Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: June 30, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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*9@ abm Res yL ,

GEORGE BIGGS. Editor. StTURDAY. JUNE 30, 1 39. VOL. I-Ne.C.

THE BAHAMA ARGUS. His champaign in my head-in my pocket hau purse, Instead of behaving butler, Mary behaved wora and at
I swore that I'l lake him for belter for worse- last he left Ms. Wiood's house, without any communica-
rUDLISIHED BLEMI-WREKLY IN NAMSAU, N. F. As te the friend of my soul-my Damon '-I'm curet tiod with himl or any of his family, and proceeded to fru-
If I pass hin-nay pun ny soul, I will boll frt." ternize with her new friends and advisers, till we find ier
Night Dellatre er Whal- a danoe. : a sponv you are said tn gi ide with a seff; planted in Pringle's family, and at is washing tub. From
Come, (10 as I order. or ci 1. nir. amoff;-
Stare him straight hit tie face. look marble or steel
Starr- him niraight. is tle face. look marble or iteel. t she was frequently called to his closet to give a narra-
Or look wise. (fyou can,) now then-lurnon vour heel; tive of the severities inflicted upon her by several owners,
Yet silll iohackl-ollt tllere,"a ,llother inaTiuvrIe, but more especially by her last owners, Mr. and Mrs.
If alia is done nearly. 'is qille .t chef-d'urr : Wood.
81py sharply around, and if noblldy- sees. Mary's washing-tub tales, and the tub to catch tlhe
Gno ip-;ike his hac:d itll a good-natured squerae; whale," were getting into a book and proceeding rapidly
h iu look all the lime as if nothing had passs. tl;roiall tlie press, wlin the REV. MR. CURTIN, belonging
If youldo tile r ll egauclielv you'll surely lose casl io the ('Church Missionary Establishment, arrived in Eag-
'Fria ';I asia) 1.- Ia1 ai5brier a, let ii alone ,
*POBTR7. I ha m ralir a"-no I et doi.. land. 'This gentleman a;ud resided forty years in Antigua.
--- -(--- And so hatlnr cut my bright way Iton ilon, lie had been particularly referred toin the history. Old
THIE ART OF CUTTING. A riop- av,,r ;aI la I I keep hoi ling along : Macauley, ho lhad known linr prev iously, introduced hin
'r LAu CLARE. ALll aea .lei ino l.eae ai lu.rlen ;reCeI'l d, spcedil anil as a (;odslnd" to lisi friend Pringle, wliu
I inl have thought-nay. Im thinking o st, s sw aru-ani erectly bl l. as 'laeledil put tie slets of lth history into his hands.
That cuuinug's an art both of genius and skill. iloutl frnlId Ito "auaer, or mistress I' bOLre, earnestly soliciting front hinl a orroboration of the state-
And requires more nou*. as to rank, time, and nslatn, Like tIe diaionld I cur. anl1 I 1aparkle the no'. Inents lihich they contained. Pringle. however, was dli-
Than would go to decide the afllairof the nation; aplloint ed. Mr. Currill was a Cllrisi ian minister. Traith
While the manner, the moment, the whom, and the lwhy, was ith Il him a paramount object. llu refuted the points
Are the points in the practice onre' science to try, i'rom Ilachwtiool'r .lMaga:ine of .lovembr r. iswhcre he hirnaislf wa referred to, and contradicted dile t i
By act you may lose every friend that you have,- T'Il E cOLO)iM.L E.MI'IRIH OF Gl:.AT\ BRITAIN. it hereo against Mar. and Mrs. Wood. Here common
By a ct you may make all the great world your slave : msels ail conillon honesty would have stop|lMd the publi-
hat gatodn worhle, importaam aie TTER rO JII st:S A, st EI l.l, To F. .IstLY. I'IaST ialion, but P'raglie w ls not made of such stull. lie print-
WVhoae cut, when it coam'., is the grand cut conclusive ; aeia aor Tit: rIIIASLn, &tC. A-. eld it off *;l' til le greater rapidity, even whiae impudently
That world. for whose voice we all secretly seigh, LouI. 1 r1 r.. For whose smile well live. al whose frownl we all die. ,- my i ion to aid fore your ssecting that e kept it back for a fortnight, in order to
For my part, still struggling oI creep up the stick. Lordshipi, wilJ'out lngtilihe. prelaory remark, the aliag- receive from a lady, a friend of Mr. Wood's, vindicaltimi
I had used every art to succeed,-'till quite sick nitude and iilmiortanlie Lof ul( trade, lie caomnmerce, tlil of Ili% character. I'lin lr's correspondence, however,
Of the thing altogether, exhausted and worn, ri venue, the Iuluitrv, a.rl tli wealth of tihe whole with Mr. Curtin, proves that the publication was dI'layed
I'd half made up my mind,-to cut the concern; ('Cloinial Emnpinr of (i;lat IIritaln, aind to lave lipoited for a i.e diays alls t ha1 dlal merely in lthe hope o( rc-
And was thinking I'd do so. one evening. when-lo: out low it e greatane ;,anhi vaalh o' thlis Colonial E:n-i|r, f fron Mr.'n. aCur corroboration of Mary's stact-
Mly alet pops n wih--'' Lady -- Sir, below he cIcrased ;In l a pporlcid tie resonic ,, the tn l mentr. Lei tle Ce-, lence speak for itself.
"lay G-- In she came,-with tite step and th e grae l pwr if tile I'othlar ('otnir ; blut cie aplpearaIe
Of a oddlesu: yet still it wa Lady G's fa n: a A \n-Colo,,l a sto, in t ""t: Terrace, (larrmont Square, ih Pla'. 18l.
But the thing w*as so odd--h.. iio coming alone, i i aias tii-(ii .il iaaiii, aggad in the '
A Queen of Almack s to step down from her throrne shape and in the place of an adhelist ment to tire nid o! iev. Sir.-llaving learned front man friend, Mir.
That in spite of my senses I doubled thie fact, the imll, Itill paulicatioH li tihrouh U lirl, I have aai .Marcauley, that you art' now in London, I tiink it right to
When she carelessly said-" I 'm the Goddess of Tact. th'-' lonour ito addre.a s.I, cotipl*, Iin e lirsl to e.1toIsi to s.l.nia t your inspeclion the accompanying pamphlet, in
For I see you are posed-o relieve you at once. tile buirn of your Lairdihip. anul to tie corn anl indign.a- which your name in mentioned in page 17. If you can
I've but aken her ladyship's form forhe nonce. tii '. c u I' iIlar il m l I all i i ntld cIj rline l ytvitlll ai or any inrl maltion resectin( g tilhl womv an's character
No matter the why. or the wherelore-I'm here w hirch .1 set of uni a, s malo, e.ipla to undarmin, aai thin 'ii'e .h .a bapltli/.d b[y ylu, or the ,,r light on any
'o clear up your doubts, anl your new course to slert, ur colonial iar"liand, ain id of li th Ili ianil; o l.rirms other p :art 1 t her statement, I 'lhll fiIe tmaina'l oili,.edi, &c.
F"or, lfankly to speak, you 've been all an the w'onlg- ('I11IIM .S PlllN;I.E.]
But Ihey want me at Wi'lls'-gcl your bat-coume along i" AniC. Pl.S.-Tie ole pamphlet Ithving been printed of
The neat moment se rolrad at hier chariot usy T'lic Anli-Colonial ;il. o ris lllc'nt Itandled Io. aiIast' l
Whit maximsi she gave, a; what things she idad ja cost its autilors a l, exlwnal, lor insl.rli o, es- except a few pa 1, Ish al eel parllculJlly obliged b; an
SOh it never will do.-it isfolly to hope cloasise of tile ealipensi for palirr and priltint Il li large nearly reply.
TYou ma r'-s iall js number of cula' ritluiuIl ti .itcla Ia the hNal'a.ine., a ci. NIl,,v Io,, 7ailh. MIr.' sent AIary to Alr
Those m.nn rai n o r oo)elisq t t all j same," I l O i h+
Or duche..-"ir dJ.iry-anzid- lowdy. or d.nrie- 1ari 1a ali t cIcrtluci, ll Il ii :.ial ,' i, f (ca IIIIL N alyPIII ,'II ri .c' I ',al r Iboal I r Iar tar : h ll i .;el much
A holder of shawl---a quadraller-a useful- NolIT and as irr f i ll I I I y ri, cirbIte I" t I s|r l riel mucl
An of scandal, and newsfull, Ni ITtand ls 1 11vt I1 lt' la.' a is at l '. l1 a C1it 'l ct.' Ot the liII a i ruart, Mr. Pringle arises
With smile so bewitching sonh"-but no matter, hlave Inflictdl on tile )s 'inIII of Cdluiiinyl, IIinsclilc, anjuIs Mr. C('alT fanm llt preat al enlporiunm of lie., No. 1i,
The goddess just here condescended to flatter. ticr, anid rubl-.iy. tladerimanabr SIcrel, tihu: I a' I b'a cug vyon acceplotano
e Frven Itlents and worth weigh as light as a father, 1h tart inlllth of FeIbiruairy last, I laid before voir Lord- of a rcpy oft' IT'rii'r('s In l ,:) as Iublihlled. ou
Oh! away with sarh out-of-date stuff lhngether,- hiip, in lhe particular rcais o .oMr. rnl .srs. .li, of the will findl a iot. ,ontalinin, lti sulstanca of le lematarks in
Then presto -t \Il, ak' we in.tarlyv rush. Ital,,nnha, anl of .Ilr. anld .UMr. 7'l'/arol 1i. M1,,~ llcrts, i .' r, ftr cil, I b'I lin return Iue aknowledgment.
For Almaak's. we all know. is the g .r pierre de touce : ai, aaan Il he aIt.a). rIa '.Iatoaids and i l i.eirerUtnia- I aII. I livtl obliLed ivy your return. n- the copy formnrli,
On my ar leamnog gracel, u y goddess I hold. 'I r I.', t ,, .I:eIst Ie (a Ihti lls b) ther lsent fr tour ii.srion, as it was only a proof, and lt
With au air so mysterious. sat haughty, so cold. 'taritie. Ill this C tyi lIIIC I lic- tlarsCo ali) lIt ii IIa scrIi rsct I irec
Like oneof those vapoury thlgs wIlchI theysay. ene ithis ) Tier,and, i: .silpeciC Il.-- ciir con ildnltid, ni, Ii evcr al rispLCtS ill rfec, t
In fashion e'er leaves otu ill year and a day. r, peciien r'Itn.ini to bp nPtc.d and ,pod. Th is &."
Who though not by beauty. ald scarce knocn to falie Io e found d in tIlir inait.edd hlisory of their dlspicralle Not a sllalle I said in lis c.iricipondenro about d -
As genius or heromne,-yet all the name. '1,. MAiant I INICE, rcllompiled and puIhlbed by an indivi- laying tila' publication, to rveo tltie to r;cct(is IrIstimoI V
Her patronage stamps. or crases each blot. dual n: nld, to list, and tl rto.,rt elnlialirally, it. oiTI lfoaun anu iquatrer i Mr. Wood's lavour. Pringlc had nu
Theidol of fashion. thc devil knows what- thr l.. thr wll un,,,rn" .Mr. I'ringle. This Lrualt pir- p ils to r.rc.,se c any communication ol, to use hii owna
What bows-wha salams, to the goddess allmake, sonagc. well kt,.r ,,a" i il,-i. (:,,l, ,cia OliTcn, h las, l the word%, this sort." Thei unmanly desire alone appteats
Thenobs of each club, ad nnbesses of Almack I; .lal1u of the ih w lllla he g lite lrd to ti giv I te u o g Curtain to corroborate her story," but which
And protected by her I come n f a for a share. h. Slam io c
Of nods from the beau.s and of smiles from the fair. lie history oi the prolli;,ate *save mentioned, for ith pur- hen he fliund lhe could not accomplish, he garbled Al.
SNow's yonr" qauoh my quide. .come give mea proof p'e of destroy in he ll ....raclt.r r i wo respeclable inlni- Curtin .' i, Iter., suplressed tlle important parts whlicl
Th'a your head anl your hear are made of Ihe right stull. vildu Ils, ler oainrs, Ili. A'.I M RA % nnon ol Antigua. itoilaially collllradicted Al.,i, and alnlmpled, by the base.
That they 're blunt to old fneudlships. old lo e. or relations, Jo.l'.PH IPII.ILIPr., ;i Imat in a-' i'rt re.le'ct fi11td to vupliort aiilihalilinL to ldetroy the testilmonu lavourable to MI.
That ou 're vo.d of all shame all natural sensaon." ucrh a rause, a guarian;tre allutloricity of tlli hliistir. W'ol's character, contained in lthe passages wLicla he i,-
Just I en in the pride and the bloom of sixteen, %'ili ll ie s inlgst, thI doings, and Ie ldesinlls ol these so crtd '! ) I
Oame by my sweet Jui ia. o lately eair queen w orthies, contciptible as lthey) are, ia is necessary lhal I To Im) Ite l ipblioCt p- .e, I rmust bring Mary's hllstor',
WOf ma sul. of a nuean I my early odd voion, your Lor;ship and th< country should bJe madle as inli- where it connoec- ilc willi Mir. and Mrs. WVod, shorlvy
When ill of a sugelen I took in odd nalion, a n enI n
Thla Julia at Almne's. and Julia a home, mtely and exenyi" 'ly ac"l. inled a. can be elleced by hut fai t!ully under 'r I. Lora,! l' review. In referenre
Were iateatre Mcas. for J.Il. had come the columns of lliackwool 's Macazine. to purclhas, of her bv .1r. \l )oal, Mary, pago 14, afler
WVit a dowdy chaperone, all feathers and flounces. The limits of a monthly publication reslrirt me Io tile blasplihtin of Ih.r teachers, proceeds :-
Gold dops, and gold turban, who fidgets and boonces. notice only tlie leading poiints of tilm acP.usations ; but if It uvas ordainad Io be, I rupppose. God kldme lthre '
One of those who. if mais is requested to dan ., I can ,xtrait, as I truth Iy lie alld and strength oll truth Mv wurk lhero was to al'end lte clhambcrs and nurse lah
Obsrres every word. inercepts every glance. to be ahle to do, Pringle'. sII and Pringl's se enoim, child, and lo go down to the poal and wash clothes.
d i 'a nt on the cads, now, tn show my devotion, ont of Mary'. tale, all I er thcr accusations nast of Dne ot the rh as and te St. Anthen's re also in ny
A atitch on the lt am, nd a ord i the ear. cessity drop off harmless and despicable. left le, and bccauto qulte a cripple. No one cared much
M ith ome toe my friend. who said.-- Now then, mon cr. Mr, Prince was a native of, and a slave in, thle Ba- to coie near me, and I was ill a long utim ; for several
Cat her ded, of Ihe old one will Nlirk like a leech." i ama.. Fifteen years ago, she was, at her owo particular months I could not lift tihe ub. I bad to lie in a little old
And though I affected to pray and beseech. re',i s., as site herself ad!mits, purchased by Mir. Wood, outhouse that was swarmingi with bogs and other vermio.
She'd take no excuse, so. with head in the air, lroughtl to Antigua, and kept as a domestic servant in hits but I had no other place to lie in. The peron who lived
Isa'd, regarding my etrified fair. family. In it she was treated with superior kindness and in the nest yard (a .irs. Green) could ol bear lt hear
Vhata pang .!-bu I dd it--and had my reward. confClence. Alleing tlat sle could not be separated from my cries and groans. She was kind. a a d to send al
A shake hand from sort o a nodescrip lord- tihe faIlily, she was broulht ly Mr. and Mrs. Wood to Eng- old slave oman, lwho sometimes brought me a ltale soua.
His tile is Bogwod -or Blarney. or something land about four years ago. Iit England she was free. When tlhe doctor found I ws so ill, he aid I must be put
HBut eir he looked round hs make is re. I upthi ctn The prowling anlta-olonial fry in London quickly got about into a bath with hot water. Every night the old slavo
Just to sea if the thing was n taste. was correct. ler. IEncouraged by ihem, she rendered the family of Mr. came and put me into the bath, and did what she could
For these Irish are mighty panctalious. the rogue, Wlood miserable. She refused to work, despised and re- for me. I don't know what I should have done, or what
As they never are sure of beirfootng or brogues; ejected the food and the acconmnodation which the haile would have become of me, had il not been for her. My
So abroad when an Irishman meets with another. j servants of the family received, and with which they were mistress, it is true, did send me a little food, but no one
One finds that he'll scarcely recognize his brother : content. .Accusomne to receive hot meat in Anticua, Irom our family came near ae but Ihe cook, who usd to
And of thae should one feel his soft hertn sentimental, she refused to lake cold Cm at it England. Mr. Wood was e my food in at say Molly, Molly,
"Tim Paddy can leach well she eat continental. directed by his phyirhons to -o to Cheltenham on account I -
Sspy a sapproaching an old friend of mine-- 1 1 n
An eIcellet fellow, who asks me to dine of his ill health. Maris refund t, accompany Mrs. Wood o Mrs. BarcoxS. 8th April. in contradiction to Mary's a-
HSi days o the week; on oecsion. who leadI and himself, nor would she go to one of the suburbs of' sortuon, that Mrs. (Geen reelipcd her distress, writes, that ber
Me hi house, horse. andpurse.--he bet of kindkidrtu":- London to resile will a alidv of their acquaintance, who imoher Mrs. Green's chariy was neser. to her knowledge.
"Dear lady. ecnse me, I'm quite on the rack- promised to take charge of her until their return. Sh beistoed on any of Mrs. Wood' servants. as their appace
On a friend such as Ihs, to think to turn back ; was tld, that if she did not conduct herself dilTerenllyshe she'd they enjoyed every comfort. This Mr. W ravinn a
Tharhis coaling ill o..u--his Iconlr-oo hh- must return to Anligua, or quit Mr. Wood's family. mrnte nei ents od. she dr them. And eMr considered
His air not boas ton. and he looks too good-heart A great expense must alo have heen incurred for insertion! Mr. nd Mrs. Wood as humane owners."
"nt a msn spon town; ye when we last part, I a 'I Qu,-ctlT It, it a'. I lll e (C inlted on thl nas Page

ri fllaumaa arsts.
eor are n their march for Iowu, and that the m rino bhave to certain the truth, but he could ota nldr
T' LS been ordered fw Portunouth.- Tair. say specific course in the event of the Order, lnd t
SLord Lyndhurst waited upon the Duke of Wellington being proved to be injurious.
--- -- and Pir Robert Peel, with lse King's commuanda, inviting Lord Wynfurd felt confident, that it would be
SATURDAY, JUNE 8. 9 89 them to trks office. They both declined ; but stated that oat In Committee, that the Orders in Council werh
they would support any Adminisrafion that should bring cesury and ijurious, and therefore an i;h! e'
By te arrival o tlhe Mail Boat IMruning Star, Captain forward a moderate plan of Reform. Lord Lyndhursi once with the ropoDuy of tie West Inidia Ppr1
coukL, fra Jmaica, on Thurlsay evening, we received then returned to tile ing. and His Majesty, on receiving The Earl o Hirewood, who introue tshe i"'
ook infrom Jamaica, o Thur day evening, we 9reeivd ahe answer, sent the Erl of Mnsater to the Duke ofWe- committee upon this important question,
oor aleof newspapers from that place to the 19ll inlsant, lingtoo with a message, commanding his Grace to form an clear, and luminous exposition of the preeat u ,
and to the 5th from Barbalones; lte former containing Adniinistroslin, adding, that Ilis Majesty would approve Slavery in the Coloniies and particularly imsited o
London dates to the 7th ultimo. of no plan of Reform, built such as should be satisfactory prejudices that existed ;n England upon the Wea 1iS
We alo received from tim lfficeof teJamaica Courant, to tie people. The I Duke, in his reply, exproeed his question, as being the pricial obstacle that soo h
a Bllti. published o 9, in readiness to ohey [lil Majesty's command, and that he tween the Colonists and their tir claims to redre ee t-m
a Bulletin, publhed on the 19ls instant, acknowledging should bring forward and support a strong measure of Re- innovations and injuries they have sustained, an r
the receipt of London papers to the 15th May--sated ti form.-Albion. which they are still suffering. His Lordship wild
have been received on thn north side of tho Island-and Of the line of policy, as well Foreign as Domestic, to impress upon the House, the important of ite qi t
giving an account of the Reform Bill having been thrown be proposed by our illustrious Premier, no possible doubt under consideration as a moat serious oune not o .a
out in lthe louse of Lords, on the n;glht of tlle 7s,, by a can be entertained ; in the former it will be pacific and effects the proprietors, but as it afec the sl. s
ronisister, while in tine laller such a modified system of selves, and lie hoped they would enter into tie comlne.
mjuority of i ; the number against lle Bill being 151, Reform will be imnuediate!y adopted, as will meet tine lion of the subject, entirely free from prejudice and o
ad for it 116. The Bulletin also gives an account of a wiidws of nll real patritsl.-J.orning Post. sion. With regard to the Orders in Council, he coid a
change in the Ministry, at the Ihead of shich is to be the We could easily fill our columns with lists of individuals help suspecting, that they haoe done uch mischief. J
Duke of Wellington ; but we are inclined to think thLa designated as the new Mini.trsi but we do not believe appeared extraordinary, that when insuirection l 'k;
senae of tim details are incorrect. thai any thing is vet ilefinitivelyv lized.-.Vorning Chron. subordination prevailed in lse Colonies, a
SThe news of EEarl Grey's resignntion has arrived in seemed to possess the Government, to step in fC the
There is no doubi, however, lthtli the Gr."y .\dnminitra Paris, where it hIas produced nearly as great a sensation plti|ose of doing something for the slaves, in the way of
tion sill be obli.d to go out, inasmurls as they have been as in Lundon. Orders in Council. The frequent recurrence to thee
beaten a second time, in their favourite nirasure. The Oners in Council, inevitably lad the effect of witirdnr.
noble Duke is. unquestionably, tle most competent person Frot the Jamaica 'atriot, June 16. ing the confidence of the slave from his natural protec.
SIe Ligdo, o se ; id tor, the proprietor,anid aIItaut hin tolook towards thi cern
n thm intdon, to lha chdroe of lthle hel of ste ; and yv the arrival of the Packet on Sunday lst, we were try (Ergland) where his real situation was not know;
in his selection of officers to fill llie other respective sitma- piu in possession of London Journls to In Ie2st of April. knownal all, itwasthnugh prejudiced medium. Iucth a
lions, he will, no doult, exercise a sound juolgment. We They are rendered particularly interesting froni the dis- staleof society as now exists in the West Indies, nthng
do not see in lte Bul!etin, any person named as Colonial cu'sion of the (olonial 'Pq.stion in the House of Lords, could be nure dangerousthanlhe bringingforwardenuthbo.
Scretry but i ot p bible for u o have a rar -the result of which, has been the aplpoiLntoent of a tions onthis suhject,ashadbeen introduced,andwithlare
Secretary; but it is not psible for u to have a greer Cinmillee of :nqiiiry, for ninutrely ascerainiing the laws of which they werethrealened. Tieconequenceof uns.
enos) appointed, tlian \Viscount (G lericli. wih would ,and usages of lthe l(s,.s Inia Colonies, ani the actual cessarily interfering, was, that the slaves were led is view
very soon have caused ite entire loss of tine W'est India condition of tli slaves. The Archbishop of Canterbury, with suspicion, those who had tie most powerful niodi to
colonies, to the mother country. naltlhonicih a launch Ainti-Colonist, confessed that a grant befriend them, and to look for assistance from other qur-
We copy to-day, the remarks ol the Editor of the Ja- impr'v*me"nt hadl tken prince in the state of the Slave ter,, with which they had no connexion. He did na
nica Patrio, npon tie dnsin of te Cilonil sion po"d.tion, more indeed than could have been expected. think it was lair, honest, or honourable, that one partni
satica Patriot, upon tlie dsc ,iaion of tilea C.luonil qclen In the course of fifteen voars he said a greater nnimber of H(is Majesty's subjects, should place them.llev is oppoi.
in the Iouse of Lords, anil its rekslt, viz:-ihe aipupoint- Chourcrles had Leen established in the islands than he ap- ion to another, and ull.erstanenents with respect to thusa
meal of a Committee of Enquiry, for miiulely ascerlain- ireChndled h.d ever been in similar circumstances in any the efi'cts of which, mul Ie extremely mischievous. He
ing the laws and usages of the rWest India Colonuies, and ol'er crntry." Thle Duke of Wellington expressed lii must condemn a system, by which one portion of Hi
the actual condition of tile .laver. No douhl iv ecnl, r- I a isflction "that they ha I at last consented to grant the MlNlcty's subjects, was set against another, mad tht too
te bc 1th i neI icniilie, and was muchl gratified hv the statement of in such a way, that it was impossible to take seient
rained by the friendsof lthe Coloni. thl it ill be rl- thII. mnst Revereeend I'r, late, concerning the eilcation nd notice of it. One great objection which lhe had to th
faciornly proven to lhe romnitlee, thal tlhe slaver in theib improved coniliion iof lle neeroes. His (Grace i.all, it Ordersr in Council, was the threat held out by Govera-
whole of the British West Indies, are beer Ireated ainl w is very natural fir the W'est India Budy to desire a isrnt, that if you do not adopt these orders as a Law
provided fur, than uie pecasantry of any Kingdom in Eu- "I'"slin enqiir into tlle State of a qinttion of great mn- we will deprive you of certain benefits and advantages,
r iient, at a IerTiod when tinny were sulfur ing inder extreme which it is intended to eive to those colonies which obey ou
rapt. "di. liss-drihtreli, vuhich hnd been brouelt on by a long Imandate." By doing this, they would punish those who
course of ne'lncs and misfortine, ald which had recently saw the daneger ot' actinron Ihtoh O(n)trl. n ..Ce..., a
We olservo by a Plilnadelphin pepri, ihat an O .lir ICeni ..,t'o It 0i. --- -* -: --*- -L :...: *. I only oy retusnig to them a participation in certain adna*s
hlis been isoe1 by tih ('.iptln-Generil of lte Iblind of n:ic'l It a wla "id that Cul lnial LLgislatinrvr, land tares, bit by encouraging a state of things which would
ub, prohditing the iirucini f re persons u '* I ,one li:lle in lle amneilioralion of Slaver', but on tlie con- probably tend to lie ruin of their estates.
lar. Al vco rigi rare, there wis nt a .iigle onint insisted on in tIe re-" Lordi Suffnld : rank, and prejudiced At;-Co0loet,
hlur. All ve~ul bringne ucl p:sncru ot r l..ronly si *olntinv pn1opst.ed by Mr. (Canning, lich had not been made some desultory rimaiks approving of the conduct d
will lie compelled to take thnem away, and not only sport c.rrird inlet, .Hrt, by one or oer of ihe Colonil Liis- I n and ti Order in Council, hibiting a to
tlem, lbut the guard also, ddine tlir hsay in asny uf thie i laur('. 11.- %aid that the Nolble Earl ((riyv) had nmad!e Ireotrance of the Wei India question.-lle aid he res
;ntris of Cuba. This is very dil.ilral. I I"'Ie nO'-i'nrvaiaions on the lh ctjc of legisltinig for the juied much that the Orders inn Council had been oat
C('uolni,, by O in Conncil. It as their duty, he oiut, and tat if' tile Colonists mad e the attempt, they could
Il ILL ETIn. 1i' to h.LlIs. for it- (Criwn Colonies bh Ord in ,iva their r y free laour. He instanced the
BniLLE TIn ; bit Ae ha' heard trith mrch surprisr, that ia rulii nation of East India Sugar, wlich Ihough produced by
short time ao srderr in (' ,ncil had bern sent to Colonirs free lahhnur, was sent to lEiland at a less price than teat
scoM ..orIT. hain. L.egilatures oWhen h, wis in nfice, he never f the \West India Colonic.--le concluded by disait-
C ST Orrtn.., Nine o'clor, A. M1. v iienrtaind nia ,le. of a i ine Orders in Council in ha from ay inquiry upon subject by Commiee,
We Invie I it received LUnnlen papers to lie .13i'l of, ninneir. Parliaanenl never intended ti exiinruish slavery otherwi. i
M.v. The Reform Bill was thrown oti in thi Iluse rif in any other wa tili.n r:Iluallv, and with the ermntat of l th e o te Noble
Lords onho7th-the nmnbersanint in the iill being 1]1 th II, osid hlie extinction of Slavery in .l, Earl Ilarewood remarked, tha hepeech of he N
For n o16 (,lonies, a as lite sme thing as the extinction of prop-rty. Lord io had just sat down, was a fair sperime of the
andl it neverr as,, intended, to etinguiisl Slavery, rw;,/Aot P'Ir-ju"ce that exist in England on t'is question, and dis-
Natloritv against Mini.strs 35 rgieis rcmuastra.on to the aoners of that prpety. lie drained tunler to reply to the Noble Lord.
Tie Whig Ministry is no nnre,. I aid,it was d.-irablle that the West India question should Viscount Godericli umde a lengthy speech, defending
'he following in the latlst arcnont of the .Mi:iiterial I Itbetter und.ritosd in thii country, (F.nglannl)--West the conduct of the present adminislrnlion, with regard to
ir'Inpgmenmb and plans. The Duke of Wellington is to India property was a be Premier, and a strong measure of HRef'irn is to he pr- i othrr prnprtly in (Gr'at Britain. It was inipoesible in ou. endeavors to moderate the tone and trmpers of both
S pmosed by ms Cabinel ; all tire rest s uncertain. So fact, to derive anv advantage fri.m that species of pr- I parties, (namely, tIhe Colonial and Anti-Colooisa) ad so
for Tory honesty (irt, except thronuh tlle mdlium of Slavery ; and tihroIFug to art between tiem, as to temper on the One hand, well
On the subject of tie new Ministrv, we are as vet able Slavery atone, ronsild the individual indulged in the orrcl- meant, but hasty zeal, and to effect on the other, such tsu
to give no authentic information. The following list ap- nation of that prnterty be sustained in life. In corutic- stantial improvenienult, as would gradually ameliorate tl
pears in the Sptr alsr of vsterrlit :- sion, HisGraceraid.lhat tliesewerensatterswellworh the h condition of thle slaves. Hil Lordship in atlemptig to
The Duke of Wrilinrton, Pre.mier. cconsielrrationof a Committee of the iHouse,and,.d defend that part of the Orders in Council, whrlb ref to
The office of Lord Chnerellhr to remain in Car.rnnis- sulch a report would be made, as would bring tlhe wilole I th' fond and clothing, as well as the time for labour of the
sion,hut the duty ti ho performed hiv .nrdl L.ndhurst. I qestion un^Aer the view of the piullic. slaves-confewsed that it was a matter of extreme dif-
"Chancellor of the Frshequer, M Mr.Goilhburn. The Lord Chancellor, a most inveterate enemy to the cully, to legislate on su Mr. Holmes and Mr. Ppretrine Courtenay are to be Colonists. alllhogh once lthir greatest advocate, seemed subjected the Governmen t o severe criticism, as tendig
oint Secretaries of the Treasury. afraid of the effect the Duke of Wellington's able and to cast a censure on tim alave owners; that it sboud he
Mr. Croker, one of the Secretaries of State. eloquent speech would make on the ninds of their Lord- deemed necessary to make regulations for time of labour,
ord Ellhebonrugh, President f.he Beard if Contrnl. ships, and shewed great anxiety to guard their Lordships, the food, and clothing of tie slaves. He could not deny,
Mr. Dwson, President of the Board of Trade. from being led away by the powerful, and luminous ob- that there elisted peat distress amonges the Coloni"ts,-
SThe Duke of Buckinrham and the Earl of Man.field servotions which had fallen front His Grace the Duke of that many of then were involved in debts which they ha
are to held distingnishd (well-paid !) offices. Wellington. lie admitted, that he believed it to be the not The means of paying-that circumstances would see
Ld Aberdeen, Foreign ecretarv. sense of a majority of the House, to consent to the ap-. o demand an enquiry into the rolonists as body, which .
Lord Rossly, Lord Li"otenant of Ireland. pointment of a Committee. but wished to prevent a dis- night otherwise not be a f6 subject of investigation, wben .
iS Sir H. Harding, Irish Secretary. cussion with respect to matters, which would become the that referred to the charges which had been brought against
Mr. Manners Sutton, Home secretary, in which case subject of inquiry, before that Committee. He said, the them.
Mr. Goulburn puts up for Speaker." measures which the Government had enforced in the Lord Seaford acknowledged himself pledged to the re-
There are,we suspet.a great many inaccetriesin it.- Crown Colonies, had only been reconnmended to the solutions of 182 as a Clonist, and as a man; but he
Lord Lvndhrt, it is understood, will be the Chief Justice Chartered Colonim; those Measuires herrrerr, he fnred, denied that the pledge implied lis assent to the Orders
of the Kine's Bench. Lord Tenlerden retiring on an E irl- the Charterd Colonies rold not adept. Lord Ellen- in Council, or that any sach orders were in Ihe contmlpla
dom.-Sir Robert Peel, it is thought, will be induced to borough, disapproved of the appointment of the present tion of Mr. Canning, when he propped thou nAsi
imin the Cabinet. Mr. Manners Sutton will be created a I committee, unless the Noble Viscount Goderich, would tions. In proof of this, he need only refers to thle core
Peer, and will also e one of the Cabinet. Mr. Baring give some distinct pledge, as to the course which Govern- taken by Mr. Canning. When he laid on the table a op
declines the office assigned to him, oo the score of iill mnent wold pursue; npposisg te absordity and unjurioui of the Orders in Council, sent oat to Triaidad, h
health. tendency of the Ordcrs in Council. should be proved by said, that they had been ment thither as an exporitet,
We give tlhe, of course, as mere rumours, and we cridence! He was satisfied that if their Lordships ap- and as a sample, by which, he hoped to gain the con-
belave that nothing certain is known upon this subject, plied a system of coercion to the Colonies, they would be currency of tiose colonies which had Legislative A "
except that the Duke of Wellington is Prime Minister. paoriculaty sanctioning insurrrctio. semblies ; and, he expressed a hope that the Le iatr
The strength, however, and tie popularity of the new Lord Goderich by this home thrust of the Noble old of Jamaica, would not long rlsit the example wbks woul
Administration, in the opinion of even the framers of it, Law-Lord, seemed to be completely Molplussed or taken be set to it, by Trinidad. But was this the coune taken
may be etinmated from the fact that the troops from Wind- itu abart. 1e svaiI, that the goins into Committee, 1 s by li, noile friend opposite ? Did he wait for the effec

rip Na ama Rvgvu,

of the option of those orders in the several slaland, in barque hoilted Spanish colours, and inatsdiately on the POST CRIPT.
which they were to be carrind into eosecution I No; he Morning Star sh4%iago the Britilh Ensign, sim was fired
only poi d out te timre tmr orde were to hve l th at from the berque.-Ose asti fell immediately under bar After the account contained in the Bulletin, on the
force f la, and then he told the Clonial Legilatures, fomefoot, and two others close eastern. Two vollies of change of the MinisLy, had been et up, we were informed,
tAI ifthey did not adopt the principle of these orders, musquelrv were also field, but, fortunately, did not take that a subsequent one had been issued (which wo have hot
.*ey sAm be deprived of certain advantages which the effect. the Morning Star, by tacking, toon got out of her oe Ja o e y
louse of Commoss had held out to them, as retlif ne. danger, and tite barque shaped her courts along the lnd, orin) from one of the other offices in Jamaica, not in acly
canrary for thce distressed condition. IWas not tAhis apparently for St. Jagu de Cubs; and it is to be hoped, uas contradicting thi t from the Courant office, but stating that,
Sr imono? It was unnecessary for hni to remind them of His Majety's ship Ariadn. left Nassu four days before so late as half past 5 o'clock, on the evening of tine lAth,
Sthe repo made by the Bishops of Jamaica and Barbados, the Morning Star, on a crris,. that she may fall in with it had not been determined upon, who were to take the
in which, they bore testimony to the steps taken for tile this vessel, and make John Bullpay for permitting slave, reins of Government. It is stated, also, that the King
building of Chapels, erectili of schools, and the gne- tinder any circumstances, from being exported from Africa. olicid Earl Gre to resume the government again
rae esertio a o n the whites for the tuliious instruction of In the event of capture, the prize will be taken to the had solicited Earl re) to resume the government again
the slave population, lise the year 23. rhese state- Ilasna, where thu slaves will be condemned by the hut that Ilia Lordship requested a delay until the following
Seats were conhfrrmn by niny Missionaries, and he must Mined Commission-they will afterwards be indented to day, in order to consult wilh bis late colleagues upon the
remind their Lourhips of lthe Act passed by the Leais- planters in the interior, and soon reduced to the condition subject.
lature of Jamics, without any recommendation on the of slaves. Tie Judgesb lo the Mlised Commission will be
part of the dritish Government, for doing away with all sansfied with ha ing done their duly by the condemnation, PASSI-NGEIIS SAILED.
disqullcatlio s as to person of colour. Since that men- and' thle ollfcers antd crew .f any of his N .alesty's cruisers 1, tile F'armer's Delight, for Baltimore :-Francis M
n,.e had been passed, two meen of colour had Ibeen re- will be entitled to 10 a-I.iead for every Alficatn so reduced MSloell, Esquire, Lady anti family.
utrned in Jamaica, as representatives of two parilhes.I i to slavery and it matters very little to tie Spianiards
their Lordahips were paliant, the time would come, when whether the slaves are introduced into tile island it, tie re-
Slavery would be extinguished in the West India Islands, gular way of business or by runfiscation, as in either case
"-it 'Sad been extinguished in Europe, by the gradual pro- the strength of tihe country is increased, anil from thie nmo-
gress of civilization. But they nmust look to the stpphort inent of their iiltrodu.tion. no canting hl pocrilical vaga-
of the master, in bringing forward plans of iniproveenet bnuid will daru to initerfI.e-p %ili llthi ; anl tile Comanmo-
-for if they raised a barrier of hostility between lhe danlts ol tle ev,.ra. l quarters (sintllar to our Custode ) run
slave and the niaster, they would not only take the most no risk of birn-i degraded by orders front thle Spanash
effectual mode of presenting the ameliorationof theslave's Culonial Olfice. i 11 Y -n'L E &
condition, but they might eventually kindle u dame, that ,, th-uamaica Coural. III-N-lY t IEE-NSLADE & CO.
could only be quenched in blood. lie conjured I hem in The fllowiing resi!iilion and protest tiom the W'est (o .ly tixt, the 2d July,
the name of Mr. Canning, and in tire spirit of lies pro- lnli, ssociati of Glisg aflurd a strong proof l th at i v NDE
phecy, which had already been in part fulfilled by tlle thait men r atile caIiIo e y fully ,iaus'trslan il tIle p oiT tt at 0T TE.
insurrection in Jamaica, to abstain from deciding on any issue bet.een te Mrt ,r Country and ithe Colonies. If At 20 O'clock. A. .
course of legislation, which light again liget up a similar ithe Colonies are to be Irined, hlat is to lerotuee of te Wi ill be sold
flame, notonlyin Jamaica, but in all tie West India Is. morrgige, ithe consignee, the asiizea, iand tihe manufac- Thle (' r.,u of tlie Am. schooner Romans, from Key est,
lands. urer I consisting of
| 73 We regret tdat our space does not adnuit us donitr Flour, Corn,
full justice to many of the able nnd eloquent Sprechesl e.t a c ral letting ol tlie \West Irlia Asociation of C
made by their Lordships on a subject of so much i (ol~tOW, lit-tl oi t'tdi..ay, ile 7tllitnsia, tile Re- oile Tc WChairs a
portance, to the wealth, anil security of the British Erm- plrt Of ti' C ousni l, t i teo consider tle OUder Palmetto liat, &c.
pire. Bntour readers must he cnrvilrced frnmn flin- ex- of' til Ki.g in (usucil. i, tile Secolrd of Novelmbrer I r.
tracts already m.dc, ithalt t. nmj.ority of the British pub- Ilst, ratiitited to be protulated as thu Law, ilte barrels
lic, have enquired into, and are now at are of the actual l ifutre t;itorremlnent of tihe CIown Colons, viz. ue- upriCider,
satt of aaffirs in the West Indies, and we rejoice that the r:"a ad BIerlicre, Trinidad, SI. Lucia, the Caps ofl utter. Lard, Soap,
weight of talent in the Ilouse ol Lords has displayed it- (od lIpe, aln tle 3l tui tus, was brought uniler tile I I I. lancy Chintz,
self evidently in favour of the colonies; front wilh cir- conidsseral.ii,,i f tie A.\,, intiri n,. ma.d aptiruot d io. S m Candle,, &c. &. A
cum stance it miyv lie inferred, that thie layv dawn l- prof it A .. is in at' Jdce .ill i tire |el. ofl their ir -CAil, berivr.
perity is ahirut to breik in upon thie clouly nirl in ( C""onmittee r, tslr r that it oulld be a ldaste u tl. tlle to AND-
which the British Colonies have been so long olbsrreod. tite"r intl, i. ti discuss, or It r'il sI to tie V1rIsi Clle At ton .lonth' (Crl.
It is a remarkable feature in ll tie dbates in tlle I,. oe i"1 ire exlrrdli.arr ill at v.e alliuded t, mir to s.Irw tw nires aiins.
of Lords, lhal the advocates fou- tile Culonial qut tion, are llie-idgerP of tire ahliurdrlir iur I these crentairn. Bul t Jif ritlR.
Iull of confidence respecting tle result uf Ie-. inquiry, taking up tlte Order as a whole, thy at once p1ro1 ounce 141.
now under the consideration of tile C,nmionee ot that is to be a law unnecessary, illoFal, u tmonliitutum at, v ea I BY JOIINsulUN & SAUNIDERS.
Maus; rwht... hi .-I .... ,a s, te i eriial party '.'.". .. ,a (IsrLret au traultry itler .r- lice ili
sad lterir adherents, shrink from tie investigation, and thIe nanaenienii and il ii tlir R.lI.s o1i Private 1PrOp-,rtv. n lm.onday neit, the 2d July,
would willingly decline all enqrlriry upn tie sublec, re- willout' llp' nltun in anly l.l- lito its owners. ley' AT Till: vNIU U
tending it to be .uperllunus, a, being lhey say perfect- i tcIlelure, so Iar as IIy are t.n id, is Pr prieturs I
ly well understood by them a.reay.' Does not i. a- Mlurtgagelor and tlrcloaitl,, interesltein or connected wilt At S O'eloct AL a.
lion itself lead to a presumption of thie weakne-s and in- anyorw tilalloiieCo.,tiumiosm, n niiied,Jl'rolest,anidlerob .II
justice of thei cause, and that wil-n a doer antd unpreju- I du.,metin- itist u.uioln mansnr, Protest a lainst ire apIl-- FOIR C ASIT,
diced investigation shall have lakin place., thlu charges cation if tlia Order, or tlr elurrrrllen l tirenf as law in Serfn frelh Flour, in barrels
gained the Colonists will be found ,i,,l.m,^ed of ohld and ; Cilo tlnies a-l'adv daludl, to ; anti, ,iire, ..-r, by ilis, I Rice, Curn, Lardi, Siai,
obsote griovance, and itie ciifilale conditie of i. thir l ,mo irtoev, t. throw .upon tln- li0 isl Govrn. Ca-dvlls', I .is, Dr) (Gods, &c.
negre when compared with the lal,sriig class uf If nieit, an-l Ii- Ir. ltils. Ndion. tl,he te..p'nnil,.l iv of the act1 I cla 'e Plati-.
other countries, will prove a complete refutation of tie r to I.e tr s- tihe rii t ad tile claim for i A few bags Dlack Pepper.
unfounded calumnies Illtt lnatu. in.en in-aps). upoo tin- coieo.sno oni toi h Iatever 10,-s. deleriorarl:in, or deIstrlc- Atwoar months' ('red,,
Colonists,emanating from a i ed and pil-judiced fac- t""n of irolwrtv, the apeplicanOn ant operation of lte said I puncheons Windward Islandl Ruu,
lion. Ordel in Council has ocrasioned, or mas occasion, to 30 barrels prime Jamiaica Stoiar.
te___ private property wlinci lhis been vcledl in Ihosl co- Jun-r :W101.
By His Majesty's Packet Iteindeer uhicl arri,.l tills lonies, under slem-n A't oft ti- iovernlment and Le- -
day after a pausage of S days frm, i. are i n er.lature of Great Britain. Anl he AssociatioD unani- oOTICE.
possesson of London papers' o the 7i.h f M.1 y incl.nsir,, mul Resol've anid llrl iher ('airnn to transit to, A LL persons having denads against the estate o
by which i appears that the Refurin ill remains in stas nd I ode i tl e harIs of tie Itht l urable Lord i illam Viner C(laton, late of these Islands, ma-
bay. wc Viscouni lir l lis .'i ely Pri1ncipal Secretary of ter mariner. deceased,, are requested to render the sae,
The consideration of Ihe Bill in the Upper flou.oA, say State for tm-* Col(iies, this their Solenin Resolution and duly atnesed ; an, iuh indebted, are requested make
1he Courier, virtually commences ties ldy, (7thdai )- I Protest;: ::;,i furll.r atelno1trise telwir chairman and Direc- immedliale pay .umnt, to
Hithertothe Peershave been dlisrussing abstract princ- i. Itr* addopi every lic:ai an.d constlliottnal measure which i D. CL. ANTON, Executor.
ples. the application of them remains; thiey have inut. i- nmay be uihin th,-r puoer, an.,l hlich they nay consider June 30.
gated the theory, now comes tie rlaetcer." S. mucrni for nece" V. to enforce and support lthas heir Resoluno SALT, I- 7 a -_ -_- ---
the Courier, from wbich we alioeether dlifer in opinion, ""d P in the name an, i e p inn, ur sale at 15 cents per bushel,
not only respe;tling ato foregoing remark, but renalding S-i-a in the name and Iy cite appointed.: of the: Apply to
the extict from the ame paper of a previous date. as ap- West India Associati.n of G(lan ow. by TIIOl S TIHOJIPSON,
pea.uin out firsl page today.* The persnom given bv this JANIIS LC(:L: (h i1m1an, Al Exuma.
i s r o R fe IC re February 4tD. A t sum
iin teril paper in approval of tte Reform Billare fimsy, C. I) DOlNALow Screar. brararch 4I .
and hardly plausible; for although it is stated by Ibat Glasgow, 13t r FOR MALE,
Journal, that the Pees hae investigated the theory of .... Na 2-9il June, 1H3-2. DY PRIVATE CON 'RACT,
the Bill,and that mne comes the practice," it must" be
evident, that the practical operation of the Bill cannot 07 A meeting of the Commissioners of Correpon- A TRACT of Land on flog Island, containing 160
lake place until it has been fairly decided upon and pawed dence, is requested, at the Office of Correspondence, on acres, eclooed with Stone Walk, being cli last
into a la.--" There's tle ra,"' and this is the very de- Monday next, thie d July, at o'clock, P. hi. tract upon the Island, adjoining Kemp's tract, and es-
ception, that the present Ministry ale pawning upon the G. C. ANDERSON, tending to the Narrows. It is an excellent stock farm,
British public as an extension of their rights and privileges, HOBERT TAYLOR. w;th ready prepared watering places; the very best p-
id cajoling them into the belief,that when the Bill pages, CONRA D DUINCOME, ture, and upon ttlhere n a large quantity of firewood, nod
will be a panacea to all their grievances; while thie Mi- W. FARRINGTON, als a great plenty of ballast.
stry themselves, are well aware, that although in theory W.J. WEECII. The above will be found well worthy the attention of
*e Bill is calculated to gratify tim people, yet in practice it any person inclined to raits stock, being bandy for the
ill be found to have a far diffent eect DutMinier s L M market; or for a Plantation, the toil being very good.
have gone too far, to retrace their steps with safely. Earl Uor particulars, apply at this ofce.
Grey, old as he is, has et his life upon a cast,and rm st -" *_ June 16th.
stand the hazard of tiledie." Forward he must go, what- N-OTICE.
ever may bethe consequence, rn edeem hi pledge wiil the PORT On X t NS M l, . P LL PERSONS having demands against tie Estate
p nblic, nod to allay popular clamour.-Jamaica Patriot. -.HV of Joseph Saunders, late of the Island of New
Weshall honetR the article refred i o AR ED. Providence, gentleman, deceased, are requested to render
We hall i the article referred to on Wedesday June 29th-Am. Schr. nat, lill, Key West h duly tested; nd thoe indebted to e aid
eit.-- Argc. Coin, Flour, (Chairs, fiat, t. tt d ho indebted to aid
1u 1e1. GRENSIL Co ai C I Estate, are likewise requested to mnalke immediate pay.
Frtm tIromic Courans, of une 19.& men:, at the office of G. P. Wood, Esquire.
ATAC te B amaia CA of June 19. CLEARED, THOMPSON SAUNDERS, Executor.
ATTACK BY A SLAVE IP, ON A BRITISH Je h- chr. Favouri, Beek, S. Thomas April 2d.
SVESSEL. o. Schr. Farmer's Delight, Weech, Baltimore GIOUND-A Gold Watch Key. The owner can
S. Friday last, about 3 P. M when the Mlail-BDoat have tihe same, I,y applying at this ofit, and re-
1ourning Star, from Nassau to this Island, was off Cape SAILED, warding the findrr
laime, she fell in with a large barqueo, full of slaves. T'le 30th---chlr Firmnr'. Delirlgt. We1r m BRlltmore J:nc 0:h

_______Wgne Ma aua Rrgu. 3
6109 21414.t= XV9ar4
(Ci ;t-ingamdflmnA' i ei P1e.) noighbuurs, da that hlie could move, and did move, the that Sly put of the abee of the pamphlet wee mm
there's your diner. ly mitre did not careto takeany hearts of its free Inhabitaats to do good-e point which the. Sent. amo because lMr. Curtin was the frien of
tbr'your dier. My mistress did not care to ake any Pringle, in his kgemral character of them, contradicts nod Wood. bo because Mr. Curtin war thef d of Mr.
trouble bout mel, g l if the Lord had not put i int, the a denies point-blank. Joseph Pillips tells us that Mary i and because Mr. Priagl especd to receive l ,es
erts of e elgh us, tbe Lkind e, I really was "u confmenial and fjaeurite seatd." The Rev. urin, is c it ato earnes request,a crro
thi k, have lain and died." Mr. Curtin says she told him she was so, and that her o ly's st
During Mary's illness, Mrs. Wood hired Martla Wilcox drems and appearance bespoke the fact. Mary herself (To hi Contimuedl.
to nure her child, slates, that while Mr. Wood's slave, sie saved a consider- __
She was a saucy woman-very saucy, and she went able sum of money, because," says she, when my
and complained of me without cause to my mistress, and master and mistress went from home, as they sometimes LLl ( lllU
made her, angry with me. Mrs. Wood told me, if I did did, and left me to take care of the house and premises,
not mind what I was about, Ishe would get my master to I had a good deal of time to spare to myself, and made Every peron about to leave these
strip me, and give me fifty lashes. You have been used the most of it. I took in washing, and sold coffee, yams, isds, a*te
to the whip, she said, and you shall have it here. This and other provisions. to the captains of ships. I did not having resided tereinfor the space ofTrnanT DAlawsl
wa the first time site threatened to have me flogged. sitstill idling during the absence of my owners. Some- give ecuriltyat t Secretary'sO.e,p r plirt u i
The mulatto woman was rejoiced to have po-er to keep times I bought a hog cheap on board u ship, and sold it for up
ne down. She was constantly making mischief There double the money on shore, and I also earned a good deal said OfcefarrIFT EN DAYo preiau to hdepartw..
mas no living for the slaves. No peace after she came. by selling coffee. By this means, I by degrees acquired ter which, at any time during roarT-rrvn DA,. a Ticel
I was also scul by Mrs. ~ojod to be ilt in the cage one a little caslh." robin
night, and was next morning fogged by the magistrate's During those periods atleast, Mars's sickness seems to may be obtained.
order, at her desire, and all this for a quarrel I had about have forsaken her. The sophistry of Pringle and Ma- NAMES OF PERSONS
a pig with another slave woman. I was flogged on my cauloy can never make any rational mind believe that AOouT TO OBTAI. TiceETs FOR DEPARTVIRE.
naked back on this occasion, allhouhl, I was in no f.til al people, who put so much in the power of their slaves, and .L February Elizabeth Sullivan
all. Every week I nhad to ,wals two large bundles o0 treated Ihem so confiientially, would treat them either with olst April W. 1. Alexander* r
lothies; bLll could give no sa:isf.action. Mly Inistress severity or cruelty. It isimpossible-it is incredible, that ;4th John Alday
wass al uys abusing and fretting after ne. It is not (Is- they could do so. It is plain they treated Mary kindly; lt June Francis Montell
sible to tell all her ill Ioinu;1ne. One day she followed me and it is clear that her master and mistress have been ld M r. Johnson
loot aftcr fool scolding and rating. I bore in silence a most grievously imposed upon, and most cruelty d- ceived Ilth 8. A. Bode
,relt deal of ill worlds. At last my heart was quite full, by this woman. That she was instigated to calumniate
ard I told her sltoought not to use me so. That while I them by others, is unquestionable; for when reproached RUCE'S NEW YORK TYPE FOUNDRY,&.
was ill I might hase and died for what sihe cared, by an 'Antigonian for her baseness anti ingratitude in fU tablished in 1813.-The subs'.riber has complain
aid no one would then come near me to nire r ne, be- stating such falsehoods as her narrative contained, she a new edition of his book of Specimens with which
cate tlhey were afraid of say nitresr. This was a real replied that she was not allowed to state any thing else, customers, and other Printers disposed to buy from hi~
.ifront. She called Iher husband, and tuld him what I had and that lose who questioned Ier desired her to state may be supplied on application at his Foundry, Not I
iul. fl flew ilto a passion, abuseil, and swore .t nre. only that which was bad concerning her master and mis- and 20 Augustus street, behind the City Hall. He wea
I'le next d.ay ny aslLter % hli:)i.t! me." tress! remark, for the information of Ihuose who have not been is
Nest cones a story about one .Mr. Hurrchll wanting to In direct refutation of the falsehoods which Miary and tit Ihabit of dealing with him, and because a diferentpre.
pt;chase Mary, anti to advanre the sim necesoay for Pringle have advanced, I adduce tle following testi- twice has been extensively introduced, that his book contain
that purpose, beyond the sum, ainot "iO cu rency, which inonv :- nothing bt, tie actual productions of his own Foundy,
she Ihail saedl. The fact turs out to be, that b ho h ai lent D'NItE. JAES-s-Mary's husband, states, that I. ad presents a true specimen of wsha will be furished
Urrchell the money, and could only get it back by .1r. Wood never punished Mary to his knowledge ; that she orders. The assortment is very complete, bas beede.
Wood's assi.tance.-At page 17, Many proceeds:- lived in a house of two rooms adjoinig his own; that the liberately and careful in twooty ears brought to Ia ps
I was adamited a candidates for ite Ily conimmunion. Ious' was very comfortable, and no vermin in it ; that sent high state of perfection, an embraces a variety f
I had been baptiz,,o long before tlis, in AuguIst, 1817, by Mr. Wood told him he had long wished Many to take a styles,adapted to different tastes and to the variousdepart.
tihe Rev. Mr. Curtin, of the English church, ulter I hadl husband, and that he would protect and treat him well mentsof printing Newasper Book and Jobhighly Iai.
been taught to repeat tht, Creed a nd the Lord's Prayer. whili. he continued to merit it; that Mrs. Wood sent him ed, and cast o the most serviceable metal. Not to oeo
I wishedl at Ihal time to attend a Sunday school tauglhtr h;s dinner and wine fionl her own table by Molly when- the varieties which are distinguished by their numbers is
Mr. Curlin ; but he would not receive mle without a writl ever It' was at home, but particularly on Sund:ay; and the Book, it contains of
len note froni my 'm stir, i nsrtin hiss pe..-i.. n. I idll that when he had ad Iarl %iat site had said in England, ROM.AN and ITALIC 27 sizes, from twelve.line Pia
silut ask my ova i 's pr.itisn, from Ite beli,.f that it lie wrolt a letter to Mr. Wood, regretting that Molly had to Pearl.
iwonuld be rr/usre, so that I Lco no ful their insltction at been so base and so badly adlviscl." The original of TWO-LINE and TITLE, 15sizes,Two-line Colua-
tiail time Ir. thie E ili'hi rihurnch." itis letter, dated 12th Junel, 18.), is in my hands. In it bian to Aoate.
About (Clhrisntas, 1826. Mary, arter I iki ine ime to James speaks 4if M try as his late wife," and adds, that SIIADED, 13 sizes, Tcn-line Pica to Long Prinr.
think abcset it," was marrt.d to ianriel Jamtes, a sta if l ll L .6 ..- ~1 .,t. n,.t have ttl iA .; s -'-line Pica to L;. .ngn Primer.
,oliour, and a carlpenter and cotper by trade. her, which tshe ill ere long regret." ANTIQUE, 17 sizes, Ten-line Pica to Nonpareil.
\Vlwn MI. Wood lr;oril oa my marriage lie nflew into The Rev. Mr. CunTlr says, in reply to Mr. Princle's BL \CK, 12 sizes, Four-line Pica to Minion.
a great race. Mrs. \Wood was more Sexed about my mNar- letr of 7th FIhruary, 1::1'l, It was on the 6th of OPEN BLACK, 5 sizes, Four-line Pica to Great Pri
r.,-: thim hlir litiband. lShe cilI not forgive in for \rIil, being Easter day, 1817"-(,'ot on lie 6th Augpust, mer.
getting married, Lut stirred i >, Mr. \Woud to lit mne as .Ins has statIe)-" after having been pn.viously a Ca- SCRIPT, 2 sizes, Double Small Pica and Gret Pri
dreadfully wi thI lIl, li otwhip. I Ithtiieht it very hlard IoI tereumen, duly instructed andn examined in the principles mer.
th,. whipped al my time of I,, fn gtiin a hb-banud. I of ithe hri-tian ',tipin, that Mary was haptized. On Besides qlusic, Back Slope, Ornantented Leuestal
told her so. she said suhe, uld not have .Agg r men her hrst application, sron time before her hbplism, Lottery Furms, riece Fraction, Superiors, Astronomaial
about tie yard and prnmiwe', or allow a N..ggr rnan' sne brought tme a note front her owner, Mr. Wood, and ,sther Signs. Space Rules, Brass Rules, Ornamed
clothes to i.e, wasdir in the sult l, re her's ,seie, wai.,h. rrcommrnd;ng her r for ihe purpose of religious instruc- Dasbe, Long Bracrs, more tlhan, 200 kinds of Flo
I was ibbied t), pt i L,,it nmy own clotlhe. tsIough I was Iion," &c. With regard to her statement, thai I and 100a0 Cuts and Ornamnts for School Bookea Nw
always at tlle wash-l. hi. ii y hl.:nl sad to woul notI r-ceive her at a Sinday school without a written palrs, and Scientific works.
,sc me so all treated. Mrs. \\, I was al.ils abusint ino nkto from hlr master, I beg to say that it was usual will Orders for any of these, and also for Premes, Chas,
about hin,. Sie did not lirk ine herself, blut she got lher me, whens any adull slaves (for she waas then 25 years of Composing Slicks, Cases, Furniture, Printing lak, or ay
husband to do it for her. l afterwards allowed ae) came on week dlas to school, to require permission ting required in the Printing business, will beeecutd
Daniel to have a Ilac,- to, liue in our yard, which we were from their owners for tiem to stop there. any time, hul on Ihe rmot favourable terms, and with the iutml t pnropil
very thankful for. Aflor ithis, I fel ill aga:n with the Sunlay the chapel was open inaliscrmminately to all."- tde, a large stock of the Foundry articles being aWl
rhleumatinm, and was sick a lnn' time ; Ibut whether sick I ind in my books, a remark that she had a qIarrel wit on hand.
or well, I had my work to do. I was earnest in the re- a free man, of dark complexion, naned Osterman who, Ptintersof newspapers who publish this dwi
queat to my owners to let me buy my freedom, bill their she told me, had disturbed her, and thai she had taken up ment ithre times, and forward a paper conl.inigit
hearts were hard, too har!, to consent. Mrs. Wood ua with Captain L---, I believe, a mariner." IVith re- he Fondry, l ill receive payment for the sameifty t ial
very ,gry. She grew quite outrageous. She called am guard to Mr. Wood, owner of the said Mary, it is but due cae from hew Foudry, o pam for the ammeoift.l
a blacy'de il, and asked me who hail put freedom in my to Aim to inmerr here, that I hae known him for many Gch Em Fodryo fr s te RUCE.
head. To be free is very sweet. I saitl ; but she took years in Antigun, and always heard him spoken of as an New York, January 132.
good care to keep ste a slave. I saw iher change colour, honest, industrious man, and a respectable father of a __________ ___
and I left the room." family. Mr. and Mrs. Wood were both, I blirre, front
Afler this, Mary accompanies her master and mistress Bermuda, were the owers of shares, are remarkable for NOTICE.
to England. their humanity and attention to their doemetica," &c. I lE E SUBSCRIBER being abous to leavethe slad.
A day or two afterourarrival,"continues M.ry, my Mtis. Wood I have not tie pleasure of knowing, and requests an immediate settlement of al access
uitress sent me into tie wash-hlouse to learn to wash in .onl heard her spoken of by those of ier arquaintance, as i due him, or they will be put in suit, indiscrimii~aely
the English way. In tile West Indiri, we wash silh cold a lady of nry mild and amiable manners."t W. I. FULFORD.
water; in England, with hlot. I told my mistress I was Thle next evidence is MARTHA WtILCOx, tie free woman June 13th.
afraid that putting my hands first into the hot, and then of rolour, whom Mary accuses of having instigated her
into the cold, would increase the pain in my limbs. But mistress to punish her. Of this female-r, lr. laford NOTICE.
Mrs. Wood would not release me from the tub, so I was Lesvel Hldge, writes:-" She is our present nurse, with f HE SUBSCRIBERS offer for sale,by private bl
forced todo a I could. I grew worse, and could not stand whom we are much pleased, and of her integrity there 'U gn.
to wash. I was then forced to sit down with the tub can be no doubt, in regard to which there are many res- 6 hihds. choice Madoira Wine,
before m, and often, through pain and weakness, was re- pectable families who can speak, particularly the Moravian 40 dozen do. do. do.
duced to keel, or to sit down on the floor to fnish my clergy, with some of whom, I believe, sihe has just been 60 dozen do. Teneriffe do.
task. When I complained to my mistress of this, she living." dc. Martha's evidence against Molly's state- 1 trunk Gentlemen's Shoes,
only got into a passion, as usual, and said, washing in hot menls runs thus-" Molly had the very same food that iher 2 blue Dinner Sets.
water would not hurt any one-that I was lazy and inso- master and her mistress had. Mrs. Wood, herself, gave HENRY GREENSLADE& CO.
lent, and warned to be free of my work ; but that she her her food ; ad when Mrs. Wood was sick, I gave it to December 24th.
would make me do it," dAc. her. Mrs. Wood gave her, the last year I was in tie
It may here be worth while to shew, from the inconsis- family, three uis of clothes at Christmas ; and Mr. Wood LANK FORMS, of every y P
tencies and contradictions which are to be found in lls gave her lba. of flour, i8bs. of pork, 4 dollars, and a cured at this Ofe.
nnrrative, the total disregard for truth which runs through- bottle of rum. Site got four or five suits during each year, N. .-Job Printieecuted with neatness la1 dia
out the work. independent of Ciristmas clothing; very good Irish linen, pach, upon goo ng per, ted e i ndeato terms.
Pringle states, that Mary's religious instruction, not- muslin to make gowns with, shoes for constant wear, and January 4, 18 ad2.
withstanding the pious care of her Moravian instructors in storkings.--
Antigua, is still but very limited, and her views of Chris- -
tianity indistiat." Yet with this great deficiency of right The vermin were all anti-c ltonial ,crmins created b) FOR SALE.
mind, Pingle, and the females of his family," would Pnngle-SUly Thrnce BIes'" The choice of 2 Lots of Land, withe Is
have the world to believe that this woman could not tell an t The strong testimony in Mr. Wood's favour. given by buildings and improvements thereon, situia io
untruth Mr. and IMr. Wood are described by Priogle as Mr Curtn. in the passages of the letter marked ID italics, Mr. Prian's street, generally known by the s
m fairest specimen of colonial character. What, then, Pringle. wth his customary isingeouity, passe over with a Lightfoot, or Cpi's Row.
becomes of the blasphemy which he has put into Mary's sled rar. hiin a note e asserts. that o she For Terms and other particular, apply to the S
reverend J. allsi.. amont, other acquaintances of Air. Wood's!
mouth, namely, If the Lord had not put it into the hearts ,t this country, the etine pr s ,t his pamnnpct scribers.
of neighbours to be kind to me 1" adc. This at least bens ent for inspection;" heroess, the correspondence be- IENRY GREI SL.\DE- & C
-ii'.wv tat It'l Lordl waq in Antiu3a, and amongst her twern Mr. Pris;le and Mrit Crttir. w'iich I have qrn:cd, *hr"- March '1

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