to the 8ob-

March 3d.
F OUND-A Plated Gold Seal. The owner can have
the ome, by applyin at this office, and rewarding
the fnd.r.
July 7th.


- T ----`

- -


6e Ma41au4 5rs*.,*

DBELOIUM. a or by any person or persona whomsoever, t bu eto ployd
An inhabitant of ULige proposed an lim.tree gi. sthe by him, lhe or them, or for his, her, or their Rio6tf, to ro-
eholers, by a ubscription ofls francs per head; sn estblis.a mil any Rum, Ruin punch, or other mixture of Rum or
met would be formed, into which seamry subscriber would have sher distilled spirituous liquors, or other liquors, without
a rilht to be recen00d. Every pc dentaured l, on llmean first taking out a licencefr that purpose, in such inanner
thae new lituion, htoo fancs Mlo case ww coonhe paid. as licences have heretofore been taken out.
of April by he Dishup of T'leuruay. sisted y the Ilop of XX. And be it further enacted by the authority afore-
GhesorriodLege. Tlhisistheesttl imeine theestlllshmenl said, rtl any pet-rson within dre Islandof New Provideneo
oftbe new bishopeck in the siteeonth century that the conse- who liall sell to any poison or persons, acany one time,
creation of as arebhim op ls taken place without the interven- Iees than five gallons of any spirituous liquors, shall be
tion of the gvernsan. *so this point we hare returned to dJened a retailer within the meaning and intent of this
the Catholicism of the lse eeoturie*. 4e; and no person or person whomsoever, shall be allow-
eSPA d to keep more than one shop, for tip retailing of Rum,
S PAIN. Rum punch, or other Liquor, by virtue of any such licence
Oeaml Ein" ld ;" to hase the command of die 9pa s.h a urmid under e y a heareinbeefore inposd
amy on the Portuguese romnier, in place of the Conde d'Es- furimid, under a like penalty as hor any olhr imipo
for perseae selling Rume, Rum punch, or any other wait-
o TaTo Calomarde, the favourite minister of Ferdinand. lure of Rum, or other distilled spirituous or other liquors
ua received three tiles; the queen ofNapleshas procured for without a licence; Provided always, that nothing herein
him from her son the title of Duke of EIlsabeth, Don Miguel contained shall extend to persons selling winos, arrack,
has glen him the ilde of Marquis d'Almadia, aud Ferdinand cyder, perry or malt liquors in bottles, by the dozen or any
hs added the title of Coade de Trascon. other quantity.
PRUBSIA. XXV. And be it further enacted by the authority afore-
Accounts from Poise of the Oth of March state. that a said, lltat it shall not be lawful for any person or persons
aumaeof patriots there dressed a respectful petition to ls to permit or sufler any horse, mare, or gelding, mule or
KaL t PrNea, requesing him to use is influence with ass, to run at large within the limits of the sail town antd
Sumperor o Ruuala to obtaie for the uiogdom of Poland suburbs aforesaid, under the penalty of twenty shillings for
twothangs guarmead to it by the Visan Coogress:--. each ofence ; and any such horse, mare or gelding, mule
That no Russian str be maallipld In the kingdom of or asn, found running al large within the limits aforesaid,
Poland I That Poland shall have a national army-two may be taken up and inmpounded, or otherwise kept and
Mints on which the ntar, ilityof Poland eenla lln l depends, m
po ints which a th eprei n i li o t e the new organs all sns, t secured by any free person, until the aforesaid penalty and
A similar petition hs beetu lrawn up at Limberg to be preset- a further sum of two shillings per day fur grass and water,
ed to the Emperr of Russia. together with the charge of two shillings lor advertising,
Ssoshe Emperord of sia shall be paid to the person who shall ih i0.e r
We have received by epress,the Paris Papersef Thnsday, advertised such horse, mare or gelding, nmer or ass: Pro-
andthe Nouvellste and Meuger des Chambre datcl )yester- vidod alwavs,ahat any Constable or otler person who
day. Their contents, if not eo great importance, are at least 'all not advertise such horse mare or gelding, mule orass,
ilaseretin. The elloutesr. in an article on the death of 15.
C raimor Perier, statesthat whaleverMinistermay succeed him, by a wrilti notice afllied in the Vendue House in the
there will be n. alteration in the policy of the Cabinet. Town of Nassau, within the space of twelve hours next
ThiL announcement has given great satisfaction to the peace after lie lshall hlav, taken up tie same, shall be deemed a
party, and tite Funds are steady. On Thursday evening the treslasser ab initio, and shall be liable to an action at tire
St Cents. were done at gsf. eOc., and the t per cents. at suit of ilhe owner or owners.
2 c The war pary, however, are by no means m XXVI. And be it further enacted by the authority
ged. Au application Ias been tiade o the Frerh t;ii- afonrcaid, that it shall be the duly of tlie Ihigh Constable
verne by he King of Belgium, fur the nl oflr nh troops. I oie lita being, a l all other Constables, to take up all
anl allhnugh no answer had been relumrned in the a.lirnattt.r n, a.atr e..... .. lioes... no, found r,,nnrin ,i

I I I I --

when our accounts let Panrs, orders had been sent to tll :iruy I ." '' 't"... .'.. ." 1. .. ..... ... ptllorling quarantine ; out I not, no l hali anchor her at
of the Nonth to hold itself in readiness, and M3arsll (;i.rarr largo within the limits aforesaid, and to impound the same the nearest place of safety, aid pp! i,, d,. Gorrnr or
had,if we are to believe the Consutrutionnel. along cotlferrice as above directed; and that the High Conslnble for Commander in Chief for the uniie being, for assistance,
with the Minister at War p-eparatory to his leaving Paris or ltie time being, and all other Constables who shall who is honmbv desired ti grant such immediate assistance
the purpose of assuming the command. reject or refuse to tako up and impound all su, I -'., as hall be thought necessary for the preservation o this
However strong may be the desire of The Frenchl Ministry mnare, geldings, i.iles and asses, which mavy ,..s vessel, and lives of the people on board.
to preserve eac, we are quite sure that it iar,. not, iler Ire- y t I ei, or any of them so rnnni ig at large within 1I. And it is further enacted, thatthe place and length
assistance r inlan, rjectn the apntegrity of Kil Iitrrin '. nor is 11ti limits afoTreaid, or Iic,. iay be shewn or o iarde of time for performing quarantine shall be appointed by
istnikely hin m:hlll nIe ofth' e intlrloy l ll bis Illt-i ed. kor re Isown to them or any ol them by aiy person as so run- the Governor or Commnilder in (Cliif, for the time being,
mnai a dead letter. t e ll.-lini lin.bave depireld lhi theory ," nig at blare w ithi the limits aforesaid, shall forfeit and with the ailviceoof Ili Mad)estl's Council, w ho is desired to
er earlfirl w.llnolliing shr.ol flsh,, (lmnc. ,',h. I, '. ... p.y a sinr f two oipounm.fur voery sch neglect or reftial. direct such placu as Ishall III thoughtt most secure and con-
of Ihn in V anil in'. .1 Ii mlprOi in.i .in, ii mmiler, l- The Fuoreguing extracts are published for general infr- venient to anchor such vessel.
iwcen Illand and IelgiumI whii h dnI-. rit :lip .'itr probably, e l nation.
:it present, as the King (lI lHlland is ani hourly urged C. R. NESBITT, P. M. 3:) GEOEi. Ill. CIIA&. I.
by n sirong party in this country :. s well as by thie mar party Pot.lce OrrI r, WIIEREAS, an act passed in the thirtieth year of the
on the (onlllerlnl rienerlly. to le lrt s Ite tty, may yt i t July, Il I 2. reign of 1Hi M|ajesty King (Icurge hile see entitled,
expecl IlloIe dellontramtion on fhe )pal tol II 1 piirh III fa-
tour of their new ally. There ii hle to far. ho er. ,,,r the an act to oblige all vessels to performin qua line, that
pea.e of Europe, fur the aueninsr o Frain.e are not i.s a con- ILll.A.VM ISLANDS: shall conic to this port, will any contagion on board, or
diloon l r war. PROCLAMATION. from places where contagious disteniipers rage," is found
S____to hb in some respiclts detective ; may it please your Mt-
By Ilis Excellency Major General Sin JANr.s jeuty that it may be enacted, oand be it enacted, by His
PUBIIC NOTICE. CAkMtiri Ei.-SMvri Bart. companion of the Excellencythli right lionouralle John, Earl of Dunmore,
T IE Vestries of Christ Chlurch and St. Mathew's M military Or.l, of thie Uadh ; Knight Comman- your Mnljess's Lieutenne anti Governor General, the
)Pariihes having relirned the Asesrsment Rolls for der of the Royal Order of lanover ; Knight Council and Assembly of yeon Majesty's Uahama Islands,
the year lAsl2 into ite 'lTe Tiury, all Persons lwho have of the A. lria n Imperrial Orderof Maria The- and it is hercby enacted and ordained by the authority
been assessed and are lilile to pay taxes, are herrhy called resa; Knihln of the Russian Imperial Order of tdie samo, that thle moster, or other officer, having the
upon to settle their ictpective dues imIIurarTs:.v; us St. Wilahliir ; Governor and Cotmmander-in- charge or command of any shipor vessel, which shll r-
warrants will be indiacriminately issued against all default- Chief in and ever Ilis Majesy's Bahama Is- live in the port of N.ssau, from any port or place wiltbet
crs. lands; Chancellor; Vice-Admiral aod Ordinary the limits of those islands, and on board of whicheither at
The following Extracts from the Art of the tilh Gee. of the same. the time of her arrival, or afterwards, hile she coianues
Jd, now in force, is hereby published for the information "nTIIEREAS it has been made known to me llat al- in port, there shall Lc any sick person or persons wnhaever,
and guidance of die public. though that deadful scourge, the CHOLERA shall, within twelve hours next after the arrival of mch
For every lot of land in the Town of Nassau, now MORBUS, has male its appearance in some parts of Ilis ship or vessel, or otherwise, within twelve bouts net after
fronting or that shall hereafter be fronting the harbour, six Majsty's North American Provinces, and in several places any person on board shall have been taken ill, make a
billing yearly, and for every other lot in the said town, withi the United States of America, yet the symptoms report, in writing, to hei physician or health officer, sped-
two shillngs cad three pence yearly. For every White have An comparatively mild and subdued; and the loss tying the name of such sick person, together will that of
bine, MiAB and Mulato, Indian and Negro Man and of c, hitherto experienced, very uifling : Now,in order the ship or vessel, the name of the master, the port from
Wom of the ago of sitecen to sixty, three shillings this Majesty's loving subjects in tlese Islands should whence such sip or vessel last came, and how long such
yearly.T suffer no unnecessary alarm or naprahension, I aim de- person si,-' been sick, under the penalty of twenty
And the better to prevent frauds, by any person or sirom sh ththey ro..uld be made acquainted, with as little pounds. 'or every refusal or neglect.
persons whatsoever concealing their number of lots or delay as possible, with the real state of the case. Being II. And be it urlhet enacted by the authority aforesaid,
sxables; B it reacted by the authority aforesaid, that moreover impressed with the necessity of every due pre- that no such sick person shall he removed, from any lsuc
every owner, claimer or possessor of any lot or lots in the canIion being resurted to, in order to prevent the introduc- ship or vessel, to lodging on shore, unless with the ppro-
town of Nausa aforesaid, and every Master. Mtstressor lion of a malady into these Islands, which in many coun- betion of the physician or health officer, of the port, tobe
owner of any rvant or servants, slave or slaves,or other tries hascommitted such dreadful ravages, I have directed signified in writing, under ile penalty of twenty pouudi.
paontasable by this act, shall yearly, between the first that the following extracts from our several Colonial Laws, to be paid by the master, or other officer basing the
ay of March and the first day of December, deliver to pointing out those measures which are enjoined in case ciargeor command of such ship or vessel.
lhe Reiver General and Treasurer of these Islands, an of the arrival of any ship or vessel having any person or III. And hi it further enacted by theaulhorilysfoesmid,
aoemat of the ommber of lots which they possess or claim person o board labouring under any infectious complaint, that the physician or health officer of the pert, shall gise
as a.osbed, and a liet of their names and number of should be published in the Royal Gazette, for the general a daily attendance on every such sick person, whether be
uasble, each Mser,Mistrm, owner or others, shll then information and guidance of all concerned, or she hall continue on boaid (vessels forming quarantine
e:and whosoer shall deliver a fale account or list, s The 1st, the2d and the 3d enactments of the act of excepted), or shall be removed on shore, and shall at the
alp lr trbl taesa ;undevery ownor,climeror poses- the 0th of George 2d, chlp. 1. obliging all vessels, ar public charge, furnishany suc sic' person with al neces-
sror any le or ee mafroeald, or Mater, Mistrs, or riving at thi Poit with any contagion on board, or from smry medicines, and should the disease appear to be of
owner e any rvut or meant, cRave or dav, or other any places where contagious distempers rage, to perform malignat nature, shall as speedily as possible report the
persoor pnems by i At utnable, who doth neglect Qasrantine. ome toe Hi Excellency sile Governor, or Conmsa.ei n"
to bring in msch ac ral and lb to the Receiver General The Ist, the 2d, the 3d and the 4th enactments of the Chief, for the time being, and to tie Church-Wardeos ol
and TreesIe of th lands, at mch a time as this Act act of th 25th of George the 8t, chap. I., amending the the prish, under the penalty of twenty pounds for every
directs, all bejde a eImele', and sl pay accord- act alluded to in the foregoing paragraph." neglect or refusal.
ingly. and, a leso t lrOe pouLd." And with reference to the 4th enactment of the act of IV. And be it further enacted by thie cauhority sfos-
JOHN IRVINO, them5th of George tie 3d, chap. I., I do hereby direct laid, that upon such report being as aforesaid made, it
Receiver General and Treasurer. that is the event of any vessel riiog offthis Port having shell and may be lawful for Hi Excellency the IGoer-
Ta.sset,' As's, on board any person or person labouring alder ny in- oor, or Commander in Chief, for the time being, to cause
26th Jane, lug. Infectious complaint, the Pilot or Pilots shall conduct her to ich sick person to be removed in the vessel, wherein he
EXTRACTS the anchorage of Hanover Sound, and to n o : there t she caue, to Silver-Key, Hanover Sound, or any he"
FB M THE POICE ACT to perform such quarantine as upon a due rIal d a retired plac of anchorage, in the neighbourhood l the
FROM THE POLICEl ACTI. caefol consideration of all dtue cirCeonstal~Um be Port.lNmua the the to perform such quarantine, sshalu
JECTION XI. And be is further enacted by the ao- deemed expedient by me, with the advice of M e appoieod by His Excellency the Governor or Cooe
t hority aforesaid, that no person in the Island of Council. ijndWin Chief, by and with the advice of His 1a;sty"
New Providence shallpresume by him, her or themselves, Given under my hand and the Seal of the Sh ad .lnour~ble Coincil



Islands, at Nassau, te Sgeoenmt
the tbird year of His M y*
thM year of our Lord 183.
Py Hi' Excellency's Commad
BRauL anr, 8eely

30 oSTOoa II. cIIAr. i. 1
WHEREAS, many infectious dtst rs m ay L
broughtL othL port, by vessels coming fro l laces i
the a nsilCely rage, and by the Ina dvsrt
the maMtaad pilots of this port, they may anchorl a
the sbippil ln this harbour, an d iIluctl tlB erewi of
se, end t ie lhabitants of this island'; for prevetima.
which, be it enacted, by the Governor,, ad -
sembly, and it is hereby enacted by the alshority oft
same, that if after the publication hereof, the pilot o
pilots, or any ioter person, shall enter on pard asy v.
sel that may appear off this bar, without ading e, a.
ter if there isaY ittes distemper on board, or .
ther there was asJ in the place nm whetter I,
came, he or they $hshall t and pt y ia d
sum of ten pounds, fo island, ,sr
remain on board tinr mited for perfomii
quarantine ; but Ipot asksl te before nieltoT
questions, and a fterwards appear that the masr
concealed lhinm any infection that may be on bear
or raginl the place he came from, every such magis
ashb, e i eand pay tle slia of fifty pounds, current as.
y, as aforosaid, and shll pay seven shilling and sir.
pence, like money, to the pilot, for every day he shall be
o fed to stay on board the veal, during her quaraniue,
wlch the pilot shall recover by warrant of distress, fro
any magistrate, to whom complaint shll be made of no.
II. And it is furtllr enacted by thcithority aforsami
for the safety of any vessel that may appear off hisl ,
with any infectious ilistemper on board, or comefrom ay
port where the same rages, that the pilot shull be obliged
to keep a proper distance a-head of the vessel, with his
boat, and condctl lier to ienchor (wind and wether per.
mailing), at rlhe place tlhat shall hereafter be appointed for

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