Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: June 27, 1832
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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THE BAHAMA ARGUS. fashion to make all men discontented witl their lot, li. l t lie fullest possible extent, carried the point of restoring
-was cheerful and happy, contented and (but in name) order-and the result is, that within fvo days of the re-
PUBLIsIIED sBMI-WEERI.Y IN NASSAU, P. free ; while the white labourer experiences all tie difficul- ceipt of his despatch announcing te satisfactory issue, a
ties of his station, and at tihe end of his career, perhaps, successor to his Government is named and appointed.
Sight DoUllare er anmem-a- advance. lingers in a poorhouse, or perishes unheeded in lthe plrb- What does it matter that we, in England, know that
lic strrets and highways. Visionaries have no care for Lord Behnore is a Tory, and therefore is recalled, and
his happiness, no respecting his state of misery. that Lord Mulgrave is a Whig, and is therefore appointed;
Then as to their affection, it is not exercised, because le what masters it that re kLnow-(uot that we do know it,
is not the ohlect of their soliritidle. Hlis complexion is but Ilis Ml.ijjety's Ministers say so,)-that the removal of
too fair. They inculcate no religious feeling, nor do the\ Lord Belmoro was resolved upon, before the news ar-
envy Iis moral condition. Aliklt totheniare his griel' irn rived of the insurrection,and of tihe means taken to over-
his troubles, his holpeof a fiure state, hii missrir's il this cone it \\ hat mallers all this-what will the blacks
=.............._w world. Thny are, exclusiv.-ly, the black man's friend- know lWhy lthe blacks will know--nd at this moment
POETRY the white mian's rneinr. To'l h nm, it matters not whither the emissaries and crearires of the Saints are actively
S---- the hansil liat eeds, anil comfnorts, 4aid niotecis thie former emplou'd in giving the alfair that turn-they will know
CA.ABIANCA-M-aS. HsEMNS.. be lstitroerl, so lonllg us thlir favourite object is accom- that they cl.iinuureid for idlenes.s, under lthe name of freo-
-- pliser:d :', I, of luhumanity is in their conduct.- domn-lltia thely lhd Ieen told that Lord Iluwick, Mr.
[Young Casabianca, a boy about Io years o.l, son to the Flow much of an al.. In ,d I.Istroving spirit, though Stephen, and Kine William had made them free, but that
AL.iral of the Orient, remained at his post (in thle latlte ui'" tle ourimer (llse slave-) ilave a.; iinlti's innumerable in their local G(ov.rnors siddhl ld the boon ; and in consc-
t'e ile) after the ship had taken fire. and all the crisi ha:l comparison uilth ti! Btritish labourerr, still thesn are not quence of this insir.ronductl f their Governor, they rubel-
been abandoned ; and perished n tile explosion of the vls- what they (tvi tir'iipers) r'all freemen ; and to oliami fIroUm hld-tilht, in cons-quince ol' lis activity, the rebellion was
sel, when the flames had reached the powder. thein I Itha lelreilon, the corll sacrilice not ir. onIly tir ouw ill si d, ani some I.ur or fis.e hundred Ild f tlhin were uhot,
Scomnforts herrr, hit ll Io rope lyt of thir emlnlovyrs and e Iidso .. ',, an, I others impriisoned. Thlse are the facts
The boy stonod on Ite burning deck. even thii own ihoprs of1 a rewil relsewhele. W'- have whird they do know.
Wlbence all btll him i l d ; tdo these lfesw |rlllii,ir irv' observations Io show thait hat is ithe fir.i The flame that It the battle's wrerk. I slaves are not lli Shone round kIu o'r lthe dead. : ever adll the education under the nw iclhool of morals. Natdu.ll% i halt elcit tl;ir struggle for IrLedoil huai pro-
Yet beautiful and bright lie stood,. But lIs.i we Inlne iiniiaullh.lrlv wisl to inU ak apparent, is dscrtd in the .Mother ('uuilry, mi what ias Ille opinsoun i.
As born to rule the srorm; thr ininry whirb, in tie first Il ir,, the class of' ersons to Minisirsas home, of tie conduct of the arbitrary Gor'r-
A creature of heroic lloul. 1lIu.ns we alludil havIe donlr to lit' (Colonis. (Is wlha w, nor Uwhlo denittd IlehinI sheiirr rights I And hlat will be thil
A proud, though child-like furm. call their iilptrirtnil irintr. lrence' ; and ne l St lo w llit answer r I \\ liv, h Ii ll thi all rirary Gjovernor is rucallled-
'iie names rollh, on-lhe would not e.,, iaciountabll, unciironsci'i l.' flli 1s Mae.t\' Min istrs- rirniovi.d-ana displrC. i lfIom rlis power and u uthorily,
Without his faithr's word: ir every siljecl, relatinL to, lit t it the present ise- m aid sucreded by a Noublemian of exactly oulposite princi-
Tat father, faint in deaIth lelow, iilnlit ire p.rliculir ;i:s irffiets lth welfare canl. salvation Iples, pp oirted by L.oid ,oderich an.l thel latl or i Lord
lits voice no longer heard. of ltie \Wst India Colonie's. IloIaick, froin wholr depinrltent lirlvr cmanated tlio,
lie called aoud- say., fIt lecoirs necessary as reslerts ltie philantlhropists, to ordlrrs wh icli lave thrown ithe wlhol ou our Colounle ini,,
lie cldled aloud-" ay, fadl,-r s:, \. i i1 i-.
If yet my task is done t' "rd1, st the in. ",iaill tions i Itr- rsons alhlr ledI it, confusion.
lie knew not that hre chiefriain lav, 'ind to Ibi prepar.l d I r ith nmitovi'tments of Illir ipallio), -- -
U'iconsclous of Iis sou. t lo miake srlavlry a thelr'Ii tr their (ela'oisltnc in IParliai- f"im tht LuiondIon Gfl,.
tnent. % iproiii.n of this kind li.s b%,n b iv, n b.v Mr. AI'PIl.llENSION OF A ;A.(; OF I'I'PO.SI :)
SIpak. Father'" once again lie crru, F'o,,ll inirion, iwhl lic e h IrriIr fl ard in llhi roursri o a CIONSPI'I ATOIRS.
"* i I iay yel lie gouie "- ie k or Il .i. .11 dli old I.ii .-y- 1 tle kinl dom no ....o lil, Laoi nilii, io co e i'(i u e Ill inlt. rmalion uliiclih Ia.
.Anl huls theIbss r g shots replied l .ill Ils clhirrri'l wsitlh risea .lil. I hi hii., rliiitlrh in ir hrli- ii folireardled ito Su;.'rilrendiit Iliiuntr, oif iht I. I.i,-
Alril fatal rs h hames rolledoisl.
I)b ; tlinml tl', n lhe eoloinists s iil ir by I r tsi Ir(-llllr rl IIIm.-, that iCenlllth lans lln coimIpany ilh ii pi tl r Nor-
Upon Ilis brow lie felt their breatll. l diout allak, and what is %ullrrl, tlie irvi nlu ilin hinlilr illu Iook liln rn policemerr n in ipriale clothes, and
4Anl in his waving hair; in ctinleqrle' nce. Now, Ils e soilllhr l i tiiiii lt.llv iindl r fier Ii La hijsia iiIi in (;lal, hiolse court, (iGoodliian' yard, wllliii
A. -iI looked from Ithat lone post of deat. ctsielrarlion ol (ovirnli'rl i Ill S.'ll r I)llilh AL'ainsr l li urlinlV ie uii ee sI d ls a CtarIpeiiltr's shilp, anil iaisn c
In still, yetl desp.iir. anv reduce i.n .1 Nii-ir-s l, I lltheir I'icer,; how is i-sely, r'- rirolly lli- rd an eriilrrnrcer, the. proc dled iup a sillt e
A ll .ht:lte.l hlrt once more aloutl, m nlains i shei sren. el-. hi ivr s. i an it r oua nt (o t h o lilrn i o 'll i r oll llir l ires iloor, anl d from thi.nCer ht i ainollier lal.ier
.' My father, r litl I ray ?" i, Ir of siln% in Aii'rilr.a antiti lir \\r.tI Inldi's, Ilirii ii lo itin IIf, abli o i lohere tiil'.t discoi r ll n il iniisi, lialnil-
lVhil' .'rer hin l hro sail a d sr ta n r i o h on ;il k n at 5.1.2,'llN ; il" lihi' n lnlir, Iti' Bril i.i ('oluiii. I. .r a1Iipp aramIr lit llli sia rs il' 'rcil illnr ii'n l.sI ll. l i ilh
The wreathing fires male isay. cornain sonir lier arishllo l Siriin, I. The l'l sl.vs s tolirr'- o l ir,. i ri'lse- ; liadl' n ti o resrsiMance, anil, soideedl, Ii'vy
Thirev wrapt the sh ip in isllernd.irnall ,r iliv(l. i pro hiP e o il I 5 .* ,i lr Iis of Sit, ir, i f l i, h I i, l no io iiportvlniy o l- dO in.i s,, so cailiousl and sudd,,i-
They ciau ht the tfla on high. I ainliiiiont dli Ililir h ('Ii .. iiiIs lrnirlh ailniu lls i li a out lI I,- Iv i r i tih y .urrro ilr'ld by Ioi re. IThl y l rre ilisaroin l
Anid l lreamed above lir gallanl child, MiNt lon. Th'I'i. it %ill il sl ,n, thiat a I takin i I I.'kni y iL a ri.;rlile to I c r Illaindl- ard. Illrr
Like banners in Ihe sky. The Foreign Colonies r, t.i.i In I.125,101) 'la t is, a it lhl Is iLd illr in': tle ni li. T 11i 111111his o inig l y sc se
, came a ur ofhnnr sound- Prodir ;-' 14N) r tl t iar ; r .ake'n l-liorer a ii, ni.trai, i-rmerilv pro tlrnes, in irdn i ,
The ib v-oh where is be lil, i,, Iltlilih Cl l l, onlv il l, iN( nI .i l t n d eIi(h' I '-, "lst d'.rr 1 st iruni lr s.2i'i'l 11heihr risan ha ,
Ask of lihe linl listlha far arunlil I ai eiar rn.ilrled tIll ilip ,I fr.r r( l i h ini snir.rk.-s 'll llil ii i p .-lir'el. In tife lofl i e re foiind s''s-n-rl (lllaponis .,
\ilth frame menr ilrsrw Ihe sea rli of r, coniidri;i, I orl e li n i-rlr I, i l li, variosI l i sri ptions- hilt no life arm-; there vri .d1,
F prollcirre o ril' i nirs irIil 'll\ 1i lire nullllll l 'ro ii fur inl. paIi T uliii hu were 'curril.
llhIn l 61i'a h unll' ,Ii stlit', '. I I l IIIIKI <' lhvloli, 1hrli rore0 '| : I l" ri ,onl'rr. i ih I-.I lal olhlJi-i w. rere in IhIo hliall nl
From the British Trareller of the 17th iarh. %a hu of s ir. ru, r io were in ie t
t i ru lil niilietl r.llll itlr l, llii lihe v-.1 l our clo ,ilil r i mpeetill n i ill- .i lls plaJc- r miws i Iillnte piass, and l ar
TIIE INSURRECTION IN J \1.1 I.'.%. (conmlaralivel slperakiti.l) Tio Ilt isiiothr .coi lry is hi'. oiin I r.nn otI-'i, % tl .I1 la rv oIsr,' of minl iu hlso iiv, l,.r
W'e have heard so nmuchl laltly of tihe dilressed state price,. Illow i len .i Minir cin ri r.-ii leir I r olnl li r |ii rp i o i t1 lilliin lls. I( II' l .'ises lo tlie ll of ai l n-
of our Wl est India Colonies, and the subject ir., hlr"n so fil lily iv hll llir li. -- 's _Frn iii o ire t ilr iir,,-lhiI, n ()tr ii. l : 'ills l' i.' I iIilhlio r wereI p| iini l thlu dillier.
uften discinssed that the public mind is fully ilnilorld of lparIilr ular in)inr irr I' rp l'iist ii' tr Ili (',le nistl ilr P rs'- c ril, r- I.lioni of i lie btroadi-word iUxerl:i s ..
lupon it. Yet lhire are lliihts still to be' throwing Uotin the liel which iliis. .-.k,. I -, hi, if rl rai, I r l.ol r oh -- --
question, and there obstinacy of our Coi ernmeoliilt alrainrel ihr lit' eatl- l I, i it i ftlw' i Irosm Ire i, j i;, .Mai, .VarcAh 2:1.
any concession is so nianiltes, that we think it our diutv, T SI|I sil|r' is one In.' inllinsi inlPrest, :ind we irr. rll- );srlles ;io o tli i trat \L t rn:turLr on ilie condllll.n i
lot only to our suiiering fellow sublierts, bit to the nation pl(.ll.d o r r l1,!'' .l r lh-fl ationi I'or tll pr-i'rt' hdis ot ir \t 11 % i i a ('Iil C tiip 'i i'i about Io oc upyI t l f ll",.
at large, to draw public attention to llse sbiilrr I nre ninlly. we ha ha ve fre 'ie en o|p o rrni i riiei .f rectirrin'. Ilt it. 1! ('oriiiIss-. It is is ivar halr for Ihe taikr of i liro I '
inI the hope thlatat lengls tll I Legislalure may lv r indliird -- -- Nlrroes llhrinsIlvr., i'' avry cannot al unre I.e .,,
to do an act of justice to a nuch abused Jboll), andi atl tr 'rm the Jhn IIll f .rtich 1e. an nil so. It i iqu.ill clear, hal if not cinir,.atla.
same time convince ministers lliat ti,y are nor to he al- exliitihishelJo sMrr nirunt be irni'l.dif' r'l.hmateid
I-II-.C,,.LhteLORDI ImLoOlt" be i.))Peel1'- Int l ln "oIean k "
lowed recklessly to sport with the national inirces.t. Tlr RE CALL OF LORD HI.L11ORE, \NI) APPOINT'- ant, I upo, no unr consideration, inr ile sake .f !,(
l.te insurrection in the West India Islands, pailicularl in i.M O LORD) Llt.l E l \\i I l lia and hlis pi:ropert :i.ln-land, alini;
Jamaica, naford a most lanenlahile roof f' the stensls's Sir J;inirs Graham .it s ni il up hist mind tIo to Mo 1- l a-tedr ;in .iri \ll, ionre p'owerfi, nl, se bilisv, wsl!!-
cry raised by a certain class of iprsons who, presuillini on drols. and Lord 3lull.ra' cl-i' (i-overnor loiJiaintdirl. IIid i Ianin llid wani lie Birlisl sl ave-trade, 1 ,
tlhir influence, arrogate to themsllvis nil onliv l'' wlolc Si J sn.,s gron to JJnli. (a, Loid lilr:ive would i in all noit bIlin.,r aislh Ia hliCrite for olher nations, 1hfi til is
of tlh virtue, but thie exclusive plhilanthroily of thie hlu- prols.tilitvy lhasa Po;e to tI-. (Jovrlrnnirnt of MaIdrl.s, sins in ill crals nominally, in all soibsilarlall,,
man race. Slavery isa term of such odium and reproach, which, ilnd' r ill lul rii ' onler', notwlllthandling iIr friee. 1111 i11' llritish slaILe-radse had been Eove-rncl
thatlto raise it is onlyonpointoutfor destruction Ilie ojertls greater distance from tfoIni, ue ll. ink Hisi IL.lrdliip wouIl bhy rul's wU.II franeld fur tlle hi.-iltl and comflrl of lliCs
against which ihe malevolence of the party to which we lave found more :lreremhlp-tih- crlimalp, we think hrlitr, eecro on tliu nudlll pastare, wrhrrlcy lie was securer!
allude is directed. the pir lHIe more easily mnana2.'r, and its chance of remain- from lulllller and thir i, and thil etiremity of close and
But we contend that slavery is but another name for la-l ing :in nlii Iosss'-sron or IiP nolt three 'seirs molchi fool eonnlin.inlnr. The slups were roonmy, conslrucIrl
bour; for it will not be denied, that when men earn an be hellr lti all of Jnamaica. Thues I ron. ('lharln IipCirs, and d iideil uill a virtw to the well-being of the African ;
independence by the sweat of their brow', whither they sni, Cap!i il anl l\lIdiita'il of lie lW Ila tialion of il :il 1 anl, at length, the law was brouhlt into such vicgrous oni-
are free or bondnlen, lie wages of their labour bhini uie .na l ris, norn'st s 1rililarv S'-, retarv io ihis ,oble bro- iaiion, tlihit s., I. ,s ol' lil.', and little or no suvering, bc-
means by which they live, they ought to h b content. Now terll ; and Mlr. Frank Shlerilin. the son o Ille" late hihllv- yond that of merp captivity, was experienced in tlhi
we have but to draw tih line of distinction Itbtween the iI lied .Mr. 'Thoumas SIheridai, accompanies Ilii Lordlsip average of Biitish slave-ships.
black labourer in the West Indier andI the white labourer as P'rivat Seretary. Ten ane tie total abolition of the slave-trade, so fir
in our free empire. Each toils for his bread; hut lln' With Lord .ltler:i've' an;:,intmr 'i ac mer!rile not; as this country was r oncerned,-an honour to the national
former has the advantage over his less fortunate fellow, be- i Iis Lordlhip is a rlsisr 1 .i rni,,. irnih nolehisman, and crharacter no iloubt, and, had it been accompanied or fol-
cause he is not subjected to the distressing privations tIn thrs worst that ratn bPe sail of Ilinml- rrlei that he is a lowed by a similar policy on the part of neighboring na-
which the white man a doomed. Thie West Indian slave, lWhii--i, th hlie is vie ines'..rrifnurcd in the verr dillicult I lions the p iatlist blessing ltat ever was bestowed by on.
if it pleases the philanthropists, works-certainly under a task which, at thli critical ureclure, lias been assigned I,) rare of men upon another. But neirhbouring nations
burning sun-but he has his hours of relaxation from toil, hin; bil a ith iri a pp,'oiinin'nt, of anybodvr., at this no- I h:ave not imitated the noble example of this Goverr-
anol is not subjected to the horrors of poverty, nor t) t' se ment,to i the Grovernrnito of Jamaica, invlvving as it does I meant. They have, on the contrary, pursued and en-
disgrace of the workhouse, nor, what is still worse, to thi1 lei r rall of L-,rd BRlhnorr,, ucrv elody who is inierestid couraced Ihe trade,-have aerly ministered, above all
denials of a settlement, nor to the want of employment. in the preservation of ror ('loni-s, and of tliha Island in since 18j15, to the insatiable demands of foreign countries
lie can gather together in the evening of his day, the I particular, must be crier-.d, andI incensed and irrialted. for slaes from the heart of Africa. In order escap,
means of independence, and purchase his fireedomn; and I|ord BlInorv, with zral, .nerc, and discretion, has lhe few British cruisers which were sent rather to screen
then, siting down at his ease, can smile at slavery anld te ti reo d id in strmnuinn rile torrent of a violent and sanl- the imbecilily of th' (Government than to enforce its prin-
frownsof the wrld, without actually known. liat lthe Friinarv rebellion, created I b the excrtions ofs the Saints ciples, foreiners built their slave-silips on the slightest and
term means. Intil of late year-, wlur, it I, r.ime thle :minl I.ilbera,- he : haius r.iiI, l vi-oroua measures lie h:a. .,n:ltr.t msdil, for ra;.id sailing much more than f.r



,1 1


I --sl --

__g s Maijama Rrgnu.
buiumne accommodation. The consequence of which the Ca HHI. The fund dedicated to this purpose isa ject;" u eay thing asserted by the writers w he
I nblhined causes-lat, the eagerness of tie maiet; 2d, sum of about 190, the surplus of the money originally sumed that appellation, can i no wise aaeet thell .
tli alarms and rapacity of the shave-traders-has been a subscribed (chiefy in India) for the marble statue of the racerof the late, or former House of Assemb o
more ettenlive deporsaion of Negroes from Africa than poet by Flaiman, which, left unfinished at the artist's y, o
at any period during the existence of the English slave- death, has recently been completed. The design for the Members, individually. Their constituents fully appt ,
trade, a system of atrocious and unscrupulous, because nmonuaret (by Hamilton of Edinburgh) is a columnar of their conduct, as will be mos unequivocally shewa t
unpunished, cruelty, anda waste of life beyond compls- temple. The architect, sad others who have inspected dle naex general election,-let it take place when it my.
prison more dostreetive. It is affirmed on authority, that the plan, are decidedly of opinion, that an additional out-
hove 600.UOO Negroes have hewn transported, since the lay of 300, would improve it. An announcement to A SIGN OF THE TIMES.
peace of Paris, to Brazil and Cuba only. How many this effect las, therefore, been issued by Mr. George The Editor of the Royal Gazette has at lenth b
more (perhaps a third of that number) may have perish- Thomson, (whose name isso indissolubly linked with thato a at e
ed 1 of Burns,) soliciting subscriptions. Little need be id to obliged to copy from a prt of our heet, in order to
The effect of this prolongation of the foreign slave- recommend this monument to public support. It can add make his Gaette at all interesting.
trade beyond the British has been of manifold evil. To nothing to the fame of Burns, but it can show that we are On Saturday last, the Argul s issued at the wanted
the common cause of humanity it has been revolling,- worthy of being his coutrymen. It is our interest hat il be time, and a copy of it, as usual, left at the oce of Mr.
to the more immediate interest of lhe English colonies it erected-and being erected, that it be worthy of hisi name, M'Queen, his paperhavingbeen previously workedof Tl
ha been to the last degree calamitous. and of the city in which it is to stand. Were the pro-
The field of speculation in Brazil, Cubs, and elsewhere, posed amelioration of the original plan only attainable at King's Printer." however, fndiog for some time past lth
lia olIurail great encouragement t eo tiu Ireign slave inm- a yet greater expense than what is calculated upon, this inconvenience of a lack of Vendue Advertisemeots,
I'r~er. The amount of sugars grown therein has heen ouIIht to be no obstacle. It is better to leave undone, well as those of other descriptions, set his handaS to
erroneouslv augmented. Taken in conjunction with tih thaq to do hy halves. There is no part of the city which work, and copied upon slipsof paperomradvertiseMenls.
vi'rers of the Kdst Indies and Mauritius, the foreign nmar- we would less willingly lee polluted by a mediocre mo- for they did oit find their way to him except through
Lk. Ilai been shudantly supplied from these sources, with nument than the C.alton lill. It is becoming tile gather- It i intent to de
which the British colonies, relsrilced in imonist both of ing place of faneis s red to our master-spirits. The medium of the Aigu. It is not out intention to dwell
lalstir and surface, and borne down by coimnnrrcial regu- abortion-the Nelson's monument-scarrely redeened upon this subject: iu fact, we should not have lthoug it
lation., cold offlr no connimlitien. The r:'nwquencc is, even by his memory whose name it bears, is surely disfi- worthy our notice, but it was intended for our injury, ad
that the lrilish colonies have been confined exclhuively to uiemient enough. We trust-we know that our to ns- has afforded to the world another proof of what misea
Ith BRlinish market, and even in that, tlih scene ol their nmen anil others, whose hearts beat high at the name of
niniop,'v, or least tbir partial rivalry with East Burns, will come forward in such a manner as will enable and moan acts some people will resort to.
ln!i;i Siiuar, the various acts Ifr retlrmining their coin- Ilainilton to cypress fully the conceptions of genius.- In order to supersede the necessity of Mr. M'Quaen's
ilercial intercourse with \ilerira, and for raising a large Before quilting the subject, we must a"ke lihe liberty of actingsodirty and piratical a past for the future, we shall
rrvenue from their produce hy taves at honie, have expressing our disapprobation of the 'ile allotted for this behappy to furnish him (our patrons consenting) with
curi.tiled the dlem.and fr it, and fatally cut down their monument. The spot where the Miller's Knowe once fair copies ol our advertisements each issuing day, early
protni. ll.w loi(s lis ii ear upon the rondiiion of the stood-now a waste piece of ground enclosed between
necre I It has te.lded to harass and depress lim. Not- two rows of iron rails-is in every respect a better locali- enough fu them to appear in his paper-and, thereby, gie
itlhstnding the strange paradox of Mr. Ustion, that an ty, and could be granted with as little detriment to the it a respectable appearance ; but then, we think it i no
impinroven'en in the con.iliin of the planter wiuld con- fiinnces of the glide oon,"as the situation at the west more than fair, that he should give us credit for them.
tribit to ,mke the slave more miserable, it must be ol)- end of Reeent street.-Edinrbrgh Literary Journal. What makes the transaction appear worse, is the fact of
vloll ti every lman hisole judgmnet undiesd nto send feeling,
,li'[,no.ionate, tiat like anv otler neely auid emniliarrassed Ils neglecting to send us an extra slp;" feeling, o
hinlluord, a nelyv West Indian ms t be more likely to TI E A 31a, T So doubt, that he was not acting an honest part with his
oppre'r his labourrr than one who is not hiamsulf pincleedl neighbour, and brother chip."
i the li wrality siib which he treats thein. We have -. -----
lifrll dolulb, therefore, that the sifferines of the slave cont- IWED'DD.ESD .V, J UNE 7. I4329. Nassai. 25th June, 1832.
uinlliey in the West Indlin colonies lhaiv been agIravated, - -- To the Editor of the uahama Argou.
er, at least, their eamelior:atimio s'enibly chiecke.,, by the uoi- Civis" has been received, but we nmust decline publish- S'-You 'would oblige ime by intoreinig me, whether
happy conditions of their masters. you know il aty law, civil or in.ilorv, liich will legalize
l)in .1,e other haund, however, if we be tked whether ing it, as we have really latelyy) had the Police Maristrate lhe et of p!acilng a sentinel on the King's Highway, aiih
ili Hrillrli I'arliament, or tile (Government, onhit to relan figuring too conspicuously in our columns ; and we feel, orders to prevent lihs Majesty's subjects from passing and
in Ilhiir determination to enforce a better systeni of ge- that some apology isdue to our a ader, for havingalready repassine, on .i piarticlrar part ofl such hiighay
nerr.l nanaenreme.t ll the negroes, we answer. by no brou;lit that cotemlptible, personage so often before them. I "ta inducedl to put lthi question to you, fium having
nlealn." It aip'ars to us, halif the li discretionary owr obebrveil ie setliirhl lately placed on Ilill-street, in the
nl ofi nit.aste.r has b en liable, to penveri, ,.--if :lie slaves Our remarks il last tWedines day's ASius, on the letter Irout ou tihe Givernment lot, (for tihe purpruoe, sppasently,
hailv hel,.,ie 1ie not like intellectual, or mir .1, or hlumlan aI o A loal Subeictl" whicll appeared in the preceding of euarding tlhe statue of Columbus.) stop pasvsnlern
in euli, hi like clients If urrden (anil tire dleneal to them a e, ha passing tilrough that sireit, and obli'en theie to diverge
of all l eans of intellecual cultluro is in lone sense a mode nllilter el tie Hll (laaite, lave reied hat writer to completely out of tihe usual and accultouned path.
of' Iretleiit( dlon only to ble.,.),.-if they have nol been shift the masquerade habp front his own shoulders, to those I aa,!s nouri.hed,-if they have at ;IIe ,ime time, of a more experienced fellow labourer in the same cause; A SUBSCRIBER.
Ie,.eii ,rked uiifeerlingl,' foir I or I I hours out of the and consequently, we have two cl..rly printed columns of To prevent any of His Madjesty's .,bjects from passing
I')ei -ri-l-rwenl v,-aied it ii'( rertai i al recorded d,.- that interesting and elasuhle journal, the Royal Gazette or replas'ing on any part eof a public highway, is an outrage.
,nu n rof theired dirner it, as we are .l sure er ceat. lpr an- nd tBaIham Advertiser, No. 121," filled willi to.erably ous iiercise of Irbitrary power ; aud were such a thing
inor canl he tl-iced dirt(tly, ais we rl_- a. urd 11'at II I con, -
to Ile ablience of moral andl decent iabits. It i.esfflicient well written and (barring Illi total absence of that very in- to h1 attempted in any part of the United Kingdom, th
I;od, ,.d to excestive la.boer,-then what will he tlie significant ingredient Truth,") a weli concocted publica- actors would very soon iee made to feel the vengeance of
coinsequle" tho e production of the IWlalrs I W'iy. tion. an enraged andl insulted populace. Our laws, however,
In'eI', Ih' .ian'rs or Iltir prierlity will le hgarl.- 're accusation Eainst ourselves, we shall merely re- without resorting to violence, afford ample means for
anil tlii country w ill have lst by tlli' ruin of thle serar ply by s. vinig-.Mr. Loyal Suhlect, judge not of us putting a stop to such an oullage-althouhh, perhaps, tll
hli.ation frome ti,(tM),t( )i to 17,1l (e.ti0 ollerr annual by shat you know of tie King's Printer." If he is person most criminal, is not accessible under them to
rrIsenue. It fhlowT,, lwrefilr, that whether we reward unable to endite his own paper, and is, therefore, depen- punishment-and we doubt not, but that they will be ap-
tIe' iers rf tre se, of tie Ilanter. or tis ntel (iell upon the heads (thick and brainlessas sotle of lthse pealed to, should such conduct be persisted in.-Ed.
tl4,ileeri r eiein~ Carn llt r lneieln ;Is le11 are'. le tcIcl i
(;ivernmen., inder carrt-n condtlltn., oalet- ia persevere of his political cronies, be assured such is not time case Argus.
In elinll.aolring to executo thie n erl.lneclllnts nos con- with us; for, while it is true, lhat we have friends of
tersiplated. There ought to be slave-prortecirs, as a nel- i whose assistance and support we feel proudly, yet it is also Nassau, June 2th, 1832.
tral p,>wer, between tite tyrant (where tyranny ldos exist) as true, that we never Ihase and never shall be backward, M n. EIthT n-Elcse gnse, but pon honourr" I
nel tier virlimi,-elcee orht to1 be a cl'rk uson le em- ii i ou ow p nthe uhIII the iolire signed Mlustapha Jeumison, No.
psilion of overwi-helmie O tur in lha e, even i r ill bestowing in out own person, upon you and her Bark Road," was uperuou-for, really, I have ot
rlaion g and ehainting climalur There arngit ro, be i worthieslike youl, a sufficient quantliy of wholesome ein a u% I.LL.MA.N yet illi Mulstachues.
rllalrimn and exhalluving climate. There ogllhlll ,i be a
sulnilent nuniwr of ldaI as wril as hours for indulgence gaFion, foi any public delinquencies of which you may be Your'r, &c.
I r f thel, fron and spirits of the slave ; there oucht aUsured- Lguil y. Ilaving answered this part of the letter, we slall PAUL PRY.
fI. o be sm resraisnt upon till, natre aont amount of iterely remark upon one other portion of it, and then quit From the Jamaica Courant of May ilhh, we etract the
in .rory penis or h nt:e eduo all, here mout h e some, A Lo)al Subject."-Ile accuses the forlet I ouse of following.-Ed. Argus.
sicanq sliorded for tie education ot the 'o nehful nesr'oes,
-the hest-nay. iIe only gradual preparation f'or the en- Assembly of having adopted the Resolutiouns referred to TiE ANTI-SLAVERY REPORTER.
:o)lnent of lusture lbertr by us, without proof. Thisassertion is glaringly incorrect. In the numnler of this nasty little Pamphlet for March
Brin lt ll-ney. to anev of such expe lirnts fir tie im- Proofs, and abundant proofs, were adduced before a Con-. 10, lIM2, we find the following observalinm:-
provem,'en of our colonial posessions, ie i% indispensable mittee of that House; and it was the report of that Com- Mr. Grignon seems every where. He began lhe cla-
that so much should le done for re plainer himself as I hik of h R mour among tie whites in July. We find him now at the
will enable uhim to bear me additional, ho-ever necs- i which formed the ground-work of the Resolutions bottom of the black movement. Saltspring estate is n-
sary, burdens. Severe laws, both fiscal and conl.mercial, I in question.-I may, perhaps, be answered, that that re- der his care; it belongs to Mr. Dulfell, of London, sad
liase driven the master to lean with heavy pressure on port was not unanimous, and %as signed by only three out had upon it in 1826, 177 slaves, being a decrease of 56
the slave. To relieve the slave effC.ctually, we m.ut re- of five. This is true: but one of the two who did not from 1821, when there was upon it 233. This is a de-
lieve tru master; otherwise, it is impossible for the latter sign, was a public officer, which is a reason su iently crease of about 5 per cent. per annum."
to carry on cultivation. The sugar will be lost, rhie tax s The work afterwards goeson to state-
lost, the stores for estates unprovided, the colonial re- strong, toaccount for the non-appearance of his name to Now here we have ithe whole of the information oe
venues themselves no longer irised,--lhe blacks, uncon- the report; and the other, although a friend and supporter which the Governor professes to have acted on this oc-
trolled and let looe not merely against the ptoprietlors of the Governor, declared in his place, as a Member of casion.-And yet, to what does it amount Colonel
of estates but upon each other, will give the reins to out- that House, that he perfectly agreed with tim statements in Lawson lells the Governor of what he had heard from as
rageous barbarism, and anarchy be every where tri- the resort, but objected to that part which recommended overseer, who said tim negroes had behaved INAnoLCtI
umplahent. to Mr. Grignon. And can we not suppose a body of ne-
Thiis surely must not be. The legislature of the parent pe'timon;ng the King for His Excellency's removal, as he roes so treated (see note last page) as o be diminishing
country must be at its postand look to tile changes which thought other measures should, in the first instance, be in nunuer by eleven a-year over and above the births,
die obviously requisite on bol aides. But, so far as we resorted to-for which reason le had declined signing the to have complaints to make, which Mr. Grignon, their
are able to judge, the Orders in Council cannot be fairly report; in other words, he agreed with his colleagues in attorney, might construe into insolece ; and tliat whea
ecued, without a inulaneous effort by the State to- the charge br t agait the ror, but died ih i is displeasure lie sent troops to punish this insolence,
aids amending the unfortunate condition of the more they should disappear."
than half-ruined planter. We are overwhelmed with let- them as to the mode of obtaining relief. The committee
ters upon the subject, for none of which we can find framed their report from theric aoce testimony of oume- Mr. Deffell, on seeing the paragraph, immediately
roon. rous witnesses, and the House grounded their subsequent wrote to the Editor of the Reporter as follows:-
Poceedings upon the report so framed. Whla other de- 38, Upper Harley-treet, 15th March, 1832.
proceedings upon trn report so framed. What other de- To tike Editor of tAe Aaii-loaecry Reporter.
Iurns' Monunue.--Our readers are aware that it is scripion of proof, does the Loyal Subject" require ? S -A passage has just no been pointed ot o me
,,1 puscd to erect an architectural monument to Burns on With these few remarks, we shll drop tihe Loa nl Sub- in the Anti-Slavery Reporter of the 10th inst. which al


'se lMagam a rtgs. ___
pm to be founded entirely in error, and as it relate to than forgror mirepraensations, all of which might have grrtrr er, were equally unprecedented lad inseferable.-
tare of fact and not to opinions, or arguments, I rely been avoided by the lightet trouble and inquiry. EdAt. Gm. Gi.
spin your candour in correcting the ame with the least Firs-That I was the owner of Salispring estate in
possible delay. 1821, whereas I did not enter into poession of ti* pro- A Scrpulous Conscsaiee.-A gentleman in the town
I did not enter into posesion of Sallpring estate un- perty until June 1825, four years afterwards. of Ricniond, Indiana, has put forth the following ed-
il June, 1825, and Mr. Grignon Iad nothing whatever to Next-That Mr. Grignon lad the management of the vertisement. Dean Swift gives a curious account of the
do with the property prior to that period. estate in 1821. when in fact he never had any thing what- moral efect produced by the phenomenon of a Comet il
I do not know the number of negroes removed from ever to do with it, either for me or for any one else, until his days. I it were the means of making people more
Saltspring by the former proprietor, Mr. Joseph Bowen, 1825, four years afterwards. punctual in the payment of their debts, it might not be
bu the number left by him on the estate was 126, and Thirdly-That Mr. Grignon when le commenced the amiss for us to have a demonstration this way.
the number actually upon the property on the lst July management of the estate had 233 negroes under his care. The Comet P !'-As the great Comet is approachln.
Imt, after an interval of six years, was 125. The 52 ue- Now, the whole number delivered to him on my behalf the earth, and the result of ticl warns all to settle their
grns which appear by the Jamaica Aliunack to belong was 126. accounts, it is holed that those indebted to the undersigned
to Saltspring, besides the original number of 125, were Lasily-Of these 126 negroes, instead of there being a will 0tile immediately what they own me, that I may be
idded by me to the estate in 1826. defalcation in the number of eleven a-year over and above PPi"'red to settle mine ilh nl creditors. There is no
The documents to verify my statement, I shall be ready the births, the real deficiency in the number, afterdeduct- tfAn in thi, mind I tell ou A IIINDAN
mo produce whenever you may wish so see them. In com- ing the births from the deaths, is only one during the ANDRW
Mon justice to Mr. Orignon, I cannot conclude without period of six years.
declaring my firm belief, a more human man does not You will oblige me by inserting this letter in your pa, a f*, H i4
eilt. per, and I am, Sir, your verse obedient. humble serant.
Your obedient, humble servant, - -=------- -
(Signed) JOHN HENRY DEFFELL. From the Jamaica Courant, of May 11. PORT OF1' ..SA.II. N. P.
We have continued our extracts from tle Windward
To John Henry Deffell, 38, Upper lurirry Street. Iland papers, in order to shew the condition to ulicLh tI ARltIV ED,
Office of the Anti-Slavery Soci:ty, 1H Aidermanbury. imbecile Grey adminisiriion hlias reduced those once June 241hl-1I. M. schr. Pincher, Lt. Tulluoi, Cruise
r-** MldrchI 23, 1832. valuable alpelndages of the liriiih Crown. The revenue I. 31. ache. .Mnkcy, Lt. Mlercet, D)itlt
SmI,-Your letter of the 15th instant, addressed to the of the Empire has decreased sufficiently from te state
Editor of the Anti-Slavery Reporter, has been received of distress at hone., andi if the conduct whicl llhey lave CL.ARIED, r
and carefully attended to. There will he every readiness lately adopted, is to be persevered in, all we dan say, i.- June :l-Sloop BDu., Clilton, Turks Isan
to do full justice to every party concerned in the pas- alis! our poor miisgoverned country '-II has been gene- 2Gli Sili. E.niim, llathwa)t, Ditto
lage to which you advert, if an erroneous inference has rally aIlnilted, that the revenue from ltie WVet India iou-
been drawn front time information furnished by tie Jamiaica ducuionns exceed seven niilliuos ; and thai the expuris of S.\ILE.I),
Almanacks-a source of information which seemed of articles nanufjctured in England expressly for thu Co- June 21st-A-iI. schr. Sarah & Ilannali, Spencer,
the most authentic kind, being the returns on oath of the Ilonies, exceeds five tmillioni.,w itout at all talking into the I IIJide Islal I
manager of the estate, to the vestry of tihe parish. By aniounl the intiienisu tunnage of shipping eiipi|lioed be -" 11 Sp. schr. Estiella, Agudo, Cubl
these returns a rapid progressive decrease appears on the teen the Muller Country lite Colnie.s. We there- 2 )llt II. 5. irell, Li. McDonnel, Jamaica
ilave population of Saltspring estate, from 1821 to 1826. lore repeat. ILt no Su;gr or ilim be niaiufaictured I r Sloop l.i Clatio, 'urks Island.
Now it may be true that all this ducrease, or the greater twelve mouinhs ; let no sipplie, be ordered from En-lii.nd ilih 1. MI. shipl, lussotu Couid. Owen, New York!
part of it, may have taken place before the time tlat you --wlten the itiilsh Guv ilnmien, the artisan, the inechan- and Ilalif ,
came into possession of the estate. It is, however, equally ic, the manulaclurer, ih proprietor ol the soil, w ll soon fith II. chr. Pincher, Lt. Tulloh, Cruise
true,that in some way or other, rite slaves appear to have discover that the Coluonn are of value to the Mother " II. schr. K.Ianaro.i, Lt. Iluokey, Ditio
decreased between 1821 and 182I6, at the rate of five per Country. Let her ships go home empty ; let her sailu ors S;.r. I':nt,:, Illalti)it, Turks Island
cent per annum, and that nulwithstanding the addition of beobliced to find empiiloyrmellnt aminigt) other nations ;-I-h' PAS.gENG;:Its(;I' S4Il).
ifty-two slaves to the population of tie estate nide by her altias anl nimel ,n.c.s la loiced to e.nier.te-let I II. Al. chionr Fiorliv. foir Jantira :-Lic-t. loke,
you in 1825.-You assure us(and we readily give full rre- lose whos reni;in in liandl lie compelled to sumit to of the Rot I.l Arlih , wilt 7 Arlille men.
Iii to the assurance) that suclidecrease dlid not take place an additional burlien, to meet the deficiency of I in t I e
abiquentv t your purchase uf the property, or to the Indian Revenue, and the cuonsiuincs Ia eily I I" II. I1. .hip Illot-l, for E.nglinel, via Ne.w 1 I,
Period lr. o ri. n. iG', entering on the management of iniained. We hlerefour' trust thle .r ry a;lli .ii trali, n an II.nilax :-'Cap ait i II. ,iln, Liyl ani Children, and
I. But ndmiflini this Iact, and. il .cl w, iiyvlr trattorney ill pause before tlthy drive I Ii. Ml.lesty.)' Lio)al Subjects I "' i k' Ier ir, (ir, nn. Se storekeeper.
he fll credli that may be derived fromul I ree 4i.- 1 ilt speratIuon ; for when lifet and ulriutne art- Ihcn pebkshs I
ease up.,n Ire i,.rin,! mentioned in the Anti-Sla ', I,. ll.,..ed for, men will becule reckluo of every thing' E \ AL, fr 'le at L5 cents per bushel,
lieporter, reminins to be accounted for by sonic one pre- but their" exi;decen. l11b. to T OlM. ss TIIO MPE .
oasly to your ocrupancy; and this is obviously a cir- As a proiuf ol the iiia'-.i i 'lr;ation of thle Witig, wc T 1 1 11. THOM N.
amsiancewhich (nowiver blanmrless your attorney mat lay the following salteiue.: '..fIr. -r rr .r, Ibidin At Exumi.
bin respectto it) may have lepply affected the condition, clearly pointsout the giradual dimiiiution ulf t 'I'" n, leiroin .
ed consequentl), iu dispositiun of the slaves remaining Irom lie hour tlii cursed adihiinislraiion was forn'md to ith. : l. O ICE.
a the property. present ; and if seven mnil. iins annually is to be further I I NI'II 1 1 n1 al .int lo leave the Island,
Noi reflection, certainly, wra meant to attach to you lost tothe Empire, by Ir r conductt o the ciliirs, % lin ; rpIeque, an imni siI intlt osf all account.
'pnonally. You were not on the sp I ; but the pro|M'rty ltheconsequi'unces will Iie, mi:ay very easily be ilini:i'dii. due hint, or they v will bit put in snit. iniiilicrinii.iti v.
Funds registered in your name, and the Gazette gives Mr. The deficiency of tle Reisntil, uoiler the W,'.llhiit.n \%. II. FULFO-'I).
Grignon as the attorney of it. Mr. Grienon may be, as adminiistration,for the year ISril, was :1 .112,l11i).* 1 June I lh.
sa state a human man ; slill the negroes may have had I I'ider the Grey administration fur year 1M11, ,-i46.-
pevances of which to cunmplain front the conduct of the I (NM)!! owine to lthe refl in agilationu and lle rte.rtulm a.11- NO TICE.
tnereer, on whom they depend for their comfort much i gallon alone Ought suclh an aiJiiinislration to bh, Iocr 1 IIE S' I ls(ltIBtIER hltsi.m enlarged one of il,
awe than on ilhe attorney ; and if so, they may have one hour loniige, entitled to tI(' conifilence of the naii.,? JIL Su su .31,rket-struet, and tlrned die Stock ul'
"d those complaints with the insolence that may have Certainly not ; and hisltor records the fact, thatl ihe t iilto ont ller lsor rtl, eti' toulliteintnmo u; also nitulife.
fimaled Mr. Grignon, and may have induced him to send downlsll of the Itoman Enipi e recninieced by thle srr.e I that lie hi. receied an assorltnLmet of fre.sli Goods pi r
Military force to quill their insolence. We can know sion of her distant provintce's, Ifrom til corruption uf IIl ir F :.lllt.lntela-liihi, s as la11 as those previously on land,
taling of facts, but from what appears front documents I Governos, in initiation of the rulers of tile Empire, at the he ullers fr vale at st ry i- asonaulie pi ices.
knihed by the parties themselves. It is fur then to fur- e stat of the Iniperial ouvernient. T. aW. J. NECKS.
iltheexplanatiun. The Anti-Slavery Society willalw sys I N.D.-T. W. J. \elks fintrarns all iwrsons from co-
bready to correct, upon adequate evidence, any mistake And o' Ihus. three millions Twre in cuone.uencce of Ilie lilpu ing aln of ihas SldVC, without a written order frolti
atofacts that can be pointed out in any of tllir publica- reduclmin ol ihe Beer ditty. linI;.
%an, whether arising from defects in the official dou- June 1:1it.
ats from which we necessarily must dras our informa- We are indebted to the pollitenei of an min i- I -.
*,or any oilier cause. ber of this community, for lte following extracts of a prl- IFOI1 NAI.EL
Ihavethelhonour tu be,Sir,younrmost obedieni servant, vate letter from Den;erara, dated 27th ultimo, hy nli hi AI TIt %CT of L ndl on l.iii, .I.I l,m containing p' ll
T11O. PING(LE, Sec. it will be seen how ilisidIpos-d the inhitbilanls on Briti si aircs, within l ltii iiily t Sale tound at Are.'
__[ ai qluialla are to being consilered eicrptiona to ilhoie ilo Ilai lur, well aslahs I fir lie culltre of Corn and ('-
Tothe Editor of the Timrs. have already registered their imalediclions upon the poie- un ; houndedi Easterly by Peter DIan's lanil, Norithrli
38, Upper Harley-street,26lh .i1 rchil .l12. namiy fill proviiuonsorf he Orders lately tratuinlitted from and Southerly hy the sea, and Welerly by Pclter D ian's
Sm,-The nmment the above impllation on Mr. Gripg- I)D. ning-street :-Gran. (in:. land. Pjariculars will li' ntadcl known, on applicali.on t,,
a's character, calling in question his humanity, was In myI cursory view of the late obnoxious Orders in in. J. W\i ,. E-i.., Nassau ; or to thl subscriber, it
ated out to me, I addJressed a letter on the subjecrl to (Counil, unacquainted a I atm with the plantiine business ExIinna. A cicJit lf sil iionluin sill be .llouted tlhe i, r-
Editor of the Anti-Slavelv Reporter, dated lle 15th I col.l inot at once perceive its nmischievouis tena.lnry ; but litcr.
I. The answer I have received dated the 2;M inst. is thole who are more i.uinediatelt interested are dreadfully ).\ ID SE:A4'S.
Sosarisfactory, that I am under thi necessity of trou- al irimed ; and every unit seems to think, if persistld in, Little E'unm, I
in you with a refutation of the charge brought against their result must be utter ruin. Remunstrances and pro- fIfth May, ItK-I .
I Grienon, by a plain recital ol facts. tests have been got up and signed by all thie inhabilants : .OTI'E.
I 1821, Mr. Joseph Bowen was the proprietor of Salt- but it would weem the Governor has no power to supenl n L PERSONS having demands a" inst the FEate
Slg Estate. I did not enter into posseion of it until the operation. On the meeting of ou.r criminal courts the A L .^ s...... r. le of Rhe .nad ofN.w
1825, and Mr. Gignon had nothing whatever to do assessors entered a protest solemnly dls vowingthe King's A fJosene Scn d., tie f e Island of Ne
tle property prior to tat period. Orders in Council to be law; andl, three cases of the pro- Provpldenr. cenli e, an. d crashed anr rdeletted nto render
When Mr. Joseph Bowen, lime late proprietor of Sall. tecnor having twen tried under that head., they pronounced Ihsetenic duly aieste rn uebsed tdo makee paid
gave up possession of he estate to ne in 1826, he the parties NOT oU'ILTT-ahlthough tihe Chief Judge and his mlnt, ae ike rr r nf ;. Pt. osodt mae ire
ted a part of the negroes who were not attached to two assistants gave an opposite opinion-tlle consequence THOMPStON S AUNDERS, Executor.
'Property, and left with me ony 126, and the actual was, the court was adjourned to the .30th of April next. l IIOI'i AuR, Excuor
lber of that identical body of negroes upon the pro- What will be the further result, ii is difficult to say ; but April 2d. ---
i. on the Isl July last, afer deducting the births Iroem the planters are in a very desponding state. FOR NALE,
deaths, was 125, being a diminution of one in six By advices this mornin from Betbice, I learn that InT
5. The additional negroes making the whole numn. that colony is in a very disltrlbwd state-the slaves refusing IB PRI TE CONTRAC" .
177, which appear by the Jamaica Almanack to be- to work only under the late orders;-he women will not A TRACT of Land on Ilog Island, contain3l 10I
t lo Salspring, were placed by me on the estate in work ; all.' It is said, the inlitar. forces were called; acres, eneloseid wit Soo u alls, being the last
If the Jamaica Almanack be referred to, it will out when ibe vessel was leaving, and that nothing hut tract upon the Island, adjoining Kemp' tract, and ex-
s that in 1827, when I am first naned as the pro- martial law could reasonably be 'ipected." tending to tle Narrows. It is an excellent stock farm,
tr of Salupring Estate, there were 177 negroes- on with, ready prepared watering places; the very best pas-
Prperty ; and that in 181, after an interval of four \e are sorry to say. that in this island, the same com- lure, and uporn it there is a large quantity of irewood.,and
it and under the management of lr. Grignon, the plaint is bill too general. In acr-er to an enquiry addressed also a great plenty of ballast.
iwmber still remained. by us to the manager of an estlae thel we vstlied ve-rlerd:y. The above will be found well worthy the attention ot
'nm foregoing statement te p c me we re aored, o that.incee thernr his charg the new h any person inclined to raise stock, being handy for the
I'mteforegoing statement thepublicne .learn "CodeNar" on the property un., hi, charge there hsd ".Pi:,^n the hal dIn" .
reciate the truth, accuracy, and candour of the Anti- heen bt three males punished-while the number of cases of Ma"ket; or fo. r a Plantation, the sil bin ery good
ry Reporter In the two paragraphs preidail taken Iemalc pinishmentis mInouuntri to orny-nmie : and that not I or particulars, apply :.t t11. ouffi
is present number of that uork. ihere are no c i .li ihe ': n.o I u ~'.u the ,,I n t h0 at 'tir ,i I ,a .1 ti.c Ibh'

ethchl5 MajamSa rglcs.
T'hc E- li r BSrcic and Iralr i Cansda.-In the on the espeece of the colonies to the mother country, and Juiacts-Tweoty-fve ears ago, this fieaZ o .
I.nglish frnier we observe the dilshel of Iis country, the contend that this expenc might be saved, and the colonies dured from 130,000 to 15,00 casks of mugar ana .i
lniest John Dull bliuntnet of his style, and other pecu- thrive s well, were tile tie between them broken. In in the last seven years its average produce ham noft e
l.arilius that mark his character. Hi bous or cottage this ma n of thelatter there is a great fallacy. It pro- ed to 100,000 caks ; and the recent events will prelta&
i, d.ilinguihed by cleanlinlis and neatness, lis agricultu- ceeds on the supposition, thal after lavinb thrown off the reduce ihe number considerably. Number of Slaves
ral implements nd utensils are always io order; and colonies, thepresent state weld still repair, all the advan- 182t7,813,780
wherever we fidd that an English farmer has persever- ages she possesses with then, supplying them will her
.ico, for he seldom wanlaindl.atry, he is sure to do well. manufactures, and receiving their produce in return; and Sir Charles Wetherell is an active, stout. wiry, briL.
Illdoes not, however, reconcile so readily as the Scotclh that, consequently, an equal number of British shippinr dust complexioned chevalier, below the middle asie,
settler dues to the privations necessarily connected, for and British seamen would be employed in the trade. The bordering upon sity ; and seems, like Napoleon wic
I:e lirst few years, with being set down in a nsw country, same cause, however, which gave rise to this anti-colonial hoard the Belleroplon, to have mettle within him for I
where the habit of those around him, and almost every doctrine-the establishment of the United States as an in- least twenty campaigns. His fare is broad-~and sligy
thing else attached In his situation, aru somewhat different dependent nation-has already begun to prove its un- pitted with the small-pox-and his features are open m
from what lhe has been accusloned to; and it is not until soundness, for the British shipping is not now so nnme- manly.
hti is scnsillv assured of succeeding ind bettering his con- rous in proportion to thle native shipping in the American
dllion, llhat e becomes fully reconcill'd to tile country. polls as they once were ; whilst the American shipping in
TriI.Ie are, indeed, in the very face of a wood farm, a the British parts is not only constantly increasing, hut im- wL dhJb (i W sa
thlasand seeming, and, it must be admitted, lany realdiffi- proving in magnitude, beauty and value, na a actually
Sailties to eucounter, sufficient to stagger people of more greatly surlpases in equipmentsall thu various vessels of C7 E''ery person about to leave tlhee Isld-Jfl,
tC1in iodinary resolution, bt nmore particularly an Ene- the same class, of every nation llat navigate the ocean. Iaring resided therein for the space ofTrunHI DATSan
lisl, farmer, who lhas all his life been accustomed to culli- 's far, therefore, as the stale of the shipping ulfords any
vite I.ind subjected for centuries to the plough. It is ino, proof, tile independence of the iUntedr Slates has been ie security at the Secretary'sOflce, orput uplissmaa
I'.lerefa r, o lie wonJ.lred at, that ihe lirfs discouraged detrimental to tle Mother Country ; and the some effect said OfcefonrrilTr.N DAT S pretinus to hisdeparne
atl Ile silht of wilderness linds, covered will heavy forest must result from a similar cause, were lte remaining Pro- ter which, at any time during FOTY-IVE DAYB, a Ti,
Ire h, wliclh Ie inust cutl down and destroy. lie is not vincesalso made independont-if that can be called do-
arqlialiled wlth thle usa of hle sne : snd if he were, the trimental, which is properly no more than the result of a may be obtained.
very pilinog and burning of the wood, after tile trees are prosperity that has originated in th,' progressive condition NAMES OF PERSONS 9'%
fulled, i, a most disa.rei.aibl pieca of labouir. lie las of both countries, for undoubtedly, since their sepdralion ABOUT TO OBTAIN TICKETS FOR DEPARTTU..
I. -ides tI mu: e a fece! (if the lIec. to keep o thin e cattle, they have each been progressive ; but from otlhe caloses
,shrlip, aid hoCs, which range lit large ; and wlen all this than tile event on which the anli-colonists found their doc- ",I Felt ary Elinah et ul lali
as doou, lie iiust aint onIly submiit to thu hard toil of hoe- trine ; the progress of he I'nited States has been more h V. John Aledaner
in, in grain or platols, bill often to live on coarse diet. rapid than that of tile United Kin.iom. To the political lsi June Frainis Montell
Were it not Ifr thei eranpli uihich he hlas b'liaro him ilf arilhmeticiais, who reeard the expenditure on the colonies sd Maria Johnon
iriH!rs, l u halid to uniid,'rg similar har.::as Lbere they absolutely subtracted from national wealtlb, a more con-. tl William Hulnoo
.i'tain.rd the min:lan which viild thenm minoplnidence, lie prehensive scope or ariumlent would he inintelli'ihble. lti S. A. Bode
mlilgt, indeed, give iup in despair, andl be forgivent for lo- But lto the econoiiists, who consider that thie true mode of 1t1h John Walker
iog so. The Srotulchan, h iiall rel to vrr'ater privations determniaing a colonial account is, first, by the hanlallon be-
in hs; native country, has prolabilv lIfl it will thu ull de- twcrn thedpalinga of the colonists anld the merchnlnt of 'B ht( 'S N( YORE OIK TYPE FOUNDRY, E.
'rllliniltion of undergoing any hardsailips that nmay lead the Mother Country ; and, secondly, the strength will tablished in 1813.-Th'lae subsa.riber lias completed
11, the .ac(qisjiion of solid i Ivaniac's ; lie, Iterel'ore, Ucts the %i|preume Government derives from having the means a niw, edition of his book of Swpcimens with hikb hi
s, i'll great caution anil inrlil',ry, suiilncls himself' to Iaidny iand rePourst of tie colonists al its ili.posal,-the question cilslomers, and other Printers disposed to buh, from his,
iicuveoioninces, neglects Ithl cuinlnles liar some tinie, assumlnes a vev dilTerent character. For those l'ho deny nmay be supplied on application at Ilis Foundry, NoS. 11
:l ich thl Enrlisldan canlialihrs iildisl,'|r.salle, .adl in tiiie ihe value of colonies merely on arrcoun of the expense anld 20 Augustus streait, Ibehind the City Hall. He wud
ertrninly slrcceeds in *Iirmlunltinll allHdifiuhli-oles, andl alin, whilh ,hair GovernnmPn and maintenance causes, milht remark, for the information or those who have not boee ia
and iol till then, does liih willingly enjoy thlu comlforts of as well deny the vaine of London to England on ccrount the habit of dealing w ill him, and because a different pn.
I if. TIh Irise h peasantli, soon olitiglielried Iy his briogiI, I of its municipal and local etablishmnnts ; or, in other lice has been intensively introduced, lha hisbook cntiu
lis confident nanniier, readiness of iel;li, '.ofiling hlap- words, might as well estimate the value of property by the nothling but tie actual productions of Iis own Foundrty
I';.inss aIltlo.I'ghI oftn dtscilinig lin situations as worse es- orf ilt protection. It is simply because by throw ing and presents a Irue ispecinmen of hwlia will be furaiied lo it is. 'T'lhe Irish renllranis are more ainiouis, in e- of m or colonies re should rease to he master nf their po- oiders. The assorliient is very complete, has beea dt-, to gain a temporary ndvaalltage, Iby v kingg some pulatinn, nrrans, nnd rrsmirrr, that there policy nf retain- lileraltly and carefully in twenty years brought to its pre-
lilac for other, tlih by Ilginninig L Inumediaterly on a ing them is to be delended.-Fra:er's Ifagazilt. sent high state uo' lifeclion, and enmraces a variety o
pi,.'a of l.u.I lhfr thenlelvis ; and tllis, by procuring the styles, adapted to dillerent tastes and ao llie various depat.
a.r i ., Iladll Itain oo fra,.qenllya into the halit if driank- beautiful Sketcl.-It was one of the cold nihlts in tsf printing Newspdper, Book aod Job, highly a i b.
Io--a vice to which a c:reat numblir of Eln.lils and el Dcember. The cold wind blew with reckless violence. nc, and cast of itie most mtal. NoJ t tlnoti
Sr',,.i l,.io als, allcted. lTh o arm- Te old lady was herself ill, and urged I would step up e, ies a aicl h| arIt dilinguilshed by their numben in
o r, andl Illourers born andl brought up in Amterica, psa- anIl see how the ponr woman was. It was a poor shelter. IhBoork, it con ain of
s .. a.. n in eminent cle.rt.e, a quiicknls, 1"if expedCieCis,i The pale moon h.ams played on the floor thro' the chinks. RO1 I.N and ITALIC 27 sizes, from twelve-lieli
Il hlr 11 alin. are required that can be supplli'd by the use and the windl w ilsled thronnh the broken windows. On to P.arl
11 edl, tools; and, a% carpenters and joiners, they are thle bed pale and emaciated with forever, lay the poor wo- T'WO-LINE and TITLE, 15sizes, Two-lioaColum-
i,-' only e isrt, bult ingerniou, workren. Aliaist evely man. In llh cr;lle by the side of the ied wrapped in a bian to Aiate.
fl.aiier. particularly iill the Ilinly serll.d distlricts of Ance- single swaddllinte r,', slept an infant, anl in the corner nrlar i \WIED, 1. sizes, Ten-line Pica to Long Priter.
r,- I, hl.,s a loom in iis hlollur', anil :th'r aives and dauclI- ll. fire, sat a little boy four or five years of age. There IT \ LI I ,7 .iz-, STevin-line Pica to Lone Primer.
t~sn niol onlyv pin the y).rn, but weav' tilh choiah. The was no other in the house, no frilen to sonlhe her INTIQULE. 17 size TeIn-line Pica to Nonpareil.
quahntil nieover. manufaciura airiamog tlo iiarmers, is ,I stiess, on nurse to moisten hler lips with a drop of water. BL \CK, 12 sijs, Flur-line Pica to Minion.
int iorne Iian half lha:lt is leqfireil f lr ldoimetic use. i Poverly has few Iluremenlts-sickneslns none, prudery OPEN IUL \C,5 sizes, four-liile Pica to Grest Pi
h''le lhoal's of the ly)alists residing in the Co- and uncharitahleness readily availed themselves of the iu-r.
.inies re better ronslrucirtd, anil inero convlrnient and frailties of the pIoor sufferer to excusen nerlhct. I steP ld SCRIPT, 2 siles, Double Snall Pica and Gnre Pl
clean uilliin, than thoie of the Ililghland Scotch and Irish, out to procure some hlre-d for the bov. I was not lon- aier.
or ind,.ed those of any othllr settlers hoe hav, otl lived ed oneandno retuiniao, the sound of footlteps on die floor, besides luic, Bak Slope, Ornamented Lettrr an:
.1o,1.e year ini Amraica. AlthouEh the housb of an Ene- told me somebody was within. Oh, this was an alfecline Lotterv Fieures. Piece Fractions, Superiors, Astroioo a
Ishli acr, who settles in a nw fa i, lim his awk- scene A young e female friend, whose genius i no un- and o er Signs, Space Frauties, Brasup Rules, Ornameled
,acqiauuaaaasce wa' sl to and authuer Siana, Space Rules, Brass Rules, Orasmentd
-.ard ,Irqainlance willh t.d;. lool., usually scry clumsy known to her literary arqainance, wilth and DaUies, Long Braces,i more than 2K00 kinds of Flown,
il its construction; yet that comfortable nilanen, whici imniable disposition, combined with an agreeableness of and 1000 Cuts and Ornaments for School Boolk, Ne-
I sio peculiar to England, preivail within lhoors, and sllows manners, rendered her beloved as eatensivevy -"s she is
that tihe virtueof cleanli ins is on, tlat few Ennli-hwomen, known, hadrI preferred to ile cay scenes of inirth, to the pa pers, and Sielific ad fr Prewor C
let them go wIhre Ihey will, never fiorge. Tie IligJl- charlnsof a novel, a lone unostenaitioni to the house Composing Sicks, Can es, F rniture, Printing Ink,or s
Iall Scotch, inleoisedl with another settlers, are not of adversity, and the bed of sickness. Like an ane.l of hig required i Printing busn ll ecurd
on 4careles, in mani particulars, of cleanliness within mercy sho was administering to the comfort of the poor Ihg required in v be Printing bsine with the utmos ipe
their houses, hut are als, reardlss of neatness and con- woman and her little infant. I have been in the assem- I e, a largo stock of the Foundry articles being 2al,'
senience in their agricuhlural implements and arrange- lies of the great. I have seen woman glowing in hIauly o and.
r"-nis. All this aries front the force of hahit, and the -arrayed in the richest attractions of dress, whose charms, Pi newsp s no lishi
long prevalence of the maki-shift system; for whenever are heightened by thie pride and pomp of circumsltnce.,' i Pinters of newspapers f wo publishers co ainver
a Srcich Iaghlaiuler is planned anioae a hIromriscuoos po- of elegance and conviviality. A lovely young woman in tle oundry, will receive payment f r the s amifly
palalion, no one is nmre anxious than he to rival thie more such a scene, irresisnibly commands our highest aldmi- the Fodry, w receive paynit for ilse ameifxe.P
resw.ctalle establishment iof his neighlbour. The Scotch ration. But alone al the bed of poverty and sirkness, Gchae frost EO.t FBouniry, to fur times t o iu
'tlilers, from ih Lowlandl Counies, although they gene- she appeared more than human-I would not be impious, New York, Jau 1
rally know much better, irl remain, from a determination but she seemed almost divine. New rk, January 2.
first to accumulate property, for some years regardless of
comfort or convenience in their dwellings ; but they at last Prson Iring has made himself tolerably notorious in I NOTICE.
hu;Id I respectable house., and enjoy the fruits of heir in- his day and generation," but he never rais-d such a sen- I P IIE SUBSCRIBERS offer for sale, by private
dtstry. The lower classes of Irish, familiarised from station in London as Dr. Chalmers dad in Scotland when gain.
their birth to niisrable subsistence and wretched resi- he firs appeared as the messenger of IHeaven-the eI- (i |hhd.. choice Madeira Wine,
denrcs, are, particularly if hiev Iave emigrated after tie rate of the skies." Tickets ol admission to St. John's 40 dozen do. do. do.
primn of life, perfectly reconciled to any condition which Chpel, Glasgow, were as regularly offered for sale as 60 duozn do. Tenerife do.
pluces them above want, although by no means of that similar paerpos for a theatre. A your gentleman, na- I trunk Genllomen's Shoes,
chlaractelistic habit of complaining which poverty at itl meh Finlay, called on a friend one Sabbath morning, and 2 blue Dinner .ets.
creiaed.--Mcigreor's British Atri.a. invited him to spend the day at Earlesham, a village near HIIENRY GREENSLADE & '
Glasgow. The invitation was declined, on the ground of December 24th.
having made a previous arrangement to hear Dr. Chal-
'r p f t Brii ortha .tAs ricaut Cola- mern preach. What !" said Finlay, are you going to LANK FORMS. of every description,may b
nir -Thnse who maintain the importance, of colonial hear that mama Well, I'll o with you." Onenter- I cured at this Office.
dependencies, do not eem to be aware that the strength ing the door of the chapel the Rev. Divine vas pronoun- N.B.-Job PrintinB executed will neatness an
of Their advocacy arise from pressing into their argunients cing the t. The words were I a noT mnd, most P io ecte with neanesnd
taon whih do ,e Ti Thp sords were I T Mad, most patch, upon rood paper, and on moderate terfs-
many topic which do not at all affec the queslion,aodare noble Fetm, but speak the words of truth and soberness." January 4, 1l3LS.
derived from other considerations and even prejudices Poor Finley fancied they were addressed to him; and
than those legitimately connected with it. They appeal, when the clergyman proceeded to notice the contempt ith FOR SALE.
for example to tha national glory acquired in the con- which the preachers of tim Gospel were treated by tI The choice of 2 Lots ol Land, with
ignorantgno buildings and improvement ts thern it
?;u est orf onle of them;tem benes tlnmy nll clnfer, )gnnrana Ind prelhn 'e"h 11"prilsunk wilhin him." le] biL, uildn .psrneimProvemenls thern",s-"l
as ia..ce. of refuge to the emig'rants; nd to the territo- retired to his couch, but sleep was a stranger to his weary li rince's street. gcrally known by 'i
lial increase with which they augment the empite.-s if eyelids Reaoo-" the guiding spark," had fled, and e Lightfoot, or Cupid's Row.
consideration of those kinds can be allowed in deter- ecase ti tenant of a mad-honse. lie breathed his last For Terms and other particulars, apply to lte
mining a problem of mere pounds, shillings, and pence. sigh st Halenaburgh, on the banks of the Chde, and his scribers. r SIDE
Their opponents adopt seemminly, a more correct rule ; dying wordswere" I am INT erad, mot noble Festu., E |NRY GR.ENSLADE& '
I, as they l,.v ,e %I olc i lr. tris of thll,ir argument 1ull Par Mrl Mairh .l

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